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 **"���"  SATURDAY,   AUGUST   7,   1897.  PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD CITY, B.C  mm  Essa  E  !.; '-������' GREENWOOD CITY is the central town and supply  point of the Boundary Creek mining camps, From this  new   town   roads   lead   to   the  Lots  are  selling freely  and  are  a  good  investment  -o-  For price of Lots and other information, address  Robt Wood or G S, Galloway*  Greenwood City, Boundary Creeli, B.C.  Or  apply  to  the Agents j  . C.  F.  C0STERT0N,  Vernon, B.C  A. K.  STUART, Vancouver.  IP  IP-  -3}  i  "IS  #  .'41  $1  ft!  1  B  Ife'l  I  ��9f*'  "vVr  *A!  i,..-:-.  Lv**. ��� ..  lu ,�� ".���.���*  g.A^:^-'-A-'.*..o ������!...   f-j :   ..-'.I, -j..y..���.-d'..^j.|U'lf��f II'LII.A .Ti II.ual^ji ��������    �������������������� ������������������i^i. .i|i    ��������� ,.     |       ,.        M    ,, ��� m         ^^   .        If    jf*.  �����������       ��   * *l       ���  ��-  r*  I &  fS'"'\ _ &  I'i  M  A Weekly Paper published in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, II.  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C, SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1897,  48  No. 22,  It-.-  I  i f -I  "I  THE     GENERAL     ELECTION.  ,J|) S the day   approaches  when  the electors of  the  province   will   be granted  an   opportunity   to  ^change the present provincial government for  one that will give  an  honest and efficient administration of public affairs there is almost a  universal conviction that in order to bring- about the desired  result there must be a thorough organization  of  the forces  which are to enter the fight against the g-overnment.  Those  opposed to the Turner g-overnment���and they are the great  majority of people���-are  strongly of the opinion  that they  '."pug-lit not to be handicapped by the  incompetence and inactivity of the present opposition considered as a party.    The  provincial  g-overnment  does  not  represent  the people���it  simply retains office until parliament is dissolved and  it   is  forced to g-o to the electors.    It has no policy except to keep  in office ; to squander public money and to distribute public  assets   among*   the   faithful.    It  has disappointed and disgusted the electors who are seeking for relief   but   they   do  not look to the  opposition leaders.    Carelessness and indolence are incompatible with g-ood g-overnment as well as dishonesty and extravag-ance.    If the g-overnment is  to be defeated���and  it   should   be   defeated���if  the   people  are to  triumph in their efforts  to  secure  honest   and efficient administration   of   public  affairs,   there  must  be a union of  forces.    The   work   of   improving*   our condition, of being-  cleansed of our political leprosy, of  taking* a great step forward in the direction of securing-  the best g-overnment possible, must not be frustrated by the few men who at present  constitute the opposition party and who appear to be stumbling- blocks in the way of genuine reform.    No half a  score  of men���whatever their political position may be���are within themselves a party and a platform  and  they   are foolish  to force themselves into  supposing- that because they meet  in secret in Vancouver and spend a few dollars   in printer's  ink and postage stamps,   that  the  downfall of  the Turner  g-overnment is assured.    If the leader would  apply himself  to the work of cultivating-his farm at Cache Creek  and  the  lieutenant would write weighty articles on imperial federation arid the iniquities of the   federal  government   and  attempt  nothing  else   the cause  of  good government would  be better served.    Then the different parties in opposition to  the provincial government could be successfully united and  the task of securing a new administration would be an easy  one.  The truth is that heretofore many of the electors were  almost criminally careless about provincial affairs. -They  knew that they were being taxed, but how and where the  money was spent they cared little. They appeared to consider a provincial government as a necessary evil and that  the " outs" were built of inferior clay like the " ins." This  indifference admirably suited the Turner government, for  under its cover they conducted affairs pretty much as they  pleased. The result was that the provincial debt was increased without any gratifying results ; its much vaunted  railway policy resulted in enriching the few, in making a  high charge upon the revenue of the province, in placing  extensive acres of valuable lands under the control of subsidy hunters and in giving the people but little relief from  the transportation difficulties under which the}' labored. Its  land polic3" has resulted in tying up some of the best lands  while actual and bona fide settlers endeavor to eke out an  existence on the worst. The revenue of the province instead of being expended in useful public works is almost  absorbed in paying interest on the debt and salaries to an  army of civil servants, many of whom secured their reward  for political services. But new conditions have arisen, forcing the people to see the necessity for an honest and capable  administration of the business of the province. The provincial elector is now in a similar frame of mind, as the federal  elector was previous to the general election and if he is  given the same opportunity, he will bring* about a similar  result. If sectional jealousies are discarded, the ambitions  of incapable politicians checked, and those in opposition  to the government are left free to unite; they cannot meet  with defeat.  The question of whether the provincial campaign will be  conducted on party lines or not should not deter any one  from enlisting in the cause of good government. The people rallied around the Liberal banner and the Iyiberal leader  and they endorsed the Liberal platform not because they  were no longer Conservatives but because they cherished a  love toward their country that was stronger than their allegiance to any political party. They were determined to  secure good government,and they succeeded. Will not the  result of the next provincial election be equally gratifying  if a similar course is pursued? A start must be made  somewhere and if the liberals as an organization discard  their federal politics for the nonce and honestly strive to  secure the defeat of the present provincial government, not  with the object of securing any party advantage but solely  for the purpose of giving the province an efficient adminis.-^  tration ; then Conservatives should discard their party1  predilections and assist in the good work. It would not  then be a Liberal party nor a? Conservative one, but an organized and determined host of reformers battling for the  right with every assurance of success.  . The province has need of such a strong organization,  with trusted leaders who will not place party considerations  before that of the public welfare and who will honestly  strive to give the public such measure of relief as will enable  them to derive the greatest possible advantage from the  development of its wonderful and varied resources.  *V��-     iV��-     ii*"- '     '���'  **ft**        *5��k"*        -"Jl"* '  NO   CAUSE   FOR   COMPLAINT.  Many of the American newspapers are severely criticizing the action of the Dominion government in placing a  royalty on Klondyke gold. They hold that the object of  this royalty is to prevent Americans mining in the district,  forgetting that the government will make no distinctions  and that the royalty will be collected from Canadians as  well as from citizens  from every   other land who strike it  sufficiently rich in Klondyke to come under the royalty  clause. The American press also points to the factthat the  government has decided to enforce the alien labor law in  western Canada and prevent the employment of American  workingmen in the construction of the Crow's Nest railway.  They are urging several forms of retaliation forgetting that  half a dozen alien laws exist in the United States and that  a Canadian cannot engage in mining across the line unless  he declares his intention of renouncing- his allegiance to  the land of his birth. While we do not believe in measures  that are intended to injure those who live on the other side  of an imaginary boundary line, we are strongly of the opinion that the Americans have no good grounds for complaint  in the matter of��� a royalty on Klondyke gold. Heretofore  the}* have been in the habit of buying their supples, in Seattle or.San Francisco, traveling by an American line of  steamers and of spending not one dollar in Canadian territory. When they struck it rich they returned to America  by an American line of steamers and Canada was impoverished to the extent of some thousands of dollars for each  American who returned from the district. Those now going  in cannot complain if they are asked to contribute equally  with Canadian citizens for the purpose of maintaining the  peace and securing more direct means of communication to  the district.  ��-��\<  '1  J  a  i  I  11  .-"spy �����*tt*<��..),- i1 u i-n&u.} > PVbvtodi  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES,  THE B. C. CLAIM.  