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The Boundary Creek Times 1899-04-15

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 Published Semi-Weekly in the Interests op the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. V,  GREENWOOD, B, C, SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1899,  US  No. 44  ^xvvv\WWMX��k^  BUILDERS   OF  iRB��W������#.  Ssj2^2^2ss^^^^^2=^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5^^��js^^^2^^��^^?^^^^^^2^^5  Contractors for tlie design and construction of complete Stamp Mills, Concentration,  Chlorination, Cyanide and Smelter Equipments:  ft  "'  C3  w  u  G  o  -S  .a  XI.  o  pi  O  o  ^1  O  O  o  >���������-  xl  ��� r-i  k  -(-��..  ��� W  o  U -��  l-l  A  if  o  ���a  "�����? "S  M-H  o  o  CO  CO  o  C-  c8  u  <1J  O"  ,bO  r*  uo  oi  ft-:-:..  r���1  O  fc  (0  CZ)i  ,o  s.  Si?  ' ���  . ��'  ��<    P  g�� n  �� JL  Off-  ���3 o*  ���S* ��������  3 2.  cr> tr  ��� rt      -��� .  .��< xn  0)  3.  CO  O  a?  >  Gfq  r&  rs.  r-t-  ��?  O  w  .03  ' tf  o  o  Hh  ���O  Head Office and Works !  Branch Offices!  Vancouver, B.C., Rossland, B. C,  And Greenwood, B.C. HARry howson. A?ent.  u   Including^ among other things,  Groceries,. Cured Meats,  Floor, Builders' Hardware,  Feed,                         .   Mining Supplies,  Hay, Oats,   , Bar Iron,  Vegetables, Mining Rails,  Fresh Eggs, Fuse,      t  Fruits, Caps,  Purchasers are invited to inspect our stock and get our prices  Powder,  Goodwin Candles,  Granite Candles,  ^Tubular Barrows,  Earthenware,  Glassware,  Crockery,  Rope,  Coil Chain,  Blacksmith's Coal,  Crowbars,  Anvils, Bellows,  Picks and Shovels,  Sheet Glass,  /~\.       I    lo       tZ2>I      i_���t  Y  6c   CO.  /1  THE   -  WINDSOR  -  HOTEL  E. WEEKS.i CO., Proprietor!), Copper street, Greenwood.  Strictly First Class, Redecorated and Furnished, Heated with Hot Air7 Lighted Throughout  with Acetylene Gas, The Favorite Hotel for Mining and Commercial Men.  ONLY   THE   BEST  BRANDS   OF  CIGARS   AND . LIQUORS   KEPT  IN   STOCK.  Hot and Cold Baths and Hair Dresser's Establishment on the Premises.  J., J. Caulfield ..  . Neil H. Lamont  No more vexatious   delays,     We   have  �� on hand a full stock of  And ail kinds of BUILDERS' MATERIAL.  A  large  stock  of  Bar Iron,  Steel,  Blacksmiths'  Supplies,  Anvils,  Bellows,  etc.,  etc.,  etc,  .��. \D r\\J L-r~ ��� r tz. L.LJ  Copper Street, Three Doors South of the Bank of Montreal.  / ;'uuu^  IS THE IJEST HOXEIv IX GREENWOOD. A New IliiililMijr. -.veil furnished. First-class  Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Liquors and Cigars. _: ll?:irt(jiiartcrs for Miiiiiiff  and Commercial Men.  Copper Street,  RAILWAY BUILDING.  CIP. R. make good progress  The Railway Will Probably Be Completed to  Greenwood la July���Only a Few Miles of  Grading to Be Completed���Branch Lines.  When will the first Canadian Pacific  Railway engine reach Greenwood ?  The snort of;the iron horse will be an  unusual though delightful sound to the  ears of the residents, but there is a  great diversity of opinion regarding  the exact date of the momentous event.  Every individual has a gambling streak  in his composition and the date of  ' completion of the railway to this city  has afforded an opportunity to satisfy  the sporting spirit. After the railway  does come, several new Stetson hats  will surmount the heads of Greenwood  business men and five dollar bills will  change hands. The Canadian Pacific  railway authorities, who are noted for  the reliability of their information,  never postpone the momentous event  , later than July 1st. Indeed, a commercial traveler who , was doing business in the city last week, was assured  by District Freight Agent Peters that  all orders after the 1st: of June could  be booked by the C. P. R. line to Cascade. Of course it has happened in  one or two isolated xases that Mr.  Peters'promises did not' materialize.  At least'Greenwood business men say  so, and they ought to know. '  ��� Then Mr. Tye", who has charge of  the work;-is strongly of the opinion  ' that the C. P.' R. engine is sure to  reach Greenwood in July. If-Mr. Tye  decides'that his opinion1 is to1 prevail  the chances: are good that' engine will  be here at time stated.  The   builders; of   railways   do   not  figure, on .much.time, for  track Jlayingv.  When   the   grade   is   completed    and  bridges  built, they reel off so  many  miles of track per day.   In order to arrive at   some definite conclusion, it is  necessary to enquire  into  the amount  of grading alreadj' completed  and   the  nature of the  unfinished  work.    With  the exception of a-few short stretches,  it may be  stated   that  the  grading is  practically completed from  Robson to  within a short   distance   of Niagara.  Of course McLean's long tunnel near  Brooklyn is   not nearly through, but a,  grade has  been established over  the  mountain   by  means  of switch-backs,  and this will be utilized  until the tunnel is completed.   Then there are short  stretches of rock work in an unfinished  state in McRae pass  and  along Christina :lake,  but this  work will all  be  completed before the 1st  of  May.    