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 ->  -I *.'  legislature  Library  Published Semi-Weekly in the Interests of' the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, V.  GREENWOOD, B. G, WEDNESDAY,   MARCH 8,   1899.  137 No. 33  ��� Ltd.  .��.vtt\\vveKk  BUILDERS   OF  MMmmntMt  S^&^^^^^^^^^i8^8^^s&siS:siS=^^^^Q^&s(3S&s&:  2__2js*2_=2js2_=?  Y MINING  >��:=5'a*-5^:**o***^^  for flic 'design and construction of complete Stamp Mills, Concentration,  CJiIorinatioiij Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  >-��  if?  cj  w  u  ��� v4  G  o  rC  ��� tH  Mh  o  -��  s  o  d  a  �����*W  \  O  o  ���J4  O  O  o  ��  &  to   >���*���  - ���   u  �����i  ��� ���i  G  o  urlay Co  Machine  o  CO  "+H  o  o  r��  CO  O  -M  <3  tT  <L>  o  bfl  a  4b  ha  <1  c5  .���-  *Ih  o  o  u  (0  02  a  s  J3  o  S3  '   E  o  o  r��  CD  p*  >  crc?  rt>  n  3  o  r-t-  W  CO  H-V  O  co n  (-*  elebra  AWS  w  rf-  *.   **.  73  a  C-  O  j_H  o  C5  -�����  CO  52  o  ts  ���*  P  CJ*  a*.  fu  H  Hi  o  O  o  *-J  Head Office and Works s  PBTBRB0R0, 0KT,  Branch Offices.-  MacKinnon Building, Vancouver,  And Greenwood, B.C. harry howson. a^.  --    ��� V*���  BEFORE   ORDERING.  It would be well to call on  Fancy Groceries to be found in the city,  Who have the most com/  _* plete stock of Staple and  t$r   C~^C~^   0pp0Slte tne international Hotel,  :..QC.;.;v^yr/..     Copper Street Greenwood.  E. WEEKS .& cb., Proprietors, Copper street, Greenwood.       . . ' . ' *'���'.'.:'!  ���-  Strictly First Class. Redecorated and Furnished, Heated with Hot Air. Lighted Throughout  with Acetylene Gas, The Favorite Hotel for Mining and Commercial Men.  ONLY   THE   BEST   BRANDS   OF  CIGARS   AND   LIQUORS   KEPT   IN   STOCK.  Hot and Cold Baths and Hair Dresser's Establishment on the Premises.  J.   J.   CAULFIELD ..'. .  Neil H. -Lamont.  CAULFIELD   ���DEALERS IN-  STOVES AND TINWARE AND  BUILDERS' MATERIAL,. PAINTS, OIL AND  GLASS  Goods Arriving Daily,    One Car at Penticton, Two Cars at Marcus, One Car in Transit,  Reserve. Your  Heavy Orders Until You Can See Our Goods  and  Prices,  Copper Street, Three Doors Below the Bank of Montreal.  IS THE UEST HOTEL IN GREENWOOD. A New Buildiiijf, well furnished.' First-class  Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Liquors and Ciyars.a HeadquarterS"for Mining  and Commercial Men.  Copper Street, Greenwood.  AN   ANALOGOUS   CASE.  Victoria, and Greenwood Have Similar Qualification Troubles-  Those who feel agrieved because the  Boundary Creek Times pointed out the  danger .in having men not properly  qualified elected to the council, should  ������; read the following- decision by Mr.  Justice Drake in Victoria. It was a  case in which Alderman. Langley was  asked in a friendly way to defend his  right to his seat. ��� Th decision follows:  "The plaintiff in this action sues  for penalties alleged to be incurred by  the defendant for sitting and voting as  an alderman of the city of Victoria  without being duly qualified. The  facts admitted are that the defendant  was nominated for alderman for the  South ward of the city on the 9th of  January, and was declared by the returning officer duly; elected on the 12th  of January. That the defendant was  registered owner as a tenant in common in equal shares of property in the  city of the assessed value of $1,800,  and had been so registered for a period  of six months previous to the nomination day. That a mortg-age was  registered against the said property  for "51,000, which was paid off on the'  4rd of January, 1899, but the mortgage  wtts not cancelled in the land registry  office until the 13th of January.  " The first point to be considered is  to be attached to section 13 sub-section  (b), defining the qualifications of an  alderman. He is to be of full age and  not disqualified under any law. These  statutory disqualification's are contained in section 19, and it is.admitted  that the defendant does not come  within-any of the disqualifications there  mentioned. Then he is to have been  registered for six months next preceding the day of nemination as the owner  of land, or real property,in_ the land  registry office of the value, as^appears  by the" municipal assessment roll, of  $500 over and above any registered incumbrance or charge.       :-  "Mr. Walls contends that:if during*  the period of six months preceding- the  nomination day any incumbrance is  registered ag*ainst the property reducing the va*[ue to a sum less than $500,  the candidate is not duly qualified.  On the other hand, Mr. Peters argues  that the clause is to be read as relating to the registration of ownership  for the next six months, that as long  as no incumbrance is existing* on the  nomination day, there is no disqualification.  " I think the true meaning*, of the  section lis that the candidate , has to  show a clear unincumbered value of  $500 for the whole period of six months.  Mr. Peters urged that he could show-  that the incumbrance was in fact an  incumbrance effected by the co-owner,  and the money used for her .benefit  only, but this contention cannot override the mortgage, which was a mortg-age of the whole lot granted by both  the owners to secure the sum of $1,000  and interest. It matters not what became of the money or by whom it was  borrowed. The framers of the statute  appear to have had this object in view,  that an alderman should be is possession of property, here of a very trifling  amount, clearly show that he was not  an insolvent, but had such an interest'  iu the municipality as would tend  to a careful administration of municipal duties. '  J:  ^^X  OF EVERY  DESCRIPTION.  Always on hand, a full line of  Ledgers, Journals, Cash Books,  Record Books, Memos, Diaries,  Hotel Registers, etc,  **"-     &���     &���  .*%�����     %*     W  SMITH   &   McRAE,  Books, Statioueiy, Wallpaper, Notions  and Fancy Goods,  GREENWOOD,     B.O.  "The next'point  taken  is  that section  20, which   imposes   a  penalty  of  $50 for each time a  mayor or alderman  who is disqualified sits'and votes, does  not, according to the! true meaning of  that section, impose a  penalty in the .  present instance, as  the person has to'  be declared  to   be disqualified  before  the -penalty can  attach.,   The   short-  answer is that the statute declares the  incapacity, and  when  that exists the  penalty   attaches   if   the   improperly  elected candidate sits and votes.    It is  admitted that the election has not been  questioned within the  period of thirty  days mentioned1 in  section 86, of cap.  68, for   the purpose of declaring the  seat   vacant.     That   section   enables  any voter to present  a  petition praying* that ah  election  may  be avoided  on   the   grounds   therein    mentioned  amongst  others,   not    possessing  the  necessary property qualification or being under some disqualification.    The  petition had to be  filed  within  thirty  days from the election, or from  the  date when such disqualification arose,  and no writ of quo warranto shall issue  after   the   expiration   of   thirty days  from the declaration of  the  returning*  officer.   This  indicates  that  the  proceeding b^*  quo warranto  is  only applicable to the case of an invalid election, and not to the case where the disqualification arose subsequently.    But  it appears to me that proceedings under this section are not  the only mode  avoiding an election.     Section  20 of  cap 144 points out an   additional mode.  The two sections contained as they are  in different acts can be  read together,  and do not conflict.  "Section 20 is. rather obscure, as it  does not define by whom the disqualification is to be ascertained, it says:  'Any person who is disqualified by the  preceding section,' the,defendant is  not one of those persons, 'or who shall  -��� be declared'lucupitble of beii.'^eiected.'  I think that means declared 'by the  statute to be ineligible by not possess,  ing the necessary property qualification or so declared by some judgment  of a court of competent jurisdiction,  'his election and return shall be null  and void, and if he sits and votes he  shall incur a penalty of $50 for each  time he so sits and votes.' The statute  avoids the election not the court, the  court deals with the penalty; it is to  be noted that if the proceedings are  taken under section 86, of cap. 68 they  are to be taken within thirty days, but  if the proceedings are taken under  section 20 of cap. 144 there is no limit  to the time mentioned in the act; the  procedings would therefore be governed  by sec. 3 and 4, William IV, cap 42.  " I therefore give judgment for the  plaintiff for the sum of $50 and costs."  ^f??ffnm!?fnH?f??n?mnH!?n?mmn????n?mn?mmmmmH!mfnHHUH?HHnn?mmnH!?n^  ^^  BOUNDARY   FALLS   POWER   SOLO.  A Syndicate Has Purchased the Charter and  Assets of the Company.  On Saturday Mr. Hector McRae and  and his solicitor, Mr. C. R. Hamilton,  arrived from Rossland. The object of  their visit was to close the negotiations in connection with the purchase  of the Boundary Falls water power  and the other assets of the Greenwood  Water Power company. The deal was  closed and the first payment made..  The price has not been made public,  but it is understood to be in the neighborhood of $15,000.  