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 ..<■*•  -    A, ^ E—■  K;  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers.  **mm  r-T7  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 14, No. 37, Friday, MarxW, 8,-1?i18. ,  \  -fr 6o-  /  WE CAN SUPPLY V  y  SHIP STEEL  Plates and Shapes to Lloyd's Specifications  WILKINSON   COMPANY LIMITED  846 Beach Avenue Vancouver, B.C.  [Carter Electric Co.  LIMITED  WIRING CONTRACTORS  /-  WHOLESALE and RETAIL '  Electrical Supplies  630 Granville St.  PHONE SEY. 1224 VANCOUVER  - \  0.  ju  GLASS  We carry a complete stock of  1 i  >                                          <-  «  Mirrors, Be\  PLATE.                                          CHIPPED  .SHEET                     \                    FIGURED  WIRED                                            .CATHEDRAL  PRISMATIC.-                      ,         PORT LIGHT  selling and Leaded Art  Work   Given   Prompt  Attentiori.  t  Wm.  N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Tel.  Sey.  if  4795-6.  .                                '                      •  548-550 Seymour St.  i       \  BUILDJNO   PERMITS   AMOWWTIHO/%0  S500  OB  OVBB ISSUED   AT  TX9' VAHCOUVI!» CITT HAIL TESTEBDAT  Number  Paaoriptlon  Coat  9055—alterations    <)058—store   ....v   -S059—storage shed .....   $750   $500  ....$2000  Street Addraaa  rot ana Block  3343 lotbyAve. W   cor. Dunsmuir & Granville  Industrial Island    ...23-115 f>40  Bubdlvition «  Architect  ..Collin & McLennan    Col. Tracey  Contractor  Addraaa  .Owner    Coffin & McLennan  Col. Tracey  v.   Owner  . Addreaa  J. R.'McLennan _..  - ■*  G. Drysdale   Canadian Metals, Ltd.  -. \  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel, Hydrated Lime, etc.  Phone 2988  Ft.of.Columbia av  Claybiirn Firebrick and other Clay-  burn Products, Facing Brick, Building; Papers; etc."       >  MundyT Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  f AND  CONTRACTORS  *-  Power Installations"  General Electrical^Constructlon  'rUNE SEYMHI 1145  StaaaafiBiflk Baiidins  V4MCHVER - WINNIPEG *  I.  •(  1 ., \  >***-*--«  Lumber  Veiieer   Panels,  >ui. »..Ua«aI« *a\a.ents   for   the  EtQi  We are also Sole Agents for tho  Celebrated "»•»*-" Brand" Maple  and Birch Fiodrtrtg.  J. FYFE SMITHXQ. LIMITED. ?  '\     i Vancouver, B.'C'  1320 Richard  St.  '<-»  at  St-*""      ^ *~        *-.  „- .-0 ,  , yi.'     •'. yv  ■>d*$*  ■■Vi-J-W..  vChlcago Pneu-r^atlcfi  BoyeWR'vetlnfl.  'J-^  .;   l FuelOil and Gaa Enflinea  £4 Chipping   HimhmlrBfrtXftmiMfcWtt*}  •ctrl-sWoli; sRock Orilla; ,Afr:.Co|npre.aora;->  Ountley  BmtttM, Ttmto  542 Pcni«r SL f.. ¥i!KMW lft^  -% *  Phiu Sty. 10SS  =■ - **-f'*  '.4,  ? BUILDING NEWS |  I* And Conatruction Work not ot'herwlae-:<  £ Ctaaatfied.'. ■       .,        >:*  •.-•'-'•.^■•-••ii*''-}*'?1*'^^  3UILDING PERMITS.  -9051—H. K. Lrott, .fbld/iarage,,19S0,  McNicholl, $50.„        ^      -   '       ,'''">"  • 9052—Joh^i Hing Co'., alter store, 265  Pender St. JD.', S150. -    „    ,     , ,  9053—S.'G. ",'Kerr, bia. garige, 1843  3rd "Ave. W.; $100.*     ^'"  "9054—P| Cliarleson, move bid., 1909  3rd yAye/E.s $200;^.- W. Grosse, contr.  9056^—W. K. Noble, tire, shop.' X. E.  ♦corner Pender and-Abbott, ?200.   .  9057—R. Chambers, bid. g-arage, S36  13th \V2 $150;, CAP. JVills, contr..  **ff*^C**^f*****************%  % !« - BUSINESS NOTES.    *   t  Xa-od  otner it'eniarol  lntereat 'to thef  X -v ' -• tfRBlneaa man. ; v  1 •;*^:-*4'-:-'*-^^><i»:^:-*-*-*>*<-*-^  ,^ICTibRIA-^4lr.' Henry Hall,' "junior  member for Victoria, ■.will at the pres-  .      , v -*  ent session of the Legislature seek-to  secure some action by the House to  th*e 'end'that -energetic steps may be  taken to get along with the construction of the 'Isla.nd railway undertak-r<  ings of the Canadian NortherirPacific.  Railway.  "       * v    ' '  ^•EYV WESTMINSTER—AlthougbJ;  the car shops at Port Marin are ready'  for operation, it' was, reported to the/  I  LI M C  Diamond Brand has no equal  99.5 per cent pure  OBTAINABLE FROM AIL WEll KMO.VM-DEALERS IN CITT AND COUNTRY  Pacific Lime Co., Limited^  Worha. Blukbar Bay. B. C.  Pacific Blda-., Vancouver B. C.  I,-*Tenders, will be called for immediately for 'the 'construction of the fafcr  "tory bldg. to be erected' for the Gan-;  jadian Metals' Ltd. on 7the f Southeast  ■gide^opthe^anyjHelSti «tidge,_In-  :d^strfal :j£lan4.;,Jt_ , -•fV * - ■> _, ^ ^ _"  -'^h3{buiiding;as- planned, by CdirT.'  H. t"Tracey/*-will ;be of -one - and' two  "story 'Z construction, \ 126x104 .ieet" ik.  'dlmerisiohs'rand wil! * have>corrugated;  a* iron "exterior.- ■ -,; t,    -        ; --.,'      -A.  VANCOUVER—Damage   amounting | ing of the Board of Trade on Tues-day-}  to $50p was done by fire^in a suite at evening the. executive reported on steps-  FRANK DARLING -&  *i\  Board of Trade meeting last night, ap  pafently there, is no.business in sight;  :an.d in fact-there is a poss'ibilitv that^  the "plant-may be moved.-back east. .It  ■wasJ the \iew of the board that 'this  ^wmjr^be^a^tmistake/v ras- ears; can^bf  mqre-economically-'made', here,' where^  the Jitmber supply * is  ayaiiabler.'"  AlrH I '«  W. ,G., Mcj3uarrie,*.M.P.;'will 'be, asked-»'»-  Roller Beariflt Drills — Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Jammers  Chipping Hammers---Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills -'^ - ;  .     : : -'\? HiiliSpeed Steel-Drills-Reawers, Etc.  11, :<     Complete Stock of Accessories  •"■..iVi, ; *   -"■;    c       - - -*v  Prione Sey. '4-t OO,  --" -     * , .r    1      y - '   -      - -, T^y*v  to tate this'.up at; Ottawa."  -     ,*k   -W'i.     - ir-ir ..", v.,  -■ -  ■■yV!  V.-lft-ft,)-,.  ". I*-  NEW WESTMINSTER^A-t^a ',meet-1  XiobAob, "Buff.  Kent-real  "Wlnslpeff  Toronto ■  Vancouver. B. C.  ROBERT W. HU NT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  8TEEL,     CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER.ETC ,,'■•■  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  508 Haatln-fB W., Vancouver, B. C. .».—  nnnm bi  Cement Teatln*r laboratory, Boom 1601; Phyaioal Teetlng Xiaoorotery. Boom Bi  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inipector* at Large: Manufacturing Centers  GILLEY  DE&LEES  19  Crushed Rock, Sand  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 #JEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  Stanley Court Wednesday morning.      Uaken to'induce tlie Dominion Goverri:\   ' ■ }ment to proceed with certain improve-^  VANCOUVER—Industrial   Commls- . mentg tQ u^ F^ger riveft notablyHhe*  sioner J. R. Davison is still gathering -constructioil of a wing dam .which -is |  data to be utilized in connection with requIred as a protection to the Sand""!  the estatlishment here of a woollen headg jeUy There -a a danger, if this,  mill. " -      "{wing dam is not built, that the freshet{  *      „^     '","      ■ %-. Ti e-nn'wn cut through the north jetty, and  NANAIMO—Fire last night did $o00  »■"■*•--"-'  x *    , , A    -miirh of the work already done will  damage to the building and content* mucn oi tne ^oia. are    j        t  of the Pioneer Bottling Works, ownea  ue -*"01"    and operated by W. E. Rumming, on; -.  Wallace  street.     The   fire   originated'    VICTORIA—Members  of jthe Board  in-the boiler-room. {of Trade council impressed upon Dr. (  -  - S. F. Tolmie and Mr. J. C. Mcintosh, |  AGASSIZ—The    Municipal   Council the two Island members in the Federal [  has decided to construct a bridge over House, the  importance  of continuing j  Cottonwood Slough, on the main road dredging operations  in  Victoria  har-j  leading to the ferry landing.   The cost bor.    Mr. Joshua Kingham said  that [  is,estimated at $2,000.   The work will the order to dismantle the Mudlark at;  be done by day labor. jthe end of the month should be fore-j    i stalled, as the undertaking of keeping!  -PORT   HAiNFEY—'Ihe   Maple 'Ridge the seabed in front of the new piers at  council   will   sell   SO   acres of  timber a level was just as essential as  the  situated   on   a  property  belonging  to maintenance of a regular floor in the \  them  near  the  Lillooet river.    They Inner  Harbor.    Mr.  B.   Boggs,  chair-.  Iwill  call  for. tenders.    It  is reported man of the board's harbors and navi-.j.  jAhat there is about 750,000 feet upon gation committee,  said  that  si't was;  jthe acreage. . i rapidly piling up off the G.T.P. wharves  I.   ■*■       „      *inrl   that   the   CP.R.   steamers  were;  NEW    . WESTMINSTER       *re ^ ^.^ up nmd on all sMes  .which occured on  Wednesday^in the • ^ ^ CQn.|.  MorAs   Music   House  in   the  ^Ichqn, q. fl ... |  Block, Columbia street, did approxim-.   i  atey $5,000 damage to stock and $:i00 j    SEATTLE_sket<;hes    of   tlie $100,  t.o   the   building.     The  loss   - Vart!»"! OOO.O'OO   land   and   water  terminal   for!  covered by insurance., ! the Seattle    waterfront    prepared by i  PORT MOODY—Tlie installation of "Howells    &    Stokes,    architects,    725 j  the    electric,  furnace    in    the- Port; Henry Bldg., have been forwarded to.  Moody    steel works has    commenced.! Director-General   McAdoo.   in   charge!  