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 ���*.  %  t'j*  Vol.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14,  1902.  No.  1.2  Interesting Suits iu the County Court���Rendell & Co.,  Awarded $2 70 Against J. .W.Tlellor���Other Paint  Cases Were Heard.  His Honor, Judge Leamy,  lawyers, witnesses. J. W. Mellor as  plaintiff, sundry defendants and  several interested spectators, listened  to a tale of painting in Greenwood.  Red wasn't the color so there was  nothing in the��various chapters to  shock the bench or entertain the bar.  J. W. Mellor of Victoria, opened a  branch store in Greenwood and did  considerable business. He decided to  close out last July but when il came to  settling accounts he was met with  claims for breaches of contracts. Mr.  Mellor brought action to recover and  among the number that found them-,  selves.defendants in the county court  were Isaac Hoyt Hallert, P. M. George  Arthur Rendell, Robert Wood and  Ralph Smailes as the firm of Rendell  & Co., and Ralph Smailes as the owner  of a substantial two story dwelling  house situate in a' commanding position overlooking the busy town of  Greenwood. The case against Mr.  Hallett was first heard. Arthur M.  Whiteside appeared for Mr. Mellor,  while Henry Curtis Shaw defended his  partner. The following jury was empanelled : Robert Wilson (foreman),  H. A. King, H. J. Clint, C. J. Eales  and A. Logan. Mr. I,ogan is the  popular successor to Miller' Bros.,  jewellers. He carries a big stock of  clocks and watches, all of which are  running and keep excellent time, but  notwithstanding this Mr. Logan came  jurors,   tiff and lawyers the  same,  defendants  Rendell & Co.    As it was approaching  dusk the jury were taken before any  evidence was heard to view the Rendell  building, and an adjournment was  then taken until Wednesday morning  at 9.30.  When court resumed Mr. Mellor  gave evidence in his own behalf. In  this case the claim of bad painting was  raised by the defendants. In addition  there was a counter claim for damages  and offsets in the shape of accounts of  Grierson and Dalmadge, Mr. Mellor's  manager and bookkeeper. Mr. Smailes,  manager for Rendell & Co., held that  Messrs. Grierson & Dalmadge cam-i to  him to get the painting of the block  and his own residence, but he was  looking for business himself and he  replied that he would have to give his  painting to those that traded with him.  A contract was then signed on the  understanding that goods needed for  Mellor's store or by Grierson and Dalmadge would be purchased from Rendell & Co. to offset-the cost of painting.  The contract stated that chemically  pure white lead was to be used and the  work was to be done to the satisfaction  of Mr. Smailes. Both Mr. Mellor and  Mr. Smailes gave evidence, Mr. Mellor  stating ^that the lead used was No. 1  Elephant.  Mr. Hallett told of having purchased  a tin of No. 1 Elephant in Phoenix,  that  Mr.  Sundberg,- assayer- at the B.*  late  and  narrowly  escaped dire puni-   C. Copper Company's smelter,  opened  the tin and took a sample, and that a  second sample was sent to Mr. Sundberg.  Mr. Sundberg said he analyzed both  samples. In one was adulteration  equal to 29 9-10 per cent, in the other  29 8-10. The adulteration was chiefly  byariles, which was often used because  it could be purchased at. one-twelfth  the cost of white lead.  Sam Grierson, Mr. Mellor's ex-man-  ager,.-gave^evidence,Jor the^defence._  He told of the arrangement made with  Mr. Smailes for painting the Rendell  block and the residence. He threw a  side light on the tricks of the painting  trade. "Chemically pure" white lead  mentioned in the contract was a brand  of white lead which had as much adulteration as No. 1 Elephant. He had  difficulties with several painting jobs  and he blamed the material used. He  is now painting on his own account,  and has no trouble because he buys  good lead at a cost of S9 a hundred instead of S6 a hundred, the cost of  No. 1 Elephant. It would cost S260 or  S270 to re-paint the Rendell block and  put it in good order.  Duncan Mcintosh told of a conversation between Messrs. Mellor and  Smailes in Victoria last spring. He  was asked his opinion about the building an:'he then told Mr. Mellor that  the building was a disgrace ���and he  ��'iould re-paint it lo preserve his repu-  tion.    Mr   Mellor  then   said he would  shment from the learned judge.  But that is a different story to the  painted one. Mr. Mellor the p.laintiff  was the first witness. He stated that  his men had jiainted Mr. Hallett's  house. He paid some cash and there  was still ��>98 43 due as principal and  interest on a promissory note given  for the balance. He toU* of a conversation he- had'with]Mr. Hallett when  he demanded payment of note, but  yVlr. Hallett refused, r-.laiming that the  house had not been painted properly.  Mr. Mellor promised to paint it over  again, but Mr. Hallett would not consent and refused to pay the note. He  had sent nothing but the best material  to the Greenwood branch. The building only wanted touch iug up.  Cross-examined, Mr. Mellor held  that the paint had been washed off the  house by much sprinkling of the house  during the 'warm weather. He had  considerable trouble with his painting  in Greenwood. He used No. 1 Elephant white lead, which contained  about ten per cent letharge.  This was the plaintiff's case, and  Mr, Shaw asked for a non-suit. His  Honor replied that he would let the  case go to the jury. The jury then  visited Mr. Hallett's residence and  examined for themselves. Upon court  resuming at two in the afternoon, Mr.  Hallett took the stand in his own be-  hslf. Before his cross-examination  was completed, an offer of settlement  was made. The interested parties and  their counsel retired, and after a fifteen minute heart to heart talk returned and reported a settlement along the  following lines : .Plaintiff will re-paiut  the house and premises iu question  and guarantee satisfaction for one  year. The sum of S9S sued for to be  paid into court bv the defendant ; the  plaintiff to add S50 to the sum also to  be paid into court. At the end of the  year three arbitrators chosen in the  ordinary way are to decide if the work  and   material   are  sufficient   for   their ] Y  I *  purposes.   If not the defendant- pulls j "J  31-15 and  releases plaintiff of further  liability ;   if O. K.   the  plaintiff  takes  the  po'_.    Each   party   to pay one half  of the disbursements  in  action, not tj  exceed S35,  aud  each party to pay his  own costs.  The jury was discharged and Chapter I was concluded.  The second chapter opened with the  following jury : H. B. Munroe (foreman), Messrs. Leysons, Foster, F,  >>win and Gorman West.    The plain-  write to Grierson to re-paint the building.  After counsel and His Honor had  addressed the jury they retired and  brought in a verdict of S27n damages  for Rendell & Co.  In the case a ��� ainst Ralph Smailes by  J. W. Mellor the point at issue was  whether the personal accounts of  Grierson and Dalmadge could be  charged against J. W. Mellor. Mr.  Shaw asked for a commission to examine Mr. Dalmadge, who is at present in  Spokane, and the case was adjourned  pending the arrival of Dalmadge's  evidence.  Mr. Mellor also entered an action  against the Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.,  Ltd., for balance. Here the latter  company claimed an offset in Dalmadge's account. A commission to  examine Mr. Dalmadge was asked for  in tnis case, and an adjournment taken  for this purpose.  Lewis Bosshart of the National Hotel sued George Leyson for rent of  rooms in tha hotel, Mr. Shaw appearing for Bosshart and J. P. Myers-Gray  for Leyson. Mr. Leyson claimed that  he had paid for his own room, which  was admitted, and that amounts due  for rent were on account of the Anchor  and Enterprise and McRae Copper Co.,  for which companies he had rented  rooms for offices. Bosshart held that  Leyson had become personally responsible for rent, but Leyson denied this.  Decision reserved.  LOCAL   AND   PERSONAL.  Do you use Blue Ribbon Tea ?  Jack Lucy who went to Thunder  mountain last spring has returned to  Greenwood.  The Greenwood Fire Department  will hold the second of its series of  monthly dances on the 21st inst. The  dance held last month was a delightful  affair,_and the b.oys are determined to  improve each succeeding one.  All applications for renewal licenses  in the Boundary Creek license district  must reach I. A. Dinsmore, Grand  Forks, the chief license inspector before December 1st, 1902 and money for  licenses must be paid to the government agent of the district.  The Nelson Board of Trade has called a conference of those interested in  the_leM,mining industry at the Board  of Trade rooms, Nelson, Nov. 24. W.  A. Galliher, M. P., will be present and  consideration will be given to the best  ways and means to assist in the development of the lead mining industry.  The public are invited to attend a  meeting to be given under the auspices  of the Greenwood Branch of the Dominion Lord's Day Alliance in the City  Hall on Tuesday next at 8 p. m. Rev.  J. R. Robertson of Grand Forks will  give an address. Mr. Robertson is  exceedingly popular with the people of  his own to'vn, and also with those of  Greenwood who have had the privilege  of hearing him. The alliance has been  most fortunate in securing for the occasion a gentleman so qualified to instruct and interest his audience. Some  of the most popular vocalists and instrumentalists in the city are also to  contribute to the programme. A collection will be taken up to defray the  necessary expenses of the meeting.  Has all Been Settled���V. V. &E. Railway Will Continue  the Line Westward to Greenwood Where the Greater  Portion of Boundary Ores Will be Treated.  GRAND FORKS, B. C.Nov. 9.