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The Boundary Creek Times 1898-12-17

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 'SjfjSAjJ&ZZ&i* *.T*��ttXZ2Z3t  &Zsxiia4Mt*&VPivrT7Zrtt3*.tPisr^-Kniaia\. winiwaiwKwh'w  >.   i  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1898  ($. T3?ee��ft> 30wtrna^  i . j  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD, B.C.  Ltd.  �� ���  v^vv^ENGINEERS   AND  BUILDERS   OF  JtSKKOUSBamui  i\.   I   ���  Contractors for the design and construction of complete Stamp Mills,  Chlorination, Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  Concentration,  ( ki  )  u  O-  ���4H,  O  r/2  u  o  O  ���A-  (3  a  u  o  k  S3      O  &0  O  o  u  o  Cfl  a  o  o   V  a;  o  O  u  o  u  PQ  a  o  o  as  W  ������M  o  o  CT>  p��  >  Grq  a>  , n  - ts  :���   O   -  ��� r+-  03  CO  r-h  o     O  en n  ���   M  w3  td  rt-  ��  ^��-  w  tr4  o  (������������I  o  8  ��f  3  a*  V  p ���  H  H%  o  O  o  ^t  sr  Head Office and Works s  Branch Offices  acKinnoi! Building, Vancouver,  "7WJS5-' ��-/-ji.ri-iv>'^-W���**-'^ri*ir' i^-wjS - JatfAfii  '^li  Is Handsome  iii appearaiic<ef easy of opetv  ationi   has   splendid   baking ^.qualities/   and  economizes fuel,    We carry them all sizes.  Also McClary Air-tight Heaters,  ;   ; GREENWOOD,     B. G.  Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware? Stoves, cooking and heating} Graniteware and  Tinware j Crockery and Glassware ? Iron, Steel and Piping j Ore Gars and  Wheels"'{������ Powder, Fuse and Caps j Victor Exploders j Leading and Connecting  Wire?   Windows and Doors j   Paints, Oils, etc,  StS33 The best shop in the district for Tinning, Plumbing and Jobbing Work.  a  Before ordering your Christmas  Groceries* it would be well to  call  on  A/ H/ SPERRY: & CO,,  who   have . the    most   complete  stock  of  Staple   and  ceries to be found in  sti  *!  Opposite International Hotel  >*������"  GREENWOOD, u  "7  \q )  A Weekly Paper published in the interests of the Boundary Greek lining District,  Voi; v..  GREENWOOD, B.G, SATURDAY,   DECEMBER  17, 1898.  119  No, 15  J, P, Graves Has Organized a Strong Gompany  In Montreal to Build a Smelter,  To Treat the Ores of the Knob Hill and Old  Ironsides���A C, P, R, Smelter,  Jay P. Graves will make  a big fortune  in Boundary  Creek and he deserves it.    Not  satisfied  with  floating two  big companies to develop  and  operate two. of  the  largest  mines in  the  world, he  recently organized  a  company to  build  a 400-ton smelter.     The  company   was  'floated   in  Montreal and the principal shareholders are S. H. C. Miner  pf the Granby Rubber  company,  W. H. Robinson of the  Eastern Townships bank, A. C. Gault, one of Montreal's  merchant princes, J. P. Whitney, of  Philadelphia, a son of  the ex-secretary of the  navy, and  other capitalists of the  east.    All  those,mentioned are heavy stockholders in both  the Old Ironsides and Knob  Hill  companies.    Mr.   Graves  has, in connection   with  the  flotation  of  the  two   mining  companies and  the new  smelting company, demonstrated  that he is one of the cleverest mining operators in the West.  Quiet and unassuming, one would hardly suppose  that  he  3 was the financier for two-or  three  companies that are sure  at no distant date to, attract  the  attention  of   the  mining  world.    The   secret  of Mr.   Graves'   strength  lies  in   his  thorough grasp of the details in  connection with his undertakings.    In conversation with Mr. Graves last summer, the  writer was amazed.at his  accurate  knowledge  concerning  every practicable and impracticable undertaking connected  with the development of the mineral resources of Boundary  Creek.    He  at once  pointed  out the  weak -spots^ in one's  arguments, the disadvantages  of  certain positions, the obstacles to be met with in one quarter and the advantages of  -another.    One could not converse with him for half an hour  without becoming |convinced  that he was right, and that  any plan that he might suggest or  adopt would be the best  and the most profitable.    The eastern capitalist desiring to ^  invest his money has to be  convinced  that any proposition  submitted to him is a  business  proposition 'and  then he is  willing to take chances.    It is  more than probable that Mr.  Graves could convince the  eastern  capitalist  that  he was  right even if he were wrong, but the proposition  to build a  smelter to treat the ores of the Knob Hill and Old Ironsides  mines offers so many flattering  inducements, that it is not  surprising to learn  that intending shareholders oversubscribed for the stock by more than  a  million  shares.    The  flotation is one of the most successful ever made in Canada.  The two properties whose ores are to be treated at the  new smelter, have been described more than once in the  columns of The Times. The Old Ironsides is a big mine}  but the Knob Hill is going to be the largest mine of the  kind in the world. The crosscut tunnel in the Knob Hill  ledge is now in 417 feet. It was thought last week that the  "streak" of pay ore had been passed, for values were beginning to decrease. The alarm was a false one and the drills  are still pounding through pay ore. The "streak" of pay  ore referred extends from the mouth of the tunnel to the  face���now 417 feet. From this crosscut over 7,000 tons of  ore have been taken and there is not a pound of waste on  the dump. It is not all of high value, but the company, by  treating its own ore, will make a handsome profit from any  portion of the dump. Some ��� people refuse to believe in or  cannot appreciate this enormous Knob Hill ledge. The  mining history of the world does not reveal anything like  it. In this connection it might be stated that the Spokesman-Review was informed some three weeks ago that-:.'  the tunnel on the*Knob Hill���137 feet in length���had  crosscut the ledge. A private letter was written to the  mining editor, than whom there is no brighter or more  reliable newspaper man in, the West. The letter briefly  mentioned the length of the tunnel and size of ledge. He  evidently thought that an attempt was being made to  "jolly" him and refrained from making the correction until  the information was corroborated by several reliable  authorities. The Knob Kill is simply a mountain of self-  fluxing ore. The Old Ironsides is a close second. Our authority for the statement that the ores are practically self-  fluxing is Mr. Frederic Keffer, M. E., the manager of the .  ��Mother Ivodemine. Mr. Keffer enlarges upon this point in  an interesting article on Boundary Greek ores, which will  .appear in the Christmas issue of The Times. .Mr. Keffer  bases his statement on the result of a number of analyses  of Old Ironsides ore. Analyses made by other mining experts substantiate Mr. Keffer's statements.  L/ast year, when the application for the Corbin charter  was being considered by parliament, the cry was raised that  the construction of the Corbin roak would mean the expor-  tion of Boundary Creek ores to American smelters. Those  acquainted with the mineral resources of the district, knew  that Boundary Creek ores had to be smelted it home. It is  also safe to state that the ore from the enormous ledges will  be smelted by the owners of the properties. With the  present prices paid by customs smelters, there is more  money to be made in treating ore than there is in mining it.  