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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-11-06

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 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1897.  ���<*:  v  <*?**  ���%  ($ 1tfee% Jount^e  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD, B.C  Uirder License from The EDWD. P. ALUS CO., of Milwaukee, Wis.  7<F  <-. *�� *  I I  *   -    .���>���  TV 1      ' and Quarries,  ���       ���        ��� TgMC^I  a��-iB��e<��>��wg������<����>^����-��<c��ah����H��<��B�� < ����b<m  Straight Line, Duplex and Compound,  &  ' ���  m  T  f  8  M>4����o<a��-��<������-��a��B'aB��B-wi��04a��<WrW--��-<fl����*wt����<��  ist��h-Iml��et Air Compressors.  Boilers,  Hoisting  Engines,  iPumps,  Ore Buckets,  Ore  Gars,  Crushers,  etc,, etc,  ill  *j|r��      *��*      "^      <%*  Office:  299 St. James Street. MONTREAL.  ROSSLAND, B.C.  Jas. D. Sword, Manager.  #amusuimiiiuttu^^^  W^W  Of Montreal  ��� *-^i3>  MANUFACTURERS     OF  owders  0  �����o��  *.*o  dealers  -*ik**  ���Jit?  ���siv**-      1   i  ectric * Blasting * Apparatus.  ���%*eS>  ���**��<*{���  ������t��  ---ma  ���-^O  Works at  HAMILTON, ONT,  ��� BELOEIL,  QUEBEC  WAVERLEY, R S,  NANAMO, B, C,  Agencies in British Coktmbia :  Victoria, Vancouver,  Nanaimo, Nelson,  Kaslo, Sandon,  And all the principal towns in Canada,  ���*-*9  ~-wad  'alt* Jauti> A YX 0  J  I  f  "I  i\  ��  I  I  I  ft </;���  ;{l'  ���M  J!!JI  m  m:  mi  m  m  !/'  A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol III,  GREENWOOD, B,C��� SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1897,  61  No, 9,  THE    CITY    COUNCIL.  ^HTj}  regular    meeting-   of  the  city  council  was  held on  Monday  evening-  last.    Owing- to  the  absence of  the  Mayor  and Aid.   McKenzie  and Hamill only four members were present.  Aid. Rendell presided.  The City Clerk returned the completed  assessment roll to the council. On motion  of Aid. Phelan seconded by Aid. Galloway,  the assessment roll was received and the  oity council will sit as a court of revision at ten o'clock on  Monday, 29th inst., in Rendell & Co's. hall, to hear all complaints against the assessment.  The assessment roll shows a total assessment valuation  in the city of $228,345. o Of this amount $193,725* is for land  and $34,620 for improvements. The larg-est assessed owners  are Robert Wood & Co., who are assessed for nearly $82,000.  The total assessment for the 640 acres within the city limits  would be considerably increased were it not for the fact  that there are included at least three mineral claims which  are not yet subdivided and which therefore cannot be assessed under the hiunicipal act. Improvements were assessed  at 50 per cent, of their full value.  After disposing; of the assessment roll, the aldermen engaged in a discussion dealing- with hawkers and their licenses. It had been found that certain Okanaganers weref  hawking- without taking out a license and the collector was  instructed to take legal steps to enforce the license law.  Another matter which engaged the attention of the aldermen was the question of laying down sidewalks. Those  who are building are anxious to know the proper grade for  the sidewalks and the width. The council decided that all  sidewalks on Copper and Government streets must be seven  feet wide and the street grades will be secured as soon as  Mr. C 2Et. Shaw, C. I}.,' who is now rushed with work, can  give the matter his attention.  Aid. Gailowa3'-gave notice to introduce a road and dog  tax by-law, to take effect next year. The council then adjourned. #  '#, #  WATERWORKS   ASSURED.  Greenwood is going to have a system of waterworks before Christmas. The Greenwood City "Waterworks Company have so decided, and as Mayor Wood and Aid. Galloway are the principal shareholders in the company, the citizens feel assured that their decision will be carried into  effect. The work will be commenced immediately. Mr. C.  JQ. Shaw, C. 10., has secured the necessary levels for the  pipe lines and Aid. Galloway is calling for tenders for excavating the necessary trenches for the pipes. Pipe of the  very best quality has been ordered from Spokane and will  be brought here as quickl}'- as the freight teams can haul it  from Marcus.  The system contemplated is chiefly for fire protection purposes and will be laid with a view to extending- it with the  growth of the city. From the dam, about one-quarter of a  mile above the city, an eight-inch pipe will be laid along-  Greenwood street to Government and Copper streets. Then  branches will be run on Copper and Government streets for  600 feet on either side of Greenwood street. This will cany  the s}'stem to Mr. Walsh's building on Copper street south  and beyond Mr. Butler's harness shop north and on Government street the pipe will extend to the furtherest building's  on both sides of Greenwood street. The pipes on Government and Copper streets will be four inches in diameter.  Hydrants will be placed at   different points on both   streets  and sufficiently frequent to insure that no  building will  be  destroyed by fire if water can prevent it.  The compan3r will of course make connections with residences and hotels if the owners so desire. There are four  or five establishments in the city that are anxious to use  waterwheels and those will mean a considerable revenue to  the company.  The dam on Twin creek is partially completed and with  the expenditure of a small amount of money can be made  sufficiently safe to hold a large volume of water. The dam  is at such a high altitude that water from a nozzle will  knock the shingles off airy roofm the city. The city council will necessarily purchase a g-ood supply of hose before  the system is completed. Then there will be only a few of  the houses on the outskirts of the town that cannot be  reached in case bf1 fires.  , The decision of the company to begin work immediately  is gratifying news to the citizens. It shows a confidence in  the city, will insure more liberal treatment from, insurance  companies, and it will mean the/expenditure of money and  the employment of a large number of men. With a good  water system Greenwood will also be a more desirable place ,  to live in and owners of real estate will liave another, inducement for expending money in improvements.  ���Me.  Mi.  38?  BEGGING   AGAIN.  will get the bonus.  cure  the bonus   is by   building   the   road  The Victoria, Vancouver & EJastern Railway & Navigation Company have written to the City Councils of Vancouver, New Westminster and Victoria, asking the councils  to appoint delegates to act with delegates from other cities  in urging upon the government to grant the subsidy of $4,000  per mile���-which had been voted for the construction of the  line; also stating that the company , was now ready to go  ahead and that the , expenses of the delegates would be  paid.  To say the least this action is startlingly peculiar. If the  company have now plenty of money to build the road as its  officers mentioned, why should it be necessary to take the  action suggested ? The $4,000 a mile was appropriated by  the legislature for any company who would build the road,  and when the road is built by the. V. V. & ID. Company they  The best way  for  that  company to se-  Uhtil then the  councils of the coast cities would be foolish to commit themselves by endorsing a company who ma3r or may not be in a  position to carry out all the promises they make. Such  action on the part of the cities may prejudice ihe interests  of other companies who are prbbabry in a better position  to build than the Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern.  In the light of past experiences with railway companies  citjr councils should fight shy of such a scheme as that proposed b3r the' Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern Railwa3'- &  Navigation Company.  Railway promoters would do well to refrain from attempting- to draw the public into their schemes.    The   lessons  of  last session are still fresh in the minds of the people and  they are not likel3r to look kindly upon schemers whose onl3r  object is to make money out of railwa3's built by private  parties by the use of public money.  The promoters of the V., V. & K. while they may be short .  of cash are not lacking" in gall.. Their offer to pay the delegates' expenses is characteristic of the company. We can  scarceVy believe that Messrs. McKenzie & Maun who secured the charter, authorized the secretary of the company  to write such a letter to the city councils. The work is altogether too coarse for such astute business men as the3r are  known to be. It is more like the work of the amateurs who  haunted the lobbies of the legislature halls at Victoria and  Ottawa last winter.  ttwf^^w;w$,..-flgriflffi'* ^fr.rTVTO^^^ ^WfrftvJ��fSfr'ff- K'Ftt^vctj *.  "i-vw.,-*}.-!* r.jj.Vrv '"jr-M'i4* (,-*y-v-. .^���v*-�����-.*'; L:',v.fvi-<y���(,  ,  ^\if .������;sV.,viI.'<'sjj THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES,  jgg^ rassan.T.y-w:  ^y-x?':j��"'^:' '��-f��':'^~' :f~^J ^ \f;^*X<~ .?���:���$ f':^j��-r - ������gyjr-'r"-  ^j^.v^v.v^VA rgn^ .,vi^ri^~^r^rv.-;vnFr^:  IF3     YOU      NEED  Hardware,     Stoves,     Granite  and Tinware  CARPENTERS'  and   MINERS'   TOOLS  Ore   Gars   and   Rails  POWDER   AND   STEEL  Paints and Oil        Sashes and Doors  Water Pipes and Fixtures, &c.  