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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-11-19

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 m (  n-'j' }  'eSisUture lihr  SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER  19,   1898  rary  ������ j ,?-  !'' '  .TDeetty ^puxnat  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD, B.C  T  tie  ��� ���.  n\V\\V\\\^Ai^  ENGINEERS   AND   BUILDERS   OF  j&!KiamiXKO!r+M  Contractors for the design and construction of complete Stamp Mills,  CWorination, Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  Concentration,  ���r'  u.  o  ��� tH  o  O  m  u  PQ  u  o  to  -4->  <  .<V  o .  CO  3  &0  ���a.  ���������������  u  o  ���v  a  o  co  a  o  eg  U  PQ  a  o  &0  a  o  O  O  ^ ..  co    ^  O    $>  o  O  *7  o  &o  o  u  O  o  CO  w  a;  GO  . o  o  1�����  CD  p*  >  0>  O  ��  o  r-f-  ��.  W  CO  Hn  O  oo O  ��-t  w  cr-  . �����k ���  ,-*���  t/3  ���tr*  o  i���j  o  ��  CO  pi  o  ��  ���*  R  Ox  i���i..  H  o  o  o  Head Office and Works s  Branch Offices  acKinnon Building:, Vancouver, �� mtmiKatuivimm  S^S G&9 ^9 f&�� @^9 ?�� 6W��  ^y!       5(ji.       iffi. ���     ^l        Sjfi.       5jp.       jgt  [Shown in the cut]  Is the best Heater In the market.  It ivS made of the best material, in the best way.  > It is ornamental as well as useful  We keep them in all styles and sizes.  GREENWOOD,     B. C  Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware; Stoves, cooking and heating? Graniteware and  Tinware? Crockery and Glassware? Iron, Steel and Piping? Ore Cars and  Wheels ? Powder, Fuse and Gaps ? Victor Exploders ? Leading and Connecting  Wire ?   Windows and Doors ;   Paints, Oils, etc/  t^* The best shop in the district for Tinning:, Plumbing: and Jobbing: Work.  Beg to announce that they have purchased the  Retail Grocery Department from Rendell & Co,  and will hereafter be found on Copper Street near  sacrnarasmvnmBnNsamiesiRKi  nnmnnamnm  the International Hotel* anxious to supply the public  ;��w>x��G-ci��c-rPK*nars^;3in^  with all kinds of  Greenwood, B.C., October 19th, 1898.  TLEASE   VISIT  US.  !..;l *��� i if  A Weekly Paper "published in the interests ot tlie Boundary Creek Mining District.  uxswixvmzazmrvcxBKMJin;r-T i ,,.iiiKiii..nroiMr;tta��'mga3ategtvaitrgsQa��nL��?gBm  tCiM TfrAHraSOt^MfthlSIUJtWrgE-JiJ-V^  Vol. V.  GREENWOOD, B.C,/SATURDAY,   NOVEMBER  19,  1898.  1,5 No. 11  ���f)  ^Tmmrrr*frf'"CT;^-"mTf*^l��'*rai��ftyift'  VFriWTOfr^T^*ar����iy.tv-*���'>��*3tJg=tra^lm^^  f*K*  BANKERS'   BANQUET.  \o. ' A HE Bankers' Banquet was a fitting celebration of  the establishment of three chartered: banks in  Greenwood. The banquet was a success in every  way. It not only provided an evening of de-  ^ lightful recreation for those'present, but it was  also the means of making- the citizens of Green-  '. wood better acquainted with/each other and with  those who have charge of the banking' institutions of the  city. The bankers, too, entered into the spirit of the  occasion, and gathered a vast amount of valuable information concerning Boundary creek and its boundlessresources.  The impromptu speeches were all rich in material ; they  were not too long, but admirably suited to the occasion.  The management of the Imperial hotel certainly deserve  a great deal of credit for helping to make the banquet a  success. As the bill of fare shows, the dinner was an exceptionally good one. It was excellently cooked. The  service was also all that could be desired;  At 9:30 o'clock the chairman, Mr. "Ralph Smailes, led  the way into the banquet room, and took his seat at the  head of the table. At either side were H. ?H. Morris of the  Bank of Commerce and Mr. J. Anderson, of the Bank of  B. N. A. Mayor Wood occupied the vice-chair and seated  at his right was Mr. G. A. Henderson of the Bank of  Montreal. The other g-uests follow : H. B. Munroe, A. H.  SpeiT}', G. Arthur Rendell, JY.F. Hemenway, W. M. Law,  D. C. McRae, Aid. Jas. Kerr, R. F. Coates, Thos. Hardy,  Aid. M. J. Phelan, J. C. Olson, F. W. Vincent, John Keough,  W. T. Smith, S. Breslauer, Aid. L. S. M. Barrett, Mr.  Seymour of the Bank of Montreal, Mr. Smith of the Bank  of B.N. A., Mr. Scott of the Bank of Commerce, Police  Magistrate I. H. Hallett, Sheriff Pemberton, A. S. Black,  Aid. C. Scott Galloway and Duncan Ross.  The substantial part of the banquet over, Chairman  Smailes called for order and at once gave interesting-  reminiscences of early Greenwood days. Three years ago  he and Mr. Rendell had walked over the townsite of Greenwood. It was then covered with trees���a veritable wilderness. Confident as they were in the resources of the  district and their ultimate development, there were none  sufficiently optimistic to believe that the district would develop so rapidly that citizens would now be celebrating the  opening of three chartered banks. He believed that the  district was on the eve of a prosperity unequalled in B, C.  (Applause.) He hoped that all present would cast off any  restraint and enjoy themselves thoroughly. He proposed a  toast to Her Gracious Majesty, the Queen.  The toast was enthusiastically received, and all voices  joined in the stirring notes of the national anthem.  Mayor Wood rose amid applause to propose the President of the United States. He expressed his deep gratification at the brotherly feeling existing between the two great  nations of the earth, and paid a compliment to the enterprise of the American citizens doing business in the district.  He hoped that the stars and stripes and the union jack  could alwaj's float entwined together.    (Loud applause.)  Mr. W. M. Law responded briefly, paying a glowing  tribute to President McKinley and the administration  during the late war. He incidentally referred to the establishment of three- chartered banks and congratulated  Greenwood upon this new evidence of the stability of the  city.  Aid. C. Scott Galloway's rich voice was then heard in a  Scotch song.    The majority-of the bankers being Scotch-  delight  at  hearing  their  men,    they     expressed "-'their/  national song-s so well sung-.  Mr. Duncan Ross, in rising to propose the toast, ���' Our  Guests,'' expressed his regret at the absence of Mr. Naden,  who was unavoidably compelled to go away on business.  The committee in charge thought that Mr. Naden, who<so  materially assisted business men and the advancement of  the city before chartered banks were established, should  have the honor of proposing the toast of welcome to the  banks. (Hear, hear.) He congratulated the citizens, and  expressed the hope that the management of the banks  would never regret opening* in Greenwood. Speaking as  an observer, and not as a business man,'he could assure the  bankers that the progress of Greenwood had not depended'  so much upon the illimitable wealth surrounding**it as upon  the enterprise and integrity of the business men. The  names of G. A. Henderson/Bank of Montreal, J. Anderson,  Bank of B. N. A., and H. H. Morris, Bank of Commerce,  were coupled with the toast.  Mr. Henderson deemed it an honor and a priyileg-e to be  entertained by the citizens of Greenwood. It was a remarkable development when it was considered that three  years ago Greenwood was a wilderness and to-night such a  jolly lot of fellows were celebrating the opening of three  chartered banks. The city had a remarkable location and  a remarkable future. It was surrounded by boundless  wealth. He fully agreed with Mr. Ross, after having business relations with Greenwood business men for several  years, that they were men of enterprise, integrit3r and indomitable perseverance. He referred to the extensive inir  provements made. Greenwood did not appear like the  ordinary mining town.  A voice :" Like a banking town." (Laughter.) Mr.  Henderson: "Yes, like a banking town." Continuing,  Mr. Henderson referred to his acquaintance with Mr. Wood,  paying* him a glowing tribute for*his push and enterprise  and congratulating him upon his happ)r selectipn of a '  townsite. Greenwood was so situated that the trade of  Boundary creek was hers. (Applause.) She held the trade  now and was entitled to keep it. (Renewed applause.) He  hoped to stay in Greenwood, and if the directors had sufficient confidence in himself to allow him to take charge of  what he considered was destined to become one of the most  important branches in the province, he would gladly remain here and become a resident of Greenwood. (Loud  applause.) '  Mr. Anderson of the Bank of B. N. A. congratulated  the citizens of Greenwood upon the very sumptuous banquet.  It was a very unexpected but a very pleasant honor to be a  guest upon such an occasion. He had visited Greenwood a  year ago and was struck with the remarkable progress  made by the town. He complimented the business men  upon their enterprise, pointing out that they had secured  the trade because they had put up the necessary money to  make roads to the different camps. These camps would  make any cit3r great and prosperous. He was glad to-night  that he had been sent to Greenwood. He had received a  glad welcome, indeed, from the citizens. Their hospitality  had never been excelled, and if he would be excused for  parodying Burns, he would say : " In Heaven itself I wish  no more than just a Greenwood welcome." (Loud applause.)  Mr. Morris of the Bank of Commerce was the next  speaker. He confessed that he had but little to say after  the speeches of Messrs. Henderson and Anderson. He had  once mapped out what he intended to say on a similar occasion, but   found   that   this  plan was of little use.    He had  [Continued on page 4.]  i      '  K i: THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  found that all the good things had  been stolen by previous speakers.  (Iyaug*hter.) The chairman had said  that if any one had stated three years  ag*o that they would be celebrating* the  opening of three chartered banks, he  would not be believed. Mr. Morris  could g*o the chairman one better :  If any one had told him three weeks  ag*o there would be three banks in  Greenwood to-nig*ht he would not have  believed it. (I^oud laug*hter.) Mr.  