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The Boundary Creek Times 1897-08-14

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 ?*3&S  j I H Sallett ll  l--o.'.'.--     ���   V-.  SATURDAY,   AUGUST   14,   1897  " ������������ **}  ���r ���.*?.  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  0*"  t.i m �� mufjiuwai nmuiM-mmMwjibj b*h*himwilill wj^nmiLU mitamv-i6-|*W.lAKJ^i[|----rmttTtfJ^ffi -  i...-��M^^g1miBlMMB-MWM-^^ A  e.  ^c^Sil  GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps. From this  new   town  roads   lead   to   the  are  selling freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For price of Lots and other information, address  183  K��m5  apply  to the  S, Galloway/  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B.C.  Agents >.  -.. COSTERTON, Vernon, B.C  A.  SC.  STUART,  Vancouver.  m  if- l  !-=  TT  : i  .<    '  .���*\  ,_-r  ���t-  .'. "  *   -. , -.   .. -t if  i  A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot tie Boundary Creek lining District.  Vol, II,  GREENWOOD CITY, EG, SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 1897,  49  No, 23,  OUR   EDUCATIONAL  SYSTEM.  East week the Boundary Creek Times drew attention to  the necessity for enforcing* the compulsory clause in the  school Act in order that all the children of school ag*e should  be forced to receive such an education as our public school  system affords. Taking* this matter into further consideration, the question naturally arises, whether through the educational system of which so much commendatory has been  written and spoken, there is as much knowledge produced  as there might be or whether we get 100 cents' worth of edu-  cation for every dollar expended. Our educational system  richly deserves all the encomiums that have been lavished  upon it, but as the proof of the pudding is the eating of it so  the proof of an educational system is to be found in the condition of the people in the province in which it exists.  "We have been in the habit of considering* Chinese and  their institutions in a contemptuous manner, but apologists  have been telling us that those who pay their $50 poll tax  and enter into competition with the white laborers in this  province are the offscourings of Pekin, Canton, Hong-  Kong* and other centres on the coast: If this be true and  there is strong* evidence to prove that it is-true, the educational capabilities of these men is a striking* commentary  on the efficiency of the Chinese educational system. We  venture the assertion that no one has met a Chinaman in  this country who could neither read nor write. Can as  much be said of the people of our own country or will as  much be said of our own men and women 20 years hence, if  boys and girls are allowed to stay away from our educational institutions, unappreciative of the advantages of education and unfortunate to be not blessed with parents who  deem it a crime to have their children grow up illiterates ?  Is there not something lacking* in the educational system  maintained by the annual expenditure of a large sum of  money when boys and g*irls can grow up without being* able  to read or write? The state demands that not only should  all people be educated but that exceptionally clever children  should be developedv It is difficult to say Where these exceptional people will crop up ; like their opposite, the fools  and the knaves, they appear sometimes in the palace and  sometimes in the hovel. It is possible and probable that an  embryo genius may be running about the streets ; if allowed to grow up untrained he may land in the penitentiary ;  if taken in hand he would attain distinction.  It is of the first importance that all���even the waifs of  society���should receive a good, sound elementary education,  not that they should be able to pass a high school entrance  examination or attain any other standard but that they are  able to have command of the common implements of learning* and have a desire for greater knowledge. ' Twere better that the higher education of the few should be neg*elect-  ed than allow any to receive no education at all.  It is essential that the best of education should be within  the reach of all, but it is more important that education  should be made real to all people and if necessary compulsion used, not simply a compulsory law to be placed on  the statute books to be more honored in the breach than the  observance.  While we are discussing the subject of education we beg-  to draw attention to the great necessity for a training  school for teachers in this province. The question of  establishing such an institution has been discussed from  year to year but nothing has been done. The work accomplished by the teachers of the province is worthy of commendation, but the teacher should not gain his experience  by  experimenting* with   children.    He  is  not like a brick-  maker who when he makes a mistake can reduce his failure  to original clay and try over ag*ain. Every slight effort on  the part of the teacher leaves its impression. If wrong, it  cannot be effaced. The teacher should be paid well for his  services ; he. should also be first compelled to take a careful  course of training before eng*ag*ing in his important work.  ���$p<>  '5Sfe  fit-  TWO   DISTINGUISHED   MINISTERS.  The Honorable Georg*e B. Martin, the distinguished Commissionerof Eands and Works, has been talking*. Under  certain influences the honorable Geprg*e " puts his foot in  when he opens his mouth," as the street arab would say.  He often says thing's that he afterwards regrets. In his  Kootenay moments of weakness, he said some uncomplimentary thin g*s about his very able and distinguished colleague, the Honorable Col. James Baker, Provincial Secretary, Minister of Mines, Minister of Education, etc.  Now taking* them together the gallant Colonel and the  affable Chief "Commissioner are a pretty pair and a credit to  the government of which they are <? members. The Colonel  is the cleverer of the two but he is also the more designing. Give him time and furnish "-him with other people's  ideas and he can deliver didactic discourses on bi-metallism,  altruism or almost any other ism, but he can also manipulate railway charters and railway subsidies, tack on government lands to a prospectus of his own property, remove  g-overnment offices in order to boom townsites in which he is  interested and use public moneys for trips that are partly  in the public interest   but principally in his own.  The Honorable Mr. Martin is above all these things, not  because he is less willing but because he is less competent.  He could not deliver an address on altruism because he has  not the knack of plagiarising and he could not manipulate  a railway deal because those who are engaged in that sort  of business have no confidence in hisvability. True, he has  distinguished himself by violating* the Eand Act in order  that he could g*ive 67 acres of Ruckle Bros.' land to" a speculator rrom Victoria ; he has sold cannery sites for $5 that  were worth $5,000 and he has failed to collect timber dues  from mills with plenty of capital, but drove pre-emptors off  their holding's by enforcing* the timber tax when they cut  cordwood of log*s on the land which they were clearing* and  sold the same to buy the necessaries of life.  It would be difficult to find the peers of this pair in any  other government and Curator Fanin should make arrangements to retain   them   in   the  provincial   museum after the  next g*eneral election.  "At-  ���Me.  'AP  4%  ->if  HEINZE    WILL    WAIT.  A telegraphic dispatch from Trail announces that a reliable man who stands in close relation to Mr. Heinze has  authorized the statement " that apart from finishing* his  road from Trail toRobson, Mr. Heinze will attempt no more  railroad building* until after the next session of the Dominion parliament, from whose hands he hopes to receive better  treatment than he received last session. On his Rossland���  Penticton route he not only had his line surveyed but it was  staked out for grading as far west as Christina lake. Mr.  Heinze feels much cut up at the treatment accorded him by  some of the B. C. members especially at the open attacks of  Mr. Maxwell." It is possible that if Mr. Heinze waits  until next year, he will find that more enterprising and  less grasping* railway promoters have alread3' built. While  he is waiting for further subsidies Mr. Corbin will probably  build a road and secure the trade.  \������j_w.TrPm~^irT-��'-"T''-*r'rT*-*^^   v\ THE   BOUNDARY   CEEEK   TIMES,  INCORPORATION.  It will beseen by the advertisement,  appearing in this week's issue of the  Times, the letters patent for the incorporation of the City of Greenwood have  at last been forwarded by the provincial government. Nominations for a  Mayor and six Aldermen shall take  place at the school house, Greenwood,  on Saturday next, August 21st, and the  polling a week later. Mr. Robert Wood  is named the Returning Officer.  Regarding*   the   approaching   Municipal election we  will reserve any extended observations  until next week's  issue  but  we,   in   common   with,    we  believe, the great majority of the electors of Greenwood sincerely regret the  appointment   of: Mr.  Robert  Wood as  Returning* Officer if such  appointment  bars him from   becoming   a  candidate  for the position of the first .Chief Magistrate of Greenwood.    We�� are strongly of the opinion that Mr. Wood's candidature would be unopposed.  ,   Usually it is unwise to allow elections  by acclamation, but Mr. Wood has been  so closely identified with  the  progress  of   Greenwood ';, his time, ;money   anil  efforts have been so largely  responsible forwthe   city's  growth, that we believe  the  majority  of  the (people are  anxious  that proper   appreciation   be  shown for his services by   electing him  Mayor of Greenwood without opposition.    