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The Boundary Creek Times 1899-11-25

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 f\  Published 'WeekivY in the Interests oe the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. VII  GREENWOOD, B, C��� SATIURDAY,   NOVEMBER 25, 1899,  182 No. 1.1  wViVVKKKfe.  BUILDERS   OF  AUmrrmrrr.*  SOUTH DEADWOND.  .MOBERN  ���yyyj^yyy^^  Contractors lor tlie design and construction .-of. complete, Stamp Mills,  Chloriiiation, Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  Concentration,  u  ��� o  M-t  .r-t  "B  "O  o  .A  "W  u  o  ...��  -'���'.0)  . ?il  ���:.-!3  .-CO  ���fc  C3  c  1  o  �����  O  CO  o  O  o  (A  o  U  &  a  !l  o  O  .is  PQ  u  o  8P  W  35  'ffi  o  ���  r��-  ra  *=>_J  CD  ���<������"�����  CS  n  W-  o  R��  CO  cvo  n  o  ���f9'-.  a  JL  C/3  rr  v*  >t  o  r��  re  u*  ��2*  </9  P  =3  o  crq  ���t  y^-  Si  ���o  a.  C��  X,  &  H  o  SS  o  tr  "<  CO  ���  o  3  CO  w  o  ,"i������ -  n>  >���  Cfq  ' n>  - Hh.  o,  td  o ������������  I���'  ���Si':  -P3.'...  o  1-t  tHead Office and Works j  PETTBRB��R��, ��HT.  Branch Offices"!  Vancouver, B. C, Rossland, B. C,  And Greenwood, B.C. harry howson. Agent.  ~~ Is tlie Time to       3  buraisn  Latest'consignment, containing1' Screens, Mirrors,' Shades,  Curtain Poles and Fixtures, Picture aud .Wall Mouldings,  Etc., Etc.,   Just  Arrived,  i-   -   -   -----   -   -.. -   -   -  S= RECEIVING NEW  ��g GOODS   DAILY . .-  f��   .fum^i/whrt*^       .7-   -/^. . GULLEY..& CO.    Copper St; Greenwood   3  �������� */vd Embalming. �����  ^liliiiiUilUiUilttUlllUUHIlUHiUlliaiililUiltillllllUliUUIlliUiillUlUiiililUilliliiliUUtlUUtl^  ���Mi  YOU   Inspect  Our Prices  sltioK-  We carry :i full  fjt.ncy pi oci.'i'k's.  Flour,   Feed,  Meats,    Fuse,  Crockery.  ALL KINDS OF B'JILC  VcjyiH:-."-  (.'.���ip.-.,   "f"  ���h.'-mlire iitchulinif all kinds (if staple and       ^JN  ���..-.   Fresh    Fggs,    Fruits,    Cured  '���.��������������� ���������'.    I jiirtliemvare,     Glassware,  Copper Street,  Q 0 "p'iTQ V  ���  *~        ��� ���' tv A  VJ'J.   >._'."v,  *��#*##^  ���/i> MINING HARDWARE  & ccx*  Greenv/ood,  9\ .."}v ./^v  v'9V  ���MUiiuaiiuuiaiiUiUiUiuuiiUiUiuuuuiuiiiiutiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuiiiiiiauiuuuiiuiiiiUiUiuiii^  First-class Service in all departments.       Open   Day   and   Niyht.      Private  Dinners a Specialty.    Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  )er Street, Greenwood,  7inm?mnnnmnHiim?!imm^  A    NEW   IAND , PROMISING   CAMP-  Mr. E. A. Blclenberg's Mining Operations Has  lirouslit a New Camp to ?t'ie' Front. The  Biickhorn, Arlington Burns and Iron Top  Groups. Immense Ore Bodies-Good Values.v  . Probably no early pioneer of the  Boundary creek country deserves as  much credit for its rapid development  as E. A. Bielenberg-. From-the time he  sold the Anaconda group to the present  da!y he has spent largie sums of ��� money  in increasing- the list of big properties  in the district. Mr. ��� Bielenberg individually, has. spent over $25,000 in  purchasing aud developing properties.  That he lias been successful is due to  his pluck and perseverance more than  to any, favors showered upon ' him  bjr dame fortune. Up to the time Mr.  Bielenberg began ; operations' there,  South Deadwood was an unknown and  unappreciated.mining camp. To-day  it is attracting the attention of mining;  nien bacause of the rich ore bodies uncovered by his efforts. ','.-"  Mr. Bielenberg had a long experience in the business world before coming to this district. . For two years he  managed a coffee plantation at the  headwaters of the Amazon in Peru,  South America. Afterwards he was  paymaster for five and a half years on  the Hutchinson estate Hawaiian Islands  owned by Claus Speckles of San Fran-  eisco the well known Sugar King. He  also.carried on mining operations in  Montana and after coming  to British  .......... -O- ;  ���   ��� "'.', V .....  Columbia ,w,as manager of the pioneer  store a?t Ainsworth in the well known  Slpcan mining, district. Mr. Bielenberg still .retains large and valuable  mining interests in the Slocan. Since  coming here he has been, ever on the  alert to secure valuable mining interests and his many friends are congratulating him upon the great success  which has attended his efferts. As  has already been stated.he is the father  of< South Deadwood camp. .Until the  winter of 1897 thiscamp was unknown.  Then Mr. Bielenberg purchased the  Buckhorn group and at once began  vigorous development work. The  Buckhorn group is no?,v classed among  the big properties of the Boundary  creek district, on account of its  large ore bodies and exceptionally high  values in gokt and copper, one ore  body averaging over 560. The Buckhorn was sold to a strong company at  the head of which is Rufus Pope, M.P.,  F. P. Buck and Messrs. Bailey of  Sherbrooke, Quebec. Mr. Bielenberg is also largely interested in the  company.  ��� Adjoining   the  Buckhorn  group are  the Arlington, Burns, Blue Bell, Buck  horn No. 2 and Burns fraction owned  by Mr. Bielenberg-. He has spent a  large sum in their development; On  the group are 10 shafts ranging from  17 to 40, feet in depth and 900 feet of  open cuts. This work discloses an ore  body 200 feet in length and 600 feet  wide on the surface. An ore body  which runs from the Buckhorn across  the Arlington and Burns has been un-  covefedfor a width of 212 feet by crosscuts and shafts. This ore was -sampled  by J. C. Haas, M. E., and Mr. Bielenberg and from the shafts dumps, and  open cuts they obtained from S15.45 in  gold and 20 1-5 per cent in copper down  to V/i per cent copper and. 65 cents in  gold. Twenty-five samples taken by  Mr. Haas and Mr. Bielenberg gave the  following values:  No.  Gold.  Copper  Per Cent.  1     ?     75  65'  Si 90'  ~t  ������ 2 08  3   3 0(1  1 .SO  4    --'    ^ 23  c   1 60  76  6   trace  ��� trace  ���   65  1 07  8   trace  5 27  9  3 00  10 81  10.:   50  2 69  11   trace  ,  trace  12    :   trace  ''���   . 5 68  1.1                4 50  ���trace'  14 ; ?.;   trace  17.44?  is   2 50  .     3' 50'  if,   2 75  ...      '. .  17   60  18  :   1 so  80.  w ;   trace  trace  20   4 15  2 00  21         5 25  20 00  22   2 CX)  3 00  23   o  4 24  24    -.   2 50  ���   : 1 05  25   trace  trace  ��3i  m  **&  Am  t  is  71  o  hi  o  o  o  o  CO  fc5  o  <~l  o  tr1  o  O  o  X)  m  T  m  o  X)  >  X)  X)  m  CO  0  0  m  CO  CO  0  ���n  ���h  a:  rn  'o  m  rn  TD  m  in  Recommended,  t���  .52  o  ��<:  o.  ���!  ��  Ten additional samples ran fromSl5.45  in gold and 2.05, per cent copper to a  trace in gold and copper. These  samples were taken from a distance of  212 feet across the ledge. When it is  considered that the samples were taken  from this distance without any preference being made for picked ore, it  shows there-is on the Arlington-Burns  one of the most rem.arka.ble ore bodies  in a district:of marvelous mining properties;    ! :'.- ? - ���'  '.'f .���  Lying directly west and north of the  Arlington-Burns is the Iron Top group,  also owned by Mr. Bielenberg, and  comprises . the Iron Top, Piccadilly,  Scranton, Copper Trust, Iron Top Fraction and Otis Fraction. Upon this  group marvelous bodies of copper-gold  ores Jiave been discovered and eleven  distinct ore chutes have been opened  opened up, either by shafts or crosscuts. The development work includes  eight shafts varying in depth from '40  feet to 16 feet and crossuts aggregating  over 900 feet. Development in the Iron  Top group disclosed ore dissimilar to  anything heretofore found in theBoun-  dary district, at least in Deadwood  camp. The ore is chalcopyrite and  bornite and seventeen assays . went  from 43 per cent copper, $8 in gold and  10 ounces in silver to 1^ per cent copper aud S3 in gold. This property will  be opened up by two parallel tunnels  300 feet apart, cutting the ore bodies at  right "angles.  The development of South Deadwood  j camp : has  attracted -tlie  attention of  j the  Canadian   Pacific   Raihvaj-   com-  I pany,   and   already   a  spur  from   the  Deadwood   branch  line   is   being   surveyed to pass   through   the  Buckhorn,  Arlington, Burns and Iron Top groups.  This   spur   will   be   built   early  next  spring and  will   afford   the   properties  cheap shipping facilities to the smelter  at   Greenwood,   only   one   and   three-  quarter miles distant from the camp.  The development of the properties  mentioned indicate that South Dead-  wood camp will soon become one of tlie  largest in the district.  BY...  j Special to the Times.  |     London, Nov. 23.���A dispatch to the  ; British secretary of war from   General  1 Methuen, dated Belmont, Nov. 22, says:  ! "Attacked   the  enemy   at Day   creek;  , victory complete.  Have forty prisoners.  : Captured a large number of horses and  j cattle  and   a  large qantity  of  anitnu-  | nition.    We  are  burying a large num-  ; ber   of   Boers.    Our  troops    behaved  ! splendidly.    The   enemy   fought  with  [courage.    Our casualties   are:   Three  ! officers  killed,   19  officers wounded, 55  I men   killed,   147   wounded, 18 missing.  The  Boers   engaged   2,000 mcr,   Not-  ��� withstanding the demoralizing defeat  of Boers, the fact that Joubert   is  succeeding   in   partially   paralyzing   ad-  I vance of relieving columns  of   Britisli  Sold and  Guarranteed   is causing much apprehension as to the  fate    of    Ladysmith,     Estcourt    and  Mooie  river  station.    These positions  being isolated,  Dutch rising increns-c .  CO  ���t  o  53  ��  CD  ���3  Smith & McRae!�� THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  II.   HALLETT.  11 . C.  SHAW  HALLETT & SHAW  (��<xtvistzvB, 'JJoftcifore,  NOTARIES    PUBLIC.  Cable Address: "iiAJ-LiiTT."  \ Bedford M'Neill's  "i Moreing i: Neal's  ( Leiber's.  Conies  Greenwood, '  B.C.  JR. BROWN.  ���    ��� ��� ��� '.,-'.  Barrister and Solicitor  NOTARY PUBLIC, etc.  Naden-Flood Block, Copper Street, Greenwood.  C3     B.  KERR,  -  Barkistkk and Solicitor,  Notaky Public.  GKKKXWOOD, B. C. ;  DRINGLE  &  WHITESIDE,    ,  Barristers and Solicitors,  frtofan'eB (puBfi'c, etc.,  OFFICES :���Over Bank of Miintre.il.  GREENWOOD.  r^-ORBES   M.   KERBY, C. E..  (pvotinciti? &4nb ^umgor  OFFICES:  J. A. UNSWORTH'S, MIDWAY.  GUESS BLOCK, GREENWOOD.  ET"    W.    GROVES,   ���  !       Civil Sr Milling Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  Mineral Claims Reported upon.      ,  " Underground Surveys.  ACCIDENT AT THE B. C. MINE.  Ci.  A.  OUKSS, M.A.  11.  A.   I'.UKSS,   M.A  (^U ESS i3f?os  CHEMISTS AND ENGINEERS.  Mining Properties Examined and Reported on.    (Estab. 1895).  Greenwood, B. C.  Explosion in the Mine Injures Three  Men���Two are Badly Hurt-  Tuesday afternoon at the B. C. mine  in -Summit''camp, a most serious accident occurred, caused by a powder explosion and resulting in severely injuring William McBride, and A. L.  