Morris thoug-ht there was to be only  one bank, and he felt quite sure he  knew the one.���'' (Renewed laughter.)  Greenwood was a charming town. The  more he saw of it the more he liked it.  He liked the business men and regretted he was not going* to stay here.  He hoped to visit the city often���after  the railway is built. (daughter.) He  must acknowledge that they didn't  decide in a day to come to Greenwood,  but had gathered information concerning* the conditions here, and this information was so encourag*ing* that they  decided this was an ideal banking-  point. He knew the town would grow  rapidly, but hoped the banks would  not increase in proportion. (L/aughter;)  He proposed a toast to Greenwood,  coupling* with it the mayor and alder-.  ��� men. ��� ',,   -  . '.'.,'������:������  Mayor Wood humorously referred to  his first landing in B. G. 32 years ag*o.  He played  himself out farming*, then  he tried trading* and  then  townsiting*.  After many tips'  and  downs he felt tonight that townsiting* was  not  so bad  after all.    (Hear, hear.)    He  was glad  that those who settled  here  had prospered and had g*ood prospects of doin-g*  better.    Success was indeed sweet, and  he  felt  an  immeasurable  pleasure in  thus celebrating the  establishment of  three chartered banks, which, showed  that   the ' town   had   something* to it.  They had known ups and downs in the  past,; but when he woke  up  last  week  to; find that two banks were  ready for  business, he felt like exclaiming "Now  is the winter  of  our  discontent  made  g*lorious summer."    He  expressed his  pleasure    at   having*   Mr.   Henderson  here, and stated   that  Mr.   Henderson  had always  been   a  friend  of Greenwood.    There was an  old  saying* that  " money makes  the  mare g*o," and he  would say that if  the  banks gave the  mayor plenty of money  he  would see  that   the  contemplated   improvements  would   all   be   completed.     (Iyaug*hter  and applause.)  Aid. Barrett spoke  briefly  and Aid  Galloway,   after  offering*  tions, suggested the  congratula-  org*anization of a  board of trade, so that Greenwood interests on the outside could be properly  guarded and promoted. Aid. Kerr  made a brief, witty speech, and Aid.  Phelan made a flattering comparison  between Greenwood and American  boom towns. Bankers were usually  cautious and conservative people, and  by starting* here stamped Greenwood  as  a   town with a future.  Mr. J. F. Hemenway was then heard  in a comic song, and was forced to  respond to a vigorous encore. Mr.  Hemenway is blessed with a rich, well  trained baritone voice, vyhich, un-  fortunatelj'', is not heard often enough  in Greenwood.  Mr. Hard j then proposed the toast,  Boundary Creek, and in doing* so referred to the development the district  had made since he crossed the trails  some fourteen 3rears ago. Mr. Hardy  dwelt particularly on the transportation question, urging those present to  leave no stone unturned to secure competitive rates. Mr. Hardy discussed  Boundary creek from the standpoint of  a business man, making* a common-  sense, practical speech, but, unfortunately, lack of space precludes extended notice.  Mr. Keffer, in response, made the  speech of the evening*. He made no  attempt at oratory, but every sentence  was   teeming*   with   information coil  s'4* *$* *h 4* *$r *& 4r *$r 4r ^ ���$* 4r 4r 4? 4? 4r *$* *h*fc *&*&*$?*$?'&$��  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  *  Fresh and Cured Meats  Fish and Oysters v ��� ^  Live and Dressed Poultry  ��f��v.,/  ��f��  Meats delivered at Mines free of charge.  Mail orders  promptly attended  to.   . ;���isxsaBxsEaE ��� -' ,..'  Head Office for Boundary Greet division at GREENWOOD.   *  Shops at Cascade, Grand Forks, Niagara, Greenwood and Midway. ��|o  smelting*  evening and  cerning* the minings and  probabilities of the district. He made  the very important announcement that  Boundary creek ores were of such a  character that they oug*ht to be smelted  on Boundary creek. He stated that  nearly $500,000 had already been spent  in developing* properties, but urged the  mining* men to keep up development  work. The district was well worth the  expenditure.    (Applause.)  Mr. Seymour of the Bank of Montreal is a decided acquisition to Greenwood musical circles. He was heard  in two song*s during the  delighted those present.  The other toasts were :." The Bar,"  proposed by Mr. McRae, and to which  Mr. Black and Mr. Hallett responded.  "The Staff, of the Banks," proposed  by Mr. Ross and responded to by Mr.  Smith, Mr. Scott and Mr. Seymour.  "The Business Men," proposed bj"  Mr. Henderson,; and responded to by  Mr. Smailes, Mr. LawandMr. Phalen.  " Mr. Henderson," b}'Mr. Smith, and  " The Press," proposed by Mr. Rendell, and responded to by Mr. Ross.  "The I/adiesj" proposed by Mr.  Hemenway, and Mr. Munroe made an  eloquent reply.  Sheriff Pemberton, who was present,  made a short speech and sang a  patriotic song* in inimitable style.  "Auld L/ang Syne" brought a very  successful gathering to a close.  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificcvte of improvements.  notice.  IDAHO mineral claim, situate in the Kettle  River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In Greenwood camp, south  of and adjoining the Brook^vn.  TAKE notice that I, George W. Rumberger,  free miner's certificate No. 14,333a, acting  for nryself and as agent for Nellie (Mrs. John)  Gallagher, free miner's certificate No. 14,238a,  and Donald McLaren, free miner's certificate  No. 8,497a, intend, sixtA- da3rs from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 10th day of September, 1893. 106  I  ;OgS��.'ajg. ^rft-iHSSgSTTTT^TrAlfHHIMi'^.TU-lhm^^'KWIIjmSlSiaB  SQUARE   HOUSE.  CO  UJ  UJ  Q:  o  CO  SO]  ���Greenwood City, B.C..  ~/'S  E.   S.   WEEKS   &   CO., Props.  First-class Accommodation.  Stages  from all parts pass the  door.  0).  o  c  is.  m  o  rn  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  J*��Mg��-WIWW��W<LJ ?!  MINERS . and : :  ...PROSPECTORS  should Wear   : :  ^M  Co/s  "Columbia"  ."kootenay"  " Vancouver ���'  All of which are First.class Foot Wear.  Windsor Hotel Barber Shop  Copper Street, Greenwood.  New Shop. New Enamelled Bath Tubs.  R. M. McENTIRE   -   -   Proprietor.  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  -8����"   Perfect fit guaranteed.  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Deaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesda3rs, Thurs-  da3-s, and Saturdaj's for Camp McKinney 7  Rock Creek, Midwa3-, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson aud Grand Foncs.  Returning leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and evei'3r da3-'except Sunday for Greenwood  aud leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tties-  da3-s, Thursday's and Saturdavs at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  vS��" Will sell  through Tickets  to Vancouver,.  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  If your Watch .is tired  TAKE   IT    TO  GREENWOOD  And have it fixed right.   Over 30 3'ears' experience, aud the most complete stock of material  with which to do work correctly.  d ���f?  V,.,.  '-'������ I  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  CAMP   MCKINNEY.  Those acquainted with the mineral  resources of Camp McKinney, and  having* a knowledge of the vast amount  ���of money paid in dividends by the  Cariboo mine, often expressed surprise  that the enterprising* townsite man  never mapped out a city in this promising* camp. Towns h ave been platted  and lots have been sold in other sections where the inducements nor the  advantages were not  nearly  so great.  >: Greenwood men have decided to supply the want in Camp McKinney, and  in a short time there will be in the  market lots in a town which, judging*  from the large and rich mineral area  surrounding it, is destined  to  take no  mean rank among-st the mining centres  of the province.  The Times announced some time  ago that Geo. R. Naden, Thos. McDonnell, R. M. McEJntire and Nels L<eplant  of Greenwood and Mr. Ceperley of  Vancouver had bonded the Sailor in  Camp McKinney. The claim was  crown-granted in 1893, so that the surface rig*hts go with the property. The  syndicate are busy developing the  property and are working* on a strong  lead of high grade ore. The ground is  level, centrally located and is adjacent  to the Cariboo, Waterloo and other  prominent Camp McKinney properties.  Sydney M. Johnson is now subdividing the Sailor ground into lots, which  will be placed on the market in a short  time. So great is the confidence of  mining men in Camp McKinney that.  inquiries for lots in the new town have  already been many.  The syndicate have also secured five  or six properties surrounding the  Sailor, so that they have plenty of area  for a large town.  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Arthur M. Whiteside, a barrister  from Rossland, has decided to locate  in Greenwood. He has secured offices  in the Barrett block.  R. M. McEntire left on Thursday for  for California, having received word  of the death of a sister and the serious  illness of his father. Mr. McEntire  expects to return about Christmas.  Cascade City enjoys the distinction  of being* the only town in Yale with  two newspapers. The Maple L,eaf  made its appearance last week. Messrs.  Nirbet & Sanders are the publishers.  The initial number of the Cascade  Record has made its appearance. The  thriving town of Cascade is to be congratulated upon this publication.  Messrs. Wilcox & Reilly, the proprietors, have begun well. They use good  paper and good type, and the paper is  well arranged and well printed. The  eight pag*es of the Record are well  written and contain many interesting*  paragraphs   relating*  to  Cascade  and  relating*  surrounding district.  