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 /^_.».-.!.«»    » 1  .-4?  .•r..-VrVp*.'V!iit-f->\»:j  >«««--ta«):'":»"*.-*» r-^-r---''.  ■M*lfnlfi-w/T"niM,..A%.^.w|^.  ^H&#Ni^ i^ COLUMBIA  \  h/ 2 2 iiJ20  f V  A PUBX.Z0ATIOB BBVOTUS *0 GEBXKAZ. HEWS! BUX£X>XB O.  COBTB*ACTIltC>,  ElTgrBXEBIHO,.PBOVIHCIAr., CITT AHP HABBOB XagyBOTBlIEBTg.  M**  '.S'4  VOL.  i      ■**  4- if      1 x     ■■     *  No. 19.  Published  Xondejr   '  Wednesday and nftMflr  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1920.  Office tuiil Plant  629 Pender Street Wnt  PBZCE—PerJTear In Advance  Per Month - -   •--* -    --  iff"'-'  FIREPLACE   FURNITURE  Mantels, Grates, Tile, Portable Baskets,  Andirons, Coal Buckets, Wood  Holders,  Spark. Guards.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co  530  Howe St. Sey  Ltd.  •9  4795 - 4796  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  metax. wnroows  tike boobs  skyx.ights  jobbing  blow piping  smoke stacks  Granville Is. Seymour 2172  1/V* it  !"        I  *   *i   /•^-t  'i? *•*,?  352^3,  &*!  -CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call For A Fan  Phone or write for_ ..„   .„  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building Telephone Seymour  Roofing, Building  '   Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  Ft.ofColumbia av  Clayburn Firebrick,  Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed -  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, Hvdrated  - Lime, etc.  ■ 3&.  POLYCHROME  Common Brick  * (in'stock) : 1  '»'•> -    '  rally Cared, Splendid  Quality  -   CXiBAW   CUT - EDGES    -  326.00 '"PM'  lioOO  at  Warehouse."  ■30.00 per 1,000-delivered Buluii  "~~     i      % ■> amotion. -      ,-»    -    ,■ >  ^  POLYCHROME CEMENT'  Brick & Tile Co., Ltd.  Office: SIS Buncaa Bids'    "■•*. SUO  Works: Granville Island      B.P.    816  iv.5.  BASEMENT  TX.OOBED OB DAMP?  ; 1. tn. rmn^ly  Made  3  In-'iOreaY ^Britain' and  i. United f Statea-tfAi  Jamieson Engineering  Company  London ;Bldg.  RODGERS BROS. AWARBED  ERECTION OF ASSEMBLY  ft*** " *    »■      iJ        i   %   &    *». 'til  HALL AT OOLLARTON  "Architects~Tdwnley & Matheson,-323  Homer street,'; announce .the award  $rom among'a number *dr close tenders . submitted, to Rodger Brothers,  : 136 Comox street, of the contract for  the'erection*'of the'new assembly hall  at1" Dollarton, Roche Point, Burrard  Inlet.     -,-.«    i-'f "1 <  fi/fhe< new; structure which is to be  built from plans prepared by Townley  & Matheson* for the Canadian -Robert  Dollar-Company, is- to be of frame con-  sfi'uction on concrete piers 27-by 40  feet,lb size. y'ltji8,inteiiaed for general  recreation', purposes, '"dances, lectures  and .motion, picture shows for the entertainment of the employees at the  HUNTER - HENDERSON  PAINT  Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 fiMNMLE ST. ' SEYMOUR 6116  j.    rii     r „ i  (Continued on   Page 2)  &   **  sm    mm*  W #*%.  W%  il §®%. i% fL& WW ^wr *%J ^J?  i  j^s^f^i^lr^*?**^  Veneer  &  *-»^*n  ^^j0§5&4  1320RICMAR0IST.  V f r     ■,!■   C  SMITH CO. LIMITED  i SEY: 3199 :■ %■:/ ■   VANCOUVER, B.C.  DAZZUNG DISPLAY  AT ELECTRIC SHOW  Twenty Leading Firms Represented In  Beautiful Booths'At Opening t  Today.  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On BUILDING MATERIALS  ~ Robin Hood Boilers and.Radiation  Seymour 9570  1CS3 Main St  Mi  4 ».A V  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery .and  Supplies  j '' ' '<  '      —-   B.C. Distributors for   —'  ^>  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS * CREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  ^ u -   _ 8S8 - SO Cambie St.  Sey: 4738 • 4739  J. A. FLETT Limited  Building; Hardware, Tools & Cutlery, Spaldings  Athletic Goods, Guns and Ammunition  Fishing Tackle  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SETMOUR 2327  V.4  MA  %>  PHILPOT-MACDONALD Co.,Ltd.  Electrical Engineers  J.. B. PHtXJPOT  CONSULTING  *  1573 Main St.  INSTALLATIONS  DESIGNING • SHOP WORK  D. MACDONALD  POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION  Phone:-   Fair. 3623  .Why Not Use A  " VULCAN "■■"  Heating Boiler ?  which fflvos 25 -per cent, more efllc-  ioncy than cast Iron boilers, and  ■burns anv Iclnd ot fuel with. Bplendid  combustion. .-■  Vulcan Iron Works Ltd.  Granville Island     Vancouver, B. C.  -  Dainty,  dazzling,  diverting  and  instructive will be much overworked ad-  jetives   employed   this   week   in   des-  ciibing the beauties and chief features  of Vancouver's first big electric show,  which is to be officially opened at 11  o'clock this forenoon in, the Drill Hall,  Beatty street.   With every one of the  daintily decorated booths occupied by  a leading local electrical firm, and a  traljr-electricC atmosphere   prevading  tba;f whole  building, the show starts  Whatiprpmises, to.be a ,very- Bucceasful  .week'*,1 'rnJob-fe^piectale. features have  been arrangedvfor<tiearly every day all  veelt'and the show W^s'fair.to create  a record not "only as~a novel * aj^trae-  ^(«in,":i)ut. i|i^Aci^viiaa^a«a^  pose'tor which it-is held—rlhiiiof ^in-  ceasing the1" use of-electrical, labpr-  eaving devices in*home and office.     •**"  .A transformation  that is positively  magical has been made in the usually  sombre' interior of the Drill Hall dur-  ing; the  last few days.^- From  plans  and    designs" prepared by    Architect  James A. Benzie _and ably„ carried out  by  E.—Chrystal -& .Company, .-twenty  booths of original and striking design  have  been   erected  and  decorated   in  a.   uniform. * and    harmonious    color  scheme that lends itself admirably to  the   flood   of   electric   brilliance   that  Lathes the interior of the big military  structure.   Nor has the outside of the  building been overlooked in the matter   of   electric  attractions.     A   huge  s*ea'rch light has been" mounted on the  oatside which will cast its rays against  the night sky all  week.    In  addition  several   flood   lights   have   also   been  focussed on the exterior of tho building "a Inch   gives   an   appearance   of  i.oon-day brilliance to the place even  on the darkest night.  Every one of the twenty booths in  tho building are occupied, the following representative array of leading  firms staging fine displays of their  goods" there:   B.  C.   Electric  Railway  GETS CONTRACT TO  BUILD TWO SCHOOLS  / II   si  Aid. F. P. Rogers To Erect Both- Kim-  berley and Woods Lake Structures  In Okanagan. »  Making the second school contract  that he has secured fn the Okanagan  district in the face of keen'bidding,  Aid. P. P. Rogers, 3641 Knight Ttoad,  has been awarded the task to erecting  the new Kimberiey school in the Okanagan district. The Vancouver alderman was the lowest of a number of  bids submitted to the provincial public >vorks department, and his tender  of 115,000 was accepted.  ;,vAld. Rogers has- just returned from  a - trip .to the Okanagan where he arranged for a start on the Kimberiey  contract'as.welL as inspected the wort  ool'the^oods. Lake .school  &<**»'ktfASlfLWArded the,  be a^pne-sfbry frame structure*to ac-'  commodate four class rooms and will  he heated by,hot*water.  