Watson in the face, as also William  Essenson,'slightly. The two former  were on Wednesday afternoon's train  taken to Rossland, where both have  their h ome. At the same time an eye  specialist from . Spokane was telegraphed for who met the injured men  at Rossland. Essenson, although receiving painful wounds, is at the B. C.  mine and able to be around. While  nothing definite is known here as to  the real extent of the men's injuries it-  is said that Watson will lose his eyesight. Both he and McBride were terribly burnt in the face.  The accident was caused through .the  non-explosion of one of the shots at  the time of the noon firing. The three  men went back into the mine after the  noon hour and started to muck out,  when, a pick struck the unexploded  charge causing a frightful explosion  and the men's injuries. Dr. Gordon,  of Phoenix, was hastily summoned, as  also was Dr. Foster, of Greenwood, before the arrival at the mine of the latter-physician, Dr. Gordon had attended  to the injured men and as far as could  possibly be done relieved the men of  their intense suffering.  ^nimtjmmmmrmfmmte-  QUARLES AE. SMAW.  Givil   Engineer,  ��omi'm'on  on&  (proDtnct'cif gcinft ^urSe^or^  GREENWOOD,       -       B.C.  ARTHUR MOW AT,  (Wining, (gedf feefatt  Greenwood,   >>   z>   /   '   B��G  .   M.  A\.  KEENER,  Real Estate and Mining Broker  OFFICE   OVER   BANK   Op   B. N. A.  GREENWOOD.  ��    W. ROSS,  ."'���    MINING AND SHARE BROKER,  COLUMBIA, B. C.  Boundary    aud    Camp    McKinney   properties  (riven especial attention.  KETCHUM.  W. S. KEITH, M. E.  KEITH & KETCHUM  REHL ESTATE AND MINING BROKERS  GREENWOOD,   B. C.  Mining: Properties Examined  AND    REPORTED   ON.  An Important Case.  A case of interest to all claim-owners  came up before Judge Spinks in the  county court held in Greenwood on  Tuesday last. It was an action brought  by John Mulligan against Louis  Fisher, of the Phoenix sawmill, claiming damages from timber cut;, and  taken from the Wheeling mineral  claim. The case was adjourned after  the evidence of the plaintiff was taken,  and one month was given the lawyers  in which to put in a stated case. It is  probable that ah appeal will be taken  from the decision of the county court  judge, no'matter which side wins, as  the action was brought principally to  obtain an interpretation of the mineral  act in reference to ownership of timber  oh mineral claims and uses to which  the timber can be put. The claim-  owners of the district have combined  to fight the lumber combine, and so the  case will in all likelihood be taken to  the supreme court, and the matter settled for all time.  El Crepusculo,  Por Larranaga,  Benjamin Franklin,  Manuel Garcia, Alonza  El Ecuador  Bock and Africana  La Flor De R Fulton  ..Turkish and Egyptian,.  CIGARETTES.  Pi es and Smokers  Articles.........  STATIONERY.  0.  COPPER ST.  '$? ^c 4* 4* ���$* *$* *$**$? *& *&' *$* *$* *$* *$��� *h ���&* ���& *&��� 4* 4* '$? 'fa *fa ^ ^S?  T*       The Best Beer In Town is Made by The..  *%r"  IELKM0RN BREWER Y*  4�� (/ ~ '., ^tej   PORTMAM -.-'4!  *ASk   FOR \ V\\ /   V.    ^IW     none  s. r.       4  BROS. & Co.  Proprietors, v  eer  PATERN1ZE HOME INDUSTRY:  ���mUMiMMMUiiiiUiUiMiSs:  THISTLE  is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AN1>���  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian  *  *  The Elkhorn Lager Beer contains only pure Malt and Hops.  It is kept on draught or in bottles by all the leading hotels  Trv it!  4  nt^n, $. ^a j$* %.$&.$. se-��f'��8:��f' #*$��� ss ���% a .$..9* .$..$.".$��  Rossland.  Greenwood.  v^ investment mi ^  rtWtj -��� LIMITED    LIABILITY. *��� f*  (Kectf <Bet<dt <xtti (|tXintng (gxoUxn,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,������Manager  MiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiauiiuiuiiaiiuiiaiiiiiiiiiUiaima^  CABLE ADDRESS.  MOREINQ * NEAL.  R. P.  SOLE 'AGENTS :  R[ HET  &   CO.  ,    VICTORIA     B.C.  Ltd  REAL ESTATE AND MINING  PROPERTIES.  . . . THE MART. . .  GAUSCE & WICKWIRE,  Agents,  Greenwood.  W. A.  BAUER:  C.E., P.L.S.  VANCOUVER  ��� E�� ASHCROrrtC.E.;P.LS  GREENWOOD  BAUER & ASHCROFT  fprotn'nctaf fionb Iburbejors.  (tttt'nt'ng onb CiCt'f (Engineering.  Mineral   Claims  Surveyed and Crown Granted  Land and Engineering- Surveys  Flood-Naden Diode, -   ���    GREENWOOD, B C  GREENWOOD  ASSAY OFFICE  -  -  JOE. C. LUCKENBEL  ASSAYER and METALLURGIST  PKOPKIETOK.  Mines Examined and  Reported on. GREENWOOD.  Boundary    Valley   Lodge  No. 3 8. I.O.O.F.  EETS every  Tuesday  Evening   at   .S.IX)   in  their lodjre rmim at Greenwood, 11.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning-  bretli-  ern. II. IJ. Mu.nkok N.G.  Jas. Kekk, Rec. Sec.  Boers Invading Cape Colony.  I/Ondon,  Nov.   21.���[Special.]���Dispatches    reports    heavy    fighting   at  Ladysmith, said  to have occurred last  Thursday.    The   Boers  dead   number  hundreds.    The  British   loss is slight.  The  plan   of  operations on both sides  unfold  slowly.    The Boer invasion  of  Cape  Colony   continues   steadily   and  rapidly   to prevent junction of British-  forces   at   Estcourt . and    Ladysmith.  Delayed    Cape   Colony    reports    announces  the  arrival of more  German  officers   and  artillerymen-who  volunteered  service   with   the   Boers.    The  English plan is three-fold   to  advance  from    Durban     to   Ladysmith,   from  Orange river  to   Kimberly/ and from  East London via Oueenstown   to   Bur-  ghersdorp.    The British hope to early  secure the complete control of Orange  river.    The debarkation  of troops  at  Capetown is progressing satisfactorily.  Eighteen   hundred and fifty cars have  been collected there for the convej-ance  of   troops northward.     Six   thousand  Boers are foraging for food near Grey-  town.  Contractors  ill Builders  House Moving a  Specialty.  BOUNDARY CREEK  THOS. MILLER,   MANAGER.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "SHOO FLY "mineral claim, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located: On Rock Creek at the  mouth of Baker Creek.  TAKE NOTIOE that I, Forbes M. Kerby. as  agent for Geo. E. Drew Free Miner's  Certificate No. 59184 "A" intend, ' sixty-  days from the date hereof, to apply-  to "the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im-  piovements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And .further take  notice, tiiat action   under  section 37, must be commenced  before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st dav of November, 18W  FORBES M. KERBY.  " MINERAL   ACT, , 1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  BANNER"   mineral   claim,   situated   in     the  Kettle   River   Minin      Division    of     Yale  District.    Where  located :    Iu   Greenwood  .  Camp..  TAKE NOTICE that. I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for James Marshall, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 1%04a. and Thomas Roderick,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 19625x, intend sixty  days' from the date hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements^ for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  section 37. .must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  I. II. IIAI.I.KTT.  Dated this 12th day or September, 1.S99.  rg TjEtAL ESTATE, <CMINES, IW^URAWjCE:?-  ���5 Office : Corner Copper and Deadwood Streets. 5^  ��� ��������' '*���....'' ��^- ���  g GREENWOOD,       :        :,      :        B.   C. ��E  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  THOS, McAULEY, Proprietor.  On  ��� Lorah-Parker.  Friday   evening   last,  Richard  AV  I Lorah   and  Leta  Parker, of Phoenix,  ; were married by Rev.   Ralph   Trotter.  The ceremony took place in   the  Hotel  Armstrong-, Greenwood.    Mr. A.  Gra  i ham  and   Miss Jensen acted   as   best  j man and bridesmaid.    Mr.   Lorah   has  ; been   in   the   employ  of  the Wynkoop  ; Stephens company forsometime.    Mr.  ' and Mrs. Lorah have   the   best  wishes  I of their many friends for a happy   and  prosperous life.  H.   KKMI'....  ....J.   HOI.MICS  KEMP & HOLMES,  OFFICES.   STORES AND   WINDOWS  CLEANED.  Capets Sewn, Laid and Cleaned.  PRIVATE nursing  FOR GENTLEMAN   Leave Orders at Henry Sauve's  Stand, Copper street,  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby jriven that at the first meeting of the Licence Commissioners for the City  of-Greeuwood held after 30 days from this date  the undersigned will apply for a transfer from  the undersiurned to A. Bourke and Frank Fera  of the Hotel Licence now held by them for tin-  Ottawa House, situa��d on Silver Street in this  citv, H. D. TOMPKINS & CO.  Greenwood, B. C. Nov. 11. l.S'Cl.  A Typographical Rally.  A  charter  has   been   applied for by  members  of  the  International   Typographical Union in   the  Boundary dis-  ; trict.    It is intended to incltida all   Oe  ! printers   working-  in   Cascade,   Grand  I Forks, Columbia, Phoenix, Greenwood  | and    Midway    in    the     organization.  There are at present  sixteen card men  working in the district,  and   after  the  ' union is established all printers (about  i 20)   working   in   Boundary   will,   it is  ' hoped, come in.  NOTICE. ~  NOTICE is  hereby  jrived  that   I    intend   to  ? apply lo the board of license commissioners of  ; tilt- City  of Greenwood  al   their   first   nun-tiny  ' after the expiration of thirty days, for a licence  to s rll litjuor by retail on the  premises   known  as the Imperial Hotel, corner Coupor aud Dead-  wood  streets. Lots 35 aud 36. lilnck 12.  EVAN PARRY.  jviineral Act. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  STAFFORD FRACTION Mineral Claim,  situate iu the Kettle River Mining- Division  ,if Yale District. Where located: In  Greenwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, J. A. Coryell, as  ajrent for Harry Nash, Free Miner's  Certificate No. MilSit, intend, sixty, davs from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mininsr Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further  take  notice that  action,   under  section   37.   must   be   commenced   before    the'  issuancc of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12lh dav of October,   lS'W.  JOHN A CORYELL.  NADEN-FLOOD BLOCK, COPPER ST., GREENWOOD, B. C.  Graduate   Pennsylvania College of Dental   Siirjfery, Philadelphia.     Licentiate of  British Columbia ��� -���������  Mineral Act. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  CRESCENT Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Miniusr Division of Yale district. Where located: In Skvlark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, as  a^reul for Charles Sweeny, free miner's  certificate No. ?54S21 A, intend, sixty days from  Hie dale hereof, to apply lo Hie Mining- Recorder  for a Certilieate of ��� Improvements for the purpose of .obtaining a Crown Grant to the above  claim.  And further  take  notice  thai action,   under  section 37, must be. commenced   before  the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th dav of November, IS1)').  