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 7&A  ,J..;.  --iV* ■ /       f-  I  k  «~  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  ^_*"  VOL. XIX. No. 7  A PTTB-ICATIOy DEVOTED TO GEWERAL NEWS. B-T-DING.  CONTBACTIISrO, ENOINEEBnTO,  PBOVHTCIAX.,  CX_T A"HS HASBOB IMPROVEMENTS  ished _ionday VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1920,  Published   Monday  _Wed_e«day and Friday  SOLIGNUM  Wo®d Preservative and Stain :-  ''■■■■■fv3onmd  f°rva11  woodwork. ^slde and  outside.    It  does not  evaporate,, like ordinary stains; apdas a result goes further  Covering :-  Drefesqd lumber, l gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  bbinges,,l gallon.brushed on, covers 150 to 175 square feet  ..-'■..- Sh-"^s- am'ed § to -9/inches/1% gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  -HwMifjss; S3Q HOWE ST. Sey.4795 -4796  Offlce a_d Plant  629 Pender Street West  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAZ. "WI-DOWa  ria_ soobs  SXYEIOHTS  JOBBIKO  BIiOW PIPINO  SMOKE STACKS  PB— CE—Par ,Year in Advance    -    S1O.0-  Per Month    -    -    -    -    -    •■•MAV  Granville Is:  IT PAYS TO SPECIFY  Delaval Steam Turbines and Centrifugal Pumps  Canadian Sirocco Fans and  Blowers  C.   H.  WHEELER   CONDENSERS — VULCAN  SOOT CLEANERS:  ■■,..,■ COXE   MECHANICAL   STOKER EQUIPMENT  L  Seymour 2172  II  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building                                     ' rr^„„u~      «■ • '"■"'■  ■ ■      -. Telephone Seymour 86M  Number  Description  Coat  #'.:'.  11S82— Roof ..,.....,   ....$500  11SS4—Store  Front  b.Z.b. $500  HS8S—Addition  '.  $500  11SSG—Dwelling '.  $3,000  11SST—Addition  .:. ............  .11,000  11SS9—Alter, & Addition  .,.........$500 j  Bni_DXK.   PEBMXTS   AMP.*,!*,   rQJSQQ  q,  ovg, „,»_-  ^ .„  VAycoTrv_B  -„- .^ _   MCTM>Ay  Street Address  _ot and Block  1148  Thurlow St. .......  2S Water St. :.........: ';.....   3312 Pt. Grey Road...".   2832 Sth Ave. Wl...'..„. ..13-32  20,95 2nd Ave. W......L....   4001 Clark Dr.. .....'. 3, 4^-K  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  #11  ^§1  1MB:  If.  |5#  392  301  Addri  H. H. Fisher  T. A. Kerr.......   .Dunsmuir St.   384 55th Ave. E.  .!_:__«5_-fe^__«^  Roofing;* Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  J. A. Schufer .....2024 oth Ave. E.  ■W. A. Browning..i.....410o Victoria Rd.  J. E. Aydon„ .5144 Gladstone  Owner  Addreaa  North American Loan Co :.... ......  C. H. Jones & Co..... .....28 Water St.  P.-M. Liddell. 3342 Pt. Grey Kd.  City of Vane. & Mr. Storey........... ...  Nicholson Ltd   Mr. Rollins   Phone 2988  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock is th* Most Complete on the* Pacific Coast  DO YOU  NEED ANY FIR PANELS  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded One Side  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICHARDS ST. SEY. 1196 VANCOUVER, B.C.  _ _< Clayburn Firebrick,  Special!  Ft. of Columbia av     ****** P?_ t,e?»*****  ^ Brick, etc.  Elk' Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, Hydrated  Lime,'etc.  MUNOY, ROWLAND & GO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical  Construction)  'PHONE SCTH0«t 154  StaBdaitl BMk BfUdiae  VMUIIIVEI - WINNIPEfi  | HUNTER ■ HENDERSON  PAINT |  Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 6RANVILU ST. SEYMOUR 6110  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On  BUILDING  MATERIALS  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  Seymour 9570  10S3 Main St.  | BUILDING   PERMITS   f  ..■■■* -,  11883—Canadian      Carbonate     Co.,  shelter, llth Ave. and Yew St., $450;  1JS8S—Joiin  Reed,  store front,  721  Main St., $75, \V. H. 'Harris, Contr.  Hr  m  .T.^ipl^H::&i(DO.^Lt_^  bAm,m^bm^¥^^"mA.^^~A^^b^Aam^AA^  Machinery and  Supplies  die. Distributors For  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  Sey: 4738 - 4739 858 - 60 Cambie St.  PREPARING PLANS FOR  HANDSOME BUNGALOW  .Plans are now being. prepared ■ by  Architect H. H. Gillingham, 422 Richards street, for a handsome bungalow  to be erected on Shaughnessy Heights,  for Mr. C. A. Calkins. Tlie ,new home  ^whicir-wil!-"b'e*'ecj nipped with "all "modern conveniences, will cost, about  .?6,000. Architect Gillingham ,expects  to, have the plans ready to call for!  tenders, early in the week. , j  CONTRACT AWARDED FOR  TWO SUMMER COTTAGES  '-Architect   H.    H.    Gillingham,    422  Richards street, '-'who' some time ago  was   commissioned   to "prepare   the  plans   for   two   summer   cottages   at  White. Rock,   has   just   awarded   the  contract for the construction *of these  dwellings . to -Mr.   S.; J. ■'■ Newitt,   954  Seventeenth Avenue, west.    The two  cottages  will be quite  well appointed  in every respect and will  cost, about  £6,500 each.    One of them will' be for  Mr.- Al Hagar,  manager  of • the  New  English Fish Company, and the_other  is tb'lbe ereet'ecT for' Mrs! H."A*Shull.  Work is to be commenced on the erec .  tion of the" new cottages  this .week.!  They will  form quite  an addition  to  the   already   quite   imposing   summer  colony buildings at "White Rock.  DARLING _ CO.  TOOLS  "THOR»»  Roller Bearing Drills-Close Quarter Piston Air Drills-Rivetting Hanmess  v     Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamcrs, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phpne Sey. 4100  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  ESTABLISHED   1898  oAx,^  Ar*   WHOL-ESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS  IN  SAND, GRAVELi- BRICK, LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY ArERIALS  1051 Main St. JLi.„fc__    _  _^  Telephone Seraionr 1259  Steel For Every Purpose  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS       -  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at all Larc* M«nufacturln_ C«ntr«a  J. A.  FLETT Limited  Corbln Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  AWARDS  CONTRACT   FOR  ALTERATIONS  TO   HOME  Extensive alterations are to lie. made  at once to the residence.of -Sir. W. T  Fraser at Strathcona Heights at a cost  bf about $3,500.    Plans for the'altera,  tions and improvements have been pre>  pared  by Architect James A.  Benzie,  who has just awarded a contract for  the work to Mr. V. J. Winkel, 557 Sixteenth ! Avenue,  west.';' Work ■ on   the  alterations   is   to   be   commenced   at  once.      • *  .  GILLEY BROS., Limited  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  ALL.   KINDS   OP   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16 ' New Westminster, B.C.  ROOFING  iad  PAVINS  MATERIALS  The  Company \  v  _ LIMITED  Send   for   color    card   of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Cor. 10th Ave. & Arbutus St. Telephones Bay.63and64  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  LOCAL MAN WILL BUILD  BUNGALOW AT  KELOWNA  Architect J. A.. Benzie, Standard  bank building, who prepared the plans,  has awarded a con tracts to Mr. V. J.  -Winkel, ,557 Sixteenth avenue west,  for a bungalow at Kelowna, B. C, to  cost $6,000. .Mr. Winkel intends to  start work at once on the building and  will ship most of the material with  the exception of the lumber, from Vancouver.  ROBT.   MONCRIEFF  GETS  QUINSAM   BRIDGE  JOB!  VICTORIA—Announcement is made  by Mr. A.-E. Foreman, ■ provincial government engineer, that the contract  for the construction of the Quinsam  River bridge has been awarded to Mr,  Robert Moncrieff of Victoria. It is  understood that Mr. Moncrieff intends  to- commence work on the bridge job  at once so as to have the new structure finished .well before the wet fall  weather sets in.  The new bridge is to be erected ac-  fross the. Quinsam River at a point approximately three" miles from the  Campbell River wharf. The work includes the demolition of the present  timber bridge across that stream, and  the construction of the new bridge on  a much larger and more substantial  scale.  BBA3TB, CMAMMEZ.B. A-TO-ES, TX-lTS-, TMMB, COX.VMMB  CO__*XBTB_>7 BQXrXJPTBB TAMMXCATZMa BMOrB  CmMti HORTMST STEEL COY, Lti  Tmlrmont 3396 and 3397  ▼ancoaTar.  DOMINION BRICK  For Sale by  Champion & White; Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;  Thos. G. McBride.  &. Co., and >the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  ' Also by, Gilley'Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Cg., North Vancouver.  ■#-  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  VICTORIA, B.C.  Head   Office  102 Moody  Block  r  Seymour 7200 Estimates Given  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE  CAHBY A  COMPLETE _IN_i Or  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  "Wholesale Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  INVITES   DESIGNS   FOR  BEST OFFICIAL SEAL  The Council invite designs, in pen  and ink, for the common Seal of the  Institute. Design to be made three  timess full size. The finished seal to  measure 2 inches in diameter with  ihe words "THE ARCHITECTURAL  INSTITUTE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA"  thereon.  BAYNES & HORIE GET-  NEW SCHOOL CONTRACT  The     North     'Vancouver     District  School   Board   have   notified   Messrs.  Baynes & ftorie, S36 Howe street, that  they are ths successful bidders on the  new Lynn Valley school construction  and the contract was formally signed  up on  Saturday.    The firm's bid was  $42,000 for the general contract, which  will  include  the  electrical   work  and  plastering, for which they will be cal  ling for sub-tenders  in a few  weeks  Ona sub-contract for the heating and  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  B-nrroBcnra _____:  _.ars:e stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  Bars to details.  BOATS:—  We cut to length.   Cold Twist and Ben*  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron "Washers. We are prepared  to furnish larere orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  FORT-—.NX)  CEMENT — I.XME  — SCOTCH --BE  BBICK — TIME  CZUkT  GRAPHITE TOUNDBT PACINGS — COKE  — SEA COAI.  PIG IRON — BLACKSMITH COAI. — MANILA BOPE  103 WINCH BLDG.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  rt is suggested that the body design | Pl«nibing  has' been   already  awarded  s.