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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-07-16

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 m  m  I   v- ������.  ,'S'S'  Hi1.':-  i/fc  !;!i?:,:  li  SATURDAY,    JULY   16,    1898/  ^  ***%#  �� 1��ee%  .* ^ \& ���  -~��'i&  '^Tr  it  Wilt  li:  m  iatuaimsmBQmxaajLiiaaBjnKnAr**^^  "SjillMHnliiJj'f'Himrif.,.,,  ifijispiiy.,,  it  Hill  -     'iiNlilifciiJate  MANUFACTURERS  OF  Concentrators, Smelters, Steam  s,-engines  ggnstaaaag^ccKS  s -tngmes.  # A *%  Works j  I owya'  8  03T7-J  ilgi Branch Office s THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  f--:  f  You can rely on 'this, that no firm in the district gives  more value for less money than we do, Our stock is  the most complete* arid all orders are filled promptly,  ������!$'  Receive special attention; Everything in their line is  carried by us, Some first-class Windows and Doors in  stock,  Dealers in Hardware; Stoves, Granite and Tinware, Carpenters' and Miners' Tools,  Ore Cars and Rails, Powder and Steel, Paints and Oils, Sashes and Doors,  Water Pipes and Fixtures. All kinds of Tinsmithing, Plumbing:, and Furnace Work.  GREENWOOD,     B.C.  Remember !    We are headquarters for Boots and Shoes and have a  fine line of Men's, Women's and Children's,  of both  American and Canadian manufacture.  ��  Outing- Shirts.  Summer Underwear.  Collars and Cuifs.  White  Shirts.  Fancy Colored Shirts.  Neg-lig-e Shirts.  IvATBST   STYLES   IN    SPRING-   HATS.  Summer  Hose.  Ties, (beautiful line).  Gloves.  Handkerchiefs.  Towels.  &c, &c, &c.  The most complete stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries in the city.  TENTS,   All Sizes.  tMWmilWUIMnLIUlMBBZamTteS  af  Barrett Block,  Copper Street,  y   *>   st*  JD m  i  -^sjsnassss^-^!^^  S^r*KS4��aftS��iiCSSGKt55SSS  < li'!;  m  IF:  if:  IK  ii?-'!'  A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  i^ vol.. iv  GREENWOOD, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 16,1898.  97  ; i9  SK':  A   CLOSE   CONTEST  The Turner  Government Will  Not  Have  a  Working Majority  in  the  House,  Strong Probability That  the Opposition Have  Carried a Majority of the Seats,  Owing to the irregular mail service between Grand  Forks and Greenwood it is impossible to give any definite  election news at the time of writing. Sufficient particulars  have been ascertained however to state that there is a  strong probability that neither party will have a working  majority. It is even probable that when the full returns  are known the government will find itself in the minority  and will be forced to tender its resignation. There have  been a goodomany surprises. The most regretable result of  the close campaign is the defeat of' Donald Graham. The  desertion of his own friends at Armstrong*, the use of the  people's money to bribe the people and the service rendered  the government candidate by former prominent oppositionists under promise of government jobs and government  positions are responsible for his defeat.  Several opposition candidates were elected on Vancouver Island and F. J. Dean succeeded in defeating Geo.  B. Martin, the chief commissioner.  Flsewhere is published the results as far as obtainable.  Mr. Martin's election was never in doubt, notwithstanding the bluster of the government supporters. Mr.  McKane never had the slightest chance of carrying the  constituency.  In Greenwood election day passed off quietly. The  majority of the voters polled their votes in the forenoon.  Andrew Leamy was the deputy-returning officer and J.  Leamy poll clerk. F. Miller and C. W. H. Sansom acted as  scrutineers for Mr. McKane, and James Kerr and Duncan  Ross for Mr. Martin. The government workers had several  teams and plenty of money. The teams hauled opposition  voters to the polls, while the money gathered in the barroom voters.  The ballots were counted by 4:30. Martin's vote was  69 and McKane's 35, a majority of 34. One ballot, on  which McKane's name was written, was allowed. Of  McKane's voters, 10 came from Grand Forks and Rossland;  at least 10 were the result of the sub-treasurer's influence,  and the balance were those who voted because of prejudice  or considered that it was the proper thing to vote for the  government because its return to power was certain.  Midway responded nobly. Thirty-five votes were  polled; three marked for Martin were considered spoiled,  27 were counted for Martin and only 5 for McKane.  Grand Forks also did well, giving a majority   of 13 for  ?\Martin.    Cascade City gave  6  majority  for  Martin, Ross-   'land 97, and Trail 5, making a total majority of 177.  NOTES.  We told you so !  Good Old Midway !  It's time for a change !    Never (?)  Speak kindly of the Golden Twins.  McKane's name is Dennis the Left.  What will the charter mongers do now ?  Poor, forsaken, guardianless, Frnie Miller !  Where, Oh where is Cyclone Nelson, Q. C. ?  And Turner & Co. will go into moss culture.  The government defeated ?    Beastly bad taste !  Sixty-nine good electors and true in  Greenwood.  Windy Walkeni can play the jumping Jack at home.  What's the  matter with   Jim  Martin?    Nit.    He's   all  right.''  A majority at every polling booth speaks well foi James  Martin.  Mac, you are always switching the Grand Forks Miner  at the wrong" time.  Bid a fond farewell to the mortgage tax, the Miners'  tax and the gerrymander.  J. C. McLagari will have some difficulty in determining  where he is at for a few days.  Brown fired too many shots from his trusty. Winchester  away from his own constituency.  Selfish Victorians got a surprise the last Dominion  election ; they got a bigger surprise last Saturday.  If all the opposition had fought as hard as F. J. Deane,  there would not have been a government man returned.  It wasn't an earthquake or an explosion in Greenwood  Saturday evening. It was just the rooters when they heard  from Midway.  THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  0k  ->tf  The maintenance and continuance of the Greenwood  hospital was the subject which occupied the attention of the  city fathers at their regular meeting on Monday evening  last. His worship, Mayor Wood, presided, and Aldermen  Galloway, Paton, Barrett and Phaleh were present.  The discussion in reference to the hospital was  started  by .the  following  letter  from  Mr. F. M. F. Munns of the  Anaconda mines :  Greenwood,  B.   C, July   11,   1898.  Gentlemen.��� As you represent the interests of Greenwood city and the community at large, may I be allowed to  draw  your  serious   attention   to the fact that the hospital,  through want of funds, will close its doors at the end of this  month.    I can hardly think that the residents, both in the  town itself   and  the  adjacent  mining camps, quite realize  what   this   really   involves,   should   any   epidemic    arise,  which a young,town and a mining  camp is   very   liable to.  I have myself seen (taking Coolgardie, Western Australia,  as   an  instance)  the  appalling   results  of  typhoid   fever,  where all the hospitals were overcrowded with patients, and  the godsend it was to have such a place to go to, where one  would be properly cared for and nursed, and  as this affects  not only the residents of the town but the miner   and prospector,  I  feel sure that if  the   matter  were placed   before  them, showing the enormous advantages of a local hospital,  they would readily respond. F. M. F. Munns.  Fvery member of the council acknowledged the very  serious nature of Dr. Jakes' decision, and innumerable  suggestions were offered as to the best method of securing  a steady revenue for the institution. Alderman Phelan  minutely told how in the lumbering districts of the east  similar hospitals were maintained by agents selling tickets  tp the many men employed in the woods and the sawmills.  He thought that with such a large district to draw from,  there should be no difficulty in securing the sale of sufficient  hospital tickets here to ensure a steady revenue. All felt  that what was needed was to rouse the mineowners and  miners to see the necessity for the hospital and ensure its  continuance by contributing vigorously to its support,  securing in return the best of medical attendance and  nursing when needed. A committee, consisting of Mayor  Wood, Alderman Phalen and Mr. Munns, was appointed to  interview Dr. Jakes to see what steps should be taken.  After the consideration of some minor routine business  the council adjourned. '.- . THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ��^gp  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Geo. R. Naden leaves to-morrow for  Vernon.  E. Widmark and family have left on  a holiday trip to Europe.  Arthur and Chas. Rendell are expected back, from New Foundland in a few  days.  