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 !l��ji��laUr��  library  Vol.  GREENWOOD, B. C.'FRIDAY; MARCH 27,  1903.  No.   31  ASSOCIATED  BOARDS  Hold Their Annual Conven  tion at Fernie.  I  Important   Matters   Discussed-  Question of Fuel Supply.  -The  The fifth annual convention of the  Associated Boards of Trade of .Eastern  British Columbia which met., at Fernie  on Wednesday, March 18th, was a  great success. There was a good at-  . tendance and matters of public importance were seriously considered.  The discussions were of'a high order,'  ��� particularity *��on* the consideration of  the silver-lead question and the Greenwood resolution on the question of  fuel supply. In addition to President  Geo. O. Buchanan of Kaslo, and H. W.  C, Jackson the secretary-treasurer, the  various boards were represented by the  follovying :  CrKKKNwoon���G. Scott Galloway, J. R.  Brown and Duncan Ross.  Phoenix���W. B. Wilcpx.  '������'- Grand Fokks���A. C. Flumerfelt.  Rossland���R,  W.  Grigor,  A. B. McKenzie.  Trai�����Noble Binns, D.JW. Moore.  NBI.BON���R. H. Hedley,  W.  W. Beer  ���' . andJames Johnston.  Cranbrook���W. F;Gurd, John Hutchison.. ������.*,*'  < ���'-r.'FO*ff'i:"STHEi,*K~J. "A. ffitarVey*,   A. ��� Bi  Grace and H. Kershaw.|  Frrnik���W.  R.  Ross, H. Bentley and  Thos R. Stockett.  Kasi.0���Geo. O.  Buchanan and John  Keen.  The convention was called at eight  o'clock Wednesday  evening in  Princess Hall.   The  Fernie board looked  after the smallest details in providing  for the comfort and convenience of the  delegates.   The hall was nicely decorated, separate tables were arranged for  the delegates from  the various boards  and messenger boys were there to answer any calls that  might  be made on  them. '.*���.,  The committee    on   credent-'als   re  ported that delegates as given above  were entitled to seats. A programme  committee was then appointed as  follows :, C. Scott Galloway, chairman. W. R. Ross, Fcr.iie, secretary;  Dnncan Ross, Greenwood; R. W. Grigor, Rossland; Noble Binns, Trail, and  J. A. Harvey, Fort Steele. This committee presented resolutions from the  Kaslo board dealing with the preser  vation of forest fires, the setting aside  of 100,000 acres in East Kootnay as a  public park, the establishment of an  experimental orchard in the Rocky  Mountain region and the preservation  ���End propogation of fish in Kootenay  waters. These resolutions did not provoke much discussion although there  were some inquiries as to where 100,-  00C acres of unalienated lands could be  found in East Kootenay. The convention then adjourned until 9:30 Thursday morning.  At. the morning session the Associated Boards decided to take no further  steps towards securing the formation  of a provincial Board of Trade.  A resolution endorsing the views of  the silver-lead mines on the silver-lead  question was introduced by Trail. A  vote was about to be taken without  discussion when J. R. Brcwn of Greenwood, asked for some .information. It  would be folly to pass a bald resolution  unless the movers were prepared to  convince the people of the east that  protection was a good thing.  Duncan Ross also pointed out that  the east had to be convinced and even  some people in the west had to be convinced that any benefits to be derived  from the double-barrelled protection  asked for should accrue to the producer  and not to the smelters.  R. W. Grigor of Rossland who has  made a special study of the subject  spoke briefly  in  favor of the position  of the silver-lead mines and Mr.  Buchanan made what'was considered  the best speech of the convention." The  silver-lead question is a hobby \ with  him and possibly no man in Canada is  better posted on this rather intricate  subject. He stated that an agreement  had been signed by the smelters in  which they waived the rights to all  benefits that might arise from a revis  ion of the tariff. Free trade might be  all right or Protection all right but  what he did object to was that the  silver-lead industry should be the only  one in Canada ' to which free trade  principles were applied.  The resolution then passed without  opposition.  Another resolution was passed asking the Dominion government to extend the time in which lead smelters  could earn the hounty granted by the  Dominion government.  .  A resolution was passed asking the  Dominion government to appoint 'i  commission to consist of three competent persons to visit New Zealand to  investigate the operation of the act  providing for the comoulsory/'iarbitra-  tion of labor disputes and to rteport :the  result of their investigations. *���> y ���*'  . Another resolution asked that;rail-  way and steam ship companies include Kootenay and Boundar^: points  in their advertising literature*^ encouraging tourist travel and to malje transportation interchangeable over various  linos.  Nelson introduced a resolution asking for provincial legislation that  would make it imperative for the provincial government* to investigate  labor disputes arid promptly publish  all the facts connected therewith. The  Greenwood delegates "introduced an  amendment asking for action -'"������*���'/'i,*  part of the federal lnstean of *'��� > . -  cial government a,nd, the. amendment  carried. ��� ,'    ;  The Rossland resolution asking the  Dominion    government,   to   corifciniie  ?-itd>a:ni-W--J^^  carried' unan i motialy.  The Rossland resolution asking that  the South East Kootenay reserves be  open to coal and oil locations and one.  from the Fernie board asking that  these reserves be reserved for preemption and settlement only were  passed. ���,���*���'*  The Associated Boards endorsed resolutions from Fernie and Cranbrook  asking for better court and other  facilities.  A resolution condemning provincial  aid to transcontinential lines was passed as was also one from Fort Steele  endorsing aid to local development  roads.  "Then the"Green wood resolution deal^  ing with the fuel supply and asking  the Dominion government to open an'd  develop its own coal measures was  brought up. J. R. Brown led the discussion in a strong and logical speech  in which he pointed out the importance  of cheap fuel in the treatment of low  grade ores but the greater importance  attached to a full and reg ular supply  of fuel. He strongly urged the passage of the motion as he believed it  was the only practical solution of the  difficulties which at present crippled  the mining industry of South Eastern  British Columbia. Mr. Brown pointed  out that operation- by the government  would not prevent strikes but there  was something to be said in favor of  government ownership. Every elector  was a shareholder and had a right to  demand the fullest investigation of  any dispute. On the other-hand with  private ownership such investigation  could not be conducted without the  permission of the company operating  the mines. This was the strongest  argument against compulsory arbitration. Private owners could refuse an  investigation of their property and  books. The residents of the mining  districts would be particularly interested in the government mines and should  any labor disturbance occur they would  see that an investigation was promptly  held.  W. F. Gurd seconded the motion and  C. Scott Galloway then dwelt upon the  importance of a regular supply of fuel  which the smelters were unable to  secure at present. There was a precedent for the government operating  its own coal measure since New Zealand had decided to operate all coal  mines in that colony.  