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 . -J  (   J  S 'j  RECORD   PUBLISHING' CO.,   Vancouver, 'Publishers  Covering British Coi_jrr_foia.  Vol. 12, ,No. 67, Monday, May 2,1, 1917.,  NEW  KAWNEER  catalogue showing  unlqua  STORE     FRONT  arranoementi  new    ready    for  distribution.  FOR  New   Building   and   Remodeling   Work  LET   US   GIVE   YOU   QUOTATIONS  AMES   BROS.  WELTON   BLOCK VANCOUVER B.C.  KAWNEER  Ii   the   original  METAL   •  STORE     FRONT  construction  stock   carried   la  VANCOUVER  MADE  IN  '"    CANADA  ESTABLISHED   12   YEARS  JOHN A. BARBER  ESTATE AGENT  Automobile Insurance  Buildings Managed  Rents Collected  Fire Insurance  Valuator  r        i  390 RICHARDS ST.    SEY. 4434  66  BEAVER" Asphalt Roofing  of   B.C. Manufacture    and   Guaranteed  A trial will convince you of  its Genuine Quality    , '  Roofing Paints < Roofing Felt  Roofing Cement Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Telephone Seymour 4795-6 548-550 Seymour St.  1  f      -1  BUILDINO   PERMITS   AMOUVTZVO  TO   S500   OR  OVER  ISSUED  AT  THE  VANCOUVER  CITT HALL YESTERDAY  _  j  Number                De-Oriptlon  Coat  Street Addre«»                     lot  and Block  Subdivision                      "                   Architect  Contractor                                  -           A<_dre_-  Owner  <- Address  o._'7_      n,,51/l j Vit..„    nrlrlil inn .'___   .snoo    Owners  Vancouver Lumber Co., Ltd  439 Granville St \.l.Z   XV.   0.   Marble  p  n.  ^                                                                                               s  "                                              ,                                                  r  .,  ft                                t  t  5                                                    -.-    ,                                         i  s  «  !  r  *     1                             i  T  '  •> s     <  ■  t  <<  <  ..  *i                                               j  -                         '  (.  t               * .       »   t  —- •'-     *  '  ETO^Goleman&Evans "i^^^ilffi^SSS™-  : LIMITED STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA    j|  PROMPT DELIVERY - |w»m.«f.  P. E. HARRIS & CO.; Ltd:  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to lOO Horsepower  -   0-  Vancouver, B.C.  'Phone 2988  Foot   Columbia Ave.  Bay. 49M,  h  ^  II  Lumber   Veneer    Panels/   Etc;  Our Stock i» the Moat Complete on the Pacific Coat.   ,  _ ^      v ,'  We are also Sole   Agents  for   the".  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple     .     r  and ■ Birch Flooring. •, - *■ .."--.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED/  1320 RichardV St!:."'.• s. l'~   '      '     ,\ * Vancouver, B. C.  - ...  I'.',  _ *   ;  THiE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  ■I* .?/»<>  "- j'^QENIRAI^'RAILWAY J- CONTRACTORS .7~.   """',  t „ ,-,.Vi, v„tyj - *«i_»_>_ ir« "' - i " - "- "  " f  ' J£W _v ^Soie,/iwtoln;Cana€la"ror,Vv/%^ - ' '  <.-.  Boyer   Riveting  A Chipping   Hammers; sLittle" Giant   Drills;  .   Electric .Tools;   Rock ^Drills;   Air Compressors;  ,  -\'Fue» Oil,and Gas Engines.'   '->      ' L-    '  Duntley  MMrtnal, Ttrniti  Wiuipil '-> :  542 Pender St! W.; .jbcciw B. C.  '-;;    ' Plan i»h 1065.  |\   BUILDING NEWS ',       *  J. And Construction Work not otherwI_ev  i, <.•>./,     Cla«»ifled.       '   ' *  *4*mi>*I'**5i'*I*<&*4*^,*-**_1 •J^5**I**5* ***_?* *2*--**** *S****«H»*J*'J'i"f^»  . _    BUILDING PERMITS.  SofiS—H. Edwards, bid. fr. garage,  1161 Hornby St., $100. '     „-'  85C9—J..A. Flett, alter res -11S3 Barclay. St., $75.   Morris & Taylor, contrs.  SAANICH—The three-roomed home  of Mrs. C. B. Sprang, Westing Roa'd,  off Admiral's Road, lias been com-  pletely destroyed by fife.  *®*&*«i*<»*&*****^^>*******  j       .BUSINESS NOTES. .   <_.?  <|> and  otlier  Items   of  interest  to  their  •f» business man.        ^ t£  *^f*************^**********  l] X -CTORIa— The   Kamloops   Steam  Itaundrv has been destroyed by'fire.-'  ; '  r^ - .J _    .^Lj-  - SOUTH ArAKCOUVER—A company  j.  of Hindoos have purchased the Cedar  saw mill located at theTfoot of Campbell street on the North 'Arm of the  Fraser river, formerly owned by 'the  Federal Lumber Co., and' is preparing  to operate the plant to its * capacity.  The mill is'rated._n.the 40,000 clas-.  , NEW WESTMINSTER — Tenders  will be received • by City Clerk Duncan, up'to Friday, May 25th, ior^-ife'  supply of 30,000 gallons, of heavy road<  oil, to .be delivered free on. car at New  "Westminster. " " / t1.   ' ~L"   ".-l   ' < ~'  »V _\ORTHt-* VAfNCpUV-ER-?  'S-QUESNBL—S. J. M;ars_, who has  lield an option oriv the Don Killam property-'at Cottonwood Mouth for some  months^ past, has succeeded iD .forming.  a company-with the. necessary capital  to^work the'claim on' a! Yather^xten-  j^ive scale,1 and '- the r-different'   mine  jliouse;,etc:,0will be^e.ected as'quickly  FRANK DARLING & GO.  66  ThOR  99  Roller Bearing Drills ---Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers  " Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers—Turbine and Electric Drills  ; ;   :    High Speed Steel --Drills:'--Reamers; ttc.^    /-    1 . f  Stock of Accessories'  -  The follow _ng-. new pro-j  vincial  companies 'are, gazetted —\all,  tli" head offices  in ,Vancouver:  Ba's-  PACIFIC LIME  Unequalled for quality.  99.5% pure.  Saves men's time in slaking.  Consumes more sand than any other lime.  At all first class dealers.  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  Sey 9506  Vancouver,  i London, Xing'.  Montreal  Winnipeg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTiON-TESTS-CONSULTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,   LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1S01 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  508 Hnsting-s W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing laboratory, Bo°«» l^01; Physical Testing- Laboratery, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199 .  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  .Ltd., .have served "notice, on .the_city,J  of- their" intention   to   expropriated a} ,   .        ...   ,  las  Dossible.'  riglit,o£--ivay= through D. L,. 1016.   The)       \j  company  has offered .'the* citj:, $20 an h VICTORIA-  [acre in lieu of rental.     . >j   .    [vine  L,„ " —   '   *  \     \      1 jwitl  - PORT COQUITI__M—A bylaw*will .'que Ranch Company,""to" take over the f j  be submitted shortly to the ratepayers JBasque Ranch, near..'Ashcroft, of over II  of the cky to bonus a steel works coin- j2,000 acres, capital ?250.000; Bruce (rf  pany to the'extent of ?200,000. The J Logging and Flume Co.; Charles S. If  I city council have carefully deliberated;, j[eek & Co.; Hematite ; Mining Com-il  upon the proposal, which emanated,pany (a reorganization), capital, $45.-fl  from A. F. Bernstein, of Vancouver,     loop;   Pioneer Shingle "-Mills', arid "Tall-If    - | hoe Fisheries, Ltd.  VICTORIA — The Victoria-Saanich j    Heaches and Parks Committee, on its VICTORIA-In introducing his bill  organization last week, decided to rec-.t0 Permit the department of mines to  onunend to the Councils of the two §° ilU0 the smelter business if war-  municipalities the lease of some seven ranted, Hon. Wm. Sloan last week urg-  acres, with a frontage of 300 feet, at ^ its Passage as a means of further  Cadboro Bay for the erection of com- developing the natural resources of  fort stations for the outing crowds in the province. He said that the pros-  the summer. jpecting miner who tries to develop his   .    - |claim   to  a  point "where   he  has   ore  VANCOUVER—Archt.  .1. A.  Benzie,  enough in sight to justify capital con-  Standard Bank Bldg., has sent to Tor- sidering the  property,  is   usually not  onto,  the figures he received  for tne, overburdened with cash,  construction of a hospital  building at  bs  Complete  44 HOMER ST.  -Phone Sey. 4100  -1~. ■» rri^^f rrs . '  ^-.+ ..^ ^ ^_j.   _  i__  iw^f-   -,■"■-   '*  .      1  A- -1 " -     ,  -              ^  Structure Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS, CKA2-2r__S, A2.C.XES, P__A-.*ES, T____S,  COZ.trM-.S  '    COMPIETELY EQXTtPPED FABBICATZI.O  SHOPS     ,  CANADIAN NORTHWEST Slid COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver. B. C.  Bella Bella for the Methodist Missionary Board. \V N'eill. \\ . J. Prout. S.  J. N'ewitt and J. H. Vickers figured tlie  job, the first1 mentioned being low. All  tenders lan close to $10,000.  VANCOUVER—Hair a million feet  of lumber is expected to leave Vancouver dining the nevt few weeks for  Prince Rupert for the new Emerson  saw mill   to  be  built   at    Seal   Cove.  j VICTORIA—The appointment is announced from Ottawa of Mr. A. Arthur Cox, F.R.I.B.A., to the post of I  advisory architect to the Provincial  I Military Hospitals Commission. Mr.  Cox has been able both in Eastern  Canada and in the West to embody  the results of his specialized training  in hospital architecture, the Geoffry  II ale tuberculosis hospital at Quebec  being erected according to one of his  Actual   construction'of   the   proposed  designs,  and  the  Vancouver   General  GILLEY BROS. Limited  DEALERS T-7  bis plant will start about the end of  next month. Mr. 1_. I . Dtiby, of the  Emerson interests there, recently left  foi  the coast.  Hospital,   with  its  surrounding  build  ings,   including  that at present  occupied  by the  university,   having   been  , planned  by him.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  Drift 'Bolts, Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts.        