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The Boundary Creek Times 1896-12-12

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 I  4  !%.  >������������ ...  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1896.  ���.���������sV-#tf:  /     /  'e w�� isaa  HiiiiuuMMUMiuimjiuuiM  .-^O  --���-����"  ���*^j>  -^ot  MMfff���BW  ��-��-w������<���mi <���> <m  ���XI  AO�� .  ��aa  5??  A9��  ��6^   <B*^���  ��*"���  <S�������  Is the central town and supply point of the  Boundary Creek mining camps* From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  ��>���*-  �������-���  eV��"���  GREENWOOD,  LONG   LAKE,  SUMMIT,  ;    SKYLARK,:   ���:  ;   WHITE ��� ><WD  /ITWGOD,    ���:  WELLINGTON   and   SMITH  CAMPS  Lots  are selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment,   '3��-'3��  ��*��-v  8**^  ��sr���  . 6io^~:  est.���  fltef^r  e>~-  4*.  For price of Lots and other information, address  o~���  *�����-  <***���  1^-  ��*����^-  9  Greenwood City, Boundary Creel, B.C.  Or  apply to  the  Agents t  ���3*^-"  ���***>"���  C.  F.  COSTERTON,  Vernon,  B.C.  A.  K.  STUART,  Vancouver.  ^?????T??f????n??T?????T????n???m??????m????nmm??!f???????T??H???fT??i???m??T??T??f??????T?Ti^  i��SSiiS��i^^  arosmHsnl wwsfsraHs A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. I,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C��� SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1896.  No, 14,  TOPICS   TOR   THE   WEEK.  ���ID draw the attention of  our readers  to  the letter  signed "X" which appears in another column of  this issue.    Our correspondent is  of  the  opinion  that an erroneous idea of the purpose for which  the  Boundary Creek Mining- and Commercial Association was organized, is prevalent.    That is, a number of people hold different views from " X " on the subject.    As a  matter  of  fact  we,are inclined to think that very few  of  the  members  of  newly formed association could clearly state  to  what they  had pledged themselves.    The title  of  the  society,,'.is  pre-  ��� faced with, the name of Boundary Creek ; but a motion was  unanimously   carried  to  the  effect  that  its  object be  to  advance the interests of  " Green wood  and  the  subsidiary  camps."   In what particular, then, has the Boundary Creek  Mining- and  Commercial  Association  a  wider   "scope  of  usefulness " than the Anaconda  Commercial  Club, in the  constitution of which the following- section is to  be  found :  " The objects of the organization   are,  the  furtherance  of  the commercial and social interests, and  the  advancement  of all enterprises having for their object the benefit  of  the  town and vicinity."    If the meeting had intended  that the  association should be a sort of district board of  trade,   Mr.  Gordon's  resolution  should  not have been  passed.     The  association, it is true, showed a laudable disposition to keep  sectionalism in  the  background,   but  the  very  argument  that was used against the organization of a  district  board  of trade on Thursday night,���that the meeting merely represented the interests of one locality,���can be  applied with  equal force to disapprove of the idea that the society,should  assume the function of foster-mother until asked to do so.  -*ir  t,P  "X " suggests, as a'means to correct what he calls " this  erroneous but somewhat natural impression," i.e., that the  objects of the society, are to benefit Greenwood, the forma-  -tion'of a society corresponding to those which have been or  are about to be formed in the other towns of the district, to  deal with questions affecting Greenwood. The suggestion  is a sublime instance of-putting the cart before the horse.  If " X " had proposed that delegates from the Boundary  Creek���alias Greenwood���Mining "and Commercial Association meet representatives of the societies ���' which have'  been or are about to be formed in the other towns," to dis-  cuss organizing a district association, or whatever it may  be called, it would, we imagine, have been more to the  point.  vw  ���>if  4%  Fn passant, it is a matter for congratulation to note the  energy and public-spiritedness shown by the people of  Boundary Creek when dealing with matters concerning the  interest of the district, and the blame in no wise rests with  them that the district has not ere this seen the halcyon  days of Utopian prosperity. ,  tip-       tip  '    SlP  The dark and gloomy mystery attending the loss of the  petition sent to Grand Forks, and when last heard of  in the possession of Mr. G. Mimms, proprietor of the Grand  Forks Hotel, has never been cleared up. To all questions  relative to his knowledge concerning the whereabouts of  the missing document Mr. Mimms has preserved a dignified  and profound silence, which, as any lady will tell you silence  implies consent, this is evidently not a case of Mimms sibi  conscia recti. However, a second petition addressed to the  Chief Commissioner and asking for the construction of a  wagon-road from Greenwood City to near the head-waters  of Fisherman creek is to be circulated for signatures, and  this time every precaution will be taken against its accidental loss���probably it will be carted about in an iron safe.  The route of the proposed road leads from. Greenwood up  Boundary creek and continues by'way of Fholt creek through  Providence and Summit camps to Fisherman creek where  a connection is made with the existing road at the North  Fork. The entire distance, is only fourteen miles, but the  benefit to the district in general and to prospectors or  owners of claims in the lately discovered Kimberly camp,  Iydng L,ake camp, Pass creek, Providence and Summit  camps in particular from the construction of such a road  is obvious and undeniable. It is sincerely to be hoped that  provision will be made in the estimates-and an adequate  appropriation granted to carry  out this important work.  *V<-   *v*   *�������  -��!����� IK- ">lf  '  Messrs. Snodgrass & Sons are to be complimented. At  no season in the year is the drive between Penticton and  Grand Forks unattended with difficulties ; but at the present time, with the snow lying on the. summit roads three  feet deep, it is as surprising as it is gratifying to receive  the mails with the regularity and punctuality that one has  a right to expect during the summer months. Mr. Snodgrass, " We looks towards you, and we likewise bows !"  4fe  tlf  tfe.  tir  ">if  The organization of associations and societies appears to  be a popular form of amusement at the present time, it is  therefore apropos to suggest the advisability of organizing  a Kettle River and Boundary Creek Mining and Agricultural Society, or some association of the same nature, for the  purpose of holding annual exhibitions of ore specimens and  agricultural products���these latter in.relation to the former  would naturally be "very small potatoes" if they amounted  to "a row of beans." Nevertheless good work might be  accomplished by a properly conducted society of this . kind  in many ways. The exhibits of ores after having been  shown here could be^ sent for exhibition purposes to the  several shows held in the province and to the Spokane Fruit  Fair, in itself a capital advertisement for Boundary Creek.  