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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-06-25

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 M  ��� ���'' i  - /. -1  SATURDAY,   JUNE   25,    1898.  Qt 1t?ee% Journal?  PUBLISHED AT GREE  Sjo\j6  T  he  �� e  MANUFACTURERS   OF  Concentrators, Smelters, Steam  Hoists, Engines and Boilers,  Water Wheels,  etc..  iiiiiii^iii*f-*-M*ff*M*fnriiriiiUFf***a  SAW,  PLANING AND SHINGLE  High Speed Corliss Engines.  a?  A  *&.  Works i  Branch Office?  innon Building, ��  ��� mg  iWinfrr*"  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  JV*f--��c*V*a*Vtfft^j��^fl*y<&fcrtJiJj^  "-^IMW" ������ Jlli LJ,LJI J-iu^lwr~*r*rmirwmm*jmmiL*^.-i  1  of the  Best  of Windows',and Boors* made  Cedar/ Strongly Built and -Well Finished  Builders cannot do better than place  Orders  orders with us,  and  we; Guarantee to.." ���: Fill   All,  waters in��� Hardware,  Ore Cars and'.  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':  ��#  Barrett Block,  Copper Street,   <   ��   <>  ��   6REE  ,        Mupa  M i.  '#.  m.  /IV'T  A Weekly Paper puMisM in tlie interests of tlie Boundary CreeK Mining; District.  ^ttW3^ MJwr^MCT^-rf-i---cg*---s--i^^ *-*aTCfff*-*^^*'-gr.**,*B-^^.-/^^  V  ol.  GREENWOOD, B,e, SATURDAY, JUNE 25,1898.  94  No, 16,  wgaac---**gK*a*iJ***Tmgre^^  i��S  A   STRANGE   CO! NCI DEM GE.  m  ;��?  TURING the session of 1897, the Ruckle BrosUand  was the subject of considerable discussion. It  was -clearly shown by Donald Graham and other  members of the opposition that Hon. G-. B. Martin had deliberately violated the provisions of  the leaner Act in order to grant Mr. M. H}. Johnson acting for Miss Davey, 67 acres of valuable  land situated on the Kettle River near the town of Grand  Forks. .-���  Oil the, 7th of December, 1891, Edward Ruckle and Francis -Ruckle pre-empted 640 acres of land on Kettle river.  The pre-emption was properly staked off and a plan filed  with Mr. Vv7". Dewdney, the then government agent. In 1893  Messrs. Ruckle Bros, had the land surveyed. Mr. J. A.  Coryell who surveyed the land, stated that he surveyed the  . 640 acres. Mr. Coryell included the 67 acres across the river  from the main portion of the land. It appeared however,  that he turned over his field notes to Mr. Latimer with  instructions to prepare a plan. Mr. Latimer neglected to  include the 67 acres and a crown grant was issued to the  Ruckle Bros, for 573 acres. But the Ruckle Bros, were  '., under the impression that the difference between the original pre-emption 640 acres and the amount crown granted  573 acres was due to the government having- made a liberal  allowance for the sinuosities of Kettle river. They fenced  a portion of the 67 acres across the river and cultivated the  land for several 3'ears. .  c  Every settler along.the Kettle river -v^as under  the impression that the land was Ruckle Bros'.    A few years afterwards Miss Davey acquired by purchase what   is  known as  the McConnell ranch.    She invested her money through one  10. M. Johnson of Victoria.    Johnson is a shrewd land spec-  viator and by some means or other he   became   acquainted  with the  fact  that  an  error had been made in the  plan of  the  Ruckle Bros' land.    The 67 acres had become  valuable  property  because   of   its   proximity   to the town of Grand  Forks.    He determined to secure possession   but   the Land  Act properly administered   proved  an insurmountable barrier.    TheLand Act of that date   distinctly  provided  that  land adjoining that  owned by an actual settler could not be  purchased unless the adjoining land was "unoccupied,un sur-,  veyed and unreserved crown land and unfit  For  cultivation."    Now this land had been occupied and cultivated by  the Ruckle Bros, for years but E. M. Johnson was  equal to  the occasion.    Acting-as attorney-in-fact  for  Miss  Davey,  he appeared before D. R. Harris, J. P., and made an affidavit that Miss Davey was an actual  settler   on   Kettle river  and   that the land was 'unoccupied, unsurveyed and   unfit  for cultivation.    Mr. Johnson first made application to purchase to Mr. Leonard Norris.    Mr. Norris is  built of better  clay than Hon. G. B. Martin and he at once acquainted the  Chief Commissioner with the facts connected wTith the land.  He pointed out that the  Ruckle   Bros,   had  cultivated  the  same, that it was near the town of Grand  Forks and  "��� that  this is the land Johnson wants to  buy   for   one   dollar   an  acre.    It seems to   me   the  matter  should be investigated  before the certificate of purchase is issued."  The reply was pre-emptory   and   it did   not   come from  Mr.  Martin   but   from   Mr.   Johnson   "be g*ood enough "  (^demanded Mr. Johnson " to refer the matter to the depart-  '&***imen.t here." -' * * "The matter can be easily adjusted bv  ���WJNlihe Chief Commissioner."  ���:-.-.-m �����  But the Land Act stood in Mr. Martin's way.  ,18th, 1896, W. G.   McMynn   wrote  to state that  On April  " the land  herein described is under cultivation and fenced."    On the  27th of April Edward Ruckle made a declaration that he  and his brother had cultivated the land for }rears. John A.  Coryell, Peter McCalium, S. Russell Almond, James Kerr  and Donald Graham, M. P. P., all wrote the Chief Commissioner pointing out the injustice of selling* the land and also  that it was being cultivated and therefore could not be leer-  ally sold under the Land Act.  But Hon. Mr. Martin issued the Crown Grant contrary  toihe provisions of the Land Act he was sworn to properly  and impartially administer. He issued the Crown Grant  against the evidence of his own officers arid prominent per-  sous-ln this district. An investigation was demanded in  the house and a whitewashing* committee was appointed by  the government. The committee whitewashed and Geo. B.  Martin remained Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Hon. G:eo. B. Martin, Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works owns a ranch in the vicinity of Kamloops. It is a  valuable ranch but according- to current rumor it was heavily niortgag-ed at the time Ruckle .Bros' land was sold to E-  M. Johnson for $1 per acre. At that time, an ugly rumor  was current in the city of Victoria to the effect that E. M.  Johnson had Georg-e B. Martin within his financial grasp  and that he was tightening- the screws. E. M.Johnson  would not be slow to take advantage of Geo. B.. Martin's  financial distress arid the violation of the Land Act was the  heavy price paid for further financial accommodation. Now  that was an ugly rumor ; we do not know if it was true; for  the sake of the province, for the sake of Geo. B. Martiri who  is.person-ally a good fellow we sincerely hope that the ugly  rumor was devoid of truth. But Geo. B. Martin is a public  man.' If he uses��his public position in connection with his  private affairs,.he should be relegated to private; life.  Now for the strange coincidence. �� On April 14th, 1896r  E. M. Johnson wrote his pre-emptory letter, to Leonard  Norris telling him, the matter could be easily adjusted with  the Chief Commissioner. The Chief Commissioner knew  the responsibility attached to his position and was evidently  of the opinion that the matter was not so easily adjusted.  He determined to satisfy Mr. Johnson in an honest way.  He would realize on his ranch.  On April 22nd, 1896, the Chief Commissioner writes the  following* letter to W. Wood, Indian agent at Kamloops :  (Private.)    .  Lands and Works Dep't, B.C., Chief Commisioner's Office.  Victoria, April 22nd, 1895.  W- Wood, Esq.,  Dear Wood:���The priest "Father Le Juene" has written  me about selling my place to the Dominion government for  the Indians on my side of the South Thompson. He also  wrote to Ottawa about it. Now I have seen Vowell about it  and he tells me if he is written to about it he will have to-  ask you to report on it. NOW GIVE IT AS FAVORABLE)  A REPORT AS YOU CAN. The land is first class and  plenty of it, three creeks, all land fenced, good ditches,  nearly 900 acres, good building-s and garden and orchard,  etc. etc.  Vowell also told me that it would have been better if  the application for it came from you, say at request of the  Indians. On my side of the river the I. Reserve joins my  land, and they have no water on, it, and on Ross's side of  the river the land is very poor and a scarcitv of water. DO  WHAT YOU CAN FOR ML ABOUT THIS AND YOU  WILL BE CONFERRING A FAVOR ON ME. Mara  would help me all in his power, I'm sure. PLEASE LET  THE MATTER BE PRITATE and drop me a line at your  earliest convenience.    Kind regards.    Yours very truly,  GEORGE B. MARTIN.  ���On April 24th Mr. Leonard Norris wrote Hon. G. B.  Martin, inclosing Mr. McMynn's very emphatic declaration  that part of the land (which Mr. Johnson desired to purchase) "is under cultivation and fenced."    Four or five days  (Concluded on page 4.)- i.  ^^wwir-jsrKSffiw--^  ��<>;  THE   BOUNDARY    CREEK   TIMES  A   STRANGE   COINCIDENCE.  (Continued from pag-e 3.)  would carry this letter  to   Hon.   G. B.  Martin at Victoria.    On April 30 Hon.  G. B. Martin wrote again as follows:  (Private.)  Lands and Works Department, B. C.  - Victoria, B. C,  April 30th, 1896.  Dear Wood:���-I have spoken to Mr.  Vowell and he is willing to assist me  in the matter. Mr. Mara will also do  the best he can, The reason for showing* the .advisability for the purchase of  the land is that the Indians on the east  side of the North,,Thompson near my  ranch have no water whatever for irrigation purposes. I do not like the idea  of mentioning the matter to Tom Graham, but if you will recommend the  matter strongly to Mr. / Vowell it can  be arranged satisfactory.  IN REFERENCE TO THE TAX  MATTER I HAVE SEEN MR.  BOOTH AND HE WILL PUT THE  MATTER OFF AS LONG AS HE  CAN, probably to the end of July.  