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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-06-04

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 ^��*$?  ^^U^��4^MlnI>,KVr>'<>W��W>  SgsSjK  sig&m  IS,  ���w  li?-���  KB''  is  is  Xtii. ���  4.    1898.  Ifj  '��:  P:*;-,.,    '  <^/w  ���*V  i  /I  [outttaC.  1;  ft  m  p  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD, B.C  y /���'  li  ��&i-  T  he  ��� ���  .      ���   J:  MANUFACTURERS   OF  , Engines and Boilers,  Water fWheels,  etc. ;  isgBiflaBftXtBAmu^^'A'.gL.c.'xi  F*EE*E2E20E^JW35*<SFW��1  High Speed Corliss Engines,  it-      S    -y>\.  ���*l  ft- T   A'  ?  Works i  s>  Branch Office  Building, w  To fee complete must include Anvils,  Bellows, Drills, Giant Powder, Gaps and  Fuse, and all other Miners' tools. These  may be procured from the Russell Hard^  ware Company, who carry a complete  stock of the highest grade Miners' Sup^  plies,  Money is saved by dealing with us.  Of Housekeeping arises from  a poor Stove. 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TENTS,   All  Sizes.  mnwwviKKi  ;ccrCTrar*yHN<iL'jrw;;j��Mji^juutviJnM^��irA^T^^  "9  Barrett Block, Copper Street,  *   *   *���  *  , ��w��    *** c ^jW��^��M�����**rBaa*��ftMyts-  SEB.T^LtlJ'iisva  rrif^zn^u- ^^^-T^>e^w��n(*iw^*W,��--*  i~^^3?iil^5��Zl^  4 m{.  f  >7- / ��  A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  *<  a*  t  f  Vol. IV.  GREENWOOD, B,C;, SATURDAY, JUNE 4,1898.  91  Na 13/  I  THE   EXCUSE   OF   THE   FARTIZAN.  NE} can travel extensively throughout the  province  without discovering any  person   who   has   the  hardihood to attempt to justify  the  actions of  the Turner government.    The   great  majority  of the electors have become convinced that it is  time for a  change  but  there are a few so wedded to their party, predilections and their political prejudices that they refuse to join the great mass of the  people who are looking to secure for the province that measure of good government to which it   is   entitled.    The   few  partizans soothe  their  conscience  and  fortify  themselves  against argument by reiterating that if one party is turned  out of power and the other party voted into  power,  there is  sureto be no   improvement   in   the   manner   in which the  affairsof the province are administered.    When the prophet  bade Namaah wash in Jordan and be cleansed of his leprosy  the heart of the great  captain  revolted  against  the  simplicity of the cure and it was  only  after  considerable pain  and trouble that his faithful followers induced him to  obey  the prophets   instruction.    The  servile   supporters  of   the  Turner  government voluntary place  themselves in a simi- ;  lar position to Namaan.    They know that British Columbia  enjoys the unenviable distinction  of being0 the  worst government province in the Dominion, that if any progress has  been made, if its wonderful   natural   resources   have been  developed, it is not because of the government.but in  spite  of it; they know that they as well as other residents of  the  province are  suffering  from rthe  acts  of  an  incompetent  administration.    "When--a   remedy   is   suggsted,  when an  opportunity is presented of having the province cleansed of  its political leprosy, they ridicule the remedy.    They  shout  that the change will not improve matters and that its better  to struerg-le underneath the ills we have than run the risk of  making a change for  the   worse.    They appear  to   forget  that the government should reflect the character of the people and that after all the people are generally   as  well governed   as  they  deserve.    Those  who  shout that the party  which is struggling to defeat a bad government   would   be  equally bad if it  attained   power, are   responsible   for the  lamentable   administration in this province to-day.    If the  people   realized   that   the   power rested with them if they  denounced and discouraged governmental incompetence and  dishonesty, the Turner government would soon be  a thing  of the past and a similar administration in the future would  be an impossibility.  YOUR   VOTE.  's8fe  'it-  REGISTER  There are several residents-of Boundary Creek qualified i  to vote at the approaching general election who have neglected to make application to have their names placed on  the voters' list. An amendment to the Provincial Ejections  Act passed during the recent sitting of the legislature  ''makes it possible for the tardy one to become entitled to a  vote. The amendment referred to provides that all applicants for registration as provincial voters who may "have  their names on the application ���forms, prior to or on the date  of the issue of the writ for the general election shall forthwith have their names transferred to the voters' register  and be entitled to vote at the election. Previous to this  amendment the name of an applicant for registration was  posted in the government office for two months before being-  transferred to the voters'list. As the writ for an election  mny be-issued any day those who have neglected to register  their names on the voters' list should   take   prompt   action.  The necessary forms may be procured at any of the lawyers'offices in the city and signed there free of charge.  We have frequently urged upon the residents of this district  to have their names enrolled on the voter's list but we fear  that when election day comes round there.will be a number  who will find that through their own negligence they are,  prevented from voting.  Another matter to-which particular attention is called  is the transferring of voters' names . from one district to  another. There are many electors in Boundary Creek district who came here from other portions of the province  where their names are registered on the voters' list. These  should lose no time in having their names transferred.  Those who have the welfare of the province at heart and are  anxious to secure good government should take an interest  in getting as many names as possible on the lists and thus  pave the way for a decisive   majority   against   the Turner  government.  aSfe      ��&     J?fe  ���SjS*       -tif        '/tf  THE   ROAD   SYSTEM.  The present system of repairing and constructing wagon  roads ought to be abolished. It encourages a Useless expenditure of money and places a premium upon inferior work.  The modus operandi is to make a roa'dsuperinteiident out of  a politician or the son or relative of a politician and give  him full control. He is expected to expend the appropriation for the year and also call for the expenditure of considerable money under special warrants. ^He builds roads  where they had ought not to be built and generally succeeds  in constructing for a maximum amount of money, the minimum amount of good roads. ...  A wagon road is not a temporary affair. It is supposed  to be permanent and should be outlined and constructed  under the supervision of a competent engineer and road  builder. It were more profitable to pay at the outset  for skilled labor than to have a district placed under the  many disadvantages of inferior roads.  The majority of wagon roads in Boundary c,Creek district have been built by private enterprise. Those constructed by the government are a striking commentary  upon the many defects of the present system and the need  for a radical change. It is hoped that the proper authorities  will lose no time in making necessary repairs where the  roads have been washed away by recent floods. In the  absence of railway communication, it is of the greatest  importance that the trunk roads be kept open for traffic.  jjji ;}'(. &V4  7t&        "ii&       ���S'a-  ->K  ''IT  FIRE   PROTECTION.  Now that the city council has passed a by-law providing for the organization and maintenance of a .'volunteer  fire department, no time should be lost in perfecting the  organization of the department. There is plenty of good  material in the city for a volunteer department. ��� There are  many active j'oung men here who are willing to band themselves together for the purpose of fighting the fire fiend. A  start should at once be made for an}' day a large fire may  spring up and the great necessit}r for such a department  would then be apparent.  The volunteer department organized last year appears  'to have died from want of life. But few meetings were  held and little effort made to hold the members tog-ether.  It is hoped that another effort will be made, that the volunteer department will, receive, every encouragement.from the  cit}r council and that in the near future Greenwood can  boast of possessing- the best equipped and best trained vol  uuteer department in the province. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  STARVING   ITS   EMPLOYERS.  