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 R.PVJ .-,  V   "     4     t  '    "   »  -1   V  toMAMMT»)i"f»'»  •■•  .I4f>«>  V V  ^* > tir> "•  >>'}  'v"  ■     'I'  ,   ?•'  '■'     ,'    N_P  'j *'l\  <„., <• V  1-1'  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  RECORD  A PTTBUOATZON BSVOTBB TO OENEBAX NEWS. BVZUJTN O. CONTBACTTNO. ENOINEEBTNO, FBOTXNCIAZh CITT ANB KABBOB ZXFBOVEXENTS.  VOL. XIX. No. 37  Published Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1920.  Offlos sad Plant  699 Peadsr Strsst Wsst  PBICB—Pcr^Tsar In Advanos  Psr atontA   -    -    -    -  <*'v< A  i' .i '#%,  SOLIGNUM  .. "s9Ki;  V:Vf^/,  Wood Preservative and Stain :-  Recommended  for all woodwork, inside and outside,  evaporate, like ordinary' stains, sMda,9G>t&™rjym\.*»  COve^ln8■"l' .. ~,i^3^~<rwF,r^'wx*fiffi  Dressed lumber, 1 gallon covers ICO'square'Wet?  It  does not  S^ff&dressed'lumber, 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  Wf&^m&igles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers 150 to 175 square feet.  IP-^-^hingleB  dipped 8 to 9 inches, 1% gallons to 1000 shingles.  " Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  to dm Mdnss; 530 HOWE ST. Sey. 4795 - 4796  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  TAX WINDOWS  FXBE BOOBS  SKTZaOHTS .  JOBBING  BLOW PIPING  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  fee ■AfefeS,' sps  vMkmtt  - CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call For A Pan  Phone or write for  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY; Limited  j btSIQNINO AND tWCCTIHG ENGINEERS  Credit Fonder Building Telephone Seymour  Roofihg, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  Ft.of Columbia av  Clayburn Firebrick, Special  Shapes! Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  isLv **'•  •..rif  JJt%  -FACE   BRICK-  BVBABEUTT—Everlasting Concrete  "TOIrO**—Permanent. Wide range  -*,   r.,.   <from Pure Whlto to Black.  OUMATX0 u       Waterproof  CONDITIONS—  .FIMXSM—Tapestry or Smooth Finish  ,PB1CB---Reduc«s; Brick Costs from  ■ ■ v   *■-'-' S5 per'cent to 40 per cent.  POLYCHROME CEMENT  trick t Tile Co., Ltd.  OMnii 111 flsssss »»i;      Ssy. 8530  Woxkss etemsllls lalaad    b.p.   sis  W  •M">  ii ■»*&* are  - •   i rCtt ,r \  [•ration  , _.„_.„. .let . '"  "JACKFEOST"  BtiEX^t'CA^^I$iai||ATOR  IN  - » y w/ " -—  Bide*.  PREPARING PLANS FOR  GORE AVE. PIER FOR TUGS  TO COST ABOUT $25,000  Following a conference yesterday  between Mayor Gale and Ccl. Kirk-  patrick, chairman of the board of harbor commissioners, an agreement was  tentatively arrived at whereby the  city will make available at least a  portion of the street end of Gore Avenue for the purpose of construction a  tugboat terminal and pier there which  will, provide 'much needed accommodation for the mosquito fleet on Bur-  rard Inlet as well as centralizing the  berthing of that class of vessel.  Col. Kirkpatrick announced that as  a result of the agreement arrived at  between the city and the,} harbor  board, instructions .would be issued  shortly to Mr. W. Q. Swan, engineer  HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT  Company,, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. SFYMOM 6110  (Continued on   Page 4)  ••X v  Panels.   Etc.  i o« tke Peelfflc Ceaet     .  Ol> IroiiF NEED «NY HlPpAHtLS   ^  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded Oaa. Side   r  CO. LIIVIITED  V*lEYt 3199 VANCOUVER, B.C.  PLAN FINE DWELLING  F. FJuMING  Townley & rVfatheson Designing  Stucco Colonial   Home  For   *..  Site on Magee Road ,  CONTRACT AWARDED  FOR HANDSOME HOME  Sevehteen-Room  Residence to Cost  $40,000 To Be Built For  Mr. Hw F. Bullen  111  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get.Our Price On  BUILDING MATERIALS  "Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  P Seymour 9570  1083 Slain St.  Architects Townley & Matheson,  $25 Homer street, have been commissioned by Mr. Fred F. Suckling, of the  firm of A. E. Suckling *& Company,  Ltd., to design a cosy residence which  is to be erected soon on a site secured recently on ' Magee Road, Point  Grey.  The new residence, which is to cost  about 17,000, will be of frame and  stucco construction in a striking Colonial design. It will be two stories  in heighth with a full concrete basement and hot air heating for all of  the, six rooms. In interior layout the  dwelling will 'have a number of up-to-  date innovations .which wiiUmake it  notable e_yen, among the,.many .handsome homes In the popular Point Grey  district. ,  .  The1 architects expect to have the,  plans ready, for .tenders from a number of selected contractors in about  ten days' time.  VICTORIA, (Special)—By a contract jost awarded to Mr.' P. McKech-  nie, there is to be commenced at once  the erection of one of the most notable additions to the many handsome  homes which Victoria boasts. This  new palatial dwelling is to contain  seventeen rooms and. will cost in' the  neighborhood of $40,000. It is to be  erected for Mr. H. F. Bullen, the .shipyard man; oil ,St. Charges street,, near  Shasta street, in one of the finest residential sections of the ctiy.   .  Building Inspector Barf issued the  permit lor this newest addition!to,tbe  city's   .flue.i homes last JWednesday.  B.C. LUMBERMEN GET  ORDER FOR 2,000,000 FT.  OF TIES FOR OLD COUNTRY  Making the third big order for railroad ties which has been placed on  the Pacific Coast this year, there was  booked this week a contract to supply twenty million feet of railway ties  from British Columbia, mills intended  for use on railways in the United  Kingdom. The order was booked at  the prevailing figure of $36 per thousand. . The deal was 'closed .by the  Ocean Lumber Company, through its  locall'representative, Mr. W. A. Everett, and will keep British Columbia  mills busy on that class of timber for  some time. ^  The entire twenty million feet will  be    shipped by   chartered    steamers  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEER  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical  Conatructlen  time tfmm ii4  .States' Ink Dalsst  IMCHVa - MBJKB  (Continued, on  Page 2)  London & British North  America Co. Limited.  ALL   CLASSES   OF   IN8URANCC  WRITTEN '  ,    NORTH BRITISH' a>  MERCANTILE FIRE INSURANCE  Company « >  HARTFORD FIRE  INSURANCE  *' Company 6  SM Vsndsr St. JTsst  »sr.'  FRANK DARLING &  stories, 'in. h«gMh,^;^I^^es^Pi)^rj .l^-:^:-^\<*^><^,^!  story- flnished|^nP:sttwc(^^^e^^  ling was designed[^yS^rchi|i^t^^   |;pftiP''S|;5?l^llpii  'J  Wk  Wt-  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery  and  Supplies  ■ —   B.C. Distributors For     '  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  858 - 60 Cambie St.  Sey: 4738 - 4739  J. A. FLETT  Corbln Lock and  Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. v SEYMOUR 2327  Philpot-Macdonald Co., Limited.  Electrical Engineers  I.. B. FHIX.POT ' »• MAODOUAXD  CONSULTS - INSTALLATIONS - POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  1573 Main St. Phone:-   Fair. 3523  ASK TENDERS JON   NORMAL  SCHOOL  FOR CALGARY  CALGARY—The public works de-  j partment of Alberta is calling for tend-  ' ers for the general contract in connection with the erection of a new  Normal School and Institute of Technology which is to be constructed for  the department of education on a site  selected in this city. .Tenders will be  received up till noon on Monday,  September 20.  Each tender must be accompanied  by a check equal to five "per cent, of  the amount of the contract and the  successful bidder will "be'required to  put 'up a bond amounting to twenty  per cent, of the contract. Plans and  specifications will be issued to applicants at the office of the provincial  architect. Parliament Buildings, Edmonton, upon payment of $25 for the  complete set, which will be refunded  upon return of the plans.  