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Boundary Creek Times Sep 25, 1903

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 /6  Vol. 8.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. 1903.  No. 4  HINTS ONCOMFORT  FOR AUTUMN SHOPPERS,  THIS is the time of year that tells on your pocket-book.  Warm Clothing, shoes, woolens, blankets, comforters, etc., soon  mount up, and;yet it pays to have them. It insures comfort and  saves doctors'bills. No pains have been spared in securing a  complete assortment of all, lines required for fall trade and we  have cut.the prices very fine.  UNDERWEAR  Ladles'and Children's  QWoolen and Union goods in all  prices and sizes. . Penman's celebrated combination suits will please  the most fastidious. Every piece  guaranteed; absolutely unshrinkable.  Shoes  Our shoe department is receiving  spe ;ial attention and merits the patronage of economical people who  are particular about their comfort  and appearance. A large shipment  of Weston's shoes for children just  to hand-also a full line of felt slippers.  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Senator Templeman in reference to Mr. . McBride's motive in ��� so  doing, as well as to the political situation generally in British Columbia.  When asked if he could give the reason  for the McBride government changing  the date of the general election from  the 31st of October to the 3rd of October, and fixing the nominations on the  19th inst., thus shortening the / time  one month���the Senator said the only  one he could at the moment assign was  "pure cussedness" on,the part of Mr,  McBride, but as he was not on the  ground, and had received no information as to the reason for cutting four  weeks off the time previously arranged  for, he might be doing the Premier, an  injustice in so describing what seemed  at first sight, an unnecessary if not an  unjustifiable act; .  ;���������' IV was suggested to. the Senator that  probaply the Lieutenant Governor had  intimated to Premier McBride the pro-*  'priety of-making _. an earlier appeal to  the electorate than he had intended, but  on this point the Senator.could ;nbt express an opinion.  "Possibly," he said, "there may be  something in.that, but I doubt it. lam  rather inclined to; think Mr.-McBride is  manoeuvering to obtain an advantage.  He made a tour of the province, and  found out, very likely, that his cause is  steadily losing ground.' If he waited another month, he very properly reasons,  his party wiU be overwhelmed, and so  he has determined to try and snatch a  victory before his opponents are ready.  But it will not succeed. The liberals  may not be ready for the contest, 'but  neither are their opponents, and on that  score there is no advantage on either  _sid_��.=_^=__=_._=___^     ..=._.._. ^^^^^.^.^  "Neither party has all its candidates  nominated yet; probably not more than  one-third of the whole number are in  the field. And nomination day is only  twelve days away! Yes, we do things  differently in British Columbia to the  other provinces, but the other provinces  have not got the same kind of political  strategists in office that British Columbia."  Reminded that theLiberals were lead-  erless, and reported to be divided,  while the Conservatives were in power,  with all the influence of patronage at  their back, and hence the conditions  at this distance would seetn to be in  favor of the latter, Senator Templeman  replied that conditions could not be accurately guaged at such long range.  '���It is,'* he said, "British Columbia's  misfortune to be misjudged in more  ways than one. The Conservatives  have the position, but the Liberals  have the better.cause and the numbers.  They have only to stand together to  control the situation. Because there  is no officially proclaimed leader of the  Liberals timid friends may fear that  the party is thereby at a disadvantage,  while the Conservatives would not hesitate to point to that facl, as an evidence of weakness. In my opinion a  united party without a leader is infinitely stronger than a disunited party  with ta leader. Sir John Thompson  was at one time the Conservative  Premier of Nova Scotia. On one oc-  cassion he appealed to the people, and  was opposed by the Liberals, who had  ; no leader. The ��� Liberals were  victorious, and subsequently, from  among the representatives they then  returned, there wai selected one of the  most successful Provincial Premiers  who has ever been in public life in  Canada, the Hon. W. Fielding, at present Finance Minister of the Dominion.  What was done in Nova Scotia will be  repeated in British Columbia. There  may not be a Fielding among our candidates, it is true, but it is equally true  that the gentleman who leads our opponents is far from being a Sir John  Thompson. After the elections the  Liberals can select from among their  number as the Nova Scotia Liberals  did, one who as Premier will give to  the Province stable and honest government, which is above everything else  the one thing that it is most in need  of."  ',��  Asked to explain the platforms of the  two parties, the Senator laughed, and  said:. '"Really, I cannot do that; I have  not seen them. I suppose, however,  that while there may be printed plat-  forrhsrespecting local issues, both Liberals and Conservatives will pin their  faith to the policies and records of their  respective parties in the Dominion field.  Political.platforms seem to be considered necessary, and when they contain  principles that can and should be given  effect;;to in legislation, they no doubt  serve* ,ja useful purpose. But to my  mind the best platform is a good record -and the worst a bad one. Both  partieshave records to be judged by,  the Liiierals'in the Dominon field only,  because theyhave never been the ruling paj-ty iii-provincial affairs, and the  Conservatives in both Provincial and  Dominion. For twenty years Conservative politicians, practising Conservative itt'ethods, have always been in the  ascendent. In both spheres the Conservatives have records, and by these  records rather than by their present-  day platforms, or the promises of Mr.  McBride on the stump, will be judged  Mr. McBride has inherited the sins of  his political forefathers, and they are  so great that all the waters of the  Fraser cannot wash them away. It  may be the old gang will die with Mr.  McBride's defeat, but until he is defeated, the danger that it will be perpetuated in him and. his colleagues,,  and mis-rule so be continued, is very  great indeed. As yet the snake has  beeu scorched, not killed.  "The excellent character and high  standing of the Liberal candidates'this  far .placed in nomination is an indication of greater, interest in public af*  fajrs.t^your best citizens than ever before.' The personnel of the two tickets  will no doubt have much to do with the  result, for our people, or many of them,  will Continue to be influenced, by the  personallity of the rival. candidates.  It will take them some time to become  imbued with the real party instinct."  "Of course there is no use disguising  the fact that the Liberals have had in  the past divisions in their ranks, just as  their opponents have today, But they  have not been divisions arising out of  disagreements in respect to any question of policy or principle. They have  been mostly of a trivial kind and gen.  erally the natural outcome of. the "no-  party" system that has prevailed in  British Columbia ever since it was given responsible government.   