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 ■/<:3W£%IS?.;  ■S  IV* HI    ^  |H:^)"'  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  mm  Ill  •yW0  &M7Y-  S')';iW  V-.^V-'i.','  lil!»!  -■^l/^/ft  lit.  HI  '■■'fjfc?'-  ?-.'alii  Ji?  A PUBLICATION DEVOTED TO GENERAL NEWS. BUH.Dr.tfG.  CONTRACTING, ENGINEERING,, PROVINCIAL,  CITY AND HARBOR IMPROVEMENTS.  VOL. XVIII. "tfo. 61  Published Monday  Wednesday and i'riday  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY. MAY 3, 1920.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per Year in Advance  Per Month.    -    -    -    -  91QJ0*  SOLIGNUM  Wood Preservative and Stain":'-  Recommended ■for allwoodwork, inside and  outside.    Tt does not  evaporate, like ordinary stains, and as a result goes furtJier.  Covering :-  "Dressed lumber,  1  gallon covers 400 square'feet. :,''  Undressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 2S0 square feet. .  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers -150 to 175 square feet.      .  Shingles, dipped 8 to 9 inches, 1% gallons to  1000 shingles.  7  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAL WINDOWS  PIRE DOORS  SKYIlIGHTS  JOBBING  BLOW PIPING  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is.  Our New Aderess; 530 HOWE ST.  Sey. 4795 - 4796  Seymour 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  '   ' mmmmtmBt:mmmmmmKm^Kmmmmmmmmgmmimmmmmaammm^mMm^mi^u^m^amma^aK^tamBM»m  Applies cement mortar by compressed air, making a dense  and waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock,  also compressors heeded for operating the gun.  We are quoting the lowest prices  Write or phone for data.  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DISTRIBUTORS  Credit Foncier Building ..' .  Telephone Seymour 3680  .1,  BTJH.DING  PERMITS  AMOUNTING   TO  8500  OR  OVER ISSUED  AT   THE  VANCOUVER  CITY HALL YESTERDAY  Number  Doscriyitlon  Cost  11634—Dwelling ........    $2,000  11639—Additional-Storey. ....$.1/100  Street Address  Lot' and Block  1502 3rd B:   C—145  600 14tli Ave. E   Subdivision  RrnJiitnct  264A  Owner  Contractor  \V.  Murray  Owner   AddreBs  Owner  Address  W. Black .............. _...   C. Donevan .7th Ave., Near Gran.  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  Ft.ofColumbiaav  Clayburn Firebrick,  Special^  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.,  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  DO  YOU  NEED ANY  FIR  PANELS  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded One Side  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICHARDS ST. SEY. 1196 ,   VANCOUVER, B.C.  HUNTER-HENDERSON  PAINT  Company, Limited  Architectural  Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. ' \ . r    SEYMOUR 6110  r~  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd  ^\  Machinery   and   Supplies      B.C. Distributor* For      ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  ESS - SO Camhlc St.  Sey: 4738 - 4739  V_  »j^^j^»*.t3>.'.^j»*.^i.j^i.'-.<ji«J*ij»«t-^>»>^>'!*<S',!*<i,,.*4-.  * BUILDING   PERMITS    I  ^^.r^r.-.ty^.^j.x.ir...;.ij>.>iJ>.t«H>%^S*<''^,:*is'*>'Z',I*<5>  13635—J. Hood, garage, 1330 Cypress St., $75.- ;.. "',•'■  11636—Canadian Refineries, alterations, 341 Front St., $100. ',:  U63S—D. Lous, garage. 2332 Prince  Edward St., §200, A. Peterson, Contr.  1164.0— J. Elliott, shed. 3203 Parker  St.,  $200.  11641—S. -Wemkern, foundations,  136C 15th E., $400, Reufrew and Ttene-  idict, 944 Hastings W.. Contr.  i ________  Robert W. Hunt&"C6.;Lfd.'  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  «_■_»■__•»«__»__■■_■■__■«•*—■■■■■■"■'■■■■■^^■■•'■■■■■■•■■■■■^^■•—  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  '    Rssldant Inspector* at ali Large Manufacturing Centres  ^\  -S  ed to Mr. Bedford Davidson, ; 1012  Broughton street. The new ' structure will cost about $20,000. Mr. Davidson -will shortly begin work on the  demolition of the frame structure now  on the premises, preparatory to clearing the site for the new building.  AWARD CONTRACT FOR  TWO   BIG   STOCK   BARNS  The contract .has'just been. awarded;  by Architects Gardiner & Mercer. S27  Birks building, for the erection of two  large stock barns on Mr.N. Nelson's  I ranch on Lulu Island.   The successful j START SOON ON KELOWNA  j tenderer   is ..Mr.   James; Hyslop,   71S STORAGE WAREHOUSE  I Seventh    Avenue, New    Westminster.      Architects Twizell," Birds & Twizell,  BUILDING AT TERRACE, B.C.  TERRACE, B. C—Building construction has become .quite active in this  bustling northern B.C. town. There  are at present seven new buildings under construction and more are contemplated as the season advances.  Those who are having buildings constructed comprise Messrs. W. C.  :Sparke.s,H. Mist, the board of school  trustees^ C. 'A.' Waite, the' Terrace  Laundry, and James Thompson.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  ^'THOR''  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills-Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steelv-Orills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 41OO  T. G. McBRlDE & CO.  ESTABLISHED   1898  WHOLESALE AND  RETAIL DEALERS  IN  SAND, GRAVEL, BRICK, LIME, AND,ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT  DELIVERY  1051 Main St.  Telephone Seymour 1159  r  J. A. FLETT Limited  Corbin Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. s ,  ; SEYMOUR 2327  ^\;  i The barns will each be -40 by 200 feet (Metropolitan  building, are engaged in  tin size and will be of heavy frame con-i preparing working drawings for a.pro-  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS, CHANNELS, AI79US, MlATES, RES, COXiTTlOrS  COMPLETELY EQUIPPED FABRICATING  WOFI  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  TanaoaTcr, M. O.  | struction on concrete piers.  V.  1  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REP*I^,OT  The Jarvis Electric Company, ttd-  570 Richards St.  •Phbn*  Gtoymour  175  GILLEY BROS., Limited  .   DEALERS IfNT ■    _lw   '...  ;;■ .    '_ -'„ 1, ,-m  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   OP   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902 Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16 New Westminster, B.C.  PREPARING PLANS FOR  STORAGE  WAREHOUSE  Plans are now being prepared in the  offices . of Twizell, Birds & Twizell,  Metropolitan.building, for a municipal  storage warehouse to be erected at  Summerland to take care of fruit and  other shipments. . The building will be  constructed( either of hollow: tile, or  brick and-: will' be 100 by 6o feet in  size, "three stories, in1 height ..and of  frost proof construction. Plans, will  be ready for tenders in a short time.  S.'-J.  J  r  ROOFING  and  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  Cor.  V   -^LIMITED  Send   for   color    card    of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   5HCNGLE    STAINS  10th Ave. a Arbutus St. Teiephenas Bay. 63 an* 64  Seymour 7200  Eotlniatos Given  "^  BUSLOE  m.mm  'S SUPPLIES  V/E  CARRY A  COT/IPI.3TE JilNr- OF  SUPPLIES  WovaSoid iioofisig  WOOD, VALLAN.CE & LEGGAT, LIGHTED  Wliolesalo Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  NEWITT  IS AWARDED  DWELLING   CONTRACT  Announcement" is   made   by   Architects Mackenzie & Bow, Winch building, of the award of a contract to Mr.  S. J. Newitt, 954 Seventeenth avenue,  for the-.erectiou of a two story,, nine-  room residence at the corner of Cyp-  jress   and   King   Edward   Avenue,   for  j "Mi-. C. C. Labrie.    The dwelling is to  I be of stucco and  fancy shingle exterior   with   a   full   basement,   and   will  jliave hot. air heating, hardwood floors  and all modern conveniences.  posed    fruit    storage   warehouse    at  Kelowna.     The  warehouse,   which  is  intended  to   provide  for  the  care   of  large "fruit shipments, will be a three  j story structure 85 by 150 feet in size  and of tile construction.    It is expected that plans will be completed ready  for work to  be started in  about  two.  weeks time.    The work will probobaly  be done by Okanagan contractors.  3IJILD  TWO   STORES   ON  SITE   OF   WHITE  INVITE BIDS TO BUILD  SIX COURTENAY HOMES  COURTENAY, B. C. — Municipal  Clerk Robert McCuaig is inviting tenders for the construction of six dwellings under the provisions of the Soldier Housing Act, to be erected on various locations in this town. Separate  tenders for each house are not wanted  and no tender will be considered unless for the entire six dwellings. Tenders will be received up to noon of  Monday, May 17, and each tender must  be accompanied by an accepted check  for a sum eaual to ten per cent, of the  tender.  DOMINION BRICK  :-/]'' :>  "For Sale "'by'■■'.'  Champion & White;  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;   Thos. G. McBride  &,Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel-  Go., Eburne, and the Great West Sand.& Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head   Office  102  Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  BALFOUR. GUTHRIE & CO.  BEINTOBCHTO STXSEI.:— j  Larse stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  We cut to length.    Cold'Twist and Bead  Bars to details.  BOLTS:—..  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepare*  to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME  — SCOTCH  PIKE  BBICK —  FIBE   CXAX  OBAPHITE rOUNBEY rACI2TCrS — COKE — SEA  COAL  PIO IKON — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA BOPE  103 WINCH BLDG.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  J  BIG   FIRMS   TENDER   ON  ESQUIMALT   DRYDOCK  VICTORIA—Final  revised  specifications for the big government drydock  LUNCH i;i,; Ksfiuimalt have been received here  I.  r  Vancoisv  "7  MANXTrACTtJBEBS OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and boo U8i °r phone.  South End ot Connaught Bridge  j Mr. Cameron of Seattle, owner of the  [building iii which is located the White  ! Lunch Xo. ."., at 12G Hastings street,  east, which was partly dumaced in  the recent, (ire. has decided to have  that frame building torn down and two  stores erected on the site. The con-  he construction of these  h will be of brick and hollow tile construction, has been award-  stores  erecu  tract   for   1.1  J  stores which  and it is expected that tenders will  be invited next week for the undertaking. It is already assured that a  number of big linns will tender on  what will probably bo the largest  single construction job undertaken in  this section tills year. Sir John Jackson, Ltd., the Foundation Company of  Vancouver   and   several   old   country  (Continued  to  pag-e  6)  Phone Fair. £16-919  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH. Manager  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  WE   CAN  MAKE  IMMEDIATE   DELrVEBY  OP  Just Received 1C9,QOO, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre'.Plaster, Lime  and  Other  Building  Material  titchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  Twenty Years' Experience In all Branchos  of Electrical "Work. Inspection—Export  Advice — Trouble Work—InataUinsf — Rewinding—All Work Guaranteed.  V   Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0. Phono 5S  *v-  I ■v  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established   1911)  - .Ctartdished   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday by the  H«cord Publishing Company  Plate^Sheet, Figured,  Wired,ArtyPrism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W. MOLT & SON  426—436 Dufferin St.  Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Slivering  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either or which the business men and women ot  the cltv are certain of tht.  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  No. 1 -  HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  No. 2 - 612   PENDER    ST.   WEST  Good  Eats  " The Good Food Restaurants  .A'  newspaper   of   general   circulation,  •Se»turine  Building-,   Contracting. ^Engm-  ••rine.   Industrial,   Shipbuilding/Mining,  .^utomohile, Provincial, City and Harbor  V^taq»rovements..  r  4B.M. NBLSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant  C29 Pender St.W., Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7808  Suhscription Rates  TwTear in Advance  ' .....$10.00  i»sr Month - ••- '-••-   ,l;W  -All   subscriptions   arc   payable   strictly  in  advance. -  OFFICIAL ORGAN. - ,  The British Columbia Record is the it *rould seem but natural that they  j«mcial organ of The Architectural Insti-  -.Wtm of British Columbia, federated with  -She Royal Architectural institute of  ^Canada and as such is used by thern as  *lte medium through which to make their  ,«sBcial announcements to the general  ^public  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  INSURANCE  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  PITCH FORD- KADLEC  nENGRAVINGCO.r  ILLUSTRATING     ENGRAVING ^  DESMONING     COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 7.501. 445 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVeR.B.C  tractors are unable with the scant supply of mechanics and laborers to take  more than a limited amount of work  By such selection the British Columbia Kecord is no wise pledged to editorial support of any policy advanced  *T"these societies, but maintains an ab-  .wlutelv independent »osition on aU mat-  subject to editorial opinion.  