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 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1896  V'  M:  '  Qflflittin^ Jfoutmaf  is  iri--  ���J*!-..  ^^^m^msmw^m^^mmm^mmm^mmmwmm^m^m:mm^^g^  E*    111  F"'":c'  i mmMmmmmiiimmmummimimimtMmmmiiMmd  apsssssssr  Is the central town and supply point of the  Boundary Creek mining camps. From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WHITE AND ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  OAMPS  Lots  are  selling* freely  and  are  a  good  investment,  .X-. X  For price of Lots and other information, address  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B.C.  Or  apply  to  the  Agents s  C.  F.  COSTERTON,  Vernon, B.C. A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, I,  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C��� SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1896,  No, 10,  TOPICS   TOR   THE   WEEK.  FROM the remarks of Mr.   N.   McLean,   secretary and  one of the promoters of  the Vancouver, Victoria   &  Eastern Railway   &  Navigation   Company,   before  the Nanaimo City Council   last  week  only one  conclusion  can possibly be drawn, and that is that failing- Government  assistance the company are not in  a  position   to  construct  the proposed  road  between  the  Coast' and  Rossland.    In  other words, Mr. Mcl^ean and his colleagues are  quite prepared to take all the risks of spending money subscribed by  the people, merely expecting to own the road and to  pocket  any profits accruing therefrom  when  built  as  recompense  for their magnanimity   and  enterprise.    No doubt from a  business point of view this arrangement would be eminently  satisfactory���to Mclvean Bros.  &  Co.,   but  whether, when  the Government is appealed to,   the  executive  will  regard  the interests of the disinterested promoters   as  paramount,  remains to be seen.    It has been stated that Mclvean  Bros,  were acting in-the capacity of agents for a wealthy English  sjrndicate, awaiting only the  consent   of   the   Federal   and  Provincial governments before commencing  the  construction of a road over the route referred to.    In  fact,   and  -we  have every reason to believe  our  information   is  reliable,  Mr. N. Mclvean has himself thus intimated.    Esther, then,  the V. VT& JSi. R. & N. Co. have financial backing  or   they  have not.    If they have, why on  earth should  government  assistance be a sine qua non ?    It  is presumed  that  unless  satisfied that the project would pay it would not have  been  contemplated.    There is every reason  to   believe   it  would  pay and pay handsomely.    On the other hand,   if   they are  not responsible parties the sooner   the   fact   is  known   the  be titer.  jjfi  jjte.  There is a strong feeling throughout the Province that  the Government should itself build the road���the " People's  Railway," as someone has called it. It would be just as  easy for the Government to borrow the necessary capital���  estimated to be in the neighborhood of $15,000,000���as it  would for them to guarantee the interest on the bonds to  the promoters of the V. V. & E. R. & N. Co.  tie  0k  tie  0i  tie  There are precedents enough to satisfy anyone that government control of railroads is in the highest degree desirable. In continental Europe, in Australia, in South Africa,  wherever carried on with the judgment and economy that  would be practised by a private corporation, the arrangement has proved not only a source of very considerable  revenue to the government of the country, but infinitely  conducive to the convenience of the public.  tie  0k  tie.  0'z  tie  Admitting that the Turner administration is not popular  ���and if so their sins must be of omission rather than commission���no measure could be more readily calculated to  win the present government a place in the public esteem  than such a one that would ensure direct railroad communication between the Coast and the Interior. The prospects  before the Province,are too promising and the value of land  is increasing too rapidly to make a continuation of the  former policy of the Government, when dealing with railroad companies, either wise or desirable; and in view of  the complications that may arise should Mr. Heinze, by  fulfilling his part of the contract by building the Columbia  & Western, come into possession of the large tracts of land  with which he is to be subsidized, it is almost  to  be  hoped  that his non-success in London to find capital will deter him  from making further effort.  0*>  tte~  0i>  tie"  0k  tie  Unless railroad construction is commenced next year the  whole country west  of  Rossland  will  be  practically   at  a  standstill.    The population of Boundary creek  is  chiefly a  " floating " one, made up  of  prospectors  from  the  States  and elsewhere  who  generally,   at ./the  first  signs  of  cold  weather, return to their homes or  seek  employment in the  cities or mines of Washington or -Montana  during the winter months, returning late the following spring. ����� Bona fide  residents are   distinctly   a   minority,   representing  for   the  most part the business classes.    It is self evident that this  floating population is not sufficient itself  to  promote  business prosperity.   Again, and a consideration of still greater  importance, without either the  means  of  obtaining  transportation facilities, or the  immediate   probability  of. such,  capital will not be invested to any- extent   in   mining  property, however brilliant the prospects ahead.    The few companies who  have   acquired  interests  in  this  district  will  ��� simply do sufficient development  work   on   their  claims to  satisfy themselves and then suspend further  operations till  more favorable times.    While, therefore, it is to the interest  of the people of this district in particular, and to the people  of the Province as a whole, to leave no stone unturned that  will further a scheme   to  provide  railroad  communication  between Rossland and the Coast (passing through Boundary  Creek and other rich  mineral  districts),   every  precaution  should at the same time be taken to provide that the undertaking is in responsible hands.    