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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-12-25

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 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1897  /-  >  IXttMp *3out*n&t  PUBLISHED AT  ENWOOD, B.C.  Yv  Under License from The EDWD, P. ALUS CO,, of Milwaukee, Wis,  m OLD JAGK FROST is quietly but quickly forming perfect  ice on the Greenwood Rink,    We are ready for him,  RUSSELL & CO, can supply everyone  SKATES that  can  be  easily  adjusted   and   secur  Guaranteed to give satisfaction,    All sizes,  with Skates,  fastened,  !   ..J.  ���i' i  nitidn j it is the cheapest  men's goods.  "Use only  the   best  Animus  We carry a full line of Sports^  Dealersjn Hardware, Stoves, Granite and Tinware, Carpenters' and Miners' Tools  Or Cars and Rails, Powder and Steel, Paints and Oils, Sashes and Doors'  Water Pipes and Fixtures. All kinds of Tinsmithing, Plumbing, and Furnace Work'  ��  HARDWARE  ��� f    ME ROM ANTS,  _���SS_SBt_U3_  _e_S-7?_H_a  Of Montreal  9  MANUFACTUREF?S     OF1  9  %  Lers,  "/If  ?1P  ->l\-  K3_B_CO__ra__WBS��l_OT_9___��  cza3ai_<__a__e__Kc_s_ra  ���������_����i_�����CTrnw_��__g_<M_^^ -^_-,__~_~, ,r���, ��������� ^i,,, |M|||���  Works at  HAMILTON,  ONT.  BELOEIL,  QUEBEC,  WAVERLEY, N, S,  NANAIMO, B, C.  &  M.  _s#��^  %_  Agencies in British -Columbia :  Victoria, Vancouver,  Nanaimo, Nelson,  Kaslo, Sandon,  And all the principal towns in Canada,  ����*���*���  ���*>���',  a  ~a  1)1  1.--S-  f 1  <��� t  ������Ci-  y-'.Ji  :M::  ���*\.'---i-:.:-:t!-.M  ^v-;  i'VidiS  'j ���:   ��  .       <i  fe  sranssinTOffiKwiFBiaTOWTTiPwwcwi-u A Weekly Paper published in tlie interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, III.  GREENWOOD, _,_., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1897,  68  No. 16,  REQUIRES    INVESTIGATION.  'HI} contention of The Times that the quarantine established at Grand Forks by Dr. Hickingbottom was unnecessary has come out by  the professional evidence of Dr. S. B. Nelson  the veterinary surgeon for the state of Washington. Dr. Nelson holds the most responsible veterinary position in Washing-ton arid  his public remarks regarding the quarantine  should convince the Minister of Agriculture  that the appointment of Dr. Hicking-bottoii was a grave  error. In-the Spokesman-Review of recent date, is a published interview with Dr. Nelson and as it is a matter in  which the majority of the people in this district are interested, the interview is given below :  It seems that some  time   ago,"   said   Dr.   Nelson  last  night,  " Mitchell Brothers, who have the largest  freighting  outfit in that section, had one animal in their outfit which  was discharging at the nose. In some way Dr. Hicking-bot-  tom, the Canadian veterinarian, came down to Marcus, in  this state, examined the animal and pronounced the case  glanders. Then he went back to Grand Forks and established a quarantine there. He could just as well have established a quarantine at Cascade City on the boundary  line, but instead he preferred, for his convenience, to place  it 13 miles inside British territory at Grand Forks. Instead  of limiting the quarantine to the stable in which the horse  he examined had been found he placed it on the whole country.    On its face it was an injustice.  Then he tested some animals in Grand , Forks with the  Maline test and pronounced two cases glanders and; one suspicious. The one pronounced suspicious was allowed to go  back to work, while the two declared to have g-landers were  destrojred. In the meantime the animal at Marcus had been  killed. Accord in gly, when I reached there I found nothing  whatever. Had he only quarantined the horses from the  stable in. which was the case he claimed to have found there  would be no cause for complaint, but acting as he did his  course seems unreasonable. The mare he had seen at Marcus had made but one half a trip from Marcus to Grand  Forks and had been sent back to Marcus, so she had exposed but few horses.        . ��        .*-,,'   .  " I tried to have Dr. Hickingbottom consider a proposition to remove the quarantine from, all horses except the  stable where the case had been found, provided I gave the  horses certificates of health. At first he agreed to do this,  but later changed his mind.  "I went to Marcus and examined 170 head of horses and  gave the Maline test to five  there   and found  nothing.    It  IS MY OPINION THERE IS IvlTTIvE IK ANV   GEANDERS  THERE OR  IN THE COUNTRY. I then tried ag-ain to have the quarantine  raised, but the doctor refused to raise it unless 25 or 30  horses were tested. He had been expecting- a supply of Maline for four weeks and it had not arrived so we could do  nothing.  "The quarantine is a great source of annoyance and  financial loss both to the freighters and the merchants to  whom they haul, for freight for Fureka and the other reservation, camps is freighted in by way of Grand Forks As it  is now. teams must be changed at Grand Forks, a new team  being provided to haul the load on to its destination. It is  not always possible to make close connections and often  long and expensive delays are caused in making changes of  teams.  " But the greatest trouble is that the doctor places all the  horses he quarantines in one stable. Teams put in there  uninfected go out possibly infected. Instead of quarantining the horses and isolating them he herds them all in together and quarantines the stable. Thus the quarantine is  a farce. I tried to have him extend the quarantine to Fure-  ka and Greenwood to include all horses so I could go through  and give them certificates of health, but this he would not  do.  " Last night the residents of Grand Forks met with me to  consult with him as to raising the quarantine but he did not  appear. He did, however, agree to meet with them at 9  o'clock this morning and go about the town to ascertain the  sentiment of the business men. It is possible that he may  raise the quarantine and  b}r his own   examination   let   the  horses go through. The people of Grand Forks are complaining of the damage done by the quarantine and do not  approve it.  " The worst feature of the whole thing is that the people  living along the border are prone to think the whole Canadian government and the Canadian people are behind the  quarantine move. This idea is causing- hard feelings to  arise whereas the best of relations have heretofore existed between Canadians and Americans near the line. The  idea is an erroneous one and I did all I could to show the  people the error of it. I have an idea the quarantine may  partly be raised today.  " How the whole trouble started it is hard to find out and  I will hazard no g-uess as to the real cause. It is supposed  by some that the Canadian Pacific railway started it in  order to compel freight to go around by way of Penticton.  Others think it is the result of a fight among the freighters  themselves. There are others who think it is traceable to  neither of these but to something of which I prefer to say  nothing. I* made many inquiriesJmt was unable to procure  evidence to prove airytheory correct.  -." The question is one of more than usual importance inasmuch as it is an international one. It might have been settled early had the state had money to send the veterinarian  there when it first came up, but the state:'-did "not.. My expenses on this trip were paid by the freighters. I met with  most courteous treatment from Constable Dinsmore, the  customs patrol, and Customs Officer Gilpin, the Canadian  official on the border. If I can g-et a supply of Maline it is  possible I may go back and conduct more tests."  The suggested idea that the C. P..-R. is responsible for the  quarantine is too ridiculous to be considered for a single  moment. The true cause for the quarantine is probably  the "something, of which I, ( Dr. Nelson ) prefer to say  nothing-." That something is readily understood by those  who know the particulars of the case and which the ethics  of his profession forbade Dr. Nelson to explain.  Business men and others have suffered great financial loss  by the establishment of the quarantine. Perishable goods  have been destroyed by the long delay on the road and  others have been made unsaleable. Now that the state veterinary surgeon has spoken so plainly- surel}' the Agricultural Department will do something-. Those who have lost  so heavily are entitled to an investigation and if it will be  found that the quarantine was established not in the public  interest but in interest of an individual, the Agricultural  Department should assume the responsibility of the acts of  its appointee and recompense those who have suffered loss.  [Since the above was written it is learned that Dr. J. S.  Hickingbottom left Grand Forks, and the quarantine has  been lifted. We have not }ret learned that the doctor was  forced to adopt this course by the Department of Agriculture. We do know that there are sundry-bills in Greenwood  which he neglected to ..pay.]'  0k  0'$  0%  SHOULD   BE   DISMISSED.  The residents of Greenwood are supposed to enjoy the advantages of a daily mail service, but last week for three  consecutive da)rs the mail stage arrived from Grand Forks  without an3r Greenwood mail. The inconvenience is unpleasant enough when delay in the .mail service is occasioned by accident or inclement weather, but when the mails  reach Grand Forks promptly and remain there because of  the refusal of a servant of the post office department to forward the same, the matter becomes altogether too serious to  be overlooked by those in authority. The post office inspector will certainly be remiss in his duty to the public unless  he insists on the Grand Forks office being placed in charge  of one who will carry out the instructions of the postoffice  department. If the holding of Her Majesty's mails from  Thursday to Saturday when they are supposed to be forwarded daily does not entitle a civil servant to dismissal,  the regulations of the department must be altogether too lax.  ^:^.^i^t?>^-^^ RS3  T H E   BO UN DA K-Y   C R EER    1 IM fc S,  P^   ���    !���������_______i  vw__  7/s_a  wvrc  7s_a  WVSS  v__?  v__3  jwg  s__o  Wia  fmsi  7*753  WW  5^  .Hfi  vsss  s__5.!  \\\WS  7Z_3  \x��o  mtt�� I  >^_53 ���  ��\_*sa  >*_3  VWVCl  \Y_3  f"����i  V___  vwto  Trfga  ,',__*  U __\\\  �� pew'  g __\w  8 __t  le__  I B__  |e__  5 __\v\  f. __��  'i _5w\  f Vffftt  l__t  __��  CAVA  '_����  t _5V\v  __"_  ��f$g  B__  6_a_  __#  _av>\  _  ~<;^"^i='  *.  It pays to buy at FLETCHER'S.  ^vU ;/'r*'''.-  It pays to buy at FLETCHER'S.  GREAT :M0I_i-BAY   EXHIBITI��  ��� OF  -��  PCf  ___;  _&\\v  __\\\  E_".  BSSSx  5_w\  B_��2  _3��S\  CAW,  __*  ��\\\  E__  _-\\\  P7/y/  K��\\\  C__-jT  __��  CAVW  G_"2  _aW\  S;   T  HfT  ��?  RUGGIST.  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(��<Xxi&tVB:  rBANK  OF (MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  *-��-<G>o<ic>-c-<e>-_-<a��-_-������-o-aa>-��-��s��-e-4e>-o-<e>'��-��8;'-��-<se>>-e-��9  Qr^HE COMPANY'S   mineral   claims now number   14, of which 12 adjoin . and   form   a  compact  g-roiip  situate   in.  