S-ll-'V). I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  MOUNTAIN VIEW Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mininy Division of Yale  District.    Where located: Iu Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  nsre.ni for Geo rife. Arthur Rendell, free  miner's" certificate No. D7731: Georpe Smith,  free miner's certificate No. l')7(.7A: George H.  Tavlor. free miner's certificate No. 161, and  Justin C. Sears, free miner's certificate No.  U703d. iulend. sixtv davs from thr date hereof,  toapnlv to the Mininif Recorder for a Certificate of'lniprovemeuts. for the. purpose, of ob-  tainiiiif a Crown Grant of the above claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2��tli dav of November, lS'W.  1. H. HALLETT.  LIME! LIME!! LIME!!!  - The only first class White Lime in the Boundary.  ��0e J&notur -fMe Bttne ���ot,  *w /sop-  Is now prepared to furnish lime on short notice  iu any Quantity.  Enquire of . . .  W. E. ME DILL, mgr.  I  H  I  II  M  Prime Beef, ��� Pork, ��� Mutton, ^ Poultry, ��� Fish, ��� Ham,  Bacon and Lard.  The Public are Respectfully Invited to Give us a Trial,  COPPER ST. GREENWOOD.  ft THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  A Study in Booms.  A recent number of the National  Review contains an article on .tlie  .Klondike, under:the above caption, by  Ernest 33. Williams. The gentleman  may be right, or approximately so, in  his figures but his conclusion is wrong.  But here is what he says : He makes  the startling statement that about $50,-  000,000 have already been invested in  ���the Klondike, and that only about $20,-  000,000 have been taken out. He estimates the number of Klondike prospectors at 30,000, and figures that the  average amount spent by each is over  $1,500. With these figures before him  the gentleman says: "The world would  have .been $30,000,000 better off- if it  had never-heard of the Klondike." ,  The last remark will not meet  general endorsement. If his figures be  correct the( world will be the gainer by  $20,000,000, for that $30,000,000expended  are not lost they simply changed hands.  That is all. Of course hardships suffering and death have been the handmaids of those who pursued the trails  to Klondike, but they always hold office  in all ventures, They can't be reckoned  a factor against the $20,000,000 gained  in the last two year's privations. ��� We  are speaking about money now. "But  the-world is not done with Klondike  yet. There are, doubtless, millions  resting: under the ice, of that region  which may be thawed into the pockets  of jminers.. When;the final accounting-  shall be made it may be learned that  Klondike has paid for its discovery and  left a goodly sum to its credit.���Western; Mining World.     .  f; <Missingv; Ore '.Bodies.;?  ...'��� How haphazzard mining is after all,  and with what extraordinary persistence bodies of ore are -sometimes overlooked, remarks a mining exchange. A  case-in point is the recent discovery on  the surface of the Black Bear at Rossland. The Black Bear shows the outcrop of a ledge upon which pits have  been sunk from the flat on which the  L,e Roi compressor stands up to the  crest of the; hill. A- tunnel was also  started by the original locator, sup  posed to drift in off the vein. In all of  this work no indications of values were  discovered, and. the L,e Roi company  bought the claim, so it. is reported,' for  $500. The company continued the tunnel but desiring to use it as a melins of  exit-to? the mine,., bore away to the  north. This summer, to carry out the  proposed development scheme of the  lie Roi, this tunnel is being eriliarged  and 'improved', and extensive grading  was undertaken at the mouth, where a  shop for framing timbers was con  templated. ; This involved blasting the  top off the ledge capping, which has  been lying stripped'for years. The result was more than ten feet of beautiful ore, carrying fair values in gold  and high percentage in copper. The  portal of the tunnel is within six feet  of .this ore, Four sticks of giant powder and four hours' work; would have  made a difference to the original locator of between .$500, and $50,000, or if  he held his property till now, between  $500 and $500,000, but the tunnel started  above the ore and bearing north,1 remained above and to one side of it all  the way. The obvious moral is never  to run a drift tunnel to show up property without crpssctttting, and do not  be afraid of surface work.  The latest phase of the strike situation���the importation of Italian laborers���is a menace to the existence of the  city of Sandon, and, for that matter,  to the industrial welfare of every other  community in Kootenay. It is all  very well for the Mine Owners'Association to take whatever stand they  choose on matters political, but when  they undertake to displace British subjects with these ignorant, degenerate  aliens they overstep the mark and  threaten the business of many who are  dependent for their very existence on  the high class workmen who have  built the Slocan. Such a program will  not be quiescently accepted by the  citizens of the Slocan, and if the mine  owners find the affair assuming a na-  ional importance and themselves held  - up to execration throughout the length  and breadth of the land they may sooth  their wounded sensibilities with the  reflection that whatever they may suffer at the hands of an outraged public  and a disparaging press have been  brought on by their own actions.���Sandon Paystreak.  The Prospector.  There are prospectors and,���prospectors. There are those who have followed the calling of the prospector for  years. They occasionally strike a good  thing which they partially develop,' and  then sell out. They prospect for the  love of the business, and seem to be  happy only when with burro, or old  niare, loaded down with blankets, pick,  pan and shovel and "grub," they roam  over the mountains in search of something good���something that will fetch  :them a "homestake" or enough to go to  their native heath and dream away the  rest of their lives., They seldom or  inever realize the fruition of their  hopes. They, are "prospecting still.  No climate is.tootorrid, nonetoo frigid  to deter them from taking their  chances in the "stampede." , The  farther off the country the more alluring ��� the prospect - appears, distance  seems to lend enchantment to their  view.? ������ ��� ��''  Then again' there ,are prospectors  who engage,in the work from the force  of circumstances. They camp with  the first prospect they come across and  make or break by it. They don't, last  long, If it is a bonanza they have  struck they realize what they- can out  of it and return to pleasanter fields of  labor. At all events they^uit the business and follow some other callings;  Mountain 'trails know them ho more  forever. In the early days they were  called "summer prospectors," for they  hugged warm,stoves rather than a cold,  blanket' oh if rosty .ground; .TtieyJ" may'  have been wise in doing so, as far as  their personal comfort was concerned.  But they never founded new mining  camps, never opened new mining sections, nor called new-mining territories  or "states into existence.: The summer  prospector is a weak brother in "roughing it."  The great northwest is the creation  of . prospectors. The Forty-niners  deepened the tracks made by. the first  settlers of Oregon, and later by "the  pioneers of. Salt L,ake,;, and^made' a  great' state upon. the shores of the  Pacific. The genos prospector sprang  from the''golden sands of ths land of  sunshine and flowers. He panned from  Crescent City at the north to San  Diego at the south.''He pans no more,  but thotis'ands" have taken his place.  They have hewn the way, blazed the  trails and pointed, others to.thewonder-  fuliy rich mineral fields in what was  then *��� howling " wildernesses in -the-  "G-reat American Desert," but are now  the states of Nevada,-Colorado j' Utah  Montana, Idaho, Oregon- and ;Washing-  ton. These great, prosperous, wealthy  commonwealths are the fruits of the  prospectors' toil, of their daring, of  their perserviug industry and of their  bulldog-haug-on-utiveness to the place  where "colors" were found.  One may say? what he will, but he  must admit that the prospector found  the campiug grounds upon which  western towns and cities have since  been built ;?thut he opened the way  which made it possible for the iron-  horse ������ to race around our.great mountains into thriving mineral centers,  and that through his never tiring industry Alaska and Northern British  Columbia may yet enjoy the fruits  which an advanced civilization yields  to this smiling northwest.���Western  Mining World.'  The census returns of Dawson City  give the population as 4,445. Of these  Arabia, China, Greece and Holland  have but a single representative each.  Great Britain and her colonies, including Canada itself, contribute less than  one-fourth of the total, the number being 995. Of these 645 Canadians, 208  English, 69 Scotoh, 49 Irish and 25  Australians. The United States contributes over three-fourths of the total,  namely 3,205.  Luck in Mining.  Take two men and send them adrift  in a gold placer mining or quartz mining country. They are industrious,  hard-working frugal men. One lights  on a fortune and leaves with his colors  flying, and the assurance that the wolf  will be forever kept from his door, the  other retires as a broken-down, poverty-  stricken man. The first struck 'a  bonanza; the other found nothing. The  world smiles upon the one, it has none  for the other.  Follow these men further along life's  pathway. The man suddenly made rich  branches out for higher and larger  game; the poor man, who has Jeai'uo.i  much by an adverse experience, proceeds cautiously and makes a fortune.  He has felt the stings of poverty, lie is  now basking in the world's smiles on  the sunny side of Easy street. His former comrade, in search of wealth,  made missteps and is now a broken-  down, .poverty-stricken, discouraged  man. Who is the child of fortune, who  is the lucky man ? We answer, neither.  They were both painstaking, honest,  industrious and frugal. They are the  same.now. Luck cut no figure in the  case of either. They both did the best  they could. One became a wealthy  mine owner, whose name is a household word, the other is known by his  neighboJS as an unfortunate but honest  man.    Is there any luck   in J this?���Ex.  pg�������^^����g<��g��<g^(g��^^  'fa'fa'fa  M.   E.   FRAZEE  Corni*r of Government mid  Deadwood Streets.  ew wo  The Best.  TEAS^COFEEES  In The Market  Staple  and Fancy j j  Choice and Fresh  Goods Delivered to  any Part of the City,  stomers.  You want good  BUTTER  we can supply you.  Our Bread  is always goad.  We Make no Other;  o  ft  o  o  w  E. FRAZEE  immmmm^mvM^BL^^  THE  {Mamtfacturers and   ....  .Dealers.-in all Kiiia^of-  mm Lumoer  Shingles, Lath and Monldings.  Telephone 36.  Office j     G or her   Copper  and  Dundee Streets, Greenwood,  ^4-44��&#  , ...The Only Direct Importers in .tlie Boundary. Country.  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ROBINS  PROPRIETOR.  ��Vi         ��V*           %%>*           .