���The  V. V. & E. this evening stole a march  on the officials of the Kettle Valley  Lines as a result the track of the  former will be built into Grand Forks  by 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.  The building of the V. V. & E., the  Boundary extension of the Washington  & Great Northern from Grand Forks  junction to the depot site in Grand  Forks, has been held up by injunction,  which was instituted by the Kettle  Valley Lines several months ago.  Pressure was brought to bear on the  officials of the Kettle Valley Lines by  the Grand Forks' and other boards of  trade of tVe Boundary country with  the result that the Kettle Valley officials agreed to withdraw the injunc  tion, provided the V. V. & E , secured  permission from the lailwr.y committee  of the dominion government to cross  the Kettle Valley track at Grand Forks  junction.  Immediately after this concession  w as secured memorials were signed by  the several boards of trade, and delegates were sent to Oi.tn.wa. The petitions, together with the representations  of the delegates, were sufficient to con-  ��� ince the railway committoe as to the  merits of the case and permission was  granted to the V. V. & E. to cross the  Kettle Valley tracks and to continue  the line to Grand Forks and the Granby  smelter. '   '.  Instead of holding to their agreement  with the V. V. & Ei, the Kettle'Valley  officials made  no attempt  to havo the  ������ 'J  injunction dissolved and openlyideclar-  ed that they would resist to the uttermost. A long litigation was in sight,  which would have prevented the px-  tension of the V. V. & E. track for several months even if the latter had won  out in the courts  This afternoon the work train of the  Washington & Great Northern came up  from Marcus with a'gangof men under  Foreman J. Duffey, and all material  n ecessary���for_the. crossing _Jwhich_h.a.d_  previously been prepared. Wor\ in  cutting the rails of the Kettle Valley  track and in putting in the crossing  was begun at 5 o'clock and finished  within an hour.  So quietly was the work done that  not a person in Grand Forks knew of  what had occurred until about So'c'ock  this evening. A guard has been left  at the crossing and the work train sent  back to Marcus for rails and ties preparatory to beginning work of laying  the steel from the junction to the depot  site in Columbia, adjoining Grand  Forks, "*y 6 o'clock tomorrow morning.  All th- graJinir has been done from  the junction to the depot, so that Washington ���& Great Northern trains will be  running into Columbia by 6 o'clock  tomorrow evei iug. The distance is  about two miles.  It is understood that work w 11 be  pushed in the construction of the V.  V. & E., to to th: Granby smelt-r.  The  survey  to the smelter leaves the  line near Columbia. The Canadian  Pa :ific railway's tracks will have to be  crossed by the V. V. & E. about a half  mile north of Columbia to reach the  smelter, but as the C. P. R. has taken  no part openly agains" the V. V. & E.  it is believed that 10 further obstacles  will be encountered by the latter line  in its effort to reach the smelter.  While the putting in of the crossing  at Grand Forks junction is in violation  of the court injunction, the V. V. &  E. officials expect to show that the  Kettle Valley's violation of its agreement to drop the injunction will leave  that line outside the pale of consideration at the hands of the court. As  yet the Kettle Valley officials are unaware of the putting in of the crossi ig,  and what action they will take when  they learn of it is awaited with interest.  A.j��.:..%*.*��*x..x-^��H^  X  Boundary Ore Shipments*  Granby Mines...  Mother Lode   B. C. Mine   Snowshoe   Sunset    Brooklyn   Morrison   R. Bell   Emma   Winnipeg   Golden   Crown.  Athlestan     Kin^r Solomon  No. 7   City of Paris   Jewel        Carini    Providence  Ruby   Miscellanesus..  1900  64 533  5 340    ..  19 444  297     .  150  1901  231 862  99 548  47 517  1 731  800  Past Week    4 775  4 768  630  1 080  130  1  076  o  250  1  200  2 0<X)  160  150  560  650  040  850  665  325  890  480  1902.  264 816  115 686  10 076  13 018  8 690  8 968  785  ���> Total   ���:~;.,:-:..:~:~:~:~K^  230  99 730  389 618  482  2 175  88  424 785  Since the above was written, it is  learned that the Hot Air line has abandoned its fight in the courts and the  V. V. & E. has at last defeated every  effort that has been made to impede its  progress in thiscountry. Preparations  are now being- made for the continuation of the line westward.  At first the company surveyed a route  with the intention of building up  Fourth of July creek to reach Phoenix  camp. It was found that in order to  secure a good grade the road, would  have to circle round the hill up to  Eholt and on the western side;of the  divide from there to Peoenix. A much  easier route can be secured to Phoenix  from Boundary Creek and the road  will be built from Curies* to Midway  through the Boundary Creek valley to  Greeuwood and from here  to Phoenix.  The double advantage of this latter  route can be easily seen when it is  semi-officially announced that the  Granby company will build a smelter  on Boundary Creek. The mines are  now capable of producing 5,000 tons  daily and in order to treat this enor-  mous"1quatuitv '""of "~ ore "additional"  smelter facilities must be secured. In  the absence of additional power in the  North Fork and taking into consider-  atiou the fact that ore can be hauled  from Phoenix to Greenwood for less  than half the cost from Phoenix to  Grand Fork.s, there is an enormous  advantage to be gained by building  the smelter at Greenwood. The Granby  smelter will not be abandoned but will  be used to treat some Granby ore. Republic and other custom ores.  In addition McKenzie and Mann who  are intimately associated with J. J.  Hill, intend todevtljp their Dominion  Copper Company's properties and erect  a smelter on Boundary creek. Mr.  Mann and his solicitor, J. N. Greenshields, K. C, are expected in here  next week.  It is safe to say, now that the V. V.  & E. has got rid of factious opposition,  that it will begin active construction  of its Boundary creek system at an  early date.  At Michel.  Fernie, Nov. 12.���The situation at  Michel remains unchanged. Everything is lied up, and 20 outside men  were laid off this morning.  Credit is given to the men at the  company's store only to the extent of  the amount coming to them next pay  day, and notice has been served on all  persons living in the company's houses  that they inuat xacate them within 30  days.  It is reported that the company is  advertising for one hundred men to  work the Michel mines. The Gladstone union at Fernie is discussing the  advisability of going out in sympathy  with Michel. Everything is quiet at  Michel.  H. H. Morris  <~x-:">x��>x~X'*:~X'-:~vx-x~k. * ���:-:-:-:<*^^H*^*>><^^><f<H)^^>^^r^  Y;adian   Bank of  Commeice,   is j  '������(the local branch an official visit,  Inspector for the Can-  yii.g -v.  THE    BOUNDARY    CREEK    TIMES.  * ? * |  ���**        -ION     -V. .    TI;1E 11EST WvJKlvMANSHIP !| \  John   Moran returned from a trip to  Spokane.  ELD  EVEI-iYTHlNG G l/AKANTEKI). *  CM-'A NIX.*.. l'WIiSSlNC,  AND  K II1V. I K I NC  I.OXI-".    ��  ���/���."���-,vi';^-v;>.j���'!,>',''s -v/*; ���.*.*. .,v.v.;.-/*.' \'��y'/'i'v>iy^\^i^ii-vv-''!*:;<.*'jv>^'rxv^��w'i!t-;*>|i.'N'i'!  >AV;T��K.tt-*>,'#//<ffi*!;K}V^^^  if23 M 1  rs  m  ���4-1*  I John Kirkup spent last week in the  city and district. lie was assessing  for the coming year, lie was met  hero by J. R. Brown, ; 83-ssor for ihe  Osoyoos district, who is doing similar  work in that district.  RDFRFD m  s a <3t8 iisia fe* a em as  THE LATEST GOODS  THE LOWEST PRICES.  *  COPPER.STREET,  |       GREENWOOD.    �� " "  ��sk-^ di^ b*��*- *��!��*- ��a. \i *  �� Merchant Tailor  %  :i| . OPPOSITK WIJJOSOR iiotkl,   I::  S**a*��.'*sHss.��.;.*T.'':'':'��fSi5;-***5:f ******  Cbe  Boundary Creek Times  issued Every friaay  Duncan Ross Managing Eiu'tok  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN  ADVANCE.  I Instead of having money to burn the  (British Columbia government burnt  I their, money before they received it.  It is time for a new  political  rumor.  It looks as if Premier Dunsmuir has  resigned his job of resigning,  :PE,vw,..,..., S2 00 | LOCAL   AND   PERSONAL.  Six MoStiis.., ,  I 2=  To Fokkign Countries  2 ��0  D. McVicar, of Nelson, is in the city.  FRIBAY ��� NOVBMIUCR 14=190:  marconi- System.  Joseph Genelle, the well known luni-  ! berman, was in the city this week.  Will Marconi break the telegraph  monoply in this country? J. K. Greenshields, K. C. solicitor for the Marconi  "Wireless/Telegraph company announce  that the company is about to establish  a system of wireless telegraphy across  the Dominion of Canada connecting  Victoria.';with Cape Briton. The company will also have a line across the  ocean if that the term "line" is permissible .in speaking, of wireless tele-  grap.hyiy.AU the. principal towns and  cities wiil be included in the system!  The saving of ��� to'Is. will be great. Press  messages wiil'.be sent for one half the  present price'and there will be a reduction of CO per cent on commercial  messages. Mr. Greenshields says the  Marconi system is no longer an experiment, there can be no doubt regarding its success.  The announcement:, opens up a rich  field for conjecture.    We   will  frankly  ���' .���������,,*:'*K "���  admit  at -the  outset  that   we have no  knowledge of the Marconi system.  Messages sent flying through the  air are captured by some means at the  receiving station. No wire is required.  Such an undertaking should receive  the favotable consideration of governments. It should be heavily bonussed  but in so far asthis province is concerned, the "railways have' already  secured, all the available lands and the  credit of the p.ovince is pledged to the  utmost, limit... iHas- the guyeniment  any rights in the air above '! Can it  give away property rights in space ?  