Call or write for Trices:  4  M  Government Street,  Greenwood.  A Practical Tinsmith and Plumber connected with the Business.  ^j^k^JL1 '^ \**^**'*��'}&&*: ;:fr\j&: ::^::-^^'-^--^^J ^U����&-^  y^[-^^\ ��� y.,.:.--v^^^r^^ v^.-T<-^-x-Uyi&vVs*.-v-)*nsvpgff  /  /  /  /  Rossland.  Investment mi fru  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  ���:->":\ '  (Redf Setdf e dnb (gXtmng (0to{��et0,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.,  CONTRACTOR   &>   BUILDER,  Government   Street,   Greenwood,   B.C.  sitf. xjtj. ^  "fit*        ^JF ~?IS?  SISk"-'-  '��������<B  :;  Store Fronts and Fixtures a Specialt}-  IU^J-W^T*TOU^^vll^-.��>WHW��W.tf>'*^  First-class Accommodation.    Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.  nHBwwmpgttjww'OB:��i����iit��uw wa^^ ijiiiilh i hi ���" ��wasagsana  -ainiffTTjirmnTiTiTnrimiiiihiiiiniTniiriKB'Tcmririrfi'ii���i'i mi' t ir" �������������"*"��������  ant a aewing "macmne  If you do, Never Forget that we have ��� placed in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings  some FIRST-CLASS MACHINES. ', We buy  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared  to sell at prices to suit the times.  We call your special attention to our new  Which   can   be   seen   at  our   Store.  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  BRANDON   AND   GOLDEN   CROWN.  Annual Meeting, of the Company Held at Greenwood .- Congratulatory Reports from President���A    Wonderful     Property,     well  Equipped and Systematically  Developed.  Few mining; companies  operating- in  this   province    have    been    fortunate  enoug-h to make such a favorable showing- as that presented by  the   Brandon  & Golden Crown Co., at its first annual  meeting- held   in   the   manag-iiigf-direc-  tor's office, Greenwood,   Tuesday last.  The nianag-er's reports  showed   that  in the six months in which active work  had been   carried  out  on   the   Golden  Crown exceptional progress had  been  made in uncoverirg- the wonderful richness  of   this  property.    Conservative  purchasers of mining- stock���those who  buy with discretion���first   look to  the  character  of  the   mine,   but .almost as  important is the method of prosecuting  the work on the property.    When these ;  two   thing's   are   taken   into'consideration, it is not surprising- that the Brandon & Golden Crown stock should   sell  rapidly at 10   cents,  should be  just as  eag-erly soug-ht for at 15 cents and that  the  sales  should  be  still larg-er at 20  cents.    Investors are being-  convinced  of  the   value  of  the  property  as  the  work of development proceeds and the  directors    confidently  expect just   as  read}'- a sale at 25  cents���the  price  at  which the stock is now quoted.  Among; those who were present at the  annual meeting- were : Hon. Thomas  Mayne Daly, Rossland, president ^Andrew Kelly, Brandon, Man., vice-presi-=  dent; W. E- Orde, Rossland, secretary-  treasurer ; W. A. McDonald, Q. C.,  Nelson, B. C, director ; G. H. Collins,  manag-ing--director; W. J. Porter, director, and Messrs. Aid. Galloway,  Aid. Rendell, J. A. Russell, J. Farrell,  J. Sanderborn and other local shareholders. The total number of shares  represented at the meeting- either in  person or by proxy was 1,122,000.  Hon. T. Maj^iie Daly, the president,  occupied the chair and after the minutes of the last g-eneral meeting-were  read by the secretary and adopted, ;,the  president read his report and placed  the financial statement before the;  shareholders. In his report Mr. Daly  congratulated the shareholders upon  the vei-y flourishing- condition in which  the3r would find the affairs of the company. The sale of treasury stock  already totaled over 153,000 shares and  the demand was increasing-. The  financial statement which he laid before them showed that althoug-h $8,500  had been already expended in development work exclusive of amount paid  for machinery, there were still ample  funds on hand to carry on the work of  the company.  The report of Mr. G. H.   Collins,   the  rnanag-ing--director, was equally encour-  ae-ino-  and   it   is  g-iven  in  full below.  These reports were received and unanimously adopted.  After making- unimportant amendments to the by-laws of the company  the shcireholders proceeded to elect  directors for the ensuing- year. The  new directors were all members of last  year's board excepting Mr. J. Jermyn  of Toronto. ���'Mr, Jennyn who is well  known to the people of Greenwood has  invested heavily in the company. The  new board of directors is as follows :  Hon. T. Mayne Dal}', Ex-Minister of  Interior; Andrew Kelly, of.Alexander,  Kelly & Co., Brandon; Hon. J. N.  Kirchoifer, senator, Brandon; W. A.  McDonald, Q. C, Nelson ; W. A. Fuller,  Spokane ; W. M. Johnson, Brandon ;  G. H. Collins, Greenwood ; W. J. Porter, Greenwood ; J. Jermyn, Toronto.  It was decided to   hold   the next g-eneral meeting- at Greenwood, on the first  *���;  fe  :t  ~, V/'ff^^&^^a^^  vz..  vWW -" v.. zrawrz*���M^rcm^r-  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  f  If..'  ?;;  f.  I'i'i'  Y'f-  Wednesday in June, when, as Mr. Daly  stated, the company could probably  decide what should be done with the  ore as a railway will be under construction by that tinie.  In the evening-a meeting- of directors  was held and the old officers were reelected. The directors decided to raise  the price of the mining- stock to 25  cents a share.  They also decided that development  work should be vigorously pushed during- the winter. The machinery is now  on its way from Marcus and as soon as  it is placed in position, which will be  before the end of the month, sinking-  will be proceeded with on the No. 1  lead. The shaft will be sunk to a depth  of 400 feet. The work on the tunnel  which is now in over 200 feet will also  be continued.  The meeting- was harmonious  throughout, eveiy shareholder being-  apparently delighted with the affairs  of the company.  Below is the manager's report :  Office of the Brandon & Golden Crown /  Mining Co., Limited. \  Greenwood, B.C., October 1st, 1897.  To Shareholders and other Investors :  The management of the , Golden  Crown Mining- Company, lyimited, has  much pleasure in submitting- the following- facts for the information of  shareholders and others who may be  disposed to invest money in a valuable  and well manag-ed mining- property���  that is now being-energ-etically and systematically worked, with such excellent results that it already ranks with  the best of the mineral claims of the  important district in which it is located.  ���  ������.'" ��� ���  Company's Properties.���The com-  pamr owns the well and favorably  known mineral claim, the Golden  Crown, which is a g-old property, located in Wellington, camp, in the Grand  Forks'Mining- Division of the District  of Yale, B. C. It adjoins on the northwest the "Winnipeg" a hig-h grade  g-old copper, proposition, jdelding- ore  assaying- all.the wajr from $20 to $1,200  in g-old, the averag-e of the ore body being- about $50 per ton. The company's  title to the Golden Crown is indisputable, the claim being- crown granted by  the former owner whose transfer to the  company has been duly registered at  the District Iyand Registry office, Kam-  loops. The Golden Crown is a full sized claim 1,500 ft. by 1,500 ft., with an  area of about 52 acres.  The company also holds under bond  the Calumet mineral claim, which adjoins the Winnipeg- on the southeast.  This claim has not yet been prospected  the company's operations having- beeii  thus far mainly restricted to opening-  tip the Golden Crown leads.  It may be here mentioned that the  Winnipeg- claim, although only a fraction, with" an area of 33^ acres, was  recently sold for a large amount���stat-"  ed to be $60,000 and. that its valuable  main lead has already been proved to  extend for at least 600 feet into the  Golden Crown.  Earlier Development.���The former owner of the Golden Crown, Mr. J.  W. Porter, did a good deal of effective  work on the claim before it was purchased by the company. This work included several open cuts and prospect  holes, and two shafts, one 53 feet in  depth and the other 31 feet. A cross  cut was run 15 feet from the bottom of  the latter shaft : in al! five ore veins  were exposed by Mr. Porter, these  ranging from 18 inches to 5 feet in  width and 3rielding ore, .giving assay  values up to ,$600 in gold.  IvEAD No 1.���Early in May 1897, the  company commenced prospecting- for'  this lead, which is an extension of the  ��� main lead of the Winnipeg-, the first  work being- done was the making- of an  open cut, with the object of cutting- the  lead on the Golden Crown near the  south line of the claim. In tracing  this lead six separate surface cross cuts  were made, at intervals of about 100 ft.  and in each of these the lead  was   met  with, running in a northwesterly direction.    At   a   distance   of about 500 ft.  from the south line of  the   claim   the  company afterwards started   to  sink a  double compartment shaft, 4 ft. by 8 ft.  in the clear, but at a depth of 52 ft. the  shaft became so wet that work here had  to be suspended until the pumping- and  hoisting plant, already   ordered,   shall  be installed and set to work.,,' In   sinking the ore was found to vary from 3 to  5 ft.   in   width.    