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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-01-16

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 ATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 189 7  (^inin^ %outna2  9  m  ���.I ��� BSKQCKSB&OBEBiUnaj  ��� iin...��iitmin ;jn jumay.^i ���*-retr��glri^M.l ,f| ���T,i|rmorT/tr.j^��|-TT��^i  m^mn���njixmn.  Others  try j   our  Prices  most  complete  stock  of  do  tell  the  Story  of the  iso Wholesale, Dealers in WINES; LIQUORS and CIGARS  J ��� J.*?-J��^Lj*1 )U 4  ^  TT  ��$��  We are the Leaders of Low Prices j others must follow,  ae&r-SttcnrBBijr-1 wi\v vw^i��J��ifc'ag��.��^:q����w ^^laaV!:ma**^��>'!gJ^^^B^w^^^re^^  S ANSOAV &   nOLBROOK.  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  -o-  OPPICE     AT     GREENWOOD     CITY.  J. Kerr.  r. D. Kerr.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD, GRAND fORKS, & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and all Mining- Camps.  xsasmKaaoK  and   (GREENWOOD  STAGE     L.INE.  Leaves Marcus  Mondaj^s and Thursdays at 1 p.m.  Arrives Greenwood  Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m.  Leaves  Greenwood  Wednesday and Saturday at 7 a.m.  Arrives Marcus  Thursday and Sunday at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given  to   Mail,   Freight  and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,  PROPRIETOR.  Robert B  e  e  o  9'   Q^i^P���-���  Harness, Saddles, Boots and Shoes Repaired  with neatness and dispatch.  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  A.   D.   WO KG AN,  GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and the Mines for Sale.  MILLER BROS.,  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing- a Specialty.  The Greenwood Book Store.  Next door to McKague's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos ,,  X Fancy Goods & Stationery  ft."   ������ �� ��  i��i      .    .  liV ".* ���  ����� * ��+���-������ i  J*-..1*., rf.v  ft       I   ���' iv  ,j ��� ������"!������  ��  I "���*,-....���.���*  ft A Weekly Paper published in tlie interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, I,  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C��� SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1897,  No, 19,  CAMP  TAIRVIEW:   ITS  HISTORY.  IN the foothills of the range of mountains on the west  side of Okanagan river, some thirty miles from Pen-  ticton, is Fairview, perhaps the most prettily- situated  mining camp in British Columbia, easy of access and favored  with a climate enabling mining operations to be carried on  uninterruptedly the year round. The first locations were  made in '87 by Messrs. Reed and Weller, the site of whose  log cabin is now occupied by the Strathyre Company's mill;  but the real credit of the discovery of the camp must be  given to Messrs. Sheehan and Gwatkin, who, in '88 left Camp  McKinney and located the how well-known Stemwinder  claim. The prospects were so promising that other locations-  on the same lode quickly followed and the new camp, as it  was then called, became.a rival of the older one at McKinney from which it lies due west about 25 miles. Of these  , early locations on the main lode, in addition to the Stem-  winder, the Brown Bear, Silver Crown and .Morning Star  . are the most valuable properties.  L/ike other of our early B. C. camps, Fairview took a sleep  for awhile ; its slumbers being disturbed by the occasional  visit of an "expert" who would promise everything and do  nothing. Fairview enjoys the credit of being the pioneer  "camp to erect a stamp-mill, Messrs. Dutton, Carr and Man-  kin having put up a 5-stampi mill on their claim, the Rattler,  though, it must be allowed, not with unmixed success. . In  1892 the Strathyre Company, composed mostly of C.P.R.  magnates, purchased the Brown Bear, Wynn M., Ontario,'  Butcher and Wide West claims and erected a fully-equipped  10-stanip mill. A commodious building was put up for the  use of the officers of the company,���and the view from the  verandah of the Blue House (as the building was named)  would convince the most sceptical of the appropriateness of  the name of Fairview for the camp.  The prospects of Fairview seemed exceedingly bright and  for a year or more development work was vigorously prosecuted on the company's claims under the superintendence of  Messrs. Atwood and Reynolds, till the " root of all evil," or  rather the want of it, made itself apparent. So much money  had been expended on the top of the ground, that the amount  to put in the ground had become sadly minimised, and consequently the work of development was suddenly stopped.  It goes without saying that the closing of the Company's  works was a serious blow to the camp, though not. necessarily condemning the values of the properties. A certain sum  had been subscribed or "pooled" to purchase and develop  these properties ; this sum had been exhausted without obtaining any definite results,���not an infrequent occurrence  in mining ventures1��� nevertheless the camp received a setback which would have been much more serious but for the  pluck and energy displayed by Messrs. Mangott and Mc-  Eachen, the owners of the Morning Star, who, having the  utmost confidence in the value of their property, leased the  Sthrathyre Company's mill at a heavy rental, to run their  ore through, and, it is pleasant to record, with the most  satisfactory results as something like $60,000 was the reward  of their enterprise.  It would be impossible, within the compass of this article,  to detail the work done on the several claims, but mention  should be made of the success which has attended the efforts  of Mr. Thos. Elliott, the pioneer merchant of Fairview, on  his property the Smuggler. Mr. Elliott had a shaft sunk  about 100 feet on the vein and shipped a few tons of sorted  ore which returned about $130 -to the ton, besides several  tons on the dump which would be valuable if treated locally.  This property has recently been sold and with increased  development is likely to prove a paying mine.  The Joe Dandy, owned by Mr. T. Davis and others, is  another valuable property. A small sampling mill in the  early days of the camp, and more recent development, has  confirmed the richness of the vein. This property has been  purchased by Eord Sudely and associates who undoubtedly  will thoroughly exploit it.  ,  The old  Stemwinder is another of  the claims recently  disposed of and will doubtless prove a bonanza  to its  new  owners.    In  addition  to  the . foregoing sales, two or more  companies each capitalised for the usual million dollars are  operating in the  camp;  so  Fairview  may  be  said  to  be  strictly "looking up."    The vicissitudes" of a quartz camp  are many and various, and it seems  imperative that every  camp should pass through an  embrj'-o  stage  more  or  less  trying to the original locators ; but when there  is  intrinsic  merit it is simply a matter of waiting and development  ere  the dawn of prosperity appears���in  the person of learned  and yellow-legged (why not ?) experts���heralding the noontide glare of the same felicitous state of affairs���the return  of the experts accompanied by men possessed of large bank  accounts,willing to pay fancy prices for.prospects, to erect  stamp-mills and smelters,   and generally  to  make  things  "hum."    The New Year opens most auspiciously for Fair-  view.    That its good fortune may continue and the hopes of  those who have invested their capital in this promising and  likewise picturesque camp be fully realised is wished by all.  Most of the development work at Fairview has been done  on claims situated up a gulch on a bench to the north-west,  extending from the foot-hills at the Columbia claim.    Here  are three parallel ledges  which. are  traceable  for nearly  three miles.    The Morning Star was  located  on  the  main  lead, and at a depth of 70 feet was found to be 7 feet 6 inches  wide.    The other ledges vary from 3 to 7 feet in width  dipping to the eastward.    