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 ,m».  T:  ■'■i>  :S  1  • '/'it  ■;|p  ■s.;-UKg*  ■;Mfe-  M  f'-T'-j-  I  '•j  "-i-i;  '$.  .'■Wl  '.■■M<  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  VOL. XVI. No. 39  A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO OENESAL NEV/S, ETJIDC.-DIH-G,   OONTBACTIMTG, iEJT&IITEEailirO,  PBOVriSraiAI.,   CITY  AHD/BCARBOK niPBOT-ElCBN'TS.  Published  Monday  "Wednesday and Friday  VANQOUVE.R, B. C, WEDNESDAY, 'MARCH. 12,. 3919      V  T  Office and Plant  583  Honier-Bichards Lane  PBZCE—Per Year in Advance    -    $10.00  Per Month     1.00  Material  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  Tel. Sey, 4795-6. 548-550  Seymour St.  The  Home Bank of Canada  Orig-inal Charter 1854  HEAU   OrriCB,   TCBOHTO  A general bankinff business transacted..  Branches and Correspondents in  all parts of Canada and throughout the world.  Vancouver  Branch,  446   Hastings   St.   W.  J.   T.   iHacDONALD,   Manager  DOMINION  Pressed f^R | f K Common  Gabriofa Shale Products, Limited  Vancouver Office  425 Standard Bank Bltfg.  Phone Sey. 8057  J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative  '.TJIIiDINO   PEBMITS   AMOUNTINO   TO  S5O0   OB   OVER ISSUED   AT   THE   VANCOTTVEB  CITY  HALL  YESTERDAY  Number  Description  Cost  Street  Address  tot   and   Block  5)9X2-Dwelling $5,200  \mi—Dwelling $1,000  1312  1-HH Ave.  W.  451 2.1.st\Ave.  E   Subdivision  Architect  1   - —• —- - -  -—•-•—- —   t  Contractor  Addresa   Owner  Address  Owner ,   AV. .7. Read    Owner  iMrs. E. Armstrong  > -O?  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Buiiding Partition  and Drain TiJe  Phone 2988  Ft.ofCglumbia AV  Lumber  ..vcu-c^i     - * «!■-«*«»,.  Our Stock U the Most Complete on the Pacific Coa»t  We are also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. UNITED  1320 Richard. St. Vancouver, B. C.  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY. ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  'PHONE  SEYMOUR  354  Standard Bank Building  VANCOUVER - WINNIPEG  -.'*i'".'ti>'.''i'"  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  'Sole Acento In Canada For  CHIcako. -Prisurriatie Too! Co.      ,  Boyar  Riv.ting  A Chipping   Hammers;    Little   Giant   Drills:   Duntley  ElectrisvToolsr Rofck Drills;   Air Compressors;  Fuel Oil and'Gas Engines.  J       BUILDING PERMITS       %  ,9931—James    Pritzley,    alterations,  .137 Hastings St. VV., $200.  * '9933—Coutinental Daily News, foundations for press, 135 Cordova St. E„  \#100.  {   993-1--C. Stevens, garage,  17C4 Comox,  32f-G.U0  *- 9935—-I*\ J. .Merrick, garage, 2456 Pt.  Grey Road, $125.  '*■ t_9y36—:Vrs.   E.   Hoag,  1   siory  dwelling. 862 Sth Ave. E., $300.  "  9988— Ej Waddell. garage,, .133G 13th  Ave. E., $40.00.  Mistresl. TtfMti  wmmm  542 Pasdir SI W., Imuiu I. C.  Phoai Sij. I0SS  J  BRIDGE   COMPLETED  >€>-:*<i--J'-S'-:-<S>-:-'i">-&':-"i->* l board, strongly urging the erection of  a federal building in Trail at a cost  of not less than §150,000. Acknowledgments have arrived from Hon. F. B. j  Car.vell, minister of public works;  from Hon. Martin Burrell, secretary  of state and minister of mines; and  R. F.^ Green, M.P., member for Koot-  enay.'  FLANS   WATER   SUPPLY     /  -t   'FOR QUARTER MILLION  ' POPULATION   IN   CITY  Following the formal authorization  of the project by the\city council recently City Engineer ■"'Felibweo Has"  takea-the first steps to hot only provide an adequate water storage system for the city that will make it in-J  FRANK DARLING & CO.  EUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Brills — Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers. Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 4100  Structural Steel for Every Purpose  BEAMS, CHASnrSXS, AHOUSS, VXrATSS, TBJ», COSiUMHS  -   C0BTC:ETBX.T ZQVZFVZ-D rABBXCAAVff 8XOV9—--"  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  completed and ready for traffic.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phon* S-aymour 7155  1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  $5,200   HOME   FOR •  FOURTEENTH   AVE.   W.  W.  J.  Read,  2126  13th Ave.  W.,  is  erecting an    S-room,  two    story  residence, 30x34 !at 1312 14th  Ave.  VV.  at  a cost of $5,200.    The owner will do  j the work himself. '  ! CEDAR  MILLS  PLANS  TO'  DOUBLE  ITS  CAPACITY  London, Jtng.  Moutroal  WUwipefT  Toronto  Vancouver. B. C.  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  INSPECTION  ENGINEERS  TCSTS - CONSULTATION  RAILS,     CARS,  STEEL.     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES.     PIPE,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident  Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Center*  The new government   bridge across j dependent in  the matter of continued J  the Similkameen river at Princeton is (supply during the dry spell in the sum-.'  mer, but also make such extensions'to [  the system as will make it capable j  of supplying the needs of Vancouverj  when it has a quarter of a million  population, instead of approximately  100,000, as at present.  This first step which the city engineer has, taken comprises the dispatch of a small party of engineering j  experts to the upper reaches of the  Seymour valley where they will secure  the necessary hydraulic data to deter-  I.  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO  Teirmont 8396 and 2397  ▼anconvar. X. O.   I  1    J  Additional     machinery     has     been , mine  the best  location  for what will  ordered and considerable improvements are planned to the plant of tlie  Cedar Mills, Limited. Lynn. Valley,  v.Inch will double the existing capacity of the mill in its shingle output.  The present daily output of the plant  is 60,000 shingles, but when the now  machines are installed and additional  power provided, the mill will be able  to turn out more than 120,000 shingles  per day. Large orders in sight from  the prairie provinces is understood to  have let to the decision of tho management to increase tho capacity of the  mill in order to cope with I ho demand.  In all. over $2f».0OO will be spent in  improvemen  probably be the first of several storage basins. The data thus secured  for the Seymour valley will also to  a large extent be useful for the Capilano valley when future development  of that party of the system is undertaken. But for the immediate future  it is planned to secure as large a water  storage reservoir as possible in the  Seymour valley first.  Trussed  Concrete Steel Co.  of Canada, Limited  Walkerville, Ontario  Truscon Building Products for modern permanent construction cover Reinforced Concrete in all its -phases'; Steel Window  Sash of every type: Metal Lath for Plaster and Stucco; Concrete  lliglnvay   .Reinforcement;   Spot   Grounds, . Waterproofings,   etc.  Branch Sales Office  Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Seymour SOS"  D.  G. BBISOBT,   Branch  Maaag-er  425 Standard Bank Bldg.  WHATCOM   WILL   BUILD  TWELVE  MILES OF ROAD  HELLING HAM.  Wash.—One  of  the  first  large   road   improvements   to   be  I undertaken   in   Northern   Washington  to the  plant.    Some of;t,lis  year will  lje  stalled   the  last, of  this  month  with  the  opening  of  bids  GiSSey Bros.,  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK -. SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Materia!  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16  New Westminster, B.C.  j the   now   shingle   machinery   ha-   al-l  \ I'-ady ariivod and is now bi'M::-', instal-; ljy   the   yVatcom   County   commission-  led, levy nn-March 13, for the improvement  ;     Tho manavonionl   also  p'ans  (o call \ (i, tjie Acme-Wu-kersham Koad, known  ; for  lenders  soon   for   (lie  oivcli-m   of|as. ••ermaneut Highway No. G and G-A.  new  bunlv-housos  to accommodate  the-     •;•■,•,.  r(,.uj  which is  12-'-   miles  long  increased staff that will be employc-d. j w;u   1)C,   let   in   tw0  sections   and   will;  and also to instal new septic tanks ot\t.0b.t  between  $t:>.(-00  and   * 125.000  to i  suniciont capacity to take care of t'ut- [ t.0mi>leLe.  tire   increases  in   the  staff  and  make'    the mill site perfectly sanitary.    Plans | AUSTRALIA'S   IMPORT  for these latter improvements are now ! EDICT   WILL   BENEFIT  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cat to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts. Machine  Bolts. Tie  Bolts.        