ML     Providence   Camp,   Boundary   Creek.     Development work is in progress on three of these, viz. the D. A...  <i      G. A. R., and O. B. claims, each g-iving- promise of g-ood results.  THE COMPANY lately acquired Mr. Thos. McDonneu/s pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands, upon  which are excellent mill-sites and which g-ive access to an abundant.supply of water for power purposes. Forty acres  of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and the new townsite thus established has been named  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundary and Eholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important mining- camps. These town lots are being- offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of"  payment.     Plans, prices aud full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  HEAD OFTICE  Correspondence  Inviteds\_  .   GREENWOOD,   B. C.  /_".   jACCfBS,   Secretary  and   Treasurer  k:  <&��  ���=t>.  mm  : 4  I'- ,  ��� fir ~  ft  A  K |U  -  t  '?'���>���-  ���>���'.'  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  Mr. C. A. R. Ivambly, the g"old commissioner,visited Greenwood this Aveek.  A" masquerade ball was held at the  International hotel on Thursday1" even-  \i"gV.  ���'������'":'���'  J. S. Paterson a prominent mining-  man of Rossland spent the week in the  city. ���   " ' ���. ���'���     ������'...,': ';���';  D. McKachern of Fairview was  among- the,,visitors to. Greenwood this  week.. .  Several of the business houses and  hotels have been tastily decorated for  Christmas. >  Mr: J. J. Caulfield is expected back  from Virden shortly with a carload of  turkeys, butter, etc.  Mr. A. Cameron has several ���iiien at  work on the Anchor* and Enterprise  mines in Iyong-T^akecamp.   '  George McKag-ue has purchased W.  B.-Pat-tin's lot and furniture store on  Copper street. The price paid was  $1,000. '..'..  ".'���.:���'������ '   ' '���"���:���[  The Knowles pump intrchased in  Denver for the Jewel mine arrived in  Greenwood this week and -was taken to  the mine.  Mr. J. E).o Boss left for Spokane on  Saturday to finally close negotiations  in the sale of ��� all Farrell & Midg-eon's  properties in the district.  The machinery for the B. C. mine  has been hauled to the property and  g-ood progress is being- made with the  work of getting-at into position.  W. F, Honey, secretary of the Winnipeg-Company, has gone to Spokane to  -spend Christmas. His faniilj'' from  Park River, North Dakota, will join  him there.  It is reported that ������Henry: White,  manager for J. P. Graves, of Spokane,  will expend $25,000 in -'machinery and  development work on the City of Paris  and L/incolu in Central camp.  The annual meeting- of the shareholders of the Boundary Creek Mining-  & Milling- Company will be, held in  Greenwood on Thursday, January 20th.  Directors will then be elected.  The Commercial hotel has been leased to Messrs. Joe Snodgrass and Hugh  McKee. Both the new proprietors are  well known in the cit)r. Mr. Snodgrass has been running- the stag-e line  for years.  Christmas  afternoon    and  evenmg-  there will be excellent skating- on the  Greenwood rink. ��� The committee in  charge will introduce some special features to amuse the spectators who do  not desire to skate.  At the last regular meeting- of Boundary Valley LVodg-e, I..O. O. F., a resolution was unanimously passed thanking- those who so kindly assisted in  making the recent entertainment a  success. A similar entertainment will'  be g-iven in the near future.  A movemeht is on foot to secure ���signature's to a monster petition from  Christina lake to Hope. The petition  would set forth the resources and possibilities of the country and the great  need of a railway. It would be addressed to both g-o vera men ts.  ..Court'Boundary I. O. F., will install  officers on the first Thursday in January. After the installation a public  banquet will be g-iven in the dining-  rooms of the new Imperial hotel. The  committee in charg-e have arrang-ed for  g-ood music during- the banquet and  other forms of entertainment. The  banquet will not be limited to the Foresters, but tickets will be sold to any  one desiring- to be present.  Criminal Libel.  Premier Turner and Hon. Chas. E.  Pooley, President of the Council, have  instituted   criminal  libel   proceedings  ag-ainst Senator Templeman and the  Victoria Times and Hewitt Bostock,  M. P., and the editor of the Province.  The article complained of is one in  which the two plaintiffs were severely  criticized for their connection with  speculative Ivlondyke companies. The  article first appeared in the Province  and was copied by the Times. Ordi-  naiw individuals would have been satisfied with instituting- common libel  proceeding's but Messrs. Turner and  Pooley are "very economical where their  own pockets are concerned. 'In criminal libel the expense will be thrown  on the people of the, province.  A Rich Strike.  East week a rich strike was made on  the Minnehaha mine at Camp McKinney. In crosscutting- the ledg-e at the  120 foot level a vein of rich ore was encountered. Fully 20 inches of the vein  gives over.$100 to the ton. The ore is  free milling- arid in all probability the  company will now  erect a  stamp mill.  Small Debts Court.  Police. Magistrate Hailett held a  Small Debts Court for, the first time  this week. The case was one where R.  F. Coates sued a Chinaman for monej'  due on account of building-. Judg-ment  was g-iven in favor of Mr. Coates.  Hotel Arrivals.  The following-  were  the  arrivals at  during-  the  the   International   hotel  week. : . ������" ���a'  C. F. Reug-er, Skylark ; A. K. Stuart,  J. McNicol, Midway ; George F. Caid-  well, Fairview ; Edward F. Bachard,  Summit Camp ; W. J. Barker, Jewel ;  J. S. Paterson, Rossland ; Mr. and Mrs.  J. F. Hemenway, Mr. and Mrs. McFn-  tire, Miss iNTellie McFntire, Old Ironsides ; P. C. McGrath,  Greenwood.  The following- were the  at  arrivals  the Pioneer hotel during- the week :.  E. D. McKa3', O. Johnson^ John Ho-  lan, Rossland ; C. E. Hope, Vancouver;  P. Graham, Colville ;-H. M. Gunn, Nelson ; R. W.rMcfarlance, Midway ; Dan  McL/aren, Carson ; D. McEarchern,  Fairview ; J. Cunning-ham, Summit���;  C. E. Reug-er, Skylark.  The Vernon News ag-ain makes its  appearance. It will be remembered that  the entire plant was destroyed by fire  some time ago. The proprietors secured a new plant and the News is now  better than ever.  FOR  SALE,  A KILN OF BRICK near Anaconda,   contain in:{r from 60,000 to  70,000 bricks.    A  barg-aiu.���Ap'..')lv to '  '  "    EWING   KEIGHTLEY,  68 , __ Midway, B.C.  A consig-umen t  direct from  Santa Claus.  Presents for the children and -older  people.    Dolls, Toys and Cutlery.  ______��?  Stationery.. Domestic   aud    Imported- Cigrars,  Tobaccos,   Pipes, etc.  HR    MlirsrAA   Greenwood Book Store,  .    _J.    iYlU-lfi- HJC, GOVERNMENT ST.  HENFY NICHOLSON,  QXofatg (pttfiftc, (fining @.genf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���-Camp McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicing- for disposal.  g��^��^-igg=^��gS5  MISS O, MEDILL,  Dress-maker,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  M  Anaconda* B,C,  -0=^5^9-  Can outfit Prospectors Cheaper  and beftter than any of  his Competitors,  WATCH  AKER,  -Foi-rtierly of Monctou, N.B.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C. ;  . _&���  \iif,   ^  ���^ii?       f'r       "?Jv~  Good Tools, plenty of Material,   and 30 years*  Experience in the business..  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c, Repaired.  Au.y kind of small Mechanical Work done.  ENDERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Makic  Red Stak.  Makers of Elour pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  P.   HARLAN;  SUCCESSOR   TO   W.   wV   GIBBS,  GREENWOOD  B. C,  ���*, 1^  ���i THE  SPINK'S    INVESTIGATION.  On Tuesday last Mr. Justice McColl,  sitting; as   commissioner  appointed bv  thevMinister of  justice, listened to the  evidence in connection with the charges  .-, brought    ag-ainst    His   Honor,   Judge  Spinks.    The  commission   sat in    the  Lancaster -House, uMidwa3%    Mr. Justice Me��bllowas suffering- from a severe  cold and consequently it was consider-  edwise to hold the sitting- in the comfort^  able sitting-room  of the hotel.    Judg-e  Spinks was present and he  was repre-  ,    seuted by Mr. Charles Wilson, O: C. of  Vancouver, while Mr. Alex Henderson  of New   Westminster   was  present   on  behalf of "the Minister of Justice  to assist  those   who   had   any   charg-es to  make.    Mr.   Oscar   C.   Bass the court  stenog-rapher at New Westminster took  an official   report  of the investigation.  Although     there     were     numerous  charg-es ag-ainst the Judg-e  on the Outside, Mr. Sidley was the 011I3'- one who  has the courage to furnish the commission with written charg-es  and  appear  to substantiate them.    He was the first  witness   who  was  sworn and his   evidence, "materially condensed for want  of space, was as follows: *  Mr. Sidley is a Justice of the   Peace  for the  county . of   Yale.    He  wrote a  letter to Mr. Bass, clerk of the cbmmis-  sion containing-certain charg-es ag-ainst  Judg-e    Spinks.    If  the   books  of   the  court had not been tampered with they  would show that it  was the  exception  and not the  rule  for Judg-e  Spinks to  hold courts on the da3's appointed.    He  could not g-ive the exact dates for postponements of the courts but  from  his  personal  knowledge he knew  such to  be the case.    Mr. Sidle3r also held that  it was a matter of notoriety that a case  was  tried  before  coming-   into  court.  He also instanced cases where  he held  there  was  gross   un justice.    He     g-ot  his information from  witnesses.    One  of   these   was that of Reg-, vs. Hayes,  a  stabbing- case  at  Fairview  several  years ag-o.    Bullock-Webster, the constable, said the penaltyr  imposed   was  most   disgraceful���a   fine of $25.    Dr.  Bojxe who attended the  wounded man  held   that another  eighth of an   inch  would have cost the man his life.    The  man Ayas confined to Mr. Sidley's house  for  three   months.    In   imposing-   the  fine it was  stated  that Judge Spinks  Used  these   words: " If any Irishman  came at   me  with   his   fist clenched  I  would  use  a  knife  nn'self."     It was  current rumor that the  light  penalty  was on account of the influence  of one  Edward Reudels.  Another case was that of Dairy tuple  vs Nicholson. Mr. Sidley was present  when this case Avas heard. Dahwmple  lost because the Judg-e held that his  stake was % of an inch^'foo small.  Dalrvmple appealed but his appeal was  thrown out because Judg-e Spinks  never sent in his notes. Mr. Spinks  excused himself on account of floods  but the mails were running: reg-ularly.  