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 Ii  fif  mm  III  P^.-^'.'U'i;'  §lff  JiJigSt'  'rii£#  /';V/'$;'v''r-  111  Ml  '-''afaMft'  ■apssfers  i#  #'  i  r  ii  Ss ■■  it^  m   ■"■  p '•:  If -p  •*s'  1  lit.  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  VOL. XVII. No. 36.  A HTEWBPAPEB DEVOTED TO OENBBAL HEW8, BWMCTg,  CONTRACTING,  ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL,  CITT AND HABBOB IMPBOVEMENT8.  Pnbliihed Montey  Wednesday aa4 rrUajr  VANCOUVER. B.C., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER lO, 1919.  Office and Plant  629 Fender Street  West  Building Material  PBICE—Per Tear in Advanoe   -   S1040  Per Month   -.   -'■--"-■>-      IjOO  £>  Wm. N. O'Neil Co.,  Tel. Sey. 4795.6.  548-550 Seymour St  PACIFJC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  iKETAib trnrsowi  nufooM  ■KTZOaHTS          JOBBING ■ ••■-'  blow wanna  •MOKB STACKS  Granville-Is.  SeyaiOflr 2172  JOHN NICHOLSON & SONS  (Sheffield) Limited  MOWBRAY HIGH SPEED     ■      . TUNGSTEN-VANADIUM  Drill Steels, Hollow Round, Cruciform, Octagon.  Carload of stock coming.^ Prominent    Vancouver    Shop    has  Ho?.'   W        °r   P      *       r  q°0ta'                                USed thi»  Hj9h SP«d Steel!  A.k f"  t,ons' their opinion.      TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED  Cred.t FonCer Eu.id.ng ,. ."^T1' Te.ePho„e  Se™o„r „,'  Number  Description  Cost  UEbDZNO   nBBMZTS   AMOWTZVO  TO MOO  OB  OVKB  XUBXTBto AT  10672—Lumber   Dryer    ...$1850  10674—Store  Front  :..... $500  10675—Dwelling-   $3,000  10'678—Alterations    ?6,000  10679—Repairs  ....:.............   ?25,O0O  10680—Store  Bldg., $1,120  10682—Repairs ..'    $1,000  10683—Dwelling ; P.... $4,500  Street Address  Lot  and Block  8G4 6lh Ave. W..;.   31S  Hastings  St.....'...  3623 5th W. ..._   586 Granville St.    207. Hastings  St.  \V.  12.90 Granville St. ...  2840' Albert St.  ........   4—297   ...10-27  TABOOWBB CXTT HALL TESTBBDAT  Subdivision  Architect  .._...   28-60  .11,  12—P-  526   540    196   526      .....Calif. Bungaiow Co.  .Honeymoon & Curtis  .Sharpe & Thompson  '.... ,.T.  Takahashi      Owner  Contractor  Address  Owner  Address  Owners    '..- .....„•....„   Dixon & Murray ....1065 Dunsmuir St.  Calif. Bungalow Co., 1816 8th  W.  Hodgson,  King &  Marble.... Lon.  Bldg. J Bank  of  Montreal  Hodgson, King &  Marble....Lon.  Bldg.  T. Takahishi 753 Powell St  Tinney & Humphries  Richards St  f>Tixon  &  Wright ............3663  Cameron  Johnson Sa^h & Door Factory...   Canadian Clothing Co   Mrs. M. Andresen   Dominion  Bank.. .207  Hast  W.  K.   Suyehiro  ...761   Hastings  E.  Douglas   Hayes   Robert Alexander................2657 2nd W.  Roofing, Bulletins  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain THe  Phone 2988  Ft.ofColumbia av  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, .Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brimd Cement; Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  ■-■  MUNDY, ROWLAND & GO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  tNONC  SETMOn 154  Standard Bank Bvildng  MNC00VEI. VMMfES  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  Our Stock i» tbeMoet Complete oa the Pacific Com!  We are also Solo Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. Vancouver, B. C  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  OCNERAL RAILWAY a> CONTRACTORS  /'.- -i '-.- -^ i        SUPPLIES  -X - Sole AeTcnHi InCematfar Pot- -  Chicago' Pn& 14matic Tool Co*  I      BUILDING PERMITS       j  -   10673—D.    Goldberg,    staircase, 936  Main St., $30; J. Calder, Contr.  10676— Mrs. M. Coltart, garage, 1316  18th E.f $110.  10677—T. Turnbull, alterations, 26  14th E., $300.  10681—Mr. J. Buttrum, alterations,  25 Sth \V., $100; Chaytor & Wood-  burn, Contr.  i-Vi"  ;-*.;><;>»j»c£>.j«§»»jrt(^j»tfi.j*tj»»j«j»^ji  Boyer  Riveting A Chipping   Hammer*;   Little   Giant   Drill*;  Electric Tool*;   Rock .'Drill*;  Air Compressor*;  Fuel Oil and Gaa' Engines.  Ountley  NMtnd, Timti  81 fntu Jt W., intnm B. C,  PkuiSir. wis  London, Eng-.  Montreal  Wlnaipef:  Toronto'  Vancouver, ■•  Roberi W. Hunt & CovLtd.  ' ■:"; ■■ ;:. ' ' '"' 'i ENGINEERS   '■ '■"".'  INSPECTION - TESTS -CONSULTATION  STEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS;    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT;  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Centers   .  SUB-TRADE  TENDERS  ON   BUNGALOWS   WANTED  Contractor S. H. Siiave, 1902 Blenheim street is in\iting tenders from  the-various sub-trades for the erection and completion of five bungalows  in Point Grey.  X   B. C.  RECOHD MOVES T  T X2TTO LABG22B HOKE i  J AT   62»   PEVDEB   ST.   |  "■y      Havlnir >een more or leas bandl- *  +  capped  for several yeara past for T  '>  want of sufficient room In  the   for- *  *f  xner home of the B. C. Becord at v  Vt 58K    Homer-Bichards    I>ane,    the j  T  Becori     Mana cement    has     been T  V  compelled to eeek larirer and more T  T   centrally located quarters.    These T  2   have  -ten secured   at  629  Pender T  T   Street   West,   upstairs,   to   which T  T   place   the; BocorA   plant   has   now T  T   been   moved   anrt   from   where   lt T  i will he lHBued In future.  X. The ehansre ."to. la rarer quarters  1 wae contemplated even before the'  T outbreak ci...war. hut In line with  ~" ****** hneine  TO   BUILD TWO   ROOM ,  SCHOOL   AT   KJMBERLEY  !'   Tenders, are   being-   invited 'by   the  ! Hon.. the Minister ofP.Publii;.Works;'ui)-  to ;noon  the 22nd  day of September,.  for the erection of a two-room school  at Kimberley, B. C.    Notice or tender.  appears on page 4. -   - ■     ;,.;.,  Sevmour -7800  Estimates Given  BUILDER'S  WE CABBY A COHPI.ETE I.INE OF  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGATTf LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy.and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  TO  REMODELL STORE P;  FOR.SWITZER   PIANO  CO  Plans are being prepared in the office of Architect Joseph H. Bowman,  Yorkshire Bldg. for the remodelling  o£,-tlie store building.at. 314 Hastings  street -.west, .which' -will be occupied  by the Switzer Piano Company.  »■• amd puhiioatloas,  the Berord waa compelled to get  / along   during   the   war   times, in  a   the old  premises.-. ..With the .ad-  ^   vent of peace., the return of .buel-  T  ncna activity in all lines and  es-  i   peclnllT the  recrudescence  in  the  T   bnilding  and   allied   trades   which   i"j  X   Ih  already    evident,    the    Becord   a '  ,*,   ninnaffement  falt It  incumbent to   a .  A,   secure mora commodious quarters Vj.  j.   in order to keep the paper noi only   ,?,'J  t abreast but a trifle ahead of the .;. !  v times in regard to serving- tho par-- t& /  a   ticular Held which the Becord cov-   .;.;  .J.   ers. ;:'■;:■      ..     ....      . .   .   ' 4> f  a The'lararer premises row occn- a f  .;. pied wlU allow of tho inetallation *!  •Si. of additional plant'and maciiinery a)  ^. and the enlr.rg-ement of .the paper •* i  .j, which has been 'in- contemplation ' ♦> I  a- for some time. The Becord man- - •§• \  ^» ofirenjrnt will at. all. times efcdeaV'P«I« j  •y/'our to serve its patrons and sub•':•i»'^  4»" scriberc ..to the 'utmoGt. and" with ♦ I  v> this oJIJect in visw.-intends to-"add" 'v i  * peveral Important and useful de- v I  •;• partments to the paper in the ■<&■'.  '*   near fature.       •■•     ,-.     . »!♦■!  »•!■ ♦^♦•{•♦♦♦■{•♦•i- ♦•»»M>^^'i^*~:-»^ j  It is understood that this'firm will]  do a part of Main street and part of'j  Victoria Road. The cost will exceed'  $20,000  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Kefler Bearing Drills- Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivettiog Rammers  Chippwe Hammers--Wood Borers—Tarbine and Electric Drills  HijbSpeed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 410O  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  _ '«"*.—-—:   ^.^ -   - -    - -— - —. . -n   (      '. .   * J  t~ ■   •     >-.*./,'   - -...    -      -   -»   '    ."^^.-       -»~  BSAMS, CKAVVaXS. AWOZBS, V&ATBS, TBSsV .COIUBn  comsniT XQuxprxs tabmxcatzmo bxot*  C4N4DMN NORrflWFST STEEL COY, M  Tsirmoot 3390 and 2397  Vancouver, M.O.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MAWFAOTXTBEBS  OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  i      . ■,.-,-,   ...'- ,      p.''.'" ■   '   If You Want        •=■•      -   .„•, /  ,  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  AT'  REASONABLE PRICES  Co.il oad. see us, or phone.  ^outhjEnd of Conuaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919    s  CONTRACT IS LET FOR  DOUGLAS   ROAD   SCHOOL  Tenders were opened..on,, Alonday  night by the board of school trustees,  Burnaby municipality for the erection  of an addition to the Douglas Road  School and the contract was awarded  to Bernard Hill, Burnaby Lake, who  submitted   the   low  tender.  Vancouver, B.vC.  ~   -"■'     -   ■  PLANS   BEING   PREPARED  FOR NEW CORDAGE PLANT  Plans are being prepared by n well  known local architecural firm for the'  new cordage factory to be erected in  New Westminster for the Western  Cordage Company. It is understood  that plans will be comuleted in about  10, days at which time tenders will  beasktfd for. Further details will  be published in the Record later.  