We are  prepared  to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT  —  LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER        San Francisco, Los VICTORIA  WINCH BUlLDiNG Angeles,  Portland BELMONT  BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197 Seattle, Tacoma Telephone 3037  We have just received a large shipment  MlUworh Contracts  Union   Depot    19i6  Can.   Northern  Biy.   Dopot 1917  Calgary  Armory   1918  Kooslantl   Hifi-h   School 1918  Tran*-julll«   Sanltorinm    1918  Phone Westminster 473  Our utt.-a.rii lie-itud pliint -.•nubles uk  to m ami l-'nctin-e Vt-nt-fi- Work at any  MtiUMuti  of  tho  y«ar.  We art; now manul'ac-turiiiK luturlor  tltLiMUri for* tilt; new If. C. Tuk-phonc'  Huiltlinu's liuatl ot"Icu in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th St., East Burnaby  heing [irepared.  TRAIL AFTER $150,000  FEDERAL   BUILDING  TRAIL—Secretary  T.  A.   Hubley. of  B. C. LUMBER  DEALERS j  The Australian government hns just (  recently   promu'.c-ated   an  edict  which]  od fnvoral.-lo ackurnvledgetnont of tl-.e  resolutions sent to Ottav.a. prepared  hv   the   legislative   committee   of   the  ' I prohibits the importation into that:  country of any goods except those of\  lliitish make and origin. This drastic i  measure  is    expected   to    almost   im-  of  CK  Can make prompt delivery  in any quantity  Rifciiie Contracting I Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone  Seymour 9163  1561   Granville Street  (-Cunt innoil   <">   T'nire   4.)  Seymour 4C60  e   E  i  trie  J. SMITH, Manaffcr  \',-2 Ali'xaiiflir St.    A'aiu-oiivcr. B.C.  Twtiit/ Years' Experience in all Brai-icheB  ol i:ioct.rical Worl:. Iimpectloti—Expert  Advice — Troublo 'Wort—Installin-j — Ko~  "Wl-ndlntr—All   -Work   Guaranteed.  WMMMmHMBB  -•jV '-*'-t .*-*•■>". ±.\' ■  smmmmimimMimi  Office and Worfe Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 53  0 ■M  BRITISH COLUMBIA. RECORD  British Columbia Record  (lSstablislu-il  1911)  Published   every    Monday,    Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper of general circulation, featuring Building. Contracting, Engineering, Industrial, Shipbuilding, .Mining, Automobile, Pro.  vincial,   City  and   Harbor  improTements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office  and   Plant  583   Homer-Richards   Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription  Rate a  One month .......$1.00  Six   months    $5.00  AK subscriptions are  payable strictly in ad-ramce  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishes  N. G. Foster'Limi  INTERIOR! DECORATORS  Seymour 1075 905 Granville St.  Specialists in  Interior Finishes  OFFICIAL OBGAN.  The British Columbia Record Is the  official organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The Knj-fineerinf-; & Technical  Institute of British  Columbia,  and  as such  ia used  by. them  as the medium  throiiffh which to make their official an- |, . ,. ivr,  nouneemeiits  to  the  general public. i oig question,    what business or class  By  such  selection   the  British   Colum-   „,.- „-f.-,,„,lc,  „,,,„,.  >,_  r.oii«/i  «.-,   <-~™,.i.  bia Record is no  wise pledged/to  edi 'ot cl«^ens must. be. called on to make  tance of each other, there can be little j amended Trades- License By-law this {will make a total of $5,257,531 declared  difference of opinion among those who  ever give the subject a moment's  thought. ■, Nor can there be any difference of opinion on the fact that the  property owner is carrying absolutely  all the burden of taxes that the property will stand at present. Therefore  additional revenue for the ,. city, by  means of taxes must be secured from  somewhere.    Rut where?   That is the  i  tiling less than at the rate of 4 per  cent, per annum on the capital stock  of 5-15.000,000 for the 13 years of ir.e  life of the company.  year, have'shown the difficulty of mak- J altogether by the company—or some-  ing proper classification of businesses and callings by that means, which  a business tax based on rental values  should largely obviate. So of the two  evils, the city aldermen evidently  choose the less when they recommended Aid. Kirk's tax scheme to the private bills committee of the provincial  legislature.  J.  Co  LIMITED  torial support of any policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely independent pos tion on all mutters subject to editorial opinion.  up the deficiency?  That  was   where  the  city  council's  choice as between the two systems of  COUNCIL ENDORSES j taxation was a very vital one to Van-  BUSINESS   TAX   couver'   An';' ^ inust *)e admitted that,  all  things considered, the choice was  Adopting    the old    adage    of    two' .   " ... ,        ■  1      -? ,      . ! the wisest one possible under the cir-  evils, choose the lesser,' the city conn-!       , , ,, ,, , ,       ,  ' _ ' cumstances.      Mavor   Gales   plan   to  cil has decided  to  vote Mayor Gales; ■       "   ■  i collect one per cent, from every work-  proposal  to  establish, an   income   taxjman,s week,    or mQnth]y check;  of one per cent on  all incomes, from, Qr from every gum Qf  BUSINESS ITEMS  The total production of Vancouver  Island coal mines in January was  158,327 long tons, which is 18.040  more than for December and 55,032  tons more than for November.  the highest to the lowest, and as a  necessary alternative, in order to  widen the scope of taxation in the  city, to endorse Aid Kirk's proposal  for-a combined business tax and residential tax based on rental values.  Of the absolute necessity of -widening the city's present scope or field  of taxation in order to secure additional revenue to carry on urgently necessary civic work and enable the city  to make its revenue and expenditure  under present abnormal conditions  come   somewhere   within  hailing  dis-  AdkssGh & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 Howe St.  Sey. 376B*BayJ2il  Baynes $c Horie  General    Contractors  I3S Him SL  Seyiour 1389  CdwardCbx  Qenoral 'Contractor  C-a>ln«t Mafclnrt- .-" ~    nktmrm*  \iStfBNr 1163 , 7v£,vL-i.-." 735 l«fel«« Jt  any size recehr-  ed  in   the  way  of  income,  would  no  ! doubt have realized'a goodly sum to-  | wards   civic   revenue.     But   it   would  j have   aroused   a  storm   of  protest  in  its    workings   and   enforcement   and  probably cost as much to collect the  tax. as   "would  amount, to at  least  25  per cent, of the sum realized  On the other hand, Aid. Kirk's business and residential tax has been care  fully worked out, based, on actual results in Winnipeg and ' other large  cities, and should prove equally workable here. Naturally, it will not bo  any more popular that the famous  ''poll tax." For that, matter, no tax  is. But the discrepancies in the system   of   civic  license   fees  under  the  DIVIDENDS  Last Monday the directors of the  Consolidated company declared the  usual quarterly dividend, at the rate  of 10 per cent, per annum, amounting  to   $261,936,    payable   April!.     This  THE UNITED ELECTRIC  COMPANY, LTD.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  j^BlCT Arc Light Carbons  601   Pender St. W.,' Vancouver  Let us quote you on your  requirements  100% ^Service.  Make a note of this:  BRADSTREET'S   WEEKLY   REPORT  Wholesale trade is irregular in Canada, being relatively best in the east  and   quieter   at   the   west,   but   retail  trade,     especially     with  .-department  stores    and  in    millinery and    shoes,  looks   pretty   well.     Some   wholesale  trade,    owing to    large house    sales,  shapes  up   nearly  as   well  as  a.  year  j-go.   Dry-goods demand shows hesitation as regards orders for fall at Toronto, and collections in February were  slow at that city. but. new export buying of (lour is reported, and the shoe  trade  is    optimistic.      At    Montreal,  country buying of dry-goods is better  than is city trade. .Millinery openings  are expected to show more in the way  j of new styles and trimmings than for  some years past.    Iron and steel pro-  | ducts   show   easing   in   prices.     Food  I Board  regulations   affecting  groceries  I are   being  removed,   and  good   prices  for produce help collections.    Chinese  eggs are noted as selling in competition wit-h the Canadian and American  product.    Bank clearing for the week  total $172,399,000, as against $197,952,-  000 last week and $185,721,000 in this,  week  a   year   ago.    