When in b'ast the furnace is expected-of    railroads,    by  " the    Consolidated'  ip  revolutionise the output.    It  does | Americanadian    Terminal    Assn.,  306  away with the tedious tying up of the \ Transportation B'.dg.  scrap iron in separate small bundles, j    & year ago  when  the  project was  and    treats the    mass in' cavernous i *jrst considered the architects made a  ba'sins,   increasing  the. production   L>>' t detailed  study of  conditions   bearing  tons, at less "cost. j en  the  proposed  terminal. t The  new  „ i corporation mentioned has seen fit to  interest itself in the venture and is  meeting with every encouragement,  according to reports.  The proposed location of the terrnin  BEAMS, CRAHHEX8, AHCU-JS8, PX-ATES; TEES, COX-VaOTS  COMFIiETEX.T EQUIPPED FABBXCATXNa SHOPS   ,  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 9396 and 2397  . tranconrar, 9. OL  yj  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:— " '  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bar9.    „ t  BOLTS:—'             ' "         " ' .  Drift Bo^s, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice. .  SPIKES—CAST IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME —  HYDRATED  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  SCOtCH  FIRE BRICK •— BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH'BUILOING  Private Ex. Say. 9197  San Francisco, Lc*  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Tr-laphona 5037  , 1-5 ■  c:   .  Canadian AlHs-Chalmers Ltd.  *  ^Mining and Crushing  Machinery  Saw Mill Machinery '  Lldgerwood Logging Systems  ■Hydraulic Turbines >■  Centrifugal and/Turbine Pumps  Cast Iron Pipe, Hydrants, Valves.  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  I  '. VANCOUVER—The    supplementary  estimate of $17,000 for street improvements in Ward Seven was cut to $5,570 ,  by the civic board of works yesterday, j  The macadamizing of Triumph street,' . .  rmNio to Clinton streets, and al.is  near the  commercial  center  of  irom wanaimo io Seattle and  would  involve   the vaca-  the   planking  o    Napier street,   from ^ U)e and  Clinton   to  Kaslo,   was  passed   on   to m railroads.   '  ;the council    with a    recommendation co operation  that the work  be  given  special  con-1    A. P.- Gillies, consulting engineer of  laideration    when    departmental esti- the   company,   originally   planned   the  mates a're considered. project.  r  Forgings Machine .Work  WESTMINSTER IRON WORKS  John  Raid, Proprietor  Patterns  Manufacturers of  STRUCTURAL AND ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  'Phone 53  Office and Works, Tenth s£,  l New Westminster, B. C-  it*-.  i ♦V  / r,  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, "Wednesday and  Friday by the  '   ;       ' - ."  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO. \  Telephone 5eyrhour.780S.  Address:   5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir 'Street. '.  C. H. NELSON  .MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Rrttea  Payable strictly in. advance.,.  '«>      !  •■ ■fr.-*-^<-:-^---;--g>-:«*--;-*-2'*i^'s-'-i'^-'i-^&-^  f MINING. I  $<j>^^H^<$>^(gi*i-<M-*-->*--J-^--->*->-2:^^  It is said that a deal is pending for  the taking over of the famous Voight  copper properties in the Similkaraeen  by the Consolidated Co., the -title to  the same now 'being examined.   '  This week there'are 25 mine's on the  shipping list to,the Consolidated smelter at Trail, ten of them being new  for the^year 3 91S. For the year to  date/the total ore and concentrates  received is 61,393 tons.  Tlie Consolidated company is making changes an<J repairs on its Molly  Gibson rafll, and sliipments of concentrates have been resumed.  John[ Simpson reports th'at a shipment from Mrs. Jowett's property on  Trout creek in the Kaslo district, returned '?100 a ton net from 10-tons  -sent to,the smelter.  (Continued on  page  4.1  Let us figure on your Wire Rope needs  We are sole agent* for  "BULLDOG LOGGING CABLE  Y'* T-*'  99  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  V  R. V* WINCH ,& CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  Bamberton Cement  Pacific Lime  B. C. AGENTS-  "  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK   DRILLS  "SULLIVAN". DRILL   SHARPENERS  1500 OBAWVII.I.E ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR  LIFT PUMPS  PHONE 9162  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Charaetar »atlaiata« vCoat  -NORTHWEST  SHIPBITII.DIWO  • .  ^        COMPANIES t  Following is a list of the Shipbuilding  companies of British Columbia now actively   engaged  in ship   construction   or  C^&%%^^S Co, ^rcouveW  Cameron'"Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.,  "Victoria.     '»»* .   „   _    T   .    v,„  Foundation Company of B. C„ Ltd., Vic-  "       tnriSL *   "*  Lyall>Shlpbuilding  Co.V North  Vancou;  New -Westminster   Eng.   A. Const.   Co.,  Popular-Island * _ __    _    „ _  FaciflcVConstruction Co..r Ltd., Port Co-  Standard1" Shipbuilding   Co     Vancouver.  Wallace- Shipyards Ltd ,  Vancouver.,  Western r.Canada. Shipyards   Ltd.," Vancouver.'. - <      '-'<./    \  trier  ...........................  Pleasure Pier    Armory      Bank, building   Bridge   —   Harbor AVorka    Bank & office bldg..  Hotel, C. N. Ry   Concrete Sewer   Tunnelling     ■"""      250,000  Z.    $360,000   Not given  _._    $1,760,000  "r.r.r.".'.'.r.".Not eiven  VANCOUVER  OWMl  location   Vancouver ....:. .".: C. P.   R.  English Bay .'. Coates & Co.  Grand view    :. Government  JJunsmuir & Granville Dominion Banif  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kitsilany  Reserve   .' Government,  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry. Co  False Creek G, N. Ry  Vancouver  C.  P.  R.  architect . .Plana XUady,  Owners  Soon  Ovvneis    «  Perry & Fowler    Xot selected Sketches under way  C. A. P. Turner West Foundation Co.  Government   Preparing  No  archt. commissioned yet   > ZaCPHOVElCEirTB "LISTED  Post Office  -1260,000  Post Office  Factory; Wharf, Subway   Courthouse   (eaat  wing)   Concrete  Garage  — -    $36,000  ....$160,000  ....$100,000  DXATEX-T BEX-OW ABB PROPOSED  BTTT'HAVE  BEEN POSTPONED:  Gore and Keefer., Dom. Govt  South Vancouver Dom. Govt  Hastings Royal Crown Soap Co.  Vancouver. .Provln.  Govt.  Fifth,& FTr Sts Ford Motor Co.  Chaxa-etar —  Brk. and mill schools...  Steel ^Bridge  „V..- Coat  .....:.$60,000  .$600,000  T.W.C.A.  Home     Union Passenger Depot—  Stone church  Swings Span i : .._.-.s....i'.   Tubercular Ward J    t $1S0,000  ,....$1,-000.000,  „.._..$8a.ooa  ^$20,000  (••  VICTORIA"  - -**   '   ■ * P'tv  *.<,■. .*.   City.  ..J..„L.s.i.'rT.- VW C. ,A.  :- ..C. P. H. and CyN. R.  Koeattoa  Victoria  Victoria  Victoria  VictorJa..rchirist; Ch.'Calh*drai Bldg Ltd.-  Victoria  a. ..:.:..,.i.r.:..„.,...'...f. City  Dom.   Govt '. Delayed  Dom.   Govt = - Delayed  Thos  Hooper ... Delayed  Dalton  & Eveleigh  „ .......Delayed  Owners  - ..i.-.*. ---—'■ Delayed  Victaria..    Rayal Jubilee" Hosp.  1    4    "       <■*<■'      '  Architect ..._ _ — Mane Beady  Spurgin A Wilkins .....^....Indefinite  Owners ..._  Preparing  J.  C.- Frame" Soliciting Fun<Js  Co. Engineers  _".. Preparing  'Jones   A   Beatson—Arranging   finances.  City „„..-.-............* A ...»..:. Complete^  USE   ,  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic,  Adhesive Cement  (Ready for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY'ROOF  r  -    *    -**     . ■*" '    '1  ,   Send for Free Booklet  < MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor .Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street',;,,\.  Phone" B»y.v 772 l  VANCOUVER, 6. C.  J. C: M Keith...  '&  <■■•<-  Aberdeen?  r  Aberdeen     Shipbuilding^ Co..  Wn '>" ■ "*'    \  Alaska-Pacific Const. Co., v Seattle,  Albi^a   Engine "& .Marine ,Works,   Port-  AllenifehyipbuildinB Co,  Securities Bldg.,  Seattle- -    *    '  ' "*''  American Shipbuilding Co., Portland      -  American -Shipbuilding   Co.,   Warrenton,  QF <l>~    •    > V .y ^ . ,, .  Ames Shipbuilding, Co.,«Seattle.     ,' -  ^Anacortes , Shipbuilding«Go.-. ,A.nacortes.  rW^"~   Z'~     •    An^wson^Shipb'uildlrtg' Co * Seattle; Wn.  1JV Z    'lU.      ^.Ballard Shipbuilding'Co., Seattle.-  %f/r\   y? "7    -f'Ballard-MariiriSrRailway; Seattle.- *,   Je  tgi/CWS. /- r w<Babare-,'Bros./' Tacoma,,Wn.-vV-.fti-. ,   t  ffvSfew* ^   , V,V"^Baxter "«&.Co., A*.•■ A'. Raymond.  -  WM^Z      *  ntaSSrShipbuidlni Co> 4185 Arcade Bldg.,  - ;*   -y *-     Seattle     ' '    '-?>■*    <**    • -   -  ^CoasCShipbullding^Go,, Portland.  1$ v<  1*4•*  '-» -  lH^Vi.*. y'   V(  ■v»*a»-W->'   ? i   it   Columbia Engineering , Co.,,. Linn ton, i^r.  ^&ti<Z   IcSuThbii RivTeFShrDb^ildingr^Co.; Port-  &r:     ^.^ l* jL'landjii0.C-.'y,^;_!u..«,yii„',    n\       Marshfifild.  ■ ?tL 'm'  [-i-Vy.        ,-  ■■«■&*, -V  Ift. .'-  r Coos .Bay ^Shipbuilding   Co.,   Marshfield,  'tJ    -'"-Of"", iS^       ■'»*-';*-'*""•    --■*-'  ■* 'Dutnie/&,Co"':. Seattle. ' t   „    ^Z,  ,      JBlliott Ba-y Shipbuilding Co.   Seattle  r   Erickson  Ship^uffding Co    Seattle.    «  ' Everelt-.Sti'ipbu-iJdi-nff--Co.,--Everett., Wn;-  -'   Foundation    Co   fNbrthwest   headquart-  *     * ers, .Smith ■ ,Bldg.,' Seattle;     yard-> at  ■Rortjan-d'-and   Tacoma..' , -.  ,   Grant. Smith  &  Co., Aberdeen  and Ho-  quiam, Wn., and Sf. Johns, Or. - •  Grays   Harbor* Shipbuilding   Co.,   Aberdeen, Wn .       _.      _,c    .  Kruse A Banks Shipbuilding Co., Marsh-  field, Or.  r   Marine Iron Works   Seattle •  Martinolich   Shipbuilding   Qo.,   306   California Bldg., Tacoma.   ,          „    * .    -  Matthews^    Shipbjiilding  Co.,     Hoquiam,  Meacham & Babcock', 800 3rd Ave.   (Mr.  Blakie),  Seattle  i   National  Shiibuildinir Co.,  Tacoma Wn.  - Nellson & Kelez  (John Erickson Bldg.),  •   Seattle. * '      x,     ,   n  Northwest Steel Co., Portland, Or.  Oleson &  Co,  Frank.-Seattle.  Olvmoia Shipbuilding Co., Olympia, \Vn  - Pacific-American Fisheries  Co.,  Belling-  'Tactfic'  Shipbuilding  Corp,   300   Central  Bids.. Seattle.      *  Paterson-McDonald'Co., Seattle.  Peninsular Shipbuilding Co., Portland. v  .Peterson. Yard,"Aberfleen, Wn  >   Port Blakeley Shipyards, Port Blakele>.  Wn    -"• ' ^,  Pu*?et   Sound   Bnd-W   &   Dredging   Co.,  Central THdE-.'gpnttle.-  Raymond  Sh'nbuilditig Co,   Raymond.  Sanderson & Porter, Raymond.  Samlerson & Porter.-Reattle.  Seaborn Shipyard" fo    Tacoma.■ ^n-  Seattle Con*--t   & Prvdock Co., Seattle.  Skinner & Bdd**   Seattle. .   j -  Kloan   Shlnb-uilding  Co. Olymma,  W n  Sor'-nson & Port'-r   Ho'iniam, Wn.  South     Rpi-d     Shipbuilding   Co ,     bouth  Rend.   Wn ,      ,        , ,-„ .  Standifer '"onst. Co,  Portland and Vancouver.  Wn. '  Standifer  &  Clarkson,  Astor a,   Or.   and  Portland ' . '  Stc-wart  ■Shir-i"'1din*r';Co., :H-  D. American   Bank   Bldsr.  Seattle.-  Pt   HeleVs  Shipbuilding Co..>t. Helens,  0r ;■•'■■.■':■ ■'"'•'     .  Sti!>i>le &  1-i.illin* Portland.  .  7-.,<<o">,''   Phi*'"'llflin" Co,.-Tacoma.  Todd  Shi-nbuilcl-"*--  Co.,-.Tacoma.  Wn.  United    Pbinbuildinc   Corporation.    120^  Smith Bid*,'.".  Seattle; ■ ■  Varn-'V  Slii-nbuilding Corp.,..Seattle.  '•Waril"&  Bui-kheltr-er,-Seattle.  W:'shlns.*to*i   Overseas   Shipbu-lding   Co.,  ■* 'Rverett. Wn. ■       „  AVa.shin-rtoi   S*hii.-.b,-i1dl"cr  Co..   Tacoma.  : Wi*-'iingt6n  Shipi>irig Corporation,  Seattle ' '   -  Wfs-tV'rn 'Shinbuilding   Corp.,   Securities  Blflf?.,  Seattle.    ^      '  Wilson, .inhn F, ■ Wafrway and- Hanford  T*r*iHri-'' fhi"i->vnd'v>T 'Co.,   -\storin..  Or.   ■  Wright -"Shi-nbuildinc Co.. T*if.'Oi-n*i. Wn.  "-/-'■""Plo'v    Marine   Ry.   &   Shipping   Co.  WiT-fiow    T).  '■MaT-atioU"*   Sh-r-^iMlding   Co.,   306   California Bids., Tacoma.  OTSMsan xasrap  10-sto office bldg  .-_ -I?*!0/0"0,  Christ, Church   Cathedral •,-iJ22-2?2  Church -—.: --'.-» —.----;■rJHSMS0-  Pier ....: .........ir:.'.... :.$i.opo,ooo  ........1..  Character  Coat  .....^..,....-^..$7,500  School^ r. ".   Grain *elevator^<a5,op0 >u.)V-  Schoor ...ls.:....:.^....--.......'....V-...-..r..-...~.-$50.O00  Plant ■rTmprovements<*..;.-.........>>....-..v-..----«  Steel .Bridge • :..:...V.:.V._™\—C_„..$15.p00  Grain, Elevator ;C25,000 tbu. )>..'.:-...»....-.--.•■.  Market-Buildin-5'.....'...-..-r../.—"■'. |35.O00  Sewers ..-....:. .:.-. .£....'.-',......-. J".^?,  Street Work ..*.:...'.:-...—.'.& i.::.'.......:.$B0,000  9IA-n»BEIOW AU nOPOUS BUT PAVE BEEBT POSTPOBTEB:  Victoria -...'....I B. CV Electric C6.  Victdria   St. Barnabas  Victoria  First Baptist Churcji  Vanceuver ...'.:-.....l», -. *-.C P. R.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  ,, ,   ' ', *    _," "^  Location .. ........ _..—..—...— Owner  Trail" .....". .' -"- ::.... City  Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers. Ass n.  Rossland -      .     -;"./'    , l-..cJ*y  Prince Rupert.:. /.-.Imperial Oil Co.  Prince^George ...:.'..-- :.-: .^.Pro. Govt-  .Kamloops  Maple Leaf Milling; Co.  New Westminster  ,..:.  City,  Nanaimo  -....:..:.'.  City.  Prince George :....-..... -.-—.-v.City  J. C. M. Keith _'..  Jesse M.  Warren   Owners  _a.   Delay.e'd  "Delayed  ..Delayed  Delayed  'Vy  'ZJ: Jul  »(iyiuv-gi.   i   .'...,.„.  Owners  Owners  Owners  City *   City      .......   ._.  r* '•iV   y..  Z.hfi...Y.~}.'.  ...Plana Xeady  _- . yV"^  Z.Z. indefinite  -     ' ""   y t?  L"Z"'~.i:~Sh*ortl^    Indefinite   ~ j.-jt^.t.  .1...:...'.\ 'jSoon  -Y        ->       ' *    "«■' -trt-i1^  4- ~ t'< VX~^T  -v-;-   ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W« specialize in prompt s-orvif • (ffor Contractors'  - temporary power installitilone''   ' ■'" '  j.  •eic^BLE^rRi<:-  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   km|*jur „ ripresmtative   call  Public Works Contractors  ''-■%'  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  ■A—  Concentrator,   etc.  _  1,000.000  Railway. Station      '^X-^SS  Concentrator  -..'  — -30x-*x22  Public Works       1°2,5$2  Wharf   ;_.„.$10.000  2—--room Schools.:. each $20,000  Fertilizing  plant A  wharf $3Jo,00''  City  Hall  ,  :. $50,000  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Hotel    -----   *-n0'00<.  tlibrary    - -'-•'—   $o0.0f>0  Freight  Terminal   School  BJdp ,. - -   Paper and  Pulp  Mills -."--„-„•-„■-„■  Round House  -.  $oO»000  Mach   &.nd Repair Shops - $lo0,000  Copper Mountain   B. C, Copper Co.  New Westminster C. N'.,Ry.  Ainsworth, BC Silver Hoard MiningCo  Prince  George    - - City  Sidney .*..:.Victoriat& Sidney  R.R.  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C*-  iVanaimo, B. C City of Nanaimo  Prince 'Rupsrt  ~ Dom. Govt  Fort   George Not   given  Nanaimo   ,  _ •  City  New- Westminster  N. P. Ry. Co  Rossland       -   City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper A P.M , Ltd  E. Lillooet P. G. E. Ry  Soon  Owners   _ —  Owners   _ .•:   Owners'      City   : „     ....Will  Build  Soon  Bell A Constant; Branch A Coxall _...  J. S. D. Taylor _ Tenders closed  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  Govt _  Tenders  soon  Herbert J.  Peyton Sketches  r^ady  Undecided   ~   Indefinite  Owners „  Owners ...  Now  r.    E. Lillooet.' _ I... P   G. E. Ry.  Warehouse and Stor. Tank _.$10,000   Peace River imperial Oil Co.  IMPB.OVEBCENTS LISTED  IMMEDIATJlLY BELOW   ABE  PBOPOSED   BTTT  HAVE  BEEN  POSTPONED:  Hotel    .-£. —  Hhfel, 3-sto   brk.  veneer   Chuich   (fr.) •  5 sto brk, mill and <ueel....  1200,000 I I- oi t   George    $20,000 j Port   Alberni        Co'iuitlam   .. ..$150.00'' I Kamloops    ,'   ....Grand-Trunk   Pacific   Tom "Hagrath  , Episcopal Church  ... Kamloops Hotel C\  l-fol.ibird A Roache  (Chicago) Delaye*"--  Rvans & Cook  Delayed  Perry A -fel'owler  Delayed  W.  T. "Whiteway  Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  /'  Complete equipment ?for handling   ,  MACHINERY and: HEAVY WEIGHTS  Modern ^warehouses for "  STORAGE  CHEAP RATES       :       1r  'Phone Seymour  4015  UNION  STATION   ■   -   MAIN STREET  pjCFttS  -I  ^y  ^i"i'-ri:  4:lfefc  ADAM  JACK  ^     Brick. Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a^Specialty -  ESTIMATES GIVEN . . DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone MIshland 728  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Wall St.  Buildi-n-j Location  Residence   :.    Metcliosin  School- .......,.........:.... -.Hilliers,  JS." &   -N.  Residence ....: -' ....Foul   Bay R<1.  Residence    ;...:...... ..Gillespie   Place  3-sio   Apmt. .'- -■--- ••  School ....; • - Hollywood  1-sto.   dept.   store   bldg.. Victoria  Piers   'Concr<.teK .:..;-. — Victoria"  Brk.  veneer church Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)  .Victoria   .  P.rpyikw'iter ~ Victoria  .  Alteration to Sayward Bld&   .Coat.  e  OLUMBIA - THEATR  FC/D  IKCVIKC  Prices 10c  PIC1LF.ES  Boxes 25c  E  Character  Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.) :. -  Hotel   ..- ••-  525.000  2-sto stone & steel bldg ..% -20,000  Dali-v   Bldg.   (cone  &  brk) *  20,000  2-sto brk .bldg»-.— * •fj'000  2-sto.  apmt  Residence  .  VICTORIA   '-■  Est.  Cost  Owner  $20,000     H.  R. Hammond   „.   School   Trustees  10,000      H.   Lawsoiv  .-.fy-.UOO       F.   Nation  •15,000   ...:    „   A.   Winch  $4-..000      City  $700,000 '    Hudson's   Bay  Co.  $2,000,000   ....      Government  $20,000  ....'   . Colomba Presbyterian Ch.  ..   $24.SOI      Govt.  $1.000.000    Dom.  Government  Victoria      ..... .      BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  location       ,   ..    Owner  Kamloops , City  Prince George....Prince George Hotel Co.  Xelson, B C ....Carmen  Maglio  Duncans.   B.   C   Nanaimo..... J.  B. Nicholson  •""; (No Details) I Prince Rupert ■. J. -McAtordie  $20,000 i Metchosin  Ii. R, Hammond  Factory   Three Shows Daily  2.3O-7.00-9.O0  PRICES 15c- 25c  Dredging   Sand   Heads $70,000  Rrldfie  Abutments   (,:')    — -,-••---;••-•-  Govt   Bldg -      f3"'^  High  School...: Jj-'H  ,°  Jetty   &   Dredging ••-"55.0OO  Roundhouse ...-.: $20,000  Bridge     •  o,000  Dam.  Mills, <»tc   1,000.000  Water   System         -10,000  Mills:-Wharves,   etc....      750.oon  Addition  High School '....-. $1.9.50"  $25,000 jDulu   Island....Moi-rison  Steel & Wire Co.  