MAKE  ALTERATIONS  TO "'  BANK  OF MONTREAL  Architects Honeyman & Curtis,  Credit Foncier Building have awarded a contract to Hodgson, King and j  Marble, 50S London building" for extensive alterations and additions to  the bank of Montreal building on the  corner of Granville and. Dunsmuir  streets.  Pressed  DOMINION  Common  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Vancouver Office PhoneSey.9167  412-3 Vancouver Block       J. T. A. Ritchie, Rep'tive  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING CO.,LTD.  Mill work Contracts  Union   Depot    ...._.1?16  Can.   KTorthorn  Bly.   Depot „..10l7  Calgrary Armory    —1910  Rossland  High   School 19-18  TrannulUe  Sanitarium   1018  Phono Weotmlnster 473  Our, steam hentod plnnt enables us  to manufacture Venea. Work at any  aoason of  the year.  Wo aire now manufacturing- intorlor  flttlniro for the now n. G. Tolejihono  Bulldh.(f'H head oilico In Quarter Cut  Oak.  1£59— 6th St., Fastt burnaby  HARRISON  AND  LAMOND  GET' ROAD   CONTRACT-  ( The City of Vancouver and the  Municipality,of South Vancouver have  Gome, to an ^understanding in regard  to the rocking and grading of part of  25th Avenue" and the work has been  entrusted to Messrs. Harrison &-.  Lamond, f.01   Pacific Bldg.  $5,0C0  BUNGALOW  FOR  FOURTH   AVENUE. WEST  Plans have been prepared by Architect Fred L. Townley; 325 Homer St.  for a five-room stucco bungalow to be  erected on 4th Avenue west near  Blanco'street for .Mr. J. Blair.. The  new home will have all of the modern  conveniences with full basement, hot  air heat etc.  The  contract  has   been   let  by  the  owner to T. Glover & Son, Kerrisdale.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  BEINTOBCCTO STEEL:—  .Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to length.  Cold  Twist and Bend Bars. ;  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts. Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish large  . orders of Special   Bolts on short  notice.  SPIKES—OAST IBOW WASHERS, ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  POBTLAND    CEMENT   —   LQfE   —   BCYDEATED    X.XKE   —   PXBE    CLAY  SCOTCH FIBE BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL �� COKE  SEA GOAL — PIO IBON — MANILA BOFE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone S037  SEWER   EXTENSION   TO.      /  COST ABOUT $400,000  At a special meeting of the Vancouver, and . District, Joint Sewerage  Hoard to be held on Thursday monv  ing, the question of calling for tenders  for the Balaclava trunk sewer exten-  ?iori will come up for consideration.  This extension will, exist.in. the;neigh-  IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OX1 THE, FOLLOWING*  WOOD  FIBRE  L-.A.T H  <Continued  on  Futr'e" -t.i  PLASTER,   PLASTER   PARIS,   CORNER  BEAD,   LIME  ".■:.".• AND   «':  PLAST ff R   S A N D  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 GranvlMe Street  3BS  Seymoxir 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH. Manftffor  •152 .^le^aoder St.    Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Yeare' Experience In oil Broaches  of Electrical Work. Inspection—Export  Aflvl'-e ��� Trotible WorJfc—Installing- — Be-  Wlndlng"—All Work  Onaranteo4.  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  i  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C,  Phone 53  MSBSSaaawsii ■aiiiwi^J BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established 1911) ,■.■■_  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday by  the        :  Record Publishing Company  RECORD  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prlsm,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W.HOLT  426—436 Dufferin St, Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  spector's department would naturally/alized details as the construction,  have charge of the actual details of legal" formalities and financial.details  construction and see that the houses to the proper civic departments, but  conform, to the necessary high stand- he would still remain the active direct-  A newspaper of general circulation, featnr-  big Building, Contracting, Engineering, Indus-  .trial,' Shipbuilding:, Mining, Automobile, Pro.  vincial,' City and Harbor Improvements.  C. H. NELSON.... MANAGING EDITOR  Office -and  Plant  629 Ponder St.W., Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription Bates ,.  Per  Tear   In  Advance.. .. ;....$10.00  ard which is expected to be maintained.   That sounds' all very fine, but with  these    various   city, officials    already  having about  all  they can attend  to.  in their present departments, without  being   saddled   with   additional   work,  there   will   be   some   fine   chances   to  "pass the buck," and  there is a possibility of al kinds of. red tape and delays arising while some detail is chased around from one department to another without anything being done.  What is really needed in connection  Per  ^ear^ln  Advance.. .....siu.oo   with the carrying- out 0f the Soldiers'  Per   Month      1.00 j •'     P  AK subscriptions are payable strictly ia advance  Housing   scheme   locally   is   to   have  -     : ,   ' some one capable official appointed as!  ™.    ™ •Pr.PI£X^it S£°£?!.'^a   ,o t»,« Housing    Commissioner    who    would!  The   British   Columbia   .Record   Is. the ° •     ■     ,.  offlcfal organ of .The Architectural Insti-j have  the supreme  direction  Of all  de-  ■ tute of British Columbia, federated with,   ., ..   ' ...    ,,  The Royal Architectural Institute of tails in connectmon with these new  Canada, and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British Columbia, 'and  as such Is used by them as the medium  through which to. make their official announcements  to   the general'public. P  By such selection the British  Colum- He would naturally leave such speci-  bla   Record   is   no   wise  pledged   to   edi- j  ing head of the scheme—instead of it  having no head, as at present.  For such a post the city already has  an able official in civic Welfare Commissioner, Geo. D. Ireland, who with  his well known ability for ■ organization, could easily fake on these duties  with possibly the addition of only one  more clerk in  his department.    Until  Busy Business Men  A   solid,   substantial   food   served   in  an appetizing flavor.  some such appointment is made, the  housing, scheme will be without any  real head, or like the tail that wagged  the dog. ,.     P  PITCHFORD-KADLEC  1 ENGRAVING COP  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DESMONING COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 7SO\. •♦-♦S RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER.B.C.  homes, and be able to see that each  applicant got matters put througn with  the least possible delay and red tape.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  No.   1—110   COBOOTA   ST.   WEST  Canada  Food  Board  No.   10-7661.  .No.  2—613  FEVDEB   ST.  WEST  Canada  Food  Board  No.   10-7660.  ^VICTORIA PERMITS  557—F. J. Troup, 1033 Pemberton  Rd., garage, F. C. Marriot, Contr.  558—Mrs. N. Merry, 239 Superior  St., garage. .  559��J. Rhodes, 2750 Scott St., dwelling.  ■   -     ■*  ■    ■   ■    ■  560—W. Armstrong, 960 Hay ward  Ave:, garage.  561—Johnston Estate, 609 Yates,  alterations, Colpitts, Contr.  , 562—W.   M.  Emery,  1819  Fernwood  Rd., garage.  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,    Roofing-,    Cornices.    Sky-  -   lif-fets   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Work  Seymour  7177  104 2  Richards  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  GEITEBAZ.   BEPAIBS — ABXATVBE  WZBSIirO — 8WITCHBOABDS  XSTSTAI.X.ArXOB'S  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  TRAIL   BUILDING  PERMITS  TRAIL—Building   permits   were   is-  sued last month,to a total valuation of  512,650. The largest structures were  the new telephone building and a five-  room cottage on McAnally street for  Jack Young. •  201 Alexander St.  .^Seymour 3S56  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Plumbing-  and   Bspslr   Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty  737   16th  Ave.  W.  Fairmont   884 L  Professional Roofers  W. U H. Jordison Bros.  * *   ' * . ■  P.   ' • •  FZ.AT AND SHIHGX.E BOOFS X.AID,  BEPAZBED,   TABBED   ABO,  ASPHALTED  • *■   ♦  Promptest Attention  .Sey'. SI02 1304 .Seymour St.  torial support of any policy advanced  by these eocietlesr, but maintains an 'absolutely independent position on all matters subject to. editorial opinion.  WHAT   IS   NEEDED   FOR .HOUSING  ",':'■".'■..7 /'scheme.-'.';.;■;':i..  While comparatively ^little actual  progress has been made locally so far  in regard to carrying but the ^provisions of the SoldiersPHdusirig Act and  the actual construction of- -any new  homes for returned veterans, there is  every probability that, the city will  actually have several of tliesep badly-  NEW WORK « CONTRACTS LET  THE   POlrOWXHO   TASKS   SHOWS   BUXXDnrOS   COSTXVO    $5,000    OB    OTEB,    OH    WHICH    COHBTBUOTXOH  UHSEB WAT, OB OH WHXCBT CONTRACTS HATE BEEN iET BVT COHSTBVCTZOH HOT TET STABTEO.  IS  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Cnsrscts*    ......  Brick   Building   ...  Bank Extension ...  Residence P....  Residence   ............  Gasoline   Station  Residence  .....  Dwelling    .............  Garage . BldgP .....  Residence   Fi45sid(?riC4ft  needed new houses under- waybefore I Residence .*.'.'.'.'.'.'  the  wet wather  sets  in!- a.Vancouver  Residence    .. .  .      . . .