We are  prepared to furnish' large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —   HYDRATED   LIME  BLACK.MITH   COAL —  COKE —  SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRON  MANILA  ROPE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  1010 LANGLEY ST.  Telephone 5037  VANCOUVER—Mr..  U   A.. Rosteln.      VICTORIA—While   the  shipbuilding  Orpheum   Bldg.,   announced   Saturday! commission has not given out any offl-  that architects  Swale,. & Griffiths, Ore- icial statement of the number of ves-  .-..;..-.   4.i._!sels to be constructed in British'-Columbia under the recent measures di-  dit   foncier  Bldg.,   are   preparing   the  Crushed Rock; Sand  d Grave!  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.  plans in connection with  the completion of the theatre building at Pender  and Burrard Sts.     Mr. Rostein did not  care to make .public,the names of the .  contractors but stated'that he had de-jalread-V been let  cided on the men who will erect the t0  tKe   Genoa  yards-'here,  building.    An   announcement may   be  made this week.  VANCOUVER—A few of the contractors who are figuring on the British Columbia Telephone Co. building  work  want  an   extension  'of  time   in'Company and four by a company com-  rected toward the encouragement or  the shipbuilding industry, it is understood that contracts for IS keels have  These include four  the same  number to the B. C. Marine "Railways-  Co. here, six to the Canada West  Coast Navigation Company's yards,  North Vancouver, and eight vessels to  be built in New' Westminster yards,  four by  the . Foundation  Construction  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  MINING   MACHINERY, ROCK  CRUSHERS, SCREENS, AIR  COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DRILLS,      PILE HAMMERS,  JSTEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL  PUMPS,        TURBINE   PUMPS,  SAWMILLMACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)V  HEALD CONVEYOR CHAIN,        STEAM  TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL ENGINES  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  which to submit their tenders. According to present arrangements tenders  must be in by 10 a.m. Wednesday of  this week. Mr. Johnson who prepared  the plans stated Saturday that the  company had reached no decision  in the matter, but it was very probable  the extension would be given.  posed of Kamloops capitalists. In addition to the concerns mentioned,  there are reported to be three Victoria companies, two in Alberni, one  in South Vancouver and two in Vancouver, who are prepared to proceed  with ship construction if they can get  the contracts.  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New We-tmin».er  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, S48 Seymour St.  Phone Sey. 4795 BRITISH COLUMBI .4. RECORD  r f.  .   i-  ^ ." .:  y»    j<- j___ j  *      .   *•"  ,-*       J  -L t^j^^.*  [■*      -  *  '   _ *  «—^ -   T  —      _  '  V*.    *   i  f- *  -  ^'    I. J  r-    *  **  ir _-    _   'i  - *-   ■_  *'_  *-*.   J  .        > i  .  ;-j * _ :_  if   v  f  _Ti. * ..  r.  u  _r _-  *              '  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday. Wednesday and  Friday by the ,  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  ,  Address:    5S3  Horner-Richards  Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 780S.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription  Batea ,        >  Payable  strle.lv  in  advance.  _ ._______r_____B__-____i^i^"*C»i^"««»'  ««v3__HH9r>'T»MM___rMi  VICTORIA.—The Minister of I_anjls  is calling for tenders fqr the purchase  of   Timber (License   No.   930,   under  .wliic'h may be cut 4,90S,000, feet of cedar,  spruce  and  balsam   on  an   area  ■   near   Guildford,   in   the   Cariboo   Dis"  "'trie., and Timber License No. SS2, un-  ■ der which may be cut SoO.OOO feet of  hemlock, fir and cedar, on an area on,  the north shore of Dean Channel.  Sealed 'tenders will be received by  the Minister of, Lands not" later than  ' '»obn on the 21st'day ofMay, 1917, for  the purchase of Licence'X 652, to cut  -4,342,000 feet of Fir, Cedar, Hemlock  '•   and Balsam', on an area adjoining Lot  1 _7o,^nout Point, T'oba Inlet, Range 1,^  ' Coast District.  '     Two  (2)  years will, be allowed for  * removal of timber. -,    '  'Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria;" B.'C. or District For-  , ester, Vancouver, B. C. '  (  WIRE ROPE REMNANTS  768 ft.  i/2in.  6x5  1000 ft.  i/2in.  . 6x5  520 ft.  ,1   in.  6x7  ' 276 ft.  i-in-  6x19  3 each  200 ft.  lin.  '6x19  2 each  300 ft.  lin.  6x19  2 each  350 ft.  lin.  6x19  1 each  368 ft.  lin.  6x19  1 each  375 ft.  lin.  6x19  Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  Galvanized Crucible  ' 6x19   Langs Lay Crucibi  ct  I  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  We will quote very reasonable prices on the above  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  'PHONE SEY. 280  B. C. AG._-Z.TS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"   DIAMOND   DRILllS  AIFTcOMPRESSORS '   '  i ROCK   DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  1500 GRANVI__-___ ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  'AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR  LIFT  PUMPS  PHONE 9162  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Cliaractar  X«ti__mt«d   Camt  < "   f .-  ' FBOVX-TCIAIi ESTIMATES ABE  '*" TABLED  IN THE HOUSE  . .VICTORIA.—A revenue'of Just'under  46.000,000 and an expenditure of $11,000,-  ©00   for   the   year   commencing' April ;i  - next is pre'dlcted In the provincialI csti-  \ mates: which were tabled in the House  .>y   Hon. 'Lome   Campbell;   Minister   oi  - _ in in. e on Monday. The revenue shows  ! £-__?-_ ?ofT of.about  $1,000,000 ^for  the  Sntfcipate*d revenue for this year   while  , the expenditures show a slight increase.  The   exact   estimated   revenue   is   »6,-  Pier     Theatre Building ...  Pleasure Pier   Armory   -  Bank  building   Hotel    Bridge  .—   Harbor Works     Bank & office bldg...  Hotel, C. N. Ry   Concrete Sewer ,  Tunnelling...'....  Post Office    Post Office'   $300,000  ■;;; - 250,000    _..   $350,000  .„.„_ Not given    $2,000,000      $1,760,000  -"""."..Not given  Location  -.rcbitect  • Plana Baady   .'.  Soon  Skeno & Christie  VANCOUVER,   '. Owner  Vancouver  -C. P-   &■•  Hastings  St .'. ^lex  Pantages  English Bay  Coates .. Co.  Gr and view       Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  Bann  Mt.  Robson      G. T^P, Ky.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kitsilano   Reserve    '...Go% ornmerit  Hastings  & Granville Royal  Bank  False Creek Fill C.N. Ry:rtCo.  False  Creek G.   N   Ry  VfiLIICOUVGr **    -_.-.-i- _-.—.- C. -    ir.    j*.  ^BOVE^KTSM^^^                                                                                                      «*  EAVE'BEEK POSTPONED:_   -  •"""*", $250 000   r-"— ""•'  «■<«»<■»-  Dom.  Govt. 1 Dom.  .Govt .'. Delay  ir'os _   i j nice _.-_._.«__•——*——•«■»••-••" -#*>o»"vU  Factory. Wharf. Subway _ }J50,000  Courthouse   (east   wing) J.XX'Xnn  Office bldg  ....$100,000  Concrete-1 Garage ..~- ;—•'•'■   Owners    B.  M. Pretica   Owners      Perry  &  Fowler    Not selected Sketches under 'way  Company    -.,'. '■ Indefinite  C   A. P. Turner........West Foundation Co.  jjoveriiment    Preparing  No archt. commissioned  yet „   USE  ELASTIGU  The  Tough,   Elastic,  Adhesive   Cement  (Ready  for use.)  Gore and Keefer... _Dom. Govt  South Vancouver - Dom. Govt  Hastings t :Royal Crown Soap Co.  Vancouver  .._- Provin.   Govt,.  Homer &i=Georgia ets  E.   Maho.  $1,422,25.  1,6S7,736  67.42S  -   167,62u  472,575  525,806  '308,670  1,524,500  '      43,000  "-■""' 25,000  3,023,010  •56   for   the  p. ~    .—-. «.»,„„  *fof  $138,000.'-The-increase-is   more  than  Counted-for-  by -the   increased .fixed  -     charges, which'are over $300,000.. -  ..<      b    Sanunary of Expenditure  1    .The   summary   of -estimated <expendl-  • ture   indicates" that   in" _our   of, the   14  - Oovernment.services there-will probably  '     be   an increased   expenditure   over   last  , year.    In   the   rest   a 'reduction   is 'pre-  -J "'The* _ollowing>re ^'^ .:19i6'.{7"  " Public   debt:.—.. $1,152,376  ) Civic  government ' ^       ^  (salaries)      :..-.:.' I,709,o66  '^Administration      of ^    •  ^.     justice.',(salaries) .   ^68,000  Legislation   ..i......        89,8^0  r Public institutions       .    :;-  <>    "(maintenance),...^   46rA426  , Hospitals and chari- .. ?  -        t  - -Hies    ± -•    .374,100^  1 ^?icetrati°" -°      '«8.V0Ot  '.Wu£tioV.>. :.  1.594-600V  "^Transport^ -,.... ~ ..   .".000  £-__.even.ue services ....   - ?_'"?2~    - n9, nl„  .'Public works- -'5'_._■".'    .-..•---  -^Jliscellaneous......^- 2,128,7o2       2v032.°°?  M In'this year's report" off.the estimates  .the" service "miscellaneous" is divided  } Into -three -distinct", services: - L^n^! j  '^iii)on which "$565,000 Ms to.be-spent this  ^'. y._r,- and . agrloultuie."-' upon ^which  -" $176 500 'will probably-be!-expended; are  , r«chf given'a service to)themselves,'thus  'r f. eatly, reducing     the,   "miscellaneous  -'-total     .^>1!»-- i': -"*:-"~^   * ^   "  -'.'"  ' V-Present .conditions  have also  necessi-  '"• t tated mofe:and larger hospitals, the re-  " suit = being .an   unusually   large  increase.  Vfor   hospitals   and .charities.   -Las     year  $16,000 was voted in the^way of assist-  s ance   in   the   construction   of   hospitals.  T_.s ■ year, about   $150,000 , will   probab y  - be granted for that purpose.' Grants to  refuge .'homes, aid -societies, etc,. is increased'from  $19,000  to  $80,000.  ',     University of B. C.  