CONTRACTORS    ENTITLED   TO  PAYMENT   FOR   ESTIMATING  JSrory contractor is entitled to re-  -..jjetve adequate payment for his work  -«■ services.   None can survive long in  .*msiness, nor make a fair living pro-  -*t out of it,  if they do not include  '-their overhead or operating expenses  ;Jb-their bills or charges for work and  t*. their estimates or bids for a job.  IBstimating   the   cost   of   a. piece   of  work, or preparing a bid tor the con-  jstruction of a building, requires more  «r  Jess   labor,   time   and   outlay   of  .awmey, to say nothing of the appliea-  - lion   of   the   estimator's   or . bidder's  technical or practical knowledge,  ac  paired perhaps through years of study  ;«o6" experience.  "Estimates     cheerfully     furnished"  ..Than "been for years a pitiable cry for  ^■siness   by   some   contractors.     Of  " 'oearee, contractors should furnish es-  r-ifenates cheerfully and conscientiouly,  ~!*wd they should also be able to do so  ^■stapetently,   but   in   any  case   they  -.^Bhonld,  be    entitled    to and    should  Aaharge for their services if asked or  jpceiuitted   to    submit   an   estimate.  rJ*rery job figured  upon  should   bear  •tte cost of its own estimating expen-  .isBB.   These should not be carried for-  ~**WBHr«l to some  future, prospective un-  ^uertain job.    No contractor who, let  "4B diay,  has   bid unsuccessfully on  a  en jobs, can hope to be re-imbilrs-  for his entire overhead expense for  jobs by waiting to unload the  "Same on some other owner whose job  :;*e may possibly eventually land.   "If  .-lie   cherishes    this vain    hope, he'll  wither never get that coveted job, or,  -ilJie does, he'll not make much profit  wit of it over and above his accumu-  ~^Sated  expenses,  especially  if he  sec-  wred the job because he happened to  ~%e the "fortunate lowest bidder."  And  '3qr-and bye, his overhead account, con-  -.stantly piling up, will swamp him.  ■Architects, better than anyone else,  Ykonw of the danger, the annoyance,  ■the certainty of getting poor work in  •spite of the most careful supervision, if the contract is let to some of  Tttie lowest bidders in cases where a  "large number of all kinds of more or  less able contractors have been per-  - -knitted to "put in" a bid. For that  •■reason, if for none other, every reasonable architect is in favor of the  ■payment for estimating,.although some  ■of them are slower than others In ap-  Twoving of the proposition. However,  as the present" prosperity wave will  cat-use and necessitate an enormous  amount of new building, and as con-  would prefer to figure mainly with  architects who favor the payment for  estimating plan and who are not  afraid, for petty or selfish reasons, to  tell the owner of the plan, and also  tell him that contractors cannot afford and do not care to bid on jobs on  which they are not to be paid for  estimating.  NEW  BUILDING  SUPPLY  FIRM  IN POINT GREY  A new firm known as the Point  Grey Building Supply Company, has  opened an office and supply yard at  the corner of Angus Road and Marine  Drive. Mr. J. A. McFarlane is manager of the new concern. A complete  line of builders supplies will be carried.  WESTMINSTER   PERMITS  IN  APRIL TOTAL $33,900  NEW WESTMINSTER—During the  month of April there were ten permits issued at the office of the city  building inspector Turnbull, which had  a total value of $33,900,-which shows  construction to have more than doubled as compared with the same month  last year when the total was $14,200.  The aggregate value of new buildings  for the past four months of the current year are $160,315 as ' compared  with only $51,975 for the first four  months of 1919.  POINT GREY PERMITS  OVER QUARTER MILLION  POINT GREY—Showing nearly a  four-fold increase ^over the same  month last year, the building inspector's report for April gives the total  value of the building permits for the  past month as $256,880. This is a  very decided increase on a total of  only $69,500 for April, 1919. The quarter million total was made up as follows: 40 dwellings, $233,150; 21 garages, $9,000; 11 alterations and repairs, $7,880; .2. store and office buildings, $6,850. The total permits for the  four months this year aggregate  $48,529, as compared with $153,063 for  the first four months of 1919.  DRAWING PLANS FOR  SUBURBAN SCHOOLS  SOUTH  VANCOUVER —  Commissioner F. T. Gillespie, of South Vancouver, has engaged Major Bird as architect to prepare the  plans   for the  new unit schools which are to be erected in the municipality now  that the  provincial  government  has   intimated  that it will contribute one-third of the  estimated cost of $40,000 for these additional   schools.     There   will   be   at  least four of these unit schools ^erected  this  summer in order to  relieve  the  congestion   which   already   exists  in nearly all South Vancouver schools.  The schools will be frame structures  but quite substantially built and heated by hot air.    Two of them will be  two-room  schools  and  the other two  at least four-room and one probably a  six-room building.  Now that the government assistance  has been promised Commissioner Gillespie announces that the proposed  $225,000 loan for new schools will not  be floated this year.  EXCAVATING  LAND CLEARING  SEWERS - Drains Etc.  SAM  COSCO  220 Georgia St. E.    .     • Sey. 4396  WILL PREPARE PLANS  TO REMODEL THEATRE  Mr. Franklin Cross, 415 Credit Fonder building, has been "commissioned  as architect to prepare the detail  plans for the remodelling and enlargement of the Avenue Theatre at the  corner of Main and Georgia streets.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED  IN 1886  739 Hastings St. "W. Sey. 7820  Ground Floor, Winch Bldg*.  'Vancouver, B. C.  VICTORIA  PERMITS  792—Mrs. I. Turner & City, dwelling  131 Olive St., $1,850.00, A. G. Holding,  Contr.  793—Mrs. F. A. Carlo%, garage, 2652  Cook St., $150.00, F. A. Caflow, Contr.  794—J. Halliwell, dwelling, 1647  Myrtle St., $1,000, J. Halliwell, Contr.  795—Cameron Invest. Co., alt. store,  N. W.- Cor. Yates and Broadway,  $4,500, Williams, Grerin & Williams,  Contrs.  796—Leeming Bros., store, 1968 Oak  Bay Ave., $50, Leeming Bros., Contrs.  797.—Ralph Jeps.on, alt. garage, Cor.  Cook & iew, $300, Ralph Jepsen,  Contr.  798—Hawkins Hayward,: alt. store,  1103 Douglas, $250, Luney Bros., Contr.  CITY BUILDING WELL  PAST  MILLION MARK  With an aggregate value of building  permits for the  month just past, an- value of the building permits issued by  nounced  as   $283,410,   this   brings   the the  municipal building inspector dur-  B. C. INCORPORATIONS  The following companies were  granted certificate* of iocorporation  during the past weak:  Modern Construction Co., Ltd., $25,-  000, Vane; John W. Thompson & Co.,  Ltd., $50,000, Vane; Empire Extension Oil & Investment Co., Ltd., $100,-  000, Vict.; Fire Underwriters Agency,  Ltd., $100,000, Vane; Bethlehem Motors Ltd.. $25,000, Vane; Citizens'  Amusement' Corporation, Ltd., $500,-  000, Vane; Duggan & Davies Ltd.,  $25,000, Kelowna; Great West Manufacturing Co., Ltd., $20,000, Vane;  Dominion Composition Furniture &  Toy Manufacturing Co., Ltd., $50,000,  Vict.; The Western Idea, Ltd., $25,-  000, Vane; Happy Valley Mills, Ltd.,  $50,000, Vict; Canadian-European  Clubs, Ltd., $10,000, Vane; Capital  City Baseball Co., Ltd., $10,000, Vict.  RECOMMEND  MR. EVANS   -       '  AS HOUSING ARCHITECT  BURNABY, B. C—After considering a number of applications for the  position of architect and building inspector in connection with, the supervision of the Soldier Housing Act in  the municipality, the special committee at its meeting on Thursday decided to recommend Mr. Evans to the  municipal council for appointment to  chat position. Applications for a number of homesites and building loan3  were also considered and referred to  the council. °  | ARCHITECTS |  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS,^WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large,or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  Members of The Architectural Institute  of British Columbia.  PLANS FINE HOME FOR  SHAUGHNESSY HEIGHTS  Plans are now being prepared by  Architect Edwardes Sproat, 403- Dominion building, for a handsome, two-  story residence to be erected on  Shaughnessy Heights for Mr. J. Dun-  das. The dwelling is to contain all  modern improvements including hardwood floors and hot air heating. The  plans will be completed in a few days  when tenders will be invited, due  notice of which will be given in these  columns.  VANCOUVER.  nen&lt.   J«s.  X..  510   iUstlnsw   W  ....Isey.  3300  Bird.   A.   J..   City   IJIdx   Insjuor ...,_...._....Scy.  3270  nr.T«»  A  Olllara.   509-'Richards — Say.'160-1  D«l!oo   A  Ereleifh.   615   Htatinim   VV. S«y.    ««3  G«rdln«r.  F. O..  A Merwr,   T18  Granville S«y. 38T2  Oardlner, 'William   Kr'edk..   T36   Gran ........Sey.  0926  Griffith,  JI. 8.,  20T Hastings W.. ...„„„_..,.Sey: 3116  Henderson; A.  B., 615 Hastings W'..._...._.......Scy.    721  Honeyman.   A Curtis.   850   Hastings  W... „..3cy. 1621  ■Tones.    Wm.   K„   «23   Richards ...St.;.; .......Sey.  1426  Matheson,   Robt   M.,   325 "Homer" St.. ........Sey.   8013  Palmer.   Bernard C.   S30   IlasL   W._ .......Sey. V175  Parr.  J.   JS„  IPS  Hastings'.'VV....„.........._._.....-.Sey. 7811  Sharp A Thompson, 626  Pender \V.  -Sey.  1061  Sproat.   Kdwardes.   403  Dominion   Bldg -Sey. 9233  Townley.  Fred h.,  323  Homer  St..„_.._..........Soy. 8013  TwlMll.   Birds A TwUell.   837  Hast.   W._„....Sey. 7925  REFRIGERATION  —■— *  -  let Mkiig plaits hi celt1 stinia sjstias. JkI  ittal rtfrifintws ut pints fir HI ciilig ptrptstt  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Llnde Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Aye. High. 822  ' '  VICTOmiA  Harry/' Demot   H ..;„„U7«   St.   Anne   Street  Beniiet,   A.  It,.' 1'086 St. Louis St :._._——1171 R 1  Keith.   J.   C  M..   Sayward   lUdg.'„„._—.._„.__....-.112(J  Madura,.'Sara.   Union  Bank  Bidg..._.. . : 2848  RIdgway-Wilson.   Lieut. -CoI.„_..........~..n'lmont   House  Moore,   Charles,  CSESTOK  ..............  Crcston.  B    C  PENTICTON  Swan   A   Augustine   _ _    r-eniicton  BUILD  DOLPHINS  FOR  BRIDGE  PROTECTION  / Following the formal sanction of  plans prepared by City Engineer Fel-  lowes for the erection of two protecting dolphins for the Granville street  bridge swing span, by the civic board  of works last Tuesday, an early start  is to be made on this work by the  city engineer's department. Owing to  frequent fluctuations in the cost of  material and labor as well as the  nature of the work—some of which is  required to be done at certain stages  of the tide, City Engineer Fellowes  had practically decided to do the work  by day labor. The construction of the  dolphins is expected to coat close to  120,000.  You Should  Know  as much, fibout contemplated  projects aa your competitor does.  Keep fully informed by means of  tho  verified  news  of  Building & Engineering  eorUractM obtainable through the .  dse of MacLean Daily Reports.  These Reports Kiva you real,  worth-while information Jit small  expense, enabling- your salesmen  to concentrate on "live" prospects. We are serving hundreds  of the more aggressive houses  •rory ye%r—why  not you?  Write for full information.  HsYcXtamn Daily Report*, Limited.  213 Winch Bldg-., Vancouver, B.C.  Telephone—Seymour 2013.  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE LTxSO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING    CO.  Phono Sey. 316 516 P«nd��r W.  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  61S GRANVILLE ST.  SEY. 29«8  SOUTH VANCOUVER  SOUTH VANCOUVER-  PERMITS  —The total  total of authorized building construction for the year so far well past the  million mark. There were 159 permits issued by City Building Inspector Bird's department during April as  compared with 121 permits of an aggregate value of $206,840 in April,  1919. So far this year there has been  582 permits issued of a total value of  $1,162,003, which shows a big Increase  on the amount of building for the first  four months of last year when the 383  permits aggregated $469,860.  ing the month of April is §37,180.  TIME  EXTENDED  FOR  CLOSING   ROAD  TENDERS  Announcement is made by the provincial department of public works  that the time for receiving tenders for  the construction of the Revelstoke  West road, which originally was to  close on May 3, has now been extended until f> pjmj on May 17. Notice to  this effect also appears elsewhere in  this issue.  acLean  REPORTS  V=^?s~^&-  PARCEL POST  RATES of POSTAGE on parcels mailed in the  PROVINCE  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Devey  Robertson  Engmeeis and Constructors  inspections, Design, Reports, Construction  industrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   Piers.      Power   Plants  .   Industrial  Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  «f)2YORKSHIRE BLDG.    SEY.9217  Addressed to—          11 lb (2 lbs|3 lbs|4 lbs  111          1  5 lbs  6 lbs  :7 lbs  1          1          1          1  |8 lbs|9 lbs|10 1b|ll lb  1,1          1  Any  post oliice  within   1          1          1  20   miles*,   Including            J  place   of   mailing 1?  .051? ,06[$ .07  $  .08  $  .10  $  .,2  ?  .14  $   .16  $  .18  1  $  .20|J  .22  Any  post  office  beyond  1          j          I  20   miles,   but  within  |          II  tlie  Prov.   of  British  |          1          1  Columbia    1    .101    .14     .18  .22  .26  .30  .34  .38  .42  .46  .51  Any   post  office, in   Al-'.J  _   -  .10|    .10  .22  .28  .34  .40  .4G  .52  .58  .64  .71  Any post office iii Sas- I  katchewan      1  .12|    .20  .28  1  .3H|     .44  .52  .60  .68  .76  .84  ,!i:  Any~post"office in Manitoba    ;   .12|     .24  .34  .44  .54  .64  .74  .84   M  1.08  1.04  1.20  1  _iii.  Any  post office  in  Ontario, Quebec or Maritime Provinces     .12|    .24  1          1  I          1  .36|     .481     .GO  1          1  '.72  .84  .96  1.3'  Yukon Territory summer  rates,  .June  until Sep-  .10  .16  .22  .281     .34  .40  .46  J>2  .58  .64,     .7  Yukon Territory winter!          I          |          )  rates,   October    untill          I         I         [  Iw-ov'triniiiKlvi. 1     .121     .241     .301  .481  .00  I  !  .•S!i  .!)«!  i o's  l.20|   1  "  foi^:^/lv^Y 'BUSINESS.   Tlie  maximum  clinrKo  on   any   parcel  sliiiTT not  w>  •This rate also obtains in cases where the  ^o-mii'-  Jacent  Province.  >(]   \   i-fiu   tin   oiinci  iu-'-!i   "xtenrts  into   nn  will be interested inknow-  that in our modernly  equipped Loose Leaf Department we carry a complete  stock of high grade binders and systems which cover every possible  requirement of business and professional accounting and record keeping.  Call and inspect our line before you place  your order. From the smallest pocket  memo to the complete loose leaf ledger  outfit you will find the  DefuxeTine,  Loose Leaf Binders  and Systems  supreme In quality, convenience  and efficiency  The DeLuxe, a Ready-to-Use Systems for  Banks, Department Stores, General Merchants, Public Offices, Manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estate Men,  Hotels, Hospitals, Traveling Salesmen, Insurance Men and many others—are practical and efficent time savers.  In our Manufacturing Department we make  special sheet iorrnt and indexes, td suit the  special requirements of your business.  We make no charge for our special service in designing ana planning thesp forms.  |  i  s  1  i  I  s  F. W. White   W. Peng ell v    r. Roberts  R. A. F. MOTOR TRANSFER  HEAVY   HAULING   FOR.CONTRACTORS  FURNITUR^,   BACOAGE  AND   EXPRESS  SEYMOUR   39B4  4ti  Howe st.  Fraser t73 U i  soso fraser St.  Office, Sey. 7075 Res., Fair. 2138L .  J. H. HEALEY  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses fitted few the relief of ill  kinds of eye strain and nervous  headache.  823 Blrka Bldgr. Yaoc*UT«r, B. C.  J.   P.   HODOION r.   T.   KINO  it., m, rs»r. o. *>.  WM.  O.  MARBL.C  .m. n. i. c.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  J.  dtersbon.   Manager  floor's laid AND old FLOORS REF.'NISHED  929 Fender St. W. Say. 9201  Kes. Phone: Worth Van. 848  Fairview Sand  & Gravel Co.7  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  You should have our complete Loose Leaf  Catalog. It is free for tha asking.  n        i  LIMSTED  S72GrnnvIlle St.  M^iffliSiim  li|lll^iflWSW«lw?iil.:iiS'll  J. Hanbury & Co  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St  Bayview ;i.076 ^^.•^777.Y7Y7..:  -._., :^u7^Yi4j.-^^.t^^*•'i^'^-^^^^^^^Y^^^YY^^^^^  i'^w. i„u!^i4.  ... t  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECQRB  *"*>•  K!  LANG  ELECTRIC FIXTURE  Company  We have the most exclusive  fixtures artistically designed,  made in our own factory and  displayed in our dark show  room which will give you the  right idea how they will appear in your.home.  You are respectfully invited to  Inspect Our Selection  " Oir Fixtures 6tvt the Right Finish-  Ib| Touch to Yur Homi."  Industrial Island  Sey. 8793  STRAIGHT  LOANS  _—i—_o»    .-'  .  MONTHLY_LOANS  DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 PradtrBt. ▼.  VMOWB BSTKOVm 790-791  m  ATTIC   ROOMS TO   HELP ;  HOUSING CONGESTION  Housing congestion is so acute that  the finishing of attic 'rooms is deceiving attention by Chicago building authorities, especially by Building, Commissioner Bostrom. it is estimated  that'there are in Chicago about 180,-  000-attic rooms, which can be finished  and made livable, accommodating  200,000 . lodgers. If these rooms are  finished and made attractive at an  average cost of $000 each and rented  for an average of. $10 per month, the  gross return would represent 20 per  cent, on the investment, the total investment  being $108,000,000.  While housing laws do not permit  tlie cooking or living Quarters in* the  third story of frame buildings, in  Avhicli most of these rooms would  exist, they might permit of sleeping  quarters and the rental would'be very  modest. The rooms could be properly finished and insulated so that they  may not be too hot in summer or too  cold in winter and halfway measures  in remodelling .them will not be profitable in the long run. If adequately  done, they will assist the permanent  resident in meeting higher rent problems and will help relieve the - present congestion. The question of finishing attic rooms may be profitably  considered by other cities.  WESTERN SPECIALTY  LIMITED  Everything For the Office  /'SERVICE WE GIVE IT "  THE   BUILDING   MATERIAL  SITUATION  One of Vancouver's prominent: architects tells this story which he says is  not original except as he applies it to  the building supply /situation: "When  water becorffes ice," asked the teacher, "what is the great change that  takes place?" "The greatest change,  ma'am," said the bright pupil, "is the  change in price.'1  Stock the Splendid  Standard Looso:  Lear Devices'  De Luxe LeJ^er  De Luxe Solid Fbst Binders  Style H.& J. Sheet Holders  PASTE   THIS   ON   YOUR   DESK  Here is something for all professional men to paste on their desks:  "The artist or the professional man  who sells his services for hire is precisely on the same plane as the mechanic who sells his services'for hire, in  that respect., The quality and value  of his services may be different, but  he cannot obtain the compensation to  which the services are entitled by individual negotiations, except in rare  instances; for the sale of service is .no  part of his professional training, but  is a distinct business transaction having no bearing upon, the service itself."—Building Review. New Orjeaiis.  A  REAL SALESMAN,  One'who is loved by his fellow-  men.  WANTED  2'i,'!82-  23383-  233S4-  23385-  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  Following  16 a Complete List of New  Automobile  Licenses  Recorded for  Vancouver and   District.  »  233G4—Bogar'clus, "Wickens, I>fd., Burnaby   L,ake,—Chevrolet  Tour.  23365—J. F. Hall. 207 3rd St., "N. V.—  Gray-Dort Toiir.  23366—R. V. Aves, '125 DufTeriri St:—•  Chevrolet  Tour"  233G7—G? G. Barons, 93G 22nd'W.—McLaughlin  Tour.  233CS—S, XT. Johnston, Vancouver "Hotel  —Dodge Tour.; ' , v     ,j,  23309—Punja'h Tra'dinf,' Co., '519 Powell'  St.—Traffic Truck.  93370—F. N. Talt. 19G2, 1st XV.—-Dodtje  Tour.  23371—C. A. Crosllne, 1110 Jervls St.—  Cadillac;   Tour.  23372—F. Hopcott, Ladner. B. C.—  Dodfje  Tour.  23373—E. I). Dowler. 3790 Alexandra-  Chevrolet Tour. •-■,■■'•,  23371—J. B. Kloepfer, 1G41 Dunhar St.  •—Mupp.   Tour.  23375—\j. jr. "\Valsworth, Jubilee Station—Harroun   Tour.  _,  23370'—Joe    Hopcott,    Ladrieri'    B.   : C—  •  Dodge  Tour. ,  23377—Shelly Bros.. 10th & Ash St.—  Ford   Truck.  2337S—J.  V.    Borrie,     952     Pender E.—  Ford  Tour.  23379—B.    Troves,   4459   Queens   Ave.—  McLaughlin   Tour.  233S0—T.    Shiels,    2005    Williams   St.—  Overland  Tour.  233S1—Simpson. Balkwell. -01 Powell St.  — Ford Coupe.  -N.    Tulk.    1712    17 th    Ave.   W.—  Cole  Road.  •Mrs.    A.    Brereton,    222S   Powell  St.—Chevrolet   Tour.  Van.   Co.-Operative  Hoc   41   Pender • W.—Ford Truck.  D.   M.   Webster,   Eburne,   B. C—  Dodge  Tour.  233S6—L.    Chick,    22S    Front    E.—Ford  Truck. '  233S7—XV. A.  Manford,  586 Richards St.  '—Hudson   Tour.  233SS—R.   M.   Maitland. ,1076   Nicola  St.  —Hupp.  Tour.  233S9—Terminal City  Motor,   1200 Geor-  .-■-:■     gia   W.—iMcLaughlin. Sedan:,  •'  23390—Thos.    Jeremy,     363S   2nd'    W.—  Chevrolet  Tour.'  23391—N.   II.   Bover,   1044   Melville   St.—  Ford   Tour.  23392—Vancr.   Drug   Co..   4S5   Hastings  VV.—Ford  Truck. ,  .  23393—Mrs.  S. M. AVilden. 4305  10th  W.      —Reo  Tour.  23394—Northern Transrer Co., New-  West.—Giant  TrucK. ,  23395—XV7 Calden 73 Water St.—Veiie  : Tour. ' ■  2339G—E. Farrell. 442 Robson St.—Reo  Truck.  23397—Sloan & Harrison, New Westr—  TrafTic  Truck.  2339S—J. A. Knox, 540 Helmicken St.—  Chandler Tour.  23399—F. E. Domorest, Sardis, B. C.-r-  Hupp.   Truck.  234 00—T. Harris, Burnaby, B. C.—Chevrolet  Truck.  23401—N. A. Lougheed. 2495 Pt. Grey  ltd.-—Pope   Tour,  23402—G. E. Hancox, S50 Hastings W.—  Dodge Tour.  23403—G. : Ironsides, . 1210 .Tervis St:r-  Ford  Tour.  23404—E. G. Powell. 2434 3rd XV.—McLaughlin  Tour. :--. .'•:;;  23405—M. K. Fullerton. 533 Granville  —Dodge Tour. '.;.'   *    '     .  2340G—Alberni Poultry Supply Co.-—  Dodge   Truck. ...■' . ! -  234 07—Dom.   Specialty'  Co.,   305   Cambie  -       St.—Ford  Torpedo. 1  234OS—J.  E. Benning,  4 2  Carolina Court  \ —McLaughlin  Road. t  23409— W. A. Groat, 2109 Granville St..  —Ford   Truck.        •; •      ■ -.  •  33410—H. Day, Mission, B. C.—Standard  Truck.'  11-TON MODEL  IN RESPONSE TO A GROWING DEMAND FOR RAPID DELIVERY GARFORD HAS BROUGHT  TOGETHER ALL OF THEIR EXPERIENCE AND MANUFACTURING SKILL IN PRODUCING  THIS   I <4-TON MODEL.  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY—ONE  TO TEN-TON CAPACITIES.     .  Motor  Service   Limited  George   A. Sabourln,  Manager  B.C. DISTRIBUTORS  1105 GRANVILLE  ST  PHONE SEY. 4192  VANCOUVER, B. C.  MORAL FOR ADVERTISERS    *  Metal    Wks:-  Styie A. Aluminum Holder  De Luxe Rin$ Books  Tha services of a competent superintendent of construction capable Of looking: after two or three small traildlng-s,  securing* estimates, measurinf? up work,  etc.    Only competent reliable men with  Brood    references   need    apply,    Box 95,  233G1—C.   S.    McKee.     1200  Eocord. 629 Pender Street. West. Chevrolet  Tour.  -Max-  23357—Terminal    Sheet  Ford Tour.   ...  2335S—E.  Bickstrom,   New  West.  well Tour. ■ "'    j  23359—XV.  W. YuilJ,  20th. &-Commercial  .    * Dr.—Chevrolet   Tour. '-  233G0—F.   V.   Travis,   Newton   Station—  Chevrolet  Tour.  15 th  XV.—  Have you heard the story of  ; ,the two frogs in the can of milk?  It seems that the one who. first >  : gave up, sank and,was drowned.  The other =kept kicking until the ,  . butter.came, upon which he jump-  .ed out.   The m.oral is, a pointed .  one   for   advertisers   and   is   a  striking .illustration  of . the   results that.,will come to the man ■ !  ..who keeps, at it. '  #   ■       * * + *.»* * *4  A DUNHAM SYSTEM of HEATING  means-more than just a boiler, pipe an*  fittings. It embodies careful design - and  planning to give the utmost heatlnff satisfaction. . -        -  •     Dunham     Heating     Service    covers     the  supervision   and   inspection   of   installation.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY,Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.   O.   BBISON,  Managrer  Phone Sey.  S057    425  Standard  Bank Bldg.  BINDERS FOR ANY SHEET  SHEETS FOR ANY BINDER  WESTERN SPECIALTY  , LIMITED  572 GRANVILLE ST.  Bankers Safes  Fireproof Safes  Safe Deposit Boxes  Bankers Vault Doors  Fireproof Vault   Doors  Security  MADE BY —  Steel    Safes  goldie & Mcculloch Co., Ltd.  GALT, ONTARIO, CANADA  ILLUSTRATED CATALOG MAILED ON REQUEST BY  C. L. FORD  Representative for B. C.  SEYMOUR 3907  509 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  rsss  UUUm».».U...t    »M.M.».f.»...i'.»A»AmH'.m  l«.«H.^WMA»ttmtLUtmi.l  %  .1.4.+++*+4.+**++**++++*'M"**+*****+++**++**+***+***^^^  VANCOUVER'S   NEW   INDUSTRY  ■-¥  I Make Your Basement Floor and Walls  i    Dustless, Waterproof and Sanitary  BY USING  I  i CURO hardening LIQUID and iivIPERIVIEAwaterproofing LIQUID  mil Particulars and  Information on Application  *  *  *  Manufactured by  The B.C. IMPERWIEALITE Co., Ltd.  FACTORY Fairview  *  *  *  *  4-  *  *  *  4-  *  t  t  t  I  I  *  A  i«  1  f  A  A  t  t  i  i  f  '  t  f  :  >'  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  Fire Proof •  Easy to Handle  No Cutting    ■  Little Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes  5'/l:"xS"xllK'" 5Vo"x8"x534"  5'V'x4"xlll4" 5VV'xrx5%":  21„^"xS"x5V1j" Corner and Jambs  -rxS"x')»/o"    (Pilaster  Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong Piers and Jambs.  Load Bearing .  Proportioned  Can > be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PAINTING  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be made from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers .ol. Fire Clay in  British Columbia.  Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.      J  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LI3VS1TED        Y  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. C.      ; . ,   r;..  