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 ,s  ��**  /  LAW  Vol. 7.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26  1902.  No. 5.  .r<  s  The Garretson System May  be Introduced  fllllRIILnillER  New Invention That Cheapens Cost  of Smelting.  J. N. Greenshields, K. C, and A. A.  Munroe of Montreal, directors of the  Montreal ,& Boston Copper company  arrived- here by the Great Northern  Wednesday evening'. They were on  the coast watching' the blowing' in of  the smelter at Crofton, B. C. , The  furnace there is what is known as the  Garretson which was invented by C.'S.  and F. C. Garretson, father and Son.  This the first smelter of the kind in  British Columbia an 3 its operation is  being watched with interest by mining  and smelting men. Should it prove a  success a similar furnace will be installed by the Montreal & Boston  Copper company at their Sunset  smelter, Boundary Falls. The following- description of the furnace prepared by F. C. Garretson, will under  the circumstances be read with* interest. v  Mr. Garretson says : "My father  and I have been working on it for nearly ten years. We got on to the subject through a mine in Mexico���a low  grade and rebellious ore proposition���  which we bought. We sent samples  of: the ore to seven metallurgists and  they* s;nt- seven 'different -.kinds of  advice, so it was pretty certain that  six of them were wrong. We finally  decided that pyritic .smelting was the  best and we worked our furnaces and  did much experimenting in a small  way.' Finally, about three years ago,  we developed the idea patented' in the  Garretson furnace as it is today.  "It is a little difficult to explain our  system in a way intelligible to a la3'-  man,.butlmay say that the ordinary  process of smelting- involves the roasting- and smelting of ore as separate  processes to the converting of it. The  ore takes six weeks in the roasting  "process, "aiicl",~"i n "theTease of li "smelter  treating 1000 tons of ore a day there  would have to be 42,000 tons of ore���  which means the capital represented  by its value tied up for the time being.  The smelting process is much the same  in our furnace, but we utilize the sulphur and iron in the ore as fuel, which  saves the cost of coke. In ordinary  pyritic ore there are as many heat  units as in coal.  "Further, we do away with the cost  of the converting plant, which is the  most expensive portion of a smelling  plant. In cases where the ore is right  we do away with carbonaceous fuel,  and the cost of the Garretson process  is, toughly, just one-fourth the cost of  ordinary smelting.  "After roasting- it is necessary to  put the ore through another process,  often through an ordinary water-jack  eted shaft furnace, alter which you  have a 50 per cent matte to put into the  converter to be blown, into copper. In  our furnace we take the raw ore as it  comes from the mine, charge it into  the top of "the furnace and take out  at the bottom blister copper, which is  about 94 per cent metallic copper. After that it is only necessary to refine it  electrolytically, to eliminate what impurities remain and separate the gold  and silver.  "The difficulty with the present process has been that a high grade product could not be made without taking  a rich slag���too rich in mineral to be  thrown away. Also it was not considered possible to convert in a water-  jacketed converter without lining it  with fire clay and crushed quartz,which  has to be frequently replaced and is an  expensive method. A number of systems of introducing silica, into the converters have been tried, and they have  been lined with refractory material  such  as magnesia,  but it was found  difficult to introduce the necessary silica so as to make it combine with the  oxide of iron formed in converting.  "We obviated this difficulty by converting underneath the charge in the  furnace, feeding an excess of silica in  with the charge and converting- by a  row of tuiers placed around the furnace.  In this way we prevented all the silica  from being taken up at the top and it  is forced down by the weight of the  charge above it as silica, into the matte  where it is required.  "We are not claiming to do anything  which is not entirely consistent with  the laws of chemistry. We have simply  combined.the three existing processes,  and the whole operation takes place in  one apparatus. Pyritic smelting is an  established fact. The reason it is not  move in use is that in order to make a  sufficiently high grade matte it is essential to run the furnace very slowly,  and it is then liable to clog up. If the  furnace is kept in good smelting condition the product is so low grade that it  has to be put through the smelter  again. In our furnace we are not particular what grade of matte we get,  because converting is carried on in the  same vessel. ���  "It has always been said that if you  make a high grade product it means a  rich slag, but we can make a rich product and get a clean slag because the  making of a rich product is carried on  below the slag level in the furnace,  and before the slag goes out of the furnace it is cleaned by the low grade  matte falling and being converted.  "We are creating an excess of heat by  converting immediately under the  smelting zone of the furnace. It is  usually considered necessary in pyritic  smelting to have a hot blast, and we  avoid that by putting an excess of air  in the converting tuiers and allowing  it to pass through the hot matte -and  slag into the smelter zone above, being heated In its passage.  "The' Garretson furnace has never  been* a successful commercial operation, but sufficient experiment has  been made to show that we are sure of  the ground. The furnace has been  built for several smelters, but none  has been in operation up 'to the present. The first we constructed vya��,'  for a mine in Mexico', but the plant  was held in quarantine so long that we  got tired and built another at Ely,  Vermont, to work on pre dumps containing one per cent of copper. Our  experiments there was quite satisfactory, but we were obliged to abandon  the place owing to the sale of the property we were working on. ,  "The next furnace was built for  Colorado people, but we found that it  was only secured for stock jobbing  purposes, although we had been assured that they had the right ore. Another was built for a mine in California, but that got tied up in litigation  and the furnace is still side-tracked at  Buffalo. The next furnace was built  for a mine in North Carolina which  has been shut down for twenty years,  and we intended working on a dump  of ore containing one and six-tenths  per cent copper. But the arrangements were bad, the swater supply insufficient and the buildings were not  constructed as they had been planned.  Mr. Bellinger came down when the  place was' ready and we were in a  hurry to get to work and used soap-  stone for the bottom of the furnace.  We got one run out of it and then the  trouble began. During a six hours'  run we put through 49 tons of ore,  using- only 2 per cent of coke. But  conditions were not altogether satisfactory and we decided to erect another furnace at Crofton, here in British  Columbia, on the plans of the Northwest Smelting and Refining company,  which Mr. Bellinger kindly placed at  our disposal.  "The furnace itself is a rectangular  shaft furnace, 38 inches wide and 161  inches long inside. The height of the  jacket is 9 feet 10 1-2 inches, with a  number of 2-iuch smelting tuiers. Its  capacity is 360 tons in 24 hours.  "The patent in the United   States is  held by the present company, the Gai-  retson Furnace eompany of Piltsburg-  The Garreston Southern, a  subsidiary  j company, holds the rights  for some of  the southern states, and  the Pittsburg  J and Montana company have the rights  | in Montana.    The  Garretson   Foreign  | Patents Co.,  control   the   patents   in  \ Chili,   Australia,  England, Spain and  other foreign  countries,  with  the ex  ception of Mexico, where it is controlled by the Garretson-Mexico Co. The  rights in British Columbia are held by  Pittsburg people in connection with  Mr. Bellinger and his associates. The  parent company is organized on a  uominal capital, the inventors holding  half the stock."  Returned Home.  L. B. Hodge and bride arrived on  Tuesday and received a cordial welcome from many friend3. In the evening the Greenwood Citizen's band and  the Greenwood Fire department,organ-  izations in which Mr. Hodge is a prominent member, serenaded the happy  couple at their residence on Greenwood street. The band played several  popular airs around a big bonfire  which was started near the residence.  