It was no use appealing-anything- from  Judg-e Spinks.  Mr. Sidle3r also drew attention to the  granting- of a license by Judge Spinks  to W. Thompson   of  Rock  Creek.    He  brought this forward as a proof that  the Judge would never give law nor  justice. Mr. Thompson had 110 building up at the time and the magistrates  sitting as a licensing court refused the  license according to law, but Judge  Spinks overruled their decision and  gave the license contrary to law.  Another   case   was   that   of   G.   B.  Mimms  of  Grand Forks.    It  was current^ reported that Mr. Spinks was in  a deal to influence  certain members of  the g-overnment, to give their names as  being members of  the   syiidic'ate. owning- the Grand Forks townsite.   Minims  was agent for the toAynsite at the time  and as the3r wanted to g",et  rid of  him,  the  l'-iiig offered to get him an hotel license    through    Judge     Spinks.    Mr.  Mimms made application to the reg-ular  licensing court for a license and it was  veryproperty refused.    He appealed to  Judge Spinks and he refused  to grant  the appeal.    He could not do  otherwise  but the Judge worked the matter in an  nnderhaud. way   off   the   bench.    Mr.  Mimms wrote  to Mr. Husse3r, .superintendent  of  provincial police, and that;  officer   replied   that   if    Mr.    Minims  could   get   two   justices   of the peace  to      endorse      the       application,    he  would     grant      the      license.        Mr.  Sidle3r replied  that he couldn't get another justice and then Mr. Minims produced an endorsement of the  application   from  W.   W.   Spinks, J. P.    Mr.  Sidley refused to sign the endorsement  Another, license appeal case was that  of   C. W.  Hosier,   of Rock Creek.    In  this appeal Mr. Sidley held  that Judge  Spinks allowed Hosier's   lawyer to go  out of his way to abuse him (Sidley).  In the case of Acres vs Gillespie  there was also a miscarriage of justice.  He was present during the trial and it  was a clear case for Acres. Acres had  a promissory note for wages from Gillespie, and Spinks ordered the note to  be given back to Gillespie. Judge  Spinks simply fobbed Acres in open  court.    Acres was too poor to appeal.  In the case of Reg. vs Allison, it was  current rumor that Allison escaped because of the influence of Lieutenant-  governor Dewdney. The Judge said  he let him off because his partner  should also have been convicted and  the partner had turned Queen's evidence.  In the case of Reg. vs. Sidle3':    This  was a case in which he was the defendant.    He received no previous notice to  his trial for  stealing- a   horse.    There  were two charges for  stealing.    Affer  hearing some of the  Indian  witnesses  he dismissed one of the charges stating  the   witnesses   were   perjuring- themselves   and   told    Mr.    Sidle3r  that he  would not hear the other charge.    But  he had not more  than   got  home when  he was served  with a  fresh  summons  from.    Judge    Spinks   on'   the   second  charge.    He again listened to  the evidence of those whom he stated had perjured themselves.    Mr.   Sidley produced a letter from the superintendent  of  the Tinasket Indian school on  the  reservation,   making   ample   apology   for  having- suggested that Mr.   Sidle3' was  keeping- Indian  I203-S   to  run   in other  people's   horses   off   the   range.    The  case was one which had been most outrageously misrepresented to the superintendent.  Mr. Sidle3r was cross examined b3'  Mr. Charles Wilson but his evidence  remained substantial^ the same.  There were one or two pieces of cross-  firing that added spice to the proceedings. When Mr. Wilson started to cross  examine about the Nicholson-Dal-  twmple case Mr. Sydle3r replied " You  ought to know something about the  appeal Mr. Wilson, you wereoneof the  counsel." " Yes," ..was the reply," but  I am not giving evidence." At another  time Mr. Wilson said "3^011 attribute all  your trouble to Mr. Spinks?" Mr. Sidley replied : " I am not in trouble, it's  Mr. Spinks that's in trouble."  Peter McCallu m, J. P., of Grand  Forks was the next witness. He had  written a,letter to the Minister of Justice asking for a commissioner to be  appointed to investigate the charges  made against Judge Spinks. Personally he knew little about those charges  but as W\o.y were common rumor he  thought the3r ought to be investigated.  He knew of postponements of courts  and of a prisoner who was afterwards  dismissed being held until Mr. Spinks  was ready to sit. In his letter Mr. Mc-  Callttm also referred to the clique at  Grand Forks of which Mr. Spinks was  one. He also referred to the Mimms  case.  Cross-examined by Mr. Wilson, Mr.  McCallum stated that he had not written the letter to the Minister of Justice.  He had simply signed it. It was handed to him for signature by Mr. A. C.  Sutton in Sutton's office. J. H. Falconer was in the office at the time. It  was explained to him that the object of  the letter was to secure a commission  to investig-ate. He would not have  signed it on any,other grounds.  C. A. R. Ivambly and W. G. McMynii  registrars of the county courts at Mid-  wa3r and Osoyoos, gave evidence as to  the number of times courts were postponed. Under cross-examination Mr.  Ivambly said he was present at the  Hayes trial and the words Judge  Spinks used were " If any one hit me  in the face I might be tempted to use a  knife myself." Mr. McMynn was also  present at the Hayes trial and as remembered,    the   Judge's   words   were  Awarded  Highest Honors���World's Fair,  Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.  i  A Pure (irape Cream of Tartar Powder.  40 YEARS THE STANDARD.  ^\  *  ���r   1    _  I.1  r-^^-jp-p. ���.^,_ BOUNDARY   CREEK"  TIMES",  __^ ' ' ' mimiMmfhrTir    "* Tmmmim    *!!   mi^^ ^-��^��53i!Sf  W. B. Paton  (alderman)  I. H. Hallett      G.B. Taylor    G. R. Naden '  (police magistrate),   (city clerk) (city treasurer). '  lv. S. M.-Barrett   A. S. Black   Evan Parry'  Robt. Wood       C. Scott Galloway   Jas. Kerr  (alderman)     (citysolicitor)   (alderman)" -. [mayor] [alderman]        [alderman]  Jack [Judg-e Hallett's mascot]. ~,  G-reenwood City Council, and Municipal Officers for 1898.  M. J. Phelan  [alderman]  -PHOTO   BY  F.   K.   M MANN.  >���     l  The above photo-engraving reached The Times office on , Monday last, two months after we expected it from  Winnipeg. It was intended vfor the Christmas Number, but we publish it in this issue because it is a fairly good illustration of last year's cda'ncil and city officers, who are among the prominent business men of the city.  }   THE   ESTIMATES.  At the time of writing the estimates  are not to hand, but sufficient has been  gleaned from telegraphic reports to1  warrant the conclusion that the Semlin government prefer economy to pro-  egress, and that they do not intend to  bear their share towards the development of the rich mining districts of the  province, simply because such a course0  will cost money. Boundary Creek is'  in a peculiarly happy position. It was"  gerrymandered by the Turner government, and the Semlin government apparently endorses this treatment.  We do not know whether to look to  Rossland district or to Fast Yale for  our share of appropriations. In either  case the sums are so inadequate that  any sharewhich might come in this  direction would not meet the fequirer  ments of Boundary Creek.  The Semlin government has taken  advantage of the gross injustice perpetrated on Boundary Creek by the Turner government. In order to save a  few thousand dollars, it endorses the  redistribution bill of last year so far  as the disfranchisement of Boundary  Creek is conserned and fails to recognize its right to that consideration it  would receive if the district were made  into a separate constituency.  WORKING   MEN'S   CHANCES.  Too Many Men Seeking Employment Coming  Into the District.  During the past few weeks there has  been" a phenomenal influx of people  into Boundary Creek district. A great  many are men with money, seeking  investments. There is always room  for people of this class and splendid  opportunities to increase their capital.  Many miners, however, hearing so  much on the outside about Boundary  Creek, decided to come here. Now  while the amount of development work  is increasing daily, mining men must  necessarily know that it takes considerable time before a mine can be placed  upon a footing that will warrant the  employment of a large number of men.  There is great danger ��that during the  next few months too many men seeking  employment will find their way here.  It would be much better for miners to  remain where they can secure, employment than to take chances in Boundary  Creek for the next few months. The  same advice holds good with" reference  to other laboring men. In the development stage a district can give employment to only a limited number of men.  It is quite possible that as a last resort men can get employment in the  construction   of   the railway.     Those  unaccustomed   to   this  kind  of work,  however, will find it anything but easy.  A large consignment of stationery  was received at The Times offiee this  week.  WhereV  Wand CoW  Prevail^  '  ^  \!  ;>   / '  *v  Y^wmust b&\ chosenWfthv  %\ ^j_k \cm^^m^: -  ._  **���  MENT.  X  0*  K  V  *M  .Pi  }4<  \ COAST AGENCY,  >    No. 159  .New Montgom  ery St.,  San Pranoisoot  $11 Con aider���if you can keep the wet out  $* of your rifle it will not rustuoxfreeze. Only  \'IU  have Solid Tops, shedding water like a  duck's back. Our 197rpuae book (just out)  tells all about them. Up-to-date information about powders,black and smokeless; proper sizes, quantities, how to  load; hundreds of bullets, lead, alloyed,  jacketed, soft-hosed, mushroom, etc.;  trajectories, velocities,penetrations. All  calibres 22 to45;,how to care for arms and  1,000 other things, including many trade  secrets never before given to the public.  J��Ve�� if you will send stamps for postage to  The Marlin Firearms Co., New Haven, Ct.  .���\j-:i i! ^"  BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ^iiiiiiiuiuiiiiiuuiiuiiaiiuii^iiiiiuauiuiiiiiaiiiuuiiiiiuiiuiiuiiuuiiaiiuuiuiiiaiiiiiiiiiiii  Head Office and Works at  Bei,i,evii,i,e, Ont.  Branch Office and "Works at  Trail, B.C.  ACHINE  (LCX* Limited,  Manufacturers of  Air  Compressors,  Rock Drills, Hoisting and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  Ore Trucks, Ore Cars, Ore Buckets, etc,  Agents for Knowies Steam Pump Works.  Our  Shops  at  Trail are most  complete,  consequently  we  are  in   a position   to handle  all  kinds of Repairs.    If you are troubled with your Drills freezing, or wish to  save money buying repairs, then   USE)   OURS.  ^nmf!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?nmmmmfnmmn?mmnmm?mfHnm?mK  FOR   TUNNELS,  .   MINES   AND  QUARRIES  Straight Line Duplex and Compound  COMPLETE   MINE   EQUIPMENT.  JAMES    COOPER    MANUFACTURING   COMPANY,   Limited  pressors  Branch  Office; ROSSLAND, B. G  JAMES D. SWORD, Manager,  O<KH>O<K>O<K)<)<>O<KHH><>0  ��  Successor of the " Unabridged:"  The One Great Standard Authority,  .