A customs smelter not only charges for the treatment of  ore but also discounts the market values of the copper, gold  and silver in the ores. These discounts on Old Ironsides or  Knob Hill ore, will amount to almost $5 a ton, in itself a  handsome profit. What is true of the Knob Hill and Old  Ironsides is also true regarding the Mother Ivode, B. C. and  other big properties in the district. The extent of the ore  bodies justifies each big company in erecting its own reduction works.  After these are established, there is plenty of ore left  for customs smelting. The Canadian Pacific Railway company realizes this fact, and Mr. Whyte has announced that  the company intends erecting a 1,000-ton smelter in the-  Boundary Creek district. The site has not yet been selected, but negotiations are in progress fore a suitable site  near Boundary Falls, about four miles below Greenwood. It  is reported that work on this smelter will be commenced in  a very short time.  Mr. Graves has not yet selected his site, but unless he  changed his mind since last fall, when he visited the district, he is still in favor of some point below Greenwood.  His  views   in  this   respect   are  endorsed  by  Mr. S. H. G.  Miner, who also visited the  district in  company  with Mr.  Graves.  In view of the fact that there is now some assurance that  smelters are to be erected and that those having an intimate  knowledge of the district maintain that Boundary Creek  ores, to be profitably treated, must be treated at home, will  not those who honestly or designedly objected to the Corbin  charter, on the grounds that Boundary Creek ores would be  hauled out of the country, withdraw their opposition and  assist in securing a charter for the road. A competitive  railroad means cheaper supplies, cheaper fuel, and insures  the development of what is sure to become under favorable conditions the largest mining district in the world.  I  p  ���H  "f  31  lis  i$k'm ��WW|*^��^����  s^;*:-M;K!S��sa35a^��^J2M^*^  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  >��������<��> ��������<g^a^w^����^s����<9)��fr<OHH��M8��o^��^<��>>��<������<��MKa*��<a^fr<>��fr��HH��> ��������<ti�� �� <��s <��-e <�� �� <����>������ <���� > 4t��<a�� o <w a W O <������<OW����^B>������a��K<i  ������-<*^��^^0^��^**4e>-��-4����-fr-*e��-��-4*>>e-4o>-��-4*��-tt-4 ���*-���-<���>�� ��-<o>-*-40��-��-<i*��-a-4����-o-4e>-*-4e��'-0-4o��-  ffcft  In stock will be found Stoves, Toy Kitchens, Paints, Toy  Pistols, Arks, Drums, Guns, Jumping Toys, Fire Engines,  Railway Trains, Reins, Pianos, Horns and Trumpets, Tools,  Swords, Watches, Whips, Games, etc., etc, .  A nice line of Christmas Fancy Goodsy Metal and  ������V'--:'lbein^  and Photograph   Frames.  �����-������< e��-��<ie>-0'4��^*'4����-e-4*v��^��*-c-<s*��-��^e>-��-4����>��^*��e^����-��4a  9  TREET,   GREEN WOOD,  ��     JOE CLUCKENBEL, Prop.  GREENWOOD    :    :    :     B.C.  M.E. vf RAZEE,  Hamill Block Copper Street.  <������� Grocery and Bakery. ������  -    SWEET   POTATOES.  ORANGES AND  EEMONS.  FRESH EGGS.  COURT OF REVISION.  Rock Creek Division of Yale District.  A COURT of Revision and   Appeal,   under  the ,k Assessment Act, 1888," and Amendments, will be held :  At OSOYOOS. in the Government Office, on  Thursday, the 5th of January, 1S90, at the hour  of 10 o'clock in the forenoon ;  At MIDWAY, in the Government'Office, on  Saturday, the 7th day of January, 1899, at the  hour of 3.o'clock in  the afternoon ;  At GRAND FORKS, in the Government  Office, on Monday, the 9th day of January, 1899.  at the hour of 10 o'clock* in the forenoon.  Dated 6th December. 1898.  FRANK McGOWEN,  i Judjre of the Court of Revision  119-4 "/ and Appeal.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  mm hoii  VERNON,   B. C.  Brands  i  HUNGARIAN  THREE   STAR  STRONG BAKERS'  SUPERHNE  All made by the celebrated Hungarian   Plansifter    system.      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EILER BROS.,  lj^\\\\\\\w  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, eta ^C  Importers of  Crockerj-,  Glassware,  Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc.   Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout.   All orders, no  i matter how larg-e, promptly filled, as  we have  the  URGEST STOCK II1 PROWL  jjfe-    >�������'    *��*���  ft? Iff7 *��!>'  Write us for Catalog-ue and Price List.  aSte      aSfe      a��4  %5  vr4  ���7jv*     tv^     *%tf  VICTORIA,   B. C.  Financial and Insurance Agent  t (jtotarg (pufiftc *       .  VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT   FOR  The Sun Life Assurance. Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The. Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Compau.y of North America,  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  APPRAISER  FOR  The. Canada Permanent Loan & Saving\sCo,  ���; A ������'*!*���  a  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  '   !  NIAGARA.  Q  Niagara, Dec. 14.��� A public indignation meeting was held, here on Monday evening last to air the grievances  in regard to a postoffice being established here and as to the appointment  ���of'a";.magistrate. About one hundred  people were present, and it was resolved, to again petition the postoffice  V inspector, as the petition which was  forwarded two months ago had rer  ceiyed. no attention. One witty gentleman suggested that perhaps the post-  office inspector had wandered off and  lost himself ; another suggested getting handbills printed offering a reward for his recovery. Eventually a  petition was signed and again sent to  Victoria. For over two months the  Niagara Stage company, have carried  the mail between Grand Forks and  here, and even went so far as to hire a  saddle horse and send a. special messenger with the mail sack the day-  the stage broke down. < Surely if  people disinterested and receiving no  salary will act so ���promptly, one would  expect even better from salaried  officials. As regards the magistrate,  it was proposed to telegraph the attorney-general regarding the matter,  as no reply had been received from a  previous application.  Mr. Stabile, the Italian banker, had  a narrow escape on Monday evening.  An infuriated drunken Italian, armed  with a Winchester, was in the act of  discharging this weapon when two  men seized him from behind and  wrested the gun from him. It had  seven cartridges in the magazine and  one in the breech. But for the promptness of the two. men no doubt murder  would have been committed. There  being no constable here, the.man got  away; -.  Provincial Constable Dinsmore  passed through here on Monday afternoon to investigate a stabbing case at  McDonnell's camp.  Officer Humptey arrived here from  Gladstone the past week and arrested  an Italian on a charge of stabbing.  The man was taken to Brooklyn.  Arrangements are being made to  hold a public ball on Christmas Eve.  A piano left Marcus last Saturday.  The dance will be held in the White  Star hotel.  Mr. D. G. Cox, provincial constable,  has been transferred from Golden  here, and arrived on to-day's stage.  A fire broke out in W. M. Eaw &  Co's store yesterday morning. It  originated in the roof and was caused'  through a defective stove pipe. Euckily  it was discovered in time and promptly  extinguished by the fire brigade.  The Greenwood CluTb.  A largely attended meeting was held  in Eeckie and Harris' office on Tuesday evening for the purpose of discussing the advisability of forming a  club. A committee was appointed to  secure the signatures of those desirous of joining. The committee met  with every encouragement, over fifty  signatures having been secured. Arrangements are being made to fit up  the second flat of the Barrett block,  which can easily be converted into  comfortable club rooms.  Messrs. Grant Bros., who have the  contract for the Bealey-Flood block,  have commenced work and are making  good progress.  