The principal claims on these ledges  are the Morning Star,   Silver  Crown,   Brown  Bear,   Stem-  winder, Comet and Wynn M.    On the Silver Crown there is  a cross-cut tunnel which taps the main ledge at a  depth  of  about SO feet; the Stemwinder is also  well  developed,   and  judging from the ore which   has  been  taken  out  carrying  native gold, will prove a very valuable mine.   The Morning  Star has already yielded $50,000 worth of bullion.    The Wide  West, owned by the Strathyre Mining Company, is said to  have   paid $16,000  when  practically   undeveloped.    Other  rich  properties   are  the Smuggler,   Joe  Dandy,  Revenue,  I^ast Chance, Mayflower, Occidental, Bootblack, Mammoth,  Comstock and Black Diamond.  The Occidental Company's claims are the, Mayflower, Occidental and Bootblack.   On the Mayflower a shaft has been  sunk between 30 and 40 feet on the larger ledge. Four tons  of ore from this shaft gave a return of $60 in gold per ton.  The shaft on the Occidental is down 30 feet; the ore carries  free gold, assays of average rock running between $30 and  $50. The ledge is 5 feet wide. Comparatively little work  has been done on the Bootblack.  Messrs. Dier and Davidson have recently acquired a  number of claims at Fairview, and have now a large force  of men employed upon development work. Among the  properties owned by these gentlemen are the Comstock,  Highland Chief, Silver Bow and Gold Hill. The Silver Bow  does not assay high at present, but the Gold Hill ore runs  from $43 to $80 at a depth of four feet from the surface ; at  a depth of ten feet the value increased to $123.  At no time in the history of Fairview as a mining camp  was the outlook so promising as at present. Nearly all the  original and most valuable locations are either sold or  bonded to reputable mining companies ; development work  is being carried on extensively���it is not, perhaps overestimating to state that the pay-roll for the camp includes  the names of a hundred miners ; and the possibility of railway communication with the coast in the near future all  tend to the conclusion that the time is not far distant when  Fairview will be the scene of an almost unprecedented mining excitement,  ������% j >;  t.��-  L  r .  i  l:' BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES,  The bridge over Boundary creek that  is. being- built ;by the townsite owners  is completed with the exception of the  approaches, and these will be finished  in the course of a few days.  Messrs. Hind and L/awder went up  to Myers' creek on Thursday to make  arrangements for the purchase of a 10-  ton smelter owned by a prospector  named William Clark, who has made  . an offer to sell. If terms can be agreed  upon the little smelter will be erected  on a property of Mr. Hind's,near Pass  creek, and operated in the spring.  The dance given by the Club in the  "Wilson hall last night was,, as on the  previous occasion, well attended. The  lady guests were received by Mesdames  Keffer, Birnie and Miller. No pains  were spared to make the dance enjoyable, an orchestra of five pieces having  been engaged and much attention paid  to the requisite condition of the floor.  It should also be mentioned that the  work of decorating the room occupied  the time of a committee of five members for nearly a week.' The Club has'  alreadyestablished a reputation for giving orderly and well-conducted dances.  The literary Society.^ affiliated with'  the Commercial Club, is  becoming  an  exceedingly popular institution in Anaconda.    On Wednesday  evening  the  society^held a mock trial, the  proceedings affording much  amusement.    Invitations had been issued to non-members, to be present and  a  number,' including the sympathetic  lady  friends  of the  accused "availed  themselves of  this  .opportunity . to     attend.      Contrary to all the  expectations  of  those  who had listened to.the  arguments  of  counsel for, the defense,  whereby  he  not only  clearly  proved  an  alibi for  his client, but showed that the accused  was the victim . bf-,- a   conspiracy,   the  jury brought  in  a  verdict  of guilty,  ironically  adding   a   recommendation  for mercy.    The prisoner, who, by-the-  way, is vice-president of the Club, was  sentenced   to  act  as   "janitor"   for  a  period of six weeks.        . ,~  W$r        l^V MJ* <^s* ^V  W.    J.    ARMSTRONGS.  BIRNIE.  GREENWOOD AND VICINITY.  Mr. Robt; "Wood left for the Coast on  Thursday.  Machinery for the manufacture* of  soda-water, ordered by Mr. F. Wood,  arrived at Greenwood on Thursday,  and has been duly installed. The plant  has two 18 gallon fountains with a  daily capacity of 6,000 bottles. The enterprise of Mr. Wood is to be highly  commended.---     -  Mr. A. Kelly and Mr. Russell, of  Brandon, Manitoba, arrived in Greenwood on Sunday last. Mr. Kelly is a  member of the prominent firm of millers, Alexander, Kelly & Co., and Mr.  Russell is interested in the carriage-  building- trade. Both gentlemen were  sufficiently satisfied with the situation  of the town and of the likelihood of its  becoming a .mining and industrial  centre to invest in property, Mr. Kelly  purchasing a lot on Government street  adjoining that occupied by the Times  building. Mr. Russell contemplates  engaging in-.business, at Greenwood.  Mr. J. Pohle, of Colville, who visited  the district this week, proposes to build  a brewery at Greenwood. It was his  opinion that Greenwood occupied decidedly the most eligible site for a town  in the district. Mr. Pohle was residing  at Colville when the first shipment of  ore from Boundary Greek passed  through that town en route to the smelter, and he remembers the excitement  that was created when a hatful of  specimens taken out of the sacks by  himself and others upon being crushed  yielded $270 in gold. This ore came  from the D.A. claim in Providence  camp, now the property of the Boundary Creek M. & M. Co.  (SI?  ^  sk  ��vO  -DEALERS   IN   afc     Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and Doors.  ^tc  ���sJF  ���sft-  2b&&  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleighs,-Best in America,  One  of the best Jobbing Shops  in the  Interior.  ���***  -^y  Hardware        Granite ware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware  Parlor and Box Stoves  Miners' Camp Stoves  Tinware  Silverware0  Glassware  Window Glass  Iron Pipe and Fittings       .Cutlery  Crockeryware and House Furnishings  MINERS' SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY,  You will find the A. & B. brand of goods the best.  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ANACONDA.  '4F-"%#?" ��*��'  &  ���   V  W  V   "^    ^    ^    **��  i.y  -%��r -"��*���  -*&  HE PIONEER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,G  0k  ��!>-  ���*��?  0k  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining-Men.        Best of Wines, liquors and Cigars.  ��� Livery Stable in connection.   ��&. dj* a?&  ij? fif "tv    ,  ELSON L CO,  ^        ^        ^  fietors,  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabbing.   Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & McCUAIG, Proprietors,  . ��  in iujuuuijijM.mji����iimujiL ���L,.;in^iiuyinp�����-jiiin��'��iiui-ara!-.  ^UiiUiUiiiiUUiiUIUiUliUUiliUilUiUlUliiiUiUUilUUUUiUU^  BOUNDARY   FAIvlyS,    B.C.  or.    jr.    WHITE  PROPRIETOR.  Centrally Located.   Stopping place for Stage Lines.   No trouble or expense spared  to make Guests comfortable.  Strictly First-class and Charges Moderate.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. Good Stabling.  H.   HAL.LETT,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  OREENWOOD,   B.O.  W.   JAKES,   M.D.,   CM.,  BY  APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle River District.  Office       :       :       Greenwood, B.C.  I  m  iSSfi THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  i     S  MINING NOTES.  Ten men are working- on the Anna-  bell, in Summit camp.  - The men employed  to work  on the  Jewel  went up  on Monday.    A larg"e  quantity of supplies was also taken up  , to the claim.  