Mr. McRae represents a strong syndicate, whose intention is to install a  large plant at the Falls and generate  electricity for light and power purposes. The Greenwood Water. Power  and Light company was incorporated  by a provincial act during 1897. It se-  secttred right to^he power at Boundary Falls and also water rights in the  different creeks, but the latter rights  have since been handed over to the  city by the company. At Boundary  Falls a dam has been constructed  about 150 feet above the falls. The  dam is 30 feet high. It is made of  strong timbers filled witli rock. The  work was carried on under the superintendence of A. M. Rice and is  securely built.  The new owners have already given  an earnest of their intention to immediately utilize the power. Their  solicitors, Messrs. Pringle *& Whiteside, are making application to the  city council for permission to erect  poles and string wires and to use all  other necessary provisions for .supplying the city with electricity for power  and light purposes. In their application the company state that they arc  prepared to l��e/iu work iminedi.-itely. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  /     H.   HALLETT.  Q^drttcter, J$oftctfov,  .'''���'.       .NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,    3.O.  pniNGLE   &   WHITESIDE,  Banisters and Solicitors,  '    . QtofGriCB (puSfie, etc.,  Bakkktt Block, Coimmjh Stkkkt,  ckkknwood.  CTORBES   M.   KE.RBY,   ,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Sue. Civil Eiifrineers,  (J)rotrincfaf -feanb JSutttegor  AND  CIVIL  KNniNlCIiK,  -- (Jtofnr-j (pullft'c ��� MiowAY,   B.C.  pr     W.    GROVES.  ,     Civil 6r Milling Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  , OKKIJNWOOI),   Jl. C.  Mineral Cl:iiins Reported upon.  lJn<Iei**.**romul Surveys.  <:. a. <;t;j.:ss, -it.a.  ii. a. guess, m.a.  Guess Bros.  Assayers & Chemists*  Tlinrouylily familiar with Boundary Creek  and l-'airview, 'minitij** districts. Properties  examined, assays ami analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  GKKICNWOOD, B. C.  QIIARLES AG. SI-IAW,  Civil    Engineer,  ��omt'nt'on  ano  (profjincicif  finno  |I-|iit'2ej>or.  GREENWOOD,       -B.C.  /       CHRISTIE.   M.R.C.V.S.  * (; (lilMNHUKGII, SCOTLAND)  Dominion Veterinary Inspector.  All   Domestic   Animals   treated   on   scientific'  principles.  Residence  ... .....   -   GREENWOOD, B.C.  :GYee^��- Assay ��mCe  JOE C. LUCKENBEL. Prop.  GREENWOOD    :    :    : ��������� B. C.  W.S. KEITH, M.E.,  GREENWOOD     -   '���'-    B.C.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  MO WAT & PALMER,  Mining and Real Estate Brokers  GREENWOOD.  M.   M.   KEEPER,  Rcatl Estate and Mining Brokcr  OmCE. OVER   BANK   OP   B. N. A.  ������',-     GREENWOOD.  REAL ESTATE AND MINING  PROPERTIES.  . . . THE MART. . .  W;.C. GAUNCE & CO., AgeaIS  Greenwood.  \Af     B.    PATON   &   CO.,  Mining and v  ���  >>  Real Estate Brokers  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  I'UHI.isiiku semi weekly h.v  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company, Limited. ���  Duncan Ross... Editor.  W.'.J. IIakiikk....; k Manager.  Advertising* Rates are Twenty-live Cents per  inch each insertion, or One Dollar per inch per  iiiiiiitli for the Wednesday or-Saturday edition  separately.- Lejfal notices, 10c. and 5c". per line.  No "quack-" or remedy ads. inserted at any  price. Subscriptions are due iu advance ; other  accounts payable monthly"  Address all communications to  Tins Tim us,  Greenwood, II.C.    -  Suii.sciai'Tio.-.*, SCJ.OO im*k Vi:ak, in  Advance.  WEDNESDAY, MARCH   8, IS')'*.  THAT SUBSIDY.  The Vernon News is unduly worried  about the action of parliament iu  withdrawing the subsidy for the road  from Penticton to Boundary Creek.  The News and other food residents of  Vernon have been sufficiently interested in railway. projects of the past  and have so anxiously watched for  the construction that never came,  ���that they ouyht to have learnt by this  time that the frriintiiifr of subsidies to  eiicourag-e charteriiiong*ers does not  hasten the construction of much-  needed railways. TheTi.MKSisstrong*ly  of the opinion that if no subsidies had .  been offered in the province more railways would have.been built. A promised  subsidy is the chartermonjrer's capital.  He lives upon it. It {jives him strength  If) lobby and obstruct the carrying* out  uf legitimate railway enterprises. The  action of the legislature teaches the  professional tail way promoters a salutary lesson. The News need not be  -ilarmed about delaying  the  construc  tion of a railway connecting* ��� the rich,  Okaiiagan with the richer mineral  region of the south. It is quite true  that one of the conditions under which  the old subsidy was granted was that  construction should beg*in at Penticton. The circumstances have changed  since then. It will be much easier to  continue construction from the end of  the Robson-Boundary Creek road. The  construction plants will be here and  supplies can be brought direct by rail.  