Among   the     appropriations     in   tnis  year's eelimates is a conditional one of  $200,000   for   the   University   of   British  ' Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $175 000. Included in the works and  buildings to be constructed by the Pub-  ' lc  Works   Department   are   the   follow-  , ing; Okalla prison farm, $15,000,  Improvement of government reserve.  Burnaby,   $10,000;   mental   hospital   and  . colony tarm.  Essondale,   $35,000;  provin-  .. cial government buildings, London  (completion     and   .maintenance),      $1(5,000.  'maintenance. $8,000.    The appropriations  provincial    normal    school.    Vancouver.  'for roads, streets, bridges and wharves  Jn each constituency are the same as  last year. Chilliwack gets $33,300;  Drita,. 22.500; Dewdney, $68,600, and  Richmond ? 10,000. Eighty thousand i_  levoted for Kin-sway through the Mum-  Spalitv.of Bu-naby. Point Grey gets  110 000 for roads, and Nicomen Island  fhe'same amount 'for dyking; % 13.300   s, a  , aubsidy lor the Ladner-Wood ward ferry.  -The   vote   of   $400,000   on   last   year'-  ■ estimates lor the Second Narrows bridge  Is left off. For budges generally ?lo0,-  000 is set down, while for the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince Georse  there  will  be an appropriation  o£  $1.0.-  ' °° An item in the Land Department "ap.  nronriations Is that tot $20,000 10.  -timber testing and investigation oC  wood"products. An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C. lumber  trade fs that another $50,000 is appropriatedfor salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchased material       Other Appropriations.  Among the other appropriations are  the  following: „,.„„.  Grant to B. C. regiments $n.000, giant  to patriotic fund $0,000 giant to boy  scouts $1,000, giant to Victorian Order  of Nm-les $500, giant to *?turned hoN  diers'   alid   commissions. $lo,000,   Ko>ai  Fifth & Fir Sts...  VICTORIA  ...'.Ford Motor Co.  Dom.  ,-Ovl  Dom. <Govt,'  Tlios  Hooper  ...'.:.'   Dalton   & Eveleigh  XV. V. Gardiner    Owners    £.   ...Delayed  ....Delayed  ....Delayed  ....Delayed  .. Delayed  . Delayed  Character   Brk. and mill schools..'..— $50,000  Cost I location    -..  Victoria    Victoria     'S.ctona   ._   Victoria -«.   ."„■..   Owner    City   - City  Y.   W.   C/A.  ..C. P. R. and C. N. R.  Steel   Bridge   ..: - f^.n'ono  YWCA.   Home" -    $150,000  Union Passenger Depot  ^'.Sr'nnA  Stone church  !?£'?„?  Rink   (Curling)  ...............  lin'nnn  Swing  Span   I -.-- $20,000  Tubercular-Ward - —-.--.-   IMPBOVElfEirTS ilSTES IMMEDIATEI-T BELOW  ABE PROPOSER  BUT HATE  BEEN POSTPONED:  Victoria....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd  Victoria  Victoria  Curling Club  Victoria   .v....:. .'. ' City  Victoria Royal Jubilee Hosp.  Architect   Plans Beady  «purgin &'.Wilkins ." Indefinite  Owners  .".  Preparing  J.  C.  Frame  Soliciting  Funds  Co.' Engineers - -".  Preparing  Jones    &   Beatson—Arranging   finances.  Coates & Flett To Build, This Year  City ..: :..-■£- Completed  J. C. M Keith :..".:..:. .".   FOR YOUR  i  (  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  ~fl-v  BY  _•>».  MANUFACTURED  THE PATERSON MFG. CO., Ltd,  Con Tenth Avenue and'Arbutus< Street  ,_■'-   .  > ."-..VANCOUVER,  B. C;  < '-    ,        Phone  B»y: 772      '    '-'''' r  "$  10-sto office bldg  ■■■■--—, !559'2S2  Christ   Church   Cathedral—-i »400,000  r'hiirnh r T    — - - $iOO,UOU  pie" !!..:::;:::::::::::::::::::::::"-™ $ .000,000  Character ..... •- Co,t  School    ....'. --. ■■ ^-$7,500  Grain elevator  (35.000 bu.)    VV-"---  School -- $50,000  Plant' Improvements    ���••.•••;----v  Steel Bridge .: :....-._.._.._...$2d,000  Steel Bridge  : —~—r-...$lD,000  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu'.) ■■•■•••••■■•  Market Building .....  ._ $35,000  Sewers    .  - -•- »i4,UUu  Street Work  -•-  -...-.$50,000  Victoria _   St. Barnabas  Victoria  _ B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria -.'First Baptist  Church  Vancouver- : C.  P.  R.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL^  Location    -':. — Owner  Trail" .'...1 --- ■"■   City  Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers Ass n.  Rossland - , • V * \1   city*  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil' Co.  Vanderhoof  .'-_  Pro.   Govt.  Prince George  _ Pro.  Govt.  Kamloops   Maple  Leaf Milling Co.  New Westminster  : ......_ City  Nanaimo  :..: - i  City  Prince George  -  City,  Delayed  J. C. M. Keith  Delayed  Jesse  M./ Warren .Delayed  Owners   Delayed  -.rchltect  .:....:...Plans Seady  -..-...._..-.: .'.:....*..J.J..... _ -.-.I..1....  ' _"_"!i.'..." '. -'.   indefinite  Owners,   Owners * -  Owners   '..C   Owners .'-. J".   ^ity l   ^ -~ '  city ]ZZJZZZZZZZ..ZZZZZZZZ  .... Shortly'  „ Indefinite  Indefinite  .!.:...:Ji..:.:..z.  :..-.  Soon  ^1     i,.!iV     ^    ,  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON &  BASEBALL  ATHLETIC   PARK  GEEAT rAMS VS. VANCOUVER  Week Commencing May 14.  ADMISSION   25   and   50   CENTS.  Week Days -1.00 p in.,  Sat.  3:00 J^™^  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  ^2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES ISg- 25c  Public Works Contractors  •Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Concentrator,  etc  1'2--'-S-  Shipbuilding  Plant    Railway Station .  Concentrator    Public Woiks .....  Theatre Building  Wharf  200,000  .O.O'OO  300,000  150,000  150,000  ...'..$10,000  _-sto. hotel  $18,000  ..-StO . 100X100    hotel .*..— ••-;■;■••• •;•;■;  2—4-room Schools each $20,000  Hotel '   .....".-'   $l,O')O.00O  Depot "bldp.  ._ '-?29'2_f-  Fertilizing  plant  &  wharf- f1. S'SRS.  Concrete Sanitorium   l-^X'xSS  Flour Mill & Elevator ?.-2'--_  Hospltal  V.: .'.  $90,000  City   Hall    fnO.OOO  Ofliee  Bldg.  & Oil Plant ^00.000  Residence  (Stone)„...._: .fSS'SSn  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.)...- |122'222  Postoffice:   5-sto.  cone  »J00 000  Frame   HoteV"VI-ZZ.. L    |40.000  ffotel    •  ^520.001)  Brewery   !52'2_Q  T-ibrarv      $50.0n0  Mach. Shop and Foundry  $50,000  P. eight  Terminal     Pchool   Bldg   Pauer and  Pulp  Mills   Office Building  «ro"hnh  Round  House V?'-«n--  Mach   and Repair Shops  $1?H22  \Varchouse and Stor. Tank $10,000  [topper Mountain . ... B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Boyd's Ltd.  New Westminster  C. iN. Ry'.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver I_oa_d Mining Co  Prince   George    _ .\ City  New Westminster-Alhambra Theatre Co.  •Sidney Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Ocean Beach  (V.I.)   F. J.  _lns  Prince  Rupert '. M.   Albert  Vernon, B.C ."Vernon- School Board  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk  Pacific  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk  Pacific  . keena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C'-  Kamloops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  Coquitlam. ..Terminal  Grain Elevator Co.  Nelson, B. C Municipality  Nanaimo, B.  C City  of Nanaimo  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands   (Victoria) : :   Withheld  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert Dom.   Govt  Rossland    J        .    .  Prince  Rupert A.  J.  Prudhonime'  Fort   George Not   guen  Fort George Peace River B. & M. Co.  Nanaimo  City  New   Westminster  Mr. Schaake  New  Westminster  K. P. Ry. Co.  Rowland      City  Quatsino, B.C Colonial Paper <E-P.M., "Ltd  Calgary Robin Hood  Flour   Mills  R. Lillooet  P. G. E Ry.  E   Lillooet P. G.  E. Ry.  Owners  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W« specialize in prompt service for": Contractors'  temporary power installations  *  m^mtLEtijmt  .1..  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and .have   pur: representative   call  I  ►-  .."."  Owners -  Owners    '.   City    -   Moscrop & Whitburn...  Soo  Soon   Comple ted   ........Will Build  Soon  Jessie M. Warren Tender. Closed  Prince Rupert Arcnt Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury, Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria* Soon  J. S. D. Taylor  Tenders closed  Dalton & Bveleigh.V. Tenders Closed  Plans Approved No Date Given  Now petitioning for appropriation.  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, V. Rupert representative  Jesse M. Warren Tenders soon  Govt  Tenders  soon  Gov't - -'•  Tenders  closed  City ' No.. Archt.   commissioned   yet :   '  Site Just-Purchased   Herbert J.  Peyton Sketches  ready  Wilson & Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided       Indefinite)  Owners     Owners    XV. S.,Bates     Now  Completed  Welch & Wilson Ltd.  and  iJ:il  .. -  GREAT NORTHERN TRANSFER  ^C'-f  Steam and Household COAL  * -*-*«  ^> ttT-im  CARTAGE of every description  By.the Hour, Day, Week, or Month  'Phone COAL orders Fairmont 2800  'Phone CARTAGE orders Seymour 605-405  P. ace   River .'...Imperial  Oil Co     -  -    — - -- -  Shingle' yiiUsZ.Z"'Z'Z..ZZlZZZZZ.......i    West  Yanc Vodder   River  Shingle  Co    Completed  OTPBOVEIC-KTS   LISTED' IT_M-__IAT___Y  BELOW   AEE  PBOPOSED   EXIT   HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED  rTrltoI     $200,000 I Koit  George....  I o_.l.  3"67oV""b"rk.'"vcnecr $20,000 | Port   Albc-i ni...  Pliurc.i   (Tr.)    : |Co.uitlam    5 sto brk. mill and st-el tIBO.ono | Kamloops . ...  .Grand   Trunk   Pacific    Tom   Magrath   Episcopal Chinch  ....Kamloops Hotel Ci.  flolabiid Sr Roache (Chicago).... Delayer  rovans & Cool'- Delayed  P.rrv & frFowlcr  Delayed  W.   T.  Whiteway Delay.d  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building location  Residence   ---■•-•-   AI etc hob In  School    Hilliers,   r^   &   N.  