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 rMHttw���^PMrwirf,MI'i  ^.^www^waii  T'S  /  SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1897  J  IIIMalMlllli.ll  ournaf  �� ma  ��^^-  Is the central town and supply point of the  Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  WHITE"AND[ATWOOD.  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMRS  Lots  are selling freely  and  are  a  good investment -X X  For pric& of Lots and other information, address  9  Greenwood City, Boundary CreeK, B.t.  Or apply to  the Agents  C.  F.  COSTERTON,  Vernon,  B.C.  A.  K. STUART, Vancouver.  ?1f?!f??f?????ff?f??????!????f???!?f!?!??f??f!!?!?????!???????f!H??f??f???!n??????????1?t?!!?!!?f?!!??f!?K  \\  **-.',. ,    *... l .1  t..v~-  '���^^^^^^w#_v^^  Jr.  <&?$gW*MM$Z:! . /I/  A Weekly Paper published in tie interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, I,  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C��� SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1897,  No, 17,  THE   PIONEER   HOTEL.  Just a year ago on Thursday a supper was given in what  is now the bar-room of the Pioneer Hotel at Greenwood to  celebrate the opening of the first boarding-house in the  then very young " city." The guests partook of turkey,  with oysters as the piece de resistance���the oysters,' by-the-  way, were also pioneers. It was remarked at the time that  the guests, utterly disregarding all hygienic and gastronomic axioms with regard to. the proper mastication of  food, " bolted " their dinner with indecent haste, no one  waiting to hear the eloquent speeches that had been prepared  for  the  occasion.     The   reason  was  obvious : The  lucky then if he could call one  of  these  luxuriant  couches  temporarily his own.  Soon afterwards the building of the hotel proper was  commenced and our illustration depicts the formal opening  which took place on the Queen's birthday. Since then a  veranda has been added and several other improvements  made. As to accommodation and the furnishing of the  rooms, guests certainly cannot now complain with reason.  Of the original proprietors, Mr. Nelson, who is well and  favorably known throughout the district, still retains his  interest in the property. Mr. Frank Wood, who recently  sold out to Mr. Caulfield of Virden, Man., was the first man  to haul ore from Boundary Creek, when he took a load from  THE    PIONEER    HOTEL,    GREENWOOD,    B.C.  thermometer registered 12 degrees below zero and the hotel  was made of green lumber, the wind playing high jinks  through the cracks. Under these circumstances even turkeys and oysters cannot command the respect to which they  are strictly entitled. No sooner, however, was the building  knocked together than the proprietors, Messrs. Wood, Hub-  bell & Nelson, were literally besieged with customers. The  dining-room at meal times was a sight worth, seeing ; as  many as 60 and 70 men sometimes crowding into the limited  space, struggling for a place at the tables. When the more  fortunate secured seats, they were urged in moving terms  to lose no time in finishing their meal. Above the dining-  room was a loft or garret, wherein were placed six bunks  supplied with straw mattresses.    A  man   thought  himself  the D.A. mine���now the property of the Boundary Creek M.  & M. Co.���out to Marcus, whence it was shipped to the  E}yerett smelter.  The Pioneer occupies a very central and advantageous  position on the corner of Government and Greenwood streets  with the post-office immediately opposite and the chief business houses of the city in close, proximity. Recently the  second floor of the new block adjoining Rendell & Co.'s  store has been leased and furnished as an annex to the  hotel. The popularity which the house enjoys amongst the  miners and old-timers will ensure it a certain amount of  patronage, no matter how many others are opened or what  inducements are offered by them to attract business,���and  especially so under its present management.  ./  7--r  . u >i ������.  v   l  ������*.'  t*r THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  GREENWOOD AND VICINITY.  1-8-9-7,���and don't forget it.  The case offurious driving, heard at  Midway on Monday, was dismissed.  A crown grant is being applied for  by Mr. A. Megraw for the Minnehaha,  at Camp McKinney. (  An excellent view of the hospital has  just been taken by Mr. Worgan, an engraving of which is being prepared for  The Times.  A show-case of very superior finish  and workmanship has been made for  Messrs. R. N. Taylor & Co. by a local  carpenter, Mr. R.J., Coates.  Mr. Snodgrass this week contracted  for the erection of a small hotel and  residence at Okanagan Falls. The  building of the larger hotel, so long  contemplated, will be commenced early  in the spring. " , '  Through tickets are now issued via  Snodgrass & Sons' stage line from  Greenwood to Vancouver or Seattle for  $25.55, or to Portland for $26.90. Until  recently the fare was $24.35 from Penticton, with an additional $8.50 for  stage fare. . ' - '  Amongst the nonresidents who have  purchased real estate in Greenwood  this week are Mr. J. Cameron, of Warsaw, Idaho, and Mr. McKinnon, of  Hamilton, Montana. The latter purposes opening a meat market on Copper street.  A shooting match was held in Greenwood on Saturday, the target being  placed within a very short distance of  the dynamite magazine. To one unaccustomed to the expertness of the  contestants with the rifle, the situation  was certainly hazardous.  We regret to announce the death of  the wife of Mr. Robt. Hall, which  occurred at Okanagan Mission on the  19th tilt., after a long illness. Mr.  Hall had made every preparation to remove his family to his pre-emption on  Boundary creek, a short distance above  Greenwood, and left here with that intention some weeks ago  As mentioned last week, the A. F.' &  A. M. will shortly organize a lodge in  Greenwood, there being quite a number of Masons resident in the locality.  The site selected for a hall, is on lot 5,  -block 3, Government street. The Oddfellows have chosen lot 3 in the same  block. . Iyot 4 has been reserved, and  the intention is for the two orders to  unite in putting up a large building on  the three lots, the upper storey to be  used for lodge purposes, while the  ground floor will be fitted up as a city  hall, with stage, ante-rooms and other  accessories for public entertainments.  The Ruby near Boundary Falls gives  every promise of becoming a. mine.  There is one shaft on the claim down  about 40 feet in solid ore assaying  25 per cent, copper, and a good strike  has been made by George Cook at another spot while doing assessment work  recently.  nffWJB""  "** "mm'*'   ��UHJilfW��'.TV!���I?*"  he Greenwood Book Store.  #  Next door to Ford's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos ,,  X Fancy Goods & Stationery  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereb3r given thai application  , will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia, at its next  session, for an Act incorporating- a company  with power to construct, operate and maintain  electric power and light stations and a system  of electric power and electric light plants at  the following points, viz.:  , (a) Some convenient point or points- at or  near Dog Falls on the Okanagan river, within  a distance of one thousand (1,000) feet of said  Dog Falls, or some point in the immediate  neighborhood thereof ; also to take, use and divert from the said Okanagan river at said  point or points five thousand (5,000) inches of  water or such greater number of inches as may  be necessary for the exercise of all or any of  the powers hereinafter set forth. " ���  The said proposed point or points of diversion and use oi said waters being within Yale  district.  