�� > writes Hon. Y>. J. Brewer,  ���:ii-i t . S. Supreme Court.  Stai-Clarct  of thelJ. S. C.ov'tPrinting  Ollice, the LT. S. Supreme  Court, all the State Su-  i>renieOourts,andol' nearly all the Schoolbooks..  Warmly  _��raHMie_��Ietl.  by State Superintendents  or Schools, College l'resi-  dents.aridotli^r Educators  ahkiost without number.  _Citvailu_t��le ���    ���  in the householdv and to, i  the teacher, scholar, professional man, and self-  educator.  lecimen pages sent on application to  : C. Merriass- COc^wfolisliers,,  I, Mass. ,   ; '  I  Do not be deceived in  buying: email  so-called  Dictionaries."     All   authentic  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,,    .  Cars,  Wheels, -n-  Electric   ;^-'  Batteries  andFuse,  "Webster's _?,���...,,���__<,.,;<,. 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February 15  Catherine [frac], Greenwood camp, J. Moran.  Buffalo, Skylark camp, Thos. Fahey.  Februarj' 16  Matabelle, Summit camp, D. Buchanan.  February 18  Midway, Providence camp, John Christie.  Una Mac, Providence camp, D. McMillan.  Selma, Providence camp, Andrew Hansom.  February 20  Roscommon, Deadwood camp, J. H. Macf arlane  February 21  Bee, Deadwood camp, A. H. Black.  Maid of Erin, Greenwood camp, T. Murray.  L.B., Central camp, A. J. Flett.    Certificates of Work.  February 13  Mountain View���Geo. Smith et al.  February 14  Victor���C. W. Stooke.  E.H. Frac���J. H. McDonald.  February 16  White Cloud���Wm. McDonald et al.  Transfers.  February 14  Franklin, % int.,- P. N. Baldwin to T. Leg-acy.  Victor, all int., C. Stooke to J. W. O'Brien.  Victor, y2 int., J. W. O'Brien to D. C. McDonald  Februarjr 16  London, % int., J. P. McLeod to W. S. Keith.  Londan, 1-16 int., W. S. Keith to Dr. Foster.  Jackpot, y3 int., R. M. McEntire to J. L- I/undy  February 17  Tomboy, all int., A. D. McLeod to P. Welch.  Gladstone, all int., D. I^nch and W. A.  Irwin  to Fred Whitwell  February 18  r Vancouver,  %  int.,  M.  Oppenheimer to J. M.  Taylor.  Vancouver,^ int., M. Oppenheimer to- G. W.  Rumberger., . ,    ���  Silver Duck, % int., M. M. Kelliher to F. Keffer  February 18  Edna, % int., J. S. Harrison "to W. H. Harris.     .  Lake View, % int., A, Connors to W. H. Harris  ���    February 20  . Missing- Link No. % frac, % int.,' J. B.. Moody  to G. R.-Naden   ������  .  Pinhook, World's Fair, y3 int. each, T. D. Johnson to, J. Edwards Leckie  Missing-Link No. 2, frac,' % int., G. R. Naden  to J. Edwards I^eckie .;.���..  Tip Top, frac, % iilt., James Fisher to Clive  Pring-le  :��� ; February 21 '  The Arcadia, all int., Otto Dillier to H. H.  Shallenberg-er  The Astoria, all int., M. J. Phelan to H. H.  Shallenberg-er.    ���   -   ��� ��� \  Miss Moffat, of Rossland, has' been  engaged by Messrs. Smith & McRae to  take charge of the local branch of the  Vernon & Nelson Telephone Company.  '������ NOTIGE.  T\TOTICE is hereto given that at the' first  _L_JL sitting-s of the Board of License,Commissioners for, the City of Greenwood held after  this date, I shall apply for a transfer of the  License to.sell liquor held by Hug-h McKee for  the Commercial Hotel in said City of Greenwood to myself.  .    i        ARTHUR BRANSON.  Dated this 3rd February, 1899.  "rv'': //���-'���  -VNOTIGE ���'  IS hereby g-iven, that I will apply to the License Commissioners for the City of Greenwood, *attheir next sitting- held after the expiration ; of; 'thirty . .days; from this notice,, for a  'license to'sell by retail'spirituous and' fermented liquprson the premises "known as the Ottawa,  House, situate on lot 3, Mock B, in the said city.  -   .Dated:Greenwood; January 27th, 1899. , ,  -123 ' : ...   ,.r. H.  D. TOMPKINS.  ;' ��� ''    NOTIOE.  MOTICE   is   hereby g-iven   that  with   the  written  consent of   shareholders  repre  sentirtg-   two-thirds of the  capital stock of the  Bullion Mining-and Milling- Company,   Limit-'  ed Liability,   the head office of said   company  will'be removed from Midway'in the District of  Yale to" Green wood in said District, on the 25th  day of April next, in accordance with   Section  41 of the "Companies' Act, 1890."  RANDOLPH STUART, J. C. HAAS,  Secretary. President.  Midway, B. C, January 27th, 1899. 131  *  yi.  GREENWOOD is the financial and commeralci  centre of Boundary Creek district. It is the supply  point for the mining camps. From the city, roads  lead  to  the  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON, SMITH'S  ATND   OTHER   BOUNDARY   CREEK   CA/nPS,, >  " Three   chartered  Banks   have  branches   in   the- .city".  For price of L,ots atid other information, address  ROBT.  WOOD  or C.   SCOTT  GALLOWAY,  GREENWOOD,   BOUNDARY   CREEK,   B.C.  Or apply to the Agents :  C. F. COSTERTOU' . A:. A. K. STUART,   X   J. B. JOHNSON & CO.,  Vernow.     '    . '  '        . Vancouver. '   Rossi,and.  Midway, Kettle River.  Fiest-ci,ass Accommodation.   Good Stabung.    Stopping Pi,ace for Stages.  McAULEY _ KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.  & 'J  i!'  r ;  ('  !  I     I,  I     'l  BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  fiS-����_*-_____i___.T_a_ii_v-_. __>_.& :,    ��� �����  _-,     J   >.*_'   -**��� n  ___i._^_.r_____,.:__._��� _ ���_..!____,. ._._____   _ !_______���'  THE   BONDED   WAREHOUSE.  The above is an illustration of  Rendell & Co.'s bonded warehouse.    It was  intended for the special holiday number  but some bacchanalian   express   ag-ent  kept the   photo-engraving-  in order  to  better feast,' in his  imag-ination,   upon  ' the good thing-s that are stored   in   the  building.      The   bonded   warehouse   is  the   first   and' only, stone."building-  in  Greenwood.      It   runs  back   into   the  hillside and is a much larger building  than the cut would indicate.    In it are  stored all kinds of  wines,   liquors   and  cigars. Bonded .privileges were granted  to the firm, about a   year   ago.    Mr. A.  K. Stuart is the  inland revenue officer  under whose supervision   the  liquor is  taken from the building.  DRY    ORE  PURCHASED, and payment made as  soon after the receipt of ore as samples  can be assayed.  Quotations g-iven upon the receipt of  .samples.  The Hal^ Mines, Limited,  ^3-4 Nelson, B.C.  _      _  _       a  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  The Best Canadian.  R,  SOLE AGENTS:  P.   RlTHEOT &   CO.   Ltd.  VICTORIA     B.C.  WOOD FOR  SALE  All Lengths, from 16 to 48 inches.  ; Orders promptly attended.-to..."  -if*       aY^       aY-6  ���siv5"      -*ir      "Sh'  Office at the Greenwood  Flour and Feed '  Store, Silver Street.  JOHN  M.   CROPLEY.,  APPLICATION FOR  LIQUOR  LICENSE.  MOTICE is hereby g-iven, that the undersigned intends to apply to the Board of  License Commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at their next sitting-, for a license to sell  liquor by retail on the premises known as the  Rossland Hotel, situate on lot 30, in block 12,  Copper street, in the City of Greenwood, B. C. .  Dated this 4th day of January, 1899.  22- ALFRED   CAMERON.��J  NOTICE.  IS hereby g-iven that I will apply to the License Commissioners for the City of Greenwood at their next sitting- held after'the expiration of thirty da3*s from the date of this notice,  fora license to sell by retail spirituous or fermented liquors ou the premises to be known as  the Pacific Hotel, to be situate on Lot 34, block  7 in  the said city.     HFNRY   B. MADDEN.  Dated at Greenwood, this 27th day of January,  A. D. 1899.  OF   EVERY   DESCRIPTION. UPHOLSTERING,   ETC.  The Larg-est Stock in the District.  I  j UNDERTAKING     AND     EMBALMING  lr^_TTfcy-nMrg_iH_iw__igw*��--^_._.._^-^^  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Boundary  Valley   Lodge,  No. 3 8, I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  ���      . .    _    Evening-   at   8.00   in  their lodg-e room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to "all sojourning- brethren.    " Tnos. M. Gulley, N.G.  Duncan Ross, Rec. Sec.  A.   _=.   <5c   A.   _v_.  .GREENWOOD LODGE, A. F. & A. M.  Reg-ular   Communication   first    Thursday   in  every month:    Sojourning- brethren cordially  invited. J.   c.   HAAS,  C. Scott Galloway, W.M. Secretary.  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of " Improvements.  NOTICE.  BUTTE CITY.' mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle-River'mining- division of Yale district.'  Where located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we, C. R. Garland,  free miner's certificate No. 14,116a, W.  J-. Harris, free miner's certificate No. 14,227a, E.  C. Carg-ill, free miner's certificate No. 14,235a,  and E.T. Wickwire, free'miner's certificate No.:  14,234a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, :  to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  Grown grant of the.jabove claim.  And further'-take5 notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before .the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of January, 1899. 122-9  ;��� MINERAL/ -ACT,  -1896; "  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  HIDDEN TREASURE Mineral Claim, situate  in Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale  District.   Where located : In Copper Camp.  TAKE notice, that we Ned Beunet, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 14082a, and Earnest  A.Bielenberg,Free Miner's Certcficate No.25867a  tend, ' sixty days "from' the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a Crown g-rant of the above claim.  ' And further take'. notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of February, 1899.        139-9  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For_:s.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  ���    and every day except Sunday for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  4ST Will sell througrh Tickets to  Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  TBe Presbyterian Church, Greenwood  Thos. Oswald, Ordained Missionary.  ���   ~���O '  Services held in Rendell & Co's Hall  every Sabbath evening-at 7:30.  Sabbath School and Bible Class every  '    Sabbath afternoon at 3:30.  The Sacrament of the L,ord's Supper  is dispensed on the last Sabbath of  January, April, July and October.  Save Money by purchasing your Ticket direct  from Greenwoodvto points on the Coast or East-  OCEAN     TO     OOEAIM  Without chang-e of Cars, via;  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping- cars, luxurious dining- cars, eleg-ant  day coaches, mag-nificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The only line running- throug-h tourist  from the coast  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  CHANGE f  TO  Lowest rates to j(  , and from  4_ Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines-  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China-:  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to any ships that have yet sailed  the  Pacific  ocean.     