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 ■ * -;      '-":■'>■      : :■■•-■■.'       I     :'■'■>■■■-.'■■,:   ■':..'-••'':*  vv,'  ■'■ ■■•■■, '/.■, ■•>-:': "'■:'■■■■    '' VV-''..  '' ■.-''' ' .    '    '.' V   '    '        ,".'■".     :        '"'.'   '*■   '" • J T; ■?7'''^', •' '"' '■''^ S'''^^'' '"  ■       ■       ".   ,4*     , .:    ■,■'■' :■'■''' I   ;   ■' '■'..■.•    ■'   •' ■..■'■■,' '   ■'  '■ ■■■■'    :'   ■ ■  ' {^MEJU^p^-r™: T^-"'  I     ,  m&rtM  iis^fei';  ■��*'X«  l!n  re*'  m  IS  II  fcs  i-i:/p:^t ;'■::■•...■  lip  ###&■  ■*■.*;»«}■?•■*--.',  M  ■'Sim.  $*•".  mm  s  '#  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  •    :Z:&JA^   :..,  Z ^7  ^ I i) 192G  VOL. XVIII. No. 41  A PUBLICATION DEVOTED TO QEKBBAL NEWS. BTJaLPIKT O., COIfTBACTII!r&, E1TGIKEEBINQ, PROVINCIAL,  CITY  AND HARBOR IMPHOVEMEITTS.  * 3k'  Published  Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER. B.C.. MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1920.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—-Per Year In Advance   -   910iM  Per Month   -    -   -   .   i  WE CARRY COMPLETE STOCKS OF:  PLATE GLASS CHIPPED GLASS ^  WINDOW GLASS FIGURED ROLLED GLASS  POLISHED WIRED GLASS ROLLED CATHEDRAL GLASS, ETC.  CAST WIRED GLASS PORT LIGHT GLASS  PRISMATIC WINDOW GLASS  Manufacturers of Mirrors, Leaded Glass, Embossed Work, Bevelling, Etc,  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  113 Ladysmith Street,  Victoria, B. C.  548 Seymour Street  Vancouver,  B. C.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  g ROOFING CONTRACTORS  KBTA& WXNDOWB  rnur poors  SXYftXORTB  JOSBXHO  BLOW PIPIBTO  SMOXX STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  Applies cement mortar by compressed air, making a dense  and waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock.  also compressors needed for operating the gun.  ^ We aro quoting the lowest prices  Write or phone for data.  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DISTRIBUTORS  Credit Foncier Building  Telephone Seymour  BuixDnra permits amouvtxho to tsoo o> otbb xmtted at thb tawcotjveb city  iximiuT  JVnmber  Poacrtptton  Coat  113f»5—Dwelling ...  31358—Repairs     11359—-Dwelling ....  113C3—-Alterations  $1,000  $1,800  $3,000  $4,000  Street Addroa*  Ziot anil Block  2613 Union St....  322 Water St. ...  2G80 Dundas St..  555  Seymour St.  ...30—79  ...16—21  Subdi vision  Architect  H.  T.           H.  T   ...A.  E.  Henderson      —    ---  .._     ...    Owners              — ———-..  Contractor  Address  Owner  Address  Coffin & McLennan.  Owner   .......  Owners       .2425 Pine St.  .1912  Powell   St.  H. Brown.... ..c|o 338 Pender W.  Geo. R. Greggs :.............  City of Va^icr. and J. A. McWhinnie....  B. C. Telephone Co. :..... ....  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  _. Z. Clayburn Firebrick,  Specia  FT. OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  ■•'   AND "  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical  Construction  TtJK ttYWII 154  State* Bak ~Mfcf  fMCNVEl - tHIIWfK  HARDWOODS  Lumber  Veneer   Panels,   Etc.  Oar ftjseek te tfco Most Complete en the PacMIe Coast  PO you need any pinc  W«  timv A Larsjc Stock Of ©If f erent Thicknesses  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1820 RICHARDS IT. RET. 1196 VaMCOUVER, B.Ci  '  Strlyariiaim Mtttxxc Cto.  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  .  Machinery  and  Supplies  —————   B.C. Distributors For /—  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS *Y GREASES  —-        YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE ^  Sey: 4738 - 4739     ' 858 - 60 Cambie St.  923  EsfaiHZEBS A1TD OONTRACTOKB  ELECTRICAL IN6TALLATION8 OF ALL KINDS  GeextM St W.    ::r.zz^^-."-.:.■■'"Tf ':■ "■       •      Seymour S6»6  >e*»sei»fii i»i0nniiiotii  |    imrLDoro  »r»eieiye:eietoistS<e9<t»te  1  11*5*—Ching G. Ping, repairs. 449  Pender E., $300; Wong Yuen, Contr.  11356—H. J. Austin, garage, 1146  Comox St., $150.  ,   11357—C. H.    Davis,    garage,.  2048  Stephen St., $175.  11360—Bert Wright, garage, 12th  Ave. W., $90; F. D. Davies, 1813 33rd  Ave. E., Contr.  11.361—E. G. Warwich, garage, 482  11th Ave. E., ?75.  11362—Patterson, Chandler & Stevens, office bldg., ?400; G. L. Greeniay,  1C3 39th Ave. W., Contr.  WATER   ST.  WAREHOUSE  I ^    Plains ready tomorrow  -.'•_■'' f*   f  Architects Gardiner & Mercer, 827  Birk's Building, who have been commissioned to prepare plans -for the  remodelling and additions to the'premises at 131-33 Water street, recently  purchased by Swartz Bros., will have  plans ready for figures Tuesday morning.  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at sll Largs Manufacturing Centres  •  Atlas Steel Products Ltd.  MILD STEEL BARS  Buyers of All Kinds of Scrap  Granville Island I  SUB-TENDERS WANTED  . Contractor A. L. Ramage, 1350 6th  avenue east, is * desirous of receiving  figures at once for installing drain tile,  sewers and septic tanks on nine residences he has under way.  Phone Sey. 30S6  i  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  :   Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 Blchirds St. ^ 'Plow   Seymour  $8,000 RESIDENCE •  The E. J. Ryan Contracting Co., Ltd.  have been awarded a contract for the  erection of a seven room residence for  Messrs. Kent & IMcMaster at the corner of 14th Ave. & Hope streets.  The new home will have all the  modern conveniences and will cost  $8,000.  START   WORK   ON   BIG   BARN  Work has been commenced by the  -Vancouver Exhibition Association  staff on the'grading of the site for the  model cattle barn to - be erected at  Hastings Park. Architects Gardiner  & Mercer, whose plans were accepted  from among twelve competitors, ex-j  pect to have the detail plans ready fori  tenders by April 1.  TENDERS FOR SOLDIERS'  HOUSING  The Municipality of South Vancouver arev taking tenders for the erection of houses under the , Soldiers'  Housing Act. Tenders close Tuesday.  March 16, at .12 o'clock noon.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC T  • It  Mff Itifl^ Air Irfe-Mvittaf liaattt  eW  W$M^Stirt-">r«$"li«m, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144 HOMCR ST.   ' Phone Sey. 4100  Structural Steel For Every Purpose   ^_ «   CJCAHZfZX.8, AJTOXES, TPXJLTXU; TkXB, COttnOM  COMP&STBlVr SQVIVPISB FABaUCAnva SSTOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ltd.  Pairmon.t,9396 sad 3397  ▼saoonver, B). Ct,  ^J  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phone 15 and 16  902   Columbia Street West  New Westminster, B.C  Seymour '/200  Estimates Oivon  8J1LDER9S  SUPPLIES  WE  CABSY A COMPI.ETE -DINr Or  FINISHING HARDWARE- CONTRACTOR'S SOPPLIES  WovaBcId iRoofing  WOOD. VALLANCE & LEGGAT. LIMITED  Wliolosalo Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  IMPERIAL OIL CO. TO  BUILD NEW  WAREHOUSES/  New oil warehouses and steel storage tanks are being planned by the  Imperial Oil Company, Limited, at  both Nanaimo and Chilliwack, according to an announcement bj' officials of  the  company.  The site for the warehouse and  plant at Nanaimo has already been  purchased, an admirable location on  the waterfront a short distance out  from the business section having been  secured. The warehouse will be of  heavy mill construction covered with  galvanized iron. A small office building is also to be erected as well as  two steel oil storage tanks and some  smaller tanks tor gasolene with the  usual   concrete   retiiiiuns;   walls   built  CALGARY  TO  HAVE  TECHNICAL SCHOOOL  Tenders are being invited by the  Minister of Public Works of Alberta,  up to April 5, 1920, for the erection of  a Normal School and Institute of Technology, at Calgary, Alberta. Separate  tenders will be received on the General Contract. Plumbing, Heating and  Ventilation, and Electrical work. Further particulars may be had by calling-  the Record Office. Seymour 7808.  BUILD WITH BRICK  and when doing so use the best made in B. C.  DOMINION BRICK  For Sale by  Champion & White;  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;  Thos. G. IfcBride  & Co., and -the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  102   Moody   Block VICTORIA,  B.C.  retiiinin  outside.    Thy cost of the plant  will  may  con-  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANUFACTURERS OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVSCE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and eee ua, or pliono.  South End of Connauglit Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  about.    fj,2r>.()()0.      The    company  spend   a   further  sum   on   wharf  strucl.ion in  the near future.  Several sites for the warehouse and  plant al Chilliwack have been under  negotiation and the deal for one is  said to be practically closed now. It  will he about, the same size of plant  as at Nanaimo and cost approximately  $2f>,000. Some slight difficulty may  bo experienced in securing a suitable  foundation for tiie heavy steel storage  tanks in tho soft delta ground, but it  is expected this will be overcome by  using  piling,  capped   with  concrete.  TO SECURE CAPITAL FOR  CONSTRUCTION OF BATHS  OAK BAY.—Four thousand shares  in the Oak Bay Swimming Bath, Ltd.,  at a value of twenty thousand dollars,  will be placed on the market immediately. The company proposes to  erect a very fine set of baths and ultimately hopes to build a pavilion and  concert hall. The site is located on  Beach Drive, immediately at tho end  of   Saratoga   Avenue.  BALFOUR. GUTHRIE & CO.  We cut to length.    Cold Twist and Bend  BEXirpoBcnre steez.:—  Larse stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  Bars to details.  BOX.TS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  to furnish largre orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — IiXME — SCOTCH FTRE  BRICK — PZBE  CX.AX  GRAPHITE  FOUNDRY  TACrNOS —  COKE — SEA COAL  PIG IRON — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA ROPE  103 WINCH BLDG.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  MILITARY   OFFICES   TO  BE REBUILT SOON  VICTORIA-—Announcement is made  by Brig.-Gen. .J. .M. Ross. G.O.C., Military District No. .11, that the military  offices at Work. Point, destroyed by  lire some two years ago are to be rebuilt shortly. A representative of the  general public works department is  already here and preparing plans for  the erection of new offices. It is expected tenders will be called for shortly.  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Mttnog-er  .152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Troara' Expert onoe In till BmnoheB  of Elootrical "Work. Inspection—Expert  Aflvloe — Troufcl6 Work—Installing1 — Re-  Winding—All  Wort   Q-Hn,raiitood.  WE   CAN  MAKE   IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY   OP  BRICK  Just Received 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Grave!, Cement. Fibre Plaster, Lime  and  Other  Building'  Materia3  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163 1561  Granville Street  TAL IRONWORK  'estms&ister Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0. '   Phone 5&  ■^k£ BRITISH COLUMBIA BECORD  ■•§  ■£■  I  t  - 'V'v 7 '  ■ V.'  British Columbia Record  OSsJablished 1911)  PaNUhed   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the ';•    :  Record Publishing Company  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired, Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  A newspaper of general circulation, featur-  " iaj[ Building, Contracting, Engineering, Indus-  T trial. Shipbuilding, Mining, Automobile, Pro_  , Visdal,  City  and  Harbor Improvements.  ' C. H. NELSON....MANAGING- EDITOR  ..-•. ■      ', Office and Plant  '-..',.        '.'. '  mWP^AetSl.Vf^Vancouver,B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription Sates    ■  Ter  Tear   in  Advance ........ $10.00  Per   Month     1.00  AM subscriptions are payable strictly in advaaca  OFFICIAI. OROAH.  The British Columbia Kecord Is tha  •dScCa.1 organ of The Architectural Instl-  tttta. of British Columbia, federated with  : The. Royal. Architectural Institute of  Canada and'as such is used by them as  the,medium through which to make their  -efBcial announcements to the general  public.  ^By such selection the British Colum  hla Record is no wise pledged to edi-  "torta.1 support of. any "policy- advanced  hr these..societies, but maintakia an absolutely independent position on all mat-  tors subject to editorial opinion.  TWO  CONVEN8EI  LOCATIONS  At either of which tlie business men and women of  the citv'are certain of the  kind of meals they want ait  reasonable prices.  No. 1  No. 2  HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  612    PENDER     ST.   WEST  Good  " The Good Food Restaurants"  ing ■ fire , would not be one <o£ that  hundred. To debar conflagrations,  therefore, fire prevention must not  only diminish the frequency of fires,  but also establish the confines of the  occasional outbreaks that occur."  be made into two modern class rooms. [       AUTOMOBILE  RECORDS  The building will'be 27x75 feet in size  with wings at the east and west sides.  Fire exists are planned for the rear of  the building while a large porch and  entrance at the front will make what  was an obsolete building a modern  and up-to-date school structure.' Plan's  are in course of preparation by thej  architect, and will be ready for figures  shortly as the tenders must all be in  by April, 13. Further notice will be  published in the Record.  Following   is a  Complete  List of Now  Automobile   Licenses  Recorded  for  Vancouver  and   District.  