To obtain a grant of money from the Provincial Government, the society should/be formed and a secretary appointed without unnecessary delay.  tee  *Y4  ttf  tip  In a recent issue of the Rossland Mining  Review a Mr.  P. A. O'Farrell writes as follows :  a  In five years you will have 100,000 people in the Kootenay and Boundary countries. You will see that country  producing more gold, copper, silver and lead than any other  region of the globe. . . Recollect that Kootenay and  Boundary form an Fmpire by themselves���it is a region of  fabulous mineral wealth. For the commerce of such a  country the great transportation lines will fight to the bitter end. The Northern Pacific have the best of the fight to  day, and unless the Crow's Nest Pass line falls into the  hands of the Canadian Pacific they will continue to have  the. best of it. The Spokane Falls & Northern is in touch  with the Northern Pacific, and a branch up the Kettle river  to Boundary will give the Spokane Falls & Northern the  key to the whole railway situation. In the throes of a  national election Americans have neglected to watch the  developments in Kootenay, but now that that is over I think  that Americans will vie with Canadians in their interest in  the developments of this new Fl Dorado of the west."  'S'i.  tip  -vl'S.  It is announced that a rate is to be re-imposed on newspapers passing through the post. It the revenue of the department can be increased to any appreciable extent by  this proposed rate, the Postmaster-General is taking a commendable step. The fact that the post-office department  did not pay, has been urged as an excuse to explain the  inadequate mail facilities in out-lying sections of this (Province and the pitiable salaries received by rural postmasters. XHE_ BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ANACONDA COMMERCIAL CLUB.  The meeting was called to order at 8  p.m., and the minutes of the previous  meeting having been read by the secretary, the president stated that the  board of trustees met on Tuesday and  had arranged for the hea.ting and "the  lighting of the Club's rooms in the  Wilson block. The building of a brick  chimney was also reported completed.  Mr. Hind said that the Townsite  Company promised to donate a sum of  $15 towards the publication of the  pamphlet as proposed.  It was moved by Mr. Miller, seconded  by Mr. Keffer; that an advertisement  be inserted in the Spokesman-Review  inviting a barber to open a shop in the  town.���Carried.  A letter was read . from J. H. McDonald, an employee of the Hall Mines  Company at Nelson, in answer to the  advertisement for a blacksmith.  Messrs. Miller, Hind and Keffer were  appointed a committee to revise the  by-laws and submit suggestions to the  next meeting.  ��� Mr. Hind stated that the contractors  had commenced work on the new bridg-e  across Boundary creek, and that the  work- would probably be completed  within a short time.  Mr. Bennett thought the Club  would  be interested .to hear that he  had   had'  an interview with Judge   Spinks,   who  had informed him. that Mr. Heinze had  deposited the $��0,000  required  by  the  Government as guarantee of his  bona  fide intentions to  build the  Columbia  & Western road,   and  that  before  the  4th of July next the whistle of  the  lo-'  comotive would be heard in Boundary.  The judge further remarked  that  Mr.  Corbin   was   watching   Mr.   Heinze's  movements very closely  and   was   resolved, to beat  his   competitor   in   the  race of railway construction. Boundary  creek was,   Judge   Spinks   continued,  rated as  first  among- the  coming ore  producing  districts   of   the   province,  Slocan ranking   next   in   importance,  and Trail third in the list.  Application for  membership  to  the  . Club was received from Mr. J.  P.   Mc-  Eeod.  The business of the evening having  been concluded much amusement was  afforded by the delivery of two-minute  extemporaneous speeches delivered by  each member present, the subject being written on slips of paper and drawn  in turn from a hat. It was decided to  hold a mock trial next week, Mr. . Wilson being arraigned on a charge of disobedience to the order of the chair. On  Friday the 18th inst, the question "Is  the influence for good of the Christian  church on the wane ? " will be debated.  A Christmas tree to be followed by a  programme of songs and recitations  will be provided for the children here  on Christmas day.  Miss McAuley, of Midway, has been  staying on a visit to Mrs. Birnie at  Anaconda this week.  "Jack" Eucy left this week to spend  the Christmas holidays at Rossland.  Mr. Law, of the Anaconda Mercantile Company, is on a business visit to  Spokane.    '.   - _'  The; Times recently arranged with a  large eastern publishing firm to. send  sample copies of various magazines  and periodicals to our subscribers. The  first instalment arrived this week, and  in view of the great scarcity of reading  matter in the district will doubtless be  duly appreciated.  If   TV�� J�� AITiTlvjl ITUnvl   OC   tUi  ^c********  ���*��~����*vv��wcaYv\cawwY\\em\��a\v^   DEALERS   IN   Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sash and Doors.  or&      ojj.      ote  *;*C *i.��5 ��->i  -*K-        "If        lip  -I  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleighs,-Best in America,  One of the best cJobbing Shops in the Interior.  Hardware       < Granite ware    Tinware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware    Silverware  Parlor and Box Stoves Glassware  Miners' Camp Stoves     Window Glass  Iron Pipe and Fittings       Cutlery  Crockeryware and House Furnishings  MINERS': SUPPLIES A SFECIALTY.  You will find Hie A. & B. brand, of goods the best.  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ANACONDA. ���  11 iiii I CO.  ���*^  gji/ wp- fc$W WJfc/ ���Jg*  *%*  Tgg-.j^odWjf'iiM.IHm ���!' lliff yHliiAik'UBmHaA', litl VUuM^U^i*��lWK*Jti&&vJum&XM3a>&JiliJI^AAXSgFBi^tt  'F^n  ,i-C  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek,  B>C,  s".fe  a5f4  tip  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g-ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining- Men.        Best.of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.   Livery Stable in connection.'   C  *������� ��& ��V*  -?tP -��iP "aP  ?*  First-class Accommodation.  McAULEY  Good Stabling.   Stopping Place For Stages.  & LUNDY, Proprietors,  tf?SU*?.^'l��MW3����'W-'*��?t''12*5^tf'^JT��^^ ���JJ^UTJW LSrfTBBfcfT:  N.   THOL.L.  R I..���.A  .,   B,C,  PROPRIETOR.  