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANUPACTTTH.EBS  OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  tla.ll and sot na, or phono.  South End of Connaught Bridge  be simple and lend itself to clear reproduction on the stationery of the  Institute to a smaller size. Drawings to be on board or mounted. The  successful design will be awarded $2.r>.  Designs to be sent in or before Wednesday, Ju4y 7th, to Mr. F. L. Town-  ley, :;2f> Homer St., Vancouver, B. 0.  Architectural   Institute  of  B.   C.  -      'y^ -   V  Phone Fair. 918r919  Vancouver, B. C.  by the school board, separate from the  ft'oneral contract, to Murray Bros., 137  Powell   street.  This new school which is to be erected just off the Lynn Valley Road, ne_ar  the district municipal hall, will be  built from plans prepared by Mr. H.  JIartyn  Jenkins  of  North  Vancouver.  (Continued   to   pag"o   6)  WE  CAN MAKE  IMMEDIATE  DE-XVEB-   OP  BRICK  lust Received 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street   1  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Manaeror  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twanty -ears' Exp«ri«ao« Is all Bra__iaa  at Elect—tool WarJt, __rjx>ctlon—Expart  Aflirlo* — Tr»wbU Wa_a—Inati\Uiag — Ba»  Wi_dl_tr—All Work nro*i»_t#a_.  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  Westmlnrter, B. O. Phoae S&  New  1 BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Srit-ili Columbia Record  ^(Established  1911)     .-  __Miahed   every   Monday,   Wednesday  aindFriday "by the  Record Publishing Company  or  /■  -eitesral   circulation.  , .'industrial, ShPb"'ldi"^'Harbor  upbller Provincial, City and Harbor  jveinents.  aV' -eWspftPier   -  -featuring  Building.  ■       Office _nd Plant  ) Pa__erS_W, VancouVer. B. C.  PHONE -&YMOUR 7808   ^ -_____-' ____  _uBa_ri_ttO- Batea  Tear in _^V_rrce;>•;-.   ...iflO.M  Month  ..._     100  subscriptions .are" payable   strictly  in''advance.  ''<0___<&_& OatGAY.  k^(_e  British   Columbia -Record   is   the  _i organ of The Architectural Insti-  _f British,Columbia, 'federated with  Royal , Architectural   institute    of  a—a and "as 'such' ie used 'by them as  medium through which to make their  announcements   to' the   general  v ,auch selection the British Colum-  __» Record' is  no  wise  ple'dsetf  to   _di-  -t—M lal  support   of -any .policy   advanoed  -*r th—H» societies,' but maintains an ab-  «ota-ily independent'position on all mat*  • aubjeot to. edltori—1 ooinlo—.  rro  i^OLD /COMPETITION  REMODELLING  OF  FOR  _«e csuch   alterations   by  the   demon-  Plate^Sheet, Figured,  Wired, Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale and  Retail  w.5 HOl_T & SON  426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Slivering  TWO  At: either of which' the business men and women of  the '-ItV are "certain of th_  i klndbfmealfthey want at  reasonable prlces-  ,«onnviST  WIST   TENDERS NOW OPEN  FOR  %» - M? _8_„__A5; SisT PAVING OF TRUNI  No. 2 - «*2  M Tbe^iod Food Restairaets"  ■'--" ™'-"        ■"'- •--—<—-'- ■-' ^- '•  lers 'of the rooms -have no'"wiridows -on  the outer -air, can be; imprdved without' prohibitive expense, then there,  .are hundreds of other terietftentsVih  the city which can be similarily improved -by remodelling.  RESTMORE COMPANY  PLANS  BIG FACTORY  BUILDING  According to '!an annbunc'em'eht  made by Mr.' Barber, manager of the  Restmore Manufacturing Company, to  City"-Engineer' F. L; FtellOWes in con-'  hectlori* with negotiations' just'coiiclud-'  ed for the lease of a street end in  Grahdview/it Is ihe intention''6_ the  'Restmore * Manufacturing Company to  erect a large addition to the company's  present factory. The new addition is  planned to be about 75 feet wide by  275"feet long'and "will he built adjoin-  PAVING OF TRUNK-ROAD  LADNER—Tenders   forpaving" lthe  I first: tnree  and  a  half miles of   the.      ,n„„„ '+■,., „„„j '^,„»„ •_»„„„„ 'Y„ '"\t>„        Tenders  are  invited  for  the  erection;  j Delta trunk road were opened in Vic-; under .the  .provisions ' of ithe    "Better  >       - ••      .       i-_i    „„a   tt  ;„   nvl-   Housing  Act", of .two  dwellings   in   accordance   with   plans   and   specifications  to  be neen  at- the offlce  of E.  Evans ■&  Son.   10S   Molson's  Bank  Building,   Vancouver.    The Contractor "will be required  to furnish  a surety  bond   in  an  amount  satisfactory  to  the Housing Committee.  Sealed    tenders,    accompanied    by , ia.  marked   cheque  for  10  per  cent,  of   the  'amount'  of ""the  tender, "will' be^received  bv  the undersigned up  to  noon on Wednesday, June 30th.  1920.  ARTHUR G'. MOORE.  Municipal Hall, ..     .Clerk.  Edmonds,  B.  C. June  18.  1320.  TENEMENT.  The Recbn_tructto_ Commission and' ing the present factory plant, a*t the  tlie Joint Legislative   Committee   of corner of Parker and George streets.  the  state  of  New  York announce  a      As the company has no additional  .coxtpetition, the object of which is to' space left on its own property, appli-  _-—ke habitable the thousands of old, cation was made at the last meeting  :_-occupied tenements  in>the  city  of of the civic board of works for a lease  "■INew York.    It is hoped    to    find    a of a  portion  of  the  foot  of "George  ^method of improving living conditions street   on   which   to   erect   the   new  Tin these old houses without entirely building.   As there are no buildings in j -  - -  >destroying the buildings, and to find the, immediate' vicinity  which  would j city waterworks department.  plan of remojielng that will encour- be affected, and in view of the fact  _..    a„     Anmnn. tnat,  only   a   gtrip   2g   feet   wide   Qf   ttle  _£_oTof iU e o_L^w om:^he treet e^d will be occupied and this During the past week certificates of  -ompetUion which closes at the' end particular street -endowing/to its incorporation have been issued to the  competition ^ ^^  reclaimed  portion  of   following Companies:  _»f this month, promises to provide  some satisfactory solution of these  problems. The winners are to receive  ~Awo prizes of $1,000 each, four prizes  »I $500 each and the same number of  9250 prizes. The prizes are contributed by Vincent Astor. Alfred E. Mar-  "Jing and the New York Foundation.  The     Reconstruction    'Commission  _M.s .pointed out in its' housing report  t-_t -here "is^need ~of-at least 40*000'  -tew apartments in ">?ew York' city' at  "the .present time.'*\And yet there are  thousands of apartments that are tin-  -occupied.   The latest census of vacant  _4Wrtrhents, taken last year,- shows 'a  total of 21,482.    A'careful  in'vestlga-  '4io_ made by the Itecon'atr uction Gota-  -oission   ai   that   time   showed   that  ;3n_-tic_lly' none' of these' empty' apart-  -^_eht3 werel fit'for '"human'' ^abi^atiohj  Most of the defects of the old-!_w  ■tenement- are due to poor planning,  "T_eir'H_lue _ot-'6_ly\i_ terms1 bt bet-  iter living  conditions,   but  also  as  a  __a_cial    investment, would    be   en-  __need if they were properly planned.  Mt 3»as Veen -proved Within  the'last  3ew years that with the "use" of'double  the area required by the law for court  .space, apartments can be designed on  ^fhe same sized lots so as to give at  "the same: rental per room  a greater  '.return on the investment.  The investigations of the Housing  Committee of the New York State  -Construction Commission proved conclusively that the old-law tenement  houses are a menace to health and the  general welfare of those who dwell  in them and of the community as a j  ■whole. For the purpose of finding a  "way to replace these old tenements  ^without destroying them, a characteristic block on the east side has been  jchosen. The competitors have been  supplied with plans at 1-8 inch scale  showing the actual conditions of the  -ufldmgs in the block. They will be  required to submit'plans at the same  •scale, * showing the alterations they  coatisider n'eceWary. Living conditions  in 'this block are by no *means the  Tworst in the city, but it is conceded  that if a block in which three-quarts  r  " ""~  False   creek is   not much   used,   the  recommendation of the city engineer.  subject to' six months notice by the  city to remove" any structure that shall  be erected there. ,  The Restmore Company already employ 175 men comprises no less than  six branches "of the trades unions, In  their work of manufacturitig mattresses and bedding. The company will  be granted the use of the portion of  the' street end at the very nominal  rehtalof $42 per" year.  2S44—A. J. Smith- 1570 64th Ave. W.  bungalow, §4,500, Owner, Contiv  2845—A. Rines, 26th Ave. W.j garage   with  $500,'Owner, Contr  2846—L.. H^ RicliardSi .8742 Montcalm St., bungalow, $2,500, Owner,  Contr.   ■ :■■  2847'—J. H. Inkster, 8069 Cartier St;,  bungalow, $3,000, Owner, Contr.  foria -bri Saturday -last, and -it is ex  ipe'eted 'that the -contract will be -let  'this 'week.  y The ratepayers of the. municipality  passed the bylaw authorizing the  municipality tb-go into this scheme on  ■a*' fifty-flfty basis with the provincial  government by a vote of^two hundred  and thirty for, with only some forty  against.  " _ixty'per cent.'of'fhe' upkeep'of the  paving will be borne by the ihunicip-  allty, the government paying the remaining-forty per cent.  The total mileage to be paved is  seven and one half miles and will be  6fr£he 'utmost advantage to the Delta1  a. t t  farmers when completed.      ,  IMPROVING   VICTORIA   AVE.  WHITE ROCK—Work in connection  the   improvement   of   Victoria  avenue is proceeding apace. When  completed it will add materially, to the  convenience and comfort of residents  and visitors.  VICTORIA PERMITS.  840-l-W. A. Pitzer, auto repair shop,  640 Dunedin St.;'$1,000; owner, ContrJ-j  OOBPOBATIOK O-   THE DISTMCT  OP BTTBBTAB-  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABilSHEB IH 1886  Robertson & Devey  Engin.ers and Constructors  Inspections, Design, Reports, Construction  Industrial Plants, Bulldinga^nd Equipinent  Wharves   and   Piers.'     