■■ ,-  Residence  has been out distanced in fchis regard  Ivy- nearly every municipality'surrouhd-  ing the city, where despitePtheir smaller grants and the: distancl. fromP the  centres of building material supply,  construction is already in'progress "on  a considerable number of new Tunnies  for soldiers /or' their "dependents. ,  That August body, the'*V^anbquyer  citycouncil, recently ^idv^cyery wise  act When it decided to .hancf. over the  acual administration of the;;details of  the Soldiers' Housing.A'etiiX^. 'fair the  spending of the cityi's allocation of the_  !.$306/0'OOPi3...<K>ncerne^,._i'p".tlie;Vh^a^s..'^t  the various /bivic departments concerned  Residence   ;...............  Warehouse   .:..... '..  Residence .P.   Residence ....  Residence   .Add   to  School   3  Bungalows ...........  Residence ..........:......  .Alterations   Residence   Residence .....  Residence   Residence .................  Residence   Bungalow^ .v.P.....  Residence   ................':  Residence ...............P  Two-story   Brick -".:.  Residence ....................  Residence  ......■:....■   Residence'' PuPPPTPPP.  Three-story   Bank   .  Remodelling- .............  Remodelling   Residence    ......  It was a very neat, little  «x" I Residence1"  Scho<>1  ample of "passing the. buck," and was  Residence   :i   story brick   Jte-sidcnce   ...  Store Bid?.  !-.'.."..".'.'..'..'.'.L'..'..p;f $7,006  ....P.....:....PP..... $6,000  .....^....:..:.::..^:' $7,000  ......„:..........:....$17.000  ...............:   $9,500   ....$5,000  ;...:..P.P....P..:$30,0«0   ...$8;soo   P$7,500   P....;P:$9,074  ......P...P......:..;..$6,422   :    $6000   ...$6000    $7,000     $6,800  P.....   $13,000  .. P...j:..........:P.:$8,000    $27;-5 00   .......P.......  $10,500   .....:......... $6,000   .....i..........$15,000  .■...:..........-._..:„■   $5800  ....................P.P$5.200   ...........:..i$5,ooo  ..pp..........:...p. $5,soo  :.,...........:   $i2,ooo  ::....p.:,:....:..p....$5,ooo  ......:..-. ;....   $G,600  ...P......P....PP   $M,000  ...P.;;;. ...:...$34,500   ;....P....;P $10;000      $5,000  P:.p*£P'»:PP;:P..$8,ot/o  .......:.v..P.P... $300,600  ^     VANCOUVER  T«oostloa   P. . .       P.   Owner  Seymour St...............;... B.  C  Tel.-Co.  Hastings &'RichardB..........Standard Bank  1100 Block 13th Av W. Capt. A. Freeman  York & Larch Sts. ..........Mrs. Mecdonald  Dunsmuir  &  Hove.;... ..Imperial   Oil   Co.  1155  11th Ave.  West :.  Win.  Metz  1785  16th  Ave.  W... ,.;......;..S.  N.   Baynes  Georgia & Butte ..Terminal City;Mtr. Co.  Angus Ave., Shaughne^y.„P.;^; A; Ross  Archt. _—„.._ _  Contr.  Owners  .Adktson & Dill  James A. Benzie....Dorn. Construction Co.  Robert   M.   Matheson... Albert   Radelet  Edwardes  Sproat ...W.  T.  Wodden   ....i.'. ..........Dominion   Const.   Co.  Robert JJ.  Matheson..„........AIonza  Smith  ............;....:..;......Vii-.P.-.E.   H.   Bawtinheimer  t'red   L.   Townley,...:..„.. ...Snider  Bros.  A.: B. Henderson .:..........t.........S. J. Newjtt  Murray Bros.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  137  8ETMOUB 8614  To well St. Vancouver. B. c  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  ',-;;,'v;.p-;3.'■■: Limited; .  :   2635 Granville St.  Alexander St. ...Cap & Shaw | h.  h.  Qillingham........' ....S.  J.  Newitt  Shaughneesyj Hghts.....Gordon   Campbell   Bernard  C. Palmer Glorer Lloyd  Ms gee "...„H.: J. Bigger  35th   &   Vine....: ........Percy   Whalley  Magee '..•. ..........:. _......Wm.  G.   Breeze  "49 Cordova St. E. ...McLennan & McFeely  1775   16th  Ave.   W.......Vernon   Const. .Go.  Shaughne«sy.............rDr. Archibald Smith  Shaughnessy .....Dr. R. L. Paillen  Magee .......:.Pt.  Grey School  Board  1st Ave. and Stevens.....P.:.....?'.'G. Evans  Magee .......Mrs. E. B. Brown  111 Dunsmuir SL ....Navy league of Can.  Magee ....;..: Henry  W.  SchoQeid  Pt.   Grey ...S.   W-   Webster  Pt.   Grey /.. ..........J.   Abernethy  Pt.   Grey ......:.....::..........W.   J.   Lesa^re  Marine" Drive... ..:.'.'. A.....J.   R.   Craig  16th  Ave. .hear Grah...Thos. A. B. Ferris  Magee  ..P. :................;....  Frank  Sawford  Shaughnessy  ^.•.;;......_::...-,..v....K.  J.. Burns  600 Block Granville St.... Wm: Dick; Jr.  King Edward,& Selkirk.Mrs.G. Forsyth"  3rd and Blanco. Pt.,*Grey.'...'....P......W". Lee  29th & Margarite.:.;&..PMrs'P E. L. = Bourne  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank of Cartada'  Bernard C. Palmer ;Dom. Const. Co:  Fred L. Townley.. ....:..;.......Wm. McNee  Fred  L.  Townley... ..Cromie A. Vroom-   •-.: J.   M.   McLuckie   .....;.... V.ernon   Constr.   Co.  Fred L. Townley..........Purdy 'Ap Lorergan  Edwardes Sproat  ..._...  John J*.  Dunn  Twizell  & Twizell. .AdKlnson &  Dill  Fred L. Townley.  Bernard  C. '-Palmtr..;  i- ltd .L.. Townley.  :Gv:M. Champion  ............E.G.   Baynes   W.   J.   Northcote  .Vernon   Const.   Co!   S.   N.   McLeod  ,-....    W.   Eldrtdse  .......  Mr.  McGreevy  :...-. ....W. J.  Read  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING     $5,94?   Old SJafe Block....Griffith & Lee Ltd. Agta      $80,000   Dominion   Bide.    ..;-.....:........Dorh.   Bank  :.......$10,800   Shaughnessy   Heights.......D.   H.   Christie  .,    Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Grey_ School Board   (13.100   Shaughnessy   Heights.:..H:  J.   F.   Turney  $7,000 I Shaughnessy   Heights....Dr.   J.   F.   Curtis  further justified by the plea that as  the city would have the financial administration of these new-homes to  look after for the next" twelve years,  or possibly longer, vSorae, provision  should be made to have, continuity of  management-as well as haying those  entrusted with the carrying out of  these affairs more or.-: less, familiar  -with all the details. . '..-,.'■  , That was undoubtedly sound logic  and all very well as far,as :: wentf  but as usual with civicpactions of that  august body, ii didn't. go"''tar'..' .ehpugh.  Presumably, in the working out of.  these details in connection with new  homes for soldiers, the city comptroller will look aiter the .financial details, the city, solicitor's department  will be expected to take care of the  legal and/while the?city building^in-  Design  Construction  Robort$on,Power&Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections  Beporta  Industrial Plnnts, Building and-Equipment  ■\Vharves   and   1'iej-s,       Tower   1'laaU  Industrial  Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  502   Yorkshire   Building  Seymour  9217   ■  Tench, Vaughan & Co.  STBTJCTtTBAX.    AND    METAUCXTB-  OICAZ.   EZrOZlTEEBS  Estimates given and contracts  taken for all classes of structural  Bteel work. Metallurgical plants designed,  installed and  operated.  B13 Metropolitan Bldg.  Sey. 5090  Apartment House    Bungalow   Garage Bldg.    Residence   Residence   ar>oo1   R'Hlding   School   Bldg .....,...:....  Bake Shop  ..;.   t;t.-s;dence   'Residence'......... J.::...  Residence   :..;... :..  ^rirk   Bldg.    ;..„...,....;.  Residence     ...............  -»nn~aiow    ....:..;.:..:..  Residence ,.  Residence      !:let--id-Tiice    „:.-. ..:..  '■"Jps'denre    ?..'. ;..  •"tpsld^nce   Two Residences ........  .:...:.,.. $6,300   $5,000   .....$6,000  ........P..'.'$8.0"00  .........  $5,000  .....:...$22,000  $7,632  10S2 Granville St:...Mrs. M. J. McQueen  20th Ave. W., Pt; Grey.:;.F.W. Chapman  134$ Kingsway............^.....„....E. J. Brooks  618 Victoria Drive .'.P........T. Heland  Strathcona  Heights    ..Walter   Teetael  8th Av & Kingsway-Standard Motors Ltd  th & Pine............ W. C. Brown   ,■....$8,560   Pine Crescent & 27th Ave. J. vr. Browne   $17,900   Kitsilano Van.   School   Trustees   .$«0,000J King Eklward  Avc.Pt.  Grey .Sch.  Board  $10,000,721 Seymour St ...Mission, Confect,  $6,000   ;..'...: * 10.500   $10,500  .;.  $15,000  ., ...:. $7,250'  .'.'.:...    .   *5 000  ,'....' .v..'.:...$5.-300'       $T2.000   J7.200   ,.*5,00Q   :.$6.000;   ■.-...:,..,'.„':-.'.$8.40o  . $1.0 noo  Shingle   Mill .,:$«,000  "nplH-.noo '.t'i.O.  Bungalow' ,  Angus .Ave.. Shaughnessy......._JP DP Allten  28th   Ave:,   Pt.   Grey   ..E.   Davis  2flth and^ Alexander ., ,....H.-. C.  Stark  2421   Granville   St .T.'?,Edwards  27th   &   Angus   Ave PJohn' McNeely  '"'apalino  Rq^d Arthur  R.  Crooks  Shaughnesssy  Heis-hts   R.. W.  Clark  Laurier Ave.  Pt.  Grey J.  I.  Stoddart  49th   and  Angus .....Wm.   Walker  Mth- Ave.  W E.   Stratton  '"'arnavon & Marine-Dr..... A.. Davidson  Pt. Grey  Fauld'a Financial Agency  'HO Gnorerla St. W......:....R. J. Snelgrove  Gran.   St..  Pt.   Grey....Hunting &  Merrftf   r$2.0,00a J^-'rine Dr. * Shannon St.P..B. DP Rogers j rt-^r^nrd   <".   Palmer Dom    Const    Co  —- p."*".0»'i   4th   Aver near   Bla'hcp.'.....'/.... ...J.   Blatf   Fred  L.  Townley T.   Glover  &-Son   ......Vernon Const. Co.  Bernard C. Palmer... Vernon Const. Co.  ■H. H. Gillingham S.  J. Newitt  A  :E.  Henderson ...P.. ...Snider  Bros.  James A. Benxie.,..._...._.  S. J. Newitt  •—'••• P.-.PPP.....■.•.....;.......P...•....;..A.. Davidson  James  A.  Benzie...:............C.   F.   Robinson  bomerville & Putnam ........p.:...'   .P.......:.....Hodgson, King & Marble.  A.E. Henderson _.J. B. Arthur  Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Twizell  &  Twizell Baync-» &  Horie  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Gillingham  &  Korner S.   J.   Newitt  W, M. -Dodd.... .-. ;i...;\.:...^„.J.   Lavfieia  --•- W.   J.   Herrington   - F.   P.   