In every respect a Comfortable and "Well-appointed House:   Livery Stable in connection.  ^uiimumiiuuiuiuiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiuuaiiuiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiii^  ��***���**  BOUNDARY    FAL,L,S,    B.C.  Jf.     jr.     WHITE      -  .   -      -       PROPRIETOR.  Centrally Located.   Stopping- place for Stag-e Lines.   No trouble or expense spared  " ,.��� to make Guests comfortable.  Strictly First-class and Charg-es Moderate.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. Good Stabling.  C&������~ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  MINING NOTES.  Work is to be started on the Morrison  the first of the year ; a whim has been  ordered for the company, and either  two or three shifts will be employed  developing- the property.  The tunnel on the Clifton is now  well under way and it is expected that  the vein will shortly be struck. A  blacksmith shop has been built on the  property and a larg-e pit of coal   burnt.  The shaft on the Big- Four, in Kim-  berly camp, is now down IS feet, and  the appearance of the ore steadily improves. A shaft on the Ivtilu which was  started the other day is down 7 feet.  The Times is informed on g-ood authority that assays as high as $50 and  $60 in gold were obtained by Mr. Turner from the Gold Drop, at a depth of  50 feet. The copper value was from 3  to 6 per cent.  The vicinity of Christina lake g-ives  valuable promise of becoming-, a rich  mineral producing- region. Some excellent results have been obtained recently from assays of ores from that  neighborhood. At present, seven men^  are working on the Italia Rookh, and  three shifts are employed on the E}dison  group.  "Mr. Galloway bought, this week, a  quarter interest in the Tip Top, and a  quarter interest in the Sylvester K.,  Greenwood camp. Both claims lie in  good company, the Tip Top being on  the Old Ironside lead, while the Sj-l-  VesterK. adjoins the Brooklyn. Lattle ,  development work has yet been done  on either properties, but the enormous  surface showings are not to be disputed."  Mr. Bartholemew, local manager for  the Combination M. & M. Co., returned  from Spokane last week. Mr. Bartholemew states that the company inr  tend to thoroughly develop their prop-'  erty in Providence camp this winter,  carrying the present 35-foot shaft down  for 250 feet, crosscutting and. drifting  at respectively 100 and 200 feet. I^ater  on a force of men are to be employed  to drive a tunnel from the south -end of  the claim with the object of tapping  the larger quartz ledge . (supposed to  exist) and connecting with the main  workings, gaining a depth of 400 feet.  If this programme is carried out, a  matter which remains to be seen, the  question whether the Combination is a  mine or not will certainly be settled.  Meanwhile, a " blower " has been ordered and is expected to arrive in a f eav  days,~and a larg-e quantity of supplies  have been sent up to the claim.  TENDERS 'WANTED.  TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until Januar\r 15th, 1897, for the  construction of an Irrigation Ditch and Flume  from Bound ary creek to Mid way flat.  Plans and specifications can be seen at the  office of the Midway Cbmpanj', Midwaj^ B.C.,  and the office of C. F. Costerton, Vernon, B.C.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A.   K.   STUART,  Ag-ent Midway Companv, I/td.  Midway, Dec. Sth, 1896.  lie Greenwood Book Store.  Next door to Ford's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos ,,  % Fancy Goods & Stationery  GREENWOOD CITY, B,G  G.   E.   SEY/nOUR   &   CO.,   Props.  .I ���  Specially adapted for Commercial Men.    ���:���    Stages to all parts pass the door.  FIRST-CI.ASS IN  EVERY  RESPECT.  *��&    aSfc    *Vfi  ���>iP    ->iP    fiP  Rates from $1,50 to $2.50 per day.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given, that application  will be made, at the next session of the  Leg-islative Assembly for the Province of British Columbia for an Act incorporating- a company to supply water for domestic, fire,  manufacturing-, mining, milling, smelting, reduction,  and other purposes to the inhabitants of Greenwood City, Anaconda, Midway  and Boundary  Falls, in Yale district,  and  all extensions of  said towns, and to the inhabitants of the  district about the said towns,  and  to  any   mines,  mills, manufactories,  smelters,  reduction,  refining-or other works in the said  towns or in  the district or vicinity thereof, and also to produce and supply power and electric lig"ht to the  said towns aud'the inhabitants thereof,  and to  the mines, manufactories,  mills,  smelters,  reduction, refining-, or other works now  or hereafter to be operated in the said towns or in the  district or vicinity thereof, and also  the  right  to expropriate lands, and for all or any" of  the  above' purposes to appropriate, take and use the  waters   of   Boundary creek,  Boundary Falls,  Twin creek, Lind creek, Providence creek, Copper creek, and Eholt  creek,  and  for all' other  necessary   powers,   rights and  privileges   for  earning out the above objects.  Wilson & Campbell,  11-S Applicants' Solicitors.  County Court Notice*  A  SITTING of the  County   Court of Yale  will be holden at  Osoyoos,  B.C.,  March  13th,  1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  By  command.  C.   A.   R.   IvAMBLY,  Government Office, ' R. c. c.  Osoyoos,. B.C., Nov. 14th, 1896. 11  County Court Notice.  A  SITTING of the County  Court of Yale  will be holden at  Midway, B.C., March 15th, 1897.  At the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  By command.  / W.   G.   MCMYNN,..'  Government Office, r.c.c.  Midway, Nov. 14th, 1897. 11  NOTICE.  Tiie Osoyoos, Vernon and Kettle River  Mining Divisions of Yale District.  MOTICE is hereby given that all Placer  Claims legally held in the Oso3Toos, Vernon and Kettle River Mining Divisions of Yale  District are laid over from the 1st November,  18%. to the 1st June, 1897.  (Signed)       C. A. R. IvAMBIyY,  Gold Commissioner.  Osooyos, B.C., Nov. 1st, 1896.  OtfuaavwaAamnia  JR. McLEOD,  Barrister and Solicitor.  Anaconda, B.C.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  (llofarg QpuBfie, QJtitting (&<$eitf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camp McKinney.  N.B.���������Some   valuable   Mining    Properties   in  Camp McKinney and vicing for disposal.  Certificate of the  Registration of a  Foreign  Company.  " Companies Act," Part IV, and Amending  Acts. 1.  " Combination Mining and Milling Company/'  (Foreign).  [Registered the 30th day of October, 1896.]  T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  J- registered the " Combination Mining and  Milling Company " (Foreign), under the "Companies Act," Part IV, " Registration of Foreign  Companies," and amending Acts.  ' The head office of the said Company is situated at the City of Spokane, in the State of  Washington, U.S.A.  