Failures   for   the  week  number  19,  as   against  15   last  week and'21 in this week a year ago:  EXCAVATING  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and'Granville St.  .13 ay view .1076  CAS HEATING RELEGATES  FURNACE TO SCRAP REAP  It is now noun i Mi* to l-ip-it yOV,r  homo.' ructory or store by yy.is n»  c-conoinic-nlly as with coal, and without   any  of   thu  attendant   di.sartvant-  flRt'S! ,  The Rector system of sras nidi-iton-  Automatically regulates tlie temperature   in   each   room. j  No fuel to buy: no tires to maintain: no Ims'-nii'iit neoi-Ns-iry; no need  to  heat  more  rooms  than  you  use.  -We supply fras for this purpose at 80 cents a tlionstuul  cubic foot. "Wo will bo frlad  to give you full information  about   tlilo   new   Bygtoiu.  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Ctirrkll and  Easting's  Phono Sey,  5OO0  Tlie  For  Battery  PHILADELPHrA  Your   Car  Guaranteed 18 Months  Price No Higher  Wo offer you a  woinlt-.rful hat Icry.  hiu-ki-d 11y n st i-ai-^hi -  forward   j-rwantiit'-e.  Liberal  made ' for  liHttorv.  allowance  your   old  JARVIS  ELECTRIC CO.  570 Richard*  St.  Seymour  175  Bamberton Cement  H.D.Rees     W.A.Kruse     W.C.Jenkins  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING  and   REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store  and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  1219 Keefer St.  Seynour 8551  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  R.V.WINCH &CQi, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria'  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manufactured in British Columbia. The paper Is  of excellent, uniform quality and of great  tensile strength.  ,?  Samples and pficea gladly given.  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria,'B.rC.  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  11   Construction Co.  General    ton tractor*  f Cnrflt-FlKfer Wf.       ..' Imtrnnt, B.C:  tee  rouownrs tabu isows BimonrM cos-ma   ts,ooo   on   oveb.   on   which   coHSTBxronoH  VNSEB WAT, OB OM WHICH OOBTBACTS BATE BEZZT 1ST BUT OOWSTBITCTION -WOT YET STAHTXD.  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  SIS tfetais SL  SejBMr 1412  , .each  Ootrt  47.13»  70.000  35,000  25.000  4,000  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Siinur 3535 611 Pacific BUe-  Hodgson & Kins  Contractors & Engineers  403 Ltradoi BMg.  Sijtnw 6506  Char-Mter    ..............  Tuberculosis  Clinic      Grain   Elevator      Church   Commercial   Bklgs   Resiliences   Brick   Building      Residence      7,000  Residence $5,000  Powdered   Fuel   Plant .$39,009  Residence       8,000  Two   Story Brick ..$20,000  Residence .--. — $10,000  Residence    '. '. $9000  Dwelling   $6,500  Liquid. Air   Plant $25,000  Residence    $7,000  Electric   Smelting   Plant ..$8,700  Remodelling   bids ....$5,000  Residence      $S,000  Residence      $5,000  Sheet   Metal   Plant 6500  Residence           $5,200  Residence     ......SSS.OOO  VANCOUVER  lo-Mtioa         .   Own-ir  Pender Street Rotary -Club  Beach Are Chas. P. Coles Co.  1160 _ Georgia St...First Church of Christ.Set.  Fairview  ind Ptir.t Grey..University of'B.  C.  An-fus  Are. Macaulay  &  Nic«!ls  Sevwour  St..  B.   C.  Tel.. C«.  2875   Alder'Street A.   R.   McFarland  S.E.    Cor.   Maple & Magee Rd.C.H.McParlane  Powell   St B.   C.  Sujfar  Refinery  5haujjhnff-»sy Heights .......P.  W.>Racey  92-98  Pender E... Mrs.  Chance Won# Co.  Shaughnessy   Hgts Clarence Wallace  Shauffhheaey Heights..Mrs. V. J. Creeden  1774 . Kitchener ..........F.   G.   Loane  5th and Yukon Sts...L'Air Liquid Society  Shaughnessy    Frederick   Pefkins  C. P. R.  Reserve.-.Tudhope Elec. Afetala  202 Water St Marstrand Estate  1S55—16th   Ave.   W.... J.   J.   Forator  15th   &   Hemlock W.   Manson  Industrial  Island..Pac.   Sheet Metal  Wks  1312    14th   Ave.   W W.   .1.   Read  Shaughnessy: Dr.    Brydone-Jack  Archt   J.  A.   Benzie   H.  H.   Gillingliam   ..'. .  Matheson & .DeGuerre  Sharp   it   Thompson    .  A.  E.  Henderson   Owners  G.  Kilgren  General Contractor  962  14tb Ave.  Fsirrooot 94EL  1  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  CORNICE,   SK-TrX-ir-HIT,  SMOKESTACKS.      ATJTO   WORK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, "BCgT.  757   Beattr   St. Sey.   76!0  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  t  SASH   and   BOORS—OFFICE  FIXTURES  Bandaa'w-lng-  and   Turning,  etc.  1730   Sernlin   Drive Highland  .37 4    Contr.  . . .Baynes  tc   Horie      Owners   Owners   S.'-N.   McLeod   .S. J.  Kevin  .-. . .Adlcison  & Dill  Fred.   L.   Townley John   B.   Sterling  Fred   L.   Townley G.   XC.   Champion  Fuller   Engineering  Co..Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.  las.  A.   Renzie .......S.  J.   Newitt  E. E. Blackmore  Edgar Wilson  James A.  Benzie S. J. Newitt  Edwardes Sproat ...S. J. Newitt    G. Milne  Owners S.  J. Newitt  .Fred  Xj. Townley G.  M.  Champion  Wm.   Mason   Rooke ....Cotton   Co.  Dalton & Eveleish Stirling & Co.  Edwards   Sproat W.   Gravel       S.    McLellan  Gardiner, &  Mercer.. Dom in ion  Const.  Co.   :     Owner  James A.  Benzie S. J. Newitt  Fhon* Seymour 1878.  Fl FPTRIPAI    Norman Kydd  b !■ Li W   111 IV ft In PLUMBING «nd HEATING  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Board*, Panel Boarda, Steel  Cablaeta, etc.  Switches desi»rnp*3  and  built for  any  special work.  41 Alexander St.    -    Vancouver, B.C.  PLUMBING and.HEATING  "Ready Plumbing"  -with worlriaf blue print* for country  installation*  906 Davii St. Stpoor 9188  VANCOUVER. B. C.  GRANDVTEW  SHEET  METAL WORKS  FURNACES,    CORNICES,    SKY-  LIGHTS  and   (JENEBAL  JOBBING  PILING s POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  1083  Venablcs St.  Highland  642  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  I2S Mau St Seym-Mr 4871  Robertson &Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Uimtsr 1274  BOS Metro*o*M BMe.  RUSH & READ  VXmAJTSC     and     orwamentai.  PLASTERING    &    CEMENX    WORK  All Work  Ouaranteeti.  Bay.   1G02-R ^"Ut'   ^lePnerls   tot-  Character     Co*t  42-Milc   Kxtension     300,000  Government    Shed        Lining   Tunnel     250,000  Eieconstruction       16O,O(J0  iVitrogen   1'lant       125,000  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Concent rator,   etc    50,000  Railroad      1.000.000  Infirmary   and   Serrice    Rldg. $1 SI,236  i'ulp  &.  Saw  Mill $750,000  Protcctire   Works         $50,000  Cold Storage & Cannery $150,000  Twelve   Cottage*     $19,000  RemodellliiK   B-disaa   Theatrci. $15,000  fiomodelllne Dora.  B14-J  $6,00 0  Concentrator       $17,000  Coal   Tar   Products   Plant $100,000  Bridge      $15,000  Dockyards   Wharf    $52,92-1  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  Location     Owner  Clinton     I'.G. E.   Railway  Victoria         Government  Rogers   Pass  .C.   I'.   Railway  North    Vancouver     Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   Buntzen.. Amcr.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   Mountain B.   C.   Copper   Co.  Chu   Chu» Queen   Hess   .Mining   Co.  Princeton   to Copper  Mt.. . . B.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranquille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Stereston     Dom.    Government  Clayoquot. .. .Clayo<-juot Cold Stor. & Can. Co.  Squamlsh _ P.   G.  IS.  Rwy.  New   Westminster Frank   Kerr  N-j-w  Westminster Can.   Bank  of Com.  Bowen   Island W.  Tipping  Marpole The   Barrett   Co..   Ltd.  Fairy   Creek Provincial   Government  Victoria    Dom.  Government  Arch  Contr.   Northern   Const.   Co.   R.   Moncricft   Carter,  Halls  &  Aldingcr   Hodgson  &   King  Owners       Owners  Owners             Owner   W.   P.   Ticmey  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.       Owners  Public  Works   De-pt Hodgson   &  King   Owners      Thos.   Carson  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison  Gardiner & Mercer Robertson  Bros.   T.  A.   Walsh  & Co.   Dominion  Const. Co. & Others  Public   Works   Dept Archlo   Alr-Lf-an  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald & Watson  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL  CONTHACTOR  Alterations, etc.  1350 • 8tb Are- W. P»yview 2278,  ARMSTRON  i  & CO., LIMITED  Office 813-815 Bower B5c3g.  Vancouver, B. C.  JAMIESON'S  The Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge  The Eighth Wonder of the world  Tho veteran painter,  tried and proved, the man who does  paint well.  "HE KNOWS"  The chemist, who can analyze—he smiles and says:  "ALL RIGHT"  Because  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the   inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  1075 Hamilton Street. Seymour 2268  m  -w  f  #*<  i  3  BB-raB--CTIHra(-»l'^^ w  1  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  %  -* <i  V *j  dpi  X  I  A  -: PAINT:-  Ik   our   business  "WcarWcll"  10%  our   brand  Better                             2o%  Cheaper  1063  _  WEARWELL PAINT STOKE  Granville St.                      Sey. 3497  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all  kinds  of "Wire Work.  112-16, Dufferin   St.  Fair. ,264S  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prismf  Colored, etc.  426-  GLASS  Wholesale  cine!   Retail  W. MOLT  -486 Dufferin St.    ■      Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and ,  Silvering  Business Directory and  Buyers'Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Pender St. W.  Seymoor 3053  On board the steamship Maiirentan-  ia, which arrived in New York, March  ■i, were forty-six members of. the British ministry, of shipping, who will be  stationed vat various American ports  in. tlie interests of British commerce.  SHIPBUILDING  227. Builders' Hardware.—A commission firm in Barbados would like  to be appointed agent for a firm in  Canada manufacturing builders' hardware and agricultural implements.  232. Iron and Steel. —A South  African agent with good South African  experience is prepared to take up the  representation of Canadian firms in  iron and steel and their manufactures.  INSURANCE  IN   ALL   ITS   BRANCHES  REAL ESTATE  CITY       PROPERTIES,       FARMS,  FACTORY   SITES   AND   TIMBER  SECURITIES  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  Ceperley,   Rounsefell  and Company  ESTABLISHED  1886  739  HastiiiKS St. VV.  Telephone Seymour  Vancouver  "820  The War Cavalry will be launched  from the Coughlan yards' on Saturday.  T[ie U. S. Shipping Board recently  announced that it will dispose of moie  than 1,000,000 tons or vessels built to  meet the demands of war. The ships  to be sold include 110 wooden vessels, f  twelve composite .ships, and a large  number of small steel cargo ships con  structed to supply the American Army  in France. The funds obtained from  ihe sale of these ships will be used  for the construction of .'arge steel  ships, designed .especially to carry a  large cargo and of sufficient tonnage  to withstand the battering of continued long voyages through the world.  A man doesn't do big things because  he's big; he is big because he does big  things. ■<■■■  FOREIGN TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  'Information       -re-Taming  , 235. Mining Supplies.—A Johannesburg firm, making a specialty of supply  to the mines, is prepared to take up  the representation of any supply except machinery.' Carbide, chemicals,  shovels, hammers, pickaxes, belting,  and such lines are of special interest.  237. Lawn Mowers.-—A Johannesburg firm asks for catalogues and  price list of Canadian-made lawn  mowers.  238. Agencies.—A South African  commission agent, well established,  with branch ofiices in several centres  of South Africa, is-prepared to take up  Canadian agencies in special lines  such as  tools, all kinds;   plows, hard-  i ware,  all  kinds;   tables,  chairs,  furniture, k.d.c, and paint and varnish.  239. Catalogues and Price Lists.—  A firm of wholesale jobbers asks for  Canadian catalogues and price lists on  fall lines suitable for the general whole-  jsale dealer;  j 240. Catalogues and Price Lists.—  | A Durban wholesale firm asks for cata-  i logues and price lists in all lines of  j hardware, tools, agricultural implements, brushware and kindred lines.  241. Agencies.—A Durban commission agent, with a well-established  Natal connection, is prepared to take  up Canadian representation in such  lines as hardware .irori and steel, wire,  paper bags, wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, foodstuffs, canned goods  and proprietary lines.  242. Mining Supplies.—A Johannesburg firm of engineering agents -who  make a specialty of mining supplies,  request correspondence from Canadian manufacturers of mining machin-  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  ORPHEUM CAPE  an ideal meeting. place^for the  Luncheon' Hour. The Best of  Everything,    Prompt    Service,  Moderate     Charges,  Seating  capacity  250.        ^  Opposite Orplie-ain Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  ARCHITECTS  SUPPLIES  Dominion Blue I'rlnt Co Sey.   2497-1070  ARCHITECTURAL   TERRA   COTTA  Evans,' Coleman  &  Evans,   Ltd Soy.   25HS  O'Neil.  Wm.  X.   Co.. Ltd , , Hej.'-IT»5  Illtchle Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.. Lul .Soy.  9102  ASPHALT  FELT     ,  Evans,  Colrman  Sc  Evans,  Lul ....Key.   29S8  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited Hay.   6'i  1'iu-iHc   Koutliiit   Co..    Ltd Sey.  11KC  ASPHALT   PITCH  il'aciflo   Boorim-   Co..   Ltd Sey.  1180  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Cuperloy., itounsefell  Sc  Co: Sey.   7820  BANKS  Home Hank of Canada..  ...:Sey.  5270  BANK,   OFFICE   &'   STOBE   FITTINGS  Jaroea Brookes Woodvrka,, Co., Ltd West.   473  PHONE  SEYMOUR 3835  PRINTERS  Printers, Engraving, ,13p.o.lvbind-  ing, Account Btooks...■-.,.■•.,-""  Publishers   ot  Mining-     and     Engineering"     Record,  SncccBBfal Poultry maa  TECHNICAL  PRESS* * LTD  -126 Homer S  Additional       iniormauon        re-rarainf-, j ,.   . .       .,      ,    ,, ,  these inquiries may be obtained from er>\ light rails, ball-bearings .engmeer-  the Secretary of the Board of Trade, ing specialties, leather and balata belt-  v-Mcoum or upon application to "Tho jng shovels and other lines of mining  Commercial    Intelligence   ranch    of    the =■  Department ■  of   Trfida   and    Commerce;  Ottawa." '   .:  Correspondents are requested to quote  the number of the "opportunity" wheni  asking' for additional information. Re-:  uest for each opportunity should be on  a" separate sheet and state opportunity-  number. The Bureau does not furnish,  credit ratings or assume responsibility;  as to the sta-idi'if? of foreign inquiries;  the usual precautions should b« taken:  in   all   cases. ;  The  Mines RUlff.  :    »  t.  Attention!  Mr. Business Man  I  am   prepared   to   furnish"  you the very best in tailorecH  suits  at  $50 to  $65  Frank M. Slowin  TAILOR  Sey. 2692  404-5  Dominion  Bldg".  LATEST   ENQUIRIES.  The following  inquiries', are' the latest  received.     For  rapid  perusal   the  reader,  rria'y  know; at, a.'---trlance ■ Items .ot   1 nter-  est   by   noting   the  class  of   goods   mentioned   at   the. end  of = each   inquiry. *r .  IMPORTANT-^Quote   th«    number <»t  the   "Opportunity"   in"  your   correspondence.       ' .;.--��■•    -  ,_.: 221.    Bolts, and   Nuts.'—A   Glasgow  firm   wishes    to    communicate    witli  manufacturers   of   the   above, .with 'a  view to business as soon as conditions  permit.                                             .       : v'  225.    Wire Nails, Brads, Staples and  Dowels.—A Glasgow firm will be in the  market for 25  tons, -made up of various quantities, of the above, as soon as  conditions   permit  shipments.     Specifications   may   be   obtained   from   the  Department of Trade and Commerce,  Commercial   Intelligence   Branch,   Ottawa.  material  243. Catalogues and Price Lists.—A  Durban firm asks for correspondence  including catalogues and price lists of  household utensils, hardware ,tools,  iron and steel, carriage and wagon  [materia], all kinds, brushware ,and  other lines for hardware trade.  ■ 244.    Agencies.  — A  Johannesburg;  agent, 'with  twenty years'  experience  London firm desires quotations from  Canadian manufacturers who can  make regular shipments of carpet  broom handles, 1-inch by 42-inch,  slightly tapered and shaped on top, to  South Africa; maple preferred. Prices  f.o.b.. Canadian ports from which  South African steamers sail.  210. Birch.—-A Manchester firm is  open to purchase, large quantities of  birch suitable for manufacture of  spools.  211. Staves.—A Manchester firm  wishes to purchase dressed staves for  cooperage trade ,also cut oak heads.  Would be prepared to represent a  manufacturer.     ,  212. Oak Sleepers.