It wasim-  party to go to the poll to defeat (lie  common enemy, that is tlie only thing  that should concern our political friends  or the public al present. This is the  only thing we have now to do. Afterwards the Liberals elected will choose  the leader and that leader will lead a  united Liberal party.  "Great things 'will be doing' in British Columbia during the next five years.  We are going to build a great transcontinental railway from the Pacific to  the. Atlantic, five hundred miles of  which, costing $25,000,000 will be in  British Columbia. What that will mean  to th�� province in growth-of population  and the development of marvellous  natural resources, every person who  has resided in British Columbia since  the completion of the C. P. R. (save  Senator McDonald and Mr. Earle) can  tell. A Liberal goverdment is needed  at Victoria during those five years.  The Conservatives have been bungling  projected railway enterprises, long'  enough, and there would be a positive  danger in placing them in a position  to retard or hold up the Grand Trunk  Pacific. The only two Conservative  representatives at Ottawa, Senator  McDonald and Mr. Thos. Earle, M. P.  (Senator Reid being absent,) have done  all they could do to defeat this maghi-  fiicent enterprise. In the regretable  partisan spirit displayed, they represented it is but reasonable to . suppose  the views of the Conservatives of British Columbia, chief among whom are  Mr. McBride and hi* colleagnees. 'if  the people of British Columbia desire  that railway to be built; and at a cost  to them of not one dollar, they should  see to it that that the men who oppose  its construction are not placed in a position to defeat their wishes. There  will be other railway building British  Columbia during the next year or two,  avd on the completion of the G. T. -P.  lines to the north and south, opening  up vast mineral and agricultural areas  now absolutely valueless, will, rapidly  follow. What the C. P. R* has done  in developing the southern fringe of  the Province will be.duplicated by the  G. T. P. in the center, possibly even to  a- greater'- degree because the- *natural  difficulties to be" surmounted, are less  while the natural resourcesof the country are known to be equally as great,  This, then, it is not the time to place  ni en in power at Victoria who are ready  to kill a preject calculated to do, so  much for British Columbia. For this  reason alone if0 for no other (and of  course there are others) the best interests of the Province require that a Liberal Government shall rule British Columbia after the 3rd day of October  next. ;    i  "And do you know," added tne Senator, "I think the Liberals will be victorious.   The old gang must go."  THREE ARE  I  Nominations Took Place on  Saturday Last.  IS NOW ON  The Men Behind the Party Nominees  of Greenwood Riding.  possible that Liberal shoulbbe arrayed  against Liberal or that Conservative  should be arrayed against Conservative  in the so-called "no-party" struggles  of the past and no friction result between party friends. Both parties in  Victoria have but to recall the last bye  election to admit the truth of this statement. But whatever the divisions in  the respective parties, or whatever  their causes, there is no longer the  semblance of an excuse for maintaining  them. The Conservatves will come together at the last moment if they have  not'already done so, and even Col; Prior,  ex-Premier, may yet be found championing the cause of the party, a section  of which was responsible with the Liberals for his expulsion and downfall.  If the Conservative can finding standing room with the party led by McBride, the Liberals can with greater  propriety and less sacrifice of principle,  unite under one banner. Those who  decline to do so will be working almost  as effectively in behalf of the Conservatives as though they actually joined  the "old gang" that for twenty years  has given to British Columbia the  worst government that any province in  Canada has ever had.  "There is no split In the Liberals  ranks that I know of, and no friction  that may not be made to dissappear.  The leadership question, as agreed to  by the executive, will be settled imediately after the election a ni in a way  satisfactory to all. It is ac.ording to  precedent that the representatives select their leader and in voluntary r< -  signing the position and submitting- ilie  selection to the decision of the representatives to be elected, Mr. Martin  clearly indicated that he approve.) ot  the constitutional course being foll*-w.'-l  at the outset of party government in  British Columbia. In so doing, Ith.nl;  Mr. Martin not only acted wisels b i  unselfishly a. <1 in the best inere^:> ������!  the party as awhole. Mr. Martin having thus made it possible for a united  JieJiuick.,  Not a minute should be lost after a  child shows symptoms of cholera infantum. The first unusual looseness ofthe  bowels should be sufficient warning. If  immediate and proper treatment is  given, serious csnsequences will be  averted. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy is the sole reliance of thousands of mothers and by  its aid they have often saved their  children's Uvea. Every household  should have a bottle at hand. Get it  to-day. It may save a life. For sale  by J. L. White, Greenwood, and A. F.  Thomas Midway.  . Different localities have methods of  handling the same business. The  Manitoba nomination day is generally  a'bnsy time for the political parties and  their candidates, long speeches bv political chiefs being the order of the day.  In'B.'C. the candidate quietly steps  down to the office and -files, his own  nomination papers and that is all there  is about it. A glance through the  different documents' shows that the  nominction of Dr. J. E.- Spankie was  proposed by James Kerr, seconded by  J. E. Flemming, Dan McVicar, Sydney  Johnson and John Munroe.  Ernest Mills proposed by J. J. Caulfield, seconded by W. J.;��� Kirkwood,  Thos. Lightbody, Charles Wilson and  W. H. Mclntominy.  J, R. Brown Liberal candidate  was proposed pyK. I. Mckenzie Greenwood, seconded by James McNicol  Midway, Robert D. Kerr, D; O'Connor  Robert Wood, Angus Nicholson, Geo.  Reid arid fifty others. The candidates  of all parties and there lieutenants are  all out in the field and some hard work  will be done by all parlies between now  ond election day October 3rd.  .-..In additionktO: the list of polling  places, mentioned in the proclamation"  paper returning officer -Cunninghum  has added one at Rock Creek. This  will be a great convenience to the Rock  Creek voters who otherwise would have  to come to Midway.  COMMITTEE ROOMS.  SEPTEMBER 26th  .1.1/!*  Ill  CCliiig  AUDITORIUM,  OCTCmEHi 1st  Liberal Rally  COMMITTEE ROOMS,  OCTOBER 2nd   !  J   THE   BALLOT  Vote   for J.   R.   BROWN   and  Good Government  by  Marking Your Ballot as Shown Above. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  Tssued Every /Friday  I-unoan Ross Manaoino Editor  snii.SCRIPTJONS IN ADVANCE.  Pkk  Stx  Ykak    Months   ..   . ...�� 2 00  To  ���'OKKION  COHNTI.   .  ^)label>  <Ur.tlON(jg  PR I DAY,   SEPTEMBER  25  1903.   .  