We believe Vernon will have railway  connection with the south much more  quickly under  the , new   arrangement.  PROPER   QUALIFICATIONS.  PKO.i'i.ii'may  honestly differ regarding*   the best  methods of conducting  civic affairs.    It  would be a very poor  sign, indeed, if so little  interest were  taken in public  matters   that  no criticism of the  acts of public  men   were  offered.    So   far   as   the approaching  bye-election is concerned, there is however   one  question , upon   which   there  should be a unanimity of opinion, and  that is the question of candidates having   the  necessary   qualifications.    It  cannot help the  interests  of any  one  and cannot  but  hurt the  interests of  the city to  place   men   in  nomination  who  have   not   the   qualifications  required by  law.    No candidate  who is  not so qualified  will  be  allowed to retain his seat if elected.    To repeat the  fiasco in connection  with   the general  election can  only  bring  the  city into  disrepute.  THE  CORBIN CHARTER.  The good work of wiping out last  year's bad resolutions is still going on.  When the application for the Corbin  charter was made last yeai\ the board'  of trade in Victoria placed itself on -  record against the charter. This year,  her citizens are determined to make  amends for the folly of last winter,  and are taking* steps to show their en-  dorsation of the charter. The city  council even unanimously , passed a  resolution urging parliament to grant  the charter.  Kerby's Map of Wellington Camp.  Candies,   Tobaccos,   Cigars,  Druegirts' Sundries, Stationery, etc..  H. B  MUNROE, Greenwood.  ���^ .-  ^.  &,:  d  -Q-                      --.  w  Q  c  "Si  i  ���=�����-��**-:  .?=   P>  t  g CQ  p  S -S  o  o  ^  ��  $&���  CO  <s  0  5��  '3 5  rt-C  . 2 s>  ���a  c  a  a  . Is'now open under the  Management of . . ; .  -. - J. L. WHITE     -  Graduateof the Ontario  Colleg*e of Pharmacy...  Present quarters are in  The - Bannerman - Building:,  Copper street.   A full  * line   of   the following*  will be carried .....  TOILET ��� ARTICLES  English, French, Canadian and American . .  PE RFUMEST  Soaps, Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines. ��� .���"-../:.  ... Prescriptions a Specialty...  ~~    stocks: ���:  Brandon & Golden Crown .'..-... 28  Boundary Creek M. & M. Co  10  Highland Queen  5  Morrison  18}-*:  Camp McKinney Cold  M. & M. Co  5  Oro Deuoro *. : '.  25  Tin Horn  11  Tom Thunib  25 .  Winchester  8  Waterloo  15  Mowat &  Palmer,  Mining and Heal Estate Brokers,  GREENWOOD,    B.C.  For Sale or Lease.  p-*OMPLETK   ASSAY   OUTFIT.���Apply to  K. C. BROWN or W. S. KEITH;  130 * Copper Street, Greenwood,  Not in real estate, however. We are not among the fortunate ones who are  offering snaps on Copper street, but we still continue offering Groceries, Clothing*,  Gents' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Rubber Goods, etc., at prices that are  within the reach of all.  We have a complete line of Rubber Goods for 'Ladies, Misses, Children and  Men, including Miners'Knee and Hip G-iim Boots.    Remember the place,  The Old Reliable White Front Store.  (Next door to the Postoffice)        Government Street. Greenwood.  01S0N   &;: PHBLftN,    ..  OF    EVERY    DESCRIPTION. UPHOLSTERING.    ETC.  The Laru*est Stock iu the District.  UNDERTAKING     AND     EMBALM I NO.  uwp^  GALLEY &  C  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  IT  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B.C,  ":  -&"'.���'.'���$. ���������.-*.,  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining* Men.       Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  A Comfortable Sample Room.  ,. Heated by Hot Air.  J, W* NELSON  Proprietor,  X 4* 4* 4* 4*-4* 4*'i' 4r -Jr'fc 4? 4* 4*4* 4* 4'4* 4*4' 4*4* 4* 4*4* j?  4��  P.Burafe&Co.  FOB  Turkeys, Geese, DuckSi Chickens,  Oysters, Fish, and all kinds of  fresh and cured Meats, go to  P. BURHS & C��.  Head Office for Boundary Creek division at GREENWOOD.  Shops at Cascade. Grand Forks. Niagara, Greenwood and Midway.  *lw**  THE   PALACE   LIVERY   STABLE.  IN   THE  BOUNDARY   CREEK   DISTRICT.  Extra Well Fitted for Long Drives.    Saddle Horses  and Pack  Ponies.   Feed Barn,    Hay and  Oats For Sale,  A. W. ROBINS   -   -   ���-���' PROPRIETOR.  ROSSLAHD.  Greenwood.  %^ vestment andr^  ^.-UOk      V   .      ���'    ' LIMITED    LIABILITY. *      f fi  (gvxt &et<xit <xtib QXUmn$ <��vo&m, *  riNANCiAL & Insurance Agents*  GEO.   R.   NADEN.   /Manager  * 'GREENWCCD ��� *  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc,  &    i*.    ilfe    iVt  *��f   *��?   ���*���;*?   Vf  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood.  