You will notice that the taxes have not  been paid since 1892.    Yours truly,  GEO. B. MARTIN.  W. F. Wood, Esq.,. J. P.,���'���'.'  Kamloops, B. C.  June 23rd arrived. It was a memorable day in Canadian history. On  that day the conservative government  met with a decisive defeat and neither  ;Mr. Mara nor Mr. Vowell, nor Mr.  Wood could after June 23rd, assist Hon.  Geo. B. Martin in selling his land to  the Dominion government.  If Hon.   G.   B.   Martin   owed E. M.  Johnson   money   the   Dominion   elections of  June 23rd closed his last loophole for escape.    The fiat was  issued.  The   land   act must, be  violated.    The  order was short and decisive.    It came  three days after   the   Dominion   elections !    three days|necessary to secure  full returns and to make the assurance  doubly sure that no help  could be  expected   from   the    Dominion   government.    On June the 26th,   W. S. Gore,  deputy Commissioner   of   Lands   and  Works   telegraphed   Leonard   Norris,  Vernon.    "Please   expedite    business  referred to the  Chief  Commissioner's  letter 16th inst, regarding Miss Davey's  application made by E.   M.   Johnson."  Six-seventy acres of  valuable land,  with a crop of oats   standing   thereon,  adjacent to the town   of  Grand Forks,  passed into the hands of E.   M.   Johnson for sixty-seven dollars.  Customs   Seizure.  : For some time past, it was reported  that business men were evading the  Customs and Inland revenue dues. A.  K. Stuart, the collector of Inland Revenue went over to Grand Forks last  week and on Satuida3*- siezed two and  a half pounds of Durham tobacco in  the possession of H. A. Henderson, ,of  Grand Forks. On Monday Mr. Henderson appeared before Police Magistrate Johnson and pleaded guilty. He  was fined ��550 and costs.  *��w*-qE-*crgTlSR'--g^rj-ra**rffae^  MISS   O.   MEDILL,  Dressmaking and Millinery Parlors.  Sample Hats, in the latest styles, will  arrive in a few ckiys.  COPPER STREET,   GREENWOOD.        %*  If *��* *��^ *��* ����* *��3 *��* *��a *��* ^ ����* ����*>  If  '��E5-'  SES'  *��ygD  *^>  **wsD  era*8'  IS THE   ���   ���  ��-^  ;^\^  POPULARSTORE *  Is evidenced by the steady increase in our  business during the past six months*  N>'-**^  m  *^r��  SBSS  **>V^  Increase  is  a showing  that we defy our  competitors to equal.  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THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  X*:-: ���*��  L/\  GREENWOOD AND   DISTRICT.  Andrew Learay and Gerald T. Hodgson left for Rossland on Monday afternoon.  G. J. Hay ward has been elected  treasurer, assessor and collector of the  town of Grand Forks.  A. W. Smith, a Rossland mining*  man visited Greenwood this week and  invested in city real estate through the  Bealey Investment and Trust Company- \  Police Magistrate Hallett, Mr. G. R.  Naden and Mrs. Naden returned from  Vernon on Saturday last. Mrs. Hallett went; to Vancouver where she will  spend a brief holiday.  A meeting of the householders and  their wives will be held in the school  house to-day for the purpose of electing a school trustee, Mr. Phelan's term  of office having just expired.  W. S. Fletcher, the druggist, returned last week from Toronto where he  purchased a large stock of drugs and  druggists sundries. He makes an interesting announcement in another  colunin.  W. H. Young and Geo. B. McCauley  of Spokane arrived in Greenwood on  Wednesday. They are after mining  property. Before returning Mr. McCauley will visit the Cariboo at Camp  McKinney. ''-;- ,*���/:  The Dominion Day celebration committee was- out canvassing for subscriptions this week and met with good  success. The citizens subscribed liberally and an excellent celebration is  now assured.  The Bealey Investment and Trust  Company has purchased the Barbara  mineral claim from Rendell & Co.  The Barbara adjoins the Townsite on  theG South side. It contains some excellent residential lots.    -  Wm. Cole, the well known Spokane  mining man is developing some of his  properties in the district. Mr. Cole  has completed the assessment work on  two claims in Copper camp and is also  working on some claims in Skylark,  camp.  Aid. C. Scott Galloway who left last  week for Taconia returned from Marcus on Tuesday. Upon arriving at  Murcus he found that the ore from the  Strathmore had not yet been forwarded to Taconia and consequently it  would be useless for him to go there to  make arrangements for its  treatment.  The machinery for the Boundary  Creek Milling & Lumber Co's. new  saw niill reached Grreen-wpodithis week.  While being hauled to the mill site at  Eholt creek the big boiler got mired  near Thos. McDonnell's ranch. Owing  to the recent rains and government  neglect, th^. road is in a very bad condition. An ox team the first seen in  Boundary Creek came in with the saw  mill and will be used for logging.  W. B. Townsend,, the returning officer for the Rossland district made a  tour through Boundary Creek last  week for the purpose of appointing  deputy returning officers and arranging for polling booths. Polling places  have been established at Rossland,  Trail, Cascade, Grand Forks, Greenwood and ��� Midway. W. G. McMynn  was appointed deputy returning officer  at Midway and Andrewi Eeamy at.  Greenwood.  %. Spraggett and R. Wasspn of  Grand Prairie were visitors at Greenwood this week.  F. Keifer,.manager of the B. C. Copper company, is advertising- in this  issue for wood for fuel for the Mother  I^ode mine.  A great many prospective buyers  visited Greenwood during the week.  Many enquiries were made for real  estate and a few lots changed hands.  Some mining deals are also being  negotiated.  John Murray, the: provincial timber  inspector made his half yearly visit to  the mills in the, district last week.  Owing* to the largely increased business done by the saw mill Mr. Murray  secured a considerable sum of money  in timber dues.  aacaassetzBE  jmjrl,!*   ir^HM^!"���?"T"M��*.lt' ��JlTtTTJ��r���-W  Established 1362.  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc/ ^C  Importers of Crockeo', Glassware/Carpets,  Wall Paj)er, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how larg-e, prompt^- filled, as we have  the        ' '�� ' '  LHR6EST STOCK IN THE PROVINGL  '&Y&    ���*"-/*    iV*  �����/t**      �����A*r      'sir  Write*us for Catalogue and Price List.  ;?,"�����      ��l&      &Y4  5"i~      ^tS      %���"  VICTORIA,   B.C.  li.bOMOi  Financial and Insurance Agent  > (rtofarg (pufiftc s  n        VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT  FOR  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Ro3ral Insurance Co.  ,   The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Compaq- of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building* & Loan Association.  APPRAISER  FOR  The Canada Permanent Loan & Saving-s Co.  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's^ r  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays;.Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  ,- ;,Rock Greek, Midway-, Anaconda,. Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Fonts.       ��� " ' '* i!   . ..  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and every day except  Sunday for Greenwood  " and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Tluirsdays and Saturdavys at 1 p.m.    t'.  Carries the Mails, Passeng-ers and Express'.  J8��" Will t>ell  throug-h Tickets  to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  r.Vc--  A SITTING of the County  Court of  Yale  will  be holden  At Fairview, B.C.,on Monday, the ISth  day of July, 1898,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  Bv command. ���-'.-���  C. A. R. LAMBLY, Dep. Rgr. C. C.  Osoyoos, B. C, 11th June, 1898.  93-4  Boundary Valley   Lodge,  No. 38, I 6.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  . k ��. Evening- at 8.00 in  their lodg-e room at Greeuwood, B.C. A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning- brethren- ... ��� W. M. Law, N.G.  .;..;-;p. C. McRae, Rec. Sec.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, I.O.F.  H^HE ABOVE'COURT meets at Greeuwood  ,X      on the last Thursday evening- of every  mouth.    Visiting- Members are cordiallj'  wel'-""  corned.        - - .  * GEORGE, F. MILLER;.  .  G. A. Guess,        '    '      Recording- Secretai^.  Qhief Raug-er. 45  NOTICE i  NOTICE is hereby  g-iven  that, sixty  days'-;  from the date hereof j, I. intend  to  apply |  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission  to  purchase  the  folio wing-''described land, situate in  the Oso3roos Division  .-'  of Yale District,  B.'C, ' vi*?.: Comnienchig* at  the south east corner of Frederick Haussener's  pre-emption on Bounda.1-3- creek, thence east 40   ���  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 40   I  chains, thence south 40 chains  to  the place of 7  commencement, containing- 160 acres  more or   r  less. FREDERIC HAUSSENER.  Dated at Greenwood B. C, June 2, 1898.     92  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  . .... NOTIC35.  G. A. R.,. J. A. C, S. F��� D. A., C. S. & H., Big-  Ledg-e, E. C. B., Prospective, O. B., P. H.. S.  H;B., Fred D. and Spokane mineral claims,  situate in the Kettle River 'Mining-' Division  of Yale District. -Where Located : Deadwood  and Providence camps. ;  *T*~*VAKE Notice that we, the .Boundary Creek  A Mining-and Milling- Company-, (Limited  Liabilit}-), free, miner's certificate, No. 72 A,  intend, sixty d'ays^from the datehereof, to apply-  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown  Grant of the above-claims.  And further take, notice that action,  uuder  sectibu 37, must-be commenced ^before' the  issuance of such certificate.of. improA'ements.  Dated this 27th day of May, 1898. 908  MINERAL/   ACT,    1896.  Certificate . of   Improvements.  ..._.    N OTIC is..  