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The Boundary Creek Times 1899-08-12

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 Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining .District.  .���*�����  ���   ��-���  .�������   .  6-  a-  if  i-t-  GOV  t��3  Vol; VI.  GREENWOOD, B. C��� SATURDAY, AUGUST 12r 1899,  No/15  ___�����ww��.vvxv&. BUILDERS   OF ������ ,  A FATAL ACCIDENT.  M0BERN  MINING  Contractors for the design and construction - of complete Stamp Mills, Concentration,  Clilorination, Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  32  CO  pa  r-f-  r-t-  ��<  ��  o  n  p  n  MATELLO KILLED IN MOTHER LODE  He Fell Down the Shaft a Distance of 215 Feet  ���He and Other Muckers  Failed to Give  the Engineer Proper Signals��� Jumped From  the Bucket.  ��'�����     12  CO  as  r-f-  Hv  . O   .  i-S .  w  CO  o  3'  3  o  o  (0  &**,  O  o  . i���*  ,ps  l-h  O  ���t ������  Head Office and Works s  PETBRB��R0, ��HT,  Branch Offices j  Vancouver, B. C, Rossland, B.C,  And Greenwood, B.C. harry howson, Agent.  For the  first  time the Mother Lode  mine was the scene of a fatal accident.  Dom.  Matello,  a mucker, lost His life  by falling- to the bottom of the shaft, a  distance   of  215   feet.    The 'accident  happened  Monday  afternoon.    It was  the  result of carelessness on the part  of Matello and the' other muckers who  were in the shaft with him.    The engineer had been hoisting   ore during- the  afternoon.    The   signal , for   hoisting  ore is one bell, while for hoisting- men  is 3-1.    Matello and two other muckers  got on- the -bucket, each thinking the  other gave the proper signal   to the  engineer for hoisting   men.    But the  engineer received only one ring���the  signal for hoisting ore  and the bucket  came up at a:much faster rate than  is  usual with men on.    When  it reached  the top of the -shaft the men became  excited.'   The bucket went higher as is  necessary  to allow dumping the ore.  Matello  and one of   his   companions  jumped, : the; other   remained   in ;the  backet.   While his companion escaped  clear of shaft, poor Matello slipped and  fell in, plunging to his death. 215 feet  below.    He  was frightfully   mangled  and   death   must   have   been   instantaneous.  Matello was an Italian about 40 years  of age. He. has a cousin working on  the. railway grade and another in.  Idaho. ...,-���  Provincial-Constable McMynn visited  the Mother Lode and. made inquiries,  but did not consider an inquest necessary. The remains were : interred in  the Greenwood cemetery, the funeral  taking place from Gulley!s~ undertaking, parlors on; Wednesday.  Queen," brought the pleasing evening  to a close.'  The Baptist church will be, when  completed, a very imposing- edifice.  The situation is Long Lake street below Mineral street. The contractors  for the building are Smith Bros. &  Travis.  PROPERTIES   BONDED  LAYING THE CORNER STONE.  ..OAULFIELB\.<& LAMONT..  *^_ :^~~m "*?' ~ : ���  ������w  ^W^  DEALERS IN  SHELF AND   HEAVY    HARDWARE  .... GRANITE WARE, ETC, ETC ..,  Dowsnell Washers, * Ajex and Royal Canadian Wringers,>Wire Screen Cloth, ��� Screen Doors.  y v y i> >>  A Large Consignment  of  Window Glass Just Received. ���> ��� ��� ������  fF   YOU   Inspect  Our  Stock And Get  Our Prices ���   ���   ���   v  Interesting Ceremony In Connection With the  .     New Baptist Church. '  There was a very large congregation  present to witness the interesting ceremony of laying the corner stone of the  Methodist church on Monday evening  last. Mayor Hardy, presided, and the  members of the city council, together  with the clergymen of other denominations, were on the platform. Brif addresses were delivered by Rev. Mr.  Balperston and Rev. Mr. Fortune; representing the Methodist and Presbyterians. Rev. Mr. Stackhouse representing the U. C. Baptist conference,  and Rev. Mr. Trotter: Then Aid.  Wood, laid the corner stone accompanied by the reading of the  beautiful Masonic lecture. Mr.  Wood used the trowel like an  adept, and the stone was declared well  and   truly    laid.       "God     Save   the  By Messrs.   Naden and  Ceperely on Kruear  Mountain-Mother Lode Smelter���Notes.  G. R. Naden,  managing director of  the Bealey Investment and Trust company,  and   H.  T.  Ceperley,  the well  known insurance and financial man of  Vancouver, made a flying trip to Camp  McKinney,     Fajrview     and    Kruger  mountain,   returning   to  the   city  on  Wednesday,    They succeeded in bonding two Kruger mountain properties of  great promise.    The bond  was drawn  up  and signed under peculiar circum-.,  stances.    The properties  were visited  and   the   showing  being  satisfactory  Messrs. NaJen_'and Ceperley  made an  effort to find the owners.    They were  told   that  all had left  to-attend  the  funeral of the late Mr: Kruger. Thither  they  proceeded and  found their men.  While the funeral service was proceeding   in   the.residence,   Mr.   Ceperley  turned  his   valise   into   a   temporary  writing desk; for the,use of Mr. Naden  who   drew up the bond. : The signatures were then and there secured and  the   deal   was   made.    The properties  bonded   are the   Anaconda  Dividend '  and the Gold Dust,  owned by  Fisher,  et  al.     The figures mentioned in the  bond are  high," biit: as the properties  contain big ledges that giye high gold  values,   Messrs.  Naden, and Ceperley  are delighted with the deal.   Work will  be started on the properties in a short  time.., ���....'. ::���;��� ......  r  We carry a full stock of merchandise including" all kinds of staple and  fancy groceries.  - Flour, Feed, Vegetables, Fresh Eggs, .Fruits, Cured  Meats, Fuse, Caps, Powder, Earthenware, Glassware,  Crockery.  ALL. KINDS OF BUILDERS AND MINING HARDWARE  A, H, SPERRY & CO,,  Copper Street,     ���     ���     ���      Greenwood, B. C.  tut  Ranging in price from  75   cents    to   $6.00,  **��*    They cannot be beat*  en. Gall and see them  M$$M$4$&*** I *4Mt$*$M&$$&$  ^iiuiUiuuaiiiiiiUiitiiuiiiiuiiUiiiuiiiUiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiujiUiiiiijuiiuiiUiiuiiiuiJiiiiiiiiiiiiujg  IS THE BEST HOTEL IN GREENWOOD. A New Building, welt furnished. First-class  Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Liquors and Ciyars.��� Headquarters for Mining-  and Commercial Men.  Copper Street, Greenwood.  ^mmmmmmmmmf??fmmmmnmmmmmfmnmmmmm!?mm?fmnfmmm?!mnK  BY BUYING A BOTTLE OF  Stephen's Indelible Ink.  Mark every article  sent to the Laundry,  and in clothes not lost j^r.  you save the price 35c I^T  of the marker the first  week,  Work. will. shortly be started oh th e  Red Rock, a Greenwood camp property,  recenty bonded by Mr. F. P. Buck, of  Shersbrooke, Que. The Red Rock was  'owned by the Bealey Iiivestment- and  Trust company, the British America  Development company of New York,  represented by Mr. Ceperley and J. C.  Haas.; It has been developed to a considerable extent and has a strong showing. The price mentioned in the bond  is $25,000, 10 per cent having- been paid  in cash; the balance is to be paid in  six months and the original owners are  to receive 10 per cent of the stock in  the company id be organized by Mr.  Buck.  E. G. Warren, of Rossland, who has  charge of several properties in Camp  McKinney, was in the city, this week.  They visited several properties including those in which they are financially  interested. They met members of the  board of; trade in reference to plans  for bringing- the business of their  properties into closer touch with the  city. Mr;. Jaffray stated that Dominion  Copper company,, which had securied  Mackenzie, Mann & Co.'s properties,  were disposed to do everything possible tomalce Greenwood a large commercial and mning center.  Mr. Paul Johnson, the well known  smelter expert, has arrived-in Nelson  from California and will reach Greenwood in a few days. Mr. Johnson will  consult with Mr. Keffer, the manager  of the B. C. Copper company, relative  to the selection of a site for a smelter.  The report in Tuesday's News-Advertiser that the smelter will be built at  Cascade, nine miles distant from the  Mother Lode mine, is palpably inaccurate. The smelter will be built on  Boundary creek, probably at the mouth  of Copper creek.  R. J. Cawston, the well known  Similkameen cattle man, was in Greenwood, this week.  y  y-  s  y  /���   S   -,   ���   ���   i>   f>  FOR SALE���An organ nearly new.  A bargain. Apply A. Palmer, Greenwood, B. C.  ' Dermody-Punch.  Mr.   Pat  Dermody, the   foreman   at  the   Old   Ironsides     mine,   and   Miss  Catherine   Punch,    daughter   of   Mr.  James  Punch,   of  Phoenix,   and   formerly of New Westminister, were married   in   Spokane on Tuesday, August.  1st. j   The happy couple after spending  several  days  in   Spokane, returned to  Phoenix   where   they   will   make their  ! hom,e.    Both   are  well   and   popularly  j known in the  district  and   the   Times  I joins their many friends in   extending  Copper St,        ^        GreenWOOd,' congratulations.  Smith �� McRaeis  ���Book Store��� THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,
I.|H.   HAI.I.HTT.
Cable Address: "hauli.tt."
( Bedford M'I\"ill's
Coups   J Broomliall's
( Lciber's.
B. C
Successful Conference of the Kootenay Boards of Trade Held
j in Rossland Last Week.      Many Subjects  Relating to
j Mining Regions of Southern B, C, Considered,
Bm'^e^^ '^ boundary Creek District not Neglected by' Conference-The
■bakkktt'block, ' coppkr strkkt,   \        Trail  Smelter Visited by Delegates—Mr, Aldridge s
Intentions Regarding Boundary  Creek Ores,
.   Bakkistkk and Solicitor,
C.K15KNWOOI), 11. C.
|.'K. 1IKOWN. AI.K. IIAI.I.. I.I.. I:., II. C. L
J. K. M. MOHKISO.S', I..I..H.
gaff, (grotw % (gtormon
Bakklstkhs and Solicitous, Notaries
Public, Etc.
Naden-Plood lilock, Copper Street l.reenwood.
Assoc. Mem. Can. Soe. Civil Engineers,
Qprofnnctaf Itdnb Jgumgo?
•- (JtofOrj (pUfiftC -- MIDWAY,    B. C.
JT"     W.    GROVES.
Civil & Mining Engineer
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mineral Claims Reported upon.
Underground Surveys.
•.  A.  GUESS, M.A.
