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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-12-11

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 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1897.  -r>^  ***  g?  i   A  Wmfy ^ouvnat  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD, B.C  .11  i1!  \ih  5  i  it1  li  4  \K i  I vvtpa  K3K#  .KS&&  ��M2��S&  T^ast  g^-sass^**^^  I?  ;.v/pLI) .JAGK. FROST is quietly but quickly forming perfect  ice on the Greenwood Rink. We are getting ready for him.  A large consignment of Skates is speeding from Winnipeg  and will reach us in a few days .Get a pair from the first  consignment by ordering NOW, First come, first served.  SKATES that can be easily adjusted and securely fastened.  Guaranteed to give satisfaction,    AH sizes;  nition; it is the  men's goods,  Use only the  best  Animus  est,    We carry a full line of Sports^  i-1  Dealers in Hardware;. Stoves, Granite and Tinware, Carpenters' and Miners' Tiwik  Ore Cars and Rails, Powder and Steel, Paints and Oils Sash* *S 'K'  Water Pipes and Fixtures. AH kinds of .T^^S A^iS:5^.  HARDWARE  ������ ��>    M ERG HANTS,  & ���  Of Montreal ��  MANUFACTURERS     OF  pamite, Stumping, Blasting anl Sporting Powd  alers ��� in ��� Caps  n  -sir  ���&  ���><��*  -��"��"�� ��������������-���  Works- at  '^-B��  HAMILTON,  ONT,  BELOEIL,  QUEBEC  WAVEKLEY,  N, &  B, G  Agencies in British Columbia :  Victoria, Vancouver,  Nanaimo, Nelson,  Kaslo, Sandon.  And all the principal towns in Canada.  o  .0  ��^  T????T??T?TT???'T?T?TTT?TT?T??TT?TT?T??????TTTT??T?  w  t'i R. Hewitt Bostock, M. P., will not visit Boundary  Creek this fall. Such was the information cqn-  ve3red in a letter from him received a few days  He had made all arrangements for spending two weeks in the district when a telegram  from the east summoned him there on business  that could not be postponed. Mr. Bostock expressed his keen disappointment at being Unable .to visit  this portion of his constituency. He is desirous of securing  an expression of the views of the people of the district regarding railway propositions. A meeting of the residents  of Greenwood was held in Rendell & Co's. hall on Friday  evening, the 3rd inst. G. A. Rendell was voted to the chair  and D. Ross was appointed secretary. After a brief discussion it was decided to present Mr. Bostock with a non-polit-  icaladdress upon his arrival here and the following committee was appointed to prepare the same : Aid. G. Arthur  Rendell, Aid. C. S. Galloway, G. R. Naden, I. H. Hallett,  A. Leamy, D. C. McRae, George A. Guess and Duncan Ross.  The committee met on Saturday in Mr. Guess' office and  drafted the address which was to have been presented at a  public meeting, but Mr. Bostock's inabilhry to be present of  course changes all plans. The publication of the address  will at least place on record the views of residents on  the important question of railways :  AD DRESS  To Hewitt Bostock, Esq., M. P. : Sir,���The  residents of Greenwood have much pleasure in welcoming  you to the crty and Boundary Creek district. They desire to express their appreciation of your efforts to make  yourself personally acquainted with the requirements of  this important mining district believing that as representative for the constituency of which Boundary Creek district  forms no uninrportant part you will use your best efforts to  secure such legislation as will materially encourage the development of its mineral resources.  We desire to avail ourselves of this opportunity afforded  by your visit to draw your attention to the following matters which will assist in the development so much required :  Railways :���You are doubtless aware of the keen disappointment felt throughout the district because of the failure  of negotiations whose object was the securing of railway  connection between Penticton and the Columbia river, and  believing that further efforts will be made during the approaching session to secure federal assistance for such an  undertaking we desire to place you in possession of facts  regarding the importance of the mineral resources of the  district.  The Boundary Creek district, which comprises an area of  over 400 square miles is remarkable for its enormous bodies  of ore ; veins 170 feet, 150 feet and a hundred feet wide,  are not uncommon. There are properties whose permanency  have been proven which can produce larg-e quantities of ore,  which will give employment for a large number of men and  which will keep running many smelters.  For instance, the " Mother Lode " in Deadwood camp has  a vein 172 feet wide which has been cross cut b3r a 200 foot  tunnel at a depth of 100 feet and a winze sunk an additional  100 feet. With railwa3r facilities this property is capable of  maintaining- a large daily output. It is being operated by  the Boundary Mines Co. of New York, one of the wealthiest  mining syndicates on the continent. The adjoining property, the "Sunset," on which a large amount of development  work has been done, is owned by Montreal capitalists.  In Greenwood camp, the   "Old  Ironsides"   Company   of  Montreal, of which Ruf us Pope is president, are developing  the "Old ironsides " on which a complete mining plant has  been installed. B3r June the first, next, this property can  maintain a daiby output of 125 tons. As proof of this assertion Mr. J. P. Graves, the manager of the company, offered  to enter into an agreement with a railway c6mpan3r to deliver 125 tons of ore daily by June 1st, provided it would  build a railway into the district. The '-Knob Hill " adjoining is controlled by the same company.  The Steniwinder owned by Messrs. Earrell & Midgeon of  the Parrott Smelting Company, Butte, Montana, has been  extensively developed and is prepared to ship ore as soon as  railway transportation is secured.  The Snowshoe under bond for $50,000 to Mr. Patrick Clark  of War Eagle fame is being rapidly developed.  The Golden Crown in Wellington camp, owned by the  Brandon and Golden Crown Company, of which Hon. T. ���'  Mayne Daly, Ex-minister of the Interior, is president, has  been extensively developed. The compaii3r is installing a  powerful mining plant. The work already done has uncovered large bodies of high grade shipping ore. The Winnipeg adjoining the Golden Crown is being operated b3r a complete steam plant. The principal shareholders in this mine  are prominent North Dakota capitalists. Both these prop-,  erties will soon be in a position to maintain a large and  steady output.  In Summit camp the B. C. is being developed by an English syndicate who have just purchased a complete mining  plant, including a five drill compressor. This machinery is  now being hauled to the property, The development of "this  property has demonstrated that it is one of the largest and  richest copper deposits in the west. Like the other mines  referred to it will soon be a large shipper.  The Anaconda Group in Deadwood camp is owned by the  Recordia Syndicate of London, and is being vigorously developed, fifteen men having been employed for some time.  The enormous width of these ore bodies warrant a large  daily output in the near future, a small amount of development work exposing large bodies of shipping ore.  Besides these copper properties there are a number of  high grade milling and concentrating ores, including the  Jewel of Long Lake camp which has been extensively developed, about $15,000 having been expended thereon and which  is now being,operated with a steam mining plant..  A large amount of development work has also been done  on many claims in Smith's, Central, Skylark, Deadwood  and Copper camps.  The properties to which your attention has been more  especially directed are capable of producing a sufficient  large daily output to justify any railway compai^ in extending its lines into the district, with such government  assistance as is usually granted for such an undertaking.  They are being operated b3r some of the wealthiest mining  syndicates in America and. the most successful mining  operators.  Having been placed in possession of the above facts, we  would respectfully request you to use your best efforts in  impressing upon the government and the house the necessity for such legislation as will secure the immediate construction of a railway into the district. We are unanimous in  the opinion that such assistance should be conditional upon  immediate commencement and early completion of a rail-  wa3r. .    ���  Daily Mail Service.���We also desire to call 3^0111* attention to the fact that the present postal facilities are inadequate to meet the requirements-of the rapidly increasing population and the commercial interests of the district,  and respectfully request that 3'ou urge upon the government the necessity for a daily mail service between Vernon  and Marcus.  Export Duty on Ore.���We desire to inform you that we  are strongly of the opinion that an export duty on ore would  retard the development of our mineral resources, and should  any effort be made to put into operation the Act of last session, we would respectfully urge you to oppose the same.  Earnestly requesting the favor of 3rour kind consideration  and influence in those matters to which we have drawn  3rour attention, we subscribe ourselves, on behalf of the residents of Greenwood, [Signatures of Committee.] ���;*���  *xtf^ 'M^li^tf^wE^  THE   BO UN DA RY   CREEK   T 1MB S.  CAT/TAL $1,^00,000,  In   1,500,000  shares of $1 each,   of which  700,000  are   Treasury  Stock.   ,  ��irectora:  G.   