James. Con tractor McKechniev intends to push^ythe constrnctibn^most  energetically so: as'ptpPh'ayelthe^ frame;  up and' the Proof Pon if possible before  the wet 'weather.; sets pin. ;; A number  of sub-contracts for the usual trades  are to be av,  '-ded shortly.  ,3  lit *r*   •-  ^ ''^F •■^-•,'  ■:^^^^*^^ESlAatJaliia>SiS«  rPWHOtEatiivANn:?teTAll5:DE^EJtt*I^'^  SAND;PGRAVELvBRICK UMF,PAND AI^ BUIU>INGPMATERlAt3  1061 Xsin St.  TslspllOBS SSTBOIV IMS i  Stjrxaour 7200  Bstlmnttts Olvon  BUILOER'S SUPPLIES  WE CARRY .A COKPIETE I.INB Or  FINISHING HARDWARE -CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaioid Hoofing-  wood; valla^ce & leggat, limited  WJiolobalo Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  MANUFACTURERS  OX-  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and boo us, or phono. •  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phono Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  FOUR  MORE   NEW  SOLDIER  .HOMES   TO   BE   BUILT  SOON  Four more ' grants for homes for  soldiers to be built by the city under  the provisions of the Soldier Housing  Act, were passed by the city council  at its meeting on Tuesday. This will  comprise about the last of the $300,-  000 allocation which the city received  from the provincial government for  this purpose. Tenders are to be called shortly by City Building Inspector  Bird for the erection of these new  homes, 'the loans for which aggregate  ?13,S00.  The quartette of returned citizens  whose applications were approved by  the city council on the recommendation .of City Comptroller Pilkington  together  with  the  amounts  are:   Mr.  LAST CONTRACT  IS  LET^,-^,,,.—  FOR SOLDIER DWELLING  NEW WESTMINSTER — Reporting  to the city council at its last meeting,  Alderman Dodd 'announced that the  contract had. been awarded for the  last of the homes: for soldiers which  the city would be able to erect out  of the appropriation which it had received from, the provincial government. ■ This ."-residence" .was.-for Mr. J.  W. Crispen, and the lowest of a number of tenders received was one from  Sloan & Harrison, Columbia street,  for $3,S00., The award of the contract  was confirmed by the council and'the  contractors intend to start work at  once on the dwelling.  With the exception of a. few hundred dollars which, will be retained as a  special fund for repairs and incidentals, this exhausts all the funds which  the Royal City has available for soldier housing.  .**■■  ^  oo:  CHaJm&B, AV0US, MATXS, TXXS, CO&  iT ZQVZPVZO TABBXCATXHO SJEOVS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  7 simoaS 8396 snd 8397  ▼s&eonTsr,:  \.  GOOD   PROGRESS   IS  MADE  ON   PACIFIC   HIGHWAY  CLOVERDALE—Good progress is  now being made by the contractors,  Messrs. Sloan & Harrison,-on the improvements and paving to the Pacific  Highway covering that'section from  Cloverdale'to Blaine. This section is  now being oiled and surfaced with  crushed rock. A double layer of this  treatment is to be applied, and the  surface rolled. Work is proceeding  on the stretch indicated from each  end. The improvement is progressing  rapidly, and from'the Blaine end has  DOMINION BRICK  Tot Sal* by ...  Champion ft; Whits: Evans. Oolsman a Erani, Xitd.: Taos. O. KcBrid* ft Co*  and ths Bitchia Contracting- ft Supply Co.. ltd.  Also toy Oillsy Bros., Hew Westminster, The Bbnrne Sand ft Gravel Co*  Ebon*, and the Great West Band ft Gravel Co.. Worth Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  . *;   ■   ■ LIMITED  'V  Head   Office  102  Moody. Bfock  VICTORIA, B.C.'  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  reached Ray Shepherd's house below  A. W. Mahinoy, $3,300;. Mr. E. Mahy, the Brown hill, whilst from the Clove'r-  $3,200; Mr. Martin Montgomery, $4,- dale end it is advanced beyond Mc-  200;  and .Mr. A. A. Davidson, $3,100.    lean's mill.  Cold Twist and Bend  BsnrroBcnso steex.:—  IParpe stocks of Mild Stfeel Bars.  We cut to length.  Bars to details.  BO&TSi—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tte Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  to furnish larpe orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON  AND STEEL BARS  FOBTIAin)  CEMENT — LIME — SCOTCH 7XBE  BBXCK —  FIBS  OIAT  GBAPHITE rOTTWDBT rACIWGS — COKE — SEA COAX  PIG XBOIT — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA BOPE  103  WHTCH: BTJLD.  PBITATE EX.  SET. 9197  r—  Seymour 4560  le  .   Company  J. SMITH, Manag-or  152 Alexander St. Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Yootb1 Experlenoe in all Branishes  of Eleotrioaa Work. Inspection—Expert  Advice — Tronble Work—Installing- — Bo-  Windlngr—^U Work Guaranteed.  ^\  WE   CAST  BLAKE  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY OF  - BRICK -  Just  Received  100,000, and  More  Following  Also See us For  SAND,  GRAVEL,   CEMENT,  FIBRE  PLASTER,   LIME  AND  OTHER   BUILDING   MATERIAL  TCHiE CONTRACTING and SUPPLY Co., Ltd.  Phono Seymour 9163 1561 Granville Street  /-■  Westminster Iron Works  Office, and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C. Phone 53  v„ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  se  V*  f  J. Hanbury & Co.  $HKXTB9  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  a.  Fourth Ave. and Granville. St  Bayview 1«76 .  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday by the  Record Publishing; Co., Ltd.  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale and  Retail  W. HOLT & SON  426—436 Dufferiri St. Fairmont 123S  Bevelling  and  Slivering  O. .MAMH.S  ■\ ~        PTPPP  ~S. St. SSMMM,       *. J.  KINS  KOGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors A Engineers  $11 UtiN Mfe     5n«Hr 6506  Ik (tone Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK  DEPARTMENT  F. Q. NICKEHSON  'sr  r. 3B70 ■    » 44W BtiafUff* St. Wwt  TsseonTsar. B. C  rsmtGrejr  OrkvoL TorpodOjOrsTol, .Crushed  Brick. Lime,' Piaster, Cement, etc  ENED   PLASTERING  SANS  ffcl  Anrns St * Msrla* Vt.  A newspaper or general circulation,  featuring Building. Contracting. Engineering. Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining.  Automobile, Provincial, City and Harbor  Improvements.  C. H. NELSOK.:..MANAGIlAr EDITOR  . Office and Plant  629 Pander SfcW, Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR; 7808  Subscription Bates  Per Tear.in Advance  - flo.oo  Per Month    .—    *.Q©  all   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  ., :in. advance.  orrratax oboabt.  The British Oblumsia Record is the  o&clal organ of The Architectural histl-  tote of British Colombia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such Is used by them as  the medium through -which t* makerhetr  •fflcial announcements to the general  public '      %    : .  . Byvsuoh selection {fas British Columbia Record is no -wise pledged to editorial support of any policy ndvaneed  by thsse societies., hut maintains, an **•  sototely independent position on all mat-  tata. subject to edlUrisl ooinloo.  til. MORRIS 1 CO., LTD.  OCT OUJt PRICE ON  1 -f *  "...  <r-/.t. i *-*,.>      } *r      w     -   i     . t  t  " FIRE ESCAPES "  1<MS  2120-21*9  Cedar   St  aw' aaw'cii aumiwo *            ,-ssr. ssai-  THEO. KORNER  aSMDSM  S30PSHT AStSlstANCC TO  • i TUB* silos sasio+rf    *  h_  nsRsmuiAL  Aim  uhmoafi desmmt  ssas on flahs asd Fsssraonvsa  . sxnrrars, osamsAi. Muvosnao  l   " ' ' — :——-r ;—'  LEEK & Co, LtP  .1 '» 'J .-  MYMOUR Ml  «TEAM A HOT WATER HI EATING  «>IFE BENDING  toso home* STmarr  ds  SPRAYWHITE  '•  f sr mtertor » Bztsxter Wock  Fall. CUMMINGS  AND COMPANY  44S Homer St. '.—- Sey. 5670  S. H.SHAVE  GBNKKAL  CONTRACTOR  •SPECIALIST IN BUNGALOW  CONSTRUCTION  sad axlratns Sts.  Bay. 3XT»  Bay. ST  Peter Tardiff  -General  Contractor  REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS  1121 BMwall St.      Sey.7S9*R  HARDWOOD FLOOR  "Stay-Put" Brand  KILN DRIED  KEPT DRY  STAY DRY  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Umitad  SB17 Oran. St.  