Afterwards Mr. Hodge was taken to  the fire hall where he was presented  with a handsome tea service by his  brother    members. Some      happy  speeches were niadq.  In addition to the presentation of the  band and fire department Mr. and Mrs.  Hodge were the recipients of many  handsome presents..  Miller Bros., Sell.  Miller Bros., haAe.sold their jewellry  business to A. Logan, and Geo.' F.  Miller will leave for California in a  few weeks. Miller Bros., were among  the pioneer merchants] of: Greenwood  aud by careful attention to business  and courteous treatment they built up  a large jewellry and drug business.  Some time ago the drug department  was sold to J. L. White & Co.  Miller Bros., were good business  men and good citizens of Greenwood,  and their retiring from business in  Greenwood will be generally regretted'.'  Their successor Mr., Logan, is a bright  young man who has been with them  for several: years. He is deservedly  popular and is sure to do a large business.     l  Information Wanted.  -; Information is wanted of the address  of Frank Kernohan, formerly of  Edmonton, N. W. T., who about two  years ago was a resident of the City of  Greenwood, B. C. A small legacy has  been left in his favour.  HALLETT & SHAW,  Solicitors, Etc.  Greenwood, B. C, Sept 24th, 1902.  0<>-0-CH>0<>0<>0<>00<>00<>0-CH>0<>0<>00-  Good Advice  BUILDING BRISK.  Many Handsome Structures   to   be  Erected This Fall,  An indication of the revival of good  times is to be found in the large  amount of building that is being contemplated or is under way. The excavation for the new school is completed  and the stonemasons are hard at work  on the foundations. The contractors  Bunting and Dempsey expect to have  the building for occupation before the  opening- of the new school term at the  New Year.  The contract for the court house will  be let in a few days. Architect Curtis  has completed the specifications and  tenders will be called for early next  week. Mr. McMynn who has full  charge of the building- is anxious to  get it roofed in before the cold weather  comes.  Smith Bros., have already started  work on Mr. McMynn's handsome  residence on Long Lake street. Mr.  Curtis is also the architect for this  building. The work on the extension  to the Greenwood hospital is about  completed. The additiou adds greatly  to tlie appearance of the building-and  affords greater facilities for the cure of  the sick.  T. .B. Winnett is building- a handsome brick residence on Long Lake  street. The brick work is about completed and the building will be ready  for occupation in November.  P. Burns & Co., are considering the  erection of a building here this fall,  They, are gathering figures to the list  and in all probability will decide to  build.  Plans for other buildings are being  prepared so that a lively season in the  building trade can be looked for.  Successful Services  Big Delegation  of Mining  and Financial Men.  The Beginning of an Era of Good  Times.  The position taken by the  Boundary Creek Times in reference to advertising in the local  paper has received a hearty endorsement from a gentleman  living in the east. The gen tie-  man has had a long and successful career part of which was  spent in public life in this country. He has been interested in  various portions of the growing  west and has watched the growth  of towns, from their infancy.  He is interested in Greenwood in  as much as his son is in business  here. Father and son keep up a  regular correspondence not the  least interesting portion of which  is the good advice that comes  from age and experience. In a  recent letter the following is included presumably for the benefit of the son but it is good  enough to go around and is  therefore given below :  "I see the Times goes for the  "merchants and others for not  "advertising. What he says  "is right. The people do not  "know, or seem not to know,  "what a personal advantage it  "would be to each one of them,  "if they, without exception,  "were to invest a few dollars  "in keeping their business be-  "fore the public. Outsiders  "are attached to a live, advertising town. I don't see you  "figuring in the Times at all  "now."  <KXKK>0-(X>-C>-0-0<>0<><XX^  Methodist Church Fittingly Celebrate  Their Anniversary  On Sunday last good congregations  assembled in the Methodist church to  listen to Rev. J. F. Betts of Grand  Forks, who preached two very able  sermons appropriate to the occasion of  Church Anniversary and Harvest  Home.  On Monday nigiit the church was  filled by a very appreciative audience,  who listened to one of the best programme's ever rendered in Greenwood.  As soloists Mrs.  Oliver,  Miss Flesher  J^^.-_M?.v*J?^*C^-l??^-^le-^?ilH*I*^-^.th!L  Boundary country, and on Monday  night they ably sustained the enviable  reputation they had already won. Little Gladys Harvey, whose great talents  as a singer always ensure her a good  audience, charmed her hearers with  "The Holy City." Miss Margaret  Reece, who is also but a child, gave  two recitations very acceptably. A  masterly address was given by Mr.  G. W. Gaunce, in line with the church  anniversary. Mr. Gaunce is always  well received and never disappoints  those who expect a rich treat. On  Monday night he gave an address that  was most favorably commented on by  all who heard it.  Rev. Mr. Betts came as a stranger  to Greenwood, but won for himself  golden opinions both by his Sunday  sermons and his excellent address on  Monday night.  The church was beautifully decorated  for the occasion, showing that great  care and much labor had been expended by the committee. At the close of  the programme the ladies of the church  served refreshments in abundance and  excellent in quality. The financial  profit to the church will be about $50.  Rev. J. D. P. Knox presided during  the rendering of the programme, and  Mrs. O'Mara aud Miss Flesher played  the accompaniments for the singers.  Greenwood was visited by a heavy  aggregation of mining-, financial and  commercial men this week.   Outsiders  appreciate the fact that in  all   lines  there is a big revival of business.   The  travel to and from the city has increased, new mining deals are being made,  and there is increased. activity in com-  merciaLlife.   Jay "P". Gfaives, the founder of the big Granby company, arrived here on Monday, accompanied by  H. N.  Gay lor of Grand   Forks.    Mr.  Graves says he has not lost sight of.  Greenwood, and wants to keep in close  touch with its people.'  In the evening  they were joined by Wm. Yolen'Wil- '  Hams,superintendent for the company.  Tuesday morning they went to Copper  camp to look at the Big Copper and the  King Solomon.   Although the Granby  company have an inexhaustible treasury , of ore in the Knob Hill and Old ;  Ironsides,  still the shrewd men at the  head of the company  are not opposed  to, getting more good things, and are  always- looking for new investments..  Mr. Graves, who goes east shortly, will  probably remain there during the winter, 'Another institution closely iden-   i  tified with the Granby. company is the  Eastern Townships Bank.    Many   of  the shareholders of the bank are interested   in   the   big   mining   company.  This accounted for the bank's jumping  across   the   continent   .and    opening  branches at Grand Forks and Phoenix.  These branches,besides adding greatly  to the profits of the slower going eastern branches, furnish the wise men of  the East with an  opportunity to see  life in the West.   Each year three or  four of the officials   come   out   here.  ���This year-JV'MrMcKinnonrthe general"^  manager, and W. L. Ball, the manager  of the branch at Richmond, Que., were  the fortunate ones.   Accompanied by  William Spier, the bank's manager at  Grand  Forks, and A.  C. Flumerfelt,  assistant manager of the Granby company   and a director of the Eastern  Townships Bank, they spent Thursday  in   Greenwood,   returning   to   Grand  Forks by the afternoon train.  Two other gentlemen who are associated with big undertakings in the  Boundary are J. N. Greenshields, K.  C, and A. A. Munroe of Montreal.  They arrived here 'from the coast on  Thursday. The Montreal & Boston  Copper company, of which they are  directors, is doubling the capacity of  their Boundary Falls sm-tlter. In the  meantime it is treating large quantities of ore daily. During their visit to  the coast. Messrs. Greenshields and  Munroe visited the Crofton smelter,  and were interested spectators of the  initial test of the new Garretson furnace.  