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 5W  AVER" Asphalt Roofing  B. C. Manufacture    and,   Guaranteed  A trial will convince you of  its Genuine Quality  Vol. 12, No. 41, Monday, March 19, 1917  Roofing Paints Roofing Felt  Roofing Cement Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Telephone Seymour 4795-8 548-550 Seymour St.  mm  Building Material  Evans, Colinr_a_Ti Sc Evans  LIMITED  Foot   Columbia Ave.  'Phone 2988  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to lOO Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.  504  Crown Bldg*.  Sey. 4696  &.;-_#  m  $5968  -' * *r v l£  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock i» the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  We are also Sole   Agents   for   the  <  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  t , and Birch Flooring.       <■,  L FYFE SIWITH COi LIMITED  1320 Richard* St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Iqt&M&lA0^4—*  4        --4  .-?■  THE :HOLOEN GO^ Ltd.  .   GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS    ,  .;  ,'■/'      -:'if.   .":-   supplies  .    i . . Sole AafenUiJn Canada Tor ^  „,v  Chlta^l^cuiT^u^f^ : ■"-"  Riveting  A Chipping '.Hammers; '.Little   Giant   Drilli;    Duntley  Electric"Tools;- Rock  Drills;"Air Compressors;  ".-.',' :;;.".'-Fue.  Oil'and,Gas  Engines..   ^ --- -       -   .-,-  , »*■*   *-t-» - „ „  .#>>  Boyer  1.  MMtfttt.  TlfMtl  WMs«| ,-  542 feititr Jt W.. VaacHW I.  Plm Stj. I06S  ^>^w^.c^><s.^^^^.^>.:«§>*I«g>.I^>»I*<s>*!*<i>*J^  BUILDING NEWS  f And Construction Work not otherwise*  §, '       ClaMifled. «f»  .;—j>.*^g,.j»^j^>.;«{>.j-cj>.j^>.*-*S).j«g>»j.ia>.f.<j»^.<^.{^) ,  r.NEW WESTMINSTER—The west  end sewer outfall will be extended two  hundred feet, at an estimated cost of  about $1,100.  'SOUTH VANCOUVER—An additional $1,000 has" been placed in the esti-  -mates for repairing streets in Wards  IIt III and IV where sewers were laid  -last year.  BUSINESS NOTES.  otber   items   of   interest „to  buai-ess in«__  f:  «!•?•  *    --  <£>»_-  i     -. ■ ommeii i___u ,j,  ^J::-4^»^^..:-^j^>-:«i>-:.4»'!-^i'54-**i^,*5^M-^'«>*t*,s>  VICTORIA—A building  permit  has  been issued to Alexander Christie for  raising a house on Superior Street. ,  ;TENTICTON—The city council is  contemplating an addition to the electric light plant'here. > About SGO.000  will .■ be' required to enlarge') and improve the, plant. c    ,   " ,l  V, L 1 ,4  REGINA—Judgment was reserved  in the protest of the Regina Board of  Trade against the increased freight  rates- on canned goods .from Pacific  Coast points, heard before the Railway  Commission sitting in Regina last  week. " '  VANCOUVER—Mr. Thomas Adams,  town planning expert of the' Conserva- [  "tion'"Commission.at Ottawa has arriy-J  ed on the coast.   He will consult with  the  Provincial Government  regarding  the, "placing of a town'planning law on  the provincial statutes.'  1 r. \ * r '  I   'VICTORIA—The"'City., School  Board  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC 1U0LS  C6  THOR  99  ■pACiFlC'UIVI'E  Unequalled for quality.  99.5% pure.  ' Saves' men's time in slaking.  Consumes more sand than any other lime.  At all first elass dealers.  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  Sey 9506  VANCOUVER—It is stated- that- it  is,~the, intention of the B. C. Sugar.  "hic4oi*p6rated ,• to 'imuiottiat^y-v-prepare  landIfof-seeding  antl'Aerect 'a   large {hM, awarded contracts to Hawkins &  plant, at   Stuart   River,   a -few   miles" -   - -  from Fort George. /-' -    ,  —:—1_ o   --'--."   -  * NANAIMO—The EsquunaIt & Nana!  mo   Railway   Company   is   to  new  station  at   .Nanaimo   this^year if  the prosecution of this  work will  not  take labor  from  work of national  im-  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rnretting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc. /L  Complete  Stock ofr. Accessories  1 14* HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. 4100  jHayward- for. the "installation' pfo the  (fire   alarm/buzzer-'system   at' Springj  ! Rid-e,   Kingston -'Street   and -Beacon j  ' v..,-.,.   «   Hill schools and to-Andrew Sheret for  build   ait - . -        ,  ,,  ,.        ;  services" auxiliary to the installations. J  .•f •  «*r.  ^W-'tlfc^^w-.   — -  ?*l'-jKJiZi~"'  Li-"t--    r? ^,tA"  .a.  Vancouver  VICTORIA—The Provincial Govern-,  ment is calling.for tenders for the  portance at this time.' This announce- operation of the ferry between Arrow-]  ment has just been made to the Nanai-' head am{ Beaton on the Arrow Lakes; j  mo Board of Trade by Mr. II. E. Beas-,'for ti,e operation of the' ferry on the'  ley, general superintendent of the rail-. praser River at  Agassiz  and   that at  London, Xing'.  Montreal  Winnipeg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B.  C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPEGTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND' EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  '-!-----•■■■-■•--508-Hasting--W., Vancouver, B. C. ■  ■ _,,  Cement Testing- laboratory, Boom 1601; Physical Testing- Laboratery, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199 ^  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Centers  way.  VICTORIA—A new pound for animals costing $2,000 is to be built at  the Garbally Road yards of the city.  The estimates committee of the Council passed an appropriation -for this  last week. At the same time an appropriation' was voted for tlie construction of implement sheds at the yards  to house street sweeping and other  machinery.  I Kelowna  on  'Summerland.  Okanagan   L-ake,  and  at;  VICTORIA—A new residence for t  the caretakers of the .cemetery is a  possibility this year, or early next  year, according to the recommendations made to-the estimates committee of the city council last week by  Alderman Walker, chairman of the  cemetery committee.  SthJctifral Steel For Every Purpose  Z '    ' ~—-V^*  —T^ !—  BEAMS, CBANNTLS, AJTOI.ES, PX_-TES, TEES,  CO-.-'MHTS  COMFLETSLT EQUIPPED  PABBICATTWO  SHOPS  ■   CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEt COT, Ltd.  raJrmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. C.  VANCOUVER—At the meeting of  VANCOUVER — The Canadian the British Columbia Manufacturers-  Northern Pacific Ry. Co. is inviting Association in the board of trade  tenders to be received up to noon,; rooms on Tuesday evening, an address  March 2.4th for the construction of a,will be given by Mr. J. Feck, chief m-  bulkhead   in   front   of  the  old   Royal >pcctor of boilers for British .Columbia  for the government  of  Canada.    His  GILLEY BROS. Limited  DEALERS   127  I  V  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  City Mills property. New Westminster.  Plans, specifications etc. at ofnee of  the company, 719 Metropolitan Bldg.  For further particulars see advertisement for tenders, page -t. this issue.  1 VANCOUVER—Tlie local firm of  Mundy Rowland ft Co. has boon awarded- the contract for tlio electrical work  in the New Parliament building at  Winnipeg, their figure being $101,030.  Two other figures were submitted as  follows:; Star Electric Co. of Winnipeg. $102,388 and Schumacher: &  Grey, $iOG.30'0.77. Mundy Rowland  & Co., besides having several large  contracts in the building line locally,  will do the electrical work for twenty-  seven new ships to be built on the  coast,     i  address   will   deal   with   the   care   of  boilers, and he  hopes  to show where  many manufacturers  using steam can  , make savings.  VICTORIA—Applications has been  made for a change in the name of the  (inn   of   Messrs.   Shortt,   Mill •&■ Dun-  • can, jewelers. Victoria/to  Mitchell"'&"'  Duncan,    Limit ed., "Many   new   com-  • panies have been incorporated as fol-  j lows':'■ Hardware Specialties, Limited,  j Vancouver, capital, $.10,000; Western  ! Mines Exploration Syndicate, Limited,  Vancouver,   $25,000;   '.Motor   Components,    Limited,    Vancouver,    $20,000;  Woods,    Limited,    retail   -merchants,  Vancouver,   $50,000;    Milieu's   British  Columbia, Limited,  $25,000, wholesale  merchants;   Denver  Securities,  Limit-  VANCOUVBR—Following   is ; a   list !'ed. Vancouver, $10,000, real estate;^ H.  of   the   tenders   submitted   to  Arclits. JJ.  Thorne, Hartley &   Co.,  Ltd., Van-  Gardiner &  Mercer  for the construe- couver,    $10,000,     brokers;     Western  tion of tho Vulcan  Iron Works  plant | Packers, Limited, Vancouver, $600,000.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western ,Canada.    We cut to  /length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars. '  BOLTS: —  Drift  Bolts,  .Machine  Dolts,  Tie Bolts.  . nish large orders of Special Bolts on  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —   FIRE  CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK   —  HYDRATED   LIME  BLACK-MITH   COAL —  COKE,— SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRON  MANILA   ROPE,  ETC.  We are  prepared  short notice.  to  fur-  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Soy. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  1010 LANGLEY ST.  Telephone 5037  on Industrial Island, False Creek.  Broley & Martin, $42,755; Kilgren &  Co., $33,750;'Baynes> Horie, $37.S00;  Sloan & Harrison, $32,345; Dominion  Construction Co., $32,251; Booker  Campbell & Whipple, $31,270;. Adklson  & Dill, $30,775; Hodgson &  $29,249.  These figures do not include electric  light,  power and motors,  oil   fuel  installation and furnaces or foundations.  The contract will probably be  ed this week.  fish canners and packers; Pioneer Fish  &   By-products   Co.,   Ltd.,   Vancouver, j  $25,000,   fish   dealers;    Star   Cannery,,  Limited, Vancouver, $15,000.    The fol-.  lowing    extra    Provincial    companies j  have been registered to do business in j  King,  the province:    Circle City .Mines, Liin-j  ited;     Pacific    Steamship    Company,'  Rainy River Pulp  Sc Paper Company,  Silver  Gable  Mining &  Milling Company, Welch-Partridge  Co.    The New  award-'Zealand Insurance Company has ceaa-  jed to transact business in the province.  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  ....   t     ■  MINING   MACHINERY, ROCK  CRUSHERS,'        SCREENS, AIR  ,    COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DRILLS,   . PILE HAMMERS,  STEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL   PUMPS,        TURBINE   PUMPS,  SAWMILL MACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)  HEALD CONVEYOR CHAIN,        STEAM TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL ENGINES  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LUTED  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Wostminster  Fboie 177  Vancouver Office, 548 Seymour St.  Phono Soy. 4793  (- BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD
British Columbia Record
' Published every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday by the   .