If Mclvean Bros, and their  associates are  prepared  to  build  the  road  and  have  the  necessary financial support, well and good.    But if they are  simply relying on a bonus of money, land or interest guarantees from the Federal or  Provincial  governments,   then  we prefer to see the Government itself build  the  road  and  own it.  0k  tie  0i  tie  tie  The verdict of "justifiable homicide" on the part of  Keene, brought, in by the coroner's jury at the inquest held  on the 28th ult., is still much discussed and by many  severely criticised. Judging, however, from the affidavits  that have since been published, there is little room to doubt  that if not the principal, the unfortunate man Roderick was  at least implicated in the highway robbery of last August.  But this in no way affects the case of the manner in which  he met his death, and it is highly probable that when the  evidence obtained by the coroner is submitted to the Attorney-General, a further enquiry will be instituted. Killing  a man, even under circumstances as extreme as on the  occasion in question, is a serious matter and not lightly to  be passed over without full and careful enquiry.  0k  tie  ilk  tie  0k  tie  The greatest inconvenience has been occasioned by the  U. S. custom-house officer at Marcus refusing to allow Canadian teamsters to haul freight from that place consigned  to merchants here. To retaliate, the Canadian officer has  prevented Americans from crossing the line with loaded  wagons from Boundary. We are glad to state that this unsatisfactory state of affairs will shortly be placed on a more  sensible basis. The matter has been drawn to the attention  of Mr. Corbin, president of the Spokane & Northern Railroad Co., who has written to the authorities at Ottawa and  Washington with regard to effecting- an arrangement of an  equitable nature.  0k  tie  0k  tie  0k  tie  From all indications, at the next session of the Provincial  Government there will be some interesting debates provoked  by more than one application for charters to build railroads  through this district; and if railroad construction, as a  result of competition, does not commence next spring,  will be a matter of general surprise.  it THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  GREENWOOD AND ANACONDA NOTES.  Mr. Thos. M. Gulley is preparing- to  build on his lots near the hospital.  The carpenters have completed their  work on Mr. Tilman's house" at Anaconda.  Snow fell to the depth of several  inches on Saturday and to all appearance has come to stay.  Mr. A. Fisher, of the Boundary  creek Sawmill Co., was seriously hurt  this week by a log rolling- over his  leg-s. '���  Mr. Renwick this week purchased  two lots west of Butler's fruit store in  Greenwood* arid has a cottag-e in course  of erection.  Service will be held on Sunday evening-  in  the  new  school-house,  Green  wood, instead  of  hall as hitherto.  in  Rendell  &   Co.'s  Mr. A. H. Eawder returned  to  Anaconda on Wednesday's stage and   it  is  understood will ag-ain enter  into  busi-  ,ness at that point.  Arrangements are now being made  for a daily stage between Grand Forks  and Anaconda,���possibly between the  Forks and Midway.  A meeting was held at Anaconda on  Wednesday evening1, when preliminary-  steps were taken towards the formation of a Glee Club.  Commencing- last Monday,, school  was held in the new school-house, instead of in the hall oyer Rendell &  Co.'s store as formerly.  The new hotel building- in Greenwood camp is rapidly nearing completion, and will be opened for business in about three weeks time.  Mr. A.. C. Sutton, of Greenwood, has  been admitted to the ever-increasing  roll of those entitled to sign themselves  Notaries Public, for this district.  J. K. Johnson, of the Grand Forks  Miner, was in Greenwood this week on  county court business. The Miner is  regularly grinding out an interesting-  grist of mining- information worthy a  more pretentious sheet.  Mr. G. A. Rendell left on Sunday on  a trip to Penticton and Vernon. His  business is chiefly to hunt up a furnace  intended for the Greenwood hospital,  but which has mysteriously vanished  en route, all efforts having hitherto  failed to locate its whereabouts...  The greatest inconvenience has been  caused bjr the difficulty and; delay in  procuring wall-paper and other interior  house furnishings by families in this  district, orders having been sent out to  Spokane and even to Toronto. Here is  an opening for some enterprising- business man.  Mr. J. J. Gaulfield, of Virden, Man.,  who has been staying in Greenwood  for.the past week, on Thursday completed arrang-ements with Mr. Frank  Wood to purchase the latter's interest  in the Pioneer hotel. The business  will henceforward be conducted under  the style of Nelson & Co. Mr, Caul-  field has had considerable experience  as, a hotel proprietor in the North-west.  He is firmly convinced that Boundary  Creek is on the eve of a great prosperity and is prepared to back up his convictions by investing- money in Greenwood. Mr. Wood will continue to be a  resident of Greenwood and has some  idea of engaging- in the business of a  brewer.  B  Mp*  '��� DEALERS   IN   |^     Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and Doors.  *���'���'"��� "n ��� ."    Ofc       vlte.   '   Ofe.   ������  f  ���^jfi     ^i     ��ft.:  tie"      tie" i   tjp  K?^6  31��  Agents for Gliatham Wagons and Sleiglis,--Best in America,  One  of the  best (Jobbing Shops  in  the  Interior.  NI4  Hardware '       Granite ware    tinware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware  Parlor'and Box Stoves  Miners' Camp Stoves"  Silverware  Glassware  Window Glass  W  ^  <r<\  Iron Pipe and Fittings  /,   Cutlery  Crockeryware and;House Furnishings  MINERS, SUPPOES A SPECMLTY.  You will find the A. & I/, brand of goods the best. =  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ���''���';.. ANACONDA.  I. J.HSli I CO,  KBancramnm  PIONEER MOTEL  Greenwood tCityv Boundary Greek, B.C.  tie"   .. ..���:���  ti<e"  ���sjV"  We are prepared to welcome Guests arid provide g-ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining-Men.        