AN  APPEAL  TO    REASON.  For the past six or seven years  man}' of the sober, sensible electors of Greenwood have devoted  their energies towards making*  ;he Boundary district, a prosperous populous, mining* community*  with contented workmen and solid  enterprising* towns. Their work  to some extent has been crowned,  with success, but there have been,  some disappointments. In some  instances circumstances over  which the people had. no control  militated ag-ainst the rapid development of the district: in others  justice was secured only after  many appeals and well directed  efforts. For years the district  was practically disfranchised.  At first it was a portion of the  East Yale riding and when it was  fully entitled to representation of  its own, the Conservative government then in power instead of doing justice by' the Boundary attached it to the ��� Rossland riding.  We used the words Conservative  government advisedly. It was  better known as the Turner government but Mr. Turner boasted  on the public platform and in the  house that his government was a  conservative g-overnment from top  to bottom. It was only last year  that the was granted fair reipre-  sentatiom and this was secured  through the efforts of local Liberals and the small band of Liberals in the Legislature who at  that time held the : balance of  power. '.''.'.  This is  the first  time that the  electors    of   Greenwood    riding  have had an opportunity to  elect  a   representative of   their   own.  "Who shall be their choice ?    The  whole province and the great outside    world*   is    interested    in  the result ? .. Is the Boundary going to elect a level  headed man,  with   capacity    for    legislation,  in the best interests of the riding  and  the  province,   or is it going  to retttrn a man who even cannot  intelligentl)- exploit the- extarva-  " gailt th^rifeWlrt"th^^rtj^wKich  is behind him?     Surely the men  who have struggled in the Boundary for its success and its development,   and  for justice  in the  matter  of representation are not  going to jeopardize the future  of  the district   by returning. Ernest  Mills.    The only way to prevent  this is by voting for J. R. Brown  the      Liberal      candinate.    Dr.  Spankie's candidature is  the  result of the importunities of bitter  parti/.ans who worship Toryism  in preference to all else and whose  efforts are now being directed not  to elect their  man but to defeat  the Liberal candidate.    The electors who have not been carried  o  away by the specious arguments  of misguided enthusiasts should  \-ote for Mr. Brown. This appeal  is made not only to business men  but to laboring men who arewise  enough to see, that the growth of  socialism means death to their  unions and that only through  the"r unions can they hope to protect and develop the best interests of the working man. The  interests of the Boundary our  home and our hope, is at stake.  Sensible electors make your  choice.  scheme to give away these valuable coal and oil lands to the  C. P. R. his cffvermneiit has now  refused prospectors the right to  prospect these lands, evident j}*-  with a view to dangling* them before the C. P. R. or Great Northern, whichever will put up the  biggest corruption fund. A prospector who applied got this letter  "This application has been taken  into consideration by the department of lands aud works, (of  which Hon. R. McBride is chief  commissioner,) and I am instructed to return vou cheque for S50,  and to inform you it is not the  intention of the government to  issue licenses to prospect for coal  aud pretroleum in that section." The prospectors of British Columbia have as much right  to these coal and oil lands as  Jim Hill or the C.  P. R.-  THERE'S THE RUB.  The premier is trying to pump  it into a section ofthe electors  that the duty of "the faithful" is  to vote for his nominee if it is only  a yellow dog or a broomstick.  Mr. McBride will find the majority of the electors recognize a  man who. as minister of mines,  voted to give away between $15,  000,000 and $20,000,000 of the  richest coal and oil lands of the  province without investigation is  not the man to be intrusted with  the premiership. If Mr. McBride  could calmly tell the committee of  investigation "I did not bother  my head about it," there is grave  danger he might vote to sacrifice  even greater interests of the people, without bothering his head  about it. Every elector who  votes to support^Mr.; McBride as  premier under these circumstances  votes to continue the reign of intrigue and spoliation of the property of the people which has been  the curse of this province. '  EDITORIAL NOTES.  The. Province. states every  union man in. the- hall left the  meeting at Vancouver in sympathy with Ralph Smith when  the socialists indulged in the disgraceful scene to prevent Mr.  Smith from having a hearing-.  The incident has given socialism  a great set- back as people natur-,  ally ask what would be expected  of socialism in power when in its  earlier stages it promotes mob  bull-dozing?  INJUSTICE TO PROSPECTOR  The McBride government cannot help showing its hand in regard to the coal and oil lands.  Not satisfied with stipporting,  when    minister  of    miaes,   the  Has Dr. Spankie suffiicient  force of character, sufficient a-  bil ity r " sufficient" knowledge"of  political affairs, to withstand the  the onslaught of men like D. M.  Eberts, C. E. Pooley, Price Ellison aud other old time grafters  who are behind McBride. The  doctor is a good doctor, but as a  politician he would be only one  of those little apples that Ernest  Mills so reluctantly gives God  credit for making.  To those who are interested  and have confidence iu the Boundary District: How does Ernest  Mills' suit you as a candidate?  Does he truly represent your ambitions and aspirations ? Is he a  suitable representative of the  greatest ore producing district of  the province? If not then vote  for J. R. Broun. A vote for Dr.  Spankie is a vote thrown awa3r.  W. H. P. Clements is one of  the strong men in the contest.  His election would be welcomed  by the Liberal party and would  be a credit to the Boundary.  Brown and Clement are strong  pair. The interests of the  Boundary will have in them two  stalwart champions.  The history of Socialism in the  Boundary ! A windy blatherskite from California stampedes  otherwise sensible men into the  Socialistic ranks and a clever  lawyer disapointed in securing a  lucrative office from the Dominion government does the rest.  There is nothing new about the  Conservative methods in the  Greenwood district., It is .their  general line of policy. They desire to discuss public issues as'  little as possible and go on a still  hunt for votes.  The Times strongly urges the  electors of Greenwood to go and  hear Eruest Mills the Socialist-  candidate. If they do so, it is a  certainty that they will uever  vote for him.  J. R. Brown in his campaign  speeches has demonstrated that  he has a thorough grasp of provincial affairs. He has the necessary qualifications for a good  legislator.  The Liberals have given the  Dominion and the majoritj- of the  provinces good government.  Why not give British Columbia  a chance?  R. B. Ker sheds tears over the  fact that thej Nihilists of Russia  are languishing in Siberia dungeons because of their loyalty to  Scocialism.'  ,. It is rather strange that the  socialists should feel so thoroughly against lawyers and at the  same time retain one to conduct  their campaign.  E. W. BISHOP  STEAMFITTING, HOT  WATER HEATING  I Beautify Your Home 1  Estimates Given.     Satisfaction   Guar  anteed.  Nnrlen-Flooil Block, Greenwood  The ranchers cannot be influenced by the blandishments of the  Socialistic spellbinders. They  are as true as steel. The}' will  give J. R. Brown a solid vote.  The majority of the Interior  Districts w'll return Liberal candidates. Let us make it, unanimous. ���  '[��� ���:���.;.���..���..'..  Those who will  vote to' keep  Dr. Spankie at home will  be  do-  that  i��g  gentleman   and   the  Greenwood district a great favor.  A vote for Spankie only increases the chances of election* of  the Socialist candidate.  J. R. Brown M. P. P. looks jail  right and'souuds well. '  Vote for J. R. Brown the  Liberal Candidate for the  Greenwood Riding.        '  "Dy sen try causes the death ot more  people than small pox and yellow fever  combined. In an army it is dreaded  more than a battle. It requires prompt  and effective treatment. Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and .Diarrhoea  Remedy has been used in, nine^epideni:  ics of idysentery in the United States  with perfect success, and has cured the  most malignant cases, both of children and adults, under the most trying-  conditions. Every household should  have a bottle at hand Get it. today.  It may save a life. Sold by J. L,. While  Greenwood, and A. F. Thomas Midway.  Hear Ernest Mills' Song  on Socialism and You Will  Be Sure to Vote Liberal.  Cowney's,  ������  and  Stewart's  ���bocolaie$ ���������  Just -arrived.  A Large assortment of  English Ju .Tubes and other  fancy candies.  !% B. Eftunroe  -Copper Street.  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EXCURSION  RATES  GOING DATES:  September 26, 27, 28,29  g-ood to return   until  October ,6th.  ,RATB*-EROM,GJ?EI5NrW-OOD-  Corresponding-  rates   from all Kootenay points:  Throug-h coaches and sleepers Arrowhead to Westminster.  Victorio Mil!, Oct. 6-10  On payment of excursion i'or Vancouver or Westminster to Victoria  tickets will be extended 8 days.  For complete information and further particulats  apply to local ajfcuts or  K.  R. REDPATH, Agent,  Greenwood.  K. J. COYLE, J. S. CATER,  A.<; P.A.. Vancouver D'.P.A. Nelson  t,AK*AAAAAAAAAA*&fA^&tt^"Z'^A*Z*AA  sf sf if if if t? *>'" tfsfiftfifsfifi? s?~x?  t  Chocolates  ���AND-  Bon Bons  IN THE CITY.  ������Buyefyem.*  For   Your     Sweetheart   or  :     Wife.  liTKi^fcor  COPPER STREET.  n-5*" &^* *--"��� fa?* *5* %��* t-?* t-v* t3* ���&" ��* *s5* t3** *^* ^* �����^1* *?*  GEO. R. JADENr ��� ���  Manager.  -���ii'//-/  1  m  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America  Assur-  Co. of London, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  Liverpool * and   London    and  ..  Globe Insurance Company.  The   Canadian  Birkbeck, Investment and,Savings Co.  MINES.  STOCKS,  REAL ESTATE.  ^-���^^'--���^C^'.H*^  Copper Street.  3 OPEN MY AND NipTy p  MKAIS AT ALL HOURS  PRIVATK ;ROOMS   FOR   LADIKS;  TRY, OUR.'COFFEE  &  Charles R. Wittock,  *  *  r.  sfsf  '%%  *��  m  ��.V.  ^y*  SM -.  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SHAW,  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    an��    Provincial  Land Sdrvevor,  Office with Gaunce & Wiclnviic.  Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD,    s      :      :      :   B.   O.  A. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (next Customs oflice.)  GH KENWOOD, B. C.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  GOLD ROCK  Mineral Claim,  situated in the  Kettle   River   Mining-   Division    of    Yale  District.   Where Located :     On Horseshoe  Mountain.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett. as  ag-eut for Herbert Davidson, Free Miner's  Certificate No. U41903, Robert Wood, free  Miner's Certificate No. BSS4S5, aud Charles  Scott Galloway, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B55043, Jntend _ sixty _ days ^ from  "the" "date" hereof, t8 "apply" to the "Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining-a Crown Grant of the  above claim' ��� ������������''  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of February ,yA.D. 1903.  *Au(?3l ,        I. II..HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT  1896;  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "95'' Mineral Claim, situate in tlie Kettle River  Mining- Division of Yale District.  Where Located :   Iu Smith's Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  airent for John T. Bell, Free Miner's  Certiiicate No. B55460, Ralph Harron, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B5I201, Duncan Mcintosh, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1341932 and  Patrick Hickev, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B54989, intend, sixty days from the (late  hereof, lo apply lo the Mininir Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the fmr  pose of obtaining a Crown Grant to the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  'sectloir37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certiiicate of improvements,  Duted this 20th day of April, 1003.  ..Aug. 31. . I. H. HALLETC.  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "TRIPOD   FRACTIONAL"   Mineral   Claim,  . situate in the Greenwood Mining Division  of Yale District. Where located: Iu Central Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Halletl, as  agent for the No. 7 Mininir Company. Limited,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B 55007, intend,  sixtv davs from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  .   Dated this 28th day of Mav, A. D-. 1903.  Sept. 20. I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  OLD GUARD  Mineral Claim, situate in tue  Kettle  River   Mining-    Division    of   Yale  DiEtrict.      Where   located :      In   White's  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod  ��� executor of the estate of Alex. Wallace,  deceased, Free Miner's Certificate No. Bs4954,in-  tead, sixty days from the date here f, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certific. tes of Improvements, for the purposeofobtait. ngCrown  Giant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under-  sectioa  37.  must be commenced  before the is  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated th.is 2Sth dav of Jauuarv, 1003.  July 22 ' J- P- McLeod.  Public  Record of Premier McBride  and His Colleagues  SESSIONS 1899.  For some sessions previously bills had  been passed giving-away huge grants  of land to railway companies and -the  Setnlin government brought in a bill  to cancel these schemes to give away  the piovince. Premier McBride. and  Hon. McPhilips opposed the bill on  February 23rd.  SESSIONS 1900  Premier McBride and Hon. McPhillips  voted four times and Hon. Tatlow, Fulton (Kamloops), Taylor (Revelstoke),  against redistribution proposals to do  away with pocket e'ectorates at coast  and give fair representation to interior. Dates February 21st, 22nd, 23rd  and August 23rd.  