The objects for which the Company is established are : To buy, sell, lease, or otherwise  acquire mineral claims, mines, and mining property ; .to explore, develop, mine, improve, and  operate the same; to sell, mortgage, lease,  bond, or otherwise dispose of the same ; to do  any and all things whatsoever which the said  corporation may deem necessary for the development and operation of an3r and all mineral  claims or mining property which the said corporation may hereafter acquire, own or eontrol;  to construct, maintain and operate trails, roads  or, lines of transportation, whether by land or  water ; to build flumes or ditches, or to acquire  water power and water rights, and to lease or  sell the same ; to erect mills, smelting or reduction works, for private or public use ; in  fact, to carrj- oh a general mining, reduction  and smelting business in all its various departments, in any of the States and Territories of  the United States,- also in the Province of British Columbia.  The capital stock of the said Company is six  hundred thousand dollars, divided into six  hundred thousand shares of the par value of  one dollar each.  Given under niA' hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  31st day of October, one thousand eight hundred and ninet3r-six.  ������'���.-.'���<        [l.s.]       S. Y. WOOTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  -Q=^^=D-  Harness, Saddles, Boots and  Shoes  Repaired  with neatness and dispatch.  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  A.   D.   WORGAN,  (p��otoojta$��tt,  GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and  the Mines for  Sale. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  HAROLD M.  LAMB   EDITOR  W.    J.    HARBER   MANAGER  Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1896.  GREENWOOD AND VICINITY.  Cord-wood wanted at The Times  office, in payment of subscriptions.  Mountain lions and wolverine are  causing the miners at the head of Puss  creek many a weary tramp.  A court of revision and appeal will  be held by Mr. Frank McGowen at  Greenwood next Fridaj"-, 18th inst.  Invitations are being issued for the  dance at , the International hotel on  Christmas EJve, the 24th inst. As all  are invited, however, no one need wait  for a formal request.  " Tom " Gulley has moved into his  new house on   Greenwood  street,   and  a notice  bearing  the legend   "Apart  ments to I/et " now decorates the tent,  his late "residence."  An important deal is being consummated for the transfer of a large tract  of coal land at Rock creek, the particu-  lars���of which we,are not at liberty to  divulge this week.  The meeting called for this Saturday  to organize an  Oddfellows' /"lodge . has  been postponed till next week,   the  information requested  from  the  Grand'  Iwodge not yet having been received.  Mr. Andrew Spence left this week on  a visit to the home of his parents at  Milton, Oregon. Mr. Spence, it is understood, before leaving made careful  arrangements for the comfort of his  future bride;  Hard times or otherwise, the children  in the district will have at least one  happy evening this Christmas ; over  $60 has been subscribed at Midway, and  as much more at Greenwood and. Anaconda, for their benefit.  The Anaconda Commercial Club will  celebrate New Year's Kve by a grand  ball (see advt.), and as the people of  that picturesque burg- do not believe in  any half-hearted kind of business, a  really enjoyable time may be expected.  Work on the hot air furnace at the  hospital was completed on Thursday  and the entire building is now comfortably heated from basement to garret. The damage caused by the recent  fire has also been repaired, with the  exception of some plastering work.  Mr. A. B. Hart leaves next week for  Grand Forks, where he has a contract  for the erection of a residence for Mr.  I. A. Dinsmore. The building will be  similar in design to that of the government office at Midway, room being  provided for a recorder's office as well  as constable's residence. The situation  is near the Presbyterian church, in the  Van Ness addition.  Mr. J...C. Olson, of the firm of Olson  & Phelan, arrived in Greenwood this  week from Rossland, where he has been  the past two months. He reports Rossland as being in a flourishing condition, the trains being crowded every  day with people going in to make their  home there. Bveryone seems to have  plenty of money and there is no talk of  hard times. Greenwood and Boundary  Creek are much talked of and seemingly well known.    Mr. Olson will remain  here about six weeks and intends to do  considerable work on some claims he  is interested in in Skylark camp.  Mr. Garland is fitting up an office on  Government street.  A telephone line is to be hung between the hospital and Messrs. R. N.  Taylor & Co's. drug store.  The trees which hitherto somewhat  hindered the view of the hospital from  the town have been felled.  It is an unquestionable   fact  that  to  conduct a business in Boundary at  the  present   time   successfully   is    a  feat  whereof   to   boast.    The   delays   that  tradespeople have to put up with before  receiving   shipments   of   goods    from  wholesale houses are not  the  least  of  their troubles.    As a case in point with  , regard to this particular annoyance  it  may be   mentioned   that   nearly   two  months ago  Messrs.   Olson  &  Phelan  placed an order with a well-known firm  of   wholesalers   for . staple   groceries.  The bill arrived, with a   memorandum,  that   the   goods   had been shipped, in  due course, but   although   the   wholesale house has a distributing point   at  Trail the shipment is still en route.  WIU, BE   GIVEN   AT  anagonda, b.g  ������)   BY  (���  iV4     *��*���  v*P    ?'P  */tp  Everybody Cordially Invited,  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (ptotiinciat jfean& ��$urf>egor  AND  CIVII,  ENGINEER,  �� QtOfarg GPtlfiftC ��� MIDWAY,    B. C.  J     H.   HALLETT,  (��<xttiBtaf J^oticiiot,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  G.  A.  GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.   GUESS,   M.A.  ���Assayers. & Chemists,  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Okanagan mining districts. Properties  examined, assays and analyses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  o  r  s  A  0  V  ��  4  9  A  a  V  0  4  I  A  T  e  4  2  A  ?  a  *  *  I  A  A  e  r  ��  A  *  y  a  4  4  T  a����<e��*-4*^a<������-40M��-����*-<p>��4ca>��-<MM��^��^��<e>o-<t9����4M*4*  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING-AND :  MOULDING MILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanagan I^ake.  ���$%���  sir  Owning extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonabl}', expeditious^'  and of as good material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from Boundary' Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  �����&   Smitli & McLeod, Vernon.  