Capital, all paid up,  $12,000,000.  Rest  ... $6,000,000.  President :  Lohj) S*i*K4*rncoNA and Mount Rovai..  Vice-President:  Hon. Geokge a. Drummond.  General Manager.; E. S. Ci-ouston.  *"fe     iY^      ^*-  Branches in London (England),  New York, Chicago,  And in the principal cities in Canada.  ' a^-     a"**-      J**&  *��     %Jf     W  Buy and Sell Sterlinf,1* Exchange and  Cable Transfers; Grant Commercial  and Travellers' Credits, available in  any part of the World.  Drafts issued,  Collections  made,  etc.  Greenwood Branch*  _.       _     F.  J.   F1NUCANE, Manaeer.  THE   CANADIAN ~~  Head Office \J TORONTO.  Established 1807.  Paid-up Capital ��� > $6,CXX)(00a  [Six Million Dollars.]  Rest ,.......;.....;............:. $1,000,000.  PRESIDENT.  HON.   GJJO.   A.   COX.  B. B. WAI.KER,' J.   H. i-LUMMER,  General Manager.     Asst. General Manager.  This Bank, has the largest number of  Branches of any Bank in Canada, with  Ag-encies at New York, Chicago, New  Orleans, Skag-way arid Dawson City.  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants,  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits,  Travellers' Credits, and Circular Notes issued'  available in any part of the World.  Approved Notes Discounted, Collections made.  : A general Banking  business   transacted. .  ,  Greenwood Branch,.,.  :.D,  A. CAMERON;    .-.���  Manager.  THE   BANK   OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Roj-al Charter.  Paid-up Capital...... $4,866,666.  Reserve Fund. $1,387,000. *  London Office :  3   Clement's'Lane,   Lombard   Street, E.C.  ��  Court of Dikectoks :  J. H. Brbdie, John James Cater, Gaspard Fairer, Richard H. Glvn, Henrv I. R. Farrer, Ed.  Arthur Hoare, H. j. B. Kendall, J. J. Kinsfs-  ford, Fred. Lubbock, Gebrjfe D. Whatman.  Secretary^-A. G. Wallis.  Head office in Canade : St Janies-st., 'Montreal  H. Stikcman, yeneral manager.  J. Elmslev, inspector.  ������'.., '-#-':'"V;-";  Bka.nchbs in Canada :  London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, Mon-  ��� treal, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, St. John N.B.,  Brandon, Winnipeg*, Fredericton N.B., Halifax  Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo, Trail,  Aslicroft ; Dawson City, Klondike, N.W.T.,  and Greenwood, B.C.  Agijnts in the United. States :  Spokane���Traders' National Bank, and Old  National Bank. New York���(52 Wall-street)  W. Lawson and J. C Welsh, agents. San  Francisco���(124 Sansoine-street) H. J. McMich-  ael and J. R. Ambrose, agents.  London Bankers: .  The Bank of Eiifc'land and Messrs. Glyu <t Co.  Foreign. Agents :  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. Australia���  Unior. Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union Bank of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Chartered Mercantile  Bank of India, London and China, Ajrra Hank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris���Marcuard  Krauss & Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyomiais.  F. T. SHORT. Manager.  Greenwood. B.C.  CORYELL'S MApTjWccIT^  Kerby's Map of Wellington Camp, $1.00  A line line of  Pipes,   Cigars/  Tobacco     &J  and Pouches   '  J. A. UNSWORTH,  Druggist ^ + ^Midway.  ^immiiimmmAmiiM  1R. F. Coates & Go. I  3 Contractors       H  CS Greenwood,  B.C. S^:  3 # * ����� g  ���^g   Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialty .-���*������  /Mv  i?  t  'mL  l-A��5tf*ST^iJ^B*gfl-*W*e*TJ.>.ljL J-Llul J MliLltllJ'^M si:,  mr  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  For Sale on Easy Terms.  Apply to   C.   E.   MALLETTE,   at Sawmill office.  A   NEW  MANAGER.  Mr. James Anderson Retires from the Management' of the< Bank of B. N. A. in Greenwood'.  ���>������ Mr. James Anderson, the manag-er  of the local branch of the Bank of  British North America, left for Rossland on Monday. His successor, Mr;  P. T. Short, formerly manag*er of'the  Ashcroft branch, arrived on Friday,  accompanied by Mrs. Short.  During* his residence here, Mr. Anderson made a host of personal friends  ..as.well as many-for the institution  with which he is connected. There is  g*enerai regret expressed at his- departure. Mr; Anderson reciprocates  this.feeling*. He liked Greenwood and  the Greenwood people. Those who  control the destinies of a big* institu--  tion like a chartered bank are usually  reticent about making* public their  affairs, but it would not be surprising*  if the Bank of British North America  is contemplating* another rapid movement in the shape of opening a branch  in some new field, and they want  "Jimmy" Anderson to lead the way  in the undertaking.  LIQUOR   LICENSE   AMENDMENTS.  Some Drastic Changes In the Law Regulating  Liquor Licenses.  