Premier McBride, Hons. Greeu, Mc-  Phillips, Fulton (Kamloops) Toylor  (Revelstoke) voted twice against Mc-  Intiis's proposal to prevent, employment of Chinese and Japs on. "all con -  tracts, leases and concessions of  whatsoever kind entered,.into of mad  by the government" , (August ,J.st and  9th) apd against Mclnnis'sj motion to  prevent employment,��of: Chinese and  Japs* on Pacific & Omenicaf railway  (August 24th.).  , Premier McBride, Hon.,'-' McPhillips  and Fulton (Kamloops) ,\Taylor (Revel-  stofce'.voted against extending protec-  tion/of mechanics lien.^ct from six  to twelve .weeks for .wages. August  30th.  - Premier | McBride, Hons. Green, and  McPhillips and Taylor (Reyelstoke)  voted against .I<abor Bill .44 to, extend  the eight-hour layv to,underground work  in placer and-coal mines, ,as^ well as  metalliferous mines,.and-J:o extend the  provisions against', ,Chines��;'' in coal  mines to othe intiiistries... .August 30th.  ��� Premier-McBt-ide, Hon.-:*McPhillips,  Fulton :(Kamloops) voted against re-  soliition.confirniirtg eight-hour law a id  requiring'its-enforcement.  ,    ���    SESSION 1901.  Premier McBride, Hoiis. McPhillips  and Tatlow, Fulton, Kamloops, and  Taylor, Revelstoke, showed they were  afraid to trust the people. .They voted  against the proposal to refer land and  money grants for railways to a vote of  the people, though this same principle  is applied in cities.    March 12th.     i  Premier McBride, Hons, McPhillips  and Tatlow, Fulton, Kamloops, and  Taylor, Revelstoke, voted against/redistribution proposal to secure fair | representation for interior. March 14th.  Premier McBride, Hons. McPhillips.  and Green, Fulton. Kamloops, and  Taylor, Revelstoke, voted to raise poll  tax from $3 to $5, to increase taxation  on the workers and leaving capital, |income and propert}',further untouched.  April 19th.  SESSION 1902.  Premier McBride, Hons. McPhillips  and green, Fulton, Kamloops, and  Taylor, Revelstoke, voted against ,the  "Master -end Servant Act" amendment  to give workmen contributing for medical ai.l the right of choosing their  medical men April 20th.  Premier McBride, Horis. McPhillips,  Green atd Tatlow, Fulton, Kamlopps,  Taylor, Revelstoke voted against a  resolution to w ge Imperial government'to withdraw opposition to legislation to exclude Japs and Chinese  frojniAhe.provinc^  Hon. McPhillips voted against .bill  to protect funds of trades unions ftom  effect' of Taffe-Vale decision. Jflay  29th. ��� |  Premier McBride, Hon. McPhillips,  and Taylor, Revelstoke,voted-to maintain mischievous system.of, plural voting in city elections.    May 30th.  Hon. Green and Fulton. Kamloops,  voted against abolition of $200 deposit  imposed on parliatnentery candidates.  June 12th and 20th.  Premier McBride, Hon. Tallow, Taylor, Revelstoke, opposed bill requiring  each party to labor dispute to file particulars and that one party might require the other to arbitrate. June 17th.  Premier McBride, Hons. McPhillips  and Green, and Taylor, Revelstoke.  opposed reference of mining disputes  to jury, thus maintaining principle of  judgement on legal technicality instead of common sense and justice.  June 18th.  SESSION 1903.  Hons. Tatlow, Green, McBride and  Taylor, RevelstokeJ, voted against bill  to prevent such tyrants as Dunsmuir  discharging men simply because they  belonged to union.    April 28th.  It was during Premier McBride's  regime as minister of mines that the  two per cent tax was passed which is  claimed to have done such serious injury to the mining industry, and it was  also he who raised the crown grant fee  from $10 to $25, and did mveh in other  ways to tax the mining industy out of  existence.  By their record ye shall know them!  The   largest   hotels and  finest  residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout  WEILERBR0S.  VICTORIA, B. C.  BUSTING & DEMPSEY  Contractors and Builders.  ESTIMATES     FURNISHED      FOR  AI/I, KINDS OF WORK.  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To PETER McHRIDE, Pioneer Hotel, fiicen  wood, li, C.  You are heieby required intake notice tliat  we, the undersigned, lia.it1 caused lo be doni1  and liave paid lot- tlie whole of the assessment  work foi tlie year ending May 14, 1903, on the  '��� Admiral'' mineral claim siln.ite In Providence  Cftmp in tlie Greenwood Mining; Division of  Yale District and your are hereby requited  to contribute your pioporiion of siich assessment and of the costs of recordInsr the Certificate of *Work, tog-ether with tilt1 costs of advertisement, amounting- in .ill to ?35.62}�� which you  have tc pay.  If you fail or lefuse to contribute the last mentioned sum of S3S.C2K as a faasald jour interest  in tee said mineral claim shall, at tlie ax juration  of ninety da-is become vested in us, vourco-own-  ers, mitW the provisions of the Mineral Act  aud amc*n<Jiu'_������ acts.  Dated this llth day of September 1903.  Htiir'i McKee  Thomas Hemmerlee.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Impro vements.  XOTICH. ,  MA.Tiri.-.JWfil' Mineral Claim, niliia*.*.    ^ the  Greenwood   Mining  Division; of .Yale I)is-  =- J'l^^WJ^J^i-icaULi^ p.--������-'---  TAKE'NOTICE that I, J. P. Mvers-Gray  Free Miner's Certificate No. B8U241, as  atfetit for C.-lf. Ifenning, Free Miner's Certificate No. B55305, Pat Hickey, Free Miner's  Certiiicate No. B80110, and Duncan .Mcintosh  Free Miner's Certificate No." H80119," intend,  sixty davs Jrom thedate liereof,to apply to the.  Mining Recorder for cerlilicates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- crown  grant ofthe above claim.     ,   .*��� ; ������-,,' ������  And further tako notice that* action, under  section 37, must be commenced' before/the issuance of such certificates of Improvements.  Dated tliif!26th dav of June, A,]). 1903.  , * J. P. MYERS-GRAY,  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  MAZE Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood  Mining-Division of Yale District.  Where located:���Ou Lost Horse Creek, Main  Keltle River.  TAKE NOTICE that we J. C. Reillv, Free  Miner's Certificate No. BG1928, Georjre M. Ben-  net, '-Five Miner's Certificate No. B rSni; A.  Meuraw Free Miner's Certificate No i: 5"'5'*S>n*iil  FltMiiing Robinson Fret; Miner's Ceiiilii-atf >>.i  H 713'i.s, itilci.tl, sixty days I mm iliu -lam liercul  to "ipply to ihe Minii*!.-- K-.*coi'ier for a Cci'lill*  cale of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown liraiit ol tlie abovecluiin.  And further take notice that set:iion .7T, innsi  be commenced before the issuance "f si:rli Certificate of lmpiiiVeiiients.  Dat^d this nintli dny of July, 1003, A. 1*.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  ���       NOTICE.  . "Lottie F," "Sterlingham" and "Magnolia"  mineral claim, situate in the Kettle River  Mining.Division of YaleDistrict. ���'.Where  located: In Copper Creek Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that IC. A. E. Shaw ageul  for J.T. Feeiiey;Free Miner's Certificate No.  B80142, and Win; Farney, Free Miner's Certifi-  ,cate NcBfiSlTd, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof; to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  certificate of Iniprovements, for the piiopose of  obtaining a crown tyrant of the above claims,  And further take notice that action, under  hection 37, nnist be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of iiiipro\eiuents.  Dated this 17 day of June, A. D. 1903.  