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 THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  a rowflyifEB prronn to oehebal wwb, ■pildijo, oo»Tmcroi8, uaareBitao, rmovraciAi,, orcr ahz>  VOLv XVII. No. 37.  PubU»h«4 KoMJ&y  Wednesday m« FrUUr  HABBOB^EaOPROVElCBjrTS.  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1919.  ■■■_,..J  B  uii.  c  I  lii  n  Ii  §r  i  .  U'.i 'f  f"i6 i7-..'£XP «  H  J  •It  ■ * *■  '.   : !i-:t  Office and Plant  M9 Pinder' Strwt West  PBICE—Per Tear la Advanoe   •  Per Month ' - "■'•-^ir:.vp.  flOJM  1.00  If..J .P.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  pRKS^iraiteil  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  ''..•■^MOBTii' WZHOOWS '"•  VXSLB BOOBS  srruosTS    ; ,  BLOW PIP1HO  BXOKB STACKS  ..-' '..- .Pw-pj-qvp;   . :'..P.,.   "  Gramrille Is.     ■;   Seynsor 2172  MOWBRAY HIGH SPEED  Drill Steels, Hollow Round, Cructf orm^ rpct^i^V,  '-i ll' TtfNGST^^VANADIUM  !  W^wYr.'^ ^9*fo^   V ^      " f- Prirnin^f^PMY^ ^hip'"ha.  tlo^ f   PhP^ ' qU°U"   ^ u9ed this,,H^gHi^d^Steel.   Ask for  '  '.' ■      , .,Tt5   ; ,■.-:-•■ their opinion.,: p. p, < '  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED  r>    ah-   t* tv ...., DISTRIBUTORS.      ^ '^  Credit Foncier Bu Idine  P P i  ''<• :..?..;- v,v     ^"f; t  ,-.fP: :,„ • v—..^V,,;! „A -a '■:'-"'-:J"    -»/.<>«  s Telephone Seymour 3680  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer   Panels,  Our Stock ia the Moat Complete on tho Pacific Comat  Etc.  W* ar»> atoo Sole Agents for the  Celebrated '*m—vmr BraaeJ" Maple  Mreh Fleerlag.  J. FYFE  1320 Richard* St  SDftlTM CO. LIMITED }  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  • *-■;-' - -\ ""j     ■♦  -  ,, -       *    *  GENERAL RAILWAY A CONTRACTORS  , -.   .     SUPPLIES  Sole Aatemte'ln Canada for  „.   Chicago" Pneumatic Tool Co.  Boyor  Riveting A Chipping   Hampers;   Little   Giant   Drill*;  Electric Tools;   Rock-Drills;  Air Cornp  '    '    "-■"••'  Fuel Oil mn4 Gas Engines.  ->  Dunttay  $.     BUILDING PERMITS       $  10686—W. ^. Plant, garage, 2659  Georgia St., $50.  10688—J. Young, garage, 2047 Charles St., $25.  10689—Mrs. S. Bech, garage and  store room, 425 Renfrew St., $2<k>. M.  Carson, Contr.  10690—W. Byat, addition, 2758  Powell St., $400.  10692—H. Finney, garage, 2042 Union St., $30.  ■>• HIGH   SCHOOL  FOR  SURREY  .- /CLOVERDALE—If the endeavors of  the Surrey school trustees work out  to fruition, Surrey will have .a regular high school building next year.  ALDERMEN  INSPECT  CONDEMNED   BUILDINGS  ".-VICTORIA — rorty-four buildings  which have been reported as not fipt  for occupation and to be torn down  are to be visited and inspected by  the Aldermen Friday morning.  PRANK DARLING & CO.  TOOLS  1  - -••TH0R',V - ,   ,  RaHer Bearng Drills- Close Quarter Piston Air Drills — Rivtttnf Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wed Borers-Torbioe imJ Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey. 4100  MNbMl, Twtati  Wuiptf  81 PiaMf St ff.. raasnv IP C.  Ptau S«y. IMS   .  London, Enff.  MCoatratl  Wiiuilp«gr  Toronto  ▼anooaver. 8.. C.  8UMMTERLAND   ENGINEER -  HERE BUYING CEMENT  Mr.   A.    W.   Elison   Fawkes,   Municipal   Engineer   for   the   municipality i  of Summerland, D. C. is at the Van-I C°lumbia street wiJ1  °e wiieneJ and  Icouver  Hotel   where   he  is   accepting  Battle street maX hav'e a n°.w bridge, j  tenders for. the supply of 1000 ban-els |  KAMLOOPS TO. MAKE  ..;-. NEEDED STREET RERAIRS  KAMLOOPS—It' has been 'decided';  hy the city council that necessary  street  repairs  will   be  made  at  oncy./j  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  —     sst^ :——   aXAMS,  Aaroxsa, rxjLTStm,  T.  «, COX.1  V  MHAMH WRimST STIEL COT, Ltd.  rulrmout S390 »ad 8397'  VaaooBTsr. B. O.  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  'P'P^      CM«INHUII$./^.'PP.v-:.PPP'-P.'P..:-'-.. -:-iZ I  INSPECTION - TESTS -- CONSULTATION        ?  STEEL,     CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE^    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND.EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Centers  of   cement. to   be   delivered  merland.  to   aum-  PASS   RESOLUTIONS  SHOE COMPANY TO INSTALL  NEW STEEL TOWER AND TANK  Architects Dalton '& Eveleigh, Davii  Chambers Building, have awarcwa a  contract to the Canadian Northwest  Steel Company Ltd. for the ' erection  of a hew- Steel Tower and Gravity  Water Tank for J. Leckie Co., Ltd.,  Shoe .Manufacturers, 220 Cambie St.  Estimates Olrsn  Seymour WOO  BIJIJ_L>ER'S SUPPLIES  WE CABBT A COKPXETZ! XJ3TE OF  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGATTf LIMITED  WHolesals XeaTT axut Shelf RarAwaxs  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  TENDERS ARE  INVITED FOR  ELECTRIC   LIGHT   WIRING  Tenders are being invited by the  Chief Engineer, Department of Railways, Victoria for the work of installing electric light wiring in the Pacific Great Eastern Railways Company's  buildings at Squamish, B. C.  Plans, etc., may be obtained at the  Company's office, Vancouver, and at  the office' of the Chief Engineer, Victoria, 13. C.  ON    GOOD    ROADS jT  MURRAYVILLE—At   a   meeting   of|  the   Langley    branch     of  the    Good!  I Roads   League, of   B.   C.,   which   was;  held   in   the   municipal   hall,   Murray-?  ville, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 3,j.  resolutions    were  passed    urging ihe i  need of hard surfacing the Yale Roadj  from New Westminster to Chilliwack.J  These resolutions will be presented to j  the provincial convention of the league \  (c be held in North Vancouver, Mon-'  day, Oct. (Uh.  Pressed  |   Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  . icajruraott/ksss <nr, .  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want        ; '  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call aad see us, or phone.  South Ehid of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919   '' Vancouver, B. C.  ADDITIONAL CONTRACTS  LET FOR SCHOOL BUILDING  Messrs. Hodgson, King & Marble,  fiO'S London Bldg., report that subcontracts have been let on the Point  Grey High School to the following  concerns:  Heating, Barr & Anderson; Plumbing, W. A. Brown! painting, " A. Lee:  ;stonework, Monarch Art Stone Co.;  mlllwork, J. Arnot & Sons; bneet  Metal. & Electric, Orr Bros.; plaster-  fag, Bain Bros.   •       .  if.  %  I  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING C0..LTD.  Millwork Contracts  Union   Depot    1916  Can.   Northern  Ely.  Depot 1917  Cnlg-Bry Armory   1918  Rossland   High   School   1918  Tranquillo   Sanltoriam   —^ ,_.1918  Phone Westminster 478  '     ■■'■  Owr steam hoated plant enables ua  to manufacture Venee. Work at any  season of tho year.  We are now manufacturing lntorlor  flttin/rs for the now B. O. Telephone  Hulldli.ff'B head ottlco In Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th 8L, Fast Burnaby  CONCRETE  LINING  FOR SOUTHERN DITCH  PENTICTON—.Concrete lining will  shortly.be started in the upper.end of  the big Irrigation ditch on the soldier  settlement lands. The first order for  cement placed by the government is  Cor five thousand barrels. Lining  work-is to commence this montn  BUILDERS AND UNIONS  FAIL   ON   AGkEEMT .NT  SEATTLE—"Complete failure to  reach any common ground from which  the contractors and labor could arbitrate their differences," sums np tins  outcome of the conference Tuesday  between representatives of tho IPujld-  ing Trades Council and the Seattle  Master Builders' Association as ex-'  pressed by one of their members  Spokesman for the striking structural trades offered to throw the entire controversy in<o arbitration, providing the men were returned to work  on a flat $10 a day scale pending the  decisions of the mediation boara. This  the contractors refused to do, ami the  meeting adjourned.  This throws the entire matter hack  to its original status, and the tie-up In  building operations which has closed  down over $4,000,000 worth of projects  here continues. ,  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Vancouver Office  4 1 2-3 Vancouver Block  Phone Sey. 9167  J. T. A. Ritchie, Rep'tive  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  We eut to length.  BEXXTFORCZHO STEEL:—  Largest stock of Mild "Steel Bars in Western Canada.  -Cold -Twist and Bend  Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift'Bolts; Machine Bolts. Tlo Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish larire  ■ ;'■ orders of Special  Bolts on short notice.  SFXZXS—OAST IBON WASHEBS, ETC.  CLAY  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  POETLAND    CEMENT   —   LX2IE   —   HTDBATED ' LXBO!   — VlBE  SCOTCH riBE BRICK — BLACK81QTK COAL — COKE  SEA  COAL — PIO IBON — MANILA HOPE,  IJTC.  VANCOUVER       San Francl*c», Los        ' VI CTO Rl/T  JJWICH BOILDINO J"f ^'i**vESJIf ^ BEUWOHT  BUILDING  Prfvat* Ex. £«y. 9197 Seattle, TKOma T«I«pI»*im S037  _-<L  ENDORSES   NORTH   ARM  RECLAMATION SCHEME  BURNABY—A plan providing f6r  extensive improvements in the North  Arm of-,the FYaser, which Include the  construction of a retaining wall along  a considerable section of the channel,  and   the  creation  of  a   turning  basin  (■Continued  on   Fntro   -t.l  # XaOOBOZATE SELXTEBT OV THE 70LLOWTBO'  WOOD    LATH  FIBRE   PLASTER,' PLASTER   PARIS,   CORNER  BEAD,   LIME  j ;»' ■  i ;   ■-'•■■"«  PLAS TEI^  SA rsip  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. ltd.  