H.  A. GUESS,  M.A.
Mining Properties Examined and Reported on.   (Estab. 1895).
Greenwood, B. C.
Givil    Engineer,
Qonrimon ano fproDinciaf g<m& giurSegor.
GREENWOOD,       -        B. C.
(gtintns,  Qfoaf &et<xtt
<tnb 3tt0urdnce QSrofter.
Greenwood,   •    • ■■■•>   '   B.C.
.'h. /n. keeper;
Real Estate and Twining Broker
^ W. ROSS.
Boundary   and   Camp   McKinney  properties
given especial attention.
, S. KEITH, M. E.
Mining Properties Examined
. - .THE MART. . .
,  BAUER; C.E.,
(protjt'nciaf £an& gwrtttjjorfl.
(joining anb Ct'tJt'f <gnst'neer£ng.
Mineral  Claims Surveyed and Crown Granted
Laud and Kii|rincertii|r Surveys
Flood-Naden Block, -   -    GREENWOOD, B C
Graduate  of  McGill   University    in    Mining
-   B. C.
' U. Sc, A. M. Soc. C. E., D.L.S., P.L.S.
Surveying- and Engineering-
undertaken in any part of
British Columbia.
Mining   Work    a    Specialty.
Kerby's Map of Wellington Camp.
Candies,   Tobaccos,   Cigars,
Druegirts' Sundries, Stationery, etc.,
H. B. MUNROE, Greenwood.
Boundary   Valley   Lodge
No. 38, l.O.O.F.
) Art EETS every Tuesday
/   \    Evening-   at   8.00   in
their lodge room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial
invitation is extended to all sojourning brethren. Thos. M. Gullkv, N.G.
Duncan Ross, Rcc. Sec.
The Rossland Board of Trade  is  to
be congratulated  upon being   instrumental  in securing the conference of
the boards of trade of the Kootenays
and Boundary Creek.    When the  idea
was suggested to the different boards,
it was favorably considered because it
was felt that there were many matters
of   public  interest upon which the different boards could agree and that an
organization representing- the different
•ections of  the province would   have
greater   weight    than   an    individual
board.    The conference could not be a
greater   success.       Every    board    of
trade in East and West Kootenay and
Boundary Creek district   was   represented.     When   the    conference   was
opened in the  rooms of J. S. C. Fraser
the president of the Bank of Montreal
the following delegates were present:
Moyie,  J. P. Farrell; Grand  Forks,
W.  B.  Cochrane   and   Smith, Curtis;
Fort Steele,..J.  A.   Harvey  and E.J.
Walsh;     Cascade,   . Stanley , May all;
Revelstoke,   T. .L,, :Haig   and   J.   T.
Brewster; Trail,  Col.  E.  S;  Topping-
and'W. H. Aldridge; Greenwood, A.  J.
McMillan and Duncan Ross, and Ross-
land, _Hon.' T.  Mayne Daly,: and J. S.
C. Fraser.     Subsequently,  during the
afternoon  session,   Messrs. : Roderick
Robertson  and  Frank Fletcher,   and
Messrs. G. O.Buchanan and H.Giege-
rich,  representing Nelson   and Kaslo
respectively,  arrived and took part in
the proceedings.
Mr. Fraser the president of the Rossland board was appointed en airman: of
the conference, Duncan.Ross was appointed vice-chairman and H; W. ,C.
Jackson secretary, with Fred C. -Mof-
fatt of the Rossland Miner as his assistant.
Messrs. Daly, McMillan, Haig and
Harvey were appointed a committee to
outline a plan of procedure. They
recommended that an association be
formed to be known as the Associated
Boards of Tiade of Eastern British
Columbia, the membership to be composed of two delegates from each.of
the boards of .trade now existing or
hereafter organized in the mining districts of Yale. East and West Kootenay
and Cariboo. That the annual meeting be held on the first Thursday in
August the place of next meeting to be
decided by a majority vote at each annual meeting, emergency meetings to
be called by the executive committee,
who will decide time and place; that
the purposeof this organization shall
be to discuss and take action upon all
questions affecting the general welfare
of the people residing within the jurisdiction of the association, and more
particularly all matters affecting the
mining industry, the officers of the
board to consist of a president, two
vice-presidents, secretary and an executive committee of six members
representing- the various mining districts, each board to pay an annual fee
of $15 for general expenses, each delegate present to have a vote. The
order of business and regulations tor
discussion was also provided.
From the different suggestions offered by different boards, the committee also prepared a programme of 18
subjects to be considered but as these
subjects are referred to as they were
discussed a list is not necessary here.
A. J. McMillan one of the Greenwood
delegates introduced the first resolution. Mr. McMillan was one of the
most useful members of the conference.
He was always ready to urge anything relating to the district he represented and his knowledge of all
parts of the province and London was
of the greatest value to the conference.
The first resolution which he introduced and which was seconded by Hon.
Mr. Daly was as follows :
That this meeting- of the Associated
Board of Trade of Eastern British Columbia hereby .urges upon the provincial government the desirability of issuing quarterly bulletins, giving-
information with reference to the output of the mines of the province and
such other general information on
mining matters as may be of putilic
After a brief discussion   a committee
consisting of  Messrs.   Ross,   Harvey,
Curtis and Mayall were appointed for
the purpose of drafting a resolution
dealing with the mail service. On
Friday morning Mr. Ross moved, the
following resolution. It was seconded
by Mr. Harvey and carried unanimously :
Whereas, the attention of the associated Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia has been directed to
numerous complaints iri reg-ard to the
irregularities in the mail service in
various parts'-of ..the- Kootenays and
Yale district, to delay in securing^
adequate postal facilities for new and
rapid growing- mining: districts, to the
insufficient salaries; paid to the postmasters in towns and cities which
have j sprung into prominence during-
recent years; .to carelessness on the
part j of stage companies having contracts* for the conveyance of the
mails, to delays in forwarding mails to
points adjacent to!-.'main lines of railway land generally- to.insufficient and
unsatisfactory, mail service in the districts mentioned :   !.
And whereas, particulars of complaints will be furnished to the honorable,|the postmaster-general, should he
so desire :
Therefore be it resolved, that this ^association desire to respectf iilly call the
attention of the honorable, the postmaster-general, to the complaints referred to and to urge upon him to take
such; steps as will place the postal service in Eastern and Southern British
Colunibia on a basis more suited to the
requirements of ; the mining country
which, ! is. being rapidly developed,
which consequently demands speedier
and closer attention from the postoffice
department than old established districts in the east., And the associaiton
desire to particularly urge upon the
honorable the postmaster-general, the
necessity of providing a daily mail
service for all towns which have daily
communication by railway, steamers
or stages.
Mr. Ross seconded- by Mr. Smith
Curtis representing Grand Forks introduced a resolution in reference to
the ^official recognition of the Boundary country. After a brief discussion
the resolution passed as follows :
Whereas, the present Canadian and
mining journals have frequent, references to the marvelous richness of
the (mineral' resources of that part of
British Columbia popularly known as
the Boundary country :
And whereas, the general public outside; of the provinces have a vague or
erroneous impression as to its location,
since it is not indicated upon the provincial maps:
Therefore be it resolved that this
association tirg-e upon the provincial
government the desirability of designating the mineral region occupying
the Kettle River basin, as "The
Boundary District," and of having
this district- defined and named on all
maps of the province.
One of the most important questions
that came  before  the  conference was
that introduced  by  Mr. Buchanan of
Kaslo.    It related to the injustice done
the ; mining districts   in   the matter of
appropriations    and   sugg-ested   as   a
remedy the organization of  municipalities.    Mr. Buchanan who  is an excellent  speaker  delivered  an interesting
address full of facts and   figures.     He
said the chief end sought by the resolution was to secure the roads  that were
so very urgently needed in  every mining section in the province at the  present time.     A million dollars worth of
roads   were   needed   in the Kootenay
alone.    The present system of attempting   to   obtain   from   the    provincial
government  the  necessary  appropriations to construct roads to open up the
districts,   had   broken   down   so completely that he had no further use for
it.    In  his  own   immediate district of
Kaslo they had made out  a good  case
for the immediate expenditure of $75,-
000 for roads urgently needed  for mining purposes, and the grant given had
been  only $15,000.     The  government
receipts from all sources last year were
something over  $2,000,000, made up of
(Continued on Page 3.)