I.../-:     MINER ALjACT*; .;'y  Certificate^ of Improveinents.;;'  ���'���;y*':y /{notkx     y     ;':/"':-.y,  KAFFIR KING Miueral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of YaleDistrict.     Where   located:    On   Horse shoe  Mountain, Main Kettle River,  lying '.southerly; from the Haraa'o mineral claim.    *  TA KE  NOTICE that we  Alex.; iWaddell,  E. Sullivan, J. S. Harrison and  M. Mc-  M>-iiii, Free Miners'Certllicito Nos.  B 40,450;  B 40,441; 1! .10,500, and B 40,602 respectively, intend sixtv  days from the date hereof, to apply  tothc   Mining  recorder font certificate of Im.  provemems,   for   the  purpose  of   obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claim. ��� *.   ���  And  lintlier take  notice tliat action,  uuder  section 37, must be coiumenced before thc.ls;  suance of such certificate of Improveinents, ;,  Dated this31st dny of May, A. D. 1902.  MINERAI, ACT.   . ,,  .   .'��� M    "  ��� ��� -  ' Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  yucon   fractional  Mineral claim, situutein  the  Kettle   Rher Mining Division of Yale  District.     Wliere located:���in  Long Luke  Camp.  takk notice that I Marv Garland Free Miner's   ccrtifnate  No. B41754, intend,  sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining recorder for a   certificate of  Improvements, foi  thepi'ipose of obtaining a crown Grant ofthe  abe\e claim.  And fuither take notice  that  action,  undei  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certiiicate of improvements.  Dated this 5th day of May A. D. 1903,  Marv oarland,  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE-  TO JEFFLEWIS : You aie hereby required  to take notice that we, the undersigned, have  done and paid for Hip whole of the assessment  work foi the yeais 1901, 1902 and 1903, on the  "Laura B" Mineral claim, situate near the Citv  of Phoenix, B.C., iu the Gieeuwood M iinig  Division of Yale District, and you are hereby  required to contribute youi proportion of Mich  assessment, namely, one quarter or S25 ou each  claim for each yeai, amounting- to $100. which,  together with .*. oui sh.ueof the costs of lecord-  ing, the costs of this advertisement, make a  total sum of *S6.87^ which you have to pay.  Payment can be made to us" personally or to  our credit in the Bank of Montreal at Greenwood, B.C.  If Sjou fail oi refuse to contribute Ihe last  mentioned sum ol SSG.87J-5 as aforesaid yo.ir interest in the said mineral claims shall, at the  expiration of niuetv da-is. become vested in  your co-owneis who have made the reunited x  penditure pro rata according tn their former  interests,  Dated this 2lst daj of August, 1903.  BRIICK CKAnDOClC  Lkk LOOM US.  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "HACKLA" mineral claim .situate in theGreeu-  wood Mining Dhision of Yale District.  Wheie located: ou Horseshoe Mountain  TAKE NOTICE tlutt we, Albert EiUar-l  Ashcroft, Fret Minei's Certificate No. B.  55279, .mil Nils E. Pcterson.Fiec Miner's Certificate No. B 41710, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ree-  older for a Certificateof Improvements, for the  purpose nf obtaining ii Ciown Grant of the  above claim, '  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before ihe  issuance of such CiMtilicates of  Improvement,  Dated this 7th day of October A. D., 1903.'  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements, ���  1   . NOTICK.  J  "Sunuyside" Miueral claim, situate in ��� the  Greenwood Mining Diyision of Yale District.  Where located:���On " Boundary "Mountain,  about one and a half miles south of the Summit  HotelJ-and west of and adjoining, tlie Omaha  miueial claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Michael McBeau,  Free Miners Certificate No.: B.55,177,' intend, sixtv days from thjp date.hereof lo  apply to tlie Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action, under  Section- 7,  nrust be *eommenc9d- beforp : !i��  Issuance of such Certificate of Improvemfev.*..  ���- Dated this 19th day of June.A. D., 1903.  Sept..3u;.- ���    ,:      ._.        .-.;_:_..'__���:..-..'.���_..:_-:..--_  MINERAL ACT.  Certnii-Jte of Improvement.  NOTICK.  IIELNA AND BUTTE mineral claims, situate  in the Kettle River Miniuu Division of Yale  District.   Where located: on China Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C.;A. E: Shaw, ajreiit,  for Charles Ii. Temple Free Miner's  Certificate No. B. 57507. intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for aCertificate of Improvements, forthe purpose  of obtaining a Crown Gram of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section. 37, mUFt be commenced before the issuance of such certificateof Iniprovements.  Dated this 26th day of June. 1903.  C. A.K. Sliaw.P. L.S.  LIMITED.  The Store  Where Goods and  Always Right,  Prices Are  55*0$*��4>*>0<>0<>0<>0<XH:><><>0-^^  'XY0'00<>0"<:>00^00^:>0<>��000<KX^  P. O. BOX 290  PHONE 171  W  ���  9  an&Co  *  WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  Tuckett Cigar Co., Union Label Cigars  BRANDS:  Monogram, Margucrita,  Boauel, Our Stcclal, El Jiistlllo. El Condor.  Sarantizaios, Schiller.   Also Tucketls Union Label Cigarettes, Karnack T. &  B. V. C.  Corner Alexander Street anil Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.  >6  >o  >0  '0  )0  )0  )0  0<K>O0<>O0<>O0<>CK>O0OOO(>00<H>CK>*0O0O<XK>O0O<^^  oo<k>oooooooooooo<>o<k>o<h>o<k>   OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  0<**00.**K*K><X><>00<KX>00<KK^  The Jenekes Machine Co.'y  LIMITED.  ....CANADIAN RAND DRILL COMPANY....  -'���-'--SilSsSf  W.-fflSti"' 'Ji^iS'!<lt\'Al<''-i'' %a:i'si"i*ai*''',  O  o  t,  I  o  o  0  o  o  *���*>  9  0  0  o  Manufacturers Boilers, Hoisting: Engines,   Narrow Guajre Locomo-  ' tives, Compressors, Drills, Etc.   * : ���  AGENT,  R.   R. WILLIAMS  GREENWOOD, B.C.  00-00<>00<>0<X>0<>0<X>00:0<*K>00*OOOft^^  NOTICE OF F0RFEITVRE.   ;  To W. E. McBOYLE, and .any person to  whom he may have transferred his interest in  the "Bakota" minerol claim, situation Wallace  mountain in tlie'Oreehwood Mininir Division of  Yale district and adjoiiiiutj the "Log-au" and  "Duncan" mineral claims.  ; Ydnare hereby notified that I have expended  the sum of SI02.S0 to hold the said Dakota mineral claim under Urn provisions of the "Miueral  Act" forthe year ending 17th of Aug-ust, lTO,  that you,are re<|tiired lo contribute $51 25 as  your proportion of the-said sum for yorr ulidt*  Tidedone-halfllhterestiri the said claim, and if  within'90 days f.roni!the'fiist insertion of this  notice yot fail^or refuse* to confribute thesaid  surii of'-fSl;25;iogelher'wltli all;cbsts of adver-  tisiitK, yoiir-interestirithe said Dakota mineral  claim'-.will'becomo tlie propert.Vof nic, the subscriber, under section Four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Dated al Greenwood. B. C. the 2dth day of  August, 1903.  Nov. 27. , JESSIE M. MATHEISON.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.'  ARCADIA ASTOHIA and MORNING STAR  Mineral Claims, situate In the-Greemvood  Mining Division of Yal* District.  Where located:���The Arcadia and Astoria  mineral claims arc located in Skylark. Camp  and the Morning Star mineral claim is located  in Deadwood Camp. ���  TAKE NOTICE that 1.1. P. McLeod asapr.tt  for Sidney Rosenhaupt Freu Miner's Certi Iii t'.c  No. 55295,'intend, sixtv days from the date In-re-  of, to applv to the Miniujf recorder for Cert*  ficates of fmprovemeuts, for the purpese of oli.  taiuintr Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take 'not ice'that action, undei  section 37, mail be commenced before ihe issuance of such CeJti'icate of Iniprovements.  