Residence   ''O"1   Bay  ltd  Residence    Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apmt __ „     ;• ■ ,  gc1i00l         Hollywood  T-sto.   dept    store  bldg  -ic.0I!a  Piers   (Concrete)    }[tl0 •''  Bik.  veneer  church •,,-!.  Wharf  (Marine  Depot)   .victor a   .  [-wil.water    Victoria  .  Alteration to Say ward Bldg   VICTORIA  Est. Coat Owiier  j^O.OOO   IT.  R-  Hammond      School   Tr ustce..  ~1 ..bbo"    H.  I-awson  .'15,000    F.   Nation  (5,000      A.   Winch  $ It.000   City  $700,000    Hudson's  Ray  Co  $2,000,000       Government  $20,000       Colomba Presbj teiirm  Ch.  .    $2 1 500    Govt.  $1 000.000 Dom.   Government  Victoria    .'   The home of The Bt_   Shows  '© VAUDEVILLE  ACTS©|  Prices 10c-15c   Boxes 25c  i\  Character         Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)   Hotel      2-.sto stone & steel bldg..-.   Dairy  Bldg.   (cone .&■ brk) .....  2-Rto brk bldg - - -;-•-■■•  2-sto.   apmt. .' - (lN0  Residence - -• •   Factory -•- ••— •■—••'•  Dredging   Sand   Headsi .............•■-■,  ■ P.ridi:e   .hutments   (1<2)      Govt. Bldg   HIgh  School •   Jetty   &   Dredging ;..   Roun dh ousel' - •   Bridge    ..-...:- :- •   Dam.  Mills, etc.  -r  Water   .System .—-'■  MIUs.   AVh'irvpS.-  etc.   Addition  nigh School..   Rrlck   School   I'.   Motorshl'is.   each •  Buscule-  Rrldg<:      r-'ower House and Laundry   Railway  Line   ...!..   Cost  ""$2.r.,bo"o  . $ 2 0,000  ..$ 20,000  ...-15,000  Details)  . $201000  .. $25,000   $70,000  '■""'$3O.'b0O  .. $20,000  ..$755,000  ,...$20,000  5,000  l.OOn.noo  10,000  7 5 o.o no  ....$! 9,i>0?;  ....$15,000  ..$115,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA-  tocation -   . •  Kamloops  -GENERAL  Owner  CI ty  Pi I nee George....Prince  George TTo'tel  Co.  Nelson,  B C r. Carmen   Maglio  iMincanh,   13.   C   Nanaimo..... :....!. B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert.: .T. McMordie  Metchosin .' H.  R. Hammond  Lulu  Islanrt....Morrf.son  Steel c. Wire Co.  Fraser   River Government  Oratul  Trunk   Pacific. ..G.   T.  P.  Port  Alberni    Govt.  Port Alberni.  Municipality  v'nrth  Arm   Fraser  River ..Govt.  re...   O. T.  s  Fort Geor  Nanaimo     PrIncess   Royn  Port   Moody   .  fVean  Falls   Nelson    j. i.....  Tniil    '. i   North  Vancouver. II. W.  Selkirk Water ..   Lake Louise   P. Ry. Co.   ..,   City  IslancL...Ton.-pah-Rolmon   City   Pacific Mills, Lid.   i....    City  Brown  &. Co.   n.  N. K   .C  V. R.  l\ri r-i loopH-Kelo wna..   C.   N.   Ry.  Co  Architect Contractor  Butler &  Harrison Grayson  &   Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins    Local  S.  Maclure  A.  II.   Mitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   McKechnl-  C.   R.    .Vatkins Fulton   Bios.  Spurgin & Wilklns Luney Bros.  R. Tlorwood & White B. C. Cori-t. Co.  Govt Grant Smith & McDonnell  Win. Henderson Knott & .Tones  C,o\ t Parks, Tupper & Kirkfiatrick  rjnvt    Sir John  Jackson. Ltd.  J. C. M. Keith  Luney Bros  /  Architect Plang Eoady  Oucane Dutcher .t Co Wm.  Greenlees  Butler &  Harri-on... Brewster &  Pelhani  Geo.   C. Fgg Waters  &  Pasco  J.  CM.   Keith Island. Building  Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson  .'Ins.   Gil more'.  Sub-contract.')  Butler & Harrison............Grayson & Sons  Owners    :...' '■■ .Day   Labor  Govt ..Navigation .- Dredging Co,  G. T. P.....J. A. McKenzle i_ Co. Kx.  Bldg..   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   I--..., Warnock .& Cochran  Govt. Pacific Dredging Co.  Owners Carter Hall  & A.  City    -    City  t  Co -. Owners  City  ...Robertson,   Godson   Co.  Owners     Own em  ...: Snider Bros. &-Brethour, Ltd.   J. Burns .. Co.   Wallace.  Shipyards  Owners !MacUonald, Ncttloton & Bruce  ZZZZZ'.J.:...,. Northern Consiructlon Co.  Tlhie Jarvm  LIMITED  ctric Co.  Sey.  174-^175  570 Richards St.  Wiring   Contractors  VLmmmmmmmmmm»immmmmmmmmMwmmmMm^mkmmmmmmmm^mmm*m^*mm^mmm^-mm  Electric   Repairs  Electric   Supplies  **armmmmmm^LmmMmwmMmn*Mxmmw!wmtmmmMMiMMMMWMWM^mmmmmmmmam^  Motors,    Generators,  v    Elevators.  ^■Meaeae________-_M_H__a_______M_____M   ^  Everything Electrical  Conveniently   Located - - Lightning    Service  564 RICHARDS ST.  SEYMOUR 178 .  MALTHOID, MALTHOID JUNIOR,  ALSO  WHITE -;and;TARRED. SHEATHINGS  SfVBBTB-l, D/WBDSON.&WRIGHT,  Ltd.  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LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  -* _  *m** ***** *-**.?  .'   1. _*,    *.  1,  -«1A^.        ,  * .       * * *_. > r   * -*   * ** j~ r      V    ,  _i_ _- -ti  _m-*<-.' ■"'  British Columbia  R E <C O R r>  r  ^  STRUCTURAL  Morris & Co Ltd  Office and Works  "2120--2130 Cedar St.  Bay. 1043  STEEL-   STAIRS  ELEVATOR ENCLOSURES'  ■   MARQUISES       . '    -  FIRE ESCAPES  JAIL AND PRISON WORK  GRILLES AND BALCONIES  IRON GATES AND FENCING  WIRE WORK  EVERYTHING  m  IROM  ORNAMENTAL  ««>.>**«**..*..**«M.*'!**-S-S,*'H-**   4^-h^***^^^-.**^--**^-**^  • FIR, CEDAR or MEM LOCK  any I era gth - any diameter  >*>  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999   %  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  'Evans, Cole-man & Evans, Ft. Col. St., S. 2988  O'Nell, Wm N. Co Ld., 548 Seymour.S 4795  Ritchie   Con.    &   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.   St  Bridge      S. 9162  Warrig-ton & Johnson.  119 Pender S.   S. 4912  - ASPHALT   FELT.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 298S  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  10th  & Arbutus S., B. 772  BRICK—ALL KINO!?.  Cont'n'l   Ship.  & Trad.   Co.   Ltd S. 644,8  Evans Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gilley Bros, Ltd., New West., Phones 35, 16  W. N O'Nell & Co, 548 Sey. St., S/4795-479S  Ritchie   Contr    ft   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd,   Gran. 'St.  Bridge    : S.   9162  Warrington & Jo.,nson, 11V Pender, S 4912  R.V.Wlnch  &  Co..  Ltd..  Winch B. S. 279-1944  1.-1LUING   FELTS  AND   PAPERS.'  Evans.   Coleman   & Evans,   Kt    Col.,. .S  298R  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403 .Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. N. O'. »l! & Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  Paterson Mir. Co., l_th& Arbutus Sts., B. 772  Warrington & Johnson.   119  Pender. .S.   4912  <■ '      BONDS—SDRETY.  R.V.Wlnch & Co., Ltd.. Winch B., S. 279-1944  /•    ' '  CEMENT.  ,  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co fe.  919.-G57B  Evans, Coleman A Evans. Ft. Col.l.S. 2S8S  Cilley 'Bros.. LU., New West., Phones 16. 16  W. N. O'N.il ft Co., 548 bey. St., S. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   St.  Bridge  '     S. 916?  R.V.Wlnch & Co.. Ltd.. Winch B„ S. 279-1944  CEMENT TESTING   AND ASSAYING.  Can. In&pc't & Test. Lab., Empire Bldg.   '. '    S.   4 606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   &   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg .'. .* S. 2193  r     * CONTRACTORS—BORING       '  Robinson Contr.  Co., Winch Bldg..S. 6888  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company,  r   ,  SS7  Georgia  St.  E High.  15S1  , " CONTRACTO tiS^V ENER.A L. ,  Armstrong,   Morrison    A    Co..    Ltd.,    Bower  B_g.    .,.!     S  1835  B.  C.  Granitoid &. Contr.^Co.,  N.E.  Cor.  .   Beach and  Nicola Sey.  229fi  ,      CONTRACTORS—LAND   CLEARING.  Centre,Contracting Company,  ,; "887,Georgia St.  E High." 1581  .  '      CONTRACTOR*—PLASTERING.   '      '  Rush & Read," 1736-6th Ave. W   .     _ L.. Bay.   1602R—2215L  CONTRACTORS—TILE-%TERRAZZO.    "  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,'Taylor Co./403  Dunsmuir S. 4371  XV. N. O'Neil A Co.,  548 Sey, dt.,  S. 4795-4798  ..;    ,      ^CORNICE AND ROOFING.      -  MacdonaM,   Marpole Co.1,   Ltd :S.'210  *   v CRANES   AND   HOISTS   (ELECTRIC  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd.'. S. 210  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St.' W.  ' '. Sey.   1065.  • DETECTIVE AGENCIES  Vancouver    Detective    Agency,    420-430  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey. 2440.  Night,  Sey.  2442   r •    (J.  O'Grady,   Mgr.)  DRILLS^-rORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling, Prank & Co., 1142 Homer  -Street     Sey.  4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542'Pender St W.  Sey.  1065.  ' ELECTRIC At 'SUPPLIES  Can. Allie-Chalmers, 1063 Pender.ki. .S. 5710  Darling, Frank-& Co., 1142 Homer  Street    ....:.....: Sey.  4100-4101  "ELEVATOR CARS AND' ENCLOSURES.  "'  Ca-.^AUis-Chalmers, 1063 ~ Pender...-S 5710  Harris, P. E A Co , «••• Crown Bldg. S. 4698  W.-N. .O'Noil _ Co., 548 Se>v St. S. 4795-4798  Rl.._]e Contr. A Sup. Co., Ltd.. Gran.-'StT  i.Bridge v....r...« '.    S. 91«2  j',..   ^..  ' 1 ^      -ELEVATORS       ' L*^/'   '  Darling.'Frank-&.• Co., 1142 Horn'er V    \  *     -Street   ..:.'...-s..-...l -Sey. 4100-410V  Harria,'P-K. &;Co..'»."   Crow. Bldg. S._.S98  "'* v. § *_.'" . '"FIRE CLAY -/'--T.* . L \ -  "Bai-O-r.rGuthrl^ A: 'Co"".. ..'... .*.'.'S.r 9197-657S  Evans." Coleman "& Evans Ft. CoL-.S. 29S8  'Gilley Bros.,. New Westminster. Phones,1»,16  W. N.  O'Noil  A Co.,  548  Sey.  St..  S.47.3-4798  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co.,  Granvl. Bdjf.-S ^1«:.  R.  V. Winch A Co.,   .Vinch Bnjg.. S.  279-1144  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER   SYSTEMS.1**  Gon.'Fire E- Co., 1140'Hamilton St..S 513"!  Burr _  Anderson,  10G0  Hem-  SU....S.  81X0  FLOORING,  J. Fj-f. Sniith * Co., 1320 Richard*. .S. 1196  ■•' GAS   APPLIANCES.  Van.  Gaa Co., Hastl-ga  St.  W.....S.   .000  r ,   GATE   VAI.VKS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co., >Ltd    S. 210  "'  GLA88—ALL KINDS.  W. N. O'Noil A Co.  548 S.y. St..   S. 4795-479?  