If the bonus, is given as it usually is  along the company's line, what will  that bonus consist of in the case of the  Marconi wireless telegraph system ?  As we have already staled there is  here a rich field for conjecture. We  are certain of one thing however that:  if there is any possible way of securing  a bonus, J. N. Greenshields, K. C, will  go after it.  Joking aside, the announcement is  an important one, and the further  operations of the company will be  watched with interest.  C.'B.' Nash of Camp McKinney is in  the city.  George D. Leyson, who is operating  at Deer Trail, Wash., is in the city:  C.   M.  Rendell aud  wife, of Eholt,  were visitors to the city this week.  J. B. Ferguson, a well known  insurance man of Vancouver, is in the city.  W. J. Goepel. government auditor, of  Nelson, is visiting Green wooJ.  W. Downie, superintendent of the C.  & W., was in Greenwood this week.  F. Richter. and wife, of Ke.remeos,  spent several days this week in the  city.  D. Wilson, School Inspector, spent  the week visiting local schools.  Blake  Wilson,  of  P.   Burns  & Co.,  was in the citv this week.  R. L. Caws-on was in this week with  a big bunch of cattle for  P.  Burns  &  Co.      ..   . '���..:.:  ,../*..., ....  Jas.   Dale has  returned from a visit  to his old home in Carini, 111.  The  St.   Andrew's  Society  hold   its  regular monthly meeting this evening.  George O. Guise, the Westbridgv  merchant, w..;s.in the city this week.  Miss Annie McLennan, school teacher at Camp McKinney, was a visitor to  the city on Saturday hi.-.t.  O00-00*0000000*OOOOOOOOOCK>000#0000000000000000-C OOOOOOOOO  O*0-00*0000000000000000000000#00-00000000000 OOOO OOOOOOOOO  [  A.   H.   Rpcery   has   returned   from a  business trip lo Spokane.  It is difficult to understand why the  Doukobours who are strenuously hunting for Jesus should be so anxious to  come to British Columbia. According  to some of the eastern sk-y pilots who  made flying visits to the west, the Son  of Man is conspicuous by his absence  in this glorious province. Probably  the Dq��uks do not take much stock in  the conclusions of the eastern sky-  pilots.  Ralph   S:i;-.tiles   left on Thursday on  a business trip to the coast cities.  E. Foylc Smith has returned to  Greenwood after un absence of two  year* to resume, his position with T.  M. Guilev *.* Co."  II. L. Johnston and W. S. Kuith returned from the West Fork wliere they  secured a.'couple of fine deer.  Good progress has been made with  the grading of Church street. If the  mild weather continues the water pipe  to Louisa street will be laid without  much difficulty.  John H. McKenzie. a miner employed in the Cariboo mine, McKinney  came here this week for medical treatment, a block of stone fell ou his left  hand badly damaging several fingers.  In school histories careful descriptions of crusades are given, including  one in which Peter the Hermit figured  conspicuously. Future historians will  probably overlook the famous crusade  of the Douks, who started a pilgrimage  to B.C.  The ladies of Anaconda are host at a  social dance given in Wilson's hall.  Anaconda, thir evening. The proceeds  will be given in aid of the public  school at that place.  ! The British Columbia government  ' has floated a loan of ?3,50l>,on0 iu Lon-  ��� don. The loan was underwritten at  | 92. The greater portion of the i*io:r.,y  j will go to cover''an overdraft in the  j Canadian Bank of Commerce.  James D. Sword, M. I7., has returned to the city after visiting the principal mining camps in Mexico and the  western states. He is more firmly convinced than ever that the Boundary  district leads them all when the short  time mining operations in the district  have been carried on is considered.  -  k Of Briush North a  Established 18 36.     Incorporated by Royal Charter.  CAPITAL,   A0001OOO"$41866,666.66  Reserve FundI/3651000��$l,7761333.33  London Enelnnd.     H. ST1KEMAN. General Manager, Montreal,  ' J. ELMSLY, Inspector. Montreal.  Uranclies anil aifeiits in all the principal cities nf Canada and the United States,  and correspondents i" all parts of the world.  gg GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street.  ���OOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO �� OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000*00000000000000000000000000  J. A. Zeller of Wimbledon, North  Dakota, an experienced hotel man has  leased the commercial hotel in this  city. He has renovated the building*  throughout and in addition to doing a  bar business he is prepared to furnish  rooms and first class board at reasonable rates.  The Greenwood Miners' Union will  hold their annual ball in the Auditorium on Thursday the 27th inst. The  Union has already established a reputation as successful hosts at affairs  of this kind aud from preparations  made, the coming dance will he better  than any previously given. Excellent  music will be furnished.  : THE:  Copper Street.  1 OPEN DAY AND NIGHT, j-  ^  It is to be regretted that in the recent changes made in the Dominion  cartunet British Columbia should be  overlooked. Senator      Templeman  should have been appointed Minister  of Marine aud Fisheries. It is hoped  that, when further changes are made a  portfolio will be given the representative' from British Columbia in the  Dominion Cabinet.  J.1 R. Brown left on Tuesday for  Vancouver. He is solicitor for McKenzie in the suit of McKenzie vs the  Knob Hill Mining company. It will be  remembered that McKenzie sued the  company for damages because of injuries .received while working in the  Knob Hill mine. McKenzie ran into  a missed hole aud received terrible injuries. He lost an eye, his face was  badly burnt and he was otherwise injured. The jury ' at Greenwood  awarded McKenzie damages in 52,500.  The Knob Hill-.company appealed aud  the appeal was heard in Vancouver  this week. E. P. Davis, K. C, appeared with Mr. Brown while J. A. McDonald of Kossland acted for the mining company.  &<��&  ur* t��f* *er> t��* v*.w* \3& w& t-5* w* *3* *** ^* <J*  ilur.-  J. A. ZELLER,-   Prop.  Comfortable rooms by day or  month.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS.  Board   and   Room   by the month  525,000.  �������� ��;*��� *- :<"' ;<* j**** j*" *>" j? K" j? ��r jp s-p s? jp jp  00*000000000-000000000000000  0 0  S      Delicious Toothsome      x  MEALS  AT ALL  HOURS  PNIVATJJ  ROOMS   FOR  LADIES.  TRY OUR  COFKB lv  *  Charles R. cPittock,     :     ^ropr.  jf jp *,�� *p jp jps? *-��� ��' jp jp jp *p jp jp sp *p ^t ^s^^^jii^t Z* & j* .* Jtst jt  VI  Vh  *v-\  ��,*%  TO  Vh-  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  (,����� 'J^ ���tff'V  ���fc-T**   (^*  t-5*  Greenwood  Ukmor Company.  *' * * Pabst and  * * * Calgary Beer  R GRIEGER, Manager.  ^^^ae^^^^^^^jt-jsj* j*?^*jc^*jfiK'tPst*se,j��*i��*����rsf,jf  V*.  V*.  -ft**  a  ��  ��  ��  e  ��  *  *  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��� ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  Che Oyster Season  Is now in full swing*.    Tr}' our  BULK  OYSTERS.  .Imported b}r us direct from  the  beds.    Strictly  fresh  and of good quality.  P* Burns �� Co*  ���r-��H>iS*��fft)��ft����**��ft#��#ft#s*#��ft��ftftftftft��f��#*ft��#aft��ft��ft��#��ft����������*  DEALERS IN  Better  1 han Imported  Goods,  FRESH DAIRY BUTTER  >'. from Alberta, A 1 in every  particular,  ���mVt*.  I  E. SEMERAD  o Dealer   in    Fruits.   Con-' ��;  o fectionery. Etc, 0!  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo  ���4/  CARPETS, j  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  *  COPPER STREET,  GREENWOOD.  arloa  Just received, consisting of Steel Ranges, Cook Stoves,  both Coal and Wood Heaters, Queens, Box Stoves, &c.  A long, cold winter is ahead of us. You may as well  be comfortable and get a new Stove. We also repair  old ones.  A CARLOAD OF PEARL OIL  En route.    Orders now taken for future delivery.  GROCERIES.  The cleanest and freshest stock in the city. Hazelwood  and Jhilliwack Butter. Nabob Tea, R.-L.-C. Co.  famous Mocha and Java Coffee always in stock.  A CLEARANCE SALE  Of Ladies' Oxford Ties and Slippers, One Dollar only  for any pair of Low Shoes in the house. ^ See display  in window.  sySSELL-LAW-GAULFIELD GO.  LIMITED.  V. 1*1  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Humour of the Hour.  "Now, then, children," said the  teacher, who had been commenting*  upon polar expeditions, " who can tell  me what fierce animals inhabit the regions of the north pole ?" "Polecats,"  shouted the boy at the foot of the class.  ���Philadelphia Preas.  Lost-Near High Gate archway, an  umbrella belonging* to j gentleman  with a bent rib.  Constable���What sir ! Dae ye sug*-  gcst that I wad tak' a bribe ? Dae ye  dare to insult me sir ? The Erring One  ���Oh, excuse me, I really Constable���Bit now, suppos n' I wis that kind  o' a mon, how much wid ye be inclined  to gie ?���Glasgow Evening* Times.  "What has he done, policeman ?"      I  "He wouldn't move on when I told  him, so I arrested him."  "But the poor fellow has lost his  hearing."  "Well, mum, he'll get it before the  Magistrate, so you dontneed to worry "  ���The Moon.  "Oh,  the  gladness  of their gladness  when they're glad,  And the sadness of they're sadness  wheu they're sad;  But the gladness of their gladness and  the sadness of their sadness  Are  nothing to  their badness when  they're bad.''  ���New Yorker.  Here are some tid-bits of unintent-  ional humour from tho advertising columns of the daily press:���  Wanted���Experienced nursa for bottled baby.  Wanted���An organist, aud a boy to  blow the same.  Lost���A valuable cane by a gentle-  with a gold head, little used.  Wanted���A boy to be partly outside  and partly behind the counter.  