ARTHUR   RENDELL. ;_���-.-...:  .... President.  S.   S.   FOWLER,   A. 5.,��.M...   ....... ^^^^JDice-Tresidmt.'---.  D.   A.   HOLBROOK........ ....        ^ ......   ..............:.......Manager.  thos. {McDonnell c. <ae. shaw,  c.e.,p.l.s.  'BANK   OF MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  Qrj^HE} COMPANY'S  mineral   claims now number  14,. of .which 12 adjoin  and  form  a  compact group  situate  in  J|       Providence   Camp,   Boundary   Creek.     Development work is in i^rog-ress oh three of.-.these, viz. the D. A..  'vi '     G. A. R., and O.B. claims, each g-iving-promise of g-ood results. ."'.'..-,-  THK COMPANY latety acquired Mr. Thos. McDonnell's pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands, iip'oii  which are excellent.mill-sites' and which g-ive access to an abundant supply of water for power purposes. Forty acres;  of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and the new townsite thus established has been named \  OUNDARY  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundary and Kholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important mining- camps. These town lots are being- offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of  payment.    Plans, prices and full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  HEAD OmCE  Correspondence Invited  ,   :   GREENWOOD.   B. C.  E. -JACOBS,   Secretary and  Treasurer  (������    -   ���  Established 1862  "^��M��XV��x\v  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery* etc, ^C  Importers of Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout. All orders, no  matter how "larg-e, prompts filled,  as  we have  the  TVfORT-r-JERN  ������'.'.'..       PACIFIC  RAIL. WAV.  i>J��- J?'��. ���NC.  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOJBAN     TO     OCEAN  Without chang-e of Cars, via  iilciii  I  I  The Fast Line.--Superior Service  iV��>    ��&���    ^V4  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  $'-    ^V4    &  1l\~       ���JJS='       '/&  VICTORIA,   B.C.  J.   Is'.   HENDEKSOX. T.   M.   HI5NDKKSOX.  W.   HENDERSON.  gley &     t  01  EsTATU.iSJncr) 1858.  agists  $  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER, B.C.  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Anaconda..  1 .v*.:��-��. *w._ir.^.  rr��...T.' ��.�����... 1-9. .e\.���  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Rossland to Boundary Creek.  The Rossland, Miner is agitating- the  early construction   of   a   wagon   road  from Rossland to Boundary  Creek.    It  maintains that such   a  road would divert the  trade  from  Marcus  to Rossland.    The Miner's article would carry  greater weig-ht were it not full  of palpable inaccuracies.    Its assertion  that  the only route into the district  begins  at Marcus is surely   not made   in ignorance.    The   Mirier  must  know    that  Boundary Creek enjoys the advantage  of the keenest competitive freight rates  between the American lines  terminating- at Marcus and the C. P. R. at Penticton.    So anxious were the rival companies  to  secure  the  trade  that they  have made arrangements with freighters to deliver  goods  at Greenwood   at  very low   rates   considering-   the   distances  over  which it has to be hauled  by wagon.    The  Miner fixes the population of this district at  1500, which is  anything but a reasonable  figure.    At  least 3000 would be nearer the mark.  The Miner is also wrong when it  states that all goods coming-in by way  of Marcus are purchased in the United  States. Not ten per cent, of the goods  routed by this line are purchased in the  United States. The business men of  Boundar3r Creek are just as shrewd and  just as enterprising as those of Rossland and they buy in the regular market for British Columbia retail houses���-  Coast and eastern wholesale houses.  ���These"goods-are"shipped in bond when  routed over an American line. The  American lines are used when they  give better rates than the C. P. R., not  because it is compulsory to use them.  Even should the wagon road through  McRae pass be built as the Miner suggests, Rossland would not secure the  trade. Rossland is anything but, a  wholesale centre and Boundary Creek  business men buy in the largest markets. Even without railwaj- facilities,  prices in Greenwood are almost as low  as those in Rossland. There are other  inaccuracies in the Miner's article.  While we appreciate the spirit which  prompts the Rossland paper to get into  closer touch with the people of Boundary Creek we see a danger in supporting' the scheme which it suggests.  The great desideratum for the people  of this district is "a ' railway. ..While  wagon roads are necessary to connect  the business centres with mining  camps, a wagon road such as suggested would fall far short of meeting the  requirements of the district. The  Rossland Board of Trade who we are  informed are taking- up the Miner's  suggestion, are sure to urge upon the  provincial government assistance in  building the wagon road. Therein lies  the danger. Should they succeed in  influencing the government to vote public money for this purpose there would  be less left for a railway. We want  all the money both g-overnments can  spare to assist in the early construction  of a railway and it would be unwise to  draw attention away from this fact by  such a scheme as the Miner advocates.  Mr. Leslie Hill, the manager  of   the  Jewel, was in Spokane last week.  ^"i ��� i  fi  We have the most complete stock of  FANCY GROCERIES ever brought into  Greenwood, especially'; selected for the holiday  trade. Everything the good Wife and Mother  needs to get up a Xmas dinner. Cut this out  and call at "/.The White Front " before mak-  ihg your purchases for  CLOTHING���We carry a complete line for Men and Boys.  MACKLNA WS.  SWEATERS.  GERMAN SOX.  PANTS.  HATS and CAPS.  GLOVES and MITTS.  FANCY TIES.  OVERSHOES.  BOOTS and SHOES.  Also   LADIES',   MISSES'   and   CHILDREN'S   HOSE,   GLOVES,   MITTS  and   OVERSHOES.        <  7KiT\ We respectfully invite you to call and inspect our goods.  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'.W' ���^"J liVwV-iVlvvVi THi^Hfl \ },    VJaV"'y��i 'iLv,'">y'i !.i..'t-' t*tfi* .,.fr��,< n-yVHJ��v*j,i�� n ...;-\ ��� :;���<:; >�����. {'..v..'-'*.' l'Vt.';.'*"Ji''H|l|'��"'A.iiiv-^������"���at *����� tj'-us.i ���*������"��� i- �����. ���!��� -umiMji"";1".�������-&'   ���'".' '"vi*   ;*"������ w"v"i���"w^"i..i ������ ��� w ���;���n-1'1-"!^"���^ ^ '.�����������  :?1  THE   BOUNDARY-CREEK    TIMES,  Development  Work.  Mine owners in Boundary Creek are  taking- the best ineans of proving- that  this district is one of the most important mining' districts in the world.  During- the last few months greater  effort to thoroughly develop properties has been made than heretofore.  The very fact that before the end of  the year at least six properties will b��  developed by powerful mining- machinery will afford the greatest inducement  to capitalists to invest their money in  Boundary Creek properties. That  mine owners should overcome almost  insurmountable transportation difficulties in order to bring" machinery to  their properties will inspire confidence  in those, who have been rather wary  about investing- for fear that they  mig-ht be handicapped by the lack of  railway facilities.   .,,  Some time ag-o, a representative of a  wealthy lOng-lish syndicate visited  Boundary Creek. He was an experienced and competent mining- engineer  who knew a" good thing when he saw  it. He was htre only a short time  when he had a property under bond for  ��� ��� it-.. '  a larg-e sum of nioney. But the I0ng-  lish principals feared to invest their  nioney in a district so remote from a  railwa}^ and the bond fell throug-h.  Since then the company's representative has been endeavoring- to secure  suitable.property in Kootenay but without success. He always regretted that  his compan}^ did not invest in Boundary Creek.  If mine owners continue to show ..the  same enterprise as is exhibited at the  present time there cannot be the least  doubt about the future of the district.  The work done by one conij)any encourages another and soon from every quarter will be heard the hum of mining-  plants which will soon be followed by  the whistle of the railwavo locomotive.  Election By-Law.  A special meeting of the City Council was held on Thursday evening for  the purpose of finally considering the  trade license, dog and road tax b3r-law  and to pass an election by-law. Aid.  G-. Arthur Rendell presided in the absence of the Mayor and Aid. Barrett,  Phelan and Galloway were also present, a  In conformity with an opinion secured from A. S. Black, the Trade Ivicense  by-law was slightly amended and was  then finally passed.  Aid. GallowaY- asked leave to introduce  an election b3r-law. Iveave was granted and the by-law wras read a first and  second time. The standing- rules were  suspended and the by-law was considered in committee and read a third  time. It provides for holding the next  municipal election on Thursday,  Jan. 13th, the nominations to take  place on the Monday previous. A. S.  Black is named as returning officer and  Duncan Ross as deputy returning-officer. The polling- booth will be at the  school house.  Another special meeting of the council was held on Friday evening: when  the election by-law was re-considered  and finally passed.  A New  Hotel.  P. C. Tormey, of Spokane, and M.  