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The Boundary Creek Times 1896-12-05

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 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1896  witt<j %<>utn<xV  'o %tSo ft-ti&HW  mmimmmmimmmmmiiimmiimmimmiMMik  -^-w  *��$  , 3  ~**us9  IHWiHUIIfcalll  r-nwrtffltf iiiwm  K5  iff  21  tsssMsasr*-"  Is the central town and supply point of the  Boundary Creek mining camps. From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  GREENWOOD,  OORRER,  LONG   LAKE,  DEADWOOD,  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK,  WHITE AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  GAMRS  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment   J?C X>  J^br price of Lots and other information, address  Greenwood City; Boundary Creeli, B.C.  Or apply to the Agents s  C.  F.  COSTERTON,  Vernon,  B.C.  ot.- -  {^L^^-  <8<��*--  g&>*~-  8)a����^-  fp&~���  ��&���"��� ,  ��Sw�����  ^?mmn?mmn?mmmmmmfnmmtnmmmmmmmmmn?mmmmm?m!!n?i  ��� *���  ��� $* A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol I  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C��� SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1896,  No, 13,  TOPICS   TOR   THE   WEEK,  The policy of The Times in publishing- facts that apparently do not entirely redound to  the  credit  of  the  camp���  such, for instance, as the " closing- down " of a mine or the  " throwing" up of a bond " by a company after having prospected a claim, sub judice so to speak���is severely criticised  in several quarters.    Apart from the fact that the  function  of a newspaper, if it has any right to  the  title  and   is  not  merely a boom pamhplet or an  advertising sheet,   is  first  and always to chronicle news'as it occurs, and  not  to  suppress facts because it would have been rather more convenient had they not happened,   we   are quite satisfied  in pur  own mind, that itlie- class"of  men  who read  mining  papers  for the purpose of  extracting-  information  respecting  any  particular locality are, as a rule, anything but fools. ' They  are perfectly aware, without being^told,   that  in a  mining  camp wherein (say) two thousand  prospects" are  located, a  vast majority of them will never become mines ; and that a  "certain proportion���and a large proportion���however promising .the surface showings may be,  will, prove  disappointing upon development.    As a matter of  fact  any   man  of-  ordinary common sense would be much  more  likely���if influenced at all���to form a favorable judgment of  the  country from the  local  paper,   giving"  evidence  of  publishing  unbiased information.    There is a very good Iyatin proverb  which says," suppressio veri,   suggestio  falsi."    Moreover,  the time is past when Boundary  Creek  might  have   got   a  " black eye " by the abandonment  of  properties  by  operating syndicates or the like.  . The district is now  too  well  known, its future so well  assured,   that  it  is  no  longer a  case of possibilities  but  of  patience.    There  has  been   a  grand advance in  the  last  twelve  months,   and  like  the  stone set rolling down an incline the  progress  will  henceforward be proportionately rapid.   Unfortunately, our great  resources avail us nothing" unless,  as  Kipling  irreverently  stj'les those who sit in high places, "the little  tin  gods  on  their little tin wheels " so will it.  ���54k-  f'F  tie  Now that Mr. Forin has been appointed a county court  judg-e for Kootenay, it is to be hoped that there will no  longer beany excuse possible for. the vexatious adjournments and delays for holding the court at Midway, which  up to the present have been tolerated without remark, except perhaps sotto voce. ���  tie  tie  tie  The editor of the "Province " admittedly do,es not require  to be told how many blue beans make five. Under the caption of "Men and Things " he recently remarked : " From  what we hear, nothing would surprise us less than to see  Boundary Creek assume foremost rank next year, and we  shall watch its development with unceasing interest." It  is now for the people of Victoria and of the other coast  cities to do more than " watch "; they must be the first to  assist this development if they hope to get any of the cream  from the milk.  tie  t,e  fie  We have been,asked to give the origin of the word " wildcat " as applied in mining- phraseology. A correspondent  writing from Camp McKinney to the Vancouver World has  thus given the locality where the term first became general  yet without explaining" how it originated : I have mined all  over America in the last 25 years, and with me the word  ' wild-cat' when applied to, a prospect is not original but  borrowed from the Pennsylvania oil operators, who meant  by that term to sink in a new district considered outside of  the belt."    The best excuse we have  heard  why  the  word  , should be used, however, is in   the definition of a wild-cat���  " something one is glad to let go of after taking hold of."  4&  '/ft*  3b  fie  ���Me.  *ft*  - The Times is always^open to conviction. In a recent  issue we commented on the rumor that at the next session  of the legislature a bill would be introduced to prevent  aliens from locating or holding" mineral ground in the Province ; and objected that in view of the benefit the country  had reaped from the hardihoqd and pluck of the sturdy  American prospector, such legislation would savor of ingratitude. Another, side of the question has been presented  to us which, we confess, is certainly sound log-ically. Did,  we "are asked, the American prospector come to the Province  to benefit himself or British Columbia ? If himself, why is  he entitled to the gratitude of the country in any degree  more than is accorded to other enterprising classes of men ?  On the other hand if, as has been,said, the alien prospector  is honest, intelligent and in every other way a desirable  citizen, why, if hes endeavors to become wealthy at the expense of this eountry, should he not own allegiance to it���  become in fact a naturalized British subject ? The proposed measure, if it had only this effect, would considerably  aug-ment the voting" streng-th of the district, and it is difficult to point out where the result would fail to be anything  but beneficial in its working-s.  A writer in the Engineering and Mining Journal happens  to hit upon this very "subject while  discussing  the  mining  possibilities of British Guiana.    