The Woods Lake school, on which  work is now*well under way, is a one  and a half. story' frame-~structure",\ 25  by 40, and. is to accommodate, two  class rooms. The contract for this  school was $13,650. Aid Rogers expects to have both schools completed  before the end of the year.  CONTRACT AWARDED TO  COMPLETE TOP FLOOR OF  UNION BANK BUILDING  The final contract in connection with  the completion of the new Union Bank  building, comprising the completion  of the „top, floorv and fitting it up for  o/fices, has been, awarded to Messrs.  Hodgson, King &sMarble,' 508 London  building, who had the general contract  on the erection of this fine building.  " They have already started work on  this contract which ^ comprises the  erection of a number of tile partitions  that will divide "the top floor ^into  three" suites of offices. These are to  be. occupied by the B/C. Packers' Association', the' Canadian Johns-Man-  ville  Company, "Limited, and  Mr. W.f  (Continue'd  on  Page 2)  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ,        •       ' >      i".  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  - AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations:   General. ^    _. „  _  Electrical  ComtriictlM  *    ntuE "sown m  States Bilk leMaf  EBURNE 55  r."x.  EpNEjaiKCO.  Marpole, B.C. .  .. Wholesale and BeUil  Dealers „ in ,,Sand,., Gravel. ^Cruahed:  Rock, ,"BrIck, >: Cement, Lime {and* aXL  .kinds o^BulIdmg Miaterialm.-'-*-.**w  "If ITS W P(HNT MET • fH0« IT  EBURNE 55  -fi    -ft  w *  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Bona* asanas PrUls   Close Qaaxtsx Vlatem iWbf- «.   ^_  - *        eaumlaa: Iruaaun—"Wood Butas   Tarttas aaA Blsctcto  aua» •»••• sibsi    in iriB«*^p».^ppppp*»™i in & 4   -. *#* ^     z,q ■ -.-*  __r .      -'"»"   "* - rt-"-   -       . —■*..u...^..a-^U.^'..r*~,s' % *■-" .$  --r-pfV**  ,. .fVv*  -Sp-  SV.  i ii; rVuiUui. i _imi j t. ■'."'. ..■.aaajjssaissipsM'TfMi' my  ■•'':  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.       ,  -,--      ESTABLISHED  1898   . .      i4"t , -;.J JLv*'   -  .      \-* WHOLESALEsAND RETAIL DEALERS, IN  SAND. GRAVEL, BRICK.-LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS   ,  *~ .* PRORIPT DIOIVEIIY  t: ;;  1051 Main St. "" :,"""'■.* '.     ' \    \       «slsefM»oa a*ymou*,lims  * -i<r-*v  ".      ,'<Wift>lii.'.  fv  -        .1.4.  (Continued  on   Page  2)  Vancouver lumber Co.,  MANXTPACTir».EBS OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  Af! '■ •••...»  REASONABLE PRICES  Coll and see us, or phone. *^  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C. j  PREPARES   PLANS   FOR  TWO   FINE   BUNGALOWS  Architect A.' E. Henderson, Davis  Chambers, has recently completed the  plans and specifications for two fUie,  six-room bungalows which are to be  erected'-.'in Point Grey. These new  homes .are the first of a number of  residences which.a local firm intends,  to erect in the near future to supply  the housing demand. Each of these  bungalows "is of different exterior design and will have all modern conveniences' including-hot air heating and  concrete basement. Work on the  erection of-the first two will be commenced shortly and is to bo pushed  to completion with all possible dispatch.  STARTS ALTERATIONS  TO EMPLOYMENT BUREAU  Work has ben commenced by the  E. J. Ryan. Contracting Company, on  alterations to the premises at 714  Hichards street, formerly occupied by  D. R. Morrison & Company, but which  are to be altered for occupation by the  labor ^employment department of the  provincial government. The altera-  lions comprise the erection of ,a number of partitions and offices to make  separate offices for the women's, and  men's branches of the employment  bureau.  Structural Steel For Every Pun  'm~mmmm~^mm■«■plpl^pp^p^BBBe^™"1^^^"™^!^^^^^^^"™  IIW  wbaxs, cumnu, avgus, niTn,  i      co;  o&x.  .unf  it SQUxnraio tajuuoatzwo satovs, .  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEE COT, LH  F .     »-- J   W+ . **l  Vatmoat sne and «S9T  ▼aaeeavaa, aX 9b;  TO*  TO  OPEN   TENDERS TODAY  FOR JOHNSON ST. BRIDGE  VICTORIA—(Special)—Tenders for  the sub-structure; of the Johnson  Street bridge will close today at noon  and .will be submitted to and opened  by the city council at its meeting this  evening. The award will not be made  immediately however, as the tenders  will be turned over to a special alder-  #  n.anic committee for tabulation and  a recommendation to the council at  a meeting to be held at a later date.  This special aldermanic committee  will work with City Engineer F. M  Preston iifdeciding the final award of  flic contract for this "important stage  of the work.  The number of tenders submitted is  hot known yet, but enquiry regarding  the piers and sub-structure arid application for plans have been made by  about twenty different contracting  and engineering firms.  DOMINION BRICK  „-'i i  «??*  rot sale. **«*_*; * »'*V-* *'-'■«--/ ."*  Cbamploa ft White: Brans. Coleman ft Brans. X.td.: Thos. OVatcBrlda ft Caw  and the Bltchie Contracting ft Supply Co„ X.td. C",   *" -"'-;    '.'% ^J5-.  Also-by OUIey Bros., Ss-sr Westminster. The Eburne Ssafa * OraTSl Ca*  Eburne; and the Oreat West Sand ft Gravel Coi Worth Vaneouver. '- _;;,.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS   LIMITED  Mead   Office  102 Moody  Olock  I^F"    Of   -  ■s  **    -  +•>  VICTORIA, B.C.  A  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  Cold^Twlst and Benel  <-       V- I  KExvroscnro steei.:— ^>  Large stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  We cut to length.  Bars to details. ^ -  BOX-Xlr— ','>* *  . _ i  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.**Cast Iron Washers, we are Prepared ^  to furnish large orders ot Special "Bolts on-short notiojs. -^  MERCHANT IRON ANdVtEEL BARS \    »       o :  FOXTLAHS CEMENT — X.X1CE — SCOTCK KSS BHXCK £- TESB OXAT  OKAPHITE rOUKSaT FACIKGS — COKE — 8SA.COAL  FXG rBOW — BiAOJCSMITm COAXi — BKAJrUAr XOPB  °-, PRIVATE .EX.  103 WIKCB BULD.  SET. 0197'  "T  WE  CAZT BCAXE  ZBOtBSXATB DELIVEBY/^y  -- BRICK—       i|  Just Received  100,000, and*.More Following^  ' Also See us For \-  ^s.  SAND, GRAVEL,  CEMENT, 'fIb'RE.'pLASTER,  LIWE AND"1        \  OTHER  BUILDING  MATERIAL \  RITCHIE CONTRACTING arid SUPPLY Co..Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 Granville Street  Seymour 4660  Reliable  Company  J. SMITH. Manager  352 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.;  Twenty Yoara' Experience In all Branches:  of Electrical Work. JSisiwotion—-Earcpetrtj  Advioe — Tronble Work—InatalUxig — %%•»'■  Winding—All Work'Guaranteed.  r  ORNAMENTAL  ./-'  Westminster Iron Works  *-: •"> » y/A !„ ' ■•:■   :.■■■■ ■ '   .  ->:; ■    -   '   ■  Office and Works Tenth Street <    |[ ;  [•  New WeStininsteir, B. C.  **> Phone 53  .t.J^:,. ,.    ..,..-^-  m^m  >A  -■-.ii  '«..**...' '<!