-—A commission  house in London, England, has received an inquiry from the Italian  Government for 3,000,000 railway oak  sleepers and would like to receive  offers from Canadians. Sample-sleepers of Douglas fir might be submitted  as possible substitutes for oak sleepers. Pull information regarding prices  on board ship should be given.  213. Casein.—The English office of  a French company invites offers from  Canadian manufacturers of casein for  industrial purposes. c  214. Baling Wire.—A Glasgow firm  would like to receive'-offers of annealed baling wire in bundles of about 50  pounds, 14 B.G. (and other suitable  gauges), 10-ton lots, with a A'iew to  business as soon as conditions permit.  Also five tons new or defective wire  suitable for bundling purposes, 4, 6  and .6 B.G.  216. Fencing Wire.—A Glasgow firm  make's inquiry for 10 tons of Nos. 6, 7,  and S galvanized fencing wire, and No.  4.3-inch and 4.6-inch galvanized barbed  wire: Further specifications may be  obtained    from 'the    Department    of  BLUE  PRINTS  Dominion  Blue  Print Co...   Sey.   2-JOT-1670  BRICK—ALL KINDS  Kvans,   Colt-man  &  titans.  Ud Hey.   2988  Gilk-y lire*..   J Ad   - West.   15-lti  O'Nell.  Wm.   X.  Co., Ltd ..Sey.   -17-15  Bltchle  Contr.   Sc   Sup.   Cm..  Ltd :Sey.  9102  Kitchie.   .1.   T.    A Sey.  8057  Winch,  II.   V.   & Co.,  Ltd.... Sey.   279-1914  building pelts and papebs  Brann,  Coieman  A   Kra:u.   Lul _  Sey,   29xs  O'Nell.   Win.   N.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.   4795  The  Barrett  Co.,   Llmtlud .Hay.   to  BONDS—SURETY  Ceperley.   Rounsofoll   Se   Co _ Sey.   7320  Winch.  K.   V.   Sc Co.. Ltd Sey.   278-1941  METAL   STAMPING  Gll-hs Tool Sc Stamping. Works Fair.   2173  mtiiwobk:''  James Brookes Woodwkj;.  Co.. Lid  ..  MIMEOGKAP-Erj-»rG-  Central   Public steiici-s'rapliiire   ....West.  473  ..Sey.   507S  Wiilrfh   &   Co.,  T.  vaxmsiG  A   _..Sey. 47XS  IrlllTING   EKTGI3IEEBS   Sey.   IT-JS  5000  Walsh  &   Co..   T.   A .....  MOTOBS  li.  C.  Klectrk- Co..  Ltd _ - Sey.  MOTOB   TUTXCKS  Little Giant Motor Trot-H Co  r Sey.   2R1-1-45  Tucker  ilotor  Co „ Sey.   33C5  MTJI.TIGE.APHllcrG T  Central   I'uhilc  .StenoKrepiierB Sey.   5073  Oomlnloii J'.lwe Print Co ., .....Sey.;  2I!I7-1070  OrriCE  AND  STOBE  TITTINGS  Tolm   Arnot   i   Sons HU'li.    371  Dlion   i  Murriy...-.-. :.Sey.   8765-fiTCiS  orriCE   SUPPLIES   AND   printing-  Wt-btern  ,S|ie<:i»lty  Co - •Sey.   'i'iX  PAINTING   AND   PAPEB   HANGING  Dlion   ii   Hurray Sey.   .S7U.*i-87(i8  lainleson,   H    C.  PAINTS  & Co..  Lt<l ,..'  CARPENTERS  j IHxoa   Sc ilurray    Sey.   S7S5-87GS  CEMENT  Balfour.  Outhrie Sc Co _ _ :..Sey,   8107-6575  Erana,   Coleraan  Sc   E«aiiH,   Ltd Hey.   208S  Gllley   lirtw.,   Ltd West.   15-16  O'Nell.  Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd..-. '. Sey.   4795  Ullchle Corur.   &  Sup.  Co.,  Ltd.'. .Sey. 9162  Winch, K.   V.  Sc Co.. Ltd....   „Sey.  279-1914  CEMENT    TESTING  Hunt.  Ilobert  W.   & Co   ?" lhe- ?.a_"1:is ,pre,par!d..t0 takt up ,at! Trade "and ^Commerce, Commercial In-  once agencies in hardware, shovels,  tools, disinfectants, proprietary.-;'line8;  aind foodstuffs.  Item*   below   have   been  published,  In these colamnn heretofore, but '»r«,'  carried for ready reference -, for a few  days pending' the publication of later  Inquiries.  telligence Branch, Ottawa.  •■*••219:   -Bentwood -Chairs.—A Glasgow  firm '--w-otitdh-iike  to receive  offers-of  above,   which   they   stocked in  large  quantities, before -the :war.  '���220.    Wir-S     Rods.1-A     Coatbridge  firm would like to receive offers of 500  tons 'of wire rods;  o  and- 6 .gauge, in  coils of about 150 pounds, with a view-  to business as soon as conditions permit  AND    ASSAYING  ._■_..■  _...Scy. ,2199  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstroiu-, Morrison «t Co.. Ltd Sey.  IS36  Walsh   Sc   Co.,   T. .-A....... :...- _ ..;.- Sey. 47"W  CONTRACTORS—TTLE—TERBAZZO  K»an«.  Coleman & Erans, Lul ...„.._ ...Sey.   iOHS  O'Xeil, Wra.  N.  Co., Ltd  -Sey.   4795  CRANES    AND    HOISTS    (ELECTRIC)  Ti* Holden  Co..  Ltd.... ...  :: ...Se*.   1065  DIES AND   TOOLS  Glbbs Tool.* Stampinc Works „  ..Fair.   2176  DRAPTTNG  Dominion Blue Print Co _ Sey.   2497-4670  DRILLS—PORTABLE    ELECTRIC  DarUiur.  Frank  Sc Co... —.Sey.   4100-1101  The Holden Co.,  Ltd  ..._.„..i._.....Sey.   1065  ELECTRICAL   REPINING  Reliable   Kluctrlc   Co -. Sey. 46S0  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  P.. C.  E!«:iric' Co..  Ltd „. Sey.  5000  Cope' Sc Son .'. ._   ..Sey.   S602  Darlins.  Frank   &  Co Sey.   4100-4101  ELEVATORS  Darlln--.  Frank  &  Co... ..: Sey." -4100-4101  ELETATOB  CARS  AND ENCLOSURES  S.  11.  Morris  Sc  Co., Ltd.  O'Xeil.  Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd.. .-  RitchU  Contr.   tc  Sup.   Co^,  Lul _...  ENCLOSTTRES  • rtistic   Wire   &   Iron   Works.. —..  r"t»r9«n  Wlrj *. Iron Wks     (■'''■'        ENGINEERS  Walsk   tc   Co.,  T.-A.._    ENGINEERS  D-miniM  Blue  Print C«    Hay.   1043  ......Sey.   4795  ......Sey.  SI 62   .Fair.   Fair."  261S  2794  _.t....Sey. 4731  SXTPPLIES   . Sty.   2497-4*78,  FENCES  AND  GATES ".•■  -nmn  Wire A Iron ^T£s._ ..— -...Fair:' 2794'  FIRE   CLAY  Balfour,  Outlirle * .Co....:  : Sey.  91S7-S375:  Brans.  Coleoian  t'Bran*.  LU...... ..._".~i:Sey.   2918  GUley  BxtM.,   Ltd  '..._  W««t   15-16 j I>««InIon Blue Frlc't: Co^.^-i.  ..Sey.   4795 j   Sey.  226S  PAINTS—FIBE-PBOOP  O'Nell,  Win.   N.  Co.,   Ltd Sey.   1795  PAINT3—DAMP   PROOF  Kt&iih,   Coleman it  livaiin.  Ltd Sey. 29.H.5.  O'Neil.   Wra.   N.   Co.,   Lid .Sey. 4795  Hitclite.   J.  T.   A _..... -Sey. 805T  PAPER  Smith,  lJarki-ton & Wrlf-ht,  Ltd... ......Sey.  9565  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Krans,  Coleraan lc  Kvans,  Ltd Sey.   29SS  Kitchie Cohtr.'-fc-Siip.- Co.. Ltd Sey.  9162  PARTITION   -WIRE  Artistic   Wire,  iv:    Iron   Works.,. T .Fair. 261*  r'ear.Hon  Wire  i-  Iron Wits....... .Fair.   2791  PATTERNS  Westminster Iron WorKs  : ...West.  53  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion iilue I'rlnt  Co Sey.. 2497-4670  PIG IRON AND TIN  Ralfour,  Guthrie Sc Ca'. - J Sey.   9197-0575  Erans,  Coleman Sc  Brans.  Ltd : ....Sey.   298-!  Winch; It.   V> Sc Co.,   Ltd...... _.._.....Sey.   279-19-11  FILING   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Co.... _ Sey.   399S-3999  FILE DRIVING  Erans.   Coleman &   Krans,  Ltd.; _..... ....Sey.   29S3  Fraser Hirer Pile Dr.  Co.....   West.- WIS  • PIPE—SEWER  Kran5,  Coleman &  Evans, Lul .....  Ollley  lira-;..  Ltd.-.. '.. ■'..   Hltchie  Contr.   Sc  Sun.O.,  Ltd.   Winch, B.   V.'t Co., ltd...       _  PLASTER  Bal/our,  Guthrie &'Co..    Kvans.  Coleman & Kvaiis, Ltd..;.....  Oilley  l'.ros.,  Ltd ■■ -  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.... ,  Kitchie Conir.   Sc Sup.  Co.. Ltd   PLASTER  BOARD  Evans,  Coleman &" Evans, Ltd...... _ .-_.Sey. 2il8S  O'Neil. Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltfl..:....-.   :..Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr.  Jfc Sup.   Co., Ltd .'. „..*.....Sey. 9162  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS  Evans,  Coleman & Evans. Ltd ._. Sey.   298*  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Erans.  Coleman  Sc  Erans. Ltd :  Sey. .2933  O'Neil. Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd ,__.  Sey.   4795  Kitchie; Cotitr.  tc Sup., C6..Llti .. ...._...Sey. 9162  PLTT-fllBINCr    .'"■"  Bailey.   E.   A   ........._  Sey.   123  Barr   Sc  Aiiderso!--......-....^,.-!....™ .[...............Sey.   6180  Norman rtydd-:..;.. :::'...^.J.—..':..'7.:...-i:.-:.:.: Sey.1 9188  Fnnwnc tools  Darlirut.  Frank ic  C« . Sey.   4100-1101  Tie Holden Ca.,  Ltd ±-±... ...._„.„__..i«!y.   1065  '"'''""''""■"'"'""99X9999,8 '""'    "*'■■■'"■;..  Sal«,,A. = a.:^^,.'^?„.,^J.,;,...^.il:.S(fJ.;315  "• 'Z9mz^'aT9lir6a*A99^k" -'  Cantrari'UO'Jc *j"t«rio«rar-h-ir»._. :...._.'. Sey.   5073  ...Sey.  2i9T-4GT&  ..........Sey.   2933   _WesL. 15-16   "Sey.  916S  ........Sey.  279-l94t  ._ Sey.  9197-6575  :...: .......Sey.   298S  ...,, West.   15-1S   Sey.   4795   ..Sey. 9162  MAIN ELECTRIC SUPPLY  R. J. EBRINGTON  Electrical Contractor  Fairmont  910  144  Broadway W.  FvKJPi ic Power." Ltd...  pu:  ..Sey.   St 10  O'Nell.   Wa.   N.   Co., U4...~ ——-  Bltchle Contr. -*'Sup."Ca.. Ltd:...-.-......'....—-»«y-  ?1S2  W1»«.;k. T.-*-'Co:/LW....^-:---:--:--.-B<.y. 3TS-1944 ROOFING COMPOSITION  FIRE   ESCAPES , Erans.   Coleraan *  Bvaits,  Ltd......:.. ....Sey.   29SS  8. IC  Morris  * Co.. Ltd .