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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-06-18

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 -f"  i.tnt>Bj*c��fl3* n-r^rfc t*,:, i.w -iiTti i����i Juic. '.kimmui'*  ^:���is��Ki^BSfeias-s;3E2:i"52SS  SATURDAY,    JUNE   18,    1898.  hi**  8  'i&i  **-'-  1    ,v>     -.;���  ��� frJvv.t;;;;^"'-'  fc  (**���  ft.-'  ($ T3?ee  outrnaf  ��� "We  1-  I  i  m  L  td  ��� e  MANUFACTURERS   OF  Concentrators, Smelters, Steam  Hoists, Engines and Boilers,  Water .Wheels,  etc.  SAW,  PLANING AND SHINGLE  High Speed Corliss Engines.  ���* I I  Works i  &  Branch Office?  innon Building, ��� A.,���.CE; fc Kiu *m,..  iBS^-"-"^.***-^*'^^  CT.a.��*-:.^wu*i.*��.:��v.r..\l*js4.'tf^^^  e.\^��j*AMJ��v1��i!^srti*��fc.��*^^^  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ��� Bit 1 -M'-i-W^Bifi-MM^tf WBJg  mmtwnmmiuuHMi^i W flffff  ��"'�����  JUST ARRIVED i A Carload of Windows and Doors, made  of the Best Dry Cedar, Strongly Built and Well Finished  Builders cannot do better than place their orders with us,  Our Prices Are Right and we Guarantee to Fill -All,  Orders  Promptly.  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'%  ��� i ���  91  A Weekly Paper, published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, IV.  GREENWOOD, B.C, SATURDAY, JUNE 18,1898,  93  No, 15,  f  i- �����?.  I  #  OUR   NEXT   MEMBER.  HE} Rossland convention made an excellent selection. The great desideratum of the approaching* election is the defeat of the Turner govern-  ment. Mr. Martin will do his share by carrying* the Rossland constituency by an overwhelming* majority. He is well known, and  possesses the confidence of all the electors. His  politics are sound. He is in favor of progressive legislation and is therefore unequivocally opposed to the Turner  administration. . ,  While Mr. Martin's election is assured, those opposed to  the Turner government should make every effort to have  as large a majority as possible. It is in the interests of the  whole constituency and particularly in the interests of  Boundary Greek that the expression of disapproval of the  Turner government should, be most pronounced. Bvery  vote should be polled on July 9th.  When Mr. Martin is elected we feel sure that he will not  prove a disappointment to the constituents. He is pledged  to a platform that recog*nizes the rights of Boundary-Creek  to a member immediately and outlines leg-islation that is in  the interests of this district. Mr. Martin will endeavor to  can-y out his pledges and as he goes to parliament a supporter of the party which will then be in power, he is sure  to succeed in securing for Boundary Creek that justice and  consideration which had been denied Gby -the moribund  administration whose members are now" alarmed at seeing*  the active preparation for their burial, that are being made  by the electors of the province.  *>��*���        i"��- 2?!��  ���?i^ ?1>F        f\S  fit  ?K  ���>ir  MISAPPLIED   ABILITY.  The editor of the Rossland miner is an amusing cuss.  He began the campaign in favor of the Turner government  by assuming that the electors of the Rossland constituency  and more particularily those of Boundary Creek were fools  and that their only course was to make the Miner their political guide. His versatility is exceeded only by his lack of  political conscience. He writes not a syllable in favor of  the government whose cause he espouses but hopes to run  an election by manufacturing dissension. When one election canard fails, he manufactures another. It is a pity that  so much ingenious lying, should be thrown away ; it is a  greater pity that so great a man should work in so limited  a field. The editor of the Miner would find a proper scope  for his genius as a San Francisco Examiner correspondent.  There he would find a market for his peculiar style of journalism. In the Rossland constituency he succeeds in amusing the electors and strengthening the cause of the opposition party.  The Miner would lead the people to believe that harmony does not prevail within the ranks of the opposition party  because more than one candidate allowed his name to go  before the convention. Accepting the Miner's conception  of harmony we have it in the highest form in the government ranks for no one appears foolish enough to allow his  name to go before a government convention. The Miner's  brand of harmony is not popular on the opposition side.  The oppositionists are thankful that their cause is encouraging and that there is in their-ranks plenty of suitable mate- .  rial for a provincial member. The Rossland convention  made clear that the party is solidly united in its opposition  to the Turner government. Did the editor of the Miner not  hear Mr. Boyle's eloquent declaration that he was too loyal  to  his' political principles and his opposition to   the Turner  government, not to stand by the choice of the convention ?  The talented editor of the Miner does not do himself full  justice until he discusses the action of the Boundary Creek,  delegates at the convention. He made frantic endeavors to  induce Boundary Creek to nominate Boundary Creek candidates and when the delegates refused,to fall into his clumsily laicttrap, he announces that Boundary Creek has for-  feited all right to criticize the redistribution bill! Now  that is the style of  argument  that   takes.    It   is most con  vincing.  It is sure to win friends for the government   and  more firmly establish the  editor  of   Miner's reputation for  political sagacity. *  Seriously speaking the editor of the Miner is sacrificing"  his reputation in the interests of the Turner government.  A continuance of the course outlined will give him a permanent reputation for being politically the greatest simpleton that ever edited a newspaper. With his elastic journalistic conscience he could easily eulogize the Turner government and would thus do his party better service than by  attempting to dictate to the oppositionists what they ought  to do and then declaring a lack of harmony in the party  because they do not follow his directions.  '���/it-  #6  A   LIBEL   ON   BOUNDARY   CREEK.  " There is not a man in the Boundary country capable  of representing this district in the assembly���for if a man  could not stand before the Rossland convention he certainly  cannot fill a legislative office."  The above is from the Ghrand Forks Miner. We are surprised that a man possessing the political astuteness of the  editor of the Miner should give utterance to a sentiment  that lib.els the people of this district. The Miner should  remember that an unwilling*ness to sacrifice the interests of  a party to personal ambition or the interests of a certain  portion of the constituency does not show incapacity on the  part of those making the sacrifice.  The Turner government has treated Boundary Creek  so disgracefully that for the present every interest must be  trampled under foot if necessary to accomplish the defeat  of the Turner government. When this is accomplished and  Boundary Creek receives her full measure of political power  the Miner will find that there are plenty of aspirants for  political honors and that they compare very favorably with  those in other sections of the province. '  The editor of the Miner must know that Mr. Martin of  Rossland would poll more votes in the Rossland constituency than any Boundary Creek man. If he is as anxious to  defeat the Turner government as most people in the district  he must know that it was politically expedient to secure the  nomination of a Rossland man.  We have always opposed and always will oppose weakening the chances of securing the return of an opposition  candidate by pitting Boundary Creek, against Rossland.  The Rossland Miner and government supporters have  attempted to breed sectionalism and we are forced to -state  that we fear the Grand Forks Miner has fallen into the trap  prepared b}r desig'ning* government politicians.  .  The duty of Boundary Creek is clear. IOvery vote  should be polled as a protest ag-ainst the treatment accorded  the district by the Turner government. Any other course  would be disloyal to the best interests of the district.  The Miner should not forget that it has a very grave  duty to perform in connection with the election and neither  selfish interests nor personal predjudice should influence its  polic3r. The absence of a Boundary Creek candidate is not  sufficient excuse for divorcing itself from the position it so  abl}r upheld during* the past few. months. ���lPfc'^12��r'':-t*~vA'3-!.'5tf(4.tS3tfirtW.jl  ;���;  ' j..  ������ S  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  mjt*MTijKLVriMwu*m  giT*T*r^rK%*Fnir&*x:r.r.xr-iv'icmT.<v.-r.r&x~st  RAILWAY   NEWS.  East week Vice-president T. G.  Shaug-hnessy of the C. P. R. visited  Robson and other points along the line  of railway. Interviewed at Rossland  he stated that sub-contracts on the line  between Robson and Boundary-would  be let inimediately.  :1 Mr. Shaughnessy also visited Vancouver where he was interviewed by a  News-Advertiser representative. He  said:  " The contracts have been let for the  construction of the line from Robson to  Penticton."  - -*' The other portion has been left in  abeyance." ,  " "Yes.'''    " ���  . ." ���;'".;.���  " Do you intend to go on with that  portion at an early date ?"  "Messrs. McKenzie and Mann will  go on with that part, at least the Vancouver, Victoria and pastern will make  some arrangement about it. Our portion of the work is from Robson to  Boundary."  " Can   you   tell   what   arrangement  Mackenzie and Mann have made ?"  ��� "No, I   cannot   say   what   arrangements they have made ; if any."  The contractors for the road have  400 men at work near Robson. Already  canvas   towns   have sprung up  along  the line of   construction  the   name   _  mouth of Dog*  Creek.    Here  Brooklyn   is  given to a new town at the  the  contractors have their headquarters. Another railway town is New York.  J. Hamilton, the C. P. R. land commissioner and W. H. Tye the chief engineer, are expected in Greenwood  an3r da3r. The object of their trip is to  arrange for station and , yard room in  the different towns and also lay out  new townsites if in their opinion it is  wise to do so.  It is also reported by the Rossland  Miner that R. T. Wilgress of the C. P.  R. service, Vancouver, and F. W. Russell, of the land department, Winnipeg  left Rossland for the Boundary Creek  country, to arrang-e townsite and right  of -wa3r matters in connection with the  Columbia & Western road from Robson. The first point they will make  for will be Cascade City and from there  they will follow the location of the rail  wa3r through Midway.  Returned From England.  M.E- D. MacKay of the Kootena3'  Development Company returned to  Greenwood this week from Eng*land.  His company have under bond the  Snowshoe, Republic group*)and other  properties in 'Boundary Creek under  the management of R. W. Macfarlane,  M. E. Mr. MacKay reports that during his visit to Eondon as much interest was taken there in the war as in  New York and consequently investors  lost interest in mining* for the time being. He is of the opinion however that  an encouraging reaction will set in at  the close of the war arid that a large  amount of Fnglish money will be invested in British Columbia mines.  Thos. P. 'Carter,   Vancouver,   repre  sentiiig Mendelssohn Piano   compan3r,  visited Greenwood this week.  gOUNDARY CREEK DISTRICT is recognized  by all -mining men as a safe/ sure and reliable  district to invest in Mining  TfHE WHITE FRONT STORE is recognized as  the safe, sure and reliable place to do your  trading at  ieeanse* Our Treatment Is Uniform  [F YOU WANT A SWELL NECKTIE call and  see us,    we have them in all styles,  ��2r*  m>  Government Street,  GREENWOOD;  Next Door to the Drug Store.  nrawCTiuKESHBsaramBisK;  Ivouis Blue.  A. Fishek.  L  MILLS     /^ISTD     YARDS     J\T  Gtce  <&  Anaconda*- B.C.  Manufacturers of Roug-h and Dressed-  <?BEB-HEE*EE)  i"��. ��!{.        jj/i'  'ftS       1t&       ftS  ���)lf  ALL KINDS 0? 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Westward Ho, Canyon creek, H. D. Barnes.  Mascott^ Cedar creek, H. D. Barnes,  Pansy, Cedar creek, Ed. Sullivun.  ��� June 9. , '     :   "  Castle, Ingraham creek, F. M. Kerby.  Moro, Ingraham creek, J. H. East.  Victor, Deer creek, M. W. Dresser. >  Lake View, Canyon creek, M* W. Dresser.  Mexico, Main Kettle river, J. C. Farr.     .  Belle of May, and Admiral Dewey, Main Kettle  river, J. C. Farr and F. H. Carey.  Tip Top (fractional), Main  Kettle river, J. C.  Farr.  Red Bird, Main Kettle river, J.-.G.. Farr and F.  H. Carey.  Gold Crown, Main Kettle river, F. H. Carey.  British Pride, Cedar creek, J. R. Reilie and H.  A. Haywood.  Deadwood,  Canyon creek,  J. R. Reilie and H.  ���A. Haywood.  Golden Eagle, Cedar creek, J. R- Reillie and H.  A.Haywood.  Goiden Era,  Canyon  creek, W. Smith and W.  Miller.  Little John, Canyon  creek, J. R. Reilie and H.  A. Haywood.  Wheel of Fortune, Canyon creek, W. Smith and  W. Miller..  Arcadia, Skylark cag P, Otto Dillier-  June Rose, Skylark camp, E.7T. Wickwire.  Allendale, Sk3"lark camp, E. C. Cargill and E.  T. Wickwire.  Morning Star (fractional), Kimberly camp, W.  /W/Dunn  A P X (fractional), Greenwood canip, F. Mc-  'Donaid.  ' June 10.  Good Luck and Silver Star, Myer's creek, John  Luce.  Sentinel,  Beaver creek,  J.  L. Bjornberg  and  A. Clifford . .,  Jewel, Canyon creek, J. L. Bjornberg and  A.  'Clifford.  Jiocky -Hill,  Canyon  creek,  W. Lucy, J. Keen  and P. Darragh. ,���..".'...  ''.:';    ; g   v June 11. -     .  Oxford,': Wellington  camp,  F. Clough and T.  ;Hogan>/ '-.''.,  Bambridge, Wellington camp, J. Fisher, and J.  Smith.:  Evening Star, Wellington camp, T. Murray.  Orohoco,   Hunter,   Overman   and   Richmond,  Greenwood camp, J. Dempse3'  Humbolt, Summit camp, T. O'Brien.  June 13.  Chief, Caii3roh creek, L. Simpson.  Lucy '(fractional), Deadwood  camp, J. H. Mac-  nfarlane.  Iron   Belt,   near. Midway,  H.  Alneidt  and J.  Link  Black Duglas, Maggie Wand and White Chief,  Cedar creek, W. Miller and W. Smith.  June 14.  Magnolia, Canyon creek, R. A. Williams.  Fairview, Skylark camp, J. W. Greden  }!��� Certificates of Work.  June 7.  Teutonic, Arthur Morgan.       ;.  Prince   of   Wales    and    Princess    Louise,. J.  Gillan et al  Drumlunimon and Jubilee, J. Gillan.  Diamond Joe and Doubtful. W. H. Havies.  June S.  Magnolia,  Montana  and Fourth, "of'July,  A.  Waddell et al.  Peggie and Juno, H. T. Bringman et al.  June 9.  Mountain Queen, G. M. Barrett et al.  Victoria, J. Stepehus.  JEtna.,C. E. Gault.  Lulu, G. T. Hodgson, J. Atwood et al.  White Horse, J. B. Singer et al  Highland Mary, Robert Wood.  Nugget, F. C..Innes.  June 10.  Red Rock, M. II. Kane  Continental Chief, J. L. Bjornberg et al  June 11.  Moonlight, F. Clough and S. Benerman-  Imperial, M. W. Ludlow, et al  Aulter, F. J. Mead.  ."���-..'./.'.        June 13.  Glasgow,  Lad3T  of the Lake,  ���    Gregor, Helen, New No. 7, F.  Irou Gliff, J. J. Hibbard et al  Fan ti3r  Keffer  H;   Mc-  C O D, H.,J. Cole et al.  O K No. 2, O. D. Sandford et al  June 14.  Forest Grove (froctional), W. T. Oliver.  > '* Transfers. :  . ���--,, ���'* , June 9  Queen Bess, 1-6  interest, W  P Hofstetter to W  \  GMcMy'mi ���'.*./.  Nightingale^iMountain  View and  Sterling, y2  interest, R Smailes to E T  Wickwire and E  :   C Cargill  Golden Age, yi   interest,  R -T Evans  to  E T  Wiokwire and EC Cargill k.'  Golden  Age,  %  interest,  RS  Collins to E T  Wickwire aiid E C Cargill  ;     : i June 11  ;Pegg3T,. Juno, Denver,  Grubstake,  Red  Cloud  and Blackhawk. Y>,  interest, H T Brengman  ��� to'J Sutherland and W S Fletcher  r June 13  Dandy, 1-6 interest, Lewis Hindto S M Johnson  Clipper and Oro, ^interest, A S Black to ET  wickwire and E C Cargill  -0^5^=9-  SuBSGRIPTION,  SOC.  PER MONTH.  ALL    THE    BEST    NOVELS.  Greenwood Book Store,  9 GOVERNMENT  ST.  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P., liavjnt>:'  recovered,from his recent villness has  consented to accept the unanimous  nomination of the opposition-party'ami  is now actively canyasing* throughout  the district, Mr. Graham's many  Boundary Creek friends are delighted  to learn that Mr. Graham is making*  the run. He has been too useful a  member to retire from politics at the  present time. East Yale too is to be  - congratulated that Mr. Graham will  remain its member. From Donald  Graham to Pi-ice Ellison is too great a  retrograde step to be thought of for  one moment. Reports from the district south of Penticton are to the  effect that Mr. Grafciam will there  secure at least ninety per cent, of the  votes.  ���'  The News-Advertiser has the following* to say regarding Mr. Graham :  "The  many friends   of   Mr. Donald  Graham will be g*lad to learn  that  he  has so far recovered from his illness as  to be able   to   reconsider his decision  ..���not., to'be'a candidate again  and  that  he will offer himself for re-election for  East Yale.    In the four years during  which he has represented  that constituency, Mr. Graham developed qualities  which made him an admirable member  of   the   Legislature.    Modest   in    demeanor he showed himself to be a sagacious and prudent legislator, one   who  dealt with  public  affairs  as he would  with  his   own   interests.    Industrious  and painstaking* on committee work he  always had the ear of the House when  he addressed it and on more  than one  occasion he came off an  easy victor in  wordy  contests  with the Premier and  Attorney-General,    while   the     Chief  Commissioner   always   found himself  hopelessly defeated in any controversy  with the canny Scot from  the   Okanagan Valley. .. ���������'���;'.���  In the present electoral contest Mr.  Graham should receive the hearty support of the people of East Yale.  A   DUNSMUIR   CABINET.  Should the Turner government be  returned it is reported that there will  be certain cabinet changes. The personnel of the new cabinet follows:  Premier and minister of finance, Hon.  J. H. Turner; president of the council,  Mr. James Dunsmuir ; attorney general, Hon. C. E. Pooley, M. P. P. for  Esquimalt, solicitor for the Dunsmuirs ;  chief commissioner of lands and works,  Mr. Joseph Hiinter^-o^ernnient candidate for Cariboo, and superintendent of  the Dunsmuirs' Island railway ; minister of niines, Mr. John Bryden, M, P.  P. for North Nanaimo, and managing  director of the Dunsmuirs' iron works ;  minister'" of education, Dr. W. W.  Walkem, M. P. P. for south Nanaimo,  surgeon of the Dunsmuirs' colliery and  editor of the Dunsmuirs' Wellington  organ. -   ���  THE   CORBIN   RAILWAY.  