•  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  *. v. IKUT  ■OOGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors* Engineers  311 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  WIred,Ari,PHsm,  Colored* etc.  Wholesale and Retail  W. HOLT & SON  426V-436 Dufferin 'St.     '     Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  artel  Sllverii|g  Ik Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKERSON  Manager  '. 6370 446 Bastings St. West  Vancouver, B. C.  Print Grey Building Supply  compact  #■*,»!*, Gravel. Torpedo Gravel, Crushed  Sock. Brick, Lime, Plaster, Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  aflFOTf 6 X, 8 Angns St. a* murine Dr.  MABPOXO:, B. C  Robertson & Devey  Enslnaara and Constructors  iBSKtiNs; fcsifl, RtOfftS, COKtnKtNl  taductrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   Piers. •*. .Power  Plants  Industrial Railways  Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  SO2T0RKSHIREILDQ.   SEY. 9217  k« a*i«i a^lte'^ c* rttfift iritiBj. Sttt*  aaj nfrfclnflars awl pMs fir M ctekt prams  MACHINr SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION,:  LtosJa Canadian RatrltT«ra«on  Company Ultlltsd  •BO CajapbeU Are. High. 822  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  -Published  every- Monday,   Wednesday  arsdFrlday by the  Record Publishing Co, Ltd.  " A   newspaper' or general   circulation,  featuring - Building. Contracting.  Engineering.  Industrial.  Shipbuilding,  Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, City and Harbor  J Improvements.     .    ,  C. H. NELSON..-MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant  629 Pendet StV^,.Vancouver.'B.C  -PHONE SBTMOOR 7808  Subscription Bate*  Per Month   : .,iVai.  Per Year in Advance  ,— •**;?«  All   subscriptions   are   payable   strlcuy  in. advance.  OPFZCXAX OBGAB.  The British - Columbia . Record is the  official organ of The Architectural Institute of.British Columbia, federated .with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada'and-as such- is* used*.by>fthetn as  the medium through which, tp make fiieir  oflicial announcement* 'to -the general  txiblicv      *-    . .r-"-,*.y  By such selection the British Columbia/ Record' is no .wise.pledged to';edi-  torial suppqrt of any policy advanced  by these"societies, but-maintains an absolutely independent position on all .matters subject to' editorial opinion.  ««  Stay-'Put" Brand  KILN PRIED    .  -. vKEgWi-DaWr.  STAY DRY  1. C. Hardwood Floor Ce.  United .       .  BIT Gran. Bt.  Bay. 1287  Pearson Wire  & Iron Works  :t.  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Bothing too, large or too Small.  If It's Iron, or Wire we' makeit.  CITY MARKET BUILDING  FAIRMONT 2794  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the fecial-  nest* men .and women »»f  the fcttv are cerUIWt of the  •rind ofmeate the*' wont et  inable prices.  ««*. II  Me. 2 - «2  PWOM   %J.  . iZ—z:  WIST  Good  Eats  "Tfco Cost Foii Rf stairants'  NICK coseo  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE WORK  AND  SEWERS,   GRADING   ROADS   AND  LAND   CLEARING  1367 Seymour St.  Sey. 7335-1.  CANADA'S   BUILDING   IS  40  PER  CENT! GREATER THAN  LAST YEAR  Despite the apparent slump that has  marked building operations during, the  last few months, especially'' in the  -west, and more or less all over the  Dominion, due.mainly to the high cost  of building materials, it is.' very grati-,  fying'to note that an increase of 40  per cent, is recorded on building operations throughout Canada for the first  ten months of the year. This 40 per  cent, increase is',quoted by MacLean  Daily ""Reports,'""Limited, arid covers  construction contracts in all-the" cities,  towns, .villages and. rural districts  throughout the Dominion, while compared with the figures for the first ten  months of 1918, those for this year  show the very satisfactory increase of  1(54 'per cent:'"  - The total value of all new building  aud construction work in the-Dominion  fdr the first .""ten months of; 1920 is  given by MacLean's Reports as $231,-  459,800 as compared with" $164,176,700  during the same period in' 1919, and  $J1,425,500 in 1918. New projects undertaken in the building line during  the last seven months snow a slight  shrinkage, but a comparison of Canadian building figures " with reliable  data on American building .operations  faho*-s\that the shrinkage'in Canada tbe  is proportionally much smaller than in I>rice is in *Qe neighborhood of $5,000  the United States and there are still and   tne  contractor   intend   to corn-  sufficient large, projects contemplated mence work at once on the erection,  or under way to indicate that a healthy  olume of activity still continues.  Constructional;" activity    for    the  month of October, however, shows a   —   , ,  (Continued from Page 1)  ,.A,««,««itT mar  considerable falling off - as compared Boultbee and associates.    The offices  ttOCOa»OVA-ST.-WtST   with   tfae   datk-for  {he   game. month  '" last year.   Contracts throughout Can  ada awarded "during October totalled  are to" be finished 'in"hardward trim  md   the   floors   covered   with   battle  chip linoleum.   The work will'be fin  $18,169,500,  -as    compared    with $20,- ished in about another ten days< a(ter  £20,100   in   September -last  and   $25,-  79,300 in October, 1919.   The explanation  of   this   decrease   is  said  to   be  mainly due to the "action of the banks^  in tightening up in financial opera-  lions, which reflected on many building projects.  In the matter of home construction,  however, the figures for the Dominion  so far this year are especially gratifying and indicative of the nation-wide  attempt that is being made to' relieve  tbe shortage of dwellings. Contracts  fcr 981 new homes, .valued at $4,362,-  500 were awarded in October which is  considerably greater than the 835 new  dwellings costing .$4,032,900 which  were commenced during last September. In" average cost too, these new  homes show that Canadians are going  in for a slightly better class of homes.  Especially in ■ the outskirts of Vancouver, Victoria and other western  cities are a fine and in many cases  costly class of residences being built.  The average cost of these new homes  commenced in October is $4,900-each  compared with an^ average "cost of  $4,629'for residences built during June  of this year.  It is also very pleasing in' view of  the Dominiou-.wid.e^housing, shortage  to, note that during the first ten  months of this year Canadian home-  buiiders invested""$50,230,800 in new  residences as ^compared with $47,031,-  100 for • the. entire year of 1919, and  only. $14,661,800 in the whole of 191S.  While.! this is-a very marked and  gratifying increase, it is "conceded at  the same time" that' the Dominion is  still at-least four years" behind in its  h'cirie-Building programme and in Vancouver and other western cities where  there has been a marked influx ln_ the  population, the housing needs will  take even longer than'that to catch  uj, at the present rate of progress.  