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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-08-28

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 AUGUST   28,   1897.  u  i ���'���  i-  K ...  v,/  ILSSHED AT GREE  B CITY, B.C.  Under License from The EDWD. P, ALLIS CO., of Milwaukee, Wis. GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps* FromS this  new^lown  roads   lead   to   the  &fe#8  jSgBV  Lots  are  selling  freely  and  are  a  good  investment,  For price of Lots and other information, address  G; ���'������ ... ��� ' . '      ���    '  Robt Wood or G S, Galloway,  Greenwood City; Boundary Creek, B.C.  Or  apply  to  the  Agents I  :.  F.  COStEffTON,  Vernon,B.C  A.  K.  STUART,  Vancouver.  I1  Si  I  r  i  i\  it  ������ ~^ r �����7 -^ f ���� ��� A Weekly Paper published in tlie interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. II,  GREENWOOD CITY* B.C., SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1897.  51  No, 25,  SOME   MORE   CAMPS.  'OUNDARY CREEK district contains so many important camps that it is almost impossible to make  even a passing reference to all of them in one  article. I^ast week The Times attempted to point  out the importance of Boundary Creek as a mining district,  and referred to all the camps. At least that was the intention, but we find that several of the important camps were  omitted. For instance, Smith's camp, with the I^ast  Chance and Republic mines, where W. T. Smith is doing  extensive work in the interests of the Republic Mining  Company. Mr. Smith has sunk shafts and has splendid  looking ore on the dumps, but he is a big-hearted fellow,  and although he has plenty gold in Smith's camp he is  strong in his denunciation of the Dominion government for  levying a royalty on Yukon gold. There may be some selfishness in Mr. Smith's views, for the Iy'ast Chance ore is so  rich that he may be anxioas lest'the Dominion government  levy a royalty on it also. No less important is the Golconda  group, in which extensive work has been carried on, under  the management of Mr. JVC. Haas. The ore is rich and  there is plenty of it. Kimberley camp is also well worthy  of mention, as is also the new camp beyond the Copper,  where Mr. Bryant has discovered his " Golden Treasure."  Boundary Creek is a wonderful district and with transportation facilities its output will exceed that of any other  district in British Columbia.  The reports of the hardships of those who left for the  Yukon are not pleasant reading and the people of Boundary  Creek showed their good sense by stopping at home.  ���Aie.  *�������     "*J--  AN   UNPROFESSIONAL   CENSOR.  Fortunately for the reputation of journalism in this province the columns of a British Columbia newspaper have seldom been sullied by such a malignant and unprofessional  attack as that, made recently by the Victoria Colonist  against Mr. William Templeman, the managing-editor of  the Victoria Times. In an article nearly two columns in  length, the editor of the Colonist attempts to show cause  why Mr. Templeman should not be the next lieutenant-governor of British Columbia. The gravamen of the Colonist's  charge is contained in the following lines :  " But the instance has yet to occur where the commission  of lieutenant-governor has been given to a man who took  every public occasion at his command to vilify the men who  were to be his advisers, to treat them with studied contempt,  to impugn their personal honesty and their integrity in  office. "  It is rather a startling plea in favor.of bad government to  state that because a newspaper has the courage to denounce  the acts of the Turner government, its managing-editor is  unfitted if or a public position. The Colonist's attack will  not injure Mr. Templeman. His conduct since he became a  public man entitles him to every consideration at the hands  of the federal government. The members of that government are men of good sense and good judgment and the  Colonist's attacks will not have the slightest weight with  them. Mr. Templeman has been the target for the Colonist's malevolence for years and his reputation is still unscathed, the buckler of rectitude is still his.  Probably the silliest of all the sentences in the Colonist's  article, is that containing the suggestion that because the  Victoria Times has seen fit to attack the acts of the provincial government that the three ex-provincial premiers in the  Dominion Cabinet will sympathize with Mr. Turner and  will therefore see that Mr. Templeman does not receive the  appointment. The three ex-premiers referred to have hot  attained trieir present positions through administering public affairs badly and the3r have no sympathy with governments such as Premier Turner's. They are not ignorant  of the fact that the Victoria Times has been waging a  righteous war against the provincial government for years  and still they have the highest regard for Mr. Templeman's  courage and ability. In fact one of them writing under  date of August 15, 1897, states among other things^ commendatory of Mr. Templeman that'* I am convinced that he  is one of the ablest newspaper men we have. "  The Colonist's attack assumes a more serious aspect when  it is considered apart from Mr. Templeman. People ignorant of the circumstances surrounding this venerable newspaper are apt to attach some importance to its utterances. ,  Established nearly 40 years ago they would naturally suppose that, discretion came with years and that it had learned  to treat its contemporaries with respect. If a rent were  made in the veil which conceals the instigators of the diatribes that appear at times, few would be ready to.believe,  anything that is written concerning those who are fortunate enough to be its opponents.  At the present time the controlling interest in. the Colonist is owned by wealthy monopolists who have too great a  pull with the powers that be at Victoria. When the conduct  of the provincial government is criticized too severely, they  pull the string and the Colonist launches forth columns of  abuse. Being at present in charge of an expatriated^Cana-  dian, who during his residence in the United States appears  to have learned all that is vicious in American journalism,  its capacity for this kind of work is very pronounced.  Me.  *�������      ���".'*���  ���"Vl"        ''A"  TO-DAY'S   ELECTION.  To-day the electors will decide who shall compose the  Municipal Council until the first of next year. The question of choice is not a serious one, since only two can be  elected to stop at home and the majority of the nominees  are well fitted for the important duties appertaining to the  efficient administration of civic affairs.  We regret to see that one or two have attempted to make  the contest a sectional one and to prejudice the people on  one .street against those residing on another. There is no  room in Greenwood for sectional differences and the Times  hopes that the aldermen will be chosen irrespective of the  geographical position of their residences or places of business. Those who attempted to stir up strife should be  taught a salutary lesson to-day.  The work of the council should not be hampered by  cranks. The city wants progressive men in the council,  not obstructionists. If there is one of the latter class running, he should be one of the two elected to stop at home.  The opportunity of electing an ideal council will present  itself to-day and we believe it will not be lost.  The Times extends its congratulations to His Worship,  Ma3*or Wood, and to the electors for their good sense in  electing him by acclamation. His past services well deserved such a tribute at their hands and we believe he will use  the important position of Chief Magistrate of Greenwood  solely for the purpose of furthering the best interests of the  city.  While the duties of a mayor of a newly   incorporated city  are many and important, still it is impossible for him to do  efficient work unless he is supported by a wise and progressive council. Whether Greenwood is to have such a council  all depends on how the electors vote to-day. If the municipal machinery does not run smoothly the electors must  assume the responsibility. CREEK   TIMES,  Hon. D. W. Higgins.  Hon. D. W. Hig-g-ins, the Speaker of  the provincial leg-islatnre, was among-  the visitors to Greenwood this week.  Mr. Hig-gins has several mining interests in Kairview and also in Kootenay,  and he is simpl)* making- a tour of inspection of his properties. Politicall3r  he had nothing- to sny for publication.  As is well known, he has already announced his intention of opposing- the  present g-oyernnient, and like another  great politician he is now behind the  lines of Torres Vedras. One thing is  certain, however ; he will refuse to be  the presiding; officer next session and  on the floor of the house he will infuse  new life. As speaker his knowledge  of parliamentary rules and his strict  impartiality has earned for him the  respect and appreciation of members  on both.sides.,  Rossland Miner Sold.  