Mr. E. V. Bodwell at a public meeting held recently in Victoria made the  following pointed references to the pro-   I  yincial government's railway, polieyv  ���--; "Heinze sold, put for $800,ob6," and  when the Kettle River valley f ailway  asken a charter the .British Columbia  government asked that the charter be  refused, although the company were  pledged to construct the road for nothing., ;And when the government knew  the C. P. R. had bought the V. V. &E.  charter the government bonused them  $4,000 a mile. It must be plain to the  public that no railway except the Canadian Pacific railway can do any business in the province. Had the Kettle  river railway bill passed it would have  opened up the country to the Grand  Trunk and wonld have been continued  to the coast. Thus it was seen that the  government were working against a  scheme which would have been an advantage to the country.  Sea salt baths at Ford's.  *  Robson-Penticton Railway.  Rossland, B. C, June 15.���"The contractors on the Robson-Penticton railway are- rffaking--active preparations  for commencing work," said John G.  Sullivan, the principal assistant engineer in charge* "A little town called  Brooklyn is springing up.at the mouth  of Dog creek on lower Arrow lake, just  across the lake from Deer Park. A  force of men are engaged in building  a wagon road from the lake to the  divide pass on the summit of the divide.  As soon as the wagon road is completed, so that supplies and tools may be  taken in, the work of grading will be  actively pushed all along the line of.  the proposed railway. The work would  have been commenced to-day but the  rain has delayed operations for a day  or two.  Sea salt baths at Ford's.  *  Greenwood Cemetery.  ��� It is hoped that the city council will  join with the fraternal societies for  the purpose of placing the Greenwood  cemetery -in a presentable condition.  To-da;y it is a disgrace to the town and  its people. The cemetery should be  cleared and fenced. There should be  some indication that that the residents  of the city are sufficiently civilized to  show some respect for the dead.  Awarded  liigfaest Honors���World's Fair,  Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.  Pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  YEARS THE STANDARD^  [L. S.] THO S, R. MclNNES.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United  i       King-dom   of ~ Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Queen, Deferider of 'tlie'Faith, ��fec.,&c., &c.  To the Returning Officer of the East Riding- of  . Yale Electoral District :  WHEREAS His Honour the Lieutenant-  Governor of British Columbia has, by a  Proclamation bearing- date the 7th da3' of June,  1898, been pleased to dissolve the "Legislative  , Assembly of the said Province; and whereas  it is necessary to hold Elections throughout  the said Province to fill the vacancies caused  ,by such dissolution, We command you that,  notice of the time and place of Election being  duly given, 3*ou do cause Election to be made,  according to law, of One Member to serve in  the Legislative Assembl3r of the Province of  British Columbia; for the East Riding of Yale  Electoral District, and that 3-ou do cause the  nomination of Candidates at such Election to  be held on the 25th da3' of June, 1898, and do  cause the name of such Member, when so  elected, whether he be present or absent, to be  certified to Our Supreme Court, at the City of  Victoria, on or before' the 31st da.y of August  next, the Election so made, distinctly and  openly under Our Seal dul3' indorsed upon this  Our Writ.  In Testimony Whereof^ We have caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent under  the Great Seal of Our said Province of  British Columbia: Witness, the Honorable  Thomas R. McInnes, at Our Government  Housei at Victoria, this seventh day of June,  in the year of Our* Lord one thousand eight .  hundred and ninet3'-eight.  By Command,  B.H..TYRWHITT DRAKE,  93-4 Registrar of the.Supreme Court.  ,    [L. S.]        THOS. R. McINNES.  : CANADA.  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United  Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c,;&c, &c.  To Our faithful the Members elected to serve  in the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British Columbia, and to all whom  it may concern,���Greeting.  A   PROCLAMATION.  D. M. Eberts, ' TXTHEREAS We have  Attorney-General. f ]�� Y thought fit, by and  with the .advice of, Our Executive Council of  Our Province of British Columbia, to dissolve  the present Leg-islative Assembl3r of Our said  Province, which stands prorogued-^u-nfil- summoned for dispatch of'business.  NOW, KNOW YE that We do, for this  end,  publish this our Ro3'al  Proclamation,  and do  hereb3' dissolve the Legislative Assembly according^', and .the members thereof are discharged froni further attendance on same.  In  Testimony  Whereof   We  have  caused  these Ourj-Letters.to be made Patent, and the  Great Seal of British Columbia to be hereunto  affixed :   Witness, the Honorable Thos.  R.  McInnes,   Lieutenant-Governor of   Our said  Province of British Columbia, in Our City of  Victoria, in Pur said Province, this seventh  da3r of   June,  in  the year   of Our Lord one  thousand   eight   hundred  and   ninety^-eight,  and in the sixty-first 3'ear of Our Reign.  B3r Command.  B. H. TYRWHITT DRAKE,  93-j? Registrar of the Supreme Court.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  1 MILLS GO.  VERNON,   B. C.  Brands J  HUNGARIAN  THREE STAR  STRONG BAKERS*  SUPERFINE  All made by the. celebrated. Hungarian Plansifter system. Try some,  made by the only Plansifter Mill in  the Province.      ���'���'"���  Whole Wheat Plour a specialty  ' Bran, Shorts, Chop, etc >���,  >' r  '���   ' .������*���  ���s\.:/f  .Ojii...--     ^.u.  T HE   BO U N D A E Y   C R E E K   TIM E S.  waonK  Hatan  NOTES,  The opposition in Yietoria have nora-  Jin-atedXol^JG*-.' B. Gregory^A.;: B. Bel-  yea and i}x-alderman Stewart. As  Hon. Robert Beaven decided to run, it  was deemed advisable not to place  another Candidate in the field.  The Grand Forks Miner gives space  to certain nonsensical political utterances of the Rossland Miner and the  Rossland Miner republishes the matter  as;the opinion of the Grand Forks  Miner.'"'   ���'"  The Rossland Miner is the authority  ,.for the statement that W. B. Town-  seridj the-returning officer for this district, addressed a meeting of government supporters since his appointment.  Wv B. Town send evidently does not  realize that.impartiality should be one  of the characteristics of a returning  officer. \  Sea salt baths at Ford's.  Greenwood Public School.  Following is'the standing of classes  V and IV for the recent test examina-  ��� - *��� ���     '."'�� . .  tion   in   Canadian   history   and   map  drawing :  Canadian History, - Total 125���Chas.  Galloway, 101; Ted McArthur, 96; H.  Ostroski, 88; John Galloway, 85; Julia  Fisher, 76; Maude Butler, '74; Dollie  Fisher, 32.  Map Drawing, Total 50.���Charles  Galloway, 40; Ted McArthur, 25; Millie  Evans, 20; Julia Fisher, 14; John Galloway, 13; Dollie Fisher, 12.  D. A. Mackenzie, Teacher.  Henry... A.   Barton   of  Nelson   paid  ,: c Greenwood a business visit  last week.  Sea salt baths at Ford's.  ���**���  Authorizing an Extra-Provincial Company to  Carry on Business.  ". Companies' Act, 1897."  CANADA, PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  THIS IS TO CERTIFY that " The Stratford Exploration and Development Compaq', Limited,1' Is authorised and licensed to  carrjr on business within the Province of  British Columbia, and to cari^ out or effect all  or au3r of the objects hereinafter set forth to  which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the Compaq- is situate in  the City of Stratford, Province of Ontario,  Canada.  Theamountof the capital of the Com pan 3- is  thirt3' thousand dollars, divided into thirt3r  thousand shares of one dollar each.  The'lieadvoffice of the Compau3r in this Province is situate in the City of Greenwood, in the  District of Yale, and Sydne\r M. Johnson,  whose address is the Cit3' of Greenwood, aforesaid^ is the attorne\' fdr the Company.  The-objects for which the Compat-13' has been  established are :  (a.) To prospect for, explore, contract for,  purchasevjease or otherwise acquire, develop  or sell.'either on the" Company's own account  or jointly with, or as agents, or in trust for  other persons, and .either absolutely, optionallj*  or couditionall\-, mineral lands and other  lancls for mining purposes and mining loca-  tions'or interests therein, mineral properties,  ni.-ini.ug-, water, and other rig-Lt'ts and easements  and undertakings conuectea therewith:  (b.) To acquire shares or debentures, in an 3'  similar company as the consideration for a 113-  properties, easements or rights sold b\' the  Compau3- to such similar company in the  ordinal^- course of business, and to alienate,  the same at pleasure. - .  Given under my hand aud seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  third da3r of June, one thousand eight hundred  and ninetv-eight.  [L.S.j .'      ' S. Y.W00TTON.  93-4       Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  *��*  Is prepared to supply the trade with first-class Bottled Beer  manufactured by   the''Iyion   Brewery  Company,   L,td.,"  of Rossland.    The beer, is shipped in -bulk,   and, bottled by  steam   in   Greenwood.    Manufacturers   of  Soda   Water   and  All Kinds of Soft. Drinks.  Iveave your order with  Columbian Steam Bottling Works, near the Saw Mill, Greenwood  ;& %$**$/*$* *|* fy ^ ��-$-�� ��$* *fi��f* *$* *|* *$*>$�� *f�� 4* *f* *$* ��$*���-$* ���f*4 ���-$* ���$* *f*$$  Wholseale aud Retail Dealers in  FRESH   AND   SALTED   MEATS  HAMS,   BACON, .'LARD,    Etc. :: :  GREENWOOD. GRAND FORKS. & MIDWAY.  