- Bay.   I»43 . .t-ije   -jarrc£[   Co.,   Limited-   .I!ay.   S3  FIRE 'EXTINGUISHER   S-rSTEXS.      } OWeil.   V\z».   .V.  Co..  Ltd.... Sey.   4795  ..Sey.  11»«  ..West.  53 |   Jab*.   971  _...Sey.   S01  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing' too Large or too Small  Tf it's Iron or'Wire wc make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVERi B. C  1 to 5 Tons  Fact Worth Considering  Firms who demand the most in motor truck  value arc operating FEDERAL TRUCKS in  Vancouver.     Such    firms   as   the   Hudson's  Bay    Co.,    Johnston    Storage    Co.,    Ltd.,  Mainland Transfer Co., Ltd., Turner's Dairy  Co.,    and    many    others    use    FEDERALS.  You can easily learn the reason why these  hi"- linns tfet such Satisfaction from  FEDERALS  FEDERAL R/iOTGR COMPANY  931-935    Pender    Street    West.^ Vancouver  Distributor--for  The FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit  Induction  Motors  :0 Vote  440 Volts  ;00 Volts  M*tt  t:  Anderson  rtOOBIIfGr  J. Fyf» Smit* tc Co.; Ltd....-   rOBGOTCrS  W-wtalnster Iron Works -   OA-CTABTIZIITO  T.   Watt Iron  tc  OalT.   Warts    GAS   APP1U5CES  TiiJc-»UTer Gas  Appliance Cm..     O-Z-ASS—ALL KINDS  W.   Holt,   Glu-ss   Dealrr    _ Fair. 123«  O'Neil.  Wm.  X.   Co..  Ltd  _ Sey.   4795  E1BSWASE  Brt»wQ.   Fraser   Sc Co.. Ltd   Sey.  7155  Ptett,  J.   A _..„   Sey.   2327-232S  EABDWOOD PI.OOBS  tl.   C.   Hardwood   Floor   Co..-Ltd....- .Hay. 12S7  O'Xeil.  Wm.  X.   Co.. L^-UssSrTr. '  Sey. 4795  J. Fyfe Smith Sc Co., £itiL„ _ Sey. 1196  HABDWOOD ZVIrXB-EB  .1. Fyfe Smith & Co., Ltd ---•«>•.  1196  KEATING—HOT    AIB,    STEAM    AND  VEITTIIiATIKG  Bailey.  E.   A -  Sey.   123  Barr   4   Andr-rson..... _   Sey.   61J0  Xoraaa Kydd ...„ -   - Sey.  91SS  HOISTING   ENGINES  Bitcliie Contr.   &  Sup.  Co.. Ltd...._ Sey. 9162  INSURANCE  Ceperley.   IlounseMl   &   C. fey.   7S20  Winch. R.  V.  & Co..' Ltd _ _ Sey.   279-1941  INTEBIOB   I-INISK  Erans.  Coleman &   Kvari-s.   Ltd Sey. 29SS  O'.Vetl,   Wra.   N.   Co..  Ltd....   Sey. 1795  Kitcliio Contr.   Sc S-.ip.  Co.. Ltd.... Sey, 9162  IBON   AND   STEEL—STBTJCTTTBAL  Can.  X.   W.   Stool Co..  Ltd Fair.   2."n»;.-7  Couxhlan,   J.   &  Sons.... Sey.   7910  Kvans.   Coleman  &   Kraiis.   Ltd Sey.   2!H,<  S.   M.   Morris & Co..  Lul I!ay.   1iU3  I'.Voil.   Wm.   X.   Co..  Ltd Soy.   •179.')  Kitchie  Contr.   Jfc   Sup.   Co .   Ltd Sey    9162  T.   Watt  Iron   &  Galv.   Works Fair.   971  Westminster  Iron Worlts. ....Wiwt.   "iS  IBON   AND    STEEL OBNAMENTAL  ...Sey.   61S0 j i'acirtc   ltoofln-t   Co..   Ltd  _ Hey.  USS,  ■Ritchie  Contr.   A Sup. .Co., Lt-J..„.._ :.._. Sc-y.   9VS£  Smith.   Dayidtton tc  Wfiallt, Lul Hey.   Uj'iS  BOOPING—SHEET   METAL  (See Cornice aad BooAng-)  BOOriNG  MATEBIAL  The   Barrett  Co..   Limited- Bay.   63  Evans,   Coleman tc Bvaiu. Ltd Soy.   £>m  l'aciiic   Koodntr   Co..   Ltd..:  Sey. 118*5  Kitchie Contr.   t Sup.   C... Ltd  Soy.  91G2  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A   _ _...Sey. sua?  BOPE—MANILLA  Balf»ur, Guthrie' tc Co.  „...Sey.  9197-6575  rt'alsh   i   Co..   T.   A.  ._ _., _ Sey. 4738  BUBBEB  STAMPS  Baf ley. A.   G.  A Sons. Ltd. ._  Sey.   315  SATES—VAULT  BOOBS  O'Xeil.  Wm. X.  Co.. Ltd Soy.   4795  SAND, GBAVEL AND CRUSHED BOCK  E-fans.  Coleman Sc  Evans. Ltd Sey.   29SS  Uilley  Bros.,  Ltd   West.   I5-1S  Bite-hie Contr.  & Sup.   Co.,  Ltd : ...Soy.  9102   Sey.   29SS   Hay.   ll>!3   Sey.    <793  ....Fair.   2791   iiey.  9162   Fair.   971   We.u.   53  Large Stock   -   -   Quick Delivery  Canadian Genera  Company?  Seymour 5710  1065 Pender St. W.  Wlucb.  Vtlstlc Win- &   Iron Work*   Krans.   Coleman   &   Evans,  Ltd   S.   II.   Morris &  Co.. Ltd   O'Xeil.   Wm.   X.   Co..  Ltd....    i'earson  Wire <t   Iron  Wks.   Ritchie  Contr.   Jt   Sup.   Co.   Ltd   C   Watt  Iron  A  C.alv.   Work*...   Westrnintiter Iron  Works _   gALSOBTTNINQ  DLton   &   Murray  Sey.   I765-S766  L A TH—METAL  Kvaas.  Colemun  *   Kvnns. Ltd Sey. 29SS  O'Xeil, Wm.   X.   Co..  Ltd  „ :.Sey. -1795  BltchU Contr.   i  Sup.   (>..  Ltd.... Sey. 81-52  RitcHI*.   3.   T.   A - _ Sey. S037  T.TtVTT!  Balf»ur,  Guthrie Sc Co Sey. »197-6575  Bt'usd.   Coleraan  St   Kvans.  lAii Sey.   29M  Ollloy Bros..  Ltd _ ...West.   15-16  O'Nell.  Wm.   X.   Co..  L:d Sey.   t79*>  Hllehle Contr.   & Sup.   C%>..  IitaL Sey.  91S2  Winch.  B.  V. & 0».. Ltd Sey.   278-19-H  LUMBEB  FaJerai Lumber   Co  - -8»y.   3598-3»9B  KACHINEBY  BroWn,  Fraser  & Co ,  LM  5ey.   7155  Cawnton 'Machinery   ("t)..   Lt4. „ .....Sey.  0975  Darllne.   Frank   A   Co _...f««y.   4108-tlOl  O'Noli,   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd Sey.   4795  l'umps  Sc   rower,   f.til Sey.   5110  Ritchie Cor.tr.   &   Sup    Co.,   Ltd _ -...Htf.   9162  Tho   Holdtm  Co..   Ltd   Sey.   1005  Walsh   ,fc   Co.,   T.   A - Sey.  473S  MACHINE   WOES  CIWxi Tool  Sc  StampliiK  Work* - Fair.   1176  Westminster  iron  Works... We-it.   5S  SIANTELS—BRICK,   TILE   AND  WOOD  Evans,   Coli-man   .^   Kvans.   Ltd Sey    29SS  O'Ni'il,   VS'iu.   X,   Co..   Ltd Sey.   •17c,.'i  Kltchtu  Contr.   .s.   .*'.ii-    C.-i .   '.Ld Sey.   9102 i  MAPS I  Dominion   Blue   I'rlnt   Co   *-<e.v.   1M'IT--I')7II  •M/VH.ELE   ANT>   ONYX  Kvans,   Coleman  .4   Kv.iiu.   Lul   O'Nnll,   Wm.   X.   Co..   Ltd  Soy     'T95 j I'a.-i:!  SASH   DOOBS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Tohn   Aruot   &  Sons.-.- „ ...JIikIi.    374  O'Xeil.  Wm. X.  Co.. Lid _ - a-vo*.   4795  SHEET   METAL  Central Sheet  iletal  Works   Soy.   620  (Jrandviow  Sheet  Metal   Works _ Hi[:h.    612  New   Idea   Sheet  Metal  Works Sey. 7015  SHINGLE      MANUFACTUBEBS      AND  DEALEBS  (See Lumber and Shi»g-les)  SHOW  CASES  Dixon   &  Murray _ Sey.   S705-370S  SLATE  Evans.   Coleman  & Evans,   Ltd Soy.   2983  O'Xeil.  Win.   X.  Co..  Ltd Soy.   -179S.  Winch.   K.   V.   Sc Co..  Ltd - Soy.   279-1.)It  Kitchie  Coutr.   &  Sup.   Co..  Lul Soy.   91ij2  STEEL—REINFOECING  Balfour,  Guthrie (c  Co Soy.   9197-6575  Kvaas,   Colt-man  &   Evans,  Ltd .....Soy.   29Mt  Ititoliie.   J.    T.    A  ?•••..-.  S'i5T  STOBE  AND  OrriCE TIXTUBES  AND  STOBE   FBONTS  Dlion   A:   Murray Sey.   S705-S766   Soy.   L*9.':-l   Sey.    17-J.-.  I'atr.   2t-l.-- j Kvans.   Coieman  &   Evans,  Lid .  O'Xeil.   Wm.   X.   Co..   Lul  TAB   AND   PITCH  The   IJarreU   Co..   Liniiivd Buy.   -J.'S  Evans.   Coleman  Sc   Evans.   I.Id  Sey.   29s*  TILE—DBAINTNG  Evans.   Coleman  Sc   Evans.   Lid Soy.   29s,i  Giiiey   Bros..   Lid West.   15-IS  Ritchie Contr.   & Snp.   Co.,  Ltd... Soy. 9102  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Evans.   Coleman Sc   Evaus,  Ltd _ Soy.   29S>t  O'Xeil.   Wm.  X.  Co.,   Ltd -.-..: Soy.   4795  TIN   PLATES  Balfour.  Guthrie »t  Co Sey.  O197-0075  Evans.   Coleman  Sc  Evans,   Ltd Sey.   2S <S   Sey.   279-19U  ■I'.IJiS  '""15  B.   V.   Sc Co..  Lid -   TOOL   STEEL  Darlln*.  FranS & Co Sey.   4100-4101  BUchie.   J.   T.   A....-   _... .Soy. 8U5T  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS  Barr   Sc   Anderson  „.~ Soy.   Slit  VABNisiarxs  Iaml«sou.  B.  C. ic Co.. Ltd.. Sey.  22M  WALL  BOABDS  Kvana,  Coleman  A  Bran.-*.   l>t<l  Soy.   293S  WATEBFBOOF   COMPOUND  Th«   Barrett   Co..   Limittd.. Bay.   63  .Hvans.   Coleraan  «. Evans.  Ltd - S.-y.   29SS  O'Xall.   Wm.   X.,   Sc   Oi..   LM Soy.   (795  I'aoltlo    llootlmc   Co..    Ltd Soy.  HSb"  Bltehlo.   J.    T.    A Sey.  K05T  WINDOW   SCBEENS  Artistic Wire Sc Iron Wtirks  .  S.   U.   Morris <t Co..  Ltd   O'Nell.   Win.   X..   ,V   Co..   Ltd    I'earson   Wire  S:  Iron   Wks   WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic Wire St  Iron  Winks.... -   i'earson   Wire  St  Iron  Wka...   WISE  ROPE  Balfour,   Guthrie  <*.-  Co   Soy.  Kvans,   Colomiin   i-.-   Kvans.   Ltd  U-iUi   i,-   I',,.,   -r.   A   Winch.   It.    V.,   Ss   Co..   Ltd    .. S--V  Bltchle  Contr.   Sc   Sup.   Co .   Ltd  WHOLESALE   SOOFITTG-  Tin   Barrett   Co..   Liniii-o.  il.i.'i-.uj:    c, .    !.;.!  .Fair.  26l!«  Bay.  m;:i  Soy.  ■179.%  Fair.  2794  Fair.  26!*  Fair.  -■79 1  9197  r..-.7,%  s.-.v.  29s-t  Soy  17.1-t  27 1  lilt  >!•>■  l»!i;.-  Bh,  S-.y.  1 1 H(5  m BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  AGL.EY  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and  UFACTURERS  &mMS<x^cwm^im:s&  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  BARR SANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  international  Automatic  :■:  .Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  (Coatl-oued   from pog-e  1)  mediately result in . material benefit  to practically all lines of Canadian  exporters generally as well as British Columbia lumbermen in particular. For months past Washington and  Oregon mills have been shipping lumber in large cargoes south to-the Antipodes while British Columbia mill  men have had to be content with an  occasional carload order for some timber of special dimensions,  It is expected that the' New Zealand government will shortly pass a  similar edict against the importation  into that country of any but British  made goods or British products.  What may be the first of many similar or larger orders  for B. C.lumber  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  w  SEALS     STENCILS.   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KE*   TAGS,    BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,    BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL  WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 516 PENDER ST., W.  Fraser River  DRIViNO CO.  LIMITED  P. A.Jones, M(-fr.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES-  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  Genera!   Towing:  324 Front SL Hew Westminster  Tsfephbns 1015  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS  COMOX DISTRICT —Highway Bridge  over the Salmon River at Sachs  Crossing, distant about Four Miles  up-stream from the. Salmon Bay  Wharf, Johnstone Strait ,Vancouver  Island, B. C.  Separate Sealed Tenders, endorsed  as above, will be received at the Department of Provincial Public Works,  Victoria, B. C, lip to noon of April 1st  next, for the erection and completion  from Australia is now being filled by jof abridge over the Salmon River,  the Canadian Trading Company of this Drawings, specifications, forms of  city which is shipping a half million ; contract and tender may be seen in  feet of B. C. fir and cedar to the Anti-jKoom 7 East Wing, Parliament Build-'  podes   on   S.   S.   Werribee   when   she j i"Ss,   Victoria,   B.   C;    in   the -office-  i - ■<-.     •• •    .  sails early next week.    The Werribee of the District Engineer, Court-house,  is now at Ocean Falls loading paper, j Vancouver,  li. C,  and in the Govern-  and will be here about the end of the > ment Agent's   Office,   Cumberland,  B.  week to take on the lumber and her j C,,on and after the 10th instant,  other cargo. < Tenders must be accompanied by an    accepted bank cheque or certificate of  POINT GREY PERMITS j deposit, made payable  to the - Honor-  2006—E.   Irvin,' dwelling,   16th  Ave.' able the Minister of Public Works, for  West, Pt. Grey, $2500.' '■ ia  Wright Bros.  llir*lfcVPT*--lHlfiWlrllBfiirW-li  --: ROOFERS ■:--■  Genera! Budding  Repairs  Sey. 3315  511   Dunsmuir St.  PHONE FAIR. 971  We Manuf acture Light  Structural Iron  Work  We Galvanize Everything by Hot  Process  •^^*':-*H'*^'*^+^+^-i^M--*:''M'*'->*'-h*'i'  I ARCHITECTS f  ,r*>j^*-^f..r3>»*»<2j«^-'$>«,-«-j>>!«ifeA*ft-J>^t^<^  Memhei-B of The Architectural Institute  of  BritiEh  Columbia.  Ornamental  Iron Work,  Tron  Stairs,  Fire Escapes   Rail  Giles,   Fences,        Blacksmith Work  225  Iron   mul   Steel  Bars,    Won   Work   for  Steel nnil Wooden Ships. Cas'tinKS,,  Pole  Pine   Hardware,   Pipe  Flanges,  etc.  WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  StH   Avenue West Vancouver, R. C  VANCOU7BS  r.enzlo.   .Ia?.   A.,   310   II;istlii{-s   IV   Bryan   A   C'IIIhiii,   50(1   Richards   Dalton   Sc   KmleiKh,   015   Ilii.iilnjt-i  W   Oar.lixier.   K.   O..  A Mercer.  718  Granville.  .llon-.lt-r-.Kin,  A.  K.  615 UaslitiKs w :...  llom-yrunn'   Sc   Curtis,   £50  11 nmiiins   \V   Kraj-c-y.  James  W.,   *iS7«5  2nd  Are.   \Y   llatlicon,   Uot-oi-t   JI.,   509   Klehai-ils   Palmer,   llrrnartl  (.'.,   f-SO  Ila<tl:iKa \V   I'arr   &   il-u-Kenzie,   738  Grutivillc   Hliarii  &  'l'liomp:-on.   G'JO  Pointer  W   Townley.   Fred   I,..   325   Homer  St   Twizell.  K.   V.   a..  837   Ilastin-,--    Sey.  3300   Soy. liti-i  .. Sry. 3H73  ...Soy. 724   Sey. lC'-l-  ...Bay. 7B211  .....Suy. ,-)D3i<  .....Sey. 3(iS0  ....Sey. 7X11  ....Spy. iniM  .....St<y. .sni;-  ....Soy. 7325  Campbell Sc -GriSI  Established  1905  Roofing Contractors  METAI.   WIIT-DO-WS—PIKE   DOOBS-SMOZE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  rXTBNACE—VE»TIXA-XIN»    PAKS--BLOW    PH-XNG—  SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL   JOBBING  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymoxtr 2981  VICTORIA  Kennel.   A.   R.,   MSB  St.   Louis  St 1171 R 1  ia sum equal to ten (10)  per cent, of | k-*ui>. .1. c. m„■ sayw-ini kui- , 14j«  '.,        ,        , -'i       » ,1        j ■■    '   »   ■      M.ielure,   Sam.   ITnlon   3!.*vnk   151-4;;   2097—Geo. H. Kerr, repairs to dwel-ll!le f:en--er as security for the due in..-{iHd^-ayAViuon.  Lieut.-cvi Belmont  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  'GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and MSOMK  SsyBlSSi^if Sgy 878B  1065 Dunsmuir St. 1  ling, 23rd Ave. W., $700.  209S—T.    A.    Milliner,    repairs  dwelling, Marine Drive, $180.  ;   2099— G.   C.   Monroe,  garage,-SITS.  2100—James Brown, repairs to dwelling, 2]st Ave., ?500. '-"'  2101—Percy   C.    Seast,     dwelling,  Simpson St. W„ Pi. Grey, $700. I  2102—A. T. C'.eghorn, dwelling, 1.2th \  Ave. W., Pt. Grey, $2500. j  2103—M.  Russell,   repairs   to  dwell-1  ing,  2nd and  Trimble,  W.,  Pt.   Grey,  $400., :   ■ ;'.''.    ..    ":'  2104—T..D. Latta, garage, 36th Ave.,  Kerrisdale, $125.  : fitment of the contract, which shall be I rrrrr.  i forfeited   if   the   party   tendering  de-  if  mm&tt  .A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1033 Granville St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  He: Bay. 77  E. E. Elliott  S. J. Tricke7  Central Sheet  s  SHEET, COPPER, BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Fho-ae Sey. 620      1511/2 Penfler St. W.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  AMUSEMENT  FEATURE  AT  BAY  S.n application will be made to the  board of park commissioners' at .their  meeting this,week, by Mr. C. P. Mul-  doon of this city for permission to  erect a large "merry-go-round" at  English Bay for the summer months.  Mr. Muldoon recently applied to the  finance committee of .the city council  for this privelege, but was referred-to  the parks board, as English Bay bathing beach is under the control of that  body.  If the application is granted, it is  understood that Mr. Muldoon intends  to purchase considerable equipment  for' enlarging and improving the  "merry-go-round" which he possesses I  prior to its erection at English Bay in  a    location to the    west of    D.enman  | clmes to enter into contract when  called upon to do' so, or if he fails to  complete the work contracted fpr:  '-The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the  execution of the contract.  Tenders wiii not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature  of the tenderers.  A. E. FOREMAN^  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Provincial Public  . Works,  Victoria, B.C., .March  6th, ,lilfl>.'"'  it   House    IJ  _If  KHns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates given - Distance no obstacle  ADA  •Highland   72S  JACK  2021  Wall St.  BRBCK CONTRACTOR  Chi-trmeys,  Fireplaces,  Etc.  •   Jno. B. Sadler  Res.  20S5 -15th Ave. W..   Box 25, Kerrisdale  -'Phono  Eburne  203L2  I  ROOFING  and  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  ■^  Company  LIMITED  VANCOUVER OFFFiCE and FACTORY  Cor. Tenth Ave. & Arbutus St.  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  South   Vancouver  Electoral   District  Clearing, Etc., Lots 71 and 72, Burnkby  Sealed Tenders endorsed'"--"Tenddr  for Clearing, Etc.," will- be ^received |  by the Hon. Miriister ot Public 'Works  up to noon, Monday,' 10th March;--t'6r  the clearing- and ploughing of app-'rox-  in-bately 250 acres en above!     ;    '••:  Specifications, etc., and further information can be obtained from 'the  undersigned, or at the office of the  District Engineer, Court House, Vancouver.  Each tender must be accompanied  by a certified cheque, or certificate of  deposit equal to 10% of the'tender, as  security .for due fulfilment of the Con-  MACHIMERY  ,   Ageatti   l-'or  Xjlite   Greas*   and   Perfection   Olla  Siooium  lioggtag  Sloci.  