During* .the recent session of the  legislature, an amendment- was made  to the liquor act, which is to the effect  that the license is. the property of the  licensee and not the hotel or saloon.  Hon. Mr. Martin, in moving' the  second reading* of the measure, said  that althoug-h the bill was short, it was  very important. Some years ag*o the  law had been changed so that in some  portions of the province the license,  although obtained by the licensee, belongs to the landlord. He did not  think this system applied in any part  of Canada except in. some portion's of  the Province of British Columbia. It  did apply iu Victoria . and. Nanaimo,  althoug*h not in some portions of the  province. He -could not believe there,  was any property in a license except  so far as it was personal -for the  licensee. The general law provided  that .persons who apply- for a liquor  license must g*et the consent of a certain' percentag-e of the number .of  -owners of property /in the block in  which the property to which the license  applies is situated. That consent is,  generally speaking-, g-iven or withheld,  according* to the character of the man  who applies for the license. He would  . not say it was not also sometimes due  to the character of the building in  which the business was to be carried  on, but that was incidental, and a  matter which is always considered by :  the license commissioners. It had  been suggested that a man might build  a fine hotel, and after the licensee receiving a license the value of the  building would be lost by the removal  of the license. There was, however,  in his opinion no danger of that, as  the license commissioners would undoubtedly decide in favor of the landlord of the hotel premises, but the injustice existed in allowing a man who :  had a place not well ' suited for an  hotel, which was practically., only a  saloon, having his tenant under his  control, because no matter how unfair  a man might be, he had the .license in  his hands. It was therefore proposed  to make 1he law similar to that in other  parts of Canada. The law was a  reasonable law���that he was to have  the privilege of applying to the license  commissioners to remove that license  to other premtses, subject to the consent of the property holders in the  new location, and to. the license commissioners, the interest of the public  being protected by the commissioners.  He could see no reason why A, B or C,  who had a property not' exactly suited  for a hotel, and which  was practically  only a store, should have a special  value attached to that property because it had a liquor license; That.  was a state of things protested against  by everyone connected with the business. -:   .  The following amendment, moved  by Mr: A! W. Smith, was adopted. It  applies to all licensed houses :  "Every holder of a retail liquor  license who allows the gambling games  known as draw poker, stud'poker,  black jack, faro, or any other games  of chance to be played for money, or  for checks, or other devices that represent mone3r, in or. on, any part of his  premises to which the guests and public have access is guilty of an offence,  and liable, on summary^ conviction  before a county court judge, stipendiary magistrate or two justices of the  peace, to a penalty not exceeding one  hundred dollars nor .less than twenty  dollars for the first offence, and ;not  exceeding two hundred dollars jior less  than oneJhundred dollars for the second  offence, and-in default of payment to  imprisonment for ��� a term: riot exceeding three months, and in case of the  holder of a retail, liquor license being  convicted a third time the license to be  cancelled." .'.':        .     .   ...'".     .-   ---:Ir  Establish Eii 1.S62.  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The nominations to fill the existing*  vacancies in the municipal council  were held to-day, G. B. Taylor being-  returning* officer. Robert Wood, who  was nominated by Alderman Galloway and M. J. Phelan, was elected by  acclamation in the North ward. The  following* were placed in nomination  in the South ward :" G. Arthur Rendell,  nominated by Alderman Geo. R. Naden, Ralph Smailes and Robert Wood ;  Thos. McDonnell, proposed by Alderman Naden, Thos. Gttlley and Ralph  Smailes; J. A. Cameron, nominated  by Mayor Hardy and Alderman Sutherland, and George H. Cropley, nominated by Mayor Hardy and A. M. Wilson.  <- The election in the South ward will .  be held on Saturday from 8 to 4. '  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  P. J. O'Reilly of the Cascade Record  was in the city this week.  Alderman Jeff Davis, and Ernest  Miller of Grand Forks were in.the city  for a few days this week.  Matt McGlade, charged with stealing* two cases of liquor from the  Pioneer hotel, was committed for trial  by Police Magistrate Hallett.  