Power  Plants  Industrial   Railways  . Concrete. -Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BLDG.   SEY. 9217  739 Htaati-ffa St. W. Say. 7830  Oroand Floor, Winch' Bldg-.  Vancouver, B. C.  The Home Bank of  SAVINGS   BANK-DEPARTMENT  F. C. NICKERSON  _laxia_ar...  Sey. 6870 446 Haatlnra St. Weat  Vanconvar, B. C.  T  TVVO WATER  EXTENSIONS,  APPROVED  BY  COUNCIL  The civic waterwdrks committee *has  approved of two extensions to the  city  waterworks  system   on  Seventh  Avenue, which wiir cost about $900. ^ ^dU^nrcnc,ue^r--aIfannount  One of the extensions is just west of * , to ten (10) per cent, of the ten_  „_._„_-«  >!•.«_♦   ™    _v0nth   Avpnne   der.    Tho  cheque  ot the  successful  ten  XOTZCZ  TO  COirTKACTOBS  Xiag-aw_y—South Yft-cotaTar District,  Earla Straat to Park Btraat  1J16 BCUaa.  Sealed tenders, endorsed "Te'ri'der for  pavinp, etc, Kinp.sw.iy, South Vancouver District," will be. -'received at th*  office of the Honourable the Minister of  Public Works, Victoria. B. C, up to o  .p.m. of. Monday, the, 5th day of July,  1920. for the sub"-gradfng"'and 'pavinp,  etc.    -  Plans, specifications, contract and  fornis of tender can be seen at the of-  flce.'of the undersigned. Victoria, B. C,  and at the District Engineer's office,  ■;.Go'urt House, Vancouver, B. C. Copies  of Plan;?, etc.,"may be had on payment  of $10 deposit which Will be refunded  on return of plans, etc.,: in good; condi  tion.  Each  tender must be accompanied  by  III.. VJ. V..w  Ksm^   \j*   w..«   ^—- —  - c»i«ci.i    lw   vw    %--.    -^ eitrr*e^srul   ten  Macdonald street, on Seventh Avenue der■    ^^l^^^P.s  security   for  west.' and  comprises, laying  an addi- ^-^e^S^3^lo?  tibnaf* 300   feet^ of  6-inch 'main   at  a ?h0eri;.orl<.   A bond in an acceptable Sur-  edst   Of   5410.     The   extension   is   on *tv  romnanv  for an amount^equl^ient  Seventh Avenue east, where some 330   n,ay ^e.^f^^/^er^rdcpos'it cheque,  feet of 6-inch main is to be laid fronnI th^"ch^iues to be on chartered banks  Clinton* street eastward  at a  cost of   «' <^™da  and made payable to the Mi.  ?462.    The work is to be done by the>>  B. C. INCORPORATIONS  During the past week certificates of  * -a     A        _t '  Annandale Sup. Co.;..Ltd. ?25,000, New  False   creeK  is   not   mucu   usc_,   _^      _.__«!"«-. *■■ —■>. *    ■  board decided to grant the lease on the  Westminster; The Campaigners: Club  .    . .. .,._■_„.:.^-^t^rtrtl..:  r+,1    «9^ nnn   Vanr :  Rftal Estate Rec^  Ltd., ?25,000, Vane.;'Real Estate Rec-  The lease is for a term of five years   ords,  Ltd.,   $35,000,- Vane;   Underhill  Lumber Co., Ltd., ?40,000, Vane; Rec*  ord Publishing Co., Ltd.-, $25,000; ;Vanc.  Robert Efford .&. Co., Ltd., ?20;000,  Vane; Pacific Coast Fish and Oyster  Co., Ltd., $25,000, Vane; Holt Creek  Lumber Co.; Ltd., $10,000, Sahtlanb District; 'West Coast Loggers* Ltd., $25,-  000, Vane; The -'Auto W6rks'_.td.,  $100,000, Vane; Vancouver Commis-  sion/Co:, Ltd:,■ $20,(h00,;Vane       '••■.  of.Canada. and made payable to the Min  ister of Public AVorks.  Tender? will not be considered unless  made out on the forms supplied, sighed  with   the   actual   signature: of   the   ten  derer.  The   lovest or  any tender  not  neces-  sr.rilv  accepted.  A. E.   FOREMAN  Public Works Engineer  Department   of   Public   Works.  Virtorin. B. C. June 2.3, 1020  Point Grey Building Supply   OOlCPAirT  Sand, Gravel. Torpedo pravel. Crushed  Rock, Brick. Lime, Plaster; Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  —buna 6_>3 Aa_aa St. _ _U.rtna Dr.  -UU-PO-X, B. C.  GET OUR CASH 'ON DELIVERY.PRICE  ■  ■■./■:.,.:■,.   WriteXX .  McVICAR 'SHINGLE MF6, CO:  Burquitlam, B.C.  .ao'ja  S*MIItl  •Sl__  iTan  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX   MOTORS^ LIMITED  1233 Hornby St. Sey. 9461  S. M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  ■$  GET OU* PRICE ON  *'FIRE ESCAPES "  "Bay.  Cedar   St  RlzFRIGERATiON  iw a-k-f rtoats ui ethl itmu syttiat. Sict  Uni raldiintiri ui flats fw H eiataf jmpkk  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION. __»  Llnd* Canadian R«ffrlg«ration  Company LInilttd  500 Campbell Aye. High. 822  Classified AdvertisinT       ***** ^l ^m0A  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories.     Houses     and  Garajres   Repaired.     ^V^    k  Carpenter^   Congggjon   Work.  8Uy.393l _va_Ui_e       1758 Boh.on St.  MACHINERY  Ask bTds'Ifor SUi_blNG  OF NEW HARDY BAY ROAD  1 Tender-; are}tlreth_'U_?ited'tby  the  proviincial ■!' public' works''"''department  for the construction of the new Hardy  Bay-CoalJ "Harbor high'wuy, Vancouver  Isla-d:^ l1LH&£ ^in'be! fecelfed up to  noon of July 12 for completion,of this  work which will fill a gap i_ the island  highways that will be much appreciated - by the iraVelling Rublic.    Plans;-  specifications, contract and forms of  tender* can be seen at the office of the.  district   engineer,   court   house,   Vancouver, at the office of the district engineer,    Courtenay,' or at    the public  works    department,    Victoria.      Bids  may he submitted separately for the  construction,  re-constraction  and  the  bridges,   of  which   there  are   several  necessary on" the section to be covered.   The usual ten per cent, deposit is  required and a twenty per cent, bond  will also he asked of the successful  bidders.  ■•"WE EK'S BU ILDIN G  PERM ITS  : During last week there were Issued  from th^ office of City Building Inspector Bird a total of 25' building permits, which.authorized' constructionVbf  an"estimated 'value bf $62,375. "The  large'st'sfngie'permit" o'f the week was  for '$25;bo6,: "being the "new ;factory  building for the4 Britannia Wire Rope  [Company^oh Industrial 'Island.      %  Hoisting engines,  locomotives,  lathes  wlr«  rope, -rails, -cars,: machinery 'of  all  kinds.  WATTOITAX  -CACXTR-B-T   CO.  W5 ala_i St. Sty. «>•  tJaea ��� MaeMh«ry: of All   Kinds "Bought  .-.. ;-:and: Sold., .,--•.=-  B. C: rJQXrrPWTEKT CO., __T>.  ■a-k of Ottawa-BM_.: rBtj. 9O40  :X :::  _ee''__ . . •'_*''.'"  . 'For AH Kinds of -Machinery  W8XS.  -taVCX-trfiBT   CO.   -__>. .  1396 Bte_ar_a St. ^Bay. 7448-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Jot it down  iti a  DeTuxe,  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  ^FAIRMONT 2794,  Expert TypewrUtng.oCe^er^eaarfrtlon  MimeogrrtfpMnif, lMuKI«nipMnR,  Translation!) Stenpgrftphers   Supplied;  CBH-BA-. *1TBiiXS"___«0^«AKF_«S;  SOTS  '   414  _»•____»«'B_l_. ._'  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figures and all  kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs.  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  inres—nent.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact' memo book.  Press the trigger  and the rings open  No more torn sheets. No  fumblingV'fingering 'or ^scolding. Just the outfitTor everybody of affairs.  Costs littlt# Uata alway*. because it  is bound in feauiae Morocco.  Let us show the Oe Luxe  , .^   Loose Leaf atemp to YOU.  WaVst.r«v'8p-«laitV:  -■• tsmmtmXbb;, ■=''  A$  ■72  Ora-Tttla  St.   -'   Say.  3326  ,*  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  Plum* ■•y/ 316   .   ., 511 P«»d«r fr.  J. Hanbury & Co.  UaUfllS     .. i  EXCAVATING  and  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076  POINT   GREY   PERMITS  2837—T. W. Fletcher, 3351 Osier  Ave., garage and lodge, $2,500, Owner,,  Contr.  2838—S. Collinge, 1135 26th Ave. W.,'  bungalow, $5,000, Bargain Sales Realty Go.,-Contrs.  % '2839—J. A. Birkehhead, 1987 37th  Ave. W., bungalow, $4,000, Pt. Grey  Better Housing Scheme, Contrs.  ■2840—Mrs. Runnells, 6572 Angus St.,  bungalow, $2,500, J. A. Jackson, Contr.  2841— D. Robertson, 6726 Laburnum'  St..  bungalow,  $5,000,  A.  L.  Ramage,  Contr.  2842—A. L. Ramage, 6556 Laburnum  St., bungalow, $£500, Owner, Contr.  2843—C. B. McAllister, Connaught  Drive, 2 story residence, $10,000, J. S.  Crowell, Contr.  "RECEIVING TENCiERS  KO'R  CENTRAL PARK  RESIDENCE  Architect J. H. Bowman, 716 "Yorkshire Bldg., will receive tenders until  about July 1st for'the construction of  a seven-room residence at Central  Park-for Mrs. W. Payne. Plans and  specifications may be seen at the offlce of the architect.       £ ■:  TENDERS INVITED FOR A  BANK  AT WILLIAMS  LAKE  WILLIAMS   LAKE, B.    C—A   new  two-story bank building is to be' erected here by the Canadian Bank of Commerce,  which  recently  commissioned  Architect Wm. Frederick Gardiner, 701  Vancouver block;' Vancouver,  to  prepare''the plans for the new structure  •which will be one of the most modern  for  its  size ■ in  the   Cariboo  district.  The  building will  be'two stories  in  height with a frontage of 24 feet and  a'depth of 44 feet.    It will be equipped-with concrete vaults and the usual  bank fittings of the most modern kind.  ,   Architect   Gardiner  is   now"'calling  for  tenders  for  the  erection   of  the  branch bank. •  t!7  WINCH  BUILDING SEY.   S30I  THEO. KORNER  RENDERS   EXPERT   ASSISTANCE  TO  -THE    PROFESSION  "  AWCniTECTURAI.    AyiJ    LAXHSCAPE    DESlOJf  SKKTCH    P1.AX8    A.VT)    PEHSrECTIVKS  StTRVKTS, GEJCKKAI.   DRAOOHTIJTO  t ARCHITECTS |  Members of The Architectural X_atlt_tc  of British  Columhla.  SHIPPING  " YAJirCO-VEB  BCTtle.   J»s.   X.  BIO  Hi-lino   W    Bird,   A.   J..   City   Hid*  In*ptor..._ -  Bryan   A  OllUm.   5«9   nirharrtit.-   Dalton   A  Krelclzh.   615  Ha.Ulmts  W....  ,_.Sey. 3300  ....Spy.  3IT0  ....S«y. l«o»  ....Sey.    6«5  OariliKt. F.  C.  A Mercer.  T18 OratiTille......Sey. 3B7J  Gardiner.   William   Fredk..   736   Gran -Sej. 89»  OriffltK.  H.  S..   207  Uastlnas W._ 8^ 3U?  Henderson, A.  _..  615 Ha»«ln« W s— Sey.    72<  Honeyman.   A  Curtis.   MO   HaMln*.  W Sey. 1«=!  J<mes.    Wra.    T..    623   Richards   St 8ey. 1«6  M.thewii.   Robt.   M..333  HonHJT  Bt...- Sey.   001,3  Palmer.   Bernard   C' 850  H4_t.   W ......Sey. 71.W  rarr.   J.   E.,   198   Hoatirw   W—,   Sey. 7811  Sharp A Thompaon, 826 Fender W  S.y. 10,0r»  Sproat;'Kdwtrcle*.   <03  Dominion • Bid* .;.:.8«y. 92S  T,wnley; Fred i..'3_  Homor   8t 1_8W. Ml8  Twl«8.   Birds   A Twiiell.   837- Ha^t   W. Soy. 79X-  Th_  Official Shipping Paper  REPORTS   ON -DEEP'WATER    SHIPPING   TO   AND- FROM. ALU   PORTS.  