4-72   in.; by   18   ft.   boilers   160, lbs.  2. Goal  dryers  suitable .for. fish.'  .,.■■'■... A-J1-. .sizes ■ of cable  in   stock.-  T. A. WALSH *  CO.  7 Alexander St. .   Soy. 4738  We have a full machine shop eciuipment  lathes,   drill..-presses..-, milling-  machine,  taps and dies, emery stands, etc;  1—8x8- Air   Compressor,   40   H.P.   Motor  3   turret lathes. ■._........  C. O. WESCOTT  57-61  Alexander St. Sey. 7005  Pacific  =T  Co., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS OF  ASPHALT READY   ROOFING  General  Roof ins Contractors  SEYMOUR 1186 INDUSTRIAL ISLAND VANCOUVER, B. C.  street.  Return tubular boilers, engines, planers, seizers, roller band resaws, pipe and  pipe fittings, belting, lumber trucks and  a large stock ot transmission machinery.  SAWH3II, MACHIKEBY CO. BiaCTED  10O4 Mainland  St. Sey.  4623  Electrical Contractors  :$£l  OVER   THREE   MILLION  FOR B. C. HIGHWAYS  VICTORIA—Premier Oliver has announced that the government v.-jli introduce a bill to borrow three and a i  half ' mil'ion dollars for important  capital public undertakings in the!  province in 1919.  AS  PROMISED  "That  builder  said  he  would  build  us   a   cracking   good   six-room   stucco  i house for eighteen hundred dollars."  |    "Well, did he?"  "Yes. it's cracking good a'rea'ly."—-  Building Age.  j tract.  j    Tenders will not be  considered un-  jless made out on the forms supplied  land signed with the actual signature  ' of the tenderer.        ^  | N The lowest or any tender not neces-  • sarily accepted.  -A. E. FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  ! Dept. of Public Works,  Victoria, B. C.  24th "February, 1919. '  Pumps and Pumping Plants of every  description bought and sold or rented  out.     All  pump  supplies and  repairs.  •PUMTFS  Sc POWE3 I.iMITEa  216-24   Abbott   St. Seymour  8110  Boats    of   all    sizes    for   sale.      Tugs.  Scows and  launches  for hire.     Saw and  Shingle  Mill Machinery  for sale.  -MiCOIILIS to MOEAH  1789  CHor-jia  St.  "W. Sey.  8439 !•.  LigHt and Power ;     <  , Motor Repairs ,      ^„.       .    .  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 Richards  St. 'Phone   Seymour   175  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  ZTATZOXA£  MACHINERY   CO.  925 Main Et. Sey. 600  Specialists in Sawmills. Shingle Mills,  Wood and Iron "Working Machinery and  Transmission. Larue Stock on hancl.-  J02M A." THCOMSON MACaiKEST CO.  302  Faciflo   Bldg. Sey.   8287  J* R. Tacey Sc Son  a^H-UrST   and   BI.O"W   PIPING  our   Specialty  Eeating, Ventilatliig aad General  Sheet-Iietal Work  'eymour  XG17  1160  Seymour   St.  i  Percy F. Letts  EZ^CTniC.*!*    EK&75TEEE  and   COSTEACTOE  BAg-h-Cli-r.33   JJlectrlcal   "Work  a-ad   rir.tui-es  Bav.   -1-il 3044   Granville  St.  Vancouver Forge Co.  I. United  FORCINGS  mX*vmtmmsmmmmmmmMMMMmmmamMmam*mm  OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  V't.   Victoria   Drive -Highland   701  PACIFIC   SHEET   METAL  WORKS,  Limited '  SHEET KIETAS WORK  and  koophstg  f>23 "th Ave. W.  Fairmont 703  If .someone were to offer you  Health Insurance  very probably you'd say. "buncum,"  and refuse to listen. Yet this is  practically what Dr. Moras offers the  people of the United StaUs in his  letter to President Wilson on the  autologieal prevention and cure of  "nu" pneumonia and other dl.-eases.To  stiy that practi'-aHy rvery ois-- of  "flu" and pneumonia can be saved is  a strong stnteinent. However, don't  pass judgment hastily. Head the  Moras letter now in booklet form.  It will co:?t you 5 cent'.i at office or  by  mail.  KOBAS  ATJTOIiOGY  AGENCY  509 Bichards St.        Vancouver, B. C.  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUrPitfEKT  CO., 1TD.  Sani of  Ottawa Elds'. Sey. 9O40  See   Us  For All Kiod:-- of Machindrv  WE.3   StACKXlTEaZ-   CO.   JCTD.  1396  Erichardti:  St. Sey. 7442-7443  ~ WELDINGS  ' We Weld any metal part that ia  broken. We sell U-sted range boilers at  $9.00  each. t  AJJ-MSTRONG'S   WELDIlSfG. SHOP  1733 Main St. Pair.  3369  AUDITORS  The Most Important Thing  In Automobile Repairing is the  know how to overhaul and paint  cars, build bodies, wheels, etc.,  _also small industrial tractors for  wharf  and   mill   yard   work.  We   Know   How.  HALL & WALLACE  573-5   Beatty   St. Sey.   930  L  ELECTRSC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize in prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power installations  •B-C-ELECTRJC-  SERVICE  'Phone   Seymour  5000  24    HOURS   A    DAY  and   have   our   representative  call  ConsultinK 'and ''o.-^t Accountant.  '■ ''i!ic>; work ' handled for small busine.s-  ich.     Private   tuition   in   Accountancy.  H.   O.   P.OX.TOIT,   A.C.A.   (Eag.)  107  Yorkshire  Elclff. Soy.   1166  COPPERSMITHS  Marine and General  SHE   CITV   WELDESM  Cor.  Alexander, and   Heatlcy   Avenue  Phone   Highland   2009  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daiiy  2.30- 7.00- 9.0©  PRiCES 20c -30c  TSELEPIiONE DATA  NEW rNSTAI.I.ATIONS  MARCH   7,   1919  Powell,   0<-or;.'e   K.,   Marristcr,   510   Hastings   \V   Brown.   Kdwnrd.   Office,   7ftB   tJranville      Sei)>,   Win..   Itestaurant.   Tiil   Smyth'-   St   Letii,' Nom    f'hoo  Suevv   House,   SX   Pi.-ndt-r   10   MAJICH   6.   1919  I.'noedn   Pharmnr-y,   2700   Commercial    ,  Morris,   Leonard   It.,   Broker,   70f> - Oranville      Go wen,   !■'.   Co.,   Ltd.   (The),   Photographers',   *,:.:',   C.i-uivilU-   I-"C-rKU.son,   Geo.    II.,   Boots   &   Shoes,    f, I'!   Granville   CHANGES.  MARCH   G,   1919  Grossman  &   I.anih,   I'arrister.s.   ">10   Hastings "W.,  from  Sey.   2,22   to  Nelson i-i Shakespeare, Ltd.,  MfK- Cotifect.,  from   1 !'..•  AlexaiKl.-r  to  ir,0    A lex am let*       AUTO REPAIRS  Are you think-in*; of having your car  overhauled? Jf so «i.-o Simons the most  reliable man in the city. All \v-rk  guaranteed. Lathe work done. Used  cars   bought   and   sold.  SIMONS OABAGE  1435  Klngaway                                  Eair.  809  Night  CaU:  rair.  1008   COLLECTIONS  ..Sev.  ..Sev.  ..Sev.  .Sey.  llitli.  ..Sey.  ..Sey.  ..Sev.  ■'.i'l  2122  2f;01-O  2''.'Jii  :::.ns  2<\h2  S.-v.  -II 10   Sey.   K:'.K2  G. W.  C/IBPBIII'EB and BUII.DE2,  also  Cahlnet   Maker  LJfihol^teririK  2226 Cambie Street  ■ ——l^-i'-i     ^jj^iamMj.iui—i«».n^.-  —  —-'-- -^^  Ofllcc, Sey. 707C  Ites., Pa  r.  1M38L  1. H. HeaSey  OPTOMETEIST  OhlMSfH  kinds    of  headache.  fitted  eye  for   tho   relif  strain    and  •f   of   fill  nervous  83G Blrks  Bldj?.  Vancouver,  B. O.  Collections, Adjustments everywhere,  Quick Action, Prompt. lU.-;riltt.ance, 'Intel i-  Kunt Service. Give Cs a Trial, No Collection. No. Charge.  VANCOUVER    CREDIT    SERVICE  Sey.   858 615, VoJicouver   Block  - TRUCKS  ^   COMMERCE  ONE  TON  TRUCK  A year ahead of other  trucks — the only tmek  having everything necessary on it when yon buy  it.  SulEivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1260  Granville.  STANDARD iViOTQR TRUCKS  Literally a standard truck  throughout.. Continental  Jied Seal Motor, Timkon-  David Brown worm gear  on all models, Brown-type  transmission, Spiuer universal  .'joints.  Two, three and a half: and  five-ton capacity.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1260 Granville.  POIi    SAIJi—One-ton    .McLaughlin    in  A-l   condition,  cheap  for cisli.     One and1  half   ton   Albion,   just   overhauled.     Also  other   used   trucks.  UNITED   MOTOR  AGENCY   OP  B.  C.  Soy.   7076 3-10   RichardB   St.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Alterations    and    Repairs,    C.-irpenter  nnd  Cabinet.   Work.  Office  and   Store   |-'R-  tinps,   Steering   Wheels    for   shirts.  .T.   R.   B.   WILSON   CO.,   LTD.  Soy.   3701 553   Camhlc  St.  EXTENSION  LADDERS  See us for wood reliable bidders 21 ft.  to -10 ft. in stook. SwiiiK stages made  to order.  ALI.RIG-HT LADDER CO.  Sey. 1778 Roar 832 Hornby St.  'ays Contractors  vemse  You have service for sale—  ADVERTISE IT!  You have a reason for being in business—  ADVERTISE IT!  You realize that, the nutter von are known the more bus iness you  will do.    Ask our advertising manager to talk the  matter over with you.    Sey. 7808.  Rear 431 Dunsmuir ^t   RECORD PUB. CO. 583 Homer-Richards Lane,  Publishers of BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  •$i  $  i


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