Dated this 4tlt dnv of July. A. D. 1903.  J. P. Ji'cl.eod.  GRAND F0RKS,--PH0ENIX--GREENW00ri  Leaves Greenwood 6 a. m.    Arrives at Phoenix 7 a.m., Grand Forks 10.30 a.in.  Leaves Grand Forks 3.45 p. tn., Phoenix 7 p.m.,   arrives in Greenwood 8 p. ni.  Fare-Grand Forks $3.00.      Greenwood to Phoenix $1.00     Phoenix lo  Greenwood 50 cents.  Great Northern express rates  made known at oflice.  J. F. R0YER, Manager.  THE BEST BEER INDTOWN IS MADE BY  THEEL  PORTMAN  FOR  & PORTMAN  | Proprietors;  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  ! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  Vote for J. R. Brown the  Liberal Candidate In the  Greenwood Riding, and  Help Secure a Good Liberal  Governmen.  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Imcrovement.  NOTICE.  FOURTH-OF-JULY,  Mineral Claim,   siuate  iu the Kattle River Mininir Division of Yale  District.   Where located:���Near to Canyon  Creek. Main Kettle River.  TAKE NTOICE that we Alex- "Waddell and  E.    Sullivan.   Free   Miners'   certificate   Nos.  B. 40,450 and B.40,449 respectively, intend, sixty  davs   from   the date hereof, to  apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certiiicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  urtdet  section .TT.  must he commenced before  the is  suance of such Certificate of Iniprovements. "  Dated this 31st d:> v of May, 19U3.  ^u*^.*^^*^u*.AA***A��','M*^e^��*V^**'V.V**M*'M.V.*..4'..*  ><��^M>��<��:-^>��K"X��x��K-X'*i-X'-:*:-*>'>w  1 -;-��x~:~Ji4><-X"����!"!**'t->*i��  5:  =��� Cyclops Mining Steel I  SHOES AND DIES  For Best Results  v%*vww*v  ROWLAND 3IACHIX. ^"^rl^"^" YICTOHIA, B. C. $  iV.i%��VVh'*hVm*m.V��%/��V./m'wVmVi/��VJ>hVm,*wV*^^^^ i THE   BOUNDARY  CREEK.   TIMES*  0000<>0<MXXKK>000000<X>00000<>  $ LOCAL   EXTRACT ��  ���WXKKK)00000<)00000<H>000<>00<>  Mrs. Mathison lias returned from a  visit with her parents at Vancouver.  I-Ieatiiiff stoves in great variety at  Huiiter-Keiidrick's  McClelland is in town with 2Sc  photos. Don't overlook this chance.  Here for a few days only.  There will he a grand Halloween  ball given hy the Boundary Valley  L-odge I. O. O. V. No.. 38, on Friday  Oct 30th 1903. Tickets to be had from  the committee.  Methodist church. J. D. P. Knox  pastor. The usual preaching services  will he conducted at 11 a. m. and 7,30  p. in. by the pastor. Class meeting at  10.20 a. m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.  in.  Hugh Cameron, the popular proprietor of the Camp McKinney hotel  was in the city this week. Httghie is  as permanent as the camp in which he  is a prominent figure. He is as young  he was years ago and has the same  glad welcome for his many friends.  Harvest Home Festival.  The annual Harvest Home Festival  entertainment, held in the Methodist  church on Tuesday evening was a great  success in every 'vay. So great was  the attendance that the temporary partition between the ante room and the  church proper, had* to be removed, in  order to accomodate the crowd. A good  programme of choruses, solos and  speeches was rendered, Mrs. McCut-  c.heon presiding at the organ, aud at  the close a tasty lunch of cake and coffee was served.  The children's march and chorus  was good and showed evidence of careful training. Rev. Mr. Green of Phoenix sang two solos which were much  appreciated and 'Rev. Mr. Betts of  Grand Forks delivered a short address  brim full of humour, in which he traced the progress of the country from the  time he first came here until the present, and giving reasons for a hopeful  view of the future. Mrs. Methot'ssolos^  were a musicial treat and her early de  parture from Greenwood will be particularly regretted by those who appreciate music.  Rev. Mr. Knox the pastor, the ladies,  aid of the church and all. others who  assisted can congratulate themselves  upon the result obtained, as well as  upon the splendid condition of the  church generally.  Sad Accident.  Phoenix, Sept. 23.���The first fatality  that has occured for 3'ears at any mine  in Summit camp happened yesterday  morning at the Emma mine, which is  being operated by the Hall mines  smelter, of Nelson. Archie Connor one  of the old time prospectors of the  Boundary, was the victim, losing his  life by being crushed by a mass of ore.  Connor and Morrison, the latter a  brother of the foreman, had gone into  the ore chute to loosen some large  pieces of ore that prevented the bal-  ancce from going down, and provided  themselves with a rope, to be quickly  caught in case the ore should suddenly  give way beneath them. The ore did  give way, as expected, when loosened  .and^Morrison-succeeded -in-grasping  the rope, while Couuor unfortunately  missed it, and went down in the falling  ore. Death must have been almost instantaneous, as it took the mine force  several hours to get his body out, there  having probably been twenty or twenty  five tons of ore above him. Dr. G. E.  ���Spankie, of Greenwood, was sent for,  and arrived long before the remains  were recovered, but, of course, life had  'ong been extinct. The remains were  terribly mutilated.  Dr. George M. Foster, the district  coroner was summoned, and this afternoon an inquest was held at tne mine,  which is located on the Phoenix spur,  between this place and Enolt.  Connor was a native of Belfast,  Maine, where he has a father and  mother residing. He was a man of  over 50 years of age, am1, unmarried.  He is one of the old time prospectors in  the Boundary, having been in this section for the last ten or twelve years,  and having properties in different  camps. Last winter he worked at the  Granby mines, and but a little over a  month ago joined Phoenix Miners  Union, No. 8.  Chnrch of England,  Next Sunday services will be held at  St. Jude's Hall as usual: Holy Com-  mvnion8a. m. Matin 12 a. m. Children's Service 2.30 p. m. Evensong  7 30 p. m. The annual Harvest Thanksgiving will be held in connection with  the above.  Business Locals  Do you use Pli-..; Ribbon Tea ?  For Green peppers go to Monroe's.  "Hot  things,'   in   stoves in   Hunter-  Kendrick.  Billiard  and pool   table  for  sale  or  rent al Second Hand White's.  Fresh  consignment   of   apples   and  pears just received at Monroe's.  For rent,   a   three roomed   furnished  house.    Apply vt Clarendon Hotel.  Tents, Guns and sporting  g^ods  for  ale or rent.    O. T. C. 2nd hand store.  Guns, sewing machines  and   furniture for rent at Second Hand  White's.  . -. DRINK ...  They Make You Feel Good.  The pleasant purgative effect experience by all wno use Ch.imberlain's  Stomach and Liver Tablets, add the  healthy condition of the body and mind  which they create makes one feel joyful. For sale by J. L. White Greenwood and A. F. Thomas Midway.  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  ''Ofiffit^ No. 38, 1. 0. 0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday  Evening at 8 00 in the  [. O. O. F. Hall.     A" cordial  lnvi tution is ex  tended to all sojourning brelhem.  J.-t*. ".Vhitk, Fred B. Holmes.  N. C. Rec.