He says :  I am asked whether the colonial government g-ives mining  rights and privileges to native and alien alike ? In reply :  The British Guiana government, as representing the colonial policy of Great Britain the world over, gives absolutely  equal property rights to native and alien miners. . . To  my mind here is the explanation of the success which the  British Government, above all others, achieves in making  its colonies generally prosperous and their inhabitants  loyal. John Bull makes no attempt to turn a native or an  alien into a Britisher. He secures their loyalty or support  in quite another way by respecting" local laws, habits, customs, wherever he finds them. . . Great Britain places  her main reliance on the possession of land. What is land  g-ood for without workers? By what means can these workers be made loyal and earn the most money for the treasury?  Take British Columbia, which at the present rate of American settlement seems soon to become "Yankee " Columbia.  Has John Bull been caug"ht in any trap, or is his. territory  in danger? Not in the slig-htest degree. That astute old  gentleman quietly smiles as he sees Americans "piling in "  there with money and machinery to develop his mines, hew  his forests, build his railroads and cultivate his fields. In  a sense the land becomes theirs; yes, but under his laws and  his government. All he seeks in return is official revenue  and the fair conduct and support of the inhabitants.  This question then remains : Should that wise andliberal  policy of British colonial rule that has at once enriched  the  Empire and won us the regard and respect of foreigners, be  tampered with even to the extent of prohibiting the location  of mineral-bearing ground to any except native  born or  naturalized British subjects ?  tie  fie  4&  tie  Says the Nelson Tribune :  " A Missouri publisher is responsible for the statement  that he has a farmer subscriber who, whenever he comes to  town and gets drunk, makes a bee line for the printing  office and insists upon paying his subscription in advance.  At last accounts he was some 15 years ahead. The Dominion government should admit Missouri whiskey duty free."  The experience of the manager of the Boundary Creek  Times is that while the effect of the common or gfarden rye  sold in this district induces several to order the paper to be  sent to them, never by any chance does it suggest the advisability of a prepayment of the subscription price.  ��";  ..\v.'..  �����-������ ��� THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ODD-FELLOWSHIP.  An adjourned meeting was held in  the Greenwood schoolroom on Saturday to again discuss the subject of the  formation of a lodge of Oddfellows in  this district. Mr. Thos. Hardy presided and after a short statement and the  reading of minutes, called on the committees to report their success in can-  vassing for names. These reports  showed that in and around Greenwood  there were 14 Oddfellows and 25 others  willing to join the order ; in Anaconda  8 Oddfellows and 9 anxious to become  such, with one member of the committee yet to hear from.  Mr. Smailes remarked that evidently  the question now is, not whether we  can secure sufficient members to start  a lodge, but in how short a time we can  organize. He was in favor of keeping  down the admission fee as low as possible, in view of the large number of  applicants,���say at about $15.  Mr. Phelan was of the same opinion,  but advised that the fee  named should  be conditional on a certain  number of  - applicants coming forward at the start,  otherwise the fee would be increased.  The chairman also approved of the  suggestion. The expense of organizing would be much below that of the  Carson lodge,, and with the large niem-  " bership in view he thought it advisable  to lose no time in getting down to business. There were several members of  Carson lodge residing on this side of  the range, who found it impossible to  attend that lodge more than once or  twice a year; they were all eager to  have a local lodge started.  After further discussion it was moved by Mr. Smailes, seconded by Mr.  Hardy, that the secretary write  to the  Grand Lodge for certain information  as to routine to be followed ; also to  the Vernon lodge, and regarding" paraphernalia.  The meeting then adjourned until  Saturday, .Dec. 12th,, same time and  place, , all present being particularly  requested to again attend.  GREENWOOD  AND VICINITY.  Mr. Graaf is building a two-storey  hotel, 34x20 feet, on the Stemwinder in  Greenwood camp, and is petitioning  for a liquor license.  A dance "will be given on Christmas  Eve, the 24th of December, at the International Hotel. All are cordially  invited to be present.  A strong indication of the increase  of population in the town is afforded  by the fact ho less than twenty-five  beeves were slaughtered for the local  market this week.  C. F. Costerton, of Vernon, agent  for the Phoenix insurance company,  visited Greenwood on Wednesday to  appraise the damages caused by the  recent fire. Mr. Costerton was agreeably surprised at the relatively slight  damage that had been done to the  building.  Mr. 10. Meeker, of Puyallup, Wash.,  spent several days in Greenwood last  week gaining information for the purposes of a descriptive article which he  will contribute to the Tacoma " I^ed-  ger���'" on Boundary creek. Mr. Meeker  who is well known as a wealthy hop-  grower hopes to -interest capital in the  mines of this district.  ARMSTRONG.    B.C.  ;&    ��&    glz  lie      ir-      ->n-  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our 1J  O.jK.   BRANDS  OF FLOUR  HUNGARIAN  XXX  STRONG   BAKERS'  SUPERFINE  Our Mill  is fitted throughout with  the latest improved machinery a:nd is  in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller. ,    ,  Ask  for  our  Flour  and  keep  the  money   in  the  district.   .  Or> 9 W �� W��0�� 9 4  The Okanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  #&* When you want any  RITING  A i ERIAJL  Caul at :  TAYLOR'S PHARMACY,  -*m-  -*������   Greenwood City, B.C.  WE CARRY ,  . Writing Tablets, ruled and unruled.  Envelopes" and-Playing' Cards..      :Fiddle- Strings.  Foolscap.   L,egai, Cap.   Pens and'Penci:e,s. ' .  Inks and Mucilage. Pipes and Pouches.-  Memorandum, Time and Day Books. .  Colored Tissue Paper, for Christmas Decorations.  .  W  -Importer of and Dealer in-  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Ivouis Blue.  A. Fisher.  A. R. Tillman.  Manufacturers of Roug-h and  Dressed  qassMM  '    ' 0k     $&     $!&   :  �����,��;���      -7if      vie  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber .delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps ��Wl����Wi^��BiWlgt��3������8*<����^  ":H  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  MR. DRUCKER ON BOUNDARY CREEK.  