mmmm*  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels,  Electric''  Batteries  and  Stamp Mills,  Compressors,  Drills,  Hose,  Gils &. Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c,  immmmtwn  STOCK     QN     HAND     /VT     ROSSLAND.  vi  ��  9  F.   R.   MEN DEN HALL.   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  '.������r-7imr.rt*T''*,p'-'*"*T'^"'^  f Kettle River.--������  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietor  s. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  EDWARDS' if  1 ^ffofoof?ap# 104p|rgr I ?  V J.' '���,       ��� ."������. A  Copper Street, WMWfthfl.K; IV  s  i  4'i.  5 2  9      9  V  9  All kinds of Photographic Work'at   |"|  Moderate Prices.  j   .-  Every Photo guaranteed to g;ive   ,. �� ..��  ..,  Satisfaction. |   |  ���     ' ���  _^_J^     -���'   '������   :  *'���-?������; j  i, b.c. '��'T  ���= v.'-;; O  E. J. EDWARDS,  Greenwood,  PUBLISHED  BY  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing-  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross ...!'.'................ ...Editor.  W. J. Harber....:.'-.';....'. ...1.............Manager.,  Advertising Rates are One Dollar per inch  per month.' Legal notices, 10c.'and 5c. per line.  No " quack" or remedA' ads. inserted at any  price. Subscriptions are due in advance; other  accounts payable monthly.  Address all communications to-.  The Times,  Greeuwood, B.C.  Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1898.  J A blue pencil mark in this space indi- ��  | cates that 3'our Subscription is due..... |  A>-o<��^-��^e)-s-<(c��-a-4c>��"C-<��>-o-<B#o��'SB-><a>-��-<c��-<s-<ie>-o-����i>-����-io>-o-^��s  POLITICAL   NOTES.  The government candidates in Victoria are- Messrs. Turner, Helnicker,  McPhillips and R. Hall.  It is reported that Hon. J;- H. Turner  will hold meetings at different points  in Boundary Creek district.  James Martin the opposition candidate wil1 make a tour through Boundary Creek within the next ten days.  The following opposition candidates  ���-nominated last week are sure winners  in Vancouver : F. C. Cotton, R. Mac-  Pherson, Hon. Joe Martin and Charles  Tisdall. Mr. Tisdall is a new man in  provincial politics but he enters the  field possessed of the confidence of all.  and also sufficient armament to knock  out any government candidate in Vancouver. The other candidates are well  known throughout the province.  W. W. B.  McInnes'-  who is   going-to  save the province ( vide his "manifesto ) ,  has found a seat.    D. McKechnie "will  run   for  the  Dominion   house and the  boy  orator will run in Nautiimo.    The  .people'of  Nanaimo' evidently did not  complete^- swallow the -bombastic and  egotistical'  manifesto   for   they made  "Billy"   promise  he would be. a  good'  opposition candidate and not try to run  a party on his own hook.    The   people  of Nanaimo acted   wisely.    Unless the  boy orator is checked   there   is a great  dano-er .of'having "too much McInnes"  in the province.  Alex Henderson and James McQueen  are running" as government candidates,  the one in New Westminster, the other  in Richmond.    Alex   .says   he is   a lib  eral and Jim says   "Amen."    Alex at-  - tended   air   opposition   convention   in  New Westminster so did James.    Alex  w.as^ppointeda member, of a  committee to draft a platform ; so was James.  Alex attended the meeting of the  com-  niittee ./ in   the :Hotel   Guichon so did  James.    Alex    shouted    " good"   and  ..still, ringing;in our: ears is the> striden.t  .: Scottish'.notes; of Jaines as. he reiterat-.  ed   "Amen ���'   when   this   plank   was  adopted:.    ... ''-..''���_ ;'���. ��� "',.  " We denounce the Turner Administration, which has justly forfeited the  confidence of the.people of this Province by its reckless squandering of the  public revenue ; its alienation of the  public lands by grants to railway promoters and private speculators  (notably, the grant to the Cassiar Central Railway Company); its system of  class taxation; its encouragement of  monopolies ;,its open support of Oriental labor ���; and its persistent attemps to  encourage sectional jealousies between  the Island and Mainland, for political  purposes. And we denounce the practice of Ministers of ihe-Crown making  use of their official positions to promote  their private interests by associating  their names with ruining and other  speculative companies."  Is it surprising that they are endeavoring to hide their treachery to the  liberal party underneath a mantle of  independence!  C. P. R.   Survey.  If the last C. P. R. survej** is any indication of where the line is to be placed, the good people of Greenwood cannot complain that the powerful company is going to build away from the  town. In fact a number of property  owners complain bitterly that the C.  P. R. is altogether too affectionate and  that'they would like it better a little  farther off. A party of surveyors put  in peg's this week. They followed the  eastern slope to the new Catholic  church, down the valle}'* ran through  the soda water works,disturbed the pig-  tailed Mongolians who chatter in the  wash house by the bridge, divided Mr.  Gordon's house in two, crossed Silver  street by C. J. ��� Mc Arthur's residence  and on through the Sutherland addition. Should the railway be built  along this route, the company will pay  a heavy sum for expropriating" valuable property. It is quite possible  however that the route adopted will be  along the west side of the river where  the land has been reserved for that  purpose. Thesurveyois are now working-in the vicinity of Boundary   Falls.  Off  to   Scotland.  I)r. Christie who left Greenwood on  Saturday last on a three month's holiday trip to Scotland carries with him  the well wishes of his large circle of  acquaintances in this district. The  doctor is one of the pioneers of the district who showed his confidence in its  wonderful mineral resources by staying with the canio. It is gratifying-  that he as well as others of the earlj'  pioneers have been in a measure rewarded for their years of patient waiting-. It is rumored that the doctor will  not return alone but that a Scotch lassie will be taken into a life partnership. The Times extends its congrat-  illations in advance.  /.  H.   HALLETT,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.   .'  GI5EENWQGD,   B.O.  ORBESM.   KERBY,  ;.-";"- Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Eiig*iueers,"  fptovinchf B&nb ^mpj^ox  .'������'"       AND.'CIVIL ENGINEER,7 ��: .  (rtofarg (pufift'c ��� .   .     MinwAy*   b.g'J  QHN   A.   CORYELL,  Ajyi.,Blc,A,,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering; and.Survey-  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately/attended,to.       ;>  Maps.arid Plans of any portion of' Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle Riye'r.Milling-Division., ���"��� ��� ;.   ���  .  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  HENRY NICHOLSON, y  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office ���.���Camp McKinney.       '  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining-    Properties   in  Camp McKinney aud vicinity for disposal.  tted  Ind,  :-ifec.  .l-of  j ������  'lit-  $ra  he,  , (ve  las  mt  ���i ed  . le,  'in  .of  le  . te  :b  X  ,-'. e  r; t  ���v-1  G.  A.   GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.   GUESS,   M.A.  Assayers & Chemists.  ���Thoroughly-familiar with Boundary, Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  QilARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil   Engineer,  ��omtnton anb -.(pro-fHttctaf. j|cmo IburEegor.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  SUCCESSOR  TO  <J.   p.   HARLAN,  w -.:'4�� ASS AYE R +-  GREENWOOD     -     -     B.C.  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  ^3��"   Perfect fit guaranteed.  cQ.  +-*  [U.  CO  C  "c  o  -o  +��*  i-  o  .   c  ir t-��  o   <D  ��  &  0) *c  fi'tsc  ft  ft  ��   en  < .S.  CD  01  is  u  CJ IV  +J "^  "35  tll^  So  <  inayjerr-^-"^ i-'rrrArx'i'raa-^ci *rttsrs2j^  /ni'DWAY,   B.C.,  1  I Hill AGENTS  :ning brokers,  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. �� *$  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES,  I  I'  V-.-  tiarTKWIJnttfnr*  ��  The GrKENWOOD City MBRCANTiivK Co, has been appointed agents  for the OKANAGAN FLOUR MILL C0,'S FLOUR. It is the best all-round  Flour on the market. Try it once and you will use no other. Their  brands are ''Hungarian,>" " XXXX," " Strong Bakers', " " Economy,''  and " Superfine. " The flour is made from wheat grown by the shareholders in the mill, and is made by the latest improved machinery.  Mill  Co.'s Flour is  THE BEST !  Okanagan   Flour  BrearTrafiraae-ssBeaHW^ro  &W\SfXy*OWXITZ*r2iJSlll^Xi!L*iBWiEXR-X Z-KSKX3tnK3XiSJT*R  TaKmgmawaya: aiwzs&sua&aixEttrfxrKTiiaBVWEaf'ra w*wig>4aij^.xaaBe^Hiii*aau*^  BASEBALL   MATCH.  The ball game between Greenwood  and Grand Forks on the 10th inst. was  a fairly g*ood one, althoug-h both teams  showed a want of practice. The game  was started at 3 o'clock with R. Rad-  cliffe as umpire. Grand Forks went  to the bat, Medill pitching* for Greenwood. The players from the Villag*e  of Floods piled up seven runs, g-etting  five bases on balls. In the second half  the home team failed to find the direction in which Campbell was pitching-,  and were retired with a 0. In the first  half of the second inning's Medill g*ot  down to work, and Russell, Donog"h  and Goodeve tickled the atmosphere in  one, two, three order. In the second  half 'O'Leary failed three times to  loosen the stitching* on the ball and  gave place to Geo. Miller, who hit a  two-bagger to left field. Nels I^aPlant  sent the ball out to right field, bringing Miller home. Medill and Sterrett  fanned, leaving I^aPlant on third. In  the   third,   Fred   Russell   and   Frank  Coryell  scored  for   Grand Forks, and  Thomas   and  Smith   for   Greenwood.  