The Rosslander, a weekly Rossland  paper has been absorbed by the Daily  L/eader.  Hedley Chapman, traveler for the  Ames.Holden Co. was in Greenwood  this.week.  * Stanley Henderson, a Vancouver In  surance man paid the district a visit  last week.    '  Thos. Allice a well known Victoria  drummer paid Greenwood a business  visit this week.  Rev. Mr. Oswald held his initial  service in Greenwood Sunday evening  and preached an eloquent sermon to a  large congregation.  W. B. Rickards of Rickards, Beiiiier-  niaii & Co., J. McNicol and Forbes M.  Kerby were among the Midwayites,  visiting the city this week.  Aid. W. B. Paton returned on Monday from a trip to Rossland, Nelson  and other Kootenay points. He also  visited Spallumacheen and Vernon.  There were many thirsty mortals in  Greenwood Saturday and Sunday, the  Election Act and the Sunday Closing  Law being responsible for the liquor  famine.  J. E. Hooson, provincial constable  at Rossland, carried the four ballot  boxes necessary for Boundary creek  on horseback from Bossburg-, and returned on Saturday night.  ,. Mr. Arthur Mowat, a son of Sir  Oliver Mowat, L/ieutenant-governor of  Ontario, who arrived in Greenwood  last week has decided to remain here.  Mr. Mowat is well pleased with the  outlook for the city and district and.it  is his intention after looking- around to  invest in real estate and mines.  DEN   OF   RATTLESNAKES.  A. R. McDonald returned yesterday  from a visit to the Boundary Creek  country says the Rossland Miner and  was making- the hair of his friends  stand on end with a recital of the experience of a surveyor who had an exciting- time while in a den of rattlesnakes. The surveyor is employed by  the C. & W. and was alone on a big  rock slide at the lower end of Christina  lake. The knight of the transit and  level was taking a sig-ht throug-h a level when the ominous sound of the rattle of a rattlesnake was heard. Then  other rattlers were heard, until it seemed to him that there were regiments of  the crotalidas family around. One look  showed him that many snakes were  advancing upon him from all directions. With a yell he ran from the spot  leaving his instrument. So lively did  he move that he lost during his flight  his hat and pistol. In a short time he  returned with several of his companions, armed with poles, and in a few  minutes they had dispatched 30 of the  rattlers. The rest g-lided away into  the rocks and so escaped the hunters.  sses  ssss  $��  2E5-  ��$���  5S��5  *f*.'  ���   IS THE  2E5  ass-  '$&  a��  :'"3ses  tiC'r?  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We call vour special attention to our new  DROP   HEAD   MACHINE  Which  can  be  seen  at our  St  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C. $������  I  I:  \m  )   i tj:  :  m  vs.  ���*>-  Ifc.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  1BBA=*73E0a=Jri  ?ba3S3*iGiraa^fi^*A:.i^:Hr��Ws^  Ai fcgy nawyjtfr>ji.ta  rr LM^iwu.^^ A,.m;w^.���^-t��-^.^t ^-itn^  c.^rjr��.^a.frTT*^';?=Sc��Tlti.-y-r:r!t--.''H- i��^:f~F?r^l^7��5;5���Zy����oc5^"V  TIME   FOR   A   CHANGE.  ilk  :%.  IS:  'f* '.  The mail service between Grand  Forks and Greenwood is a disgrace to  the postoffice department and to the  postmaster at Grand Forks.: It would  not be tolerated for a single day in any  other district except Boundary Greek  ,'.4 where the people appear to have.be-  ' come calloused by g-overnniental neglect and indifference.  The attention of Postoffice Inspector  Fletcher has been repeatedly called to.  the travesty on mail service which is  being carried on in this district. He  frequently promised to have the matter reformed but did nothing.  If the postoffice inspector is supposed  to do anything except to draw his  salary he should be at once instructed  to place the mail service in this district  upon such a footing that will give the  people some measure of relief from the  tantalizing inconveniencies and the  serious losses that are the natural consequence of the haphazard methods of  handling the mails at present in  vogue.  The' post master at Grand Forks  assumes that his chief duty is to cause  the people of Greenwopd as much  trouble as he possibly can.        , ,  On Friday week there was delivered  at the Greenwood postoffice a letter  bearing the Greenwood post mark of  July 7. It bore the Grand Forks post  mark of July 1st. This letter reached  Grand. Forks in two days from Montana and it took six days in traveling  from Grand Forks to Greenwood, n  distance of 20 miles.  On Tuesday last Monday's Spokesman-Review arrived; Sunday's Review  did not arrive.  On Wednesday there was no letter  mail and no Rossland papers.  On every other day the mail shows  the same incompleteness and bear the  same ear marks of careless handling.  The people of Greenwood would be  quite willing to subscribe for a substantial superannuation fund to the  Grand Forks post master if the post-  office department would guarantee a  regular system.   .  Complaint after complaint has been  forwarded to the department without  any consideration or redress. We hope  that Mr. Hewitt Bostock, M. P., will  take this matter up in the interest of  his constituents and that he will not  be satisfied until the irregularities  cease. ,  His Honor Judge Spinks came in  from Rossland Saturday evening- and  spent Sunday in Greenwood.  ^^ic^rzc^^isc��aca3^ff2CJiU,ir--3c�� .rr^-j.-j: sitti^^c-ie.  Delicious  some  WILLS'Famous "Navy Cut," "Traveller,"  and other lines of Tobaccos.  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The elections in Cassiar have not  yet been held.  It is reported from the Coast that  Hon. D. W. Higgings and Hayward  are going to contest the election in  Fsquiinalt. A recount may- decide the  election in favor of that constituency  as the opposition are only three behind.  In any case the election is likely to be  voided as the most open bribery is  charged against those working for the  government.  In North Victoria, T. W. Paterson  the opposition candidate was defeated  by 8 votes. Here to bribery and corruption is charged. It is even reported that 20 Frazer River fishermen were  taken to Plumper's Pass and that they  voted for the government although  their names did not appear on the voters' list. Fven the, government supporters conceded the seat to Mr. Paterson and he -��� is determined to make a  ,. fight for the seat to which he is justly  entitled.  The government cannot expect to  carry on the business of the country.  Fven should the two independents give  Mr. Turner a loyal support and Cassiar return two government members  which is-'extremely doubtful under the  circumstances, the government would  still be in the minority after the election of a speaker. Premier Turner  ought to resign at once. He is not  likely to do so but will cling- to office  hoping by promises arid bribes to win  some opposition members to his side.  We do not think such a course would  be successful and the election recounts  are likely to decide in favor of the  opposition.  Colonel Baker was elected in Fast  Kootenay b3r a majority of only 15.  It is r.quite possible, now that the  Turner government' has lost' prestige  in the province, Cassiar ma3r return  two opposition members. In that  event, the opposition would have a  working majority. Messrs. McTavish  aud Calbreath, the opposition candidates in the riding, are both residents  of the district, and are well known and  popular men.  C. F. Tisclall headed the poll in Vancouver, R. McPherson second, F. C.  Cotton third, and   Jos. Martin   fourth.  McDonald, one of the government candidates, lost his deposit. .  The following is the result, with the  exception of Cassiar, in which district  the election has not yet been held :  G.'Q.;  Alberni���Neill.. '..'.���:���    0       1  Cowichan���Robinson* ... ,   1 0  Comox���Duusmuir       1 0  Cariboo���Kihchant. .��..,..    0 1  Cariboor-Helgeson..........:.....,    0 1  Chilliwack���Monroe :..!......"���     0 1  Dewdne3'���McBride,    1 0  Delta���Forster    0 1  Esquimalt���Pooley and Bullen    2 0  Kootena3^, East-North���Neilson    1 0  Kootena3v East-south���Baker        1 0  /Kootenay, Rossland���Martin    0 1  Kootenay, Revelstoke���Kellie....    0 1  Kootenay, Nelson���Hume    0 1  Kootena3-, Slocan���Green    0 1  Lillooet, East���Prentice......    0 1  Lillooet, West^-Smith   "1 0  Nanaimo Cit3r���McKechuie    0 1  Nauaimo,  North���Bryden..    1 0  Nanaimo, South���Smith ... 0 1  Richmond���Kidd... i    0 1  Vancouver���McPherson .............. ..........   0 1  Vancouver���Tisdall    0 1  Vancouver���Cotton.... ....,.;    0 1  Vancouver���Martin ." ...:....   0 1  Victoria  City���Turner    1 0  Victoria City���Helmcken..... '.-    1 0  Victoria City���McPhillips :...:.,.I 0  Victoria City���Hall.L,    1 0  Victoria, North���Booth..    