Ivondon Sun : The Press, financial  and lay, has lately been full of the  richness of the British Columbian  mines in g"old, copper and silver. The  writer of this mentioned the matter to  Mr. Drucker, M.P. who has just returned after two months traveling in that  far oif British possession. Mr. Drucker  originally went to British Columbia for  the purpose of shooting- "big game."  Heavy g*uns, larg-e shot and other  shooting- gear comprising- the greater  part of his bagg*age. But sad to relate  there was no' big game to be found.  The.g-allant young sportsman camped  out for more than a week, living on  bacon and beans. Once or twice he  got on the track of bears and porcupines, and even came across one or two  of the latter, yet never a grizzly showed its ugly nose !  , But it is mines, not  bears,,' that  we  are interested in in this .column, and it  is on that subject  that  l\abby's  Tory,  colleague unburdened  himself.    He  is  positively enthusiastic' on  the subject,  having broug-ht home quite a  dazzling-  collection, of pre, and emphatically  declares his  intention  of revisiting-  the  country next year.    At Camp  McKinney, the famous mining centre, things  , (to use Mr. Drucker's expression)  look  a "bit oif."- But of Midway and Greenwood City, the centre of the Boundary  creek mining" industry,  he  speaks  enthusiastically.    The place bids fair  to  become another San Francisco.   Beautifully situated as regards   scenery  its  position offers the most unusual opportunities    for   banking-,    trading-    and  business' g-enerally.     Boundary  creek  distHc-t-jis exceed.ringl"ytirich in^mjnerals..  No BSg-hrgTade ores full of gold,   fit  to  blind, and madden   hysterical   speculators,, but solid ore containing  upwards  of sixty-three per cent, of copper ;   and  enough gold in most of  the. specimens  submitted to Mr.   Drucker  to  pay  for  working-'expenses.   .So that sixty-three  per cent. . of   copper   is   obtained  for,  nothing".    Rossland ores are, of course,  richer in-gold", but Mr.   Drucker  questions whether the  veins   are   as   rich.  He very sensibly argues that  quantit}'-  with a fair amount of quality is preferable  to  sensational  high-grade  ores,  which are responsible for most  of  the  reckless gambling which  has  so  long  been the curse of the  mining- industry.  "British Columbia," says Mr. Drucker,  "will, I believe, be one of the  greatest  mining- countries .of the world. Especially   do   I   believe   in 4the   future   of  Boundary creek."    But now  we  come  to an opinion painful  for  Englishmen  to hear.-    The. Canadians are slow, but  Yankees are quick, and  unless  we   at  home "buck up" a bit, and lend a little  impetus to our Canadian brethren, the  whole of British Columbian  enterprise  will be in Yankee hands..   The railway  .system is being developed and extended, and there is little question that the  opportunity has come.   Canada is poor,  and we must assist her with our money.  At   the   present   time,   Spokane,   the  principal  town   in   Washing-ton   state,  U.S.A.,    actually   contains   nearly   all  the  offices   of   mining-   companies   in  British Columbia !    Certainly it is time  Englishmen woke up.  * This reference to Camp McKinney  is surely a reportorial error. The comparison between Rossland and Boundary ores, particularly the emphatic  " of course " is also rather funny reading. Likewise, to any ordinarily informed person the story of 63 per cent,  copper value is obviously absurd.���Ep.  GREENWOOD CITY, B,G  G.   E.   SEYMOUR   &  CO.,   Props.  Specially adapted for Commercial Men.    -:-   Stages to all parts pass the door.  FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY RESPECT.  Rates from $1.50 to $2,50 per day,  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereb3r graven, that application-  will be made at the next session of the  Leg-islative Assembly for the Province of British Columbia for an Act incorporating- a company to supply water for domestic, fire, manufacturing-, mining-, milling-, smelting-, reduction,  and other purposes to the inhabitants of Greenwood. City, Anaconda, Midway and Boundary  - Falls, in Yale district, and all extensions of  said^towiis,. and to the inhabitants of the district about the said towns, and to any mines,  mills, 'manufactories, smelters, reduction, re-  ..fining- or other works in the said towns or in  the district.or vicinity,thereof, and also to produce and supply power and electric lig-ht to the  said towns and the inhabitants thereof, and to  the-mines, manufactories, mills, smelters, reduction, refining-, or other works now or hereafter to be operated in the said- towns or in the  district or vicinit3r thereof, and also the rig-ht  to expropriate lands, and for all or any.- of the  , above purposes to appropriate, take and use the  waters of Boundary creek, Boundary Falls,  Twin creek, laud creek,-Providence creek, Cop-  - per creek, and Eholt creek, and for all other  necessary powers, rig-hts and privileg-es for'  carrj-ing- out the above objects.  Wilson &-Campbell,    l  11-8 Applicants'-'Solicitors.  County Court Notice,  A  SITTING of the County  Court  of Yale  will be hoiden at \   '  Osoyoos,  B.C.,  March  13th,  1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  By command.  C.   A.   R.   LAMBLY,  Government Office, R. c. c.  Osoyoos, B.C., Nov. 14th, 1896.  11  County Court Notice,  A SITTING of the County Court of Yale  will be hoiden at  Midway, B.C., March 15th, 1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  1       By command.  W.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office, r.c.c.  Midway, Nov. 14th, 1897. 11  The Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River  Mining Divisions of Yale District.  HOTICE is. hereby g-iven that all Placer  Claims leg-ally held in the Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River Mining- Divisions of Yale  District are laid over from the 1st November,  1896, to the 1st June, 1897.  (Signed).       C. A. R. LAMBLY,  Gold Commissioner.  Osooyos, B.C., Nov. 1st, 1896.  T    R. McLEOD,  Barrister and Solicitor.  Anaconda, B. C.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  Qtofarg (pugftc, Otinins gtgent  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office :���Camp McKinney.  N*B'caS^Tn11tr^Uable  MilV".8-   Properties   iu  Camp McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  Certificate of the  Registration of a  Foreign  Company.  Companies Act," Part IV, and Amending  Acts. ��� fo  Combination Mining and Milling Company,"  (Foreig-n).  [Reg-istered the 30th day of October, 1896.]  T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  t-J-egi^eL'ed the  "Combination   Mining- and     '  Milling-. Company �� (Foreig-n), under the "Companies Act," Part IV, " Reg-istration of Foreig-n  Companies," and amending-Acts.    '  The head office of the said  Company is situ-   '  ated atthe City of Spokane, iu the State of '  Washing-ton, U.S.A.  The objects for which the Companv is established arc: To buy, sell,  lease, or otherwise  acquire mineral claims, mines, and mining- property ; to explore, develop, mine, improve, and  operate   the  same;    to sell, mortg-ag-e,  lease,  bond, or otherwise dispose of the'same ; -to do  any and all thiug-s whatsoever which the said  corporation may deem necessary for the devel-    *  opment and operation of any  and  all  mineral  claims or mining- property which the said corporation may hereafter acquire, own or eontrol-  to construct, maintain and operate trails, roads  or lines of transportation, whether by  land or  water ; to build flumes or ditches, or to acquire  water power and water rig-hts, and  to -lease or  sell the same;   to erect  mills,  smelting- or  reduction works, for private or public use ; in       /  fact, to carry on a g-eueral  mining-,  reduction  and smelting- business in all"its various departments, in any of the States aud  Territories of  the United States, also in the Province of British Columbia.  The capital stock of the said Companv is six  hundred thousand dollars, divided into six  hundred thousand shares of the par value of  one. dollar each.  Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia; this  31st day of October, one thousand eig-ht hundred and niuetj'-six.  [L.S.]       S. Y. W00TT0N,  Reg-istrar of Joint Stock Companies.  Harness, Saddles, Boots and Shoes Repaired  with neatness and dispatch.  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  A.   D.   WORGAN;  I        GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and the Mines for Sale. J  %  V  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  (jftountuxtg ��m& Ctme#  HAROLD M.   LAMB  W.    U.    HARBER   ��� ��� EDITOR  ��� MANAGER  Subscription, S2.00 per Year, in Advance.  ~      SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1896.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   MINING   AND  COMMERCIAL   ASSOCIATION.  A meeting was held in the Greenwood school-house on Thursday night  for the purpose of organizing a trades  association, and was well attended.  Mr. Robt. Wood was elected to the  chair, Mr. Iyaiiib acting as secretar}--.  The   Chairman,   after    calling   the  meeting to order,  said : " The  objects  , which have called us together to-night  eare, as no doubt you are all  aware,   to  discuss the advisability of  forming an  <   organization for  the  advancement of  our mining and other interests.    Even  supposing that we do not accomplish a  great deal, I  believe  that  much  good  may   be   derived  nierely  by  meeting  from time to time  to  exchange  ideas  and to discuss  matters  of  importance  to us all."  Mr. Iyamb explained that  some  two  months ago he had been  requested  to  communicate with the secretary of the  Vancouver board of trade, to ascertain  the regulations to be observed in forming a local board  of  trade.    He  then  read certain sections from the Act res-  , pectirig the incorporation of boards of  trade, specifying the number of  members  requisite  to  constitute  a  board,  and  showing   that   the  district  must  contain a population of at least 2,500..  Mr. Smailes thought  that the  time  was hardly ripe to organize  a  regular  ** board of trade here, but  as  he   understood  it was  proposed  to  form  some  sort of a trades association,   with  the  ulterior object of incorporating this association as a board of  trade when the  occasion warranted.  Mr. Garland, Mr. Galloway, Mr. San-  som and other speakers expressed  much the same opinion.  Mr. Black then moved that an Association to promote the interests of  Greenwood and the subsidiary" camps  be formed. The motion was seconded  by Mr. Smailes, and carried.  Moved by Mr. Holbrook, seconded by  Mr. Nelson, that the name of the association be " The Boundary Creek Mining and Commercial Association, "with  headquarters at Greenwood.���Carried.  The secretary was then instructed to  draw up a list of members to which  forty-five names were appended.  Moved by Mr. Sansom, seconded by  Mr. Holbrook, that Mr. Robert Wood  be appointed president of the Association.  Mr. Wood said that while he thanked  the mover of the resolution for the  honor conferred, he felt that he was  hardly capable of undertaking the  duties which would fall to the president  of the Association (cries of yes, yes,  and a voice " Appoint a vice-president  to help you "). The motion was then  put and carried unanimously.  On motion of Mr. Seymour, seconded  by Mr. Garland, Mr. Galloway was appointed vice-president, and on motion  of Mr. R. Wood, seconded by Mr. LVamb,  Mr. Sansom was appointed secretary.  A committee were named with power  to add to their numbers as follows to  draft by-laws and constitution: Messrs.  Smailes, Black, T. Miller, Colin Mc-  Rae, T. McDonnell, Haas, S. Breslaw,  J. Kerr, Phelan, and the officers of the  Association:     Messrs.  R.   N. ; Taylor,  W. H. Norris, H. M. Lamb, F. A. Gordon and W. W. Gibbs were subsequently asked to act on the committee.  A  vote   of  thanks   to   the chair was  passed and the meeting adjourned.  The feeling that animated the meeting on Thursday night was distinctly  anti-sectional, if we may use the expression ; and every speaker strongly  advocated that the Association be conducted on the broad lines of futhering  the interests of- the whole district.  With this in view representatives from  Anaconda and Midway will be asked to  co-operate with the committee. A  communication from "X" touching  this point has been received, but too  late for publication in this issue.  -   Mr. G. T. Hodgson left  on   Friday's  stage en route for England.  Announcement  We beg to announce that we have received our full stock of General Merchandise, including wines, liquors and  cigars,' and are now ready for business.  Greenwood City Mercantile Co.,  General Merchants and Wholesale  --------- Iyiquor Dealers.  Agency :  judson dynamite and powder CO.  SAN FRANCISCO, CAI���.  TENDERS WANTED.  TENDERS will be received bj* the undersig-ned until Januarjr 15th, 1897, for the  construction of an Irrig-ation Ditch and Flume  from Boundary creek to Midway flat.  Plans and specifications can be seen'at the  office of the Midway Company, Midway, B.C.,  and the office of C. F. Costerton, Vernon, B.C.  The lowest or any tender not necessariLy accepted.  A.   K.   STUART,  Ag-ent Midway Company, Z-td.  Midway, Dec. 5th, 1896.  prORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (prtfrinctdf jL&nb ^umgo?  AND  CI VII, ENGINEER,  ��� (TtOfarg (pUftftC ��� MIDWAY,    B. c.  