Best of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  L,ivery Stabile in connection.���������  t'e" '4?  t'e  NELSON & CO,  Proprietors,  ��OM  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.    Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & LUNDY, Proprietors.  ANACOND  HOTEL.  anaconda, b,c.  N.   THOL.I-  PROPRIETOR.  In every respect a Comfortable and Well-appointed House.   Livery Stable in connection.  THE BOUNDARY FALLS HOTEL  BOUNDARY    FAL,IyS,    B.C.  vJ.     a.     WHITE  .    - PROPRIETOR.  Centrally Located.    Stopping- place for Stag-e Lines.    No trouble or expense spared  to make Guests comfortable.  Strictl3r First-class and Charg-es Moderate.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. Good Stabling.  ''  r  Tt~T wl*K?rr^"M'~HTmi"^-J,Ti^^  '"'"^ "'"r ��� ,['' ',rf  m  I  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  WIVES FOR WESTERN MINERS.  Chicago Saturday Blade : " The new-  mining- camps on Trail and Boundary  creeks in British Columbia are soon to  receive a delegation of young- women  from Canada, and each one will, it is  - expected, become a married woman almost as soon as she becomes a resident  of the camp. The miners have beg-un  cleaning- up around their cabins, and  several have g"one so, f ar as to send to  this city for white'shirts. During- the  past two years the camps have grown  at a remarkable rate. The miners are  nearly all big handsome fellows, mak-  " irig- good money, and they long- for all  the comforts of home.  A short time ag-o the unm.arriedm.en  held a meeting-and after a long- debate  decided thait the proper thing- to do, was  to send  away  for  wives.    About  this  time J. G. Devlin started  for  Toronto  to sell some mining-  property,   and  he  was made the emissary of the love-lorn  miners.    Mr. Devlin was provided with  ^credentials showing- he was  fully  empowered to act  for the miners   in   the  matter of wife selecting-, and he further'  carried documents  sig-ned  by  the  officials of each   camp  stating-  the men  wanting-wives were~ all  they   claimed  to be.    Now conies the news  that  Mr.  Devlin has succeeded in finding- a number of young-women   who   are   willing  to   share   the   miners'   lives-���and   fortunes���and that they will start at once.  All their  expenses  will  be  paid  by  the general committee of the bachelors  and each woman  will  be   allowed   to  select the man  she  wants   for   a, husband.    In   case   two   or-more  of   the  women decide on the  same   man, they  will be required to draw lots   for  him.  The.weddings will be performed on the  same day in a large   hall   now   being  erected for the purpose."  If the foregoing is true the services  of the entire provincial police force  will be required on Boundary creek, ���  not to mention stipendiary magistrates.  At the next session of the Provincial  legislature two charters associated  with matters of importance to this districtwill be a.pplied for���: One, to construct a telegraph line between Greenwood and a point on the international  boundary, to connect with Spokane ;  the other to instal a system of electric  lighting and water-works for the town.  Directly a charter is granted for the  first, construction will be   commenced.  It is authoritatively announced that  providing the application for a charter,  which has already been made to the  Provincial government, be granted,  Mr. Corbin will build a railroad from  Marcus into Boundary next spring.  NOTICE.  In the Matter of Gus. Hamlin, Deceased.  TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up to noon on the 15th da3' of November, 1896, for the purchase of the following-  mineral claims, situate near Grand Forks, in  Kettle River Mining- Division of the District of  Yale, viz.: " The Possum," " Grandmama's  Bustle," "Little Belle Lump," and "The  Coon."  C A. R. LAMBLY,  Gold Commissioner.  For Occupation or Speculation.  BUILDING AND LOT for sale on main  business street in Greenwood City. Size  of building-, 24x55 ft. Arrangements ma3r be  made to exchang-e other lots or erect a smaller  building" suitable for our business, in pa3rment.  For particulars enquire at  The Boundary Creek Times,  Greenwood Cit3^, B.C.  ARMSTRONG,    B.C.  &V*    *V4    '��&���  tie"     tve~,    t*e~  Patronize home industry and the only .co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our  s  -^E3E  OF FLOUR  '   ��� Js.   ��� Jy    '���**:,.  STRONG   BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  Our Mill  is  fitted  throughout with  the latest improved machinery  and  is  in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller.  Ask  for  our  Flour  and  keep  the   money  in  the  district.,  8f��<��^��a����4��MH  The Olcanaaan Flour Mills Go, Ltd  Armstrong, B.C.  $��*$��� 4* *&> 4* 4* *&* *$���4"$*'k ���4" **i���''4,4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* j?  ���jw  *" TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE ;  TUSSINE  TUSSINE  # TUSSINE  TUSSINE  & TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE  TUSSINE"  #������  ��  i  t  i  A  5  A  ���  r  e  a  u  V  0  A  ?  O  A  .  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MILLS     AND     YARDS   .AT  Greenwood City    ��%    Anaconda* B;G  Manufacturers of Roug-h  and  Dressed  ��  Shingles* Lathi Mouldings, Sash and Doors.  &��*    *V4    *V*  tie"      tie      tie  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  it'^C  sssss^sssa^^  ueuHn*!!1 " ��* THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  PUBLISHERS'   NOTICE.  The Boundary Creek Times is published  ever\r Saturday morning in time for the  out-going mails, and will be sent to aii3T address in Canada or the States, post free, for  $2.00 per year, in advance. If sent to the  Old Country, 50c. must be added for postage  Advertising Rates are as follows : One inch  S2.00 per month ; two inches, ^.25 ; three  inches, $3.00 ; six inches, S5.00 per month.  Larger space at a proportionate rate. Legal  notices, 10c. and 5c: per line. Licenses, laud  and mineral notices, $5.00. No advertisement inserted for less than $1.00, and no  "'quack " or patent remedy ads. accepted at  aii3T price.  