-Sec  <KH>000<KK><K><KXK>00000<K>060<>  BID  EYE Si  Are your cj-es bad? Do  you have headaches? Do  your eyes twitch after you  have been readme: a little  while? Do they ache, smart,  water and get red? Are you  getting nervous? Do your  eyes roll up?  If they do you ought to  have them attended to at  once. Come iu and let us  examine your eyes and see  what ails them. We will  tell you just what is the  trouble and will not charge  you a cent for telling you.  If you need glasses we will  be pleased to fit them to  your, eyes, so that you will  not have any more trouble.-  J. L. WHITE  jj> Druggist     -     -    Greenwood  O<><>0-0<*^0<>C!<><>O<><><>0-0O0<>0<K>OO<>  Notice to Contractors.  Tenders will be received by the  undersigned until  Sept 28th 1903  for the following:-���  (a)For the building of a brick sub-  s^tira_jitj^^  (b)For the clearing of right of  way for pole line from Phoenix to Greenwood  (c)For the supply and delivery at  the stake or hole on pole line  right of way of about 275 to  300 cedar poles 9" top 32'0"  long'or'over  Separate tenders required in  each case  Particulars of right of wa}r  clearing and delivery of poles may  be obtained from R. Roberts, Imperial Hotel, Greenwood  Plans and specificatian for substation at B. C. Copper Co's office,  Greenwood, and at Cascade.  The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  W. Auderson,  Engineer in Charge,  Cascade Water Power & Light Co.  P.O. box 81  Cascade B. C.  A LIFE  ���RENEWER  On sale at all the hotels.  BOTTIvED BY  JAMES M'CREATH  Bottlers of Fine Lag-er Beer and  Manufacturers of all kinds of  Carbonated Beverajres.  ERSID  0. S. FLOYD. Proprietor.  PORE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of the city.  ���4  SCHOOL BOOKS  AND  SCHOOL Supplies  Everything That's Required for the Boy or  Girl at School.  PRICES RIGHT.  COLES & FRITH  Successor to J; I*. Coles.'  Books, Stationery. Office Supplies, Etc  ���^���^:��������:^����������^����������ss^:-&a.�����������as��������^.���a��������lS^,  .&  Dissolution of Partnership  NOTICE is hereby given'that the  partnership heretofore subsisting- between us, the undersigned, as painters,  under the firm name of Grierson &  Evans, has this day been dissolved hy  mutual consent. AU debts owing- to  the said partnership are to. paid to  Samuel A. Grierson, and alt claims  ag-ainst the said partnership are to be  presented to the said Samuel A. Grierson,. by whom the same will be settled.  Dated at. Greenwood, B.'C, this 28th  day of* Aiig-ust, 1903;  S. A. Grierson.  Geo. Evans.  Witness:    I. H  Hatj.ETT.   "        4ins  Eagle Halli,  l-vcceiitly renovated and  refurnished, may be secured for balls, concerts  etc., at reasonable rates  Apply to     ;/���'���:   .::'���:���:���:    :  C. W WILSON,   Secretary.  DR.MATHISON  DENTIST  Naden-Flood Block, Greenwood. B. C  MINEEAL  ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "COPPER TRUST FRACTIONAL", "SCR-  ANTON FRACTIONAI-v and "OTIS  FRACTION A V Mineral Clalras,Bituate  in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. WUere located : In Dead-  wood camp.  TAKE NOTICE, tUat T, Irao H. Hallett, as  agent lor Francis J. Finucane, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B41713, intend, sixty davs from  the date hereof to apply to the Mining- Recorder  lor Certificates of Improvements tor the purpose of obtaining-Crown Grants of the* above  claims. . .  Ar.d further take notice that actions, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance!.oi such Certificates of Improvements.-���������  Dated this 22nd day of April. A.D., 1903.  July 31 1. h. HAi/i/ETT;  AA  y  y  y  y  y  y  y  y  i  ��  ?  ?  ��  HK<<'A<'AA.><<<K'<<<<^i<^<^Ay  BICYCLE A^P  MACHINE REPAIRS.  SKATES SHARPENED. X  ���?  y  PAINTING AND  V SIGN WORK. I  #��#0tt0����-aa*HK��Hcti!t#*tt-��$#->!<$$#��ft^  9 .������-��������  9 ��  CF**^  WH0LSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  Fresh and Cured Meats  Markets in all the principal   towns  of British  Columbia,  Algeria and the Yukon.  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  a  9  9  9  9  ��  9  ft  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9999999999999999^999099999999999999999999999999999999  Copper St.    Greenpd, :|  *:-/t A  l^lM^l^^Z^^A^^AAAAAA^^^lnl^A.*.  S. BARRY YU ILL  PRACTICAI,      WATCHMAKER      AND  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD*  ^><fAAA<KK<^>l*AAAAA<<^i^ini<<<' �������������-��*����*��-^������������������������������������^H>^  I MUNICIPAL NOTICE TO  ?.  v  y  y  y  y  y  y  y  y  v  y  v  y  y  A  n  Comfortable Rooms.  Everything First Class-  THE SWAYNE  HOUSE,  Silver Street,  Greenwood 1  AAAAAAAAAAAjyAAAAAjfyAAAAAAA.*.  When you -do not relish your food  and feel dull and stupid after eating-,  all vou need is a dose of Chamberlain's  Stomach an Liver Tablets. They will  make you feel like a new man and g-ive  you an appetite like a bear. For sale  by J. h. White Greenwood and A. F.  Thomas Midway.  Juicy Hungarian plums at Monroe's.  jr. j? sftfifffiftfififsfiftfsrsfifiP^  I WILL SctfOE I  I YOU MONEY <*  �� Insure in non-board fire companies   "  * Losses paid promptly.   Christina Lake   ���  ~   Lumber Co's mill turned on the 13th  *  * August. 1903.    Paid loss $2750 on  **  * 22nd August, 1903. %  3      McLANE & MERRITT. Agrt's.  ��  "if if tf ** if s? -Jf ���*-** 1? Jf Jf tf 3? .K* 9? t? i?  i  y  %  Public Notice is hereby given that  all taxes due the Corporation of th��  City of Greenwood, must be paid to  the undersigned on or before  October 31st* 1903  I to entitle the taxpayer to a rebate of  |: ONEsSlXTH on the general tax for  fj   the year 1903,  i Householders are notified that be'  I fore they can make the necessary  declaration entitling them to be placed  on the municipal voters' list for 1904*  the road tax for the current year must  be paid on or before Nov, 1st, 1903,  G, B. TAYLOR Collector,  Greenwood, B. C, September 25th, 1903.  Y  y  5*  x  I*  v  I  t  I  i  X  ���^e-><^4*<��WKp'W*'>'X--c->j"X~x-X' ���<������-�����->-����<'�����<"����-)�������-��-������-�����>-����������  i  Maker of the kind  of CLOTHES that  Gentlemen Wean  iiiiiiiiiTimiiiiiii ;  Opposite Postoffice     -���  Copper St   Greenwood.  THErAMDIASKAMQFfOMMERCE:  With Which is Incorporated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,700,000.       -      Rest, $3,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. president.   B. E. WALKER. General Manager  Wv ALLISON,  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  1,9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999  | Head Office : 204 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. |  * . :  '       9  FINANCIAL I MINING AGENTS  9  9  9  %   MINING  to  9  9  9  PROPERTIES    OF   MERIT  CHASED   OR DEVELOPED,  PUR- S  e$ai��$��<������<��##fcff����-x-#':r*��.:<#��tf^  �����"*****!-*^5*.****^*w2^*hJ*-***h^  ���T  2  DEALERS IN  I FURNITURE,  -mC  CARPETS,  | LINOLEUMS, ETC.  �����    COPPER STREET,  **K-<--<K��X~X^^^  GREENWOOT1.    ?  y  THE NEW  Remodelled, Renovated and Refurnished. Only the best Liquors and  Cig-ars. Prompt servicer Courteous  Treatment. Good Rooms. Modern  Conveniences.  Fred M. Munn,     Manager.  WHEN IN NELSON  STOP AT  THE  HOTFL  I  1 1  The new manager B. Tomkins  has made it the leading hotel of  the Kootenays,


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