OF THE WORLD.   • AUTHENTIC   INFORMATION. FURNISHED  TO SHIPPERS    AND    TRAVELLERS    FOR    ROUTING    FREIGHT.    PASSENGER^  EXPRESS   AND   PARCEL   POST-TO   ALL   POINTS   IN   CANADA.   UNITED  STATES".   ALASKA   AND   THE   ORIENT.  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629  PENDER   STREET  WEST -    '     - - VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  PHONE:- SEY.  7808  HODGSON "    V.   T.   KINO  A.   M.   !N*T.   C.   Y..  WM.  O.   MARBLE  H.   K.   I.   C.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506  ▼ICTOBIA  Barxy.   *cr_.t   H... __:v.lT44   St.   Anne   Stre*  Rennet.  A.■ B.;   WM-St Lwii.-Sl—  HT1 B J  Keith.  J.   C  M..   Hayward'Itldz   ijr"  Maclure.   Sam.   Union  Hank   BUM  2S48  Ridew.y-WilBon.   IJ#«t>Col »'ln.ont   Hon.*  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors: to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone $«ymour 7155 IISO Hom.r Street  Vancouver, B. C  Moore,   Charles.  CBESTOM   CT"aton,  B   r  TISERS  GALVANIirNG  BAR IRON - S&HUP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NiJJS  IRON and STEEL CAStl^GS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LIjiE HARPWARE  ___—___———i  W_  GALVANIZE  EVERYTHING BT HOT  PROCESS^  am  WORKS  Fairmont 971 Office and Works, 225 ■ 5th W. VMOjjverJ^C.  J. m  BRITISH COLUMBIA, RECORD  LANG  ELECTRIC  FIXTURE  COMPANY  We have the most exclusive  Fixtures artistically designed,  made in our own factory, and  displayed in; our dark show  room, which will give you the  right idea how they will appear  in your home.       < _j  You are respectfully invited  to Inspect Our Selection  "Our Fixtures (Jive the  Right Finishing Touch to  Your Home."  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  faMtastri-l fclift-  Sey. B793  THE  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  BUILDING  '   is read by every   ■■/-■  ARCHITECT, ENGINEER  ■■-■■;?■■■'■ ■"_nd<""':,':  CONTRACTOR  IN  VANCOUVER   AND VICINITY,  MEN WHO ARE CONSTANTLY  SPECIFYING AND  BUYING MATERIALS  AND MACHINERY  APPOINT  ARCHITECTS;  ON  PENTICTON  SCHOOL  PENTICTON—At . its meeting'- oi'  .last week, the Penticton school board  decided to appoint Architects Bell &  Curtis' oi' Kelowna, to prepare the  plans £or the hew ' $135,000 public  school-which is to be erected in the  city shortly. Messrs. Swan;& Augustine, the well known 'Penticton architects, were also appointed to supervise  the work of construction after the  plans have been prepared.; With two  such' experienced firms of architects  connected with the undertaking the  school board considers that the new  school will be strictly up to the minute in ,the way of modern construction.  Architects Bell &.' Curtis will start  work on the plans shortly and expect  to be ready to call for tenders some  time late in .July or early in August,  as it is desired to get work on this  school under way this summer,' if possible. ,  E. R. line. A freight'elevator,, and  possibly a passenger elevator, would  be installed. The building would have  an ornamental appearance; on Ihe Columbia street level. This latter maTk-  et/woud be more expensive, and would  also entail great overhead and maintenance charges;' ..•'■% •'"';'''"  It is possible that the council may  finally decide to submit both plans to  the ratepayers and leave the final  choice to them.  J  Definite  Information  Have:'"" at'1  your'   fingertips,    every  morning,   definite   information   in  advance  of   any other   source  re--  garding projects,  contemplated or  under way, in the  Building <ft Engineering  Trades  Whether    you "sell    material    or  service,   your  subscription   to   the  source of such comprehensive, re- '  liable, and, above all. advance in- .  formation, will, be the best invest- '  ment you can make -for your fousi- "  ness.    You .will -get  all. the  news  regarding:- .contracts.;1 in ■ • time _■ to L  put your bid in. :X>"on'r lose a sale  because you didn't know about it,:  Write for  full  information.  -M-Mb Daily Baporta,  X.lmltad,  813 Winch Bld_.. Taacoavar. B.C.  TalaphOB*—Saymoar 2013.  acLean  REPORTS  COUNCIL   WILL   CHOOSE  RIVAL MARKET PLANS  NEW WESTMINSTER—The city  council at its meeting this evening  will be faced with the. necessity of  making a final choice of 'One of the  two revised plans for the new city  market building and plant which has  been under consideration for some  time. , One of the two plans provides  for a father modest market building  at the foot of Tenth street, where considerable of the material and timber  in the present market building could  be utilized in the erection of the new  structure. The other is for a more  modern and fireproof structure, three  stories high, at Lytton Square, which  is estimated to cost in;the neighborhood of.SS0.000. If the Tenth Avenue  plan is finally decided .'on; Architect  E. G. Salt has recommended that-the  work be done by day labor,, rather  than .contract, on account ot the intention to use old material.  T.he Tenth street plan contemplates  a building, ..of. timber and galvanized  iron construction similar to, the present "building. Much of ^the-material,  in the latter can be used again. , ItUs  INVITES  TENDERS  ON  CHURCH   ALTERATIONS  The congregation of the\Robertson  Presbyterian church at the corner of  Napier street and Salsbury Drive, recently commissioned Architect H. S.  Grilfith, Dominion building, to prepare plans for alterations and an addition to that edifice to give additional  space for a school room and vestry.  The plans are now ready and Architect Griffith is calling for tenders for  the work. The bids will ;.close' about  July 3. The alterations and'additions  are :expeeted to cost between $5,000  arid. $6,000,        * ;"/._' >  BIDS  FOR   WOODS   LAKE  s SCHOOL  ARE   INVITED  The minister of public works is inviting tenders for the .erection and  completion of a two-room school and  outbuildings at Woods Lake, in the  North Okanagan electoral district.  Tenders will be received up to noon  of Wednesday, July 7. Plans and  specifications, contract and forms of  tender may be seen at the offices of  J. Mahony, government agent, court  house, Vancouver; XL. Norfis, government agent, court house, Vernon, B.  C; E. C; Shanks, secretary of the  school'board at Woods,Lake, or at the  department of public works, Victoria.  The usual ten per cent; deposit must  accompany all tenders.  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  27554— W. Tt.:Bacon, 2424 Stephens St.—-  Chevrolet Tour.  27555—-Imperial Tobacco Co.,  873-Beatty  ■     St.-—Chevrolet -Road.  27556—G. H. Snow, 1956 Parker St.—McLaughlin  Tour.' '■••■■' .■"".■■'.-■'.  K.  Tsuchida,  620 Alexander St.—  Ford Tour.  27657-  55S-—I. A. McFayden. S55 15th Ave. W.  estimated  that material  worth  about    '-    \    —Ford  Tour.  .»_«•'.'__.'■_  „„i..„~„,-i   „„*  „f'ti;n:Afi:l2755i)—C. H. Lambson, JHTampton Court-  Allen Tour. •   "■  ■M.   Storey, .North   Vancouver,   B.  ill  %LQW-COST TON-MILE is Garford;experience and efficiency  written into daily haulage service. The test is on the road and  the proof is in continued voluntary expression of satisfaction  among users everywhere. ;    :.t,  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY—ONE   TO TEN-TON CAPACITIES.  Motor  Service   Limited  George   A. Sabourin,  Manager  B. C. DISTRIBUTORS '*'£  1105 GRANVILLE ST. PHONE SEY; 4192 VANCOUVER, _7C.  illllllllillillllllllllllltilllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllW^  llWIIIIIllfllli™  ?2<f60 can be salvaged out of the old  building.- The roof timbers can; be  moved in sections, being taken down  river on scows. This may entail an  open air market for a week or two.  Window sash and lights and sliding  doors, can also be utilized.    ;  The plan for Lytton Square is for  a building of three storeys in height,  of fireproof" construction, this site .being within the first fire limits. On  the Front street level there would be  a spur track  running from  the  B. C.  27560-  27562-  at-nk«rs Safes  Bankers Vault Doors  Safe Deposit  Boxes  Fireproof Safes   .      -;  Fireproof Vault Doors  goldie & Mcculloch Co., Ltd.  GALT, ONTARIO, CANADA  C. L. FORD  Representative for B. C.  ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAILED  ON REQUEST  SEYMOUR 3907  569 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  -^  C.—Traffic Truck.  Mrs. R: A. Ltiscombe, 346 Sth Ave.  W.—Willys-O.  Tour.  7563—Goodyear    Tire    &    Rubber    Co.,  Homer St.—Ford  Road.  7564-—Provincial   Gov't—Ford   Tour.  27565—Coco Cola Co., S91 Richards St.—  White Truck.  27566—Fraser    "Vailev Ice    Cream,    1170  Hornby   St.—G.M.C.   Truck.  27567— R.  ft. W. "Doherty, Marpole. B. C.  —General Truck.  275SS—B. MacMillan,  151, Hastings  E.—  Ford  Tour. ■.-." .  27569—Vernon  &  Buckerfield,   321   Front  St.—Federal  Truck.     -  27570—A. H. Kersey, 1254 23rd E.—Ford  Truck.  27571—P.. Burns Ltd.,  Ft. Woodland-Dr.  —Ford  Road.  27572—Mrs. W. W. Williams. 1666 Burnaby  St.—Chevrolet Tour.  2J573—A.  E.   Martin,   126  Sth> Ave.   E.—  ,. Ford  Coupe.  ' _7574—Great Western Smelting- _ Befin-  ing- Co.—Touring-.  27676—Bombay   .Trading:   Co.,   1657   2nd  Ave.  W.—Ford  Ttuck.  27677—Soldiers   Civil   Re-Establishment,  1158  Seaton  St.—Reo  Truck.  2767S—Elliotts   Grocery,   32S2   Main   St.  —Ford  Truck.  27679—Tourist   Auto   Livery,   Howe   St.  —Dodge _our.  276S0—W. Faulkner, 1962 2nd Ave. W.—  Reo Road.  276S1—Kraser    Aralley  Ice    Cream     Co.,  1170  Hornby  St.—G.M.C.  Truck.  276S2—W. Herod. 24 21 Dunbar St.—Lexington Tour.  276S3—N. A.     English,     Terminal     City  Club—Buick Tour.  276S1—A.   S.   Beaumont,   731   Broadway  W.—Ford   Tour.  276S5—Mrs.  S. Hijifrinson. Powell  River.  B.   C.—Ford  Tour.  276S6—G. G. Robertson, S15 Hamilton St.  —Overland Road.  270S7—G.   H.   N'ellors,   507S   Main   St.—  l-'ord  Tour.  276SS—IT.   .lames,    35    Pender   St.    W.—  Studebaker Tour.  270S!'—I'.  'A'.  .Jeffries.  4255  12th   Ave. W.  —Lexington   Tour.  270J10—Kvans, Coleman & Evans.  Ft. Co-  limibla -Ave—Packard  Trm-k.  270H1— Dominion Specialty Co., 305 Cambie  St.