With power to use all of said water power, or  any portion thereof, from any of the said porits  for the generating of electricity to be used as a  motive power for propelling, driving, hauling,  lifting, pumping, crushing, smelting, drilling,  milling, and the operation of tramways and of  supplying of power for the operation of mines  and stationery machinery, and electric lighting  of cities, towns, municipalities, and mines, and  the supply of heat, and for any other purposes  ��� for which it "may be , applied or be required ;  with power to make rates and charges for the  supply of said power,'light and heat,, and receive remuneration atsuch rates..  With power to the applicants to construct  and maintain buildings, erectious, weirs, dams,  raceways, viaducts, tramways or other necessary works connected therewith for utilizing  and improving and increasing the water privileges ; and also to enter upon and expropriate  lands for sites for power houses, stations, and  necessary,tramway lines and subways, in con-,  nectiou with the said works and right of waj-,  for carrying the electric current underground  or overhead ; and to erect, la}', construct and  maintaLi all necessary works, bridges, pipes,  poles, cables, wires,- structures and appliances  necessary or proper for the generating of eiec-  tric power and light, its use, and transmitting  and suppljriiig the same; with power to construct telegraph lines and telephone lines over  and along the routes taken in transmitting  said power, lightand heat, with power to make  rates and collect same for the use thereof by  the public, and for all such o.Lher. powers , as  may be necessary to f ullyaud completely carry  on and operate such works.  The applicants to have the'powcr to particularly transmit and distribute uie.electric power,  .  light and heat in the followiug localities and  .   tuioughout the same,  viz. : , Okanagan,  Fair-:.  view,  Xeremeos,  Kruger Mountain,  Osoyoos,'-  aud Penticton, and to uie*east of the said point  or points where the power station  or stations  may be situate to and inclusive of that locality-  known as Camp McKinney, west as  far as the  mountain range which divides the Fraser river  from the Similkameen, north as far as  Penticton and south  to the International boundary  line, and in the towns of Nelson,   Trail, Rossland, Boundary Creek,  Camp McKinney,  and  to such other cities,  towns and  municipalities  as are now establisiied or .may be established  in the west division of Kootenay district and  Yale district; with power- to the applicants to  engage in mining .operations, and acquire, by  ' location'or otherwise howsoever,  mining properties and claims, and work the same, and utilize the electric power generated as aforesaid in  so doing ; with power to purchase, acquire and  take over by all  requisite deeds and  assignments from any trustee for the applicants any  pi-operty,   rights,  water privileges, and easements, and mining claims  or leases acquired  by any trustee on behalf of the applicants, and  that the water privileges so acquired as aforesaid or obtained by the applicants for whatever  purpose may  be consolidated where possible,  - and .may be held, utilized and employed in  the  exercise of all or any of; the powers above set  forth ; with power to the applicants to take  and use.from the Okanagan river and  tributaries thereof, at convenient points,  such f ur-  ther water power as ma}' be necessa^ for the  aforesaid purposes.  With power to the applicants to construct,  maintain, and operate single or double track  tramways,  with all necessary switches,   side  tracks and turnouts, poles aud  wires,  and all  other requisites, appliances and powers in connection   therewith,  throughout all  the  above  described' territory   and  upon  and  along the  lands, roads,  streets,  aud  bridges connecting  the towns above set forth and within the radius -  of ten miles of each of said  towns, aud  within  the corporate limits of au3" of said towns,  over  the streets and bridges thereof, with the  privilege to build  such lines of tramways in sections, and from one town  to another,  without  being required  to build the other lines,  and  within one or more of the said towns  or municipalities without being required to build in. all  the said towns or municipalities, and  throughout all the said territory ; with power to take,  transport   and carry   passengers aiid  freight  thereon, and also with power to use in the runr  nihg and operation thereof, the electric  power  to be  generated   as   aforesaid, or such other  power as the applicants may see fit; and power  to   construct   telegraph   and    telephone   lines  along the routes taken by the tramway  lines,  with the right to make rates and  collect same  for the use thereof bjr the public ; with' power  to the applicants to enter upon and expropriate  lands, and to open and break up the soil and  pavements of the roads, streets,  highways and  bridges,;'for the purpose of laj'ing .pipes,  rails  or tracks, erecting poles, or for an3r other purpose, and for all such powers as may be neces-  sar3r   to  fully   and   complete^  carr3' on the  works aforesaid, or any of them; with power  to the applicants to make running arrangements or amalgamate with aii3' compairy having similar powers, or 'with one or more of the  powers herein applied for, and with power to  acquire by purchase or otherwise any privileges held by anv person or persons, corporation or corporations, of benefit or advantage  in the canning on of the aforesaid works, and  operate the business of such person or persons,  corporation or corporations, or utilize the said  pri Alleges iu the ca^-ing on of the aforesaid  works, and for all such power as may be neces-  sar.v to fully and completely carry on and op-  crate all or any of the aforesaid works.  Dated at the'c.ty of Victoria, B.C., this First  da3r of December, A.D. 1896.  McPlIILLIPS,   WOOTTON   &   BaRNAKD,  17-7 Solicitors for the. Applicants.  Miners and \ %  Mine Owners *  To obtain the best results,  \KWT P��WBER  Cjips, Fuss,  And Patent Fuse  Lighters.  j?;��-   &V-   &'  'Af       'Af        "iif  For Sale by  Midway* B,C  Notice of  Application  Bill.  for Private  Cascade Water, Power, & Light Co., Ltd.  NOTICE is hereb3T given that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for an Act incorporating the . Cascade  Water, Power and Light CompaiU', Limited,  with power to appropriate and use so much water from Boundary creek, Kettle river and the  North Fork of Kettle river as the company may  see lit, for the purpose of establishing waterworks and suppVying water for mining, domestic, manufacturing and other purposes to the  inhabitants of the townsites of Midwa3T, Anaconda, Greenwood, Grand Forks aud Cascade  City, in Yale district, and to appropriate and  use 150,000 miner's inches of water from Kettle  river, near Cascade Cit3^, for the purpose of  generating electricit3' for the supply of light,  heat and power to the inhabitants, cities, towns,  mines, smelters; and. tram ways within a radius  of 40 miles from the said townsite of Grand  Forks, aud to construct, erect and maintain all  necessary works, duildings, dams, race-wa3"S,  flumes, poles aud erections, lay pipes and  stretch wires for generating and supplying'  electricit3r as aforesaid, and to enter upon and  expropriate land for the purposes of the company, and also to construct, maintain and operate tramway and telephone S3rstems within the  said radius of 40 miles, and to do all other  things necessary or conducive to the attainment of the a.bove objects or ari3r of them.  