Kitty���Tell me the truth. Belle, did  you scream when he kissed you ?  Belle���I should have done so if it had  been possible. I didn't scream when  he began because I just wanted to see  if he had the assurance to do such a  thing ; while he was in the act *. f kissing I could not for obvious reasons use  for screaming lips that were otherwise  employed ; and when it was all over a  scream would have done no good.���Bos  ton Transcript.  ���'I suppose," said she. sarcastically,  when he came back to her after the intermission, ''that all you men went out  merely to get your opera glasses."  "No," he replied, promptly, "1 think  moat of us went out for our rye  glasses."--Philadelphia Press.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To GEORGE RITER, of the City of Green wood.  in the Province of British  Columbia,  Pros,  pector:  You arc hereby notified that I have expended  J2U0.00 in performing* assessment work on the  ���'Harquahala" anil "Paramatta" Mineral  claims, situate in Copper Camp, in the Kettle  River Mining Division, Yale District, British  Columbia, and the snni of $5.00 for recording  the.said work, the same bcin-y necessary to hold  the claims under the provisions of the Mineral  Act and Amending Acts, and if at the expiration of ninety days .from the dale of the lirst  publication of this notice iu the Boundary  Creek Times, you fall or refuse to contribute  your portion of such expenditure, namely the  sum of $uj.83, together with all the costs of  advertising, your interest in the said claims  shall become vested in your co-owners, pro  rata, according* to the'n" several interests there  in, in pursuance of the provisions of section 4  of the Mineral Act Amendment Act. 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, British Columbia, this  20th, day of October, A. D., 1902.  MIKE MORRIS.  I  Rubber Stamps  SEALS. STENCILS. PRICE MARKERS.  PRINTING WHEELS, NUM11KKING  MACHINES, BAND DATING AND NUMBERING STAMPS, CHECK PERFORATORS,        ROHBBR        TVPE,        PRINTINe  PRESSKS, ETC.*  FRANKLIN STAMP WORKS, Vancouver  Engineers and Mine  Sucerlntendants will find  It to their Interest to refer to us when la need ot  anything in the Pumt  line, We make Pumps o Eg  every description for all Bj  se rvlces- fc��  Annual sale now going on. Don't  go elsewh ore to ��� be cheated���come in  here.  Pump   Catalogues and  Specifications sent upon  request.   We manufacture also Northey Gas and        ���  Gasoline Engine���cheap��� tfHt  Shandy���safe.     Send for ��� '  JBooklet.  Cunliffeft McMillan.  Agents at Rossland B.C.  J  Vancouver Engineering  sWorks, agents at Vancouver, B. C  immm$sm&iiwaB2m^&ia&iwi$s&'*>z  Norths  %SB>  lMi-<��<*<��4Kl><^  f^  *t  WHEN YOU WANT.  That is printing. When you want cheap nasty printing  send east for it. Our stock and work is always the best;  our prices are reasonable. The office now has power  presses^and" everything ~*^  prompt delivery. We pay the highest wages and get the  best workmen.  Mi  m-  m-  m-  m-  A List of Firms Who Are Doing  Business in  Greenwoo&t-  <**<KK����&��M��>*3-<'*��^  BANKS.  THE BANK OF MONTREAL.  F. J. 'Finucank, ��� -Manager.  THE BANK  OF BRITISH NORTH  AMERICA.  W. G. H. Bai/r,       -      -      Manager.  THE CANADIAN BANK OF  COMMERCE.  Henry F. Mytton,        -      Manager.  THE MART.  Gaunce * Wickwire.  Real  Estate.   Money to   Loan.   Fire  Life and Accident Insurance.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  W. ELSON,  Merchant Tailor.  Copper Street.       Opp. Windsor Hotel.  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING-  RENDELL & CO.,  Dealers in Dry Goods,  Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes,\Mason & Risch  Pianos., etc., etc.  GREENWOOD GRADING CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  HUNTER-KENDRICK CO., Limited.  General Merchandise,  Copper Street, Greenwood.  GROCERIES AND HARDWARE.  RUSSELL-LAW-CAULFIELD CO.,  LIMITED.  Dealers  in  Hardware,  Groceries   and  Furnishings.  JEWELLRY-  MILLER BROS.  Jewellers and Opticians.  ASSAYERS-  WALTER E: SEGSWORTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  DRUGGISTS.  J. L. WHITE,  Druggist, Copper St.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FRED B. HOLMES;  Agent,    Collector,    Janitor.      Large  warehouse for storing goods.  P.O. Box 25     Residence opp, city hall.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE.  BEALEY INVESTMENT & TRUST  COMPANY, Limited.  George R. Naden,       -      Manager.  Insurance, Mines, Stocks, Real Estate.  S. BARRY YfflILL  Practical Watchmaker   and   Jeweller.  Greenwood, B. C.  MEATS, ETC.  P. BURNS & CO.,  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  -m  The boundary Creek Times.  ���Mf  smfr f  -' &.  KfHfHfnfHp^fXf^  T T T T T T T  f *f *r *r %r %v *f *f *f vf *?���* vi* *f vf~*f  HiaiiaiiiiuiiUiUiiaiaiiiiiii^iUiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiuaiiiiUiuiiaaiiuuaiuauiuaaiuii  CANDY FACTORY;  C. V. SEMERAD,  Candy Factory and Ice Cream Parlors,  Fruits, etc.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETTA SHAW  Barristers,' Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  CaThlR Address :   "hallett."  Codes  1 ?rtdio.ri ���*s���\\,��   Q*nm��wooD.  f T.lh.r'o ������ ��  Leiber'B.  I. H. HALLETT  o.  K. C. SHAW.  STATIONERY. ETC  SMITH & McRAE,  Dealers in  Stationery,  Blank  Books,  Wall Paper, Tobaccos, Confectionery.  H. B. MUNROE,  S-**-" I Daaler in  Confectionery,   Stationery,  Tobaccos, Fruits, Etc.  MCLEOD A BROWN  Barristers and Soucitoks.  Notaries Public. Etc.  Offices: Wallace-Miller block. Copper strwt.  Greenwood, B.C.  J. a. Brown. -    -���-^--���-*-j- p. McI-bod;-  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE.  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood. B.C  Greenwood   is  the   financial  aud commercial centre oi the ^  Boundary Creek District.    It is the  supply  point   for the E:  Mining* camps.    From  the  city roads lead to Greenwood. --SE-  Deadwood,   Copper,  Summit,   Long Lake, Skylark, White ����  and Atwood, Welling*tou aud other Boundary Creek camps. ;~  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood H  e James Cooper JWfg, Co,, 1  HS       For prices of lots and other  ^3       information address    J. L. COLES,  Stationery,   Newspapery, Periodicals.  H. A. KING & CO.,  Tobaccos,  Cigars, Smokers Sundries,  Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.  ��*������-  -MONTREAL. QUEBEC.  MAN'U FACTURE h'S O F  ---ao  g  TllflCrSOli^Sgrfl^aill     ROCK drills, straight line ~[  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM-   3  ��� PRESSORS . . ^s  HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS.  THE GEM RESTAURANT,  C. R. Pittock. - Proprietor.  FURNITURE.  CHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Enoinreb,  Dominion    and','   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  QREENWOOD.   ; ;   0.   O.  4. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion ��ncl  Provincial  Lafld Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Survey*.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (next CuHtoms oflice.) ��  GREENWOOD, B. C.  ��� �����  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. cnMPr'EM^!^PMENT*  ���-J2-      Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  R. B. e. metlaflVr Rossland, H. C  ^^iiiiaiaiiiiaiiuiiiUiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiauuiiiiuiiiiiaaiiuiuiiiiiiuaiUiUiiiiiuuiiiiuiuiiiauiiiii^  T. M. GULLEY & CO.  Dealers in Furniture, Carpets and  Linoleums, etc.  BREWERIES.  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  Portman & Poktman,       Proprietor.*.  In draft or bottles at nil Isadtn^*  hotels.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "SILVER DOLLAR" Mineral Claim, Bltmue  in the Kettle River Minim;Division of Yale  District. Where located : About five mile*  North of Canyon Creek and about two mil.*".  West of the Maiii Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE tliat we, Charles Newman,  of Camp McKinney in i-iesaid   l>ivi.*ii   Free Miner's Certiiicate No. H 4o.4ft*> and .lnm>l>  Peterson, of the same place, free Miner"*  Certificate No. H.+i.-U , intfml sixtv days t'ro* i  the date iiereof.-lo apply to the Mining- r>*��*-  order for a Certiiicate of Improvements 1* r  tlie purpose of ulilainin^ a Crown Gram to  theatMiv,. claim.  \nd further lake notice tint action, under  section 37, must lie comnienreii before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this ;ist .1 ..* -.f Mav. A. I*>. l*'i>2.  | CH \KLES NKW.MAX,  I JACOlt l'ETEKSUN.  j     Last issue Nov   3L  WHOLESALE LIQUORS  THE GREENWOOD LIQUOR CO.  R. Greicer, Msnajfer.  Agents for Pabst  and  Calg*arjr Beer  SOCiETlF.5.  B0UWDAi��V   VALLUY   LODGE  No. 38. ��.0. 0. F.  Meets every Tuesday Kveiiiny at s m in  then  lodpe room at the \V ���*!  Hall.     A ci><<l>.-i| Inri  tntlon is extended loall so.iotirniii.j.' hre'Ite'ti.  W.  l*.I.s'VN, S.C A.   P.   llAU.RITi I-Iee.See  1" re! Fire! "W A Clv'iipelie, lielti r  ktnivrii a> ������(���Id Cap.** will act an Cliim-  ��<^y Swerp, clean ana.set lipy<>ur>tov***s  leave word at Pioneer Motel or U.  I. C. New and 2nd hand store. \-  THE   BOUNDARY    CREEK   TIMES  New Ten  Commandments.  Thou shall ���,-i-i ���;*. > nv.';!'* Fn n: . ,-:,-:!..;',' '���'*']���.',.',.  li->mc Lo* do nn y vr*-uHn;r. iinr Ihv tn-'-'^ii.'../'*','','��� ';,.':  son n.*>r thv vlnu^'iiU'i*. : -"t-av'i*: :"i-r*������*". ���!:���*.���  J I. | ;';*;<:,"* j;.y ^y^ '}-  Tli-hi shalt p;n.roi]i :-*._- il:/ li��mio | '^'''n, 1'ro-.,:-.',..;-i.;yr^;* ci  merchant ;u:il tliv  h'-me   jirinl-jr. j   auT'"^^-^'*'^,.'-'.,:,  '    Ml     ::U:  :!������   I*'i* ���-  i'iCTIC-**  OF FORFEITURE-  fo Gc-r.rf..-* p.c.irisioy <>r Greenwood, B. C.and  ht-.v r*'*i>*"'' or P'.'-*sors tc whom lie re ay  "*.-.*���: h-vc ��� /.