Rogers   ���-• C. F. Robinson  Fred.  L.  Townley  Day Labor  Honeymari & Curtis W. J. Prout  Gillingham & Korner Peter Tardilt  Gillingham  & Korner:. S.   J.  Newitt  Owners Peter   Tardlff  Twizell & Twi*ell....Hodgson,  King &  M     -- Dixon & Murray  Fried.   L.   Townley W.   J.   Read  J. C. McKenzie ..-...; ;_ .W.  McNee  J.  C.   McKenzie i W.   McNee  J.    EJligott ...Owner  Owner    Owner  ^red   1,.   Townloy,.......Purdy  A   Lonergan  Robert  M.  Matheson S.  N.   McLeod  -•-••—. Cromie '&   Vroom   -...;: Vernon   Constr.   Co.  —■•• Vernon   Constr.   Co.  -..;'"-. .- Vernon   Constr.   Co.  u--- - S. H. Shave  ^>wner   Owner  J.   Brown ;,.   Owner  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store end Office Fixtures  General Repairs  $eyniir8551  W.A.Krose  ELECTRIC     SUPPUES  WIRING snd  REPAIRS  12 HasttBfs St. E.  Sey. 1224  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS     P  COBBXCE, SBTTXXGHT.  SKOB3S-  STACZS.     AUTO   WOBX.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Kgr.  757  Rentty  St. Sey.  764 5  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  8A8K   snd   DOOBS—OmCB  CTTTBBS  Bandsawlng smd Toralnr. sto.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374..  ORANDVIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS, LIMITED  CTnUTACBS,    COBVXOBS,  XJOHT8 and OBVBKA&  josBrjro  IMS  VMiaMM St.  HrghUne Ml  When Building a Home  !B« sure jox\ nave fittings Installed  for the latest gas feature* — gas  range,   water  beaters,   gnu  radiators,  etc.    PIPE   FOR   GAS  phould be the first ;thought ot the  tnbdern buUder. tt will make your  house more Baleable, If you are  building for-yourself, lt will wave you  expense later. We will be glad to  j advise you.  The ▼saooarsr 43*8 Obmpsajr, by  Vlrtas of rts fiusonlss, esn ri^s ssr-  Tlos only wtkoln the city of Vancon-  ▼ST.  Vancouver Gas Co.  NEW WORK— CONTRACTS LET   Cost  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT and SQLD  Transact your bond Imsi-  ness through a long established and thoroughly  organized concern.  Ceperfey, Rounsefell & Co.  HSTAJBJUCSHED XS 1888  Gronadl Ploox       739 Hasttoars St. W.  Wtnoli BUg-. '  Tancouver  BRITISH  COLUMBIA GENERAL  Chsrsctsr —    Nitrogen Plant      125,000  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Railroad 1.000.000  Infirmary   and   Service .Bldg. $151,236  Pulp  & Saw  Mill I ...$750,000  Coal  Tar Products  Plant ,. $100,000  Dockyards   Wharf   $52,924  Hydro-Electric  Plant   $72,000 I  Bank  - $17,600  Town  Ittill    $13,000  Irrigation    ...$60,000  School Addition     !i0-000  Paving Pacific Highway $88,000  Chnrch  : -  $50,000  VVharf   Repairs    $17,358  Dredging *!2M22  Highway   Bridge    !?2'°™  Paving No. 3  Road ....$40,000  EkCrX*m'iTdTn'F"^  Highway   Bridge    ;fI,0H  Road   Work       $20,000  Location  Owner  Lake   Bontzen.. Amcr.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   Mountain H.  C.  Copper  Co.  Princeton  to Copper  Mt... .IJ.  C.  Copper Co.  Tranquille ».   C   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver Cove..Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Marpole The  Barrett  Co..  Ltd.  Victoria ; Dom. Government  Squamish Prov. Government  Trail ; Bank of Montcefli  Brighouse   ......Richmond  Municipality  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  New Westmin.-..Herbert Spencer School  Weistmlnster-Blaine.—Prov. Government  Victoria....lst Church of Christ, Scientist  Comox    Dom.   Government  Fraser  River   ..Dom.  Government  South  Thompson  River Prov. Govmn't.  Lulu   Island Pror.   Govmnt.  Hammond. Bank   of' HamilTon  Blaeberry- River JProv.   Govm't  Main St. & Vict. Dr City of V Sc IB   Van  Art*. . Contr.  Owners        Owners  CJwDcrs        •••• W.   P.   Tierney  Public   Works   Dept ..Dominion   Con.   Co.       Owners  •••■'■ Dominion Const. Co. & Others  Dom. Pub. W. Dept.-McDonald & Watson   Robertson and  Partners   Medby & Veatannet  William K. Jones D. ©. Gray   A. K. Griffin  & Co.   W.    J.   Sloan   II.   P.   Peter-.son   Constr.   Co.  Dunham Peter McKechnie   Fraser Rlvor Pile  Driving Co.   - -..•: Pacific  Dredging   Co.  Public   Wks.   Eng Wm.   Oreenless  Public Wks. Dept Harrison & Lomond  .-•"-•-■•--•• &  M.  P.   Cotton  A  B.   Henderson _. Bayncfl  ii  Horie  Pub. Wks. Eng James Henderson  — Harrison & Lamond  Carrall and  Hastings  Phone Sey.  54)00  i.  J.  & Co.  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth..Ave. and Granville St.  '/.".'.    Bayview 1076  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd,  i  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 115p Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  asss=s=as  sssaas  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  03$ DA VIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. <X  ' J  '.-^li-rer? ■'~-i .;< -  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  32S Htwi St  Uf. 3788- 9af D28R  MINING  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  ,Manufacturers . -.  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds of Wire Work.  112-16   Dufterin- St.  Fair.   2C48  Baynes & Horie  ..     .■.,.■."> -P ;'■■■-:      '     ■  General    Contractors  836 Iswt St.  Sr/BMr 1319  Edward Cox  General Contractor  ■ Csblnst Miking Fixtures  Srjsoir 11S3 lur 531 Mast St  Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  CrHtt Fiseitf Wi  fiKNier, B.C-  Bornlte    has  been    struck  oh  the  Mountain  Chief  at   Reriata and'ship-  ments will be.made soon, acocrdmg to  an official. —- •,  . ! '        P  Ore   containing six  ounces  of  gold  and 60 ounces of silver to the ton is  reported to have been struck on Mrs;  iewett's proeprty near the Silver Bug  mine in the Lardeau district.  Settlement on a basis of 287 ounces  of silver to the ton, 31 per cent, lead  and 7 per cent, zinc, lias been made  on 36 tons of ore shipped recently  from the Silver Bell roine,' on the  south fork of Kaslb creek. '••'••-•  Information comes from Kfmberley,  B. C, that the two-mile tunnel has  reached its objective arid,a raise has  been started in the Sullivan mine. As  soon as this raise Is through to the  workings above, it will make Important changes in the methods of handling this mine for the lower lunnel  will be used for reaching all the workings and the men employed will be  ableto live in Kimberley rather than  on the mountain above. "'.■■"  FIVE-ROOM   BUNGALOW  FOR   LANGLEY   PRAIRIE  Tenders are being asked for up to  September 15th by W. J. Best, R.R.  No. "1, Langley Prairie (Livingstone  Road) for the erection of a five-roomed bungalow at Langley Prairje.  VICTORIA  ARCHITECT ASKS  .BIDS FOR SCHOOL ANNEX  Tenders are being invited by architect J. C. iM. Keith, 423 Say ward Bldg.,  Victoria, for the erection of an Annex to the Sir James Douglas School.  Tenders must be 'delivered to the  Secretary, Victoria Board of School  Trustees, not later than 5 p.m. on the  10th day of September.  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  501 Meter* St  Stfi  1411  W.GREENLEES  .    CONTBACTOB    ;;     ' ^  •  PUs  Driving,  Wharrss, Mrttgss,  Poundatlons, stc       ' -  407 Cordora St. W.     ,    Seymour 1083  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Siynnr 3535 601 Pacific Bds.  Hodgson, Kins & Marble  Contractors A Engineers  !Sf  508 Loodcn Bldg.      SefiOMr B506  FILM  STAR  BUYS THREE  MILLION  HOME;   PLANS TO  ■*■ BUILD   ADDITION   TO   IT  LOS ANGELES— (Special to The  Record)—The most important resij  dential tract deal that has been put  through" here since before the, wai  has just been closed/ whereby Charlie  Chaplin, the well known film star and  comedian, becomes the owner of a  $3,000,000 palatial residence situated1  in the suburbs here. The property^  formed part of the estate of a deceased millionaire and the palatial house  on the extensive grounds alone cost  over a million.    '' p  De«pite the size of the splendid resi-  ....      ■ ■ -        $  dence, Mr. Chaplin has announced his'  intention of building several extensive,  additions to it. One of these will be  a huge greenhouse and nursery, a:: of  glass, where It will be possible to have:  real tropical vegetation and which,  will make possible<4he taking of jungle scenes there. A larger garage to^  house,at least a score of cars, is an-'  other of the additions to the ontbuild-S  ingg contemplated by the noted com-'  edian.  TO  PAINT VICTORIA  BRIDGE  Sealed tenders addressed to James  L. Raymur, Purchasing Agent, City  Hall, Victoria, will be received until  4 o'clock p.m. on September 15, for  the painting of the Point Ellice Bridge  and the refuse burners at the Garbage Wharf. Forms of tender, etc.  may be obtained at the City Engineer's  office, Victoria.  BUSINESS MEN  will  find  the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meetinc plaoe for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Seryiee, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 260.  762 Granville Street,  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas: Dwyer, Proprietor arid Chef  SBB  Classified Advertising  Becord Bssflers are, as a rule, business  '. arid professional men who have the  money to buy something- good if they  desire it. If you have something good  to sell let the .Record readers know  •- about it. The average purchasing  power of the Record reader is greater than that of any other publication  in Brtish Columbia.  *m;  Directory and  Buyers* Guide  When Buying Bulletins Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  m.