HAKUWARE  Flett, J. A., Ill Ila-trngs XV Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  XV. N. O'Neil * Co . 548 Se-y. St.. .S. 4795-4798  J   Fjfe  Smith   & Co.  1320   Richards. .S.-196  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe & Co.. 1320( Richards. .S. 1195  HEATING—HOT   AIR,. -TEAM   AND   VEX  .... 4793-479i  Arbutus..B,    77.  113   Pender..S. 491!  MARBLE  AND   ONYX <  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie.  Tayl'.r Co.,  403  Ounsmuir S. 4371  W. N.   O'Neil & Co.,  548 Sey.  St, S.  4795-4798  Oil.  BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron Works.  1815 Pandora St ..H.  496  ' I'AINTS-^FIRE-l'ROOF.  W. 'N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey St. ...S. 4795-4798  Warrington   A  Johnson,   119   Pender. .6. 4912  I\\rNTS-rD/_-_P PROOF.  Evans,  Coleman &'Evans, 'ft.  Col S. 2988  \V. is*. O'Neil A Co., 548 Soy. St  Pater.on' Mfg.  Co.,   10th  &  Warrington   &  Johnson.  PARTITION--FIREPROOF  F-vans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Gran\. Bdg. .S. 91.*  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491T  PIG IRON AND TIN      ' ,  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co S.  9197-0576  Bvans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  R.  V.   Winch & Co.,  Winca BId...S.    279-1944  PILING AND POLES  Centre Contracting Company,  SS7 Georgia St. R. High. 1581  PILE DRIVING.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   tt.  Col S. 2988  .r_.--r Riv.r Pile Driving Co.. New West  Peterson,   llonry,   3022   Victoria  Dr.1. .II. 11*6  PIP B—SEWER  Dom. Gl.d'Cmnt Pipe Co., Dom. Bld..S828f  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 29i>&  Gilley   Bros.   Ltd,   New  Weet.. .Phones 15. 1Q  Macdon-Id,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie Con. '& Sup. Co, Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington &• Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4932  R. V.  Winch & Co . Winci  Bid.  ,        .    PLASTER  Balfour.   Guthrie  &   Co S  Evans, Coleman & Evans   Ft. Coium..S  29V  Gilley-Bros,   Ltd,   New  West.. .Phones 15, H  IV, N\ O'Nell & Co.. 54S Sey. St...3. 4795-479!,  Ritchie, Con. & Sua'. Co.. Granv. Bdjr. .S. 9162  Automobile Records  FROM  APRIL 2  TO  APRIL 20  Follo-lug-  Is   a  complete   Hat  of  new  Automobile   Licenses,  Transfers and Relinquishments Recorded for  Vancouver and District.  Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   is' Vancouver.  All cars for,hire are ndcated thus:  NEW CARS.  Name      '< Address  (*)  No. Name      '< Address Car  9S0-—Almonds,   Ltd.,   1836   Comox  St   Ford  9863— H. Almond,  2228 Granville St Chevrolet  9784—John  Aish,  Matbqui,'B.  C ,  Ford„  9781—Frank Ayerst, S. Port Mann  Ford  .70S—.1. E, Ardell,  1S1.. 13tfi Ave. XV Ford  9820—Black   Bros.,   1115   Homer   St Overland.  9831—C.  P.   Bell.   1122  Davie  St „ Ford  103S4—Mrs. J. S. Burns^l.03 Angus Ave '' Chevrolet  10383—W. H. Billings, 3.9S .-arine Drive  Dodge '  98 13—Herbert' J. Brunt,  Kerri_dale  '. Overland  103S7—JSarle C.  Brown,  03 1  Bower Bldg Ford  98G0—Eli Baker,  4500   11th Ave.   W „ Chevrolet  9879—Butterfreld, MacKie Co, Ltd., New W...t Ford  9S.8—W. B.  Burnc-tt,  1301  Como..  Ford  9847—Gilbert  Blair,  3837  Angus  Ave Chalmers  9S14—Yalma Bidard,  6 J83 .Fraser Stt Ford  9766—Henrietta G. Burbidge, 1337 Balfour Ave... _McLa_ghlin  9763—Wm.   Braid   &  Co.   1081, Homer   St Ford  9749—G.' Baker, 130 5th Ave. XV Ford  9767—Paul Jl. Carey. 23S 13th Ave. E ,....'.. .Ford  .'S.    278-1944  9197-657S  "      ,     n PLASTER  BOARD ,       -   t  Evans.^Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N    O'Neil A Co.. 5485Sfcy. St...S. 4795-479'  Ritchie   Con    &   Sup.   Co,   Granville. ,S. 9162  PUSTKR   PARTITION   BLOCKS  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S.-988,  • PL'A ST E R—O RNAMENT A J_  Evana,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  D. R. -Morrison. 71- Richards St.\S. 2151-215J  W.„_,\ O'Nell _  Co . 548 3_y. St.. .S. 4795-47SS  RHchle   Con. '&   Sup.   Co'.   Granville  rj-ASTIC FLOORING   '-  Sansan Asbestos Floor Co.',  1209'Jervl  S. 9162  -Crown   Broom   Wks,   Ltd,   332   Front   St.   E Ford  -XV.  J.  Corry,  2336  16th Ave   XV Maxwell"  Can. Metal & Equipment Co., 19fr Alexander St.Si.Fprd  —Claudo Freeman, 977 Homer St ,...' Ford'  —Callidlnes  Grocery,   15SS  Commercial  Drive Ford  -Harriet Todd Carter,  1644  Dunbar St Willys-O 1  -Elmer  Craig, "New '"Westminister  Ford  . .S. 4795-4798  Bdg. .fc>. bin*  -HOT   AIR,   STEAM   AND  TILA'-ING v     .  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St.,. S. 136  Barr a Anderson, 1060 Homer St...S. 6U0  Gen. Fire  Ex.  Co.,  1140 Hamilton St..S513S  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   _ Slip. Co, Granvl. Bdg .S. 9161  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  \V. N. O'Neil A Co.. 5(6 Sey. St.  Ritchie   Con. A Sup. Co., Granv,  IRON  AND   STi:EI STRUCTURAL  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   1063   Pender S. 5710  Can.   Northwest   Sttel   Ci- V.     307  Evans,   Colemnn   *   Evans.   Ft    C0I...S. 29S-  Coughlan.  J.  &  Sons.   World   Bldg S    79''r•  Mncdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   I.til    S.  210  Rltchio. Con, & Sup. Co., Granv Bdg. .S. 91«'  XV.  N. O'Neil ft CO..   54S Roy.  St...S. 4795-479S  Wilkinson  Co., SIG Beach S.  7915  IRON   AND  S)Ti:i:i.—ORNASIEXTAL.  Can.   Allls-Cha'riH'rs    10'.3   Peniler S. 5710  E\ans, Coloman &  Evans,   tt. Col S. 29SS  .V;u"di>n..ttl.   .Vurpole   i.'o .   Ltd    y.  210  XV. N   O'Nell & Co.  BIS Sey. St ..S. 4795-179.  Klicnie t'on   a. aup. Co, oranvl.  Bilir .fa  Silo.  South  Viipcomcr  Iron &. Wire Works,  5-55   Victoria   Drive Fraser 156  LATH—-IKTAI.  Evnns, Coloman & K\nns, Ft. Columb .S 29.S  XV.  N   O'Neil A Co,  .MS Sey. St ..S   4705-1738  Kltchl-   C    and   P    Co.   Gmn.   St S    .1C2  Warrington   S.   Johnson.   U9   PenclPr. .S. 4912  LIME.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co S.  9197-6575  r„vans Coleman & Ewuis, Ft. Columb ,S 29isS  Gllloy Bros, New Westminster. . Phonos 13 16  XV. N O'Noil ft Co. 5 IS Sey bt...S 1795-I79S  Ritchie Con A Sup Co., Granville. S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co, Lrl , Winch Bdg .S. 279-1911  MACHINERY  Can    Anis-Chnlm.rs    10G3   Penrtt. S. 3710  Darling,  Frank & Co,  1112  Homer  Street      Sey.  4100-1101  -Incdnnnld,   Mnipulu   Co,   Ltd    S    ^H'  W. V O'Noil ft Co, MS S.y. St...S 4795-I79S  nitPhle Con ft .up Co . Ornni'l BiU.S 916:  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St. XV.  S.y.   1005  MANTI.L.—BRICK.   TILE! AND   WOOD  Evans. Coleman & Evans, ft; Col.... .S. 2988  Leslie, Taylor Co., 103 'Dunsmulr.,... .S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell ft Co.. 54S Soy. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Ritchie   Con.   ft   Sun.   Co..   amnvllli*. .R. 916?  THE   MEDIUM.  ._■•:• &* <3»:  ,'..*)•  . ft* ft* ft* ft * t£, *ft * ft* ft.  Did   you   ever   notice   that  05   por  cent. of (he big successful firms are  firms who advertise?   They figure advertising as an Investment  not an ox-  pense.    The  secret  of advertising is  tho selection    of a    medium    wliici  reaches those people who are or wll  be  the    most    likely  "purchasers  0  II* you are in the build  st.  S...6643Y  c  _   , '       PLUMBING  Bailey, E  A., 1033 Granville St., S.  136  Barr   ft "Anderson, *1060' Homer   St...S. 61St  -''-    ~-       PNEUMATIC, TOOLS  Darling, Frank & Co.,.1142'Homer.   ■■"•  1   Street - Sey.  4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Fender, St. XV.  Sey.  1065.  ■"•'     ,       .    -.    -  "   "      RADIATORS AND BOILERS  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   1063   Pender...'.S. 6710  , ROOFING  COMPOSITION  Evans! Coleman A Evar.8 Ft. 'Jolum. .6. 29S5  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 14) * Arbutus Sts...B. 771  XV. N. O'Nell &. Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-479*  Ritchie Con. & Sup. C_ . .Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491)  '    "»'..  ROOFING—SHEET METAL.   "~  (See   Cornice "ana   Kooflng)        .„>     ,  ,' ROOFING  MATERIAL       ^      -  'Evans.. Coleman ft Evana    Ft. Colum..S. 298E  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd ...S.  210  Eaterson Mfg. Co.,  10th, &. Arbuius,  Bay.-77  Ritchie Con. ft Sup. Co., Granville-B .-.S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491>  '-'"".    ''/»"■ ROPE-MA_flLA     -    *'-  '■""-.__  Ralfour,"Gtathr!e~ &■" rCdrr?./.'r:'.R.'9m-'«B7l  ^ -^ SATES-;V.-T-I-TjipORS^1-.-. -\  Warrington &'Johnson, 11» Pender'St.S*. 4"9i:  W?N.-O'Neil «.tCo.. 54S Soy. St.. ,S. 4795-479f  ' SANp^GRAyEL^ANDCRC-HED "HOCK';  Evans, Coleman & Evana, ft. "Col.. . '. .S. 29S8  I Gilley "Bros.. I_td.,> New Weat.. .Phonea 15, JI  ^Ritchie; Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg.^.B. 9162  '"**' SASH -WORSr WINDOWS, ETC. ^ ''  W.'N. O'Nell _ Co..'54S,Sey. St...S. 47S5-479?  SHINGLE  MAX.f..CTlHEBS AND  DEAL-  ERS."  (See  Lumber  and  Shingles.)  SLATE  Evans,   Coleman A Evans,   ft. vCol S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. B48 Sey. St...S. 4793-479*  R.-V. Winch & Co.. Winck Bld...S. 279-194<  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916J  STEEL—REINFORCING.      ,  Balfour,    Guthrie   &    Co jS. 9197-657*  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  Macdonald,   Marp.olo   Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4911  STORE   ft   OFFICE   FIXTURES   *   STORI  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Nell ft Co..  54. Sey.  