Moran, Cheyenne, will in, a few days  begin the construction of a hotel in  Greenwood. They arrived here from  Spokane a few days ago and after looking about the city purchased a lot on  Copper^ street from Mr. Thos. Walsh.  The lot is between the International  hotel and the livery stable. The price  paid  was   in the neighborhood of $500.  Messrs. Tormey and Moran are both  experienced and successful hotel men  and notwithstanding the fact that there  are live hotels in the city, they appreciate the fact that Greenwood is growing so rapidly that there will soon be a  large business for another. Mr. Tormey has several mining properties in  Dead-wood camp and spent a portion of  last summer here.  Customs Officer at Nelson.  Louis Rossuth Boissonault of Spokane has been appointed a customs  officer at Nelson, Wash., and has already opened his office. Since the increased traffic to Eureka there was a  pressing need for an officer at that  point.    ���  Armstrong Flour.  The Greenwood City Mercantile  Company has secured the agency for  the Okanagan Flour Mills Company's  flour. The product of the mills has  steadily gained favor and is one of the  best flours on the market.  Died  to Save Another.  Mr. J. Merry, a brother-in-law of  William McKenzie, the well known  railway man and a relative of A. C.  McKenzie of Greenwood met his death  in the Iron Colt mine near Rossland  through an act of self-sacrifice. A  ���miner, George Callanach, had gone into a drift where some blasts had recent-  ty been exploded and was overcome by  gas.    Merry went in to rescue him and  he also was overcome. Three-quarters  of an hour afterwards the two men  were found and brought to the surface.  Merry was dead but Cattanach revived.  Mr. Merr3r was married only three  weeks ago arid his wife is completely  overcome by grief. The body was sent  to Kirkfield, Oflt., for burial.  BmrmmlMnvrrer*r~~H*.~..,....������  Awarded  Highest Honors���World's  Fair,  Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.  dTDKAKAT  Pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  YEARS THE STANDARD.  ACCOS.'. ���  WILLS' Famous "Navy Cut"  and    "Traveller"   Tobaccos.  ���Pull Line of TISMING TACKLE.  Including* a choice assortment of FlylES.  Comfortable Glub Rooms  ���: [ now opkn. ]:���  /n.E. fRAZEE,  Hamill Block Copper Street.  WATCH MA K E R,  ���Formerly of Monctou, N.I3.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  aV*      alfs-      ^  HP      ">iP      ">iP  Good Tools, plent3r of Material,  and 30 years'"  Experience in the business. .  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c. Repaired.  Any kind of small Mechanical Work done.  Xmas Goods!  A consignment  direct    from  1 Santa Claus.  Presents for the children and older  people.    Dolls, Toys and Cutlery.  Stationers',   Domestic   and    Imported   Cigrars.  Tobaccos,  Pipes, etc. ,  HR    MlltlfftP1   Greenwood Book Store  ���    IJ.    IT1U1I1 UCj, GOVERNMENT ST.  J. PTCNIC��L,  iP  Anaconda, B,G  *f  '^=^^��>-  Can outfit Prospectors cheaper  and better than any of  his Competitors,  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25,  IF  YOU  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines-  Write, for Rates to  I!  I  MIDWAY  B.C.  M'Maftl^tofcW^ygJMiSAW THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  CORRESPONDENCE.  The Boundary Creek Times publishes communications on matters of public interest,  but disclaims any responsibility for the  opinions expressed in this column.  Rock  Creek  Bridge.  Editor, Boundary Creek Times:  I have a few words to put before the  public in reg-ard to the wants of Rock  creek. There has been great trouble  in crossing- the creek at this point  every winter and spring for the last  few years, so the g-overnment started  to put a bridge across the creek, but  didn't finish it, until they saw some  more horses drowned or killed, in attempting- to cross. The lumber is  waiting- to be hauled to finish the  bridge. So why don't they send it on  and save so many��from the danger of  losing their lives or else put some reliable man on the road to see that the  work is done ? What's the matter with  this government? Don't they g*et  enough out of us to pay for the paltry  bit of work they do in this country ? I  for one have had to pay out over $100  this fall for trail cutting- and then they  have the g-all to ask me to pay taxes  for doing- it. The whole outfit ought  to be turned out.���        A Sufferer.  [The early construction of a bridg-e  across Rock Creek is a matter to which  the Times has already called attention  and we regret to learn that no effort is  being made to have the bridg-e completed. The Rock Creek crossing- is not  safe at any time ; at high water it is  positively.dangerous. The g-overnment  should see that a bridg-e is constructed  at this point at once.���Kd.]  Heinze and %e C.   P. R.  The railway situation is g-etting- decidedly complicated and the final solution no one can discern. F. Auguste  Heinze went to Montreal some two  weeks ag-o and had a conference with  Sir William Van Home, the president  of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. It was announced that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company were  anxious to acquire the Trail smelter  and all interest in the Columbia &  Western Railway. The C. P. R, would  not pay the price asked and at once  started in to crush Heinze by paralleling- his road into Rossland. It is also  rumored that the C. P. R. intend buying Corbin's system and running its  trains into Spokane.  Whether Mr. Heinze can make terms  with the C. P. R. remains to be seen.  If he does, then the powerful corporation will have no practical opposition  to its schemes for railway': building in  British Columbia.  Hotel Arrivals.  The following  were   the   arrivals at  the International hotel during- the  week: Frederick McL,aine, W. B.  Rickards, J. McNicol, J. P. Jackson,  F. Jacobs, Midway ; J. L/. Manly and  wife, Grand Forks; James Manson,  Rossland ; W. J. Porter, Golden Crown ;  Jas. P. Harvey, P. C. Torney, P. C.  Stoess, Spokane ; Thos. Copsey, Carson ; M. Moran, Cheyenne; W. Barker,  Jewel ; John Potts,   Bridgeport, Wash.  Companies are being- organized on  the Coast for the purpose of securing-  dog-s for the Kloudyke trade. Greenwood could easily furnish half a hundred canines and still have more than  .sufficient to suit those who are forced  to listen to their reg-ular serenades.  For your Friend, Sweetheart, Wife, Husband, Brother or Sister.  +vxQ* a <o�� a ��e��o��t��-e<ig����-��>��o*o��-��-����<Ko  Sterling Silver Novelties in  Match Safes.  Mounted Briar Pipes, in cases.  Ke3^, Bag and Umbrella Checks.  Manicure and Toilet Articles.  Solid and Gold-filled Goods:  Ladies'Watches and Chains.  Gentlemen's Watches and Chains  Neck Chains and Pendants.  Plain and Set Rings.  QUADRUPLE-PLATED   TEA   SETS.       Q^&*=9        CUT   GLASS   WARE.  ROGERS   BROS.'   PLATED   KNIVES,   PORKS   AND   SPOONS.  ' "������ -AT-  .  .  MILLER  BROS,'  The Pioneer Jewelers.  GREENWOOD.  J8G5" Initial Engraving- Free-of Charg,'e.'i��ft.  M.:'R-.;SMlTHv &    GO.  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NOTICE is herein- g-iven that sixty days  after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following-described lands, situated in the  Osoyoos division of Yale district, British Columbia : Commencing at the north-west corner  of section 23, in township 53 ; thence south 80  chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north SO  chains, thence west 80 chains to place of commencement, containing- 640 acres, more or less.  Dated October 16th, 1897.  63 CHARLES M. SHAW.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that'sixty days  after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following- described lands, situated in the  Osb3*oos division of Yale district, British Columbia : Commencing at the south-east corner  of the south-west quarter of section 33, township 53: thence north 60 chains, thence east 40  chains, thence north 20 chains to the north-east  corner of section 33, thence west 80 chains*,  thence south 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,  thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains to  place of commencement, containing- 320 acres,  more or less.  Dated October 16th. 1897.  62 CHRISTOPHER WOOD.  OTICE is  hereby   given   that sixt3-   days  afterdate I intend to apply to  the  Chief  N ,., ..._  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following described lands, situated i.r '���'--  Osoj*oos division of Yale district,   British  chains, thence west 20 chains, thence north 4C  chains, thence west 20 chains to place of commencement, containing 240 acres, more or less.  C  m  62  Dated October 16th, 1897  J. M. MINKLER.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that sixty days  after date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase all the unoccupied portions of  the following-described lands, situated in the  Osoyoos division of Yale district, British Columbia : Commencing at the north-east corner  of section 29, township 53 ; thence south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.  Dated October 16th, 1897.  62 FITZGERALD McCLEERY. :ff  S3}   S  'I  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  AUNERS and: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  C'o/s...  ������" Columbia "  " Kootenay "���  "Vancouver"  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  ���PUBLISHED  BY    '  The Boundary Creek Printing & Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross.... ,...........,_  ......Editor.  "W. J. .Hakuek  ....   Manager.,  Advertising-Rates are One Dollar per inch  per month. Legal notices, 10c. and 5c. per line.  No "quack "or rem edy ads. inserted at aiu-  price. Subscriptions are due in advance; other  accounts payable monthly.  Address all communications to  ������������'������'.���' This Times,      ,'  Green-wood, B.C.  Suusckiption, $2.00 pe'k.Yeajr,. ix Advance.  SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 11, 1897.  GREENWOOD AND  DISTRICT.  J. McNicol has transferred a half  interest in the Great He.sper and Hecla  to J. C. Haas.  Mr. W. S. Fletcher, the drug-g-ist, returned, on Tuesday '-from a business  trip;.to'Spokane.';  Mr. B. ,D., Morrison has sold his stag-e  line to. G. Williams, ^the, proprietor of  the Marcus-Grand Forks line.  A larg-e bear was shot by (Messrs.  Inkster and Medill this week. The  brute measured 6 ft. 6 in. from tip to  ���tip..  G. H. Ford has opened a neat tonso-  rial establishment on Copper street.  He has a neat bath room in connection.  A sneak thief visited a clothes line  this week and carried off some wearing-  apparel. This is the "first instance  where theft has been reported in  Greenwood.  The Bachelors'Ball g-iven at Midway last week was a decided success.  The sleig-hing- being- good many went  down from Greenwood and all thor-  pug-hly enjoyed themselves.  The members of " Boundary Valley"  Ivodg-e, No. 38, I.O.O.F., have invited  their friends to an entertainment to be  g-iven in Rendell & Co.'s hall  on Tues  day  evening-.  Oddfellows,   not  mem  bers of the lodg-e but who are in the  district, are cordially invited to be  present.  Mr. A. H. Harrison of the B. C. mine  has returned from Rossland. The machinery for the B. C. is being- hauled to,  the mine and will be placed in position  as speedily as possible. A suitable  shaft house is being- erected and also  other building's. The shaft on the B.  C. is down about 75 feet.  Looking for  Properties.  Mr. P. C. Stoess, the well known  Spokane mining- man, visited Greenwood this week and spent some time in  the hills examining- properties with a  view to bonding- or purchase. To a  Timks representative Mr. Stoess stated that Spokane took a decided interest  in Botmdar}' Creek and that interest  was daily increasing-. Mining- men  appreciated the fact   that this   district  would be one of the greatest producers  as soon as ������* railway facilities were secured.  Mr. Stoess is one of the directors of  the Okanag-an Water Power Company.  This company was incorporated by  private act last session for the purpose  of using- the water of Okanag-an river  for power purposes. Mr. Stoess stated  that the company were not doing anything-. The water clauses act enforced such restrictive taxes and en-  dang-ed a company's right to such an  extent that there is no inducement for  capital to expend money in water  schemes. ���  H. B. Munroe accompanied Mr.  Stoess while visiting properties in the  ''district.  Licensing Court.  The Board of Licensing Commissioners held a meeting on Wednesday,  at 10 o'clock. In the absence of the  Mayor, Aid. Galloway ��� who was appointed in his stead presided. Mr. I.  H. Hallett who was appointed police  magistrate had not then decided to accept the position and as he was in correspondence with the government regarding the matter, it was decided to adjourn the court until the 20th inst. By  that time all the members of the court  should be present.  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Of course there is nothing to prevent  them being nominated during their absence. The only condition imposed in  such a case is that their consent in  writing shall be handed to the returning officer.  The voters" list shows that there are  144 persons qualified to vote at the  coming election. The great majority  of these are property holders and about  50 are non-residents. The total voters  in Grand Forks is 73 and the Miner  states that of these 20 will be absent  leaving only SO votes to be cast on  election day. ���         Should be Altered.  Since one of the duties of the legislature is to rectify errors made by the  g-overnment during- the interval between sessions, it might find less profitable employment than the consideration of the erratic conduct of the minister of mines in making a boundary  line for the Grand Forks mining division that no one can follow. The  Times must confess that it has already  drawn attention to this matter but  scarcely a week passes but there is  fresh grounds for complaint. The dividing line between the Grand Forks  and Kettle riv^r mining divisions is  g-eometricalljr accurate���length without breath���but it is a delusion and a  snare. Surveyors are unable to locate  it and mine owners and prospectors are  always in a quandary to know where  to record claims and certificates of improvements. Already several lawsuits  have been instituted arising from disputes as to the location of this precious  line. Owners have spent money in advertising for crown grants to find that  the money has been wasted because  the gold commissioner holds that their  properties are not in the mining division in which they were advertised.  If the legislature cannot induce the  minister of mines to change this boundary to one more distinct, it should  then insist on monuments being erected to mark the present boundary. In  no other way can serious legal complications be avoided. We think that  probably the latter suggestion would  be more acceptable to the government.  Its members seem to have a penchant  for having their names cut deep into  brass plates and piles of rock and the  monuments erected to define the dividing- line could also be used to perpetuate the name of the minister of mines.  They would then be what they ought  to be ; monuments to the folly of Hon.  Col. Baker, minister of mines, and to  describe a vague and delusory boundary.  ^^^f^r^:fS^(^s^^f:-_  I     H.   HALLETT,  QBamatfer, JSoftcifot,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWQOD,   B.G..  P?ORBES   M.    KERBY,  Assoc. Meni. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  Qptotnnctdf fedttb ^utu^ot  AND  CIVIL ENGINEER,  --��� (rtofftrg  (pUfiftC  MIDWAY,    B.C.  R.  W.   JAKES,   M.D.,  CM.,  BY   APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office  Greenwood. B.C.  MISS O, MEDILL,  Dress-maker,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  J.   P.   HARLAN,  SUCCESSOR   TO   \V.   W.   GIBBS,  X^YDNEY M.  JOHNSON,  B.A.Sc.  And Provincial Land Surveyor,  ANACONDA,    B.C.  QHARLES AE, SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  <S)ommton anb  (profnnctaf fianb ^ur^e^or.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  GREENWOOD  B.C.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  Qtofatg QfMJffc, (ttttnins (gtgenf.  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office i���Camp McKinney.  N-B.���Some   valuable   Mining-   Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  xo  oi  CO  CD  c  !*  o  Ul  CQ  m  CO  0  -+->  If)  q:  [U  ^  Q  T3  <:  C  r>  CO  C\  c  o  onv  0)  C  K  CD  T*  <U  ���  4-��  o  o  PQ  Pi  OS  \��  H  C/5     rt  l-H  O  O   <u  >  *  n  Q  g  o  o   g  O  O  B  2  i  ysis  Exa  ��  13   en  J2J  S3   <i>  < .5  P4  T*   S  W  c  ft  ��  0  be  <  xi w  u  <P ID  rt��-  1-4  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  II.   A.   GUESS,   M.A.  Assayers d Chemists.  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary- Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assa3-s and analyses of ore's, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  1  1:1  Corporation of the City of Greenwood;  QY-L.AW  ,No.    2.  A By-law for Raising Municipal Revenue by  Means of Licenses, Road and Dog Taxes,  and for Regulating the same. '  The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Greenwood  enacts as follows :  li���From and after January 2nd, 1898,  certain moneys as hereinafter mentioned shall be raised, levied and collected, in aid and for the purposes of  the revenue of the Municipality of the  City of Greenwood from the following  sources, viz. : (a) Licenses; (b) Road  Tax ; (c) Dog Tax.  .    LICENSES. ������  2.���Everjr person using or following,  within the limits of the Corporation of  the said city, anjr of the trades, occupations, or professions particularly described and mentioned in Schedule A  hereto, shall take out a periodical license for such period as in. the said  schedule set out, and shall pay therefor such periodical sum as is therein  specified, which said sums, shall respectively be paid in advance to the  said collector to and for the use of the  Corporation of the Cit3r of Greenwood.  3.���No person shall use, practice,  carry on, or exercise anjr trade, occupation, profession, or business within  the.limits of the said citjr in the said  Schedule A described or named, without having taken out and had granted  to him, her, or them a license in that  behalf. The licenses to be. granted as  aforesaid may be in the form of Schedule B hereto, and the same are to be  granted so as to terminate on the 15th  da3r of July, or the 15th dajr of Janu-  aiy, and no proportionate reduction  shall be made on account of any person commencing business.  4.��� No hawker or petty chapman, or  other. person who carries on a petty  .trade, or who goes froni place to place  to other men's houses on foot or with  any animal bearing or drawing goods,  wares or merchandise for sale, or otherwise carries goods, wares or merchandise for sale other than the growth,  produce or manufacture of the province  of British Columbia, shall exercise  such calling within the city without  first securing- the license therefor mentioned in Schedule A. Such license  must be secured before such goods,  wares, or merchandise are offered for  sale within the city limits.  