1 0  Victoria,  South���Eberts    1 0  Westminster  City���Henderson...............   1 0  Yale, West���Semlin /... ,0 1  Yale, North���Deane..    0 1  Yale, East���Ellison .;.    1 0  Total. :.... .....:    17 19  PRESS   COMMENT.  The  following  are  the  opinions  of  the leading party journals:  News-Advertiser, (Oppo.):���-The elections for the two seats in Cassiar are  yet to be held, but even allowing that  the government carried both of them  and had the support of the two Independents it would only have 19 seats or  just half the house, as there is little  doubt that the opposition will carry  both seats in Cariboo.  Fven should the government not resign in such a contingency, it could  not avoid defeat as soon as the House  met. Assuming that the opposition  allowed it to elect a speaker, the government would immediately be in a  minority of one on a motion of want of  confidence and meet with immediate  defeat. It is not, however, at all certain that it will carry both the seats in  Cassiar under the circumstances, while  we do not see how Mr. Henderson, the  Independent member for New Westminster, could refuse to support the  opposition on a vote or any one of the  questions on which he has admitted he  is in sympathy with it and not with  the government.  In any case the government cannot  carry on the business of the province  and we can only await the developments which constitutional methods  will bring about.  The Colonist, (Govt.):���At the present writing- the returns indicate that  the government has been sustained by  a good working majority. Lyater returns may affect the result, but we see  no reason to doubt that the Hon. Mr.  Turner will administer the government of the province as premier during  the next four 3rears.  The returns contain some surprises  to both parties, and the Colonist concedes that it was greatly mistaken   in   j  its estimate of the probabilities in several constituencies. The opposition  polled a larger vote than we anticipated. ...'  Vancouver World, (Govt): While the-  returns are not yet to hand it is safe to  predict that in a house   of 38 members:  the government will have  a majority,  on a want of  confidence  motion, sirffi-   _  cient to ensure its permanence.    This, '$.'+  after all, was the main   issue.    It matters little now how constituencies went  as   long   as   the   great   heart   of   the  province   is  right.     To   have   placed  those who sought the honor  in  power  would have meant  destruction  and in  opposition they can  effect  little harm  if they cannot do much good.    All the  vast   sums  of  money  poured   out  by  their backers were  practically thrown  away.    If Mr. Deane is declared at the  head   of   the   poll   there is no  doubt  whatever that his election will  be successfully   ^protested    because   of    the  glaring audacity that  marked his sup.  porters'conduct.    It will take  a little  time  yet  for  the  smoke  of  battle to  clear away,  but  the  government has  gone the hottest fight that ever  fell to   ���,���  the lot of any administration in British  Columbia, and won-���that is enough.  Columbian,   (Oppo.):���The grand result, therefore, of Saturdays's elections  is   that   the Turner   government  has  been virtually defeated, in any  event;  for its large' majority  has  been  shorn  from it, at the least, and  the  prospect  of it being able to hold on to power,   if  the final results give it all  it  can now  possibly   get,   are   very  slim, indeed.  To have achieved even such a result as  this is, in the circumstances, most gratifying to the opposition, and a  matter  of sincere congratulation  to  the province.    Handicapped by the rotten representation system of the government,  and their grossly corrupt and  slanderous campaign, it was much, very much  that the opposition should have accomplished what they have,   at   the   very  least, accomplished in  the  elections���  the virtual defeat  of  the  Turner government, rendering them powerless for  further  mischief,   and   assuring  their  complete exile from power   at an early  date.  Times, (Opp.):    There is   very  little  doubt that the   government  has   been  defeated.    The result in any event will  be close, but at the moment of  writing ���  the returns give the  opposition   about  one-half of the house , with final returns in half a dozen constituencies  yet to be received. Should these divide  evenly, as they are expected to do, the  government will be in a minority-of;  from 2 to 4 votes. The opposition,  therefore, can count with complete-  confidence on a majority over the government of from four to six votes when  all the elections have been held.  y?crrir,r.wr.cvzx,  S. VSSK CTgWJTJi  A SITTING of the County  Court of Yale-  will be holden at  Midway   on   Monday   the 10th day  of October,   1898.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  ' WM.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office, d.r.c.c.  Midway, 14th July, 1S93. 97-4- J1T> Wires?:, "-S screw;: ���*-?KS?Cir iiTS-J:  w*Wft��j��^h��jfla��ft*a^<(*tW����s*fiii����SM9^^  :l  Pi:  ! %;���  \ &���  m  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ���M  gJuwfcT.v^'*-**^'-IJr<frg>'  A   RAILWAY   TOWN.  ���i- ^""  #  The following- description of Brook-  yn, which appears in the Spokesman-  Review, will prove interesting-reading-,  inasmuch as it describes a town which  sprang-into existence because of the  construction of. the railway from  Robson :  "The town of Brooklyn   is   forging-  ^ to the front.    The latest addition is an  electric lig-ht plant and a water system,  which will be installed by B. M. Smith  of Revelstoke.  "The poles are being- taken from the  woods and workmen are constructing-  the dam. The pipes follow the creek  for 3,000 feet and there secure a head  of 200 feet, giving a pressure of 100  pounds to the square inch on the business streets of the town. The water  '��� will be pure and >fresh as "it comes  j*;& larg-ely   from  mountain  spring-s,  and  |p the natural  flow   being- ample for two  I j| larg-e   fire'hose   to   run   an   indefinite  I | period.    This   assures protection from  \ If fire   for   the  town   and  an   excellent  [ If supply of water for domestic purposes.  \ v^ The  people  are  enthusiastic  over the  |\ convenience and safety this will afford  fi  '      them.  If; c "It is the intention of  the  manag-er  M to install the light plant  immediately.  f${ .'���        An   engine   will   'b<v  used   to   supply  |fi power, but as soon as   the   water pipes  fi '.���������        are down it is thoug-ht the   supply will  |: be great enoug-h to   drive   the  dynamo  |jF   ,       forlig-hting-.    Both/arc   and   incandescent lig-hts will be installed.,  "This is one of the most remarkable  towns in the history of Kootenay, or  the Pacific northwest, for rapidity of  growth and permanent improvements.  The town is only twenty days old, yet  there are more substantial and well-  built houses than in any other town  ever built in the northwest. A weekly  paper will appear Saturday, making-  the fourth issue, the first being- printed  before there was a house in town and  while the surveyors were cutting- trees  for lines. Now comes an electric lig-ht  and water plant, costing- many thousands of dollars, the larg-est wharf on  the lake, two daily mails, but no post- ,  office.  "There are- a thousand men in  Brooklyn and vicinity who g-et mail at  this point which is kept in a soap box  outside the News office. lOach man is  his own postmaster. The letters are  left on the News desk and are bundled  and taken aboard by the oblig-ing- pen  pusher.  " Three immense lumber rafts have  been unloaded here, the total being-  750,000 feet of lumber, which has been  put into buildings.  "There has been considerable excitement here to-day on account of the  provincial elections, a g-reat many of  the people going- to the several polling-  places at Deer Park, Trail, Rossland  and Nelson. There are several here  who are hunting- up the stray voters  and sending them to the proper voting  places.  "Brooklvn has an ideal site for a  city. The lake at this point is two  miles wide and the view is unobstructed for many miles up and down. High  basaltic cliffs wall in the waters aiid  .scarcely a ripple is seen to disturb the  smoothness of the surface. The hills  are not heavily wooded and away up  the mountain sides can be seen little  green benches, park like in appearance  many of them having  little   mountain  streams which  come  tumbling  down,  falling hundreds of feet over cliffs of  rock, dashing into foam and burying  themselves in the bosoni of the lake.  These open glades are excellent pasture  for the deer and many can be seen at  all times quietly grazing, for as yet  the sight of the sportsman has not  alarmed them sufficiently to drive them  to the deep forests. Wishing and boating are amusements all indulge in, as  the trout are plentiful and bite freely.  