Bay.. 1387  Robertson & Devey  ^Nginaera aiid Cbiistructbrs  iBBSCtiots, Desifn, Reports, Coostructtoi  Industrial Tlsnts,Batldin/g8 and Equipment  Wharven   and   Piers.      Power  Plants  -   Industrial  Hail ways  Ooncrete; Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BLOQ.   SEY.9217  YOUR PRINTING  ,     ,   SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  3r<fiozaa Sey. 31S' 516'Vender Vt.  TIME WASTED ON E8TIMATE8  THAT   NEVER   BRING   A  JOB OR ORDER.  The amount of time that is" wasted  ©very year by contractors, architects  and dealers in building material supplies in furnishing estimates to persons who have no earthly intention of  ever placing an order or awarding, a  contract' as a result of- these "estimates" they ask for so glibly, would  be surprising If it was all'totalled up.  In the case , of~ architects it is 90  doubt unavoidable to ,a -certain degree, for it* is .'to the architect that the  prospective' owner or "home-builder  goes first to ascertain the probable  cost of the dwelling or building which  he proposes to erect.   ..   ,  In the case of busy and hard-worked  contractors however, the amount of  valuable time that is -.Wasted in the  course' of year making up estimates  would often enable/him to build several moderate priced homes. Often a  contractor Is inveigled into'preparing  a carefully made and closely cut estimate on some particular and utiusual  building job, or extensive contract for  alterations or remodelling under the  plea that he is one Of a select few  "selected contractors" who have been  privileged to figure on the job. Very  often the contractor finds out that  there was practically a "selected contractor" who generally lands the job,  despite the. cut-to-the-bone estimates  the other fellows put in.  Then, there is the "gimme an estimate" fiend who thinks that the building supply material dealers has nothing else to do but to figure out intricate quantities required in lumber and  other materials, together with their  cost. Occasionally, this ancient and  altogether too  prevalent trick is un-  USE  AYRES  PAINTS  Your Travellers'  Wasted Calk  are too big a burden on your  selling cost. We reduce it. We  give you daily a batch of clean-  cut, definite reports—nothing  hearsay or hazy about them—on  contracts for  Building & Engineering  ■work being let that should mean  thousands Of dollars in your  bank account every year. Our  'news-gathering service is unique  and Dominion-wide. Hundreds ■  of big firms gladly use it.  Write for full information.  *  Maclean Dally Beporte, Limited.  212 Winch Bldg1., Vancouver, B.C.  Telephone—Seymour 2013.  REPORTS  wittingly exposed. A notable instance  of thi3'was given in a Penticton. journal recently in the following innocent-  looking paragraph:  "The   municipal   engineer- was  authorized'at the council meeting  Monday night to call for tenders  for  approximately  90,000 feet  of  -   lumber required in the construction  of    the   superstructure   that  will  carry the  new metal  flume  the  municipality  proposes  erecting this fall.    Two or three bids  will  be   sought  a't the. coast  beside  those  of the local  dealers,  .more as "a check on local prices  than with any idea of dealing out  of the district."  The verdant reporter who penned  that last sentence inadvertently let  the cat out of the bag. Please note  the refreshing candor with which the  statement is made that the' bids on  this big order of lumber to be sought  from coast, dealers "more as a check  on local prices than with' any idea Of  dealing out of the district."  The Penticton aldermen evidently  think it is no trouble a't all for coast  lumber dealers to sit down and figure  out this more ot less intricate dimension order for 90,000 feet. They seem  to think it is a .delightful sort or pastime which the „ coast lumbermen  would rather indulge in than play golf,  and without the hope of getting an  order, even if their bid is lower.  There is altogether too much of this  "free   estimate   on   application"   pre-  John K. Coleman, 1531 Seventh Avenue West.  Contractor Coleman reports that the  use of a portable as mentioned lias  saved from $25 to $35 per day In carpenters' time on jobs that he lias had  under way. A saw of this size permits  of the cutting of stair forms and hancl-  'llng much other, work that takes up  the carpenters' time.  A Chinese textile made of raw silk  can bo buried in tho earth a year  without deteriorating.  ARCHITECTS REGISTER  AT ONCE.  SHIPBUILDING NOTES  The "City 'of Vancouver" an 8800  ton dead weight, -standard steel  freighter, is to "Be launched at the  Coughlan shipyards at 5 o.'clock this  (Friday) afternoon. Mrs. F. It. number will officiate as sponsor for the  vessel, which is a sister ship to the  Margaret Coughlan arid is owned and  will be operated by the Coughlan interests through a subsidiary company."  This ship, which marks the eighteenth  steel' vessel of 8800 tons which has  been turned out by the' Coughlan  yards, has already'been booked for a  cargo for the United Kingdom.    '  MINING.  The dismantling of the converter  building and the 40-ton crane commenced on Monday at the Greenwood  smelter. ' -  A new copper lead was struck on  the Mountain Chief* IninePat R'enata,  lait week. It is 1000 feet down the  vailing in business "and building cir- slope from tne old workings,  cles and the sooner the rule-xof>pay  ITEMS   BELOW   HAVE  BEEN   PUB-  '      LISHED   PREVIOUSLY  BUT  ARE HELD FOR READY  REFERENCE  ment for estimating is insisted upon  the better it will be for those engaged  in the building and allied trades.  (Continued from Page 1)  due to stocks being depleted during  the war years and lack of transportation preventing stocks being renewed,  that thi3 may be the last* large contract for ties placed at that figure  WAR VETERANS BUILDING HOME  CALGARY, Alta.—-The construction  of the new club house of the Great  War Veterans' association has commenced. It is one of. the most expensive buildings started here for some  time, costing ? 150,000, with an area  of almost 10,000 ^square feet. It, will  be' three stories high and luxuriously  furnished.  /  Architects Act of B. C. 1920  To all Architects practicing in the  Province of British Columbia. , Take  notice that the organization of the.  Council of the Architectural Institute lias been completed and notice  thoreof has been published in the  British Columbia Gazette in accordance with the Act. Now, therotor.  it is necessary for all persons practicing Architecture to cause his or  hsr name to be resristercd with the  Secretary of the Institute, together  with credentials satisfactory to .the  council of being competent and In  practice and by paying to the necre-  tary tho fee* made payable in that  behalf.  Forms of application for registration con bo obtained from (the secretary.  All < communications, requests .for  forms or Information must be made  in writing addressed to the secretary.  Absolutely no information will be  given  by  tslephone.  f By order of the Council,  *\  L.   TOWNLEY,  Secretary,  32S   Homer   Street.  Vancouver,  B.  C.,  INSURANCE  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  SSTABUSHZD XV 1886  739 Hastings St. W. Sty. 7820  Oronnd Floor, Winch Bldg.  / Tsnoonvsr, B. O.  REfRIGERATJON  to bsImi ftNti isi ccM stow SfStlSS. Stct-  mhI raMimtsrs asl pfests fir 4 cnIs| prpm  MACHINE-SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Llnds Canadian Raffrisjsratlon  Company Umitad  500 CsmpbsII Ays. Hick 822  from British Columbia mills which  will be kept busy for some time on  this class of timber. It is probable  that owing to the enormous demand  for railway, ties > the Old Country,1*nd Vancouver, on the construction of  BIDS ASKED ON NEW HOME  IN   VICTORIA   SUBURBS  VICTORIA.—Bids are being invited  from contractors  by Architects Mac-  lure &' Lord, with offices in this city  FORD TO BUILD HUGE  PLANT IN MONTREAL-  MONTREAL.