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 •I -i.   -  lb  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  u-  VOL. XIX. No. 47,  A VVaVWATlOM OBVOTBD TO OUNSUAIs »BWB. BOTKPnr O.  CO*tfT»ACT"CTO. EWOiygCTgrol PBOTVOU, OITT AJR>  Wednesday ana-Mdar  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, lfi>20.  SOLIGNUM  •'•iir*  '*"*.  V/  Wood Preservative and Stain :-  Recommended for all woodwork, inside and outeide.    It does not  pyaiku-ate/. like ordinary atoins, and as a reuult goes further.  Covering s-  DressedjUiOhber, 1 gallon covers 400 square feet.  "Undressed'lumber^ 1 gallon covers 250 sijuare feet.  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covors 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles, dipped 8 to 9 inches,'1^ gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Our New Address; 530 HOWE ST.    , Sey. 4795 - 4796  .j- i /  'j  ■>'  <A  '-zm  fA-ty  wm  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  'and Drain Tile  - CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call Por A Fan  Phone or write for  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  >- ^ DESIGNING AND "ERECTING ENGINEERS  eredlt Foncier Building .Telephone Seymonr  ■J  Phone 2988  FrOFCoiUMBIA AV  mantel brick] CHAS. W. PURDY TO BUILD  I   RESIDENCE AND BAKABE  FOR MR. F. F. SUCKLING  I.N STOCK  Ciayburn Firebrick, Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  BricJuetc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced;  Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  I pttxx   white—cBEAas—rxsircK  OKXT—BUrr—BZ9—&£D  omzsHTA^—avrr obu-vtax.  .  Special Bricks mod* to order.  POLYCHROME CEMENT  Brick ft Tile Co., Ltd.  Onto*: S15 fMaeaa Bld«-  Wove*; Oraav^Uc Xsiaad  MS  Home Refrigeration  WITHOUT ICE  - , Install a   <-,  « JACK FROST?'  ELECTRICAL.  AEKRIOSRATOlt  IH  YOUR   NEW   HOME    ,  ' Made 'In Canada   '■  Jamieson Engineering:  Company  Phone _Sey. 1*48 London Bid?.  I i>r  Architects  'Townley   4k' 'Matheson  awarded   a  contract  on Saturday  to  Mr. Charles W. Purdy for the erection  of a cosy, seven-room' residence and  garage "for Mr.."F. 'F."Suckllng* ' The  new h'ojpe^ which will Involve' an outlay of approximately. $9,000, is to he  erected' on  Magee Road,1 two  blocks  west of Granville Street, and Will be  a  bungalow of handsome design and  embracing a number of new Ideas in  its interior arrangement and finish.-  The construction of both residence  and garage will be of frame and stucco. The residence will have ' a full  concrete basement, and the heating  equipment will be a hot air furnace.  Hardwood floors are to be' laid  throughout/and tlje majority of the interior is to be finished in white en-  amel. Mr.Purdy intends to commence  work at once  HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT 1  Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes    •  642{Mimutii. smat nn-  AS* TENDERS SOON  ON LARGE DWELLING  Nine-Room Stucco"Bungalow Now'Be-  In g  Designed  by ^Architect  H. H."'   j  Gillingham.  :  1*&*4&,t ^..u^******  *L  &  -i  Lumber  Veneer"  Panels.  -^   OuVTueeV I. the^mt C^te •e^.VLfTc,(  . DO YOU NEED ANY Flit PANELS  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded One Side        .  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  mo richards st.        - sir. am Vancouver, b.c.  M^^«w^w>wPWMweMWwMMWMeeMMWMMWi^M«MweewM»wMWieMiMMMi«MeaswwSM^^  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On BUILDING MATERIALS  .  Architect   H.   H.   Gillingham,   1502  Tower  building,   is   preparing  plan's,  and  will   be  accepting."tenders next  week from selected'contractors for "Me  erection  of a  nine-room   frame   and  stucco bungalow to be erected  on a  site at the*corner of Broadwell and  Granville Sts., Shaughnessy Heights.  This new home, which is expected  to cost in the neighborhood of $10,000,  is  to  be   built  to the* order   of Mr.  Shantz,  who recently  purchased the  hbmesite there.  -The design is to.be  an attractive one,- and the rooms-will  be particularly large.   Hot water heating, fireplaces and mantles of attractive    design,    and    hardwood    floors  • {throughout will make the new^home  j one; of  the cosiest of the  bungalow  type in that locality.  PREPARING PUNS  FOR FINE BUNGALOW  "" ' ' ' Y ,  Townley & Matheson Are Designing  Elaborate Residence for Mr! R. "  W. Sharps. f  There is now being prepared in the.  drafting rooms of Architects Townley  &. Matheson, '325 Homer Street,' plans,  for what is expected will prove to be  one of the mast elaborate and handsome homes for its size in the fashionable Shaughnessy Heights district.  The commission is from Mr. R. W.  Sharpe, of this, city, and the new rest  dence is to be selected ^pn a site se^-  cured on Wolf Avenue, near Matthews',  Shaughnessy Heights. The plans call  for a seven - roomed bungalow and-  semi-detached garage, and---the blue  prints and specifications are expected  to be ready -to^call for tenders* from,  selected contractors.about October 15.  -rIn?.size the new bungalow will The  (" 35 by 65 feet, which, as it is only, a  seven-roomed  house,  will  mean  that  LOCAL ARCHITECTS ARE  PLANNING $17,000 HOME  FQR VICTORIA CITIZEN  Something particularly elaborate in  the way of' a residence of the modified. Colonial type is now  being  designed by Architects E. Evans & Son,  207  Duncan , building, Pender street,  for a  well-known  Victoria   businessman.    The   plan's   and  specifications  of the new home are expected to be  re^ady for" contractors in both!'Vancouver and Victoria to tender on in about  two weeks" "time.' This'handsome" new  home, which' is to be erected on a  commanding site in TTpIan'^s; the picturesque residential subnrb/of Victoria, Jis estimated to cost about .|17,:  900, and willBe one of tne finest dwel!  lings in that district. A    .  The sketch plans show that'the new  '   --- ■   .-    •■- -  A  (Continued on. Page. 4)  Leflden ft British NmHi  America\M. UmM  ALL  CLASSES   Of?  Int&MRANCal  ■~ .-- -rj"^* >.  NORTH BRITISH m,  MERCANTILE FMtE INSURANCE  Company  HARTFORD FIRE INSURAMCS  J   r       "  ' Company-r. ~,'W ■  \  :~  rRANK DARLING &  PBfEUMATIC TOOLS  •f*"*"".  U4«  ""loK  ""^"TrA--  OV   A%.m\\m\\\\\m^\*\W^tm\}L\\*\m\mm '  3E  i W^ (**. -vj-mi *.  uiH^'m-'+Ur-nvm*. >*"*•  Y-r1  t   - ?A^  <      >    !f*. ■-,  Robin flood Boilers and Radiation  I    Seymour 9570  v          10SS Main St.  __.,_..'  'the rooms will  be unusually commo-  CONTRACT  IS  AWARDED dious>   even   for    a    bungajL.     Th.  FOR   $7^00   BUNGALOW   dwelIing   wilI    have  w,de  verandan8j  From among a number of close bids   With cement flooring, finished in grey  on   the  erection  of  a    residence    at   enamel.   There will also be a full con  Strathcona Heights for Mr. C. P. Val  entine, the contract has been awarded  by Architects  E. Evans & Sons, 207  J  by Architects  E. Evans & Sons, 207   Qoors win be laid throughoUt,,  j Duncan building, to Messrs. Hawes &   fireplaces with ornate ihantels,  Bowlatt at a cost'.of  $7,500.    • Ls a number of other    ,      /  T. A. WALSH & Co.. Ltd-  Machinery and' Supplies  B.C. DtetrllMrtera For  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS a GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  Say: 4738 • 4739 858 - OO Camble St.  J. A. FLETT Limited  Corbin Lock and Building Hardware  ' SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  The new home is to be of the pop  ular California bungalow type of frame  construction. It will have a full concrete basement and a hot air heating  system. The dining room will be finished in panelled oak and a number  of built-in fixtures will add materially to the convenience of the interior.  The fireplaces, piers and chimney will  be   built   of  polychrome   brick   in  crete basement, while the heating will  be by hot water system. Hardwood  Qoors will be laid throughout, and two  as well  pleasing innovations in interior design and layout,  will make the new home a model of  its kind.  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  ESTABLISHED  1896 - \A  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN    vkV  SAND. GRAVEL, BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY ^^  MH BUIa St. •-  . . -        Telephona  ASK  BIDS  FOR  ADDITION  TO   CANYON  CITY^SCHOOL  The provincial  department of public works is calling for tenders on the  a ( construction of a one-room addition to  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  wKAvm, caunnm, ajtoum, nana, txxb, ooz.iraan  coavunLT soranraiD jtaskicatxvo uon ' ""*  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltt.  pleasing shade, while the lighting and  interior lay-out wiil be especially designed to reduce housework to 'a minimum. -   ~  I  Philpot-Macdonald Co., Limited.  Electrical Engineers  t. B. PHXXJK)T.   ; N ;        . D. KAODOVALO  CONSULTING    INSTALLATIONS - POU LINE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHllPfORK  1573 Main St. Phone:-   Fair. 3623  f  Estlamtea CNr«e  Bermoor 7800 •■■-'•  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WS OABBT A COKPUTT im Or     i  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wo val o id Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  '*"' "VBTjoloBalo H«avy anil Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  PLANNING  NEW $30,000   "*  TANNERY ON  NORTH  SHORE  NORTH VANCOUVER—A tannery  that will operate under a new patented process in the manufacture of the  leather to be turned out, is being planned by the Canadian Electro Leather  Industries, a new company which has  just  been  organized  here.    The new  concern includes  in its directorate a  number of prominent citizens of both  Vancouver and North Vancouver, ancl  as soon as organization is completed,  it is expected that arrangements will  be made for the erection of the tannery  building.     This  latter is  to  be  located on a site already under option-  on McKay Creek, where ample wjitor  and other facilities will be available  for the new industry^  The plant will  be designed with a capacity "of handling 500  hides  per week,  which  will  give a veiny respectable output of lea.^  ther. and should tend to attract a number of boot; shoe and'similar Indus-.-  tries  to  Vancouver  and  vicinity.  The directors of the new company"  the Canyon City school, in the Kaslo  electoral district. PlanSj specifications  and form of contract may be secured  from the government agents at the  court houses in Vancouver and Nelson, or the department at Victoria.  Tenders will close at noon on Tuesday, October 19, with A. E. Foreman,,  provincial government engineer.  Toirmoo* Baas and S397  DOMINION BRICK  Tor Bale by  Chanupion % WMte: Utobs. Coleman m Erana, Kid.  and tn* Biteate Contracting- a Bapply Co., ltd.'  Thoi. O. XoBxid* m Co,  ASK BIDS ON  ANOTHER  RESIDENCE   IN   BURNABY  AJ«o by Offl« Broa, v*w W«*tmlnat«r. Th« SbnziM Band a Oxaval Cn  Xfopxa*, and .tne Graot Wwt Band a Gt*t*1 Oo. Horth ▼anconTar. ^^  GA3RI0LA SHALE PRODUCTS  UMITEO  Head   Office  102  Moody Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANXJrACTtTBE-aS OX   .  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and ■•• na, or phono.  South End. of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-M9     .   „ , VancpuVer, B. C,  n!*..*->i!fcS'  «J5.  Tenders will be invited early this  week ;by Architects-E. Evans & Son,  207 Duncan building for the erection  of another dwelling at Vancouver  Heights in. Burnaby, under the provisions, of the Soldier Housing Act,  for Capt. T. "Underbill. The new residence will be of the bungalow type  with hot air heating and a full concrete basement.  Plaps were also prepared, contracts  recently awarded and work started on  five other residences In Burnaby under the provisions of the Soldier  Housing Act. These new homes are  being b.uilt for Mr. C. W. Hales,.Central Park; Mr. A. XV. Hopper, Vancouver Heights';. Mrs. Bowker, Burnaby  Lake; Mr. A. J. Sheffield, Pandora  street, Vancouver Heights; and Mr.  P. Pierce, Central Park. ■ "*"  , ; ^  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  OBOZBJQ BTSSXh—  Lmrg* Btocka of M'ld Steel Bare.  BRrs ta a«rtttHe.  We out to length.   Cold Twiat and  Drift Bolta. Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts. Cast-Iron Washers. We are DNDaraa  to furnish "tarire orders c-f BpeciaJ Bolts on short notice. -•—•-»  MERCHANT IRON AND STEEL BARS »  poeiTCA^p CKMEirr -am — scotch txbb bbjcx — txmb •"»•»  CHUFBIT£ rovnsBT rACZVOS - COKE — BWCOA?1 *  "PIO ritON — BlACXSaOXTB OOAZ. -— xajkix^a bofb  103  Vf IUCH BT7XD.  PRIVATE EX. SET. 919T  Sevmour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  T. BXSTS. Manager  352 Alexaacl^r;\St, A^ancoima*, B.C.  WE  OAK WULJTB ZXBMirDZAT£«-DB£rVXBT OF  .- BRICK -  Just Reoelved 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  SAND,  GRAVEL, CEMENfT, FIBRE PLASTER,  LIME AND  OTHER   BUILDING  MATERIAL  RITCHIE CONTRACTING and SUPPLY Co.,It*  ~*r.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 Granville Streat   I  Twenty -f i  Xtepartaae* In aa Branehaa'  Woca.     imnveotSon—»xpart  TAL IR  Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street   *££**      *,r"v"v  New WestoinsiSer, B. C. Phone 63  THW+  i BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  J. Hanbury & Co.  XJOSXTEB  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bay*view 1076  , p. MoooeoN      r. t. kino      wm. o. ma  A. M.  IMSX.   O. X.  M.   M.   I.   O.  V-  KJDGSON, KING & MARBLE  •Contractors & Engineer*  Sll Loidoo Bldg.     Seymiur 6506  Ike Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS . BANK  DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKCRSON  Xanafer  9v* 0S7O 446 ■astlnra St. West  Yanoouver, B. O.  rait Grey BuWmg Supply  OOKVABT  Saa& GraVeL Torpedo Gravel. Ccaahed  Bade. Brick. Lima. Plaster. Cement, eta  Keened plastering sanb  ajMOM <ls akpu st' a  -    :« .aiaaroxa, b.