22S7-I—S.K. .lames, 3501  1st Ave. West  —Chevrolet.  22S75—D.  S. May, Kburne,  R.It.  No.  1—  CIT'YS BUILDING BY-LAW IS  ALREADY   OBSOLETE  "When the city council gets through  "With the difficult task of compiling  the civic budget for the year and  .manages to get revenue and expenditure somewhere within hailing distance of each other—perhaps by striking a 30,-mill   tax   rate—one   of   the  ■ most important matters to engage the  -attention of the aldermen will be a  complete revision of the city's present  building bylaw. For it is an open  secret that while Vancouver is fairly  ~up to date in the matter of the latest  forms of building construction—as  ■western cities go—there are still  many precautions and regulations in  the matter of fire prevention which  are still lacking here and no provision  -Jias yet been made for them in ;the  civic regulations. In fact, the present  building bylaw has not been mater-  dally revised or amended for the last  *ix or seven years, and there have  "been naturally many advances and new  .types and forms of building construction as well as new ideas "in "materials  •and their proper use, for which there  lias been no provision made as yet in  the building bylaw.  When the building bylaw is being  revised—and that depends largely  -npon trie energy and persistency of  the present chairman of the building  ■committee—it is probable that the  council will incorporate in the amendments some of the suggestions outlined by Mr. J. Grove Smith, Dominion  Fire Commissioner, especially in re-  Sard to preventive measures for the  control of spreading fires and coping  in some degree with the conflagration  .hazard. Speaking of the .causes of  •conflagration recently, Mr. Smith said:  ""The. measures properly advocated  ■to control the spread of fire are four  in number, namely, fire prevention,  lire limits, fireproof construction and  efficient fire departments. None of  these alone can prevent a conflagration, and records also show that even  together they have failed in almost  .every instance. Fire prevention is  the attempt to reduce' the frequency  of fires. The preponderence of disasters from unknown and trivial  causes appears to forbid horie of controlling conflagrations by strictly fire  prevention methods. It has been officially ascertained that on the average,  only one in 20,000 fires has reached  the magnitude of a conflagration.  That one fire is the problem demanding solution. If fire prevention successfully reduced the occurrence of  iires in Canada to 100 pnr annum,  there is no assurance tha: 'he spread-  VICTORIA PERTfJITS  743—G. L-. Markend,    garage,    1215  McKenzie St.,'$200r G. L. Markand. •  744—R. ■ T.  Brindle,    dwellings    151  Eberts St., $2949; Halkett and Hunter.  745—W. J. McArtttur, garage, N.W.  Cor. Fort and Moss, $500;  W. J. Mc-  Arthur.  746—M. B. Wiliburn, garage; 1331  Grant St., $70; Wellburns.  747—F. Barbour, dwelling, . 2536  Forbes St., $2850; "Wood & Richardson.' •   -  748—Hull, alter., 50 Government St.,  $750; K. B. Spurgin.   ,  '749-—E. E. Richards, add store, 145  Moss.St., $1,500; E. E. Richards.  750—C. J. Ellison, dwelling, Finlay-  son Ave., $750; Ch.Repath.  PLAN BRICK BUlLDIiNG  FOR  PENDER STREET E.  Architect Edwardes Sproat, 4X)3*,"Dominion    Building, is    preparing plans  for a 3-storey brick building,  25x120  feet in size, to be erected,on Pender  street, -ea^ty., near.' Gore  avenu^'^he  ground floor of the n'efrj'biif ldJl^^Ul''  be. used.fdr store'• purp'psjja,,while" the  upper floors will be made*into 'a-1oom-  ing house.'  The estimated cost'of ThVj  new structure is $14,000 for w^cti tet'  ders will be called-for shortly.  POINT GREY PEBMXTS  2495—P. Bonudreau, '3771 12th Ave.  XV., $3,000, bungalow, Ownei\  Contr.  2596—Geo. Kidd, Lot 9-316 Marine  Drive, $20,000, dwelling, E. J. Ryan,  Contr.    -  2597—-R. S. Cairns, 20,85- 45th Ave.,  $100, garage, Owner, Contr.  2598—C. R. Lawrence, 67th & Selkirk, $100, alterations, Owner, Contr.  2599—J.* Spall, S420 Osier St., $900,  cottage,  Owner, Contr.     /      .   '      ,'  2600—S. iMosher, Marine Drive near  'Marpole, $3,500, bungalow, Kerr & Mc-  Cormack, Contrs.  .  • 2601—Mrs. N. E.. Stevens, 3414 21st  Ave. W., $3,150, bungaldw, L. C. Stevens, Contr. .,    *.....;...; ;»   :_1  2602—P. Ritchie, 37S9 Crescent Rd.,  $500, alterations, S. J. Newitt, Contr.  2603—W;  J.    Fairgrieve,  622    22nd  Ave.   W.,   $133,   garage,   M.   Dunstan.j  Contr.  2604—Dept. . of S. C. R., 28th and  Willow, $20,000, alterations,; Owners,  Contrs.  2605—A. F. Bunn, 2275 43rd Ave. W.  $500, addition, Owners, Contrs.  2606—J. Godfrey, 12th Ave. West;  $1,000, cottage, W. Lockie, Contr.  2607—R. S. Cairns, 2878 38th Ave.  W., $2,500, bungalow, T. Logie, Contr.  ' 260S—Mrs. R. Grant, 3504 35th Ave.  W., $700, Chickenhouse, Owner, Contr.  2609—F. Dodson, 2116 36th Ave. W.,  $3,000,  bungalow,  Owner,  Contr.  2610—T. G. McNames, 1523 64th  Ave. W., $2,000, bungalow, Owner,  Contr.  FOUR-STOREY   ADDITION '"  FOR  WATER STRfET-BLOCK  Plans are in course of^pr.epafatioh  in the offices of Architects DaYtbn &  Eveleigh, Davis Chambers, and tenders will be called for about March  18th, for an extension to the Leckie  Building on Water Street.  The new addition will be a four-  storey and basment brick structure,  40x140 feet in size, and will be uniform with the style of the present  building occupied by the Leckie Co.  Further details will be published in  the Record later.  USE  AYRES  PAINTS  GRANT FIVE  MORE LOANS   FOR SOLDIER  HOUSING  Applicants granted loans, the amounts and their present addresses are  as follows: .-  Andrew Haggart, 2083 - Second Ave.  west, $3,400 ;G.W.Dowling, 2516 Turner street, $3,300; V. Rice, 1729 Eleventh Ave. east, §3,000; J. F. Brewis,  1328 Barclay street, $3,500; R.W. Jenkins, 1036 Salisbury,Drive, $3,200."  Increases to.loans previously granted were sanction for the following:  T. M. Luckett, $2,500 to $2,600; A; Bul-  man, $3,000 to $3,100; H. J. Welch,  $3,500 to $3,800; F. T. Orchard, $3,500  to $4,000.  TENDERS FOR DREDGING  Tenders are being received by. the  Dominion Public Works Dept. up to  March IS, for dredging required at  Metlakatla Bar near Prince Rupert.  Further details may be obtained at  the Record office.  PREPARING    PLANS  FOR  BURNABY SCHOOL  The board of school trustees, Burnaby, has commissioned architect Joseph IT. Bowman, 716 Yorkshire Building to prepare plans for the raising  and remodelling of the school at  Kingsway west. The plans call for  the raising of the present building, and  the erection of a concrete sub-structure for the accommodation of the  manual training and domestic science  departments, while the upper floor will  NEW  BUILDINGS FOR  BOYS' TRAINING  SCHOOL  Tenders are being invited by the  Hon. the Minister of Public Works  up.to, April 6, for the erection of an  Administration Block and 'Dining  Block in connection with the Boys'  Training School at Coquitlam.  Ford Tour.  22S70—G.   THore.   73S- Campbell  Ave.—  Chevrolet  Tour.  22S77—K. J. McGivern,  1033'Balfour A v.  Hudson Tour.  22S7S—XV. A. MeGill, 10G2  Georgia XV.—  Chevrolet   Tour.  22S70—Dodson's  Bakery,' 9'Hastings XV..  —Chevrolet .Truck  22SS0—Mrs. K.   Riswanger. 001  Hastings  St. K— Ford Truck.  22SS1—M.   Furuya & Co.,   Ltd.,  4C>   Hastings St.   XV.—Ford Truck.'  22SS2—Orr   Bros. .1210    Granville   St.—  Ford  Truck.  22SS.1—C.'"AV."  Long,   Powell   River.   B.C.  —Ford Truck , •  22S'gt—G.   B. Howard.  190  12th :Ave.*"W.  ••:..      Nash Tour.,  .^  •22'SS,ti—C.   Goldberg.   1020   Main   St.—. v>;  '•■-'•: Ford  Torpedo.  ■S»?SS'6—-H. Savage, Ladner. B. C.^Dodge  »'-.- Tour.  fe«87—W.'J. Stark. 1276 20th Ave. XV.—  j.' ! I'-ord  Tour  2"2^8S—Fraser  Valley  Dairy  Co..   1390   .  •       ■..■■Richards—G.1M.C.   Truck  228S9—National   Paper' Box: Co..   Mil.!  2241  Scott-St.—McLaugh.  Tour.  22890—T.   Sinclair.   522  Pender St.  W..—  ,   Ford  Coupe. '.  '  22S91—T.   Gs McBride &  Co.,   1051   Main  St:—McLaughlin Tour.  22S92—Western   Groc.   Co.,   Ltd,.   Vancr.  B.C.—Ford  Tour.  2289.'.—H.   Eagleson.   134-1   Comox   Street  —Chevrolet Tour. ,  22S94—K.   Brown.   Prior  St.   Cafe  No.   3.  f'"ord Truck.  22S95—Vancr.  .Mill.  &. Grain  Co..   Ltd.  Smythe St.—Ford Road.  22S96—Dr. ;J."R.   McRoady.   37th   Ave.  .fc  Ar.butus St.—Cad ilia Tour.  22S97—Gault Bros., 3G9 Water St.—Maxwell   Tour.  22S9S—M.  F-T. Laidlaw, 1S23  2nd Ave.  \V.  l-'ord Tour.  22S9I)—Mrs. M. H; Lcrat; 1368 Crescent  McLaughlin Coupe  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  The following companies were  granted certificates of incorporation  during"the pa.st week:       .  Roddis Shingle Co., $lU,U0o; Vancr.  .West Coast Trading Co., Ltd.. $20,000;  Vancr. Weeks Motors, Ltd., $25,000;  Nanaimo. Oramic Industries, Ltd., $50,-  000; .Vancr.; Cal-Van Markets, Ltd.,  $20,000; Vancr. Lennie & Co., Ltd.,  $10,000;' Vancr. Sterling .Mining Co.,  Ltd.;' $250,000; Vancr." Southern Investors, Ltd., $500,000; Vancr. Grant  Rigby Transmission, Ltd., $2,500,000;  Vancr. The King-Farris Lbr. Co. Ltd..  $750,000; Vancr. M. Green Co., Ltd.,  $10,000; Chilliwack. Andrew Calder,  Ltd., $25,000; Vancr. Portland Canal  Maritime Co. Ltd. $25,000; Pr. Rupert.  Colonial Fisheries and Exports, Ltd.,  $10,000; Vancr. Esperanza Fisheries,  Ltd., $20,000; Vic. Empire Sawmills,  Ltd., $50,000; Vancr. British-Canadian  Theatres, Ltd., $50'0,000; Vancr. The  Avon, Ltd., $10,000; Vancr. Westward  Steamship Co., Ltd., $50,000; Vancr.  The Vancouver Motion Picture Producing & Mfg. Co., Ltd., $50,000; Vancr.  Aircraft Manufacturers,'Ltd., $250,000; j  Vancr. Dunsmuir Drive Yourself Auto  Livery, Ltd., $25,000; Vancr. The Dominion Woodworth Manufacturers,  Ltd., $10,000; Vancr. Vancouver Island Whaling Co., Ltd., $600,000;  Vic.   I  739 Haatinffs St. W. Sey. 7820  Ground Floor, Winch Bldg-.  Vancouver, B. C.  ■ ■y-i$ti;>*z:-  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORK-  ERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If itVIron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  MR. BUSINESS MAN  o  UR service is not confined  to prompt delivery, but  includes expert advice as well  as extreme care in executing  work.    THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   GO.  REFRIGERATION  Ice nuking plants aol celd ttinft srstias. Sectional r(fri(erat«rs ami tints fir aH mlii( purposes  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Linda Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Aye. High. 822  Vfcon* Sey- 316  516 Fender W  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Csnmereiaf Pfaotographers  618 GRANVU.LE ST.  SCY. 2«68  J  |1 OVV TO LOWER  Delivery Costs  F. W. White   W. Pet*ge».i.v    R. Roieuti  R. A. F. MOTOR TRANSFER  HEAVY   HAULING   FOR  CONTRACTORS  FURNITURE.   BAGGAGE  AND   EXPRESS  SEYMOUR   3004  411    HOWE   ST.  FRASER   173 L 1  5OS0  Fraser St.  Office, S«y. 7075 Kea., l^alr. 2138L,  J. H. HEALEY  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses'fitted   for the'relief of nil  kinds    of    eye    strain    and    nervous  headache."  825 Birks Bldg-. Vancouver, B. C.  GAS   HEATING  In Vancouver  •«>eiH«eMBBja^aceaeajMNM*in  If you are planning a neNy  house or building, or remodelling your old building or its  heating pl&nt, it will pay you to  investigate  gas  heating.  No furnace to tend; automatic  regulation; unit radiators; spec-  tallow rate for gas.  A Phone call to New Business  department brings  particulars.'  Vancotwer Gas Co.  THEY  COST  ONLY  GATES 5K£TIRES  Authorized Service Station  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  1204 Granville- St.  Seymour 1184  Cam»U and  UamUngm  Phone Boy.  5000  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  •■'--: "-     and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St..  Bayview 1076  G.  T. P.  PLAN   ERECTION  OF   HOTEL   AT  JASPER  According to an announcement made  by Mr. W. C. Riddell, head of the publicity department of the G. T. P., the  company plan to spend $150,000 in  the erection of a tourist hotel in Jas-1  per Park this year. The new hotel it is  stated Avill be up-to-date in every ro-  spect and will have accommodation  for about 100 people.  TELEPHONE     iNSTAl.LiTlDN^   Devey  Robertson  Engineers and Constructors  Insnectfcns, Design, Reports, Construction  Industrial Plants, liulldings and Equipment  WhurvcH   find   J'lers.       Power   Plants  Indus-trial  Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  502YORKSHIRE BLOf.    SEY.9217  Pollowlna- is a list of now business toXoph-onos installed in tho City of Vanooxiver  by the B. C. Telephone Co.  MARCH 4TS,  1920.  Kerr, Albert K, 411 Vernon Drive  '.   Nevill, B., R. 6K>, r,25 Seymourt St   Lawrence,  .loseph  G.   Kecond-Hand  Dealers,   4415  Dunsmuir St  McCaulav.  IT. C,  It. 311. -170 Gran. St   foundation Co., of B. C.  it. 1-104, 510  Hast. W   Lee Wong-, Laundries, M4 Dufferin St. iSast   Oarvin <& Salter, Motor  Hepalrs,  5f)S  Keefer  St.,  Hear   Myer.s,  Fred C  .Manufacturers AkciUs.  It. 207.  198 Hast.  CHANGES  MARCH 4TH,  1920.  Keir &  I'urncaiix from 4 20  Sey.  to It.  11, 445  Gran.  St   WliilcK. XV. VS..  Drutftfcsts from. 2301  Gran, to 224S  Gran.  We.st  lOnd  Taxi Co.  from   Box on Pole S. 10.  Cor.  Gran & Cordova St.  to  S. :,, SO.'. Drake St Sey  Saiki. T. fk Co..   Real  Estate, transfer from .-Stanley  Rooms.   150  Main   St.,   Upstairs    Sey  Securities Bonding Co., Brokers from OHO, 470 Gran, to 508. 508, -170  Granville   Street    So v.   2720  Queen's Own Dairv. Dairies from  1000  Mth -A.ve. \V, to 2245  1 I th Avi.  