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  INVITING TENDERS FOR  DEEPENING  SLOUGH  Tenders are being received by N. A.  McDairmid, Clerk of Delta Municipal-  Council, Ladner, B. C. up to Septem.  ber 13, 1919, for the widening and  deepening of approximately one and  one-half mHes of the Chilukthan  Slough South of Ladner. Plans and  information may be obtained at the  municipal hall. Ladner, or at the offices of D. J. McGugan. Municipal Engineer, New Westminster.  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   MOBBIS  Sey. 3418  Sey. 831 Evening! 847 Darle St.  MACHINERY  Agents   For  Xylite  Orssse  and  Perfection   Oils  Skookum  Log-gins; Block  .    4-72   in.   by   18   ft;   boilers   160   lbs.  2   Coal   dryers   suitable  for  flsh.  All  sizes  of  cable  in   atock.  T. A. WAXBH  &  CO.  7-Alexander St. Sey. 4738  12!  Palmer Bros.v;  General   Contractors  St S«nMr4l7t  Robertson &Partners,l.td.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Suss* 1274  |U tttt„»ift» Ml  CALLING  FOR* TENDERS  K1TSUKSUS CREEK  BRIDGE  Sealed tenders will be received until'Sept.! 1, by the Department of Public Works for-'the construction of a  bridge over Kitsuksus Creek, Alberni  ARCHITECT PLANS CANDY"  FACTORY  FOR  VICTORIA  Plans have been prepared by Architect H. S. Griffith, 1013 Dominion Bldg-.  and Renders are now being invited .for  the construction of a candy and bis-  suit factory to be erected in Viotoria  for Messis Ormonds, Ltd.  The plans call for a two story and  basement brick structure, 45x105 feet  in dimensions facing on Russell St.,  and which includes every mouern convenience for a building of its kind.  Boats   of   all . sizes   for   sale. ,  Tugs.  Scows arid launches for hire.    Saw and  Shingle',-MJll   Machinery for sale.  MACOILLIS * KOSaH  1789 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8439 L.  r Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  <   NATIONAL  MACHINEBT  CO.  936.Main St. Sey. 600  ABCHITECTS SUPPLIES  Dominion Blue Print Co _ Sey.  2497-4670  ABOKXTBCVTrBAX TEBBA COTTA  Brans,   Coleman A   Brans, Ltd  _:.„-...8ey.   2988  O'Neil.  Wra.  N.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.   4795  Ritehla Coutr.   * Bun.   Co.. Ltd   Stx. 9182  ABPHAI.T 7EIT  Brans.   Coleman A Erans. Ltd  _ _...Sey.   2988  The  Barrett  Co.,   Limited „ „ ........P.Bay.   63  Pacific   Bobfln*   Co..   Ltd .-...Sey. 1188  ASPHALT  PITCH  Paciflc   Booting   Co..   Ltd _  Sey.  1386  AUTOMOBILE   IHSTTBAHCB  Canadian   Barely   Co  .-.._  Soy. 539  CeperJer.  Bounsefell  A  Co..;   ....Sey.   7820  BANK,   OPPICE   fc   STOBE   P1TTIHOS  James Brookes Woodwkg,  Co., Ltd  West.   473  BLUE PBINT8  Dominion Bine Print Co Sey.  2497-4670  BBICK—ALL KINDS  Erans,  Coleman  A Brans, Ltd -  Sey.   2988  Oilier Bros.,  Ltd ..._ „ _  West.   15-16  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd :. _...8ey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.   Co.. Ltd  Sey.  9163  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A   _ Sey.  80D7  BOTXDINGP PELTS   AND   PAPXBS  Brans,  Coleman  A Erans, Ltd . _  Sey.   2988  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd   Sey.   4795  The   Barrett  Co..  Limited -...Bay.   83  BOHDS—SUBETY  Canadian   Surety   Co „ Sey.  539  Ccperley.   llounsefell   &  Co ..Sey.   7»20  Winch, B.  V.  * Co.. Ltd ...Sey.  279-1944  BTTBOI.ABY  IKSTBAITCE  Canadian   Surety   Co „  Sey. 559  CABPEHTEBS  Dixon  A Murray™ __ „ Sey.  8765-8766  CEMENT  Bal/our,  Guthrie A Co.......   »ana,   Coleman  A Brans, Ltd   Gilley Bros.. Ltd....,^,..  n,^-'       MBTAI.  8TAMPINO  Glbba Too) * Stampln* Werk» ;...„. >»4».  JITS.  ihlivoxi  Jame«: Brookes Woodwkg.'Oo., l4d....'_„„_„.„W«at 4ya  . MZMBOOBAPRXBTO  'antral  Public.Stenographers -„._..__8^.  MRS,  MZJfUrO  ZVOZMBBBS  Walah   A  Co.,   T.   A........: ,____^.i.^ .'_  M0TOB8■  B. a  Electrle Cp:. Ltd.............. ; _^   JS»r. 4T3S-V  MOTOB TBVOX8  Little Giant Motor Truck e»...___;. ...  —.S*r. SMS  So.  2M4-4S  Bur. (SIS.  MTOTXOBAPHXVa  Central Public  Htenograpkcrs... „..   Dominion Blu»-prlnt Oa...._....._._: _J9ey.  OPPICE AND 8TOBE rZTTZMSS  lonn  Arnot  A  Son*..   _._.,    Jligjlt,    V4  Dixon  A Murr«y....„........ ..__......_.„....8e^'.   STSS-nSB  OPPZCE    STTPPZ.ZES   AND   PBXHTXVO)  Western  Specialty  Co  a»,.   353*  PAZNTINO   AND   PAPEB   XANQXMO)  C.   J.  Cumminj  A  C*. _  3^. 133*  DUon   A Murray „ .'.  Soy.   WtJS-l  Used   Machinery   of   AH   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  -     B. C. EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  •sbIc of Ottawa Bldff. Sey. 9040  See   Us'  For All Kinds of Machinery  WBIB  MACHINEBT  CO.  ZiTD.  1398 Bichssds  St.   r Sey. 7440-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  INVITING TENDERS FOR  WHARF AT NARAMATO  Tenders are  being invited  to  Sep^.  tembef 22, 1919, by the Dominion De-;  partment of Public Works for the construction of a wharf at Naramato, District of Yale. B. "C.  .Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specifications and forms of  tender obtained at this Department," at  r��� . , .     „, .       ,. «    j :the office of the District Engineer, at  District.    Plans may be obtained upon tl     .""**-° .  • '•     ..    . *cAn  * is    s     .  o. uu   [Chase, B. C, and at the Post Offices,  deposit of |5.00 from  Dept. of Public [_"''    ^  -Yorks. Victoria. Asst. DisL Engineer.  Alberni,   or   from   District   Engineer,  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multigraphing,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CZNTBAX. PT7BUC STENOOBAHPEB8  Ssy. 9078       .    414 Dominion Blag-.  STORAGE sV TRANSFER  Baggage,   furniture   and   freight   moved  and   stored;    -Trunks  crated   and   household   good*  packed ; for * shipment.  BTANDABD   TBANSPBB   ft   8TOBAOE  - COMPANT    -  319   Cordova   St.   W. S«ry.   303  "VVe.P supply standard truck bodies, on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need la-an idea  'of -what you want: We do the rest.  TTTPPBB tUnVBM,  , -. "Tas Track SpselsUsts":  BsjTTlsw 138 1669 TniMI Avs. W  Court House, Vancouver.  Vancouver, B. C„ and Naramata, B. C.  jHelp  the  Hospital..... Sept.  15-20  RUSH & READ  AW1»  PI*ASTBBnrO   ft  All Work dosssstsso.  OBN AMENTA!.  OEMENT   WOSX  Bay. ,3370  Bay. 1602-R  2306 Stephens St.  1350  H. A. WHes  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,  etc.  8tt »w. f. **1«** »7  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   ta  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING - DECORATING  ALTERATIONS .REPAIR WORK  ■ - Tslsplumss.. Bsymoar 8885-8586  Suits 5, PalrfleW Bldc^ 445 Oru. St.  Blue Prints Whilst rou Wait  ''"      DBAPTINO) AX£ XJITES  Paper,  Instruments and Supplies  MOST MODEBN EQITIPKENT AND  OI.PEST BSTABItTSHEP ZN B. C.  B.C. 0RAFTIN8 & BLUE PRINT Ca  4,13 Granville St. Seymour 2769  ......Say. 9197-657!   ._:..Sey.   2988   We«t.   15-18   Sey.   4795  Sey.  9163  PAINTS—PXBB-PBOOP  O'Neil, Wm.   N.  Co.. UA _.._. s«y/   4T»*  WearweU   Paint   Store   ■ ...L.Sai. S4ST'  PAINTS—DAMP  PBOOP  Campbell  A Grlll._ „.  g^   jjg^  Erans,  Colemao A  Krans, lAd   »«' »a»  O'Neil.  Wm.  Xl  Co., Ui  _       "si,"  ml  Ritchie,   3.   T.. A.   j£. iSt  -Sa»; J4ST  Sti7. SKT  Wearwell. Paint   Store _. .„ .;._ .   Trussed   Concrete   Steel  Co....... ....Z..'.""~"  PAPEB  Smith," Davidaon A WrUht, Lld_   ..Sw.  O'Neil.  Wm.  S. Ca, Ltd    Bltchle Contr. A Sup.  Co., Lid ;  CEMENT   TESTING   ANB   ASSATZNO)  Hunt, Robert W. ^k Co _.L.„ :.-. —.Sey.  2199  Dom.   En«ineerin«   A   Inspection   Co _.. Sey. 3475  CONTBACTOB8—OENEBAX.  AtnaUaai, VorrLton A Co., Ltd Sey.  1836  Walsb  *   Co.,  T.   A.P..._. ;......   Sey. 4738  CONTBACTOBS—TH.E—TEBBAZZO  ftraiu.  Coleman A Brans, Ltd.. Sey.   2984  O'XeU,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd ..„...S«y.   4795  CBANZS   AND   HOISTS    (EXECTBIC)  Tba Haltiea Co., Ltd ....  _  Sey.   10*5  DBCOBATINO  C.  J.  Cummlna A Co...._._  .  8^. 1337  DIES  AND TOOUI  dlbba Tool * Btampina Wortoi...__........„__.rair.  2176  DBAPTINO  Acme   Drafting   and   Art   C«   .._..-.. S«^. 2889  Drain loo Bin* Print Co  :....S«y.  2497-4670  DB1XI.S    POBTABI.E   EI.ECTBIC  Darlln*.  *>ank A Ca •..„...._ _...Sey.   4160-4101  XI* Halden Co..  Ltd  Sey.   10«3  ZZACTBIOAX   BEPININO  Batlabl*  Electric  Co.   . _.._—Sey. 4640  ZUBCTBZOAX 8T/PPUXS  B. C.  Elecuie Co.: L«d.._ _.._ Sey.  5000  Cop* A Son ...—  1—:..8ey.  8602  Darlin*. "Frank A Co  Se». 4100-4101  EZ.EVATOB8  DarUnt. :yranli A Co._..._ ; __. Sey.  4100-4101  EUVATOB CABS AND BNCXOSITmBS  S. M. Morris A Co., Ltd.  _._...- : Bay.   1043  O.'NeU.Wm. >'.  Co.. Ltd. -. . Sey.   4795  Bltetaie' Coatr.  * Sup.  Ce.. Ltd.._. —„-...Sey. 9162  ■''':.■?       ■■ zNcxbsiraxs ..  1-il.tlc. Wire   A   Iron   Works . Fair. 2*48  Pearson Wirt A Iron Wks —JTalr.   2794  PABTITION—PZBEPBOOP  arans,  Coleman A   Erans, Ltd.....„  Se,  Bitrhie Contr. A Bup.iOo., Ltd... Z..Say. SIM  PABTITION   W2BS  ArtiaUc   Wire   A   Iron   Works . Jalr   2SM  Pearson Wire A Iron Wka ,... ~..~....J'»it! MM  PATTBBNS  Westminster IroB WorKs_...._._ WaaC IS  ^ ' „,   TPKOTOSTATS  Dominion Blue PrlarrC«...._„_.__.__ Sey. 24ST-46T*  PIO IBON AND TIN  hrie A Co „._. ._s«y. 9197-SUS  Brans,  Coleman A  Brans, Ltd __..._..Ser.   MS  w'*    ,»   I!?^KO   ASD POLES  Federal Lumber Co.... ;...; j*j.  3ja».;  ^_  '   „ " .