GREYHOUND Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle, River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : In Deadwood camp.       ,....,.  TAKE Notice that I, W. J. Harris, free"riiin-   \;:  er's certificate,  No.  79,645,   intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to appl}- to the Mi 11-   ',  ing- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining-  a  Crown --grant  of the above claim..   ^'   ��� .  And further take notice  that action,   under  section 37, must, be commenced before the issu-  ,-ance of such certificate of improvements.  ' Dated this 11th day of' April, 1898. 84  THE EVERETT & SPOKANE MINING  Company hereby revokes the appointment as Attorney for this Company,' of D.' A.  Holbrook at Greenwood, B.C., made on the 8th  day: of March, 1898, aiid instead thereof hereb3r  nominates and appoints. George. Arthur, Rendell, merchant, of Greenwood' City, Yale district, Province of British.Columbia,; to be their  resident ag-ent aud attorney. . * .  Attest :������.���'���- "E. MARLTON,  T. W. ^-il^ette, .;  .       -       ��� .President..  *���'���"   Secretary1.'  'April 9th, 1898. , :;:;-,     .85:'"���..-.  .     .MJMERAL-ACT;- 1896;"-    ;���',.!:  Certificate e��f 'Improvements. *.  . . ��� '.'���"���   .NOTICE.  ;--5^.'- .  'TWIN ; Mineral ..Clair.iv-situatti .in   the   Ket-  :-    tie River  miniugr division   of  Yale  district.  Where located :. Deadwood camp.- '"'���' ���'"���'    ���  TAKE Notice that I, J. W..,HAigjh;W,ood, free.  ' miners's certificate No'.,'361a,, in tend, sixty  'days from -the)'date hereof4 'to 'apply *.to ��� the'Min-  ing- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining;U crown' grant of  the above ekiim.   . ���-.,-'.'("'/  And further  take  notice   that  action,   undei  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.    - .  Dated this 15th day of April, 1898. 84  MINERAL. ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  ���'.���; /    ���!   "     NOTICE.  BONNIE BELL Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River niining- division of Yale district.  Where located :  In Deadwood camp.  TAKE Notice that I, Robert Wood, free  miner's certificate. No. 360a, intend, sixt3'  da3's from the date hereof, to-appU' to the Mining- Recorder*for-a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant  of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 15th day of April  1898. 84 ':.'���'i.:'L-tii��  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  MMjetauMjiaLgaBaijMj^Biija.Ty ^ ygm vafgguyitifjaamu^n  THE   KNOB   HILL.  Mr. J. P. Graves, interviewed by the  Spokesman-Review the other, day, had  the following t& say regarding the  Knob Hill and other properties :M- '  '���,'.-" You are installing machinery on  Boundary. .'Creek properties in .which  you are interested, are you not ?"  " A.lO-drill  compressor  plant is being* placed on the  Knob  Hill  and Old  Ironsides   'properties    in    Greenwood  camp.    This,   after   the most.tedious  delay, on account of  spring- floods and  bad   roads,   which   retarded  work for  many weeks.    The  Knob'Hilland Old  Ironsides are  owned  largely in  Montreal.    There   are,,two  companies, but  the parties  interested   are   mostly the  same,   and   as   the   properties  lie tog-ether, they  are  to be developed  together.    S. %. Rigg is president of the  Old   Ironsides   company, and  George  Wooster is  secretary.    S. P. Miner, of  the���Granby Rubber Works, of Eastern  Canada is the principal stockholder in  both companies.  "I am also interested  in the City of  Paris group iri White's camp, Boundary   Creek  district.    The��� group comprises the City of Paris, Lincoln, Number Four and City of Denver claims. A  crosscut tunnel   is  being run   on the  City of-Paris, which wjll cut the ledge  at a depth of 375 feet after running 600  feet.    This tunnel is now  in  200  feet.  We have  put in- waterworks,   erected  an office and other buildings and have  "built a new road.    A compressor plant  will  probabLy  be   put   in   later.'    Mr.  ���Whitney, of the Whitney Glass Works  at Glassboro, N.-.-J., one. of  the  oldest  glass factories itl America, is  interested in the City  of Paris.    I expect both  Mr. Whitney   and Mr.   Miner   to   visit,  the properties next mouth."  School Closes. -������    -  The happiest people in Greenwood  to-day are the school children. Yesterday they were -dismissed for the  midsummer ;* holidays, and for six  weeks they will not be troubled with  school books. The .closing exercises  -were not"of, aii elaborate description.  The pupils were examined in various  subjects by their teachers, and th e  answers given showed a marked progress since the school examination in  December last year.%  Brief addresses were delivered by  the school trustees aud the parents.and  other visitors present. All congratulated the pupils and teacher upon the!  marked improvement and the increased  attendance at the school.  Honor rolls, furnished by the education department, were awarded as follows : Proficiency, William Edward  McArthur ; regularity and punctuality,  Herbert M. Ostroski; depbrtmen t,  Josie Anna Bartlett.-  Hotel Arrivals.  The following  were  the  arrivals at  the   International hotel   during     the  week :  H. H. Harris, Van B. Delashmutt,  Frank Hogan, Geo. B. McAuley, W.  H. Young, Spokane ; Ly. Ostroski and  family, City; A. B. Campbell, Gity ;  S. R. Jackson, Midway ; Archie Connors, Summit Camp.  %*h 4*; 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4v4* 4* 4? 4* 4* 4* 4* *$?*!? 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4'3-f  ��&*k  i i-.'- ���:���:>���  Is prepared to supply, the trade with first-class Bottled Beer  manufactured  by   the   " Ivion   Brewery   Company,   L/td.,"  of Rossland.    The beer is-shipped in   bulk, -and  bottledby  steam   in   Greenwood.    Manufacturers   of  Soda   Water   and  All Kinds of Soft Drinks. ��.    -.-������/.  sS��  ��g  ����*  I/eave your order with  ,    IF  &SBB  Columbian Steam Bottling Works, near the Saw Mill, Greenwood  ytty ty ty ty ���#��$* *f # tyty tyty tytytytytyty tyty ty ty tyty &  niMiiwntmj iif mi Mfwwmmuffi  ^^ ^ ��� Wholseale and Retail Dealers in*  ."   'FRESH'. 'AND   SALTED   MEATS  '���<:������";���     HAMS,   BACON,   L,AKD;   EtcV : : : '���'���  GREENWOOD, GRAND rORKS, & MIDWAY.  vi*B9ax;ngxwiwwi&TAWt*i{SP7iSff*iR maM&sHj&uswASGm&KpiMjm-M*! t* * g*tv i ww g-ry-.*.* twmn-y wv*:*mx&:!?u&*T?�� *^t&\'K&&&^wiw&ZTTBW&Kf!-*��  unijHnimivwimmm  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels,  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse*  Stamp Mills/  >ressors.  Drills;  Hose,  Oils & Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c.  -' ���   3  I ��� \i  t         i:!  -1          i:l  p   ��� ���  F.   R.  MEN DEN HALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and  Rossland.  0  I       r~  I '  First-class Accommodation.  ;EYL  Good Stabling.   -Stopping Place for Stages/  KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors. <j  if  Li ~{'*J;  *    5 .��"���  THE   BOUNDARY .GREEK" TIMES.  ������-���-F*w*--w*-*---r*-n*!*w*^^  TJWI1Jf>^Wg��qtgTg  ���pww'i'.T*^*>��wTr--.t>^pjr*.-wBr*^w-��ig,< wyyiA-iwi iiw*i��j��---w>tn.^.ahu��.?*>��� ��� j .u. 'i*-**^^'*unw<^-i.-ATi*i'i''"<  VICTORY   ASSURED.  Mr. James Martin the opposition;  candidate is making a tour of the dis-;  trict. He reached Green wood on Th urs-  day and last night (Friday) he addressedp. meeting of the electors in Rendell  cVfco's. hall, ������- Tonight Mr. Martin will  address a public meeting at Midway  andearly next week a meeting will be  held at Grand Forks. In company  with James Kerr, J. P., Mr. Martin  visited Grand Prairie and found all  the settlers opposed to the Turner government. In Upper Grand Forks the  same feeling exists. In the lower town  there are a few government supporters,  but the majority of those are Americans without yotes. On this side of  the mountain it is a very difficult matter to find a government supporter.  Before leaving for the Boundary  Creek district Mr. Martin held a public meeting in Rossland. It was largely  attended. In Rossland the feeling  against the government is almost as  strong as in Boundary Creek. The  concensus of opinion throughout the  district is that the government candidate will not save his deposit.  Mr. Martin will return to Rossland  next week. He is making a very favorable impression throughout the district, the people being satisfied that he  will carry out his election pledges and  he is pledged to a platform that recognizes the political rights of Boundary  Creek district.  RAILWAY   NEWS.  Mr. W. F. Tye the chief engineer for  the C. P. R. reached Gredriwood Thursday  evening.    He   reports   that     the  most   active   preparations   are   being  made at Robson.    The contractors are  putting men to work as quickly as they  can be obtained. 'Good progress;is being made with the wagon road over the  Summit to  Christina  Eake.    As soon:  as thisroad is completed which will be  inside of sixty days active work will be  commenced   at .this   end   of the line.  Brooklyn the  i ailway town tiear Dog  creek  is  now  a full   fledged^, city.    It  already .boastsi .of, a newspaper .and the  fact that application has  already been  made for six hotel licenses.    ^>    .'..''  W.   T..  Wilgress the   right of way  agent will   remain   in   the  district all  {summer.    He   : will    arrange   for ; the  fright of way between Cascade City and  gMidway. ��� f:: ���:���'���-..    .'���    -      .'���'������  THE   VOTERS'   LIST.  The voters' list for Boundary Creek  Ihows 337 voters between Cascade City  itid Rock Creek.    Of  this number 112  ire   registered    in   Greenwood   4S   in  grand Forks and 22 in  Midway.    The  |e entire list for the Rossland district,  iill contain over 1300 names.    