Commercially the city has also been  active. Drummers representing big  houses in the east and west were here  and took heavy orders. A revival has  struck the town and district, and  everyone confidently expects a long  era of good times.  A regular monthly meeting of the  Greenwood Liberal association was  held on Wednesday evening. President J. R. Brown presided and there  was a good attendance present After  the routine business, resolutions were  passed urging the railway committee  of the Privy council.to grant the V. V.  & E. the necessary permission to cross  the C. P. R. tracks and also urging  the Postmaster-geneial to arrange for  a better mail service between here and  the Similkameen district.  Notice is hereby given that after  this date I will not be responsible for  any debts contracted by my wife  Bertha Larsen. Gkorge Larskn.  Greenwood, Sept. 19th, 1902.  Mrs. A. Foster of Pembroke, Ont., is  in the city the guest of her son Dr.  Geo. M. Foster. The doctor met his  mother at Calgary and journeyed  with her to the coast where a few days  were pleasantly spent. They arrived  in Greenwood on Saturday last.  /.*"  twuaem  warn THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  UNION    <, - THE BEST WORKMANSHIP  LABEL  ��  ��  ���ft        on all  ���!> Garments  *  EVERYTHING GUARANTEED.  CLEANING, PRESSING AND REPAIRING DONE.  *  ��  *  HOULD  THE LATEST GOODS  *   THE LOWEST PRICES.  COPPER STREET,  GREENWOOD.  W. ELSON,  .Merchant Tailor   OPPOSITE WINDSOR HOTEL,  New Voters' List.  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo*,\oooooooooooooooooooooooooo  <><K>0<>OOO00<K>OO0O0OO0<X}0OOO*S<K)OO<M>0OO<^^ OOOOOOOOOOOOO  ##*##���*#**#**###############*#-&��##*#��$����#��  I  Boundary-Creek Times  Issued every Tridav  Dsncan Ross Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN. ADVANCE.  Per Year S 2 00  Six Months  * 2-*  To Foreign Countries 2 50  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 19<K*.  LOOKING BACKWARD  Jay P. Graves was in Greenwood this  week. It is now naarly six years since  the winter first met Jay P.Graves in  Greenwood. He hasn't changed much  in that time. He is the same Jay P.  Graves���quiet, gentlemanly, unassuming. Time has dealt generously  with him and he doe3 not look older  then he did when he first came over the  trail to see two wild cats in Greenwood  Camp. But in those six years Mr.  Graves did things. Then he was an  obscure Spokane broker tempting the  Godness. of Fortune Jin a new camp)  today he is managing director of .one  the largest and most successful mining  ��� and smelting company's in the world  Nature provided those enormous bodies  of low grade ore but it was the genius  of Jay P. Graves that organized the  necessary capital that developed them.  The visit of Mr. Graves to Greenwood  this week recalled similar visits in the  early days of the camp. In the struggle  for news in those days, he was always  'interviewed by a Times representative'  This style of newspaper work sounded  -big foran-obscure-weekly_..but we.had  to mortgage the future somewhat  in thesedays���in fact we havn't ceased  the practice yet. What modest interviews they were. Here are extracts  from one or two of them culled_from  the files of the Times.  "The development of the Knobhill  will be done by hand, but in the near  future the twe companies will put in  and operate a plant jointly."  "Both Companies for whom he is  managing-director have determined  to develope the properties A foreman  will be s..cured who will huve charge  of the work in the ground while Mr.  Graves will manage the properties  from Spokane, making frequent visits  here during the summer."  "Development work will be pushed  on the Ironsides during the winter.  Double shifts will be engaged."  "Mr. Graves has given the order for  an electric battery."  "A compresser will be purchased and a  hoist and pump for the Knob Hill."  "Unless a railway is built through  Greenwood Camp, they will bring  their ores down by a tramway to Greenwood."  "Mr. Graves believes the ores will  concentrate and to thoroughly demonstrate this ten tons will be shipped to  secure tests."  People get impatient at the slow  development in low grade mining  camps but the most of the above excerpts are culled from intervews given  in 1897 - five years ago.  A little later Mr. Graves announced  the  appointment   of   William   Yolen  Williams as superintendent of both  properties. Mr. Williams was described as having had a long and successful  experience in the management of  mines. The appointment of Mr.  Williams demonstrated as much as any  other act of Mr. Graves that he has  the capacity for managing and developing a big mining property. A big  mine required a big superintendent  and Mr. Williams met the requirements  in every particular. Big in stature, big  in heart, big in his knowledge of mining matters, he made the Knob Hill  what  it is today.  And what have we after five years ?  In addition to a smelter with a capacity  or 1500 tons of ore a day, a converter  capable of handling the product of this  and other smelters, the story of the  mines is best told in Mr. Williams-  words. In his own frank, straightforward way he told theiBritish editors  something about the Knob Hill at the  luncheon given them by Mr. Waterlow  at the Snowshoe mine. Mr. Williams  said that he left his native land of  Wales^ 32 years ago, and he had worked  in all the principal mining districts of  the United States, and nowhere had  he seen such.enormous ore bodies as iu  Phoenix. When he took charge of  these mines four years ago, all the  development consisted of a shaft 100  feet deep and a small drift of about 25  feet. Today they had three miles of  underground development. At present  they were turning out only 750 tons of  ore per day, on account of the shortage  of coke at the smelters, but this would  soon be remedied and they would turn  out from 1,500 to 1,600 tons daily. The  huge ore bodies of that district were  practically��� inexhaustible.-~*-Some -of  the stopes in the Old Ironsides would  compare favorably with any mine on  the American continent. They had  stopes 400 feet wide.  They were already mining 700 feet  vertically from the surface, and in addition to this they had prospected by  meaus of a diamond drill to a further  depth of 1,000 feet below the surface.  Knowing this they had commenced  the erection of a much larger compresser plant, which, when completed,  would be the largest in Canada. With  this new plant-in operation, it would  be as easy to mine 5,000 tons of ore per  day as it is now to mine 1,500 tons. It  must be remembered that in order to  develop these great mines a large a-  mouut ot money was needed, and also  a considerable amount of time, but he  felt confident that the niot.y so invested  would return good profits.  All this reads like the dream of an  enthusiast. It is only a record of events  during the past five years. When the  modest statement of Mr. Graves that  that the Knob Hill will be developed  by hand is contrasted with the Conservative statement of Mr. Williams  regarding the miles of underground  work and the capacity of the mine, it  is difficult to argue that the development of this district has been slow.  Mr. Curtis Explains Recently Enacted Legislation.  As considerable misunderstanding  exist regarding the new provisions  of the recent Redistribution Act and  the amedments to the Provincial  Election Actthe following facts, which  have been ascertained from Smith  Curtis, M. E.A. will be of interest:  (a) The redistribution of the  province into new ridings electing 42  members instead of 38 as at present  will not come into effect until the  present legislation is  dissolved.  (b) The present voters' lists as revised in May and November in each  year continue to be it force until the  dissolution of the present assembly.  (c) In case of a vacancy in any  riding prior to the dissolution of the  present assembly, the bye-election  would be for the old constituency on  the present voters' lists.  (d) Whenever the present assembly is dissolved, the present voters'  lists will thereby be canceled, and the  government will forthwith appoint a  collector for each-new-ridiiig-audhewiU  prepared new voters' list and must  hold a court of revision of same within  three months from the date of the dissolution and the general elections will  be held upon such revised new lists. "  (e) When a general election is held  ho one will have a vote unless he has  made special application after the dissolution of the assembly has been proclaimed.  (f) Hereafter whether .application is  made to get on the present lists for  old ridings, or after cancellation of the  present lists, to get on the new lists to  be usad at the general election, the  applicant instead of making a mere  declaration as heretofore must make  an affidavit before some one authorized to take it, of his right and qualification, and in case of false swearing-  will be liable to criminal prosecution  for perjury, the maxinum penalty  which is fourteen years in the penitentiary.  The new lists for the geneJal election  will be fairly clean. The present lists  are loaded down with a very large  number of names of persons who have  not by reason of non-residence or death  not entitled to vote, and this obtains  to the extent of 25 per cent or even  50 per cent of the number enrolled so  that the present lists are perfectly  sc uidalous. ,  Established 1836.    'incorporated by Royal Charter.  CAPITAL,   ;��l,000,0OO��$4.866,666.6G  Reserve Fund>j��3651000--$1,776,333.33  HEAD  :   London England.     H. STIKEMAN, General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELIWSLY, Inspector. Montreal.  Branches and aprents in all the principal cities of Canada and  the United Statos,  and correspondents in all parts of the world.  GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street.  ���6-d-*->oo*o-o<>o<>-o-cx>o*o<"^^  *CK>0<>-0<K>0<>CKX>(>0<XX>0<>0*CK)<>0<K>* OCHXK)000000000<)0<.*<J-00000000  sy-v: THE:  Copper Street.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  12?  MEAI.S AT ALL HOURS  PRIVATE ROOMS FOR LADIES.  *  FOR RENT.  A ten roomed furnished house. Kim-  berley avenue. Reasonable rental.  Address A B.C. Times office.  .;*-�����������.. .��.j<-.*^*-,j��.jm*..j..j����v,j..j*^..j<^**-,%.j..j��jmj,.*..��  ABEL  HALLBERG  Begs to announce that he-  has purchased the stock of  j T. Q. Butler and will open  up in a few days with a  complete stock of  \  V        HARNESS  and SADDLES  and  everything  that is to  be found   in   a   first-class  -.-.harness shop. -^-,-.-__--.���--_. --_-  Call on him for prices.  Repairing of all Rinds  Done,  ABEL HALLBERG.  COPPER STREET.  ��*m*.��**,*4>��*��,*'**����2m2��.*��-��2<>**.^^^  !<j�� ��3t & & -jt jt & & .it.��: ,*t a jtjt jtj*&  n  n  %\  ���*!  PACIFIC BLOCK,       Copper St.  SELLS  FRESH FRUITS,  CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS      .  and TOCACCOS.  Agent for the delicious  Hazelwood Ice Cream   Cosj' Parlors.  Don't  forpet the place in  the   Pacific  bioclc next to Windsor Hotel.  Charles R. Tittock,  *  TRY  OUR  COFffBE  drop's.  Wsf"^'^"*f"i!?^iK,K,��?^sf,^'��f'��f*K"^*   jPjPjPjpjPjPjpjPjPjPjPiPtPjPsPjPjP  TO  TO  TO  to  to  to  Vj-SS,  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  TO  TO  TO-  Greenwood  Liauor Company.  & t& ^  * * & Calgary  R GRIEGER, Manager.  Mi  w&  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  fcfc.  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Ms  Mi  Mi  Mi  &&&&&&&<��&��&��&<��<��&<!* ^^jPsP-K,3Pj?i*p.)P8--',jP'<,��pjp.)P*P}P  & jx ���-*5 ��* jt j* & & vj�� k�� & j* & .a* j* *.�� j* *'* a? ** *? jp jp jp *p ��f* jp jp *? jp jp jp ��p jP'  I For Live Stock I  *  *  9* ���                                                                   ������-���-.*��  S We have received a car of Salt, the right kind   %  I for Cattle and Horses.                         |  I Price per Con $32.00.        1  �� It's also good for freezing Ice Cream.          I  1 * ���P. Burns *�����.*!  ft***####����#������##*��##**#**!-'#��*'###St##*������*#^  M~l^^rW><r*&<*$fr>Q#<r%<&*&f<>*W  |..J^.*^JwJ*>.JmJk.*^**>.^*.  FURNITURE, x CARPETS,!  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  COPPER STREET,  k��K"K��<-**-H-<~H^  *  V  V  r  GREENWOOD. V  V  SEASONABLE GOODS  IN ALL OUR DEPARTMENTS.  Groceries  A complete line of summer g-oods, Canned Meats, Fish, Fowl  and Fruits.    Bottled g-oods of all kinds.     New Cheese.    Hazel-  -\vood and Eden Bank   Creamery Butter always in stock. Goods  r are new and fresh.  Hardware  Lawn Goods, Garden Hose, Screen Doors and Windows, and a  complete assortment of Hardware, Household Goods, [Cooking:  Utensils, etc. etc.  Furnishings  8P��? jp sf* jp tf" & &!? jf s*?* & & *? *f sf a?  Summer Clothing-, Hats, Underwear and a full line of Furnishings.  RUSSELL"-LAW-*GAULFBELD  CO.  LIMITED. r'1  THE BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  ���r^"  s~  \  [i,-8*-<*-*-M*��M-*<!^-!^,?,$M8-^.MK<^^  A List of Firms Who Are  Doing  Business in X  s.  Greenwood. ��  v  ;^Mg^M^M$M5M{M{*jMfr<X**<**>-H^  BANKS.  THE BANK OF MONTREAL.  F. J. Finucane, ��� Manager.  THE BANK  OF BRITISH NORTH  AMERICA.  W. G. H. BELT,       -       -      Manager.  THE CANADIAN BANK OF  COMMERCE.  Henry F. MyTTon,        -       Manager.  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING.  RENDELL & CO.,  Dealers in Dry Goods,  Men's Furnishings,  Boots and Shoes.JMason & Risch  Pianos., etc., etc.  GREENWOOD TRADING CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  GROCERIES AND HARDWARE.  RUSSELL-LAW--CAULFIELD CO.,  *     LIMITED.  Dealers  in  Hardware,  Groceries   and  Furnishings.  JEWELLRY.  MILLER BROS.  Jewellers and Opticians.  S. BARRY YfflILL  Practical Watchmaker   and   Je-veller.  Greenwood, B. C.  THE MART.  Gaunce & Wickwire.  Real  Estate.    Money  to   Loan.    Fire  Life and Accident Insurance.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  W. ELSON,  Merchant Tailor.  Copper Street.       Opp. Windsor Hotel.  ASSAYERS-  WALTER E. SEGSWORTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  DRUGGISTS.  J. L. WHITE,  Druggist, Copper St.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FRED B. HOLMES,  Agent,    Collector,     Janitor.       Large  warehouse for storing goods.  P.O. Box 25    Residence opp, city hall.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE.  BEALEY INVESTMENT & TRUST  COMPANY, Limited.  George R. Naden,        -       Manager.  Insurance, Mines, Stocks, Real Estate.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  MEATS, ETC.  P. BURNS & CO.,  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  CANDY FACTORY.  C. V   SEMERAD,  Candy Factory and Ice Cream Parlors,  Fruits, etc.  STATIONERY, ETC  SMITH & McRAE,  Dealers  in  Stationery,  Blank Books,  Wall Paper, Tobaccos,  Confectionery.  H. B. MUNROE,  Daaler in  Confectionery,   Stationery,  Tobaccos, Fruits, Etc.  J. L. COLES,  Stationery,   Ne'wspapery, Periodicals.  HALLETT & SHAW  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :   "hallett."  ^utuuuuuauiuiauaiuiuiiiiuiiuuiuuiuiiuutaiaiiiuiiiiuuuiaiiiuuiuumiiiuuuiuiuiiu  il  i~3      F��r prices of lots and other  ^Z      information address    Greenwood is the financial and commercial centre of the  Boundary Creek District. It is the supply point for the  Mining camps. From the city roads lead to Greenwood.  Dead*wood, Copper, Summit, Long Lake, Skylark, White  and Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek caunpa.  ^ Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood    g  ammwnwmmfm  The James Cooper Mfg, Co,,  **#������  -MONTREAL, QUEBECr  MANUFACTURERS OF  -*#  =3  3  TllflCfSOlfcSfcrflCclllt      ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   ^  UPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- M-  PRESSORS . . . 3  ��� ���I  .BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. COM%\ESEKiXPMms  ��-*---     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  STOCK CARRIED IM ROSSLAMD.  R. H. C. mcnallVt Rossland, B. ��.  =3  =3  =3  ^uiUiuuuiiiiiuiuuiauiauiuuuiiiiiUiiuuiUiuaauiauuuuuamauuaiaiiuuiiiuuiUiUR  Codes  Bedford M'Neill's   Greenwood,  Moreinjf & Neat's _   _  Lelber's. B' c*  I. H.  HALLETT.  H. C SHAW.  MCLEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc  Offices: Wallace-Miller block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  GHA RLES AE. SHAW,-^  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    and    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  greenwood,  :    :    :    ."  b. o.  H. A. KING & CO.,  Tobaccos,  Cigars,  Smokers Sundries,  Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.  HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS.  THE GEM RESTAURANT,  C. R. PitTock, - Proprietor.  A. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block fnext Customs oflice.)  GREENWOOD, B. C.  FURNITURE.  