■   P1XB DBOTNO  Erana. Coleman A Brans, Lea_-„.._„-  Praser  Blrer Pile Dr.  C*... „. i.  Balfour, Guthrie A Co..  JW'  ..Bur. «4«A  Brans, Coleman A Brans, Ltd   GUley Bros., Ltd..,. ._.!...;  Bltcnie Cahtt. A Sup.  Co.J £uZZ  '■ ■    KLASTEB  Balfour, Quthrte A Co.„  -Se,.  ..Wml   15-1S  __.S«T. U«S  Erans. Coleman A Krans. Lti.„«  Ollity Bros., W...w..„..__..  O'XeU, Wm. N. Co.. lAd..i.^..7I.i  Bitchia Contr. A Sup. So.,Pu<|.„.  -Sey. 919?  PIkASTEB BOABO  Brans, CoWman A Brans. Ltd.. .   O'.Nail. Wm. N. C». Ltd...  ..WeaC 15-IS  -JJ9a». 4t9S  -_SW. MSI-  Bitchia CooU.: A S«p.. Co.. Lid.„  -SisP  -SM«.:.   «IM  .^e». MSI  FtABTBB, PABTITION BlrOCNN  Brans. Coleman A Krans; Ltd. ....»«»- 3  ^_ PLASTEB—OBNAMENTAXi  Brans. Coleman A Brans, Ltd.„. Bat   2  o'Ntu, wmP-ii:- Co.. Ud.P.__._____._. ^_"  Bitchia Conur., A Sup. -Cop I*«t._._Z.„  Bailey. ^^^^^_.  Barr  A  Auoersoa  .. -_ _„  Nonnan Kydd ___!:;„-._.;...    __ "'  -Say. tits  .-.8a*.  Ua.  -Sa».  -Sa». tus  ENOINEEBS  Walsh  A; Co.. T.   A..„.. ..-. __.. _.-.S«y. 4738,  .-!  ENOINEEBS' SUPPLIES \C.  Dominion Bltw Print Co. ._„__..—:—Say.  2497-4670  FENCES  AND  GATES  Pearsoo-'.Wire A Iron Wks.._: ,   «   .'/    ^ 'WBWMATXC TOOXS  Darllnt,, Frank A Co—__j -__Sey.  41t»-Maa  Tha Holden Co.. Li<l.._P_ : :' '■:.:.'    - -• -      -"jh,, ' -   ^  Ltd..  POWEB  A.  Dunhaim' Co.  Bmgitr. IA , «j. *; gona. LcdP  8PBCIAX.'  -Saw.  £  CUT  Pair.  2T94 j Dominion Bh>» Print Co.-^.___L.,Iul_i._Sey.: 3*9»-  *.»  Bis? RSTil- tTBX«C''STNNOO:  -Sey. 9197-6375   cmimJ Public .8tenoCTaphera.  ..Jyej.  jyso ' ■ ■   West   15-16 | ._ "•.'    »OOPINO COMPOSITION  .......Sey.   473S I Z^t"  Co,WD<ul■■* Brails. Ltd..„ ~..Jim.  FRANK M. SLOWIN  TAILOR  Business  Men's  Suits  My  Specialty  $50 to  $65  Seymour 2662  404-5 Dominion BMg.  * i * 1 * 4 »i e i e i e i ♦ ii ♦ i»i»l e i »-i-  f<> - • - -    ♦  } ARCHITECTS J  ».^■a>^■^»■^♦.l■»■^».^♦■^»^■»'>♦•^»M^^  Members of Tie Architect^*! Institute  of British Colambfa.  Balfour,' Guthrie A Co..  Brans,.Coleman A Erans. Ltd:.-.  Gilley Bros.. Ltd ..    O'Neil.- Wra.  N.  Co..  Ltd   ..-w.   -•—i«^_   .,     _    „  Bitchia Contr.  A Siuj.  Co.. Ltd.-...-.. Sey.  9162 IP*  r*,?"1 JSv.      m^W<*'"    < ;■• 1 Campbell A Orilt  PIBE   ESCAPES  S.  M.  Morris A Co.. Ltd    PUSS   SZTINOT/ISKXB  8TBTEMB  Barr  A LAndereon. ; v.   PI.OOBINO  J. Fyfe 8»lti A Co.. Ltd   ..Sty.  t.        ,«., I 0*>"e<l.. w«.  N.iCo..  UO.  ._..J5ay.   1043    p^dnc   Bocflrw   Co..    Ltd.  (Bltch-'c (iKitr, A Sup.  Cb., Ltd..  Smith,  v'ridson A Wri«ht. l*A...  —9ar. 2fBL  ..^ey.   flSS  -Sey. IMS  .^B>.  X ANCOTTTEB  Beneta,  Jas.   A.. 510   RasUnrs  W..  Itryao  A   OiUta.  5«9   Rtc&ants-  J.   K.   Scott  Sey. 64 80-L  J.   D.   McDaniel  Coll.   118-1>3  McDaniel & Scott  ELECTBICAX.   CONTBACTOBS  Armature  an4J5otor_^^  Cenorol  Electrical Bspalxs  Estlxaates  Pre*  Seymour 1890  532 Smythe St.  ~ lies. Phono': ■ Fair.   ^^7^"  Office Phone: Sey.   <9»->  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  TWOS.   I,.   MITCHT21.L.  Electric Wlrixx*r. ***?*?• ttnd B*****0  . of All Kinds  E25 Burrmrd St.    -    Yapoonver, B. O.  Percy F. Letts  El^OTBIOAIi   EWOOTES  aad CONTBACTOB  Klsh-Class   »oetjrk«l   Wor*  aH<l   flat ores  3044  OranvflleSt.  Bay.  441  Vancouver Forge Co^  limited  FORCINGS  OP ALL DESCRIPTIONS     ,  Ft."'■'Vi.^orin   Hri™ *Uffhland   701  J. R. Tacey  & Son  EXHAITST  and   BMW   PIPIWO  our   Speolftlty  Heatlaff. V«»«^W^O0neral  EQteet-Mstal Worlt  Seymour   3S17 UW>  Seynwar  St.  OVERCOATS  of O'Brien Kersey  Manufactured by O'Brien of Cork, absolutely the World's best maker of Kersey  "Warmth Without Weight" overcoat-  ingps. This coat conies in a plain Oxford  grey, in English raglan style, with half  belt and silk lining, at $55.00.  Other lines of Overcoats in many models,  $53.00, $40.00, $45.00, $47.50 and $50.00.  DeAoa * £reM«h.  SIS  Hasttnas  W ttay.    662  Oanttaer. ¥. O.. A Mercwr.  716 OnuirtUe.—Sey. 9672  Gardiner.   William   a'redk..   73S, Graa....„ Sey. 6926  OrUBth, H.  S..  287  Kastlnas W ; .Say. *119  Headewon. A.  B..  615 lUatins* W Sey.    72*  lioneyman.   A  Curtis.   KM  Ra4ttnss   W Sey. ISO  Kemtij, Jamm W..   K376 2nd   Are.   W —Bay. 7S2B  MaOtesoo,   Bobert  M-.   R69   Blcharts.J-.... Hn. 50SS  Palmer.   Bwnard   C,   »50  Baatlnca   W-:. Soy. TW  Parr   A  MacKanzie.. 736 OraurfBe  Say. 7611  Hb*m A Tnompson. «2« Peader W Boy. 1064  Townley,  Fred L..   S25   Homer  Rt :—-.Sey. Ml J  Twlz*ll.   Birds  A TwUoU.   837   Han.   W _.Sey. 792S  TICTOBXA  nerroal. A. B..  IMS 8t. Lools 8t- ....ill?! B 1  'Keith.-J.   C   St,   Sayward  BUU 142*  Madure.   Sam.   Union   Bank BKk 2948  Btdmray-WUaon.   UeuU-Col Belmont   Boos*  Fairview Sash] & Door  - Company ::  Fair. 3696  654-7th Ave.W.  Potts & Small  XiZXUTJBD  Granville Street at Pender  Phw»e Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  .   Makers Of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, eto.  Switches designed and built for an?  special work.  Iuduirtrlal Islas4      TaaconTer. B. C.   Sey. 1196  POBoraros  Wastalaster Iron Worlts ; : West.  53  OAIjVANTXXNQ  T.  Watt Iron  A Galr.   Works...-  Fair.   971  OAS   APPUANCES  Tancourer Oas Appliance Co J. Sey.  801  OJJASS—Ail. KINDS  W.   Holt.   Oia*s   Dealer     —Jalf..l238  O'NeU  Wm.  K. Co..  Ltd  . Sey.   4793  XABDWABB  Rrown. Jfraser A Co.,  Ltd ■. :8ey.   7153  ..Sey. S369    ITett..J:]A -   Sey.   2S-27-S328  ':   SAB9WOOS PI.OOBS  B. C.   Hardwood   Floor   Co.,   Ltd 3«y. 1267  O'Neil.  Wm.  N. Co..  Lid : ........Sey.   4795  J. Fyfe Smith A Co.. Ltd   Sey.1196  KABOWOOB &TTMBEB  J. Fyfa Smith A Co.. Ltd.   ...Sey,  1196  BEATXNO—HOT    AIB,    STEAK    ANB  .      .  TENTIXATINa  BaOef. B." A : : . Sey.   123  Barr   A  Anderson.  _..._ _.   Sey.   61S0  Campbell A Grill  :..    .Sey. 2981  C. A.  Dunham  Co..   Ltd.™ ;  Sey. 8037  Norman. Kydd  _.-..;—    Sey. 918S  ...-.   BOI8TE9TO   ENGINES  Bttcale Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd .Sey. 1162  INSVBANCE  B.   C.   Permanent   Agencies   Ltd - -Sey. 790-791  Ceperley.  Boonsefell  A  Co   Sey.   7S'i0  INTEBIOB   PINISB  Erans.   Coleman A  Brans.  Ltd  Sey.   S9S8  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.  Co..  Ltd  Sey.   4793  Bttchle Cuntr. A Sup.  Co.. Ltd...;  - .Sey. 9162  IBON   AND   STEEX>—STBUCTTTBAX.  Can.  N.  W.  Steel Co..  Ltd ......Pair.  2399-7  Couthlan. J.  & Sons... .._ _ „...Sey.  7910  Bran*.   Coleman  A  Brans,  Ltd Sey.   2988  8. SC. Morris A Co.. Ltd.  _ Uhj.   1013  O'Neil. Wra.   N.  Co..  Ltd - Sey.   4795  Bltchlo Contr.  A Sup.   Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9162  T.   Watt Iron  A Galr.   Worts - ....Fair.   971  Westminster Iron Works  _ -...West.  53  IBON   ANB   STEEL—OBNAMENTAX  Artistic Wire A Iron Works) _   Fair.  2818  Erans.  Coleman & Brans.  Ltd  Soy.   1!938  S. M. Morris A Co.. Ltd  -....'. Kay.  10-13  O'NrtL  Wra.  X.  Co.,  Ltd  - Sey.   4795  Pearson  Wire  A Iron Wks.   Fair.   2794  Ritchie Cqntr.   A  Hup.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.  9182  T.  Watt  Iron  A Galr.   Works - ...Fair.   971  Westminster Iron Works -...West.  53  KAtsoBcnrma  C.   J.   Cummins  &  Co Sey. 1337  Dixon  A Murray  Sey.   8705-8763  LATH—METAL  Erana,   Coleman  A  Erans.  Ltd Hey.   2938  O'Neil. Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd  Soy.   ■1795  Bttchle Contr.   A Sup.  Ck>.. Ltd.... Sw. 9162  Ritchie,   3.   T.   A . .Sey. 8057  Trussed  CpncroU Steel  Co....   .....Sey. 8057  IlXMX  DaltOOT, Cruthrl. A Co Soy. 9197-6375  Brans, Coleman A  Brajas, Ltd Sey.  2988  Otlley  Bros..  Ltd.     Wwt.   13-16  O'Neil.  Wo.   N.  Co., Ltd,.. Sey.   4795  BOOPINO XATSSIAX  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited....-—           _  Campbell A Orill...  -Sar. sss»  -Bay.   m.  Erans.  Coteraao'A  Erana.  Lfdi_...   Paciflc   Booflnji •• Ca,    Lt<t   Bitchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co.~ Ltd'    '.'  BitchJo.   i.   T. :A....^..—.._._..  .   _-.s«.  -~a»f. ssu  -   BOPE—BTANXUA  Balfour, Guthrie A Co . Se,   SltT-SBB  Walsh   A  Co..   1.  A. j. ;_ .__._  BT/BBEB STAMPS  Baatey.  A.  G.  A Sons.  Ltd...   _S»».  -Say. um  n.« „   „«A»W»--VAiniT  BOOBS  O'.Veil. Wm.  N. Co.,, Ltd. ; _a^. 4TW '  ■ANB, OBATEX ANB CBtTSBXB  Braaa,  Coleman A Brans. Ltd. . Bay  OUley Bro*.. Ltd.-_-..—_.  Bitchia Contr." A Sup.  Co.  Ltd-  Weaa  IS-te  •   ■ SABH  BOOBS,   WINDOWS,   BTC  lohn  Arnot  A  Sons.... .._...._ ji_i. Jtlth.    Sf*.  O'Neil.  Wm.  N. Co..  UA __,__.; _~..-8o.   «T9S  Trossed  Conertta SumI  C».__.^.._ 3,^ SBaf:  SHEET   METAI.  Central Sheet Metal Works;        Campbell A GrllL.....  -Sar.  Orandriew Sheet Metal  Works...  -...Say. astl  -Hlia.   sis.  a*,.   ..Say.  4T9A  C.   H. I-.eltch,  : O.  R.  Morris,  President. "Vice-President.  J.  V. Menziea,  Secretary  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO.  Wo take pleasxire In brinfftnsr to  your notice the formation of the  above Company, which ha« been  organized for tho purpose of currying  oot till klnde of Building and Ooa-  tractlnK work.  PHONE  SETMOtXB BOM  8111)OJaittlon BWff., Vaaooavwr, B. C.  Bltdiie Conor.   A Sop.   Co..  Ltd :btoy. 9183  IiITBSBEB  Federal Lumber Co -   Sey.  3999-3999  MACHINEBT  Brown,  Fraser A Co..  Ltd .——Sey. 7153  Darling.  Frank A Co _ .—~ S«y.   4109-4101  O'NelL  Wm.  N-  Co.. Ltd - —...Hey. 4795  Pumps A .Power. Ltd...-. - - - Sey. 8110  Ritchie Contr;  A Sup.  Co.,  L;d   Soy. 91*2  The Holden  Co..  Ltd   — Sey. 1003  Walsh   A  Co.,   T.   