— l'ord   Tour.  27602—.A.   Grejtor.   72 1   Clarke   Dr.— l-'ord  Truck.  i!7i'!)::—O.   II.   Morris.    1313   Millar   Rd..  S.   V.—Wlllvs-O.   Tour.  l»70P." — P    Burns  &   Co..   1737   Balaclava  l!d —Hupp.  Tour.  :>7i-!>0—Canadian   Cartage   Co..   365   C'or-  Povu   St.   AV.—Traffic   Truck.  iwm  STRAIGHT LOANS   OB   MONTHLYJ.OANS  DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Pender St. W.  PHONE SEYMOUR 790-791  A DUNHAM SYSTEM of HEATING  means   more   than   just, a  boiler,   pipe  and  fittings.     It   embodies   careful -design   and  planning to give the.utmost heating satis-'  faction.  Dunham     Heating     Service    covers     the  supervision, and   inspection   of  installation.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY,Ltd  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.   Cr.   BB2S02T.   J-anagreir  Phone Sey.  S057    425  Standard  Bank Bldg.  [_-________.._ ...________»:_____..___ nuumuttuwr-Uuuuuut_muuu  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented e  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  i   VANCOUVER'S    NEW   INDUSTRY  i Make Your Basement Floor and Walls  Dustless, Waterproof and Sanitary  BY USING  CURO HARDENING LIQUID AND IMPERMEAWATERPROOFINB LIQUID  Full Particulars and  Information on Application  Manufactured by  The B.C. IIVSPERIVIEAL8TE Co., Ltd.  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone : Sey. 9260 FACTORY Fairview  *  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  Little Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes  5y2"5;8"xllJ_" oi/ii"x8"x5%"  5i/2"x4"xll>_" 5i/o"x4"x5%"  21/_"xS"x51//>" Corner and Jambs  4"xS"x5y2"    (Pilaster  Tile)  S  t  i  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong Piers and Jambs.  Load Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PAINTING  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be made from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers of Fire Clay in fl  British Columbia.  >  i  >  t  t  t  t  t  j  f  f  ::  Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. C.  Apply for quotations to  /mu m m nm  l__J-rf_->___aTi  EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  yayurMi u»^y^y*_"ny*_'"*y<y*-'*->!_>■'#■ *m*'mmmp*iM'w>mynmwvt  "■    *   ■*  *•  ~   -^^Ja^^.^^.^-^.^.—   ^_-^.,_fc-----^--JafcT||r,  3SSSSS BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  pi^MMI^^  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You in Touch  With a Reliable Firm  gfo*rtMWti^^  ABCBITECT.BAZ. T-KSA  COTTA  CIi»mplon   A   Whit*...... -...Sey.   »5T1  Evana,  Colon—n A Ev»ns, Ltd - Sey.   2988  T.   O.   McHrlile A Co _ Sey.  1159  O'Neil.  Wm. N. Co.. Ltd _ _ Sey.   4795  UltcllU Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. 1.1.1  Sey.  9162  ASBESTOS PAPEB  Taylor   Engineering;   Co..   Lid Sey.  36S0  ASPHALT PELT  The   Barrett .Co.,,  Limited Bay.    63  .Evens.  Coleman A Evans. Ltd   Sey.   2988  Pacific   Booflng   Co..   Ltd —Sey. 1186  Wood.   Vallance  &  Lewcat _ ....Sey.   7200  ASPHALT   PITCH  The   Barrett, Co.,   Limited - .....Bay.    63  Pacific   Rooflnn   Co.,   Ltd... -.._ Sey. 1186  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co.    ....; _ Sey. 559  ,  Ceperley.  Bounsefell A Co..... _.Sey.,,7820  BEAVEB  BOARD  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited...:.:... — ....Bay.    63  HcGibuon-Hodgson    Lumber    Co.....:: .._ Fair.  1659  O'Noll,   Wm.   N,   Co.,   Ltd  ..:—Sey. 47SS  8LUEFXINTS  City  Map   A  White   Print  Co.... Sey. 6693  Dominion Blue Print Co...- Sey.  2-7-4670  BOHD8—SURETY  Canadian   Surety   Co JL,  Sey. 559  Ceperley, -ounsefcll .* Co....  Sey.   7820  B BASS BAILINGS  Farr,    Robinson    _    Bird .-. Sey. 331.2  BBICX—ALL X-BDS  Chtmpton • _ ,Walte ...— _...«•».   Mf 1  K>au§: .Coleman — -Titis. Ltd......... ..........,.Sey.   _>88  Olliey Bros., Ltd.„„„ „_; West.. 15-16  T. :0.' McBride  _  Co...:. -Sey.  1159  O'Nell. Wm.  Ni Co;; Ltd. ....--.-....-...Sey.  4795  Pt.  Grey  Building  Supply Co ..Eburne 6-L-''  Bitchie Coritr. _ Sup. Co., Ltd _.... _Soy. 9162  .'    BBICK BtraBB.  .  tie-loll  Shale. Products. Ltd.. —.—.....Sey._ 9167  BUXLDIaT-   PELTS  AXO   PAPEBS  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited -.....-Bay.    63  Evens. Coleman _ Evans. Ltd....-....:—......Sey.  2988  McGibbon-Hodgson;  Lumber   Co...:- ......Fllr. 1659  O'Nell. Win...N. Co.; Ltd ."._-„-.-„.._..Sey.. 4795  Bitchie ,* >,Maaiougkll ; ...X..........~ .....Sey. 9167  Wood.  Vallauce A Leggat. ................ ...v...Se>. ,7200  BUBOLABT  IHStBAXrCE"■        t  Canadian   Surety   Co.    ;  Sey. 559  . CABP-HTEB8   _   JOIHEBS  E.  Cti.yatal  _ Co.   ... -.. -: — ««y- »551  Diion A Murrai....: ;. -:.--r.;:.v.-u:-;..Bey;  8765-8706  -■-:'■-;     CEMENT    ..  Bain   Bros.    ........-...:_....:.:....:. -— Sey. 838  Balfour.  Guthrie _ Co....—._  .-.-.Sey. 9197-8575  Champion ,-  White™, .':.: ..  -Sey. , 95T1  DRILL STEEL  Taylor  Engineering   Co.,   Ltd -Sey. 3680  ELECTBXCAL   CONTBACTOBS  It.    N.    Dicer   &   Co - Sey. 824  lenklns   Electric   Co.,   Ltd - Sey. 9512  Etarii. ..Coleman ,_ Kvans, Ltd..  Gilley Brbi...Ltd.  ..:„.... Sey.   2988    West.  15-16  T.  O.  McBride ^—Co...„.-:-.....i.-::....... ..........Sey.  1159  O'Nell. Wm. N.JCo.. Ltd.—.;..,!; Sey.  4795  Pt.  Grey 'Building  Supply Co..;-—.. Eburne 6-L-'  Bltchle Contr. * Sun. Co.. Ltd...—, .Sey. 9162  CEMENT   TESTING   AND   ASSAYING  limit, Robert W. _ .Co.™-..,..—.---,—.- —Sey.   2199  .    CONTBACTOBS—GENERAL  Armstrong. Morrison A Co., Ltd.... —Sey. 1836  ILnuie,  A., 1.   ...-—--..:. A-r Fsir-   2321 L  Walih'i,A', Co;.   T.,-,-_„.,.-.,...--—,.. Sey. 4733  CONTBACTOBS—TILE—TEBBAZZO  Evans,  Coleman -Evans. Ltd.- —Sey.  2988  O'Nell. Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd;-....'. Sey.   4795  CBANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELECTBXC)  The Holden  Co.,  Ltd _ - Sey. 1085  .DECORATING o      iooii  C.  J.  Cummins  A Co. - — Sey. 1337  Magee.  J.  II - B»>- 3-«2  DBAPTING & SUPPLIES  Dominion Blue Print Co... .' .Ser.  2497-467P  DBILLS—PORTABLE ELECTRIC  Darling, Frank. A Co — Sey.  4100-4101  Bitchie   A   MacdougaU - -Se". »167  The Holden Co.. Ltd — —«l'  W.   W.   Fraser    _ ; Sey. 7965  .Mundy,   IloivlaticI   A   Co Si-y. 354  lleliable   Electric   Co -Sey. 46U0  ltlcli.irilsoii   Electric   Co - Sey. 8696  'J'lie   Electric   Shop    .•. —Sey. 1224  The Jarvis  Electric  Co..  Ltd , : Sey.  170  ELECTBIC PXXTUBES  Farr,    Bobluson    &    Bird Sey. 3313  Lang   Electric   Fixture   Co..— , _ Sey. 8793  ELECTBICAL MPOBS.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co : Sey.  1878  ELECTBICAL   BEPINING t  Beliablo Electric  Co.   - ——Sey. 4660  ELECTBICAL SUPPLIES  B.   C.   Electric — —• , Sey, 5000  Darling.  Frank  A Co '.'. Sey.  4100-4101  The   Electric   Shop   ...„ :.,.-. - Sey. 1224  The Jarvis  Electric  Co..  Ltd.. ; —Sey., 175  lenklns   Electric   Co.,   Ltd — —Sey. 95.12  Mundy,   Rowland   —   Co.—. —   Sey. 354  Kankln    A    Cherrlll -.  Sey. • 7600:01  Richardson   Electric   Co. Sey. 8696  ELECTBIC SUPPLIES—WHOLESALE  Rankin   _   Cherrlll...... ,.-.-, .—.-Sey. 7600-01  ELE7ATOBS    '   °'    ■  Darling.,Frank A Co.—— -v—, Sey. 4100-4101  ELEVATOB CABS AND ENCLOSUBES  S.  M. Morris _ Co.. Ltd..— —.  Bay.   1043  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd '.■: .'..——.Sey.  4795  Bitchie Contr. _ Sup.  Co., Ltd...,..——.. Sey. 8182  -■- ENCLOSUBES   i  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron   Works——............i—Fair.  2648  Pearson Wire A' Iron Wks _-, —Felr.   2794  .,;.-,:..    ENGINES—SEMI-DEI8EL ^  Taylor Engineering* Co..  Ltd..—..— Sey. 3680  ENOINEEBft   ■  Taylor Engineering  Co.,   Ltd J— Sey. 3680  Walsh   _  Co..  T...oA ..... .—.-.——. Sey. 4738  .     EXCAVATING  3. Hanbury A ..Co. — ..— -...—Bay. 107  TENCES  AND  GATES  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks.—.- - ___»_.  2794  '■:    TIBE CLAT   ■"■..  Balfour, Guthrie .& Co —- —Sey. 9197-6575  Champion * ..White.- .....i-—.......-Sey.   95TI  Evana, Cole—an — Evans, Li1!..- .....—-Sey.  2988  Gilley Bros.'/. Ltd.... —.....——-.Weat.  15-18  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co..  Ltd.  _..—.—.....Sey.   4795  T.   G.  McBride A Co —- Sey. 1159  Bltchle Contr. A Sup.  Co.. Ltd .—-—Sey. »162  PIBE  ESCAPES .•-,■  S. M. Morris -.Co.. Ltd — .._..—.Bay.  104S  PXBE  DOOBS   at, METAI* WINDOWS  ■B.-C. Celling -Roofing Co.,  Ltd^..—.,——-8^267  PXBE  EXTXHOUISHEB  SYSTEMS,.;  Barr   —  Andersbu——■—  —•—.,-"•>'•' 8180  FLOOBING — HABDWOOD ■ -  B..-C.   Hardwood  Floor  Co.,  Ltd.——.—Bay. 1287  Inlay  llardwqod  Floor.  Co .."..„.'——..-..Sey.' 9201  O'Neil. Wm.   N.  Co.,  Ltd -  —Sey.   4795  1. Fyfe Smith A Co.. Ltd.- .....——.Sey. 1198  FOBGXNGS  Westminster Iron Works   Barr  A Anderson _ -  Sey.   6180  Campbell & Grill. Sey. 2981  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works _ Sey.    620  C.   A.   Dunham Co..  Ltd   Sey. .8057  Murray   Bros.    Ltd   Sey. 8614  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd Sey,  2172  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd   Sey. 7347  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co..  Ltd   Sey.  8162  Taylor   Engineering   Co..   Ltd..,,;...,., ..—....Sey. 3680  INSURANCE  Ceperley, Bounsefell _ Co - -.—Sey.   7820  XNTEBXOB   FINISH  Erans.  Coleman _  Evans, Ltd....  Sey.   298%  O'Neil,  Wm.   N.  Co., Ltd .'.._ Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd Sey.. 9162  IBON   AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.  N.  W.  Steel Co., Ltd. ——Fair; 2396-7  Coughlan,  J.   &  Sons _ —Sey.   7949  Evans,  Coleman & Erans. Ltd   Sey.  2988  S.  M. Morris A Co.. Ltd „ —Bay.   1043  O'Neil.  Wm. ■ N.  Co.. Ltd... .-.— Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr. & .Snp.  Co.; Ltd— ". Sey. 9162  T. Watt Iron -Galr.  Works .— -Fair.  971  Westminster Iron Works  "_.. .—West. 53  Wood.   Vallance  &  Leggat.........   — Sey,   7200  XBON   AND   STEEL—OBNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire A Iron Works — Fair. 2648  Evans.  Coleman A Evans. Ltd...;. ...Sey!  2988  S. M. Morris & Co., Ltd  .