Dated at the City of Victoria th-  10th  day of  November, A.D. 1896.  FRANK  HIGGINS,  13 Solicitor for Applicants.  ��������',  ft-v-  t;-  I  -- w. ignrfMNJAimVA*.*  5SE5&Tj^.o<��;jss?���:w?-Bjssssisas5!!>r5r sssssasswsssiftSEiSrfsasfess^s  ,""T^w"mtirmOTTOnfWff^^  BfiiBHiSliWB^iigtaiaSMaij  ft  3  Pi  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  t  MINING NOTES.  Some fine ore is being" taken from  the shaft of the Oro, in White.s camp,  at a depth of about 15 feet. Samples  recently assayed returned $50 in g-old  and 18 per cent, copper.  Georg-e Cook was in Greenwood on  Tuesday and stated that the Ruby lead,  where he has been working-, is fully  100 feet wide. The ore is similiar in  appearance to that found on the Winnipeg beneath the pyrrhotite.  The assessment is being- done on the  Superior, near the Victoria in Camp  McKinney, owned by Tom McDonnell  and; Joe Franks. The claim has an  immense showing- of copper, iron and  galena. The ore assays about $12 on  the surface, but as hig-h as 30 oz. in  silver and 9 per cent, copper have been  obtained.  Word has been received that Mr.  L/eslie Hill, the consulting- engineer of  the Vancouver Prospecting Syndicate,  will, visit Boundary in the course of the  next few days to let the contract for  the.building of the road to the Denero  Grande, and to make the necessary arrangements for starting work on the  Jewel.-.  The owners of the Big Four and of  the L/ulu, in Kimberly camp, are working two shifts on the properties. Both  claims are looking very well. On the  Big Four the shaft is down 20 feet all  the way in solid ore. It is the intention to sink for 50 feet and then crosscut. On the L/Ulu a gook strike was,  made the other day of quartz carrying  native silver. The shaft is down 12  feet.  Wm. Yonkin and James Copeland  have a magnificent showing on their  claims, the L/e Roi and War E}ag\e,  near White's Bar. The ledge has been  proved to be 50 feet wide by prospect  holes sunk at intervals, all being  through solid ore resembling that on  the Morrison. Assays average $20 for  all values. The owners received two  good offers for the claims last fall, one  from Mr. Bash of $10,000, the other  from Mr. J. R. Toole of $20,000 cash or  $60,000 on a bond, but decided to hold  on and develop the properties themselves.  Mr. Frank Davis, one of the directors  and local manager for the Rambler  Mining Company operating on Pass  Creek, left for Spokane on Tuesday's  stage to attend a meeting of the board.  Mr. Davis expects that the company  will employ a larg-e force of men to develop the Rambler claim upon his return. At present the Rambler shaft is  down 22 feet, at the bottom of which  there is a magnificent showing of ore.  Rambler shares are now selling at 5c,  but this price is to be advanced.  Crown Grants.���������When applying for  crown grants, request that the, advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times���the mining  paper of the district.  Cordwood wanted  at  this  office,   in  payment of subscriptions.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  Qtofdtg $>u0ftc, (fining i&genf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office: :���Camp McKinney.  N.B.���Some   valuable   Mining    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  sts  Si  ft.  NOTICE.  The. Pack {Mules have arrived with part of  our long-loo ked-for Goods yoil have so patiently  been waiting for. {More will follow in a few  days. We have now a full line of everything  you need in the Grocery line, including Choice  Butter, Eggs, Canadian Cheese, etc.  Also a nice line of fresh Candies and Nuts  of every variety.  XVtSi  OLSON & PHELAN.  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C.  G.   E.   SEYMOUR   <&   S.   R.   WEBB,   Props.  c? -   ���  Specially adapted for Commercial Men.    ���:���    Stages to all parts pass the door.  eirst-class in every respect. l .  1'f        ->lf        iff  Rates from $1,50.to $2,50 per day,  * V' �����"���" "* W*J^rv.:^ttMfc!IWG^%T^girTwaaT"'gff  *&-  JENCKES MACHINE CO.   :   :  CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  W*  'Af  SHLERBROOKLE,   QUE,  -��lf        'Af  <&  -i'e.     &V&     ��&.  v'f     fif     ftf  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,"  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.    Send for Catalogues.   F.   R.  MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and  Rossland.  ���'ir vr:r.x.J����.y.^J*^wirg'M^-J.Jira��^  J^^iL"��JLi��-^^.,Tyy,7f-^jTwry^MJMlWi^ji^att  Livery and Feed  s  I Greenwood City, B.C.  -MS.'     ��Sfe.       ��J'��  ?iF     *if     "iii-  Br        Saddle Horses $1.50 oer day.  Teaming at the Shortest Notice.  McKEE   &   CURRY,   Proprietors.  BMBiiMBfflifflBBa^^  JUT.*' mmniriwwwwvr  rnifflimnwiaiirnw���  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ANACONDA COMMERCIAL CLUB.  The following message of condolence  is addressed by the Anaconda,Comraer-  cial Club to the relatives and friends of  the late R. N. Taylor: When Almighty  God in His wisdom takes from our  midst one whom we have learned to  respect, honor and love for his manly  qualities, we, as mortals, can but bow  our heads in submission. Yet in the  death of Richard N. Taylor, the place  of his residence has lost one of its best  and most progressive men, and the  members of this organization have realized their bereavement in the loss to  them of one who has always been held  in high esteem, and they tender to his  relatives sympathy in their loss.  A letter signed by the president. and  secretary was sent to Mr. Allen Cameron, C.P.R. district freight agent at  Vancouver :  . Dear Sir,���We have the honor to append hereto our endorsement, as an  organization composed of business men  of this city and vicinity, to the enclosed petition���relative to the extension  of the C.P.R. system to Dog Falls���  and we also desire to assure you. of our  hearty support in any movement that  will facilitate our freight shipments  via the Canadian Pacific Railway,  DANCE AT ANACONDA.  The dance, given by the Anaconda  Commercial Club on New Year's eve  in-their hall on Butte avenue was well  attended, about thirty-five couples be-  , ing present. The first dance, a grand  march, was led off by little Alec Hardy,  son of the president of the club, and  Ruth Miller. The hall was tastefully  decorated with evergreens and bunting  and lighted by Chinese lanterns; the  floor was in admirable condition and  the music good. Supper was served at  the Palace hotel at midnight, after  which dam ing was resumed the party  not breaking up until 5 a.m. The  dance committee are to be commended  upon the sticcess that attended their  arrangements for the occasion. The  dance was in every way well-conducted, and the "rough" element was notably absent. The Club has announced  a dance for Friday the 15th inst.  THE TELEGRAPH TO BOUNDARY.  The contract for furnishing poles for'  the Spokane and British Columbia  Telephone and Telegraph Company  has been let. The company confident-'.  ly expect to have aline between Marcus and Grand Forks completed by the  1st of June of this year.  Mr. arid Mrs. lye's. Birnie, Mrs. W. J.  Harber and Reg. Driscoll arrived home  on Friday, after an arduous and exciting ride from Penticton. They cannot  find words to express their appreciation  of the unbounded hospitality of the  people of Vernon.  The Rev. H. Irwin, of Rossland, has  written to state that he will be unable  to arrive at Greenwood by Sunday the  3rd, in time to hold a service as he had  hoped.  Mr. J. B. Desrosier has taken the  contract for the erection of the Okanagan Falls hotel, and left on Thursday  to commence work thereon.  