The provincial government has  adopted a new plan of disciplining- the  recalcitrants of this district. Finding-  neglect of no avail, it has now decided  to starve those whom it employs. After  considerable delays and repeated urg--  ing the government employed a larg-e  force of men last autumn to build a  bridge across Rock Creek. The bridge  was completed but the men are yet  without their wages. No amount of  urging" upon the part of those who  worked for the government and who  are really in need of their pay appears  to have any influence. The government cannot shelter itself behind the  excuse of��no funds because it has made  a practice of issuing special warrants  to meet cases far less urgent. It appears to be a case of unalloyed cussed-  ness. ���'''  We have also been informed that the  government succeeded in duping others  besides those twho built the Rock Creek  bridg-e. It will be remembered that  the government first decided to build a  ferry across the West Fork, then it decided not to build arid filially after con-'  siderable coaxing it again decided to  build. The men were guaranteed their  pay at once but althoug-h the ferry has  been completed for months, the pockets of the men have not yet been contaminated by gold from the government exchequer.  " My government " may be a liberal  government or a conservative government as political exigencies demand,  but it can never be a business government.  THE   OPPOSITION   CONVENTION.  The two reasons given in the morning-paper for the postponement of the  opposition convention; until June 8th  seems to the ordinary reader to be  childish and even ridiculous. How on  earth could James Martin's "timidity  and refusal to announce his willingness to accept the nomination two  weeks ago " have determined the Boundary Creek men to upset the convention ? The statement that the Boundary Creek delegates figure on being  able, with the aid of the Trail vote, to  put up a candidate of their own is not  at all consistent with the facts.  The truth of the matter is that about  three weeks ago invitations were mailed to nearly all the prominent electors  of Boundary Creek to elect delegates  to attend the convention to be held in  Rossland on the 25th hist. Up to the  last moment of the rising of the legislature the Boundary Creek people had  hopes of being- severed from the Ross-  land electoral district, and on that  account paid no attention to the invitation to select their delegates ; at the  same time many of the invitations  sent out did not reach their destination  until a few days ago. Thus the full  number of delegates from the western  portion of the riding did not put in an  appearance. A postponement was the  natural result. The proceedings of the  convention were harmonious and satisfactory.���Rossland Times.  flU  BOUNDARY CREEK DISTRICT, is recognized  by all mining men as a safe, sure and reliable  district to invest in Mining  P~  ^fHE WHITE FRONT STORE is recognized as  the safe, sure and reliable place to do your  trading at  Because Our Prices Are Uniform.  Because Our Goods Are Uniform.  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Porto Rico, Graham's camp. C. Stooke.  Iron Hat, Greenwood camp, Wm. Dunn.  ���������'���'   May 31.  Telluride, Long- Lake camp, J. A. Crawford.  Certificates of Work.  May   15.  Jo Dandy, L. L-. Moulton-Barrett.  Toboggan, J. W. Lind.  Dandy, J. W. Lind et ai.  Margrit,'-Mary McArthur et al.  Nellie F, Geo Smith.  Iowa, Wisconsin, Geo. Smith et al.  ��� Minnesota, George Smith.  May  26. .  Lenora, T. Witte et al.  Phoenix, R. Deuzler, et al.  Arizona, Gold Bug, Chris. McDonnel et .al.  Marguerite, E. C. Brown et al.  Marshal, Dan Bresnahan.  Alameda, J. W. Frost.  ,May'27.  World's Fair, Pinhook, N. J. LaPlant,  Maj'flower, Little Ma3% G' F. Miller.  Bash Bonanza No. 1, Mountain  Boomer, Bash  Bonanza No. 2, Bash Bonanza No. 3,C.B.Bash  May 28.  No. 5, G. H. Rutherford and D. M. Scott.  May 30.  Blue Ja3', M. H.Kane.  Nellie Cotton, J. Sutherland et al.  Transfers.  -.'���   May :25..  King, Queeii, all  interest, R. Stuart to W. H.  Norris and J. -Beckwith.-  Jo Jo, % interest, T. Pascoe and S. T. Edwards  to E. C. Wickwire and E. C. Cargill.  Jo Jo, Y interest,  R.  Thomas  to  E.  C. Wick-  Wickwire and E. C. Cargill.  Gold   Dollar,  Y   interest,  J.  P,   Smith   to  G.  Smith.  May    26.  Geld Bug No. 2, Y> interest, P. Meyer to C. McDonnell.  Tread well, 2A interest, M. T. Robinson to P. J.  O'Loughlin.  Mary K, all interest, J. C. Kennedy to P. J.  O'Loughlin.  Sunnyside,  %   interest,  J.  McNulty  to W.  J.  Hurley.  May   28.  Nightingale, >Y  interest;   Mountain View, 1-6  interest; Sterling,  ^interest; R.  Smailes to  J. Christie.  Mountain   View,   Y  interest,  T.  Hardy   to J.  Christie.  Clipper, and Oro, %.  interest, A. S. Black to J.  Christie.  Springdale, all  interest,  W. B. Paton to E. T.  Wickwire to E. C. Cargill.  Juno, Y interest, G. R. Naden  to  W. J. Hurley  and A. B. Jensen.  Nightingale,   Sterling,  Mountain   View,  Oro,  Clipper, % interest, J. Christie to E. T. Wick-  Wire and E. C. Cargill:J  Oolden Age, Y interest;   You Bet, all interest;  J.  Christie   to   E.  T.  Wickwire   and   E.   C.  Cargill.  May 31.  Ingersoll, Last Chance, all interest, M. A. L.  Archer to P. N. Peterson.  Blue   Jav,   %   interest,  M.  II.  Kane  to  E.  J.  Edwards.  C. P. R. Survey.  The C. P. R. surveyors have returned  to Pass Creek near Chas. Rehdell's  ranch. At this point they have erected  camp and will work from there both  ways. The survey this time will be a  thorough one. All the data necessary  for actual construction will be secured.  The survey party is in charg-e of C. E}.  Rice, C  %.  ��|��  *  4*  Is prepared to supply the trade with first-class Bottled Beer  manufactured by the " Lion, Brewery Company, I^td.,"  of Rossland. The beer is shipped in bulk, and bottled by  steam in Greenwood. No freight delays ; stock always 6h  hand.    All orders filled promptly and delivered.'  *  Leave your order with -  A.    FISHER,  Columbian Steam: Bottling Works, near the Saw Mill, Greenwood  *  *  *  *��*  &t ��flf* *��* ��& *��* *��* *S* ��$* *$* *��* *%* *&6 <&* *%+ *&��� ��*fe *fa�� *��* ���&�� *��* tSd ��J|U *��* *&* ��& Jfe  Wholseale and Retail Dealers in  FRESH   AND   SALTED   MEATS  .  HAMS,   BACON,   LARD,    Etc. : ::  GREENWOOD, GRAND rORKS. & MIDWAY.  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels,  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse,  mmrommmm  Stamp Mills,   ���������  Compressors,  Drills,  Hose,  Oils & Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c.  STOOK     ON      H/VND     AT      ROSSLAND.  aciiine Co. : :���'  ianadtan Rand Drill Co,  o     ��  a  o  F.   R.  MENDENHAL.L.,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  t.-^-ra.-io*>Fafim.i^Jpz��;flr��rsiy^.a^  , Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY a KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  r/.-fl7t.',F���WH<8 c  cscp.gr�����v*pja> xv*JHHi*atr&i-i':tw*i - ."���* ����T?uwrs w.j miui .. r \  wmTTM*vu&aw*v*  BETTER   TIMES   IN   GREENWOOD.  W. T. Smith, one of the earliest min-  ing- men in Greenwood cartip, B. C, is  in the city on mining- business says  theSpokesman-Review.  ..." The increasing- indications that the  C. P. R. is to build into the  Boundary  creek coiuitr}'- is   renewing   confidence  amontr mine owners,"  said ��� Mr.'Smith  yesterday.    "Not   a  single   bond has  been   thrown   up   in  the   district this  spring-that lean now recall   and   payments are being   made   on   properties  under  bond.    The   Snowshoe bond   is  evidently   a sure g-o.    The   first   payment of, 10 per cent, was made the other  dajr   in   Rossland.    The   second ���; payment was made on the B. C.    Trie pajr-  ment was $27,000 and was made to John  W. Keough &   Sons,    May 20.    It was  the largest single payment, ever  made  on a mine in Boundarj'- . Creek district.  The B..G. was bonded nine months ag"o  for f60,000 and development  has made  it worth many times that sum.    A year  ago it was   only   a   prospect.    It   has  brought those who sold it  a' snug   fortune and promises   to  yield  other fortunes for those who bought it.  " A great deal of'machinery is being-  taken into the district this spring-and  a gratifying- fact is. that all of the machinery is of a substanticLl character  indicating- a determination to push  work continuously and with a view of  .making-.paying" mines.  "Greenwood will probably be connected with Spokane and the camps of  the north country by. June 15th, a convenience that will.be greatly appreciate:!^ The roads are in bad condition  just now, so bad that no one cares to  travel over them unless urgent business makes it necessary, but a few  weeks at furthest will see them all  ri.<rht airain."  EAST   YALE.  As was ''anticipated, Mr. Price Ellison, J. P., has been selected, as the  victim doomed to destruction as the  government candidate in East "Vale.  It is a sorrowful and jet noble picture���  one worthy oil the daj^s of Sparta.  Without the least hope of success, Mr.  Ellison-g'oes to his appointed political  death without a murmur, stern, yet  happy; in the reflection that this is the  only return that he can make.to the  Gfovernment which loaded him down  with the dig-nity of a justice of the  peace. Who shall say that the days  of chivalry are o'er when such things  are possible ? But there always was  something-to our mind of the heroic  about Mr. Price Ellison, J. P.. Somehow, we always associated him with  that line in the late Eord Derly's  translation of the Iliiad���"the stately  meek-eyed o:=:"���whijh Eord Derby's  contemporaries generally tuougiit was  intended as a   deli ;ate  compliment   to  the. late Eon.l G.-.invito.  T\f,-    O-i ��*->  7?M i>-n-n     T    r:> "  .'.'.'here is no doubt if Mr. Donald  G.\ih'un sho'.lid be renomiu itcd by the  <>p \>s'iio:i p iriy in E'i'st Yale, that he  v. i'< . ./;��� rc'.u :i...l J y a good majority.  