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out the whole of their
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June 15tli,
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HERBERT <£ GUISE. -W  t ..>  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Board of Trade Meets.  (Continued From Page 2.)  $561,000, borrowed $451,000 from general receipts, and the balance of $1,023,-  000  from taxation   in   one form or another.      West  Kootenay   had collected  and contributed to Victoria the sum  of  $293,000, and East Kootenay $58,000, or  a total of $350,000; yet for all  purposes  these districts only obtained back $11,-  000 for West Kootenay, and $21,00o for  East Kootenay,;a total of $132,000.   Indirectly  Kootenay   had   contributed   a  much larger sum than that mentioned,  and  when   the government was asked  '���.   for appropriationssuch   totally  inadequate  aid was given that he for.one  was  ready  to break the existing partnership   and   try   some other method.  He   was   not   wedded  to  a system of  municipalities,  but if : a better scheme  ; was suggested,  would gladly  support  :;; it.   The speaker went very  fully  into  the whole question,  and concluded an  eloquent  appeal   to   the " convention,  with  the suggestion that  this resolution   might   prove   a   solution   of the  difficulties heretofore encountered. (Applause.)  Mr, Ross  and  Col.   Topping ��� asked  = ��� ;   where!   the., proposed    municipalities  would obtain their revenue. , Hon. Mr.  Daly yer3r   warmly  congratulated  Mr.  Buchanan upon his excellent presentation  of  the question.     He  thought  a  scheme of taxation   for. revenue purposes could readily be worked out  and  .   the municipalities could   fairly ask the  government . for   a   fair   share of the  large  amount, contributed  every year  by them and,  for which  they  got so  i little   in   return.    He   condemned  the  present system as mostunfair and in-  '   adequate, and  instanced the grant of  $15,000 for Trail Creek and  the Boundary combined.    Mr. Harvey, Mr. Haig  ���    .   and other, speakers  all  agreed that a  great in j u stice was perperated  by the  present system,  and  the development  , of the province seriously; retarded, but  expressed some doubts as  to ,the working out; of the scheme in detail.  Mr. Ross said there was  no guarantee that municipalities would  make a  better distribution  than   the   government.    He would favor anj'  plan  that  would give a fairer share   of   the   appropriation   than  that  at  present- obtained.-'After Mr.,Curtis'had   spoken  in favor of'some new system- Mr. Daly,  moved a resolution which   carried,   re'-,  ���ferring  the   motion  offered  to  a committee composed of Messrs. BuchanBiij  Curtis,- Harvey, Ross  and  the-mover*  -;', to consider and report in the , morning.  ,'i   "This committee reported -Mr.  Buchan-  '���'   an'.s     tesoiu'tio'nf '; with  : some - slight  amendments   and   it   was   carried as  follow? ���.  Whereas, there is many parts of  " Kootenay, Yale and Cariboo urgent  need for the construction of wagon  . roads and trails in order that mining  properties now being rapidly developed can be reached by pack trains and  wagons so that machinery and supplies  can be readily and cheaply got into  the same:  And whereas, the immediate . expenditure of:.a large amount of money hi  the construction of said roads and  trails is an urgent necessity and would  prove a judicious and remunerative  ���  investment :'.-���  And whereas, the present scale of  appropriation for this purpose is not in  any way commensurate with the large  revenue yearly collected by the provincial government from the mining  ing districts of the province and is  barely sufficient for the repair of existing roads and trails, and is such as to  give no warrant for the hope that with  in any reasonable time the needs of  these districts, which are now imperative and pressing, will receive due  consideration at the hands of the  government:  And whereas, the system under  which the provincial grants for road  construction are expended is not such  as to secure results commensurate'vvith  the outlay, but is inferior in economy  and efficiency to a-system under which  . 'such work would have the benefit of  local supervision and control :  Therefore be it resolved, that it is  the sense of this convention that the  government should borrow on the  credit of the province a sum of money  sufficient to build and maintain the  roads and bridges which are at present  urgently needed throughout the mining districts in the province^ and here  after they should adopt a system under  which provincial grants for road construction in the mining districts of the  province will be more largely increased, the same to be commensurate with  the revenue derived therefrom and the  expenditure of the same to be made  under the supervision and control of  commissioners elected by the people,  and following the adoption of some  such new and adequate system that  provisions should be made by provinci  H| OUR MILL  j$r! Grinds B.C. wheat.  ||| Pays taxes' in B.C.  I^f'tlires men in B. C.  |^ Spends  all  earn-  -  U ings in B. 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NADEN,   Manager.  ^'GREENWOOD ���".*  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc.  �� .* ��'  al enactment for. a form of district or  country, organization' by which any of  the districts or counties in the province  could if the residents therein see fit, be  organized into municipalities either on  the lines adopted by the older provinces of Canada or otherwise with the  right in such municipalities of collecting and appropriating for this use an  equitable proportion for the revenue  and taxes at present levied and collected by  the provincial government,  ind particularly such as is derived  from the mining industry, including  the recording fees, free miners' license  arid a percentage of the royalty on the  output of the mines. .-..-...      . ,   .._  DOMINION REPRESENTATION.  The    conference    endorsed   the  memorials  of  the  Rossland    and    Kaslo  boards of trade in reference to representation in the Dominion   parliament.  PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATION  Mr. Ross moved, seconded by Mr.  McMillian, that, in the opinion of the  associated Boards of Trade of Eastern  British Columbia the time has arrived  when the Boundary district should be  given seperate representation in the  provincial legislature, and the niemg  bers of the associated Boards heartily5  urge upon the British Columbia  government the desirability of giving  said district such representation without delay.    Carried..  SILVER-LEAD QUESTION.  The most interesting discussion of  the conference was that in connection  with the silver-lead question. There  were two stalwarts who discussed the  question from separate standpoints.  Mr. tUichanan made a powerful speech  in favor of urging upon the Commission negotiating a treaty with  United States, to secure the removal of  the U. S. duty of l]i cents per pound  on silver-lead ore going into United  States. His argument was directed  towards the interests of the silver-lead  miner. On the other hand Mr. W. H.  Aldrige manager of the Trail smelter  made a strong- plea for the encouragement of the lead smelting industry.  He stated that under exisiing tariff  duties the Canadian smelters were shut  out of the U. S. market and denied the  Canadian markets. Mr. Buchanan's  (Continued on Page 5.)  ACT,    1896.  Improvements  MINERAL  Certificate   of  .NOTICE.  TIMER FRACTION mineral claim.situate in  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Greenwood  camp immediately west of and. adjoining  the New York mineral claim, Crown  Granted. .  TAKE NOTICE that I Prescott Campbell  McArthur, Free Miner's certificate No.  19237a, intend, sixty days from the date thereof,  to apply-to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And' further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 13lh day of July, 18'W.  Mineral Act, 1886.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  FALCON Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River,Mining Division of .Yale District.  Where located: In Atwood camp,lying  south easterly of and adjoining the Rob  Rov mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Ijaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Mary Garland, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 19632a, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of [Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining' a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 27, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this Oth day of Julv, 1889.   I.' If. HALLETT.  Mineral Act, 1896.  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood.  LIME I LIME ! ! LIME 111  The only first class White Lime in the Boundary.  ttott? J^afte Bimt Co.,  Is now prepared to furnish lime on short notice  in any Quantity....   Enquire of  W.E.MED/LL, mgr:  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  r-pj  NOTICE.  GARFIELD Mineral Claim, siiuate in the  Kettle River -Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Greenwood  Cam p.  "��AKE NOTICE that 1, Ceo. W. Rumberger,  Free Miner's Certificate No. n6450. as  agent for myself and Richard T. Daniels, Free  Miner's Certificate No, U15075, Thomas Stack,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 33678a and Christ-  ephcr McDonald, Free Miner's Certificate No.  12524a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant u> the above claim.  And further take   notice   that   action   under  section 37, must be commenced   before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 19tli dav of Julv, 1S19.  '(i. W. RUMDERGER.  and  is  GRKBNWQOD   is   the   financial  centre   of  Boundar}7-   Creek   district.      It  point  for   the   mining   camps.      From   the   city,  lead   to  the '  GREEWNOOD,  commercial  the   supply-  roads  OORPER,  DEADWOOD.  SUMMIT,  SKYLARK.  LONG   LAKE.  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  ACT,    1896.  Improvements.  MINERAL  Certificate   of  NOTICE.  HELEN H. GARDNER mineral claim, situate  in the Similkameen Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located : On Copper  Mountain, adjoining the Sunset mineral  claim on the South.  TAKE NOTICE that I, F. W. Groves acting  as agent for Jessev F. Miller, Free  Miner's certificate No. 14350A and R.Stevenson  Free Miners certificate No. 8.85%, intend, sixtv  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant  to  the above claim.  And   further  take  notice  that action, under  section 37, must be  commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 6th day of July, 1.8TO.  v. w. okovks!  WELLINGTON,  AND  OTHER   BOUNDARY  Three   chartered   Banks   have  SMITH'S,  CREEK   CA/nPS.  branches   in   the   city.  For price of Lots and other information, address  ROT.   WOOD   or   C.   SCOTT   GALLOWAY,  GREENWOOD,   BOUNDARY   CREEK.  Or apply to the Ag-en/s :  B.C.  C. F. COSTERTON    A  VliRHOJK  A. K. STUART,  Vancokvkk.  ���OS-  J. . JOHNSON & CO.,  Rossland. 4  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  owribatp <L,mk Qimze  FUIIl'.ISlIEU  The Boundary CpeeR  Compar.l  Duncan Ross ............  \V. J. Hakiii::k.-: ,.  WEEKLY  JIY  Frintiiifj & Publishing  , Limited.   Editor.   Manager.  SATURDAY,  A.  JGUsT !2  IS'W.'  PURE  WA1  $:i supply.  (j  ThU rapid development of the-min  eral resources and, consequent rapid'  ���'��� .'growth of towns in the immediate  vicinity of .the mines, . brings,, new  duties' and responsibilities upon the  municipal:fathers in the metropolis of  the district. It is of the, utmost im-  . portance in the public interest and for  the safety of the- citizens t!: it those  new duties should -be emnretically  undertaken and tho responsibilities  promptly fatk-tl. The rapid growth of  .the town of Phoenix must be viewed  n-ith concern by residents of the city;  ��� not .because of the town itself, for if  Greeuwoori is to be a city of any importance, v;:��; big bodies in the different mini:., caiiips must be developed;  This dew. vinc-nl means the employment of men-and men mean small  towns in eacli camp. Every one of  these towns will bring its quota of  trade to the metropolis; consequently  Greenwood 'welcomes their existence  and rapid growth.  