On  the other side of Niagara  there  is a  short tunnel  for which Pat Walsh has  the contract  and some rock work, not  more than half a mile, to be completed.  The grade  from   Niagara  to  Eholt is  completed,   including  Foss & McDonnell's   700-foot   tunnel.    Nothing   has  been done from Summit to U>j:indary  Falls, excepting to clear the  right of  way.    In   a  few days J. V. Welch" and  several other   C. P. R. contractors will  be on the ground, and   as   the  work is  New-  Goods  Arriving  Daily,  We Carry  Everything in  BOOKS, STATIONERY, ETC.  >y*.    j����     jf6,  SMITH  &   McRAE,  Books, Stationeiy, Wallpaper, Notions  and Fancy Goods,  GREENWOOD,     e.O.  comparatively easy, it is expected that  the entire distance will be covered before the the 1st of June. From Boundary Falls to Midway there was a good  deal of heavy rock work, but the worst  of this is completed and this stretch of  road will be finished some time in  May. From all appearances, then, the  entire grade .from Robson to Midway  will be completed by June 1. Track-  laying may be delayed by the construction of the many high bridges.  The bridges along the Arrow Lakes  have already delayed this work, but  from reports it is learned that Porter -  Bros., who have this work in hand, are  making good progress. Another big  bridge is being constructed across the  Kettle River near Cascade.  The mine owners are also discussing  the construction of the branch lines ' to  the different camps, and there is an  equally great diversity of. opinion regarding this work. The optimistic  ones believe that it is the intention of  the big company to build the branch '  lines immediately, so that orecan be  taken from the mines as soon as the  main line'is completed. The company  has announced that work oh the branch  lines will be commenced immediately,  and it is quite possible that the hearts  of the mine owners will be made glad  by the appearance of the cars shortly  after Greenwood celebrates the appearance of a C. P. R. engine in the city.  The Columbia and Western Railway  passes through a country that would  strike terror into the hearts of ordinary  men. But railways will tackle anything that Nature places in their way.  From Robson . to Cascade almost the  entire road-bed has been cut out of  Hard granite. Then there is a dozen  miles of level country, which afforded  comparatively easy work ; but this is  offset by the country along the North  Fork of the Kettle River. The 102  miles from Robson to Midway will for  engineering difficulties and costliness  average higher than any other road of  equal length that has ever been constructed on the continent. The fact  that the whole will have'been completed within twelve months speaks  volumes for the ability of those in  charge.  Railway men wonder why the Canadian Pacific Railway Company did not  purchase the Corbin system, and build  the road to Boundaty Creek through  the Kettle River valley.     Those competent  to judge maintain that the Corbin system' could have been purchased,  and the Kettle River road  built for a  much  smaller sum than the cost of the  Columbia &  Western  Railway.     The  Corbin system would   have  given   the  C. P. R. connection with Spokane, and  would  have shut out competition from  the South.    But the C. P. R. Company  has seen   fit  to do otherwise.    It has  built a road at  an  enormous  expense,  and  it  will  make every effort to make  the earnings of the  road  pay   interest  on   the  money investment.    Boundary  Creek must pay for the Boundary Creek  railway.    If competition is not allowed  Boundary Creek will be forced  to pay  tribute to the enterprise of the C. P. R.  in  overcoming almost insurmountable  barriers in   building  a   railway  along  an almost impassable route.  BONDED   THE   J.   S.  CLAIM.  "^mmmmmtinnn (mmmm!mtm??mm!?wnmmmmmmmmm^  ^r^  W. L. Hogg Secures a Summit Camp Property  for $25,000.  Mr. W. L. Hogg of Montreal has  added another property to his Boundary Creek investments. On Thursday  he bonded the. J. S. in Summit camp.  Ten per cent, was paid in cash and the  balance is to be paid in three, six and  nine months. The J. S. is owned by  Jerrold Bros & Snibley. Its position  is an exceptionally good one. It is between the R. Bell and Remington, recently bonded for a large figure, and  is separated from the famous IS. C by  900 feet of the Mountain View. There  is a 40-foot shaft on the property and  about 100 feet of surface work. The  ore from a strong ledge on the J. S.  gives.high values, assays averaging  S50 to the ton. The copper values are  about 12 per cent, and the baiaucc is  in gold.  As soon as tlie snow disappears  buildings will be erected on the property and development work wiil be  vigorously prosecuted uuJei" tlie superintendence of Mr. M.i��. f.irlMic ���/! the  Sunset.  Mr. Hogg stales th.it Montreal c ipi-  talists are extremely anxiu.is to invest  in Boundary Creek proper.i -. If  properties with ^I'oii .���.iunvir., -ould  l��e secure-!, :- grc.l deal oi .l-mlreal  inonrv Won..��� ��� nun   l.ii-.  way.  "���-2fS$i��''-t'iSJ��<!^*^tftfwn THE    BOUNDARY   CHEEK    TIMES,  I      H.   HALLETT.  ��� QSdrrJBfer, Jifoftcifor,  NOTARY   PUBLIC.      