J.   P.   HODGSON P.   T.  KINS  A.   M.   I.VHT.   O.   K.  WM.   O.   MARBLE  .M.    K.    1.   C.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.      Seymsur 6506  u  SPRAYWHITE  tt  Painting-   and   Tdme   Spraying-   Machines for Interior & Exterior Work  F. L. Cummings  Seymour 1424 Fraser 217 It 1  353  FENDER  ST.   W.  »•»«■»«"•■■»-♦'*»■«••*•■»♦"»*'• -•  VV.   HiKh.  17 41 O   Sey.  4002   Sey.  4!) Ill   Sey. 3125   Sey.  7921   l-'air.   lor-°   Hixli,   Sey.  29 00  70S  ..Sev.  .Bay.  9 02  1.!4  050:  2959  West  .Bay   i:  Business  Paper  Advertising  • •■■••"■••  I The Buying Power per Sub-  \ scriber   Represents   an  Infi-  • nitely Greater Sum than the  ! Buying Power of Any Other  i Class oi! Publication, Bocauso   .  i Eaeh   Buyer   Purchases   for  ]  I Business and not for Private   t  * Consumption j  #.^..»_«..»~».. *-•.••"•>•<  „t"t«C««i.f««M«»ln«vfHf  Y!  "OU will be interestedinknow-  ing that in our modemly  equipped Loose Leaf Department we carry a complete  stock of high grade binders and systems  which   cover  every  possible  requirement of business and professional accounting and record keeping.  Call and inspect our line before you place  your order. From the smallest pocket  memo to the completo loose leaf ledger  outfit you will find the  DeTuxeJine.  Loose Leaf Binders  and Systems  supreme In qualify, convenience  and efficiency  The DeLuxe, a'Ready-to-Use Systems for  Banks, Department Stores, General Merchants, Public Offices, Manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estat'6 Men,  Hotels, Hospitals, Traveling Salesmen, Insurance Men and many others—are practical and officent time savers.  In ourManufacturingDepartmentwemake  special sheet forms and indexes, to suit the  special requirements of your business.  We make no charge for our special service in designing ana planning tneso forms.  You should havo our comuloto Looso Loaf  Catalog.  It is free for the asking.  Western Specialty  LIMITED  572 Granvllio St.  Vancouver, B.C.        |§ ^■■^■■™^™..v*.*w;w   u  ■ ■'      '■ '       !:■"•■    •■ :-;'','!^-^'-:'-':,,:'v:>J-.J^<'':.^'^-vp^.iv'':r^:r.ii.^v...r!V.l,,.;.^ ■..,....  rsss^Z.  --*.:f  ''4  ^'"^ri'imaiV'".  I  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  =src:  3  ELECTRIC FUCT  Compa  Wo have the most exclusive  fixtures artistically designed,  made in our own factory and  displayed in our dark show  room which will give you the  right idea how they will appear in your home.  You are respectfully invited to  Inspect Our Selection  " Our Fixtures Give the Right Finish-  int Touch to Your Home."  Jj4  WHO'S   WHO,  WHERE   AND  WHY, IN  X     WHO'S    WHft     IVUCRP    AMD     *  |    LOCAL  BUILDING   CIRCLES   %  Achitect Edwardes Sproat is now  located in his now office at 403 Do-,  minion Bldg.   Seymour 9233.  Contractor Robert Moncrieff passed  through the city last week on his .way  to Armstong and Endeby. Mr, IVIon-  ci-ieff is building a highway bridge at  Enderby for the Provincial Government.  Industrial Island  Sey. 8793  J. G. Morgan, former Plumbing In-  ( spector- for the* City of Vancouver is  now associated with the well known  firm of W. A. Brown, Ivimited, Plumbers. Mr. Morgan Jiad been connected  with the plumbing department- of the I  city for the past ten years.  in the more important centers for the  sale of the "Swanlite" Electric L.ight  and Power Plant ,of which this company "has the British. Columbia, Yukon  and Alberta Agency. Mr. Hughes re:  ports conditions in the rural districts  particularly bright and anticipates a  heavy sale of Light and Power Plants  for farm 'use.  MINING    NOTES  Jt is rumored that the Granby Consolidated contemplate the erection of  a concentrating plant at the Hidden  Greek Mines.'  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  Mr. H.' L. Swan, of the Penticton  architectural firm of..Swan & Augustine, spent last week in the city on  a combined business and holiday trip.  He reports a large amount of building in sight throughout the Okanagan  and anticipates a busy summer.  WESTERN SPECIAL!Y  Limited  Everything For the Office  "SERVICE WE GIVE IT "  Mr. Bert Poitras, formerly of this  city, and salesman for the Ritchie  Contracting and Supply Co., but now  of Seattle, was among the visitors to  the Record Office during the week.  Mr. Poitras, who was on one of his  periodical'business-trips to the city,  is now connected with the Tacoma  ,Roche Harbor Lime Company and reports business in his line as very  brisk.   ';'  A sample shipment of ore from' the  Stemwinder mine at Kimberley is being prepared for assay. It is reported  active work will commence on the  property.  The Emma mine is closing, down.  All men working there have a chance  to go to Kimberley, as the Consolidated company will give them free passage to that point.  The Keystone drill is now operating  on the old Ward lease, prospecting  some of the ground mined by former  operators on the lease—Quesnel Qbr  server.  A deal for the Silver Tip extension  in the Alice Arm camp was concluded  recently, the owners, J. W. Buggy and  Julius Wilson, selling out to G: Ji  Hammond and associates for an all-  cash consideration.  We" Carry ii\  Stock the Splendid  DeTuxejine,  Standard Loose  Leaf" Devices  De Luxe ledger  De Luxe Solid Post Binders  Mr. Wm. N. O'Neil, of the Wm. N.  O'Neil Co., Ltd., returned last week  from a month's business and pleasure1  trip east. While away Mr. O'Neil  had the pleasure of being pre'sent at  the first family re-union' in twenty-  three years at his old home in Ontario. He also visited the principal  cities of Eastern Canada and the  States, including Toronto, Chicago,  Cleveland and Youiigstown, Ohio.  Mr. E, H. Hughes of the Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd., has just completed a  month's tour.,of the province. He was  successful in establishing local agents  Another load of machinery for the  plant of the Cariboo Gold-Platinum  Extracting Co. , arrived in fown- on  Wednesday night, and was taken out  to the plant yesterday. The company  expects to commence operations in a  short time.—-Cariboo Observer.  The Achilles Mining company is reported to have several copper claims  at MarysviHe, near Cranbrook. Veins  already opened up expose ore valued  at $3-4,000,000. ■ Copper assays at $122  a ton and the silver at $25. By the  fall the company expects to be shipping a car of concentrates daily to  the smelter at Trail.  PARCEL POST  RATES of POSTAGE on parcels mailed in the  PROVINCE  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Style H.& J. Sheet Holders  Style A. Aluminum Holder  Addressed to—-  Any post otllee withiu  20 miles*, including  place   of   mailing...  Any post^Hice beyond  20 miles, but within  the Prov. of British  Columbia  Any   post "otlice  in  Al-  _ ^£!l?S_r^-"-^:-r::.-^:-.:r.v^i  Any post office in Sas-   katc'newau ■■■_■—--  Any post office-Tn i'ian-  _ i toba    ........  Any" post office" in Ontario. Quebec or Maritime Provinces   1 lb  T  $ .05  .10  .10  .12  2 lbs 3 lbs  i lb.'  $ .061$ .07  .'.14  a  :is  s .OS  5 lbsj6 lbsj'lbsIS lbs|91bsll0 Iblll'lb  si 6 lbs 17  r.lOlf .12(1  .141$,.16  .2S  .34  .24  I  .121    .24  .2S  .34  .3G  .44  .44  .36  .48     .60  .30  .40  .52  .64  N ukon Territory summer  rates, June until September,   inclusive   .10  .16  .22  .28  .34  .40  l ukoii Territory winter  rates, October until  Ma v.  inclusive  .. :   121 '   .24!     .361     -4S  .60  .■341    .38  .46  .60  .74  .84  $ ASi$ ..26,8  .22  .42  .5S  H  GARFORD  m  \MrmcKS  The  NET  RESULT of Gar-  ford   performance   is   LOW  COST  TON-MILE  '-..-' ' ...   - ■ v  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY—ONE  TO  TEN-TON  CAPACITIES. ^       f  Motor  Service   Limited  George   A. Sabourin,  rVlanaeer  B. C. DISTRIBUTORS  1105 GRANVILLE  ST.  PHONE SEY. 4192  VANCOUVER, B. C.  m.  llliiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiilllliilililililli,l,llilililill.iW  THE  OWNER,   ARCHITECT  and  BUILDER  is assured complete-heating satisfaction if. he insists on: Dunham Heating.  In Dunham Heating- there is no jruesswork; every detail is planned with  one aim—the installation of a perfect working-, noiseless and. economical  system.'...  .46j    .50  .64  .70  .6S  .76  .84  .34  .96  .46  1.08  .84  1.04  1.20  .52  .58  .64  .92  Ml  1.3J  .TO  S4|    .96    1.08  1.201  1.32  The  maximum charge on  any parcel  shall not exceed  1  cent an ounce.      ,  •This rate also obtains in cases where the 20-mile area extends into an adjacent  Province. ._   f ARCHITECTS f  Members of The Architectural Institute  of British  ColumMa.  . Scj. 3300   Sey. 3270   Soy. 1601   Sey.    602  VANCOTTVEB  lienzie,  Jas.   _\..  510  Hastings   W _.  Cirri.   A.   J..   City   lHrtR   Insptor   Itr.van   &  Ciillnm,  509   Richards _,  Dalton  &   Evelclah.   615   UasUncs  W...  fiardinrr.   V.   O..   & Mcrver,   713  Granville...-.Hey. 367a  Rimlinrr,   William   Frt-tlk..   730   C'.ran —Sey.  6920  Orlimii.   II.   S..   207  HiUitlnas W ...Sey.  3116  Henderson.  A.   E..  015  Huntings VV  , Sey.    724  HuKuymun.   &  Curtis.   S.r,fl   Hastings  W Sey. 1G21  Join's.   -Win.    V.;    (523    Richards    St Sey.  1-126  Uuttiusim,   Holit.   M.,   32.1   Ilonier   HL Sey.-  8013  I'nlmtT.    Urninrtl   C.   «50   Must.   W Sey. 717A  l';irr,   J.   Y...   IDS   llastini:*   \V....- Sey.  7S11  Sl.ntli  ,t Tlioniuson. 626  lVnricr  W Sey.  106-1  Sprnat.   Edwardes.   40.1   I.uinitiinn   l.ldK Sey.  11233  Toivnl.-r,   l-'rcrt  I..,   323   Homer   St SW. $013  TwUell.   Uirds   & Twlzvll.  .1.17   Hast.   \V Sey. 7923  VICTORIA  r.arff,    Ii.'.mot    U..  1711  liiTinei,   /..   :t..   HlS6  St.   Louis  St...  Kcltli.   .1.   <-.   -M-.   Hayward   It'd,.'  .....  Mn,-hire.   S.ini.   l-nltin   IlaT:k   I'.ldK.....  aide'u'KV Wilson.    I.teut.-Col   St.    .\ntie   H:r«Ht   ,....1171 11 1   14'JO   _.2S,8  .IT'linont   lluiirio  Moore,    (.'liarl.-s.  CfSESTON  BINDERS FOR ANY SHEET  SHEETS FOR ANY BINDER  WESTERN SPECIALTY  LIMITED  572 GRANVILLE ST.  S«nn   A-  PEITTICTOK  Augustine   Cresttin.    li     C  . 1'enllcliin  Orders You Should  Have Had  ,Tim .Hill said success is dife to  -."■facts and foresight." There is  no use ^c-tting news of a nice  fat contract after all the bids are  in—but yours. 'MacLean ?;ives  you DAILY a batch of live, timely  reports  on  Building & Engineering  contracts that will result in a  keener sales force, more orders,  and in euttin.tr down selling: expenses for you. We. are serving-  hundreds of the more aKsressive  C.A. DUNHAM COMPANY LTD.  Branch Sales Office,      Vancouver, B.C.  D. G. BRISON, Manager  Phone Seymour 8057  425 Standard Bank Building  MAKE USE OF  DUNHUM  ■^HEATING   SERVICE  WHENEVER  POSSIBLE  STANDARD STOVE, RANGE  & SHEET METAL WORKS  PMCTICU nPOKKCEB WOM III  HOTEL mnce m nun HUES  W« Buy,  8«U and Exchange  OLD   STOVES  i Stoves Bebuilt &nd Boiler* Connected I  SEY. 8089  1248 GRAN. ST. i  ^vl^llIl%ll^l^^^\^.^>^^^nv.\%".v.n,^.y^^^^«v^^««^^^v^^^^^^^i^>^^"^l^^%l^.ll^I^l^g|^  houses    year  not  you?  after   year.     "Why  Write for full information.  JdacXean. Daily Reports, Limited.  212 Winch Bldg-.. Vancouver, B.C.  Telephone—Seymour 2013.  a clean  REPORTS  t  *  >  t  \  ,1  '■  ,*  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  i  i  *  '♦  •fr  I  VANCOUVER'  W   INDUSTRY  Make Your Baserraemt Floor and Walls  DusfcSess, Waterproof and Sanitary  BY USING  GURO«*«BENING LIQUID and IMPEHSlEAwATERPROOFiNc LIQUID  FulS Particulars arad  Information on Application  FVSanufactured by  Hut  Phone: Sey. 9260  FACTORY: Fairview  ���r  •5-  *  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  Little Mortar  Strength where it is •..  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes  5-1/2-  'xS"xlV/:  ."        5V2"x8"x53/4"  - 5V2  'xi'xiiyi  5V2"x4"x53/4"  91 / '  'xS"x5V2'  Corner and Jambs  4"xS"x5y1."  (Pilaster   Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong Piers and Jambs.  Load Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PALNTINa  I OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg.  .'  ::  ::  ■ ,>  ,<  !  \  *  i  ;  >'  1  >'  >'  >'  .'  ::  ::  i'  i'  <>  ::  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  mmWmmmmWmWBmtMmmm3***mwmmmvm*mWmmmm*mmmWmm*  Fireproof Tile can only be.made from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers of Fire Clay in  British Columbia.  Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LI  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. C,  ED  Apply for quotations to  EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  >  :  !  t  I  \  I  I  f  \  :  \ ■  t -  :  *  :  ;  *  i  *  ::  :  t  ; BBITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You in Touch  With a Reliable Firm  fe^fe^^l^^  ▲BCHITECTUHAL TEBBA  COTTA  Erans.  Colctnau & Evans, Ltd....-..- .... Soy.  20RS  O'Nell,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd    Key.  4705  Rftcblo Coiur.  & Stui.   Co.. Ltd  Sol-. 91R2  ABXATUKE   AND   MOTOR   WINDINO   1S90  ELECTRICAL   C0I7TBACTOBS  n.   C.   Electric   _ _..„ .....Sey. 5008  ....Fair 1500  ....Sey. 30S0   It ay.    03  .......Soy.- 2088  „_.....Scy. 1186   Sex.   7200  -MuDanlel   &   Scott..  ABTXFICXAL STONE  Dawson,   F „   ASBESTOS FAPEB  Taylor  Knirtneorlrur Co..   Ltd.-   ASPHALT FELT  The   Barrott   Co.,   Limited _   Brans,  Coleman & Evana. Ltd   rartflo   Hoofing   Co..   Ltd   Wood.  Vallanco & Leggat._   ASPHALT   PITCH  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited..... Bay.    63  Padfle   Bc-oflne   Co..   