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 H-<*��   _  /  /  SATURDAY  /��&  ,rj  If'-r s*  '?���*...  _r  ^  i  ,     _    * ;  ���SfSaf-y.'       ���   .-���  22.   1897  (jflflinin| Jjournaf  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD CITY, B.C  i  *  ;'-"  _  .1  !  %  t.  '"    r  i >' - .  -/-SI  t?i  ��<?_  sfc;  i.^l  ���r.  <1  *vl  4*1  1.1  *   .  ���II  nil  ? S^J  :\  it  i  ii  ���  ����� pj _.         Ktft'jJfc  ���"P**"'^'?''^''?'^ .V, Importers of Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  "Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how larg*e, promptly filled,  as  we have  the .���������������.'/���,���'  LARGEST STOCK IN THE PROVINGE.  SI'*    si*  '"If      '"If"  S&  '"If  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  SI*     SI'*    _-v_  '"If       ���*(>?       '"If  VICTORIA,   B.C.  FOF?  MINING FORMS,    ':  "   CERTICATES,  Ledgers,    *  Journals,  Seals,  MAPS.  MARS.  MAPS.  WRITE   TO^  The Province Publishing C6���  : ._._ [Limited Liability.]  Victoria,    *        '    Vancouver,  PITHER   &   LEISER,  Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers in  Yates Street,  VICTORIA,  B.C.  G. H.'Mumm's Extra Dry.  Watson's Scotch Whiskies.  p -^ !__���._. ���_�����.  -t .���r-fr^rr-_�� TCtr^P-gr./kf..  J, N. HENDERSON. T. M. HENDERSON'  W. HENDERSON.  Henderson Bros,,  & Langley'"    %    \  i-uniggists>  Established 1858,  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER, B.C.  We carry the largest stock in British Columbia of Drug's, Chemicals, Patent Medicines,  Perfumes, and Drug-grists' Sundries.  Proprietor of  Langley's Balsam of Aniseed, Sarsaparilla, etc.  i S    B    ___��"�����_&  g    ___j|^���uu�� OliSiUO S_fl_-Ptf    B       vk    _f  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  t��"  Perfect fit guaranteed.  WILL   OPEN   BUSINESS   NEXT- WEEK   WITH  A Full Line of Hardware*    ���    ���  lies*    Stoves    ^    v  Granite   and   Tkiyware    >  ?>  SASH and DOORS  Government Street, ������':   Greenwood,  B. C.  m~���rr'TXcvtnsrt-'���'"v - ^�����^^-���^T"^',���������^"^-^"rJ^���������"  M.    R.    SMITH     dc    CO.,  Established 1858.  Gold Medal Awarded  At B: C. An; :1c iHu,-al E.diibilion  V6)6 a id 1-S9J.  CUIT  MANUFACTURERS,  Medal Awarded  Colonial and Indiau'Exliibi:ion,  London, 188C.  Victoria, B.C.  _r?yrj?> T_jr/ri��� ���  National Mills  Manufacturers  of  ROLLED  OATS  OATAEAL,B.o o o  SPLIT : PEAS �� --  Also Dealers in Grain of all  kinds,    Oats a specialty.  Robert Buckley,  SS: AND: SADDLERY.  -Q_=*..^_9-  CORKESPONDENCE  SOLICITED.  SI'*     SI'*     Si'*  -*lf~      ->lf      '"If  The Blackmail & Ker Milling Co., Ltd.,  Victoria., Vancouver.  New Westm uster. Edmonton.   ,  Harness, Saddles,  Boots  and  Shoes Repaired  with"neatness and dispatch.  '    "���   : ���' - .J* '��� - i i - . _     . ���. k.       ���'".������       " - - -'  ~ -    ���     ' '   '-'  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  ililUUUIUiliiUiiiUiiUUiUg  Boundary Falls Hotel. ��1  Thos.   Wake, Proprietor.  Sis.     SI'*     Slfi.  "��i?     -*if~     '"!?  Ceutrallj' Located. Stopping* place  for Stag-e Lines. .No_ trouble or expense spared to make Guests comfortable.      Strict^ First-class  and  Charg-es Moderate.  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's ii.?,.  Leaves Penticton at 7 aCrf-H on Tuesdays^Tliurs:-,  days, and Saturdays .for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda; Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Foris'.  Returning* leaves  Grand.. Forks  at 6  a.m.  on  Tuesday, Thursday aiid Saturdaj'.  Carries the Mails, Passeug'ers and Express.  J8��" Will sell throug-h Tickets  to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  A.   D.   WGRGAN,  (p��0t0$t<Xp��tXt *.'*.*���  GREENWOOP   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and the  Mines  for  Sale.  THE  SI*    SI'*  . .  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GREENWOOD CITY, B.C., SATURDAY/MAY 22, 1897.  37  No, 11,  TOPICS   fOR  THE   WEEK.  [ROM THE last issue of the Grand Forks Miner we  "gather"'.'that it is the intention to celebrate at  Grand Forks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the  22nd of June, instead of, as previously announced,  commemorating- the American day of rejoicing-���the 4th of  July. Whoever is responsible for this change of plan certainly deserves commendation, and no doubt the newly  elected mayor, Mr. Manly, (to whom, by-the-way, we offer  hearty congratulationsv upon the���to him and his supporters  7���satisfactory result of the recent municipal" contest) saw  the questionable taste of celebrating- in a Canadian town  the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, an  event to which while the citizens of the Great Republic may  fittingly do honor, is hardly as associated with English  history an occurrence/that Kng-lishmen are proud to remember. Americans and Canadians are excellent friends, and  the cousinly relationship is rarely strained ; why, therefore,  make a display of the family skeleton ? ,      f  Apropos of the~Diambnd Jubilee,  Mr.  Baden-Powell  has  written to several of the Colonial papers suggesting that  simultaneously at 10 o'clock p.m. on the 22nd of  June   bonfires  should  be  kindled  at suitable   elevations   in   every  locality  throughout  the  Empire���that    great   Empire   on  which the sun never sets.    To our mind this  is a capital  idea, and there is no reason at*?rair why  it  should  not  be  carried out in Boundary.    In Engrand the custom of  light-  ing- bonfires on great occasions^ either of thanksgiving or  of alarm, dates back to the days of the Romans; but never,  so far as we are aware, has, the beacon light blazed in token,  of   great   national  rejoicing  in  the domains   of   Greater  Britain beyond the seas from the Motherland.    The  people  of Boundary should not, and we believe will not,   allow  the  opportunity  to  pass  of celebrating-  with   all  honor one of  the greatest and  most auspicious events in British history.  ___    *v*    SI'*  c   ���     , -aft*     ?ii>     iis*  Rather an interesting- claim  jumping-  case  was  decided  last week in New Westminster by Judge Bole.    The plaintiffs located a claim, the O K, near Pitt I^ake, on the 27th of  December, applying on the 7th  of January  to record;  for  some reason or other, however,  not stated,   they failed to  receive a record until the 26th of  the  same  month.    Meanwhile the defendants jumped the claim on the grounds presumably that (1) it was improperly located-���the description  on the post showing the direction of the line  to  be  northeast and south-west, whereas the true direction  was  northwest and south-east, and (2) that the  original  location  was  not recorded within the time limit specified in the Act.   The  Judge in giving a decision in favor of the defendants pointed out that by section 16 (sub-section D) of the Mineral Act  the locator is protected from forfeiting his title to his claim  providing   it   can   be   shown   that   mineral    was    found  in place ; that there was at any  rate  a  bona  fide  attempt  made on his part to comply with the provisions of  the Act;  and that the non-observance of the formalities was not of a  character calculated  to  mislead  others desiring  to  locate  claims  in  the  vicinity.     But in  this  case  the  plaintiff's  wrongful description on the posts would  certainly  mislead  others, wishing to locate in the vicinity. Moreover, although  the Recorder might be guilty of culpability in  the  matter,  there was no official record of the O.K. claim until the  26th  of January, which would extend the time beyond  the limits  allowed by the Act.  ���  *_*  Americans will continue to flock into British Columbia.  A by no means insig-nificant proportion of the population of  provincial border mining towns is at present, composed of  American citizens, who enjoy the greater freedom under  British monarchical government no less than the increased  opportunities of acquiring wealth afforded in the country.  An American lady now resident in Greenwood remarked  the other day that she " really was surprised " at the way  law and order was maintained in a place she was given to  understand was a rough mining camp. "Why, in Marcus,"  she^explained, "across the line, there was shooting going  orievery night of our stay, and a wbrhan was shot in the  Hand whlie walking- on the principal streefo'' V- '���- f   ,  #  '_!