James Johnston of Nelson said the  resolution   was   a    most   unwise   oqe  since if the Dominion government decided to open up its own coal lands the  agreement with the Crow's Nest, Pass  Coal company would be cancelled and  the price.of coal arid coke would immediately go up. The company should  never have made such an agreement  and would riot have made it had they  known anything about the coal business. Coal oould not be produced for  S2 a ton. The cost of production was  higher at Ftrnie than^any where else  in the world. He instanced the.fact  that the company had invested $85;000  in 60 coke ��� ovens to supply the ,B. C.  smelters and every one of. these ovens  had fallen down in a short time. .This  loss should have been charged up to  the consumer-hut tinder the agreement  witli the gHV.-ri. merit the company  wi-ra unable to do so. The government could not operate.its coal measures without a loss , arid he as a tax  payer objected to paying additional  taxes in order that the. Bounndary  smelters might have cheap fuel.  Thos. R. Stockett, superintendent of  the Crow's Nest Pass Coal company  said the company had' no objection to  the adoption cf the resolution because  if the government acted upon it the  company irould be free to -charge what  they pleased for coal and if the price  of coal was raised the price of icoke  would also go up because they were  not going to convert "coal' into coke  when they could get more money by  selling coal. As a member of the  board he was opposed to the* resolution  as he considered it a most unwise one  to pass. He explained that the reason  the coke ovens fell down .was that they  were apxious that ��� they were anxious  to. buy supplies at home .arid had to  sbrid to. England for brick. -.These  *.*���"- :i ffected'by salt moisture in cros's-  ��� ij_,-* uie ocean; ..Since, then they were  using American������br.ick which worked*  satisfactorily: He also stated that the  Boundary smelters .had   received!..so.  ex ten siori, the compariy ylilMiSttly be  in a-position to sttppljr'ittK) tb.hsofcoke  pfer'day. ' '*.'"... *;:.-,���'-* *:���'.''.-.���y'-- -| *  - J} 'A. Harvey of Fort Steele held  that*the! goverrment could, opt Operate  as -economically as ,a private^.corporation.' .That individuals 'had ' certain  rights which were ; almost':iiiv-iri'e and'  that the government had - no jright to  enter into competition with any -bbdy.'  Mr. Ross a��ked Mr. Haryey if he;really  ���believed in the Divine right theory?  Geo. O. Buchanan ridiculed the resolution. It "bore' all .the' earmarks of  Socialism, populism and was like the  cry of free'silver which was a panacea  for all ills in the United States a short  time ago. It was unfortunate that all  those crazy ideas should slop over, into  this country.. If the government were  going into the coal business in B. C.  they should also go into the same business in Nova Scotia, It was not the  kind of proposition which should come  before the Associated Boards of Trade,  which was supposed to be comprised of  sensible, business men.  Duncan Ross first took up Mr. Johnston's arguments and stated that it  might be possible for .the Dominion  government to have coke ovens built  that would not fall .'own. Mr. Johnson was not prepared to tax himself to  help the mines and smelters of the  Boundary. In Ihe morning he was  enthusiastic about taxing himself by  increased protection to .help out the  silver-lead industry; to be consistent  he should be equally.patriotic with regard to the copper-gold industry. Mr.  RosSjwas not prepared to endorse Mr.  Harvey's statement that the government could not operate coal mines and  make as much profit as private companies, but even if it vvere true, it  might possibly be a good thing for the  country. Profits were sometimes made  at ��� the expense of men who had some  rights as well as the companies. With  less greed for profits it might be' possible to remove the causes for the  frightful loss of life and also the chief  causes,,for the many labor disturbances. Mr. Stockett. had practically  threatened the associated boards by  stating that the passage of the resolution would mean increased price, of-  coke. There were no terrors in that'  threat uince the company were charging today just as much as the smelters  could afford to pay and that was all  company could get for its coke. By  refusing to convert the coal into coke  the company would be   violating the  law. The only market for the coal  would be on the American side and the  Crow's Nest Pass .'railway charter was  secured on the .expressed provision  that no coal or coke could be diverted  until Canadian interests were first  servid.  Since attending the meetings of the  Associated Boards of Trade he was  siiriply lost in admiration at the very  clever way in ��� which Mr. Buchanan  could bolster up a very bad case, but,  in the five years of the Associated  Board's existence there was nothing  quite so brilliant as the worthy president's exhibition that afternoon. Mr.  Buchanan talked about the govern  ment coal milling in Nova Scotia for  getting that the government in its  wisdom had/made legislative provision  for the very contingency which was  being discussed. In the act granting  aid to trie Canadian Pacific railway it  was expressly stated* that the 50,000  acres were. reserved for the purpose  the Greenwood board.had in view. Mr.  Buchanan must have been desperately  driven for ari argument when he resurrected the free silver discussions of  several years ago. It was not pleasant to, be called hard names but hi  would; rather, be called a socialist,  populist, free silverite or any old thing  and at the same time do something to  advance the' best interests of this  country, than never do anything but  oppose everything,;that would encourage.progress and development.  Mr. Beer of Nelson also made a  strong speech in favor of the resolution.  Mr. Brown ridiculed the* arguments  advanced against .the resolution. He  was amused at Mr. Stockett's state-  irient that the smelters had so much  coke they could afford to sell to each  other. They often sold to each othi i  it was true but- it was-only because; the  Crow's Nest company could not'supply  them, arid .'they ;were. forced to sell or  lend so that alllj the .smelters;=iriigh t be  'kept going. 'He made a strong; appeal  : ttf>the! 'A^ss6'ciated' Boards to passj the  resolution'- and thus ��� endorse the only  practical means of .securing relief for  the important industry that is at present at a standstill for the wan' of  fuel.'"'' "   i  was then adjourned  wheri those opposed  had unearthed the  by the Greenwood  board last year to the effect that the  Dominion government should lease its  coal lands. The Greenwood delegates  were charged with inconsistency in  advocating an entirely different policy  this .;year and the convention was  urged to reaffirm last year's resolution.  The Greenwooddelegates retorted that  consistency was ari enemy' to progress  and that in any, event nothing was  done by the government; probably because last year's resolution-was wrong,  something might now be done because  this year's resolution was right. Mr.  Brown pointed out how inconsistent  some of them were, since they said  coal could not be produced for $2.00  and now they are advocating a resolution limiting the price to $1.75.  Mr. Harvey of Fort Steele and Mr.  Binns of Trail then moved last year's  resolution as an amendment to the one  brought forward by Greenwooddelegates. The amendment carried by a  vote of eleven to nine as follows :  Ayes���Harvey, Grace, Kershaw, W.  R. Ross, Bentley, Stock*:tt, Binns,  Moore, McKenzie, Heiley, Johnstone.  Noes���Galloway, Brown, Duncan  Ross, Wilcox, Gurd. Hutchison, Beer.  Grigor for himself and president.  A resolution was passed urging the  ���Dominion government to improve the  mail service in the Kootenay and recommending daily mails on Crow's  Nest, a mail clerk on the Columbia &  Western and a resident post-office inspector.  