An   average   sample  taken from near the  surface   returned  an assay value of  $97.56   in gold and 3  to 6-10, per cent, of copper.    The dip of  the lead having taken it out of the vertical shaft, a cross cut was run in 9 ft.  at"the 50 foot level,   this  exposing the  lead  and  showing  5 ft.   of solid  ore,  samples of which generally maintained  similar assay values to those   mentioned above of ore obtained near  the sur-  'face.' '���'  I/EAD No. 2.���This lead which runs  parallel with No. 1, has' not yet been  extensively prospected along its course,  but a shaft has been sunk on it 31 ft.  and at the 30 foot level a 15 foot cross  cut has been run, intersecting a quartz  vein from 8 to 10 inches in width.  Leads No. 3 and 4.���A prospect hole  has been sunk 5ft. on lead No. 3, this  exposing a 5 ft. vein of ore ; a similar  hole, 4-ft.r six inches in width. , An average sample of ore from the latter  vein returned $21.54 in all value's.  IvEAD No. 5.���-A shaft has been sunk  on lead No. 5 to a depth of 53 ft. The  vein is about 18 inches in width, and  an average sample of ore, taken from  the bottom of the shaft, gave an assay  value of $136.01 in gold and copper.  L/EAD No. 6���This lead shows a width  of about 5 ft. in a shaft sunk 10 ft. An  averag-e sample of the ore assa3red $12.-  10 in gold and copper.  Crosscut tunnel.���As leads 3, 4, 5, ,  and 6, which outcrop on the surface and  are general parallel, occur in a big  dyke of diorite, a cross cut tunnel, 4 ft.  by 6 ft. six inches, is being run to intersect them. It was thought probable  that several blind leads would also be  cut by this tunnel and this expectation  has already been realized, for, although  to date it has been driven only about  175 ft. 3 blind leads, of 6 inches, 18  inches and 4 ft. respectively, have been  met with. It is anticipated that several more will be encountered ere the  tunnel is. in the distance of 300 ft.,  which it is proposed to run it. In fact  the development work so far done and  other indications, together, appear to  justify the conclusion that the Golden  Crown will eventually be found to contain a perfect network of leads, which  will further enhance the value of this  hig-hly favored mining property.  Character  and  output  of ore.���  The general character of the ore is copper pyrites   and   pyrrhotite   (magnetic  iron "pyrites), with   a quartz   gangtte.  As   already   stated,   it   carries.    g-bod  values   in   both   gold   and   copper, the  bulk of  it  being  of a shipping- grade.  The dip of the ore veins is almost   uniformly 85   degrees   S. W.    As soon as  the company's mining-   plant,   particulars of which follow, is in   operation it  will be quite practicable to   maintain ct  steady output of pa}' ore in such quantity as sIielII be deemed advisable.    The  shipments  of  ore  will   for economical  reasons, necessarily be   comparatively  small in quantity under   the ' existing  unfavorable   conditions of transportation ; but immediately   railway   facilities   with   a   suitable    smelting-   point  shall have been Secured, the output will  be large and continuous and the returns  therefrom   proportionate^   remunerative.    A   project   for   the   erection   at  Midway���which is within ten or twelve  miles of the Rock Creek   coal   deposits  and less than   twent}'  miles   from   the  Golden   Crown   mine���of  a   smelter to  treat Boundaty   Creek   ores   is already  receiving the attention of men   having  practical experience in the business.  Plants and machinery.���The hoisting and pumping plant lately ordered  by the eoinpan}' from the Ingersoll-  Sergeant Drill Company comprises a  50-horse power locomotive boiler, a 30-  horse power Standard I/igerwood hoisting engine and a 140 gallon Kuowles  vertical sinking pump, together with a  full complement of accessories, including 400 feet of % inch wire''rope, buckets, piping, etc. This plant is expected to arrive at the mine during the  month of October. When received it  will without dela3' be placed in position  at the main working shaft on lead No.  1, and thereafter sinking to a depth of  400 ft. wrill be proceeded with as expeditiously as possible.  Mine employes and ihjil dings.---  Thecompany now .employ from twelve  to fifteen men, whose work is directed  by., a;fully competent superintendent of.  considerable mining experience. It is  anticipated that after the installation  of the pumping and hoisting plant from  eighteen to twenty men will be continuously employed in developing- the  mine. Ample and substantial building  accommodation for the men and for  other mine purposes, including- boarding house, bunk house, store powder  house, blacksmith shop, etc.,'.has..already been provided for. The company  has recently erected a large shaft  house, a commodious building for the  protection of its hoisting plant, soon to  be installed.  Natural Advantages. ��� There is  growing on the /Golden Crown claim  plenty of good timber, suitable for use  both in the mine workings and. as fuel;  an abundant supply of water, for all  ordinary purposes, is also possessed.  The altitude of the claim, which is situated at the summit of the mountain  ridge between Fourth of .July creek,  flowing south-east to Kettle river, and  Ivind creek, running west to Boundaiy  creek, is about 4,500 feet. The main  wagon roado between Greenwood and  Grand Forks crosses the claim, from  which there is a down g-rade nine miles  in" the opposite direction to Grand  Forks. The railway line now being-  surveyed from the Columbia river westward to Penticton will pass close to  Grand Forks, as well as down Boundary creek, so that when constructed  it will be easily accessible for ore shipping purposes by wagon road or tram  line at the two points mentioned.  Management.���The directorate of  the compan3' includes men of hig-h  standing/who mav be thorouirhlv re-  lied on to manag-e the company economically and successfLilly. The officers exercise a careful general supervision of the affairs of the company  and the work at the mine is carried  out under the efficient direction of the  resident managing- director and the  mine superintendent.  General.���The foregoing facts full3r  ������warrant the. management in confidently recommending the company's stock  as a very desirable and promising- in-,  yeetinent. Summarised, the position  is that the company owns one of the  most valuable claims in the district,  having-, well defined leads, containing-  ore that runs well as regards both  quantity and quality ; that the property is'fulPy paid for, has alread}' been  extensively prospected with veiy gratifying-results, and .gives much,promise  of soon developing into a permanent  and pa3rable mine ; that the machinery  having been obtained and'all preliminary difficulties overcome, operations  will henceforward be carried on energetically, with every reasonable prospect of eminently   satisfactoiy results.  r,'J  Mr. W. A. MacDonald, Q.C., of Nelson, reg-retted he was unable to make  a longer sta3r in Greenwood. He intends returning- in the spring and  spending several weeks in the district.  Mr. MacDonald was formerly from  Brandon, Man.  ��lii��tt^  SitMMMM^MtMiM^ THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  f.  CATITAL  $1,500,000,  In   1,500,000  shares of $/ each,   of which  700,00c'are   Treasury  Stock. ���  ��irectote:  G.   ARTHUR   RENDELL....    :...,:.:............... .....:,: .....President.  5.   S.   FOWLER,   A.B.,E.M....:   .:........ .......Vice-Tresident;  D.   A.   HOLBROOK.... :.......       ,.....; ........Manager,  thos. McDonnell c. <ae. shaw,\-c.e., p.l.s.  'QBtottftere:   .   . :  mANK  OF {MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  HE} COMPANY'S mineral  claims  now number   14, of which 12 adjoin   and   form   a   compact  group   situate  in  Providence   Camp,   Boundary   Creek.     Development work is in progress on three of these, viz. the D. A..  ;   G-. A. R., and O.B. claims, each giving-promise of g-ood results.  THE COMPANY latel}' acquired, Mr; Thos. McDonnku's pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands, upon  which are excellent mill-sites and which g-ive access to an abundant supply of water for power purposes. Forty acres  of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and,.the new townsite thus established has been named  OUNDARY  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundarjr and Eholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important mining- camps. These town lots are being- offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of  pa3ririent.    Plans, prices and full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  MEAD OFTICE  Correspondence Invited*  .   GREENWOOD.   B. C.  E. JACOHS,   Secretary and Treasurer.  Established 1862.  Manufacturers of Furni/  ture, Upholstery, etc, X  Importers of Crockei-3-, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall .'Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout. All orders, no  matter how large, promptly filled,  as  we have  the " " "        .'"    .  utt M.ii.i.m'K  j.��S.       jjf*       ^If4  %=���     %~     �������?  