lOvery evening <pleasure parties are  organized to sail or row to Dog creek,  where^ trolling is always rewarded with  a good catch of rainbow trout. E}very  night the neV wharf is lined with boys  and workmen who catch large numbers  of white fish which are good eating.  ]��CiiaggftffffKWWPM<gaowjtt!ra-naB^.��^ | i   |  Hammocks,  Palm Leaf Fans,  Skipping Ropes,  Pocket Compasses,  Magnifying Glasses,  Children's Wagons,  Children's Carts,  Base Balls, Etc,  AT SMITH & McRAES/l  Books, Stationery, Wall. Paper,   f  Pancy Goods and   Notions,  GREENWOOD  I'.i.jomj^ vm&r*<*a*er**&*imm*aai.niwium*r���c*aiitmiU.J.r.  B.C.  yf'i.m��TfimTi"na��:  MINERAL,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  3-. A. R.,.J. A. C, S. F��� D. A., C. S. & H., Big-  Ledg-e, E. C. B., Prospective, O. B., P. H.. S.  H. B., Fred D. and Spokane mineral claims,  situate iu the Kettle River Mining- Division  of Yale District. Where Located : Deadwood  and Providence camps.  TAKE Notice that we, the Boundary Creek  Mining-and Milling- Company, (Limited  Liability), free miner's certificate, No. 72 A,  intend, sixty daj^s from the datehereof, to apply  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate, of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown   Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 37th day of May, 1898. 908  MINERAL,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.   '���,-  PHGENIX Mineral Claim, situate iu the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that we, C. E. Gait, free  miner's certificate No.,351 A; Robert  Denzler, free miner's certificate No. 14025 A;  Thos. Tigfhe, free iminer's certificate No. 14024  A; Franklin Farrell, free miner's certificate No. 50 A, and W. T. Smith, free  miner's certificate, No. 14046 A ; intend,  sixty da3'S from the date hereof, to appty to the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of Improvements^ for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 9th  clay of June, 1898. 92-9  Dissolution of Partnership,  PUBLIC NOTICF is hereby given that the  partnership heretofore subsisting- between  the undersig-ned, as carpenters and contractors,  at Greenwood, B. C, under the firm name of  Desrosiers & Bourk, is this day dissolved b3"  mutual consent. J. B. DESROSIERS.  A. BOURK.  Greenwood, B.C. July 15th, 1898. 97-4  $ILVERWM  The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  Cedar SliiiiMes. ���������-.".  A.l Cedar Shingles^   in  any  quantity,  for sale by  Boundary Creek Milling & Lumber Co.,  Greenwood, B.C.  ���   \\ -T\��.wK>1I.�� \  <rs  <f* ���g'v  si ���  ill:      ��  o     o  A Typewriter is a Necessity*  It paj^s to buy the Best.  ���fnc "EMPIRE"  Has mau3r points of superiority..  And is fully GUARANTEED.  THE    PRICE    IS    SSO     CASH.  *V*"    *V*"    *v*-  ���s-a^      "tit*      "'l^ '     '  '���  For circulars and testimonials address  THOMSON  STATIONERY  CO,  Ag-ents for British Columbia,  VANCOUVER   AND   NELSON,   B.C.  ���*&_  The EMPIRE is manufactured by  THE WILLIAMS MANDF'G CO., Ltd.,  MONTREAL,   P. O.  Manufacturers of the celebrated  New Williams Sewing- Machine.  Ag-ents Wanted.  FRUIT *-PRESERVING '�����* COMPANY,  ictoria,  B* G,  ���MANUPACTURERS   op���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orang-e,   Citron  and L/emon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    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X  9 .    '���   '   '     ��� - I  A.��-9-99>-9<a>-9-9:9>'ii-*:&rQ-49>a<o&o*-e-<9>-e��t>-a-<3>B<at��a��i*-Q-<BQ  aiggjiw.... i ,-r^Ksrxv^sjxsa3igK^rTr.A^ujjiJsucaxscxBSEzi  UNREGISTERED   VOTERS.  It was a matter of keen disappointment to those anxious to secure ,g"ood  government in this province, that a  larg-e number of residents, of the district <-neglected to have their names  reg-istered on the provincial voters'  list. Many of the comparatively recent arrivals in the district, appear to  be laboring- under the impression that  if their names are placed on either the  ���municipal or federal lists,: they  will also appear on the provincial list. [  It should be remembered that a separate  reg-istratioii is necessary for the provincial list.  We sug-g-est that all those interested  in having- a larg-e voters' [-list in this  district, provide themselves with blank  forms of registration and insist upon  reg-is.tering-'every one properly qualified  whose name does not appear on the  present list. All applications should  be sent to John Kirkup, collector of  votes, Rossland.  Owing- to the very close election just  held, leaving-scarcely a working- majority, a new election ma}1, be" necessary at anv time. Keuce the necessity  of securing- the registration of over  a hundred residents of the district  whose licLines do not appear on the  present list.  ODDFELLOWS   INSTALLATION.  Boundary Valley L,odg-e I. O. O. F.,  ins:ailed officers for the current term  at tl;c reg-ular meeting- held last Tuesday evening-. D. D. G-. M. Thos. Hardly  attended by G. Treas. Hallett, G-. M.  R. LV.,Ivvans, G. Sec. J. A. Russell and  D. G. M. Ralph Smailes officiated.  The officers installed follow: Noble  Grand, M. J. Phelan; Rec. Sec. Geo.  R. Naden; F. Sec, R. F. Coates; Treas.,  W.J. Harber; Warden, G. B. Taylor;  Conductor, Duncan Ross; Chaplain, W.  B. Paton; R. S.N. G., Thos. McDonnell; L.S. N. G., John Gully; R. S. V.  G., H. B. Munroe; L,. S..V. G., N. H.  LVamont; Scene Supporters, H. H. Huff  and J. Kerr.  After installation a smoking- concert  was held with Thos. Hard}/ in the  chair, About two hours were pleasantly spent in song- and storj'. Boundary Valley L/odg-e is rapidly increasing-  in membership having-the second hig-h-  est percentag-e of growth in the province.  The   Greenwood   Hospital,  It is hoped   that   the   committee appointed by the city council will succeed  ih making- some arrang-eirient whereby  "���the  Greenwood  hospital  can be  kept  open.    If the miners and mine owners  could be aroused to the absolute'necessity of having- an institution where the  sick aud the injured  will   be   properly  cared for' the solution would be an easy  one.    Unfortunately however, the people most directly  interested have   become   so   accustomed to having- available the best means for the care of the  sick that they do not appear to appreciate the importance of'the advantag-es  bestowed upon them by Dr. Jake's enterprise.    The closing-  of the  hospital  would forcibly bring- their attention to  the necessity for having- it opened   but  it would   be . more' satisfactory   if the  people would do their duty without resorting- to such a drastic measure.    We  draw  the   reader's   attention   to   Mr.  Munns'letter.    He speaks  from experience   in   mining-   districts   in   other  countries.  All the surveyors took a holida3r on  Saturday last, and voted. Forbes M.  Kerby came down from Welling-ton  camp Frida3' evening- and went on  to Midway, and ran opposition lines  Saturday. Sydney M. Johnson ran a  random from Greenwood camp, but  did not blaze well, and his crew took  the oppositiou-three-blaze-line, landing-  at the polls all rig-ht. C. 2Q. Shaw and  his crew, after triangulating- from  Greenwood camp, struck the opposition  hub and not a point out.  :^cw.3ii��FEn5Hi��mjLxt^$^u4at?{aa?;i��i^^  r*^snr/^usn w.-rr  Honors���World's Fair,  I, Midwinter Fair.'  A P^re (irapc Cream of Tartar Powder.  40 YEARS THE STANDARD,  H.   HALLETT,  Q0&t?t0��et, Jioftctfot,  NOTARY 'PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   JB.O.  P^ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  AND  CIVIIv ENGINEER p  ������ (rtofor^ (puittic --.. midway,   b.c.  BOHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  f*>.  <ngtneer,. ���  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrig-ation Projects, Engineering- and Survey  ()Work, with plans and Estimates'in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.   '  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and.mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  HENRY' NICHOLSON,��� '���; ,  inina GXaent  **��' ^i^     **J  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camf McKinney.  N*B.���-Some   valuable   Mining-   Properties   in  Camp McKiuue3r and vicinity for disposal.  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  H.  A.  GUESS,  M.A.  Thoroughly familiar with Bouudar3r Creek  and Fairview > mining- districts. Properties  examined, assay's and analj-ses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  QMARLES AE. SI1AW,  .    Givil    Engineer,"1"  ��omtmon fttiS  (probinciai 0,<xht> IkuvTSfgor.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  \  fc3.  SUCCESSOR   TO  oJ.   P.   MARLAN,  GREENWOOD  B.C.  