Rossland.  Greenwood.  LIAITED    LIABILITY.  9  n  IT  !!  &st<xtt <xnb QSttmtus QStofietB,  & Insurance  GEO.   R.   NADEN,:  Manager.  i.l-  THE   RALAOE   LIVERY   ST ABLE.  IN   THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   DISTRICT.  Extra Well Fitted for Long Drives,    Saddle Horses  and Pack  Ponies,    Feed Barn,    Hay and  Oats For Sale,  A. W. ROBINS   -   -   -   PROPRIETOR.  TIE PIONEER MOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  '/J? *Jf  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, Eiquors and Cigars  ,    A Comfortable Sample Room.     Heated by Hot Air.  fif  -/if  , W, NELSON  ^  Proprietor*  Are the only direct Importers on the mainland of British Columbia of  BLACKSMITH  Coke, Cement/ Firebricks,  Fireclay,  Lime,  Sewer  Pipe,  Plaster,  etc,  etc, etc,  -o-  For full particulars as to prices, etc., write  EVANS, COLEMAN 1 EVANS  Vancouver, B. C.  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc  ���sfe      &V4     *Vft '   a��&    '  ���ft?        "/I?        flF        ���7Kr  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood, B.C.  ZSZ'^STSt^MTSSXXZ^?*^  tm ^S^jtt rta&vxaatttxxattBJ&xttttsei***,  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  If  I  I?  6 If  COMMERCIAL   ASSOCIATION.  A  most successful meeting- was held  in Rendell & Co's hall  on  Wednesday  evening, when   the  Mining  and Commercial   association was  reorganized.  There  was   a   large   attendance   and  many   new   members   were    enrolled.  As   other  towns   in   the   district  are  ��� growing rapidly and-liave, associations  of their own, it  was decided to call the  the association the Greenwood Mining  and    Commercial    association.     The  meeting was  opened  by  the  appointment of W. L,. C. Gordon   as chairman  and   Duncan Ross   secretary.     After  several of those  present had  spoken,  pointing out  the  necessity   of  an   association to discuss  and  promote matters of public  interest,  J.   Anderson,  manager of the Bank of British North  America, was appointed president, and  W. S. Keith,   secretary.    The  election  of other officers was  deferred until the  next meeting.  Mayor Wood, Thos. Hardy, Wn. T.  Smith, D. Ross, Geo. R. Naden and C.  Scott Galloway were appointed a cdm-  mittee to draw the attention of James  Martin, M. P. P., and the provincial  government to the requirements of the  district.  A. S. Black, I. H. Hallett and D. A.  Cameron were appointed a committee  to take the necessary steps to secure a  charter for a regular board of trade.  Mayor Wood. IT. J. Finucane, ..C.Scott Galloway, J. F. Hemenway, W.  T. Smith and F. Keffer were appointed  a committee to take such steps as they  ma3r deem, expedient in order to hold  and control the trade of all the mining  camps.  X. S. Sperry, W. B. Paton, Geo. R.  Nadeh and W. S. Keith will amend the  constitution and by-laws arid report at  the next meeting.  Ralph Smailes, W. M. L,aw, F.J.  Finucane, D. A. Cameron and W. I/. C.  Gordon will prepare, a memorial dealing with the establishment of a customs house at Greenwood, the improvement of the mail service and the immediate construction <of the C. P. R.  telegraph line.  All the committees will meet during  the week, and the association on  next' Wednesday evening at  o'clock.  eight  The Big Copper.  Austin Hammer, a half owner in the  Big Copper mine in Copper camp, is in  the city. He owns a numbersof valuable properties on the reservation.  Negotiations are in progress for the  sale of the Big Copper to an eastern  syndicate. J. Moran holds the other  half interest. The Big Copper has an  an enormous showing- of high grade  copper ore and if the deal is closed it  will "be for a big price.  D. B. Vincent has gone to Spokane  for a few days.  J. Fred Ritchie, a prominent Rossland surveyor, was in the city on  Thursday. He visited the Okanagan  group of mines near Oroville, in which  he, T. Mayne Daly and other Rossland  parties are interested.  Choice cigars in boxes, suitable for  Xmas presents, at H. B. Munroe's.  Buy your Groceries  -OF-  Who have just opened a  full line of Staple and  Fancy Groceries. [Everything fresh and every order  guaranteed.  '/?��     -7's     '4?  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Boundary Valley  Lodge,  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  EETS ���'every Tuesday  Evening-   at   8.00   in  their lodg-e room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning- brethren. M. J. Phelan, N.G.  G. R. Naden, Rec. Sec.  ''A'.   F=.   ��5c   A. \M.  , GREENWOOD LODGE, A. F. &.' A. M.  Reg-ular   Communication   first    Thursday    in  every month.    Sojourning- brethren cordiallygi.'"  ���-invited.- J.   C.  C. Scott Galloway, W.M.  HAAS,  Secretary  ^  MINFRAIv   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  Queen of Spades Mineral Claini, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located: In Central camp, lying-.southerly of and adjoining- the Jack of Spades  mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Edg-ar A. Bennett,  free miner's certificate No. 20689a, issued  at Victoria on the 3rd da3r of November, 1897,  as ag-ent for and 011 behalf of the Lillooet,  Fraser River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited,  free miner's certificate No. 91874, issued at Rev-  elstoke, B.C., on the 29th day of June, 1898, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate  of improvements', for the purpose of obtaining-  a Crown grant of the above claim.  : And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of November, 1898.      115-8  MINERAL, ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  NETA  Mineral   Claim, situate in  the Kettle  River   mining-   division    of    Yale    district.'  Where located : In Brown's carrip, about one  ./ mile south of the Iron Cap mineral claim.  TAKE Notice that I, Edg-ar A. Bennett, free  miner's certificate No. 20689a, issued at  "Victoria on the 3rd day of November, 1897, as  agent for and oh behalf of the Lillooet, Fraser  River & Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, free  miner's certificate.No. 91874, issued at Revel-  stoke on the 29th day of June, 1898, intend, sixty^  days from the date hereof, to. apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a'Crown grant  of the above claini.        .   , ���  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of November, 1898.      115-9  o' MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate . of   Improvements.'  NOTICE  Ten Broek Mineral claim, situate in the Kettle  River  Where located"  AKE   notice  T  division   of   Yale   district.  In Deadwood camp.  that I,';, Martin ,M.' Welsh,  free miner's certificate, No. 14362a, intend, sixty dayrs from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-  a crown   grant of the above claini.  And further take  notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before,the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  _Dated this 7th day of November, 1898.   .   114-9  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates to  A\IDWAY  B.C.  Windsor Hotel Barber Shop  Copper Street, Greenwood.  New Shop. New Enamelled Bath Tubs.     .p~-  CHAS.   DUNNE   -   -   -   Proprietor. "  Home-made Mincemeat,  Home-made Saurkraiit,  Home-made Mince Ties  For Sale at the HOME BAKERY,  Government Street    c    ',    ',    GREENWOOD  mmsiisimmssamairm *^^^t^?J^^"rgm^��ig^*n^ fcftt4^i*^a^ Mrwi^^^iw.'.. ,HfiM  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ,n  f  Have commenced to^^ar��rive.    