Ltd... .....Say. 11S6  AUTOMOBILE   IKS USANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co.     ............ . Sey. 559  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co. _.._ Sey.  7820  AUTOMOBILE   TIRES  Davie  Vulcanizing  Co. .♦. ....Soy. 11S4  BABBITT AND  SOLDEB  Atlas  Steel   Products  Ltd.. :..........  Soy. 3066  BEAVEB BOARD  The   Barrott   Co,   Llraitod.":.*-....-...  ...Bay. ."63  H\.<3ibbon-Hodgson    Lumber    Co Fair. 1659  BLUE PRINTS  City  Map  &. White  Print  Co.. ..._ Sey. -0003  Poarnlon Blue Print Co.....:... „: ...Sey.  2197-4670  BONDS—BURET*  Canadian   Surety  Co.,  ... ......Sey. 559  Ceperley, llounsefell .& Co.......„._............. .....Soy. - 7S20  BRASS BAILINGS  Farr,    Robinson    &    Bird.. .". .......Sey. 3312  BRICK—ALL KINDS (  Bvans, Coleman & Evans,"Ltd...._.._....:.....::..:..Sey.  2988  Glliey Bros.',- Ltd....   O'Nell. Wm. N.  Co., Ltd.'..'-.:. .......  Bltchfo Contr.  & Sup. Co., Ltd....-   Ritchie  &  Macdougall..........;..   BRICK MFCtBS.  Cabriola :■ Shale<;Product!.. Ltd..... _'...._.....Scy. 9167  BUILDiHO   PELTS   AND   PAPERS  GThe   Barrett   Co.,   Limited........... .Bay.    63  Evans.  Coleman & Evans, Ltd -........—:.....Soy.  2983  McGlhbon-HodKSon   Lumber   Co.. .....—;...JFair. 1659  O'Nell. Wm.N. Co.. Ltd...... -....—..—.3oy.  4705  Ritchie :b  Macdougall.....:....... ——..-—..Sey. 016T  Wood,  Vallance  &."■ Ijeggat^ ..„..—„„..;.'..;Sej.   7200  BURGLAR?  INSURANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co.    ...... .......:.  Soy. 559  CARPENTERS   &   JOINERS  E.  Cli.yatal  Ac Co.  ....... :.....—...:. Key. S551  Dtion-■:*- Murray.....;.. —..:-...........Se.v.   8785-8766  Fretz, L.  A: _—..:„....-—..;.^_—___::.Sey. 3108  CEMENT  Bain    Bros ........Sey. 7161  Balfour. Guthrie Ic Co...—.—.-_...- —..Sey. 9197-6575  Evans. Coleman & Evans, Ltd........-.-.—........Sey.  2SSS  Glllay Bros.. Ltd........^.~~-~.-.-—..... -West.  15-1G  O'Neil. Wm. N: Co.. Ltd.-:.......^-._-.^-i-i..-Sey. • 4793  Bltebla Contr.  ft' Sm>.  Co.. Ltd.—--_-..-.-.~.Sey. 9162  CEMENT   TESTING   AND   ASSAYING  Hunt. Robert W. 4 Co.—..-li—..——.—-Soy.: 219S  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrison & Co., Ltd...—...—- Sey. 1S30  Ramaae.   A.   L ..„....—.-Fair. . 28211  Walsh  ft Co..  T.   A:.. ............ —...........Sey. 4733  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERR AZZO    j  Brans. Coleman ft Evans, Ltd.—...— —Sey.  298S I  OlSefl.  Wm.  N. Co.,  Ltd _ — Soy.   4795 |  CRANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELECTRIC)  Ritchie   &   Macdoucall : Soy. 91R7  The IJolden  Ce.,  Ltd...... ......... Sey. 1065   ..Sey. 824   Buy. 7955   Sey. 354  ..—.Soy.  4660   Soy.  8696   Sey. 1224   Sey.  175  3313  8793  .—.West.  15-16  . :—...Sey.   4795  —J—.Sey.  9162  .............".Soy. 0167  It.   X.    Dicer   &   Co ....  klteutrlc    Contr.    &   Repairing   Co   Muiuly.   Ron-land   &   Co   Reliable   Klectric  Co. ...  Richardson   Kloctrio  Co.   ...  ....  Tho  -Electric   Shop   .-. _...  The Jarvls  Electric  Co..  Ltd    ELECTRIC FIXTURES  Farr.    Robinson    .t    Bird Sey  Lang   Electric   Fixturo   Co.— _ Sey  ELECTRICAL MFGRS.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co.   .- Sey. 1878  ELECTRICAL   REFINING  Ileliablo  Electric  Co _......———Sey. 4866  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  B.   C.   Eleclric    — Sey. 5006  Copo & Son... —.  —: Sey. 8502  Darling.  Frank & Co.......  .........Sey.  4106-4101  Mtiridy,   Rowland  &' Co _  Say. 3S4  Rankin    &    Chcrrill „ ; 8«v. T666-61  Richardson   Electric  Co. _.•:....: Sey. 8666  Ritchie   &   Macdougall   ..——.....-.. _ _.Poy. »167  Tho   Electric   Shop _.Sey. 1224  The .farvi.i  Electric  Co..  Ltd Sey.  175  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES—WHOLESALES  Rankin    &    Ciierrill.—........—..:..   —Sey. 7«6*-«  ELEVATORS  Darling, Frank & Co.—... _  Sey.   4166-4161  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES  S. 31. Morris h Co., Ltd ................ Bay.   164S  O'Neil.   Wm.  K.  Co., Ltd.—.— ' Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd   Sey. »16S  ENCLOSURES  Artistic   Wire   ft   Iron   Works... — -—.Fair.  2648  Pearson Wire & Iron Wks ——;....:..—Fair.  2794  ENGINES—SEMI-DED3EL   Sey. .3680  Taylor Engineering Co..  Ltd.....  ENGINEERS  Taylor Engineering Co.;  Ltd .......  Walsh   &  Co.;  T.   A........ . 4_  ENGRAVERS  A.    Hazcldine    Prtg. . Co.-..—...'.   Western  Specialty Ltd. •■.'.'...!.—.. - ........  EXCAVATING  3.  nanbury &  Co.  — ...-. —..—   FENCES  AND  GATES  Pearson Wire & Iron Wks ...„ _... -...Fair.  ■'.'-.-■'   I'lRE" CLAY:'"  Balfour, Guthrie « Co......——  Say. 9197-65T5  Evans,  Coleman  & Evans, Ltd —..——_.S«r.: 2988  Gilley Bros.. Ltd...——    O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.; Ltd  HEATING—HOT    AIR,    STEAM    AND  VENTILATING  Bailey.  K.   A. Sey.    13S  Barr  ft  Anderson _ — Soy.   6180  Campbell  ft Grill.... _ —Sey. 2981  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works — Soy.    620  C.   A.   Dunham Co..  Ltd   SeyJ 8057  Metalic Heating ft'Vcu. Co Cor.  Camblo ft 7th Ave,  Murray   Brort.   Ltd....—....— Sey. 8614  Pacific   Bhcot  Metal   Wks.   Ltd - —Soy. 2172  Rltchlo   ft   Macdougall —.Soy. 9167  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co..   Ltd.. —Soy. 7347  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup. Co., Ltd _ Soy. 9162  Taylor  Engineering   Co..   Ltd Sey." 3686  INSURANCE  B.   C.   Permanent   Agencies  Ltd.. Sey.  790-791  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  &  Co.: .—..... -Soy.   7826  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ltd Sey.  2988  O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd —:....— Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.  Co., Ltd  .—.Sey.  9162  IRON  AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Atlas   Stoel   Products  Ltd  ...Sey. 3666  Can.  N. W.  Steel Co.. Ltd  ...Fair.  2396-7  Conghlan. J.  ft Sons..     _ —Sey,  7946,  Evans.  Coleman ft Evans,  Ltd _  Sey.   2988  8.  M. Morris ft Co., Ltd.—.  Bay.  1043  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd.— :....-. Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd...      Sey. 9162  T. Watt Iron ft Oalv. Work3 — Fair.  971  f vTastBsrnstCT Iron Works  .Weat. 53  Wn4,  Vallance  ft LegraL   Sey.   7266  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Artlstle Wire ft 'Iron Works.—.*—-. —Fair. j. 2648  Evans, Coleman ft Evans, Ltd...........................Soy.  2988  S. M. Morris & Co.. Ltd............— .——.-Bay.  1643  O'Noll. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.—  ...—.Sey.  4795  Pearson Wire ft Iron Wks.—— —...Fair.  2794  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup. Co.. Ltd— - —'.Sey: 9162  T. Wattjron ft Galv.  Works '. Fair.  971  Wostmlnster Iron Works .......—-..—.—.We«t. 53  Wood, Vallance ft -Leggat „...—- -Sey.   72np  INSULATION  Taylor Engineering Co.,   Ltd „ .— Sey. 3680  XALSOMINING  a  J.  Cummins' ft Co.-. .:..  .—.Sey. 1837  Dixon ft /Murray-.—..—......  Sey.  8785-8765 '  LATH—METAL  _  Evans,   Colcmaa  ft  Evans,   Ltd..— ..—_...Sey.-2988  -.   " ".   .   West  15-16 [ O-NeU.  Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd.— ..—-...-—Sey. 4795  •-""-•••    gey   4795   Ritehl*  Contr.   ft  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd. '.—..Sey. 9162  ......Sey. 3686.   Sey. 4738  ........Soy. 31ff   Sey. 3326  ...Bay".  107  2794  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd.—.- Sey. 9162  FIRE   ESCAPES  S. M. Morris ft Co.. Ltd - : —...Bay.  I94S  FIRE  EXTINGUISHERS  Ritchie   &   Macdougall—..——_ .__.-::..Sey. ">16T  FIRE   DOORS  St  METAL WINDOWS  B.C.  Oiling & Roollns Co.. Ltd — .Fair. 1267  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER SYSTEMS  Barr & Anderson.:.  ..—— . Bey.-. 6186  FLOORING — HARDWOOD   "  B.   C.  Hardwood  Floor  Co.,  Ltd. __—Bay. I28T  O'Xeil,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd _ —, 9«y.   4795  J. Fyfe Smith ft'.'Co., L'td..-———-. —.Sw. 1191  ''-■■ FOBGING8   ."■;-'  Westminster Iron Works ;—. .: ���...;—West. 83  DECORATING  C.  3.  Cummins ft Co - — Sey. 1337  Magee.  J.  H. : Bay. 3202  DRAFTING ic SUPFLXES  Dominion  Blue Print Co _  Sey.  2497-467*  DRILLS—POST ABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling.  Frank ft Co  .'. —Sey.  4100-410J.-  Ritchie   ft   Macdougttll   Star. "9167  The Holden Co.. Ltd _'_:—  Sey,  \ DRILL STEEL  Taylor Engineering Co.  1065  GALVANIZING  I T. Watt Iron & Galv.  Works...  _ JTatr.  #71  [ GAS   APPLIANCES  Ritchie   &   Slacdougall - — .S»«. 9167  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co —.Sey.  101  Vancouver Gas' Co.  . ..  .'.._.—......Sey. 56et  GLASS—ALL KINDS  Grant,   J.   A ..——.— ...„—.-Fair. 3491 L  W.   nolt.   Glass  Dealer   . —Fate. I23S  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd.... —.—.-—... Sey.   4795 )  PSlkitiKtoii   Bros - Sey. 4160  HARDWARE  Brown. Frasor ft Co., Ltd ;   8«y.   7155  Flett,  J.   A..„_.   _'._9«y.   2327-232J  Wood,  Vallance  ft  Lezgat —.Sey:'7280   -..Say. 916T  HARDWOOD LUMBER  M—-- Sey. 3GS0  J- Fyf* Smith & Co.. Ltd  — Sey.  1196  Rltchlo   ft   Macdougall  .LIME. - . o  Balfour. Guthrie ft Co .— —....8ey. 9197-6575  Evans, Coleman ft Evans,' Ltd :._—:.—Sey.  8988  Gilley Bros.. Ltd —. —— — West. 15-16  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.  _——...—...Sey.   4795  Rosebank - lime   Co.-.'. ——— .   Sey. 9167-  Ritchie,   J.   T.   A   _„ Sey. 9167  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd.— ....—„—Sey. 9192  LUMBER  Federal Lumber Co..—. .—.Sey-  3998-3999  McGibbon-Hodgson    Lumber   Co.-  ...Fair. 1959  Vancouver  Lumber' Co..   Ltd—.——..—.....1,'alr. 918-9  MACHINERY  Brown,   Fraser  ft  Co.,   Ltd  Sey. 7155  Darling.   Frank   ft   Co.   —— —...»€»;   4H9-4161  O'NeU,   Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd.—.—.. —Sey. 4793  Ritchie  Contr.   ft   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.—  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall   .........................  Taylor Engineering  Co.,  Ltd ~.—  The Holden Co.. Ltd —..—.   *alsb  ft  Co..  T.  A. -    Sey. 4738  MACHINE  WORN  Westminster Ire* Werlts    West. 53  MANTELS—BRICK. TILE AND WOOD  Brans.  Celemaa ft Bvans. Ltd.  _ ...Sey.  2988  O'.Nell.  Wra.  N. Co.. Ltd..    —~Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup.  Co.. Lid.-.. Sey.  9162  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall    _ — —S»y. 9167  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Evans. Coleman ft Evans. Ltd Sey.  O'.Veil,  Wm.   N.  Co.,  Ltd.—   ...Sey. 9192  ...Sey. 9167  ...Sey. 3916  -Sey:  1665  MIMEOGRAPHING  Central    1'uhllc    Stenographers Sey. 307!)  MINING  ENGINEERS  Walsh  ft   Cu.,T.   A Sey.  473s  MOTORS  B.   C.   Electric   - : Suv. 5000  Mundy.   Rowland   &   Co _ —Soy.    351  Roliable  Eloctrlo  Co.     ...So-. -1661)  Richardson   Electric   Co.    S«y. SG'JG  Tho; Jarvla  Electric  Co.,   Ltd Soy   173  MOTOR TRUCKS  Garford    Trucks .' Sey.  4192.  Little Giant Motor Truck Co  —.Soy.   2S44-48  Motor  Service,   Ltd. Soy.  4192  MULTIGR APHIN G  Central   Public   Stertographors    Sey. 507S  OFFICE AND  STORE  FITTINGS  John Aruot ft Sons Jligh.    374  E.   Chrystal  ft  Co.   „i Soy. i"jbl  Dlion ft Murray—   ..Soy.  8765-8766  OFFICE SUPPLIES  A.'   Hazcldine   Prtg.    Co... : —Soy. 318  Western   Specialty Ltd. Soy.  3526  PAINTING   AND   PAPER   HANGING  C.  J.  Cummins &  Co.. - _   Sey.  1337  Dixon   ft   Murray    — —.Sey. S705-S766  PAINTS—FIRR-PROOF  O'Neil, Wm. N.  Co.. Ltd.   —..Sey.  4795  PAINTS—DAMP PROOF  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited - _.—......Bay.    63  Campbell  & Grill :...: '...„_: - - -.Soy.  2981  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans. Ltd;,. . —Sey.   29SS  O'Noil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd  —Sey.   4795  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall — -Sey. 11187  —.S*y. 3C80  Taylor  Engineering   Co..   Ltd....  PAINT MFGRS.  Aj-res   Varnish   ft, Paint   Co...  — High. 1923  Martin-Senou'r   Co.,   Ltd — .....High.    -122  Filklngton   Bros - _ —Sey. 4190    PAPER      ■  . .  Smith. Davidson & Wright. Ltd.— Sey.  950*  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,  Ltd Sey. 2088  Rltrhlc Contr.  ft Sup.  Co.. Ltd . .._..Soy.  9162  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall   —.  Soy. 9187  PARTITION   WIRZ  Artistic   Wlro   ft   Iron   Works _  Fair.  26-"  Pearson Wire & Iron  Wks .'. ..: .Fair.   2794  PATTERNS  Dan-son,   F,  —  - —Fair 1060  Westminster Iron Works West.      53  PIG IRON AND TIN  Atlas  Steel   Producu   Ltd .— Sey.-'306fi  Balfgour.   Guthrie   ft   Co .....Sey.   9/97-6575  Evans, Coleman ft Evans. Ltd......—._—_..,—Sey.  298  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber  Co.     Sey. 3908-3999  Joe   Lcpora    .:;—.—_.——.—.——High. 14S  PILE DRIVING  Erans,  Coleman ft  Evans. Ltd _t —Sey.   2986  Fraser  River Pile Dr. . Co.——— —-Sey. 4404  PIPE   COVERING  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd..—. . -Sey.  3630  PIPE—SEWER  Evans.   Coleman  ft  Evan's,  Ltd.:..—— Sey.  29S8  Gilley Bros.. Ltd.— —-—.... West.  15-16  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sop.  Co.. Ltd ....——Sey.  8162  PLASTER  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co.   : Sey.  9197-6575  Evan3.  Coleman  ft Evans, Ltd ;.„l_..._._..Sey.   2988  Gilley Bros.. Ltd.—  West.  15-18  O'Nell.   Wra.   X.   Co..   Ltd....