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 * ,  RECORD  PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers  Covering British Columbia.  Vol.  12,  No.  6$^. r'ld_$ May 18, .1917.  NEW  KAWNEER  oaUlosua showing  unique  STORE     FRONT  arrangement!  new    ready    for  distribution.    ,  *      FOR  New   Building   and   Remodeling   Work  LET,  US   GIVE   YOU    QUOTATIONS  AMES   BROS.   .    <  WELTON   BLOCK VANCOUVER B. C.  -      KAWNEER  Ii   the   original  METAL  STORE     FRONT  "construction  •took-1 carried   lo  VANCOUVER  MAOE   IN  CANADA  ESTABLISHED   12   YEARS  JOHN a: barber  (  . ESTATE AGENT  , Automobile Insurance  Buildings Managed  Rents Collected  Fire Insurance  Valuator  590 RICHARDS ST.    SEY. 4434  66  fa Jf  BEAVER" Asphalt Roofing  of   B. C. Manufacture    and   Guaranteed     fa   "  A trial will convince you of "     ,*>>  its Genuine Quality      *>       *\  i^*^a___W_B______^_^^B-_B__B_____i ^,  Roofing Paints Roofing Felt  Roofing Cement Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  VVm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Telephone Seymour 4795-6 548-550 Seymour St.  Number  Description.  Coat  BUILDI-TCr  FEBMXT8   AMOUNT-SO   TO  8500  OB   OVTEB XSSTTES  AT  TKS  TAKCOUTEB CITT HALL  TESTEBDAT  Street Address  Lot  and  Block  Subdivlaion  Architect  Contractor  Address  •  >                   t  ■  i                -,               i    -   :   .  *  ■  '  <l  Owner  Address  Evaris,C©Eeman  r LIMITED :   °  'Phone 2988 r '   Foot  Columbia Ave.  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger, and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating 'Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to lOO Horsepower  J 0  Vancouver, B.C.  504 Crown; Bid*-.      4  Sey. 4696  i        r '_■ ™-__"t T l      ,. ■<* '    '  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  n Our Stock'is the Most Complete, on the Pacific.Coast  We are also.Sole   Agents  for  the .     ^  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple ' .-.-■  and Birch.Flooring.- ,     "-   \}"- ■>>?' '  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  ''*****$^.&&**&*******xfr*<&****&  I   ''     BUILDING NEWS!  -. ; |  '|ah4 Construction Work not otherwise .-  _»' . ClaMlfled. , ,i   *  1320 Richards St.'  Vancouver, B. C.  .•>.  Iril E J^tMIH «CQ„ Ltd.  . V GENERAL' RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  .  .'-.V _ '/"; :-"._-r.i,lJ.r."iuf»PUEs 7 ;■;;:'-."-''   *"- *  -1 •    *.       ^-', '^5ole AiientalntCanada For.     ".'''**,,  ' --^  Chicago Pneumatic Tool Go.  _•— /* «•,  V ?*., F~  Boyer  Riveting 4 Chlpplrja  Rock,Drills;  Air-Compressors;,-  Fuel Oil and Gas Engines.   "  MwrtrnL Tirntt  ffiHipf  542 Pcrier Stir., Vaactmr I. C,  . "-**    PimSi.   fOIS      ,". .  ...  BUILDING PERMITS.-: :  i  8563—John   'Carver,  bid    add.,"'329  Pender St.',E., $300. , _.   '  .S5C4—Vancouver' Carpet  Works, bid shed, .61,14th  $200'. "*  *   S5G5—J.   C.   Auberman,   alter   bldg,  752 Robaon, S_50."       '  j ?      BUSINESS NOTES. *       ?  *an_ of_.er Items  of  interest  to  tbeT  ,f       "   r business 'man,        ,„..       ,£  ., VANCOUVER —The ; city,' 'finance'  committee voted the sum of $6300 to.  the engineer's .department' .Wednesday  Cleaning- jtofberused in connecting up the'two'  Ave.MW. |,water mains across the First Narrows  VICTORIA—A building permit,his  been issued to W. H. Dennison, Tor additions to a building^t Carlin Street.  ■- VICTORIA—Mothers; '_ Bakery, - occupied by Penesse Brothers, situate<at  the corner of Cloverdale -Ave. and Inverness St., wastdestroyedjby fire Tuesday'afternoon, and the roof..and west  wall of T907 Inverness," acljoining was  also"burnt.-""''.      ": *  .^l.-, ¥-*.J,< --, -■ — ;  ,     ■''*_"/  VV0RT-: tJIO'ODTi^f'Another. lumber  mill,'is" in"course, of construction -near  ■ VANCOUVER—The1, Vancouver. Exhibition association < will ' receive "no  grant from the provincial- government  this year. The news was conveyed to  the" "directors' ' meeting Wednesday  afternoon -in a <letter' from Provincial  Secretai-y J. D. jMcLean. t .   '  VANCOUVER—A ^scarcity ^of ,'logs  has resulted'in keeping about 25 percent.^ of the. lumber and shingle mill-  in i British Columbia^ idle, and - accora-  ing to officialsof the mill, associations,  there'are now "only three-quarters ,of  the plants in operation. ^  /^ANboUVER-^AJd"  j to introduce a'bylaw at. the next meet-  1   1-nW*  Kirk  prpposes  / ing of the city council for the raising of  FRAINk DARLING & CO.  wTHOR"  Roller Bearing Drills ■• Close Quarter. Piston Air Drills-Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers--Turbine and Electric Drills     -  High Speed Steel-Oritls-Rearaers, Etc::  ^ /  .Complete Stock of Accessories  14  1144 HOMER ST.  .Rhone Sey. 4100  the Clarke.road slope, vlt is to,be run'|,ngr °.r,V,e C1" council tor tne raisingof  by F. M.'; Singer, who owns a" number |*1.000f000t.thls year to-be'applied^g^the  it.,,._ _r_   ...,-ii    i_i.__ 4.ki_    „„i.-^„    __X  PAGIFIC: LIME  ■     '.     * *  Unequalled for quality.  99.5% pure.  Saves men's time in slaking.     - -  "Consumes more sand than any other lime.  At all first class dealers.  [of mills in Uio Fraser Valley.   The'out- {taxes' .. He  wU} ,take\this action  pro-/|*.;3  J put will  be railway, ties  and  'I lumber.  Jtnictora/ Stee. Wim!PMm  ■  :-     . . ..  -___..„i Jvided the provincial .legislature passes II  Qiznei hi i , ^ ^ >. > ■  | the   charter   amendments   which   are If  . -i-juow being considered, before'Monday.,  'i ~fc     r   »      -  -    <  - r '7'"  PORT MOODY—The-building trade I    VANCOUVEI_—Fire    Chief   Carlisle  in this district, which has been stagu- reported  to  the  civic fire and  police]  ant for a long time, is showing-_igns | committee Wednesday that there were  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  Sey 9506  Vancouver  S  36 alarms during last month, with an  of revival following the increase of in  dustrial development. Several resi- .estimated fire loss of $13,340, of which j  deuces, a Chinese rooming and board- J$i_,lS0 was covered by insurance. -The  ing house, and the B. C. Telephone [property loss above the insurance was  Company's new offices are uncier con-,?nco. The total value of the property-!  BEAMS, CKAXrSXXS, AMGX.E8, FLATSS, TEES, CO£U-__r8  COMPLETEtT EQUIPPED PABBICATINO  SHOPS  CANADMN NOfiriflVESr SMI COT, Ltd.  struction.  I involved was $1,349,610.  —•ondon, Eng*.  Montreal  Winnipeg:  Toronto  Vancouver, B.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION TESTS CaNSULTATION  8TEE_.,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS.     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  508 Has ting-• W., Vancouver, E. C.  Cement Testing1 laboratory, Boom 1601; F_y_loal Testing Zia'aoratery, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Centers  SOUTH VANCOUVER—The Domin-J VANCOUVER—Further action will  ion government has let a contract to <'be taken by the city council in the fire  Lamond & Harrison, the South Van-!boat Question, it was decided Wednes-  couvcr boat building firm, situated at,day °J"the fire and police committee,  the foot of .Alain street on the XorthJTne special committee appointed some'  Ann of the Fraser river, lor the con-|tim0 a»° to deal with this matter, will J  struction   of   a   wooden   boat.     The  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  _  _   _                                        *  *  ^               .  i                                (           l-  .                                         <(  Vancouver, B. C.  dimensions of the boat are:    Length,  interview  the  Harbor  Board   with   a  view to arranging a definite program-  225 feet;  beam,  14 feet, and moulded me of action toward securing such a  depth, 19 feet. boat-  NEW WESTMINSTER—The dec!-' VICTORIA-The City Council has're-  sion of the Roval Columbian Hospital'fused t0 e,ldorse the b,n which ?wners  Board to complete the unoccupied Iof pr0perty in the Rock Baj' district  wing of the hospital for the accommo-ia,'e try,1,g t0 get thr0Ugh the Legisla'  dation of invilided soldiers was approv-'Un'e t0 s"'e the Coundl the power to  ed by the city council Wednesday after  noon, and the council agreed to provide the amount required, approximately .10,000, out of civic revenues.   The  GILLEY BROS. Limited  proviso was made that the only immediate expenditure to be made should  be a sum of $3,500 for the plumbing  fixtures, as it will take two months to  get these and also as the prices are  going up all the time.  'enter into a contract with the riparian owners of Rock Bay so that the  City may at some time in the future  repair the Rock Bay bridge without referring it a vote of the people.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.*  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,  ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —  HYDRATED   LIME  black:mith COAL — COKE — SEA  COAL — PIG  IRON  MANILA ROPE,  ETC.  1  .VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  101O LANGLEY ST.  Telephone S037  DEAX.BBS  13*  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  NEW WESTMINSTER—After interviewing Mr. R. P. Butchart, Capt.  Troup, and Mr. XV. H. Stewart, Mayor  Gray who, with the shipbuilding committee of the Board of Trade, has been  working on this matter for some time,  announces that in all probability eight  wooden steamships will be built here  for the Imperial Munitions Board.  