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VOL. XVI, No. 73.
PubUabed Monday
Wednesday and Friday
VANCOUVER, B:C.,$l0imW, JUNE af.1919
Offlo* and Plant
,683 Komer-Xilonafda I>an«
PBICB—Per Yaar In Advance    -    % 10.SS-
Var Month    -    -    -    -    -      ljM
Building Material
Wm. N. 0'
Tel. Sey. 4795-6.
Co., Li
548-550 Seymour St.
WORKS, Limited
Granville Is.
Seymour 2172
Pressed R (J | (^ 1^ Common
Gabriola Shale Products, Limited
Vancouver Office
425 Standard Bank Bldg.
Phone Sey. 8057
J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative
i'.''V:.r,.T'1.     °
1      ..... ■"               -   ..:'  ;.- . .'_ - -..'.-
Number               Daacrtpttoa                    Coat
Gtreat  Addraaa                     Xot  and  Block
Subdivision                                              f robJt^ot
nort-Ttd*                                                                               » 7l1-<wn
Owmr                                                        Addraaa
 • ■ '••• •-,-•
 • •■ "	
" - - • ; '	
 .- - •	
 I. _ - —	
. '■■               ' '   • , .
 —— • —-.... — - -
Roofing, Building
Papers, etc.
Building Partition
and Drain Tile
Phone 2988
Ft.of Columbia av
Clayburn Firebrick,   Special
Shaped Firebrick, Pressed
Brick, etc.
Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hvdrated
Lime, etc.
Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.
Our Stock ia tho MostComplete on th* Pacific Coaat
Wo aro also Solo Acejits for the
CeJekrated "Beaver Brand" Maple
and Birch Floerlag.
Vancouver, B. C.
1120 Richard* St
TO BUILD SCHOOL ADDITIONS     f each, hardwood floors,: built in fixtures^
Plans are under way in South Van-N* air heat etc., and will copt |3,500
couver for the erection of a two-room  ea^n-
frame   annex   to   the  McBride   school
and a four-room addition to the Mac-
da ror
Tool Co;
•*•!• In Cami
Bevarillve%lnaK«^t^»i * Mammero; "fUtlle mknt /BrHIa:   paattey
Eleotria Ta*ls; ^     _    ._     .
7Feel Oil" and Oas Engine*..
81 NeUr ft ».. lmmml: C.T*
nm uj. ins
kenzie Scliool.
Architect Bernard C. Palmer, 616
Credit Foncier," Building, has awarded
a contract to Mr. E. G. Baynes, for
the construction of a residence in
Magee for Mrs. E. B. lirown at a cost
of $6,000. * *   '  •
London, Bmf.
». or.
Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.
Office and Laboratory
21B Standard Bank Bids. Phono Soymour 2199
RaauUnt Inapectera at Large Manufactuiiuf Centers
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tender for
Gasoline Engines for Mission Ferry"
will be received by,the Honorable the
'Minister of Public Works up to noon
on June 12, 1919. -        ;
Actual results are at last being
achieved by the city council in connection with the local application of
the Soldiers' Housing Act. The council has placed Mr. J. B. Williams, city
claims agent, in charge" of the legal
work in connection with the construction ot the. new houses for so'diers.
A^.tart on. the first dozen of the new
houses' is expected .to be made shortly,
-end Mr, Williams is now preparing,-*
form of agreement to be- filled out by
the soldier-applicants for new homes
under the provisions of the Act.
* ••TI-IOR"
Ma Beariig Drills -Close Quarter Pistil Air Drills—RrrtttiRC ItMirs
Clippiif Hammers-Wood Binrs-TiriiM aai Electric Drills
NigkSpiii Still-Drills-RiMirs. Etc
Complete Slock of Accessories
1144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 4100
Structural Steel For Every Purpose
■— ^?
v '-vvj'.-y'.  ■-'•»-. ->•-«"
»: -
Beyaiour 7200
Satlnxataa Olvaa
Wovaloid Roofing
' Wnolaaal* Haa-ry ana SHalf Kardwara
Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited
' ■'■■:       '.: "^iir'Sou Want
■    ■---j -      -j j^ ...,..•■
OaU ama.aaa ua, o* aaaaa.
S'$'        , South Bad of Gonnaugal Bridge \
Phone Fair, f le-919 ' Vancouver, B. C,
Millwork Contracts
Vmtom   Z»apot    ^.._..... - 19:l6
Caau  Hortaara XWy.  "Oapot lSlf
Oalffaiqr Ana»ry    1918
Boaaland  Klffa  Baaaol.  ^...191»
TraamnUla   BaaMarlnm J®18
Phono Wo8tnriinat©r 473
Our steam heated plant •n»bl©» ua
to maJiufaoturo Veneer Work at any.
aeaaon tt tba yaur.
We ara bow manufacturing interior
flttintfu Cor the nuw B. C. Teleub«D«
Buildlnc'e h«ad •ttlos in Quartar Cot
1259—6th St., East Burnaby
|    'iThe    Hon. the    Minister of Public
; Works is inviting.tenders for the erection of a five-room Bungalow in South
Vancouver.    Official   notice  of  tender
appears elsewhere, in this paper.
Tenders arec'a'so being received for
the: erection of a four-room Bungalow
on the government demonstration plot
near Pairview, in the Similkameen
Electoral District.
./.-    --..    FOR SHAUGHNESSY  HOME
Architect Edwardes Sproat, 303 Duncan Building has awarded a contract
to John L. Dunn. 2245 Trafalgar street
for the construction of-a residence for
Mr. E. P. Hey wood, to be erected in
16th- Ave. west. Shaughnessy Heights.
The new home will be a 1% story
structure, with half timbered front and i
gabels. containing six-rooms, and will
coat $4,000.
The contractor is open to receive
bids on sub-trades covering brick,
plastering, electrical work, etc.
Plans for a housing scheme consisting of three modern bungalows to be
erected on the corner of ISth Ave. and
Stevens street. Kitsilano, are under
way in the offices of architect Fred.
L. Towniey, 325 Homer street.
These modern homes will be erected
j for Mr. F. G. Evans of this city, who
i has  appointed G.  M.  Champion,  4350
! 14th'Ave;, west to supervise the work
of construction.     Work has Just been
started on one of the new bungalows;
and the remaining two will be started
just as soon as the-present one under
construction is completed.
The new homes will have six rooms
rt is almost like the gooa old days
of  1910-11-12  now out in .any of the
popular residential subdivisions as far
as the demand for homesltes are concerned.    Any  fine   Sunday   now   sees
dozens   of   prospective   home-seekers,
in the majority of cases, convoyed by
an enterprising real estate agent;' in-
pecting lots around Kerrisdale, Strach-
cona  Heights,   South   Vancouver   and
Capital Hill, all intent on picking the
best location possible for a new home.
And the purchase of the lot will inevitably be followed by the erection of a
more or less pretentious dwelling,   in
any event, there will  be a home  of
some kind built.
Within the last two weeks, since the
return of the last four large parties of
soldiers from overseas and the consequent . re-union has arisen almost a
boom owing to the demand for new
homesites. Failing to find suitable
houses, either for rent or for sale,
Vancouverites are. resorting to the
only outlet left to them—that of building their own homes. But the first
step in carrying out that intention is
to secure a residential lot. 6"
The first results of this movement
was to create a sudden demand for
the services of surveyors to replot
various sub-divisions which in the
majority of cases had been laid out in
25 or 33 foot lots back in the boom
days, but for which there is no demand for that, size of lot now. The
new brigade of home-makers and
builders want, a 50 foot lot at least, ;or
a 66 if they can get it—for they want
a garden as an auxiliary to every one
of these new homes. With the surveys completed, the owners of some
of these choice sub-divisions soon
found that they were moving rapidly.
There was not the slightest need to
impose   building   restrictions   on . any
Submit your requirements
Phone Seymour 3066^067
Granville Island, Vancouver, B. C.
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.
Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western, Canada.   We «ut to
length. . Cold Twist and Bend Bars. &
BOLTS:—     ■ -K-:;\"-'
Drift Bolts, Machine  Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared- to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.
Private Ex. S«y. »&»7
San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Portland
Seattle, Tacoma
T«U»Hom soar
(Continued  on  Pace  4.1
Seymour 4660
Reliable Electric
J. SMITH. Manager
152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.
Twenty Year*' Experience In all Branchea
of Electrical Work. Inapectlon—Expert
Advice — Tronble Wori—Installing — Ba-
Wtnrtinsr-^All   Work  Onaranteod.
We have just received a large shipment
- V.J>
• Can make prompt delivery
in any quantity
Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.
Phone Seymour 91*3-
1361 Granv||lt  Street
Westminster Iron Works
Office and Works Tenth Street
New Westminster, B. 0.
Phone 53 BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wedaesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper o( general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Engineering-, Industrial. Shipbuilding, - Mining. ■ Automobile, Provincial,  City  and. Harbor  improvements.  C. H. NBLSON....MANAGING EDITOR  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishoo  IN. G. roster Limited   SpeclalIsts ln  INTERIOR DECORATORS Interior Finishes  90S Granville St.  Soymour 1075  Office and  Plant  583   Homer-Richards   Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7801  Subscription Bates  One month fJ-JJ  Blx  m'ontha     - ...»••••  Alt subscriptions are payable strictly in advance  ■ oppiciax oBGAar.  The British: Columbia-. Recer«. Is the  Official arsa.ii of The Architectural Institute oi British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute or  Canada, and The Engineering & .Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  as such is used by them as the medium  through which to make their official announcements  to  the  ffeneral, public. ..  By such selection the British Csluro-  bia Record is no wise pledged ta editorial support of any- policy ..advanced  by these.'socleties, but maintains an absolutely independent position on all matters subject to editorial oolnlan. ■  THE  SOLDIERS  SETTLEMENT  PROBLEM  "..- The more fully the subject is considered, the more desirables-it appears  that the best interests of our soldier,  settlers w'll be served not by locating  thm, in solid blocks or exclusively returned soldier' communities, but by  distributing them throughout, existing  and partially, developed neighborhoods. J  From   a   business   standpoint  sprinkled through existing settlements  than if set down in groups under raw,  new conditions, with a large proportion of single men probably composing  the communities.  The bush lands will all be taken up  in time,  but the logical development  is for settlement to creep into  them  from   the   more   settled   districts   as  "nuclei."     Block    settlement    in   the  bush would be something like a penitentiary job for many a deserving lad.  In this connection it must be admitted  that the government has taken a wise  step in  again securing possession  of  many partially improved tracts of land,  the  homestead  rights  of  which   have  been allowed to lapse by land speculators and others.  Proof that the federal government  considers it would be for the goodr of  all concerned to have returned soldiers who are taking up farming distributed around the community generally, rather than settling in exclusively soldier communities, is found in  the fact that the Dominion cabinet  declines to recognize or encourage ln  PROVINCIAL NOTES.  Kaslo will construct about 3,000  square feet of cement sidewalk this  year.  It is the intention of the Vancouver  Gas Co. to lay mains in the Municipality of Point Grey soon.  Operations have commenced upon  the new four-roomed school addition in  Cloverdale district, Saanich.  Fire badly damaged the Askew sawmill, at the foot of St. George's Avenue, North Vancouver, Monday night.  ■It is understood that the Wallace  Shipyards are again considering the  construction of a drydock in connection with their shipbuilding plant vin  North Vancouver.  FAST WORK ON  BLUE PRINTS  Of interest to architects and the  building trade generally is the announcement of the B. C. Drafting and  Blue. Print Company that they have  installed a new and up-to-the-minute  machine for the washing and drying  of blue prints on a scale that surpasses anything in the city. The new  machine will wash print and dry 450,  feet of blue print in an hour, which,  means practically that such work can  be done for a customer while he waits.  The company has installed this new  machine in anticipation of the coming  revival in the building, trade.  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076  GAS HEAT YOUR  BUILDING  Gas heatiat by means of a system  like the Rector has been the areatn  of engineers for fyears.  • It does away with dirty, Jimolcy  furnaces dusty basements filled with  fuel, and the necessity of aaastant  stoklnK.  "Bach radiator in a unit-—you can  cut as many af them out as .van wish.  You pay far your Raw after you use  it, not as yau pay for coal, la advance. ,  We will be rlad to  Rive yau firarea  on   a   g-aa-heatrtuflr   installation.  Vancouver Gas  Co.  Carrall and  Hasting*  Ffcome Bey,  sooo  merely, any V/Vay any community settlement or  co-operative  p'an  composed  exclusively of returned men.  most of the men would be better off to  buy   improved   farming  land   in   well  setled districts  than to. take hold of  scrubby crown lands. Veterans who  have been through the milUof pioneering agree    thoroughly on this    point. .    But  that  is   hot  all.    Socially, theyjj^.^^ ^Sf^J^i^  ..would be much better off and of great  COMPETITION.  Printers' ink is no good in cans.  But spread it on paper and it's some  salesman!—The  Association   News.  EIGHT   MILLIONS   IN   CONTRACTS  Nearly 400 Miles of Road'-.  PORTLAND—The  vast proportions  er   advantage ..to   the   community,   if  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 llM St  Sir 37(1 Bar 1211  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors,  III  St  shomt 1311  Qeneral Contractor  Cabins* Mafctac  11S1  Fixture*  is assuming is indicated by the fact  that the state highway commission has  now. contracts outstanding calling for  an estimated expenditure of nearly $7,-  000,000. In addition to this the JJnited  States forest service has contracts for  almost another million. ■;  - . "PO»  Busy Business Men  ■•lid,   substantial   food   served   la  - am appetinine flavor.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  Ho.   1—110  OOSDOTA  ST.  WMT  Canada Food Board No.   10-76«1.^  »o. a—eia psflrszm st. wxst  Canada Food   Board  No.   10-766*.  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  3200—Vv. Kermont, dwelling, 34 56th  \V„ $1,000.  3210—P. Frondsen, dwelling, 77 37th  E., $2,000.  3211—F. Tobs, dwelling, 1730 Napier  St., ?2,000.  3212—G.      Worthington,      dwelling,  Kingsway, $4,000.  ,  3213—G. Leigh, dwelling, 56th Ave.  ! E., $700.  32M—N*. Nelson, dwelling, 59th Ave.  E., $450.  3222—M. Bandouse, dye works shop, I  4230 Prince Edward St., $200.        ."".'  3223—F. Cooper, dwelling, 32nd Ave.,  $190.      >  ,3225—TV.    Eastland,   dwelling,   5093  Gladstone St., $S00.  322G—N.   Iverson,   alterations,   4490  Ontario ...St.,  $600,  3227—R.    Dunster,    addition,    6350  Chester 'St/, $500.  '   322S—Mrs.    Rennie,    addition,    892  52nd E., $500.  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power <  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jar-vis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Richards  St. .  'Phone   Seymenr   175  l  H.D.Rees  W.A.Hruse  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  NEW WORK—CONTRACTS LET  TKS   FOLLOWISO   TABLB   IHOVf   BTTILDIirOS   COSTma    95,000    OH    OTTER,    ON    WHICH    COKSTBTXCTIOW  VRDBB WAY, OB OH WHICH COHTBACT8 HAVE BEEN U3T BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STARTED.  12 Hastings St E.  Sey. 1224  E.CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenter* and Contractors  Store and Off lea Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Reefer St.  