Phono 8eyrriour 9163 "    ' '     '   '   "' '  --   . .       ,1-  1561' GrartvHIe • Street  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SBCCTK, Manngror  152 Alexander St.    Vancouver, B.C.  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Twentor Yoaro' Experience tn lUl EranchoB  of mectrlcol Work. Inspection���Expert  Adrlco — Tronblo Wnri:—Inirtnlliaig- — Bo-  vrin&ing—All "Work Onanuitoed.  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C. Phone 53 BRITISH COLUMBIA BECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday  by  the  Record Publishing Company  RECORD  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired, Art, Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and   Retail  VV. HOLT  426—436 Dufferin St.  Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  A newspaper of general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Engineering,' Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining, Automobile, Pro.  vincial,  City  and  Harbor Improvements.  C. H. NELSON.... MANAGING EDITOR  Office and  Plant   -   '  629 P«nde»lSt.W., Vancouver, B. C.  ,     phone seymour; 7808  Subscription Batea  Per   Year   in   Advance ;.....—..$ 10.00  Per   Month .....:     1.00 1  AI{ subscriptions are payable striotly in advance I  splendid opportunity for both parties  to arrive at some basic agreement on  the question of wages, to stand for  a year at least, which would afford a  chance to large employers';and contractors to know where they were at  in regard to labor costs for. that length  of time. On the other hand, the employers and captains of imii<uxyj  should be able to give the  men some assurance that  toria;   London   Pacific  Exploration  &  Development   Co.,   Ltd., ..$25,000,   Victoria; Artistic Bungalow Constructors  Ltd.,   $10,000,    Vancouver;     Ferguson  Highman Motor Co., Ltd., $10,000, Vancouver; Dominion Lumber Sales, $10,-  000,       Vancouver;       Hayes-Anderson  Motor  Co.,  Ltd.,   $25,000.  Vancouver;  Loggers   Club,   Ltd.,   $10,000,   Vancou-  National Shingle Company, Ltd.,  Vancouver;    Overseas  Corn-  working-] ver-;  tne-ev^c of | 525,000  will  «<*"'scwr [missions Ltd., $ 10,000, Vancouver;   B  the  necessaries  of life  materially during that time.    Then at j-C. Stevedoring Co., Ltd., $50,000  the end of that period further adjust-f  ments   can   take   place.     Bac   In   the]  meantime there would, be a cessation ji  of 'this  industrial  strife which  is  ihe j  worst thing that can possibly happen^ I a.  during   this   critical   period   of   world;  reconstruction. (  •Van-  .    roa -  Busy Business Men  solid,   substantial   food   served   in  an appetizing- flavor.  OFFICIAL OBOAK.  .The   British   Columbia   Record   Is   the  , official organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  ' The   Royal    Architectural ' InBtitute   of  .Canada,   and   The  Engineering?  &   Technical Institute of British  Columbia, and  as such is used by them as the medium  through which to make, their official announcements  to  the.general  public.  By  such selection the.. British  Columbia  Record   is   no   wise ;pledsed   to   edi-  ' torial   support   of   any   policy   advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely  independent position on  all  matters subject to editorial .opinion;        .  AN   OPPORTUNITY PFOR   BOTH  SIDES p  Increases in wages are. being demanded today because the worker has  been seeing nothing but „asieaay advance in  the cost of obtaining food,  clothing a place in whichpto" live, and  all the other elements .which enter into what istersely referred top as the  cost of living.    It is plain-to him that j  he must have more money: or his family  will  suffer,   although *he  is  quite  often aware that inereasedf wages are  themselves one of the causes of;the  general trend of increased prices.  But  he sees no other way. out;-of-the difficulties.   ., ;P^;; ,<•■"■ '-V '.:''••'  ill it can be shown "to the workers  that some sound way can be found of;  stopping the upward trend of prices  and bringing about a.price..leyel somewhat akin to that of three or fo.ur years  ago, it is quite possible that the-great  bulk of employees, both manual and  intellectual, wouldl'beVlwill}ng to call  It  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  The following companies were  granted certificates of incorporation  during the week:  Superior Lbr. Co., Ltd., 540.000;  re  gistered   office   of   the   company,   \-ic-j!  GOOD EATS  CAFE  Ho.   1—110   COBJ>OVA   ST.   "WBST.  CuniidA   Food  Board  No.   10-7661.  Ho.  8—618  PEJTDEB  ST.   WEST  Canada   Food   Board  No.   10-7660.  [couver; Muun & Kerr Timber, Company, Ltd., $50,000, Vancouver; The  Commercial Credit Company ' of Canada, Ltd., is now licensed to do business iii British Columbia, authorized  capital, $1,000,000; head offices in  Toronto and Vancouver.  During the month of August there  were 61 companies registered, against  28 in August last year, and for the  first eight months of the present year  no fewer than 385.new companies have  been incorporated, against 347 for'the  whole of the year 1918. l*  PITCHFORD- KADLEC  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DE-SICrNINO COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 71501. 4-45RICHAR03ST.  VANCOUVER. , B.C  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Fnraaom,    Boonnff,    Cornice*.    Sky-  llflrnta   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Work  Seymour   7177 1042   Richards   St.  FIRE  REPORT  FOR  AUGUST 1S19  Total number af alarms ...lit)  False  alarms ■,.„•'     7  Fires where' damage resulted  23  Bush  fires ................; 55  Total valuation of property involved   by  fire ..$557,005  Total   Insurance   carried     '106.550  Total   loss ::....     23.753  Total   Insurance ,paid.......      5,717  Property loss above Insurance ,18,036  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEHEBAL   BEFAXBS—iUUTTOE  wnrsxHO — bwitchboabds  XBT8TALLATIOH8  204 Alexander St. Seymour 3856  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothirig too targe, or too Small  If-'it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  ' ' ■'"-   Professional Roofers  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Flnmblng'  and   Repair   Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty  737   16th  Ave.. W. Fairmont   S84 L  Help  the  Hospital.....  ...Sept. 15-20,  NEW WORK « CONTRACTS LET  THE   FOLLOWIWO   TABLE   SHOWS   BtTILBXHOS   COSTZHO    85,000    OB    OVEB,' OH    WHICH     COHSTBUCTIOH    XS  UNOEB WAY, OB OM WHICH COMTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBVCTXOH HOT YET STABTED.  W. & H. Jordlson Broa.  ■ , .. . ...   *    *    *  FLAT AND SHINGLE BOOFS LAID,  BEFAXBED.   TABBED   AND  .ASPHALTED  ♦     *     *  Promptest Attention  Sey. SI02 1364 ' Ssymour Pt.  cfl their demands for higher pay.  has to be, recognized, .that/the  workers are going to insist forvthe future  on a better standaril cf living, a reasonable working day and decent worx-  r   ing   conditions.     This   has   all   to   be  , taken   into  consideration   in   working  out any plans having to do with the  iuture   economic   conditions   in   practically all countries. :.  It is reasonable to assume that in  Canada as well as the ■ United States,  an honest and vigorous, attempt is be-!  ing made at the present ■time by the  governments to reduce prices. The  United States government, has been  especially active in the yiray. of forcing a reduction in the. prices of foodstuffs and clothing- by ; placing upon  the market the huge surplus stores  amassed under war conditions for the  use of the American ariny and navy  and which will not be needed .for that  purpose now. Unfortunately, the Canadian government is not" in a,position  to take similar action to^ any large extent as the larger portion ,of the Canadian army stores are; overseas, and  some of the army clothing supplies  have already been dsposed of at remunerative. prices to. PGreece to re-  clothe the.Greek army.  With representative ..conferences between labor and capital being held in  the immediate' futufe, both in Ottawa  and Washington, and both or these  conferences having for their object the  securing of some basis of settlement  for preventing the industrial unrest  eo prevalent since the war terminated,  there Is every hope that at least some  decided measur of success will be  reached by both the Canadian and  American   conventions.     There ;.Is   a  Character    .....  Brick   Building   ..  Bank Extension .  Residence —;_   Residence   Gasoline  Station  Residence   Dwelling       Garage   Bldg.  Residence '.;...  Residence   .....  Residence   .....  Residence  .....  Residence  .....  Residence      Warehouse   ..............  Residence    Residence   Residence •   Add   to  School ........  3  Bungalows .........~  Residence '.   Alterations    .'....:   Residence  ................  Residence' ....  Residence   Residence  ..................  Residence   Bungalow    i   Residence   Residence ........_.......  Two-story .Brick ...  Residence.'., :.P..P..  Residence ,.....:.„.„.....  Residenes ........  Tbreie-story-f-vBank ,.  Remodelling ......  Uemodelling   .............  Residence   :..   Bight-Room   School-  Residence   Residenoe .   1  .story brick   Residence     Store Bldg   Apartment House .....  Bungalow ...  Garage  Bldg   Residence    ........  Residence   Fchool   Building   School   Bldg   Bake Shop ...... .....  Residence  :   Residence .  Residence .  