GREEN-WOOD,    B.O.   DR1NGLE  &  WHITESIDE,..  Banisters and Solicitors,  (Ttofaries (pufifi'c, etc.,  ���Bakkj'jtt Block, Co.i'Jmjk Stkket,  GRfiENWOOl).  IZTORBES ,.M.   KERBY,    .  Assoc. ?*Ioin. Can. Sue. Civil Engineers,  fjprotnnctaf Bidnb Jlumgor  ANIi   CJVir.   KNOIN'KIJK,  -- QJofm-E rpufifi'c --   . MIDWAY,   B.C.  CT      W.     GROVES.  '    Civil Or 'Milling Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  ' .C.KKKNWOOD,.11. c:  Mineral Claims Keported upon.  Underground Surveys.  C.  A. C.UHSS. M.A. ii. .\. <:i;i!S.s.  M.A.  Guess Bros.  CHEMISTS AND ENGINEERS.  Mining Properties Examined  and  Re-  .       ported on.    (Estali. 18<J5).  GwiiKNWOOI), B. C.  QHARLES Al::. S\\r\\J7~~^~  Civil  /Engineer,  dominion  cmt>  (prottinct'.-if fitinS ��surBegor.  GREENWOOD,       -  '    I!. C.  ���" MOWAT I PALMER '. ;-T  Mining and Real Estate Brokers  GREENWOOD.  . ^=-- ���- ���������^ j^i^j^y ~"~y  Real Estate,and /v\iniiuj Broker  Ofl-ICI'.. oyi:R  bank;  op  b. n. a.  -���'"������J _GREENWOOD. __ '  REAL ESTATE^ND miNING  '���.... . i-PROPERTIES.   . i/THE MART. . .  U/      B..   PATON   &   CO.,  Mining and  >  ���  /  Real Estate Brokers  ��� GREENWOOD. : B.C.  J^    IV. ROSS,  MINING AND SHARE BROKER,',  ���-.';. COLUMUIA, li. C.  T5ound;iry ' and    Camp    McKin'itey   properties  ...    e;iveil especial attention.   ��� ;  \V. S. KEITH, .M. i-:.  I'. I- .KIC'rCIIL'M.  KEITH & KETCHUM   ,  REAL ESTATE AND MlMlK BROKERS  GREENWOOD,   B. C.  Mining Properties Examined  AND/ REPORTED    ON.  ($5pttn&4rg CreeS Ctmeer  I'tMii.isiiKi) skmi-\vi:i:ki.v ny  The Boundary-Creek Printing & Publishing  ...  Company, Limited..  Duncan Ross".....    Editor.  W. J. Hakiikk.   ......Manaji-er.  ADVERTISING RATES PER MONTH: "���  1   inch.-.....:.. ..':..'..:.:.$ 2 ��n-  2 inches    3 511  3 inches      4 5H  4 inches     5 ��0  pile-third olT these  6 inches        7 50  prices, if onlv one  .*! !"c!"'s"     '-'.'I ?rt        inseriii.il oerweek  in incnes         ... il su  12 inches   '..'  13 50  ' is contracted   for.  15 inches     li, 00  2H inches   2() (X. j  Addn-ss all communications to   '  . ���. .     Tin;. Times,-       ' ���-    ���      ���  Greenwood. IJ.C.  SuiiscKii'TioN. $2:ut>:i>]:i< Yeah, in  Advance.-  SATURDAY". Al'KIL 15. l.sw.  SMELTERS AND RAILWAYS.    ���  Tin; Trail Creek News is apposed to  the Corbin charter. So is every other  newspaper.con-trolled.by, the Canadian  Pacilic Railway company! Tlie quantity of arguments, advanced by the  News is more ..striking- than their  quality. ' It lectures..- the '-Rossland  Miner because it ���. advpcati.s a  policy which builds;.up.-Northport at  the expense ��� ol" ���'Rosslau'd and Trail",  and points the fin.trer of scorn .at the  fact that the shipments of Le Koi ore  to American smelters duriiifr the past  year exceeded by over .2l),00<)-. tons the  afryrej^ate of the Rossland ^pro'diicinir  mines to . Canadian.-smelters. Now,  there is-a;sm"elter at Trail, owned and  opera ted- by the Canadian .Pacidic-Rail-  way 'company. This smelter, " during  year, treated a little less than half the  product of the Rossland mines. Yet if  we are to believe the News, Trail is  the dullest town in Iiritish Columbia.  Week after week it pleaded, for something to put new life and energy into  the town and citizens. The News is  evidently rijrht. I ecause many Trail  people have come this way and confirmed the statement that Trail is anything but a lively town. Northport  secured tlie Le Roi smelter; yet its  iTowth   has   been   slow   and   business  has not. improved much, but unpatriotic, wicked Rossland, that sends over  half its ore to an American smelter,  keeps on growing- and business keeps  on increasing-. It is the men working  underground producing wealth who  make business. Encourage the de-.  velopment and the operation of mines  and the .smelting- question will take  care of itself.  But the arguments of the Trail  Creek News do not apply to Boundary  Creek in any case. The ore bodies in  the'district are larg-e but of low grade,'  and the success of the district depends  upon the very ' cheapest home treatment. This is. the reason there is an  unanimity of opinion in Boundary  Creek in favor of competition. One of  the best authorities in the district is of  the opinion that the ores of Boundary  Creek will not averag-e over Sl5. Such  ore will not stand heavy shipment  charges and must be treated at home.  With the Corbin road constructed,  there would be some encouragement to  develop low-grade mines. Give the C.  .P. R. a monopoly of the carrying-  trade, full control over 'fnel{ and  no smelter can exist in competition  with the smelters of the C. P. R. It is  the placing- of the district absolutely  at the mercy of a powerful railway  company that is alarming-; not  the fact that the gentleman, who is  anxious to afford relief happens to be  an American.  Rossland.  Greenwood.  Thic Mining, and Commercial .association'should renew the request for  a customs officer at Greenwood, and  should back up their position by a  petition from 'the Greenwood business  men. From the' statement made to  Mr. -Haas by the chief inspector of  customs, this course would probably be  successful..   -   '  The New Superintendent of Education.  The appointment of Mr. Alex" .Rob- ���  inson, principal of the Vancouver.High  School, to the .position of superintendent of education in this Province, in  succession to Dr.. Pope, will, without  doubt, be received-with general satisfaction. Mr. Robinson has been a resident, of the Province for: about ten  years; and has impressed, his abilities  as an educationist on all who have met  him. He has the great advantage of  possessing the energy and vigor of  comparative youth, and while he has  made the profession of teaching the  work of his life, he has kept himself,  by wide'reading and hard study,v from  "getting- into the pedagogic rut which  makes so many of our Canadian teachers mere machines, and poor machines  at that.- Mr. Robinson is a man of  culture, and, above all things, a student���but a student of, life as well as  books. Once he has familiarized himself with.the details of his new office,  we expect to see him introduce some of  the reforms in our provincial system  which are so sadly needed. We do not  see how the Government could have  made a better, choice, and his selection  will be particularly gratifying to the  people at large because it was dictated  by the merits of the appointee and not  bv influence.���Rossland Miner.  Smelting Ores.  In   his  latest   report, the, Dominion  government   analyst   deals  with   the  smelting ores of British Columbia. He  stutes that  the  course  pursued at the  Le Roi smelter is as follows :  . "At   Northport the   following is the  smelting  process   adopted  oh   the   Le  Rioi ore :    Two hundred and   fifty tons  of raw ore containing 2  per  cent, copper   and   15   dwts; gold   per   ton   are  "smelted, with a small quantity of limestone or other flux, and produce 25 tons  of first or low-grade matte  with 15 per  cent, copper and about eight ounces of  gold per  ton.    This   matte  is  ground  and retained  in. ,a   long-, furnace   with  mechanical   stirrers  and   then melted  with 250 tons of   roasted   ore  of  same  quality   as  the   raw.     This  smelting  produces'concentrated, matte   with   SO  per cent, copper' and 40  ounces of gold  per  ton.    The   furnace   puts   through  250 tons of ore with  25 tons of Mux etc.  per  day.    Coke   is  said to cost 510 per  ton and is brought from the east.    The  final   product  of the   treatment   is   an  alloy of gold and   copper, _which, however, cannot  be   treated   by- sulphuric  acid.    It must be further  alloyed with  silver before parting is possible."  Divine service will be held in Rendell's hall on Sunday morning at 11  o'clock. "-."  GREENWOOD LUMBER CO'Y  Proprietors of the Fletcher &  Goodhue sawmill, is prepared  to furnish all kinds of Rough  and Dressed  LUMBER,  Lath, .Mouldings,  Etc.. .Etc.  Greenwood  Office���-Corner  of Mineral'  and Kimberlev streets.  ' -WW Wesiment '��* Trust  V*"\V^i ' 1-1/^1X1:0    LIABILITY. ,   .'        L      ^/r  ���"'.���'' (Reaf (Bsfofc <xnb (gttnmg (��xoHxb,       ''���'.'  'Financial & Insurance Agents  THE    CANADIAN  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  THE PIONEER TfOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek,  E.G..       ���  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide g-ood accommodation.  'Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of "Wines, Liquors and Cigars  " A Comfortable Sample Rnoui.     Heated by Hot Air.  J, -W; TffiLSON  x  s  Proprietor,  ^^^^^.t^^r^e^^^^^^, ^^^f|,^-.^^i^.-^vf|,^.^  4*  Leave us your Fish order Friday,  Y'our Oyster order for Saturday,  Andovour Turkey order for Sunday,  But do not overlook new Lettuce, Spinach,  Celerry, Green Onions or Raddishes.  If you can't come,  'phone us.    .���    ���  Telephone number later.  P.    BURNS   <&   CO.  .Head Office for JSoiuulary Creek division at GREENWOOD.  Shops at Cascade, Grand Forks, Niagara. Greenwood and Midway  *r  gfcjKi \&. ��A�� J^i <&. i&> <JR> ��A> **j Jfc> &i iX. i&t &. t/ftf ��A�� &I Jkt >^j a&> JK/ aJ^t tX* <&>tt  ���"3J9  THE   PALAOE   LIVERY   STABLE.  IN   THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   DISTRICT.  Extra Well Fitted.for  Long Drives.    Saddle Horses  and Pack  Ponies.    Feed Barn. -Hay and  Oats For Sale.  A. W. ROBINS   -       -   PROPRIETOR.  STOCKS.  Iloniuliirv Creek M. & IU. Co....  5  lininrion & Gulden Crown ......   30  Helen'.      I.  Hitrhlaiul Oueeii:      ..:  5  Morrison .:   IS  Camp McKinney Gold   M. & M. Co.  5  Waterloo '.' 13  "Witinipejr ;...  30  ���Cr*��=x)~���  List Your Stocks With Us,  Mowat & Palmer,  Mining and Real Estate Urate,  GREENWOOD.    B.O.  CORYELL'S MAPTPrice $1.25.  Kcrby's Map of Wellington Camp, $1.00  A tine line of  Pipes,   CigarsA  Tobacco U lust Received.  and Pouches /  *VS      *Vi      *V4      *>4      "1ft    ��� ��'i       ^       ��'i   ''''."s. ���  "9(v-          �����;��-          '/i.^        lif        5]i��"        Vi"~         %**          'w          51*r  Thos. McDouuoll.            R. M. M cKutir  McDonnells McEntire,  Mines and.  Real Estate  GREENWOOD    and   CAMP MCKINNEY  Jft      iJfz.     yji     ^'i     j,Wi"   ^,1'i      v��r^      y^      o's  r'tS      ?ji~    ��� Vj,?     