In   this   inning   both   teams  did  considerable   arguing   in reference to the  umpire's   eye,   alternately   contending  that it was good or evil as the decisions  were   for   or   against.      The    umpire  didn't bring- his gun with   him, so had  to   hedge   repeatedly.    In   the  fourth  Hallett was in the box for Greenwood,  Newton  and   Coryell   scoring  for   the  visitors.    Hallett, Thomas, Medill and  Sterrett made   the   home   plate   in the  second half.    In   the   first   half of the  fifth Hallett  failed   to   hit   the  bat of  Donogh,    Newton    and   Wilson,    and  these three were   equally  successful in  evading-   the   ball.    In   the   last   half  IvaPlant   and   Medill   scored, , Hallett,  Thomas and Sterrett retiring the team.  Hallett again shut out   the   visitors-in  the sixth, Smith and   Geo. Miller scoring for the home team.   This made the  score 11 all. In the seventh, Campbell,  Clyde and Douogii   failed   to  find   the  ball,   and  Thomas,  M. ��.   Miller   and  Smith piled   up   the   same  number of  runs for the home team.   In the eighth  the   visitors   scored   4   and the   home  team 2, and in the ninth Grand Forks  added 1 and Greenwood   3.    Following  is  the score by innings :  1   2   3   4 5 6 7 SOT.  Grand Forks 7   0   2   2 0 0 0 4   1���16.  Greenwood ...0   1   2   4 2 2 0 2   3���16..  NOTES.  Thomas played a faultless game on  first.  Dick Radcliffe wasn't a bit rattled.  It was some other person.  Frank Coryell did some excellent  work at short stop as well as in the box.  Fred. Smith can handle the ball and  bat as well as any of them, but he  dont understand the tricks of baseball.  A very closel}' contested match was.  played the past week between the first  nine and a scrub team. It was a  spectator's game throughout. The  score was 134 to 114 in favor of the  ������first nine. No one appeared to be  overheated at the conclusion of the  match. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  MR.   TURNER'S   VISIT.  ' *-���'  L,ast year the very Hon. John Herbert Turner, Premier, Minister of  'Finance, Minister of Agriculture,  ^Director of the Klondyke Golden Twin  Swindle Co., etc., announced that he  intended visiting* Boundary Creek but  : he didn't come. The Times then  pointed out what the honorable gentleman; missed by not coming*. The announcement is again made that the  premier will visit Boundary Creek and  The Times desires to point out certain  things the premier ought to tell us.  Hon. J. H. Turner is not likely to  discuss matters in which the people of  Boundary-" Creek take a direct personal  interest. , He will tell theni about " my  government," what an economical,  efficient, progressive government it is.  He is.sure to devote at least 15 minutes  towards furnishing Hon. George Bohm.  Martin with a reputation. Cheap  money for farmers will also occupy  some time as will also the circulating  library. The railway policy Of my  government will be discussed in a' general way.  Now all this no doubt will prove exceedingly interesting but the good people of Boundary Creek are more anxious to learn something about the redistribution bill. They wonder why  Boundary Creek has been tacked on to  Rossland and if the government really  considers a man in Boundary Creek  should have only one-tenth as much  political power as a man'm Esquimalt.  They are also anxious to know why  their resolutions and petitions were  treated.with contempt and a constituency formed against the wishes of nine-  tenths of the'people directly interested.  The people are also anxious to learn  the particulars regarding railway legislation. They would like to know  why Mi*; Turner worked so strenuously  to defeat the Corbin charter and then  saddled the province with an additional  debt .of .nearly one million dollars to  secure railway facilities that Mr. Corbin offered to give without costing the  province anything. They, are also  anxious to learn all about the promised  immediate building of a railway from  Penticton and sundry other particulars  regarding the railway policy of the  government.  The'. numerous business men and  prospectors who contributed so exten-  sivel}7. to wards tlie construction of roads  and trails in this district are ver}r anxious to hear something definite about  the g-overnment system of expending*  money upon public works. They  would like to know if it is fashionable  and just the proper caper in other portions of the province for the people to  pay. taxes into the provincial treasury  and build roads themselves.  There are man}' other matters, of  peculiar interest to.the people of Boundary Creek and it is to be hoped that  when the premier reaches Greenwood  he will la}r aside his "speech " and tell  us something" locally interesting-.  Of course all this is conditional uoon  his coming.    He may come but then: he  may not.  �����>  ***.  Independent   Candidates.  An independent candidate is a weak,  vacillating, paper-backed individual,  the victim of the Turner government  and the clique. He is the tool of a  government who is anxious to have  some sort of a candidate in every constituency and the stalking horse behind which the government organs  bleed the province by means of useless  advertisements and exorbitant prices  for the publication of voters' lists. He  is generally a loud-mouthed, bombastic  fellow who has but little stake in the  country ; is without political principles  and is willing to "sacrifice" himself  so long as his campaign expenses are  paid.     ��� < ������'���;.'  One of those' independent supporters  of the Turner government will oppose  James Martin in this district. L,ook  out for him. He will be the paid tool  of the Turner, government and the  branded plaything of the ROssland  Miner. -  Sea salt baths at Ford's.  For Excellent Quality and  ��� Variety of Choice'in Drugs  Medicines,  Chemicals and  Druggists' Sundries.  Stationery,  Confectionery,  and Cigars :::::.:::  Wallpaper, Paints and Oils  '"'   . '     <5~*V^S>  - "'. .  W.   S.   FLETCHER,  t$t ��rugcrtirf..  ��*049*&M+>-&4*>-tK��~0-4a>-th<��-&4S*-@-<t}*-��Ka>.B*tt)*'&<9>0-4<  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  c    . Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. * Handbook on'Patenta  sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  A handsomely illustrated weekly. "Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a  year; four months, $1.  Sold by all newsdealers  MUNN & Co.361Broadway- New Yoi"  Branch Office. 625 F St., Washington, D. C.  Fence  Rails   and   Wild   Hay,  OFFERS will  he  received  until  June 30th,  for the. following :'-..'  �����   1.-   For the  purchase  and.  removal   of  about  half a mile of   rail   fence  as   it   now stands at  Midway.  2.    For the right to cut  and remove  the wild  hay now growing on the Eholt Meadow, situate  abort f'H<** miles from Greenwood.  Ftill  ri.rl ic,,1ars f rom  THE MIDWAY COMPANY, LTD.,  o:-2 Mid'wav, E. C.  " ������y���'''^J^^^k^^���  [L. S.] THOS. R. McINNES.  ',-   CANADA.  *.'"  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of, God, of the United  Kingdom   of   Great   Britain   and   Ireland,.  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c., :&c., &c.  To-.all   whom   these'presents   shall    come,���  Greeting.  A   PROCLAMATION.  D.M. Ebekts,     / \XTHEREAS We are de-  Attorney-General, f j��x '   sirous and resolvedr  as soon as ma3' be, to  meet Our People of  Our  Province of British  Columbia,   and" to   have  their advice  in  Our Legislature, We do make  known our Rojral Will and Pleasure to call a  new Legislative Assembly of Our said   Province ; and ,do  further declare that, by the advice of  Our Executive Council of British Columbia, We have this day given orders for issuing Our Writs in due form, for calling a new  Legislative Assembly for  Our said  Province,  which Writs are to bear date on  the seventh  da3r of June, instant, and to be returnable.on or  before the thirty -first day of August next.  In  Testimony   Whereof We   have  caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent, and the  Public Seal of the said -Province to .."be hereunto affixed :  Witness, the Honorable Thos.  R.   McInnes,   Lieutenant-Governor   of    Our  said Province of British  Columbia,  in Our  C^r of Victoria, in  Our said  Province, this  seventh day of June, in the year of Our Lord  one   thousand   eight   hundred   and    ninety-  eight, and in the sixty-first year ofOur Reign ^  /By Command.  B. H. FYRWHITT DRAKE,  Registrar of the Supreriie Court.  Provincial Secretary's Office.  .������'.:'' ���        8th June, 1898.   -  HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor  has been pleased to 'appoint 'Leonard  Norris, Esquire, Government Agent, to be  Returning Officer for the East Riding of Yale-  District ;. and  His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor has  bean pleased to appoint and declare. the Court  House. Vernon, to be the/place .for the .nomination of candidates for election to the legislative Assembly in the East Ridiiig of Yale  Electoral District. - 93-4  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  FOURTH OF JULY mineral claim, osituate  in the. Kettle River mining division of Yale  district.   