A   Hey. 4738  MACHINE   WOBK  Oibbo Tool A Hlamalrw Works. Fair.   2170  Wostmlnster Iron Works  ....Wrat.  53  MANTELS^—BBIOK.  THiE  AND WOOD  Evans,   Coleman  &  Brans.  Ltd.  Sey.   2988  O'Noil   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltil  — -...Say.   4795  Bltchlo Contr.  A Sup.  Oo..  Ltd Sey.  9162  MAPS  Dominion Blue Print Co —..S«r.  2497-4670  MABBIiB   AND   01*72  Evans.  Cohjman A . Erans. Ltd Bey.   2988  O'No0.  Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd Sej    <793  New   Idea   Sheet  Metal   Works..  SKXHGXiB     MANTTPACTXTBEBS  .       ..  DEAXEBS  (See Z«inD«r aaA 8hla«le«)  SHOW CA8BS  Dixon  A Murray .   s,,.  tni  SXATE  Erans,  Coleman A Erans, Ltd   O'Neil.  Wm. N. Ca, Ltd... '.  Bltcnie Contr.  A Sue.  Co.. Ltd. . .*:_.Sey, SltZ  STEEIr—BEINPOBCINO  Bal/our, Guthrie A Ca  3«y. 0I9T-69TS  iJvans.  Coleman  A  Erans.  Ltd       —Seo-   asS:  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A.  »,,". 9,5,  Trussed   Concrete  Suwl   Ca „.. _ s,,. t»0l  STOBE ANB OPPICE PIZTT/BES ANBt  STOBE  PBONT8  Dlion  A Murray..—  .go,.   aT(s.<ns,  Erans.  Coleman A  Evans, Ltd Sey   WKB,  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. ltd.„_:  Se»!   4ISS,  _ TAB   ANB  PITCH  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited.   r^.   a^  CsJiipbell  A  Orllk _. ,.._  ."..........".".Soy. »BL  Ersas.  Coleman A Brans.. Ltd  Say." 2SS*  n     raMPEBATCTBE   BBOXflATOBS  C.  A.  Dunham  Co., JUd   : s,,. ajer.  ^^ TH.B—DBAININO  Erans.  Coleman & Evans, Ltd.. 8»y   ag»  OUley Bros..  Ltd. „.i ;..W«t.   13-1*  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd — _._S«y. 9J.6*  ma-PLOOS   AND   WAJUJ  KTans.   Coleman  A -Era.-is. Ltd. _-Sey   298*.  O'Noll,  Wm.' N. Co.. Lul.—  ^^ .j^ m^  TIN   PLATES  Balfoor, Outhrie A Ca Soy.  919T-66T*  Brans,  Coleman A Brans, T.trf _     ffsj.a*-^  TOOIi   STEEX.  rxu-lln*.  Frank A Co.±. .;;_.. : _.^iy.  41»t-Cii  Bitchia,   J.   S.   A   —Saj^SMt  TACUT/M   CT.EANINO   STSTEMK  Barr  A"'Anderson- i-^. s*s.  «13»-  WALL  BOABDS  Erans,   Coleman A  Eruns. Lt<S _  Sej.   23ga>  WATEBPBOOP   OOZSFOTTND  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited.   ; Bay.   Ki :  Erans.  Coleman  A Erans.  Ltd  Soy.   2*8*.  a'Noil.   Wm.  »N..   A  Co..   Ltd.   J^y. T793  PadQo   Booting   Co.,   Ltd  Sey. 114*  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A...._» _. Hry. km  Trussed   Concrete  Steel   Co .....Sey. 865r-  WINDOW  SCREENS  Artistic Wire A Iron Works... _  Fair. SMS  S.   M.  Morris A Co., Ltd ..Bajr.   I0r»»  O'Noil.   Win.   N.;   A Ca.   Ltd.....   H«y. 47.W  Pearson :*iVln>  A Iron Wks.  Fair.  «*«,  WISE   WOBXBB3  ArHsdc Wire A Iron Works. .Pair. 3ft*»  Poarnati  Wire  A Iron Wks   Fair.   279*  WIBE BOPE  B«Ifour,  Oothrio A Co   Sey.  &!W-M7i  B»«ns,   Coleman  A   Eraos.  Ltd   Boy.   29W  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A -    ..Say. «I3S»  Bitchie Contr.' A Sup.   Co..  Ltd Sey. 9W3  WHOLESALE  BOOPINO  Too   Barrett  Co.,   Llmlt»l.   _. Bay,   81.  I'aelHc   BooBnit   Co..   L(d  Say. liafc ppfp  SPt.  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  A.G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,  and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS/ RUBBER  AND   METAL  STAMPS.   METAL  CHECKS.  TIME   CHECKS.  KEV TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 51© PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  | PLUMBING and HEATING  International  PROPOSED NEW WORK  Character „.  Brick   Bldg   Bern odell lac   Pier  _   Servico  Station   '.   School Bldg.   Gymnasium   Building  .Estimated Cost  ...*16,000  VANCOUVER  Location ..........Owner  Pender: St.. W.....Can.  Financiers Tr.  Co.  64 Hastings St. W........T. A, Estate/Ltd.  Vancouver '. C.  P.   K.  Seymour & Smythe Sts...>..C. M. Chislett  Keefer St. East   Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  frtwe Seymour 6180  1060 Hwiir $L  VaDcourer B. C.  Architect   H. S. Griffiths   Owners,   Owners   Joseph ' H. Bowman  Gardiner & Mercer...  H.  S.  Griffith  ...........   ...Plans Beady  ....Tenders Closed   .Soon   Tendors Closed  .........Plans  Ready  Character   Residence  (Stone)  Candy   Factory   ....  .Estimated Cost   150,000  VICTOR!.*  Locstion ....  Victoria   ....  Russell  St.   Ormonds   Ltd.  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON arid STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE  GALVANISE EVEBYTHINQ BT., HOT. PEOOESS.. .  IRON and GALVANIZING  W6l*KS  T. WATT  Fairmont 971  Office and Works, 225 - 5th W.  VancoBver, B. C.  Architect   Mac!ure  &   Lort  H. S. Griffith    Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED'  P. A. Jones, MgT.  WHARP  BTXILDINO,  BBTJKrES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners   of   Tn*   "CUvs"  Osnersi Towlaf  32< Front St. New Westminster  Telephone  1015  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Character  Estimated Cost Location  ..Owner  Cordage Plant    New Westminster....Western Cordage Co.  Memorial  Hall   South   Vancouver      Rubber  Factory   $60,000 Collingw'd Gregory Tire & Rubber Co.  School   Bids $6,000 Creston   B.   C Dist.  School   Board  School Add 150,000 Pc-ntlcton   ...School   Board  Memorial  Hall   i Point  Grey      University   Bidgs  Point Grey University of B.  1238 Seymour St.  (Continasd from part 1)  8»7 Hast.  Branch  OSes  St. W.  Sey. 4404  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  .   SHOW CASES, OFFICE  ad STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTfrlG, PAPER HAHG-  Mfi ami KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St  E.A.BAILEY  borhoo'd of $400,000, and although the  Sewerage Board has not been able to  float any new debentures yet, as authorized by the provincial government,  ii is understood that tentative arrangements have been made to secure  sufficient funds from local banks to  allow of proceeding with the work until such time as the debentures have  been  sold.  It is understood that this course is  likely to be adopted and that the decision to call for.tenders for at least  the first section of the Balaclava  trunk will be, made at the meeting  Thursday morning. • The question of  floating a new loan for other sewer extension work will also be discussed.  store   buildings   are   being  erected,  city park and  ball grounds are being  cleared, a government dock is nearing  completion   and   homes  in all parts of the city.  are  going  bill   authoriz-  additlonal  an  VICTORIA  WANTS  MORE  .    .DREDGING  WORK   DONE  WASHINGTON—The  ihg  the expenditure  of  $17,000,000 to    complete the    government railway in Alaska was taken up  in the house today, with every indication of its  passage before night  Help the Hospital _...Sept  There are only two classes of men  in the world; those who do and those  who don't.  TO CONTBACTOB8  Tenders are invited for a Brick Building to be erected on Russell Street. -Victoria, for .Messrs. Ormonds, Limited, by  the loth day of September. .  '  The lowest or any tender not necessarily   accepted.      Plans   and    Specifica  \rrpTV->»TA     -nrit),  '„  „A«- u-.i '. ' tions may be seen at  the Office of'Mes-  VICTORIA—With a new Minister of  3rs.    Ormonds,    Limited.    Mary   Street.  PnHKr.   w^-i,™   «„   «fn^«   a-..   ii,~   «»i      I Victoria   and   H.   S.   Griffith,   Architect,  Public   Works   in   office   Oil   the   Other !>013 "Dominion'Building,  Vancouver;      '  side of the continent, perhaps that department-might now be persuaded to  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905,,  Roofing Contractors  MEri£.JZ£*J>OW9—FXB1!   ^OOBS-^SMOKE-STAONS—HOT-AEB  FUBNACE���VENTILATING-    FANS—BLOW    PIPING—  SKYLIGHTS—OENEBAL  JOBBING  Vancouver, B. G.  Seymonr 2981  "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  ..■'-■>." '.,. (Guaranteed) *  (SKed. Water' Like  a  Duck)  "NEVER   LEAK" Ready Roofing, "NEVER  LEAK" Roof Paint  "NEVER   LEAK" Roof Gum.    P-"  For   Building- New or  Repairing; Old  Roofs  PACIFIC ROOPiNG CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS  AND  GENERAL   ROOFING   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   11S6 Industrial l»l«nd     - Vancouver. B.C  y|  MALTHOIP ROOFING  The Best that's made  Sales Agents J'  Smith, Davidson <& Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.   %  ROOFING  PAVMfi  MATERULS  Company  LIMITED       t   «-'.,  Sand   for   color   card   ef ^BARRETT'S  VELVEX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  Cor. SOtft Av.. » Arbutus St. Telephone. Bay. SB surf <  COIL  PRODUCTS  Plumbing  and   '";;  Steamfitting  tOS3 Qranvltls St.  VaneoHvar, B. C.  f»hon» Ssy. 136  Rss.Bay. 77  8. J. Tricksy  E, E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  Moved to  554-5(60  CAMBIE   STREET  PHONE SEYMOUR 620  spend   the   ?21,000   for   dredging  Vjc-  oria Harbor.    This'sura was only obtained    by,   Hon.  Dr.    Tolmie    after  strenuous   effort,   and   althougn   this  was  some  months ago,  the  dfedging  plants still lie idle at the wharf, here.  The   Victoria   Gas   Works   and   the  Chalberg  Shipyard   both   need, dredging done before'improvements can be  made  to  their plants, and   there are  quite a number of other, places in the  Harbor that  are said  to' need  dredging. .      .     '      , .  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company, Ltd.  I  *  Specialist   in   Cement   w'vrk  ED.  HUGGINS  PLAIN    ANB    OBNABEENTAX.  