Fraser  River  Government  Grand  Trunk Pacific G.  T.  P.  Port  Alberni   Govt.  Port   Alberni   Municipality  North   Arm  Fraser River Govt.  Fort George G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Xanaimo    City  Princess  Roval- Island....Tonapah-Kelmon  Port   Mopdy* City.  Ocean Kitlls Pacific Mills, Dirt.  Nelson    City  Brk'k  School $15,000 j Trail      2   Moi-orshi'-'S.   each ;....,....$165,000 i North Vancouver ..Ii. W.  Brown & Co.  Bascule  Brid**e | Selkirk Water C.N. R.  Power House and Laundry | Lake Louise >V"k,--?," P"^R"  Railway   Line  _ ••■   Kamloops-Kelovvna C. N.   Ky. Co  aarcliitect Contractor  Butler  A  Harrison.-..-'......Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   A Wilkins .;_ ......Local  S. Maclure -A.  M.  Mitchell  S.   .Maclure   P.   AfcKeclinie  C.   IC.''Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilklns.„ Luney  Bros.  B.  Horwood A White........B. C. Conat. Co.  Govt.   ....:....;....Grant Smith A McDonnell  Wm. Henderson  ....Knott *& Jones  Govt Parlts, Tupper & Kirkpatricl  Govt     Sir John  Jackson.  Ltd.  3. C. M. Keith — Luney Bros  Architect ...Plana Ready  Ducane Dutcher A Co ..Wm.  Green lees  Butler &' Harri*-on....Brewster A Pelham  Geo.  C.  Egg : Waters A Pasco  J.  C.   AI.  Keith Island   Building Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson  Jas. Gil more -  Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison .Grayson & Sous  Owners  - Day   Labor  Govt Navigation A Dredging Co.  G. T. P J. A. McKenzie & Co. ICx.  Bklg.   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warnock A Cochran  Oovt Pacific  Dredging  Co.  Owners   Carter Hall  & A.  City _    City  t   Co *. Ownei*s  City Robertson,   Godson   Co.  Owners     Owner*'   Snider Bros-. & Brethour, Ltd.  .- J. Burns A Co.   ."Wallace   Shipyards  Owners MacDonald, Nettleton A Bruce  HEATING  We not only install your heating system properly, but  place our engineering experience at your disposal, thus  insuring perfect satisfaction.  A. H. MITCHELL  PLUMBING    AND     HEATING  564 Richards St.  Seymour 1784  .Northern Construction Co.  1.J  DID YOU   KNOW?  WE   SELL  ROOFING  SHEATHING  WALLBOARD  LET US QUOTE  Smith Davidson &  Wrierht Ltd  VANCOUVER   and   VICTORIA        "-"-"•  The largest paper house In the west . iliS  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r.*\  YOU WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readsrs  every other  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do     *  business with you.  Such a service will pay you big be-  . cause through us you reach every owner  who is building,:/every architect, every:  contractor--eveiybody interested in build'  ing.:  >: We mlhhel^.you tqjix up your an-  nouncement without charge. LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  Business Directory and  Buyers9 Guide  When Buying Bulldingr Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ARCIUTKCTLRAL    TEltliA    COTXA.  Evans,  Coleman A Evans, Ft.  Col. St , S, 2988  O Nell   Wm   N. Co   Ld., 548 Seymour.S. 4795  Rltchio   Con    &   Sup.    Co.,   Ltd     Gran.    __  Brid-se    S. 9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evans, Coleraan & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  Tlio_Barrett  Co,  I.td,   10th  and  Arbutus,  Bay.   771*  AUTOMOBILES v  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Evans, Coleraan & Evans,  ft. Col S.2988  VV.   N.  O'.NoiJ  A Co,  548 Sey.  St. S.   4795-479S>  MOTORS  JTJ.  C   Electric Co ,  Ltd - • ~ •-   S. 5000  MOTOR   TRUCKS.  Begg Motor Co,  1062 Georgia W. S. 904.)  OIL  TANKS   AND   PUMPS  I'owier A Co .  S F ,  560  Richards St...-'..- S. 3907  Automobile Records  FROM OCTOBER 24 TO  NOVEMBER 21  rollowi-ng*  la  a   complete  list  of  new  Automobile   License*,,  Transfers and Selinciuisbments Recorded for  Vancouver and District.  "Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   la   Vancouver.  Bo;s Motor Co, Ltd,   106'J Georgia St.  W..~ S. 904&    pACK|NCi   BELTING   AND   MECHANICAL   GOODS  * f -i"V' il'       'r  IN  '"V   ;-» i^k  THE -.  British Columbia  RE GO  X  I**  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  JIcki* Motor Co. Ltd, 1082 aeon-la St. W.— S 9043  Illll  'i'lrc Co, 9U  l'tadcr lit.  W S..0U1  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  Ccperkr, Bouimfcll A Co , Ltd . Winch lildg S.   7820  BltlCK—ALL, KINDS.'  Evana Coieman & Evang, Ft.' Col.. S. 2988  Gllley Bros , Lta.. Now West., Phonea 15. 16  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 1)48 Sey. SC. S. 4795-4798  Hltciiie   Contr.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    S. ,9162  R.V.Wlnch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B. S. 279-1944  BriLDINU  FELTS  AND PAVERS-  Evans. Coleman-& Evan-,. Ft. Col.,, .S. 2»S8  W. S. O'Nell & Co.. 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  Paterson Mfg. Co.,  l-0th& Arbutus Sts., B. 7.2.  BONDS—SU BET V.  R.V.Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch B„ S. 279-1844'  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  A   Co &•  919'«-«S75  Evans. Coleman A Evans. Ft. C&I...S. 2S8S  Gllley Bros., Lta., New West., Phones 15. 16  \V. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 b'ey. St., S. 4795-4 i»k,  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.,   Ltd..   Granville   Si.  ■   Bridge        S. 916?  R.V.Winch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B.. S. J79-1944  CEMENT TESTING AND ASSAYING.  Can. Insect & Test. Lab.. Empire Bids.   *.    S.   4606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   *   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg :.... .3. 2199  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL. ■  .Armatrong,   Morrison    A    Co.,   .Ltd.,    Bowjr  Bag.    .;...., •■    S.18S6  '    CONTRACTORS—PI.ASTERING.    ,.'  Rush& Read,  173G 6th Ave'.'W....'.   .„ .'.....Bay. .1602R—2215L  ,     - - . .,-:.      •. .  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TEBRA2ZO. i   sV  Evans. Coleman * Evana,  ft,Col.:.*. .8. 2NI  W.  N.  O'Xoll A Co.,  »4!> bey.-"■St.,*8. 4795-479-y  CRANES   AND   HOISTS'- (ELECTRIC " -•',  The Holden Co.. Ltd.', 542 Pender, St W.  Sey.  10So  DETECTIVE AOEHCTES  Vancouver " Detective    Agency,    429-430v  Standard Bank Bldg.. Phone Sey.-2440..  Night. Sey. 2442 (J. O'Grady, Mgr.)  DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC    ,  *  Darling, Frank"& Co,, 1142.Homer  , Street    - Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St.  VV.  ■ i        bey.  1065.  Dunlop Tire & Ilubbcr Goods Co  844 Cambie St-       --  Ltd,  ._   S.  13—S.2535  ,    PAINTS—FI RE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Nell 4 Co, 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4796-4798  PAINTS-^-D/»yrfP PROOr.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col S.2988  W.-jN. O'Neil A Co,  54*1 Soy. SU .S. *T^-*l^  Paterson Mfg.  Co..   10th  A  Arbiltu*. .B.   772  PAPER  Smilli. Ravlibon  A Wrlxht. Ltd.  "and  Davie   Sts.   — —  Homer  No.  Name  HEW CARS.  Address  Car  _S. 9583  PA RTITION—FIREPROOF  fivans, Coleman & Evana   rt. Coium..S.  98S  Granv. Bdg. .8. 91«V  RD  ■  T  -    I  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  Electric Co . Ltd .  ..S. 5000  ak. 5710  B.  C.     -   . „     ,  Cua.   Allis-Chalmers.   10t>3   P**nri-*r  Darling, Frank A Co., 1142 Horner  Street     - Sey., 4100-4101  1 ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURE*. '/  .Can. Allis-Chalmers, 1063 Pender 1.'. .S. 5710  Harris. P. E. sc Co.. l>* ~™wn .*■■"*«•,£• *•'£  W.  N.  O'Nell *  Co..  548  Sey. 3t.  S. 4795-4798  Kltc-aie   Contr..*   Sup.   Co.   Ltd:.   Gran  St'.'  Bridge  S. tltl  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour.  Guthrie Sc Co.. .....-• .3.  9197-657*  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col.. ....&. -J»»»  WlUtltu-oii  Co..  Ltd.,   846   llesih  Ato —•■S- «l--«  ft.-V.--Winch A CO.,  Winca B!d...S.    279-194'  PILING AND POLES  Federal   Luml>er   Co.,   Uocers   Bids  «• 3998-9  PIT.E DRI-riNG.  Evans, Coleman A Evana,  ft. Col S.2988  Mocei   i-tivor   PlKs   urivin^  Co..   New   Vvc»i  f PIPE—SEWEB  fsVans Coleman A Evans Ft. Coium. .6. 298>  GIIl>--y Bros., Ltd., New Wett.. .Phonea 15. i»  ftltchle Con. ft Sop. Co.. granville S. 9162  R. V.  Wincjli A Co.. Winch Bld...S.   279-l»4i  PLASTER  Balfour; Guthrie ft Co  .8.  »1«J-««J  BvanB, Coleman & Evai.<   Ft-Colum.^S. I»»*  Giiiey Bros.,"btd.,  New  West.. -P^nee U,, 1*  W. N. O'Neil A Co., i'4S Sey. St..^>. M^lll1.  'Ritchie, Con. A Sui^ Co.. Granv. Bd«. .8. tl«S-  PLASTER BOARD  Rvana, Coleman A 'Evana, 'it. Col.... .B. 2»««  M¥. N. O'Neil *-Co.. S48 Sen- St.. .8 47«-47»»  Ritchie "Con.-> ft- Sup.   Co.^-.aranvllle. .8. »1«2  ]',   APL4STER  PARTITIOK  BLOCKS.  Xvmnu. Coleman ft Evana, ft. Col S. 2fl»  PLASTER—OKN 4.MENTAL  Evans,'Coleman'* Evana, ft. Col.... .S. 2»M  W. A O'Nell i. CO., 548 Soy. St...S. 479.-479S-  ■.Ritchie   Con.   ft  Sup.   Co..   Oranville. .S. 1162  "«?"  ~                  '    PLUMBING,  "Z -    -  Bailey, E. A.. 1033 Granville St.,....^S. 13«  Balr   tc   Auoeison,   10*0   Homer   SU. .b. «!