A dispatch from Rossland to the  Spokesman-Review states that ��� the  Rossland Miner has been sold to Tj\ C.  Moffatt, correspondent of the Toronto  Globe, or at least the papers were signed and the stock transferred. The  consideration is said to have been $12,-  000, but the figures are withheld. It is  a cash transaction.  It is rumored that  he   is  purchasing  the paper for F. Aug. Heinze.    Hitherto it has  been  run   in opposition to ah  export duty, and incidentally favoring  the Le Roi people  and   the   Northport  smelter.    The presumption is thepolicy  of the paper will be changed, although  nothing    is    definitely    known.    The  paper  was  started  by D. W. Bogle in  1895, and was   purchased   by  John   R.ff  Reavis and H. W. G. Jackson   in   1896.  They  have  been  the   owners   of   the  paper ever since.  The Fairview Mines.  Higgins   came  in  from  left the fol-  He. reports  Hon. D. W.  Fairview Wednesday and  lowing day for Rossland.  a scene of activity at Fairview. The  Smuggler Co. are crushing* rock in the  old Stratheyre mill and have taken  about $2,000 from the plates. Six tons  of concentrates, which assay upwards  of $100 to the ton, remain to be treated.  The company claim that the rock will  3*ield $17 to the ton and if this prove  correct it will be understood by mining  ���men that as the quantity of ore is practically unlimited, the mine .must pay  largely. The site for the new Smug*-  irler mill has been selected and survev-  ed on the townsite.  The Joe Dandy Co., having- fully  perfected their ground, have ordered a  mill of 220 stamps.  The Tin Horn mine, owned by Dier,  Davidson & Co., of. Victoria, is being*  vigorously developed. The tunnels,  three in number, are all in free g*old  ore. Top, sides and bottom show a  solid mass from 8 to 30 feet in width.  The rock assays well. The Tin Horn  mill is approaching* completion. It is  of the latest and most approved design  and fitted with ever}* appliance for the  economical handling* of ore.  A great deal of building is g*oing on  at Fairview. The handsome new hotel  is about finished. The outlook is favorable and the result of the Tin Horn's  first crushing is awaited -with interest.  F. M. Kerby, P. Iv. S., has completed  the survey of Mr. W. Shaw's clair  Ontario, located in Summit camp.  LUC  i-'-r^r"  r?g^/-y,:-.;..-cTgy y.:... v ^,vv, v ^-. v---.;-v.^..^  IF3     YOU      NEED  /:---^r--:v.-v^r:/.|  - <=-** ��� V >>*���\faj- ��� y >���: *-������ j  'ST.:?*'::  wm&  Hardware,     Stoves,      Granite  and Tinware  CARPENTERS'   and   MINERS'   TOOLS  Ore   Cars   and   Rails  POWDER   AND   STEEL  Paints  and Oil        Sashes and Doors  Water Pipes and Fixtures, &c.  Call or write for Trices ;  Government Street,   Greenwood.  A Practical Tinsmith and Plumber connected with the Business.  ���-�������� ^*rY*': ������������ ������������������'���^������-,. ���/*������ '��������� -��� �������..������ .y* ��� ��� ..���������.�������^.|^-. -.������ ��������� m^yt^���������-- ���i-."*******M   fc.��� ^���������  r*^ y> -.v^^tk^^  Rossland.  investment and  LIMITED    LIABILITY.  Greenwood.  (gedf J&Mit dttb (Jtttmng QBtofteto,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO. ,R.   NADEN,, AVanager  ^liuuiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiii^  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER,  GOVERNMENT;.  STREET,     GREENWOOD,     B.C.  ^le.     $e.     ��>{.  '/I? 11? It?  Store Fronts and. Fixtures a Specialty  ^d   GREENWOOD  S T A O E  LINE.  ���Leaves  Marcus    Mondays and  Thursdays; at 1 p.m.  Arrives  Greenwood.   Tuesdays''and: Friday's, at 5 p.m.  Leaves   Greenwood.. Wednesday- and  Saturday- ,at 7 a.m.  Arrives  Marcus .Thursday  and  Sunday- at 9 a.m.  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,G  4&  $%  �����(�����  ���7/V  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g-ood accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining* Men.        Best of Wines, lyiquors and Cig*ars.   IvIvery Stable in connection.������  as?*.  "/I?  .4fe  -4?  L T  -Afe  -A?  **  t>*  Proprietors*  ���j*S*SBB*MI"*8''Mfi'Sffiffl^^ THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES/  GREENWOOD NEWS AND GOSSIP.  W. M. Roy of Boundary Falls has  partially recovered from his recent  serious illness.  Mr. A. Cameron, of the firm of Cameron & McKenzie, is slowly recovering-  from his recent serious illness.  Mr. F.  Keffer,   the   manag-er of  the  Boundary Mines Co., is calling- for tenders   for   further  work on the 'Mother.  ��� Z<ode. .:,...'  The Mack Brothers are meeting- \yith  encouraging-results in developing- their  "property near  the  "Winnipeg-   in Wellington camp.  .'W...S. Gore,'Deputy-Commissioner; of  Lands and Works, has been appointed  Water Commissioner under the new  Water Clauses Act.  Thos. Wilson, a prominent merchant  of   Trail,   rode across   the   country to  Greenwood this week.    Mr. Wilson has  several mining*  properties  in   the dis- .  trict.  It is reported that. H. S. Cay ley, a  barrister of Grand Forks, has gone to  Vernon to be married to the 3roungest,  daughter of Mr. W. B. Cochrane, of  that city.  Mr. R. Smailes, of the firm of Rendell & Co., has been seriously ill for a  week' but his many friends will be  pleased to learn that he is now on the  road to speedy recovery.  Mr. Fergerson of Boundary Falls  was exhibiting- some coarse gold which  he brought from Boundary creek the  other day. He secured a return of 33  cents for less than half a yard of  gravel.  There is a sort ��f epidemic among  the horses of the district. W.G. Mc-  Mynn of Midway lost a valuable animal this week and J. C. Haas has one  that is under the treatment of Dr.  Christie.-     ��  Mr. W. T. Smith has met with encouraging success in the work of developing* the Mountain Rose claim in  Summit camp. A well defined vein 18  feet wide has been crosscutted and the  ore is high grade.  Work on the wragon road to the  Mother Lode will begin in a few days.  Messrs. Keffer and Mcfarlane have  each contributed a substantial sum to  augment the $100 given towards the  road given by the government.  Wm. McMillan, the manager of the  Mac-Machine Company, paid Greenwood a business visit this week. This  company's headquarters are at Belleville, Ont., but they have a branch  office and repairing* works at Trail.  Dr. Bell Irving-, a prominent physician and business man of Vancouver,  came in with Mr. J. W. McFarland and  spent the week in examining properties  in the different camps. Dr. Bell Irving is interested in mines in Kootenay.  The Buttercup claim owned by J.  Farrell and located in Welling-ton  camp is showing* up well under development work. A shaft is being- sunk  and other work is being carried on.  The ore gives good values and the  ledges are large and well defined.  Mr. Lee of Rossland was among* the  visitors to Greenwood this week. He  came over to look at some properties in  which he is interested and also to consult Messrs. Wood and Galloway of the  Townsite Co., in connection, with 54  lots which a Rossland sjmdicate purchased in Greenwood last spring.  J. P. Graves, the manager of the  companies operating the Ironsides and  Knob Hill in Long- Lake camp, is expected from Spokane early next week.  The machinery is now between Grand  Forks and Greenwood and will be  placed in position immediately upon  its arrival at the mine.    A good wagon  road has been constructed by Mr. Hem-  en way from the main road to the Ironsides.  D. A. Hoi brook returned yesterday  from a two Weeks' trip to Myers creek  and other points on the reservation,  whtn-e he is interested in mining properties.  , Sufficient progress has been made on  the residence that is being erected for  Mr. Ostroski, of the Greenwood Mercantile Co., to indicate that it will be  the finest in the city. Standing on an  elevation of ground overlooking the  townsite and the style of architecture  being of the most modern type,'the residence when completed will add materially to the appearance of the city.  = ���=**?.- " ri>*=**!^3^^Jt?:3��7*^vVX  Provincial Secretary's Office,  18th August, 1897.  HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor  has been pleased to appoint William  Sinclair Gore, of the'City- of Victoria, Esquire, to be Water Commissioner under the  provisions of the " Water Clauses Consolidation  Act, 1897." ; ������ , ''/  - ��.'   ' *>"*. ,        r o -��� !* *? v     -J***  .   ^    <c*>  :=Hi^^fer. .;������.-  Provincial Secretary's-Office,'  August ISth, 1897.  IS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council has  been   pleased to direct the  H  By Command.  JAMES BAKER,  Provincial Secretai-3'.  SCHEDULE    ONE.  