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 THE ONLY <^>MMERCIAIU MW&jfe% P BRITISH COLUMBIA  YQh. XVII. No. 38. ■  Tubllmh*  SbmOAT  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY  I5r 1A1&  ■v.  J"*  *.«  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  Tel. Sey. 478&-S.. ; ' '■-■'■ ■-"■MMSO.'sijrin^up St  .^_    '     ' "      'I   '       r  OQm end Plant  83a V«a^«r Btrtut Wilt  PBXCS-—*er Tnr ullTum   <   910/M    ?,■'■,»<y m&o*z:± ;-•-■# i.■&. uto  mmrm~m~m~^m~^^^^^^^^^^^.  WORXS, Limited  ROOFINa CONTRACTOffS  l<    JT.77T  •"       '"      '*      *.*..  (Sheffield) Limited  -- m:.^mzfm  . 9omuf  bxow ranars)  ^^W?.U?-  MOWBBAY BIQH SPEB0 I TT/NQSTBK-VAKAJMUM  DriU Steels, Hollow Bound, Crv^or^^i^y^^W  Carjoad of stock corning P   P- ^-, ;     Promlnwt ^VaKeouvex    Shop    has  ™ri,\*'   w}r*   °r-   Ph<»nfl   *op Supta; -.-*•.-. u»ed thl« High Speed 3t«el.   A«k for  >n*' ■-•"--,'■ ■ th«irPopjnio^.p"i. rZZ\.Z Z'iyZr  TAYLOR ENOINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building ..,(,,,..;,   -, ,,,-- . 'P      -   « Telopfione Seymoar 3680  tidria.  eTnraber •  D*mi iptloa  Vaj>VKO WSmMXSU. AMIOWKKlMtm VO MOO OB OTX1 XMITXB AT  CoM  Street Addraes'  tot  tnd Bfoek  10695—Dwelling .P..:.;.......:.'......   S^OOO  10698—Dwelling ,   53,900  523 Renfrew' St. Pp.:.....:.........p..::pPP^2—27  2964   5th iAve.  WPP,. 42—29  TAmooxrrxm oiitiau tjmotumjat  Bntxli vision  AreMteot  H. T. S. :......Z.........Z....... ......uVher  192  owner  ■<"  Contractor  AldnM  Owner  Owner-  Owner        Address  H. Smith 2381 Templeton Dr.  Fred Melton .1727 William St.  Roofing* Building  Papers, etc  Building Partition  and Drain  Phone 2988  Ft.ofCglumbiaav  HARDWOODS  Lumber  Veneer   Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock it the Moat Complete oa. Ih«. Pacific Coast  We are atao Sole   Agents  Celebrated **atoava>r  ami Birch Flooring.  for  tho  " Maple  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richard* St. ' ' ' Vancouver* B..C.  Cl.ayourn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cenient, Reinforced Steel, Hvdrated  Lima, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  CONTRACTORS  power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  •WO* SETNOM 154  State* Bank Buldmf  vMcunm - wtawa  i  THE HOLOEN CO^ Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY * CONTRACTORS  ..     ,   ..  ,..^,-SU»F.ME*.   Sole >y|«Mt«teln<<Ca)nat<fa Tor  Chicago PaV&jrmttic^f^pol-Cptf  ^V .Jwi-VHt,  ..*~rt  Boyer  Riveting A Chipping, Hammer*;   Little. O^ant   Orllis;   Duntley  Eitctris Toola; .Rock Drills; Air Qomproaaorfl -  Fuel Oil and Qas Engines.  "10693—W. D. Murray, garage, 236  -12th Ave. WP, |146; W. Morris, Contr.  10694—J. H. Carver, garage, 1955 6th  Ave. E., $10«.'  10696—P. 'Burns & Co., alter bldg..  35. Pender St. W., $250; D. Da vies,  Contr.  10697—II. Rowley, garage,  Av^.  E.,  $50.  rS8 19th  I  "Ntatrtil. Tvaato  81 rtsnr Si I., VMcamr I. C,  Plan In. lfS»  Xondon, Tng.  KontTMl  Winnipeg-  Toronto    .  Vancouver. B.  Robert W. Hu;it & Co.,  INSPECTION  ENGINEERS y^yj., c.  TESTS - CONSULTATION  TO BUILD NEW BRIDGE  P ".- -- OVER 6HU3WAP R'VER SOOhf  The Minister of Public \VofkVhas  filed at Ottawa a description- of the  site and plan of a proposed new- bridge  over the Shuswap River at EmJerby,  B.   C.  STEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES?    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC. P   :   v  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  J  Seymour 7300   P  BUILDER'S  Estimates Given  WE C&EKT A  COMPLETE LI5E OF  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Woyaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGATT, LIMITED  Wbolesale Heavy and SseU Bard ware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  TO  BUILD  HOME AT  DENMAN-AND   ALBERNI  . Architect William F. Gardiner, 701  .Vancouver Block, has awarded a contract to Edward Cox, rear 530 Howe  streety for'the erection of a five room  bungalow for Mr, *B. V. Gamage at  Dennian and Alberni streets.'  ANOTHER ATTRACTIVE HOME  Z .".'"■;' ...PLANNED FOR VICTORIA  Tenders are being invited by Architects -Maclure & Lort, 405 Credit Foncier Bldg., City and 404 Union Bank  Bldg., Victoria, for the construction  of an attractive home to be erected at  Oak Bay, Victoria for Mr. A. Denisoh  of Hong Kong.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  xairvrAOTinuns0 or  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  ,   If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  j^AyiES   CONSTRUCTION   CO. '  ■AWARDED $40,000 CONTRACT  A contract has been awarded to the  Davies Construction Co., ' 714 Credit  Foncier Bldg. for the construction of  a large Round House, Turn Table,  Water Tower, Ash Pits, etc.," to be  built at Sirdar, B. C.for the Canadian  Pacific Railway.  Sirdar is on the Cranbrook branch  of the C. P. R. near Kootenay landing,  head of the Kootenay Lakes.    The im- j  provements will cost about $40,000 and  work will be started at once.  AV-  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and ea* ue, or phone.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919  Vancouver, B. C.  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING CO.,LTD.  MiHwork Contracts  Union   Depot    1916  Can.   Northern  Biy.  Depot.... 1917  Calert&ry Armory  _ 1918  Rosaland  Hlffh   School   1918  Trana.ulllo  Saaltorlom   1918  Phone Westminster 473  Our stenm hoated plant enables ua  to manufacture Vonee. Work at any  netiBon of tho year.  We are now manufacturing Interior  flttinps for the new B. C. Telephone  Uuildh.g'a head ofllce in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—€th SL, Fiast Burnaby  TO   MAKE   EXTENSIVE  ALTERATIONS TO HOTEL  ?lans are underway in the offlco of  Architect Percy Fox, 3 Brown Block,  Victoria,, arid will be ready aoout  September 22nd, when tenders whl be  asked for extensive alterations and  additions to the Dominion Hotel, Victor^, to cost in the neighborhood of  $10,000. . The alterations will in<--lude  steel work, masonary, tile work and  tile floor, oak pannelling, ornamental  plaster Work, electrical work and*dec-  oratfng.  Ing k class of business aad professional men who are not only  coatemplatiug' building* improvement work in this section, but  ■mpo are' directly ^responsible for  work that is actually being-, done.  The, Xndostry is becoming- more  active each day. There is more  building* Improvement work under  way' aod in prospect in Vancouver  ana British Columbia general than  in several years past and every  indication points to the > fact • that  pfsll will aee even greater activity.  This metni the buying* of a vast  amount of Equipment and Materials.     .  Ara-yoa getting your share  of  the b.ualaess this field offers yon?  yonc^producta before- the 'mewv-  o. he**-*.tlie,"anthority  to   bny.  ,  Mow m the time to reach them. •'  <<  MMlTZUm   COXUX3XA  SSCOXD.    f  629 Fender  «i   W. Sey.7808   %  ♦■{■♦^♦^♦<-»»>»..'.».M>.>e^^M{.»^^s.».;.  ROBERT MONCREIFF GETS  CONTRACT FOR VICTOK.A HOME  Architects .Maclure & Lort, 405 Credit Foncier Bldg. have awarded a contract to Robert Moncreiff, for the construction of a residence to'be erected!  in Victoria for Mr. R. W. Gibson at a!  cost of $50,000.        ' !  The  contract  is   the  largest   or  Its i  kind   let  for a  residence  in  Victoria:  since the outbreak of the war and will j  be  erected on one of the tjosl com-|  manding sites in the capital, overlook-1  ing Oak Bay.    The plans provide for'  concrete  blocks, rough-casted  for the'  walls,' tile roof,  terracec,   etc.   These  terraces  will  be of stone with sandstone caps  and  tiled  floors  on  three  sides   of  the   house,   which   is   to   be  erected in a garden that has been already carefully made. I  The basement contains a  full-sized j  billiard room and the usual heating and j  domestic accommodation.   