The Old Ironsides   company is erecting"    some    substantial   buildings   on  their  properties   in   Greenwood camp.  /mc Already a store has   been  built and is  "   'occupied   by   Messrs.   Wynkoop    and  Stephens.    The  store  is  on  the   new  road,  which was  constructed last fall.  The telephone office has been removed  to the new store, but  the postoffice remains at the  old  store.    The  foundation .has  been  laid  for  a  large hotel  near the new store.    It wiill be a frame  two-story     building    with    a    66-foot  frontage.  Rossland.  investment m$ fru  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  Sf  &stAte anb (^tilting QBtoftew,  0.  9  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  ' <s>.  THE   RALAOE   LIVERY   STABLE.  IN   THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   DISTRICT.  Extra Well Fitted for Long Drives,    Saddle Horses  and Pack  Ponies/   Feed Barn,    Hay and  Oats For Sale,  A; W. ROBINS   -   -���   PROPRIETOR.  HIE. PIONEER MOTEL  Greenwood X^ityy Boundary Creek, B,C,  aV4 *':����� &  ���7lf "?/*�� -JJv'  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining-Men.        Best of Wines, Iviquors and Cigars  ��� I/ivery Stable in connection. ���-  ���7t\-  , W, NELSON  Actor,  Are the only direct Importers on the mainland of British Columbia of  w/'  Coke, Cement,  Firebricks,  Fireclay,  Lime,  Sewer  Pipe,  Plaster,  etc,  etc, etc,  m  t'vS  i  iS  '4^  -O-  For ftill particulars as to prices, etc., write  EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS  Vancouver, B.C.  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc.  <*'$.     J&     ��%    *V*  ���*�����?. ">l<? "?!���? ">h~  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood, B.C.  I )���&  HI!  I ��� *������'.' THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ^iiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiuiiiiuiuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuiiiiuiiii^iiiiiuiiiaiiiiiiiuiaiuiuiiuiiiiiiiiiuiii^  IS THE BEST HOTEL IN GREENWOOD. A New Building-, well furnished. First-class  Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Inquors and Cig-ars. Headquarters for Mining-  and Commercial Men. '  Copper Street, Gre  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw  <mBmm.9WiKMfmMf^i vjm*.*',<9^ymmmyw}^.^m  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  is getting in  during  last meeting,  the second degree.  W. S. Fletcher has returned from  Canyon creek.  The Bank of B. N. A.  large safe from Marcus.  Several inches of  snow   fell  the,week, making fairly good sleighing.  J. W. Grier returned from Rossland  last week and is again connected with  The Times. /  I)r. Schon of Vernon has Opened  offices in the Barrett block and will  practice his  profession  in Greenwood.  A number of hobos struck the town  this week. The police are showing  them the roads leading  from the city.  Several men aire at work on the  Jewel/mine in Long Lake camp. ISIr.  Gilbert Mahon returned to Rossland  on Saturday. c  Dr.R. W. Jakes is steadily improving. He was able to sit up this week.  The doctor is yet rather weak but is  gaining-strength daily.  Boundary  Valley lodge, I. O.'O.'F.,  nominated officers at its  One candidate took  There   was   also   an   application   for  iiiembership.  The Government street cut is completed except the portion above Greenwood street, which must remain as it  is until spring. The excavation for  . the flume and water pipe is also  finished.  A new stage line runs daily between  Greenwood and Cascade. It leaves  Greenwood in the morning and returns  in ..the evening. A. W. Robins of  .Greenwood and Messrs. Williams &  EJlkins of Cascade are interested in  the line.     .  The C. P. R. has decided to place the  railway station for Grand Prairie near  the log "school house, half a mile on  this side of the upper town and two  miles from G-rand Forks. The C. P.  R. company has acquired an interest  in the upper town.  The freighters are unable to handle  the large quantities of goods reaching  Marcus and Bossburg for Boundary  Creek points. Several carloads are  awaiting slow transportation by  wagons from these points. The merchants are anxiously awaiting their  Christmas goods. There is also almost  a coal oil famine in the city.  Next Thursday is Thanksgiving da}',  and therefore a general holiday. On  Wednesday evening a dance will be  given by the management of the  Palace hotel in Lind's hall) Anaconda,  arid on Thursday evening the Presbyterian church will give one of their  popular entertainments. The pro-  is an   exceptionally g*ood one.  intention, of the owners of  the King Solomon mine to continue  the development of the property until  it is placed on a shipping basis. The  work already carried on has demonstrated that the King Solomon contains  a ledge of some of the richest copper  ore ever discovered. Negotiations are  in progress for the purchase of a big  plant for the propei^. This will be  hauled to the mines in a short time  when the force of men will be increased.  gramme  It is the  mrnmmu  Boilers,  Hoists; ;  Pumps/  Cars;  Wheels,  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse,  mmmnfmrnm  Stamp Mills,  a  Compressors,  Drills,  Hose,  Oils & Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c,  mmnmmm?? n  STOOK     ON     HAND     AT     ROSSLAND.  Jenckes Machine Go. :  9  ��  e     0  o     ��  ill Co.  F.   R.  MEN DEN HALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and  Rossland.  tor  PURE    DRUGS,     DRUGGISTS'     SUNDRIES,  PATENT   MEDICINES,   CIGARS,    AND  TINE    CANDIES.  ^^s^^Af^J^Ss^^'ij^^t^^r  Prescriptions carefully and accurately Compounded  Corner Copper and Greenwood  Streets,  Greenwood, B. C.  mbiI'iihiiiiiumi m mmMi in* i 'inn ��� i h     iy i inn wiifiiimininif iiiiitt i rm nuimmrntTB  ��OT  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabbing.    Stopping Pi���ace eoi* Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors, .���f'K- '���  f'K  u  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ^��&^^yfm&&z^F2zzszsK?stxmm&E3x izzzmsvz.  nmzrzsT&rx  rr��?.psg?rvr" -yr*KF-*?v��T^-=r'j  GREENWOOD   COMPANY   WINS.  The Greenwood Water Power company has been sustained in its right to  the power at Boundary Falls. About  two months ago the Cascade Water  Power and Iyight company, which had  secured an option on the Boundary  Falls townsite, applied to Mr. Leonard  Norris, the water commissioner, for a  record of 1,500 inches of water at  Boundary Falls, and for the cancellation of a record of 1,500 inches held by  the Greenwood company. The case  was tried before Mr. Norris, Mr. A. S.  Black of Greenwood and Mr. Senkler  appearing for the Greenwood company and Mr. J. W. Nelson of Rossland for the Cascade company. After  hearing the evidence, Mr. Norris asked  for written arguments, which were  put in by both sides. Mr. Norris has  handed down his decision. It is to the  effect that he refuses to grant the  record asked for by the Cascade company, and also refuses to cancel the  record of the Greenwood company.  The decision secures the Greenwood  company in their record. They have  already expended about $4,000 in constructing a large dam above tlie falls',  and are now negotiating for the purchase of a power and lighting plant.  The question of securing electric  light for the city was suggested at the  last meeting of the city council, but  there appeared to be a difference of  opinion as to the best course. Alderman Phelan is in favor sf the city contracting for the necessary power and  taking charge of street and private  lights. While the company have a  franchise for stringing* poles and supplying electric light within the city, it  may be willing to sell the power. The  company intend to put in a sufficiently  large plant to generate sufficient power  for various purposes, such as furnishing power to mines, running electric  cars,   for   street   lights   and  lighting  buildings.  BOARD   OF   TRADE.  The   suggestion   of' Alderman   Gal  loway at the banquet, that the business  men of Greenwood should organize  themselves to promote the interests of  the city, was an excellent one. The  city has now grown to such proportions that it ought to be an easy matter  to form a: regular board of trade. Such  an organization will carry more weight  than a commercial association, although the commercial association did  good service when in existence.  To organize and maintain a live  board of trade, it is necessary that  every business man should appreciate  the necessity for such an institution,  and regularly attend the meeting's. A  half-dead, half-alive board of trade is  worst than useless.  The  Sunset.  Mr. J. H. Macfarlane, superintendent of the Sunset, is at present in  Montreal. After reaching Minneapolis  he found that Mr. Hogg* was unable to  meet him. Mr. Macfarlane writes that  Boundary creek is well spoken of in  Montreal, and a great deal of eastern  money will find its way into Boundary  creek next summer. It is the intention of the Sunset owners to purchase  a large plant to develop the property.  They expect to have the plant in posi  tion next spring. Mr. Macfarlane  will return bv the first of the year.  y   /   *  GREENWOOD  *�����   Si*  Workshop one door north  of Furniture Store,  Copper Street.  Estimates given on  Tin and Iron Roofing,  Hot Air Furnaces,  ��� Plumbing,  ��� .    And all kinds of Job Work  free of charge. :-  :    :    :    :  Special Attention given to the new Acetylene  ���Gas Light.  Call and see us before placing- vour Orders.  Boundary Valley   Lodge,  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  i\\ EETS every  Tuesdav  /   V    Evening    at   8.00   in  their lodge room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning  brethren., ^   M. J. Phelan, N.G.  G. R. Naden, Rec. Sec.  Court Boundary,;'No1. 3576, L0JFV  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  on the last Thursday  evening of every  mouth.     