-,:-si'i.r:oo his intorest in the  * i. 5'." ili.::i**il Claim, situate In Sl<*ylark  C;*,*,ir. lit il**.* iiuUI.:* River Mining Division  oi' Ys!a District.  11*. ...  !1'Hik  ���'1   :!7  I'or   vom.   VL-ril-v. ,.l.**h       . .^..^^ ^  ])rint't'i*.'s})i*t.*a-.l c*cr tlie  la:*d ul.-ul i   n.-u*.**; tin-*  tidings.': ol"    (!iv     ������'���i"'Iu':*s*-.     and;  yruatiit^.a-:!'!]* thoy  shni! r.zitr.qri-'  \y,c thee.  .......   ��� *n,L ���       .  Th on  A\w\ t *cm > .1 < -y ��� t h ;-* . own  mechanics tha.*. ,i ];*:*',' ,n;i.v nut' l;e|  *"'���!* Al!!*: i'.er.-l>v liotilii'il thai I have ox-  1 cn'l^u 7 V.*.!'i> ill onler lo hold ihe s.'liil  ,:,i,*li ,*i :i:l, lllllli'l* the |"*ovisi<l,iS of I lie  ii.tuI A.:l.*.!l.*l .you sli.-nlii i iiutrihtile r:lii2.*-o  v<nn* :*.*i"ii'.;i ul ilu- ;*:ii'i snr.i I'm* \om-iii'.**  -i.ii*'!  /.ii-*  half  iiH.T'.'St  in > :ml I'laiui  aitilif  ������SPOKANE HilliH  it hi lis II  ���i*,.\. ii.  '.Cine:  i;iV:. . .*���!!:) '.In*  liis:   iii*-,,Ttioit   of   lliis  '.'������2 .'���< *,.���:.;.;li i-* in.v.* ilu*: i>y yon.   i*);:*i*:l*.e** will.  !' :���*.*:!* ,.i - <1\ i-i li- -i:ii*'. yiji* i ii urn st in ilk.* said  i*ri!:-.*i  cla.iii!   uil! in-riMi;,* III.* *,iinpi-rly nf ilu*  i :.*.;:;:...::-:i).*i* itiiili-r !*r(*ti.ni lour ���>! mi Act. iiiilitleil  '" "Hol'M'.'Tlill *' *:i*...*v*.*;*"i-<y*!i<* Cil'T '*:i(1- ! l'ii****i.\lii-i'i*:ii ,\.:t A in.-iuiiui'iit Aci," 1W>>.  !     li.it,-,!  ,-,t  (,ii oir,vo,!il.   li. C,  ilu: 2i'ith ilavuf  V*.'i*ii.-o.* . ;>.i.ili! ii-;, ������".���<>.  1.   '..'.  I'Ci'W   iS: | S:-i)ti:iiil.M.-i*, IW.*.        UOIlliKT DKMPKTKR,  Sinroiid 7*'{;ii;d  i-'-Knv. .-N . f,. AT ni U: & Co. I   *'    '  ii'st ius;:i-|ioii Sept. 26.  Connections with  Westeni Union  Telegraph Company-  122.UWlonic��s iu LT.S.A.l   AND   Great North-Western of Canada.  12.1") ollices in Camilla.|  :;,^,;i'::t!:v;;.j:\\;;:;,(i\i:.^,::,,i,ri cable service to all the world.  onpovi-.f .-\.   :;. Snorrv  *':U iiisi'.riion Due. 2'j.  driven L'rom.'iheir   1.'',.*lh.c.--  if  i  ey  fond   for   tyy   lit .-ie*-- ones,   ihoiii '--"  shiilt co'vipide:* lii.n'a'V thv-iici^h-1 "f  bor, uhoi'e tiiem iiint. dtveilei.li tn ; '���;'  a slrauir'e' town: "  ', i. V  ::...?.. i- r:.<.,'^;^v4-*^^4'^4''**!r**^Jg  ililAlb   HAl  Thou shalt not -a':-!*: f'v,* 'credit  as g'f)od-s'.c'osL lniicii ni^'icy, and  the mc:;chaiit]s bVitiii' is i/Utdened  with bills. y .  ' v.*:    :%������   .. ���:.*.  Thou sli(>JL not. a*k for reduc-i  ed prices*'���i'.iii*'t'hy-*;vii*-rHiL-!ice'\ for-!  heboid *��� g*n;ilei..id..br t!ii*:ie heart  and tbgj.ii��,.rt*.bi!)y:.**(7:;j::oth it .like  an oneil'bijolv/'* -D'o*l;i,u^*-iietli tlioe  to seorn and shon;e;ii :io If is "ha,  ba". *    * :'��� "  ���������V:;-'������." VI. ' '      .������'.'      "'  Tb ou .'^TaTt x\'o'"\\ h atcAtcf 1 ie.th  in thy po,v.fei* \h eiieourajre aifd.  promote.'iHB .Avel.iare,' f*f tiiinc. own  �����"���:���<*  "f V  ji.^l'slJi-J*  Is what thev all sav about  .1. C. 11KLM. onicu Manaifo.r, Grconwooil, B.C  TKI.KlMlf'.NIJ NO.   12.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTlCR.  TACOMA Mineral claim situate in  the Ketlle  River Mining; Division  of Osoyoos District.  Where located :   Near Hon Hilary Falls and  adjoining the Don't Know mineral claim.  *~JPAKI3 "XOTICR that.I, Sydney  M. Johnson  J      acting* as airent for Sain J. Jensen, Free  Miner's  Certiiicate   No.   15   -H7')0    and:  Annie.  Cltvisteiisoii,    Five    Miner's    Certificate    No.  �������-. i l!    5+')'5.      intend      sixty    days    from - the  ^    dai.e hereof,  to  apply to   UiG Mining* Recorder  tor a Certiiicate of Improvements, for the purpose of otuaiiiiup" a crown grunt of llic above  claim. . . .  Ami  further take notice that action,  under  sect-oil  37, must  be commenced  before the issuance of such certificateof improvements.  Dated lliis 6th dav of July, A. II., W02.  Sept. 18. '   SYDNEY M, JOHNSON  fit-**  laipocstble   io   cut the: [ace;   shaves  easily, quick!v and cleanly,  T  ***?'���>  ^-,r*j  i  IiliisU-at.eil booklet 1'rcc.       Mtiil Ortlefs'promptly filled.  McLennan,_ McFee%   &��� ��� Compai  Wholesale Hardware Merchants,  %?  (tK-s  1*)  ��5��  e^��      122 Cordnv-a  *S1*re<;v.  VANCOUVER, B. C.     ��r  town and thine own* .pcoule. ...���; -rv^ .��.  ��' ,,'  ?,   ,.   <*,   *  * '.,   ft  ft  ��:   �� �����   rz ��  ;-��  n   �����   <*  *  ��   a   a rwi  Thouislialt:not suffer tlie voice  ���^  ��!  ���VKp33^        2... ^Jj _   ^-jj  of pride*tmo\;p.rcvinie.'::*li!ce,."and'if!     :. 1|   ��� A %      ��i  other towQseifuce   fiiw:* consent":        1^ '|^? M ^ tt    8g   W% [;j 0  thou not'for ih .y'iri'i vest: bp; do-* '-.*���&       ii   ^ ^'   ^i ^    *?&   H  tl f?-tif-*  ceived.              ' ���  .���:������.' -.'vni.  111  >���*.*������������ si      \ i-i fHi  S  N   /fg   M B    F   ��� M    'If 1 I  i     t*rr*       ���;!'V       -j"-i-     V'   * -t -       ������ �����*i.'-.'��    ..'.J        I-r ^>'p"   *,'������ A3t\.-**J      J *-ii  " '-'^       V'* i^1? t'   w������**    *T       DH *P  STRONGEST IN THE WORLD"  Tliou'shalt-.-spciHl.th}* e'arning-s ;  at home''that the*,'* niav return1  from wheiiecdieVcamc nti��i; give. AsPcts ���������' *   ^*^-!*, 5^8; 00^.49 Surplus  ., .  nourishment to siich as may dime:,-:   , . .  .*        TT     ,-...,.._.���_���_.   .���,, '  P.     ,.   '.     . ���*.     " *. ������...������"������    *. .���-,:.'; ���ri'.'.A^Li-'l^.Dfc.RO, fyiariaser,'-  alter thee.        ., . l     ' - ;    0i  IX.      ." "   ' ' j 605-(')06-r,07 'Empire Slave Building, :  Thou shalt not bear false   wit-i  ness  ayainst*-tlie   tov/n. wherein;  thou chv'elletii, hut speak we'll' of !---  it to all men; ���-.'���; p.*  $66,137,170.01  Spokane,  Wash.  is getting  �����. i ���<<<>./���<  /���'-���-������#    Hi      I    .  You will wan,t to send your,  friends east*' something.*  They are interested in: y6ii*  and consequently in "the  city and district where .you  live. Why not send theni  the Times for a' year. 'It'  will cost jrou only Two*-  dollars; mailed direct from  this office to any address.j  RAILWAY  WORLD'S SCENIC   ROUTE  Direct route  EAST WEST  - Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  St. John  Halifax  Boston  New York  New Westminster  Vancouver  Victoria  Skagway  Dawson  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  CKARLES T. KIP?, Cashier-  Crie.' ToL   Brown, ill, . Kcsuitncc Tel. South, S01,  !j��>:  'PHONE 179  Thou shalt -,'take.  these   com- i   ���  mai'Hlments-'.aiH! *..*.teach   !he;n   to i  thy   children * :to   the .third   ami;  fourth generation tliat   th^y may!  "he'liTtilVelo'nmirisli" ;u'[d''��!^rV)'\\*"iirt"'    -���-���-���������-���-  plenty-when ilimi art laid  U> reHt; IvIQI^cii-Tk,\m  Avith thv   fatliei'':-.'.. v. ' ���   .    ;  y.  m> ;l fummtm.% Co  \VMOr,-l!i.-;,AT.,iyGROCKKiS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCK-ET CIGAR .C0.,..UNi0N LABEL CIGARS.  M.VK'iT'SK'rTA,  JUSTIE-LQ,.       :"X< CCiNDO]  liOOiJET, OUR SPECIAL,  SA R ANT'IZ A DG S.    SCHILLER  A farewell.soi'.i;il will Ite'heki-  in the.  Salvation An'n.v liHrnioks on  the. even  itigf of M*itutv,;.y 21:;t in.-;*;.,   in  h;>:K>" uf  Ensij.pt   SoiiMicIi   v.*hii 'i;*,   iv:ivi:i;*-   th *.  citv ai'ti:r <i'<i <\--  '���l-  ��� ric iiefi;  Ja.!in;.-i i'\, Ivi*:;.!..:, ��� v., ;;!iie.f . i*::;;iii'.*:.*:  oftheV.'V. cC I*.. ;:*T*-.v;i .:<���--.* !,;.!;.;  from St.' P-.iul tuii'i ��� vrfiit in Mui*.v.*y  and Cnrlow presuinribly '��' i.ei;*.'n e<.:.ti-  structioiuy.ork front th*; cm! '*if the iii*;:  at Curlew. "   " *���  Geo. F. Miller lelt pi.L. w.-ei:  I'm* .-vn,  Fr.*iiiciscw-' ;vt'  PREPARED ?m E*Mtv\'GE:iCIES *  Tra ���el'liii.if Man   *A o *: i ��� j j�� ,*u;i a'Otijx  i  C'fi\*e quick.    >.'y Lniiu li';ive> in -. ���.".* ���:. i -  tv minute*-*. .-��� . *  W*:it'*r. (:i t station    re-*.i .:ii?,nil*.i_ *-:V": ��� ,  .sir; liv; .shilling's, ..*-i:*.   .  "Uoyou want nie !o u.'i v i n ;i ���iv-i 'iC���'!"'  "Yus. sir      V''U ;i:;i.y., in: :.-*one   'oiM'* re  it's cooicis1, Mr."  y. IN:-: R*A i'.. A t.'-T,  Certificate of iniproveineni".  Xill'lC*.*'.  KOin-lTll-iiF-.IUl.Y. .:.li:i..*::tl   Cl:*.i.:i.   -i:.i.*.t,  ill tlie IC'tlli* :%1V,T .',!,��� nil.;- Ill  llisll*ii:l.     iVIii-n-  !*)i*:ili-i:  C:wU*. >i:iil!  Kirttli-*!���! ivei".  TAKE >:' L" * J i -:! ���*. '.li.-l :������;������ A  V..    S-.illivun.    !';.*,-    .\o.:*,*i*:.  II  *l'i,*i.-ii and ii. -i.:*:** , ��� *-!' i ' i  <l;v\s    lniiu   Um*  ii '*'-   i*   .'-��� *:.  Minine l<,.*,.'.*r.i--r   i*.*r ::������;���: .  liH-iit.-.  fur  in-.*  pin*;) i ������;���   i'i   "  lu-am 'it tin- :ib-'v.. i-l.'ii ;.  Ami   turttUT  l.ii.'i-   ii.'-i''*  si-,:1:(ki u'i. .iiusl !>��������� '.-.-���*;.-l *���.,** ���  line*-' oi v,i:v-li ' i** li''- --'��� i   :  D.t*..:,l tiii-; v-i. ,1.1. .'i ���:���..-,  C'il'iilt-C.*  \:r-."-y-yj.:  ii Coliunbi.:   Avenue,  Vancouwr. "H.  C.  MK^RAL ACT:  ^ccificye ���:*!," 5ni;jroveinen*ts.  .\t; i'l.c:*:  Lake Route  From Fort William, the favorite sutm-  mer route for all eastern points.  Via Soo Line  For St. Paul, Diiluth, Sattlt Ste. Marie  Chicago, etc.  Through Tourist Sleeping. Cars  Leaves Dun more Junction  daily for St. Paul ; leaves  Kootenaj' Landing* Tuesday and Saturday, for Toronto, Montreal and all  en Stern, points. ���     ; -  Leaves    Revelstoke   daily  for Seattle and Vancouver.  Through  bookings  to Europe via  all Atlantic lines.  ���Prepaid  tickets  at lowest rates issued  from all ICiiropean countries.  Complete Equipment  Unequalled in the West.  For  time  tables,  rates and full particulars apply to local agents.  F���REDRV��� A��MVt  Greenwood,B. C.  J. S. CARTER, E. J. COYLE,  LP.A., Nelson.      G.P.A. Vancouver  Spokane Falls & Northern Railway. Co  Msbii'&' Fort pppard Mwa^Co.'  Hcd Mountain Railway, Co..  