Addreos:    683  Homer-Richards Lane
Rear of 431   Dunsinuir Street.
Telephone Seymour 7808.
Subscription Bates
Payable strJc-Mv  In  advance.
being prepared by the building inspector regarding the demolition of buildings dangerous to'the'public.
SOUTH   VANCOUVER—The   premium to be paid by, the municipality to I
the government' for its  employees in
the public works department is $125,
and for police and firemen, $296.S7.
SOUTH "VANCOUVER—The attention of the board of works has boon
drawn to the fact that in several cases
buildings and alterations have been
made without a permit having been
first obtained, and as a result in future the bylaw is to be vigorously en-
forced.    r
768 ft. V_i__
1000 ft. y2in.
520 ft. 1 in.
276 ft. T^in.
410 ft. %in.
60 ft. l%in.
3 each
200 ft. lin.
2 each
300 ft. lin. .
2 each
350 ft. lin.
1 each
368 ft, lin.
1 each
375 ft. lin.
Lancia j_aj Crucible
Langs Lay Crucible
Langs Lay Crucible  *
Galvanized Crucible
Langs Lay Galvanized Crucible
Cable Laid Galvanized Crucible
Langs Lay Crucible
Wewili Quote very reasonable prices on the above
R. V. W!
Vzsncbyver and Victoria
'PilOHE GEY. 280
CO., Limited
.:. HOLES .:.
We Drill Them Any Size, Any Depth,
For Any Purpose
K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer
Winch Bis.   . ,    < 'Phone Seymour 6888
Specializing  in  Foundation  Test and  Core Drilling
*.»tl-i_r«_   CoKt
'   VICTORIA—Alfred Farmer, Vancouver, and  Charles  E. Hope  and  David
M. Coulter, of'Langley Fort,;have been
named a commission to carry into effect the reclamation of lands comprising Blocks 1 to 8, inclusive,'in the west
'part of lot 79, group 2, New .Westminster district,  which  lands  are  constituted a "drainage and,dyking district.
pi or       ■<	
Theatre  Building ... *2??'S2J.'
Pleasure i'ier  '.HMS?
Armory   ■, '   I3B0.000
Bank  building	
 Not g-lven
.... 12,000,000
...   »l,7b0,000
Ti *"*'.'
i i t
l-4ii<ii';>> ""y ••	
Gnifxnj. ,-.    ..   	
1'iitv'  '   ;   jt Granville...
Ml    i' ^^->u
 : c. p. ii
...Alex  Pantasres
 Coates & Co.
.Dominion   BanK
 O. T. P. Ry
'.'lid \'>
JN'o  archt. commissioned  yet..
Bridge    '.	
Bank & office bldg Not given
Hotel, C. N. Ry .;.	
Concrete Sewer -	
Tunnelling' -' ,—
. .Burrard-Bridge & Tun. Co.
-serve Go\or,nment
Hastltmn .£  Granville Royal'Bank
l-'nlse CYfuk Kill ,...C. N. Ry. Co.
Kalsc  Cr.-ik : G   N.  Ry
Vancouver   - C.   P.   R.
ircliitect -Plans
Owners ,
B. M. l'retica	
Perry  &  Fowler
Not selected-	
Company    _.
C. A. P. Turner...,
overn ment
...Skene &'Chri_tIe
...Sketches under way
 _ 1 ndeflnitc
.West Foundation Co.
-'   "- VICTORIA.—A revenue' of-Just  under
'-J«,G(K),000 and an expenditure or Jll.ouu,-
-000   for   the   year   commencing   April   1
■-   next is predicted in  the -provincial  esti-
i *" mates .which   were  tabled in   the House
•-•-*•   Hon." Lome 'Campbell,   Minister   of
:' Finance, on Monday.    The revenue shows
M a falling off of-about  $1,000,000  for the
"anticipated revenue .for this year,  while
,-the expenditures show a slight'increase.
The   exact*■ estimated   revenue   is   |B,-
'  944 01S. as,compared with  |7,134,615,lor,
the'present: year, a difference of »1,095,-.
r--«00.  -The~estimated -disbursements are
111 301,374, ,as   compared   with   $11;163,-
"'666   for   the  previous   year,   an  increase
of $138,000. ^ The increase<;is  more than
' accounted- for,, by    the   increased    fixed
charges, which are over $300,000.
..   ,7    Summary of Expenditure  ■'
The I summary   of   estimated ' expenditure   Indicates1-that ,in..four   of: the   14
- Government/services there will probably
< be   an   increased   expenditure   over   last
year.    In   the-rest   a   reduotion, is   pre-
. dieted. '  "   "
.   , The fo«owing.are/,theiBtotals:i9i6 i7;%
UPublio' debt::._.....:.':...:.$l,lB2l3.7e  »1,422,254
~, .Civic  government   ...--  _„.'.-
- (salaries) -,- .—.- 1,709,G.«6
'-.Administration'-   of,  ■'.■ ■    -'
-    "   Justice .. (salaries)
;•" .Legislation ". :	
-'Public  institutions -
Office  .' -'..$250,000
 Office   $35,000,
Factory. Wharf, Subway f'5°'2°° I ?/f,s
Courthouse   (east   wing) : 5300.00U   Van
OHic- bldg. ._ '-•       »    ^.flOu.ono.j"   -
Concrete  Garage
*. ■'
'<, -Hospitals and charl--    ■• ' -   =
^ ties    ....„..7.-.__.„..'-    ,374,100
'Artministration ■
Justice"-    -"-	
Education     ....
Transport     :.
'.Revenue services
Public. works  -.	
. Jn  this year's report ot  uie,
the   service- "miscellaneous"
into-three  distinct   services.
upon  which   $565,000  is to
year,   and   "agriculture,"
-   83,000
'    -50,000
" 308,670
' 3,023,010
CSti n):tLt:(j
is. dividea
be spent this
upon which
§rf6,'600" will probably be expended; are
each' given a service to themselves, thus
greatly reducing the "miscellaneous'
total. - , ,
Present conditions have also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the result being an unusually large increase
'for hospitals and charities. Last year
$16 000 was voted in the wayPof assistance in the construction of hospitals.
This year about $150,000 will probably
be granted for that purpose. Grants to
refuge homes, aid societies, etc, is increased  from  $111,000   to $«0.000.
University of B. C.
' Among the appropriations in this
year's estimates is a conditional one oi
$200,000 for" the University of British
Columbia. Last year's estimate was
$175,000. Included in the works antl
buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department, are the, following; Okalla prison farm, $15,000;
Improvement of government .reserve.
Burnaby, $10,000; monta.1 hospital and
colony farm, Essondalc, $35,000; provincial government buildings, London Ccom-
pletion and maintenance), $li 5,000;
maintenance, $8,000.- The appropriations
"provincial normal school. Vancouver,
for roads, streets, bridges and wharves
in each constituency are the same us
last year. Chilliwack gets $..3,300:
Delta, $22,500; Uewdney, . $68,500. and
Richmond $10,000. Kighty thousand Is
revoted for Kings-way -through the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets
$10 000 for roads, and Nicomen Islanu
the same amount Tor dyking; $13,500 is a
Bubsidv for the Ladner-Wood ward ferry.
The "vote of $100,000 on last years
estimates for the Second Narrows bridge
is iett off. For bridges generally *»o0,-
000^8 set down, while for the bridge
over the Fraser River at Prince Oeoi-ge
there will  be an appropriation  of  $150,-
An Hern in the Land Department appropriations is that for $20,000 Tor
"timber testing and investigation of
wood products." An Indication thai, the
government Intends to continue seeking
overseas markets for tin- B. C. -lumber
trade is that another $50,000 is appro-
pi iated for salt lies, travelling expenses,
•ind  purchase of material
Other Appropriations.
Among the othi-r appioprlations art'
rhe   following.
Grant to U. (J. u-glments $5,000, grant
co patriotic fund $6,000. grant to 1-oy
scouts $1,000. giwit to Victorian Order
of Vursea $000. grant to returned sol-
fliers' alid commissions, H5,000: Royal
Commissions $15,000 jlast year $50,000)
Jougar ' bounty $35,000, Contribution
co Vancouver ■toward., purchase of
certain lanes in .Ward.' VIII., $5.000.,
Fraser River. Bridge: New \\ estminster,
maintenance and repairs,■ $20,200. Song
h*>.ew   Rpwervf lmrir(ii'"mcni'i
Character   -' - - C°**
Brk. and mill schools  r?5?'$2?
Steel   Bridge   .-. - - f^.^0
i'.W.C.A. -Home ___.'. ......   *ISO,OO0
Union Passenger Depot "^SxP'SxS
Stone church   "f25'l??0
Rink  (Curling)    ' !30'^
Bwing  Span   _ ... .....$20,000
Tubercular Ward .-....:  	
10-sto office- bldg _..._ 1....$250.000
Christ,'Church   Cathedral...... $400,000
church _....-.  —.••12MS2
Pier    $1,000,000
Go're and Keefer._  Dom. Govt.
So'Wh  Vancouver .'. Dom. Govt
1/-'iscinq.«  Royal  Crown  Soap Co.
couver      Provin.   Govt.
M«n... i-   i-  ^rorgia  tts .I-K.  Mahou
Fifth & I-'ir Sts Ford Motor Co.
Pom.   Govt
Dom.   Govt.
Thos   Hooper  	
Dalton  &. Evelelgh
W. K Gardiner .:	
Character ....:— .--.-". r-  Coet
School    : —'- $7,500
Grain  elevator   (35,000 bu.)    ..■•---
School'1 ...:.  :- $50,000
Plant  Improvements .—.:._....
Steel ^Bridge /.   !?5'922
Steel Bridge .- - $15,000
Grain Elevator-(25,000 bu.)   -.--„--,---„-;•-,:'
Marltet Building  '.— : $35,000
Sewers- .-..:..:: : $24,000
Street .Work   .'- _ $50,000
Location      :...' Owner
Victoriar _....-_   - City
Victoria    - — -    City
Victoria    : .' _...   Y.    VV.   C.   A.
Victoria .*.    -C: P. R. and C. N.  R.
Victoria.-...Christ .Ch. Cathedral BJdg Ltd.
Victoria  .-...„:... Victoria  Curling   Club
Victoria   _ _.-   City
Victoria. Royal Jubilee Hosp.