Records of   Water   for   Domestic,   Agricultural, Industrial and Mining  Purposes. -  For evet*3' record  ore interim  record  of'  100 inches of water  or  less..  S   5 00  For everv additional 100 inches up to  300 inches  ........;        5 00  For evei'3'additional 50 inches above 300  inches '.'.....        5 00  For apportioning-the water authorised  to be used under any record        5 00  In respect of everv record or interim  record (except in respect of water recorded and actual^- used for agricultural purposes) an annual fee up to  the first 300 inches of        3 00  For ever3r  additional 50  inches an  an-   '  nual fee of       1 00  Inspection or search of an3' record in  au3* record of water rights        0 25  Filing anyr notice or document with a  Commissioner or  Gold  Commissioner       0 SO  For certified copies of any record or document per folio of 100 words        0 35  Publication in the Gazette according to  the   scale,   of   charg-es   as   defined  in  Schedule A of the " Statutes and Jour-    .   .'  uals Act " .;...   Annual fees to be paid to the Commissioner for the District on or before the  30th da3* of June in each 3'ear  SCHEDULE TWO.  The Supplying of Water by Water-works  Systems to   Cities, Towns and   Incorporated Localities.  Evei*3' Municipality or specially incorporated  company  shall  pay  in  respect of each of the  several matters in Schedule One of this Schedule mentioned the fees in respect of   such matter by said Schedule One prescribed :  For the presenting b3r a specially incorporated compau)'  of a petition under .  section 53 of the  Act aud   the filing of  the documents b3' section 52 prescribed,  a fee of ;.'. S 25 00  For every certificate issued under section 55 of the Act, a fee (to be paid to  and for the use of the Judge of the Supreme Court granting such petition)  of -.     100 00  SCHEDULE  THREE.  The   Acquisition   of   Water   and   Water  Power for Industrial or   Manufacturing Purposes by Power  Companies.  Eveiy power company shall pay- in respect of  each of the several matters in  Schedule One of  this Schedule mentioned the fees in   respect  of  such matter b3r said Schedule  One prescribed :  For the filingof the documents mentioned in section 85 of the Act, a fee of...... S 25 00  For eveo1- certificate under section 88 or  section 90 of the Act, a fee .of...;.     100 00  For the examination and approval of  every schedule or proceeding fixing  tolls, rates, fares, rents or charges, a  fee   of ".        10 00  %^>-��*&OM��*~W**^09r��-*9*^&��<#^M��*e*9>9:4m$;T$  7&Z  >  J  T  f  ?  I  ?  J  "a";  It.  /���'  Drugstore.  T  ?  a  T  I  T  J  ?  !  a  J  A  1  *  OF  W.   S.   FLETCHER  HAVING purchased the business  of  R.  N. Taylor & Co., begs $  to announce that he  is-prepared  to $  fiirnish the public with Pure Drugs, i  Patent  Medicines,  Druggists'   Sun- I  dries, etc. i  Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.    J  W. S/rLETChER.1  0BAGC0S.  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Take notice that I, Charles deBlois Green, as  agent for Matthew J. Greev3% free miner's certificate No. 80,367, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above  claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 17th day of July, 1897. 48  OK ELL  FRUIT ^PRESERVING <& COMPANY,  Victoria,    B, G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,   Orange,   Citron  and Iyemon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and,  Vineg*ar.  -o  We claim withoutexception to make the  Purest  and  Best -Selling   Goods   in  Canada.  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Eoncs.  Returning   leaves   Grand   Forks  at 6  a.m.   on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  i(-h ' Will sell   through  Tickets   to  Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  A. Fisher.  MlLLS'.'AND'.YARlDS'   AT  Greenwood City ���;���%���.-   Anaconda/ B���C,  ������Manufacturers of Rough  and  Dressed ������  Shingles, Lath, Mouldings^ Sash and Doors,  ^{S.        j$f��,        ^tf.  ~'V?        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BISCUIT   MANUFACTURERS,  MkdalAwakded  Colonial and Indian Exhibition.  London, 1880.  , THE CHIEF COMMISSIONER.  Hon. George B. Martin, Chief Commissioner of lyands and Works, and  Mr. Leonard Norris, govenraent agent,  Vernon, returned to Greenwood on Saturday evening- and remained here until  Sunday, having- had quarters with Mr.  Hardy at the Palace hotel, Anaconda,  during- their stay in the district.  On Saturday evening- the Chief Commissioner called on Mayor Wood and  congratulated him upon h is election.  They also discussed road matters tog-ether, the Chief Commissioner promising- to call the attention of the government to the necessity for, roads to  promising- camps in the vicinity.  On Sunday the visitors left for Penticton with a view to catching- Tuesday's boat for Vernon. Hon. Mr.  Martin will visit his own constituency  and expects to reach Victoria in about  three weeks.  During- his visit at Grand Forks an  impromptu meeting* was held with Mr.  P. T. McCallum^ J. P. in the chair.  After speeches by K. M. Johnson, of  Victoria, Charles Hay and others, Hon.  Mr. Martin addressed the meeting-.  His remarks on railways are reported  by the Grand Forks Miner as follows :  -'Reg-arding the. railway policy of  the g-overnment," he would say, '-that  it was doing- everything in its power  to hasten the construction of a line  through this district. During- the last  session of the legislature, Mr. Turner  and the members of his cabinet had  prepared a measure the main object of  which was to aid the construction of a  road between the Columbia river and  Penticton; this measure provided for a  cash bonus of $4,000 a mile to the company building", the road, provided it was  completed within two years from the  passage of the act. The bill had been  practically killed by an amendment  talked on by Mr. Graham the member  from this constituency. This amendment provided that in the event that  Mr. Heinze accepted the $4,000 a mile  he would forfeit his land grant. To  the surprise of everybody this amendment carried."  Thither Hon. Mr. Martin has been incorrectly reported or he has attempted  to prejudice his hearers against Mr.  Graham. The amendment he referred  to was not moved b3* Mr. Graham but  by Mr. Sword of Dewdney. A reference to the votes and proceedings for  April 22, 1897, will prove this.  TRIBUTARY TO GREENWOOD.  The outspoken bluntness of the  Grand Forks Miner is delightfully refreshing. Probably its conscience is  troubling it for its neglect in the past  in not having done justice to Greenwood, and now the Miner moralizes  after this fashion:  " Those who are spending their time  and money in an endeavor to develop  the resources of the country are going  to purchase their supplies at the point  which is the most easy of access, even  if it necessitates the travel of a few  miles further. It is a well known fact  that Mr. Robert Wood, the founder of  our enterprising sister city Greenwood,  aided by the merchants of that place,  has responded liberally to every call  made for assistance in the building- of  roads and trails. As a result Greenwood is to-day connected with every  camp of any prominence within a  radius of 10 miles of that place by  either a good wagon road or a trail, and  the trade that is naturallj' tributary'to  Grand Forks has been forced to that  town for no other reason than there is  good roads and trails leading to it."  We do not like to be too inquisitive  but the Miner might name the camps  which are naturally tributary to Grand  Forks.  iff  SE  wijju      *<$w      >jgu      ��jyw      lJ&*      *&*      lj@*f      ^Q* :��� "9"      *9*   ���   ������*      ^"*       t*t"      ^S^  W.     J.     ARMSTRONG. L.     Y.     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Vancouver "  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  SATURDAY, AUGUST   28,   1897.  THE   JEWEL  MINE.  During the week, the topic of conversation in mining- and business circles  was the closing down of the Jewel  mine in H/ong I^ake camp. As the  Prospecting Syndicate of B. C. who  bonded this property had a large number of men employed and had purchased all their supplies in Greenwood, the  closing down of the mine would be a  serious matter in more ways than one.  The Prospecting" Syndicate asked for  an extension of time and the owners,  have refused to agree to the new arrangements 'suggested by the syndicate.  The Jewel and the   adjoining   property, the Denero Grande, were   bonded  by   the   Prospecting   Syndicate   from  Messrs. McArthur, Shonquist, Ditmer,  -Bosshart and Garland.    In January of  this   year,   the   Syndicate   started   to  work.    Under the management  of Mr.  Iveslie Hill, M. 10.,' a  sleigh  road four  miles in length was constructed   to the  mine.    