Washington &*G. N. Co, '  ' Van. Vic\XiMMX Co.,  The only all rail route between.poin ts  east, west and south to,Rpssland.^^Nel-  soh, Grand Forks an4 Republic.i' Cotir  nects at Spokane with the Great Nor-!  thern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &  N. Co., for . points east,., west and.  south; connects at/Rossland, and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.  Connects at Nelson with the K. R,  and N. Co., Kaslo and K. & S.  points. .  Connects at Curlew with stage for  Greenwood and Midway, B. C.  Buffet cars run on trains between  Spokane and Republic.  Effective Aug. 17tti. 1902.  Leave Arrive  9:15 a. ni. Spokane        5:45 p. m.  10:30 a. m. Rossland       5:10 p. m.  7:15 a. tn. Nelson 8:00 p. m.  11:07 a. m.   (Millers, Grand  3:58 p. m.  Forks)  9.20 a. m. Republic      5:45 p. m.  H. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent, ;     *,.  S pokane, Wash.  ."I.iim.   j.itll:! :,.>   ill   1 ���.<��� I      |H  Lli.i-illl ni    V.,1.*.   LI:.-,* C  :���;.<:   I 'TO!****   .'.':i-,n-:-:-.l   (  ii.:   . , *  i- i'\,:l* "������;.,: i.i;;   1  li::..i.  .      e. 11'*:-.'    i :Ci:   1.1   ; (Ml      ilorscsliu.?  ."*'." ,11. *.-ii''.. M.ii:i i^cl.*',' J-.'iver.  ���*,**A'CI*:  :���.*()���!��� if*.  :*���'.: *..MIi.:*:   K. Aslitirof/.  \        i'*t*''f '-.I*in. r'-i.'--.-i   .;,.-:'11. Nu. II *i'2'5 :ielin'u  ���-.    , ������*.-lti  !'i' .*- I !-.-.- -i  T ' ,-* 1 -v.*.    ;���'!���,:.���   Millvfs   Ot-  11  ,,.  .,,  ,',.. -,,.  H..;,.,l :  11 *.. * i* : i :  ii";    1 .1*  '  -;:r i:>  Can*. (.:.  :i.-nil    I'l-tiM'Silll. 1'': i "  '.',*���. IS-H4-U,. illtl*:l*,l  '.:'.- .*. :..*rtni(:;ii,' f,i 1 m.  li 1 i1* ���   "i'   , I'liiil in*.:' ::  I"    :   .    I    .;���*   loll.    UII'1'.'I*  ;:���:������*.*���     l-.;r.ii.- ill,' is* i     gi?  ��� ",'  i *:l*,r.i*. -. iMi'lUs.  .*;   . -n',.*!*.  V. 1>. V"<:.  ,:.vi: KOI'"l*. 1>. 1>. S  ca-1�� Oi sillprovontci-Jts.  ���.i.nei*..  :.   '.'���' .i. i .-il   i i;iiiii   situ.'iin   in   tlu*  !���'���:    .>*'*::i"*   ]i,'.i^i,,:i   oi i.lsoyifos  V.': i* ,'    !'..* n, i: :      Al.'iitst   ' twci  :.::*   '��� i -i   "!   Ciiinu   .MeK i'.moy  nn  '*.���"!���']���' Ui;it I.S*.ii;u",- M. .lulnisiiii  ii* :���"-���.!: '��' i*. U.S. Sl:i n lio. r.  . '������'"! i:*u:..:.* "**���'��,. ll7^-!^^. iiit-.-ii-l.  ������:*. ,!.'. :.��� lii'i'i'of. !���> tip'ity n> llio  :ir inr Crn i!u- : ti' of i niprov.:-  ';'.'   !'::r;"-<>   ,,:    o!>l I iiliilLT ;i Cl'OIVIl  ���i- l-.l.-i* il 'lici: tlrtl n,*li',:is. tiiulcr  i.i-ii. \>--. i'ii--::u'!u-ii(l   iHitore  Ihu is-  "i:  ���'; , i i :i;*:*l     ' -i' 'i "1 tiroye.-'UltMUs.  .,  ' ���:   ���   ������    Iii;-. A.'r*. I'm.'  .   >-;:f :,i. idjinnox  li-ieni! Act 2896.  ���C'.~--_ np !f,*in5>i-)yP.'V.*RNTS.  N'-TLCI'**.  *' ..\ 'i'���;���*���'   ' ::.."i*.'1.   i'i :'.���!!,   -*im i;*-.  ���I-.' M:-i'  K.'*  J.- "���.';'.' *'!���';' ':i..-'''  TAK!'. Ni >'���' I-. '���'.  *',..:  > ;'  .,:..-.*.-7.,iii li' i.s-' ..-  ��� :-���  r  ���i..  from  *!:������.I;iii:   ii.-"'  }-'.-cn\,ri- '.- -i' :: '. ������: I  : *  tin: pi:" ,-.o:.i'!'-.;ii  :ii'i \ v.  ' ��� ���������  Hli.iVU .:;.*.:':!���  Ami   (nriiii*.'  '..ii'*'  ".���cti'iii 37. iii'iM   in'  rl,\iu\  1*        1   ;*  susne* "1 -.iil'-Ii C,:r,i  :;t-a*..-  !):i:,*il iliisoi-t .l.i  ��� t>i : i  1*-'. I  LaM i*-**-*,!*-* -'i'-'i    i*"  ';.:. !',iv;x -.-l.'Vl.U: I IX  *!' :���: A.\i*;i. I.IXiiiiEHI-,  r*f M:i.-.. A . ii. I��i2.  Save rioney  BY PURCHASINQ  rsX Brand"  Clothing  with this guarantee label attached  to the pocket ofthe  coat op overcoat.  Royal Brand  CLOTHING  RtOISTCREO  B. A. Small & Co., its makers, are founders In  Canada of Tailor-made Clothing ready-to-wear.  It has taken years of careful training in the  manufacture of this Clothing, in order to reach  the perfection, which " Royal Brand" has  attained.  " Royal Brand " Clothing is now reaping its  just reward by its enormous sale from the  Atlantic to the Pacific.  Compare Fit, Finish and Value of ** Royal  Brand" Clothing with other makes, then ask  yourself which you will have ?  j? V*3      <?i>  lie fey P* US. George * Ke��,  GREENNW00D, B. C.  X _���  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  oo-6-oooo-o6<x>o<><><"^^  THE EDITORS  EASY CHAIR.  The Greenwood' Citizens  Band  has  j leased the skating* rink and will run it  this winter.   The  band  will give two  concerts a week at the rink.  __���������'���   NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  Two Greenwood boys are attending  Vancouver College. Charles Galloway  is the sou of C. Scott Galloway and  Herbert Ostroski is the son of, L. I.  Ostroski. The first was born a British  subject and the second is the son of a  good American. But education in a  first class school on the Canadian side  wipe* out nationality. Bolh boys  made a splendid oratorical showing in  a debate in the College last week. The  Britisher supported the affirmative side  of the question "that the British Empire is on the decline," while the  American lad eloquently upheld the  cause that Britain is still the foremost  nation'in the world. The News-Advertiser has * this to say regarding the  debate :  There was a splendid turnout of the  students last night at the College when  the opening debate of the season took  place. It was a debate that reflected  greatly to the credit of the college, although being of a somewhat weighty  nature, viz. : "Resolved, that the British Empire is on the decline." Although the affirmative had to contend  against sentiment, they managed to  make some very good arguments in  support of their side of the question.  The talent was fairly evenly divided,  Messrs. Neville-Smith, Ellis, Galloway  and Yates endeavoring to convince the  audience that the resolution was well  applied, whilst Messrs. McTaggart,  Ostroski, Brydone-.Tack and Shannon  strove valiantly to show that England  was still very much alive and to the  front. The negative side of the question wjssuccessful, sothatVancouver-  ites may now breathe freely again.  The discussion brought out quite a  number of facts about the British Empire, which -the boys were not slow to  grasp, and showed that the responsible  ones had spent time and thought upon  the subject under debate. All the debaters acquitted themselves very creditably indeed, and gave evidence of  no small amount of talent, talent which  will probably be put to loftier ends before a great many years. Mr. Osrroski  proved a very fluent speaker, and  brought forth applause frequently by  his patriotic utterances. Mr. E. O'Cal-  laghan occupied the chair and Mr. E.  De Beck acted as critic. Both these  gentlemen nrede felicitous little speech.  es during the evening.  At a meeting ofthe Society held subsequently, it was decided to establish a  paper in connection "withThe  Col'ege.  A well known barrister and an  equally well known commercial man  made a trip to Beaverdell last week.  They went armed against possible  holdups, roadmakers, snake bites anC  other obstacles that might impede progress. Beaverdell was reached without an unusual incident. On the  return trip however something happened. As the travellers were enjoy  ing the pleasant drive along the  smooth road constructed! by the paternal governmentthey noticed a masked  man heavily armed approaching them.  They at once came to the conclusion  that a dangerous- highway man had  taken possession of the West Fork  road since no one else appeared to t;ike  an interest in the thoroughfare. They  were determined to die fighting however and at once got their guns ready  for action. The supposed nighway  man was as badly frightened as the  other two and it was with some difficulty that he convii ced them that he  had no intention of emulating* Tracy.  He turned out to be a well known local  hotel man who has mining interests  up the West Ft rk. The mask was explained by the fact that everytime he  goes up the West Fork, his face is poi-  soneC by the ivy which grows abundantly there. It is not necessary that  it should touch, proximity is sufficient  to make him a victim. He tried to protect himself by covering his face. He  wont repeat the experiment because he  not only ran a good chance of being  shot: but got poisoned as well.  Strange things do sometimes happen  even on the West Fork road.  H. C. Killed*., road superintendent  for the province of British Columbia  has at last reached the West Fork. His  chief announced his coming at intervals of three weeks ever since last May  but took good care to keep him engaged   elsewhere.   Mr.  Killeen   wen  up to the West Fork alone. He road  up from Midway as he wished to look  over the route and form his own conclusions before consulting those who  are interested in that district It is  statert that the permanent bridges will  be constructed as speedily as possible  and that the road will be completed  early next spring.  Randolph Stewart who is a travelling representative fcr the B. C.  Mining Record returned to the cily  this week after a business trip to East  Kootenay.  Aid. J. J. Caulfield left on Monday  on a business trip to Manitoba -which  may be extended to Toronto.  CHAPTER 40.  Au Act to amend the Liquor I/icence Act 1900.  "1900 c 18."  (21st June, 1902.)  His Majesty, by and with the advice and con-  seot of the Legislate Assembly of the province cf Britisli Columbia, enacts as follows:  1. This Act mayi be cited as the Liquor  License Act (1900) Amendment Act, 1902.  2. Secton 37, of chapter 18 of the statutes of  1900, beinu the "Liquor License Act 1900" is  hereby repealed, and the following* substituted  therefore, :  "37. No license under this Act shall be issued or transferred to any person of the Indian  race, or to any persou who is not on the list of  voters for the Leg-islature of the province of  liritish Columbia."  