^0.^.  LEEK&Co,LT?  . SSYMOUR SSI  STIAM * HOT WATER .HEATING  PIPE BENDING     *  ■■-., iobohomu strut. v  " SPRAY WHITE " -i  IB* and Xdme Spraying MacB-  Por Interior * Exterior "Woe*  F.L. CUMMINGS  AND COMPANY  446 Homer St.  A   •*     Sey.' 5507  SM. SHAVE  GENERAL   CONTRACTOR  -    SPECIALIST IN BUN8AL0W  CONSTRUCTION   '  SOet aad Arbntna Sta.    Bay. 3179  Fhone: Bay. 67  m*f  HARDWOOD FLOORS  "Stay-Put"  Brand  KILN DRIED  KEPT DRY  STAY DRY  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Umlted  SB17 Oraa. St.  Bay. 1287  Robertson & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  SBSKtion, Design, Rsparts, Construction  ladustrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   Piers.      Power   Plants  Industrial Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  502YORKSHIRE BLDG.   SEY.9217  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  Phone Sey. 316,  61G Fender *W.  British Columbia Record  (Established &9U-)  Published   every   Monday.   Wednesday  andFriday by the '  Record Publishing Co., Ltd.  A newspaper or general circulation,  featuring Building. Contracting. EnsUi-  Berlftg, Industrial, Shipbuilding. Mining.  Automobile, Provincial. City and Harbor  Improvements.  0. H. NELSON....MANAGHNG BDWJOR  Office and Plant  629 Pender StW.. Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7S0S  Subscription Bates  Per Tear in Advance  110.00  Per Month  ..•*....„     i-00  411   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  in  advance.  OrPIOTAI OBGAX.  The  British  Columbia  Record   is   the  official organ of The Architectural tnaM- i  tute of British Columbia, federated with  The   Royal   Architectural    Iaatltuto   ot  Canada and as such is used by them as  the medium through which to make their  official   announcements   to   the   geaaraJ  public  By such seleotioa the British Columbia Record is no wtee pledged to editorial support o£ any policy advaneed  by these societies, hut maintains aa att-  ■olutely tndopondent posMlon on all ia<  ters subject to editorial aoflstan.  SSE  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W. HOLT & SON  426 436 Dnft'erin St.   ,       Fairmont  1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  (Continued from Page 1)  include Mayor G. W. Vance, Reeve E.  H. Bridgman, and Messrs. A. Y. Tul-  lis, Alexander Philip, G. W. Morden,  and T. S. Brown oi! North "Vancouver,  and Mr. Pierre Paris of Vancourer.  The new process which is to be used  in the treatment of the hides is the  invention of Dr. A. L. Groth of London, England, and this tannery will be  the first one in Canada to use the  new process,' in which electricity plays  an important part, in the transition1  ef the hides into high-class leather.  GIVES      POINTED      COMPARISON  OF  PRESENT COSTS  OF  BUILDING.  When the dollar buys one hundred  cents' worth, a carpenter, for instance,  receives wages of about $4 a day;  when it buys 50 cents' worth, he receives about $8 a day. Really he is  getting the same thing either way,'  but the blacksmith or the quarryman  who want's, a home of his own, and is  also getting wages on the same comparative basis, refuses to see it that  way. He thinks he ought to have the  $8 a day, but the carpenter, the plum-,  ber, the painter, the lumberman arid  the mason ought to be still satisfied  with the'old $4 in order that he, the  blacksmith or the quarryman, migtrt  still buy the kind of house he wants  for 4,000 of the 50-cent dollars he  would pay for it.  , Tt isn't difficult to make an intelligent, reasonable man see all this; in  fact most of them understand it now  only too well—probably not from this  exact simile, but from others equally  pointed. Therefore,, the time is ripe  and all conditions favor a great home-  building and home-owning campaign.  Eminent authorities and statisticians declared that in the pre:war period both Canadians and Americans  were becoming nations' of renters instead of home-owners. All authorities also agree that the greatest boon  that can come to any family is home-  ownership. This has become so well,  recognized that municipal authorities  and bankers are urged to give every  possible assistance to responsible men  and women in building homes of their  own. It is stated that tenancy in both  Canada and the United States has increased at least three per cent, during the last ten years. The ontf way  to remedy this is for people to quit  renting houses and start building and  owning homes of their own. The tide  must be' turned the other way or in  another generation our British home-  owning ideals of "every man's house is  his castle" will be lost.'  Erick, wood and stone are becoming rather expensive for house building by present-day methods, and it  may be necessary to turn to something else for a more extensive home-  building campaign. Builders must  find, something else. Thomas Edison's  prediction of a few years ago, that  our homes in the future will be built  of reinforced concrete is fast becoming an accomplished fact in some localities. Today there are all types of  concrete houses in various parts of  the country. The superior qualities of  these houses has' been proved. While  concrete has been a standard for sidewalks and street pavement, for fac-  tories.railroart and engineering works,  the building public needs education as  to its possibilities for dwellings.  Thursday, and. which it is conceded  will.be one of the most modern and  complete institutions of its kind .in  the  country."  • The new home will consist of a central administration ♦ building, two  large collages for the* housing .of subnormal boys, one for the housing of  boys of normal mentality, and a dining hall block, with workshops underneath, where the boys \yill learn useful trades under qualified instructors.  The buildings are all of brick and  tile and fully fireproof and modern.  When completed the cost will be about  $250,000- The general contractors for  the work are Robertson &, Partners,  of Vancouvers, who have one unit^of  the work well advanced.  CORNERSTONE  LAID  FOR  NEW INDUSTRIAL HOME  ESSONDAJLE, B. C—Attorney-General Farris, Premier Oliver and Hon.  W. il Mackenzie King comprised the"  distinguished trio who officiated at  the laying of the cornerstone of the  rTHREE NEW HOMES ARE  " GOING UP AT HAZELMERE  flAZELMERE.—Following the recent transfer of^acreage which was  acquired by local residents from the  Blackwood estate, t a number of the  purchasers of homesites" are already  erecting new residences on their property. *9ne new home fronting on the  North Bluff road is nearing completion,' and the sites are now being  cleared for new homes to be erected  at once for Mrs. Wilder and Mr. R.  Taylor. It is reported that several  other recent purchasers intend to  build either this fall or eayly next  spring.  Classified Advertising  Becord Headers arc. as a rule, bustness  and professional men /who have tho  money to buy something good if they  desire it If J'ou have something good  to "ell let the Record readers know  about It- Tho average purchasing  Dower of the Record reader is greater than thnt of any other publication  in  Brtinh  ColumDla.  new Industrial Home for Boys here on   ed   for. the' coming  fall and   whiter,           . ,     .,.,.,.   .,   .      j^.i   >,-M,.ii will "nvnlvA an outlav of nearly  VICTORIA'S   BUILDING  NEARLY' SAME   AS   1919  VICTORIA.—Although this city has  a big construction programme assur-  POINT GREY PERMITS  3043—J. Knight, 6676 Angus St.,'  dwelling, $3,500, Knteht & Major,  Contrs. '       '  3044—A. "J. Tolhurst, 8132 Cartier  St., dwelling, $2,300, Owner, Contr.  8045—Mr. J. Farr, S155 Montcalm,  dwelling, $700, Owner, Contr. " -"  3046—Mrs. Monroe, '4679 3rd Ave.  W., dwelling $1,000, T. Coe, Contr.   '  3047—C. M. Ecclestone, 4403 Marguerite, 'residence, $l6,000, Owner,  Contr. ' ' '  3048—C. M. Ecclestone, (Blk. "1300)  Ave. "B", residence, $6,000, Owner,  Contr.  •   3049—H.    Dunwell,  33rd    Ave.  W.,  residence, $6,500, Owner, Contr.  '   3050—R. Taylor,'3S30 16th Ave. W.,  garage, $225, Owner, Contr.   .  3051—M. S. Jealouse, 1659 65th Ave.  W., dwelling, $1,800, J. Freeman, Contr  3052—John Boyd, 4963 Marguerite,  dwelling, $4,700, Owner, Contr.  3053—Mrs. F. B. Wilson, 1177' 27th  Ave. W., residence, $5,000, ' Owner,  Contr.  3054—S. M. Carter, 2646 35thAve.  W.", dwelling, $3,600, Pt. Grey Cons.  Co., Contrs.  3055—Dr. Monroe, 45th & MacDonald, dwelling, $5,500, Modern Cons. Co.  Contrs.  3056—B. C. Stevenson, 4549 Connaught, residence, $8,500, C. W. Pur-  ry, Contr.  M. 187—G., F. Barton, 4523 Queen  Ave., repairs, $15, Owner, Contr.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  Aft either of which the business men and women of  the citv are' certain of the  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  No. 1'-  HO  CORDOVA ST. WEST  No. 2 -612   PENDER    ST.   WEST  Good   Eots  "The Good Fend KestaurarA"  which will involve an outlay of nearly  ten million dollars, building activity  has not been particularly marked so  far this year, according to the report  of Building Inspector Barf. The  number of permits issued so far for  the first nine months of .the (year is  just one more than- during the same  period .in 1919, while the aggregate  value of the construction authorized  figures for 1919 are $355,341," while for  shows a considerable increase. The  this year to date they amount to $552,-  797. For the past month,, however,  the building total shows a decrease  as compared with September of 1919,  when there were 40 permits^ issued,  totalling $98,767, while for the past  month there were 27 permits taken  out aggregating $54,350.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories.      Houkos     and  GcrriKes   Repaired.     General       .  Carpenter   and   ConHtruotloTi   Work.  JTOKN   F.   -MOKBXS  Sey. 3418 ._ _^  Sey. 931 Evenings        1758 Robson Bt.  MACHINERY  Hoisting"  onBlnea.   locomotives,   Isthea,  wire rope,  rails, car*, machinery of all  kind*5- . ______   ,.»»  NATIOWA- MACXXXn-BY   CO.  925 Main St. 8*T- «>•  VsvO   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and  Sold.    ^  B. C. EQirmX—VT 06^ _T*D.  Bank of Ottawa Bids'. Sey. WHO  For All ICtndw of Machinery  wars KAcaiifBBT oo. vtp.  1306 Blcaartts M. -toy. ?44ft<7443  IEED  EflGRAVIflG &  C0L0RTYPE 0  DE5IG/1ERS tr ENGRAVERS  VA/1CTX3VER.B.C ww* JL I. fJVI.  1.  BIDS ARE   INVITED ON  NEW FERRY LANDINGS  Tenders are now being invited by  the public work department of the provincial government for the construction of ferry landings at both Woodward's Landing and Ladner on the  Fraser river. Bids will be received up  to noon of Monday, October 11, and  plans and specifications may be obtained at the office of the district engineer, court house, Vancouver, or at  the public works ■ department. Vic-:  toria. The usual ten per cent, deposit  must accompany each tendor.  New ferry landings have been badly  needed at both these places for some  time owing to the constantly increasing amount of motor and other vehicular traffic acrss the Fraser river at  this point. The "landings in each case  are to be of the floating type secured  by piles, as owing to the varying  changes of water level due to both  tides and the state of the river, it is  impracticable to have a fixed landing.  Jobs You'd  Neyer Hear Of;  but for our Dominion-wide news-  gntherlnic facilities can be reported on your desk every morning. A bin daily stream of live  "prospects" that your aellinsr  force, will be keen to turn into  orders. '  Building & Engineering  contract information, definite and  clean-cut, is here awaiting you.  1 It ..will cut down your selling  expense. It will increase your  hasiuesa—apeed up your salesmen. <'  Write for full Information,  XacXaaa Dally Xaporta. Mmltad.  312 Winch Bldr., Yaaeonrer, B.O.  Telephone—Beymonr 2013.  INSURANCE  IN  ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTAB"CI8H"ED IN 1886  739 BCaatlnga St. W. Sey. 7810  Oronnd "Floor, Winch Bldg".  Vancouver, B. C.  REFRIGERATION  let ukiif plaits ntf nW stinp sysUm. Sict-  \uH rafrifintirs Mi "Mits fir il CMfig plrposts  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Linda Canadian Rafrljaratlon  Company Limited  500 Campbell Aye. Higb. 822  ARCHITECTS REGISTER  AT ONCE.  Architects Act of B. C. 1920  To all Architects practicing In the  Province or British Columbia. Take  Mtica that the organisation of the  Council of the ArchltViturdl Institute has been completed and notice  thereof .ha* been published in the  BrJtlah Columbia Qacette in accordance with the Act. Now, therefor.  It In ■aowwtxy for all persons practicing Architecture to cause his or  har nana to be redstert-d with the  Secretary of the lnatltuu*. together  with" credentials aallafaetory to the  counoll of being competent and in  praetloe and by paying .to ,the. secretary-the fees made payable in that  behalf.  Forma of aPPticatlan for registration aaa be obtaJaed from the secretary.  All eornmnnicatioas. requests for  forma or information must be made  in writing addressed to the secretary.  Ahaolntaly nc Information will be  giren   by   tal#phone.  By order af the Council,  F.  L.  TOWNLEV.    .  Secretary.  32S   Homar  Street.  VancouTec,   B.  C.  acLean  REPORTS  117 WINCH   BUILDtNO BIT.  03»l  THEO.  KORNER  RENDSWe   IMWUm. " ASaiSTANCK  TO     '  tmk  rworaaatON  uoimcmnAi,  asto   iiAsrnwcAra   r>H«iajt  mtnrrwrm, awnsaAi.  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON    .  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  Some occasions give certain people  an opportunity to act natural.  Gunzeon C& White  PLUMBING AND HEATING  IKABXBB    WOBK    ABTD   OEZT"CBAX.  KBFAXM  Sey. 1847 163 Cordova St. B.'  PURCHASING   AGENT'S   BEST   BID  The doctor- stood at the bedside of  the purchasing agent and said, "Yes,  I'm pretty sure I can cure you."  "What will be  your charge?"  "Probably in the neighborhood of  one hundred dollars."  The buyer rolled over with a groan  and faintly replied, "You'll have to  shade that price considerably. I have  a much better bid than that from the  undertaker."  Why Not Use A  "VUIXJAN"  Heating Boiler ?  which, gives 25 per cent, more efficiency than cast iron boilers, and  burns any kind of fuel with splendid  combustion. ,  Vulcan Iron Works ltd.  Granville Island     Vancouver, B.C.  If you don't know  Walker  Robinson  Limited  The Tailors  You Should  St.W.  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TCSTINQ ENGINEER*  "BVBmasVmBmBaBBHMBlllV"M^^HHgBHIH^HaR^a^aHl0  21S Standard Bank Bids, Phono Seymour 2199  RaaMant twaaactara at aM Lara* Manafactarlng Centres  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REPAIRS        STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvls Electric Company. Ltd.  S70 Blohards Bt.  Tnoaa Seymour  175  GILLEY BROS., Limited  _ OCALBRS IN  CRUSHED  ROCK    -SAND   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   Of   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902 Columbia Straat Wast  Phono 15 and 16 Naw Wastminstar, B.C.  PACIFIC  LIME  Sold By  ALL DEALERS  CANADIAN JOHNS -MAN VILLE  Company, Limited.  Asbestos and its allied products  Roofing  and  Roof  Coatings  Pipe Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  738 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 4427  V  THE shipping GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  REPORTS ON DEEP-WATER SHIPPING TO AND FROM AL2L PORTS  OF. THE WORLD. AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FURNISHED TO SHIPPERS AND TRAVELLERS FOR ROUTING FREIGHT. PASSENGERS.  EXPRESS AND PARCEL POST TO ALL POINTS IN CANADA, UNITED  STATES,   ALASKA   AND   THE   ORIENT.  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST  VANCOUVER,   B.  C.  s- SEY^ 7808  J As ■£■$ :emwt K«v'i■; %&L*&3^»l>W%m.Z**?1;.:  :'.-. ;i.3.'tl-..Y:.Y,,,Y-rl&?-,l  Itumim  mxma dCyWrnk M($m>  WESTERN SPECIALTY  •     LIMITED  Everything For the Office  " SERVICE WE GIVE IT "  We Carry in  Stock the Splendid  DeTuxeJine,  Standard Loose  De Luxe Solid Fbst Binders  St<yleK& J. Sheet Holders  t*0  Styfc A. Aluminum Holder  De Luxe Rmd Books  lUttaS FOR ANY SHEET  SIEETS FOI ANY MMER A  WESTERN SPECIALTY  LIMITED  572 filANYHLE ST..  ("•  THE  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  BUILDING  RECORD  is read by every  ARCHITECT,   ENGINEER  and  CONTRACTOR  IN VANCOUVER AND VICINITY,  MEN WHO ARE CONSTANTLY  SPECIFYING AND  BUYING MATERIALS I  AND MACHINERY  STEEL PIPE SHORTAGE  IS DELAYING ERECTION  OF SEATTLE BUILDINGS  SEATTLE (Specitil).—Scarcity of  steel pipe in Seattle has reached the  point where jobbers are rationing  what few feet" there is available, and  it can be definitely stated at this time  that-there is not 100 feet of three-  quarter or half-inch galvanized pipe  in the city.. Expected .relief on the  steel corporation steamer which arrived in port last week was not forthcoming, as the vessel carried no small  pipe. The significance of this is that  many small homes will be delayed  further in completion.  The nail situation has again become  more aggravated., In a car of nails  that reached here last week there  were only twenty kegs of three-penny fine blued nails and 200 kegs of  eight common were exhausted within  a matter of hours. Six-penny common nails have been out of market  for six months.  Shortage of plaster has' stimulated  the general use  of plaster board as  *a substitute.    Cement is a little easier, but the restricted supply is due to  transportation conditions in part.  North Coast Jobbers are endeavoring to secure a ship charter for the  purpose of importing a cargo of Scotch  fire brick and clay. Prior to the' war  Scotch brick was,commonly quoted  on the Pacific Coast, but the demoralization of shipping conditions drove  it out, and jobbers are endeavoring to  build up tho trade. Ships are scarce  and .the project may not succeed at  this time. Experiments and tests  here show that the Scotch fire brick  will stand 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  ' Plenty of plaster board is offering,  due to competition" among manufacturers for the business. It is being  used freely in small buildings where*  plaster is unobtainable. Reinforcing  wire is practically out of market.  WORKING FORCES ' BEING  REDUCED IN STEEL MILLS  NEW YGRK>—Reduction inAwprk^  ing forces is reported by a number  of steel mills and inquiry has' disclos-  ,ed that a large plant that closed ore-  cently and was expected to resume  operations by this time, plans now to  remain idle -until the first of next  year. This is indicative of the aull-  nesB that has; come upon the trade asj  to.flew business. Not only are buyers  holding off in expectation of lower  prices but cancellations have been extensive and shipments have been extraordinarily active. Transportation  conditions have improved to such>ati  extent that nearly all the finished and  semi-finished material that accumulated between April and July has been  shipped to conaumers.  HEW   TOBE   STEBXi   QUOTATXOBS.  Per. ton—Pittsburg—    '  Bessemer billets  $60.00©   Open  hearth   60.00<&)70.00  I'-orfilriB  billets    75.00@80,00  Sheet   bars    .♦.  65.00 @70.00  Sheets.  The following prices* are for 100-bun—  die lots and over t. o. b. mill:  Blue Annealed  Sheets—  PlttsburK   (baaej     7.000 :.   Philadelphia     6.25© 7 25  Chicago    .•     6.27 © 7\27  Galvanized   Sheets    of     Black   She*.  ■ Gauge—  Pittsburg     .'     8.50 «?  Chicago        s.77fo  Tin—Mill   Clack Plate—  Pittsburg         7.00®  Jl.00  Tin FUt*.  Tin  plate,   per  baee  box & 9.00  Terne  plate,  I.   C     .'.     7.05®'9.50  8-lb.  coatlnff,  per  pk«      6.90©  9.36  Structural Matarlal.  Structural shapes, PitO 3.10***""    Structural   shapes,   N.   Y     3.35(0)  3.37  Structural   shapes,   Phila y..    3.37©  3.77  ■"rimahed Iron and. Steel.  fctool  Hoopes  _     5.50®  Tank   Rlates,   Plttsburff     Z12Z&  3.50  Tank   plates.   Now   York     3.52©  3.77  Steel bars. New York     4.1Z& 4.38  Steel bara, Pittsbur*  ■  S.75®  4.00  Hails,   Standard   Bessemer  sections.   Mill     B5.00@60 00  Standard   open  hearth,   mill 57.00@62!00  Zroa ana Steal at Pit-tabor*.  Bessemer iron   50.466351.44"  Uesoemer  steel   f.o.b. Pitts. 60.00<3>   Skelp,  grooved  steel       3 25©   Skelp,  sheered  steel        3.500  Ferromamranese   (80%)   ..'..170.00*@> 190.00  8.77© 8.92,  PILING-POLES  MLWBfQ.  The ore disclosed in the Waverly-  Tanglers mine near Ashcroft is worth  about    1500,000,    according to report.  The values are  mainly in silver and  lead  but  partly   in  gold  and  copper.  The proporty is opened by three,tunnels, the longest of which is the No.  3. having a length of.650 feet.    The  No: 1 tunnel and a 35-foot,winze near  Its   portal,    exposed a    body of high  grade ore five feet wide that contains  high values. -. No. 2 tunnel has cut a  large blind lead of carbonate ore and  is   near ing  a  point! where   the   high  grade body    should be    encountered.  The No. 3 tunnel has cut the big carbonate lead and  lacks 200 feet of, a  , point    where the    high    grade    body  should   be   intersected.    The   Nos.   2  and 3 levels are connected bjf a raise  365 feet long, made in the carbonate  Body.    The  mine Is credited  with  a  yield of several carloads of ore.   The  property is 27 miles from a railroad,  but a wagon road which will facilitate  the   operations   will   be   made.     The  owners of the property are residents  of Spokane and Cheney, Wash.  Steel,  melting scrap :..„  Steel   bars      "Wire rods     Iron   bars    :..  Plain   wire   ~   Plain   wire    :..'._.:.   Cut nails, nominal-   Wire   nails,   Pittsburg  .  Hoop   steel  30.00®  ,  3.75©    7O.OO0i8O.OO  4.000   4.50  4.00 **"">   3.70©   4 70  6.25 "R)   4.50©   5.50© ....  z,bbotx nmnsno  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE LEPORE  079   Haatla*.   St.   »• HI**.   l*°  SETTLING WITH THE PLUMBER  I thought I was not going to be'able  to meet my plumber's bill. He had  been working about the house quite a  little, oft and on. But I settled it, all  right. I gave him my house and he  gave me one dollar and eighty cents  in change.  "I see by the papers that they are  going   to   build   a   thirty-story   hotel  here." "A  "You don't tell me.   -Will it pay?"  "0-li, that's another story."  Etiquette answers the  requirement  of restrictions in public.  Chain   rods    .>..  60.00<3>65.00  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  28285—B.   Newman. '3206   Slain   St.   —  Ford  Delivery.  28286—S.   Leo,   30   19th   Ave.   E.—Ford  Truck.  2S287—Geo.    B.   Ayers.   5948   Tyne   St..  Colllngwood . E* — Oray   Dort  Tour. ,.  2S2SS—Powell   River   Co.,   Ltd.;   Powell  River—Republic   Truck.  28290—J.   L.   Tenant   Co..* 122   Cordova  St.  W.—Ford Tour.   .s  28291—McQueen Produce Co.. 25 Pender  St.  W.—Ford Del-  28292—G. S  Wooley. 118 14th Ave. W.—  Chevrolet Tour.  28293—Max   Grossman.    1318   Standard  Bank—Ford. Sedan.  2S294—James   McQueen.   25   Pender   St.  XV.—Ford   Road.  ^"8295—T.. G.- McBride A Co..  1051  Main  St.—Grant Truck.  28297—Arthur Jones, Chilliwack. B. C—  Ford Tour.  28298—Wm.  Henry Hunt  Deroche. B.C.  —Ford Bug."  2S300—John A. McCallum. '655 11th Ave.  W.—Cadillac- Truck.  2S301—Yansr Sunsr,   144   11th  Ave.   E.—  Ford Truck.  2S302—Andre   Bessullle.   2520   Granville  St.—Ford Del.  28306—Adaln   Singh.   919   Homer   St—  Bethlehem   Truck.  28306—Samuel Smyth. 377 66th Ave. VT.  *—Ford Truck.  2S307—Hip  "Wo  Jung.   Sardls,   B.   C.  —  Studebaker Tour.  2S30S—C    Korsch,   307   Cordova   St.   —  Ford Sedan.   '  2S309—Swan   Bros.,   2416    Main    St.   —  Ford   Bug.  2S310—United   Grain   Growers  of  B.  C,  285  Front St.—Ford Bug.  2S311—James A. Gillespie. 1996 15th Av.  W.—Ford  Coupe.  28312—Kenatsu Bros.. 355 Princess Ave.  —Ford Del. ,  28313—Harry H. D. Whita'kcr, 1460 38th  Ave.   E.—Ford Tour.  2S314—Geo.    McDonald.    807    Standard  Bank—Chevrolet Tour.  283,15- imperial Transfer Co., 1043 Hamilton  St.—Ford. Tour.  28316—James Carlson, 540 Heat ley Ave.  —Ford Road.   .  "3S317—Kathryn Johnson,  1203  Mathews  ,' Ave.—Studebaker Coupe.  2S318—XVm. Graham. Port Hammond —  Chevrolet Tour.  2S319— Beatty Bros.. 928 Granville St%��  Ford Del. „ „        „  2S320—May Bell Argue, 33»0 East Boulevard—Gray Dort Tour.  28321—James  S.  Glbb,  610  Jervis   St.—  Grant Tour.        > ■    ■  2S322—Delmonlco   Taxi.   6o5   Nelson   —  Studebaker   Six. .  2S323—Wm. E. Plummer, 3522 36th Ave.  W.—Chevrolet Tour.  2S324—M.   Turuya  &   Co..   46   Hastings  St  W.—Ford Tour. „ ;  2S325—Greenwood   &   Crawford,   Hollyburn—Ford Chassis.  38326—Martin  W.gJacoby, 423 Hamilton  St.—Chevrolet Tonr.  lll\ll."*"t-l"l""ll"l"l-"L"""."*"4.1-ll"t^^  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  . <!'  VANCOUVER'S   NEW   INDUSTRY  BC. EttPERMEALITE BUILDING PRODUCTS  . CURO HARDENING LIQUID'  Arrests erosion in Bricks and Masonry;   Strengthens  and preserves  Masonry and  Artificial Stone Work and all forms of Plaster, Mortar and Cemfnt work. etc.. .  IMPERMEA WATERPROOFING LIQUID  Waterproofs Plaster, Cement, Mortar, Bricks, Hollow Tiles, Wooden Shingles, etc.  CUROCRETE  For mixing with concrete mixture.'   Renders,the finished material waterproof and  almost doubles its-tensile-and compressive strength  rull Particulars and  Information on Application  The B.C. IMPERMEALITE Co., Ltd.  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone: Sey. 9260 FACTORY Fairvlew  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting   Yf.  Little Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IK WINTER  DRY WALLS  J.                              J.  Sizes  oy2"xS"xliy2"         5^"x8"x5%"  oyAx-Txll^-         5Wx*"*5W  2V^"xS"x51/^* Corner and Jambs  imx8"x5^r    (Pilaster  Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong Piers and Jambs. -  Load Bearing   .  Proportioned  Can he Reinforced . •  SAVES FUEL  .   NO PAINTINa  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be made from Fire Clay.   We are the only producers of Fire- Clay in  British Columbia.  Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. C.  Apply for quotations to       EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  [ / <#**EPWaW<SJ"«>a*>tta«ap«|MU*M>Mn^^  >jr.«r^y^A^^nW^ft^Kl^^>.a^A.^rir>^^ (m~m m.  ■JSB *m**fm "(Bafcfc-flfc ii •   -4
^"^^ the List Below Will Put You in Touch
ith a Reliable Firm
Champion  A  White  .8-W-   "«
Krails.. Colemsn A  ETans.  I.ul —»W.  »«
T.  O'.1 MBlIrlilo  *  Co -..- - -^J-.ilii"
ONeU   Wm. N. Co..  Ltd   Sey.  4T95
Hileble Coutr. a Sup. Co.. "Cul a—
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Carman,, Clanwy *  Grlmlley.  Ltd So. sus
reyle# Binliieerlru!  Co..   Ltd  »<">'• soau
totiertaoii   Proeesd   MeUl    --S-cy. 1940
iW" Barrett   Co..   Limited... - "I1"*7'   "
Cveae, Colenisn a Brans. Ltd.   Sw.  -»*«
1'srfOe   Booflu   Co..   Ltd ~*w. "M
Wood. Vallance a Lc«K»t iae*-  ,;"wu
Tfce .-Barrett Co.. Limited....
Padsc   Booflm   Co..   Ltd	
 Bay.  -6S'
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Canadian   Surety   Co.   .-. «.,   tmo
C«*rU>7. Bouniefell * Co Sej. T829
lie   Barrett  Co..   Limited.	
IteGllibon-IIotigson    Lumber   Co 	
O'Neil,   Wm.  N.   Co..   Ltd..
-"..Bay. 63'
-Fair. 1659
~.Sey. 4T9»
City:Map ft White  Prim Co— 	
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Buret*,. Co.v -r-
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 8«y. 558
..Sey. T820
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Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd 	
It:' KJ,Dicer  a  Co  ~-8«*!' •***
Iciiklns   Electric   Ce.,   "-til-  a    "ifi?"