We understand  that   already   a  telegram  has  been   forwarded  to  the  provincial government requesting that  some one elsejbe appointed  Returning  Officer and  we  hope  the  government  will accede to this request.  Regarding the Aldermen there is  plenty of g*ood material in Greenwood  and we would not dislike seeing a keen  Municipal contest.  Odd Fellows Entertained.  The members of the I. O. O. F. in  Greenwood were entertained at supper  on Tuesday, evening last, by their  brother Oddfellow, Mr." H. H. Huff, at  his residence on Copper street. Mr.  Huff is a young* Oddfellow and as the  other members guided him safely and  carefully through the mystic maze of  the second degree of Oddfellowship,  Mr. Huff showed his gratitude by giving a supper to all the members of the  lodge. The supper was an eloquent  testimonial to the culinary skill of  Mrs. Huff and air present spent a very  pleasant evening.  Register Your Vote.  It is the duty of every resident of  Greenwood who has the necessary  qualifications to register his vote for  the coming* Municipal election. The  only qualifications are to be a British  subject and to have resided three  months within the limits of the City of  Greenwood. The necessary forms may  be secured at the.office of A. S. Black  and at the Times office. No one should  neglect the matter, .as the list of voters  should be as large as possible.  A Steamer Sunk.  The steamer Mexico, which left Victoria with a large number of passengers bound for Clondyke, struck on a  rock near Sitka and sank in 500 feet of  water. The passengers and crew were  saved by means of small boats and all  returned to Victoria on the Topeka.  IF*     YOU      NEED  Hardware,     Stoves,     Granite  and Tinware  CARPENTERS'  and MINERS'  TOOLS  Ore   Cars   and   Raies  POWDER   AND   STEEL  '      ' ���        ','''���' ' ���      ft ���'��� '  'Paints'and Oil        Sashes and Doors  Water Pipes and Fixtures, &c.  Call or write for Trices:  HSSELL, &  Government Street,  Greenwood.  c  A Practical Tinsmith and Plumber connected with the Business.  7\ >'<��*���-:j��7- ���^���^���������^���0^^^;,qr^^j-:;*:������;��� -'��� '<-i.f��)H'ir..v> Jr:-0.^���y^0^*--r~;^0^&:^ tj/  7>Nlgij*Sigil& ���  Rossland.  investment and f^  Greenwood;  liaited  liability.  Co,  QRedf *��0fcffe <xnb (tttimng QStoftetB,  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  ^tT^>-��->iK>-Q-<et-��>-*s>o<ea>-si<e>-a-<io^B-<op-B'*B^��^B^<o^^  i Greenwood Wil  i  a.  r  9.  A  a  T  e  A  T  ���  a  y  W.   S.   FLETCHER  A  �� TJAVING purchased the business J  ? IjL of R. N. Taylor & Co., beg*s ��  f to announce that he is prepared to J  9 furnish the public with Pure Drugs, |  2 Patent Medicines, Druggists' Sun- I  ? dries, etc. ��  5     Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.  ��  I  A  ��  e     *��     e  WILLS' Famous "Navy Cut"  and    "Traveller"   Tobaccos.  null Line of riSHING .TACKLE-  Including* a choice assortment of FLIES.  A  0  W. S. FLETCHER. I  i&z  $&f-9<et~o*e>-o:4B>-o<s>-B-<is>'9'4eo��e<9>-a-*9*-��-,to>-9<o$i$  5S?  THE  Copper Street, Greenwood.  D. W- HICKS, Proprietor.  ^!'~    ��!'*���    &V**-  tip    tip    tip  Open Nijrht and Day.    :t:    Meals at all Hours.  Game, Fish and Oysters in Season.  ' Comfortable Club Rooms  ���:[ now open. ]:���  n. E. ERAZEE,  Hamill Block, Copper Street.  Financial and Insurance Agent  i (notary (puSft'c ?  VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT   FOR  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The. Insurance Company of North America..  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building* & Loan Association.  APPRAISER   FOK .  The Canada Permanent Loan & Saviug-sCo-  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  J&s".   Perfect fit guaranteed.  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.   GUESS,   M.A,  Assayers & Chemists.  Thoroughly familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining*. disti*.ictSi. . Properties,  examined, assay's and analyses' of ores,'��� fuels,  furnace products, etc.    ���:���"������'.: . , , ;  Greenwood, B. C;    ..... 0enetdf Qffterc^ante   <xnb HBtyofoB&fotB of H?intBf ./J^iquor* dnfe ��*a;<it0.  Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing Co.  Robert Hamilton, the Vancouver  manager of the Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing* Company, Ivtd., arrived in  Greenwood from the Kootenay district  yesterday. Mr. Hamilton is a director  of the Boundary Falls Mining* Co., and'  of the Pasadna Gold Mining* Co., and  intends visiting the properties of both  companies during* his visit here. He  is also the owner of the Spotted Horse  mine which " adjoins the Greenwood  townsite. The development which has  already been carried out on the Spotted Horse has proven it to be a property of great promise. The properties of the two companies of which Mr.  Hamilton is a director are also among*  the best in the district; as every one  connected with the Wm. Hamilton Co.  is full of enterprise, their rapid development is assurred.  The manufactures of the Wm. Hamilton Company are being* used in every  mining* district and always give satisfaction, and mine owners of Boundary  Creek who are about to purchase mining* machinery cannot do better than  J consult Mr. Hamilton during* his visit  here.  Mr. Hamilton has every confidence  in the future of Boundary Creek district. He volunteered the encouraging-  information that, railroad or no railroad, a smelter will be running* to its  full capacity in this district within the  next twelve months.  Chief Executive Officer.  Georg*e Mclv. Brown, Chief Executive officer of the C. P. R. for British  Columbia, arrived in Greenwood yesterday afternoon and interviewed the  business men regarding* the freig-ht  traffic on his line. Mr. Brown was for  many years district passeng*er ag-ent  for the C. P. R., and is exactly suited  for the purpose of smoothing* over the  many "kicks " which have been registered against the C. P. R. in this district. The. C. P. R. Company are now  o-iving more attention to Boundary  Creek and from all appearances are  determined to give the district more  consideration than they have in the  past. Mr. Brown will spend several  days in the district.  The Times is in receipt of some  handsome catalogues from the well  known Goldie & McCulloch Company,  of Gait, Ont. They manufacture mining machinery extensively as well as  boilers, engines, safes, etc.  Cameron & McKenzie have a stock  of hats, caps and clothing on their  hands that must be disposed of by the  25th, inst, regardless of cost. Call  early and secure bargains. Cameron  & McKenzie, Copper Street, Greenwood. ,  The best  brands  of  Tobacco,   Cigars  and Cigarettes.  Cool, Refreshing Milk-shakes.  Fruits,   Candies,  etc. .  Coryell's  Map  for  Sale.       ���AT���  lie Greenwood Book Store.  Next door to McKague's Barber Shop.  ���3K  HENRY NICHOLSON,  (ftofatg d>u8ffc, (Wlming (|tgeirt  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camp  McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining*   Properties   in  Canip McKinne}' and vicinity for disposal.  SITTINGS of  the County   Court   of   Yale  will be holden as follows :  At  Midway, on   Saturday,   the  2nd  of October, 1897.  At Grand  Forks,  on  Monday, the  4th of October, 1897.  At the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon respective^.  Bj- command.  W.   G.   MCMYNN,  Government Office,. d.k.c.c.  Midway, Aug-ust 12th, 1897. 49-4  ��� FOR SALE  A HALF INTEREST   in   a  hotel  business  in Greenwood.   Applj- to Andrew Leamy,  Barrister, Copper St^ B. C.  A.   O.   WORGAN,  GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and the Mines for  Sale.  I SMITH & IcLEOD,  J Proprietors of the  | VERNON   SAW,  I ' PLANING   AND  i ���       MOULDING MILLS  I Sash and Door Factory at VernonV  ��� Saw Mill at Okanag-an Iyake.  9 V                             ���   ��� ' ���Silk���      ..-'  *  | Owning   extensive timber limits on  ��� Mabel lake containing" some of the finest  f Cedar to be found  in  the  Interior,  we  ��� are prepared to fill all orders for Fac-  | tory work reasonabU', expeditiously  J and of as g*ood material as can be had  | at the Coast or Spokane.  | Orders from Boundary Creek and the  j Southern Interior solicited.  ��� .  1  ��& ,  I Smith & MeLeod, Vernon.  1S97  ew Mineral  ���AT-  SMITH   &   McRAE'S,  Stationery & Wall-paper Store.  Greenwood   City  t   it   B. C.  D,   McDuff,  GENERAL  : BLACKSMITH,  MIDWAY,    B. C.  All kinds  of work  promptly  executed  to  the  satisfaction of Customers.  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.   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Certificate  of  Improvements,  NOTICE.  GOLD DROP mineral claim (1. 1841 ��*. 1),  situate in the Kettle River mining* division of Yale district. Where located : In the  Greenwood camp and adjoining- the Monarch  mineral claim (1. 701 g*. 1). '  Take, notice that I, John Hirsch, as ag-ent  for F. C. Inues, free miner's certificate No.  81,264, intend, sixt\* days from the date hereof,  to-apply to the Mining-Recorder for acertificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining* a  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 14th day of June, 1897. 41-8  FRUIT 4> PRESERVING '+ COMPANY,  Victoria,    B, G,  ���MANUFACTURERS   OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,    Orang*e,   Citron  and Lemon Peels.    Preserves and  Marmalades.    Pickles and  Vineg*ar.   o   We claim witlioutexceplion to make the  Purest  and   Best-Selling   Goods   in   Canada.  ITJflTfM! 0  W. J. Snodgkass & Sons, Pkop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda. Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For.cs.  Returning-   leaves  Grand   Forks  at (��  a.m. .on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  Jtr.<v    Will sell   throug-h  Tickets  to   Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  To Business Men:  In  connection with "THE  TIMES"  we have now one of the most complete  JOB   PRINTING   OUTFITS  in the interior of the Province, With new  power Presses, new Type, and a complete  stock of Printers* Stationery?~we are in a  position to fill any orders for Job Printing  as reasonably; assatisfactorily,and as ex/  peditiously as can be done in Spokane or  on the coast A merchant who uses  "cheap and nasty " Stationery and Printing  does his business a serious injury//it is dear  at a gift Let us fill your next order i then  compare our work and prices with others*.  We guarantee you satisfaction,  o  4&  t'p  *V*    *V4    ^1'-  tip    tip    tip  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  SCO.  EN DERBY   and   VERNON.  Tradk M.-vnk  Red Stan.  j    Makers of Flour pronounced  by experts to be  ' the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran    Shorts    Chop    Etc  Ckown Grants.--When applying* for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining-  paper of the district.  Livery and Feed  CURRY BROS., Proprietors.  Saddle Horses SI.50 per day.  Teaming- on the Shortest Notice  Greenwood City, B.C.  PITHER   &   LEISER,  Direct Importers aud Wholesale. Dealers in  intB, jziquoxB <Xnb $Ui%<Xx&  Yates Street,  VICTORIA,  B.C.  (t. H. Mu.mm's Extka Dry.  Watson's Scotch Whiskies.  - J  MmaaawH'llliM'ilili'iUM'^^ <*! .A  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  y*"  GREENWOOD AND VICINITY.  Mr. R. McCulloch who fell down the  shaft of the Yellowstone mine last  week was not seriously injured and is  now almost fully recovered.  Messrs. R. Wood and A. Felto left on  Tuesday for the West Fork where Mr.  Wood has some valuable mining properties. They expect to be away about  two weeks.  The International hotel has,'.opened  an employment register by means of  which both employers and working-  men can make satisfactory arrangements without cost.  Mr. and Mrs. .Dales", of the Windsor  hotel are to be congratulated by their  many friends because of the arrival of  a little daughter. Both 'mother, and  child are doing well.  J. McClung, who accidentally shot  himself last week is recovering rapidly  at the Greenwood hospital. Dr. Jakes  has extracted the bullet and his arm  will be saved if nothing unforseen  occurs. \  Mr. C. W. H? Sansom has prepared  plans for a very neat and comfortable  one story and a half cottage which will  be erected above the saw milL for Mr.  Ostroski, of the Greenwood Mercantile  Company. The residence will contain  seven rooms and will be -fitted with all  modern conveniences.  O.    R.    Butts    and  Ethel  Rankin,   daughter  Miss Gertrude  of George  Rankin of the Sunset mine, were married at Carson last week and not at  Colville as "stated in the Times. The  marriage ceremony took place in McLaren Bros.' hotel, Rev. Mr. Paton  officiating. Miss Elsie McEaren acted  as bridesmaid and D. D. McEaren supported the groom.  Mr. William Burns, Inspector of  Public schools, visited Greenwood and  other schools in the district during the  week. Mr. Burns went down as far as  Cascade City where a new school is  being opened, there being 16 children  of school age in that locality. Mr.  Burns had met the Greenwood school  trustees and he will report to the Education Department, the wishes of the  board with reference to educational  matters.  GRAND FORKS AND ITS PEOPLE.  The Miner is speaking rather plainly  to the people of Grand Forks and has  the courage to make some comparisons  that do no discredit to the citizens of  Greenwood. After publishing an article from the Boundary Creek Times  regarding the hopeful feeling of the  residents of Greenwood, the Miner tells  the people of Grand Forks the following* inelegant but wholesome truths :  With but few exceptions, the people  of Grand Forks, are unlike the people  of Greenwood. Instead of keeping  plodding along and keeping their faith,  in the country, when the disappointing  railway news reached the Forks, they  commenced to howl like a whipped bull  pup, and set up such a wail that it  scared everybody that came to town.  The great trouble in the past there has  been-entirely too much attention paid  to trying to sluff off town property,  which found ready sale when there was  prospects of a railway being built, but  which collapsed with the announcement that no road will be built this  season. Then again, the town is  afflicted with a few people who live for  self alone, they want every thing in  sight; it makes them sore to see anybody else make a dollar but themselves ; never give or spend a dollar for  any public enterprise, except they see  20 in return for the investment, and  stand around on the corners and  ''knock" everybody and everything  that don't coincide with them on every  point."  The people long to find out where they  can get the best articles, That is why our  Customers always come back. They have  discovered that our Groceries are the best  that can be secured, and that pur prices are  always satisfactory to our clients.  We make a specialty of Groceries and Provisions. Our stock is complete and we carry  no stale goods. Consignments of ITresh Eggs  received regularly ;also Fresh Cheney Butter.  ���qf W        "5ft*  care is taken in selecting our TEAS  and COFFEES,  OLSON & PHELAN.  ^llilllilillllllllUliiUiiiilUUlilillliiililUliliiiiiliiUlliUlii^  c���-^*��a��  -^99  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER,  Government Street, Greenwood, B.C.  *   iifc   i&  ���sjp      -JJF      iW  -; Store Fronts aud Fixtures a Specialty  T��ias,33ra"2'?  mua/rn^MKOiaasmaasttwsKM%rf  and     (GREENWOOD  o>-a^*B>-��^��(>-��-*��*-*��<i9^e-4��>-��-<  STAGE  Iveaves  Marcus   Mondays  aud  Thursda3rs  Arrives  Greenwood   Tuesdays  aud  Fridays  I/eaves  Greenwood  Wednesdaj*-  and Saturday  Arrives Marcus  Th ursda3r  and  Sunda3r  Special   Attention   Given to   Mail,   Freight  *-OMB>B'iB>B-*B>&<a��-e~*&>-&<B>9~*B >-��<��>-9r��B>&<Bt-9-4��  L.I NE,;'  E.   D.  1 p.m.  5 p.m.  7 a.m.  9  a.m.  and   Express.  MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  at  at  at  at  vzamacBaBBasrHRBan)  '5��*4-��.4-�� 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4\4- 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*k  ROOKLYN  OUSE  GREENWOOD  .CAMP,   BOUNDARY   CREEK.  First-class Accommodation.     Best of Wines, Eiquors and Cigars.  LIVERY     STABLE      IN      CONNECTION.  Saddle and Pack Horses provided.  -    -    Proprietor.  ITH     6c    CO.,  Established  1858.  Gold Medal Awarded  At B. C.  1895 and 1896  Agricultural Exhibition  Medal Awarded  Colonial and Indian Exhibition,  London, 1886.  ���^r??g?f^^ ^ggSf  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES,  [I..S.]  E .     D E W D N E Y .,'���������.���' .  CANADA.  PROVINCE  OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace  the United Kingdom of  ain and Ireland,  of the Faith, etc.  of  God, of  Great Brit-  Queen,   Defender  etc., etc.  To all  to  whom   these  presents  shall  come.���Greeting.  D.   M.   EBERTS, '.     ,  ATTORNEY-GENERAL.  1 ���  WHEREAS, by section 20 of the  "Speedy Incorporation of Towns  Act, 1897," it is provided that it shall  be lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor  in Council, by Letters Patent under  the Public Seal, to incorporate into a  City or Town Municipality any locality  in the Province as therein mentioned,  and by section 21 of the said Act it is  provided that such betters Patent shall  have the same force and effect as Eet-  ters��Patent issued under the provisions  of section 2 of the said Act :  And Whereas a petition has been addressed to the Eieutenant-Governor in  Council by the registered owners of  more than one-half in value of the land  to be included within the limits of that  locality in the Osoyoos Division of Yale  District hereinafter describe'd, praying  that the said locality may be incorporated into a Municipality:  And whereas the conditions and requirements laid down in said section 20  of the   said  Act have  been   complied  : -with :'���'..'  And whereas the Honorable Edgar  Dewdney, Eieutenant-Governor of Our  Province, by and with the advice of  the Executive Council, under and by  virtue of the powers and authorities  conferred upon him  b)r the   " Munici-  , palities Incorporation Act 1896," and  the "Speedy Incorporation of Towns  Act, 1897," and of all other powers and  authorities him in that behalf/enabling,  hath ordered that all that piece or parcel of land situated in the Osoyoos Division of Yale District, in the Province  of British Columbia, bounded as follows :-���Commencing at the north-west  corner of the south-west quarter of  Section nine ; thence south one hundred and sixty chains to the south-west  corner of north-west quarter Section  thirty-three ; thence east forty chains  to the south-east corner of the northwest quarter of Section thirty-three;  thence north one hundred and sixty  chains to the north-east corner of the  south-west quarter of Section nine;  thence west forty chains to place of  commencement, being the south-west  quarter of Section nine, the west half  of Section four, Township seventy-  nine, and the north-west quarter of  Section thirty-three, Township seventy, in the said Osoyoos Division of  Yale District, and containing six hundred and forty acres, more or less, and  the inhabitants thereof, shall, from  and after the 12th day of July, 1897, be  incorporated as a City Municipality,  under the said " Municipalities Incorporation Act, 1896," and hath made  further provision to the tenor and  effect hereinafter appearing :  NOW KNOW YE, that by these  presents we do hereby order and proclaim that the locality hereinbefore  described, and the inhabitants thereof,  shall, from and after the date hereof,  be incorporated as a City Municipality,  under and subject to the provisions of  the " Municipalities Incorporation Act,  1896," and of the " Speeoty Incorporation of Towns Act, 1897," and under  and subject to the provisions hereinafter contained or referred to.  