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY,  S^-   Perfect fit guaranteed.  CO  00  IU  c  o  Q  Z  o  c  o  T*  <L>  +-��  !-  o  12,  dJ  .(&  W    CvJ  4)  ��    <U  ��m 3  �� S  f ��  < .2  ��S  ti.0  a  3.a  & ho  ~i ���'������  -f-;.w  m  _> +J  5 (0  PS  ���jisimi.'inL'asB^iis.'  CO  <  Z'O  **  i/unnO' sirs!  :'f"  /MIDWAY,   B.C.,  MINING BROKERS.  ���Air,  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. I  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  I ! X       f  in:.'   ���  ii:-  li  Iff!  ������Itf:!  /  *:'. ;  '('/'-.'  ' te ���"���  nb  WfafeoafetB of !}7ine0, ^Si^uorB dnb Ctg*t6.  COPPER   STREET  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  mirrifl+in***"*^** nvsaivmemaamiEaDwamuisi^^ r.^wwi.aiiuiyfflr  scffinnnemjacm  The Greenwood City���. MdrcantiIvE Co. has been appointed agents'  for the OKANAGAN FLOUR MILL CO.'S FLOUR; It is the best all-round  Flour on the market. Try it once and you will use no other. Their  brands are '' Hungarian, " "XXXX," " Strong Bakers', " ''Economy, "  and "Superfine." The flour is made from wheat grown by the shareholders in the mill, and is made by the latest improved machinery.  Okanagan   Flour   Mill   Co.'s   Flour   is   THE   BJB)ST !  GREENWOOD   CAMP   MOTES.  A bunk house hcis been built   on the  Brooklyn claim.  Development work is being- pushed  on the Brooklyn and Stemwinder.  A. Mcintosh, T. Roderick and Jos.  Hedg-es are building- houses west of  th3 Brooklyn.  The compressor ��� plant of the :01d  Ironsides is being- put in place under  the superintendence of Mr. Aldridge.  A new building- has been erected for  the plant, adjoining- the shaft, and  boiler house. The foundation is of  rock and cement. The compressor is a  ten-drill one.  Thirty men are employed on the  Ironsides at present. About 100 feet  has been run in the new tunnel, 80 feet  of which is in ore. Anew blacksmith  and machine shop, 30 by 30 feet, has  been built near the shaft house. A  trench is being- dug- from the shaft  house-to the tunnel and on to the Knob  Hill. In this pipes will be laid from  the compressor.  J. P. Graves, manag-er, and Geo. W.  Wooster, secretary of the Old Ironsides  Company visited the mine last week.  Mr. Graves was accompanied by his  son Clyde. In a few weeks Mr. Graves  expects Mr. S. H. Miner from the east.  Mr. Miner is president of the Granby  Rubber Co., and a heavy shareholder  in both the Old Ironsides and Knob  Hill companies. He will pay Green  wood camp a visit with Mr. Graves.  BUILDING   BOOM,  on Gold street.  D. W. Hicks is building- a restaurant  in Greenwood street.  The drug store  for  the  Miller Bros  having-   been   completed, the   firm   are  moving.in their stock of goods.  Miller Bros1, have  erected a store for  H. A. King on Copper street.  Work will shortly  commence on the  new school building-.  REAL   ESTATE   SALES.  The addition to the Pioneer hotel is  Hearing completion.  Mr. Corrigan is erecting a neat cottage on L/ong Lake street for P. S.  Barnard. The ground'is being cleared  for a store on Government street for  Mr. Barnard.  A new blacksmith shop has been  erected oppositd the International  hotel.  Mr. Cohen is erecting a two-story  residence on Silver street.  Thos. McDonnell is building a house  Greenwood real estate has been  rapidly changing- hands during the  past week. A deal involving the transfer of $16,000 worth of property is now  pending between the Townsite company and. a well known capitalist.  Thos. McDonnell bought several  lots during-the week, including a house  and lot in the Sutherland addition.  .  John Keougii has, purchasee Mr.  Weidmark's lots and two houses on  Long L^ake street.  Man3r inquiries are being made for  business lots. ,��>^j^Ufr���^^^^Wi~,rJ/m:^^jc;w,t^��,^i��jfls4.��i  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  g,.rtT-rtgsjr?\sanT**cvj-'.i'.j^>��pLqorjci!  Brcawawpgoa  T wq iq^��iWHaj��MiJfWiwji  WJWtfBawai w.^uwe����Ji^*HaK-MfeJMgcm��* satrjaMtwv^aangiWWBggii  agawjsimngaBgCTr^BaszjTwy.gufcvmifgflnK ggcavi tea* M����gvmwag:nig��By-ty  FOR   TUNNELS,-MINE'  &  /a  :'i      I  light Line oupiex an  COMPLETE  JAMES   COOPER   MANUFACTU  ��� /  Branch Office, ROSSLAND, B, G  ���w.  JAMES D, SWORD, Manager,  m*mti\r.*rmv.tyvrtwfT'Kft*  A   FATAL   ACCIDENT.  The first fatal accident in connection  with the operation of Boundary Creek  mines occurred at the Snowshoe, Greenwood camp on'Thursday mornings last,  when Hugh O'Thomas was struck by  an ore bucket which inflicted injuries  so serious that he died four hours afterwards.  About four o'clock in the morning"  the bucket was sent up from the drift  with about 40 pieces of steel. It had  not traveled far when it became un-  nobked and plung-ed down to the bottom of the shaft where the deceased  and John Pritchard were at work.  O'Thomas' was reaching- for his candle  at the time and was struck on the head  by the bucket. Pritchard escaped unhurt.        '-''":'���  Dr. Foster was sent for and he attended to the injured man. He was  joined by Dr. Jakes later but the medical men could do nothing- as the skull  had been badly fractured near the  base.  Hug-h O'Thomas was about 29 years  of ag-e. He was a native of North  Wales and lived for some time at New  Rockland, Quebec, where his parents  still reside. He came to Boundary  Creek from Rossland and worked at  the Snowshoe about a month.  The funeral took place on Friday  from Gulley's undertaking- parlors and  was largely attended, the members of  the local Court of the I. O. F., turning-  out iu a bod3', the deceased having  been a Forester in good standing- in a  court 'in Quebec.  THE   PENTICTON   RAILWAY.  The reports from Penticton are anything- but encouraging- to those who  believed that the holders of the V. V.  & F. charter were about to make a"  bonafide effort to construct a railway  from Penticton to Boundary Creek.  Up to the present the preperations  made were of the most farcical nature.  A few men, a half a dozen horses and  a couple of scrapers were sent to Penticton for the purpose of constructing  100.miles of railway. The object of  these molest preparations were to influence the votes of the electors on the  coast who aire anxious to secure direct  communication      with   the    Boundary  Creek country. As distance lends enchantment, the credulous coasters were  congratulating - themselves upon the  fact that bonafide construction had  been commenced at Penticton.  The terms; under which the cash Ido-  nusof $4,000 a mile is to be granted to  this road, active and continuous con-  tmous construction has to begin by  August 1st next. But with the Turner  government controlling the parliament  of the province such terms did not  alarm the shrewd railway men who  have control of the V. V. & F: charter.  They knew from the history of other  B. C. railways that the surest way to  secure further favors and concessions  from the Turner g-overnment was by  violating- the Acts of "the provincial  parliament and disregarding the conditions imposed by Acts granting.railway subsidies. They knew that the  non-observance of the conditions of the  Ivoan Bill would be an inducement  with the Turner government for granting an extension of time and additional  subsidies.  Now that the Turner government  does not control the parliament of the  province the railway promotors may  find it expedient to increase their force  at Penticton. They need not expect  any extra consideration from the party  that has just been victorious at the  polls. The conditions imposed by railway acts must be observed and if the  promotors of the V. V. & E). desire to  earn their subsidy they must not disregard the conditions imposed by the  Act under which the subsidy has been  granted.  The defeat of the Turner government makes probable the early construction of the Penticton railway.   .  J. F. Hemenway, of the Old Ironsides companj'", advertises a Common  Sense Whim for sale in this issue of  The Times.  G. H. Master and R. Roberts arrived  in Greenwood from Rossland on  ThurscUiy', having- ridden across the  Dewdney trail.  J. B. McArthur and C. W. McArthur  of Rossland were among the prominent  visitors to Greenwood this week. Mr.  J. B. McArthur is a well known law-  3rer of Rossland. He is heaviLy interested in Boundaiw Creek mining properties.  MISS   O.   MEDILL,  Dressmaking and Millinery Parlors.  Sample Hats, in the latest styles, will  arrive in afewdays.  COFFER  STREET,   GREENWOOD.  fc#  i^,  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thurs-  daj^s, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midwajr, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson aud Grand Pones.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m.. each  and every day except Sunday for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdaj's and Saturdays at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  .' '' ��� '. v>  4����" Will'sell  through Tickets to  Vancouver,  Victoria. Seattle or Portland.'  