The   route   is   300 miles1  shorter than via"any other Trans-Patific line.    "  -/���?  ���siF  Canadian-Australian Steamer L/Inis  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every voyag-e.  # For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  S. L. SMITH, E.  J.  COYLE,  Ag-ent, > Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER*  D. R. McELMON, Local Ag-ent, Greenwood.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  BesfBrands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  and Insurance Agent  VISITORS   IN TOWN   CORDIALLY  INVITED.  All Are Welcome.   Seats Free.  VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT FOR  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Company of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  APPRAISER  FOR.  The Canada Permanent Loan & Saving* Co*  v.W  v  ^X^^m)^^^^^'^^A^V0':^ T&TWt'^ V&T^SFWr^&vjFFtti  *^ 'iH'i'm'MUHl, yi> ��*.��( m  4 W &___i____  THE  BOUNDARY   CITE  1: ."  these " If a man hit him in the face and  he happened to have a knife in his  hand he might be tempted to use it.'*  Mr. McMynn never heard Judg-e Spinks  speak disrespectfully of the magistrates. ���    ��� ,.  Mr. Henderson then read a letter  from Mr. J. H. Falconer, to the Minister of Justice. This is the Mr. Falconer who was in Sutton's office the time  Mr. McCallum signed the letter. Mr.  Henderson saw Falconer in Kootenay  but he maintained that he knew nothing about the charges arid he was not  in a position to justify his letter. Below will be found the letter :  Grand Forks, June 1st, 1897.  Sir.Olivek Mow at, Minister of Justice :  Sir,���I have arrived up here as Deputy Sii-  preme Chief Ranger, I.O.F., from Victoria,  where, as you know, my home is. There is a  matter that, as a Liberal arid a friend, I deem  it my duty to acquaint you of, viz. : The conduct of W. W. Spinks, Judge, of Yale district.  I am at a loss to Qse words to convey my impressions regarding- his unseenily' conduct,"  but.it is sinipU- appalling-. If ever' an investigation was necessary to enquire into the conduct of an}' man, it is necessary in this case,  for the good name of your department and for.  the glaring atrocities and extreme, favoritism  shown bjr this official. It is highVy- necessarj-,  in the interests of.good government, to have a  commission appointed to investigate at once.  Believe me, etc.,���<���.  James H. Falconer.  Mr. Justice McColl then announced  that if any other persons wished to be  heard either under oath or otherwise,  they should now appear.  No one desiring to be heard, His  Honor Judge Spinks was sworn. He  first explained about the postponements  of courts. Once the Midway court was^  postponed because the road was impassible from Osoyoos t6 Midway. He  went round by Rossland, was taken illn  at Rossland and was under the doctor's  care for a week. Another time court  was postponed at the request of the  counsel. Another time he had a tele-  o-ram to meet the Attorney-general in  reference to an important constitutional case. In 1894 court was adjourned on account of floods and once or  twice courts were adjourned becauseof  the number of cases in preceding  courts taking-so much time that the  dates set were overlapped. He never  adjourned courts to suit his personal  convenience. He never kept criminals  waiting- after he was notified that they  desired speedy trial. In the Nicholson  vs Dalrymple case his notes were accessible to counsel and he did not Consider  he should make a copy for them. He  g-ranted license to W. T. Thompson  because he knew something about Rock  Creek and the justices did not. There  was no accommodation for the traveling public there at the time. In the  Mimms case he refused the appeal not  because he did not consider Mimms -a  proper person but because of the house.  He didwrite. Mimms telling him he considered him a proper person. In the  Hayes case what he did say was : " If  I had a knife in my hand and a man  struck me in the mouth, I mig-ht have  used it under the impulse, but after a  moment's reflection would know I had  done wrong-."  In dealing in milling- cases Judg-e  Spinks always held that in stakes 4  feet was 4 feet, and 4 inches 4 inches,  and Dairympie's stakes were too small.  In the Acres case, Acres sued Gillespie  for wages. The work Acres performed was done under written contract.  Acres acknowledged not having lived  up to the contract and was therefore  non-suited. Acres refused to accept  Gillespie's note and the Judge ordered  it returned. In the Sidle}- case Judge  Spinks said that after the first dismissal, the Indians appeared with another  mare and colt and swore to fresh information. That was the reason for the  second charge. He didn't tell the Indians they had perjured themselves.  When the first case was dismissed he  had no knowledge of the second case.  Under cross-examination on this point,  Mr. Sidley produced the summonses to  show that both were issued the same  day and remarked that the Judge's  memory had played him treacherous.  Mr. Spinks admitted having ho recollection of taking the information as  shown by the documents.  Mr. W. T. Thompson corroborated  Judge Spink's testimony regarding the  condition of roads and also with reference to the lack of accommodation at  Rock Creek. "������/..-..  This concluded the evidence and Mr.  Sidley started that he had brought the  charges �� without being in collusion  with any one. He was prepared to  give Judg-e Spinks his authority for  any statements he did not prove. He  considered it his duty to make the  charges and regretted that others made  such strong assertions without appearing to back them up.  Mr. Justice McColl said that no one  would charge Sidley with.being- in collusion with any one. All he would  permit himself to say with reference  to the charges of others was that after  making charges in such vague though  strong terms it was not easy to understand how the}^ can reconcile their conduct in ignoring the commission altogether.  The commission adjourned at 6:30  p. ,m. to meet at New Westminster on  Tuesday next when Mr. Bullock-Webster will be asked to give evidence regarding the Hayes stabbing case.  Timber on Mineral  Claims.  A matter regarding which there exists considerable doubt is the right of  sawmill companies to cut timber off  mineral claims. The local sawmill  company have been informed by the  provincial timber inspector that they  have the right to cut timber on mineral claims. The following- letter from  the Minister of Mines to Mr. W. A.  Corbett of Summit camp places a different complexion on the matter.  The letter is under date Nov. 30, 18-  97, and reads as follows :  ''You ask what rights you have to  the timber on j^our mineral claim. I  may state you have the right to the  whole of the timber on 3'our mineral  claim providing you are working it as  such and that if any sawmill company  is taking- the timber from your land  you have a perfect right to stop them  and should apply to the nearest magistrate to do so. Signed, James Baker,  Minister of Mines."  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAYvV  PLANING   AND  MOULDING  AAILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanagan Lake.  v��l  .-...���    T>\  Owning extensive timber limits oh  Mabel lake containing some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as good material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  I Orders from Boundar.v Creek and the  f      Southern Interior solicited.  I Smith & McLeod, Vernon,  x;-',.-���  TVTOTICE is hereby given that sixty days  JL 3L after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for, permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following-described lauds, situated in the  Osoyoos division of Yale district, British Columbia : Commencing at the north-west corner  "of section 23, in township 53 ; thence south 80'  chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains to place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less;  Dated .October 16th, 1897.  63 CHARLES M'. SHAW.  NOTICE is  hereby given   that sixty daj-s  after date I intend to apply to  the  Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following- described  lands,  situated iii the  Osoyoos division of Yale district,  British Columbia: Commencing at the south-east corner  of the south-west quarter of section  33,  township 53 ; thence north 60 chains, thence east '40-  chains, thence north 20 chains to the north-east  corner   of 0section 33,   thence  west 80 chains,  thence south 40 chains,  thence, east 20 chains,  thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains to-  place of commencement,  containing 320 acres,  more or less.  Dated October 16th, 1897.  62 CHRISTOPHER WOOD.  NOTICE is hereby given that sixty da3rs  after date I intend1 to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase, all the unoccupied portions of  the following-described lands, situated in the  Osoyoos division of Yale district, British Columbia: Commencing at the north-west corner  of section 28, in township 53 ; thence south 80  chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 40  chains, thence west 20 chains, thence, north 40  chains, thence west 20 chains to place of commencement, containing 240 acres, more or less.  Dated October 16th. 1897.  62 ___ ���_ '_   _    JVM. MINKLER.  TVTOTICE is hereby given that sixty days  J_\L after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following- described lauds, situated in the  Osoyoos division of Yale district, British Columbia : Commencing at the north-east corner  of section 29, township 53; thence south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence east SO chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.  Dated October 16th, 1897.  62 FITZGERALD McCLEERY.  Camp Mg  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and'Cigars.  Goon    Stabling.  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  NOTICE is hereby given, that the under-  sighed intend���to. apply to the License  Commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at  their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor by  retailon the premises known as the Greenwood  hotel, on lot 22, block 7, in the City of Greenwood, B.C. MICHAEL   MORAN.  THOMAS  L. TORMEY  Dated this 10th dav of December. 1897. 66  ;\  ��  -.  r ������ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ;J ���;:-. -I ��  ' ���" . i;;  j r.  &ii  ' i?l  it !������  O1  ; f f  U)m;���  Mi  Ml  .,$������--  11 -If  1  ���������*  I;!  I  it  MINERS and: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  Ames Holden Co.'s  '      ff.:  "Columbia  "Kootenay "  " Vancouver "  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  PUBLISHED  I1V  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing:  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross.......:..:...-.::....'...,. ,. .Editor.  W. J. Hakhek ';.:.-....-..;....-...'......Manag-er.  Advertising-Rates are One Dollar  per inch  per month.   