Mr. A. LV. McEwen arrived back  early this week from Nelson. He intends _ making his headquarters at  Greenwood the greatest portion of the  summer in order to person airy superintend the development work on the B.  C. The bond on the property is for the  sum of $60,000 with a cash consideration. The residenis of Grand Forks  are going to subscribe for the construction' of a road to Summit camp, their  object being to secure the trade of the  camp if possible. Greenwood citizens  should see that there is no delay-in  constructing the road from there by  way of Eholt creek. Mr. Keogh, who  has charge of the work on the B.C.;, is  working several'men and the force will  be increased upon the arrival of Mr.  McEwen. Mr. C. 2S,. Shaw is also at  present engaged in the work of surve}*-  ing the claim.  TELEPHONE CONNECTION.  Mr.   Aris,   manager of the Spokane  &. British Columbia Telephone Co., has  made  the  following  statement  torthe  Spokane Chronicle : ���  "The enterprise has succeeded beyond our expectations," said Mr.cAris  toda}'. "We are now preparing to  construct an extension or branch into  Grand, Forks, B. C. The route has  been surveyed and the work will begin  at once. The line will branch off from  our present line at Bossburg ��� and"��� will  follow vei*3*��nearly the stag*e line until  reaching the international boundary.  There we connect with the British Columbia Telephone company, which carries,the line into Grand Forks, Greenwood and Midway. We are also preparing* to put our wirts into Eureka,  but have not determined whether to  run the line from Kettle Falls up the  Kettle river or to branch down across  the boundary line from Grand Forks."  It is sincerely hoped that Mr. Aris'  company will carry out his good intentions and speedily construct the  line. Not 011I3'- are the business men  of the district in a measure handicapped for want of telephone or telegraphic connection, but the lack of a speedy  means of communication often interferes with mining deals as purchasers  have no way of immediately consulting their principals.  Association Organized. ��  A meeting* was held in the school  room on Monday evening* for the purpose of organizing a Liberal association. After it was decided that such  an association should be organized it  was resolved to appoint officers temporarily until August 23, when permanent officers are to be elected. Thos.  Hard3', Anaconda, was appointed  chairman : Duncan Ross, Greenwood,  secretai'3r. and a committee was  appointed as follows: Thos. Gully, A.  lyeamy. A. B. Campbell. R. Wood, J.  H. McFarlane, G. A. Rendell, J. J.  Caulfteld and J. H. Russell, Greenwood;  W. H. Norris, Midway ' R. Sidley,  Anarchist Mountain : C. Pittendrigh,  Rock Creek.  J. H. McFarlane, P. Ross, A. Lean-nan d A. I).. Worgan were appointed  a committee to draft a constitution aud  by-laws.  Now that Customs officer Gilpin has  been removed to Grand Forks, the  necessity for an officer near the International boundary line has been made  apparent. In all probability another  officer will be appointed at Cascade  City.   ������*"-���*S'i^ -'���������������.w:-/..-iiik;",ti|-i��  ������- ...-.- ���:.'..^m^i.,.%..     .... ���.'.���."���--���"..���  I.,.^i,?t.     ���,.������.. ���t_j..,*i.,���-������-��� '���>     ���*������"' ������.'������'���aCT�����..M.'. '.. .   . '..->-'.���.,<��. ���..'.'. -   . . -.   ~"*T"0_ ���  *k^->^-.-Jg^^  IF=     YOU      NEED  Hardware,     Stoves,      Granite  and Tinware  CARPENTERS'   and  MINERS    TOOLS  Ore   Car s   a n d   Rails  POWDER   AND   STEEL  Paints  and Oil        Sashes and Doors  Water PipevS and Fixtures, &c.  Call or write for Trices :  I  Government Street,  Greenwood.  A Practical Tinsmith and Plumber connected with the Business.  ���j��4D' <��� -XlJ&r-r-^Y-tkl.^' ^:lgj^��-}.^��U��:-*- ���^���&-*-'^����J-  a��  ^g^y^rr'v-^^  I  Rossland.  Greenwood.  LIMITED.   LIABILITY  Financial & Insurance Agents  GEO.   R.   NADEN.   Manager;  wnstziaxanusflwra  p3gn��.>.��ii.j.Lau��i��m��..��..i.��  Hf^t-9-<S��e'*��>-*'*��>-*-<@0''0-<0>-a-49*-9'����>^M��>^^>^*9^.^  >  T  e  A  V  ��  ���  T  S  A  a  v  e  r  ���  A  y  0   T T  W.   S.   FLETCHER  i    1 I AVING purchased tlie business  I  ? JLI of R. N. Taylor & Co., beg-s-i  J to anudunce that he is . prepared to I  f  furnish the public with   Pure Drugs, t  5 Patent Medicines, Druggists' Sun- I  f dries, etc *  Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.  e  A  a  I  W.'S. ELETCMER.*  t h e  ���     ���     ��  WILLS' Famous "Navy Cut"  and    "Traveller"   Tobaccos.  Pull Line of EISMING TACKLE  Including-a choice assortment of FLIES.  Comfortable Club Rooms  ������:[ now open.:']:���  M.E.TRAZCE.  Hamill Block, Copper Street.  COI-l'ER   STK KKT,   (xK I'KXWOOD.  D. W. HICKS^ Proprietor.  4&  tie  ���/ie  Opeii Niylit and. Day.    :%:    Meals at all Hours.  Game. Fish aud Oysiors in Season.  ILLER,  MERCHANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Financial and Insurance Agent  VERNON,    B.C.  AC1KXT.   KOK  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.  The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  The Insurance Company of North America.  The London & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association.  AIM'KAISRK   FOK  The Canada Permanent Loan & Saving's Co.  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  II.   A.  GUESS.   ?  Ti?C��J       *vr    A  m-  Perfect pit guaranteed.  Assayer s &��� Chemists,  Thorougiil.v familiar with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays aud analyses of ores., fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  Iff  I  '.".,  r.^Yi.KyV.v.ig-ETfp^T*.:':*"^ THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES,  MISTAKES IN MAIL SERVICE.  For several months past there have  been mistakes made in the distribution  of mail at the Penticton office or at one  of the distributing- post-offices to the  north. Mails which should be in the  Greenwood bag- are placed in the Grand  Eorks bag*, and consequently they are  forwarded to the latter point. The result is that business men of Greenwood  are often at an inconvenience and loss  because they do not receive important  letters until they are returned from  Grand Forks. We are well aware that  there is a larg-e amount of 'mail, to be  distributed from the Penticton office,  but the g-overnment should provide the  postmaster with sufficient assistants to  ensure,a more careful distribution of  mail and prevent so many errors. It  is bad enoug-h to have mails only three  times a week frpm Penticton, without  the additional vexation of finding- that  important letters have been taken to  Grand Forks and necessarily kept  there a day before being* returned to  Greenwood.  ACCIDENTALLY SHOT.  James McCluhg-, a brother of Dan  McClung- of Midway, was seriously  wounded on Thursday evening- when a  rifle in his hands was accidentally dis  charged.  McClung-  went   out to shoot  g-etting- over a.  a deer and as he was  fence, he slipped and the rifle which he  carried discharged a bullet which shattered, the thumb and fore fing-er of the  rig*ht hand, entered the abdomen and  followed a rib to the left breast when  it glanced outwards and entered the  left arm, shattering- the humus.  Mr. McClung- had a companion with  him at the time of the accident and he  g-ave the alarm. The wounded man  was conveyed to the residence of Mr.  Ingram his brother-in-law, and Dr.  Jakes sent for. The doctor dressed  the wounds and probed for the bullet,  hut was unable to find it. It is impossible for the doctor to state how bad.lv  McClung* is wounded but as he is a  strong* young- man he may ultimately  recover. He will lose the thumb of the  rig-ht hand however, and possibly the  left arm cannot be saved.  The wounded man was removed to  Greenwood hospital on Friday afternoon so that Dr. Jakes and nurses  could give, him every attention.  A   MINING ACCIDENT.  Dr. Jakes was called out to Skylark  camp yesterday morning* to cittend R.  McCulloch who was injured while  working- in the Yellowstone mine. It  appears that McCulloch and his men  had fired two shots in the shaft on  Thursday evening- and on" Friday  morning* McCulloch went down to fill  the bucket. Thinking- the air would  be all rig-ht as the shaft was only down  30 feet he took no precautions, and sent  the bucket up twice. The third time  he shouted to the.men to hoist himself  up and when he was half way up the  shaft he fell out of the bucket unconscious having- been overcome with foul  air. He was brought to the surface  and soon reg*ained consciousness. Dr.  Jakes found that fortunately McCulloch was not so seriously hurt as was  at first supposed.    His head and limbs  escaped and the only injury is in his  back. It is expected that Mr. McCulloch will be about in a few days.  Mr. McCulloch is a well known mining- man   whose home   is   in   Spokane. r  He is interested  in  several properties  in Skylark camp.  The Rule of the Road.  