The said Municipal it}' shall be called  and known by the name and style of  "The Corporation of the City of Greenwood."  The said Municipality shall comprise  all those pieces or parcels of land hereinbefore described.  The Council shall consist of six Aldermen and a Mayor, and the whole  number present at each meeting thereof shall not be less than four.  The nomination shall take place and:  the poll (if any) shall ��be held at the  School House, Greenwood.  The nomination for the9 first election  of a Mayor and Council shall be on the  21st day of August, A. D. 1897, at 12  o'clock noon, and the polling (if any)  shall be on the 28th day of August, A.  D. 1897, and shall continue for one day  only, and the poll shall be kept open  between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p.  m., and Robert Wood, Esquire, of  Greenwood aforesaid, shall be the  Returning* Officer thereat.  The persons qualified to to be nominated for ' and, elected Mayor of such  city at the first election shall be such  persons as are male British subjects of  the full age of twenty-one years, and  are not disqualified under aiiy law,  and'   '���������.���'���"   ,   .-'.'��� "  (a.) .Have been for three months  next preceding the day of nomination  the registered owners in the Eand Registry Office of land or real property in  the city of the value of one thousand  dollars oyer and above any registered  incumbrance, and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election ; or  (b.) Who have been for such three  months the sole tenants in possession  of land or real property in the city of  the value of two thousand dollars under  writing  for not less than one  otherwise  qualified   to  lease in  year,   and   are  vote at such election.  The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as Aldermen of such  city at the first election shall be such  persons a.s are male British subjects of  the full ag*e of twenty-one years, and  are not disqualified under any law,  and  (a.) Have been for the three months  next preceding* the day of nomination  the registered owners in the Eand  Registry Office of land or real property  in the city of the value of five hundred  dollars over and above any registered  incumbrances, and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election ; or  (b.) Who have been for such three  months the sole tenants in possession  of land or real property in the city of  the value of one thousand dollars under  lease in writingfor not less than one  year, and are otherwise qualified to  vote at such election.  The persons qualified to vote for  Mayor and Aldermen at such first election shall be all such persons who are  male British subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years and have resided  within the limits of such city for three  months next preceding* the date of such  election, and who shall, before the day  of such election, have applied to the  Returning Officer and have had their  names placed on the list of electors for  such election.  It shallbe the duty of the Returning*  Officer to enter in a book, in -alphabetical order, the names, addresses and occupations of all such persons, qualified  as aforesaid, who make application to  him, as aforesaid, to have their names  placed on such list, and such list shall  be the list of the electors for such elections.  Before the name of any person shall  be placed on the list, he shall make and  sign a declaration in writing, before  some person authorized to administer  oaths, setting forth his name, address,  occupation, and qualifications, as aforesaid, which declaration shall be filed  with the Returning Officer.  Such lists and declarations shall be  open to inspection by any person within lawful hours.  Any person lmiy complain that his  name is improperly omitted from the  voters' list, or that any other name is  improperly inserted thereon, and may  apply to any Judge of  the Supreme or  County Court to have his name inserted thereon or to have any names improperly inserted thereon struck off the  said list. In such latter case reasonable notice, to be determined by the  Judge applied to, shall be given to the  person . whose name is proposed to be  struck off. The Judg*e shall hear and  dispose of all such applications ina  summary way, and the Returning Officer shall amend the list in accordance  with the Judge's decision.  At least six days' notice of the time  and place of nomination and of holding  of the poll (if any) shall be given by  the said Returning* Officer ; such notice  to be posted during that period in the  manner provided by section 30 of the  "Municipal Elections Act, 1896." "  The Returning Officer shall, on the  day of nomination, at 2 o'clock p. m.,  Announce the names of the persons put  in nomination in that biehalf as candidates for the office of Mayor and Aldermen/as prescribed by the "Municipal  Elections Act, 1896."  At' the close of the time for nominating the candidates the Returning Officer shall deliver to every candidate, or  agent of a candidate, applying for the  same, a duly certified list of the names  of the several candidates who shall  ��have been nominated ; and any votes  given at the election for any other candidates than those so nominated shall  be null and void.  If, at the expiration of the time appointed for the election as aforesaid,  no more candidates stand nominated  than there are vacancies to be filled  up, the Returning Officer shall forthwith declare the candidates who may  stand nominated to be elected, and return their names to the Registrar of  the Supreme Court.  No speeches or interruption to the  proceedings of the nominating candidates at the hustings shall be permitted by the Returning Officer between  the reading of the notice of election  and the closing of the proceedings on  nomination day by the Returning Officer.  If, at the expiration of such time,  more candidates stand nominated than  there are vacancies to be filled up, the  Returning Officer shall declare the  names of the candidates, and publicly  proclaim the day previously stated in  his proclamation, and the place or  places at which the poll shall be  so opened in the Municipality, for the  purpose of taking the votes of the electors according to law ; and shall then  adjourn the election, and shall take a  poll by ballot, and shall cause to be  posted upon notices of his having  granted such poll, indicating the  names, residences, and occupations of  the candidates so nominated in the  order in which they shall be printed on  the ballot papers, which notices shall,  as soon as possible after the nomination, be placarded in all the places  where the proclamation for the election  was posted up.  If, after the adjournment of an election by the Returning Officer for the  purpose of taking a poll, one of the  candidates nominated shall die before  the poll has commenced, the Returning  Officer shall, upon being satisfied of  the fact of such death, countermand  notice of the poll, and all the proceedings with reference to the election  shallbe commenced afresh : Provided  that no fresh nomination shall be necessary in the case of a candidate who  stood nominated at the time of the  countermand of the poll.  In case of a poll being held the candidates (duty qualified) who shall obtain the greatest number of votes shall  be Municipal Aldermen and Mayor  respectively.  Every person qualified to vote shall  have seven votes, being- one for each  Alderman to be elected and one for  Mayor, but he may vote for any less  number than seven : Provided always  that he shall not  cast more   than  one  //  1  r  m  m  m  m  I!  ':i''i  iff  Ml  ��� i]  jt\  hi  i ?f1 '  I  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  ���&ffi  vote in favour of any one candidate, or  vote on more than one occasion. And  in the event of the number of votes  being* found to have been equal for any  two or more candidates, one or nlbre of  whom, but not all of such candidates,  being* by* the state of the poll entitled  to be declared elected, the Returning*  Officer shall, by a casting-vote or votes,  as the case may be, decide which of the  candidates, for whom the votes may  be equal shall be elected: Provided  that the said Returning* Officer shall  not vote except in case of an equality  of votes as aforesaid.  All expenses attendant upon the said  election shall be borne by the candidates in equal proportion; such expenses shall not exceed in the whole  one hundred dollars. ���  The opening of the ballot boxes and  counting the votes shall be in the presence of the candidates if they attend  for that purpose.  The returning officer, after the declaration of the poll, shall retain the  ballot papers and boxes until a clerk  shall be duly appointed, to whom he  shall forthwith deliver the same.  Every person who shall have presented himself for nomination and who  shall have been elected a Municipal  Alderman or Mayor, must serve for  the term for which he has been elected  unless in the case of sickness, or in default pay a sum of fifty dollars towards  the municipal revenue ; such sum,with  costs, shall be recoverable by the clerk  of the municipality, summarily, before  any Justice of the Peace.  Any vacancy in the office of Mayor  or Alderman shall be filled as provided  bv the "Municipal Elections Act,  1896."  