East year's resolution asking for  maps of -unoccupied lands was reaffirmed. Rossland was unanimously selected as the next place of meeting and  the .convention  adjourned.   It should  THOSE HIGH  CRADE MINES  Are Bringing Prosperity to  the City of Greenwood  ! The discussion  until after*dinner  to the * resolution  resolution moved  be added that Mr. Buchanan and Mr.  Jackson were re-elected president and  secretary-treasurer for the year.  . Thursday evening the citizens of  Fernie tendered a banquet to the visiting delegates at the Royal Hotel. The  banquet was a great success. The  Fernie people know how to entertain.  The dinner itself,  the toast list, the  Barbara Claim is Leased���News From  Mines.  that development,  '"'���'- The best  ���������.������'. ���-��� tn a town is  with  a "To Let'.' '  (Continued op Last Page.  It takes time for spring to break the  grip of winter; it takes time for high  grade prope' ties to get a town out of  the rut. When spring does get a start  snow and frost disappear with remarkable rapidity, and when the influence  of high grade properties begins to be  felt stagnation and dull times soon  vanish. The simile may'not be nicely  phrased but- it is drawn from actual  facts with regard to spring and the  high grade properties. We have both  right here in Greenwood. The season  is so far advanced that already the  base ball enthusiasts have hada couple  of match games and the high grada  properties have reached a state of  development that spells success.  Greenwood reaps the full benefit of  Let us get down to  indication' of' dull  houses ornamented  sign.- /There Jiave  been man)' of those signs displayed iu'  Greenwood as well an in other mining  towns, but they are rapidly" vanishing.  Houses that have been vacant for 12  months or more are now tenanted.  Who,is living there*?.brings, the answer  So and So who. is working at the.Providence or at one of the other high  grade properties that are being developed. The demand for houses particularly in the northern end ,of the  town has been so great that all vacant  places are. now filled and.men of means  are arranging to erect comfortable  cottages to be rented to the best tenants that can be*obtained anywhere.  One of these new residences has been  started on Kimberley Ave and others  will follow.  While it is gratifying to note the  effect that the development" of high  grade" properties'^^:is"having^lipbnTthe"  prosperity of the*';city, still; it is slow  compared with what it would,be were  we living in Idaho or Nevada. Place  the Pirouidence, the Elkhorn, the E. P.  U. mines, the Gold Finch on' a desert  in Nevada, and the rush there would  far exceed the stampede towards Ton-  apah. Place ore , such as that in  Russell-Law-Caul field company's window on exhibition on Riverside ave.,  Spokane and it would draw a crowd of  those who know gold when they see it  and can appreciate the value of high  grade ore. Tell the. American specul-  at r that car load after car load of ore  returned net values of over S100 to the  ton; not a foot of those hills surrounding Greenwood would not be left free  from the prospector's and expert's  picks.  But we take our good fortune quietly  in Greenwood, possibly because we are  used to that sort of thin ���, or is it because it is so new that we cannot appreciate its value '!  The poor newspaper man who has  no high grade mines of his own can  get some satisfaction out of the new  discovery and development. They  furnish copy. A week does not pass  without some new deal, some new lease  or bond, some new strike. Last week  Mr. Fowler, the father of high grade  properties in Greenwood, secured the  Defiance and will go to " work next  week. This week Mr. Morrison and  associates leased and bonded the Barbara and they will go to work irtime.li-  Etely. Mr. McVicar of the E. P. Lr.  mines returned this week from Nelson  where a car of ore is being treated and  from which big results are expected.  The Greenwood people are slow but  when they do start they travel somewhat rapidly. We predict that there  there will yet be what would elsewhere  be called a boom in high grade mines  and that it is fast approaching. Pas<c 4  THE    BOUNDARY   CREEK   TTMTCS  LATEST  Df.SHiNS IN  l^PORTltl)  WOOLLENS  TO  SELECT PRO,****..  ��mm.  .^mriwAfm/ -    ^Mr'/r^-.  coi'i'i-:K stkkkt  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Done  FIT AND  FINISH GUARANTEED.  H. O. KOX 252. Ol'POSlTK  WIN'OSOR   1IOTKL.  Che  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every friday  Ddncan Ross Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCK.  Per Year J 2 00  Six lylONTHs  1 2.5  To Forrion Cons-ritiES  2 SO  FRIDAY,   MARCH   27, 1903.  THE SITUATION AT FERNIE.  The general manager of the Crow's  Nest Pass Coal company is John H.  Tonkin. He comes from Pennsly-  vania and has no use for organized  labor.  Many of the miners working in the  company's mines are ignorant foreigners, many of whom do not know what  they are striking for and even if they  did cannot he depended upon to remain  true to 'hemselves or their union.  A committee of the British Columbia  \Tf,,!n-    A ss/i-ii'inn   '.���"(���nt t"   FPT-l'fifor  .i.jutit   a  settlement il ,****-..-.ili'ie.  The committee is well balanced and  its members did as much as any body  of men could do to settle the strike.  They took evidence under oath and  endeavored to unravel a tangle that is  in many respect unique and for which  no parallel can be found in the history  of labor disturbances.  During the progress of the investigation it became apparent to officers  of the Western Federation of Miner's  that the unions at Fernie, Morrissey  and Michel were horey combed with  traitors. Paid agents of John H.  Tonkin masqueraded as loyal union  men.  One of the leaders of the foreign  element "was paid by the Crow's Nest  ��ass Coal company, to go to Rossyln,  Wash., and bring men over to replace  the strikers receiving so much per  head for the men brought over. Others  came from Pennsylvania at the expense of the coal company.  The business transacted at the secret  meetings of the Miner's Unions became, the property of John H. Tonkin  any time he so desired.  As the investigation proceeded it  also became apparent that John H.  Tonkin was not anxious for a settlement.  His main object was to crush the  union and work the mines by nonunion labor.  He plainly intimated this to theconi-  inissisn. He stated that he would go  so far and no further and that if the  men did not go back to work on his  terms that he csuld fill his mines with  non-union men and that the government would be called upon to protect  him.  The surest way of getting government intervention in the interests of  John H. Tonkin was by moulding  public opinion against the men.  The surest way of securing such an  expre*sion of pnblic opinion was by  some act of violence which could be  charged up to the men.  Curiously enough the act of violence  was forthcoming just at the right  time.  and were started towards Michel. Next  morning they were picked up by a  special train sent out by John H.  Tonkin.  Exaggerated reports   of   this act of  violence was sent to the coast papers.  On the one hand was John  H.  Ton  kin making a fight against organized  labor; on the other hand was the Western Federation -of Miners determined  that organized labor should triumph.  Who would succeed ?  The officers of the Western Federation of labor came to the conclusion  that a successful fight could not be  made for a district union within whose  ranks were traitors and spies and the  paid agents of John H. Tonkin.  They decided that the union must be  purged before they could hope to make  a successful fight.  