We have just received a choice selection of  A consignment of JAPANESE GOODS, consisting of Vases, Fancy Baskets, China Tea Sets, &c.  Also HA NO     S tu EIG  ^��^#����^e>'e^MK��^B>-o^a��e^����-��^o^��^��^��^B>-o^������^aK��^��^��^��^a^��^��<B^a^��^��^e^tt'<a����^��^��^��^*^e^0^ai>a^a>-��^aKa>^a>-o^e^w^e^tt^a��a^c^a^o>-��-<B>-��-<��  We have just received the finest and largest assortment of  :V-FANCY.. GOODS   AND   T<  Ever brought into the Boundary country/ We ordered our Holiday Goods in good seasons You  do likewise and you will not regret it  BsassaKml  Kci-ffi  519  Books,   Stationery,  Wall  Paper,  Fancy Goods  a  to  o9  KETTLE   RIVER   MINING   DIVISION.  Record  of Mineral   Locations for  the   Week  Ending December 13th, 1898.  December 7  Mona, Greenwood camp,,'W H Harris.  December 8  Frank B., Deadwood camp, L. B. Pearce.  December 12  Iron, Age, Graham's camp, E. R. Fisher.  Atlanta, Greenwood camp, W. Mathew  and   E.  H. Rippets.  December 13  Ontario. Kimberly camp, P. Sullivan.  Certificates of Work.  December 0  Tip Top���R. Stuast et al.  December 12  Jo Jo���E. T. Wickwire et al.  Transfers. ��� '  December 6  Sanson, % int., E. Dufour to Thos. McDonnell.  December 7  Alice. -1/* int., D. D. McLaren and Wm.  Or.  Mc-  Mynn to N. Tholl and J. N. Greden.  Albion, all int., T. Dobie to W. H. Harris.  Alice, % int. cond., N. Tholl .to R. Smailes.  We mite, all int., J. B. Mitchell to G. R. Naden.  December ')  New No. 7, Yi int.. Catherine Francis   to  J.   R.  Robertson.  New No. 7, l/s i��t., J. Fisher to J. R. Robertson.  New No. 7, % int., F. Keffer.to J. R. Robertson.  December 10  Amandy and Abner, lA int., J. Dyer to J Hunter  December 12  Four Ace, j4 int., H. J. Cole to W. T. Smith.  Black Hawk, Vx int., J M Jarrette to W M Law;  COUNTY   COURT   AT   GREENWOOD.  Hon. Jos. Martin, the attorney-general, has decided that the Boundary  Creek district shall not be without a  visit from a county court judge until  next   summer,    as   His   Honor  Judge  Judge   Spinks   intimated   at  the   last  sitting- of the court. When the attorney  general, decides   to  do   anything it   is  generally  done.    He  also  appreciates  the necessity of holding court in Green-'  wood.      On   January   28th the,county  court will be held in Greenwood for the  the first time, and on   January 30th  at  Midway.    The lawyers and   other people interested fully appreciate the convenience   of   having   sittings   of   the  county court here.    Their appreciation  would   be   greater   if    the    attorney-  general would go   a   step   farther   and  appoint    a    deputy -registrar    of    the  county  court   for  Greenwood.    Under  present arrangements all papers must  be filed with Mr. McMynn at Midway,  and all summonses   must   be issued by  him.    With   a  D.   R.  C. C.   in   Green-  h wood, these matters could  be attended  to at home.  LOCAL   NOTES.  Thos. McDonnell paid Camp McKinney a visit this week.  Work has been started on the Ruby,  which was bonded last week.  Santa Clans will visit the children in  Rendell & Co's Hall on Christmas Eve.  J. C. Olson, of the firm of Olson &  Phelan, has gone east, and it is  rumored that he will not  return alone.  J. W. Porter undertook to forcibly  evict Mr. Bradshaw from a cabin on  the Golden Crown, with the result that  Mr. Bradshaw is now under the care  of Dr. Jakes.  Pipes   and   cigars    at   cost.    M.   I��  Frazee,Copperstreet. *  Established in 1S36.  Incorporated by RoA'al Charter.  Paid-up Capital  $4,866,666.  Reserve Fund $1,387,000.  Loudon Office :  3   Clement's   Lane,   Lombard   Street, E.G.  Court of Diukctoks :  J. H. Brodie, John James Cater, Gaspare! Facre", Richard-H. Glyn, Henry I. R. Farrer, Ed.  Arthur Hoare, H. J.B. Kendall. J. J. Kiugs-  t'ord, Fred. Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  Secretary���A.  G.  Wallis.  Head office in Can ado :  St James-st.,   Montreal  H. Stikeman, general manager.  J. Elmsley, inspector.  ���3��V���  Branches in Canada :  London, Brant ford, Hamilton. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, St. John N.B..  Brandon, Winnipeg. FredericLon N.B., Halifax-  Victoria, Vancouver, Ro.sslaiid, Kaslo, Trail,  Slocan City; Dawson City, Klondike, N.W.T.,  aud Greenwood. B.C.  >A <.;knts in Tine Unitkd Statics :  Spokane���Traders" National Bank', and Old  National Bank. New York-���' 52 Wall-street,  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, agents. San  Francisco���'124 Sansome-streel) H. J. McMich-  ael and .1. R. Ambrose, agents.  London Baxkkks :  The Bank of England and   Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Fokkigx Agknts :  Liverpool--Bank of Liverpool. Australia-  Union Bauk.of Australia. New Zealand���Union Bank of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Chartered Mercantile.  Baulc of India, London and China, Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris���Marcuard  Krauss & Co.    Lyons���Credit Lyonuais.  J. ANDERSON, Manager,  Greenwood. B.C.  JB  I  H  s  el  :w:rr,:tt'w:.:-.:i��:Ti7^7f.w.^  t<5~j K"ift,.t:ii'ali^iaccK!cm_'ai  wrs e^rsitfcrfwKii^T?'- n. t .' -- r^.uiMbJMsucaiTwxvn&xxMa  asata��KUWtici="J��*���  wesww3��CTHea?se?^^S5S��S3SS^  ���if  i ;  T H E   BO UN DARY   C R E E K   TIMES,  Qg>outt&&r�� ��ree& %\miQ  PUBLISHED  BY  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross.......... .-....��� .....Editor.  W. J. Harber......'���;....'..: ............Manager.  Advertising Rates are One Dollar per inch  per month. Legal notices, 10c. and 5c. per line.  No "quack" or remedy ads. inserted at ,any  price. Subscriptions are due in advance ; other  accounts payable monthly..  Address all communications to  The Times,  Greenwood, B.C.  Subscription, $2.00 per Year^ in Advance.  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1898.     >  THAT   REIGN   OF   ECONOMY.  The new provincial government  has  found another  glorious opportunity to  economize.    This time  the  aggregate  expenditure for  the  public "schools of  the province has been curtailed by the  sum    of '$55.00.     When    the, circumstances   connected  with  this brilliant  economical stroke are  understood, the  general public will fully appreciate the  action   of   the  administration.    Some  months ago Miss Wickham, the principal of the  Greenwood  school, became  ill.    During  her  illness  she  engaged  Mrs. Flood to take charge of the school.  Before  Miss; Wickham   had fully recovered, she was  offered a position in  the Nelson schools, which she accepted.  As soon as  Miss  Wickham's  resignation was received by the trustees, they  made  ever3r  effort  to .secure   another  certificated  teacher, but a  month had  expired before they were able to secure  one.    In the meantime Mrs. Flood consented   to   teach  until   a    certificated  teacher was secured.    She did so. Had  she not done so the  school would have  been   closed. �� The   education  department  refused  to  pay  Mrs. Flood any  salary for the month, raising- the point  that she was not a certificated teacher.  We are not quarreling with the law in  the case.    The law is all  right but the.  justice   is   a   different  matter.    However we tender our  congratulations to  the government for having  found another avenue in which  to continue  its  reign of  economy.    The  public  interests are more important than  those of  the  lady   who   generously   offered  to  take charge of  the  Greenwood school  until   a  certificated  teacher  could   be  secured.     