Mr. W. A. Atkin, representing the  Pulsometor Pump Company, of New  York,  visited  the  district  this1 week,  Some good-looking steel galena has  been struck in the shaft of the Combination. The shaft is now down 45 feet.  A Mr. Pearse, who recently purchased  several thousand shares of Combination stock, visited the claim last week  and was very well satisfied with the  showing. ������.���',���'  W.     J.  wjw      wjv      <*$* ���    *%y     w$*      ���sp?     vjgb'      msw      *&s      <*j*  ARMSTRONG. L.  *F  KpSStf*itZr/*t*'e.  gg        ,.- _ . _ .     __ ��    ||  ����'/'..Cffy.<fig/,/.0frAt,<fgx,/.Cgr./Jp7/y.<p^^  DEALERS   IN  M��  Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and  ���&Y4     iV4     ��!.'-  I'f       %'f ��� ' '/'f  ^6��  M-^  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleighs,-Best in America,  One  of the best dobbing Shops  in the  Interior.  WGaS  &  fr  F1H  Hardware        Granite ware     Tinware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware    Silverware  Parlor and Box Stoves Glassware  Miners' Camp Stoves     Window Glass ,  Iron Pipe and Fittings        Cutlery  Crockeryware and House Furnishings  MINERS' SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY,  You will find the A. &. B. brand of goods the best.  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  V ANACONDA.  <J��*        yabx        wjji,  I. j; fiisi  "\d3��/ ��4��-       - vjfy WgSy u|a/ <JQ* w^t* W^V ��QW tj^f   .      ����k/ wp  PIONEER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  'Af  v'f flf'  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of "Wines, L/iquors and Cigars.   IvIvery Stable in connection.   jJJ��- *V* All*  'Af 'Af 'Af  NELSON & CO,  fietors,  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.    Good Stabbing.    Stopping Place eor Stages.  McAULEY a LUNDY, Proprietors,  ANACONDA,   B.C  N.   THOLL  PROPRIETOR.  In everj' respect a Comfortable and "Well-appointed House.   Liver3r Stable-in connection.  1  E BOUNDARY FALLS HOTEL,  BOUNDARY    FAIvIvS,    B.C.  J.    .J.     WHITE     '-      -      -PROPRIETOR.  ��3^���  Central^- Located.    Stopping place for Stage Lines.   No trouble or expense spared  to make Guests comfortable.  Strictl3r First-class and Charges Moderate.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. Good Stabling.  pffttmntninfl  $>*��  f '���<-��� aauHHHaumfl  Biifi����ft)KIMffi  THE      i imiiiiiiiiuriiinii i1 livh irtniiiniwniiMNtwulls.^gpmliaiiriilinilililim'iliilBMOa  XMAS   FESTIVITIES.  The Xmas  entertainment  given   in  the Greenwood school-room on the 24th  was well attended and proved most enjoyable.    It  has,   however,   been  well  ���suggested that it would be wiser, when  .the amusement  of  children is really a  . first consideration, to  dispense with a  programme   by     "grown-up"   people  and allow the little ones  to  romp .and  . amuse themselves in the way they like  best.    Thanks to  Miss Thornber's energy    and    the   liberal    subscriptions  donated  by   the people  of   the    town',  tiie children received many   handsome  presents   from   the    tree.      The   pro-:  .gramme was as follows :  Christmas carol   School Children  Recitation Miss P. Butler  Solo���" The Alabama coon " Mr. Sansom  Recitation :..'. Miss J. Bartell  ��� Solo���"Strangers yet".\ Mr. Lawder  Recitation  Master W. Huff  Solo���"The Magpie" Mr. Lamb  1 Recitation���" Auction of Bachelors "...   ......' .....Mr. Irwin  -.Solo���" The Afternoon Crawl " Mr. Sansom.  'Recitation....- .' Mr. Hind  Solo���" I cannot-siiig the bid songs "'  ��� ���   ���    ..:  Mrs. Lamb  . Solo���"The little tin soldier "..Mr. F. B. Smith  The recitations of the school children  were remarkably good; in each case  there was no nervousness and the  enunciation was admirable. Mr. Lawder, who sang before a Greenwood audience for the first time, has a good  tenor voice of 'much sweetness. Mr.  Sansom was as usual enthusiastically  received. Mr. I^arnb's song, "The  Magpie," was encored, as also was Mr.  Irwin's recitation. Mr. Hind's reading  was very amusing. Mrs. Iyamb was  unfortunately suffering from a slight'  cold and was therefore at a disadvantage ; her song was nevertheless loudly  applauded. "Mr. F. B. Smith. sang  "The little tin soldier " very well under trying circumstances.  At the conclusion of the programme  Santa Claus���impersonated by Mr.  Sansom���put in his appearance and  the work of stripping the heavily-laden  Christmas tree was quickly accomplished.  BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  One dance is very like another providing the floor is good, the music  lively and loud enough, and the proportion of the sexes equal; it then necessarily follows that the dancers will  enjoy themselves. At the International  hotel on Thursday evening there were  nearly 200 guests present. The ball  was opened at 9.30 by a grand march,  Mr. Comstock acting as floor manager.  At midnight a supper/' whereat the  Xmas turkey and plum pudding were  conspicuous, was served.  On Christmas Day an entertainment  followed by a Xmas tree for the children, was held in the Commercial Club's  rooms at Anaconda. Those who took  part in the programme were the Misses  Wilkins and Becker, and Messrs. Wilbur, Hind, Frost, Mitchell and Gree-  don. The evening passed very pleasantly. . .  One feature of the holiday season deserving of note was the thoughfulness  and kind intent of several of the heads  of families in Greenwood in inviting  their bachelor friends to partake of  Xmas fare and spend a pleasant evening amid the home circle. Occasional  evening-s thus enjoyed will go a  long way towards keeping a young  fellow "straight.."  A number of plum-puddings were  received in Greenwood from the Old  Country direct, on which duty was  charged almost equal to the intrinsic  value of the goods themselves.  ARMSTRONG.    B.C.  ��tf. !     ,jjf4 J.V4.  'Af        'Af        ?lf  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our  BRAND  OF  FLOOR  HUNGARIAN  XXX  STRONG   BAKERS'  Our Mill  is fitted throughout with   the latest improved machiner}7-  and  is  in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller.  Ask  for  our Flour  and  keep  the  money  in  the  district.  ���>*-*9*-*-***-9<9**<  The Okanagan Flour Hills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  b)  ^a��~ When you want any  RITING  ATERIAL  Call at :  TAYLOR'S PHARMACY,  ���^f-  Greenwood City, B.C.  WE CARRY  Writing Tablets, ruled'and unruled.       ';  Envelopes and Playing Cards. Fiddle String's. ������  Foolscap.    L,egal Cap. - Pens and Pencils.     ���   VY  Inks and Mucilage. JPipes- and Pouches. .  Memorandum, Time and Day Books.  Colored Tissue Paper, for Christmas Decorations.  B.  PATON  -Importer of and Dealer in-  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  -���^1���T���WM��� ��������-������      ���...��� ���.p..,���,���~,  Louis Blue.  A. Fisher.  A. R. Tillman.  a. ii  MILLS     /\ND     YARDS     /\T  Green wood Gity    %    Anaconda* B.C.  Manufacturers  of;Rough aud  Dressed  Lgles/'Lathi Mouldings* Sash and Doors,  aV*   *v*   ^  'Af        flf        flf  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to ariy place in the City or to Mining Camps  i  B*UBigmmim?AmBTwi�� Aftrtfa^rALK.:.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  t~^��y��^-!��<."^-,a*-!gm!i)t-a^;w��ai��.j!wiB^.^H��wj�� u p"_Liu��m.i��umju  -Hil JHH..IIIII  HAROLD M.   LAMB EDITOR  W.    J.    HARBER MANAGER  Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 1897.  DEATH  OF  MR.   R.   N.  TAYLOR.  It is with feelings of genuine sorrow  that we chronicle this week the sudden  and tragic death of Mr. R. N.   Taylor,  which   occurred  early  on  Wednesday  morning.    