Under the circumstances they decided to get the best terms possible  from John H. Tonkin and advise the  men to go back to work.  They and the commission met Mr.  Tonkin on Saturday last. They got  his best offer. The officers of the  Western Federation of Miner's stated  that  they   �����������������! : ������*������   me���   to  accept t.. - . ti  They did so. But the vote was overwhelmingly against any settlement on  those terms.  The above describes the situation as  seen by the writer who spent two days  in Fernie. We do not think it does an  injustice to either side.  It is useless commenting on the  situation. But surely at this late day  there should be some legislation that  would prevent a district like the  Boundary being ruined through no  fault of its own���a district where we  have sensible mine managers and  sensible men and where we never had  any labor trouble.  It is rather a striking commentary  on our civilization and our advanced  legislation when a Pennsylvania!!,  thoroughly saturated with all the ideas  that have wrought such havoc there  and a lot of ignorant foreigners from  the slums of Europe should successfully  cripple the miuing industry without  apparently any machinery to meet  such a situation.  You 11 be  would   make  a   good  leader   but   l:oth  would stand   a  much   better chance if  they   had  received   their  initial .boost'.  from some other quarter. Uvitli    your   choice-   if   you    u-et Your   * : v.-n 11 paper from   lliis si ore.     Then.  voir' save lnuney by Iniyiiijr here.  We ;u*e leaders in the \v:iil p.ipev  line,   -ni'l   ciiu   offer   yoii     a   Lfreat  MANI.-IACTI-KKI.*   AMI   UH.-U.l**-,-   IN I  ValTC'l V   1(1   CllOOSl.'    1 1*0111.  IPJ  flares, Sillies. Horse Bigftisji:."in^v;*:;'-:,y::';:  Our new slock is in. ami   looks so  ;ho\v i  viiins,  Cl-JKKNWOOI) AND MIDWAY. It. C.  WHEN  OUGHT   WE TO  GO TO A DENTIST?  Many think it unnecessary  to devote particular attention to the teeth until the  appearance of the mouth is  affected by damaged, decayed or broken teeth. Others  give the teeth up attention  till pain compels them.  The   stupidity    and    short  sig-htedness   of  either  policy   is  evident.  Everyone who thinks a  moment on the subject knows  tliat food cannot be masticated  satisfactorily if one or more teeth  are tender, inflamed, decayed, or  othervise out of working*'order;  and if this be the case, the mouth  requires immediate atte'ntiou.  DR. MATHISON  DENTIST  Naden-Flood lllock, Greenwood. ]{. C.  VVou'1 yon come in and see the  papers and the prices we're sel'irig-  them al ?  You'll be pleased.  Il^fllte   BOUNDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  ''Zip��^ No. 38, I. 0.0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday  I5y.��uUih til.-SOO in  the  I. O. O. F. Hall.     A  cordial  invi union is extended to all sojourning* breUiern.  D. A. Basxekmas. l*Bi;n P>. Hoj-.mks.  N. G. Reel.-See.  *�� A  (IS  AND OFFICE SUPPLIES  CASH BOOKS, JOURNALS,  LEDGERS, DAY HOOKS,  TYPEWRITER SUPPUES,  FYLES, INK, MUCILAGIS,  PASTE, ETC, ETC,  A  complete line  of   office   supplies  always on hand.  Office and pocket Diaries for 1003.  ANOTHER CONVENTION.  Joseph Martin cannot successful lead  the Liberal party in this province.  Nearly every Liberal in this province  recognizes this fact except Joseph  Martin. Neither can a certain faction  of Vancouver Liberals furnish the rest  of the province with a new leader.  Ralph Smith deserves better treatment  than is being accorded him by the  Vancouver Liberals. He is too good a  man to make his appearance as a  leader under their very undistinguished patronage. The Vancouver Liber  als have decided that Ralph Smith is  the man and that a convention must  be held to ratify their decision Every  Liberal convention held has been exploited in the selfish interest of a certain faction of the Vancouver Liberals.  The Liberals of the interior are weary  of attending conventions for the sole  purpose of witnessing the unedifying  spectacle of coast Liberals washing  their dirty linen. They are anxious to  attend conventions for the purpose of  promoting the interests of the province  and of the party  and  not to engage in  Bonds, Stationery and Office  Supplies, Etc.  idwinter Special Sales  Continue in every department all during the month  of February  New Goods Arriving daily.  A limited number of the choicest and prettiest sample Shirt Waists  and Blouses ever put on the market, No two alike, and all this coming  seasons styles. Come early and make your selection, for these goods will  not last long-. '    *��  The Hunter-Kendrick Company, Limited.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  REPRESENTING  ���ties  m  ���sisk  am  W"A  W-  The Phot-nix Fire A.N.-nranCi-  Co. of London. England.  Liverpool   and   London    and  Globe   Insurance Company.  The British   Aintin,.   A.-si..  ance Co., of Toronto.  The  Canadian   Birkbeck   Investment and Savings Co.  REAL ESTATE.  ^^*: THE  Conper Street.  a matter of Foresight  ss!  I?'  PKIVATK   KOOMS   l'OK  Mli.'VLS  AT  ALT.  HOUKS  U\DIKS.  <*W  TRY  OUK   COFl'ISE  Charles' R. Pittock,  *  cProp'r.  1? J-T K" iC J? J*S' J? Jp Ji" *? %'<��� J*.'" 1? {*.'��� 5*.'- �����" -J-P   *?���&&*?*?*?&*?*?&&<&*?*?&&*?  %','��� *}-.'��� ��"��� %<��� I*.'- tf J*'* S*.'* ��-��?.*<������!���'������ Si" S>* X*.* 7*      $. -.�� ��,* �� J* -J* vS* J* & & ���* J* & v* v5�� ~* &  tiwood  Many cases of eye��� ...t-roulile  are averted by early ...application of proper'lenses..''.''Present neglect means 'future  trouble.  ..;. J. L.WHITE-  '"  Druggist, and Optician, ���  Greenwood, B.C.  v*v.  v,v.  . vi'^  ' V'A  i*A  1 vft  ! vft  ! -h%  V.V  ! "*:?,  i V.V  ��if  lauoi  C  R  ���^.   ^    ^  '     ^,*   ^    ^  GRIEGJ2R, Manager.  A*  '��%  "tit  We.  //*  ���Aid  k ;}s :���**. ;���* ^ &.ji.l< "* -st ^ & &<* -.** ��* -? ���? *? *? *? & & * *? *? *? ���? *? *? * t? *?  THE NEW  r  i  Remodelleci, Renovated and Refurnished. Only the best Liquors and  Cig*ars. Prompt servicer 'Courteous  Treatment. Oood Rooms. , Modern  Conveniences'.   '";���  Hfc BBM  bb^'lty TOWN IS MADb t)V  CI ���  j  ���V  PORTMAN -&.PORTMAN*  Proprietors  ask For  m m  Men  employed at   the   Coal   Creek I family quarrels.    A convention might Conveniences.   '":*.'*. The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops.   Try  ���mines w��e ostensibly forced to leave be   a   good   thing   and   Ralph  Smith j Fred B.   Mlinil, Manager. | It! It is kept  Ofi draught Cf ifl Bottles by  all the leading Hotel /"  THE    BOUIm >AY  CREEK   TIMES  Pao*e 3  Business Directory.  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING.  GREENWOOD TRADING CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  BOARD OF TRADE.  MEATS, ETC.  P. I'URNS & CO.,  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FR13D B. HOLMES,  Agent,    Collector,     Janitor.       Large  warehouse for  storing* g-oods.  P.O. Box 25     Residence opp, city hall.  ASSAYERS-  WALTER E. SEGSWORTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  W. ELSON~  Merchant Tailor.  Copper Street.       Opp. Windsor Hotel.  BARBER SHOPS.  GREENWOOD  BARBER SHOP.  W. Frawi.rv, Prop.  Finest Bath Tubs in city.     Baths 25c.  Razors Honed.  Copper Stree}.       -     Greenwood, B.C.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :      ham-htt."  r^^T^o  J Bedford MVNcIII'k   Greenwood, !"?  t-onKH   ���< Moreinir & Ncal's ���  ��  '    T  'M *.      ���*.  MCLEOD <& BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notariks Public, Etc.  Offices: Wallace-Miller block. Copper si met,  fireenwoorl, 1>.C.  J. R. Bkown. J. y. McLiion.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B.C  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    anj-3 Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,   ;      ;      ;      ;    B.   