Now that there is a heavy traffic on  all the roads leading- to Greenwood,  drivers .would do well to remember  that there is a provincial statute under  which a penalty may be inflicted for  driving- on the wrong* side. Many of  the teamsters and others have been  long- accustomed to the American and  eastern Canadian custom of driving- to  the rig-ht when meeting* vehicles. The  Highway Traffic- Act, 1892, provides'  that one must turn to the left. The  penalty, for contravention of the provisions of this act is a fine of not less  than one dollar nor more than twenty  dollars.  "We have been informed that a gentleman, who was anxious to observe the  law was told by a driver whom he met  "it was about time he knew which side  to turn to." The driver himself was  in error ; he should have turned to the  left...' ' .  ,..    :  Rumored Cabinet Changes.  There is a well defined rumor to the  effect that Hon. G. B. Martin the present Chief Commissioner of Eands and  works will be appointed Speaker of, the  House upon the resignation of Hon. D.  W. Hig-g*ins and that Hon. T. May tie  Dary ex-minister of the Interior will be  offered the Chief Commissionership  and a constituencj* found for him. It is  well known that Hon. Mr. Turner has  been endeavoring* to strengthen his  cabinet by getting Mr. Dary to join.  Whether Mr. Daly can be induced to  re-enter the political field is another  question. He is president of the Brandon & Golden Crown Co.    >  Alien Labor Act.  The Dominion government appear  to be in earnest about the enforcement  of the alien labor Act. . Commissioner  McCreary of Winnipeg has instructed  Haney, manag*er of the Crow's, Nest  Pass construction to eng*age no outfit  of men from the United States and has  advised the mounted police to enforce  the alien Act. The alien bill does not  prevent Americans from coming over  and seeking work so long as the3r do  not contract their labor before entering the Dominion. ������  Messrs. Fisher & Tillman of the  Boundary Creek Milling and Lumber  Co., have dissolved partnership, Mr.  Tillman retiririsr.  The  best  brands  of  Tobacco,   Cigars  and Cigarettes.  Cool, Refreshing Milk-shakes.  Fruits,   Candies,   etc.  Coryell's  Map  for  Sale.  At The Greenwood Book   Stoke,  Next Door to McKague's Barber Shop.  ���       a  mm'  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  AND���  'S  The Best Canadian.  sole agp;nts :  R.   P.   RlTHKT  &  Co.   Ltd.  VICTORIA,    B.C.  Court Boundary, No. 3576, I.O.K  THE ABOVE COURT meets at Greenwood  ever3r Thursda>r evening-.   Visiting- Members are cordially welcomed.  GEORGE F. MILLER,  Duncan Ross, Recording Secretary,  Chief Rang-er. 45  Dissolution of Partnership.  THE partnership heretofore existing between H. C. Keedj' aud R. Ratcliffe has  been dissolved b}- mutual consent, II. C. Keedy  retiring; R. Ratcliffe will continue the business. R. Ratcliffe will' assume all liabilities,  and all debts due to the firm will be payable to  him. ' , II. C. KEEDY,  Greenwood, B.C., R. RATCLIFFE.   July 3.1st, 1S97.  ; _ 4S-4  FOR   SALE  SET of Graduated Iron .Pulleys,- complete  with Overhead Shaft, Hang-eVs, etc. Will  sell cheap, or trade, having no need of steam  power.���Apply at Times Office, Greenwood.  ENDERBY   and   VERNON.  Tradk Makk  Rkd Stak.  'Makers of Flour  pronounced by experts to be  the best made on the. Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran Shorts Chop Etc  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25..  LIME   JUICE.  PATENT      rVJEDIOIISJEi  ���M(.  ****  ���fie.  J.  MIDWAY  B. C.  asnes,  SHAVING PARLOR..  GoVICKiN'MKNT    STKI* liT,   Gl< I" Jvll WOOD.  Hot and Cold Baths at all hours of the day.  Ladies and Children's Hair-cutting a specialty  Mn F  ..let  ���Former^- of Moncton, N.B.���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  *\{-'    -".'-���    *'.'-���  t'r       tie      t'\~  Good Tools, plenty of Material,  and   30 years'  Experience in the business.  Engineers' and Surveyors' Instruments, Guns,  &c, Repaired.  Any kind of small Mechanical Work done. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Established 1862.  EILER BROS.,  ^fc^SM^vvw.-.  Manufacturers of Furniture, Upholstery, etc,::X  Importers of Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, "Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished thrbug-hout. All orders, no  matter how larg-e, promptly filled,  as  we have  the    .". -'. ������ "    '  WESTSTOGK111 PROVINCE.  ". *-&  <?&' *���& ���..'.���  t'p  tip  t,p  ...�� Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  iV4    j-V4    iV4  tip      "7*-\     tip  VICTORIA,   B. C.  J.'.X.   HENDKKSON. T. .M. 'HENDERSON.  ��� W. ��� HENDERSON.  Langley &    V   '  Henderson Bros,,  Wholesale Druggists,  v- Established 1858,  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER, B.C.  We carry the largest stock in British Columbia of Drug's, Chemicals, Patent, Medicines,  Perfumes, and Drug-g-ists'Sundries:  Proprietor of  Langley's Balsam of Aniseed, Sarsaparilla, etc.  ,~~mw.~**-* n^wwimn^m^  rfir***ii***T'*********-**n***l'*'*rt*'*********"  MINFRAIv    ACT,    1896.      ^  Certificate  of  Improvements,  NOTICE.  GOLD DROP mineral claim (1. 1841 g\ 1),  situate in the Kettle River mining-division of Yale district. Where located: in the  Greenwood camp and adjoining- the Monarch  mineral claim.(1. 701 g\ 1). ���  Take notice that I, John Hirsch, as ag-ent  for F. C. Innes, free miner's certificate No.  81,264, intend, sixty clays from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown, grant of the above claim;  Aud further take, notice that action, under-  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 14th dav of June, 1897. 41-8  FRUIT 4* PRESERVING * COMPANY,  ���Victoria,    rvC  ���MANUFACTURERS    OF���  Candies,   Mincemeat,'   Orange,   Citron  and Ivemon Peel*.     Preserves and  Maririalades.     Pickles and  Vineg-ar.   o   We claim without exception to make the  Purest  and   Best-Seisins   Goods   in   Canacia.  Yv. J. Snodgkass & Soxs, Prop's.  Loaves Pen Licloii at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney.  Hock Creek, Mid wav. Anaconda. < riven wood.  Carson and Grand For.\.-'..  .ReU; rni ncr   leaves   Grand   Ivories  at   (.   a.m.   on  Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday.  Carries ihe .Mails, Passengers and Express.  a-t-j '  Will sell   throusrh   Tielaus   ;o   Vancouver.  Victoria. Seattle or Port'and.  To Business  In  connection with " THE TIMES "  we have now one of the most complete  JOB   PRINTING   OUTFITS  in the interior of the Province, With new  power Presses, new Type, and a complete  stock of Printers' Stationery, we are in a  position to fill any orders for Job Printing  as reasonably, as satisfactorily, and as ex^  peditiously as can be done in Spokane or  on the coast, A merchant who uses  "'cheap; and nasty " Stationery and Printing  does his business a serious injury>vit is dear  at a gift. Let us fill your next order y then  compare our work and prices with others*.  We guarantee you satisfaction,  jSJi' *","i &!f- J?,/*  tip      lip      lip      ->lp  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  ��� I..LM.lllLL��.ini��.J��WWlMl  TS prepared to furnish Charcoal in lots from  X two bushels to any .quantity required. We  iruarantee to deliver Charcoal at the Mines in  as ,i��-ood' condition as. if burnt at the Mines, and  cheaper. Charcoal that will not'stand delivery  is nit worth having', as it is lifeless.  *.0<K> BUSHELS .OK HAND.     .  Boundary  Creek   Charcoal  Co.  Office at Greenwood Pruif .Store.  2BBGSE8��UEES&BaBa  PITHER   &' LEISER  STA1  E  I'ireot "importers and Wholesale Dealers in  CURRY BROS., Proprietors.  lg*>',  Wines, j&xcfuotB ano vZsxq&vb  Yates  Street,'"VICTORIA,   B.C.  '('.   H.   Ml-JiM'ri   Extka   Dky.  Wats ox's Scotch Wiiiskiks  Saddle Horses SI.50 per day.  Teaming- on the Shortest Notice.  Gricenwood City, PLC,  ���^zvT.v^srs^&T^nx:i^c^raaa^ssaxirz3^i  A.    D.   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Mr. Jerniyn held that the Susie  was not as represented and sued to  recover the $200. The case was tried  before a special jury who returned a  verdict in favor of Guess Bros. Mr.  Jermyn asked for a new trial j holding  that the verdict was perverse being  contrary to the evidence, Band that the  jury was not properly enpanelled there  being* three American citizens on the  jury. Judge Spinks intimated that  he would grant a new trial, but  reserved the point as to whether he  would limit any new evidence to deciding* the question as to whether the vein  was a true fissure one. I. H. Hallet  and A. S. Black, for Jermyn and A;  Leamy and J. P. McL,eod for Guess  Bros.  Donag-hue & White vsRorie McLeod  was a case in which the plaintiffs  sought to each recover one-third of the  proceeds of the sale of the Peacock  mine. Donaghue in his evidence  claimed that he showed Rorie McLreod  the property which would run out in  two days, and the understanding was  that McLeod should re-locate and give  one-third interest to Donaghue and J.  J. White, retaining the other third for  himself. Owing to the decease of  White, Donag-hue was the only witness  for the plaintiffs and his evidence being- contradicted by the , defendant's  witnesses, the plaintiffs were nonsuited. J. P. McLeod for plaintiffs,  and A. Leamy for defense.  Samson vs Lawless. This was a  case in which C. H. Sansom of Greenwood sued Lawless for the cost of the  plans and specifications used in the  erection of the Anarchist school house.  