—A five million dollar  Ford automobile factory .will shortly  be established here in the eastern part  of the city, application having been  made by the Ford .company .to the  harbor commission for wharfage facilities on the harbor front:  CONTRACTOR DECLARES.  . ' POWER SAW SAVES TIME  •SEATTLE]—That the use of a small  gasoline engine connected- to a 20-inch  circular saw whTch can be carried to  any part of a building under construction has resulted in a substantial saving over the method usually employed,  by contractors of using a stationery  saw Is the statement of Cpntarctor   ^- x  THE  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  I BUILDING  is read by every  ARCHITECT,   ENGINEER  and  CONTRACTOR  IN   VANCOUVER  AND  VICINITY,  MEN WHO ARE CONSTANTLY  SPECIFYING AND  BUYING MATERIALS  AND MACHINERY  new home which they have just completed the plans for. The dwelling is  to be erected for ^Ir. E. B. Malfall on  the site secured afc the corner of Beach  Drive and Transit Road. It is to be a  two-story frome structure -with all  modern conveniences.  >Tender3 are to close with Mr. Mac-  lure, -104 Union iBank, building, Victoria, on Tuesday  p.m.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the busl*  ness men and wommn off  the citv are certain of th«s  kln«T of smss they wsnt sit  reasonable prices*.  Ns.1  sao coftbovA sr. wkmr  •ta PCNont st. tetasr  Good  (Eats  "Tli find Food RestHTiits  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORK-  ERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phoie your. Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  EflGRAWIG I  C0L0RTYPEC?  DESIGNERS Er E/IGRAVERS  Robert W. Hunt & Co.. Ltd.  INSPECTING and TEaTINC ENOINEIlt*  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phot*. Seymour 219fl> ,  RsslAsnt Inspsctsrs •« sM Lsras Mlstnif •etartsj. (^sNtrss I  September 14 at 3  ASKS BIDS ON  RENEWAL  OF WHARF AT KINCOLITH  Tenders are being called by the  Dominion department of public works  for the renewal of the present wharf  at Kincollth in the Skeena district.  Tenders will be received up to noon  of Wednesday, September 22, by Mr.  R. C. Bosrochers, secretary of the department at Ottawa. '  Plans and specifications £>f what ,i?  required Jn the way of wharf renewal  and repairs, together with forms of-  contract and tender can be obtained  at the office of the district engineer  at Prince- Rupert, and at the post  offices at Vancouver and KJncolith, B.  C. Blue prints can be obtained from  the department at Ottawa upon payment of $10 to ensure their return.  The usual' ten per cent, check must  accompany all bids.  STRAIGHT  :    —on-  LOANS  MONTHLY LOANS  . o,N——  DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  JOAN CO.  330 j?on(lor St. W.  PHOBTE SE-ZBTOtra 790-791  TENDERS INVITED FOR  RECLAMATION  WORK  Tenders are being invited by the  Department" of the Interior, Ottawa,  up to September 27th for the construction of Drains, Waterhen Reclamation project.  Plans, specifications and form of  contract can be seen at the office of  the District Chief Engineer, Dominion Water Power Branch, 213 Hastings street east.  An accepted bank cheque drawn on  a chartered bank of Canada for the  sum of $10,000 and made payable to  the order of the Minister of the Interior must accompany each tender.  Classified Advertising  CONTRACTORS and BUILOERS  Factories,      Hoiisos     and  Cfarngcs -Kepa-Jred,    .General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   XOBBIS  Soy. 341S  Sey. 931 Eveiiinffi?        1758 JRobBon St.  MACHINERY  Hoisting enpdnes, Jocornotrvcn, lathcH.  wire rope, rafla, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  TSCAUXQIIAZ. MACHIDTEKY   CO.  !)2G Main St, Soy. 609  UH'jd   Machinery   ot   All   Kinds   Bought,  and   Sold.  B. O. EQUIPMENT CO., X.TO.  Bank of Ottawa Jil&g. Soy. 9040  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REPAIRS        STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvls Electric Company, Lid.  570 Mcfeards St.  'Pkom*  SoyzDon*   175  GILLEY BROS., Limited    DCALeRS IN  CRUSHED ROCK    -   SAINO   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   Or   BUILDING   MATERIAL  •02 CaJantbla Straat Wast  Pnona IS and IS Naw Wsstmlnitsr, B.C.  ~J  PACIFIC  LIME   Sold By ——  ALL DEALERS  CANADIAN JOHNS -MANVILLE  Company, Limited.  Asbestos and its allied products  Roofing and   Roof  Coatings  Pipe Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  738 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 4427  THE  SHIPPING  GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  5P£?J^LSo, J?EEr^TEn SMIpP"N<= TO AND FROM ALL PORTS  2»oIH^^°F^\,^VTHENTIC INFORMATION FURNISHED TO SHIP-  ^?»™«T<l?K.IR = »E^ERa fOR.ROUTINO rRBIOHT. PASSENGERS.  f£P2J?8 ^1o J1ARCEL p08T TO ALL POINTS IN CANADA. UNITED  STATES.   ALASKA   AND  THE  ORIENT.   '  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST    -    .    .    VANCOUVER, B.  PHONE:- SEY. 7808  See   Ub  For All Kinds of Machinery  waena atAOHiisrBBr. 00, kto,  Sey. 744SMT443 £  1390 Ztic&axdB St.  =SS!  THE   OWNER,   ARCHITECT  and  BUILDER  Is assured complete heating .satisfaction If ho Insists on Dunham Heatlhft.  '  In Dunham Heating- tkoro 1b no gncHs-work; every detail In planned with  one aim—tho installation of a perfect working. ' noisoless and economical  system.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY LTD.  Branch Sales Office,      Vancouver, B.C.  D. G. BRISON, Manager  Phone Seymour 8057  425 Standard Bank Building  MAKE  USE OF  I  0  sa&wiii ■fV'u"r]  "^-.   .*!»  .-■rw  • K.mV i >■'  i^.'i'p'  life'& >  l>.  . «J*  r^»  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  3 ;.  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Htsi St Sty. 376a--Bay.H28R  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  ' . ,    Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds si Wlzs Work.  112-16  Dufferin  St. Fair'.- 2648  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plaatarias Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes & Horie  General   Contractor*  836 Howe St Serawr 1389  EDWARD COX  Ganaral Contractor  CaMnst MafclaE Flsturss  Sey. 1163 Rear 530 Howe SL  under ( onstructioix  thb  roraowrao tabx,e shows buhdxjtqs cosivrxro   95,000   ob   otee,   oar   which   cokstbvdctzok  UNDER WAT, OB ON WHICH COH9BACTS HATE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBTJCTIOK HOT YET S2ABTED.  IS  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractors!  > |  Crtfit Fowiir IMg.   Vncwer, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRIICTION  Company, Limited  Ganaral Contractors  SOS Richards St.   -   Say. S320  W.GREEN LEES  oparsAOTom  File SWiTlaV. WnarTss, »rl««ss,  roundatlOBS, ste.  7 Cordova St. W. "'  ~ Seymour 10*3  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. UMITE9  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Sti.dard Bank m.       Sey. 792C  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  SiyWBr3535 581 Pacific Bldg-  n. MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Serwioar 460G  328 Btrk's Bids'.  Palmer Bros.  Ganaral   Contractors  929 Haifl St SH- 487B  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan  rz  RUSH & READ  PLMM AHO ORNAMENTAL PUSTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay- 3370a3ofl suphen.  st  Bay.   1602R.  STEWART & COLTART  TURNBULL & CliRR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Talc. 892 t  Soymour 5089  26 14th Avo. E.  Character      _ ^Cost  Three-story   Bank    $300,000  Alterations    ,    $100,000  Alters,  to   Bank.....'.  $15,000  Residence.  $20,000  Three-Storey   Bldg;   .  - J60.000  rtosidence   .'.   $78,000  Warehouse  ~    $8,500  Residence    $7,000  Residence   _   $G,300  Residence     $6,700  Basement   &   Elevator $20,000  ReKidence    - *. $7,500  Shingle Mill  _ $80,000  Residence  „ :   $5,000  Residence   $9,000  Residence    $8,000  Gas   Plant    $340,000  Bungalow    $5,000  Bungalow .»i?'5S5  Residence    $11,000  Residence    _ $0,000  Xiesidenco :    $11,000  Residence     $11,500  Addns.   