Write us for Catalog-tie and Price List.  *V4'    *\!4    aV*  ���>/"      ���JJv"      %*-  VICTORIA,   B.C.  J.   N.   iriCNDlvKSOX. T.   M.   HENDERSON.  W.   HENDERSON.  r &'  ���son i>ros  lolesale  *n  UsT.vnusiiicn 18~>S,  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER. B.C.  Wc carry tin* hi.ryest stock in British Columbia of Druys, Chemicals. Patent Medicines.  Perfumes, and   Drug-gists* Sundries.  Proprietor of '  Langley's Balsam of Aniseed, Sarsaparilla. etc.  ORTHE  RAILWAY.  *V4'" *V*    ^V4-  ���5ftr      ���sjl?      <$?  .The. Faist ��� Line.'--Superior Service-  r  D.   GIBBS,  (ieneral Ajjreu t,  Spokane, Wash.  .OK ....  A. D. CHARLTON,  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent  225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  Portland, Oregon.  *Y&     ���*>&     ���s'.'i  ���?u-       ?if       -iir  Write  for  new   Map   of   the  Kootenay   country.  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW, RATES.  MODEL   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OCEAN     TO     OOEAN  Without chang-e of Cars', via  To all points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls ��. Northern Ry,  Trains Depart from Spokane :  No., 1, Westbound   ........    8:25 p.m.  No. .2, Bast bound  .    7:00 a.m.  TICKETS TO J1P1 ID C  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  A��S,        jjji        A��4  IK?        ���?*��=���        -SJV*"  For information, time cards, maps and   j  tickets, appty to Ag-ents of ;  ��� the   S. F. & N.   or  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping- cars, luxurious dining- cars, elegraiit  da3* coaches, magnificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The 011I3- line running- throug-h tourist cars  from the coast  1  )  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  Lowest rates to |?}j]}A|)p  Vm all Atlantic     ;  and from       LUlll/1 L Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Rv. Co.\s  Royal Mail SS, Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in. every respect superior to any- ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is . 300 miles  shorter than via anv other Tran's-Pati lie line.  fif  ���5/1-  Canadian-Australian Steamick* Line  ��� TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every vovagre.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  H. s. SCADDIISG,        e. j. coyle.  Agent, Dist. Pass. Agent.  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  LEWIS HIND, Local Ticket Agent, Anaconda.  R3  ttf-  $yV*  -H 1    ���  *    *���'       *        ft  "���"^H  * �� r*  11   1 ;  -      H ���  I.      l-    ��. TTiB^ B o TTFTDyvKrr   crKt^rK^nrii^rErSl  An  Erratic  Change.  ���\s  Mr. Justice Walkem is nothing if not  ambitious.    His greatest desire is to be  ,__the^,.chief justice of this province.  Eong before Sir Matthew Begbie shuffled off the mortal coil and went, to be  tried before the highest tribunal,  Justice Walkem had his eye on the  Chief Justiceship.'''. Since Hon. Theodore Davie secured the coveted position  Mr: Walkem has been nursing his disappointment but his ambition is as  strong as ever. He now appears to  have become possessed of the idea that  the better way of reaching the goal of  his ambition is by imitating the erratic  conduct of the late Chief Justice. In  the few years previous to his death,  Sir  Matthew  became  famous  for his  - decisions. Mr. Justice Walkem will become equally famous, if his recent acr  tion at Nelson is any indication of his  course in the future.  Pete Costello, who has the contract  for the Rossland sewers, was tried before Justice Walkem and a jury for  kicking Edward Croiiyn, a lawyer, into  insensibility. The evidence was strong  against the accused ; �� the Judge's  charge to the jury was equally strong  and the jury found Costello guilty.  Mr. Justice Walkem sentenced him to  six months' imprisonment in Kamloops  jail. But during the night the Judge  found that Costello had business interests which might suffer by his confinement and he changed the, sentence  from imprisonment to $100 fine. The  fine was promptly paid and Costello  was a free man.  We would strongly suggest to the  Department of Justice to super animate  Mr. Justice Walkem without delay.  Our courts have always been lauded  for their method of dispensing justice  but their reputation will not stand  many such " bad breaks " as that of  Mr. Walkem's.  Ruckle   Bros'.   Land.  The now famous  Ruckle   Bros.'case  has   reached   the   courts.    It   will   be  ��� '��. *���  remembered that it was the  subject of  a parliamentary investigation last session. The particulars ought to be  fresh in the minds of the people in this  district. Through the action of the  Chief Commissioner 67 acres of valuable land near Grand Forks were taken  away from the Ruckle Bros, and given  to E. Mr Johnson, acting for Miss  Davey. The price paid was one dollar  per acre. The Ruckle Bros, through  their solicitors brought action against  Johnson and Miss Davey. The case  was tried before Judge Drake and he  dismissed the action against Johnson.  The Ruckle Bros, have appealed from  this decision.  The ladies of Midway gave a very  pleasant Hallowe'en social in McNicol's  Hall,- Midway, on Friday evening last.  There was a large attendance, several  being present from Greenwood. Songs,  Hallowe'en games and appetizing refreshments served by the ladies, made  a pleasant bill of fare for the audience.  A good sum was netted for church  work.  pssar  /It/  STRONG  BAKERS'   and  FLOUR  GO FURTHER!  GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION 11  AND   IS   THE   CHEAPEST  ..TAKE   .NO   .OTHER   .  #.���#'  The balance of oiir  STATIONERY  Tablets, Pads, Envelopes, Memorandimi Books*  Pens, Pencils, Ink, etc., etc.  OLSON & PHEIAH  M��nnnmrn*w,*T**-tt!aiuaniusnwa  s>  ��     ���     e  SHERBROOKE,   QUE,  ���7/v'' **|F.       ^ik*7  4,��i,        ^i.        ^J4  ���?/!?     *5J!?     t!F  ���sic*      Ik  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.    Send for Catalog-ties.  -  P.   R.  MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  Greenwood City, Boundary Greek, B,G  Iff  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, Eiquors and Cigars.   Eivp^ry Stable in connection.���   r-.  ���v'v*"  Ok-  NELSON & TYNAN,  .I*.".  ���'A  *->  ft...  [�����:  yj'i *rJK  MINERS and: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  s Holden Co.'s  *   11  n Columbia  " Kootenay���'"  " Vancouver "  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  l'UKLTSIIlil)  I!Y  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company;Limited.  Duncan Ross..........;... .....Editor.  'W. J. Hakrkk :..���Manager.  Advertising-Rates are One Dollar per inch  per month. Legal notices, 10c. and 5c. per line.  No " quack".'or"''reined}-., ads. inserted at any  price. Subscriptions are due in advance; other  .accounts payable monthly.  Address all communications to  The Times,  Greenwood, B.C.  'Subscription, S2.00 p'ek Teak, in Advance.  SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER 0, 1897.  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  W; T. Smith returned this week from  a business visit to.Spdkane.  G. H. Byrne of Rossland is pa3ring  Greenwood a business visit.  Aid. Hamill is reported to be seriously ill with typhoid fever at Armstrong.  Good progress is being made  on  the  Anaconda   mine.    There   are    twelve  *men now employed there. ..<������;  Mr. EeslieHill, manager of the Prospecting Syndicate of B.C., returned on  Monday from the Coast,  The Hamilton Powder Company intend erecting a larg-e magazine on the  hill leading to Greenwood camp. It will  be placed at a safe distance from the  city.  W. Gutelius, the manager of the  Columbia & Western Railway Company, arrived in Greenwood on Sunday  and rode to Penticton with Mr. Sullivan, the engineer who has charge of  survey.  The officers of the Brandon & Golden  Crown Co. returned to Marcus b}r a  private carriage on Thursday morning.  The meeting of the company would  have been held on Tuesday but Mr. W.  E. Orde, the secretary, missed the  train at Northport and consequent^  did not arrive until Wednesday.  Aid. Barrett is having a- building for  the men erected on Mr. A. Drucker's  properties, the Hidden Treasure and  Buttercup, in Deadwood camp. A  number of men will at once be set to  work developing- the properties. The  Hidden Treasure and Buttercup are  ���opposite the Mother Eocle. ,  It is reported that Mr. Leonard Nor-  ��� ris and Mr. C. A. R. Eambly have  awarded a grant of the power at Cascade City- to the Cascade Development  Co. who own Cascade City. The other  applicant was the Cascade Water Power & Eight Co. in which Dr. Jones and  other Victoria capitalists are interested. They.will likely appeal from the  commissioners' decision.  One Vindex writing from Fairview  undertakes to criticize the article regarding that thriving town which appeared in a recent issue of the Boundary Ckeek Times. He resents the  familiar reference to police officers and  other public servants. As the writer  of the article never attempts to   please  snobs it is not surprising that Vindex  should be called upon to criticize the  article.  