It is understood that one contract for  four vessels was let in Ottawa to a recently incorporated company, the representative of which is now on his  way to the coast to locate his yard ana  commence operations at once. The (available. This will enable the school  other  four   vessels   will   probably  be to be carried to the point when it can  VICTORIA—The System of selection  of police and license commissioners  for Vancouver will remain as at present, the legislature decided Wednesday after considerable debate, it being  the special request of the late authorities of Vancouver, Hon. J. W. deB.  Farris, president of the council, explaining. According to the municipal  act amendments also passed, all other  municipalities will elect their commissioners.   This is a Liberal principle.  VICTORIA—As a sequel to the application from the Saanich School  Board to the Council for a grant, in aid  to help the co"st of construction of the  four-room schooliat Tillicum, the Council has decided to advance $3,600 to tne  Board,   plus    appropriations    already  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  MINING  MACHINERY,        ROCK CRUSHERS^        SCREENS,        AIR  COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DKILLS,      PILE HAMMERS,  STEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL   PUMPS,        TURBINE  PUMPS,  SAWMILL MACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)  HEALD CONVEYOR CHAIN,        STEAM TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL ENGINES  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  built by the Westminster Marine Railway.   The latter concern will establish  be ready for use in September, without finishing the basement, but instal-  a new shipyard on Poplar Island, an hug heating.    The   plumbing will   be  Indian reserve which has been leased left over, temporary arrangements be-  tp it by the Dominion government for ing made meanwhile.   A contract will  shipbuilding purposes. now be entered into for the building.  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  [ornamental iron, steel casements  [ steel sash, brass & bronze  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 548 Seymour St  Phone Sey. 4795 1   ,.'      r * ^  ' t  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Fridav by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Address:   5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431 Dunsmuir Street.      '  Telephone Seymour 7S0S.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Rates  Payable strioMv tn advance.  WIRE ROPE REMNANTS  VICTORIA.—The Minister of Lands  is calling for tenders for tlie purchase  of   Timber   License   No.  930,   under  ,   which may be cut 4,908,000 feet of cedar,  spruce  and  balsam  on   an  area  near   Guildford,   In   the   Cariboo   Dis-  ■ trict, and Timber License No. SS2, under which may be cut 850,000 feet of  hemlock, fir and cedar, on an area on  the north shoro of Dean Channel.  Sealed tenders will be received by  the Minister of Lands,not later than  noon on the 21st day of May, 1917, for  the purchase,of Licence X G52, to cut  ,4,342,000 feet of Fir, Cedar'; Hemlock  and Balsam, on-ai.'area adjoining Lot  975, Snout Point, "Toba Inlet, Range 1,  €oast District/ t *  Two (2) years will be allowed for  removal of timber. '    ,  Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C. or District For-  •ster, Vancouver, B. C.    '  t i  768 ft. y2ia.  6x5  1000 ft. y.in.  6x5  520 ft. 1 in.  6x7  276 ft. -ftin.  6x19  3 each  ■ 200 ft. lin.  6x19  2 each  300 ft. lin.  6x19  2 each'.  350 ft. li_.  6x19  1 each  368 ft. li_4  6x19  /Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  .Galvanized Crucible  Langs Lay Crucib.'  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  1 each   375 ft. lin. ^6x19       "•",",  We will Quote very reasonable prices on the above  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria <  'PHONE SEY. 280  B. C. AGENTS'  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  ;    "SULLIVAN" DIAMOND   DRILLS  AIR   COMPRESSORS  ROCK   DRILLS  .       "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  i  1500 GRA-VIUE ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR    RECEIVERS  AIR   LIFT  PUMPS  . '  PHONI! 9162  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Character     Zstlmatad  Coat  Pier   .-...:  PBOV-NCIAI. ESTIMATES ABE,  TABLED  IN'THE HOUSE  VICTORIA.—A'revenue of Just under  16,000,000 and an expenditure'of, $11,000,-  ©00   for,.the 'year   commencing   April   1  '-next -is predicted fn  the iprovinclal  esti-  Theatre  Building  '. $300,000  Pleasure  Pier  _    250,000  Armory     '.    $350,000  Bank  building  Not given  Hotel    $2,000,000  Bridge   ..._ ;     $1,750,000  Harbor Works  ..,'.     Bank & office bldg  Not given  Hotel, C N. Ry,  VANCOUVER  -  Location ,' :  Owner  Vancouver  C. P.  R.  architect .' '. _. Flans Jtnady  Owners  .'  Soon  B. _I. Pretica Skene & Christie  Owners      Perry  &  Fowler     Not -elected Sketches under way  Company    _ Indefinite  C. A. P. Turner West Ifoundatlon Co.  ilovei nment  :  Preparing  No  archt. commissioned  yet •....'.   a falling off of about  $1,000,000 for the  anticipated revenue for this year,  while  the expenditures, show a slight increase*  The   exact'estimated-revenue   is   $5,-  •44,016, Jas compared with $7,134,615  for.  the present year, a difference of $1,0.5,-1  —     — ..      . ..     _,._, i_  ,._e  Hastings St '.....Alex  Pantages  English Bay .". Coatcs & Co.  Grand view    Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Doniinlon  Bank  Mt.  Robson  .C. G. T. P.  Ry.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kitsilano   Reserve    .' Government  Hastings & Granville  Royal  Bank  False Creek Fill -...C. N. Ry. Co,  Concrete Sewer _ .-. I False  Creek G.  N.  Ry.  Tunnelling«.  * .'J Vancouver  ,.C.   P.  It. i  IMPBOVE-XE-TTS I.ISTED. IMMEDIATE!-- BELOW ABE PBOPOSED BUT HAVE BEEN POSTPONED:  Dom.   Govt. ■ Delayed  Dom.   Govt Delayed  Thos Hooper   -.-.Delayed  Dalton  &  Eveleigh  .. 7. Delayed  VV.' F. Gardiner  .:  Delav _d  Owners  _ '. —.-. Delav.d  USE  mates  which  were  tabled  in   the  House   Post office  .-. :....$250,000 I Gore and Keefer JDom. Govt.  _y   Hon.   Lome   Campbell,   Minister   ot   Post offlce    _,  $35,000   South Vancouver Dom. Govt  finance, on Monday. t\he revenue shows   1racto-I.>.( wharf, Subway.-  $150,000   Hastings _....Royal Crown Soap Co.  Courthouse   (east  wing) I300.00U  Office bldg :.  $100,000  Concrete  Garage  .*. .'. ."-...'. ....  c  Vancouver  ~ Provln.   Govt.  Homer '& Georgia sts  E.  Mahon  Fifth ^Flr Sts Ford Motor Co.  .,   VICTORIA     '  4)00." The estimated , disbursements .are  '$11,301,374',   as   compared   with ' $11,163,-  ' 056  for  the' previous  year,   an  increase  •f $138,000.   .The increase'is  more than  accounted' for  ,by   the .increased',fixed  'Charges, which are over $300,000.    -  Summary of'Expenditure  The   summary   of   estimated   expenditure'indicates   that   in   four   of'thC-l*  Government services there will probably  be   an   increased   expenditure   over   last  year.    In   the   rest   a   reduction   is   predicted. ,'   '    s  , The following are the totals: ,  _-_         J.-..  _ -         __*  1915-16..,-. 1916-17.  Public  debt -. $1,152,376  $1,422,254  Civic  government, -•'„    .       _„  - „„  .  (salaries.*    .'..-..,1,709,566.    1,687,736  Administration,   of>     . „ .  - justice  .(salaries)   -  68,000 -        67,428  Legislation ' :..:...'    '89,820 167,620  Public  Institutions    .,,.*..•  (maintenance)  -    467,426 472,575  Hospitals and chari-;-   • . '   •''„.,  ties ::.:. :...:.- r 374,100   : 525.S09  Administration      of^  *,'-;, ,   ,„  „   - Justice.  ...: .'.....f   378,000'      '308,670  ■ducation     il,594,600      1,524,500  Transport  , : '    y 83,000 43,000  Revenue services ..'..-_-  '50,000 25,000  Public" works  ....:;.... 3,067,315   -3,023,010  Character  l.ocatlon     .'. _'.   Owner  Victoria  :. '.:.... City  Victoria    :   City  Victoria    -  'Y.   W. "C.   A.  Victoria C. P. R. and C. N. R.  Victoria—Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Victoria   : Victoria Curling  Club  Victoria     City  Tubercular Ward  .-. _ .'..   Victoria ....'..........Royal Jubilee' Hosp.    Cort  Brk. and' mill schools....".  .'...$50,000  Steel 'Bridge   .' J   $500,000  Y.W.C.A.  Home  ....:_ :  $150,000  Union Passenger Depot ."...$1,000,000  Stone church  $26,000  Rink   (Curling)     $30,000  Swing  Span  _ _ $20,000  Architect _'  Plans Beady  Spurgin '& Wilkins... .' Indefinite  Owners  .'. :....{.  Preparing  J.'C.  Frame' Soliciting  Fund..  ,Co. Engineers  „  Preparing  Jones    & < Beatson—Arranging   finances.  Coates & Flett..'. To'Build'This Tear  City  Completed  J. C. M Keith.: .'. : ;  ZMFBOVEMEHTS XJSTEB IMMEDIATELY BELOW ABE PBOPOSED  BUT HAVE  BEEN POSTPONED:  ELASTIC U  ' The Tough,   Elastic,  Adhesive   Cement  (Ready  for use.)  '     ' r  FOR YOUR   •  LEAKY ROOF  1 *  Send for Free Booklet'  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE PATERSON MFG, <£>., Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus'Street     -_--■/ .   VANCOUVER   B. C.  "  - ^       T      .Phone  B»y.'772 *"  _i_  10-sto office bldg  S. __. ,.$250,000  Christ 'Church   Cathedral  ..$400,000  Church  '.  '. $1 00,000  Pier  .-..-. .- .-. _...:....-._- $1,000,000  Miscellaneous ....-:.....} 2il2S.752    ,2,032,000  .-'    LIn this'year's report of tbe estimates  "   .  the. service J"miscellaneo,us_   is'divided  •f    Into'three  distinct .services.       "Land-,';  ** ' upon, which  $565,000 is .to ..be spent'this  *■■" 'year, .and" "agriculture,"/, r upon" which  ■v^,. $176,500 .willtprobataly.,be expended,r are  ~k   'each'given a service, tovthemselves/thus  ."