-Bay.  1043  O'Nell.  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.—;.. ——Sey.   4795  Pearson Wire  _ Iron Wks.-.-—.——'—.—.Fair.   2794  Ritchie Contr.   _ Sup.  Co., Ltd.-  Sey. 9162  T.  Watt,Iron. - Galr.   Worksl—;-...'...„-——Fair,  971  Westminster. Iron, Works —...—..——..——.Weat. 53  Wood.   Vallance  A• Leggat-.--^-^l;w---.;..---:Sey.   7200  INSULATION    '.':."-  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd -—..—.—.Sey. 3688  XALSOMXNING  C.  J.. Cummins  _ Co — —.—.-.—..Sey. 1337.  Diion  - Murray.—.— —.-—.—Sey.  8765-876*  LATH—METAL  Chimpion   _ , White   - Sey.   9571  Evans, .Coleman   _   Evans,   Ltd — Sey. 2988  T.   G;.. McBride- Co.- A ——— Sey. 1159  OrNeli.   Win...,N.. Co.,' Ltd — -.. Sey. 4795  riltcliic   Coritr'.,..-   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.—.— ..Sey. 9162  Ritchie. _   MacdougaU    - —..—„. Sey. 9167  LIME    •  Balfour, Guthrie-* Co  ;__-,~.Sey. 9197-85TI  Champion   AV White _—,"....:. Sey.   9571  Evana, Coleman _ Evans, Ltd.....—-.-.. Sey.  2988  «:.";■■*■■"_._     ■-■_'._■*■ »pf_J*      % _   i _   -Sty.  5000  . S»».  lat   Sey.  400(1   Sey.  8696   Sey  175   Sey.  4193   Sey.  4192  -Sey. 5078  MOTORS  B.   C.   Electric   —   Mundy,   Rowland   _  Co -    Reliable. Electric  Co.   _ -   Richardson   Electric   Co   The  Jarris  Electric  Co.,   Ltd   MOTOR   TBUCX8  Oarford    Trucks    _ .'.    Motor   Service,   Ltd.    :   MULTXGBAPHING  Central  Public  Stenographers -   OFFICE AND 8TOBE  FITTINGS  John Arnot A  Sons - Jllgh.    374  E.-.Chryatal   —  Co.     .' - Sey. J'afil  Dixon   A Murray.   Sey.   8765-8766  FAINTING   AND   PAPEB   HANGING  C.  .1.   Cummins   A Co..— .*. Sey. 1337  Dixon   A- Murray '.„..'. - —Sey. 8765-8768  PAINTS—FIBJB-PBOOP  O'Neil.  Wm.  N. Co..  Ltd . .'. Sey.   4794  PAINTS—DAMP  PBOOF  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited — .—.Bay.    63  Campbell A Grill  Sey. 2981  Evans.   Coleman _  Erans,  Ltd —.Sey.   2988  O'Nell.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd  Sey. 4795  Ritchie.   A   MacdougaU _ „ Sey. 9167  Taylor'Engineering   Co.,   Ltd   S^y. 3680  PAINTS—ARCHITECTURAL  —Sey. 6110  —--——West. 15-16   Sey. 6191-2  .-..„.'.  — Sey. 1159  ..„.————Sey. 4795  ...  —.Sey. 9167  _; ..„ Sey. 9167  Sey. 9162  1065  GALVANIZING  T.  Watt Iron A Galv.  Works.—— — Fair.  871  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Gas  Co — Sey. 5000  GLASS—ALL XIND8  Grant,   J.   A —- —'-■ ?»"•- 3491 L  \V.-   Holt.   Glass   Dealer .._-.— -F»i*. 1-38  Gilley Bros:: Ltd.  Northwest  Lime .Co. ;   T.. G.. McBride _ Co..-..'-  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.  Rosebank   Lime   Co   Bltchle.   J.   T.   A. —,-   Bltchle Contr. _ Sup.  Co.. Ltd   -..'.•'■ LUMBEB ■"■  Federal Lumber Co..- —.—...'. ..—.Sey.  3998-3999  McGlbboil-Hddgson   Lumber , Co..,—".-—-—__r. 1659  Vancouver   Lumber  Co.,   Ltd.- .'....._„ .Fair. 913-  MACKINEBT  Brown,   Fraser   A. Co.,   Ltd —.„.."._.; Sey. 7155  Darling.   Frank   A   Co.   .._.__.' —Sey.   4100-4101  _-„«.    K*    O'Nell,   Wm.    N.   Co.,   Ltd....  —Sey. 4795  wcsi. oa   RUchIe   Contr.   & , Slip.   Co.,   -_td — Sey. 9162  Ritchie    fty--MacdougaU — -—::Sey. 9167  Taylor   Engineering  Co.,   Ltd. - —Sey. 3080  The Holden Co.. Ltd...  — -— Sey.   1065  A'alsh   _   Co..   T.   A  — .•- Sey. 4738  MACHINE  WOBX  Westminster Iron Works , West. 53  —Jllgh. 1928  — Sey. ,6110  —.High.    422   Scj.  9588  O'Nell, Wm: N. Co.. Ltd  —Sey.  4795  HABDWABE  Brown, Fraser * Co..  Ltd.— Sey.  7155  Plett.  J.  A - —• Sey-   2327-2328  Wood.   Vallance  A  Leggat • -—Sey.   7200  HABDWOOD  LUMBEB '     oa  1. Fyfb Smith A Co.. Ltd —;- Sey. 1196  HEATING—HOT    AXB,    8TEAM    AND  VENTILATING  I MAHTBLS—BBICK. TILE AND WOOD  Champion   A   White „ -.— : .—-Sey.   9571  Erans,  Coleman & Evans. Ltd.   Sey.  2988  T.   G.   McBride  A Co :. Sey. 1159  O'Nell,  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd...—'...—. -Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  _ Sup. Co.. Lid ".Sey. 9162  NCABBLE   AND   ONTX  Evana,  Coleman A Evans. Ltd. Sey.  2988  O'Neil,   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd -.Sey. 4795  MINING  ENGXNEEBS  Bailey,   E.   A.   ...— —   _ Sey.    136   Walsh   —Co..  T.  A.—  -Sey. 4738  nunter-llenderson   Paint  Co..  Ltd,  PAINT MFGBS.  Ayres   Varnish   &   Taint   Co.—  ;.  Hunter-Henderson   Paint  Co.,   Ltd,   Martin-Senour   Co.,   Ltd.    - -   PAPEB  Smith,  Davidson A Wright, Ltd ..  PABTITION—FIBEPBOOP  Champion  A .White...- —   Sey.   9571  Erans.  Coleman A Evans, Ltd - —.Sey. 2988  T.   G.   McBride  & Co..... ...——..Sey.  1159  Ritchie Contr.   & Sup.  Co., Ltd  Sey. 9165  PABTITION   WXBE  Artistic   Wire   A  Iron   Works— .- .Fair. 2tU«  Pearson Wire A Iron Wl_  ;_.Falr.  2794  PATTEBN8  Westminster Iron Works  -  West     53  PIG XBON AND TIN  Balfgour.   Guthrie   A   Co..—   Sey.   9,'97-6575  Evans,-Coleman _ Evans. Ltd.—  Sey.   298  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal  Lumber Co.   Sey. 3998-3999  Joe   Lepore      -  —.High: 148  PILE DBXVINO  Evans.  Coleman A Evans. Ltd —._.__,-Sey.  298f  Fraser .River   Pile Dr.   Co.— _„_ —Sey. 4404  PIPE   COVEBIHG  Taylor  Engineering Co.;   Ltd. ;——. Sey. 3680  PIPE—8EWEH  Champion   i .White .- _..  —.Sey.   9571  Evans,   Colciaan  A Evan's.  Ltd..   Sey. 2983  Gllley  Bros..  Ltd——  West.   15-16  T.   G. . McBride  _ Co ..—..——. .-._ Sey.  1159  Ritchie Contr.; A Sup.  Co..  Ltd.—; . —Sey.  916!  - •    i       PLASTEB  Balfour,  Guthrie _ Co.    Sey.  9197-6575  Champion   -White.——  Sey.   8571  Evans.  Coleman _ Erans, Ltd   Sey.   2988  Gllley Bros..  Ltd.-  . West.  15-16  T.-G.   McDrlde  -Co....  .  - Sey,  1159  O'Neil,    Wm.   N.    Co..    Ltd  . -Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.   «o., Ltd  Sey.  9162  PLASTEB BOABD  Champion', _   White - — Sey. 9571  Erans,  Coleman Ac Evans, Ltd.- -  oey. :»!*?•  T.   G.   McBride  &  Co.... Sey. 1159  O'Nell,  Wm.  N. Co.,  Ltd   Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr,   A Sup.   Co..  Ltd _ Sey. 9162  PLASTERING  CONTBACTOBS  Bain   Bros.    ._ - — - ——. Sey. 838  Rush   _   Read   — , _- Bay. 3370  PLASTEB  PABTITXO &  BLOCKS  Erans.   Coleman  & Evans.   Ltd Sey.  298S  "'Nell.   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd.- - —Sey. 4795  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Bain .Bros Sey.  838  Champion   &   White ; Sey. 9571  Erans.   Coleman A  Erans, Ltd  .. Sey. 2919  T.   O.   McBride   „■ Co Hey. 1159  O'Noll.  Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd. - Sey. 4795  Ritchie  Contr.  _ Sup.   «—., Ltd '. . Sey. 9193  PLUMBING  Bailey.    K. c-A „ ..Sey.    136  Harr   A   Anderson   .  _ Sey. J8180  Krowii,   W.   A.,   Limited —  ....Hey.    T70  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works —— Sey.    620  Murray   Bros.   Ltd   _ Sey. SOU  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Darling.  Frank  A Co.- Sey.   4100-4101  Tho Holden  Co..   Ltd   _  Sey.   1005  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C.  A.  Dunham  Co..   Ltd — _ Hey. 8057  Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd Sey.  3880  PUMPS  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd Sey. S6S0  ROOFEBS  Wright   Bros _.   Sey. 331J  BOOFING  MATEBXAL  The Barrett  Co..   Limited  —Bay.   81  Campbell  _ Grill-   _ _.._ —; S«y.  298!  Champion   A   White— ..._ Sey,   8571  T.   G.   McBride  A Co — ..Sey. 11S>  O'Nell,   Wm.   N.  Co.,  Ltd —.Sey.   479S  Pacific   Roofing   Co..   Ltd..     Sey. 1188  Ritchie   Contr.   A" Hup,   Co.,  Ltd.— .-...—'..Sey. 8163  Eraiis.  Coleman  A  Erans, Ltd  ——_.8ey,' 2988  Taylor   Engineering  Co..   Ltd...  Hey. 3680  Wood,   Vallance ,_  Leggat. _ ,..S«y.   7200  BOOFING   CONTBACTOBS  H. C.  Ceiling A Hooting Co., Ltd ...Fair. 1267  Campbell  _ Grill— _ _ -  — Sey. 298)  Central   Sheet   Metal  Works .-.._  :Sey. 620  Pacific   Roofing; Co.,   Ltd.—   -Sey. 1188  Pacific   Sheet   Metal   WKs.   Ltd —Sey. 2172  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd.—  Sey. 7347  BOPE—MANILLA  Balfour,  Cuthrle A Co  Sey.  9197-6575  Walsh  A Co.,   T.   A _ .- „8ey. 4738  Wood.   Vallance  _   Leggat     Sej.,7200  SAFES—VAULT   DOOBS .  Goldle   A   McCuiloch,   C.   L.   Ford,   Agt..—.Sey.  S907  O'Nell. tWm.  N. Co., Ltd,  —.Se».( 4'78»'  8AND, GBAVEL AND CBUSKSD BOCK  Champion   A   White - -Hey.   9571  Evaits.   Coleman  „  Erans.  Ltd  _. Sey.. 2888  Fairview  Sand   A Grarel  Co.,  Ltd  —Fair. 552  Gllley Bros;. Ltd -  „... .Weat.  15-16  T. O.   McBride  A  Co..... „..__ .....—.-Sey.  1159  Pt.  Grey .Bulletin:  Supply Co,._ -..; Kburno 6:L-'  Rltchlu  Contr.   A  Sup   Co..   Ltd..—....„.-.—Sey, 9162  SASH  DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  lohn  Arnot  A   Sons.- — _  High.    S74  Grant,   J.   A..—  ..Fair. 3491 L  llelmer.    It.    D... .'.;'.'. — .- ...Hay. 3781  O'Nell.  Wm.  N. Co..  Ltd...: — .. Sey.   4795  SHEET   METAL  B.C.   Celling „ ItoolliiR Co.,  Ltd .—.Fair. 1267  Campbell A Crlli .'....;.._.. _.... Sey.  2»8.  Central   Sheet   Metal    Works....-  —Sey.    620  Pacific' Sheet Metal   Wks.,   Ltd.— —Sey.  2172  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.',   Ltd........-...——Sey. 7347  SHINGLES  „ cGlbbon-Hodgson    Lumber    Co   8TEEL—BEINFOBCING  B»'four,  Guthrla _ Co     Say.  919T-8578  Erana;  Coleman A Evana. Ltu..  — Hay.  —88  O'Nell,   Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd.,— „ Hay   <T88  Taylor   Engineering   Co..   Ltd ;  —Sey. 1690  Wood.   Vallance A  Leggat - _ Say.   7189  STENOOBAPXEBS—PUBLIC  Central    Public    Stenographers.— Say. $078  stobAoe battebies  B. ,C.   Electric   ..,. .:_  —._. —JSer. 5000  The  Jarris. Electric  Co,;- Ltd.....—.  —.'..„t'ey.   I7J  Richardson   Electric   Co.,  _,.........—......—Bey. 8096  8TOBE AND OPPICE PXXTUBES ABD  ., STOBE PBOMT8  Diion  A   Murray—  : Say.   9T83-IT66  Erans.  Coleman A Evana, ■ Ltd.— —.Sey.   2988  O'Nell, \V_. N.'Co.. Ltd.- „..—.„—,„_.S«r.   4788  -   '•■:■ TAB  AND  PITCH:  The  Barrett Co.,  Limited. ^ Bay.   88  Camphell  *_ Grill—— „.; i . Sey. 1981  Erana,  Coleman _  Evana. Ltd. , -..Say.   8899  Pacific   Sheet   Metal 'Wka.   