The evidence in the case was very contradictory but judgment was given in  favor of Sansom in the sum. of $25, the  amount sued for. A. S. Black for  plaintiff and J. P. McLeod for defense.  John Thornton, better known as  "Jolly Jack," had been in jail for  upwards of a month, not being- able to  furnish bonds to keep the peace. The  Judg*e decided to try him under the  habitual drunkards' Act and consequently Jack was " siwashed" for six  months. .  Judge Spinks and W. G. McMynn  passed through Greenwood on Sunday  on their way to Grand Forks where  court was held on Monday.  It is again reported that the Winnipeg* Company which was recently incorporated with a capital of $1,000,000 will  shortly begin work on the property.  The machinery it is also reported has  been purchased.  D. W. Hicks has leased the Cosmopolitan restaurant to Mrs. McLoughlin  and will leave earl}*- next week for  Montana. He expects to return to  Greenwood in about six weeks.  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MINERS and: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear : :  ��       H  " Columbia  " Kootenay "  "Vancouver-"  All.of which are First-class Foot Wear.  SATURDAY,  AUGUST   7,   1897.  CHILDREN   OF   SCHOOL AGE.  The Board of  school  trustees  have  , taken the trouble to secure a census of  the children in Greenwood and vicinity.  They have found that there are in   the  district 36 children.of school   age.    As  'the 'average" attendance   for   the last  school month was not more than   12, it  is evident that there are "many-children"  who are not attending* school.    Parents  .'���who appear   to   be   indifferent   about  securing   an  education for their children will do well to remember that there  is a compulsory  clause   in  the  school  Act and   that   they   are liable to a fine  for   neglecting* to send   their   children  to school.    The trustees are of the opinion that the compulsory^clajus-!?, should  be enforced   and   unless parents   avail  themselves of the opportunity to secure'-  a free education for their children, they  intend   take   action   under: the   school  Act.    The state, as well as the individual, demands that there should be no  illiterates.  VALUABLE   PROPERTIES  ARE   SOLD.  Some five weeks ago, Dr.T. W. Powell of Victoria visited Boundary Creek  -and adjacent districts in the interests  -of the Wilkinson syndicate of England.  He was followed by Mr. Mitchell a  ' mining* expert sent out'by', the same  syndicate. As a result of their visit  Messrs. Thompson & Douglas of Midway have succeeded in selling them for  cash the Horn Silver mine on the  Sirnilkameen. The .fig-tire is a private  one. The Horn Silver is a valuable  silver property yielding over 100 ounces  of silver to the ton. The property is  better known as the Joe Hunter claim.  Messrs. Thompson & Douglas have  also succeeded in bonding* the Jim in  Wellington camp to the same syndicate. The Jim is considered to be  a very valuable property and it is  understood that Dr. Powell and his  associates will'sopn beg-in the work of  developing it.  Messrs. Thompson & Doug-las report  that the}* are negotiating, for the sale  of other valuable properties with eveiy  assurance of success. Mr. Thompson  left for the east on mining business ori  Wednesday l:*st.  Thanks, Brother O.rey.  le  Boundary  Creek Times  IS"  "Th  one of the best week!}- publications in  British Columbia. Greenwood City  must be an important and thriving  centre when it can support a paper of  the high order of merit of the Times."  ���Nelson Economist.  DISTRICT NEWS.  A Eiberal Association has been organized at Grand Forks.  J. R. Brown who was connectedDwith  the government office at Midway for  some time has been appointed recorder  at Osoyoos.  Mr. Thomas Miller is building a residence on Copper street. Mr. A. Fisher  of the Sawmill Co., will also build a  residence this summer.  The Grand Forks Miner suggests to  the city council the advisability of putting- a fence around the town in order  to stop the exodus to Eureka.,  Phil Aspihwall the well known mining* man came over from Rossland this  week to look at Boundary Creek properties in which he is interested.  Mr. Mclntyre of Midway has secured  the contract for extensive work ori the  Ironsides mine in Greenwood camp and  has already commenced operations.  Mr. E. S.Graham and son arrived  from Spokane last week. Mr. Graham  is superintending-the work now being-  carried on on his properties on Ingram  Mountain near Midway.  f M. L/ancaster Hobbs, M. E.^ who visited Boundary Creek about a month  ago returned from Nelson on Sunday  and spent the week in examining mining- properties. Mr. Hobbs represents  an English company. \ r  Mr. Archie Cameron arrived from  Ontario on Wednesday and will reside  here with his son Alex, of the firm of  Cameron & McKenzie. Mr. Cameron  is a typical Scotsman and despite his  73 years is still as active as a young-  man.  Mr. W.-'E. Hog-g" the manag-er of the  Montreal syndicate who have bonded  the Sunset mine in Deadwood camp is  expected to arrive here early next  week. Mr. Hogg*-has already reached  Granite Creek where he has some valuable mining interests.  Yesterday was the last da}r upon  which Mr. Norris the government  agent at Vernon would receive tenders  for the jail and court house at Greenwood and the government offices at  Grand Forks. It is understood that  several local contractors put in tenders.  The game of base bail played  between the Greenwood and Anaconda  teams at Anaconda on the 1st, resulted  in an easy victory for the Greenwood  team. Next Sunday the Greenwood  nine will go.down to Nelson, Wash., to  play a return match with the Nelson  team.  Rev. Father Cornelier of Vernon conducted services in the school house,  Greenwood, on Sunday morning last.  Father Cornelier spent several days  visiting* members of the church. In  all' probability a Roman Catholic  church will be erected in the district in  the near future.  The Fire department have purchased  a bell from the firm of Armstrong &  Birnie, Anaconda. The bell has been  placed in position on the pump house,  corner of Greenwood and Government  streets, and the directions on the fire  alarm cards will apply to the ringing  of the bell, although framed with the  intention of using a gong which was  found unsatisfactory. The bell, although not a large one, is well toned  and can be heard distinctly in any part  of the city.  :a-.--ayi-��--aKCTW^-i��*w*3-^  aii&3W'��&*bfsx?iS3^uaz2wccnwxaaw~.ivt3ss,  HENEY NICHOLSON,  Mixing Negotiations Transacted.  Opj-ice :���Camp  McKinney.  NT>.���Some   valuable   Mining-    Properties   in  CampMcKiiiney and vicinity- for disposal.  UDSON'S  O. :  -(Incorporated 1670.)-  of Wines/    v  Liquors/   /  and Beer/     ���  have just come to hand, We  are now prepared to supply  large and small orders prompt'  ly,    Our  *4l  U��  is  up to   date;  GROCERIES  of the  freshest  are being constantly received.  We make a Specialty ofCP^  ENGLISH' ... AND     CANADIAN  TOBACCOS,  CIGARS     and     CIGARETTES.  $*���     ^V*     aV4     ->V4  ' *?!&        ttS        IttS        -7ii>  tit-  sons Bay Company  P.O. Box 64,  VERNON, B.C.  H.   HALLETT,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,    B.O.  W.   JAKES,   M.D.,    CM.,  BY   APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office  Greenwood. B.C.  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Gan. Soc. Civil Engineers,  totnncktf &4nb Jiumgot  AND  CIVII,  ENGINEER,  ^oftu^ (puittic��� midway,   b.c.  0  c^  ���(C  CD  <y  ^  o  ,   Ul  c3  hi  o:  o  0  +->  +->  ft:  Ifj  -^  Q  TJ  ��  c  D  A3.  0  ov  OQ  o  X&3v*asiiajum  onv  ��nur*SBm*l  $r  tiffSEEi  ����3^  o  ' ��  PQ  a>  os  >*  o  Ores  ed a  s  />  ��� . . c  p  i  p  (4-    ���=  o  o  V  2  I  ysis  Exa  &  ��     CO  &  �� 2>  < .5  w  ���eJ S  w  c  ft  CS  &  CO  c/)  -<  f-i .  *d w  3.a  O '"f  ���w  -a fc��  u  So  QMARLES AE. SHAW,  Givil    Engineer,  <��)ommton (xnb (Jprofjtnciaf ��anb ^ur^e^or.  GREENWOOD,       -        B. C.  r.  '. _fc i ��� .��� *  !.-'  WSSSBSS^SX^^SSSSSSBSSmsssiim^BBaiismBammBKmmiBr. '^��M^mM��mm  ^ fMW    *-*-**t.  -*Mm^  n&s  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  INERS'     AND  ROSPECTORS'-  A full line ofHaberman's celebrated German  Granite^Ware  received.  d^netaf (^ jltquora <xnb &%$<xx&.  A  NEW  FIELD.  By a Special Correspondent.-  For the   past  week  considerable excitement has been  aroused   by the discovery of a new field for the prospector.  About 60 miles from Greenwood and in  the mountain reg-ion separating- Kootenay from the district to the east, prospectors have located  claims   that have  surf ace showings which give encouraging indications of  being  the  outcrop-  ping-s of rich bodies of ore.  ���=- The writer being-  desirous of verifying- the reports that have been circulated regarding  this  district, went up to  Christina lake about the middle of July  and had a look over  the ground.    The  mining district or   camp   is   comparatively easily reached.    leaving Greenwood in the morning we reached Christina   City   the   same  day.    This   new  town is only a few months old.    