Seyafer 1551  IS  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  SH Bctofc St UjOrn'Ml  Harrison fi* Lamoncf  Industrial Engineers  SerftUT 3535                ,   V    M1 rKifk W*-  Hodgson, King & Marble  Contractors & Engineers  403 Lqbim Mf..                         Sunwr »506  G. Kilgren  General Contractor  M2 14tt in.  Fiinnat MIL  Character    ....  Tuberculosis  Clinic   ...  Residences   ..........  Brick   Building   /.....  Residence    .....;   Residence ■-.. .-...  t/iquia; Atr  Plant   ..  Residence • .;i.......i........  Residence    ................  Residence       -Residence    ....;...........  Residence   '. ~..../...  Mfr 'Bldff.   ........;....  Dwelling   Garaee   Remodelllnf —- -—  Brick   Bids.   -- --  iVVire "'PToducta' Mill.,  Bank fix tension .........  'Residence: :.   Warehouse-   Residence    "Residence ^...........   Gasoline   Station  ......  •Alterations   Residence •> ..............  Brick - Bldg.      Dwelllne       Garaee   Bide.   ...—:..—  Residence '.'■ -  Residence   .-  Residence   . .-  Residence   ..........  3-arasre , -.—  Residence   Residence       Warehouse ....  Residence    Factory  .........  47,13t  ;.'■:'. ..each    4,000  '..'.....!......!$ i o^oo    $»o��o   ..|26,*:««   ::.  $7,000  ...,;........     |a.#0»  ...........     K,M        $iM   ....$«.#••  „;,^i...::;|20,0«»  .....:...,...,.tS.299   ^..:../|l"B,M0    $5.0«»   „.....-..|7.0««  ........::...'.M»,0<>»   127.00«   ^$8.»*«   ;.:...."«,••!  ....,:..„... 16. •«•  :.l;rv:.-L ~»7,»<>t  ..............$17.«i*  ...........,..^.$»,»*8   "I».50t   ..$8,000   ..:.:*$5,oo»   $30,000   i/.i.$8,000   $7,600   .._.$>,074   ...$S.4BB      S7000   ..;. $eooo   :.:.$6oo9       $7,000   >.:'-$ 6.800  $5,500  Residence    $13,000  Farm   bulldingrs $11,500  Residence      - ..-- ..-...:.—..■.-$ S.000  \rt/1   to   School    .......$27,500  Rotary   Dryer •.•^•222  3   BunKalows ..v..--:,0   $1"-"^  Residence   $6,000  Alterations     : ..i .....:......j.% lo, 000  VANCOUVER  Looatlon ■ .           —        ..   O^rnsr  Pender Stre«t ". ..Rotary Club  AafTW   AVe..... ..... Macaulay   *;   Nioalls  SeyaMnr. St.......'. B.   C.  Tals" Co.  Shaughneaay  Hgts „.Clarence  Wallace  Shaughnesay Helehta.:Mrs. V. Ji Creede'n  »th and tf:uk»n Sts ,.L.'Air Liiquld Society  Bhauehaesey  ................Frederick  Perltlna  -18BB—18th   Ave.   W^.::.:i.^.J.   J.   Feretsr  16th • *. Hemlaefc.^..........:...^.......'W. ; Manaqn  1812   14th .Ave.    W....:. .....W.   J.    ReJld  Shau'ehneosy..V.Mrs.   Aliea- Brydone-Jaxsk  8<6  Richards  St  ...Coca-Cela  Cs.  1812   14th  Ave.  W.;:..'.......-.;::.:.:.W.  J.' Read  Oranrille «; :Helmcken_.-.Mrs.- Drummpnd  Ft. Glore Ave., Vane. Ibe & Cold 8tor..Co.  Howe & Pa.ciflc.....:..Roote Auto Top'Co.  Ind. Island...u:Morrieon Steel &• Wire >Go.  Hastings * RlchardB...„:....Standard Bank  Arbitiis''Street  .:  ^.....;....I.   B. -Hooaen  Industrial Island—Albert Kerr Co., Ltd.  HOt-Block 18th At W. Ce.pt. A. Freern'an  Tork-A Lareh St8.........:...Mrs. Macdonald  Duhatnuir  «t   Howe.;...:_ImDerial   Oil »Co.  38-87 Hastings  St.,  H.—Wm.  Dick,' l»td.  116$  1 lth Ave. West ........Wm.  Metx  24& Pender Bt.  H." ..;. ...Olaf Olson  1,788.. 16th .Ave.   W, ,...,..B.. -N. .Bayftea  Oeorgla & Butte ..Terminal City. Mtr. Co.  Angus Ave., Shaughnessy...:...A..A. Rosa  Alexander St ......Cap & Shaw  Shaughneeev   Hghts.....Gordon   Campbell  Magee „       ..........H.  J. Blffger  856  Howe  St A.  G.  McCandless  Snth  &  Vine....... :... .Percy  Whalley  .Mafree   Wm..O.. Bree«e  4» Cordova St. E McLennan & McFeely  1775.15th   Ave.   W.....Vernon   Conatr.   Co.  Industrial  Island. :..Elec.  Mf^r. Co.  Shaughnessy .........Dr.   Archibald ■ Smith  Pt. Grey University of B. C.  Shaiighneaay Dr.  R.  L.  Pallen  Magee Pt. Grey School Board  South  'Vancouver....Globe   Fertilizer   Co.  1st Ave. and Stevens F.  G.  Evans  Mapee  Mrs. E.  B. Brown  111 Dunsrnuir St. ..:.Navy League of Can.  Archt. „   J.  A.   Bert7.ie.." ^.  A.  E.  Henderson   Owners .-.'.  James A. Benzie..   "Edwardes Sproat ..........  Owners   Fred   L.  Townley..  Edwards  Sprbat '..  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  coBirxcB, Bxrxxicttra, srstOKE-  STACK3.     AUTO   WOMC  Anythlng In Sheet Metal and Roofing..  3. T. Scarlett, Mgr.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   7645  Character  Cost  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  121 MbV'SL  t4tBS*4l7l  42-Miie   Extension , 300,000  Government   Shed • • • • • •  Reconstruction       l^Zl  Nitrogen Plant   • ^S.OOt  Concentrator,   etc.    •°S^«  Railroad      • • lr???-2S?  ttobertsbn &r*artners,Ltd.  Pabllc-J^orks ContVaetars  and Enstneers  Straw TI74  IM 'itshsaBtai aar  RUSH &READ  vziAzar    Aimo    onvAXBWAJ,  pz*A8TEKisra ft  caaoBOT work:  All Work Grnaranteed.  Bay. 3370  Bay.  1602-R  2306  Stephens   St.  Infirmary   and   Senric«   Bldg...  Pulp A Sav Mill    Prote«t»Te   Worki   Twelve  Cottages   „ ..   Coriceretrator     - —  Coal -Tar  Products Plant   Bridge     • —    Dockyards1 Wharf    Military. Hospital   —  Hyaro^HJleotrio  Plant   Washing Plant ...  Highway  Brtae*  .11M.236   $750,000  ...   $«0,0M   $19,000   $17.onto   $ioo.oat   818.0'Ot  _„...$S2,»84   $140,»09   $78,000   llEt.ttt  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   DOORS-OPTIOB  FIXTTTBBS  BandsawlAg  and  Turning-, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   874  ......^  Contr.  . Baynes & Horie  .. ...S. J. ..Kewitt  . .Adkison & Dill  .......S. J. Newitt   S;" J. Newitt   3.  J.  Newitt  .......G,  M. .Champion;  /...„....;. W.   Gravel      3.    McXellan  •:     Owner  .Tames,A.  Benzie....* ,........S. J.  Newitt  Pratt   A   Ross Dominion   C6nst.   Co.;   :.:.....  J-.....;.....   Owner  A. B. Henderson J.  B. Arthur   .......S.  J, Newitt  ; — Snider   Bros/  Gardiner & Mercer .....;...:-.....H.  B. Lecif  James A. Benzie....Dom, Construction.Co.  Bdwardea  Sproat  ...Beechey &  Holdron   Dominion   Const.    Co.;  Robert   M.   Matheson Albert   Radelet1  Kdwardes  Sproat  ..., W.  T.   Wodd*n   Dominion   Const. • Co;   :.w. J. B. Arthur  Robert  M. Matheaon u Alonna  Smith  W.   T.   Whiteway .....G.   Kilcren  ....=- B.   H.   Bawtinhelmer  Fred   L.   Townley Snider   Bros.  A. E. Henderson... _...„S. J. Newitt  H. H.  Gillingham S.  .T.' Newitt  Bernard  C. Palmer .Glover  Lloyd  Bernard C. Palmer Dom. Const. Co.  Parr & MacKenzie Baynes & Horie  Fred L. Townley %£m. McNee  Fred  L.  Townley ...Cromie ft'Vroom  -•- • ■•■ J.   M.   McLuckie  -;••: : Vernon   Constr.   Co.'  Gardiner & Mercer....Wallace A: McGugan"  Fred L. Townley.. Purdy & Lorergas  Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod  Edwardea Sproat    John  L.  Dunn  Twizell" & Twizell..... Adklnson  &   Dill  ..............    T.  A.   Walsh  &  Co.  1-red L. Townley G. M. Ch;imnio:i  Bernard  C. Palmer E.  G.   Bavn'p.s  ■-. W.   J.   Northcote  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manufactured in British Columbia. The paper Is  of excellent, uniform quality and ef flreat  tensile strength.  Samples *n<f; prices gladly given.  Sales Agents       .    %      .  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria, B.-'C.  $k  Phone Bsymour 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  '"Makers of  ■witch Boards, Fanal Boards, Btsel  . Cahiaeta, «tc.  Switehes iesigned and built fsr any  specisl work.  41 Alexander St.   -    VanconTer, B.C.  Kydd  PLUMBING a^d HEATkNG  TINSMITHING  Esti mates  Furnished   on   New  and   Alterations   .'•■'  Work  r  90S Divii St SipttrS18l  V1«C0UVER  I. C.  ROOFING  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  LIMITED  Semi   for   color   card   af   BARRCTT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  Cor. lOth Ava. a. Arbutus St. Talapkonsa Bay. «S and 64  COAL  TAI  PROIKTS  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,   LIMITED  rUBRACBS,    COBTTTCES,    BKT-  LIGHTS  and  OEZTBBAZ.  JOBBING  IGS5   Venablsi St.  Highland  «42  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Zrocatlon ..... Owner  Clinton    ..... ..." P.G.E.   Railway  Victoria     Government  North   Vancouver    ........Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   Buntzen.. Amer.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   Mountain 15.  C-   Copper  Co.  Princeton  to  Copper   Mt. ...13.  C.   Copper  Co.  Tranquille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver. Core.. Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Steveitea    Dom.. Government  Squamlsh J.  ....P.  O. 13. Kwy..  Bowen. Island _ ......"WV Tipplncr'  Marpole....  The   Barrett   Co.,  Ltd.  Fairy- Greek. Provincial Government  Victoria   ...Dom.  Government  EJsquimalt ..._ _  : Dom. Gov't  Squamlsh .. ^.JProv. Government  Caastay. V. I Gran by Con. M. <6 S, Co,  •aoh'« Creselnv, V.l   Prov,  GNv't  Aro11- —    Contr.  ■^ Northern   Const.   Co.   K.   Moncricfi  •• Hodgson  &   Kinj;  0*nerB       Owners  Owners    ■.••••• VV.   P.   Tierney  Public   Warks   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.  W '.•.". ••»"■,;••'.■•• "^     Owners  Public Works Dept Hodsrson  k  King  •••   Thos.   Carson   • ■■■- ;•���•• -T. A.  Walflb & Co. .  .^..  •. .... .^..Dominion Const Co. * Othera  Publio  Works ..Dept. .....Archie McLean  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald & Watson  Dom.  Pub.  WVs., Dept,....JR«bti  Moncrieff   Robertson and Partners  -—•;■••—••=.•••• --.Taylor  BnVineerlnr Co,  Public  Wks Dept MeDonald tk. Watsen  JAMlESON'S  The Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge  The Eighth Wonder of the world  The veteran ^aiater, tried and proved, tlie man wko imm  paint well.  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL   CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 • m Atb. W. hjilevr 227  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-818 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  "HE KNOWS  ft  The chemist,, wfee 6hn analyfee^he.-ewiiles an^ says:  "ALL RIGHT"  23SB33  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the  inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  1075 Hamilton Street. Seymour 2268 ^htr-'-A  BRITISH COLUMBIA BECORD  ft  t  Wo are selling out our  •■WEARWELL" PAINTS  AT  SACRIFICE PRICES  Quality Ouaranteed  WEABWitt FAINT STORE  1063 OraMVille St. Sey. 3497  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  aU clnds of Wire\Worfc.  112-16   Dufferin   St.  Fair,   tiit  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and   Retail  W. HOLT  426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238 |  Bevelling  and  Silvering  MINING  Seymour Tke & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service,,  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Peadir SL W.       Seymour 3053  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Transact your bond business through along established and thoroughly  organized concern. _v ,(?  The Galena Farm mill at Silver-ton  is running three shifts.  Near Merritt a shaft is being sunk  on the Titanic iron claim.  The Copper King, near Whitehorse,  is again shipping to Tacoma.  Several Aspen Grove claims will be  diamond-drilled this summer.  In the near future there will be  lode gold mining in the Cariboo.  Fifteen feet of milling ore and 20  inches of clean galena has been  struck in the crosscut on the Wolsley,  mine near Albert Canyon.  A plant to treat copper ore by a  new process will be installed at White-  horse. A 200-ton plant, of the same  kind will be built in Vancouver.  E. F. g.ochee, who is operating tlie  Neepawa, on Ten Mile, Slocan lake,  is importing a one-ton motor truck for  use in taking in supplies and hauling  pre from the mine. :f  as a guarantee until the satisfactory  completion of the works), will be received until noon on Wednesday, June  ■it!) 1!)19, by Mr. John G. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, for the following work:  All labour and material necessary for construction of Float and  Gangway- Floats at end or Road  Allowance between Blocks 17 and  IS. D.L. 575, Cove Cliff: also taking  down and removing existing wharf  and float and clearing beach so that  the Gangway Floats will be free to  rest on an even bed when they are  nground.  in aceo-dance with Plans and Specifications to be seen at the District  Kngineer's Office, Municipal Hall,  Lynn  Valley.  The   lowest  or  any   tender   not   necessarily accepted.  FRANK   M.   SrTARP,  Acting   District   Engineer.  Ceperley,  & Co.  ESTABLISHED I*  1886  Ground Floor  Winch Bluff.  739 Hastings St. "*"  Tancouvw  PHONB SEXMOTTJfc M85  Printers. Engraving,- Bo<jkbirid-  - - v'-.    ~wvv% " '  irig, Account Books.       ;■;  ■">»-;■'.•'■';■ .,-.   J'..,  j.,..- r.  jiV.f-.i~J. v j"'.- • >} ';  Publishers  of,  Mlntn*     *»d     Bnarineertna-     1  Sncosssfnl Fsoltryman  icsre,  TECHNICAL   PRESS   LTD.  The Mines Bids:. 43« «•«•"•••* **•  ■■■■■  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  SALESMANSHIP  Never mind your competitor. If  he is lying or misrepresenting, he  will dig his own grave, for the public .will get on to him sooner or  later. If he is really sacrificing values, he is helping you get rid of a  competitor, for he cannot continue  in business, by the policy of selling  merchandise for less money than he  can duplicate it for.—J. & K. Shoe  News. '■'...  The way to boss .your business j is,  to have an understudy — someone  who can do- things 'while -"you're  away. If you haven't got one, 'get''  one—that's the *way to boss your  business.—The  Loop. _ri  TWO GARAGE BUILDINGS  PLANNED FOR SEYMOUR ST.  Plans have been prepared and work  will be started almost immediately'on  the construction of a two-story reinforced concrete garage building. 50x12.0.  feet, to.be erected on the corner of  Seymour and Drake streets for Chapman's Motor & Machine-shop^The"  graund.,f]c-or j-pf thejiew butlfaliYg ViU  be; used 'for garage purposes "While-the"  second, floor 'ill be usea bs.:.a.iqachine  CORPORA TTON OF THE DISTRICT OT  HOSTH   VANCOUVER  Sealed tenders on the prescribed forms  arid -accompanied by cash or certified  cheque for five per cent, of the amount  of tender   i which-sum. shall  be  retained  NOTICE  TO COKTBACTOKB.  Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for  protective works at Nicomen Island, P..  C," will he received at this office until  12 o'clock noon. Wednesday, June 18,  1919, for, the construction of a, dam.  embankment and three groynes at Nicomen Island, Fraser River, District of  New Westminster,  B.  C.  Plans and forms of contract can lie  seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the  offices of the District Knglneers at Victoria, B. C.: New Westminster, B. C.;  and at the Post Offices, Vancouver. B.C.,  and  Deroche, B. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with conditions contained  therein.  Kach tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  payable to the order of. the Minister of  Public Works, equal to 10 p.c. of the  amount of the tender. War loan Bonds  of the Dominion will also be accepted as  security, or War' Bonds and cheques if  required   to make  up  an   odd  amount.  Note—Blue prints can be obtained, at  this Department by depositing an accepted bank cheque for the sum of.$20,  payable to, the order of the Minister of  Public "Works, which will be returned  if the intending bidder submit a regular  bid.  Bv. order.  R.  C. DESROCHERS.  Secretary.  Department ' of  Public   Works,  Ottawa, May 13, 10t9.  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  ORPHitJrVf CAFE  an ideal meeting place for the  Luncheon Hour. The Best of  P-lverything, Prompt Service,  Moderate Charges. Seating  capacity  250.  Opposite Orphenm Tksatre  762 Granrille Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  Business Directory and  Buyers'Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers   Hey.   2988   Bay.   63   .Sey.  1188   Sey. 1186  Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  DRAFTING All. LINES  Paper,  Instruments and Supplies  MOST MODERN  EQUIPMENT AJTJ>  OLSBBT ESTABLISHED XV B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413 Granville St. Seymour-27«»  t ARCHITECTS f  Member* of The Architectural Institute  of British  Colombia.  