Brick Bldg,  Residence  .....Cost  '„'.-$ 2 7,'66 6  .... $6;000  ... $7,000  ....$17,000  ... $9,500   .....„......:.j;.$5,000   ;$80,000  .„..-. ;...;........^;;$8,000   ...'.....:.P$7,600   $9,074   .....$6,422   ..:..........P.PP$6000   ......'...$6000  ....:. :..'  -$7,000   ...:...........i-$6,800   .P.: .-.$13,000   .....:....:;$8,000  ........:. ............$27,500   .........;...:.,..  $10,500    $6,000  ...........P......;..:;..P$15,000   .., ........PP.:::'$5800  .....:..;....;.P....::....P.$5,200  .......^....:.P.:.:...:.::.$5.ooo  ...:.:..:;..:.r..,.;.....:. $5,800     $12,000   ..:..$5,ooo   :    $6.60t   ..:.....  $10,000   P„....... $34,500  $10,000  :.'..   $5,000  ....J.tt.OvO  „$300,eoo  VANCOUVER  Location            ..   Owner  Seymour  St .B.  C.  Tel.  Co.  Hastings & Richarda.c......„Standard Bank  1100 Block 13th Av WP Capt. A. Freeman  York'& Larch Sts.:...........Mrs. Mp.cdonald  Dunsmuir  &   Ho^e......:.lmperial. Oil   Co.  1155  llth Ave.  West ...:...;..:...;.Wm. ,Metz  1785   16th "Ave. W.......P..:.'..;:.S.- N.   Baynes  Georgia & Butte ..Terminal City PMtr. Co.  Angus Ave., Shaughnessy........A. -A.'- Ross  Alexander  SL  ...........,.:.;..........Cap & Shaw |  Shaughnessy   Hghts...Gordon   .Campbell  Magee i.t ...H. J. Bigger  35th   &   Vine.'.:P......... Percy   Whalley  Magee   .................'. .^......Wm.   G.   Brteze  49 Cordova St. K.....McLennan & McFeely  1775   16th  Ave.   W.......Vernon   Const.,,Co.  Shaughnessy.: ......Dr. Archibald Smith  Shaughnessy ........:........:..Dr. R. L. Pall en  Magee PPt. Grey School Board  1st Ave. and. Stevens......... F. G.PEvaus  Magee ....:.........',........-.—Mrs. B. B.PBrown  111 Dunsmuir- St. ...Navy League of Can.  Magee .......v..................Henry W.  Schbfleld  Pt.   Grey    .....:.P: P....S.   W.   Webster  Pt.. Grey. .............J.   Abernethy  Pt  Grey  .:..... ...tf. ...W.   J.   JLe3a^e  Marine   Drive J.   R.   Craig  16th Ave. near; Gran...Thos. A.  B. Ferris  Magee  ................................  Frank  SawXord  Shaughnessy K.. J.   Bupris  600 Block Granville St.,.:..i..Wm. Dick, Jr.-  King Eidward & Selkirk..Mrs. ,G.; Forsyth  3rd and Blanco,-'Ejt'.P Grey.........PP.P:W. Lee  29th, & Margarite.......P.Mrs. EPXI. Boiirn*  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank of Canada  AreM. ................:.....„..........:.....: .^.... Contr.  Owners Adkison & Dill  James A. Benzie....Dom. Construction Co.  Robert   M. -Matheson...: ..^Albert   Radelot  JBdwardes  Sproat .......„.....W.   T.W'odden  ..:.P....:.P....P....'.:.:.....,...Dominion   Const.   Co.r  Robert U., Matheson........—Alouza Smith  P^.......:v.:..;:P..^..:.....:v.:E.   H.   Bawtlnheimeir  Kred   L:   Townley.........,:.........Snider   Bros.  A. K. Henderson ...:..S. J. Newitt  H.   H.  Gillingham .....S.   J.   Newitt  Bernard C. Palmer ...........Glover Lloyd  Bernard C. Palmer........ ...Dom. Const? Co'.  Fred L. Townley......... .^........Wm: McNe«  Fred PL.  Townley....... Cromie  A "Vroom   ................J..; M.""MoI>tickie-.   : :....:.............-.:.Vernon   Constr, . Co.:.  Fred L. Townley Purdy & Lorcrgan  Edwardes Sproat   P....... ...„.John   IiP Dunn  Twizell  A Twizell.-... :.Adklnson&  Dill  Fred L.. Townley.. G. M. Champion  .Bernard C.  l.'aliner P..P.P...T3.  G.  Bayne«   ..:.P........::...... .W.  J-., Northcote  ,-....' P ........;..............V'ernon :Const.   Co.  ...............................        ........6.   N.   McLeod    .....;........   VV.   Eldrldge  ....i ......: :...  Mr.   McGreevy  Fred L. Townley......... ........AV. J. Read   ..........: p........ Vernon Const. Co.  Bernard C. Palmer........Vernon Const. Co.  H.  H.   Gillingham   ..................S.   J.  Newitt  'A..'E.  Hendersc.i.....:.;.;... ...Snider  Bros,.  James A. Benzie, :...S. J.'Newitt  ,...P.;;.^.^p.^«.P....P:;,PiPP4--?PP--P^A-:  Davidson  .Times  A.  Benzie.....:..P......C.   F.; Robinson  Somer.ville .&, Putnam,.......:-... P ....  ■■i :P.P...:.::PP.:P;Hodgs6n, King <fe Marble  A.; E. Hend^rsoJn .;P:.rPPPP..P..iP.J: B. Arthur  Sharp & Thompson...LHodgson, King & -M  Walter Murray  Ernie Marray  Murray Bros, Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SEYXOVB 8614  FLOOR LAYERS  137  Powell  St.  Vancouver. B. C  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  $6,300  ...;....;... $5,000  .:.:.........:,._:^$6.ooo   ....$8,000   ;...... $5,ooo   :.$22,000       $7,632  : ....:P.P '$8,500   $17,900   .- ....$80,000   ....._    $10,000   r $6,000   $10,500   .....$10,500   ........:........ _...$ 15,000   $7,250  .   ..  $6,948 I Old Safe Block....GrIfflth & L,ee Ltd. Agts      $80,000   Dominion   Bide.   .....:::...P.............Dom.   Bank -  -^ „   „  , „.  ,, -      „■ ,.  ^  $10 800   Shaughnessy   Heights D.   H.   Christie   Bernard C. Palmer.PVYallace & McGougan  ""'"'" Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Orey School Board   Twizell  &  Twizell .....Bayvot  & Jlorie  ........jj-gYoo   Shaughnessy   Heights....H.  J. -F.   Turney  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  "■$7 000 I Shaughnessv   Heights....Dr.   J.-..F.   Curtis J.GiHingham  &  Korner........,...S.   J.   Newitt  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING  AND  HEATING  Davis St Stynwir 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  BunVa"ioV   ...iiiiii..-.    »^99°  Residence        Residence      Residence      Residence   ..-   Residence      Two, Residences  OoraVe   Shintrle' Mill      Res'dence     ..:   Bungalow   Road   Work      Alterations    -   ,.*5.300       $12,000   S7.200  .„.    S5.000  ".'..'.'.'.. P$6,000  ..............."...S8.400  ...p :...$ 10,000  ',    ...............?«,000  .     .:$20.ooo  .........P.:.......    $5,000  .........'. $20,000  P. ....$6,000  f!082  Granville  St....Mrs. M.  J.  McQueen  26th Ave. W.. Pt. Grey....F. W. Chapman  1348 Kingsway PEJ. J. Brooks  618 Victoria Drive P-..T. Helap^  Strathcona Heights    Walter   Teetzel  8th Av & Kingsway..Standard Motors L'Cd  27th & Pine .W. C. Brown  Pine Crescent & 27th Ave. J. WP Browhe  Kitsilano Van. .School   Trustees  King Edward  Ave.. Pt.  Grey  Sch.  Board  721 Seymour St., ..Mission Confe«t.  Angus Ave.,  Shaughnessy.......:J. D. 'AUSn  26th   Ave.,   Pt.   Grey E.   Davis*  26th and  Alexander PP....! PB.  C. Stark  2421   Granville' St...... :.....T." Edwards  27th   &   Angus   Ave ...John   McNeely  r'apalino  Rond................Arthur R.  Crooks  Shaughnesssy   Heights   _R.   W.   Clark  Laurier Ave. Pt. Grey .:....J:   I.  Stoddart  4 9th  and  Angus   „ .....Wm.  Walker  llth   Ave.   W .E.   Stmtton  °arnavon & Marine T>r .A.- Davidson  Pt. Grev FauI'd"s Financial Agency!  '140 Georgia  9t...W..7P. R.  J. Snelgrov£  Gran.  St.,  Pt.  Grey....Hunting A Merrl.tt  Af.>rir.e:Dr. *. Shannon St.-.B.t).. Roge>s  4th   Ave.   near   Blanco..... :...J.   Blair  Main St. & Vict. Dr....:Ctty of V & S. Van  586 Granville  St.  ;.. Bank  ot Montreal   fc_   W.  M. Dodd...... ...:..........P......J.. I^ayileld  •. :. ...........Wv J.   Herrlngton   ..: F.  J».   Bogers   C. F. Robinson  Fred.  L.  Townley   Day  Labor  Honeyman & Curtis PWP J. Prout  Gillingham & Korner...;... Peter TardlfT  Gillingham   &  Korner S.   J.   Newitt  Owners : ..Peter   Tardift"  Twl>.ell & TwizelL...Hodg!«on, King & M   :.... Dixon  <&  Murray  Fred:   L.   Townley W.   J.   Read    W.  McNee   : W.   McNee   , Owner  Owner  DavisffJ. C.P McKenzie ......  J.   C,   McKenzie  J.   BUigott      Owner  Fred   L.   Townley Purdy  &  Lonergan  Robert  M.  Matheson.....:......S.  N.   McLeod   Cromio   &   Vroom   .Vernon   Constr.   Co.   ..Vernon   Constr.   Co.   .' ...Vernon ' Constr.   Co.  /.P..:--.;.'.- ■. :.•: .......: S. H.. Shave  Owner  Owner  J. Brown ;  Owner  R"f^ard  P.-. Pn 1 mer.........,DomP - Const.' .Co.1  Frdd PL.  Townley:........:..T.  Glover' & Po'a-  ; .- ..j.:.....Harrison & Lamond  Hoheyrnan  &   Curtis .....:.......:.*  .   ;; Hodgson,   King &  Marble  »./...  Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  SoU Doalsra and Sorvico  Station for Goodyear S.V.-  Truck Tires  851rWirSLW.       Siyww 3853  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store and Office Fixtures  --_. Qeneral Repairs  219 Keifer St.  Sepoor 8551  H.D.Rees  VULKrvsi  Tlie Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPUES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 RaOiofs SL E.  Sey. 1224  When Building a Home  Be sure you have fittings Installed  for the latent gas features — gas  range,   water   heaters,   gas   radiators.  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBWICB,  SXTiaOHT,  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WOBK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Kgx.  757   Boatty   St. Sey.   764 5  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SAS2X   and   DOOBS—OPPICE  rZZTUBBS  Bandaawlng aad  Turning, etc  1730   Semlln   Drive Highland   374  OR AND VIEW  SHEET  METAL  WORKS,   LIMITED  PtTBWACirS,    CORHIOES,    BXT-  X.ZOKTS  and  OBBPEBAZ.  JOBBZirO  1885  Vwxbln Si.  HlfhUnd 042  INiW WORK ~ CONTRACTS LET  Character  |     BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Coat I Location ^ ; _: .— Own**  I  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Transact your bond business through a long established and thoroughly  orgemized concern.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED  TJS 1886  Nitrogcft Plant   P.P..   125,000 j. Lake   Bunticn. .Amer.   Nitrogen   Products   Cd.  Concentrator,   etc '..  .1.000,000 | Copper   Mountain.......... 