(.' "greatly -Reducing*',' the';   ':niiscellaneous"  *.," -total:    _.". >A _ • '">   i5    •",* j.   ii "/ .  ~ r-T . <Present''Conditions.hayetalso.necessi-  '-V"fated more^'and larger hospitals,  the re-  - :.f_ult -being an  unusually  large; increase  "~ "for ^hospitals' and-'charitles.' - Last <■ year  -,v'"$16,000 was"voted*in the way of assist-  ' -    ance   in   the   construction -of   hospitals.  '.    This'year'about   $150,000" will   probably  *   "be granted for that, purpose.    Grants  to  ■ 'refuge   homes,   aid   societies,- etc,   is  increased from  $19,000  to $80,000.    >  n'        Unlveralty of B, C.  Among   the     appropriations     in    this  rear's estimates",is a conditional one^of  200,000   for, the   University   of   British  i    Columbia. -     Last   year's 'estimate   was  $175,000. -     Included   in,.the   works   and  »    buildings to be'eonstructed by the Pub-  ^   He  Works   Department  are   the   follow-  i    tag;     Okalla      prison    : farm,      $15,000:  '    Improvement    of    government    reserve,  'Burnaby,   $10,000;    mental   hospital   and  '    colony farm,  Essondale,. $35,000; provin-  .'   cial government buildings, London  (completion     and     maintenance),      $175,000;  ■ maintenance, $8,000. The appropriations  provincial normal school. Vancouver.  for roads, streets, bridges and wharves  In each constituency, are the same as  last year. .Chllliwack gets $33,300-  Delta,    $22,500;   "Dev/dney,    $6S,500,    and  •Richmond" $10,000.    Eighty   thousand   i-  .   revoted tor Kin .sway through the Municipality   of   Burnaby.    Toint   Grey   gees  $10,000   for   roads,   and   Xicomen   Island  ,   the same amount for dyking; $13,500 is a  subsidy for the J^adner-Woodward ferry.  The vote of $4 00,000 on lost year's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  te le£t otf. For bridges generally ?150,-  000 is 'set down, while for the bridge  over the . raser River at Pnnce George  there will be an appropriation of ¥150,-  000.  An item in the Land Department appropriations is that Cor $20,000 for  "timber testing and investigation of  wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C. lumber-  trade is that another $50,000 is appropriated for sal-ries, travelling expenses,  * and purchase of material.  Other Appropriations.  Among tire other appropriations are  the   following:  Grant to B. O. regiments $d,000, grant  to patriotic fund fC.OOO. grant to f,oy  scouts $1,000. grant to Victorian Order  of-Nurses $500, grant to returned soldiers' aiid commissions, $15,000, P.oyal  Commissions $15,000 (last year $50,000).  cougar bounty $35,000. Contribution  to Vancouver towaid purchase o>  certain lanes In Ward VTH., $5,000.  Fraser River Bridge, New Westminster,  maintenance and repairs, $_0,200. Song-  hpf>«   RotPrvp imprnvprripnts   $2 in.(inn  Victoria .*..■: :._■ -St. Barnabas  Victoria  i B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria....'.; .'. First Baptist -Church  .Vancouver  - „ C. P.   R.  Character  ."".__ .". ' Coat  School" .-.: $7,500  Grain elevator ' (35,000 bu.)      School    '.';. $50,000  Plant  Improvements   .-. ."...-  Steel Bridge  $25,000  Steel Bridge .:. _ I. $15,000  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu.)   .:...  Market' Building  :...-._ .'. $35,000  Sewers  .' .'. $24,000  Street tWork ..-. !.._ .-. $50,000 J  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location '_....-. ....  Owner  Trail   ..." .'. .-.--....„....„ :..   City,  Kamloops  ..; Kamloops Farmers"Ass'n.  Rossland     . •, .    "   ~       "- City  Prince -Rupert.: '.'. .-...Imperial OiliCo.  Vanderhoof  _ : '.Pro. 'Govt.  Prince George, :...:_ Pro. Govt.  Kamloops  Maple Leaf Milling Co.<  New Westminster  .'.-...A:......;:..'.....' City  Nanaimo .:....'. .*...'.-...J.  City  Prince-George .'..:...-„-..'.'....L.JL _ AiCIty,   ---'-■' -"- '. .'   Delayed  J. C. M. Keith <  Delaved  .lesse  M. Warren : r: Delayed  Owners -...l..: ;. .:......:..;...:. Delayed  Architect ..._ Plans Beady  Indefinite  Owners  Owners  Owners  -Owners  City    City  :   .''Shortly;    Indefinite  ......  Indefinite"    Soon,  .LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  i   t  Wo specialize'in,prompt ••rvico for .Contractors'  • _,      temporary power installations  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and <ha.e> our\ representativev call  s>.  McNeill Welch - Wilson Ltd.  GREAT NORTHERN TRANSFER  X) * ' **~ -C'i-v H__BnMBHHH___M(HiHn_____l "* *■!■ " ~  ■;ir-   V     Steam anil Household CdAt  -.*■  Concentrator,  eta    1,000,000  Shipbuilding Plant   _ •    200,000  Railway Station         40,000  Concentrator         300,000  Public Works  ..._      150,000  Theatre Building       150,000  Wharf    $10,000  2-sto. hotel  $18,000  .i-sto   100x3 00   hotel .'. .'.   2—1-room Schools each $20,000  Hotel ... /. —..  $1,000,000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing   plant &  wharf $125,000  Concrete Sanitorium   $100,000  Flour Mill & Elevator...! $250,000  Hospital  :  $90,000  City  Hall   .-. $50,000  Office Bldg. & Oil Plant A $200,000  Residence  (Stone)   S30.O00  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Postoffice:   5-sto.  cone $200,000  School    -'    $20,000  Frame   Hotel       $4 0,000  Hotel       $20,000  Brewery   _ $50,00(1  Library   _...  J50.0O0  Mach! Shoo and Foundry  $50,000  Freight   Terminal     School  Bldg    _   Payer and   Pulp Mills   Office Building      Round House  $50,000  Mach   and Repair Shops  $150,000  Warehouse and Stor. Tank $10,000'  Shingle Mills   _   Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Boyd's Ltd.  New Westminster  C. N. Rv.  Ainsworth, B.C.... Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince  George , :....City  New Westminster-.Alhambra Theatre Co.  Sidney Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Ocean Beach  (V.I.)   I<VJ. Lins  Prince  Rupert..:. M.  Albert  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Prince  Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Skeena River-. Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. O  KamIoops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  _oqintlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Nelson, B. C. Municipality  Nanaimo,  B.  C City  of Nanaimo  Prince  Rupert      Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands   (Victoria)  Withheld  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert Dom.   Govt.  Rossland       City  Prince  Rupert A.  J.   Prudhomme  Fort   George Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. & M   Co.  Nanaimo   City  New Westminster  Mr. Schaake  New Westminster N. P. Ry.  Co.  Rossland       Citv  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper & P.M., Ltd  Calgary Robin Hood   P .our   Mills  R. Lillooet P. G. E. Ry.  E. Lillooet p. G.  E. Rv.  Peace   River Tmp.rial Oil Co  West Vane Vedder River Shingle  Co. ...j.  iOwners      —  Soon  Owners    Soon  Owners      City    :   Moscrop.& Whitburn Completed   -.Will  Build  Soon  ■Jessie M. Warren Tenders Closed  Prince Rupert Arcnt Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria) '....Soor  J/ S. Df Taylor   ._ Tenders closed  Dalton & Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Plans Approvfed No Date Given  Now petitioning for appropriation.  Not Drown ."....Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert repre. entative,  Jesse M. Warren Tenders soon  Govt :   Tenders  soon  Gov't   Tenders  closed  No.   Archt- commissioned   yet   Site .lust Purchased .'.   Herbert J. Peyton Sketches  ready  Wilson & Wilson ..Tenders closed  ■Undecided        Indefinite  CARTAGE of every description  By the Hour, Day, Week/ or Month  -L * * w '_"     "* J I .  'Phone COAL orders Fairmont 2800  'Phone CARTAGE orders Seymour 605-405  I  Owners    Owners   W. S. Bates      Now  Completed  Completed  BASEBALL  ATHLETIC   PARK  GEEAT FALLS! VS. VAKCOITVER  Week Commencing May 14.  ADMISSION   25   and   50   CENTS.  Week Days 4.00 p.m. Sat. 3:00 v m.  IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED   IMMEDIATE_._"  BELOW   ABE  PBOPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  Hotel       $200,000 I Kort   George Grand   Trunk  Pacific 1 Holabir d & Roache  (Chicago) Delav.-.  HotPl. 3-sto   brk.  veneer $20,000 | Port   Alberni Tom   Jlagrath    Evans & Cook  Delayed  Church   (fr.)       Co.ultlam  Episcopal Church    Perrv & ..Fowler  Delayed  5 sto brk, mill and steel $1.)0.000 | Kamloops Kamloops Hotel C«.   I VV.  T.   Whiteway Delayed  The, Jasrvis Electorfe C©0  LIMITED  Sey.  174—175 ,      •     570 Richards St.  WirSngf   Contractors  Electric    Repairs  a_nn__H____i^_MiM__a_«Man____M^BMi^M_________H______Ba__>  Electric   Supplies /  _/-__n__HaHKaHana__n____HHaManaaB-M______i  Motors,   Generators 9  f ——————-___*___________________.  Elevators.  ■"■**">*>"aBaaBwnaaaBMe____^h__n_--aB-i  Ev@_ythieg Electrical  _-  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Three Shows Dally  2.3O-7.OO-9-0O  PRICE'S 15C-25C  Building Location.  Residence      Metchosin  School   Ililliers,  E.   &  N.  Residence   Foul Bay Rd  Residence    Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apmt   School   Hollywood  1-sto    dept.   store  bldg Victoria  Piers   (Concrete) Victoria  Brk.  veneer church : Victoria  Wharf ("Marine Depot)  .Victoria   .  Umnk-fiter   Victoria .  Alteration to Sayward Bldg   Bldg   (Cone.)   bldg..  &   brl  Th© Home of The Big  Shows  G VAUDEVILLE ACTSS  Prices 10c-15c   Boxes 25c  Character  I'owit   House  Hotel     2-sto stone & steel  Dairy   Bldg    (cone  2-sto brk bldg   2-st.o.   apmt   Residence •• —  Factory.,: .— ;,....,'•-....  Dredging Sand Hearts!;.:-...  ■Bridge Abutments' (12)   ..  Govt: Bldg.  . ;....:.........-v......  High   School ._?.',   Jetty   &   Dredging..   Roundhouse .............  Bridge -  Dam.  Mills, ate. ...j. ......  Water   Syst/;m.......!;..............  Mills.    WhnrvpH.   etc   Addition  High School   Brick, School   "   Motorshii'S,   each....:   Bascul"   Brklgp      Power Hou.se and Laundry.  Railway  Line   ..(No  ...   Cost  ""$25,000  $ -0,000  . $ 20,000  $15,000  Details)  ... $20,000  .. $25,000  .....$70,000  ••.".-O.'OOO  .. "$'_0.000  ..$755,000  ... $20,000  '  5.000  1,000.000  10,000  7-n.ft-fi  ....$ifi.r,o"'  ... $15,000  .$105.000  VICTORIA  Est.  Cost Owner  ?20,000  H.  R.  Hammond  —--    School   Trustees  10,000   ir.   Lawson  35,000       f.  Nation  15.000       A.   Wlncli  % 11,000   city  $700,000   Hudson's   Bay   Co  S2.000.000       Government  $20,000       Colomha Presbyterian  Ch  -    $2 1--.on    Govt.  $1 000.000 ....Dom.  Government  Victoria      . .Ciir rnon   Maglio  BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL*  Location     t       Owner  Kamloops       City  Prince  Ocorge...._nnce George Hotel  Co  Nelson,   BC   Duncans,   B.   C   Nairn i mo   Pi ince Rupert   Metchosin   Lulu Tsland.;..Morrison  ."raser   River ,...:   Grand   Trunk  Pacific...  Port Alberni .......  Port Alberni.. 1........  Yorth  Arm' Fraser  Fort George ....  Nanaimo  . J.   R.  Nicholson   J. McMordie  .AT. R Hammond  Steel fc Wir.e Co.   Government   G.  T.  P.    Govt.  .'.  Municipality  River Govt.   G, T. P. Ry. Co.  City  Princess  Royal  Is]nnd....Tonni>ah-.'Relmon  Port   Moody    ..„.. Citv  fie. fin  Falls Pacific Mills,  Lid.  Nelson :  Trail    1   North Vancouwr.  .Selkirk Water .! ...  Ldke Lonl.se..-.   Kiiinloop.s-Kelou'iiR   H. W.  Brown.  ....; '       ;. C   C  ...P.   v    !.:■  City  R:'<io.  N. R  P. R.  Architect Contractor  Butler &   Harrison Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   ..   Wilkins Local  S.  Maclure  A.  H.   Mitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   McKcclmie  C.   I-   VVntkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins Luney Bros.  H.  Hprwood & White Ii. C. Corirft. Co.  Govt Giant Smith  & McDonnell  Wm. Henderson.:. Knott & .Tones  Govt PnrliH. Tuppr>r & Kirkpatrick  Govt    Sir John  .Rirkson. Ltd  J. C. M. Keith  Luney Bros  Architect  Plans Ready  Ducane   Dutcher i. Co Wm,  Grccnlecs  Butler & JIari i«on. ..Brewster &.   Pelhnm  Geo. C.   Kgg W;iter.s &  Pasco  J.    ..   XT.   Keitli rsland   Building Co.  A. Forrester.. .Watson, Jacks & Anderson  J.'i.s. Gilmoio  Sub-con tract-  Butler &'Harrison.... :Gray.son & Sons  Owners    , ..Day   Labor  Govt...... Navigation & Dredging Co.  G. T. P I. A. McKun-ie & Co. IOx.  Bldg.   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warribck & Cochran   ...Pacllic   Dredging  Co.   Carter Hall  & A.   Owners   Robertson,   Godson  Co.   i    Owner .  ...Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.   J.  Burn." & Co.   - Wallace   Shipyards  Mac-Donald, Nettle-ton & Bruce.  GOOD PLUMBING and HEATING  **—•**"*"—-"*" " — iiii-TnminiiwiiMiiiwM  Conveniently  Located - - Lightning    Service  m    U am   i  S64 RICHARDS ST.  SEYMOUR 1784  Govt.   ..  Owners  City     t   Co.  ...  City   Owners  Owners...  MALTHOID,-r'.MALTHOID JUNIOR,  CRONOLITE   .  .-.•/..Northern Construction Co.  ALSO  WHITE and JARRED - SHEATHIJ(GS  SfV-STi-f, .DAVIDSON 'Sc WRBGHT,  .VANCOUVER & VICTORIA  ' BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  YOU WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  Automobile Records  APRIL 2  TO  FROM  Polio wing  is  . We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day::  .WHO you are  WHERE you are  ,   WHAT you ha.e to offer  and WHY they should do    -  business with you." / ,  Such a service will pay you rbig: be;;  cause through us you reach every; owner  who is building, every architect every  contractor- -everybody interested in building.     \'-r\$ ■>./■/'/.;  :■"    "  We will help you to fix up your an-  charge.    LET US  nouncement  BOOST FOR YOU.  He"  7* V  2   ■*■• r~ -n^,"*  Iff THE  i W  1 H  (I  •_-■"-.-?-  4  r     British Columbia  R EC OR D  1  ARCIIITJiCT-KAL    TERRA    COTTA-  EvanB, Coleman & Evans, Ft Col. St , S. 2983  ONeil, Wrn _f. Co Ld , 518 Seymour..- 4 795  Ritchie   Con.    &   Sup.    Co ,    Ltd     Gian.    St  Bridee    S. 9132  Warrigton  „ Johnson.  119  Pender S    8.4912  'asphalt TEisr.  Evans, Coleman  _ Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  10th  & Arbutus S., B. 772  BRICK—ALT. KINDS.  Cont'n'l  Ship.  & cTrad.  Co.  Ltd S. 044,8  Evan* Co.eman & Evans, Ft. Co\„ S 29&8  Gilley Bros . Ltd., New Westii Phones 15, IS  W. N. O'.Vell & Co , 548 Sey St. S. .796-4795'  Ritc-le   Contr    &   Sup.   Co,    Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge      s.   91C2  Warrh.d-ion A Johnson, 11 . Pender, S. 4912  R.V.Wlnch  &  Co..  Ltd..  Winch  B.  S. 279-1944  _C_I.„I>.G   FELTS  AND   PAPERS.        ,  Evans,   Coleman   &   Evans,   rt.   Col.,. .S. 2988  Leblie,  Taylor  Co.,  403  Dunsmuir S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell &,Co., 548 Sey. St, S. 4795-479S  Paterson Mfg. ,Co., l.th& Arbutus St»„B 772  Warrington & Johnson.   119   Pender. .S.   4912  UO>iI)S-^-S -RETT.  R.V.Wlnch & Co , Ltd., Winch B., S. 279-1941  ' CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co '.&. 91D.-6575  Evana, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col. ..S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phone. 15, 16  W. X. O'Neil _ Co., 548 Sey. St., S 4795-479S  Ritchie   Contr.    &   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   St.  Bridge    ." ■.   s. 9162  R.V.Wlnch & Co. Ltd.. Winch B.. S. 279-1944  CEMJ5XT' TESTING   AND  ASSAYING.  Can. Inspc't «. Test. Lab , Empire Bldg.   '  '•••'••• '...   S    4606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   &   Co..   Standard   Bank  Bldg .'*. : s  2199  CONTRACTORS—BORING r  Robinson Contr. Co.,  Winch Bldg. S. G8S8  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company,  •'    SS7 "Georgia St.  E High. 1581  CONTKACTORS—GENERAL.. ".,  Armstrong,   Morrison  "A    Co...   Ltd.,    Bower  1    B &.£*     ...........      . q   182B  B.   C.   Granitoid'&   Contr'.'Co.',' n'.E."Cor.  Beach and  Nicola Sey. 2296  CONTRACTORS—LAND   CLEARING.  Centre Contracting Company,      '     "    <  >-•    8S7  Georgia  St.  E -.High. 1,581  CONTRACTORS—PLASTERING.  Rush'&_ Read.   1736  6th 'Ave. W  "    ..  -""-=    .- „..- ,Bay.^l602R—2215L,  -." - CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERRAZZO.       '  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taj lor Co.,  403  Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. N. O'-NTell & Co.,  648 Sey. dr.., S. 4795-4793  CORNICE  AND ROOFING.  Macdonald,'  Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S. 210  ,/-CRANE8   AND   HOISTS _ (ELECTRIC     .,  MARBLE  AND   ONYX  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,   Tayl'ir  Co.,   403  Dunsmulr S   1371  W.   N.   O'Neil  & Co.,  548 Soy.  St.  S., 4795-4798  OIL  BURNING   PLANTS       '  Globe Iron Works,  1S15 Pandora St ,.B.  496  PAINTS—.-IRE-PROOF. '  W. N. O'Neil A Co!.' 548 Sey. St ..S. 4795-4798  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  PAINTS—D/n-IP PROOF.   '  Evana,  Coleman _ Evans,  ft.-1 Col S. 2988  XV Is. O'Neil A Co, -64_ Soy. St -.8. 47'J5-47Si  Paternon Mfg. Co, 10th & Arbutus..B. 77?  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans, Coleman & Evans Vt. Colum. .S. 29SS  'Ritchie. Con. A Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916t  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491?  PIG IRON AND TIN,  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co....' S.  9197-6575  Evans, Coleman & Evan6, ft. Col.. ,-.'.S. 2988  K.   V.' Winch A Co., Winc_ Bld...S.   279-1944  PILING AND POLKS  Centre Contracting Company,  SS7  Georgia St. E High.  APRIL 20  a   complete  list  of  new  Automobile   Licenses,  Transfers and Relinquishment's Recorded'for  Vancouver and XJistrict.  Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   is   Vancouver.  All cars for hire are ndcated thus  (*)  .No.  Name,  NEW CABS.  Address  Car  Macdonald.  Marpole  Co,  The Holden Co., Ltd.,  :.  ^v  STRUCTURAL  STEEL • STAIRS  . Morris & Co. Ltd.  Office and Works  2120-2130 Cedar St.    ,  Bay. 1043  ELEVATOR ENCLOSURES  MARQUISES  FIRE ESCAPES  JAIL AND PRISON WORK  GRILLES AND BALCONIES  IRON GATES AND FENCING  WIRE WORK  EN  Ltd S   210  542 Pender-St.' W.  '    ' . Sey.   1065.  -    DETECTIVE AGEKCIES   -  Vancouver    Detective    Agency, , 429-430  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey. 2440.  Night,  Sey.  244 2 (J.  O'Grady,  Mgr.)  ',   DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC <  Darling," Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street    Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St W.  •   ,   * ,     • H        Sey.  1065."  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES        '      '  ,Can.   Allia-Chalmers,   1063   Pender"., .'s _7_o"  Darling, Frank & Co.,  1142.Homer •   .      Street*  ..._ Sey.  4100-4101  ,  ELEVATOR CAR-  AND ENCLOSURES.  Can.   Allis-Chalmurs,   1063 'Pender -5710  Harris,-P. E. A Co., '.»■- Crown Bldg. S. 4.9S  W. N.,O'Noil A Co'..' 548 Sey. St S. 4795-4798  Ritchie Contr. _^ Sup. Co , Ltd.. Gran. St.  '    Bridge    ........\ ._.     