Job Printing at reasonable rates. Accounts  for job printing and advertising pajTable  on the 1st of ever3r mouth.  Letters to the Editor will only be printed  over the name of the writer.  Address all communications to  The Boundary Creek Times,  Greenwood City, B.C.  tf&ouYib&xp ��reeft Ctmes  HAROLD M.  LAMB  W.    J.    HARBER ���������  ������������������   EDITOR   MANAGER  Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1.896.  EDITORIAL, NOTEiS.  It is sincerely to be hoped the rumor  that a bill is to  be  introduced   at  the  next session of the  provincial  legislature to  prevent  aliens  from locating-  mineral claims in the Province has   no  foundation in point of fact.    If it has,  even if such a measure failed���as, providing- the Government  represent  the  popular view, it assuredly will���-to  become law, it would have to be regretted  that by the discussion upon the   advisability of the  proposal   an  insult  had  been offered to, a class of men to whom  the country already owes a  very  deep  dept of gratitude.    The alien  prospector from the  United  States  richly deserves every encourag-ement  that can  be offered him ; not only as   compensation for the hardships he  has  endured  in the past while preparing the way as  the pioneer of the mining-  industry   in  this province, but on purely economical  grounds an   unfriendly   policy   at1 the  present time would be obviously a mistake.  Although it is possible that in the  recent contest in the United States the  Republicans have given us another  example of the futility of the struggle  between "might" and "right," it is  generally conceded that the defeat of  Mr. Bryan and with him, for the time  being, the cause of bi-mettalisni, is in  every way a matter for thankfulness,  particularly in the mining districts of  British Columbia. Had the nominee  of the Chicago Democratic Convention  been elected to the presidency, it is  certain at an}r rate that Botindary  creek would have experienced-a serious  "set-back."  A valuable, if theoretical, article appeared in the Rossland Mining Review  of the 4th inst., under the caption  " Concerning Iron Caps." We regret  exceedingly that the exigencies of  space forbid its reproduction here in  extenso. The writer begins by pointing out that "there are three main surface indications on which claims are  staked." The first where massive sulphide ore outcrops'without many traces  on the meaning of the  word  iron  altogether.  of oxidisation ; the second,  where  oxidisation has reduced the ore to iron and  copper oxide ; the third, where the rock  is stained with iron but is  not  decomposed. ���.   " Now,   it   is��� frequently   said  with regard to  the   two   former   that  when you get^through the oxidised surface and into  the  solid  sulphide  you  are through the cap rock and into  the  ore.    But there is absolutely no  difference     between    the  oxidised   surface  and   the   solid ore,   except   what has  been brought about  by  the  action r of  air and water.    If you have your  solid  ore exposed on the dump long  enough  you can make all the oxidised ore  you  want.    The point is that if one of these  is an iron cap, the other is   equally   an,  iron cap.    If the one is not capping but  ore, neither is the  other.    As  regards  the third, it must be  frankly  said,   at  the'risk of disillusioning  many  excellent people that'it is  not   iron-capping-  at all.    It is country   rock   cap.    It  is,  at the same time, indicative of a  seam  of iron ore somewhere in the  vicinity. (.  Thus iron-caps would appear to be more  or less eliminated altogether if there is  no distinction  between solid  ore   and  oxidised surface ore, and if iron stained rock is .country rock  capping.    The  facts, however, go   some   distance   towards putting a different  construction  cap  It   looks   as    though   the  massive sulphide 'of iron and copper in  which most  of  the  mining has   been,,  done, and of which  most  of our ship-'  merits have been composed, were itself  a capping���a veritable iron cap.    It  is '  being   proved   by   development    that '  these bodies of massive sulphide do not  go down,   but   that   the   ore   changes  tinder them and becomes more silicious  in character. It is a mere accident that  some of this iron and  copper  sulphide  will pay to ship, while   some  will   not.  The real mining has  not begun  until  the iron cap,has been pierced  and the  value of the  silicious  ore   underneath  tested."    In support of his theory the  writer instances the result of developmenton the lye Roi in Rossland, the  Jumbo in Trail, the Black Hawk on  Champion creek, and the Winnipeg in  Boundary.  JP?ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (|ptotnncidf ILanb ����uxw$ox  AND  CIVIL  ENGINEER,  ��� (Ttofaru (putitic ��� midway,   b.c.  T    P. McLEOD,  Barrister and Solicitor.  Anaconda, B. C.  JH.   HALLETT,  ��  httistet, Jioficifor,  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  G.  A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.  GUESS,   M.A.  Assayers & Chemists,  Thoroug-hl}- familiar with Boundary Creek  and Okanag-an mining- districts. Properties  examined, assaj-s and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B.C.  Midway, B.C.  LLER  BROS.,  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing- a Specialt}-  *  4  9  &  I  i  m  i  I  A  T  a -  A  a  s  A  t  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  MOULDING MILLS,  Sash and Door Facto ry' at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanag-an Lake.  "    ���?&���  ��� tie  Owning- extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Fac-  tor3r work reasonably, expeditiously-  and of as g-ood material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from Boundary Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  ''"���    ���#��� '������  ��� ,[tee  | Smith & McLeod, Vernon. "J  Mining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY   CREEK  GrRKENWGOD CITY, B.C.1  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thorough acquaintance with the Boundary  Creek and Kettle River mining-districts.  