The list,  Jr East Yale   shows   1274   electors in  lat district.-   Each  district  is  repre4  fited by  one   member  while  Esqui-  .lt with a voting population  of  less  in   400   has two member's.    Electors  i'Uld remember thevge^rytaander  ori j  jy 9th. ""~"*'"  >*-  ^L. S.] THOS. R. McINNES.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United,  Kingdom   of   Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c��� &c.  To the Returning- Officer of the.East Riding of  Yale Electoral District :   ..'       ."'.���   ' v '..*  WHEREAS His Honour the Lieutenant-  Governor of British Columbia has,.by a  Proclamation bearing- date the 7th da3' of June,  1898, been pleased to dissol.e the Leg-islative  Assembly of the said Province ; and whereas  it is necessary to hold Elections throughout  the said Province to fill the vacancies caused  by such dissolution, We command you that,  notice of the time and place of.,- Election being  duly g-iven, j'ou do cause Election to be made,  according- to law, of One Member to serve in  the Leg-islative Assembly' of the Province of  British Columbia, for the East Riding- of Yale  Electoral District, and that you do cause the  nomination of Candidates at such Election to  be held on the 25th day of June, 1898, and do  cause the name of such Member, when so  elected, whether he be present or absent, to be  certified to Our Supreme Court, at the City of  Victoria, on or before the 31st day of August  next, the Election so made, distinctly and  openly under Our Seal duly indorsed upon this  Our Writ. >  In Testimony Whereof, We have caused  these Our Letters-to be made Patent under  the Gr.eat Seal of Our said \ Province of  British Columbia������: Witness, the Honorable  Thomas R. McInnes, at Our Government  House, at Victoria, this seventh day of June,  in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight  hundred and ninety-eight.  By Command, ,  B. H. TYRWHITT BRAKE,  93-4 i   Registrar pf the Supreme Court.  [L. S.]        THOS. R. McINNES.  CANADA.  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United  Kingdom   of   Great   Britain   and  Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c, &c.  To Our faithful the Members elected to serve  in the Leg-islative Assembly of Our Province of British Columbia, and to all whom  it may concern,���Greeting.  A   PROCLAMATION.        ', __.  D. M. Eberts, ' *\7f THEREAS We have  Attorney-General. f jtit - thought fit, by and  with the advice of Our Executive?.Council of  Our Province of British Columbia, to dissolve  the present Leg-islative Assembly of Our said  Province, which stands prorogued until summoned for dispatch of business.  NOW KNOW YE that We do, for  this  end,  publish this our Royal Proclamation,  and do  ��� hereby dissolve the Leg-islative Assembly according^,  and the  members thereof are discharged from further attendance on same,  lis;  Testimony   Whereof  We  have  caused  these Our:Letters to be made Patent, and the  Great Seal of British Columbia to be hereunto  affixed :.   Witness, the Honorable Thos. R.  McInnes,   Lieutenant-Governor of   Our said  Province of British Columbia, in Our City of  Victoria, in pur said Province, this seventh  day of   June, in  the year   of Our Lord one  thousand   eight   hundred and   ninety-eight,  and in the sixty-first year of Our Reign.  By Command.  ���S.-H. TYRWHITT drake,  93-f7 Registrar of the Supreme Court.  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE;  FOURTH OF JULY mineral claim,: nsituate  in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.   Where located : Greenwood   camp.  TAKE notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Jay P. Graves, f reeminer's certi  ficate No. 95494, intend, sixty daj-s from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for  a certificate of improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action uuder  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of June, 1898. 92  NOTICE,  NOTICE is hereby given that, sixt3' days  after date, I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to,-purchase the following described tract  of land, situated in the Osoyoos division of  Yale district : Commencing at a stake planted  in the Eholt Pass, about two thoosaud feet west  of the summit and about half a mile south of  Eholt creek, thence north one mile, thence east  one mile, thence south one .mile, thence west  one mile to the place" of begin niiur. containing  6^0 acres. "W. T..'WILGRESS.  Greeuwood, E. C. June 21, 1898. 94-3  [L. S.]  "HOS. R, McINNES.  -������'"���    CANADA.  1  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United  Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c, &c.  To all whom these presents shall come ���  Greeting.,  A   PROCLAMATION.  D. M. Eberts,    / TX THERE AS We are de-  Attorne3r-General. )"  jtx.    sirous and resolved,  as soon as may be, to  meet Our People of Our  Province of British  Columbia,   and   to   have  their advice  in  Our Legislature, We do make '  known our Ro3ral Will and Pleasure to call a  new Legislative Assembl3' of Our said   Province ; and do  further declare that, "by the advice of Our Executive Council of British Columbia, We have this da3r given orders for issuing Our Writs in due  form, for calling a new  Legislative Assembly for Our said Province,  which Writs are to  bear date on  the seventh  day of June, instant, and to be returnable on or  before the thirty-first da3' of August next.  In  Testimony   Whereof We   have  caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent, and the  Public Seal of the said Province to be hereunto affixed :   Witness, the Honorable Thos.  R.   McInnes,   Lieutenant-Governor   of    Our  said  Province of British  Columbia,  in Our  -''.'City of Victoria, in  Our said  Province, this  seventh da3r of June, in the 3-ear of Our Lord  one   thousand   eight   hundred   and    ninety-  eight, and in the sixt3r-first 3-ear of Our Reign.  B3' Command.  B.H.FYRWHITT DRAKE,  Registrar of the Supreme Court.  Provincial Secretary's Office.  8th June, 1898.  HIS   HONOUR  the  Lieutenant-Governor  has been  pleased to appoint Leonard^  Norris,   Esquire, Government Agent, to be  Returning Officer for the East Riding of Yale  District; aud  His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor has  bean pleased to appoint and declare the Court  House. Vernon, to be the place for the uominar  "tion of candidates for election to the Legislative Assembl3- in the East Riding of Yale  Electoral District. ���. .    93-4  [L. S.]        THOS. R. McINNES.  '   'f'... .-    CANADA.  ,..     .'.  PROVINCE  OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by tha Grace of God, of the United  Kingdom of Great. Britain aud Ireland,.  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c.,.&c  To all to whom these Presents shall come.���  Greeting.  D. M Eberts, i TXT HERE AS it is ad-  Attorue3--General, �� " visable to esiablish  the following polling plases in the several and  respective Eelcctoral Districts hereinafter  named. ":  NOW KNOW YE tnat, by virtue of the authority contained in the "Provincial Elections  Act," the Lieutenant-Governor in Council declares that the following polling places shall  be, and the3r are hereb3r, established for the  several Electoral Districts, the names of which  are set opposite such polling places, respectively,' that is to sa3' : ���  POLLING PLACES.   ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Rossland :..,...... ]  Trail...  |     '���'.'.  GreenwoodJ  I West Kootenay���  Grand Forks  [     Rossland-iRiding.  Midway  |  Cascade City... J  In Testimony Whereof We have caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent and the  Great Seal of British Columbia to be hereunto  affixed : Witness, the Honorable Thos. R.  McInnes, Lieutenant-Governor <q| Our said  Province of British Columbia, in our Cit3' of  Victoria, in our said Province, this fifteenth  da3' of June, iu the year of Our Lord one  thousand eight liiin<|f!ed and- ttiriety-eigljt,  and iu the sixty-firstyeafc-of Our Reign^ '"  B.v Command.  A. CAMPBELL REDDJE,  94-3 Deputy Provincial Se<ji��etary. ri'W^cpfc" ���WF2T^S/l[ll^gr.JZ!$\X'W^!}..122  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  EDWARDS'  * - -  ���  T 9  At Q      O  It  e    ���  ?.-  9  Y  5  * s  5  0  ��  A.  0  V  ���P  Copper Street, Greenwood.  ���   j   All kinds of Photographic Work at  00 Moderate Prices.,.  v       0  ���       A  T  X  ?  5  0  y  Ever}-; Photo guaranteed to g*ive  "   f .'���".''..      Satisfaction.  ��        0  2   ?   E. J. EDWARDS,  Greenwood,  B.C.  AS  ��       A.  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"The nomination of James Martin,  by the Rossland convention, I find distasteful to a large number of the electors of the district, to a majority of  whom, he is a comparative stranger.  -A large per cent of those with whom I  conversed look upon him as an aiimir-  able type of that element in British  Columbia that is rapidly dying out,  namely: The Frazerites and Cariboo-  ites���who never seem to appreciate the  fact that British Columbia has got beyond the early daj'S of '58 and '60 ;  twenty }rears behind the times in his  estimate of the political problems of the  day ; and has no influence in the Boundary district, where he is only known  to a few of its residents who happened  to come from Vernon"; who have no  hesitancy in saying that Mr. Martin  views thing's rather from a selfish  stand point than that of progress ive-  ness of the Rossland and Boundary  country."  SHARP   PRACTICE.  'i  The Ve-rnonvNews' has adopted the  tactics of. the govern merit tooters in  other parts of the province. The record of the Turner government is so bad  that it is kept in ,the background and  an effort is made..to. win the election  by a campaign ������ of   misrepresentation.  