Victoria    St. Barnabas
Victoria .-. _ _ B. C. Electric Co.
Victoria  First  Baptist  Church
Vancouver  .....C.  P.  R.
Architect  _	
Spurgin  & Wilkins-.
Owners  :	
J.   C.   Frame
Co. -Engineers
— .Plans Beady
.1 ; Indefinite
.' ...... Preparing
_..'. .'.'.Soliciting- Funds
_.*  Preparing
Jones    &   Beatson—Arranging   finances.
Coates &Flett To Build This Year
City  : _ i„ Completed
J. CM Keith— .-..„ .-. St	
  „...'.   .'.   Delayed
J. C. M. Keith  Delayed
Jesse  M. .Warren Delayed
Owners  - :....:..  Delayed
Ziocation' .'. .".  -   Owner
Trail   ..'. _- .'-"-   City
Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers Ass'n.
Rossland -   - - City
Prince 'Rupert-..*. Imperial Oil Co.
Vanderhoof  ...--   Pro. - Govt.
Prince George   .'. Pro.  Govt."
Kamloops  Maple  Leaf Milling  Co.
New Westminster  _ ,  City
Nanaimo  _ :...- ."  City
Prince George .— .'.  City
architect .'. Plans Beady
Owners ...
Owners ...
Owners ...
Owners ....
?1 ty  :-
,._' Shortly
 _. Soon
Public Works Contractors
Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.
Vancouver, B. C.
Concentrator,  etc -  1,000,000
Shipbuilding  Plant  - — -     200,000
Railway Station         40,000
Concentrator _ —       300,000
Public   Wotks          150,000
Theatre Building       150,000
Wharf    _  $10,000
2-sto. hotel  :  $18,000
3-sto  -100x100   hotel - ----
2—1-room Schools _ each $20,000
Hotel     --'  $1,000,000
Depot  bldg $1,000,000
Fertilizing  plant &  wharf .'. 1125,00'r
Concrete  Sanitorlum —.'_...  $100,000
Flour  Mill &  Elevator $250,000
Hospital  :. - -  $90,000
City   Hall    - $50,000
Office  Bldg.  & Oil  Plant $200,000
Residence  (Stone) — .$22'!;«S
Armory   (Dom.   Govt.)   $100,000
Postoffice:   5-sto.  eonc — $200,000
School    - --   $20,000
Hotel    ~	
Brewery  _ —
Mach. Shop and Foundry
Freight   Terminal   -	
School  Bldg	
Paper and  Pulp  Mills	
Office Building  vrx-«xx
Round  House  _ ?D2'°22
Mach   and  Repair Shops $150,000
Warehouse and Stor. Tank $10,000
Copper Mountain  B. C. "Copper Co.
Port, Moody    Boyd's Ltd.
Xew  Westminster   C. N.  Ry.
Alnsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co
Prince   George       City
New Wesuiiinster.-Vlhambni Theatre Co.
Sidney  Victoria & Sidney   R.R:
Ocean  Beach   (V.I.)   _ F. J.  Lins
Prince  Rupert..- - M.  Albert
Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board
Prince f Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific
Prince  Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific
Skeena River—^Scot-Amer. Oil & Fer. C<~
Kamloops....B. 'C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.
Co<iuItJam....Termlnal Grain Elevator Co.
Nelson, B. C _  : Municipality
Nanaimo,  B." C City  of  Nanaimo
Prince  Rupert Imperial Oil  Co.
Uplands   (Victoria)  -Withheld
Prince  Rupert - - Dom. Govt.
Prince   Rupert 1 Dora.   Govt.
Rossland     _ _    City
Prince   Rupert-  A.  J.'Prudhomme
Fort   Oeorge Not   given
Fort George Peace River B. & M. C^>.
Nanaimo      t City
New  Westminster    Mr.  Schaake
New  Westminster   N.  P. Ry.  Co.
Rossland       City
Quatslnn, B.C. Colonial Paper & P.M.,  Ltd
Calgary Robin  Hood   Flour   Mills
E. Lillooet P. G. K. Ry.
E.  Lillooet P. G. K. Ry.
Peace  River Imperial Oil Co
,    Soon
Owners    _.
Owners     _.:.	
Moscrop &  Whitburn Completed
 _ -...Will   Build   Soon
Jessie M. Warren..l Tenders Closed
Prince Rupert Arcnt Under Way
Bell & Constant; Branch fir. Coxall	
1-'.  M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon
F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria I Soon
J. S. D. Taylor   ..._ Tenders closed
Dalton & Eveleigh— Tenders Closed
Plans Approved No Date Given
Now petitioning for impropriation.   >
Not Drawn —Asking Govt. Grant
G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative
Jesse  .U. Warren Tenders soon
Govt   Tenders  soon
Gov't    Tenders  closed
No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet 	
Site Just Purchased	
Herbert J.   Peyton  Hketches   ready
Wilson & Wilson - Tenders closed
Undecided       Indefinite
Owners   _
Owners  ,
W. S. Bates
 -   Now
Shingle  Mills — ■  .West  Vane Vedder  River  Shingle   Co _    Completed
Hotel    '•    %'i?,°A^
Hotel.  3-sto.  brk. veneer- $20,000
rhurch   (fr.)      -•
5 «to brk, mill and  "t^el $150,000
Fort   George	
Port   Alberni	
...Grand   Trunk  Pacific
 Tom    Mag rath
 Episcopal Church
Kn ml oops Hotel <""•«.
Tolabird & Roache  (Chicago) Delayer-
Evans A Cook   .Delayed
Pcrrv & &Fowlpr  Delayed*
W.   T.   Whiteway Delayed
$■■> .'0 nun
Three Shows Daily
PRICES 1.5c - 25c
School    -	
3-sto    Apmt.   .    ....;.	
School  .—. •-—-	
4-sto.   dept.   store  bldg...	
Piers   ^Concrete) ............
Brk.   veneer church	
Wharf  (Marine  Depot)	
- ■••«!•,.• water 	
Alteration to Sayward Bldg.
...    Metchosin
..Hllllers,   E.   &   N.
7. Foul  Bay  Rd.
 Gillespie   Place
. Hollywood
..... Victoria
.....Victoria .
._ Victoria  .
The homo of The Bl£   Shows
Prices 10c-15c   Boxes 25c
Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)....-.
Hotel .........................
2-sto stone & steel bldg	
Dairy   Bldg.   (cone  &  brk)	
J-sto brk bldg	
2-sto.   apmt ,
Residence   '■■-	
Factory     •■••	
Dredging   Sand   Meads	
i-Idgo'   - hutments   112)   .
Govt    Bldg ■
High   School :.	
Jetty   &   Dredging.,, ...
Roundhouse ;	
Bridge      •	
Da in.   Mills,  *tc	
\"ntcr   System	
Mill"     '"hiii-vf.s     "If.   	
Addition   High  School	
r.t-ick   School    '■■•
'i   AlolorHlil'-s,   each	
Bascule   Bridge      ,   	
I'ow-r House and Laundry
Railwav   Line	
..$ 20,000
..$ 20,000
..   S..0.000
... $20,000
T-'t ono
...$I!),50S I
Ent. Coat Owner
$20,000  H.   R-   Hammond
„       School    Trustee.*-
10,000      II.   Lawson
35,000       F..  Nation
•15,000    _     A.   Winch
$14,000  City
$700,000 ......Hudson's   Bay   Co.
$2,000,000  Government
$20,000       .    Colomba  Presbyterian  «'-'i:
.    $2 1 tn* „    Govt.
Si 000.000 ....Dom.   Government
Victoria.   ............ : ...
Location Owner
Kamloops    City
Prince George—-Prince George 7-Totel  Co.
Nelson,   B C Carmen  Maglio
Duncans.IB.   C	
Nanaimo'. J.  B. Nicholson
Prince Rupert J. McMoi'die
Metchosin  .H.   R.  Hammond
Lulu   Island....Morrison  Steel  &  Wire Co.
France River  Government
Grand'.Trunk'Pacific i. G.   T.   P.
port  Alberni :.l  Govt.
Port  Alberni.    Municipality
' '"i-iii   Arm   Fraser  River Govt;
Fort George G. T. P. Ry. Co.
Nanuliiio :    City
Prince**   Royal   IsIond....Tonapnh-Bolri'on
Port   Moody City
nroan  Falls Pacific Mills,  Lid,
Nelson       City
*-'o'-tJi  Vnncouvi-r; -.If. W.   Brown  & Co.
Selkirk Water     f. N, H
' nkr- 1 ouis" ...      .'. C   P. R.
'•">(■*-'loo" '!-Vi'l(n"'"H C    ,V     '!v.   Co
....Grayson   &   Son
 A.   II.   Mitchell
.......P.   McKechnle
 Fulton   Bros.
 -Luney Bros.
...B. C. Const. Co.
Butler  &   Harrison	
Spurgin   &   Wilkins....
S.  Maclure 	
S.   Maclure   	
C.   E.  Watklns	
Spurgin & Wilkins	
B. Horwood & White..
Govt.;    .............Grant Smith &  McDonnell
Wm. Henderson ....Knott & Jones
Govt.    .....j..:.Parks. Tupper & Klrkpatrlck,
Govt       ..'.<. .....Sir John Jackson.-Ltd.
J. C. M-. Keith Luney Bros
.".rcliitoct  Plana Beady
Ducane Dutcher & Co Wm.  Green)ecu-
Butler'&  Harrison....Browster &  Pel ham
Geo. C Egg „ ..Waters & Pasco
J. CM.  Keith Island   Building Co.
\. Forrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson
Jas. Gllmore  Sub-contracts
Butler & Harrison Grayson & Sons
Owners Day   Labor
Govt Navigation .<: Dredging Co.
(J. T. P J. A. McKenzie & Ca. Rx.  Bldg.
 Knott & Jones, of Victoria
 Warnock ft Cochran
Govt Pacific Dredging Co.
Owners  Carter Hall  & A.
City  .:    city
,t   Co Owners'
City ..Robertson.   Godson   Co.
Owners  Owner*
 Snider Bros. K- Brelhour, Ltd.
 J.  Burns K- Co
  "Wallace   Shlpvirdn '.
Owners MacDonald, Nctlleton & Bruc" ;
Floor Coverings
If you have Conjolcum on your floors, you can ran a rhnp
over them and they "will be cleaner than any swept floor.