��.         ,>����         M,          M,           .-��(/          .1^ ���_  ��.��   %f   %f   4S   ��f  *   it/   %#   -,?D  Thos. McDonnell.             R; M. McKutii-  McDonnell i McEntire,  Mines and.  Real Estate  GREENWOOD    and    CAMP MCKINNEY  50-"f    ��S     ;'���'��     sVi    A'i    >���%    iH'<     *%    *  ^      ���;&      '*K-       �������-      -��rts     -*F      '/if       -+S      ~Jr  LJ;  EH,  .uuLI  Insurance, {Mining and l^eal  Estate Broker,  GREENWOOD    -     -     B. C.  A thnrmnrh aci|iiaintaucc  with  the  Houmluy  Cn-cK- :iml Kettle Kiver mining-district!-.  Mines Examined and Hecorted on. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  (^ountatrp Cud ��tme*  ���          1'UHI.ISHED  The   Boundary* Creek  Company  Duncan Ross   W. J. Hakhek   .WEEKLY  Printing  Limited.  BY  &  Publishing  J.;...Editor  .Manager  SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER,  25,  1899.  GREENWOOD'S  GROWING  TIME.  Two years  and a half has worked a  wonderful   transformation   in   Greenwood.    What a wonderful improvement  it is to ride on a  comfortable  C. P. R.  passenger coach instead of taking one's  life in one's hand in making a journey  by stage from Bossburg to Greenwood.  The writer endured all the terrors and  hardships of  that mountain  ride two  years and a half ago.     He found three  buildings  on Copper street���a village  rich  in  hopes  of a bright future but  poor   in  the concomitants of a prosperous   city.      It   was   interesting   to  watch  the old-timers who went to  the  station on Monday to see the first pas  senger coach,to wonder at the thoughts  that passed through their minds as the  iron horse came  majestically  into   the  station; as over 100 passengers stepped  from the comfortable coaches.    It was  something   new   to  hear  the plaintiff  notes'of irrepressible hotel runners, to  follow  travelers   to   the   Hotel   Armstrong and see obsequious porters rushing  hither  and  thither  looking after  the comforts of the guests.   There was  smething novel in the musical jingle of  electric belis, in  seeing telephone  and  telegraph    .   messengers      scurrying  through  the town .. in. their search  for  . new arrivals.    Then one.could not but  be impressed with'the coterie of municipal fathers viewing with satisfaction  the well graded streets and endeavor-  to convince themselves that everything  was all right, although the proceeds of  the latest loan are exhausted.  The evolution of Greenwood from a  ;dirty looking mining camp to a full-  fledged city has indeed been rapid.  Still many an old-timer hankers' after  the good old days and is anxious to move  elsewhere to enjoy the exhilaration and  hardships of pioneer days. They maybe just as happy as those who enjoy  the bustle of city life. After all it  matters little what 'the environments  are life is what one.makes it.  several mines in Greeenwood and  Wellington camps. There is nothing  speculative about the husiness of the  Boundary country. The permanency  of the mines has been demonstratea to  a sufficient extent to warrant the conclusion that no railway company will  have anything- to, complain of in re-  ���pect to the amount of business there  is to do.  THE BUSINESS CENTER.  It is an easy matter to arrive at conclusions, but not so easy to produce  proof. It is any easy thing to say that  the business center of a district is here  or there, but the bare statement carries  no weight. , We now make the statement that the business center of the  Boundary district is Greenwood. To  prove this we point to the records of  the C. P. R. freight department at  West Robson. They will show that  since the road has been completed to  Greenwood, 75 per cent of the freight  is billed for Greenwood. No more conclusive proof of the center of trade for  the district could be offered.  Winston Churchil a Prisoner at Pretoria.  Nbw York, Nov. 20.���[Special.] ���  .-Winston Churchill and the fifty-six  men taken prisoners by the Boers at  Estcourt have been sent to Pretoria to  be held with the Dublin fusileers.  General Methuen with a large force  of men is moving on Kimberly where  Cecil Rhodes is beleaguered. The detailed account of the battle at Ladysmith on the 9th says: Boers loss, 800;  the British loss was slig-ht. After the  battle the results were ascertained.  General White ordered a salute of 21  guns, in honor of the birthday of the  Prince of Wales amid cheers and a  scene of great enthusiasm, soldiers and  citizens participating.  The situation at Natal is complicated owing- to the loss of bridges,  Boers hold, railways at Ennersdale-  threatening Weenan and Estcourt. The  Cape Dutch seeing' the futility of their  cause are beginning to waver.  Special to The White Front, Greenwood, B. C.  General "White Still holds his position. Ladysmith  secure.,, General Buller hurrying reinforcements to I/ady-  smith. Congratulations upon your decided success opening  week in your new premises. Conscious of discharging your  duty faithfully to your hundreds of customers having a  strong position,  Fortified With a Full Stock  Meeting * every requirement in Men's Furnishings,.  Boots & Shoes at prices that defies competition. I predict  a steady increase in your Business. New recruits volunteering daily to swell your ranks:  J. K.    Special correspondent and moulder of public opinion;  FOR THE WHITE FRONT.  We Have a Few More Pairs of..  Our all Wool $2<75 Trousers  THE  BANK   OF  Going Like Short Cake.  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The  question of political expediency cannot  be raised because there can  be. no  act  more popular than one which wipes but  a glaring injustice. Under responsible  g-overnment the right which the people  prize    most    hig-hly    is  the  right  of  proper representation.     At the time of  the passage of the franchise act Boundary  district was   entitled  to   separate  representation;   owing   to    the    very  rapid development of the  district and  large influx of people the right' to   representation is now muih stronger.  Mr. Martin the member for the  Rossland district should insist upon  the {[introduction of. an amendment  to the franchise act, granting Boundary district a representative. Before  his election he gave his pledge that at  the very "earliest opportunity he would  insist upon this being- done. Nearly  two years have elapsed since then and  the people of Boundary district will  soon become impatient at the nondelivery of election, goods. It is difficult to ascertain the polling strength  of the Boundary district but it is well  within the mark to say that there are  1,000 electors between Camp McKinney  and Christina Lake. Greenwood itself has 400 voters, a, number much  larger than that possessed by districts  having two representatives.  THE SHIPPING ERA.  Boundary Creek was not slow in  showing the world that if granted  transportation facilities it could maintain an output of or?. No sooner was  the spur' completed to the Oro Denoro  mine than business was offered to the  C. P. R. in the shape of ore to the  Trail smelter. The Boundary Creek  Mining and Milling company too have  aitshipment at the railway track. The  B.   C.   mine  is  ready to ship as are  Miner's Hip Rubber Boots  1     * .,'���'���   At Eye Opener Prices.  Take advantage of the flyer we're offering: in Gloves and Mitts  Remember the Place.:  �����l>e CUbite Front,  MILLER   BLOCK,  Established in 1836.  Incorporated,by Royal Charter.  ;.Paid-up Capital.'.   ..$4,866,666  Reserve Fund.     M$l,460,000  London Office:  3'iClcnient's Lar.e, Lombard Street^ E. C  COttKT ok Dikect6kS':ii  J. H. Brodie, John  James Carter.  Gaspard  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henry I. R. Farrer,  Ed. Arthur Hoare, H. J.B. Kendall, J.J. Kings-  ford, Fred Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  Secretary, A. G. Wallis.  Pead office iu Canada: St. James St., Montreal  H. Stikeman, general manager.'.'  J, Elmsley, inspector.  Bkanchks in Canada: >  Loudon, Brantfordi Hamilton, Toronto,  Montreal. Ottawa, 'Kingston, Q'ncbec,St. John,  N. B., Brandon, Winnipeg, Frederlcton, N. B.,  Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo,  Trail, Ashcroft. Dawson City, Klondike, N. W.  T., Green-.vood. Atlin and Bennett; B. C.  Agents in tub United States:  Spokane���Traders' National Bank and Old  National Bank. New York���(52 Wall street)  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, agents.- San  Francisco���(124 Sansomc street) H. J. Mc-  Michael and J. R. Athbrose agents.  London Bankers: -."'���  The Bank of England and Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Fokeign Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. Australia���  Union Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union  Band of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Cliartored Mercantile  Bank of India, Loudon and China, Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris-Marcuard.  Krauss & Co.. Lyons���Credit Lyonnais.  F. T. 'SHORT, Manager,   Greenwood,   B.   C  THE.   CANADIAN  TORONTO.  Established 1S67.  Paid/up Capital / * $6,000,000,  Rest..  [Six Million Dollars.]     .........$1.000.0,00.  PRESIDENT.  HON.   GEO.   A.   COX.  . S. WALKER,  General Manager.  J.   H. i-LUMMEK,-  Asst. General Manager.  COPPER   ST.  ������J  !������  C4PITAL; all paid up, $12,000,000,  REST          $6,000,000.  President:   L,oxd Stkathcona and Mount Royal.  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drummond.  Gcr.e::l Manag-er   ���..E. S. Clouston,  This Bank has the largest-number of  Branches of any Bank in Canada, with  Ag-encies at New .York; Chicago, New  Orleans, Skag-way and Dawson City.  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants,  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits,  Travel  lers' Credits, and Circular Notes issued  available in any part of the World.  Approved Notes Discounted, Collections made:  A general Banking- business transacted.  Greenwood Branch.,,,  D.  A.  CA/nERON.      Manager  Branches in Condon (England), new Vork.  Andall the Principal Cities in Canada-.  Chicago,  ������<0>fr-����0��0������ ������������(> ��������<  Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers :  Grant Commercial and Travellers' Credits, available in  any part of the World.  . LLLU  FOR 1900.  Greenwood Branch,  F. J. FIN UCANE, Manager.  A Cat* Load of,/,,  -FOR-  Chickens.. 15c lb  Ducks  18c lb  Geese  18c lb  Turkeys  20c lb  y^  Thursday, November 30th.  Leave Your Order before  they are all Sold.  R. Burns ��& co.  <* ��� GREENWOOD  Ron, Feed, Produce *  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc,  .-'Ji     &i     sYl     Jh  ���*? %��� 'IT 1&  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street. Greenwood.  THE following persons are entitled  to vote,  viz: '.-'���������'���-:  FOR MAYOR:  Any persons qualified to vote for Aldermen is  entitled to vote for Mayor.  