SL..S. 4795-479*  TAR   AND   PITCH  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th ft Arbutus, Bay. 7""1  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evnns Ft. Colum. .S. 29S*  Gilley Bros , Ne«- Westminster Phones 15, If  Pt. Haney Brick Co.. 615 Hast. S. W., S. I3i.  Ritchie Con. & Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916'  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender..S  491i  TILE—VLOOR AND  WALL  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  \S ... O'Neil * Co, 54. fey. St. ..S. 4795-479*  Warrington  ft  Johicon,   119   Pender. .S. 491i  TIN PLATES  Palfour.   Guthrie  ft   Co S.  9197-657*  Evnns,  Coloman ft  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  R V Winch ft Co.. Winck B!d...S. 279-l°4-  Wilkinson Co., 816 Beach : S. 7915  TOOL  STEEL  Darling.   Frank  ft  Co.,   1142   Homer  St.   , S.   4100-410'  Macdonald,   .Marpole   Co.,   Ltd. S.  210  VACLTM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr &  Anderson,  10-60 Homer St S. 61S(  WALL   BOARDS  E\-ns.  Coleman  ft   Evnns,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  Li-bUt',  Tujlur   Co.,   10J  Dunsmuir jj. 4J7J  WATKRPROOPCOMPOCND  E\ans,  Coli'man ft  Evans,  ft,  Col S. 29SS  \\ ... O'Nell ft Co, o4S Sey. St . .S. 479.-4 < tr.  i'.uerson Mfg. Cu , 10th ft Arbutus..B 77:  Warrington   ft   Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491!  WATER METERS. HYDRANTS & PUMP.-  Mucdonald,   Marpole   Co..   Ltd S.  210  WATERWORKS  S-'PPI.IKS  .Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  WINDOW  .SCREENS  XV. N. O Nell ft Co.,  64S Sey. ot ,.S. 4795-479!  WIRE   AND   CARLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co,   Ltd    S. 210  W»RE ROPE  ilalfour,    Guthrie   ft   <*° - -1' • U' ",S 91J1J"....3-  E\*ri9,  Colemnn ft  Evans,  ft.  Col b  "r.?"  iincdoimld,   Marpolo   Co,   Ltd   .... h.  ^  «  Ritchie Con. <_ Sup. C.) , Granv. Beg. .S. Hit).  K   V    Winch ft Co .  WlncH   BW...S.    SJ.-liM  Wilkinson Co.. SI6  Beach  S.   '915  WIRE   HOltK  Artistic   Wire   ft   Iron   Wks.,   1462        _,„..„  ivinc.wriv ■ :„;    ,  Smith .Vancouver TroiV & Wire Works,  5-55  A'"U-lot-lji   Drive.......  ing supply or machinery nne don't sc  ... .Dodge   Willys-O   Ford   Ford   ..-Ford,   Dodge  .... Frns-or   I5R  f I v'onr product."  lect a moving picture publication ii  which to do your advertising. Because of the fact ttiat the H10CO.RD is  the only paper published in the province devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  tlmy .will sty-e it will 'put a capital C  on vo"r cash.  9772-  985C-  9849-  10386-  10375-  OS IS—  9783-  9S35—G.C. .Conlson,   1065'  11 th   AVe.'- W. „ _.Briscoe  1037S—Tony Calabro^aio  Union  St ! Hud&on  9b71—Can   Itobt. -Dollar  Co.,   1027  Pender St \Vill>_-0.  9S32—Campbell  Storage  Co.;  786'JSeatty St _ Ford/  9779—R.. Cummings & Son,  Murrayville  .'.  Ford >  9S17—-\Tewton  Claire,  1019  Georgia St., W Metz.  9761—Calladines   Grocery,   1588   Commercial  Dr.. Ford  9743—J.   C.   Dietrich',   1642   Pandora  St Briscoe >  9754—Harry   T.   Devlne," Yorkshire  Bldg.'. Briscoe  9826—A.  H.   Dutton,   840  Nelson  St Briscoe  9771—wm.  Dollar, "1112  Standard'Bk  Bldg .....Willys-O  10397—'J.  M. Doyle, 1062 Georgia St :   9S52—M. DesBrisay,   1101 -Nicola bt   9752—H. Duker Co., Ltd./ 122 6th 'Ave.  XV   9727—Chas.   H.   Dennis,  2640  Pender  St.; B.'...  9744—C.-Durant, 3128 Broadway V....: ._..  9739—-'J.  Freeman," 528 Seymour  St '. .l.._...  9833—JrFitzpatrick, No. 1 Fire Hall,  Gore & Cordova..:.Ford  9869—^Mrs. Ethel Farr, Cloverdale,  B. C _.: Chalmers  10398—Miss Florence De Cronier, 1020 Melville S.._Chevrolet  9842—Frye & Co.,  40 Pender St.  E , Ford  9S57—J..M. Ford, Kerrisdale, B/C....'...: 1 Ford  9S61—.T.-E. Flett, 11S3 Barclay St ..:....S. F.  Edge  9760—Wm.'Falke, 216 23rd XV. .7. _..: .F.;B. Jeffery  972S—Percy C. 1-east,'Winonah Apts., lJ.th<Main„..McDaughlin  9S27—Gault Bros.,  361 Water.St. • _ Ford  9853—Mike Gotas,  1125 Granville St Ford  9S62—Great-Western  Smelting & Refining  Co.,  "    -,.  - s  _  ,- 146 Dutterin   St .-..-. Oakland *  10425—Walter Galloway,"-35 Hastings E .Willys-O.  10376—J   Gordon,   1267, Kings-way :..: ..Ford  9822—Nick Gentile.   333  Union  St. -Ford  9808—Mrs  'Anna,Gore,   2556  7th  Ave.   XV —.Willys-O  9737—Geo. E. HTancox,  19th Ave., Markham  _ioad... JDodge.,  10377—C. W.  Graham, 587  55th Ave. E Ford,  9S34—C. G. G. Hebblethwaithe,  920 Seymour  St.-. Ford'  9775—G.  L.   Harm,   Aldergrove,  B.L C : .-. 1< ord  9S72—G. H.' __odgson/ 18:.3. 3rd'Ave.  W : .". Ford  9755—Hamilton - Carhartt   Cotton,!Mills. Ltd.,     .-    ,       ,*..,.  - ,-   --     500-Beatty   St.  : .-.r...1--.. ;....-„ .■.-.. Chevrolet-  10391—XV. Hemus, 1517 Union St :   —Ford  9851-r-John Herod, -1^36 Barclay "St." „...„._. '....Cadillac',  10379—"W.  S.L"HaU,   .10 Hastings XV .1 1 Dodge.;  9S25—"Mrs.   Jennie  Hall,   1843   1st  E —:  .-...jBriscoe  98IS—Geo. Hardy.-148 Water.St :  -S- Jl^otd  9739__AV. C. Hunter,   2708  Alberta  St. ...-;...: -,....:_S._debaker  9S2S-^-lmperial  Transfer",Co.,'1050- Plamilton' :.—:..l„..:_:.Ford.  9731—H. B. Jackson, 2212 4th Ave.  Wi.....i...... -. iFord'  9§30-.Pg;^R^.-Jacobsrv1460  -.ute-St...1^. .V. -\ McLaughlin  9SS0—_>eriey A."Jones—New. S'estmtnster, —.......'.. -i.i.Ford;  9732—JR. B. Jackson, '2242 "4th Ave.-AY.z —....._ :_ii/.Ford :  9S12ANorrnanJ Jessman,..2245 t.5th.1 Ave.1' W.—:._..... :_jiFord;  "9733^-R:-B.' Jackson. '2242   1th,Ave. W„_„-_'..:.:.-.._-—_—i'JTord.r  9735—O.-lCaldah;  3. Leek Bldg.'.-.™*. :.*-.".V^...'__._. .O.-.Ford  97S5—F.^ w ' _vickbush, iluntmgdon,-B.   C ..-.— —Ford  9777_i.john D. "Kaj.   New- Westminster..-...-?:..: McLaughliu ■  9S77—Kapoor S.  Siddoo,  New Westminster.. ;.....r...'~._:..Ford  9S06?r-ICeiry Douglas & Co.. City  .:..._ -r—For<l  9765—Sarah -A. 'Kerr,  260   19th Ave.   W _.Ford  9724—Kelly   Doii-Ias   & Co.,   Ltd .". ;_Foi<l  97tC—Love & Dobson, 33 1 Carrall St :. Ford'  9S45—Elma  Lineham,   J531   Barclay   Sf Studebaker!  10395—Ledingham &  Cooper, 34S Sth Ave. E McLaughlin  97S6—Albert Lee, Abbot-ford,  B. C .'. Ford -  9736—Aurthur Lofting, 767 Sth Ave. W...: >. -_Ford  9730—F.  XV.  Marsh,  Can.  Life Bldg  Dodge  9769—jr. jr. Morrison,  Kerrisdale  Ford '  97SS—Garnet Morse,  M.D., Port  Haney, B   C McLaughlin  9S02—R. 'TD. MacKenzie, Cloverdale,  B   C Chevrolet  9S36—Chas   McCague,   2630   Church  St McLaughlin  9S68—John MacKay,  474 Sth Ave.   XV Haynes  9S73—A. M. Morri.son, Canada Hotel  Dodg.  103S5—Robt. McNair Shingle Co..  Port Moody Ford  !)S41—Samuelc-Morris, 52S  Main St i Ford  9S3S—Hector MacKenzie.   2444   ISth    Ford  10381—A. S. Munro,  1311  Crescent, Shaughnessy Cadillac  9S7S—E   D   Morris, New Westminster "'•"ord  !ijil4—]_.   Mottishaw,    1370   Harwood   St. Franklin  9S03—J. J   Mason, M.D , 1669 Nelson St McLaughlin  9S15—Jeanette   McFarlane.   71-t   and   Granville ...McLaughlin  9S75—Joseph Mavce. New Westminster  Over'nid  97S0—K.   J.   McMeneny,   New   Westminster    r    . ..ord  9712—Hugh   McDonald,   1019   Georgia  St McLaughlin  9762—R.  C   Manning,   1920  36th-Ave   W .: Dodge  97 45—Dougal   MeKenzie,   1154   Burnaby   St WiUys-O  9741—Peter Mikos, Terrea Court, Hast. E   9751—Pony  E.press   Co,   500  Cordova  St ...  9821—Chas.   Putnam, .1863   9th   Ave    W   977S—James'B. Peters, New Westminster      10390—Patterson Chandler & Stevens, 16th & Main  0726—K.   Paulsen, 267(5  Eaton St    9750—Po-nv E.pre«s Co., 500 Cordova St   97-tO—A. E   Ratledge,  719  Sth Ave   B   9726—Charles Reed,  619 Heatley Ave   9850—r. ,7. Russell,  386 I, Osier Ave   0SS1—J.   G.   Robson,   New   Westminster   9S19-rDominick   l.ossi,   333   Union   St   974 7—Chas. Richardson, 2222 Gravely St   9729—R. J. Russell. 3861  Osier Ave   97f,3—Wm. Scott,   Rear 20   Water St   97S9—J. A   Savage, Wtstlmm Island, B. C     ...  9S09—Jonathan  Storey,  HSi   Laurier Ave.  HS67—Mrs. .1.  C   Shields,  209  Winch   Rldg   . .  ijsifi—.7.   H.  Sellat..  4761   Little  Ave  1S21—South Van. Milk Co.  537 29th Ave   E..  9S70—Surrev shingle Mfg   Co. Sullivan.  B   C.  10392—Har'ild S.ddoti, 1127  King  Krt\var<l Ave  103.2—\    II. St.t.irt. 323 Sail-bury Drive    .    .  1SC6—Sevrnotir   I luff.   I.-dni-r,   B.   C .   .  njtl3—H.iv-nrd   Scott,  9.T.   15th Ave.  XV.  y776—Smith   Mro",   T.-dm-r.   B   C".  'isro—John  Stevens,  Ebui-iic  I'. O.  0s7r>—f'hn^   B   Snnrh.   Mderrriovi'   B   i'^  9770—1-". R   Ptowiu t * Co.,  Ltd,  127  Witter St.  0773—Charlotte  Smith, O.^C  Mil  Ave,  XV   .7-.-—Montgomery   Smith,   2555   3rd   \V  073S—Shell  Co.  of California,  539  5th  Ave   10   ...  <JS01—Imperial Tolia.co Co. S73  Beatty  9S51—.1.  s   Tt'inph ton.   1C9  r2urt  Ave   W.  10393—\v    Thomas,   551   Gr.iiMlle   St . . .  103SS—Thorpe  _.- Co.  795   Beattv  St  D76I—h   .1. Tucker.  Blown Road.  Ilopinglon,   B. C  9S11—rnhersity  of   B   0.,   Point   Orcv  9S37—v-n. Machinery  Depot,   1155  6th  Ave   \\ .  OSIO—Walter   Brooke   Banbury,   Eburne   P   U_  OS'6—I.   II.  Wilson.   Anyo\,   B.  C.  97S"—C   A   Welch   Ltd, New We. tmin. tui  i)S7i—w   A   Whitelrtw, Ml)., 112 Vancouver Bik  1038..—I.rminie M    Wood   Gran   Munsio'is   .  0 ._..—A.  (1    Wallace,   1261  Gr.invllle  St  0855—I.   W    Walker.   61"  12th  Am.   10  9865—Kdith  M    Wood    I ITS   Walden St  9S67—W   IJ. West,   752  Broadway  W  1 ots-o—Woodwards  Stor. s.  Citv  9S10—A    L   Whali 11,  Merchants  BU.   Bldg  <17S7—A     TO     J.    Willie,   rhilliMack .  ..  »7-..— -!.  T.  Walhic.,   Ib(.2   l\-r.il.r St.  .1.0 .,  9771 S.   Yndn,   701    4th   Ave.,   North   Vancouver  9S07—7TT.   A.   Voting,    1027    Pender   St.... ...v .;  9S39-—Kotaro  Yama.uki,   174 .Dufferin  St.    