\V.   XV.   Fraser  '.  8e""- •••*
Mtuidr.   KowUli'i: *  Co.-..-. r~i8*'<K*r
Phllpot-Maalonalil -Co.,   Ltd  '•»"• 3"i-3
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'- Z s«y- «89S
' ._ Sey. 1224
ltcllalilo   Electric  Co.   ._.
lllclianlson   Electric   Co.*"
Tho   Electric   Shop    _-.--
The Jarrls Electric Co..  Ltd-
-Sey. 115
Karr.    Kohinson    A    Bird : Sey. 3311
Lan*   Electrle   Fixture   Co Sey- »™
Electrical  Mfg.   Co
Beliable  Electric Co. : -So.'«•<*•
B.   C.   Electric    : _—■?«: ????
Darlina-, Frit* a Co.*.
the   Electric   Shop
The Jar-is Electric Co..  Ltd.
Jenkins  Electrle   Co.,   Ltd—
aiuncly.   Rowland  ft  Co	
Kictiardfou Electric Co.-
Sty*. 1-34
_._ey. ITS
..Sey. 8313
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-Sey. I60«
Frank a Co	
-Be*.  4100-4101
_6ey. 3313
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4VJMI Wav JT. Oi." Ltd.
"btfthrame .Cement Brick a. Tllo Co.
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■adDllff-sPCMaed^ Brick  Co	
"'   !<*■«: * Hup.  Co.. Ltd—
.West. 1H«
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_i.-Bburne (L2
 Sey.  3175
.Shale Pre****. Ltd.
 Sei". 316T
L*ld...Sey. 8534
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ifcqtbbon-Hodnoa   Lumber   Co. F»». »"»•
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S. M. Morrii * Co., Ltd Bay.  1041
O'Neil. Wra. N.' Co.. Ltd """T at».-«»S
Bltcble Contr. A' 8up? Co.. Ltd. ... Haf. MM
Artistic; Wlfa" ft"" Iron .Worki.	
Pearaon Wire a Iron Wka .—
_«!»:. Wf 4
Gorman,- Clancey a Grindley,  Ltd
-Sey.  I4T5
WoaA TaUanee A Lu««at_i-
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Jan. 8S51
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 Sey. 1163
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BaBoar. Outhrle A Co-
Ckampion a twhit*_
_Sey. 835
CelamarT A Brana.'
CHBay Braa.. Ltd	
* O. MeaMdrA.Cc.
mML WaW, 5. c*. JUd
Vk:-Srry BnlliniW «W>»y Co.
ila Contr. a
Co.. Lid.
_Sey. »1»T-«S»
-.     Hey.   1ST1
____Sey-  "»*
 West,  li-16
 Sey. 11»
 "-Sey. 4T»5
_ Jtlmrne CL 2
_„_!scy. tlti
Kuston   &  Hornsby  Ltd.   (Uncoln.  Ent.)—Sey.,1948
Taylor  Engineering Co.',  Lttf. .-Saf.iiaso
Taylor Eoglneerlnji Co"*.' Ltd. : -Bar. BMO
Waliib  A Co..  T.  A rjaay. 4T1J
BZ434TATXBTO -    ."
J.  HanttnfT .A jCo. J -pm-
Keystone, Eicavator r.  Sey.
i»an«y,. s., a.,	
.BWt" Jt- Andertoh	
CampoalP.A Orli) -~	
Central  Sbee*-Metal  Works
C.  A. Du'iiliani Co.. Ltd.	
JAUcbtll.  A..H-. *  Co.„	
Murray   Broa.   Ltd
.Soy.   138
 Sey.  8180
 Key. »8l
 Sey,    820
 Say. 8057
.-..Sey. ,1.781
 Hey. S6H
 Sey.  2172
 Sey. TS47
Paclllc   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd	
Vancouver   She*t   MeUl   Co.,   Ltd—
Gorman.  Cl»nct'y *  Grindley.   Ltd —Sey.   3175
Bltchle Contr.  a Sup.  Co.. Ltd Sey. »16S
Taylor  KnglneerLig^Co..   Ltd Sey. 3880
■ Cepeifcj. B««n«a4«U A? Co S«y.  T820
VTalsh   *   Co..   T.   A..
Erana. Coleman a Erana. Ltd.	
0""Netl.-Wnv-X. C*. Ltd.	
Bltdila Contf. A Slip. Co.. Ltd. —
..Sey. »88
-Sey. 4705
-Sey. ""163
Can. N. W.- Stael Co.-. Ltd. J"«lr. 239?-T
Oouahin. £ A* Bona; Sey. 7»"0
Bvanf, Coleman a Brana, Ltd S«y.  SM*
S. M. Morria A Co.. Ltd Bay.  1043
O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd 8«y.  4fM
Bltchle Coutr. A Sup. Co.. Ltd _ Sey. »183
T. Watt Iron A Gal». Worka Fair. «71
WestmlDitar Iron Worka-
Wood. Vallance a Luaiat-
artUUe W»r».4k-I»o--i-W,orka.
Siana. Qdatfa "F,,SmM. Ltd.
S. M.M^rkTei Co.. L»<1	
0'-t«UMW«a.K.^C».. Ud..	
Pearwn .1#Jnf-ftlrea.*«a	
Bltcnta Contr. A" Soft.' Co.. Ltd..
T. W^tt.Jron AlCWr^Worka	
Westadoater; lronv#ar|a	
Wood;- TaUanoe A"-La«at*
_.Weat. S3
_S«y.  7M0
Jair. 38*8
„8ey. 3»88
-JlayJ 184*
_r«irr art4-
_Tair. til
 .tTeat. ft
—Sey. r-at;
 Hey. 471B
(Jormuti.   Clnneoy  &  Qrlndluy.   Ltd ^i-   »'75
V.  C.   Electric       -•■*<"•• SO"'
Mutuly.   llo«l«nd   A   Co.   L. ■,",'■,«,,
PhUiiot-Maciionalil   Co.,   Ltd...«. t-alr. 3"i.s
Ilellable   Electrjc   C<».  - - "»"•'• *««"
Blehardion ■ Electric  Co.   .-..  S«. ««••
The Jarrls  Electric  Co.,   LtiL....- - *»r   i73
,     MOTOB
Garford    Truck*     _	
Motor  Serrlce,   Ltd.   	
John Arnot a  Son* 	
K.   Cliryatal   *   Co 	
Ulxoir &- Murray —
 Sey. 4103
   Sey. 41»2
 JIUU.   374
.._  .—.Km, Mil
^ Sey.   g763.S7C4
C.  J.  CumnUna  A Co >;
Dlion   A   Murray
_.„ Soy.  1337
-_S»y. S705-8768
O'Neil. Wnt  N. Co.. Ltd	
.Say,  47»i
The   Barrett   Co..   Limited — -"~-p*,A*I?
Campbell  A Urll! »•*• ^Ji
Evan*.  Coleman A Evana. Ltd. »*T.  ■»»""
O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.' ««J.  <"3
Ritchie   A   MaedouMll . j--**- »««
Taylor  Knglncerln*   Co.,   Ltd ."?«*.,awfe
Hunter-Heudcrson  l'aint Co..  Lit". S«y. *tt»
Ayrea Tarnish
a raiiu cv
Taylor Engineering Co.". Ltd	
C. J,: Qimnilna A Co;	
DUon.A Murray-
mJSmsJft   m*mwm
JUy. I**""".
A*.. t;aTst«4k
Pearaon Wire'-A-Iron Wka ^ ■'•if.  "fTI4
.        OUT
Balfour, Guthrie A Co.	
Champion A- While-
Brans, Coleman a' Evans.
Gilley Bros.. Ltd	
lO'Xell. Wm. S.- Co...Ltd.	
T.. G.  MeBrlde A C£—;—'S	
Bitchle Ccatr.' A S«pL Co.. Ltd..
_8ey. tltT-*5TJ
. Bey.  MT1
-Weat. 15-18
 Sey. 478S
__Sey. ""US*
 Bey. 8183
Beat, Bobert W. A Co
i —Sey. 1138
amrtrong; Morrtaon A Co.. Ltd.-
-Bi^ga.'.-A. L.  _I	
Waken A Co.. T.  A	
Sey. 1S38
fair. 28nL
 Sey. 473J
O'Neil. Wm. N
i.Bran*: Ltd..
Co.. Ltd..
, ABB   :
the Uoidea Co..  Ltd..
 Sey. 1081
C. J. Ctrmmloi a
. Bagte. J. EL —
-Sey. 1237
-Bay. 3202
Prank a Co..
-'barling. _
'Bltchle   a   Macdougall
. The Ueldea Co.. Ltd.-
— T-Sey.  4100r41Dl
S. M. Morris A Ce.; Lrdr.
B. C. Celling A Boofing Co., Ltd	
Barr  A Aitden»B_
Talc ISfl
-sey.   tUt
Champion A  WSIfc-.	
Evana,  Coleman 4A .Evans.  Ltd	
T.  Cl^ileBHde A.-O*:-
0-X«U. Wai. N.-Ct-.„ttd._
Hitchie Con— A Sun.' Co..
aitchte  A Manrfcwgall  	
Jley. »S7l
_»«y. *«
-Sey. 113*
-Sey. 4TB
-Sey. »1«
-Sey. 8«T
Charayica A
• Ok.
Iwa. Celeasan A'
GDtay Braa.. Ltd.
Nerthwest' 12me Co.    ""
T.  G. McBride A Co.	
(TXtO. Wm. X. Ca.. Ltd..
itasv&aok   Uzut   Os	
aacJ!5e.r J.   T.   A.
Mtlt±i» Cans,  a Swt." Co.
Federal Lcsabeff.Ce
_Bej. tl«T-«T»
 Sey.   BS71.
____Sey.  SUA:
 Weet, 1S-14T
_____Sey. 1i5t
___*«*. *7B"f
 Sty. tiBJ"
 Sey. SlfiT
■   fry. Sit*
rsooBi-ra — XAmBwoou
B.' C. Bard»ood Floor .Ca.. Ltd Bar, 13*7
Inlay  iSardwoocT JTIoot  <S.________ Ser- *»l
O'Neil, Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd, — Sey.  <7»»
J. Fyfe dmltk'-A'-Ca; Ltd: —Sey. 11M
Westrainster Iron Works T ■ Waft. 53
Watt Iron A Galv.  Works	
J-alr. 871
Vaneotiver Gas Co.  	
W.   Holt.   Glass tDealer   	
O'Neil, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.	
_LS«y. S908
-Sey. 4789
Brown, Fraser A Co..  "Ltd	
Flett,  J.  A..
Wood.  Vallance A Leggat-
-Bay. TIM
„ 2321-3328
-Sey.   TZSO
Fyfe SmiUi a Co., Ltd.	
-Hey. 1138
-gcC&Uo-ffrrfgttw,   Loc-ber. Co..
Tanecniver  Lustber Ca.  Xfd	
.  tt*S-Z»«t
_Fnl*. 1«3»
-Jlllh. 1328
„Kcy. 8110
-Ulgh.    433
Uunter-Henderson Valnt  Oj. Ltd...
Martln-Sonour   Co,.   Ltd,   —
Smttfe. Davideen A' Wright, LM : Se* »3«»
Champion  *  White ~ —.Sey.   8471
Evans. Coleman AJBvana, Ltd. -""ie"-". "■«*
T.   G.  McBride  *  Ox -, *«r- tl"
Bltcale Cootr. A S"=P. Co.. Ltd Sey, 8163
Artistic   Wire   A   troa   Works-
reatsoc. Wire A Iron Wka	
-..ralr. ?*«•
.Jfalr.  3T84
Weeimtester lifla Works *—.
_W«t      53
BalTraW. Guthrl*  A Oe—: —StT-
Kvans, Ce-msas A Erana. Ltd-
Aey. an
Teder*. "LmnlMB-
; Sej. £»B«-SS»»
EtmnB.. Col«B-ui A £i*nt. Ltd.———
I-raner  Btvar  *f Oe *Dr.  Co	
Taylor EnrJnerriEe Cn..  Xss	
-Sey. 8880
.J-alr. 813-
Broan.  FraeeT.,Ar,Ci, XML.
Darling.   Frank-  A  Co.   	
Oonsan,  Claaoey A  Gstsulley,
rH* JazcieMm  "Enc.  Co.  	
O'Neil.   Wm. /f.   Co..   Ltd—
EUcfcle  Contr.   A  Hup.   Co..
Biichie   A   liaedongall	
Taylor Ecglceering ,Co.,  Ltd.
The Ublden Co.,  Ltd.	
freisto A Co..' T, A—.	
_8ey. ri$»
..Bey. UTS
-Key. J»4«
—Sey, 4793
-Sey. 9141
-Jiey. 8147
-lie*. 3484
-Sey. *K«S
-Sey, 4733
Westminster Iron Works
-Weat: 31
Champion A White Sey.   85Ti
■vans, Coleman A Brana. Lid. ■—Key.. 9*8
T.  O.  McBride a Co* , .-_:„_H<f.-ll5»
O'Neil. Wm.  !f. Co.. Ltd.. Sey.  47M
Bltchle Contr. A Sop. Co.. Ltd Sey. •Ifl
ttetamsn A Evans. Ltd.-
Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd.	
4 70S
Caamjdoa  A  W_-i«-
JSvaaf.  CbJe-D*-^*  Kraut, JJUL.
CUley "Bros.. UUL.
T. G. MeBrlde A
Bit_i* Coutr.  A Sop, Co.. Ltd_
—Sey. B.n
-—JSey. »""-
.W«t.  1S-14
 Sty. Hi*
—Sey. 8181
Balfoer, Gcthrle A Co	
Champina A  White	
Jimy. »197-«575
... Sey.   9571
 litey.  2388
 West.   15-13
 .Sey, 1159
Evans. Coleman A' Evans
Ollley lire*., UC	
T.  G,  M*Brlde A Co.*	
O'Xrll.   Wm.    N.   Co..   Ltd.-
BitchU COntr.  AY Sup.  (to.. Ltd.	
Champion  A  V\"hlte- —.	
Evans, Coleman A Kvans. titd	
T.  G.-McUrldc A, Co .—
O'Nuil.  Wm.  K.  Co.. Lid —.	
Bltchle Contr.  A Sup.. Co.',  Ltd SfJ. tl«3
Bain   Brois    . Sey. 833
Bush  A   Bead -. Bay. 3378
Evanj, Coltmaa A Evans. Ltd. ' ««y. 2>8*
"•Nell.  Wm.  N.   Co.,  Ltd -Hey. 4795
-Sey. 4785
-Sey. 9183
-Sey. 8571
_»ey. -988
.-Hoy. 1169
_S«y.  47*3,
nam ■ rims  •"■8<'y"ft«?