The ground  floor   has   in   addition   to   the   dining,  room, drawing room,  librai-y, etc.,  an j  unusually  large  living  hall  and  tiled;  sun  room,    and   also    generous-sized i  quarters  for the  domestic staff.    The;  wall   will   be   carried   up   two   stories!  with   a  gallery,  and   like   trie  rest   of I  the interior, is to be finished in Georgi-  i an style.  Tenders are being invited by Architects Maclure & Lort for the Electrical  work and heating which was not included in Mr. Moncreiff's contract.  Mr. Moncreiff is at present making his  home at the Kent Hotel, Victoria or  may be gotten in touch with dv mail  through P. O. Box 1394, Vancouver.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  TOOLS  «*  *<*.  y.'f.  Rofler Bearing Drills- Close Quarter Pistil Air Drills -Rhfitttof Hinuwrs  CfcpfiBg Hinners-VlfNd Berers-Tirtiae art Electric Drflls  High Speed Steel-Drills-Ria«ers, Etc  Complete Stock of Accessories.  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey.41QO  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  ^~  ;   -^>         ""   «H*Vw  CANADIAN NOfilffWFST SKO. COT, Ltd.  ralrmont 8396 aad S397  ▼anoourer,  Pressed  Common  DOMINION BRICK  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Vancouver Office Phone Sey. 9167  412-3 Vancouver Block       J. T. A. Ritchie, Rep'tive  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  BEINTOBCXXTG SIBEZ.:—  ■ ■'■ liargrest stock of Mild Steel Bars in "Western Canada.    We cut to length.  Cold  Twist and Bend Bars.  BO^TS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish large  orders of Special  Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IEON WASHERS, ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  rOBTLAKS    CEMEHT   —   X^CKE   —   HYDBATED    X;HrE   —   TOtE     CZ.AT  SCOTCH FTRE BaiCK — BLACKSMITH COAX — COKE  SEA  COAX. — FIO ZK03T — MASHA BOPE, ETQ}  VANCOUVER  -WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 91B7  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BEUHONT   BUILDING  ;  T>lepHo»e BOS 7  Help  the  Hospital „...Sept.  15-20  REMODELLED BRICK  PLANT IS AGAIN OPEN  The Gabripla Shale Products Com.'  pany, Ltd., have reopened their plant  on Gabriola Island, which has been  closed down for some time. The'closing down was involuntary on the part  of  the  management   and   was   caused  (Continued  on   T'ag-e  ■{.-)  Seymour 4(560  Reliable Electric  Company  3. SMITH, Manager  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Yearn' Experience in all Brandies  of Electrical Work. Inspection—Expert  Advir.e — Trouble Wort—Postalllng* — B»-  VTlndlnff—AH  Worft  Guaranteed.  XXMEDXATE X>EXtIV~EJre OF THE TOX.X.OWZKO  WOOD    LATH  FI3RE   PLASTER,   PLASTER   PARIS,   CORNER  BEAD,   LIME  awx>  PLAS T E R   $.4 -IN P  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  ~  ■i.16W, Ga^anvllle Street  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Wesfminsfer Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C. Phone 53  i  J <$)  BRITISH^COLTJTJBIAEBCOBP  British Columbia Record  (Established 1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  Hi  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prfsm,  Colored, etc.  426-  Wholesale and  Retail  W.,MOLT  -436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  . /  any time, try and get it in Vancouver  first. yy-  Build up our home town and we will  all prosper.  A  newspaper  of  general   circulation,  featuring Building, Contracting-, .Engineering, Indus-  -'trial.   Shipbuilding,   Mining,  Automobile,  Pro.  rincial,   City  and Harbor  Improvements.  c. h. nelson...:managing editor  . Office and Plant  629 PendeiSSt.W., Vancenver, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription Bates  Per   Year  in   Advance. $10.00  Per   Month ;...:.... t 1"0  All subscriptions are payable strictly in adrsnoe  OFFICIAL OBOAIt.  The British Columbia Record la the  official organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia,'federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  as such is- used by them as the medium  through which to make; their olncial announcements  to  the general  public.  By   such  selection  the  British   Columbia   Record   is   no   wise   pledged   to   editorial   support   of   any   policy   advanced  by these societies, but maintains an abso  lutely   independent  position  on  all   mat  ters subject to editorial opinion.  VICTORIA PERMITS   -p  !    563—Vict. Mach. Depot, frame union  ext., Bay St., $1,200, owner,,Contr.   ■•  564—J. E. Water, garageP 27!■• Michigan, $300, owner, Contr. :P"-  565—Mrs. E. Humber, dwelling',' 1411  Lang, $2,000, P. Humber,.Conti-.,  566—Mr. E.  Marsh,  garage, 9PMo.st,  $150, C. Marsh, Contr.  1   567—G.'TP Williams, dwelling, 1715  Fourth, $1,000, owner, Contr.'  56S—R. PT.    William,    Mach.     Shop  alteration, $300, Lessie, Contr.  569—Dunsmuir Estate, new roof cor  Quebec and Menzies, $350, Sol. Cam  eron, Contr.  570—Clark, alterations, bond,. $200,  $200, Sol. Cameron, Contr.  fining and storage facilities of the  present oil plant at loco, opposite Bar-  net on Burrard Inlet, are planned by  the Imperial Oil Company, according  to an announcement by Mr. C. W.  Mayer,   of  Toronto,   vice-presiuent  or  tlie Imperial Oil Company, who is  here "to look over the site ant: tlie plans  for the contemplated extension.  MINING  PITCHFORD-KADLEC  MMtlXilllfgeF  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DE.T10NING COLOR WORK  meite sty. X50I. 445 Richards st.  VANCOUVER ,B.O,  Don't   obscure  your  future  by winking at  things.  /—: : ———; ■—-  vision   of   the  PLANS  ADDITIONS  TO  OIL   PLANT  AT   IOCO  Extensive additions  to both the re-  POB   '  Busy Business Men  A   solid,   substantial   food   served   in  an appetizing flavor.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  No.   1—110   CORDOVA   ST.   WEST  Canada   Food   Board   No.   10-7661.  No.  2—6X3  FENDEB   ST.   WEST  Canada  Food  Board  No.   10-7660.  The Index Mining Company has  completed a building that will shelter  a compressor, at its mine, on the  south fork of Kaslo creek. The compressor will generate power for machine drills to be used in driving a  long tunnel.  Work will be resumed snortly on  the Soho property in the Slocan district. A force of 26 men wil be employed and shipping will begin at once.  The ore will average about 200 ounces of silver to the ton and 50 per cent,  lead.  Buildings and towers destroyed by  fire are being repaired and rebuilt at  the North Star mine at Kimberley.  The resumption of shipments at. the  rate' of a carload a day is expected  soon after the arrival of a cable for  the tramway. , ;  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaoes,    Booflnff,    Cornices,    Sky-  lights   sad   General   Sheet  Metal  'Work  Seymour   7177 1012   Richards  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEHEBAI.   BEFAXBS — ARMATUBXI  WINDING — 8WITCKBOABOS  XBTSTAX.1VATIOVS  '204 Alexander St. .'"        Seymour 3856  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing'too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire wc make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  ..--... FAIRMONT 2794  Help  the   Hospital  .Sept.  15-20  NEW WORK --CONTRACTS LET  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Plumbing-   and   Bepalr   Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty  737   I Gth   Ave.  W. Fairmont. 884 T,.  PATRONIZING   HOME   PRODUCTS  7s it riot a, truism that the wealth of  country is in its products, whether of  PfarHi,*Or of factory?^ A country to retain its wealth must export more than  it imports, otherwise-the balance of  trade is against it and it is a natural  sequence that with the':' balance of  trade against the country, then its  wealth diminished instead of increasing.    Therefore, there is every reason  tor supporting and Pliving up   to  the  slogan; Patronize M6me Products.  