A  ���  e  4  4  I  9;  r  !  4  I  f  e  4  I  I  t��>��-40��-C-4*>O-<��>*O>��4O*��-4��l��S-������*-4��>*4����*-4����'��*-��'4afr-��4��  Mining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY- CREEK  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thorough acquaintance with  the Boundary  Creek and Kettle River mining districts.  W.  W.   GIBBS,  + ASSAYERS  ANACONDA    -    -   -    B.C.  British Columbia Investigations  a  Specialty.  J, C HAAS, EM,,  Mining Engineer,  Greenwood City, B.C. Spokane, Wash  Mining Properties Examined and Reported on.  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Correspondence Solicited.  ENDERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Greenwood, BX.  Midway, B.C.  09  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing a Specialty.  Makers of Flour pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  111  STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc liWPMMUfaataWin  ft  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  FREE   MINERS'    CERTIFICATES.  [CONTRIBUTED.]  The  free, miner's  certificate,   when  considered as a piece  of B.C.   mining  legislation and compared with all else  in the mining line emanating from the  legislature, stands out in bold relief as  reg-ards its simplicity���that is,   on  the  surface.    The  moment,   however,   the  owner of one  of  these  slips  of paper  sinks an analytical shaft on that  portion of the document which reads "and  is entitled to all the rights   and  privileges of a free miner," he finds that he  has struck it rich in pyrites of   ambig-  ��� uities   and   chlorides  of  assessments.  What are these privileges ?    " Mr. Recorder,   have   you    a     Mineral     Act  handy ?"    " Yes, sir, we sell  them  at  two bits."    Our free miner takes  one,  and after losing half-a-day prospecting  in a volcanic formation in which Webster's dictionary shows   up   in   a  very  distorted, broken  and  metamorphosed  condition, he emerges into better country, and finds (1) That when/his present  certificate runs out he can- get another  by  paying $5 ;   and   that  should  the  present one be eaten by bush-tail rats,  or become otherwise disabled or extinct  before its allotted time, he can procure  a substitute on payment  of $1   lawful  nioney   of    Canada. '   (2) That  like   a  railway ticket  it  is  not  transferable,  and if he shoots a deer on  some  other  fellow's certificate it will prove   an expensive mowich.    (3) That  if he  does  development   work    without    a    free  miner's certifi.ca.te he has the privileg-e  of paying $25   and ��� costs.    (3) That he  has the right to enter (and cut his own  trail), loc^e, prospect and  mine upon  waste land of the crown for all mineral  other than coal"(provided he  does  not  run up against an orchard,   an  Indian  illihee, or-hydraulic monitor).  On blowing in four bits more for "An  Act to discourage coal mining," and  " The Columbia & Western Grab-all  Act*" he learns that coal mining is  covered by a higher grade of certificate  costing $50, and must be .countersigned  by Heinze, or some other ".heavily--/  bonused railroad magnate.  If he is poor he can locate, only one  claim on one lode. This is to keep him  on the move so he will not nurse his  troubles. If he is.loaded tip with cash  he can buy as many more as -lie'wants.;.'  He may kill all the g-ame he needs , for  his own use, if he has a gun and is a  g-ood shot.'.., He is entitled to all the  privileges granted free miners by the  Placer Act [two bits for this Act]. He  cativmiiie clear down to hades inside  the boundaries of his own claim, but  he must not prevent anyone else on the  outside going to the same place. His  interest is a chattel interest���the.meaning of which term can be ascertained  by knocking- at the Court of Chancery.  " No. free miner shall suffer from any  acts of omission or commission or delays on the/part of the government "���  if it can be proven.  After this hasty assay of Free  Miner's Certificate No. 7,777,363,611, of  which I am the proud possessor, may I  ask space in 3rour next issue to make a  few suggestions as to a new form of  certificate ? Ray Murray.  Camp McKinney, Dec. 2nd.  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof , be published in The  Boundary Creek Times���the mining  paper of the district.  B.C.  jsV4     *5f*     &Y*  tip     *tp     tip  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our  HUNGARIAN  'SSSsgaaasamaB  STRONG  BAKERS'  SURERFINE  Our Mill is fitted throughout with  the latest improved . machinery and  is in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller. ,    (o  Ask  for  our  Flour  and  keep  the  money  in  the  district.  �����-��-<�����-��-*�����-���-<�����-���-<  The Okanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  b>  ���m.  %^** When you want any  RITING  Call at :  : :  ATEFIAL  9  -��&&-  Greenwood City, B.C.  "E CARRY     '   '  Writing Tablets, ruled "and unruled.  Envelopes and Playing Cards. Fiddle Strings  Foolscap.   Legal Cap.   Pens and Pencils.  Inks and Mucilage. Pipes and Pouches  Memorandum, Time; and Day Books.  Colored Tissue Paper, for Christmas Decorations.  iiinn ���unnwirmnOTifflnrainy nu in  -Importer of and Dealer in-  COPPFR STREET,GRFFNWOOD CITY, B.C.  L-ouis Blue.  A. R. Tillman.  IVIILLS   '��� AND-    YARDS     /VT  mt,  0\~Jt  Manufacturers  of Rough  and  Dressed  Shingles* Lath/ Mouldings* Sash and Doors,  t'p      tip      tfc  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  MINING NOTES.  The shaft on the Nig-hting-ale is now  down 17 feet in solid ore.  The double compartment shaft is  now down 45 feet on the R. Bell.  -   i - r-'V :-'-.  Mr. Dier is putting- 15   men   to   work  on   his  newly   acquired   properties   at.  Fairview.  Sinking- has been started on the  Ivewellahj in Greenwood camp, and the  shaft is already down some ten feet.  The annual meeting- of the   Combiri-  , ation Mining- & Milling-Co. will be held  at Spokane on Saturday, Deci 26th.  Billy Porter returned this week from  Assinaboine, and intends to continue  sinking- the 60-foot shaft on the Golden  Crown.  Shipments of ore in lots of 50 and 100  pounds have been periodically shipped  from the Stemwinder for the purpose  of mill tests.  Mr. J. C. Haas is preparing- a general  report on the mineral resources of  Boundary Creek for Mr. G. B. Mc-  Auley, of Spokane.  Mr. T. Brophy is, bring-ing- suit  ag-ainst Mr. Reug-er, proprietor of the  Skylark mine, for a quarter interest in  the property, which he claims.  A sale was made this week by Mr.  W. B. Rickards of a half interest in  the Pheasant, a promising" property in  Greenwood camp, to Mr. A. K. Stuart.  W. A. Corb'ett has traced the quartz  ledg-e on the L,ake claim to the lines of  the Defiance by sinking- prospect holes  at intervals. A pay streak,^ assaying-  well, was struck on the hang-ing- wall  of this ledg-e.  