15.  C.  Copper  C4,  Railroad     1,000,000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg. $151,236  Pulp  &  Saw Mill $75,0,000  Coal  Tar  Products  Plant .....$100,000  Dockyard*  Wharf   __ $52,924  Hydro-Electric   Plant    _ :... $72,000  Bank f.._....   ....$17,G0O  Town   Hall    _„ $13,000  Irrigation   ._.?. _ $60,000  School Addition .._ _  $10,000  Paving  Paoiflo Highway $88,000  Charch  „ „  $60,000  Wharf    Repairs     $17,3B8  Dridffinp  ........;..: -$142,&00  Highway   Bridge    $30,000  Paving  No.   3   Road $40,000  Ba^'BiriTdins'*"'.'.'.'"".'."'.'.'."."!  Highway   Bridge    ..$7,038  Arch.    Contr.  etc.  PIPE   FOR   GAS  'should be th« flrat thought of the  modern builder. It will make your  house more saleable. If you nr«  building for youreelf, tt wiH Have you  expense later. We will be clad to  advlee you.  The VanoonTer Oaa Company, by  Tlrtue of lte fntnchlM, can give aer-  Tlce only wtUila the city of Vancou-  Vancouver Gas Co.  Caxrall and  Havtlnffa  Fhoae Sey.  5O00  J. Kanbury & Co.  UXITItO  . .'■ T,  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bay view 3076  Princeton  to Copper  Mt.,...H. C.  Copper Cc;.  Tranquille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Bcavef Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Marpole Tie   Barrett  Co..   Ltd.  Victoria    Dom. Government j Dom. Pub. W, Dept...McDonald & Watson   Robertson and PartnerH |  Owners       Owners |  Owacr» iu .   W.   P.   Ticrney  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.       Owners  Dominion Const. Co. & Othern  Squamlah  :......Prov, Government  Trull Rank of Montreal  BriKhouse   Richmond  Muniolpallty  Ok&nawan   Valley Prov.   Government  New Wesitmin Herbert Spencer Sohool  WestminHter-Blaine....Prov.    Government  Victoria.... 1st Church of Christ. Scientist  Comox    Dom.   Government  Eraser  River  „.J>om.  Government  South Thompson River _Prov. Govmnt;  Lulu   Island    Prov.   Govmnt.  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  Hammond Bank   ot   Hamilton  Blaeberry   River    „..Prov.   Govrn't  Medby & Vestaunet  William F. Jones   „ D. O. Oray   _A. B. GrLffln & Co.    ...W.    J.    Sloan   H.   P.   Peterson   Constr.  Co.  Dunham    Poter McKechnlo   Fraser Rlvor Pile Driving Co.     _..-..._ Poclflo Dredplnff Co.  Public   Wks.   Bnpf Wm.   Greenless  Public  WTcs.   DOpt Harrison  &  Lomond   .....— &   M.   P.   Cotton  A.   B.   Hohderson  BaynfcH   &  Horlo  Pub.   Wks. Enff James  Hendersjon  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.P LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phono Seymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Oronnd. yioor  wtooh mag.  739 Ka*tittgn St, W.  ▼anconvor  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  333=3=  DAVIE VIJIiCAHiaaNG CO  ©36 DAVIE STREET  VANCOUVER, a G, ^ww*^.;--';?:  ■ „<v"  •■.■«■;''■ir-:  BRITISH COLUMBIA HBOORD  AdkJson & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 ItM St  S«,. 376Ma,.H2SI  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Pp    -       P'Manufacturers  Ornamental Xros Work and  all kinds of.Wlxs "W^k.  112-16  Dulterin   St.  Fair/ 2648  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  B3I Inn St  SejBMr 1319  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making Flxturea  StTBomt 116J Rear 530 B.wi St  Davles  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  CrttTt FBJritr Mf.  Vmtmr, IC  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractor*     k  5BIBetarf$St Stf«HrUi2  W. GREENLEES  CONTBACTOB  PUs  Brlrin«r,  Whsxrss. ;■**«*«*>  ronxidatlona, etc.        *■  107 Cordova St. W. Seymour 1083  Harrison & Lampfid  Industrial Engineers  Se»BOtT3535 601 Pacific Bdg.  Hodgson. Kins & MarbiejJ  Contracfcor* oVEhgliric^rt  r.V£»fi<»,A>r-'.  .:s<hvj.  508 Louden Bldg. ^ pSeyfnwrJiOf  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  Following is a Complete List of New  Automobile  Licenses Recorded for.  Vancouver  and   District.  FROM AUGUST 25 TO SEPT. 10 ...  20302—B.   C.   Vinegar   Wks.,   1848   V.en-  aljlts   St.—Diamond   T.   Truck.  20303—J.  W.  Shorer,  Cll  Beatrice St, S.  Van.—Federal   Truck.  20304—J.  M.  Tupper,   R..-N.   VV.  M.  Barracks—Austen   Tour.  20305—H.   U.   Fullerton,    2284   Cornwall  . St.—Chevrolet   Tour.  20300—^Geor'-o   Deari,   1605   llth  Ave.;W,  . —Chevrolet Tour. ■. <  20307—C.   P. ■ K.   Laundry   Department—  Grant  Truck.      ■■.■...  20308—Wm.   Lowney  &  Co.,  854   Cambie  ■St—Ford,, Koad.  20308—W'oriK   Tuoy,.   No.   5   Road.   Lulu  Hand—Ford   Truck:  20310—G.   Re'baKhiatl.   Shalalth,   B.   C.—  Republic   Truck.  20311—T,: Hart, 1407 Robson St.— Studebaker   Tour.   .;-       . .•-■;:■  20312—Kelly   Douglas,   Water   St.—Gar-  ford  Truck.                   • ... ; v.  20313—A.   .T.   Blackwell,   1003   llth; Ave.  E.—      -     - •  ■    ...-•■: ^■■-.-  .  20314—Marie A.  McDelari.  2625   1st Ave.  W>—-Maxwell -Tour.,' .-'•-;•...-..  20315—Otto     Dahl.     407     Bute.St.—jlc-  Luughliri   Roud. "   ~ .   <  2031G—A.   D.  Amiel,  22G -12th' W.—Nash  Tour.  20317—T.    M.    Brydone-Jack,    1436    llth  W.—Chevrolet   Tour.  2031S—R.   L.   Allen,    53 17   Knight   St.—  Ford   Tour.  20319—Beaver     Transfer.     Water    St.—  Little Giant  Truck.  20320—H.  A.  McAlplne,   2102  Pender  St.  E.-r-Maxwell Tour.  20321—A.   E.   McMaster,   2526   Cornwall  St.—Nash   Tour.  20322—Dr.- T.   P.  Grady,   Castle  Hotel—  Hoainer  Tour. ,  20323—T.   W.  Horninjr,   2642   Main   St.—  Republic  Truck.  20324—Johnson's     Storage,     Main. St.—  Federal   Truck.  20325—Mali'    Dung,     1628     Albert   St.—  ' Hupp   Tour.  2032G—J.   R.   Weldon,   22S   21st  W.—Ford  Tour.  20327—Hing    Lee,    822  .Main    St.—Ford  Truck.  2032S—Frank  Chapman,   82   Water   St.—  Standard   Truck.  20329—O.  WP  NTunley.  Cordova St.—Ford  Truck.  20330—A. T. Sallows,  457  nth Ave. E.—  ,. Scrlpps-Booth Tour.  20331—Vernon   &  Buckerfleld, -321   Front  '•St.—Federal  Truck. '  P  20332—Geo.   T.   Whalen,   1251; King  Ed's ward Ave.—Nash  Tour.  20333—V.' WP Odium.' 2023   Grant   St.—  Cadillac   Tour.       ..  20334—Callaway   &   Kerr,   46th   &   Joyce  Rd.—Gramm   Truck.;  20335—W.   Williamson.  Rupert &  Eculid  ■";'■ St.,  S.V?—McLaughlin  Tour.  20336—V.   E.   D.   Casselman,. 120  10th   E;  —Willys-O   Tour.  20337—A.   E.   Cunningham,   1003   Robson  St.—Ford    Tour.  20338—Mouson   &   Munris,   llth   &   Government St., W. V.:—Ford Truck  i'0339—A.   J.  Cambie,   1818   Robson  St.—  Chevrolet Tour.'       :  (Continued In Next Issue)  L. Raymur, Purchasing Agent, City  Hall, Victoria, will be received : until  ,4 o'clock p.m. on September 15, for  the painting of the Point Ellice Bridge  and the refuse burners at the Garbage Wharf. Forms of tender, etc.  may be obtained at the City Engineer's  office, Victoria.  INVITING TENDERS FOR  DEEPENING   SLOUGH  i Tenders are being received by N. A.  McDairmid, Clerk of Delta Municipal-  fCouncil, Ladner, B. C. up to.Septem.  ber 13, 1919, for the widening and  deepening of approximately one and  one-half:. mrles of the Chilukthan  Slough South of Ladner. Plans and  information may be obtained at the  municipal hall, Ladner, or at the offices of D. J. McGugan, Municipal Engineer, New Westminster.  ARCHITECT PLANS CANDV  FACTORY   FOR   VICTORIA  - Plans have been prepared by Architect H. S. Griffith, 1013 Dominion Bldg.  hnd tenders are now being invited for  the construction Of a candy and bis-  feuit factory to be erected in Victoria  for PMessrs Ormonds, Ltd.  The plans call for a two story and  basement brick structure, 45x105 feet  in dimensions facing on Russell* St.,  arid which includes every mouern convenience for a building' of its kind.  BIG   STEAMSHIP   MERGER  From reliable sources, .in Japan  comes word of another big stean-ship  merger being consummated. The new  concern is to be known as the Kcku-  sai Kisen Kaisha, or the'lnternaticnal  Steamship. Company. It has a capitalization of ,one hundred million yen  and already has a total tonnage of  half a million in the vessels under its,  contrpl.. The company Intends to put  .a niimber of lartje vessels on^the *paci-  ricptradeP several of which will run' to 'i|  thisf port in opposition to the C. P. PR.  ocean steamship: service.     :•;  jlNVITING TENDERS FOR  WHARF AT NARAMATO  - Tenders are being invited to September 22, 1919,. by the DominionPEte  iPartment of Public Works for the construction of a wharf at Naramato, District of Yale, B. C. P  i Plans and forms of contract can be  Jseen and specifications and forms of  tender obtained-at this Department, at  the office of the District Engineer, at  iCbase,'B. C, and at the Post Offices,  ■Vancouver, B. C, and Naramata, B. C;  I. -      -  mit\p the  Hospital-P..— - -Sept. ipo  Robertson,Power & Devey  Engineers and Cone tractors. ,  Inspections Xtoslfn  Bsports Construction  Industrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  ; Wharves   and P Piers.       Power   Plants  "".''•"  ''*'      Industrial  Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  ."..•' SOa   Yorkahlra   Bulldins  .     Seymour .9217  u  Palmer Bros.  -  General   Contractor*,  129 ma St J«feiaT4l7i  Robertson & Partners,Ltd.  . Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Stjianr 1274  - /■>.,■#/  191 VttnpilBS Wt  RUSH & READ.  rLAvnanro * oawaXH* wok  AU Work Ouaramt***.  Bay. 3S70  Bay.  1S«*-R  2506  8t«pb««» 8t-  ■-- '. s-> - --'  H. A. WUes  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,  etc.  1350 • It* »«• •• *«'** U1  J.   