By  doing so, through tlie,greater use ot  our   own   products   we   stimulate   the  vitality   of  our pianos ; and   factories,  resulting in increased production. and  consequently increasing Hie wea'th of  the country. .-^u.  '    No apology is therefore considered  , necessary for urging upon bur citizens,'  in season and out of Reason, p-that- buying home products is-to the.^advantage  of all and sundry,, both of buyers and  sellers,  and above all to the country  at'liarge;-"""'Buti'at,*t'fi^^aine -lime  we  ejiould   notP forget^;^ia,tPP.<'Home *Pro-  anets" ddes not, c'o'nsi'stZiherely of our,  manufacturers, nor of the produce of  our farms and orchardspbut also of the  ;,     -..-;.;.;;-. , ■  ;.-      M   Ptory  brick :.-  work  of our -tellow.citizens,  whether  Residence ............  they    happen  to    be brain    workers, j^'retI^f House  mechanics  or laborers.  THE   FOLLOWING   TABLE   SEOVS   BUIX.DING3   COSTING    $5,000    OB    OVEB,    OH    WHICH    CONSTBCCTION  UNDEB WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STABTEO.     -  XS  Character    ........  Brick   Building   .....  Bank Extension   Residence ....: ......  Residence   .................  Gasoline  Station   ...  Residence  P.-..;......  Dwelling   ..:...: ....  Garage   Bldg.    -P  Residence   .................  Residence   .1   Residence ....  Residence  ...P.P. ...  Residence • ...  Residence ...  Warehouse   ..; .......  Residence. ......:.. .':  Residence .............."....  Residenoe     .........::..:..  Add. to  School :..:...:.  ■3  Bungralows ..P-P-.-.-  Residence ..................  Alterations-   ..:...........  Residence   ..................  Residence ' ...u...-.;......  Residence  .P...P.....:...P.  Residence ...*.:..P._.:..  Residence   .........:...i...  Bungalow  ..:. ....:.P  Residence .....L.„^...i.  Residence ...PPP.P..PPP.  Two-story Brick: v..  Residence ........:..:'..:....  Residence  ....:.  Residence    .......  Three-story   Bank ..-  Remod"elliiig.'P..y..'.,.p,:.  lleinpdelliiig   L....L...  Residence   ..................  Eight-Room   School  Residence   ~ ,,........  Residenoe  • ••■••p«» •••,••• coat  ....... ZZZZ.'Zi 27,066  ...:...P.-p,kP....... $6,000  .........;r:P,..;.„...   $7,000  ..;:.P;..;pP.........V.$17.000  .........P.;;...........  $9,500  ...:._.....:...... ...$5,000  ..:.......P.J. ....$30,000  p....p...Pi%............:$8,ooo   $7,500   '::. .....$9,074  :.:;........:;P ....$6,422   ...PP.    $6000  .......7..7.C.L.. ..$«000  ............JL    $7,000   ,...;; :.  $6,800   ...P....;....  $13,000  .:.7.....„L. :..-..$«,000  :P:::.....:.v:...........$27.500  L.-.L.L '.- $10,500  .....:P.PPi:{...  $6,000  .....„.....•.;... ..$15,000  :..P.....PP.,„..P.P   $5800  ...„::...::......: $5,200  ....™.„.;:p".:.:....:.$5.ooo  ...:...:....v:..;   $5,800  ...i.:.:-..,^.......   $12,000  :..t.;P:P...:P.P....^.$5;000  .......P...PP.:. -:. :$6,60»  .PppPP^;PPP;.:.P $i^o;ooo  ...;Pw..PP'.....:....i$34,500  ....p;PP:.P. :.$10.000   :PP*5,000   P.$8,0u0  ;;..^..v^*.^...*.$aoo,e<M)  VANCOUVER   ;;..,.■  Xioostfoa   *  Owner  Seymour  Sf.. .P...............Bi  C.  Tel.   Co.  Hastings & Richards Standard Bank  HOO.Block 13th Av W. Capt. A. Freeman  York & Larch Sts ........Mrs. M»cdbnald  Dunsmuir  &  Ho,*e P.Imperial; Oil   Co.  1155   llth Ave.  West  ......Wm. Metis  1785 ' 16th  Ave.' W..V.:.......-...l.SP -N.-  Baynesv  Georgia & Butte ..Terminal City Mtr. Co.  Angus Ave., ShaughneS8yPv...:.A. -A-.  Ross  Alexander  St ................Cap '& Shaw  Shaughnessy -♦fghts.....Gordon   Campbell  Magee H.  JP   Bigger  35th   &   Vine.......... .....P.Percy.PWhalley  Magee  .:.....P P-WmP G.   Breeze  49 Cordbva St. E McLennan & McFeely  1775   16th Ave.   W. Vernon-Cbhst.  Co.  Shaughnessy.. ..Dr.  Archibald'•Smith  Shaughnessy Dr.  R.  L.   Pnllen  Magee Pt.  Grey  School   Board  let Ave.  and Steven's..... F. G. Evans  Magee :(.........Mrs. E.- B."-Brown  111 Dunsmuir.St. ...:Navy League of-Can.  Magee P.. Henry  W.  Scbofield  Pt.   Grey ............lS;'   WP': Webster  Pt.   Grey .........T.   Abernethy  Pt.  Grey .....i...W.   J.   Lesage  Marine   Drive.P ............:J.-R.  L'raig  16th--Ave.  near. Gran...Thos. A.-:B. -■ Ferris-  Magee  -Frank ;Sawi'ord  Shaughnessy   ...:.. ::.....:.:..:..K; "J. .Burns  600 Block Granville St....-;";.i.Wm; Diclc, .lr;  King Edward & Selkirk.Mrs. G. Forsyth  3rd and-Blanco, Pt; Grey...;.. .W. Lee:  29th &PMargarite Mrs. Er<fcv-Bourne  Seymour-& PHast...Union, Bankyei-Canada  Old Safe'WlockZ:6"riffiS'&Xee"iLTdV"iAgts '  Doniiniori   Bldg '. .rtDom. ;Bank  .......$10,800  Shaughnessy; Heights.:;..:PPDP;fHiP Christie  Ash & Tupper Sts.-Pt. Grey School Board.  ".'$5,948  $80,000  ..113^100 Shaughnessy' Heights....H. J. F. Turney.  ..:-$",'000 Shaughnessy Heights.;;;Dr. "J.--F. Curtis.  ... $6:300   1082   Granville  St....Mrs.   M.  J.   McQiieen   W.  M.  Dodd..   $6;000   2fith Ave. W., Pt. Grey.;:.F. W. Chapman  .....$6;000   1348 Kingsway  E. .J.,Brooks  ....?8,000 J 61 S Victoria Drire :........TPHefand  Have our manufacturers a ca'.'<;e ot  c-oinplaint against our citizens as a  whole when the general public do not  give them their whole hearted support by buying of their prouuers instead of imported goods? No doubt  the manufacturers think so, but sometimes—too often, in fact—the shoe is  on the other foot. Do our manufacturers always practice what they  preach? Do they always buy "these  home products in the shape of technical brains and services from our citizens who have special training and  siudy on technical lines? Are not  some of them only too prone when  requiring such services, to send outside the province of British Columbia  lor men who possess1—or are supposed to possess—such.1 tec:m:eal knowledge and experience. And be it said  with regret; too often they find that  the distant fields were not so green  and tair as they appeared to be; that  the "rara avis" they were after had  veritable feet of clay, and these Imported specialises did not prove ot  such value as was fondly expected  The Record has consistently contended that it is the duty of 0112 and  all to patronize home products first,  3ast and all the time. This should be  not only the duty of the "buying public," but also that of the "producing  public."     If  you  require   anything  at  Bungalow  ...  Garage Bldg ............  Residence ' ....JP.P..'..'..P...p  Residence    '.  School   Building     School   Bid?   Bake Shop  -:.i   Residence :-.P.   Residence ■'■ L.. ......  Residence    ■■&   Brick   Bldg   Residence      PiiTis-alow     Residence        Residence      Residence      Residence      Residence      Two  Residences     Oi'.rasTe ...  ^Mtrrle   Mill    ...:  Res'd^nce      -•;  Bu rural o-w    Road   Work    ......  Alteratioii.s   .........'.   ..  $5,000   Strathcona   Heights   :.......Walter'vTeetzel  .... P..... $22,000   8th Av & Kingsway..Standard Motors Ltd  ......P.P.;......    $7,632   27th-& Pine............: .........,:..PW. C.^Bfown  ...   .   $8,500   Pine Crescent & 27th Ave. J.  W.  Browne  $17,900   Kitsilano    Van.   School   Trustees  ...: ....$80,000   King Edward   Ave...Pt.   Grey  Sch.   Board   P..   $10,000   721 Seymour St , Mission»Confeor.  . ...i' $6,000   Angus Ave.,  Shaughnessy ...J. 'J$, Allen  ,.  . ;; ..$10,500   26th   Ave.,-Pt.   Grey '.'. ,HJ   Davis       .■$10,500   26th  and   Alexander .v;...B.'C.  Stark   $15,000   2421   Granville   St ; T.   Edwards   $7,250   27th   &   Angus   Ave John   McNfeely      $5,000   rapalino   Ro«d Arthur   R.  Crooks   $5,300   Shallghnesssy   HeightH    R.   W.   Clark        $12,000   Laurier  Ave.  Pt.  Grey J.   I.  Stoddart   17.200   49th   and   Angus    Wm.   Walker   „....:..S5.000 J llth   Ave.   W B.   Strajtton  ...:.;.......' *H.Q00 (Harnavon; & Marine Dr A.  Davidson  ; $8,400   F't. Grey ......Fauld's Financial Asrenqy   ...$10,000   M-40 Georgia St. W R.  J. Snelgcove   $6,000   Gran.   St..   Pt.   Grey....Hunting &   Meiritt   ...; $20,000 .Marine Dr. &Shannon St B. D. Ro'aers  .....p... ..'lo.OOO   4th   Ave.   near   Blanco 1.   