Tae   ir'j.'e n.ue.i:   .1 i.:.   :r:rrvra mdered  his constituency but' the sturdy ranchers, of. the Qkanagan valle}' ; the substantial burghers of Vernon, will stand  up as one man for Mr. Graham, who  has represented them so honestly... and  so well during the past four years.  The ma'n who defeated a Cabinet Minister in' 1894, will make short 'work of  , the bluff and genial justice of thepeace  Who. has now been put in the meld.  And we believe that no one will be at  heart more pleased at Mr. Graham's  successthan Mr. Price Ellison, J. P.���  News-Advertiser.  Mining Sale.  : Messrs. G. R, Naden and I. H.  Hallett have sold the Fourth of, July  mineral elaim in Greenwood camp to  Mr. Jay P. Greaves of the Old Ironsides company. The price paid was  $3,000 cash. The Fourth of.; July,  adjoins the 'Phoenix,, and has a good  showing.         '.' ���.;        : A Base. Ball Match-.  A baseball g-ame will be played on  Friday next between teams from Grand  Forks and Greenwood. The match  will be played at the new baseball  grounds, Greenwood. In the evening  a ball-will be given in Barrett's hall  the proceeds will be for the benefit of  the baseball club.  Hotel Arrivals.  The following were the arrivals at  the' International hotel during the  week :  Louis Mayer, C C. Miller, Cour A  ���Al.ene ; J. C. Haas, J. ��� distance, D.  Glaze, S. Breslauer, G. H. Ford, City ;  J. J. Miller, James Lafraaitz, Republic;,  J. E. McAllister, Trail ; H. C. Taiho ;  Armstrong-; Adam Grossman, Spokane;  Sig Delsheimer, T. J. Hanault, Mar-  ' cus ; James Murphy, Wm. McEIro y, R.  S.Anderson, H. A. I��ing", 'Dr. Allan,  ���Rossland ; O. B. Rickards, G. B. Rick-  ards, London ; W. B. Rickards, S. Ben-  nerman, H. C. Adams, Midway ; J. T.  Denault, Victor; T. Asprey, T. Garden, Cascade ; Gesner Allan, San Francisco ; E. Spraggett, Grand Forks ; A.  C. Reeves, Thos. McKenzie, Andrew .  Gray, R. S. Collins, ' C. S. Rice, O.  Boulkie, J. R. Bond, J. J. Sullivan, J.  H. Winkle, George Edwards, Geo. Rose,  W. Jallard, Jim Curtis, J. McCreery, J.  Bolick, E. T. Agate, G-eo. Miller, J.  Peterson, Sam Brambaugh, E. Forin, ���  C. P. R. Survey.  -rrsjrrrrs  . Awarded  Highest Honors.���World's  Fe  Gold'Medah Midwinter Fair  A Pure (Jrape Cream cf Tartar Powder.  40 YEARS THE STANDARD.  Boundary Valley : Lodge,  No. 3 8, I.O.O.F.  EETS every  Tuesday  Evening-    at   8.00   in  tlieirJlodgre room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning- brethren. W. Itf. Law, N.G.  ;/D. C. McRae, Rec. Sec. ,."'-���'.,  Court Boundary, No; 3576, I  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  on the; last Thursday evening- of every  month-. Visiting-; Members are cordially welcomed.  .GEORG-E F.MILLER,  G. A. Guess, Recording-Secretary.  Chief Rang-er.   < ... 45  BOUNDARY CREEK  MINING & COMMERCIAL  ASSOCIATION  WILL ��� meet   every   alternate   Wednesday  Evening-in  Rendell   &   Co.'s   hall  at 8  o'clock.    The meeting-s are open to the public.  J. P. HARLAN,     "���  ������. THOS. HARDY,  68. Sccretaivy.     , President.  .    MINERAE   ACT,   1896.      '  Certificate   of   Improvements.'  LAKE SIDE FRACTION Mineral claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of  Yale district. Where located : in Long- Lalce  camp.  T'AKE notice that we, Seth Emerson, free  miner's certificate, No. 337a, and J. A-  Cameron, free miner's certificate No. 326a, intend, sixt3* da3rs from the date hereof, to apply  ' to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate .o'f  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a crown    g-rant of  the above claim. ������������'''  And fn:rther take  notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 18th. day of March, 1898. 81-9  MINERAE    ACT,    1.896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE-  ANCHOR Mineral Claim,   situate in the  Kettle River   mining-'division of  Yale  district.  Where located : "Long-Lake camp.  TAKE notice that" I, Georg-e D. Leyson,  free miner's certificate No. 95327, intend,  sixty days,from' the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  grant of the above claim. . ,  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,'must be commenced, before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.      :   ���  Dated this 18th clay of March, 1898.  .        81-9  MINERAE    ACT, . 1896.  Certificate,   of.   Improvements.  NOTICE.  ENTERPRISE (fractional) mineral claim,  situate in the Kettle River mining- division  of Yale district. Where located : Long-Lake  camp.  nAKE notice that I, Georg-e D. Leyson, free  miner's certificate No. 95,327, intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to appl3' to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown g-rant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this ISth day of March, 1898. 81-9  MINERAE. ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  TWIN Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located :  Dead wood camp.  TAKE Notice'that I, J. W. Hug-h Wood, free  miuers's certificate No. 361a, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a crown g-rant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, undet  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certi iicate of ���improvements.  Dated this. 15th day of April, 1898. 84  .  MINERAE   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.    .  BONNIE BELL Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River milliner division of Yale district.  Where located :  In Dead wood camp.  TAA.7ZE Notice that I, Robert Wood, free  ;.liner's corii iicate No. 360a, intend, sixty  days from the daie hereof, to apply to the Mining-. Recorder for a certi iicate of improvements,  for ilie'���pun.'ose of obtaining- a Crown g-rant  of'the above claim.  And fur!he.-   lake   notice  that action,   under  sec ion 37, n" st be commenced Iv* fore the   issuance of,s;:cn cerii!u:aie of improvements.  ���   Dated this 15th day of April, 189S. S4 ���M.TJJ-yn-Jl���Jf������^-��^^MV^���^^^ll -T7U|  I  trf.-  ���\   '���; '/  '���'���"���i: Jh-  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  P  I  m  f  U1KCWKM  rvtwya  THE   CORBIN   CHARTER.  The following- is from the Spokesman-Review. While the people of  Boundary Greek would be pleased to  learn that the members of the Dominion parliament had become possessed  of a little common sense, the report is  riot likely to prove true.  " D. C. Corbin has  gone  to  Ottawa,  and the rumor is rife that negotiations  are about to be reopened for the granting of a charter for the building of the  Kettle River valley railroad to connect  the  Spokane   &   Northern   with     the  Boundary Creek   country.    It is only a  rumor, and yet it has served to awaken  hope in the mining camps up north.  ' " There has been a change in the situation   at  Ottawa "said a   gentleman  yesterday  who  is   in   close touch with  Mr. Corbin.    "The legislators who opposed the measure  have   learned  that,  their action is not popular in the western part of the  dominion   and there is  an effort being-   made   to   rectify   the  error.    While   there  is  no    assurance  that the charter will be granted,   there  are   favorable    indications   and   they  were  sufficiently  strong to  take   Mr.  Corbin   east   to   see what can be done  there."  Austin Corbin" was.' asked last evening if the reports' of the renewal of the  negotiations were correct. .���>.  "I cannot say," said he. " I would  be glad to give you information on that  subject if I could. I do not know what  Mr. Corbin has gone east for." He had  g-one before I returned from a recent  trip out of the city and I have no means  of knowing whether he is away on the  mission )rou mention or not."  A prominent miriing mar. was in the  city yesterday from Greenwood City  and said that the report was current  there that there are indications of a  chansre of front at Ottawa and that the  hope is becoming strong and apparently well founded that the Corbin road  will get into the country after all."  Contracts Awarded,  The C. P. R. have awarded the contracts for the construction of the  Robson-Penticton railway. The news  was received here privately o on Thursday, but owing to some irregularity in  the mail service, the particulars were  not to hand at the time of going* to  press. The contracts ��� have been  awarded to Messrs. McKenzie & Mann,  Foley, and Larson. As has been already stated, the contracts call for the  completion of the road between Rob-  son and Midway before the end of the  vear.  The LeRoi Deal.  A meeting of the shareholders of the  I^e'Roi company was held at Rossland  yesterday to ratify the proposed sale of  the L<e Roi mine arid' smelter to tne B.  A. Co. The sale was to be opposed by  prominent shareholders, among them  being Senator Turner. He holds that  the price is too small and that he and  other shareholders had never been consulted about the deal.  Prof. Boice and C. B. Comstock gave  a ball in the Barrett hall last evening.  In connection with...�� THE TIMES"  we have now one of the most conv  plete  I       J)^   | in the interior of the Province,    With I  ^  r .