Howard Cameron, who was arrested  in Gresnwood on a warrant from Cascade, was discharged by the magistrates.' The charge was obtaining*  goods tinder false pretences.  The mail,service between Rossland  and Greenwood continues 1o get worse '  daily. Once upon a time, not many  years ago, Rossland mail reached  Greenwood in less than two days.  Five days is about the swiftest service  at present.  The corner of Deadwood and Government streets is the favcrite building site at present. Excavations are  under way for the buildings to be  erected by Messrs. Wood, Powell, El-  kins and Fletcher. Mr. Posty has  started the erection of a two-story  hotel near this corner. D. R. Mc-  Elmon will also build on Deadwood  street shortly.  Rosslanders are still among* the majority of the many new arrivals. This  week no less than eight Rossland business men were in the city searching*  for business locations. Among* them  were Wilson McKninon of the Al-  hainbra hotel, Harry Mcintosh of the  Hoffman house, Escalet, the famous  restaurant man, and Harry Bell of the  Bellevue hotel. Escalet will open a  first-class restaurant.  Geo. Chappie and Ed. Davey of  Grand Forks are in the city.  W. S. Keith'is away on a business  trip to Camp McKinney.  Mrs. A. G. Davis left  Saturday for  a month's visit to friends  in Spokane.  ��� ���    ���_   - -,:      /���....;.      '. ���  Foss & McDonnell's tunnel near  Niagara is in 400 feet. There is 300  feet to complete.  Geo. Whiteside, a prominent resident of Kaslo, is in the city investing*  in real estate.  W. T. Krebs, formerly of the paymaster's office, is in charge of the contractors' store at Greenwood.  Dr. Foster has the railway hospital  in running order. There are one or  two patients in the building*.  F. M. McLeod, senior member of the  legal firm of McL,eod, Pring*le &  Whitesfde, Rossland, has been in the  city for several days.  Mr. Sidney M. Johnson and bride arrived from the east on Friday and  started housekeeping* in the pretty  cottage which was recently occupied  by Mr. Ostroski.      *  City Assessor Keith has completed  the assessment roll for the year. The  assessment totals in round numbers  $550,000. This is $280,000 more than  that of last year. ''  The current issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains notice of  registration of the Greenwood-Crescent Gold Mining company, organized  to operate Skylark camp properties.  Mrs. W. J. Francis died at the Sacred Heart hospital, Spokane, last  week, after having undergone an operation for the removal of a tumor. The  deceased lady has many friends in  Greenwood who sympathize with the  bereaved husband.  W. A. Hanken of Montreal has taken  charge of the Grand Forks Miner.  Mr. Hanken is an experienced newspaper man. He was a member of the  press gallery, Ottawa, for several  years. It is understood that the new  townsite company has acquired control of the Miner.  The regular meeting of the city  council was not held on Monday evening, as Alderman Sutherland was  absent and consequently no quorum.  A special meeting was held Tuesday  evening, when a temporary loan bylaw and a by-law granting right of  way to the Greenwood Power company  were introduced.  The new hotel at the Old Ironsides  is completed. The building is one of  the best in the district. It is a large  two-story frame, plastered and well  finished throughout. It contains 16  comfortable sleeping* rooms. The work  of construction was under the supervision of W. D. Palmer of Greenwood.  Wynkooj? & Stephens will have charge.  Henry Brelich, the engineer in  charge of the Copperopolis and Magnolia properties, is away on a business  trip to Nelson.  D. Mcintosh of ��he Winnipeg^ and  Harry Howson, agent for the Wm.  Hamilton Manufacturing company,  have returned from Spokane.  : F. R, Mendenhall, the agent for'the  Canadian 'Rand Drill and Jenckes  Machine companies, is in the city negotiating the sale of two big plants for  Boundary Creek properties. He intends opening an office in Greenwood  in the near future.  ', Henry L/itkeman, a well-known mining engineer, was in the city Tuesday.  He examined the, work : on the Oro  Denoro and. outlined plans for future  development. Mr. L/iikeman also examined another Summit camp property that is under option for a big  figure to Rossland parties.  D. B. Bogle and W. J. Redd in returned from Camp McKinney last  Saturday. During their visit ��� in the  camp they purchased the Radja claim  from Joe Frank and Geo. M. Bennett.  The property was acquired for the  Canada Western conipany. The Radga  adjoins the Fontenoy and Vernon and  is considered one of the best properties in the camp.  