Where located :  Greenwood   camp.  TAKE notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Ja3r P. Graves, freeminer's certi  ficate No. 95494, intend,-sixty d a j's from" the date  hereof, to appW to the Mining Recorder, for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the-above claim.  And further, take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of 'such certificate of iniprovements.   .  Dated this 4th day of June, 189S.   . ... 92  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  PHCENIX Mineral. Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining^ division-of Yale district.  Where located : Greeuwood. camp.   .   ��� ..  TAKE notice that we, C. E. Gait, free  miner's certificate No. 351 ; A'; Robert  Denzler, free miner's certificate.No. 14025 A;  Thos. Tighe, free 'miner's certificate Noi 1402+  A; Franklin Farrell, free : miner's certificate No. 50 A, and W. T. Smith, free  miner's certificate, No. 14046 A ; intendy  sixt3' da3rs from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements," for the, purpose of obtaining a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must.be commenced,.befbre the issuance of such certificate of"impfrovements.  Dated this 9th clay of June, 1898. 92-9 j  MINERAL,   ACT,:; 1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  GEM (fractional) mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale'district  Where located : Deadwood camp. ..;.���  TAKE notice that we, John Dunn, free  miner's certificate No. 25866; E. A. Bielen  berg, free miner's certificate No. 29,867, and  Mary Garland, free miner's certificate No.  14117" A; intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to appl3' to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of iniprovements, for the purpose -of ob  taining a  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 3rd dav of June. 1898. 92-9 '<:  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK. TIMES,  *S  m  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  J. J. Miller has   returned   from   Re-  piSHBTicl r     ..-.'; ���,;'���;  Leslie   Hill returned  to  Greenwood  on  Grand Forks now boasts of -a: hose  cart and 500 feet Of hose.  A. H. Harrison returned on Thursday  from the Silver Dollar where he ' has  Ave meri.at work.  Mr. Boyd, a well-known Rossland  mining* man, is |examining*g properties  in Greenwood camp.  Wm. Bailey, editor of the Fort Steele  Prospector, is running* against Col.  Baker in East Kootenay.  Messrs. Nelson ��� aridlGireJ the *> two  experts who examined the electric light  plant at Grand Forks, haveg.reported  unfavorably.  Aid. C'. Scott Galloway left yesterday  for Tacoma;to make arrangements for  the smelting of the ore that, isfnow being- shipped from the Strathmore mineral claim.  ��jW. J. Porter!superintendent gQfjothe  Oolden Crown mine left 'this"week .for  the bmineca 'coutitry. / Mr. Porter expects to engage in mining in that district. His. many -friends n wish n him  every seccess.  J. W. Nelson of the Pioneer hotel, is  erecting a three-story addition to his  premises. The new building will face  oh Greenwood street. The ground  floor will be used for offices and the  other flats for hotel purposes.  The Grand Forks correspondent of  the Spokesman-Review states that  -"considerable interest is now being  taken in the coming provincial elec-  ���tionj the date of which is now fixed  for July 9. From present appearances  it would be impossible for a government candidate to secure any votes in  ihe enHre Boundary country.''  Registered in the current issue of the  Gazette is the Stratford Exploration &  Development company, limited, with a  capital stock of $30,000, divided into  30^000' shares of $1 each. The head  ofnce^is at Stratford, province of Ontario ; the oflice in this province is at  Greenwood and Sydney M. Johnson is  the, attorney. The object for which  the company is formed is to carry on a  g*eneral mining* business.  Hotel Arrivals.  The following were the arrivals at  the Internationa! .hotel during the  week :  B. F. McEUroy, Idaho; F.J. Miller,  City; J. Thomson, F. M. Kerby, J. A.  TJnsworth, S: R. Jackson, Midway ; S.  M. Johnson, Anaconda; J. Henderson,  Fairview ; H. Davis, Conconlly ; Fred  Bannusier and wife, Seattle; John  Rush, Camp McKinney.  A  SITTING of the County  Court of  Yale,  will be holden i  . -        - .v .  At Fairview, B.C.,on Monday, the 15th  . day of July, 1898,  At the hour of 11 .o'clock in the forenoon.  '���������   '- By command.  C. A. R. LAMBLY, Dep. Rgr. C. C.  Osoyoos,.B. C, 11th June, 1898. 93-4  ��  In connection with "THE TIMES.".  we have now one of the most com/  plete "'���   ���������'*������.' '.._.',."'.''  f��MM��fr��-������ ��� <��������  in the interior of the Province/ With  ��$] new power Presses, new Type, and a  stock of modern Printers* Stationery, we  I are in a position to fill any orders for  Job Printing as reasonably, as satisjfac/  torily, and as expeditiously as can be  done in Spokane or on the  coast  A merchant who uses " cheap and  nasty " Stationery and Printing does his  business a serious injury^it is dear at  a gift Let us fill your next order for  Letterheads, Billheads or Envelopes? then  compare our work and; prices with  others*.    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Nelson of the Pioneer hotel  returned from Canyon creek this -week  where he spent a few days looking  after his mining interests.  Dave Bryant has several men at  work on the Golden Treasure in West  Copper Camp one of the claims owned  by the B. C. Kettle River Company;  Will. Miller, the tailor, returned this  week from a months' prospecting- trip  up the, West Fork. He succeeded in  locating* some promising* claims in ���that  vicinity.  Ed Styles of Anarchist Mountain  visited, Greenwood this week. He reports that there is absolutely not one  g*6vernmerit supporter in his section of  the country. ������'.'������'  Mrs. R. Smailes and family left on  Saturday for Vernon where they will  spend a brief holiday proceeding* from  there to the coast. Mr. Smailes accompanied, them as far as Camp McKinney.  The .-Midway Townsite Company is  advertising* in this issue for tenders  for the removal of a rail fence enclosing* a portion of the townsite and also  for, cutting hay on the company's property on Kholt meadows.  ...;. G. R. Naden, Manag*ing Director of  the Bealey Investment & Trust Co.,  and Police Magistrate Hallet left on  Saturday last for Vernon. Mrs, Naden  ami Mrs. Hallett accompanied them.  They are expected home to-morrow.  At the regular meeting* of Boundary  Valley Lyodge, I. O. O. F., held on  Tuesday evening last a committee was  appointed to wait upon the city council  and the Masons with a view to ascertaining what steps can. be taken towards placing the Greenwood cemetry  in a more presentable condition.  Wanted���Delegates from Boundai-y  Creek district to the Government Convention to be held* at Rossland June  21st, 1898. Fare and expenses paid by  the government. Free whiskey and  cigars. For further particulars apply  at the Government office, Government  street. Greenwood, or at the branch  office, Boundary Falls. *  It is to be hoped that Hon. J. H.  Turner will experience ,no difficult}7" in  g-oing from one portion of the Rossland  constituency to. the other. The premier of the province ought to receive  courteous treatment while traveling in  a foreign land, particularly when it is  considered that some time ago he signed a petition asking that Father Duncan,s Mission be annexed to the " land  of the free " because justice could not  be secured under the British flag.  Such a recommendation ought to be  sufficient pas-port for the premier between Sheep Creek and   Cascade City.  An opening ball was given in the  new Windsor hotel last evening*.  J. P. McL,eod of Midway went to  Grand Forks ^Thursday on leg*al business.'  W. H. Covert, the well known'Grand  Prairie nurseryman visited Greenwood  this week.  Scott McRae has just completed the  assessment work on the Lattle Johnnie  in Copper camp.  CChas. Gire the well known mining*  engineer came over from Grand Forks  on Wednesday.  Sam Bond, returned this week from  Aid., Barrett's:recently acquired properties between James Creek and the  West Fork. ���'.  J. B. Hooper, Managing-Director of  the B. C. Kettle River Company, arrived from Sicamous by Wednesday's  stage and left for the company's properties in West Copper camp.  Peter T. McCallum, J. P., and Neil  McCallum of Upper Grand Forks paid  Greenwood a visit this week. They  are both confident that Mr. Martin will  secure a large majority in their section  of the district.  H. St. Q. .Cayley, of Grand Forks  who was appointed distributing officer  for East Yale returned on Wednesday  from Vernon. Mr. Cayley refused, to  act as distributing officer and W. B.  Cochrane a Vernon lawyer has been  appointed in his stead.  MVBmrmmmirww**i9JM >j*mv>vi j���iw.v*t js*&  RAILWAY.  The  only  All" Rail   Route,   without  ���     ���      Chang*e of Ca.rs, between  Also between Rossland and Nelson.  DAllyY, EXCEPT SUNDAY.  Going North  12.49 p.m.  SBURG  Going* South  10.51 a.m.  Train leaving- Bossbnrg- at^ 10:51 a. ni. makes  clofe connections at-Spokane with trains for all  PACIFIC   COAST   POINTS.  