- — Hey. 4705  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup.  Co., Ltd  Sey. 9162  PLASTER  BOARD  Evans.! Coleman  & Evans,  Ltd   Sey.   2988  O'Nell. Win.  N.  Co., Ltd........  Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup.   Co..  Ltd ...Sey. 9162  PLASTERING   CONTRACTORS  Bala    Bros.    ..._ - .- - — -Sey. 7464  RUBh   ft   Bead— - ...._ Bay. 3370  PLASTER  PARTITION BLOCKS        j  Evans.  Coleman  ft. Evans.  Ltd —Sey.  29S8 j  29680'Nell,  Wra.  N.   Co..  Ltd - —Sey. 4795  3cy. 4795 PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Itftln    Bros Soy. 7494  Evans,  Coleman  ft  Evans. Ltd '. Hey.   298S  O'Noil. Win. N.  Co., Ltd. _ ...' Soy.  4795  Ritchie Coiitr.  ft  Sup.' iio.. Ltd —Soy. 9162  PLUMBING  Hailcy,   K.   A. Hoy.    136  llarr   ft   Anderson    : Soy. 6U0  Itrmvn. ,\\\   A..   Limited —Soy.    770  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works _ Sey.    620  Murray   Br<w.   Ltd - Soy.' SG14  PLUMBING SUPPLIES  Rltchlo  ft   Jlacdoiigall Sey. 9167  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Darling, Frank ft Co ...—.Sey.  4100-4101  The  Holden "Co..  Ltd... _ Sey.   1065  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C.  A. Dunham Co,,  Ltd - Sey. 80.17  Ritchie   &.   Macdougall   ....— So). 9167  Taylor Engineering Co..   Ltd _ Soy. 3630  PRINTERS  A.   Hazcldine   Prtg.    Co.. Sey. 316 |  Western   Specialty  Ltd - —Sey.  3526  . PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER  Central   Public  Stenographers Sey. 5078  Miss   N.   IC.   McAllister   -Soy. 3281  PUMPS  Taylor  Engineering  Co..•- Ltd —Sey. 3680  /     • ROOFERS  Wright   Bros - —Sey. 3315  ROOFING  MATERIAL  —Bay.  63  —Soy. 2981   Sey.  4795   Sey. 11R«   .....Sey. 9162   ...Key. 9167  _: Sey.  2988  ,„'...;....Sey. 3G80  Wood,   Vallance  ft  Lcggat —.Soy.. 7200  The Barrett Co.,  Limited......  Campbell ft Grill , .—    O'Noil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd..!—    Pacific   Rooting   Co..   Ltd  _..  Ritchie''Coiitr.  ft Sup.  Co.; Ltd „.,  Ritchie   ft   itacdougall    .'.' -   Evans, Colonial! ft Evans. Ltd....   Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.—..  ROOFING   CONTRACTORS  B.  C:  Ceiling ft Roofing Co.. Ltd Fair. 1267  Campbell  & Grill... -. — .  —Soy. 2981  Central   Sheet  -\rctal   Works...... —. —Soy.  .620  Pacific   Rooflns   Co..   Ltd - Sey. 1189  Pacific   Sheet   .Metal   Wks.   Ltd Sey.  2172  Ritchie   ft   '.MacdotiKall— „... — Sey. 9167  Vancouvcr   Sheet  Metal   Co..   Ltd.— Sey. 7347 J  ROPE—MANILLA  Balfour, Gutlirio ft Co. _  Sey. 9107-6575  Walsh "ft  Co..  T.   A. ..._.. .'. —— : Sey. 4738  Wood,   Vallance  ft  Lcggat —.  —Scj. .7200  SAFES—VAULT   DOORS  Goldic   ft  .MeCulloch,   C.   L.   Ford,   Agt Sey. 3907  O'Nell. Wm. IS'.  Co.. Ltd -. — -Soy.  4705  SAND, GRAVBL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans.  Coleman  & Evans,  Ltd  Sey.   2988  Fairvlcw Sand  ft  Gravel  Co.,  Ltd - Fair. 552  Gilley Bros.. Ltd....  — West.  15-16  Rltchlo  Contr.   ft-'Sup  Co..  Ltd —....—..Sey. 91S2  SASH   DOCKS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  fohn  Arnot  &  Sons—  ..  TTIgh.    37<  Grant.   J.   A .........._ i .���—..Fair. 3491 L  rielmcr.    R.    D : — —Bay.  3781  O'Nell. Wra.  N.  Co..  Ltd ——-! Sey.  4795  SHEET   METAL  B.  C.  Ceiling ft  I'.oonnfi Co.,  Ltd .....Fair. 1267  Campbell ft Grill   —.Sey. 298.  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works Soy.    620  Mtitalic Healing & Veil.  Co Cor.  Cambie ft 7th Av„.  Pacific Sheet  Metal  Wks.,  Ltd — ..Sey. 2172  Ritchie   ft   Macdom-all   ..,...._ — „ ...S-v. 9167  Standard   St'.re   &  Uanzc  Wks Sey. 8080 \  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal" Co.,   Ltd —Sey. 73-1}  SHINGLES  JtcGibbon-Hodgson    Lumber   Co  Fair. IOj1)  SHOW   CASES  DLxon  ft  Murray.:  ..:  Sey.   8763-876r  SLATE  Evans.  Coleman  ft  Evans,  Ud.._ — Sey.   298,'  O'Neil,  Wm. N.  Co.. Ltd.— ,- - Key.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  ft  Sun.  Co..  Ltd  Soy.  916'.'  3LATE AND TILE  LAYER  Jamlcaoti.    I).    McG .....Soy. 4463 R  STATIONERY  Western   Specialty   Ltd _ Soy. 3326  STEEL—REINFORCING  fAtlas  Steal   Product*  Ltd —Hey. 3098  B»'four.  Outhrle A Co  -.. Sey, 9197-6571  Kvans,  Coleman ft Bvans. Ltd -—Hoy.  »89  O'Nell.  Wiu.  N\  Co.,  Ltd.— —Sey-  4703  Rltchlo   A   Macdougall .' —Sey. 9167  Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd -.Key. 5080  Wood.   Vallanco  ft Loggat.. _,;..., Hey.   7200  STENOGRAPHER*—PUBLIC  Central    Public    Stenographers — -Sey. 5079  Miss   X    K    JrteAUistor -  ——Soy.  S281  STORAGE BATTERIES  ».   C.   Bleotrlc    -  Sey. 5009  Tho Jarrls  Electric Co.,  Ltd... —   Sey, 175  Richardson   Electric   Co -. Sey. 8886  STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES AND  STORE FRONTS  Dlion ft  Murray  — -—-Bey.  8785-8T6*  Evans. Coloman A Evans, Ltd  —-Soy.  2989  O'Nell.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd  Key.   4799  Ultchlo   ft   Macdougall  — — —Sey. VUf  STOVES   AND   RANGES  Standard  Stove  ft  Range Wks —  ..Sey. 8089  TAB  AND  PITCH  The Barrett Co..  Limited . .. :. . .Bay.   M  Campbell ft OrllL-  .—7 : Sey. 29H  Erans. Coleman ft Evans.'Ltd........ ...—Sey.   X99a  Pacific  Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd ~. —Key. J171  TEMPERATURE  REGULATORS  C. A. Dunham Co..  Ltd -.»  —Sey. I8ST  Ritchie   ft- Macdougall .. .....— . .Soy. 916T  TELE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman ft Evans,'Ltd —.— :8ey.  1981  Ollley Bros.. Ltd. —. -Weet.   19-lt  Ritchie Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd  ... Hey. 9161  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Kvans. Coleman ft Evans, Ltd : —_Bey.  nil  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd...—. StJ.  «TM  : TIN  PLATES  Italfour. Guthrie ft Co._ _. —Sey. 91»7-«»»  Evans.   Coleman  ft  Evans,   Ltd.— ....,.._„Sey. 29M  TOOL  STEEL  Atlas   Steel   Product*   Ltd.—. ———.—Sey. S«6«  Darling.  Frank; ft Co...—_...*—__8ey. 4100-4161  llltchle   ft   Macdougall :__  ■_ .: Sey. 916T  Taylor  Engineering   Co.,  Ltd..— ...—_„ 8*7.1619  TRANSFERS  n.   A.   F.   Motor  Transfer—.._  Bey. M64  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS  Darr  ft  Andenon . ,._ ——Bey.   1199  VAULT DOORS  Goldle  ft MeCulloch.  C.  L.   Ford,  Agt—.Sey. S99T  VULCANISING  Davie  Vulcanizing   Co.   ..—..—— _9ey. lilt  WALL BOARDS   "       " ..  The Barrett Co..  Limited-: Bay.  M  Evans.  Coleman ft Evans, Ltd   O'Nell,   Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd .   Ritchie   A   Macdougall.— __. .....  Taylor   Engineering  Co..   Ltd..  WATERPROOF   CO  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited  Evans, Coleman ft Evans," Ltd..  Ltd.-  O'Nell. -Wm.   N.,  ft Co.,  Pacltlc   Hoofing   Co.,   Ltd.-_.'-_  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall-  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd ..._  WINDOW  SCREENS  Artlstle Wire ft Iron Works :.   S. M. Jlorrls ft Co.. Ltd...  O'Nell.  Wm.  N..  ft Co.. Ltd.-  Pearson Wire ft Iron Wks ._  _._ Sey.  t9aa   :._.»ey. »9%   Sey. 9197  - Her. MM  OUND  ;' . "■""; Bmy.  II  —__8ey. / t»!U  ;_____«•,. 4T95   .. So. II»•  ——Sey. 9J6T  Sty. 16116  .Jatr. K4I  Say.  10II  —Sey. «T9I  -Fair.   S794  WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic Wire ft Iron Works— : .Fair.  Ntt  Pearson  Wire  ft Iron  Wks. _ :._._J._—^«ir.   2TM  WIRE ROPE  flialfour. Guthrie ft Co.— —Sey. 9197-MT6  Evans.  Coleman ft Evans, Ltd.. ; Sey.   Sils  Walsh   ft   Co.,   T.   A - Sey. 471W  llltchle Contr.  ft Sup, Co.. Ltd.— - :..8«y. 9181  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd  . . —Sey.  S8S9  Wood,   Vallance  ft  Leggat-   Sey.   7IOT  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  The  Barrett  Co.,   Limited   Bay.   69  Pacific   Roofing   Co..    Ltd, , Sey. 11W  Ritchie   ft   Macdougall- —  S-vy. 916T  Taylor   Engineering   Co..   Ltd..  Wood.  Vallance & Lcggat    -ley.  3«W  — -.Sey.  7S06  +!  Present Cost of Building Materials  '                         These quotations are based on reliable information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  Date of Quotations. Saturday Mar. 13th. 1S20 "_ _^  ..   '   '"".  Ail Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Bond—1% amount of contract.  Beaver Board-  Quantities   up   to   500   ft.,   $66.00   per  1,000 ft.  -. Quantities   over   and   under   2,000   ft.,  $64.00 per 1,000 ft.  Quantities  over   2,500  feet,   $62.00  per  1.000 feet.      Brickwork—  Common,   $23.00   per  1,000   (At Warehouse).  Common,   $26.00  per  1,000   (Dtlivered,  Business  Section).  Pressed,   $60.00   per   1,000   (At  Warehouse).  Fire, $80.00 per 1,000  (At Warehouse)  Terra. Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2 in., 13c per square foot.  12x12x3 in., 13c per square foot.  12x12x4 In., 14c per square foot.  12x12x6 in., ISc per square foot.  12x12x8 in.,  22c per  square-foot.  Dennison   Interlocking   tile,   10c   each.  Building'   Paper—(Local   Manufacture).  Pure Sulphite—Plain  $l.lo  per 400  ft.  roll.  Asphalted.   $1.30 per  -100  ft.  roll.  Concrete, Work—Material at Warehouse.  Roclc,   Course,    !p:..00 per yd.  Hock,  Medium    3.00 per yd.  Gravel,   Fine     3.00 per yd.  Oravel, Medium   2.75 per yd.  Pea   Sand     2.75 per yd.  Wash   Sand  3.00 per yd.  Cement—(Delivered)  20   Sack   lots,   per  bbl   (Sacks  Sxtra)  Over 20 Sack Lots, per bbl..,  - (Sacks  Extra)  :-'■     Rebate on   Sacks,   each   .53.70  . 3.15  ....20  .Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  ,.  Heater Plugs,'$15.00 each.  Meter Loops,   $10.00  each.  Store  Building's—(Conduit)  Ceiling Outlets, drop $15.00 to  each. -  Wall Outlet,  $10.00 each.     .  Windows (On transom bar)  $4  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  Meter Loops,   $10.00  each.  $25.00  00 ea  Danapproofingr—  Concrete Water Proofing.  DSc per lb.  '-... Cqncrcte  Dampproofing.   $2.25   pfjr  jjh.1  '     Concrete Oil. Proofing,   ?<5c  per lb.  Electrical   Wiring'—  Residences—CKnob and Tube)  Ceilintr Outlets with drop ?5.00 each.  Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50 each  Wall Switches, Complete, $5.00 each.  Heater Pings,  $10.00  each.,  "Vacuum  Cleaner Pluprs.  $7.50  each.  Bell   Pushes   and   Annunciator   (per  point)   $5.00.  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  (Conduit)  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 c-a.  Wall outlets (no fittings $8.50 each,  Wall  Switches,   $10.00  each.  Excavation—  Residence,   $1.25   per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.75 per yd.  Team,   $12.00  per  day.  Truck,  $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an average -without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock, will run considerably more.  Glass—  Per Sq. Ft.  Plates up  to 1  foot, each $ .80  Plates from 1  to 2 ft., each 90  Plates from 2 to 3 ft., each 96  Plates from 3 to 4 ft., each   1.15  Plates from 4  to 5 ft., eacn   1.35  Plates from 5 to 7 ft..,  each   1.50  Plates from 7 to 10 ft., each   1.70  Plates from  10 to 12 ft., each  1.75  Plates from 12 to 15 ft., each   1.85  Plated from  15 to 25 ft., eaeh  1.35  Plates from 25 to 50 ft., each  2.15  Pbiles from 50 to 75 ft., each   2.20  Plates from 75 to 00 ft., each   2.25  Plates from 00 to 100 ft., eaeh   2.36  Plates from 100 to 120 ft., each.... 2.60  Plates from 120 to 140 ft., each.... 2.00  Plates 101  to 110 wide containing  not  over  100   feet  each  '3.00  FlHtes,   larger sizes  will  ruti'more.  Polished Wired, Cut a.Tid tip    1.50  Cast or  Ribbed  Wired,  Cut 45  Cast or Ribbed Wired, Gla/.ed 50  Figured  Rolled,   Cut ..._ 35  Figured  Rolled,   Glazed    46  Chipped,   21   ounce,  Cut 30  Chipped.   21   ounce,   Glazed     .33  Art.  $1.00 and up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for greatest length  and width.  liahoir—  Bricklayers,   $8.00   per  day.  Carpenters, $6.50 per day.  Cement Finishers, $S.00 per day.  Klectricians,  $8.00  per  day.  Klectrician  Helpers,  $5.06  per  day.  (.1,-iziers,  $5.00  to $6.00 per day.  Hod  Carriers, $5.00 to  $6.00 per day.  Laborers,   $4.00  per day. |  Lathers, $8.00 per day.  Painters, $7.00 per day.  Plasterers,  $8.00 per day.  Plumbers,  $7.20  per day.  Roofers, $7.20 per toy.  Sheet Metal Workers, $7.20 per day.  NOTE—Following- qnotottoM ar«, owtnff  to recent increase*, about $10.00 per  NT. under preoent prices at local mills.  Owing- to heavy demand and frequent  fluctuations It la difficult to keep price  list absolutely accurate.  Lumber—(All prices al Mill Tard)  Fir Dimension, No. 1 Common, Kough  or SIS and E.—  2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, 16 ft., $31.50.  2x10, 16 ft., $32.00.  2x12,   16 ft.,  $33.00.  3 and  4x6,   18  ft., $33.60.  No.  2 Dimension, $25.50 per M.  Cedar Dimension, same price as Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Timbers up to SxS, 32 ft., $22.00 per  M.  Shiplap—(8  to 16 ft., Random Lgths.)  Fir  No.   1—6   in $30 50  Fir No. 1—S in. and 10 in  33.00  Fir  No.   2—6   in   24.50  Fir  No.  2—8   in.  and  10  hi  26.00  Cedar No. \—Same price as Fir.  Cedar No.  2—$1.00 per  M. less than  Fir.  Spruce   Shiplap,   $1.00   per   M.   more  than  Fir.  Hemlock  Shiplap. $1.00 per M.  more  than Fir.  Common   Boards,   Rough  or  SIS—8   to  16 ft., Random Lengths)  Fir No.  1—3  and 4 in   Fir  No.   1—6   in   Fir Mo.  1—12   in   Fir No.  2—3 and 4 in   1  and   2—1x4   in..'...........  $62.00  62.00  62.00  62.00  62.00  ft.  Nos  Nos.  1 and  2—1x6 and  8  in   Nos. 1 and 2—lJ/i and l1/£x4 in.  Nos.  1   and   2—1 \i   &  114x6   &  8   in.   Nos« 1 and 2—2x5, 10 & 12  in.  » Fir Door and Window  Jamb—  In   7,   10,   14,   15.   16,   17   and   IS  lengths.  Nos. 1 and 2—Plab. Door Jamb..$62.00  Nos.   1   and    2—Rab.   Window  Jamb   62.00  Specified lengths, $1.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded  to stock cattern.  Nos.  1 and 2—1, 5 or 6 in $67.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Ba3e—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded   to  stock pattern.  Nos.  1 and 2—S, 10 or 12  in $67.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Flooring—  8  to 18 feet.    Odd and even'lengths  random.  Fir No.  2—6  in.  Fir  No.  .$26.50  . 20.50  . 33.50  . 23.50  . 25.50  .  27.50  12  in  Renawn Boards—  In 8, 10 and 12 in. widths, about  %  in.   thick.  (Surface   Measure)  Fir  $21.30  Cedar,  $1.00 per M. more than Fir.  Lath—  % in. x 1% in. x 4 ft, bundled In 50's  Fir  $15.00 to  $20.00'   per M.  Fir  Stopping—  S4S and Nosed. 6 to 18 ft.    Odd and  even  lengths at random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1 Vt    In   and   \\\\    In.  x 8 to 12 in., E. G. ...$77.00  Nos.  1  and  2—1%   in. and   1%  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extr;i.  in. x 8 to 12 in., F. G   62.00  Fir Finish,  S4S—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  at  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  and  ;ind  and  and  and  and  2—1 x3  2—1n4  2—1x6  2—1x3  2—1x4  2—1 x6  in   in   in   Grain  in.,  F.  G...  G   G   G   G   G   in.,  in.,  in.F  in.,  in..  .$70.00  . 70.00  . 70.00  . 57.00  . 60.00  . 60.00  .54.00  . 5.7.00  . 57.00  4 in.,  and  No.  3—1x3  No.   3—1x4  No.   3—1x6  No.   3—Edge     Grain.     1x3   or  $5.00   per  M.  2  E. G.  No. 3—Edge Grain. 1x6 in... $5.00 per  M. less than Nos.  1 and 2 E. G.  No.  3'/»—1x4  in.,  unbundled $34.00  No.   3',(,—1x6   in.,   unbundled.... 38.00  No. 3Vi—If bundled, $3.00 per M.  extra.  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  1'/, in., 1 Vj in., and 2 in. Flooring.  $3.00 ner M. extra, and must include'any No. 3 grade accumulated  in working same at No  Cull Flooring—1x3, 4 or 6  Fir Ceiling—  8 to 18 ft. Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1 & 2—%  In. x 3 & 4  Nos.  1 & 2—1x3   in., V  Nos.   1 &  2—1x4  in., V-Joint  Nos. 3—1x3 in., V-Joint    Nos.   3—1x4   in.,   V-Joint   57.00  Fir No. 3 Viz—1x6 in., unbundled 38.00  Fir   No.   3%—If   bundled,   $3.00   per  M.  extra.    -  Cedar Finish,  SIS to  S4S—  6 to IS ft.' Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   L  and   2—1x3   in ........$S5.00  Nos.  1 and 2—lxl  in   85.00  Nos.   1  and   2—1x5"  10  & 12   in.  95.00  Cedar Siding—  o to IS ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1  & 2—y2x4 in. Bev. Sld...$57.00  Nos. 1 & 2—'/£x6 in.. Bev. Sid. 57.00  Nos.   1  &   2—%x4   in.,   Angle  Rustic     75.00  Nos. I  & 2—1x4 in.. T- & G. or  A.   R  85.00  No.   3—,4x6   in  47.00  Specified lengths, .$4.00 per M. extra.  Cedar Ceiling—  S to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1  &   2���%x.'i   in.,  V-Joint..$50.00  Nos.  I  & 2—1x3 in., V-Joint  80.00  Nos.  I  & 2—lx-i  in., V-Joint   SB/'O  Ceiling    "V"    2    Hides.    $3.00   per    M.  extra.    Specified  lengths, $5.00 pir  M. extra.  Cedar  Casing—  8 to  IS It.    Odd and even lengths at  random. ■        ]  No.   1—5   in.  and   6   in .'...$95.00  Specified lengths, $5.00 per M. extra.'  Fir and Cedar Mouldings—  Per 100  lin. ft. N.-t   $10.00     16.00     25.00  2 05  2 06  207  Gutters—No.  Gutters—No.  Gutters—No.  Shingles—  XXX   G-2   ,   Hoy a Is       Machine Sanded  Lumber,  extra.  ...56.50 per M.  .$16.00 per M.  $5.00  per  M.  Plastering-—(Material  Delivered)  Lime,  $2.60 per bbl.  Fibre Plaster, $24.00 per ton.  Plaster Paris, $32.00 per ton.  Reinforcing-   Fabric,   Expanded   Metal,  2c to 10c per sq. ft., depending upon  weight.  Plumbing—  From   $85.00   up,   per   fixture—Including roughing in, according to grnae  quantity and runs.  Reinforcing- Steel—  Base price for less than car lots $6.25  per 100 lbs.   Hoofing—(Asphalted) Local Manufacture  1 ply   $3.00 per 108  ft. roll.  2 ply. $3.50  per 108  ft. roll.  3 ply,  $4.00  per 108  ft. roll.  Ashphalt Saturated  felt,  $-3.25 per 432  ft.   roll.  Five  ply  tar and gravel,  $7.50 and up  per   square.  Af.phalt   Pitch,    bbls.   about   GOO   lbs.,  $36.00 per ton.  Structural Steel—$150 per ton.  This quotation is an average for eom-  paratively   small   quantities.  Light   truss   work   higher,   plain   beam  nnd   column   work   in   large   quantities, less.  Tile—(Material  Delivered)  Drain   Tile,   3-lnch,   b\$c  per  ft.  Drain   Tile,   4-lnch,   6'/{tC per  ft.  Sewer Pipe, 3-lnch, ISc per ft  Sewer Pipe, 4-luoh,  20c per ft  3 price,  in $21.00  in $47.00  ■Joint.... 57.00  60.00  54.00  Siding-  Fir No's.   1  Fir No.  3-  Fir Nos. 1  8   to   18   ft.  &   2—1x4   in $60.00  -1x4   in   57.00  & 2—1x6  in   60.00  Metal Lath—  Key and  Diamond Mesh Lath:  2i;   ga.,   3.1 V£e.   per  sq.   yd.  21 ga„ 4 6c. per sq. yd.  Copper Alloy,  >A<: per srj. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., Ic per sq. yd.  extra.  Galvanizing,  7c per sq. yd. extra.  For Corrugation of key lath lengthwise, lc per sq.  yd.  extra.  Corrugated Key Lath sold under  measurement of the sheet before  corrugation.  Painting—  Two-coat work, 40 to 60c per yd.  Three-coal, work, 75 to 00c per yd.  Whitewashing, 10c per yard.  Tilo—(Not Laid)  White Glazed.   90c per ft.  Colored Enamels,  96c per ft.  Colored  Matt Enamels,  $1.10 per ft  I'^xlence,  $2.26 and up per ft.  Lusters,  $2.50 and up per ft.  Rusts veterous, $1.60 and up per ft  White Mosaic  Floor.  90c per ft  Colored   Mosaic  Floor,   $1.10  poT  ft.  Promenade Quarry Tile. $1.10 per $t.  Vaneor Panels—  3 Ply Fir, Vi-Inch thick, good one side,  12c per sq. ft.  3  Ply Fir, ^-Inch thick, good one side,  24c per sq. ft,  3  Ply   Fir.    i^-lnch    thibk,    good    two  sides.  26c per sq.  ft.  Wall Board—  Empire Plaster board, 50c per sq. yd.  Ruberoid Wall Board. $40.00 per M. ft.  This well know brand of lime is  again on the market and will be  supplied through aSI dealers  Be sure and ask for  Rosebank Lime  414-415   Pemberton   Block,  Victoria, B.C.  Vancouver Office  412 - 13    Vancouver    Block  J. T. A. Ritchie ISep.  Sey. 91<S7  "X. KS-,-v-"J'"":j";""i::"iV"-*   '»;:?s$i;fi;A^fe.:#^ ".■•.';..'. •:.' , . •? ■■•■■-■-■■ ■■■■.■.-.. -■ ■■■ ■■■■-. ■:>.■■.-!-,■■.  7T"—r  /,a[.04iv--'.j;.-'--iW-  ^&C  ^3:::::«  BRITISH COLUMBIA EBOORD  5  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE,  325 Howe St. Sey. 3768--Bay.|[28R  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturer.',  Ornamental Iron Work and  all l'-lnda of Wire Work.  112-16   Dufferin   St.  Fair.   26 IS  BAIN  BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Coh'tr's  SEY. 7464                    HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  THE " FOLLOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS    COSTING    $5,000    OR    OTEB,    ON    WHICH     CONSTRUCTION  •OrNDEXC WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET  STARTEB.  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe St.  Seymour 1389  E. D. COOK  & CO.  OENEBAL   CONTBAPTOBS  Specialize!   in   Reinforced   Concrete  Modern    Apartments.  Remodelling  Bulldlh/rw.  Giving  Increased Earning Powers  625 Blrks Bio*.  Sennour 3923  Character   Add    to   .School   Three-story   Rank   .....  Remodellihk .-,  I'liyht-Cooiu   School   ..  lien id i: i ice _   School   RldK-   • .....  Residence   Brick   Bids;.   Ret; id once   Road   Work   CiaraKO   Five  Residences  .........  Residerico   ReHkionco     Residence     Gymnasium   liuildlnt:  Residence    Residence ,  Garaffo Bldg   Bungalow   Additions   Dwell ing'   Garage    .'     Coat   $27,500   $300,000       $S0,000   $13,100   :..$so,ooo   ...$10,500   $15,000       J 12.000  ........%....■ $20,000  ....:.....:...... $25,000   .$20,000   ..js.goo    $8,000   ......$5,000   $22,000      $8,500      $9,000   .....$24,000      $5,000      $0,000      $5,000       $20,000  Theatre :   $300,000  EDWARP COX  . Central Contractor  CaMtMt Mafctnc ruturee  Sey. 1163 Rear 530 Howe St  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  Contractors  General  ... _- «- j.  Credit Foncier Bldg.   Vancouver, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  General Contractors  509 Richards St.    -    Sey. 8320  Brick   RI'de ;■....   Residence   War   Memorial    .'1   Bungalow   Alterations    ,   6  Homes   Al toratlons   Repairs   Store . Rldg.   Carhonato   Plant, ....:   Garage-   Residence  , -   Residence   Alterations       Mill      Cold Storage Plant    Bungalow    Wire   Rope   Factory-   Addition   to  Plant....,   Alters,   to  Rank   bungalow     Garage,    Residence   '    $(1,500  Residence     $7,000  Residence    SS.O00  Alterations   $20,000  Glass Works   $0,000   $10,000     $5,000      $15,000       $5,000      $100,000   $25,600     $5,000       $7,000  .........    $20,000  .......... .$70,000   _ $30,000   ....$15,000      $9,600      $10,000      «7.000    $11,500      $5,000      $40,000   $12,008     $15,000      $5,000      $15,000  W.GREENLEES  C0HTBACT09,  Pile  Driving,  Wharves,  Bridffes,  Foundations, ;«tc.  Residence   Alterations ;   Dye   House   Residence   Residence   Dwelling   Bunkers   ....................  Residence   Residence  ....'.  Residence   j i Story Brick —  "Nj AUer._. &  Addus   iTile Barn    j-Addns. & Alters- ......  j Residence ....  Residence  --■■  -S  407 Cordova St. W.  Seymour 10S3  .J  GREATER VANCOUVER  Location  • '..    Owner  Mageo Pt- Grey  School  Board  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank of Canada  Dominion   Bldg Dorn.   Bank  Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Grey School Board  Shaughhessy Heiul.ts....H. J. F. Turhey  King iOdward Ave...Pt. Groy Sch. B6ar'  -Kith  Ave.,   Pt.  Grey ..................:.E.  Davis  2-121   Granville   St T. Edwardfj  Laurler Ave. Pt.  Grey". '.J. 'I. Stoddart  Main St. & Vict. Dr City of V & S. Van  Seymour & Drake....Chapman Motor Co.  Alma ltd, Kltsilano.'.Viit. Eng. & Con. Co.  Shaughnessy  Heights J..D.  McXeill  Hudson & 27th ....Mrs. E. B. Bliss  1725 14 th Ave. W.. Capt. W. J. Conway  Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  Shaughnessy   Heights John   Brown  Kerrisdale W.  J.' Burroughs  GOO Howe  St Veteran's  Garage  172S  2nd  Ave. E... Mrs. F. Chapman  25th and Angus Ave Wm. Page Powell  Marine Dr. & Stewart Rd...W. R. Stewart  Seymour  &   Smytho C.   M.   Chislett  icy.  & Georgia Sts...Allen  Theatre.  Tor.  1301-3 Granville St Howard & Davis  Harwood St „F.  C. Saunders  Stanley Park Can.   Jap.   Mission  3rd Ave. VV. Pt. Grey J. U. Buchanan  Cordova St... .David Spencer Ltd.  Magee ..Yorkshire Can. Trust,. Ltd.  2532 Scott St ....  171 Cordova St.  .'..W. 13. Drake  Gran.  St.  So:  of Drake............Wm.  Braid  11th and Yew Sts ...Can. Carbonate Co.  Georgia St Richard Marpole  16th Ave. near Pine Mrs. T. H. White  57th & Oak St. Pt. Grey........G. B. Astell  1505 Powell St. ....Martin SenourPnt. Co.  6th and Larch. B.C. Fir & Cedar Lbr. Co.  Ft. Nelson St., Mainland Cold Storage Go.  Pt.  Grey „»....-..,.._H. C.  Chiene  Industrial Isld....Britannia W.,R. Co. Ltd  Marpole ....................The Barrett Co., Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton-Bank of Hamilton  4 9th and Balsam..: Mrs. Mary Ritchie  1000 Blk Davie....:.V.....Kenn«dy Motor Co,  15th & Vine Sts....:..;........ _A,,L. Eaton  Pt.  Grey. Whlteh'd Rd...R. A. Woodward  27th and -Car tier.....................W. J. Read  1106 Homer St;. .....Empire Mfg. Co. Ltd.  Industrial   Island....Alunite   M.   Products  35th  and  Granville  ....................M.  Sutton  507   Hastings XV.... Molsons  Bank  •Dufferin St.-W .....:..Vane. Knitting Co.  1205. 2Cth Ave.-W.."...Mrs. J.  E.  Swanney  4G9G 3rd Ave. XV... ...Mrs. E. Unsworth  906  12th Ave. W...... .:.. Jas. Kay  Industrial   Island Dlether  Coal  Co.  28th & Carter.. .... .:..Mrs. L. Buckworth  Marine Drive  ....... George Ividd  Ave.  "F" Shaughnessy. Chas. Dickson    SG,000 , Granville,  bet. Davie & Helm:    $5,000 ' 120  Seymour-St...". Griffith & Lee   $1.3.C0u"j Pt. Grey University-of B. C.  .:.'.'....!.$R!,000   7th  and Granville A.   1.  Stoddart      $9,000; Magee  ! ...F.  H.  Wright     S&.000 ': Hope & 14th Ave Kent & McMaster  ............;...... $a,000  .....:.::.:.......... $3,000   ....:. .$10,000      $.5,600     $5,000      $5,000      $10,000      $7,000      $20,000      $10,000  Archt „.  Contr.  Twi/.oil & Twizell....' .4.dkinson  & Dill  Sum'vilie & Putrnan..Hodgson. K. & Mar.  Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Twizell & Twizell- ...j.Bayncn  & Horie  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Twizell <t Twizell—.Hodgson, King & M  IS. ;.-C. McKenzie ..........:. ....:...,.. W. McNeo  J.   Elligott ...4...................Owner   .c.Cromie "'&. Vrootn  .;..  Harrison & Lamorid  B. Davidson  E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners  .....Veteran Eng. & Contr. Co.  Robt. M. Matheson.'.E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  James A. Benzie H. Chrystal & Co  W. C. Gillam Cook & Hawkins  H. S. Grimth.-Robortson. Power & Oavey  Townley & M.atheson '. S. N. McLeod.  Gardiner &  Mercer.... Vane.  Const. Co.  W. X. Dodds .C. H. Leitch   .'.' .....J.   