T1HCOVTBB  ..s«r. Hoe  J  D.   McDaniel                      J.   P.   Scott  Colt. '11R-L8                          Sey.  K-SSO-L,  McDaniel & Scott  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  Arniature   and Motor Winding  General Electrical Repair*  Estimates .Free  s  ayrnour 1890                    52-2 Smythe St.  PILES "POLES  ANY   LENGTH' FURNISHED  We operate our own  logging cantp  Ottuit.   Ja*.   A.',  »lo   Flastinis   W   Bryan  A  Glllam.   6W  Jtlcharda   ~~—  Dalton   A. Breloirt.   815   Haatlnga   W _._.8e*y.    M2  Gardlnor,  F.   0., '* Me-rr-er,  fll Oron-rille 8-s». 88T2  anuianak. A."H..  815 HaotlojW W..--_.; Boy.    T24  Hoe'qnBM.   * Curtis.. »ii ' Haatiois  W._;......*»». "t'Wl  Koaxay. Jasua ~W..   JSTi tnd  Are.  W._'—'.Bay.- 7»21».  Withr-oon.   Boben  M..   St»   ftletiar'ds .*»! «0M  Palaur.  Bernard C,  86« Haatin*-* W...._.—Boj. «M  Parr   A   MacKonKle.   T»«  Granr-lllo.  _.Bey. fill  Pbar*  *  Tbomptxm,   WSt PerK*** W -8e-*r. ,1H4  Townley.   Trad  I...   8M   Hotoar   8t_.-.......- ...Sot. WIS  Twizell    A   Twizell.    337   Hanttnfts .Sey. "825  VICTORIA  ri'eanel.  A.  R..   10SS  St.  Louis  St   Keith.   J.   C.   M..   Sayward   Bldx...   Maclure.   Sam,   Union   Eank  Bldg   Bldeway-WIlaon.   LIeui.-Ccl....'—._     1171 B 1.  „ _.„._...._.142e  ........_._ S848  Belmont   House  BRICK CONTRACTOR  Cuban era. Fireplace* Eto.  Jno. B. Sadler  2085 46th Ave. W.    Box 25. Kerrlsflalr  Phone  Bburne  203T-.2  Attention!  Mr. Business Man  I am prepared to furnish  you the very best in tailored  suits  at  $50 to   $65  Frank M. Slowin  TAILOR  Sey. 2692  404-5  Dominion  Bid*. .  PEARSON WHIE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IROlf  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small,  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794    .  ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES  Dominion  Blue  Print Co.. Hey.   2497-4G70  ABCHITECTTTRAL TEBBA COTTA  Etuis,   Coleman He Krans, Ltd _ ...Se,y.   2988  O'.Neli,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd.„ _ Boy.   4795  Bltchle Contr.   Sc Hup.  Co..  Md.... Sey.  S162  ASPHALT PELT  Brani,  Coleman  & B'ans, Ltd _   The liarrett  Co:,   Limited...- ;   Pacific   Kouflnjr   Co.,   Ltd..  _   ASPHALT   PITCH  Padfle   Roofing   Co.,   Ltd....  ....  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Canadian   rturety   Co Sey.  559  Ceiierley.   Bounuefell  Ic  Co.....  : Bey.   7820  BANKS  Home Bank of Canada.. ..: „..._ _ Sey. 5270  BANK,   OFFICE   &   STORE   FITTIHOS  Jame» Bruokea Woodwks.  Co.. Ltd...._ _ West.   473  BLUE PRINTS  Dominion Blue Print Co  _...Sey.   2497-4670  BRICK—ALL KTWDS  Erina,   Coleman  & Krans. Ltd...- ...Sey.   2988  Gllley  Bru»..  Ltd.....  West.   15-16  O'.Vell.  Wm.   N.   Co., Ltd „ _. Sey.   4795  Bltchle Contr.   U Sup.  Co., Ltd  .....Sey.  9162  Ritchie.   X.   T.   A _ -Sey.  8057  Winch. R. V.   i Co., Ltd Sey.  279-1944  BUILDZJTGr   FELTS   AWD   PAPERS  Eraiu.   Coleman  &  Era«». Ltd — Soy.   2983'  O'Nell.  Wm.   N.   Co.. Ltd -Sey.   4735  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited „ ....Hay.   63'  BONDS—SURETT  Canadian    Surety   Co : : - Sey. 559  Operley,   Kouim«foil   &  Co _ _ Sey.   7S20  Winch,  B.  V.   & Co.. Ltd Sey.  279-1941  BURGLARY   INSURANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co. — Sey.  559  CARPENTERS  Dljton   ic Murray :. _ —Sey.   8765-8786  CEMENT  Balfour.  Guthrie  k Co....- Sey. 9197-6575  E»ans.  Coleman  A  Brans, Ltd. Sey.   2988  Gllley  Bros.,  Ltd : .......West.   15-16  O'Nell.  Wm.  X.   Co., Ltd.. — Sey.   4795  Ritchie  Contr.   A; Sup.  Co.. Ltd : .....Sey.  9182  Winch.  K. T.  & Co.. Ltd _ u...Sey.  279-1944;  CEMENT    TESTING   AND   ASSAYING  Hunt.  Bobert  W.  & Co.............. '.  ...Sey.   2199.  Dom.   Kngiheerlnii   &   Inspection   Co......... Sey.  3475  OONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrison * Co.. Ltd . ...Sey. ,1838  Wal»n .*   Co..   T.   A ._...... ....- Sey.  473S  CONTRACTORS—TH.B—TERRAZEO  ■rani,  Coleman  & Brans. Ltd... .._.. Sey.   2998  O'Nell;  Wm. If.   Co.. Ltd . . ..........Sey.  '4795  CRANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELECTRIC)  The Holden  Co..  Ltd...—.- —-—.- S«y.   1065  DIES AND TOOLS  Glbba Tool i Stamping WdT*B__- _ Fair.   2176  DRAFTING  Dominion Blue  Print Co._....._:...L^.._—.Bey.  2497-4670  DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darlin*,   Frank  A  Co.: :.  ..J8«j. .4100-4101  The Holden Co.,  Ltd.......:...,... . __...Sey.   1065  ELECTRICAL   REFINING  Reliable   Electric  Co.   ....... ;_—• Sey. 4660  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  B. &   Electric  Co.. Ltd —  Sey.   5000  Cotie  i  Soil •.:..:...„.„. .- Sey.   8602  Darling.   Krank  A "Co. : .. Sey.   4100-4101  ELEVATORS  Darling.  Frank  A Co „  Sey.   4100-4101  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES  3. M. Morris A Co.. Ltd  Bay.   1043  .O'Neil.' Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd Sey.   4795  Uitcfala  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co., Ltd . _.S«y.  9162  ENCLOSURES  rustic   Wire   A   Iron   VTaakJ '.  Fair. 284*  Pearson Wire   A Iron Wk»._.._i-.._...._ Fair.   2794  ENGINEERS  Wal&b   A   Co... T.   A.—.._:.   METAX   STAMPING  Oibbs Tool A Stamping Warltii..:....-. Fair.   2174  MXLLWORK  James Brookes Woodwkg.  Co., LW...._ West.   47J  KTMEOGRAPBING  Central Public  Stenographers,... ...Sey.  5078  MINING  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A._ ...: Sey.  4T13  MINING ENGINEERS  Walsh   A  Co.,   T.   A.... - _., .  -Sey. 4738  MOTORS  a.  C. Electric Co.,  Ltd.....:.-.....,..: ._ ....Sey.  5000  MOTOR   TRUCKS  Federal   Motor   Co :. Sey. 784S  Little Olant Motor Truek C»,.:;_.  Sey.   2841-43  MULTIGRAPHINO  Contral Public  Stenographara... . Soy.   507g  Dominion Blue Print; Co . .............Sey.   2497-4670  OFFICE AND  STORE  FITTINGS  John  Arnot   A  Sons.'.;   .......High.    374  DUon  A Murray „ .Sey.   8765-876*  OFFICE    SUPPLIES    AND    PRINTING  Western  Specialty   Co - Sey.   3528  PAINTING   AND   PAPER   HANGING*  DUon  A  Murray....... _  Sey.   8765-876*  'h': PAINTS  lamieson,  R.  C. 4 Co., Ltd _ .Sey.  2268  PAINTS—FIRE-PROOF  O'Nell. Wm.   N.  Co., Ltd ,  ...Sey.  47'jS  Woarwell   Paint   Store „ Sey.  31'iT  FAINTS—DAMP  PROOF  P>ans,  Coleman  A-Evans,  Ltd : Sey.   2988  O'Neil,  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd    Sey.   4795  Ritchie,   J.   T.    A...._.._ „J5ey.  8057  Wearwell   Paint   Store „. ..Sey. 349T  Trussed   Concrete   Steel   Co...... _ Sey. 8057  PAPER  Smith, Da?ldnon A Wright, lAd..:..: ....Sey.  9565  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Erans,  Coleman A Erans, Ltd ...Sey.   2988  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co., Ltd.  .....Sey.  916*  PARTITION   WIRE  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron . Worhe. .Fair. 2613  Pearson  Wire  A Iron  Wka:.. ...'.Fair.""2791  PATTERNS  Westminster Iron Works.    ....West. 53  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion Blue Print Co....... ._ Sey.   2497-4670  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour, Guthrie A Co.  :..Sey. 9197-J657S  Erina,  Coleman A  Erans. Ltd __.._..U'....._Sey.   2988  POLES  PILING   AND  Federal 'Lumber* Co.......  PILS DRIVING  Efans,  Coleman A Erans, Ltd... .  Fraser   Birer   Pile   Dr.   C»,.... J.......  ..Se#.   3093-399t  ENGINEERS'  Dominion Blue' Print Co.—  _.._..S«y.  478«  SUPPLIES   „ 8«y. .24*7-4670    Sey.   2988   Sey. 4404  -■■   PIPE—SEWER  Erana,  Coleman A Eram, Lid  .  Sey.   2983  Gllley  Bros.. Ltd..__:_...........^....:.,...^... West.   15-lS  Ritchie Contr.  * Sup.  Co.. Jjtd .Sey.  9162  '.-Siv C   -   PLASTER. ''•.''«■"■  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co... :.....-......!sey.  9197-0575  Erans.  Coieman. A Erans. Ltd...   _...Sey.   2983  Giiiey Brc*:.-Ltd.:.....-.....-:.::....™..:.j:.:..:r.„...west. 15-is  O'Nell.  W'm.  N.  Co., Ltd '. .......Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9162  PLASTER BOARD  Brans,  Coleman A Erans, L«l ....Sey. 29S8  O'Nell.  Wm." N;  Co.,  Lut._ _  .......Sey. 4T95  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9162  PLASTER  PARTITION  BLOCKS  Erans,   Coleman A  Erans. LUl.^   Sey.   2988  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Erans.  Coleman  &  Evans', Lid; - .Sey. 2988  O'Nell. Wm.   N.  Co.,  Ltd    Sey. 4795  Bitcnit Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd „ Sey. 9162  PLUMBING  Bailey, E.   A....„._.   . :..Sey.  121  Barr   A   Aiiderson   _ : .Sey.   61S8  Nof»an Kydd ____•_. .... ....„....._.; Sey. 9138  '■-'-..^PNRUliATXC- TOOLS'   ,  Darllni.  Frank  A Co .„:_.....:.......r.u'Vjy.- 4100-4101  Tha Holden Co.? Ltd;.--.:;fe.;_.._.:.i;._., _..._. Sey.' .1Q6S  FBNCE8  AND  GATES  . Pejanwta Wire A Iron^Wka. 7 ..Fair.   279.4  FXPUB'' CXAT- /'.''•-.-;;'  Balfmtr,  Guthrlo A ,06.i^.;-_...-C.. .—Soyl »l»7-«575  Brana,  Coleman;* Braria, Ik«...—-...:—l_.:.8«y.   *»»•;(  .Qilley Broa..  L«d.;>-~_-^._._.....-..----:-.-W«»t.. 1J-16,|  O'NeiL   Wua.   N., Co^ lAd..L-±...:..~.—.'.——fior.   47»5  Bikchia Oontr.   * 8op.   Co., £«<i.-..:..._._-..- .....Soy.   »1S:  Wtoek. B." T.,.* Co.. Itd..^—:..'„_._„_.^«'.   27»-l»44.| Pu«ip» A Power,  °Ud.  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES     ,  C.  A.  Dunham Co.,   LUi. '.    Sey. 895T  Ra«!*T. a a. * rsoM,'Lw:'.-;_....:-.;_i:I'..v -se»> 3i»  Dojalolojat Bloo rriBijCo..i._i-.i...,__^.9ey.  2497-4670  .... - UBtJC   STBMOOjtAj,B:EB ''  COatral PsUJe St«io»Ta»Jitfs_............ :rr..Huy.   5073  „_^.^i-- - -Sey.: giro  Vernon Construction  Company  CONTRACTORS  AND  BUILDERS  Garages   and. Repair  Work  We   specialize   in   small  Bungalows  Seymour   5036 -*3*1   Richards   St.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  DAViE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. CX  .-,<*--^<l'-*'&.!'!*s«--K.*^  j.^».^%f5>^t3>A^';..^^»;*(£»^(£t.;*<w^**^*^^  *■  t  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  1 to 5 Tons  Fact Worth Considering  Firms who demand the moist in niotpr iruok  value arc operating FEDERAL TRUCKS in  Vancouver.     Such   firniB,   as   the/Hudson's  Bay    Co.,    Johnston    Storage    Co.,    Ltd.,  Mainland Transfer Co.,' Ltd., Turner's Dairy  Co.,    and    many    others   use    FEDERALS.  You can easily learn the reason why these  big firms get such Satisfaction from  FEDERALS  FEDERAL MOTOR COMPANY  931r935    Ponder    Street    West,    Vancouver  Distributors for  The FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit  •«>  Mining Machinery  Saw Mill Machinery  Centrifugal Pumps  Steam Pumps  Hydraulic Power Plants  t Head Office   -   -   -   -   Toronto, Ont, f  I VANCOUVER BRANCH OFFICE |  I 1063 Pender St., W. Seymour 5710 |  t *  l t  ■'    PIRB   ESCAPE*    '    -  ».'.U.  Morria * Co.. Lid.,._..__,.._.....——...Bar.   104S  "FIRE   EXTnrCrUISHCER   SYSTEMS  BaTr   it   Amtersan. __„_....... Say.   «18*  tf rZrOORJora  J.'Sytt Smith * Co.. Ltd.........  .....Sey.  1I*S  FOReraros  Wa9t»lB8t«r Iron Work*.....__...-....,...-....- -...West.   oS  .*-•<•                     OAI.VAHEEIKO  T.: Watt Iron   Sc Galr.   Works   ^^..Fair.   «71  OA8   APPXXAITCEB  r"iun-oarer Oaa  Appliaooe Co.—  Soy.   101  QX-ABS—AZJi ■KZ3TDB  '.V.   Holt.   Glass   Dfaler     _..   Fair.  1231  O'Neil.   VVm.   N.   Co., Ltd  ...Sey.   4796  HARDWARE .  rlrown.   Fraser tc Co..  Ltd -.._ Sey. 7155  flett.   J.   A -   —- .-.Sey.   2327-232S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  il.   C.   Hardwood   Floor   Ca..   Ltd...  Bay. 1257  O'XeU.  Wm.   N.   Co.,   Ltcfc. : Sey. 4795  J. yyfa Smith & Co.. Ltd.'...-   - Say. 1196  HARDWOOD  iUaCBER  J. Fyfa Smith  & Co.. Ltd _ — Sey.  1196  HEATING—HOT     AIR,    STEAM    AHD  VENTlXATHia  Bailey.   E.   A  .— : :-S<-y.   123  narr   i   Anderson — Sey.   61.80  C   A.   Dunham   Co.,  Ltd    Sey. S057  .Voriaan Kydd _.-_ - — —  Sey.  91SS  KOISTINCr   EITGIKES      :  Kltchie Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd.. Sey.  9102  INSURANCE  Ceperley.   Kounsofell  &   Co „......._.. Sey.   7S20  Winch,  H.  V.   &  Co.. Ltd :...-..„.... Sey.  279-19 44  INTERIOR   FINISH  Erans.   Coleman   &  Krans.  Ltd .....~... Sey. I3SS8  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd Sey.   4795  -rlltcbla  Contr.   &  Sup.   Co..  Ltd...-. Sey.  9162  IRON   AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.  N.   W.   Su«*l  Co.,   Ltd  Fair.  2396-7  CoiUfhlan.  J.   &   Sons , - Sey.   7D40  Eran*.   Coleman   &   Krana.  Ltd Sey.   20SS  H.  it.   Morris  A  Co.,   Ltd lUy.   1043  O'.Vnll,   Wm.   X.   Co..  Ltd... Sey.   4795  Bltchle Conir.   &  Sup.   Co.. Ltd.... Sey.  9162  T.   Watt  Iron   A-  0»1t.   V7urk«   Fair.   971,  Wastrairwtar  Iron Work/*....- - -...West.   53  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Arti-Ulo Wire A  Iron Works   Brans.   Colotoan  A  Brans.  Ltd..  «.  M.   Harris  Sc  Co.,  Ltd.—   O'XeiL  Wm.   X.  Co.. Ltd   Peanum   Wire   Sc  Iron  Wu.   Bltciile Cotitr. A Sup. Co.. Ltd.  T. Walt Iron & Oalr. Wortu.-.,  Wor-ualnstor  Iron Worka.-^    XAL-SOXXRTNe  :»Uob   *  Murray —■— • Se»  L ATM—METAL       ,  Krana.  Coleman   &  Evans. U4. ..;....^ey.   29M  O'NeU  Wm.   N.  Co.. Ltd.-....'.-  %*»•   «."*»5  ttrtchle Contr.  & Sap.   Co.,  iMi'. S«y. .'I*2  •iUtiSi'la.-   J.   T.    A. ..-.'-:   ««••  H57  TnUBetl   Oocrele   Steel   Co   Sey. Jtr57  LBMDS  Baltout,   Qirthrlo * Co. Sll. 91«T:«5T9  Br-alLi, C»l«i»arj   ic  Brana. Ltd. ^^..Stry.   £»8I  ;0U1bj li-ros..  Ltd..-   Wert.  15-1«  OTJeJX  W«.   N.   Co.. Ltd. _ _...S«y.   4T85  BJtoW* Contr.   &  8up.  Co.. tAM.   K«y.  »1«  Wteoh, B.  V.   * Co..  Ud— .-.-Say.  2TS-1944  LUMBER  JTwfaral Lumber  Co : «»•   3»M-SW»  ..fair.   2ti4S   Sey.   29-"8   [lay.   1843   Sey.   4795   Fair.   2794'  ..!._.._...Hey.   9182   ...Fair.   971   —...West.   55  J7*3-ST66  BOOFINO COMPOSITION  Eran».   Coloeian A Krans. L«J.- ■.. : Sey.   2383  The Barrett  Co..  Lia«il«il,.-.„_..���.._._.._ Hay..''63  OW'ail, -Wm. X.  Co.. Ltd.... _ -...Sey.   4795  Pacific   H'ootag   Co.,   Lid ^ __ .„_ Sey. 118«  Kltchls Contr.^ A Sup., Co.. Ltd..._.._._ Soj..   »IU:,  Sotitb.  .ua-gdi-on t Wrl«ht. Ijut...... _  Si-y.   9565  ROOFINS—SHEET   METAL  rS*« Cornice and Roofing*)  ROOFING  MATERIAL  The-Barrett .Co.,   Limited „ : __jl*y.   63  Erans," ColHoan A  Unas. Ltd  Sey.   2988  Pacific   Koonng   Co.,   Lt< . Sey.  list  Kitchia Coon.   A Sup.   Co., Ltd  Sey.  916"!  Bitchie,   J.   T.   A ;._..—  Sey. 'S05T  -      ROPE—MANILLA  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co..   Sey.  9197-6575  rt'ahsh   A   Co..   T.   A  »  Soy. 473S  RUB BER  STAMPS  Bacley, A.   G.   A S*ns,  Ltd... ;_..?...'.... Sey.   31*5  SAFES—VAULT  BOORS  O'Nell. Wm. .J.Y Co., Ltd......r...-..- Sey.   4735  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Brans,   Coleman & Evans, Lid   Soy.   29SS  Giiiey. Broa. Ltd.... ... :. - -West.   15-16  Ritchie Contx.   A Sup.   Co., Ltd '....'_ -...Soy.  91G2  SASH   i)OORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  lohn   Arnut   A  Sons   _ HIkU.    371  O'Nell. Wm.  X.  Co,, Ltd.... .'__  Sey.   4795  TrussMl   Concrete   Strcl   Co.. - - Sey. S057  SHEET   METAL  Central Sheet JdeUU Works...   _ Sey.   629   *.  r.raiKlTiew   Sheet  Metal  Workn...   —IliKli.    612 '  N*ew   Idea   Sheet  Metal. Works  Sey. 7615  SHINGLE      MANUFACTURERS      AND  DEALERS  (See Lumber and Silng*les)  ,   SHOW  CASES  Dixon   A  Murray  _ Soy.   S785-S7C8  SLATE  Erans.   Coleman A  Evans.   Ltd  Sey.   298S  O'Nell,  Wm.  X. Co..  Ltd - Sey-   1795  Kltchie Contr.   