The tunnel is now in 110 feet on the ,  Mother lyode and the assays are steadily improving*. The manag-er states,  however, that in his opinion " the rock  is harder than any to be found in British Columbia."  The Sunset and Crown Silver have  been bonded, due to the favorable report sent in by Mr. James Brady, the  mining- expert. An excellent tunnel  site has been located on the property  and development work will doubtless  shortly be started. *  Mr. Fred. McMann  a half interest in the  in Welling-ton camp.  St. Flmo is   well   min  small,   and  has  been"  feet.    Assays- as hig-h  and copper have been  this week boug-ht  St.   Flmo   claim.  The ledg-e of the  eralised,   thou g*h  stripped  for  25  as  $30   in   g"old  obtained.  Mr. W. T. Smith returned from Spokane this week, but left immediately  for Fairview. Preparations will be  shortly made by him, as manager of  the Republic Mining- Company, for  starting- work on the Non Such, Republic and Iyast Chance.  A query column will be started, it is  hoped, in next week's issue of The  Times, for the use of prospectors or  others desiring- information or on any  subject dealing- with their particular  calling-. This column will be edited  b3r a well-informed local mining- man.  The Times stated last week " that  Mr. Reug-er was seeking- an extension  of time in which to make a final payment on the Skylark bond." Mr. Carl  Reug-er, the manag-er, is our authority  for re-iterating- the statement. The  matter has, however, just been adjusted, Mr. Reug-er taking- up the bond  and re-commencing- work this week.  The dividend of two cents a share on  the capital stock of the Cariboo M. &  S. Co., recently declared, was due on  Monday and has been paid to the shareholders.  Tenders are being- called for the construction of a sleig-h road to the Denaro  Grande and for the building- of three  cabins on the same property. Mr. Ives-  lie Hill is expected to arrive in camp  ' ''shortly..  ' -.'_[���"  Another mining- company has been  org-anized in Spokane to operate in  Boundary creek, and have acquired the  B.C. Central claim, in Deadwood camp.  The claim was formerly the property  of Mr. J. McNicpl. .^  A g-roup of four claims in Deadwood  camp, the Gem, Iron Top, Ivizzie and  Buckhorn, have been bonded by J.  Dunn, to a Mr. Flliot, representing- a  New York syndicate. The Gem is in  the vicinity of the Mother I^ode and is  considered to be one of the promising-  claims of the camp. Q   -  Sinking- was started on the Oro,  owned bjr Messrs. Doug-las, Wake and  Atwood, in Central camp, on Thursday, supplies being- taken up to the  claim sufficient to last the winter. The  ledg-e is 4 feet wide, upon which a shaft  has been sunk for 12 feet. The ore is  very hig-h grade copper-g-old.  Messrs. Sansom & Holbrook have received the smelter returns from aproxi-  mately four tons of ore shipped to the  Pug-et Sound Reduction Company, at  Fverett, Wash., from the D.A., one of  the Boundary Creek M. & M. Co's.  properties, as follows : Silver, 74.7 oz.,  Gold, 4.99 oz.; lead, 2 per cent.;, total  value, deducting- freig-ht and smelter  charg-es, $449.69. Judg-ing- from assays  made this week the G.A.R., owned by  the same company, is also a shipping-  proposition, the ore from the bottom of  the shaft running- $15,05 in g"old and  196.4-5 oz. in silver, or $142.87 for all  values. The vein matter is g-alena,,  blende and pyrites.  Crown Grants���Whenapplying-for  prown grants, request that the advertising- thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times���the mining-  paper of the district.  DISTRICT NEWS;  Spencer Bennerman and Georg-e  Guess returned this week from the  West Fork where they have located a  towns������a meadow ranch.  The inquest that was to have been  held at Camp McKinney by Dr. Morris,  on the body of Roderick, the supposed  hig-hwayman, has been postponed.  A.trapper recently coming- from the  Similkameen reports that Messrs.  Brownlee and Shaw are making- a final  survey of the route to be followed by  the Vancouver, Victoria & Fastern  railway in the vicinity of Hope.  Mr. Cuppag-e, district inspector of  roads and bridg-es, visited Carson recently and signified that a bridg-e  would be built across Kettle river near  the Johnson ranch. The building- of a  bridg-e at this point will be appreciated ,  by freighters, insomuch as the present  circuitous route by way of Grand Forks  need not be followed.  The Christina Fake Navigation company of Cascade City, has contracted  to build a 100-ton steamer, 22 by 100  feet, to run on Christina lake and creek  from Cascade City to the head of the  lake and have it in operation the coming- spring- to accommodate the travel  and heavy freig-ht anticipated on the  proposed railroad construction, and ore  shipments.  -MART *>  ���~-n-.)��u. m.itmen��Ml %nm.gnu**. u~rannrcyznnrTZ*  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures a specialty-.  Plans and Specifications made and  Estimates  '..,-'���  ".-.' given.   ...!/ ,  ,       Established 1862.    /  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc, 3��  Importers of Crocker\*, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throug-hout. All orders, no  matter how larg-e, promptly filled, as we have  the  LARGEST STOCK li THE PROVINCE.  ��V4        $,'<���        *V4 '  t'p      tip      t'p  V��:-itc ns for Catalog-ue and Price List.  ttv  tie  *Y4  t,f  VICTORIA,   B.C.  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Iyiqnors aud Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  ^jjw���utayim  IG  To W. H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodgson, Esq.  and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the Peace :  TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to apply at  the next sitting- of the licensing- court, to  be holden b3r you for portion of the Osoyoos  division/of Yale district, for a transfer to Frank  G. Wood-and J. W. Nelson of the license now  held bjr me to sell spirituous and fermented  liquors by retail upou the premises known as  the Pioneor hotel, situate on lots 21 and 22, in  block 5, in the city of Greenwood, British Columbia. ROBERT WESTELL.  Bv his attornej'in fact, J. W. Nelson.  Dated at Greenwood City, B.C., Nov. 9, 1896.  To W. H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodgson, Esq.  and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the Peace :  TAKE NOTICE, that I intend to.apply at  the next sitting- of the licensing court, to  be holden bjT you for portion of the Osoj'oos division of Yale district, for a transfer to Seymour & Webb (G. E. Seymour aud Samuel  Webb) of the license now hel.d'by. us to sell spirituous and fermented liquors b3' retail upon the  premises known as the Windsor hotel, situate  on lots 31 and 32, block 7, in the City of Greenwood,.British Columbia.  JAMES McMAHON.  Dated at Greenwood City, B.C., Nov. 9th, 1896.  