The government supporters   in   the  vicinity of Vernon and the Vernon  News are entitled . to first place for  political meaness and sharp practice.  When Donald Graham; M. P. P., was  lying ,on a sick bed, seriously ill and  unable to defend himself they industriously circulated the report that he had  refused to run. Fortunately Mr. Graham has sufficiently recovered to carry  onj an aggressive campaign and now  the Vernon News innocently inquires  '���'what made Mr. Graham change his  -mind?'' The News is very badly mistaken if it thinks that Price Ellison is  going* to win votes by attempting* to  secure political advantage through an  opponent's'illness.  After all no better treatment could  be expected from the government supporters or government organs in Fast  Yale. To be forced to support the  Turner government is discouraging  enough but to be forced to endorse  Price Fllison is sufficiently exasperating* to make ordinary people forget the  amenities of" life.  Fortunately' Donald ' Graham will  save Fast ,3Tale from Price Fllison.  The latter,"S eagerness for a position  for whichThe is' in no way qualified will  cost him his $200 deposit.  Visitors  to  Greenwood.  A. G. McCandless, one of the leading-  business men of Victoria, W. G. 'McKenzie, traveler for the well known  hardware firm of Wood, Vallance &  Co., Hamilton, and Mr. Johnson, a  Vancouver traveler, drove in from  Fairview on Monday last and spent  several days in the city. Mr. McCandless is the owner of some valuable real  estate in Greenwood. He was very  much delighted with the town and decided to not sell his property although  he received inducements-to do so.  The party tell an excellent political  story. Haying heard of the solid opposition feeling in Fast Yale, they determined to make inquiries. Fvery  person whom they met was asked if  there were any government supporters  in the district. The answer was always an emphatic "No," until Midway  was reached. The same inquiry was  instituted there and the answer came  "Well there was a government supporter here last week but he has since  left the district."  Awarded  Highest Honors���World's  Fair,,  Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair,.  A Pure Grape Creana of Tartar Powder,  40 YEARS THE STANDARD.  H.    HALLETT,  QBdrrtBter, ^o(icitott  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  g^ORSES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can-. Soc. Civil Eiig-iri'e'ers,.  [|)tofnnc{df &mb J��u?f>egot  ' AND  OVID ENGINEER,  ��� (Ttofar^ ("puSftC ��� MIDWAY,    B.C.  JOHN   A.  CORYELL,   a.m., B.c.A.  Cttnf (Engineer,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering- and Survey  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended-to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoj-oos-  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  QXot4t}> (puMic, (gtinincj $cjent  Mining Negotiations Transacted. ,  Office .���Gamp  McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining*    Properties   in  Camp McKiune3r aud vicinity for disposal.  ,G. A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.  A.   GUESS,   M.A.  Assayers & Chemists,  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. G.  QHARLES AE. SHAY-/*  Givil    Engineer,  ��omtnton ano (proi)inciat ��ftno gjurEegdr.  GREENWOOD,      -B.C.  W.    S.   KEITH.  SUCCESSOR  TO  d.   P.   HARLAN,  4�� ASSAY ER*  GREENWOOD  B. Cs  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  -6��"  Perfect fit guaranteed.  CD  rj}  c*3  *~  <D .  ^L  is:  o  m  c5  CD'  0  +->  tu  ���������*  Q  TD  '  ��  C  Z)  .CQ  n  en  O  ft  c  o  +�����  ��  4)  CS  Sx  T3  i���i  o  P  i  of Ores  mined a  o  o  1  CO     "Si  ��  *3   to  &���  ���  < B  w.  ���* s  W  c  ft  l(-**  Cl>  T3'co  .3.a  r{ bo  i!  fill''  i i ���  T'f  /niDWAY,   B.C.,  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.  y ���iSil":  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  @.nb  W^ofeBftfetB of TZ/ines,  ^t^uoto anb Cigars.  COPPER   STREET  GREEN WOOD.   B.C.  wjuraeawaa  *$  The Greenwood.[ City Mercantile Co. has been appointed agents  for:Vthe OKANAGAN FLOUR MILL GO.'S FLOUR. It is the best all-round  Flour-on the market.: Try it once and you will use no other. Their  brands are ^Hungarian, V "XXXX," " Strong Bakers', " " Economy,"  and " Superfine." Tlie flour is made from wheat grown by the shareholders in the mill, and is made by the latest improved machinery.  .    .Okanagan  Flour  Mill   Co.'s  Flour  is  THE  BEST!-  *fTnaRrrTA\*'^Jp^iJ!^'J*r y "��"ww-wt twt -wr���M-B=Bw'',p,,-|l"MI��^ nawniua'���g;  SPYING   THE   LAND.  Mr. E. A. Hamilton the Eand Commissioner of the C. P. R. with headquarters at Winnipeg*, his private secretary, E. W. Russell, and R. T. Wil-  gress, Vancouver, reached Greenwood  on Sunday last and spent until Wednesday in looking* over the country  through wThich the C. P. R. will be  constructed. In company with Mayor  Wood of Greenwood they visited Mid-  'way and several of the mining camps  in the district.  The object of Mr. Hamilton's visit  was to arrange for the right of way  through the district. He showed a  willingness to do every thing- in his  power to meet the wishes of the people  and expressed himself as being surprised at the vei-y progressive and substantial appearance of Greenwood. It  occupies a commanding situation as  far as the mining- camps are concerned  and is' sure to. become a very important  centre on the line of the C. P. R.  Mr. Hamilton returns to Winnipeg  in a few days where he discusses town-  site and other matters with officials of  the road.  Mr. Hamilton ridiculed the idea that  the C. P. R. would endeavor to give  established towns the "go by " as pessimists are pleased to express themselves. The C. P. R. is after business  and if there is a business centre already established along the line of railway it will receive every consideration  at the hands of the C. P. R.  WILD   STATEMENTS.  According- to the Grand Forks Miner  Editor Ross asserted at the Rossland  convention that Messrs. Hay and McCallum could not trust any member of  the Grand Forks delegation with their  proxies. Mr. Ross' statement referred  only to the three delegates who objected to his having Grand Forks' proxies.  We fully agree with the Miner in its  reference to Mr. Spraggett but we are  also    forced   to   the,   conclusion   that  Messrs. Hay and McCallum showed  excellent judgment in not trusting*  their proxies to the tender mercies of  Messrs. Davey, Manly and Addison.  Really the Miner should be more careful in its statements. It says Messrs.  Hay and McCallum's action " will lose  for Mr. Martin fifty votes in Grand  Forks." Now that is a very wild  statement to make since the revised  voters' list is cruel enough to limit  Grand Forks voting power to 48 votes.  Does the Miner expect to vote some of  the irresponsible Americans who are  making themselves obnoxiously busy  in this election ?  A small town is springing* up in  Greenwood camp. A general store has  been opened by Messrs. Winkop and  Stevens and application has been made  to the post oflice department for a post  office to be known as Brooklyn. As  there are a large number of men now  working- in Greenwood and Wellington  camps, the application for a post office  ought to be favorably considered. ZiXLZi XZZU. 4 i. i rftat t*ju��; jj  THE   BOUNriARY   CREEK    TIMES,  I'  *iJMBPaa-<rujajiJMiit��ic��JUtjni^'uw^^ .'i s-uAKf*^mi*}***TCFttMmwMaruri^mnMttr,x^ix*T  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Mr. Miller, a son of Thos. Miller, arrived from Scotland this week.  Gerald T. Hodgson and Andrew  Leamy returded from Rossland yesterday.   . - -  Robert Wood and John Douglas paid  a "flying   visit   to  Grand   Forks   this  .- week.:  A building to be, used for a restaurant is being erected next to Ford's  barber shop.  Frank Chadler has returned from  Canyon creek. He reports a great  rush of prospectors into that district.  A number of miners came in from  Rossland the past week to work on the  Oro Denoro in Summit camp. The  claim is under bond to Rossland parties  The Rossland Record has been purchased by D. B. Bogle and others and  will in the future be published as the  the Rossland Deader. It will oppose  the Turner government.  J. K. Boss who returned last week  from Spokane and intends letting a  contract for sinking the shaft on the  Brooklyn an additional 60 feet. The  tenders were opened last  Wednesday.  M. McLean, foreman on the Stem-  winder -and Brooklyn claims, left this  week on a business trip to Spokane.  Jas. Moran is in charge of work on  these properties during Mr. McLean's  absence.  Rev. Father Palmer will conduct  services in the new Catholic church tomorrow. The church is about completed and has a very imposing appearance. It stands on a knoll overlooking the city and is very neat in design.  High mass will be celebrated in the  morning. There will also be service  at three in the afternoon and again in  the evening. The public are cordially  invited to be present.  AMERICAN   NEWSPAPERS.  "It was due in part to the fact that a  number of newspapers were established on the mainland by gentlemen from  the United States, who were unfamiliar with Canadian or provincial politics, and like all new comers were quite  ready to believe that they had a heaven inspired mission to right an innumerable number of wrongs. The language which these papers indulged in,  when speaking of the Hon. Mr. Turner  and his colleagues, was was of a kind  with which, happily the people of Canada are not familiar."  The above is from the Colonist. It  was written by a man who recently  boasted of his loyalty to American institutions. He forgot to add that the  gentlemen from the United States are  still in the province and that they bull,  dozed the government into paying for  their support.  POLITICAL   NOTES.  