A' Sup. ■ Co.. Ltd  Sey.   9102  STEEL—REINFORCING  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co _.  _Soy.  9197-6575  Eraim.  Coleman A  Erans,  Ltd -...Soy.   29SS  Uitchie.   J.    T.   A ....Soy.  K05T  Trussed   Concrete   Steel   Co  _ Sey.  H05f  STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES AND  STORE FROSTS  Dixon   A   Murray - Sey.   3765-S768  nrarw.   Coleman  A   Erans,  Ltd — Sey.   2DS8  O'Neil.  Wm.   X.  Co.. Ltd —Sej.   4795  TAR   AND  PITCH  The   Karrett   Co..   Limited - I'.aiy.   61  Brana,   Coleman A  Erana.  Ltd _ ....Sey.   2383  TEMPERATURE   REGULATORS  C.A.   Dunham Co..  Ltd ,  Sey.  S05T  TILE—DRAINING  Brans,  Col<*i»n A  Evans, Ltd  Sey.   2988  Giiiey  Bros..  Ltd..:'. .'_ -- West.   15-18  Bin-hie Contr.   A  Sup.-Co;, Ltd.— Sey.  9162  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Krans.  Coleiman A  Erans, Ltd., Sey.   2988  O'eil,  Wm.  X.  On.'."M<l.-~.'....'...'.~J.'  -Soy.   4795  ■  ' TIN  PLATES' '■*  Dalfoor.  Guthrie A Co ._  Sey.  9197-6575  Etoqs,  Colonsan A  Evans,  Ltd. J -Soy.   «it8  -,'   ■ ",'' -'"TOOL  STEEL   .   ;  JJarllni.  IfranU A Co S«iy.   4100-.41M  RitcikV  3.   T.   A.-. _._-._."^„_-..-;.-:;-.:Sey.  8057   Soy.   7133   !<<iy.   8975  Sey.   4li»-4101   .Hoy.   47S5   Sey.   till  MACHINERY  Brown.   Fraser  & Co.,  Ltd...-—.   Cawstan   Machinery   Co.,   Ltd.....'   Darllnt.   Frank   A  Co   —  O'flell. Wm.  X.  Co., Ltd   Purapa  A Power.   Ltd......... --.   Bltehio  Contr.   A  Sap.   Co., Wd....- ..Sey.  9161  The  Holden  Co..   Ltd — 'Say.   1»85  Wall*   A   Co..   T.   A /- - - *•«*•   4738  ■MACHINE  WORH  Olbba Tool A Stamping  Worka. Fair.   2176  Westminster Iron Works...-   West.   53  MANTELS—BRICK,  TILE AND  WOOD  Brans.   Coloroan  A  Erans. Ltd Hey-   2»SJ  O'rJell.   Wm.   X.   Co..  Ltd.— - Sey.   4793  Bltcfcla  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..   Ltd   Hey.   9163  MAPS  Dominion  nine Print   Co..  Bey.   2497-467.  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Bran*.   Coleman   A   Bran*,  Ltd - Sey  O'Neil,   Wm.   X.   Co., Ltd »«*.  VACUUM  CLEANING STHTEMS  But   A| iMk-ttoo.'.J.i—.■..:-.-.-. ~  Sey.   6180  : VARNISHES' .  lajnleson. '*. C. ft Co.*','■ L*d.t_'ii..'^...."~: ^ey.  2268  WALL BOARDS  Brans,  CoUwoaii A  Evan«,  tad.J—^1^. Sey.   2988  ',        WATERPROOF   COMPOUND  The  Barrett   Co.,  Limited .  Bay.   6J  Brana.  Coletaan & E-rarts. Ltd  Sey.   2988  O'Nell.  Wm.   X..   A  Co.,  Lt«  Soy. 4795  PaciBc   Roofing   Co.,   Ltd...;   Sey.  1186  Bltchle,   3.   T.   A ~   Sey.  805T  Trussed   Concrete  Sleel  Co  „ Soy. 8057  WINDOW.. SCREENS  Artistic Wirt A Iron Works  Fair.  2B18  8.   M.  Morris A Co., Ltd  Hay.   1IK3  O'Nell,   Wm.   X..   &  Co..   Ltd  Sey. -U9.**.  Pearson Wire A  Iron Wks   -..Fair.   2701  WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic Wire A Iron Worts  -...Fair.  2(118  Taaraou  Wire  A Iron  Wks  Fair.   2784  WIRE ROPE  Balfonr,  Guthri* A  Co  Soy.   9197-6575  Bran*.  Coleman A   Evans, Ltd.- _..Soy.   2088  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A _ _..S<-y.   1738  Bltchle Contr.   A  Slip.   Co..   Lid Sey.   »162  ■WHOLESALE  ROOFING  The   Barrett   Co.   Llmltrd I'.av    63  29 M  «?95 I 1'aeIOu    floolliw    Co.,    Lid..  ..Sey.   1188 mm  *r~v';  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS.   METAL  CHECKS    TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES*,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL  WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND,FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 516 PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  (Coattiraed  from page 1)  Equi  Phone Se-rmour 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancotw B. C.  .  of these lots, for- in every case "the  prospective purchaser was- buying  with the object of immediately building. Reports from local real estate-  offices, taken in conjunction with the  number of new residence permits  which are being taken out in both the  city, as well as South Vancouver.-and  Point- Grey municipal building departments, indicate in an - unmistakable  manner that the building situation is  past the planning stage and that a  considerable number of home-seekers  are now actually starting the erection  of new houses.  It is now up to the architects- and  builders to take advantage of this  constantly developing "Own Your  Own Home'' movement, and benefit  accordingly.  led by .-an,.'accepted- cheque for 5 per  cent, of bid, payable to 'the minister of  railways.  The   lowest- or  any   tender   not' necessarily accepted.  A. F. PROCTOR,  Chief Engineer,    ,  Department  of  Railways.'  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED     .  '- *. A. Jones, Mtfr.'-'"'\  WHARF  BU1XDING,   BBIDOES.  FOil  FOVITDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners   of tng  "Clive"  General .TowlaMT  324 Front St.  ....  ..    New.Westminster  Telephone 1»1»   -•*  Brancn Office  837'""Has't.-«t.W. -.   ,   Sey; 4404  &  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFIDE  lflifiST0RE FlttlNGS  NOTICE  TO   COSTBACTOB3  Sealed tenders will be received by the  undersigned up till 12 noon, June 4th,  1919, for the construction of an eigrht-  rootn school building- on Block T>S0, D. L.  472, at the corner of Ash and Tupper  Sts„ for the Board of School Trustees,  Point  Grey,  B.  C.  Separate tenders will be received for  plumbing, heating and ventilation.  The contractors submitting tenders will  be required to enclose a marked cheque,for  a sum equal to 5 per cent, of iho-Amount  of tender, which will be forfeited^hould  the contractor fail to eiiter into "a contract when called, upon. Copies of plarts  arid specifications and forms of: tender  may be' obtained at the ..office of the  architect" on ■ the deposit the sum: #'f  ?10.00, which will be refunded when jthe  plans and specifications are returned in  good order. " -.■.-.. :"-«?.?  The lowest or any tender not rtecessarl-  Iy  accepted. ' • %.     '   ■  TWIZELL ;&  TWIZELL,  v Architects'.  Metropolitan   Bldg., •... -  •Vancouver,  B.   C. '.'.---■-.       -« -       -.  NOTICE  TO CONTACTORS  Soldiers Housing* Act  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  foi-Vive-rroom Bungalow," will be' received bv the Honorable the Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Wednesday, the ISth day of June, 1919, for  the erection and completion of a tHrfc--  room Bungalow on Lots 27 and 28, Block  4.   Windsor Street,  South   Vancouver.'    .  Plans and specifications can now be  seen at the office of the Government  Agent, Court House, Vancouver, or at  the Department of Public Works, Victoria.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.   E.   FOREMAN.  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works Department,   .  Victoria. B. C, May 30th, 1919.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS - CAPENTERS  -ROOFERS-    .  General Building:  Repairs  Sey. 3315- 511 Dunsmulr it:  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAWTIMG. PAPER HAH6-  IN6 and KALS0MINING  Sty. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmulr St.  E. A. BAIL  Plumbing $  ;■]"': and -?':T  Steamfitting  1033 Omnm» St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Pho*i« Sey. 130  Re*. Bay. 77  CANADIAN   NATIONAL   BAIX.WAYS  WESTEBN  KIBES  PACIFIC  DIVISION.  Sealed. Tenders, addressed to the undersigned and endorsed, "Tender for  grading -railway terminal. North .'of  Point Eilice Bridge, Victoria, B. C." will  be received at this office until 12 o'clock  noon, Wednesday, June "4th. ■  Plans, «Cross-sections,. Specifications  and-Form of Contact, may be seen, and  form of tender obtained; at the offices  of < the Chief Engineer, -'. Metropolitan  Building, Vancouver, B. ,C...or th.e^Dist-  rict Engineer, Belmont House, Victoria,  B.- C        ■•■■■'-.   ...    ■ .   --.. -.i£.-..--..  Tenders will hot be considereil unless  made on the Form supplied by the-Hallway Company, and accompanied by.-an  accepted cheque on a chartered- Bank  equal to 2% of the value, of 'the' work.  payable to the order of the Treasurer,'  Canadian National Railways.    *"',"  The  lowest,  or any  tender  not necessarily  accepted.     * "- '-••'   ■■• -'■-'-  M.H:MacL*EOI>, :      ;'  Vice-Pres''deriUv .'•  ':■■'■'■ Nq.il; T«r>rontoV Street,  Tororitg^r.Ositarlo.  NOTICE  TO  CONTSACTO&S  Sealed   tenders,   superscribed ."Tender  for  Lock-up at   Yakh,"  will  be' received'  by the Honorable the Minister of Public  Works up to, 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday  the 24th day of June,'1911", for the erection   aincl   completion   of   a   Lock-up   at  Yahk.    in    Electoral    District   of   Cran-"  brook,  B.  G  Plans and specifications, etc.7 can 'now  be seen at the office of -J. Mahony,. J5s<i.;'-  Government   Agent,   Court   House'.   Vancouver,,   or   the   Department   of   Public  Works, Victoria.'. -  Lowest   or  any. Tender   not necessarily'accepted.  .....     .      ... ■ .   .-■,-.   ■,.-.;.   s     I  '  - '■-'     r A.  E.  FOREMAN.   ;  Public Works Engineer.  Public  Works   Department.    ,■'". i  Victoria. ,B.  C..' ftlay 30.41,919. S  Office, Sey. 7075 Res., Fair. 2138L  J. H. Healey  OPTOMBT3IHT  Glasses fitted  for the relief of-all  kinds    of    eye    strain    and    nerrous  headache.  8-35 Blrks Bldg*. Tanoouvoi-, B. O.  WE  »AIiVANEgB BTBBYTHIKO BY HOT FBOCBSS  T. WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  Bstabllshed 1913  We Manufacture  ORNAMENTAL IRON, LIGHT STRUCTURAL STEEL   IRON  STAIRS, FIRE ESCAPES, WROUGHT IRON GATES,  FENCES, CANOPIED  Everything in Builders' Ironwork'  r>fti«ijft'ns and  Pricosr on  Application  Office and Works, 225 Fifth Avenue West  Fairmont, 971  Vancouver. B. C.  Classified Advertising  Becord Beaders are, as a rule, business  and professional men who ha»o the  money to buy something good If they,  desire It. If you have something good  to sell let the Record reader* know  about It. The average purchasing,  power of the Record reader Is greater than that of any other publication-  in Brtish Columbia.  & Grill  Roof ins Contractors  Established 1805  XCTAX   WINDOWS—FZBB   DOOBS—8XOKZ-3TACK8—HOT-AIB  i-j»a»ci—TESTitATina  pajts-^low   prpiNa—  SKYUCrXTB—OEBBBAX.JOBBXXCr  1238 Beymomr St.  Va-Boouver, B. C.  Seymomr 3981  Tlie Becord will be gl*«i to pvbUah  adTertiseinents (or positions wasted »y  returned n»en ln these oolomne free of  chug*.  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  Central  Metal  SHEET, COPPER,  BRASS  and IRONWORK  RESTAURANT  EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Fhone Sey. 680     151V4 Pender St. W.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  PROVINCE   OP   BBXTX8H   CO&TTKBIA.  Tenders addressed to ; the Chief ..Engineer of Railways, Victoria, B. C.,vfor  re-ilooring the southern .traffic apprdacn  of Westminster Bridge, will be received  at the office of the undersigned up to  Wednesday noon, June 5. Specifications  can be obtained from Thos. S. Gifford.  bridge superintendent. New Westminster,  or at department of railway's,  Victoria.  Tenders should be . marked "Westminster  Bridge  Repair,"  and accompan-  . NOTICE  TO  CONTBACTOBS  ESQUIMALT DISTRICT;—PAVING  ^•'.; g .' ■ TSL'AiND. HTGHyVAiY; =.-.:,v',?;^,  - Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for  Paving Island Highway." will be received by t>,p'Honourable the-'Minister ot  Public Works up to 5 p.m. of the 5th  day of June. 1919. for the grading afld  paving of the Island .Highway from  Craigflower Bridge.to Parson's Bridge.' •  :" Alternative tenders'will, be considered  for paving with (a) one-course concrete,  (b) asphaltic concrete on concrete base,  and (c) asphaltic concrete on macadam  base.; ■;•:;'- '  ■-.. Plans, specifications.-contract, bills of  quantities, and forms of tender may be  seen on and after the 21st day of May;  '1919, at the Public Works Denartment.  Victoria, or at the District Engineer's  ■Office. Court-house".' Vancouver; Copies  of plans, etc., Can be had on payment oT  $5 deposit. ' .. - i  Each tester must be accompanied by.  ain accented- bank ch'eoue on a chartered,  bank of Canada, made payable to the!;  Honourable the Minister of Public Works  for-the amount equal to twenty (20) peri  cent, of,the tender, which shall be tor-  feited if. the party, tendering dscllne^.to-  enter into contract when call.ed *upon 'to  do so. or if he fail to complete* the work"  contracted.-.for. The cheques of. unsuc-  tessful tenderers will be*retur.ned to tfiern  upon the execution of this> contract.  '-'.' Tenders will not be considered' unless  made out on the form supplied, signed  w,lth the actual sitfnature of;the. tender;  er; and* enclosed in; the"-envelopes fur-  nlshed. v -->.i--i----t-i.-.'.5j-j. .-..-.. ...;_...'   ...'.;„.-  ,.The  lowest ^ or any .tender  hot  neceS^  sarlly  accepted.   '•.■"•'•■ ..'.'  '.."•'..-        '-'  *., -,  ■ A. E. FOREMAN.       ' Tv  PublicWorks  Engineerr.  Department of Public Works,   • ' ,:  Victoria.  B.. C. May 14th.. 1919.       ."  AUDITORS  >j  .Consulting and Cost- Accountant.'  Office' work handled for- small buslnes-,  ses.    Private tuition  in Accountancy.   ';"  B.   O.   BOI.TON,   A.OJa.   (BBS*.)  107 Yorkshir* Bld/j.     , - amy. ■ 1166  AUTO REPAIRS  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns. Furnaces and Boilers  A  Specialty  Estimates glvvn -Distanc* no obstacle X  ADAM mCK  Highland   728  2021  Wall St  Are you .thinking of haTinir your oar  oTerhauled?    If so so* Simons th« most-  reliable   .man    in    the   city.      All    work  guaranteed.     Lathe   work   done.      Used,  cars  bought, and  sold. -i  SIMONSOABA»B  14^5 Xlavsway ^J^*1  Hi^ht Call: Pair. 1006  COLLECTIONS  Collections, Adjustments everywhere.  Quick Action, Prompt Remittance. Intell-:  gent Service. Give Us a Trial, No Collection, No. Charge.      _-.   ___..,,_  VAjrooxrvBB cB»»rr sbbtxob  Say.   8S8    r 61S   Tiaeoa-w   Blocfc  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS~  AlterAtions and Repairs. Carpentier,  and Cabinet Work.. Offloe and Store Fit-.  tings.   Steering   Wheels   for   shlpa.  J. -B.  B.  WXXSOB  OO,  2MPE>.    .^  say. aver ,.-.-.. MS Qs»^f tt.  'Pacific; Roofing Co.. Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS OP  ASPHALT READY  ROOFING  -       .         _ . - ■ -    ■".vm*     ...  General Roofing Contractors  SEYM6UI 118S INDUSTRIAL ISUNI VANCUVER,! C.  factories,      Hous-as     aodi-    -T.-r  ; Oaragea   Repaired.     .(UrnvrmX,  Carpenter .and   Conatruotlos..,Vr»rk.  -.- ■.■mi'.-f.- woMMtn ^v '  Sey. 3418-.;:-";";-- -'■■        *':tv"--_1.-  Sey.    S81 BTcmlatfa »43  Bs-rls   St.  EXTENSION LADDERS  Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED.  MUGGINS  PX.AXN    AND    OBNAXXNTAX.  PX.ASTXBXB  ■• ■'  Bay.  2585-B. 33S8   Third  Ats.-'W.  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company^ Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DILIYBRT.  See "us" for good  reliable  ladders.-24   ft.  to  40 ft. ;.in .stock.    Swing  stages made  to order/' -_i-_i_ __' ■-■  AXXBIOXT XJkOBBB CO. -,  S«y. 177S.-.   , Bsar 633 Bormtoy Si.  MACHINERY  1527 Maia St.  Fair. 552  Ag-aata   Tor  Xylite   Oxssss   amd  Vsrfsetiom   Oils  Skookiun  lagging  Block  4-72   in.   by   18   ft.   boilers   1«0   lbs.  2  Coal dryers auitable  for flata.  All alzes of cabla  In  stock.  T. A. WAXSX *  «>•_   JU-  7 Alexander St. Ssy. 4738  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Machiw^  Fhoas Ssymour 71S5 '-.'"■;    .:     llSO Hom.r Str.st  ;*>rti- Vancouver, B. C. •■'■        '■'-^  J. R. Tacey Sc Son  HX2IAOST  and. BLOW  FIPINO  our   Specialty  Beating, Ventilating- and Chmeral  Sheot-Metal Worlc  Seymour  HUT 11C*   Seymour  St.  Vancouver Forge Co.  Uamltea  fORGINGS  or 'Al-t. DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria.  