The first -meeting* of the Council  shall be held on the first Saturday  after the day of election, at the school-  house, Greenwood, at 12 noon.  Until provision be made by by-law  in that behalf, all proceedings at and  relating to the meeting-s of the Council  shall be held and taken in accordance  with the provisions contained in the  "Municipal Clauses Act, 1896," and  all the powers, privileg-es and duties of  the Mayor and Council shall be the  same as prescribed by the said Act.  At the first meeting, or as soon  thereafter as possible, the Council may  elect a Clerk, Treasurer, Collector and  Assessor, or such officers as they may  deem necessary, who shall hold such  office during the pleasure of the Council and receive such remuneration as  the Council may by by-law appoint.  In Testimony Whereof, We have  caused these Our Eetters to be  made. Patent, and the Great Seal  of the said Province to be hereunto  affixed : Witness, the Honourable  Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province, this  12th day of July, one thousand  eig-ht hundred and ninety-seven,  and in the sixty-first year of Our  Reign.  By Command.  JAMES    BAKER,  Provincial Secretary.  W.   W.   GIBBS,  B.C.  GREENWOOD  JOHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Citrtf. (Engineer,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering- and Surve}-  Work, with plan's and. Estimates in am- portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of anj- portion of Osoa-oos  district and mining-.camps of Kettle River Milliner Division. '    i- '  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  NOTICE".  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby gfiveri to the  Electors of the municipality of the Corporation of the City of Greenwood , that I require the presence of the said electors at the  School-house in Greenwood aforesaid on the  21st' day of Aug-ust, A.D.! 1897, at 12 o'clock  noon, for the purpose of electing- persons to  represent them in the municipal council as  Ma3ror or Aldermen.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall  be as follows :  The candidates shall be nominated in writing* ; the writing- shall be subscribed by two  voters of the muuicipalit3r as proposer and seconder and shall be delivered to the returning*  officer at an3r time between the date of the notice and 2 p.m. of the day of nomination ; and  in the event of a poll being- necessary such poll  will be opened on the 28th daj- of Aug-ust, A.D.  1897, at the school-house aforesaid, of which  every person is hereb3',required to take notice  and govern himself according^'.  The persons qualified to be nominated for  and elected Ma3ror of such cit3r at the first election shall be such persons as are male British  subjects of the full age of twenty-one years  and are not disqualified under au3r law," and  have been for the three months next preceding*  the day of nomination the registered owners in  the land reg-istry office of laud or real property  . in the cit}r of the value of one thousand dollars  over and above any registered incumbrance,  and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election, or who have been for such three months  the sole tenants in possession of land or real  property in the city of the value of two thousand dollars under lease in writing- for not less  than one 3*ear, "and are otherwise qualified to  vote at such election.  The persons qualified to be nominated for c  and elected as Aldermen of such cit3' at the  first election shall be such persons as are male  British subjects of the full ag-e of twent3T-one  3rears and are not disqualified under any law,  and have been for three months next preceding-  the da.y of nomination the registered owners in  the land reg*istr3* office of laud or real property  in the city of the value of five hundred dollars  over and above any registered incumbrance  and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election, or who have been for such three months  the sole tenants in possession of land or real  property in the city of the value of one thousand dollars under lease in writing* for not less  than one year, and are otherwise qualified to  vote at such election.  Given under my hand at Greenwood this 14th  day of Aug*ust, A.D. 1897.  ROBERT   WOOD,  Returning- Officer.  NOTICE.  In the g-oods of James J. White, late  of Boundary Falls, B.C., deceased,  intestate.  LETTERS OFF ADMINISTRATION of the  estate of the above-named intestate having* been g-ranted to me on the 30th day of Jul3*,  1897, by order of His Honor W. Ward Spinks,  notice is therefore hereb3r given that all persons having claims against the estate of said  intestate must forward the same, with full particulars thereof, duly verified, to me at Anaconda. B.C., before the 10th da3r of September,  1897, and all persons indebted to the said estate  are required to pa3r the amount of such indebtedness to me forthwith.  And notice is further given that on the said  10th da3* of September I will proceed to distribute the assets of said intestate among the  parties entitled thereto, having regard* 01113- to  the claims of which notice shall then ha/ve been  given.  Dated this 2nd day of August, 1897.  THOMAS H. WHITE,  48-5 Administrator.  MINER AE    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NO t I c e .  VERNON    Mineral   Claim,   situate   in   the  0so3'oos  Mining   Division   of  Yale  District.    Where located:  Camp McKiiuiey.  Take notice that I, Charles de.Blois Green, as  agent for Hugh Cameron, free miner's certificate No. 90,547, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the. Mining Recorder for a  certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  Aud further take  notice that action,  under,  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 26th day of July, 1897. 48  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  AND���  3>  The Best Canadian.  SOIvE  AGENTS :  R.   P.   RlTHET &   Co.   Ltd.  VICTORIA,    B.C.  UDSON'S  %a*P *      m  ^Incorporated 1670.)-  of Wines,      *'������:'".  Liquors,   V>  and Beer,     >  have just come to hand, We  are now prepared to supply  large and small orders prompts  ly,  Our     x     a:     a:  3��        2�� is  up to   date*  GROCERIES  of the  freshest  are being constantly received.  We make a Specialty of(r**  English   and    Canadian  TOBACCOS,  CIGARS     and     CIGARETTES.  aT?*    *�������    *�������     ������*>�������  -?lP ftp "��lP Sip  Hudson's Bay Company  P.O. Box 64,  VERNON, B.C.  H.   HALLETT,  QlJamBfet, ^oftctfor,  R���  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  W.   JAKES,   M.D.,    CM.,  BY   APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office  Greenwood. B.C.  P^ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  ($)totnncidf feanb Jgumjjor  AND .'.CIVII, ENGINEER,  .-- Qftofar-g Qpufi-ftc��� midway,   b.c.  CD  O)  ' C*3  Q  v  O  o  tu  C  CTJ  O)  c  'c  c  m  m  a:  o  >*  0:  <*  Q  O  ��  ONV  0  0  pq  OS  >*  H  O  Ores  ed a  s  )>  c  Q  &  3  0  E  O  O  'i.  i  ysis  Exa  &  ���sS   en  ��  W  TJ   S  M  c  ft  ��3  O  bo  C  O "-  -i-t .^  ~    2.t  Srir'^,--MnJ  <  2��  N  �� p  <  QMARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  �����ominton  anb  (protiinciat &anb gburEe-gor.  GREENWOOD,       -        B.C.  W,  V  r*��  [P'; THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  GREENWOOD  VS. NELSON.  The Boundary Creek Times has  been favored with the following account of the baseball match between  Greenwood and Nelson. Taking into  consideration the fact, that the writer  is an enthusiastic ball twirler, and that  he in turn was " twirled" by the stage  running into one of the big tamaracks  on the other side of the summit, the  "write up" of the trip is as moderate  as could be expected:  "At six o'clock Sunday morning the  Greenwood baseball club started for  v Nelson, Wash., to even up the defeat  of July last which they suffered at the  hands of their American cousins on the  diamond at Greenwood, and if wind  could have accomplished their object  the earth in the immediate vicinity of  Nelson would have been literally covered with fragments of the Nelson aggregation. One obstacle intervened  to prevent the consummation of  the Greenwood boys' wishes, viz. : Nel-  sonites play ball, and subsequent  events proved this fact.  Arriving  at  Nelson   at  10:30  a.m.,  after doing   several "somersaults  and  flying leaps to avoid concussion with a  few of  the  mighty  tamaracks  subsequent    to    the   breaking   of    the   clip  on    the    tongue   near   the   axle,    the  Greenwood team proceeded to wash off  and wash down the dust,   and   also to  keep  a close watch   upon   the   dining  room, as  it  is  almost impossible even  for a Greenwood baseball plaver to feel  inwardly  comfortable  after  a "hand  out" at  5   a. m.   in the morning and a  20 mile ride.    The dinner was an excellent one, and  refreshed and  rested we  got ready for the game  which was  to  be  called  at  2:30 p. m.    After a small  kick on the part of.one of  the  Nelson  team to the Messrs. Maher Biros., (one of  Greenwood and the other of Deadwood  camp)   playing   withns,  " play ball"  was called by the umpire and  the  fun  began.    The game was featureless excepting for errors,, on the   part   of   the  Greenwood team, each individual member of   which   played   everything- but  good .baseball from first to last.    Nelson scored twelve runs  on   overthrows  by   Greenwood.    The Greenwood boys  were much superior as ballplayers and  .notwithstanding their many errors succeeded   in   winning   the   match   on a  score of :   Greenwood   24,   Nelson  23.  