Blair      $2u.000 ! Main St. & Vict. Dr City of V & S.'Van  ._.:.P;:: ;.P$R.O00   586  Granville  St.  .........Bank  of-Montreal  Arcbt  Contr.  Owners  .., Adkison &' Dill  James A.'Benzie....Dom. Construction Co.  Robert   M.   Matheson Albert   Rudelet  Edwardes   Sproat   W.  T.   Wodden   i Dominion   Const. > Co.  Robert  M.  Matheson ; Alonza Smith   .«. t .-.  E.   ft.    Bawttnheimer  l<red   L.   Townley Snider   Bros.  A. K. Henderson  S. J. Newitt  H.   H.  Giliiugham S.  J.   Newitt  Bernard  O.  Palmer Glover   Lloyd  Bernard C.  Palmer Dom. Const. Co.  Fred L. Townley..... ............Wm. McNee  Fred  L,'Townley Cromie &  Vroom   ...J:   M.   McLuckie   Vernon   Constr.   Co.  Fred L.  Townley.^ Purdy & Lorergan  Edwardes  Sproat   :  John   L.  Dunn  Twizell  &  Twizell..P........Adkinson  &  Dill  l'red L. Townley .....G. ii. Champion  Bernard  C.   Par.nrr H.  G.  Baynes.    VV.   J.   Northcote    Vernon   Const;' Co;   :.....P...P:..P'....-- a.   N.   MCLebd   :.........:...P.  WP EldridKe       ....:........   Mr.   McG'reevy  Kred L. Townley.... ...W. J:  Read   - Vernon Const. .Co.  Bernard ;C. Palmer.... ...Vernon Const. Co.  H.  H.   Gillingham ...S." J.  Newitt  A   E.   Henderson.;. .Snider   Bros.  James A. Benzie.; :.... .-...;.'S. -J; .Newitt  ..ii.. iA."   Davldbon  JTames  A.   Benzie........:.:;...-.C:-  F.   Robihison  tjomerville & Putnam  .....' ...;....   .......: Hodgson, King &  Marble  A. E. Henderson .....J, B. Arthur  Sharp & Tliompijon....Hodgsoni King &M.  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Twizell  &   TwLiell Bayn^-.  & Horie  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Giilingliam   &  Korner. S.  J.   Newitt   ..P.J.  Layiield  .XV.  J.   Herrington   FP'-'P.   Rogers   C. F, -Robinson  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SEYMOUB  8614  137 Powell St.  Vancouver.  B. C.  Professional Roofers  W. & H. Jordlaon Broa.  *    +    *  FLAT AND SHXNOLE BOOFS LAID,  BEFAIBED,   TABBED   ANB  ASPHALTED  «     *     *  Promptest Attention  Sey. SI 02 1364   Seymour St.  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING  AND  HEATING  906 Davie SI Seynoar 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  FLOOR LAYERS  - -    ' and        .  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  ZZrcZ:.ZZ- Umlt«d  2635 Granville St.  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  • a        a*  ■ ~-*y~.  Fred.  L. Townlty .......Day Labor  Honeyman *& Curtis  .P..;.W. J. Prout  Gillingham  & Korner ......Peter  Tardiff  Gillingham   &  Korner „..S.   J.   Newitt  Uwners    ..Peter   TardIff  Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson,  Kin« &. M   Dixon A Murray  Fred.   L.   Townley .W.   J.   Read  J. C.  McKenzie ...W.  McNee  J.   C.   McKenzie    4. .....:W.   McNee  J.   Elligott Owner'  Owner  .- , ,  Owner  Fred   L.   Townley Purdy   &   Lonergan  Robert M.   Matheson............S.N., McLeod  • ....,.........; Cromie  & . "Vroom   .: :.......Verii6nr':CoriHtr.:'Go.   -- -.Vernon   CbhstrPPCo.-   P PPVeriiorl' -Constr. .;Go,;   :... ....-; P.....P..,:P.t.-.:8.-H-.- Shave  Owner  : , __ _....- Owner  J.  Brown P.   Owner  Bernard   C.   Palmer- Dom.  Const.   Co.  Fred   L.   Townley T.  Glover &  Son   Harrison & Lamond  Honeyman   &   Curtis.. .......;....... .■   • '   - Hodgson,   King  &   Marble  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sol* Dealers and Servio  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tiros  151 Plidir St W.       Sifwar »53  Carpenters and Contractors  'Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Kiefer St.  Stymoor 8551  H.O.Rees  W.A.Kruse  a Home  NSW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBNICB,  SK7I.1GHT,  SMOKE-  STicCKS.     ATTTO   W02K.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Hoofing.  S. T. Scarlett, DSffr.  7T.7   Boatty   St. Sey.  7645  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   300SS-OPKCS  FIXTUBES  Eandeawlng aad  Turning, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  FURNACES,    COENICES,    SKY.  . LIGHTS  and  OENEBAX.  JOBBINO  IE8S   Venabteg   St.  Highland  642  Be sure you hav« fitting*. installed  for -the latest gua fettturee .— gas  range, water, -headers, gad radiators,  etc. p  PIPE   FOR   GAS  should be the first thought of tho  modern builder, rt will crake yoirr  house more saleable. If you 3re  building for yourself, It will save yoa  expense later. We will T>e glad to  advise you.  •The Vancoarer Gas Oompiuiy, by  vtrtna of lta franchise, can tftrm service only within the clt7 of Vancon-  •rer.  Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St E.  Sey. 1224  Vancouver Gas Co.  Carrall and  Haatinge  Phone Sey.  5000  J. Hanbury & Co.  UNITES  .  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076  NEW WORK ~ CONTRACTS LET  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Transact your bond business through a l<mg established and thoroughly  orgarvized concern.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED IN 1886  Character  _  ■  Coal  Nitrogen riant : . ...   125,000  Concc;:tnuor,   etc 1,000,000  RaUroad     1,000.000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg ..$151,236  Pulp & Saw  Mill  $750,000  Coal   Tar   Products   Plant $100,000  Dockyards   Wharf   $52,921  Hydro-Electric   Plant    ,. $72,000  Bdnk -- flV.600  Town  Hull    .....$13,000  Irrigation    : -- $60,000  School  Addition       !J2-222  Paving  Pacific  Highway $88,000  Church  !^'?,?2  •Wharf    Repairs i-?1,'i?°  Drfdglng  ; $142,aO0  Highway   Bridge !?2'SS2  Paving  No.  3   Koad $40,000  Bank" Building    P......$l 1.000  Highway   Bridge    i'fl'nnn  Residence    •'••••   *v2*2p;2  Hound House, Tower, etc $10,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Location     _... Owner  Lake   Buntzen.. Araer.   Nitrogen   Products  Co.  Copper   Mountain H.   C.   Copper  Co.  Princeton  to Copper  Mt. ...II.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranqu'ille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Heaver Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Marpole The   Barrett   Co.,   Ltd.  Victoria   -Dom,  Governrhent  Squamish  Prov. Government  Trail Bank of Montreal  Brighouse  '. Kiohmond  Municipality  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  Novy  Westmin Herbert Spencer  School  Westminster-Blalno....Pror.    Government  Victorla-...lst Church of Christ, Scientist  Comox    Dom.   Government  Fraser  Klver   JDom.   Government  South Thompson   Klver Prov.  Oovmnt  Lulu   Island    Prov.   Oovmnt.  Hammond .'Bank   of   Hamilton  Blaeberry   River    Prov.   Govm't  Oak  Bay.  Victoria  R.  W. Gibson  Sirdar  C. TJr R.  Arch.  :   Contr.  Owners .-..   Owners  Owners    ^W.   P.   Tierney  Public   Works   Dept .Dominion   Con.   Co.;       Owners   Dominion Const. Co. & Others  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald & Watson   Robertson and  Partners,   Medby & Vestaunet  William i'P Jones D. G. Gray   A.  B.  Griffin  & Co.,   .W.    J.    Sloan   H.   P.   Peterson   CoTistr.   Co.  Dunham Peter McKechnie   .'PYtuscr River Pilo Driving Co.  ....:'. -...Pacific Dredging  Co.  Public   Wks.   Eng .Wm.   Green lees  Public   Wks.   Dept Harrison  &  l^omond   « _ &   M.   P.   Cotton  A.   E.   Hendersjon Baynes   &   Horie  Pub.   Wks.  Eng James   Henderson  Maclure   &   LorJ Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners  j Davles Constr. Co.  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors1  Machinery and Supplies  Ground Floor  WJnoli I3l<ig.  739 Hastinffs St. W.  Vancouver  STRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-315 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  033 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. C BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Adklson & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Spacialista In Reinforced  Concrete  325 ntai St.  SayP376l-BayB2IR  I  f   .    ■■' ..-      .-.-   .     .    