Mr. Doug-las is working- two shifts on  the Cornucopia in Central camp. A  shaft is now down 25 feet, the last few  feet being- in solid ore.  Jack Harlan, one of the band of  pioneer prospectors in the camp, returned at the end of last week from  Colorado, where he has been living for  the past fourteen months. He was  much astonished at the changes that  have taken place���particularly the  growth of the town of Greenwood���  since his departure. Mr. Harlan and  his partner Mr. E. C. Brown went up  on Monday to work on the Marguerite,  with the intention of sinking the presr  ent shaft, which is down some 20 feet,  to a depth of between 70 and '-80 feet.  before spring; The Marguerite lies to  the north of the Great Hopes (sold the  other o day for $12^000) in Deadwood  camp. The Great Hopes lead is supposed to run through it.  Mr. C. H. Brown, local  manager for  the Coolgardie Mining   Company,; left  for Spokane on Sunday to report to the  directors of the company,.and to receive  instructions   relative    to    continuing  work on the Clifton.    During the  past  few weeks this property, which beyond  a little red oxide  of  iron  outcropping  gave small  promise    of   becoming   a  mine, has improved wonderfully in appearance since the tunnel was started.  An open cut was first made for 19  feet  and a tunnel driven in on the ledge for-  21 feet.    The ore now coming   in   is   a  sort of quartz impregnated with copper  pyrites.    Whether the ore now  struck,  belongs to a true  lead  or  a  slide is a  matter.for question, nevertheless   it  is  fairly evident that a  strong  lead   will  be found either in the  vicinity  of  the  present  workings or  not  far   distant  from them:  ^  E.     DEWDNEY.  CANADA.  Province of British Columbia.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United  Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,  Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c, &c, &c.  To Our faithful the Members elected to serve  in the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British Columbia, at our City of  Victoria���Greeting.  A     PROCLAMATION.  D. M. Eberts,     I TlfHEREAS    We    are  "Attorney-General, f   sDl      desirous    and   resolved, as soon as may be, to  meet  Our people  of Our Province of British  Columbia,  and  to  have their advice in. our Legislature :  NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and  considerations, and taking into consideration  the ease and convenience of Our. loving subjects, We have thought fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council of the Province  of British Columbia, to herebjr convoke, and  by these presents enjoin you, and each of jrou,  that on Mouda3r, the Eighth day of the-month  of February, one thousand eight hundred and  ninety-seven, you meet Us in Our said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at  Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH  OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act and conclude  upon those things which in Our Legislature of  the Province of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our said Province may, by the  favour of God, be ordained.  3n ��esftmon2 fW$��r��of We have caused these  Our Letters to be made Patent, and the  Great Seal of the said Province to be  hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honourable Edgar Dewdneyj Lieutenant-  Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia^ in Our City of Victoria,  in Our said Province, this twenty-ninth  day of December, in the year of Our  Lord one thousand eight hundred and  /ninety-six, and in the sixtieth year of  Our Reign.  By Command.  JAMES BAKER,  18-4 Provincial Secretary.  ARMSTRONG,    B.C.  ��'t-    *V*    *V*  fl\?       ftp       ftp  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our  O.jK-    BRANDS  OF FLOUR  HUNGARIAN  XXX  STRONG  BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  Our Mill is fitted throughout with  the latest improved machinery and is in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller.  Ask for our  Flour  and keep  the  money  in  the district.  (M<MM<��HH��H  The Ofeanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  ga��' When you want any  RITING  ATERIAL  Call at  EI0OW  TAYLOR'S PHARMACY,  -����g-  ���>���   Greenwood City, B.C.  WE CARRY  Writing Tablets, ruled and unruled.  Envelopes and Playing Cards. Fiddle Strings.  Foolscap.   I^egal Cap.   Pens and Pencils.  Inks and Mucilage. Pipes, and Pouches.  Memorandum, Time and Day Books.  Colored Tissue Paper, for Christmas Decorations.  B.  PATON  -Importer of and Dealer in-  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Louis Blue.  A. Fisher.  A. R. Tillman.  fVlILLS     /VNO    'YARDS..AT..,.'  Greenwood City    %    Anaconda* B,G  Manufacturers of Rough and Dressed  ft?  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  HAROLD M.  L.AM3      EDITOR  W.   U.    HARBER MANAGER  Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  ., SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 1897.  MAUCE, OR IGNORANCE?  To a representative  of the' Victoria  Colonist Mr. John A. Manly, "father"  of the town of Grand Forks is reported  to have said :  The mines of the Kettle river country are  better known to Hie outside world  under the  general term of Boundarjr  Cre'ek mines.    Asa'  matter of fact the most valuable mines are situated on the north fork of Kettle river, 25  miles ,  from Boundao' creek.  The latter is west of the  north fork and has some very fine prospects. . .  . . Grand Forks is naturally  the distributing1,  centre for all the surrounding' region,  which  lakes in Greenwood, Copper, White's, Brown's,  Clarke's,   Evans',   Summit,    and   Welling-ton  camps, and others.  Althdug-h " townsite  boomers," it is  tacitly agreed, are permitted a  certain  . amount of license in following-out their  calling-, it is to be  regretted  that Mr.  Manly should have allowed  his  prejudice to so far run away with his better  judgment as to .give  public  utterance  to statements so easily refuted  and so  palpably false  as  those   contained  in  the  foregoing excerpt.    Whether  one  particular spot in the district offers superior advantages  over  another as  a  site for a town is at  present  a  matter  of very slig-ht interest  to  anyone  except, perhaps, residents in the immediate neighborhood ; and  if Mr.   Manly  had restricted himself solely to the apparently not difficult task of  drawing-  upon his imagination  to   impress Victorians with an idea of  the  eligibility  of Grand Forks as' a  mining-  or  commercial centre, -without  unnecessarily  belittling- the mines of Boundary creek  it   is  quite   probable   that   very   few  people   would   have   paid"   particular  heed   to   his   remarks.    That   people,  however, ig-norant of the topographical  features of the district,  should  be  led  to accept  Mr.  Manly's  statements  as  correct, and that mining- and  commercial interests on Boundary Creek proper should be seriously affected, in  consequence,   is    perfectly     conceivable.  This view of the matter has been taken  by   the Boundary  Creek  Mining  and  Commercial Association,  and  a  letter  from that body has been forwarded  to  the Colonist for publication  contrasting Mr. Manly's  statements with  extracts  from  the  report  of  Mr.   S.   S.  Fowler, B.A.,M.I0.,   who  spent   eight  months in the district  and  afterwards  represented the Provincial Government  in the mining department at the World s  Fair at Chicago.    The extracts read as  follows: '  The Boundary Creek district is a portion of  what is officially known as the Kettle River  Milling- Division of Yale district. That division  embraces about 1,900 sq. miles. Boundary Creek  district embraces two more or less parallel and  north and south rang-es, and that portion of  each which slopes toward Boundary creek is  strictly in the district of that name. Practically, however, the district extends from the North  Fork west 17 or 18, miles, and from the International line northward about 13 miles. I would  ���suggest.the building* of works on an experimental scale at some central point, for example near  the mouth of Copper creek at Boundary creek  for the proof of the best method of future treatment on as large a basis as ma}' be -justified.  [Greenwood City is near the mouth of Copper  creek.] For this and for the flattering prospects  alread3'-to be seen and which I have tried to  describe, I heartiry commend the investing  capitalist to the Boundary Creek district.  The whole affair may appear very  much like a great ado about nothing���  ah exhibition of local jealousies, but  when it is remembered that Boundary  Creek is as yet little known on the  "outside"; that disparaging and untrue  assertions, taking the form of the faint  praise that damns, from such a man as  Mr. Manly coming almost direct from  the district he describes may, at a  time when investors are, particularly  chary of new mining camps, arrest,  many who might have been inclined to  purchase mining claims in Boundary  and spending money in development  from doing so ; that Mr. Manly's conduct in this instance is only an example of the contemptible, selfish, and at  the same time utterly foolish course of  the Grand Forks townsite owners  throughout in their anxiety to further  private ends; it is time that protest  should be made.  Whether the Boundary creek mines  are merely fine prospects as compared  with Mr. Manly's "mines" on the North  Fork, or whether Grand Forks is the  natural distributing and, central point  of the district are matters which it  is not necessary to discuss ; it may  be stated, however, that nine-tenths of  the properties for which large prices  have been paid, or upon which extensive development work has been carried  on lie within a radius of ten miles from  Greenwood City, and on the ridges that  form the Boundary Creek region!. We  append the following information relative to some of the principal claims  of the district:  The Stemwinder, Gold Drop, Old  Ironsides and Knob Hill are in Green  wood camp, 5 miles from Greenwood  City and 15 from Grand Forks. Four  hundred f eet of work has been done on  the Stemwinder, the claim being the  property of Messrs. Midgeon & Farrell,  of the Parrott Smelting Co. The  Stemwinder was purchased for $15,000.  On the Gold Drop there is 350 feet of  work done. The property is owned by  Montreal and . Vancouver capitalists,  who bought it last year for $15,000.  The Old Ironsides M. Co. also paid  $15,000 for their property upon which  there is 100 feet of work. The Knob  Hill is under bond for $30,000.  The two most developed ' claims in  Skylark camp are 2 miles from Green-  . wood and 17 miles from Grand -Forks.  One of these the Skylark mine was recently purchased by Mr.Reuger, of the  Ivexington Mining Co., of Butte, for  $15,000. Two hundred feet of work has  been done.  In Deadwood camp, which is 3 miles  from Greenwood and 23 miles from  Grand Forks, the Mother L/ode is under  bond to the Boundary Mines Co. for  $14,000, and has been developed by 200  feet of work; the Sunset is bonded for  $16,000;,and the Great Hopes was sold  recently for $12,000.   '  The Jewel, Denero Grande, Ethiopia,  Ivake View and North Star in L/ong  Ivake camp, are situated 7 miles from  Greenwood and 15 from Grand Forks.  The Jewel and Denero Grande are  bonded to the Prospecting Syndicate  of British Columbia for $60,000 ; the  Ethiopia was purchased-by the British  Canadian E}. & D. Co. On the Ivake  View there is 100 foot tunnel, and on  the North Star a 100-ft. shaft.  The Winnipeg, in Wellington��camp,  is 7 miles from Greenwood, 10 from  Grand Forks.  The Copper, in Copper camp, is only  7 miles from Greenwood, but 25 miles  from Grand Forks. On each of these  two claims 100 feet of work has been  done.  The No. 7, Central camp, is 7 miles  from Greenwood, 10 from Grand Forks.  Bonded for $10,000 to the B. M. Co. ;  200 feet of work done.  The Monarch, L,ast Chance and Republic, in Smith's camp, 3 miles from  Greenwood, 20 from Grand Forks.  Bonded to R. M. Co. ; 400 feet of work.  Providence, Deadwood and Skylark  camps are immediately adjoining the  townsite of Greenwood. Kimberly  camp is but 6 miles distant, up Boundary creek.  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  IptoUnciaf fe&nb J��u?#ego?  AND CIVII, ENGINEER,  (ttofarg (pufitic ��� midway,  b.c.  ��>&4&>9-4*>9+*)>^*B>-&<9k-9<��>O-4O*��<*l*9<e>O-<��>&+9>*-&&��0  a  ���  a  A  0  Y  o  A  a  ���  a  A  I  A  a  I  A  T  A  !  A  T  a  A  0  I  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  MOULDING MILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanag"an Lake.   Ofc   0  A  w  ,1  i  A  m  I  A  fir  A  I  A  I  A  0  I  A  0  T  ���  A  0  T  Owning extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Fac-  toor work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as g-ood material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from Boundary' Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  Smith & Mcleod, Vernon.  i  A  i  i  9  A  v  I  A  I  !  t  i  A  SM*40>0-4Sy��-40��*-43>4Met>0-49MMO^e-4>>0-40^0-49MM>-��40����40  Mining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY   CREEK  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  'fuaa&Mx  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thoroug-h .acquaintance with the Boundary  Creek and Kettle River milling- districts.  WW.   GIBBS,  * ASSAYER*  ANACONDA  B.C.  British Columbia Investigations a Specialty-.  J, G HAAS* E,  *tj  Mining Engineer,  Greenwood City, B.C.        '     Spokane, Wash  Mining" Properties Examined and Reported on.  -   Mining- Negotiations Transacted.  Correspondence Solicited.  Columbia imbim Mills  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.      .  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  " * THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ! /  k>  The Midway Hotel.  Mr. Malcolm McCuaig", erstwhile proprietor of the hotel at-Camp McKinney,  and also of a like institution at Rock  creek, purchased.this week Mr. L/undy's  moiety of ownership of the Boundary  Hotel at Midway. This hotel since the  large addition was built compares, in  point of size and comfort, favorably  with any house of the kind in the district. Mr. McCuaig" is an "old-timer"  in the Province, and experienced all  the hardships and excitements of mining- in Cariboo in the early sixties. He  is further a popular man in the camp.  It is understood that Mr. L<undy will  continue to reside at.Midway, devoting-  all his time to looking" after his mining-  interests.  CORRESPONDENCE.  [We are in no way responsible for  the opinions  of our correspondents.]  PERTINENT   QUESTIONS.  Anaconda, Jan. 7th, 1897.  To the Editor, Boundary Creek Times :  Sir,���I am desirous of learning" the  methods pursued in this country and  hope you will pardon me for asking- the  following" questions as a matter of information to me and of interest to the  majority of persons holding" miners'  certificates in this country.  (1) Are your local g-overnment offices  brokers' offices, or have the parties in  charg"e a rig-ht to do a g-eneral brokerage business in .mines, or are they  paid to do the work of the people only,  as officers ?  (2) Are they supposed to be bureaus  (interestedly, for the few) for the dis-'  semination of information1 regarding-  claims about to run out, and chambers  of silence for the many miners seeking-  inf of matron 'who are supposed to be  factors in the payment of their salary ?  (3) Would it not be a g-ood idea in .  connection with the talk of shortening-  the road to Camp McKinney, to locate  a hay meadow somewhere on the route?  It mig-ht shorten the road, as did it not  leng-then it? It is a poor rule that does  not work both ways, is it not ?  (4) Would it not be a-g-ood idea to put  up local g-overnment offices at auction,  as inside information that can be used  by an officer in charg-e is worth more  than the ordinary miner's wage ? Then  the people who pay the salaries mig"ht  have some idea of the value of an office  of this kind and have a peep at the inside working" of the machine, in case it  was being- used to incumbent's benefit.  (5) Is an official's capability to be  judg-ed by the number of mining-transactions he can enter into in a g-iven  period by virtue of the knowledg-e contained in the books which he, a sworn  officer, cannot divulg-e unless particu-  larly requested in individual cases ?  Can he as an officer constantly be that  individual, and acting- as questioner  and questioned act in accordance to  his own benefit ?  I would respectfully ask the Boundary Creek Mining- & Commercial Association to answer for me the foregoing-questions���if it can.  I am, etc.  Mark of Interrogation.  TENDERS WANTED.  TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until January 15th, 1897, for the  construction of an Irrig-ation Ditch and Flume  from Boundary creek to Midway flat.  Plans and specifications can be seen at the  office of the Midway Company, Midway, B.C.,  and the office of C. F. Costerton, Vernon.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A.   K.   STUART,  Ag-ent Midway Company, limited.  Midway, Dec. 5th, 1896.  &$p The time for receiving- Tenders is further  extended to January 31st, 1897.  ... Is a Penny Gained!  X Be guided by this " Golden Rule/' X Before exchanging your  Cash for Groceries or Clothing, remember we now have a com/-  plete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Our assortment of  Teas and Coffee are superior to anything offered on the creek  for the money,  Something that is sure to please you : Our Choice Kxport  Manitoba Creamery Butter and Canadian Cheese  We have also the finest assortment of  Smoking  and  Chewing-  TOBACCOS  in  the City.,    All our goods are first-class and sold at the lowest possible marg-in.  On our Clothing and Gents1 Flemishing Goods we are going to  surpass our previous efforts.  In order to increase our already large list of customers, we  have decided to make a cut of 15 per Cent, for two weeks only,  Trousers, Top Shirts, Underwear, Hats and Caps, Suspenders, Neckties,  Gloves, Mitts, Socks, etc.  The White Front Store  OLSON & PHELAN.  Bf��T  GREENWOOD CITY, B,G  G.   E.   SEYMOUR   t&   S.   R.   WEBB,   Rrops.  Specially adapted for Commercial Men.    ���:���    Stag-es to all parts pass the door.  FIRST-CI,ASS  IN  EVERY  RESPECT.  2>V*    *V*    jSJs-  '    ' ->t?      *iF     ���sin*'  Rates from $1,50 to $2,50 per day.  cJENCKES MACHINE CO.   :   :  CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  SHERBROOKE,   <��>UE.  a&      ilfe      0i  ���nr      -i&     sjf  iiS     iii?     vir  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.    Send for Catalogues.������  F.   R.  MEN DEN HALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and  Rossland.  U����UllHmiHmjlJlim.llMI��.LJUlHll��mBI  25, 27 29, YATES STREET,   ���  0    <qaap' 0  Wholesale Dry Goods.  Gents' Furnishings A\anu  facturers.  Best assorted Stock in the Province. t��������^^  ssimamaam  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  THE   CALUMET   UNDER   BOND.  ' An important event in the history of  the camp took place this  week  in  the  bonding of the Calumet, a  claim lying  south-east of the well-advertised  and  justly famous Winnipeg, in Wellington  camp, to a company  composed  almost  entirely of Canadian capitalists.    The  deal was arranged by Mr.   G.   H.   Collins, of Greenwood City.   Among those  to whom the bond has  been  conveyed  appear the familiar names of Hon.  T.  M. Daly, late Minister of the Interior,  Senator Kirkover, of Brandon, Mr. W.  , A. McDonald, Q.C., leader of the opposition in the Manitoba parliament, Mr.  A. Kelly, of Alexander,   Kelly  &  Co.,  millers, Brandon,   and Mr.   Fuller,   of  Spokane.    The Calumet is a  full-sized  claim and was  staked  in  1894  by  R.  McCarren and R. C. Johnson, the original owners.    It has been developed by  crosscuts for 50 feet on the lead, showing ore for the entire  distance,   and a  shaft sunk about midway on   the  vein  to a depth of 15 feet.    The ore is auriferous pyrrhotite, from which.some high  assay values have been obtained.   It is  probable, however,   that  at  a  greater  depth.than has yet  been  reached  the  character of the  Calumet ore  will become more silicious,   as  was  the  case  with  the  Winnipeg.      It  is  supposed  that  both  the  Winnipeg  and  Golden  Crown veins run through the Calumet  ground.    The  final  arrangements for  the conveyance of the bond were  completed on Thursday, the  terms  being :  A cash  payment of $1,800,   or 10  per  cent. on the price  of $18,000, , and   the  balance in equal payments at 6   and  9  months.    Speaking of the  transaction  Mr. Kelly said that there  could  be no  question   raised   as   to   the    financial  strength of his company and  that certainly they did not intend to allow the  grass to grow under their feet. ^ As far  as development work on   the  property  was concerned it had been deemed advisable to wait until April before commencing operations, on  account of the  present   depth   of   the  snow.      When  work is started   it  will  be  carried  on  upon an extensive scale.  Negotiations are now pending for  the purchase of the Golden Crown by  the same company, but The Times is  not at liberty to make any more definite statement this week. Mr. Kelly  and his colleagues intend to use every  influence to obtain transportation facilities for Boundary Creek with as little  delay as possible.  MINING NOTES.  Messrs. Gome and Strong have been  awarded a contract to run a 50-foot  tunnel on the No. 9 in Central camp.  The Souvenir Fraction, an extension  of the No. 7 in Central camp, was purchased this week by Mr. Robt. Wood.  Mr. Thos. Wake has bonded his interests (]A, in each case) in all claims  owned jointly by him and Douglas and  Atwood, to Messrs. W. T. Thompson,  R. Wood and I^eslie Hill for $7,500.  The tunnel on the Big I^edge is now  in 40 feet in good ore and prospect work  has been started on the O.B., the property of the B. C. M. & M. Co. Mr. Wol-  laston, P.I^.S., has been surveying the  company's properties this week and  crown grants will be applied for at  once. Mr. Holbrook located and staked  a fractional claim adjoining the O.B.  on Tuesday for the company.  Mr. J. G. Haas, local manager for the  B. C. Goldfields E- & D- Co., has been  instructed to stop work for the present  on the two claims under bond to the  company,���the Iva I^enore . in Dead-  wood, and the Iylewellah in Greenwood  camp. The shaft on the latter is down  38 feet, with little noticeable change,  whereas at a depth of 32 on the Iva  Eenore the ore has much improved.  The company's western manager, Mr.  H. Cuthbert, is expected here shortly.  Proposed Telegraph Line to Boundary.  Mr. Julius  Pohle, a  director  of the  Eureka  Telegraph   &  Telephone  Co.,  visited Greenwood on Tuesda}' for the  purpose of seeing what steps  could  be  taken for extending the Company' system from Cascade  City  to  Penticton.  He was met upon his arrival by  a deputation from the Boundary Creek  M.  & C. Association, to whom  Mr.  Pohle  stated that his company was  prepared  to undertake  all the expense of  constructing and operating telegraph   and  telephone lines in the district, provided  the  franchise  to  do  so was obtained.  Upon this assurance a  local   company  has been organized to take the  matter  in hand.    Mr. Pohle thought that after  securing a charter the time required for  construction  to  Greenwood  would  be  fully six  months.    He  was   uncertain  what route would be followed, but was  inclined to think that it would be  preferable to erect the poles on the Reservation via Curlew creek to Midway and  thence to Greenwood, than to cross the  summit, albeit the former route  would  be the longer by several miles.  Mr. and Mrs. Hart left for Grand  Forks yesterday, Mr. Hart having in  hand the construction of a residence  for Constable Dinsmore.  