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  MOGUL, UTOPIA, RAMBLER, DENVER  andCHAMPION, Mineral Claims,situate in  the Kettle River Mining* Division of Yale  District. Where located : Horseshoe  Mountain, Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B3U265, acting* as ag*ent for Charles Dunbar Temple,  Free Miner's Certificate No BM4S1, intend  sixt-y days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining* crown  grants ofthe above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must b$ commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 30th day of September, 1902.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P.L.S.  Last insertion Dec. 31.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To JOHN COLLINS and any  person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  iuteiests in the "TIP TOP" Mineral claim  situate on the West Fork of Kettle River,  lying  North of and  adjoining   the  Knob  Hill  Mineral claim    in   the   Kettle   River  Mining Division of Yale District.  You are hereby notified that 1 have expended  S102.50 in order 10 hold the said mineral claim  under the provisions of the Mineral  Act, that  you should contribute S51.25 as your portion of  the said  sum  for your undivided one half interest in said claim and if within 90 davs from  the first insertion of this notice you fall or refuse to contribute, the sum of"$51.25 which is  now due to  you, togecher with   all  costs of  advertising,   your  interest   in  ��� said   mineral  claim will become the _property^of-.the. subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act." 1900.  Dated at  Greenwood, B. C. the 28th dav of  October, 1902. JOHN MATTHEWS.  Last insertion Jan. 31st, 1903.  NOTICE OF FORFEITVRE.  To A. BRANSON, D.R.CAMPBELL, D. A.  CAMERON and any others concerned :  You are hereby notified that I have expended  in labor and improvements on the "Boston"  "Toronto" and "St. Louis"   Mineral   claims,  situate   en  Cranberry    Creek,   West   Fork  of  of Kettle River, in  the Kettle River Mining  Division of Yale District, the sum of Three  Hundred Dollars, and $7.50 for recording the  same,  such   being  the  amount  required and  necessary  to  hold tbe said claims   under the  provisions of the "Mineral Act' and Amending  Acts; and  if at the expiration of ninety davs  front  the date of the first publication of tliis  notice iu the Boundary  Creek Times you fail  1 or refuse to contribute j*our portion of such cx-  ! penditure,   namely $230.50,  together   with   al*  I costs   of   advertising,   your    interest   in   said  mineral claims shall become   invested  in  me  (your co-owner) upon filing in the proper office  in that behalf the affidavit required by  Section  ���4 or the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Dated this 2Stlt (lay of October, 1902.  JOHN N. UREDEN.  Last puplleiilion Jan. 31, 1011.1.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICK.  "MEXICO"' Mineral Claim, situate iu the  Kiittle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Triple Lake  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I.Albert E. Ashcroft,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B30*.'65. acting as agent for John C. Farr, Free -.linei's  Certificate No. B50582, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose .f obtaining a Crown Grant of the. above  claim.  And further take notice that actum, uuder  - ection 37, must be commenced before the is-  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of September, A. D.. 1902.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P. L. S.  Last issue Dec. 31st.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "HUNTER"   Mineral   Claim,   situate   in   the  Kettle    River    Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.       Where    located :       Horseshoe  Mountain, Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Albert E. Ashcroft.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B3C2o5. acting  as agent for Owen Mellon, Free Miner's Certificate No. B74202 intend sixtv  days from the date hereof to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improve  ment for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant for above claim.  And further take notice that action   u.;dei  cection 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this 2Cth day of September, A. D., 1902  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT. P. L. S.  Last issue Dec. 31.  To LEWIS  MEYER, FERDINAND HASSE,  and to any person or persons to  whom thev  ni.iy have transferred their interest in the  "WHITE HORSE" Mineral   claim  situate  in  Copper Camp,  in the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District, British Columbia.  You are hereby notified that we have caused  to be expended $205.00 to hold the said mineral  claim under the "Mineral  Act"  that the proportion you should contribute for you undivided one half interest in the above claim is $102.50  and if within ninety days from the first publication of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute the  said sum of $102.50 which is now  due, with all costs of advertising, your interest  in the said mineral claim will become vested in  us the undersigned, your co-owners under section 4|of an Act entitled the"Mineral Act Amend  ment Act" 1900.  Dated at Greenwood this 7th November. 1902.  Margaret k. Mercek,  U. L. Wood.  ' James Graham,  Annie Hudson-.  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw^  1*  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.  PAINTING AND  SIGN WORK.  I Copper St.    Greenwood.  0 ��� ��� *  Subscription  $1.00   per   month.  Delivery in central district.  H. A. KING & CO.  AGENTS.  *  *  *  ��  ��  ���ft  ��  ���ft  ft  ��  ��  ���ft  ���ft  ft  ft  ���ft  ���ft  -ft  ���ft  ��  ���ft  ���ft  ft  ���ft  ft  ���ft  ftftfttf-ftJSftftft ���������������* ftft<n��-*ft��ft��ft������ft  FURNITURE  CARPETS  LINOLEUMS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotels  and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA. B. C.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "BRUCE". "NORTH END", "JUBILEE",  "PRIDE OF PERTH FRACTION"  "MAGNETImE" and "FOG HORN'  Mineral Claims, all situate iu the Kettle  River Mining* Division of Yale District.  Where located :    In Graham's Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H, Hallett. as  ag*ent for J. C. Haas, Free Miner's Certificate No. U4W13. and Sydney M. Johrson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B417S1. intend,  sixtv days from the date hereof, to appl.v to the  Mining* Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for tin purpose of obtainiuir a Crown  Grants of ihe abovv. claims.  Aud  further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of August. A. D., 1902.  I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BURNS and BURNS FRACTION Mineral  Claims situate in the Kettle River Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located :  in Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac 1 Hallett  as agent for Francis J. Finncanc, Fre^  Miner's Certificate No. B403G7, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to applj  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Im  provements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And  further take  notice tnat action   undei  section 37. must be commenced before the is  suance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 2-*>tli day of Julv. A. D., 1902.  l.'H. HALLETT.  ��!  <^  G=*<  0=**<  (r*  Cr*  G=*  <?=���<  Cr*  ..Bank of Montreal  Capital, all pail up. $12,000,000.  Rest.  ..$8,000,000.  President.   Lokd Stkathcona and Modnt Royal.  Vice-President:   Hon. Geokgb A. Dkummond.  General Manager :   E. S  Clooston.  Branches in London, Eng. j ��$2 V^i. \, New YorR, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers : Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of the wgr'ld.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. Fff^CANE, Manager.  ���t3>  M-*  x=2  *��>  fc-0  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm&  THE CANADIAN RAM OF COMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -     Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER. General Manager  HENRY F. MYTT0N  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America  Assur-  Co. of London, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  The Western Assurance Co.,  of Toronto.  The Canadian   Birkbeck  Investment and Savings Co.  STOCKS,  REAL ESTATE.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  II 1MB HO  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops. Try  It I It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  ��0��e��0a*��e*����-��6������a*��aa**��  ��.  Co (be  Public!  DO YOU  I SMOKE ? ?  We beg to announce that we  have disposed of our Jewelly  business to Mr. A. Logan. We  desire to thank our many friends  for their liberal patronage during the six years we have been  in business in Greenwood and  ask for our successor the same  kind treatment that has been accorded ourselves.  miller Bros.  September 20th. 1902.  ��  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ��  0  ft  th  ft  ��  0  ��  0  ft  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ' O  ��  0  i:  is  ��  0  0  TDV  ONE OF MUNROE'S  THE BEST LINES iN  ��  ��  *  *  *  *  ��  *  *  ��  *  *  *  *  *  ���  9  0  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES!  Newspapers.      Periodicals  0  ��'  0  Stationery.  A Full Line Choice Candy I  H. B  MUNROE  0  Copper Street. Greenwood.  g����o��0��0aty^c����0����#00��*0��������* THE:BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  'v.  ���Xl*000<><>0<K><XH>O^KHX>00<)0000030000<Ki*&;:-iOC 0 0*00-0 OOO-O 00*00-00-  o . *      . ���'�����������  0  m    m      ".   a -j- ,  0 '  Waii ted.  IN YOUR PARLOR, DIN-li^  ING ROOM OR KITCHEN(%;  * ���'"���"*.������'���-'<���}������*  ��� APPROPRIATE V%  ;     A     trirl     couk     to  and    assist  at  i lum.