O.  A.  E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engincerim*-: Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (next Customs oflice.)  GREENWOOD, li. C.  S. BARRY YU1LL  PKACTICAI.       WATCIIMAKKK        AND  |K\VK1.IJ'*K.  All work I'uaranteivl    (GREENWOOD.  For Cood Rigs  and Saddle Horses  -go to Tm-:-  A. C. DAVIES,  Manager.  Gratifying in I crest is being* taken in  the weekly meeting*.*-; of the Hoard of  Trade, Pinch ineetiiiy is well attended  and all take part: in the discussions.  This week's meeting was an exception  to the rule. President G u>. K. Naden  presided.  The market committee reported their  interview with the council which was  considered satisfactory. The same  committee were .nithorizcd to prepare  a circular letter for distribution amoiif-*  the farmers, such letter to point out  the ad vantages of a market aud asking-  for their co-operation.  Messrs. Bunting* and Dempsey, K.  W, Bishop and Walter JS. Seg-sworlli  were elected members of the board.  Tha committee appointed to arrange  for the yisic of the members of the  American institute of mining* engineers, asked for further time to report.  In this connection Mr. Jacobs read  extracts from a letter from R. W.  Brock of the geological department in  which he referred to nn address delivered.by himself before the institute and  the astonishment expressed that **he  Boundary district should play such an  important p-irt in ihe copper world.  The advertising committee reported  making* several suggestions one of  which was that the secretary of the  hoard should act as correspondent for  outside newspapers. After considerable discussion Duncan Ross was added to the committee and they were  given further time to report.  J'. C. Haas of Spokane and formerly  of Greenwood was present and he gave  the board some valuable suggestions  regarding advertising the high  grade ores near Greenwood. Duncan  Ross read a letter from F. C. Bailey of  Spokane in which he offered to keep  ad exhibit of Boundary ores and distribute literature regarding- the same  free of charge. Mr. Bailey is interested in properties at the head of Providence creek. No definite action was  taken in the matter.  The mayor was asked to call a public  meeting* to discuss the advisability of  holding- a Victoria Day celebration.  Mf-srs.   Brown   and   Galloway  ���_���-v *  ,i ��� ii sting reports of the annual iiu *.. i-  ing* of the Associated Boards of Trade.  J. L. White suggested that a handsome souvenior of Greenwood and  Boundary mines should be prepared  for presentation to the American  engineers and distribution elsewhere.  The suggestion met villi hearty approval and the committee on advertising will consider the matter further.  C. W. Wilson wished the board to  discuss the application for a 25 year  exclusive electric lijjht franchise.  Mayor Smailes explained that there  was nothing before the council at present, The application of the company  was not acted upon and no alternative  proposition Pad as yet been submitted.  Robert Wood made the capital suggestion that the board offer some encouragement to those who beautified  their grounds and kept their places  neat and tidy. Members stated that  "outsid'efs"If-lcT 7il ready iifade compli-  mentary references to the tidy appearance of the city but much more  could be done in this direction. The  matter will be considered at the next  meeting.  A committee consisting of Dr.  Spankie. M. F. Myttou and the secretary were appointed to solicit new  members. Next Weclresday the annual meeting* will he held and officers  elected.  Near McNeill's Feed Store.  Liberal Association.  Well Attended Meeting-Held on Wednesday Evonini:-  A largely a i tended nu'cliiig of the  Greenwood [viiirr-.il association was  held in the Hoard of Trade moms on  Wednesday evi-uiiir. Pri-.-ident Ilroivn  presided. A letter was read from '.lie  Vancouver Liberal association suggesting* another provincial convention  The Greenwimd association decided  that the lime was inopportune f'.r a  convention. It was also decided to  furnish the provincial executive wiili a  list of officers and tne lee i.il" 2r- cents  p;r member.  The ��� association decided to wire  Senator Templeman and Mr, Galliher.  M. P. recommending tint Yale-Cariboo district lie subdivided into two  making Kootenay district one and the.  counties of Yale and Cariboo the  other.  Messrs. Ross, Keith. McArthur and  the president were appointed a committee to draft resolutions urging an  appropriation for a federal building in  Greenwood, also that, ('ireeuwood be  made a port of entry. The city council  and the Board of Trade will be askud  to co-operate in pressing   these  resolu  tions.  The matter of organizing an electoral district association was discussed  and after some routine business the  meeting adjourned.  UNTIE & DEMPSEY  Contractors and Builders.  I3STIMATICH     FURNISHED      FOR  ALT,  KINDS OF WORK.  GREENWOOD, :  :   :   B. C.  IHMWIIUM'IHIII MII'IIIIUHKHH-lll  Mi III Hill I'l IIHh'1")!.  '      .1'ill   I li    11       I  E. W. BISHOP  STEAMFITT1NG, HOT  WATER KEATING,  Estimates Giv-n.      Satisfaction   Guar,'  an teed.  Naden-Flood Block, Greenwood*  K- a*.** *? j**? jf* fi- j*."* j? j-.* j*? *? *? j? t? J*?* t? X"  Chocolates  -AND���  Bon Bons  IN THE CITY,  ��� ����� JU* &9'?      ���*���*���* B/"-St-BB IS ������  For   Your     Sweetheart   or  Wife.  ii. A, KING' & io.,  COPPER STREET.  '.V*  Vf*   '.��"  1*5* t?* W* c5**  (-5* t��* i?"*  t��^ ���/& <0* -js* *��r* vv*  ti-v*  ���*���* ���j* *2* *i* *r* ���������^������r* **r** **2*"-*i* *2* ���i* ���** ���***r**��*��r**r*,*2* ���?*<5>*TM5ifr^**%  ���^ y�� �� v#�� w^ rf T��"��"iTTiTV'y ^    -r^  ���:��:��:.c<<.<.<..:.<.C'N.;.,:.^>:.<��:..x��<^:">*x��w  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.  SKATES^SHARPENED.  PAINTING AND-���  SIGN WORK.  : Copper St.    Greenwood.  ���>.>.;..>.*;..;..-;..>��>.j4.j..J..;..j..;��;..;..*;..*;..*;..j.v*;,.j..;Mj.,j.  :'*������  j'. Well  heated   rooms   at  iiioilcra ,<���   .*.  V l-ii'iees.      Also     first   class   board   Y  .;. '                                                                      y  ���> bv dav or week.                                     ���-���  v "                                                                v  * THI-.'  SWAYNIC   HOUSI.C.         ��  ���> Silver Street,             y  ���>:��� -                         ���>  d-reoimowv.        .;.  LIMITED.  m  *��������*  ps-a-g  '^- f+- *���r*- i.R'--*. Ifl* WR        ' BW^k        Ail?  / Vrf   iSfe     *tb*E    .IB.SS-'        Ki   *\>  il'fiti'fS   fe-3  i i HhII  rZa@s&&8&  Store Where Goods and Prices Are  Always-'Right '.".'.-���  ^mmmmwmwmwmwmmmwjmid  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  �� 0  Capital, all paid up $12,000,000.  Rest  .$8,000,000.  President.   Lokd Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:    Hon. Gkokgi; A. Dkummond.  General Manager:    E. S   CLousroK.  Branches in London, Eng. -\ All^V^iffiL \ New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling* Exchange and Cable Trunsfers ; Grant Commercial an*'���  Travellers'' Credits, availatile in any part'of the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  **=��>  *K=0  ���te9  **=��>  **=��)  *h=P  *n=9  **9  TmmwmmmmMmmmimmmsimm  rECfl���  ;ANR OF (COMMERCE  Willi Which is Incorcoratcd  >F BRITISH C  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,500,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B, E. WALKER. General Manaeer  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  P. O, BOX 296.  