Confioleum is waterproof rirjht through—water cannot injure
it. Compared with printed linoleum, Confroleum is more
durable, more attractive, more waterproof, yet the price is,
less. Conooleun^ requires no fastening:—any one can lay it
',—it won't'curl up. *■   -* °
Congoleum Rug Borders, laid next to a rue <
carpet, give the actual, appearance of polished oai
10th AV£. and ARBUTUS
Bayview 772
We specialize in prompt service for Contractors'  ~\
temporary power installations .
x " * I
'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   have   our   representative   call
if WelGlC ■&Wilson
Fire CJ<*y   -   -    Fire Enck   -   -    Common Brick
Cement    -   -    L-rne   -   -   etc.
i '     \ i k
^     COAL    DEPARTMENT   c
"Jinglf?   Pot"    Fanuus    Household   Coals
Lump   -   -   Washed Nut   -   -   Pea   -   -    Slack
Phone Private Ex.
1629 Main St.
Vancover B. C.
The Jar vis EHeefciriie C©<
Sey.  174—175
570 Richards St.
Wiring   Contractors
Electric    Repairs
Electric   Supplies
Motors,    Generators,
Everything  ESecfrica!
»• ^Tr -_,x_ ^-cm
Have   you   ever   considered   how   much
more   economical   BICYCLE   RIOIPVG Is
Get a 'Perfect' Bicycle
Price   $45.
, Northern Ooi.Htnx.Mnn CA.
^ /  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  „ c  >  YOU WANT  .1  Business Directory and  Buyers5 Guide  'When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col. St., S. 2888  O'Nell, Win. N. Co. Ld.,, 648 Seymour.S. 4795  Ritchie   Con.    &   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.    St.  Bridce    S. 9162  Warrlgton 4 Johnson.  119  Pender S.   fl. 4912  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col 6.298}  Paterson J-fg.  Co.,  10th  & Arbuiu* S., B. 772  BRICK—ALL KINDS.  Cont'n'i  Ship.  '&. Trad.  Co.  Ltd.'.' S. 641,8  Evans. Coleman & EvariR, Ft. Col., S. 298S  Gilley Bros.. Ltd., New West., Phones 15, 16  W. N. O'.N'fcil &'Co„ 548 Sey. SL, _. 4796-479K  Ritchie   Corjtr,   &   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    ' .'..-. ..S. ,9l«2  Warrington & Jo.,nson, 11'( Pender, S. 4912  R.V.Wli.c}. & Co..  Ltd..  WInoh B. S. 279-194 4  BUILDING' FKLTS   AND   PAPERS.'  Evans, CoU-man 6c 'Kif.n.-, j'-t. Col.,. .S. 23SS  I.c-slle, Tajlji- (JO:, -l'J3 biir.'i.,.!.,, , ,. .S. 4871  W. N. O'Neil <fe Co., 548 St'y. bt., S. 479-5-4  MARBLE  AND  ONYX    ,  Evans,  Coleman & 'Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  40.1 Dunsmulr S. 4371  VV. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St. S.  4795-4796  , OIL   BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron  Works.  1Mb Pandora SI...H.  496  rAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Suy. St.. .S. 479E-479S  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pander. .S. 4912  '     FAINTS—I>,»-.IP  PROOF.  Evans,  Coleman &  L.aufi,   ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil _. Co . :.A- rf-y. St. -S. 4796-479*  Patorson Mfg. Co.. lOtii _ .\ruutu3. .B. 77}  Warrington   & ,Johnson.   US   Pender. .S. 4913 '■  Automobile Records  PARTITION—I IKE PROOF,  Evans, Coleman & Kvans   l"t. Colum. .R. 29S!  Kltchifi.,Con. <_ Sup. Co., Granv. Bd«. .8. 91'lt { 33-;. r;.  FROM NOVJ.     BER 22 TO DECEMBER  15  .Following-   is   a   co_»;jleto   list   of, new  Automobile   license*,  Transfers and BeUnquishmonts Recorded for,  Vancouver and District.  "Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   is   Vancouver.  All cars for hire are ndcated thus  NEW CABS.  >-Tame    , .Address l , Car  RIy.' Co., Ltd., Carrail St  Ford  D. Brooks,  1100 Gilford St  .'.McLaughlin  ^oks, Dewdney, B. C [     Ford  J.'P.riink,  1301 Keefer St WJl'lys-O (8220)  ■i II. XV, Johns-Manville Co,, 511  No  937  9*52-- -.Mrs  <"i r* «  " _■        *  .' -   j  1 >        J  IlliCO-  c;. ,f  1.,..  • ..1  \,  r.idcj.   Buick  Warrington & Johnson  ' *'AL.     jUON  Balfour.   Outline  t.  119 Pender St.S. 491f j  A.SD TIN  .S.   97fi7-r57t  Co! S. 2ySo  ■ :tl...-.    2 79-11;!'  D.'.f-  I  I  i  3,  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you. -■---«-  Such a service will pay you big because through us you reach every owner  who is building, every architect, every  contractor- everybody interested in building.  We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge. LET US;  BOOST FOR .YOU.  WV    niv.H   i>    c~      r jc   c ,.,     i..       c    liar   j-.,'     Hftliour,    (.tuinrii*   et    '. \-  . . '  .  H.  O Neil  it.  Co.,  54S   bt'y.   St.,  b. 479-5-4..'.-     r.-u.n«    f^lnm-i r,   R.   Pvms    f(  Paterson MfB. Co..  l«th& Arbutus Sts.. B. 772   £   .? \x£«,?h  ? r£    ^ZZ-'^n  Warrington  &  Johnson. -119   Pender. .6.   4912 i f"  v-  Winch .4 Co.,  U .i,( n U  '   bonds-surety: \ |        . ctli>'« and i-olj:s  R.V.WInch & Co..'Ltd.. winch B., S. 279-1914   <?cnt.ff_Contracting Company,  8S7  Georgia Si. r. High  CEMFVT        ' ! r  Balfour,   Guthrie1-:  Co b.  919.-C573-! ' .       PlUK H^iViSQ.  ETans,  Coleman   &   Evans.   Ft.   Col...S.   2&y* 1EvanB. Coleman & Avails,  Gilley Bros., Lta.,  New West.,  Phones 15,  16  W.  N. O'Nell A. Co.. 548 Hey. St., H. 4795-479b  Ritchie   Oontr.   &   Sup..   Ltd.,   Granville   St.  Bridge         S, 916?  R.V.Winch <4 Co.. Ltd., Winch B.. S. 279-194 1  ir.si. a  1 \, 1 •  W7-  CEMENT TESTING  AND ASSAYING.'  Can. Inspc't & Test.  Lab., Empire  Bldg.      S.   4606  Hunt,   Robt.   "W.   &   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg S. 2199  CONTRACTORS—UORJNO  Robinson Contr. Co., "Winch Bldg..S. C8S8  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATLNG. '   .  Centre Contracting: Company,  887  Georgia .St.  .E...- High. 1581  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  ' o     r^td      ii   l'-r<*ct=r   itiver   Pll^   im  Peterson,   Jienry,   302^   \'it-i<>  rt.  Col S. 29SS  C'4-.     New   Wrs  Dr.  H. 11 i.5 .  H 1 '.* «---  I'lPK—S.LV.-1 f. 1 5,  Dom. Glzd  Cmnt  Pipe'Co..  num. BId..S83j/ 1 "n  Evans. Coleman & Evans    Ft. Colum..P  2:m I  Glllev  Bros.. .Ltd.,   NV.v  XV1 el.'. .Phones 15. 1'    ■  .Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd S.  210 f 0 .. , ,  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granville. .S. 9lfi2  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 49J1  R.  V. Winch & Co., Winci B!d...S.    279-134'  PLAhJ'tiK  Balfour,   Guthrie  &' Co '. ,S.'9197-657f  Evans, Coleman <fc Evans ' Fl. Coium. .S. 2f'P»  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd.,  New  West.. .Phones 16, 1  W. N. O'Neil & Co.', SMS Sey. St-.  P.ltchle, Con. & Sun. Co.. Granv  !J.,t-I-.  it,''1' J—  £»:,.-,</-- .m   j  ..n,<i;nn fitncrsil Electric'Co., Ltd, lOCsl Pender*  St.   VV  '■ „     .  ,        Ford  -   •', J'W„  J..50 "Water Ht ■>      Kelly  .-. ' .■-istie;,20Ol 8th Ave: "W  'Dodge  h. •    . f-   Avery,  2535  York St Pa,-e Detroit  t"    '    Vancouver, _ City   Hall "Ford  .    ■■,'   Vancouver, cCity   Hall , "".Ford  '   '''..lienv 865 Columbia St., New WestmiristerVord  1:   1 olqan, 155  Water St  Ford  >■ .is' ..v,'," R. R. No. .J, Cloverdale, B.  6...   "" Ford  -'.     ';,.;;:, 1515 Barclay St   iV.'.iniins,  Humble &  Patterson,  ''4   ;   -.Idfjon, 73G Granville St   ■ ■-;.-.-,':,  Dodd  & Co.,  1408  7th Ave.,  *:....'!.ster , , '  wuteher,  1_34   Barclay' St   1 ,. '•>> niop, 1,727 Grant St  '.  1:1 i."en, 192S  ith Ave. East \  >ya & Co., Ltd.,  4 6 Hastings XV.   .Ford ■■  Burnaby....Ford   McLaughlin  New      ,t'    <"   '.L..Ford  ,.,... -..McLaughlin   .'-...Ford,  ...:.:;. Ford   Ford  ..Chevrolet  .McLaughlin  "ADVERTISE?'  -4-rf,^  "1.1      *-*        *-•__''  i-j-J* •* ,^>  IN THE  Columbia  OR D  Armttrong,   l)"orjj'«,n     v     ' <  B«is    '  B.   C.  Granitoid  &  Contr.   Co.,  M.l-J,  Beach t and  Xic ola _ T.Sey.  CONTIiACTORf—LAND   CLEARING.  Centre Contractiner Company,    '  S87  Georgia St.  Ii '. High. ,1581  ,- 4 CONTRACTORS—PLASTKKINC.' f-^  Rush & Head,  173G 6th Ave. XV „„.  ,   — -.. Bay.   1602R—2215L  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TKKRAZZO.  Bvans. Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col 8.2988  Leslie,  Taylor Co.V 403  Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell 8z Co., 548 Sey.  _e., S. 47»5-47»«  CORNICE  AND  ROOFTNG.  Macdonald,   ilarpole-.Co ,--L-td -.,,. .'. 8.  210  CRANES   AND HOISTS    (ELECTRIC "-  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co..   Ltd '.S. 210  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St XV.  t, Sey.   1065,  -    DETECTIVE AOE-TC-ES,^-   4  Vancouver    Detective    Agency,     429-430  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey. 2440.  Night, Sey. 2442 (J. O'Grady, Mgr.)  