Up to a late hour  on  Tuesday night Mr. Taylor was  in  full  enjoyment of vigorous health and spirits  and it seemed hardly credible to  those  who had talked and laughed with   him  but a few hours previous that he should  have   passed   to  that  bourne  whence  hone return.    The deceased,  who  was  immensely   popular,   with   all  classes,  came to the province in the year  1889.  He opened a drug store  at  Vernon  in  1891 and established an excellent business in a short space of time.    Disposing of his business last year,.he visited  the home  of  his  parents  at  Barrow,  England, remaining for some months.  Upon his return   to  British  Columbia  Mr. Taylor decided  to   again  start in  business,   choosing  the  new   town  of  Greenwood, on Boundary creek, as the  most likely spot for his purpose.    During  the  six  months  or  so  since  Mr.  Taylor has resided  here,  he  won  the  warm esteem and respect of his fellow-  townsmen, not-only on account  of  his  sterling uprightness and  integrity  of  character, but for the even  and'kindly  good-nature for which he was -remarkable.    The death of Mr.  Taylor  is  an.  almost irreparable loss to  Greenwood.  An inquest on the body of the late  Mr. R. N. Taylor was held at 1 o'clock  on Wednesdajr afternooon by Dr.  Jakes, coroner for the district, and a  . jury of Messrs. T. Miller, (foreman) R.  Wood, Hallett, Huff, Sansom, Webb  and Worgan.  c The first witness, Mr. J.  Fisher,   deposed as follows,: At 10 minutes to 1 on  Wednesday morning I heard Mr.   Taylor unlock, enter and re-lock the  front  door of the drug-store, of which we are  joint proprietors.    He came  in  to  the  back  part  of  the building,   which we  used as a living and sleeping room, and  remarked to me that he and  Mr.   Rendell had passed a very  pleasant  evening with the doctor. I was then in bed.  Deceased took the lamp from the table  near the head of his bed and went over  to the dispensing counter, commencing  to do something there, I could  not  see  plainly what as the light was dim. Mr.  Taylor was in  the  habit  of  taking  a  dose of  bromo-seltzer  before  retiring-  for the night.    The bottle in which the  bromo-seltzer is  kept  is  very  similar  in size, color and  appearance  to  that  containing the poison.   I saw deceased  lift something to his lips, he staggered  over  to  his  bed,   and said, "I think I  will go to bed now."    These were  the  last words he ever spoke.    He dropped  suddenly on to the bed in   a  way  that  struck me as strange, and at the   same  time I noticed  a  strong  odour  in  the  room.    I  jumped  up  and  said,   "For  God's sake Dick what have you done ?"  I recognized the smell as the  same  as  came from a drug Mr. Taylor had given  me for the purpose of poisoning a bird.  I immediately rushed  into the  store,  procured   a   bottle  of  castor  oil,   and  poured the  contents  down   deceased's  throat.    He swallowed  three  parts  of  the contents of the bottle.    I then ran  for the doctor.    On my return  the deceased   was   breathing irregularly ; I  gave him some more oil.    About three  minutes after the doctor's arrival death  occurred.     Deceased    had  been   very  jolly all day and so far as witness knew  had had no trouble on  his  mind.    Deceased  was  not  intoxicated  when  he  swallowed   the  poison.    Witness   was  satisfied that it was purely accidental.  Mr. G. A. Rendell said : Had known  deceased for nearly four years  and  he  was   never   otherwise  than  cheerful;  was with him at Dr. Jakes' on Tuesday  evening  and  there  asked  him if    he  would go to Greenwood camp on  New  Year's night, to which  he  consented.  We left the hospital together and I bid  him good-nig-ht near the store about 11  o'clock.    Do not know where he, went  ���after that time.  Dr. G. W. Hepworth, Grand Forks,  stated that he had examined the body  of deceased and noticed the smell of  hydrocyanic of prussic acid escaping  from his mouth; there were no marks  of external injury ; the- poison taken  is the strongest preparation made, and  from the appearance of the body would .  have no hesitation-in ascribing death  to the effect of the acid.  Police Constable lOlkins testified tcL,  being called by Mr. Fisher at 1.25 on  Wednesday morning, and on reaching  the drug store found Mr. Taylor was  dead. Dr. Jakes was present in the  room.  The coroner, in addressing the jury  said there could be no question as to  the cause of death and.no difficulty in  rendering a verdict. Mr. Miller then  announced the finding of the jury to be  "Accidental death."  The funeral service was held in the  school-house at 2 o'clock on Thursday,  when Rev. Mr. Irwin delivered a brief,  but impressive discourse, after which  the funeral cortege wended its way to  the cemetery, and the service was concluded over the open grave.  Deceased was a member of both the  Freemasons and Oddfellows, but as  neither order have an organized lodge  in Greenwood they were unable to  officiate at the funeral other than as  personal   friends.      The   pall-bearers,  however, were all Freemasons.  ' <sBms^m^aaisiassssssB!aa^Es  >*��S:fr��7r.��B;^3!!te��5i*3  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (provincial jk&nb J��ur#egot  .AND  CIVII, ENGINEER,  ��� (StofCttg (pttfiftc -.- MIDWAY,    B.C.  H.   HALLETT,  '(XttxBtctr Moikxiot,  .     NOTARY.,-. PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,    B.O.  TENDERS WANTED;  TFNDFRS will" be received b3; the undersigned until Januai-3^ 15th, 1897, for the  construction of an Irrigation Ditch and Flume  from Boundar3r creek to Midway flat.  Plans and specifications can be seen at the  office of the Midway Compan3r, Midway, B.C.,  and the office of C. F. Costerton, Vernon, b.c.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.    .  A.   K.   STUART,  Agent Midway Compaq-, Ltd.  Midwa3', Dec, 5th, 1896.  o s  ��� V  e  A  A  a  I  A  ;  A  9  I  V  e  A  e  A  A  A  W  ���  9  A  A  a  A  A  CI  ������  o  A  a  v  0  A  ��i  T  9  A  ej  V  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  S  s  A  e  A  5  A  O  r  e  MOULDING MILLS   5  Sash and Door Factor at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanagan Lake.  -ate.  Owning extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work rcasonabLy, expeditious^  and of as good material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane. .  Orders from Bounda^ Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  y   .  a"4   'Af  I  A  ��  Y  O  ���  0  A ,  I  r  I  4  I  A  m  I  A  l Smith & Mcleod, Vernon.  r. - .  o 0  W>0��.ON0-49>��-49^0-O^04eS0^9M>^S>>0-43MI-<eK0^9t>��-4��e<40����^0  Mining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY   CREEK  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thorough acquaintance with the Bouudary  Creek and Kettle River mining districts.  w. w.  ' + ASSAY  ANACONDA     -  B.C.  British Columbia  Investigations a  Specialt3"  Mining Engineer,  Greenwood City, B.C. Spokane, Wash  Mining Properties Examined and Reported on.  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Correspondence Solicited.  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced b3T experts to be  tiie best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  V  v THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  y  THE B. C. M. & C. ASSOCIATION.  The   committee    of   the    Boundary  Creek Mining & Commercial Association met on Saturday to hear the plans  ' proposed by Mr.  Snodgrass for  establishing   a  more  regular  and  cheaper  service of freighting  from  Penticton.  Mr. Galloway  (vice-president)   presided.    Mr. Snodgrass said that that..the  question of freight   charges was of the  utmost importance to every resident in  the district, but especially to the   merchants.    