'PHONE 179  *   JU  WHOLESALE CJKOCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOQUET, OUR SPECIAL  EL JUSTILLO,       EL CONDOR,       SARANTIZADGS,    SCHILLER  Corner  Alexander Street arid Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.  ^t����><��C.��>0��M',J"t��!"t''��I*,t����>��!����M~;����>��M��*,>��J*��>  Wf-IERAL ACT.  Certif'Mte of Improvements-  J V't'.i    -soticj*.  KAl'.'-'ilK ICIXC; Miii-.-r.-il Cl.-iim. viuniic iu III,.  S : fill- K'ivt'i- Miiiinu* I'i-. ision of Yitlf l)is.  I^j,'!. W'lH'ic liifMiod : (.In Hiirsi'sluii.  *^Clntil;iiii, *,I;tin Kt*ti U' Riv.M*. Iviuy 'soinli-  ,:i*i>* frtmi tin* ll.-irD.i'o niiiu-ra] claim.  T.AKE XOTICI-: thai we Alex. Waddi-ll,  K.. Sullivan, . I. S. lfaii-ision and M. Mc-  Mvmi. !'*n*e Miner;.��� CertilU-ati; Nos. |{ -10.450:  1J-40.-1-M: I! .til.^ild, anil IJ -H'.u*: i*es|,ectivcly, in-  U'rul ;;i.\t_\* day* li'oni I lie date hereo!. \<> apply  t'ltlie Miniiij.' iTCiiriloi* I'm* a cerlifictiif nf Ini.  provemeriis. iov ilu; nnrjic'se of oliiainiu^ a  crown flrrint of ilu; aboy*' cl.-iini.  Anil /iinlu'i* lake notice thai action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the is-  su.'iiu-:' of such ceniticaie of Improvement;..  Ilu ted lliis ;,lst dny of Mav. A. D. I'll)*:.  �������fit**��*o4s�� #o* si #is *���:!,���?��:. ����� ��i���� ���� ������������? �� st #��� si��o xtst * snlf �������������������� ��so *# <io n�� *  Cr-ti^,)  *  fit  o  9  9  0  a  a  a  a  ��  ��  o  a  ��  a  *  a  *  p����s.M:r^MS#SfW����-:so***s:f��������is����i.'t!Si:H-4��*��*a*��-4ta*:i^  WHOLSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  Fresh and Cored Meats  Markets in all tlit* principle   towns   of   British   Columbia,  Alberta and the Yukon.  <-,C-">*4*K*"C,*I'"I~t*^M*~M~I*',��MI<,M  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICK.  I'*Oi;w'riI.->l'*-JlTLY. .Mineral Claim, sitjate  in the Kmile River MiniiiL' Iii vision of Yali-  lUs-.rict. Wln-re located:���Xear t.<> Cativon  Creek. Main Keltic River.  TAK J* XTOIC1-; tli.-n we Alex. Waddell and  Y.. Snl li\-:ni. Free Miners' certitic.-ue Nos.  I!. *lii,+54i:iiid i!.4!i.4+'l respcciively. iiiteiui. sixtv  davs iroiii the date hereof, to apply to the  Muiiit-j* Recorder for a CYrtilicaic of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crnu-ii  <", rant of ihe above claim.  A-id funher take m>iice tliai aetiou under  section .">7. eiust be commenced before the issu-  ,,;ice or'sncli Certificateof Iniprovctnani**  l'ai.-d thi*-.list, day of May. A. I). V'-Q.  DEALERS IN  i  JITfTDF  CARPETS.!  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  i v ���-- v*  |t    COPPER STK'EET. GREENWOOD. *Y  1 ? * Pac 4  THE    BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  ^^hx~>��x~k-^'<~x-^~x~:~x**x����x->  t  '4  X Will not go on  forever.  |  ���^-������--.y-  -��� ��  S It . needs? fixing some- j*  A ��{���  X times."-TC   That is our X  ^ **;:;*t ������;"'���;          ���-" 4;  X business.  TC Don't wait %  *    ���}-���'������:    *  v unti,l your watch gets $  X clo'g.gefl' up and won't X  i go--;- Have,* -it  cleaned. *j>  A. LOGAN & CO.  Watchmaker  end Jeweller.  GREENWOOD, B.   C. f  ^���^J*h^Ji��$m$mJ.*h^J��2^^  r^r  FUMITUKE  CARPETS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotel& and finest  residences in B.C. were fur-   -  -. nishedbv us throughout  p~:.VK)S.  ViC'i'tflt*.'*..   ii. C.  We Handle New as Well as  2nd Hand Goods.  -All Lines of-  House Goods  Tin, Granit and Dilf Ware,  -TSlour Cans*;-Bird Cages,  Wash Boilers, Beds, Spring's,  Mattresses; Tobacco, Harness,  Saddle*,Trunks, Etc., Etc.  We .hare a -fine line of New  Cook Stoves and Ranges, and we  will exchange for your old stove.  WE BUY EVERYTHING.  "WO, I. C, New and 2nd  Hand Store,  A. L. WHITE & CO.  .MINERAL, ACT.  Ce-ftnfi;j<.e of Improvement.  NO-TICK.  ,1.4 YOUNG GKOKGH Mineral  , .;,lr n the Kettle River Minim,'  ' f "iile District. Where located :  *.*. tamp.  '-JV1CB tliat I. Joint P. McLeod,  '.(���itiUcate No. B54V54 as ag*cnt for  ��� . free Miner's Certificate No. II  ''���iii.' la J. Finucane Free Miner's  i^ruuc*'!* ^o. B74202 internl sixty  daytt froi'.. Hi; 4��tc hereof to apply to Hit  mixilnif re.i*'-i.'-i for tc-ertificate of improve  tueut for f-f purpose , obtaiulnj i crown  (frantH far J". ���. ���'<: claim*.  Aud furt'j.i ike notice that action i.:dei  section 37 J n ii. b' commenced befo--: the is-  Hianco of --KU i:��rtificateof improveir '..its.  Dated fu ,' I"*?**-*'* day of December.. O., 1902.  .   wi��i'�� ���*���       j   p   McLKOn  Last issue March 23  AKLOTV  i Uiin.  -    Dlvlsii  Haw C  TAKE  Tv  Free Mini:.'  Andrea Vt.)  3023*1 and  Certificate  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To J.S.MCCLINTOCK, JOHN REYNOLDS  aad any others concerned :  Yon are hereby notified that I lmve;expende<l  in labor and improvements on the ���'Deerhorn*'  Mineral cl��im, situated in Deadwood Camp, in  the Kettle River Mining* Division of Yale District, the utim of $100.0o, and $2.50 for recording  th�� umi, such beiuu the amount rei|tured;3ncl  nec��9eary to hold the said claim under: the  provisions of the -'Mineral Act" and Aimindliii.'  Acts; and if at the expiration of ninety-days  from the date of the first publication o.f this  notice In the Boundary Creek .Times you fail  or r -fnao to contribute your portion of such expenditure, namely $n".l" together with all costs  of advertising, your Interest, in said mineral  Claim shall become vested in me (your co-owner;  ���pon fllinr In the prope, office in that behalf  the affidavit required by Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.'*  Dated this 3rd dav of March, 1903.  ROSE C. DAVKY.  *ka��t jKiVltea-Ooo Joa* 15.  Local and Personal.  t>*-��****^M-**'-?��>^  3&"  .x..:..:^x^x~:-x~M-x��x-:-x��;-:'H>  A. H. Sperry returned from Spokane  on Tuesday.  J. C. Haas and \V. T. Smith came in  from Spokane this week.  James 1). Sword. M. R., lias returned  from n business trip to Idaho.  K. M. Stephen of Grand Forks was  a visitor to the city this week.  Walter J. Ball, a Tacoma insurance  man, was in the city this week.  F. H. Oliver, manager of the Morrison Mines, L,td., was in the city last  week.  Chas. E. Betts, manager of the Cariboo mine, Camp McKintiey, was in the  city this week.  Special meetings will be conducted  at the Salvation Army Hall, March 31  and April ls^t, by Brigadier Hargrave  of Spokane. Everyone is cordially invited to attend these meetings.  Paul Johnson left on Saturday for  Prince of Wales Island,. Alaska, to  look over the ground preparatory to  erecting a smelter there. On his way  out ho arranged to superintend the  erection of a smelter at Sandpoint,  Idaho, for the Panhandle Smelter company.  Geo. Findlay, road superintendent,  having finished the work in protecting  the North Fork bridge, returned to the  city, this week and will proceed up the  West Fork to assist in rushing the  erection of the bridges. It it. likely  that the wagon road will also be com  pleted as quickly as possible.  E. E. Chipman, Kaslo, Dr. West-  wood and W. J. Cook, Grand Forks,  were over on Thursday to attend the  meeting of the Masonic lodge. * Mr.  Chipman is Grand Master of the order  and his visit was an official one. The  local brethern suitably entertained  the distinguished visitors.  On Tuesday the 24th the first base  ball game of the season was played at  liotindav-y Falls between the- Greenwood nine and the smelter nine. The  play was lively from start to finish  and resulted in a score of 21 to 13 in  favor of Greenwood. A return match  will be played in the near future.  At meetings of the Greenwood and  Rambler Tennis clubs held last week  it was resolved to amalgamate the two  cliibs into one. A meeting has been  called for'Monday night the 30th inst.,  at 8:15 p. ni., in the Board of Trade  rooms to elect officers for the ensuing  season and to discuss other matters of  interest. l<ast year's members of the  two clubs and intending new members  are requested to attend.  