The Greenwood team deserves no credit  for winning the game ; it should have  been a walk over, and if the same men  will get down to work   the   team   will  stand second to none in the interior of  the province.  MINING  NOTES.  The Messrs. Rosenhaupt of Spokane  are still at work developing the Last  Chance in Skylark camp and are meeting* with encouraging success.  Deputy-Sheriff, I. A. Dinsmore, of  Grand Forks, sold one-third interest in  the St. Ivouise claim at Greenwood on  Monday. The purchaser was A. M.  Reese. The St. Louise is situated on  Pass creek.  J. P. Graves is expected to arrive  from Spokane earl}' next week to have  a look at the Knob Hill and old Ironsides mines, of which he is manager.  The compan}' operating* the properties  has secured an eng*iue, boiler and steam  pump. The shaft on the Ironsides is now down 100 feet and will be  sunk another 100 feet before crosscut-  ting.  We have on hand a large stock of  Glass, Mattresses, Pillows* Springs, Gots,  Meat Safes, Rocking Chairs/ Bedroom  Suites and Furniture of all descriptions/  would call your attention to our BOX SPRING and CLIPPER MATTRESSES  JOB   WORK   PROMPTLY   ATTENDED   TO.  ��� 9 <** 9 <fr-MK>(H��>��(����-W  X      OS*  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  ���       9  9      9  Jenckes Machine Go.  Canadian Rand Drill Go.  SHERBROOKIE,   QUE.  <!'��. slfe J'i.  ���-sR�� ���   "sfip     i'P  atf*     ^SJs-     iV*  ���3TP       -iip       -7iP  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.  ������ Send for Catalogues.  '  *  F.   R.  MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and  Rossland.  HM  'f.'.'Ji  E PIONE  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B.C.  jSJs. iV* *V4  '���ftp tip -*lp  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, Iviquors and Cigars.  ���-���IyivERY Stabile in connection.������-  iSfc $*��� ��!'~  ���tfp ���5JF tip  NELSON & TYNAN,  S  Proprietors.  U-ii-UOurnr-trrr.Trrm'ff~rmr-r*���*rwT-''*���*OTn,~ll,,T<.row7���,i,WM"*,ww' K&^~ViattT.v^-^u*#7iv'mKumwM*AM*xtaa*iiisumaM*mB^^  Louis Blue.  A. Fisher.  A. R. Tillman.  Manufacturers of Roucrh  and  Dressed -  <sessas2-asa9  Ihingles, Lath, Mouldings, Sash and Doors,.  aV*    ^V*    ^l'-  ->lP        tip        tip  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORE MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps * ���*�����**  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  ��  Gvenaq  sy  till  .'4?"Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures  a 'specialty.  Plans and Specifications  made and  Estimates  g-iven.  J. MCNIC@L.  IHE PIONEER MERCHANT of  #  Anaconda. B,C,  -Q^^9-  Can outfit Prospectors cheaper  CJ' ���  and better than any of  his Competitors,  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   improvements.  NOTICE.  MAMONT Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining-division of Yale district.   Where located : Skylark camp.  Take notice that I, Ferdinand Dittmer, free  miner's certificate.No. 81,118, intend, sixty daj-s  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining* a Crown g-rant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of July, 1897. 45  SQUARE   HOUSE.  ���J  Ul  0  (f)  Greenwood City, B.C.  ���tic  Geo. E. Sky mo uk & Co.,  Props.  -$%-  ���?ir  First-class   Accommodation.  Stagres   from  all   parts pass the  door.  (J)  o  c  m  0  m  0)  SQUARE    TREATMENT.  I  Of all kinds and  leng*ths.  4 foot wood  S2.25 per cord, delivered.  Id to 20 inch 53.00 per dbl. cord.       ���  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  WW Orders mav be left at the Timks office.  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOE/VN     TO     OOEAN  Without chang-e of Cars, via  RAIX.MAY.  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting- of palace  sleeping-cars, luxurious dining- cars, eleg-ant  day coaches, mag-nificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  ..-���;  The only line running' throug-h tourist cars  from the coast \.  I      WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  (      ST.   PAUL,  '('������'��� TORONTO,  ���   "''.' -       MONTREAL,  {       BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE!  TO  Lowest rates to.-CTTD.ApP'- Via all Atlantic  and from       DUlvv/I Li Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior-to any ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via anv other Trans-Patific line.  flip  Canadian-Australian Steamer Eine  .-'.-.��� ���TO���    ���'  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carry an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on ever\r vo\'ag*e.  For time tables, pamphlets, or auj- information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, GEO. McL. BROWN  Ag-ent, . Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON.   / VANCOUVER.  LEWIS HIND, Local Ticket Ag*ent, Anaconda.  ORTHERN  RAILWAY,  i-V4,    ^V-4,    *V*"  t'p       "ftp       t'P  The Fast Line.--Superior Service  To all points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls & Northern Ry/  Trains Depart from Spokane :  No. 1, West bound     8:25 p.m.  No. 2, East bound   . . .   7:00  a.m.  10  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  *V4    *v-*-    Sl'-  ���*ip   iit*   tip  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, apply to Ag*ents of  ,   the  S. F. & N.   or  H.   D.   GIBBS,  General Ag-ent.  Spokane, Wash.  .���'���t"V''- -'���:'' OR..:..:..  ;' '        A. D.. CHARLTON,"  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Ag-ent  '    225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  Portland, Oregon.  i.��s.    i-V**-    iV��*  ->lp      lip     "/lp  Write  for  new   Map   of   the  Kootenay  country.  MINERAE   ACT,   1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE .  CHOWN SILVER mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining* division of  Yale  district.    Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, Robert Wood,, free miner's certificate No. 87,502, M. J. M. Wood, free  miner's certificate No. 87,573,-"Walter L. D'Aeth,  free miner's certificate No. 70,074, W. W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho-  field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, G. H.  Brown, free miner's certificate No. 08,427, and  W.' G. McMynn, free miner's certificate No.  88,801, intend, sixty da3rs from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown g-rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 14th day of July, 1897. _;J     4G-8  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.,  QXUNSET Mineral claim, s/tuate in the<Ket-  ������O tie River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Deadwood camp. "  Take notice that we, Robert Wood, free miner's certificate No. 89,502, M.-\ M. Wood, * free  miner's certificate No. 87,573, Waiter L. D'Aeth,  free miner's certificate No. 70,074, W. W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho-  field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, aud G.  H. Brown, free miner's certificate No. 68,427, intend, sixty days, from the date hereof, to appl}r  to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  crown g-rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th dav of July, 1897. 46-8  r Hotel,  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liqnors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.,  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  NEW YORK mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale  district. Where located : In Greenwood camp,  and adjoining the Brooklyn mineral claim.  Take notice that I, J. B."McArthur, of Rossland, free miner's certificate No. 79,777, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the. Mining- Recorder for a certificate of. improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  crown g-rant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, utider  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 13th day of June, 1897. 44-8  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of .improvements-..  LAST CHANCE Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.    Where located :  Skylark camp.  Take notice that I, Charles de Blois Green,  as ag-ent for the Boundary Creek Mining Co.,  free miner's certificate No. S12,64, intend, sixty  clays from the date hereof, to apply to the Milling- Recorder for a certificate of improvements,  for the.purpose of obtaining* a Crown grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 3rd day of June, 1897. 40  MINER A E    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of    Improvements.  NOTICE.  ELKHORN Mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining division of Yale  district.    Where located : Providence camp.  Take notice that I, Charles L. Thomet, free-  miner's certificate No. 81.136, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining* a Crown grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced befere the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 11th day of June, 1897. 41  ���L  ���#  'gMgMaMiiM/affitMam^'^JLBaji'fflwiiaa^^ ��^*^'*ffl!��^"AJ'"��<,i-*r  *BftK-Jfra-.J..t*f*:^ifl��aBM.-3rx��  "*���* "- - ---'***^^Swt8LiArfi3b(Un39i,-(LV/*toJH*S? t **A*w A��riH3t]  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  buntofp  PUBLISHED   BY  THIS   TIMES   PUBLISHING'' COMPANY.  "Subscription,-S3.00"per Year, in Advance.  ' ; �� ��� ���  ���  MINERS and: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  >   **  " Columbia  "Kootenay ".  "Vancouver "  All of which are First-class Foot Wear.  SATURDAY,  AUGUST ,14,   1897.  GREENWOOD AND VICINITY.  Messrs. Thompson & Douglass of  Midway, are -working several properties at Fairview.  C. T. Ceperley,, a prominent financial and mining man of Vancouver,  passed  through Greenwood yesterday.  