Ltd. '.  Sey. 2172  _    TEMPXBATUBB   BEOULATOBS  C.  A.  Dunham Co..  Ltd.-——. . . Hay. 80J7  TXBB—DBAININO    '  Champion   _  HTilt*.;.—.—,... _   Evans,  Coleman A Evana, L'.d..——...  Olliey  Briis..  Ltd.—, — -'.    Sey.   9J71   Say.   2889  -.Waal.   18-19  , Hay. 1158  —Say. 9191  T.   O.   McHrlda  _  Co.— —  Ritchia Contr. A Sup.  Co., Ltd....  TILE—FLOOB   A_-D   WALL  Evana,  Coleman _ Evana. Ltd.—.'- Hay.  1966  O'.N'eil,  Wm.' N.-f.O-r Ltd..-.;—.____.„-_._-g»jr.  «;||  \,:-.,:,.,''_IH;-'LAT-aV.'   ■';-..  Balfour, Gtithrla A Ca., ,_! -  Eraris,   Coleman   A   Evana.   Ltd.......  Darling,  Frank _ 'Co.—— ; „  -Say. 81»7-6JT«  ..——Sey. 2986  -Sty> 4188-4161  Taylor   Eni:lnaerlog   Co..   I^d. „.„_^ etey. 8699  VACUUM CLEANING SYSTKMS  Barr  _  Atuiaraou.....; ._. u_„ .'..',,    ,. Bay.   91M  .>..,;.;.TAiiraTISai_S  .  llunter-Ucnciefabh  Paint Co';.  Ltd..,- .. 8ay.; 6119  ;t<.,, n J AULT, DOOBS  GoWie  A  McCuiloch.  C.i'-'_" Ford.   Aft .Say. 8867  WALL BOABDS  The  Bar rod Co.,  Llmt(ad„.„-— ^'_. „„_,B«y.  98  Evans, Col.man _  Evana. Ltd. ..—Jlay.  9988  O'Nell.  Wra. N.  Co.. Ltd,—— ;_—Say; 4791  Taylor  Engineering -Co..   Ltd—„,  WATBBPBOOP   COl  The  Barrett Co.,  Li—ltad..„—.—...J.  Erana,  Coleman A ,Evans, Ltd —  .........,.—Hey. 8690  KBVMM ;  —___.„Bay.- 91  — Bay.' 1888   —...Fair. 165  ♦  SHOW  CASES  Dixon  A Murray - „  Sey.   P765-8768  SLATE  Erans.   Coleman  A  Evans. Ltd  _ —Sey. 2981  O'Nell,   Wm.   N.  Co., Ltd    Sey. 4795  Ritchie Contr.   A Sue.   Co..  Ltd —Sey. 9182  SLATE AND TILE  LAYER  Jamlcson.    D.     McG . ! Sey.  4163 R  SPRAYING—LIME  AND  PAINT  Cummliigs.   F.   L. „Sey.   1121    Fraser   217 I.  O'.N'eil.   Wra.   N,;   A Co.,-Ltd - -Sty. 4795  Pacific   Roofing   Co.,   Ltd....— ; ; —Say. 1199  Taylor.. Engineering Co..  Ltd.— . .-'.——Say.8686  ;:~WMDOW SC__bHH«-.'.'.'.:,,,,;;*."  Artistic Wire A Iron Works... _„.__Talr. 9849  8...M. Morria _ Co., Ltd.„,_ ——____-Bay., 1988  O'Neil.   Wra.   N..   A Co..   Ltd _.. ...Bay. 4T9J •  Pearson Wire A Iron Wka _ Talr.  2794  .'    WX»» WOBKBBS  Artistic Wire * Iron Worka_...-.t—.—  Scaraon  Wire A Iron Wka:„... '.,  .    WXBB BOPB  Balfour. Guthrla A Co.— ;_____,  ..-Falrr 1648  —Fair.  2T81  Krans.  Coleman  _  Erana, Ltd.. -  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A ;   -Say. 9197-6579   -Say.' »9»  —___8ay. 4788  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd I Say.  9161  Taylor   Engineering  Co.-,   Ltd  S«y. 3680  Wood.   Vallance   A Leggat  —  H»y,   fjoo  .     WHOLESALE  BOOPXNO  Tha Barrelt Co.,  IJmlt»ot„;: -__ i'^U'y.   91  Pacific   Roofing   Co..   _td,..„ :__._', __Hay. Iiaa  Taylor   Englnearlng   Co.,   Ltd.— :._.. ._t»y",  3««»  Wood.   Vallance  _  leggat    —Hay.   7200  Present  of Building Materials  These quotations are based on reliable information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  Date of Quotations. Saturday June 26,1920  All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Bond—1% amount of contract.  Baava.  Board-  Quantities   up   to  1,000 ft.  Quantities   over   and  $71.00  per   1,000 ft.  Quantities  over  2.500  1,000 feet.  500 ft., $73.00  under 2,500  feet.   $C9.00  per  ft.  per  Brickwork—  Common.   $23.00  per  1.000   (At Warehouse).  Common,  $26.00  per 1,000   (Delivered,  Business  Section).  Pressed.   $80.00   per   1.000   (at   Warehouse).  Fire, $80.00 per 1,000  (At Warehouse)  Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2 In., 15c per stiuare foot.  12x12x3 In.,' 15c per snuare foot.  12x12x4 In., 15c per square foot.  12x12x6 in., 23c per snuare foot.  12x12x8  in..  28c per square  foot.  Dennison Interlocking Ule, 13 _c\ each.  Building   Paper—(Local    Manufacture).  Pure .Sulphite—Plain  $1.35  per 100  ft.  roll.  , Asphalted. .81.50 per 100 ft. roll.  Concrete Work—Material at Warehouse.  Kock,   Course,    $3.00 per yd.  Koek,  Medium    3.00 per yd.  Gravel.   Fine   ...    •   -'i-00 per yd.  Gravel,   Medium      3.00 per yd.  Pea   Sand      2.75 per yd.  Wash   Sand    ,: i-00 per yd.  Cement—(Delivered)  20   Sack   Jots,   per   bbl $3.00  (Sacks  lOxtra)  Over 20 Sack Lots, per bbl   (Sack.* Extra)  "Rebate on   Sacks,  each   Damp proofing-—  Concrete Water Proofing. ISc per  Concrete Dampproollng. $2.25 per  Concrete Oil  Proofing.   3 5c per  lb.  3.05  ..20  lb.  gal  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $15.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each:     .  Store" Buildings—(Conduit) r  Ceiling Outlets, drop $lo.OO to $25.00  each.  Wall  Outlet,  $10.00 each. ,  Windows (On transom bar) $4.00 ea  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  .  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each. ,.   ..  Excavation—  Residence.  $1.25  per yard.  ■  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.75 per y.d.  Team,   $12.00  per day.  Truck. $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an average without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock, will run considerably more.  Glass—  from  from  from  from  from  from  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates  Plates from  Plates fr""i  Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  up to 1   foot,  each...  to  to  to  to  to  ft., each...  ft., each..  ft., each...  rt., each...  ft., each.  to  10  ft,.  to  12 ft.  15  25  50  ft.,  ft.,  ft.,  ft.,  ft  Per Sq. Ft.   $  1.30  1.45  1.75  2.20  2.4 5  2.55  2.85  2.(J0  2.95  3.10  3.20  3.25  3.30  3.70  3.85  4.70  each   each   each   each   each   each   each   Electrical   Wiri-sr—  itesidences—(Knob and Tube)  Celling Outlets with drop $5.00 each.  Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50 each  Wall Switches, Complete, $5.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $10.00 each  Vacuum Cleaner Plugs, $7.i>0 each.  Bell Pushes »nd Annunciator (per  point)   $5.00.  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  (Conduit) „„„   „  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 na.  Wall outlets (no fittings $8.50 each.  Wall  Switches,  $10.00 each.  to  to  to  to 75  75 to !)0  90 to 100 ft.; ea«h...  100 to 120 ft.; each....  Plates from..! 20 to 140 ft., each....  Plates 101 to 110 wide containing  not over 100 feet each ;   Plates,   larger  sizes   will  run  more  Polished  Wired. Cut and up   '.  Cast or nibbed  Wired, Cut.:   Cast or  HIbbed  Wired,  Glazed......  Figured  Itolled.  Cut    Figured   Rolled,   Glazed   Chipped,  21  ounce.   Cut   Chipped, 21 otirice, Glazed   Art, $1.00 and  up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for great  ,  est length  and width.  4.75  :.oo  .50  .55  .10  .45  .35  .4 0  Labor—  Bricklayers,  $8.50 per day.  Carpenters,   $7.00  per day.  Cement Finishers. $8.00 per day.  Electricians,   $8.00  per day.  Electrician  Helpers,  $5.06  per day.  Glaziers,  $5.00  to  $6.00 per day.  Hod Carriers.   $5.00  to $6.00 per day.  Laborers,  $5.00 per day.  Lathers, $9.00 per day.  Painters, $7.00 per day.  Plasterers,  $9.00 per day.  Plumbers. $8.00 per day.  Roofers, $7.20 per day.  Sheet Metal, Workers, $7.20 per day.  NOTE.—The following quotations: are  based on the last local price list issued by the. B. C. Lumber Association. Since.then prices have increased  from 5 to 20 per .cent, on some lines.  Owing to abnormal eastern shipping  demands it is impossible to obtain  > lixed quotations and the following  prices are largely approximate and in  majority of cases are considerably below what local mills are quoting.  Lumber—(All prices at Mill Yard)  Fir Dimension, No. 1 Common, Hough  or SIS and E.—  2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, 16 ft., $31.50.  2x10,  16 ft., $32.00.  2x12, 16 ft., $33.00.  3  and  4x6,  16   ft.,  $33.00.  No.  2  Dimension, $25.50 per M.  Cedar Dimension, same price as  Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Timbers up to SxS, 32 ft., $32.00 per  M.  Shiplap—(8 to 16 ft., Random Lgths.)  Fir  No.   1-—0  in $30.50  Fir No.  1-— 8  in. and 10 In  33.00  Fir  No.  2—C  In   24.50  Fir No..2—S   in.  and  10   In   26.00  Cedar No. 1—Same price as Fir.  Cedar No. 2—$1.00 P';r M. less  than  Fir.  Spruce   Shiplap,   $1.00   per   M.   more  thap Fir.,  Hemlock Shiplap.  $1.00 per M.  more  than Fir.  Common  Boards,  Rough, or SLS—8   to  16  ft.,  Random  Lengths) —  Fir No.  1—3  and 4   in $26.50  Fir  No.  1-C  In   30.50  Fir No.  1—12   in   33.50  Fir No.  2—3 and 4  in   23.50  Fir No.  2—6   In   25.50  Fir No.  2—12  in  27.50  Resawn   Boards—  in 8, 10 and 12 in. widths, about  %  in.   thick.  (Surface  Measure)  Fir  $21.00  Cedar,  $1.00 per M.  more  than  Fir.  Lath—  % in. x 1% in. x 4 ft., bundled In 50's  Fir  $15.00  to $20.00'   per M.  Fir  Stepping—  S4S and Nosed. 0 to 18 ft.    Odd and  even lengths at random.  Nos.   1   and .2—1%    in   and   1. %'    In. |  x 8 to 12 in., E. G $77.00  Nos.   1  and  2—1 VI   in. and  1 '/j.  Specified lengths, $1.00 per M. extra,  .in. x 8 to 12 in..  F. G   62,00'  Fir Finish, S4S—  6 to 18 ft.   Odd and even lengths at  -  random.      •  Nos.   1   and  2—1x4   in $02.00  Nos.  1  and  2—1x6 and   S   in   02.00  Nos. 1 and 2—»1 Vi and l„x4 in.  02.00  Nos. 1   and   2—1%   &   1V&X6-&  8   in.   62.00  Nos.  1 and  2—2x5,  10 &  12  In.  02.00  Fir  Door and  Window  Jamb—  In   7.   10,   14,   15.   16,   17   and   18   ft.  lengths.  Nos. 1 and 2—Rab. Door Jamb..$62.00  Nos.   1   and   2—Rab.   Window  Jamb   02.00  Specified lengths. $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to 18 ft.   Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded to stock pattern.  Nos.  1  and *2—4, 5 or 6  In $07.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir  Base-7--  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded   to   stock   pattern.  Nos.  1 and 2—S,  10 or 12  In $67.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Flooring—  S   to  18  foet.    Odd and  even  lengths  random.  at  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  Nos.  No. 3-  No. 3-  and  and  and  and  and  and  -1x3  lx-t  3—IxC   i  2—1 x3  2—lxl  2—1x6  2—1x3  2—1 x-l  2—1x6  in   in   n   Grain  In.,   F  in.  in.,  in.,  In.,  in.,  10.  