&  Mr}?  THE   QUEEN'S    BIRTH DAY   CELEBRATION.  The Queen's Birthday Celebration Committee  have perfected arrangements for the carnival of sports  on  Monday  next.    A force of men have succeeded  in  getting  the race  track in good order and some fast races are expected.    Two  local horsemen have been secretly  training-  a dark  horse  with the expectation of securing; the greater share of the  prizes, but they may be doomed to  disappointment, since a  string of American horses are coming across  the border to  take part in the races.    A large granite boulder the proper  shape and size(fhas been placed in position  for the drilling  contest.    The tug-of-war is another feature of the celebration which will undoubtedly prove exciting. The strong men  of Greenwood appear; to be confident of winning, since they  neglected to practice during the week ; their Anaconda opponents have pursued a different course by training for the  last two weeks.    The other events are likely  to be keenly  contested.    Messrs. Sansom & Holbrook's hall is  being enlarged, refitted and decorated for the grand ball  which will  conclude the celebration.  GERMAN   CAPITAL.  Certain German capitalists of note are directing their attention to the mines of Boundary Creek, and in all probability several properties will be secured by them within the  next few weeks. Mr. Hans Giese, who makes his head-  quartersr at Tacoma, visited Boundary last Fall, and after  carefully examining a number of claims ��in the different  camps, com.municated with friends in Germany. Mr. Giese  returned to Greenwood on Tuesday last intending to remain  for some time. GHe is accompanied by Mr. H. Vanhoff, an  experienced mining man from Berlin. They have already  examined several claims as an initial step towards inducing  German capitalists to purchase and develop mines in the  vicinity of Greenwood.  *  SI'*  'fa  '"if  UP    THE    WEST    PORK    OE    KETTLE    RIVER.  Since Sunday last over twenty-five claims have been  located on the divide between the West Fork and the main  Kettle river and on the east side of Beaver creek. Tom  Currie returned on Thursday evening to record six claims  located by him in that neighborhood. The indications are  most encouraging, the ore running high in copper with a  trace of gold. Gordon and Miller, two Greenwood prospectors, are coming down in a few days to record several  claims.   : .  *"ti-  _!&   sir*  Alien law or no alien law, it is nevertheless  certain   that  Bob Robinson, J. B. Estop and James Smith returned  yesterday from Pass creek where they have been working  on the Northern Belle, No. 3 and Golden Giant. The surface showings on these claims are very large. Another  claim on Pass creek which showed up well after assessment  work is the Sidehill Star owned by Al. Clifford and others.  fi*B_^ii_iiau��'-iia-wiMm/--U-^  smwawM,^-1^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  K4* 4* 4r-4>.4?.4r&&-4r^fc  ��� Taylor &  eaters in General 1  And PROSPEGTORS; SUPPLIES.  ^       ROOK     OREEK, -       -      -       -       B. O.  T  ^HE SITTINGS   of   the  County  Court of     '   Yale advertised to be holden  at Midwa\-  on the 17th Inst,  and  at  Grand  Forks  on. the,  19th In.st., each at 10 o'clock in  the forenoon,'  HAVE   BEEN   POSTPONED  Until the 26th  and  28th  Inst,   respectively,  at  the same hours and places.  "���'.,. Bjr command..  James McConnell, who is heavily interested  in   mining-  properties  in  the  district,   came  tip    from Victoria   on  Monday last. He reports that-the leg-al  difficulties between Frank Richter arid  himself with respect to the  coal  property at Rock Creek  have  been  settled  out of court.    This property was  purchased last autumn by Messrs., Robert  Wood   &   Co.,   of  Greenwood,   W.   T.  Thompson   and  others,   but  owing-  to  the   lawsuit  the   deal   had   not   been  o   closed.    Everything-was satisfactorily  arranged during- the  past week,   however,  and  the  hew  owners  intend  to  yig-orously push the  work of development  beg-un  last  fall.    Already   oyer -  $1,00.0 has been spent in making a tun- *  nel and sinking- shafts.,. This work has  disclosed a seam of coal and shale from  six to nine feet in depth.   There is two  feet of clean coal under a smooth sandstone roof.    Below this are a series  of  layers of coal  and  shale,   varying-  in  thickness arid terminating- in a smooth  shale floor.    The owners intend securing-   a  diamond  drill .and  thoroug-hly  testing- the  ground.    In  the  event  of  the property proving- equal to expectations, a strong-company will be organized for the purpose of mining-the coal.  Messrs. Wood & Co. last year staked  several coal  claims  adjacent  to  their  property, but the g-overnment  refused  the record  to  them,  stating  that  the  land had been reserved a few days previous to their application as  a  portion  of the Columbia & Western land grant.  This property is only 640 acres  in; extent and had they  secured  the  claims  applied for they would be in  a  better  position to secure  the  org-anization of  a strong- company to mine the coal that  is so necessary in the  development of  the mines.    It certainly does appear a  hardship that those possessing  the necessary  enterprise   to   undertake   the  work' of   developing-   local   properties  should be restricted by the  operations  of an Act granting land to  a railway  promoter.    Their   prospecting .with  a  diamond drill will result as beneficially  to Mr. Heinze, who does nothing-, as to  themselves, since the  coal  lands  tied  up are adjacent to the claim upon which  the drill will be operated.   Experts who  have examined the coal state that it is.  well, adapted for coking purposes... The  prospecting with the diamond drill.will  be watched with interest  by   all  those  interested in mines in this district; for  should the work result as  anticipated,  there is a strong*  probability  of  mine  owners joining- tog-ether for the purpose  of   erecting   a   smelter   on   Bouridairy  Creek.  '���"��������� W.   G.  Government Office,  Midway, May 10th, 1897.  NOTICE.  MCMYNN,.    ,  D.R.C.C.  36-2  ���*  .__ST"  NOTICE  SITTINGS of/the Liceusihg' Court for the  southern portion of the Osoyoos Division'  of Yale District will be holden at Osovoo.s and  Midway    .       ./; .','�����"���:��� .��� *    *  On TuEsD|.y, June 15th, 1897,   ;.  At Eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  r* '''���''      C. A. R. LAMBLY,  Government Office, s._x.  Osoyoos, May 12th, 1897.     .   ;   36-5  .To W. H., Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodg*son,  Jisq., and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the  Peace i  TAKE NOTICE that I intend to apply at  the next sitting* of the Licensing- Court  to be holden by you for a portion of the Osoyoos division of Yale district, for a transfer to  Thomas Wake of the license now held by me to  sell spirituous and fermented liquors by retail,  upon the premises known as the Boundarj*  Falls Hotel, situate on lots 17,18, 19, 20, 31, 22,  23 and 24, block 4, in the townsite of iBouhdary  Falls, in Yale district.   '..: ��� ^.:        ,  Dated at Boundarv Falls, B.C., May 3, 1897.  :35-:':... "THOMAS HARDY.  NOTICE.  & McLEOD,  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  ���....���.':.v.MptJLDIN6 MILLS  Sash and Door.Factdry at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okaiiag-an Lake.  "'."'".������    "''. ���"���' ���"  ���~4fe���    ���:���-'.  '"if  "Owning- extensive' timber limits on  Mabel lake containing' some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work, reasonably, expeditiously  and of as g*obd material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.   .  Orders from Bbundar3r Creek aud the  Southern,Interior solicited.  .      ���,%_   '  ���      '"if  ! Smith & McLeod, Vernon.  f N-. ���  A  ut  ;j  I  ������ ���  A  ��  I  A  I  : a.-  ��  2  ' A  I  T  0  A  a  v  ���  _  ;  A  ���49  T  ��  i  _  u  y  s  To Gerald T. Ilodg'sou, Esq., James Kerr, Esq.  aiid.W.'B.   Norris,  Esq.,  Justices  of  the  ������Peace * ..  ^T^AKE/NOTICE that we intend, to apply at  JL the next sitting' of the Liceiisihg' Court  to be holden by 3'ou for..a portion of the* Osoyoos division of Yale district, for a transfer to  Geo. E. Seymour & Go. of the liceiise now held  b}- us to sell spirituous and fermented ' liquors  by retail upon the premises known as the  Windsor Hotel, situate on lots 31 and 32, block  7, Copper street, in the townsite tof Greenwood  Cif}', in Yale district.  SEYMOtfR & WEBB.  Dated at Greenwood   City, B.C., May 11th, 1897.  Dissolution of Partnership.  TVTOTICE is hereby g-iven that the partner-  JLjL ship existing- between the undersig-ned  under the firm name of Nelson & Co.,  carrying-  Ion the business of hotel-keepers, has, been  dis- ,  solved by .mutual consent.   All accounts due  . said firm.will be collected  by- J;  J.  Gaulfield,  who will also.be responsible for the liabilities  of the said firm. J. J. CAULFIELD.  ^Greenwood, B.C., J. W. NELSON.  May 10th, 1897. ' 36-4  Ladies V Men's, Children's and  Boys* Boots and Shoes, of the  celebrated Ames, Holden .��. Co,  make. All sizes, shapes and  prices r tan and black,  Sl&     Si*     _*" _  '"if      '"If.     '"If"'  For Sale by  Education Office, Victoria,  May 5th, 1897.  MOTICE is herebj" given  that the annual  examination of candidates for certificates  of qualification to teach in the Public Schools  of the Province will be held  as follows,  commencing- on Fridaj-, July 2nd, 1897, at 8.45 a.m. :  Victoria......In South Park School Building**.  Vancouver.. -In Hig-h School Building-.  Kamloops..:  In Public School Building".  Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty  da3*s before the examination, stating- the class  and g-rade of certificate for which he will be a  candidate, the optional subjects selected,, and  at which of the aboveruamed places he will .  attend;  ��� Every notice of intention to be an applicant  must be accompanied with satisfactory testimonial of moral character.  Candidates are notified that all of the above  requirements must be fulfilled before their apT  plications can be filed.  All candidates for First-class, Grade A, Certificates, including-Graduates, must attend in  Victoria to take the subjects prescribed for  July 12th and 13th instants, and to uuderg-o the  required oral examinations.  S.' D.   POPE,  36-3 Superintendent pf Education.  SQUARE   HOUSE.  Mr. .A. Br Campbell has withdrawn  from the firm of Russell & Co, and contemplates eng-ag-ing- in the real estate  business at Greenwood.  otel  Greenwood City, M.  '"if  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props  '"if  ldway, B,G  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  **-��.  v*T_Twr'*^,Tr'i,***^_<'  i  ��� i_  .i.n._..i,��, ij.,,1- __.";.->��� Art ���'J?  ���I  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  VALUABLE   BRICKS   OF   BULLION.  Rossland Miner: Two g-old bricks  containing- 1,094 ounces of bullion and  valued-at about $17,500, the result of  the last clean-up at the Cariboo mine,  were broug-ht down from Gamp McKinney on the 9th inst. and are 'now stored  in the vaults of the Traders' bank in  Spokane.' Mr. M. Cowley, president of  the Cariboo Co., said it was the intention of the company to expend $30,000  0in the purchase of additional machinery and other improvements at the  mine this summer. Work on the improvements has already been com-  -men.eed.; The 10-stamp will be increased to triple that capacity, and when all  the machinery is put in and the improvements completed the output will  be more than doubled. In view of the  expenditure of this larg-e sum of money  no������tnofe dividends will�� be declared for  the present ���":'���'.���  Wanted !   A Railway;.  An excellent criterion of the necessity for railway communication between  Greenwood and the commercial centres  is to be found in the  larg-e  number  of  people coming- into thedistrict and the  quantity of freig-ht that is being-  hauled by   teams  from  Marcus  to  Greenwood.    A person; travelling-  by  stag-e  over;. this route' is almost sure to pass a  score -of   four-horse  "teams    drawing-  wag-g-ons heavily laden with g-oods  for  the Greenwood merchants. During- the  past   month   over  seven   car-loads  of  freig-ht have  been  broug-ht  by  teams  from Marcus  to  Greenwood,   and  exclusive of the cost of carriag-e by  rail,  the merchants of Greenwood have paid  freighters   upwards  of $3,000  for  the  conveyance of g-oods.   The  history  of  the  success    attending-   the  construction of a railway into Kootenay  from  the American side will, in all probability, repeat itself in  Boundary,'- unless  the C.P.R. profit by the Jesson  experience should have broug-ht with it.  The  C.P.R. failed to realize the.importance  of  the trade 'ofi��o6ibiia.y  and  while  hesitating on a qtiestiori of expenditure  a -shrewd   American   built a  railway  across the international boundary line  into the country and thereby  enriched  himself and the city of Spokane.    The  same shrewd American, Mr. -Corbin, is  now offerings cheaper freig-ht rates than  the G:P.I-. to the people of Boundary,  and if reports be true he intends steal-  ing-'a further march on the slow-g-oing-  Canadian railway  companies by  connecting- this district  with   his  line  of  railway.    All who are interested in the  healthy development  of  the  province  would be  better  pleased  if Boundary  Creek and. the mining-districts  to  the  north and west of it were connected by  rail with the coast cities;  but miners,  prospectors and men of business here  are   so  firmly  convinced  that  untold  wealth now hidden, in the  surrounding-  mining- camps will be produced as soon  as railway connection is  secured   that  they  will. hail  such   connection   from  any quarter.   The trade of the country  lying- between Hope mountain and  the  international boundary is well  worthy  the effort of any railway corporation to  secure,    and   if   Canadian   or  British  Columbian companies hope  to  be the  successful   competitors  this  end   may  only be effected   by  the  most  prompt  and decided measures.  W.'T. Smith, manager of the Republic Mining- Co., owning- valuable claims  in Smith's camp, reports encourag--  ing-ly anent the showing- on the company's; properties. The work on the;  _L,ast Chance is being- pushed,���a contract having been let to Messrs. Connors and Castleman to extend the  present shaft from the 60-foot level ,  fifty feet further. The ledge runs from  5 feet to 7 feet in width.  ,j1 1/  _J___a_SiB&_h__��.'  SPORTfflG  GOODS.  si'*   si*   sit-  "-' ���si'Sr?      **3_��      .���**-**  ���t J?  ��>  | Boxing Gloves, Dumb Bells,        Indian Glubs,     ' l\\]h,  ^fj^i Lacrosse Sticks, Tennis Goods,    Punching Bags,  Im^  H { Cricket Supplies, Victor and Remington Bicycles,������ ��� ���  J if   ' ' '  j CHAS. B��� TIS��AL*L*,  Vancouver.  >-9*^^*>**&^&o+a***&9-4&o<e>+4^^9P''M��*4��>-9*��a*i��*><&&i��t^<m*��<a* m ������� ��� ��e��-g ���������<�����  A. Fisher.  HI ;  A. R. Tillman,  ill  ivill_,t_s     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    %    Anaconda* RG   Manufacturers of Roug-h and Dressed   iLUM  Shingles* Lath, Mouldings, Sash and Doors.  s!&    s!>*~ si'*,  '"if    ->if    ftf  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to anyplace in the City or to Mining Camps  J. Kerr.  J. P. Flood.  BEJTGHERS  . .'���'������'. !      ' ��� 1' ��� . '     " ' ��� ���        ' "  GREENWOOD. GRAND PORKS, & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek arid all Mining- Camps.  sit-    sit-    sit-  ">t?    "��if~>   *if~  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using- our ���".���'���  XXX X  Our Mill is fitted throughout with  the latest improved machinery and  is  in  charg-e of a thoroug-hly experienced miller.  Ask  for  our  Flour  and  keep  the   money  in  the  district.  SMMW>��MM4S!^<  Tlie Otanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  bi  ���el-ague  SHAVING PARLOR,  Government Street, Greeuwood.  Hot and Cold Baths at all hours of the.day-.,  Ladies and Children's Hair-cuttingr a specialty  Anaconda Commercial Club.  MEETS in Wilson's Hall, Anaconda, every  Wednesda3r evening- at 7.30 o'clock. The  Secretarj' will be g"lad to answer enquiries respecting- the Boundary Creek district.  Thos. J. Hardy,        "'      F. J. Miller,  President. Secretary.  