to   Bank   -. $30,000  Power   House    _ _$10,000  Residence   _...'.    $5,500  Residence  ~-  $10,000  Residence    ,. _    $7,000  Jam  and Sugar Rooms i; •?■???  Residence'     »15,0*0  Store   Bldg _ -....$13,500  Residence -   Pel centage  Residence    51*222  Residence   .'   !5'?92  Residence   ^.!5'$?2  Theatre   -   $400,000  Rei3"idVnceT".\3.3."\™\™..   J2'2S2  Residence  ,- .fl'SiS  Agronomy  Barn  - sll.SSJ*  Residence   ....' —*1J'522  Alters,   to   Store    - f5*?R2  Residence ..„ - * .?5'X2x  Warehouse  Exten !!9'222  Residence   .. .".-. ~-    »i5'°22  Bungalow   -— — „!*'2?"  Residence' „ r -   !™"222  Residence   ,. .". .»---  i™'0^  $7,000   $5,000   „$513,00l   „I10,0»«     $55,000   $28,000   ..15,100      $5,400  „   $5,000     $7,500   $20,000  _,....   $6,000  -eiiuunc      ~ —      J-'nftA  llinE       !?'°22  Residence  Residence   :.i   Excavation . &  Fill   Knctory  Bldg   Paving .. .'.   Completing   Residence  DwellinK & Garage ....  Bungalow     Dwelling   —......  Dwelling ...  Store .Building ...—....  DwellinK"...-.— .-..   Warehouse  Tivrt  Dwelling , ~ —  Residence   —',   Addition"   _ -   Residence  ._. —  Rank ....'. —   Bridge   Repairs..:—   Sheet   Metal   Wks :..-..  Residence   ..'. -   Residence -   Residence   r-   Hiph School    High School  _ .-  Resldepco    ............  Alterations    „.-..   teemodcIliTif   Residence   ....  Addns   to   Bldgs—-   Additions to residence .......  O well i n g   —  *   Dwelling ~   Dwell in jr   ..  »•—  Uwelling  ........ —-.   Residence ,  -•-  Residence   ..— ..   Residence   "...,„...... y   Residence     .,.....-,—~—  Residence   ' .ji—i .:..._.—  Residence     —• -  Residence   -,'- —■«   Dwelling ;-   Pwell'T    »   Remodel   Building      "Warehouse   Remodflling «   .„- $5,000      $9,000  ,    $7,000  „   $12,000  P  $30,000   $10,500   $6,000   .-...$5,800   $20,000   $7,300   $3C,347   $175,000       $12,000      $5,000   „.H,MO   $25,000  $12,000  '.".'."..    J 5.000   ;   JS.000  .... _    S5.S00      tc.fl*>o   $5,000    $5,000   $5,0n0  .   Sr>,00fi  1;. *5.Mfl  ....$5,000  .....   SS.OOO  ..   ?<i.oon  ..   _    $5,600  ���....-...$55.000       $50,006      $35,000  GREATER VANCOUVER  location  '.  Owner  Seymour & Hast...Unlon Oank ot Canada  Cordova St David Spencer Ltd.  Hastings & Ha*nilton.,Bank ot Hamilton  Marine Drive  _George Kidd  Gore and  Pender....Chinese  Nat.  League  Marine Drive  : B. D. Rogers  349  Railway   .~.7. G.   H.  Cottroll  4G15 Avanue F C. J. Phillips  i)08   iCth   Ave Dr.   Funk  Laburnum   '. A.  W.   Barber  447  Keefer St Almonds Ltd.  Granville   St O.   M.   Allen  Kerr & Fraser River Geo. H. Steves  2»00  13th Ave. W H.  D." Patterson  11>91   29th «Ave .■; J.   V.   Lightheart  4S50 Cbnnaught Dr G. E. LlgMheart  Falfie Creek  Vancouver Gas Co.  4«78  3rd Ave. W C. H. Hllchev  2242 35th Ave. W D. Frith  Marine Drive  Wm. M. McKsnzie  Tarlton Place  Dr. M. Sparrow  34th   &  Markham .Mrs.   C.  McTsvish  Angus  Ave. & 27th W. 15.  Farris  Cordova  St.   E Bank  of Montreal  Drake  St Dominion  Canners Ltd.  1905  12th Ave. W Alex. Chalmers  4 9th   St.,   Magee  Mrs.  J. W.  Allan  27th  & Selkirk  _....F. W. Chasmari  Drake St Dom. canners of B.C.' Ltd.  29th   &   Margaret i»t F.   G.   Brans  318-20  Pender  St.  E H.  F.  Ton*-  Point Grey  C. A-. Wlckens  4538   *farguer,ite R.   Mowbray  1174   26th  Ave c H.  De S.  Carey  C919 Cypress  ; Mi's. M. A. Ross  800 Block Sey. St...B.'C. Paramount Ltd:  27th & Cartier" ;  Shaughnessy   Heights,...  Point  Grey     Connanght St. .,   623   Granville  St   6726   Laburnum —,....,  159 Water St.  Avenue   "D"  !lst j*ve. W   W. J. Read   B. - J.   Jayne   U.  of  B. C.   J. T. Griffin  .Edwards   Bros,  ....D.   Robertson  , .....A. P. J31ade Co,  Shaughnessy M.. Rector  .-..Artls.tic Bung. Contrs.  British Colombia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH,   MAN AG EH  8IIEKT      MKTAI.     COXTICACTORS     AND     IUSTVA&  TUHKTta,     VKT.T    AJtU   OKAVKC    KOOrUKH.  ralr. 1267 523 7tlx Ave. West  17th  Ave.  Dr. C. H. Vrooman  Cartier & Connanght Dr H. J. Perrin  1135   10th Ave.  W..„ M. J. Coulson  S807  12th Ave. W G. E. Adams  Ballantyne Pier   —Dom. Ootrnt  952 Rich. St.....Fior.eer Auto & Car. Wks.  City   Streets  ;..City of Vancouver  Shaughnessy Heights  A E.  Tulk  27th  Ave. & Carter St C. N. Wood  2011 37th Ave, W —a J. Hum'-  1997  35th  Ave. W W. H. Collard  4564   3rd Ave.- W...'.._ _ W.  Brims  Cordova   &   Columbia. J.   Memstien  1780   13th  Ave.  W Mrs.  p. 'B.  Murray  Industrial   Island —Gibsons.   Ltd  1135  28th Ave. W..: _ S. Collingt  ! 6556   Laburnum „ A.   L.   Rarnag»  .4469  Angus Ave ..Mrs.  M. C  Healy  'Jericho .-..:_ _ Jericho Country Club  Conns-Ught Drive C.  B. McAllister  Marpole  _ _.Royal  Bank of Canada  Engineer's Dept. ,Day Labor  550  6th Ave.  W J.  R.  Tacey & Sons  1246"27th Ave. W. ~.C. .Woodburn  Matthews Ave. & Alex'dra—J. R. Duncan  2327  Collingwood St R. H. Ward  South Vancouver....So. Van. School Board  Marpole  1 Pt. Grey School Board  4312. Pine-Street  -,_ W. McLean  R   C. M   P.  Barracks ..„....Dom. Govrmt.  33S0* Granville St ....Charles E. Campbell  Fairvicw   -...University of B. C  ,Shaup,hnes.«y Heights  r-..  B. Hamber  »S?3  -<2nd Ave. w: I.'W. S: McLeod  1391  27th Ave. W  Mrs. F. Elklns  '.70S   33rd  Ave.  W„..- —W.  Hansen  <Uh  &  Highbury..". J. B.  Barreaa  Shaughnessy Park  ...'._ W.  Walsh  Shaughnessy Park  A. M. Farquahar  Fairviev.'   '.   „..Mrs. J. Graham  Fairview  ~ J- ..J.  Cunningham  VqIi-vjow   «T.  McG  Robertson  Fairview  _ A.   B.   C.   Ltd.  Strathcona  Place .;—.,-_.—H.  G.. bright  6579 Maple St.' F. It. Murray  1SS6  13th Ave.. W f.-.W.  H. Dargavel  Gran   & Rob?on Sts Royal Bk. of Can.,  Ft    Gore   Ave Can.   Fishing  Co.  Sevrnour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.  Architect  „  Contractor  Sum'ville & Putrnan..HQdgson. K. & Mar.   Dominion  Constr.  Co,  A E. Henderson , 13. C. Alleji  Townley & Matlieson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Edwardes  Sproat J. MoGougan  Bernard C. PaImer.._Dominion Const. Co.  _ Baynes  &   Horie  ._ „ _     Owner   , G.   S.   Bellamy   „ _ Crornie  &   Vroom  E.  E.   Blackmore R.   Sharp  Sillingham & Korner Day Labor   _ _  Owners   _     Owner      Owner   _.     Owner   •. , _ Owners    .'.  Owner   Rogers Bros. & Sinclair  Townley  &   Mathesn. _Wm.   J.   Read  Townley & Matheson  Chas. Purdy   » Irvine •&.   White  H. if. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt  Honeyman  & Curtis Baynes  8c Horie  J. E.  Parr  _...Fredk. Sherborne   _ _ _  ^..Ownsr  Honeyman & Curtis: A. L. Rarnajje   .-.    eplton  J. E. Parr  _ S.  J.  Newitt  H. H. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt  Contractor    -W.   H.   Chow  Downing & Kyall  —J. Laing   „ iT  -Owner  ..„•_ _.....*. B.   S., Realty Co.  ._ »  Stewart  &   *oltart  Thoc.  Lamb; Toronto..,.Dom., Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g Archts.  Townley & Matheson ...W. J. Read  Townley A Matheson J. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson.  S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie & Bow  C. F. Robinson  Dalton & Eveleigh  Dixon & Murray  Townley. & Matheson A.1 L.  Ramage   Dominion   Constr™.   Co.  Mackenzie & Bow _ Blackley & Co.  Owners   : S.   H.   Shave  James A. Benzle..Rogert- 8r?>s. & Sinclair  James A. B*nzie_Rogers Bros. & Sinclair      Day   Labor  P'. S.   A.   Pellar  V..". — ~, Grant &  McDonald  eontractbr    ....:....:_.3edford   Davidson   Columbia   Bithulithic-.Co..  Ltd.  Bernard C. Palmer J. K.  Sinclair  „  H.  S.  Griffith^,   "  "... „ _. C.  J. Phillips         Owner   3* _"...,'..,, P. W.   Farley  H.'"H.~Simmonds Snider Bros.  & Son  Owner  P-   "W.   Melllsh  Jwner    P _ T.  McClay   1"".". -.^..Bargain  Sales  Realty  Co.     .-  Owner   TT" "'Z"."'.~'Z it C.  Griffith  Bernard cT'Palmer  J..K, Sinclair  Maclure & Lort _....... J. S. Crowell  Gardiner & Mercer....Hodgson. King *■. M,  Connaught Bridge ....City of Vancouver  Twlzell, :Birds  & Twizell..-Peter Tarditl   Woodburn  &. Chaytor  Gardiner & Mercsr  „..._.. -Day Labor  Glllam & Mountain..^ Cook & Hawkins  Twlzpn. Birds & JCwizell.—-Peter Tardiff  Twizeli, Bird's & Twizell     .Owners  „ _.G.  Churchill & Son  Owner's'';'.'.".'.'.   J- ■£. Bye  Townley &■ Matheson .Dixon & Murray  Sharp & Thompson -.Baynes &. Hone  B.   C.   Palmer   :.— ,T.   L.  Gray  .._ : . Owner  „._.„     ~~"-""^W ;_s>   n    McLeod  „  _.Woodburn   &   Chaytor  " ": - M.  C.  Griffiths  ,' *.".' Faulds,   McQueen  &'Pearce  _ ....Faulds. McQueen & Pearce  ' ..Faulds. McQueen &' Pearce   .'.{.Faulds,- McQueen & Pearqe  _1"   PFaulds. McQueen &. Pearce  _FaUlds,  McQueeri & Pearce  Downing & Kayll    Owner   ..  _, *A.   H.*. Cromie  -  ^_     Owner  Gard.   &  Merc*er..Hodgson, King A Marble  Owners   - A.  W.  Quist  James   A.   Benzie    -    McLeod Sheet Metal Worts  Furnaces,    Roofing.    Cornices,    Sky-  ligUts  and   General   Sheet  Metal  ■Work  Seymour  7177  1042  Richards  St.  J. R. TACEY & S8N  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour 3617  1160  Seymour St.  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID >  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  PboM rrassr 178 X   446 4Stk Ats. E.  R.N.DICER*Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND  MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  , OPEN DAY AND NIGHT     -  Phone Sey. 824 (Say and Wight)  1256 Pender St. W.    ... Sey.  9316-R  Sey. 79C5 Night Thone Sey. 637  W. W. FRASER  Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Hast. Si. W. ,      Vancouver, B. C.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  t  B.KHI1CAL      IM»XAI.I*ATIO]««      OV     EVJEHT  DXHCBIPTIOIT.        SUtCIRlCAI,    iDrruo  Bey. 9513 539 If&ln Street  ,   Specialist   in   Cement .Work .  ED. HUGGINS  TJmAXM   abto   OBHABCCTTAX  PKASTEBSS  B*y.  35351s. 3538  Third  ATS.  W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  KAX80  fO   AJR>   TXVTXVa  A SFECZAXiTT  . SSTIICATBB OXTZB!  Phone Pairnxomt 484 m.  314 7th Ave. Z. Tsaoohtst, 8. C.  Percy F. Letts  Dectricil Fjjgaier wk Gntractir  ■Ifn-CUss   Zlsctrlcal   Work'  and   Pixtnres    ..  Bay.  441 3044  Granv-llle  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  ammutAx, bzpaibs.  wnrnnfo — swztcxboabb*  xarsTAXAATibm  247 HastiRSs Stt L  Sty. 3856  soua  :«#■'/.  J.C. RESTON  ZXZCTBICAZ.. B»0:  AJTD" COBTTSACTOB  814 Bank of Bora Scotia Bid*.  ,  602 Hasting West  Sey. 3889-7579  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX   MOTORS   LIMITED  1233 Hornby St. Say. 94*1  VANCOUVER FORCE CO.  I.lmits44 A    ,  FORGINGS  OT AL.ll DCSCRIPT|pNS  Ft.   Victoria  Drive  .  " Highland" 701  SASH * DOORS  AU Stock Stses Csrrisd  Glass and Glazing  J. A. GRANT  1938 Manitoba St. Pair 3491 X  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers ©V Contractors  EIICTIICsl WSTUUTI9NS SF IU KIHit  923GetrtiaSLW. Sey. 6S96  >-^SBSSSiSBsaSBB«SSS«BBSB^«aBBBBlSBBBBlSS«S^BMSBBBB^BB^BBSBB«aS^BSiSiMSS^  Williams Electric  Company.  XZXCTWUCAX. COWTBACTOBS  COBSTmVCTZO V.'  ICajBTEBAJTCB  AMV^MSrAZMM    ■  ^OlIioaK Strsst     Phons Bay. 4034  [ftVJffs  I.LKrm  — CEDAR   COTTAGE   PAINTERS  AND   DECORATORS  3538 FLEMING ST. ^ -  FAIR. 3313 Y.  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON,   PROFMCTOIt  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sty. 9478 735 Belmoksn St. <  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WOEES •  cobmtcs. "^""^.JHS**"  ' STACKS.    AT/TO   WOW.  Anything In Sheet MsUlla~» Roofing.  8. T. Scarlett, MS**  757   Beatty  St Sey.   7645  JOHN ARNOT ft SONS' .  SASX   aad  BOOB33—OPPZOX  PXXTVSBS  Baadsawlnff aad Xnxmidg, ste. '  *  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  OBANDVTEW SHEET  METAL WORKS,  LIMITED  rvmBTACBS.    OOBJnCBB,   SBTT-  uozn aad oinrsmAx  JOBBXB?6>  l«S  V«e*blM St. HdHaM M2  *f?«cI#r —:""~;::;7:t.ooSS  Railroad      •"  Kailroad     •-  ""■"jssbTooo  Bridge   —  ' si"5 000  Want  Extensions     $10000  3   Storoy   Addn.     TUn nnn  ?,oys   Training  School $140,000  Municipal Hall .....—  • $75,000  21   CoURKes   .••".-•■;•- ••"" kXlSO.000  ftecliunation P^or^, •-•■: •      jto <>00  feoys-   Training   School "jUo'.OOO  Milk  Condensory - s.jg(0oo  Hemode linK   School    —— ••• >  • ftn  rlvlne   Pacific   Highway *1|0.000  Dairy   Barns    -• "jss.OOO  Pavinp  xxn','^ '.'."...$30,000  Fruit   Storaue   Whsc.  ._    V $10,000  Momorlftl   Hall  .        $«.000  Dwellinp ".'.'.Z$65.000  Power  Plant   ••• - —*  Qulnsam   Klvcr Urlose      $42.b66  School  f •■••» - "";;"   AVnrohoune- Addn. ;- $30,000  Paving Kivcr Road — $12,000  Kour   Houses    " ';,$35,000  Bank  -•••■"••■•'• ",', "     $75,000  Rubber   Faetory   -  $20,000  Fish   Oil   Plant .- $47,000  Schcol - $17-1,500  Indian '*>&<><>}     ..$25,000  Railway Station  - -r-       $20,000  School   — '-'  $11,000  Bank    " ""..".'..'....$10,000  Bank  '.-.- -      'P'„   SSSSd^HoiTSST'Moh Sho'ps'"e"i'c:  School  — "'  Sfwidence --•—.7'""  '.  Two Storey  Block  -   .Store   Bldp   Additional   Storey   ....  Abattoir      Restaurant  ;   *£»0 000   $30,000  .   $100,000  $60,000  _ ..$20,000  .....$■10,900   $1!),9-I0   $50,000  ...  $11,500  BRITISH COLUMBIA GENERAL.  location   —   ©wnsr  Princeton  to Copj>er X»t.. .. B. C- Copper Co.  Albt-rnl to Great Central  Lake. CP.Ht  De«p  Creek. P.G.E Prov.   Govmt  Mill Creek _..Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Westminster Westminster Brewery Co.  CoquiUam  _ _..i,Prov. Govmt.  Coqultlam       Municipality  Powell River _.. Powell River Co.  Sumas  Lake   -.. : Prov.   Govmt.  Cociuitlam    ~ Prov.   Govt.  Abbotsford Fraser Valley Milk Prod s  Burnaby „ -   Petersons to Johnson Rd., 2 1-3 miles....  Lulu   Island '.-—N.' Nelson  Woodwards Landing  Prov. Govmt*.  Kelownn.   Kelowna   Storase ^Ltd.  Courtonay —G.  W.   V.  A.  Kelowna. B. C. - - -•.-.  Alice   Arm Taylor  Engineering:  Co.  Near  Campbell   Rlvor Prov.  Govmt  Lvnn  Volley  No. Vane. School Dlst.  Vernon   Vernon   Fruit   Assn.  South  Vancouver Prov.  Govmt.  Penticton v...  ....Soldiers   Hsc.   Schema  Penticton   - Bank  of Hamilton  Pt Coquitlam....Gregory Tiro & Rub. Co.  Nanaimo J. B. Jardlne  Courtenay    ....Prov.   Govmt.  Stuart Lake  £>orn. Osymt.  Nanaimo — — EJ. & N. Railway  North Cedar  - p.rovv 9Pvt-  Williams  Lake. Can.  Bank of Com.  West Summerland „..Can. Bank of Cam.  VICTORIA  Victoria—Sydney Paper Mills & RfK. Co.  Vtottvrifl.     —•   Oar     NnH    Riwv^  "Vtetorto ...:..P ^-.....TBie WRlowe Sotbsl  'JaK   Hiij'.   Victoria ..^_... 1<.  Vf   Gibson  DouRlaa St.. Vic Mrs. W. If. Dou^ac  DouKlas & Brouprhton Qtto Weilor  Douglas  &  Broughton _Otto Weilor  Palmer Station  J. B.  Fapan  Oriental   Alley    Honp . Tonsr  Archltsct    Contractor   A. E.  Giflffln & Go.   _    Foundation   Co.  Prov.   Govmt. Canadian   Bridge  Co.  Owners    Hodgson,   King  &   Marble  Gardiner &  Mercer  J.   Hyalop  Pub.  Wks. Dept—Robertson & Partners  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison  Owners ~ Leonard C. Stevens  Prov. Govmt...... Marsh.  Bourne Co.  Pub. V/ks. Dept. Robert>ton & Partners   _ Sloan & Harrison  Joseph H. Bow-man Henry J. Emery  Public Wks Dept..„ Cotton Co.. Ltd.  Gardner & Mercer -Jas.  Hyslop  Public  Wks.  Dept Harrison & Lamond  Twizell.   Birds   &  Twlzell _ _  W. A. Owen. Cumberl'd H. Trehoarne  J.  A.   Benzie V.  j.   Winkel   _ _ „ .W.   V.   Hunt  Public  Wks.  Dept. Robert Moncrieff  Blackadder & Mackay Baynes fc Hfrie   „ __  .3 J. ,F.   MrffTat  Public Wks.  DepL..„Harrlson A Lamond  Swan &  Aujrustlnc   B.  F.  Priest  A. D. Achoson  :.„ R. N. Wyatt  Gardiner, &   Mercer.—  ..Owners  Wm.   Fred'k Gardiner  Day Labor  Public -Works-Dept. Robt.   