The committee appointed by the  Board of Trade to look into the matter of establishing a market in Greenwood, interviewed the members of the  city council at their regular meeting  on monday evening. .The committee  which is comprised of Julius Ehrlich  chairman, Geo. R. Naden and W. M.  L,aw said that they were anxious to  secure the co-operation of the council  in establishing a market here. Mr.  Ehrlich pointed out the advantages of  having a market here. It would benefit the town and also the farmers. It  would centralize trade ir Greenwood.  With a market establish"-! hotel men  and boarding* house keepers from surrounding"camps "would "come here "to  secure supplies. The scheme would  not be made a success unless house to  house peddling was discouraged and  he understood that the license on peddlers could be increased sc that it would  be more profitable to sell in the merket  than peddle.  After some discussion the council  passed a resolution endorsing the project and offered the committee every  reasonable encouragement towards the  establishment of such a market.  The street committee was authorized  to carry out. certain improvements on  Lonisa street, clean the crossing and  do other needed work.  After some routine work the council  adjourned until Friday evening when  several by-laws will be reconsidered.  New Organdies, New Dress Linens, New Linen Skirting'  New Chambravs, New Dotted Swiss Muslins, New-  Linen Batic  N  ew  Dre  ss  New < irenadines,  New Black Dress Goods,  Trimmings, Prints.  H  ose.  New  New   Lace   Lisle  Cotton Hose.   New Shirt Waists  X New Blouses.    New Dress Skirts in  broadcloth,   cheviots.  t Venetians   and  Lustres,   richly  trimmed   and  handsomely  finished, ���  I REKBELL & C0.    -��|  $<��:'M.:.M':~>:~:^  To-Wear  Associated Boards.  (Continued from page * 1  music, in fact everything connected  with the banquet showed that the -most  careful attention was directed towards  making the affair a success. W. R.  Ross president of the Fernio board  presided. The speeches were excellent.  At the sitting of the convention Mr.  Buchanan, the president, delivered his  annual address. He ably reviewed the  progress made during the year. Lack  of space precludes an extended reference to his address.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  nOUM.TUL"'  Mill-  in   lh.->   Kettle River  "DIAMOND J OK" ami  er.il   Claims   situate  Mininir Division (it Yale Distiicl  Where located in Summit Camp.  TAKE NOTICE Hint I. C. A. E. Shaw, airent  for James Russell l'*ree Miner's tertili ���  eaie No. 1554807. .1 nines C. Heleni. Viec Miner s  Certificate No, B55H85, Wellilljrtiiii Elson. Krt-e  Miner's Certificate N... iiS-WlH. livan I'-i'TV.  free Miner's Certificate No. JI55CK.H1. and William 11. .Peterson, Free Miner's Certificate *\o.  B 64807, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to applv 10 ihe Miiiinp Recorder for a Ceriilicate of' Iniprovements, for the purpose ol  obtaining* a Crown Grants of the ahove claims.  Arid further take notice that action, andei  section ">7. must he coiiiMenced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements-.  Dated this 20th dav of March, A. D. 1003.  C..A. E. SHAW, P. I,. R.  MINERAL ACT, WOO.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  "MAYFLOWER" "GILLIE MAY" and"7:3o*'  Mineral Claims, situate in the Ketlle River  Mininir Division of Yale District. . ���  Where Located :    On Horseshoe Mountain.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  airent for Herbert R- Davidson, Free  Miner's Certiiicate No. IS 41')<-5. intend  sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Minl'iis* Recorder for certificates ot Iniprovements, for the purpose of obtaining crown  irrants ofthe above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicatesof improvements.  Dated thisMth dav of Eebruury. 1003.    *May27 I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "Hlf'.HLAN'lER^ FRACTIONAL-'   M inenU  Claim, situaie in  the Kettle River Milling  Division of Yale Distric.  Where located :    In Heaver camp.  TAKE NOTICE, that 1. Isaac II, Hallett, as  airent for John Thomas Bell, Pree Miner's Certificate No. H554M), and John V. Anderson, Free Miner's Certiiicate No. JJ30271, intend, sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ofohtaiuinsr Crown  Giant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, uudei-  sectiou 37. must be commenced before the is  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 18th day of Fehiuar,. !').I3.  *Mav2i 1. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT.  CANADIAN  RAILWAY.  Until April 30th the Canadian Pacific  Railway company are offering* reduced  rates to settlers from the east to points  in the Kootenay country. Those having friends in  New York, Boston,  Halifax, St. John,  Montreal, Ottawa,  Toronto, Buffalo,  Winnipeg, Chicago,  St. Paul.  or any other eastern point wishing to  have them settle in or visit the Koot  enay will <fo well.to take advantage of  the exceptional offer now placed before  the public by the Canadian Pacific  Railway.  For  time tables rates and information, apply to local agent  .   E. R. REDPATH, Agent,  Greenwood.  E. J. COYLK, J. S. CATER,  A.O P.A.. Vancouver. D.P.A. Nelsoa  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "HIGHLAND LASS-'  Mineral Cl.iim. sitiale  iu the Kettle River Mininif Division of Yale  District.  Where located *    In Beaver camp.  T A KK NOTICK, that I. Isaac II. Hallett. as  airent for John Thomas Bell, Free Miner's Certiiicate No. U5.vW,(>, and C.eoru'e Arthur  Reddell, l1'ree Miner's Ceriilicate >.'<>. B4IW3.  intend. sixtv days from Ihe dale  hereof, to apply to the Minir.*.' Recorder tor  Certificates of Improvements, tor Ihe purpose  ol obtainiuir Crown Grant of the above claim.  Aud further lal.c notice that action, under  section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this2l>tll dav of (February, VMX.  ��Mav 27 ' i-.'l. UALLliTT.  MINERAL ACj'j;i896.  Certificate of Imwovem/ent.  NOTICE. k  MOLD FINCH Mineral Claim, suii-JJe in llio  Kettle River Miniuir Division)'ol Yale  District.   Where located :   Ski-lark camp  TAKE NOTICK that I, John P. McLeod  Free Miner's Certificate No. I5S-W5+ as  ajrent for Charles W. II. S.iusom. Free Miner's  Certificate No. H. S417S., intend, sixty days from  the date iiereof,-to apply 10 the Mininir Kec  order for a Certificate of Improvement!*; for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to  the above claim.  And  furtlier take notice that action,  undei  section 37,  must be. commenced  before the is  suance of such Ceriilicate of Iniprovements.  Dated this 13th day of December. l')02.  J. P. McLICOD.  Last issue March 31.   The annual Easter concert by the  Methodist church, to be given on  Easter Monday, April l.*5th. promises  to be a very interesting one. A good  programme is beintr iircpurcd to be  given by the best local talent and  others from outside our city. Tickets  will be on sale iu a few days. Price  25 cents,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "BLACK DIAMOND" Mineral Claim, situate  in  the   Kettle  River   Mining   Division   of  Yale. District.  Where Located .   On Beaver Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac II. allett, as  agent for Robert "Wood, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 1155455. l.eorge Smith. Free  Miner's Ceriilicate No. B41753, William E. Mc-  Boyle. Free Miner's Certificate No. 1155407,  William Kintz, Free Miner's Ceriilicate No.  