r   *��  raS)  mm THE   BOUNDAEY   CREEK   TIMES,  MINING   NOTES.  The assessment work has been completed on the Montezuma, in Greenwood camp.  J. Jermyn has a force of men at work  on the Nug-g-et, adjoining^ the Gold  Drop, in Greenwood camp. '  Mr. McKenzie, of the Greenwood  Gold Mining-Co., left this week to inspect a property at Bossburg-, of which  he received most nattering- accounts.  Next Tuesday-- half-interests  in ^fhe=  Mammoth and Sunrise claims on Prior  creek,  owned  by  F.   S.   MacFarland,  will be sold by the deputy sheriff,   Mr.  Elkins, at public auction. \  Representatives of a syndicate of  capitalists of Portland, Ore., have visited the camp during- the; past two  weeks and examined the Winnipeg, in  Wellington, with a view to purchasing  ; the property.  Bill Eewis, formerly foreman at the  Jewel, has been engaged by Mr. L/eslie  Hill to assume the foremanship for a  company owning- the Vancouver group  of mines in the Slocan, and will leave  next week for Nelson.  Ken. Henley, a well known prospector from Coeur d'Alene, spent several  days in the vicinity of Rock Creek and  then returned to Marcus. It is reported  that Mr. Henley has secured an option  on some promising properties for Spokane capitalists.  Work was commenced last week on  the Crown Point claim, on James creek.  According to the opinion of the experienced miners who are w-orking on the  property, the Crown Point has as g-ood  a surface showing- as any of the best  prospects in the camp.  It is expected that the Tamarack  contract will be completed within the  next two or three days, the rock proving- much softer than was anticipated  very rapid progress has been made  with the work. Some magnificent ore  is now being- encountered in a three-  foot lead, showing- native copper.' The'  Tamarack is a very promising prospect and ore can be found at almost  any spot on the claim.  Mr. H.J. Donnelly, an experienced  mining- man who spent several years  in South Africa, arrived in Greenwood  a few clays ago and will remain here  for some time. Mr. Donnelly is well  pleased with the district but thinks a  law should be enforced compelling the  removal of stakes on all claims upon  which no assessment work has been  done. Stakes being- upon abandoned  claims, give bona fide prospectors a  great deal of trouble.  Mr. Hedley, who was connected with  the Hall Mines Exploration Co. for  some time, has visited several mining  camps in Boundary Creek district with  the object of g-athering- information re-  g-arding- the best place to erect a smelter. Mr. Hedley is fully impressed with  the necessity for a larg-e smelter to assist in the development of the mineral  resources of the district. Should the  Rock Creek coal mines turn out a g-ood  quality of coking coal there will be no  difficulty in securing the necessarj'  capital to erect a smelter.  Messrs. Seymour & Co. are making-  several improvements to the Windsor  hotel, among other things the building-  is being rustic-ed aud a wide veranda  added.  New Advertisers.  Several wholesale firms of VictGkria  fully appreciate the importance of the  growing- trade of Greenwood and vicinity, and by advertising in The Times  have adopted an excellent plan of  bringing-their g-oods to the notice of  local merchants. The advertisements  of four Victoria wholesale houses appear in The Times for the first time  this week. lyang-ley & Henderson  Bros, have been  established since 1858  Rossland.  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  Financial'&':::I;Nsu  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  zrrwcMXiseryr:* am sf m ajjjttj-cc&cara  I     H.   HALLETT,  QSamrfer, .JtJoftctfot,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.     '*���  greenwood, b.c.  P^orbes m. kerby,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  $rotnncidf Jsldnb Jlfumgot  AND CIVIIv ENGINEER,  ��� (Ttofar-g (pufiftc;���- midway,   b. c.  ��   w. Jakes, m:d��� cm.,  BY  APPOINTMENT  Resident  Physician  to kettle   River District.  Office       :       :       Greenwood, B.C.  T    P. McLEOD,  Barrister and Solicitor.  Anaconda, B.C.  O  PQ;  ������i  o  Q  O  o.  a  o  TJ  O  ������-��  V.  o  Or  o  C5  .    S3  o  J5'�����*  s~ .5  �� s  IS  "3     CO  < ��  a  too  C  *�����*  >��  03  C/>  en  < ,,  r**  u  tt  CO  D X3  ���__ b_  ���4-1 .-I  u  H >  xz ������*-'  +-<  rt-_!  8-'  < .  ,TO   LET  TO Responsible Party,��� a well-finished  eig-ht-roorh House in Anaconda, now occupied by Mr. Keffer, manag-erof theBoundary  Mines Co.���Applv to  .'���" MACIMIEN BERGER,  37-4- Anaconda, B.C.  and carry the largest stock of drug-s,  chemicals, patent medicines, etc , in  British Columbia ; they are also-sole  proprietors of Eangley's balsam of  aniseed, sarsaparilla, and other proprietary medicines. Ames, Holden Co.'s  boots and shoes are favorites in all  mining districts. Their ���" Columbia,"  " Kootenay " and " Vancouver" footwear are strong, comfortable, and well  suited for miners and prospectors. M.  R. Smith & Co.'s biscuits are so well  prepared that the firm has been awarded medals at the Colonial and Indian  Exhibition held in London in 1886, and  they have also secured gold medals at  the B.C. Agricultural Exhibitions in  1895 and 1896. Messrs.. Pither & Reiser  have established a good reputation for  the excellence of the wines, liquors and  cigars imported by them ; they are  ag-ehts for G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry  and Watson's Scotch Whiskies. Mr.  J. B. Snider, representing- the Ames-  Holden Co., paid Greenwood a business  visit last week, and the travelling- men  of the other wholesale firms will come  in here during the summer.  B. MJ.RT  4s Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures  a specialty.  Plans and Specifications made and Estimates  given.  KAY & BLOUGH,  IILDERS  ANACONDA,  iPivANS, Prepared & Estimates Given  Notice to Joint Stock Companies  THE following-section, numbered 161, of the  " Companies Act, 1897," relative to the  issue of a free miner's certificate, is published  for the information of JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.  JAMES BARER,  Minister of Mines.  Provincial Secretarv's Office,  14th May, 1897. 37-4  161.���Notwithstanding- anything- to the contrary in section 4 of the " Mineral Act, 1896," or  section 4 of the " Placer Mining* Act, 1891," or  elsewhere in the said Acts or other the mining  laws of the Province, no free miner's certificate  shall be issued to a Joint Stock Company for a  longer period than one .year, aud such certificate shall date from the 30th day of June in  each 3rear ; aud every free miner's certificate  held by a Joint Stock Compaq- at the passing-  of this Act shall be valid and existing until  and shall expire on the 30th day of June, 1897.  Upon applj'in'g" to renew any such certificate on  or,before said 30th day of June, the Joint Stock  Company shall be entitled to a rebate of a proportionate amount of the fee paid for a certificate heretofore, issued according to the further  time for which it would but for this section  have been valid.  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  H.  A.  GUESS,  M.A.  Assayers & Chemists/  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and aualyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  W. W. GI  1  1  %  I  ���si  I  &-  "iJ_�� ���>  J'^ha  -.*':  -.*'-_s *.  GREENWOOD  B.C.  ���TUFT*"-**'' '���'^lMM����M^iM^rai!��MW.^ f  I's _*  if  If  f;_!  fi  <$<-'  #:  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  B.C. M. & M. CO.  After This Times went to press last  week   some   irhportant  business   was  transacted at the  special   meeting-' of  the   shareholders   of    the    Boundary  Creek Mining & Milling" Co.   ^Besj3es  authorizing- the purchase  of Mr.   McDonnell's ranch, the  shareholders  listened to encourag-ing- reports   from the  directors, the manag-er, and J. C. Haas  M.E}.    The directors reported, that  applications for treasury stock at 10 cents  a share were coming- in   steadily ;" that  the company was out of debt  and  had  a cash credit of $1,400, while  the cash  receipts   were  continually   increasing  and   were , larger   than   the  disbursements.    Mr. Holbrook, the  company's  manag-er,  had  secured   two additional  claims   and  transferred  them  to   the  company  free of  charg-e.     