P'■■,-;*•■-  p;-p    ~  %      Doing business without adver-  *  #  *  I.  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  ■  ■   .      Manufacturers  Ornamental Iroa Work and  aU iiadi of Wlra Wort.  112-10   Duffet'ln  St.  Fair.   264S  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 «•»• SL  Siyniir 1389  Edward Cox  .  General Contractor  Cabinet Making               Fixture*  Sr/aoir  1163                     Raar 538 Horn  SL  \   Z Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Cnlit-FHdtr Mil  VaKUver, B.C-  * Using Is like winking at a girl  <S> in the dark. You know what  q, you are doing, but  nobody else  % does- ' .'-.   ...  ELECTRICAL FIRM  HAS  MOVED TO LARGER SHOP  Finding their former quarters on  Broad way-.. Wiest,'. far too small for their  constantly increasing business, the  Richardson Electric Company has just  moved into larger and more centrally  located premises at 923 -Georgia St.  West. The new shop, the fi'rni points  out, will not only enable them to carry a larger and more" complete stock  of electrical goods, but with an increased staff, they will be in a posrtiori to  offer superior service to their patrons.  Tho firm has also undergone a  change to taking in Mr. M. D. Rush-  forth, a former partner cf Mr. Richardson. Air. Rushforth has just recently  returned from four years service overseas with the Canadian Engineering  Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company..  arte  Help  the   Hospital   ..Sept.  15-20  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractor* ^  588 Mttafc St Jtyteew 1412  w.  COVTBACTOB  Pile  SiirlatT,  Wharves,  Bridg/SB, ,  romndatlona, ate.  107 Cordora St. W. Seymour 108?  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  SeymaiT 3535 601 Pacific Bdg.  Hodgson, King & Marble  Contractors & Engineers  508 Loflden Mi     Seyratux «506:  128  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractor*  St. Sqwm 4171  Robertson & PartnerstLtdp.  Public Works  and En  restore  SiIBMT 1274 |« iltltfrthl Ittf.  RUSH & READ  •FXAXir      ABTB      OHWAJCBHTAfc^  ruiraanio a  cbmuxt wobi  All Work Onaxanteed.  Bay. 3370 2306  Stephens St.  Bay.   1602-R  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alteration*,   etc.  1350 .- Itk An. W. .hfrfiw 227  3.   D.   McDaniel i:J:\f£ai'  McDaniel & Scott  EX.ECTBICA1    CONTKACTOKS  Armature  and Motor  Winding;  General  Electrical  Impair*  ErfcUuatos  Tree  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  Following  is a Complete List of New  Automobile   Licenses  Recorded  for :  Vancouver  and   District.  FROM  AUGUST 25 TO SEPT. 10  203-10—Hinp Sanff Co.--251 render'St. K.  —l-'ord   Truck.  •JOIlll— Davis   Paper   Box   Co.,   2997   2nd  Ave.   W.—Lexington   Tour.  20342—H.   Helin.   -1051, P.tne   Cre.scent^-  Nash Tour.  20343—Peter Isaacs.  11G9 Richards St.—  l-'ord  Tour. '  20344—Nat   Colin,   English   Bay   Garage  —Chevrolet   Tour. ~  20345—Knox    Bros.,   l,ightheart   Block-—•  Chandler  Tour.  20316—.Van.  Auto  Livery.   1249 Gran; St.-  —Ford   Tour.  20347—G. H. Boulton.  1422 11 th Ave: .W.:  —Maxwell  Tour.  2034.8—W.   H.   Malkin   &   Co.,   Water   St.  —Pierce--Arrow   Truck.  20349—Dan   Emery,   7C7   15th   Ave. PE.-£  Federal  Truck. ..  20350—R.   P.   Baker,   Burnaby   Lake,.'B.  C.—Commonwealth   Tour. : *  2035V—J.  K. Stephens, 3638 Osier Ave.—  Chalniers"Tour.     P  20352—Jessie :Begx, 3338  Crescent—Cadillac-Tour..        ..'  20353—Mrs./ Jean   Robertson,   4Sth   and  ■Maple- St.—Briscoe  Tour.  20354— O.   B.   Fennell,   1S04   4th   Avo/ W.  —-Ford  Tour.     .  20355—Mee   Lung   Jan   Co.,   134   Pender  St.  W.—Reo Truck.  2035G—John     Hazelwood.   1002     Georgia  fit.  W.—Chevrolet  Tour:  20357—-Ethel    S:   BegK     3S90   Alexander  St.—Cadillac   Tour.  2035S—Dixon  &  Murray,   1065  Dunsmufr  St.—Ford   Truck.  20359   20360—Rex   McArthur. Davie & Bute St.  —Scripps-Booth   Tour.  203:61—-J.  G.  Crawford,   1835  Barclay St.  '—Docile Tour.  203C2—Van.   Milling. Co.   30  Smythc  St  —Ford  Road.  20363—Geo. F. Orlandie, 3 14 Hastings F.  • ' _r^-:f"  .--i-F6rd  TourP        -   -•"-•/—       -    ,  2036-4—-Kev*-for!*» i IPoTirine-   Co.,   Mission,  '  ni C—Grunt  Truck.  203fi5—H;   D.    Parto,   95   Seymour   St.—  ■-■■■-.-■      '  Ford - Truck.- :  20306—AV'-     Pick.   Jr.,   Sfidacona   Apts.  —McT.au;rhlin  Tour. '      ..  -120367— -..-■. r ..-.,:■-.... •■ ■  ;yoi>*-•-.'-<-•'"   r'n~-in.  1411   Broadway■■ W.  <"'i''"i'.-ic   Tour ,...•.'  20369—MncDonald.      Marpole     Co.   Ltd.,  ' 1001   .Main St.—Packard Truck.  «ni7n—'  20371'—B.   C.   E.   R..   Vancouver.   B.   C:-—  Vederal  Truck.-;  20372—Mrs.   M.   E.    Johnson,     Bute   St..  Hosnital—Chevrolet-Tour.  •>0373—D.   S-'pnc-nr   Ltd., .;.Vancouver,   B.  ■      C.—Ford Truck. Jpp-^PPP    PJ '  20374—Cnn.  West<rn  Fuel  Co.." S33 Pender    W.—McLaughlin    Tour,  20375—-D   Spencer    Ltd..    Vancouver,    B;  C—Ford Tour.  20376—J.  T.   Ptonh-n,   376  8th Ave. E.—  Chevrolet Truck. i  AVH017VCEKZJKT  Belni? too lote to be clas-sifiod in the  AusruBt Telephone Directory, and for tha  cionventwice of my clients and contractors. I take ttalB opportunity of statins-  f*-s\t nay telephone number Is SEYsfOOTx  6»»6.    WXXJCIAX   7BB9X.   OABBIWEH,    ]..  701-05   Vancouver   Block Architect  ^ord  20377—J.   T.  Stephen,   376  8th  Ave.  K.—  Chevrolet  Truck.  20378—C.   Wallace,  25th and  Angus Ave.  —Cadillac   Road.  20379—VV. J, McLean,  1701  Robson St.—  Ford   Tour.  20380—R.  T.  Jackson,  2242  4th  Ave.  W.  —Garford  Truck.  20381r— Clare  D.   Wright,  3837  Alexander  —Cadillac   Tour.  20382—11.  Blackwood.   1512  Nelson  St.—  Ford   Truck. J  20383—F.  Nickerson,  3164  6th  W.—F<  Sedan.  20384—Collins,   Taxi,   322    Abbott. St.—  Ford Tour.  203S5—E.   H.   M.   Foot.   1219   Georgia  St.  —McLaughlin   Tour. ,  20386—J.   G.   McDonald,   2833   Oak   St.—  McLaughlin  Tour.  20387—  20388—  20389—Kirk   Coal   Co..    929   Main    St.—  Federal   Truck.  20390—VV.    S.    Baird.    E.   Collingwood—  Chevrolet Tour.  20391—Mrs. M. HP King  Chevrolet   Tour.  20392—  20393— .        ■       .■       ■  zuaiM-—Eburne   Gravel   Co.,  . C.—Garford  Truck  20395—Duncan  Lbr. Co.,   llth and Granville   St.—Overland   Tour.  20396—George  Kerr,  46th  and  Joyce  St.  —Federal   Truck.  20307—Dr. B. S. Smith,  1230 Georgia St.  —Nash  Tour.  2039S—D.   Tanabe.   5u8   Powell   St.—Ford  Truck.  20399—WP L. Clarkson,  1210 JervisSt.—  l-'ord  Tour.  20400—VV.    II.    Hicks,   Agassi,?,    B.    C.—  Chevrolet   Tour.  204 01—Arthur   Scollin   Co.,   107   Cordova  VV.—Dodge.   Truck.  20102—Electric   Bakery,   54 4   Howe   St.—  Ford   Truck.  20403—E.   C.   Hutellings,   19S6   1st   Ave.  VV.—Ford   Tour.  City   of Vancouver—Ford   Tour.  1933  36th WP—-■  Marpole,   B.  20104  204 05  20406  A ve.-  164 2 Varness  Tour.  1581  15th  Ave.  E.—  P.   H. Craig.  Studebaker  204 07—Geo.  Climie,  Ford   Tour.  20408—J.  J. Schmist,  Gordon  City.   Lulu  Island^—Dodge   Tour.  20409—R.  C.  Janison,  1400  Robson  St.—r  Chevrolet   Tour. '  20410—Mary C. Gamage. 1710 Alberni St.  —Chevrolet Tour.   ,        ,-. ■ ~  Help  the   Hospital.  ...Sept.  15-20  Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  DBAPTIWO AX.-C LHTES  Paper, Instruments, and. Supplies .-p.  MOST MODElMf  EQUXPKEITT AWD  OX.SEST SBTAB&X8KEO XH B. C. P  B.C. DRAFTING 4 BlUE PRINT CO  413 Granville St.  Seymour' 2763  s»t^»-i<»a-»t>-i»^»»<»<»»:'t'i'  * ARCHITECTS |  Members  of  of  Tha Architectural Znatltnta  British Columbia.  VAHCOtJVEB  Berueiii.   J»«.   A..  51<l   Hmttnes   W.—_ Sey. 5309  Rrvnn  &   GUUra.   509   Rlctiareri _. :__i_  D»hon   A   Evek-lch.   615   Uasttruw  W S«y.    662  Gardiner.  F. O.. * Mercer. "Id  rrr»nrUle......Soy. 3972  Gardiner.    William ■ Frcdk..   736   Gr»D......;......Sej. 8926  Orlftlth,  H.  S;-.  207  Ha.itlnw W.... _.._. Sey. 3116  Henderson.  A.  