S 91C2  -      '" ELEVATORS-  .t*    . /"  Darling, Frank*_. Co.,'- 1142~I_brrier,     *'"7"  x e„Stree-.„£_u..' „7....?..„.~.Sey.  41O0-4101'  ECa-rris, P.^E. &.' Co.:' »■• _ Crown BldgiS. 46.£  ■• 3     -.     1_KE CI__Y. .    -   --_-._  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co S.  9197-6576  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft. CoI...S 29SS  Gilley Bros.,. New Westminster. Phones .5.16  W. N. O'Nell A Co.,^54S Sey. St.' S.4795-4798  Ritchie Con.'& Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdg.-S 916  R.  V. W^lr^ch  A  Co.,. Vinch BkJk-  s>*.  l'79-l»44  TIRE   EXTINGUISHER   SYSTEMS.  Gen.  Firo  Ex.   Co.,   1140  Hamilton  3c.S 5138  Barr A Anderson,'106 0   Homer  St.L...S. 61S0  *', FLOORING r,  J..Tytb Smith  &   2o.,   1320  Richards. .S. 1196  GAS APPLIANCES.  A'an.  Gas  Co., ^astlns;*  St.  W.....S.  1000  0 GATE   VALVES  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd    S. 210  GLASS—AIX KINDS.  W. N. O'Neil A Co.  54S S.y. St..   S. 4795-479?  HARDWARE  Flett, J. A., Ill Ha-tingStW Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  XV. N. O'N'ell A Co .  548 Sey.  St ..S. 4795-479S  J    Fyfe  Smith  A.  Co     1320   Richards..S   11-.  ^HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith,  J.  Fyfe & Co..  1320 Richards. .S. 11S6  AND   VEN-  1581  TILE DRIVING.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  K.-u-ur Kiver Pile Driving Co., New West  Peterson,   Henry,  3022   Victoria  Dr.,.H. 1186  '      I'll'p—SEWER'  Dom. Glzd Cmnt Pipe Co., Dom. Bld..S8:Sf  _\<ins, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S 29Sf  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd,   Nnw  W«_t.. .Phones 15. If  Macdonald/Marpole   Co,   Ltd. S.  210  Ritchie Con & Sup. iCo., Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington &. Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. .912  R.   V. Winch & Co., Wlncii BId...S.    279-l»4<  ';%   , '     PLASTER '  B_lfour,'Guthrie £ Co .'..S    S197-6574  Evans, Coleman A Evans   Ft. Colum. .S. 29?>  Gilley  Bro* ,   Ltd,   New   West.. .Phones 15, 1« i  [AV. N   O'Neil Sr Co., 54- Sey. St...S   4795-479*  Ritchie, Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv Bd*. .S. 9162*  T*LASTER  BOARD  Evans, Coleman &. Evans, ft." Col..".. .S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St. - .S. .795-473/  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTER, PARTITION   BLOCKS   ',  p  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col."... .a 2988  , .   '-       P LA ST Bit—ORNAMENTAL   <-   ■  Evans. Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col..".. .S. 2988,  D.-R. Morrison.  712 Richards St..S. 2151-2152  "W. N   O'Neil A Co.. 548 3_y. St..'.S. 4795-4795  Rrlchle   Con    &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTIC FLOORING ' '  Sansan Asbeitoi Floor Co., 1209 Jervls St.  • j _. S.6643Y-  "'• ^ PLUMBING      i '  Bailey,.E. A, 1033 Granville St., S.  136  Barr   _   Anderson,   1060 "Homer" St.. .8. 618t  9805—Almonds; Ltd., 1836 Comox St  U8C3—II. Almond, 2228 Granville St .  97S1—John Mbh, ,ilatsciui, B. C .....  9781—Frank Ayerst, S. Port Minn . .  97GS—J. E. Ardell, 1815 13th Ave XV...  9S20—Black   Bros,'1113   IJorner   St.  9S31—C   P.  Bell.   1122   Davie 'St   10384—Mrs   J. S   Burns, 110  10383—XV. H. Billings, 3498 Marine Drive  9813—-Herbert J. Brunt, Kerrisdale    10387—Earle p,  Brown,  Gil Bower Bldg  9S00—Eli Baker,   4500   3lth  Ave   XV   9S79—Butterfleld, MacKie Co, Ltd:, New Vest.. ir0rd  985S—W.  B.  Burnett, 1301 Como.v  .'.... * 'For?d  US 17—Gilbert Blair,  3837  Angus Ave   9S-J i—Valma Bidard,'64S3  Fra.ser St.  97t>6—Henrietta G. Burbidge, 1337 Balfour Ave  9763—Wm.   Braid   &  Co.,   10S4   Homer   St   9749—G. Baker, 130 5th Ave. W   9 767—Paul  K. Carey. 21S 11th Ave   E  f...  9772—Crown   Broom  Wks.  Ltd.,  33-   Front  St.  9856—XV   J.  Corry,  2136'16th Ave.  W .' '..-...../.. Ma .well <-  9819—Can. Metal & Equipment Co ,/l 95  Alexander St..'.. Ford  10386—Claude Freeman,  977 Homer St -. "...Ford '  10375—Callidines  Grocery, 15S8 Commercial Drive    .Ford   '- Ford   Chevrolet       Ford   i-    Ford   Ford   Overland   Ford  Angus Ave Chevrolet   Dodge  --' Overland   Ford   Chevrolet   Chalmers      Ford  .. McLaughlin  ■»5  .... Ford^   '.....Ford'   .Ford  E Ford  PNEUMATIC TOOLS        .  *  _5arling, Frankf& Cq^ 1142 Homer  ~~ Street     ....". Sey.  4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd.; 542 Pender St. W.  . i-    Sey. 1065.  ,      RADIATORS AND BOILERS*  Can.   AJlis-Chalmers-,   1063   Pender....S  671C  '    *'- ROOFING  COMPOSITION      '  Evans. Coleman & Evans" Ft. Colum. .S. 29S?  Paterson Mrg Co. 10 A Arbutus Sts...R.. 772  W X" O'Neil &: Co.. 54S Sey. St...S 4795-479?  Ritchie Con & Sup. C^ . Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender-Pt.S. 4911  - _-_   ROOFING—SHEET META_  .'"       (See,Cornice  ana   Roofing)  1    f   ' ROOFING   MATERL.L  Evans, Coleman & Evans    Ft. Colum. .S." 2988  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.~   Ltd. ..-.,-. ...S.  210  Paterson  Mfg.  Co; lOtlWfc-Arbu'.us."Bay.  77  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co.. Granville B ..S. 9162  Warrington" & Johnson,  119 render St.S. 4»1»  V '<-     .} ROPE-MANILA ._ J      , .-'  9S4S—jHarrlet ,Todd;Carter, 1644  Dunbar St. ..  9783—Elmer  Craig,  New  "vVestmins.ter      9835—G.   C.   Conlson,   1065   11th  Ave.   AV   1037S—Tony  Calabro,  315  Union.St   9&71—;Can.   Robt. ^Dollar Co.,   1027, Pender  St  9S32—Campbell  Storage  Co,   786 Beatty  St   '  9779—R.'Cummings & Son,''Murray vilfe   .  9S17—Newton   Claire; 1019   Georgia St,  XVZ.  9761—Calladrnes   Grocery,   15SS   Commercial   Dr.... n. Ford  97-43—J   C.   Dietrich,  1642   Pandora   St  ""Briscoe  -/„.—Harry  T-  Devine,   Yorkshire  Bldg '.'..".'.'.'."Bnseoe "  9826—A.-__   Dutton,  840  Nelson St. •  .... . BrrscoL  9771—AYm.   Dollar,   1112   Standard  Bk  Bldg..'. .-.."TVillys-O -  - ~ Dodge '   i_..Wrlly--0  •:.  Willys-0   Ford   BriscOe   Hudson  ..Willyfe-O.   Ford   Ford  . ..Metz.  10397—J. M. Doyle, 10.2 Georgia St.  9852—M.  De.sB.isay,   1101  Nicola St.  ...  9752—H. Duker Co.; Ltd.,  122'0>th'Ave. TV."   ■  9727^-Chas ,H. Dennis. ^2640  Pender^ St.,  E.  9744—C.  Durant, 312S Broadway W...X   9759—J. Freeman,  528  Sevmour  St.   -  9S33—J. Fitzpatrick, No. i Fire Hall,  G'ore _.  9S69—Mrs. Ethel Farr,  Cloverdale,  B.  C. ; -  Ford    .-.Ford.    /. .'Ford   X)odge.  Cordova....Ford'  .Chalmers  Chevrolet '  ...._-. Ford  —-. Ford  ....S. F. .Edge  .F.-B. Jeffery  ...McLaughlin   .„„.-;.Ford    rFord J  ..?..._..Oakland-k  ..... .Willys-O. ..  -.-...". j. Ford   ." Ford  ..TVillys-O .   .Dodge  ... :...;.Ford^  ...:.■._ .Ford  — 4Ford  ....r._.'- Ford <  -6E7I  4912  479?  ^Balfour,r,Guthrie't& r Co.. ".. .... .*». S197  - c r i^. -t^VE^y-^I^MOORS-.^  TVarrtngion"&,rJ-hTison,-"nip Pender'sf.S  W.-N. O'Neil A. Co., 548 Sey. St...S. .795  ,^ SAND    GRAVEL AND CRLSRED ROCK  .Evans,  Coleman, & Evans,   ft.  COI S. 29S8  Gilley-   Bros., "Ltd ,. New   West.. .Phones 15, If  RUphie, Con.' & Sup   Co.,'Granv. Bdg.\S. 9162  •*<»SAS-t   DOORS,   WINDOIVS,   ETC.    '      '  W. N. O'Neil „ Co.', 54- Sey. St.. .S."4795-479>  AND   DF_\_-  1039b—Miss Florence Le Cromer, 1020 Melville St  9S42—Frye & Co.,  40 Pender  St.' E..._   9S57—J. M. Ford, Kerrisdale,-B. C   9864-^.. E.  Flett,  llSSf. Barclay St."  """   9760—Wm. Falke, 216 23rd XV.  .'.   972S—Percy C. -east, Winonah Apts., litii Main  9827—Gault Bros,  361  Water St. '.   9S53—Mike Gotas,  1125'Granville St."..' '  9S62—Great  Western.Smelting & Refining  Co.    ,  ".-"     146 Dufferin  St..  -•     ^  10125—Walter Galloway, 135 Hastings E. .   - .  10376—J.  Gordon,   1267  Kingsway   '" -  9S22—Nick Gentile,'333   Union  St "   9S0S—Mrs.   Ann_  Gore,   2556 . 7th  Ave.  TV...   9737—Geo   E. Hanco... 49th Ave., Markham Koad..  J.UJ77—C.  W.  Graham,  5S7  55th, Ave.  E.  9831—C. G. G. Hebblethwaithe,  920  8eymour"St"'.'  9775—^G   L.  Harm,   Aldergrove,   B." C...  _'  9S72—G   H.  Hodgson,  lS33'3rd  Ave.'TV.''  9755—Hamilton   Carhartt  Cotton  Mills   Ltd.,-' ,,*  500   Beatty   St.    ;. ;„. Chevrolet  10391—XV. Hemus,'1517  Union St         -■      , Ford  9.S54—John Herod, 1436  Barclay,St. ..'...: ". ".Cadillac  10379—W.  S. ,Hall,  510 Hastings.W i _  • Dodge ^  9S25—Mrs..-Jennie, Hall,   1813. 1st  E     i     -       -Briscoe  9S18—Geo.  Hardy,   14S   Water  St :....-..- \...'..- "-  Ford'  9739—\V. C. Hunter,  2708 Alberta  St.-i.V. :... .Stud'ebaker ,  9S2S—Imperial "Transfer  Co./-1050   Hamilton '......: '  .'Ford'  9731—1--3. ^Jackson, 2242 4th Ave. TV....*......:;..:...  .■--'*    : ' Ford  9S30-VP. R. .Xacobs,-'1460rBute'St i I McLaughlin  9SS0-f-Perley"A. Jones—New Westminster .....: '..:.."     --' Ford '  ra73_-y-. ^ Jack_on,VL'2 i-=4 t,h . Ave. TVf."_:__....„v_X-.....'""Foi _  9812—^Norman*-JessmartT 2245   StlVAver TV...      '""        '-'Ford'  9733—It. B. Ja.kson. 2242 4th'Ave. W ~._..:„'..  " """"Z-Ford""  9735—O. Kaldah,  3 Leek Bldg.„....-.:.  ;._ . '       *    'Ford  97S5—F.   TV.^Kickbush,  Huntingdon,   B.   C.    .Ford  9777—Johri/D.  Kay,   New  AVestnifnster „.*. McLaughlin  ?S77-^-K_poor S.  Siddoo.-^New  TVestminster..< ; .'....-.Ford  MUXGIJ-   MANL'FACTl KERS  -   ER.S.    '     t-  (See  Lumber  and  Shingles.>  IIE.1TING—HOT   AIR,   STEAM  TI LATINO  Bailey, E  A., 1033 Granville St.,  Barr  Gun.  iVr   .\mlerso _,  Fire E _.  Co..  ..  S.  136  lObO   Homer   St . .S.  1140  Hamilton St..S  61^U  613S  EVERYTHSP3G  ORNA-iENTAL  ^  9161  29SS  -479S  {|t.J.tJ»»J.)Jf.J.iJ^J.