It was  started last March and now boasts of a  store  and  hotel  where Mine Host L,a-  valle furnishes best of accommodation.  Here   the   prospector  can g*et his supplies if he so  desires   and   they can be  delivered by boat  to any  point  across  the lake.    From Christina   City a boat  took us to   within   one  mile of McRae  creek.  Then the tug of war began. The  trail is built on no easy grades and the  five hours' climb to the new camp will  test the prowess and endurance of the  most enthusiastic mountain climber.  The first claims of any note which  were passed were the iDdison group  about eight miles up the pass. They  are located in what is known as the  Burnt Basin district. All the claims  have the usual iron capping-s.  Then comes the Bryan group'of four  claims owned by Messrs. Burr & Gillis.  The first claim was discovered in October of last year by two prospectors,  Messrs. Rodgers and Jones. I am  credibly informed that the surface  . croppings assayed $12 in g-old, 16 per  cent in copper and 48 ounces in silver.  From a necessarily superficial investigation, the new district gives indica-  tion of much promise as a good mining  camp. The country rock is diorite  with large dykes of limestone and porphyry, and where they converge the  ore bodies are ��� found. Without any  work being done it is yet impossible to  designate the bodies as veins or deposits, but generally speaking the surf ace  showings g-ive much promise.  On the I0va Belle one of the claims  owned by Messrs. Rodg*ers and Jones,  considerable work has been done showing* the vein by crosscuts nearly the  whole 1500 feet. From the several  places uncovered the hanging* and foot  walls are distinctly visible arid give  every indication of a  fine fissure vein.  Messrs. Hamill and Christie of  Greenwood own the two adjoining  claims, the Alluris and National Belle.  They also have located several other  claims. The Alluris and National  Belle show a vein of quartz, 12 feet  wide well mixed with copper, pyrites  and pyrrhotite. Until more work is  done it is prudent to saj* but little regarding the outlook ; but I think there  is little risk in saying- that development work will rapidly bring- the district to the front.  With a good mineral showing- the  new district has all the natural resources necessary to make a g*ood min-  A   stream  l   '  ing-  camp  of  good   water  runs throug-h the claims   and   the only  drawback is feed for stock,   the  tairi   sides   furnishing    no  horses.  grass  moun-  for  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown grants, request that the advertising thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining  paper of the district.  FOR SALE  ?  e  5  t  I  i  I  t  A  I  A  T  e  A  ' 0  I  A  ���  T  6  A  m  A '  J  A  r  o  SMITH & McLEOD,  "'Proprietors of-the   .  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND   .  MOULDING MILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okanag-an Lake.        .  . __$���&_  '������.'..  ������/if  Owning- extensive timber limits on  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be found in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonably, expeditiously  and of as g-ood material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from "Boundary Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.   *V*   -/if-  *>-����B*-&-*a>-o-*&>-o-*a>Q*)e*-*'<9>~��-<9>-**o>-Q-4@t-B+a>-&o-a*)9*.eK$  1597  : /vr-V *  A HALF INTEREST   in   a  hotel   business  in Greenwood.    Apply to Andrew Leamy,  Barrister, Copper St., Greenwood, B. C.  -AT-  A.    CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  BOHN  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering- and Survey  Work, with plans and Estimates in any portion  of the province, immediately attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of Osoyoos  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division.  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  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Mrs. Bailey  who is a Bbstonian had no intention of  donning the garb and following the  occupation of a prospector. She merely  wanted a change from city life and  considered that life in camp with her  husband among the mountains of  Boundary Creek would be just as pleasant as camping out a few miles from  the city of Spokane.  Mr.   Bailey   bought    the   Excelsior  claim  in  Providence   camp  from   the  Kane Bros, and he moved his camp up  there.    Mrs. Bailey while but tramping  in the mountains  found  an   iron   cap  and explored the, country around to see  if it was in located ground.    She found  no stakes    in   the   vicinity,   and  then  decided to locate the claim.    Mr. Bailey  furnished ,,the  posts  but  Mrs.  Bailey  wrote the notices and traveled through  a rough countrj*  to  paste  them to the  posts.   The claim was called the Alpine  because  Mrs.  Bailey  considered   this  was suggestive of the rough country in  which   it   is  located   and   also because  having located  the  claim   herself, she  considered that it should also have her  own christain name which   is   Alpine.  Not  having   a  miner's   license    Mrs.  Bailey located the claim in the name of  her brother, Mr.   Mclvain, a  broker of  Spokane.    No sooner were the posts on  the Alpine placed in   position than enterprising   prospectors   had  an extension staked out.    But all  the  chivalry  and all the sentiment that ought  to be  associated with the fact that a lady had  braved the hardships of a mountainous  trip in order to locate a  mineral  claim  were disregarded and Mrs. Bailey woke  up one fine morning to   find   that   her  claim had been  jumped.    As   there is  rock in place, as the posts are the  regulation size and as all records are  perfectly  legal,   Mrs.   Bailey   is not very  much concerned  about the jumping of  her claim and only considers it an incident  that  adds  more  interest  to  her  camping in Boundary Creek.  If the surface indications are any  criterion the Alpine would do ho discredit to an experienced prospector. It  runs vei*3r high in silver and also in  g-old.  On the Excelsior there is a body of  ore about 12 feet wide assaying as high  as $27 and increasing* in richness as  depth is attained. The shaft is now  down about 16 feet.  Mr. and Mrs. Bailey left for Spokane  on Tuesday and they intend to return  for two or three months   next summer.  Mr. J. F. Hemenwaj' the superintendent of the Ironsides and Knob Hill  is getting things in shape for the employment of several men on the latter  property*. With the force which Mr.  Mclntyre intends working on the Ironsides contract, there will be nearl}' 20  men emplo3"ed on  these  properties.  Dr. Christie and J. Hamill, J. P.,  returned on Monday from a ten days'  prospecting trip. The}' located several  claims in the McRae pass, on the other  side of Christina Lake.  vv*f  We have on hand a large stock of  Glass* Mattresses, Pillows, Springs* Cots  Meat Safes, Rocking Chairs, Bedroom  Suites and Furniture of all descriptions/  We would call your attend  JOB   WORK   PROMPTLY   ATTENDED   TO.  >-m<9>-BMW*-9*0>'+<*>'0-<a>fr40  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Jenckes Machine Co. : :  Canadian Rand Drill Co.  SHERBROOKE,   QUE,  tie"     tfp     -ftp  A*'4 aV* i?!'*  t'p      ttp      tjp  Boilers, Hoists, Puinps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.  Send for Catalogues.  F.   R.  MEN DEN HALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  i ��JjjjU 4s*b iM& sJ|U tM& *M& *f|U *lp> <M& *|p *M& ��M& &fk> *^i tM$ *M& *^ ft^ ijJfei tM& iMSi ��Jjjfe> iMs ���  PIONEER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,G  &V4        iV*-        ->�������  tip tip tip  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, Iviquors and Cigars.   ���-IvIVKRY  STABILE  IN  CONNECTION.-^   A*/* aSf* &��*���  tip -7lP tip  NELSON L TYNAN  ?  Proprietors.  Louis Blue.  A. Fisi-iek.  A. R. Tillman.  MILLS     AND      YARDS     PCT  Greenwood City    %    Anaconda, B*C   Manufacturers  of  Roug-h  and   Dressed   *��SEziE2ffis~a  Shingles, Lath/ Mouldings* Sash and Doors.  &V*    aV*    $&���  tip      tip      tfp  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  -7-n  \  ���  I  .  u THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ART  CONTRACTOR I  # Greenwood, B.C;���'  PACIFIC  Office, Store, and Saloon Fixtures" a specialty.  Plans and Specifications  made and   Estimates  ���   ���������' '"���.'���"; . ��� ��� g-iven..  EER MERCHAN  m  Anaconda, B,CM  -Q^fy^P-  C an outfit Prospectors cheaper  and better than any of  his  Competitors,  MINERAE    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  MAMONT  Mineral  Claim,   situate''in  the  Kettle River mining-division of Yale district.    Where located : Skylark camp.  Take notice that I, Ferdinand Dittmer, free  miner's certificate No. 81,118, intend, sixty da^-s  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining- a Crown grant of the  above claim.  . And further take notice.that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of July, 1897..  . 45  SQUARE   HOUSE.  CO  **  Ul  **  O  (f)  Greenwood City, B.C.  Gico.'E.- Sijvmouk & Co.,  Props.  .     _*%-   '���"���  tie  First-class   Accommodation.  Stagres   from  all  parts  pass the  door.    . ���  '  (J)  o  c  m  o  m  0)  SQUARE    TREATMENT.  :��^  v?^=cjj *gp5fc> ft"  ��  Of all kinds and  lengths.  4 foot wood S2.25 per cord, delivered.  16 to 20 inch .83.00 per dbl. cord  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  tf& ' Orders mav be left at the. Tim us office.  GRAND  SCENERY. LOW   RATES.  MODEL   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOEAN     TO     OOEAN  Without chang-e of Cars, via  CANABIAI*  RAILWAY.  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains,  sleeping-cars, luxurious  day coaches, magnificent  colonist sleepers.  The only line, running",  from the coast  TO  I  consisting- of palace  dining- cars, eleg-ant  tourist cars  aiid  free  throug-h  tourist cars  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  MONTREAL,  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE'/  Lowest rates to ]}  and from  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to'any ships that have .yet sailed  the Pacific ocean." The route is 300 miles  shorter than via anv other Trans-Patific line.  vV*.  $Vft  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  ���" '    .���TO���   '  Honolulu, Fiji and  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers carrj' an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on every vo\rag-e.  For time tables, pamphlets, or anAr information, call on or address  H. S. SGADDING.i GEO. McL. BROWN  Ag-ent, Dist. Pass. Ag-ent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  LEWIS HIND, Local Ticket Agent, Anaconda.  PAG I RIG  F?/UL,W/VY.  ��'*.    j*.'*     -*J--  �����/k**      �������"      -sic*-  The Fast Line.-Superior Service  To all points in the United States  and Canada.  Direct   connection    with   the  Spokane Falls' & Northern Ry,  Trains Depart from Spokane :  No. 1, West bound     8:25 p.m.  No. 2, East bound   ........    7:00 a.m..  PAN HID GHINH  Via Taeoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  $'/������   $l'-    j".'4,  t'F      tie       trP  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, apply to Ag-ents of  the   S. F. & N.   or  P.   D.   GIBBS,  General Ag-ent,  Spokane, Wash.  ........OK   A. D. CHARLTON,-  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Ag-ent  225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,  Portland, Oregon.  iY".      j*/4      a"/4-  ���?(!"      tie       "si"-*  Write   for   new   Map   of   the  Kootenay   country,  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  GHOWN SILVER mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining- division of  Yale  district.   Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, Robert Wood, free miner's certificate No. 87,502, M. J. M. Wood; .free  miner's certificate-No. 87,573, Walter L. D'Aeth,  free miner's certificate No. 70,074, W. W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho-  .field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, G. H.  Brown, free miner's certificate No. 68,427, and  W. G. McMynu, free miner's certificate No.  88,801, intend, sixty days' from the date hereof,  to appl3r to tlie Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose,of obtaining* a crown 'grant of the above claim.  And further take  notice that action, ..under  section  must be commenced before the issu  ance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 14th dav of Julv, 1897. , 46-8  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  SUN SET Mineral  claim, situate in the Kettle River mining- division of Yale district.  Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, Robert Wood, free miner's certificate No. 89,502, "M. J. M. Wood, free  miner's certificate No. 87,573, Walter L. D'Aeth,  freeminer's certificate No. 70,074, W. W. Gibbs,  free miner's certificate No. 87,527, James Scho-  field, free miner's certificate No. 75,991, and G.  H. Brown, free miner's certificate No. 68,427, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  "to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose, of obtaining- a  crown grant of the above claim.  And-further take notice that" action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of July, 1897. 46-S  Camp MeKinney Hotel;  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  Good   Stabling.  ^^iiwijaj'fc.M.ijiiwi.ur^u.yujn.'..   *j-.n.v.' >h.uiahm����  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  NEW YORK mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district. Where located : In Greenwood camp,  and adjoining- the Brooklyn mineral claim.  Take notice that I, J. B.'McArthur, of Rossland, free miner's, certificate . No. 79,777, intend, sixty da3'S from the. date hereof, to apply,  to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  crown grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 13th dav of June, 1897. 44-8  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  LAST CHANCE Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle. River mining- division of Yale  district.    Where located :  Skylark-camp.  Take notice that I, Charles de Blois Green,  as'ag-ent. for the Boundary Creek Mining- Co.,  free miner's-certi llcate No. 812,64, intend, six todays from the date hereof, to apply to the Milling- Recorder for a certificate of improvement's,  for the. purpose of obtaining-a Crown grrant of  the above claim.  And further take' notice, that, action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance, of such certi ficate of improve men t.  Dated this 3rd day of June, 1897. 40  , MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  ELKHORN Mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River mining- division of Yale  district.    Where located :  Providence cam]).  Take notice that: I. Charles L. Thoniet. free  miner's certificate No. 81,13(>. intend, sixty days  from the dale, hereof, in apply to the. Mining-  Recorder for a certificate ;>f improvements, for  the ]:>ur])ose of obtaining- a Crown grant of the  above claim.  And further lake notice that action, under  section 37, must, be commenced be fere the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 11th dav of June, 1��"7. 41  SS1  MJHaajiuMiijui��i��j.Mim��^iujiu��jiiiiiim^^  < ft.' iSBB^BBSBSBSSSSSSSS^SSBKB/i  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES/  MINING NOTES.  Mr. C. S. Galloway is developing the  Sansdm in Long- Lake camp.  Mr. E. A. Bielenberg went down to  Myers' creek to do assessment work on  some claims there.  M. E.Miller and E. Bond are doing  the assessment work on the La Plaza  in Greenwood camp.  prop-0  most  The work on the  Bullion Go's,  erties at   Crown  Point is "of  the  encouraging character.  A number of miners passed through  Greenwood to Camp McKinney where  they will work in the mines.  The Adams Co., Bullion Co., and  Highland Queen Consolidated have  opened their head offices at Midway.  R. Chadlier left j'-esterday to do the  assessment work on the Black Diamond  situated on the West Fork* of the Kettle fiver. .  ���'",. Myers' Creek and Toradb creek on  the reservation   are   attracting the at-  ��� tent ion' of prospectors. Some excellent showings have been uncovered and  many claims located.  Work will shortly be resumed on the  Bruce claim located on Ingraham  mountain. Assays yielding 18 per  cent. copper and $7 in  secured from this property  Messrs. R. Wood and G. A. Rendell  paid a visit to Summit camp this week  going in by the way of Eholt creek.  They found that a wagon road could be  built to the camp on an easy grade.  , M. Gire who has purchased the Jack  of Spades, St. Lawrence and other  claims in White's camp, will return to  Paris in a few days for the purpose of  organizing a company to operate the,  properties.  Mr. London, of Denver, Colorado,  arrived last week to look after his -'mining interests on the North Fork of Ket-  gold have been  tie river and on the  will work his North  this summer.  reservation.    He  Fork J properties  Work on the Minnie Moore in Summit camp, owned by W. T. Smith and  the Parrot Smelting Company, is progressing satisfactorily ; the shaft will  be sunk to a depth of 50 feet and some  cross cuttiner done.  To satisfy a judg*ment obtained  against E. Perry, Deputy-sheriff LA.  Dinsmore will sell at noon, Mondaj*^,  opposite the Greenwood postoffice the  St. Louise mineral claim, located in  Brown's camp on Pass creek.  James Dale is down from the West  Fork of the Kettle river. He reports  that the Kerr mine and the Butcher  Bo3r are showing tip well and that con-  , siderable development is being done on  other properties in the district.  Willie Keottgii, a son of Mr. Keoug-h  of Keough Mining Company, and Miss  Rankin daughter of Georg*e Rankin of  the Sunset mine left Greenwood on  Tuesday for Colville where they were  to be married. Mr. Rankin accompanied the happy couple.  F. W. Lowe of the Dominion Explorers' Compatn*, London, England, and  Mr. Thomas Richard are now in Rossland but are expected here in a few  da}rs. Messrs. Lowe and Richard visited Boundary Creek a few weeks ag*o  and were favorably impressed with the  district.  J. Stoat Fasset of Elmira, New York,  and his son and Asop P. Bovier, a  prominent mining man and civil engineer have left Spokane for a trip  throup*h Okanag*au and district to the  north. The}' will probably visit Boundary Creek. Mr. Fassett is heavily interested in the Banner mine of Idaho  of which Mr. Bovier is the superintendent.    