H.   HALLETT,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  G.  A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.  GUESS,  M.A.  Assayers & Chemists,  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Okanag-au mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and aualj-ses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B.C.  Midway, B.C.  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing- a Specialty.  'he Greenwood Bool'- Store.  aV��  ���),i  ����<t��>��<9*��4��>Ml��M��MeM����!MH��HMO^M��fr49  Next door to Ford's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars*  Cigarettes and Tobaccos.,,  X Fancy Goods & Stationery  * ��  SMITH & McLEOD, I  J Proprietors of the |  I VERNON   SAW, |  J '    PLANING   AND f  | MOULDING MILLS |  I I  J Sash and Door Factory at Vernon. J  f Saw Mill at Okanapran Lake. I  Ktte  Owning- extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as g-ood material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane-  Orders from Boundary Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  -#-  Smith & McLeod, Vernon.  Mining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY   CREEK  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  \WSCt37sst,  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thoroug-h acquaintance with the Boundary  Creek and Kettle River mining- districts.  W.   W.   GIBBS,  4> ASSAYER^,  ANACONDA    -    -   -    B.C.  British Columbia Investigations  a  Specialty.  J, C HAAS, EM,  Mining Engineer,  Greenwood City, B.C. Spokane, Wash  Mining- Properties Examined and Reported on.  Mining- Negotiations Transacted.  Correspondence Solicited.  iieiji Ron  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Stak.  Makers of Flour pronounced b}r experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  MINING NOTES.  Jim Green has built a cabin on the  Mavis, in Skylark camp, and is preparing" to run a tnnnel in on the ledge.  Mr. Mcintosh is negotiating a sale  of the Winnipeg", and meanwhile has  gone Bast on a visit to his home in  Nova Scotia.  Mr. Reuger, who holds the bond on  the Skylark, is asking" for an extension  of time in which to make the final  payment.  T. Hill and H. Purkins returned to  Trail on Wednesday after building a  cabin and doing a few days work on  their claims near Rock creek.  Tom Waish brought in some very  pretty ore from the Black Hawk, on  which he recently sank a 13-foot shaft.  The ore is g-alena and quartz showing-  free gfold.  John Christie after sinking thirteen  feet on a sort of capping" of pyrrhotite,  struck a body of bluish-looking" quartz  about ten feet wide between apparently defined walls, on the Nighting"ale  this week.  Mr. Hirschel Cohen, who recently  acquired mining property at Fair view  and Kruger's mountain, as, it was  thought, ag-ent for Barney Barnato,  has written.to the Colonist stating that  he is in no way associated with the  great African speculator.  Admiral Selwyn, the inventor of the  Zymean process of extracting g"old,  silver and copper, has . written to say  that he is confident that by this process  Trail (and consequently Boundary  creek) ores can be .treated at the., small  cost of $1.25 per ton. Mr. Moulton  Barrett contemplated at one time installing a Zymean plant at Greenwood.  Mr. Cuthbert, of Victoria, western  manager for the British Canadian  Gold Fields Kxploration, Development  and Investment Company, Iytd., visited  Boundary creek last week, purchasing-  two properties, the L^uela in Greenwood, and the Iva L-enore in Deadwood  camp. The former .claim was owned  b}*' James Cunningham and the latter  by Messrs. K. C. Brown, Haas and  others. A contract has been let to  erect buildings and sink a 50-foot shaft  on the I/uela. and two shallow shafts  respectively for 15 and 25 feet on the  Iva L^enore. Mr. Cuthbert, althoug-h  his stay was short, ' became very enthusiastic in expressing* his opinions of  the camp. Mr. Haas has been asked  to superintend the work of the contractors for the Company.  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown g-rants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times���the mining-  paper of the district.  CORRESPONDENCE.  | We are iu no way responsible for  the opinions  of our correspondents.]  Greenwood, B.C., Nov. 30th, 1896.  To the Editor, Boundary Creek Times :  Sir,���Since the mill whistle has  ceased to regulate our hours for working", we have no authority for the correct Greenwood time. This is sometimes* a matter of inconvenience to  both workman and employer. Would  it riot be an advantag-e if there was a  clock in the post-office which might be  the '" arbitrator " in the event of disputes between our watches ?  John Brown.  Carson Lodge,  No. 37.  I.O.O.F.  EETS every Saturda3r  Evening- at 8 o'clock  in their hall at Carson, B.C. A cordial invitation extended to all sojourning- brethren.  P. B. NELSON, R.S.  E.Spraggett, N.G.  Q    W.   JAKES,   M.D.,   CM.,  BY  APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office       :       :       Greenwood. B.C.  GRAND SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL  ACCOMMODATIONS.  OCEAN     TO     OCEAN  Without chang-e of Cars, via  CANADIAN  PACIFIC . .  RAILWAY.  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of: palace  sleeping-.cars, luxurious dining- cars, eleg-ant  day coaches, magnificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The only line running- throug-h tourist cars  from the coast  TO  }  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    GHANGEI  Lowest rates to ^  .  and-from  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to auy ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via any other Trans-Patific line.  tie      tie  Canadian-Australian Steamer LVine  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every vo3"age.  For time tables, pamphlets, or a.ny  information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, GEO. McL. BROWN  Ag-ent-, Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  Fruit # Vegetables  Copper   Street,   Greenwood  City.  Some magnificent Apples, and a larg-e supply  of Potatoes, Cabbage, Parsnips, Carrots,  Turnips, etc., etc., on hand.  A Good Billhead  Helps Business s t  The merchant who uses " cheap and  nast}' " printing- does his trade serious  injury. It is dear at a g-ift. A neatly  printed, stylish-looking- letterhead or  invoice sug-g-ests g-ood methods, helps  collections, and imparts an air of  prosperity. The Times Job Depart-  . meiit is equipped with the latest and  :j newest type faces, carries g-ood paper  and    guarantees    satisfaction.       We  would like to fill your next order.  Established 1862.  ���^-MHHOWNvw  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc* X>  Importers of- Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout. All orders, no  matter how larg-e, promptly filled, as we ha\re  the  UME8I STOCK IN 1 PROWL  Alfe jJfe jUfc  %* fjf *��  Write us for Catalog-ue and Price List.  VICTORIA,   B.C.  Camp McKinney Hotel,  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. .  Good   Stabling.  Snodgrass & Sons, Prop'rs.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKiune}-,  Rock Creek, Midwa.y, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For.cs.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 6 a.m. on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturda}'.  Carries the Mails, Passeng-ers and Express.  To W. H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodgson, Esq.  and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the Peace :  TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to apply at  the next sitting of the licensing- court, to  be hoiden bj'- you for portion of the Osoyoos  division of Yale district, for a transfer to Frank  G. Wood and J. W. Nelson of the license now  held by me to sell spirituous and fermented  liquors by retail upon the premises known as  the Pioneor hotel, situate on lots.21 and 22, iu  block 5, in the city of Greenwood, British Col-'  umbia. ROBERT WESTELL.  Bv his attornej' in fact, J. W. Nelson.  Dated at Greenwood City, B.C., Nov. 9, 1896. -  To W. H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodgson, Esq.  and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the Peace :  TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to apply at  the next sitting- of the licensing- court, to  be hoiden by you for portion of the Osoj'oos division of Yale district, for a transfer "to Seymour & Webb (G. E. Seymour and Samuel  Webb) of the license now held by us to sell spirituous and fermented liquors bjr retail upon the  premises known as the Windsor hotel, situate  on lots 31 and 32, block 7, in the City of Greenwood, British Columbia. .  JAMES McMAHON.  Dated at Greenwood City, B.C., Nov. 9th, 1896.  G  For Occupation or Speculation.  BUILDING AND LOT for sale on main  business street in Greenwood Cit}-. Size  of building, 24x55 ft. Arrangements may be  made to exchange other lots or erect a smaller  building suitable for our business, in paj-ment.  For particulars enquire at  The Boundary Creek Times,  Greenwood City, B.C. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  THE WEEK AT ANACONDA.  Messrs. Kay and Hardy 'have taken  over the livery stable business of Mr.  P. Hickey.  The Townsite Ag-ent reports this  week a decided move in real estate.  At the meeting of the Commercial  Club on Wednesday evening, Mr. Kef-  j; fer, chairman of the committee appointed to estimate the cost of printing a  pamphlet descriptive of Anaconda and  the district, reported the result of the  committee's investigations. On motion  of Mr. Miller the report was accepted,  and the committee was authorised to  expend $15,of the Club's funds for the  publication of a pamphlet.  Communications were received from  John C. Talbot, Spokane, and from  , Austin Christmas, Rossland, in reply  to the advertisement for a blacksmith.  The secretary was instructed to reply  to the letters.  It was moved by Mr. Miller, seconded by Mr. Hind, that one week's notice  be necessary before any motion may  be introduced with reference to change  of the constitution or by-laws���Carried.  Moved by Mr. land, seconded by Mr.  Munroe, that a^dance be given by the  Club on New Year's Fve, and that advertisements'announcing the event be  inserted in the three newspapers published in the district.���Carried.  The following- committee were named  to manage the dance : The president,  Mr. Hardy, and Messrs. L,ind, Lawder,  Keithley and Kay.  Mr. Hind g-ave notice that he would  bring" a motion before the Club at the  next meeting to appoint a committee  to revise and amend the by-laws.  Before the meeting adjourned Mr.  Hardy suggested that after concluding-  the business of the evening it would in  future be a pleasant diversion to introduce a debate on any current topic of  interest. The proposal received unanimous approval, and it was arranged  that the members should have the  opportunity next Wednesday to give  evidence of their rhetorical abilities.  MINING NOTES.  The drift on the No. 7 is  now  in  48  feet. -  Thos. Skivington is building a cabin  on the Winnipeg".  Mr. Garland secured an excellent  bargain this week in his purchase of  the Ajax, a claim not a mile from  Greenwood, from J. Hanrahan. There  are two small ledges on the property,  and from one the surface rock returned  an assay of $25 in geld ; the ore**is also  speckled with native silver.  Mr. W. A. Boss, a mining engineer  of repute and experience, has been  staying* in Greenwood for the past few  days. He was sent some weeks ago to  report on.the Cariboo mine, Camp McKinney, of which he expressed a very  high opinion. Mr. Boss' present visit  was for the purpose of inspecting a  claim on Myers' creek, and he had  hoped to spend a short time in Boundary to find out for himself if the current laudatory reports concerning the  district were justifiable. Unfortunately the unprecedented heavy fall of  snow has prevented him from carrying  out this programme, but he fully intends to return to the camp in the  spring. Mr. Boss represents a wealthy  English syndicate, already owning a  n timber of mining properties in the  province.  . J. ARMSTRONG & CO. ����  s  $&  ~/ftrc4\v>eiwciWL\eA*\\bs*\\^   DEALERS   lis   Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and Doors  Is*  tie  fie  f'S  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleighs,-Best in America.  One of the best (Jobbing Shops in the Interior.  Hardware        Granite ware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware  Parlor and Box Stoves  Miners' Camp Stoves  Iron Pipe and Fittings  Tinware  Silverware  Glassware,  Window Glass  Cutlery  *&  *>,  Cro.ckeryware and House Furnishings  MINERS' SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY,  You-will find the A. & B. brand of g-oods the best.  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ., ANACONDA.  <J$* <JP- *4f*    '       <J���� bflfy . <d$*      .     *^�� <^W   '   .   UJ* Wf/ ta^V <*/* ��dQU tatyW <Jf* <J$*  IL ARMSTRONGS CO;  ^T5J  ]--~"���W-V*'  THE PIONEER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  ' "'"" 4J&  tie  iir �������?��� ��� tit*  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide geod accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men. .     Best of Wines, Iyiquors and Cigars.  - L/Ivery Stabile in connection.   tie  0b g&  tie fie  ELSON & CO,  Proprietors-  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.   Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & LUNDY, Proprietors,  ANACONDA,   B,G  N.   XHOL.L.  PROPRIETOF?.  In every respect a Comfortable and Well-appointed House.    Livery Stable in connection.  Am^ i  BOUNDARY    FAIylyS,    B.C.  a.     JT.-    WHITE     '-*.   -'��� -       PROPRIETOR.  Centrally Located.   Stopping- place for Stag-e Lines.   No trouble or expense spared  to make Guests comfortable.  Strictly First-class and Charg-es Moderate.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. Good Stabling.  STI ISZiSXWJ: "CA^i'ti TZtViXXtJ**-'** '+ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ANOTHER VISITOR'S OPINION.  In a two column article in the Toronto Globe of the 14th inst., Mr. F. W.  Fitzgerald, manager of the Birkbeck  Investment Society, tells of his recent  trip through B.C. - After referring to  the mineral riches of Alberni and Kootenay he says :  The construction of  a  line   easterly  from Vancouver, through the Yale and  Boundary Creek districts.^to Kootenay,  -will give access and shipping facilities  to a district which is almost certain in  another year to prove  a  mineral  producer of the first order.   The Boundary  Creek   district   comprises  an  area  of  over 400 square miles, and  all  the  exploratory, work conducted over it  during" the past season���and the prospectors, have been far from, idle���proves it  to be  hig-hly  mineralized.    There,   as  elsewhere, the-only doubt  has  been as'  to whether the excellent surface showings would last; and there, just  as at  Rossland and in   the  Slocan. ' development work is daily disposing   of   these  doubts.    There are at  present  no less  than   2,000   registered  claims..    Very  -little seems to be known in the east regarding  this_ portion  of   the   country  which, in the'judg-meht of all.practical  mining- men who have  investigated it,  will in a few years'   time   show  mines  ranking- among the  best   producers in  the Province.  CAMP   McKINNEY   NOTES.  [Special Correspondence.] -      \  Mr. C. B. Bash Nhas .returned from  the Coast and1 is again superintending"  development work on the Victoria. The.  upper tunnel is now in over 70 feet  and the lower one 20 feet. Mr. G. O.  Young has had charge of the work for  the past few weeks.   _...  Thanksgiving Day was recognized  and appreciated in camp, Mr. Hugh  Cameron entertaining his friends to a  well served turkey and cranberry  sauce dinner ; while at the company's  boarding house the Thanksgiving bird  was well in evidence.  The Christmas tree committee, consisting of Mrs.Xundy, Miss McKenzie,  Mr. McMynn and Rev. H. W. Irwin,  together with others .interested in the  getting up of the entertainment for  the benefit of the Midway children,  held their first rehearsal in Palmer-  ston's hall on Saturday evening. From  the satisfactory manner in which the  first practice went off, a very great  treat may be expected by all lovers of  music and the drama.  The Boundary Creek M. & M. Co.  have let a contract to sink a 20-foot  shaft on theqva tz ledge of the O. B.  This ledge is said to be twenty-five feet-  wide. The Company also intend to  employ four men on the Big L,edg-e ;  assa3rs f rom this claim give $35 iri  gold. Cabins, are being erected on the  properties and preparations made for  the housing of a larger force of men.  Mr. W. T. Smith left on Sunday for  Spokane to arrange with the directors  of the Republic Mining- Company for  the working of the LVdst Chance in  Smith's camp. The Company own the  promising claims -the Nonsuch, the  Republic and the I^ast. Chance, and it  is understood that all three properties  are to be thoroughly exploited after  the New Year.  There are times when patience ceases to be  a virtue, but we. would respectfully ask our  patrons to have patience a little while longer.  The contraction of the currency evidently  forced our Pack  Mules  on  a  strike.     The  money question being settled, prosperity will follow all those  who take advantage of the Low Prices of  CLOTHING    and   GROCERIES   at  ��� \  OLSON & PHELAN,  THE PIONEER  Livery and Feed  STA BLES  Greenwood City, B.C.  .     ���?'��.      -ate.'    -Me.  ftF     ���$&     -sftr  Saddle Plorses S1.50 per day.  Teaming,at the Shortest Notice.  AcKEE   &   CURRY,   Proprietors,  <N  SANSOAA   &   HOLBROOK.  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  _ 0   OFFICE     AT     GREENWOOD     OITY.  J. PI.  25, 27 29, YATES STREET,  VIGTORIA,    B. G.  Wholesale Dry Goods.  Gents* Purnishings /y\anu  facturers.  Best assorted Stock in the Province.  ���M��.lj��niMi-��i^��^^M.-.i��.i,����T^^i^M��.^^����^n��^^��rM-nnTii^-.mn  J. Kerr.  R. D. Kerr.  BUTCHE  GREENWOOD, GRAND PORKS, & /HIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek  and all Mining- Camps.  and   (GREENWOOD  STAGE     LINE.  Leaves  Marcus   Monda3\s  and  Thursdays  at 1  p.m.  Arrives  Greenwood   Tuesdays  and Fridays at 5 p.m.  Leaves   Greenwood  Wednesday  and  Saturday at 7 a.m.  Arrives  Marcus ..Thursday  and  Sunday  at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR. THE   BOUNDARY. CREEK   TIMES,  THE RECORDS FOR THE WEEK.  NOVEMBER   28.  Rainbow, Christina lake, Charles Ladner,  NOVEMBER  30.  Virg-inius, Greenwood camp, John Frost.  War Eag-le, Kimberly camp, J. M. Jarrette.  DECEMBER  1.  Midnig-ht, Brown's camp, Chas. Cumming-s.  Belcher, Grand Forks, A. L- Rogers.  Piastre, Seattle camp, D. B. Pett3'john.  Britton, ditto.  Certificates of Work.  '    NOVEMBER   25.  E. C. B.���E. C. Brown.  NOVEMBER 26.  Black Hawk���Thos. Walsh, C.*\A. Baldwin and  Ed. Baillie. ,  Ida���Geo. Hicken.  Leg-al Tender���J. L. Wiseman.  J. A. C.���D. W. Holbrook.  NOVEMBER   28.  Glenwood���Jas. Sutherland.  NOVEMBER 30.  Hopewell���Archie Conners.  DECEMBER   1.  Fred. D.���G. Averill and Procter Joiner.  Altrurist���E. C. Brown.  Conveyances.  NOVEMBER   24.  Victory���all (cond.), Alex. Wallace to  F. Guse.  NOVEMBER  26.  Tig-er und Diamond Hitch���% int., D. L. Beach  to Frank Guse.  NOVEMBER 28.      '     .  Napoleon Bonaparte and May Flower (all int.),  and Mark Anthot^, y��� 'int.���Joe Gelinas to  The French & English Gold Mining- Co.  Best (all hit)���Alex. Dorais to The Ehg-lish &  French G. M. Co.,  Rambler (all int.)���A. G. Davies and C. Frank  to Everett & Spokane Mining- Co.  NOVEMBER   30.  Humming- Bird, 1-20 int.���Julius Ehlrich to Sidney J. Luce. *  Humming- Bird, 1-20 int.���Julius Ehlrich to Ja.y  Carl Williams.  Humming- Bird, 1-20 int.���Julius Ehlrich to W.  F. O'Brien.  Humming- Bird, 1-20 int.���Julius Ehlrich to C.  F. Crisp.  - December   1st.  Comstock Lode, all int.���Geo. L,ynch  to  E. P.  Bushnell, H. W. Atkinson and  R. J. Geog-an.  