The Willow Gold Mining Co. held its  annual meeting in Spokane recently  and re-elected its former officers. Judge  Spinks is president.  A hospital will shortly be erected by  the citizens of Fairview. Messrs. Dier,  Davidson & Russell have contributed  the necessary lots. f  Mr. Andrew Kelly, the vice-president  of the Brandon & Golden Crown Co.,  is, interested in the Helen and other  mining properties in the district.  The Winnipeg.  Mr. W. F. Honey'; of Grand Forks,  North Dakota, one of the' principal  shareholders in the Winnipeg Company, has arrived at the property and  will remain there for some time. Mr.  Honey is a prominent banker of Dakota. The machinery of the Winnipeg is how "on , the road from Marcus  and will be installed immediately. Mr.  Mcintosh has a number of men at work  on the property.  Customs Seizures.  O. B. and P. B. Nelson, J. J. Askulik  ���and E. Pharr of Nelson, Wash., and  Phil Cressor and F. Reany, of Eureka,  are in trouble with the United States  Customs officers. It appears that the  nearest TJ..S. officers to Nelson, Wash.,  are located at Marcus, 50 miles distant  arid the business men of Nelson and  Eureka rather than go that distance  to clear their goods, shipped them  across the line without the formality  of paying duty. They have offered to  pay the duty since but the customs authorities are anxious to push the niat-o  ter. If Uncle Sam wishes to collect  duties, he should place an officer at  such an important place as Nelson.  For Bargains in Mining Machinery and Tools  write or call on Chas. E. Ftueger, agent, Skylark Mine, Greenwood.  The best  brands  of  Tobacco,   Cigars  and Cigarettes.  Cool, Refreshing Milk-shakes.  Fruits,   Candies,   etc.  Coryell's  Map  for   Sale.       ���AT���  lie Greenwood Book Store.  ����^0'<a^8-4s��-e-><e^a-4e^0-4e��-��-4e^0-4sr����-40-*-e-<a>-<M8��-��-4e  Next door to McKague's Barber Shop.  a     H.   HALLETT,  Q0&m0fet, Jloftctfor,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,    B.O.  P^ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (ptot>incM $k<xnh Jlumgor  and crvix knginkek,  ��� Qtofarg (pltlJPlC -- MIDWAY,    b. c.  O     W.    JAKES,    M.D.,    CM.,  BY   APPOINTMENT  Resident  Physician  to  Kettle   River  District.  Ok kick  (i NIC ICX WOOD.   B.C.  SUCCESSOR   TO   \v.    \V.   GIBBS,  i.    A   C  C   A   V IT D   w��L  GREENWOOD  B.C.  UDSON'S  'WrfT*      a  -(Established 1670.  ���S'fl. ^g. .Jfj.  *tF       ���5>tr       ?��*.  iTor a  complete .'���assortment of  BB'LftlCACies ar"  we can supply the wants  of the most fastidious.  Our Fall and Winter   goods  are to hand and we are now  ready   to   furnish you with  good warm  '' X'C1J0THmG'[X���'���������.  Underwear (ladies' & gents')  Hosiery,   Boots   and   Shoes,  &c,   &c.  Blankets,  Special attention paid to mail  orders.  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  vlfe vlfc Mi. Mi.  "?a��      tie      ->i*      fir  P.O. Box 64,  VERNON, B.C.  O  OJ  - CO  IS  p  (0  -4->  a  c  C  'c  X  UJ  UJ  a:  0  Q  O  onv  a  PQ  M  O  o  o  CO  O  co  ..���*  CO  ^.  "3'  -<  S  bo  e  >��  n  co  en  <  ���S3"  O  TJ  4*  +�����  ��  (3,  <U  (X  ��J  ���e*  a  1  X  W  t  CO  4)  c  Ki     .  �� b  "*-H  ^ ��  is  a; a;  $&  .3 r���'  OJtJ  S^  ���2 |B  26  YDNEY M.  JOHNSON,  B.A.Sc  Civif (Bn^tneer  And Provincial Land Surveyor,  ���ANACONDA,    B.C.  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  ��omtmon  ano  (protu'ttct'af '&cmb ^urBegor.  CREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  ().   A.   C.irivSS.  M.A.  H.   A.   GUESS,  M.A.  Assayers & Chemists.  Thorougrhlj' familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C. IV <���  1   1 1V1 C w> V  S��1  a  3M���  $tnb  W^otoaferB  of Twines,   ^t<^uor0 dnb C^tS^tB.  COPPER   STREET  greenwood; B.C.  mi  f4  la  Additional   Deals.  Mr. Walter Stirling of Vancouver  left Greenwood for the coast on Tuesday btit expects to return in about two  weeks. Before leaving he made several additional investments. He purchased Mr. Garland's lot on Government street, where Mr. A. S. Black's  office is located for the sum of $525.  He also bought several mining properties, among them being the Big Iron  arid V fraction in White's camp. These  properties were sold by Messrs. Strbrig  and Francis. They are situated near  the Cornucopia and have very promising showings.  Ruby  Bonded.  Outside capitalists are rushing after  Boundary Creek properties and consequently scarcely a day passes but what  one or two deals are reported. Among  the properties which have recently  changed hands is the Ruby in Smith's  camp, about one mile from Boundary  Falls. It was owned by W. G. Mc-  Mynn, George Cook and Capt. Lyamb.  On Tuesday it passed tmder the control of R. W. Macfarlane, an English  mining engineer, and Mr. A. S. Mac-  kay. Mr. Macfarlane experted the  property and finding- good indications,  they secLired a bond for $10,000. Ten  per cent, of the amount was paid down  and the balance in twelve months.  The bond calls for the expenditure of  $2,000 in development work. Mr. Macfarlane is also examining other properties and it is possible that he may invest further for his principals.  On November 1st, the winter service  of the Okanag-an branch of the C. P.  R. went into effect. Hereafter the  train service will be tri-weekly instead  of daily as at present, leaving Sica-  mous every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday morning- and from Okanagan  Ivanding eveiy Tuesda3% Thursday^  and Saturda3r. Connecting- trains will  leave Vancottver eveiyr Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. This, however,  does not interfere with the through  service to Penticton, Fairview, McKin-  ney, Greenwood and  Boundary   Creek  points.   Notice is given in the current issue  of the British Columbia Gazette that  the Comstock���Mammoth Quartz Mining & Milling Co. has been reincorporated. The capital stock is $150,000, divided into 20 cent snares. To purchase  the Comstock and Mammoth mineral  claims is among the objects of the  company. The head office is at Fair-  view.  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining  paper, of the district.  FOR SALE  THE-   ENTIRE  Mining Outfit at the Skylark Mine  TNCLUDING Horse-Whim, Ore and Truck  J_ Cars, Water Tank, Ore Buckets, Heating-  Stoves and Assa}^ Outfit. Articles will be sold  separately.   Many in fine condition.  CHAS. E. RUEGER,  61 , Agent, Greenwood.  FOR   SALE  s  ET of Graduated Iron Pulleys, complete  with Overhead Shaft, Hangers, etc. Will  sell cheap, or trade, having no need of steam  power.���Apply at Times Office, Greenwood.  _/  OHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  ..?. Cttnf (Engineer,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Surve3-  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  County Court Notice.  A SITTING of  the  County   Court  of   Yale  will   be  holden  At Midway,  on  Friday, the 14th day  of January,  1898,  At the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  By command.  . WM.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office,  Midway, October 27th, 1897.  D.K.C.C.  61-4  Coryell's Map  Latest Edition  OF"  W.  Unmounted, $1.25.    Mounted on cloth, $1.75.  Sent to any address on receipt of price.  FOR SALE AT  SMITH   &   McRAE'S,  Stationery & Wall-paper Store,  Gff����/VM/OOD  ?   B. C.  Corporation of tlie City of Greenwood.  Court of Revision,  NOTICE Is hereby g-iven that the Court of  Revision for the purpose of hearing- all  complaints ag-aiust the assessment for the year  1897, as made by the Assessor of the City of  Greenwood, B.C., will be held at. Rendell &  Co.'s Hall, Greenwood, on Mouda3^, the 29th  day of November, A.D. 1897, at 10 o'clock a.m.  DUNCAN   ROSS,  Citv Clerk's Office,                                       c. m. c.  Greenwood, B:C, Oct. 20, 1S97.       59      DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, trading- at Greenwood City, B.C., as  hardware merchants, under the style or firm of  Russell & Co., has this da3' been dissolved b>r  mutual consent. .  All liabilities due by the said firmwill.be discharged by J. A. Russell, who will continue  the said business and who is alone entitled to  receive all inonevs due to the late firm of Russell & Co.    . "      " J. J. CAULEIELD.  J. A. RUSSELL.  Witness to both signatures :  E. Jacobs.  Dated at Greenwood Citv, B.C., this |  9th day of October, 1897. \ 58-4  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  IF  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write   for  Rates   to  ?  MIDWAY  B.C.  m.  I  ?.**������  -T-'.-r-r:  i,-..:  :��� j m
The Vernon ''News " office was complete^' burned a week ago last Thursday. All of the employees were out
when the fire started, and when it was
discovered it was bursting through the
windows and roof. The " News " was
to have moved into its large new block
on Friday. The loss on plant and
stock will be about $5,000 ; insurance
in the Royal compare, $3,000. The
building was owned by the Townsite
company and the loss on it is about
$1,000. It was insured. Wulffsohn &
Bewicke's block, which was only 20
feet from the "News" building,
caught fire several times, but the bri-
g-ade and citizens managed with the
fire engine to quench the blaze. The
daiuag-e to this block will not exceed
$200 and is covered by insurance.