vjlc     ''*F    %*      Vi*      Vi>"     V��7  Jf Shaiinon Files, If  |r? Letter Clips, g|  I Stick  Files. I  J. A. UNSWI  Druggist->v > Midway.  | World "Almanack;.'99.  | Chicago News '' ' 99.  I Canadian "   '99.  'Pocket Diaries.  S3  i  S'OQ  Is  I  iiJ.iUuO.,1  O  o  o  "A.-  ��  COI'I'KK   STKHJCT.  - m  rt5  ZTK��  ��� H 9-  ��  S3  S3  KSTAIIMSMKH   1S(i2.  - ���  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  ���Certificate of Improvements,  .NOTICE.  NUC(;ET. COLO DROP Kraclion and PHITw-  LIPSHURC Fraction inineral clatins, situ-  in tlu* Kt'UKr Kivcr Mining division of Yale  district. Wlici't^ locatrtl:  ln (Irrt'iiwood camp.  TAKK NOTICE that I. Isaac HalU-tt. as  atfeiit feu* Krrdcrick Colleton Iiiui'S, free;  niiiii'i**s ctuMilicali- No. Hi37S A. intciitl. si>:ly  days from tin-dale heri'uf, to apjily. to tin* Min-  ititr Rt-cordrr for ct:rti(icaU*s of ini](i'i��vi'tiu'iits,  for llic purpose* of ohtainiiiy Crown n'rants  of the abovt* claims.  " And  further  take  notice  that action,   tincle.r  section 37. must he commenced 1mfore the  issuance of such certificates of improvements.  Hated this 4th day of March. ISO'). 22-3  Furniture |  Carpets |  Linoleums I  Cork Carpet  7  Curtains    I  i  m  Wallpaper I  Complete House Furnisbings.  4 -A    l:ii-(.'i;   stock-Of   Kim,   and   Medium     |  J Priced CikkI;; in ;tl)uve liiit-s. ���  Send fin-Samplfs :tud Prices���free.  Head Office \J TORONTO.  Established 1S(,7.  Paid-up Capital ? ^-$6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars.!  Rest  $1,000,000.  PRESIDENT.  HON:    OHO.    A.   COX.  11.  K.  WAI.KJSK, . J.   H.' i-I.IJMMKK,        ���.,  C'.eiK^ral Manager.      AssLileneral Manayer.  This Bank has the largest number of  Branches of any Bank in Canada, with  Agencies at New York, Chicago, New  Orleans, Ska^way and Dawson Citv.  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants,  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travellers' Credits, and Circular Notes issued  available in any part of the World.  Approved Notes Discounted, Collections made. ..;.      >.  A general Banking- business transacted. '.��� ' ���     -,  Greenwood Branch,.,.  D.  A., CAMERON.  'Manager.  i Canlp McKinney Hotel,  j HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  j    '      '       .:; 6^^=��>   "J    ������'.  !        I'est Uraitds of Wines, Liquors aiid Ciyars.  i Goon   S'rAnhixfi.  Bank of Montreal  Capital, air paid up;  $12,000,000.  Rest.. ..:.':..,.........:... $6,000,0.00.  President :  ��� Ijnun .Stkatiicosa and Mount, Rovai..,  Vice-l'i'es'uUiiil :  IIo.n-. CiicoKoi: A. DKOJiMONn;-,  Clenoral Manai/er..... E. S.'Ci.ouston.  '"���   ..,'.:,.'"��� ^ . ^   'Z-'"    '"'���' "   ""���"  Branches in London (England),  New York, Chicago,  And in the. principal cities in Canada.  ''4?        'A?        'll5-  B113' and Sell Sterling-Exchange and;  Cable  Transfers ;   Grant  Commercial  and Travellers'   Credits,   available   in  any part of the World. . ...- ,  Drafts  issued.   Collections  made,  etc.  Greenwood Branch,  F.  J.   FINUCANE, Manager.  THE   BANK   OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital  $4,866,666.  Reserve Fund $1,460,000.  London Office :  3   Clement's   Lane,   Lombard   Street, E.C.  COUKT  OK  DlKKCTOKS :  J. H. 13 rod in, John James Cater, Gaspard Kar-  re.i-, Richard II. Glvn, Henrv I. R. Farrer, Ed.  Arthur Hoare, H. J. B. Kendall, J. J. KIiib-k-  ford, Kred. Lubbock, George D. AVIiatman.  .,  Secretary���A. G.  Wallis.  Head office in Canade : St James-st.,  Montreal  H. Slilieinan, ".'eneral manager.  J. Elmsley, inspector.   ,  Jl��.  ���%v���  IjKanciiics ix Canada :        ���  ���  London, lirantford, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Midland,  Quebec, St.  Jolin N.D.. lirandon. Winnipeg, J^rederictoi^N.  li.,   Halifax   Victoria,   Vancouver,    Rossland,  Kaslo.  Trail.   Ashcrot't :   Dawson City, Klondike, N..W*. T���  Greenwood, and AtlinJ11,, C.  -   Acicnts in -rin; Unitki).States :  Spokane���Traders' National IJanlc. and   Old  National   liauk.    New   York���(52  Wall-street)  \V.   Lawsoti   and  J.  C.   Welsh,   agents.     San  Krancisco���1124 Sausoine-streeti II. .1.  McMichael and J. H. Ambrose, agents.  London ISankuks :  The ISaiiU of Ene;land and   Messrs. Glyn * Co.  KOKKICN   ACHNTS  I  Liverpool���JJaiik- of LiveriMiol. Australia���  Uuior Haitlc of Australia. New Zealand���Union Hank of Australia, Hank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Chartered Mercantile  JSank of India. Loudon and China, Afni liauk.  West Indies���Colonial liauk. Paris���Marcnard  Krauss A Co.    Lyons���Credit Lyouuais.  F.  T.  SHORT, Manager, Greenwood, B.C.  i R. F. Coates & Co. 11  Contractors  i:  B.C. I   1  A��>-��'������*i-��*i'��^*^��-.��^��-��t*.��i<��'��n��^*^��K��<��K��*��^��^��^��<i  Grkknwood,   B.C. g^:  A%   ilte   *% S^  '<*.- If 'J.' fBB~~  ^5   Sloie Kroiits & Fixtures a Specialty   ��-���  ^mm???mm?mmmw?m!K:  ^'���..  )j  -^T:.'   rfVURniMIR THE   BOUNDAKY   CREEK   TIMES,  & $&   #\   "%5f &JC  %&$&  Lot 14, Block 13* next Burns' butcher shop ? Lots 11 and ���12, Block 13* between Providence and  Brooklyn streets? Lot 3* BL 16, opposite Postoffice,   Fisher Addition and several other  Choice Lots,    If You Want Bargains, call and see me,  C.   