���-wbbmb^^I new power Presses,  new Type, and a I  i stock of modern Printers Stationery, we  | ������       :,t '������' t\   ���     ��� ���  ��  ���   ,     ������������'������ ���������'���*     '  s are in a position to fill any orders for  Job Printing, as reasonably, as satisfac^  torily, and as expeditiously as can be  done in Spokane or on the  coast  A merchant who uses "cheap and  nasty " Stationery and Printing does his  business a serious injury/A\ is dear at  a gift Let,us fill your next order for  Letterheads, Billheads or Envelopes s then  compare our work and prices with  others',    We guarantee you satisfaction,  !  t0>-O-<9t*��-*��>-��-4O>��-*i  *V*       ijfe       *V*       ��&  "?lf ���?��" ">lf ">lf  The Boundary Greek Printing  & Publishing Co,* Ltd*  GREENWOOD,   B.C. 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He  worked a  double   shift, at   his rain  factory and  showered down   upon   mountain   and  valley,  sinner and saint, a continuous  down pour of Adam's  ale.    Beginning  about Wednesday week, he kept up his  aggressive   campaign   until   all     the  rivers and streams revolted and turned  the   surplus   water over   the   valleys.  Kettle river fed by the  numerous tributaries  succeeded   in   frightening the  Rock Creek Chinaman  and damaging  their  provisions.    The  river  behaved  itself fairly  well  until  Grand   Forks  was  reached where it forced the  Rubber Neck   Association to   use boats in  order to reach their places of meeting.  It   treated   with   contempt   the     new  bridge   at  Hall's   Ferry,   carrying  it  away.    As the bridge was built underneath the cable for the ferry, the ferry  could not be used and consequentty no  stage came in from Marcus on Monday.  On Tuesday the mail was   transferred  by boat and on Wednesday   the   ferry  was fixed so that it could be  operated.  Boundary Creek too behaved rather  badly. It threatened to carry away  the corduroj" bridge below Anaconda  but was apparently satisfied when the  approach was washed out. The boom  of logs at Power's sawmill started  down stream and was not captured  until a considerable distance was  placed between it and the mill. Midway was flooded near the Iyancanshire  house. In Greenwood Boundary Creek  overflowed its banks in the valley,  flooded Mr. Machell  out  of  his  cabin  and once threatened to  water the beer  in the brewery but it didn't.  Twin Creek also took a hand in the  flood and made matters rather interesting in the vicinity of the Hamill building. The creek passes underneath the  building. When the flood came it was  not satisfied until it carried off several  of the posts upon which the building  stood. Men were put to work and the  damage was quickly repaired.  The Penticton stage did not arrive  on Sunday and on Monday it came in  without any through mail. The trouble  arose at Penticton creek where the  bridge was washed out. The stage  succeeded in coming through on time  on Wednesday.  The oldest inhabitant is non-plussed.  His conscience will not allow him to  say that the floods of '66 or any other  year were higher. He has decided- to  make the best of it and make the floods  of '98 a standard by which to gauge all  future floodSi - ';���'-���'  POLITICAL   NOTES.  Hon. D. W. Higgins will be one of  the opposition candidates in H}squimalt  district.  Wanted���Supporter of the govern -  ment sufficiently enthusiastic to sacrifice himself as government candidate in  the Boundary Creek-Rossland District.  '��� JE}. V. Bodwell has returned to Victoria from the Kast. He declared that  he would not be a candidate, but that  he will always oppose the present  government.  W. W. B. Mclnnes has issued a cir-  cular, in which he gives as his reason  for taking part in provincial' politics,  that the province needs its best men.  Mclnnes may not be as good a man as  he thinks he is.  Hon. Joseph Martin has decided to  enter provincial politics and will run  as a straight opposition candidate in  Vancouver City. His election is assured. Mr. Martin is one of the leading  public men of Canada to-day and his  decision to again take an active interest in political affairs ensures the defeat of the Turner government.  A convention was held at Vernon on.  Saturday last when Price Bllison was  chosen as the government candidate.  The reports from all over the district  are to the effect that Dast Yale will  give an overwhelming majority in  favor of Donald Graham. Camp McKinney, Fairview and Penticton will  give opposition majorities; Vernon  will be nearly equally divided while  Spallumcheen will give a solid vote  against the government.  The Times is strongly of the opinion that it was a mistake to postpone  the opposition convention held at Rossland. It would be more satisfactory  to have the whole of the district represented but it is no easy matter for  Greenwood and Midway to send delegates to Rossland. Thanks to the intelligence of the provincial government, the district is so constructed that  in order to reach Rossland from Greenwood the delegates are forced to pass  through a foreign country and spend  nearly a week in making the trip.    We  feel sure that the Greenwood delegates-  would lend tone to the convention but  it would be scarcely profitable for five,  residents of Greenwood to each expend  over $50 in order to raise the convention above the ordinary level.  a     H.   HALLETT, ^  . \, NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  prORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Sbc. Civil, Engineers,  Qpr6t?inctaf $L<xnh Jiurt>ego?  AND  CIVII, ENGINEER,  ��� (rtofar�� (puftftc ��� midway,  e.c.  J  OHN   A.   CORYELL, a.m., b.c.a.  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering-and Survey  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoybos  district and mining" camps of Kettle River Mining Division.  Residence   -   -  MIDWAY.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  (ttofatg (puftfic, OXtntng (gtgettf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camp McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining-   Properties  in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  G.  A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.  A.  GUESS,  M.'A.  Assayers & Chemists,  Thoroug-hly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining districts. Properties  examined, assaj^s and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  QHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil    Engineer,  <S)ommto)t tmb (provincial Hanb > f=jurHe��or.  GREENWOOD,      -       B.C.  w.  s.  EITH,  SUCCESSOR  TO <J. P.  HARLAN,  GREENWOOD  B.C.  W. B. Rickards.  S. Benerman.  fl^ITLflLi!  MIDWAY.   B.C.,  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.  Correspondence Solicited. I:
i m
'-*■' *ur\" ""■""---'lir^^—"1 •■■>' -^'•^ ""? ^~Y~: "^"^t^^J^?^ j-jp1; J't *x)»^ '"J^^f? !*£J^W»*£4roMi^^^A ^ate^vJg£rPj A^ffi-ffife^
The Greenwood City Mercantile Co. has been appointed agents
for the OKANAGAN FLOUR MILL CO.'S FLOUR. It is the best all-round
Flour on the market. Try it once and you will use no other. Their
brands are " Hungarian, " " XXXX,'' V Strong Bakers'," "Economy,"
and "Superfine. " The flour is made from wheat grown by the shareholders in the mill, and is made by the latest improved machinery.
Okanagan  Flour  Mill   Co.'s  Flour  is  THE  BEST !
Attention is now being" fastened   on
this camp.    Throughout its wide  area
there are several strong- leads of porph-
rytic   quartz,   containing some   lime.
Although not just the same in  appearance, analysis prove it to be  the same
as  the   croppings   of  the Republic in
Republic camp.    While  the  first mineral discovery on this creek were made
two years ago, general prospecting- has
only set in within the last two months
and the last flock of prospectors have
defined the character of the country's
mineral.    Development has  begun in
earnest, and  will   be   continued   with
vigor during the   summer.    It   is   expected that Spokane will take firm hold
of this camp.    The country formation
is a very reg-ular and well defined belt
of eruptive rock.    Some of the ledg-es
have assumed a reddish hue from oxidation which makes them easily traceable,   and carry free g"old on the   sur
face in most  instances.    This  character of ore is well adapted to the cyanide
process.    The    northern   half   of   the
reserve which is now open for prospecting- is fast being- made accessible from
all directions by means of roads.    One
route by the south is   by   the   Central
Washington Railway from Spokane to
Wilbur, 91 miles, thence by road across
the  Big"   Bend   and   up the Sans Poil
river to  Republic, 62 miles,   thence   12
miles   to   Toroda   the   new   eldorado.
Patsy Clark of Butte is developing" the
Republic  on  which is a 12  foot   ledg*e
from which   a   shipment   of ore went
$200 per ton.    The  stage route by way
of Marcus is 45 miles  to  Grand  Forks
thence 40 miles  to  Toroda.    On arriving- at Toroda  one   sees  unmistakable
evidence   of   a promising camp  in the
happy countenances  of the mine owners.    Toroda bids fair to  rival  Republic.    All that is wanted is capital.    All
the hills are zoned with  quartz ledges.
The ledges are all well defined and the
majority of them are true»fissure veins,
running through eruptive rocks. They
are from 2 to 12feet in width, and have
the same ear marks ot mines. Water
and timber two very essential things
to a mine, are plentiful and near at
hand. The Gold Dust Co. got from a
trace $14 at the surface and in 40 feet
they got from $14 f6 $2,673 per ton.