Apply for quotations to  EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone : Sey. 9260   ......               M  H»"- _.-...'_......__ ~~.~»^r——v.«•»—»<s!Ea"fl>"»>*•■■«-:•;  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You in  With a Reliable Firm  I  tmmffWFwrmrw^MWFmwfWfwrmwr^mxR  ABOXXTXCTUBAXi   Brans. Coloman A Et*bi, Ltd.....  0;Stl\, Wm. K. Co.. Ltd ™_.„  ■Utehl* Contr. * Sup. Co.. Ltd..——.   ..M*t7 SJ88"  „ii.JSej'.  4795  l_..j»w. »iei  A8BK8TOS PAPX»  Taylor, Engineering- Co..  Ltd....   ..Sey. 8680  ▲SP9LAX.T PXX.T  The   Barrett  Co!;   tlhilted.._:................... ......Day.   6JJ  -.'.Crane. Coleman*: trans, Ltd........ _.._„Sejr. »88  PieUJe   Boofl'ni' Co.,' Ltd;:..!.: ...._...........~_8«>. 1188  Wood, Valiance * Leggat...... „..........„...Sejr. T200  ABPKAX.T   PITCH  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited. - -Bay.    63  ttclflo  Boofln*   Co.,   Ltd  _..-_„.Sajr. 1188  AUTOMOBXX-E   nrSTTBAWCB  Canadian   Surety   Co. —— -—Sey- 539  Ceperley, Bounfcfell A Co..... :..:.—;...._.„.Sey.:> T820  .     ;88ATB»;BO^|Ui(,',;,^':^  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited...... :...........:...—Bay.   68  IteGibbon-HodiMn   Lumber   Co  :. -Fair. 1659   '■■■:    B-OVB VBZBTS  ;   Cily  Map  A  White  Print  Co ..—.„8ey. ««93  Dominion Blue Print Co —...Sey. 3*»f-«T0  BOBBS—S-OBZTT  Gaaadian   Surety  Co _... . —~—Stj. 55»  Caperlry, Bouuaefell * Co...:...... ——~._8wr. 7820  BftA^M IMairiBOS  ■Tmrr.   Bobinaon "ft"   Blr'sl-.-. _ —8*y. 3112  SBXOK—AX.X. KX»»« ^. mm  •rata. Coleman * Emm, Ltd...--.-..::—■■■-?&*; ***  •: dilley, nW!7:U&~....-- _„ii-^..... Wesc- 15-16  f}:Neil.YHMYti; CS:. : Ltd.-._...--^:v::~„-..-.-S** 4T95  ! »tteWe Cb'ritr. ^;?Hup. Co., Ltd. ...i.i.::-:__^Se-/.: »162  attte^iaf *' Mwdpuijn.   :  J8ejrv9167  ,- BJIICX BEPGstSf -. -  ''.  fjebtioii ShalCProduct*. Ltd.■-■■■■■-■:^:.„r... JittfcWT.  ■:v BUHJMB» FBI.TS aunfc: **JMp« ■ ■  r-. the ■ BarreiiSco:;  Limited :,.....„;.;..-...J|ey.-. 6S  '   Bran*. CoJiSigi « EranaV Ltd.—.,,...+..-^~&i:298S.  MoGibbbririHodffbn   Lumber   Co.....:-:-:-..--~JMirv 18S9  6>S«$"Wm777S. Co.. Ltd..-: :._.i^-^^«8er;-; JT95  Sttcfctif: IfcKMacdoua-aH : ——a:. j^-^Sex ;tl87  , Woo^VtHaiice 7*7. Eesgat. „..„^.....^.i~.:^8«v:\I200  ■  :-v ;iB^fBiOM^«Y, ibs-cbabcb ^ „  ttned^r BurtftjJJo:  ...............,.y.r.;™_..:.:~:i8*y. 559  \:;'"i^£liJafip||*B»»^  s. OiWMl-el Co.'.....;.....-..............; i—.-.•>*>• ■-•"•5.1  Ba1n> Brot.  Bairtnr; Outhrie, ft Co.-  .;!;„„...: _....:..Sey. 838.  ^„;.::..^.'^:-'»MTr«S7»:  Irana. Coleman -ft-B»ana, Ltd. „l...^....siy. 2988  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd.- ..——.--i..—Sey. 4T95  Bltefti* Contr. ft Bup. Co.. Ltd—..-..---..--a**.; »162  ijD>   AaUM-nBO  Sey. 2199  Sey. I8S6-  ..jilr. 3821*  .._.„_lswv4TS*  ABIO   .   Sey.  2988  Sey. 4T95   aCTOl  1Braia. Caleman ft. K»«na.;:,t«.d.^  '•-."'":-':^....:«ii  . e..: |. Cunwuea ft.  Denlnlon: Blue .Print Co.  (EX.BCTBXC)  „ ...Sey. 9167  Sey. 10W  JONr-v'^.  -^_:.& Sey. 1SST  ........_ ....-Bay. 8202  rft SUPPLIES  .^i„;—-..i^-Ser;  249T-467C!  •DBTTrTiir; tvm¥fiTr--rl   SUBCTBIO .  I^rMB,.,irtmnk ft Co.^. ^....^-.Sey.  4100:4101  Tfee :Uohlan .Co.. Ltd.  ..Se.--.9i 07  _.Sey.  1065  BXBCTBZCAI.  COHTBACT0B8  ■ Bi'.N...Dicer   &   Co Sey. 824  Electric   Contr.   A   Repairing   Co...... _.. Hey. 7935  fetifeihs   Electric   Co.,   Ltd............... : Sey. 95l2  ifiindy,   BoWjirid  ft   Co -..   ,Si>y.'-354  Reliable Electric Co.    ...- Sty. 4fit>0  Hlchardson   Electric   Co. - Sey. 8696  Tho   Electric. Shop Sey. 1224  Tlie Jarrfi-, Electric Co..  Ltd ..Sey. 175  E&ECTBXC FXXTUBZfl  Farr.    Robinson   ft'   Bird. ..:..„.-....- Sey. 3312  Ling   Electric   Fixture   Co..._ _...Sey. 8793  EZ.ECTBICAZ.  MFOBS.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co.   — Sey. 1878  EI.ECTBICAX.   BEFIBIBO  ■ Reliable' Electric Co.   ..._.„......._.........•...'.-.....—...Sey. 46»0  E&ECTBXCAK SUPFX.XE8  B.   C.   Electric     ........._..——--....—...Sc.v. 5000  Darling," Fraak ft Co: .._—.,:.;.......„;-Sey.  4100-4101:  Tho   Eleictric   Shop-1.........-.......-^ .....-..-.._..—Sey. -122*  The Jarvls Electric Co.,  Ltd  -.._ Sey/ 175  Jenkins   Electric   Co.,„ Ltd   Sey. 9512  Mundy,  Bowlaiid, a Co'......; _._.—. „.....„...,„ Sey. .354  Bankin    ft   Chcrrill  Sey. 7600-01  Richardson  Electric   Co.      ;- —Sey. 8696  Ritchie , ft ; if*cdouga)I:. ....4..vi..._..:.-..:....—..->ey. • 9167  EtSiCTBXC SUFniBg^-WBOLXIALE  Rankin    ft .Cherrill.— _.. ...Sey. 7600-01  EXj EVA YOBS  Darling. Frank ft Co.....—.._..u......_.—-Sey.  4100-4101  ELEVATOR CABS ABB EBCI.OSUBES  S. M.  Morris ft Co., Ltd.—.——.-.—; —Bay.   104S  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd...   Sey.   4795  Ritchie. Contr.  *-.Sup.  Co., Ltd   Sey. 9162  ' EBCXOStnUB  Artistic': Wire, ft.ilron   Works - Fair. 264S  Pearson Wire', ft'. Iron Wks  -Fair.  2791  EBT6KBBS—SEMX-BEXS»  BEATXBO—BOT    AIB,    STEAM    ABB  ▼EBTXX.ATXB&  Bailey,   E.   A. — —.-..Sey.    136  Birr  & Anderson.   Sey.   6180  Campbell &■, Grill... — Soy.  2981  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works —Soy.    620  C.  A.   Dunham   Co:.  Ltd   _  Soy. 8057  Murray   Bros.   Ltd.— - Sey. 8614  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   yVks.   Ltd.— ....Sey.   2172  Ritchie   A   Macdougall ....—>. Sey. 9167  Vancouver. Shoot   Metal   Co.,   Ltd —Sey. 7347  HOXSTXBO   EBOZBES  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.  Co., Ltd _ —Soy.  9162  Taylor   Engineering  Co..   Ltdr... Sey. 3680  XBSUBABCE  Ceperley, Ronnsefell A: Co...._ : Sey;  7820  XBTEBIO&   FINISH  Evans,  Coltman  & Evans, Ltd Sey. 2988  O'Neil; Wm. N.  Go;, Ltd... —Sey. 4795  Ritchie Coutr.  ft Sup.  Co.. Ltd..—..... .—.Sey: 9182  XBOB  AND   STEEI—STBUCTVBtaU.;  Can. N. W. Steel Co., Ltd _ —..-.-Fair.- 2396^7  MXMEOOBAPKIBO f PLASTER—ORNABTJ:BTAL  Central    rublic    Stonogrnphors Sey. 307S    1{nl,<    »'«* ••;••- -••■- 9«S. 838  Evans.   Coleman   &  Evans, Ltd... Sey.   S9SI  BTXNINO  ENGINEERS  Walsh   &  Co.,  T.  A Sey. 473?  MOTOBS  B.   C.   Electric , .—.... Sey. 5000  Mundy,   Rowland   ft, Co. —  „. Sey.    354  Reliable   Electric   Co.   .__..„ .—....... —.i>o/.  4(!tS0  Richardson   Electric   Co.   .; .- ..Sey. SfiOS  Tho  Jarvis Electric   Co..   Ltd  ';. St-y   175  MOTOB   TRUCKS  Oarford    Trucks     ,—...'., Sey. 4192  Motor  Service.   Ltd.    - „ Sey. 4192  Brux.TiaBAPH.iNa  Central  Public  Stenographers  ..—. _. Sey. 5078  OFFZCE AND  STOBS  rXTTXNOS  John  Arnol  & Sons  :   .....High.    371  E.   Chrystal   &  Co.   ..,.: —.....  —Soy. W51  Dixon  & Murray.———  „ Sey.  8705-8766  OFFICE SUPPLIES  A. ' Hazeldlne   Prtg.    Co _ Soy. 316  Coughlan, J.  & Sons.......ZZ-III-..„„.Sey1  7940   Western   Specialty Ltd. —..........: Sey. 3526  Evans, Coleman  A Evans. Ltd -—.Sey;   2983      PAZNTXNO   AND   PAPEB   HANOINO  S. M. Morris ft Co., Ltd -. —  ...Bay;   1043 ' p.   J.   Curumlns&Co........—„ ._.  ..Soy.  1337  ...Sey. 3680  ...Sey. 4738   Sey. 316   Sey. 3526  Taylor Engineering;.Co..  Ltd .......   SBOXNEBB*  Taylor. Bngineeririg: Co..  Ltd Sey. 3680  IValsh  ft Co.,  T. "A...— —;   XBaRAVBBS  A. Hazeldlne    Prtg,. Co   Western  Spcclajlty-^d.    .,   ..:■;; B3KCATATXBTO  1. Hanbury *_Cp,.:„.  Bay. 107  "      '. FEBCJBS AID  OATES  Pearson- Wire .ft; Iron Wks _„ Fair.   2794  Y.-TiMB CLAY  Balfour. Guthrie ft. Co....—  Sey, 9197-6575  Btaiia,' Colemjp;* E'»"s- Lt'i 9e>-  2988  Oilley Bros.; Ltd. —.—  - West.  15-16  O'Neil. Wm.  N; Co.. Ltd - — —Sey.   4795  RitchieTCbntr. ft- Slip. Co.. Ltd —Sey. 9162  FXBE  B8CAPE8  S. M. Morris ft Co., Ltd — _  Bay.  104S  PXmiB BXTlNOtTISBBRS  Ritchie   ft  Macdougall...— —....... Sey. «167  FXBE: BOOBS B  KETAIi WINDOWS  :b; C; 'Celling:* Booting Co...Ltd...-..—-1—#alr. 1267  FXBE  EXTZNOUIBBER SYSTEMS, .  Barr  ft  Anders6n.. .—..— —..~-..-...iiey; "6180  PLOOBZNO-^ HABDWOOD  B. C. Hardwood Floor. Co., Ltd..----—-—.Bay. 1287  Irilay: Hardwood Floor Co.—-._.;-:.,-——v—-Sey. 9201  O'Neil, Wm. N. Co.V Ltd.:..---—;.i~.----...-..Sey. 4795  J. Fyfe Smith" ft Co., Ltd..—.———-Sey. 1198  FOBOXBOS  Westminster Iron Works—„_—..._.l—^J—.West.. 53    ;/'--. SALYANISINa  T^'Watt Iron ft Gait.  Works .... —Fair.  971  GAS  APPLIANCES  Ritchie   *.. Macdougall.. ..,,——.———-£e*. ,9167  Vaiicoiiver Gas  Co.  .....-.-—.——  —Sey. 5000  OLA8S-—ALL BINDS  Grant.   J.-A :—:.„:-—._ '. — Filr. 3491 L  W.   Holt.   Glass   Dealer   _���;.... .-.^Fair. 1238  O'Neil,  VVm.  N.  Co., Ltd...:..>.-—.' Sey.   4795  Pilklngton   Bros.   —.—— -- - Sey. 4160  O'Neil,  Wm. N. Co., Ltd.. _..._ —.—.Soy.  4795  Ritchie'Contr;,& Sup.  Co.. Ltd.. — —Sey.  9162  T. Watt Iron ft-Galv.  Works  ——Fair.   971  Westminster Iron Works :y_ :—West. .53 *-*»»« ao—uomi-   r  ^^•^^^J^'l^^-^^^^i^^l^   T"«   B4"1-'"   Co-   "n'Uud...-. '.— Bay.  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire ft' Iron Works — ...Fair.  2648  Evans,  Coleman  ft Evans.  Ltd   Sey.   2S88  S. M: Morris ft Co., Ltd Bay.  1043  O'Neil. Wm. .V.  Co.. Ltd _  ooy.  4795 ;Taylor   Kmrlnocrinu   Co.  Pearson Wire-ft Iron Wks  *"-'-   """"  Dixon   &   Murray   ...— ...— Sey. 87 65-8766  PAINTS—FIBE-PBOOP  O'Neil,  Will.  N.  Co., Ltd...;———.——V.Sey.   4795  PAINTS—DAMP PBOOF  63  Sey.  2981  Evans,   Coleman & Evans, Ltd.- . . Sey.   2988  O'Noll.  Wm.  N.  Co,  Ltd—...; ..—...Sej.   4795  Ritchie   A   MaedouBall..—:_——..—._——.—Sey. 9167  Campbell  & Grill.—...  _ -Fair.   2791   Sey. 9162   Fair.   971    Weat.  .13   Sey.   7200  HABDWABE  Brown.  Fraser ft Co., Ltd..-- —  Fiett. jr; a;'  ..Sey.  7155  Taylor Engineering Co.,  Ltd.... ; ■-  Wood.. Valiance ft.Leggat-  ..Sey.   2327-2328  ..,.,—Sey.   7200  HARDWOOD LUMBER  „8ey. 3680 *• Fyf* Smith ft Co., Ltd. —..—....,—Sey. 1196  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup. Co.. Ltd   T.  Watt Iroti ft Galv. Works   Weatrai'mer Iron Works _  Wood,   Valiance ft Leggat _...  INSULATION  Taylor Engineering  Co ,   Ltd   Sey. 3680  BIAXSOMXNINO  C.  J.  Cummins, ft. Co   Sey.. 1337  Dixon  ft Murray _...Sey.  8765-87M  LATH—METAL    .  Evans,   Coieman   &  Evans,   Ltd  Sey. 2988  O'Neil,   Wm.  N. Co.,  Ltd Sey. 4795  Ritchie  Contr.   ft. Sup.   Co.,   Ltd J— ....Sey. 9162  Ritchie   &   Macdougall   —  .....Sey. 9167  LIME  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co _  Sey. 9197-6576  Evans. Coleman ft Evans. Ltd _  Sey.  298S  Gllley Bros.. Ltd _  West.  15-16  Northwest   Lime   Co.     Sey. 6191-2  O'Neil. Wm. N.  Co.. Ltd....—.— -. Sey.   4795  Koscbank   Lime    Co....: '._.—  —Sey. 9167  Ritchie.   3:   T7 A;'.._.-..-. —— ..—....-—.-..Sey. 9167  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup. Co:, Ltd.—-———Sey. »i62  ''LUMBER',":'   . :7±  Federal.Lumber Co._. —..———Se»^  3998-3999  McGIbbon-Hodgsoh    Lumber ' Co. .—.Fair. 1659  Vancouver   Lumber   Co.,   Ltd... _..._ .l'air..9JS-;9.  ■" '  MACBXBXBY  Brown,   Fraser   &   Co.,   Ltd....: ——.Sey. 7155  Darling,   Frank ' ft  Co.   .—;■— —Sey.   4100-4101  O'Neil.   Wm.   N.    Co.>   Ltd.. ;—.:.;—Sey. 4795  Ritchio   Contr/  ft" Sup.   Co.,   Ltd...———-.Sey. 9162  Ritchie    ft.  Macdougall   — „.„.. . Soy. 9167  Taylcr Engineering. Co.,  Ltd.   -  -Sey. 3680  The nolden C6-.  Ltd.-.—-—'. —„:.—..—Sey.  1065  A'alsh   A Co..   T.   A;.-——,—.  Bsy. 4738  .   '.-:■■:.  MACHINE-WORK  Westminster Iron Works———y..„—......-—West.. 53  MANTELS—BRICK.  TILE AND WOOD  Evans,  Coleman  & Evans,  Ltd  — ...Sey.' 2988  O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd..—-  -Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.'ft Sup. Co., Ltd.—- —_.Sey. 9162  Ritchie   &   Macdougall      :S«y. 9107  Ltd..— ...— ;.,... Sey.  3680  PAINTS—ARCHITECTURAL  Hunter -Henderson  Paint Co.,  Ltd.——Sey. 6110  PAINT MFOR8.  Ayres   Varnish   &   Paint -Co.— „—......—Jlixh.  192S  Hunter-riciiderson   1'ilirt  Co.,  Ltd  Sey.  6110  Martin-Senour   Co.,    Ltd.     _..... : High.'   422  Pilklngton   Bros _ :  —._—.... .Sey. 4160  PAPER  Smith. Davidson & Wright. Ltd .._ Sey.  95U  PARTITXON—PIREPROOP  Evans,   Coleman  &  Evans,  Ltd.  s— — Sey. 298S  Ritchie Coutr.  ft  Sup.   Co., Ltd. . .*, Sey.  9162  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall   —.— _   .Soy. 9167  -PARTITION   WIRE  Artistic   Wire   ft   Iron   Works.— .; -—Fair. 2i»('  Pearson Wire ft Iron WUs..__. . .Fair.   2794  PATTERNS  Westminster Iron Works  .,...— —_. 1... West.      53  PIG IRON AND TIN  IlalfRour.   Guthrie   &   Co _ —Sey. ■ 9/97-0575  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, Ltd ._.——.Sey.  293  FILXNO   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Co. —.—...——.Sey:; 3998-3909  Joe   iA-rxire..,,.,....,,,:,;,-—".- ,-.-,.. ,-..—Y. .High. 148  TT PILE DRIYXNO  "LEyan»,-!,Coleman &  Evans.  Ltd —. —Sey.   2988  Fraser *River   Pile   Dr.   Co..——. ._ -Sey. 4404,  PIPE   COVERING  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd. —.Sey. 36S0  PIPE—SEWER  Evans,  Coleman  & Evans,  Ltd — -Sey. 29S8  GUley Bros.,  Ltd...—.— .— —...West.   15-18  BUchle Contr. ft Slip., Co.. Ltd . .Sey.  9163  PLASTER  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co .-.i.„ .:Sey. 9197-6575  Evans. .Coloman & Evans, Ltd -Sey.   29S8  .Gllley Bros..  Ltd  _~  ...West.  15-16  d'Neil, ■', Wm.   N.    Co.."   Ltd.— "- —Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.  Go..-'L'td. ;: Sey. 9162  . PLASTER  BOABD  Evans.  