<5j^.i3!.;.t3>»J.iS»J«^1*    ^^•^^^*^tg^•I♦^sl♦I■♦^J^»^<I>.^I^►^^t^.^^&.J.^Sl►^^5'.J•^I^•^,S,^  any length--r-  or  any dsarrseter  t  I  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co, Granvl   Bdg .5.  INTERIOR  FINls.1  Evnns,  Coleman &  Evans,  ft. Col S.  \V. N. O'Neil A Co..  5li Sey   St...S. 4795  Kitchle. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. ._.  IRON   AND   STCEL—STRICT LRAL  Can    Ailis-Chalmers,   1063   Ponder S   5710  (Mn    Nor:h-est   Steel   Ci- J.     307  C\ans. Coleman & I_\ans. Ft. Col ,.S 2SS.S  Coughlan,  J   .-  Sons.  World   B!dg...S    7»•.  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co,   Ltd S. 210  Kitchle, Con. & Sun Co. Grain, ndg S 916;  W. X O'Neil A Co. SI'S Sev' St . .S 4795-479S  Wilkinson  Co, S46  Beach    S.  7915  IRON   AND   STEIJI ORNAMENTAL.  Cnn     A'lIIs-Chnlincis,   100S   Pender   ...S   5710  LV.IUS.  Coleman  .fc   Evans,   ft   Col S  .'t^S  y..v ii.iuui.   ^1nrI)olL•   Co,   Ltd -   210  W   N   O'.N.il A Co.  51S Sey. St ..S   47. 3-47US  Uittiil. >-,)(.   *  bup   co.   -ritnvl   BdK ..-   JIG  South  Vancouver  Iron  &  Wire  Works,  >)S_o   Victoria Drrve Fra.er 156  LATH—METAL  Cvans Coleman & Evnni. Vi. Columb.. S 25**  XV S O'.VqiI ,. (JO. 54!> S.y. St ..S 4795-479S  Kltchl" C and S Co Grnn. St. ..S ;IH/  \\urrlngton   i   Johnson.    '19   Pender. .S. 4912  LIME.  llalfour.   Gut^rlo   -    Co S.  1197-6575  i:vun« Coleman A Evnns, Ft. Columb S "9i>  Gilltv I'.ros . New Westminster. . Phones 15 16  W X O'.N.Il A Co. 5 US S.j St .S 1795-47'X;  Kitchle Con _ Sup Co. Gianvllle .S  R   V.  Winch  Co,   Ld ,  Winch   Udg..S   279  MACHINERY  Can    Allls-riialmers,    L06,^   P« nrtrr. .. .S  D.irling,  Frank &  Co,  1112  Hom.r  Street      Key.   (100-1101  Mntilun.ild,   Mmpulu   Co,    Ltd      ....       .>,    Jin  \V   S    O'Noil & Co.   rl^S St-\    St ...     I79.">-I79i  IMlrhl" C'.im    &  «iip    ''o.  O nnvl    Rdf,- .«!   9lf!  The JloUlcn Co., Ltd., 542 Perul.r St.  W.  •' Soy.   1 065,  MANTICLS—HRICK.  TILE ,\N1>  WOOD  Ev»ns,  Coloman &  Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  Losll-,  Taylor Co.,   403   Dunsmulr S. 4.171  W. N. O'Neil _ Co.. .548 Se-y.  St.. IS; 4795-4793  Kitchle   Con.,,.   Suo.   Co..   GrHnvlll*. .. . !MHf.  SLATE  Evans,   Coleman  & Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil <fe Co., o4S Sey. St...& 47»5-*79>  R. vr-WInch A Co.. Winch Bld...S. 279-194'  Ritchie, Con. & Sup'Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 916S  STEEL—REINFORCING.  Ralfour.    Guthrie    &   Co S. 9197-657S  Evans;  Coleman &  Evnns,   ft.  Col..'.. .S. 29SS ■  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.   Ltd S. 210  Warrington <£. Johnson,  119 Pender St.S. 4911  STORE   &   OFFICE   FIX CURES   &   STORX  <. l FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2DS8  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 54S Sey.  St.. .S. 4795-479i  -    TAR  AND  PITCH  Paterson MTg. Co, 10th & Arbutus, Bay 7*t  Evans,   Coleman  & Evans,  ft.   Col S. 29SS  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S 29S&  Gilley Bros., N.w Westminster Phones 15, 16  Pt. Hanej Brick Co , 615 Hast. S. W . S. 13st  Ritchie^ Con. & Sup Co.. Granv Bdg. .S. 9165  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  TILE—FLOOR AND  W-Id-  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  XV. S. O'Neil .<t Co . 54)i i'ey. St ..S. 4795-479i  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491i  TIN PLATES  Hal four,   Guthrie  *   Cc S.  9197-6G7I  Evans,   Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  H.   V   Winch. _ Co.   Wines   B'.d...S.    279-114-  E   C...  Wilkinson  Co, S16 Beach.  TOOL STEEL  ....S.  7915  Homer   St.  ...S.    4100-  Dnrling,   Frank  &   Co,   1112  M.icdon.ild.   Marpole  Co.,"  Ltd  VACI'l'M   CLEVNING   -VSTE.MS.  Barr _e  Anderson.  lObO  Homer St S  WALL   BOARDS  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col S.  Evans,  T.ijl.r Co;   40J   Dunsmulr.,  WATERPROOI" COMPOl'ND  ft.  Col   110  210  6181  29SS  4J7j  91b.'  -194 1  .710  Evans,   Colt man &  Evans,   ft.  Col S   29SS  VS. N. O'Neil ^ Co, S4S St>y. St . .S 479fr-4ia.  Paterson Mfg' Co, 10th .. \rbutus..B. 77.  Warr.nston   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491!  &  PUMP.-  , .S.   .10  WATER   -METERS,   HYDR VNTS  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd   ...  WATERWORKS  SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Mai pole  Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W   N   ONeil & Co,  54S Sey. _t..   S  4 795-479'  WIRE   AND   CABLE    (ELECTRIC)  M .cdonald.  .S.  210  Marpole  Co.,  Ltd  \v«Rr, ROPE  Balfour,    Guthrie   <K-   Co   Evtns,   Coloman &   Evans,   ft.  (  \i.U(Ii)n:iId,   Mnipole   Co,   Ltd  Ritchie   Con   & Sup. Co . Granv  K    v    \\ Inch  At Co     Winrk  Bid  Wilkinson Co.,.-S .6 ueacii.   WIRE-'WORK.  Artistic   AVlre   &   Iron ,Wks;,   1462  Klne. wmv .-,'... ..'.'.'.    rfi4«  South  Vancouver Tron & Wire Works,  n.sT.R   Victorlfi   Drive I'Viiser .156  s  9197  -6571  Dl   .  .. .S.  J'ISS  . .. .S  210  B('  K     S  916:  S  27"  -I'M     ....S.  7a 1.5  |9S06—Kelly Douglas & Co, Citv  :i.   .765—Sarah   A.'Kerr, ,260  19th  A ve. ',TV.....  9724^1-elly   Douglas  &   Co.,   Ltd   9746—Love & Dobson, 331 Carrall St   9S45—Elma   Lineham,   7 531   Barclav   St.. ...  10395—Ledrngham & Cooper,  34S Sth'Ave.  97S6—Albert  Lee, Ablot-ford,  B   C    9736—Aurthur Lofting,  767 Sth Ave. TV   9730—F.  W.   Marsh,  Can.  Life Bldg.   9769—F. R. Morrison, Kerrrtdale    97SS—Garnet-Morse,  M D., Port Haney,  B.  9S02—R. D.  MacKenzie,  Cloverdale,   B.  C...  9S36—Chas   McCague,   2630  Church   St   9S6S—John MacKay, 474  Sth Ave.  \V   9S73—A. M. Morrison, Can.ida Hotel     10385—Robt.  McNair Shingle Co.  Port Moody  9S11—Samuel  Morris. 52S  Main  St      3SHS—Hector  MacKen.ic,   2444   ISth       103S1—A. S   Munro. 1311 Crescent. Shaughnessy ...  9S7S—E.  D. Morns, New TT-Stmrnster   9S14—R.   Mottishaw,   1370   Harwood   St   9803—J. J. Ma-on, MD, 1609 Nelson St   9S15—Jeanette  Mcl-ariane,   71.t   and   Granville  9S75—Joseph Mayce, New Westminster   97S0—R.   J.  McMeneny,   New   Westminster    . ..  9712—Hugh   McDonald,   1019  Georgia  St   9762—R.  C   Manning,  1920 36th  A^e   W..   '..  9715—Doutral-McK. nzlc.   1154   Burnabv   St.  .. .".  9711—Peter Mikob, Terrea Court, H_st   E.. .'-....:  9751—Pony  E .press  Co,   500  Cordova  St    .,  9S24—Chas.   Putnam,   1S63   9th   Ave.   W   9778—James B. Peters, New Westminster     . .  10S90—Patterson Chandler & Stevens, 16th &  9726—K.  Paulsen, 2676 Eaton St .. .  9750—Ponv Express Co/ 500 Cordova St.  97 10—A. E   Rati edge. 749  Sth Ave. E   9726—Charles Reed.  619 Heatley Ave.     .  9S50—P.  J   Rus-ell,  3S64  O-ler Ave   9sSl—J.   G.   Rob. on.'New  Westminster...  9S3 9—Dominick   Rossi,   333   Union   St   97 17—Chas.  Richardson, J222 Gravely St  9729—It. J. Ru-sell, 3S64  Osier Ave   9753—Wm. Scott, Rear 20   Water St  97S9—J. A. Sa\age, Wcsthim Island  9S09—Jonathan Storey,  11S1   Launer  0SG7—Mrs   .1.  C.  Shields. ;'09  Winch  9MG—J.   Il    Sellars,   1761   Little  Ave  '"». 27—South Van. Milk Co.,  537 29th  9S70—Surrev Shingle Mtsr   Co    Sui'i  I03P2—ITarold Seddnn, 1127 King Ctlvvird Ave  '0:iS2—A    H.  Stuart. 323 Salis-burv  Drive  n.SfiG—Seymour   iluff.   I ndnor.   [{.   C.   .  1^13—rra.wvard  Scntt,  025   15th  _ ve.  W . . ..  0776—Smith   Hro-,   Ladner.   R    C  ''S"9—John  Stevens   Ehurno  I'   O  1—Clin-   M   S'lutb. AltU-'-grove    R   C  Ford   .'......'..Ford   Ford   —,Ford  ....Studebaker  -McLaughlin  -.1 _Ford   : IFord  ... .*. Dodge   "....Ford  ..McLaughlin'  . —Chevrolet  .McLaughlin   Haynes  -. Dodge   Ford   Ford   Ford  Cad rl lac  .. .....'^ord  ..   ...Franklin  .McLaughlin  .McLaughlin  .. ..Overlaid   Foi d   Dodc-e  ..:   . .. . Wiliys-0  .-.." Ford  —< Ford   Oakland   Ford  Mam For d       Met?..          Ford   Studebaker  B. C  Ave  Bldg  Ave.  .an.  E  B.  C.  St..  E.  Incorporatod 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Bunding  •<_>:•  Seymour 3998-3999  -_  ■'-•.•_.•<-•;  ?_•;  i  •i2>.J.£,.\  THE    MEDIUM.  Did   yon   ever   notice   that   95   per  cent,  of the big successful .firms are  firms who advertise'?    They figure advertising as.an investment  not an'expense.    The  secret  cf advertising is  the  -election    of  a.    medium    whicl  reaches those people who are or wi!  be  the    most    likely   "purchasers  o  vour product."   If you are in Ihc build  ing supply or machinery line don't sc  lect a moving picture publication ii  which ■ to do your advertising. Because of the fact that the KlUCORD is  '.he only paper published, in the province devoted, exclusively to the contracting business it is road by practically every cue you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  lhey will see it will put a capital C  oil  vo'"' cash.  9770—|'.  R   Stewart* Co,   Ltd,   t:7  Water  9773—Chailotte  Smith.  .'16  Sth  A\e,  W.  975S—Montgomei>   Smith,   255")   'lid   ^V  973S—Shell  Co. of California,  530  5th  Ave  9S01—Imp. ri il Tobacco Co., s?",  Beattv  !)<?,. |—J    S   T.mpleron    Ifi'.i  JJnd   Ave   W  10TO-—\V   Thoni.  .   .T.'i   Oranvtl'.o  st  103.S—Thorpe & Co,   795   Beattv  St  976 1—H   .1   TuckiT,  Brown   Road    llopington,   P..  PS I 1—University  of   I"!    C.   Point   Gtcv  !)SS7—\'ari   Machnierv  Dij'Ot,  115"   btli    We   XV  9VM0—Walter   Brooke  Raiilurv,   Kbinne   I'   O  1910—I    n   wiNon.  Anjov.   ii   C  '>7s2—C   A   Wtlch Ltd, New   Westminster  9S7I—\V   A   Whttflaw, MP.  112 Vam-ouvei   Rlk ,  I03S9—Ei Time AI   Wood   Grin   llnnniwi!.  