Legalnotices, 10c. and 5c. per line.  No "quack" or  remedy ads.  inserted at  an3-,  price.   Subscriptions are due in advance ; other  accounts paj'able monthly.  Address all communications to  TlIK  TlMES,  Greenwood, B.C.  SuBSCKiPTiox, _2.00 piskYicaKj'in Advance.  SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 25, 1897.  ($/ (Wl^trg C^tt0ttrtd0.  "THE TIMES " EXTENDS TO ALL ITS  READERS   A   VERY   MERRY   XMAS.  Mining   Records.  The Times has'made arrang-e merits  to publish weekly the records from the  recorder's office at Midway and Grand  Forks. In the past, owing- to circumstances over which The-Times had no  control, the records were not published reg-ularry. In the future however,  subscribers can safely file their copies  as records of mining- matters.  A Letter  of Thanks.  The Times has been requested to  publish the following" letter from the  bereaved parents of the late Miss  Thornber: f  New Westminster, Dec. 16, 1897.  We beg- to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Greenwood for the  kind and considerate manner in which  thev testified their esteem for our late  beloved daug-hter and particularly' to  those ministering- friends who so ���unselfishly and tenderly cared for her in  her illness and last hours.  No words can express what is overflowing- in our hearts, but we pray Al-  mig-hty God to bless each one of those  who have striven to show us their deep  sympathy in our sorrow. Sig-ned in,  love that will live forever in our hearts,  L/Avina Thornber,  L/awrence Thornber.  Should be Encouraged.  The Commercial Association which  has just been org-anized can exert a  iireat influence in the interests of the  district if properly conducted. To be as  effective in its work as it ought to be,  it should receive the encourag-ement of  everyone. All meeting's of the association should be larg-ely attended. As  The Times has often stated, important leg-islation in the interests of  Boundary Creek will be introduced in  both federal and provincial houses and  it is of the utmost importance   that on  such matters there should be a full and  unanimous expression of opinion from  'those-most directly interested.  Christmas  Tree.  The children of Greenwood and Anaconda received presents from Santa  Glaus in .'Rendell & Co's. hall on Christmas eve. Santa Claus had very little  to do, the presents being- provided by a  committee of ladies who collected a  larg-e sum of money for presents for  tlie Christinas tree. A musical and  literary entertainment was provided  by the children.  That Investigation,  Any one who listened..to .the evidence  g-iven must necessarily have been forced to the conclusion that the Spinks  investig-ation was ah expensive farce.  While rumors arid charg-es were plentiful for years jmst Mr. Sidley was the  only one who had the courag-e to appear before the commission with a  view to substantiating- the charg-es he  had made. The result of the investig-ation caiinot be hard to determine.  Aii3r one even thoug-h not skilled in law  would know that there was not sufficient evidence to justify the cancellation of Judg-e Spinks' commission.  But it is not unlikely that the commission will be without its . beneficial  results. If Judg-e Spinks had clothed  himself with more of that dig-nity which  oug-ht to adorn the bench in all probability the charg-es would never have  been made and in the future he will  probably remember that it is decidedly  dang-erous for even a judg-e tog-et without the pale of established custom.  The conduct of Mr. A. C. Sutton of  Grand Forks cannot be too strongTy  condemned. .From the evidence it appeared that he succeeded in g-etting-  Messrs. McCallum and Falconer to  sig-n two strong- letters addressed to the  Minister of Justice. These letters  were really instrumental in securing-  the appointment of the commission.  Althoug-h it did not come out in the  evidence it is well known that Mr. Sutton was anxious that he should be appointed commissioner. In fact he asked Mr. Peter McCallum, J. P. to sig-n a  letter addressed to Sir Wilfrid L/aurier  in which it was urg-ed that Mr. Sutton  be appointed the commissioner.  Mr. P. __?. Irving- of Victoria has  been appointed to succeed Mr. Justice  McCreig-ht, resig-ned.  o  en  r  CO  ___  p  o  -f-3  Co  -t->  !/)  c  Cu  OJ  r_  U]  q:  o  <*  Q  o  s*  c  o  ���o  +-��  w.  o  a  4)  05  n  .   a  c/i kj  O   <x>  ~ .2  �� ��  .52  "*  j? m  c  <u  < B  n S  s  ��J  _o  13  >>  CO  CO  <  is  _ o  s 0)  S P  ^  _.  <  Cife ^^^j_9*_9C^C^e_**G_^(^  1  j   ^ANGV  (BOODS,  5  1 ^M^p  ISLEIGHS  For Boys, Girls and Babies.  f  �����  J\  A full line of the above g-oods   (f  will arrive shortly ^  ���Al   3   SMITH & McRAE'S;   f  i ;���".;,' P  T Book, Stationery, Wall^ h  A    paper,   Notion,   and    f  Fancy Goods Store       fa  Greenwood      ?      t     t     B. C.   u^  fM*  m ?'^?i^9<^?^?i^6^^_F^_^^Cr^raa?  B     H.   HALLETT,  QSdrttBter; ^oftcifor,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  S^ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. 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The Boundary Creek Times publishes communications on matters of public interest,  but disclaims any responsibility for the  opinions expressed in this column.  The Quarantine Scheme.  Editor, Boundary Creek Times:  In reply to the letter of Dr. Nelson,  Wash., basing his idea that the Canadian g-overnment is behind the move  for a quarantine, I hereby state that  the quarantine arose through my finding two cases, one acute case and one  chronic. Dr. Hicking-bottoni took advantage of this and got instructions  from the Dominion .governor to make  an investigation. He consulted me in  the matter. I told him I did not know  of another case in this vicinity. However, he thought it a good scheme to  go into making a stake out of the people and asked me to go in with him in  the plot and that he would have to report one or two cases we had discovered every da>% I told him I wanted  nothing to do with him and thereupon  left him. I consider him nothing more  or less than a quack and a rascal of the  first-water. Signed,  J. Christie, M.R.C.V.S.  M.     R.  ������''SMITH    &,    GO,  Established 1858.  Gold Medal Awarded  At B. C.Agricultural Exhibition  1S95 and 1896.  BISCUIT   MANUFACTURERS,  Medal Awarded  Colonial aud Indian Exhibition,  London, 1880.  Victoria, B.C.  J. PIERCY & CO.,  25,27,29   YATES STREET,  VICTORIA,    /;'RC  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing Manufacturers.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, 1.0.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  on the first and third Thursday evenings  of every month. Visiting- Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  Duncan Ross,                 Recording Secretary.  Chief Ranker.         45   BOUNDARY CREEK MINING & COMMERCIAL  ASSOCIATION  WILE   meet   every   alternate    Weduesday  E veiling- in Rendell  & Co.'s  hall at 8  o'clock.    The meetings are open to the public.  E. JACOBS, THOS. HARDY,  68 SecretaiT.        ��� _  President.  W. J. 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When 8 o'clock arrived it would not  have been a difficult matter to count all  those present. Others came strag--  g-ling- in, however, and by 9 o'clock  there was a fair attendance in the hall.  Mayor Wood was voted to the chair  and Mr. Geo. A. Guess appointed secretary. 'V  His Worshrp Mayor Wood and  Messrs. Gallowa3v WVT. Smith, Ross,  Nelson,' arid F. Keffer of Anaconda  briefly pointed out the advantages of a  commercial association. Mr. Keffer  felt quite sure that those living- outside of Greenwood would heartily join  in the movement.  It   was   then  decided  by '.'resolution,  that the association be formed and that  it be   known   as   the  Boundary  Greek  Mining-   &   Commercial     Association.  The constitution of the old  association  was then considered,   and   after  some  slight     amendments    thereto   it   was  adopted.    Officers were then elected as  follows :    President ��� Thos.    HarcVy ;  Vice-presidents���Duncan Ross (Greenwood),   F.   Keffer   (Anaconda),   W.   H.  Norris   (Midway);   Secretar3'���E.   Jacobs ; Treasurer, Geo. R. Naden ; Committee���M. J, Phelan, A.   S.   Black, C.  S.   Galloway.   J.   W.   Nelson,   W,   T.  Smith,   Geo.   A.    Guess, R.   Wood, R.  Smailes and W..M. I��aw.  The initiation fee in the association  was fixed at 50 cents and the monthly  dues at 25 cents. Meetings of the asso-  ciation will be held every second Wednesday-.  Immediately after adjournment on  Wednesday evening- the executive committee met to consider a communication from Donald Graham, M. P. P.,  for the money necessar}r for the construction of roads in the district. A  sub-committee' consisting- of Messrs.  Hardy, Galloway,, Keffer, Jacobs and  Guess, was appointed to prepare the  details of amount required for this purpose and forward the same, to Mr. Gra-  harii.  Licensing  Court.  The adjourned meeting- of the  board  of Incense Commissioners was held on  Mondaj-   last.    Maj'or   Wood,     Police  Magistrate    Hallett   and   Mr.    G.   R.  Naden, the three  commissioners   were  present.    Petitions were presented asking-that licenses  be   granted   for   the  Pioneer, International, Windsor, Commercial   and   Imperial   hotels.    After  reading- the petitions   arid questioning-  the applicants, the court adjourned for  ten minutes   to   consider   the   applications.    Upon  resuming. Police Magistrate Hallett announced that  no   licenses would be granted until Januaiw 10,  aud during- the interval all hotels must  be furnished with  proper fire  escapes.  In making this   announcement   Magistrate Hallett made .some pointed observations regarding the kind of hotels to  which  licenses  will   be   granted.    His  remarks  were  on   behalf of the court.  A full report will be given   next week.  tMs ��Ma*M?> _** _&> *Ma��M* _^>%^5 *Ma ��Ma *Ma  We have the most complete stock of  FANCY GROCERIES ever brought into  Greenwood, especially selected for the holiday  trade. Everything the good Wife and Mother  needs to get up a Xmas dinner. Cut this out  and call at " The White Front M before making your purchases for  ma* at \^omu  CLOTHING -We carry a complete line for Men and Boys.  MACKINAWS.  SWEATERS.;  GERMAN SOX.  PANTS.  HATS and CAPS.  GLOVES and MITTS.  FANCY TIES.  OVERSHOES.  BOOTS and SHOES.  Also   LADIES',   MISSES'   and   CHILDREN'S   HOSE,   GLOVES,   MITTS  and   OVERSHOES.  We respectfully invite you to call and inspect our g-oods. ^iesv  ,' :P&\   We guarantee Quality and Prices to suit you. '^%  sit.     _;<-     Av_.  ''iF      "W.     "Sji* ,'    ' .  :i>y  �����/����  OLSON & PHELAN.  am'M.  Qpm<x& (xvib QtetP gear's (presenter  %,        For your Friend, Sweetheart, Wife, Husband, Brother or Sister. If*  MUZ'S  ���4^  Solid and Gold-filled Goods :  Ladies'     and      Gentlemen'  Watches and Chains.  Neck Chains and Pendants.  Plain and Set Ritig-s.  ���o��� .  