«•  Mitchell, A.  H„  564 Bichards St   _8. 17S4  -    PNEUMATIC  TOOLS-   ^  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer '  --.V    Street     * :„.....Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd.. o42 Pender St. W.  -»v- bey.  106fr.  .^   .y , . i ,     PRINTERS    •  Ilssley, A.,G. * Sons, Ltd.. 151 Hastings Vf~&.  SIC  12352—XX.  Paul, 101  Broadway E    l.'ord  -12ii>2—J.  W. Karney,  Noith   Vancouver  , Ford  12354—Woodward Dept.  Store,  1222 Hamilton  St Ford  3 2355—B. C. Breweries. 11th Ave. & Yew St Hupmobile  12356—J. L. Guichon, Ladner, B. C Oldsmobile  12357—J. Whitehead. 26th Ave. & liupert St Ford  12358—A. McDonald & Co., 10G2 Georgia St '. Republic  12359—X-X.  Baker,  5 Hastings "W For*  12360—W. A. Manford, 1400 Howe St Ferd  12361—C. F. Redington,  52 Grace Court  Paige  12362—M. Melekor, 1145 Burnaby St Cadillac  12363—H. S3. Clements, 501 Seymour St Ford  123t>4—W..G. Harris, t>32 Seymour at „ Ford  12365—C. li. Tipping,  New  Westminster  Dodge  12366-^-Jas. K.   Wilson,  1054 Balrour Ave Hudson  12367—K. Makaiwa. 3o0 Alexander St fcord  1236S—L. L. Sipprell, Glen   Valley  .Dodge  12.569—W.  S. Dale, Port  Hammond,  B.  C Maxwell  12370—O. Bowman, 3!>38 Osier Ave Studebaker  12371—D. A. O. Solly, West Summerland, B.C Dodge  12372—W.  IX. Malkin, Kerrisdale, B. C Chalmers  12373—T. S. Neilson, 84S  16th Ave. E Willys-O.  12371—D. H.  McKay, Chilliwack, B.C 1- ord  12215—,1. Lucas 6s <J. terrier, ll(v5 13th Ave. E Ford  12376—J.  Mcliae & C.   Band,   758  Powell .Ford  12377—A.   J.   Kidley,   130   15th  Ave.   IC : .'. Republic  1237JS—W.   G.  Hughes,  1S57  Kitchener  St McLaughlin  12379—H. R. Cramer. 1675 Robbon St Monroe  123S0—D. C. Day.  2533 Wellington Ave Ford  123fyl—T. Parke, 1110 Broadway- I'ord  12382—T. W. Snipes, Cor. Sth A Trimble 1 Ford  12383—A. L. Amiel,' 1025  Main St Maxwell  12384—J.   Harris,   Ladner,  S3.  C.   Mitchell  12385—G. Morse, Hammond, B. C. - --. McLaugniin  123b'6—E» C. Wood,  516  Sth Ave. E-  Studebaker  12387—A.  Lake,  Sardis,  B.  C.  Willys-O  12388—Brown Bros.. 21st Ave. Ford  12389—W. J. Brown, 3537 6th Ave. W Ford  12390—Van. Lumber Co., Connaught Bridge  Packard  12391—G. P. Colgan, Seymour Garage  _ Ford  12392���R.rJ. Hamilton, 3621 Broadway W J. Dodge   Dodge   Gray-Dort   McLaughlin   _ Ford   Chalmer s   j. .For*   .'. Hudson   McLaughlin  '....:. Abbott  (D  O  O  a  .Can.  ELEVATORS"  :* RADIATORS AND BOILERS  Anis-Chalmera,'J 1063' Pender.*.. .8. ill*  • * ROOFING'COMPOSITION ',„-*-   '  Evans. Coleman ifSvati 'Ft- yt>lum. .8. 2»Sf  The Barrett Co , Ltd.. 10th and Arbutus. B»y. 772.  W. X. O'Neil ft Co., S4i» Sey. St...S. 47»*-*J»'  Ritchie Con. ft Sup. C~ . Granville. .S.Jlil  Smith.   DsTid*oq„ AJffpabhJLifi". Homer    ,    -   ^^  Dunlop  Tire Repairs, Service Station  aial Free Air Depot:  Cor. Howe & Pender Sli,  Phone: Sey..   l'-S?  Tire & Rubber Goods Co.,  Limited  Vancouver  U'holesalc Depot:  844- Cambie SU  Phones: Sey. 13 and  Sey: 2S3S  ^*^<t******<  *WM***W*******   *.**-Vfpb*******1^^  POL  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUSVflBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  ?  ROOFINO^-SHKET lfBT.4.1,  r v (Se©!,Cornice _*ui * inooftag)  '-    /.'"IT    >"£'-*  >J eJry**.  , i'7" *'*^* .-.   '-1  -. r  "   -Ci^toor-MATKaiAi^ '-  '- -<  ~- '*».-?---* >PIM« C1AT.;<%  _> r- - >, ,  Evana.   Coleman  ft' JBvana ,'*t. CM,,. .8.   H88  .^N.-O-yNfTl-ftiCo.. vS4-»" Sey.-SU^MS.-JTM  mtchte Con. ft Sup. eo...GraBrUBd*..8. »l**l  „.„„.. .V„JCI„„.. «. „ _, ._,_-.„  R. vV. -WlBcb*ft-Co/r  Vtnch-Bi(^..-o.-i^7»-lfM,«j.Rjtchl-.Con. »_sup: C<-.; Gran,vlll«,sB.  "W TIRK WxTIXOC'ISHkR^SVSTEMB.   '  Barr ft Andereon, 10«0 Hcmer St.'. ...S. «1*0  FLOORING  J. ryte Smith ft  Co.. 1S20  Rlcharda.-S. 1M«  GLASS—ALL KIKD8.  W. M. O'Xeil ft Co. 548 S«-y. St..   S. 479S-479?  UAKUffARE  Brown,  Fraser A Co..  Ltd.,   11S0  Homer St...81   7155  Flett. J. A., Ill Hastings W tsey. 2427-8  HARDWOOD FI.OOBS  W. N. CKell * Co.  S48 Se-jr. St..-S   479S-4TJ8  J.  Fyfe Smith ft Co    1320  Rlcharda. .S. 11>«  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith. J. Fyfe ft> Co . 1320 Richarda. .3. 1196  HEATING—HOT   AIK.   STEAM   AJND   VE>'  '.1    *  .8. »1«3  TILAT1XG  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St.,......S.  136  61MJ  Uarr   &   An-lfcrson,   lOfiti   Horaur   -dt...*,  Mitclitll.  A    II.,  501  Richards  bt. ..— S. 1iS4  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Leek & Co. LUI. 1Q9S Homer St    _'. ~. S.    661  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co. Granvl. Bdff .S./9161  HOTELS  Abbotsford   Hotel.   921   render   St    \V _. _S. 386D  Cmada   Uotel.1311   Ihchiirds   St —b. ]j71  INTERIOR  1 IMSH  Evans.  Coleman .&  Evans,  ft. Col.... -S. 20SS  vV. N.  O'-N'eil A Co.. 54;, Sey.  SL...S. 4795-4i9S  Kitchie. Con. at Sup. Co., U ran v. Bdg. .b. bo.  IKON   AM)  STEEL—STRITCTLKAL.'  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   PfMr1«r... .S. 5710  Can. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd . _ _  Prince £dwafd St;  :...:Falr. -396-1  Evans, Coieman «*: tTvans. . Kt. -Jui... a. ^sjis  CouBhlan,  J.  & Sons.   World   Bldg....b.   <J-  Mucdcmald,   Jiarpolu   Co..   Lul ...n   -i.«  Metal l'roduct* Co.. I.td.,' 548 Seymour St S. -l.i'i)  Ritchie. Con. & Sun. Co.. Granv. Bdg;. .S. 91h.  \V.  N.  O'Xeil ft Co..  54S bey. St...S. 4i9S-4.98  Wilkinson  Co., S4G  Beach S.   < 915  IKON  AND  STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Can.   Allis-ChalmtTB.   10'i3   Puniler S. 5710  Evans,  Coleman it  Evans,   ft. Col s». ..J&s  W. S. O'Neil A Co.. 51* bey. St...S. 4795-4 (9b  .-.uenio i^oi.. « sup.  Co.. oranvl.  BC.i*..b. »tt>-  LATII—METAL  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb. .-jj, 29SS  \V.  N. O'Neil A Co.,  »4S Sey.  St. ..S. 479o-4i98  Ritchie  C.   and   S.   Co..   Grnn.   St S.   am'  LIME.  I'alfour,   Out'irle   tV:   Co S.   9197-6575  li'var.a! Coleman ft Evnns. Ft. Coluinb. .S. 29^  Giiiey Bros.. New Westminster. .Phones 15._l*b  \V. N. O'Neil ft Co.,  54S St>y. St...S. 4795-4.9S  I'aottlc Lime Co.. Lul.,  I'aeitlc Hidi: S. 9»ui>  Ritchie   Con.   &   *jup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 91b'.  R.  V. Winch Co, Ld.. Winch Bd*-..S. 279-1944  LUMBER  Fedoral   Lumber   Co..   Honors    Uldir  S. 3998-9  MACHINERY  lirown.  Frasur &  Co..   Ltd..   1150  Ilomor  St....S. 7153  Can.   Allls-Chaimers.   10«:i   Pi-ixi*t. . . .S. Bilo  Warlinp,  PYank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     Sey.  4100-4101  W. N. o-Nell ft Co.. 'Hi- boy. bi. ..*->• ■l''■'^,-■)''•!6  Ritchif Con. ft Sup. Co.. Gnnvl. Bd-<*. .b. JI''-  The Holden Co., Ltd., 5-12 Pender St. W.  Sey.   lOfaa.  MANTELS—DKICK. TILE AND   WOOD  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,  ft. Col S. 2U8S  W. N. ONeil ft Co.. 54S bey. St...S. 4795-4I9S  Ritchie   Con.   ft   Sud.   Co..   Granville. .S. 91b-  ROI'E-MANILA  Balfour," Guthrie   ft   Co a. »l»T-M7l  RUBBER.STAMPS S ^  Sulty, A. C. ft iyor*. yCtdr.; 151 Uiutln-is W. _S.    3U  '""*'"        SAFES—VAULT DOORS  The Goldie * KcCuIlocb Co., Ltd ,  Sts  Bichards St      W. N. O'Neil ft Co., MS Sey. St   S   3907  S. 47»»-47»k  BAND   GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29»l  Gllley Bioa, Ltd., New Wect.. .Phoneal.. 1;.  Ritchie. Con. ft Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .8. II**  SASH  DOORS.  WINDOWS,  ETC.  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 47SS-479.  SHINGLE  MANLFACTIBERS AND  DEAL  EltS.  (See Lumber and Snlngles.)  SLATE  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S.2988  W. .N O.Nell ft Co., a4!n Sey. St.. .S. 4795-4791  rt. V. Winch & Co., Wtnca Bld...S. 279-194*  Ritchie, Con. ft Sup. Co., Granv. Bd*f. .S. 916*  STEEL—R EINrORCING.  Balfour,    Guthrie   ft   Co S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  Col...  STORE   ft   OFFICE   FIXTURES   &  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft. Col  .W.-"N.'O'Nell ft Co., 54b bey. St  STOK1  ,S. 29SS  S. 4795-4i9t  'TAB. AND   FITCH  The."Barrett Co.. Ltd., lUt'n and .Arbutus. Bay 772.  Evans, Coleman ,ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  TILE— DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum.-.S. 298-  Gllley Bios., New \\ es'tminster 1'hones 15, li  Kttcni'"   Con. ft Sup. Co.. Giiiiiv. Bog..S. al6.  TILE—FLOOR  AM)   WALL  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,   ft.   Col S. 29SS  vV. .\. O'Netl ft Co.,  o4i i-ey. SI-..S. 4795-tiS-'  TIN PLATES  .'•lifour,   Guthrie   ft.   Co... S.   9137-667.  Evans,  Coleman &   Evans,   ft.   Col S. 29SS  H.  V.   Winch ,s. Co..   Winch   U*,d...S.    279-1M  Wilkinson Co., S-10 Boacli S. 7915  TIRES  Illll Tire Co., 941  Pender St.  W  S. 6111  TOOL   STEEL  Darling,   Frank  ft  Co.,   1142   Horner  St.   b\   4100-410)  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson,  li*60  Homer St S. 618i  WALL   BOARDS  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,   ft.   Col S.2988  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  The  liarrett   Co..   Lul.,   lOlli   and   Arbutus   V.&y  Evans,  Coleman  ft  Evans,  VV.   JN.   