Drlre -atghland   701  CEMENT  AND  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Scott & Clark  1042 Rowe St. Bey. 2ST1—C8M-&  MAIN ELECTRIC  OBNBBAX   BBPAXBS —ABKATtTBE  WZHBTNS — BWlTCBBOABPfl  INSTAI.X,ATXONS  304 Alexander St.  Sey moor 3856  T  TELEPHONE DATA  VBW ZN8TAX.lVA-nONS  Return tubular bollera. engines, planers, selzers. roller band res-aws, pipe and  pipe fittings, belting, lumber .trucks and  a large stock of transmission machinery.  ■AWKTXL KA.CKZNBBT OO. XaXBOTBS  10O4 Mainland St. Sey.  4883  Punips and Purapine Plants of erery  description bought and sold or rented  •ut    All pump supplies and  repairs.  rrno-B s powii iobcitbd  216-84  Abbott  St. Seyaaoor 8110  Boats . of   all   sixes   for   sale.      Tags.  0cowa and launches for hire.     Saw and  Shingle Mill Machinery for sale.  BTACOZXiXrJS ft BtOBAB  1788 Oaorg-U St. W. Ssy. ,8438 !■.  Hsistlng engines, lacomotiTes, lathee,  wire repe, rails, oars, roaohlnery of all  kinds. __^^  NATlONAIi  KaOHOTBT   OO.  SS5 Main St. Say. 800  Us««   Machinery   »f   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold. .   B. C. BQirmiBBT OO., B»». ^^  Sank of Ottawa Bid*. Say. 8040  Giiiey  Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SANO - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building "Material  <r  Ph4>n« 15 and 16  902  Columbia Street Wast  Naw Westminster, B.C.  ;t^»l.»fr<u..»*»4.-**»^«|-»itH^^  - '' ' ' " !  t  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  .: Sey. 7119   Sey.  2tU»>   Sey.  G«09   Sey. 738S   Fair,    r.02   Soy.  7527  COPPERSMITHS  Marine and General  THE   CliTX   -WTEaUWEBtf  Cor. Alejceinder. and Mealier  Avewrje  Phone Highland  28**S  PANT AGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c -  MAY 30, 1919.  Waterous  Engine  Works  Co.,   Ltd.,   597  Hast.  W   Triangle  Co.  of Canada  Ltd.,   510   Hast.  \V   Kosher Shoe Co., 3 IS  Homer   Hayden.  Sidney  C.   213   Hast.   E^..':.,   B.  C.   Klnishing  Co..   518   Broadway   W   Attna   Life   Insurance   Co.,   470   Gran   MAY y.9, 1919.  Fourth Ave.  Vulcanizing.   1698  4th W gaV* 3''0*;  Greer, Dr. Robert I<\, 16 Hast. E. -pey.  J'-iJ  King's Rooms, 210 Carrall. =e>'*  sls*  MAY 28, 1319.  Wright   House   Rooms,   41   Hast.   E Sey. 2894-0  MAY 27, 1919. „        OAOO  Post Office Gas Station, 805 Hast. W .-Sey. 8032  Economy  Market,  15S0 Commercial   .-High.    492  Albert Woodyard, 4th and E. Boulevard  Eburne . 311  McChesnev, Louis S.. Auto Repairs. 805 Davie Sey.  8097    \  McLeod Sheet Metal'Works. 1042 Richards  »ey\ T11 a  Cunard  Steamship  Co.,  Ltd.,   622  Hast.  VV Sey.   3199   to Sey. 3648  MAY 23, 1919.  Red Triangle Club, 610 Cordova W Sey- 5083-O  M. 8. K. Bakery, 584 Joyce  -V0-'       **  Dominion Petroleum Ltd., 550 Hast. W... Sey.   f25<  CXAJrOBS.  MAT 30. 1919. „        ,,..  • Buckingham   Womans  P.   frpm  536  Hast.  W.   to   525   Seymour Sey. 3.48  Catholic Children's Aid Society from 510 Hast.  W. to 509 Richards Sey.  4577  -Hutchlns,  Archibald from Howe and Hornby to  909  Georgia W Sey.    345  MAY 29, 1919. ■ <, .  Phoenix  Investment Co. from 413 Gran, to 510 Hast. W ftty. 2695  Shepherd. Walter, Auto Painting from 1520 3rd W. to 1540 5th W Bay.  .'.397  MAY 27, 1919. ,    Western Guide  from 207  Hast. W.  to 1155  Gran Sey.     14(>9  International Express & Messenger Service from  147Vi  Hast.  W.  to  321  Water   ^cy.  15fas     ,  Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada Ltd. from  510 Hast. W.  to 207  Hast. W bey.  2298  Yew St. Grocery from 2005 Yew to 2180 4th W Bay.  1597  B. C. Taxi from 83  Hast. E. to 327 B. Columbia .' key.  «1»4  Canadian Bank of Commerce,  698  Hast.  W Sey.  4 340 to Sey.  4466  Ua  Far All Kind* of Machinery  MACKXBBBY   OO.  LTD.  139* Blchards  St. Bsy. T44S-T448  STENOGRAPHERS  Kxpert Typewriting of erery description  Mimeographing.    Multlgraphing.  Translations Stenographer*   Supplied  G18TBAL yffBUO BTBBOSBAKPBBS  S«y.   S078 414  Do-aUnion   BltLff.  i  *  *  *  !  t  AGENTS FOR  McCLARY'S RANGES  and the  STORAGE ft. TRANSFER   Bajrgage,   furniture   and   freight   morad  and   stored.     Trunks  crated   and   household   goode   packed   for   shipment.  S-TABDABD   YBAWSFBB   »   STOBASB  OOBtPABY  418 OordoTa St. W. Say. 808  TRUCKS  FOB SAX.B—One-ton McLaughlin in  A-l condition, cheap for cash. One amd  half ton Albion, Just aTerhauled. A law  other  used   trucks.  SJOYBI> MOTOB AOBBOY OT  B. t».  Say.  7078. 940  Blchards  St.  INUWAY  Kerosene Gas  Generator and Burner  Ik  G„ W. ROBINSON  CABPBNTER axUl BirjX*D*BB  also  Oahlaot   Maker  Upholnteriiag  603 Br»ad*m.y W.  W. GREENLEES  OOITTBAOTOB  UMle  DrlTtrt^,  trTusrvou,  Brfdff^a,  YoxatAntboa*, e-fee.  W. SoymoTxr 19R3  407 Cordova St.  ■MIBrii»Aiwi«i li ■''   i V i'i'I  as  We supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or bull* to suit individual  requirements. All we need ie an idea  of   what   you   want.     "We   do   the   reet.  TtnraBB * STxnsxi  "The T-rufelc S-paoiallsts"  Bay-dew 138 l«a89 Third At». W.  WELDING  We Weld any metal part that la  broken. We sell tested ranee boilers at  J#.00 each. ■■  ABMSTBONCr'S   WBZa>XBO   SHOP  1733 Main St. * r»lr. 0589  Percy F. Letts  ULEOTKIOAl   BBOXKBBn  and   COWTBA.OTOB  Kltfh-Class   IQUetrlcal   Work  and   Tlxtnres  Bay.   4,41 3044   CSranrllle  Bt.  Fer use In  Regular Cook Stoves and Ranges  C. Bain, Manager  767 R08S0N ST.  SEYMOUR 801  -M-**^***^''*----^^ I  ^;sy>-,i-,:  . *-•;'« .^>«^-^<jtal>^v"^  '..:.:;--:.,';>»:;;'-'-.'.'■.::-,»::'-.:.,../,'';^V'^i-'i':/''~~v''.,,v. . '■' '■•" ' .-1. ■-;,;'- ,'.^-KSi-fi-^''^"i»^M^i-"i»i^fe **3  '.''..< .*  r;-(r;-''Vv4:ji:-''.:■- ":*'~'~?-i-*:-?<.r. ?  >»,i:ft .*   "^yifpv^-^^^*-:^'^**H ;xj  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL N£V\(SPAPEF? IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO GENERAL 2TEWS, BU3XDIKG,   COSTTBAOTINO,   ENGlNEEEINa,  PBOTOTCUL,   ClTt  AND HARBOB IUDPBOVEMENTS.  — *---■'. :— , ; , ^_ ; , ..    ' r. — ■ ''. :—-—_ —— . )U *•��     ; !,,'.   - ,■, ,.„J7 ,   VOL. XVII. No.   K  Published  Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1919  Office and Plant  883 Homer-Bioaards Lane  PBJCE—Per Year ln Advance    -    $10.00  Per Month    -    -    -    -    -      1.08  Building Material  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  Tel. Sey. 4795-6. 548-550 Seymour St.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  MXTAIi WZBTBOWS  FIBS BOOBS  SBTXXQKTS  JOBBING  BLOW Pn?IMO  SMOKB STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  -Ha-  DOM I IN ION  Pressed R fj | (^ K Common  Gabriola Shale Products. Limited  Vancouver Office  425 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Sey. 8057  J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative  Number  Deacrtptlon  Coat  10352—Alter  to  dwelling..  'J0355—-Dwelling     ....$500  $2200  UILDING   FEBMZTS   AMOUBTZBO   TO  $500  OB  OVER ISSUED  AT   TKBjTASCOUVBB  CITT  HALL YESTBBDAY  Street  Addreaa  tot  and  Block  21G7   Gth   Ave.   E...    •  -••  ''  -  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Owner *s&..  F.  P.  Rogers   Owner  Address  E.   Braithwait         A. J. Harrison  3605 Knight Road  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  I art?t*^  Roofing. Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  _ _ Claybur'n Fi rob rick.   Special  FT.OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  HARDWOODS  Lumber V^  Our. Stock ia the Moit Complete oh the Pacific Coast  ■•■--:^'-;:-rWe)"ir'B also Sole   Agents   for-, the   "v  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St.  Vancouver, B. C.  •H^*^:--^--^:-'--^*^ avenue', to   Vernon   drive;  i  BUILDING PERMITS  j, w—.... —--—  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  QENEftAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  . Sole Aarenteln Canada For  ChicagoPh euiriatJc Tool Co.  .RiveMne.'#. ChippingHM-nnw;:^  Electris-Toolirt Rock Drills; Air Compressors;  Fuel Oil and Gas Engines.  •*■-»-». 81 Pitair St ■.. Immni I. C,  Pssm Jif. 18SS  -.i^K' i".t  ^•.t*^*.t*^%t3».>^^-*^%i^%f*pj^r4.^».;.;.»>.;.^».,»<5»*ii  10354—F. Condin, dwelling-, 1S68 Albert street;-'$400.   P. P. Rogers, con tit  .1035C— S.'■' H. Howe, •'•alteration's,  Georgia & Granville; $125. PI. W.  Aikens, contr.  I0nr>7—Al. .M. G. Wallace, garage,  252S  Waterloo Itoad;   $100.  10358—F. Jackson, dwelling, 555  2nd Ave. E.;  $400.  -tv-mdoa. _  swlialb  WtaalpesT  Toronto  Vasooaver, B. O.  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  KNQINKERS  INSPECTION ..TESTS •- CONSULTATION  8TEEU    CEMENT,    BUILCING3,     BRIDGES,: PIPE, '■RAILS. _£AR8.T'  LOCOMOTIVES  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT, CREOSOTED  N     fg'^ -MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at. Large Manufacturing Centers  INVITE   FIGURES   FOR ;  RECORDER'S   OFFICE  Figures are being invited by tlie  -Hon. .Minister .of. Publte-^o^k-^toiv the  erection and completion of a six-room  building at Hope, B. C, to be used' as  the  Mining Recorder's  office.  Notice of tender appears on page 4.  CITY  ASKS  TENDERS  .    FOR   $50,000   WORTH   OF  STREET   IMPROVEMENT  After making an  Inspection tour of  the different, wards last Wednesday to  • i.  select where the most urgently needed street Improvement and paving re-  Broadway ■.; from Glen drive to Keith  road; Eleventh avenue from Main to  Kingsway;- Cypress from Fourth avenue to McNichol; Waterloo from  Fourth to Point Grey road; Beach avenue from Broughton to Stanley.Park,  and Broadway from Granville to Maple.  ASK TENDERS FOR COAL.  * NORTH VANCOUVER — The city  council has decided to call for tenders  for the supply of 150 tons of screened  lump coal to be delivered at the city  wharf. This fuel is to be utilized for  .the fire halls, city.and_other civicJn-  ' stitutiobs."' As ''art "alternative bid;  prices are asked on a small scowlbad  of this"" coal to be delivered. at, the  same   place. . .       ,J  $20,0C0 FOR SCHOOL EXTENSIONS.  POINT GREY — The Point Grey  school board has been notified by th.e  provincial government, through the  department of education, that a special grant of $20,000 has been made  by' the government for the purpose of  FRANK DARLING & GO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rrvetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers--Torbine and Electric Drills  : High Speed Steel-•Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey. 410O  Structural Steel For Every Purpose         S?*-*. : ~   CBAHHZIiS, AVGXrXB, PX-ATBS, TBSS, COX-.  COamiTZLT XQTTXPPXS rABBIOATZWO SKOVS  '■-v-  MNflDfAN NORTHWEST STFEIXOX Lti  raizoaoat S3SS  8SS-7  ▼anaoa-ra-r, ■. OL  ■te  aiding school building and the instak  pairs   were   needed,   the- city   council j la(ion    bf  school    equipment   in   new-  schools now under construction in the  Estimates GHven  8«ymoar 7200 •  BUILDER'S  WI CABBY A COMPLETE LINE OF  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGATT, LIMITED  ■WTholesale Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Vancouver Lumber Co, Limited  MAirUTACTTXREBS  OF   .  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE DUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and ■•« ua, or phone.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  1  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING CO.,LTD.  Millwork Contracts  TTnton   Depot    .....'..'..;...1916  Con.   Northern  Rly.  Depot 1917  Gnlgary Armory  — - - 1918  Bosaland  Hl^h  School  1918  TrazMxallle  Sanitorlu-ai    1918  Phone Westminster 473  Our steam heated plant enables ua  to manufacture Veneer Work at any  .st-iason  of  the year.  "We are now manufacturing: Interior  fittings for the new B. C. Telephone  Bullcllne's head otllce ln Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th 8t, Eaat Burnaby  asm  [on Thursday instructed  the city engineer   to  call   for  tenders   for   various  items of street paving, hard-surfacing  and improvements that -will aggregate  approximately    $f>0,0C0.      These    contracts   will   make   a. big   hole   in   the  $60,000 appropriation voted in the estimates for street improvement.   Originally there had been $i00.000'placed  in   the  estimates   for -street  improvements, which had been sadly neglected during the war years, but the exi-  I gencies of finance, required that it be  cut down  to $60,000 in order to keep  down the tax rate.    After these contracts are awarded it will leave about  ■ $10,000   for   additional   smaller   items  of street  work.  The  chief item   in  the  S.'.O.OOO   programme of street  repairs   will  be for  tlie  surfacing  of   Pacific   street   from  Granville   to   Broughton.   the   cost   of  I which has been .estimated by the city  • engineer   as   §27.000.     The   principal  I reason for having this street paved is  to provide a route that vvil enable vehicle . drivers   to  reach   Stanley   Park  and English  Bay after crossing Granville street bridge without having to'go  further north and add to the trafllc on  the    already     congested     down-town  .streets,    instead   of   going   by /Beach  avenue and Pacific street direct.  Various other streets to be resurfaced or otherwise repaired and improved under this programme of road  improvements include: Maple street,  from Ninth to ixteenth avenues; First  avenue, ■ from- Commercial to Victoria  drive; t. Catherines street from  Broadway   to  Kingsway;   Union  from  municipality. As the school 'board  asked for a grant of $40,000 and only  got half this amount .the award is a  distinct disappointment to them, but  the plans and estimates will "be re--  vised accordingly in order to make  the best of the amount allocated.  WIRE HOT PROTEST ON,        ]  DRY DOCK LOCATION  NORTH   VANCOUVER — Following  the  receipt  of a wire  from  Mr.  San-  ford J. Crowe,  M.P. for Burrard, who  is in Ottawa now. intimating that the  projected   dry   dock   is   likely   to   be  built  in  Victoria,     immediate    action  was   taken   by   the   city   council   and  other   local     bodies.     Wires     voicing  strong protest were sent to the government by the delegation headed by  Mayor   Vance   which   recently   visited'  Ottawa   in     connection     with   North  Shore    harbor  development     Similar  wires, all urging that Vancouver harbor be   considered   on   its  merits  before  any   action   should   be  taken   locating the drydock at Victoria or any  point on Vancouver Island, were sent  by  all   other   public    bodies    on   the  North   Shore.  WE  MANUFACTURE  REINFORCING STEEL  IN*ANY FORM OR LENGTH AND  SUBJECT TO ALL TESTS  Submit your requirements-  HYATT STEEL PRODUCTS, UMITED  Granville Island, Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Seviri'dur 3066-3067  Balfour Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts,  Machine Bolts,  Tie Bolts:      > We are  prepared  to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT —   LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. S*y. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacorna  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone S037  NORTH   SHORE   BUILDING  PERMITS.  NORTH VANCOUVER—The aggregate value of building permits issued'  at North Vancouver so far for June  reached a total of $S,117 up to last  Friday   night.     This   is "considered   a  (Continned   on   Pajre   3)  Seymour 4660;  Company  J. SMITH, Manag-cr  7 .r)2 Alexan cler St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty YearB' Experience In all Bran olios  of Electrical "Work. Inspection—Expert  Advice — Trouble Work—Installing* — Ee-  'WincUng,—All   Work   Guaranteed.  IMMEDIATE DELIVEBY OT THE FOLLOWING  WOOD    LATH  FIBRE   PLASTER,   PLASTER   PARIS,   CORNER  BEAD,   LIME  - AND  PLASTER   SAND  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  ■3B  I  I  ONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0.  