E.   Beveridge  Gill Ingham & Korner S.  J. Newitt,   Croroie   &   Vroom  Joseph  H.   Bowman Snider   Bros.  C. H. Crane.  Alexander   McDonald  Contr. .Bedford    Davidson  Gardiner &  Mercer........Vane. Constx.  Ce,  James   A.   Bens-lo .^Turnbull   &  Curr  11.  H.  Slmmonds Vancr.  Constr.   Co.   Dominion   Constr.   Co.  Joseph H.  Bowman^. .A. .L.  Ramage  S.  Cerles '.  H.  A. Wiles  Dalton  &  Eveleigh ...:... H.   A; Wilets  Honeyman & (jurtis ...R. P. Forshaw  Owners   Baynes   & Horio  .."..:.._. Foundation.  Company-  Mackenzie & Bow  Wise & Watson   : ...McLeod & McArthur  _ ...Hodgson, King & Marble  Owners ..„._.  Owners  Owners ........................Snider Bros.  Sharp  &   Thompson  Day  Labor  Owners ..'. .Dominion  Constr.   Co:   Dominion  Constr.   Co.  A. B. Henderson..............:..--..:....J: C. Allen  Contractor .:.........::.:.....:.::;:_M.C.  Griffiths  Contractor    Bedford   Davidson  Townley & Matheson ,...S. N. McLeod  Townley & Matheson..Purdy & Lonergan  Townley &. Matheson XV. J. Read  A. E. Henderson A. D. A. W. Snider  Owners   Owners       Owner  Sharp & Thompso'n! E. D. Cook & Co.  Townley & Math'n....A. D. & A. W. Snider   .:     Owner   Wm.   .Lockie  Contractor    A.   Gregor  Contr Hodgson,   King   &   Marble   II.   XV.   Morley  Townley & Matheso'n..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Townley & Matheson Dixon & Murray  W. T. Whiteway  A.D. & A.W.' Snider  .....;....... .........Hodgson.  King   & Marble  Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod   ;.......  Bedford Davidson  Jos. H.  Bowman.... .......A. lv. Ramage   E. J. Ryan  Contr. -.Co.  V  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.    FRITH   SMITH.   MANAGER  HIIKIiT      MHTA't'    On.HTHAOTOHS      A.VO      M.tXlJFAO-  Ti;iti:«H,    vki.t   and   (JKAvnr,  jiooncrts.  rair. 1267 523 7tli Ave. "West  Frank Jordison Roofing Go.  THE   GUARANTEED   HOOKER  All  Classes  of Eoofmg Work.  Leaking roofs patched and  guaranteed.  Seymour   3370 1347  Howe  St.  "-\  ,  VRTE^tAM   R.N.DIGER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND   MOTOR  WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN  DAY AND NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Nig-ht>  1256 Pender St. W Sey.   U310-R  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,    Booflng',    Cornices,    Skylights   and   General   Sheet  Metal  '-■   Worfc  Seymour  7177  1042  Richards St.  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour  3617  1160  Seymour  St.  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTEN9BD TO  Phone Prater 178 X    446 49th Ave. S.  CH. FREEMAN  Painting - Decorating - Papertangmg  TWENTY YEARS WITH ONE OF  THE LEADING DECORATING  FIRMS IN LONDON. ENS,  3283^ Main St        . Phone Fair.  1622  t .  Brealaues Fair. 315!»-R  Fair 4178  RiOAL NEEDS  2530 MAIN STBEET  INSTALLATION.   ALTERATIONS,  REPAIRS  M. W. ROBICHATJO 3J.es. .Fair. 23S8B  Res, Phone: Fair. 1428 R  Office Phone: Sey. 7955  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS.   L..   MITCHELL  Electric Wiring1, Fixtures and Bepairs  .    of All Kinds  525 Burrard St.    -    Vancouver. B. C.  JENKINS  ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS'  ,.   ri.BCTXICAT<      lAdTAtUTIfKH      OX,    IWKUt   '  ,   uKBCttu-TioK.       nr.r«OTiii»Ar.   strmrfriH  Sey. 9512 539 Main Street  Percy F. Letts  Electrical EnpflHr vd Contractor  magh-atmmu   Electrical   Work  nkl  Fixtures  Bay.  4#1 3044  Grar.vllle  St.  Specialist   in   Cemeit   Work  ED. HUGGINS  rz^Aiv  aits  obhame-wtai.  PX^ASTEBBB  Bay.  35S5-B.        3528  Taird  Ave. *W.  E.B. LACELLE  Painting - Paperhanging • Kalsomining  ''■"-■■"<:■■ Estimates Free  Highland  2791    -    1S25  10th Ave.  E.;  .Vancouver, B.  C.  MAIN ELECTRIC  GBirBBAX.   BEPAims —ABMATVmE  wmnato — swxtckboasds  ZVSTAXi&ATXOVS  247 Hastings St, L  Sey. 3858  D.MacDONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature Winding; and Motor Bepairs  Seymour 9536 43D Pender Lane  J.   D.   McDaniel  Coll. 11S-I>3  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF BC. LIMITED  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Standard Bank Blfe.        Sey. /S2C  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Seymaur 3S35 501 Pacific BWg  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  929 Main St. Sey. 4878  c  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBITICE,  SXYIIOHT",  SKOEE-  so.46.cxa.   auto woxx.  AnvthtPS-lr. Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. *. Scarlett, M*r.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.  7646  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SA3H   and   BOOBS—OFFICE  FIXTUBSS  Basdaawtng' and Turning', etc  1  1730   S«mlin   rrrire  Highland   374  GRANDVEBW SHBBT  METAL  WORKS,  LIMCITED  FTTBX.ACB9t    COBNTCEB,  ZaOKTS  and ffBKTflltAi  jossaro  IGSS  V«itst><M  St  Hi«M«iMl  MI  SAMUEL B. REOBURN  KAX.SOKX27IKO   AND   TX1TTINO  A SPECIAITY  SSTZMATES OXVBXT  Phone  Fairmont  484 B  314 7th Ave. E. Vancouver, B. C.  f  NEW WORK ~ CONTRACTS LET  SHIMGLERS  AXL WOSK  CrUABASTTEED  KIRK BROS.  Hi«-tiand Z012  13t« Cbarles St.  Charactsr .„ 0o*t  Kaih-oad i'000'000  Irrlffatioo    - , - ?60'000  Puvins P'nciflc  Highway.... fSS.OttO  Church .„  S&0'°.?°  Dredgluff — -   HiKhway   Hrldse        Pavlnjr No. 3  Road...:.:—-............540,000  ..$142,500  ...$30,000  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  T. oca tion ..... . . . — Omar  Princeton to Copper Mt....B.  C.  Copper Co.  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  Westminster-Blaine....Pro v.    Government  Victoria....1st Church of Christ. Scientist  Fraser River   Dom.  Government  South  Thompson .River Prov, Govmnt.  Lulu   Island    .Prov.   Govmnt.  $50,000   Oak Bay  Robertson & Partners  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg  RUSH & READ  PLMN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay.  3370  2300 Stopliens  St.  Bay.  1602 R.  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS   AND    ALTERATIONS  Frasor 205 !•  355 50tU Avo. E.  Fair. 8886 1.  3241 St. O^oi'g'e St.  Hesidence  - - ,u«.-v. ,— ^, . Victoria  Round House, Tower, etc _.....S40.000 i Sirdar    Sub-Station :-':?^S  School    S55'000  nallroad     '"woW  Bridge    *      '  Rubber  Factory $.d,000  srrp,ant " ■■■■ it'ioS  School      Warehouse -    $}«W»  Plant  F4Xtonsions  ...$12i.,000  Oakland  School    $10 J75  Uxter-ding  Berths   etc !„«««  Bridge   Reconstruction    $-1,000  Highway   Bridge    $16,400  Bungalow       '800<J  Round  House.' Men  Shops etc .$"0,000  ,.„,,ih.  Garage   $".000      JIS.OOO   $16,700   $40,000    $12,000   $40,000   $12,000   $50,000      $20,000   $10,000  Stores      Hank  &  Apt.s   Fertilizing Plant  Hotel    15 CottngOH    Ferry   Landings  Soap   Work*      Bank      3   Storey   Addn.  School $110.00U   :  $15,000  .".".'.'    $S,000      $13,000  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Seymour 5689  Standard Bonk BldffSlO Hast. (Rear)  Boys   Training  Garago    Bridge    Garago      Cold Storage Plant  $50,000   R. W. Gibson   ^ C. P. R.  Copper Mountain....XV. Koot'y Lt. & P. Co.  Alberni  Prov.   Govmt.  Alberni to Great Central Lake C.P.Ft.  Deep  Creek, P.G.E Prov.  Govmt.  Port Coquitlam....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Kapperton    Can.  West'n   Cordage  Co.  Kimberley   : Prov.   Govmt.  Nanaimo    Malkin-Pearson    Co.  .Mill Creek ....VVhalen Pulp & IJaper Mills  Victoria    Victoria   School   Board  North   Vancouver Wallace   Shipyards  Westminster   Prov.   Govmt.  Rnderby     Prov.    Govmt.  Burnaby  Mrs.  A. S. McRae  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Riwys.  Victoria.   B.   C .....H.   A.   Davie  Victoria.  B. C I. Boscowith  Victoria,   B. C Royal  Bank  Harriet,  B. C Pacific Guano Co.. Ltd.  Powell  River Powell   River Hotel  Powell River  Powell River Co.  Agassiz-Rosedale   Prov.  Govrmt.  Fsciuimalt    Silver   Foam   Soap   Co.  Courtonay,   B.   C Can.   Bank  of Com.  Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.  Coquitlam Prov. Govmt.  Victoria  XV. R. Rlvercomb  Uivor   Road,   So.   Vancr Prov.   Govmt.  Arch.  Contr.  Tierneir    W.   P   - ..-A. E. Griffin & Co.   _ H.   P.   Peterson   Constr.   Co.  Dunham ..._   .Peter McKechnie  _   —Pacific Dredging  Co.  Public  Wks.   Eng... Wm.   Greenlesa  Public Wks. Dept Harrison & Lomond    .  &  M.  P.   Cotton  Maclure   &  Lort ...Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners Davies Constr. Co.  Owners    _.. R.   D.McDonald    Parfitt Bros.   Foundation    Co.  Prov.   Govmt..... .Canadian   Bridge   Co.  Gardiner    &    Mercer  Owners  Sharp & Thompson.JE. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Dept.  oC Wks Davies  Constr.   Co.  I-Ioneyman   &   Curtis    Snider  Bros.  Owners   Hodgson,  King  &  Marble  .—— Halker   &   Hunter   Hodgson, King & Marble   Xickson Constr. Co. "& Cox & Verge  Pub.  Wks.   Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Townley & Matheson J.  C.  Allen  Owners  Robertson & Partners    Parfitt Bros.   J.   C.   McCrlmmon    D. Burnett   Harrison & Lamond   Geo. Churchill & Son  Owners  Owners  Prov.   Govermt Wm.   Greenlees  Wm.   Fredk.   Gardiner Foundation   Co.  Gardiner  &  Mercer  1.  Hyslop  Pub.  Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Owner   Fraser  River  Pile  Dr.   Co.  VANCOUVER FORCE CO.  lamltod  PORGINGS  ^»  Ft.  Of= >\LL DESCRIRTIOINS  Victoria Drive  .      %U«hland   701  J.   P.  Scott  Sey. (54S0-L  McDaniel & Scott  ELECTRICAi   CONTRACTORS  Armature  and Motor "WinOinsr  General  Electrical Repairs  Estimates  Free  Seymour 1-Mt 522 Smythe St.  \   J. C. RESTON  E^ECTBZCAX.   EUai-KTEBB   .  AND  CONTEACTOE  314 Banit of Nova Scotia Bld£-.  602  Hasting West  Sey. 2889-7579  HMees VUKriise  the Electric Shop  Victoria  Hat/.ic   ..  .Farmers   Cold   Stor.   Assn.  -R.  Porter  A.    McCrlmmon   Bedford Davidson  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   In  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING - DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephones,  Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, Fairfield Bid?.. 445 Gran. St.  V^_  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683  Ooorgia  Street  "West  Fhcne Seymour 1878.   :  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Fanel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches designed and built for any  special work.  Industrial  I3land      Vancouver, B.-C.  r  SASH & DOORS  All Stock Sizes Carried  Glass and Glazing  J.A.GRANT  1928 Manitoba St. Fair 3491 !•  V_  J  GENERAL   CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  135C-8th Ave. W.        Bayview 2278  Public Works- Contractors  Office 813-8IS Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  . CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASft! and DOORS,  MULL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.    HUTCHINSON.    PROPRIETOR  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND  SAWING  AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  ~>  !3«y. 9478  735 Helmcken St.  AJSTSr   LENGTH   PURUTISEED  We operate our own  jgging camp  JOE  LEPORE  773   Goorffia   St.  E.  Hisrh...i48  ,•..£'•■'  '!#'  'ft  :>.-,« ■ •-■  If.?  ■m-:-'  '0M"'.'.  WZ:  W-'  •S/I,'.,  :m-:<  rM:-';  :mlZ  r$$7-  m  m  IS--  \i'.i  ZZ ■>•*»:>'-' »*  if4-  -Stf  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  CTfi!.  'ft.'  i  t  i-  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymiur 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. 6.  Farr, Robinson & Bird  Limited  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  " RADIANT LIGHTS "  For Commercial Lishtingr  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  SI  New "WorKS.  MARTIN - SENOU  100% PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  UNITED  T. A. Jonss, Mgt.  WHARF  BUXUDXirO,  BBXBGX8,  FILE  rOUirDATZOHS, ETC,  Owners   of  Tub;  "Cllrs"  Q-eneral TotrUur  324 Front St. .New Westminster  Telephone  1015  Character        — Estimated Cost  3chooTBTdeZZZZZ.ZZZZ.ZZZZ~r.Wf,o'6'6  Jewish Synagogue  ....$40,000  Theatre    $500,000  Apartment House ...$700,000  Theatre $300,000  Office   Bldg ....$30,000  VANCOUVER  Location _    .Ownsr  Vancouver C. P.  R.  Keefer St. East   City   - - _ -  Robson & Seymour Regal Films Ltd.  Bute  and  Barclay.... Stock   Co.  Robson nr. C'rt Use C. E. Royal & Assoc'U  Hast. St. W.....Cepcrley Rounsefell & Co.  Architect _..     Plans Beady  Owners ..........'...-....... .Soon  Gardiner & Mercer „ Tenders Closed  Thomas   TV.   Lamb. .......Closed  Twizelh Birds & Twizell   Gillingham   &   Korner About   April   1  Sharp & Thompson Now  P-B  FIRST QUALITY  PAINT  PILKINGTON   BROS.. Limited  SrkHS£l%' VAMC0UYER,B.C.    thorolo.  mnrnwrnna Ontario  J  DIXON & MURRAY  MANVPACTURCftS OF  SMff CASES .OFFICE  t* STME FlTTiGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WIRK  .1  I  PAIKTIIIG,PAPERIANG-  ifi Mi RALSOWWNG  Sey. 876S      Sey. 8766  1665 Dunsmuir St.  Character    Candy   Factory  Drydock      Municipal   Hall  Depot   .Estimated Coat  ...$25,000  $150,000  VICTORIA    *  Location       ......Owner  Russell  St.  _ Ormonds  Ltd.  Esquimau    ..Dom.   Govmt  Esq uimalt   Bellville   Street  Docks C.„'P.. R.  AroMtect  — Plana Beady  H.   S.   Griffith ...Tenders  Closed  Dom.. Govmt   Soon   ...........:..To   Submit   By-Daw  Owners ......1.   Soon  :J  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905  Roofing Contractors  SKYLIOHTS— OE»r£BAX JOBBXBG   **™"w  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B.r C.  