U30599, George McKague, Free Miner's Certificate No. I!54S')S and William Olson. Free Miners  Certificate No. 1J3DS72. inieud, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply to.the Mining Reeorder  fora Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose .1' obtaining ":i Crown Grant of t'he above  claim  And further take notice thai action, under  section 37, must bo commenced before the issuance, of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated lliisotli day of Mnrv.li, A. IX, 1902.  I. II. HALLETT.  Last iseue 'Jilt Mav  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements.  NO'l'ICl*  '���TRAPPEK" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Ketlle Kiver Milling Division of Yale  District  Vv here Located : On Horseshoe Mountain.  '-p.\KE NOTICE, that I. Isaac II. Hallett,  J. as are.'U fur Herbert K.* Davidson, Free  Miner's C\ 'ilicate No. B4b.>i'5. and Henry II.  Thoeii. Free Miner's Certificate No. 1541731.  intend, sixtv days from the date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for >i Certificate  of improvements for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above clnim  And further tiilto notice  that iieiion, under  Section  37,   liiusl  he   commenced   before   th  issuance of such Ccrli*" '���nto of Improvement.  Dated this lOUiday of February,A. IX, |903.  I. li. HALLETT.  Last issue 13th May.  '   MINERAL ACT.     ���  Certificate of Improvements.  1-iOVIClC.  "DANDY" ;1 d liS0.8 PRISE FRACTIONAL'  Miner; 1 1' aims, -d'.uate iu the Kettle River  Miniiij,   ���! ivision of Vale District.  Where ��� 1 ated :    Greenwood Camp.  TAKE sOTICE 1h.1l 1. John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B54954, as  agent for Sydney M. .Tohitsou, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B4l7.il, Intend, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply 10 Hie Mining Recorder for a. Certiiicate <>f Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining tl Crown Grants of the  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificates of  Improveinents.  Dated this 12th day of March A. IX, 1903.  "-Last ���in'srMav'lS**'-'*��� "*:���-��� j-p; 'McLEOD  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  XoTtCE.  MYRTLE'* Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle. River Miuing Division of Yale  District.  Where Located : 111 Greenwood Camp.  AKE NOTICE that I, Isaac II. Hallett, a  ���igeul.for James Sutherland Chris-  holm Eraser, Free Miner's Certificate^ No.  B 42433, intend sixty davs from the  date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder  ior a Certificate ol Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a crown grout of the above  claim.  And   further take notice  that action, under  section  37, must  be commenced  before the is-  suanceof such certificatcof iniprovements.  Dated this 2nd dav of February, A. D. 1 903.  Last Issue April 23. I.  II.   HALLETT  T  ros*,  and  Examination  For Assayeis   For   License  to  Practice in British Columbia.  TN ACCORDANCE wilh section 12 of the  _L Bureau of Mines Act. examinations of efficiency in the practice of assaying will he neld  at Nelson, B. C.. ou 27th April, 1903, and on such  following days as may be found necessary.  Etitrait'-e for any examination must be made  in writing to the Secretary of the Board of Examiners, at least seven days before the date set  for 'beginning of examination, and must be  aaconipauie'l by the prescribed fee ($15).  The examiuatioii will consist chiefly of the  practical assaying of samples, and while the  Department of Mines will provide all the apparatus and chemicals usually necessary. 11  will not undertake to provide any special or  1111 usual appliances or chemicals which might  be called for. aud if a candidate should require  such he will have to provide them at his own  expense. ;  Candidates mrst provide themselves with  such platinum ware and sets of weig-hts as they  may require.  The Department of Mines will make 110  charge for the use of chemicals or apparatus,  Im! a candidate will be charged for all break-  agesor unnecessary loss caused by hi 1.  Any additional information desired may be  obtained from H. Carmichael, Secretary, Board  of Examiners, Victoria.  E. G." PRIOR,  Minister of Mines.  Deparlmentof Mines,  Victoria, B. C, I7th March, 1903.  Notice to Creditors.  in the matter of the estate of George Munroe  late of Boundary Falls In the District of  Yale, Farmer, deceased. ���   ' * ':  NOTICE is her-r.by given that all creditors  and others having claims against the  estate, of the said George. Munroe, who died on  or about ihe 2fith day of Jauuarv, 1903, are required, on or before the. I2th day of May, 1903,  10 send by post prepaid or to" deliver to the  undersigiied. Greenwood. B. C. their Christian  and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the  full particulars of their claims, the statement  of their accounts mid the nature of the sccuti-  ties, if auy, lield by ttieiu.  And further take notice that after such last  mentioned date the undersigned will proceed to  distribute the assets of the deceased among  the parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to the claims of which he shall then have  notice, and the undersigned will not be liable  for the said asset? or any part thereof to any  person or persons of whose claims notice shall  not have been received by him at the time of  sttch distribution.  Dated the.'4th day of March, A. D. 1903.  T. M. GULLEY,  Administrator of the estate of  April 27. George Munroe, deceased.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To C. IX CAMPBELL, and PETER MCBRIDE, late of Greenwood, in Yale Dis-  trict :���  Sirs : You are hereby notified that I have  expended One Hundred Dollars (S10O.0O) in hav- .*  ing the "���Admiral" Minera, Claim, situate iu  Providence Camp in the Ketlle River Mining  Division of Yale District iu British Columbia,  surveyed, to count as an assessment, and the  further sum of 32.50 in recording such* survey  as au assessment in order to hold said claim  under the provisions of Section 24 of the "Mineral Act," as will appear hy a Certificate of  Work recorded iu theofiice of* the Mining Recorder for the Ketlle River Miuing Division of  Yale District, oil the 12th day of May, 1902;  such expenditure being tlie ambu-.t required lo  hold thesaid claim forthe vear ending on the  14th day of May. 1902:  And if within ninety days after the publication of this notice, you, or either of you fail or  refuse to pay or contribute your portion of the  expenditure required under said section 24, together wilh your portion of all costs of advertising. 1 lie interest of such of you as fail or  refuse to*, contribute your portion of said expenditure and costs of advertising, shall become vested iu the subsetiber (your co.owner)  under section 4* of the -'Mineral Act 'Amendment Act, 190D."  Dated at Greenwood.  B.C.,  this  13th  davof  March, 1903.   Last issue June 13.  H.\!.i.r.TT ,-v Shaw.     THOMAS HEMMERLE.  Solicitors.  Poultry Pointers.  W. I*\ Brace, (single comb Brown  I.ejfhorns specialist) won at the recent  show held in Madison Square Gardens  (one of the hottest shows ever held in  New York), six prizes. I have some  fine birds hatched from eq**gs from the  same niatmg*s, from which I will sell a  few settings at SI-50 per 13. First  come, first served.  Can also spare a few thoroughbred  Mammoth Pekin duck eg-^s, at SI.SO  per dozen.    Imported :*iock.  J. J. BANNERMAN,  r.oundary Falls.  Gee. O. Madig-.in provincial boiler Gordon T. Park of the Hunter-Kend-  inspector was in the city this week ac- rick company. Grand Forks is spend-  coinpanied by Mrs. Madigan. ing- a few days in the city.  3u$f arrfaecL  A Large assortment of  English Jn Jiibes and other  fancv candies.  "~unr��c  Copper Street.


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