FOR ALDERMAN:  The following persons are entitled to vote  that is to say :  Any male or female, being a British subject,  of the full age of twenty-one years, aud  [a) Who is the assessed owner of lands or of  improvements or the assessed occupier of land  situate within the municipality : or  [b) Who is a resident of aim carries on business and is the holder of a trade license in the  municipality, the annual fee for which is not  less than $5.00, aud who has paid on or before  the 1st day of November, 1899, the full license  fee therefore ; or  (cj Who is a householder within the municipality. A " householder " is defined as a person  who holds and occupies a messuage, dwelling  or tenement, or any part of a messuage, dwelling or tenement within a municipality, paying  therefore a rental or rent value of not less than  sixty dollars per annum.  Householders must have paid all municipal  rates, taxes aud license fees (exclusive of water  rate or water rent] on or before the 1st day of  December, 1S98, to entitle them to make the  declaration as mentioned below, ami in order  to be included in the voters' list must, on or be  fore the 1st day of December, 1899. enter their  names with the Assessor or Clerk of the municipality as voters, aud make and personally  deliver to the Assessor or Clerk at the same  time a statutory declaration as set out in section 2, subsection, 2, of the " Municipal Elections Amendment Act, 1897."  Forms of said declaration may be obtained at  at the office of G. B. Taylor, City Clerk.  No Chinese. Japanese or Indians are entitled  to vote.  Bv order,  G. B. TAYLOR  Greenwood, c. m. c.  . 25th October, 1899.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is heredy given that I intend to  apply to the board of license commissioners of  the City of Greenwood at their first meeting  after tlie expiration of thirty days, for a license  to sell liquor by retail on the'premises known  as the Alhamhia on ^Boundary Avenue and  Deadwood streets, Lots 13 and 14. Block 97.  W. S. FLETCHER.  Dated Nov. 4th, 1899.  .../VELSOW...  Employment - Agency.  Help of all kinds furnished.  J. H.LOVE, : : Nelson, B. C  i n THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  ANARCHIST GROUP-  Camp McKinney Property Acquired by a Coni-  .' ������ pany.  R.G. Sidley, J. P., of Anarchist  mountain was in the city for a few  ��� days this week. Mr; Sidley reports a  very unsatisfactory season for the  farmers in- consequence of so mnch wet  weather. Many of the farmers in this  locality have been unable to. harvest  their grain arid will suffer great loss.  Mining is in a more hopeful condition  and Mr. Sidley has just succeeded in  .floating- a strong- company to develop  the Anarchist group held by him for a  long time. The company is called the  Expansion Gold Mining company.  : Frank-Richter"..:the well known Kere-  meos cattle man is president, J. C.  Calhoun, official administrator, L,oom-  is, is secretary and Frank Jenkins,  Major Megraw and Mr. Sidley are in-  cludadin the board of directors.  Probably no Camp McKinney property has better surface indications or  can be more cheaply and economically  worked than the Anarchist group.  There are three claims in the group,  the Anarchist, Success and Dynamite.  The 'ledge has. been exposed for 600  feet.' <-It'-is four and a half feet wide  and mineralized throughout. For the  600 feet "there" are a" series "of shafts  varying in depth from 10' to 81 feet".  Thesameledge has been exposed at another point by a tunnel. With the property goes,what'is'practically* the only  available waterpower, in the vicinity of  Camp McKinney and which will have  to be utilized by.the town when waterworks are required. ' The water record-  gives a 40 horse power at the lowest  stage.- The-ore is free milling .quartz  and with this water power can be treated very cheaply. It is the intention~bf  the company to develop the properties.  A small block of treasury stocke.has  been?placed on the market.  THE LUMBER INDUSTRY.  Two Ble Companies are Acquiring Control of  ��� AHithe Mills.- ;;;.:���-���������..-.  The lumber, industry in the Boun;  dary. Creek country is in a' flourishing  condition; these'? days..,.-' The .rapid J development of the Boundary cities and  consequent erection of many building-S  and the large amount  of timber used  "in the mines, have "created such" a" "demand for lumber  that   the   mills   in  ? many ihsitarices. have been, kept running day and night.. This prosperity  among the mills has induced financiers  to give the lumber industry considerable attention, with the result that all  the mills are fast becoming the properties of two powerful: companies. It  was at'first intended"to create a lumber trust, but the principals in the deal  could not come to terms so two companies were organized. Messrs. Blue  & Fisher and Poupore & Genelle ainal-  gamed .their -interests in Boundary  Creek atidthe Slocan, .while Geo. O.  Buchanan, the Kaslo'lumber man, has  turned his attention to'the mills on the  other-side of the mountain, and it is  reported"that'he represents a million  dollar company which has secured con-?  trol of the mills along the North Fork  "and the main Kettle river. The deal  also includes valuable timber limits up  the North Fork. The company operating on this side this week purchased  W. S. Fletcher's extensive lumbering  interests. The deal includes' tire sawmill near Eholt.  LADYSMITH   COVERED.  By the  Frantic Boers���Kimberly Safe, but in  Need of Men Who Know How to Fight  Special to the Times. ,  ? New York, November 17.���London  advices say that the situation in lower  Natal is quite obscure notwithstanding  that 20,000 British troops have arrived.  The display at Estacourt is not easily  understood. A dispatch from Pretoria,  November 9, says that Ladysmith is  completely surrounded by Boers. At  midnight the Afrikander cannon  opened simultaneously, making a grand  pyrotechnic display, anl causing many  buildings to burn. The casualties are  unknown.  Kimberly was safe on November 10  but artillery and cavalry were badly  needed. The Boers have taken' Aliwal  North and hoisted the Free State flag.  President Kruger has issued a proclamation that there is to be no looting of  captured cities by the Boers. A new  armored train has been fitted out and  sent to Estacourt. In the absence of  definite news it may be taken that the  situation' is serious. General Buller  has the entire matter under his control,  and will probably turn up unexpectedly  and surprise the Boers and the world.  Misquoting Mr. Hamilton-  L. A. Hamilton, the land commissioner of the C. P. R., is entitled to the  sympathy of all western people. He is  so affable and good natttred that hecan-  not resist the importunities of  a  Win  nipeg Free Press reporter searching for  copy. So he talks about the west. The  reporter, in Iris Wisdom, attempts to  improve'-. .Mr. Hamilton's expressions.    Here is the result:  "L. A. Hamilton, land commissioner  of the C. P. R., who has just returned  from the coast, in reply to the interrogations of a Free Press reporter, supplied some interesting information regarding ithe mining operations in the  Boundary creek and Kettle river districts, through which the C. P. R. are  now running extensive railway  branches. He was greatly impressed  with the general progress made in the  country since his visit there only two  months ago. ' Of the British Columbia  Southern" road, an extension of the  Crow's Nest line, and on the Columbia  Western, there many/changes.. -Marked  development in the Fernie coal mines  could be noticed. The demand for  coal and coke has been so great that  that the coal company has established  a coal station at' Sparwobd on Mickle  creek and the ground is being cleared  for extensive sidings und for coke  ovens. The work of��� pushingtutinels  on the coal seams is being carried on  as fast.as men can be 'employed. ; At  Fernie thercis great business activity  and marked changes have taken place  at'Cranbrook by reason of" the construction of the North Star line. Grading on this line is nearly completed to  the vicinity of ' the North Star mine  aud Sulivan groups.? ? The^North Star  Mining company ��� have: constructed a  tramway to connect with the railway  and are building from Cranbrook to  Kimberley. : -������ ....���.;..-..,.���...~.~,t..,,.���  Considerable development is going  ononthe St. Mary's river.-~-Mines-are-  being developed and prospects for  large business in. that .section arei good.  The branch of-,the North Star like will  give facilities to;St.? Marysville^ at .'the  crossing of St. Mary's river, to further  the interests of the mines of. Mobelle.  Moyevillei and Moyie-in- connection  with tlie introduction 'of? concentrating;  and other works at these points. New  capital and new management is being  brought to bear on.'-the Trujeanj 'Movie  and Lake Shore and;.other..important  properties in that section. More activity is now being shown..on these.old  properties than in any of the newly  opened mining.districts.of.,the.west.L,.,..,  On the Columbia & "Western railway  a large gang of men are now working  on the Cascade waterpower, which,  when completed will supply, power for  the development of the properties in  tlie Kettle River-district, a strong English company, has'.secured the franchise for the investment of a large  amount of capital for the furthering of:  this concern. They are arranging for  the distribution of electrical power to  Rossland and Greenwood camps. The  water power will generate 10,000 horse  power and distribute electric power.  The town of Eholt on the Columbia  & Western was something of a revelation to Mr. Hamilton. He was there  two months" ago aridat that time .there  were no indications of a town. : It is  now a thriving-" town, " with stores,  hotels and houses, which are going up  in remarkable mariner. 1 Eholt vvijl  soon be connected with all the camps  in the Greenwood district. The town  of Greenwood has also made marvellous strides. The company at the time  of Mr. Hamilton's- visit,Miad a large  gang of men at..work on the new  freight sheds and yards, and working  on the the spur line, which was from-  Greenwood into the Deadwood copper  camp. The principal copper produced  in this mine will be shipped to upper  Grand Forks. A large smelter is being built north of the town, and they  expect to receive ores for treatment  from Nob Hill, Ironsides and other  properties in that locality. On the  whole, the development throughon t  this country is most gratifying, states  Mr. Hamilton, an3 will otic day repay  the company for the immense expond'-  tnre put into it for railways."  "Deadwood copper camp's" ores filing to upper Grand Forks while a big  smelter is being, built at home! i\ii->  Hamilton in the future should wnl.:  his own reports.  ;. The Canadian Pacific Telegraph  company have taken an" office in the  Rendell block on Greenwood street and  are now ready for business. Mr. McGregor who was stationed at Columbia  for some time has charge of the office.  Dr. Thos. C. Bramard, president of  "the Hamilton Powder company, H. J.  Scott, general, agent at Victoria and  Geo. C. Tunstall, agent for Kootena3',  for the same company, are in the city.  