D.   McDaniel J.   P.   Scott  Coll.  11S-1>3 Sey. 5480-L  McDaniel & Scott  EIlBCTBICAX.   OOKTBACTCB8  Armattura  and Motor °Wlndin&-  Oauaral  znaotrloal B«palx»  Xatlniatca  Tree  Seymour 1«90 Vl'l Stay the 9t   lTSTPhone:  ^f^lf?        ~  Offlco Phone: Soy.   '9»»  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS,   L.   MITCH El-L,  riootno wir^rjT^gS- -d »«-"  sss Burrard St.    -    Vaaoonvert_B1J  Percy F. Letts  Mai  cOWTVkAOTOS.  Rl&-b-ClaM   El*ctricai   Work  ^^        and   Kstrtiraa  B„v   <4l 3044  Oranvma_gt  Vancouver Forge Co.  I.tmlted  FORGINGS  Of ALL  DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   V,-torla   Drive j!lji^L3  J. R. Tfacey  «& Son  EXICAXrST   and   BX.OW   PIPINO  oux   Specialty  Haattoir. V«ntBo*lnfrJ^«d_ Gworal  BhMVMotal Work  Seymour  3017 H60   Hoymour  St.  TO  PAINT VICTORIA BRIDGE  Sealed tenders addressed to James  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specialising   In  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING • DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  :   TatoDhoaaa, Barmoxa s585-S68e  Ootta ft, Fadrnald Bid*-. 443 0«an. St.  Tench, Vaughan & Co.  «TBUCTtTBAI,     JWD   MKTAXiiVM-  OICAI>   BHaXBPEBBS  /Estimates    'piven ■■■■ and     contracts  taken" for   all   classes -of   striicturaJ  steel  work.    Metallurg-lcal plants de-  slKned.  Installed and operated.    ,  813 Metropolitan Bldg. Hay". SQ9Q  BUSINESS  MEN  will And the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for tha Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service. Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 260.  762 Granville Street  Oppoalta Orpheum Theatre  Jas.  Dwyer', Proprietor and Chef  Classified Advertising  Record B*ader* are, as a rule, business  and professional men who have the  money to buy something good if they  desire It.    If you have something good  , to eell let ,the Record readers know-  about it. v The average purchasing  pdwer of the Record reader is greater than that of any other publication  In BrtlBh Columhia.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  '  ...    Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired..    General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   XOBBZS  Sey. 3418  Bey. 931 Evening* 847 Da via St.  MACHINERY  Agents   Tor  Xyllt*   Greas*   and  Perfection   Oil*  Skootam   Irogglng  Block  4-72   in.   by   18   ft.   boilers   160   lbs.  2   Coal  dryers  suitable  for  fish.  All  sizes  of cable  In  stock.  T.  A.  WALSH  k  CO.  7 Alexander St. Say. 4738  Boats   of   all   sizes   for   Bale.     Tugs, \  Scows and  launches for hire.    Saw and  Shingle Mill Machinery for sale.  MACOILU8 fe aSOBAB  1789 Georgia St.  W. Say. 84391..  ^Hoisting engines, locomotives,, lathes,  wire'rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  BATIOHAX.  atACHXBXHT   CO.  935 Main St. Bey. 600  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  . -\ - B. C. EQtTIPMBBT CO, I.TD.  Bamk of Ottawa Bldg. Sey. 9040  See   Us    .  '-'■••■ For All Kinds of Machinery  ' WBXB  BIACHXVXBT  CO.  LTD.  1396 Bicnarda St. Sey. 7440-7443  STENOGRAPHERS.  Business Directory and  Buyers'Guide  When Buying Building: Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  Exeert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multigraphlng.  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CZNTBAX. PUBXaC STBVOOBAKPEB8  Say.; 5078 414 Dominion Bldg.  STORAGE A TRANSFER  Baggage,   furniture   and   freight   moved  andpstored.     Trunks  crated  and  household   goods   packed   for   shlpment.  BTAVBABO   TBAHSFEB   *   STOBAOE  -     COBTPAB-r   „  319' Cordoya   St.   W.     Bay.   303  We -.supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need Is an Idea  of-what you, want. We do the rest.  TTTPFEB ft BTBBZi  "Tkm Track' Specialists"  Bayrlew 138 .       . -.  1669 TMrd A'*s. W  FRANK M. SLOWIN  TAILOR  Business  Men's  Suits  My  Specialty  $50 to  $65  Seymour 2692  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  I Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  BBAXTTBO AXJ. X.XHBB  Paper.  Instruments and Supplies  MOST XOBBBBT  BOOmgBWT ABB  OLDEST ESTABLIaHUD IB B. O.    -•'  B.C. MAFTIN6 & BLUE PRINT CO.  41?.'.Granville St. Seymour 2789  ABCRITECTS BTTPPLEES  Dominion Blue Print Co  ~..8ot.   2497-4570  ABCHXTBCCTTRAZi TBBBA COTTA  Br»na.  Coleman  A Erans. Ltd   Hey.  2988  O'NfHi.  Wm.  N.  Co., LUX  Sey.   4793  Kltchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co..  Ltd„: _:  Sej. 91*2  A8PHAZ.T PBI.T  ET»n».  Co!em»n  A Erans, Ltd  _..^...8ey.   2988  The. Darren  Co..   Limited   ...Bay.   83  I'aoiflc   Eooflng   Co..   Ltd ...P.  Sey. 1188  ASPKAX.T   PITCH  Haciflo   Booflna   Co..   Ltd........ ;  Sey. 1188  AUTOaXOBEbB   XB8T7BAHOB  Canadian    Harety   Co „ _'...  ....Sey. 559  Coperley.   Eounftefell  A O........  _._Sey.   7820  BANK,   OPPICE   ft   STOBB   PITTZBQS  James Urookes Woodwkg.  Co., Ltd Weat.  473  BXTTB PBZBT8  Dominion Blue Print .Co  Sey.   2497-4870  BBZCK—AXZ. XZBBS  Erans.  Coleman   A Erans, Ltd.... : Sey.   2988  Oilley Broa..  Ltd..__ „  West.   15-18  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd _  ...Sey.   4795  BltchU Contr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd  _...Sey. 9182  Bltchle,   J.   T.   A „  Sey. 8057  BUXXDIWO   PZI.TS   ABB   PAPXBS  Erans,  Coleman  A Erans, Ltd .• Sey.   2988  O'Neil, Wm.   N.  Co., Ltd....- . Sey.   4795  The  Barrett  Co.,  Limited   .Bay.   63  B OBBS—SURETY  Canadian   Surety   Co.     -  Sey. 359  Ceperley,  Boun*efell  A Co  - _...Sey.   7820  Winch, B. V.  A Co.. Ltd.. _  Sey.  279-1944  BX7BOZ.ABT  XKStBANCS  Canadian   Surety   Co.      Sey. 559  CABPBKTBBS  Dixon   A Murray ..._...  .-. Sey.   8765-8738  CEMErTT  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co   -..Sey.  9197-6575  Erans,  Coleman A Brans, Ltd _.:  Sey.  2988  GUley Bros.,  Ltd....   West.   15-16  O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd -Sey. ,4795  BHehle Cootr; * Sup.  Co.. Ltd .: .Sey. »163  CEMEBT    TESTIBO   ABB   ASSAYING  Host;  Bobert-W.  A Co.—.—....... „ Sey.   2199  Dosa.   Engineering   A:   Inspection  Co.. Sey. 3475  COBTBACTOBS—OENEBAZ.  Annstron*. Morrison A Co.. Ltd _.... Sey. 1836  Walsh   *   C«,   T.   A..—._. ... ;._ 8«y. 4738  COBTBACTOBS—THE—TEBBAZZO  Eraas, Coleman A ETans, Ltd Sey.  2988  O'Neil.  Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd..-. „.:. —Sey.  4795  CBABES   ABB    HOISTS    (EXBCTBIC)  The Helden  Co..  Ltd.— ...Sey.  1.045  BEOOBATINO  C.  J.  Curamlns  ft Co. ;„ Sey. 1337  BIBB  ABB TOOLS  Gtbba Tool ft Stamping Works—. . Fair.  21T8  BBAPTIBO  Aaae   Drafting   and   An   C« _ Sey. 2889  Dominion-Bine Print Co .... Sey.  2497-4870  BBZX.Z.B—POBTABI.E   BZ.ECTBIC  Darling. Frank ft Co - Sey. .41*0-4101  The Holden  Co.,  Ltd.... . Sey.   10«5  ei^ctbicai. unnso  Sellable  Eleotrlc  Co.    Sey. 46W  SZJBCTBICAXi BVPPUEB  B.  C. Electric Co..  Ltd . . Sty. 5000  Cod« ft Son Sey. 8602  Darling, Frank  ft Co —Sey.  4100-4101  EZ.EVATOBS  DarUng, Crank  ft Co   _Sw.  4100-4101  EZOSVATOB CABS ABB EBCXOBTTBEB  8. M. Morris ft Co.. Ltd ..—^...Bay. 1043  O'Neil. .Wm. N.  Co., Ltd:: _._ Sey.  4T95  BttAle Oontr.  ft Sup.  Ca.. Ltd Sey. 9182  EBCZ.OSt7BES  '-M^io   Wire   ft   Iron   Works  -Fair. 2»4«  Pearson Wire & Iron Wks.. .. Fair.  2794  ENOINEEBS  Walsh   ft   Co..   T.   A... . ..-.__ 8«y. 4738  EBOINEEB8' SBPPBIES  Dominion Blue Print Co ___: Sey.  2497-4870  '-"•'"-"'"'-TTMCTM'-AB»"'OATBB;"- ' '""-' -  METAX   BTAXPIBCr  Glbba Tool ft Stamping WocksL—. „. Fair. XVt*  - latUWOBK ..'  Jamea Brookes Woodwkg.-'Co., Ixd........ .Wast. 471  MIMBOOBAPBINO  'antral  Public  Btenograpbers—  Saj.  OME,  MZBlOrO ENGINEEBS  Walsh   ft. Co.,   7.  A.;..^L.L.. —..—_„S«j. «U»  HOTOBS  B. C.  Electric Co.. TA&.-J. S^.  SSH  JSOTOB   TBT7CKS  Little Giant Motor Tm<* Co „L._ _Sej.  2M4V4I  lfBLTIOBAPKINO  Central  Pubtie  atenograpkers.——.;:_ Sey^ Mil  Dominion Blue Print Co._.-__.-_ —.Sey.  349T-4W*  OPPICB ANB STOBE PimBOS  7ohn  Arnot   A  Sons i.. .._..,—: —.High.    Sit  DUon  ft  Murray.   Sey.   87«-»TM  OPPZCE    STTPPXOBS   ABB    FBIBTXBO  Western   Specialty, C6 '.   -Sey.   JB2«  PAINTINO   ABB   PAPBB   HABOnVB-  C. J.   Cummins  ft Co.— --— - Sey. MM  DLxon   ft Murray   Sey.   8785-  PAXBTS—-PIBB-PBOOP  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd.— —..-.- Sey.  «T9l  Wearwell   Paint   8t«r).i.i. —'.._.0«y. 34»t  PAINTS—BAXP  PBOOP  Campbell A Grill.  ...Sey.'Bat  —-Segr.   »U   Bey.   4TM  . Sey. NOT  . ^ey. S4W  — Sey. MST  Erans.  Coleman ft Erans, Ltd..   O'Neil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd '.  Kltchle,   J.   T.   A .   Wear*ell   Paint' Store.P*P.._...„.._...  Trussed  Concrete  Steel ^ Co..—........  'P..',''..   PAPEB  Smith, Daridsonft Wright. Ltd. . —Sey. MS)  PABTITION—PIBEPBOOP  Jrans.  Coleman ft Evans, Lt* -  Sey,  3ISt  Bltfhle Contr.  ft Sup.  Co., Ltd.— . Sey. «M  PABTITION   WXBB  Artistie   W'tre  ft  Iron   Werto..—.   Pearson Wire ft lion Wk»...._   ''":   PATTEBN8  Westminster Iron Works. ——^   ..Jalr.  ,.jai»., arta'  -Weat. »  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion Blue Prim Co...; ...—..Sey. 24M-44M:  FIO XBON ABB TIN  Balfour, Guthrie ft.-.Co j— ; .-Sey. 9191-  Erans,  Coleman?*' Brans; Ltd...... P .. Sey.  FIXING   ABB   POXES  ....— ..—.....Sey.< MM-:  Federal Lumber Co..  PIXE BtUTZBO  Erans, Coleman ft Brans, Lwtr ._.8ey.  Fraser  Biw  Ti}» p*., Cte>—.