ROAD   TAX.  5.���Eveiyr male person between the  ages of twenty-one and fifty, residing  in the City of Greenwood, shall, on demand,0 pay to the collector of the said  .city (or other dul3r authorized person),  for the use of the Corporation, the annual sum of two dollars ($2.00) b3r way  of road tax.  DOG TAX.  6.���Eveiyr person who owns, or for  the space of one month harbours or  possesses, any dog, shall for each such  dog pa.y to the collector of the said city .  for the use of the Corporation an annual tax or sum of two dollars.  7.���The aforesaid taxes mentioned in  clauses 5 and 6 of this b3'-law shall be  due and pa3rable b3r the person or persons liable for the same to the said  Corporation of the City of Greenwood  on the 3rd da3r of Januaiy in each  year. In the event of that date falling  on a Sunda3r, then the day following-.  8.---Aii3r violation or breach of any  of the provisions of this b3r-law shall  subject the offender, upon conviction  before the ma3'or, police magistrate,  or any justice or justices of the peace  having jurisdiction within the cit3r of  Greenwood, to a penalty not exceeding  one hundred dollars, together with  costs.    All penalties and costs imposed  under this by-law shall be- recoverable  by distress, arid in case of not sufficient  distress being found, imprisonment  with or without hard labor may be imposed for an3r period not exceeding one  month. '.-������-  SCHEDULE   A,  1.���Each person not having a retail  license to vend, and vending spirituous  or fermented liquors by wholesale, that  is to sa3r in quantities of not less than  two gallons at any one time, at any  house or place within the city limits  other than any house or place in respect of which he holds a license to sell  such liquors by retail, for each house  or place where such vending is carried  ori, $50 for every six months.  2.���-Each person who vends wines,  spirits, beer, or other fermented or intoxicating liquor by retail in any  building in,use as a hotel, and containing not less than ten rooms actually  furnished and used for hotel purposes,  for each house or place where such  vending is carried on, $100 for every  six. months..;,'  3.���Each person keeping a �� saloon or  building where a billiard table is used  for hire or profit, $5 for each table for  every six months.  4.���Ipach person keeping a bowling  alley or rifle galley, $5, for every six  months.  5.���Each person  selling opium ^(except chemists and druggists using- the  same in preparation of prescriptions of  medical practitioners),   $250 for-'every.:.  six months.  6.���Each person carrying- on the  business of a wholesale or of a wholesale and retail merchant or trader, $10  for every six months.  7.���-Each person who is a retail  trader, $5 for ever3r six months.  8.���The licenses mentioned in  6 and 7 of this schedule enable the person paying the same to change his  place of business at pleasure, but not  to carry on business at two places at  the same time under one license.  9.���Every person who, either on his  own behalf or as agent for another or  others, sells, solicits, or takes orders  for the sale by retail of goods, wares,  or merchandise, to be supplied or furnished by any person or firm doing  business outside of the Municipality  and not having a permanent and  licensed place of business within the  City, $25 for every six ''months.  10.���Eve^    peddler,     $25    for    six  .months.  11.���Ever3r hawker or other person  who goes from place to  place  with an  animal or animals bearing or  drawing  goods, wares, or merchandise for sale,  shall pay the Corporation of the City  of Greenwood the,' sum ��� of $2.50 . for-  every load of goods, wares, or merchandise, such sum to be paid before  he solicits orders, or offers for sale aii3r  goods, wares, or merchandise ^provided  that the amount paid by a hawker to  the Corporation of,the City of Greenwood shall not exceed $50 for six  months.  12.���.Eveiy express compaii3', gas  compaii3r, telephone company, electric  light company, street railwa3r or train-  way company, $25 for every six months.  13.��� Eveiy investment and loan society, $10 for every six months.  14.���Every person who keeps or calories on a public wash-house or laundry,  $5 for every six months.  15.���Eveiy person who-carries on. the  business of a pawnbroker, $125 for.  eveiyr six months.  16.���Every lively stable keeper, $5  for every six months.  17.���Eveiy person (other than a barrister or solicitor who has taken out a  license to practice as such) following  the occupation of a conve3'ancer or land  agent, or both, $5 for eveiy six months.  18.���Each auctioneer (not being a  government officer selling by auction  government property, or sheriff or  sheriff's officer, or bailiff selling lands,  goods, or chattels taken in execution,  or for the satisfaction of rent or taxes),  in addition to any other license before-  mentioned, $25 for every six months.  19.���Every person who exhibits a  public circus or menagerie, $5 for each  day of such exhibition.  20.���Every person who exhibits waxworks, circus riding, rope-walking,  dancing, tumbling or other acrobatic  or gymnastic performance, wild animals, or hippodrome, sparring, boxing,  sleight-of-hand, legerdemain, jugglery,  or other like tricks, pictures, paintings,  statuaryy works of art, natural or artificial curiosities, tableaux, wonderful  animals or freaks of nature, or any  other exhibition kept for hire or profit,  when the same is exhibited elsewhere  than in a theatre, music or concert  hall, or other building or place duly  licensed, for each day of such exhibitioners.  "21.���Every person following within  the Municipality of the City of Greenwood any trade, occupation or calling  not hereinbefore enumerated, or .who  enters into any contract or agreement  to perform any work. or furnish any  material, $5 for every six months ; provided alwa3rs that no person employed  as a journeyman, or for wages only;,  and not employing any other person or  persons, or having a regular place of  business, shall be subject to the provisions of this section.  SCHEDULE   B.  No  ���'���''  MUNICIPALITY OF GREENWOOD.  POR/V OF    LICENSE.   :  has paid the sum of     Dollars in respect of a license  to and is entitled to carry  (v-'  on the business of.......   at Greenwood, B.C., from. ..:....18     to  ": ' ':...   .18 '  -............. ; .....Collector.;  S ���    "     ;    '  Greenwood, B.C............  ....189  Passed the Council the 29th da3r of  November, 1897.  Reconsidered and finally adopted by  the Council this 9th day of December,  1897.  [L.S.] ROBERT WOOD,  Duncan Ross, Mayor.  City Clerk. "  NOTICE  THE above is a true copy of a by-law passed  on the 9th day of December," 1897, by the  municipal council of the corporation of the  City of Greenwood, and all persons are hereby'  required to take, notice that anyone desirous of  applying- to have said by-law, or any part  thereof, quashed, must make his application  for that purpose to the Supreme Court within  one month next after the publication of this  bA'-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or he  will be too late to be heard in that behalf.  DUNCAN ROSS,  City Clerk.  Corporation of the City of Greenwood.  NOTICE  ALL Accounts ag-ainst the Corporation of  the City'of Greenwood for the current  year must be in the hands of the undersigned  on or before Monday, the 13th inst.  15y order.  DUNCAN   ROSS,  C.M.C.  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  -AND���  The Best Canadian.  SOLE AGENTS :  P.   RlTHKT   &   CO.   Ltd.  VICTORIA,    B.C. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  GpLCONDA  GROUP   BONDED.  Another wealthy English��� Comp'aiiy .  has become interested in Boundary-  Creek district. The British Columbia  Development Company of which Lord  Sudle3r is president, through its representative Mr. P. C. Stoess, of Spokane,  has secured a bond on the Golconda  Group for $35^000. The bond imposes  no cash payment and is for the term of  one year, payments' to be made in six,  nine and twelve months. The company has to begin work within a short  time and continue developing the property through the year.  The Golconda G-roup is owned by Mr.  J. C. Haas, M. E., and Hon. George E.  Foster, Ex-minister of Finance. It  consists of six claims, the Golconda,  Laocoon, York, Cleveland, Wild Rose  and Gold Bed. These properties were  located in 1895 and 1896 and considerable development work has been done.  On the Golconda the vein has been exposed for a distance of 310 feet by cuts  made through several feet of wash in-,  to the sulphide ore, which is very solid  down to about 14 feet in depth. A four  foot by six foot shaft has been sunk  midway between the cuts to a depth of  . 60 feet, following the foot wall of the  ledge at the contact of diorite*and  quartz formations. The vein varies in  width from three to eight feet. After  a depth of 14 feet, the vein maintains  its width but is more or "less gangued  up. The ore gives values from $7 to  $16 and the mixed gangue runs from $3  to $5. The indications are favorable to  the vein running all into solid ore as  greater depth is attained. In both  open cuts high values have been secured, $35 having been secured from ore  150 feet south. of the shaft and $42  from a similar distance north, from 12  inches of arsenical iron and $7 to $18  from the remainder of the vein.  