MINERAL/  ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  C. O. D. Mineral Claim, situate iu the Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located: Deadwood camp, north of the  Sunset Mineral claim.  TAKE Notice that I, Robert Douagin, free  miners's certificate No. 14074a,.intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced befoi'e the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 18th day of June, 1898.  95-  MINERALy   ACT,   1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE  CIMERON Mineral.claim, situate in the Kettle  River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that I, Georgr W\ Rumberger,  ���free miner's certificate, No. 83A, intend, sixt.y days fi'om the date hereof, to app^y  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a crown   grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 9th day of June. 1898. 93-9  MINFRALy   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  GEM (fractional) mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River milling division of Yale district  Where located : Deadwood canlp.  TAKE notice that we, John Dunn, free  miner's certificate No. 2586(3; E- A. Bielen  berg, free miner's certificate No. 29,867, aud  Marr Garland, free miner's certificate No.  14117 A; intend, sixty da3's from the date hereof,  to apptv to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose -of ob  taiuing a  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 3rd day of June, 1898. 92-9  ���r  mzz >"���';  jpl'  ���1|    !������(  ': i  . ('. .'  ill  I  m  ���;'' ..if-   d  K'U  II  ���^  !'i ���  fr'l  r.'/  ��:'.!  1^  k?"  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  iJ&>*&mTTrttr&&&3mG'Trai9^^ mz-n ^-.*?  VOLUNTEER   FIRE   BRIGADE,  A meeting of interested in the  organization of a volunteer fire brigade  was held in Rendell & Co's hall Thursday evening. Aid. Galloway was  elected chairman. The committee appointed at the initial meeting of the  brigade reported, after which the following officers were elected: W. M.  Iyaw, president; W. S. Keith, vice-  president, and D. A. MacKenzie, secretary-treasurer. L/. B. Pearce, J. John-  strop and P. Fisher were nominated  for the position of fire chief and night  watchman.  Instructions were given the fire  committee to arrange matters at once  with the police commissioners as regards applicants for position of fire  chief.  The meeting then adjourned to meet  this evening at 8:30.  THE   SOUTH   HALF.  Since the south half of the Colville  Indian reservation has been opened  there has been a considerable exodus  from Republic. The majority of the  experts who have visited the new mining district consider it a most promising one. The formation is similar to  the northern region and the ores are  of the same general character. If is  said that the ores yield better values  than at Republic. The hills are steeper and loose stones make climbing  difficult.'  The rush has been principally directed towards the Sans Poil river. The  district here has been called the Sans  Poil mining district and its centre is  about 25 miles from the town of Wilbur. The ore is generally galena but  many of the properties are copper and  gold.  Several prospectors from Greenwood,  are making a trip through thesouth  half, among them being Otto Dillier.  STAR   LIARS   IN   THE   WEST.  Under the above caption, the pungent pen of John Ross Robertson of the  Toronto Telegram pays the following  compliment to the press of B. C. We  are too modest to think that the Telegram included The Times in its  list:  "British Columbia decides the fate  of the Turner government on Saturday. It will be a good day's work for  the province and for the country generally if the people of British Columbia  should rescue their affairs from the  hands of the present administaation.  " Whatever may be the result of the  election, the end of the campaign must  be truly welcome to all attentive  readers of the British Columbia papers.  The press of British Columbia is  notably brilliant in spots, and generally deserves to rank among- the  Cflories of our common country. It  must be the mountains which stir the  imagination, but esteemed western  contemporaries have been hurling  laminated rocks of falsehood at each  other's heads, and a diligent perusal of  the campaign lies leaves the eastern  reader firm in the faith that both sides  are sure to win next Saturday."  pmmFmmtmiwmmLmmmm  In connection with " THE TIMES"  we have now one of the most conv  plete  !G  OUTFITS  I fL t in the interior of the Province, With I  I '^IKsKH new power Presses, new Type, and a J  i WBf i stock of modern Printers* Stationery/we j  I W^ 2 are in a position to fill any orders for $  $S\ Job Printing %as reasonably, as satisfac  torily, an$ as expeditiously as can be  done in Spokane or on the  coast,  A merchant who uses " cheap and  nasty " Stationery and Printing does his  business a serious injury ������it is dear at  a gift, Let us fill your next order for  Letterheads, Billheads or Envelopes \ then  compare our work and prices with  others,    We guarantee you satisfaction.  s>-��-4*��>e*4e>a-<o>*-4a.  f  "���!��-���-����>*-���-�� ��>�������������������-���.  ^V4,    ^l'-    &l'-    iV*  ->!���? ���?&' ifc ^A?  oundary Creek Printing  Publishing Co,* Ltd,/  GREENWOOD,   B.C. BCWW^WnaiTVWmWiW  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  :S  fyi S  " I  :HKrc;ssrggresr;ig:=^yg-gtsxTT~:rr^:r*^^  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  W. T. Smith returned to Spokane on  Saturdaj-.  /   Mr.   Smith,  of  Smith" �����&'.McRae has-  been; ill for a'week.  Miss McDonald returned from a visit  to Rossland last week.  Messrs.   Cropley &  Campbell's  feed  store is nearing- completion.  R. W. Macfarlane, M-- E., is away on  a business trip to Rossland.  The new hotel on the^ Sutherland addition is nearing-completion.  W. S. Fletcher is up at Canyon Creek  looking- after his mining interests.  County Court was held at Midway  on Monday, Judge Spinks presiding.  R. Smailes leaves to-morrow for the  coast to buy extensively for his firm.  A. K. Stuart, Collector of Inland  Revenue has gone to Christina   L/ake.  Mr. and Mrs. W-. J. Harber expect  to return from their holiday trip about  August 1st.  Dr. Averill, dentist of Grand Forks,  spent the week in Greenwood practising his profession.  Mrs. J. F. Hemenway of the Old  Ironsides spent the week visiting  friends in Greenwood. v.  John Bell and Alex Wallace returned  from the West Fork on Saturday in  time to poll their votes at Midway.  Messrs. Beath and Pearse have gone  to Kimberly camp, where they located  a very promising- claim on July 1st.  .,". A. Fisher of the Boundary Creek  Milling- & Lumber Company who was  ill for about a week has now almost  fully recovered.  A large number of men are engaged  at the new sawmill, Bholt creek.  Foreman Jolly expects to have the mill  running in a few days.  A large number of prospectors are  turning their attention to Kimberly  camp where some promising finds have  been made this summer.  In the case of Medill vs. Hamill, tried  at Midway on Monday, the defendant  won. The case arose out of a mechanic's  lien' secured by Medill against the  Imperial hotel building.  The Russell Hardware Company  have erected a well arranged tinshop  to the rear of their hardware store. J.  A. McL/ean formerly of Rossland, an  experienced tinsmith is in charge.  The Board of School Trustees have  accepted the application of Miss Wick-  lam, B. A., a graduate of Toronto University. Miss Wicklaui is an experienced teacher. School opens the second Monday in August.  Mr. Smith of Smith Bros., stationers  Vernon'made a flying visit through the  district on his wheel last week. He  was accompanied b}r Mr. Vedder of  Spokane' who rode all the way from  Kamloops. The cyclists rode from  Fairview to Midway, a distance of sixty  miles in a day.  The boilers for the Mother L/ode have  been safely hauled across Hall's ferry  and .should be at the mine to-day.  When the macin'ery is in position Manager Keffer intends to actively .. push  the development of the property. Several men are now at work .sinking- but  the force .will be increased as soon as  the p1.ant is installed.  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  -AND-  The Best Canadian.  SOLE)  AGENTS  R. P. Rithbt & Go. Ltd.  VICTORIA      B.C.  V V   f  GREENWOOD  y   V   *  V V   y  PRACTICAL  v.y  t>  All   Kinds    of    Jobb    Work,  Roofing,   Etc,  Workshop one door north  of Furniture Store  Copper Street.   -C^s^9���  Subscription, SOc. per Month.  ALL THE BEST NOVELS.  Greenwood Book Store,  9 GOVERNMENT ST.  i Qflofar% (pufific ?  .VERNQN,    B.C.  