Dr. Braiuard and Mr. Scott were in the  Boundary country two years ago when  Dr: Braiuard became interested in the  Gold Drop in Greenwood camp. He is  president of: the Gold Drop company.  The party are astonished at the remarkable development since the previous visit and predict a great future  for Greenwood,  ���*;����  |t. ��� l&itK^Ktlistpi ii,ltll��  ^ f��        X& ���S M  Jf%/  rE).'"cannot .s'ay'. too,much about our Clothing..Stock. ���������.; It, merits  the strongest emphasis we can'-give- it. . We prefer, however haying youc'ome and make personal investigation. -That is  'tlie :iiioBt satisfactory plan. Our Clothing Stock���that, means  Clothing, Furnishings and Head wear for men, boys and. children,  is ;in splendid shape, better now than ever before, and'we 're ready  for the ..biggest.kind of trade in Winter, Clothing needs.  There  is.ehough here to satisfy every man and any man, no'finatter what- -|  his' taste  or  fancy,   his calling   or profession-may, be.     Put our  claims to the test.     That's all we ask.    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''"-.'; Similkameen Notes;  The Similkameen country lying west  of the Okanagan  is nrjw, and in fact  has been during- the entire season,, at  '   attracting a  wonderful amount of attention throughout the northwest. The  Similkameen river rises in Washington,  '   high  up in the Cascades, in the tipper  Methow     region,    its   course     being  northerly   to   Princeton,,  and   thence  southeasterly   to   the   boundary   line;  about   100 .miles'.-of.;,its course being  ". through  British   Columbia.    Included  in  the valley of this stream and along  sides are the now well known camps of  Keremeos, Olalle creek, Fish lake, Upper Keremeos creek, Riordon mountain,  Fifteen-Mile creek, Sixteen-Mile creek,  Ashnola,  Twenty-Mile   creek,   Brom-  ��� ley's Jamieson's and Princeton.  Above Princeton and about twelve  miles south of that point the famous  Coppor mountain is situated. Just  ' across the river from Copperwmomitain  itseif, while,farther up stream, are the  less known but by no means unimportant camps on Friday creek and Roche  ���   river.  At Princeton the main river is joined  by the Tulntneen, locally known as the  "North Fork." This stream is probably 80 miles in length and flows  through a somewhat rugged and high-  lying region, which is known ,;to be  rich in mineral. Much prospecting  has -been done and hundreds of locations made along the Tulameen and  its tributaries, many of which are  spoken of as of much promise. There  is little room i for. doubt but that the  Tulameen region, which is in -reality a  westerly extension of the Similkameen,  will, like the latter, prove to be a coun^  tryCof vast mineral resources. ....  At Prineeton mining operations have  been confined chiefly to Copper-mountain. It is there the famoui Sunset  claim is located, arid which is now being- actively developed by a Vigorous  company. The work at the claim is  under the superintendence of the well-  known locator of the property, Mr. JR.  A. Brown, and it is but fair to say that  it-would be a difficult matter to find a  man better qualified for the position  in'every respect. Repofts from this  property are to the effect that the shaft  i��<now entirely in: high ��� gradev bbrnite  ore. . With machinery installed, and  continuous work provided for and kept  going, the Sunset and Copper mountain as a whole should-prove a point of  exceptional activity-next season. :  At Twenty-Mile creek the usual force  of men are at work on the Nickel Plate,  and'although reports from the property  are meagre, owing to the reluctance of  the owners to admit strangers to the  mine, it is nevertheless well understood that the property has already  proved to be of great richness and extent. It is reported that the management at the Nickel Plate has succeeded  in arranging? with the department of  Indian affairs for a mill or smelter site  on the Indian- reservation near the  junction of Twenty-Mile with the  Similkameen.  At Keremeos a large amount of work  has been done on the various properties throughout that- camp. The ore  here is for the most part copper pyrites  and  sulphides,   in diorite and quartz.  On the Opulence, however, native copper occurs in very considerable qant-  ities, assays from this property running up as high as 62 per cent copper  from picked specimens, the average  being about 20 per cent copper, with  very light gold and silver values. On  the Dolphin a very fine ore body has  been opened by a tunnel about 80-feet  in length, the same body being shown  np, both above and below the tunnel  by open cuts. On the- Roadside a shaft  now down 20 feel has disclosed a fine  lot of sulphide ore, and the indications  are that depth will prove the Roadside  a most valuable propeaty. ��  On the Golconda group a crosscut  tunnel is now in about 130 feet and the  indications are that the main lead oh  on this property will soon be cut; Work  is about to be resumed on the Copper  King, which has a shaft already down  some  30 feet.    On  the Elkhorn group  considerable surface work has been  done, and a very' considerable amount  of copper, sulphide andpyrhotite disclosed.  On the Bullion Mountain group vast  bodies of high grade- copper sulphides  has been opened, and the management  there has;commenced- an800-foot crosscut tunnel, which will tap the principal  ore deposit at a depth of about 700 feet,  besides opening at least two other other  leads of less size. This property is regarded as possessing one of. the  greatest mineral showings so far found  in British Columbia,- ()  On the Searchlight a tunnel now in  30 feet is being, driven further, the indications being excellent.  At present the Messrs. Black Bros.  & Woodcroft are building a. new trail  into upper Keremeos valley, and as  soon as it completed supplies . will be  taken in- and they will. commence the  permanent development of their Green  mountain group of claims.'  On the Dividend group a splendid  body of iron carrying copper has just  been crosscut for a distance of ?30 feet  without finding the opposite wall from  the one where work was started. Sinking will now be commenced on this  showing, and it is presumed will be  carried on. permanently.  Taken altogether the mineral showings throughoutKeremeos valley camp,  andespecially in the vicinityof Olalla  creek, where the largest amount of ?de-  velopment work- of one-kind and . another has been done, are in all respects  exceptional, and bythe time the long  tunnel on the Bullion mountain group  has been completed, there seems no  reason to doubt but what Keremeos  can boast of mines second to none in  the northwest. Arrangements-are now  being made to bring. machinery into  the camp, and when installed the work  will go forward in a much more rapid  manner than is possible by hand work  only. Taken altogether the prospects  throughout the.en tire Similkameen are  exceeedingly bright. ��� Grand ' Forks  Miner.  Miners'Union Ball.  A Grand Ball will be given on Thursday night, November 30| at Barrett's  hall, under the Auspices of the Green  [K The Heart of The Famous Greenwood Camp  250 Feet From the Brooklyn Plant   ^... ~2��   . ��� .?      ._/'''            . - -   - ���  One^half Mile from the Ironsides and Knob Hill.  doming  Kossland  of fbe  Boundary^  Railroad now being completed passes  through  the  town.  Centre,-of six of the most prominet mines in the Boundary. All producers. Plenty of pure water from lakeron  the property.  _���_#���  SiSSs  |  Imtr  T  IIJU^H:  ��   BUY NOW. -r PRICES RIGHT. ��EASY TERMS,  For Prices and Ternis apply to'  iA B.  Me ARTHUR,  OWNER; COLUMBIA;  B.' C.I  Geo/E.? Breakenridge,  General Agent Phoenix.  Always on  Hand at  Rossland Depot.  BUCKETS,    CARS.  PUMPS,   CHAIN  COMPRESSORS.  ROPE,    SINKING AND STATION  BLOCKS,   RAND   DRILLS   AND  F, RJ MENDENHALL, A&ent;  SIIOULD BE MADE BY  OBI I  A L,arge   Stock: to Select  From.  PIT GUARANTEED.  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General Agents,  For Further Particulars R,   R   PARKINSON,   FairvieW, ;  Greenwood, B- C     Apply  TO E BULLOCK WEBSTER, Keremeos,  & ?). '<.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  f  ��^f -  I  KETTLE   RIVER MINING   DIVISION:  Record   of Mineral Locations for the Week  Ending November 22,1899.-  Noveniber'IS.  Gold   Dollar,   fractional, Tripple lake, G.  D  Cunningham.  .   '���      November 18  Little Queen, Long Lake camp, Carl Bender.  Baby, Clenibus camp, Joe Clemous et al.  November 21  Mouutaiu.View, Smith's camp, R. D. Kennedy.  ,   Certificates of Work.  - November 15 .  Traveler, O. E. Nelson et al.  ,  ?-,.'        -      November 10 J  Le Roy, Q. D. Engeart.  Miuedott, D. D. Engeart et al.  ,. Transfers. ���'?  November 10  Golden  Eagle,'}�� .interest, H. Haml-n  to: D. A.  Cameron; '������������������<  Gray Horse and Bessie, 1-0 interest, D. Brvant  to B. H. Miller. ���    '   .  , November 18      ,   , ���.  Golden  Eleanor, ^interest, John I. Patterson  to Ed. H, Patterson.  Golden  Eleanor, J$ iuteJest, John I. Patterson  to David I. Patterson.  Wellingtonaiid Wellington No. 1,1-15 interest,  John A. McDonald to W.JJ. Harris.  ���'''I November21 .   '<>  Starlight. K' interest, E, J. Edwards to Fred B.  Holmes.  Velvet, Vt interest, Thomas  Kearns  to Alex B  Campbell.  ESTAI!I.ISUI5I>  1862.  ; ANOTHER RAILWAY.  Smith   Curtis   is   Applying   for  a   Railway  Charter...'.  'Smith   Curtis,   the. known   mining  man, gives the following  notice in the  current issue of the Gazette:  Notice is  hereby'given that application will be made to the legislative assembly of the province of British' Columbia, at its next session, for  an  act  ' to incorporate a company with power  ���to construct,  maintain,  and operate a  railway  from  some  point on the Columbia river,  south  of Lower Arrow  lake; ��� thence westerly  to the. city of  "Vancouver,  via the  City of Rossland  and  Sheep lake,  and via or near the  various  points where the Kettle river  intersects the international   boundary  line,   and   crossing   Okanagan   river  south of Okanagan  lake,  and  via or  near: Princeton,  on  the Similkameen  river,? and via New  Westminister, and  with -power to operate and construct  'branch lines up and down the.Similka-  meeir river from or  near Princeton to  the ^international  boundary  line, arid  "extending northward  to Nicola lake,  ...and" thence  to Kamloops, and also*, to  Spence's  bridge; with power to build,  own;- equip, and operate boats,  docks,  ?wh'arves, telegraph and telephone lines;  ito generate electric, ste;am,  water and  " other powers for traction, heating- and  lighting purposes; to appropriate lands  necessary  for said railway, and to acquire,  own,   work  and sell'coal lands  and leases and other lands generally;  to receive bonuses, aids, privileges aud  exemptions; to levy  and .-collect tolls,  and to make traffic  arrangements  incidental to said lines of railway,,telegraph and telephone.  ��� ������:'��� Heavy Firing Near Estcourt.  