O'ySull'tyi   Co  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. ONeil ft Co.. 54S Sey. .St. ..S. 4796-479;  WIRE KOPE  Balfour.    Guthrlo    ft    Co S. 9197-657t  Evans,  Coleman ft   Evans,  Kitchie. Con. ft Suo  rt.   V.   Wtncr. <& Co  Wilkinson Co  ...-.  ft.   Col b. 298S  a4J> bey.  St-.-.S. 4796-»iS(.  rt.   Col S. 2988  Co.. Granv.  B(";g. .d. 91»  WincH   31d.. .S.    27-1-19-t  S16 Beach S.  7910  THE   MEDIUM.  Did you ever notice that 95 per  cent, of the big successful firms are  firms who advertise? They figure advertising as an investment not an expense. The secret of advertising is  the selection ol' a medium whicl  reaches those people who are or wi!  be the most likely "purchasers o  ..- '-'O'Hi'-t '     I' vim h." m rht- tuif'•  ing supply or machinery nne don't s*.  lect a moving picture publication i;  which   to   do   your   advertising.     Be  cause of the fact that the KWCORD is  ..he only paper published in the pro  vifice devoted exclusively to the con  tracting business it  is  read  by practically   every  cne  you   would   like   tc  sell your products to.    Your ad. where  i hey  will  see u  will  put  a capital  C  - n  yot"- casa.  12393—D. B. McNeill, 3419 Broadway W.  12394—R. Sherman, N.  Vancouver    12395—C.  V.  Curnmings,   736  Granville ....  12396—E.  B. Noble,  1722  Cotton-Drive....:.:  12397—C. Parsons, Laurier Ave.- ...A-..:.   12398—Peter Vaseler.  900  Granville, St.  ...  12399—Charles Zahner, Martinique Hotel  1240C>—Geo. E.'Seldon,'1354 Mathews Ave.  12401—J. J. Thompson, 1675 Nelson St   12402—P. J. Russell.].3864 Osier Ave.' '. Pathfinder  12403—A. S. Durdan, 1090 12th Ave. W .'....For-a  12404—J. Papay.  250 Kingsway  .J. .'_ For*  12405—J. Hanbury, cor. 4th Ave. A Granville St ........\-For-a  12406-r-W. B. Fernie, 1347 Nicola St _ McLaughlin  12407—Kathleen Farrell, rear 1454 P-indrill St....: Dodge  12408—Kelly, Douglas &-Co., Ltd.,  326  Water St .-...Packard  12409—P.  C.  Thomas,  2221  Dunbar  St —Chevrolet  12410—W. R. Keep, cor. 4 3th Ave. & Elm St Maxwell  12411'— M. H. C, 400 C. P. R. Building /. MeLaughlin  12412—Dr. W. M. Carter,  2135  Sth Ave. "W 1 Ford  12413—J.  R. "Whyte, 77 27th Ave. W _ I.—-.- .'....Ford  12414—J. M. Graham, Martinique Hotel  .•• Buick  12415—F. R. Stewart A Co.. Ltd.", 1760 2nd Ave. E...V-* Ford  1241'6'-i-"E. "Wilson,   530  30th~Ave. E _ McLaughlin  12417—Pacific Transfer Co., 110 Cordova E -..: .".Chicago  12418—J. A. Ogden, 448  6th Ave   E „........: : ::..Chicago  12418—Leo C. De Merrill, 1505. Powell St Gray-Dort  12420—Donald Robertson, 1938 16th. Ave. W....'. McLaughlin,  124SI—Dr. T. H. Lennle, cor. 9th Ave. & Sasamat..'....«-Chevr©let  J.2422—Mrs* G. M. Burns, 2005 16th Ave. W _...- .....Chevrolet  12423—E.  Johnston,  915  Main-St   :....i......  .Far* I  112424—Sandell Mfg. Co.;"Granville A 64th Ave...:....'..-..'. Ford I  12425—K. A_-M. tRyan, New Westminster ,'...y„J...::ChalmerB  12426—Department-of Militia A Defense,-1117 Seaton-Cadillac  12427—C. Brown, Colbrook, B. CI .'. : '._-JFranltlin  12464—Geo.' A. Saner, Stavefalls,* B.-C..:. -•..-—..:—2_i...-.For<»  12465—C. D.* Boardms.n,   Otter,  BJ  C -  1". Fard  12466-*—M. G. Caswell, New Westminster :„.-.:..■ ..:.5i...„Dodge  12467—H, Beacham. Milner. B. C -.--.. -.: -.^-JFrnr*  .:_ .......Ferd  -./..i.'S—���JForfl  -..*.£r-*.:::.:..For§,  2T*r*\  Rapid i  -"~    Hi  i2i77-±-Arihur Mest,Market, Otter. B.  C. :~„.;....:..;,:^..-F©rd  j  13478—G. L.,Hamre, Aldergrove,'B. C.  ?-....-.~..-....Foriti  1*479—T. N. Lothian. East Burnaby —  ....-  i.or2JI  124S0—Mrs. A. S. Knapp. Langley Prairie, B. C -. -*®™  I  12481,—J. C. McClure, KUgrad P.O..  B. C  m>r*ia  124J3—.Toseph  Knoi,  Yarrow P.O.,  B. C   12483—G. T. Thornton, Sardis, B. C    12484—M.  F. Gillanders, Sardis,  B. C   12486—J.  Galbraith,  New   Westminstfr   12487—Joseph Mayers, N«w Westminrter...  J24S8—J.   Tiewaetha,  New  Westminster ....  12489—r.  H.   T.  Graham.   Sardis.  B.C   1249*—S.  Portsmouth.  Sardis,   B.C   12491—S. B. Simpson, New Westminster   12492—T.  Lonffstaff,  New Westminster   12493—Harry  Curtis,  Huntingdon,   B.C   12494  12495  124S6—A  12497—B  12468—K. A..Ottley, P.or,t CoquUlam,. B."C......'.  li4«»^JslaK rsrael„Silv*erdale.-B. C: J     "    '  ISHt-^-W. GHlesple,,New Westminster.......:  12471—X R.-Jordan, Ladner.-B. C.:.......J....:..  ia472—H.  M.* Walker. New-Westminster—  ^•faWTl-rr-Wml^Barker/ Ifew^We8tmlnater.7......  "    ia.4'M-i-I)i''!Buchananj".Al»botsford,flB.-'C..  Th. ^alrB-#C^.-'i^:^Ho^i•'an<^>b>tu..fBal■.  772. Ll'iijls^'^nrilnghami'Hardware rCo., .New. Wj^tminSter^.9Apld  ET*r;£?Coien,kr\> &z Evened F&Cii»um..*. 2»*K ja»7«^WmV?Barker;-»55;Bob8on.St. ^i_i r.J^-^^i:iK»|>£5  C - Fbrd   Chevrolet   Chevrolet   McLaughlin  j. WiUys-O   Ford   Ford   Ford   _Ford  , McLaughlin   Overland   _ Ford  -A   C.  MacEwan,  New "Westminster Chalmers  -W.   A.   MacDonald.   Edmunds £.°"?  V.   RottlielT,   Matsqui.   B.   C £ord  C. Telephone Co., Mission City -.-«-..1'erd  1249S—J.  Mayers,  New  Westminster   Chicago  1249"<l—Duncan  McTavish,   Pitt Meadows    .1^0^  1290S—C. Andregg, 106t 26th Ave. E McLaughlin  12909—Hendrv Foundry Co.,  349  Dufferin St.  12910—J. E. Bird.  940 15th Ave. W   129H—Augusta Brpn. 239  10th Ave. E   129! 2—S    lUcGouvran,   Shausrhnessy   lodge  ..  12913—H.  T   Ravner,  542   62nd  Ave.  E   12914—.T.   M.  Hall.   1730   41st  Ave.  E   12915—D   S.  Fnii-er.  727  17th  Ave. W   12916—l\X. I.X. Brodsky, Seymour Pt   12917—A.  Rlair,  1147  Venables  St   1291S—H.   G    Jame*-.S'lver'l*ile   B.  C   19919—p   McDonald,  344   St.  Catherine  St ..  12920—Philip  A.  Wilson.   1S44   OomoK  St...   .  12921—.'dam   Turner,   2536   xUberta  St   1292!*—R. A. Conkey, 3-Uh Ave. W   12923—IX.  L. James.   1--21 JVIaple St,  N   Vancouver..  1292- Dr. W   T   Hoyt-s,  20:.0  McDonald  Dr.  12925—Callndlnes   Grocery.   15^S   Com:-icrci:iI  lops'-—N. "VV   Richardson.   1312   IDUi   Ave.  \V  12927—Calladine Co,  1 r.-^S  Commercial Dr  1292S—IX    G.   Wales,   Lndner,   B.   C     .    ..  1292*1—n.  Bnnta A A   Chanel.  Roche  Point  12930—Pemberton  .<;-   So-is.   1 I fiS   Nelson   St  12931—Fuji  Laundry.  C22   Alevandt-r  St  12932—Mrs   .1    Hall,  l-l'l   Kii«-t .*■ ve   E        ...  129,i:i—O. C. Hav.-itt,  19."i   Alevander St . .  • 2934—Callftdincs   Grocery.   15SS   Commercial  12935—T.  AV.  B,  London.   132.'   Harwood   St....  1 293G—Thomas   Kelly,   -t-J2   12th   Ave.   AV ._  1-.-937—H.   Swinford,   Dominion   Bldir   ........  AA lll.vs-'-'.  1233S—Evans.  Coleman &   Evans,  Ft.  Carrall  St....McLati<*Min  1*>939—imp    Oil   Co.,  Cambie  and  Smythe   St  lord  iooin_Swift  Canadian  Co..   127   Water St   12941—D. MacArthur, Elewne,  B. C   1 ■'y.«•»—T. A   Jlorvson, Maple and C'gdcn Ave  12943—O.   <i.   Barron,   93G   22nd   .Ave.   VV   1294*!—M.   Bowell,   1522   Nelson  fit   1294 5—H. Montgomery, Ladner.  B. C   1294R—G.   T.   Cunningham.   1321   Comox   St...  12947—W.   IT.   Malklns,   West   A'nncouver   1294S—C.   Brown.   121   Fifth   Ave.  AV   12949—B.   C   Keeley,   629   Cambie  St   1-.9-O-—Mrs.  A.  Chainley.   10U1   Pendrell  St....  12951—H. Simoi), 411 Keith Road   TEANSPEBS.  ji7C3—A. Gormley to T. Humphries, cor.  Sth A Trimble   CHS—puritv Ice Cream Co. to Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  AVarehouse    Federal  S536—AV.   Silver   to   Studebaker   Corpn.   of   Canada,  1233   Georgia.  St ..Studebaker  8536—Studebaker Corpn. of Can. to H. Taylor, 837 Howe     '  123-ts—A   U   Bissett to Van. Salvage Co., 427 Seymour St   107if,—C. S. Ross to A. AVini-am, 17th and Main St   11210—AV. Inglls to A. F. Gormley, 31 Pender St. AV   3310—F. F.. Hopkins to .1.  Locke, 35  Pender St .....  *>707 F,   Harris to J. Culbertson, 3:"> Pender St   _M   A'ereecken to J.  Downle,  1136 Seymour ..McLaughlin  —.1 ' W. Karnev to M. Jasperson, North Van. Ford  — liullstein to *E.  Barber, 2 40S Heather St   —A.  ('rail  to  Ferguson-I-Iiyman  Motor Co.,  <\22 Sevmour St   —A   Stevenson to IT. Dahl. Georgia St FIn.rider.'-  —,1   McAndrew  to K.  Sutherland, 2001  ,r.th AV Cadillac  — J*   Spornno  to .1.   Brand  it  Co.,  723  Robson  St.  -,t   1' 'Cameron to S. Miller, 1743 Bayswater....McLaughlin  —li   .1   Tucker to R. Trundle, Roche Point, B.C. Chalmers  —IT   Jones to Collin  A MacDonald.   1735 Broadway....Ford  _C   Vann to F. L. Ballard, 446 Sth Ave. E.i..-- Ford  -p'   .Alimcdi  to  A.   Parker,  Paciiie  Bldg....... Willys-O  —T,   Hawkins to C. Killich, fill   Hamilton St.'   W  Ford    Paige      Hudson  .... McLAiighl'n   Maxwell   Maxwell    Trord      Briscoe  , McLau-rhlin    Ford   Briscoe          .Ford   Overland  ..    McLaughlin  Ford  Ford  Dr ..Studebaker  . ..    Studebaker  Ford  Gr.iv-Port  Ford  . . Studebaker  Ford  Ford  AVilIy-s-O  Dr....Stv:debaker   Franklin   I'ord  ..Packard    Ford   McLaughlin   McLaughlin   McLaughlin   Podge   Studebaker   Ford   Ford   Ford   ...Hudson   Chalmers  261  1235 3-  1325-  4457-  6175-  1211-  7361-  S 5 2 S-  (13 2 7  4S00-  104 5-1-  2028  77lli;.       •1752—11.  Prawv to L.  Blanck,  S05  Hastings St.   \V   .-.-jk; (',    Blanck to A.  