Carlisle, Yz int., and Marg-uerite, all int.���M. E.  Me lor to H. M. Campbell.  Iva Lenore, % int.���J. P. Harlan to J. C. Haas.  Iva.Lenore, y2 int.���T. D. Johnson to J. C. Haas  Iva Lenore, all int.���J. C. Haas to H. Cuthbert.  Uncle, l/2 int.���Otto Dillier to G. T. Hodg-son.   .  Uncle, \f> int.���G. T. Hodg-son to R. H. De Grey.  Uncle, all int.���R. H. De Grey to H.  Cuthbert.  Coin, Vn int.���J. A. Elliott to H. A. Sheads.  Chesapeak, fract. all���H.  A.  Sheads to  W. K.  White.  Helen, lA int.���J. C. Haas to Robt. Wood.  Snowslide, % int.���J. Riley to Nathan Toplas.  MIDWAY   MATTERS.  Mr. F. M. Kerby spent Sunday and  Monday in Greenwood.  Mr. Powers is placing piers in the  river opposite the sawmill, to- prevent  the loss he has suffered in the past  from the breaking of the log" booms.  The preliminary hearing of the case  before the local magistrates, of Keene,  foreman of the Cariboo mine, charged  with the murder of Matt. Roderick,  was postponed from Wednesday to Friday afternoon. The particulars were  received too late for publication in this  week's Times.  Mrs. Dowding is contemplating applying for a liquor license and engag--  ing in a regular hotel business in... the  building- originally erected for that  purpose by the townsite company. The  new hotel will be called the Lancaster  House.  Mr. A. K. Stuart has been successful in obtaining the permission of the  Indian Agent to build a road through  the reservation from Midway to Curlew creek. This road, which is to follow the left bank of Kettle river as far  as Carson, is for its entire length  across level country and will prove an  inestimable boon to freighters. It will  be constructed by the Midway Town-  site Company, assisted to a certain ex  tent by the Cariboo Mining"  Company  and the residents of  Carson   and   Nelson.    The work should be  commenced  at once to admit of the route being" open  before   the    mountain   roads   become  heavy   in   the   spring.    Unfortunately  however, the townsite company do not  allow their ag-ent much   liberty   of   action, and several communications must  pass  between   Midway  and Montreal  ere the necessary authority is given to  1 proceed.    If the company   possess any  confidence in the abilities or discretion  of their local representative,   the  fact  should be admitted.   Notwithstanding",  the action that the  company  are  now  taking, albeit somewhat tardy, is to be  commended and will  doubtless  prove  immensely beneficial to Midway.   The  estimated cost of constructing the new  road is $2,000, the main work being the  removal of rock where  bluffs   are  encountered.  It is rumored that that the Montreal  & B. C. Prospecting" Co. have taken up  the bond on the Monarch, in Greenwood camp.   R. N. Taylor & Co. have received a  stock of the celebrated B.B.B. briar  pipes.  A. B. HART  4s Greenwood, B.C  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures  a specialt\r.  Plans and Specifications  made and  Estimates  given.  Miners and \ % \  me Owners'*  To obtain the best results,  ****** use ******  And Patent Fuse Lighters.  sljs.        ^t{.        &W4  ���5J"?      tile"      tie  For Sale by  0  w\~.dt  ���&  Courts of Revision and Appeal.  Rock Creek Division of the Fast  Riding of Yale District.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that Courts of Revision and Appeal, under the Assessment  Act and Amending- Acts, will be held at the  following- places on the dates named below :  Osoyoos, on Tuesday, December 15, 1896  Midway, on Thursday, December 17, 1896.  Greenwood City, Friday, December 18, 1896  At 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  (Sd.) FRANK   McGOWEN,  Court of Revision and Appeal.  Government Office, Osoyoos,  Nov. 21st, 1896.  Notice of Application for Private  Bill.  Cascade Water, Power, 4 Light Co., Ltd.  NOTICE is herebj' g-iven that application  will be made to the Leg-islative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for an Act incorporating- the Cascade  Water, Power and Lig'ht Company, Limited,  with power to appropriate and use so much water from Boundary creek, Kettle river and the  North Fork of Kettle river as the company may  see fit, for the purpose of establishing- waterworks and supplying- water for mining-, domestic, manufacturing- and other purposes to the  inhabitants of the townsites of Midwaj-, Anaconda, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Cascade  Cit3*, in Yale district, and to appropriate and  "use 150,000 miner's inches of water from Kettle  river, near Cascade City, for the purpose of  g-enerating- electrieit3' for the supply of ligiit,  heat and power to the inhabitants, cities, towns,  mines, smelters and tramways within a radius  of 40 miles from the said townsite of Grand  Forks, and to construct, erect and maintain all  necessary works, duilding-s, dams, race-ways,  flumes, poles and erections, lay pipes and  stretch wire's for g-enerating- and supplying-  electricit3r as aforesaid, and to enter upon and  expropriate land for the purposes of the company, and also to construct, maintain and operate tramway and telephone systems within the  said radius ' of 40 miles, and to do all other  thing-s necessary- or conducive to the' attainment of the above objects or any of them.  Dated at the Citv of Victoria the 10th  day of  November, A.D. 1896.  FRANK   HIGGINS,  12 Solicitor'for Applicants.  MINERAL    ACT.  Certificate  of Improvements,  "Last Chance" and " Non Such" Mineral Claims  vSituate iu the Kettle River Mining- Division of  Yale District and located in Smith's camp.  TAKE NOTICE that The Republic Gold  Mining- Company, free miner's certificate  No. 81,152, intend, sixtj- days from the date  hereof, to appl3' to the Gold Commissioner for  certificates of improvements for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claims.  And further take notice, that adverse claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such  certificates of improvements.  Dated this 21st day of October, 1896.  SITTINGS of the Licensing- court for the  Oso3roos and Kettle river divisions of  Yaledistrict will be held at Oso3r6os and Midway oil the 15th da3r of December, 1896.  C.   A.   R.   LAMBLY.  Osoyoos, B.C., Nov. 12th, 1896.  Greenwood City, B.C.  And Horseshoeing  Satisfactor3r Work Guaranteed.  ^SS^Ke^^^fS^X^^!P3l^!Stmf*M^^>��m B-faftgMCTB*^^  fSj':  '�����.���-.'��  �����  Arriving daily.    Our-'last shipment contains the best  yet  in  we  seen.    Our Lambs^wool and Fleece^lined   Underwear  is Just the stuff for  have  also  some  very  choice  lines in  Amongst which are fine Fresh Butter* Cheese*  Hams  1  Greenwood and Boundary Falls.  ��


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