A  hoisting  engine  and   boiler  were sent   in   and a double   compartment   shaft was   sunk to the depth of  133  feet.    The shaft was  closely timbered, one side   making   a  ventilating  shaft.    At 120 feet levels,were  driven  both ways, ' 78 feet north and  217  feet  6 inches south.    An upraise was put in  from the 120 foot level   underneath the  old Denero Grande shaft, a distance of  54 feet.    A   winze was sunk 47 feet below  the  120-foot  level.    The  mine  is  furnished with T-rail   tracks   and cars  and hoisting buckets.    From 150 to 250  barrels of water had to be hoisted each  day.    A  pump  was brought to Greenwood but did not arrive here in time to  be  sent   to   the   mine  over the sleigh  road.    The Prospecting Syndicate contributed $250 towards   constructing the  road   to   Ivong*   I^ake.    On    an  or  16  men   were employed  and all supplies were  purchased   here.  The Prospecting Sj^ndicate  have developed   the  property   in   a   thorough  miner-like manner.    They have pushed  the work continuously   and   have done  everything    possible   to   develop   the  mine,  Having heard the rumor that the  Jewel was to be closed down a Times  representative visited the office of the  manag*er and found there Mr. Hill and  Mr. J. W. McFarland. Mr. McFarland  is a member of the firm of Mahon, McFarland and Mahon, of Vancouver,  and is a director of the Prospecting  Syndicate. He reached Greenwood on  Saturday last, his object being if possible   to   make   such   arrangements as  wag-on  average 15  would enable.his company to  continue  the work of development. ,  " The final payments are due on Saturday, (to-day),'' said Mr. Hill, " and  while the developments were at times  encouraging thejr have not proven  altogether satisfactorily. There is  not sufficient ore in sight to justify  heavy payments and therefore the  company shut down. We are willing  to continue the work of development  and wrote to the owners asking for an  extension of time but this was not  granted. The Prospecting Syndicate  is still willing, to go on and develop the  property if satisfactory arrangements  can be made."  Development such as has been carried on at the Jewel is of the greatest  importance to the district and The  Times hopes that its contintta.nce shall  be assured by the completion of arrangements satisfactory to all the  parties concerned.  The Prospecting Syndicate have not  lost faith in Iyong L-ake camp or Boundary Creek district. If arrangements  are not made regarding the Jewel and  Denero Grande, they will begin the  work of developing the North Star',  which they have bonded from Messrs.  Wood and Thomet. ���  The work on the Ironsides,inGreen-  wdod camp is progressing satisfactorily. Contractor Mclntyre is now in  easier rock and. more .rapid development is being made; Mir. J. F. Hem-  enway, the manager, has gone to Marcus to look after the bringing in of the  heavy machine^ for the property.  YDNEY M.  JOHNSON,  B. A.Sc.  Cifnf (Snmneer  ���-.-::;;-,--; D ^ "^ '���. ���''  AM Provincial Land Surveyor,  ANACONDA,    B.C.  C5  GREENWOOD  B.C.  OHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Citnf (Bttfjineer,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrig-ation Projects, Eng-ineering- and Surve}7  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  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SMAW,  Givil    Engineer,  ��omtntott (xnb  (proumctaf &anb IkutBeyor.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  -,. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  <3^>'"^"^:r=*:J**-*"?i' ^ ���  AND  ECTORS'  n  .<���   ;?,      ii-  A full line of Habernian^s celebrated German  Granites Ware  received.  (Ketteraf'" 'Qrtflerc^nts- ���" <xrib  W^ofeBdfers  of Tl?{ne0,  ^x^xoxb <xrii> Cigars  *->"^/;v'^it   "^  ~s**-,<��*  --<*sj-&'  o ft /  '<>���'    '       '"fjjr  ..���������������' '���'��� w  %��   ^^.4*   ���vp^���--^#   ��������������'* j-g* . ~i'"sr^S*. ,--i"~ *>5*   ^^���-"���^   �����*��� *"jt*-��  ,->*,%*   -s.^ ip>gir ' J*���*->��?  "3 -P^rf l^fe  Saturday's Storm.  . Ivast Saturday Greenwood was visited by a miniature cyclone which blew  down decayed trees and raised the dust  to such, an extent that it was almost  impossible to see two feet ahead. W.  Eller who is employed by the Greenwood Charcoal Company had the closest call. A tree fell across his tent in  the valley and upset a cooking stove in  which a fire had been lighted. Mr.  Eller ran to a clear space when J. M.  Custance who was at Shaw's camp  noticed that the tent had become ignited from the fire in the stove and would  soon be destroyed. He succeeded in  quenching the blaze. It was well he  did so for the tent L contained not only  "Mr. Eller's personal effects but also  $50 in cash which he had been paid  that day.  The storm spent its fury in a short  time. It possessed the one advantage  of clearing the air and thereby making  existence more pleasant.  A Fairview Company.  The current issue of the B. C. Gazette contains the certificate of the reincorporation and registration of " The  Fairview Consolidated Gold Mines Co.,  of Fairview, Ltd." The company has  been formed to acquire the White  Swan, Quartz Queen, California, Rob  Roy, Sundown, Ocean Wave, Silver  Bow, Iron Clad, Reco, Fannie Morris,  Nightingale and Standard mineral  claims in camp Fairview. The capital of the company is $975,000.  Skylark Will Ship.  It is the intention of the owners of  the Skylark mine in Skylark camp, to  ship about 50 tons of ore to Helena,  Montana, this fall. The ore will be  hauled in wagons to Marcus and from  there it will be shipped by rail to the  smelter. As the Skylark ore is of a  very hig*h grade, it will easily pay the  cost of transportation and leave a large  profit. Shipments of ore were made  from this mine some time ago. Mr. C.  E- Reuger, the manager, has succeeded  in "getting all the water out of the  shaft. A new ventilating furnance  has been placed in position and six  ���miners are at work getting out ore.  The best "brands  of Tobacco,'  Cigars  and Cigarettes.  Cool, Refreshing Milk-shakes.  Fruits,   Candies,   etc.  Coryell's  Map  for  Sale.       ���AT���  'lie Greenwood Book Store.  Next door to McKague's Barber Shop.  PROVIDENCE  MOTEL  McDonnel & Holbrook, Prop'rs.  BOUNDARY    CREEK     CITY.  A comfortable stopping- place oil' the road to  Long Lake, Summit, Pass Creek, North  and  Kimberlej-  Camps.  ���"3��=*  CHOICE  LIQUORS  AND  CIGARS. "Wfr  [I/.S.]  ^=t~  E.     DEWDNEY.  TirHEREAS by letters Patent, dated the  3��V 12th July, 1897, issued under the provisions of the " Speedy Incorporation of Towns  Act, 1897, " a certain municipal^ was incorporated under and bjr the name of " The Corporation of the Cit3r of Greenwood," and, amongst  other thing's, it was therein provided that Robert Wood, Esquire, of Greenwood, should be  Returning- Officer at the first election to be held  for said ��� municipality, in accordance with the  terms of said Letters patent:  Aud whereas the said Robert Wood is unable  and unwilling-to act as such Returning Officer  and has tendered his resig-nation, and the Honorable Edgar Dewdnej--, Lieutenant-Governor  of Our Province, b3r and with the advice of the  Executive Council, under and b}r virtue of the  said Act and of all powers aud authorities him  in that behalf enabling, hath ordered that the  said resig-nation of the said Robert Wood as  such Returning- Officer be accepted, and that  Alfred S. Black, Esquire, of Greenwood, be  appointed Returning- Officer for said election,  and that these Supplemental^ Letters Patent  be issued accordingty :  Now know ye that b3r these presents we do  hereb3r order aud proclaim that the said Alfred  S. Black be aud he is liereb37 appointed Returning Officer at and for the nomination and election to be held in the Cit3' of Greenwood, under  and b3' virtue of Our said Letters Patent dated  Jul3" 12th, 1897, in the room and stead of Robert  Wood aforesaid. Aud it is hereby ordered and  appointed that the said Alfred S. Black ma3'  and shall do, perform, cari\y on, aud complete  all such lawful acts in about said election and  in pursuance of said Letters Patent as the said  Robert Wood could or should  have performed.  In Testimony Whereof, We have caused  these Our Letters to be made Patent, and  the Great Seal of the said Province to be  hereunto affixed : Witness, the Honorable  Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of  Our said Province of British Columbia, .in  Our Cit3r of Victoria, in Our said Province,  this sixteenth da3~ of August, one thousand  eight hundred and ninety-seven, and in.  ��� the sixt37-first 3rear of Our Reign.  B3' Command,  JAMES BAKER,  Provincial Secretary.  5  *  2  5  *  S  A  O  I  A  , a'  I  A  ���  5  4  I  A  e  I  A  0  I  A  m  I  A  A  a  T  SMITH & McLEOD,  Proprietors of the  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  ..MOULDING ..'