PIiASTEBETB.  Bay.  2S35-B.        3628  Third Ave.  VT.  TO RAISE FUNDS FOR HALL  POINT GREY—An active part will  be taken by the Richmond and Point  Grey Board of Tradd in the campaign  which is to be started next week to  raise funds for the erection of a Memorial 'Hal]'.at Kerrisdale. At a meeting held at MarpolePqn Monday night,  committees were struck and arrangements made to carry through an active  canvass. The hall, which is intended  to commemorate all Point Grey soldiers who fell in the great war, will  cost about $25,000. The C. P. R. has  already donated a suitable site and  every effort will be made to raise the  necessary funds and have w.ork started on the hall before the wet weather  sets in.   •  .  TENBESS   rOSt   DEEPENING  CBXLTTKTKAN SZ.OUOH.  Sealed tenders will.be received by N.  A. McDairmid. clerk of Delta Municipal  Council, Ladner, B.C., up to noon September .13, 191.9.'--for" the widening ;and  deepening- of approximately, one and one-  half miles of the Chilukthan Slough,  south of Ladner. - .;•»,•:  Copies of. .plans, specifications and  contract may be obtained at the Municipal Hall, Ladner, or at the offices of  the undersigned. New Westminster, .B.*C.  Each tender most be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  equal to'6 per cent, of the amount tendered, payable -to the Municipal Clerk.  The lowest or any tender not ntcets-  sarily  accepted. M  D. J. McGUGAN.  Municipal   Engineer.  J. C.Reston  EX.ECTB.ZCAX.   ENOXNXEB  AND  CONTBACTOB  -fSOu Inverness St. ...P Vancouver, B.C.  NOTICE  TO  F11TMBEBS  The Board of the True Blue Child-  rens Home, 4IS Royal Ave., New Westminster, B. C, are calling for tenders  for the installing, of a New Furnace in  said  Home. - -■■."■'    '  Furnace1 to have a capacity of heating  a   Building of  2400   feet 'Radiation.  The Pipes for Hot Water are all" in  the house at present.       •-■••.  Tenders to be accompanied by a 10%  Cheeiue. Deposit. .. ■   ■  Any one wishing to tender may call  any afternoon at the Home, 418 Royal.  'Ave.,   New   Westminster .and   inspect.  Lowest nor. any tender not necessary  to be excepted. Tenders to be in the  Secretary's Office no later than 12 noon  Sept.  the 22nd.   1919.  . ,„,TV. W... HASLAM,  TENBEBS-  HOUBINO  BUILDING   IN  ALASKA^p";;,  VERY BRISK^JpST NOW.  KETCHIKAN, ALASI^'^Buii.din£  activities here are more extensive at  present, than ever in the city of this  northern city. Not only are. many  new roads being built by the Alaska  road .commission on the" three land  sides  of  the town,, but several  large.  ^mmmm*^*^^^—^immmammmmmmmmm—mmBmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  ANNOXTNCBlkENT  Being too late to be classified In the  August Telephone Directory, arid 'for the  convenience of ray clients and contractors, I take this opportunity of stating  that my telephone number in SEYMOUR  6926. ......  Vra.XJJ.Vl   7BESK.   GARDINER,  »-'  701-05   Vancouver   Block Architect  80X.BXBB43  SCHEME  City of Vancouver  •Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon, September 15. 1919. for the "erection of residence.'; under Soldiers';Housing Scheme.  Plans, specifications and forms of  contract may be seen at the building  inspector's office.  City  Hall.  Copy   may   be   obtained   by   making   a  deposit  of  ten  dollars.  ■A deposit of -an amount equal to 5  per cent, of; the contract price must be  made with each ■ tender by marked  The lowest or any tender, not nece«-  pheque payable to the city treasurer,  uarily accepted.  "wm. McQueen,  ' -."      .;.'■..;• City  Clerk.  City   Hall.  Vancouver.   B.   C,   Sept.   6,  5919.:     "     --'    • "  :• ' '■■■: -, •;■■'••      -     26  No.  4   LittleGiam: Borers.  ?,   No.    14    Improved   Little   Giarit  Borers. i  3 1.3-4x6 Briyer Drift Boit Drivers.  5 No.'90 Riveter's. -     .    f  8 No. 11  Hammers.  i^        1 Ratchet Drill.       ' .' ;  P      3  Wood  Borers. v  And other sundry equipment, . fittings  and tools such as .; shafting, pulleys,  belting, hangers, wooden rollers, gait  vahized and black pipe apd fittings,- mandrills, derrick'fittings, wire cable, circular saws, timberand hand'trucks, wheelbarrows, grindstones, clamps, logging  and bottle jacks, crosscut saws, sledge  hammers, timber carriers, axes, wrenolv  eaPhand hammers, counter and platform  scales, furnaces, stoves, typewriter, safe;  tables, desks, t revolver, watchman's  Clocks, etc..v: ■■■■..■[ ■*■-•.-,"■-■,/••.•:-,P'.' •■.-..' ■'•*?.  ".'"'. Tenders will b*e received by' the un-;  dersigned up to and including Saturday,";  September 13th,,1919. Lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted. Purchasers to, have-the option of tendering*  on the wh.pleP.or;any;,part of: the plant;  Each tender to be accompanied with'  cash or ,marked cheque for'10 per cent,  of "amount of tender. '  Full particulars may be had  upon application  to .705   London,Building...,  .  . ■ P'   [/;.:. /ARTHUR H. EDWARDS   for'  the 'Imperial' Munitions   Board.  ±  .■j'  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty   "- .  Estimates glvsn— Distance no obstacle  Adam Jack  Hifhlsnd   728 >       <      -   2620 Dundss Sti  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Ineorporstsd tSOS  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  I  ■°^*r  |pANf AGES TH EATRE  Unequal^ Vaudeville Means  Panteges VauderHIc  Seymour 340S  i  STRAIGHT  LOANS   OB   MONTHLY LOANS   ON   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Ponder St. W.  PHONE SEYMOUR 790-791  SKZPTABB  FXANT POB SAllE  Tenders are invited on the Machinery,  Tools, etc...'situated'at the Plant. Poplar  Island. New Westminster, this Plant  consisting in part of:—  1. " One';1J|5   H.P. "2200  VoUs   Canadian  Oenernl   Electric   Motor,   controller  and fittings.  2. One 20 H.P: 200 tfolts, Canadian  . Weetinghquse . Ele-ctric Motor, con-  'troller tind  fittings.     \  One    20   H.P;    2(76    volts   Canadian  A,lHs-Chamber8   Electric  Motor.  One" 10   H.P.    220    volts    Canadian  Fairbanks  Electric  Motor.  One   16  H.P.   Gasoline  Engine.  One Preston Band Saw!  One Fay. & Egan  Band Saw:  One 60 H.P;  Return. Tubular Boiler.  Onfr  Steam  Air   Compressor*  One large Air Receiver. '"  One  10x12 belt driven Air Compressor. -       . ■  One  60 ll.V.  Allls-Chalmers Motor.  One   Stetson   Ross   Bevelling   Machine with blower and pipes complete.  One  Bolt Threading 'Machine.  One  Tron   Cutting  Machine.  Three    Anvils    and    a   quantity   'ef  blacksmith's   tools,   forges,   etc.   '  One  Feed  Power Rod Machine  (Fay  &  Egan).  One 30-Inch Fay & Egan Buzz Planer.  Air Tools:—  S  No. 3  Little Oiant Borers.  KIMBEBX.EY  SCHOOI.  Notlco  to  Contractors.  Scaled tenders superscribed "Tender  for iKmberley .School" will bo received by tho Honourable the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock rioon  of Monday the 22nd day of September.  1919. for the erection and completion  of a Two room School at Kimberley,  in tho Cranbrook Electoral ..District.  13.   C.  Plans and specification can now be  seen at the office of Government Agent,  Vancouver, and Cranbrook. and at the  office of W. W. Bucdette. Kimberley,  B.   C. ,.''.■'■■■  Lowe."t or any. tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.  E. FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works Department.  Victoria.   B.   C. .Sept.  .4,   1919.   Light and Power      .  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  t. . •   .        '.' .-*'■-.'  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  ■:l  570 Blcbards St.  'Phone  Seymonr   175  as  3.  4. '  5.  9.  3 0.  11-  12.  13.  14.  1G.  10.  17.  1.8.  19;  OAWSTOIT    SCHOOL   ADDITION  Sealed Tenders superscribed'"Tender  for addition to Cawston School" will he  received by the Hon. tho .Minister of  Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of  Tuesday tho 16th day of Septembor.  1919, tor the erection and completion oT  a one-room addition' to tho School at  Cawston, B. C, in tho Simllknmeen Electoral  District.  Plans and specifications can now be  seen at the offices of J. Mahoney,. Eh,.  Court House.,.. Vancouver: Hugh H.umber,  Esq., Govt. Agent, Princeton, ■ and the  Secretary of the School Board, Mr. R.  Wright. Cawston.  B. C.  Intending tenderers can obtain one  copy of plans and specifications by applying to the undersigned with a deposit of $10.00, which will be refunded  on  their return  In good order.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily ucceptcd.  A.   E.   FOREMAN.  Public  Works,'Engineer.  Public Works  Department.  Victoria;  August  28.  1919.  Gilley  Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK-SAND-GRAVEL  ,     I     -J'-: >,-.,..-)-■';,'   , •/  ■ if ,-j : ...    ,     .„     •  All Kinds of Building Material  1  Phone 15 and 16  902  Columbia Street West  .New Westminster, B.C.  L  ■Sey.  2889 .Res.',   Bay.  2908V  ACME DRAFTING & ART  COMPANY  ".■■«. i ■   . .        /  We mako a* specialty of Drafting  and Tracing for Builders and .Engineers,  216 Bank of Nova Scotia Elder.  (303  Hastlng-s  St,  W,  TELEPHONE DATA  ~',z:f ^H.,J^S^A.^?lfAT,:.0?r»  Vernon Construction Co.  CONTRACTORS   AND  BUILDERS  Seymour   B03B 434    Richards   St.  --,.   , VAN90.Tf VEBy B.  O. >  I  PILING" POLES  ANY   liENOTBt   iPUBNISBCED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  770   Georgia   St,   E. Hl«-h...l4lo  %


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