Coleman & Evans, itd  ;—Sey.   2988  O'Neil.  Wra.  N.  Co., Ltd.—   Sey.   4755  Ritchie  Contr.   & SurC- Co.." .Ltd...i_..-:. Sey. 9162  : PLASTERINa   CONTRACTORS  llain   Bros.     _ _.:  Sey. 83S  Rush   &   Road   ...'.. :...   Bay. 3370  PLASTER  PARTITION BLpCKS  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Evan's,  Coleman ft: Evans. Ltd.. — :_-.Sey. ,2988   Evans.  Coleman ft'Evans.  Ltd _ Sey. 20S8  O'Noll, Win.  N.   Co., JJd....  — Sey.   4798  Ritchie Contr.  A  Sup. «^>., Ltd   Sey. 9161  PLUMBING  Uailey.   E.   A.     -.Bey.    138  Barr   &   Anderson    — — „.S«y. 6188  r'Brown.   \\\   A.,    Limited:— —Sey.    770  Central   Sheet   Metal ,Works   —Sey,    P2«  Murray   Bros.   Ltd..  —- .  Sey. 8014  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Darling.  Frank  &  Co -  Sey.  4100-4101"  The Holden  Co..   Ltd  —.—Sey. .1085-  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C.   A.   Dunham  Co.,   Ltd   -Bey,  80JT  Ritchio   A   .Macdougall   ..._ _ _ Srj. 9167  Taylor  EngiueerlnK   Co..   Ltd   Sey. 3CS0-  PRINTERS  A. Hazeldino    Prtg.    Co.-   Sey.  316  Western   Specially  Ltd  Sey. 3528  PUBLIC  STENOGRAPHER  Central   Public   Stenographers Sey. 907*.  PUMPS  Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd   —Sey. 3680  ROOFERS  Wright   Bros.   ...„.._ _ _ Sey. 3315  ROOFING  MATERXAX.  The  Barrett Co.,. Limited . Bay.  6J  Campbell  A Grill _    Sey. 2981  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.   Co.,   Ltd Sey.   4793  Pacitic   Roofing   Co.,    Ltd.:  Sey.  1186  Ritchie  Contr.   ft   Slip.  Co.,  Ltd Sey. 9162  Itllehlo   ft   Macdougall    _  Sey. H167  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans. Ltd      , Sey.  2988  Taylor   Engineering   Co .   Ltd _   Sey. 3SK0  Wood,   Valiance   *   Losgai.   _ Sey.   7204  ROOFEBTG   CONTRACTORS  B. C.  Celling ft Rooting Co., Ltd Fair. 1267  Campbell  ft Grill  _ _ '. Sey. 2981  Central   .Sheet   Metal   Works  Sey.    620  Pacitic   Rooting   Co.,   Ltd.*. -   Sej.  1186  Pan He   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd   ...Sey. 2172  Ritchie   ft   .Macdougall _  Sey. 9167  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd.—  :-.Sey. 7347  ROPE—MANILLA  Balfnur, Guthrie  ft  Co _.  Sey.  9197-6573  Walsh  &   Co.,   T.   A _   Sey.   1738  Wood,   Vallauco   ft   Leggat.—   S«j.   7200  SAFES—VAULT   DOORS  Goldie   ft   McCullocli.   C.   L,   Ford.   Agt Sey. 3907  O'N'eil.  Wm.  N.   Co..  Ltd Sey.  4798  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCX  Evans.  Coleman ft  Evans. Ltd Sey.  29BI  Fairview  Sand   &   Gravel  Co., Ltd   Fair. 552  GUley  Bros..  Ltd   Weat.   15-16  Ritchio   Contr.   ft   Sup  Co.,   Ltd _  Sey. 9162  'SASH   DOORS,..WINDOWS,   BTC. .  lohri   Arnot   ft  Sous_   -  High.    8T4  Grant:-J.-A _ :. _ _ .Fair. 3191 L  rielmcr.    R     D _   —.Bay. 3781  O'Neil,' Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.   Sey.  4T95  SHEET   METAL  W.  CCeillns ft  Roo'lng Co., Ltd  Fair. 1267  Campbell   ft Grill  Sey. 298.  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works _  Say.    620  Pacific  Sheet   Metal   Wks.,   Ltd.     Sey.  2172  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall   -.sty. 916"  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co..   Ltd Sey. 7347  SHINGLES     /'  McGlbbou-Hodgson     Lumber    Co ._...__'. Fair.  1659  SHOW   CASE8  Dixon  ft Murray-........;— .—  Sey.  8765-8766  SLATE  Evans.  Coleman ft  Evans.  Ltd.— ..... -Sey.  2988  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.   Co.,  Ltd.;. - „ —Sey.   4795  Ritchie Coutr.   ft' Sun.   Co..  Ltd.'— Sey. 9162  STEEL—REIHFORCZNO  B*Ubar. Guthrie ft Co.- ^..-;._.—.8ey. »l»7-«57a  Evans, Coleman ft Evans, Ltd.—. Sey.  ant  O'Neil;  Wm; N.   Co., Ltd,—...—.,.. ......Sey-  <T9»  Kitchio   ft   Macdougall—  — -....:. Sey. »l67  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd .——..-.. —Sey. 3689  Wood.   Valiance *. Leggat- —._„..,...—.Sey;   T2O0  STENOGRAPHERS—PUBLIC  Central   Public    Steiiograpliera:. „,._..——Sey. 50T8  STORAGE BATTEBXE8  B.   C,L, Kleetrlc    —....j. „.- —  Sey. 50OO  Tho Jarvls  Electric  Co.; Ltd.—.——-i-^-.—.Sey. ITS  Bichartboh  Electric' Co'.; ;—.——.—.——.Soy. 8W6  STOBE ABD OFFICE PXZTUBE8 AND  STOBB FROHTS   .  \ Dixon ft Murray—-:.--_;_.^...^_;:„;_i..Sey.  8765-8766  Brans.  Coleman ft Bvans. Ltd.— —.Soy.   2»8»  O'Neil. Wm.  1*. Co.. Ltd , 8«af 4791  Ritchie   A  Macdougall-   _ -Sey. UC7  _ TAR  AND PITCH  Tfca Barrett  Co..  Limited.   Campbell A Orllll  Bvans, Coleman A Bvans, Ltd.   Pacific  Sheet Metal   Wka.   Ltd..—.  —Bay.' ,«J  ...Sey. US!  -Sey.   Mt  ..Sey.  1171  TEMPBBATgHg  BBOUXATOBS  ft, Dunham Co.. Ltd Bar. tW  Ritchie- ft  Maedotmll.   TXX.B—DBAIVXNO  Brans. Coleman A Brans. Ltd   Gllley  Urns.,  Ltd..   Sey. 9167  .-.Say. 2»aa  -Weat. 15-11  —Sey. tl«S  Ritchie-OonU.  ft-Sup.  Co.. Ltd.—  TILE—PLOOR ABB   WALL  Evani.  Coleman A Brans, Ltd.' .JJer.  »gl  O'Neil,  Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd JB»y.  4795  TIB PLATE8  Balfour. Guthrie ft Co..  Evans,   Coleman   ft' Evans,   Ltd    TOOL f»BHL  Darling, Frank; ft- Co ; +.z :  Ritchie' ft   Macdougall.....  -Sey. 9197-«5»«   Sey. 2968  -Kef.   4100-4101   Sey. 916T  Taylor1 Engineering. Co.-,   L't J:.—,....., J8ey.  I68U  YRABBBBBS'  R.   A.   F,   Motor  Trahafar:: i..Sey. 3984  VACUUM OLBAHXBS SYSTEMS  Barr  * Andaraen,—_.—.^ ^'     Sey.   618*  Hunter'Tienderaon  Palm Co., Ltd —Sey. 6110  '    VAUBT BOORS  Goldie  ft  IfcCullecti,   C.   V.   Ford. < Agt Sey. S»0T  WAX^ BOAROS  The  Barrett Co..  Limited— Bay.  •■  Evans/ Coleman ft Brans, Ltd." : Bey.  »sg  O'Neil",' Wm. N.  Co,i Kd.—. —Sey. 479S  Ritchie- ft. Macdeucalh—. : : s«y. *i«f  Taylor• Pga^seylna- Co'./:l4d:-£—-i.-^.-;.-Hey. 36»o  WAYStSPROOP OtrBVOUBD  Tha Barren Oa.. Llmltad. T  Evans, Coleman ft'- Braaa. Ltd.-.  O'Neil,' Wra. N.,'ft Co,, LidL  f'sclflc' Roofing   Co.,   Ltd: '-.  Bay. ••  -Sey. 2*U  -Hey. 4795  -Sey. 11M  Ritchie  ft   Macdtnuall , x. Sey. <107  Taylor'Eiiglneerlsy  Co..   Ltd..-— .-. Sey. 3680  . WIBTROW SCRBEBS  Artiatie Wtra ft Iron Work* Fair. 264a  s. M. Marne ft: Co., Lt*V:_j r_.Bay. iota  0*N»il. Win.- K.-,   fe Co.. Ltd.—    sn   47!)'.  Pearson Wir* ftlrott ypm' .■-        =   - - T'k   tit*  -Jtlr,  3648  —Fair.   2794  Artistic Wire ft Iron Work*—._  I'e4nwn Wire ft Iron  Wka._   SLATE  AND TILE  LATEB  Jamlcson,    D.     McG.  . ;..Sey." 4463 R  SPRAYING—LIME  AND PAINT  CumminKS.   P.   L ;—Sey.   1424    Eraser   217 L  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.   Co., Ltd. ——7:.....-.Y7.Y&ey. 14795   "'Neil,   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd.—    Sey. 4795   Western   Specialty  Ltd.  STATIONERY  Balfour, Guthrie'ft Co...  -.Sey. 9197-6571  ——..Sey.   2*88   Bey. 47SS  __,—Sey. 0161  Evans.' Coleman ft  Evans, Ltd.—  Walsh -ft Ca.  * 'A.-u_u-^.; „  Ritchie Contr. *"; Bttpi Co.; Ltd.-  Taylor^ Englrieerlna;--oii' Xtd.U—;:—„..—_..S»y. S680  Wood. -Valiance' *--Leiiat._._^„_-.ii—U..i....Soy.  7»e  „  ■     '    ..W^OIiESAiat^ROOPlNO   -  The   Barrett  Co..   Llmitisd-———. :.—. B«j.   63  citric..    Unonni?    C;-  .'Lid.——-.— . .       «.«    hi,  RlU-hU A,.^e4eMfSll__._.^ ._i._£:i._JNy. «)67  ».,.,   Taylor-Bhalneerina^Co.'.' -Ltd.'--.—■—^..^.y. 3«8e  -Sey.  3f.ff.   Wood.. Valiance  ft LeggaC- —^_J8oy.   TtOO  These quotations are based on reliable information furnished by Vancouver M  Date of Quotations. Saturda^yWg^ 1,1^0  AM Prices F.O.Ba Vancouver  BoaMt—1% amount of contract. -   Beaver Board—  ■Quantities   up   to   BOO   ft..   $70.00   per  Quantities   over   and-under   2,500   iU  .,-    $6S,00 per, 1,000  ft  Quantities over  2.500 feet,  $66.00 per  :i,ogpj>et., ...  Brickwork—  Common,   $23.00  per, 1.000   (At  Waye-  Comrrfoen." $26.00 ;per  1,000   (Delivered,  Business Section).' ,.     __  Pressed,, $60.00   per   1,000   (At   Ware-:  Fire,"$80.00 per 1,000  (At Warehouse)  Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2 in., 13c per square foot.  13xl2x8'-.in., 13c per square root.  "12x12x4 In., 14c per Bquare foot.  12x12x6 in., 18c per square foot.  12x12x8 in., 22e,per square fopt.  -   PenhIjigri JnterlocVlng. tile. )I&c each.  Buildlnr -Piper—'(Local 'JVfanufacture)..  PureSiilrihrte^-pra'in^l.SS per 400 ft.  roll.                              '«.•,.  AaO.halted. $1..5.P..Pcr.,4,00_...,f t.: roll.    Concjretir Wbrk-^Matcriii.T'ai'' Warehouse.  Ko|k,;;:Course;; ..:. .-..:.. -*3,0Q.Per yd.  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs. $15.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00  each.  Store   Buildings—(Conduit) ..„„„,,  Ceiling Outlets, drop $15.00 to $25.00  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows (On transom bar)  $4.00 ea  Wall Switches.   $10.00  each.  Meter  Loops.   $10.Q0  each.  ....... 3.vftpir.yd.    s.oo per yd,  ....V... 2.175 per yd.  ........ 2.75 per yd.  ,....:.. 3.00. pet yd.  Rotk, Mediuni  Gravel.   Fine..;. .....  Gra-Vel, Medium ....—  Pea" Sand   Wash:: Sand , .............  CerKent^vPeliyered) ^^, ., .-.  ■Its: Sftck Jots,', per-. bb.l._ $3;.70.  (SacKa  Extra)^ ■  Over 20 -SackVLots,:.per-.-bhl..-  3.45,  ■•-.". (Sacks^Extrft), ■  Re,bj^e..,on..:Sa^k^.;each.„  Dampprodflii^--   ,.._..    .„    ,.  Concrete" XVater .Proofing-.. J Sc per lb.  Concrete .Dampprooflngr,- $2.2-^ per gal  Concrete Oil. Pro;oflng,:. 85c ; per lb.   Blectrlcal   WJrJii-r-        ' ' _'  Hesidences— (Knob and^ Tube)  - Ceiling Outlets with drop $5.00 each,.  "Wall Outlets (No fittings). $3,50 each  Wall Switches, Complete, $5.00 each.;  Heater Plugs,, .$J 0.00  each.  Vacuum. Cleaner. Plugs.  $7.50  each.  Bell   Pushes'   arid   Annunciator   (per  point)  $5.00. •  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  (Conduit) .,„ „„  Celling outlets with drops, $10.00 ;ea.  W^all outlets (no fittings $8.50 each.  W^all Switches,  $10.00 each.  Excavation—  .-   Residence,   $1.25   per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.75 per yd.  Team,  $12.00 per day.  Truck. $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an average without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock,  will run considerably more.  Olasi  Per Sq. Ft.  Plates up to 1 foot, each $ 1.30  Plates from 1 to 2 ft.; each  1.45  :   Plates from 2:to 3 ft-., each.....  .1.75  Plates from 3 to   i  ft., each.-. -...'2..20  Plates from  •(  to  fift.-.  each.-.  2.4 5  Plates from  5 to 7 ft-., each:   2.53  ;  Plates from 7 to 10 ft., each.-  2.S5  •!  Plates' from 10 to 12 ft:, each:  2.90  '■  Plates frr>*~i   12 to Jo.ft.,  each  2.95  Plates from into 25 ft., each........ 340  ,  Plates from 25 to 50 ft., each;..  3.2.0.  Plates from 50 to 75 ft., each;  3.25  Plate's from 75 to flO.ft., each.1...-.- 3.30  '  Plate's iffom 90. to 100. ft., -each.;....  3.70  ;  Plate'sifrom 100.:to-l2'0 ft., each.... 3.85  -  Plate's'from  120 to 140 ft., each.... 4.70  Plates 101 to.110 wide.containing.  riot over 100.feet ea'ch.:..  4.75  : Plates,  larger sizes will  run  more....  Polished. Wired. Cut.. and VX>   2.00  Cast, or Ribbed Wired,  Cut 5.0  Cast, or Ribbed Wired,  Glazed.. 55  Figured Rolled.  Cut. 40  Figured • Rolled,   Glazed— 45  Chif/ped,  21  ounce.  Cut..     .35  Chipped, 21 ounce, Glazed.;, 40  Art,  $1.00 and up per sq. ft.;  Casing charged at 20c. per ft. for greatest lerigt.h„and  width. -....._  Plasterers,  $9.00 per day.  Plumbers.   $7.20 per  day.  Roofers, $7.20 per day.  Sheet Metal Workers, $7.20 per day..  Iiabor—-  Bricklayers, $9.00 per day..  Carpenters,   $7.00  per day.  Cement Finishers, $8.00 per day.  Electricians,   $8.00  per day.  Electrician  Helper.s,  $5.00 per  day.  Glaziers,  $5.00 to  $8.00! per day.  Hod  Carriers, $5.00 to $6.00 per day.  Laborers.  $4.00 per day.  - Lathers, $9,00 per day.  Painters, $7.00 per day.  NOTE.—The. IHlowing quotations are  based on the last local price list:is-:  sued by the B. C. Lumber Association/Since then prices have increased  from 5 to 20 per cent, on some lines.  Owing to abnormal eastern shipping  demands it is impossible to obtain  fixed quotations and the following  prices are.largely approximate and in  majority of cases are considerably below what local mills, are quoting. .  Xituuber—(All. prices at Mill Yard)  Fir Dirnensfori, No. 1 Common, Rough  ' or SIS and E.—  2x4,  2x6 and 2x8, 16 ft.. $31.50.  2x10. 16 ft.,  $32.00.  2x12,  16 ft.,  $33.00.  3 and 4x6,   16vft.,  $33.00.  No.  2 Dimension,   $25.50 per  M.  Cedar Dimension, same price as Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Th-rtbers up to 8x8, 32 ft, $32.00 per  Mv  Shiplap—(8  to 10 ft., Random  Lgths.)  Fir  No.   1—0  in $30.50  Fir. No.  1—8 in. and  10 in...  33.00  Fir  No.   2—6  in..........  24.50  Fir  No.   2—S  in.  and   10  in  26.00  Cedar No. 1—Same ririce as Fir.  Cedar No.  2—$1.00 per M. less than  Fir.  Spruce ..Shiplap,   $1.00   per   M.   more  than Firv  Hemlock Shiplap.. $1.00 per M. more  than-Fir.  Common  Boards,  Rough  or SIS—8  to  16 ft., Random.Lengths)—  Fir.No.  1—3 and  4  in. $26.50  Fir  No.   1—6  in  30.50  Fir  NO.   1—1 2 -in. '....  33.50  Fir No.  2—3 and 4  in  23.50  Fir No.  2—6  in.^  25.50  Fir-No.   2—12  in  27.50  Resawn Boards-Tin 8, 10 and 12 in. widths, about %  in.   thick.  (Surface  Measure)  Fir  $21.00  Cedar,  $1.00 per M.  more than Fir.  