E.   IVIAL.L.ETTE   - >   -   A'T 'SA\#MIL_I_.   OFFICE  '^^M  KETTLE   HIVEB   MININC   DIVISION.  MERCHANTS OF  Record  of Mineral  Locations for  tlie  Week  Ending  April 11,   1899.  April 1.  Delia, Kimlierlev camp, G  C   Ward  and   \\   II  Hiiir; ,       . ' ,   -  Hecla, Providence camp,'A Porais e.t al.  Thomas, Providence camp, A Dorais.  St. Paul, SUylarlc camii, A Horais.  .   April''4. ^   .-,.  '������  "'  Woodstock, linuiidary Kails, Jennie IJ Smith.  Kaven,   Deadwood   camp,   A .".Branson   and   J  ., Gladden. ......  Vancouver fractional, Welliii(f ton  camp, Wm'  Hanna.  April 6.  Little May No. 2, Copper camp, A.Cliisholni.  Little May fractional. Copper camp, A Cliisholm  Monte Cnr.isto, Skylark camp, 0 Lynch.  . -.-. April 7. ... '  Hijou, Eholt Creek, EBrisibois.  v"''".-' j  April 10.  Owl,Skylark camp, A liranson and G Koulds.  April 11.  Itutelle]��� Hoy, Skylark camp, G McLeod.  Manila, Greenwood 'fownsitc, W J Lee.  tlilack Horse, .Sum'init caui]), .1 Smith..  It  I  Certificates of Work.  ���-        '<. April 3.- ...  Fourth of July, Ked Jacket, Ked  Hill,  Climax,  Miildoou,,Ed Sullivan etal.- ..  April 4.   . .���'���-..-   .-, ;'  Ulack Warrior, K Greeii��-iiod..  liarnato, Globe, V R Swausou.  ' .' ;    April 5.  Hecla, J McNicbl etal.  Midnifrht. Lloyd VatuJrhaii.  April (i.    ���  Chahipioii, W H Chapj>ell i;t al.  April 8.    " ��� . '������-������,- '������.  Durham, G A Rendell.  April in.  Shipley, M K French,      V  Transfers.   ;  .���;���' .-'      Api-il 4:  Hanover, \i interest, C L Werner to (I'M Foster  Haltimore, all  interest,  J   Mulliyau   to   G   A  Reudall.  Bijf Hend, all interest, J Morau to G A Kendall  Rejected, }4 iiilerest, T McAuley to T Donald.  . . April .0... ...  Moidock, 'A interest, C SF. Shau- to H J Hoiuoii.  Wild Sunflower, % interest, W J Wa'rtmaii to II  J liomou.  Hamilton,  all  interest,  J   Spratt   ei   al   lo   A  Chisholm.  Hank of Commerce, K interest,   E   C   lir.nvu   io  W S Keith. .       ���        .  Montana fractional, '/, interest. W J Lee to W S  Keith.  Kaffir Kiiitf, 'A interest. H D Mantes to Ed   Sullivan and A Wardell.  Kiiifr Harold, % interest, C   P  Friend   to  M   D  McLeod. '<���.���-'  April 7.  llullis of May, XA interest, F 11 Carey lo c Math-  CSOIl; i.  V      ��� /'. . April S.  Elisa Roy,  all  interest,  D   W   Hicks  lo  M   II  Kauc.  April Hi.  Katie L., all interest. C  E  Bartholomew  to   F  Ke.llv.  April 11.  Cosmo])olilan,  all   interest,   K   N   McLean   lo  Cosmopolitan Gold M. and S. Company.  MINISTER   OF   PUBLIC   WORKS;  A special Ottawa writer says:���  " The Premier is "pretty faithful in  his attendance in the Chamber. Right  behind him sits Mr. Tarte, a bundle of  nerves, nervously quick in his motions.  . like a sparrow on a bicycle path. He  spends most of his time in. the Chamber, and hears every word of the debate, some words, indeed, that no one  else hears. He may not seem lo be  listening- always, but he is listening-.  Not a word of badinage as to his influence over Sir Wilfred Laurier escapes  him, and he hears with a real glee  every quotation'of those views of Sir  Wilfred Laurier which he was wont to  express a score or so of years ago. Hut  there are many things to which he will  not tamely submit. He is intensely  jealous, for iu.s.tance, of his reputation \  as a departmental head. Scratch him  there and you find a fig-liter. The Opposition has learned where to rub him  on the raw, and;-as the Opposition  seems to be looking for - nothing so  much as fun these days he is often the  center about which rages a storm of  the prettiest kind."  MODEL    CARE.  \V. R. Coi-kts, Pnoi-.  A New Restaurant in the Flood-Naden-  Block, Run on the  LIVE AND LET LIVE PLAN  Our Tea, Coffee or Cocoa is  Always Fresh and Well Made  And adjoining camps, who run  temporarily out of stock and  need supplies at a day's notice,  can secure the same at strictly  competitive rates from the B. C.  IE  iii  Ltd., of Cascade. We carry  everything usually' found in a  j large general store, and many  items not expected in such  places. We, have a large  quantity of  BUILDING,:- COTTON  . i|ails and-House. Fittings  HARDWARE, ALL VARIETIES  A wide range.of Groceries and  a big selection of Dry Goods,  Hoots, Dress Materials. Silks,  etc;, together with Drug's,  Stationery and Prospectors'  Supplies.     Phone   us.    B.    C.  'Mercantile and Mining Syiulicaie, Ltd.  CASCADE,  B. C.  If your Watch is tired  TAKE    IT    TO  - -THE - -  TOHMAKER,  OKUKNWOOIi  Aud have it fixed riylit.    Oyer 30 years'1 experience, and the most complete stock of material  witli which to do work correctly.  estaurant  And LUNCH COUNTER.  Meals at all hours.  Open Day and Nigiit. .  Private Boxes. ���������Lunches' put up.  Fresli Eastern Oysters Daily.   ��v.,   WERNER & PITTOCK, Proprietors,  COIM'KK   STKKICT -  - - GKKKNWOOD.   IS. C.  an, Mice  &  Mining   Stock,  and Real Estate  Exchange,, ,,, ,  Temporary Office : ��  Government Street, Opp.- Post Office,  GRnriNWOOD,- b.c.  i"'<.        �����"<.        ;."4        ^"'.        :!>!'.  -/',- ril\~        ?".- '<l\T        ''!<?  Parties having copper claims for  sale kindly call on us, and g-ive full,  particulars. Would he glad to get any  information from parties familiar with  location of unsurvey'ed claims. l.C.xpect  tn go to press very soon, and wish to  have correct location of every claim in  every camp for our Boundary Creek-  Pamphlet. City property for sale: call  for particulars. Business lots on Copper, Silver, and Government streets.  Some choice sites for residences. Our  lithographed plan of Greenwood mailed  free for 50 cents.  John Black, Fairhaven,  Wash.. Treasurer.  A. G. Davis, Greenwood, B. C.  E. ���Mahi.to'n, New Westminster, B. C, Pres.  T. W. Gn.i.'rcTTK, Fairhaven, Wash.  John H. Wake, Fairhaven, Wash, Secretary.        {    G. A. RKNWjr.T., Greenwood, B. C.y Reg. Agent.  This company owns the. Morning Star and Park Fraction claims, formerly the  ���J  In Pass Creek camp. The property lies one mile south of summit of C. & W.R. R.. and in a direct  line with the famous B.. C. mine in Summit camp. A.larg-e atiio.unt of work has been done on the-  property, and work is being still continued. The surface showing is one of the .largest in the  Boundary Creek country, and assays as hig-h as SIS gold~and 12 1-5 per cent, copper. .The company  have decided to place 5,000 Treasury shares on the market for development purposes. Shares.may  be obtained from  McENTIRE; MCDONNELL & CO., Greenwood, B. C.,    or T. W.-GTLLETTE, Fairhaven, Wash.  FOR   TUNNELS,  MINES   AND   QUARRIES  Straight Line Duplex and Compound  OOMRLETE   MINE   EQUIPMENT.  JAMES    COOPER   MANUFACTURING   COMPANY,   Limited  Branch   Office, ROSSLAND, B. G  MONTREAL,   P. Q.  JAMES  D, SWORD, Manager, THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  ���*0*��^3��-��*��>��-BM*��-fl)'4��fr-flMe��-e***0<a-a.4C����4fll   C ����� BIBB1   > I ����� B^^WC��B<t>B^t��C...B^I>C<^*^W.im3.C<..B<l'.6<M  ^ ID have just received the finest line of the  latest Gold Jewellery and Silver Novelties ; Waltham, Elgin and Harvard movements ;  Diamonds, Opals and Pearls.  ' All our goods we guarantee to be of the best.  ?i  ILLER  Druggists and jewellers  ROS..  -   GREENWOOD.  ��  i  * fl .���  A. Fishkk.  . HULL! Ill   III  MILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    %    Eholt Creek; B, G  ��� Manufacturers of Rouirlr.and  Dressed-  Shingles, Lath, Mouldings, Sash and Doors,  vi'i   ., O'i  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  C. N. Collins has returned from  Spokane. '  Aid. Geo. R. Naden and Mrs. Naden  are expected home from Spokane today.  The Bealey Investment and Trust  company have purchased W. E.Medill's  house and lot on Copper street for  ��2,750.        '  The Nelson Miner is authority for  the statement that W.R.Johnson, a  fruit dealer, intends starting business  in Greenwood.  The Snodgrass stage line is now  running a daily stage between Greenwood and Camp McKinney. A daily  mail should also be established between those points. ���>  Blake Wilson, manager for P. Burns  & Co., was in the city this week. He  superintended the driving of a band of  sheep and a number of hogs to the  Summit slaughter house.  Mrs. Horner is training the pupils of  the public school in physical culture.  She intends giving an entertainment  shortly, the proceeds to be divided with  the school. Mrs^ Horner has leased  the Barrett hall, which is being seated  and a stage erected.  Several men were employed by the  city during the week to clean the Twin  creek flume, which filled with ice during the winter months. The water  had no course to run in the flume and  did considerable damage to the new  stone work underneath the Greenwood  Trading Compaq's store.  The gerrymandering of Boundary  Creek is responsible for another complication. S. P. Tuck was recently  appointed sheriff of Kootenay and  there is grave doubts as to whether  Boundary Creek is within his jurisdiction or that of Sheriff Pemberton of  Yale. It is understood that parties  interested have referred the matter to  the attorney-general for his decision.  Lack of lumber has delayed building operations to a large extent during the week. A road has been built  at the foot of the hill and consequently  lumber can now be hauled to the city.  There are a number of large blocks  under course of erection. Rendell &  Go's three story building, Keough's  hotel and J. W. Powell's hotel, will  materially add to the building wealth  of the city. Mr. Coulson of Midway  has 'secured the contract for Powell's  hotel, the stone work of which is completed. W. J. Wartman has secured  an eastern hrickmaker, who is busily  engaged at the old brickyard above  Anaconda. As soon as the weather  gets warmer he will burn a kiln. The  first brick made are to be used in the  construction of Guess Bros' two-story  building on Copper street.  Geo. F. Williams, the Copper street  clothier, is away on a business visit to  Trail.  F. A. Mulholland, a Rossland mining  man, visited Greenwood and Camp  McKinney this week.  Rev. Ralph W. Ttotter will hold services in Barrett's hall on Sunday at 11  o'clock a. in1, and 7:30 p. m.  L. G. Henderson, of "Henderson's  Directory," is in the city gathering information for the 1899 issue.  