Notice of Application for Private  Bill  I  NOTICE  S hereby given that application will be made  to the Leg-islalive Assembly of the Province of British Columbia at its next sitting",  for an Act to incorporate a company for the  purpose of constructing-, maintaining", equipping, and operating Telephone lines from a  point about six miles south of the foot of Christina lake, Yale district, British Columbia;  thence westerly to Greenwood City ; thence  southerly and westerly to'Penticton; and in all  districts and places between said places, and  for all powers aiid authorities which may be  necessary,and conducivd for the above objects.  Dated this 13th day of Januarj-, 1897.  A.   S.   BLACK,  19-7 Solicitor for the Applicants.  iners  tit  $ $ *  ���amii,iibJse^seeagrj]j^t��itujMK  Mine Owners s  ip��yryrvj^j=ay^wiiiiMiiP|n   iHlh liHIM II  To obtain the best results,  * * *  , , , use  ,,,,,,  And Patent Fuse  Lighters,  '*1fc    &"!!�����    ��lf~  fi?      ft?      fi?  For Sale by  M  BUT M ,00TB  4�� Greenwood, B.C.  ........ .aj ������J����n  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures a specialtj-  Plans and Specifications made and Estimates  given.  Established 1862.  ^fcSXWSSNVW  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc, X  Importers of Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how large, promptly filled, as we have  the  I  ��lt-    iST*     iV*  ft?      fi?      fi?  Wirite us for Catalogue and Price List.  dj4       J?/*       *,f4  ft?       ft?       ft?  VICTORIA,   B.C.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  -X-  UT^^  Fruit�� Vegetables  *e  Copper   Street,   Greenwood  City.  Some magnificent Apples, and a large supply  of Potatoes, Cabbage, Parsnips, Carrots,  Turnips, etc., etc., on hand.  Greenwood City, B.C.  General * ? /  lacksmithing  And Horseshoeing  Satisfactory Work Guaranteed.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  (Jlofto$ ($?u8fic, Qttining @.genf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camp McKinney.  N.B.���Some   valuable  Mining   Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal. tsaiBsissammaa  txsmmm  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  BOUNDARY CREEK M. & C. ASSOCIATION.  The Association held,a regxdar.meeting- on Friday the 7th'inst., Mr. Galloway in the chair. .After . hearing- the.  report of the sub-committee on the cost  of fitting" up the room in" the Times  building as a public reading room and  as a meeting room for the Association,  on motion of Mr. Phelan the general  committee was empowered to expend  what sums were found necessary in  the preliminary cost of furnishing, and  for the future maintenance of the institution in question.  Relative to the matter of forming an  agricultural and mining society for the  district, Mr. R. Wood was asked to interview the proper authorities at Victoria as to the possibility of obtaining,  some aid, in the form of a grant, from  the government for such a purpose.  On motion of Mr.   Black,   the  secre-  tary   was. instructed  to  write :to   the  AttprneyrGeneral of the province, urging oh him the necessity  of "having  a  jail or.lock-up built in Greenwood City.  Mr. R. Wood was also asked  to  bring  the matter to the notice of Mr." Graham,  member of parliament for the  district.  Mr. F. Wood stated  to  the  meeting  that during his recent visit to   Colville  he  made  the  acquaintance, of  a  Mr.  Phole, one of the directors of the   Spokane and British Columbia  Telephone  and Telegraph Company.    In  conversation with Mr. Wood, Mr. Phole definitely said that if a charter were obtained for him to establish lines  from  the  boundary, near Carson, to Greenwood,  his company would pay all expenses of  construction,   and sharing,profits with  the holders of the franchise here  upon  very-advantageous terms .to the., latter.  Mr.JPhole had further mentioned his intention of visiting- Greenwood  shortly.  Mr. F. Wood, Mr. T. Miller,   Mr.   Hal-  lett and Mr. Black  were   appointed to  meet Mr. Phole upon his  arrival   and  ascertain his views.  It was moved by Mr. Black, seconded  by Mr. T. Miller,' that the matter of  enquiring into the irregularities of the  mails be put in the hands of Messrs.  I^amb and Sansom, and that proofs of  alleged carelessness on the part of  postal officials be gathered and submitted, through Mr. Ostroski, to the  Inspector, Mr. Fletcher.  Moved by Mr. T. Miller, seconded by  Mr. Breslauer, that by-law No. 12 calling the general meeting to be held on  alternate Fridajrs be altered to read  " alternate Tuesdays, in the Association's room, Times building-."  Mr.. Sansom, and Mr. Nelson were  appointed to direct the efforts of a  volunteer brigade in case of fire; and a  committee was named to wait on the  business firms to learn what sum maybe raised towards purchasing an efficient pump, hose, etc., for giving the  the town adequate protection against  fire.  A vote of thanks was tendered to Mr.  R. Wood for allowing the Association  the use of the school-house, and the  meeting adjourned.  3���*  !  I j  W. J, Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Forces.  Returning leaves Grand Forks at 6 a.m. on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  Jg��" Will sell through Tickets  to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  G. A. GUESS, M.A.  H.  A.  GUESS,  M.A.  Guess Bros.  Assayers & Chemists,  Thoroughly-familiar with -Boundary Creek  and Okanagan mining districts. Properties  examined," assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B.C. Midway,. B.C.  For Occupation or Speculation.  ��� UILDING AND LOT for sale on main  business street in Greenwood City. Size  of building, 24x55 ft. Arrangements may be.  made to exchange other lots or erect a smaller  building suitable for our business, in payment.  For particulars enquire at' -  The Boundary Creek Times,  Greenwood City, B.C.  t  c��r;  ��� Of all -kinds and lengths..  4 foot wood...'.".._..;.:$2.25 per cord, delivered.'  16 to 20 inch.......'..$3.00 per dbl. cord"" ��� '  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  J3ST Orders may be ieft at:,the Times office.  v^=7-"rr*vwjeH^ffsrrMryj '��'����a*wvfrjMMr,ztf n  IMG BALL  ���       "' . -AT>^���' ':  BROOKLYN HOUSE, GREENWOOD GRMP  a?,j��     a>Y*     *V*  ft?      ft?      fi?  , Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Graff beg to announce that they will give an Opening Ball at  the " Brooklj-n House " on the evening of  .  Thursday, January 2ist.   .  The best music will be furnished and a pleasant time is guaranteed.  ��� All are cordially invited.��� '    '  A  SITTING of the County  Court of Yale  will be holden at -���  Osoyoos,  B.C.,, March. .13th,   1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  By command.  C A.   R.   LAMBLY,  Government Office, R. c. c.  Osoyoos, B.C., Nov. 14th, 1896. 11  SITTINGS of the' County   Court   of   Yale  will be holden as follows :  At Midway,   pn  Monday,   the  15th  of March,-1897.  At Grand   Forks,   on  Wednesday,  the 17th of March, 1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon respectively.  ' By command.  W.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office, d.r.c.c.  Midway, Jan. 4th, 1897. 18-4  TVTOTICE is hereby given that application  X jL will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia, at its next  session, for- an Act incorporating a company  with .power-to construct, operate and maintain  electric power and light stations and a system  of electric power and electric light plants at  the following points, viz.:  (a) Some convenient point or points at or  near Dog Falls on the Okanagan river, within  a distance of one thousand (1,000) feet of said  Dog Falls, or some point in the immediate  neighborhood thereof ; also to take, use and divert from the said Okanagan river at said  point or points five thousand (5,000) inches of  water or such greater number of inches as may  be necessary for the exercise of all or any of  the powers hereinafter, set forth.  The said proposed, point or points of diversion and use of said waters being within Yale  district.  ���With power, to use all of said water power, or  any portion thereof, from any of the said points  ' for the generating of electricity to be used as -a *  motive power for propelling, driving, hauling,  lifting, pumping, crushing, smelting, drilling,  milling, and the operation of tramways and of  supplying of power for-the operation  of 'mines  and stationery machinery, and electric lighting  of cities, towns, municipalities, and mines, and  the supply of heat, and for an3' other purposes   <  ' for which it  may  be applied or be required ; -  with power to make rates and charges for ' the  supply of said power, light and  heat,  and  receive remuneration at such rates.  With power to  the applicants  to construct  and maintain buildings, erections, weirs, dams,  raceways; viaducts, tramways or other necessary works  connected  therewith for utilizing  and improving and increasing the water privileges ;   and also to enter upon and expropriate  lauds for sites for power houses,  stations, and  necessary tramway lines arid snbwa3rs in  connection with the said works and right of way,  for carrying the electric current  underground  or overhead ; and to erect,  lay,  construct and  maintain all necessary  works,  bridges,  pipes,  poles, cables, wires, structures and  appliances  necessary or proper for the generating of electric power and light, its use,  and transmitting  and supplying the same; with  power to'con-" -  struct'telegraph lines and telephone lines over    ���  and along   the   routes ' taken   in - transmitting  said power, light aud heat, with power to make  rates and collect same' for the use thereof by  the public, and, for all  such other powers as  may be necessary to f ully and completely carry  on and operate such .works.  The applicants to have the power to particularly transmit and distribute the electric power,-  light and heat in the following localities and  throughout the same, viz. : Okanagan, Fair-' '  view, Keremeos, Kruger Mountain, Osoyoos,  and Penticton, and to the east of the said point,  or points where the power station or stations  may besituate to and inclusive of that locality  known as Camp McKinney, west as far as the  mountain range which divides the Fraser river  from the Sirnilkamcen, north as far as Penticton aud south to the "International boundary  line, aud in the towns of -Nelson, Trail, Ross-  laud,.Boundary Creek, Camp McKinnej', and  to such other cities, to-.vns and municipalities  as are now established or may be established  iu the west division of ��� Kootenay district and  Yale district ;��� with.power to the applicants to.  engage in mining operations, and acquire, by  location or.otherwise howsoever, mining properties aud claims, aud work'the same, and utilize the electric power generated as aforesaid in ���  so doing ; with power to purchase, acquire aud  take over by "all requisite deeds .and assignments from-auy trustee for the "applicants' any  propert3r, rights, water privileges, and easements,'and mining claims or leases acquired  by any trustee on behalf of-the applicants, and  thatthewater-privileges so'acquired as aforesaid or obtained by the applicants for whatever  purpose may be consolidated where possible,  and may be held, utilized aud employed in the  exercise of all or any of the powers above set  forth ; with power to the applicants to take  and use from .the Okanagan river and tributaries thereof, at convenient points, such furT  ther water power as may be necessary for the  aforesaid purposes. ��� .  With power to  the applicants  to construct,  maintain, and operate single or .double track  tramways,  with all necessary switches,   side  tracks and turnouts,  poles . and  wires,  and all  other requisites, appliances and powers in connection   therewith,  throughout all the above  described  territory   and  upon  and along the  lauds, roads,  streets,  and bridges  connecting  the towns above set forth and within the radius  of ten miles of each of said  towns, and within  the corporate limits of any of said towns,  over  the streets and bridges thereof, with the privi-  ��� lege to build  such  lines  of tramways in-sections, and from one town to another,  without  being required  to build the other lines,  arid  within one or more of the said towns or municipalities without being required to build in all  the said towns or municipalities, aud  throughout all the said territor3r ; with power to take,  transport   and carry   passengers  aud  freight  thereon, aud also with power to use in the running and operation thereof, the electric power  to be   generated   as   aforesaid,  or such other  power as the applicants may see fit; aud power  to   construct   telegraph   aud    telephone   lines  along the routes taken by the, tramway lines,  with the right to make rates  and  collect same  for the use thereof b3r the public ;  with power  to the applicants to enter upon and.expropriate  lands, and to open and  break  up  the soil  and  pavements of the roads, streets,  highways and  bridges, for the purpose of la3'ing  pipes",  rails  or tracks, erecting poles, or for aii3r  other purpose, and for all such powers as may be necessary   to   fully   and   completely   carry  on   the  works aforesaid, or any  of them ; with  power '  to  the  applicants  to  make  running arrangements or amalgamate with any- company  having similar powers, or with one or more of the  powers herein applied for,  and  with power to  acquire by  purchase or otherwise any privileges held by  any  person or persons,  corporation or corporations, of benefit or advantage  in the carrying on of the aforesaid  works, and  operate the business of such person or persons,  corporation or corporations, or utilize the said  privileges in the carrying on  of the aforesaid  works, and for all such power as ma3r be necessary to fully and completely carry on  aud  operate all or any of the aforesaid works.  Dated at the Cit3r of Victoria, B.C., .this First  da3r of December, A.D. 1896.  ,: McPhillips, Wootton & Barnard,  17-7 Solicitors for the Applicants. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  THE RECORDS FOR THE WEEK.  JANUARY   1.  Bengrauf, Kimberly camp,  R. Wells and J. S.  Harrison.  JANUARY   2.  Prospective, fract., Deadwood camp, J. Frank.  Great Hopes, fract., Deadwood, J. C. Haas.  JANUARY 5.  Napoleon, I. A. Dinsmore.  Henrietta, W. W. Carter and Leo. Neff.  Christmas, I. A. Dinsmore.  Empress, Wm. Sands.  Mar3'- Jane, G. B. Stocking.  JANUARY 7.  Welcome, Hardy Mtn., Wm. Sands.  New Alaska, Providence camp, Otto Dillier.  , JANUARY 9.  Gold Ore, Grand Forks, J. M. Hargrave and G.  P. Minims.  JANUARY   11.  Pascoe, near Rock creek, F. H.  Care3r, W. H.  Conkle, F. Donald.  JANUARY  12.  No. 9, Central camp, R. Wood.  Norfolk, fract., do., M. J. M. Wood.  King Solomon, Providence camp, J. A. Stack.  True Blue, Seattle camp, J. R. Brown.  Fountain Head, Grand Forks,  J. M. Hargrave.  Certificates of Work.  JANUARY     9.  Gold Ring���R. Watson.  Clifton���L.' F. Williams.  JANUARY 12.  Sunrise���Thos. Hardy.  Conveyances.  DECEMBER  30.  White Rose, Ya, int., J. B. Derosier to T. Hardy.  DFCEMBER   31.  Glenwood,  Yz  int.,  Jas.  Sutherland  to    Mary  Garland. *  Great Eastern, Yz int., R.,Murray to J. Pugsley  Empire, % int., Alex. Onion to Joe Gelinas.  Harqua Hala, Yz int., G. Riter to W. Cardwell.  JANUARY 2.  Snow Storm, all int., P. W. McGregor to F. E.  Lucas.  Little Chief, all int., R. Watson to J.  B.  Dero-  siers and Jno. Dufour.  JANUARY 5.  Robin Adair, % int., E. Titsworth to  Fletcher.  Mother Lode, % int., W. W. Gibbs to Boundary  Mines Co.  Tip Top arid Silvester K., Yi int., G. W. Spence  to L. Ostroski and P. W. Dillon.,  ' '���"      \   "  <-���  J. & R., fract., Y int., Jno.  Rogers and  H.  L.  Jones to Ostroski and Dillon.  Alta, Yz int., C. N. Marden to Ostroski & Dillon  JANUARY    6.  Standard, Y2. int., H. Schmidt to J. J. Murphy.  Rattler, all int., F. R. Launt3' to J. J. Murphy.  Rattler, Y* int., J. J. Murphy to L. Archibald.  JANUARY     7.  C3rclone, % int., Gilbert.Peone to Thos. Kirk.  Ophir, Y\ int., T. Kirk to M. Oppendeimer.  