DRILLS—PORTABLE   .ELECTRIC  Darling,   Frank  &   Co..   1142   Homer   St.    "  ....   : '. ■ S.   4100-410]  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St "W.  1    Sey.-, 1065.  ELKCTRIOAL SUPPLIES  Cun.   Alllg-Ch'aimers.   1063   Pender S.5710  Darling.   Frank   &   Co..   1142   Homer   St.   : S.   4100-4101  ELEVATOK CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   10G3   Pender S-5710  Harris,* P.  E. & Co.',   t«     Crown Bldg. S. 4698  W.  X.  O'Nell \&  Co.,  o"4S  Sey.  St.  S. 4795-479S  Ritchie   Contr.   *   Sup. .Co .   Ltd.. t Gran.   St.  Bridge ' • :  .    S. 9162  ELEVATORS. .;- ',*  Darting,   Frank   „'Co.,   1142   Homer   St.-<.   /'  - ■.'  :.'.;•..'.-. s.  4100-4101,  Harris.  P.  FT., &  Co..  >   ;   Crown BldK. S."469S  '.'./..-    .    ,i    KIKE CT..VV' ■".,-.-.,  r-pircu,-    -J-jrhr.'o  ii   ro,~    - S-"   <il97-i1575  fJvans.   Csleraan   Jk   Kv.i'ns     Pt- Col. .'.S  .2SS£  Glllev Bio.-s...   New Wfiimlnsier,  Phones 15,16  W.   X.  O'Xull «  Co..   54b  Sey.   St.,   S.47S5-479S  Rlic-hle Cjn. A Sup. Co..  Granvl.   Bd«r..S  SIS'  R.  V.  Vi'lnch _   Co .    Vlnch  Bidg..  S.   Z79-1944  F1KJE   EXTINGUISHED   SYSTEjrS.  Gen.  Fire  Ex   Co..  1140  Hamilton SI..S513S  Barr *  Anderfon,   1060   Tlcmer  St S.  61!>0  .S. 29SS  .S. 29SS  PLASTER   BOAKD  '"'"'    I '.v.'t'i-,,  Col-'-nsan a-  Evans,  ft   Col...  ,^. r   i <r.  .">   <J Neil ,V Co., u      "-      , -       .~  o•'■%■• I H5tcn-    r'on    &   SuP-   Q       ,'''.'■ :i"   -  l*L\STER (V.VR.'f'M'>::'" JILV-f'  Evans,  Col.-nian, <t' Evans,'ft. Col...  ■ PLASTKR—ORN-A-MENTAL-  Evans, Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  D. R. Morrlwn 712 Richards St..S. 2i61-»15:  W. N. O'Neil Sc Co.. 54S Sey. 8t. . .S. 4795-4791  Ritihlfc  Con.   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville..S. 9162  PL/\STIC FLOORING  Sansan Asbestos Floor Co., 1209 Jervis St.   ; S. 664 3Y  i{c-  -Jo;.  • ',*>;"—•(,  ;;    Johnston,         _  (i.4?s—fl.  iviny.s,  lUCO  Granville  St.. ~°  :i->i,. — j. Kir.-jniuro, 362 Powell St.  1010—A.  C.   Lawson,  1264   17th  Ave " W   I'LUMBIXG  Bailey,.E. A., 1033 Granville St.,...'...S. 136  Barr. A   Andvraun, _ li>60    Horner   St.. .S. 618-<.  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  DarlluK.   Frank  &   Co.,   1142   Homer  St.r   S    4lon-4in  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St "W.  ■   r Sey.  1065.  -*   _,       RADIATORS AND BOILF.RS  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender...  .' ROOKING COMPOSITION _  Evans. Coleman & Evar.s    Ft.'„*olum  i 9S53 — F. A, Galbraithi  1986 14th Ave. XV.'.   j <f277— IX A. Gaugh, R. R. N;o. 1, Eburne, B. C  .VB_».7.S.1lSi i ''^""^ni^ry1":.!..^^"^..^.^;..^0  VanC°U;e':^Ford  -fiSCI— Mrs._J. Hall, l'S4 3 1st AvofEast.." "'"'"' :"' Ford*  h Henley 61S—8th St. New '\\\-fatmin_ter"".'.„'.'.'.Ford '  James,  Silverdale,   B.  C ...McLaughlin  Merchants Bank Bldg McLaughlin   Ford'   - Ford  ..Ford*  son  Sears  Ford  and  0358—H. -MacKenzie, 31S~17th Ave"wcsi ;." "—T-nl*  9236—E. H. Moore. 1414 Laurier Ave....     > nodie  9376—F. R. Murray, 1342 Maple St """""    Ford-  9222—R. Pfeers, 2107 Wall St...... Chalmers  9202—Harrie Pollard., Burqultlam.  B. C...     "-" ~"       •   Ford  9170—G, If. Proul,#Maillardville,  B. C..ZZZ '"" ilavweH  _??S"~Sr?vin^1 Mental  Hospital,  Essondale,' B.'-'cE.Cadillac -  qoI-""^,1"? -^e^eyer.'Bayview-jHotel, 1390 Granville....Ford '  oHi-"?oyal   ] lsn   Co'-  Foot  °£  Gore  Ave     '    < •   Ford '  9380—Jas.'Robinson,  Chilliwack, B.  C.< '-  Forll  9223—J. Rothstein,  1334   6th Ave. XV Z.Z St-deb^_r*  A  Rutledge, .1.860  Comox  St...,...: I.-3M^LlughMn  24 th Ave. E  Ford  .   .3  40th Ave. E       -     -Ford  B. Simpson, 324  Front St., New West.:...McL__Khlin  S. Southon.  2576  3rd Ave. "W. •   "■     Fnrri  -..McLaughlin  ..Chevrolet  ,S- 57H  ,S. 298f  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10 * Arbutus Sts. ..B. 775-  XV. N. O'Nell _ Co.. 54g Sev. Sf. ..S. 4795-479i  P.itchle< Con. & Sup. C. Granville. -S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491!  ROOFING—SHEET METAL "  c.(See   Cornice   ana   Koofing) .       ,_  ROOFING   MATERIAL  Evans. Coleman & Evans    Ft. Colum. .S. 29SJ-  Macdonald.   Marpole Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Paterson Mfg. Co.; 10th v& Arbutus. Bay.' 77  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co.,- Granville B...S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 491:  9368  9374—T. J. .Salter,' 23       _ _  9237—A. W. Seaton, S3 40th Ave. E. .  9204—S.   9214—H.  9200—J.   L.   Starr,  Abbotsford,   B.   C  9221— S. C. Stinson, 2475  6th  Ave. XV.'"  9197-6571  f  S.M. Morris & Co. Ltd.  STRUCTURAL Office and Works  r  2120--213O Cedar St.  STEEL    STALES Bay-  1043  ELEVATOR ENCLOSURES  MARQUISES '  FIRE ESCAPES  JAIL AND PRISON WORK  '       GRILLES AND BALCONIES  IRON GATES AND FENCING  WIRE WORK  EVERYTHING  in  IRONWORK^  ORNAMENTAL  •~>**^<s,  ^^Hfr^^.i^^^t**** *-m»*4h:^^m^*W*w^^  POL  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  ER CO.  Seymour 3998-3999  J.  t  ■s  4  V  f  v  I  V  y  I  !  Si  \V.  N.  KUChlo. Cor.  FLOORING  J.  Fyfe Smith  &   ^o..  1320   Richards. .S. 1196  GAS   41'FLIANCES.  Van.  Gas Co.. Hastings  St.   W S. 'S00O;  GATE   VALVES  Macdonald,   Maipole  Co..   Ltd a 210  GLASS—AIX KINDS. "  W. N. O'Nell A Co . 5 IS S^y. St.   S. 4795-479F  HARDWARE  Flett,'J. A., Ill Hastings W Sey. 2327-S  HA RDAVOOD  FLOORS  W. N. O'Nell * Co..  54S Sey. S-..S. 4795-479?  J    Fyfe Smith  Sz  Co     1320   Richards. .S. 1196  ' -    HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J.  Fyfe „ Co..  1320  Richards. .S. 1196  HEATING—HOT   AIR,   STEAM   AND   VENTILATING  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St., S.  136  Bnir   *   Anderson,    10«0    Homer   St.. .S. 61S0  Gen.  Fire  Ex. Co..  1140  Hamilton St..S613S  HOISTING   ENGINES  Rltchlo Con   & Sup. Co. Granvl. Bdg .S. 9161  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  O'Noil A Co.. 5(8 Sey. St.. .S. 4796-479S  A" Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. Sio.  IKON   AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can    AlllH-ChnlitU'ra.   10f.3   Ponder S.5710  Can.   N'ortMvcst   Steel   d' F.     307  Evans.   Coleman   .£.   Evans,   Ft.   Col...S. 29SS  Coughlun.   J.  A  Sons.   World   Bldg S.  79"1  Mncdrtnalil.   Maipole  Co.,   Ltd S. 210  Ritchie, Con. & Suo. Co.. Gnnv. Bdg. .S. 916.  \V.  N. O'Neil * Co..  54? Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach S. 7915  IRON   AND  STEEL—OKNA.MENTAL.  Cnn.   Allis-Chalmers.   10>,3   IVncier S.5710  Kvans.  Coleman &   Evana,   ft.  Col S. 2988  Miifdiins'il.   J.i.rpule   Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  W.  N. O'Nell A Co.,  518  Sey   St.. .S. 4795-4798  t'tcliit! 1 nil   ,\.-  nuii.  1 u.  Granvl    Bdtr ..-   Jib  South  Vancouver  Tion A. Wire Works,  ibSO  Victoria  Drive Frttser 1C6  LVTII—METAL  rrvans. Coionuiii * Kvonn. Ft. Columb. .5. 29SS  \V.  N   O'NV.I * Co..  .MS St-y.  St . .K. 4795-.79S  l!lt«.hl»   C.   rmd   S     f'o..   Gr«n     St S.   :HG2  WarriiiKlun   &   Johnson.   Ull   Pender. .S. 4912  LIME.  Itiilfour,   Gut*.rit»  &   Co S   9197-0675  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb..S. 29SS  Gllloy Bros.. New Westminster. .Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Nell-A Co.. 54S Soy. St.. .S. 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. ,4 yup. Co.. Granville. .S. 9162  R. V. Winch,Co, Ld.. Winch Bd(f..S. 279-1944  MACHINERY  Can.   AlliH-Chalmnrfi.   10C3   Pender... .S. 5710  l>arlin»,   Fr.ink  &   Co..   1142   Homer   St.   S.   1100-4101  Macdomiltl,   .Vnrpole  Co.,   Ltd .S. 210.  W. N.  O'Nell A Co..  54S  St>y.  St..S. I796-479S  '.Itchl" fv,n. ft Sup. Co., Oi-nnvl.  Bitjt. .S. 91R  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St. W.  Sey.   1066.  MANTKI.S—• BRICK. TH,K AND  WOOD  Ev«nH,  Co'lemnn <t Evnn«,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie.  Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. .V. O'Neil A Co..  54S Sey. St. ..8. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Con.   A   SuD    Co..   Granvlllo. ,R. Dlfi?  ,  - -     ROPE-MANILA  Balfour;   Guthrie <&   Co --.£■  v  f. SAFES^-VAUtT DOOKS  Warrinjrton & Johnson,-11a Pender St.S. 491:  W.'N. O'Nfil^t CO..-54S Sey.'St...3. 4795-*79f  ,' sand- (in vCkl-'.^d ck'csiikd'r'ock;  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col..'.. .S. 2SSS  Glllev   Bros.: 'Ltd.,   N..'W   West... Phones 15. J  Ritchie, Con. A Sup.'Co.. Granv. Bdg:..S. 91S2,  SASH   DOOKS.   WINDOWS,   ETC.  