GLASS  PLANTS  UNABLE  TO COPE-WITH ORDERS  NEW YORK-^The jobber, whose  stocks have materially increased during the past few weeks,* is inclined to  shade'' prices a trifle. No quotable  change appears, as the producer maintains his price list without alterations.  Glass ■ factories' are running 24 hours  oacti. day in order toDring the maximum capacity of the plant to bear in  making headway against the shortage.  Stocks of window glass have not been  large m recent years,'owing to quick  FDsorption by the market. An increas:  ed winter trade has ben forecast, with  heavy spring ""demand following  closely upon it.  AUTOMOBILE  RECORDS  2S515—Provincial    Cash    Grocery,    1242  Kingsway—Ford  Chassis.  2S516—A.  LanRstaff, J7S3  Sth Ave. W.-j-  Ford Tour.  ■2S517—-\\-.    II,    Logan,     1S51    Matthews  • Ave—Itoamer Koaci.  "SolS v.r.   G.   Anderson,   COS   Vancouver  Blk.—Kord   Tour.  '>S519—M. XV. Unshouse, 11S3 Pacific St.  —Olds Tour.    '  2S520—Sam  JollriT,  -130   Hallway  Ave.—  Kord Tour.  2S521—Emma Snider,  2990  7th  Ave.  XV.  —Ford Tour.  2S522 J. H. Horie, 232 Powell St.—Ford  Truck. I  2S523—S.   'Westwood.   -ISO   7th   Ave.   E.—'  2S524—Sunset   Grocery.    2741   Granville  St.—Kord  Chassis.  2S525—Anprelo   &   Antonio   Giannini,   S3  Pender St.  XV.—Ford  Truck.  2S526—R.   Martland,   470   Granville" St.—"  2S527—A.   Martin,   2220   2nd   Ave.   XV.—  Maxwell Tour. t*  2S52S—Yip   Wing.   17   Ponder   St.—Maxwell  Truck.  2S529—Poultryman's   Union,   13S   Water  St.—  2S530—Victoria Woodyard, 16S0 1st Ave.  E.—Traffic  Truck. ,    •  2S5S1—Moorside     &     Dockendorff.     269  23rd Ave. E.— ' \  2S532—Murphy   &   Chapman,' 799   Granville St.—Ford Tour:  2S533—C.  Stanley,  233   6th Ave.  E.—     ,  28534—O.   M: Shove,  643   24th  Ave.  E.—  Nash Tour.  2S535—Arthur F.  Houghton, 1350  Union  St.—Kord   Tour.     "•, '_   .\  2S536—Powell   River   Co..   LtdC "Powell  River,  B.  C—Ford  Truck.  28537—W. U Turnbull,  560 ISth Ave. XV.  —Ford Tour.  2S53S—J. Duff-Stewart, 3751 Cartier .Ave.  —Dodge Tour.  28539—E.   C.   Emde, ,Courtenay.   B.  C.—  1   : Ford  Truck. '.  2S540_a. G? Ma*irt,:1102 Commercial Dr.  .—Ford   Truck,  28541—J.   H.  Sutnmers,   Box  13,   Jubilee  P.   O.—MaScwell   Tour.  28542—Angelo   Seamlni,   S3   Pender   St.  r W.—  2S543—Mrs.   G."S.  Ellis,   942  Broughton  St.—Ford   Sedan.  28544—R.  Franks, Central Tark,  B. C.—  Ford   Tour.  2S545—H. B. Mclntyre.' 2137 1st Ave. W.  —Chevrolet Tour. '  2S516—P.   \V. Tarrant,  Central  Park,   B.  C— ,  28547—J, H. Massey, 445 10th Ave. W.  —Commerce  Truck.  2S54S—O. J. Gude Co., Ltd., 80 St. James  St.,  Montreal.  P.Q.—ford  Tour,  2S519—R. V. McCarley, Lonsdale and  Windsor,   N.   Vanc.--Ns.sh   Road.  28550—C. 11. Peterson, c'o Patricia Hotel—Reo  Truck;  2S551—McLean, Ritchey, Transfer, 33  6th   Ave. TV.—Ford Truck.  INSURANCE  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED XX 1886  739 HCaatlngs St. W." Sey. 7820  Ground Floor, Winch Bldf.  Vancouver,* B. C.  J. Hanbury & Co.  XpHcxtsb  EXCAVATING  ■  I ...B.aBSSaaa.sssssss.1^.  ' S       a "■ *  and  GENERAL TEAMING  _a-,^,^M,,^,^B,^asBBBHaBaaM       «BassBs«BSB^MBaB»aBBBBBaaB»  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  2118 Standard Bank Bldg. Phono Seymour 2199  -   ' '" Resident Inspecters at all Lars* Manuf acturiac Centres  -J  rECECTRrCAI- CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        nlOTOB REPAIRS        STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  B?0 Blchsra. St. ��     : -Fkeae  Seymonr  17B;,  CANADIAN JOHNS-MANVILLE  - Company, limited.  Asbestos and its allied products  Roofing and  Roof Coatings  Pipe Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  738 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEV. 4427  RODGERS BROS. AWARDED  HALL  AT  DOLLARTON  (Continued from pif* 1.)  Dollarton   Mill.     The    contract  LIME  Sold By  ALL DEALERS  -j  A DUNHAM SYSTEM of HEATING  means more-than just a boiler, pipe and  flttlnKS. It embodies careful design and  plnnninr to srlve the utmost heating «itfs-  faction. ' ..^  Dunham    Heatins    Service    cover«     the  supervUion   and   inspection ot  installation,  CA.DUNHAM COMPANY.Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.  O. BaUSOX. auaaa»  Phone Sey.  8057    425 Standard Bank BldR-  CONTRACT AWARDED TO  COMPLETE  UNION  BANK  w  hich    these firms    intend  to  move  infl) the new premises.  If you don't know  Walker  Coo'  Robinson  Limited ,  The Tailors  You Should  625 Fender St.W.  DAZZLING  DISPLAY  AT ELECTRIC SHOW  and  PAViHG  MATERIALS  The  Company  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  _LI MIXED  Send   for   cofcr    card   of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Cor. lOttx Ave. and Arbutus St. Phones: Bay. 63 and 64  (Continued frcm pa&*e 1)  Company, Northern Supply Company,  Northern Electric Co., Canadian General Electric Co., Jarvis Electric Co.,  Muir Electric Co.. Rankin & Cherrill,  Kanaly's Limited, Hoover Suction  Sweeper Co., R. C. Purdy, confectionery and refreshments, Modern Utilities Co., E. C. Telephone Cov Western  Power Company, of Canada, Grossman  Electric Co., Horsman & Son., Percy  Letts, W. W. Fraser, Farr, Robinson  & Bird, Vancouver Technical School  and Perry Electric Co.  BY  A5SEMBLYING  and publishing all available  building news every other  day for a period of ten years  tht  British Columbia  Record  has become a recognized factor in connection with the  business plans and progress  of British Columbia.  You will appreciate this  fact if you but read its columns. Phone Seymour 7808  and let us list you as a regular subscriber.  Seymour 7808  sacs  ....■■..U.......IL. aassa.^aaiaaYaV'WUsisjrts^  CLAYBURN COMPANY Lii  Works :-    Clayburn, B.C.    C8k    Kilgard, B.C.  mm   Manufacturers Of   —  " CLAYBURN " BRAND  Firebrick, Fire Blocks, Coke Ovens, Retorts  and Specialties for Smelters, Steel Works,  Cement Mills, etc.  High Quality Facing and Mantel Brick, Vitrified Brick for Paving and Sewer Work;  Sewer Pipe, etc.  *  *  *  *  i  >  ;  *  I  \  *  Clayburn Terra Cotta Hollow Blocks  In Heath Units - Patented. The Acme  Of Permanencey, Simplicity Economy,  Adaptability And Strength  *  \  I1  V  ,1  i  i  y  ,'  ,'  >'  \  I  ,<  CLAYBURN COMPANY Limited  HEAD OFFICE  Credit Foncier Byilding. VancoiLiver. B» C.  m  P  ^^^.. .."w aaaawirrgyi     ' uss    h iw ■   —  '  ?</"  ft  ►aw**1 M  */  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  III  P  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Him St '    Sey. 3768--Biy.H28R  Artistic Wire & Ironworks  Manufacturers  Ornamental Ironwork ana  aU kinds ef Wire Work.  112-16 -Dufferin   St/  Fair.  26-18  REDGLIFFE PRESSED BRICK  --   PLAIN  OR T^pfeSTRY PACE   «  ' All   Shades, of   Natural   Burn   Red—Immediate   Shipment—-Three   Plants  Ask for Quotations and Samples.  