Phone 53  VCUE  j BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published" every    Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday  by  the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper of general circulation, featur-  g Building. Contracting, Engineering, Indus-  ial.   Shipbuilding,   Mining,   Automobile,   Fro.  log  tria.,   _„__-- .    .    _. ._  vincial,  City  and  Harbor  Improrements,  C. H. NBLSON....MANAGING EDITOR  ' Office and  Plant —..,„„  583   Homer-Richards -Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7608  Subecriptloa *a«ea ■»'��„.„.  Per   Year   in   Advance: -. -$1V'nn  Per   Month •'•      **'0"  AK subscriptions are payable strictly in advance  OPPICIAX OEOAH. .  The British Columbia Record Is tlie  .fflp.-.i oriran of The Architectural Insti-  Steof BriUsh Columbia, federated with  The Rojral -Architectural Institute^ of  Canada;'and The Engineering Ac Tech-  ..SSS^lMtUutc of British Columbia.-and  as such is used by them as the medl-urn  through which to make their offl ial announcements to the K«neka* PRuJ^c'lum_  By such selection the Britlsk Columbia Record is no wise pledged ■■to editorial support of any policy advanced  by these societies., but maintains ail absolutely independent, position on all ■ matters subject to editorial opinion.  NOT   TENANTS,    BUT    OWNERS.  Few   people   ever   pause   to   think  that when  the, bu y Savings Stamps  they   save   taxes.     The   war   is   not  over yet—for-the taxpayer.    The gov-  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired.Art.Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W. MOLT  426—436- Dufferin St Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Slivering  wants the people to own their share,on the part of householdrs. Statis-  in the government., It would rather tics show that 64 per cent, of all, our  have them joint owners in-the nation fires, or practically two out of every  than mere  tenants.    It makes better  three, occur in the homes of the peo  citizens,  and  better nation,  better  citizens  make  a  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  During the past.week certificates of  incorporation have been issued to the  undernoted concerns:  Ontario Loan and Investment Company Limited, capital $10,000, Vancouver; Canadian Box Company  Limited, capital $10,000, Vancouver;'  Canadian Puget Sound Lumber and  Timber Company Limited, capital  $2/850,000, Victoria; MacBeth & Miller  Limited,  capital  $25,000,  Kamloops.  L'Air Liquids, limited liability, company, ■for1 the-study and working of  the Georges Cloude processes, incorporated in France, is now registered  to  do   business   in  "British   Columbia,  pie. This Is a terrible indictment, on  the average mode of living, and is directly the result of careless habits.  It is also a fact that many, men,  •women and children are equally guil-  ■ty of causing this erronous fire waste.  The careless manner in which lamps  are .used,- electric appliances left  turned on and forgotten, explosive  and combustible oils and liquids carer  lessly handled, and lighted matches  and cigarette butts thrown around, is  alone sufficient evidence to show that  our "habits'^need to be materially  changed. ..,.    *  MINING  The Mary Reynolds at Stump Lake  has shipped its third car of ore. It  is operated by R. R. Medley. .0  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  'At Summit, along the P. G. E., the  Consolidated is said to have tjonded  the Fitzsimmons group.  Large deposits of infusorial earth,  have been found within a few miles  chromite, talc, alum and magnesite,  of Clinton.  ernment won the war on credit.   Now  it has got to  pay the bill  and  it  is j capital 15,000,000  francs, Vancouver.,  a big. one.    Last year and  this year J     r   past0ne & Co. Limited, incorpoj-  every man and his wife helped in, this  big task. Next year they will do the  same, and the year after, and the year  after that again. Bilious of dollars  will have to be provided to meet the  cost of the war.   All of us will be. re-  • quired to-meet and bear our individual  share of the burden.  •S If the government cannot raise  these funds one way it will have -to  raise them Vanother. In the-final  analysis the people of this country—  who   are   the   government—will   foot  • the bills. Every dollar the individual  invests    in    War   Sayings   or  Thrift  .Stamps makes him the creditor of the  government by just that much. He  will get his money back, sure and  certain, with good" interest. But the  man who'does, not buy will pay his  share and get no interest or no* prinv  cipal*»back.  The man who invests has an equity  in the •-government and will be repaid that equity in money. ThermUi  who does not invest will be a renter,  and his rent, will not come ljtack to  him—not in   caahu    {The government  Talk  is   cheap   to  everyone   except  the  fellow   who   does   the   talking.  ated by letters patent of the Dominion of Canada, is now licensed to \do  business in British Columbia, capital  $100,000, Victoria.  HOME  FIRES  BURN  TOO  BRIGHTLY.  ■■ The -all-too-frequent  fires   in   dwellings..ig- a- matter   that  ^should receive*more careful attention  .*»•*»'-..-  recurrence -of.  FOB  Busy Business Men  A   solid,   substantial   food   served   iri  1 an'appetizing flavor.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  no.   1—110   OOBSOTA   ST.   WEST  Canada* Food  Board  No.  10-7661.  <vo.'»—«iac Fzrasm st. west  Canada Pood  Board  No.   10-7660.  Development operations are reported to have proved a considerable body  of milling at. the Ivanhoe Mines of  the Surprise Mining company, ari"d  there is a possibility that the Rose--  berry Surprise mill at Sandon will be  re-opened.        (  Two cars of 44-tons each of zinc  concenti-ates have been shipped by the  Silver Standard this month and a car  load of lead is about ready. The normal production of the mine is three  cars of concentrates a month, one of  lead, and two of zinc.  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bawiew 1076  GAS HEAT YOUR  BUILDING  Gaa heatint? by means of a -system  like tie Rector has been the dream  of• enj-lncers for years.  It   iloes   away   with   dirty,   smoky  mates, dusty basements fillo*" with  the   necessity   of   constant  fu  fuel, 'aad  stoking.  Each radiator Is a unit—you aim  cut as many of them out as you wish.  Vou pay for your ffas after yon uh<?  it. not as' you pay for coal, in advance.;  We wU be glad to  give you fl-rnres  on  i   i*ffts-heivtln(*r   installation.  Vancouver Gas Co.  Carrall and  Hastings  Phone Say.  5000  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs      „  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  670 Blchards St. 'Phone   deymonr   175  Only   the   man  -who   really   wants  to sell can make others'want to buy.  i ,  PEARSON .WIRE & IRON  /J-*- 0*-   V.T  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WJ(REjWr0RK-  BRS «ad WEAVERS    *r  Nothing too Large or too-Small  If, k's^Iro^.^^|revM^;f^4it  CITY KARXET BUILPiKG  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT-2794  NEW WORK-  fB8 rouowno' tabu nown buixpihcw costzso  95,000  o»  ov-bb,  oir   which   coirsTBucrxoar  mfDES WAT, OB OH WHICH COHTBAOT* XATBBZBHXaET BUT COHSTBtTCXIOIT HOT YET STAB-TED.  H.D.Rees  W.A.Kfuse  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  'WIRING and 'REPAIRS  12 Hastings SL E.  Sey. 1224  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  OoftStMrcar -    . , . •-•»•■••« »• • • •.Oo0V,  Tuberculosis  Clinic  '47,130  Brick   Building '. ••  Residence :.........:.. ........;.$7*000.  Residence    ..:..... :. ' I5;000  Residence _ $8,000  Garage   .......:...... ..$15,000  Brick-Bldg. ."■ .;..L»7,000  Wire   Products   Mill. .*.;$40.000  Seymoor Tire & Robber  Company, Limited  Realdenoe .  Bungalow  •Residence  ^Residence  il  Sole Dealers ami-Service)  Station for Goodyear 8.V.  Truck Tires  851 Pender St. W.      Seymour 3053  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  Bank Extension  Residence   ....  'Warehouse ...........  Residence   Residence   Gasoline   Station  Residence .....::......  Brick -Bldg.      . ...  .Dwelling   Garaire'--.Bldg.  Residence   ........1...  Residence  .*..■.:■:..::.:.  Residence '•.■....>.......  Residence  ..:;....:.:..  Parage; .....i............  Residence ,  Residence -   Warehouse .....  Residence ;L.;...-...-......~^.^-..-;~--Ji^?$ii&0(l  Factory- -:::-_..:...........;...:~ _;:::•: :96*Q0  Residence _....._   $l»,r)00  Farmi buildings   _ ..-.._ $11,800  Residence    ._...   $*,000  •Adtt:ato -School   ...... ^v _.$27iB0O*  l'Rotai^:lh''itr>r--r..:;:.^...„_^.^_';:^.~..:l$«^BOJ:  $ Bungalows ;..._.._ ___. :.;.! iio.'sso  Residence  _ —  $6,'6»6'  Aateratipiis   .....^ ...__ $15,000,  Residence  ..;. _ _    $S80e'  Residence      _ $B,*00>  -Residence    :.......„..  $5.00.9  Residence  _     $6VS00  Remodelling, shops  VANCOUVER  '&eoa*Boa        ...  Pender Street ....  Seymour 'St...'.'....  Shaughnessy .....  1856—16th    Ave.  ..............   Owiiar  -..'.-. . .'.. Rotary Club  ...........B.  C  Tel: Co.  ........:.Frederick   Perkins  W ..J.   J.   Forster  Arch*.  ._„   J. A.   Benzie. ........  Owners   .............  Fred' IS. Townley....  •Kdwards  Sproat ...  James  A.  Benzie.....  A.  E.  Henderson ...  Gardiner &  Mercer..  Shaifghnessy..-.!Mre. •" Alice ' Brydone-Jack  Granville & Helmcken....Mrs.  Drummbnd  Howe  &  Pacific .Roote  Auto  Top  Co.  Ind. Island......Morrison Steel & Wire Co.  ..$27,000   Hastings &-Richards„........Standard Bank  $5,000   Arb-utua* Street  I..:.......::...:. J. 'E: Hooson  $5,000 ilndustrlal l8land..;.Albert;Kerr. Co.. Ltd.  $6,000    MOO Block ISth Av W. Capt. A. Freeman  $7,000   York.'& Larch Sts;....:.......Mrs. iMacdonald  ..;...$17.200   Dunsmulr  &  Howe........Imperial   Oil   Co.  ..:.. $9.S00. 1155  11th Ave:- West ...... :......:Wm: Mete,  .$8,000, ,249  Pender: St.  E.   ............... ...Olaf   Olson  .......$5,000  1785  16th  Ave: "W...............:.S.-N,  Baynaa  ,$a0;000   GeoTgla ft Biitte .vTerminal CityMtr. Cp.  ...$8/000  Angus Ave., Shaughnessy........A. A. Ross  ..^$7,WO» Alexander- St. -...*/......:;..::........:Cap ^ * Shajw  :--Wh«4* Sha-Jghneeay rHghts.....Gordon" -Campbell  :$«rl*t Magee ..V....: ^-.....:.,..........:......H; S: Bigger  $7MO;UM'Howe «t.' .....:hu:^.^A^,0. /MeCaTrf! 1 era  ...v-$6«00   35th   ft   Vine._ Percy <Whalley  .$6000NMa-gee ..•.....:../:..;..............:....Wm.  G: 'Bree"ae  $7.$00   49 Cordova St. E.....McLennan-'A McFeely  1775   l«th  Ave.  W Vernon  Const.  Co.  Industrial Island......... ..Elec. Mfg. Co.  Shaughnessy.. .......Dr. Archibald Smith.  Pt. Grey..;..'......;. .........University of Bi C  lShaughnee8y^„.__...^..._:'.:'JDr."i RT>L.'-Fallen  'Magee „I— Pt.  Grey School  Board  South *^aheouv4t>r:./.GIt>be'rF^rt{!leer^  .1st,Ave-.and Stevens.. .:K..G;. Bvans'  Magee•''.'.: ...:n.Ta*r*e. E. B~ Briown  ;1-11 Dunsmulr St. .;.-.*fav;y League of <!an.  Magee .......;....:.............Henry ,W.  Schbfleld  Ptr Grey   ..:.,_........ S.   W.'r Webster  Pt.   Grey    _..  ....J.. Abernethy  Pt;"*Ore>  ..;..-....'........-.......:....;.-.W.' J.' Lesage  -False . Cteek__„_.:_c-.;...*..„.......C;P.R. "Rly.  Marine  Drive...;:....;:...........: J.   R.  Craig J Fred. L., Towniey..  1.6th'Ave. near Gran.::Thos. A; B. Ferris'  Magee  .:.   Frank  Sawford  Shaughnessy ..K.  J.   Burns   .....  Contr.  . . . Uayncs &' Horie  . . .Adlctson & Dill  -G.  M. Champion   ,W.   Gravel"   ...S. J..Newitf   ...J.  B.  Arthiir,   Snider    Bros   H. ,B. Led;;  Carpenters and Contraetora  Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Sey»fir8551  ..-.-._     $12,000  .  $5,000'      $6,600'  .;.... .V.   $10,000  NEW IDEA SHEET MET At  WORKS  COB-NICE,  SKYI.IOHT,  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WORK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Mgr.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   764.5  »,, r..', »j,' /v.**  J ,  BONDS  BOUGHT and SOLD  Transact your bond business through a long established and thoroughly  organized concern.  Ceperley, Rounsefeil & Co.  •ESTABLISHED IK  1886  Ground Floor        739 Hastlng's St. W.  WlnohBldg. Tancouvar  Character  _  Co"*  42-MUe   Extension -3?2'Sn2  Reconstruction     -      °?'5„„  •Nitrogen  Plant   •';12^.000  Concentrator,   etc ■ •  ;°°°'™n  J-iailro^d     ■■■■:■;:•■■ l-■■:• l.'°?1°'°°5  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg. *!i5Hx£  Pulp &  Saw  Mill f7,5,0'^  Concentrator     - — ifil'xSS  Coal   Tar' Products   Plant -..$100,000  Brldffe      :.   _.„..$ 15.000  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  BASS   and   DOOB-S— OFFZCX3  FIXTURES  Bandsawing and  Turning, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  Dockyards  Wharf  _..  Hydro-Electric Plant  .Washing Plant  __  highway  Bridge   $52,924   $72,000  _.;.$ 160,000  Bank....' ..- »17.600  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Location   „  Owner  Clinton     I'.G.E.    Railway  North   Vancouver    Wallace   Shipyard  Lake  Buntzen.. Amer.   Nitrogen .Products  Co.  Copper   Mountain B.   C.   Copper  Co.  Princeton to Copper  Mt.... B.  C.  Copper Co.  Tranquille B.   C.   Tuberculoids   Society  Beaver Cove,.Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Bowen  Island _  ...W.  Tipping,  Marpolo ...The   Barrett  Co..   Ltd.  Fairy -Greek Provincial  Government  Victoria Dom.  Government  Squamlsh  ^..Pro v. Government  Oassidy, V. L .Granby Con. M, & S, Co.  Sach's Crossing, V.I..... .....Prov.  Gov't  Trail .Bank of Montreal  James A. Benzie....Dom. Construction Cbj  Edwardes. Sproat  ..;.Beechey  & Holdron!  -- Dominion   Const." Co:  Robert   M.   Matheson........Albert   Radelet  Edwardes   Sproat    ......W.   T.   Woddenf.  -• ......../............'.".Dominion   Const.   Co.  Robert  M.  Mathe8on.........;.jAlonza  Smith*  W.   T.   Whiteway. G.   Kilgreni  •.-i;.;............'..:........;:......:;E. - H.   Bawtlnheirher*?  JFred. L.   Townley..:..~............Snider "Brosi  A. E. Henderson .........: ...,.S. J. Newitf.  H. :H.   GilUrigham;...:.........^.;:^.-'J.  Nevvitfl  Bernard   C. Palmer.... .....Glover .Lloyd*  Bernard•:C.s-Palmer.;....'..:...Dom. Const. Co.i  Parr & MacKen-aie....;...... Baynesvft-Horie!  Fred  LV, Town ley .............:: Wm.  McN'ee?  Fred   L.   Townley ...Gromie ft~ V-roomi  -•-- ,•• J.   M.   McLuckiei  ^•-••■^""■"■'■•"•■•'•••■'••••••"••Vernon ' -^orfstr;. Coi  Gardiner & Mercer....Wall«ce ft McGugant  Fred L. Townley.. Purdy & Lorergah,  Sharp ft Thompson .:..S. N. McLeod  Edwardes  Sproat ....^John .L..  Dunn'  Twizell ft; TwiselI..:..;....:.Adkinson A Dill  ^.:..„......-..,. .....;,-:.T;- A;; Walsh   ft  CoJ  Fred L   Townley G. M. Chsmnion.  .Bernard C. Palmer .....:.E.  G.-.Baynee  -••• - ...:.W.  J.   Northcote  •'——••  ..-.'...Vernon"' Corist.' Coi  - • ---. ...S.   N.   McLeod  • —-'■ ;.....;-W.' Eldridge  —•- --•■•— -.-• 'Mr. -Me<Jreevy  .'...Dav1e8 ' Const.   Coi   ::w. jr Read  _ _. „  Vernon Conet. Co.*  Bernard C. Palmer .::V'ernon Const; Co.  H. H.  Gillingham .... _...„.,.S.  J.  Newitt  MALTMOID ROQPIING  The Best that's made  v    Sales Agent*  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  1 VanCouvcrvB.C.  GRAND VIE W SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  FURNACES,    CORNICES,    SKY-  X-IOHTS  and  GENERA!.  JOBBING  1685  Venablgi St.  Highland  842  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  V; "Makers of  ■witch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Catrtaeta, eto.  Switches designed  and built  for any  :,.a*#eclal work.  41 Alazaade* St.  ▼anconvar, B.C.  Norman Kydd  'T?:  PLUMBING  AMD  HEATING  908 Davie St hjwm Sill  ^: UUC00U8.Lt        I  R00RN6  PAVIN8  MATERIALS  The  Company      MAI  LIMITED   ; TlR  S«t»d   for   color   card   of   BARRrTTS      DDAft«WTr  VCLVCX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS      r"?i»»l.  