Chaniplmi   A   White    ™I-   "5n
Kvans,  Coleman A Exniw. Ltd	
T,   (1,   Mrllrld6   A   Co —
O'Neil. Wra.   N.  Co.. Ltd.	
Hitchie Contr.  A Sup. u«.. Ltd	
llalley.   R    A —'  —
ilarr  A   Anderson 	
ilr»«n.   W.   A.,   Limited ' .....
Ontral   Sheet   Metal   Wutka..
..H07. 2988
 Hoy. 1139
, -Say. 4795
.-..-Hey. ill62
llltehell,   A.   IT.    A
Murray   Bros.   Ltd.
  „Sey.    130
.j Sey, 6180
 .K<-y.    770
 Sey.    820
Co  ""«•*   17tl
 ^...... . Bey. U6H
Darling,  rrank  A  Co,   Key.  4100-4101
The Holden  Co.,   Lid a**-   l»W
C. A. Dunham Co.,  Ltd   —.Sey. »«7
l'lio  Jauilwoii  Eng.   Cu. y-   "*«■>•. 1911
Tai-tor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd He/. MM
Hydraulic Marlilnery  Co.,  Ltd.   (Mwitreall-Kcy. 1910
Taylor  Engineering Co..  Ltd	
-Sey. S«S0
Bros.    ...,—...—...
The Barrett Co., Limited. ,	
Campbell A Grill *-Sey.
Champion  A   While .See.
T"-C. McBrlda A Co-- •——*«*• ,15S
0""N'»U. Wm. N. Co .  Ltd -_ Sey.   47*5
ly. 3313
.Bay.  83
.Aey. 1138
.-.Hry. 9103
_Sey. »I3
..JWy. 3S««
„_S«y.   7200
Vacifle   "nrantig   Co..   Ltd...
lUtchle Coiitr.  A  Sup,  Co., Ltd	
.Evans, Coleman A Kvans,  Ltd——_.,	
Taylor Engineering .Co:.   Ltd	
Wood,   reliance  A   Leitgat	
B. C Cellini A Roofing Co.. Ltd. — _~F»|r. 1357
Camnbell A Orill . l»-S«y. *.*'
Central   Sheet   Mvtal   Works   -**y.    620
I'aeltlc   Bconng   Co..   Ltd,.—,— .ley. 1138
l'aclae  Sheet   Metal  Wks".   Ltd...' .Sey, 2172
Vancouver   Sheet   MeUl   Co..   Ltd. "iey.^JSIT
BaKoor. Guthrie A Co.	
Walsh  A  Co..   T.   A,	
Wood.  TaUanee  A   LeggaL-.
.J!ey. 8197-3573
-Hey.' 4738
.-**>.   7200
G*ldf«  A  McCulloch.   C   L.   Ford,  Agt rVy. 8?«rT
0'*SeH. Was. N- Co.. Ltd.-. . Say. 479S
C_*£_pi_>n  a  White- ««y,   »571
Evan*. Cotcaan A Eva:u.  Ltd &«y. 3»»8
Fairvirw Sand A CraveS Co.. Ltd. .—"*"*lr. 55H
GCiey Bros..  Ltd West.   13-13
T   «.  MeBrlde  A  Co . —Sey. IlSt"
..Eburne Hi
 JJfey. 8162
.nigh.   374
...Sty.  479$
B'lfour, aiilhrle A  Co */■  9lB7-"137l
Evans,  Uoleiuau A* Kvans.  Ud Hey, "»f'8
Dorinan,   Clailivy  ,t   (Irlndlry.   Ltd    . .**V. 31?5
O'Niell,   W«|    N.   Co .   Ltd -.- -«ey *1VK
Taylor   Kiu-lnerrlns   Co,,   Ltd.,    Hoy. 3C"»
WwmI.   Vaflatice  A.   Lt'Birat  ~~ *y. 7.0')
B.   C    Kltctrle  ...   .. hty. 8'p.iO
The  J»i»l»   Kfretrle  O* .  Lid «— JCry.  1<3
.Rlehardwn   Uleetric   Co. «—,  -»*y. 30H8
K4l»ard   Cot   '.      — 3«r. H""1
Olson  A   Marray  _.—...-- ^e/.   Ht«i.BTH»
Buns.  Ctilrnisii A  Evans, Ltd., .Hey   "t9<""
O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co.-- Lid . , ll_r.  47*3
Tlie   llarretl   Co.   "Jraltttd. ,	
Csmnbell A Orlll-. ~ ——
Krans,   ColenSJi A  Evans, Ltd 	
i'aclfle-  Hluitt itetal   Wks.   Ltd......
._ Bsy.   81
 ^M*j. SMI
, JSvr.   53 HS
_., Hi.-y.*3173
•A.  Dunhaor Ca, Ltd , ftVy   XoiT
Champion  _   	
Kvans, Coleman A - Evane, Lld_
(lllley  Wila'..  Ltd , _.
T. <"!,   Urlirid* * Co_™.„	
Bitchle C'omt.' A Hop.  Co.,  Lid
ttZ.E—PZ0OX   ABB   WAtii
Ktsrw,  CMerMan a  Bvai»i,""lWw-_^-« f4ny,
riwijuin,^Olsiirty A OrlHrtley, Ltd.... fty
. tii- M»y
_._«(;y. 9171
__. M«y. »*«
..W*it l>-ia
—fky. 1I5>
-Mri. 3163
O'Ntll.  Wi.1.  N. CO"., Lld.-
3 175
DaU-ocr. Cuthrle A n«..       -■■■'■(.
Krana,   Out.maa   a
Darling, .Frank A Co,.
-&vs. 4:noiioi
."aylor  Boglm^rlng. Co.,  VUL „—.„^-.-__A-i. 3«»
Barr   A  AndvrMn-. *~i-*J. Hey.  sl-)»
Ilimter.nindeflWn' Patnt Co., Udi.
Pt.  Grey BuSiilng  Sopply Co—
Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup  Co..   Ltd..
3c*a Airot A Sons	
O'Neil, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd	
R, C   Ceiling A lUmflrig Co , Ltd	
Campbell A GrllL — -.	
Central   Sheet   Metal   Work*.	
Mltt*»i'll.   A.   II,   A   Co..~^	
faeinc Sheet  Mela!  Wka..   Ltd.	
Vancouver  Sheet   Metal   Co,.   I*t«l	
_Falr. 126*1
 Hey,  283.
—Sey.    320
—Hey. 17+i
 Sey. 2173
 Sey. 7347
McOlbbau-Hodgson    I^unber    Co—_ Fair. 185
*       8XOW  CASES
Dixon A Murray .—Sey. P765-8TW
-Bey. 8132
Kvans. Coleman A Evana. LtA-
O'NelL  Wm.  N. Co..  Ltd..
Bltckie Contr.  A Sun. Ox. Ltd..
Jamieson,    D.    McO —Sey. 4463 B
Caaming*.   F.   *U Sey.   1424   Fraser   317 L
.     TA17Z.T BOO.BS:
Ooldle  A  KtCoHocli;  C  L.  Ford,  Art.
The  Barrett Co,,   Limited  '   .
Evans, Coleman A Etaca, Ltd,.
O-.WII,  Wm. S, Co.. Ltd,	
Tay}(.r  i'-ttgiowtltvi  Ca,,  Ltd.-
—Spy, 6110
-JWy, 330f
 Hay.   «3
-~Sey, 47 M
-...»cy, 34S0
The Barrett Co.. Limli«l_. _.. „n,,
Krana. Cuuman A Evans. Ltd	
O'Neil.   WrJL  N.. "A'<3o/;Lld.-"_.-__
Padtte   kiviDng   Co,   Ltd __■	
Tajlur Enst.'ivtrlng  Co..   Ltd. ,
Watervx    Wat,.r6rtK.finji     . ,	
^iXJlvr. 4T»
-, Key.  I«lfl
-_,—Bey, 36*0
 Sey.  I»'S
ArtUtte Wire A Iron Work*. .,_—4J?alr. _8*a
9. M. Morris A Co., Ltd '-«. it,,   ima
OTJell, Wm. «„ A Co.. ttd._ i-Her^HHs
—, t-T88»,  3T88
 «„ A Co., Ltd.
roaraon Wire A Iron VftttL	
Artlstia Wire a Iron Worka- .	
Pearsoa Wire A Iron Wka.,
Balfour, Cuthri* A Co.,	
Evaos. CoUtaan A Evan*. IAI , , .
Gorman. Clancy tc flrlndlry. Ltd ..
Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A.-..
JTalr. s**»
-Fair. irii
Bitchle Centr. A Sap. Co., Ltd,	
Tayfcir Knrlnwttnr Co .   lAir__	
Wood.   Yallani*  A  !****;	
-Hey.  SUT-MfB
 "ley. :vi$
 .Hey. UT;
 Hny. «;i»
 Sey. 814/
 -»wy, :e4i
 -Sey. T-40
The Barrett  Co.. Limited , n»y    43
f'acl3c   Roonog   Co..   I^_        ,   -      .... L..^tt. llaat
Taylor   Xnglanerlng   C*..   Ltd. . .-.<«». 3S|4
Woed.  Vallasce A Leggat: „ jjcy,  ri80
Present Cost of Building Materials
These quotations are based on reliable Information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses
Pate of Quotations, Saturday October 2, 1920
All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver
to   *00   ft.,   $77.00
XM-rar Boat*—
Quantities   up
1.000 ft.  ,
Quantities .over   and   under   2,500
$75.00 per 1,000 ft.     '
QuantltCta ov^r 2.600 feet. $73.00 per
1.000  feet.  *
(At Ware-
(at    Ware-
Common, $27.00
Common, $30.00 -per
BoslnesB  Section).
Preyed,  $100    per    1,000
'•    Flr«.U$»0.00 PC 1.000  (At Warehouse)
Fir«i $100.00 per 1,000 (At Warehouse)
1,000 and up   (At Warehouse),
Polychrome Common. $25-00   per 1.000
(At Warehouse).
Terra Cofta Tile Partitions—
18x12x2 In.,  15c per. square foot,
12x11x3 In..  10c per square fooL
12x12x4 in..  16c per square foot.
l5"x.l2x6 In.. 23c per square foot.
12x12x8-In., 28c -.per-sQuate. foot.-
T>ennls6n^nterlocklng tile. 13.%c. each.
Bollalal • .Pap'Aiv-(Local -.Manufacture).
Pur^^Sulphlte��-Plain $1.35 per 400 ft.
: A^ba^ted.o-:»V.Sb."par::,4-60 ft. roll.
Cone**Bai:1»:oiriir--Material-at Warehouse.
KocK  06,utse
Roclc,> Medium
Grivel.. Fine: - -,—•—-—
GraveT,' Medium    r—
.Pedi■• Sand , -— -	
Wash Sand...........■■■■■■	
CirHent—(Delivered) .
20 Sack lots;, per-bbl..-..
, (Sacks .-.Extra)
Over 20 Sactc Lots, per
Over 64  Sack .T_ots,-,per
(Sacks  Extra)
Rebate on   Sacks,   each...
......$3.?S per yd.
.... 3.75 per yd-.
, 3.50 per yd.
.... 3.50 per yd.
.... 3.25 per yd.
.... 3.50 per yd.
Wall Switches. Complete, $5.00 each.
Heate* Plugs,  $10.00  each.
Vacuum Cleaner Pluga. $"T.B0  each..
Eell   Pushes   and   Annunciator   (pel
point)  $5.00.
Apartment Houses and Ofllc»> Bldtrs.—
(Conduit) ,    .....
Ceiling outlets with drops. 110.00 ea
Wall outlets  (no fittings $8.50 each.
Wall Switches,  $10.00  each.       \
-Base Plugs, $10.00 each.
Heater Plugs. $15.00 each.
Meter Loops,  $10.00  each.
Store  BulldlnK-^—(Conduit) ~
Cellin* Outlets, drop »16.00 to $26.00
Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.
Windows (On transom bar) $4.0-0 ea
Wall Switches, $10.00 each'.
Meter/: Loops, .$10.00  each, . ,	
Residence,   $1.25  per yard.,
'   Business Blocks. $2,00 to $2:715 per yd.
Team,  $12.00 per day.
Truck, $30.00 per day.
Above flgure».are,an .averaW-"without
* water. Steam-shovel work tri larjje
quantities, less,, hard material such
as rock, will rua,com~-ldera"bly more.
! *!cSe«fer Proofs.,18c per «k
Elactrlcai  Wlrtasr— .       .
R ^AT^t&m^^^MtAAYL
Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3,50 .each
Plates up to 1-.foot, each,;.—-.
Plates from 1 to 2 ft., each.....
Plates, from 2' to 3 ft., each.;....
Plates from 3 to 4 ft., each..—
Plates from 4  to 5ft..  each.....
Per Sq. Ft.
 .$  1.30
Plates from 5 to 7 ft., each
Plates from 7 t'o 10 ft., each..	
Plates from 10 to 12 ft., each.	
Plates fr«"i 12 to 15 ft., each.	
Plates from 15 to 25 ft., each	
Plates from 25, to 50 ft., each..	
Plates from 50 to 75 ft., each	
Plates from 75 to 00 ft., each...	
Plates from 90 to 100 ft., each......
Plates from 100 to 120 ft., each....
Plates from.120 to. 140 fL.each....
Plates 101 to 110 wide containing
not over 100 feet each.  -1.76
Plates,  larpier sizes will run  more.
Polished  Wired. Cut -.and up   2.00
Cast or Ribbed  Wired.  Cut-..>... 50 ,
Cast or Ribbed Wired,   Glazed. 55 V
2.4 5
■ankars Safss
Bankers Vault Doors
Safe) Deposit
Firsprotrl Saffss
Fireproof Vault Doors
Noprsaantativo for B. C.
-Finused .Rolled. Cut   .*   .40
FiKured    Rolled.   Glazed 45
Chipped,  21  ounce.  Cut 35
Chipped, 21 ounce, CI axed ~ -    .40
Art, $1.00 and up per sq. ft.
Cosing charged at 20c per ft for grent-
tCHt length and width.
r*rick)uyer;8,  $9.00 per day.
Carpent6rrf,  $7.25 per day.
Cement,Finishers. $6.80 per day.
Electricians.  $8.00 per day.
Electrician  Helpers.  $5.00  per day.
Glaziers,  $5.00  to  $6.00  per day.
Hod Carriers. $5.00 to  $6.00 per day.
Laborers, $5.00 per day.,«
1-athers, $9.00 per day.
Painters. $7.00 per day.
Plasterers.  $3.00  per day.
Plumbers, $8.00 per day.
Roorers, $7.20 per day. *
■Shoot-Metal Workers. $7.20 per dny.
Metal "Oath— «
Key and Diamond Mesh Lath:   .
-26 ^a., 51c. per sq. yd.