/WILLS  Sash aud Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okauagau Lake.   Me.  I  A  Owning .extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as good material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  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While the  greater portion of the correspondence  is mere surmises the following- portion  will prove interesting* reading :  " And it can also be stated without a  question of doubt that Heinze is going-  to do some railroad building. The  g-uag-e to Rossland is to be widened,  and more important still, the railroad  to Penticton will be built, and built  immediately. Engineers are being-  sent into the field at several points between here and the terminus, and in a  few days Heinze's most trusted eng*i  neer will be in Victoria  records   arid  How'much, the C. P. R.is interested is  another puzzle,' but the public will  never be surprised to learn that the  company has taken over the entire line.  They, too, have engineers in the field  to run a line whereby they can tap the  Trail-Robson road at China creek or  Sullivan creek, and reactuRossland.  It is well known that the C. P. R. has  offered to purchase the Heinze railroad  interests, and that Heinze is willing- to  sell, but his price is stiff. However  the ins and outs of the whole matter  may result, there promises to be some  interesting developments during the  next few weeks. "  searching-  securing  rig-ht -of  way.  The Nominations.  It is now His Worship Mayor Wood.  At two o'clock last Saturday afternoon, Returning Officer, A. S. Black,  announced that he had received but  one nomination for mayor and that he  therefore declared Mr. Robert WTood  elected for the position. Mr. Wood's  nomination papers were sig-ned by  John Hamill and G. R. Naden.  The nominations for aldermen were  more numerous than was at first expected and consequently during* this  week the electors have been buttonholed for votes. The nominations  were as follows :  M. J. Phelan, proposed by Duncan  Ross and John Hamill.  Georg-e Arthur Rendell, proposed by  I. H. Hallett and Alex Currie.  C. S.;Gallowa3r, proposed by W. J.  Harber and J. J. Caulneld.  L/. S. Moulton Barrett, proposed bjr  C. W. H. Sansom and D. C. McRae.  J.William Powell, proposed by M.  J. Phelan and Thos. Miller.  A. C. McKenzie, proposed by D. C.  McRae and A. D. Worg-an.  Cyril J. Eales, proposed by. Jas.  Foulds and Geo. W. Shipley.  John Hamill, proposed by Cyril J.  Eales and A. C. McKenzie.  Catholic Church to be Built.  Rev. Father Rivers  on   Sunday  addressed a larg-e cong*reg*ation of Roman  Catholics at the school   house,   Greenwood.    After   the   service the   advisability   of   erecting  a   Catholic   church  was  discussed   and   a   larg*e   sum   of  money   was    promised.    During*     the  week, other  sums were promised until  nearly 3?600 was secured for   the building   of   the church.    The site, an acre  of ground   on   the   knoll   overlooking-  the new    addition,   has   been    donated     by     Messrs.    Wood       and     Galloway of the Townsite Co.  Construction  will beg*in in a few days.    Rev. Father  Rivers   returned   to   Grand   Forks on  Tuesday where a church will probably  be   erected.    He   intends   visiting- the  district every three months.  That's what talks at the WHTTE FRONT  these days. We have just put in a small stock  of Rochette & Dion's celebrated Boots and Shoes  that we are offering at Eastern prices.  !5 pairs put in circulation last week.  *�������     $?-     iS**-  *'(?      ??��?      "'i?  As is to be expected, pur tjKOvfcKY    Trade   is    increasing:  every day,    Why ?    Because our Prices are right  ��j[{.      ^te.      jte.  "���ft"*    -"ii*"    "'A*'  Remember !   We carry the finest  assortment of Black and  Green  Teas in Greenwood.  Special prices on Teas to Hotels and Restaurants,  4>  e      ���  9       9  SHEF? BROOKE,    <2>UE.  *V*     *��*     *V4  ii?    ?i?    ti?  ��'e.     -s'i.    '���*1f&  "A?       ?1?       11?  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  . Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.    Send for Catalog-ties.   .��$��  F.   R.   MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  ,' ��Ms> s^j ��M*> *Jfe> ��Ma ��J|*-> tMe* aljls *|fe> ��Ms> *^ tM& ��M& ��j|fe ��jfe> tMs> sJiU ��sfjs*> *|fe> tMs ��M>> ��JlU ��M*>'  We have on hand a large stock of  attressesi- Pillows/Springs* Cots*  es* Rocking Chairs* Bedroom  Furniture of all descriptions,  We would call your attention to our BOX SPRING and CLIPPER MATTRESSES  JOB   WORK   PROMPTLY   ATTENDED   TO.  >-<D-4e��.0-4e*-e-4ffij>-&4e��-e����9)>o-40  <* it  ���'.- ii  > l]  'II  i#l  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  '<!  ii Wff'&SiSSSS^Si  ��  ART  R  .4* Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and,Saloon Fixtures  a specialty  Plans and Specification  s  made and  Estimates  eii.  OF  Midway  ~-0  Anaconda/ B,G<  -Q^s��=^-  Can outfit Prospectors cheaper  and better than any of  his Competitors,  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.;  MAMONT Mineral .Claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining-division of Yale district.    Where located : Sk3'lark camp.   ,  Take notice that I, Ferdinand Dittnier, free  miner's certificate No, 81,118, intend, sixt3'days  from the date hereof, to applA- to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant of the  above claim. ,  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before, the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of July, 1897.       . 45  mslWLi^m.u~tt*nmmrmuumuinjm~  SQUARE   HOUSE.  Greenwood City, B.C.  it?  Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  First-class  Accommodation.  Stag-es  from all parts pass the  door.  0)  ��  c  o  m  0)  SQUARE   TREATMENT.  >��amT*gMg*g-��CT^��^i.i^-*ig >^  ff \rp j��^aagg��a-ai ���a*z*z*&>!x?**&  ��  Of all kinds aud leng-ths.  4 foot wood , S2.25 per cord, delivered.  16 to 20 inch S3.00 per dbl. cord       ���  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  &:iy Orders mav be left at the Times office.  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEi; ACCOMMODATIONS.  OCEAN     TO     OCEAN  Without change of Cars, via  &     &  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping-cars, luxurious dining cars, elegant  da3* coaches, mag-uificeut tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The 011I3'line running- through  tourist cars  from the coast    <  .   i      WINNIPEG, -."  MINNEAPOLIS  ���('���     ST.   PAUL,    ,.'���      '  I       TORONTO,  WITHOUT    CHANGE I  TO  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  "Lowest rates to ^  .', and from  1c.'. Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific' Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in .ever\- respect superior to'any ships that have 3ret sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via ai-3' other Traus-Patific line.  d't.'  &-;��.'���"���  �����!<?'       "A?  Canadian-Australian- Steamer Line  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers cany an experienced medical man  aud a stewardess on evei*3r vo3'age.  For time tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address ff  H. S. SCADDING, E.  J.   COYLE,  Ag-ent, Dist. Pass. Agent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  LEWIS HIND, I^ocal Ticket Ag-ent, Anaconda;  PACIFIC  RAIL, WAV.  j*��.    *V&    ' &",!�����  ���71?      -it?      Ii?  The Fast Line.--Superior Service  To all points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls & Northern Ry,  Trains Depart from Spokane :  No. 1, West bound   ........   8:25 p.m.  No. 2, Bast bound   .     7:00 a.m.  TICKETS TO JAPAN ID" CHINA"...  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  Me,      Me.      Me.  "5..~ ?>����� !��������  ���)lf llf ~>lf  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, apply to Ag-ents of  the S. F. & N.   or  r.   D.   GIBBS,  General Agent,  Spokane, Wash.   OR.    ....  A. D. CHARLTON,  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent  225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  Portland, Oregon.  ��'.*���    ^V"-    ��1'*  ���>!? ">l? ->l?  Write  for  new   Map   of   the  >otenay  country,  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate   of.   Improvements.  NOTICE.  CHOWN SILVER mineral claim, situate lithe Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.    Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, Robert Wood, free miner's certificate No. 87,502, M, J. M. Wood, free  miner's certificate No. 87,573, Walter L,. D'Aeth,  free miner's certificate No. 70,074, W.W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho  field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, G. H  Brown, free miner's certificate No. 68,427, and  W. G. McMynn, free miner's certificate No.  88,801, intend, sixt3* da3\s from the date hereof,  to appl3' to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a crown grant of the above claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 14th day of July, 1897.       ,_..    46-8  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  SUNSET Mineral   claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we. Robert Wood, free miner's certificate No. S9,502,,M. J. M. Wood, free  miner's certificate No. 87,573, Walter I,. D'Aeth,  free miner's certificate No. 70,074, W. W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho-  field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, and G.  H. Brown, free miner's certificate No. 68,427, intend, sixt3r da3's from the date hereof, to apply-  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th clay of July, 1897. 46-8  Hotel,  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors aud Cig-ars.  Good    Staisi,ing.  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  NEW YORK mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale-  district.. Where located : In Greenwood camp,  and adjoining the Brooklyn mineral claim.  Take notice that I, J. B. McArthur, of Rossland, free miner's certificate No. 79,777, intend, sixty da3rs from the date hereof, to applv  to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown g-rant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 13th da\-of June, 1S97.: 44-8  ��*>��  SITTINGS of  the  County   Court    of   Yale-  will be holden as follows :  At  Midway, on  Saturday,   the  2nd  of October, 1897.  At Grand  Forks,  on   Monday, the  4th of October, 1897.  At the hour'of 10 o'clock in the forenoon respectively.  By command. '  W.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office. d.k.c.c. .  Mid w ay, A it g u s t 12I h, 1897. 49-4  GREENWOOD   CITY.  %<���';  ���A  V  %  Views of Green wood   and   the   Mines   for   Sale SIN����w��bp95h9  -*XJ^ *7^*iAiMfiAJwfiCT    THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  MODEST  DEMANDS.  The interests of Boundary Creek district demand  that the provincial government should carry out the promises  made   by   the   Chief Commissioner of  Eands and Works during- his visit here.  That gentleman while in other parts of  the province has been   forced to  listen  to  importunities of those appearing- to  be imbued with the idea that a government existed in the  province solely for  the purpose of granting" them what they  demanded   and   consequently   he  felt  gratified that the  people  of Boundai-3-  Creek   were   so moderate in  their   demands.    Nothing-  is   asked for tha.t is  not absolutely required  and this in   itself is a strong*  reason   why the people  should not be disappointed.    A road to  Copper   camp   will  open  a way to the  Sunset and the Mother  Eode  where  a  larg-e number of men are employed and  large quantities of supplies are consumed.    Beyond the Mother Eode are also  properties    to   which   a   wagon   road  shoud be built.    The road to Summit  camp will pass through numerous promising- claims  which are being* developed and as there is an easy  grade   from  Greenwood along* Eholt creek, the cost  will not be great.    The   improvements  of the leading- trunk roads should also  be tinder taken, particularly  when it is  considered that the  people  paid  taxes  to the government and in the past have  in the majority of cases built their own  roads.  The Greenwood hospital is an institution which should receive more liberal treatment at the hands of the government. As the Chief Commissioner  .expressed himself "It is a credit to the  builder and to, Dr. Jakes who has  charg-e," but we cannot say that it is  creditable to the government to allow  this hospital no assistance while less  deserving* institutions aire each year  given thousands of dollars of provincial money.  B. C. RE-BONDED.  A mining* property that can be,bonded for $60,000 and re-bonded for the  same amount within 24 hours after the  conditions attached to the first bond  have not been complied with must be  such as to command the admiration of  mining- men. Frequent bonding- usually gives a " black eye" to an undeveloped property but when the vein is  largo, and well defined, when the ore is  sampled and returns are high, bonding-  only helps to advertise the property  and make it famous. Such was the  result in the case of the Winnipeg and  history is beginning to repeat, itself in  the case of the B. C. claim in Summit  camp.  This is a property which has been  prominent^- before the public for the  last six months. Located about a year  ago, it was not considered an extraor-  dinai-y mining* claim and the original  locator was satisfied to let it remain  undeveloped. Messrs. Keough & Sons  .made a new strike on the property this  spring* and bought out the original  owner for a small sum of money. In a  month's time the3r had what all mining-  experts declared was the most promising property in the whole district.  Mining- experts swarmed to it from all  quarters and soon Messrs. Keough &  Sons had ma 113- offers. Througii Mr.  G. H. Collins, the manager of the Golden Crown, Mr. A. E. McEwen succeeded in bonding the property for $60,000.  Mr. McEwen is an experienced mining-  engineer who knows a good thing when  he sees it. He cabled his principals,  the Mines Selection Co., of Eondon,  England, and at once put six men to  work opening up the claim. The directors of the Mines Selection Company  evidently took down their maps on receipt of their expert's cablegram ; they  looked them over ; they probably measured the distance from Boundary Creek  to a railway and then cabled that they  were in doubt as to whether it would  be well to bond a property so far away  from railroad transportation.  The B. C. was too valuable a property to be dependent upon the doubts of  moneyed riien 5000 miles away, so the  answer of the Londoners was ho sooner  received than Mr. A. H. Harrison  bonded the property for $60,000. The  bond is a three months working one  and he has now six men at work. The  B. C. looks mbre promising as the work  proceeds and it will assuredly become  one of the biggest and most profitable  producers in the province.  Mr. Harrison has been in Greenwood  for nearly a year. He also represents  English capital. East week, he bonded the Susie in Fairview camp and he  has also valuable properties on Myers  Creek.  A  Provincial Convention.  The Eiberal Association of the province intend holding a convention at  New Westminister during the Fair  week, for the purpose of organizing for  the coming campaign against the provincial government. It is proposed  that each Dominion r Electoral district  in the province shall send 15 delegates  to the convention and the indications  are that the full quota will be present  from every* district. As far as can be  ascertained it is not the intention of  the Liberals to form a rival opposition  party, their only object being to secure  an honest and efficient provincial government and will therefore work with  the present provincial opposition to  overthrow the Turner government.  A New Saw Mill.  A. R. Tillman has sold his residence  and lots in Anaconda to J. W. Eind  and will erect a saw-mill atMcCuddy's,  west of the summit on the road leading  to Fairview. Mr. Tillman is an experienced saw-mill man, having until  recently been a member of the Boun-  Creek Milling & Lumber Company.  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown g*rants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining  paper of the district.  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  ���>if  T.   PETERSEN   -  Proprietor.  in-  Highest  Price   paid   for  Fresh   Eggs,  Butter, Poultry and Game.  FOR   SALE  SET of Graduated Iron Pulleys, complete  with Overhead Shaft, Hangers, etc. Will  sell cheap, or trade, having no need of steam  power.���Apply at Times Office, Greenwood.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, L0.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  ever3r Thursdaj' evening-.   Visiting- Members are cordially -welcomed.  GEORGE P. MILI/ER,  Duncan Ross, Recording-Secretary,  Chief Rang-er. 45    .  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  IF  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates  to  J. A. HISWORTI,  "BRBGGIST-  MIDWAY,,.':.:      B.C.  WA t c HMA KER,  ���Formerly of Moncton, N.B.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  '    '  ���   a'/a      iSfc      jSfc.  ->'?      "J-n"-      ���>!?  Good Tools, plentj'of Material^  and 30 years'  Experience in the business.  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c, Repaired.  AnAr kind of small Mechanical Work done.  In the goods of James J. White, late  of Boundary Falls, B.C., deceased,  intestate.  LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION of the  estate of the above-named intestate having- beeti granted to me on the 30th day of July,  1897, b3' order of His Honor W. Ward Spiuks,  notice is therefore hereb3r g-iven that, all per-,  sons having claims against the estate of said  intestate must forward the same, with full particulars thereof, duly verified, to me at Anaconda. B.C., before the 10th day of September,  1897, and all persons indebted to the said estate  are required to pay.the amount of such indebtedness to me forthwith.  Aud notice is further g-iveu that on the said  10th day of September I will proceed to distribute the assets of said intestate among- the  parties entitled thereto, having- regard only to  the claims of which notice shall then have been  g-iveu.  Dated this 2nd day of Aug-ust, 1897.  TPIOMAS H. WHITE,  48-5 Administrator.-  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  T TERNON   Mineral   Claim,   situate   in   the"  \l      Osoyoos  Mining- Division of  Yale District.    Where located: Camp McKinney.  Take notice that I, Charles deBlois Green, as  agent for Hugh Cameron, free miner's certificate No. 90,547, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apptv to the Mining- Recorder for a  certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 26th day of July, 1897. 48  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  l&r   Perfect fit guaranteed.  SHAVING PARLOR.  Government Street, Greeuwood.  Hot and Cold Baths at all hours of the daj-.  Eadies and Children's Hair-cutting- a specialty  -'il  I RAILWAY  BUILDING.  There is an old saying that where  there is much smoke there must be  some fire and it is equally true that  when there are so hi any railway rumors being circulated there must beat  least shadows of truth in some of them.  Appearances lead the observer to believe that the C. P. "R. have shaken off  its lethargy, and that its officers are  now determined to secure at least its  share of the Southern B. C. trade.  They have already declared their inten-:  tion of getting into Rossland as speedily as possible. Mr. Brown, the executive officer of the company, has been in  Boundary Creek district looking over  the situation and anxious to secure information regarding the probabilities  of trade for a railway in this district.  He was naturally astonished at the  growth of the district and if a favorable report from him will have any  weight with the head officers of the  company a railway will be built into  the district by the C. P. R. Then  Heinze is wakening up and has his surveyors working towards Christina  Eake. Corbin, too, is saying nothing  but is " sawing wood." He still has  an eye on Boundary Creek and-intends  coming up here in a few weeks.o Any  company building a road into the district must reckon with him. Taking  everything- into consideration, the situation is more favorable than it has  been for months past and The Times  does not pose as a railroad prophet but  ventures the opinion that active construction work on a railroad into the  district will be begun before snow  ���flies'. ' c.l?' "<������   '  County Court,? Sittings.  The time has arrived when regular  -sittings of the County Courjt should be  held at Greenwood. We understand  that Judge Spinks promised some time  ago that County Court should be held  here and the convenience of the public  demands that the promise should be  fulfilled. At the last sitting of the  County Court held at Midway nearly  every case tried were those in which  Greenwood or Anaconda parties were  interested. Increased witness and solicitors' and traveling expenses are the  result. The cost of litigation in this  country is heavy enough without having the unsuccessful litigants mulcted  in extra costs because of their having  to go away from home to have ordinary  County Court cases tried. Work has  already commenced on the new court  house and we hope that when it is completed Judge Spinks will find it convenient, to hold court here.  The Snowshoe.  R. Denzler came in on Thursday  from the Snowshoe mine where he and  Thos. McDonnell are hard at work carrying on development work. Recent  work has demonstrated that the Snow-  shoe is even a better property than  was at first supposed. As evidence of  the quality of the ore, Mr. Denzler  brought down a big block that looks as  if it were pure copper. Assays gave a  return of over 25 per cent copper.  A Mining Accident.  What might easily have been a fatal  accident took place at the Golden  Crown Mine, on Monday last. The  man at the top of  the  mine was about  to lower a bucket and thinking it -was  securely fastened to the hook swung it  over. The big iron bucket shot down  to the bottom, fifty feet below. Wm.  Hanna a well known miner was working at the bottom of the shaft. Fortunately he was stooping at the time  and the side of the bucket struck him  on the hip. He was soon brought to  the surface and Dr. Jakes was summoned. He found that Mr. Hanna did  not receive the full force of the bucket  and that while he is rather seriously  injured, the chances of a full and  speedy recovery are the best. n  Prominent Railway Officials.  Vice-President Shaughnessy of the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company is  at present in Kootenay and has announced that it is the intention of the  C, P. R. to get a line into Rossland as  speedily as possible. Mr. Shaughnessy  is accompanied by George McE. Brown  and other railway officials and it is  possible that they may visit Boundary  Creek before the vice-president returns  east. .'������....'."' ."'���'"���'  Mr. J. P. Bufnyeat, P.E.S., of Ver-  non, has completed the survey of Spencer's ranch on Fourth of July Creek,  FOR SALE,  A HALF INTEREST  in   a hotel business  in Greenwood.    Appl3r to Andrew Leamy,  Barrister, Copper St., Greenwood, B.C.  DISSOLUTION   NOTICE.      ���'"/.  NOTICE is hereb}'given, that the partnership formed b3r L. Blue, A. Fisher and ��  A. R. Tillman, under the firm name of The  Bounda^ Creek Milling- &, Lumber Co., has  been dissolved b%r mutual consent, A. R. Tillman retiring- from the firm. The business will  be carried on by Messrs. Blue & Fisher, who  will receive all accounts and pa3^ all the debts  of the firm. I,. BLUE.  Greenwood, A. FISHER.  49       Aug-ust 13th, 1897.      A. R. TILLMAN.  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  PITHER   &   LEISER,  Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers in  tne0, p,\c\uox& and k,\%<xxb  Yates  Street,  VICTORIA,  B.C.  G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry.  Watson's Scotch Whiskies.  HENRY NICHOLSON,  (Jlofarg p&Mfc, (pining %enf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office :���Camp McKinney.  N"B.���Some   valuable   Mining-    Properties   in  Camp McKiunejr and vicinity for disposal.  GOVERNMENT^ TOWNSITE.  ROCK CREEK.  ���"&  ���5ft**  -*Jf  0fc  HOTICE is hereby g-iven that the Town  Lots in the subdivision of that portion of  the North-west Quarter of Section 19, Township 08, Osoj'oos District, lying- west of Kettle  river, will be offered for sale at Public Auction  at Rock Creek  On Thursday, September 23rd next.  Sale to commence at One o'clock p.m. Terms  Cash. '. -.���.''.   ,'  Copies of the plan of the Townsite maj^ be  seen at the following- places : Midway, Greenwood, Osoyoos, Grand Forks and Vernon.  G.   B.   MARTIN,  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Dept.,  Victoria, B.C., August 2nd, 1897. 50-5   ��  Dissolution of Partnership,  THE partnership heretofore existing- between H. C. Keed3' and R. Ratcliffe has  been dissolved bjr mutual consent, H. C. Keedy  retiriug- ; R. Ratcliffe will continue the business. R; Ratcliffe will assume all liabilities,  and all debts due to the firm will be payable to  "him. H. C. KEEDY,  Greenwood, B.C., <   R. RATCLIFFE.  July 31st, 1897. ^        ;    48-4  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  NOTICE is hereby'g-iven that the partnership hitherto subsisting between Thomas  J. Hardy and George W. King-, as LiveiT Stable  Keepers, at the Town of Anaconda, B.C.,; has  this day been dissolved bj7; mutual consent.  All accounts due to the said late firm of Hardy  & King must be paid to Georg-e W. King, who  will carry on the business and settle all liabilities of the firm.  Dated this 11th day of Aug-ust, 1897.  Witness���                            THOMAS HARDY,  Lewis Hind,              GEORE W. KING.  No tar y Public, Anaconda, B.C.  49  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  T\TOTICE is hereb3r g-iveu, that the under-  XM. signed intends to appl3r to the License  Commissioners of the Cit3r of Greenwood, at  their next sitting on the 8th da3^ of September^  1897, for a license to sell liquor b3r: retail on the  premises known as the Commercial Hotel, on  lot 5, block 5, in the CU3- of Greenwood,.B.C.  Dated this 9th dav of August, 1897.  