Donald Graham is making a tour  through the district south of Penticton  and is meeting with every encourage-  nient.  Hon..;^. H. ..Turner  and Hon,   D; M.  Egberts, "addressed,the electors at  Vern-���  on last Saturday.- - Mr.   Chas.: A- Sena-*  lin replied ton behalf of the opposition. ^Messrs; Turner arid Kberes are  at present in Kootenay. It is yet not  known if they intend to visit the Boundary Creek district.  Greenwood Public School.  Following is the standing of Class  V in order of merit, according to recent  test examinations :  British History, total 125���John Galloway, 97 -.; Ted McArthur, 88 ; Char]es  Galloway, 82; Julia Fisher, 70; Dollie  Fisher, 31.  Arithmetic, total, 125���John Galloway, 88 ; Charles Galloway, 83 ; Ted  McArthur, 80 ; Julia Fisher, 25; Dollie  Fisher^ 20.  D. A. Mackenzie, Teacher.  Baseball.  The baseball match the past week  between the two local teams, was remarkable only for the large number of  errors. The score was 24 to 16 in  favor of the team captained by Geo.  Miller.    b   ';  The Porter team has been strengthened during the past week and is out  with a challenge to play on the 1st.  Returned From the Coast.  Thos. Hardy and Mrs. Hard}' returned from the coast on Wednesday. Mr.  Hardy was the representative of Boundary Valley Lodge I. O. O. F. at the  provincial Grand Dodge held in New  Westminster. He visited Victoria and  the other coast, cities and found every  one talking elections. Mr. Hardy says  the feeling all along the line is for a  change. The opposition are well organized arid are putting-up a good   fight.  Cuban, Union Jack,  British  Merchant,     Stars    and  Stripes, Etc., Etc., Etc.   .."..  FIRE WO RKS  ���   AT   ���  . SMITH & McRAE'S,'  Books, Stationery, Wall. Paper, Fancy  Goods and Notions,  GREENWOOD /:    :    B.C.  Delicious  Toothsome  T  WILLS' Famous ?'Navy Cut" "Traveller,"  and other lines of Tobaccos.,  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS.  n. e. fraz.ee.  HamiH Block Cojiper Street.  TENDERS   WANTED.  FOR supplj-iug-. wood for. fuel to .the. Mother  ���Dode mine:1'For particulars apply at  office of, the Britith- Columbia ,<Coppered,; i/td.y  Anaconda, B. C.   FREDERIC KEFFER, Mg-r.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Mil IWil MILLS (iO.  VERNON,   B. C.  Brands J  HUNGARIAN  THREE STAR  STRONG BAKERS'  SUPEREINE  All made by the celebrated Hungarian Plansifter system. ' Try some,  made by the only Plansifter Mill in  the Province. ������''!������.  Whole Wheat Hour a specialty  Bran, Shorts, Chop, etc.  WerexN*  wktandCo]d r   _     .   ���vr  Prevail%\\ must be\ chosen With  .V  ;4B "CoDsivler���if you can k��oy the wet out   -;  hf of your rule it wikLiiotruodioVrteze. Only * |  i$    tells; all about theni.,'U'p-to-dateinfor-     M  ���r\   inaiiuii n:��/..ii; ]>f.t\v(iors.l��i.iclv and smoke-     hit  -���?   trajectories, velocities,penetrations. All v '  "' j -"cali ores s-ji .> 4:,; how-to care for arms find ffi  ���..;   l.'.k Ootlicr tiiiii^s, including imuiy trade %  /���^ .xecreis .lio^er buiore^iven to thepublic. fM  ���i,-t :���'.-<���<���. :j'-ij;m -in'ff xr/iit slumps for postage to Wl  .,. 'i'-'-j'./.V-Si-iij-F.rcarsjuXo., Nciy Haven, Ct. %$  &��<  MINERAL   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.:  "���  ��� NOTICE. ;?\ :    ';'���'���    ���'  "'  PHCENIX Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle River  mining*, division of Yale district.,;  Where located : Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice-that we, C. E. Gait, free  miner's certificate No. 351. A;.,Robert  Denzler, free m-iiier's certificate No. 14025 A;  Thos. Tig-he, free 'miner's certificate No. 14024-  A; Franklin Farrell, free miner's certificate No. - 50r. Aj and W. T. Smith, free  miner's1 certificate, No. 14046 A; intend,  sixty da.vs from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a. certificate of Improvements, for tlie" purpose of obtaining- a Crown  grant of the.above claim., ���  And further take notice that action,/under-  section 37, riitist-be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements;  Dated this 9th day of June, 1898. 92-9  MINER Al,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE.  GEM (fractiorial) mineral claim, situate in the-  , Kettle Risier mining- division of Yale.district  Where located :' Deadwood camp. ..������-.  TAKE': notice   that   we,   John   Dunn,   free  miner's certificate No. 25866; E;A. Bielen  berg-,   free''miner's   certificate   No. 29,86/7, and-  Mary   Garland,   free   miner's   certificate   No'.  14117 A; intend, sixty days f rom the.da-te hereof,1  to apply to -the Mining- "Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the ..purpose -of 6b   '  taining- a Crown grant of the above claim...    .-...  - And ��� f jtrther take notice tha't actioii,' under  section 37,. must be commenced, before the.issu-  ance of sucli certificate of ini'pro'vement.  Dated this 3rd dav of June, 1898. 92-9  ti  i  3?  ;a  l  1  0 THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES;  -.&'"" "���  rammmnmmjM  Wall Paper* Stationery,  Chloride of Lime*     Sponges*  Gibson's Pipes*  Drug Sundries,  Tanglefoot Fly Paper,  Pipes and Cigars.  tjw~.  SQUIBES' CHOLERA MIXTURE,  U DISINFECTANT.  THE DRUGGIST,  GOVT. ST.  Inscriptions Accurately Compounded  OFFICIAL   0FFICI0USNESS.2  I^yery: day it; becoii|^sf m6ir��^apparent;  that the. numerous o^c^als;Q*f;this.-/di;s^  trict-. are V; imbued   *^ith?r; the'ideja th'at  they have been  furnished with. ;va   :Di-  .   :���   ��� ���       . ��� ' .-   ..'.-��� ������'        -.'J-.if-';   '.-   .-.;������-.-������i--<-,'i \ ���  vine ;J.rig*ht   to vharass|.,';t,h'e; people/arid  subject them to every-.;'so'r-t''pf:\petty:ia'h-'  noyanceJ   In -the   Midway:.^irptes "'appears-a report of a ver-yurextraordinary  case; which ;w&svtried byj;^V K/;Norris,.  J. P.   'A free miner carrying- a revolver from his  claim   at   Rock   Creek to  GreenWood; to  have it  repaired   was  arrested   by   Officer Gardom, tried before a .justice of the  peace,   and fined.  The whole proceeding- might Have been  within; the strict letter of the law since  as far as we could learn officer Gardom  did not handcuff nor  legirqriT his  prisoner, but every reasonable person will  come to the conclusion thcit the  law  is  adminstered   to   an   absurd   limit   in  small things.    If things continue as at  present ordinary citizens must-provide  themselves with permits  to  bi'eathe if  they do not wish to run the risk of falling   into   the   clutches   of  provincial  police, officers. =.;.  At the other side of the district officials appear to have similar lofty conception of their own importance as*  Messrs. Oakes and Aris of the telephone company can testify. Thes two  gentlemen reached the Custom house  at Cascade City one night last. week.  The Customs officer told them to Wait  until morning when he would be pleased to  examine  their  small  amount of  bag-g-a^-e which they carried with them  in a light buggy. Being, busy men  they declined the official's invitation to  remain at Cascade over night and  pushed through to Greenwood. On  their return, they were arrested by officer lyawder and the Customs officer-  was generous enough to let them go  after a severe reprimand.  This too may have been strictly within the letter of the law but we were  always of the opinion that the officers  paid by the public were the servants of  the public. We must now admil that  we were mistaken and that it is the  duty of all residents and outsiders doing business in this district to worship  at the shrine of Snobbish officialism.  THE   GOVERNMENT'S   STRAW   MAN.  John McKane is the choice of the Independent g-overnment convention.  His opponent was Richard Armstrong  and Richard Armstrong needed only  two votes to carry the convention.  Richard was the choice of the Manly  gang unfortunately for Richard. John  JZanly tried to unload him on the opposition convention but without success.  The government supporters in then-  extremity almost fell into the nieshes  of John Manly's very clumsily laid  trap. Any w:iy John McKane is the  choice. Most Boundary people have  met John McKane. He was over here  some 10 days ago. Those who met  him will agree with ns that he will  make an ideal independent government  candidate. An independent government candidate is a man of straw, a  paid footer, a thing to throw in the  breach. He is exhibited to the electors  by the organs and the designing professionals. A candidate is a necessity  because the return of an opposition  nominee by acclamation looks bad.  For the purposes for which he is intended no better selection than Mr.  McKane could be made. He is provided with a good pair of lungs and can  make considerab le noise and the making-of noise is his chief duty.  We hope that Mr. McKane has a  hard and fast agreement with the government and that he will secure a quid  pro quo for his sacrifice. The Turner  government ought to pay handsomely  for fourteen stone of Scotsman.  There are two classes of people who  will vote for the independent government stalking horse���the fools and the  knaves. The former because they  haven't sufficient capacity to appreciate what is in the public interest and  the latter because their highest conception of politics is the pecuniary advantages that are illegally distributed  during an election contest.  Van B. Delashmott of Spokane visited <the district this week. .  Miss Atkinson, up to date seamtress,  late of Ontario, wishes to state to the  ladies of Greenwood that she will do  dressmaking or go sewing by the day.  First class work guaranteed. Next  door to Mrs. I^arkins, Copper St.      * ---/', <>.v<-;j;c: IV i-i-  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  '.i*?"';'  A   SILLY   RUMOR.  