Soymonr 2981  Character    School Add. ..    Memorial Hall   University Bldg's. ...  Refrigerator .....—....  Eight-Room   School  High   Schosl  -, ....  Fruit  Storage  Whse.  .Estimated Cost   ....$80,000  {25,000  80.M0  ...$150,009  .....130,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location         ...Owner  Penticton : School Board  Point Grey - ....................   Point Grey— ...University of B. C.  Kelowna    C.P.R.  Lynn  Valley School Board  Prince   Rupert -. ....School  Board  Kelowna .   JKelowna Storage Ltd.  Architect  Plans Beady  Sharp &  Thompson  .................    Sharp  & Thompson _  .......  Owners ................   ....  H. BlAcii^derZZZZ.ZZZZZi^ie^By'iiiiw  Tw'Uelj7~Bi7d^  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Stearnfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  MEETING OF ARCHITECTS  PLANNED MONDAY NK3HT  An Important meeting of the  Architects of Vancouver and  the surrounding districts will be  held on Monday evening, March  15th, 1920, at 8:00 p.m. in the  offices of Townley & Matheson,  325   Homer   St.  This meeting is of vital importance to the Architectural  profession of British Columbia  and it is expected a large attendance will be present.  *    *    *    s    *    »    ****    *: ■  WRIGHT BROS.  -BUILDERS-  SEY. 3315      511 DUNSMUIR ST.  "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  (Guaranteed)--V-"''-'  * (Shed  "Water  Like  a Duck)      '  "NEVER  LEAK" Ready Roofing, "NEVER LEAK'*' Roof Paint  "NEVER   LEAK' Roof Gum. '  For Building Vew or Repairing Old  Roofs  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANUfACTUlUIItS AND  GENERAL  ROOMNG   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   11ssB IrtdtMitrtal ■•IcmmI Vancouver. B.C.  - Be   up   and   doing—but   be   careful  what or .vhorn you undertake to do.  S. J. Trickey  33. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  IVIetal Works  PLUMBING  HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  FBINCE EUPEBT BOARD OF SCHOOL  TRUSTEES  NOTICE  TO   CONISACTOBS  Sealed tenders, addressed to the Secretary of the Prince Rupert Board of  School Trustees, Prince Rupert. B. C.|  and marked on the envelope "Tender for  School Building-," will be received up to  and including April 14th, 1020, lor tlie  erection of a twelve-room public school  in the city of Prince Rupert, B. C. Tenders may-be hulk or separate for the following: trades: Masonry, hollow tile and  brick; concrete, plain and reinforced:  plastering;, art stone work,- carpentry  and joinery, roofing: and galvanized' ironwork, steel sash, fire escapes and steel  work, painting- and glazing;, ferrazzo  floors, electrio- wiring, plumbing, heating and ventilation.  Each tender shall be accompanied by  a., certified cheque on a chartered Hank  of Canada, for five per cent (51*) of the  amount of the tender. Cheques 'of un-,  successful tenderers will he. returned  immediately the tenders are puened.  The lowe'st or any tender not necessarily  accepted. Plans and specifications and  nil information may be obtained from  the office of the Architect.  '   J. TV. POTTER. Architect, ''.  r-'-'"'". Rupert, B.--C.  XV. D. VANCE, Secretary.  Prince Rupert,  a. u.  BUSINESS MEN  ■■-.'-" will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  !.    762 Granville Street  Oppodte Orpheuni Theatre  Jas. .Dwyer, Proprietor and  Chef  Fairview Sand  &, Graved Co.,  Limited  w  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527  St.  Fair. 552  *»  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Horraf Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SEYBIOUB 8614  137 PoweH at;. Vancouver. B. C.  fi!=  PANTAGES JHEATRE  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  ses»  TO  EXCAVATOBS  Tenders are wanted for excavation of  seven'lots for the B. C Printing' & Litho.  Ltd. For plans and specifications apply  to Oalton & Eveleigh, Architects, Davis  Chambers.  NOTICE  TO CONTBACTOBS.  Boys  Trainingr School,  Coquitlam.  .Sealed tenders superscribed "Tender  for Administration .and Dining Blocks,  Boys Training School, Coquitlam." will  be. received by the Honorable the.Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock  noon of Tuesday, the .6th day of April,  1920, for erection and1 completion" of atf  Administration Block and Dining Block  in connection with the Boys Training^  School, Coquitlam, in the .'Dewdney Electoral District, B. C. ■ ..  Contractors may tender on one or  both buildings 'but must clearly state,  which his tender Prefers to. -...■•' i  Plans and Specifications can be seen  on or after the 15th day of March. 1920,  at the office of:         '                         ,  J. Mahony, Esq., Government .Agent,  Court "House, Vancouver; C. Campbell..  Esq., Government Agent. Court House,  New Westminster; G. S. Macgowan,  Esq., Bursar. Mental Hospital. Essoh-  dale, or the Department of Public  Works,  Victoria, B.  C.  Intending tenderers can obtain one  copy of plans and specifications by applying to the undersigned with a deposit of Ten Dollars ($10.00) which will  be refunded on their return in good  order.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN.'  Public  Works  Engineer.  i Public  Works   Department.  !      Victoria,   B.   C,  March   «.   11)20.  sTOTXCX TO COsTTSACTOmS  Colombia District. Srlseo ssridr*.  Tenders will be received by the Honourable Minister of Public Works to  noon of Saturday, the 13th day of  March. 1920. for the erection of a. highway bridge over the Columbia River  near Brisco. Colirnl.ia District.  Plans, specifications, etc., may be seen,  or may be obtained upon depositing rive  dollars ($5) as security for their return,  at the .Department of Public Works, Victoria, B. C, the District Engineer. Golden, B. C, or at the office of the District  Engineer, Court-house, Vancouver, B. C..  on or after 2.1st February, 1920.  An accepted bank cheque or certificate  of deposit for-10 per-cent, of the amount  of the tender. 7Tiade payable to the Honourable Minister of Public "Works, must  accompany each proposal, to be forfeited  ;if tenderer refuses to enter into contract  when .called upon to do so. or fails to  complete the work contracted for.  Cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will  be returned upon execution of the contract. ■.'..-  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN.    '  Public Works Engineer.  Public TVorks-Department,  Victoria. B. C. Februar-.- IGth. 1920.  Th# Best thaf s mmdm    8«i«« Agents  Smith. Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  u  ROOFING  PAWNS  MATERIALS  The  Company  Cor. lOth Ave. & Arbutus St.  LIMITED  Sand   for   color    card    of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  C8AL  TAR  PRODUCTS  Tslsphonss Bay. 63 and 64  P 111 IN G and POL ES  FIR, CEDAR or MEIVILOCK  any length -- any diameter  fEDERAL LUMBERtp.^  1021.1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  «3^ite  TELKWA SCBOOZ.  NOTICE   TO   CONTBACTOSS  PUBI.IC  VrOBSS  DEPABTMENT  S.-aled    tenders    marked    "Teiid'T    for  lload  Machinery and  Plant,"  will  be  received by the  undersigned up until  noon I  on Thui-.sday, March 1 *, IH'20. for the im-t  dermentJoiifd  ro;i<l  m.tchlnery and plant, j  Tenderers;   must   submit, catalogue   in;  duplicate   covering   machinery    tendered!  lor.  and   quote  an   f.o.b.   price   at  points \  of  delivery. j  Where   possible,   machinery  of  Canad-'  ian  manufacture should be quoted. j  Motor, trucks,  wagons, tractors, drags. I  graders    (heavy   and   light),   Mechanical  Loaders,     Scarifiers.   Oiling    Equipment,  Ploughs, 'Road Ditchers, Scrapers (wheel  and drag),  Steam   Shovel   (light).  Detailed lists with full particulars  may be obtained at the offlce of the Public Works Engineer, Court House, Vancouver, the Department of Public Works,  Victoria, and from the undersigned.  JAMES   PATERSON,  Purchasing Agent.  Victoria, B. C.  February 2G,  1920.  STRAIGHT  LOANS  MONTHLY LOANS  . our   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  330 Pender St. "W.  PHONE SEYMOITB 790-791  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Telkwa School," will ,be received by  the Honorable the Minister of Public  Works, up to 12 o'clock noon of Monday,  the 22nd day of March, 1920. for erection and completion of" a one room school  at Telku-u. in the Omlneca Electoral District, R. (.:.  Plans and «pt:f-ill<-atioiis can now be  neon at  the office of:  .1. Mahoney, Esq.. -"Jovcriiiiient .Agent,  Court House.  Vancouver.  <1. If. Hoskia:-., Esq., Government  Agent,   Court 'House,   Smithers. ,  I'. .1. Watklnson, Esq.. Secretary to  School Board. Telkwa, and the Department of Public  Works, Victoria,  I'i. C.  Lowest or any tender will not necessarily   be accepted.  A.    W.    FOREMAN. >  Public  Works  Engineer. '  Public    Works    Department,  Victoria,  B.   C.  February  2.",,  1920.  - Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed'-'Tender for improvements at Nicomen Island. B. C,"  will be received "at." this- office until 12  o'clock noon. Tuesday, March 30, 1920.  for the construction of a dam in Slough,  from Devil's -.Run Island to Nicomen  Island, Fraser River. District of New  Westminster, B. C.      .  Plans arid forms of contract can be  seen and specification and forms of tender Obtained at this Department, at the  office of the District Engineers at New  Westminster, B. C; Victoria. B. C: and  at the Post Offices, Vancouver, B. C,  and Deroche, B. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with conditions contained  therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  payable to the order of the Minister of  Public Works, equal to 10 per cent, of  the amount of the tender. "War Loan  Bonds of the'Dominion will also he accented a.i .security, or War JJonds and  cheque if required to make up an odd  amount.  Hote—Blue nrints can be obtained at  this Department by. depositing an accepted bank cheque for the sum of $20,  payable to the order of tlie Minister of  Public Works, which will be returned if  the intending bidder submit a regular  bid.  liv   ord'-r,  "    R. <.'-'.  DJ-.S ROC HERS.  Secretary.  periJirlmr.nl   of   r-'iibilc   Works.  Ottav.-i.   Mnrch    I,   1!>20.  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd,  successors; to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 71SS  C!  assifisd Advertising  Record Headers are. as a rule,' business  and professional men who have tho  money to buy sonw.thinR good if they  desire It. Tf you have something good  to sell lot tlie Record readers kpovr  about it. The average purchasing  power of the Record reader is grerit-  cr th.in that of any other publication  iii  Brtlsh  Columnia."  11SO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "The Battery for your car"  Expert battery and Ignition repairs  IJTlie Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richa'rc.s Street  N G  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS.  SOLDIERS   HOUSING-.  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Six Room Bungalow, for Dr. Paul,"  will be received by the Honorahlic tlie  Minister of Public Works, up to 12  o'clock noon, of Thursday, the 1st day  of April, 1020, for erection and completion of a six room Bungalow at  Squamish, in the Vancouver Electoral  District.  B.  C.  Plans and Specifications etc. can be  seen at  the ofilce of:—  .). .Mahony, Esq., Government Agent,  Court House, Vancouver; Dr. Paul. ALP.,  .Squamish, B. C, or the Department of  Public   Works,   Victoria,   11.   (..'.  intending tenderers can obtain one  copy of plans and specifications by applying to the undersigned, will) a deposit of ($10.00) Ten Dollars, which  will be refunded on their return in good  order.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.   E.  FOREMAN,  Public  Works  Kngincer.  Public Works   Pi-parl nienl,  Victoria.   R.   C,  March   '-,   11(20.  Factories,      Jfounos      and  Garages   Repaired.      General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   MORRIS  Soy. 3418  Sey. !>31 Evening!?        X758 Robson St.  MACHINERY  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  WATIONAIi   MACHINERY   CO.  925 Main St. Sey. 609  BAR mOH - SHOP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  mON and STEEL CASTINGS - HRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS-POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE  GAX.TJ3CSTZIi EVER^TTTING BY HOT PROCESS  IRON and GALVANIZING  WORKS  Fairmont 971    .      Office and Works, 225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  T.WATT  )'.■;  V:  I  SHE  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds JBought  and   Sold. *  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  Bank ot Ottawa Bldf?. Sey. 9040  See   Un  For Ail Kinds of Machinery  WEIR   MACHINERY   CO.   LTD.  1396  Richards  St. Sey.v 7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Hxoert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multlgraphlng,  Truiiulations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTRAL PUBLIC STENOGRAB.PERS  Key.   5070 414  Dominion  Eiagf.  THE MOLDEiN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  Sole Ascents In Canada For  Chicagp ..Pneumatic Tool Co.  Boyer  Riveting  & Chipping   Hammers;    Little   Giant   Drills;  Electric Toole;   Rock  Drills;  Air Compressom;  Fuel Oil and  Gas Engines.  Duntley  Montroal, Torontt  Winnipeg  81 Ponder St. W., Vancouver B. C,  Phono Sey. 1065


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