W..N. O'Neil * Co.. 54S Sey. St...S. 4735-+79!  SHINGLE  AIANI'FACITHERS  AND   DEAI  '    EH.V  (See  Lumber and  Shingles.)  8L.VTE  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft. Col S. 29S8  W. N. O'Neil ic Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-479f  R. V. Winch & Co.. Wlnck Bld...S. 279-194'  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916S  STEEL—REINFORCING.  Bali'our,    Guthrie   &   Co S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd 3.  210  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4911  STORE   &   OFFICE   FIXTURES   &   STOR*  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. 64S Sey.  St...S. 4795-479>  TAR   AND  PITCH  Pate'rson Mfg. Co., 10th A. Arbutus. Bay. 7~t  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col.. .*. .S. 2988  ' TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum..S. 29St  Gilley Bros., New Westminster Phones 15, It  Pt. Haney Brick Co.. 615 Hast. S.'W.. S. 13»l  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg..S. 916:  Warrington   &   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4911  TILE—FLOOR AND WALL  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,  ft. Col S. 298S  W. N. O'Ne.l A Co.. 54s t'ey. St. ..S. 4795-4:9*  Warrington   &  Johnoon,   119   Pender. .8. 491.  TIN PLATES  Halfour.   Guthrie  &   Co S.  9197-657i  Evsns,  Coloman &  Evans,   ft  Col S. 2988  R. V. Winch 4. Co.. Wlnck B!d...S. 279-19*  Wilkinson Co.. 846 Beach S.  7915  TOOL  STEEL  Darling,   Frank  &   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.  , S.   4100-4 1 <■  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  VACVL'M   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barrv& Anderson,  10-60 Homer St S. 618  WALL    BO.VRDS  Evans.  Coleman &  Evans,   ft Col S. 2988  Luslid,  Tnylor  Co.,   403   Dunsmulr S. 431  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29S8  W, N. O'Nell & Co, S4S Sey. SI...S. 479r-li.>  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th & Arbutus..B. 77  Warrington   A   JohnBon,   119   Pender. .S. 491  WATER   METERS,   HYDRANTS   &   PCMP>  Macdonald,   .Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  WATERWORKS SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,. Ltd   S.  210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O Nell ■& Co., 64S Soy. dt.. .3. 4795-479  WIKK   AND   CABLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd. ...S. 210  WIRE ROPE  Rulfour, ' Guthrie    A    Co.. S. 9197-B57i  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col.... .S. 2H88  liuedonald.   Marpole  Co,,   Ltd. .... S.  210  Ritchie, Con. A Suo. .Co.. Granv. Bdg. ,S. M.  ,i    .     \V.iiicn «  Co..  Wlnck Bld...S.    279-19,  Wilkinson Co., 8 46 beach... S.  7915  WIKK   WORK  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron   Wks..   1462        „„-.  IC Inis-RW-ii " ' "-*1*  South   Vancouver Iron &  Wire  Works.  f.v-r,f,   virtorln   Ptivf Frn«cr   1*6  THE   MEDIUM.  Did you ever notice thnt 95 per  cent, of the big successful firms arc  firms who tulvertise? • They figure ad-  vortlslng its nn investmont not an expense. The secret of advertising Is  tho selection of a medium wliiei  reaches those people who arc or wll.  be tho most likely "purchasers 0  voiir product."    If you are in the built!  ing supply or machinery line don't st  lect a moving picture publication i:  which to do your advertising. Because of the"fact that the RECORD is?  ijie only paper published in the pro  vinco devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every cno you would like tc  sell your products to. Your ad. where  they will see it -will put a capital C  on your cash.  Foncier'  Bide .':  -    Franklin  9369—N. Telford, M. 0... 2531 Scott St...-..--„ZZ". .'    ' DodKe<  9249—Mrs. R. H. -Ward, 2047  16th Ave.'W : .'McLauKhlin"  9353—Mrs.   A.   Walsh,   2169  Victoria  Drive.... McLaughlin  TBARRTEBS.  ' '      ,* .  2666-7-Anglo-American Corpn., "Ltd.  to J. A   TuDner". ;--  Mission City,  B.  C- -.  . .   Ford  77S0—J. J. Alwin toG. A.-Sauer, Stave Falls, B." C.....Flanders  0450-^AV. H. Ashford to P. Torrance. S9S Keei'er St..-.  Ford  6216��E. Atkinson, to D.: Bray,  1062 Georgia. St.l-.Studebaker  107o—Genevieve Blanck   to - Wm. * Rowan,  Windsor  Hotel  ,''.: -.4>Te.v "Westminster ..-..-. :„- ;....". -   -  j. Stoddard  773S—:C.  A.   Bourne,to  J:  JR.   McCready,  M.D.,   37th  & -    ^    ,-•  -      Arbutus   .i.rr..'.....'--. :..:. .-: '.;. :^::j....:„CadIJlac  9100—Ali^e "Bonch -o-Fi. J.'Co!e;nan, 1644  .Un"Ave." West..Ford*  . 916-^Cityr^r "Vancouver-to SuSIivan' Taylor Motor"Co.*r—  •       - 2'P   Kinasv',3-    „-.„.;—.■ ;. .-. .....Willys-O  1SS2—City or ". am o-jvez   to  Sullivan  Taj-lor Motor  Co.  ■ '•     2-iO   Kir.jfs.icty    _ :  JVordyke  4760—City of  Vancouver   to   Sullivan  Taylor Motor-Co.  240   Ivins-s\va.v& -  MitcheJJ  6362—City   of   Vancoi'vci    to  Bd.   Bvall,  Abbotsfo.d,   B.   C. ' _ _-„.' _  CoJe  3050—Mina E. Com/nijlrey to May McICinnon, 2SJ6  Trinity  Pt _ Abbott  S257—D. H.  Christie to  Be.cre: Motor Co., Ltd., 10C2  Georgia St -McLauphlin  S269��E. C. Cliff to N. Telford.  M.IX,  2»31  ScottSt Dodge  1913—D. R. Cowan to J. Simpson, 1652 4th Ave. E Ford  2903—R. J.  Cromie to II.  Vinall, Jovce P.O Ford  2735—Harry Duker, Ltd. to J. E. McLaren, 2737 Oak....Hudson  SOU—H. K. Dutchiir to A. L. Callopy, 136  "   Hasting-s  XV McLaughlin  355S—Fraser Steam Laundry to Mrs. A. Bouch,  26  Cambridge Apartments   Ford  S046—Ian C. Grady, to A. James, 1249 Granville Hupp  2391—T. J. Grant to T. Russell & L. Drew, West Wellington, B. C Hupp  6135—F. Green  to  E. F. Morrison,  1230 Georgia r.Ford  3611—Mrs. J. Hall to L. W. Temple,'526 16th Ave., XV Ford  9097—Lee E. Harbur to Elmer Austin, Abbotsford,  R. R. No. 2   Ford  7959—Hill Tire Co. to P. L. Hogg, S50 Hastings St. W. ...Ford  4357—G. E. Housser to John Millar,  726 Hastings W Studebaker  623S—F. H.  Ingram  to  A. James,  1210  Granville Cadillac  6!3S—A. Jenkins to XV. E. Mdlvnenx, Agassiz B.C.Studebaker  514—Sarah A. Kerr to E. L. Clarke. J042 Howe....McLaughlin  33 IS—C. E. XV.  Johnson   to J. H.  Ferguson,  1176  Granville St Cadillac  2033—A. M. Johnson to H. M. Humber, 2641 Scott St.   .-: : Hupmobile  670—A. C. Lawson to F. C. Schormann, 450 Sevmour St.  Ford  5161—L. B. Latimer to J. McCurdy Boyd, 414 Carrail St.   Cadillac  7029—Mrs. G. Lester to XV. D. P. Thomas.  353   Water   St McLaughlin  35 It—E. Lund to R. 10: Chowen, Miliar, n. C    Ford  3527—J. Martin to G. T. Cartel). 111;. No.  1   Kburnc.OakUml  1S22—Frank Mclntyre to Mars- Ellis 1600 Davie St Ford  799S—R.  G   MacPherson  to  J.  V. Chew,  11 S3   3 0th Ave.  3010—May McKlnnon to Hill Tire Co., 911 Pemk-r  St. West  \bbott Detroit  3092"—H. MacKenxle to>\\\ K. Shilvock, 1616 !2nd Ave. E...Kord  7517—D McArthur to XV. LanHmnl.-tii.e, li'Oi. 6th Avn. fc... Ford  t5l6l—J. A. McCrae to S. A. O'.VoiH, Steveston. B.C. .Overland  1716—A. McFnyden to P.  TiUtermll.  1S3.1  13th F,     Grant  6-t2i—W McAlpine to J. A. Mr-Alpine. 1761 WillUin... Mittholl  6361—D.  Mollae to Elmer  Siioiur,  2JT5  llth Ave.  Wfst       ArcLaushlln  1113—A. E. McLane to Birdie A. McLane, 643 Aval on Kd.,  Victoria.   B   C   Thomas  '".135—K. V\ MorrI-uon to  A.  Barrau, 6th & Hamilton  Sts.,   Now  Westminster .    l    Ford  390—R. Mottishaw to R. A.  Cortkiy,   170 Granville  St.   Mi,-Litui;hlin  5279—A. Mercer Jr. to J.  A.  Evans. Chilliwack B. C Ford  12 IS—K. -Nit-in(.->'<■•>■ to Call.idine'H Grooery, Cor.  Comn-erfial  <fc  Graveley  St '   Ford  70S—II. K. Olson to Marv Tr.isolipj.   162  Fnion St ..Cadillac  1617—S. A   O'.Noill  to  A.  S.  French Auto Co..  Ltd.,  1027   Pendt-r   St.   W       Ovf-rland  761S—M. 0|.«",helnu*r to K< v   J.  li   Butli-r. Mission City  ...Ford  100—B. A   Paint Co., Ltd. to O. Lit'ton, Windsor Road  North    Vancouver : Metz  5254—Pacific  Garage   to .Gervan   I-'hilllps, ■  Kerrlsdale;  >B.   C...... :..,:... EMF.  1226—Jas. Phillips to F. C. Richtor. Fraser Mills B. C Hupp,  3-1-19—A. J. Stivers to II. C'Nixon. Suite 307  ,  ■Washington Court'.: ...: Overland  5.155—H.  Schaake to N\  Newman,  1021  6th  Ave. New  Westminster : Ford  fMse—M. C. Smith to C. 13. Smith, Aldergrove, B.C., Ford  629S—A. J   Stewart Jr. to  Hoyal City Junk Co., 619  Front St., New Westminster Ford ■  7939—P. Stnv to J. J. Grant, West Wellington, B.C Ford  3362—W. K. Shilvock to. Universal  Car Co.,  12C0  Granville St. .....Studebaker  20S6—- Marv 10, Stewart to West Vancouver Municipality  West   Vancouver    '. ...Pierce   Arrow  K210—Shull Lbr. & Shingle Co. to J. M. MacDonald.  143   Lome   St.   W. Ford  9242 N.  