The Times extends its sjniipathy to
the '' News.'' We are sorry we are not
near enough to Vernon to offer the free
use of our plant.
A Handsome Residence.
Mr; A. B. 'Campbell has prepared
plans"for a handsome residence for
Aid. S. Moulton Barrett to replace the
one recently destroyed by fire. The
plans show an exceptionally tasty and
well arranged one-and-a-half storey
building surmounted by a dome. Underneath the building will be a large
basement in which will be placed a
furnace to heat the entire building.
The ground floor has two wide halls, a
front office and private office, a bed
room, bath room, kitchen sand pantry,
a dining room and parlor. A broad
veranda will run around . the building,
and there will be six rooms on the second floor. T^he kitchen and dining
room will be panelled throughout and
the other rooms will be plastered.
There will be an entrance from the
dome to the front bed room.
Mr. Campbell, also prepared plans
for Aid. Barrett's block but these were
destroyed by the fire. They will be
duplicated however, and tenders for
the erection of both buildings will be
called for in a few days.
AS PROVIDED by the "Speedy Incorporation of Towns Act, 1897," a rateable portion of tlie real estate taxes within the municipal limits of the cities of Grand Forks and
Greenwood for the year 1897 is payable to the
respective municipalities. In order that the
Provincial Assessment Roll may be closed, in
so far as relates to property assessed within
said cities, notice is hereby g-iven that unless
all arrears of taxes due. and .payable on said
property are paid to tlie undersigned at the Assessor's Office, Osoyoos, on or before, tlie
30th Day of November, 1897,
the lands and property against which taxes
are then unpaid will be advertised for sale in
accordance with the provisions of Tax Sales
under the "Assessment Act."
Assessor and Collector.
Government Office,
Osoyoos. 5th October, 1897. 57
MINBRAIv    ACT,    1896.
Certificate   of   Impr 6 ve m ents.
SNOWSHOE  Mineral  Claim,   situate   in   the
Kettle River  Mining Division  of Yale district.    Where located : Greenwood camp.
TAKE notice that we, ,W.:- W. Gibbs, free
miner's certificate No. 87,527, Thomas
McDonnell, free miner's certificate No. 246a,.
and Robert Denzler, free miner's certificate No.
888,46, intend, sixtj' da3rs from the date hereof,
to appl3r to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a Crown g-rant of,the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, mustbe commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 30th day of October, 1897. 60
MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.
Certificate   of   improvements.
NOTICE. ■>:'"'::;-:,'
"D.'W." Mineral Claim, situate in tlie Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.
Where located : Providence camp.      ,
TAKE notice that I, D. W. Holbrook, free
miner's certificate No. S7,448, intend, sixtj-
days from the ■ date hereof, to apply, to the
Mining; Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaiui ng- a Crown
g-rant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced, before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1897.     56
.        MINKRAIv   ACT,   1896.    "
Certificate   of   Improvements.
SKYLARK Mineral claim. ■■•
DENVER Mineral claim.
Situate in the. Kettle River mining- division
of Yale district. Where located : Sk3rlarkcamp.
Take notice that I, Charles E. Rueger, as
ag-ent for G. Lavag-nino, free miner's certificate
No., 87,491, intend, sixty da3rs from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for;
certificates pf improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining" crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Dated this 9th day of September, 1897.    55-8
NOTICE is hereby* g-iven that the undersigned intends to appl3' to "the License
Commissioners of the City of Greenwood at
their next sitting-, for a license to sell liquor bjr
retail on the premises known as the International hotel, on lots 18 and 19, block 7, in the
City of Greenwood, B.Clr
Dated this 6th dav of November, 1897. ;
61      - ■'',".' E.B.SIMMONS.
NOTICE is liereb%r g-iven, that the uuder-
.-■' signed intends to apply to the License
Commissioners of the City of Greeinvoocl, at
their next sitting-, for a license to sell liquor b3^
retail on the premises known as the Pioneer
hotel, on lots 21 and 22, block 5, in the City of
Greenwood, B.C. NELSON & TYNAN.
Dated this 6th da3' of November, 1897.       61
NOTICE is herelry g-iven, that the undersigned intend to apply to the License
Commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at
their next sitting-, for a license to sell liquor b3r.
retail on the premises known as the Wiudsor
hotel, on lots 31 and 32, block 8, in the City of
Greenwood, B.C.
Dated this 6th day of November, 1897.       61
TVTOTICE is hereb3T g-iven, that'the uuder-
XjL sig-ued intends to apply to the'License
Commissioners of the.Cit}- of Greenwood, at
their next sitting-, for a license to sell liquor b3~
retail on the premises known as the Imperial
hotel, on lot 13, block 12, in the Citv of Greenwood, B.C. S.L.GRAHAM.
Dated this 6th day of November, 1897.       61
OTICE is hereb\". g-iven, that the uncler-
sig-ued intends to appl3' to the License
Commissioners'of'the City of Greenwood, at
their next sitting:, for a license to sell liquor b\r
retail on the premises known as the Commercial Hotel, on lot 5, block 5, in the City of
Greenwood, B.C.
Dated this 9th dav of Aug-ust, 1S97.
49 * D: R. CAMPBELL.
McDoxxel & Holbkook, Pi'op'rs.
A comfortable stopping- place  on   the  road to
Long- Lake, Summit, Pass Creek, North
and   Kimberlev   Camps.
£&'    CHOIC1C   I.IQUOKS   AXI)  CIGARS.  ,==©ft.
^HE following- persons are entitled to vote,
viz.': . ■•     • ,
F-OF?    MAYOR :
An3" person qualified to vote for Aldermen is
entitled to vote for Ma3*or.
for   Aldermen s
The following- persons are entitled to vote,,
that is to sa\-:   .
An3'male or female, being-a British subject,
of the full ag-e of twenty-one 3rears, and
(a) Who is the assessed owner of lands or of
improvements or the assessed occupier of land
situate within the municipalit3" ; or
(b) Who is a resident of and carries on business and is the holder of a trades license in the
municipality, the"annual fee for which is not
less than $5.00 and who has paid on or before
the 1st da3r of November, 1897, the full license
fee therefor ;  or ■'■',.
(c) Who is a householder within the munici-
palit3r. A "householder" is defined as a person Avho holds and occupies a messuag-e, dwelling-or tenement, or any part of a messuag-e, ;
dwelling- or tenement within a municipality,
pa3ring- therefor a rental or rent value of not
less than sixt3r dollars per'ahr.uni.
Householders must liave paid all municipal
rates, taxes and license fees (exclusive of .water
rate or water rent) on or before the 1st day of
December, 189J7, to entitle them to make the
declaration as mentioned below, and. in order
to be included in the voters' list must, on or before the 1st da3' of December, 1897, enter their
names with the Assessor or Clerk of the municipal^" as a voter, and make and personal^
deliver to the Assessor or Clerk at the same
time a statu to ot declaration as set out in section 2, subsection 2, of the " Municipal Elections Amendment Act, 1897."    '   :
Forms of said declaration ma3r be obtained
at the office of Duncan Ross, City Clerk.
No Chinese, Japanese, or.Indian's are entitled,
to vote. ;
By order.
Greenwood, c.m.c.
23rd October, 1897. ■...;,.-.■.'"    5?
HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.
Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.
Good - Stabling.
■ ii I»'i I'm-! ^I'mlilLl Hii'iam nJ-7-rrii-e""J-s'J ^-tPTi
Jewellers and News Dealers,
Watch Repairing- a Specialty,
HOTICE is hereb3^ g-iven that the partnership heretofore existing- between Georg-e
McKagrue and W. James, carn-nig* on business
as barbers, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. McKag-ue retiring-. Mr. James will
caro' on the business as heretofore, and will
settle all accounts and receive pa3rmeut of all
accounts due the firm.
Greenwood, B.C., GEORGE   McKAGUE.
October 25th, 1897. 60
$3?"   Perfect pit guaranteed.