Irif  Close connections  at Kelson   with  Steamers  for Kaslo and all Kootena\- Lake points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundai-3-  Creek connect at Bossburg- with dail\- stag-c.  MINERAL   ACT, . 1896.  Certificate   of" improvements.  notice:  CIMERON Mineral claim, situate in the Kettle  River    mining*    division   of    Yale    district.  "Where located : In Greenwood" camp.  '"IpAKE notice that I, Georgr W. Rumberg-er,  X free iniuer"s certificate, No. S3A, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining-..Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a crown   grant, of the alxn e claim.  And further fake notice that action, under  seciion 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. 1  Dated this 9th day of June, 1S9S. 83-9  OHVERV/AR^  The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  OKELL <& MORRIS  FRUIT <f PRESERVING <& COMPANY,  Victoria,    B, G,  -MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,  Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and Eemon-Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vineg*ar.  -o-  " Wc claim withoutcxception.to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling   Goods   in  Canada.  Established 1862.-       '  ��� ��-  *^^^a^XV\.vvw  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture,f Upholstery, etc, 3��  Importers of Crocker^-,- Glassware, .Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout. All orders, no  matter how larg-e, promptly filled,  as  we have  the ���.--'���'  LARGEST STOCK IN THE PROViNGL  ��lt>    i&    *V*  ->'$:    le?     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GREENWOOD HOSPITAL.,   ft��*.   K FTER MAY 1st, 189S, TICKETS OF  jT\. Admission, for ordinal- hospital treatment mav be obtained at the Greenwood Hospital at the rate of Two Dollars a month or  Twenty Dollars per annum. .,....,.'  R.   W.  JAKES,  M.D., C.M.  . <c>-  .JJjfLt ��-?*? '    if  -    '  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  mr*wimiuawi&MituwmM.aJ *i��j*toi1i*-u.i*M*-,;*wi,w*'w*B*'a^^  A   TELEPHONE   LINE.  Greenwood; is  going  to have a telephone line.    There appears to be a certainty about it this time and   the  residents are not asked to clear  the right  of way and erect the poles.    The Times  pointed out  a  few weeks ago that the  Nelson & Vernon, a British   Columbia  Company,  were   endeavoring*   to  take  advantage of  Greenwood  by   making  it a condition precedent to giving telephone connection that the town should  dear  the   right   of   way,  furnish the  poles and erect the same.    W. B.   Aris  and W. H. Oakes of   the company who  are operating the line to Republic  and  between Spokane and Rossland visited  Greenwood this week and corroborated  the statement in The Times ', regarding-  the Nelson & Vernon   Company.    Mr.  Aris stated that the Nelson   & Vernon  Company were  under contract to connect his line   with  Grand  Forks   and  Greenwood but for some reason the N.  and V. company had   made   no   effort  towards carrying out the contract.    He  stated that Greenwood  ought  to  have -*.  telephone connection and he had made  up his mind to run a line from  Republic via   Midway.    "We  don't  want  a  bonus either "  said   Mr.   Aris.    " The  line will   pay    arid that is all we care  about."  Mr. Aris'company  goes  to  work at'  once.    Th^ line is to be rushed and by  July 1st, Greenwood is likely   to  have  telephone communication with the outside world.    ''.-���������  WATCH   THE   VOTERS'   LIST.  While other districts of the  province  have their voters'   list  completed, the  electors   of Boundary   Creek   are still  ignorant  regarding  the names which  have been transferred from  Kast Yale  to   the   Rossland   constituency.    It is  quite   possible   that   . in   making   the  transfers Mr. Cochrane may  inadvertently leave off many names that ought  to be recorded.   . As the people here are  opposition   to   a   nian  such   a  course  would not prove distasteful to the government.     Errors will often arise   and  conseqeuntly.an  opportunity   ought to  be given to correct   omissions   and inaccuracies   in ��-the  new list.     Boundary Creek has suffered   sufficiently already   without   being*  further disfranchised in transferring   votes from one  constituency   to another.    We  do   not  say that omissions will arise, but there  is a strong* probability that  such   may  be the case and as soon as the lists.are  made public evei"3r elector should carefully scruutinize the same to   see   that  his name has not been omitted.  RossLiiicl fh\T.zv Brand.  When the opponent of James Martin,  the Opposition candidate for the Rossland riding", enters the field, he will, in  all probability, be known as an independent supporter of the government���  Rossland Miner.  In Boundary Creek district he will  certainl3r be known as a reckless,  servile supporter of the government;  otherwise he would not  enter the field.  Rossland.  flv.ejstmeiit mi  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  (Redf (grfdfe drib (glmtng (growers,  Greenwood.  iNANCIAL & INSURANCE  GEO.   R.   NADEN,"���-.���Manager.  p3ajBWrrMrr^--����w��niipr^5stav��.53in5^��H3^����reFiws����ST��;5TTCi��  EL  Greenwood City, Boundary .Creek, B,C  ��!'* '��&��� ^  'Sir fit1 i "��l&  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  '.  Headquarters for Mining Men..       Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars   Livery Stabile in connection.-���   W, NELSON  *^T'^JV."T?J^7iV!Mtir^iH^FrS^Kn T-f "���> ��T V\y.,&Jr*Vw^jX*T"WXT��FF'K'??Pla *V&  Oif 'ii-  y  fir..  S  T?Esm'��E!stHS��jra  ���CT'resragrevri'is^.'ttg ivr-iir!J.*sgr?c;rC' x&sw mptvnzm*  TO  wnanr  Mzjuw     fiJ�������  figarar    0     a  y  to New Store  1   Has Removed  Next  Windsor  Promptly .and Correctly Done,  Look for the Sign of the Watch,  TirnrrrrcnESTiroTTia  ���jJL ViL^JlAiiiV   If JLJELtf U/V/Jl��  ����� HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, I/iqnors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  y\^��M��mmjm.itn\n!���>.'������.��.^i. >r.t*i.-*'m\...4.  Greenwood,   B.C  ���-��s>  ���.-o  *V*     *V*     ������A"4-  ���sji?.*      ���?"{"      "fir  gu��-���  �������������  Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialty   g^  mmmmmmmre  SQUARE   HOUSE.  :0RYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  IF"  YOU  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates  to  HSWORTH,  Ctf GGIST -  CO  Ul  q;  o  CO  Greenwood Gity, B.C."  *?">**  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  -��� fit-  First-class   Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  (0  0  c  m  5  o  m  CO  SQUARE    TREATMENT.  ���xirsnrotirjKJcrx  D,  McDUFF.  ��oiior'',,J  (smith,  GREENWOOD,     B.O.  "Jc**      "��Ji"r  MIDWAY  B.C,  All kinds of work  executed  to  the  satisfaction of customers. .-Jfi3-  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  agmmpmMBtn  :il-  THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held in the court house on  Monday evening last. His Worship,  Mayor Wood, presided arid the following aldermen were present: Aid. Galloway, Paton, Barrett, Phelan and  ���Parry.  Geo. H. Cropley asked permission to  place public weighing scales on his lot  on Silver street. The permission was  granted subject to the supervision of  the city engineer and to removal at  three months'   notice from the council.  Chief of Police Taylor reported that  the-, alley ������.������between- Copper and Government street was being built upon. A  long discussion ensued regarding the  matter. It appeared that the registered plan shows a 15 foot alley but Copper street lot owners claim a depth of  110 feet which would leave only a five  foot alley. The matter was deferred  for two weeks until Mr. G. M. Shaw  could be present. .:;.  A motion was carried inviting the  Police Commissioners to attend the  next-meeting of the council for the  purpose of jointly discussing questions  affecting the public morals."  Aid. Barrett gave notice to introduce  a by-law dividing the  city  into wards.  The council then adjourned.  A   FRUITLESS   MISSION.  John II. McKane, J. Fred Ritchie  and Earnest Miller of Rossiarid arriv-  �� ed in Greenwood on Monday last.  The}' represented the government  party in Rossland and the object of  their visit was to size up the political  situation and if possible secure dele-  srates   to   a  srovernment     convention  fc> g o  which is to be held in Rossland on  Tuesday next. They were accompani--  ed by F. H. McCarter of the Grand  Forks Miner and Chas. Van Ness.  The Rossland politicians enjoyed their  trip imniensel3r but found few ^government supporters in the vicinity of  Greenwood.      :  They made the   best   of a very   bad  cause.    Not one word did  they  say in  favor   of   the     Turner     government:  They were  even  gracious  enough   to  admit that Boundary Creek  had   been  cruelly treated by the  government but  James Martin  was not the rig-fit man.  He was everything that is bad excepting that he was  honest  and a  shrewd  business man.    If D. B. Bogle or A. B.  Clabon or   some   one   else other than  James Martin had been   nominated   in  all probabilit}'   no  g-overnmeut  candidate   would   have been placed   in   the  field.    This peculiar style of argument  did not convince the hard-headed Boundary Creek elector and after  the Ross-  .land   delegates   had   exhausted   their  vocabulary in abusing "Jim" Martin,  the electors politely sug-gested  the ad-  visabilit}' of enumerating- some of the  virtues   of   the   Turner   government.  