Hull. Chilliwack,  B. C   9-I-7 j   Xivon to .1. AVilkinson, Chilliwack,  il. C   5202 liiisrli-'S   Bros,  to  II.  Nishimura,  2<".l   C.ordova E   t'lnilO—C.   Kay to  Kinoshltn.  2C,'>  Powell  St. E   •■'ii_..l|    Ma'ri---.iv In  P.  Knman.  1270 Hornby St   10-111,— !    W    .\l.-\aiul■■!•  to  M.   Homey.   21 tl   Pandora   Chevrolet  •-,••■',-...'•    .V    M-icl •unald   to  C.   R.  Turner.   fiPf.   Bol  '1r.;, ,, ,r       r      r. .:..-..       r ..       . y,    I I       I      '•     '           •"• ■•  .  .  _^..;..-... ot....  ...Ford  l''nr(l  ". T  .,";&  1 ~&  iy ,"..5.  .  /*T«  j**y»  *--:;-41  \ J  *Tr A J ***  *1  .   _l_y<--y.jfc,'   "li  .       -'       '.A,'1"---  1 e,.-.,~ ^,^-a^--a-a-f j i, ■,       ■"•   '^z.j y-^, i%vi~  *>"i.-*y.-'-r-l5:.T   *fe s*y^4ss^a!?*j  ,:. »...••»•..•*• -r-  *■  I.  J&ITISxr COLUMBIA   RECORD  BKEI8SSBa3BB!Ka1  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  ONS Ltd.  A. G. BAGLEY  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  ii'T ii il'1—limi iiiii mini I  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,  TIME   CHEfCKS,  Ev   TAGS,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES',   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  EKSaBSBSBHrSSaBEHB-i  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  Automatic  \  New Work -- Contracts Let  f***i  K V  i  OVER,    ON     WHICH     CONSTRtXCTXOJT    IS  THE    FOLLOWINO   TABI.E   SHOWS   BUILDINGS    COSTIH3    $5,000    OB    OVER,    OT*^* ym STiBTED  UNDER WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN I-ST BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STABTEP  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180}  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  ■^  LIMITED  P. A. JOllM, MgT.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS.  .-ETC-   -  Owners off Tug "CLIVE"  I ' ''y-  General Towing  324 FrdBtSt . Hew Westminster  Telephone 1015  Character  ~  Com*  Depot und  terminal $1,000,000  3  new bldg. and 2 alterations Ji?-2*29S  Causeway    ?jO,000  Shipbuilding  plant     Dred-jine- between piers  V"X"n"n'X  Cold Storage plant  ISS'SSx  Brick   Canning   Plant ?20,000  Power Plant        Sleeping  Pavilion    i-yrXn"/-.  Telephone Exchange  „ *io,ouo  Concrete  Hghthoube   tower     Remodel   Bldg - -."„—„-„"«  Sewer   Work    «?§-?nn  Warehouse etc - -.-flS'SxX  Saw Mill  *i°2'222  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power   House  - --'■ •,-•-•■■■•■•  Residence    Vcrn'n»X  Concentrator etc *5"2'y;„2  , Station   and Terminals    J29'29°  I Jetty   (Second Unit)   - }3M>°J2  Turninp   Basin     _ 'ISM^  Trunk Sewer —    .SS^Xx),  Dredging ......   -« »70O.00fi  Seawall    ..:    ' i?°.,000  Wharf    - H6.000  Store   and   oiflce   bldg vfl?!?*292  Sewer  _ $300,000  Wood  Bridge  ii.'0"0.  1  Sto. Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yp.rds  -.vv-vxv  Club Building  .*. $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse   Frame   Building   $35,000  Remodel   Building    $12,000  Foundation   for   Shed $25,000  Freight Offices and Sheds   Pier Extension  -■   ]   Story  Brick Addition..- $5,000  Frame   Apart.   Hou—.    $6,000  Front   Store   Bldg $7,000  Dredging   for   Causeway $16,9fi2  Alter.Theatre Building $5,000  location     Own«  False   Creek   Can.   Northern Ry,  10th & Willow St! University of B. C.  Coal  Harbor  City of  Vancouver  Port Moody....Port Moody  Shipbuild.  Co  Burrard   Inlet Can.   Pacific  Ry.  Foot of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co  Kelowna    B. C. Evaporators, I.td  Prince George       City  Tranquille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelson     B   C.   Telephone  Co.  Triple   Tsland,   B. O..'. Dom.  Govt.  653 Granville-Elliott Shandley & MeLe.in  Esquimau    City  Victoria  ...Dom. Govt  6th & Willow  Alberta Lumber ,Co.  Poplar  Island....Westminster Marine'Ky.  Anyox   Granby  Min.  A Smelt.  Co  New W*»stminster..Mrs. J.'C. Armstrong  Surf   Inlet Surf  Inlet  Po.wer   Co.  False^preek Great  Northern  Ry.  Fraser River < lower)... Dominion Govt.  Fal.ne Creek     Governm«iit  Stanley Park  Sewerage Bonrd  Fal'-e C.i-ek .,   Governini-jit  False Creek  .'. C. Nl Ry.  Patricia Bay Can.   K.P.  Ry.'Co.  Vlctorlfi    _ .*-   Hastings Park   Sewera-t-a  Board  Nanaimo    City  Bridge St ..Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  J. Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club  Vancouver :. _ G. N. Ry.  Architect     Contractor  Pratt & Ross .. Northern Const.  Co. and  Carter, Halls Aldinger Co.  Sharpe A Thompsoi. Baynes A Horie  Owners  ". -•   Owners    Owners     W.  D.  Grant  Owners,""."'.".". A.  W.   Quist  Owners    Ward   &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co .-.   Owners  .-. •-- Jas.   Layfleld  Owners  Snider Bros. & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.  . ..Warren & Stancombe     Parfitt Bros.  Z -.-.'- Owners  ™  Owners   Taylor  Engineering  Co.  Townley & James   J.  C, Allen  Owners —.'  Owners    Owners    Owners    ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  *      . VANCOTT-y-ER, B. C.  12 0      ROOMS  Central '— Quiet-— Modern — Fireproof  THE  BUSINESS MAN'S  HOUSE  DIKING ROOM PRIVATE BATHS  WRITING  ROOM LOUNGE .AND   PARLOR  Rates   from. $1. OO   per   day  PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  10th A Willow Sts McGill Universitv  Cordova St. W Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver G. N. Ry.  Vancouver  C. N. Ry.  F  L  Townley..Grant Smith A McDonnell  Govt Maish   lluton   Powers  Co.  Government .TPatliic  Dredging Co.,  Owners   . .Z - •?•••■•-,-—,; ••"•••  Eng. Dept Pacific .Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Creelman A Co.  Owners  ...::  d-   Doe.  Victoi ia  Percy  Tox   Luny   Bros.  Owners    - -— -     Owners  Owners   A. W.  Mesher  Owners  ■'•  Owners  C. Palmer Purdy A T.oner-jon  . Grant,   Smith   &   Co.  yB  F.   L.   Townley    & MacDor.nell. Ltd.<  Sharpe & Thompson Baynes & Horie.  Contractors Purdy & Henderson'  Uwneis Grant  Smith  &  Co.  ■    &->MaoDonell. Ltd.  Pratt A Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton A  •   ,    * • , ',Bruce.  Vancouver ..." ".. _. C. r.  R (Owners  <6. Gustofson  774 Granville St C.  1096—12th Ave. W W. S.. Thompson  532 Granville St L. N. MacKechnie  Vancouver  '..-... City  851 Granville St i....:.....l...W..P. Ni. His  Owners  ,. --•••-■  Owners  .A.   L.  Benglof.... ,/.v-.A.L. Benglof  T   A.  Fee   - •-'- W. Hepburn  Citv '    .. ......Dominion   Construction zCo.<  Owner  _ -•'-  Owner  r.-&  m  i  «^w!*; **-  eSyt-ivjA. ..- ■>..- *   '■ .  SsM-^% .."1"*   " ,   ' .  fe  .  lyR-i-Vy  Mr?  •W-r*  ;'|;,'^i;-As General-Agent* • - *--  Vor'"British 'Columbia of'The- Globe  .iridemnity'Company of Canada and  Tne.-Jjiverpool & London* & Globe  insurance "Co.," Ltd. • We sell com*  \ plete * protection jncludihg loss  "tbrough  * rireF.-iTheft,,,.Collision,, Property  Damage and Personal' OabiNty.  Cepsrley. Rounsefell & Co.  LIMITED *  Winch  Bldg. 739   Hastings  St.  W.  Et>tab.  188C        Vancouver, B.C..  VANCOUVER—At least five wood-  en' steamers for the Imperial .Munitions Board will be " launched" tliis  month, and March 14 is the probable  date. -The New Westminster .yard  and the"- Coquitlam plant expect to  launch one-' each on' that day and the  Lyall yard- will put the War Cariboo  in- the- water about that time." - The  ■War Selkirk, at the Western Canada  yard,* is waiting , for seacocks" and'  other gear, but, otherwise is ready  for' launching and the Victoria plants  also" have hulls about ready. March  will probably be the ^ record ' month  f6r^ laurfchings. The Imperial Munitions Board logging1 camp at Jackson  1 Bay was closed down for a few days  owing _ to -the bad weather, but has  'resumed; 1,500^0.00 feet -.'of logs1 are  ready to be towed to Vancouver.V v  •^♦^♦^♦•l*^*•}•* ***jte*$$r$***  *      PLUMBING* PERMITS      |  with the furnishings of all'materials, f tiating'jEauipment/'^and addressed-to  toolsT appliances;-scaffolding,  appara  tus and labor, required for the installa-'^  tion  of t the'i heating   and   veutilating-  equipment as 'called for -Tn the* plans  and specifications.       ' **   '  All information can be obtained at  the office of >the general contractor,  P. Lyall* & Sons Construction Company, Limited, Ottawa.' A set\of plans  and specifications may be had by de-  LEEK & CO.. LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  'Seymour '661  1098 Homer St.  VANCOUVER B. C.  > IN* *■  ■t  t  f  M  Riii  positing an accepted.bank cheque" for  twenty-five ($25) dollars made,_ payable "to the Honourable  the  Minister  '   '        ' *" X      '  of Public Works, which will be returned if the-intending bidder "submits-'a  regular->bfd.      _   c   . -  ' .'""-*  Each tender' miisi\'ve accompahred  by an accepted cheque on *a-chartered  bank payable,to" the'order of" the, Min-,  ister of Public Works" for a sum, not  less than'five'per cent. (5%) of-the  amount of tlie tender, which will, be  forfeited if the parties tendering de-  15612'to I06I0 - -* c'ine  to enter into'a  contract when"  moo    xr   /-. " rr-A  t>        ■..    c.   (called upon to'do so.v If the tender is  .-.193S—N.   Carson,  774. Granville  St., j     t „„*,„..t„j tl.„'„iiy.'„T.-. .'.UuTi.1 .._*.!.._'  Kydd Bros. " \  Th3 Goidie & f.!cCu!locti Co.  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works  SAFES.     VAULTS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  etc.  Made in Canada  Seymour 3937       569 Richards St.  Vancouver  3 939—C. N. It. Passenger Depot,  False Creek; Barr & Anderson."  1940—Brown & Honcuf, 133^Cordova  E., Barr & Anderson.  19-11—M. J. flalpin, 1424 13th Ave?  W., Barr & Anderson.  not accepted the cheque will be return-f Clendenning are the.owners. ' i'  Down goes the price of Tires  .v.  F03 E-JERY MILE OF SERVICE  IF YOU COUIP YOUR CAB WITH  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CUP TIRES  6000  Miles Guaranteed  Unfailing Service, when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing   and   Steamfitting  1033 Granville St.       Phone Sey-136  Vancouver, B. C. Res. Bey. 77  (Con-tinned  from 9n.ge 2)  Six new 1918 shippers are on the  Consolidated ore list- for the week  ending this month.  Granby's Grand Forks smelter is  now operating three copper furnaces  out of the battery of eight.  Three lead furnaces are now in  blast at the Trail 'spielter, the third  ha\ing been b.own in last week.  The last week in February ' shows  the largest ore shipping total for any  seven clays thus far this year—10,-  399 tons. l  In January 27,404 tons o'f ore were  shipped to, the Trail smelter, and in  February the total was 33,313 tons,  the latter total being somewhere near  tlie ncriral figures.  I     Tomorrow is the semi-month'y paj-  i day   in   Trail   and   Rossland,     when  [some 1300 men will be paid in the former place and about 500 in the latter.  Ladysmith smelter, on Vancouver  island, may again be operated, as it  is proposed to bring ore by water from  Mexico, the return cargo being lumber.    '  Steady shipments are being made  from the Emerald mine on Iron mountain, in the Salmo District, to Trail  smelter. One carload per week being  shipped.  Granby's plans for coal development,  coke ovens and by-products p'.ant may  be delayed by troubles in securing title  to some of its lands on Vancouver island.  Eight tons of ore, which it is estimated will run 300 ounces in silver to the  ton, are being shipped from the Aspen  mine, near Salmo, to Trail smelter.  The owners of the property are Mrs.  Billings and Percy F. Horton.   PROPOSALS WANTED  TENDERS WANTED  FOR  HEATING.  AND   VENTILATING   EQUIPMENT  Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.  Sealed tenders will be received by  the undersigned until noon, March 18,  1918, for heating and ventilating equipment required in the reconstruction of  the above building.  All tenders to be based on the execution, erection and completion, together  ed. If the. tender is accepted an ad-'  ditional cheque for-a sum equivalent  to five per cent. 05*%)'" of the1 amount  of the tender must be deposited before  the contract is signed. The total security will be forfeited if/ the contractor  fails to complete the work contracted  for.  Payments will be made-*morthIy and  will not exceed in the aggregate ninety per cent. (90%) of the value of the  labor and materials furnished and set  in glace.  The lowest or' any tender not necessarily accepted.  Envelopes containing tenders to be  the [undersigned.     s - ,    ^ ,     •   ,t  JOHN A.. PEARSON, Architect. '  J.' O. ai ARCHAND, Associate:    |  Centre BI ^Parliament, Bldgs, Ottawa.   -" ' -  __1__1L 4  PROPOSALS: WANTED.   "*"  ».MISCEX*liAN.EbuS   PROrOSAlS ,-, "  -"'VANCOUVER — The International,  Cordage Co1.," with offices at 509 Richards St, will call for tenders about  the 1 Sth of April ;for the 'erection of  their building at Squth Vancouver. „■_  NEW - WESTMINSTER — Tenders,  will vbe..received up *to'March 15thby>  J.'3U.' Telford,' R.R. No. 2, New West-  mihster'.^for'the'' coAsfruction of ,a'  cement tlblock, dwellingYhpuse, '"'"situ-  ated on--North roSid-  Burquitlam.* J Z  ' VANCPJJVER-r-Arclits. Honeyman &  .Curtis, 821 Pender St. W., are recejv-  'ing-'-tfendelfs.'for the alteration /of the  -Blackburn Hotel, Main St., for.rooming  house ^purposes. The plumbing^con-,  tract will be let separately.    Boyd"&  r. <  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  #  1062 Georgia St. W.  Seymour 9045  VANCOUVER — Hodgson & King •„  London B^uilding, are receiving ''tend  ers for* the sheet metal and roofing in  connection with their 'contract to construe! the Government shed. Figures  on", "other subcontracts and materials,  will be received later.  VICTORIA—Sealed tenders will be  received by City Purchasing Agent Gait,  up to 3 p.m. on Monday, March 18, for  the supply of Arc Globes and Nitrogen  Lamps for the Electric Light Department. Specifications can be obtained  at the "office of  the   City   Purchasing  i"  Agent,., to whom all tenders must be  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  f1 .7      '  CHEVROLET  '^::DOOGiEfs'Z  CHALMERS  - -1  marked "Tenders for Heating and Ven- addressed.  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTA"LZ.A-nONS  HABCH 4th, 1918.  Palace  Billiard  Parlor,   165  Hastings West   Laidlaw & Cunningham, Drug from 3424 Com'l to 1607 Vannesp ..  HABCH 5th, 1918.  Deacon, F. B., Insurance, 170 Granville   CHAKOES.  MABCH 4th, 1918.  Pr'meau,'Joseph,  Broker from ?,."0 Water to 32 1   Water    .    ..  MABCH 5th, 1918.  Baird, Dr.a-W. S. Phv. & Surg   from 3<17 Joyoe to Jovce &-Vunness  .. Pev.,48fi6 O  .Fair.  170SO  .Sey   6105  Sey    2181  HUDSON  T.V        '«i-»y ',, ' i -    -        ">  CADILLAC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  -1..;  i     U  SSs-y":  •4'J  roll.  AUTOIVIOBILE   RECORDS  X-oUow-uig, ia a complete Hat for Vancouver and District of new  Automobile Ztlcences, Transfers. and ItcllnquishmoDt'*.  Iiicencee for the Week ■Enaing' Thursday A.M. are Hhov/n,  NEW   CABS.  No. Name Address Cnr  690—.1.   \V.  Klaht-rty.   Kuskln,   Ba> C • McLaughlin  6!)4—IS.  A.   Stolu,   27r.!l   Katon   St .". iMcLaiiKhlln  10.11—\V.   O.   Carson,   PavllUon,    B.-.C '. Saxon  088—73.   Cochrane,   923   Nicola   St.... .Maxwell  333ft—James   XL   Buskins,   1.159   Douglas   lid.,   Burnaby Kord  1127—John    Stevenson,    632   Seymour    Si Ford  1046—Henry   Doll!,   1839   2nd -Ave.    E Maxwell  898—IV.   C.   Stoddard,   2065   Triumph  -St Willys-O  720—Dicks, ■ I^td.,   3:1   Hastings   St.   E Kord  744—'■Dr.   G.   E.   Gill's,   998   Thurlow   St Kord  754—Ferguson-Higman    Motor   Co.,    962   Howwe   St Ford  761—Wllliard   W.   Cole    Maxwell  025—T.  H.  Bogart,   3136   2nd   Avji Kord  1028—Dr.   Thos.   R.   Pcden,   2995   Trimble   St Dodge  1050—Poison's   Bakery,   758   Lonsdale   Ave Chalmers  3061—Evans,  Coleman  A Evans,   Ft.   Columbia" Ave,..Maxwell  1059—Hampton  Bros.,   1695  7th  Ave.   \V Ford  1043—Chapman   Motor    Co.,    152   Water   St Republic  1053—Chapman   Motor   Co.,-152   Water   St Republic  •IM3—h.   Rowe,' Eburne,   B.   C ; Ford  1183—Almas   Coal   Co.,   334   Drake   St Republic  1150—Robert    Black,    1001    Broadway    W Ford  10G4—-John   C.   Benning,   1024   Melville St Ford  •1137—Harry   Brodgen,   746   Burrard   St : Ford  TBA-fiTS.FyE.BS  2053—A. A.   Ross   to T.  A'., Swift,  Abbotsford McLaushlin  12404—Sullivan-Taylor   Motor   Co.   to   W.   Sudbury,   3041  4th   Ave.    W .-   2CIC—W.   Sudbury   -to   Sullivan-Taylor   Motor    Co.,    250  Kingsway   '.: ■   38j5—H. Dahl  to  Consolidated  Motor Co.,  1230 Georgia St   3583—G. Salter  to G.  Black,   805  Hastings  St.   W...Hurnp*bile  M88_K.  MacDonald  and   T.   Raines   to   Studebaker Corporation   of Canada,   1233   Georgia  St Cadillac.  r.'OO—K.  B.  Dalby  to  Studebaker  Corpn.,   1233   Georgia  St   3096—A.  Des   Artel   to  C.   Mlddleton,   Georgia  St.....   8784—j   Woods   to  G.   Blanck,   806   Hastings   St Ford  32932—Mrs.  J.  Hall  to Smidebaker Corpn..   1233   Georgia...Ford  9825—Mrs. J.  Hall to Studebaker Cpn.,  1233  Georgia..Briscoe  *H168 J.  XX.  Spencer  to  Studebaker Corpn.,   1233   Georgia   2182—Sullivan-Taylor. .Motor   Co.   to   J.   McCallum,    120  6th   Ave.   W I'ord  12102—W.  McKee   to   W.   P.  Weston,   856   13th   Ave.   W.......   4818—M. Romey   to F.  Butler.   I.angley.  B.   C......    .....I'ord  0312—Brackman-Ker   Milling   Co.    to   A.    Woods,    '10  Homer  St Ford  1810—Studebaker  Corpn.  to  F.  Sm'tli    1356   12th Ave.   B.   1519—A   Pars,ons  to G.   Blitnck,  805   Hastings  St Sunbeam  can be used in a  hundred ways in   '  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  * Work of all kinds  Consult C. Bain our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to youf needs  Vancouver Gas Company  Carrall and Hastinar Sts. 'Phone Seymour SOOO'  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO \  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  \  S. p.. BOWSER A CO.  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 390r  J. J. Reedy, (Vlfffr.for B. C-  569 Richards St.  Vancouver, B.C.


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