T. M. GULLEY & CO.  Dealers in Furniture, Carpets and  Linoleums, etc.  BREWERIES.  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PorTman & Portman,       Proprietors.  In draft or bottles at all leading-   ���  hotels.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "SILVER DOLLAR" Mineral Claim, situate  in tlie Kettle River Miniuu Division of Yale  District. Whore located : About live miles  North of Canyon Crook and about two miles  West of tlii- Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE   tliai we, Charles Newman,  of Camp McKinney in tlie said   Division,  Free Miner's Certificate No. IS 4o,4SU and   Jacob  Peterson,   of   tlie  same   place,    Free  Miner's  Certificate No. B. 40,-M.i, intend, sixty days from  tlie date hereof.-to  apply lo the Mining-- Recorder for a Certificate of    Improvements  for  the   purpose   of  obtaining-  a Crown   Grant to  the above claim.  Dated this 3lst day of May, A. D., M02.  CHARLES NEWMAN,  JACOB PETERSON.  Last issue "Nov  30.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS  THE GREENWOOD LIQUOR CO.  R. Greiger, Manager,  geats for   P abst   and  Calgary Beer.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMEHTS.  NOTICE.  "NICKLE PLATE" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located : About five  miles North of Canycn Creek and about two  miles West of the Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that we. Charles Newman,  N. E.Peterson and P. A. Linben,"-, all of  Camp McKinney in the said Division, Free  Miner's Certificate Nos. B. 40.4S9; B. 40,447. and  B. 40,448 ressectively, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mininu*Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining n Crown Grant ofthe  above claim.  And furtlier take notice that action,  under  section 3",   must  be  commenced   before    the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  CHARLES NEWMAN.  NILS EDVIN PETERSON-  PATRICK AXEL LINDBERV.  Da'cd this 31st day of May, A. D. 1902.  Last issue Nov. 30.  Do you use Blue Ribbon Tea ?  THE PIONEER WEEKLY OF THE  BOUNDARY DISTRICT.  OUNDARY CREEK TIMES,  ....Greenwood, B. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  NOTICE.  To tub  Stka.m   Users   and Engineers'of  Boundaky District.  AN EXAMINATION for Engineers Certificates, under Section 35 and 3d ofthe  "Steam Boiler Inspection" Act, 1901, will be  held iu Schoolroom, Greenwood, commencing-.  Oct" 4th, at 9 a. 111.  Candidates will be required to furnish written testimonials of service to qualify for g-iade  upp'ied for.  The attention cf steam users is called to  Section 35, which states that 110 person shall be  employed as Engineer who docs not hold a  certificate.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "ROB ROY" Mineral Claim, situated in tlie  Kettle River Mining division of Yale District. "Where located : Providence Creek  camp, west of and adjoining" "Iron Mountain" mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I. James Alexander  Macdonold, actiiiR- as a^ent for James J.  Warren, Free Miners Certificate No. BS7360,  intend, sixty days from the dftte hereof t��  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of JmproYements for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action,  undor  Section 37,  must  be  commenced  before   the  issuance of such Certi'iate of Improvement.  Dated this 22nd day of September,A. D., 1902.  J. A. MACDONALD.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To George Eeardsley of Greenwood, B. Csnd  any person or persons fG whom be may  have have transferred his interest in the  "L. 3." Mineral Claim, situate in Skylark  Camp in the Kettle River mining Division  of Yale District.  YOU ARE hereby notified that I have ex-  pended $205.00 in order to hold the said  mineral claim under the provisions of the  Mineral Act, that you should contribute 5102.50  as your portion of the said sum for vour undivided one half, interest in said claim and if  within 90 da3rs from the first insertion of this  notice you fail or refuse to contribute the sum of  3102.50"which is now due by you, tog-ether with  all Costs of advertising?, yourinlcrest in the said  mineral claim will become the property of the  subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act," 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, tlie 20lh dav of  September, 1902.        ROBERT DEMPSTER,  ."'���First insertion Sept. 26.  Last insertion Dec. 26.  MINERAL ACT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  No.9andNo. 15 Mineral Claims situate in the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale District. Where located Central camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. A. E. Shaw as  ag-ent for the Vancouver and Boundary  'Creek Developing and Mining company, Limited Liability, Free Miners Certificate No B 55-  454' intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  abply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the ourpose of obtaining-  a Crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice  that action,  under  section 37,  must be commenced  before the issuance of sueh Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of July, A. D. 1902.  First issue'July 4. C. A. E. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  TAMO'SHANTER Mineral Claim, "'situate iu  the Kettle Riyer Mining Division of Osovoos  District. Where located : In Deadwood  Camp adjoining the Herbert Spencer.  TAKE NOTICF that I. Svdney M. Johnson  actii - as agent forH. E. Macdoiiell.l'Yec  Miller's Cei ficatc No.BSOSOl, A. M. Mcintosh,  Free Miner Certificate No. B50349, John A.  Kirkpatrlck.Free Miner's Certificate No, 143*774  Alexander Stewart Free Miner's Certificate  No. S2313, Cecil R. Forde, Free Miner's Certificate No. B50149 and George Kydd, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B50I5(i, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mi niiig Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose jf obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.-   -  "Dated this 3rd day of July, A. D., 1902.  First issue July 4       SIDNEY   JOHNSqN  CANADIAN  To John   F. Johnson and  any others   concerned.  Yov are hereby notified that I have expended  in labor aud improvements on the Uncle Sam  mineral claim in Skylark camp, in the Kettle  River Mining Division of 'Yale District, British  Columbia, the sum of One Hundred Doliars.and  S2.S0 for recording the same, such being the  .-uuiuiui required and necessary to Mold the said  claim for the year ending the 1st day of June,  1902. under the provisions of the "Mineral Act"  and Amending acts, and if at the expiration of  ninety days from the date of the first publication of this notice in the lJoundary Creek  Tillies you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, uanu-lv S3SI.10. together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said mineral claim shall become invested in me [your co-owner] ujiou filing in the  proper office "in Jthat behalf the affidavit required bv Section 4 or the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Dated this 20th dav of June, 1902.  EMANUEL FASTRONE.  Last publication Sept. 20.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  To Charles N. Collins, or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest in the Amandy miueral claim, situate in the Kettle River Mining Division or  Yale District, in the Province of British  Columtla, and to all other co-owners in  said mineral claim.  You are herebv notified that I have expended  the sum of One'hundred (6100) dollars in each  of  the years  1S99,  WOO and 1901 in work, labor  and  improvements  upon the above men tinned  mineral claim iu order to  hold  the same under  the provisions of the "Mineral Act," R. S. B. C,  Cap. 13?, and amending Acts, and  If  within  ninety (90) days from the dale of this notice you  fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such  expendituie, together with  al! costs of advertising, vour interest iu the said mineral claim  will  become vested iu and the property of the  undersigned under Section 4 of the Mineral Act  Amendment Act, 1900.  Dated at Rossland,  B. C, this 19th  day of  June, 1902.  JAS. HUNTER.  Date last publication Sept. 20.  ^OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  YOU CAN ATTEND THE  9TH ANIM.UHL'  -SPOKANm,. WASH.  OCT" 6 TO 14TH, 1902, INCLUSIVE.  | mineral  ��� exhibits.  Biggest in tfoe  IS is Event Gael) Pay  300 Worses Entered.  Farm Products  of all kinds.  $25,000 in Premiums.  