Cor. SOMi Ave. * Arbutus St. Telephones Bay. • J aaa (S4  Arch    Contr.   Northern   Const.   Co.   Hodgson &  King-  Owners       Owners  Owners        •••■• W.   P. 'Tierney  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co/   •     Owners  • ..- T. A.   Walsh & Co.   Dominion Const. Co. & Others'  Public  Works  Dept..... Archie  McL-can'  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald A Watson'   ■ Robertaon and Partners"  -.... - Taylor  Engineering  Co;  Public Wks Dept McDonald,A Watson  ..Medby & Vostaunet  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 313-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C  JAMIESON'S  The Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge:  The Eighth Wonder of the world  ;The veteran- painter, tried -and proved, the' man ^ho tfooa;  paint well. - ■    ';  "HE KNOWS"  The ch<smist,. who can arialyz©—he gmiles and says: ,J  "ALL RIGHT"  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the   inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  .1075 Hamilton Street. Seymour, 2268  rem  ■Ki ,    ,,..v;:i..'..,::,.",(::• ■■„■:.'/.  ;,.;::v.i^.^v,-;,-:;V  ■•*-■•••  "V"     ..'  ; p.V ^;:,>tf-<:;-i.vWAS*ai^«^* .'  -r.,,..y  ■v  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 Howe St.  Sty. 376l-Biy.H2BR  (Continued from peg's  1)  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and        '  aU lOnde of Wire Work.  112-16   Dufferin   St.  Fair.  264S  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Kiwi Si  Sijinsor 1311  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making; Fixtures  SeyraiiH 1163 735 Relmcken St  Davlcs  G6fistruction Co.  General    Contractors  Crcdit-Fnciir IMl  •Jmcmw, 8.C-  good showing by North Vancouver  civic 'officials, especially' in view of  tlie fact 'that building activty was  much hampered during the month by  the strike. It is predicted by those  in touch, with the building situation  here that tlie July figures will at least  double and possibly triple the June  total, provided the labor troubles are  settled in the near future.  BRADSTREET'S WEEKLY REPORT  IN CANADA.  "iMontreal reports to Bradstreet's  j say that the wholesale trade during  j the past week has been fairly active.  Dry goods are moving freely, cotton  mills,are heayily. booked ahead, having withdrawn their prices and accepting orders at open prices only.  The high prices of glove leathers is  the cause of glove manufacturers  withdrawing their prices from the  market. J  Halifax reports to Bradstreet's that  the building trade has received a severe setback by labor conditions, but  that there is every hope of a return  to normal shortly.  for plumbers and tinsmiths, small  machinery for mills, factories, motor-  garages, gas-works, repair ships, shipbuilding yards, amateurs, etc., would  like to hear from Canadian manufacturers. '  1384. Agencies.—A Bristol correspondent is seeking agencies for Canadian manufacturers of wire nails,  plain and galvanized wire, barbed wire,  fencing staples and other hardware  lines.  .; 1371'. Wrought iron tubing.—A<Manchester company invite quotations  from Canadian,, manufacturers of  wrought iron tubing to British weights  and standards,, %-inch to 6-inch diameter.  Xteraa   Below   nave   been  published,  in theee coltua&a heretofore, bat are  oarrled for ready reference for a few  day■ pendln-r the publication of later  lnqulrlee.  BUSINESS  MEN  will  find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250. •  762 Granville Street'  Oppoaite Orpheum Theatre  Jas.  Dwyer, Proprietor and  Chef  Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  * DRAFTING AJcJm Z.I1TBS  Paper, Instruments and.Supplies   •  KOBT HOOEBK  SQUrPntENT A.WD  OLDEST ESTABLISHED IK B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413 Granville St. Seymour 276»  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  0*n«ral Contractor*  ill Hrtnas St  Unmv 141.2  W. GREENLEES  ' COaTZKACTOB  irUe  SrlTlnjr.  Whanree,  Brld«-ei,  - X-oandatlona, etc.  ,407 Cordova St. AV.  Seymour .-.lt.83.  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers;  Stymtw 3535 801 Pacific tfdi  Hodgson. King &. Marbl«  ■■■':' '■'-•■. -■ '.'•• -.       '■■  • ■-. *i,-«:'; :,SB  Contr-a-cfprs & EnBln«er»  INVITE   TENDERS   FOR  IMPORTANT  OKANAGAN  LAND   IRRIGATION   PLAN  In connection with the extensive  land' irrigation scheme which the provincial -government has ■ in hand in  the Southern Okanagan district, F. H.,  Latimer, engineer in charge of that  work, who- is know in: the city, .announces that tenders are now being  called, by: the-provincial public works  department for:■-. -the ditch coustruc-  .t.i.on.., Xheae tenders are to. be in by  July 10, as it is expected the contract will be awarded not more than  a week later, in order to have the  work under way at the earliest possible moment. *; .The irrigation ditch  construction which this contract covers comprises about eight- miles and  will irrigate about 3000 acres, n the  whole, scheme which the government  lias1 outlined and provided for in. recent land purchases, there will be  nearly 12.000 acres of the finest ^orchard and fruit lands in the province  available for soldier settlement.    The  ; 1322. Inquiry is made toy a London  firm for names of Canadian exporters  of cheese, which is required for India  and China as well as for Great Britain.  1327, Broomhandie oianks.—A Liverpool firm are prepared to place orders  for large quantities of broomhaiidle  blanks. .  ' 1334...Toy express carts and wooden  toys.—A Liverpool importer would like  •to -hear from Canadian shippers.  1335. Washboards, clothespins and  household woodenware.—A "Liverpool  importer is .in a position to pla'ce orders in carload lots.  t,•■,1336..- Roll-top desks and office chairs.  A Liverpool firm .make inquiry in  order to establish Canadian connections.  . 1337. Axles for four-ton trucks.—A  Glasgow—firm make inquiry for Canadian quotations.  ' 1338; Heavy truck tires.—-A Glasgovv  firm make inquiry for , heavy truck  .tires.  '■'.. 1339. Marine engines.—A Dumbarton firm, would like to get into touch  with exporters of 4 to 5 horse-power  marine engines.  t1345. Bolts and nuts.—A Glasgow  Srm to be placed in touch with large  exporters of bolts and nuts.  j.1346. .Sh,oe tacks..-*—A. Glasgow firm  ask to be placed in touch with exporters .of shoe tacks.  V: il347. Household     wooden-ware. —A  ^,"f-' ♦ •I-'-e1 --i-* ♦ •I" *■"!■ ♦,I,"e^,l,#*,r*ll'i,'V*l",F,I' ♦ tV'I1  | ARCHITECTS  Members of The Architectural Inetltate  of British  Colamola.  For Owner,Architect and Builder   &UNHflM  ■at^HEATING   SERVICE  Thousands of fine homes, country  estates, industrial plants, office anil  Kovernmaht buildings, . have Dun-  .ham H'^ating Service. Existing:  Installations can be Dunhamlzed at  reasonable   coat.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY.Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.   a.  BBISON,   Manager  Phone Sey.   8057.   425. .Standard  Bank  Bldg.  VAHCOTJVEB  Benjjt*.   ,7aa.   A.,  510  Haatinzs  W .-.Sey. 33O0  Bryan   4   Olllam.   509  RIchariM  . ,  Dalton   &   Erelelgh.   615  Ilastlnga  W ...Use?. ■• 662  Gardiner.  F.  O., & Mercer,  718  Granrllle Soy. 3873  He-Krerson, A.  K., 615 Hastln«» W...._. S«y.    724  npmiyman.   Sc  Curtis.   850  Haitlup-s   W..........Sey.* 1621  Keajrej.  James  W.-,' 257S   2nd  Are.   W ,_.Bay. T92B  Matheson,   Robert  M..   509   BfcharcK.:- „_8«*». 5038  Palmer,   Bernard  C..   850  nastlnirs  W..._.___S«ry.  Pari,   * JBtacKeozle,   738   pranrtlle..—.—....^..Soy. 7811  Bh»r» AvTba-oipson: .620 P-»aUer W...._...._„.8e-**. ies-4'  Tawi ley,   Fred  1^.325  Homor  8t....„...~ _^wr. «»18  Twliell   *;'■, TwlMll;; S37-. Ha-rtlnits .........Sey.; 7J2S  ▼XCVOBXA  a«nnel. A.  »., lt8«"S*t,  Lcmln St..  ..11T1 B 1*  O. Kilsren  v  General Contractor  112 latft In.  MM! Mil  Palm«r Bros.  General   Contractors  129  $1'  StjMer 4171  are shortly to be calJ-^i will be the  -cjonstructlQii: of the big: /2-inch syphon  \vhich crossed, the Okanagan valley  ahd; is; designed to carry the water  supply from higher up the-river.r Ten-:  irrigation-system    planned' will, provide for practical assurance of splen-^iaggo^. firm ask to be.placed in touch  did crops every year, no matter what fait^Canadian, exporters.  the ^weataer^ conditions are.;    :/    :;. ^|1*i348.' Household .  wooden-ware: — A  > JSngineir; I^itimer   announced tha^lriiaggo^• .firm are interested;in"house-  the , nex^^ontract^fpr .w . 1 _ ^!;.'^    -  ' 1349. Induitrial alcohol.—A Glasgow  Importer ; is interested in industrial  alcohol^  ■v: 1.351^ Hickory   handles -and   h.ckory  coupling _ poles.—A    Glasgow .Umber  ders. will also bet invited-for the con-,.,firSr-bsi8 open to>buy.  crete, liniag ot.the -ditph.es. and after! ;:L 1352.. Wire.nalla^ nuts end bolts, etc,  that   the   construction    of   the. main  A-Glasgow firm make-inquiry-for Can  flume.    One unit of the sciieme com-.-adian-importations.  Keltk.   3.   C.   !£..   Sayward Bid* __._..„.._._.. '430,  afaolt-re.  Stam;, Union Bank Bid*..;.'- .._„.J_...__i.W4a  Ri-teway-WUaoD,   Xlent.-Col.. : Belmont- Horiae  BRICK CONTRACTOR  Chimneys, Ptreplacee, Bto.  'Jno. B. Sadler  .   Ree.  208i 45th Ave. W.   Box.25. Kerrts-4ale  ; .Phone Bburne  203L2,  We are selling out our .*  "WEARWELL" PAINTS  AT BACBXnCS FBUCX8  _ QuaUtry Onaranteed  :   Wl&BWELL FAZVT STOHB  1983 Chnta-rlUe St. Sey. 84B7  MAIN ELECTRIC  '-*  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  DAVIE STREET    "  ■ -**,  «■:  ixnwrjkjjkA'rxQWW  Robertson & Partner*,Ltd,  Public Work* Contractor*  and Engineers  Siynwr. 1274  106 MttronRtn W|  RUSH & READ  PI.AIH      AlfD      OBWAlIEWTAX_  PLABTEBIHO    ft    CEMENT    WOBK  AU  Work Guaranteed.  '*nv.   3S'n  Bay.   1602-R  280G  Stephens St.  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,  1350 • Stb »«. *..  etc.  Fiy»i«w 227  prises the construction of two large  reservoirs-to assure ample water supply .through: the,, summer months. One  of these reservoirs is to be built this  summer, Engineer Latimer stated,  and tenders for this item°are to..be  called for soon, and as soon as the  hydraulic engineers can secure the  necessary data, the work-of construct-  ■&JiAi&m^,9t,  .Seynrrjenr-SsS'S  KEEP POSTED READ THE RECORD'  :m  1353. Galvanized  barbed  wire, fenc^  ingvwire.-!-A Glasgow< ftrm .'would like  to.lvear.Xroin.manufacturers of ^alyan-.  ized barbed wire,;and black .and gal;;  vanieed fencing-wire,, in gauges from;  6710. ..Pxices should be c.i.f. Glasgow  against sight draft.  1356. Working  and. weaving :,wire.—r  A Glasgow firm: would like .to receive  g  the   second,   and. probably   some j offers of, bright annealed  tinned  and  j.   p.  Scott-  Sey. 54S0-L-  J.   D.   McDaniel  Coll.   118-I.B  McDaniel & Scott  EliECTBICAi   OONTKACTOBS  Annatnre   ^rUiVotor^TlndJ^  'General iriectrloal Kepaira  Eatimatea  Tree  Seymour 1«90 62«-&mytre St.  Percy 'F-. ^JJs  mm* CO*rmAOTO»  mi*a-Cla»e   Bleeta-lceA   Wet*  aafl   *Lit«raa  8044   Granville  St.  't'  Bay.   -141  Vancouver Forge Co,  Xtmlted  Forcings  OP ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Victoria  nrlve highland. 7  Ft.  01  in  smaller reservoirs .will also be taken  .up. Another angle of the soldier settlement scheme on this land will be  the opening .up of several. townsites  which are now being laid out. One of  these townsites will be-deveioped this  summer, and water, sewerage and  lighting facilities laid out in a manner to provide a model town.  .Mr.  Latimer,    who    has    been     in  charge    of    all    the    big    irrigation  schemes in the Okanagan valley since \  Lord Aberdeen  first  undertook  irrigation   there   in   such    successful   style  with   his   famous   Coldstream   Ranch,  expects  that  the  first   section   of  the i  government tract will be ready for al  location about the middle of January  galvanized working wire and weaving  wire in gauges from- No. 6 up to No.'  :34.   .  /  PILES "POLES  ANY   LENGTH   FTJBITISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE   LEPORE  J. R. Taccy  Sc Son  Soymour  3617 1160  tumour St.  FOREIGN TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  Additional Information regarains.  these Inciulrlee mar be obtained from  the Secretary of the Board of. Trade.'  Vancouver, or upon application to -*SChe  Commercial Intelligence ranch of the  Department' of Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa."  'Correspondents are-req^ested to quote  the number of the "opportunity" when  asking for additional Information. Re-  ue«t* for-each. epporrUnlty should be-on  a separate sheet and state .opportunity  number. The .Bureau, doee not furnlah  cr-edlt; ratines io* aasume responslbllitr  as te the standing of foreign InQUlriee;  the*..usual pr,eoa,utUrne..should b« taicea  iipt' ail  case*. " ' _  XJaTBST BWQUmrDS.  • The ifoUowui-r Inqufr-lfrs are the lateet  received. For rapid perusal the reader  may know at a glance Items of Interest by noting the class of -roods mentioned  at   the   end   of  each   lnqujry.  IMPOHTANT,-— Quote the number -»r  the "Opportunity" In your correspondence.  1355. Coppered spring wire for upholsterers' springs.—A Glasgow firm  wowld like, to receive offers in gauges  from Nos.  7/12.  1363. Shafting, material for bolts  and nuts, small tools and small machinery.—-A large Rotterdam Importing  house of machinery interested in  bright drawn shafting, bright drawn  material for bolts and nuts, small too's  773   GreorRia   St.   E.  H lira...148  Ei  Vernon Construction  Company  ;, CONTRACTORS  AND  BUILDERS  Oarages   and  Repair  Work  We   specialize-in   small  Bungalows  ^  y^U  •V. '  Seymour   •«««  ««•-  -RtQ)tarO  ». 0.  Attention!  Mr. Business Man  I am prepared to furjiish  yoti the very best in tailored  suits at  $50 to  $65  Frank M.SIowIn  TAILOR  Sey. 2692  404-5 Dominion  Bldg\  H Everjrthing the name implies.  <L If your problem is hauling, let us help you  solve it  C; One, two arid three-arid-a-half ton capacities  all in stock here, with night and day service*  Giant Motor Truck Co.  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager.  Soymour 2844-2845  Granville at Pacific  Vancouver I  r  \  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  amMmmmmKmmmmmammamam  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  *$i  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KEV   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  516 PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B.C.  j  POINT GREY PERMITS  2237—Mrs. C. S tin-gen; dwelling,  18th   and   Bruce,  $2,200. .'•'., •  223S—R. McCansland,, dwelling, Osier avenue; $7000.    Owner, contr.  2239—K. J. Burns, residence, Angus avenue; $10,000. S..T. Newitt,  contr.   , ' •  2240—Tom' Prether, dwelling, Larch  and -loth; $2000.    S, J. Newitt, contr.  "2241—W.' H. Lembke. garage;   40th  avenue;   $100. ,  ■;  2242—E.L. McMillan, poultry house  42nd   Ave.,  $100,  2243—Jericho Swimming Club; verandah, Foreshore and1 Imperial;  $400  W.  McAlister,  contr.  sarily  accepted.  The unauthorized insertion of this  advertisement in any newspaper will not  be paid for.   '  LYNWODE   PEREIRA,  Secretary.  Department of the Interior, . ■   ■  Ottawa,  Ontario. ,  Fraser Rivefr  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonae, Mgr.  WEARr   BXTIHHNO,  BBXBOES.  PILE  FOTJNDATIOWS,  ETC.  Owner*   of   Turf  "Clive"    '  General Towln**  324 Front Sit.1   • '      New Westminster  Telephone  1015  ASKING  FIGURES  FOR  EIGHT-ROOM  BUNGALOW  Figures are being taken by Architect Joseph H. Bowman, 716 Yorkshire  Bldg.", for the erection of .;a.ii.^..eight-  room bungalow in Eburne.  