Really   if   the  government  ���continues to show so much enthusiasm  in the interests  of  economy, the province    of   Ontario    will    soon   take   a  secondary place so far as surpluses are  concerned.  TRADE   LICENSES.  While trade licenses are collected, no  exception should be made of bankers  or any other business institutions. A  trade license is an inequitable tax,  practically a fine on an individual  or a company starting business within  the city limits. It is an offense to  start a cigar store and the fine is five  dollars evei*3r six months. It ought to  be considered a more serious offense  to start a bank, and the fine should be  proportionately greater. This system  of taxation is unfair and inequitable.  Rendell  &   Co.,   the  Greenwood   City  Mercantile company or the Russell  Hardware company, whose business  amounts to thousands of dollars each  year, pays only the same amount as  the poor woman who washes for a living or the man who carries two or  three hundred dollars worth of stock  or takes a $100 contract. Trade licenses  should be abolished, but while they  are in force no preference should be  made in favor of the banking business because they are strong financial  institutions. The establishment of\  banks here has done much for Greenwood, but they have no greater right  to escape punishment for their enterprise than; the. washerwoman or the  candy man.   ��� ��� ��� ' ���?:������  i.  -        . ���'.'.. . ���  The Brooklyn.  The best shaft-house in the district  has been erected on the Brooklyn mine  in Greenwood camp. The two large  boilers and hoisting engine have been  installed and'sinking is being carried  on. Mr. Frank Robins, the resident  manager, has gone to Rossland for, a  few days to ^examine some mining  properties. -  University Extension.  A popular and highly successful  form of what is known as university  extension; work is about to be under-  takeni(in this province. This is carried on under the auspices of the University association of New York and  Chicago, and is the outcome of the  University congress; held during the  World's Fair. It has had wonder,ful  success in the-United States, where  over 2,500 reading centers have been  organized. The services of a gentleman well known in this province, Mr.  R. B- Gosnell, late provincial librarian,  have been secured to organize the  reading centers in British Columbia,  and under his direction there is. no  doubt but that the movement; will be  highly successful. Any one desirous  of securing a higher education at  home should communicate with Mr.  Gosnel! and secure full particulars.  Choice cigars in boxes,   suitable  for  Xmas presents, at H. B. Munroe's.  THE    CANADIAN  Head Office    -   -   -    TORONTO.  Established 1867.  CAPITAL   :   :   $6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars,]  A Branch of this Bank lias been Opened  at GREENWOOD, B.C.  '/i\-  Appro'ved Notes Discounted.  Drafts Sold.  A  g-eiu'.ral  Banking- business transacted.  D.   A.  CA/nERON,  Manag-er.  W.   JAKES,   M. D.,   C. M.  Office :   GREENWOOD HOSPITAL,  Greenwood,  B.C.  QVIDNEY S.   OPPENHEIMER, M.D, CM,  vol    ���.���'.'  Thysidan andSurgeon*  Office over Bank of B.N. A.,  GEBENWOOD,   B. C.  R.   J.   E.   SCHON,  English Qualifications.  Office   and  Residence,���Barrett   Block,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  H.   HALLETT,  (0axtietctf JlofiCtfot,  NOTARY   PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   EJ^O.  gyVcLEOD   <&   WHITESIDE,  Barristers cmd Solicitors,  Barrett Block, Copper Street,  greenwood.  pZ'ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (pt<winti<xi Btftnb 0uwe$or  AND CIVIL ENGINEER,  ��� (Ttotarg dpUfiflC ��� MIDWAY,    B.C.  J      CHRISTIE,   M, R. C. VsS>  (EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND)  Dominion Veterinary Inspector.  All   Domestic   Animals   treated   on   scientific  principles. '       ,      ;,..':  Residence   -   -   -   -   GREENWOOD, B.C.  rjHARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  dominion anb (protnnciaf &anb J^urEegor.  GREENWOOD,       -       B.C.  3 u-.  w.  V  ���p  o  o  �����  S'C  C  W tr.  "3         T*  . <U "C           4>  .a*-  o  ���5 ��  p.  % s  ��  5  %  u  ��  o >  ��$  1  aintan  ttle Ri  s  E  3 o  C8  X  fU  ,PJ  rg  _   S3           V*  ^ c3         ��  toZ     *=���  11 s  Jo  G.   A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.  GUESS,   M.A,  UESS B  ers &  Thoroug-hly familiar with Boundat^ Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  %3  *U~i* f  GREENVv^OOD     -     -    B. C.  Mines Examined aud Reported on.  .*i,  S'-  ftMltWllU.MWMUM^aBWdWUIMMi.mn'mm! ��  ir�����������-  9 J  / /  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  * p " ?>��� r v��.*y^-��?. * ^^juui-��HnA��a3AaLtAfizsx��wA.Ja ���w.s  lunganan  |aj||-    manufactured bj the Okanagan Mour Mills Co.,  is  '        9      the best ilour on the market, and  t\  The Best Flour on tKe market.  Our Flour swept everything- at the  New Westminster Exhibition and we  took the" blue ribbon." The wheat  from which our flour is manufactured  carried off first honors as well.  4fe'  '/IS?  fl?  0k  Okanagan Flour Mills Co. Ltd.  ARMSTRONG-,    B. C.  CASCADE   NOTES.  Cascade; City, Dec. 13.���Customs  Officer Rose received a telegram a few  days ag-o advising- him that Cascade  will be made a sub-port of entry instead of a preventive station as heretofore. ��� H. S. Sinclair-of Rossland has  arrived and will assist Mr. Rose in the  office.  I/ynch & Earl have been g-iven the  contract for supplying- the timber for  the railway bridg-e across the Kettle  river below the town. It will be 1,500  feet long- and will require 1,200,000 feet  of lumber.  Word has reached here from the  attorney-g-eneral, informing- us that  the g-overnment has appropriated $500  for a lock-up, which is to be built at  once. Also that Constable Darraug-h  of Burton City had been instructed to  report on duty at Cascade.  The weekly known as the Maple  L,eaf, issued at Cascade during- the  past month, has suspended publication.  " 'Tis true, 'tis pity ; and pity 'tis, 'tis  true."���Com.   Choice cig-ars in boxes, suitable for  Xmas presents, at H. B. Munroe's.  *V*     Si'-     I?'*-     i*'*.    ��'t.    &*���  ���*�������     S'i.     *V��-  it?     ir?     '/i?      ?ir���   ���>!���?    '/i?     ,"?/��?     ���%��-      ->i?  Thos. McDonnell.           R. M. McEntire  McDO  i  mim  it...  ,    Mines and;  ���  Real Estate  GREENWOOD    and   CAMP McKINNEY  $!.    sk    Sit.     &V4    *V4   ' *V4     A\f*     iV*     a'.*'  *?AC         f'\~         ffc         '4?       ���?'?       "/'?        ���>'?        5*1?         fl?  h  i  Our Brands are  Hungarian,    Best Pastry,  XXX X       Strong. Bakers'  Economy,  Ask for the " O.K." brands of Flour  and you won?t be disappointed:  *�������     Si*     Sit.  ->i?      '/r?      '/i\~  Greenwood City Mercantile Co  Agents, GREENWOOD.  AauureuuuEAnssaai  /MIDWAY,   B.C.,  1 EM fli FlUKliL Ml  ?�����*  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  NOTICE.  SILVER CLOUD  mineral   claim,   situate' its.  the Kettle River   Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : Skylark camp.  '"T"*AKE Notice that we, Duncan Ross, free  ���1 miner's certificate No. 14,231a, and J. W.  Nelson, free miner's certificate No. 14,391a,  .intend, sixt j- da3*s from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining" a  Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of November, 1898.    114-9  "Companies' Act, 1897."  IS hereby given that  Edwin Jacobs, townsite  agent, of Midway, B.C., has been appointed  the attorney for "The Midway Compau\r, Limited," in AtiffusK.Sti.iart. .    "������  Daled this'Ttlrday of'October, 1898. ���  . [l. s.]                            S.  Y.  WOOTTON,  118-4            Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Kerby's Map of Wellington Gamp.  Candies,   Tobaccos,   Cigars,  Druggirts' Sundries, Stationery, etc.  ROE, Greenwood.  Fire, Lite and Accident Insurance.  Government Street CUT Prices.  I 1  SKSassoSP THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  HiuiiuiuuiiiiiiUiuiiUiiaiUiiiiiiUiiiiuiiiiaiiiiaiauuuiuuiiiiiiuiiiiiaiiuiuiiiiiiaiiuiaiui^  IS THE BEST HOTEL IN GREENWOOD. A New Building-, well furnished. First-class  Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars. Headquarters for Mining-  and Commercial Men.  5>  ^?m?m?mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?  mwmwmmmmirommmmmrs:  GREENWOOD AND   DISTRICT.  A. K. Stuart has returned from Cascade. :  Geo. McKague's block is nearing  completion.  A. S. Sperry has returned from a  trip to Spokane.,  The St. Charles hotel will be completed before Christmas.  Messrs. Finucane, Wilgress, Barrett  and Pearse, went over to Cascade this  week.  Bannerman Bros, are building" a  neat residence at the rear of their  stbre.  Mr. Martin, a Nelson wholesale man,  paid Greenwood a business visit this  week.  J. ID. G, I^eckie, the Rossland mining-  man was in the city for a few days  this week.  Mr. Frederic Keffer, the manager of  the Mother L/ode mine, was indisposed  during- the week.  F. M. Kerby's map ,of Wellington  camp is now on the market and may  be secured at H, B. Munrbe's.  Mr. Harwood has started a bowling-  alley in Walsh's building- below the  International hotel. The alley is well  constructed.  There is now good ice at the rink  and those fond of skating- are enjo}'-  ing themselves. A hockey club is being- organized.  The Cosgrove Merrymakers will g-ive  an entertainment in Rendell & Go's  hall this (Saturday) evening- and ag-ain  on Monday evening-.  The   pipe   for   the   waterworks   are  coming-   in   from" Marcus.    An   effort  '���will be made to put  in   the   water system as far as Copper street.  The  names   of  all   those   who   have  not  paid   their  subscriptions   to  The  .Boundary Creek Times  in  advance  will be dropped from   the   subscription  list/at the end of the year.  The telephone line has been down  the greater part of the week. If the  'Nelson and Vernon Telephone company-expect to do business in Greenwood, they must keep the line in better  repair.  There is nothing- new to report in  connection with the municipal contest.  The excitement of two weeks ago has  died a\va3r and the interest is not  likely to be renewed until after the  holidays.  Dr. J. F. Redely, of Spokane, one of  the heaviest shareholders in the Water-  too compan}', and also in the L/ittle  Cariboo company, passed through the  city en route to Camp McKinney on  Monday. Dr. Reddy let a contract for  continuing the 15-foot shaft on the  Annie Iv. to 50 feet. He returned on  Wednesday and left for Republic,  where he has heavy   mining interests.  S�� *&��� *��* *w* *&* *** *&* **���* *$* *$���* *"*f* *$* *w* *yL* *��* *v* *$��� *w* **���* *&* *&* *&��� *** *$* *w* A?  *  *  FOR  -3��  Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Chickens,  Oysters, Fish, and all kinds of  , go to       4.  9  Head Office for Boundary Creek division at GREENWOOD,  Shops at Cascade, Grand Forks, Niagara, Greenwood arid Midway.  ^t *^ <^* *fy <^�� rfj* <^  *^=��  *&> *>f*  ^  ��^> *f<>  *%����� *$* *jfc  *$*  <$>> *S*  tyfe ��^>> <>|*  *f*�� &f* ��^�� 3^  WMiaxsxxaxsxszvFzzsiri^mtBEarxFaGaTa  iuuuiiiuuuiiui  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels/  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse,  iitiiUtiitiiti  Stamp Mills.  Compressors/  Drills,  Oils L Waste,  Pipe & Fittings  Gongs, &c,  ST O OK   "ON      HAND     AT -. -RbSSLAN.D.  a  o  a  a  P.   R.   MENDENHALL,   Agent,    Spokane   and   Rossland.  ,  rrfm-es";     nam  ��OT  First-class Accommodation.    Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for .Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors,  Hi /  i  'LA--*-*  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  WIIvD BOAR stood under a tree and rubbed his  tusks against the trunk. A FOX passing- by,  asked why he thus sharpened his teeth when no  danger threatened him from either HUNTSMAN or  HOUND. He replied, "I do it advisedly ; for it would  never do to have to sharpen my weapons just at the time I  ought to be using them."  I  m  s&  '/If  $V4  "/if  f     To be well prepared for war is the best guarantee for peace.  1  With   Christmas  less than  One     Week    away,  the   application   of   this  Trite  Fable  is   too   obvious   to   require  Explanation.  if  '4  ;ll;  m  ���m  Hi  IN   HOLIDAY  GOODS 0000,0  We have an assortment to please all, in Sterling and  Plated Silver Novelties, Tea Sets, Knives, Forks, Tea, Dessert  and Table Spoons, etc, j Solid and Gold/^filled Ladies' and Gents'  Watches, Chains, Rings, Brooches, Cuff Buttons, etc, etc,  This "assortment" consists of NEW Goods, NOT "CHESTNUTS,"  not JOS LOTS, but* the very latest from Toronto, Montreal, New York and  the eastern markets. Keep an eye on our window display, Remember \ above fable is a  warning to you in your purchases,  The   most   promising   town   in  The  centre  of- the  famous  which is located the big Cariboo  gest dividend payer in the  Southern;   Yale.  McKirineyy   in  mine, the second  Lots are Selling Rapidly.    .PRICES' WILL BE ADVANCED ..after the  New Year.  i     tf  For prices and full particulars apply to  ;ea]  ���9  OR ANY REAL ESTATE BROKER.  !  !��� -  3 ���  I I  ���&U  aassswss^i-"^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES,  THE   CITY   COUNCIL.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held in the court house on  Monday evening, with the mayor presiding, and Aldermen Paton, Phelan  and Galloway present. Several letters  were read concerning the delay in  shipping the greater portion of the  water pipe. The two cars containing  pipe reached Marcus this week. The  question of securing money to meet  the freight charges was left to the  finance and street committees, who  were to interview the manager of the  Bank of Montreal on Tuesday morning. An application for a telephone  franchise, made by Mcleod & Whiteside, on behalf of Robert H. Palmer,  was to be considered at a special meeting on Tuesday afternopn. The city  collector reported that the Bank of  Commerce and the Batik of Montreal  objected to the payment of city license.  They held that such licenses were not  levied in other cities., The council decided that the licenses should be collected from banks if collected from  other business houses.  Alderman Barrett stated that the  bank managers were corresponding  with their directors with a view to  hastening the construction of the C. P.  R. telegraph, line into the district.  They suggested the advisability of the  council petitioning Mr. C. R. Hosmer,  manager of the C. P; R. telegraph  lines.    The council will do this.  The special meeting called for Tuesday afternoon was not held, a quorum  not being present. .The application  made by Mclveod & Whiteside, on behalf of R. H. Palmer, was to the effect  that in consideration of securing a 50-  year franchise, Mr. Palmer aind his  associates were'prepared to install a  complete telegraph and telephone system. The telephone system is to connect all the camps with Greenwood as  the center. If the necessary franchise  is secured, the company will go to  work at once and have the system established within eight months. 'Mr.  