BEST MUSIC���Amusement extraordinary.        Concession privileges of all kinds  P     for sale.   Write for catalogue. GEO. H. MARTIN,  6 FRANK LEAKE, Advertising Agent. Mgr. and Sec'y.  ���0-0<>-CK>-0*CK><>0<><><>-0-0-0-*^^ * <K><>CK>-0-0-0-0-0<K><><>0<>0-0-^^  bjLSSJLhEJL  RAILWAY  EXCURSION  RATES  EAST.  September 29, 30,  TO  WASHINGTON, D. C.  And Return- ]  $69.85 !  From Rossland, Nelson,   etc.     Corres- j  ,pondins reductions from all stations.  PARLOR CAFE CARS  COLUMBIA $��� ENAY  betwe  NELSON  and  *ji^;.:_:u.k.::r;":.:.^  Wall Dressed Men who have  an cy.i  to economy wear  E. A. E -:;!!& Go's Cb^ng  . . Boy . .���  .HJjj ���uil  Oi ��&kk  MEALS  A LA CARTE  or  TABLE D'HOTE  Liquors and Cigars at  Standard Prices.  Complete Equipment  Unequalled in the West.  For  time  tables,  rates and full particulars apply to local agents.  E REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood,B. C.  J. S. CARTER. E. J. COYLE,  DP.A., Nelson.      G.P.A. Vancouver  H has ttes l::hcl  in the.pocket of  every coat or overcoat.  .. ,*^��KtomLBRAND->^  This label is a guarantee that " Royaf Brand "  is tailor-made and manufactured under our own  roof. That outy durable cloths and the best of  trimmings are employed iu the make up.  The " Royal Brand" Clothing is of the latest  fashion, cut by the highest authority possible  to obtain.  Ask for " Royal Brand "���Then look iu the  pocket for the label���that is your protection.  Sale.by P. IP. George # go��,  GREENNW00D, B. C.  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements*  NOlMCH.  TACOMA Mineral claim situate in the Kettle  River Mining Division, of Osoyoos District,  Where located : Near Boundary Falls and  adjoining tlie Don't Know mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson  acting as agent for Sam J. Jensen, Free  Miner's Certificate No. H 41799 and Annie  Cliristensoii, Free Miner's Certiiicate No.  H* 54915, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mininjf Recorder  lor a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must he commenced before the is-  suanceof such certificateof improvements.  Dated this 6th day of Julv, A. D.. 1902.  Sept. 18. SYDNEY M, JOHNSON  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  HOYLAND FRACTIONAL Mineral claim,  situate in the Kettle River Milling Division  of Yale District.   Where located :    Beaver  *    Creole camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. M. Shaw as agent  for John A. Tnzo. Free Miner's Certificate No. 1355*123 and Wilfred i.ooksor.  Free Miner's Certificate No B30276, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown  grant ofthe above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must bj commenced before the issuance of such certilicatesof improvements.  Dated this 5th day of August. 1902.  C. M. SUAW, P. t,. S.  First insertion August I5  SKA1.S. STENCILS, PRICE MARKISI,  TKINTINO WIIKBLS, NUMBERING  MACHINES, BAND DATING AND KUM-  UBXING STAMPS, "CltKCK PEKFORAT-  OHS, KU1111KR TYPE, PRINTINe  PRESSES, BTC   FRANKLIN STAMP WORKS, Vancouver  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "PINHOOK", "WORLDS FAIR FRACTION" and "MISSING LINK NO. 2  FRACTION" Mineral Claims, situate iu  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.  Where located :    III Greenwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for George Ratcliffc Naden, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B41055, and John  Edwards Leelde, Free Miner's Certiiicate No.  J.120033, intend, sixty days from the date hereof  to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements for the purpose of  obtaining .Crown Grants of the above claims.  And  further take notice that actions under  section 37,  must  be commenced before the is  suauce of such Certificates of Imorovements.  Dated this 30th day of August, A. D.yl902.  I. H. HALLETT  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To Walter Death, and any person or persons  to whom lie may have transferred his interest in the Diamond Joe, Doubtful, beer  Trail and May-day mineral claims all  situate in Greenwood Cams in the Kettle  ��� River Mining Division ol Yale District.  YOU are hereby notified that I have expended $410.00 in order to hold the said  mineral claims under the provisions of the  Mineral Act, thil, you should contribute $82.00  as your proportion of the said sum for your undivided one fifth interest iusaid claims, and  that you are S10.00 in arrear for vour share of  the previous assessment and if within 90 days  from the first insertion of this notice .you fail "or  refuse to contribute the sum of 692.00 which is  now due by you, .together with all costs of  advertising, your interest in the.said mineral  claims will become the property of the subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act," 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, B. C. the 9th day of June  1902. JOHN W. POWELL.  First insertion IunelS.  Last insertion Sept. 13  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements--  NOTICE.  SPOKANE Mlnerai claim, situate in the Kettle  River.Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Providence camp.  TAKENOTICE that I,. C. JR. Shaw agent  for C. E Peterson, Free Miners Certificate  No. B56975 intend sixty; days from the  A^fi hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 15th day of August, 1902.  C. M. SHAW-P. L. S.  First insertion August lfl '  MINERAL, ACT,  Certificate, of Improvement.  NOTICE.  RAMBLER FRACTION Mineral Claim situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located : JBcaver  Creek camp,  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JR. Shaw agent  for F.J. Finucane, Free Miner's Certificate No. B 40367, J. AV. Nelson. Free Miner's  Certificate No. B 40532, and W. H. Rambo, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B5S411, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining recorder for a certificate of Im.  provemeiits, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take;notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 5th day of August A. D. 1902.  C. Ai. SHAW, P. L. S.  First insertion August 15.  Spokane Falls & Nortliern Railway Co  Nelson '& Fort Sheppard Railway Co.  Mo 1111 Railway Co,  ���Wasllngton & G. N. Co,  Van. Vic. & E. Ry. &i Co.  Certificate of Improvements.  CORNWALL Mineral  Claim  situate  In  the  Kettle River Mining  Division of Osoyoos  ; District.      Where   located :     About   two  miles North east of Camp McKinney on  McCarren Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson  acting 'us agent for P. B. S. Stanhope,  Free Miner's Certificate No. BS5422, intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that actions, under  section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of July, A. D. 1902  Sept. IS. SIDNEY M, JOHNSON^  The only all rail route between poin ts  east, vrest and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Connects atSpokane with the Great ��� Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &  N. Co., for. points east, west and  south; connects at Rossland and Nelson vrith the Canadian Pacific Ry.  Connects at Nelson with the K. R.  and N. Co., Kaslo and K. & S. points.  Connects at Curlew with stage for  Greenwood and Midway, B. C.  Buffet cars run on trains between  Spokane and Republic.  Effective Aiur. 17th. 1902-  L/Bavf, Arrive  9:15 a. m. Spokane        5:45 p. m.  10:30 a. m. Rossland       5:10 p. m.  7:15 a. in. Nelson 8:00 p. m.  11:07 a. m.   (Millers, Grand   3:58 p. m.  Forks)  9.20 a. m.   %      Republic      5:45 p. na.  H. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent,  ��� -^-^------^--'SpdkarierW'aBlr  >*M*M*M*M*M**��*M*M*M*M*M*M*M^^^  MUNICIPAL NOTICE TO  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  -^��t<*���'-^t<*-JK"J���<w-<���**���I*,t���*,^���'J������^^*���^���J���,  Public Notice is hereby given that  all taxes due the Corporation of the  City of Greenwood, must be paid to  the undersigned on or before  October 31st. 1902  to entitle the taxpayer to a rebate of  of ONE^SIXTH on the general tax for  the year 1902*  Householders are notified that be^  fore they can make the necessary  declaration entitling them to be placed  on the municipal voters' list for 1903,  the road tax for the current year must  be paid on or before Nov, 1st 1902,  G, B, TAYLOR, Collector,  Greenwood, B. C, September 8th, 1902.  ���kk-*<*<��h-^-m~:^ /I f7  r4    0  /~*     /  THE)   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  ���H��<~H��J-*->H-��X^  <><>-CK>CM>0-0-0<>-CK>aO-0-0-0^  THE EDITOR'S  EASY CHAIR.  