Moncrieff  Dept. of Indian Affairs....Robt. Moncrieff  Owners .._..-.  George Wilson  Pub. Wks. Dept. B. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Wm.  Fredk.  Gardiner  Thos.  Wyloy  Wm.  Fred'k Gardiner —Thos. Harvsy  _  Co-operative  Contract Co.  Owners _ _ Robertson & Partners  C. B. ,Watlcins_  Lunoy Bros,  Maolure   &   Lort  Robt.   Monerioff  Percy  Fox JL Lockloy   Esquimalt  Percy  Fox   _ _ —Lunoy   Bros.  Percy Fox  - Luney Bros.  J   C.   M.  Keith Landie & Keith  1 ....Parfitt Bros.  i. A. WILES  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc-  1358 8th Ave. W.       Bayview 2278  CO., LIMITED  P&aWic Works Contractors  Office 83.3-815 Sower B!dg.  Offlc  L^».«—i ■''""'  Vancouver, B. C.  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Pkotof rapkirs  •IS GRANVILLE ST.  v   .        :   SEY.2S6B  / i : '  FOR  GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTEU.CTION  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS  CONSULT  E.J.RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephones, Seymoni 8585-8586  Salts 5. Palrnald Bldjr^ 445 Gran. St.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria, and which we are  Drenared to' funiish Building Con-  tractbri and Plasterers at lowest  nreystUiiiB piicea  1683  Oeor«ia Street West  The Electric Shop,  ELECTRIC    SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS,  12 KastiDfS SL E.  .Sey. 1224  Phcas Seymonr 1873.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  -Makers of  Switch Boards, Vaatl Boards, Steal  Cabinets, ste.  Switches designed and .built for any  special work.  Industrial Island     TancoOYsr. B. O.  Office:    Sey. 7075      Res.: Fair. 213SL  J.H. Healey  OFTOMETOIST  825 Birks Bld^. Vancouver, B C.  E. CHRY5TAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS,  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FSXTURES  Office and Factory  Georgia ST^E.     Seymour 8551  BUSINESS MEN  ■will And the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Lun-  eheon Hour. The gfist of Everything,  Prompt ' Service. Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  ' Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor ,and Chef ,  Fairview Sand  & Grave! Co.,  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 Main St. Sey. 6761  & ^wsssp^»i  w*ws»i^ssev—jw^^SSW  ^^1  1  BRITISH COLUMBIA BECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Plane Sejnour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  BUILDING PERMITS AMOUNTING OVER $750.00  Hiunber  r-escrlptlon  Cost  12226—Addition   $2,500  12227—Alterations   ?2.500  12230—Alterations      $1,200  12231—Dwelling   $4,000  12233—Dwelling   $4,000  12234—Dwelling       $4,000  12238—Dwelling       $2,500  Street Address  Xiot and Block  Howe   St.      752 Robson  St   752 Robson *St .....P        3476  5th  Ave.  W    2—33  38  15th Ave.  W   34  15th  Ave.  W    &—Z  36S2 Cambridge St. ..   11—9  BubJlvWlen  Architect  540 ....  526 ....  526 ...  H.T.S.  ..Hi T. Garrow   D. B. Watt  Oentraoter    ■  Address  C. H. Taylor  R. Sharp  Con. Co 693 Gran. St.   ^416 Yorkshire  Bldg.  Owner  Address  Blanck  Motor  Co.,  Lesee   Edward Gold  .*   Emma Gold     Watt & Bennie....,...1741 11th Ave. \v.  T. Angus  .' 235 10th Ave. W.  T- A'isus  235 10th Ave.  W.  G. Dowling  2516 Turner St.  J  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co.. Limited  r. A. Jones, Mtf*.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  .-"'   " ->■" -  Owners   of   Tu?   "CUTS"  General Tojvlng  324 FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  / TELEPHONE 1015  Farr, Robinson & Bird Limited  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  "RADIANT LIGHTS"  For Commercial LisrhtlnfC  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey. 3312  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SETMOTTB 8014  137 Powell St.  Vancouver. B. C  F  H. Mitchell  B. J. Mitchell  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Hows St.  Vancouver. B. C  Phons Soy. 1SS  ' Res. Bay. 77 .  I*:,  W'< -  -k1"'-!^ '•" I***1'   _,   '  3. J. Tricksy  X. 8. XUlott  p#% (l  Central Sheet  Metal Works  I PLUMBING   HEATING  I '   ventilating: •  I    56© Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  iXON & MURRAY  MANUTACTURERS OF  SHOWCASES; OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,   HIGHWAYS   ETC.   : _ j  NOTICE   TO   ARCHITECTS  AND ARTI6TS  OF CANADA  The undersigned has been directed  by the Laurier Monument Committee  to invite competitive designs for a  monument to be erectefl at the grave  of Sir. Wilfrid Laurier.  Architects or Artists desirous of  submitting designs must apply as  early as.possible to the Secretary of  the Committee, 115 Sparks Street, Ottawa, for particulars, as the date within which designs will be received is  the 1st of October next.  SYDNEY  FISHER,  Chairman  VANCOUVER PERMTS  1222S—-T. Baxter, garage, 624 Salisbury Dr., $250, J. Grant, Contr.  . 12229—1.  C.    Mills,    garage,  1445A  Pender St. E„ $100, J. T. White, Contr.  12232—D. Rawley, chimney, 2230 Columbia St., $150, Mr. Webster, Contr.  12235—J. Wepala, addition, 2224  Garden Drive, $500.  12236—Mrs. Johnstone, store front,  543 Seymour St., $120, T. Beetlestone,  Contr.  12237—James McLean, garage, 460  6th Ave. E., $100. . <    '  12239—S. A. Denby, garage, 3321  6th Ave. W., $100.  (Continued from Page 1)  for .the harbor board, to prepare plans  and specifications for a specially designed tugboat pier at the foot of Gore  Avenue. In accordance with the suggestions of leading tow-boat owners,  the new pier will be about 600 feet in  length, some 30 feet wide and built  of piling, the deck being - only about  four feet above high water. This will  obviate the construction of any very  deep slips along the pier and provide  berthing accommodation for about one  hundred of ' the average small tugs  which ply in these waters. The- construction of such a ■ pier will involve  an outlay of between $25,000 and $30,-  000,, and will ,also assure a consider-  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing - Heating  Sheet  Metal   .  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  564. Richards St.  -. .Se£ X7S4  AIR HARBOR COMPLETED  MORLEY, Alta.—The first air harbor In Alberta, which is located here,  is almost completed. It will be the  headquarters of a forest patrol staff  and contain six machines. The work  of fire fighting will be performed  with bombs containing chemicals,  which will be dropped from the plahes.'  This, town is in the-heart of the district which suffered so heavily from  forest fires last year.  SIDNEY ROOFING  AND PAPER CO., LTD  t  Manufacturers of  Ready Roofing, Building Papers,  Dry   and   Saturated Felts,  Rarbados Roofing Paint  VICTORIA, B.C.  J  GINERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANG-  INS and KALSQMiNING  Sey. 8765.     Sey. 376S  10S5 Gunsrnulr St.  harbor board.  J J.l  fti&m  Mil down  in a  'Dei  Loose Leaf Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figures and all  kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs.  New sheets replace old ones,  making the COVer a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact memo book.  Press the trigger  No more torn sheets. No  fumbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  Costs little, lasts always, because it  is bound in genuine Morocco.  I>et us show the De Luxe  Loose Leaf Memo to YOU.  Western Specialty  Xiiwited  572  Granville  St.   -   Sey.  3528  notice to contractors  Separate Sealed Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 noon,  Wednesday. September loth., for the  Plumbing and steam-heating trades lor  a School Building of twelve rooms and  assembly hall at Cartier Street and 6Tch  Avenue, . .Marpole. for t^e Board of  School Trustees, Point Grey, B. C.  