The danger to which we refer lies in,  the fact that Phoenix is being built  along Twin creek. Hotels and restaurants have their back yards drained by  this stream and every sort of contamination finds its way into the water.  It would be idle to suppose that Twin  creek water could remain pure under  those conditions. The danger increases  as the new town grows. It is a danger  that was not unexpected from the very  first. Twin creek was never intended  as a suitable source of water for do-  .. rnestic purposes. No better source for  fire protection could be secured.  Before residents are allowed to make  connections with the mains, the city  council should seriously consider the  situation. To keep Twin creek pure  is an impossibility. The town must  look to Boundary creek for a supply  of pure water. ,  There is nothing more detrimental  to the interests of a city than an epi-  demtc and nothing,more likely to bring  an epidemic than the use of impure  water. Impure water will cost the city  more than will a pumping station on  Boundary creek.  to estimate the advantage gained by  the good will of Rossland. One has only  to examine the hotel registers to become  convinced that Rossland is the mecca  of the very men that are needed to  build up this Boundary Creek' country.  Men of capital and mining experienc,  make Rossland their home during their  sojourn in the province. It is the centre from which the3' operate and the  good wishes of the people with whom  they come into daily contact must have  their influence.  We feel sure that Greenwood will  reciprocate this feeling in every way.  and when the opportunities present  themselves, the people here will not be  slow in taking advantage of them to  assist her friendly sister. There is no  reason why one should not assist the  other to become two of the largest cities  in tho province; one the metropolis of  Kootenay and the other the metropolis  of Boundary Creek.  T  MITCHELL  $<X8��iona&& /, &<xi2oxf  A LARGE  HAS JUST  RECEIVED  SPRING & SUMMER  SUITINGS.  PERFECT FIT; GUARANTEED.  Gem Restaurant  And LUNCH COUNTER.  Meals at all hours.  Open Day and Night.  Private Boxes. launches put   up  and delivered.     Ice  cream ,in  season.  Telephone  WERNER & P1TT0CK. Proprietors,  COPPER STKEKT - - - GREENWOOD,  B.C.  Greenwood  St..     Greenwood.  THE RECENT FIRE.  If the recent fire was the w-ork of  nn incendiary and strong suspicion  points in that direction, every effort  should be made to bring. the culprit  that punishment lie so richly merits.  If there be a miscreant who would deliberate^' start a (ire in the centre of  the business portion of the.city there is  no punishment too severe for him.  It is quite possible, notwithstanding  the rumors, that the fire was accidental.  There is this to be said about the matter, however, that there is altogether  too much carelessness shovvn by residents of the city. One has to visit only  the backs of the business blocks in the  city to find shavings, papers and every  kind of ignitibles. Basements are left  unboarded so that drunks and tramps  can wander underneath buildings. We  fear ttiat the authorities are not stringent enough about such matters. Every  business man should be forced to keep  his place in such a condition that a fire  would be almost an impossibility . unless by design.  All honor to the brave fire boys for  their good work with the limited apparatus at their disposal; but the great  desideratum is such a condition that  fires are not likely to occur.  Wm. Sprott.  4��  POOR ADVERTISING.  A business man can waste good  money by injudicious advertising ; so  can a city. It is idle to suppose that  tha city is being well advertised, if  the city council succumbs to the blandishment of ever3' fakir who is anxious  to get his fingers on some of the city  funds. Every city should advertise,  but it should advertise judiciously.  It should see that a quid pro quo is received for every dollar expended. The  San Francisco Wave secured S200 from  the city. We would not give $25 for  service given in return. For $200 the  Wave published execrable photographs  of good looking Greenwood citizens  and certain articles regarding the city  and district. Of these articles two are  particularly well written���indeed they  are so well written that papers having  much larger circulations than the  Wave and which are in closer touch  w'ith mining men and capitalists would  be glad to pay the authors for them.  The position is a simple one. An  obscure 'Frisco publication sends an  agent to Boundary Creek. He induces  well known residents to write free of  charge articles regarding the city and  district. He holds up the city for 3200  to secure the publication of those  articles. The Toronto Globe or World  or Montreal Star or any other reputable  eastern journal would be glad lo publish the same articles, and instead of  holding up the city council would pay  the authors for writing them.  For S200 a lot of effective and legitimate advertising could be secured. If  the city council have any more money  to expend in advertising, would it not  be well to refer the matter to those who  know something about the busines?  BO  CO  3  i>  o  o  4��  4��  ROSSLAND.  A visitor from Greenwood to the  city of Rossland i.s at once impressed  by the very cordial feeling that exists  In the Kootenay metropolis towards  the Boundary Creek country and Greenwood in particular. The business men,  the mining experts, indeed everyone  with whom one comes in contact, appears to have every confidence in this  city and are always ready to sound its  praises. Greenwood is to be congratulated upon this friendly feeling  and should feel deeply grateful to the  citizens of Rossland.     It   is impossible  not  <r*  rp  fr~"��i  >-t  . *���  r  ���  >  O  4  CD  9?  i���t  =��  n  ��  ��  O  $2*  BO  m  mo  rn  o  c:  o  *  Greenwood, B. C.  NEXT DOOR TO TELEPHONE OFFICE.  A Choice Line of Staple and Fancy  Has Arrived.  EVERYTHING   FRESH.  ��������� We want your patronage. ��$���  /n.E. rRAZEE,  Grocery and Bakery,  Hamill Block, Copper Street, Greenwood.  ankof Montreal  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest-  $6,000,000.  President:  Lord Stkathcona and Mount Royal.  Vice-President:  Hon. Geokge A. Dhummond.  General Manager E. S. Clouston.  Branches in London (England),  New York, Chicago,  And in the principal cities in Canada.  ;���'. #���##���'���''���' '.'  Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange and  Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial  and Travellers' Credits, available in  any part of the World.  Drafts issued,  Collections made,  etc.  Greenwood Branch,  F. J.  FINUCANE, Manager  THE   CANADIAN  >2ip>-'*:  CORYELL'S MAP, Price $1.25.  Kerby's Map of Wellington Camp, $1.00  A fine line of  Pipes,   Cigars,  ���   Tobacco  and Pouches  Just Received.  J. A. UNSWORTH,  Druggist  i>  V  t>  Midway.  McELMON  Greenwood St.  Opposite Rendell's New Block.  Having< quit the stage  express office I will devote  my whole time to the  watch repairing business.  .V.. rt- *�����  ����&-  ������t  C-=3  "<rt>  *  *  ����>  ^���^9 ��^s ��^ ��^a ��^�� ��^�� ��^�� ��^�� ��^9 *^9 ��^��SS  Established 1862.  ��� w��4O��.��.<e��*4e*0.WK��.4����40����4��>��4��.*o.4o��e*��*��4a*��.4r  I 1  Furniture f  Carpets {  Linoleums j  Cork Carpet j  Curtains    {  Wallpaper j  To Commercial Travellers  and Public we are prepared  at all times to give you a  first class...   at a reasonable rate to ail  points south of Penticton  to Cascade City if desired,  SCHUBERT & BARNES  Penticton, B, c.     Proprietors.  3.  a  Vj, "*  n  �� c  p. p.  M o  PN.O  X  ��  �� c  3  5 g.  a  a S  n  P.  sl  5 r.  a  a.  'a-a  90  S B  S  a ���  3  ��! cf  o>  O, (9  ��  1 o  w  ,o  o'<-  w  o  Co  - t^i  *>.  ?��  to S '  Si  oo  Head Office \J TORONTO.  Established 1867.  Paid-up Capital ��� ^ $6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars.]  Rest-- ..:.    ....$1,000,000.  PRESIDENT.  HON.   GEO.   A.   COX.  B. E. WAI.KER,  General Manager.  J.: H. rtUMMER,  Asst. General Itlanagrer.  Proprietors of the Fletcher &  Goodhue sawmill, is prepared  to furnish all kinds of Rough  and Dressed  LUMBER,  Lath, Mouldings,  Etc., Etc.  Greenwood Office���Corner of Mineral  and Kimberley streets.  This Bank has the largest number of  Branches of any Bank in Canada, with  Agencies at New York, Chicago, New  Orleans, Skagway and Dawson City^  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants,  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.       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WEDNESDAY.     FRIDAY,   17:30  Accelerated  service into the Kootenay Mining  District.  *    #  Through Tickets to all Eastern Points  AT LOWEST RATES.  For full  information as to time, rates, Etc.  also  for copies of Canadian  Pacific Railway-  publications apply to  F. T. ABBOTT, -        Agent, Greenwood,  Or to   E. J, C0YLE,  Dist. Passenger Agent, Vancouver.   B.C.  ���7  Mining, Stocfe,  and Real Estate  Exchange.��,./'��  Temporary Office ;  Government Street, Opp. Post Office,  GREENWOOD.  B.C.  0  ���<  #  #  #  Parties having copper claims for  sale kindly call on us, and g-ive full  particulars. Would be g-lad to get any  information from parties familiar with  location of unsurveyed claims. Expect  to g-o to press very soon, and wish to  have correct location of every claim in  every camp for our Boundary Creek  Pamphlet. City property for sale; call  for particulars. Business lots on Copper, Silver, and Government streets.  Some choice sites for residences. Our  lithographed plan of Greenwood mailed  free for 50 cents. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Boards of Trade Meet.  (Continued From Page 3.)  resolution if carried into effect would  kill the Canadian smelters and place  ,. the lead ore producers at the mercy of  the smelting- trust of United States.  Finally after a leng-thy discussion the  following- resolution was offered in  lieu of Mr. Buchanan's and accepted  by the meeting : .  Resolved, that it is the sense of this  association that the larg-est possible  amount of relief would be given to  the lead mining industry in British  Columbia by a reciprocal arrangement  with the United States by which lead  in bullion and in ore would be admitted free of duty into the market of the  United States and that we shall continue to urge upon the Canadian commissioners to the international conference the paramount importance of  using every effort to secure such an  arrangement.  That pending the conclusion of such,  a treaty or in event of the final failure  of negotiations for such a, treaty it is  the sense of this association :  (a);- That lead smelted in Canada and  refined .abroad should , be readmitted  duty.free into Cauada:  (b). That import duties upon manufactured lead coming into Canada  should be increased to a parity with  the ��� duties levied upon other lines of  manufactured goods.  .'������ (c). That the bounties'alreadyearned  , ;by Canadian smelters under the act for  the encburatement of silver-lead smelting-,1 1895, should be immediately adjusted and paid.    .  ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  The conference decided to meeting  at Nelson on the first Thursday of  August next year. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  President, J.-S. C. Fraser; vice presidents, Roderick Robertson and G. O.  Buchanan; executive, Duncan Ross, J.  A. Harvey, T. M. Daly, E. S. Topping,  T. L. Haig and Smith Curtis; H. W.  C. Jackson, secretary-treasurer.  MANY SUBJECTS.  Many subjects were referred to a  committee to draft resolutions covering- the same. The committee reported  Friday evening.  The reso.utions which were endorsed  by the conference, were as follows: '  "Whereas, owing to the rapid development of the mineral resources towns  and cities have sprung-into prominence tion.  in the Kootenay and Yale districts,and  whereas the provincial government has  failed to afford those towns and cities  such facilities for the transaction of  ��� public and court business as the importance of their mining, legal and  general, business demands.. Be .it resolved that in the opinion of this association special effort should be made  . by the provincial government in providing- such government offices and  officers and sittings of the supreme and  county county courts as are required to  expedite the mining-and leg-al business  of the cities referred to, and the  mineral regions tributary thereto.  .