Telford, M.D.,  to  L. J.  Ladner,   1550 Quebec  St ••• ..Chevrolet  r,oj; x. Telford  to J.  !0.  MeKee.  6fi;t Cambie St : Ford  ■•■MS k' r    Walsh   to McLaughlin   Carriage  Co.,   Ltd..  -12"l9  Georgia St.,  W...- Hupp  BEI.IM'QTJ1SEME2*TS  35S7—Cancelled. '? r    ^ .    r  <)•'!<,—Hiram C.  Dougan & Ci B. Dottgan, 5  15th   Ave.  W : .'...McLaughlin  r>357 l   TV Ferguson.  Stave  Falls,  T,,,  C...J Ford  flir.o Henrv   I-..  Harming.  <or. 2ml & l.lnnoa, Pt. Grey  f)«;.0 Ell/.n'lielli  R Jagg'-r, 3 4 1. Sth Avo. W...Studebaker  '7'Jri—A   .lames,   12-19  Granville St..  nip ' hni?V"M  .James—(Cancelled)  .-,'• 1 r. loMn   McNiimarn,   56S   Seymour Cud Ulan  Mi'7^ r    ,|    Stewn.rt. Jr.  !''ru.«er Mill^,   B. (' I-Vird  fi"l"--W   C    Ver:u,n,  31 )•!   7th Ave.   \\" .StviUebaker  3 sir.  3700  M66I  7 560  number  29. ;s  7S44  tfl"'-  ^a  <  O  3..  ffi"  _5"  Msm 'ir-7-  '7, ,' i.  ft      '  V'.  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBEi  A. G. BA  PRINTERS,  ^J^i.1  'sjesfek.  ENGiKAV  IKS    and    MfA  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  Nc  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING" _'  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS.   TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS',   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING ' MACHINES,    BADGES   OF   All.   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALtlY, PROMPT DELIVt RY AND M//0 P.'UCLS  PHONE SEY. 316   151  HASTINGS ST., W.  ) Ill^lil—^■—■—H—lllHi*1 i 'mil 'Ill ■      i i . ; ..v£a-££aEB3eHBB"»«.  t  Contracts Let  THE    rOX.r,OV/TMrG   TAJB.LE   aHOVS   XVXX.BZTSQS   COSTING    S5.O0O    OR    OVER     ON    WHICH    CONSTRUCTION     IS  UNDER WAY, OB ON WK-CC-U  CONTRACTS  X£ AVE, BEEN 3^T BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STARTED.  r  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonea, Mgr.  Character   Cost  Depot  and   terminal*./...', $1,000,000  3  new bldir. and 2 alterations $50,000  Causeway    $50,000  Shipbuilding plant   .'.   Dredging between piers    Cold Storage plant  $50,000  Brick   Canning-   Plant $20,000  Power Plant     Sleeping  Pavilion   . ...'   Telephone  Fvchanse  $15,000  Concrete   lighthouse   tower     Remodel   Bids; "..  Sewer   Work    $S,000  Warehouse etc $16,500  Saw Mill ' $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power   House     Residence ' $5,500  Concentrator  etc .....$500,000  Station   and  Terminals      500,000  Jetty  (Second  Unit)   - $300,000  Turning   Basin     _ _  $100,000  Trunk' Sewer       300,000  Dretlfflng  - 1700.000  Seawall          100,000  Wharf ■ $1 5,000  Store  and   office   bldff $60,000  Sewer   _ $300,000  Wood ' Bridge ...I... $5,000  1 Sto. Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building   .' $20,000  I0-Stall Roundhouse   WHARF BUILDING;  ; BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  Frame   Building   $35,000  Remodel   Building   $12,000  Foundation   for   Shed $25,000  t                                        '"  Freight Offices  and Sheds .'.' '.   .location _  Owner  r  False   Creek  Can.  Northern   Ky.  10th & WIIlow. St University of B. C.  Coal   UarborS:!....'. City,of Vancouver  Port Moody....Port  Moody Shlpbuild.  Co,  Burrard   Inlet Can.   Pacific   Rv.  I'oot of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co.  Kelowna ...■ B. C. Evaporators, Ltd.  Prince George   City  Trancmllle.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelson    B.  C.  Telephone  Co.  Triple   Island,  B.  C Dom. 'Govt.  E53 Granville..Elllotl Shandloy & McLean  Usquimalt    City  Victoria  Dom. Govt.  6th'& Willow  Alberta Lumber Co.  Poplar Island....Westminster Marine Ry.  Anyox    Granby  Min..&  Smelt.   Co  New Westminster..Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf   Jnlet Surf  Inlet   Power  Co.  False,,Creek Great  Northern   Ry.  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  False  Creek _ _   Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage -Board  False Creek   .<: Government  I« alse Creek  C. N. Ry  P.itrtcia  Bay  _ ..Can.   N.   P.  Ry.  c'o.  \ ictoria    r. '  Architect  ....•  Contractor  Pratt &■ Ross....Northern  Const. Co.  and  Carter,  Halls, Aldinger  Co:  Sharpe &  Thompsoi .Baynes & Horie  Owners   -••   Owners   il-  Owners   '.  XV. V. Grant  Owners  .....' , A.   W.  Quist  Owners   .' Ward   &.   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher'& Co j..iZ  Owners   , 'as., Layfleld  Owners  Snider  Bros.  &  Brethour  Owners.. Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd'  Owners ..  .' Warren'* Stancombc  Owners  ;  Parfitt Bros,  Owners'-   Owners  Owners   Owners   • Taylor  Engineering   Co,  Townley & James : J.   C. Allen  ,   Owners>fTu« "CLIVE"  . .General  Towing  t  ,324 Trent St.; *\        New Westminster ■  Telephone 1015 ^ - i-.-'  Pier Extension  :..  1 .Story Brick Addition $5,000  Frame Apart.   House  ..".....'. $6,000  Front  Store   Bldg $7,000  Dredging   for   Causeway..: $16,962  Alter Theatre Building $5,000 J  Hastings  Park   Sewerag'e""Board  Nanaimo r         City  Bridge St Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  T.  Coughlan & Sons  yancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club  Vancouver ...J G. N. Ry.  10th & Willow Sts McGill  University  Cordova St. XV Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver ".. .-, G. N. Ry.  Vancouver   c. N. Ry.  Vancouver    C   P   R  774 Granville St C. "s." Gustofson  }096—12th Ave. W W. S. Thompson  t>32 Granville St L. N. .MacKechnie  Vancouver   :  Ci*y  851 Granville St...! XV. "p.'-NicoUs  F. L. Townley..Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Marsh   Huton   Powers'Co.  Government Pacitlc  Dredging: 'Co.  Owners    ; .'. -   Eur.  Dept Pacific  Dredging' Co.  Owners  A. O. Creelman <fe Co.  Owners  S-   Doe,   Victoria  Percy  Fox   Luny  Bros.  Owners    _ :      Owners  Owners A. W.  Meshor  Owners  .'  Owners  B.   C.  Palmer u Purdy &  Lonergon  F.   L.   Townley Grant.   Smith   &   Co.,   & MacDonnell, Ltd,  Sharpe & Thompson ?, Baynes & Horie  Contractors Purdy & Henderson  Owners.,. Grant   Smith  &, Co.  & MacDonell, Ltd.  Pratt & Ross....MacDonald. Nottleton & .  r Bruce.  Owners   ..'. '..'. „   Owners  •-   Owners  A.  L.   Benglof A.   L.  Benglof  T. A. Fee W. Hepburn  City Dominion   Construction   'Co.  Owner  '.  Owner  NOTICE   TO. CONTRACTORS.   [  , Each delivery ,weighmaster's certifl-  Tenders are  invited by the Canad-|caLe-.- Weighing charges'borne by.De-  (,    -As General Agents'.    Sr •-.-.  ^or^British Columbia of The,Globe  Indemnity" Company of Canada and  TheHLiverpool &*London. &~,.Globe  Insurance-Co.,-Ltd. . VVe sell complete-protection'including loss  ., ! -'_..'. \  through".   ..        •    ,. Z  ' Fire,   Theft, "Collision,   Property  Damage and Personal Liability.  Ceperley, Rounsefeff & Co.  LIMITED  Winch   Bidg. *     739   Hastings St.-W.  Estab. IS86        Vancouver, B.C.. .  The Solilie & McCuiloch Co.  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works  S A F ES,     V A U LTS,  DEPOSIT '.BOXES,  etc.  Made in  Canada  Seymour 3997  569 Richards St.  Vancouver  jian Northern Pacific Railway Company  for the construction of a .Bulkhead in  o  front of the old Royal City .Mills prop-  erty, New Westminster.  '•' - n,,v.  Plans.   Specifications   and   forms ,01!  contract "may be  seen   and   forms   of  J tenders obtained at the Offices'of the  J Company',   7J9   Metropolitan  Building,  '837 Hastings Street West, Vancouver,  n'.'cy    .      r    '.«",'■    '        '*  The work to be completed within  forty days from the date "of signing,  of the contract.   , *'-'  "Tenders, addressed' to ,T.'J-I. White,  Chief   Engineer,- Canadian   Northern  ^Pacific Railway; to'be, at, the  Offices  of  the Companjr'not later than, noon  of the 24th t day of March, 1917,  and  to,;be enclosed- in a Sealed Envelope  _ marked  "Tender   for   construction   of  ■Bulkhead,  New Westminster,  B.  C."  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.     - .,<"..  j'  r   "          .'    "' T. II.'"WIIITE,' ",". .   .  Chief Engineer.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.    '  The Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia invite Public Tenders for the erection of a building to be known as the Horticultural  Storage Barn, at the University Site,  Point Grey.  Drawing and  Specifications  can  be  obtained from the Business Agent up-  partment.'       - '- '...,-  Tenders shall be "accompanied by "a  cheque in'the sum of$100, on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to  the Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, which-will-be forfeited if the  party tendering decline or neglect to  enter into the contract'"when called  upon  to  do  so.   " "   '  The   cheques -of   unsuccessful   tenderers will be returned upon the,execution  of the contract!    ,_  1 The Department is not- bound to accept  the lowest"-or any  tender.  Tenders must.be signed  by the'ac-  tua signatures of the'tenderers. • .  '"  - '    J   J. E.'GRIFFITH.. -  Deputy Minister and  Public  Works  "   V'''...Engineer. „       '',"  I ."' '   '  Department/of "Public Works, ;,    , .,  Victoria",  B.C.,  8th -March,  1917.   ' "  DEPARTMENT OP WORKS  PROPOSALS WANTED  PUBLIC SCHOOL DESKS,-  Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tenders for School Desks," will be received  by   the   Honourable   the   Minister   of  on receipt of cheque for $10.00, which Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of  will be refunded upon depositing a'Monday, 26th clay of March, 1917, for  genuine tender and the drawings and supplying the following desks  pric,e per desk. ■-       »   ,  The name ..of the'desk and maker  to be mentioned'in tenders".   r .' .   ,-  Delivery at Victoria- or Vancouver  on or before 31st clay of July next. "  The successful tenderer will, free of  any additional charges,store the desks  and pack or crate-ready for shipment  to places to be hereafter designated  from time to time to the order of the  Department.       '        '    ,•'.''"  No tender will be entertained unless- accompanied by - an accepted  cheque on a chartered bank of Can:'  ada| payable to the Honourable ,the  Minister of Public Works, or by cash;  in the amount.of two hundred dollars  ($200). 'which will be. forfeited if the  party tendering decline to enter'.into  contract .when called upon to'do so, or'  if he.fail^to complete the "contract.-  ' -, Cheques of '-unsuccessful- tenderers  will be' returned "upon signing of con-'L  tract. '' - V    ■   , " ..."    '"i  The Department is not bound to_ac  cept'*the lowest-or any tender.    -      ''  f J. E. GRIFFITH,  ^'Deputy  Minister.iand  Public  Works  Engineer.  Department Of Public Works,  Victoria, B. C, 8th March, 1917.  PROPOSALS   WANTED  specifications in good condition.'  Tenders to be delivered to the office  of the Business" Agent, cor. 10th Ave.  and Willow St., not " later than 12  o'clock noon, March 19th, 1917. All  tenders to be accompanied by marked  cheque amounting to 10 per cent, of  the value' of the Tender.  The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.  Single Desks.  Size No. 2  325  Size No. 3  325  Size No. 5  250,  Single Rears.  Si7.e No. 2 :  100  Size No. 3 '   50  Size No. 5 .'.     50  The   desks  are   to  be1 quoted   at  a  MXSCEZ.I.vANEOT/S   PBOFOEALS  VANCOUVER—Tenders are to be  called immediately by Building Inspector McKenzie, for flreoroofiing the  city vaults at the "city hall. The work  will cost about $400.  VICTORIA—The Minister of Lands  is calling for tenders for the purchase  of timber license X6S0, under which  may be cut 2,562,000 feet of Douglas  fir,- cedar, hemlock, white pine and balsam, situated on Salmon Bay, Say-  ward District. Two years will be allowed for the removal of the timber.  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  GIBNEY WIRELESS  SOLID TIRES  also  VACUUM CUP TIRES  MICHELIN TIRES  HILL TIRE GO.  941 Pender VV.        Sey. 6411  I  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing   and   Ste&mrrtting  1033 Granville St.  Vancouver. 6. C.  Phone Sey. 136  flea. Bey. 77  PROPOSALS WANTED  FUEL FOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS.  Scaled tenders will be received by  the Honourable the Minister of Public  Works up to 12 o'clock noon on Friday, 23rd day of March, 1917, for  supplying and delivering coal required  at the Provincial Government Buildings, as enumerated hereunder, during  the fiscal year ending 31st March,  1918, to be delivered in such quantities and at such times as may be directed during the period above stated.  The/'approximate annual consumption of coal at each of the buildings  named is as follows:  Best washed nut coal—  Parliament    Buildings,    Vicr  toria /.....  1,000 tons  Best lump  coal—  Parliament    Buildings,   Victoria     100 tons  Government House, Victoria    110 tons  Court-house,   Victoria       60 tons  Provincial    Normal    School,  Victoria     300 tons  The above-mentioned quantities; are  not guaranteed; the quantity actually  required may be under or above the  figures stated,  Tenders to bo based on ton of 2,240  lbs.'  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTAIiJiATIOBrS  MIBCH 15, 1917.  Oo'ii'lus llackav & Co..  Insurance,  170 Granville Sey.  277 J  fOgr.jmont  Mouse.   940   Pender  W. .'  Sey.  1IS8-0  Home Bakery. The.   1251   Main •-  Fair.    428  Johnston, Adam  Smith,   Barrister, -i^OS   Hastings  Sey.    1.07  CHANGES.  MAECH 15,  1917.  Bowser,  S.  F. & Co., Oil   Storage Svstem.  from -109   18th XV.   to  r.G-l    iiichaids    Sey.   1G19  Linde Canadian Itt-frlgeration Co, Ltd., from 7.'U  Cordova 13.  to  r>00    Campbell  •  High.    S22  Zimmerman, Glo., Hrslr. & .Solicitor, fiom   170 Gran, to 52.r,  Kyymoiir    Sey.    771  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  .Following- is a complete list for Vanconver and District of now  Automobile Licences, Transfers a.-d KeUnquiahxnents.  Kecords from Saturday Uoon, to Wuqsday Noon Only, Included.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus  (*)  NE¥   CAKS.  No. Name Address Car  960-1—B. L. Smith,  108  Hornby St Ford  9(;0fi—Kdward Lipsett, 68 Water St Pierce Arrow  960G—S.  If. CouKhlan,  New Westminster Willys-Overland  9G07—Kmil  Jtallman,  2545  3rd Ave.  W.. Ford  9G08-—Swartz Bros., 155  Water St ....Ford  9C09—Mrs.  C. W.  Prowd,   1355   13th  Ave.  XV.. .Studebaker ■  9C10—-G.  H.  Johnson,   2156  Pender  St.  E... ..' Napier  '9611—James  C.   Lee,   Lynn   Valley.. —- -•—- ........Ford  961 2—Harry  Hemlow,   939   Davie   St..;...;......-. Cadillac  96.13—Imperial Oil Co.,  Ltd., Cambie & Smythe ..Ford  0611—.Mrs.  C. E. Purdy, 915  Robson...... ....McLaughlin  9615—-Georee  Maltby,   824   18th  Ave.  W. ....Ford  9616—Carrie M. Stark, 23 Douglas Lodge.... Dodge  96I7—H. C. Abbott, 4584 1st Ave. W.. Point Grey .Dodge  9618—Pacific Transfer Co., 110 Cordova St. -E Ford  9619—A. P. Slade & Co., 199 Water St...'...........'. — Ford  9620—A. E. Short, 1508 Georgia St... ,. - Dodge  9621—S. Vancouver Municipality,  43rd & Fraser ..I'ord  9622—J. I. Walsh, Trafalgar Mansions , Dodge  0623—R. B. Jackson, 2242 4th Ave. W lord  9621—P.  Burns & Co., Ltd., Foot  Woodland  Drive...... I-ord  9625—R. S.  Hendernon,  Abbotsford, B. C Mclaughlin  9626—Kelly Douglas, Ltd.. New Westminster I-ord  TOANBfEBS  No. Name  • Address Car  7623—J. J. Ilanna to W. E.  Reynolds,  1049 Georgia St. W   2208—Kobt. Pollock to J. A. Pollock, 3233 Will lama St »  jsW^wwiHseisiwft**  NABOB  COFFEE  —is strictly high-grade—a combination of Mocha and Java.  From  the  plantation   to  the  •- cup, ail the processes-through  which    "Nabob"    passes    are   strictly sanitary-,  The blending—the roasting—the grinding—follow" an "exact  scientific formula which ensures absolute ColTee-perfection.  .And  it  also   ensures   absolute   uniformity—au   exceodiugly  important point—day in and day out.  A user of "Nabob" knows this—those who are not drink-  i f  ing "NaboV are surely missing one of the Joys of the culinary  art.   ■ l c  > t . t  ASK FOE IT AT YOUR GROCERS.  a  Quality First  i-        t      i .i  THE   NEW   WAY   TO   SPELL   ECONOMY--  ... L.  • We refer now to \he .1917 3400 r.p.m. Chalmers. , Here's a car, that has been- run more-  than 1,000,000 miJes in the hands of owners,  vet attained a service record of 99.21 % perfect.  That is the mark or: a great car. And .though  it costs, possibly, a little more than you ever  paid for a car before—remember that extra  little sum gets you from the zone of a fa/ir ear.  to the zone of a great ear.  Begg Motor Co. Ltd.  British   Columbia    Distributors  Piion* Seymour 9045  Vancouver B.C.  I  AUTOBILE INSURANCE  Fire--Theft— Liability—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      FOR RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.  tks  1926-  -Alfrcd Lauder to Robt. Buck, 1562 Kitchener  at Studebaker  THE  MOTEL   CANADA  Is Vancouver's Ncwestand  most   Up-to-date   Hostelry  160 SUNNY OUTSIDE ROOMS  RATES  Jl.Ofl   P"   day   and   up - with   private   bath   $1.50   and   up  CAFE   EN   CONNECTION  : (i


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