WW.   GIBBS,  4 ASSAVER '*'  ANACONDA    -   -   -B.C.  British Columbia  Investigations  a  Specialty.  Mining Engineer,  Greenwood City, B.C.  Spokane, Wash  Mining- Properties Examined and Reported on.  '    Mining- Negotiations Transacted.  Correspondence Solicited.  ILLS GO.  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  -A  Trademark   'SK?'"*^'      Red St;  AR.  Makers of Flour pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc '}��r'm.if~l'^k^: '':y^'r' tffl  <�����,.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ->���  ROAD TO THE NO.  7.  A meeting of the business  men  and  others interested was held in  Anaconda during the early part of the week to  arrange for the construction of a  road  from that town to the No. 7"mine.    As  a result some ten   men   are   now   employed clearing and grading   a   trail.  The new road will run nearly directly  south from Anaconda,   and   it  is  estimated that it  will  be   at   least   three  miles shorter than the Boundary Falls  route to "White's camp.    It will further  connect with the Reservation road, and  with the trail to   Carson ;  both  routes  to the Prairie having   the   advantage  in distance oyer the main  trunk  road.  For the meantime  the  new  road,. will  be only made from  four  to   five   feet  wide, but in the spring- it will probably  be converted into a wagon-road.    The  grade is very easy for  the  entire  distance,   the   only   difficulty   that   was  anticipated���-to find a good crossing at  the creek���has been surmounted.    The  road  will  be completed in  about  ten  days time.  COUNTY COURT AT OSOYOOS.  u    Before His Honor Judge  Spinks  on  ^the 7th inst.  Fllis vs. Green.���Judgment for  defendant on claim, and for plaintiff  on counter-claim.  Sproule vs. Johnson.���Judgment  for defendant.  Regina vs. FeaTherstone.���Thos.  Featherstone, proprietor of the Oso-  yoos Hotel, committed for trial by R.  Causton, J.P. on the charge of assaulting an officer in the discharge of his  duty, pleaded guilty to common assault  but elected to be,tried by jury on the  more serious charge. Featherstone assisted by a man named Jack iDvans  attempted to make his escape by jumping on the back of a horse, but was  prevented by David I^eggatt and Constable Hawtrey, not however without  a struggle. The accused was committed to the gaol at Kamloops, and will  be tried at the spring assizes.  Our   Future.  Mr. A. Drucker, who spent some time  in  Greenwood  and  district  the  early  part of last month, has been interviewed  by  a  London   (Brig-.)  reporter.    A  cablegram says :. ���" Adolphus Drucker,  Conservative   M.P.   for Northampton,  has just returned from a trip to British  Columbia.    He says there is a tremendous future for the country and that it  is everywhere going  ahead  except  in  Victoria.    American capital had  been  developing the  country,   but  Englishmen were now spoiling it  by the ridiculous prices they were asking for every  mining claim.     Americans  were  met  in the most hospitable manner and  he  found no anti-IDnglish   element  while  travelling in the province.    Of the undeveloped mining districts he considered that immediately adjacent to Boundary creek offered the greatest inducement for the investment of capital."  A Promising Group in Deadwood Camp.  10. A. Bielenberg brought down this  week some very fair looking rock from  his group of claims in Deadwood���the  Anaconda, the Kootenay and the Columbia; The Anaconda is particularly  a promising property. The ledge,  which can be traced for the  entire dis-  J. Kerr.  R. D. Kerr.  BUTCMERS  GREENWOOD. GRANDTORKS. & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and. all Mining Camps.  tance across the claim, is in the neighborhood of 120 feet wide, judging from  the   showings   in  the  open  cuts  and  prospect holes���15   in   number.      The  ledge  has  been  stripped  for  90  feet.  The ore is copper pyrites, red  oxide of  copper   arid   oxide  of  iron,   assaying-,  after a thorough sampling of the dump,  : $10.52 for all values : $1.75 gold,  $1.52  silver, and 3.5 per cent,  copper.    The  Kootenay adjoins the Anaconda on the  west   and   has   a three-foot   ledge  of  pyritic iron.    Assays have  only   been  made   for  gold,   the returns  running  from $2.06 to $37.50.    At the  discovery  post of the  Columbia  a  capping  was  exposed for six feet by the overturning  of a tree.    Here a ledge four  feet wide  was found.   Only one assay was made,  giving   $10.55   in   gold   from  surface  rock.    The ground has been opened in  five places, at intervals oyer a distance  of 1,000 feet, in each case showing   up  ore. ���  Dutch Jake wishes to state that his  account (which appeared in last week's  Times) of the absence of indications of  mineral up Kettle river, only applied  to the locality in the vicinity of Morgan's camp.  Six men are now working oh the R.  Bell, in Summit camp, under Foreman  I^ag, formerly of Salt I^ake City. A  working shaft is being sunk away from  the ore body and it willbe at least two  months ere ore is struck.  A Good Billhead  Helps Business a  i The merchant who uses "cheap and  nast3r " printing-does his trade serious  injury. It is dear at a gift. A neatly  printed,stylish-looking letterhead or  invoice suggests good methods, helps  collections, and imparts an air of  prpsperit3r. The Times Job Department is equipped with tlie latest and  newest t5rpe faces, carries good paper  and guarantees satisfaction. We  would like to fill 3rour next order.  Carson Lodge,  No. 37,  I.O.O.F.  EETS every Saturday  Evening at 8 o'clock  in their hall at Carson, B.C. A cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren. -  P. B. NELSON, R.S.  E. Spraggett, N.G.  NOTICE.  The Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River  Mining Divisions of Yale District.  TVTOTICE is hereby given that all Placer  X 3L Claims legale held in the Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River Mining Divisions of Yale  District are laid over from the 1st November,  1896, to the 1st June, 1897.  (Signed)       C. A. R. LAMBLY,  Gold Commissioner.  