2-t ga., 59c. per sq. yd.
Copper Alloy,  Vic per sq. yd. extra.
Herringbone Lath, C.A., lc per sq. yd.
. extra..   <•' -...;.-     ,.'-..
Galvanising, 7c:per sq.,yd, extra.
For  Corrugation   of   key   lath   length-
c-'wi«e.  lc per sq. yd; extra.
Corrugated Key Lath sold under
measurement of tho sheet before
corrugation. -.    .,
Painting— ..     ,   . .
Two-COat work, 40 to ,60c por yd.
Three-coat work, 75 to 90c per yd.
Whitewashing,'10c per yard."
Plastering1—(Material "delivered)
Lime,  $2.90 per bbl.
Fibre Plaster,  $31.50 piir ton.
Plaster Purls,   $35,'50 tier  ton.
Reinforcing Fabric, Expanded Metal,
2c to 10c per sq. ft., depending upon
weight.  ,..
From ' $100
up.   per   fixture—includ
ing, rouglifng in, accordins, to gradcv
quantity and rims, ' ' -
Beinforolaft* Steal—
Ruse price tor lens than car lots JG.f.o
per, 100  lbs.
ii.      i      *       ill': N
"-tooting'—(Asphalted) Local MatVu-fucturu
1- ply $3.50  per   108  ft.  roll.
2 ply, $4,00 per 10$ ft. roll.
3 nly, $l'50 p«r 108 ft. roll.
Asliphalt Saturated foil,   $1,50  Per 432
ft.   roll.
Five ply. tdr and gravel, $7.50 and up
per   square.
Axphalt   Pitch,    bbls.   about   600   lbs.,
$37.00  per   ton.
Structural Staol—$1.65 por ton.
This quotation  I" an average for comparatively   small   quantities.
Light  truss  work   higher,   plain   beam
nncl  column   work   In   lnrgu   quunli
tlwi, loss.
TU»—(Material  Delivered)
.Drain 'file, 8-lnch, 7 per ft.
Drain Tile,. 4-Inch,  Kc per i't.
Sower Pipe, 4-Inch,  25c per ft.
Tlla—^Not Laid)
White Glazed.   90c  por  ft.
Colored Enamels,  9oc per ft.
Colored Matt Enamels, $1.10 per ft.
■Faience-. $2.25 and up per ft.
Lusters,  $2.50 and up per ft.
'Riist.-r Vot-JroiiH,
Colore-, ...   --v  T  ,,v
Promenade Quarry Tllo.  $1.10  per ft.
tors,  $2.50 and up per ft.
t.T vottJ.rous, $1.50 and Up per ft.
to  Mosul-.1   Floor,  $1.10   per   ft.
>rod> Mosaic   Floor,  $1.30 por  I't.
good one side,
Vaneor Panels—
3 Ply Fir. Vi -inch thick.
l5c. per sti. ft.
3 Ply Fir, Ms-Inch thick, good one sldo
2-lc per sq.  ft.
3 Ply   Fir.    V_-lneh   thick,   good   two
sides. 20o per sq. ft.
Wall Board—
Empire Plaster board, 50c per sq, yd
Ruberold Wall Hoard, $50.00 por M. ft
This well Itnow brand of lime is
aeain on the market and will be
supplied through all dealers
Be sure and ask for
414-415   PernbertOati   Block,
Victoria, B.C.
Vancouver Office
405 - 406 Winch Bldg.
J.T.A. Ritchie Rep.
Sey. 9167 Mr  '.'■ :v:$h?vi,^.;-*:,.!. .■.,.!-■•■.;  ■'>■ -:■ - * ■-'-<-  *. ' ;./:'-?;»'*.>■■;•" -v.i.tZiT'T.j.-: ■•■■.■...'.»:,■  BRITISH COLPMgtJL RBOORP  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS io REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Hiwe Si  Sty. 3768-Bay.tl28R  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ontatttwntal Iron Work and  all klifds e« Wire Work.  H2-16   Dufferin   St. Fair.   2048  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108  A 403 PENDER ST. W.  CONTRACTORS  PLANTs& JOTIPMENT  HOISTS-CONCRETE   MIXERS-REINFORCING STEEL AND FABRIC  •• ni-rkettsons Mortar Colors  The KEYSTONE EXCAVATOR^Ill.help you get more out of your Contracts and get more Contracts-  Ask for Details.*     . '...--   GORMAN, CLANCEY AND GmNDLEY^ Ltd. y  IVI»DC°0,?V._*BMi"0;.' toMONTON ' "■-  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH  SMITH.   MANAGER  HUUUT     *HTMU    ©OUTItACTOttH     AJflJ     MAW7FAC.  TtTflRltH.     PKX.-T  ■ AND-. GIlAVr—C   ItOOFKHH.  Fair. 1367 523 7th Aye. Wast  ,-/  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractor*  836 Howe St. Sejmwif 1389  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,    Booflnf.    Cornice's.    Skylights  and   General   Sheet  Metal  ■  Work  i  Seymour 7177 1042  Richards  St.  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Bay and Bight)  1256 Pender St. XV.    .   .   Sey.  9316-R  THE   FOI-.LOWIBO   .ABX.B   SHOWS   WOWO-m*   COS^BO    S^OOO    OB    J™*    JB ,£™   gSES?™'    "  UN-DJ3B WAY, OB OB WHICH COBTBAOTS HAVE BEE* "t".ET B VT COHSTBTTCTZOB JTOT YBT a* <   EDWARD COX  Osnaral Contractor  Cablnat Maklns futures  Sey. 1183 Rear 5310 Howe St.  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractor*  Criiit-Fiicifr Bldfc.   Vitcotivtr, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  * Company, Limited  Qanaral Contractors  BO* Richards »t.   -   Soy. 8320  W.GREEN LEES  COBTBACTOB  PUa  BrlTtoS. ^^"»Jl BrW***'  Foundations, etc  407 Cordova St. W. Seymour 1<W  Character   :    Three-story   Bank     A Iterations      Alters,   to  Bank...   Keaidencc   Three-Storey' Bid",'.   .......  Residence ..........................  Gas   Plant   Kcr.sidenee ...!.... ...,.'.   AtUliia.  to  Bank   .....  Power   House   Residence   Jam and Suifar  Rooms..  Residence ■.....-...  Store   Bldfj.   ..- ........  Residence  ...-.....„....;;...  Rowidonce   Residence    Theatre „   Residence ...  Residence   Agronomy Barn -  Residence      Residence ,...'.......  Warehouse Bxten.   Residence   ...... '..... ...  Residence .,;   Residence .....  Resldertce  ............;......  Residence ...  j Excavation   A   Fill.  Paving    Completing  Residence  .  Dwelling & Oarage    Bungalow „   D waging    Dwelling    Store  Building     Dwelling      Warehouse    Dwelling  _ -   Dwelling   Residence -   Additions  - —  Residence  .'.   Bank     Bridge   Repairs   Residence      "Residence   ,._   uResidence     "High School    HtRh School    Residence    *--•-  Alteration-*    ~   Remodelling   Rettldenoc  Addns   to   BIdK."*   Additions to residence  Owellfng     Cost   J300.OOO  ..-.   $100,000  ........  $15,000  ..'• $20,000  Z..:....% 60,000  .....'..."-■$78,000.   $340,000      $11,500  ...; $30,000  , $9,000       $1&,000  ....-...$13.600  Pet centage     $7,000      $5,000,      $400,000  greater Vancouver  "Location  _ -. Owner  Seymour A Hast...Union Bank of Canada  Cordova St...................JDavid Spenoer Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton-Bank or Hamilton  Marine Drive  ................George  Kidd  Gore and ,Pender.-..Chinese  Nat. League  Marine Drive B; D. Rogers  iiKal«eCrcck>'.....:.'„...;...Vancouver Gas Co.  "Angus Ave. &  27th....... ....XV.. B.  Farris  a.iw.uuu   Cordova St.  E ....Bank  of Montreal  $10,000   Drake  St. ..... Dominion  Canners  Ltd.  $40,000'   49th  St..  MaKee ............Mrs.  J. W. Allan  Drake St.   :......Dorn. canners of B.C. Ltd.  ""9th  &  Margaret  St.......,.„:..F.  O.   Eyas's  318-20  Ponder St. E..;..............H. F. TonR  Point Grey , C. A. Wlokena  4538   Marguerite R.   Mowbray  C919 Cypress .„ Mrs. M. A.   Robs  800 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  """    ' .....   $3,000    '    $7,000  "" ....iii.ooo   $14.COO      $5,000   .-.$ 10,000  *" .........   $15,500  '"......-..   $10,000     $10,000  2^[T'A"Cs^iZ^r'jjZZZZ^ZZZZZZ^Z3Zneii.&  Shaughneasy   Heights.... ::B.   J.   .Tayne  Point Grey D, of  B. C.  Donnaught St. .......I. Y. Griffin  6726   Lafiurnura *• ....D.   Robertson  159 Water St.  :. ........A. P. SI ad e Co.  Avenue  "D"   Shaughnessy „M." Rfcctor  17th Ave.... -.Dr. C. H. Vrooman   ■jlo.Utfu-i Cartier & Connaught Dr -H. J. Perrln     $7,000   1185  1.0th Are. W........ M. J. Coulson  „.'  $5,008   3807  12th Ave. XV .- G. H.  Adams   ".... $513,001  . ..    $55,000   '..'*. $2S,00">   $5,100  .... $54 00   "...Z.  $5,000      $7,500   ~  ..  ..$20,000   ZZZ..Z $5,ooo  ' $25,000      .  $5.00-1    $5,000  BallaBtvne Pier, .:-..*. .....Dom.  Qarmt.  City. Streets .........i ......City  of  Vancouver  Shaughnesey Heights  A. B.  Tulk  27th Ave. A Carter St C. N". Wood  2011 37th Ave. W ^...J. Huroi.  1.997 35th Ave. XV.—  -W. H. Collar*  4664   3rd Ave. TV W.  Brim*  Cordova &   Columbia.—. J:   Mer-estlen  1780   13th Ave. W..._Mrs.  E.  H.  Murray  Industrial -Island Glbsona.   Ltd  11S5  28th Ave. W  S. Colling*.  6556   Laburnum ......A.,L.   Ramage  Ib.uuu j 6556   i^aournum **.,*..    .  $9,000   4469  Angus Ave Mrs. M. C.  Healy  $7,000   Jericho  Jericho Country Club  $12,000   Connaught Drive  C.  B. McAllister  $30,000   Marpole ....- Royal .Bank of Canada  Engineer's Dept .'.._ Day Labor  124 6 27th Are. W.  C. Woodburn  Matthews Ave. & Ale.x'dra....J. R. Duncan  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. UNITED  C0MTRACT0RS AND EMOIIIEIRS  Stiiiifd Bank Btif.       Sey. 7920  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Sumst 3535  501 Pacific Bide  Dwelling   ."- -   Dwelling    -   dwelling      J'.esldence     —-•  KtjHldenco    ..c. —  Restldence -   Residence       Residence       Residence   Residence  •  Dwelling      Dwelling   .----"   Remodel  Building  Warehouse   Remodelling   —  Residence   = —  Hesidence     Residence   ...»   Brick  BiAtt :--  Addn.  ro Klcvator  Store Bldg. -   Gonl.    TU'palrs   .—  ^tore   Addns   Horse  Stables    Store   Bldg   Pier     ..410,500  "'„ $5,800  .$20,000  $7,300  A'A.$36,347  .$175,000  $12,000  $5,000  'ZZ...A 5.ft»0  „*25,O0O  $12,000      $5,000  '"'.".« $S.O0O  " ..* S5.S0O  $5,000   $5,000  Architect           ..... Contractor  Sum'ville & Putman.-Hodgson; K. & Mar.   Dominion   Constr.   Co.  A.'; E. Henderson.. J..J.....J..J. C. Allen  Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Edwardes Sproat.................-..T. McGougan  Beanard C.Palmer....Domlnlon Const. Co.  .'.-.«: ■.....'„':  ;..... Owners  H. H. Gillingham  „,....-„...S. J. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis........Baynes A Horie  J. E. Parr ....;....;....Fredk. Sherborne  Honeyman A Curtis...;. ..A. L. Ramage  J. E.  Parr ...„„„.."...S. J. Newitt  H. H. Gillingham ........S. J. Newitt  Contractor ' .....TS*.   H.   Chow  Downing &Kyall ................J. Laln«r  .:......... : Owner   ../j...- .......Stewart  A ffoltart  Tho.s. Lamb. Toronta.-.Dom.  Constr.  Co. ■  Townley & Matheson. Superv'is'gArchts.  Townley & Matheson;'..............!W. J. Read  Townley & Mathes<«i ,.J. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson... ...S. N; McLeod  Madtenzie & Bow ..............C. F. Robinson  Townley A Matheson.......... A.  L. Ramage   :..„....:..:. Dominion   Constr.   Co.  Mackenzie & Bow ..Blackley A Co.  James A. Benzie..Roger*- 8ms. A Sinclair  James A. Benzle-.Rogers Bros. & Sinclair  „    Day   Labor   S.   A.   Pellar   .: Grant. A  McDonald   Columbia .Blthulithlo  Co..   Ltd.  Bernard C. Palmer.... ...J. K. Sinclair     M.   S. Grlfflthji  ..; _  C.  J. Phillips   „    Owner  ."  _ .".  F. TV. Farley  H. H. Simmonds........Snlder Bros. A Son  Owner    '.....P.   W.   MelHsh     T. MoClay  _ .-. Bargain Sales  Realty  Co.    Owner  ZZZ'ZZZ..ZZZZ. ;..-. M. C.  Griffith  Bernard C. Palmer .—'.'.....'J.'-K. Sinclair  Maclure £t Lort J. S. Crowell  Gardiner A Mercer....Hodgson. King A M,  Connaught Bridge  ....City  of  Vancouver    _ Woodburn  & Chaytor  Gar«lner A Mercer  —.Day Labor  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour.361-7 .  1160 Seymour St.  Sey. 7965  Night Phone Sey. 637  W. W. FRASER  Elactilcal Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  Bfi2 Hast. St. W.  V     Vancouver, B. C.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  ELECTRIC AT,    -WIIALLATIOXSi ' OF      BTOHT  DKBCniPTIOW. EWSOTUIOAJi     WUPPI.IK8  Sey. 95X2 539 Main Street  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC FLOORS  LAID      •  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phona "Traaier*T.78 X.   446 45th Aya. E.  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Engineer and Contractor  Klffb-ClMB   Electrical   Work  and   PUturaa  Bay.  441 3044  Granville St.  Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED. HUGGINS  riVaXB    AND   OBHAKEfTsM  PZ.AST£B"CB  Bay.  3535-B.  3528  "Third Ave. W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  XALBOMlBtxa ABB   TXBTXBO  A 8-PXOXAX.TT  .TBS OIVXB  B8  Bboae Batnsioat 484 B  314 7th ATa, E.        " TasusouTer, B. C.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEBEBAZ.   BEPAXBS —ABXATUBE  WZBBZBO — 8WZTCKBOAB8S  ZB8TaX."LATZOBS  247 Hastinfis St, L  Soy. 3856  J. C. REST ON  BaVBCTBICAls   EBOZBXEB  ABB COBIBACTOB  411 HOWE ST.  SEY. 1991  m^Y^^^mmm^i^^^  »oua  .—' $5,000 IshauKhnessV   $5,000 J Fairview .-..'...  Marpole Pt. Grey School Board  4312  Pine Street  _.W. McLean  R. C. M. P. Barracks ........Dom. Govrmt.  3380 Granville St Charles K. Campbell  P"a.irvlew .......... .......Unlvemlty of B. C.  