Lone Star, Yv int., A. McKinne3r to Williams.  Home Base, % int., J. Hamilton to A. L. Rogers  Ophir, Josie, Y\ int., J. Young to  A. L. Rogers.  Waterloo, % int., J. W. Young to H. B. Cannon  and R. Strudwick.  . Ingersoll, 1-6 int., E. Davis to J. W. Young.  Royal Banner, Yz int., J. H. Ashfield to Rogers.  Ditto, ditto      Ashfield to J. W. Young  River View,' Y\ int., A. L. Rogers to Young.  Helen,. Yz int., T. M. Daly to J. Hanbury.  JANUARY 9.  Iron Bank, all int., E. Titsworth to W. Porter  and W. Jensen.  Morau, Yz int., E. Davis to W. J. Hepworth.  JANUARY  11.  Western Boy, all int., G.W. Elliott to J. A. Kerr  JANUARY   12.  Burns aud Phoenix, 1-16 each, Piatt 1-9, Standard 1-12, Mountain View all int., W. W. Williamson to F. A. Williamson.  Samson, all int., G. A. RendeHtb C. S. Gallows.  Mortimer, all int., C. M; Rendell to Gallowa3'.  SALE OF TOWN PROPERTY.  Mr. C. S. Galloway this week purchased from Mr. Robt. Wood, the original proprietor of the Greenwood town-  site, a one-half interest in all unsold  lots in the town, also acquiring- a half  ownership in the Dillier pre-emption,  adjoining- the town, and in the property  known as the "Porter ranch" situated  to the south of Anaconda, for the sum  of $25,000. Mr.; Galloway has resided  in Greenwood for several months past.  Shortly after his arrival he showed his  faith in the future of Boundary by investing- heavily in mining- property in  the neighborhood. His claim, the San  Bernard, in Providence camp, less than  half a mile from town, upon which Mr.  Galloway sank a shaft to a depth of 70  5^4* 4* *4* *$��� 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* *4* *$* 4* 4* & 4�� 4* *&��� 4* 4* 4* 4* 4j 4* if  OUSE  Greenwood Camp, Boundary Creek, B,C,  First-class Accommodation.     Best of Wines, L/iquors and Cigars.  ��|�� LIVERY     STABLE     IN     CONNECTION.  Saddle and Pack Horses provided.  ��g�� FRED.    GRAF"R    -   -   Proprietor. ������  yt ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^  The PIONEER  Livery and Feed  STABLES  Greenwood City, B.C.  fi?  ���sJP  ft?  Saddle Horses $1.50 per day..  Teaming- at the Shortest Notice.  ' /nc.KEE   &   CURRY,   Proprietors.  *"���"���.�������"���tit"h. ���-"���"-i mitrr ��� "rrrmnr-in-d11 mi, imiTmiiir ibimtctwi  feet, is an exceedingly promising prospect, the  ore  being very  high-grade.  Immediately after the  conclusion of  the deal the erection of a townsite office  was put in hand on Government street;  a contract was let to clear  and  survey.  50 acres to the north as an addition  to  the townsite ; a charter, has  been   applied for for a telephone  line  between  Penticton  and  a point on   the  boundary near Christina lake ; andstejs will.  at once be taken to complete a  system  of water supply, the reservoir for which  is already partly constructed. I^ots are  going off very fast  and  prospects  appear, brighter every, .-clay. ... Mr., Gallo-..-  way states that enquires from Spokane  and other points have been received re  the facilities for procuring lumber and  building supplies, and the openings for  various industries ; enquiries under the  latter head are of  regular  occurrence  at The Times office also.  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the official  paper of the district.  Boundary Creek Mining & Milling Co.  Limited Inability.  THE annual g-eueral meeting- of the Shareholders of the above company will be  held at the office of the company, Government  street, iu thecit3^of Greenwood,"B.C., on Thursday, the 21st da3' of January, A.D. 1897, at the  hour of 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  Business : The election of officers for the  ensuing- year; the receipt of the Auditor's  financial statement; the report of the Directors ; and such other business asmay come before the meeting-.  Dated this 4th day of Jauua^, 1897.  C.   W.   H.   SANSOM,  18-2 Secretaovand Treasurer.  ���^^"  The Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River  Mining Divisions of Yale District.  MOTICE is hereby given that all Placer  Claims legal^ held in the Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River Mining- Divisions of Yale  District are laid over from the 1st November,  1896, to the 1st June, 1897.  (Sig  ned)  C.  A. R. LAMBLY,  Gold Commissioner.  Osooyos, B.C., Nov. 1st, 1896.  Notice of Application for Private Bill  Townsite of Greenwood City.  IS Hereby Given, that application will be  " made to the Legislative Assembl3~ of the  Province of British Columbia, at its next session, for an Act incorporating- the inhabitants  of'the Townsite of Greenwood City, in the Oso-  3roos division of the district of Yale, as a Muni-  ' cipalit3% to define the limits of said Corporation  with such provisions of the General Municipal  Acts now iu force tn the Province, and such  other^pro visions as may. be-.applicable, or- lie-'  cessa^, or expedient ; and with such further'  provision as will enable a vote to be taken at  the time fixed for the first election to determine,  whether the affairs of the Corporation shall,  subject to.the provisions of the Act of Incorporation, be managed by an Executive of three  Commissioners or by a Ma3ror and four Aldermen.  Dated this 17th day of December, A.D. 1896.  I.  H. cHALLETT,  IS Solicitor for the Applicants.  Notice of Application  Bill.  eor Private  NOTICE  is hereby given  that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for a private bill, to incorporate a Company for the purpose of constructing,  equipping,   maintaining   and   operating  a railway  from a point on the south boundary line of  British Columbia, near the south end ef  Christina lake,  being west of the 118th degree of  longitude ; thence westerly in the direction of  Carson City ;, thence, norther^1-  up the north  fork of Kettle river ; thence wester^ through  Pass creek, Eholt meadows, and to the City  of  Greenwood, running in a southerly- direction  down Boundary creek to the town of Midway- ;  thence   westerly,  following the  Kettle  River  valley up its course to the junction of the west  fork of Kettle river,  being a norther^  direction ;   thence diverging and  running  up   the  west fork through  a pass to  Penticton : and  with power to construct, maintain, and operate  branch   lines   through   Cascade   Cit3r,  Carson  Cit3% the Town of Midwa3',  M3'ers creek  and  Okanagan   valley   to   the southern bouudao*  line of British  Columbia ; and  all necessar3r  bridges, ferries and wharfs ; and to construct,  own and operate telegraph and telephone lines  iu   connection   with   the    said    railway    and  branches ; to take and  use water to generate  electricity, and to acquire foreshore rights and  lauds for the right of way and :station grounds  and other necessities, and to acquire lands and  other bonuses or aids from the Government of  British Columbia to aid in  the construction of  the said railways : and to make traffic and other  arrangements with other railway companies or  persons ; and for all other usual and necessary  powers and privileges.  Dated this 2nd day of January, A.D. 1897.  18-7  A.   S.   BLACK,  Solicitor for Applicants. ���I- N  I ���''is -*���  I fi  ^auiuuiiiUiUiiiiuiUiUiuuiiUiiuuiaiUitiiuaiuuauuiiiiuuauuuuauuuiUiUiu?^  p��y,  f <������� ����o> ����w�� o<  Is the ceii&^^tii^ra fand supply point of the  Boundary-..-...-Greek mining camps, From this  new   town  roads   lead   to   the  greenwood. deadwood,  SUMMIT,  LONG   LAKE. SKYLARK.  WHITE AND ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON'andC;&WljXH;Ap&M'PS  Lots are selling freely and are a good  investment WX  B   *"^  Ou^  [aaagiMM��wffl^ Headquarters  for  all  kinds  of  9  We carry the Largest and Most Complete Stock of  General Merchandise in the district, and on a cash proposition  can quote you the lowest possible prices.  We  have  an  extensive  stock  of  And  anything  a  Prospector  or Miner  requires,  We have  a  complete  line  of  n  all  sizes* at right  prices,  Greenwood and Boundary Falls,  -1


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