.Wid5?ii,!lWr,.iaill,^4J.A4r.iL'JimHIHiimjJJ>»lHLL!ej.llJ GREENWOOD^ CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  OOP PER,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMPS  Lots  are  selling  freely   and ^ are  a   good  investment.  -o-  For-price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or C S, Galloway*  .���������'. Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, ft  Or   apply  to   the  Agents j  ���C.  F.   COSTERTON,  Vernon, B,C  A.   K.   STUART,  Vancouver. mmmmmmmm��m^^^^s^mm  ^��  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  THE   SUMMIT   ROAD.  Owing-to a complication  of  adverse  circumstances, work has been suspended on theliew wag-on road  to  Summit  camp.      An    excellent  road   has   been  constructed the whole distance excepting- a mile, .which can be built for $250.  The   government    appropriated   $500,  while the Townsite Company and other  residents   of   Greenwood    contributed  about $600.    Mr.   A.   H.   Harrison,   of  the   B.C.   mine,   also  built   about  IK  miles of road' from  the   B.C.   towards  the   EJrama,     The   work   from   Eholt  creek was in   charge  of  Mr.   Iyindsay  and he succeeded in   reaching-  a  point  about 1^ miles from the road from the  B.C. when the funds  were   exhausted.  The roarl  could  have   been  completed  for the amount subscribed but for  the  unusually hig-h wage of $3.00 per day.  The government   pa3rs   only  $2.00  per  da}'.     Mr.   E.   V.   Cuppage,   the  road  superintendent,,was in Greenwood this  week and he expressed   his  anxiety to  see the road  completed, '���: but  says  the  appropriation   for   the  district* is   exhausted and if the government  are 'to  contribute further it must be a  special,  appropriation. 0  Now that nearly $1,200 has been expended, the road should be completed.  Hon. Mr. Martin promised $1,200 for  this road, then $600, and the appropriation was only $500. As R. Wood &  Go. and the, citizens of Greenwood have  already contributed thousands of dollars in building- public roads, it is surely not too much to ask the government  to contribute the "necessary money to  complete the much needed road to  Summit camp.  A Handsome Drug Store.  :-The tw.o-stoirey 'btiiiding- erected by  Mr. W. S. Fletcher for his extensive  drug- business is completed, and he has  removed the stock from the old store.  The new premises have ^been handsomely fitted up and have all the conveniences of a well-appointed drugstore. Mr. Fletcher , intends .increasing- his stock, having' now more space  at his disposal.  Sheriff Peraberton passed tli"roug-h  Greenwood on Thursday on his way-  home to Ducks. He was in charge of  Manly & Averill's store at Grand Forks  for several weeks. Dr. Averill has  now full charge of the business. He  has received an extension of time from  the creditors.  tad" VJG2JwS>V^2t-4 -n ?>1 vUV Jit-^ % '��� SZZ?.*Sr��SZ  ^^sr.fr=^uv.7;  ���sta.v.-.xa'q^g^'^gJcKTBja^-aigaw^  Awarded  -World's  Fair,  Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.  A Pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  40 YEARS THE STANDARD.  D. 1. McELMON,  WAT OH MAKER,  ���Formerly of Moncton, N.-B.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  i"��.     iV*     *'.4  -5ji> -Sii,*' ?&?'  lit-        "*A*>        IK  Good Tools, plenty of Material,  and 30 3rears'  Experience in the business.  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c.  Repaired.  Anv kind of small Mechanical Work done.  J  the PIONEER MEfiGHlT of  '0  Anaconda, B,C���  ���0^4^=0-  C an outfit Prospectors cheaper  and better than any of  his Competitors, <?  ������tt*8��?#i&��*&X&&X9nL SEr^^TS^OBiUtiSmfiSSStiaiaSSBrJfSaSSJ.  SQUARE   HOUSE.  (f)  -J  UJ  G  sor  Greenwood City, B.C.  .-#*���  ���j'i,~-  Gko. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  Ik-  First-class' Accommodation.  Stag-es from  all parts pass the  door.  (J)  o  c  1)  j  o  m  SQUARE    TREATMENT.  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  O  The Best Canadian.  SOI.K   AGENTS :  R.  P. Rithist-& Co.  Ltd.  VICTORIA,    B.C.  W. J. Snodc.k'ass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 ;i.m. on Tuesda3*s, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinne}*,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Fonts.  Returning- leaves  Grand  Forks  at 6  a.m.   on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-.  Carries the Mails. Passeug-ers and Express.  for;' Will sell   througii Tickets  to  Vancouver,  Victoria, ScaM/ic- <>r Portland.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, L0.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  eveiw Thursday evening-.   Visiting- Members are cordialfy welcomed.  ���*- " , GEORGE F. MILLER,  Duncan Ross, Recording-Secretary.  Chief Rang-er. 45  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  "-,;' NOTICE.  '   ���'       ��� ...''-  GOLD BUG mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining* division of Yale district.  Where located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that I, , N. La Plant, free  miner's certificate No. 95,317, intend,  sixty da>\s from the date hereof, to apj>ly to the  Mining- Recoi-der for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 1st day of October, 1897. 57  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  . NOTICE.- ������      ;"'  '        '::"  MINNIE MOOR and MATTIE DAVIS Hiineral claims, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district. Where located:  In Summit camp.  TAKE notice that I, W. T. Smith, free  miner's certificate No. 89,812, intend,  sixt3r da3's froni the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for certificates", of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- Crown  grants of the above claims."  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 3,0th day of September, 1897.      ��7  ,"    MINERAL,   ACT,    1896;  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  SPOTTED HORSE Mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.   Where located : Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that we, The Boundary Falls  Mining- Company, free miner's certificate  No. 6,0S5a, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to appl3' to the Mining- Recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining-a Crown g-rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced befere the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 17th day of September, 1S97.      57  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  BOUNDARY FALLS Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale  District.    Where located: In Smith's camp.  T'AKE notice that we, The Boundary Falls  Mining- Compauj-, Limited Liability, free  miner's certificate No. 6,085a, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining- a Crown g-rant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 17th da3r of September, 1897.      57  FRUIT * PRESERVING * -COMPANY,;  toHa,    B, G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OP-  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orang-e,   Citron  and Eemon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vineg-ar.   o������  We claim without exception to make the  Purest  and  Best-Selling   Goods  in  Canada.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  Qtofdrg $u0fic, Qttmmcj @.gett��  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office.-���Camp McKinney.  N'B.���Some    valuable   Mining-    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  a  TTnTRT  jmSIS^SI!limai^lsUlBamiiai��mimnuiimmam\ita.m t^&^^^j^c>^��4^\  1 HE    BOUNDARY     CKEBK     I F  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Mayor Wood returned yesterday from  Armstrong-.  Mr. J. P. Graves, the manager of the  Old Ironsides Company, arrived from  Spokane yesterday.  Mr. Georg-e R. Naden, the manag-er  of the Bealey Eoan and Trust Co., left  on Wednesday on a business trip to  Rossland.  Owing- to his successor not having  reached Greenwood,. Mr. Eeith did not  get away this week as expected. He  will probably leave early next week.  Mr. Jas. Punch, the manager of the  Boundary Falls Mining- Co., has a  number of men at work on the Pasadena group in Greenwood camp.  Mr. E. Ostroski, of the Greenwood^  City Mercantile Co., returned: with his  family from Davenport on Thursday.  They have moved into their handsome  residence which has just been completed.  A meeting- will be held on Saturday  evening-, Nov. 6th, in Mr. Guess' assay  office, for the purpose of considering  the construction of a skating- rink.  Everyone who skates or wishes to  learn should be present.  Hans Giese, the German Consul at  Tacbma, has again returned to Boundary Creek. He was anxious to secure  the Snowshoe but it was bonded to  Patsy Clark before he could make ar-  rang-eiiients with the owners. Mr.  Giese is looking- at other promising  properties in Greenwood camp and it is  probable that he may secure one of the  best properties in the district.  City of Greenwood.  The trim little steamer, City of  Greenwood, built by Mr. Bassett was  launched last week and made her initialtriptoOkanagan Falls. The water  in the Okanaga.n river is exceptionally  low and it is reported that the steamer  had considerable difficulty in making  the' stream. .The Dominion government have promised to make the river  navigable, however, and the resident  engineer, Mr. Roy, has already had  several men at work. He intends to  visit the river again and carry on further work.  