Shauphnessv IlelKhts ", E. B. Hamber  IS29 42na Ave. TV-... I. TV. S. McLeod  1391 27th Ave. TV Mrs. P.-Elklns  •_70K   33rd  Ave.  TV .". "vf.  Hansen  ;-tth  A Highbury J. B.  Barreau  Shaujrhnepsy  Park   J..XV.   TValsh  Park .......A. M. Farquahar   Mrs. J;  Graham  Twlzell, BirdB & Twi~ell Owners   _.G.  Churchill A Son  Owners  _ J. TT .  Bye  Townley & Matheson Dixon & Murray  Sharp & Thompson Baynes A Horie  p.  C.  Palmer  T.  L.   Gray  4 ...„ .■    Owner   S.   N.   McLeod   TVoodbun   &   Chaytor   M. C. Griffiths  ....Faulds,   McQueen A Pearce   Faulds,  McQueen A Pearce   ;Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  ■$-/  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX' MOTORS   UM1TED  ,  1233 Hornby St. Sey. 9461  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  ElECTIICIi INSTUUmiM SF ALL INHU  923Gw(fciiStW. -        Sey.  NHU  r. 8699  Y  $5,000  "". $5,000  ;\.._".$5.-000  $6,000  ""'.   Sfi.000  "JBifiOO  JfS.^OO  $50,000  A.   $35,000  .    SS.OOrt  '"'....  S6.000  .    $S,300  .   .  $15,000  '.  ..$10,000  '  $6,000   $7,500  ...$•12,000  '.' ..'..$45,000   $15,000  ...$4,500,000  Fairview   J.   J.  Cunningham  Fairvlew   " T. McG P.obertson  Fairvlew ,J....\.  B.   C.  Ltd.  Strathcona  Place  H.  G.   Wright  CS7 9 Maple St F. R. Murray  JSS6 13th Ave. TV TV. H,  Dargavei  Gran^ A Robson Sts Ro.^fUl Bk. of Can.  Ft.   Gore  A,ve : Can.  Fishing Co.  Seymour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.  1775   10th  Ave.  TV ,„.C.  J.   Phillips  15th   Ave.  TV -'.Cosmo. Bruce  33rd A Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford  Seymour  Near   Dunsmuir  St...Mr.  Jones  ir.05 6th Ave.  \\*  Hastings St. E. .„   Fairfield  Block      121-5 Pender E   Fairmont Barracks ....  5S-60 Hastirigs St_ E..  Ft. 'Heatley. Ave   X. McLennan   K   Uyesu<i   j.   Rogers  ...,K. H Long  ....Dom. Govt.  ...Chaij. Gross  ....Dom. Govt  R. MONCRIEFF  "     GENERAL CONTRACTOR  328 BUk's BlAa*  Saymour 4006  Palmer Bros.  Oenernl   Contractors'  929 MaiD SL Sey. 4878   Faulds, "McQueen & Pearce     „ ..Faulds, McQueen & Pearce   1 Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  1  Downing & Kayll  Owner   >   - _ A.   H.   Cromie    : _ , „».    Owtit  Gard.  & Mercer-Hodgson. Xing & Marble  Owners     A. W.  Quist  James  A.   Benzie        ..-..„ : _ _     Owner  Bowman  &  Cullerne   -Owner   <. Faulds,   McQueen  &   Pearce  Bowman &/Cullerne._ Baynes & Horie   :  Owner  Owner    _ .'.      H. A.  TVlles  Contractor   .'.    TV.  H.   Chow  Dept. of Works Robt. Moncrieff.   _ C'.H. Taylor Constr. Co.  Dept. of Works Northern Constr Co.  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  IdmlWd  rOROINGS  OP ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria  Drive   ,      Highland   701  CEDAR   COTT/.GE   PAIN1ERS  A  2759 ■ 22nd Ave.E. • - ■„  new idea sheet metal  Works  COBB1CE,<SBTX-.TOKT. SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WOK.  Anything In Sheet,Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett. Xgr.  757  Bcatty  St. :    Sey.  7645,  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  BASH   ana   BOOBS—OCTICE  rlXTUBES •  . .  BaBdaAwinS aad Turning, *tc.   -  1730  Semlta  Drive Highland  374  '■ GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS, LIMITED  "rVBBACES,    COBBXCBS,   VWCT-  "UOBTS and  O^HZBAX.  :    JOBBZBO   .;--":  HWriaM 482  Veaakles St.  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Work* Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan  RUSH & READ  PUIH AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay.   1602 B.  BMT. ^jj-joe  Stephen. St  STEWART & COLTART  r-ENERAL.   CONTRACTORS  GENt .un   ALTERATIONS  REPAIRS    AND   ALTEKA  „_ _ Fraaer 805 "u  r»lr. 3386 X. 60tlx Aye, e.  3241 St. Oeorff* »«•     JO  -^  peter Tardiff  General   Contractor  REPAIRS AND ALTERAT.ONS  ti-21 Bidw.ll St.      Sey.7898R  Character   _    ljailroad       Railroad    Bridge   _..'.   Plant Extensions    Boys  Training  School .'.  Municipal Hall    21   CoUtiKes   Acclamation   TVork      Boys'   Training   School   Milk  Condensory,.   Paving   Pacillc   Hlghvray..  Dairy   Barns      Paving .""............ ,   Fruit  StornKft  TVh'se   Memorial   Hall      Power Plant   Qiilnsam River Bridge    School   '..   Pa vine River Road —  Four   Houses   Bank   Fish   Oil  Plant   Schcol     Indian   School   Railway Station    School -  Bank   Bank    ~.  Residence      School    .'   Stock  Barn     Alters to Theatre   Bank      Hospital      i Athletic Club    I School Addn   Factory      itound Housjc. Moh Shops  Xealdence    -,    Two Storey-Block   Store   Bldg „ -   Additional   Storey   Abattoir    .....  Restaurant    Residence   Alterations  Residence       Co»t  .1,000,000  $330,000  ..$125,000  ""*...SI 4 0.000  ""     ""15.210       ..S75.OO0  SI.180.000         S79.200   '...$150,000  $120,000     .. .$S,300  $a5,000  ...$30,000  "     $10,000  *;.;.; $05,000   ..'.""$'»b"bba,   ....$30,000   ' .   $12,000 j   '. $35,000 ;  $20,000   $47,000      .$174.000   ....$25»00         $20,000   "".' $11,000         $10,000          $27,000      $102,233      $12,000   Dav TVork      ."$35,000   $40,000          $30,000  '"'"" $30,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA GENERAL,  location „ ..._..„..._^ ...__. Owner  Princeton to Copper JU..-..B. C Copper Co.  Alberni to Great Central Lake -..C.P.R.  Deep Creek.  P.G.E.... Prov.   Govmt.  Mill Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mllla  Cociultlam  :...Prov. Govmt.  Coqultlam    .—    Municipality  Powell River  .....Powell River Co.  Sumas Lake „  ..........Prov.   Govmt.  Coqultlam ..P.rov.  Govt.  Abbotsford....„Fraser Vall&y Milk Prod's  Petersons to Johnson Rd., 2 1-3 miles....  Lulu   Island *s'.   Nelson  TVoodwards Landing  :Prov. Govmt.  Kelowna  ._ Kelowna Stortige  Ltd.  Courtenay   G.   W.  V.   A.  Alice  Arm ....Taylor  Engineering Co.  Near  Campbell  River Prov.  Govmt  Lynn Valley No. Vane. School Dist.  South Vancouver  Prov. Govmt.  Penticton   Soldiers   Hsg.    Scheme  Penticton '. ..Bank of Hamilton  Nanaimo  J. B. Jardlne  Courtenay .Prov.   Govmt.  "t'tuart Luke  Dom. Govmt.  Nanaimo  „ E. & N. Railway  North Cedar „ _-. .Prov. Govt.  Williams  Lake Can.   Bank  of Com.  West Summerland Can. Bank of Com.  Parksville. V.  I.*. *M.  P.  Reattio  Pentlcton   School  Board  Annacis Island..Annacls Stock Farm Ltd.  Columbia St., Ne-w TVest....Royal Theatra  Anyo>c  Can.  Bank of  Commerct  Summerland  Summerland Hosp.  Cumberland Can.   Collerles,  Ltd.  Cumberland  Prov. Govt.  Williams Electric]  Company. I  BXiECTBXCAX. COBTBACTOBS        I  11   COB8TBVCTZOB,     MLAJHTBBABCB  I  I     ^. ABB   BBFAZBS 1  11 434 Homer Street     "Phone Sey. 4024 J  S.M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  u  GET OUR PRICE ON  FIRE ESCAPES  ••  Bay.   1043  2120-2130   Cedar   St  H.D.Rees  W.iKrase  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  . H.   HUTCHINSON.   PMOPRIBTO*  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND SAWINO AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING:  Say. M78  735 Balmckan St.  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Ce.uBiercial Photographers  SIS 6RANVILLC ST. SCY. 2SSS  etc.  $200 000  .. $30,000  JbO.OOO  $29,000   '.$40,90Ci  .$19,940  ■" $50,000     $11,500  Percentage  ......  $-lh,000  VICTORIA  VR-torla....Sydney Paper Mills A Rfc. Co.  Victoria   ....—„, —Can.   NatT   RjTirys  Oak Bay. Victoria ——R. VT- GHbson  DouglJis St., Vic Mrs-. TV. H. Doufc-ar  Douglas & Broughton Otto TVeilor  Douglas ^&  Broughton.  Palmer Station    Oriental   Alley      Craigdarroch-...   St.   Charles  St    Otto  Weller   J.  B. Fagan   Hong   Ton"-"  ...J. TV.  Spencer  H.   F.  Bullen  Architect .... _... L...... Contractor  .—. . ; „.„.v E. Griffin A Co.  ...._._ _...._.. _.. ........Foundation   43o.  Prov.   Govmt . Canadian  Bridge  Co.  Owners  _  Hodgson,-King &  Marble  Pub. Wks. Dept. Kobertson & Partners  Gardiner & Mercer ...Sloan & Harrison  Owners ...........;£ -Leonard C. Stevens  Prov.  Govmt  ..Mar"sh. Bourne Co.  Pub. .TT'ks. Dept.......Robert-son & Partners   „.."^..  Sloan & Harrison  Public TVks Dept. Cotton Co..  Ltd.  Gardner & Mercer ......Jas. Hyslop  Public TVks. Dept..:..Harrison A Lamond  Twizell.  Birds  &  Twizell   \V. A. Owen. Cumberl'd JH.. Trehearne     _ TV.  V.  Hunt  Puhllc TVks. Dept Robert Moncrieff  Blackadder & Mackay Baynes & Horie  Public TVks. Dept Harrison A Lamond  Swan & Augustine B. F. Priest  A. D. Achcson   „ R. N. TVyatt  XVm. Fred'k Gardiner Day Labor  Public  Works   Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Dept. of Indian Affairs....Robt. Moncrieff  Owners   George TVilson  Pub. TVks. Dept.......E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Wm. Fredk. Gardiner  Thos.  TVyley  Wm.  Fred'k Gardiner Thos.- Harvey  Maclure & Lort Mr. Vestaunet.  Bell & Curtis ."..._ ~.M. A. Clark  Wm. Fredk. Gardner....Sloan & Harrison  Edwardes Sproat : James Hyslop  Wm. Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co., B.C.   : H.  TV.  Harvey   : H. P. Peterson Co..  Dept of Works E. J. Ryan Constr. Co.   _ Co-operatlvo Contract Go.  [Owners ._ Robertson A Partners  Maolure   &  Lort »...Robt.   Moncrieff  Percy  Fox A.  Lookley. Esquimau  Percy F6x  _   ..Luney Bros.  Percy Fox  Luney Bros.  J. C.  M. Keith Landle & Keith  _ : Purfttt Bros.  Percy Fox Harry. Catterall  P. L. James P. McKechntt  FOR   GENERAL   BUILBINQ  CONSTRUCTION    *  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS  CONSULT  E. J. RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, Fairfield Bid?.. 445 Gran. St.  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 HastisfsStE.  Sey. 1224  Bncae Seymoftr 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  -     Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc  Switches designed and built for any  special work.  Industrial Island .   Vancout-er, B,. C  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 Btii Ave. W.       Kmw 2278  Public. Works Contractors  Office ©13-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared , to furnish Building Contractors and; Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683 Georgia Street West  Office:    Sey. 7075      Res.: Fair. 21SSL  J.H. Healey  OPTOSSBTBXST...  625B*rka Bid?.  \__ >-  Vancouver, B C.  J  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS;  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory.  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour B551  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an Ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jaa. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef  Fairview Sand  & Gravel Co.,  Limited  sanFuravel  PROMPT DELIVERY  Granville lsld. * Sey. 6761 1  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  International  BRIffilSH GO^M^A RfttSOED  "■"■"•■■■■■SBBsBsWBaBB^^  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Plcte Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  12375—Alterations   $1000  12376—Repairs";  $2045  12377—-Offlce bldg  $2,000  12378—Repairs   :   $810  12380—Dwelling  ' $4750  12382—Dwelling    $4500  123S5—School       $50,000  I*>t and mocfc [Bahdfrrtfrlop  840 Howe St.  1019 Granville St.  Ft.'Broughton  St. ...  150  Cordova St. W."  3167  5th  Ave.   W   1855 11th Ave. W-...  Vancouver, B. C....:.....  FRASER RIVER"  PILE DRIVING  Co., Limited  p. a. Jones, 2Sff*.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS; ETC."  Owners   of   Tug   "CUT*"*  General Towlna*  124   FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015 ;' '    -.•'  Baynes & Horie S46 Howe  Baynes & Horie 846 Howe St.'  J.  K.  Sinclair 517 llth Ave   B  \%£ J°IWnS' Wks-'"3324  Brunswick  * red Mekon  1....1727 William St  £ J°hnson-  3735 Parker St'  Owners   ......  ■S46 Howe St.  •E. G. Baynes    Royal Trust Co   B   w   p   >■* i~_x,  "•   '---   w. a. itixneanon uo., Ltd....  E. B. Morgan Co   £e? Me,ton  "im"wiliiam'st"  iV- L" Rand • 5th & Alma Rd''  Vancouver School'Board ... ■  Fair, Robinson & Bird Umited  Designers and Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  " RADBAINT LIGHTS *  For, CorhrnerclalLlKhtlris  546 Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS  LOCAL Aip PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,   HIGHWAYS  ETC.  fC  Walter Murray  Ernie Xnxray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  H. Mitchell  J. Mitchell  SZTKOUS '8614  137 Powell St.  