Osooyos, B.C., Nov. 1st, 1896.  HENRY NICHOLSON,,  (Jtotarg (puBftc, QXlmn$ (gtgenf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office.���Camp McKinney.  N.B.���Some   valuable ��� Mining    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  Certificate of the  Registration of a  Foreign  Company.  "Companies Act," Part IV, and Amending  Acts.  Combination Mining and Milling Company,"  (Foreign).  [Registered the 30th day of October, 1896.]  T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  J- registered the "Combination Mining and  Milling Company " (Foreign), under the "Companies Act," Part IV, " Registration of Foreign  Companies," and amending Acts.  The head office of the said Company is situated at the City of Spokane, in the State of  Washington, U.S.A.  The objects for which the Company is established are : To buy, sell, lease, or otherwise  acquire mineralclaims, mines, and mining property ; to explore, develop, mine, improve, and  operate the same; to sell, mortgage, lease,  bond, or otherwise dispose^bf the same; to do  any and all things whatsoever which the said  corporation may deem necessary for the development and operation of any and all mineral  claims or mining property which the said corporation may hereafter acquire, own or eontrol;  to construct, maintain and operate trails, roads  or lines of transportation, whether by laud or  water ; to build flumes or ditches, or to acquire  water power and water rights, and to lease or  sell the same ; to erect mills, smelting or reduction works, for private or public use; in  fact, to carry on a general mining, reduction  and smelting business in all its various departments, in any of the States and Territories of  the United States, also in the Province of British Columbia.  The capital stock of the said CompaiiA- is six  hundred thousand dollars, divided into six  hundred thousand shares of the par value of  one dollar each.  Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  31st day of October, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six.  [L.S.]       S. Y. WOOTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Robert Buckley*  -0^4*^9-  Harness, Saddles,  Boots  and  Shoes  Repaired  with neatness and dispatch.  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  A.   D.   WORGAN;  GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and the Mines for Sale. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  AN   OBSERVANT  VISITOR.  The Hon. T. M. Daly, formerly Minister of the Interior under the Macken-  zie-Bowell administration, was a visitor in Boundary this week, arriving- via  Penticton   on   Sunday's   stag-e.      Mr.  Daly resides   at  Brandon,   Man.,   and  says   that  in  his  province  Boundary  Creek, as a mineral producing- district,  has already gained much credit. Speaking- of the probable construction of the  Crow's Nest Pass  road,   he  remarked  that unquestionably tlie Federal  government intended to take   action   and  that next year preliminary work would  be started.    " There is no  doubt," he  continued, "but that the  line   will be  extended throug-h to the  coast."    Mr.  Daly pointed out that, according- to the  Toronto Globe which should voice Mr;  Ivaurier's  views,   it was  the  government's intention to build the road with  the ulterior object of leasing-  it���possibly to the C.P.R., who would be in a  better position to operate the line than  any other company.  Mr. Daly expressed himself as being-  much pleased with his visit to Boundary. "The Greenwood hospital," he  said, "is an immensely creditable  building-. To enter one of the rooms'  ���and, omitting- to view the surroundings through the window���it would not  be difficult to imagine one's self in a .  city of several thousand inhabitants.  Few cities can, in fact, boast of so im-  posing-a building-devoted to the purposes of a hospital."  Before leaving-, Mr. Daly visited  Greenwood camp and several of the  more important: properties,'���: and will  doubtless return,to Manitoba well satisfied with the fair prospects ahead of  Boundary Creek.  COUNTY COURT AT MIDWAY.  County Court was held at Midway on  Monday the 9th inst., His Honor Judge  Spinks presiding-.'. The following- cases  were heard :  HarTvs. Hardy;���Plaintiff sued for  payment of a sum of money due him  for building- defendant's hotel at Anaconda, but failing- to appear was nonsuited. Defendant thereupon entered  counter claim. His Honor decided  that this was a proper matter to be referred to a referee, and appointed Mr.  C.'-W. H. Sansom to take evidence and  report his finding-. Mr. I. H. Hallett  appeared for the defendant.  Cook vs. McCormick,���Mr. H. S..  Cayley, of Vernon,, appearing- for defendant. In this case plaintiff sued to  recover the price of an undivided one-  half interest in the I^ast Chance mineral claim, in Skylark camp, which he  sold to defendant in 1895. Defendant  deposed that according to the agreement, which was verbal, between  plaintiff and himself he was to receive  an undivided one-half interest in two  other mineral claims in addition to a  half interest in the I^ast Chance claim.  An order was granted to Mr. Cayley,  defendant's solicitor, for all costs.  RUSSELL vs. Jones.���Case dismissed.  Anderson vs. Jones.���Case dismissed.  Bruce vs. Patterson, Steward et  al.���Jarrett vs. Steward, Patterson ET Al,.���Mr. Hallett for plaintiff,  Mr. Black for defendants.    Both cases  adjourned at request of defendants to  next sitting- of the Court, defendants  to pay the costs of the day.  C. Burns appealed against the conviction by W. H. Norris, J.Pi Mr. J.  P. Mcl^eod for appellant. After some  argument the case was adjourned to  the next sitting- of the court. ���.,.',.���  Queen vs. Rogers.���The accused  pleaded guilty to stealing- a gold watch  from the person of a prospector named  Thomas in the month of March last,  and was sentenced to three months  imprisonment with hard labor, His  Honor taking- into consideration the  fact that the prisoner had already been  three months in jail. Mr. Hallett for  prosecution, Mr. Black for defence.  kNE Small Heating- Stove ;  one Rochester  Sacks  Wheat  (for  V^/     Radiator,  new;   two  chicken feed)..