Visiting Members are cordially   wel-.  coined.  GEORGE F.MILLER,  G. A. Guess, Recording- Secretary.  Chief Ranger. 45  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  ���' (r*9^-     '  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  Stationery,,  Tobacco,  Magazines;  'Periodicals*  Photographs of  Greenwood  w.- ���>  ft?  Established 1862.  ^SKSX^vcvvvv  Manufacturers of Furni>  ture, Upholstery, etc,  Importers of Crocker}-, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how large, promptl}- filled, as we have  the  L11R0EST STOCK IN THE PROVINGE.  Copper Street.  ���*ff*  t^ ���  G-REENWOOD,    B.C.  --%*���*��  *V4     *VS     *Y&  tie      ip?      tie  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  &V*    aV*    *V*  fte      iie~      ire  VICTORIA,   B.C.  *V*    *V*    $'-  ���?ie~     �����&���     ?ie~  -~a*s   Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialty  c����- ���  Genuine Eastern Apple Cider,  California Orange Cider,  Fresh Fruits.      Tobaccos and Cigars.  Tkade Mark  Red Star.  Brands  VERNON,   B. C  HUNGARIAN  THREE STAR  STRONG BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  UNR0E, Greenwood.  Government Street CUT Prices.  All made by the celebrated Hungarian Plansifter system. Try some,  made by the only Plansifter Mill in  the Province.  Whole Wheat Plour a specialty  Bran, Shorts, Chop, etc  n. E. ERAZEE,  Hamill Block  Copper Street.  NOTICE is hereby given that at the first  sitting of the Board of License. Commissioners for the City of Greenwood, held after  thirty days from the date hereof, I shall apply  for a transfer to Oliver F. Mickle of the hotel  license held by. me for the International Hotel,  situate on lots IS and 19, in block 7, in said city.  Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this 20th da3" of  August, 1898.  .  113-5 E. B. SIMMONS. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  has not arrived  But our Xmas Cards have  And also a choice assortment of Japanese Goods, consisting- of Tea Sets,  Vases, Baskets, etc., etc.  OTHER XMAS GOODS  Will be constantly arriving-  from  now  on.   We will'have' such an -assortment  and such a quantit}- as to supply    ���  everybody'.  SMITH &  MCRAE,  Books, Stationery, Wall Rarer,  Fancy Goods and  Notions,  GREENWOOD  B. Cj  _ ��� ���~ _.     . .    .   .   ~  PUBLISHED  BY  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross........ .:..... :.....!. Editor.  W. J. Harber .'���.,.. Manag-er.  Advertising-Rates are One Dollar per inch  per month. Leg-al notices, 10c. and 5c. per line.  No " quack" or remedy ads. inserted at aii3r  price. Subscriptions are due in advance ; other  accounts payable monthlj-.  Address all communications to  The Times,  ,      Greenwood, B.C.  ���Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY,  NOVEMBER 19, 1898.  A   SPECIAL   EDITION.  The Boundary Creek  Printing-  and  Publishing-   company   intend   publishing an  illustrated   holiday   edition   of  the Boundary Creek Times.    It will  be profusely illustrated  Xfy  photo' engravings, representing views of Greenwood.   Boundary  creek  and  different  mines.    The issue will  contain a comprehensive   report   of   the   Boundary  Creek  Milling-   district, prepared by J.  C. Haas, M. E}.    It is  scarcely  necessary   to  say   anything  regarding  the  value of this report other  than that it  has been written by Mr. Haas.    There  will   also   be   a   special   article by Mr.  Keffer, M. E}., manager of the  Mother  Ivode.    His  article  will  deal   particularly with the advantage and necessity  of having Boundary Creek ores smelted  on Boundary creek.    Mr. Guess, M. A.,  will also contribute   an interesting article. Greenwood and Greenwood business   houses   will   also   be   described.  The special number will be brimfull of  information   concerning   the   city and  district.    The issue is to be  limited to  2,000   copies.    The   price   will   be   25  cents.    Persons desiring copies should  leave their orders at   the  Times office,  or with Smith & McRae, H. A. King &  Co., or H. B. Munroe.  INCONSISTENT   VANCOUVERITES.  The Vancouver World is giving  fresh evidence of the fact that it has  no fixed principles. It advocates certain projects, not because they are  right, and denounces others, not because they are wrong. The World  cannot rise bej^ond the plane of pecuniary expediency. lyast winter it  denounced the application for the tin-  subsidized  Corbin   charter because   it  was an American  road,  which  would  tend to  divert  Canadian   trade ;   this  winter  it  is    strongly   advocating   a  subsidy for a line  of  steamers  to ply  between   Vancouver   and   San   Francisco, and says  nothing  about  the diversion of Canadian trade.    L/ast winter  the  irrepressible  J.   C.   McL/ag-an  used his influence as a member ��f  the  Vancouver board of trade to defeat the  Corbin charter; this winter he is using-  his influence to advocate an American  line of steamers and secure a Dominion  subsidy for the same.    The World and  Mr. Mcl/agan are not  the.only unfair,  inconsistent  residents  of  Vancouver.  Patriotism and sentiment are all right  when  they  only  retard   the   development of Boundary creek, bui all wrong  when they  interfere  with  the  expansion of Vancouver  trade.    Vancouver-  ites can   shout  loyalty   and  pander to  the C. P. JR.  at  the  same  time,   when  the interests  of Boundary  creek only  are at .stake, but  they   sing  to  a  different tune when  their  own interests  are   affected.      Boundary   creek   does  not ask the coast  for  any  favors, but  it does ask for fair play.  ANOTHER   JAIL-BIRD   ESCAPES.  ' Alexander Swanson pleaded guilty  on Saturday to entering W. T. Smith's  room and extracting $70 from his  pocketbook. He was sentenced to a  year's imprisonment by Police Magistrate Hallett. Sunday evening Mr.  Ivawder brought the prisoners their  food. He closed the door leading to  their cells, placing the heavy iron bar  across it. Swanson succeeded by the  use of a table knife, which was inserted between a badly shrunk door  and the jam, in lifting the bar. He  forced the door open, told the other  prisoners to remain where they were,  lowered the bar and was a free man.  Mr. I^awder returned shortly afterwards and the prisoners at once informed him regarding Swanson. He  and Officer Pearse rode, to the international boundary line, which was  patrolled all night, but no trace of  Swanson was found. Swanson answers  the description of the man wanted at  Kamloops for breaking- jail.  iaj:mBi uaxaiia  xfliaaexwxBBfi  THB    CANADIAN  Head Office    -   -   -    TORONTO.  Established 1807.  CAPITAL   :   :  .$6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars.]  A Branch of tliis Bank lias been Opened  at GREENWOOD, B.C.  Savings Bank Department.  Interest allowed on Deposits of SI and upwards.  Approved Notes Discounted.  Drafts Sold.  A  g-eneral  Banking- business transacted.  m. m. .Morris,  Manag-er pro tern.  B     H.   HALLETT,  $&<xxx\sttxt Jloftcifot,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  greenwood, jb.o.  P^orbes m. kerby,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,.  (ptovirtciat llanb J|u?t>egot  AND  CIVII, ENGINEER,  ��� (ttofcWE (pUftftC ~ MIDWAY,    B.C-  ��\R.   J.   E.   SCHON,  (p��%Btci<xn <xni> ^urgeon.  English Qualifications.  Office  and  Residence,���Barrett   Block,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  J      CHRISTIE,   M.R.C.V.S.  (EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND)    ��  Dominion Veterinary Inspector.  All   Domestic  Animals   treated   on   scientific  principles.  Residence   -   -   - ..-   GREENWOOD,  B.C.  G.  A.  GUESS, M.A. H.  A. GUESS,  M.A.  7?OS.  Assayers &��� Chemists/  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assa3rs and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B.C.  0HARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  ��omtntott attb (pvof)inciai &<xnb gjurEejjor.  GREENWOOD,      -       B.C.  W. S. KEITH, flf.R,  GREENWOOD     -    -    B.C.  Mines Examined and Reported on.    ,  Glee^oodAssa^Of//c  JOE C. LUCKENBEL, Prop.  GRKKNWOOD  B. C.  rt  -d  w  'is  2^     Ci  >4  p  o  o  ft  O   U  �� be  2o  ��  O  o  OS  T*  S3  CS  T��  a  6  x  w  a>  a  ���3��'  i.Y;  AUDWAY,   B.C.,  REAL ESTATE HDIICI Mil  Ate,  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. .'������   r"  ���  THE   BOUNDARY   CHEEK    TIMES,  i  gjiwi ���^f^i,."....l-ij*n..^^^v^.-mxr^inw��i.'ji.'j'Mitiw  @tttb  *W��<$&&xiix& of Twines,   JltquotB <*nb C%*ts.  COPPER   STREET  GREENWOOD,   B. C.  The Best Flour on the market.  Our Flour swept everything- at the  New Westminster Exhibition and we  took the "blue ribbon." The wheat  from which our flour is manufactured  carried off first honors as well.  ->lS        *S)i'  Okanagan Flour Mills Co. Ltd.  ARMSTRONG,    B.C.  Our Brands are  Hungarian/   Best Pastry,  XXXX       Strong Bakers'  Economy,  Ask for the " O.K." brands of Flour  and you won't be disappointed.  $&   $&   ��&  w      ->ir      ?ir  Greenwood City Mercantile Co  Agents, GREENWOOD.  .������"���<?  Survey Along West Fork.  Some few weeks ago Messrs. Thompson and Vincent gave notice that they  intended to apply for a provincial  charter to build a railway up the West  Fork of Kettle river. The C. P. R. is  evidently going to contest the ground  with them, for this week a C. P. R.  survey party left Greenwood to make  a careful survey of the route. The  section through which the railway is  to travel is rich in mineral. The route  is much easier than that surveyed for  the V., V. & E. railway, and it is quite  probable that the C. P. R. will endeavor to find a better route for a railway to Penticton. The surve}' party  is in charg-e of Mr. O'Dell.  Quarantine Matters.  