K.. 615 Hasllnits W ...:.....Sey.    724  rionej-manP A   Curtis.   S50   Hastings' W :_..f»w.-1841  Ktmeey.  James W..   25T6 2od   A to.   W —Bay. 792B  llatbeiwn.   Robert  M.,   S89   Richard5....:..._.....9cy. 5038  I'almer.   n«-nard   O..   S50   Hastings"-W. ... _.:..<M»y. TITJ'  Parr   a   MacKennle,   T36  Oranrtlle;.— .._._.Sey. 7811  Sbarp Ik .Tbompwin. 6-J6 I'ender W . Soy. 106-1  To*nl?y.   Fred  I,..   S23   Homer  St._ _ J5cy. R0X3  Twlxell,   Birds   & Twizell.   837   Hast.   VV S«y. 7925  TZCTORZA  Hennel. A. R.. 1086 St. I^juls St__x.  Keith. J. CP M.. Sajrward B!d«....-._  Macltu-e. Sahi. Union B*nR Bldr...—-.  Bldinray-WItson.   I^cut*.-CX-).:  ....  ._.__...117rB I   '. 1430  ...._. _-.2M8  •Unont   Bonse  RobertsonPower & Devey  Ensinaers and Constructors  Inspection* D*al?n  Reports Construction  Industrial 1'laiitA,-Buildings and Equipment  Wliarvea  and   Tiers,       Power   Plants  \  -..Industrial  Railways  Concrete^ Steel and Timber Structures  P^BOSpyarkshh-a   Bulldtns  Pp.:.'-: .-'Seymour  9217  Seymour 1S90  ,22 Smythe St.   Res. JP-hoHeTl-air.   nTTR  Otllco Phono: Sey.   <*v->  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS.   L.   MITCHELL  Electrio Wiring «•*«•■ and Bepalrs  of All Kinds  sas Burrard St.    -    Vft£gon™r. B- °;t  Percy F. Letts  EX.ECTBSCAI.   EKOE5TEEK  and  COHTBAOTOB  HU-rh-Clasa   Electrical   Work  and   Flxtnroa  Bay.   441       ,      .      3044   GranvtlleJSt  »»»»am——•»<—***      _ZZ-1  Vancouver Forge Co.  Limited  fORGINGS  OF ALL  DESCRIPTIONS  Pt.   Vi.-toria   DrlTe 4Uuhhind   701  E.J.Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   In  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING • DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephones,  Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, rairfleld Bldg.. 445 Oxan. St.  Tench. Vaugnan 4fi Co.  1TB WCTtnaAX :'Vi|J9^4lnT ASAXTUr.  OXOAIi VBVOXHEBBS  Estiinatea plven and contracts  'taken for all classes of structural  9toel work. Metallurploo.1 plants de-  sisned.  Installed and operated.  313 Metropolitan Bids;..        Sey. SO90  FRANK M.SL0WIN  TAILOR  Business   Men's   Suits  M'y  Specialty  $50 to   $65  Seymour 2692  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  Poena Bayaaoor 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches  designed and  built   for any  special work.  Industrial Island      Vancouver, B.  C.  C.   11.  Leitch. ■ O.   H.   Morris,  Presldt-nt. Vice-President.  J.   D.  MenzieH.   Secretary  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO.  We take pleasure in bringing to  your notice the formation of tho  above Company, which ha-s been  orgunixed for tho purpose of carrylag  out Jill kinds of Building and Contracting work.  PHOmE  SEYMOTTB 8930  811 Dominion. Bldg--. Vancouver, B. C.  J. R. Tacey  fie Son  E3CHAUST and  MOW  PIPINO  our   Specialty  H«atinir. VaxtttJattna: ««d Oanasal  Sheot-Metal Work  Seymour  8617 1160   .Seymour  St. i  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "Tho Battery for your car"  Expert battery anul Ignition repairs  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richard* Street  BUSINESS MEN  will And  the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meetinc place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service. Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  , Jas. t>wyer,  Proprietor and Chef  -  Classified Advertising  Becord Bs&ders are, as a' rule, business  and   professional   men   who   have   the  money to buy something' good If they  desire it.    If you have something good  t©   sell   let  the   Record   readers   know  .about    it...... The    average    purchasing  power.of the Record reader is greater than that of any other publication  in BrUsh Columbia.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work..  JOHN   P.   MOBBZS  Sey. 3418  Sey; 931 Evenings 847 Darle St.  MACHINERY  Agents   For  Xylite   Grease   and. Perfection   Olla  Skooknm  lagging  Block  4-T2   in.   by   18   ft.   boilers   160   lbe.  2  Coal  dryers  suitable  for flsh.  All  sizes of cable  in  atock.  T.  A.  WALSH  ft  CO.  7 Alexander St. Bay. 4738  Boats   of   all   sizes    for   sale.      Tugs,  Scows and   launches  for hire.     Saw and  Shingle Mill Machinery  for sale.  SCACOH.Z.IS ft  MOBAB  1789 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8439 It.  .<■■ Hoisting engines, locomotives,, lathes,  wire rope", rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  HATXOBAZ-  aCACKZKBBT   CO.  925 Main St. Bey. 600  Used   aiachinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  P    B. C. EQUIPMENT CO., ITB.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  , Sey. 9040  THE  OWNER,   ARCHITECT and  BUILDER  Is assured complete heating satisfaction if he insists on Dunham Heating.  In Dunham Heating there is no .guesswork; every detail is planned with  one   aim—the   installation   of   a   perfect   working,   noiseless   and   economical  system.  C. A. DUNHAM COMPANY LTD.  Branch Sales Office,      Vancouver, B.C.  D. G. BRISON, Manager  Phone Seymour 8057  425 Standard Bank Building  MAKE USE OF  DUNHAM  aaamf^HEATING   SERVICE  WHENEVER'POSSIBLE  toTtMS  p   ,<. P'. '     ' See.. Us  . cf        ^or All Kinds of Machinery  ■ WEIB  MACHIBEBT   CO.  LTD.  1396 Bicnards  St.     , Bey. 7443-7443  : STENOGRAPHERS ~"  Expert Typewriting of every description  .,."..,. MimeogTaphing,    Multlgraphlng,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CEVTBAZ. PVBiaC STENOOBAHPEBS  : taay. 5078 414 Dominion Bldg.  STORAGE A TRANSFER     ~  Baggage,   .furniture   and   freight   moved  and-stored.    Trunks  crated   and  household   gooda   packed   for  shipment.  STABDABD   TBABSPBB   ft   8TOBAOB  COMPABT  319   Cordora   St.   W. Say.   303  ;We.'supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need is an idea  of., what you want. We do the rest.  - O'-. '.TXTPPXK:* STEEX.. .-  "Tna Track Specialists"  Bayrlaw 138 , 1669 Third A*s. W  fr  Company  'OU will be interestedinknow-  ing that in our mddernly  equipped Loose Leaf Depart-  ment we carry a complete  stock of high grade binders and systems which cover every possible  requirement of business and professional accounting and record keeping.  Call and inspect our line before you place  your order.. From the smallest pocket  memo to the complete loose leaf ledger  outfit you will find the  Loose Leaf Binders  and Systems  supreme In quality, convenience  and efficiency  The DeLuxe, a Ready-to-Use Systems for  Banks, Department Stores, General Merchants, Public Off ices, Manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists; Real Estate Men,  Hotels, Hospitals, Traveling,Salesmen, Insurance Men and many others—are practical and efficent time savers.  InourMaAufaciurinf Departniantweinake  apecial sheet forms and indexes, to suit the  special requirements of your business.  We make no charge for our special service in designing anof planning these forms.  You should have our complete Loose Leaf.  Catalog. It ia tree lor tbe asking.  Western  LIMITED  572 OranvlUa St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Fair. 3696  654-7th Ave.W.  KEEP POSTED---READ THE RECORD-  GIANT   T R U C K S  1-2-31 TON CAPACITIES  are a perfect assembly of highly standardized units, to which is added an exclusive  feature, viz.: the Duntley Generator, which permits the burning of low-grade fuels.  Distillate at 23c per fallon instead of gasoline at 33c per gallon effects a saving that  the shrewd buyer will not overlook.  Investigate the merits of this truck; inquire into our "Service" before purchasing.  FACTORY  BRANCH  Giant Motor Truck Co  Sevmour 2844-2845  mmmmms  LESLIE W. PfiARSON, Manager.  Granville at Pacific BRITISH nOLUMBIA RECORD  *  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Equipment  flsa SqsMt tUl  Ohacnctac  —._ £stlmat«a Ooart;  Briok   Bide.   ..; ......PPP  Pier ....-^., :_..:..-....-.-.._:.;  Serflce  St&tioa   .  __„.  I School Bide. ... ._ „ ..