What he proposed  was,   with  the co-operation of  the   association, to  demand from the C.P.R.   such   concessions as to ensure the freight  for  this  lower country coming in by  the   Canadian   line.      The   railroad   company  would   not   be  asked  to  reduce  their  rates,  which  were  the  same���or  perhaps a little  less���than  those  of  the  Spokane & Northern to Marcus, but to  make the foot of Dog lake the terminus  of the road instead   of Penticton.    To  do this it would be. necessary   to   have  tramway lines from Penticton  to   the  head of Dog lake, a distance of . about  three miles.    Mr. Snodgrass had offered the company, providing they would  supply the rails, to assume the responsibility for the rest of the undertaking,  transporting the freight  from  Penticton to Okanagan Falls for $3' per  ton.  The advantage  of  making-  the  latter  place the terminal point is simply this :  It would then be possible for freighters  hauling over the Penticton road to successfully compete with  those  hauling  from Marcus ; at present it is not,' the  Marcus road being at least 20 miles the  shorter distance.    Mr.  Snodgrass  had  discussed the matter with several of the  teamsters, who agreed to haul  freig-ht  from the..foot of Dog lake for  l#c. per  pound in summer and l%c   in  winter,  and to reduce this rate  if necessitated  >by reductions on the Marcus road.    He  further urged the committee to petition  the government to change the route of  the main trunk road by following  the  bank of Rock  creek,   as  was  at  first  contemplated, and thereby decreasing  the distance seven miles and  avoiding  much steep climbing.  Another important matter Mr. Sncd-  grass alluded, to was the exorbitant  charges on express parcels to Greenwood. He pointed out that the express  company lost many customers on this  account, people finding it cheaper to  have small packages sent by mail. To  remedy this it was proposed to communicate with the manager of the company for the western division, asking-  that the charge on parcels expressed to  Greenwood be the same as at present  charged to Penticton.  After these subjects' had been discussed, a committee of representative  business men from Greenwood, Anaconda and Midway was appointed to  draw up resolutions to be presented to  a meeting of the association oil Tuesday  A general meeting.of  the   Boundary  Creek M. and C. Association was  held  on    Tuesday     evening.       After    the  minutes of the  previous   meeting  had  been read, the by-laws and constitution  drafted by the committee were submitted to the Association and   passed.    A  letter addressed to Mr. Allan Cameron,  district freight  agent  of the  C. P. R.  Co. at Vancouver, from the  merchants;  of Boundary Creek,.urging the  importance   of   the   step  proposed   by   Mr.  Snodgrass, was then read by the chairman, the Association passing a resolution strongly endorsing the views  ex  pressed  iri  the letter.    On motion the  secretary was instructed to write to Mr.  G. H. Ford, of the Dominion  Express  Company, relative to  establishing  an  agency af Greenwood.    Several  reliable residents of the town have signified  a willingness to act for  the  company  upon a nominal salary.    Messrs. Robt.  Wood,   Smailes  and  McDonnell  were  appointed delegates from the  Association to interview the  Provincial  Government " for the  furtherance  of  any  scheme whereby railroad  communication with this district and   the  outside  world can be brought about at an early  date."    A second  resolution  was  further passed ��� authorising the same  delegates to  act  for  the  Association   in  seeing that the petition' from  the  people of Boundary to the Chief Commissioner asking that a road be built from  Greenwood  through   Providence    and  Summit camps to the  North  Fork  receive   due   consideration.    Before  adjourning- several matters  of local  importance were discussed by  the  meeting : notably the question of incorporating-, the town. Mr; R. Wood stated that  Mr. Graham, M.P.P., had promised  to  get the necessary permission from  the  House.    Meanwhile, Mr. Hallett pointed out, it is very important that   every  landowner should  register  his  deeds.  Messrs. Bla-, k, Hallett and  Kerr  were  appointed by the  chairman  to  collect -  ' names of eligible voters and  to  ascertain that they are placed on the list  of  Provincial Voters.    Mr. Hallett stated1  that he had already filled out between  40   and  50  forms  for  applicants; Mr.  Kerr had   also  collected  a number  of  names.    The  Association   determined  to enter protests against the   granting'  of .charters   indiscriminately  to   com-'  p anies asking for monopolies of  water  or   other   rights.     The   next   general  meeting of the Association is convened  for Friday the 8th inst., at 7:30 p.m.  Notice of Application for Private Bili.  Townsite of Greenwood City.  IS   Hereby   Given,  that application   will be  made to the Legislative AssembH' of the  Province of British Columbia, at its  next ses-  sioiij for an Act incorporating the inhabitants  of the Townsite of Greenwood Cit3', iu the Oso-  3-oos division of the district of Yale, as a Municipal^', to define the limits of said Corporation  with such provisions of the  General Municipal  Acts now in  force tn  the Province,  and  such  other provisions as may be applicable, or  ne-  cessai-3-, or expedient ; aud  with such  further  provision as will enable a vote to be  taken  at  the time fixed for the first.electiou to determine  Avhether the affairs  of the  Corporation' shall,  subject to the provisions of the Act of Incorporation, be managed by an Executive of three  Commissioners or by a Ma3ror and four Aldermen.  Dated this 17th day x>f December, A.D. 1896.  I.   H.   HALLETT,   /  15 Solicitor for the Applicants.  Pff\  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thurs-  da3'S, and Saturda3rs for Canip McKinney-,  Rock Creek, Midwa>r, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand ForiCsT  Returning leaves Grand Forks at 6 a.m. on  Tuesda3r, Thursday aud Saturdaj'.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  fi&T Will sell  through Tickets to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  A. B. HART  4> Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures  a specialt>'.  Plans and Specifications  made and   Estimates  given.  Established 1S62.  EILER BROS  JVVOM  ���^KWWVvv  Manufacturers of Fumi^  lure, Upholstery, etc, X  Importers of Crocker\r, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how large, prompt^' filled, as we have  the  \\m\ STOCK II THE PROVINCE;  aY*     &Y*     *Y4  'Af        'Af    ,   '/if  W*rite us for Catalogue and Price List.  vife      of*.      ��J'&  S*���       ��*��        5.���  'Af        'Af        'Af  VICTORIA,, B.C.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  Fruit* Vegetables  Copper Street, Greenwood City.  Some magnificent Apples, and a large supply  of Potatoes, Cabbage, Parsnips, Carrots,  Turnips, etc., etc., on hand.  H.   H.   HUFF,  Greenwood City, B.C.  General ��� y v  Blacksmithing  And Horseshoeing  Satisfactory Work Guaranteed;  For Occupation or Speculation.  BUILDING AND LOT for sale on main  business street iu Greenwood CitA'. Size  of building, 24x55 ft. Arrangeiheuts may be  made to exchange other lots or erect a smaller  building suitable for our business, in pa\'ment.  For particulars enquire at  ' The Boundary Creek Times,  Greenwood City, B.C.  f        * THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,
Victor, Brown's camp, J. E. Crane.