GORMAN, CLANCEY AND GRINDLEY, Ltd.  511DOMINION BLDG. '* ^ PHONE:     SEY    3475  VANCOUVER EDMONTON CALGARl  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr'a  SEY. 838 HIQH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe St. ftymour 1389:  S.M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  GET OUR PRICE ON  " FIRE ESCAPES "  Bay.   1043 2120-2130  Cedar   St  EDWARD COX  Osnaral Contractor  Cabinet MaMas     . '    ristarea  Sij.M3 1285 Pwter St W.  DAVIES  General    Contractor*  -t';-i -..-*;..' •*'--.".'  Crtsit Ftacier Bldg.   Vancouver, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company/  ..- .»<  Oanaral Coatraetora  S09 Richards St. „ -   Say. S320  ^\  W.GREENLEES  „». *       -      4:--f   f     .j-i*.*-    •*■•--    < .»**.*   i*  '   COBTBACTOB  Pile Driving/ Wharves, Brldfes,  roondatloas, etc,  407 Cordova St. TT. Seymour 1083^  f THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. LIMITED  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Standard Bart Bldg.       Sen. 7920  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  SiyM*3S35 501 Pacific BMc  R. MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  388 Btrk'a Bid*.  Seymour 4606  Palmer Bros.  General   Contraetora  929 Main St. Sey. 4811  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Worka Contractors  and Engineer*  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay. 3370    ffl .'^Mftay- 186aB-  3308 Stephens at.  otarTSiS  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPA.RS   AND   ALTERATIONS  r*lr' =£86 *n St       BosKS '5S?.f»  3241 St. Ooorgro St.     >*a*> *»""     ""•      J  "tTaTwiles"  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   otc.  1350 8th Ave. W.       Bayview 2278^  under Construction  tbe ro&LOwnra  UNDER WAY, OB OB  SHOWS   BUXIpOXBOS   COSTXBO    95,000    OB    OVTBB,    OB    WKZCX    COBSTBtTCTIOB    IS  WKICB COBTBACTS RAVE BEEB 1ST BVT COBSTB1TCTIOB BOT TXT STABTED. ^   Character     A Iterations      Hesidence   Gas   Plant      Addns.   to  Hank     Residence  ,  Residence      Siore  Bldg   Theatre    Agronomy Barn     Reflltlence       Hesidence      Residence   Residence    Excavation   &   Fill   Completing   Residence   ...  Kesldtfnce    Residence  .'.   Bank  :   Residence     .Residence     HlKtv School  „   High School    Residence      Alterations   Reraodelllrur "Residence  Addns   to   Bldgs   Additions to residence ...  Dwelling ".   Residence       Residence       Residence  -   Dwelling      Dwelling    :   Remodel  Building   "Warehouse      Tiemodelling  .:.-. ."   Residence    .-....:„   Residence    Residence   —   Bi Ick Bldg.- -^  -----  Addn.  to Elevator  ....  Store, Bldg. _   Genl.   Repairs      Store   Addns   Horse Stables    Store   Bldg.   Pier  ._ - —  Residence    Residence    Residence    Residence    ^Residence  '.   Residence   Residence     School '    "Residence   ■  ltesiden.ee .- 1   Parish  Hall   Wharf .—  Alters,  to  Store     Residence  ~   Residence .1 .'-...".   1   story bldg   Dry Dock  -.'   Residence" _:.....-  Residence    Terminal  Improvement..  Residence    Residence  -   Garage - :   Residence  -. .'.  Factory  '- ;-  Residence   •'--  Residence-  ,—.  1- storv  Tile Warehouse  Addition    Residence ■«."-   ,    Cost  ....   $100,000     $7S.0ft0   $340,000   $30,000     $10,000  .....   $15,000   $13,500  ....  $400,000   „ $11,000   S14..-.U0       $10,500      $10,000   „    $10,000    $513,00«   $2S,000     $9,000     $12,000    $30,000   $L'O,O00   $7,300   $36,347   $175,000      $12,000      $5,000   $5,000  .*. $25,000   $12,000       $8,000   $5,000   $5,000     $6,000      $6,000      $5,600   $55,000       $50,000      $35,000      $5,000  :.  $6,ooo      $5,300   _.  $15,000   $10,000   :.  $6,000   $7,500   :$12,000   $45,000   $15,000   $4,500,000  ..„    $10,000     $6,500  ._  $5,000     $5,500     $5,000      $6,000  ...„   $9,O0C   .-..._.   $50,000  ,„  $5,000"   _   $10,000    *6,aoo     $6,000  *.**•.000  GREATER VANCOUVER  location  _  Owner  Cordova St '. David Spencer Ltd.  Marine Drive  -' B. D. Rogers  False Creek  Vancouver Gas Co.  Cordova  St.'33 Bank  of  Montreal  4 9th St.,  Masree  Mrs. J. W. Allan  29th  &- Margaret  St „ F.   G.   Evans  318-20  Pender St. E H.  F. Tong  800 Block Sey, St...B. C.  Paramount Ltd,  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRrTH   SMITH,   MANAGEH  SIIRKT     MJvT/vir    OOkTIUCIOIH     AND    MATfCFAO-  * -      TVUKttR,    YKS.T    A3*TK>    OHAV1ST.    IronKKKS.  Fair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnacee,    Boonnff,    Cornices,    Sky-  llgaXu  and   General   Slieet  Metal ,  Work  Seymour 7177   '       1042 Richards St  Sey. 9316JS  Sey,. 834_  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  REPAIR   DEPARTBrlWiT  OPEN DAY AND  NIGHT  1256 Pender St. W.  Vancouver  Sey. 7965 Night'Phone Sey.'637J  W. W. FRASER  Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Eait! St.' W. Vancouver, B. C.  Point, Grey  U. of B.C.  Sonnajrght St. „ J. Y. Griffin  Avenue'"D"   Shaughnessy M.   Rector  17th Ave Dr. C. ,H. Vrooman  Cartier A Connaught Dr H. J. Perrin  Ballantync Pier  Dom.  Govmt.  Shaughnessy Heights  A. E. Tulk  4469-Angus Ave Mrs. M. C. Healy  Connaught Drive .._■. C. B. McAllister  Marpole  Royal   Bank of.Canada  Matthews Ave. &Alex'dra....J. R. Duncan  2327 Collingwood St R. Tf. Ward  South Vancouver....So. Van. School Board  Marpole :. Pt. Grey School Board  4312 Pine Street  - W.  McLean  R. C. M. P." Barracks  Dom. Govrmt.  3380 Granville St Charles E. Campbell  Fairview  University of B. C.  Shaughnessy Heights  E.  B. Hamber  (391  27th Ave. AV Mrs. F. Elkins  Fairview  :..:..T. McG Robertson  Fairview .-. 2...A.  B.   C.  Ltd.  Strathcona Place  .' H.  G.  Wright  6579 Maple St F. R. Murray  16S6 13th Ave. W VV. H. Dargavel  Gran. A Robson Sts Royal Bk. of Can.  Pt   Gore Ave '. Can.  Fishing Co.  Seymour & Pender -Toronto Trusts Crp.  1775 10th Ave. XV C.  J.  Phillips  loth   Ave.  W - .'-.Cosmo -Bruce  3?.rd«& Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford,  Sevmour at Dunsmuir K.  A.' Jones.  1605 6th Ave."W N. McLennan  Hastings St. B K. Uyesuni  Fairfield  Block   J.  Rogers  121-5 Pender E K.  H. Long  Fairmont Barracks   Dom. Govt.  58-60 Hastings St. E Chas. Gross  Ft.:HeatIe>' Ave Dom. Govt.  4838 Ave. "F"  .T. T. Devine  4176 Selkirk  F. B. AVilson  3909 Heather St J. Mackay  6555 Laburnum  Mrs. A. L. Ramage  3S05 37th Ave. AV.._ C. W. Copp  '6560 Ang-us St -..'- A. E. Philips  Magee Rd. nr. Granville....F. F. Suckling  Jackson & Pender St. E School Board  6676  Laburnum A.   J.   Hammond ,  4 5S7  Ave.  "F" .AVm. Love'  2001—1st Ave.  E._..St.  Saviour's Church  Hollyburn   Dominion  Gov't  ..     .    «..-,„.,■, • POO  Bk.  Granville St Georee Bower  ..._.   $7,500 I 35th  Ave, AV.  of  Arbutus Iva SroltU  _ .. $11,200 JAVoli"  Ave.,  Shaughnessy R. \A*. Sharpe  * "    1000 blk. Gran. St...G. G.  HeAther & Co.  Burrard Inlet- J. Coughlan & Son»  5630 Rlenheim St  G. H. Ferguson  153S 6Sth  Ave. AA' B. H. S.  Upper False Creek C. N. Rly.  33rd Aw  AV. & Gran.  St D.  Shantz  653^ Manic St : Dr. J. N. McLaren  17P0  Angus  Ave _ R.  Kelly;  Ave. A, Sfiaughne«'S!y...c-_'--:^..C.-"A. Calklnsl  Granville .Island-Pacific Hoofing Co., Ltd  3Z9Q 21st  Ave.' AV  Mrs. Alice Sertore  1226 2<Uh Ave. AV : IL V.'