The  company   now  have  12  adjoining-   claims  which are all paid  for  and  for  which  the crown grants will soon  be  issued,  Mr. Shavv having- been engag-ed during-  the past two weeks in making- the  necessary surveys.    Mr. Haas in  his  report referred particularly  to  the  free  milling- quartz on the O.B.   claim, and  advised   further development  of   this  property.   He also recommended a continuance of development work  on  the  G.A.R., D.A. and  Big-  Iyedge  claims.  The reports wTere adopted.    The directors also informed the shareholders that  Messrs. C. M. Shaw, C.E).,  and  Thos.  McDonnell had been appointed directors in place of Messrs. R. Wood and C.  W. H. Sansom, who had  retired  from  the directorate.     The meeting-  closed  with votes of thanks to  the  officers of  the company.  GREENWOOD NEWS AND GOSSIP.  i.  le   intends  investing-   in  f the surrounding- mining-  G.F.Uphani, representing;; the British Columbia Mills, Timber & Trading-  Co., of Vancouver, visited Greenwood  and Anaconda last week. and secured  several large orders.  D. Carmbdy, a prominent Victoria  lumberman, arrived.in Greenwood last  week and left to inspect some timber  limits at the headwaters of Kettle  river. Mr. Carmody expressed himself as being very favorably impressed  with Greenwood, and before returning-  to the Coast  one or more o  camps.  Sanitary Inspector lOlkins summoned  several citizens of Greenwood and  Anaconda to appear, before Justices of  the Peace BLodg-son and Kerr on Monday morning- and charged them with  having neglected to keep their premises in accordance with the rules and  reg-ulations of the provincial board of  health. As they all promised to observe the law in the future, they were  not fined but were compelled to pay  costs.  Mr. W. Iy. Hog-g-, of Montreal, who  has purchased the Sunset and Crown  Silver claims in Deadwood camp, left  Greenwood on Monday for his company's hydraulic property on Granite  creek. Mr. Hog-g spoke enthusiastically about Boundary Creek properties  in g-eneral and his own in particular.  Mr. George D. Rankin, who has a contract for driving- a 250-foot tunnel into  the Sunset, is well into solid rock aud  the ore showing is of the most encouraging description. There are also  three men eng-aged in the work of  stripping" and sinking- on the Crown  Silver claim.  Crown Grants.���When applying- for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining-  paper of the district.  .>  .--r      ������..���.��,.,,��y * .������  ��*>  PEOPLE TALK of the low prices  and the excellent quality of the Staple Elld  Fancy Groceries sold at the /" W-hiteFro.it  Store "j Remember the old adages" Where  there is Smoke there must be some Fire/'  Be prepared for a drop in the price of  V,,;:;.,,.: ;^;^  4*    4r   4* .  The Friends of the Prospector!  OLSON & PHELAN  ^au.uau^uuinuauin4niauuumuaiaiuaiaiiua^ai^  3 CONTRACTOR &   BUILDER; 1~  �������   '. ����-,~-  ���~o9   ... .     ����*-  __^                     Government  Street, Greenwood,   B.C.                .    %pz.  SI'*     SI'*     SI'*  ;: Store Fronts and Fixtures a Specialty  ?jmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmK  ^   GREENWOOD  STAGE     LINE.  Leaves  Marcus   Mondays and. Thursdays at 1  p.m.  Arrives   Greenwood   Tuesdays  and  Fridays at 5 p.m.  IveaAres   Greenwood Wednesday  and  Saturday  at 7 a.m.  Arrives  Marcus Thursday and  Sunday at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  ^4* 4* 4* 4* 4s 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*k  ROOKL  OUSE  GREENWOOD   CA/nP,   BOUNDARY   CREEK.  ���tffJLMitTjsnriTjfi���  First-class Accommodation.     Best of Wines, Iyiquors and Cig-ars.  LIVERY     STABLE     IN     CONNECTION.  Saddle and Pack Horses provided.  -    -   Rroprietor.  HENRY NIGH  (itofdtg QpuBftc, ��itntng $tgen��  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office.���Camp McKinney.  N*B.���Some   valuable   Mining-   Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  ���9  Jewellers and News _^��  GREENWOOD CITY. B.C  Watch Repairing* a Specialty.  iunitmmuuitfimmi'UAitfna.miuiiinnHBHig��mii   ,1 jlMiHlL.LU.llll II I. I  '       ""������""'���"""-��"."�����M���"'"''  _^m-M|.1M_.L^m,^  SSSiiS^^^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  r i  ! i  ! L.  If  _ "V  ��ree& %\mta  PUBLISHED  BY  THE  TIMES  PUBLISHING  COMPANY.  Subscription, $2.00 per Year,, in: Advance;  AVINERS   and: : '        r  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  Ames Holden Co.*s  *'  11  "Columbia  " Kootenay "  "Vancouver"  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1897.  TO   OUR   PATRONS.  Mr. .Duncan Ross, of Victoria,  having- '-purchased   an   interest   in   The  Boundary Creek Times,  will  in  the  future associate himself  with  Messrs.  Harber & Eamb in the  publication  of  the paper.    Mr.   Ross,   who  was  connected   with   the  Victoria  Times  for  several years, arrived from the  Coast  on the  14th  inst.    The  office  of  The  Times is   being-  removed  to  our  new  premises  on Xong  Lake  street.     All  accounts were closed on  the 15th inst.,  and our patrons are requested   to  pay  all amounts owing- up to that date.    A  large  Wharfedale  press  has  just  arrived from Toronto  and  it  will be at  once   placed   in  position   in  our  new  building*.    An effort will  be  made  by  the new firm to make The Times  better than ever.    'The new firm  is  in a ���  position to do all kinds of job  work as  promptly and as  cheaply   as any  outside establishment.  A   FIRST-CLASS   HOTEL.  Greenwood will in all probability  have another hotel in the near future.  The Townsite Co. have closed a deal  for two lots situated on Kimberly avenue and adjacent to the cottages which  are being-erected by Messrs. Widmark  and Peterson. The purchasers are Mr.  J. E. Hooper, who visited Greenwood  about a month ag-o, and his partner  living- at Calg-ary. Mr. Hooper secured  an option on the property while here,  and after returning* to Calg-ary he consulted his partner with the result that  the first, payment on the lots was made  this week. In a letter received from  Mr. Hooper he stated that he was leaving- for England but that his partner  was coming- to Greenwood with the intention of commencing-the construction  of a large hotel at an early date. The  lots are centrally situated and are well  adapted for the purpose for which they  are intended, having- a frontag-e on the  street of 100 feet and running- back 110  feet.  ANACONDA COMMERCIAL CLUB.  The Anaconda Club held their regular weekly meeting- on Wednesday  evening-, Mr. Law occupying- the chair.  After the minutes of the previous meeting- were read and^adopted, Mr. Hind;  reported that while in Vancouver he  satisfactorily settled all leg-al difficulties connected with the townsite.  The advisability of holding- a celebration on July 1st was discussed and  Messrs. Hardy and Hind were appointed a committee to interview  the citi  zens on the matter.  The neccessity for reg-istering- provincial voters was urg-ed by several  members and the secretary was instructed to write for copies of the present j3Tovin��ial^  ,'���:" At the^r.*^^ :'"'Mr.V  "A.   B. ^Uisy^spf Victooa,  briefly   addressed those present.  Mn Rdbt. Wood* who was interviewed by a committee from the Commercial Club respecting-his intentions with  reg-ard to burning- the brush on the  Porter pre-emption, has given an assurance that the brush would be burnt  at once.  GREENWOOD NEWS AND GOSSIP.  Mrs. A. B. Hart left on Wednesday  to spend the summer at Grand Forks,  where Mr. Hart has a contract of erecting- a larg-e hotel.  A concert in aid of the school funds  will be g-iven in the school-room this  evening-. An excellent programme has  been prepared. '  G. H. McArthur, the manag-ing editor of the Grand Forks Miner, and W.  H. Norris, of the Midway Advance,  were among-the visitors to Greenwood  this week.  The current issue of the B.C. Gazette  contains the announcement that Mr.  Geo. R. Naden, of Greenwood, has been  appointed a notary public. Mr. Naden  is the local manager of the Bealey Investment & Trust Co.  After a delay of nearly two months  Messrs. Russell & Co. have at leng-th  received the welcome intellig-ence that  a portion of their stock of hardware  has been removed by the freig-hters  from Marcus, and is now on the road.  