I  1'  The Grand Forks Miner is  responsible for  the   silly   rumor   that   Mayor  Wood of Greenwood pledged  the  vote  of   the    Boundary,,: Creek   district   to  James Martin of Rossland oh condition  that Martin   Bros,   would   open   up a  hardware   store   in   Greenwood.    The  rumor   is without a ^scintilla of truth.  The   Boundary .' Creek,    country    was  pledg*ed  to   no   one. ! When delegates  were appointed at Greenwood and Midway Mayor Wood was absent from the  district.    He   did   not   know   how   the  delegates were going to vote  and does  not know how   they  did   vote.    Mayor  Wood made   not  the slightest effort to  advise  or dictate to the delegates  how  their votes should be cast.      ,  , The assertion that  if   "Jim  Martin  opens a hardware   store at Greenwood  he will doubtless get the vote  of  that  town and at the same time he will lose  60 per cent, of the votes of the balance  of the district,   and  vice  versa," is as  silly as the statement that ."there is no  principal at stake but just a matter of  purely personal interest.''    The voters  of Greenwood cannot be purchased by  a hardware store, neither can  they be  divorced from an   uncompromising opposition   ag-ainst  the  Turner  government  by-the erection of  half-a-dozen  hardware stores by   James Martin   in  Grand Forks or  anywhere  else.    The  Miner   has   lived    so   long-   in Grand  Forks   that it is evidently of the  opinion that every elector deems it his duty.,  to knife his neighbor  and   plunder the  public.  The editor of the Miner should study  the voters'.list before it makes any calculations. Its . decision'" that James  Martin will get the vote of Greenwood  if he builds a hardware store and 40  per cent, of the balance of the district  is rather hopeful for James Martin  considering that this calculation conies  from a newspaper that is unpatriotic  enough to work for the enemies of  Bouudar3r Creek. The voters' list  shows IIS votes in the city of Greenwood. This and .40 per cent, of the  balance of the votes in the district  would give James Martin 75 of a majority !������'...  The Miner having no excuse to offer  for deserting* the fight for Boundary  Creek and having no argument to use  against James Martin's candidature  has returned to its old habit of publishing-palpable inaccuracies.  MIDWAY   NOTES.  |SIMCCIAI,  COI'RERroXDENCK.I  On   Saturday   last   F.   A.   Davis,   a  prospector, was arrested by Provincial  Constable G-ardoni for carrying  a.gun  . attached, to his saddle   and   summoned  before  W.   H.   Norris, J. P,   publisher  of the Midway   Advance, and   fi ne< 1 $5 .  nn I   costs.       Although   the    evidence  showed    that   Mr.   Davis   was   simply  carrying  the   gun, for   another   party,  to the owner in Greenwood, that it.was.  not loaded, and he had not   any   shells,  in his possession while  freighting   the/'  gun iw.'in Canyon -.-reek to Greenwood,  the local D.vniei lined   him.    If   this is  the law, every freighter in the country  is liable to arrest by some ha If-witted  constable and fined by an equally intellectual j ustice of the peace.  There,was a government supporter  here during the past week. He was a  very young*', man, both in years and  in intellect. He hailed from Rossland.  He departed, leaving no very lasting'  impressions, financial or mental.  Mr.-and Mrs; .15.. Keightly'are' being-  congratulated on the birth of a son,  which occurred on Friday last���a ten  pound youth, which the father says is,  rapidly developing into a pugilist.  The local showers are a great benefit  to the GriGket- club, - the. r sident' government officials are daily taking* advantage of the cool weather to get  exercise.  Work on L,amb Bros' irrigating ditch  is being rapidly pushed through .under  the".management of Contractor McDuff.  .,. F. M. Kerby, C.E., left on Monday  last to survey mineral claims in Wellington camp.  5    Frank Boone is about  to   start  on a  prospecting trip up the .main river..  The new office of Rickards, Bener-  ,man & Co. is nearly completed.  Business has been better here during  the past month.  UXWAUI.y���IHUJ..U*.! 'LUJ.1 !-'.'.'A.._L .-.'.L J-i-  �� �� ���  ���     o     o  A Typewriter is a Necessity.  It pa3'S to buy the Best.  6 6  99  Tnc   EMPIRE  Has ruan\r points of superiority- .;  And is fully GUARANTEED.       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Mining Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a crown    grant of  the above claim.  And further lake noiioe. that action, under  section .17, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 9ih dav of June. 1S9S. 93-9  GREENWOOD HOS  ������������������������'.'..',���  AFTER MAY 1st, : 1898, TICKETS OF  Admission for ordinary hospital treatment may be obtained at the Greenwood Hospital at the rate of Two Dollars a month or  Twenty Dollars per annum.  :R.   W. JAKES,  M.D., CM  GRAND  SCENERY. tQW   RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.     "  OOEAN     TO   ' OO.E AN; ' ���������'..-'  Without change of Cars, via  consisting of/palace  dining-cars', eleg-ant  tourist "cars  aird free  Solid vestibule trains,  sleeping-cars, luxurious  da3r coaches, magnificent  colonist sleepers. -._���      --', - ���/'���-'"  The only line running throug-h tourist  from the coast . ,      ���  ���������-..:������ ,; .      ;..,.' 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I.  a  THIS IS TO CERTIFY.that "The Stratford Exploration and Development Company, Limited," is authorised/and licensed to  carry on business within the Province r of  British Columbia, and to cari\y out or effect-all  or aii3^ of the objects hereinafter set forth to  which the leg-islative authorit3' of the Legislature of British Columbia extends,.  The head office of the Compaivy-is situate in  the City of Stratford, Province.of Ontario,  Canada.      "; .  The amount of the cajjital of the Compaii3- is  thirty   thousand   dollars,  divided into   thirty    |  thousand shares of one dollar each. , J  The head office of the Company: in this Prov-    I  ince is situate in the Citysof  Greeuwood, in'tjie?.��� :'|  District iof   Yale,   and ..S^yduey'.'-M,   Johnso.n,    ?-  vvhose"ad,d ress- is the City'-of 'Greenwood, afore-'  said,.is the attorneN-for the Compaii3".  The objects for which the Compare has been  established are :  ;     ,  -. ���:-.-���..-;������'.    ',:������.������; -. ���> .  (a.) To prospect. for, explore,..contractiffQr,  purchase', lease':br otherwise acquire1,'develop  or sell; either on the Compaii3r,s own account |  or jointly with, or as agents, or in ..trust for lh  otlier persons, and cither absblutely, optionally |  or conditionally, mineral lands and other^  lauds for mining- purposes' and mining loca-f  tions or interests therein, mineral properties,/!  miuiug, water, and other rfg-lits and easements|  and undertakings connecteu. therewith:   ;   ���"'��� ���. ,f^.~^  rb.) T<> acquire shares or debentures in an^/i  similar company��� as the consideration for��� anVf  properties, easements or rights sold by th��$  Companv to such similar compatiN- in fh<|  ordinary course of business, and to alienat/|  the same at pleasure. ...j.jf  Given under my hand aud seal of Office s|  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, tht|  third dav of June, one thousand eight hundred  aud niuets-eight. '   '  '    . . ���    %  [D.S.I   * S. Y. WOOTTON.        ,Jj  93-4       Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, j  1 ...w.  m  ; -'-3./'.':  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  P3SBC!BaEBniQtHR0--|-DHKBBBSnRS  KETTLE  RIVER  MINING   DIVISION.  Record  of Mineral  Locations for   the   Week  Ending June 21st, 1898.  June 16.  Sunshine, Canyon creek, W. H: Lamout.  Washti, Beaver creek, L. Palmer.  St.   Peter,   St.  Patrick,  St.  Paul,    Deadwood  camp, C. Scott Galloway.  June 17.,  Morning- Star, Kimberly camp, Robert Murray  Deeds,'Canyon creek, B. Leather.  oJuiie 18.  Ma}', Skylark camp, N. Tholl.  Nellie, Skylark camp, J W Gradeu  Child Harold, Canyon creek, G  D Cuuuing-ham  Golden Treasure, Beaver creek, G  D  Cuhning--  ham et al  May Queen, Rock creek, E H Cannon  Appanoose, Summit camp, E H Cannon   ���  Mid Day," Summit camp, ,'u Holbrook and W J  Wartniau ,'��� .   "  Laurier, Welling-ton camp, J Mullig-an  Maple Leaf, Rico,  Main   Kettle    river,  R  A  Williams.  Mohiacan, West Copper camp, F M,Greenwood  Cosmopolitan  (fractional).  Kimberl}-  camp, D  W Hicks.  June 20.  Golden  Rule (fractional),  Cauyon creek, H H  Johnston.  Havana, Key;:'West, Canyon creek, J Thompson ,.  Regiua, Central camp, L Phaneuf. *  June 21.  Pilot'Knob. Kimberly' camp, E A Weidmark.    '  4;  Certificates of Work.  June 15.  Four Ace, L E Sutherland et al  June .16.  Esperanza, Deertrail  and  Jubilee, L Bag-shaw  aud L Palmer.  Freemont, C Scott Galloway  ;  t. ".'.'���.;,..    -    June 17.  Monte Cristo, J Marshall and J Nicholson  Rattler, Wm Garland  .  June IS.  Mag-gie L, John Gillaritj  American Eag-le, D W Hicks  June 20.  Big-Bonanza, LL Edwards  Silver Tip, John Mack  J u uc''21.  \Chancellor, J Moraa e.t al-  ; No. 13, J Mo ran  Limar (fractional), J Cumiiugiiani et al  Banner, T Roderick et al  Gilt Edg-e, James Marshall  Monte Carlo, T Roderick  Transfers.  June 15  Miranda, all interest,  D  C McArthur to  T A  g Garland.  Jo Jo, l/i.interest, Wm R.owc to E T Wickwire  Aberdeen, 4-5' interest, A E Cross and J D Nor-  rist to D Bryant c     ���  June 16  Good Hope, all interest, W Miller to J T Erwin  June 17  Lake View,  all   interest,  A   Castlemau   to A  Connors  Jg-o, all interest, Duncan  Ross to E T TvYick-  wire.  June IS.  Moody, K interest, S Living-stou to S  E Emerson       .'���'���.���'  June 20.  Chief, all interest, S Simpson to John Gra\*.  Kryssje��aii*9.Tr3.w-d*rf-w?^-^  ��-..'.e*4?~JS iw.