Fruit * Vegetables  Copper   Street,   Greenwood   City.  Some mag-nificent Apples, and a larg-e supply  of Potatoes, Cabbage, Parsnips, Carrots,  Turnips, etc.", etc., on hand.  ;yraa";=CTWT*iM-Aiafl-'**i",<  :? h. j-M.t-M jiBMnuwHa^wmaamm. v*.*mta.t& THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  GRAND FORKS MINING NEWS.  [Special Correspondence.]  / Nothing of direct importance has  transpired in or around Grand Forks  for the past thirty days, yet there is a  great deal of mining speculation going  on./ Several small deals have been  made, whereby interests have been  transferred into the hands of men who  intend to do considerable development  work next season.  There is no possibility now of work  being started on the Volcanic before  next spring, when, however, operations  will be conducted on a large scale.  Arrangements are now being made  /by the Seattle Company for starting  work on their property, and in case a  contract is let, a 50-foot shaft will be  sunk on the vein and the old Clark  tunnel will be abandoned for the present. Comfortable cabins have been  erected and every preparation made  for winter work.  Work is progressing on the  Fnglish  and French Company's  property,   and  the results so far fully justify the  surmise���that the mines   in   this  country  improve with depth.  "��� A deal was made this week   between  Chas. A.   Iyong,   aHRossland   mining-  man, and Alex.   Omen,   owner  of  the  Fmpire mine, adjoining  the  townsite  of Grand   Forks,   whereby   a   50-foot  shaft is to be sunk on this property  at  once.    The Fmpire adjoins  the  town-  site on the hill to the east, and  is  con-'  sidered to be a  valuable  property.    A  large sum of money will be required to  develop and open up the Fmpire  vein,  as it is large, heavily iron-capped  and  thoroughly mineralized, but at present  has no remarkable mineral /showing on  the surface.  The contractors working on the Bon-  ita mine, on Observation mountain,  have reached a depth of IS feet in their  100-foot tunnel and ure alreacly in ore.  THey are working at least fifty feet  away from the surface showing which  indicates that a probably large body of  ore will be opened up before spring.  Judge Spinks, it is expected, will arrive here within a fortnight, when a  contract will be let on the Grey Fagle,  an adjoining property to the Bonita.  The contract will be for a fifty-foot  tunnel. Possibly work will be started  on the Grand Forks claim on the same  mountain to the west. With three  properties being extensively developed  within sight of town we may promise  ourselves lively times for the present  at any rate.  Mr. R. G. Ijegg, manager of the  Keough property at the head of Fisherman creek, Summit camp, was in  Grand Forks yesterday and reports  that the contract for sinking a 100-foot  shafts has been let. They are now  busily engaged packing up provisions  and mine supplies. Fight men are to  constantly employed all winter. There  are about twenty men working in  Summit camp now, and there is a fair  prospect that another property on  Fisherman creek will be started up.  An important deal was recently consummated here, the original townsite  company having transferred all its  "rights, title and interest " toa syndicate composed of influential and prominent British Columbians. The new  company is capitalised for $75,000, and  will, as soon as practicable, start to  make improvements in the town. This  move virtually guarantees for Grand  Forks railway  influence,  government  establishments, and other advantages.  None of the former members of the  original company are associated with  the new organization. ;  A rich strike of high-grade sulphide  ore is reported to have been made in  the Columbia mine near the Volcanic,  where a shaft is being sunk to the side  of the vein as a working outlet.  J. A. Walker who has been doing a  good deal of work on Garnet mountain,  near Pass creek, and on the Garnet  claim, was in town yesterday purchasing provisions preparatory to starting  work on the O'Neil property up Fourth  of July creek. Mr. Walker is acting*  for a Spokane syndicate who are spending no inconsiderable sums in this  district.  It is rumored that a deal has been ,  made on the Pathfinder property, Parkinson and Pfeifer realizing $75,000  from the transaction. It is not definitely known whether any work on a  large scale will be done this winter.  The promoter is an Fnglish gentleman  who arrived here from Rossland. He.  refuses to give any information .regarding his intentions at present;  work, however, may be started on the  property at any time.  Ashfield and Rogers are working energetically upon their tunnel on the  hill east of the town, and expect to tap  the Fxcelsior vein at, a depth of 140  feet.  Miners and \ \ s  r-  Mine Owners z  To obtain the best results,  * t * * 0 0 u-se 000000  And Patent Fuse  Lighters.  'aST*     *Y*     atf*  tip     tip  ��� tip  ttf  tip  ��� tTP  For Sale by  0  idway*. RC  W.   JAKES,   M.D.,    CM.,  BY APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office       :       :       Greenwood. B.C.  Courts of Revision and Appeal,  Rock Creek Division of the Fast  Riding of Yale /District.  MOTICE is hereby given that Courts of Revision and Appeal, under the Assessment  Act and Amending- Acts, will be held at the  following- places on the dates named below :  Osoyoos, on Tuesday, December 15, 1896  Midway, on Thursday, December 17, 1896.  Greenwood City, Friday, December 18, 1896  ���'���-.   At 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  "   (Sd.)'.;���;':",' FRANK  McGOWEN,  Court of Revision and Appeal.  Government Office, Osoyoos,  ,   Nov. 21st, 1890.  Notice of  Application  Bill.  for Private  Cascade Water, Power, & Light Co., Ltd.  NOTICE  is hereby given that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for an Act incorporating the Cascade  Water, Power and Light Company,   Limited,  with power to appropriate and use so much water from Boundary creek, Kettle river and the  North Fork of Kettle river as the company may  see fit, for the purpose of establishing waterworks and supplying water for mining, domes-'  tic, manufacturing and other purposes  to the  inhabitants of the townsites of Midway,  Anaconda, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Cascade  City, in Yale district,  and  to appropriate and  use 150,000 miner's inches of water from  Kettle  river, near Cascade City, for the purpose of  generating electricity for the supply of light,  heat and power to the inhabitants, cities, towns,  mines, smellers and tramwaj's within a radius  of 40 miles  from  the said  townsite of  Grand  Forks,, aud to construct, erect and maintain all  necessary works, duildings, dams,  race-ways,  flumes,   poles   and   erections,   lay   pipes   and  stretch   wires for   generating   and  suppling  electricity as aforesaid, and to cuter upon and  expropriate land for the purposes of the company, and also to construct, maintain and operate tramway and telephone S3>-stems within the  said radius   of 40 miles,  and to do all other  things necessary or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.  