Mr. Fassett  stated   in an inter  view that New York capital was anxiously seeking investment in the western mines.  C. J. McArthur has returned from a  prospecting trip to Summit and Pass  creek camps.  A good body of ore has been struck  by the Rowlson Brothers on the Diamond Hitch claim, on the North Fork.  The ore is high grade, running as high  as $80 to the ton.  Hon. George E. Foster; ex-minister of Finance is expected to visit British Columbia this fall. He will examine his mining interests in Boundary  Creek before returning east.  It is reported that Messrs. Gaffert  and Anderson, the owners of the Mountain Lion, have received a very flattering offer for that property and others  which they own in the neighborhood.  Advantage is being taken of the prevailing fine weather, and for nearly  two months there have been but few  resident miners or prospectors living  in Greenwood, the majority of theni  being in the-hills. The assessment  work is being done on a great many  claims in the different camps.  Thos. McDowell and R. Denzler are  doing considerable work on the Snow-  shoe mine in Greenwood camp. Several mining men have recently been  examining this valuable property and  some nattering offers made to purchase  but the owners are so satisfied with its  worth that they are determined not to  sell until they get their figure.'  Mr. Wm. Turtle, of Denver, Colorado, is out every day in the mountains  examining properties. He isnaturalU*  impressed with the extensive area of the  mineral region. Mr. Tuttle has purchased an interest in property but his  intention is to secure if possible one of,  the big properties to be operated by a  Denver Syndicate whom he represents.  GREENWOOD  AND VICINITY.  Mr. Leslie   Hill  barn on Greenwood street.  s  buildintf  a larg-e  Provincial Police officer Lawder has  returned from a business trip to Grand  Forks.  Some 20 men are at work on the government wag*on road between Lime  creek and Pass creek. ��  James McConnell has fully recovered  from his illness and is ag*ain about  looking* after his mining properties.  The many friends of Mrs. G. R.  Naden will be pleased to learn that she  has almost full}' recovered from her  recent illness.  Miss   Thornber  who has been re-en-  as   teacher   of the   Greenwood  school is expected to   arrive from New  Westminster to-morrow.  The high water  O  in  Kettle   river  and  Boundary creek having receded the  fishing below Boundary Falls and in  Kettle river is excellent. Several  heavy baskets were secured during the  week.  Court Boundary, I. O. F., will have  special ceremonies connected with the  opening* of Rendell & Co's. new hall  which has been leased by the lodge.  Invitations have been extended to Midway and Grand Forks' lodges.  Messrs. Keedy & Ratcliffe have dissolved partnership, Mr. Ratcliffe buying* out Mr. Keedj-'s interest in the  business. Mr. Keedy has g*one to Davenport. Wash., where he will reside in  the future.  An adjourned meeting of the Court  of Licensing Commissioners will be  held at Midway on Tuesday. Application for a license to sell liquors will be  made on behalf of the Commercial hotel,   Copper  street,   Greenwood.     The  Commercial is now nearing completion  and will be opened as soon as the  license is secured.  Hon. George B. Martin,- Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works was in  Kootenay this week. He will probably  visit Boundary Creek as soon as he  gets several matters adjusted, there.  The  highest  price   paid   for   Fresh  Eggs, Butter, Poultry,   and  Game,   at  The Pioneer Restaurant,  .Greenwood, B.C.  NOTICE.  In the goods of James J. White, late  of Boundary Falls, B.C., deceased,  intestate.  T 'ETTEJRS OF ADMINISTRATION of the  J���< estate of the above-named intestate having- been granted to me on the 3Oth0day of, July,  1897, by order of His Honor W. Ward Spinks,  uotice'istherefore hereby g-iven that all: persons having- claims ag-aiust the estate of said  intestate must forward the same, with full particulars thereof, dury verified, to trie at Anaconda. B.C., before the 10th da}' of September,  1897, and all persons indebted to the said estate  aj;e_ required to pay the amount of such indebtedness to me forthwith.  And notice is further given that on the said  10th da3^ of September I will proceed to distribute the assets of said intestate among- the  parties entitled thereto, having- reg-ard only to  the claims of which notice shall then have been  -g-iven.'.'.., ���" '..   -.' ���  Dated this 2nd day of Aug-ust, 1897.  ".'   ',. THOMAS H. WHITE,  48-5 Administrator.  iiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiu  c For  mining  certificates ;  For    MINING    FORMS  For   LEDGERS,   JOURNALS  And     SEALS  For   MAPS   of  Every   Description  ���write to���  The  Province Publishing Co,,  Limited Inability,  Vancouver,  ���X>   Victoria,  *V4    ^V4    iV4  tip    , tip     lip   ���  THE  VERY   LATEST:  " The Province " Map  of  the  Price 50c.    On   Cloth,  waterproof cover,''Sl-.OOv-  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  VERNON    Mineral   Claim,   situate   in   the  OS03-00S  Mining-  Division  of  Yale  District.    Where located:- Camp McKinney.  Take notice that I, Charles deBlois Green, as  ag-ent for Hug-h Cameron, free miner's certificate No. 90,547, intend, sixt\- daj'S from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a  certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining- a Crown g-rant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  .section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 26th day of July, 1897. 48  MINERAL    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  LEMON Mineral Claim, situate in the Osoyoos Mining- Division of Yale district.  Where located : McCarron creek, Camp McKinney.  Take notice that I, Charles deBlois Green, as  ag-ent for Matthew J. Greev\-, free miner's certificate No. 80,367, intend, stxt^- da}-s from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a Crown grant of the above  claim.  And further take  notice  that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  ;   Dated this 17th day of July, 1897. 48  lliligi^^ r  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  KLONDYKE EXCITEMENT.  The aftermath  of  the Klondyke excitement   will  not  prove encouraging  reading- to those who  are   contemplating*   throwing*    up   something-   for  the  uncertainties  of  the  northern region.  The~steamer Queen, which returned to  Victoria   from   Alaska,   brought down  word   that  the mounted  police  of the  Northwest Territories who are stationed on the Yukon are meeting- all people  at  the   British   line beyond White and  Dyea  passes  and compelling-   all who  have not a year's supply of  provisions  to return to the coast.    But few  of the  fortune   seekers  who have  left for the  north have yet crossed  into  the interior.    It   will   cost   $400.   to   carry   2000  pounds of supplies   from Dyea   to Yukon.    Capt. Carroll   of the Queen, who  knows   as   much   about the   northern  country as any other man, -warns every  one not to attempt to enter the  Yukon  before   next   spring.    Those   at  Dyea  now cannot get into the Yukon district  before  next   spring  because   supplies  cannot be packed over the passes.    Indians are   hard   at  work  packing and  all the horses available are pressed into, service.    Men     can    pack   but   75  pounds. '  Dyea is only a few days travel by  steamer from Victoria. In all probability the great majority of those who  went north by the steamers will return  to Victoria and the Sound cities.  Those who purchased supplies in the  Sound cities are also meeting with discouragement. Many of them have only  means enough to furnish themselves  with a year's supplies and are unable  to pay the Canadian Customs officers,  consequently they are forced to return.  A DAILY MAIL.  After considerable agitation and  grumbling on the part of the inhabitants of Kootenay the Postmaster-General has authorized the conveyance of  mails daily between Revelstoke and  Trail and other Kootenay points. Now  if the Honorable Mr. Muloch would  authorize the conveyance of mails  daily between Penticton and Boundary Creek points, the residents here  would fully appreciate the service. If  that is impossible this summer, it  would not be a difficult matter to arrange the conveyance of mails daily to  and from Grand Forks. There is now  a daily stage on this route and the extra expense should not prove a barrier.  There is already a daily mail from  Marcus to Grand Forks and there is no  good reason whj* this service should  not be extended to Greenwood.  Wild Catting Restricted.  The Ontario government are determined to protect those who are anxious  to purchase cheap shares in the numerous " wild cat" companies whose  agents are endeavoring to unload in  Toronto, Ottawa and other eastern  cities. By the law which just went into force in the province of Ontario, no  mining company organized outside the  province can transact business or sell  shares without first securing a license.  