&ifstzzi  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  m  Trade EVIarks  Designs  rrfi^i "       Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confl dential. Handbook on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  ?fl  rri  A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a  year; four months, $1.  Sold by all newsdealers.  MM &Go.36,B-��adwa��-Hew York  Branch Office. 6*25 F St., Washington, D. C.  Rossl-and.  &H ���*M m T*Z  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  QRedf %%t<xte <xnh (tttinmg QStofeetB,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   /nanager.  \kmMHBLB3Sn&m3PFWJUl��lAxSi^SZ35ZB II II III I III !��� II   IIMUHWJ.trfHIM  eskb vaxKoajcas  guig*gimt*x��>"'  PIONEER  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek/ B,C,  ���Ms. jf��, vV��,  ���    -sup      .     if? -sft^  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g*ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining* Men.        Best of Wines, Iyiquors and Cig-ars   ���Livery Stable in connection.  #*  J, W, NELSON  f<  Proprietor,  tohmakhr,.  Has Removed to New Store  Next Windsor Hotel. Work  Promptly an<i Correctly Done*  Look for the Sign of the Watch,  ���^3��   ��������  ~~^&  <2B^��-*.  Greenwood,   B.C.  *V&    $&    iV*-  tit*   �������*���   -ip?  Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialt}--  ornn  11  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates to  Vi-i  SQUARE   HOUSE  mdsor  Greenwood City, B.C.  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es from all parts pass the  door.  (Ii  0  C  w  5  o  m  0)  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  MIDWAY  B.C.  GREENWOOD,     B.O.  *1fe     $%     0i  'Of "l("        *if  All kinds of work executed to the  satisfaction of customers. .jiiaiul  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  mkj***v��b:^-'^*^**,--e*----^^  THE   GOLDEN   TWINS.  A meeting of the government supporters of the district was held in the  office of C. W. H. Sansom, Del., on  Monday last, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Rossland convention, which was to be held on the Tuesday following. An Associated Press  representative, who asked for admission, was polite^ told that the meeting- was private, but that a report  would be given out for pubUcation.  The following copywrighted report was  purchased by The Times, and lest we  should be accused of party prejudice  ���     we give it in full:  GOVERNMENT  MEETING.  In   response   to   an   advertisement,  which   appeared   in   The;   Boundary  Creek Times, and which was paid for  under special warrant, the g'O vera men t  supporters residing in   Greenwood and  surrounding district, assembled in the  office  of  C.   W.   H., Sansom, Del., for  the purpose of electing delegates to the  Rossland    convention.       There    were  present Andrew Iyeamy, solicitor.   Mr.  Iyeamy was a pronounced oppositionist  -    until   the   arrival   of     the    Rossland  "push"   last   week.     Mr.   Gerald  T.  .Hodgson,   an   erstwhile J. P., but now  familiarly   known   as   "Jerry,"   was  also present.    Present also was Krnest  Miller, the government organizer and  sub-treasurer of the government  campaign nfund.    E)va    Smith   jjwas    also.  present.    From the name   it  might be  supposed   that   the   government   supporters in this district were using their  powerful influence to establish women's  rig-hts, but   " I0va " is an   abbreviated  CQgnomen.    On    the   voters'   list   the  c: name appears as " iDvelyn."    This tip-  lifts the name, if not the wearer, from  the depths of effeminacy.  Lest the impression should get  abroad that there were no other government supporters in the district, a  rather full report is given of an interesting discussion which took place  in the early part of the meeting.  Mr. Iveamy���Mr. Chairman (Mr.  Hodgson having been elected after a  close contest) I desire to point out  that we are still without a quorum.  Now, Chief Justice Coleridge, an authority with which I am quite-f amiliar,'  and doubtless you all are, has laid  down the rule that it takes five to constitute a quorum. Are there no other,  government supporters in the district ?  Mr. Hodgson���I have been credibly  informed that there is one other gov-:  eriiment supporter in the district, one  Adolphus Ferguson, commonly known  as " Fungus."  Mr. Iveamy���He should be present;  he.places us in a rather awkward position.  Mr. Miller���Gentlemen,, if you will  allow me. You cannot stop to consider  the very fine point raised by Mr.  Iveamy. Political exig-encies demand  that delegates be sent from this district. The government is not bound  by law or precedent. [Copious applause.]  Mr. Hodgson���This matter being  satisfactory settled by the sub-  treasurer, we better appoint  delegates  at once'     [More copious applause.]  Mr. Miller���While not a resident Of  Greenwood,, I think you will allow me  to nominate Mr. Andrew Iyeamy.  [Tremendous applause.]  ,  Mr.   Hodgson���Mr.  .I^eamy   was appointed a deputy returning  officer this,  morning, and is. therefore  disqualified  from   acting  as   a  political  partisan.  [Murmurs of dissent.]  Mr. Miller���I am again commissioned  by the government to remind you that  under the circumstances, no other  name being available, it is Mr. L/eamy's ,  duty to go to work in the> service of the  government.  Mr. Hodgson���-Very well, that settles  it.    Any further nominations ?  Mr. Miller���I beg to nominate, yourself, Mr. Chairman.  There being no further nominations,  Mr. Miller said : "I beg* to make the  nominations unanimous."    Selah !  The nominations were made unanimous. '  Mr. Iveam'y-What about the expenses  of the delegates ?.-'.'���    ���  Mr. Miller���I am commissioned to  attend to  that.    (Uprorious applause.)  The meeting then adjourned.  THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held in the court house, on-  Monday evening last. , His Worship,  Mayor Wood, presided and the following* aldermen were present: Aid. Parry, Patpn and Phelan.  Messrs. Smailes, Munroe and Ross,  a committee from Boundary Valley  Iyodge, I. O. O. F. interviewed the  council with reference to deciding upon  a proper site.for a cemetry and clearing and improving the same.  The council as well as the committee  were of the opinion that the present  site is too near the city and also that  an effort should be made to make the  cemetry more presentable. Mayor-  Wood and Aid. Paton were appointed  a committee to work with the committee of the Oddfellows. Mayor Wood  offered to donate another site if a more  suitable one.could be secured on the  company's property.  The following bills were ordered  paid : Russell Hardware Company,  hardware and police instruments, $46.-  70; W. Breckle3', street work .50; Boundary Creek Times, printing, $13.  Fence, Rails   and  Hay,  OFFERS will be  received .until  June 30th,  for the following-. :  1. For the purchase and removal of about  half a mile of rail fence as it now srciicls at  Midway. -.''-.'  2. For the right to cut and remove the wild  hay now g-rowiny on the Eholt Meadow, situate  about four miles from Greenwood.  Full particulars from  THE MIDWAY COMPANY, LTD.,  93-2 Midway, B. C.  A  ��  ���Mi lira i  A.l Cedar Shingles,  in  any  quantity,  for sale b}r  Boundary Creek.-'Milling-& Lumber Co.,  Greenwood, B. C.  ILVERWAR&  The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  ERUII * PRESERVING"���.* COMPANY,  '   ' Victoria,    B,G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and JL/emon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades".    Pickles and  Vinegar.  ...  ������o���:���  We claim without exception to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling   Goods   in  Canada.  ire  !18  ���a <?-�� /TM>  ��u  i%*i  Subscription, 5Gc. per Month.  ALL    THE    BEST    NOVELS.  Greenwood Book Store,  9 GOVERNMENT ST.  a       j>  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  -AND���  The Best Canadian.  SOLE  AGENTS: .  R.  P.  Rithbt & Co. Ltd.  VICTORIA     B.C.  RAILWAY.  KOI I W. SHBP1RD,  ill  RAILWAYS.  The  only  All  Rail  Route,   without  Change of Cars, between  Also between Rossland and Nelson.  DAIL/Y, EXCBPT SUNDAY.  00  Going North  12.49 p.m.  RG  Going South  10.51 a.m.  Train leaving- Bossburir at 10:51 a.m. makes;  clofe connections at Spokane with trainsforall  PACIFIC   COAST   POINTS,  I  I  fli  i  m -  S? "  I  !  if  'M  **&  Close connections  at  Nelson   with   Steamers-  for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.  Passengrers for  Kettle  River  and Boundary-  Creek connect at Bossburg- with daily stag-e.  ���'��������' t   ��� 73i  --������'��  '.      / I-1  ui��ju*��M^*^*it^*nMi.��i^^��*wg*c^*^��*t*^-fta  C^  ST  A grand carnival of sports* consisting of horse racings running  'jfLbces, jumping contests* rock^drilling contests* tug of war, Greene  wood v, the  Grand Forks v. Greenwood*    These sports will all take place on  the New Grounds* recently cleared and graded,  "s sports will conclude with a fine display of fireworks and  further particulars see posters or address the Committee,  ��es,  , \^t  * oecy, iss-"-��^Biii^^Juj��--J3!vii^-if."-  agggi  a-  fe'  Organdy  Muslins,  Ladies'  Shirt Waists,  Collars  and Cuffs,  ^8��  ^P'  ^0��  *5V  ^4  N-1��  *9��  ���9^  W  /���**���  ^  ^9^  ^ir  ^2^  .WL  v  ."-ft*  ye\  5k  ."fl*--.  3��  tS,  Garpets  Linoleums,  OilCioths/  Art Squares  Rugs, Etc, Etc, Etc,  Mens Fancy-  Honey combed,  Negligee,   .  White and  Laundried ��� Shirts,  uire a  t  Forget That  reptile Best Line of.Clothing in  jiTrr-���nr-T ���*���""��� ���  .v!  8\ ��*���&> ^F*-%f\T'-'"��$\Y^\  ifl��  WJW  At  s*  !&>.  7rv  TO  "IF  '9V  7?^  7E?  ?9^  /^ap%  y  Cretons  Art Muslins,  Lace  Curtains,  Lawns, Points, Etc,  I  if  (I  I  5  1 jf  I I  ���n c  i I  ? 4  i    :-:"  <��  y  I


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