Sterling Silver Novelties in  Manicure and Toilet Articles *|f#  j,      Key,    Bag-    and     Umbrella .J&  i             Checks.                              ��� '.. ;.��;  Mounted Briar Pipes, incases "V---  Match Safes.        ' '   - -W<  ��� -��-- .,' ,Xtf  Cut Glass Ware. %4$  Plated   Tea    Sets,    Knives,   Pl  Forks and Spoons k  9    The Pioneer Jewelers,  GREENWOOD.  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,G  0k  We. are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g-ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining-Men.        Best of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars..   LlVKKY  STAHI.E  IN   CONNECTION. :   0k  0C  ���  *��  :V  9-  V Site Yft'V : ft*'*? ���i,'l��lc>' -i-^r^TST"?  WSMSBmimmimmmmmmi &_R��tSKE  CREEK   TIMES,  A SITTING of the  County  Court of Yale  will be holden at  Fairview, ox  Wkdnksday, the   4th  day of May, 1898,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the foreno  By Command.  1 >oti.  n ���   ��� ..    '     C- A- R- LAMBLY,  Government Office, t, j.'    ���  0so3'oos, B.C., Nov. 20th, 1897.  64-4  ^ si  ~ .&���**&*  In connection with " THE  TIMES  we have now one of the   most   com><  plete'  JOB  PRINTING  OUTFITS  5**8>  I  **"    s in the interior of the Province,    With |    i|F"H  | new power Presses,  new Type, and a * ^  i    ��� _***��   I stoct ojf modern Printers1 Stationery, we I    !��$/   J  ���       /l^r^v     |    ���-,... ^ .. .. .   .,'..........  . - .-. .om&iw  ^       ^_^        _  are  t-n  a   rvveJ-fwrvr*  */*��   fill  ->*--,  -__._!_.. xr   _  ... -^--v  rare in a position to fill any orders for !  Job Printing as reasonably, as satisfacy  torily, and as  expeditiously   as can be  done in Spokane or on the  coast  A merchant who uses " cheap and  nasty" Stationery and Printing does his  business a serious injury sAt is dear at  a gift Let us fill your next order for  LetterheadsrBillheads or Envelopes? then  compare our work and prices with  others*/   We guarantee you satisfaction,  Cold Commissioner's Notice.  Vernon,   Osoyoos,   Kettle   River   and   Grand  Forks Mining Divisions of Yale District.  TVrOTlCE is hereby griveu that all placer  liL claims leg-ally held in the Vernon/ Osoyoos, ^Kettle River and Grand Forks Mining-  divisions of Yale District, B.C., are laid over  from the lath day of November. 1897, to the 1st  day of June, 1898. C. A. Ri LAMBLY,  Osoyoos, .B.C., .    . Gold Commissioner.  November 13th, 1897. ;.. 53  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896. ~~~  Certificate   of   Improvements.  ��� ' notice: .��� ,.���'.���:.'.: -,.:������'���  G0^.D BUG Mineral claim,I situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district  Where located :  In Deadwood camp  TAKE notice that I, Adolph Drucker, free  miner's certificate No. 88,803, intend/sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improve!  ments, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  grants,of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under,  section 37, must be commenced before the issu-!  ance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this 19th day of Novejnber. 1897." 63-8  MINERAL,   ACT,    l596.~~"      7  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice:  HIDDEN   TREASURE   Mineral Claim, situ-  ^te,mJt.heKettle:Rivermini"8- division of    .  .';    Yale  district.    Where   located:    In  Dead-  wood camp. ':'...���"  TAKE notice that I,  Adolph  Drucker,  free  miner s certificate No. 88.803, intend, sixty  (lavs frniti   t ia H-i(o l,rt..^���4:     <...    '_._,       .      ..   '  '-_.->  aYa     *V*     aY4     i"4  ���Slk"       "?ir       ">is?       vA''  The B  bundary Greek Printing  ishing Co,, Ltd,  the above claim.  A'ld further- take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement  Dated this 19th day of November. 1897'.       63  MINERAL,    ACTr~1896~      ~"  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  SNOWSHOE   Mineral  Claim,   situate   in   the  Kettle River  Mining-  Division  of Yale  district.    Where located : Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that we,  W.   W.  Gibbs, free  miner's   certificate.   No.  87,527,   Thomas  McDonnell,  free miner's  certificate No.  ^46a  o_ld,??bert Penzltn% free miner's certificate No!  888,46, intend, sixty  davs  from the date hereof  to apply  to  the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant of the above claim.  And further  take  notice that action,   under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of.improvements  Dated this 30th day of October, 1897  60  FOR SALE  THE     ENTIRE  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  Mining Outfit at the Skylark Mine  TNCLUDING Horse-Whim, Ore. and Truck  J. Cars, Water Tank, Ore Buckets. Hoatimr  Stoves and Assay Outfit. Articles will be sold  separately.    Many in fine condition.  CHAS. E. RUEGER,  _____ .   A___L_:_P_5_rll_vood-  ^JOHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Cttnf (Btujtncet,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrig-ation Projects, Eng-ineering-and Survev  Work, with plans and Estimates in auv portion  of the province, immediately attended "to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osovoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  m$  1a �����) a. ��  Residence  MIDWAY.  ffS, fr ..'  Fj.'KWJ-  F>. ���������. v  f- ��. .-  >   7:.,  -���" .'  V  &&MM^m��nwmr<^Auwrmi>eiiwi!KBZ!v  ���_ MgW-JMUM MCTMUgHBI fW tl'J'BA MMHB HM-MMM! HTOI1M- HI UHU THE   BOUNDARY -CK-EEK   TIMES;  -:IC'i  t  l  KETTLE   RIVER MINING   DIVISION.  Record of Mineral  Locations for the  Week  Ending December 21st, 1897.  December 14.  Cashier* Graham's camp, Forbes M. Kerby.  December 15.  Isabel, Kimberly camp, D. Cook.  December  18.  Offspring-, Deadwood camp, Lewis Hind.  (_��eeti of'Sheba, Deadwood camp,  G. Andrews.  - Certificates of Work.  December 17.  Beng-auL Kimberly camp, J. S.Harrison.  Granada, Graham's camp, F. M. Kerby.  December  18.  Capital Prixe, East of Anaconda,  Sydney  M.  Johnson. : '  Ruby, Smith's camp, C. _E. Shaw.  December 20.  Bruce,  Graham's camp, Sydney  M. Johnson,  ag-ent for J. C. Has's. .  Emerald, Deadwood camp,       ditto.       ditto.  Transfers.  December  16.  New York, Greenwood camp���R. Shea to  J. B.  McArthur.  Golconda,   Laocoon,   York,    Cleveland,    Wild  Rose (fraction;, Gold Bed,  Smith's camp-^J.  Hass; and Hon. G. E. Foster to P. C. Stoess.  December 17.  Standard, Greenwood camp, 7-32 int. ; Golden.  Rod. % int., Pu vail up," 3-8 int., Central camp,  W. T. Smith to'Farrell & Midg-eon.  Red Rock, Greenwood camp, all int., E. D. Shea  M. H. Kane.  Teutonic, Clear Grit* Mbonlig-ht, Golden Treasure, Copper camp, all int., J. E." Hooper to E.  C. Hooper.  ' December IS.  Alma (frac), % int., Silver Duck (frac.) and  Owl, >+ int., Central camp, M. M. Kelliher to  James Fisher. j  Ninetv-seven, Deadwood camp, C. Guest to J.'  P. Flood.    ' :  GRAND   FORKS   MINING   DIVISION.  Locations.  December IS.  Tupper, Hardy Mountain, W. G. McMynu.  December 22^  Norton, Summit camp, I. II. Hallett etal.  Certificates of Work.  December 22.  Bank of England���Titos. HarcU-' et al.  Transfers.  December 16.  Little Babe, all int., H.Blair et  al.  to Joseph  L. Stelp.  . December 17.  Donald (frac.;, % int., E. A. Haiu to -W. Shaw.  December 20.  Golden Rod, yz int., W. T. Smith to F.  Farrell  etal.  Aluminum, 1-10 int., Lake Shore   lA  int.,  Pilot  Knob %, Bald Face J_, Mother Eve J_, W.  N.  Wolverton to J. Wolvertou.  Riverside, %, int., H. A. Huntley to E. Beutley.  December 21.  Monte Carlo, % int., E.  W.  Johnson  to J.  T.  O'Brien.  City of Denver, % int., G. R. Naden to F. Gome,  That Wagon Road.  The Rossland Miner  is  still  urg-ing-  the construction of a wag-on  road from  Rossland to Cascade City\    The Miner  could spend its time   more  profitably.  It has not attempted to answer the  arguments ag-ainst the  road,   and  offers  no substantial reasons why the government should   undertake  the  construction   of   such   a   road.    The   Rossland  Times a bright  weekly  is  opposed   to  the building-of the  road  and   has  had  sufficient    enterprise     to   publish  the  views of the people most directly interested.    All   are   anxious   to -see a railway built not  a wagon   road.    We feel  quite   sure   that   the  government  will  not be foolish enough to expend money  on this iiseless undertaking-.  Miss Blake, the school-teacher at  Camp McKinney. has gone to Vancouver to spend her holidays.  SQUARE   HOUSE.  CO  ���J  <*  :_  o  CO  Greenwood City, B.C.  0k-  Sir  Gi:o. E. Skymouk & Co..  Props.  ���': .'_*%_ "���  ���7,f     .  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  5  O  /*  (f)  THISTLE  : :  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  '��� ���AND;��� .-���.,' 'V  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  ,���      SOLE AGENTS :  R.  P. RlTHET ���&  Co. %td.  VICTORIA;    B.C.  ' , fJ ��� ���   ' ��� '  NOTICE ~^  MOTICE is hereby g-iven that an application will beinade to the Parliament of  Canada at the next session thereof for an Act  to incorporate a Company to construct and  'maintain a -railway' from a point on the International Boundary Line at or near Cascade  City, British Columbia, thence in a westerly  directiou, following- the valley of the Kettle  river to a point on the said Boundary Line at  or near Carson ; also from another point on the  said Boundary Line at or near Midwaj-, thence  northerly, following- the valley of Boundary  creek to a point about twenty miles north of  Midway ; with power to construct and maintain branch lines, and at the said Boundary  Liue to connect with aud to operate the whole  in conjunction with the railwa}- line of the  Spokane Falls & Northern .Railway Company,  with power to the company to construct, operate aud maintain teleg-raph and telephone lines  as well for,commercial purposes as the business  of the railway; and for all other necessary and  usual powers.  Dated the 4th day of December, A.D. 1897.  BODWELL, IRVING & DUFF,  67-8 Solicitors for Applicants.  Delicious  WMa"ra"lb'a��a^^if_fW^if_r-Tint  Toothsome  WILLS'Famous "Navy Cut," "Traveller,"  and other lines of Tobaccos.  IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS.  n. E. f RAZEE,  Hamill Biock Copper street.  