Some development work has been  done on the Cleveland Laocoon, Gold  Bed and the Wild Rose.  Mr. J. C. Haas left last week for the  east and the negotiations were conducted through his attorney, Mr. I. H.  Hallett. Mr. Haas is to be congratulated upon the deal. He has worked  assiduously to make the mineral riches  of the district known and it is gratifying to know that his efforts will not go  unrewarded.  The Golconda Group is situated in  Smith's camp and are within a short  and easy distance from Greenwood.  Mr. Stoess left on Friday morning  from Spokane. The company which  he represents has secured mining properties in different districts in the province and has ample funds to do vigor-  ours development work.  The Jewel   Mine.  Last week the transfer was recorded  of Yz interest in the Jewel and % interest in the Gold Drop from F. Dittmer  to the Prospecting Syndicate of British Columbia. This Syndicate paid  Mr. Dittmer the last payment on account of the bond.  The mine is now free from water.  Some new machinery has been ordered  by Mr. Hill and it will reach here from  Denver in a few days.  ; Corbin's Surveyors.  Corbin's surveyors who have been in  the field since September last have  practically completed the survey for  the railway from Northport to Cascade  City. The road will branch off the  main line at Northport and cross the  Columbia river at the steel bridge at  that point. It will follow the Columbia  river as far south as Crow Creek which  it will follow west to Boulder mountain.  It will pass to the south of that mountain and then run in a northerly direction to Deep Creek, then it will run  north to the International boundary  line and- to Cascade City.  NOTES.  Hon. T. R. Mclnnes has been sworn  in as Lieutenant-Governor of British  Columbia. ,;,.  Mr. Ralph Smailes, of Rendell & Co.,  left yesterday on a business trip to  Rossland.  I. A. Diusmore, police constable at  Grand Forks was one of the visitors to  Greenwood this week.  Development work has commenced  on the Golden Treasure. Mr. David  Bryant has several men employed.  The machinery for the Golden Grown  mine has left Penticton and should be  in operation by the first of the year.  Mr. C. M,. Shaw, C. E., has returned  from Fairview where he surveyed some  sections of land for Mayor Wood and  associates.  R. Denzler, of the Snowshoe mine,  will leave in a few days for Spokane.  Before returning he may visit his old  home in the East. N  Mr. Fred Shonquist who has been  visiting in Shearing, Nebraska, for  several months is expected back in  Greenwood in a few days.  There has been a great deal of vexatious delay in the hauling of freight  frpm Penticton ; but few freig-ht teams  have reached Greenwood during- the  past month. "\  ��  J. W. Bassett reached Greenwood  yesterday with several loads of freight  from Penticton. The delay was caused  by the fact that',it was necessar3' to  transfer the freight from  sleighs at McCuddy's.  Mr. J. P. Harlan, the assayer, return  ed on Thursday evening from a business visit to Spokane. He reports that  Spokane mining men are greatly interested in this district and heard Greenwood and Boundary Creek discussed  more in mining circles than an}' other  district in the province.  A grand ball will be given in Iyi-nd's  hall, Anaconda, on New Year's eve.  Excellent music will be provided and  supper will be served at the Palace  hotel. Anaconda balls have always  been a success and judging from the  efforts made by the committee in  charge the one on New Year's eve will  be no exception to the rule.  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  wagons to  NOTICE is. hereby g-iven, that. the under-  sig-ued intend to apply to the License  Commissioners of the Cit3r of Greenwood, at  their next sitting-, for a license to sell liquor by  retail on the premises known as the Greenwood  hotel, on lot 22. block 7, in the City of Greenwood. B.C. MICHAEL  MORAN.  THOMAS  L. TORMEY  Dated this 10th day of December, 1897. 66  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  MINNIE MOOR and MATTIE DAVIS mineral claims, situate in the Kettle River mining-division of Yale district. Where located :  In Summit camp.  TAKE notice that I, W. T. Smith, free  miner's certificate No. 89,812, intend,  sixty days from the. date hereof, to apply to .the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  gvant to the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be. commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 30th day of September, 1897.       ,r7  Court Boundary, No. 3576, I.0.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  every Thursday evening-.   Visiting- Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE *\ MILLER,  Duncan Ross, , Recording-Secretary.  Chief Rang-er. 45  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade- Makk  Rkd Stak.  Makers of Flour pronounced  by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.   ,      .  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran    Shorts    Chop    Etc  Corporation of the Gity of  Greenwood  BY-LAW   NO. -:S. .  A By-law Respecting the Municipal Election  for the City of Greenwood for the Year  1898.  The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Greenwood  enacts as follows :  1.---The nomination of candidates  for the respective offices of Mayor and  Aldermen of the City of Greenwood  shall take place at the school-house in  the aforesaid city on Monda}', the 10th  day of January, 1898, from 12 noon to  2 p.m.  2.-���In case more than one candidate  for Mayor is nominated, the vote of the  electors for candidates for the said  office shall be taken by, ballot in the  school-house, Greenwood, on Thursday,  the 13th day of January, 1898, from 8  a.m. to 4 p.m.  3.���In case there are more candidates  nominated for the office of Alderman  than there are vacancies to fill up, the  vote of the electors for the candidates  for the said office shall be taken by  ballot on the 13th day of January, 1898,  from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the school-  house, Greenwood.  4.���A. S. Black is hereby appointed  the Returning- Officer at the said elections ; and Duncan Ross is hereby appointed Deputy Returning- Officer.  5.���This By-law may be cited as the  " Municipal Election By-law, 1898."  Passed the Municipal Council the 9th  day of December, 1897.  Reconsidered, adopted and finally  passed the Council the 10th day of December, A.D. 1897.  [L.S.]                     ROBERT   WOOD,  Duncan Ross, Mayor.  c.m.c.    NOTICE  THE above is a true copy of a by-law passed  by the Municipal Council of the Corpor-  poration of the City of Greenwood on the. 10th  day of December, A.D. 1897, and all persons are  hereby required to take notice thai: anyone desirous of applying- to have said by-law, or any  part thereof, quashed, must make his application for that purpose to the Supreme Court of  British Columbia within one month next after  the publication of this by-law in the 'British  Columbia Gazette, or he will be too late to be  heard in that behalf. DUNCAN  ROSS.  00 C.M.C.  4   V THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  **���  PRIVATE   BILLS.  Excerpt prom   Rules  and   Orders  Relating to Private Bills.  RUIvE   59.  ALL APPLICATIONS for Private Bills,  properly the subject of legislation by  the Legislative Assembly' of British Columbia,  within the purview of the "British North  America Act, 1867," whether for the erection of  a Bridg-e, the making- of a Railway, Tramway,  Turnpike Road, or Telegraph or Telephone  Line; the construction or improvement of a  Harbour, Canal, Lock, Dam, Slide, or other  (i like work ; the granting- of a rig-ht of Ferry:  the incorijoratiou of any ��)articular trade or  calling-, or of any Joint Stock Company ; or  otherwise for granting- to any individual or individuals any exclusive, or peculiar rig'hts or  privileges w-hatever. or for doing- any matter  or thing- which in its operation would affect the  rigiits or property of other parties, or relate to  any particular class of the community, or for  making- any amendment of a like nature to any  former Act,���shall require a Notice, clearly and  distinctly specifying- the nature and object of  the application and, .where the application refers to any proposed work, indicating- generally the location of the work, and sigrned by or  on behalf of the applicants, such notice to be  publishad as follows :  In the "British Columbia Gazette," and in  one newspaper published in the District affected, or if there be no newspaper therein, then in  a newspaper in the next nearest District in  which a newspaper is published.  Such notice shall be continued in each case  for a period of at least six weeks, during- the  interval of time between the close of tha next  preceding- Session and the consideration of the  Petition, and copies of such notice shall be sent  by the parties inserting-such notice,to the Clerk  of the House, to be filed ampng-st the records of  the Committee on Standing-Orders.  51'.���No Petition for any Private Bill shall be  received by the House after the first ten  dayrs  of each Session, nor  may any Private Bill be  presented   to   the House after the first three  .   