Ford  i.i. . .Ford  ...Oakland    Ford   Ford   Met/.,   Ford  .. Studebaker   Paige  ...McLaughlin   Ford     Ford   Ford   Ford     Ford   Cadillac  ..McLaughlin      Ford   Ford        C.rd  .  Sttlde'iaKer  . .Chevrolet  .Willys-t)  Ford  .  ...       Foul  .    . . l-V-rd  .. Ch.iltiit fi  Ford  Can.   UrHrue  .-   I'ord  Kord  ..     l'.u-d  ..    l-'onl  .  .    T.iii-d  .   .   . .   White  .     Fold  Ford  McLaughlin  McLaiu-hlin  lrorc!  ...     Fovd  ^. Icl.itugli'iri  .Mc-Latighlm  ....       I-Vircl  .  .       Foul  .. . Willy--<).  .     .     .   I'ord  I 'ot d  Voile  McLaughlin   I-'onl  ;.:.-:.: ..Ford  ....;..'.. ..Napier  .........: Ford  TBANS.T-3HS.  5.130—Anglo-Am. Corp. Ltd/ to'L. Slpe, 1940 King-sway   ; McLaughlin  271G—Anglo" Am. Corp. LUL   to'M. I lodge   560 64th Ave. R. ......  0i;.(S Chilliwack   l_vaporat ing  Co..   Chi 111 wrick McLaughlin  5351—Peter Chevnllc-y  to  lOzr.-t  O'Noill, ChiHiwack   ; McLaughlin  lie; s.  B.  hidler to A, 10.  Wall, 'llot(-) Cana'da     i <jr;g y>   (^   Fe;i-t to Tet'iiihial Steam .Nav. ,Co., Bowon ,  Islnnd   ■ • • ■---- ■ '-"•■' -■ .:.■ l-'o^'d  1737 o   s.  Large to  10.  A.  Langley, 711   ruinsmiitr ...Ford  r,}iC f'  c".   Mitchell   to   I'".   U.  Slater, '      '  11:77   MUh  Ave.   10 Abl.iingtDU   lOehu  5.'i7,'—Nellie  M.   Ivecley  to  A. .1.,   Tiingye,  111   C,r.-in\-ille   MiiiiHid-is l'ai'-:o  till .17 Thorn;!'-   Bonn veil: .le.   Chill I «•:•.<•!(., :..M<-Lnu;rhllri  " .|.|6 i:«I)t   White  t<r   10. Stafford,  290..   20th  Ave.  E       ._ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r<___ia_____________S-£-i  s9SE_B__SB_____&B&8^^  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  ..-_.__.,_;.__..--.. _-.„.-S Ltd.  PRINTERS.    ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  %->r_  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS.    NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS     ETC,  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  151  HASTINGS ST., W.  BLWLmmaammasssBt&im  '.<  i  i <  ARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  New Work -- Contracts  Let  THE    rOI.2_OWI_.a-    TABLE   SHOWS    BX.I3__3I-.aS    COSTING-     85,000     OB     OVEB,     ON     WHICH     COKTSTBTJCTIOM"     IS  XTSIiEM WAY, OB ON WHICH  CONTRACTS  HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBTTCTION  NOT YET STARTED.  Char act 9i  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancouver B. C.  . -,  9       '  s   -  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  , '      LIMITED. -  P. A. Jones, MgT. ,  -   r        ' <    ". '  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  '-,-    ETC.,  *      .Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  1    General Towing  324:FroatSL- New Westminster  Telephone. 1015  [Depot and  terminal  $1,000,000  3  new bldg. and 2 alterations $50,000  Causeway    : '- $50,000  Shipbuilding  plant     Dredging between piers    Cold Storage plant  .$50,000  Brick   Canning   Plant $20,000  Power Plant   _   Sleeping Pavilion     Telephone Exchange  $15,000  Concrete   lighthouse  tower   :....  Remodel  Bldg   Sewer   Work    $S,000  Warehouse etc $1G,500  Saw Mill  $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power   House     Residences $5,500  Concentrator  etc : $500,000  Station   and   Terminals _... ,' 500,000  Jetty   (Second, Unit)  _ - $300,000  Turning   Basin     _ _ $100,000  Trunk Sewer  —      300,000  Dredging  _ $700,000  Seawall      -100,000  Wharf    - $15,000  Store   and   office   bldg $60,000  Sewer- '. i $300,000  Wood Bridge  $5,000  1  Sto   Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club   Building   $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse : :   Coat   Location  False   Creek  Can.   — Owner  Northern  Ry.  Frame  Building   $35,000  Remodel   Building -. $12,000  ■Foundation   for   Shed $25,000  Freight  Offices and Sheds   Pier Extension  r.   1   Story Brick Addition -.....$5,000  Frame  Apart.   House   : $6,000  Front  Store -Bldg $7,000   „„ „..,,  Dredging ' for   Causeway $16,9f_   Vancouver  Alter Theatre Building $5,000 J 851 Granville StZZZZXZXZZZZxV.  10th & Willow St.' University of B. C.  Coal  Harbor  City  of  Vancouver  Port Moody....Port Moody Shlpbuild.' Co.  Burrard  Inlet Can: Pacific  Ry.  Foot of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co,  Kelowna  B. C. Evaporators, I_td.  Prince George  .-.  City  Tranquille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis   Soc.  Nelson   B.   C.  Telephone  Co.  Triple   Island,  B.  C Dom.   Govt.  553 Granville..Elliott Shandley & McLean  1-sciuimalt    :    City  Victoria  Dom. Govt  6th & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co.  Poplar Island ...Westminster Marine Ry.  Anyox   Granby  iUin.  &' Smelt.   Co.  New Westminster..Mrs. J.'-C. Armstrong  Surf  Inlet Surf   Inlet  Power   Co.  False  Creek Great1-Northern   Ry,  Fraser River (lower)._ Dominion Govt.  False Creek    Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage Board  false Creek  _ ; Government  False Creek  C. N. Ry.  Patricia Bay Can.  N.   P.  Ry.  Co.  Victoria   ....:.  : '.   Hastings  Park   Sewerage  Board  Nanaimo    :      City  Bridge St Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  J.  Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver..Shaughnessy Ilgts. Golf Club  Vancouver '. AG. N. Ry.  10th &. Willow Sts McGill'University  Cordova St. XV..:. Royal Bank 'of Can.  Vancouver G. N. Ry,  Vancouver  .'. .". C.'N. Ry,  Architect    Contractor  ., <  Pratt & Ross... Northern  Const. Co. and  Carter, Halls Aldingrer Co.  Sharpe & Thompsoi Baynes &'Horie  Owners    .'. '•   Owners   '.  Owners   :  W. D.  Grant  Owners    A.   XV.   Qulst  Owners   ...'..; Ward ,&   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co   Owners    Jas.   Layfleld  Owners   Snider Bros.  & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros: & Brethour, Ltd  Owners  Warren & Stancombe  Owners    Parfltt Bros.  Owners  .'  Owners  Owners    Owners   Taylor   Engineering  Co.  Townley & James   J.   C. Allen  F. Lt. Townley..Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Marsh   Huton   Powers "Co.  Government  aciric  Dredging. Co.  Owners      Rng. Dept Pa_l_ie Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Creelman & Co.  Owners   3.   Doe,  Victoria  Percy  Fox Luny   Bros,  Owners       Owners  Owners   .'c A. ,W.  Mesher  Owners   Owners  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  VANCOUVER, B.-C.  1,2  0       R   O' O   M   S "  Central — Quiet — Modern — Fireproof  THE  BUSINESS MAN'S  HOUSE  DINING   ROOM , •,       PRIVATE .BATHS  WRITING  ROOM -      .  '     LOUNGE  AND   PARLOR  Rates   from   $1. OO   per   day  PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  II  Vancouver   .'. .* "   '  C   P   R  771 Granville St :. C. S. Gustofson  1.2s.. 12th Ave- w--" w- S. Thompson  o32 Granville St L. N. MacKechnie  ..'.-...»._ City  P. Nicoils  B.   C.  Palmer .'. Purdy & Lonergon  F.   L.*   Townley Grant,   Smith   &   Co..   & MacDonnell, Ltd  Sharpe & Thompson Baynes & Ilorie  Contractors Purdy & Henderson  Owners Grant   Smith  &  Co.1  ,     c & MacDonell, Ltd.  Pratt & Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton &  '    . Bruce.(  Owners   -••   Owners1 ':. -'.  Owners  A.   L.   Benglof... A.   L.  Benglof  T. A. Fee L.W. Hepburn  Citv..l Dominion— Construction. -_Co..  Owner  .". -.:.7.:r..-..v.T..70wner  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour, 661       -    - ' • ,    1098 Horner St.  VANCOUVER B. C.  _  '. i  M  .#!  ft*  .   ",J  * .,  ■H  S#  m  '4  tt  m  0'  *'  ■.  ..    s—:   . .  t -  \ " Xt "j _ Ass General. Agents^ "."'"  for"..British'Columbia .of"'The Globe  j. Indemnity 'Comipanyvof* Canada and  -ThetLiv,erpoor & London^ & Globe  "Insurance Co.^Ltd.t- We,tsell com--'  ,'-• plete ^protection .including loss -•'  ■*   -1-      lift ""1*   *,i4,»_-i«-™'"        _"       i- _ "" f ■•  ,_. ... ...^ . „- through_„   .  \rire,"   Theft,   Collision,   Property  '  Damage and"Personal Liability.'.  -   . '       /    . .      - j? -  VICTORIA—New mining companies  announced in the current issue-of the  Canada'Gazette are' the following:  Canadian Reduction, and Mining Company, I-Iazelton Gold,x Silver and Lead  Mining Co., and the Parsnip River Gold  Dredging Company.- v     •*' '  "- VANCOUVER—The harbor' and navigation committee of the'Vancouver  board of trade decided to" leave for Ottawa ^ on-Wednesday morning next ^ to  interview the premier and cabinet of  Canada with^regard to the nationalization, of Vancouver"'harbor., The'inem-  bers of the committee -will leave by  special car- over the ; Canadian - Northern and -will return by-the Canadian  Pacific. . The trip will include" a visit  to .'Edmonton.'    .- J1        ,    /-'•-.,-'"    '  -   -       ... , , . .r* ■  v,VANGOUVER^-Tol meetfthe defects  in' the, ventilating systems of a number,,' bf>the city- 'schools' the'- school  board hasjinstructed-Mr. W. Leek, its  heating- and ventilation> engineer, to"  prepare plans for the'installing" of re-  jgistcrs and diffusers and for the hing-  for  15  per  cent,  of  tender  must  ac:  company1;'bid.' .   „'.**,    <',',""*  The lowest/or any tender,'will'not  necessarily be accepted..   "    ' - " ;  ,'  VICTORIA—The Minister of.,Lands  is calling for tenders for the purchase  of Timber License -X909,/ under 'which  there may be cut 3",130,000 feet-of hemlock, cedar, sprucerand 1,500 lineal'feet  ofJ piling on Juskatla Inlet.^ Graham  Island, and Timber License X911, under'which may be cut 900,000 ^feet of  hemlock, cedar'and spruce, and 16,000  lineal feet of piling on an adjoining" lo-  cation.  . ,,      - ,    -  PROPOSALS   WANTED  .   7  MTSCli^l-AREOTTS   PROFOSALS  • VICTORIA!