Alberta, Smith's camp, J. Frank.
Wheel of the World, Summit camp,  R.   Strud-
wick and H. B. Cameron.
97, Deadwood camp, Chas. Guest.
Eastern Girl, Wellington camp, J. A. Kerr.
BetS3r S., Cascade Cit3r, G. A. Stocker.
Luther Buller, ditto, Clara E. Stocker.
Delta, fract., Brown's camp, R. McCarren.
Mountain View, Central camp, H. J. Homaun.
December 24.
Ethel, Wellington camp, Jno. A. Kerr.
Western B03', Wellington camp,  G. W. Elliott.
Alice, Graham's camp, Thos. Trewr3r:
Montreal, Prior creek, C. R. Garland.
Golden Rose, Deadwood camp, T. McDonnell.
Alex, Deadwood camp, T. B. Smith  and G. W.
December 26.
Moonlight, Central camp, H. J. Honiann.
December 28.
Alice, Deadwood camp, Reuben Wells.
Ventura, Copper camp, Theo.  Witte, J.  Bruce
and J. P. Flood.
Midnight, ditto.
December 29.
Luckie, Carter's camp^La Rue Perrine.
Ivanhoe, Carter's camp^O. C. Lutter.
Sidne3' aud Edwin Forest—)A, int. each, Micha3l
Morris to R. R. Burns.
Vancouver—all int., F. S. Barnard to Lillooet,
Fraser River & Cariboo G. F. Co.
Neta—all int., A. E. McPhilllps to same Co.
Black Prince—Vz int., J. Bruce to Theo. Witte.
Black Hawk— % int., Lewis Hind to A. Lawder
Tamarack—1-16 int., ditto.
Dynamo—% int., C. Hearing to G. T. Hodgson
and R. Ta3Tlor.
Black Bear—1/3 int., R. Murra3r and G. Henderson to Jas. Newb3T.
Moran—% int., E. Davis to W. J. Slater.
DFCEMBER    19. c
American Eagle, Barrow, I.C.U., Dr., Jim, and
Winnie F.—% int., J. Dufour to J. Desrosiers.
,7--   _      DECEMBER   22.     "
Boston, Dora, Gold Block—% int.,  H3'. Berube
- to J. B. Desrosiers.
Sk3'lark, Denver—all int., Jas. Atwood, Thos.
Wake, Jno. Douglas and Wm. McLean  to  G.
Tip Top—% int., A. Spence to W. E. Gallowa3T.
Snowdrop—Yz int., R. Stuart to C. L. Thomet.
December 24.
Ethiopia—% int., D. Stewart to R. Paterson.
New York—all int., W. Hoffstetter to J. A. Kerr
Mn. Lake—% int., W. Rawson to J. J. Caulfield
Elcho—%. int., ditto.
Ethiopia—all int., W. E. S. Galloway to G. A.
Rendell and J. C. Haas.
Mr. F. Mclvaine, of Midway, left by
Wednesday's stag-e for Spokane. It
is understood he received a g-ood oifer
for one of his claims.
The contract for the construction of
a sieig-h-road from Greenwood to the
Denero Grande claim in Ivong I^ake
camp, has been let by the Vancouver
Prospecting Syndicate to Messrs. Mc-
Kee & Currie. Work was commenced
At a general meeting- of shareholders
of the Combination Mining Company
on the 26th tilt., in Spokane, the following" officers were elected : President,
C.Happy; vice-president, Knox Johnston; secretary, F. J. Whaley; treasurer, W. F. Pearse; manager, F. A. Bartholomew; directors, Messrs. Happy,
Johnston, Pearse, Whaley and C. F.
A very important deal was made this
week in the sale of the Great Hopes
and   its   extension,   the  Plutonia,   in
r,. '
Deadwood camp, by Jack Harlan, Dr.
McMartin, J. M. Cornthwaite, W. Watson, and A. S. Crowder to Thomas F.
Wren, a mining" broker of Spokane for
$12,000 cash. The Great Hopes was
located in June, 1892, and crown grantr
ed last February. It is a very promising property, with ledg-e  matter  fully
J«   PI
25, 27 29, YATES STREET,     .
Wholesale Dry Goods.
Gents' Turnishings Aanu-
, facturers.
Best assorted Stock in the Province.
ajn'^m.jMmmOTgip.i.11 ..nrir^iCTm.^ jrr*».t«j»>.ag»g-«TjCTurai<ai • ic?*~i-*r-?i.^=.mM~m~K!~*j-~^ -.—-~ .-♦-• .--.iv-^^~-n»_J3Je»m«i^:!M.r^-^.^..
-*~. ^"—   ■ ■ -*
5£ 4* *$* 4* 4* 4* 4,4*4*^4,4*4*4'^^4*4%4,'^4*4,4',:I,'4'K
Greenwood Camp, Boundary Creek, B,C,
First-class Accommodation.
Best of Wines, lyiquors and Cig-ars.
Saddle and Pack Horses provided. *
FRED,    GRAFF    -    -   Proprietor. *$•
ffclM* «<ft» *JR# fcifU *W *ifU W* »W *%+ *M* tW *&» *ifU *M+ •«&* fc& feijU *%* *&» fafU *flV*   JjU tl) •& jfifc
sixty feet wide. . On either side of the
lead paychutes of clean iron-sulphide
ore are found, averag-ing $25 in gold.
One of , these paychutes is three and a
half, and the other two and a half feet
wide. On the larg-er of the two an incline shaft has been sunk for 28 feet
and several open cuts have been run.