Vancouver.  E.A.  * v'T?  Plumbing  and  *  Steamfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  l»hone Say. 13*  Rea. Bay. 77 "  VANCOUVER PERMTS  12371—Royal Trust Co., alterations,  589 Burrard St., $365; Baynes & Horie,  'contr. _ '; n j^y\  12372—Royal Trust Co., alterations,'  1752 Davie St., $356; Baynes A Horie,  contr.  12373—H.  J.  Devine,   repairs,   256  Hastings St. E., $200; Baynes & Horie, contr.  12374—Royal Trust Co., repairs, 315  I Hastings 'St. W., $120; Bafnes '& Horie,- contr. ■-  15379—G.  Hunter,  shed, 3760 Clinton St., $300) W.'McMilia*a,> 3030 Victoria Dr.,'contr.".   :   '' '-* *  Zi2?si— Fretjf, Melton,  garage,  3183  5th Ave...W.; tfOiD.. . c   ' 11383—Mlyagawa,    partition,\ ' 318  ^owell;St;;",$50.%* - ..-.,-•  F"L?3,84^w!-'Aldridgre, garage, 568 7th  Ave. E.; $100.  12287—T.Otp, store front.222 Gore  Ave.; $50.'  12388—H.   O.   Bell-Irving,   addition,  1210 Harwood St., $365; G. Milne, 1015 I *sr 'obtained" at Th7s "Department. aVthe  „i,_   ._.   «**„_._ '     •    offices of the District Engineers at,Vlc-  r&'S:  a>  Equity   Building.   Toronto.  po" ^aUfh,"ieSS^'   BuJldl«i-?.   Montreal.  £.Q^ and at the Post Offlce, Vancouver,  N  J  I  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  t  Plumbing - Heating  Sheet. Me^al  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  M4 Richards St.  Sey. 1784  BOTXCS TO OOBTBACTOBB  Sealed tenders addressed-to the undersigned and -endorsed "'Tender for Dry  Dock at Esquimau. .British Columbia."  will be received at this office until 12  oi clock noon. Thursday, Dec. 9. 19"{0. for  the construction of a Dry Dock at V«.-  quimalt,- British   Columbia. - .  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specification and forms of ten  S. 8. BUtott  S. 3. Trickey „ _. .„„„,  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,  Say. 620  I  v.  [mm & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  • % SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and ST0«E/iir/WGS  7th Ave. W., contr,  12389—W. Creighton, garage, 3424  2nd Ave. W.;'$100.  12390—Mr. ClarR, chimney, 2JU0  Cambie St.; .$25.  '     BOTZCB TO  COHTBACVOBS  Sealed Tenders addressed to trie undersigned" and endorsed "Tender for  wharf etc., at Hollyburn, B, C." will be  received   at   this   office   until   12   o'clock  st°r0uc*tlon^any' °KCt".5' 1920' for ^« construction of a wharf, repairs to crib-and  dredging at Hollyburn, West Vanceuven  oJ?J'insAand   ro,r,m3   ot contract   can   be  tender  obtained  at   this  Department   ^t  the,office   of   the   District   Engineer  at  New Westminster, B. C.; andAt th*p„o  bfrn?SB. lanco-»™'    B.' a"?^?^- J  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on -printed forms supplied by the  Department-and in accordance with con!  ditions contained  thorein. ■ ■   "  Each tender must be accompanied hv  an accepted cheque on t chartered bank  Public "Korku, equal to 10 per cent of  the amount, of the tender. /War Loan  Bonds of the Dominion wi 1 alsS be ac-  CKpted *?, ««cynty. or War Bonds and  oSnt.U6fl   ■   ret»ul^d, to, maki up old am:  th?ro'^"B1V"' Print" can. be obtained at  this Department by depositing an accepted bank cheque for the aum of i^o  Publle Works.* which, will be. .returned  lar bi*d. ,|!: bld<?*r* ■ub-mA areju.  By order,  . R.  C. T3ESROCHERS.  „ ' Secretary.  "■    Sep",'-™nh*0Q.   PubHc   Work"8'   °ttwa'.  AND PAPER CO., LTD  Manufacturers of  Ready Roofing, Building Papers,  Dry   and   Saturated Pelts,  Barbados Roofing Paint  • •  VICTORIA, B.C.  ii  NEVER LEAK^RSt^SS  "A Stitch in time; Skvem NSn* ••  PACIFIC  ROOFKVG iSSumU^  MANUFACTURERsr^?* *f™nWi -  Seymour   1 ia<5  tnitumkrtmt Islantf  Vei8»coov«r. B.C  H.  I  IX.  Is'  fiEOArCASPENTER WORK  ' 9m\HlWWHANG-  -      HS.w KALS0MIHW8  H 8765      Sey. 8756  1QS5 Oansmulr St.  '(Continued from Page, 1)   ,  residence #ill be two stories in height  with  a lull concrete  basement,  and  will   be  built   in  a  most  substantial  manner  of  brick .with   2-inch' cavity-  walls  to  insure  complete  insulation,  thus making the house warm in winter and cool in summer.    There will  be eight, large rooms, with vtwo baths  and a portion of the basement will be  fitted   up  for  a  commodious  billiard  room.    The  house    will    be   heated  throughout wjth a hot water system,  while the lighting and interior, finish  will comprise many pleasing and ultra-modern innovations.  Tenders   will   not   be   considered   unit* "iade °n Printed forms supplied'by  -.£?pa-rtniei»t and"in accordance  with  conditions contained therein  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders addressed to the underpinned, and endorsed " ••Tender for  wharf   at. Sandspit.   B.   C."   will   b£  r°-  an^ccVr6^ mUSt ^"accompanied  by ! noonSZL day* OctTl,^ for^l  ^ch«p ed cheque on a chartered bank, j conduction   of   a   wharf   at   SandsBir  '  P?ffi w2*he °rde1r of.the M'niskM- of   Moresby Tsland,  Queen  C^harlotte Grm.n  fhl  JL Woilks' equal to nve per cent, of   Skeena District   B. C     v'nario"e Gr«>"P.  the amount 0/ the tender A War Loan  B„°nn^ °f the Do"^"lon will also be ac-  ofZn,t *% secur-1ty or War Bonds and  amount retlulr<-"<i  to make  up an  odd  ^ffoti?"~Blue Prints can be obtained at  this   Department   by   depositing  an   a?  n^t6Kd, b?nk .cheque for' ^e sum olr*50  pf.ht^ew0 ^he order of the Minister of  fft      intt   ^WSh   wU"' be   returned i  bidI       lntendlnff bidder submit a regular  -By  --rdor,  R.   C   DESROCHERS.  'lL J  .^^^  \~~-  lot it down  In a  m  Loose leaf Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  IS always ready to receive  , tacts and figures and all  Kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs.  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  andmost compact memo book.  Press the (rigger  and the rings open  No more torn Sheets. No  tumbiing, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  «�� Pos*«1ittle. lasts aJwaya, because it  is bound in srenuine Mftocco.  f et ns' show the De tuxe  Loose Leaf Memp to YOU.  Western Specialty  BOTXCB TO COBTRACTOBB.  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned' and endorsed "Tender wharf  it Alice Arm. B. C." will be'received at  this office until 12 o'clock noon, Tuesday,  October 26, 1920, for the construction of  a wharf at Alice Arm. Skeena District,  B. C.      .     ".  Plans. and forms or contract can be  ^een and specifications and forms of tender, obtained at this;Department, at the  offlce of the District Enjjlrieter at Prince  Rupert, B. C, and at the Post Offlce, Vancouver. B. C, and Alice Arm. B. C.  Tenders will not be '-considered unless  made on printed-forms supplied by the  Department' and in accordance with conditions contained  therein." '  Each tender must be/accompanied" by  -tn accepted cheque on a chartered bank  aynble to the order of the Minister of  '■"•ublic Works, equal to 10 p.c. or th%  iniount of the tender. War Loan Bonds  .">f th° Dominion will also be accepted as  security, or War Bonds and cheques if  renulred'to make up an odd amount.  NOTE—Blue prints can "be obtained at  this Department by depositing an accep-  ed bank cheque for the sum of 110, payable to the order of the Minister of Public "Works, which' will be"returned if the  .ntending bidder submit a regular bid.  By order,  ,, R.  C.  DESROCHERS.  Is     ^ • Secretary.  II     Department of Public Works; Ottawa,  September 22, 1920.  wortdag-coy., or Building'fcipSu.e-   SSl  round    bnildiagr   experience.     Eminent  WRIGHT BROS.  - BUILDERS -  SET. 3315      511 DUNSMUIR ST.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLC33  COMPANY  J.  Di«n»»ON.  MiNAacn  FUeai»*  LAID  AND OUO   FLOO»3  REPINtWISD  339 Ponder St. W. s#y  9aol  »«8. Paone: north Vaa. 843  — "    Plans and forms of contract can h«  seen and specification and forms oTien*  «ST«f,bl?,.,l.ed^t thls department, at the  Ruoer? ^he*DJstr'«t Engineer at Prince  Rupert, B. C., and kt thej Post Offlce  Vancouver, B. c\ and Sandspit. B C  I m^,e"ders  V11  not be consiaered  unless  DedartmeStint„enHr°'rms "uPP"ea. by  the  „«t«f, *•    and    ln    accordance    with  conditions contained  therein.  I'    Each  tender must be accompanied  hv  an accepted cheque on a charterea-lank  Pubtioe*wSr^e °rdeV of the MfnKster of  I ublic \\orks, equal to 10 per cent of  the amount of the tender. War Loan  rB°"d3, °* the Dominion will-also be accepted   as   security, • or   War   XJondV" .,«rt  ameoQuUne£ " ^^ to ™*» »? £ tat  n.'?!0,*S^"Blue Prl»ts can be obtained at  the. intending   bidder  submit   a^Sar  By  order,  K- C. DESROCHERS,  Department of Public Works,    ^^ afy"  Ottaw-a, September 4.  102o!'  BetabUaaeS 1SOS A A     7^^r"   " m~    »«rrxo«TB~o»»BBA* *o•Balic»*1F,"0--  1338 Seymoor St.  ▼aaooaTar. ».  ■*»»•«»* SMI  MALTHOID RQQFIING  Th« Best that's made  ■   8ale« AQents    •  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C..  PILING A^o P O L P «  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  mJSSSSLtt^MOK^ S?- LTD-  —      ;■     - ■«<»<"n« ■ Seymour 399^-3999  TO COBTTaACTOM  "Soldiers' Housing" Scheme"  ._ West Vancouver, B.  t5.  Contractors desirous of, 'tendering .on  iny of the above ' houses ' can obtain  Plans and specifications and" any information irom tho supervising architect,  Theo. Korner,' 217-S Winch Building,  Vancouver,  B.  C. ' * ■  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  SBWEItS.   GRADING  ROADS AND  LAND CLEANING  1367 Seymour St. b,,, 7325-1,  FAULDS McQUEEN 1  PEARGE, LTD;  GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  We Specialize'In  HOUSES & BUNGALOWS  "get our figure  before you build  Sey. 165 626 flastines St. W.  I     Wire Your Honie  I B.C. Electric  YoliU be surprised io find how  easily--chcapl})—quickly, you  can wire your home for Electricity. Compared with the  convenience and comfort of  Electricity at your command,  by day or night, . the cost is  small.        , ■'.-*»  Costs of installation are increasing—now is the time to order  your wiring.  B.C. Electric  Phone Seymour 5000  425 Carrall 1138 Granville)  Bidunond   Birfrfet.   Woodward.^*,*,.,  Perry.  -TENDERS will be received hv tho  Honorable Minister of phmia w -V the  nodn of *mlte£%£tlYW}£™°f**.to  UorA ^Mr 4 ^«tructionya1id Srecl  September;  F920" °n  °r after the 22"d  sjrssjsss1^ H, %%  forfeited   If    tenderer   refuses   to   entS?  into contract when called upon to do *o  orutlm to complete tho workcontrictTd  Cliequee of unsuccessful tonderfrs will  treact!tUrnCd "POn cxccutJ0"."of the"don"  sJii acSer any   l-^r "0t   ncces.  A.  E.  FOIlMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works  Department,  Victoria.  B.  C.  Sept;  17,  1320.  J  HOOFING  i-    The  PAVING  MATERIALS  ^**^*WJ~. LissiTrn  <•*  Cor.lOtk   -^.CiaflTCO  \%\%*l°r^2!?jLjZLnrd   of   »AIM»ETrS  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  s.ve. * Artootoe St. T.UMli  COAX  TAK  PRODUCTS  Bay.SSendS4  MARTIN - SENOUR  IQO/o PURE PAINT  C8STS IBS PER 198 TflsN Ml OTHER MINT OH ME IMRKET UNO IKTS10N6ER  See The Guarantoo On The Can  ^___ VANCOUVER FACTQRy:   1505 POWELL STREET  RED jCEDAR  WB MAXnjTAOTVUE  AXiX.  GBADES  BoUvered   by   our   Motor   Trucks  rlglit -on tlio Job anywh&re or  ia  Carload   lota.  UNION CEDAR MILLS Ltd  HOBTH   VAB-COTTtrEB  Phono Worth Vanconver 835  GALVAIViZi N G  ?*£r\\.iJRO*! oSSl? IRONWORK -BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE    W;B  OAX.VAWIZE EVBB-y-raurO BY HOT "fSOCESS —-  Fairmont 971, Office and Works, 225 - 5ih % Vancouver, B. C.  limited  572 aranvllle St.-«'--  Sey.  3528  56S?eatt)St!  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm Air, Will Bo Found Most RoH,bk* And  Especially »o When  Installed by Competent Engineers.  im OimWEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  SeynuNir 7596  (Brown, Fraser & Co.. Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal a   Contractors'  and Supplies'  phono Seymour 71SS  Vancouver, B. C.  1 ISO Homer Street  '*  :>1s  ■i  !teff  A-  I  '■��{'•■■■<!  MM  'yWM  m


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