.  Chanman  Water St. -Near Cambie....A'ar.c. Trad. Co.  1726 7th 'Ave. AA'....Alexandra Orphanage  3066 l3t Ave. AV Fred Melton  $14,000    $3,500,000    $7,000  ._ '$5,000      $350,000     $12,000   ....-*$8.0fl0   ...- |S5.040   : |$7.0(70  ; -I f$5.-0.r"'    :$5.ooo   „ _.  157.500    ,S5.000   „   $5,300   j$5,570  Architect  _,  Contractor   Dominion  Constr.   Co,  Bernard C. Palrner....Dominion Const. Co,    Owners  Honeyman &  Curtis Baynes  A Plorie  Honeyman A Curtis A.  L.  Ramage  H. H. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt  Contractor   AV.   I-£.   Chow  Thos.  Lamb   1-oronto...'.Dom.  Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g Archts.  Sharp A Thompson _.S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie & Bow  C. F. Robinson  Mackenzie A Bow -'..: Blackley & Co.  James A. Ben/.ie..Roger*- Bros. A Sinclair  James A. Benzle..Rogers Bros. & Sinclair   Grant   &   McDonald  Bernard C. Palmer ...:...:J; K. Sinclair   M.' C. Griffith  Maclure & Lort J. S. Crowell  Gardiner A Mercer Hodgson, King A M.  Gardiner & Mercer  :. Day Labor  Gillam & Mountain Cook & Hawkins  Twizell, Birds A Twizell Peter Tardiff  Twizell, Birds & Twizell Owners   _ G. Churchill- &  Son  Owners  -"- .'...'—J. AV.  Bye  Townlev & Matheson Dixon A Murray  ■-.harp & Thompson Baynes &*Horie  B.  C.  Palmer   T.  L.  Gray   S.   N.   McLeod   ....Faulds, McQueen & JPearce   Faulds,  McQueen* A Pearce  Downing & Kayll  .' Owner   _ „ A.   H.   Cromie       Owner  Ga'rd".   &T Mercer-Hodgson. King & Marble  Owners  _ _ A. AV.  Quist  James   A.   Benzie   -■        Owner  Bowman A Cullerne Owner   Faulds,   McQueen   & Pearce  Bowman & Cullerne Baynes & Horie   _.  Owner  Owner   .- _    _   nr A.   Wiles  Contractor   - W.  H.   Chow  Dept. of AVorks Robt.  Moncrieff    .  C. PL Taylor Constr. Co.  Dept. ot Works.-. ^Northern  Constr Co.   .' '. Geo. Churchill &  Son   _ .-. _  Owner    _ _  Owner   _  „  Owner     Das-ies   A   Morrison   _  -  Owner  Townley A Matheson Chas. XV. Purdy   „ .'._.. Day Labor   .-. A.  L..   Ramage  Gardner A Mercer '..VI T." Sherborne  Contractor  F.  AV.  Mellish  Dept.  of AVorks :.AVllllam  Greenlees  Gardner A  Mercer Snider-Bros.  Jarnes-A. Benzie Archibald Rogers  Townley A Matheson S. 3C. McLeod  rtoneynian & Curtis.-.C.H.Taylor Con. Co.  Owners  _ • —~ Owners    Geo. Churchill & Son  ....:._    i... F.. Bouck   _;  -Pacific Constr.  Co.  H. H. Gillingham  _  Owner  ....:  _ .'. S. N. McLeod  —.-.Hodgson.  King & MTrxblfc  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  550  6th Ave.   West  Pair 4636  W. BRADSHAW  -  CRATES TILES and MANTLES  '    MOSAIC   FLOORS. LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phone rraser 178 X   446 45th Av: E.  V^  JENKINS  ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  U.KCTKICAX.      IK8TAIJ.ATJOXS      OF      JSVERT  DESCRIPTION. ELECTHIOAI.    BOTPUBB  Sey. 9512 539-Main Street  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Engineer and Contractu  SUffh-Class   Electrical   Work  and   fixtures  Bay.   441 ,        3044, Granville  ZJ  H.-H. Grlling-ham..  Dalton   A   Eveieigh...  A. E. Henderson./.    :U-A. Rzgg   Hartley *&   Co.     Owner   :   Owner   Snider   Bros.   J. K. Sinclair    Fred Melton  Specialist   in   Cement   AVork  ED. HUGGINS  rZpAXB    AKD    dBBABTE'VTAK  FX.ABTEBEB  Bay. ,2535-B,       3528 Third Ave. W.  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  ,?Xlniltear   .'*"  * FORCINGS  ' OT ALL. DCSCRII»TIONS  Ft.   Victoria  Drive   .' '   Highland  701  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEBEBAI.   BEPAXBS — ABKATTTBE  ' "WIBDIBQ —' 8WZTCBBOABBS  .• ZBSTAIaIVATXOBS     .  247 Hastings SL.L.  Sey. 3156  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON.   PROPRIETOR  ■     .,- ,   "., '-' ."'I     ':■■■     ■'   IV '*»  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  -BAND-SAWING AND WOOD-TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Kelmckea-'St.  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  216 Duncan Bldg    . - Sey. 29€S  J. C. RESTON  EUECTBZOAX   BBOIBXBB  ' IBS COirTTBACTOB  411 HOWE ST.  SEY. 1991  LEEK & Co, LIP  ~    SEYMOUirMl        '  STEAM A HOT WATER HEATIN6.  PIPE BENDING  X09O HOMER STRECT  ". 1 _"  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBNTCE,  SSrriVXOHI.  SMOKESTACKS.     A1TTO   WOKK.  Anything in" Sheet'Metal and"f{ciofing.  S. T. Scarlett. BKrr.  757   Beattv   St. Sey.   7645  V  ■ ^  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  8ASB   and   DOORS—OFFICE  FXXTtTBES  Bandsawinr'and  Turning', etc.  1730   Semli-i   Drive  Highland   374  GRANDVLEW J5HEET  METAL  WORKS, LIMITED  rUSBACSS,   CORNICES,    SKT-  IaZOBTS and  GEWEBAX.  .TOBBIBO  IMS  VatMblu St.  Hl|h!a*4 M2  tmmvm  COLORTYPE  3 €r E/1GRAVERS  it  SPRAYWHITE "  reintlnf and*X.lm«  Sprsying- Blach-  iaee for Interior es Exterior Work  F. L. CUMMINGS (  AND COMPAISIY  446 Homer St.  Sey. G50T  llJIJUes  i.AKruse,  Charactsr    —  Railroad  -   Plant Extensions ........   Boys  Training  School   21  Cottages    Reclamation   AVork   Boys'.  Training   School   Milk Condensory    *.-~  Power Plant ....: —  School   —•'•   Bank  —*   Indian   School    ~—   Bank   •;  Bank      School      Stock  Barn     Bank      1 lospltal      Athletic Club  -   School  Addn   2-Storv Tilo AAarehouse   3-Slory Shop   School    •-——   School     Bank    -   School -   School    Addn.   School   -       Cost   $125,000   IV40.000   $75,000  ...$1,1SO,000   $79,200  .."...$150,000  ..;...^$65.000     $42,000   .?35,000   $174,500      $11,000  ..'.-..■..$10,000  ..    $102,233     $12,000      $35,i)00   $40,000   $30,000   $30,000  !'"!!!$io,bbo  .... $13,6-50  ..... $24,970  .... $11,500  ...   $115,000   $20,000      $ir>,Q00  Round House.  Mcli Shops etc..  Hesidence   -;  Two Storey Block    Ktore  Building   -.   Res*t;urrant -•  Residence   Alterations      fiesldence   Ileulth  Centre   -   Completing  Store    -••-   School   u-i—-  rtesldence  ■   Alterations    Hesidence     Residence     Oulnsarn  River  Bridge    Fish  Oil  Plant   Schcol   ---   Railway Station  *   School      Residence      Residence    Garage      .....$30,000  .. $6U,0n0  ....$29,000  .. $60,000  .. $11,500  ....$15,000  .. $40,000  . $23,500  $750,000  .. $16,415  _ $10,000  .... $5,000  .... $5,000  ....  $7,000  ....$20,000  . $47,000  ...$25,000  ....$20,000  $27,000  . $10,500  ..   $5,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA GENERAL.  location  Owaer  Alberni'to Great Central Lake_ C.P.R.  Mlir Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Coquitlam  Prov. Govmt  Powell River  Poweli KWer Co.  'Stimas Lake  , .Prov. .Govmt.  Coquitlam    Prov.  Govt.  Abbotsford Fraser A'alley Milk Prod's  Alice  Arm Taylor Engineering Co,  Lvnn-Vallev  .No.  Vane. School Dist.  Penticton  .". Bank of Hamilton  Stuart Lake  ". Dom. Govmt.  AVill lams  Lake Can.   Bank  of  Com.5  West Summerland ....Can. Bank of Com.  Penticton   School  Board  Annacis Island..Annacis Stock Farm Ltd.  ,,nvox  Can.   Bank of  Commerce  Summerland   —  Cumberland   Cumberland    Mission.  E. C   North A'ancouver   ....Summerland  Hosp.  ...Can.. Collerlos,  Ltd.   _ ProV. Govt.   T. E.  Cutler  ...AA'allace Shipyards  Wood   Lake.   B.   C Prov.   Govmt.  A'anderhoof.  B. C .....JProv. Govmt.  Langiev Prairie.: ....Royal Bank  Armstrong    k....Prov.   Govmt.  Powell   River Prov.   Govm't  ICimberlev  Prov.  Govmt.  VICTORIA  Victoria    - (/an.   Nat'l   Riwys.  9ak Bay. Arictorla R. AV   Gibson  Douglas St., Arlc Mrs. AAr. H. Dousar  Douglas & Broughton Otto AA?eiler  Oriental   Alley    Hong , Ton?  Craigdarroch   J.  AA".  Spencer  St.   Charles  St H.  F.   Bulleri  Roval  Oak   (Saanlch)....Corp.  of Saanich  FlsgUard St Hudson's Bay Co.  Kings Road  - School Board  Oak   Bav   E.   B.  Halsall  Fairfield  Block Royal  Bank  Wellington   Ave O.   Sommers  Beach  Drive  Col.  C.  C.   Bennett  VANCOUVER ISLAND  Near Campbell  River......:.....Prov.  Govmt  Nanaimo J.  B. Jardlne  Courtenay    Prov.   Govmt.  Nanaimo  :... ........E. A N. Railway  North  Cedar  Prov. Govt.  Parksvllle,  Ar.  I M.  P.  Beattic  Gordon   Head Campbell   Patterson.  Courtenay  Clifford A. Cameron  Architect   Contractor   _ _   Foundation    Co.  Owners - —Hodgson,- -Kins A  Marble  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Owners  - Leonard C; Stevens  Prov. Qovmt.  Marsh. Bourne Co.  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   „ „  Sloan & Harrison    _ _   AV.  V.  Hunt  Blackadder & Mackay Baynes &-Horie  A. D. Acheson  R.  N. AVyatt  Dept. of Indian Affairs...:Robt. Moncrieff  AVm. Fredk. Gardiner  Thos. Wyley  Wm.  Fred'R Gardiner Thos. Harvey-  Bell A Curtis  — M. A. Clark  AA"m. Fredk. Gardner....Sloan A Harrison  AA'm. Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co.. B.C.   H.  AA". Harvey   H. P. Peterson Cb.  Dept of AATorks E. J. Ryan Constr. Co.  A.   E.   Henderson Owner  Owners  _  Owners  Dept.   of  AArks.._ -F.   B.. Rogers  Dept.   of AVorks Thomas   Carson  Gardiner A Mercer ..........H.^P. L"eck  Dent   of AVorks..- tH.--J. Davies  Public  Wks.   Dept Thomas  Carson  Dept.  of AArorks F.  P.  Rogers  ' YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium   .  WE CAN' MAKErIT*SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A. HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  Tlie Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING end REPAIRS !  Fnoae Sey. 316  516 Pender W.  Owners Rol>ertson A Partners  Maclure ■&  Lort. Robt.   Moncrieff  Percy   Fox A.   Lockley.   Esquimalt  Percv  Fox   Luney   Bros.  C. Elwood AVatkins Parfitt Bros.  Percy Fox :.Harry Catterall  P.  L.  James P.  McKechnie  K.  B.  Spurgin Williams, Trerise & Will  Birk, Horwood Carter,   Hall   &  Aldinger  K.  B.  Spurgin....... Parfitt Bros.  Maclure  & Lort AVood.  Foyster Constr.   D. .W.   Burnett  Owner    .'.'. —A.   McCrimmon  8.   Maclure Smith  A  Shaw  Public  AATcs. Dept Robert Moncrieff  AArm.  Fred'k Gardiner Day Labor  Public   Works   Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners .....George AA'ilson  Pub. Wks. Dept E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Maclure & Lort Mr-  A'estaunet   ; AVood. Foyster Constr; Co.   ..'. A.   C.  Ralphs  FOR  GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS  CO-NSULT  E.J. RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, Fairfield Bldg.. 445 Oran. St,  12 Hastings St E.  Sey. 1224  MANUFACTURINGCOMPANY  ' •J-»-v- ....*.,  .''•■- Makers of f  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel";  Cabiaets, etc.  Switches designed and built for any<  /'special work.  Industrial Zslmnd     ▼encouTer, B. C.  Office S13-815 Bower Bldg,  Vancouver, B. C.  Xelephonee Sey. 6191-6193  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  804 standard Bank Building  Office:   Sey. 7075      Res.: Fair. 213SJL,5  J.H. Healey   ;  OPTOMETRIST  835 Birks Bid?. Vancouver, B C.  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS,  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office "and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  Orpheum Cafe  ah ideal meeting place for'the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  <      762 Granville Street '  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef  Fairview Sand  & Gravel Co..  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  m  Granville isld:  'Sey. 6761  .j. .__i-.--... ■—^
Phone Seymour 6180
1060 Homer St.
Vancouver B. C.
! _. > —~~.        "   :    " a~.*,4+.~»   nZ^^Htnr... Addr«s«   Owner l '    *..' Ad(lr<
Cost' Street Address
tot and Block , Subdivision
12649—-Alterations    $3,000
12650—Dwelling   $5,300
12652—Dwelling   $3,500
714 Richards St   	
2514 Cornwall St 9—190 | T26
^ Architect
.B.  C.  Government
' />'
■J004   Commercial Dr..
2 64 A
ii.- J. Ryan Contr. Co 445 Gran. St.
Modern Constr. C6 122 Rogers Bldg.1
j.  Skifflngton   1741   Kitchener St.
B. C. Government
G. K White- 	
Prof   E,  Odium ...
, Co., Limited
1 p. A. Jones, Kg*. -
Owners   of   Tug-   "Clive" \
General •rowing
Walter Murray
Ernie Murrey.
Murray Bros., Ltd.
.  \ ,. .,'*.- m. : 'i  '
 SETMOUB 8614     -
137 Powell St. Vancouver. B. C.
and   •'
1027 Hewe St. - -Phone Sey. »SS
'   Vancouver; B. C. 7". /Bee. Bay. 77  L
Farr, ^ofeiitrs5or! & Bird  Limited
Designers and  Manufacturers, of
546  Howe Street
Phone Sey. 3312
For Commercial Lighting
B*. A. SommervtUe ..j*. B. B. ...Elliott;
Central Sheet
Metal Works;
■Z 11
560 Cambie St., *    Sey. 620
Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766
1065 Dunsmuir St
-,-.. . -     - - <■ -i- • •• j
12651—Mr. Brown,, chimney, ,1S59
j4lh Ave. B., $160; J. D. Beddall,.l030
Beach Ave., Contr.   - , ;
12653—Shelly Bros., shed, (?01 10th
Ave. W., $250.      ■• *•   '    \
-   12654—Mrs."W; H. Elliott, addition,
2249.j0tli_.Ave. E., $250.
* 3 2655—Thomas Fisher, chimney, 70
Front St: B., $30. • /,   ... .  ]iZ.
12656—T. Robertson, garage, 1755
12th Ave. W„ $180:.        :   : j
12657—Shelly.. Bros'., move house,
260£Ash"St.,'.|600. ,'".     .\„ . ,     !
.12658^1.  Gibson, garage,   2622. McKenzie St., $100, J. Currie, Contr.
" 12659—National"  Theatre* C'6Z   replace-floor, 883L Granville St.,'$700.
: ~  ]
With.an authorized sapital stock of
tl5;000,000,' the~ Coast* Range Steel,
Ltd.; with head office in Vancouver,
has -/been incorporated to) carry on
business in,this*Province, according,to
announcement in the current number
oi- the Provincial Gazette.' The' Store
Street Syndicate, Ltd., With ;a capital
ot'v$15,000'and head-'omce^in'Victoria?
has'also heen incdrp'orated'b'y Messrs.
Swinerton & Musgrave.^ „ Other _ new
companies, are: \ •. _ t r ' V""' • Z \ >~ - , .
i' -Alice -Arm^Hdldfngs^Lifdt; J-flJOOO,-
000, Vane.; The Soda Mining?and; Product' Co.',. jlitd., 175,0^^ jVarip«ijBose
Covvan*'-&"Latta, LtI,'*'§3O,Q00. '.Vane;
W. T. Carriithers,!Ltd.';:'$20,000,-Vanc.;
Vancouver "Spring 'Co'., Ltd.7 S10.000,
Vane; Vancouver-Island -Sawmills,
Ltd., §100,000, Vane; Vancouver Pole
and Pile Co., Ltd., ^50,000,- Vane.;
Ketchekan. Club, Ltd., $10,000, Prince
Rupert; Peoples'. Bakery, Ltd., $24,-.