The firm have still another car-load of  hardware at Marcus and a car-load of  sash aiidVdbbrs a-pPentibton.  Judge Spinks opened a special court  at Osoyoos yesterday for the purpose of trying-speedily Mrs. McCuaig-  who was committed on a charg-e of  shooting- her husband with intent to do  g-rievous bodily harm. J. A. Aikman,  of Grand Forks, appeared as Crown  prosecutor and J. P. McEeod, of Ana-,  conda, defended the accused. A court  will also be held at Midway on Wednesday next, when Mr. McMynn will come  up to elect for trial.  MINING   NOTES.  J. H. Macfarlane has purchased one-  half interest in two promising- claims  in Copper camp.  Mr. F. J. Mead, of Tacoma, who is  heavily interested in Kootenay mines,  arrived in Greenwood this week and  ., will spend several days in viewing- properties in the district with a view to  purchase. Mr. Mead, who is at present  with Mr. Randolph Stuart in lyong-  L/ake camp, has expressed himself as  being- very favorably impressed with  the claims which he has visited.  Mr. C. De B. Green, P.E.S., has just  completed the survey of the Last  Chance mine, situated in Skylark camp  and owned by the Boundary Creek  Mining- Co., of Spokane. While engaged in the work Mr. Green had the  misfortune of having his face poisoned  with ivy. Mr. Green returned to his  home at Osooyos and after he is fully  recovered will undertake the work of  surveying the g-overnment townsite at  Rock Creek.  You will want "to wear something-  neat during- the Queen's birthday celebration. Call on Rendell & Go. for  your hats, neckties, shirts, boots and  shoes. A larg-e consig-nment of stylish  suits to choose from. A complete line  of g-ents' furnishing-s has just arrived.���Advt.  Hudson's  ������(Incorporated 1670.)   To the large number of the  Bouhdary District people we  extend our thanks for the pat/  ronage given us in the past! and  to those who have not given us  a trial yet we would request  the favor of an order.  We make a specialty of Mail  Oirders, which receive prompt  attention. Our stock is now  complete in'������;"���.���'  DRY GOODS/  BOOTS   #   SHOES.  GROCERIES.  WtneB, ��w_uor0 dn& Cigars.  ��S_        vWa-       n1I_        Ote,  '"If        '"If        '"if        ">if  Hudson's Bay Company,  P.O. Box 64,  VERNON, B.C.  g^^1  4  _  4  I  And MINERAL   CLAIMS,     |  f  Greenwood, B.C. ?  MINERAL   CLAIMS  I  For Sale at a Bargain.  In the Best Mining Camps.  kzS-**ts>&4s*&#&-94ao-a <����� _><_�� ��^o��<Maa>��<o����<a__;  >7��i  boksf Stationery and  OFFICE    SUPPLIES,   CIGARS,  CONFECTIONERY,    FRUIT,    Etc.  Copper Street, Greenwood  B.C.  Dissolution of Partnership,  NOTICE is he'reb.v. g-iven that the partnership heretofore existing- between the undersig-ned, under the firm jjuame and s_3'le of  Greenwood & Nash, painters and.paperhang-ers,  has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.  All accounts due said firm Avill be collected by  E. Nash, who will pa}^ all debts owing- bj- said  firm. FRANK   GREENWOOD.  Greenwood, E.   NASH.  May 6th, 1897. 35-4  m  �����>>  ������-'.- V  "�� ���'. >���  #-3  a**' ���������  I  \ ��� _/  (  ilsiHWBBERBW.!^ ��  }   } i  f     ��*��4     S-_*  Makes your House a Home.  When thinking of papering  latest consignment; just  arrived/  have also a complete line of  The  Carpets*  Window  Shades*  Etc.  Of Every  tion,    Nails of air Sizes,    Windows and  Doors,    Building Paper,  Merchants,  :nb W#ofe0dfet0 of vJiuB, jz\c\uoxb  'XQ&X&*  V .come and see. our    '���^  Newest  Designs,    We ���lit  THE   BOUNDAR Y   CRE E K ���'��� TIMES.  ���li?  ;i|'  !l  f to-  i IS  ��� g-v  ���!-?������  :��"  w  11''  i &/ '���"  I"  .'V;-.  -^tl.  -:V.  i ���?���'  I ��� ','-.  ';! I .  ,. i >;���  \' >���''  si  GREENWOOD CITY is thfe central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps/ From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  ���#g_j^!i  _LO/V(3   LAKE,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  yj%y/A%  WELLINGTON   and  SMITH-0 OAMRS  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment,  -o-  j V  For price of Lots and other 'information, address  Rdbt'Wood or G S; Galloway*  Creenwood City, Boundary Creek, BC.  Or  apply  to  the  Agents;  (TON, Vernon, B.C  A..-.K.  STUART, Vancouver.  i!WSJ_MWi!il8K^ 'V  K  I  m?-  1  ��1  ���I  p  m  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  MINING   NOTES.  J. C. Haas,'���-.__}.M., has several men at  work on the Golconda, in Smith's  camp.  Work has been commenced on a new  piece of road to the R. Bell mine, in  Summit camp, by the Keoug-h Gold &  Copper Mining Company.  Thos. Walsh, the well known mining-  man, has eng-aged several men to develop the properties recently bonded  by him in Greenwood canip.  Mr. John A. Finch, a well known  and wealthy , mine owner, has .purchased, in association with others, the  Iyittle Winnie, De Win ton and Gold  Nug-g-et claims, up the North Fork of  Kettle river. '   c  Mr. McConnell left for Victoria, after  winding- up the business in connection  with the coal lands, but expects to return shortly for the purpose of developing several properties in which he is  interested.     ���  The Brandon & Golden Crown Mining Co. have received encouraging reports this week from their claims in  Wellington camp. While their men  were doing some surf ace work on the  Golden Crown, a larg-e body of hig-h  grade ore was uncovered.  . On Saturday last another dividend  of $16,000, or 2 per cent, on the capital  stock of $800,000, was declared by the  Cariboo Mining & Smelting- Co., of  Gamp McKinney. This is the second  dividend declared this year by the company and bring-s the total amount divided among-shareholders  to  $157,410.  LOCAL  NOTES.  A. B. Ellis, representing- Weiler  Bros., furniture dealers and T. N.  Hibben & Co., stationers, of Victoria,  paid Greenwood a business visit this  week.  Mr. R. J. Bealey, the senior member  of the Bealey Investment and Trust  Co., of Rossland and Greenwood, left  for Kootenay on Wednesday after  spending a week at Greenwood and in  the surrounding mining- camps. Iyike  all experienced men, Mr. Bealey is  favorably impressed with the outlook  of this district.  Mr. Moulton Barrett returned to  Greenwood on Monday after spending  the winter months in England. He,  however, leaves on mining- business  for. Nevada shortly. Messrs. Hodg-son  and Barrett have ordered a diamond  drill wherewith to prospect claims  which may be bonded by them this  summer for their clients.  Police  Court  Proceedings.  The court-room was crowded with interested spectators on  Tuesday  morning last when Dr. Jakes  appeared  before Mr. J. Kerr, J.P., to answer  to  a  charge of incommoding- and impeding  a passenger, Mr. G. T. Hodson, on the  public  street.    The   information    was  laid by   Provincial   Constable  IDlkins.  Messrs. Mclveod and X/eamy,   who  appeared for the defendant, strongly   objected to the fact that their client  had  been summoned  under  the  Vagrancy  Act, the magistrate agreeing that  Dr.  Jakes should not have been summoned  under this Act.    With   the  consent  of  the prosecution, the case was  dismissed.    From   the    evidence   it   appeared  that the cause for  the   altercation   between Dr. Jakes   and  Mr.   Hodg-son is  a private one which  will   probably  be  ventilated in the courts.    On  Tuesdav*  afternoon Dr. Jakes was charg-ed  with  common assault.    Mr.   McL,eod  raised  the objection that the  Doctor was  acquitted in the morning-  and  could :,tiot  be re-tried on  the  same  evidence ;  he  also pointed out that one justice of the  peace could  not  try  an   assault  case.  His Worship noted the objections  and  fined the defendant $10.    The case will  probably be appealed.  I  __/j^vv\i^vvy;��\\!to'-AV\o-.vv\ca*^^^  j W.J. ARMSTRONG &C0.;Jm��-:  :?!? '    ���    '  -DEALEKS   in-���.-- ,     ,  Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and Doors.  S''*  '"K~  S&  '"if  SI'*  '"If  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleiglis,-Best in America.  One of the best cJobbing Shops in the Interior.  Hardware        Granite ware    Tinware  Cook Stoves  .-,.'  Wooden ware    Silverware  Parlor and Box Stoves Glassware  Miners* Camp Stoves     Window Glass  Iron Pipe and Fittings       Cutlery  Crockeryware and House Furnishings  ^^^^      M^ SPECIALTY,  You will find tlie A. & B. brand of g*oods the best.  ij.fillico, TheH3rtwareTin^^^A.  