W. Austin, one of the pioneer prospectors of Boundary Creek, came over  from Republic last week to look after  his mining interests in this district.  Jay P. Graves has returned to Columbia and is making observations  relative to the establishment of his  smelter at some point on Grand  Prairie.  The snow is gradually succumbing  to the influences of warmer weather  and the roads are in a more passable  condition. Stages are making better  time, but the Rossland mail service  shows no signs of improvement. Three  days is about the shortest, record for  mail, while a traveler makes the trip  in a day and a half.  Mayor Hardy has received from  Price Ellison, M. P. P., an acknowledgement of the receipt of petition  forwarded by him, urging that a  bridge be built across the West Fork  of Kettle river. Mr. Ellison encloses  letter from Hon. Francis C. Cotton,  chief commissioner of lands and works,  in which the latter states that Mr.  Gamble is preparing plans for the  bridge, and that the cost will be taken  out of the general appropriations for  East Yale and Rossland districts.  The 40-horse power auxiliary boiler  at the B. C. mine is now being installed,  and will be in use in a few days.  One of the Italian railway-laborers  accidentally shot himself last week,  and is now in the C. P. R. hospital.  The superintendent's house at the B.  C. mine is nearly completed, and as  soon as lumber can be secured, offices  and other buildings will be erected at  the mine.  ' " :'-   -   -'". -   TO AL,L, FROM THE ' -   -   -   -  DON'T    ASK    YOU   TO    BUY  But to  Call  and Inspect Our Stock of  - - - JUST ARRIVED.  A Shoe to Fit Every Foot  At a Price to Suit Every Pocket,  LSON  & PHELAN,  (Next door to the Postoffice)  Government Street, Greenwood.  The Seymour Concert..-  Allan D. Seymour and favorite  Greenwood amateurs will give an entertainment in Barrett's hall on Wednesday eveninginexti The programme  follows :  PAKT     I.  1. Overture���"Shades of Evening..":   Orciiestka.  2. Song1���"Bandolero." Leslie Stuart.  Allen  D. Seymour.  3. Violin Solo���"La Galantiiuo."...Y. Jaxanv.  Wm. R. La Paso.  4. Song, (comic)   J. Mitchell.  -5.   Tambourine Dance ;   "Clarissa."  6.   Song���"Tom Bowling." Chas. Dibdeu.  W. W. Howe.  OF   EVERY   DESCRIPTION. UPHOLSTERING,   ETC.  The Largest Stock in the District.  (undertaking   an   IIM ��� ��� !����������� Ill I .Mill ���   II  D    EMBALMING.  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  THE FIRM SHIPMENT OF f  AMERICAN  4> 4 # ������� -4- 4* 4�� #.# <& -km  For Spring and Summer Wear have arrived. We would be  pleased to have you  call and inspect them  #>  36-  Barren Block, Copper Street, J  GREENWOOD.  4>  $> # 4= ��$> -I' # 4> ���& ���$��� # # &  l'AKT     II.  1. Quartette���[Selected.]   W. W. Howe, W.J. Moogkiuoe, A. M.  WniTEsiois, and A. D. Seymour.  2. Banjo Solo :.'   C. M. Arnold.  3. Coster Song���"Little Nipper."..."..Chevalier.  Mr. Flood.  4. Dance ....:   "Clarissa."  5. Song���" The Kingdom Blest."...C'tsf'd Dick.  Allen  D.Seymour.  6. Violin Solo���" Mocking Bird." :..   Arr. by Bowman.  Wm. R. La Paso.  "God Save The Queen."  Money Made  is-Moriey Saved  jj��j.    $%    j,��i  Va~ 111.' Vl?  You can  make  money  by  buying your  lour, Feed,  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc.  #  :#���#    $ '  ��� ....''��� '      :':  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood.  DENTAL NOTICE.  rt,  D  R. R. MATHISON will open  a dental office in Greenwood  as soon as the building in  which he has engaged rooms  is completed���probably about  1st  of   May.  c   c4SJ  at Bannerman Bros,, Copper St,  I'est  cooking  and   eating  apples in  the market.  Copper Street, Greenwood,  NOTICE.  \-UCI-: NOTICE that, sixtv  daws  from  the  date here  '  *   "������- '       ' ���   '  0^ood Assay 0fff^  JOE C. LUCKENBEL, Prop.  MINES EXAMINED AND REPORTED ON  GREENWOOD  B. C.  iteme iviver ^miiii^ nivision  oi vaic in  D.C. thence  runiiiuir 2U chains easl, thence21)  chains north, thence 20 chains east, thence 40  chains south, thence 40 chains  west,   thence 20  chains north to the point of commencement.  OTTO DILLIKR.  Dated at Greenwood City, April 10, 1SW.     12-4  NOTICE  OTICE is  hereby triveii   that  the under-  siirned intends to applv   to  the  board of  -     :.. .:     ..I   .1...    r>:...    ..r   r.   N  license commissioners of the City of Green  wood, at their next silting after the date hereof  for a license to sell liquor by retail on the  premises situate on lots 8 and 9, in block 16,  Government street, in the' Citv of Greenwood.  ���HENRY THOMAS.  Dated 11th April, 1)1899. 12-4  1.8.  AMDWAY. "B.C..  IflLESTAIEfll FINANCIAL  MINING BROKERS.  Fire. Lire and Accident Insurance.  Kcrby's Map of Wellington Camp.  Candies,   Tobaccos,   Cigars,  Drugglrts' Sundries. Stationery, etc.,  H. B. MUNROE, Greenwood.  A Choice Line of Staple and Fancy  AH   V     VT    .Arf   Al   A    IS  Has Arrived.  EVERYTHING    FRESH.  ��������� We want your patronage, ��J��  K E. erazee"  Grocery and Bakery,  Hamlll Block, Copper Street. Greenwood.  IM l'  ���zssmsmimiimBssssizssi  5X-TXW. j'-J-*n**a  M >


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