Another series of this class of ledges
has just been discovered by Thomas
Anderson and Harry Casey of Fair-
view, B. C. Toroda is certainly a field
for profitable investment. Knough
work has been done to warrant further
In my opinion based on years of
actual experience there are mines
enough in their infancy on the reserve
to give remunerative employment to
all of the Yankee mining money coming this way. If Spokane miners
would unite their efforts they could
make the reserve one of the best mining countries in America and in a comparatively short time this could be
 —■*«? *�� ���,*iv*>b>.;h* -��-��� am autMMn^rf .- �������- *U XKiKM;** rf��a:ira5fl.;:.i,.i-��'��.:Swf :���� **: i> l^i* .��W L^-"J  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  u.  TO   ORGANIZE    BOUNDARY   CREEK.  Elsewhere reference is made to the  difficulties which presented themselves  in regard to the sending of delegates  to the convention at Rossland. In  order to give Boundary creek similar  opportunities to Rossland to be represented at a convention, it should-be  held at Cascade City���-a central point  to all concerned. But the postponed  convention has been fixed to meet at  Rossland on Wednesday next, and as  there is no time left to discuss any  irregularities in connection with the  calling of the same, the oppositionists  of the district have decided to hold,,a  district meeting at Carson, this evening (Saturday). The object of this  meeting is to generally discuss the  political situation in the district, and  to decide the best steps to be taken  with reference to the Rossland convention. .   ,  At the Carson meeting are to be  present 1 delegate from Cascade City,  4 from Grand Forks, 1: from Carson, 4  from Greenwood, and 3 from Midway.  They will discuss the situation and  have full power to act with reference  to the Rossland, convention.  Considering the many questions that  are   likely   to   come   ujd   upon   which  Boundary creek should  be  united, we  think the meeting at   Carson is a good ,  idea.  As The Times will be distributed in  Greenwood this (Friday) evening, we  take this opportunity of urging upon  all electors opposed to the government  (and that is all the electors) to be  present at- to-night's .meeting...;  AFTER   MANY   YEARS.  The awarding, of the contract for  constructing a railway into Boundary  Creek district is the first absolute guarantee of railway connection as far as  this district is concerned. For successive years, the people believing in.the  promises of governments and the  assertions of railway promotors felt  confident that a railway would-be constructed but each year brought-its more  bitter disappointment: Nothing but  the wonderful possibilities of the district kept up the courage of the people.  They believed that the mineral resources of Boundary Creek justified them  in waiting -until transportation facilities were afforded. It is gratifying to  know that after many years of disappointment a railway is now assured.  The history of Boundary Creek railway legislation shows the utter absurdity and iniquity of the system adopted  to encourage railway construction.  The railway legislation of the provincial government has discouraged early  railwaj7: construction in this district.  It has placed a premium on the machinations of the chartermoriger and the  land speculator. The government  thwarted evei'3r effort to secure the  early construction of a railway without  money 3,nd without price and finally  sank,the province in debt to construct  a roacj that, could and would have been  built without public aid administration if they worked more in the public  interest and less for the  designing in  dividual or corporation.  For the sake of the people of Boundary Creek we are glad that a railway is  now assured. We hope that they will  not be carried away by the bo6m that  is now upon us but that they and not  the new comers will reap the benefit  thtit ought to 'accrue from years of  patient waiting. We. can rejoice because 'Boundary Creek is going to secure a railway but we cannot help believing that money has been wantonly  thrown away in order to encourage a  company whose officers stated they  wanted no encouragement and who deserved no '.encouragement.  THE   LIBEL   SUIT.  Senator    Templei'nan    and    Hewitt  Bostock,   M.   P., "have  returned  from  Ottawa.    The  criminal libel case arising out of  an article  published by the  Province   and  copied   by  the   Times,  criticizing   Messi s.  Pooley  and   Turner's    connection     with     speculative  mining companies, will  be  tried   next  week.    It is  reported  that should the  charge   stick,    Messrs.     Pooley    and  Turner     will     institute    proceedings  against the lyondon   Times   and   other  " Jim Crow " Fnglish  journals whose  criticisms   were   even   stronger   than  those of the Province.    This   report is  not   authenticated.    It   is  hoped  that  the trial will be  over  before  the  provincial elections, as there  are sever.al  persons who are anxious to  renew the  criticisms as soon   as   they   can   do  so  without the risk of being  hauled  over  the coals for contempt of court.   As we  have the interests of fhe  Turner Government at  heart, we  humbly suggest  that the members thereof  should institute criminal, libel proceedings, against  the   majority   of    the   papers   of   the  province, and thus stifle all  discussion  until after   the. elections.    One   paper  could  be  charged   for  criticizing   the  government's   financial    recklessness,  another for the land policy, a third for  its   infamous  gerrymander,   a   fourth  for its railway   policy, and   so   on. ���  It  might be charged that   such   a   course  would show that the  government was  using   the   courts   for   a   selfish   and  wrong purpose, but it is   so   important  (to Turner & Co.) that the present government should be returned  to  power  that any means to attain this end may  be j ustified.  Church   Entertainment.  The ladies of Greenwood have made  arrangements for a church entertainment which will be g-iveii in Rendell &  Co's. hall on Saturday next, June 11th.  An excellent programme is being arranged.    Refreshments will be served.  Joe. Kelly and A. Hansen are doing  assessment work on the Big 4 in  Kimberly camp.  AFTER MAY 1st, 1898, TICKETS OF  Admission for ordinary hospital treatment may be obtained at the Greenwood Hospital at the rate of Two Dollars a month or  Twentv Dollars per annum.  R.   W. JAKES,  M.D., CM.  A  SITTING of the County Court of Yale  will be holden at  Grand Forks on' Saturday, the 9th>  day of July, 1898,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon. '������  '.'���'. S; R. ALMOND,  Government Office, d.r.c.c:  Grand Forks, May 18th, 1898.  89-4  EDUCATION;  NOTICE is hereby g-iveu that the annual  examination of candidates for certificates of qualification to teach in the public  schools of the Province will be held as follows^  commencing- on Monday, July 4th, 1898, at 8.45'  a.m. :  Victoria..  .In South Park School Buildirtg>  Vancouver In Hig-h School Building.  Kamloops......Iu Public School Building-.  Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty  days before the examination, stating- the class-  and g-rade of certificate for which he will be a.  candidate, the optional subjects selected, and  at which of the above-named places he will  attend. ,  Every notice of intention to be an applicant-  must be accompanied with satisfactory , testimonials of moral character.  Candidates are notified that all of the. above  requirements must be fulfilled before their application can be filed.  All candidates for First Class, Grade A, Certificates, including- Graduates, must attend, in  Victoria to take the subjects prescribed for  July 13th and 14th insts., and to undergo required oral examination.  ;S. D. POPE, .  Superintendent of Education.  Education Office,  Victoria, B.C., May 4th, 1898. 88-4  L/C  NOTICE  SITTINGS of the Licensing- Court for the  southern portion of the Osoyoos  Division  of Yale District will be holden at  Osoyoos and  Midway  O.N  WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  15TH,   1898,  At Eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  C. A.. R. LAMBLY,  Government Office, S.M.  .    Osoyoos, B.C., May 15th, 1S98. 89-4  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confl dential. Handbook on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a  year; four months, $1.  Sold by all newsdealers.  MUNN & Co.36,Broadway' New Yorfe  Branch Office, 625 F St., Washington, D. C.  APPLICATION FOR  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  "TCTOTICE is hereby g-iven that I intend to  JL M. apply at the next, sitting- of the Licensing-  Court to be holden at th:j Citv of Greenwood on  Wednesday, the .��th day of" June, 1898, for a  transfer to II. MeETee of the license now held  by me to sell spirituous and fermented liquors  by retail upon the premises known as the Commercial Hotel. Copper street, situate upon lot 8,  in block 5, in the Citv of Greenwood.  D. R. CAMPBELL.  Dated this 4th day of May, A.D. 189S. 87 f I  t  if  I  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Si  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  L,'ouis Bosshart is away on a prospecting-trip to Canyon creek.  : ' W. B. and J. W. Paton left this week  ^for the West "Fork,of Kettle river.  T. Aspey and T. Garden of Cascade  City Were in Greenwood, this week.  ",   Neil Ivamont  returned   from a  pros-  ' pecting- trip to Canyon creek this week.  .Mrs. F. Miller and Miss Ruth Lliller  .returned   this   week   from   a   visit  to  Spokane. ���  . Aii opening1 ball will be given in the  "Windsor hotel on Friday   evening-, the  ,17th inst.  