I Contractor submitting- tenders will be  able addition, to  the  revenue-of the  iequired   to  'enclose   a   certified  cheque  for a sum ecyial to Ave per cent, of the  amount of tender, which cheque will be  forfeited should the Contractor fail to  enter into a contract when called upon.1  Successful contractors will be required to furnish approved Surety Bond to  amount of'Fiftj' per (Sent, of amount of  contract.  Copies of plans ,and specifications and  forms of- tender may be obtained at the  office of the Architects on the deposit  of a sum of Ten Dollars, which will be  refunded when plans and specifications  are returned  in  good order.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  TWIZELL,   BIRDS   &   TWIZELL,  Architects.  719  Metropolitan  Bldg.,  Vancouver,  B.   C.  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  3965—:F.  Benfield,   40th  Ave.,  addition,   $100.'  3966—Mrs. O.    Drang,    5336    Sher-  brooke St., addition, $100.  3967—Mr. Lewthwaite, 281 39th Ave.  E., addition, $100.  8969—"R. W. Scott, 6445 Fraser St.,  garage, $300.   '  3971—P.     Tardif,     45th     Ave.     E.,  school,  $36,347. '  3972—Mr. Rose, 3584 Ontario St., addition, $600.  S973—MP MP Reston? 4811 -Inverness  St., dwelling,'$1,830.  3974—Ole Boode, 3 387 38th Ave. E.,  e-arage, $100.  3975—J. Richmond, Churchill St., addition, $125. "      "*  3976—G. Mooi£, 179o', 32nd Ave. E.„  addition, $580.  3977—W. E. Owen, 1432 20th Ave. E.  addition, $200.  3978—W.   Lee,  2837   50th   Ave. «E..  addition, $370.  3979—T. W. Lumb, 56th Ave., dwel-  4Irig, $1,300.  3981—Mrs.' Williams,  5820   Fleming  St.', addition, $1,500.  3983—J. A. Byers, 347,58th Ave. E.,  alterations, $200.  3984—E. Merrill, 1753 46th Ave. E.,  addition, $250.    .  3985—Ed. Taylor, 1304 Marine Dr.,  foundation, $150. v  3987—D. Gibb, 25th Ave. W., dwelling, $3,200„  3989—M. Wade, 2343 43rd Ave. E.,  foundation, $300.  3990—Mr. White, 1242 25th Ave. E.,  dwelling, $300.  FAULDS IMEEN&  PEAeCE-LTD pi  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  We Specialize In  HOUSES & BUNGALOWS  -     GET OUR FIGURE  BEl?ORE-YOU BUILD  WRIGHT BROS.  -- BUILDERS -  SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.  CAHABXAK   HATXOVA&   RAXX.WAY8  Grand. Trunk Pacific Unes  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for  Ties'* will be receivedsat this office until twelve o'clock noon, Saturday, 25th  day of September, for 1,500,000 Railway  TAes to be made and delivered between  December 1st, 1920 and November 1st,  1921 in accordance with Tie Specification No. 3S56, dated March 18th, 1919.  900,000 to be delivered on the Grand  ' Trunk Pacific Line in British  Columbia.  200,000" to   be   delivered   on   the   Grank  -.    . Trunk   Pacific Line  in   Alberta.  400,000 -to be delivered in Manitoba and  Ontario- between   Winnipeg   and  Sioux   Lookout  on   the   Narlonal  Transcontinental   Railway.*  Tender   forms   and   specifications   can  be obtained at the office of the General  Tie "Agent,  No.   9   Toronto   Street,, Toronto,-:   .   .    -  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on forms supplied by the railway.  No-- tenders .for   quantities   less   than  10,000 ties will  be considered.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  E.   LANG HA.M.  General   Purchasing Agent,  Canadian National Bailwavs.  Toronto, Ont.  Toronto,  Sept.  3,  1920.  "NEVER LEAK" Roof Coating  Now is the season to recoat your Ready Roofing or Metal Roof.  Barrels or 4 gal. tins. -       «.'  "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine."  PACIFIC ROOFING  CO., Limited  Seymour   11SC*  MANUFACTURERS  Industrial Island  Vancouver. B.C  Campbell & Grill  Zstebllsbsd 1*05  Roofing Contractors  BTAX WnrflOWt-riM  BOOM—MKONC-STACXB mam.Arm  WVMMAOX—TSVTXKATIirO   rA»B—BIK>W* MMO--     ■  ■mioaTt-oznasx jobhio  1838, Seymour M.  ▼ascouver, B. O.  •srmooz t»m  r  uatsqux snciiro distbict  Construction of a 4 Gate Concrete  Sluice  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  .1.    DICRMON,    MANASER   '  FLOOf»3   LAID   AND  OLD  FLOORS  HEFINISHED  329 Pender St. W. Bay. 8201  Res. Phone: North Van. 848  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE   WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS  AND  LAND   CLEARING  1367 Seymour St.  Sey. 7325-1.  Sey. 165  *B"  626 Hastings St. W.  You'll   be   surprised   to  3v,now   how   easily —  cheaply—quick! y     your«  house can* be wired.  You can have an estimate  of the cost at no expense  . Just phone us,   or  come  ,   in and talk it over. ,  And the best time to do  -: it -is-riglit now.  Prices wJll not be lower  —may be much higher  before Fall.  B. C. Electric  Phone Seymour 5000  425 Carrall 3138 Granville  Sealed' Tenders endorsed  Sluice. Matsqul" will "be received bv tho  undersized up to noon, 1 Hh * September,,- 1D20, for the construction of the  abovt:.  Drawing's, Specifications, instructions  to bidders, tender and contract forms  may be seen at the o'tice of the Inspector  of Dykes and at the oifice of the District, Engineer,. Provincial Court House,  Vancouver.  Tenders must be accomoanled by a  certified cheque in the .amount of 20  per cent.- of the- estimated cost of the  work and made payable to the Hon. the  Minister   of  Public   Works.  The lowest or any- tender not heces-  sartly  accepted.  JOHN A.  WILSON.  - Actg.  Inspector  of  Dykes.  Victoria,  Auff.  30th,   1920.  MALTMOIP ROOFING  n  ■J  The Best that's made  c •   - - -  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B.C.  J  VOTXCE  TO  COOTBACTOBS  SEALED TENDERS superscribed  "Tender for Mine Rescue Station, Fer-  nie," will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up  to 12 o'clock noon of Friday, the 10th  day of September. 1320, for an addition  to   the  existing  Building.  Plans  and  Specifications   can   be  seen  after the 25th  inst. at the office of:  11.    Hewat,    Esq.,     Government     Agent,  Court   House,   Fernie.  J.   Mahony,    Esq.,    Government    Agent,  Court   House,  Vancouver,  and   the. Department   of   Public   Works,  Victorfa.   B. C.  The lowest or any  Tender  not  neces-  salrly accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN.  .  •Public   Works Engineer.  Public  Works   Department,  . Victoria,  B. C,  August 24,  1920.  #   •  ROOFING  »■  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  LIMITED  Send   for   color   card   off   BARRETTS  VELVEX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE .STAINS  Cor. lOth Ave. A Arbutus St. Telephones Bay. 63 and «4  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  S«e The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:    1505 POWELL STREET  Kelson's Improved holler, for power  or heat, cither for steam or hot water.  Manufactured In Canada under Canadian  patents Wo. 17491G and 174917, may ho  had by. applying- to The T. X>. PECK  CO.,   LTD.,  Vancouver,  B. C.  RED |CE2>AR  WE  MANTTFACTUBE  AHIi     ...  GEADES  ■ Delivered   by   our   Motor   Trucks  rigrht on the job anywhere or  in   carload  lots.  UNION CEDAR MILS Ltd  NORTH   VAITCOUVEK  Phono North Vancouver 805       I  PILING AN*> POLES  FIR, CEDAR °r HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE asid FITTBNGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  •WE  GALVANIZE EVEKTrTHIBTG- B?EOT PEOCESS  WM**W*ff*  iRON and GALVAN8ZSNG  Mil WORKS  Fairmont 971       '   Office and Works,' 225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  GURNEY HEATING EQUIPMENT  586 Beatty St]  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so When  Installed  by  Competent Engineers.  THE GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  Seymour 7596  raser & Co.. Ltd.  l9   M   Ii w^wr   «*£.   W**-JP  successors: to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155  11SO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  j,ji-.,...,  < v  rur1'  k--s:  ¥■'.  P,"-a ■  £'P  •V  )f-  tS';  •Hi


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