-', Whereas, the population and wealth  of the districts of Yale and Kootenay  have- been advancing- by leaps and  bounds in the past few years and  ' whereas several towns have in that  time developed into important residential centers, and others are constantly being added to the list, and  whereas the lack of such educational  facilitiesas is to be obtained in places  of similar size in the older settled sections of the Dominion or in the adjoining state of Washington, greatly militate against the securing or retaining  the better class of residents for sitch  towns.  Therefore be it resolved, that at least  one high school should be provided for  the district, to be located at the point  which can show the most qualified  pupils; and  Be it further resolved, That the provincial government should hereafter  provide appropriations for the maintenance of the common schools of these  districts commensurate with the constantly increasing school population.  Whereas, great inconventence is experienced in determining the location  of occupied lands in the outlying districts of the province;  Be it resolved, That the government  be requested to furnish a map of each  district, showing the position of such  lands. A copy of said map to be on  exhibition in the government office of  each district and to be kept corrected  up to date.  Whereas, the provincial government  aids in the construction and maintenance of roads to mines whenever such  roads are situated outside the incorporated limits of any city or town.  Therefore be it resolved, That wherever mines paying . royalty on output  are situated within the incorporated  limits of any city 20 per cent, of said  royalty  should   be  paid  over   to such  municipality by the provincial g-overn-  ment to aid in the construction and  maintenance of roads to mines within  the limits of such municipality.  Whereas, while this association is  desirous of recording its appreciation  of the government's action in locating-  and erecting a land registry office at  Nelson. This association would at the  same time urge upon the government  the necessity of extending this system  of erectingi local registry offices to  other districts in order to facilitate the  large increase of transfers of property.  The want of such facilities at present  greatly retarding the transaction of  business in the outlying districts of  Kootenay and Yale.      ,  That it is the opinion of this association that the government establish a  school of mines at some central point  in the district of Kootenay or Yale.  Whereas, it having been brought to  the notice of this association that  owners of mineral claims have of late  been compelled on the demand of the,  government inspector to pay a royalty  upon all timber cut upon crown g-ranted  mineral claims, whether such timber  has been used for mining purposes or  otherwise.  Be it resolved, That in the opinion  of this association such action upon the  part of the government is an infringement upon the rights granted to the  owners of mineral claims under the  provisions of the mineral act, and is  calculated to work a hardship upon  companies or individuals developing  mineral ciaims, and the same should  be discontinued. ,  Whereas, the question has lately been  raised as to the absolute right of holders of mineral claims to purchase the  surf ace rights of such claims.  Be it resolved, That in the opinion  of the association that the right of the  holder of a mineral claim to purchase  the surface rights thereof shall become  absolnte upon his, obtaining a crown  grant thereof.        c-  Whereas, it is the opinion of this  board that very serious harm has resulted in the past from the frequency  with which at short notice the mining  laws of this province have been subjected to far reaching changes by the  provincial legislature.  Be it therefore resolved, That this-  board respectfully suggest to the government whenever any material  changes in the mineral laws are contemplated to give early notice of their  intention so to do, in such manner that  those portions of the province vitally  interested in mining may have time to  consider and make due representations  concerning- the proposed changes before the same are brought before the  local legislature.  Whereas, the association regrets that  the minister of railways has been unable to secure the passage of such legislation in reference to the location of  stations along the lines of g-overnment  aided railways in  course of construe-  HUNTER-KENDRICK GO.  S  itofeJ  SHOES FOR  THE MASSES.  ���OUR:  SHOES  Hi  SEE OUR Complete stock  of Ladies', Misses'  and Children's Shoes and Slippers,  W FOR..       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Therefore be it  Resolved, That this convention respectfully suggest that the provincial  government should immediately place  the position of the British Columbia  agency in London on a more satisfactory footing by appropriating- an annual sum of not less than $25,000 for  this purpose, by appointing- a properly  paid agent-general and by securing an  office in the business heart of London.  A special committee was appointed  to memoralize the government upon  the eight-hour law.  THE SMOKING CONCERT.  On Thursday evening the citizens of  Rossland tendered the visiting delegates a complimentary smoker. Mayor  Goodeve, in a neat speech, welcomed  the visitors to the city. He pointed  out the importance of the conference,  inasmuch as every board of trade in  Kootenay and Boundary Creek were  represented. There was an excellent  programme rendered by the Rossland  people. Short speeches were delivered  dy the delegates.  THKTRAir, SMELTER.  On Saturday the delegates visited  the leading mines, accompanied by  members of the Rossland board of  trade. In the afternoon they were the  guests of Mr. W. H. Aldridge' at the  Trail smelter. Mr. Aldridge is conj  tinually enlarging the plant. The  writer had a lengthy conversation  with him relative to the treatment of  Boundary Creek ores. Mr. Aldridge  was quite frank regarding the intentions of the Canadian Pacific Railway  company. They had their experts in  the district and were pretty thoroughly  acquainted with the value and character of Boundary Creek ore. Some  ores they were sure could pay all  charg-es and leave a big profit. But  there were large bodies of low grade  ore that they were not so sure of. Now  the Canadian Pacific Railway company had invested a large sum in  building a road into Boundary Creek.  To secure a return on the money invested a large amount of ore must be  transported. So far as the smelter is  concerned, its policy will be to treat  Boundary ores at a sufficiently low  rate to make profitable the mining of  low grade ores. Ores will be treated  at Trail first until a more accurate  knowledge is attained when a smelter  will be built in the heart of Boundary  district, most probably on Boundary  creek.  The big smelting works running full  blast are well worth a visit and the  visitors were deeply interested in Mr.  Aldridge's lucid explanations regarding the treatment ore.  VICTORIA, B. C  LONDON, ENG  VANCOUVER, B. C.  TURNER, BEETON   <&   CO.  WHOLESALE  KOOTENAY  LIQUORS,  Tobaccos,  Boots,  MERCHANTS,   SHIPPERS   AND  IMPORTERS.  BRANCH    ���    v   V ..>..   ���   NELSON,B, G  CIGARS, DRY GOODS,  Carpets, China Matting,  Tents, Ore Bags,  WRITE   FOB   CATALOGUE.  ^!?!H!nn!!f?!??!?n?!!t!?n!n!!nt!!!!?!n!nni!^t!!!HtHH!n!!H!!H!!nff!in?!nmt!T!!?m!nfH!!!!!^  Head Office and Works at  Belleville, Ont.  liranch Office and Works at  Trail, B.C.  ^���^(f5t|!>'!fS'^*f3'fS*|3^',fi>,f3,f3#9*f5*f3*f3*f!,*f0 ft:ft ft ft "I0 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft'  THE  COXaC  OrtACHINE  Co�� Limited,  Manufacturers of  Air  Our  Compressors,  Roc  Drills, Hoisting   and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  Ore Trucks, Ore Cars, Ore Buckets, etc,  Agents for Knowles Steam Pump Works.  Shops   at  Trail arcmost  complete,   consequently  wc   are   in   a position   to handle   all  kinds of Repairs.    If you are troubled with your Drills freezing, or wish to  save money buying repairs, then   USE   OURS.  ^amuiiiiiiiiiuiiiiaiiiiiiiuiiiiaiaiuiaiiunuuiuiuiuiiiiiiuauuiuiiiaiuiuiuuuuiuuuui^  TUNNE  MINES   AND   QUARRIES  Straight Line Duplex and Compound  OOMRELTE   MINE   EQUIPMENT.  JAMES    COOPER    MANUFACTURING COMPANY,  Limited  MONREAL,  P. Q.  Branch   Office, ROSSLAND, B, C. JAMES  D, SWORD, Manager. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  \k    -!]].!  iscn  es in a  acQuire  >��������� J.  ��*%&��+*++  iUiUaiiiiiiiiUiiiiiiiiUiUiiiiiiiUUiiiiiUiiiiiiiUiUiUiUU4iliiii4Uiiili,.U.��iiai41i4iUilUii4Ua  m?mwmmwmwmwmwmmmw??mmmmmmm?W!m!m?mnmm^^  QUARTZ   CLAIMS,  IN  �� ��  ���    ���  The Wisconsin and Black Hawk are two good prospects, well mineralized,and from a six foot ledge  The following values were obtained by Fred M- Cummihgs, mining engineer, viz���!$13,26* $57*89* $41*55/  The Company will be formed with a capitalization of $50*000 divided into 1,000*000 of the par value  of five cents per share,  Will be placed in the treasury before any of the 250,000 shares of treasury stock is sold  Further information can be obtained from the following brokers*  /rnn  _ _ ��� /ti  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  RICH MYERS GREER.  DESCRIBED BY PERCY CODERNATH  Big Ledges of Rich Ore Being Developed-Can-  adian Capital Largely Interested in Some  of the Leading Properties.  "There is every indication that the  Myers Creek Mining- district will have  as big- a boom as Republic," said Percy  P. Godernath,.whO returned here the  first of the week, after a three weeks  visit to the district. "Already Canadian capital is interested there, and  when I say Canadian capital, I mean  Greenwood too. It was a Greenwood  mining- brokerag-e firm, Messrs. Mc-  Entire& McDonnell, who secured the  . Review mine on Percy mountain. - I  understand that eastern Canadian-, investors are interested in the deal also;  and some Jays back Prof. Montgomery,  the well known mining- expert,, examined the property and expressed  himself highly satisfied with the result  ���no doubt/he examined the mine for.  eastern parties. . ", ,'..  "The Review is developed by a 250-  foot tunnel on-the ledg-e,-'following- the  trend of the'footwallV Wlien in this  distance a crosscut was run from the  footwall to the hanging wall and the  vein measures, at this point 46 feet of  ore. The tunnel is now. being extended-  into the hill. The management also  propose sinking a 100-foot winze and  opening up anpther level. The ore .is  a bluish-white -qtiartz,' and -I was informed that the whole of the ore body  would average. something above $15  per ton.  "With 46 feet of a vein the Review  mine leadsthe,cj.mp.,, Two miles west  of the Review - is * another, 'promising  mine, th�� War Eagle. This is at present a ���'sinking-"'proposition'.'.. The shaft  Is down 70 feet. For the first 55 feet it  passed through a -broken,..-up, quartz,  formation when, it' encountered the  hanging wall of the ledge and for- the  past 15 feet the shaft has been sunk  through a curly-blew quartz and the  footwall isyet'to be reached: Two'  samplings of this ��� ore body gave 'an  average value of $16.50 per ton in gold  and silver.  "Adjoining' and paralleling this  promising mine is.the Wisconsin group  that has some immense showings. The  War Eagle shaft is about.75 "feet���_ from  the west side line of the Wisconsin and  the strike of'itheir vein would indicate  that the .apex of the War Eagle ledge  will be found on the Wisconsin ground.  The development-so far-has only been  assessment-work.' Prom a sample of  the ore taken out of a 10-foot shaft on  the center quartz lead of the Wisconsin, F. N. Cummings,. the Greenwood  engineer,-obtained- $41 in gold and-  silver, and this only at such a slight  depth. I mention this as one of a number of instances coming under my own  notice of claims showing well defined  ledges that 'stand up' when sampled.  The Wisconsin group is being acquired  by a company in .which, a number.of  Greenwood parties have become interested. - , '���'��������� ���-���;  ������  "On Percy :mb'urifain. which by the  way, the boys were kind enough to  name after myself, there are a number  of properties' undergoing development.  Stewart & Knowles have interested  Spokane capital in the development of  several claims. The Strawberry,'owned  by Smith & Newcomb has ; also a good  quartz showing-..  ��� .-.