The City of Greenwood is so named  as a compliment to this city. She is a  well built vessel, capable of carrying  60 tons of freight in the river, and also  passengers. She draws nine inches of  water light, and 13 inches loaded. The  steamer is in command of Captain  Cummings.  The people of the entire district hope  that the steamer may prove a success.  The worst piece of road is the eighteen  miles from Okanagan Falls to Penticton and this will be avoided if the  steamer can be navigated through the  shallow waters of Okanagan river.  A New Lieutenant-Governor.  ... As The Times goes to press we  notice an Ottawa despatch which states  that " Senator Mclnnes of British Columbia has been appointed lieutenant-  governor of that province and William  Templeman, proprietor of the Victoria  Times, has been called to the senate in  place of Mr. Mclnnes. Mr. Temple-  man is reg'arded as one of the ablest  men in the Liberal party in the western provinces."  MISS O, MEDILL,  Dress-maker,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  Louis Blue  A. Fisher.  ��� ������ V  %"--:- ������������  Jf :��������������� ���     '  MILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    <Hr    Anaconda,B,C  -^~~ Manufacturers of Roug-h and   Dressed  Shingles* Lath* Mouldings* Sash and Doors.  *Y4     $%     $&  tlf "��K �������!���  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  $$<-$* ���$, 4* ^ *fc *j, *fc -$> ty 4* 4* 4^ 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*k  4* ���^������.'"������.���V-::"' 4��  <�����*     G. S. Taylor & Co.,     *��*  *  .*  Ul  And PROSPECTORS'  SUPPLIES,  4*  -   -   NOTARY    PUBLIC   -   - ^  ROOK,     CREEK, .''-    ������'-'���-.'.-'���     -       El. O.       ^2��  *r^ ������* ��&* ���&# v^jjU JK>�� J&* *M* *M* *&* JR* J&* *&*t&* JfL yJo> ��&> ��&* <& j^  MR.    SMITH    &    CO,  Established 1.858.  Gold Medal Awarded  At B. C. Agricultural Exhibition  1895 and 1896.  BISCUIT  MANUFACTURERS  Medal Awarded  Colonial and Indian Exhibition,  London, 1886.  ia, B.C.  !W III GO;  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  ������e-4SK��-*io^*^e^��-����'>-��-4��'>*-40^*-4����>o-4at>a-4��i����<��*����-40��>��^��i����M*  ���  *  r  4  T '  O  A  a  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced b}' experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  ��       9       ���  WILLS' Famous "Navy Cut"  and    "Traveller"    Tobaccos.  null Line of ��� FISHING TACKLE  Including- a choice assortment of FLIES.  -: [  NOW  OPKN.   ]  n. E. ERAZEE,  Hamill Block, Copper Street.  .  T  A  ��  4  y  A  ���  y  o  A  a  y  s  A  e.  T  4  A  T  A  T  e  A  T  a  A  a  v  a  A  ���  7  O  A  a  T  a  A  a  I  a  T  .a  A  4  .������  o  A  a  T  a  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING-AND     ���  .'-.MOULDING  MILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon. -  Saw Mill at Okanagan Lake.  ���*%���.  Owning- extensnre timber limits on  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as g'ood material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from  Southern Inter:  Boundary Cree  .or solicited.  tit-  k and the  A  a  A  a  y  ��.  A  y  a  A  a  T-  - a  4  ���i  A  a  y  a  A  ���  A  a  5  4  I  A  9  I  4  y  a  A  a  y  4r��-e-*��M��-��<8^a-*a>-��^��r����-����t*a-*ab>a-*��'--a��o��*a-*a>-a-��a'��a-^a<aM��-*a  F  \i��ent  n5  ml and Insurance  -.'.'* (Tlofar^ (pufiftc ?  -.'VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT   l-'OK  The .Sun Life Assurance Co., of. Canada.  The Roval Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Company of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  AVPKAISEK   FOK  The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.  ia����iiMB3^flajMlj*jK^L^Miljaa^U^'JMJW.HlUMiyJtJMl'B  [WMMiMM^ ittin  Capital, .-$^500,000,  HEAD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,      B.O.  %,���      1,500,000 Shares, par value $100,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,  500,000  Shares,  ���. Officers :  President������:   MON.   T.   M.   DALY,   Ex-Minister  of Interior. : .  Vice-President :   ANDREW   KELLY,   of Alexander,  Kelly 6c Co.,  Brandon,  Man.  Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L. , ORDE,   Esq./  Rossland,   B.C.:  Board   of   Directors : ���',.���."'.'  Hon. cJ."N;. Kirchoffcr, W. A. A\acdonaId, Q.C., Ered. Nation, W. L. Lindsay," Wm. cJohnson,  W. A.  Fuller, W. cJ. Porter, and G. II. Collins.  Owns  the "Golden Crown "mineral claim and has a bond on the "Calumet/' situated in  Wellington camp, Yale District, B,C  namra  Winnipeg Machinery.  The machinery for the Winnipeg- is  daily expected from Rossland where it  was purchased from Mr. F. R. Mende -  hall, the enterprising- ag-ent for the  Jenckes Machine Company. The  machiner)r includes a complete hoisting- and pumping- plant, a 50-horse power boiler and a 20-hqrse power hoist, a  No. 5 pump with all app rtenances.  The plant will be placed in position by  one of the Jenckes Machine Go's. men.  This company also sold the plant for  the Ironsides niine.  Mr.  Graham's Visit.  Donald Graham, M. P. P., returned  on Monday from Grand Forks where  he held a public meeting- on Saturday  night with Mr. Addison in the chair.  Mr. Chas. Hay introduced a resolution  urging- the early construction of a rail-  way-..and recommending- that the government undertake the work if the  $4,000 a mile be not sufficient to induce  a company to build the road. A resolution was also introduced in favor of  subdividing- the district of Bast Yale.  Both resolutions were carried.  Mr. Graham left Greenwood  for  his  home on Tuesday.  Building Activity.  Building- operations continue active  in Greenwood. Several houses are in  the course of erection while the finishing touches are being made on some of  the large buildings.  Mr. W. B. Med ill is busy, plastering-  the -Hami 11 block which will be ready  for'.occupation in about three weeks.  It has been leased by Messrs. Graham  and Perry who will open a first class  hotel about Dec. 1st. The hotel will  be called the Imperial.  Mr. Medill is also building- a neat  cottage for himself on Copper street.  When completed it will be occupied by  his family who arrived from Nanaimo  recently.  Mr. L,-. Ostroski's residence is also  nearly completed. Mr. Ostroski left  on Sunday for Davenport and will return in a few days with his family who  ay ill reside here during- the winter.  �����-<a�� a ^8t>a-<a>-a^ea!>-a-<a>-a-��T'a-<at��-a*<��>-a-<a��-a-<ig*-a-<a>>a-<>��>-a-<(a>-a-<��>-a-<o��-a-<fcy  . A  a  ��*-a-4a>��B-��a��-a-4a��>-a-4afr-a*4a����a->��a>a-4a>-��-��ay  ^���������^^���������^���-<��*a-��.-a.<a,^^  Winchester,   Marlin  and  Savage Rifles.  ShofIG^n?labrOU��"h'   fecott'   Ti��jda11'   andW.: Richards  Catalog-tie on  application.  Smith   &  Wesson  and  Colt  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.  Wholesale  and Retail.  IISMLL'S Gun Store, Yancouyer. 1  a a  ^a-<er>-o^g^a-<a>o-<��^a-<c^e-<er>a^ar��a-<ci^a-<a^c^g'>a^or>a-^o��-a-<a^a-<a^��-4a^a^a>>a^��*>a-<a^a*<a^-a^c����-a-<a^e-��iaa  J. Kerr.  J. P. Fi^ood.  TG  GREENWOOD. GRAND PORKS. & /HIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and all Mining- Camps.  OUR FIvOUR has the name of being- the BEST all-round  Flour on the market. Try it and you will not use other brands.,  Our shareholders grow the wheat and we g-rind the Flour with  the latest improved milling- machinery. Our brands are HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG BAKERS/ECONOMY, SUPERFINE). All bags marked "O. K," and to be had at all the leading-  dealers from Penticton to Greenwood City.  Okanagan-. Flour Mills Co., Ltd., .Armstrong, B.  PS  rm  BvaBafiPtsamtrr^ammn j^msma  J.  PIERCY & CO.,  25, 27, 29   YATES STREET.  ICTORIA,    ���    B,G  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing /Manufacturers.  l&lliSS8BBgra��lim^^ y\  o  m  Begs to announce to the public that he  has just moved into his well ��� appointed  premises on Government streets where he  intends to run a first-class up^to/'date Drug  Store, You will want Drugs- and you will.  want them fresh and of the best quality,  FLETCHER The Druggist can supply them,  c ...  Prescriptions are carefully prepared  a competent Pharmacist  *rices lor   Stationery  will  be  will astonish you.  C3i  ��-e*<4ei>-o-<e��-��-4eMMe��*e-��e>e-4a  receive prompt attention,  & 3E8BS&BSSKSS  Than the large and increasing trade we are  doing in Boots and Shoes, that the people are  getting better value for their money from us than  can  be  had  anywhere  else  in  the  district,  The secret of our success is not due to our  ability to sell a pair of Shoes better than our com/  petitors- but to the honest and reliable goods we  carry and to our being satisfied with a fair profit,  mxasmmmm  We   carry   only   goods manufactured  by  reliable  makers% of these the foremost are  *<&;<*  <*&,  the largest and most reliable; manufacturers in the  Dominion/ , We have on hand a fine line, of these  goods and guarantee every pair bearing their name*  to which, we i:  Note a few of their s  ens goods i  EN'S  CHROME  CALF  BALS..   RUBBER  SOLE  SCOTCH* WELT,  99  99  99  99  9 9  99  ENGLISH  CALF  RIFLE  EALS,  ",~M*1innrrrH**'���n"i������"��������'������'�����-������'��������������' i ��w��wafanai��  ��  *& ��  GREENWOOD,   B. C  ��-IJ.-JJ!lfjmaJ"Iliiy.J- 1 II[_"it-it'Jji��fwi]i-.iM. ���.������inn -��������������������_     ll.il I    IL L      I     1       Li      ��� i jj.j t ���,.,,     .


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