Dated at the City of Victoria the 10th day of  November, A.D. 1896.  FRANK  HIGGINS,  12 Solicitor for Applicants.  MINFRAIv   ACT.  Certificate  of Improvements,  "Last Chance" arid "Won Such" Mineral Claims  Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District arid located in Smith's camp.  TAKE NOTICE that The Republic Gold  Mining Company, free miner's certificate  No. 81,152, intend, sixty daj'S from the date  hereof, to apply to the Gold Coriimissioner for  certificates of improvements for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claims.  And further take notice, that adverse claims  must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before the issuance of such  certificates of improvements.  Dated this 21st day of October, 1896.  SITTINGS of the Licensing court for the  Oso3robs and Kettle river divisions'of  Yale district will be held at Qsoj-oos and Mid-  wajr on the 15th da.y of December, 1896.  C.   A.   R.   LAMBLY.  Osoyoos, B.C., Nov. 12th, 1896.  Greenwood City, B.C.  ^    f>    t*  And Horseshoeing  Satisfactory Work Guaranteed. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  THE RECORDS FOR THE WEEK.  DECEMBER   3.  ,B. C, Summit camp, J. L,. Wiseman.  DECEMBER 4.  Moreen, Deadwood camp, Wm. Dittmer.  DECEMBER  5.  Major Patton, Grand Forks, W. B. Dennis.  Heath, ditto.  Alas, Grand Forks, John H. Ashfield.  Ozark, Summit camp, Hug-h McGuire.  Eclypes, Greenwood camp, J. J. Harris.  Snowstorm, Smith's camp, M. Kay.  DECEMBER  8.  Golden Dollar, Central camp, Robt. Wood.  Morning- Star, Wellington carnp, F. McMami.  Helen, Observation Mountain, Ludg-er Abel.  Silver Knot, Seattle camp, D. B. Pettyjohn.  Garnet, Seattle camp, R. Clark.  Intermountain, Grand Prairie,  H.  A.  Sheads,  A. C. Sutton and Daniel Lareva.  Blue Bell, Seattle canip, D. B. Pettijohn.  Spokane, fract., Brown's camp, W. K. White.  . Conveyances.  DECEMBER   3.  Ajax, all int., J. B. Hannahan to D. McArthur.  B.C., Yz int., J. Li. Wiseman to C. Van Ness.  B.C., ]j, int., J. Li. Wiseman to Rt. Taylor.  Mug-grins, y2 int., S. Hepworth to H. Alleuburg-.  Modoc, y2 int., A. Jeldness to Peter Steep.  DECEMBER 5.  Bonanza;, Colorado, Nevada, all int., F.  Griffin  and Wm. Dircksen to The Bonanza Mountain  Gold Mining Co., Ltd.  Mountain View, all int., F. H. Knig-ht to B. M.  Gold Mining Co.  No. 9, Y2 int., S. W. Strong- to J. B. Carrahan.  Tip Top and Sylvester K, % int., G. W. Spence  to Andrew Spence.  Ophir, all int., E. F. Munroe to Thos. Kirk.  DECEMBER  7.  New St. Maurice, */g int. each, E. Lefevre to M.  Gire, A. Gamier and Prosper Couturier.  New St. Maurice, % int., E. Lefevre to J. M. J.  Gire.  .    DECEMBER   8.  St. Elmo, % int., Jas. Fox to F. K. McMann.  St. Lawrence, 1-10 int., E. S. Tate to C. Strong-.  Combination, all int., C. Happy to The Combination M. & M. Co.  Pheasant, y2 int., W. B. Rickards to Ang-us K.  Stuart.  Criterion y2 int., Waterloo % int., and Utica %  int., H. B. Cameron to R. Strudwick.  CORRESPONDENCE.  [We are in no waj- responsible for the opinions  . of our correspondents.]  Greenwood, Dec. 4th, 1896.  To the Editor, Boundary Creek Times :  Sir,���May I be permitted a few remarks as one present at the meeting- to  form an association for the promotion  of the interests of Boundary Creek.  A very general impression, even  among" those who were present at the  meeting-, appears to be that the newly-  formed society is larg-ely for the purpose of advancing- the interests of  Greenwood; and despite the name  g-iven to the society, " Boundary Creek  Association," this is a feeling- liable to  g-ain ground on the outside. This will  larg-ely impair its scope of usefulness  by taking- away its representative character, which must obviously be a sine  qua non of its existence.  Now to obviate this erroneous but  somewhat natural impression, I would  sug-g-est the formation of a society corresponding- to those which have been  or are about to be formed in the other  towns of the district, to deal with questions affecting- Greenwood. The B. C.  Association must confine itself solely  to matters relating- to the district at  larg-e. Unless this be done, I cannot  see that the newly-formed society can  hope for the support it deserves from  the outside, and without this it is in  the nature of thing-s bound to fall  short of its excellent aims.���I am, etc.,  X.  jack Farrell has been steadily developing- the Buttercup, in Welling-ton  camp, for the past few months and now  has the claim well prospected. The  ore on one lead is similar in appearance  to that on the Winnipeg-, whereas a  second ledg-e is hig-hly mineralized  quartz. Besides several prospect holes  two shafts have been sunk on the property, both about 30 feet deep.  >*<e��o<t*-��<v>i>��H>-%*&>^<9  'OUR consignments of Goods, shipped respectively Octcv  ber 22nd and 28th and November 9th and 20th,  Goods were packed in ordinary common Wooden Boxes  and Sacks, with the letters "0. & P., GreenWOOd, EC"  marked thereon. Finder will be rewarded by knowing the  cheapest place on the creek to buy Clothing and Groceries,  OLSON & PHELAN  Livery and Feed  STABLES  Greenwood City, B.C.  ���!��.'�����        *V*        iV*  , - . -_ ?iP     "*sP     ?iP  Saddle Horses $1.50 per da3".  Teaming- at the Shortest Notice.  McKEE   &   CURRY, . Proprietors,  Minin  SANSON   &   HOLBROOK,  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  OFFICE    AT     GREENWOOD     CITYi  25, 27 29, YATES STREET,  VIOTOR1A,   e.o.  Wholesale Dry Goods.        i  Gents' furnishings Manufacturers.  Best assorted Stock in the Province.  J. Kerr.  R. D. Kerr.  BUTCHE  GREENWOOD, GRAND FORKS, & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and all Mining- Camps.  ^   (GREENWOOD  STAGE     LINE.  Leaves Marcus  Monda3rs and Thursdays at 1 p.m.  Arrives Greenwood....   Tuesdays and  Fridays at 5 p.m.  Leaves  Greenwood. .Wednesday and  Saturday at 7 a.m.  Arrives Marcus Thursday and  Sunday at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given  to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  s^^TGn-nrawMs^w^*^'''-0*-"  Sitl^^E-tr^A^y.'^  ���tfSrfiriSS?""*��*sn V"*-*.lsw*t*sw.  ir"*i��'.��:iwwtv:cr.ia���'.t��;Ki't~  :rc#,^AtSW*m*"Sv>TATO^^ jf$  5*<  v  If  you  are    interested   in  a  good cup  of Tea^^and  most  people  are^Mry  a  sample  of  our   new  Teas*  imported  direct  from  the  Tea  Garden.  ,UC    3��    We  are  making  a  special  study  of the   Tea  trade  and  are  prepared  to  give  Ai  value  in  any of the  following  lines s  ^C   We  have  also  some  choice  lines  in  9 9  Greenwood and Boundary Falls,  i


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