—The ^DepartmentJ of  Public t Works is calling" for-tenders'  for' vthe,^erection-lof -a one-roomed  schooLat Corbin,' Fernie'district.'.ten  ders to be in' by May" 22:  ■•&-,  Y...  ->SYNOPSIS OF.vCOAL  MINING",7  X REGUtATI.ONS.^ '"   "- '  Coal mining 'rights^of the Dominion  Ceperley/ Rounsefell & Co.  _ LIMITED    I  Winch 'Bldg. 739  Hastings St.  W.  'Estat-  1886        Vaucoaver, B.C.. .  ij- ,i - lin Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-  ,ing of windows in so far as present | ^ the,yuk0n Territory, the Northwest  'capital funds  will 'allow. ■ It was  un  derstood that an initial sum of $10,000  would be spent on-this' work and that  the schools    would    be    divided    into  - ?jj  The Goltiie & McC-loc- Co.  Territories and' a portion of the Province vof British Columbiai, may be leased for a term of twenty-one years at  an annual rental of ?1 per acre.    No  -, groups of five, one group being done more than 2>560 acre_ wi]1 he lease(]  |atatime- 'to one applicant.  Applications   ror   a   lease   must   be I  made  by the  applicant  in  person  to  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works  SAFES,     VAULTS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  etc.  Made in  Canada  Seymour 3907  569 Richards St.  „ Vancouver  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CUP TIRES  Standard "of Tire Value  Absolutely Non-skid  Oil   Proof  6000  Miles Guaranteed  Unfailing Service when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 PenderW.  Sey. 6411  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing;   and   Steamfittiiig  1033 Granville St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Sey. X36  Res. Bay. 77  I VICTORIA—The British Columbia  Gazette contains notice of the incor-  poration of the Hardy Bay Coal Company (Non-Personal Liability) with a  capital of $1,000,000 with head offices  here. The following are the objects  for which the company has been incorporated:- The acquiring, managing,  developing, working and selling mines  (including coal-mines), mineral-claims,  mining properties and petroleum  claims, and the winning, getting, treating, refining and marketing of mineral  coal or oil therefrom.  VICTORIA—The   following  appointments have been made:     To  be Justices of the Peace—Henry Carter,  of  Van Auda. in the county of Vancou.er,  Edward T. Kenney, of Smithers. in the  county of  Atlin;   Samuel  G.  Robbins,  of Revelstoke,   Kootenay    and    Acloir  jLundgrcn,  of  Port  Hammond,  in   the  county   of    Westminster.'     Alderman  .Matthew    Fulton    Crawford   to   be   a  member of the Board of Commissioners of Police for the City of Kamloops  in the place of Alderman  D. B, John-  -tone, resigned.    To be Notaries Public—Albert Edward Short and Thomas  Dare Stevens, of the City of Vancouver, and Lloyd Ash ton Rathvon, of Penticton; Arthur Lee McWilliams, of the  City of Vancouver; James A. Grant, to  be Prairie Fruit Markets Commissioner from April IG, in the place of W. 1_.  AlcTaggart, resigned.   To be Resident  Physicians—Charles   G.    G.    McLean,  M.D., CM., of Smithers, county of Atlin, from April 1;  Edward Rice, M.D.,  of Telegraph  Creek, county of Atlin,  from May 1.    To be Coroner—Albert  McBurney,   M.D., CJVL, of Fort Lang-  ley, in the county of New Westminster.  the Agent or Sub-Agent of "the district in swhich tlie rights 'applied for  are.-ituated. „ *   '     * -' -       -   f~  -. In. surveyed territory the land,( must  be, described by sections, or legal subdivision's of, sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for shall  be staked out by the applicant himself.  'Each application must be accompanied by a fee of,."55 which, will be refunded if the rights applied for "are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the^rate of  five cents.per ton. ' fl _""<.'*  •'-  The person operating themlne shall  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may b\ considered  necessary^for the working of the mine  furnish the -Agent with, sworn ,_eturns  a .counting, for the full quaritity.of mer-  chantaible" coal mined,' and pay the royalty thereon."   -if the ->;coal;, mining  rights ,are not being operated, - such jre-'  turns-houldj&erfurnislied at least;bnce  a'year.'   ~ . "" ~  * \X ' ~"" '' ~   '" "" '•  The" leaste will Include the coal min-  fng rights only, but vthe,lessee may, be'  at the rate of ?10 per acre.       '    ' ,   \  For    full    information . application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  ',',      W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  U  _v  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  i   U  1062 Georgia St. VV.  Seymour 904S  _  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  CHEVROLET  DODGE  '1 V  '  -K    _  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTALLATIONS  MAY 17,   1917.  Baumyast,  I.,   Custom Pants Maker," 30_   Cambie.: Sey.  -IS9G  CHALMERS  HUDSON    :  CADILLAC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  10587—L.   Vincent,   1201   Soaton  St   10588—Dr.  W. M. Carter, 213.. Stli Ave.  VV   10r>Sn—A.  Kl.sh,  131   ir,th  Av<\   W   10090—C. II.  ICei'I . 817 Sernlin   Dr   10.r»91—Swift Canadian Co.,   Ltd.,' 17 Water St....  10-.:.  ior.a..-  _ o n u t -  J 0595-  10.-0-  10iii>7-  IO.'iOS-  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Tenders will be received for the  construction of a workshop at Rest-  haven, Sidney, and a Recreation Hall  at Esquimalt Convalescent Hospital,  for the Military Hospitals Commission. Plans and specifications can be  seen at the office of Major Harvey,  O.C., J. unit, in il. C. C, Esquimalt.  Tenders to be delivered on or before May 23, 1917.   A certified cheque  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  Following- 1b a complete Hat for Vancouver and District of new  Automobile Licences, Transfers and Belinquishments.  Records from Saturday Noon, to Tuesday Noon Only, Included.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus (*)  NEW   CABS.  No. Name Address ,        Car  10%75—TT.  X Bethpll. 3201   Nanaimo St McLaughlin  10..7C—D  Duncan, .St. Francis. Hotel I-'ord  10577—M. Clarke,  315  J Ith "Ave.  \V Ford  10578—1- H. IColhman, COS Pacific Bldf? Ford   •  10579—Wm.   ....   Kelly,   Victoria  Turlliope  J05S0—"Wood,   Vallance &   LoKpat,  Can a 11 St.   .  ..Mcl_aii-;hlin  105SJ—U. O.   Rirrl, 115  Iflth 'Ave. B., N.  Vancouver Ford  105S2—N. II.  Whittnll, Yorkshire Bld« Willys-Overland  105S3—D. .Ivan, 3529—2nd Ave. XV A Ford  10..S4—N,   McCorin-ll,   North .Vancouver Stud-baker  10..xn—rf. J. Crowe,  13 17  Pendrell  Ki.s.sll  lOBSfi—I   H.  .McLennan,   IS2 I  10th r_ Saxon   Ford   Ford   Ford  ..rr .... I-'ord  ....  » .Ford  -aine.H Nlco', 110 I 7th Ave. W Ford  •J. I. & Wm. Da .ley, L125 Granville SI. .. .STfl-iii/rlill"  -Snl-r>. Bros, t_ '.i-elhour, 2-15 Gth Ave \V. Studebaker  -A   Fen,---n (inrl  A   Willlanm, Fir Crescent,  Shaughnessy   rrel«hts   i-oacral  -Success Business Colle.o, 3011 Ontario St I-ord  -Jiia. Thompson <£- Sons,   Ltd., 353 Water St Ford  -Pacific Mills, Ltd., 510 Hastings St.  \V Ford  10599—Woodwards   Dept   Stores,   City     I-ord  10000—_. K. Buscombe, 2020 Barclay St   10G01—Vernon Shilvock,  3SI  iSth  Ave. XV I-ord  10002—TL O.  B.   Irving,  I210Harwocd  St Chevrolet  30C03—-Tr.s   Jennie Hall,  1813 1st Ave. E Ford  30001—Tuekett Tobacco Co, 12M  rromer St I-ord  10G05—Frank Florante,   117 Georgia St. T_  i-oru  T0G0C—IT. T_. Turnbull,  32G  13th Ave. VV Can.   Briscoe  10S07—J. J.  McClure,   1550  Charlos St    ..Ford  10C08—S. Brandollne, 507  Prior St Studebfiker  jOGOS)—The 13. B. B. Co,  Ltd. (Can.), 903 Wei ton Bik I-ord  ]OG10—B. C. Ueflnlntr Co.,  Ltd., New Westminster Hudson  10G1J—I   II. & C.  Bowman, 829 Powell St „ I-ord  10G12—Mary  I . Bnird,  12G3 Balfour Ave Gray Dort  ]0G13—T. Mcr.nrty, 2015  I Ith Ave. W Ford  10.11—W. P.  Grant, G10 Jervis St  Dodpe  10015—Imperial  Munition  Board,  Thurlow  St Ford  J0616—A. A. Bkiln, Nicola and  Barclay Sts ........i-ord  10GI7—F. A. Stevenson, 2715 2nd Ave. W Chandler  30GI8—T. T. McGregor, 173G Cotton Dr Ford  1 0R10—1. P. Hodgson,  1573. Main St Ford  10620—.raser Valley Milk Producers Assoc, Standard  Bank   Bldg.    ....:...................... - Ford  10G21—J. XV. O.  Steves,  Woods  Hotel   I-ord  10G22—P. D. Anderson, 2159 Wall St. ......Willys-O  10G23—McQueen Produce Co., 25 Pender St. W .„ I-ord  ■ 10G24—H.-M. Welch, 1108 Nicola St. ..Gray-Dort  10625—O. C.  Butledge, 1800  'ith  Ave   XV...... ;. Gray-Dort  10G2G—Robinson & Walsh, 214G 6th Ave   VV.  Mitchell  10G27—Cunningham's Ltd., 1012 Granville St 1-ord  T3ANSJE-3BS  No. Name Address Car"  5185—Robt. Brunt to W. Terry berry, 713 Georgia E. Overland  571—Robt. Dollar Co. to W. R. Smith, Comox, Fi.C.....Willys-0  9735—Omor Kulack to A. Croziers and A. H. Kempton,  1034   Haro  St. • • T-ord  51 io—-T. H. Radford to A. H. Timms, 230 14th Ii Ford  1930—Mrs, A. McDonald  to A. P. Slade & Co.,  Water St ^Cadillac  4296—W, Vallance to J. R. Caulder, 1233 Hornby E.M.F.  F,.(18—J. A   Hargitt to W. R. McDonald, Stave I.<all„ Pord  5256—J. P. Boyd to J. A. Hargitt, MlSHlon, B.C Ford  !L_ ->s'  !<;,'"-!'^  .  THE  HOTEL CANADA  , i  is  Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up - with private bath $1.50 and up  CAFE    IN    CONNECTION  AUTOB1LE INSURANCE  Fire—Theft—Liability—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COiVIPAr>IIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      FOW RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.  J.  ;..  S. F. BOWSER & CO.  ( Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 3S07  J. J. Reedy, Mtrr.f or B. C.  569 Richards St.  Vancouver, B.C.


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