Dr. Christie, Dominion veterinary  surgeon, was over to Cascade last  week to pass some stock for P. Burns  & Co. The department of agriculture,  appreciating the importance of the  district, has decided to keep a permanent officer at a fixed salary to look  after quarantine matters. The choice  of the department naturally fell upon  Dr. Christie, who has already proved  himself to be a competent and painstaking officer. Dr. Christie's jurisdiction includes all of Southern Yale.  ���: THE VERY BEST :���  WHITE     BREAD  GRAHAM     BREAD  wb'RY'E'BRBAD  For Sale at tlie HOME BAKERY,  Government Street    iff     GREENWOOD  Two dozen Rolls for 25 c.  FOR   SALE  ONE   Reynolds  Horse  Whim,  with 200 feet  Wire Rope ; a Water and an Ore Bucket,  in good order.  Write or call on GUESS   BROS,  102  Agents. Greenwood.  FOR   SALE.  A    TEAM    OF    HORSES,    {rood    drivers,  weight 1,200 lbs. each.    A bargain.  thos. McDonnell,  115 Greenwood, B.C.  All Lengths, from 16 to 48 inches.  Orders promptly attended to.  $fe  '/if  '/tf  Office at the Greexwood   Flouk a.\d Feed  Stoke, Silvek  Stkeet.  JOHN   M.   CROPLEV.  MINERAL   ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements*  NOTICE.  SILVER CLOUD  mineral   claim,   situate  in.  the Kettle River   Mining Division of  Yale  District. Where located : Skylark camp.  'AKE Notice that we, Duncan Ross, free  miner's certificate No. 14,231a, and J. W.  Nelson, free miner's certificate No. 14,391a,  intend, sixt3r days from the date hereof,to apply-  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a.  Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of November, 1898.   114-9  NOTICE  IS hereby given that the partnership existing  between Neil H. Lamont and  Geo.  A.  Mc-  Kague, under the firm name of the  Greenwood  Tinning & Plumbing  Co.,   has   this  day   been  dissolved   by   mutual   consent.    All   accounts  owing to the  firm   must  be  paid   forthwith  l<*  Neil H. Lamont, who will.pay all   liabilities of  the said firm.  Witness :                      NEIL   H.   LAMONT.  I. H. Hallett.       GEO. A. McKAGUE.  Greenwood, November 1st, 1898.     114-4  APPLICATION   FOR   LIQUOR   LICENSE.  NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned intend to apply lo the License  Commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at  their next sitting, for a license, to sell liquor by  retail on the premises known as the St. Charles  Hotel, on lot 24, block 12, in the Citv of Green-  Green wood, B.C. MAXIMIEN" BERGER.  JOSEPH   T.   -BEDARDL  Dated this 10th dav of November, 1898.      114-4 THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Incense Authorising an  Extra - Provincial  Company  To Carry on Business.  "Companies' Act, 1897."  Canada : / No. 117.  Province of British Columbia f  1"���\HIS is to certify that " The Jewel Development S3'ndicate, Limited," is authorised and. licensed to carry on business within  the Province of British Columbia, aud to carry-  out or effect all or any of the objects hereinafter set forth to which the legislatiue authority of the legislature of British Columbia extends. . '  -L., .     .,''���'  The head office of the Companyr is situate at  18 Bishopsgate-street, City of London, England  The amount of the capital of the Company is  ^6,000, divided into 6,000 shares of pleach.  Tu.e head office of the Company in this Province is situate at Rossland, and Gilbert Mahon, gentleman, whose address is Rossland  aforesaid, is the attorney for the company.  The objects for which the company has been  established are:���  1. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise  'acquire any .mines, mining rights and metalliferous land in British Columbia or elsewhere,  aud any interest therein, or to acquire any options to purchase the same or any interest  therein, and to explore, work, exercise, develop  and turn to account the same, and in connection therewith to enter into and carryr into  effect, with or without modification, the agreement referred to in clause 3 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of this Company.  2. To search for, prospect, examine and explore mines and ground supposed to contain  minerals or precious stones, and to obtain information in regard to the same ;  3. To search'for, crush," win,, get, quarry-,  calcine, reduce, amalgamate, dress, manipulate, refine aud prepare for market auriferous  quartz and ore and other mineral substances  (whether auriferous or not) aud precious stones  and generally to carry on any metallurgical  operations which may see.m conducive to any  of the Company's objects, and to bu3-, sell and  deal in bullion, specie, coin and all precious  metals ; c.  4. To bU3S sell, manufacture and deal in machinery, implements, conveniences, provisions,  articles aud things capable of being used in  connection with metallurgical operations, or  required '..by workmen and others employed by  the compau\r ;  5. To carry on all kinds of promotion business, aud in particular form, constitute and  promote companies, S3rndicates or associations  with objects similar or akin to the objects or  some of the objects of the company, and to take  or otherwise acquire, hold, deal in or underwrite any shares of the capital, or ati3' debentures, debenture stock or other interests of or,  in such companies, S3'udicates or associations ;  6. To carry on business as financiers aud  concessionaires, and as underwriters of shares  and securities of companies ;  8. Gener'alU- to undertake and carry out all  such businesses aud operations (except the issuing of policies of assurance upon human life)  asniay be legale undertiikeu b3' an individual  capitalist :  S. To purchase or otherwise acquire'and undertake cill or any part of the business, projier-  ty or liabilities of anyr person or company carrying on-business.which this compaiiy carries  oil, or possessed of property suitable for the  purposes of the comparn' ;  9. To construct, carry out, maintain, improve, manage, work, control aud .superintend  roiids, tramways, railroads, branches or sidings, bridges, reservoirs, canals, docks, water  courses, wharves, hydraulic works, gas works,  electric works, factories, warehouses and other  works and conveniences which ma3' seem conducive to the company's objects, and to contribute to, subsidise or otherwise assist or take  part in'any such operations ;  10. To enter into arrangements with any  goverument or authorities, supreme, municipal  local or otherwise, and to obtain" from such all '  rights,' concessions and privileges that may-  seem couduciA e to the company's objects or any  of them ;  '" 11. To cuter into partnership or into arrangements for sharing profits, union of interests, joint adventure, reciprocal concessions, or  co-operation with any person or company engaged 'in any business or transaction which  this company is authorised to engage in, or any  business or transaction capable of being conducted; so. as directly or i udirecti\-��� to benefit  this company, and to take or otherwise acquire  aud hold shares or stock in, or securities of, and  to subsidise or otherwise assist such company,  and to sell, hold, re-issue, with or without guarantee, or otherwise deal with such shares or  securities ;  12. Generally to purchase, take on lease, or  in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire anv real  or personal property, and anv rights or privileges which the company thinks necessary or  con veuient with reference to any of these objects, or capable of being profitabl\- dealt with  in connection with tliecompany's undertakings  aud in particular any land, buildings, easements, licenses, patents, ships, barges, rolling  stock and stock-in-trade ;  13. To sell the undertakings of the company  or any- part thereof, for such consideration as  the company'thinks fit, and in particular .for  shares, debentures or seeurilies of any. other  company having objects altogether or in part  similar to those of this company :  14. To invest and deal with the monies of  the company- not'immediately, required upon  such securities and in such manner as ' may-  froni time to time.be determined ;  15. To lend money to such persons and on  such terms as may seem expedient, and in. particular to customers of and persons having  dealings with the company j and to guarantee  the performance of contracts b3r members of or  persons having dealings with the compaii3r ;  16. To raise, or borrow or secure the payment of moneys in such manner and on such  terms as ma3' seem expedient, and in particular  by the issue of debentures or debenture stock,  chai-ged or not charged upon the whole or'any  part of the propert3r of the company, both present and future, including its uncalled capital,;  17. To draw, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue bills of exchange, promissor3r  notes, debentures, bills of lading and other negotiable or, transferable instruments or securities  /  18. To remunerate any parties for services  rendered or to be rendered in placing or assisting to placeauy shares of tlie company's capital, or aii3' debentures, debenture stock, or  other securities of the compan3r, or in or about  the formation or promotion of the compari}7, or  the conduct of its business ;  19. To do all or any of the. above things in  any part of the world, and either as principals,  agents, trustees, contractors, or otherwise, and  either alone or in conjunction with others, and  eitiierrby or through ageute, sub-coii tractors,  trustees or otherwise :  20. To distribute anjr,of the assets of the  .company in specie among the members, or any-  class of members, or aii3r individual members  of the company :  31. To procure the company to be registered  or recognised in British Columbia or elsewhere  abroad ;  22. To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, enfranchise, lease, mortgage, dispose  of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all  or auyr part of the propert3' and rights of the  company ;  23. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the  above objects, and so that the word " Company^" " Syndicate," or'" Association " in this  clause shall be deemed to include aii3r partnership or other body of persons, whether incorporated or not incorporated, and whether domiciled in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, and  the intention is that the objects specified in  each paragraph of this clause shall, unless  otherwise expressed in such paragraph, be iu  nowise limited or restricted by reference to or  inference from the ternis of an3- other paragraph or the name of the compamv  Given under nry hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  19th da3r of October, one thousand eight  hundred and ninet3--eight.    [l. s.] S.  Y.  WOOTT'ON,    .,:.  114-4 Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  MINKRAIv   ACT,   .1896..  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE  Ten Broek Mineral claim, situate iu the Kettle  River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that I, Martin M. Welsh,  free miner's certificate, No. 14362a, intend, sixty- days from the date hereof, to apply-  to the Mining Recorder -for a certificate o^  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a crown   grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of November. 1898.       114.-9  Capital, all paid up,  $12,000,000.  Rest...   $6,000,000.  President :  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal.  Vice-President:  Hoist. George A. Dkummond.  General Manager.... E. S. Clouston.  ���Mi.  5;^  Branches in London (England),  New York, Chicago,  And in the principal cities in Canada.  ���Me.  '/,<p  ���fie.  Buy and Sell Sterling* Kxchange and  Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial  and Travellers' Credits, available in  any part of the World.  Drafts  issued,   Collections   made,   etc.  NOTICE,  T  HOTICE is hereby given  that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of British Columbia at its next session for an  Act to incorporate a company under the name  of the "Britisb.  Columbia Telephones, Ltd.,"  for the purpose of enabling the company so to  be incorporated  to acquire and  take over all  rights, powers, privileges, franchises and assets-  held byr the " New Westminster  and Burrard.  Inlet Telephone Compaq',  Limited,"  and the  '" Vernon & Nelson Telephone  Company," and  vesting the same iu the company so to be incorporated, and to assume the liabilities entered  into by  the aforesaid companies and  for the  conferring upon the said company so to be incorporated the ppwers to purchase,  lease,  take  over,   or otherwise acquire the  rights,  privileges,   franchises,  powers  and assets  of accompany- in an3r part of the province of British  Columbia having similar objects to the company so to be incorporated, and to amalgamate  with such-other'company' or companies, and to  operate and caror on the business of the aforesaid compaii3r so acquired  or to  be acquired/  and for the conferring upon the said  company  so to be incorporated of all such powers as may  be uecessai-3-to full3'and completely  cari-3- on  and operate   the  works aforesaid, or any of  them.  Dated this 11th da3' of November, 1898  McPHILLIPS  &  WILLIAMS,  115-7 Solicitors for Applicants-  MINER Al/   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE.  Queen,of Spades Mineral Claim, situate in'���the-  Kettle River,mining division of Yale district.  Where located: Tii Central camp, 13'ing south-  erly of   and  adjoining the Jack of  Spades  mineral claim. '  AKE NOTICE that I, Edgar A. Bennett,,  free miner's certificate No. 20689a, issued  at Victoria on the 3rd day of November, 1897r  as agent for aud on behalf of the Lillooet,.  Eraser River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited,  free miner's certificate No. 91874, issued at Rev-  elstoke, B.C., on the 29th day of June, 1898, intend, sixty da3'S from the date hereof, to  app^ to the Mining Recorder for a certificate-  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown grant of the above claim.      ,  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of November, 1898.      115-8-  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  NETA  Mineral   Claim,  situate in   the  Kettle-  River   mining   division    of    Yale    district.  Where located : In Brown's camp, about one  .;  mile south of the Iron Cap mineral claim.  TAKE Notice that I, Edgar A. Bennett, free-  miner's certificate No. 20689a, issued at  Victoria on the 3rd da3' of November, 1897, as  agent for and on behalf of the Lillooet, Fraser  . River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certificate No. 91874, issued at Revel-  stoke on the 29th dayr of June, 1898, intend, sixtyr  daA\s from the date hereof, to appU- to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant  of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of November, 1898.       115-9'  MINERAL   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  HAMILTON mineral claim, situate in the-  Kettle River milling division of Yale district.-  Where located : In Skvlark camp.  TAKE   NOTICE,   that I,  William   James  Harris, free miner's certificate No. 79,645,.  intend,   sixty-   da3rs   from   the    date    hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates-  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining"  Crown grant of the above claim.  Aud further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th  day of November, 1898.   114-9' ,  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  To Subscribe for any of tlie Leading Magazines   ^  Write for Rates to  G.  A.  HENDERSON, Manager.  /HIDWAY  L-J o     V��w/��. L  >  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  Situated at tlie mouth of Fisherman Creek, North  Fork of Kettle River,  Greek District,.B.C.  ����*��  The  supply  point  for 'Summit,  Volcanic,  and  other  mining camps.  Oh the line of the  Golunibia  &  Western  Railway  and  headquarters  for  Messrs, Welsh &  McDonald, contractors for overlive miles of heavy rock work and tunneling,  eMMe^e-iBMi-����>������-��SM��-����*-��-������-��-��j��M��-��>-e^����-a-����e>-��-<��>^-��  ^#LOTS ARE SELLING' RAPIDLY^  >e><*o>th*ot*&<��>-&4By&'iG*-��<e>-&49>-**9>-��'<a>-Q*t9>-a-<a>-t)-4��  For further  particulars  apply  to  e.   SEYMOUR,  Townsite Agent, Niagara, B,G  Building Boom.  Notwithstanding the cold snap, the  building boom continues. George Mc-  Kague has removed the tin-shop to the  rear of his lot on Copper street, and is  erecting a two-story block at the front  for the Nelson Hardware company,  who intend to open a hardware store  here shortly, The Bennerman Bros'  store is about completed. The stone  foundation for the Flood and Naden  block is also about finished and the  frame will be erected in a few days.  Messrs. Berger & Bedard are building  an hotel on Copper street. They expect to have their building completed  in thirty days. John Keough has  awarded the contract for excavating  his Government street lots. He intends building in the spring, and also  ���on the lot adjoining the Barnard  property on Copper street. Several  small residences are also in the course  of erection, so that mill men and carpenters are having a busy time.  A Store at Summit Camp.  Rendell & Co have opened a branch  store in Summit camp. The store is  situated on the property known as  Rehdell's ranch. The railway contractors are employing several hundred men in the vicinity and these, with  the miners and prospectors in camp,  ^ensures a good business for the branch  store.  Mr. C. M. Shaw met with a painful  .accident last week. While driving  after night, a small tree which careless lumbermen left overhanging the  road, struck his shin, fracturing the  bone. Wood-cutters are altogether  too careless about leaving obstructions  on the highways, and a serious accident will be the result if the practice  continues.  THE   BANK   OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated b3r Ro3ral Charter.  Paid-up Capital $4,866,666.  Reserve Fund .:.........$1,387,000.  London Office :  3  Clement's Lane,   Lombard   Street, E.C.  Court of Directors :  J. H. Brodie, John James Cater, Gaspard Farrer, Richard H. Gl\rn, Henr3r I. R. Farrer, Ed.  Arthur Hoare, H. J. B. Kendall, J. J. King-s-  ford, Fred. Lubbock, Georg-e D. Whatman.  Secretao'���A. G. Wallis.  Head office in Canade : St James-st.,  Montreal  H. Stikeman, g-eneral manager.  J. Elnislej", inspector.  -i        ���Me-  ���Tie- ."  Branches in Canada :  London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, St. John N.B.,  Brandon, Winnipeg-, Fredericton N.B., Halifax  Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo, Trail,  Slocan Cit3"; Dawson Cit3*, Klondike, N.W.T.,  and Greenwood. B.C.  Agents in the United States :  Spokane���Traders' National Bank, and Old  National Bank. New York���(52 Wall-street)  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, ag-ents. San  Francisco���(124 Sausome-street) H.J. McMich-  ael and J. R. Ambrose, ag-ents.  London Bankers:  The Bank of England and  Messrs. GI3-11 & Co.  Foreign Agents :  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. Australia���  Union. Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union Bank of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Chartered Mercantile  Bauk of India, Loudon and China, Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris���Marcuard  Krauss & Co.    Lvons���Credit Lvonnais.  J. ANDERSON, Manager,  Greenwood, B.C.  Cedar Shingles.  A.l Cedar Shingles,  in  any quantity,  for sale by  Boundary Creek Milling & Lumber Co.,  Greenwood, B.C.  Financial and Insurance Agent  f (Ttofar^ (pufiftc ?  VERNON,    B.C.  agent for  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Ro3'al Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Compare* of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building & Loan Association.  APPRAISER  FOR  The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.  D.  McDUPF,  GREENWOOD,     B.O.  Jjie.      ^ve.      ^le.  "ft5"     ^iF     f'e~  All kinds of work executed to   the  satisfaction of customers.  See J. R. Porter for the mining records of Midway and Grand Forks,���at  Keith's assay office, Greenwood.  W. F. Honey, secretary of the Winnipeg Mining company, has returned  from a business trip east.  I  ���������ie.  .'1,1  '?!  m  I  .������������J.  n  ,-'���':     X THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  KETTLE   RIVER   MINING   DIVISION.  lecord  of Mineral  Locations for  the  Week  Ending November 15th, 1898.  November 8  -Xrihcoiii frac., Central camp, A. J. Flett,. .  Dick Dow, Skylark camp, S. C. Richards.  J^pvember 10  No. 44, Summit camp, J. R.Porter.  Xfizzie, Deadwood camp, E. H. Shaw,  ��ronoco, Greenwood camp, J. F. Cunuing-ham.  Yukon frac, Greenwood camp, J. M. Ta3rlor.  Black Bear, Greenwood camp, J. Morau.  . , November 11  Klond3rke, Sk3'lark camp, Duncan Ross.  November 12  Big- Iron Fraction, Central  camp,  G.  D.  Cun-  ningha/n.  , "V Fraction, Central camp, C. M. Crouse.  Sirdar, Copper camp, A. F. Thomas.  o November 14  Beatrice, and  Merrimac frac,  Canyon creek,  C. M. Crouse.  Emerine, Central camp, W. B. Ha3'iies.  Dieu Donne, Central camp, J.-Thurber.  Certificates of Work.  November 8  Ten Brock���M. M. Welsh.  Winedot, L<ero3-���D. D. Emj-eart et al.  November 11  Traveller���O. E. Nelson et al."  Transfers.  November 8  New Peterboro, New Gad, all int., J.  Punch to  Bo'undary Falls Mining Co., I/ta I^y.  November 9  Admiral Dewev, V\ int., F.  K. McManti  to H.  R. Elliott. ''-. ' .  Solden Fleece, % int., R. Wood to  H R Elliott  Tip Top, y3 int.,'J. C. Haas to H R Elliott.  Sappho, XA int., Trilbv l-6,,Rhoda %, R. Stuart  to HR Elliott.  Tip Top, 1-6 int., G. T. Hodgson to H R Eliiott  Tip Top, 1-6 int., W. B. Rickards to H R Elliott  Montezuma, Standard, Phoenix, 7-32 int. each,  F. Farrell and A. Migeon to D. D. Mann.  November 10  Summit, % int., K. M. Rees to T. Witte.  American Eagle, .% int., Barrow and Dr. Jim,  1-6 int. each, Boston, Champion and White  Bird, Y\ int. each, Gold Block, Yz int., J. B.  Desrosiers to John I/ayeux.  November 11  Four All, yz int., H. J. Cole to J. Sutherland.  o     Mail Superintendent.'  J. O. Macleod, superintendent of the  railway mail service, with headquarters  at Vancouver, arrived by Wednesday's  Penticton stage. The object of this  visit fis ��� to investigate the numerous  complaints that have been directed  against the postal service in-this district. Mr. Macleod left on Thursdey  for Grand Forks, where the chief  trouble arises. The service, needs a  shaking-up, and it is hoped that Mr.  Macleod's visit will bring about needed  reforms. He is considered one of the  best and most  experienced men in the  service.  The Sullivan Ranch.  The business men of Midway are  nothing if not patriotic to their thriving little town. I^ast week a syndicate consisting of Messrs. McAuley &  Keightley, James McNicol, W. B.  .Rickards, -J. W. L4nd, S. Benerman,  F. M. Kerby, M. McCuaig and J. P.  Mclyeod, purchased the Sullivan, ranch  adjoining the Midway townsite. The  principal object the syndicate had in  view was to protect the interests of  the town, as the Sullivan ranch is exceptionally situated for townsite purposes. The property includes about  300 acres of land and the. price paid  was in Die neighborhood of $12,000.  A. M. Keep, a private banker who is  starting business at Grand Forks, was  in Greenwood this week.  Rev. Father Palmer will spend Sunday 27th in Greenwood, and will conduct services in the Catholic church,  He will be in Grand Forks next Sunday, j  ���0  *^r>v  's?K5  ���SfcS  ���m.  With the snow come Rubbers and  Overshoes, and with the Rubbers and  Overshoes come  P  it  0L��S0N." &   p:  The White Front Store.  m  :'S8?S  We have a nice new stock of the above goods for I^adies,  Men, Youths, Misses and Children.  Also Underclothing,  Pants,   Sox,   Shirts,   etc.,   suitable  for winter.  We have just had a large shipment of Butter,  Eggs, Hams, Bacon and Cheese  And are prepared to offer them at low prices in quantity.  OUR GROCERIES are  of  the  best   quality  and  your  orders will be given prompt attention and  delivered  free.  Note our Address  (Next door to the Postoffice)  GOVERNMENT STREET.  S��vfcv  ^J*/ib  w  m  m  m  m  .'SSS  sSKc  m  m  m  w  w$  if  m  m-  m  m:  Louis Blue.  A. Fishek.  IVIILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    %    Eholt Cteek, B* C  Manufacturers of Roug-h and  Dressed  ^SSBSEKSS  Shingles*- Lath* Mouldings* Sash and Doors,  &��*���     j-V*    $*���  "/f?      fie"     ���>is!'  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to  Mining Camps  *oasi<i3&BaBBBercaaEX3EB>3  vmeuxamwam xvmar a mriiBis  nvscoanuvnu-ciniBaaBLSinai  If you do,   Never Forget that  we  have   placed  in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings  some   FIRST-OLASS MACHINES.     We buy-  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared  to sell at prices to suit the times.  We call your special attention to our new  i *-���  Which  can  be  seen  at our  Store.  COPPKR STRKET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C. %���������  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ,rv  \ ���,//  ^mMimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmd  ARRIVING    daily.  ��a  -We have an elegant line of Fall and  Winter Clothing, consisting of Tweed Suits, Serge  Suits, Corduroy Suits, Mackinaw Clothing. Ulsters,  Overcoats, Reefers, Pants, Odd Vests, etc.  FURNISHINGS.���Top Shirts, Heavy Woollen Underwear, Socks, Gloves, Mittens, etc.  -Needless for us to say a word  regarding this department. We are acknowledged  leaders in this line. We will handle the " Maltese  Cross '' Rubbers this season, the very best made in  Canada.    One shipment already in.  HatS aM CapS.���-A fine assortment.  Groceries -and -Provisions.���A complete stock of  Staple and Fancy. Groceries.    Everything first-class.  -ft��" We would be pleased to have you call and Inspect our Stock, "��ft  (JWo  ��im?m??m?mmmn?mmmmmmtm  ?mm?!mmm????mmmmmmmm?mmm??ls:  mn^ixMiixuxwJujnKx&wxsMMmMnmaminm  NIAGARA.  Five hundred dollars have been collected in Grand Forks by public subscription to build a new road to shorten  the distance between Grand Forks and  Niag-ara. This cut will save two'miles'.'  A g*ang* of ten men were set to work  on this road Tuesday.  Mr. Fraser sold his building* and lot  on Main street to Mr. Wisner of Gladstone. The price paid was $950. Mr.  Wisner has let the contract to Mr.  Grey to build a 25-foot addition. Mr.  Grey had a gang of men hoisting* the  old building*, which will be moved to  the back of the lot, and the addition  will be built on to the front.  A gang of men are at work grading  Seymour street and a bridge is being-  built along* Fisherman creek, connecting* this street with the main bridge.  Two freig-ht wag-ons loaded with  flour and dry g*oods arrived Tuesday  from Marcus for W. M. L,aw & Co.  Mr. Williams, manager of the Boundary Express and Stag-e company, was  in town this week making* arrangements to run a through line from  Niagara to Bossburg. On and after  Monday next, 21st Nov., through  tickets will be issued for Bossburg and  a daily stage will be run, and will connect in time for the trains oh the S. F.  & N. R. Mr. F. K. M. Elkins, who at  one time -was provincial constable at  Greenwood, is interested in the Boundary Stage and Express company.  A newspaper man, Mr. Fleming of  Wardner, Idaho, was in town yesterday, and as soon as word can be received from his partner, will no doubt  start a weekly paper here, which will  be called the Niagara Weekly Times.  Niagara, B. C, Nov. 15.  umcipal Elections  for 1899-  -Q^^=9-  THE following- parsons are entitled to vote,  viz. :  FOR    MAYOR :  Any person qualified to vote for Aldermen is  entitled to vote for Maj-or.  FOR    ALDERMEN :  The following- persons are entitled to vote,  that is to sajr :  A113' male or female, being- a British subject,  of the full ag-e of twenty-one 3-ears, and  (a) Who is the assessed owner of lands or of  improvements or the assessed occupier of land  situate within the. mini icipalit3r ; or  (b) Who is a resident of aud carries on business aud is the holder of a trades license in the  municipality, the annual fee for which is not  less than S5.00, aud who has paid on or before  the 1st da}r of November, 1898, the full license  fee therefor ; or  (c) Who is a householder within the municipality. A " householder " is defined as a person  -syho holds and occupies a messuage, dwelling-  or tenement, or aii3r part of a messuag-e, dwelling- or tenement within a municipality, paying-  therefor a rental or rent value of not less than  sixt3r dollars per annum.  Householders must have paid all municipal  rates, taxes and license fees (exclusive of water  rate or water rent) on or before the 1st ckiy of  December, 1898, to entitle them to make the  declaration as mentioned below, aud in order  to be included in tlie voters' list must, on or before the 1st day of December, 1898, enter their  names with the Assessor or Clerk of the municipal it3* as voters, aud make and personalH-  deliver to the Assessor or Clerk at the same,  time a statutory declaration as set out iu section 2, subsection 2, of the "Municipal Elections Amendment Act, 1897."  Forms of said  declaration   may  be  obtained  at the office of G. B. Ta3'lor, Cit\- Clerk.  No Chinese, Japanese or Indians are  entitled  to vote.  B3' order.  -JL.  And LUNCH COUNTER.  Meals at all hours. ,  Open Day and Night.  Private Boxes. launches put up-  Fresh Eastern Oysters Daily.  -/*e  WERNER & PITTOCK, Proprietors,  COPPER  STREET GREENWOOD,  B. C.  FRUIT 4- .PRESERVING 4- COMPASY,  Victoria,    B, G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OP���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and L/emoii Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vinegar.  !f1  I  1:3  M  ������!���$  II  II  Ui  Ji  !,?i  |if  '{"���1!  -o-  We claim without exception to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling   Goods   in  Canada  NOTICE  Ct.  B.  TAYLOR,  Greenwood,  C. M. C.  15th October, 1808.  110  TVTOTICE is hereb3' g-iven that at the first  JLM. sitting-of the Board of License Commissioners for the Cit\- of Greenwood, held after  this date, we shall appl\; for a transfer to Ernest Edwin Weeks of the hotel license held by  us for the Windsor hotel, situate on lots 31 and  32, in block 7, in said Cit\' of Greenwood.  Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this 1st dav of November, 1898.  113 GEORGE E.   SEYMOUR & CO.  NOTICE  IS hereb\' g-iven, that I will apply to the License Commissioners for the cit3' of Greenwood, at their next sitting-, for a license to sell  b\- retail spirituous and fermented liquors on  the premises known as the Ottawa House, situate on lot 3. block B, in the said citA'.  Dated Greenwood, 15th November, 1898.  115-4 A.  BOURK.  ! ,i.-.;- THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ?;���   i  TUNNELS,  MINES  AND  QUARRIES  Straight Line Duplex and Compoun  COMPLETE  jXMES    COOPER    MANUFACTURING   COMPANY/   Limited  m  Branch Office, ROSSLAND, B, C.  f,  JAMES D, SWORD, Manager,  USING   A   LONG-DISTANCE   'PHONE  Using a  long-distance   telephone in  Greenwood is  a  glorious  pastime.    It  brings  contentment  to  the  conversationalist, who in turn blesses the Nelson and/ Vernon   Telephone   compan3^.  This week, at 2:47 in the afternoon, the  writer went   into the   local office of the  Telephone company and requested the.  affable   ag-ent  to  request  Rossland to  request Hon. T. Mayne   Daly   to come  to  the 'phone.    The   agent   attempted  to  do   so.    He   excused   the  delay in  reaching*  Rossland   by   imparting* the  information   that   Spokane  was using*  the line.    After several failures, Rossland \yas   at  last  secured.    One  hour  passed before  the   very  gratifying* information was heralded over the wires  that   Mr.   Daly   could   not   be   found.  The    very   obliging*    Rossland    office  voluntarily offered to   secure a mandamus compelling  Mr. Daly  to  come to  the telephone at  7:30 p. m.    By 9:30 p.  m. the   writer  became convinced that,  with  his  usual  legal   astuteness, Mr.  Daly had run a coach and four through  the mandamus, for his voice remained  silent as far as the   Greenwood end of  the   line   was  concerned.    Mac.   who,  like   every  other   canny    Scotchman,  wanted to  get  something  for himself  and the   company,   engulfed  his   unfortunate  victim   in   an   avalanche of  arguments in favor of  the contention  that Mr. Daly could  be  secured in the  morning.    We  foolishly  allowed  ourselves to  be convinced, and retired for  the  night satisfied   that  the  morrow  would bring the voice if not the person  of Mr. Daly.    At  10:30  next   morning  we reached the office and were told that  the wires were  down.    At  11  a  messenger came in hot haste to tell us that  the   wires   were   up.    The office was  reached   and  Spokane  was  using the  line.    Mac.   said  that  the  line   could  easily be secured during the noon hour,  because  everybody else would then be  at luncheon.    We missed our luncheon  only   to  find that everybody   else   included Mr. Daly.  About 2 30 o'clock, just as thoughts  were beginning to arrive for a leader  on municipal g-overnment, the kid  from the telephone office came rushing  in with the announcement that Mr.  Daly was at the 'phone. His words  drove away the thoughts and an attempt was at once made to lower the  half mile record. We fell into the  Government street cut, tumbled over a  pile of unlaid sidewalks on Copper  street, but succeeded in reaching* the  telephone in time to hear Rossland announce that collection was to be made  at the Greenwood end. This important information was gratefully accepted and we timidly requested Rossland to trot out Mr. Daly. Rossland,  after a few minutes' wait, found that  Mr. Daly had again disappeared, but  promised to hold the wire. Then the  fun   began.    Grand   Forks   asked  for  the wire with   an   arrogance   sufficient  for a town of 500 people.    The strident  voice at Cascade shook the instrument  in Green wood, indignantly ��� '.demanding'  why  the   wire  was  being held.    Spokane threatened to   send   a   U. S. regiment unless the wire was released/and  the timid creature who runs  the Rossland office retreating, leaving  us with  only the pleasant sensation of  having  our ear tickled by alow, rumbling along  the copper wire.   Bossburg, in a gentle  soothing voice, told  us   that  the   wire  was in use elsewhere.    Micawber like,  Ave waited  for  something*  to  turn up,  and   another  hour   passed by   and we  left the office, but not  before we heard  Mac.    assuring    an    indignant   bank  manager that he would not have long  to  wait, as   he   only   wanted Cascade  and Cascade was always prompt.  Preachers of the gospel who are in  doubt regarding the amount of religion  carried about by individual members  of their flocks, should run them up  against a long-distance telephone. If  they come through the ordeal without  compromising themselves, there is an  absolute certainty' that the evil one,;  has no control over them.  THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held on Monday evening  with Mayor Wood in the chair, and  Aldermen Galloway, Paton, Barrett  and Phalen present. Several letters  were received from men injured on the  streets and wanting* pay while unable  to work. The matter was referred to  Aid. Galloway and the city solicitor.  Communications relating to shipments of water pipe were received and  filed. The Boundary Creek Times  suggested the purchase of 500 copies of  the Christmas number and the council  unanimously decided to purchase that  number. The council also decided to  have printed the municipal voters' list  for 1899.  Aid. Barrett thought something  ought to be done to keep Copper street  clear of vehicles, and the chief of police  stated that he had already notified  owners that unused vehicles must be  kept off the street.  After some routine business the  council adjourned.  The Water Pipe.  One carload of water pipe reached  Marcus last week and the other this  week. Several loads have left Marcus  for Greenwood and ought to be here  any day. The freighters have raised  the rate from Marcus from \]A. to 2  cents. The higher rate went into  effect on the 15th. About eigiit loads  of pipe left Marcus before the two-cent  tariff went into effect.  Save Money by purchasing your Ticket direct  from Greenwood to points on the Coast or East.  OOEAN     TO     OOEAN  ,    Without chang-e of Cars, via,  consisting- of palace  dining- cars, elegant  tourist cars  and free  Solid, vestibule trains,  sleeping- cars, luxurious  day coaches, mag-uificeut  colonist sleepers.  ��� The only line running* throug-h tourist  from the coast  I WINNIPEG,  - MINNEAPOLIS  '��� "( ST.   PAUL,  ', '   . ( TORONTO,  < MONTREAL,  ( BOSTON,  /  Lowest rates to |?T]"RApp  Via all Atlantic  and from       LUlll/I Li Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and Cliina  These tAviri-screw steamers are in every respect superior to any ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean." The route is 300 miles  shorter than via any other Trans-Patilic line.  tie      ����������  Canadian-Australian Steamer L,ine  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers caror an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every voyag-e.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  S.L.SMITH, E.  J.   COYLE,  Ag-ent, Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  D. R. McELMON, Local Ag-ent, Greenwood.  m       m  m       m  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  The Best Canadian,  SOLE AGENTS :  R.   P.   RlTHET &  Co.   Ltd.  VICTORIA     B.C.   '  KOTICE is hereby g-iven that sixty days  after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following- described tract  of land, situate in the Osoyoos division of Yale  district : Commencing- at a stake planted about  1,500 feet east of the north-west corner of Chas.  Frank's pre-emption : thence north 40 chains,  thence east 40 chains, thence south 40 chains,  thence west 40 chains to place of commencement, and containinir 160 acres.  Greenwood, B.C.,  - CHARLES FRANK..  October 20th, 1898. 112  \  '���&. l.fi't  GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  M4M  GREENWOOD,  COPPER,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMPS  Lots  are  selling freely  and  are  a  good  investment.  1  -o-  For price of Lots and other information, address  Robt, Wood or G S,  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, f C,  Or  apply  to  the  Agents?  ��� Jt    o  A.  K. STUART, Vancouver. mrtaaamaaemm  A  ���0ls#it *WSH��S*:  In business lies very largely in keeping the goods  your customers want/ and such goods as you can  honestly recommend to them, The goods in season  at the present time and which we have on hand in  large quantities are  Blankets; OEilts, Overcoats^  Clotliing, LEHibermen's  Sox; Men's Winter Suits,  Etoffe   Pants,   H^^^ Underwear,  Astrakan^^ Caps.  ^  n&#  ���iky  Is always to give the purchaser the best value obtainable  for his money/ This week we are making a special drive  on Men's High Grade Suits and Pants.  Reliable  Halifax  Tweeds  at  $7,50, Best Canadian Tweeds  at  $10,50,  Sun/tested Combination Tweeds, square corners, double breasted, $14,00,  Heavy Scotch Cheviot, square corners, double breasted, $18,00,  All Wool Scotch Hopsacking, equal to any Tailor-made,  $20,00,  All Wool West of England, natty patterns, made to fit, $20,00,  Dress Suits of English Vicuna, dull finish, creaseless, fast color, best Italian lining, $20,00,  Bear in mind,���Your money cheerfully refunded if the goods don't suit.  ������m^��


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