Lath-r-  % In. x 1% in. x 4 ft., bundled in 60's  Fir  $15.00  to  $20.00'    per M;  Fir Stepping—  S4Sand Nosed. 6 to 18 ft.    Odd and  even lengths at random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1%    in   and   1%' In.  x 8 to 12  in., E. G $77.00  Nos.   1  and   2—114   in.  and   i%  Specified lengths,  $4.00 per M. extra,  in. x 8 to 12 in., F. G  62.00  Fir-Finish,  S4S—  ;   6:to:18: ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos:  1 and  2—lx-4  in.. $62.00  Nos. !■ and; 2—1x6-and  S   in...... 62.00  Nos..l and:2—1]4 and"l%'x4 in. 62.00  Nos. 1; and'2-r-li/,,   &  l!£x6   &   v  8   in.   .......:   02.00  Nos.vl and 2—2x5, 10 &  12 in.   62.00  . FirV Door and Window  Jamb—  In   7,   10,   14,   15.   16,   17   and   18   ft.  lengths.    .......  Nos. 1 and 2—Rab. Door .Tamb..$62.00  Nos.    1   and    2—Rab.   Window  -     Jamb    !..  62.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to IS ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded to stock nattern.  Nos. 1 and 2—4,  5 or 6 in. $67.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M." extra.  Fir Base—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded   to  stock  pattern.  Nos.   1 and  2—S,  10 or  12   in $67.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M.  extra.  Fir Flooring—  S   to  18  feet;    Odd  and even  lengths  at  random.  Nos.   1   and  2—1x3   In.,  E.  G $70.00  Nos.   1  and  2—1x4   in., E.  G   70.00  Nos.  1  and  2—1x0  in.,  10. G   70.00  -1x3 in.. F. G.  -Ixl in.. F. G.  -1x6  in..  F. G„  Nos. 1 and 2-  Nos. 1 and 2-  Nos.  1 and 2-  No.   3—1x3   in   No.   3—1x4   in   No.   3—1x0   in   No.   3—Edge ; Grain.  1x3   or  less   than  Nos.  . '57.00  . 60.00  . 60.00  . 54.00  . 57.00  . 57.00  4 in.,  1   and  $5.00   per   M.  2  E.  G,  No. 3—Edge Grain, 1x6  in., $5.00  per  M. less than Nos.  1 and  2  E.  G.  No.  3!&—1x4   in.,  unbundled $34.00  No.   'iVi—JxO   in.,   unbundled....  38.00  No.    3%—if   bundled,   $3.00   per   M.  extra.  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  1M in., 1 V-i in., and 2 In. Flooring.  ,$3.00 ner M. extra, and must include any No. 3 grade accumulated  in  working same at No.'3  price.  Cull Flooring—1x3, 4 or 6 in $24.00  Fir Ceiling—  8  to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1 & 2—%  in. x 3 & 4 in $47.00  Nos.   1  & 2—1x3   in.,  V-Joint....  57.00  Nos.   1  & 2—1x4   in., V-Joint....  60.00  Nos.  3—1x3 in., V-Joint   54.00  Nos.   3—1x4   in.,   V-Joint   57.00  Siding—  8   to  18  ft. „ •  ■ J  Fir Nos:   1   & 2—lx4'in:............$60:00  Fir No.  3—1x4   in.....  57:00  Fir Nos. 1 & 2—1x6 in   60.'00  1'irNo. 3^—1x6 in., unbundled 38;00  Fir   .No.   3%—If   bundled,   $3.00   per  M.  extra.  Cedar Finish,  SIS to S4S—   ,  6  to 18* ft.     Odd and even lengths <at  random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1x3   in ........$S5;00  Nos.  1  and  2—-1x4  in.   ...85.00  Nos.  1  and  2—1.\5; 10 & 12  in.  95.00  Cedar  Siding—  3  to IS ft.     Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.  1 & 2—i/Ax4  in. Bev. Sid...$57,00  Nos. 1 & 2—'/jx6 in., Bev. Sid.  57.00  Nos.   1   &   2—%x4   in.,   Angle  Rustic      7o;00  Nos. 1 & 2—1x4. in., T. & G. or  A.   R.   85:00  No.    3—%x6    in  47.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Cedar Ceiling—  S to IS.ft.     Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1  &  2—-%x3  in.,  V-Jolnt..$59.00  Nos.  1  & 2—1x3  in.,  V-Joint   80.00  Nos.  1 & 2—lxl  in., V-Joint   85.00  Ceiling   "V"    2   sides,    $3.00   per   M.  extra.     Specified lengths, $5.00 per  M.  extra.  Cedar  Casing—  S to IS ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  No.   1—5   in.   and   6 : in ....$05:00  Specified  lengths,  $5.00 per Af. extra.  Fir and  Cedar Mouldings—  P<-,r 100  Three-coat work;? 75;to 90c per yd  Wh l tewaah ing, > 1 Ocftper- yard.  riastxrlaa;—(Materia) Delivered)  Lime, .$2/«0i.p'er.: bbl  Fibre piaster,'$28.00 per ton:  Pidste.rpjtris;'$32.00 per ton:  Reinfdfcinjr,Fabric,   Expanded   Metal,  2c to-10c::per"sq. ft, depending upon  Wcighjtr;.     .:,:;-.  '.... \.;- ,.?i. ;,:,  Pluoiblna>*-  From $i06 : up,f "per frStture^—including roughing ;iH,:aec6rdiits;;to graao  quantlty"and ;runs::  BetnrorelBC St««l—■  Base price for less than ear'lots $6.25  per 100 lbs.    Booflmr—(Asphalted) ;tiocal Manufacture  1 ply $3.60 per ,10* tt. rblK  2 ply, $4.00 per 168 ft. rolll  3 ply; $4'50:per 108  ft.  roll.   .  Ashphalt Saturated felt; $3.75  per 432  ft.  roll.  Five pjy: tar and gravel,  $7.50 and up  per  square.  Asphalt   Pitch,'   bbls.   about   500   lbs.,  S35.00  per ton.  lin. ft. Ne  205    .$10.00  206      16.00  207     -2C.00   $6.50 per M.   .$15.00 per M.  Machine  Sanded  Lumber,  $5.00  per M.  extra.  Gutters—No.  Gutters—No.  Gutters—No.  Shingles—  XXX   6-2      Royals  Metal lath—  Key and Diamond Mesh Lath:  2 6  ga.,   4 2c.   per sq. yd.  2 1   ga.   4 91/6   per  sq.  yd.  Copper Alloy,   %c per so. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath,  C.A.,  lc per sq. yd.  extra.  Galvanizing,  7c per sq. yd. extra.  For   Corrugation   of   key   lath   length-  ,   wise,  lc per  sq.  yd. extra.  Corrugated     Key     Lath     sold     under  measurement    of    the   sheet   before  corrugation.  Painting—  Two-Coat work. 40 to BOe per1 yd.  Structural Steel—$150 per ton.  This quotation is an average for comparatively   small   quantities.  Light truss work higher, plain beam  and column work In large quanti-  ties, less. ...■■...   Tile—(Material  Delivered)  Drain  Tile,' 3-inch,   5%c  per  ft.  Drain  Tile,   4-inch,  6%cper  ft.  Sewer Pipe,  3-Inch,  18c per ft.  Sewer Pipe, 4rinch, 20c per ft.  TUo—(Not Laid)  White Glazed,  90c per ft.  Colored Enamels,  95c per. ft.  Colored Matt Enamels,   $1.10 per ft.  Ftiience,  $2.25 and up per ft.  Lusters,  $2.50. and  up. per ft.  Hunts Veterdus, $1.50 and up per ft.  White Mosaic   Floor,  $L10  per  ft.  Colored Mosaic  Floor,  $1.30 per ft.  Promenade Quarry-Tile,;$1.10 per ft.  Vanoor Panels—  3 Ply Fir, J/i-inch thick, good one side,  15c. per aq. ft.  3  Ply Fir,  %-inch thick, good one sfde,  24c per sq. ft.  3 Ply   Fir.    J/£-inch   thick,    good    two  sides, 26c per.sq.ft.    ,  Wall Board—  Emnlrc Plaster board, 60c per sq. yd.  RUberoid Wall Board, $45.00 per M.ft  This well know brand of lime Is  again on the market and will be  supplied through all dealers  B« «urB and p»k for  ROSEBANK LIME  iririffrin'i  ■jlMiirtiMiiliiii  Lime Co  4-415   Pernberton   Block,  Victoria, BiC.  Vancouver Office  '4:12''- 13    VenricoUver    Block  J.T. A. Ritchie Rep.  3«>yD9167  ■ *y  l/l~~t*M       ...   »«.*   \t7    i'  'a'  ,  L„ ■rv, £-:'-,"J-'"-  &&/  !*?.«iV:?V      '■-.■■ "• '■•A.T^..V,y,,i^^<.;;.  *?^gf  mm;  •"««K|  1  5<J?  ,     'A-"HBSB5  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "F  ■>,?/  ADKISON & DILL  ;      GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  s325 Howe SI. S»«. 3768»BiM!28R  'Artistic Wire & Iron Works  i Manufacturers,  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds ef Wire Work.  Ul2-16  Dufferin   St.  Fair.  264S  under Construction  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  v  ^  Baynes & Horie  General .*" Contractors  836 Howe St.  Seymour 1389  xh£  POiiiiOwiira  tabxjb shows  buildings  costing   sg.ooo   ob   oves,   om   vthich   COHBTBTJCIIOK   II  UNDJiS WAY, OB OK WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN LET BT7T COHSTBDCTION WOT YET STARTED.  E. D. COOK   &CO.  '    GENERAL   CONTRACTOBS  Specialize   in   Reinforced   Concrete  Modern    Apartments.  Itemodcllinff Buildings.  GiviriK  Increased Earning Powers  625 Blrks  Bid*.  Saymour 3922  f  EDWARD COX  General Contractor  Cabinet Making  Fixtures  Sey. 1163  Rear 530 Howe St.  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractor*.  Credit-Fonder Bldg.   Vancouver, B.C.  .j  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  General Contractors  509 Richards St.   -    Sey. 8320  Character ....  Tnree-siory   Bank  ,. :..  Remodelling-   lOiyht-Koorn   School   .:.'   School   Bids   Gymnasium    Building   ...  Residence  .-.•»...'   Theatre   ....:   Alterations   Carbonate   Plant,.   Residence    Residence  —..'-'. —...  Alterations       Cold Storage Plant .   Wire   Rope   Pactory      Addition   to   Plant...   Alters,   to   Bank..   Bungalow   Garage   Residence   Residence  :.......,   Residence   Alterations .....  Glass Works ....  Residence   Alterations    Dye   Ptou.se      Residence ......  Residence  ;   Dwelling    - •■  Bunkers    .'. :   Residence  ,  Residence   Residence   1 Story Brick.   Alter.  & Addns   Tile  Barn   Addns. & Alters    Residence   Residence   Remodelling   Residence   Gas Tank .;...........   Factory  Bldg.  ._   Brick  Works   Residence   Residence _. i  1 Story Brock..   Restaurant Bldg.   Addns. and Alters ;..  Rectory   Three-Storey   Bldg.   Residence   ........;.......   Int.  Alterations   Lath   Mill -   Residence, - •   Tile  Residence ...  Residence ...:...:.............;......  Coal  Shed & Wharf...........  Warehouse   Residence ...........'-;.......  Residence ..........— ..—....  Residence.   Basement   &   Elevator.   Residence    ....................:  Machine  Shop, •-.  Shingle Mill    Residence .....  Residence .  Residence .  Gas   Plant  Bungalow  .  Station  ...  Bungalow .  Residence .  Residence  .  £•      Cost   .....?200,UOU  ..:...„   $80,000  ""."".'.""""".Tb'Moo,   $22,000   ...■-58,600      $300,000      $100,000   ?70,U00   ...:....*i5,ooo      $9,600       $10,000    $14,500   :  $40,000   $12,000     $15,000      $5,000      $15,000  ,    $G,500  ,    $7,000      $8,000  ,.......'.   $20,000      $6,000  ....    $9,000     $9,000   $10,000     $5,600     55,000       $5,000  .   $io.onn  .'.'...;.   $7,000      $20JJOO    $io?ooo    $6,000   $5,000   ....$13,000   $13,000   .-   $9,000     $8,000      $5,000  ,    $8,000   $10,000   .....$5,000   ....$8,000   .......$5,500  ......      $6,500   $1.6.266   .$10,000   $14,000      $7,500  „■ $60,000       $5,000   $5,000  .:...    $12,000      $8,600  , ......$14,500  ..'....:_....   $78,000   $9,000     $8,500      $7,000  ,.;    $6,300   :...   $5,700   ...$20,000   $7,500   ; $7,000   $80,000     $5,000     $9/000     $8,000  ...:. $340,000    $5.<X>0    $6,500     15.000   $1V000   ;.$6,000  iff"  W.GREENLEES  COWTBACTOB   .  File  X»rlvlnr,  Wharves,  Bridges,  foundations, etc.  107 Cordova St. "W.  Seymour 10S3  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. LIMITEB  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Standard Bank Bldg.       Sey. 7920  GREATER VANCOUVER  location  Owner  Seymour & Hast....Unioti Sank ot Canada  Dominion   Bldg Dom.  Bank  Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Grey School Board  King Edward Ave...Pt.  Grey  Sen.  Boar  Powell & Jackson Sts.....Jap. Meth. Miss.  Shaughnessy   Heights............ John ; Brown  sey. & Georgia Sts..:Allen Theatre, Tor.  Cordova St David Spencer Ltd.  11th and Yew Sts ..Can. Carbonate Co.  16th Ave. near Pine......Mrs. T. H. White  ■tutfr & Oak St. Pt.  Grey: G. B. Astell  1505 Powell St Martin Senour Pnt. Co.  Ft. Nelson St., Mainland Cold Storage Co.  Industrial lsld....Britannia W. R. Co. Ltd  Marpole The Barrett Co., Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton..Bank of Hamilton  49th and Balsam Mrs. Mary Ritchie  1000 Blk Davie Kennedy Motor Co.  .:55th & Vine Sts..... A. L.,Eaton  Pt. Grev, Whiteh'd Rd...R. A. Woodward  27th and Cartier ..W. J.  Read  HOG Homer St Empress Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Industrial'Island....Alunite  M.   Products  35th  and  Granville   ;....M.  Sutton  597   Hastings  W Molsons  Bank  Dufferin St. VV ..Vane.  Knitting Co  1205  26th Ave.  W Mrs. J.  E.  Swanney  ■1696 3rd Ave. W....,......Mrs. E. Unsworth  966 12th Ave. W Jas. Kay  Industrial   Island : Dlether  Coal  Co.  2Sth & Carter ..Mrs. L. Buckworth  Marine Drive  George  Kidd  Ave.  "F" Shaughnessy Chas, Dickson  Granville,  bet.  Davie & Helm   420  Seymour St : Griffith & Lee  Pt. Grey University .of B. C.  7th  and  Granville A.  I.  Stoddart  Magee F.  H   Wright  Oak and. 14th Ave Captain McMaster  54S Seymour St Clarke & Stuart Ltd.  West  Vancouver..... Mrs.   J. H.  Grady  5th & Caroline St Shell Co. of Calif.  1571 Pender St. E....Herondale Farms Ltd  Industrial Island...^Ceramic Indust.. Ltd.  855—10th   Ave.  W../...... Miss ' Jukes  8132  Cartier St.... Y.Y. W. K. Hall  S61- Granville St J. F. Mahon  825 Howe St London Grill, Ltd.  131-33 Water St. ...Swart/. Bros.  Kerrisdale  .........St. Mary's Rectory  dore and  Pender....Chinese  Nat.  League  11S5  14th Ave. W W. McAllister  168 Hastings W Dally Province  Industrial Island .....Lbr.  Specialty Co.  54th  and  Hudson W.  W. ,Ells  Shaughnessy   Heights. : ..J.   Graham  Marine Drive B. D. Rogers  1025  Main  St. ....:...Burns Estate  34!»   Railway G.   H.   Cottrell  4615 Avenue F C. J. Phillips  908   16th   Ave.... .......Dr.   Funk  Laburnum :.A.  XV.  Barber  447   Keefer St Almonds Ltd.  Granville  St ;....—........O.   M. Allen  i 086  6th Ave. W. Vivian Gas Eng. Co.  Kerr & Fraser River Geo. H. Steves  2S00  13th Ave. W VV. D. Patterson  i&91   29th   Ave J.  V.   Lightheart  4850 Connaught Dr.  G. E. Lightheart  False Creek .Vancouver Gas Co.  -167S  3rd Ave.  \V... C.-H. Hilchey  Hudson St.. Pt. Grey  ........B. C. E. R.  224 2 35th Ave. W .,......: D. Frith  Marine Drive  .-..Wm. M. McKenzie  Tar 1 ton Place  ...-.-.: '..Dr. M. Sparrow  Architect      Contractor  Sum'ville & Putman..Hodgson. K. ii Mar.  biiarp &. Tnompson....Hodgson, King &,M.  Twizell  & Twizell ....BayritT & Horie  Twizell & Twlzell-.-Hodgson, King & M  H. S. Grifflth.-Robertson, Power & Dvivey  Townley & Matheson:..... S. N. McLeod.  C. H.  Crane. i.-Aletfander   McDonald   ...Dominion  Constr.   Co.  Owners   Paynes  &   Hone  Mackenzie & Bow... Wise & .-Watson   ......McLeod &.McArthur   Hodgson, King & Marble  Owners   \. Snider  Bros.  Owners   lYY. Dominion  Constr.  Co.   .....:..Dominion   Constr.   Co,  A. E. Henderson..., J. C. Allen  Contractor ..........:..........M. C.  Griffiths"  Contractor ;.Bedford   Davidson  Townley & Matheson S. N. McLeod  Townley & Matheson..Purely & Lonergan  Townley & Matheson....... XV. J.  Read  A.'.E. Henderson ....A. D. A. XV. Snider  Owners :  Owners       Owner  Sharp & Thompson E.  D. Cook & Co.  Cownley & Math'n....A. D. & A. XV. Snider       Owner   :. :.....Wm.' Lockie  Contractor A.   Gregor.  Contr Hodgson,   King  &   Marble   H.   W.   Morley  Townley & Aiameson..E. J. icyan Con.'Co.  TownLey & Matheson. Dixon &. Murray  W. T. Whiteway  A.D. & A.W. Snider   Hodgson.  King  &   Marble  Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod    Bedford Davidson  Jos. H.  Bowman... ........A. L. Ramage   ;.... :.E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  :. ...........Dominion   Constr.   Co.  VV. T. Whiteway..... A. 'G. Henney  Mermon  & Hermon ...Owners  Owners :... -.  Owners  E. Evans & Sons.. ...:..,....Owners  Owner ...A. L. Ramage   ....J.  E.  Mcllmoyl  Edwards & Ames VV. J. Northcote  W. M. Dodd & Co...... .........C. H. Taylor  Gardiner <& Mercer....A. D. & A. XV. Snider  Sharp &.Thompson ............C. A.  Hilchey  Edwardes  Sproat..... .......J. McGougan  Owner :...   Owner  Gardner & Mercer .......D. G. McLennan   S.   J.   Newitt  Gillingham & Korner S.  J.  Newitt  Gillingham  & Korner............S.  J.  Newitt  Bernard C. Palmer.".„Dominion Const. Co.  Contractor M. C.  Griffiths  ....—. .........Baynes  & Horie   '.' .; ........::......    Owner  .: :.i G.   S.   Bellamy  ...Cromie   &   Vroom   P..   Sharp  ........Day Labor  .....H.  A.  Wiles   » : :  Owners   A.......   Owner   i.......v.'.    Owner   :..........   Owner   -  Owners   ;j. ......:.....„..  Owner   ..._ :. -.:-.....;.-...... T. Logie   :....Rogers Bros. & Sinclair  Townley   &;Mathesn ...:..Wm.   J.  Read  Townley & Matheson......;.......Chas. Purdy  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH.   MANAGER  flMEBT     MKTAL     OOSTItACTOHH     AND     MAXtr^AC-a  TUKICKH.      VKXjT    A-NO    GHAVKL    KOOKKKH.  Fair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West  Frank Jordison Roofing Co.  THE   GUARANTEED   ROOFER  All  Classes of Roofing Work.  Iieaklnsr roofs patched and  guaranteed.  Seymour  3370 1347  Howe  St.  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,'   Roofing,    Cornices,    Skylights   and   General   Sheet  Metal  Work  Seymour  7177  1042  Richards  St.  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour 3617  1160  Seymour  St.  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phone Fraser 178 X   446 45th Ave. E.  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 <Z>ay and Wight)  1256 Pender St. "W.  ,;.   .,,-Sey.  9316-R  Pair 4178  ELECTRICAL NEEDS  2530 MAIW STREET  INSTALLATION.   ALTERATIONS.  REPAIRS  M. W. BOBXCKATTB- Res. Pair. 2388R  ^  Res. Phone: Fair. 1428 R  Office Phone: Sey. 7955  ■  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS.  L.  MITCHELL  Electric Wiring, Fixtures and Repairs  of All Kinds  525 Burrard St.    -    Vancouver. B. C.  Sey. 7965 Night Phone Sey. 637  WW. FRASER  ElectrlcalSJEngineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Hast. St. W. Vancouver, B. O.  E.   E.   Blackmore.........  Sillihgham "& Korner.  Contractor   Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED. HUGGINS  pi^aih  AND    ORXAMElTTAZi  P£A8TEEER  Bay.  2535-B.  3528  Third  Ave.  W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  KAZ.SOXCZNZKO   AND   TIHTmO  A SPECIAJiTY  ESTIMATES GIVEN  Phone  Fairmont 484 R  314 7th Ave. E. Vancouver, B. C.  CEDA3   COTTAGE   PAINTERS   AND   DECORATORS  3538 FLEMING St; - . - FAIR. 3313 Y.  SHINGLERS  AI.I. WORK GUARANTEED  KIRK BROS.  Kighand 2012  1510 Charles St.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  KMXTHICATi      INflTALMTIOMfl       OF       KVKHt  U KH CM VTIOH. KIjKOTHUJAI*     Htn»l'I.IIC8  Sey. 9512  539 Main Street  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Engiietr aid Contractor  High-Class   Electrical' Work,-...  and   Fixtures        '~\^r  .Bay.   441 3044   Granville  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  GENERAL   REPAIRS—ARMATURE  WINDING — SWITCHBOARDS  INSTALLATIONS  247 Hastings St., L  Sey. 3856  D.MacDONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature Winding; and Motor Repairs  Seymour 9536 439 Pender Lane  J  HARiSON & UM0N9  Industrial Engineers  Seymour 3535  501 Pacific Bldg  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractor*  929 Main St. Sey. 4878  it  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Work* Contractor*  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  CORNICE,  SHTLIOHT. SMOKE-  STACKS.     AUTO   WORK.  'A.nvtWiri*c" in. Sheet Mata.1 and itooflng.  S. T. Scarlett, Mgx.  Beatty   St. Sey.   784 5  7R  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  ■ASK   and   DOORS—OrPICE  PZZTURES  Bands a win j and Turning;, etc  1730  Semlln   Drive  Highland   374  GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS,  LIMITED  PURNACES.    CORNICES.    SKYLIGHTS and  GENERAL  JOBBING  I88S Vtaablw at.  Hlihlaae «42  Limited  FORGINGS  Of  ALL  DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria  Drive  .      Highland   701  | VANCOUVER FORGE CO. | MONTGOMERY & CO. I  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  POWER AND  LIGHT  INSTALLATIONS  ARMATURE  WINDING.   REPAIRS.   ETC.  325 Hast. St. W.  (Rear)   . Sey. 9313  [ SASH & DOORS     J. C. RESTON  NEW WORK - CONTRACTS LET  f  .4  «.V  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay. 3370  Bay.   1602 R.  S306 Stephens  St.  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS    AND   ALTERATIONS  Tair- 8386 L  Fraser 205 !■  3241 Si. George St.     355 50tU Ave. E.  >•&  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Seymour 5689  Standard Banlc BldffSlO Hast. (Bear)  Character   „:...'.....' '.'.*   Cost  RaUroad ^\Tn  Irrigation    - *60-000  Paving  Pacitic  Highway $88,000  Church . . - • •• • • *50-000  rr--^- '«5:o.0.0  Suction- - ;•- —;  ;J^J  School      Railroad  r^OOO  Bridge  ;      Vsnnn  Rubber   Factory   - J'B.000  Cordage Plant   J™.000  Plant  Extensions |12o.000  Oakland   School    \\°Aal  Hi^-y  Bridge    >1M00  Bungalow •     ^  Hound ftouse.  Mch  Shops  etc *30.000  ™»° °™'e : IliZ  storeViptr:::zii::z:r:..51G;7oo   _.. $12,000  Banli  Motel  •••••••  I'erry  I^anrtlngs  Soap   Works      Wank     „,ftArvn  ;.   storey   Addn S10'00?  Boyl   Training   School $140,000  Oarage    Bridge    Garage      Cold Storage Plant  Oil   Warehouse     Garage      Oil Plant    12   Iloorn   School   Municipal Hall     Stores      21.  CoUages     Stadium   $12,000   $50,000   '"'....    $20,000    $ in,ooo      $S,000  "."""""..'.    $13,000   $50,000   $21,000  '"" *"     $9,000   ' $22,000   $15,216  \ $S.500     „     $75,000      $10,000  Reclamation. Work"'.3.".V.'. ^-l^'Sgg    $200 000          $150,000    ..$5,000  $65,000  Boys'   Training  Oarage      Factory      Milk Condensory ...  Remodelling School  Paving  •   BRITISH COLUMBIA GENERAL.  location  „  Owner  1'rinccton to Copper jVkt..'. .B.  C.  Copper Co.  Okanagan  Valley.... Prov.   Government  Westminster-BKine....Prov.    Government  Victoria....1st Church of Christ. Scientist  Fraser River   Dom.   Government  Oak Bay. Victoria R. XV. Gibson  Copper Mountain....XV. Koot'y Lt. & P. Co.  Alberni ....Prov.  Govmt.  Alberni to Great Central Lake.. .C.P.R.  Deep Creek.' P.G.E Prov.   Govmt.  Port Coquitlarn....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Sapperton Can.   West'n   Cordage  Co.  Mill Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Victoria    Victoria  School   Board  Enderby     Prov.    Govmt.  Burnaby  Mrs. A. S. McRae  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Riwys.  Victoria,  B.  C.   H.  A.  Davie  Victoria, B. C J. Boscowith  Victoria, B. C Royal Bank  Powell River.- Powell  River Hotel  Agassiz-Rosedale   Prov.  Govrmt.  lisquimalt Silver   l'oam   Soap   Co.  Courtenay,  B.  C Can.  Bank  of Com.  Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.  Cocjultlam  ....Prov. Govmt.  Victoria  :...y W. R. Rivurcomb  Hivcr  Road.   So.   Vancr Prov.   Govmt.  Victoria   R.  Porter  Hatzic    ["armors  Cold   Stor.   Assn.  New  Westminster Imperial  Oil  Co.  Victoria    H.   12.   Munday  Nanaimo Imperial Oil Co.  Armstrong    Prov.   Govmt.  Coquitlarn         Municipality  Victoria.   B. C Lnni  Ging &  Co.  Powell River  Powell River Co.  Victoria    Foundation   Athletic  Assn.  Sumas Lake  Prov,. Govmt.  Cociuitlam    Prov.   Govt.  S3.r>   View  St..  Victoria ;.Shell  Garage  Victoria....Sydney Paper Mills & Rfg. Co.  Abbotsford Fraser  Valley  Milk Prod's  Burnaby      Chilllwack   City  of  Chilliwack  All Stock Sixes Carried  Glass and Glazing  J.A.GRANT  1S93 Manitoba St. Fair 3491 X.  Arcmtect      Contractor   W.   P.   Tierney   _. A. E. Griffin & Co.   H.  P.   Peterson   Constr.   Co.  Dunham  „.. Peter McKechnie     ■- Pacific  Dredging  Co.  Maclure   &   Lort. Robt.   MoncrieiT  Owners    ,.R.   D.McDonald   '.  Parfitt Bros.   • Foundation   Co.  Prov.   Govmt Canadian  Bridge   Co.  Gardiner    &   Mercer .....Owners  Sharp & Thompson..E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners   Hodgson,  King  &  Marble   Halker   &    Hunter  Pub.  Wks.  Dept.. Robt.  Moncrieff  Townley & Matheson J.  C.  Allen  Owners Robertson  & Partners     Parfitt Bros.   '■ J.   C.   McCrimmon    D. Burnett   Geo. Churchill .& Son  Prov.   Govermt Wm.   Greenlees  Wm.   Fredk.   Gardiner Foundation   Co.  Gardiner  &  Mercer J.  Hyslop  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Owner   Fraser  River  Pile  Dr.   Co.   A.    McCrimmon   Bedford Davidson  Owners    Dominion  Constr.   Co.      Owner  Owners Mescher Bros  Prov. Govmt H. J. bavies. Kamloops  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison   Luney   Bros.  Owners Leonard C.  Stevens   City  of  Victoria  Prov.  Govmt Marsh.  Bourne Co.  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   XV.   F.   Drysdale   Co-operative  Contract Co.   Sloan  & Harrison  Joseph H. Bowman Henry J. Emery   Columbia  Bitulithic  Co.  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON.   PBOP.IBTOR  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND  SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Helmcken St.  EKBOTRXCAX.   EirOXJTRKR  AVO CONTRACTOR  314 Bank of 2Tova Scotia Bldtr.  602  Hasting  Weat  Sey.  3889-7579  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  EUCTIIMl INSTILLATIONS IF ALL KINDS  923 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8696  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   in  i  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING - DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, Tairfield Bldg.. 445 Oran": St.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carrv a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683  Georgia Street West  H.D.Rees  W.A.Knise  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224:  s  I. A. WILES  GENERA'. CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 8th J.VJ.W.       Bayview 2278  Public Works  Office 813-815 Bower B8dg.  LIMITED  Vancouver. E»» C.  E. CHRYSTAL j  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS.  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  JPhcae Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards. Panel Boards, Steel  Cabineto, etc.  Switches designed and built-for any  special work.    ^V,  Industrial Island      Vancouver. B. C.  PILING-POLES  ANY   LENGTH   FURNISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  772   Georgia  St.  E.  Hlffh...l48  i r:  T  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  international  Automatic  SpriVskSer  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  Fair-Robinson & Bird  Limited  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  " RADIANT LIGHTS "  For Commercial Lighting  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey-  3312  MARTIN -5ENOUR  _     100% PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN SNY OTHER PAINT OK THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY;^   1505 POWELL STREET  FRASER RIVER  Co., Limited  P. A. Jones, Mjfr.  WHARF BUSLDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Ownevo   of  Tug:   "Cllve"  Seneral Towing.,  324   FRONT   ST.   NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Character   Pier  :   Theatre      Apartment  House  Theatre —   Enlarging Theatre  ......Estimated Cost  .......   $500,000   $700,000   $800,000   5S5.000  Walter Murray  Ernia Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  Character  '..... .....Estimated Cost  Drydoclv :..............•  Municipal   Hall - :.....$26.000  Depot       $150,000  Two-storey   Block ...$2S,000  Garage &  School ....$30,000  Alterations '  $12,000  Memorial   Hall    '...$35,000  VANCOUVER  Location -.. Owner  Vancouver C.  P.  R.  Robson & Seymour Regal Films Ltd.  Bute  and   Barclay Stock   Co.  Robson nr. C'vt. Use C. E. Royal & Assoc'ts  Main and Georgia Avenue Theatre Co.  VICTORIA  Location .';.... —.........Owner  Esquimau - Dom.   Govmt  Bsquimalt   Bellville  Street  Docks C.   P.   ii.  Douglas Street  ..Mrs. XV. VI. Dousan   : Otto   Weiler  , 77. .David    Spencer,    Ltd.  Ladysmith :  Architect Flans Ready  Owners .:...Soon  Thomas' XV.   Lamb .....Closed  Twizell, Birds & Twizell   Gillinpham   &  Korner  "Franklin  Cross  .....June  1  Architect  _ flans Heady  Dowi.   Govmt    Soon   To   Submit   By-Law  Owners    Soon  Percy Fox , Now  Percy   Fox    :. Now  Percy   Fox ..Soon  Percy   Fox,   Victoria  .' Soon  P-B  FIRST QUALITY  ~\  P5L5CINGTON    BROS., Limited  SWan"S' ■VANCQUVER.B.C.  THOROLD,  Ontario  SEYMOUR 8614  137 Powell St. Vancouver, B. C.  Character Estimated Cost  School   ...............:   $ 135,000  University   Bldg's   Refrigerator   ..........:......... ......$25,000.  Four-Room School $54,000  Fruit  Storage  Whse. ....$30,000  MunicipaV"BuTldTng''"'".V.V.~.".'.'.' $ S 5,000  Queen  Mary  School $10,000  Consolidated  School   $35,000  School   .' .:.-....  Court  House    ...$100,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location    Penticton     Point Grey   Kelowna   Lynn  Valley     Kelowna   ~  Penticton     Trail   North  Vancouver  Maple   Ridge   .Marpole   Prince  Rupert .....   Owner   School  Board   University of B. C.   i ...........C.P.R.   School  Board  .Kelowna  Storage   Ltd.  ........Bank  of  Hamilton   ....City of Trail  ....Prov.   Govt.  PACIFBC  LIME  >©ld  ALL DEALERS  j   Plans Beady   ...Soon  Architect   Not Selected     Sharp  &  Thompson  Owners     H.  Blackadder  Vote  By-law  Twizell.   Birds  &   Twizell.  XV..  C.   F.   Gillam   Gillam   &   Mountain   .......  Twizell.  Birds & Twizell.  Prov.   Govt   .......Soon  ...Soon  ....Soon  ....Soon  J  E.A.BAB LEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Kowe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  .J  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  (Continued from page 1>  firms Avill.. submit! tenders on the.work.  W. A. Gourley, Dominion government  engineer, is expected back'in the city  this week from Ottawa'and >ill be oZ  material assistance to firms tendering  on the work. He was sent east after  surveying the drydock site'* to facilitate work on the preparation of the  plans and specifications.       ■  {  WRIGHT BROS.  --BUILDERS «  SEY.33I5       511 DUMSIWUIR ST.  r*i-&S".*.i-»\ hv!««P.-  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANG-      c,  ING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  J  TENDERS   INVITED   FOR  NEW. INDIAN   SCHOOL)  ■ Mr. Duncan C. Scott, deputy super-  jintendent of Indian affairs, at Ot-  Itawa, is calling fovt tenders for the  i erection of an Indian boarding school  ]at Stuart Lake, B. C. Tenders will  ! be received up to noon of Tuesday,  jMay 25, at the office ot R. H. Cairns,  I school inspector/Vancouver; W. E.  |Ditchburn, chief inspector, Victoria;  Charles C. Perry, 'Indian agent, Prince  Rupert;"R." E. Loring, Indian agent;  Hazelton; and the post offices at Calgary and Edmonton, in addition to the  department of Indian affairs at Ottawa.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an'.' accepted check for ten per  cent, of .the tender, and one of the  conditions of the contract is that the  school must be completed and ready  for occupation by May .1, 1921.  BUSINESS   SV3EN  Will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, .Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef-.•■  NOTICE TO  CONTRACTORS  KEVELSTOKE WEST ROAD.  Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tender for  construction'of Uevelsioke West .Koad."  will be received by tlie Honourable' the  Minister "of'Public Works up to 5 o'clock  p.m. the third (lav of May 1920, for tlie  construction of approximately 19 miles  of  above  road.  Plans, "Specifications.- etc., can be seen  at the District -Kngineer's Office, Court  House, Vancouver," at the Court House,  I'U'velstoke and .at the Office of the undersigned.  The lowest or any tender«not necessarily -'accepted.  A.  K. ..FOREMAN,  Public Works Kngineer.  Public '■ "Works   Department.  •Victoria.  B. C, April  loth,  1H20.  "The time for receiving' tenders on the  above road has fceeri extended antil 5  p.m., May 17th." ■  Campbell •& Grill  . Established 1905  Roof ins Contractors  METAL   WINDOWS—FIRE   DOORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT Aim  rURKACE-VENTIiATINa    PANS—BLOW    PIMNO—  SKYUOHTS-GENEBAL  JOBBING   *"«u  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, Blc:  Seyxnonr 3981  -J  r-  MALTHOIP ROOFING  The Best that's made  "'■.'•':'■'... Sales Agents,  Smith,  Davidson & Wright, I imiteci  Vancouver,B.C.  C  NICK  COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING:    LAND    CLEARING    AND  GRADING   ROADS.  CONCRETE WORK  AND  SEWERS  1367 Seymour St. Sey. 7325-L  FLOOR LAYERS  and  IV.3.T]njfacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2G35 Granvi.Se St.  The final estimate of tho agricultural department, • Ottawa, for the  production of wheat in Canada was  196,361,000 Bushels for 1919, as against  189,075,350 bushels. ' in "'1918; oats,  411,136,000 bushels as compared with  420,312,500 bushels last year, and barley, 58,336.000 bushels as compared j  with 77,287,240 last year.  VANCOUVER HARBOUR  COMMISSIONERS.  KEW   PIER   WORKS   AT   BURRARD  INLET.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS  OSOYOOS-NINE   MILE   BOAD.  Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for  j Osoyoos-Nine , Mile Koad" will be received by the Honourable the Minister  I of Public Works up to 5 o'clock p.m.,  !the third day of May, 19^0 for the construction of approximately 1H mlies of  jthe above road.  j Plans. Specifications etc., can be seen  , at the District Engineer's Oliice, Court  I ilouse. V'a.neo'.:ver, nt the District Bn-  ' mincer's Ofllce, Penticton and at the  office   of   the   undersigned.  The   lowest   or  any   tender  not   neces-  '   GOVEEJETMENJ OF BRITISH  •  COZ.tTlVtBIAv,  DEPARTMENT -OF PUBLIC  WORKS.  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS.  PACIFIC  PIIGHWAT.  Sealed. Tenders endorsed "Tender for  Paving Pacific Highway" will be received Ijy the Honourable the Minister of  Public "Works up to. 5 o'clock p.m.• of the  third day of May, 1020, for grading and  pa.vins of the Pacific Highway-—Sta.  173x00 to the Johnston Road (Sta.  29(5x00).  Alternative tenders will be considered  ' I for the following pavements on Depart-1"  ment's .specifications, and for other bituminous pavements on contractor's own  specifications, provided the thickness of  the pavement is equivalent to the total  thickness specified for asphaltic concrete  on   Department's   specifications:—  (a) One course cement  concrete.  (b) Aspha'tic concrete on cement concrete  base.  (c) Asphaltic  concrete  on  stone  base.  Plans, specifications, bills of quantities, conditions of contract aiid other  particulars can be obtained at the Public Works Department, Victoria or at  the District Engineer's Ofllce. Court  House, Vancpuver, on payment of $10.00  deposit. The lowest, or any tender, not  necessarily accepted.  A.    E.    FOREMAN,  Public Works  Engineer.  Public Works Department,  Victoria).   C.   C.   April   15th,   1920.  ASPHALT  ROOF PRODUCTS  Combine the  advantage  of being produced  in; Vancouver/  together with a" standard of quality excelled by none.-'  PACIFIC  ROOFING CO., Limited.  MANrjFACTUnKRS  AND   GENERAL   ROOFING-   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island Vancouver, B.C.  P I L I N G a in o p O IE S  f=IR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -■ any diameter  FEDERALLUMBERCO..LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  CONTRACT  NO.   1.  I  Victoria,   U  Sealed tenders addressed to the under-I warily accepted.  O,  ^\  SEYMOUR G61  STEAM a E^OT WATEH HEATiJ^G  PIPE BEN»3^3G  1090K0MER STREET  r"  "SPRAYWHITE"  Painting"   atid   lime   Sprayljig1   Machines for Interior & Exterior. "Work  a  txPi  sonmsngs  Seyjnour 1424 rraoer 217 L 1  .353  PENDER  ST.   W.  .J  r  pANTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled VaudeytHe Means  Patetoges Vaudeville  "iffiied   and   endorsed   "Tenders   for   Fill-  ins  and   Dred:;inK"   will   be   received   at j  this . oflltv! until twelve o'clock noon '  lii'f.''"i-,Mi Mny. I!i20. for the '•xecntio.ji ol* |  the !-"i!!iii.L; and Di-od^lnff for tin- J!nr-|  !,.•-,;;;• (':.,;,,,,-, i.-^icners' New i'Mer, to !>*• .  I'.nown :,h '•liallanlyne I'ier," at IJurrard !  Inlet,   Vancouver,   U.   (.!. i  Plans and Speein>ations can he seen j  and form of tenders obtained rM. the of- I  lice of the Harbour Commissioners. 7)21  I'ender St. W.. Vancouver, I:. (."., or at |  Lhe odiee of A. [J. Swan, M. Inst. C. Ii., !  '.'oiisulttntf lOriKiueer to the Commission-!  crs,   10   PiiiliipH  Place.   Montreal,   p.   r,_).      j  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on the forms supplied by the Commissioners arid in accordance with the  conditions set.  forth   therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  in accepted cheque on a. chartered bank  payable to the Order of the Harbour  Commissioners for the sum of Fifty  Thousand   ! >ollars   ($150,000).  Copies of plans can be obtained on application to the Harbour Commissioners  nr the Consulting lOriffineor on payment  of the sum of $2!5.00 which will be returned  when the plans are returned.  The   Harbour   Commissioners   do    not  bind themselves to accept the lowest, or  iny,  tender.  I'.y   Order,  VV.   V).  HARVIK.  Secretary.  Vancouver   Harbour  Commissloners.  Dated   at   Vancouver,  R.  C,  April   20th,   11)20.  Public   Works  April   loth.  1!)20.  A.   I-;.   FOUKMA.V,  Public:  Works Knglnecr.  Department,  Classified Advertising  Record Readers are, as a rule, tmslness  and professional men who have tho I  money to buy something' good if they '  desire It. it* you have something j,'ood I  to sell let the Record readers know)  about it. Tito average purchasing |  power of the Record reader is Kresit-'  rr than that of any otber^publication  In  P.i-tish  Columnist.  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors: to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.. LTD.  Mining, Municipal arid Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B.C.  CONVRACTORS   and B'JBLDERS  ■J  h\  VI-;S. you can be.it your homo, officr.build-  in (j. Hlorc or f.ie'.ory with C.AS ccoiioinic-  ,'illy, coiivctiiently anil s.'itisfactotily ■ -without the <lirt and dust of a funi.'ict—without  the   work of cnrryiiif; ashes or shoveling fuel.  There are jfns-licatinK systems that fit  any type of house or building; from the hot  air .system that, uses your present registers  and pipes to the automatic unit radiator  system that controls your heat to a nicety.  Think of the convenience of a gas-heating .system—think of the clean basement  and the freedom from work that gas, means  —and then call up our New lltisiucss Department.    Seymour 5000.  WE  SHALL  RE  GLAD  TO  ADVISE YOU ON YOUK  HEATING PROBLEMS  Vancouver  Gas Co.  Carrall and  Hastings  Phone Sey.  5000  ■Factories,       Houses      and  GaraKts    Repaired.      General  Carpenter   and   Construction    Work.  john j?. iioaEia  Sey. 3418  Sey. 931 Evening's   I7G8 Robson St.  SVJACli EMERY  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  WATIOKAI.  MACHINERY   CO.  925 Main  St. Sey. GOB  I  :>>!  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "The Battery for your car"  Expert battory and lenltlon repairs  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richards Street  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   iiought  and   Sold.  B. C.  EQUIPMENT  CO., LTD.  Sanlc of Ottawa BldfT. Sey. 90-10  See   Us  For .\'Yi Kinds of Machinery  WEIR   MACHINERY   CO.   LTD.  1336  Richards  St.   . Sey.  7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing;,    MtiltiKraphirig,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CEKTa'RAX. PUBLIC  STENOGBAHPEBS  Sey.  5078 414  Dominion   Bldgr.  BAR mOH - SHIP BROMWO§?& - BOLTS - NUTS  IRO&S ancB STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and F9TT9NGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE GALVANIZE EVERYTHING BY HOT PROCESS  IRON and GALVANIZING  Fairmont 971  Office and Works, 225 • 5th W.  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 3406  GUMMEY HEATING EQUIPMENT  For Steam, Hot  Water  or Warm  Air, Wil! Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so  When  Installed   by   Competent   Engineers. f  THE GURNEY  FOUNDRY CO., Limited  -"%  566 Beatty St  Seymour 7596  KEEP POSTED—READ THE RECORD.  I  1  !  S**ltoitMtlk'ilMm/mkm


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