Palmer assured the council on Monday evening that he represented people who were able and willing to construct the system. He asked for a 50-  year franchise, not because he expected it, but: because it was always  well to be on the safe side at the beginning of negotiations. Several of  the. aldermen expressed their opposition .-to a long franchise, and also  wanted to know something about Mr.  Palmer's principals. It would be unwise to give a valuable franchise to  any but a bona fide company. Mr.  Palmer offered to put up security to  carry out any proposition he made to  the council.  McKinney Townsite.  Sidney M Johnson, P. Iv. S., has  returned from Camp McKinney, where  he surveyed the townsite for the  Greenwood syndicate owning the  Sailor. The lots which have, been  placed on the market, have sold very  rapidly. '  ���   J. D. Murray, the provincial timber  inspector, made a trip along the line  of railway this week.  -ite  m  ^t  ���as  ..SfcS  ii  m  *&���  ���m:  The White Front Store,  very  Are prepared  to help you spend i  pleasant Xmas Season by offering you a  fine selection of everything palatable  for this special season.  With our complete stock of GROCERIES we carry a  fine selection of Raisins, Currants, Mixed Peels, Spices,  Fancy Biscuits, Nuts, etc.  Fine Choice Butter and Eggs, Hams, Bacon, etc.  We are making a specialty of TEAS and COFFEES  and shall be pleased to forward samples on application.  W  Note our Address.  m  'SffiS  SiS2S;  OLSON & PHELAN,  (Next door to the Postoffice) ;  GOVERNMENT  sis  SiS  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  m.  sis  m  sis  sis  m  sis  sis  @^  sis  m  sis  m  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  sis  m  sis  sis  sis  sis  m  sis  :W  sis  ���  I^ouis Blue.  A. Fishes.  XVHL.LS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    ^    Eholt Creek,B,C  Manufacturers of Rough and Dressed  '/If flf  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or ��o Mining Camps  ;1  ggBmvgwtw^a'ggJnBtParmnnagEni  .   If you  do,   Never Forget that  we  have   placed in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings  some   FIRST-CLASS MACHINES.     We buy,-^  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared if'  to sell at prices to suit the times.  We call your special attention to our new  n  Which  can  be  seen   at our  Store.  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  ~sti fg%55^;-y^**',je^tf^flgw  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  LL  I /- ������������ \f..-,   ?  ^uiiuuiuiuuiiujM  a  ^mmfHinf?!!!??  ARRIVING     DAILY.  CLOTHING.���We have an elegant line of Fall and  'Winter Clothing, consisting" of Tweed Suits, Serge  Suits, Corduroy Suits, Mackinaw Clothing.   Ulsters,  Overcoats, Reefers, PantSj Odd Vests, etc.  IS.���Top Shirts, Heavy Woollen Underwear, Socks, GKoves, Mittens, etc.  ���Needless for us to say a word  regarding this .department. We are acknowledged  leaders in this line. We will handle the "Maltese  'Cross ''Rubbers this season, the very best made in  Canada.    One shipment already in.  HatS and CapS.���A fine assortment.  Groceries and Provisions.���a complete stock of  Staple and Fancy Groceries.    Everything first-class.  ���'" J8&F1 We would be pleased to have you call and Inspect our Stock. "��&  M  &  V  l\> n'  tRHmtmmtiinimmmmmmmmtiTmmmmn^  NOTICE.  TVTOTICE is hereby given that .application  JLNL -"will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its next  session b}r the ������" British Columbia Telephones,  Ltd.," (a company incorporated in England under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1893,.Imperial),  hereinafter called " the companj- " or" the said  company," for an Act confirming- and conferring- upon it the powers of " the said company "  as the same appear in the Memorandum of Association deposited in England with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies ; and giving the  " said compaii3r " power to acquire, exercise and  take over, all rights, powers, privileges, franchises and assetsheld b3" the " New Westminster  and Burrard Inlet Telephone Companj', limited," and the " Vernon & Nelson Telephone  Company," and vesting the same in "the said  company," and to assume the liabilities entered  into.by the aforesaid companies, and for the  conferring upon "the said compan3r " the  powerstppurcha.se, lease, take over, or otherwise acquire the rights, privileges, franchises,  powers and assets of any: companj- in any part  of the province of British Columbia having  similar objects to "the compau\r"; and to  amalgamate with such other compaii}- or companies, and to operate and carry on the business of the aforesaid ��� conipariy. or companies  so acquired or to be acquired, and for the  conferring upon " the said company " of all  such powers as maj*.be. necessary to full3' and  completeU* carr\' on and operate the works  aforesaid,.or. any of them, and of other powers.  Dated this 30th day of November, 1898  McPHILLIPS   &  WILLIAMS,  118-7 Solicitors for Applicants.  MINKRAIv    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  HAMILTON mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In Skvlark camp.  TAKE   NOTICE,   that  I,  William    James  Harris, free miner's certificate No. 79,045,  intend,   sixt3'   days   from   the    date    hereof,  to appl3' to the Mining Recorder for certificates  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take  notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of November, 1898.   114-9  Save Money by purchasing your Ticket direct  from Greenwood to points on the Coastcor East.  .'"./ocean:-' to    ooean  t; Without change of Cars, vj.a  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains,  sleeping cars, luxurious  da3T coaches, magnificent  colonist sleepers.  The only line running  from the coast  TO  consisting of palace  dining cars, elegant  tourist cars  and  free  through tourist  ���WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL;  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  Lowest rates to FTTIJAPR Via a11 Atlantic  and from       L/tllVl L Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to any ships1 that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean.; The -route is 300 miles  shorter than via au3r other Trans-Patilie line.  1 *V4    si*  '/i^    '/if  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia,  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every yo\-age.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  S. L. SMITH, E.   J.   C0YLE,  Agent, Dist. Pass. Agent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  D.  R. McELMON, Local Agent, Greenwood.  Gem Restaurant  And LUNCH COUNTER.  Meals at all hours.  Open Day and Nig-ht.  Private Boxes. launches put up.  Fresh Eastern Oysters Daily.  �����!''-  w  WERNER & PBTT0CK, Proprietors,  COPPER STREET - - - GREENWOOD,   B. C.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  .orris,  FRUIT ^PRESERVING.* COMPANY,  VICTORIA,   B.C.  Manufacturers of :  Candies,  Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and L,emon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vinegar.  We claini without exception to make the  Purest and  Best-Selling   Goods  in  Canada.  Ten Gold Medals and  20  Diplomas  and  every  prize in Western Canada for purity.'- THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   T*MES,  FOR  TUNNELS,  Straight Line Diiplex and Com  COMPLETE  E   EQUIPMENT.  JAMES    COOP^ Limited  Branch Office, ROSSLAND, B, C,  MONTREAL, sP. Q  JAMES D, SWORD, Manager/  LICENSING   COURT.  