CKKX)00<>0<>0<K>0-O<>0-0<H>OOOOCK'0*<>00<)0<^^  Last week we made only a passing-  reference to that very remarkable article which appeared in *he' Grand  Forks News-Gazette of September  15th. The Grand Forks paper attempts by a volume of words'to answer  the facts given by us in a previous is-  fully demonstrating that Greenwood  is the natural Smelting: Centre of the  Boundary. The Gazette labors to convince to its readers that Grand Forks  is the only place for smelters, but smelting: men do not entertain the same  opinion. Position means much from a  smelting point of view. In the treatment of low grade ores, the successful  smelter man must figure where he can  assemble the largest quantity of ore at  the lowest possible cost. It is not sufficient to consider the product of the  mine alone but he must select the point  to which the various ores of the district will  gravitate.  Look at Coryell's map of 1899 of Grand  Forks and Kettle river mining divisions of B. C. and it will be seen that  Greenwood is in the centre of the Producing mines of Copper Camp, Dead-  woodCamp, Providence Camp, Long  Lake Camp, Summit Camp, Greenwood Camp, (Phoenix Camp), Wellington Camp and Central Camps.  Grand Forks is located outside these  camps in a corner of the map. There  is one serious obstacle against Grand  Forks as the natural smelting centre  for the Phoenix ores, and that is that  Grand Forks is over 25 miles distant  by rail from Phoenix and that the  height to which all empty cars and  engines have to be lifted to be brought  from Grand Forks to Phoenix is nearly  3000 feet which means n comparatively  large expenditure of power and coal  which means money. That is why  Grand Forks can never expect a.much  cheaper rate than 37j4 cts per ton ore  from Phoenix as at less Kgnre there is  not inoney enough for a railroad to  handle the ore,taking into consideration  the amount of coal used for the engines  and the wear and tear with this distance on ore cars and rails. If theSnow-  shoe mine.,decid,e% to put their smelter  at or near Greenwood they can build a  tramway about 6 or 7 miles in length'  and have their ores brought down to  their smelter for a cost of 10 to 15 cts  per ton. If they want to run their  smelter with electricity, they can  probably get this for the same price in  Greenwood as at Grand Forks, as tlie  loss by leakage does not amount to  such a great difference whether the  power is delivered to Grand Forks or  Greenwood from Cascade City where  they can develop 7,000 h. p. which is  more than the Granby Co. need and in  order to get site for their surplus power  -probably-would-be-williug--to.give.iLaL  the same price in Greenwood* as in  Grand Forks,.  Regarding the question of disposing  of the slag from smelters; there are  many ways to do this. One is to run it  out into large steel bowls on trucks by  electricity and dump it hot. In tlieia  way it takes less room than if granulated, and only costs a trille more.  In fact the big 1000 tons xVrkansas  Valley smelters at Leadville Colo, run  their slag out and dump it over 2 miles  away from the furnaces.This is the least  of a smelter man's worries. The best criterion of a smelter man's success is results. Paul Johnson secured fame and  name in the smelter world before he  came to Greenwood aud his reputation  as one of tlie most successful smelter  men in the world to day has been increased by the remarkable record made  here. Mr. Johuson was asked why he  did not consult the oracle at Grand  Forka before deciding to build a smelter  at Greenwood. He laughed heartily when he read the Grand  Forks article. He said "The actual  distance from tlie Mother Lode mine  to the smelter by a tramway would  only be 2J'i miles and then we could  bring the ore down to tlie smelter for a  cost of 7 cts. per ton. Steam power is  not much more expensive than water  power; I use in running two furnaces  and smelting 750 tons of ore daily, only  only 7 tons of coal which cast .54.25 per  ton in Greenwood, thus the actual  motor power costs only 4 cts. per ton of  ore smelted and in dry seasons like this,  you can always rely on getting your  power if you can get the  coal."  Take the question of transportation.  The Mothers Lode is said not to pay  llyi. cts. per ton on freight for ore to  their smeller which is less than half  what Giand Forks smelters have to  pay from Phoenix and the power ouiy  amounting to 4 cts. per ton it is obvious  there is no need of running 25 miles  away from their mines to get water  power which is conspicuous by its absence at Grand Forks this year. The  dry season has lessened the water in  the North Fork of the Kettle river to  such an extent that the Granby Company have had to shut down their  converter aud can only run two furnaces with a capacity of 640 tons a day,  whereas the Greenwood smelters, at  present smell over 1000 tons daily and  is therefpre the largest smelting point  in the Boundary at present. With the  three addition al* furnaces and converter  which the B.C. Copper Company intend putting in and also the new furnaces at the Boundary Falls smelter,  Greenwood is destined to keep up its  present position as the principal smelt-  centre of   the Boundary  The Ladies of the Presbyterian  church intend giving a novel entertainment on the evening of October  8th, in the shape of a rainbow tea. In  addition to the many colored beverage  which will go "Blue" Ribbon several  better, there will be an excellent programme.  For Sale.  Scrip for 160 acres  of land,  at this office.  Apply  v ���:���  Y *  I  W. H. Covert begs to  on    or  ��� announce   that  %  labour October" IStBriiFf  -      . Y  will be able to supply all **������  the    Boundary   market %  Y  with delicious home %  grown prunes from his  own orchards. These  prunes will not be picked  J green as are prunes shipped from a distance but  will be allowed to ripen  on the trees, thus secur.  ing a delicious flavor.  The price will be cheaper aud quality better.  There will be enough  for everybody and housekeepers and others are  strongly advised to wait  for the home  product.  grown  m, u.  Saturday, October 4th, Geo O. Madi-  gan, inspector of boilers, will hold an  examination for engineers certificates  in the school room, Greenwood, commencing at 9 a. in. Under the new  act no person may be employed as  engineer who does not hold a certificate.  Are you using  "Blue Ribbon"  Ceylon   tea?  <>0<><-H>0<K>O<>-0<K>CKXH>OO<K>O-0O<><>  OKANAGAN FRUIT  direct from the producers.  Our Prices Are The  Lowest.  Li  Dealer in Fruits and  Confectionery, etc.  Clarendon Block.  ���6;0<K>0<K><><X>0<X>CHXK>000<><><><><>6  ��f#*0*#0��##*>'f��**��#*#*0000��0.*  Subscript-ion  $1.00   per   month.   #  Delivery in central district. 0  H. A. KINC & CO.  AGENTS.  0*000 $ 0000000 0000000000000  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotels  and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  FURNITURE  CARPETS  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "BRUCE", "NORTH END", "JUBILEE",  "PRIDE OF PERTH FRACTION"  "MAGNETImE" and "FOG HORN'*  Mineral Claims, all situate in the Kettle  River Mini-np Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Graham's Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H, Hallett, as  ajrent for J. C. Haas. Free Miner's Certificate No. .B41913, and Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B41751. intend,  sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Min inf? Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for ths purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 3", must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of August, A. D., 1902.  I. H. HALLETT.  <<M;��X��:��x��x���x~W'<��W":~K~H��K^  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BURNS  and   BURNS   FRACTION   Mineral  ���Claims situate in the Kettle  Kiver  Mining  Division of Yale District.    Where  located :  in Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac 11 Hallett  as ajrent for Francis J. Finucane, Free  Miners Certiiicate No. B40367, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to applj  to the Miniinr Recorder for Certificates of Im  provemeiits, for the purpose of obtaining-  Croivh Grants of the above claims.  And  further take  notice that action   undei  section 37, must be commenced  before the  is  suanceof such Certificates of Iniurovements.  Dated this 25th day of Julv, A. *D., 1902.  l.*H. HALLETT.  ^TOMfflTO^  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  (F*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  <S  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  0��  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest*.  ..$8,000,000. b?  >*9  President.   Lokd Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. Geokob A. Drummond.  General Manag-er;   E. S   Clods-ton.  Branches in London, Eng. j CuU VcaJSa. [ New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchang-e and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  *-*��  >��=��*  **2  ���**��>  **0  'ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmM  THE f ANADIAIRAM OFfOMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -     Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B, E. WALKER. General Manager  HENRY F. MYTT0N   *'  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  $5  1lifill!  GEO. R. NADEN,  Manager.  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British America Assur-  ,Co. of London, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  The Western Assurance Co., The Canadian Birkbeck  In-'������'  of Toronto. vestment and Savings Co.  HIKES.  STOCKS,  REAL ESTATE.  THE BEST-BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN  V PORTMAN  & PORTMAN  ^���3f ���*���, ���r*' . . ���'���!���'":      ��� .'������  Proprietors  ..^-,  /;..'  ASK FOR  CSV   ^fte?   ....  a  li  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It 11t is kept on draught or in Bolttles by all the leading Hotel  Public!  We beg to announce that we  have disposed of our Jewelly  business to Mr. A. Logan. We  desire to thank our*many friends  for their liberal patronage during the six years we have been  in business in Greenwood and  ask for our successor the same  kind treatment that has been accorded ourselves.  Iftllter Bros.  September 20th, 1902.  00000000000000000000000*00  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  0  ��  0  0  0  ���0  *  ��  0  *  *  ��  ��  *  DO YOU  SMOKE ? ?  TRY  ONE OF MUNROE'S  CICARS.  5  THE BEST LINES iN  o  0  a  0  0  0  0  O  ��  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ��  ��  ��  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES!  0  *  ���  0  0  0  Newspapers,     Periodicals  Stationery.  A Full Line Choice Candy I  H. B- MUNROE  0  e  0  & Copper Street. Greenwood.  ���00000��0����400��C��������*������*������  { THE*-BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  m  i   i  Bring your Plates   and  Films to us for development and having your prints  made = ; '  We guarantee our work first class in every particular. Give  us a call and we will very soon convince you of above fact. Prices  Right. We also carry a complete line of  and PHOTO SUPPLIES.  Dominion Express Orders sold and cashed.  Books,   Papers,   Photo Supplies, Etc,  ffT"*q  '-">l*--'  LOCAL,  AND   PERSONAL.  JVP. Keane   superintendent of the  Cariboo   mine,   was   in the city  this  week.  \    Mrs. C. A. Atwood and family have  returned from a visit with friends at  Kelowna.  J. P. Byers, of the Mac Machine  company, Trail, was a visitor to the  city this week.  Henry Main, postmaster at Camp  McKinney, paid Greenwood a business  visit this week.  D. A. McKenzie of the Russell-Law-  Caulfield company, returned this week  from enjoying a two week's holiday in  Spokane.  G. H, Seely, Minneapolis, and L.  Brant, Kaslo, are here looking for  mining properties. They were shown  the Gold.Bug by D. A..Holbrook.  Percy F. Godenrath, who has been  promoting Similkameen Coal Lands  in Spokane, arrived in the city on  Thursday en route for the Similkameen.  W. T. Smith has returned from a  visit to Spokane. A representative of  the Dominion.'������ Copper company will  come out here shortly to see the Emma,  in which Mr. Smith is interested.  A. G. Marriott, agent for the Harry  Llndley Big Dramatic company, is in  town today making arrangements for  the company .which will appear here  one solid week, commencing Thursday,  Oct. 2. _  D. A. Holbrbok one of. the early  -pioneers of the-Boundary returned last  week from Thunder mountain. He  thinks the high grade properties  around Greenwood are away ahead of  anything in the much boomed eldor-  ado.  Mayor Naden and J. C. Haas, M. E.  returned this week from Siskiyou  County, California. -They went there  to examine a free milling property that  was recommended by f. former resident  of Greenwood. The property did not  stand tin1 examination and no denl  was inadt;.  The firm of Pringle & Whiteside  barristers and solicitors, has been dissolved, Mr. Pringle retiring from the  firm and from practice in this province  for a time. Mr, Pringle left for Co-  burg, Ont., on Tuesday last. lit* will  probably remain in the east during the  000000000��0����**��0eSH: 00000*  0 *'.*���  s  and supplies can be procured  at right prices at  % ����� Coles,  Books,   Stationery,   Office        g  Supplies, etc. ��  Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.    IJ  ���5  Phone No. 33. 0  0  00000000000000000000000000  winter.    Mr. A. M. Whiteside will continue the business of the firm.  Fred Hazelwood returned to Greenwood this week. He went to the much  boomed Tonapagh district, and got  nothing but typhoid-pneumonia that  carried off many a man there. He  hurried out before the disease got a  fatal grip on him, and was in the hospital at Reno for several weeks. He  now considers British Columbia is good  enongh for him.  Death of Mrs. Larkins.  A  Greenwood Pioneer Passed Away  on Monday Last.  Mrs. Annie Larkins died at the Sacred Heart Hospital on Monday last  after a long illness. Mrs. Larkins was  one of the pioneers of Greenwood. She  started a boarding house on Copper  street in 18%, and did a large business  during railway construction days. On  the site of the modest boarding house  the Larkins block was erected. A paralytic stroke received some six months  ago practically terminated the active  life, aud although she lingered in the  hospital up to thetime of death, there  were no hopes of recovery. The funeral, which took place on Wednesday  afternoon from Galley's undertaking  parlors, was lnrgely attended.  Connections Willi  Western Union Telegraph Company*  122,800 offices in U.S.A.]   AND���  Great North-Western of Canada*  [2,00 office.*; in Canada.]  CABLE SERVICE TO ALL THE WORLD.  J. C. HELM, Office Manager, Greenwood, B.C  TELEPHONE NO. 12.  SOCIETIES.  ���^'���.^S* BOUNDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  '���^-.���r,^*.5-- No. 38,1.0. 0. F.  Meets every Tuesday Evening at 8 00 in their  lodure. room at the Wood Hall.'    A cordial iitvi  union is extended to all sojourning brethern.  \V. Elso.n, N.G. A. D. Hallett, Rec.Sec  ���X"H->��-H*-**-H-*>><*^  <0'  endrick Co.,  LIMITED.  w  E ARE NOW PREPARED  TO   MEET   YOUR   DEMANDS  WITH   A   COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF  DRY GOODS and GENT'S FURNISHINGS  IN ALL LINES'yOR THE FALL TRADE.  special       CARPETS and HOUSE FURNISHINGS  Prices in..  FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS.  DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.  We Sel' The J. X. T. HELL'S Fine Foot "Wear.  THE  HUNTER-KENDRICK COMPANY,  LIMITED.  GENERAL MERCHANDISE, GREENWOOD, B. C.  <��.:~h~:��:.��:-^  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  Y  4  Y  Y  Y  Y  *-�����*  |# 4* 4*�� ��&"$' rfc 4* 4* 4*4* 4r 4"JHS* -�����'4-'��-"&4'4'4"fr 4* 4"Mk  THE^AIJDITORIUM  ONE MERRY NIGHT  ^EMDM:,   SEPTET  CHAS. B.  MARVIN'S  FURIOUSLY   FUNNY MUSICAL FARCE COMEDY  e  You Have Spoiled A CoodiThincK  it's the  limit.  WHIRL-WIND    OF    FUN  CYCLONE   OF    LAUGHTER  TORNADO   OF   MISTH.  PRETTY GIRLS. GORGEOUS COSTUMES.  CATCHY MUSIC.     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South, 801.  4  I "WELL THAT'S FINE"  Is what they all say about  .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR.  4  4>  4>  4��  Impossible   to  cut the|] face (   shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly,  jk Illustrated booklet free.       Mail Orders promptly filled.  + McLennan,   McFeely   &   Company  ��$�� Wholesale Hardware Merchants,  <#�� 122 Cordova Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.  ����--,  *  P. O. BOX 296.  'PHONE 179  01. 3. metftillan $ Co  WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS.  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOQUET, OUR SPECIAL,  EL JUSTILLO,       EL CONDOR,       SARANTIZADGS,   SCHILLER  Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.  V  >-,


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