——..——.._—SajP SIM  Brans.  Cotetnan A Erans, Lid. ...^—-...  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd ....—'.—. —   West.  13-1S  ~.8a». tltt  Biteble Contr.  ft Sup.'Ce.. Ltd. :  PXASTEB   —...Say. 919T-Sa1»  Balfour. Guthrie ft Co.   Erans.  Coleman * Brans, L«S..  Gilley Bros.,  Lid...  West. 1»-M  —Sey. 40H  —Sey. INI  O'Neil,  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd. .   Bltchle Coetr.  A Sup. Co.. Ltd......   PXASTBB BOABB  Erans.  Coleman ft Eraas, L44 ^ ...So.  O'Neil, Wm. iiP Ob.; t«<t.P—.—^_—___--_Sej^  Bitchie Contr. ft Sap. Co., Led..  •J«y. un  PXA8TEB PABTITXOB BXOCXS  Etans,  Coleman A ETans. Ltd. ._—__���...So.  J  PXA8TBB—4>BBAMEBTAX  Erans.  Coleman ft Erans,. Ltd.  Sey.  i  O'Neil. Wm. N. Cfc. L»d. .... .Sey.  Bltcnie Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd;  Sey. tMK.  Bailey.  B.   A..  FXTmSXHO  Barr  ft .Andatsna.  Norman Kydd    _9a». »Bl  JO. ttSS-  ...So. ttt*  Pearsao, Wire A Iron Wks..  FXBE   CXAT  Balfoar,  Guthrie A Co...  ..Fau-.   2794  Brans.  Coleman  ft Erans,  Ltd..  Gilley Bros..  Ltd..:—  ••  0*NetI..Wm.  N.  Ce..  Ltd..   Bltchle ;Ctontr.   ft Sup.   Co.. LtiS ...  -Sey.  9197-6575   Sey.   2988  . West.  15-18   Sey.   4795   Sey. »1«2  FBXtmATIC TOOXS  Darling.. Frank ft. Co.^i..__^.—.——.._8ey.  41»*-4Mt  The Holden Co.,  Ltd 1  _..__.: S«y.   1SH  POWEB PXANT SPXCXAXTTBB  C  A.  Dunham.Co.,  Ltd..——.—...—.■........——8»j.  Buley. A. G. ft Sons. L«dT   Doainio* Broe.'Prtjit Co.    9aj, B».  ..Soy.  24W-4  PUBXIC btbwoo:  Central  Public: Stenographers...  ■JSf.  PZBB   ESCAPES  M. Morris ft Co... Ltd....—:    lOOnHG COMPOSITION  Erans,  Coleraao ApEraca/ Ltd.—:.  _...S«y:   .  The Barrett Co:,  Uaaltnt.. :.—. .'. Bay.  Campbell ft QrtlK——._:.:..—.:.—  .—.Sey. i  O'Neil.  Wa.l». Ca.,-Ltd  ^..Sejt.  ..Bay.   1043    Pacific   Booflng   Co.,   LtdP.  TIBS   EXTINGUISHES   81BTEMB  GOPE & SON  ISO Hasting St., VV. 'Phone Scy.8600  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   in  business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you with'  out charge. Our stocl^ of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  »   ■ •  1 SO Hastings  ♦i»*♦*»♦♦1oioioi»i♦loi♦iti  * x. ARCHITECTS |  T^T '   ™ 'i 'f'V W^^T^T^i'V Jf'1' ■ar^r^«r*»*V*s**^,s"  aSssabsrs of Tbs Arcsitsctnxal Eastitnts  of BrltUh ColtuaMs.  VANCOITVBB  Bend*.  Jas.   A.  510  Hastings  W..  ..9ey. »S0«  Brras  A   GUlam.   5«9   Rlcnaraa   DaMoc   ft  Ere4elgh.   615   Hasttoos   W._ Sey.    W2  Oanltner. K.  O.. ft Merear. 718 OrMrille.... Sey. M72  Oardlne*.' WUUam   Fredk..   736   Oran °—   «"«>  Griffith.' H.  S..  iOT Haetlngs W,  Barr   ft   Apdefjon.  PXOOBINO  J. Fyfa Siiiti ft Co.. Ltd.— :.   POBGZBGS  Westminster Iron Works.   OAXVANUING  T.  Watt Iron ft Galr. Works .   ;    GAS   APPXIANCES  Tanoourar Gas Appliance Co  —.     Bltch\> tJontr/ft. Sup. Co.. Ltd...  ...Sey.   S180 I Smith.  Lrtridaoo ft Wright. Ltd...  ..Sey. 119«  —West.  53  -.Fair.  »T1   8«y. Ml  -Sey..  -S«>:  BOOPINO BKATBBXAX  The  Barrett   Co..  Limited.—.— ; i_B*»v  Campbell  ft  Grill... ,. — — Say.  Brans,   Coleman A' Erans, Ltd. -Sey.  Pacific   BooBng   Co.,'   Ltdt-^__-_ _  Say. IMS  Bitchia Contr.  ft Sup.  Co.. Ltd —Sey. M*T  .Kltchle.   J.   T.   Alt— :u...  P..—Sey. CM*'  GXA8B—AXX HXVBS  W.' Holt.;  Glaaa   Dealer   _^   O'NeU. Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd.   Bey. 69M  _Sey. tlH  Sey.    734  Bmdenoh. A. B.. 615 Haatihgs W _.  Honeytnan.' A  Curtis.   S50   TlasOngs  W ^»ay. 1*21  Keaaey.  Jamea W..   Z576  Sid  Are.   W Bay. T92B  Matheson.   Boben  M..  649   Bidoa^ds. Say. 5039  Palmer.   Bernard   C   850   Hastings   W Sey, T17»  Parr   ft MadCenxle.   736  OfSortQa. -JSwj. 7811  Hbarg ft Tbvmpsoa. 626  Pender W Bey. 1064  IVumlay,   Fred  L.,   SiS  nomar  St : Act.  Twizell.   Birds   ft TwUall.   837  Hast.   W...  ■013  ...Sey. T»35  TICTOBXA  Ilennel.. A  B..  1«»« St. Louti St_  Ketth.   J.   Cil..   Seorrrard   Bldg.__  Maclure.   Sao.   Union   Bank Bids   aidgwas-WUaoo.   Lleot.-Col   ..1171 B 1  _. 1420   2848  _j5etmont   Boose  Fairview Sash] & Door]  Company  Fair. 3«59b ^1.6S4-7th Ave.W  PlicAS Ssyaonr 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, I»aa«l Boards, Sisel  Oabtnats, etc  Swltchea  deslpnod  and built  for any  special work.  Xxtdostrlal Island      Vamcoirrer, B. OP  C. H. Iveltch. G.  R. Morris,"  President. A'lco-1'resldont.  J.   15.  Menzlcs,  Secretary  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO.  Wo toko plennuro In brlnplng- to  your notice tho formation of the  ubovo Company. which hua be«n  orRunlzetl for tho pttrpotto of. carrying  otit nil klndH of BulldliiR and Con-  trsictlnK  work.  PHOHE  SBTTiaOITB 8930  611 Doiatnloa Bldg--, Vancouver, B, C.  .Jfatr. 1238  ..Sey.   4793  < XABBWABE - iV  Browa.  Fraser ft Co.. Ltd Sey.  T15S  Plett.  3.  A . Sey.   2327-2328  ."'  BABBWOOB PI.OOBS  B. C.   Haatwood   Floor  Co..   Ltd Bay. 1287  (TNeU. Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd  „ Sey. 47»5  J. Fyf* Smith ft Co.. Lid. : .  8ey. 1196  - BABBWOOB Z.VJKBEB  J. Fyfa Smith A Co.. Ltd —Sey. 11M  BEATING—BOT    AZB,    STEAK    ABB  ▼ENTXXATXBO  Bailey.  B.  A .: .Sey.  133  Barr   ft   Anderson Sey.   6180  Campbell A Grill   . Sey. 2981  0.  A.  Dunham  Co..   Ltd.-  . Sey. 8037  Norman Kydd    Sey. »1S8  HOISTING   ENGINES  Bltchle Conor,  ft Sup.  Co.. Ltd Sey. 91G2  XN8TXBANCE  Q.   C.   Permanent   Agencies   Ltd  -Sey. TSO-791  Ceperley,  Bouiwefoll  A  Co.-  Sey.   7820  1NTEBXOB   FINISH  Erans.   Coleman  A Erans.  Ltd  Sey.   2988  O'Neil,  Wm.   .V.  Co.. Ltd.    Sey.   4793  RHefalf Contr.   A  Sup.   Co., Ltd  Sey.  9162  XBON   ANB   STEEX—STBTTCTITBAX  Can.  N.  W.  Steel Co..  Ltd... „  Fair.  2398-7  Coughlan.  J.   A  Sons - ....Soy.   7910  Bran*.  Coleman  A  Erans,  Ltd   Sey.   298S  S.  M. Morris A Co.. Ltd _  Jlay.   1013  O'Neil. Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd.  i . Soy.   4793  Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..  Ltd.—  Soy.  9162  T.  Watt Iron  A Galr.   Works—  ....Pair.  971  Westminster Iron Works   .i West.  53  XBON ANB STEEX—OBKAMENTAX  Artistic Wire A Iron Works.  _ 1'alr. 2048  Erans,  Coleman A  Brans, Ltd  :. Sey.   2988  S.  M. Morris & Co.. Ltd....    Bay.   1043  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Lid...  Say.   4793  Pearson Wire   A  Iron  Wks   Fair.   2794  Rltchlo Cootr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd -  Soy. 91G2  T.- Watt Iron   A Oalr.   Works _  Fair.   971  Westminster Iron Works -  Wcjt. 33  XAXSOMINING  C. J.   Qumrrilns  A  Co.— — Sey. 1337  Dixon' A  Murray.- „. - Soy.   8785-8769  .'      LATH—METAX  Erans.  Coleman A Erans. Ltd.:..—  Soy.   298S  O'NsU.  Wiid.   N.  Co.,  Ltd   Sey.   4795  Bltchlo Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.. Ltd Soy.  9162  Bltchle.   J. :T.   A  -  Sey. 8037  Trussed   Co^creto   8teel   Co  Sey. 8057  XZMtE  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co."- , Soy.  9197-6573  Erans.  Coleman  A  Erans.  Ltd  Sey.   2988  QUley Broa.,  Ltd —  West.   15-16  O'Noll,  Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd   Sey,.   4793  Ritchie Contr. &  8up.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.  9162  &OT&BEB  Federal Lumbor Co    Sey.   3998-3999  MACHINEBT  Irroiru.  Fraser A Co..  Ltd..   Soy. T1S8  DarUng,   Frank  A Co   Say.   4100-4101  O'NeU.  Wra.   N.  Co..  Ltd...- ...Sey. 4793  Pumps A Power.  Ltd   - _...S«y. 8110  KItchio Coutr.  A Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey. 9162  The  Holdon  Co..   Ltd  Soy. 1065  Walsh   A   Co..   T.   A „ -   Soy. 4738  MACHINE   WORK  Olbbs Toot & Stara»lnR  Works. —Fair.   2176  WwtlrulMtor Iron Works.... - -...Wost.  53  MANTELS—BBICE.  TH.B  AND  WOOD  Brans.   Ook-man  &   Brans.  Ltd  Sey.   2088  O'Noll.  Wm.   N.  Co..  Ltd... °™    ""  Ritchie Coutr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  MAPS  "Balfour, Gothrle ft Co.....  <VaI»h   ft   Ctf..   T.:;A..  BOFSt-KANXXXA  —Sey. »I»»-fSHk-   Say.  BUBBEB  STAMPS  O.  ft Sons. Ltd. :   -BO.  St*  Bagley, A.  SAFES—VAUXT  BOOBS  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.: . LP Sey.  SABB, OBATEX ABB OBUBKBO  Erans.  CoJeman ft Brans, Ltd.... .. Say.  OUley Bros..  Lrfd.—.0.....—— .". ^..Wea*.   IS-iA  Bttchle Contr., ft (Sua, Oo., Ltd.  ^Sey. tlSX  SASH   BOOBS,  WXHBOW8,   BTCL  Tohn   Arnot   A Soos.—......-_'—....—: —High     ]Nv  O-NeJl.  Wm.  .V. Co.. Ltd..—. , Say.OU  Trussed   Concrete  Steel   Ca   Central Sheet Metal Works...  -Say. M&r  ..Say.  Campbea ft Oria.— '. Shy.  Orandriew  Sheet  Metal  WorkiL——-.. JMgik.    StC  Now   Idea   Sbe«  Metal   Works Say. TSUr  SHINGXB     MANXTFAOTBBBB8     ABOs  BBAXEB8  (Sss lomlwr and SUngl**)  SHOW  CASES  DUon  ft Murray : : Say.  87«5-ttS»  SXATE  Erans.  Coleman A  EJrans. Ltd  Sey.  O'Neil.  Wm.  S. Co., Ltd   Sey.  Ritchie Contr.   A Sue.  Co.. Ltd Sey. »!S»  STEEX—BEINFOECINO  Balfour,  Guthrie ,*, Co.  : Sey. »1»T-6ST»,  Erans.   Coleman A  Erans. Ltd   Say.  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A..——  Sey.  Trussed   Concrete  Steel   Co   Sey.  STOBB ANB OFFICE PXZTUBES  STOBE  PBONTS  DUon  A  Murray. r....-:..  Sey.  8799-8WS  ETans,   Coleman A  Erans, Ltd!  Say.   9St>  O'NaU.   Wm.   N.  Co..  IML   Sey.  TAB   AND   PITCH  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited  .._— Bay.  Campbell A Grill—.r. —   Brans.  Coleman ft Brans, Ltd _—   Soy.   4795  Ltd..—. Hey.  9162  Dominion Blue  Print Cn.—  ...Sot.   2497-4670  MARBLE   ANB   ONTO  Bran*.   