AGENT for  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Company of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building & Loan Association.  APPRAISER  FOR  The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.  **aS tU�����  M OTICE is hereby given that the Map or  , Plan and Book of Reference of the Columbia and Western Railway between Robson  and Midway, has been deposited in the Registry  Office at Victoria, as required by Sub-Section  2, Section 10, of the British Columbia Ra.ilwa3r  Act, and Section. 125 of the Railway Act of  Canada. . W.  F.   TYE,  Chief  Engineer of Construction.  Trail, B. C., July 1st, 1S98. 97-4  NOTICE  H OTICE is hereby given that, sixty days  from the dare hereof, I intend lo apply-  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission. to purchase the following'described laud, situate in the Osoyoos Division  of Yale. District, li. C, viz.: Commencing at  the south east corner of Frederick- Haussetier's  pre-emption on Boundary creek, thence east 40  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 40  chains, thence south 40 chains to the place of  commencement, containing li'.O acres more or  less. FI-iKDERIC HAUSSENER.  Dated at Greenwood   B. C. June 2. 1S9S.     92  MUNICIPAL TAXES,  OTICE is hereby- given that on aud after  . July 2nd the Citv" Col lector will be iu the  office of W. B. Paton. Government street, from  .10 a. m. to noon, and from 1- p. in. to 4 p. m.  daily except Sunday), for the purpose of receiving municipal taxes for the eiirrent year. 95  ���Mt,  ��� ���V? ���������   ,..  AFTER AUGUST 1st, 1898, the Greenwood.  Hospital will be closed. Subscribers  having yearly tickets will have their mohe3~refunded after that date. "  R.   W;  JAKES, M.D., CM)  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOEAN     TO     OOEAN  Without change of Cars, via  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains,  .sleeping cars, luxurious  day coaches, magnificent  colonist sleepers.  The onty line running  from the coast  consisting of palace-  dining cars, elegant  tourist cars and free-  through tourist  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.  PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  Lowest rates to  and from  7  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines-  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  fioyal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China.  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to anyr ships that have 3'et sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via aii3' other Traus-Patific line.  iVi  J.V4  -3ve ,    tie  Canadian-Australian Steamer I/INe  ' ..���TO���    ,  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia,  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers cari*y an experienced medical man  and3a stewardess on every voyrage;  For time tables, pamphlets, or au3r information, call on or address . "  H. S. SCADDING,  ���   Agent,  PENTICTON.  J.   COYLE,  Dist. Pass. Agent,  VANCOUVER.  MOTICE is,hereb3' given that thirty .days  after date, we intend to appU* to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special  license to cut timber ou the following described  piece of land, situate on Crauberi:y creek, a  tributary ef the West Fork of Kettle river, in  the District of Yale, B. C: Commencing at a  stake on the west side of Cranberry creek, 60  chains front the mouth of said, creek, thence  west 120 chains, thence south .20 chains,.thence  west 120 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence  east 120 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence-  east 120 chains, thence north 40 chains to place  of commencement, containing 960 acres.  Dated 22ud June, 1898.  RALPH SMAILES.  95-4 W. B.- PATON.  pr  LsamM   m  'OTICE is hereby given that, sixty da3*s  after date, I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands aud Works for permission to purchase the following described  land, situated in the Oso3'oos division of Yale  district. B. C: Commencing- at a stake twenty  chains north of the north-wast corner of section  twenty-live, township fift3--three, thence 40  chains east, thence i'O chains south, thence  40 chains west, thence 80 chains north to place  of commencement, containing 320 acres.  CH'AS. M. SHAW.  Dated 24th day of June, 1898. 96-8  MINERAL,'   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improverncnts.-  FOURTH OF  JULY  mineral   claim, nsituale-  iu the Kettle River mining  division   of  Yale  district. -Where  located: Greenwood   camp..  T">AKE   notice  thai:  I,   Isaac H. Hallett,  as  J_    agent for Jay P. Graves, fre.emiuer's certi  iicate No, 95494, in tend, .sixty days from thedate  hereof, to   apply  to  the  Mining  Recorder for  a certificate of improvements,   for  the  purpose  of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And   further  take   vtoiice   that  action   under'  Section 37 must be coin me.need before the  issu-  ance of such, certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of June, 1393. 92  m  %  ,;,.",~".ZS.:~'S:n." I:  %���:���.';  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  tsl ��� '.  fe'.  RAILWAY   NOTES.  B  $������  1/  ,.<r' ��  '}  m  .Mr  There are many conflicting rumors  regarding the purchaser of the Spokane Falls &. Northern Railway Co.  The latest is that "Jim" Hill is the  purchaser and that the line will be  operated by the Great Northern. Mr.  Corbin himself is yery reticent about  the subject. All that he admits is that  the line has been sold and that he  received a satisfactory figure for it.  Whether the sale of the Corbin system will affect the railway situation in  this district is a question of considerable doubt. That one of the American  transcontineltal lines have secured the  control of the system is certain. It is  equally sure that the Boundary Creek  trade is an incentive to any company  building in here and that in all probability another effort will be made to  secure the charter that was refused  during the last session of the Dominion parliament. It is quite possible  however, that the Great Northern or  the company in control of the Corbin  system will leave the C. P. R. in undisputed possession of Boundary Creek  provided it secures from the C. P. R.  similar concessions in some other part  of the continent. "  Mr. Corbin has decided to remain in  Spokane. He has probably made a  a few millions out of his railway venture.  A special messenger arrived with  dispatches for The Boundary Creek  Times reached Greenwood late last  ���night with the news that another bale  of hay had been shipped from Vernon  by the C. P. R. steamer Aberdeen, that  the bale had been safely landed at  cPenticton' and that it was to be used  for the purpose of sustaining life in  the horses which are being used in the  active, bona fide and continuous construction of the Penticton-Boundary  Creek railway.  Good progress is being made on the  Robson-Boundary Creek road. A large  force of men are at work on the wagon  road to Christina lake. This road goes  through a very mountainous country  and is difficult to build. When constructed men will be placed at Midway  and other points in the Boundary  Creek country.  Mr. Rice and his party of surveyors  are now camped on the North Fork.  Another party of surveyors are near  Christina "L/ake.  ^Brooklyn is still growing and is today one of the liveliest towns in B. C.  There are plenty of hotels and saloons  and business men are establishing  headquarters. There is a large pay  roll as a great.many men are working  on the long tunnel close to the city.  Mr. W. F. Tye, chief engineer, has  filed a plan of the survey of the road  in the L/ands and Works department,  Victoria.  Wm. Winter and H. Booner, of the  firm of Winter, Parsons & Boomer,  railway, contractors, have brought  their outfit over the Crow's Nest line,  where they had a contract, and will  begin work on the road between Robson and Midway.  Rossland.  stment an  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  Greenwood.  FlNANCfe  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   /Manager.  JSkTa&&**&Ji^S\Z^&ttr^ixL^ ��mft��B��  tJi'i.^iirmwypjfmjL-iipawnrJiWim Wlimigft  EER MOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  vji? ^*\F ������ ���S'n?  We are prepared to welcome G-uests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, Laquors and Cigars  ��� ���L/IVERY Stabile in connection.���   ���9W  iir  J'  JL/w  *  ?>  Proprietor^  WESpBBnaeresBeEsrassiKE  uiR>na��aL msaiMC/iM  Has Removed to New Store  ext Windsor Hotel, Work  Promptly and Correctly Done,  Look for the Sign, of the Watch,  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  '"���.".���   Cr^^xi ���'.'���'.'.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  TjtM��'.^JkjA^.i-^��zraa^?