A. Fisher of the Boundary Creek  Ivtimber ... Co., is away, on a business  trip to Spokane.  Road Foreman Lindsay has a gang-  of men at work repairing- the Greenwood Camp road.  The firm name of Rickards & Bener-  man, Midway, has been changed to  Rickards, Benerman & Co.  10.  Spraggett  of   Grand   Forks   and  .-Dr. Allen of   Nelson were   among the  visitors to Greenwood this week.  Mr. SuUivan of Nelson, B. C, is  erecting a .large three-story hotel in  the Sutherland addition. The hotel  will have a 60-foot frontage. .  ��� A portion of the building on Government street, recently a purchased by  %. C. Cargyll, is being fitted up for a  real estate and brokerag-e office.  Sig   Dilsheimer   of   Marcus, Wash.,,,'  visited    Greenwood    this     week.    He  owns   a   lot on Copper street opposite  the  Imperial.    He   intends     building  this summer.       .-'..'.���  The   C.   P.   R.   freisrht   teams  g"ot  mired on the Summit road at Providence creek. Mr. Schubert, the road  superintendent, visited the place and  in all probability the v'road will b��.'repaired.- '''.-:.-''  A meeting of the board of licensing  commissioners will be held in Police  Magistrate Hallett's offj.ee at 10 o'clock  Wednesday morning next. Notice has  been given of. two applications for  transfers.  Mr.. W."B. Rickards of Midway was  a visitor to the city last week. He was  accompanied by G. B. and O. B. Rickards of Manchester, England. The  latter .will remain in the district for  some time.   "  Owing- to.the" certain railway news  travel to the district is increasing  daily. Real estate is rapidly 'changing- hands, prices are advancing and  all indications point to a healthy activ-  tty in all directions.  The new Windsor hotel was completed this week. The building is well  finished and presents a handsome appearance. It. is lighted throug'hout  with acetylene g*as which gives an excellent light. The addition to the old  building gives the proprietors plenty  of   room for their increasing- business.  On Tuesday next a California party  will be in Midwaj'- with thirty well-  bred horses from that state. The party  is bound for the Peace River couutry.  Having too maii3r liorses. to take into  the northern mining' couutry, some will  be sold en route. Any one desiring a  saddle or driving" horse can get what  they want by consulting J. Christie,  M. R. C. V. S., before Tuesday.  C. F. Hope of Vancouver visited  Greenwood this week.  Mr. W. F. Robertson, a graduate of  McGill tmiversit/y, Montreal, has been  appointed provincial mineralogist.  Hon. Col. Baker has left for Kast  Kootenay,-where he will remain until  after the election, as he considers his  seat none too safe.  New   Aline   Inspector.       . ...  c;��� ���  James McGregor, M. P. P., is a can-  'My     Scotsman:    Rather    .than,    take  chances .'of   running   against Dr. Mc-  Kerchine in Nanamo, he has accepted  the position of Inspector of.Mines..  ���itt^uit.Ufa���. ��� .V��->)i'^nMllfllfcW   ~  Rr  ESUbmeSd  ���3-M   ��     o     ��  A Typewriter is a Necessity.  It pavs to buv the. Best.  1tig   EMPIRE'  Has many points of superiority  And is fully GUARANTEED.  THE     FRIGE    IS    ��GQ    CASH.  A'*-     aV'-     ^i1'-  "%?     "'(V     '4i-  For circulars and testimonials'address  THOMSON  STATIONERY  CO.  Agents for British Columbia,  VANCOUVER  AND   NELSON.   B.C.  ^4.  The EMPIRE is manufactured by  THE WILLIAMS' MANUF'G CO., 'Ltd.,  ... MONTREAL,    P. O.  Manufacturers  of the celebrated  New Williams Sewing- Machine.  Agents Wanted. .   . :���1l ������,�����j_ ���_ ;   MINERAL,'   ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of  Improvements,  NOTICE.  G. A. R., J. A. C, S. F��� I). A., C. S. &  II., Big-  Ledge, E. C. B., Prospective, O. B., P. H.. S.  . H. B., Fred D. and Spokane mineral   claims,  situate in the Kettle  River  Mining-  Division  . of Yale District.   Where Located. : Dead wood  and Providence camps.  XAK.E Notice that we, the Bou udary Creck  ' Mining-and Milling- Company, (Limited  Liability,, free miner's certi iicate," No. 72 A,  intend, sixty davs from the datehereof, to apply  to the Mining- Recorder for a certi licito of iimprovements,- -for the purpose of ob-.ainiug" a  Crown   Grant  of the above claims.  And further 'take . notice "chat n.e'.i m, under  section 37, in ust be commenced before the issuance, of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27th day of May, 189S. 90S  Certificate of the Registration of  a n ext r. a -p k.o vincia e co mi > a n v.  ." Companies'Act, Wr.'"'  THE   BRITISH   COLUMBIA   COPPER   COM-  ��� PANY,   Limited.  I  Reg-istered the ?.0th day of April, 1898.  HEREBY CERTIFY that  I   have this day  reg-istered " The British Columbia  Copper  Company, Limited," as an Extra-Provincial  Company under the " Companies' Act, 1897," to  canw out or effect all or any of the objects  hereinafter set forth, to which the legislative  authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the'company is situate 'in-  the Citv. of New York, State "of-New York,  U.S.A. "    ,.. ,:���  The amount of the capital of the company is  one million dollars, divided into- two hundred  .thousand shares of live dollars each.  The head office of the company in this Province is situate at Anaconda^ and Frederick  Keffer, mining" eng-ineer, whose address is Anaconda aforesaid, is the 'attorney for the company-;    '..��� ���;'; - -   ;'' -. ������ ;'.���'���"       ...".-'-.  Tne objects for which the company7 has been  established'afe : ������������'���        ..-���"  For the purpose of acquiring-, by purchase,  lease, or otherwisey mineral lands and mineral  ..rights, including- .g"old, silver, copper and other  minerals (except coal), and any and every other  form and kind of mineral lauds, and lands, estates and'properties of any" tenure whatsoever,  iueither or all of the States and Territories .of  the United States of America, the Dominion of  Canada, the Province of' British Columbia, or  any oreither. one of the Provinces of British  North America���;' and to hold, improve, develop,  convey-, lease, sell, dispose of or mortg-ag-e alt  the same, or aii3' part or parts thereof ; to purchase or otherwise acquire, and to sell, dispose  of'and deal in and with mines, mining- properties, mining- claims,  mining-   rights,  smelters,  ��� mills, plants and machinery, or works for the  treatment of ores and minerals, and all grants  and undertaking's connected "'therewith ; and to  buy, treat and sell ores and minerals of any  kind or description. ; to acquire the holding's or  lien of any corporation or individual owning- or  holding- mining- or other property necessary for  the objects and business of the company' ; to  discocver; lay- out and; locate, take on lease or,  bond, or otherwise acquire and develop, nian-  ag-e, improve and operate mines, mining- 'clai ms,  tunnels, mill sites, furnace sites, water rig-hts,  mills, plants, machinevy or works, and such  and any other estates and interest as are necessary and expedient for the interests of the.com-'-  ��� pany ;  to  join   with  or consolidate with  any ,  person, firm or corporation for the purpose of  ���.prospecting'-, locating-, laying- out, developing-,'  improving- and operating- any mine or mining-  property ;   to  acquire,   by   purchase or otherwise, build, construct,   equip,   maintain,  work,  manage,  carry- out   or control  the necessary-  railway. and railroad  facilities,  branches, sid-  ing-s   and   bridges,    reservoirs,   water-courses,  manufactories, saw-mills, artificial and natural  lig-hting- and power plants, warehouses,   shops,  stores and other works, plants and coyeniences  that are necessary, and that seem calculated to  inure to the benefit of and advance the interests  of the company, and to sell, lease or otherwise  dispose of all or any part or interest in  any  or  all of the properties,   rig-hts or  interests "that  may be so acquired by the company,  as  above  set forth or relating-thereto,  and  g-euerally  to  eug-ag-e in. any and "all   lawful  business  necessary- or convenient iu-'coiiueciiou with the business of the company, and for the  purposes  ap-  ' pertaining-thereto, and any   and   every   act  or ���  'acts,.thing-or thin,crs incident  to, -growing-  out  of, or connected,with said business, or any part  or parts thereof ; to jju.rchase and  sell shares  of the capital stock and   mortg-ag-e  bonds   and  other evidences of  indebtedness  of other  corporations, and to purchase and sell the bonds,  deeds and notes, and other evidences of indebtedness ofciudividuals and   firms, and  to  negotiate for and  borrow  all  money  necessary for  the conduct of the business of the company ���by-  bond or other evidences of  indebtedness  therefor, as may be necessary for the proper conduct  and- operation of the business of the company ;  to acquire a domicile, arid conduct any or all of  its business, in  the Dominion   of  Canada^   the  Province of British Columbia, or any: or'either  oue of  the other  Provinces  of  British  North  America.  .Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  twenty-sixth day of April, one thousand eig"ht  hundred and niuetv-eight.  [l.s.] "      '    S. Y. W00TT0N,  87-4 Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  THE EVERETT & SPOKANE MINING  Company- hereby revokes the appointment as Attorney-for this Company of D. A.  Holbrook at Greenwood, B.C., made .on the 8th  day of March, 1898, and instead thereof hereby  nominates and apijoints George Arthur Reii-  de'll, merchant, of Greenwood City-, Yale district, Province of British Columbia, to be  their  resident agent and attornev.  