weeks of each Session, nor may any  Report of  any Standing- or Select Committee upon a  Private Bill be received after the first four weeks  of each Session, and no motion for the  suspension or modification of this  Rule shall   be  entertained by the House until the same has been  reported   on   by the   Committee on   Standing-  Orders, or  after reference  made thereof at a  previous sitting-of the House to the Standing-  Committees charg-ed with consideration, of Prf-"  A-ate   Bills,   who shall   report  thereon  to  the  House.    And if this Rule shall be suspended or  modified   as aforesaid,   the  promoters  of any-  Private Bill;which is presented after the time  hereinbefore limited, or for which  the Petition  has been received after  the  time hereinbefore  limited, shall in either case pay double the fees  required as herein mentioned, unless the House  shall order to the contrary.    Any person seeking to obtain   any  Private Bill shall deposit  with the Clerk of the House, ei.grlit day's before  the opening-of the  Session,  a printed  copy of  such Bill, a copy of the Petition to be presented  to the House,  tog-ether  with  the  notices published.    At the time of depositing the  Bill, the  applicant shall  also pay  to  the Clerk of the  House a sum  of three  hundred dollars.    If a  copy of,the Bill, Petition and Notices shall not  have been  so deposited   in  the   hands   of   the  Clerk of the House at  least eigvht days  before  the opening- of the Session, and if the Petition  has not been presented, within the first ten days  of the Session, the amount to  be paid  to the  Clerk shall be six hundred dollars.    If the Bill  shall not pass second reading-,  one-half of the  fees paid shall be returned.  60.���Before any- Petition, praying- for leave to  bring- in a Private Bill for the erection of a Toll  Bridg-e, is received by the House, the person or  persons intending to petition for such Bill  shall, upon giving the notice prescribed by  Rule 59, also at the same time and in the. same  manner, g-ive notice, of the rates which they intend to ask, the extent of the privilege, the  height of the arches, the interval between the  abutments or piers for the passag-e of rafts and  vessels, and mentioning- aiso whether they- intend to erect a drawbridg-eor not and the dimensions of the same.     .,-"..'.  61.���A11 Private Bills for Acts of Incorporation shall be so framed as to incorporate byre fere u'ce the clauses of the General Acts relating- to the details to be provided for by such.  Bills : -Special grounds shall be established  for any proposed departure from this principle  or for the introduction of other provisions as to  such details, and a note shall be appended to  the Bill indicating the provisions thereof in  which the General Act is proposed to be departed from. Bills which are. not framed, in  accordance with this Rule shall be re-cast by  the promoters and re-printed at their expense  before any Committee passes upon the  clauses.  65.���-All Private Bills shall be prepared bv  the parties applying for the same, and printed  in small pica type, twenty-six ems by fifty ems.  on g-ood. paper, in imperial octavo form, each  pagre: when folded measuring-10^ inches by IV,  inches. There shall be a marginal number  every fifth line, of each pag-e; the. numbering-  of the lines is not to run on through the. Bill,  but tlie lines of each pag-e are. to be numbered  separately.    One hundred   copies  of  each   Bill  shall be deposited with, the Clerk of the House  immediately before the , first reading-. If  amendments are made to any Bill during- its  progress before the Committee on Private Bills  or through the House, such Bill, shall be reprinted by the promoters thereof. '  Dated 16th November, 1897.  THORNTON   FELL,  65-2 Clerk, Leg-islative Assembly.  ' g  Court  NOTICE  A SITTING of the Licensing- Court for the  southern portion of the Osoyoos division of Yale district w-ill be held at the Government Office, Osoyroos, and at the Government  Office, Midways, on  Wednesday, the 15th day   of  December, 1897,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon. ,  C. A. R. LAMBLY.  Osoyoos, 30th Nov., 1897; 66-1  Dissolution of Partnership,  NOTICE is hereby-given '.that the partnership heretofore subsisting- between the  undersigmed as Nelson & Tvrian, hotel proprietors, has this, day been dissolved by mutual  consent. All debts owing- to the said partnership are to be paid to J. W. Nelson and Susie  Nelson, and all claims ag-ainst the said partnership are to be presented to the said J. W.  Nelson and Susie Nelson, bv whom the same  .will be settled.     , J.W.NELSON.  Witness : C. W. TYNAN.  Geo. R. Naden-. SUSIE NELSON.  Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this 17th dav of November, 1897. V        63  Dissolution of Partnership,  NOTICE is hereby jfiven that the partnership heretofore subsisting- between the  undersig-ned, "as Kerr & Flood, wholesale and  retail butchers, lias this day been dissolved byr  mutual consent. All debts owing" to" the said  partnership are to be paid to James Kerr and  John.P. Flood ; and all claims ag-ainst the said  partnership are to be presented to the said  ���James Kerr and John P. Flood, by whom the  same will be settled.  Dated at Greenwood, B.C., this 6th dav of  November, 1897. JAMES KERR.  R. D. KERR.  63 ,       J. P. FLOOD.  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  SNOWSHOE Mineral Claim, situate, in the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale district.   Where located : Greenwood camp.  TAKE notice that we, W. W. Gibbs, free  miner's certificate No. 87,527, Thomas  McDonnell, free miner's certificate No. 246a,  and Robert Denzler, free miner's certificate No.  888,46, intend, sixty- days from the date hereof,  to apply^ to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown gr-raut of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 30th day of October, 1897. 60  FOR SALE  THE     ENTIRE  Mining Outfit at the Sliylail line  INCLUDING Horse-Whim, Ore and Truck  X Cars, Water Tank, Ore Buckets, Heating-  Stoves and Assay Outfit. Articles will be sold  separatelv.    Manv in fine condition.  CHAS. E. RUEGER,  6.1      Ag-ent, Greenwood.  FOR   SALE  SET of Graduated Iron Pulleys, complete  with Overhead Shaft, Hang-ers, etc. Will  sell cheap, or trade, having no need of steam  power.���Apply at Times Office, Greenwood.  JOHN   A.    CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Ctfuf (Engineer,  Provincial Lane! Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering- and Survey-  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence  MIDWAY.  COUNTY COURT Hi.  A  SITTING of the  County  Court of Yale  will be holden at  Fair view, on  Wednesday, the  4th  day of May, 1897,  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  By Command.  C: A. R. LAMBLY,  Government Office, d.r.c.c.  Osoyoos, B.C., Nov. 20th, 1897. 64-4  County Court Notice,  A  SITTING of the County  Court of Yale  .'will be holden at  Grand Forks on Tuesday, the 11th  day of January, 1898,  At the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  S. R. ALMOND,  Government Office, d.r.c.c.  ,     Grand Forks, Nov. Sth, 1897. 62-4  ~fi^~  Gold Commissioner's Notice.  Vernon,   Osoyoos,   Kettle   River    and   Grand  Forks Mining Divisions of Yale District.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that all placer  claims leg-ally held in the Vernon,' Osoyoos, Kettle River and Grand Forks -Mining-  Divisions of Yale District, B.C., are laid over  from the 15th dav of November, 1897, to the 1st  day of June, 1S98. C. A. R. LAMBLY,  Osovoos, B.C., Gold Commissioner.  November 13th, 1897.. ; 63 ���  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certif i cate   of   I m prove ment's:  NOTICE.  GOLD BUG Mineral claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located :  In Deadwood camp.  TAKE notice that I, Adolph Drucker, free  miner's certificate No. 88,803, intend, sixty-  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  ���grants of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated'this 19th day of November, 1897.   63-8  "~        MINERAL,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of, improvements.  NOTICE.  HIDDEN TREASURE Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of  Yale district. Where located: In Dead-  wood camp.  TAKE notice that I, Adolph Drucker, free  miner's certificate No. 8S,803, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining- a Crow;n grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 19th dav of November, 1897.       63  ^  . Mail. Contract,  SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster-General, will be received at Ottawa until noon on the 17th day of December  uext, for the conveyance of Her Majesty's  mails, on a proposed contract for four years,  three times per week each way between  GRAND FORKS AND MIDWAY  from the 1st of January next.  _ Printed notices containing- further information as to conditions of propossd contract maybe seen and blank forms of tender may be obtained at the post offices at Grand Forks, Carson, Greenwood, Anaconda, Boundary Falls,  and at this office.  E. H. FLETCHER,  Post Office Inspector-  Post Office Inspector's Office.  Victoria. B.C.. Nov. 5th. .1897. 63-4.  -��. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  QUARANTINE  MATTERS.  Notwithstanding- the fact that the  attention of the Minister of Agriculture has been drawn to the reprehensible conduct of Dr. Hickingbottom in  levyingtribute upon freighters, that  gentleman is still clo'thed with authority from the Dominion g-overnment.  