Mr.   McKane intimated   that   Tuesday's convention   would   bring forth a  man that would cany the constituency  and reform the government.    H;  was  so sorry the opposition  had nominated  ''Jim " Martin.    Then he rjroceeded to  again dissect " Jim "Martin   pointing  out his frailities, and his peculiarites.  "Jim "is a good fellow, an honest fellow, a shrewd business man but then  he will not make a suitable representative." Mr. McKane's greatest objection to Mr. Martin was that he refused  to be the mayor of Rossland  last year.  It was rather amusing to listen to  politicians attempting to convert the  electors. They would forget the object of their trip and denounce the  redistribution bill, the government's  action with reference to the Corbin  charter and its general policy. They  would then remember that they were  here in support of the Turner government and atone for their political back  sliding by a still more bitter dissertation apon Mr. Martin's peculiarities.,  They were listened to with greatest  good humor and when any one suggested that the Turner government  had certain sins they must answer for  the invariable reply was "&' Jim ' Martin will not make a suitable representative."  Mr. McKane occasionally had  spasms of eloquence, particularly so  when he told of the interest Rossland  took in the Boundary Creek district.  " Why," he exclaimed, "I, myself, as  secretary of the Rossland Board of  Trade spent $50 in telegraphing to the  Dominion   government   to  grant  the  Corbin charter." An elector mildly  suggested that the expenditure of so  much money would probably not have  been required if his friends the Turner  government had acted as it oug-ht to  have acted in the matter. "Quite  true '' replied Mr.; McKane " but ' Jim '  Martinis not the right man."a  Mr. Ritchie and Mr. McKane returned on Tuesday. Mr. Miller who is a  young; lawyer will remain here until  after the election and may   settle here.  Accidental Death.  A Camp McKinney correspondent  sends the following- particulars regarding the death of Victor EJngstoii. He  was a young man of about 20 years of  ag-e, and weighed 200 pounds. He hat!  just worked two days in the Cari-bdb as  mucker and was coming up in the cage  with the steel at about 5:30 p. m., Sat-  urda3r last when the engineer, "Charles  Keeley, felt the rope shake and immediately stopped the engine and sent for  the foreman who accompanied by another miner went down the ladder and  found the unfortunate man had fallen  out or been knocked out of the cage, he  had fallen about 200 feet and struck a  plank over the dump in which was 10  feet of water. The plank was broken  in two and the body was fished out of  the water and was buried on Sunday  week last.  Church Social.  The ladies of the congregation gave  a church social in Rendell & Co's. hall  on Saturday evening last. There was  a good attendance. An excellent and  diversified programme was rendered.  Refreshments were served by the  ladies. At the close the chairman in  behalf of the ladies presented Rev. Mr.  Guy with a well filled purse. The reverend gentleman made a suitable,  reply.  Boundary Valley   Lodge,.  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  AA EETS every Tuesday  /   V    Evening-   at   8.00   in;  their lodg-e room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning* brethren. W. M. Law, N.G.  D. C. McRae, Rec. Sec.  Court Boundary, No. 3576,) I.O.F.  n^HE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  ; _L on the last Thursday evening-of ever3r  month. Visiting- Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  G. A. Guess, Recording- Secretar3T.  Chief Rang-er. ���       45  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby'g-iven that, sixty days  from the date hereof, I intend to apply  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission to -.purchase'. the following- described land, situate in the Osoyoos Division  of Yale District, B. C, viz.: Commencing- at  the south east corner of Frederick Haussener's  pre-emption on Boundary creek, thence east 40  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 40  chains, thence south 40 chains to the place of  commencement, containing- 160 acres more or  less. FREDERIC HAUSSENER.  Dated at Greenwood B. C, June 2, 1898.     92  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  NOTICE.  G. A. R.,;J. A. C, S. F��� D. A., C.'s. & H., Big*-  Ledg-e, E. C. B., Prospective, O. B., P. H.. S.  H. B., Fred D. and Spokane mineral claims,,  situate in the Kettle River Mining- Division  of Yale District. Where Located : Deadwood  , and Providence camps.   .  TAKE Notice that we, the Boundary Creek  Mining and Milling- Compau}-, (Limited  Liability), free miner's certificate, No. 72 A,  intend, sixty daj^s from thedatehereof, to apply  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of. obtaining- a:  Crown  Grant of the above claims.  Aud further take- notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.    ,  Dated this 27th day of May, 1898.  908  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements,  NOTICE. "  GREYHOUND Mineral   Claim, situate in'.the*'  Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE Notice that I, W. J. Harris, free miner's certificate, No. 79,645, intend, sixty  da3*s from the date hereof, to appl^- to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant  of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section. 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 11th day of April, 1898. 84  THE EVERETT & SPOKANE MINING  Company- hereb3r revokes the appointment as Attorney for this Company of D. A.  Holbrook at Greenwood, B.C., made on the 8th  da3T-of March, 1898, and instead thereof hereby  nominates and appoints Georg-e Arthur Reii-  dell, merchant, of Greeuwood City, Yale district, Province of British Columbia, to be their  resident,agent and attoruev.  Attest: /E. MARLTON,  T.W.Gillette, President.  Secretaiy.  April 9th, 1898. 85  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate-of Improvements.  NOTICE).  TWIN . Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Deadwood camp.  TAKE Notice that I,'J. W. Hug-h Wood, free  miners'.*-- certificate No. 361a,-intend, sixty  da3*s from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for tha purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, nuclei  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this I5th clay of April, 1898. 84  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BONNIE BELL Mineral Claim, situate in the-  Kettle River mining-division of Yale district.  Where located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE Notice that I, Robert Wood, free-  miner's certificate No. 360a, intend, sixty  da3-s from the date hereof, to appl3r to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown g*rant  of the above claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate, of improvements.  Dated this 15th day of April  1898. 84 ���.o  ^  t"~.      f  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  ��3  -nnManlv  B7V  ���AT-  A grand carnival of sports, consisting of horse racing, running  races; jumping contests, rock/drilling contests, tug of war, Greene  wood v, the World.  i.;;  fc  Grand Forks  the New  v, Greenwood,    These sports will all take  i ��� recently cleared and graded.  e on  The day's sports will conclude with a fine display of fireworks and  For further particulars see posters or address the Committee,  D,C, .'McRAE Secy, K M  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  :!,-���  if  *:  *���. c  'V'-v  I;   i:'  We have just got in a of the  Best California Evaporated Fruits* shipped direct  from the producers* and guaranteed to be the  chdic��st flavored fruits on the market Cheaper  fruits can be had, but we aim to carry the Best  and th�� Best Only,    n Proof of a good pudding is in the eating,"  m  Is an old saying* yet we know of no better ��� standard to judge by to^  day,    It  is  a  maxim  for all  time,    Judge  by the  results,    We  guarantee these fruits to be Sweeter, More Palatable, Go Farther  and be More Economical than Cheaper Grades, Full line of Extra  Choice Apricots* Peaches* Pears* Nectarines* Prunes, Etc* Etc,  Also some choice lines in Catsup* Pie Fruits* and Worcester Sauce  i*te�� GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new  town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT;  SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  ELLINGTON   and   SMITH   OAMRS  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For* price of Lpts and other information, address  Robt Wood or ��� Q S, Galloway*  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek,! %  apply  to  the Agents *  COS  Vancouver. fedSr*-*--  &���  '<'���;  t.  ���foil  v ���',  i.:,V  j':f;  1 oo much waterf ��� particularly if it is  not perfectly pure, is an experience  ���I .'      ' . .' ,    ' ���' ���',.:��� ���' '' '  we have all ..more, or less a knowv  ledge of, To avoid the evils of it  these thirsty days is something we  are; all interested in,    If  $$& &&���  That, is Healthy and Palatable, use D  illon s  or  orton's Raspberry Vinegari they are Safe and Pleasant Beverages  for These Hot Days,    We have also Some Choice Lines in   ���  ty a  ilack-Cherry Wises and Brandies,  If Your Palate Calls for Something  Numerous Lot of Lines from a Lager to a  ore Jovial* We Have  ry & Greno Sec,  ej  k\  BSBIBWaWWyBiMBa^^


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