-ework for fnniily  of   two.    W'ji  iL,res  ���:'2i)     per   month.      Ap:  ply    U>   Ralph  i   S.  : ;:.ji)t.  Mi.;*.v;iy  I*.   C.     Wc:*.';  O  0  o  m  To��� suit<;y.our*.snrronndings, . we   sell *.* at reasonable .. o  prices' "An  excellent   line' is \selliny; "for 20 'cents, a   g  better-line at 25 tents .and 30 cents,' neat an attract-  ��  ive o-ilt'at 40 cents, ingrains   at  60' cents ��� etc.   etc.   o  ....*��� ������" . * *     . *    .     . b  We have just what you want. It is never any trouble  ��  to  show  you   our''g-oods, ���'even'wlfen' you don't bu\-.   ��  2      -Call ���aiid see them.       "���     *..-���.-.  Q     \ .     ���    ���  S   Books,  Paper,  Photo Supplies, Etc. g  <MKK)00*<kx>CKXX>0<KK>-CK>0<>OCK>^  Effort- will** be Made to Sell  .:���*?*���*  lfcOF;ll;��fiif  *!&!  *���:>��� ���*.  ' '**..  Vff-'v  1900 liei:*:.*- '*(>.7;*>i> ions, in' I'.-Ol 'CvJO.OCO  Ions, in 19:12 to this date, in .spite of  coke 'short a go due to coal mine explosion and a subsequent strike, -110,000  tons. The output is now 2,00tj tons  per day and this will iii 1003 be increased to 4,000 tons or more per clay. The  ''Emma mine, adjoining*'the'Oro .Denoro, .has during, the past few months  been opened up and is now a steady  shipper of from'(ill tq'125'to.iii per day.'  This fact it is believed will materially  aid in getting a purchaser for the Orn  ���'Denoro.    *        ... . * * .*  Smith .Curtis., Secretary.  U p  j��l'  111  i-1 ? ���'  THE NEW  nnnini  h n s li  Remodelled, Renovated and Refurnished. ' Only the .best Liquors and  Cigars.. Prompt servicer Courteous  Treatment. Mood Koouis. Modern  Conveniences.  Fred B. Munn,      Manager.  ecus  \JPJl.��������  Circuit! Letter by Secretary   Issued  )/*.'   to Shareholders.  J. N. Paton and F. W. Gladdin have  returned from ^thc Similkameen district, where they have several promising* claims situated near   Hedley   City,  '' Born���-On  'the  7th   inst., to Mr. and  Mrs. James Kerr a daughter. ��� '  Don't miss the public meetiiii.  City Hall next Tuesday night.  in the  .  .... ,  . I     Little    Gladys    Harvey     will   sing  An;i��xtraordinary meeting of tlfe I "Le��1 Kindly Light*' in he Methodist  King-j^Mining company owning " the | church next Sunday night.  Oro Denoro mine, in-Summit camp will  be helij in the city of Rossland on  December44th 1902 at eleven o'clock in  the forenoon forHhe purpose of ;receiving the report'of the Directors of  the Company imd -of receiving and  passing the accounts of the Company  aud to .elec1 Directors--for the' ensuing  term .tin', f.ir Wit? |m;-p...--r'oraiUhorizing*  the Directors of the (.'ompiiiy to  bond.  A Magazine Thirty Years Old:���The  Cristmas (Decern her) Number of  THE' DELINEATOR is also the  Thirtieth Anniversary Number.  To'do justice to the number, which  for beauty and.utility touches the highest mark, it would be necessary to print  the entire list of contents. It is sufficient to state that in it the best* modern  writers and artists arc generously represented. The book contains over230  pages, with 34 full p . ge illustrations,  of which 20 are in two or more colors  The magnitude of this December number for which 728 tons of paper and 6  Ions of ink have been used, may be understood from the fact that 91 presses  running 14 hoiirs a day, have been required to print it ; the binding alone  of the edition of '915,000 copies representing oaer .20,000,000 sections which  had to be gathered individually by  h'umau hands.  A USEFUL THREAT  At a hotel a waiter came out of the  cbfl'ee-ruom and informed the manager  that a man was-.raising* a disturbance  because he could not have his accustomed seat at the table.  '''Co in again," said the manager,  "and propitiate him it* some way."  Back went the waiter to the dissatis-  ii :d gentleman and said*--"If you don't  like the way things is clone here, you  can' get out, or I'll propilate you pretty  quick."  All the Leading Styles including several exclusive  creations at sensationally Jow prices.  ELEGENCE AND EXCELLENCE IN APPROVED  ; E.. W. BISHOP  t��'**.tf^A*:;t****��:K*^^  Si)  ^l^.lilllllSllii  & .   i^^^J..A  iii t Vjs ffl*. *w ���  sell and dispose ofthe whole or any  portion of the assets of the Company  and for such consideration and upon  such term's as "iB'them may seem reasonable, and meet and to enter into  any contract or option to "convey the  property so" "sold ""to- "tlie purchaser  thereof. In connection, with the notices calling the meeting-Smith Curtis  M. P. P. Secretary of the Gotnpany  has sent out the following circular to  the shareholders :      ;. ' '.   j  The Directors of the Company beg to 1  inform the shareholders that the   Com- j  pany's" proper.ty   has been   idle-since i  the last' .general*meeting  of the  Com- |  pany;   that   the  option   given   Messrs. j  MacNish and Curtis luarly a year   ago]  was allowedto expire, the reason given j  being that immediately after its   being |  obtained the price of copper began   to I  decline and   in   a   short   time   dropped j  from"'16/':   cents to 11   cents per   pound  which deterred investors ; that the  Directors have sincii   then endeavored   to  dispose   of   the  Company's, principal;  holding --the (>ro Denoro Mine in Sum-'  mit Gamp,   Boundary   District   !--*lh:iti  they  expect to  lay   proposals   for  the:  bonding of   this Mine  Vie ft ire the  general   meetings  of* tlie  Cum pan v in   lv '  held .in   December next   and   theivft.-iv  Rtroifgly   urge   the shareholders   to   1)'.* '  present   or   represented    hy   proxy   at ,  those    meetings.    If    desired    proxies :  maybe  made out  in the  name of  the \  Secretary. ' j  The.   indebtedness   of  the   Company '  augmented by interest, wages for care- j  taking    and  other  small    expenses   is  now in round numbers S25,000 and it is *  highly desirable that some   disposition '  of the Oro Denoro Mine be made as the  Company's   creditors   cannot    be   expected   to   wait  iixleliuately   f**r. their:  money.    To   this   end   it   is  advi.si-ile ���  that the Directors be authorized to dispose of the   property as  the delay   and;  uncertainty of awaiting* ratification by  the  shareholders   may   prevent .*'.   sab'  being*.'   made.    The    Directors    h.ive   a  high'opinion   of the   Oro Denoro   Mine  and were funds available  for its development have every confidence it would  realize past'.expactalions.    The   fall in  copper prices has not clo-ed  Bound*..!*;,*  copper   miii-as,. but   their   output* ha-  ^AMFiTTSNG,  O i  W/i  Tl-'^  HEATING,  ���Estiniates_Giyen:^ ;.*5;*iti^ty]^y Guar _  anteed.  Naden-Flo'od Block, *.  Green wood"  ��� ABEL  AXi'i'ACTianiu ami' I)i:ai.ki;  Himesi Mt, Horse lliifils,  ;. iipttt;, El!, .y  ORKRN'WQOH AXD MIDWAY. *!. C.  GH-CLASS KNIT UNDERWEAR  JUST RECEIVED.  COLD WEATHER FOOT WEAR.  a s��iS  RILL I ft ��y  ***:3 s^  i  00(1 RiH3  Cr  ter-Kendrick Co., I  T.TMTTKD '    'A  LGRS1PIIS.IL  and Saddle Morses  nil  G<> TO  F  Wnlnmvl  KEI): ALL KINDS  OF 1  *:    HORSE GOODS. :    |  Special jirlces to Green- |  [  wood customers.       |  Mail orders   promptly |  attended to. I  V3 -1  Lii !s F_i3  IhOti'icr.  illU!  MGGORttlGK.  Near Mciioili's Feed Store.  I ���'-Jy^^i*'���T-rf���^-������>f^-<^-w^'^r>'���^^-.^-t������tr5><���y"-',i'S't2.''":*���'*���'v'*.->'r***'"M;���',���'*.'  I 7;.^.\iv.y*;w:'.^,**;v*i';*;*kw��5cMo*i:^.?.OT  .-<-���>  o  NEW AND  O1 ell w w I y LJ o Ai I ���d LJ  i  I  ���<x  r-  %  1  *���>  ri  y  ri in  "' y"';*v*  ��� ������ *:''v:* /,  <r?  y  1  o  1  1  :t*>  .'1  .;  is  L  L:*;-  :**.  ..-;���,", .y  yy'*"' '���-������ ������  * -.  . "-I"-: :-''*���*���?  '.r; yyi  -!'"���':--���  '/  h  li  1  /"   ~^  ���'.. ���  ���   : <  .. ..'  "v >**-*,  -���  ���0��M  /  -. r'  - '���  '      "'������"���''  .'. . *          ,*.  ���')  C,  ^  ������y yy  -r -  --'t  ":i   *  - "'"'���/;  '   '"'    *'*','     '  \:-4��.  -���zl^.  --���^  -L:  v,-;-_ ���  .  1  'c^:  .������j-*  "W-J6)  nerrv  tv Co's store.  LTMITED  EVERY DAY IS BARGAIN DAY WITH US.        |  A lar"*e varietj** of fancy patterns in French Flannels and ���*  Bordered Cashmeres. S  A complete assortment of the Cortkelli Art Fmbroidery .^  -Si*lk--*now-'--in--stoek*.-**������--���;���---���-=���=-- ^^-^.-^,;==^^:^^^^==^:^=^  Received  today  a  shipment  of  Flannelette Underwear   **t  For this month's selling* *!  We Have  Arranged Some Unusually Attractive $������'  Bargains. |  THE HUNTER-KENDRICK COMPANY,  LIMITED. %  GENEKAL MRRCHASDISE, OK KENWOOD, B. C.   . ���,���  ock^ixkkhxwooooooooooooooooI ��>.XK'<"X^XK-"X��X-'<"X*wX->,X-wX-wX~>  2 Wf li:ivi> jiisj rt'coh-ctl a tiiif lot  iuelntlin*^  $ Double Hyacinths,  \ Single  8 Roman        "  g Narcissus,  �� Crocus,  \ Tulips RainbowMixture  Chinese Sacred Lily,  l'Uuit lliiiin now and tliev will liloom for  Xnias.  Well heated rooms at moderate  prices. Also first class board  by day or week.  THK SWAYNE  HOUSE,  Silver Street,  Greenwood.  C��<*��X*w><MMK~X*��X^X*^X-**XK,��X'wJ',,t*1  �������<��*#<��#��*#*�����#���� -S*6< **�������#�����*  -FOR-  6 liniu'irisi and OptirUiti.    0  0 6  OO0<>CKKX><>0OOO<>0<>C><><X><KK>O<K>  �� Booksf  I Stationery,  I Office  1     Supplies,  \ Camera  I    Accessories  stcaui.lv. increii-sed.   ihf ore  ���V-  yt v   **.  - '-  .' ;���    *    ���    ���. .'....  ,hi  L.  \'-J riiiJ-,   C*i   bU.,  We have just received a   fine line  of  | new harness and   all parts of   harness,  saddles, bridles,   spurs,  -whips,   snaps,  etc.    The  O.   I.   C. New   &   2nd  hand  ' C-   Trv  ! ��  Proprietors, j store, a.u white ���.*���* c��.  if /. r^. ^A  %;    Copper St. Phone 73  *  ���e  ,��  ��  ��  ��  e  *  B  a  o  e  ��  ���a  Phone 73.    S


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