While the Times makes due allowance  for the fact that the lack of telegraphic  communication precludes prompt ac^  tion from Ottawa, still the Department  of Agriculture should not allow Dr.  Hickingbottom to remain for a single  moment in its service after attention  has been drawn to his conduct.  We have been credibly informed that  since his illegal actions have been exposed he has ceased to filch hard earned money from the freighters, but the  very fact that he has done so should  entitle him to immediate dismissal.  As the Times has already pointed  out, the position he holds is a very re"  sponsible one. An International quarantine should be Under the control of  someone entitled to public confidence.  Dr. Nelson the veterinary surgeon  for the State of Washington has visited Grand Forks in response to the urgent protests of the people of Nelson  and Eureka who have been harassed  by the ill-advised conduct of the Canadian officer. Dr. Nelson has made arrangements by which all horses will be  examined at Marcus and if they are  free from disease they will be allowed  to haul freight to the point of its desti-  ? nation. This is a more sensible proceeding and one,to which no objection  will be taken. In the meantime it"  would be interesting to learn how many  cases of glanders have been discovered  and how effective the quarantine has  been in stamping out the disease. The  people are also anxious to know if they  and their horses are liable to contract  the disease from those horses which  have been driven from Greenwood to  Marcus and returned without being  quarantined. Several teams have  made the trip since the quarantine has  been established. They passed through  Grand Forks while Dr. Hickingbottom  was regaling bar-room loungers with  his views on quarantine matters.  Since his little game of taxing freight-  ers has been exposed he does not appear to be as anxious to maintain'a  strict quarantine.  The Christina.  The Kettle River Mining- & Development Company held its first annual  meeting in Rossland on Friday last.  This Company owns the Christina, situated on the North Fork, about three  miles north of the Volcanic. The following officers were elected by the  shareholders President, C. A. Hag-el-  berg ; vice-president, Chester Lucey;  secretai'3^, D. D. Birks : treasurer,  Smith Curtis.  A pooling agreement was entered into by which all the promoters' stock  was withheld from the market until  such time as the property is on a self-  sustaining basis. Fifty thousand  shares of "treasury stock will be placed  on the market at 15 cents.  ��  ''  v  '*���<,  '}  ���!  J'-'  :bi  Af\  Vv"'  . >���-.  Rossland.  Greenwood.  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  (gtedf Estate an& (gXtning (^tofters,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  /".  ^D,-    .:s��.  3 CONTRACTOR  &   BUILDER, ~E  -r* Government 'Street,   Greenwood,   B.C.        '".;-.       fc  *�������    aV*    aV*  ~>lp      -*lp      tip  ::'.Store Fronts and Fixtures a Specialty  ysmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmK  OUM��&  sgo'T-  Midway, Kettle River.  First-ci.ass Accommodation.   Good Stabling.    Stopping Place fok Stages.  McAULEY L KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.  nnHnmi  IyOUIS'BlAIK.  A. Fisher.  MILLS     AND     YARDS   ,.AT'  Greenwood Gity    %    Anaconda* B,G  Manufacturers  of Rough' and   Dressed  Shingles; Lath*Mouldings* Sash and Doors,  ��!*>    *��*���    aV*  VlP       tip     . ?lP  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City.or to Mining Camps  ant a sewing  If you do, Never Forget that we have placed in  stock with our other lines of Household Furnishings  some FIRST-GLASS MAGHINES. We buy  them direct from the manufacturers and are prepared  to sell at prices to suit the times.  We call your special attention to our new  DROP   HEAD   MACHINE  Which   can   be   seen   at  our   Store.  COPPER'STREET, G-REENWOOD CITY, B.C.  is?  iff-'"  I-  ^( THE   BO UN D A R Y   CREEK: TIMES :  04 vvlT  MEAD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,     . B..OV  Capital, $1,500,000,      ^       1,500,000 Shares, par value $100.    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  hon.  ���;'..'; Officers :  President :    IION.   T.   A\.   DALY,   Ex-/ninister of Interior.  Vice-President :   ANDREW   KELLY,��� of Alexander, Kelly  & Go.,   Brandon,  Man.  Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  Board   of   Directors:   ���  cJ.   N.   Kirchoffer,   W.  A.   Macdpnald,  Q.G.,  ci.  cJermyn,   Wm. ciohnson,''W. A. Euller,  W. cJ. Porter, and G. II. Collins.  Owns th�� "Golden Grown" mineral claim, situated in Wellington camp, Yale District, B.C.  DEATH OF  MISS  THORNBER.  ������4Wk-*-4��.��-<����^��4��9^c-<��*^��-<��-<M��^��4M>��^*��-��4e��-a-<0>e-4e����-*-4*^e-4a��-������^*^��y  The death of Miss Grace Catherine  Thornber which occurred oil Monday  evening" at the residence of, Mr. Ralph  Smailes, was a: painful shock to the  people of Greenwood. Although known  to have been ill, it was thought she had  sufficient!)' recovered oh Saturday to  resume duties at the school on Monday, but on Saturday afternoon a relapse came. She gradually sank until  six o'clock on Monday evening- when  she quietly passed away, having never  reg'ained consciousness from the relapse on Saturday.  Miss Thornber contracted a severe  cold which superinduced fever. The  latter appeared to have settled in the  head and despite constant attention  from Dr. Jakes and those who watched  b}r her bedside, she never rallied aftextile relapse on Saturday.  Her death is a peculiarly sad one, not  only because she was cut off at the  early age of nineteen years but because  her parents who live at New Westminster are both invalids. The shock of  losing- their daughter away from home  will be a terribly sad one.  Miss Thornber was teacher of the  public school since it was opened 12  months ago. A conscientious and  painstaking teacher, she won the respect of both pupils and parents.  A telegram was sent to her parents  on Monda3r morning notifying them of  her serious illness, but before it could  reach them death came and the still  sadder news was sent in a telegram on  Tuesday morning.  It was decided to send the body to  New Westminster for interment, and  on Tuesday morning- Mr. Thos. Gulley  left with it by a special team for Penticton. The remains would reach New  Westminster vesterday.  i ��� ��� I  .... I ' T  Winchester,   Marlin  and -Savage  Rifles. o  Greener,  Glabrough,   Scott,   Tisdall,   and  W.   Richards  Shot Guns.  Smith; &  Wesson  and  Colt  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.  Catalog-tie on  application.  Wholesale   ���  and Retail,   a  TISDALL'S Gun Store, Vancouver, i  ^���^e^o^��K��^��>��^��Ke^e^��^s>-��<8^��^��>'��^��b-��-< ��^��^��>��^ ��������-*���>-���^������c-<��>-��^��^��^��^��<��v��-<��>"��^oo ������-�����*> e^����  i ira if iPmir  Li  i  Wholseale and Retail Dealers in  FRESH   AND   SALTED   MEATS  HAMS, BACON, LARD, Etc. : : :  GREENWOOD, GRAND EORKS, & MIDWAY.  M  The Sunset Mine.  Mr. J. H. Macfarlane, the manager  of the Sunset mine, who is spending  the winter in the East, expects to return to Greenwood in about two  months. The Sunset will be re-opened  shortly after his arrival and extensive  ���work will be carried on during the  summer.  f\Y/Fr  OUR FIvOUR has the name of being the BEST all-round  Flour on the market. Try it and you will not use other brands.  Our shareholders grow the wheat and we grind the Flour with  the latest improved milling machinery. Our brands are HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG BAKERS, ECONOMY, SUPERFINE. All bags marked "O. K," and to be had at all the leading-  dealers from Penticton to Greenwood City.  Okanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd,, Armstroim, B. C.  hi  J. PIERCY & CO.,  25, 37, 29   YATES STREET,  VICTORIA,     /   B,C  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing /Manufacturers,  I  mnBeW I***SMr I*'  -A  GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and. s  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  this  GREENWOOD,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  ���    ' .....   o  LONG   LAKE, SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND   ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMRS  Lots   are   selling   freely   and  are   a   good   investment/  -o-  For< price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or C, S, Galloway,  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, f v  Or  apply  to  the  Agents j  (TON,  Vernon,  1,C  A.   K.   STUART,  Vancouver. Shrewd Buyer will thoroughly Examine,  Sample  and Assay before he ventures to speculate.  So should a Wide-awake Purchaser of a Suit of  Clothes make a minute examination of the Garment before he decides to buy.  ��������^et��4��<������-4��������4����^4��*>a4  A Man can be "done up"  on a Suit easier than in almost any other branch  of business.  Before you purchase your Xmas Suit  make sure it is composed of good reliable  material j not got up for appearance only*  with a smooth-faced outside/ while beneath  is a rotten shoddy foundation;  Prove the Clothing: as you would a Prospect, by a  thorough examination.    If  you   do,   KENDELL   &   CO  will get your trade, as we carry only goods  manufac'  tured from English, Scotch and Canadian   Tweeds, :Mc.  DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE,  ��� ���-���i  .-���.' ?:  -A  . ��� i  '#  ^1  II  ���i^HMnwiilgwuiiiiiinipmpMHfflji  m,


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