000, Vane; British-Canadian Steanv
ships,' Ltd.v $1,500,000, Vane; Crescent Oil Holding Co., Ltd:, 524,000,
Vane.;- Mutual Hotel: Co., Ltd., $35.-
000. Vane; Vancouver Standard Decorators, Ltd.,. $35,000,. Vane; Maple
Leaf Motor'Truck Co., Ltd., '$20,000,
Vane; vSales, Ltd., . $10,000. Vane;
Bell & Mitchell, Ltd., $20,000, o£ Saskatchewan, have been licensed, as an
extra-Provincial company with Provincial head office at "Vancouver.
A. H. MitcheU
B. 3. MitcheU
Plumbing - Heating
/ Sheet  Metal
564 Richards St.
Sey. 17S4
213 Powell St.
Sey. 770
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender
for Prince Airport Court House and
Heatirig Prince rurpert Court llouhe,
will be received by the Honorable, the'
Minister of Public Works up to 1.
o'clock noon of Thursday, the 25th day
of November, 1920, for the election and
completion of a Court House at Prince
Kupert and the heatlns ar»nS«n?n£
in connection therewith, in tho Prince
Jlupert Electoral District, B. C.
Plans and specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day 6t November. 1920, at
the office of J. Mahony, Esq... Government . Agent. Court -House, Vancouver;
3' H. McMullin, Esq., . Government
Aeent Court House, Prince .Ilupert: or
the^ department  of  Public Works,.Vlc-
l°Tbe lowest   or any  tender  not .necessarily accepted.     ^  ^ for:emaNj
Public Works Engineer.
Public Works Department.
Victoria. B. C. October 26. 1920.
> *.
Manufacturers, of; .-
<■ ' ' ^    ^   m , , ,   ; i j , ;
Ready Roofing, Building Papers,
Dry   and   Saturated Felts.
Barbados Roofing Paint;
A\ '
London & British North
America Co. Limited.
, WRITTEN-     '^
,     ;.,NORTH  BRITISH & '
Company     __ ,
The Canada Shingle Co.,US.
Manufacturer* of British,Columbia ,
Price* Bight. . We Ship Anywhere.'
Good Grades well maintained.
Write "'Us: Phone Us:
P.  O.  Box. 312 Highland ,844'
arms foot of wall st.
Vancouver B.C.
4177—J. Phillips, 5163 Chester St.;'
dwelling, $150, ( -^
4180—H. Harbour, 19th Ave. W.,
dwelling, $1,000."    *   •   ' -    "
4181—H. A. Tause,'333 58th Ave. E.,
addition, $400.
" Sealed Tenders, addressed to the City
Clerk, either on a lump'sum or schedule
basis, for the construction of the Kreat-
5r part of' tlie substructure, will be received up to noon on Novornber 22. 1920.
Plans and specifications may be obtaln-
»d from' the City Engineer, on and after
October 29 1920, bv depositing the sum
K' dollars (510.00). which will be
reurrned   upon   receipt   of   a   bona   tide
lender. ■ .','..
The   lowest   or   any   tender "'will \ not
necessarily be accepted.
, Purchasing Agent.
City Hall, Victoria-, B. C.
" NEVER LEAK " Aspyt Roof Products
Ready Roofing - Roof Gum - Roof
Coating - Lap Cement,,
Saturated - IFelt1 "-*' ■' :--/,:
MANUFACTURERS      ■.       ,.., , . t.
Seymour   118« Induatrlal lalaind' Vancouver* B.C.
You can't blot out a smeared past.
Cornish & Cooper
345 Dufferin St.  W.      Fairmont 963
626 Pearl ar St. West
Soy.  6285
i^''aaaed 'to your sellin<? expenses   j
bv vour tVa-veller.s'  wasted calls.;-
^l-ieVft'ce'tbls   bu'i-'len. ; ' MiicLean.- \
 Da'ilv Reports will give you, every, .;
' "day,'"clean-cut, reliable, reports—
fully verified—or contracts for     ; -
Building & Engineering
" 'work being let  that .shou.id'mean
- thousarids    of    dollars    in    your
' -haiik account'every .year..- They
will enable your travellers to
concentrate : on live prospects.
Dominion-wide,   accurate- service
 r,.;ll   definite   nws,     ^IacLean
Daily- Reports   will ■ mean   many
more   orders   for   you   at   much
lower expense.
■Write.for full Information.  ,
/ MacX.ean Daily Beports, limited.
213 Winch Bldg-., Vancouver, B.C.
Telephone—Seymour 2013.
The provincial public works department in inviting tenders for the con*
itruction   of   a   new   highway   bridge
cros3  the 'Salmon  Beliy   River  near
^Vmir, B. C.'  The contract will be,an
important one, as it involves the removal of the existing structuVe spanning  that  stream.    Tenders   will. be
received by Mr. G. P. Napier, assistant public works engineer, up to noon
of Thursday, December 2.
'■   Plans and specifications of the new
bridge may be seen at the offices of
the-,  district    engineers,; at the cburt
houses ih;:;Vancouver and Nelson, and
also    at  the    department  of    public
works, Victoria.   The usual deposit of
flye cent of the amount of. the tender
must accompany each bid sent: in;
Z,'   Wg: Specialize In   ">-Z   ■
Sey. 165 626 Hastings St. W.;
SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.
929 Ponder St. W. Sey. 9201
Bee. Phoue: Worth. Van. 848
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for X>ry
Dock at Esuuimalt. British Columbia,
will be received at this office until U
o'clock noon, Thursday, Dee. 9, 19.J0, for
the construction of a Dry JDock at ks-
quimalt.   British 'Columbia.
Plans and forms of contract can he
seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the
offices of the District Engineers at \ic-
toria. B. C: Equity Building, Toronto,
Ont.;- Shaushnessy: Bulldins. Montreal.
PQ, and at the Post Oflice, Vancouver,
B.  C.      " ' '! '   "    -   : *
Tenders will not be considered un-
les« made on printed forms supplied by
the Department and in nccordanco with
conditions contained  therein.     *■
Each tender must bo accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Minister of
Public Works, equal to five per cent, of
the amount of the tender. War Loan
Bonds of the Dominion wHJ also be accepted as security or War Bonds and
cheques if reciuired to make up an odd
>,'ote.—Blue prints can be obtained at
this Department by depositing arr accepted bank cheque for the sum of J50,
payable to the order of the Minister of
Public AVorks. which will be returned
if the intending bidder submit a regular
bid.    *
By  order,
Department of Public Works,  Ottawa,
Sept.  14,  1920.
Classified Advertising
Campbell & Grill
aatobltabed X908- ^-it;  ,kZ^Z-2-'
Roof ins Contractors
- \
1138 Seymoar St.
Tencoarer, B. C
Beyawar SMI
in    m,    Srltleh   Oolnmbi.   Product
'need.         -    -*
8ale« Agents
Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited
Vancouver  and Victoria, B.C; *
any length — any diameter
1021»1024 Rosera Building Saymour 3998-3999
Soa.Tha Guarantee On Tho Can
Pipe for Gas
Keep House Warm   1
Keep the HouseWarm
Keep Basement Clean
Buy Pure Heat
Abolish Waste
Pay  for  just  what   .
You Use
Factories,      Houses     and
Garaxes   Repaired.     General
Carpenter   and   Construction   "Work.
70KB   P.   MOBBIS
Sey. 3418
5«y. 931 Evening* ,     1758 Bobnon St.
Hoisting enKlnes, locomotives, lathes,
wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all
935 Main St. Sey. 60S
Used   Machinery   of   All  Kinds   Bought
and   Sold.
Bank ot Ottawa Bldg. Soy. 9040
Vancouver Gas Co,
Phone Seymour 5000
425 Carrall     :   1138 Granville
Delivered   by   our  Motor   Tracks
rljfht on tho job anywhere- or
in   carload  lots.
Phone Worth Vancouver 885
DEALERS IIN _ ^^ m m tmZm
902  Columbia Street West
Phone 15 and 16 , New Westmineter, B.C.
Fairmont 971
Office and Works, 225 - Sth W.
Vancouver, B. C.
568 Beatty St
For Steam, Hot Water or Warm Air, Will Bo Found Most Reliable And
Especially so When Installed  by Competent Engineers.
Seymour 7596
Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.
Mining, Municipal iind Contractors'
Machinery and Supplies
Phone Seymour 71SS "50 Homer Street
Vancouver, B. C.


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