P^'23—A    G    Wallace,   1261   Grain llle  St  0-5.",—J.   W    Walker,   617 I2tli   Ave    K  'lSi;.' — fditli  M    Wood.   147s  W.i'rien St  9S01 — \V    II    West,  752  Mroadwav  W  'O-sO —Wnodw.ilds  S'otov    C'llv*  9S10—A. L.   Whak'ii,  Merchants  jjk.  uidg   ;*7S7—A,   .K.   J.   AViliis,   Chilliwack .: ...  973I—S.T.. Wallace,  1S62  Pender St.  K   9774—S.   Yada.   701   4th   Ave.,   North   Vancouver.  9S07-^H.   A.   Voting,    T -7 . Pender   St   9.S39—Kotaro Vamasaki.  174  nufferi'ii St   TBA-TSrEKS.  ("an.   Pai«e  MoLanchlin  . .     .Foid      Ford  Ford  ..   .      Cord  . .      ..Ford  .     Cadillac  McLaughlin  Ford  ...  . Foid  .    . r��rd  Stiidel .iket  Chevroli .  .  . Wiliys-O   Ford  Koi d  . .      . Ford  . .Chalmers  .Foi d  Ri l-coc  Ford  Foid  Foi d  .     For d  Fold  .      Wlut"  1' Foid  Foi d  McLaughlin  McLaughlin  Foul  I'on!  McLaughlin  McLaughlin  Ford  Ford  .Willvs-O  .   Ford  Ford  ............ Voile  McLaughlin  ...: ..Ford  ..." Ford   Napier  ..-:. Ford  2716—Anglo Am.  <lt;.|S—Chilli vvnok  5430—Anglo-Am. Corp. Ltd. to L. Sipo, 19(0 Kingsway'  • McLaughlin  Corp. Ltd.  to M. Hodge,  566 Ctth  Ave.  R.   Evaporating  Co..   cfi II livviiclc......i\Ic Laugh lin  5351—Peter Chevaliey  to Ezra O'Neill, Chilliwack ■   "   • AIcLaughlln'  B. Didier to A.  R  Wall.  Hotel Cannda., ; ;.  S.  [•*c;ist to Terminal Stuatn Nuv. Co.,  Bowen  Island '. :■. :.....!'.Ford  S.  Large to  10.  A.  Lan:;ley,  711   Ounxmuir    'Ford  C. Mit'fh.-ll   to  F.  U.  Sinter,  ir-77   I'Ub  Avp,   10    -..Abbington Echo  r.,'i7'5-r-Nfllie  M.   Kci'ley  to  A.   L,   Tangye,  III   Oriiiivilli''   Mnnslo'ts   , , ���.I.iigo  i)i', 17—Thomas   Ro'invctsl le.   .Chilli wai-kT' .'....'...Ari-L;nit;liiiii  lit;—Robt.  Whitr  to   10. Htafi'oid,  2965  _0tii  Ave. JO   1162  95S  '.60-  -S.  I*.  -<\  -10.  -{  V,  -  h  1  t  o    f  *    .  I    ',  . n —      .  0- U*^f—H-   ■*    l>f  (  .   »_«^    _.-»-*  fr*-***. Vp"V*   .--  I i   "     '   "  ./  W  J  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  - if  ■-  ?  - .  T  _  '■ i*1  r *  _  ■ is  ' - ?:_  ■ J*  *!">*     -   .  '  t»   '"J-l  s.  ' ■>■ "V1 __i .    .-»**_  \''  <?  *.-  J  St  •i.  (iBAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  ■___■  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING arid HEATING  1 '  International  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS    TIME   CHECK  _  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS.   NUMBERING    MACHINES     BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS     ___.'  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DPUVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 151  HASTINGS ST., W.  New Work — Contracts Let   ral)EB WAY, OK Q» WHICH COWTBAOTS HAVE BEEN HET BUT COWSTBOCTIO-T WOT YET STABTED.  IS  __J>  prinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  J  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jone_r MgT.  WHARF BUILDING,;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  Character   Coat  Depot and  terminal  $1,000,000  3 new bldg:. and'2 alterations $50,000  Causeway    $50,000  Shipbuilding plant     Dredging- between piers  :'....:   Cold Storage plant  $50,000  Brick   Canning  Plant $2,0,000  Power Plant    „   Sleeping Pavilion     Telephone Exchange  $15,000  Concrete  lighthouse   tower     Kemoclel  Bldg .'   Sewer   Work    .'..$8,000  Warehouse etc $16,500  Saw Mill .....' $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power .House    Residence    $5,500  Concentrator etc $500,000  Station  and  Terminals _...     500,000  Jetty   (Second Unit)   _ $300,000  Turning  Basin'   $100,000  Trunk Sewer  _      300,000  Dredging  _ -..$700,000  Seawall          100,000  Wharf    $1 5,000  Store   and   office  bldg $00,000  Sewer     * $300,000  Wood  Bridge  $5,000-  1  Sto.  Frame Building C$5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building $20,000  10-Stall Koundhouse   Location   Owsn | Architect  False   Creek  Can.   Northern  Ry.  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal  Harbor  City  of  Vancou  Port  Moody....Port  Moody Shipbuild  Frame   Building   $35,000  Remodel Building    $12,000  Foundation   for ^Shed .• $25,000  Freight Offices and Sheds   Pier Extension    1   Story Brick Addition.  Frame lApart.  ITouse  ....  Front  Store  Bldg...  Dredging* for   $5,000   $6,000   :..$7,000  Causeway .-...$ 16,9 B2  ver  Burrard  ln.et~ .-..„.rir.""Can."Paci'nc  Ry.  I'opt of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co.  Kelowna  _ B. C. Evaporators,'Ltd  Prince George   city  Tranqullle.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis" Soc.  Nelson  B.  C.   Telephone  Co.  Triple   Island,  B.  C Dom.  Govt.  653 Granville..Elliott Shandley & McLean  bsciuimalt     city  _*iiCt_"-_r.",V Dom. Govt  _th,& W'Uow, Alberta Lumber Co.  Poplar lsland....\.estmin_ter Marine Ry  Anyox ..... Granby ,Mln. & Smelt. Co.  New Westmlnster..Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf  Inlet  Surf  Inlet  Power  Co.  False  Creek : Great  Northern   Ry.  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  False Creek.    Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage Board  l;al<_ Creek ..— : Government  tnlse Creek        ■*       q   ^   rv  Patricia  Bay Can. *n"7".. 'Ry'. cb."  Victoria   .:.   Hastings  Park   .'..'.".Sewerage'''_o„'r"d  Nanaimo     City  Bridge St .: .v'a'n."L_'mbcr 'Co.  Vancouver               J. Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club  Vancouver ; ;....' .....G. N. Ry,     OoBtraotor  Pratt & Ross....Northern Const. Co. and  Carter, Halls Aldlnger Co.  Sharpe &  Thompson Baynes & Ilorie  Owners '.  .  Owners   :  Owners    W. D. Grant  Owners   t A.   W.   Quist  Owners    ' Ward  &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co   Owners Jas.   Layfleld  Owners  Snider  Bros.  & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. &,Brethour, Ltd.  Owners ..J. '. Warren & Stancombe  Owners  :  Parfltt Bros.  Owners  tt Owners  Owners   Owners   Taylor   Engineering  Co.  Townley & James  J.  C. Allen  F.'"L.T.wniey..Gra^  Govt., Marsh   iluton  Powers  Co.  Government Paciilc  Dredging Co.  Owners    ,   Eng. Dept Pacific Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Croelman & Co.  Owneis   3.  Doe.   Victoila  Percy Fox   Luny   Bros.  Owners     „     Owners  Owners  A. W, Meshcr  Owners  i  Ownere  ABBOTS. ORD HOTEL  VANCOUVER, 13. C.  1   2  0      R   o   O   M   S  Quiet — Modern —.Fireproof  Central  THE   BUSINESS  MAN/S   HOUSE,  PRIVATE BATHS  LOUNGE  AND   PARLOR  DINING ROOM  "WRITING ROOM  Rates   from   $1.00   per   day  .     PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  10th & Willow Sts .'.McG'ill University  Cordova St. W Royal Bank of,Can.  Vancouver q j^_ jjv  Vancouver  '. i:_c. N. Ry!  Vancouver   C   P   R  i-'.fiGriaon^flie,St«v ---"-*C."s."7Gu-tof'son  J..  .T12"1,Av?. "W W. S. Thompson  532 Granville St L. N. MacKechnle  \ ancouver a. _.     Citv  Alter Theatre Building $5,000 J 861 G^inc'sHZ^ZZZZ^J^^rNl^ I O wn-r'Z::Z-!!!-i!!:!l.!Z^.w  B.   C. Palmer Purdy  & Lonergon  I?.   L.   Townley Grant,   Smith  &, Co.,   .'..& MacDonnell, Ltd.  Sharpe & Thompson Baynes & Horie  Contractors Purdy & Henderson  Owners  Grant   Smith  &  Co.  ' & MacDonell. Ltd.0  Pratt & Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton &    .  Bruce.  Owners  .■■. _.*.„:z  Owners ...'. ^ j... Owners  A,   L., Benglof.?.  - A.   L,. Benglof  T. A. Fee j W. Hepburn  City Dominion   Construction   Co.  LEEK & CO., LTD.  .    Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating" Engineers  "Seymour  661    , ^      1098 Homer St.,  VANCOUVER B. C.  nee  fU  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  -   '   General Towing '  3247ront St   ' New. Westminster  Telephone 1015, A  KAMLOOPS —Mr. P. Philip; formerly of Itlie1 staff of the engineer's  depaftment in Vancouver, has beenr  appointed by' .he"Provincial \ Govern-'  ment engineer for'^Kamloops district,  and will have his headauarters in  this town.-..,       " - )    - '.  'for the erection . of a one-rooraed  school,at Corbin, Fernie'district, tenders to be in by May 22. \ .'■>' ,  :CC  -'. ':,. "2\A .^General7'Agents^ n- '. fj  _ .qr.-Britisk Columbia of -The Globe  .Indemnity; Compariy/olsjCanada and,  ^The^liiverpool & .'liondon*' &' Globe  ^Insurance Co", Ltd.J $.We' sell' com-,  1" plete "protection-including loss  ': ~ '•■- *    .'<j.r~throughJ<' ** ;- - -■ ;,-  " Fire,'-Theft,'"Collision,-Property'  Damage and Personal Liability.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  LIMITEP      ',   t  Winch  Bldg. 739" Hastings  St!  W.  Estab. 18S6 ,     Vancouver, B.C.. .  KAMLOOPS—The big sawmill of  the Adams River Lumber Co., situated 'at 'Chase, has commenced sawing,' r and' this ^ betokens renewed activity"-at that .place. The ' lumber  company'is advertising for men to  work in its camps >or mill, having  employment' to offer in various occupations':    '"■  The Goidie & McCulloch Co.  UMITED  Gait Safe Works  safes,   Vaults,  deposit boxes,  i etc.  Made in'Canada  Seymour 3907       569 Richards St.  . Vancouver  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CUP TIRES  Standard [of Tire Value  Absolutely Non-skid  Oil   Proof  6000 Miles Guaranteed  MINING. ' I  With:a total;of'but 3,548 -,,tons -.for  the weelt, this',week's ore tonnage-report at the Trail smelter"is.the"Vmall-  est;; in , the 'last"year, and \a,half" ^  - Electric 'Point," -the ;big7'American  Jead shipper,' shows1''up "-oil-th'e J tonnage list again 'this week,""and'.