��i,mwji��jiT^vB<'��\rnrTi. ii.j.ufaftmrMriTM  ,   ->if      *ir  3^^   Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialtj-  ^>9  CORYELL'S MAP,. Price ;$t,25.  SQUARE   HOUSE.  CO  UJ  UJ  o:  o  CO  Greenwood City, B.C.  ->lf  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  -0/4.  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  0)  0  rn  O  m  0)  SQUARE    TREATMENT.  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates to  UN  MIDWAY  B.C.  GREENWOOD,     Q.O.  iV4     iV4     *V4  t'i*    ?a*     ?i&  All kinds of work executed to   the  satisfaction of customers.��  .���Jf THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ���m  I'  , fr  : j"?  l;V  KETTLE   RIVER  MINING   DIVISION.  Record  of Mineral  Locations for  the  Week  . Ending July-12th, 1898. v  July 5.  Shiple3r, Long Lake camp, M. K. French,  Bicycle  (fractional),   Deadwood   camp, G.   H.  Perkins.  Mohawk, West Copper camp, Frank Clough.  Goodenough,  Deadwood  camp, A. W. Douglas  and J. H. Morrison.  Jui3r 6.  Northern Bell, Cannon creek, L. J. Graham.  Good Hope, Kettle river, A. E.r Fowler et al.  Western King, Can3'on creek, A. E. Fowler,  July 7.  Dewa3', Main Kettle river, F. Bagshaw and W.  Philips.  Arlington  (fractional), Deadwood  camp, C. JE,.  ..   Shaw.  Brooklyn, Long Lake camp, C. J. McArthur.  Puritan, Long Lake camp, M. D. McLeod,  Massachusetts and Raleigh, Long Lake camp,  John Mulligan.  Dominion   (fractional) Wellington camp, G. W.  Rumberger.  July 8.  Irish Bo3r, Smith's camp, T. Wake.  Golden Fleece, Deadwood  camp, Robert Wood.  Red Bird, West Copper camp, W.'-H. Summers.  Banner, West Copper camp, W. T- Gibson and  H. H. Huff.  Porto Rico,  Deadwood  camp, C. Haering and  N. Cleof.  Pinto, West Copper camp, W. T. Gibson and J.  E. Hooper.  Pine SquirreJ, Eholt creek, A. B. Jensen.  Copper King, Eholt creek, James Erving.  July 9  Review, Triple Lake camp, R. Clark, Jr.  Silver Bell, M>-er\s creek, C. J. Lund3'.  July 11  Alder Grove. James creek, W. B. Rickards.  Copper King, Central camp, F. C. Woods.  Owl, Deadwood camp, G. H. Ford et al.  Nordack, West Copper camp,  H.  H.  Shallen-  berger and R. McCulloch.  :        " July. i3  GlenGariw, Deadwood  camp, P. Lover aud C.  Peterson.  Certificates of Work.  July 5.  '  Lucky Tom, T. E. O'Brien and R. Gillian.  Lake View, Archie Connors.  Excelsior, F. C. Bailej-.  Frederick S, R. N. McLean and Ben Brush.  J��iy "'������     ..;.  Sylvester K, Adolph Seren et al.  Crown Point and No. 2, John Douglas etal.  Little Bum and Pilot, T. Roderick.  Brandon,   Little Brown   and Little Annie, J.  McNulty.  Douglas, T. McAule3- aud C. J. Luud3r.  July 8.  Old Kentucky, S. G. Stooke et al.  Rile}-, E. J. Edwards.  Golden Rule, A. Wenrick etal.  Silver King, T. Q. Butler et al.  Alta, C. N. Morden et al.  July 9  Alice, D. McLaren.  July 11  Amand3T, J. D3*er et al.  Idola and Crescaut, H. H. Shalleuberger et al  Spokane, J. A. Frank,  Klond\-ke, H. H. Shallenbeoger.  July 12  Ida, L. Merson.  Transfers.  Jul3r 5.  Luck3' Tom, all interest, T. E. .O'Brien  and R.  Gillian to D. D. Muiiroe.  July 7  Garfield, % interest, Andrew Speuce to G. W.  Rumberger.  Willamite, % interest, Andrew Spence to G. W.  Rumberger.  July 8.  New No. 7, l/s interest, Thos Hogan  to  Mrs. C.  Frances.  Missing Link No. 2, all interest, J. Dempse\- to  G. R. Naden et al.  July 0  Alice, yi interest, John Meyer to W.G.McMynn  A Night Watchman.  Having only the most primitive apparatus for fighting fires the residents  of Greenwood should lose no opportunity to lessen the chances of a conflaga-  tion. A night watchman; always  alert while on  duty, is one of the best  safeguards.  To business  men   a good  night  watchman   is   well   worth   the  amount necessary to secure his services. Businessmen and others should  willingly pay for the services of such  an officer. The greatest danger from  fire is at night arid a watchman may  be in a position to save thousands of  dollars for a businessman.  The city council should also contribute a share of his salary as the officer  will be called   upon to maintain order.  A   Bank   For   Greenwood.  There is a rumor current that the  Bank of British Columbia has decided  to open a branch in Greenwood and  that one of the buildings to be erected  by F. S. Barnard will be used for that  purpose.  The Bank of Montreal for some, time  contemplated opening a branch here  but was awaiting the advent of a railway before taking definite steps. It is  quite possible that should the rumor  be correct with reference to the Bank  of B. C. that the Bank of Montreal will  carry out its intentions at an earlier  date. The Bank of Montreal would  have an advantage over its cbmpetitor  since it already has business relationship with the merchants of the district  through the Vernon branch.  Up  West   Fork.  Some rich strikes hove been made in  the vicinity of the West Fork this summer. McBoyle who was prospecting  for Messrs. Mortimer & McMann located a claim two miles above Beaver  Creek. A sample assaj' from this  claim gave $30.40 in gold.  On Ball Creek towards Camp McKinney a prospector named Kelly  located a claim from which has been  taken some very rich looking specimens of free milling gold.  RAILWAY.  NELSON I FORI SMI  RED illfllN RAILWAYS.  The  only  All  Rail  Route,   without  Change of Cars, between  Also between Rossland and Nelson.  DAILY, FXCFPT SUNDAY.  Going North  12.49 p.m.  Going South  10.51 a.m.  Train leaving Bossburg at 10:51 a. in. makes  clofe connections at Spokane with trains for all  PACIFIC   COAST   POINTS,  0i  ���7lf  lis-  Close connections  at Nelson with  Steamers  for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.  Passengers for  Kettle  River  and Boundary  Creek connect at Bossburg with daily stage.  Boundary Valley  Lodge,.  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  EETS every  Tuesday  k    Evening   at   8.00   in-'  their lodge room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial!  invitation is extended to all sojourning brethren, w. M. Law, N.G.  D. C. McRae, Rec. Sec.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, l.O.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  on the last Thursda3* evening of every  month. Visiting Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  ��� " G. A. Guess, Recording Secretarjv  Chief Ranger. 45  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Brands  {  VERNON.   B. C.  HUNGARIAN  THREE   STAR  STRONG BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  All made by the celebrated Hungarian Plansifter, system. Try some,  made by the only Plansifter' Mill' in  the Province.  V\/hoIe Wheat Plour a specialty-  Bran, Shorts, Chop. etc.  Established 1862.  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc* 3��  Importers of Crockeiy, Glassware, Carpets,,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences aud  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no-  matter how large, promptlv filled, as we have  the  LARGEST STOCK IN THE PROVINCL  "Silk* "*/kc "?!�����  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  *v*   *v*>   &v*  "��n~      t&      ���*����'  VICTORIA,   B.C.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest circulation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a  year; four months, $1.  Sold by all newsdealers.  MUNN & Co.361Broadway' New  Branch Office. 625 F St., Washington, D..C.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that, sixt\- days  after date. I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the following desc ibed tract  of land, situated iu the Osoyoos division of  Yale district : Commencing at a stake, planted  in the Eholt Pass, about two iboosarul feet west  of the summit and about half a mile south of  Eholt creek, thence north one mile, thence east  one mile, thence south one mile, thence west  one mile to the place of beginuiiur. containing  (>f0 acres. W. T. WILGRESS. '  Greenwood. B. C. June 21, 1898. 94-8  ,(/!  ���������*  -*.����� l"l/  If  �� ! !!���  11 e  t! ,v.  life:  life  I''i"  l Si  ^    '  ���! f w,'.  lit  ?��� ' *i  I f  V     if.'.  ' v>  ���1"  "fl  fcl  GREENWOOD GITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMPS  ���    . ��� .    '    '      '  . c-:  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For-price of Lots and other information, address  '     O ,'��� '  Robt Wood or G S, Galloway,  Greenwood City, Boundary CreelL f t  Or . apply  to  the Agents s  C.  F.COSTERT0N,  Vernon,  B.C  A.  K. STUART, Vancouver. ssi';-:  ' ! :.':'  ).,������:���  ?i!  J!  p. i-.-  i ���  i  ;;;.' f '  ;;'���.. fi  ijSH"''*  Is  Death  to des1  e news we. are a,  i ours* to  ># vi course* means  The business of war is  a  is  by the fact that we-carry- the largest selection of  st  ensive 1 rade in the D��  '%!..  fLi'^.v.incci.- .-v


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