49 D] R. CAMPBELL.  Land Act Amendment Act, 18%.  NOTICE  IS hereb3' g-iven that sixt3r-da^-s after date I  intend to app^y- to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works for permission to purchase  all the unoccupied portions of the following-  described land, situated in the Kettle River  division of Yale district, in the Province of  British Columbia : Commencing- at a post about  one-half mile westerly of the mouth of Rock  creek, near to the small '"'lake'Trying south of the  main wagon road, thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence east' 80 chains to point of commencement, containing C40 acres, less what mav be  occupied. J. W. HUGH WOOD.  Aug-ust 13th, 1.897. 50-8  NOTICE  I  ner  TS 1iereb3' g-iveu that sixt3r days after date  J[ intend"to appl3- to the Chief Carumission~.  of Lands and Works for permission to purchase  all the unoccupied portions of the following described lard, situated in the Kettle River  division of Yale district, in the Province of  British Columbia : Commencing- at apostabout  one and a 'half miles south-easter^- of the  mouth of Rock creek, near to the wag-on road  from Kettle river.to M^ers creek, thence south  80 chains, thence east SO chains, thence north  80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of  commencement, containing 640 acres or less  what mav be occupied.  August 13th, 1897. THOMAS CURRY.  NOTICE  IS hereb3' g-iven that sixt3T da\-s after date I  intend to appl3r to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works for permission to purchase  all the unoccupied portions of the following; described land, situated in the Kettle River  division of Yale district, in the Province of  British Columbia: Commencing- ;at a post  about one-half mile westerU- or the mouth of  Rock creek, near to the small lake U'ing south  of the main wagon road* thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80  chains, thence east 80 chains to place of commencement, containing 640 acres or less what  mav be occupied. M. J. M. WOOD.  August 13th, 1S97. 50-8 uuss  ' ' VV  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  MEAD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,      B.O.  Capital $1,500,600,  J3C       1,500,000 Shares, par value $100,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  '   Officers :  .���*.",'������'��� ������'������ ������ ,'���''��� ���       President:   I10N.   T.   M.   DALY,   Ex-Minister  of Interior,:  ":../... Vice-President :   ANDREW  KELLY,   of Alexander,   Kelly  6V Co.,   Brandon,  /nan.  ' Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  Board   of   Directors ;  Hon.'cJ. N. Kirchoffer, W. A. AAacdonald,Q.C., Fred.  Nation, W. L. Lindsay, Wm. cJohnson,  W. A.  EuIIer, W. cJ. Porter, and G. M. Collins.  Owns  the .'"��� Golden Grown" mineral claim and has a bond on the "Calumet/', situated in  Wellington camp, Yale District, B,G  ORGANIZATION COMPLETED.  A well attended meeting* of Liberals  was held in Rendell & Co's hall on  Monday evening- when the organization of an association was completed  and permanent officers were, elected.  Xetters expressing- regret for their inability to be present were read from  prominent Liberals of Rock Creek and  Camp McKinney.  The association decided to have vice-  presidents iii different sections of the  district, to be chairmen of committees  there. The officers elected were as follows : ���.''.':.  -."^  President���Thos. Hardy, Anaconda ;  Vice-presidents���-C. S. Galloway- and  G. R. Naden, Greenwood ; W. H. Norris, Midway; R. G. Sidley, Sidley;  G. B, Taylor, Rock Creek ; Henry Nicholson, Camp McKinney ; Thos. McDonnell, Boundary City; D. A. Carmich-  ael, fairview. Secretary-treasurer���  Duncan Ross ; Executive Committee���  J. H. Macfarlane, G. A. Guess, A.  Eeamy and A. D. Worgan.  Messrs. Gulley, Leamy, Macfarlane  were appointed a committee to draft a  constitution and by-laws and then the  meeting was adjourned until eig*ht  o'clock on Monday evening-, September 7th. "  Well Pleased.  Mr. Wm. Turtle, of Denver, Colorado, left on Tuesday for Spokane  after spending- upwards of two months  examining- properties in the district.  Mr. Turtle was in the mountains nearly  every da3r and saw everything worth  seeing. He stated that he had visited  some wonderful properties and that  Boundary Creek was going* to be one of  the greatest producers. He will return  to Denver and then visit New York  and eastern cities. While Mr. Turtle  was reticent regarding the object of  such a thorough examination of Boundary Creek properties, it is understood  that his principals are smelting men  who are eager to secure reliable information regarding* the future for a large  smelter here.  Francis-O'Connor.  Walter J. Francis, one of the proprietors of the Windsor hotel, Greenwood,  and Miss Kate O'Connor, of Orange-  ville, N. Y., were married at the Mission near Colville on Saturday last^  Mr. Francis drove down to Colville last  week and he and Mrs. Francis returned on Monday evening*.  >��**��*-*<e>-��-*9>*-409>m*tm*:*l��'*-4*>9'<6*-��'*��>-��-**>-*-i��*~��'*C���>-0'<B>-9-<ak-B<B>-m4*  v��-��-4a����*��4o��-*-4a>-0-4*��-��-4����-CM0����a-<*i��-a-<��Y  T '  ^���^���^���^���^���^���������-4e^��4*>-��4*>e-4^��-4a*>-��-4*��-��-4��s>-��-4����-��-4ei��-��-4*��-s<������-e-4*i��-��-4��*  Winchester,   Marlin   and   Savag*e  Rifles. ,  Greener,  Clabrough,, Scott,  Tisdall,   and  W.   Richards  Shot Guns. .���'���',.  Catalog-tie on  application.  Smith   &  Wesson  and  Coit  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.  Wholesale  and. Retail.  TISDALL'S Gun Store, Vancouver.  J. Kerr.  J. P. FivOOD.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD. GRAND EORKS, & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek  and all Mining- Camps.  m  OUR FlyOUR has the name of being* the BEST all-round  Flour on the market. Try it and you will not use other brands.  Our shareholders grow the wheat and we grind the Flour with  the latest improved milling machinery. Our brands are HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG BAKERS, ECONOMY, SUPERFINE. All bags marked "O. K," and to be had at all the leading-  dealers from Penticton to Greenwood City.  Okanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd., Armstrong, B. C.  WA  J. PIERCY & CO.,  25, 27, 29   YATES STREET,  i ���  VICTORIA,    /    B,C,  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing Manufacturers.  -if  i .-i CATITAL  $1,500,000,  In1,500,000 shares of'J1'each,   of which  700,000  are   Treasury  Stock.  '-, .���''���. ''/       '������'.,...     :        ' '���.',' '  ��{rectors:  G.  ARTHUR   RENDELL... President.  S.   S    FOWLER,   A.B.,E.M^:: -. Vice-Tresident.  D.   A.  HOLBROO^-r       Manager.  thos, {McDonnell  s C. ^AE.   SHAW;  C.E., P.L.S.  /BANK  OF MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  ^pHE COMPANY'S  mineral  claims now number  14, of which 12 adjoin -and  form  a  compact group  situate  in  ^X     Providence)   Gamp,   Boundary   CrSbk:     Development work is in progress on three of these, viz. the D. A.,  G-. A. R., and O. B. claims, each giving promise of good results.  .->-'', '���' ' ���''-',..'.  <^=")HE COMPANY lately acquired Mr. Thos. McDonnell's pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands,"upon  ^T which are excellent mill-sites and whiehgive access to an abundant supply of water for power purposes. Forty  acres of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and the new townsite thus established has been named  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundary and Eholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important, mining camps. These town lots are being offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of  payment.   Plans, prices and full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  Mead OrncE  GREENWOOD CITY,  ���w��  Correspondence Invited  E. JACOBS,   Secretary and  Treasurer.  wmmmmmmmmmimimmiwmmim  gB^HWMKMWmm*^^  m~--|'WWMa'JHH*HJl-'l^MM''B�����^ This week we wish to draw your attention to our extensive  line of Choice Teas, As we import these goods direct in large  quantities, we can give you better value for less nioney than you  can get elsewhere in the district Out H Spider  No, 1 JAPAN TEA is pan fired and imported for the best  Family Trade, ' vv-;:>/.  KlliiliilUiiiiiiliilUiUlUiiUiiiUii^  mmmmmmwmmmmmm  of six Tea bushes is requi  ite Tea* but so ca  growth of a whole year  of this exqiiisy  acter that  and so rich is its char^  directions on  s i ea is now in use  who  ,    ,  ^cups,  Atlantic to the Pacific, and  inest Tea in the "world at  are enjoying  half the cost of good China Tea,    It is guaranteed absolutely pure  as p  u  (JC^*���.  <s��^���  ^^-t-tf*  'frAre'Airagfcda'taa'i'ftHI'UWS'C'B^^  Greenwood and Boundary Falls.  RHfyt


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