-���������-���   -������������ -  "On the east side of Myers creek, 2}A  miles south of Chesaw, is the mill,of  the Crystal Butte mine. The mill is  rapidly nearing completion and will be  crushing ore before the first of next  mouth. Also on this side of the creek  but three miles north from the mill is  the King Solomon mine. The original  development .of the mine consisted of  an incline shaft sunk on a small  stringer of quartz, about three inches  in width. .The shaft followed . it down  about 35 feet, in which distance it  had widened out to 2yi feet.' The management then let a contract for a. 200-  foot tunnel that will, when completed,  encounter the vein at a- depth of 130  feet. At the time of my visit to the  mine the tunnel had been diiven in a  distance of 150. feet.  "It would require much more space  to mention many other promising prospects that I, visited. There are numbers of people going itito that district  and many small deals have been con-  sumated. In the heart of the Myers  Creek valley is the new and bustling  town of Chesaw. It is prettily situated  on the right bank, of the creek. The  Chesaw Improvement company owns  the land and has had same surveyed  out in blocks and lots. J.  well known here, is the  townsite agent. With so  many promising properties surrounding Chesaw, I have ever belief that it  will in the course of a few-years be as  big a camp as Republic. At the present  time, with the amount of work done  on the claims, it beats Republic at an  equal stage of the game. Of course  Republic has ' produced some sensational mines���Myers creek may produce , in time just as many. It is a  young camp, only slightly developed  but of great promise. The next big  boom will in all probability be in the  Myers Creek mining district.   ������  ���'The camp is easy of access, from  Greenwood by .wagon road it is 28  miles. From Republic by trail it is 35  miles. It is, a bunch grass country  over which a buckboard can be driven  anywhere. Old timers say it greatly  resembles Cripple Creek and with development it, may .turn out to be the  case both in appearance and in production." ,'     '"  Messrs.- Holbrook, Keen & Co. have  been appointed Greenwood agents for  the Chesaw townsite. The lots were  placed on the market on Tuesday morning and before noon 32 lots were,sold.  Chesaw, is growing- rapidly. Last week,  contracts were let for the erection of  26 new buildings. Two Indian ranches  near: the town were. rehted by enter-  prising ranchers last week.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate , of   improvements.  NOTICE.  RED ROCK mineral claim, situate, in the  Kettle River Mining- division of Yale District. Where located: In Greenwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for George R. Naden, free miner's  certificate No. 14357 A, J. C. Haas, free miner's  certificate No. 18340A, aud the British America  Development Company, limited, (foreign), free  miner's certificate No. 41458 A, intend, sixty  days from the date dereof, to apply to the  mining- recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a'crown  grant of the above claim.   ,  And further take notice  that action, under  section 37, must ,be commenced before the isT  suance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 17tli day of June, 1899. 24-6  ISAAC H. HALLETT.  El Grepusculo,  For Larranaga,  **-  Benjamin Franklin,  Manuel Garcia, Alonza  El Ecuador  Bock and Africana  LaFlorDeR Fulton '";  MINERAL ACT, 1896. '  Certificate   of   Improuements.  NOTICE.  GREY EAGLE mineral  claim, situate in the  Bettle River Mining division  of Yale district.   Where located : In Greenwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John F. Hcmcuway,  as agent for Jay P. Graves, free miner's  certificate No. 14296 A, and John Stevens, free  miner's certificate No. 18234 A, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  grant of the above claim.  And further lake notice that action, midcr  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of June, 1899. 24-6  License Authorizing an Extra-Pro.viiiicial  Company to Carry on Business.  'COMPANIES' ACT, 1897  T1  MINERAL   ACT, .1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.   ��� ,      ���  WELLINGTON,    WELLINGTON* NO.     1,  , WELLINGTON NO. 2 Mineral claims, situated in' the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale   District,      Where  located:   In   Long  Lake camp.  TAKE notice that I William James Harris  Free Miner's Certcficate No. 79645 intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply,to the Mining Recorder for a certificate  01 improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crowii grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 18th dav of May, 1899. 27-5  ...Turkish and Egyptian..-  CIGARETTES.  Pipes and Smokers  Articles..-.. .-.:.'..  ���-'  STATIONERY.  H. A. KING& Co.  COPPER ST.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  ..,:  ..NOTICE..          PIONEER and REVENUE Mineral Claims,  ;.   situate in the Kettle River mining division  . of Yale district.. Where located :    In Dead-  wood  Camp, % mile west of the Morrison  mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John Howard Mac-  farlane, free miner's certificate No. 19,G22a,  intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to  apply to themiuing recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of .the above claim. .  - And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated the 9th day of June, 1899.  ^UUUUiliUilUUlUiMMttii^  NUUUUUUUUiUlUlUUUUU|��  1R. F. Coates & Co. I  | Contractors       1  H     And Builders g  r3 Greenwood,   B.C. g^:  -���*���   Store Fronts & Fixtures a Spe   alty    �����  and laid  Shroder,  hustling  3*f    V.5  X  hos. McDonnell.  R. M. McEutir  McDonnells McEjiire,  Mines and.  Real Estate  GREENWOOD   and   CAMP McKINNEY  MINERAL  ACT,   1896..  Certificate of Improvements.  'NOTICE.  LITTLE MAY Mineral claim,, situate in  the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where Located : In" Copper camp adjoining  the Jumbo mineral claim.  TAKE notice that I Sydney M. Johnson acting1'as agent ��� for Alexander Chisholm  Free Miner's Certificate No. 3461GA. intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,. must be. commenced before'the issuance of sueh certificate of improvements.  Dated this 20th day of May, 1899. 24-,-v  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  HERBERT SPENCER Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located���in Deadwood  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Fred K. McMann,  Free. Miners Certificate No. 18414A, intend, sixty days from the date hereof to apply  to the mining recorder iocr a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant to the above claim  And further take notice that action, under  sectton.37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this 13th day of June, 1899  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF I   PROVEIHENTS.  %Z  9  MINERAL. ACT, 1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  COPPER FARM Mineral claim   situate in tile  ' Similkameeu   Mining   Division     of    Yale  District. '   Where   located :       On      Copper  Mountain adjoining the Vancouver mineral  claim on the West.  >AKE NOTICE,that I, F. W. Groves, acting as agent for Charles Saunders,  free miner's ccrtilicalcNo. l'K)71A, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply; to the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,' for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim.  ���And   further   talce notice  that  action, under  section 37, must  be commenced   before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 6th day of July; 1899.  !���-. w. OKOVES.  NOTICE.  FLORENCE Fractional Mineral Claim situate  in the Kettle River mining division of Yale  district.     Where  located:     In  Deadwood  ��� Camp.   ,  TAKE NOTICE that I, John Howard 'Mac-  farlaue. free Miner's certificate No. 19,-  C22a, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpore of obtaining a  crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 uiurt be commenced before the issuance oj such certificate of improvements.  Dated the 23rd dav of June, 1899.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  **t*v  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned William "C. McDougall will apply  to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands anil  Works, for the District of Osoyoos. in the  County of Yale, thirty days after" publication  of this notice, for a license to pri'/spect for Coal  on the following . land ; Initial post of Red  Bluff Coal deposit, consisting'of four hundred  aud sixty acres,'commencing with the Initial  post, thence North sixty chains, thence West  ���eighty chains, thence" South sixty chains,  thence East eighty chains to point of commencement. W. C. McDOUGALL.  NOTICE.  ETHIOPIA Mineral Claim, situate in Hie  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale district. Where located : In Long Lake  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for the British Canadian Gold  Fields Exploration, Development and Investment Company, Limited, (Foreign), Free  Miner's Certificate No. 2619a, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And  further  lake  notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commented before  the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements..  Dated this 13th day of June, 1S99.  I. U. HALLETT.  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  /���p/  NOTICE.  YUCON Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located : In Long Lake camp.  AKE NOTICE that I Isaac if. Hallett, as  agent for Nichols Garland, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 19661a, intend, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose,of obtaining a Crown Grant of Hie  above claim.  And  further   take   notice  that action, under  section 37, must be commenced   before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 13th dav of Julv, 1899.  I. 'II, HALLETT.  Canada I       ���  Province of-Bkjtish Colujiiiia.  (*  No. 156.  HIS IS TO CERTIFY that the "Jewel  Gold Mines,��� Limited," is authorized and  licensed to carry on business within the Province of British Columbi.i, and to carry out or  effect all or any of the objects hereinafter set  forth to which "the legislativeauthority of the  Legislature of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate at  IS, Philpot Lane, London, England.   '   ���      ���  The amount of the capital of the Compan v is  .��80,000, divided into ��0,000 shares of ��l each.  , The head office of this Company in this Province is situate In Rossland,and Gilbert Mahon,  agent for the . Company, whose address is  Rossland aforesaid, is the attorney for the  Company.,  The objects for which the Company has been  established are:��� , " .  . (1.) To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise  acquire any mines, mining rights and metalliferous laud in British Columbia or elsewhere,  and any interest 'herein, or to acquire any  options to purchase the same or any interest  therein, and to explore, work,exercise", develop,  aud turn to account the sainc.aiid in connection  therewith to enter into and carry into effect,  with or without modification, the agreement referred to in clause 3 of the Articles of Association of this Company:  (2.) To search.for, prospect, examine and explore mines and ground supposed to contain  minerals or precious stoiicsaud to obtain information in regaid to the same:  _.{3.) To search for, crush, win, get, quarry,  calcine, reduce, amalgamate,- dress, refine,  manipulate and prepare for market, auriferous  quartz and ore, and other mineral substances  (whether auriferous or not) and precious stones,  and generally to, carry on any metallurgical  operations which niay'seeni 'conducive to auy  of the Company's objects, and to buy, sell and  deal in bullion" specie, coin and precious metals:  (4.) To'buv, sellj manufacture and deal in  plant, machinery, implements, conveniences,  provisions, articles and things capable of being  used in connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmen and others employed by the Company:     ;  (5.) To carry on all kinds of. promotion business, and in particular form, constitute and  promote compau iesl syndicates or associations  with objebts similar or akin to the objects or  some of the objects of the Company, aud to  take or otherwise acquire, hold, deal in, traffic  with ori underwrite any shares in the capital or  any debentures, debenture stock or other interests of or in such companies,' syndicates 'or associations:  (6.) To carry on business as financiers and  concessionaries, and as underwriters of shares  and securities of companies: . .  (7.) Generally to undertake and carry but all  such business and operations (except the-issuing of policies of assurance upon human life)  as may be legally, undertekcu by an individual  capitalist:  (8.) To purchase or otherwise acquire and  undertake all or any part of, the business property aud liabilities of any person or company  carrying oil any business which this Company  is authorized to carry on or possessed of property suitable, for the' purposes of the Company: '..���.- ...        . ..J   .....   .  (9.) To construct, carry out, maintain, improve, manage, work, control and superintend  any roads, ways, tramways, branches or sidings, bridges, reservoirs. canals, " docks,  wharves, water-course,, hydraulic works, gas  works, electric works, factories, warehouses  and other works and,conveniences, which may  seem directly or indirectly conduciveto; any of  the: Company's objects,'and to "contribute to,  subsidize or otherwise assist ortake part in any  such operations:  (ID.) To enter into any agreement'' with any  Government or authorities, supreme,.municipal,  local or otherwise, and to obtain from any such  govern meat or authority; all rights, concessions;  and privileges that niay'seeni conducive to the  Company's objects o'rany of them:  (11.) To cuter into partnership, or into any  arrangement for sharing profits, union of interests, joint adventure, reciprocal concessions  or co-operation with,any person or company  carrying on, orengaged in, or about to carry  o'n or engage in, any business or transaction  which this Company is authorized to carry on  ���or engage in, or any business or transaction  capable of being conducted so as directly or indirectly to benefit this Company, and"to take  or otherwise acquire and hold shares or stock  in or securities of, and to subsidize or otherwise assist any such company, and to sell, hold,  re-issue with or without guarantee or otherwise  deal with such sharesor securities:  (12.) Generally to purchase, take on lease, or  in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any real  or personal property, and any rights or privileges which the Company may think necessary  or" convenient with reference .to any of these  objects, or capable of being profitably dealt  with in connection with any. of the Company's  property or rights for the time being,'and*in  particular, any land, buildings, easements,  licenses, patents, ships, barges, rolling stock,  and stock-in-trade:  (13.) To sell the undertaking of the Company, or any part thereof, for such consideration as the Company may think fit, and in particular for shares, debentures, or securities of  any other company having objects altogether  or'in part similar to thoseof this Company: '  (14.) To invest and deal with the monej's of  the Company not immediately: required, upon  sucli securities, and in. such manner as may  from time to time be determined: '���:  (IS.) To lend money to such persons aud on  such terms as may seem expedient, aud in particular to customers of and persons having  dealings with the Company, and to guarantee  the performance of contracts by members of,  or persons having dealings.with'the Company:  (16.) To raise or borrow or secure the payment of money in such manner and on such  terms as may seem expedient, and particular  by the issue of debentures or debenture stock,  whether perpetual or otherwise, and charged or  not charged upon the whole or any part of the  property of the Company, both present ond  future, including its uncalled capital:  (17.) To draw, accept, indorse, discount,  execute and issue bills of exchange, promissory  notes, debentures, bills of lading, and other  negotiable or transferable instruments or  securities:  (18.) To remunerate any parties for services  rendered, or to be rendered, in placiugor assisting to place any shares in the Company's  capital, or any debentures, debenture stock,"or  other securities of the Company, or in or about  the formation or promotion of "the Company or  the conduct of its business:  (19.) To do all or any of the above things in  any part of the world, and either as principals,  agents, trustees, contractors, or otherwise, and  either alone or in conjunction with others, and  either by or through agents, subcontractors,  trustees or otherwise:  120.1 To distribute any of the assets of the  Company in specie among the members, or any  class of members, or any individual members  of the Company;  (21.) To procure the Compaitvto be registered  or recognized in Urilish Columbia or elsewhere  abroail:  122.] To sell, improve, manage, develop exchange, enfranchise, least:, mortgage, dispose  of, turn to account, or otherwise deal with all  or any part of the property and rights of the  Company:  |23.1 To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the  above objects, and so that the word '-Company, '* ''Syndicate," or "Association," in this  clause shall be deemed to include any partnership or other body of persons, whether incorporated or not incorporated, ;uul whether domiciled in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, and  the intention is that the objects specified in  each paragraph of this clans,... shall, unless  otherwise expressed in such paragraph, be in  nowise limited or restricted by reference lo or  inference from the terms of any other paragraph or the name of the Company.  Given  under my   hand and seal of office  at  Victoria,   1'roviuCe of  llritish   Columbia, this  1st dav of August, one thousand eight hundred  and ninety-nine. S. V. WOOTTON,  [I..S.)        Registrar of Joint Slock Companies.  Licence Authorising aii Extra-Provincial  Gompanyjo Carry on Business.  ' COMPANIES ACT, 1S97."  T1  Canada : '(-.������.  Pkovixce of Bkitish Columbia. )"  No. 150.     .  HIS IS TO CERTIFY that "The Mont  real Boundary Creek Mining Company  Limited," i.s authorized and licensed to carry on  business within the Province of British Colum-.  bin, aud to carry out or effect all or any of the'  objects hereinafter set forth, to which the  legislative-authority ofaheLegislatureof British  Columbia extends." .. .',  The head office of the Company is situate in  the City, of Saint John, Province of New Brunswick, Dominion of Canada. ���    '    >  The amount of the capital of the Company is  $2,000,000, divided into 2,000,000 shares of ?1 each.  The head office of the Company in this Province is^situate at the City of Greenwood, and  Clivc Prihgle, Harrister-at-Law,'-'whose address  is Greenwood aforesaid, is the attorney for the  Company. .  The objects for which the Company has been  established are : ���  To prospect and, search for, explore, open,  develop', work and maintain gold,silver,copper,  coal and iron mines, and mines of every other  description, and to carry on the business of  mining of every description, iucludiiigci'iishiug  washing, smelting, reducing, and otherwise  treating the products of mines, and to acquire  by purchase or otherwise, mine and work,  manufacture and make merchantable, gold,  silver, and other ores and deposits and other  minerals and metallic substances ami compounds | of all kinds, stone, oil. coal, earth or  matters or things whatsoever, ami to sell and  dispose.'of the same, or any of the same :  To purchase and acquire certain,, mineral  lands, leasesjlicenses, and rights oyer minerals  in the Province of New Brunswick, and also to  purchase and acquire lauds and properties  situate |iu British Columbia' and any other  Province or District in theDominiou of Canada:  To purchase and otherwise acquire and deal  in real and personal property of all kinds, and  in grants, concessions, leases, options, licences  i>r authorities of and over lands, mines, ores,  mineral, rights, mineral properties, surveys and  timber rights, mineral properties, surveys -and  timber '��� rights, buildings, factories, furnaces,  plant, and machinery, trade, marks, easements  and privileges, righls-of-w:iy, water "and other  rights iirNew Brunswick and in British'Columbia, and elsewhere in the .Dominion, of Canada,  and any claims against any property, or against  any person or company, and either solely or  jointly ;with others to'pay for any such pro-���  perties ;and things either in shares, of. the  Company or partly in cash and partly in shares,  or otherwise:  To. construct, carry out, maintain, improve,  alter, manage, work, control aud'siiperintend  any trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,  walls, [reservoirs, .water-courses, aqueducts,  wharves,/furnaces, sawmills, crush . works,  hydraulic works, telegraphs, telephones, gas  works, factories, machinery, warehouses, ships,  vessels,; and, other works' and conveniences, -  except railways, which may seem directly or  indirectly conducive to or expedient and useful  for auyjof the purposes of tlte Company, and to  contribute to, subsidize, or otherwise aid or take  part ;in an y such operations:  . To use steam, water, electricity, or any other  power as a motive power or,otherwise :  To' inip'ro've, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, sell, dispose of, or otherwise deal with all  or any! part of the property and rights of the  Company (including the granting of powers to  work a'ny mines or- claims or patents of the  Company), upon any terms and with power,  subject! to the provisions of section 73ofthe  above-mentioned Act, to accept -as a consideration therefore, any shares, stocks, debentures  or securities of any other company.:  ; To acquire by^purchase, lease, licence, or <���  otherwise, absolutely or conditionally, the  rights of, either generally or exclusively-, over  any area or areas of or iii all any patent-rights  or processes or mechanical or other contrivances useful, or supposed to be useful, for any  of the 'purposes of the Company, and to deal  wilh or dispose of the same, or any interest  therein, respectively : ,  _ To enter into any agreement for sharing profits, nuion of interests, or co-operation with any  person:or company carrying'Oil, or about t*i>  carry on, any business or" transaction capable  of being conducted so as to benefit the said  Company :  . To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of the business, property  and liabilities of any person or company carrying oiit any business which this Company "is  authorized to carry on, or possessed of'property suitable for the purposes of thisCompany:  To pay out of the funds of the Company all  expenses of or incidental to the formation,  registration and advertising of the Company,  and t.o remunerate any person or company for  services rendered, or to be rendered, in placing  of the shares in the Company's capital, or any  debentures or other securities of the Company,  in or about the formation or promotion of the  Company, or the conduct of its business.  Given   under   my   hand   and  seal of office at  Victoria, Province of   British   Columbia,   this  12th dav of June, one  thousand eight  hundred,  and ninety-nine. S. Y. WOOTTON,  [r..s.] * Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTORS OF LAND.  TVT" OTICE .is   hereby   given  that all, pre-  emptors or purchasers of Crown lands  from whom the purchase money remaining unpaid on such lauds is overdue, are required to  make full payment of such balance, together  With interest thereon, if any is clue, within  twelve months from the date of this notice,  failing which their records or agreements con-,  cerning such lauds are liable to cancellation, as  provided by section 38 of the "Laud Act."  F. CARTER-COTTON,  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, li. C, 22nd June, 1899.  NOTICE.  SALE  OFCROWN   LANDS   I1Y  TENDER.  LOST���A silver watch between  Greenwood and Phoenix, Finder will  be rewarded by leaving- same at  Boundary Creek Times ollice.  SEALED tenders will be received by the  Honourable the Chief Commissioner of  Lauds and Works up to noon of Monday, 14th  August, HOT, for the .purchase of the" "Wee  Mite"-fractional mineral claim, situated near  Greenwood, and known as Lot 1,465, Group 1,  Osoyoos Division of Yale District, containing  1 42-100 acres, more or less.  W. S.CORE,  Deputy  Commissioner of   Lauds  &   Works,  Lands aud Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 24th Julv, 1899.  NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership subsisting between us, the undersigned, as  brokers anil general agents in the City of  Greenwood in the I'roviucoof British Columbia,  lias been this day dissolved by mutual consent.  