I. H. Hallett, barrister, left on Saturday last, for Vernon on legal business. He is expected to return to-morrow.  S. G. Stooke, of Sandon, a son of  Mrs. Wenr"ick, of Greenwood, was  among the visitors to the city this  week.  Mr. Glaze has secured the contract  for building- the wagon road from Midway to Curlew creek, and has already  begun ���work.'.'  " Messrs. Dier & Davidson, of Fair-  view, expect to have their 20 stamp  mill running at the Tin Horn mine by  September 10.  A return cricket match between  Greenwood and Midway was played at  Midway yesterday. Greenwood sent  down a strong team.  Public schools will probably be opened shortly at Fairview and Camp McKinney as there are the requisite number of school children in both camps.  A meeting of Liberalswill beheld  in Greenwood, at 8 o'clock, on Monday  evening, 23rd inst, for the purpose of  perfecting the organization and electing permanent officers.  Considerable development work is  being done on the Great .Hopes, in  Deadwood camp. The ore on top is  free milling and runs as high as $50 to  the ton. There are many tons of ore  in sight which will average over $20.  The public school opened on Monday  and during the week the attendance  has been double that of the closing  month of last term. The average for  the week has been 22. Master Charles  Galloway, a pupil of the Greenwood  school, wrote for the high school entrance examination during Inspector  Burns' visit.  Greenwood was this week invaded by  a band of jolly drummers, all of whom  .secured large orders for the fall trade.  Among the representatives of commercial houses were S. J. Mighton, traveler for Tuckett, of Hamilton, the manufactures of the famous T. & B. tobaccos (Messrs Rendeli & Co., have been  appointed sole agents for this firm's  tobaccos and cigars); John McCul-  lough, representing Wood, Vullens &  Co., hardware wholesalers ; A. D.  lowing-, of Kennedy & Douglas, tailors,  Toronto, and J. Adair were also among  thevistors. L- T. Newburn, representing James Turner & Co., wholesale  liquor dealers, of Hamilton,   was   also  included in the number and sold   a  car  load of liquors to Rendeli & Co.  Work   has   already   commenced   on  Messrs. Dier & Davidson's  at Fairview.  large  hotel  .McArthur and  returned  from  Mr. and Mrs. C. J.  Mr. J. J. Caufield have  a visit to Grand Forks.  S. IT. Graham is erecting a neat six-  roomed cottage for Police-officer Sawder on Long- Lake street.  Some exceptionally rich looking ore  is being taken out of the shaft on the  L/ast Chance .mine in Skylark camp.'  Mr. G^. A. Rendeli of Rendeli & Co.,  has spent the past week in the mountains looking:   after  his  niining inter-  The work on the old Ironsides claim  in Greenwood camp is well underway,  contractor Mclntyre having made good  progress during the past week.  Mr; E. M. ID. Munns, representing  the English syndicate who bonded the  Anaconda group of claims, is expected  in Greenwood shortly to put a large  force of men to work developing the  property. ,  It is understood that the provincial  government have accepted an acre of  land from the Townsite Co., on the  knoll overlooking the new addition.  Upon this will be erected the jail and  court house.  Mr.-J. H. Macfarlane, the local manager of the Sunset mine, has received  abetter from Mr. W. I/. Hogg, informing him that urgent business had compelled his return to Montreal. Mr.  Hogg will return to British Columbia  about October 1st, coming to Greenwood direct. The tunnel on the Sunset is now in over 200 feet and the indications are of a most  nature.  encouraging  Judging from the conversation heard  on the street regarding the approach-  ihg Municipal election, it is safe to say  that there will be a sufficient number  of candidates for Aldermen to make an  interesting contest. Some of the old-  time politicians are getting on their  war paint and are talking about running a straight ticket, but it is probable that such a combination cannot  be secured.   ,  Dissolution of Partnership,  THE partnership heretofore existing* between H. C. Keed3>- and R. Ratcliffe has  been dissolved b3r mutual consent, H. C. Keed3*-  retiring* ; R. Ratcliffe will continue the business. R. Ratcliffe will assume all liabilities,  and all debts due to the firm will be payable to  him. H. C. KEEDY,  Greenwood, B.C., R. RATCLIFFE.  July 31st, 1897.  48-4  DISSOLUTION  OF   PARTNERSHIP.  NOTICE is hereb3-g*iven that the partnership hitherto subsisting* between Thomas  J. Hardy aud Georg-eW. King*, as Liver}* Stable  Keepers, at the Town of Anaconda, B.C., has  this da.y been dissolved b}* mutual consent.  All accounts due to the saidlate firm of Hardy  & King* must be paid to Georg-e W. King*, who  will carry on the business and settle all liabilities of the firm.  Dated this 11th dav of August, 1897.   ���  Witness���                   "        THOMAS HARDY,  Lewis Hind,              GEORE W. KING.  Notary Public, Anaconda, B.C. 49  DISSOLUTION   NOTICE.  T\TOTICE is hereb}- given, that the partner-  1JSL ship formed b>* L. Blue, A. Fisher aud  A. R. Tillman, under the firm name of The  Bouudao* Creek Milling- & Lumber Co., has  been dissolved by mutual consent, A. R. Tillman retiring from the firm. The business will  be carried oh by Messrs. Blue & Fisher, who  will receive all accounts and pav all the debts  of the firm. L. BLUE.  Greenwood, A. FISHER.  49       Aug-ust 13th, 1897.      A. R. TILLMAN.  APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven, that the undersigned intends to appU- to the License  Commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at  their next sitting- on the 8th day of September,  1897. for a license to sell liquor* by retail on the  premises known as the Commercial Hotel, on  lot 5, block 5, in the. City of Greenwood, B.C.  Dated this 9th dav of August, 1897.  49 '    D. Ri CAMPBELL.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, I.O.F.  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  every Thursdaj' evening-.   Visiting* Members are cordiallj* welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  Duncan Ross, Recording* Secretary.   n    Chief Rang-er. . 45  [��ROVIDENCE  ...nQTEL  McDonnel & Holbrook, Prop'rs.  BOUNDARY     CREEK     CITY.  A comfortable stopping* place on   the  road  to  Long* Lake, Summit, Pass Creek, North  and  Kimberley  Camps.  /KSf'  CHOICE LIQUORS  AND  CIGARS. ���=\��3ft  STAWRANT  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  ���-$&���  -ETERSEN   -   -  Proprietor  Highest  Price   paid  for  Fresh   Eggs,  Butter, Poultry and Game.  KKtSCEFItaPfBS&KUSr&iSSZ&ZBZ  si-*^^atff'-g*-***CCT.-nag'wa  MINERAL;   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of. Imp rove merits.  NOTICE.  LEMON Mineral Claim, situate in the Oso-  3-oos Mining- Division of Yale district.  Where located-: McCarron creek, Camp McKinney.  Take notice that I, Charles deBlois Greeii, as  ag-ent for Matthew J..Greev3v free miner's certificate No. 80,367, intend, sixt3' da3rs from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a Crown grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. G  Dated this 17th day of July, 1897. 48  CORYELL'S MAP. Price $1.25.  To Subscribe for any of the Leading Magazines  Write for Rates to ��� '  MIDWAY  B.C.  ames,.  SHAVING PARLOR.  Government Street, Greeiiwood.  Hot aud Cold Baths at all hours of the da37.  Ladies and Children's Hair-cutting- aspecialty  ���Formerly'of Moncton, N.B.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  i-V*    S!'-    &  ~>iS      -sis"*       tlf*  Good Tools, plent3' of Material,  and 30 3*ears'  Experience in the business.  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c, Repaired.  Aii3r kind of small Mechanical Work done.  FOR   SALE  (MI  1.   >:,m  ���m  "''Hi  '.:'S|  ���Hf, -m  HV.'^I  ml  x'.il  SET of Graduated Iron Pulleys, complete  with Overhead Shaft, Hahg-ers, etc. Will  sell cheap, or trade, having no need of steam  power.���AppU- at Times Office, Greenwood. %**f**tfryp  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  ^\ SI  LICENSING     COURT.  Justices of the Peace, J. Hamill, W.  H. Norris and P. McCallum,sat as a  court of Licensing* Commissioners at  Midway on Monday last. The court  had been adjourned from the regular  sitting in June. There were two applications for licenses to be considered ;  one being by F. Shonquist for the  Commercial Hotel, Greenwood, and the  other for a new^hotel in the suburbs of  Grand Forks. Mr. A. S. Black appeared for Mr. Shonquist and Mr. J. P. Mc-  Leod for the other applicant. The  court had no objections to the granting of either- license but were armed  with an opinion f rom Deputy-Attorney-  General Smith, to the effect that no  new licenses could be granted at an  adjourned meeting* of the court and  that applications for licenses should  be made at a regular meeting. As the  licensing court only meets twice a year,  such a ruling is a hardship to those  who have built extensive hotel buildings in the interval.  HONORABLE MR. FOSTER.  Honorable George '..ID..- Foster, i}x-  Minister of Finance, was in Spokane  Wednesday and left for Kootenay. He  will probably visit Boundary Greek  shortly as he has several mining interests here.  Hon. Mr. Foster stated in an interview that despite the dullness in the  milling stock business there is still  much interest taken in eastern Canada  in British Columbia mines. Thing*s  will brighten up in the autumn and  more eastern money will seek investment in this province. ��� :���''���.<���  FORESTERS'   ENTERTAINMENT.  Court Boundary, I. O. F., having  leased Rendeli & Co.'s hall, for lodge  purposes, the members celebrated their  taking of new quarters by giving a,  social entertainment on Thursday  nisrht. Several members from the  Midway lodge were present by invitation. After routine lodge business an  adjournment was ordered to the Cosmopolitan restaurant on Copper street,  where an appetizing supper was partaken of. An hour was then pleasantly passed in toast and song. The pro-  err am me was as follows :.."