New Yokk, Nov. 22.���[Special.] ���  Owing- to the heavy work of debarkation at Capetown and Durban. The  British: troops are not prepared to advance as -rapidly as was at first supposed. The Boers also continue to receive reinforcements and supplies' at  Ladysmith. The garrison at Ladysmith maintains its position. Heavy  firing was was reported in the direction  of Estcourt.  ...��  A  O  Furniture l  ��  Carpets      I  9  Linoleums |  e  Cork Carpet 1  ���'���'.-    i  Curtains   *  T  Wallpaper!  Complete House Furnishings,   i  *=&?=< '���'���'. I  T  k.   large  stock  of  Fine  and   Medium  Priced Goodssin above lines.  Send for Samples and Prices���ircc.  '���������-������  till  >����^cM����<i����nn^a>.t<���� m <����������������*������ ��m����������  Notice to Creditors.  In the matter of the estate of William Berrv  Patou, late of Greenwood, in the District o'f  Yale, Broker, .deceased.  MOTICE is hereby given that all creditors  and others having claims against the  estate of the said William Berry Paton,-who  died on or about the 10th day'ot "July, 1899, an-  reo,uired,on or before the 10th day of December.  1899. to forward to or deliver to Messrs. Leant}  & Gray of George Block, Copper Street,- Greenwood, B. C, Solicitors for Annie Carter Paton  and James Napier Paton the administrators of  the      estule      of     the said deceased,  their christian and surnames,  addresses aud descriptions, the full particulars  of their claims, and the statement of their accounts and the nature of the securities, if any,  held by them. -  And further take notice that after such last  mentioned, date the said  administrators   will  proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased  among-the panics entitled  thereto, having  regard only to the claims of which  they shall  then have notice, and that the said administrators'will not be liable for the said assets or  any part thereof to any person or persons of  whose claims  notice shall  not have  been received bv them at the time of such distribution.  ��� LEAMY & GRAY, ;.>���--���  Dated the 10th day ;    Solicitors for Annie Car-  of November, 1899.     ter   Paton    and   James  Napier Paton, Administrators   of   the   estate   of  William    Berry    Paton,  '     deceased.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will be made to the Legislative Assenib:5~'of  the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for an Act to enable the Corporation of  the City of. Greenwood to construct, equip,  maintain, and operate by any kind or kinds .of  motive power asingle? ordouble track tramway,  for. the purpose of? conveying passengers,  freight, merchandise and? goods; commencing  at the said City of Greenwoodto the: following  'places : Phoenix Camp; Deadwood Camp; Long  Lake Camp: Central Camp and any other point  ���within fifteen miles of,the said City of Greenwood., with power to construct, equip,' maintain,  and operate the same; and with power to expropriate.lands for tlie^ said purposes, and'to  make traffic arrangementsi with' other railways',  companies or other persons, and with power to  build wagon roads andtrails to be used -in the  construction of said winks, with all other privileges as may'be necc'ssaiy "or inc ideutel or .conducive to the attainment of the above objects.  -.,..'��� LEAMY-& GRAY, .','���.  Solicitors for the applicants.  Dated the 23rd dav of November, A. D. 1899.      11-16  QREENWOOD   is    the   financial  and commercial centre of the Bou���d-  ary ^i*eek district  for   ��� _.._  roads lead to the  It is  die., mining  cam^s.  the stilly ^oint  .Prom  the  city,  B Why Don't You Be  Good to Yourself  Stop taking drnys and patent "poisons.  Greenwood*  Copper,  Long Lake,  j  //  Summit,  Skylark,  ' '   .������..'������-,:'      ������.������'������ r   .  WMte and Atwoodv  Smith's,  ���Arid Other Boundary Greek Camps,,  Have Branches in the St}r.  The j' will not cure 3'ou,    They never  have,     If so why dont you stay cured ?  It is a positive fact thatthousands" of  people  g-6   annually   to  their   graves,  victims >f the   dosing habit.    Are you  to be one of them. Stop and Think ?  Investigate the newer and   saner  method of curing people^  Reason, Observation and Experience  "      .    (The Trinity of Science.;  combine to    prove the   efficacy uf the  ���Quaker, Thermal Folding���  In eliminating- effete matter-the  cause of disease-throug-h the pores of  the skin, from the body.   .  The Hot Air and Vapor Baths are  natures own method made- easy and  enjoyable. It is absolute cleanliness.  Combines the curative beautifying-and  invigorating elements of the Turkish,  Russian and Medicated Bath. Dispels  congestion, equalizes the circulation.  The Cabinet Bath is the most powerful and efiicasious agent yet devised  by modern science for cleansing the  skin, purifying the blood, promoting  healthful and natural functions, and  reliving the excretory organs.  The Cabinet Bath is the most powerful and efficaious agent yet devised  by modern science for cleansing the  skin, purifying the blood, promoting  healthful and natural functions, and  relieving the excretory organs. -For  breaking up a cold, averting attacks  of la grippe, relieving rheumatism and  neuralgic pains,soreriess of the muscles  relaxing stiffened joints, dyspepsia,  indigestion, sleepelessness and many  other chronic and acute diseases. The  Hot Air and Vapor Bath stands unrivalled. . It is endorsed by leading  Hygienists and Physicians.  R. H, MOFFAT,  Government St. :   :   ': Greenwood.  Sole Agent for B. C and Atla.  Samples of Bath may be seen at Boundary Creek Times Office.  Vice President Hobart Desd.  Washington, Nov.  21.���Vice President Hobaft died at 8:30  this  morning  of heart ailment.  Auginaldo a Solitary Fugative.  New   Yokk,   Nov. 22.���[Special.]-  A  dispatch   from   Manila   states that  Aguinaldo escaped between the forces  of Generals Young and Wheaton, and i  is now a solitary fugative. .    !  Emperor William a Guest of Her Majesty.  New Yokk,  Nov..  22.���[Special.]���,  Advices from London states  that Em- '  peror   William,   of   Germany,   is   the  guest   of   the Queen.     There   was  a.:  great banquet at St. George's hall last  night.  J. M. Taylor is working aforce of five ,  men   on the Vancouver, in-Wellington :  camp.    Previous work consisted of two  shafts,  one 32 and   the other IS feet.;  The  ledge   is about two feet i.n width,'  giving from'$40 to $50 in all  values  to  the ton.    Adjoining  the Vancouver  is  the Columbia which has been developed ]  by open cuts and a tunnel.    The assay  values   run   about SoO  to  the ton.    In  this group of claims  are  the  Welling  ton, Keystone and Oro.    On  the Wei j  lington   there  is  a 30-faot   shaft  and i  several   open   cuts.    The  ore  body is j  arsenical   iron,   averaging  S20  to the.  ton.    The Keystone  has the same lead  as the Wellington, the  average assays ���  running somewhat higher.    A  20-foot  shaft has been sunk on   the  property. :  On   the   Oro a 50-foot tunnel has been  run  on   a  quartz' lead, carrying'��40 in  gold and a small percentage in copper.  J. M. Tayior,G. W. Rumb^rg r and M.  Oppenheiiner, of Marcus, are interested  in all the claims.in this group. '    j  We can stronsrly recommend  Pump to those rei|uiriutr its special type.  The extreme convenience of. the outside 3  packed form enables it to be readily t  packed aud taken up. The absence of |  the. projecting valve (fear etc. is a fea- |  lure iu avoiding-brealcau-esduriiitr hoist- ��  iuir and lowt-riuu-in the confined space ���  where these pumps are used. Il is lined 5  with convenient suspending hooks and jj  the pipiuu? arrangement takes up Hie |  least possible spu'ee. Mitiiuu- stipet in- 5  lendents and those interested iu Miuii-.jr ?  Machinery would consult their interesis *  by sending for catalogue aud quotations I  before installing their plants. We |  manufacture Putupiuir Machinery for I  everv conceivable dutv. " \  For Price of Lots and other information, address  Robert food or C. Scott Galloway  reek.B.C.  K. STUART, J. B. JOHNSON & CO.  Gamp McKinney Hotel,  ���..,..........HUCHXAMERON. Proprietor.  ;   ��� -'. ".'.'I'':':.:... Cr^ii",   .- .'.. ','  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and CifarR.  Goon   Stakling.  OCEAN     TO     OCE/KW  Without chanpre of Cars, via  Tlie Only Direct Rout From  Boundary Country.    '  [y^. 101,011.  o V ��  LIMITED.  L?i'.e MacFarlane & Co VANCOUVER, B. C.  ��S   IS ig  V,*e il--- Manufacturers and direct Importers, aud carry a larire stock of Ualauces. Furnaces, l-'ire  Ciiv ���M.i.is. Scieulilic and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods, Acids. Chemicals, and all  .iliii-r^Ass n-vi-s' aud Miners' re(|iiirements. Sole agents for Moriron Crucible Company, llattersea  '.���.vck.-i-s Sous- Balances. Etc.   Catalo)jrueaud fuUparliculars sent on application.  TO ALL, POINTS EAST AND WEST  Westbound  19.50    Lv.  Daily Train  Sicamous Jet.  Eastbound  Lv.    5.45  Connecting Steamer leaves  Penticton  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,   (i.OO  ,   Connecting Steamer  arrives  Penticton "   .  Monday, Wednesday,   Friday,   17.30  ��  e*Hsi)  Direct service to  and   from   all   points  via West Robson  Except Sunday Except Sunday  13.10 Lv  Greenwood At    15.15  Through Tickets to all Points  AT LOWEST RATES.  Sxodgrass & Sonsv Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp ���McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood.  Carson and Grand l-*or.*s.  Leaves Greenwood daily at X a. in. for Grand  Forks, daily excepliujr Sunday: S a. m. for  Camp McKinney, Chesaw, Kock Creek aud  Midway.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 8 a. tn.  for Penticton, Fairview, Cliesa-.vJ Camp McKinney and way points.  Throusrh tickets to all points east and west via  C .P. K.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Exptv>-B.  iW Will sell  throuffh Tickets  lo Vancouver,  Victoria. Seattle or Portland.  Prospectors  save packing by buying- your outfits, at'West-  i bridge 10 miles above Rock Creek.  NOTE A FEW OF OUR PRICES.  Hams   liacon   Dry  Salt..  Suffar   Flour   ...it;.-; ots.  Kice   ...r,y, cis  ���Powder    15 els  Fuse      ...H.35 cwt  Caps .    .   .  2.25 sack  Jessop Steel  ...in lbs forfl  ,. l'lc   case lot    .SI coil   ?1 box   ISclbK  A Full Stock Now on Hand of Miners- and Prospectors Supplies.  S ots a.ii 5!n:5. Groceries. Hardware, ani Cent's Furnishings.  SUCCESSOR TO  HERBERT &   G  )  For rates  and   full   information   address nearest local ag-ent, or  F. T.  Abbott,   of  Snodgrass  Stajje  Line.  E- R, Redpath, Agrent, Greenwood.  W. F. Anderson. E. j. Coyle.  T.P.A. Nelson. B. C.       A.G?P.A. Vancouver.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Services 11 a. in. and 7:31 p. in. Sunday scho  \:~-*i \y. in.    Social service K p. in. Wednesdav.  EVERYBODY   WELCOME.  V. H. K.W.DKRSTOX. H.A.. l'a-i.ir. 8  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK    TIMES.  BOTH BY-LAWS PASSED.  