The penalty for violation is a fine of  $20 a day and three months imprisonment. Licenses will be issued only to  responsible companies.  ^^<L  L.     Y.     B/RNIE.  ��^y.. ~*&r   ~<&~   ~*q*  W.    \J.     ARMSTRONG.  ^Y4!2">i6ffi"*"j����-*&A-0"&tf��^^  : J. ARMSTRONG & CO. I  Hardware* ^��� Crockeryf J3C Stores,  AT ACTUAL COST!  As our stock is larger than is necessary and to make room for new g-oods,  we offer the foi-eg-oing-inducement fok Cash for the next 30 Days.  If establishing- a home for yourself, or contemplating- the purchase of anything-in the line of Stoves, Grauiteware, Silver-ware, Glassware, Crockery-  ware, Lamp-g-oods,   Sash   and   Doors,   Paints and   Oils,  Builders' Hardware,  MINERSv SUPPLIES,  make   it   a   point   to    see   our    stock    and   compare   our   prices.    'Nouf sed.'  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ;.'.���'.'  M��%  M/DWAY, Kettle River.  3h k\st-cTvASS Accommodation.    Good Stabbing.    Stopping Ptvack for Stacks.  McAULEY & McCUAIG, Proprietors,  HNDARY  ��TEL,  Thos, Wake,:���'.-.>    Proprietor,  j The hotel is centrally located and is a stopping  place for stage lines. Good fishing in the  vicinity.    Good stabling.  in*  Meals will be served at all hours, the tables  being furnished with the best. A variety of the  choicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar.  % 4* 4* 4* 4* 4s 4* 4- 4s4* 4* 4* .4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* $t  *����  '. B. Taylor <&  dealers in  And PROSPECTORS' SUPPLIES,  -   -   NOTARY    PUBLIC    -   -  J&OGK.     CREEK, -       -      ���-.    '���-.      B.C.  -"���"'���"'"�����  <*$?* m* <?$& $w* m�� <cw��  SANSON   &   HOLBROOK,  FINANCIAL    AND     MINING   BROKERS.  Groups'of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  OFFICE     AT     GREENWOOD     CITY,     B.C.  ���nnrrnt'-v.^vKfii'"*���'���.;ti-w>Kr.w^zw?"v*^r^^ \^~^cy-m?"J-^���ktv^.wrt-iiS&JH'W1 : ^M'^-ft'-^Vi.'.^"w; r ygf-"^ '���'?-y^{--71 ^^^^T^iV^���?M<^^^A���''^^^:^'M^^.���?^^sy  I     ��� ���  j;- THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  HEAD     OFFICE:      ROSSLAND,      B.O.  Capital, $1,500,000,  1,500,000 Shares, par value $1,00,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  Oppicers ; . :������'...' "������^-..-.  President :    HON.   T.   M.   DALY;  Ex-Minister of Interior.  Vice-President:   ANDREW   KELLY,   of Alexander,  Kelly & Go.,  Brandon,  Man,  Secretary-Treasurer :   W/ L   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  Board   op   Directors :  Ilb.ru ci. N. Kirchoffer; W. A. Macdonald, Q.C., Fred. Nation, W. L. Lindsay, Wm. cJohhson,  W. A. fuller, W. cJ. Porter, and G. H. Collins.  Owns  the "Golden Grown "mineral claim and has a bond onthe .'"Calumet/! situated in  Welling  SMUGGLED   TOBACCO.  For  some  time past the officers of  Her Majesty's Customs and others had  a   strong-   suspicion   that   g-oods were  broug-ht in from across  the  Boundary  line without duties being paid.    There  are several  places  along  the  international line where goods  can  be smuggled almost with impunity as there are  no officers near at hand.    Mr. J.  Stun-  den   a  special officer  in   the   customs  service went down to Osooyos lastweek  to   inspect   the office  there and to inquire into the  question  of  securing a  more efficient means of collecting*   customs  on  the  larg-e  amount of  g-oods  coming* in from the Big* Bend Country.  The trouble  is   that  teams  from ���the  American side enter, at Kruger's   and  pay duty on  the g*oods  but  in order to  get  to  Rock    Creek, Midway,   Greenwood and other points they must follow  the wag-on roads which run into American  territory  after leaving  Krug-er's.  As there is no officer on   the  Canadian  side where  the  road  again  runs into  British Columbia a splendid opportunity is afforded teams  that  have a customs receipt from officer Kruger to pick  up  dutiable   g-oods on   the   American  side.  Mr. Stunden, believing that goods  were thus brought in kept his eyes and  ears opened. He \*isited a*Chinaman's  store at Rock Creek and found that the  cunning Mongolian had in a large  stock of American tobacco that h e had  never paid duty on. Mr. Stunden confiscated the entire lot and placed it in  charge of officer Sutherland at Midway.  The seizure will be reported to the g-overnment and in all probability the  Chinaman will be heavily fined.  Mr. D. A. Holbrook returned on Monday from a ten days' trip into the Eureka district. He reports that there  are some very promising looking properties there and that prospectors are  making* discoveries every day. He  Avas particular!}- well pleased with the  showing-s at Myers' Creek which he  also visited.  Mr. Petersen has leased the Pioneer  hotel dining room from Messrs. Nelson  & Tynan. Mr. Petersen who is an experienced caterer has changed the dining room into a restaurant where he  will serve meals at all hours.  Mr. Rogers of the Post office Inspector's office passed througii Greenwood  on Saturday last.  Mr. T. M. Gulley left on Wednesday  for Spokane and will be absent a week  or ten davs.  M4��t4��M��MClM4������M��MC^��4��HIM4��H(��H��-HtM4tWH��S  > ��-<Mt>������H�� �������� ��� <��*-9*19>-9<9>*m-49+9-��9 T  **<*>-9<0>-9-<9>'9-***-9~49>-9*1*>'t ��B>' ��� t�� 9-4��>-9-4at>'9'49>-9**+9-49*-��+��*-9-49*-9-1��;  I  m  r  Winchester,   Marlin   and  Savag-e  Rifles.  Greener,  Clabroug-h,   Scott,   Tisdall,   and   W.   Richards  11  Shot Guns. .-':��� ?  Catalog-ue on  application.  Smith  &  Wesson   and  <Colt  Revolvers.  Ammunition of all kinds.  Wholesale   f  and Retail.  >-9-49*-9-4��>-9*9*9*9+9*9*9+��t��9-*9>-6*9>0<9*9**+9-^94*>*-*9*9<e*'9-<��-9~����-949>9-4*>-9 49* ��� <�������������  TISDALL'S Gun Store, Vancouver, j  Z9-49+th4**-9-*��*-9*9>-9-<9>-&��*>-9-49>9<9t-9 <f 940>-9-<9*����~4��f��-*9*.949>-9-49>9*9*'9-<**-9M9>-9-49*9*B9>' >���<���� ����>0  J. Kerr.  J.     P.     FlyOOD.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD. GRAND rORKS. & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and all Mining- Camps.  ^3g  80$  #3g  OUR FEOUR has the name of being- the BEST all-round  Flour on the market. Try it and you will not use other brands.  Our shareholders grow the wheat and we grind the Flour with  the latest improved milling* machinery. Our brands' are HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG BAKERS, ECONOMY, SUPERFINE. All bags marked **0. K," and to be had at all the leading-  dealers from Penticton to Greenwood City.  Okanagan Flour Mills Go., Ltd., Armstrong, B. C.  S3kc  J.  PIERCY & CO.,  25, 27, 29   YATES STREET,  ICTORIA,    ,    RG  Wholesale Dry Goods,  and  Clothing Manufacturers  '33:  m  :?>'i  ���ill  If  ii  .i\m  ''i.ra  ! IPS:-  fit  i��  ���V"-Tl' n��ii  j  .!���* &  &  %f  ���^����^s^s5l*-**f^4,^P��Bfe��s-to��-���  CATITAL $1,500,000,  In   1,500,000  shares of $1 each,   of which  700,000  are  Treasury  Stock.  ��{rectors:  g. arthur rendell....::.���������������  s. s. fowler, a.b.,em.......  d. a. holbrook...^.^.....  thos. McDonnell  g. <ae. shaw, c.e., p.l.s.   JrjeSTCv^Tyy.  .......Vice-Tresident.  .......................Manager.  (��<Xn&tt&  "BANK OF MONTREAL, VERNON; B.C.  ���ft��Bfra^8��*SH**�� P 4W-0-��8��gh*B��-fr<t"*>g  ���r-^HE COMPANY'S mineral  claims now number 14, of which 12 adjoin 'and form a compact group situate  in  1L     Providence   Camp,   Boundary   Creek.     Development work is in progress on three of these, viz. the D. A.,  c" ''''.������'/'���.���' ���.-���'"  G. A. R., and O. B. claims, each giving promise of good results.  f-jOHB   COMPANY lately  acquired Mr. Thos.  McDonnEi,i/S   pre-emption of 320 acres and adjacent lands,]upon  jJL      which are excellent mill-sites and which give access to an abundant supply of water for power purposes.    Forty  of the pre-emption have been sub-divided into town lots, and the new townsite thus established has been named  acres  which is most favorably situated at the junction of Boundary and Eholt creeks, and at a convenient distance from  several important mining camps. These town lots are being offered at reasonable prices and upon easy terms of  payment.    Plans, prices and full particulars, are now obtainable at the Company's  Mead Oftice  GREENWOOD CITY,  B.C.  Correspondence Invi  E. JACOBS,   Secretary and  Treasurer.  ���fesst  ftw*  !"*"vy  r <���'   i  V.-  !**��� -'  "!���  "��� .'J  'V---  ^��^^^ tCT  ���The largest and most complete stock of  6 ���>' ���SS'.' ������������..���  ��  at REMDELL'J CO/s store  ANNED' /-^/SM  Fresh   Herrings,   Bloaters,,   Oysters,  lobster,  Barataria Shrimps,  etc., -etc.  an Ned Bruits.        . -.;:  Gilt Edge Apricots, Blueberries, Raspberries, Greengages, Grapes,' Pineapples,, etc.  Australian   Mutton,  Lunch Tongue; etc ������  Beef,   Pigs'   Feet,  MB Beat?  Tomatoes, Corn, Beans, Peas.  Ganmed Milk.     .  St. Charles, Empire, Reindeer, Magnolia, etc.  SYRUPS, in all sizes.   X   A:   PICKLES, CATSUP. Etc,   ������-���- '  lll'ilff***f*****~'^"iM",r'Hl r ���-- :���"  Get oar Prices and Compare our Qualities, s % a  f /l 0 f  gfgCTBaMBHiaiaBtuauijiiaigj1oW^v>aajBjwla>jgB^^^  Greenwood and Boundary Falls.  fcs  ���> -     ft   *  T"l|-T��-  y-;-:  '^ftCOCT-i^^


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