������  "The Queen"���The National anthem.  " President of the United States.''���  Proposed by Mr. McKenzie and J. C.  Goupil responded.  Song���J.,W. Frost.  "Supreme Ivodge"���Proposed by A.  S. Black ;��� George, A. Guess and F.  M. Kerby of Midway responded.  Song���J. Sutherland of Midway.  " Visiting Brethern"���Proposed by  J. H. McFarlane ; J. P. McL,eod,  W..G-. McMynn and F. M. Kerby responded.  Song���A. H. I^awder.  "Past Chief Rangers and Chief  Rangers "��� Proposed by Rev. Mr.  Leith, and J. McNicol of Midway  and D. Ross responded.  Song��� J. Mitchell.  " Sister Societies"���Proposed by J.  Hamill ; C. W. Tynan responded on behalf of Knights of Pythias, H. B.  Munro on behalf of the Oddfellows and  A. S. Black, J. H. McFarlane and A.  J. McKenzie on behalf of  the Masons.  Song���J. W. Nelson.  " The Ivadies"���Proposed by J. Sutherland ; Thomas Walsh and George ID.  Miller made eloquent responses.  "The Hostess," and " Auld Lang  Syne" brought the pleasant evening to  a close.  "y*JkT        "Vr-****" *d**y~ <4f*  W.     J.     ARMSTRONG  BIRNIE.  *9*  ���vV/JC-7rriP?/r.��--y/y>p-***^  ���?*i~l*��wea*V\C��*V\eiV\\e*A\\*��*.V^  I  **$  Hardwrare^ ^ Crockery/^ Stoves;  ^  /  f  f      AT ACTUAL COST!  ifi��  ltt&  -3K&-  As our stock is larg*er than is necessary- and to make room for new goods,  we offer the foregoing- inducement for Cash for the ueixt 30 Days.  If establishing* a home for yourself, or contemplating* the purchase of anything* in the 'H-Ti'e of Stoves, Gran iteware, Silver-ware, Glassware, Crockery-  ware, I/amp-g*oods,   Sash   aud   Doors,   Paints  and   Qiis,  Builders' Hardware,  ,: m'iners' supplies,   :  make   it   a   point   to   see   our   stock   and   compare   onr   prices.    'Nouf sed.'  ^������4  ^fi��  , Kettle, River.  First-cIvASS Accommodation.    Good Stabbing.    Stopping Pi/ace for Stages-  " McAULEY .'& McCUAIG, Proprietors. ���-  TEL*  Thos, Wake,    ���    Proprietor,  The hotel is centrally located and is a stopping  place for stage lines. Good fishing* in the  vicinity.    Good stabling.  m  WM  Meals will be serve.d at all hours, the tables-  being furnished with the best. A variety of the  choicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar..  %<& 4* 4* 4s 4* 4* 4? 4-14* 4* 4? 4* 4s 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* if  *9  .ercMiKlise  ������  ��f��  And PROSPECTORS; SUPPLIES,  -   -   NOTARY   PUBLIC   - .-'.,  ROCK     OREEK, -       - ;     -       -       B. O.  HJuii.i^sranMP<&'Mnra��miTOi��faiw<Hmi^i*iiih^ nm���-���������  f> <K|* <?$��>  SANSOAl   &   HOLBROOK,  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  OFFICE     AT     GREENWOOD     CITY,     B. Q.  E^-X^i^lfrl^^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  r&ttfcoft �����  MEAD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,      B.C.  Capital, $1500,000/  1500,000 Shares, par value $1,00,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  '     Officers :   '..'������'  President:    HON.   T.   /n.   DALY,   Ex -/Minister of Interior.  '.���'.'.'���Vice-President':   ANDREW   KELLY,; of Alexander,   Kelly  & Go.,  Brandon,   Man.  Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  ���   Board   of   Directors :   :  Mon. d. N. Kirchoffer, W. A. /Hacdonald, Q.G., Fred. Nation, W. L. Lindsay, Wm. cJohnson,  W. A.  Fuller, W. cJ. Porter, and G. H. Collins.  Owns  the "Golden Grown���".,mineral claim and has a bond on the "Calumet," situated in  Wellington camp, Yale District, B,C  mamiaxmrnxs  GOLD  BED   PURCHASED.  Mr. J. C. Haas has purchased the  ���Gold Bed mineral claim from Messrs.  J. Dale and A. Castleman. The Gold  Bed adjoins the Golconda claim and  Mr. Haas is ',. strongly of the opinion  that the Golconda lead runs through  the property. The development work  already carried out on the Gold Bed  has uncovered a large body of iron ore  carrying gold. Mr. Haas has gone up  to the West Fork to do the assessment  work on his claim, the Paymaster, and  to look at other properties. Upon his  return he will put a number of men to  work on the Gold Bed.  The Vancouver Group.  Mr. L/eslie Hill, the local manager of  the Vancouver Group Mining Company  has received most encouraging reports  from William Eewis who is superintending the work on the Vancouver  Group on Four Mile creek, Slocan lake.  Mr. Eewis has had only 10 miners at  work for a month and in that time  there were two car loads of high grade  ore put in the bin and .from 10 to  12 car loads in sight. The ore is high  grade silver,previous shipments having  given 240 ounces to the ton. Work is  being carried on four of the company's  claims through which the same ore vein  runs. The government has given  $4,000 and the mine owners have contributed another $4,000 for the purpose  of constructing a road which will tap  all the mines on Four Mile creek. The  ore from the Vancouver Group will be  shipped by sleighs in winter.  Destroying Location Notices.  Constable Dinsmore of Grand Forks,  who visited Greenwood on Monday last,  arrested R. H. Farren last week on a  charg-e of cutting the notices off the  Elsie May posts. The prosecutors  were Neil McCallum and W. R. McDonald of Grand Forks, and W. W.  Saunders of Spokane, all being members of the compan)' owning the Elsie  May. From the evidence given at the  trial, it appeared that Farren did not  use new stakes but cut the notices off  the Elsie May stakes and substituted  notices of his own, renaming the claim  the Go By. Mr. Farren pleaded guilty  and was fined $20 and costs.  The men at the Jewel are at present  engaged in the work of sinking on the  winze.  >-o-i��>-9-*m>-��-*a>-m*M*9-**>+**>-m*��D'9M*+��-4Bt*��-i*t~m-4i��t>*4*9>-m~4��*-+<a>-* <������> ��a-i  r-9~49P-9~4m>*��*t9*Q*tQ>-a-4t��-9M*>-9-49>9<9>~9-*9>*9<B9>-9-19>*9A��f9-<9>-0*t>-9-*a>-9M  :T ' ''.-..���" !  Winchester,   Marlin  and  Savage  Rifles.  Greener,  Clabrough,   Scott,  Tisdall,   and  W.  Richards  Shot Guns. . ��� ���������  Catalog-ue on  application.  Smith '&  Wesson  and  Colt  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.;  Wholesale  and Retail.  >~m^m^9^f^m^9>-9^9*-9'<9P-9-<9>-9-*9>9^Bt-9-<0t'9-*B>-9'<9>-9-i��*-9-49>9^9^��-*9>-9-*��>-��^9>-9-*9>-9-*9P-9^a^9-49  j TISDALL'S Gun Store, Vancouver, j  *m4M^9<B^9<9p-9M0>-9^9*^^9>-9^9P-9^B>-9^9^9^B^9^m>-9MB^9^9>-9^B>-9-49>9^B^9^��>^^9*-9^9>-9M99^^^9^m-<99  J. Kerr.  -J. P. Fi,ood.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD. GRAND FORKS, &' MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek  and all Mining- Camps.  m  2/&  m  ?HCfr  OUR FEOUR has the name of being the BEST all-round  Flour on the market. Try it and you will not use other brands.  Our shareholders grow the wheat and we grind the Flour with  the latest improved milling machinery. Our brands are HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG BAKERS, ECONOMY, SUPERFINE. All bags marked "O. K," and to be had at all the leading  dealers from Penticton to Greenwood City.  (taagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd., Armstrong, B. C.  J.  PIERCY & CO.  25, 27, 29   YATES STREET,  VICTORIA,    ���    B,G  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing /Manufacturers,  ;<!/:���  ; ::f| *g-��jgglgpfrHgp'.l�� I  CATITAL  $1,500,000,  In   1,500,000  shares of $1 each,   of which   700,000  are   Treasury  Stock.  ��(rectors:  G.   ARTHUR   RENDELL............ r President.  S.   S.   FOWLER,   ^fl/,��.M.v..l..;.:l4.--^.^. * Vice-Tresident.  D,   ^.   HO Manager.  thos. {McDonnell  c. ^e. shaw,  c.e., px.s.  (��<xn&tte:  mANK OF {MONTREAL,   VERNON,   B.C.  ."���'���' ' ��� ���'... ( ' '���'.'���'''.  Cj-^HE} COMPANY'S  mineral  claims now number  14, Of which 12 adjoin ��and  form  a compact group situate  in  <!s     Providence   Camp,   Boundary   Crekk.     Development work is in progress on three of these, viz. the D. A.,  G-. A. R., and O. B. claims, each giving* promise of good results.  CpHE), COMPANY lately  acquired Mr.  Thos.  McDonneWs   pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands,>pon  ���CL      which are excellent mill-sites and which give access to an abundant supply of water for power purposes.    Forty  acres of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and the new townsite thus established has been named  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundary and lOholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important mining camps. These town lots are being offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of  payment.    Plans, prices and full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  cad Orncc  GREENWOOD CITY,  B.C.  Correspondence Invited  E. JACOT5S,   Secretary and  Treasurer.  .-." ���':  I*..'  v.. ��� (.:  I'-?������. Never in  the  history  of the  camp  Has  there been  seen a more complete stock of reliable Footwear than  -  '" . ���      . '��� '''���'.,..'������ '���' '-���������' ;'.���'���''.''   .��� i '��� ���  /   ' ' -v   ��� '    ���'������������..  is now open for your inspection at our store/ 3��   Boots  ��� * *-**  and Shoes in all grades and sizes and at all prices/  We aim to carry only lines that will give satisfaction*  , '���������.'.'���-' ' '���.   . '���������; ���'���... i- ��� ' ��� _ .   '    ��� ' ������ W       ��� '   ���  manufactured by ..well  known  and  responsible firms  who guarantee their  goods,    No  shoddy nor  brown  paper goods  kept  in stock.  Note a  !  9  vl 9  Ames Holde  .1,  fe  We have them all on  exhibition for  your inspection  and  we  Si  XJZNtlwiuiBUSxyasm


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