Some of the oxidized rock taken from
one spot on the claim assayed as hig-h
as $175. The contrivance Jack Harlan
used to extract the g*old—without great
success—from this valuable rock, may
yet be seen by the Copper camp road.
Mr. Holbrook<< is, having- assessment
work done on the Boundary Falls No.
2, and on the '96 in Smith's camp. It
is thought that the Ruby lead runs
throtig-h both claims.
Mr. W. T. Smith returned this week
from Fairview and Vancouver. Mr.
Smith states that arrang-ements are
not as yet completed for commencing
work on the Republic Mining- Company's properties.
A working shaft has been sunk and
timbered on the G.A.R. and preparations are now being- made by the manager of the B. C. M. & M. Co. to sink a
100-foot shaft on the lead. The tunnel
on the Big Ivedg-e is in 30 feet on the
vein, the last assay showing the ore to
run $65.40 for all values, $49.35 in gold
as compared with the assay made when
the tunnel was in 15 feet, of $35 for all
The Clifton, owned by the Coolgar-
die Mining- Co., in Copper camp, is
looking well. The tunnel, which has
been driven for 36 feet, is throug-h vein
matter for 26 feet. The ore at first was
quartz, heavily impreg-nated with copper pyrites, but recently has changed
to red oxide of copper. The breast of
the tunnel is now solid ore, of promising appearance. Col. Peyton, a large
shareholder in the L,e Roi mine, a few
days ag-o purchased several thousand
shares of Coolgardie stock. Samples
of Clifton ore sent to Rossland have
received very favorable comment.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. B. Taylor and Mr. J. Fisher desire to express their thanks for and
their appreciation of the kind sympathy and thoughtful consideration
shown them by the people of Greenwood and neighborhood in the hour of
their sad bereavement.
W.   JAKES,   M.D.,   CM.,
Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.
Office       :       r      'Greenwood. B.C.
T    R. McLEOD,
Barrister and Solicitor.
'      - -
Anaconda, B.C.
NOTICE is hereb3r given, that application
will be made at the next session  of the
• Legislative Assemb^ for the Province of British Columbia for an Act incorporating a company to supply water for domestic, fire,. manufacturing-, mining, milling, smelting, reduction,
and other purposes to the inhabitants of Greenwood City, Anaconda, Midwa3'  and Boundar3*
Falls, in Yale district,  and  all  extensions of
said towns, and to the inhabitants of the district about the said towns,  and  to  au3r  mines,
mills, manufactories,  smelters,  reduction,  refining or other works in the said  towns or  in
the district or vicinit3r thereof, and also to produce and supply power and electric light to the
said towns and the inhabitants thereof,  and to
the mines, manufactories,. mills,  smelters,  reduction, refining, or other works now  or here- .
after to be operated in the said towns  or in the
district or vicinit3r thereof, and, also  the  right
to expropriate lands, and for all or any  of the
above purposes to appropriate, take and use the
waters   of   Bouudar3r. creek,  Boundary  Falls,
Twin creek, Lind creek, Providence creek, Copper creek, and EhoH  creek,  and  for all  other
necessar\"   powers,   rights  aud  privileges   for
caro'iug out the above objects.
Wilson & Campbell,
11-S Applicants' Solicitors.
Harness, Saddles,  Boots and  Shoes  Repaired
with neatness and dispatch.
The Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River
Mining Divisions of Ya!(k District.
NOTICE is hereb3- given that all Placer
Claims legall\r held in the Oso3ro6s, Vernon and Kettle River Mining Divisions of Yale
District are laid over from the 1st November,
1896, to the 1st June, 1897.
(Signed)       C. A. R. LAMBLY,
Gold Commissioner.
Osooyos, B.C., Nov. 1st, 1896.
G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.
H.   A.   GUESS,   M.A.
Assayers '& Chemists,
Thoroughly familiar witli Boundar3r Creek
and Okanagan mining districts. Properties
examined, assa3*s and anatyses of ores, fuels,
furnace products, etc.
Greenwood, B.C. Midway, B.C. w  ���Baxanaama  FINANCIAL   AND    MINING   BROKERS:  Groups "of Claims' bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  OFFICE    AT    GREENWOOD     CITY.  GRAND SCENERY. LOW  RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.  OCEAN     TO     OCEAN  Without change of Cars, via  'RAILWAY  &  ��  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting of palace  sleeping cars, luxurious dining cars, elegant  day coaches, magnificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  .''������-.. ������ ���:-'     [ p  The"only'line running through tourist cars  from the coast ,  To Business Firms-  3f  In connection with ;" The Boundary  Creek ���������Times/' we have one of the most  complete        -Xv:       X       --X  x, ra^ ���*%,  ->-,.- .'���   '���'   ..: ... ,< ��� ���       '��������������� '������'      ���-  in tfie in(eAot of the Province, There  is now no further need of sending out to  Spokane for anything in this line,  TO  }  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.  PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE!  Lowest rates to ftTTDftpj? Via all Atlantic  and .from       L.UAIV1 Li Steamship lines  */���  In Promptness, Quality and Price we promise you Satisfaction/  >��9/^ *P.^* v��*/-^  +*U        */Hs       ���+%*  ouodary Creek Times OfOcer Creeawood City, IC,  *  Canadian Pacific Ky. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and,China  '���: These twin-screw steamers are in ever3r respect superior to an 3- ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via an3' other Trans-Patific Hue.  ' 5'f      vff  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and'a.stewardess on every vo\'agc.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any  information, call on or address  U.S. SCADDING, GEO. McL. BROWN  Agent, ��� Dist. Pass. Agent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  J. Kerr.  R. D. Kerr.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD. GRAND EORKS; & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and-all'--Mining Camps.  A Good Billhead  Helps Business ? s  '-���'The merchant'who-uses-'-"'(Cheap'-'and  nasty " printing does his trade serious  .. injury. It is dear at a gift. A neatly  printed, st3'lish-lookiug letterhead or  invoice suggests good methods, helps  collections, and imparts an air of  prosperity. The Times Job Department is equipped with, the latest and  newest tvrpe faces, carries good paper  and guarantees satisfaction. We  would-like to fill��� j'o.ur next order.  A.   Q.   WQRGAN,  (p��otoQt<xp$evt  GREENWOOD   CITY.  v.iMM^>3k-����ateo3HA'��KKa�� 7XJunctmanT��j&4fiiBaurt^w&xam*^^  ARCUS   and   (GREENWOOD  Views of Greenwood and" the Mines  for  Sale.  T AGE  LINE.  Leaves  Marcus   Mondays and  Thursdays at 1  p.m.  Arrives  Greenwood   Tuesdays  and Frida\'S at 5 p.m.  Leaves   Greenwood... Wednesday and  Saturday at 7 a.m.  Arrives  Marcus    Thursda>- and  Sunday at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  ILLER  BROS.,  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing a Specialty.  *3  MIIBBBBMIMMMaiWM^^ ^ m anb wattom


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