$16,000}  Qj;moaeiaro  Bytidlas   ...—.. ■ ...i....:.;  I  ft.  Vrnmml C.  ,...„£*  —..+.,*.?*. .;.-.•*,  ....i^;*..'-•«......^i.i  VANCOUVER  Xeoatlon  „ Owner  PPender St., W Can. Financiers Tr. Co.  ^Vancouver   .._.... C. P.  R-  Seymour■& Smythe St»i.....C. •»•. Chielett  iKeeJSer: 8t Bast- .;...„...i......„.....J—..P.:; ,-.  tPowell & Jackson Sts...PJap. Meth. Miss.  AreMtect ......Plans BaaOjr!  H. 8. Griffiths .......Tenders CloKusdl  Owners :.'....'.......L...P.PSbo'nj  .Joseph HP Bowman  .....,„„...„. .,.,.;   .j  G&rdiner & Mercer Tenders Cibeedi  H. S.  Griffith ..............Plana: Ready:  A. HazeWne  Printing Co.  fonnerlyv;  A.G.Bagley & Sens Ltd.  Phone Seymour 316  :.......  Oomiasceial  'rUntitn ""  "p 'Bas/xavara  Btannfeotm-lng  Stationers  '5i.,6 Render St.. W.  Character .......„....p.,...„.^,...,  Candy »Factoi-y   Residence   ..p....   Alterations ....-:.:...........  Sattamatad Ooet  Fraser River  HLE BSJV1NS CO.  ». A. 3omm, «ft.  wharf Bvrzu>nro. bbxdoss,  ra» vomnATioxs, ave.  Owasra ot  Tuj* "GUta*  VICTORIA ,  Kocattoa '.-   _ Ovraar  Russell,St. .........Ormonds Ltd.  Oak  Bay  .-. .....: A.  Denison  Victoria i .....P ...iP>omlnioiv;Hotel  Archltact ......  HP S. Griffith  ..VUa* *ea4y  ...p:PP....^.Now.  Ma'cliJ,re- & • I^ort ....; ,:... .•.......-;;.'...P^.N.ow  Percy  Kox  ...P.........:    Soon  ■ V*.'  K^T^ir^  ANIZING  Character       Cordage Plant ......  Memorial Ball    Rubber.-Factory  ...  School  Bldg   .School Add. ..-.   T Memorial Hall ......  University   Bld*s.  J84 Front St. New Westminster  Telephone  1»1»  Breach ©alee  817 Hast. St. Vf. Sey. 4404  .Estimated Coat   IB0.O.QO   W.OJtO  ...............$5«,ooe  6R1TI8H COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location          ..Owner  New Westminster...^Western Cordage-Co.  South- Vancouver ...':!...!..-  Collingw'd Gregory Tire & Rubber Co.  Crestorv B.  C....P.....P...Dlst.  School  Board  Penticton  .. :............School  Board  Point Grey ......:......P..:C. ;..:.P.;...........P...P.  Point Grey University of B. C.   .«..  Archltact I......Plana Beady  .- ...'...PP.!?»,..... : .....:....   Soon  ...p.„..:..:...p....;....::...4,v.„ ...:..v... :„pp....  Gardiner   &   Mercer ,:.    Soon    Will   Build  Soon  Sharp  &.' Thompson''.......-;./,; ; .........P.....  Sharp  &■ Thompson ;   IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  * and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HAROWARE  ;'".WJB OAfe? AaTORJ JB.'<MM*iri1i6--.BT'"^  IRON and GALVANIZING  zzzy-y'v^onK^"-^^-  Fairnwirt971  0."':".f$^  SfSP/-.  Offici i(rt Worts, 225 • 5tb W.  Viflewnrer, B. C.  (Continued from pare .1)  DIXON & MUMMY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SmW CASES, OFFICE  Utd STORE FITTINfiS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  Ii  L  w a* MUONMK  .8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dwsnwir St.  E.A.  Plumbing  Steamflttlns  103S Oraawnla M.  Wsacatavar. B. C.  Phana Say. tM€  Raa. Bay. 77  B. *. Trtckay  S.S. BlUott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  Moved to  554 - 560  CAMBIE   STREET  PHONE SEYMOUR 620  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company, Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY.  V ■ i  SpecUUs*   hi   Cement pWork  ED.  HUGGINS  Aim  oajfABOorTAx,  VZiASTBBjn  Bay.  2635-B,  3608  Third Ave. W.  Fair.   174X-Q Fair.   2784-K  J. C. Reston  EI.ECT»ICAI.   EBroreTEEa  ABTS COBTTBACTOa  4805 Inverness St  Vancouver, B.C.  PANTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  L  Seymour 340S  a»B  by the recent labor troubles. Advantage was taken, however, of the period  while the plant was closed down to  considerably remodel it and some new  machinery has also been installed so  that the output is considerably increased. The company is now,in position to fill all orders for a first class  brick.  Mr. J. J. Allan Ritchie, 412 Vancouver block, .will'.have the sale of the  entire output of the plant and is ready  to take orders from all dealers.  B.  C.   TECHNICAL   ASSOCIATION  MEETING  An important general meeting ot  the B. C. Technical Association will  be held this' (Monday) evening in the  Board of Trade auditorium, when mat-  ters of interest to all technical men  and their assistants will come up for  consideration. The Association has  just issued a booklet giving a list oi  members of the organization together  With the aims and- objects of the Association. This little booklet ia well  -worthy of careful study by all orofes-  sional men. An invitation is extended  to all technical men to attend tonight's  meeting and join the Association.  TO PAINT VICTORIA BRIDGE  Sealed tenders addressed to James  L. Raymur, Purchasing Agent, City  Hall, Victoria, will be vreceived until  4 o'clock p.m. on September 15, for  the painting of the Point Ellice Bridge  and tlie refuse burners at . the Garbage Wharf. Forms of tender, fete,  may be obtained at the City Engineer's  office, Victoria.  WRIGHT BROS.  BtJiDEK cummiis  ARCHITECT PLANS CANDY  FACTORY  FOR  VICTORIA  Plans have been prepared by Architect H. S; Griffith, 1013PDominion Bldg.  and tenders are now being invited for  the construction of a candy and bls-  suit factory; to be erected in Victoria  for Messrs Ormonds, Ltd.  The plana call for a two story and  basements brick structure, 45x105 feet  in dimensions facing on Russell SL,  and which include* every mouern convenience for a building of its kind.  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  3407—J. JVI. .Wheatou, addition,. 195 j.11?'  Taunton St.; $000.   ;.'P ' nh  340S—J.    McKeneth,    dwelling,    959  55th Ave. E., $1,000.  .  3409—-Mrs. M. Stanley, addition, 134  Wessex St., $300.  3411—A.  Chard, addition,  2716  45th  Ave. E., $300.p  3412—Dp J. Addis, .dwelling, 535 18th  W., $1,500. >'  3413—Mr.    Blackburn, raise . house,  1858 38th E.,' $130.  3414—J. I. Richmond, addition. College and School Rd., $100.  3416—D.    Gallia,    raise    nouse. 803  Rupert St., ?150. '   i  3418—Mrs. J.   Watts,   move -.'bouse,  2132 58th E., $100.        P ;     .    '  3420—J.    A.    Sutherland,    addition,  4945 Walden St., $100..'.:  3422—Jcs.   Jones,, alterations,   22nd  e., $800.: ■•'■-'.'.- ' •■: • zP-:Z:'Z':' '  3423—C.   Steel,   additiorl,   124S   28th  e., $200.  ■". Z-zZZ:':'' '■  INVITING TENDERS FOR  WHARF AT NARAMATO  Tenders are being invited top-September 22, 1919, by the Dominion'-Department of Public Works for tho-construction of a- wharf at Naramato, District of Yale, E.C.  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen andpspecifications and forms of  tender obtained at this Department,-at\  the office of the. District Engineer- at  Chase, B; C, and at the Post Offices,  Vancouver, B.C, and Naramata, BVQ:  General BuHdlns  Repairs  Sey. 3315 511 Dunsmuir SL  •^^■^  & drill  Ba^abliahad l»05  BtZTAL  WWDOWB-riBE   OOOBB—SMOXB-BTACXS—KOT-AIB  rVBHAOE—TEHTXKATZSrO   rAjr»r-BZ.OW    FXTZBO— '    :  8XYX.iaKTS—OBaTEBAX. JOBBXXO  1838 Bsymoor St.  Vaacottvsr,' B  ■syamoar 9981  'NEVER   LEAK'  il\  (Ouarahteed)  (Sb^d   Water   Like  a  puck),-'  ' Ready'RoofinR, "NEVER LEAK" Roof Paint,  "NEVER   LEAK" Roof Gum.  For  Building Haw or   Repairinsr Old  floors  PACIFIC ROOHNGCO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS  AND   GENERAL   ROOFING   CONTRACTORS  Sfreyrnour   1 iBte intJumtrtmt latnnri Vancouver, B.C.  Office. Sey. 7075        .Re«s„ .Fair. 2138L,  J. H. Healey  QPTOaKETKZBT  Glasses  fitted  for' the relief of all  kinds    of    eye    strain    and    nervous  he-adaohe.  835 Blrlta Bids*. Taaooavar, B. O.  Help the  Hospital Sept.  15-20  SUB-TRADE  TENDERS  ON   BUNGALOWS  WANTED  Contractor S. HP Shave, 1902 Blenheim street is inciting tenders from  the various sub-trades for the erection and completion of five bungalows  in Point Grey. '  VOTZCE TO PZ.T7MBZB8  The Board of the .True Blue Chtld-  rens Home, 418 Royal Av.«M New West-  rninater, B. . C, are calling for lenders  lor the installing of a NswMi'arnaee In  said Home.  , 'Furnace to have a capacity of'heatlns  » Buiiding  of  2400   feet   Radiation. ' .  • Thfe   Pipe^j   for   Hot   Water  are   all Jn  the"hoiitse at present.  •.Tenders- to  be accompanied  by a   10%  Cheque Deposit.  ' Any one witrhing to tender, may call  any afternoon at the Homo, 41S. Royal  Ave.,   Xfcw  Westminater   oiid   inspect.  I/O'tvest nor any tender not necensary  to' be excoptc-d. Tenders, to be in the  Secretary's Ottice no later than 12 noon,  Sept.  the  22rid.  1910.  - ,-----.--T.  AVP -. HAStAM..--."---■  Secretary.  KOVBXVS  MALTHOID ROOFING  •   The Best that's made.  Sales Aqents  ' "^  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  m  %'  • j  3425—Mi^^ ^AbercrombieiPPte'rnp.   dwelling, 71 OS^Iain 'St.p$loio|#|vV;r ; ' .  3426—AZ N.P Fletch^;Praiae^bouse,  365 Aberdeen St., $100. V  ^v^ ^      •  3427—■AZiXi-   Henderson^    addition,  Victoria Dr,^.$l1000.;!;P ':;.----Z.'.■:y:,■   '  3429—Mr.pMcKenzie, veraritfahTi^lOO.  3430—W. Graddon, garage;- V^OO;;  3431—E3.  J.  Thomas,  addition,   58th  Aye., $900,  3432—F. C.  Mitchell, addition,' 1621  VanijesB Ave., $250.  3433—Mrs.   Lavson,   addition,   6272  Windsor St., $150.  3434—T.    Spring,    temp,    dwelling,  6507 Main St., $900.  3435—J.   Munro,   addition,   608   57th  Ave. E., $200.  3438—M.    Porter,    alterations,  2223  43rd B.r $1,000; S. Abbott, Contr.  3439—A.   P.   Davis,  raise  houso,  61  53rd Ave.  \VP, $100.  3440—J. W. Wilson, alterations, 2523  Price St., $125..  3441—J. Holloway, move house, 2028  35th E.;" $100.  TO  REMODELLSTORE v  FOR  SWITZER   PJA.NO  CO  Plans are being prepared in the of-'  fice of Architect Joseph H.' Bowman,'  Yorkshire   Bldg.   for   the   remodelling  of the store building at 314 Hastings  street west,   which   will   be   occupied  by the Switzer Piano Company.  FIVE-ROOM   BUNGALOW  FOR   LANGLEY   PRAIRIE  Tenders are being asked for up to  raspEas—sounmw  BCHEMZ]  City of -Vancoaver ..  ; Renders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon,.September 15. 1919. for the erection-of residences under Soldiers' Housing Scheme.  ; r'Plans, p->ecitlcationa and forms of  contract may be seen at, the building  Inspector's  office, City  Hall.     •'••'  .Copy may be obtained' by making a  deposit of ten dollarsP  A deposit of an- amount equal to R  per cent, of the contract price must.be  made -'" with' each     tender   by  ■; marked  PThe lowest- or any tender, not neces-  cheque payable, to^.the city treasurer..'■"..  •arily. accepted.;''-     - -  -     -.-'•■■"  f: "  '     WM.    McQUEEN.  City Clerk.  City   HalK  Vancouver.   B.   C.   Sept.   6  1919, '  ROOFING  PAWNS  MATEIMLS  The  LIMITED  Send   for   color   card   of   BARRETTS  VELVEX CREOSOTE   SHINGLE  STAINS  Car. loth Ava. a\ ArikutwaSt. TaJapfcaaiaa Bay.BS  Company      CWI  PROfiKTS  1   *■     » g  ^?. '4  ? i~. 4  ^.p'"   <s  "'-' -1  ■c,'. : • a  J."   '8  ,y> I-  •J3,1.!,  ■'"^f'.'c  &v  {>t  9*  as  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns. Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates glvon •Distance no obstado  ADAM  JACK  HifhUna"   728 2620 Dundas SL  m  %  V/1  September 15th bypW. J. Best, R.R.  No; 1, Langley Prairie (Livingstone  Road) for the erection of a five-roomed bungalow at Langley Prairie.  Help the  HoapitaL: .I..'....Sept. 15-20  TO COBTBAOTOBS  Tenders are InvitedPfor a Brick Build-  ins to be. erectedP6"n.;ftu>l»ell Street. Victoria, for MesHrB. (Oirmohdb, Limited, by  the 16th day of Septemhei-.  The lowest or any tender not nece«-  sarily accepted. Plana and Specifications may be Been at- the Office of Men-.  Hrs. Ormonds, Limited, Mary Street,  Victoria and H.-'.-S; Griffith, Architect,  1013  Dominion Building,  Vancouver.  Sealed  Tender  >e     re-  Minister  PACIFIC    QBE AT   EASTEBW   BAIL-  WAT   CO.  STRAIGHT   OB-  LOANS  MONTHLY LOANS  . ON   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Pender St. W.  PHONE SEYMOTTB 790-791  ■m  m  ' TEBOEBS  Tenders will be received at the office  of the undersigned until 12 noon, September 20th, 1919, fpr the work of installing electric light wiring in the Pacific Great EaBtern Railway Company's  buildings at SquamlBh, B. C. plana and  specifications of the work being on view  *t the company's office. Vancouver, B.  C. and at the office of the Chief Engineer, Department of Railway*!, Victoria,  B. C.  Tenders to be accompanied by a certified cheque-for 10 per cent; of the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited in the event of the tendered re-  fusinK' to enter into a contract, If so  required.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accented.  A.   F.   PROCTOB,   Chief  Kngineer,  Department  of   Railways,  Victoria,  B. C.  XZ1CBBBSBT SCXOOX.  Hotlcs to Contractors.  tenders isuperscrlbed  for IKmberley Schpol" will  ceived by tho Monourablo the  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock'- noon  of Monday the 22nd day of September.  1919. for the erection and completion  of a Two room School .at Kimberley,  in the Cranbrook Electoral District.  B.   C.  Plans and specification can now be  seen at the office ot Government Atfent,  Vancouver, and Cranbrook, and at the  office of W. W. Burdette. Kimberley.  B. C.  Loweft or any tender not necesHarlly  accepted.  A.  K.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public  Works Department.  -„ Victoria.   B.   C.   Sept.   4.   1919.  AND  FER, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length ~ any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO  Incorporatad 10OS  1021-1024 Rogers Buildins;  Ssymoiir 3998-3999  ] Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 Biehar«a Bt. '«»»■•  »•"»•«  175  CAWBTOB   SOBOOX    ADDXTXOH  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for addition to Cawston School" will be  received by the- Hon, tho Minister of  Public Works up to \% o'clock noon of  Tuesday the 1.8 th day of September.  1919, for the erection and completion ot  0. bne-ropm addition to the School at  Caweion. H. C. lp the SlrnUkameen Hleo  tbral District.  Plans and specifications can nqw be  seen at the offices of J. Mahoney, J2«„  :CdUrt House, Vancouver; Hu'gh Humber,  PfSsq., Govt.- Agent. Princeton, and tho  Secretary of'the School Board, Mr.- R.  ('•Wright. Co.Wston, B. C.  Intending tenderers can obtain one  copy of plans and specifications by applying to the undersigned with a deposit of $10.00, which will be refunded  on their return in good order.,  The lowest- or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. E.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works  Department.  Victoria.  August  28,   1919,  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phono IB and 16  902 Columbia Street West  New Westminster, B.C.  .    ■••• • -..o vm,-.-     ..-.   •'.*.•.»  ■ ■ '          "   "'""   m  TELEPHONE DATA  stew rarsTAiiHATiOKrm  8eyP 2889 Res.,  Bay.  2908Y;'  ACME DRAFTING & ART  COMPANY  We ;make a specialty of Drafting  and Tracing for Builders and Engineers,  218 Bank of Nova Scotia Bid-?.  ■ ,, 602 Bastings St, W,  E. Sev.  K701-O   S(!V.   ftr.rtR   S(:y. 1 fi t; ri  SEPT. 3BD, 1919.  Swanson,   Justus,   Hotel,   42   Cordova  Macdonald &  Park,  •!.'{!■   rv.-nder  VV   Johnson, W. II..   f,10  Hast.   W   Tsukamoto   Ma.soto,   HG'J   Powell      , CHAWQBE.  SEPT. 3BD, 1919.  Sowerley   Bros.   Taxi   from   701   Seymour  to  615  Dunsmuir.  Croascy  Practlr-al  Tailor   from   017   Bobsnn  to  751   Oran   Dickie,  Mrs.   Anna   from   WA4   Hast.   W.   to  526   I last.   W   Maxwell, E. ii. U from 4215 Sophia to 86 24th W 1'  ..Sey. 8-109  ..Scv.  4.r-f.6  ..Hev.  7857   Sey.  6572  wey.  •■"air.  1125  Vernon Construction Co.  CONTRACTORS  AND  BUpTLDBRS  Seymour   G036 434   Riiehardo   St.  "VAXfOOWVsm, B. o.  PILING" POLES  ANT   HBKTOXH   rUBITISHED  We operate our own  camp  JOE  LEPORE,,  ■ • ■   ■■• ' -^t  772   Ooonrgift   St.   B.  :140


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