Five new hotel licenses were granted  by the board of license commissioners  at-their regular quarterly meeting on  Wednesday. The licenses were granted  as follows : Alfred Cameron, Rossland  house ; Thos. Walsh, Kootenay hotel ;  J. E. Hooper, Arlington hotel. H. D.  Thompkins, Ottawa ��� house, and H. B.  Madden, Pacific hotel. The consideration of Walter Waterland's.application  Merchants  4�� ��������$-������  4�� Barrett Block, Copper Street, ^  4*- *���*�����>  .4* 4*  4�� GREENWOOD. 4>  4-* <#-���  4> 4*  4* *  DRUGS.  POR    PURE    DRUGS,     DRUGGISTS'     SUNDRIES.,  ^PATENT /MEDICINES.,COMBS. BRUSHES.  , ETC.,   ETC.,   GO  TO  ILLBR'S   FHARMAf-Y,  G-REBNWOOD,   B.C. '  Physicians*   Prescriptions   acciiralel.v   coMipomult'd.  WATCHES.  Loui.sBi.ui*.  A. Fisiibk,  I li I  MILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood Gity    %    Eholt Greek/ B, G  ��� Manufacturers of Rou/rh and Dressed ������  ���fLUABSRP-  Shingles, Lath, Mouldings, Sash and Doors.  w ���    t��F     ���?�����"  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  './' >" "  Lumber delivered to any place in the City crio Mining Camps  for the miner's hotel was deferred, as  work had not been commenced on the  building. Arthur, Bran ion secured a  transfer of Hugh McKee's license for  the Commercial hotel.  Hall, Rice & Co.  Mining, Stock,  and Real Estate  Exchange, * , * >  Temporary Office ;  Government Street, Opp. Post Office,  GREENWOOD.  B.C.  *��i     i'."*      -Sfe     A'i     iVi,  "-W-        ���*�����        -*W      ' *Shv        "I**"  Our Mr. HALL, will reach Greenwood  about 15th March, and we will be prepared to buy or bond claims of undoubted merit. Having a large development company behind us, can handle  anything. Parties having claims for  sale kindly call on us, and give full  particulars. Would be glad to get any  information from parties familiar with  location of unsurveyed claims. Expect  to go to press very soon, and wish to  have correct location of every claim in  every camp for our Boundary Creek  Pamphlet. City .property for sale; call  for particulars.  A"!    *%    *��&  -JW        Vrt-       In*  I have clients desirous of purchasing one or more  WEIvL DEVELOPED  Gold-Copper properties, who  are willing to pay fair prices  on a bond or otherwise, and  shall be pleased to have, particulars of any for sale. Send  as full reports as possible, with  assays, etc. A short option  for examination required.  Stocks bought and sold on commission.  JOHN BOULTBEE,  Mining Broker, ROSSLAND, B.C.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby (riven that the iiuder-  sifriied intend to apply to the Board of  License Commissioners of tiie City of Greenwood at their next sitting,-* after the date hereof,  for a license to sell liquor by retail on the  premises known as the "(Jueeii's Hotel," situate  on Lot 10, Block 3, Government street, in the  City of Greenwood.  J. H. POSTY,  JOSEPH VILLANDRE.  Dated this 8th March, 1899.  NOTICE.  IS hereby (riven that I will apply to the Board  of License Commissioners for the City of  Greenwood at their next Kitting*, held after the  expiration of thirty days from date of this  notice, for a license to sell by retail spirituous  and fermented liquors on the premises known  as the u Queen's Hotel," situate on Lot 5, Block  14, Copper street, in the said City of Greenwood  DAVID MANCHESTER.  Dated the 4th day of March, 1899.  /\   f\  (See Pages 754, 769 and 19 of Engineering  and Mining Journal, Dec. 24, 1898.)  I will supply aiid erect a new complete  Mining or Smelting Plant for a capacity of  100 tons daily, coniprisiii-rCompressor, Drills,  Boilers, Engines, Hoist, 100 feet Wire Cable,  Crusher, Water Jacket Furnace, Well or Pore  Hearth, Sla(r and Metal Pots; Blower, Iron  Pillars and Cast Floors, Dump Cars, T.Rails,  Pump,; Pipiujri'Beltinjr, to include)erection of  necessary Rock and Shaft Houses, Smelter and  Boiler Houses, 1,000 feet trestle for Roast Yard,  Electric Liirlit. plant for SO laiups;. You pay  .airfreight and duties, supply timber, lumber  and Jshinjrles. I supply the rest complete in  every detail, and will put throiifrh the first 100  tons in 24 hours before haudiii(r plant to you.  For each additional 100 tons capacity, add  another $15,000.  These prices are for any part of the world.  t. m. kirkwood:  SUDBURY.  ONTARIO, CANADA.  Money Made  Is Money Saved;::  *%      .S&       &  You can  make   money  by  buying your  at Bannerman Bros,, Copper St,  ������  Best cooking and  eating apples in  the market. ,  m  Copper Street, Greenwood  AUDWAY,   B.C..  MIND MIL  MINING BROKERS.  Fire. Lite and Accident insurance.  A Choice Line of Staple and Fancy '  Has Arrived.  EVERYTHING   FRESH.  4* We want your patronage. ��J>  H. E. ERAZEE.  Grocery and Bakery,  Hamill Block, Copper Street, Greenwood,  aa**i*-*-a^'ii^lSSfe^


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