-will  likely be.heavier from this on'.  '.The .three  lead -furna'ces,   the   normal number, are 'in blast at the Con-,  solidated   smelter,   and   will   continue  as long as the coke on hand lasts.  ,' Richard Tench,  who returned from  California this week, is beginning the  work   of   reconstructing   the   treater  building at vthe zinc plant, which" collapsed  a  month  or  two ago.  [    Knob   Hill,   Republic,   has   declared  another   dividend   of  $10,000—making  $25,000  this  year—all   from   gold  ore  sent to the Trail smelter.    This year  about  4,000  tons  have  been  shipped.  1    In the Ruby, two miles below Trail,  steady progress is being made in the  drift.   Tests are giving better returns  on  each assay,-the-last  being about  $4S  in   erold,  silver  and  lead.    A  local  company is developing the property.    .  Profits   of the  Standard  mine,   Sil-  verton, for the year 3 916,  are given  out   as   $410,070,   and   the   dividends  amounted to $600,000.   In that year the y  , mine  shipped   6,270   tons  of  ore  and  i concentrates to the Trail smelter and  I this.year has already sent over 3,000  tons here.    Altogether  to the end ot  1010 the mine has  paid $2,400,000 in  dividends,   the   capital   being   $2,000,-  000.  1   SYNOPSIS   OF  COAL   MINING'  REGULATIONS.;"V--1 . "  . Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-  ta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories and" a portion of the Province of'British Columbia, may be leased for _i term of twenty-one years at  an annual rental of $1 per'acre. No  more than 2,5C0 acres will he leased  to one applicant., ( , • "  \ Applications ror a'lease must be  made by the _applicant in. person.to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for  are situated:       *    -'       -    * . v>, " ■   ..  In surveyed territory _.the land^must,  be/described by sections, t6r^tegal'subdivisions 4.bf3sect;ions, and _ri unsurvey-'  ed territory .the, tract" applied-_ori'-'s„all  be^staked out by the^applicant^ti.fnself.  Each' application must ^be/a.compare  ied -by a* fee of $5 which' will ''be re  funded if the-rights applied for are'  not available, but not1 otherwise. "A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output-of the mine at the rate*of  five ^ents per ton. ,  The person operating the mine shall  permitted to purchase whatever avails  able-surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  furnish the Agent \vith( sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined, and pay the 'royalty ,thereon. If^the coaf mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.- - . -.'   ,  The "lease will include the" coal mining rights only," but the lessee jnay'be  at'the rate of $10'per acre.'  For- full information application  should be made to'the. Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, .Ottawa, .or  to >anyr Agent or Sub:Agent ^of Dominion. Lands. -' . ,   \      i       ~   .]   ''  ~-\_~ :' vJ ..J    w.1 W. CORY, - ,5"  ; Deputy Minister of the Interior  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  1062 Georgia St. VV.  Seymour 9045  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW X-TSTAX.I,ATlb-r_  MAY 15,f1917. _  .   ,  Sanders,  Joseph,   Carpenter,   rearJS20  Howe  Taylor,  PL,   Furrier,   G06   1-2   Granville.    Vancouver  Lawn   Bowling- Club, j,26th san_   Granvifie   ]»___   16, 1917.  Bpps   Walter   T,   Gen.   Jobbingr,'' 1191   Richards.  Noakes,   J.   V,   Confectionery,    1101   13th   E .    Young-,  I\Lrs. A,  Broker,   IS   [fasting's  E     ;>.r  .    Sey. 4S81  Sey   4S91  Bay.  1734-0  -.. Sey.   Fair.  .. .. Sey.  CHASOES.  MAY 15, 1917.  Graham Electric Co., Motor Repairs, from S36 Homer to 0S9 Pender XV  Sev  MAY  16, 1917. u't '  Campbell & Grill, Sheet Metal Works, from 331 Georgia E   to' T  123S    Seymour      '-  McDonald,  J    \V.,  Cleaninc;,  from   9S6  Denman  to" 7_!)"'..mvthe   Tomlinson & Mitchell, "Wholesale Lumber, from IDS Hastings to"""  525    Seymour    .•.   BRITISH COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  <    ' '-.-' $  V.' i      "       "  v       "     'T 1  CHEVROLET 1  .-- fv DODGE V i  CHALMERS  .HUDSON  CADILLAC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  -.'".   Sey.    Sey.  Sey. 2CC1  Unfailing Service when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing   and    Stecunfitting  1033 Gramrftl- St.  i •_  Vancouver* B. C  Pltone Say. 136  R*e. Bay. 77  NOTICE   TO* CONTRACTORS.  Tenders will be received for the  construction of a workshop at Rest-  haven, Sidney, and a Recreation Hall  at Esquimalt Convalescent Hospital,  for the Military Hospitals Commission. Plans and specifications can be  seen at the office of Major Harvey,  O.C.,  J. unit, in  H.  C.  C,  Esquimalt.  Tenders to be delivered on or before May 23, 1917. A certified cheque  for 15 per cent, of tender must accompany bid.  The lowest, or any tender, will not  necessarily be accepted.  VICTORIA—The Minister of Lands  is calling for tenders for the purchase  of Timber License X909, under which  there.may be cut 3,130,000 feet of hemlock, cedar,, spruce and 1,500 lineal feet  of piling on Juskatla Inlet, Graham  Island, and Timber License X911, under which may be cut 900,000 feet of  hemlock, cedar and spruce and 16,000  lineal feet of piling on an adjoining location,.  PROPOSALS   WANTED  MXSCEX.X.ANEOTTS   FBOFOSA_S  VICTORIA— The    Department    of  Public Works  is  calling for tenders  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  * i.  Following- 1_ a complete list for Vancouver ana District of new  Aatoznobile Licences, Transfers and1 Relinquishments.  Records from Saturday _Toon, to Tuesday -Toon Only. Included.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus  (*)  NEW   CABS.  No. Name Address ^ Car  10573—II. .7. Bethel I, 3261   Nanaimo St. :.. .McLaughlin  10576—D. Duncan, St. Francis flotel ,. -_ Ford  10577—M. Clarke, 315  14th Ave.  XV Ford  10578—L. II. Kolhman, COS Pacific Bldg Kord  10579—Wm.  M   Kelly,   Victoria    Tudhope  105S0—Wood,   Vallance & J_eg«at,   Can all St.    . McLaughlin  10581—11. O. Bird, 115 10th Ave.  10., N   Vancouver   ....    Kord  10582—N.  rt. Whlttall, Yorkshire  lildif Willys-Overland  10583—D. Si van, 3529—2nd Ave. W Ford  10581—N.   McConnell,   North   Vancouver Studebaker  10585—S.  .L Crowe,  1317  Pendrell      -  Kissll  1058G—I. if.. McLennan, 1821  JOtli E    Savon  105S7—L.  Vincent,  1201  Seaton  St ,    . .    .    Ford  105S8—Dr. W. M. Carter, 2135 Sth Ave. W Ford  1058:1—A.  Fish,   131   15th Ave. W Ford  10590—C.  ri. Keele, 817 Semlin  Dr Ford  10591—Swift Canadian Co,  Ltd.,   17  Water St ..Ford  10592—James Nicol, 11 C 1 7th Ave. XV Fortl  10593—L H & Wm. naKlev. 1125 Granville St .McLaughlin  1059 1—Snid.-r Bros & Brethour, 2S15 Gth Ave. XV. Studebai.. r  10595—A.  Ferguson and A.  Williams, Fir Crescent,  ShaiiKhnessy Heights   federal  10596—Success Business College, 30 11 Ontario St Ford  10397—las   Thompson & Sons,  Ltd., 353 Water St T^ord  10598—Pacific Mills, Ltd., 510 Hastings St. VV Ford  C10599—Woodwards Dept   Stores,  City     Ford  10C00—V. R. Buscombe, 2020 Barclay St   10601—Vernon Hhilvock, 384  18th  Ave. XV. Ford  10G02—TT. O.  B.  Irving,  1210 Harwocd St Chevrolet  10603—Mrs. Jennie Hall, 1843 1st Ave. E l.'ord  I06O1—Tuckett Tobacco Co., 1214  Homer St Foid  10005—Frank Fiorante,  4J7 Georgia St,  E roru  10606—71. L. Turnbull.  326  13th Ave.  W Can.  Briscoe  10607—J.  J. McClure,   1550  Charles St Ford  10608—S. Brandollne, 507 Prior St Studebaker  10609—The B   B. B. Co, Ltd. (Can.), 903 Welton Bik Ford  10610—B. C. Refining Co., Ltd, New Westminster Hudson  10611—1   H. & C.  Bowman, 829  Powell St Ford  10612—Mary L.  Baird,  12G3 Balfour Ave Gray Dort  30613—T. McLarty, 2015 14th Ave. VV Ford  10614—XV. P. Grant, 610 Jervis St Dodge  10615—Imperial  Munition. Board,  Thurlow  St Ford  10616—A. A. Blain, Nicola and Barclay Sts Ford  10617—F. A   Stevenson, 27(5 2nd Ave. W Chandler  10618—.1. T. McGregor, 1736 Cotton Dr Ford  10619—J. P. Hodgson, 1573 Main St Ford  10620—Fraser Valley Milk Producers Assoc, Standard  Bank   Bldg. ..'.-■ .....Ford  10621—.1. W. O.  Steves,  Woods Hotel Ford  10G22—P. D. Anderson, 2159, Wall St. Wlllys-0   ,  10623—McQueen Produce Co., 25 Pender St. W :.: .-...Ford  10024—II. M. Welch, 1108 Nicola St :........ Gray-Dort  10625—O. C. Hutledge,  1800  4th Ave. W.; Gray-Dort  3 0626—-Robinson & Walsh, 244 6 Gth Ave. W. ................Mitchell     '•■  10G27—Cunningham's Ltd., 1012 Granville St. Ford  TBA_IBr_3BS  No. Name Address Car  5185—Robt. Brunt to W. Terry berry, 713 Georgia E. Overland  571—Robt. Dollar Co. to W. R. Smith, Comox, B.C WIllys-0  9735—Omor Kulack to A. Croziers and A. H. Kempton,  1034   Haro  St. - Ford  5126—T. IT. Radford to A..H. Tlmms, 230 14th E Ford  1930—Mrs.  A.  McDonald  to A. P. Slade & Co.,  Water St' Cadillac  4290—W. Vallance to J. R. Caulder. 1233 Hornby E.M.F.  5418—J. A. Hargitt to W. R. McDonald, Stave Falls Ford  G256—J. F. Boyd to J. A. Hargitt, Mission. B.C Ford  MOTEL CANADA  Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up -with private bath $1.50 and up  CAFE    IIN    CONNECTION  8  AUTOB1LE INSURANCE  Fire—Theft—Liability—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY-   4911      FOR RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.  S. ..BOWSER & GO.  Established 1885        j  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard tho world over  Seymour 3SO.  J. J. Reecfy, Marr.for B. C.  569 Richards St.  Vancouver, B.C.


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