NOTICE  MOTICE is  hereby g-iven  that application  will be made to  the  Leg-islative 'Assembly of the Province of British Columbia at its  next   session   for an   Act  to  incorporate The  Mountain Tramway & Electric Company, with  power to construct, acquire  and  operate  rope-  Avavs   and    tramways    for   transportation   of  freight from points on or  near  the  Nakusp  &  Slocan Railway and branches thereof to mines'  and mineral claims in the McGuig-an Camp aud  Whitewater Basin,   and   elsewhere  in   the district throug'h-which said railway and branches  pass or will pass, and from points  on   the  Columbia & Kootenay Railway, Crow's Nest Line,  constructed or to be constructed, aud  branches  thereof   in   the  mining- districts  of East and  West Kootenay, to mines  and   mineral   claims  in     the     district     througii     which    the    said  Railways  and   bran dies   respectfully   pass or  will pass : and to  construct,   acquire and operate works and   plant  to   g-enerate   aud   supply-  heat, lig-hlaiid electricity in the   said   districts  aud elsewhere in the province, and   to  dispose,  of such heat, lig-ht and electricity ;   and   to acquire and hold all  kinds of   real  and personal  property, together with the power to  expropriate lands and all other  powers   and   privileges  that may be uecessarv, incidental or advantageous to the full exercise of the powers hereinbefore mentioned.  Dated this 14th day of December, 18(>7.  Davis. M.-\ksii.\i.._, McNk.it, & Abbott,  67-7 Solicitors.for Applicants.  Established 1862.  HER BROS.,  ^KOBAKWW  xw*  Manufacturers of Furni*  ture. Upholstery, etc  ���Importers of .Crockery', Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no-  matter how larg-e, promptly-filled,  as we have  the   .  LARGEST STOCK IN THE PROVINCE.  0k     0k     0k       .' ���     ���'  <���    . <t,f.    . -ftp  ���  -&jk> .     ,  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.,  ������'..'������                             ?  ��� ' ������  .          '                          f  ���������    ''���'���      '���'���'������'-,���'           \  ��� 0    ���:���                          '..���'���   t  11K <  &<{&'    _V*    a1'*  'nf      if?      -ijtr  VICTORIA,   B.C.  j.  X.   IU2.N-��BKS02C. T.   M.   HE.M)KKSONi  W.   IIKXDKKSON.  Langley &     j    j  Henderson Bros,,  Wholesale Druggists,  Established 1858,  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER, B.C.  We carry the larg-est stock in British Columbia of Drug-s, Chemicals, Patent Medicines,  Perfumes, and Druggists' Sundries.  Proprietor of  Langley's Balsam "of. Aniseed, Sarsaparilla, etc.  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  IF  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates  to  /HID WAY  B.C.  OKELL  FRUIT 4- PRESERVING +��� COMPANY,,  Victoria/   BoG,  -MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orang-e,   Citron  and Iyemon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vineg-ar.  -o-  We claim without exception to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling  Goods  in  Canada.  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  -8S>    Rerfbot fit guaranteed.  "  tj  ���/M  *MJ  .8M  w.  ' ���%.'  ���v    f  "*"'a:M t'-v'wrts: ��jii\v7*-bijb^.u  1 VC'rV}^?^'"  '^m^mFjmm^ �����������_. ������-i_mi__iB-_i._i___-i--__i_��^---i_..o-J_*i��._>_-__-. ____i.___.__.____ ___������,,  THE   BOUNDARY  GRAND  SCENERY. EOW   RATES.  MODEIy   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOE/\N     TO     OCEAN  Without chang-e of Cars, via  Rossland.  Greenwood.  LlMlTliD    LIABILITY.  Sf  (gedf (Sstdte arib Qttining QStofterB,  >  And S00 PACIFIC LINE   |      P1NANCIAL& INSURANCE A6ENTS  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping- cars, luxurious dining- cars, elegant  da>r coaches, magnificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The only line running through tourist cars  from the coast  GEO.   R.   NADEN.   Manager.  TO  V  ���/  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  'BOSTON,.  WITHOUT    CHANGE I  lowest'rate's to r|j  and from       lJ  Via all Atlantic  ^ Steamship lines  v    Canadian PacieicRy; Co.'s  Royal Mail SS, Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in  every   respect superior to an y ships that have 3ret sailed  'the   Pacific   ocean.     The   route   is   300miles  shorter than via any other Trans-Patific line.  ''     V' ���     ���  _if_. - 0..  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  -TO-, '   V  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers, carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on ever}-voyage.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, E.   J.   COYLE,  3 CONTRACTOR   <&   BUILDER, ��|  Government   Street,   Greenwood,   B.C.  tiS     >/?&     -aF ������.-���������  Store Fronts and Fixtures a Specialty  _^fT!T???T?TT!Hnt!TrH?TT?TT??t??T?TTT?????nt??TnT^??!H??T?T?!?Hi^  n Agent,  Dist. Pass. Agent,  penticton. Vancouver.  LEWIS HIND, Local Ticket Agent, Anaconda.  Midway: Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.    Good Stabbing.    Stopping Place for Stages.  "'-',.' ' <��� ��� ���    ��� ������':'���' : '������������' '  McAULEY _ KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.  0RTHERN  IvOUIS  Bl/UK.  A. Fisher.  RAILWAY.  The'Fast Line--Superior Service |    Qreenwoocj  IVII__L___      AND     YARDS     AT  Hf    Anaconda* B.C.  Manufacturers" of Rough  aud   Dressed  To all points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.  Trains Depart from Spokane:  No. 1, West bound   .....     8:25 .p.m.  No. 2, Last bound   ....... ..    7:00 a.m.  11810 Jii II Gift  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  _'��.   _ ;�����   &'-  *l? lit* "-.P  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, apply to Ag-ents of ������,  the   S. F. & N.   or  P.   D.   GIBBS,  General'Agent,  Spokane, Wash.   OR   A. D. CHARLTON,  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent  225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  Portland. Oregon.  for  new   Map   of   the  Kootenay  country,  Shingles* Lath* Mouldings* Sash and Doors,  _��.      _tfc      >����.  irS      tic     'fi<F  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  ���HWraMfW""!" ^-*"�� _____i_i_^ii____��_  If yon do, Never Forget-.that we have placed in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings  some FIRST-CLASS MACHINES. We buy  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared  to sell at prices to suit.the times.  We call your special attention to our new  Which   can   be   seen   at  our   Store.  COPPER STREET. GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  &  F*    /  *7X,  Zf- J-a-i v v  _~�� n-k  iv  .���.j-.-;-  fr'i  J#'-.  THE    BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  town  HEAD     OFFICE:      I?OSSi_Alsrn),      Q.O.  Capital, $1,500,000,  ���_"  1500,000 Shares, par value $100,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  ".-',".������ Officers:  President:    HON.   T.   M.   DALY,   Ex-Minister  of  Interior.  Vice:Prcsident :   ANDREW   KELLY,   of Alexander,   Kelly '..&  Go.,  Brandon,  Man.       -  .;, Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  '.  Board   of   Directors ;';'.'..  Mom  d.   N.  Kirchoffei-,   W.  A.  Macclonald,  Q.C., "cJ.  cJermyn,   Wm. dohnson, W. A.  duller,  W. cJ. Porter, and G. II. Collins. .  Owns the "Golden Grown" mineral claim, situated in Wellington camp, Yale District, B,C  MR.   CORBIN'S   INTENTION.  Evidence of Mr. D. C. Corbin's 'bona  tide intention, to give  Boundary   Creek  district   raihyaj'   connection   is   to be  found in the fact  that   a bill   has been  introduced   by  Senator' Wilson  in the  U. S. senate, g-ranting  to the Spokane  Falls  & Northern   Railway  Company  a right  of  way  through  the, Colville  Indian   reservation   and   also for any  branchline commencing  at  a point in  Stevens county, crossing- the Columbia;  river and .northwest .by the most  feasible route: through  the   reservation   to  connect'on-the International boundai-y  line with am^ road which may be built  from British Columbia.  Should, the Dominion g-overnment  and the United States senate pass the  bills Mr. Corbin will have the rig-ht to  build his railway along the route  already outlined.  During the past week, Mr. Corbin's  surveyors have been -busj' making a  preliminary^ survey along the Kettle  river so that everj'-thing will be in-  read in ess for. active construction as  soon'as the necessai^ leg-islation is secured.  The interests of the district demand  that there should be no dillydallying in  the Dominion .parliament when the  charter is asked for. If Mr. Corbin will  show that he is prepared to begin  active construction at once, parliament  should give him every encourag-emeiit.  \{  Pleased Visitors.  '+  ^9,^9. ^* <^ ^* ^* ^�� ^ <%> ^ ^|* ^�� ^* 4* *4*- ^ ^4* ^* .^4*1  Jenckes Machine Co. ::  Canadian Rand Drill Co.  SHERBROOKE,    QUE.  ���_V��.    _!&.'    _'�����  "'v?      ���siC      "��tF  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.;  -^��� Send for Catalog-ues. -������  F.   R.   MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Sfokane   and   Rossland.  # # # #> # *#> *��* *f* ��fa .*fh> *f* <%* ^ *fa ^ *��* ^ a%0 fc|a <$*_|a  Mr. Justice McColl. His Honor Judge  Spinks, Mr.  Charles Wilson, Q.C.. Mr.  Alex.   Henderson   and    Mr.   Oscar  C.  Bass spent a few hours   in   Greenwood  on Wednesday, en route  to  Bossburg,  where they   would  take   the   train .for  New  Westminster.     Mr.   Justice   McColl   visited   Greenwood   last summer,  and   was   naturally   surprised   at   the  rapid growth of the city.    He   said   he  scarcely   recognized   the  place.     The  other visitors were also   favorably impressed  with   the   substantial  appearance   of  Greenwood.      Mr.   Wilson   is  Mayor Wood's counsel and   he  availed  himself of   the   opportunity   presented  by his visit to talk  over   several   business matters with His Worship.    Oscar  C. Bass, the court stenog-raper at  New  Westminster, has a penchant for gathering-   up   oddities  at  every   place   he  visits, and he   filled   all   the   available  space   in   the   sleigh   with   deer    and  mountain sheep heads   and  other   evidences of his skill as a sportsman, with  which to reg-ale his mairy Coast friends  Winchester,   Marlin   and   Savage  Rifles.  ........   f  Greener,  Clabrough, , Scott,   Tisdall,   and  W.   Richards  f  Shot Guns.  ���Smith.'&  Wesson  and  Colt  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.  Wholesale   f  and Retail.  Catalogue on  application.  L'S Gun Store, Vancouver, i  5 ?  Wholseale and Retail Dealers in  FRESH   AND   SAL/TED   MEATS  HAMS,   BACON,   L>ARD,    Etc. : : :  GREENWOOD. GRAND EORKS. & MIDWAY,  Ml  41  ' ' . '�� S  A  bv:-  _>  ��t"ff-��1.' jys  ��� l_U>-__,- ft v.,m gfla?*_wwfte  gsSKS  _^_S_____|_______^_____  3iV'  'J  r  It J  r^--,.,..S.  ft"  j .>?-�����..;__ ���*���  GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Greek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD.  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK-  .���-�����  ELLINGTON   and   SMITH   CAMPS  Lots  are  selling  freely   and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For- price of Lots and other information, address  )d or C S,  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek,  Or   apply  to  the  Agents j  ITON,  Vernon,  SJ.C  A. ���'K.'. STUART,:.Vancouver  i'i  o _    ���  ni���~��Lii____i_i.��iiiii___i_i��i__M_i__i^ i^ww^w^^vrvT^^^^ f^^^a^mmsmmstmmsm^


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