Attest ���: "    . ��� " E.  T. W. (III.LI5TTU,  Secretary.  April 9th. 1898.  MARL TON,  President.  85  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   1 mprovements.  N O T I C E .  GREYHOUND' Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining" division of Yale district.  Where located :  In Dead wood camp.  T'AKE Notice that I, W. J. Harris, free miner's certificate, No. 79,045, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant  of the above claim.  And further-take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 31th day of April, 1S9S. 84 THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  J. J. Miller is back from Republic.  A turkey dinner at the Imperial hotel  on Sunday evening-next. *  A Roman Catholic church will be  shortly built at Grand Forks.  Rev. Father Palmer conducted two  services in Barrett's hall on Sunday  last. \  During- the rainy weather several  prospectors were forced into town from  the hills.  Rev. Mr. Guy delivered an eloquent  sermon on "Gladstone " in Rendell &  Go's, hall last Sunday evening.  J. P. Harlan and E}."C. Brown returned on Thursday from a week's prospecting trip on the reservation.  Owing to the absence of Mayor Wood0  in Rossland  there  was  no meeting of  the city council held on Monday  evening last.  K. B.oSimmons of the International  holel left last week on a  business  trip  to Vancouver.  It is reported that numerous prospectors are rushing into the Burnt Basin  district beyond Christina I^ake.  The body of little Albert Traunweis-  er who was  drowned  in Kettle river at  Grand  Forks   last   week   has not yet  been recovered.  D. McElmon, the jeweller, has leased  one of the stores in the Hardy building  Copper street, and will conduct his  business there.  W. L,. Hogg of Montreal one of the  owners of the Sunset mine in Dead-  wood camp is expected from the east  ���early next week.      ".',.'  The Nelson & Vernon Telephone  Company will shortly begin erecting  the poles and: stringing the wire from  Cascade City to Grand Forks.  Thos. .Hardy left on Thursday for  New Westminster where he will attend  the annual meeting of the provincial  GrandXodge, I. O. O. F. Mr. Hardy  will visit the coast cities before returning.  A meeting of the shareholders of the  Pathfinder company will be held in  Rossland on June 18 for the purpose of  disposing of the property of the company. It is again reported that the  British American corporation will purchase the property.  In the current issue of the Gazette  appears the notice that John Kirkup of  Rossland has been appointed collector  of votes for the Rossland district and  Hugh St. Quentin Cayley, Grand  Forks, distributing collector for the  Fiast Riding of Yale. .        '   ���  J. A. Schubert, the new road superintendent, reached Greenwood this  week. 'He will find plenty of road  work demanding his attention. The  road leading to Greenwood camp is  impassable because of a washout-near  the dam. The Summit Camp road is  also almost impassable.  Bounda^ Valley Lodge I. O. O. F.  elected the following officers last Tuesday evening: N. G., M. J. Phelan ; V.  G., Thos. Gully; Per.-Sec, R. F.  Coates ; Rec.-Sec, G. R. Naden ; Treas.  W. J. Harber. The officers will be  installed by D. D. G. M., I. H. Hallett  the last Tnesda3'- in June when the  remaining- offices will be filled by the  Noble Grand and Vice Grand.  J. F. Hernenway of the Old Ironsides  mine was in the city this week.  Try the turkey  dinner at the Imperial hotel, at 6 p. m. next Sunday -even-  ingr- ..-��� ��� .'-���:���'.'.'  *  I. A. Dinsmore, provincial police  officer at Grand Forks, paid Greenwood a business visit this week.  The development work on the Caledonia on Hardy mountain has given  some very promising results-  M. C. Cameron, M. P., for West  Huron, has been appointed Lieutenant-  Governor of the Northwest Territories.  The B. C. Mercantile and Mining  Syndicate of London "are opening" a  1 a-rge Mercantile establishment in Cascade City.  A. W. Robbiris has opened out a livery stable on Copper street, in the  building recently vacated by the Fashion Stable.  The Dominion Day celebration committee liad a "meeting on Thursda3r  evening and /.m^de'.'.-.'further ��� arrangementsfor the day's sports.  Mr. B. D. MacKay has: been in L,on-  "doh trying to orgariiZe a companj'- to  take over the Republic group of claims  in Smith's camp, on which property  he has a bond.  Delicious  Toothsome  WILLS' Famous " Navy Cut," **Traveller,"  and other lines of Tobaccos.  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS.  n. E. TRAZEE,  Haraill Block Copper Street.  A.l Cedar Shingles,  in. any quantity,  for sale by  Boundary Creek Milling & Lumber Co.,  Greenwood, B. C.  MISS   O.   MED ILL,  Dressmaking and Millinery Parlors.  Sample Hats, in the latest styles, will  arrive in a few days. ,  COPPER STREET,   GREENWOOD.  ank Books.  Letter Presses.  Office. Suppli  Draftsmen's Supplies,-etc.  We carry Everything- in our line.  SMITH & MeRAE,  Books, Station any, Wall. Faper, Fancy  Gooos an.? Notions,  GREENY/OOD    :    :    B.C.  GRAND SCENERY. W)W  RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOOAN     TO     OOEAN  Without change of Cars, via  ���Hi  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping-cars, luxurious dining- cars, eleg-ant  day coaches, mag-nificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The only line running- throug-h  tourist  from the coast  I      WINNIPEG,  ���J      MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE.'  }  Lowest rates to  and from  7  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and Cliina  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to a.ny ships that have .yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is' 300 miles  shorter than via any other Trans-Patific line.  tie  aV*  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The" shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and astewardess on everj- voyage.  For time tables, pamphlets, or a.ny information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, E.  J.   COYLE,  Ag-eut,   . f Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  RAILWAY.  NELSON III SIPP1D,  red mi iitnys.  The  only  All  Rail  Route,   without  Change of Cars, between  Also between Rossland and Nelson.  Alfa-     *V&     j>Y��-  ���?t&       ^ii>        'itS  �����<�����  Going North  12.49 p.m.  SS  Going South  10.51 a.m.  Close connections  at Nelson   with   Steamers  for Kaslo and all Kootcnay Lake points.  Passeng-ers for Kettle River and  Boundai\y  Creek connect at Bossburg- with daily stag-es.  THISTLE   "a :  Is the Eest Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  SEAGRAM'S'  The Best Canadian.  SOLE  AGENTS :  R.   P.   RlTKET"&  VICTORIA      E.C.  Co.  Ltd. r.; i \ w r Mag-tegagSCTa  iSiSSnfiS!!��SS5=riiS  M  R-f  ft:.  f  I'  r  it  :/?  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  u  VICTORY   ASSURRED.  \ Sir John MacDonald and several  other gentlemen since his time have  told us that it is unsafe to bet on a  horse race or an election. This is perfectly true. There is a gambling spirit, ah element of unsafety about betting of any description. Notwithstanding this there are unmistakable  signs which force the observer to the  conclusion that the Turner government must go. Take Vancouver Island,  for instance; last election the Island  returned all government supporters.  The most enthusiastic supporter of the  Turner government does not hope for  such a result during the coming election. Nariaimo City will return Dr.  McKechni.e, the opposition candidate ;  he is the most popular man in Na-  naimo, and has all the influence of the  New Vancouver Coal company behind  him.  T. W.Patterson can easily defeat J.  P. Booth in North Victoria. He is  manager of the Victoria and Sidney  railway, which passes through North  Saanich, and is well known and  popular throughout the entire district.  In Ksquimalt Han^.D. W. Higgins  will be returned as an ^opposition candidate, as will also his runniug mate.  In Victoria City everything depends  on the opposition candidates. Dr. O.  M. Jones and Col. F. B. Gregory can  carry the city if they decida to run.  These two and two other opposition  candidates equally good will carry  Victoria.  Other districts on the Island will  probably return opposition candidates;  Coming to the Mainland, and outside of Cariboo and Cassiar, the government have absolutely , not the  slightest chance of winning a seat.  Vancouver, New Westminster and all  the ��<ower Fraser will remain opposition, while Yale and Kootenay will  return a solid phalanx of opposition  men.  The Turner government is doomed.  It is now only a question of how great  will be the majority against it.  The   Road  to  Boundary.  W. F. Tye, the chief engineer in this  district of the Canadian   Pacific   rail  way,  has erone to the head offices of the  company in Montreal with the bids for  the construction of the new line from  Robson to Midway, which will be approved by Vice-President Shaughnessy  when work on the line will be started.  Mr. Shaughnessy is expected in Rossland on business connected with the  road in about 10 days. Sir William  Van Horne, the president of the road,  leaves today from New York for London in connection with the Manitoba  and Northwestern deal.���Rossland  Miner.  An Absurdity.  The absurd rumor has been circulated in Vernon that James Martin of  Rossland intends running as a government candidate in this district. The  government supporters at Vernon are  desperately striving to keep their  courage up.  Rossland.  <X$>  ment and Tr0  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  (Eedf (grfdfe dnb (ttttmng Q0rofter6,  Financial c&Insurange Agents  GEO.   R. ; NADEN,   Manager.   ���  THE PI  ER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  ��� *>i& "?��? "iiS  lip  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, L<iquors and Cigars.  ���������LdvuRY Stable in connection. ���  i?fe jM& jJ&  ���**<? V)V i'r  J. W, NELSON  V  +  Proprietor.  D. R.  XM  WA T CW MAK ER,  ���Formerly of Moncton, N.B.-^  GREENWOOD   CITY.   B.C.  4fe   .safe   $&  -sfs-.    vjjr     ftv  Good Tools, plenty of Material, and 30 years'  Experience in the business.  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c, Repaired.  Any kind of small Mechanical "Work done.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liqnors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  hi mo  Greenwood,   B.C.  ��& ��!*��� &  lli* ->ltf ">!<?  Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialty  CORYELL'S _MAP, Price $1.25.  IF .  SQUARE   HOUSE.  <0  UJ  .?���  Ul  it  o  L  Greenwood City, B.C.  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  ���>ii*  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  SQUARE   TREATMENT  D.  Mc'DUFF.  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates to  T  MIDWAY  B.C.  GREENWOOD,     J3.G.  ���Jfc -J'A. ��'(.  %$    s<&   W  All kinds of work executed to the  satisfaction of customers. ransaeisEaaw,  Y\  THE   BOUNDARY .CREEK   TIMES.  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Mr. L,iebele has sold his interest in  the Greenwood Brewery to Andrew  Woolslag-her.  K. A. Bielenberg has several men at  work on his mining-properties in South  Deadwood camp.  Fifteen men are at work on the Ironsides and Knob Hill properties in  Greenwood camp.  Gus Peterson, formerly foreman of:  the Atheistan, left this week for Pass  creek to develop his properties there.  Karl Nelson and R. Robinson, who  are carrying out development work on  their Pass creek properties, were down  for supplies this week.  Work was this week started on the  shaft of the Athelston in Wellington  camp. Owing- to surface water, work  in the shaft was discontinued about a  month ago.  [^Messrs. Wickwire and Cargill have  accepted the option on Mr. A. S. Black's  interests in the properties which they  recently purchased from Dr. Christie.  Men have been put to work on the  Springdale in Skylark camp.  David Beath returned on Tuesday  from the West Fork, where he located  some claims. He reports that it is  rather a dangerous undertaking* to  cross the West Fork ferry at present.  The current is very strong where the  ferry has been placed.  D. W. Moore, the ore buyer for the  Trail smelter, left for Marcus on Sunday, but, owing- to the floods, got no  farther than Grand Forks.- He made  a second attempt on Wednesday and  was more successful. Mr. Moore ex-  ' pects to return to Greenwood in a  short time.  G. ;P. Speindler was in the city this  week. He is developing" the Minnie  and Golden Horn, two very promising-  properties on Pass creek. Nearly 200  feet of work has been done on these  claims, consisting of tunneling- and  openwork. He is well pleased with  the results from the work done.  The waterpipe which has been laid  from the tank below Mr. Smailes' residence to Government street will be extended to Copper street, the business  men subscribing the necessary amount  to carry out the work. There is a g-ood  force of water which will prove useful  in case of fire until the regular S3'stem  of waterworks is constructed.  Hugh McCutcheon of Rossland was  a visitor to Boundary creek this week.  He came over on behalf of the Rossland Opposition committee, with a  view to securing- a full delegation at  the convention to be held on Wednesday next. Mr. McCutcheon was at one  time publisher of the Inland Sentinel.  He almost succeeded in defeating Geo.  B. Martin in North Yale at the last  election.  Ben. Fitzpatrick arid D. J. Cluune are  working- in Summit camp on the Main-  moth, an extension of the Ma3'. The  claim lies near the B. C, and is owned  b}r Mayor Olmstead, J. M. Fitzpatrick  and J. J. Evans of Spokane. Three  assessments have been done on the  property. The ledg-e is about seven  feet wide and carries .<;rood values in  copper. Work, will be continued until  sufficient is done to obtain a crown  grant.  Circulating Library.  ���Qs=*S<=2   Subscription, SOc. per Month.  ALL    THE    BEST    NOVELS.  Greenwood Book Store,  9 GOVERNMENT ST.  Tkade Mark  Red Star.  Flouring Mills Go:  VERNON,   B. C.  ���Brands |  HUNGARIAN  THREE   STAR  STRONG-" BAKERS'.  SUPERPINE  All made by the celebrated Hungarian Plansifter system. Try some,  made by the only Plansifter Mill in  the Province.  Whole Wheat flour a specialty  Bran, Shorts,-Chop, etc.  T  2  T  J  rug Store  For Excellent Quality aiid  Variety of Choice in Drug's  Medicines, Chemicals and  Drug-gists' Sundries.  Stationery, Confectionery,  and Cig-ars : :  :::::-:  "Wallpaper, Paints and Oils  W.   S.   FLETCHER,  %$t .<&rus$i&f.  A*-��-<��>>-��-*��>-e-<<��>'-e-��a��-��-<e*��-��ffl>-��-'<o>-8-��*>-o^<��>-��-����>-o-<ai>-a-<<8��  a Ema bevoa Skaaa B   \ y  MERCHANT TAILOR  ���GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  *%&*     R&RFECT  FIT  GUARANTEED.  i~K *lW? ' .'.���r-.  '���V-J S'*-['i&:,~^!i'L-1? '"-v1  ty Court Notice  A SITTING of  the  Countv   Court  of  Yale  will  be  holden  At Midway,  on Monday,  the 11th day  of July, 1898,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  13y command.  \YM.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office, d.k.c.c.  ���    Michvav. Mav 7ih, I3')3. SS-4  MILLER  BR0S.,  The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  OK ELL <& MORRIS  FRUIT 4- PRESERVING *|* COMPANY,  Victoria,    B,G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and Lemon Peels.    Preserve's and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vinegar.  We claim without exception to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling   Goods  in  Canada.  Established 1862.  WEILER BROS.,  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture,Upholstery, etc 3��  Importers of Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no-  matter how larg-e, promptly filled, as we have  the  ilKEST STOCK IN 1PROVINCL  *V4   *v*   *v*  ���Sjl." "��JVC *tP  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  iV&     aSfe     ��!fi-  ���sfc-       it$      -s��i?  VICTORIA,   B.C.  Financial and  ? (Vtofarg-(pufific is'���  VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT   FOR.  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Cpmpanj- of North America,  The Loudon & Canadian Fire Ins. Co. .  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  APPKAISISK .FOR  The Canada Permanent Loan & Saving's Co.  W. J. Snodgkass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinuej-,  Rock Creek. Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For.cs.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and every, day except Sunday for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passeng-crs and Express.  JfiSr" Will sell  through  Tickets  to  Vancouver,.  . Victoria, Seattle or Portland. v *3.: ��� rj ���'. ^y*1 '.rvTT-fYfffiT?  /?;^'  t-"  ^V  I?  if  1 S  If  GREENWOOD GITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new  town  roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE;  DEADWOOD.  SUMMIT,  o  skylark:  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD;  ELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMRS  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good investment  -o-  For- price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or C S, Galloway*  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, F v  Or apply to the Agents %  C; F.  COSTERTON,  Vernon, ..B.C.  JRT,. Vancouver. vV'-.-Ci-'N  .    V  +v-v  RI  *t  or  ^0  ic  enver,  eiss  Brewing    Go,* ��� Milwaukee f /'��� Columbia   Flour  Mills Go/ Enderby,  B/ G,j' j, T, Turner  &' Co,* Hamil  a  ofltreal ��� Roller Mills C04 Giant  ciscoj Schilling���&��� Co,* San Francisco? Canton  Steel Go,  ($*-" I  a��J:'-^V ^.t- -T-377- ^^'^^Trre&^-^yT^H-i  i^^^x^a-gia^  ^S^3aaS��^SBBSiXS3^B&  V*.  ,  ��� /> ���  v/'  i ���*���''  ^"  GREENWOOD  CITY   is   the  central   town   and   supply  point ��� of' the.   Boundary  Creek    mining   camps.     From   this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  i .... ���  DEADWOOD,  ,   >     SUM MIT, \  LONG   LAKE, SKYLARK,  MM  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For-price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or G, S, Galloway*  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, I ;;,  Or  apply  to  the  Agents s  C.  F.   COSTERTO.N,  Vernon,  EC  A.   K..  STUART, . Vancouver.:' rrsaej  We have, just got in a shipment of  " Ready to Wear" up^to^date Clothing/ made  from eood wearinp' Tweeds* nice neat pat>  �� -       'i -V-' ��� \  ns*   wei  * pro  sta  **  is lust' as ess  staying  an  M  IS:  are to a fa  1.  et  y   stayed = is. that  /   Li  P  ��1  &<  sbape  is worn out, ai  *s  JL&.  ���a i��f  ,-"*.  !i  <  line an old garment alter a lew weeKs wear  H  3.vv5=^t-fr-v-^\'-.v-?'-.-A*wrn.iT-T-���>iK-s~  ^^Kiranb^swnw^iwu^-KVi^o rw/AiPw;  r^-^Kjayefiywt^i^saiaszBQffiwiasraiitfTsaAii/aHaKSH  m?ftfflffimfflffl?mfflWflw?wwwm?mm??mmmmmrmwf  i:special Hues in i  ippers and Canvas  1i*ac�� r  HH*  xford'-'lie 5iioes,  Our Children's Buttoned " Ironclad  ??  lb  Are just the things for this section,    Buttons adjusted free, with  a  Patent  Fastener,  -S��TCTVCT:��yiTffln.-W^^..^-Pr^.>-^1.-g^^^  scagiUEi :.UB .u, JLUiam  ts  \ '���.  fitBSi  gs^assBmssESE  1 'v-'" "jflr^r


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