All debts owing to the said partnership are to  be paid to Arthur Mowat at the City of Greenwood aforesaid, and all claims against tint said  partnership are to be presented to the said  Arthur Mowat, by whom the same will be  settled. The business of the linn of Mowat ,fc  Palmer will be hereafter conducted by Arthur  Mowat. ARTHUR MO "VAT  ROBERT II. I'ALMKR  Witness:    P.P.   SHAKPE.  Dated at Greenwood, B.C.. this 2Isl dav (if  July, A. D. 189*1. 4  WANTED���A chambermaid and  a dining room g-irl. Apply P. O. Uox  112, city. 8 .  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  T. A. Winter, of Colville, was in the  city this week.  A. B. Clabon, of Rossland, was in  the city this week.  Harry Rose and J. A. Schubert of  Penticton,   were  in the city this week.  R. J. Coulter, of Rossi. :id, arrived  last week to acce; t the position of  ,led<rer keeper in the Bank of  B.  N. A.  T. A. Garland, the owner of the Anaconda towns-ite, left last week on a  visit to Portug- La Prairie where he  will remain with his family for several  weeks.  Dr. G.'M. Foster and F. Lewin of the  Bank of B. ,N. A., have fully recovered  from their recent illness. F. B. Smith  is convalescent. N.' H. Lament is  rather seriously ill.  David Beath and R. D. Brock have  started a draying business in the city.  ���Both are reliable inen and as they are  well equipped with heavy horses and  drays should do a large business.  The revival of the boom in real  estate is coming sooner than was expected. Already negotiations are in  progress for the purchase of several  Greenwood lots at larg-e figures.  G. Lablane, of Quebec, who is interested in the Montreal Boundary Creek  company, spent several days in the  city. He visited the Sunset mine and  was well satisfied with the property.  Albert Uhls, of Spokane, Mrs. Foreman's pianist during- the entertainments given last spring-, has returned  to the city and will take charge of the  music for Mrs. Foreman's summer entertainments and class work.  R. Hutchins, formerly  shift  boss at'  the   Le   Roi   mine,   has scceeded   H.  Johns as foreman at the Mother Lode.  Mr. and Mrs.  Johns left this week for  a short visit to Spokatte and Rossland.  Upon his return Mr. Johns will assume  charge of the Sunset mine.  The $1,5000 voted  by the provincial  ' government   for a road  from  Green-  . wood to White's camp, will be be aug-  rnented by $1,500 subscribed by Greenwood business men and mine owners.  Mr.- Kefifer,   the manag-er of the No. 7  mine, heads the list with $500.-  Robert   Jaffray,    A.    A.   Cox   and  Major Pellatt were the only  members  of the Mackenzie,  Mann & Co. party  who   were   able   to   visit Greenwood.  Senator Cox and Wm.  McKenzie fully  intended  to come but were called ��� east  by a dispatch.    Messrs.  Jaffray, Cox  and Pellatt arrived here on Tuesday.  Aid. Fisher and W.  F.   Fletcher returned- on   Tuesday   from    Rossland  where  they   attended   the meeting- of  the saw mill men.     The details of the  lumber trust were perfected.    The lumber business   of   Greenwood   will   be  carried   on  from the Boundary Creek  Milling- and Lumber company's office.  R.  G.   Wynkoop,   representing-   the  Might Directory company, of Toronto,  Out., was in the city this week.    The  directory  which   will  contain   a  complete list of every person in every  line  of business in Canada  and Newfoundland, will be published about October 1.  A meeting of the members of the  Church of England, Midway, was held  Wednesday evening last, at which a  committee was appointed to see residents of town regarding- stipend, of  Rev. Mr. Gover, resident clergyman.  At noon Thursday a sufficient amount  had been subscribed to- g-uarantee stipend. There is also a strong probability  that a church will be erected in the  near future.  and D. Beath for the North Ward.  These appointed fill all the vacancies  in the council. A committee from the  volunteer fire department, composed of  W. S. Keith, W. M. Law, A. Hallett  and J. C. Goupil waited upon the council and told of their requirements.  Mayor Hardy in reply to the delegation stated that the council fully appreciated the necessity' for properly  equipping the department and as soon  as funds were available their demands  would receive prompt attention.  1 PRESCRIPTIONS 1  ������������ ��� JL   ���   . ��� ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  &���    -.'&     **fe  Need special care in compounding- as well as pure  drugs. "Many a broth is  spoiled in the making." Any  cook may make rich, light  pastry with the same materials  that another converts into a  sog-gy mass. A skillful  diamond cutter may quadruple  the value of a gem by artistic  cutting. Care in handling  and good material go hand in  hand. That is what we assure you of when you bring  or send in prescriptions to us.  $ . %   #  BRUSHES,  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ������������  ��� e     A      A       A 1'AL      JP*-  SPACE     BELONGS  ro  We have a particularly  fine  line of Brushes from 50c to $5.  ��� ���������  ��� ���������  ��� ���������  ��� ���������  ��� ���*���  ��� ���������  \**t*i  Miller Bros  DRUGGISTS  ;    and (JEWELLERS  ��� ��������� f{{����������������������������������������������������  ������������  KEEP YOUR EYE ON IT NEXT WEEK.  WE)   WIL-L   HAVE   SOME   SPECIAL,   INDUCEMENTS   TO   QF1>E)R   IN'  CLOTHING   AND   MEN'S   FURNISHINGS.  1*��G  CABIN.  J. J. MILLER, Prop,  Dining Rooms will be open- SM  m  PUMPING MACHINERY FOR MINE WORK  &P ed on Sunday, Aug-ust 13th  MEALS AT ALL HOURS  A. B. McKenzie, C. P. R. ticket  agent in Rossland, and G. E. Town-  send reached Greenwood on Tuesday  after an exciting trip. They started  from Robson on a flat car, slept at the  Summit with the blue canopy of heaven  for a covering-, were transferred to a  coal car, slept on big lumps of Crow's  Nest coal, and reached Cascade on  Monday. They were both so delighted  with Greenwood that they almost  reached the determination to remain  here until they could return to Ross-  laud on a Pullman car.  Mr. F. T. Short, Mrs. Short and  Mastsr Roy, left on Monday for Midland, Ont., where Mr. Short has been  appointed manager of the Bank of B.  N. A. During their residence here Mr.  and Mrs. Short made a host of friends  who sincerely regret their departure.  The management of the Greenwood  branch is now in charge of Mr. John  W. Smith, and his many friends hope  that the promotion will be made permanent.  12 WORK MULES  9 PACK MULES  14 PACK HORSES.  If desired the Vendors can furnish aparcjoes,  and pack saddles, and harness for the above.  These animals are in first class condition, and  are all well broken. Offers to be made to the  Waverley Mine, Limited, Albert canyon. The  animals are pasturing- in the neighbourhood of  Kamloops.  Outside PacM Duplex Pattern With Pot Valves.  WE ARE PREPARED  To fnrriish Pumping Machinery of various' types for ,'  all Mining duties. Our long- experience and up to  date plant and methods enable us to warrant our  Pumps unapproached; for desig-n, durability,- compactness and general serviceable qualities. We would be  pleased to furnish catalogue and estimates. : 'i  N0RTHEY MAN?or^S?,ra(1 Toronto, Ont.  MW-  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.   Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.  In The Matter of The Kootenay Development Company, Limited.  KOTICE is hereby given that the creditors  of the above named company are required on or before the 30th day of September, 1899,  to send their names and addresses and particulars of their debts or claims and the names  and addresses of their solicitors [if .any] to  Arthur Thomas Kennedy of 22 Fenchurch  Street in the city of London the Liquidator of  the said company and if so required bv notice in  writing-from the said Liquidator are by their  Solicitors to come in and prove their said debts  or claims at such time aud, place as shall be  specified in such notice or in default thereof  they will be excluded from any benefit of any  (listribution made before such debts are proved.  EARNEST H. SAUNDERS,  63 and 64 New Bond Street,  London, E. c..(England.)  Solicitor for the said Liquidator.  Dated this 24th day of July,-1899.  m  3>��3g-:&:@6-:g-:@g-:@6;g;g  THE GREENWOOD MARKET...  H. STOECKE, PROP.  mmmmmwmmmmmmm  B. C. Assay Office  <w Prime  Beef,  Fish,   Ham,  Pork,   Mutton, ; Poultry,  Bacon, and Lard.  The  public are respectfully invited to give us a trial.  COPPER ST. GREENWOOD, B. C.  MINERAL   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  WREN mineral claim situate in the Kettle  River Mining division of Yale district.  Where located :    In Wellington camp.  TAKE notice that I, Robert Denzler,  Free Miner's Certclicate No. 19074A intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mininir Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaiuiuir  a Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of Aug-ust, 1899.  Money Made  Is Money Saved;;:  Greenwood City Waterworks Company.  ALDERMEN   NAMED.  A. Fisher and David Beath Appointed By the  City Council to Fill Vacancies.  The electors having- failed to nominate persons properly qualified to fill  the vacancies in the city council, that  body appointed at its last meeting- A.  Fisher as alderman for  Fourth  Ward,  NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of  the Shareholders of this company will  be held at the office of the company, Government Street, Greenwood, B. c, on Monday the  28th day of Aug-ust, 1899, at the hour of 4 p. ni.,  for the election of Directors and for the ordering  of the affairs of the company generally.  A. S. BLACK,  Greenwood, B. c, 11th Aug-ust. 1899.  0    #    *  You can  make  money  buying your  by  e  ���  at Bannerman Bros., Copper St.  ���  c  Best cooking-  and  eating-  apples in  the market.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to the  Statute, that I am applying- to the chief  commissioner of Lands aud works to purchase  320 acres of mountain land, situated as follows  viz: Commencing- at a post at the northwest  corner stake of Buchaus ranch, Keremeos  valley, thence west 40 chains, thence south 80  chains, thence east 40 chains to the southwest  corner of Buchaus ranch, thence north 80 chains  along- the western boundary line of Buchaus  ranch, to the p". nt of commencement.  C. S. MORRIS,  Columbia, July 5th, 1899. Applicant  Fairview Drug And Book Store.  $ JOHN LOVE & CO. &  Druggist % Stationers  *   #   #:  FAIRVIEW and CAMP McKINNEY.  .   #    *    *  A   full   line   of    Drugs,    Stationery,  Drug-g-ists Sundries.  Prescriptions   Carefully Compounded.  RELIABLE WORK.  GREENWOOD,    -     B.  G.  uu.muiiuuimumm.ummu  THISTLE : :  is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  R.'P.  SOLE AGENTS:  RlTHET &   CO.  VICTORIA     B.C.  Ltd.  \V. J. Snodgkass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For.cs.  Returning- leaves Grand Forks at 7 a.m. each  and every day except Sunday for Greenwood  and leaves Greenwood for Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  ��5S~ Will sell  through Tickets to Vancouver,-  Victoria, Seattle or Portland.  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Copper Street, Greenwood,  &   A.   M.  vGREENWOOD LODGE, A. F. & A. M.  Regular   Communication   first    Thursday    in  every month.   Sojourning brethren  cordially  invited. J-   C.   HAAS,  C. Scott Galloway, W..M. Secretary  KEMP  OFFICES,   STORES AND   WINDOWS  CLEANED.  PRIVATE NURSING  FOR GENTLEMAN....  NOTICE.  IVA LENORA Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Smith's camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for the British Canadian Gold  Fields Exploration, Development and Investment Company, Limited, (Foreign), . Free  Miner's Certificate No. 2619a, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Cer ificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And   further  take  notice that, action under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance o^such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of June, 1899.  I. H. HALLETT.  Leave Orders at White Front  Store ,.,.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to  apply to the board of license commissioners of  the City of Greenwood at their first meeting  after the expiration of thirty davs, for a license  to sell liquor by retail on the premises known  as the Log Cabin Hotel, situate on Government'  street, near the city limits.     I. J. MILLER.  Greenwood, July 22,1899.


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