-"Cash or trade.    Enquire at  Boundary Creek Times Office.  V ERNO  i  VERNON,   B.C.  John Haverty & Co., Proprietors.  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Wallace lost both his horses  while working on the Carmi last week  and was obliged to walk back into  camp���a distance of some sixty miles.  He will do assessment work on the Old  Guard'and Mount Pleasant in White's  camp this week. !v  Some  very  promising:  claims  have  been located this Fall   in  the   vicinity  of Rock creek, notably  the  Excelsior,  carrying copper   and   iron   sulphurets,  the .Orb  Eino,   the   Oro   Grande,    the  , Apache Chief, and   the   Hecla,   staked  by Messrs. Douglas, Atwood and JVake.  These claims are situated immediately  east of   Rock   creek  on   the   mountain  across the river. No work has yet been .:  done on the properties but   the   assays  made   from, blossom  rock  are    good,  running- IS oz. in   silver,   10   per   cent,  copper-, with a little gold.    The   entire  mountain,-according  to  Mr.   Douglas,  outcrops   with   mineral-bearing   rock.  All   the   claims   have   capital   tunnel  sites. , Mr. Douglas   and  his  partners  were also, the discoverers of the- Crown  Point camp, where, some  twenty  locations have been made this  year.    The  camp was named after the first location  and is situated some.seven miles above  Rock creek, one mile from  the  wagon  road.    The Crown Point itself has   all  the   indications   of   becoming  a  truly  wonderful mine.    The pre assays from  50 to 700 oz. rn silver, $4 to $6  in  gold,  and a larg-e percentage  in  lead.    The  ledge,   which   has   been   crosscut    in  several places, appears to  be  from  25  to 60 feet in w<,idth.    The Crown   Point  at present is the most promising of the  claims in the camp, but several  others  are decidedly   above   the   average   as  prospects go.    Mr. Douglas thinks that  a small smelter could be operated  now  very profitably on James creek.,  Crown Grants.���When applying for  ,crown grants, request that the   advertising-   thereof   be  published  in   The  Boundary Creek Times���the  mining  paper of the district.  "*���lift I f^-*���*������"�����������"-��'���IT"-��� "��I-TT1��*��  MINERAIv   ACT  Certificate  of Improvements,  " Last Chance" and " Non Such" Mineral Claims  Situate in the Kettle River Mining- Division of  Yale District and located in. Smith's camp.  TAKE NOTICE that The Republic Gold  Mining- Compaivv, free miner's certificate  No. 81,152, intend, sixty da3^s from the date  hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for  certificates of improvements for the purpose of  obtaining- a Crown grant of the above claims.  And further take notice, that adverse claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such  certificates of improvements.  Dated this 21st day of October, 1896.  �� There are times when patience ceases to be  a virtue^ but we would respectfully ask our  patrons to have patience a little while longer.  The contraction of the currency evidently  forced our Pack Mules  on   a  strike,     The  money question being settled, prosperity  will  follow all those  who take advantage of the Low Prices of  CLOTHING    and    GROCERIES   at  ��� rvTrni-n-iHTT-i���_ ���r~nrmp���T--rT-piTirrf-"irnriTffn~inrinfrrrTTirirTriiTiiirTTpni' rinii'iui.iiin'iHiii'.'niii iimhwwh'u jh_biihiu".imjr m  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C,  G.   n.   Snvn^  .Specially adapted for Commercial Mien.    ��� :������    Stages to all parts pass the door.  ( ��� '"��� * FlRStC-CIvASS  IN EVERY  RESPECT. s     -  '0e." ��� 0s.:    ��*!c    " ���.'������'���      ��� '  t'e~ .   tfie"     tfc  Rates from. $1,50 to $2,50 per day,  vt^M^vvvjv^tm/s^y^i^TrrBaMmvmiumuwmj  iffuwi'iiiw i Hiimi tnmaimmmwvmu :��� m-mmmMim im  PIONEER  Livery and Feed  Greenwood City, B.C.  iV��-     iY��-     iVA  tie   5ji?   tit*  Saddle Horses S1.50 per da3r.  Teaming- at the Shortest Notice.  AVcKEE   &   CURRY,   Proprietors.  iMLKaxiwvjnnrPi wai jKw;����Mag'jr w��jj��r.umiu mw iwwieire\igv��ra��nCT--*r*j  &  SANSO/H   &   fiOLBROOK..  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  ......      0 . .  OFFICE     AT     GREENWOOD     CITY.  ��  ffl  25, V 29, YATES STREET,  IGTORIA,   B.G.  Wholesale Dry Goods.  Gents' Purnishings Manu  facturers.  Best assorted Stock in the Province.  c**i*lf'fw"TTI���"���**^iniMllfilttmuB^LhlwUM*!MII>illl:B*a-'ttw'11' sswrarngfnwiiumuxiXMm tmi mwm  MARCUS   ^   GREENWOOD  STAGE     LINE.  Leaves  Marcus..   Mondaj-s  and  Thursda3'S  at 1  p.m.  Arrives  Greenwood   Tuesda3rs and  Frida3^s at 5 p.m.  Leaves   Greenwood.' Wednesday  and  Saturday  at 7  a.m.  Arrives  Marcus  '. Thursday  and  Sunday at 9  a.m.  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,  Freight   and   Express. <  E-   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR. :'% ���:���!���&  THE   BGUNDARy   CREEK   TIMES,  MINING NOTES.  J. G, Green has built a cabin on the  Mavis in Skylark camp and is employing- a man to develop the claim.  The assessment work on the Wake,  Summit camp, was finished this week  by Dan Steward and Collins.  C. W. Brown, manager of the Cool-  g-ardie Mining- Company, will commence development work next Monday  A crosscut is being- run at the 130  foot level from the shaft on the No. 7  to connect with the second and larg-er  ledg-e. .'���'���'���  Charlie   Rendell  has   re-opened  the  trail  from  Greenwood   to  Pass  creek :  and has continued it tw.o rniles further  into Summit camp.  Only two men are at present being-  employed on the City of Paris, but it  is expected .that shortly two or three  shifts will be put to work.  Mr. Gibbs' experimental trial of the  "Prospector's Handy Smelter " has  not proved successful^ and it appears  that the plant is unworkable.  " The Boundary Creek M. & M. Co.  are employing four men on their properties. Twenty-five miners : have applied for work, asking- to be paid in the  company's stock.  Work has been temporarily suspended on the tunnel on the Stem winder,  which was being- run to connect with  the workings in shaft No. 2. The men  have been transferred to the crosscut  at the new shaft and two shifts are  now working-.     '  George Rumberg-er has been corresponding- for some time past with the  head office of the Miners' Union at  Denver, Colorado. He has been promised that, providing- the miners of  Boundary creek desire to form a local  branch of the union, an org-aniser will  be sent to arrang-e the matter.  Ed. McMj^rm, who is doing- the'assessment work on the Suniiysid.es, in  Providence camp, has struck some very  fine ore resembling- closely: that found  on the Snowshoe. This ore is found in  pockets at the present time, but there  are strong- grounds for believing- that  a strong- ledg-e will be Uncovered when  the shaft is down another few feet.  After this year's assessment had  been done on the Bank of IDng-land,  Greenwood camp, the fact that a parallel ledg-e to the discovery lead ran  throug-h the claim was satisfactorily  proved, and some very rich copper ore  was taken therefrom. The lead, which  is thought to be a continuation of the  Rawhide, is estimated to be 60 feet  wide.  Charlie Harring-ton, Jim Johnson  and Jack Collister intend to spend the  winter developing- their claims in  Deadwood camp. Collister recently  arrived in Boundary from the Black  Hills, the great mining- camp of South  Dacota, and says that in that country  Boundary creek is very nearly as well  known and as much talked of as it is  in Butte or Spokane.  Mr. Conway, of Seattle, arrived in  Greenwood Monday, his mission being-  to procure formal proof of the death of  Roderick at McKinney, in the interest  of Mrs. Roderick and of the order of  United Workmen and Maccabees.  Mr. Walter C. Adams is in Midway  and will probably remain in Boundary  for the winter months.  Mr. A. K. Stuart returned to Midway  from Montreal this week.  A QUESTION FOR NATURALISTS.  The entire absence of fish   in   Boundary creek and in the lakes at the head  of the several smaller creeks tributary  thereto,  is  a matter frequently  commented upon but has never been satisfactorily   explained.      The   generally  accepted theory is, the waterfall immediately below Boundary Falls prevents  the fish running- up stream from Kettle  river.    This suggestion  seems reasonable but for the fact that the species of  fish usually so plentiful in British Columbia ',. mountain    streams���-speckled  and brook trout���are not  migratory in  their nature and would  not  ascend or  descend the creek in any case.   To this  it may be replied that  the  " first, parents "of brook trout  even   have  been  unable to overcome the   aforesaid  obstacle   and  start   a  pioneer  hatchery.  On the other hand, as every prospector  and hunter knows, there are scores  of  small lakes with no  outlet,   absolutely  land-locked, where fish are more  than  .plentiful; one, for  instance,   between  Camp McKinney and Old Baldy which  has a more than local reputation among  those   who  are  piscatorially   inclined.  The presence, of mineral in the waters  of Boundary district is   another  seemingly plausible explanation, when it is  added that human beings���newcomers  in the district���-almost invariably suffer  a mild attack of diarrhoea  when   first  drinking water from Boundary  creek.  But the creeks running east,   into  the  North   Fork,   and  draining  the same  mineral formation, are full of fish and  trout form one of the  stapie articles of  provender   with   the   miners   of   Pass  creek and district.   Iyong lake,  one  of  the sources of Boundary creek, is a considerable body of  water,   a  mile  wide  by 1)4 to 2 miles long  and  very  deep,  with an abundance of insect and vegetable   growth   along   its   margin,   and  would naturally be thought to  swarm  with finny inhabitants ;   but   the   fact  remains that not a fish has  ever  been  taken from the lake.  Mr. Forbes M. Kerby, C.B.,  way, has been commissioned a  Public for Yale District.  of  Mid-  Notary  A grand dance will be  given  at  the  Boundary hotel, Midway, on the 26th  inst. (Thanksgiving Day), to celebrate  the formal opening of. the new addition  to that comfortable hostelry.  CORRESPONDENCE.  [We are in no wa3' responsible for  the opinions  of our correspondents.]  MR.   KERR   REPLIES.  Greenwood, B.C., Nov. 10th, 189G.  To the Editor, Boundary Ckeek Times :  Sik,���Re the letter of J. W. Nelson in 3-our  issue of the 7th : I beg-to state that C. Burns  was charg-ed before Mr. Norris on Monda3r, and  althoug-h he pleaded g"uilt3' Mr. Norris did not  pass sentece tillhe consulted with me on the  following- da3". I mig-ht-sa3' here that in future  if 3-0U have amr correspondents who want to  criticise the actions of the magistrates (at least  I speak for 1113'self), the3' would oblig-e 03- being-  correct in their statements, which would save  the necessit\' of a repl3*.���Yours faithfullv,  JAMES KERR,  J.P.  W.   JAKES,    M.D.,  CM.,  BY APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office       :       :       Greenwood. B.C.  Dissolution of Partnership.  TVTOTICE is hereb}' g-iven, that the partner-  X\L ship heretofore existing- between Frank  Wood and J. W. Nelson, carding- on business  as hotel-keepers at the Pioneer hotel, Greenwood, B.C., has this dav been dissolved b\* mutual consent ; J. J. Caulfield, of Virden, Man.,  takes over the interest of Frank Wood. All  accounts due the late firm ma3r be paid either  to Frank Wood or J. W. Nelson, both of whom  will be responsible for the late firm's debts up  to date.       �� J. W. NEESONi;  FRANK WOOD.  Greenwood, B.C., Nov. 12th, 1896.  A. B. HART  *����Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and Saloon, Fixtures a specialt3".  Plans and Specifications  made and  Estimates  Get youk Supplies at  Anaconda M  Mid way f B,C  &"&     iV^     aV*  tjp     ?ie"     ^7e"  AGENT    FOR  The Giant Powder Co.,  OF SAN FRANCISCO.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling. !f!|fl||��^  r!��'i.V.'*.*'.'-C'.f'-'.V;:.i:.'-''..v;i Y.;.;; ������,',���:.���. \'  i.i-��!.:''V.'  ftvS'Sf i^is'S ��'; i ���;.' v -'���;:���; ���: ,�����������  Ills,^  Greenwood and Boundary Falls.  y+?'-- <-  .���.������-*���.;>  f. \\m


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