Electors Endorse Electric Light and Tramway  By-Laws.  The electors of Greenwood are determined to have electric light and a  tramway. Both by-laws were almost  unanimously endorsed oh Thursday  last,- the votes standing-52 for and three  against. The electric light plant has  to be installed within 90 days or the  company will forfeit $100 a day.  Messrs.. Collins and Mcintosh are already negotiating for the purchase of  the necessary plant. The city is making-application, for a special act to allow,the building- of tramways to the  different camps.  THE CITY COUNCIL.  Business Transacted   at  Regular Meeting on  Monday Evening.  Owing to illness Mayor Hardy was  unable ' to be present at the regular  meeting of the city council on Monday  evening. Aid. Cameron was voted to  the chair, with Alderman Galloway,  Wood, Beath and Fisher in their seats.  W. G. Gaunce who was "injured on  Copper street at the time the street was  being graded, asked for compensation  and Aid Beath and Galloway were appointed a committee to investigate the  ,; matter.     . ���' ��  A. B. Campbell submitted an estimate of <$2,000. as being necessary to  complete- the sidewalks in the, city.  In connection it may be stated that all  the money, borrowed this year has  been spent and there is an overdraft to  to be met.  A petition from the ratepayers was  read asking that a' by-law granting a  bonus to the smelter be submitted.  Aid. Galloway gave notice to introduce  the by-law.;  Fire Chief Heriton was appointed  health inspector without additional  salary.  The   by-law   legalizing   the expro-  riation   of land  for an  alleyway between Copper and  Silver streets was  , read a first and second time.  Lots 2. 3, 4 and 5 in the cemetery  were reserved and a price of $10 per  lot fixed.  up an additional SI0,000 for.develop-  merit and in placing machinery on the  property. Mr. Lardlaw's firm has also  purchased the, Bengal, Badger and  Bristol claims in Deadwood camp.  Quebec money����� will develop these  claims, for which a company 'is being  formed. A small force is at present  erecting substantial quarters for the  men on the Bengal claim. The vein is  a big quartz one from 45 to 75 feet in  width and will be exploited, by the  sinking of a shaft. Within a few days  two shifts will be   at work  developing.  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  MACHINE   SHOPS   IN  GREENWOOD  The Jenckes Machine Company Negotiating to  Establish a Branch.  J. M, Jenckes, managing director of  the Jenckes Machine company of Sher-  rooke, Quebec, and F.   R. Mendenhall,  their agent for  the province, were in  the city  for  several  days  this week.  The  Jenckes  Machine   company   are  among the largest   manufacturers of  mining and other  machinery   in   the  Dominion.    Appreciating the  importance of the niining industry in British.  Columbia, Mr. Jenckes  has decided to  establish branch shops in the province  so that his company may be  in  closer  touch with mine-owners.   After visiting   Rossland   and   other  niining districts he decided that &reenwood offers  the greatest advantages for such an industry.    Mr. Jenckes  interviewed the  Townsite company and also  the council of the Board of Trade.    The Town-  site  company   have offered a site near  the railway  station.    It is understood  that Mr. Jenckes will  ask for a bonus,  but   no   definite   proposition   has  yet  been submitted.  The advantage of having machine  shops in the city are apparent to every  one. A large establishment of this nature means a valuable addition to the  pay-roll of the city.  Notice.  There will be a meeting of the Greenwood Liberal Association at Rendell's  hall, Greenwood, on Saturday evening, the 25th, inst., at 8 p. m. Important business is to come before the  meeting and all Liberals are requested  to be present.  J. R. BROWN,       THOS. HARDY  Secretary. President.  MINING NOTES.  Samples from the Golden Eagle  mine on the North Fork, were brought  to the city this week. They were taken  from a drift at the 130-foot level. An  assay from one of the samples yielded  22 per cent copper and $7 in gold. The  ledge had just been encountered and  its width was not determined. It appeared solid, however, with 18 inches-  exposed at the time the samples were  taken.  The Athelstan mine in, Wellington  camp has been bonded by Massam &  Lardlaw, of Spokane, on behalf of a  Toronto syndicate. Andrew Lardlaw  is in Greenwood and will remain here  for some weeks looking over the camp  and may possibly take in the Myers  creek camr. He informed a Times  man that the bond on the Athelstan  called for 330,000, of which 510,000 in  cash is to he   paid   within   a fortnight.  M. E. Miller of Miller Bros., has returned from a visit to the east.  F. H. McCarter, of the Grand Forks  Miner, was in the city this week.  A. J. McMillan, of Rossland, visited  ���jreenwood and the . Snowshoe mine  this week.  R. F. Tolmie, secretary of the San-  don Mine Owners' association, was in  the district this week.  R. J. McGregor has arrived from Columbia to take charge of the C. P. R.  telegraph office here.  A. McDonald, head of the firm of A.  McDonald & Co., Winnipeg and Nelson, was in the city this week.  C. A. Powell, manager for Hunter-  Kendrick company af Grand Forks,  paid Greenwood a visit'this week.  Jas. McGregor, inspector of , mines-  was in the city this week. ' He visited  the B. C. mine in connection with the  accident there.  A. File who was appointed principal  of the Greenwood school arrived from  Vernon on Tuesday and will open the  first division on Monday.  A large party of friends surprised  Mr. and Mrs. Thos. McDonnell at their  residence Tuesday evening. The  evening was a most enjoyable one.  E. Cronyn who was in Greenwood  this week, met with a serious accident  at Robson. ?'He fell from a platform in  the   darkness  and was; badly shaken  UP-  A meeting of the Liberal association  will be held in Rendell hall this (Saturday) evening. Important business  will come up for disscussion and a full  attendance is requested.  J. C. Clute, inspector of customs is  in the city. He was astonished at the  returns of the local office and intimat-,  ed that Greenwood would be made an  outport in a short time.  Wednesday was a field day in the  city police court. The dealers of black  jack were summoned to appear. Thirteen paid their fines of $50 while the  balance sought pastures new.  H. B. Smith. C. E., C. P. R. engineer at Rossland, and J. G. Sullivan,  assistant superintendent of the ' Columbia and Western railway, came  over the road this week. ...  W. R. William,s of the Dominion  Copper company, has been gazetted  and sworn in as a justice of the peace  for the province. Mr. Williams will  stand high among the magistrates of  the province.  H. A. King has eesignedhis position;  as postmaster. Mr. King found that  his rapidly increasing business demanded his entire time. H. Frith, the  assistant postmaster, will probably be  his successor.  Dr. R. B. Boucher, until recently  surgeon on one of the C. P. R. Pacific  liners and also resident surgeon in the  Montreal general hospital, has entered  into partnership with Dr. G. M. Foster  of this city. Dr. Boucher will reside  at Phoenix.  Percy F. Godenrath, the traveling-  correspondent of the Spokesman-Review, returned here the first of the  week after a three weeks' visit to the  mines in Okanagan country. He reports considerable activity at Loomis  and steady progress at Chesaw which  is building up nicely.  F. H. Oliver, F. C. Loring, and their  niining expert, W. H. Taylor, were in  the city this week. In addition to  having control of the Morrison company, the gentlemen mentioned own  the Gre3'hountl mine in Deadwood  camp, and are incorporating the Western Gold Minining company to develop  this mining property.  County court was held at Midway on  Wednesday.     Christopher    Columbus  Warmonth who had been charged with  horse  stealing  by    Jno.    A.    Coulson  elected speedy trial.    He was acquitted  by Judge Spinks without  calling wit-  i nesses for defence. An order was m;tde  I for letters of administration   to Donald  : McLemren re the estate of   the  late  j Malcom McQttaig of Rock Creek.     Injunctions galore  were   secured  to  re-  ' strain   saw   mill   men    from    cutting  timber on mineral claims.  J. A. UNSWORTH,  Druggist''' Midway.  ��  w  OT  OT  OT  OT  OT  OT  OT  ���OF���  Bel warp Serges,  a    ;ti    B  few   a?   ijg  Glance at Our  ��" Milton and Beaver  --OVERCOATS.  ���o���  Fanning & Bemiest  HIGH-CLASS TAILORS.  OT  W  OT  OT  W  OT  OT  W  OT  OT '  OT  London, Nov. 23.���A dispatch from  Cairo states that General Wing-ate  fought Dervishes at Drefissa, killing  400 and capturing prisoners, arms and  supplies.    Our casualties  are:   Three  The syndicute has also  agreed  to put i wounded.  B, C. Assay Office  Just Opened  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  MOUNTAIN VIEW mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Miitintr *Division iof Yale  District. Where located : In Summit  camp adjoining-the B.'C. mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, F. W. Groves acting  as ag-ent for Patrick Lyons, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 19133a, and Louis Scheiflle, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 19135a, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of Obtaining v Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And   further  take   notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this 12th dav of September, 1899.  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  A. P. McKenzie & Co.  NOTICE.  PASSADENA, PARAGON,. EL PASO, aud  OLIVE mineral claims situate iu the Kettle  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Greenwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we the Pass'adeua  Consolidated Gold Mining Company,  Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No. 20113.  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  applv to the,Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commended before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 18th day of September, 1899.  Passadeua Consolidated Gold Mining Co., Ltd.  A.   F=.   &:. A.   M.  GREENWOOD LODGE,'A. F. & A. M  Regular  Communication   first    Thursday   ;u  every month.   Sojourning brethren cordially  Invited. J-   C.   HAAS,  C. Scott Galloway, W..M. Secretarv  I  f   ( f  W. B. RICKARDS & CO-  ...Real Estate and Financial Agents.  Fire, Life aud Accident  insurance. ���  MINING BROKERS.  ..MIDWAY, B. C.  RELIABLE WORK.  GREENWOOD,  B.  C.  TO  LET.  Eleven Choice Offices in the Miller  Blook, Copper street. The rooms can  be rented en suit or separately. The  building is centrally located, well heated, and furnished with flush closets,  and wired for electric lighting.  Apply to janitor Miller Block.  THE BRITISH CllAEIiR  LESALl  R.  LIMITED.  GREIGER, Manager.  Agents JTor.  PABST BEER  COMPLETE  -    LINE    -    BAR  Greenwood, B. C.  -   SUPPLIES.


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