S37 TIast  ' Branch  St. W. :  Office'  Sey. 4404  DIXON &  MANUFACTURERS OP  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  <•   PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sty. 8765      3ey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  j  *■  E.A.BAILEY  ;':*■■■. ••!!,   /  Plumbing  and  Steamf itting  ASKING  FIGURES  FOR  POINT GREY  BUNGALOW  Figures are being received by,architects Gardiner & Mercer, S27;;Birks  Bldg. for the erection of a bungalow  in Point Grey. ■,>;,"  TO    BUILD   PARAGE ^^  "ON FOURTH AVENUE W  Work, will be started immediately  on the construction ot a one-story  brick and tile garage building;- 50x150  feet, in size to be erected on the corner of Fourth avenue and Balsam  street for W. Kingston & Co. The  building will cost $5,000 and will be  erected  by W.   Isbister,  contractor.  Sealed Tenders, addressed to tlie undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for repairs to wharf at Comox, B. C.," will be  received at this offiee until 12 o'clock,  noon Tuesday, July .15, 1019, for repairs  to the wharf at Comox, District of  Comox-AIberni,   British  Columbia.  •Plans and forms of contract' can he  seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the  office of the District Engineer at Victoria, B. C; and at the Post Office, Vancouver,  B. C,  and Comox,  13. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made or printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with conditions contained  therein.  Each tender must.be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  payable to the order of the 'Minister  of Public Works, equal to 10 per cent, of  the amount of the tender. . War Loan  Bonds of the Dominion will'also be accepted us security, or War Bonds and  cheques if required to make up an odd  amount.  ■''Note.—Blue .prints can be obtained at  this Department'!)}- depositing' an accepted bank cheque for the.sum of $10, payable to therorder of the Minister of Public Works, which will be returned if the  intending* bidder submit  a  regrular  bid.  - By order,  •*...■ R.  C.  DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of Public Works',  Ottawa, June 11, 1910'.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS - CAPENTERS  -ROOFERS-  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315 511  Dunsmuir St.  Office, Sey. 7075  Res., Fair.' »i38L  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses fitted for the relief of all  kinds of eye strain and, ndrvous  headache. '  825 Biria Bldg*. Vancouver, B. C.  WE OaLVAmZE EVERYTHING BY HOT PROCESS  T. WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  Established 19 111 '  Wa Manufacture       ,  ,  ORNAMENTAL IRON, LIGHT STRUCTURAL STEEL, IRON  STAIRS, FIRE ESCAPES, WROUGHT IRON GATES,  FENCES, CANOPIES  Everything in Builders' Ironwork  Designs and  Prices on  Application  Office and Works, 225 Fifth Avenue West  ■Fairmont 971 , ^ Vancouver'  B. C:  CEMENT      "  AND  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Scott & Clark  1042 Howe St.   , Sey. 2571—6826-1.  Campbell & Grill  Eatabliahed 1905  Roofing Contractors  METAX.   WINDOWS—riRE   DOORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  FURNACE—TENTH.ATXNO    FANS—BLOW    PIPING—•  SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL  JOBBING  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 2981  TENDERS ARE WANTED  FOR  OAK   BAY SCHOOL  Tenders are bcins invited by .A'chi-  tect C. Elwood Watkins of Victoria for  the erection "and completion of an  eight-room Public School building for  the Board of School Trustees, of the  municipality of Oak Day.  Tenders for the following trades will  be received separately:—Mason and  carpenter work, sheet metal and roofing, plumbing, plastering, e'ectrical  work, painting, heating- and ventilating. •> ^      ..'--,-..  .«  ''Tenders close Monday, July 7, 1919,  at 5:00 p.m.  1033 Granvlll* St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136 j  Rea. Bay. 77  E. S. Elliott  S. J. Trickey  Central Sheet  Metal Works  SHEET,  COPPER, BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey.. 620      151 Ya Fender St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  W.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  MINING RECORDER'S   OniCI,  hope; b. c.   \  Sealed Tender* superscribed "Tender  jf Mining: Uecorder's Office, Hope," will  oe received by the Hon. the Minister of  Public Works up to VI o'clock noon of  Tuesday, tlie,, loth .day ..of July, liuy, lot*  the erection and '.completion of a six-  •oo'm building: to* be situate at Hope,  3.  C, "In   the   Yale ElectoralDistrict.  Plans and specifications can. now be.  i;een at the office of the Provincial Constable at Hope: of 'J. -Mahony, Esq., Gov-I  '■rnment Agent, Court House, Vancouver;  :md the Department of Public Works,  \'ictoria.  Lowest  or any'tender  not  necessarily  nccepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  NOTICE   TO  CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders addressed 'to-the undersigned, and endorsed, "Tender for  wharf at Naramata, B. C.", will be, received at this office until'12 o'clock noon.  Wednesday, July 9, 1919, for the con-  [structibn of a wharf at Naramata, District  of Yale,   British Columbia,  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specifications' and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the  office of the- District Engineer at Chase,  B. C, and at the Post Offices, Vancouver,' B.  C, and Naramata,  B. C.      ■  Tenders will not beJconSiGered unless  made on printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with conditions contained therein. ,.\ " ;-."'  Each tender . must be accompanied "by  an accepted cheque on a chartered,bank  "ayablc' to the order of the .Minister of  Public Works, equal to 10 p.c. of the  amount of the tender. War l,oan" Bonds  of the Dominion will also be accepted as  security, or war bonds and chc<iues if  required tfe make up an odd amount.  Note.—Blue prints can be obtained nt  this Department by 'depositIns "'an accepted bank cheque for the sum of |10.  payable to the order ofthe Minister of  Public Works, which will be returned if  the intending bidder submit a' regular  bid .   , .   .       :■ ■  By order.  R.   C.   DESROCtLERS.  Secretary.  Department of Public Works,   .  .   Ottawa, June 5, 1919.  Classified Advertising  Record Readera' are, "as a rule, business  and professional men who have the  money to buy something yood if they  "desire it.- If you Have something Kood  to sell let; the Record readers know  about it;: The average purchasing  power of the Record reader Is greater  than  that  of any  other publication  "" in Brtish Columbia.  AUDITORS  Consulting      and  Office   work -handled  ses.    Private tuition  H.   O.   BOLTON,  107 Yorkahire Bldg-.  Cost      Accountant,  for   small   busines-  in  Accountancy.  A.C.A.   (En?.)  Sey.   1166  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty .  Estimates given - Distance no obstacfe  ADAM  JACK  Highland   728  2020 Dundaa St.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Alterations    and'   Repairs,    Carpenter  and  Cabinet Work,  Office and Store Fittings.   Steering Wheels   for   ships.  J.   It.   B.  -IVIIiSON   CO.,   MB*.  Sey.  3761 562   Gamble  St.  THE   GOVERNMENT   OF   THE   PROVINCE   OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  -    Factories,       Houses      and.'  Garages    Repaired.      General  ' Carpenter   and    Construction    Work.  JOHN   F.   MORRIS  Sey. 3418  Sey. S31 Evening* 847 Davis St.  EXTENSION LADDERS  See us for good reliable ■ ladders 21 tt.  to 40 ft. ln stock. Swing stages made  -.o order. ' ■ '■"   >  AX.X.RIGHT LADDER CO.  Sey. 1778 Rear 832 Hornby St.  MACHINERY  Pacific Rooting Co., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS OF  SEYMOUR 1186  ASPHALT READY   ROOMING  General  Roof ins Contractors  INDUSTRIAL ^JSUNO VANCOUVER, B C.  >-r«-  Olla  Agentm  For  Xylite   Oreaae- and   Perfection  Skooknm  Logging  Block  4-72   in.   by   IS   ft.   boilers   160   lbs.  2   Coal  dryers  suitable  for  fish.  All   sizes  of  cable  in  stock. -*  T.  A. WAZ.SK  ft  CO.  7 Alexander St. Say. 4738  SOUTHERN   OKANAGAN   Z.ANDS.  <•:  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVEPvY.  Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED.  HUGGINS  FLAIN   AND    OBNAMBNTAL  PI.ASTERER  Bay'.  2536-R.        3528  Third Ave.   W.  1  TENDERS FOB HIGHWAY  CONSTRUCTION.  .'.•**     * ,'■.  Dominion Parka.  .' *.*.*.-   Sealed tenders addressed . to the  Deputy Minister, Department of, the Interior. Ottawa, and marked on tlie envelope "Tenders for Highway Construction," will be received at this Department until Friday noon,on the F.ighteen-  th Day of Jwly, 1913, for the .construction of:—  (No. 2) Castle-I.aggan Highway Second Section from Station 355 x 00 to  Station UOO x 00, Rocky ^Mountain's Park.  Alberta. Contractors .may tender for  the complete work or separately for two  Umber bridges,, one over Corral Creek at  Station 7S5 x 00 and one. over Pipestone  Creek at Station 732 x 00.  (No. 4) Mount Kevelstoke TUcrhw.'iy  from Station 6-13 x 00 to Station 747 x 00,  Mount  lU.-velstoke Park,   Field.  K. C.  Kach item must be tendered for separately. '  Each tender must bo accompanied by  an acceptcd cheque on a chartered bank  in favor of the Deputy Minister of the  Intrrior to a. sum equal to f.% of the  total amount of such tender. The de-  :-oslt of the unsuccessful tenderers will  '■•o promptly returned to them', while  '.hat of the successful tenderers will he  •etalntd as a guarantee of th* acccpt-  tnce of the contract and the satisfactory  completion   of  the   work.  Plans and copies of contra-r. mnv hp  examined and specifications may be" had  from the Commissioner of Dominion  Parks, Ottawa. Ontario; the Superintfiicl-  •jrits of the Dominion Parks at Banff,  Mberta; Jasper, Alberta, or Field. British Columbia: the Dominion Lands Offices at Moosejaw, Edmonton. Calgary,  Revelstoke. Kamloops and New Westminster, and the Office of the Inspector  of Dominion Lands Agencies, Winnipeg  Manitoba.  The  lowest or  any  tender n,ot  neces-  NOTICE  TO CONTRACTORS.  SEALED TENDERS. superscribed  "Tender for Excavation of 1st Unit of  Main Irrigation Canal, Southern Okanagan," :;-win; be received by the Honorable  the Minister of Lands up to 12 o'clock  noon of Thursday, the 10th day of July,  1919, for the- construction and comple  tion of approximately *8 miles of main  irrigation canal from, the point of diversion on Okanagan River; together  with such excavations for structures incidental  thereto as  may be required.-  Plans, Specifications, Contract and  Forms of Tender rriajr'be seen on and  after the 21st day of June, 1919, at Government Agent's. Offices at Fairview-and  Vancouver, and at the Water Rights  Branch,   Victoria.  Copies of the Plans and Specifications  may be obtained at any of the above  offices on deposit of the sum of Ten  ($10.00)" Dollars, which deposit will be  refunded upon the return of the Plans  and Specifications accompanied by a proper   tender.  Each proposal must be accompanied  by:     -  (a) Consent in writing of a Surety  Company, acceptable to the Honorable  the Attorney-General that should the  proposal be . accepted it will become  surety in the sum of Twentv-five Tho'>-  sand C$25,000.00) Dollars for the faithful   performance  of   the  Contract,  or  (b) An accepted bank cheque on a  chartered bank of Canada, made payable  to the Honorable'the Minister of Lands,  for the sum of Three Thousand Five  Hundred ($:VOO.O0) Dollars,, which shall  be forfeited If the party tendering declines to enter into contract when called  upon to do so, or If he fails to complete  the work contracted for. The cheques  of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them Upon the execution of  the contract.  Tenders will not be conoid fired unless  made out on the forms supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  E.  A.  CLEVELAND,  Consulting  Engineer  to   the   Department  ,    of  Lands.-*  Department of  Lands,  Victoria, B.  C. June  IS,   1919.     .  :  Boats 'of   all   sizes   for   sale".     Tugs.  Scows and  launches  for  hire.     Saw-and  Shingle, Mill  Machinery  for sale.  M&COX3.I.ZS ft KORAN  1789 Georgia St, W. Sey. 8439 X-.  Brown-, Fraser & Co., Ltd,  SUCCESSORSrTO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal anil Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phon* Seymour 71S5  H50 Homer Street  Vancouvfei-, B. C.  Hoisting enffines, locomotives, lathes;  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.     •-"■-,-■■- ■  NATlONAI.  MACHXBEBT  CO.  995 Mala St.     » Sey. 600  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUIPMENT  CO., LTD.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg. Sey. 80*0  See   Us,  lfor All Kinds of Machinery  WEIB  MACHINERY   CO.   LTD.  1396  Richarda St. Sey. 7442-7443  Giiiey  Ltd.  STENOGRAPHERS  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multigraphing,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTRAL PUBLIC STENOOBAHFBBS  Sey.  5078 414  'Dominion Bids;.  STORAGE & TRANSFER  Baggage,   furniture   and   freight   moved  and   stored.     Trunks  crated   and   household   goods   packed   for   shipment.  STANDARD   TRANSFER   ft   STOBAOE  0<"MrPANT  419 Cordova St. W. Sey.  303  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phone 15 and 16  902  Columbia Street West  New Westminster, B.C.  TRUCKS  FOR SALE—One-ton McLaujrrhlln In  A-l condition, cheap for cash. One and  half ton Albion, Just overhauled. Ala.o  other   used   trucks.  UNITED  MOTOR  AGENCY  OF  B.  O.  Sey.  7076 . 940   Richards   St.  We supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or build to suit Individual  requirements. All we need Is an idea  of what you want. We do the re«t.  TUFPER ft STEEL  "Tha True* Speclallsta"  BayTlew 138 1669  Third Ave. W.  WELDING  PITCH FORD-KADLEC  r-^Wf/iViigw  ILLUSTRATING     ENGRAVING  DESMONING     COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 7.501. 4-4-5 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER. .B.C.  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  J PRflOES 20c-30c  ft. J. F. Duthie  ACCOUNTANT and AUDITOR  Books written  up for small flrra-s  Rates   Reasonable  Phone  Seymour   644C  NOTICE   TO-CONTRACTORS.  Soldiers' Housing- South Vancouver.  Sealed ' tenders superscribed (^Tender  for Soldiers' House" will be received  by the Hon. the Minister of Public  Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Wednesday. July 2nd, 1919. for the erection  of a five-room bungalow, on Windsor  Street, -District Block 663, South Vancouver Municipality.  Specifications, etc., may now be seen  at the office of the Government A Rent.  Vancouver Court House, or the Department   of   Public   Works,   Victoria,   B.   C.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.   K.   FOREMAN,  Public Works  Engineer.  Public Works   Department.  Victoria,   B.   C.   Juno   12th   ,1919.  We Weld any metal part that ,-ls  broken. We sell tested range boilers at  $9.00 >ach.  ARMSTRONG'S   WELDING   SHOP  1733 Main St. Talx. 33S9  ��-«-»—-«->—■■»,.»..«..—T. ». » a »  »■■»■»■■«■■»-—-«♦•-»  TELEPHONE DATA  For the past few days the telephone records have not been available, but  a complete list of new installations will be published as soon as possible.  Business  Paper  Advertising  The Buying Power per Subscriber Represents an Infinitely Greater Sum than the  Buying Power of Any Other  Class of Publication, Because  Each Buyer Purchases for  Business and not for Private  Consumption  •&SOIN  ISO Masting St., VV.  'Phone Scy,8600  ESTABLISHED 1 898  Twenty years   in   business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  . *  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical*. Nothing too  large, .nothing top/small. . If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Qur stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  COPE & SON  1 SO Hastings Sfc»,W.  mL.Wiii  3'  b  4W1


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