The   hotelkeepers   were    treated   to  -their quarterly lecture at the regular,  sitting of  the licensing  court, held on  Wednesday morning.    Three  commis-  ��� sioners,   Mayor  Wood,   Police  Magistrate Hallett  and   Mr. Geo. R. Naden,  were   present.      The  theme   for   this  quarter's   lecture   was   gambling    in  licensed   houses.    The   commissioners  had  visited  all  the  hotels, and,   with  the exception of the Greenwood house,  liad   found, tables   with  holes  in  the  center.-- -Police  Magistrate Hallett informed   the   hotelkeepers* : who   were  ���present by  request, that the  commissioners did not charge the hotelkeeipers  with   allowing    gambling,    but   they  should avoid   the   appearance  of  evil.  Those tables with holes  in   the  center  were intended  for gambling purposes;  The   commissioners   did    not   license  gambling joints, they  licensed hotels.  As police commissioners they were determined   to   stamp   out   professional  gamblers. They also wanted the ropes  for fire escapes to be  placed  in  every  room,   and  also  to  see   that the outhouses were kept in a better condition.  The  court  would  adjourn until   until  January 9th, when renewals  would be  granted,   conditional   upon   these   instructions being followed.  In dealing with new licenses, the  court announced that Messrs. Bedard  ���& Berger would get a license for the  St. Charles, hotel on the 15th of -January, and a temporary license before  that time if the hotel was finished and  the proprietors desired the temporary  license!  A. Bourke's application for a license  for the Ottawa house was refused, because the notice had not been advertised the necessary number of days  and the papers had not been filed with  the clerk at the proper time. A further objection was voiced by the police  magistrate   when   he  stated  that the  building was not fit for an hotel. The  court was not going to grant an hotel  license for a shack.  Mr. Branson was granted a temporary license for the Commercial hotel,  which he expects to take over in a few  days. The court informed him that he  came to them with good recommendations, and that they expected, him to  make some improvements at the Commercial. This Mr. Branson promised  he would do.  mmmmmmmm^  Greenwood,   B.C. S^:  "A?        "A?        fl?  Store Fronts & Fixtures.a Specialty  ^mmmmmmmmmmm  THISTLE ::  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  . :,    ."   .     ."���AND���' ":'-'  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  , SOLE AGENTS :  R.  P.  RiTHET & Co.  Iytd.  VICTORIA     B.C.  wareBaawMBMUBPEB  SQUARE   HOUSE.  (0  ���J  UJ  o  Greenwood City, B.C.  ���s��c  E.   S.' WEEKS   &   CO., Props.  ��� ' ���      A ���  First-class Accommodation.  Stages from all parts pass the  door.  o  c  Hi  �����*  0  0)  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  i*   S V  GREENWOOD  t*   i* V  Workshop one door north of Furniture Store,  Copper Street.  Estimates given on  Tin and Iron Roofing,  Hot Air Furnaces,  Plumbing,       '  And all kinds of Job Work  free of charge. :    :    :    :    ;  Special Attention given to the new Acetylene  Gas Light.  Call and see us before placing- your Orders.  MINERS and j:]:  PROSPECTORS  should Wear.:���-:' :  Ames Holden Co.'s  "Columbia"  ^Kootenay'*  "Vancouver "  All of which are First.class Foot Wear.  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  -S��3"  Perfect fit guaranteed.  MINEJRAIv    ACT,    1896.       ;-  Certificate   of   improvements.  .notice. v .  STANDARD mineral claini, situate. in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : In Greenwood camp.  TAKE Notice that I, Isaac H. Hallett, agent  for William T. Smith, free miner's certificate No. 14046a ; Edwin H. Tomliuson, free  miner's certificate No. 33381a ; and Donald D.  Mann, free miner's certificate No. 8654a, intend, sixty daj's from the date hereof, to. apply-  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 18th day of November, 1898. 11.7  MIN^RAIv   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE}.  BEE mineral claim, situate in the Kettle River  mining division of Yale district. Where  located : In Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that we, D. A. Hoibrook, free  miner's certificate No. 18398a, and H. S.  Cayle3', free miner's certificate No. 8058a,  intend, sixt3r days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim.      .  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 19th day of November, 1898. 116  m.  F*  . J  ,    W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdaj-s, Thursday's, and Saturda3rs for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Forces. '  Returning leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and eveiy da\T except Sunda}' for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdavs at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  &&* Will sell through Tickets to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland. 5^!SiSS(S*eHf?i^����^w����^i^^w'^��r'-'''  ty-(M  Y  Mi  i  ��);  ��� ft  U  14  l"i  !  i  '������j ''���  GREENWOOD   is   the   financial   and   commercial  centre   of  Boundary   Creek-district.      It   is    the    supply  point  for   the   mining   camps.      From   the   city,    roads  ���"lead   to- 'the-   ��� ���    .        - ������ .'���'>���' ��� ���������:-;:." ..������'":���  GREENWOOD.  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD.  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  )Mii  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON, S  AND   OTHER   BOUNDARY  CREEK   CAAAPS.  Three   chartered   Banks   have  branches   in   the   citv.  -o-  For price of IvOts and other information, address   r.  ROBT.   WOOD  or  C. - SCOTT, GALLOWAY,  GREENWOOD,   BOUNDARY   CREEK,   B.C.  Or apply to the Agents :  C. F. COSTERTON,   X   L K. STUART,  Vernon.  (r^,  Vancouver.  ���j: -b. johssOj i'-co.;  Rossland.  .#���' >>  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  1'/  J i  1 i'  i 5  ft 7  \)  i <���  i j  I*  W����N��8��H<;  4>-'  Way to purchase Groceries is in Case lots, and the place  to do so to the best advantage is with the la%e shippers, Being  on the wholesale jobbers' list, we save k^^^^ m profit I and  shipping in car lots places us in a position to quote you prices on  the best grade of goods at the lowest possible figure, We have on  hand at present a large and carefully selected stock of the follows  ing goods in case lots, shipped direct from the different factories j  Cutting's  "Rose brand "  of Yellow  Free  PEACHES. ':}������  , ; Pacific Fruit  Co.'s  "Eureka brand "  of Yellow  Free PEACHES.  t Simcoe  Canning  Co.'s  Finest  Yellow  PEACHES.  Cutting's  "Rose  brand "  Bartlett  PEARS.  Pacific  Fruit  Co.'s  Bartlett. PEARS.  Downey  Bros.'   "Diamond Jubilee brand "  Bartlett PEARS  Cutting's   "Rose  brand "White CHERRIES.  Cutting's  "Rose  brand "  APRICOTS.  Cutting's   " Rose  brand "  Muscat GRAPES  Cutting's   "Rose  brand "   BLACKBERRIES.  Pacific  Fruit  Co.'s  "Eureka  brand "  BLACKBERRIES.  Bowlby   Bros.'  "Horseshoe brand "  GOOSEBERRIES  Port  Hope  Canning  Co.'s  Choice  STRAWBERRIES.  A.  G.  Miller &  Co.'s  " Little  Chief"  Red RASPBERRIES  Cutting's  Tomato,  CATSUP,   in  gallon  tins.  Simcoe Canning Co.'s TOMATOES,  PEAS,   CORN,   BEANS,    and   Choice    PUMPKINS  Blackwood  Bros.'   PICKLES,   in  1,  3  and   5-gallbn  kegs.  Mocha  and  Java  COFFEE,   in  10,   15  and  25-lb.   tins.  English  Breakfast  TEA,   in .5,   10,  25  and  40-lb  chests  ! %JJ    ��  ���*���_ t1. t*tfrt*r?rvr*: -���''��� ���'


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