S###*######^##^##i  Greenwood City; Boundary Creek/ B,C,  o    Sli-  iff  SI'*  Sit-  Ilf  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g-ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining-* Men.        Best of Wines, Iviquors and Cig-ars.  . : ���-IylVERY StabXe in connection.-   ���>lf  ���SB?  NELSON &  iSle-  '"h~  /���>  Proprietors.  mi  Beg-s to inform the inhabitants of Greenwood and  district that he has boug-ht the business lately carried on  by R. N. Tayivor & Co., and hopes to have the confidence  . placed in him as in the old firm ; and can assure his  customers that he keeps only the best and'purest Drugs  and Chemicals in stock.  jtf&T Note the Address :  ��VlAYLOR'S PHARMACY, Greenwood, B.C.  P.S.���All Country Orders punctuall}' attended to.  BBVc__ss_(-Bnra  'ettle River.  First-ci.ass Accommodation.    Good Stabbing.    Stopping Pi^aqe' for Stages.  McAULEY & McCUAIG, Proprietors, If!  k  li  1*4 ���  Why is this firm in a BETTER position to fit and give valu^  in BOOTS than their competitors ?  Because we have associated mb^m^^  %>  o  in this section? one who has passed  line as a maker of::--_(gI^  judgment  on workmanship, finish  that of others not qualified by  Isn't this plain horse sense ?  15  AR* and we boast that his  nd material* is superior to  experience  m  this ;:, line..:  M_W_���ltiMIM IIP  in-iiT-iumi"* ...���...'!_������ - i ��������ff���.��������]M.���..-_.-f__Tr. |        <t |,| | ,,,.,,���^--������ppf-  ,/ '  _aw-M.ju��g��3eiii L��Wii��n in i jmn ii���tJum���-lUni.iw.-rJa-  different patterns to select from, Our stock of  Clothing has been pronounced by an Eastern Clothing Salesman  to be H The best selected and largest line of high^class clothin.  ��� the District of Yale/f Verify, this statement for  $7,5CV10f 12;50i 1330itf15i'17#"60i'20f.22*60 and $25 gives you  your choice of the  "Plain Wide Rim  Straw at ..25c  Fancy Medium at...^oc.  Caps, English style.:..75c.  Cow Boy Felts $2:50  ��������  We handle Standard  makes only and offer  better values at j^c:  to $3:50 than can be  found elsewhere here  _53_____.__3  ���5*1  'h     e*  ��L___________  <_    ^~^K^  CALL   OUSOKLY X y��"  wish  to take advantage of COST o" this line  This is no f--'~ ���" -4 "  iaat      au<  We are closing it out and -will not restock,    /  72   IN. UNBLEACHED  SHEETING, EXTRA HEAVY  BLEACHED  PILLOW CASING   "  0   pet* Yard,  0,  per Yard,  *3,  "9  ft.  ���^,.y_-'yfr?;^  BMMB!KBm_.t_j-��i!--UiP  era  V -,"-,.T  ft-.V-A  f -.  -ll.-l  1ST A  y-i.���*s  /..-*������ :���:'������/'  V ��:_^  . *F.--*-.-V THE   BOUND ARY   GREEK   TIMES.  rroaaE---K_a9Bm_KV-T-*i-R->  If_E/VD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,      B.O.  Capital, ������'���$1,500,000.  >d*V"  1,500,000 Shares, par Value $1,00.    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,  500,000  Shares.  r   ��� '   ','    ;. ' Officers: ��� |"  ,;     President:   HON.   T.   A\.   DALY.   Ex-Minister  of Interior.  Vice-President:   ANDREW   KELLY,   of-Alexander.   Kelly &  Co.,   Brandon,  Man.  Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  Board   of   Directors : o  Hon. cJ. N. Kirchoffer^ W. A. Macdonald, Q.C., Ered. Nation, W.L. Lindsay, Wm. cJohnsOn,  '^ W. A. Puller, W. ci. Porter, and G; II. Collins.  Owns   the "Golden Crown" mineral claim and has a bond on the "Calumet," situated in  Welli^ -  P  tm  DISTRICT NEWS.  The contract has been let for the  erection of a large three-storey hotel at  Fairview.  Mr. A. Milthorpe, who is doing- very  well in Rossland as a surveyor's  draughtsman, visited Boundary this  week for tlie purpose of arranging for  the disposal of his property in L/ong  L/ake camp.  The new Haniill block on Copper  street will be completed by June 1st.  The ground floor has been leased to M.  H}. Frazee who will open a stationery,  confectionery and fruit store. He will  also carry a. full line of tobaccos. The  upper flat has been leased to C. J. Mc-  Arthur, who immediately sublet to A.  H. Harrison. 0  Ten prospectors who are under contract with Mr. R.li). Brown, left Spokane^ oti Sunday evening: on a^ six  months trip through Boundary Creek  and surrounding districts. The prospectors come from Coeur d'Alene. It is  understood that they will receive a  stipulated monthly salary and one-  third of all locations.  Prospectors coming- in from the West  Fork of Kettle river report having met  a party of prospectors sent out by the  Columbia & Western Railway Co. The  leader of the party was uncommunicative as to its object, but it is understood  that the company is anxious to secure  all the inforiimtion possible regarding  the district before deciding- whether to������  accept the subsidy of ^4,000 a mile in  preference to the land grant.  Dan Stewart and Arch. Felto, who  were out prospecting for Mr.- Robert  Wood on the West Fork of Kettle river,  returned to Greenwood on Wednesday  evening, after having- located the Rob  Roy and the Sally claims. The new  claims are situated in Hig-hland camp,  about 30 miles above the Meadows.  Mr. Gibbs made an assay of surface  ore broug-ht down by Messrs. Stewart  and Felto and found that it ran over 40  ounces in silver with a trace of gold.  From a cursory examination, Messrs.  Stewart and Felto came to the conclusion that the vein on the Sally was  about 20 in. in width, while that on the  Rob Roy ran from five to six feet and  could be traced for a long distance. A  larg-e number'of prospectors are going  into the district in which the claims  are located.  e^K_��_>^.-_____K __cn.T_r����T�����!?!>����������� *"e_i"'_n:_____-r,��.__M:  JOHN  A.  CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Cifrif (Sttfjtneeiv  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrig-ation Projects, Engineering- and Surve3r  Work, with plans and Estimates in aii3r portion  of the province, immediatel.v attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining* camps of Kettle River Mining* Division.  Residence   -   -  MIDWAY.  SANSOM &  HOLBROOK,  .._.'',/;-��� ������-...  FINANCIAL   AND     MINING   BROKERS.  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  OFFICE     AT     GREENWOOD     CITY,     B.O.  ���   tm   "-nr-T'ifrri   i nmrTMn i'TiTH'iii iiii-niflwi-Hrinr  jj^v..' c*>.  SHERBROOKE,   <__>UE.  Sit.     _.'__     SI'*  '"I?     '"If"     '"If"  si'*    si'*    si*  '"'f~      '"'f~      *^iF  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.    Send for Catalog-ues.   F.   R.  MEN DEN HALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  I .s_crrj__wzir*vi.'r-3i_W[  ftA  IS/'  I beg- to notify the public that I have taken over Mr. W. B. Paton's stock  of Furniture, together with the Store on Copper street; and that the present  stock will be at once added to.  Ordered Work promptly attended to by a competent Cabinet-maker & Upholsterer.  ���>�� R E F�� A I R I NT G . <����^���  �����>-<ffl��-��^0>-O-<)����-8>-<C*-���<�������>-<M��  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Si  h  b  *.**!  L1  m THE   BOUNDARY   CfiEEK   TIMES.  Boundary, Vallfejr Lodge,;  No. 38, f.0.O,F.������_  f EETS.:eVery Tuesday.  V Evening-' at.: 8.00;: in:>  their lodg-e room a*t'6reenwoo4, B.C.^^cordial,  invitation is extended to all sojourning* bretli- ;  ren. -   J Thos. Hardy, N.G.:'  W. J. Hakber, Rec: Sec.  MINERAE   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  THE OLD ENGLAND mineral claim, situate on the north fork of Rock creek, in  the Osoj'oos mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Camp McKiiiuej-.     .."���:<,  Take notice that we, Hentx Nicholson, free  miner's certificate No. 90,585. and Edward  James, free miner's certificate No. 64,195, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of improvements^ for the purpose of obtaining- a  crown grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be connuenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 23rd day of April, 1897. 34-S.  MINERAL    ACT,    1896r  Certificate  of Improvements,  ;- ,.: notice. -'Av^y VvX "([  V~l\/TOTHER LODE mineral claim, situate in  JLVjL  the Kettle River miu trig- division of Yale  ' district.    Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, the Boundarv^ Mines  Company-, free miner's certificate No. 81,264, intend, sixty da}rs froni the date hereof, to appl3T  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining* a  Crown g-rant of the above claim.       '  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of April, 1897. 32-S  MINERAE    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.  BULLION Mineral claim, situate in the  Osoyoos mining* division of Yale district.  Where located : Camp Fairview.  Take notice that I, Charles de Blois Green, as  ag-ent for E.L. Tate, free miner's certificate  No. 66,605, and A. B. Railton, free miner's certificate No. 79,525, and G. F. Lafrenz, free miner's certificate No. 75,857, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the.Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining* a Crown grant of the  above claini.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced befere the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 30th day of March, 1897. 30  TVTOTICE is herebj' g-iven that with the writ-  JL jL teu consent of Shareholders representing*  two-thirds of the capital stock of The Bullion  Mining- & Milling- Company, Limited Liability,  the head office of said compan3r will be removed  from Greenwood, in the district of Yale, to  Midwa3r, in said district, on the 21st day of  June next, in accordance with section 41 of the  " Companies Act, 1890."  Greenwood, B.C., May 8th, 1897.  : Randolph Stuart, J. C. Haas,  36- Secretary. President.'  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands.of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  ��  Of all kinds and leng-ths.  4 foot wood $2.25 per cord, delivered.  16 to 20 inch ..$3.00 per dbl. cord       ,,  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  J8ST* Orders ma3r be left at the Times office.  >; GRAND SCENERY.���:.;. ���������.���..-' f LOW ��� RATES.  I ::S'}. MODEL -ACCOMMODATIONS;/ ''.> . ;':?' g'~;  '|'.",' 'J^OE^P^; r;T<_>' I '���_fcE^_V>.:|l;^  ���f Without chahg-e of Cars, via  RAILWAY  ��*  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting* of palace  sleeping- cars, luxurious dining* cars, eleg*aut  Aay coaches, niag-nificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  ''.'������  The onl3r line running- thrbug-h  tourist cars  from the coast  ''j'; -\   ( WINNIPEG,  ���j MINNEAPOLIS  ,( ST;   PAUL,  L TORONTO,  - v  MONTR.3AL,  TO  I  BOSTON, ,���  WITHOUT    CHANGE I  Lowest rates to  and from  J Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in ever3' respect superior to aii3' ships that have 3ret sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via an\- other Trans-Patific line.  ���' ' Si*     Sit.    '.������.-���   *&'��� ������ -*'*c ���������'::  Canadian-Australian Steamer EiNE  -TO���  <*?.  Honolulu, Fiji anil Australia,  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carr3* an experienced-medical man  and a stewardess on ever3r voyag*e.  For time tables,-pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, GEO. McL. BROWN  Ag-ent, Dist; Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  MINERAE   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  .-������o������ '  notice.  JEWEL Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River  mining-   division of Yale district..  Where located : Long- Lake camp.  Take notice that I, Leslie Hill, as ag-ent for  F. Dittmer, free miner's certificate No. 81,118,  L. Bosshart, free miner's certificate No. 87,597,  Mar3r Garland, free miner's certificate No. 70,289  intend, sixt3' da3^s from the date hereof, to apply- to the. Mining- Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  crown grant to the .above claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 27th day of March, 1897. 30  MINERAE  ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  DENERO GRANDE Mineral claim, situate  in the Kettle River mining* division of  Yale district. Where located: Long* Lake  camp. ���,*-��� .-������..���.'  Take notice that I, Leslie Hill, as ag-ent for  F. A. Shonquest, free miner's certificate No.  68,420, and Mary McArthur, free miner's certificate No. 87,402, intend, sixt3r da3~s from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a  certificate of improvements, tor the purpose of  obtaining- a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27th day of March, 1897. 30  'he GreenWd look Store.  ^V'��e-Mi��-NS^9^��*^4*Ms^��MC>e^0^e^s^_^4e>.��<ffi>e<ee>��4��  Next door.tb McKag-ue's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos ,,  ^C Fancy Goods & Stationery  Si*     Sit.     Si*  '"if"     fif"     '"if"  The Fast Line.-Superior Service  THROUGH   TICKETS  To ail points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls & Northern Ry,  Trains Depart from Spokane :  No. 1, West bound   ...-.';...   8:25 p.m.  No. 2, East bound   ,'...'.'......   7:00 a.rii.  mm  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. 'Co.  si'*    Si*    Si*  '%**      ���*��?*      '"Vf~  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, axDply to Ag-ents of  the  S. F. & N.   or  5   D.   GIBBS,  General Ag-ent,  Spokane, Wash.  ''. '      '' ......or..:....; ,  A. D. CHARLTON,  Northern Pacific,-Ass't. Gen. Pass. Agent  225;Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  : Portland, Oregon.  SI'*     Sit.     SI'*  ' '"If"      '"If"      '"lf~  Write  for  new   Map   of   the  Kootenay  country,  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced b3\ experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran    Shorts    Chop    Etc  NOTICE is hereb3r g-iven that 60 da\-s after  date I intend applj-ing* to the Honourable  the O-hief Commissioner of Lands aud Works  for permission to purchase the following- tract  of land, viz. : Commencing at the north-west  corner of the Twin mineral claim, in Skylark  camp, and running* thence east  thence running* north 20 chains ;  20 chains ; thence south 40 chains ,  40 chains ; thence north 20 chains  commencement, comprising* 120 acres or less,  known as lot 663, tp. 79, Oso3'oos division of  Yale district. OTTO   DILLIER.  Greenwood, B.C., May 15th, 1897. 37-8  20 chains ;  thence east  thence west  to  point of  u  rpr  ;\ ^'��^"T'���"li .S^ 'j1*!^  rJ^_,^v^^���s.,J.|,^",^v^^��^,:^ll^^ j?��!*^Wraffl_-_n-_"_vSas^  )gtiHimsHj|3ei9imifft����aBB!iimiHipiiiiHiiiii!iii!il  ZxUStUBl  G.   ARTHUR   ���REHD��LL--:..v.^^ ���-������...President  D,   A: HOLBROOK .:...^  C.   VV.   H.  SANSOM ���'....���; ��� -..,.,. ... ........^........  Secretary and Treasurer.  (Sdnfeet*:  'BANK  OF ^MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  Capitalisation, 1,500,000 Shares. Treasury, 700,000 Shares,  Tar value, $1.00.     Fully paid and non-assessable.  Incorporated October 21st, 1896, under the �� British  Columbia  " Companies  Act" and amending Acts.  - ���   -        \>  The Company's properties are fully paid for.  4  V,-<."  Hags denote the Company's group of Twelve Claims.  'HIS PROPERTIES of the Company consist of Twelve claims lying- in a group and named as follows : The  "Fred D ," " S. H. B.," ''Big- T^edg-e," " D. A.," "O. B.," " S. F.," " G. A, R.," "J. A. C,"'"'" P. H.,"  "C. S. & H.," Prospective," and" E. C B.,"fully shown and explained in the Map Plan. They are, with  the exception of two, all full claims, 1,500 feet by 1,500 feet in size, g-iving a surface area of about 400 acres. Eying-  as they do on a steep sloping- hill, they offer unusually g-ood facilities for drainag-e and for rapid and economical  development by main working- tunnels driven in from the base of the hill. These are some of the first principal  locations made on Boundary Greek.  Active  development  work  has  been  g-oing; on  since  the  incorporation   of  the  Company,   October  21st, 1896.  Head Ornce  GREENWOOD CITY. B.C.  1  i^f   Attention is  particularly  called to  the  larg-e  amount   [700,000 shares]   of stock  put  into  the  Treasury,  and  that  all  the  properties   are  fully   paid  for.  Write   for   Prospectus   and   Plan.cr  ttv:  ___-__* v-t ^tfv.# \T  >���    ���' ��"*,  ~T  TT,*v���uJvH i\-cv:�����*5W  '/,    U  ���Wi^H G  ****�� r  B_ *   /*"������"��� �����I�����  EST  r\i ����^_jLJ 1 ,  *���. .. j  <m^VBY USING ^_  /T*  -  ii  V  rlto.vV'J_S> ?-::;:���-.n-^ ������*���*ifis^!��'..^i.   "m_  l,%H&Q*v> -'  1  ���4  ^i  WX  OF   EVERY   DESCRIPTfc  ft (t ft  Mr  4


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