Coloman  *   Brans.  Lid.  Sey.   2988  O'HcB.  Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd ~.   „8«J    «793  —...Sey..  .—-Sey.  2SSV.-  TEMPEBAT17BE   BEOTTXATOBS  rC.  A.  Dunham  Co.,   Ltd - _  Soy. »•»  TIXB—DBAXNXNG  Erans.  Coleman A Erans, Ltd Sey.   2S8S  Gitloy  Bros..   Ltd.—    West  15-1*  BltrWe Contr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd  Sey. »1«.  TIXB—TXOOB   AND   WAIL  Brans.   Coleman A Erans. Ltd . . .-Sey.  2S8S"  O'NeU.  Wm.  N. Co., LW............. .._ Soy.  4fT9&  TIB  PXATES  Balfour,  Outhrte A Co.L . Sey. 919T-63T*  Brans.  Coleman ft Eraas, Ixd.'.._—„—: Sej. S«i»  TOOL  STEEX  Darling.   Frank A Co.— i _ .Sey.  4109-4191  IUtchle.   J.   T.   A .r.„. —.......C.^..^Sv. fSt.  VACinm  CLEANING  HTSTBMg  Barr  ft  Aadersoa.., —  .Bay.  «18S-  WALL BOABBS  Erans,   Coleman & Brans. Ltd Sey.   231S-  WATEBPBOOF   COMPOUND  Tb«   Barrett   Co.,  Llmrtt-d _  Ba*.   «S  Erans,   Coleman  A Brans.  Ltd  S«y.   298S  O'Neil.   Wm.   N.,   A  Co..   Ltd  Soy. 4T9*  Paciflo   Booflng-  Co.,   Ltd....  .Sey. lt»  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A -  Sey. MS*  Trussed   Concrete  Steol   Co    Buy. MVS  WINDOW  SCBEENS  Artistic Wire A Irtm W-rks....: Fair.  aUS  S.  M. Morris A Co.,  Ltd..  Day.   194*  O'Neil,   Wm.   N„   A   Co..   Ud> _ Sojr.  47J10  Pearson  Wire  A Iron Wis.....  Jalr.   27Ji  WISE   WOBKEB3  ArUstlc Wire A Iron Works...—  Fair.  304S  Poarsou  Wire  A Iron  Wks......  -Fair.   2794  ^•vpWIBE BOPE  Balfour,  Guthrier* Co— - Sey. 9197-637&  Bvuns,  Col*maij',Vk;,i33Tans, Ltd.  : Sey.  2»Sft  Walsh   A   Goti.-T:"A..  Buy. 473»  Bttchle Con*.   A Sup.   Co..  Ltd  Sey.  BIS*  -    WHOLESALE  BOOPINO  The /Barren   Oa.   Llmitwt  -  Hay.   69  PatjUJe   Mobtujg   Co.,   Ltd    _»ey.  U8S" BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  mi  ■>■■  ,  A.G.BAGLEY 8l ..._,__,   I     PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and   MANUFACTURERS  i'mCLEY DOES GOOD PMNTiNa>>  .;'■'■'-; *■■■■;.'■.<■;  SEALS     S-TENCILSi ;BUBBe-l  AND* JsltTALr STAMPS.   MmL'■fcrftcits-   TIMt Ckrrka  KCV   TAGB/BBA>IB   SlOfJS;  ^UMBER^  ^■■all work e^M*reir»ft^^  PHONE SEY. 316   Pi 516 PENDER ST., W.  V  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  &^tyf*-l:r.. .'.!.  Charactar .......  Briok   Bldg.      -.pi'eSr;-:■:.„•„'.  .  Service  Statlo*    School Bids -   Gymnasium   Building  ..Estimated cost  ™.'.\.".'."lTMdo  tt;*-tf IM-M.  ...jOliif'i itii  wP      f     VANCOUVER        ,  Xooatlon  ......;.j............„...............„...Owner  Pendor St., W..^.Can. Financiers Tr. Co.  Vancouver .C.  P. K.  Seymour & Smytho Sts:....;C. M. Chlsldtt:  Keefer- St.  East ■-.: ....„ :   Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  Architect    ..PPlaas Beady  H. 8.  Griffiths! Tenders Closed  Owners    ..- •. .:..... Boon  Joaoph  E Bowman      '..  Gardiner & Mercer :..,.....Tenders Closed  H.  S.  Griffith  .:................ Plan*  Heady  PIMM Seyanor 6180       J060 Rwaw Jt  ',;,-:p:"-r^llMlWlC.  Character   Residence  (Stone)   Candy 'Factory    '....  ..Estimated Cost   P.....$50.000  VICTORIA  Xocatlon .P..  Victoria   ....  Russell St.    :....:.;..OWMr  .1     ...Ormonds' Ltd.  Architect   Maclure  A  Lort.  HP S. Griffith    ..Plans Beady  .....P:..:.P.....:Now  Fraser Riyer  PILE DRIVING CO.  , "c .V\ * i, ■*-r ''  AIMmCD  F. A. Jonss, McT.  WKARP  BUZXBZBO,  BBIDOEB,  PIXE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  ' Owners  of  Tnjr  "CUts"  General Towiaf  324 Front St. P        .New:Westminster  Telephone  1016  Branch •Otto*  8S7 Hast. St. ,\T. ,  Character    Cordage Plant  ......  Memorial- Hall ......  f Rubber Factory ...  School   Bldg.-  ....  School Add .'.  Memorial. Hall     .University   Bld«s.  Estimated Cost  GALVANIZING  PIPE and FITTINGS-POLE MNE HARDWARE  IRON and GALVANIZING  WORKS  Office and Works, Hi - 5th Iff ^ " Swimr, B. C  .., ...V-  Fairmont 971  Creston.  B...C,   ......150,000   ...........$6,000   :f 50,000 | Penticton   .  Point Groy  Point Grey.  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location .-.. ...........,...........;... Owner  New Westminster.!..Western Cordage Co.  South-Vancouver   ...........:....P.....;.......   Colllngrw'd Gregory -Tire & Rubber Co.   Dist.  School  Board  ...:.'.:.......'.. School  Board  ."P.\'!"UnYvei^i^"of B."c.   a   Architect  Gardiner   &   Mercer.;   Plans Beady  .........    Soon  •■ ,* ■■ •■      >■-, ■ • ■  •..—.    Soon    -Will. Build   Soon  Sharp  &  Thompson  Sharp  &  Thompson  & Grill  l'      Bstajblishsd   1905  BTBTAX   WINDOWS—PIBE   BOOBS—SMOKE-STACKS—BOT-AIB  FOBBAtiE—▼BNTXXATXHO.   PABS—BXOW   PIFXNO—  8KTI.IOBTS—OElfEBAE  /OBBIBO  1338 Beymonr St.  TancoaTar, B. C.  Bsymonr 2981  (Continued from peg's .1)  Sey. 4404  |DIXON & MURRAY)  MAMUrACTUItCtis OF  SHOW GASES, OFFICE  aad STORE FITTINGS  3  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  i_-i -   ,. •  ruKirn, WEI MNE-  Bfi art MULSONMNC  Sey. 8765 3   Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St  E.A.  Plumbing  Steamfftting  11033 OrsnvHls St.  Vancouver. B. C  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  8. /. Tricksy  E. B. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  Moved to  554 - 560  CAMBIE   STREET  PHONE SEYMOUR 620  Faimew Sand & Gravel  Wan, ltd;  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY.  ,for ships; was  submitted  to a repre^  resentative  meeting  of  the  affiliated  Boards of Trade of the Fraser Valley,  ( held in the Burnaby municipal hall on  Wednesday    night,-   and after    being  thoroughly discussed the scheme" was  unanimously endorsed.    A  feature of  the plan in connection with the construction,   of   the   proposed   retaining  wall, is .that it will.reclaim and create  about sixty acres of land near, Eburne  which    would  make, ideal   .industrial  [sites with    waterfront and    shipping  [facilities. ,  -The plan, as submitted by Mr. R. C.  Hodgson, chairman of the North Arm  Harbor  Board,   comprises   part  of  a  more elaborate plan which had been  prepared  in    the  pre-war    days;  b.ut  v.hich was considered-too costly <hen.  To* construct the retaining wall it is  proposed  to, ask  the, federal  government to sell $100,000 in: ten-year debentures  to  defray  the  cost  of  the  construction  of    the  retainirig    wall,  While   the   turning   Dasm   fbr   vessels  using the wharves along the reclaimed  industrial  sites,  could be   created  by dredging to  make  the. fill .behind  the   retaining   wall.     As. the   federal j  government   is- already   carrying   out  the dredging, a few thousand additional cubic yards placed behind a retaining wall, would not be a costiy undertaking   when  the   results   that  would  be  accomplished   are  considered.  The plan! which was endorsed by the  affiliated Boards of Trade is to be forwarded, together .with the endorsation,  to Col. PR. C. Cooper, M.P." rorpsoutli  Vancouver, to take-up with the government, and endeavor to get put  through. ' -. ..-  Help .the  Hospital ...Sept. 1&20  TO COBTBACTOBB  Tenders are invited for a Brick Building to be erected oh .Russell.Street, Victoria, for Messrs: Ormonds, Limited, by  the 15th day of September;  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Plans and Specifications, may be seen at the Office of Messrs.' Ormonds,-'-' Limited, Mary:' Street,  Victoria and HP- S: Griffith. Architect,  1013 Dominion  Building, Vancouver.  TBBBBBB  POB BEEFBBTBO  "   CHZXTJXTBiAB BXOVOK.  Sealed' tenders will be' received* by N.  A. McDalrmid. clerk'of Delta Municipal  Council;: Ladner,- B."C, up to noon" September 13, 1919. for' the widening and  deepening of approximately one and one-  half miles of the . Chllukthan Slough,  south of Ladner. <• <■ Z ■ < <-  . .'Copies of plans, specifications and  contract may • be - obtained at- the-Muni-  cipal' Hall, Ladner, or at' the .offices of  the undersigned, New Westminster, B. C.'  Bach tender must be accompanied by.  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  equal.' to 5 per cent., of the amount tendered. v payable ".to   the   Municipal-Clerk.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  D. J: MoGUGAN.  Municipal ...Engineer.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS • CAPENTERS  -■ ROOFERS •-  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315 "      "611 Dunsmuir St;i  "NEVERLEftK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCT^  v ;r,  "NEVER   LEAK'  ■' " '  (Guajrantecd)    P- P    ,  (Shed   Water-Like  a  Dtiicli)  Ready  Roofing, "NEVER  LEAK" Roof Paint,  "NEVER   LEAK" Roof Gum.  T'or Building ,B"sw or,. Repairing Old Roofs  PACiriC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTTJREna  AND  QBXER.\L,-;:ROOFlNG   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   11§6y> Industtrlsil littincl      p        Vancouver. B.C.  NOTICE TO PXXnBBBBS  -The Board of the'True. Blue 'Child-  rens Home, 418 Royal' Ave/. New Westminster, B, C, are calling 'for tenders'  for the -Installing of a New furnace-in  6aid .Home. ■>   -      , .;~.  ^Furnace -to have a capacity of heating  a Building of  2400  feet  Radiation, r  .The  Pipes -for Hot   Water  are- all Jn  the house, at  present.  Tenders to be- accompanied by a 10%  Cheque Deposit.  Any-. one . wishing to tender may, call  any. afternoon, at the Home, 418 Royal  Ave., • New.i-Westmlnster • and   Inspect, p.  Lowest nor any tender hot necessary  to be excepted. Tenders to be in the  Secretary's. Office no- later than 12Pnoon  Sept.   the  22nd.   1919.  -:....'.:•;.-.,•*       T.   W.   HASLAMP  .  Res.. F"alr..2138L.  *± t..- — > *..   i > .«■  Office, Sey. "075  I. H. Healey  OPTOBRTBXST  Glasses fitted  for  the relief of all  kinds    of    eye . strain    and    nervous  headjiche.       •   '.       •       ' ''   -    <■.  838 Blrks Bids*.'1    •  Tsncdnrer, B. O.  MALTHOID ROOFING  The Best that's made  Sales Agents    >  Smith. Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  i^alr. •1743-Q._:~,.,,.vr   Fair. ;»^784TR  J. C.Reston  BXBCTBZCAX   EHOXBEEB  . ABB COBTBACTOB  4S05  Inverness St.P... VancouA-er, .B.C.  ROOFING    The  PAVINfi  MJTERIALS  Company  Limited  Send   for   color,   card   off   BARRETTS  VELVCX  CREOSOTE"   SHINGLE   STAINS  Cor. 10th Ave. * Arbutus St. , Tefephense Bay. OS  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  •4  BUILDING NEW HOME  ROYAL OAK—Mr. and Mrs. o'eorge  Wrightson are removing .from West  Burnaby to Royal Oak. where they are  erecting a new residence : on Royal  Cak avenue.  EOTJBZBO  A lightweight seldom holds down &  good job.     ,-..-■•..'..  TBBBEB8—SOXBTBSS  BCHBZCB  City of "Vancouver  . Tenders, will , be received by the undersigned np to 12 o'clock noon, September. 15. 191-9:-for the- erection of residences under Soldiers' Housing Scheme.  Plans, specifications and forms of  contract may be seen at the building  inspector's  office/City Hall.  Copy may be obtained by making a  deposit of ten  dollars.  A depositor an amount equaipto 5  per cent, of the - contract ;prlce must be-  made     with<  each .tender   by     marked  The lowest  or any  tender,  not  neces^  cheque payable to. the city treasurer. ■  earily accepted.  WM.   McQUEBN,  -.. City Clerk.  City  Hall.  Vancouver.   B.   CP   Sept.   6,  1919. "    .--.'.-  barrows, grindstones,-: ■ clamps,'logging  and bottle,; jacks, crosscut isaws, sledge  hammers, "timber carriers/axes, wrenoh-  es, hand hanimerB, counter and platform;  scales, furnaces,-stoves, typewriter, safe,'  tables,, d'etsks, revolver, watchman'sj  clocks/etc.-..   ■/:-.'■ t-.. ■■'■> ,c-i.'-~. ■'.:■■      ''•?•'':  -Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to and Including Saturday,  September 13th'/" 1919." Lowest or any  tender not' necessarily accepted. Purchasers to have the option of -tendering,!  'oh the whole or any part of the-plant.  Each tender to-be accompanied with  cash or marked cheque for 10 per cent,  of amount of tender.  ■-■Full  particulars may be had  upon application   to  705   London   Building.  '.- ARTHUR H.  EDWARDS.  P-    for   the. Imperial   Munitions   Board.  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  ,. Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A  Specialty  Estimates glvoh - Distanc* no obstacle  ADAM  JACK  Hifhland   728 ft-v^.s  2620 Dundna St.  PACXPZC   OBBAT    EASTERN  WAT   CO.  BAII.-  TEHBEBS  •K'-U! ^ u.u* ,-uu .. UU..J.. h. in  '      Specialist   In■>. Oenieht   "VVork  ED.  HUGGIN5  PXAIW    ABB    OBBAMEBTAI  PLASTEBEB  Bay. 253S-B.        3628  Third Ave. W.  Tenders will be received at the office  of the undersigned until 12 noon, September 20th, 1919, for the work or in-  etalling electric light wiring in the Pacific' Great Eastern Railway Company's  buildings at Squamish, B. C. pjans and  specifications of the work being on view  it the company's office. Vancouver, B.  C. and at the office of the Chief Engineer, Department of Railways, Victoria,  B. C.  Tenders to be accompanied by a certified cheque for 10 per cent, of the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited in the event of the tendered refusing to enter into a contract. If so  required.  .'The  lowest   or any  tender  not  necessarily  accepted.  A.   F.   PROCTOR,. Chief  Engineer,  Department of  Railways,  c       ,, ,     Victoria,  B.  C.   . •     .    .      ■  AOTOraCZnOBBT  Being too late to be classified in the  August Telephone. Directory,-and for the  convenience of. my clients .and contractors, I take this opportunity, of stating  that my telephone number is 8B7X017B  6926.  -WTXXZAM   FBIIDK.   OABOZBEB,  701-06   Vancouver  Block Architect  PANTAGES THEATRE  ... >-< .■■<*:"rr?  "  Unequallctl Vaudeville Means  Pantagea Vaudeville      \  Seymour 3406  m  w.  STRAIGHT  LOANS   OB—   MONTHLY LOANS   OB   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Pender St. W.  PHONE SEYMOUR 790-791  SRIFTABD PXABT FOB SALE  •Tenders are .invited on.the Sfachlnery;  Tools, etc., situated at the Plant. Poplar  Island,    New -.-Westminster,-   this    Plant  consisting in part of:—  1.    One, 125   H.P.p.2200- Volts   Canadian  General   Electric Motor,   controller  and fittings.     , ,  One 20 - H.P. 200 volts, Canadian  "VVestinghouse Electric Motor, controller and fittings.  One. 20 H.P. 200 volts Canadian  Allis-Chambers Electric Motor."  One 10 H.P. 220 volts Canadian  Fairbanks. Electric Motor. ,-  One 16\: lt.fr.  Gasoline Engine.  One Preston Band Saw. t   .  One Fay. & PBgan, ^and Saw.  One 60 HPP. Return Tbbular Boiler.  One Ste^im -Air; Compressor.  One large Air Receiver.  One 10x12 belt driven Air Compres-  sor '  One '60 H.PP Allfs-Chalmers Motor.  One  Stetson   Ross   Bevelling  Machine with blower and pipes complete.  One Bolt? Threading Machine.  One -iron  Cutting Machine.  Three   Anvils- and -a   quantity, sf  blacksmith's  tools,. forges,   etc ,  One Feed PowerPRod Machine (Fay  A/Bgan).'.    "■•-,■..:-;  Qne 30-inch.Fay.'& Egan. Buzz Planer. '•■  Air Tools:—  .  6 No. 3'PLlttle Giant Borers.  25 No.,.4,Little Giant• Borers.  3   No.   14    Improved   Little   Giant  Borers.        . ,...  3 1 3-4x8 Boyer Drift Bolt Drivers.  5 No.'.SO Riveters.  8 No.  11. Hammers.-j r  1  Ratchet Drill.  3 "WOod  Borers.  And    other   sundry   equipment,    fittings  and    tools  such   as    shafting,    pulleys, J  belting,    hangers,-   wooden    rollers,    galr  vanized and black pipe and fittings, mandrills, derrick fittings, wire cable, circular mws, timber and hand trucks, wheel-  2.  3.  o.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11..  1 2.  13.  14.  15.  16.  •17.1  18.  19. •  KXXBEBXEY SCHOOL  Botice to ^Contractors.  Sealed tenders "superscribed "Tender  for IKniberTey School"--'will bo received by tho Honourable, .the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon  of Monday ,the 22nd' day of September.  1919... for the erection and completion  of a .Two -room School at Kimberley.  in tho Cranbrook Electoral District,  B.   CP ■  Plana and' specification can now be  seen at the office of Government Agent,  Vancouver, and Cranbrook. and at the  offico of W. • W. Burdette. Kimberley.  B.  C.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted. '      .  A.  B.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works Department.'  Victoria,   B.   C.   Sept.   4.   1919.  AND  ;        FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  ...   Incorporated 1 BOO  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  OAWBTOB    BCXOOX    ADDITION  ,' Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for addition to.Cawston School" will be  received by the Hon. the Minister of  Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of  Tuesday tho 16th day of September,  1919, for the erection and completion ol  d one-room addition to,, the .School >at  Cawston. B. C;. In-the Slmllkameen Electoral  District.  Plans apd specifications can now be  seen at the offices of J. Mahoney, Bs..  Court House, Vancouver: Hugh Humber,  Esq., Govt. Agent. Princeton,, and the  Secretary of the School Board, Mr. R.  Wright. Cawston, B. C.  Intending, tenderers- .can; obtain- one  copy of' plans and specifications by applying to the undersigned with a deposit of lj.0.00, which will be refunded  on their return In good order.  ', The lowest or any tonder not necessarily accepted.       - . ■   '   -  A.  B.  FOREMAN,  '. . -   Public Works Engineer.  Public .Works  Department.  Victoria.  August  28.   1919.  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jarvls Electric Company. Ltd.  570 Blchards St.  Thone  Seymour   175  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  902 Columbia Street Wsst  Phone 15 and 16  New Westminster, B.C.  TELEPHONE DATA  NXW IBSTAXXATION*  SEPT.  2ND, 1919.  Motor   Service   Ltd.,   1105   Gran Sey. -1192  Thorpe,  W„  Cycle  Repairs.   -(31   Howe   Sey. 4405  Terminal   Transfer  Co.,   H-14   Dunsmuir Sey. 9111  Hitchie-Macdonald,  Mfrs.  Apts.,  73G   Gran.'  Sey. 9107  l-'raser  Valley   Dairies,   126   Ivorne   W t Kalr. 941  Wood & Sanders, Mlninp, 510  fiast.  \Y .'. Sey. 4730  ISlectric.   Contracting   Co.    923   Georgia ' W...~. Sey. 8096  Ternpleton Grocery & Meat Market, 127 Templeton  «*- MJkIi, 2436  CBAWflKBB.      *"'■'  SEPT. 2ND, 1919.  Pacific  Great  Eastern   Kailway  Co.,   from   325   Howe   to   736   Gran Sey. 9547  Lomax, P. K. & Co.  Trom 540  Pender WP to 53S PenderW Sey. 9215  Lennie,  Dr.  T.   II.   from   718  Gran,  to  736  Gran Sey. 5096  Martin. Flnlayson & Mather from 45 Hast.  W.  to  30   Alexander Sey. 5S90  Sey.  E889 Res.,  Bay.  2908 *  ACME DRAFTING & ART  COMPANY  We make a specialty of Drafting  and Tracing for Builders and Enfjl-  neers,  218 Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg".  602 Hastings  St, W,  Vernon Construction Co.  CONTRACTORS   AND  BUILDERS  Seymour   &03B 434   Richards   St.  VAWCOTTVEB, B.  C.  AND  ANY   X.ENOTK   FURNISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  772  Georgia  St,  E.  Hitrh.1-18


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