G...  O   G   G   G   G   1x3   or  $70.00  70.00  70.00  57.00  60.00  00.00  51.00  57.00  57.00  4 in.,  and  No  No.  3—Edge  $5.00   per  M.   less   than   Nos.   1  2 E. ,G.  No. 3—Edge Grain, 1x6  in., $5.00 per  M. less than Nos.   1  and  2  K. G.  No.  „ V_—1x4   in.,   unbundled $34.00  No.   3Vi—1x6   in.,   unbundled....  38.00  No.   3%—If   bundled,   $3.00   per   M.  extra.  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  It/, in., I_ in., and 2 in. Flooring.  $3.00 tier M. extra, and must include any No. 3 grade accumulated  in  working same ut No.  3 price.  Cull Flooring—1x3, 4 or 6 In $24.00  Fir Ceiling—  8  to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.  1  & 2—%   In. x 3 fc 4  in $4 7.00  Nos.   1  &. 2—1x3  In.,   V-Joint....  57.00  Nos.  1  &  2—1x4   In.,  V-Joint.... 60.00  Nos. 3—1x3 in., V-Joint    3—1x4   in.,   V-Joint   Fir Nos.   1  &   2—1x4   in $60.00  Fir  No.   3—1x4   in   57.00  Fir Nos. 1 & 2—1x6 in   60.00  Fir No. 3!4—1x6 In., unbundled 38.00  Fir   No.   3_—If   bundled.   $3.00   per  M.  extra.  Cedar   Finish,  SIS  to  SIS—  C  to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1x3   in $85.00  Nos.  1  and 2—1x4  In  85.00  Nos.  1   and  2—i.\5,  10 & 12  In.  95.00  Cedar Siding—  3  to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1 & 2—%x4  in. Bev. Sid...$57.00  Nos.  1  & 2— >/'X6 in.,   Bev.  Sid.  57.00  Nos.   1  &  2—-74x4   in.,   Angle  Rustic     75.00  Nos. 1 & 2—1x4 in., T. & G. or  A.   R  85.00  No.   3—_xC    in   47.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Cedar Ceiling—  8 to  18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   I &  2—%x3  In.,  V-Jolnt..$59.00  Nos.   I  & 2—1x3  In.,   V-Joint   80.00  Nos.  I  _ 2—1x4   In., V-JoInt   N5.00  Ceiling   "V"    2   sides,   $3.00   p*-r   M.  extra.     Spncilled  lengths,  $6.00  jut  M. extra.  Cedar  Casing—  S  to  IN ft,    Odd and  even  lengths at  random.  No.   1 — 5   In,   and   fi   In $95.00  Specified lengths, $5,00 per M. extra.  Fir and Cedar Mouldings—  P'.rJ.OO  lin. ft. No  205    $10.00  200       16.00  207      25.00  Three-coat work, 75 to 90c per yd.  Whltewash.lng,..10e p.cr yard.  Plastering;—(Material  Delivered)  Lime; $2.85  per bbl.  Fibre Plaster,  $28.00 per ton.  Plaster Paris, $32.00 per ton.  Reinforcing   Fabric,   Expanded   Metal,  2c to 10c per sq. ft., depending; upon  '   weight.  Plumbing-—  From    $100 . up.    per   fixture—Including roughing in, according  to gruao    quantity and rune. ......  Reinforcing* Steel—  Base price for leas than car lota $6.60  per 100 lbs.   Boofing*—(Asphalted) Local Manufacture  1 ply  $3.50  per  108  ft. roll.  2 ply,  $4.00 per 108 ft.  roll.  3 ply,  $4*50 per  108  ft.  roll.  Ashphalt Saturated  felt.  $3.75  per 432  ft.   roll.  Five ply  tar and  gravel,  $7.50 and  up  per   square.  Asphalt    Pilch,    bbls.   about    600    lbs..  $35.00  per ton.       .  Gutters—No.  Gutters—No.  Gutters���No.  Sli ingles—  NXX 6-2 ....  Royals  Structural Steel—$1.65 per ton.  This quotation is an average for comparatively   small   quiintltioH.  Light truss work higher, plain beam  and column work In large quantities,  less.        . .     ........  Tile—(Material  Delivered)  Drain  Tile,  3-  inch,  6'/6c  per  ft.  Drain  Tile,-  4-  Inch,  6 Vic  per  ft.  Sewer  Pipe.  3  -inch,  20c  Per  ft.  Sewer  Pipe.  4  ■inch,  26c  per  ft.   $6.50 per M.   $16.00 per M.  Machine Sanded  Lumber,  $5.00  per M.  extra.  Nos.  Siding—  64.00  57.00  8  to   18  ft.  Metal Lath—  Key and  Diamond Mesh  Lath:   .  26 ga.,  42c. per sq. yd.  24  ga.  4 9'/£   per «<i.  yd.  Copper Alloy,  Vic per sq. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., 1c per sq. yd.  extra.  Galvanizing,  7c per sq. yd. extra.  For Corrugation oC key lath lengthwise,  lc per sq, yd.  extra.  Corrugated Key Lath sold under  measurement of the sheet before  corrugation.  Paintingr—  Two-coat work,  4 0 to 60c per yd.  TUe—(Not Laid)  White Glazed,  90c per  ft.  Colored Enamels,  96c per ft.  Colored Matt Enamels,  $1.10 per  ft.  Faience, $2.25 and up per ft.  Lusters, $2.50 and up per ft.  Rusts Veterous, $1.50 and up per ft.  White Mosaic  Floor, $1.10. per  ft..  Colored  Mosaic Floor,  $1.30 per ft.  Promenade. Quarry Tile. $1.10 pet ft.  Vaneer Panels—  3 Ply Fir, Vi-inch thick, good one tilde,  15c. per sq. ft.  3 Ply Fir,  %-inch thick, good one sldo,  24c per aq. ft.  3 Plv   Fir.    Vi-inch   thick,   good    two  sides.. 26c, per sq.  ft.  Wall Board—  Empire Plaster board, 60c por sq.' yd.  Ruberoid Wall Board, $50.00 per M. ft.  This well know brand of lime is  again on the market and will be  supplied through all dealers  Be sure and ask for  ROSEBANK LIME  Rosebank Lime Co  414-415   Pemberton   Block,  Victoria, B.C.  •  Vancouver Office  405 - 406 Winch Bldg.  J.T.A. Ritchie  Rep.  Sey. 9167 • If
' *"?
_■ *
325 Howe St ' Sey. 3768--Bay.H28R
Artistic Wire & Ironworks
Ornamental Iron Work and
all. kinds af, Wire Work.
112-16 Dufferin  St. Fair.  264S
lathing and Plasterln. Con'tr'a
SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108'
under Construction^
British Columbia Ceiling
& Roofing Co. Ltd.
.8HBKT     MKXAL     CO>f TltACTOKH     AND     MAWXTyAC-
TUKEKH,     _"*__T    AND   OHAVKL    KOOKKltH.
Tair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West
Baynes & Horie
General    Contractors'
836 Howe St
Seymour 1389
©•nVr_l Contractor
CaWne* atefcln- 'Hxtiirss
1163 Rear 538 Howe St
General    Contractors
Credit-Fonder BWj.   Vancouver, B.C.
General Contractors
509 Richards St.   -   Soy. 8320
__• »rivl__,  Wharves,, Bridges,
,   _ound_Uons, ate.
"407 Cordova St. W.
Seymour 10S3
0FB.C.UMIUO      ^
Standard :BrtHR^£^.l^>^
Industrial Engineers
Stymoor 3535 501 Pacific Bid.
Thrfee-story   Bank  	
School  Bias	
Theatre   ;	
Alterations ....
Alterations     _	
•Addition, to  Plant	
Alters,   to  iiank	
Residence ....
Residence  .........
Alterations  .......":.
Dye   House  	
D well in k   ....;.....	
Residence  _ „.
Tile Barn 	
Addns. <_ Alters 	
Residence   "....
Gas  Tank	
Brick   Works  	
1  Story Brock 	
Restaurant BldKr. ;........
Addns. and Alters	
Rectory    1......X.
Three-Storey   Bids -—
Int.  Alterations   -^	
Residence ".	
Tile .Residence	
Coal Shed & Wharf..	
Residence  ......
j Basement   &   Elevator.......
• Residence	
Machine Shop	
Shint'le Mill	
Residence  :...:.::	
•Residence .'........„.,..
,Gas   Plant	
Bungalow .."......	
Bungalow ..-.,
Jtesidence  . _
Residence  ..........
Addns..   to   Bank
Power   House   ..
Store  Bldtr	
Cattle Barn  	
Residence  -	
Jam  and  Sugar  Rooms.
Kesidence    , .-	
Store   Bldg	
Residence  ;..........	
Residence ....
Theatre   ...: •
...................  Cost
 ;   $'80,000
 ^    $100,000
,    $9,600
,   $S.000
....,  $9,000
 „„- $7.0v)»
„    $20,000
.....:  $8,000
:    $8,000
...;. $8,000
.; .$16,206
•.    $7.50.0
...,. s$00,000
 .... $7,000
 :.  $8,000
     ......;..   $5,000
.'.;.'......"... $11,000
.    $11,000
.    $11,500
....: ....$10,000
.    $5,500
.  ............   $5.0.00
.. :.; $20,000
'"".'"."."...'...'.'. ....$17,son
"  .   $10,000
.....  $7,ooa
......   $15,000
.........  $7,000
.....  $400,000
_ocation  Owner
Seymour _ Hast...Union Bank o£ Canada
Dominion  Bldg _.,....Dom.   Bank
King Edward Ave...Pt...Grey-Sen. Boar
Shaughnessy   Heights...:.......:Johiv  Brown
Sey. & Georgia Sts...Allen theatre. Tor.
Cordova St...:'...:.._......;.David Spencer litd.
ICth Ave. near Pine..._Mrs. .T..H. 'White
57th & Oak St:rPt.-Grey....:.;.G.r.Bi >A8tell
'1505 Powell St.   :..Martin Senour Pnt. Co.
Marpole  The Barrett Co., Ltd.
'Hastings & Ham ii ton-Bank of Hamilton
JlJth & Vine Sts .—A. L. Eaton
Pt. Grey, Whlteh'd Rd...R. A. Woodward
27th and Cartier  ........W. J. .Read
•35th and Granville M.  Sutton
597   Hastings W............. Molsona  Bank
Dufferin St. W Vane. Knitting <Co
4696 3rd Ave. W Mrs. E. Unsworth
966 12th Ave. .W -Taa. Kay
28th & Carter.., Mrs. _. Buckworth
Marine Drive .George -Kidd
Ave. "F" Shaughnessy Chas. Dickson
Pt. Grey  University of B. C.
7th and Granville A.  I.  Stoddart
Ma«ee F.  H   Wrisht
Oak and 14 th Ave.........Captaln McMaster
548 Seymour St.......Clarke. & .Stuart -Ltd.
West   Vancouver ...Mrs.  J.  H.  Grady
5th & Caroline St. Shell Co. of Calif.
Industrial  Island. ..Ceramic Indust.. Ltd.
855—10th   Ave.  W ..Miss  Jukes
8132 Cartier St ...W.  K. Hall
Iffel Granville St J. F. Mahon
825 Howe St London Grill'.'Ltd.'
131r33. Water St Swart/. Bros.
Kerrisdale : St. Mary's Rectory
Gore  and <J>ender....Chinese  Nat.  League
1185 14th. Ave. W ...W. McAllister
1G8 HastinKs -W. Daily-Province.
54th and Hudson   AV.  W. »EUa.
Shaughnessy   Heights J.   Graham
Marine Drive i B. D. Rogers
1025 Main St ................Burns Estate
349 .Railway G.   H.   Cottrell
4615 Avenue F C. J. Phillips
90&. 16th   AveT Dr.   Funk
Laburnum .....'. .'A. - W.-. _tarber.
4 4 7. Keefer-St c Almonds Ltd.
Granville  St. ...» O.   M.   Allen
■10S6 6th -Ave.,.W Vivian Gas.Eng..Co.
Kerr & Fraser River...........;Geo. H.- Steves.
2800-13th Ave. W.< ,..H. D. Patterson
. ti>91 :■ tSth. .Ave..;.;......: Jt -V.   Lightheart
4 850 Connaught Dr.:...:....G, E. Lightheart
False Creek  .......'..Vancouver Gas Co.
4678 3rd Ave., W:..v.;.;........;l.C. H. Hilchey:
Hudson St..-.-Pt. rGrey B. C. E. R.:
224 2 35th Ave. W..,:.........;; D. Frith
Marine Drive :.......; ..Wm. M. McKenzie
Tarlton  Place ......-.—,..—..Dr. M. Sparrow-:
34th  &  Markh'am....;.....Mrs.  C.  McTavish
Angus  Ave. & 27th...... ...W-, B. Farris
Cordova  St. ;E..-.........:.Bank  of  Montreal
Drake St ..Dominion  Canners Ltd.'
1905:-12th vAve.-:W....:.....:.... Alex:. Chalmers
Ft. Woodland Dr... P. Burns _ Co.
126 Hastings St. E Mr. Cameron
Hastings   Park Vane.  Eshib.  Assn.:
4 9th  St.,  Magee   Mrs. J.-W. Allan
27th  &  Selkirk F.  W.  Chapman
Drake St. ........Dom. canners of B.C. Ltd.
29th  &   Margaret  St F.   G.   Evans
31S-20  Pender St.  E „;..H.  F. TJong
Point Grey C. A. Wickens
1538   Marguerite R.  'Mowbray
117!   26th  Ave..... H,  De S. Carey
f.919 Cypress Mrs. M. A. Ross
S00 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.
Alters,   to   Store
""' "■' "";„. .....   $9,000
"""" "  >.....   S7.0'<''0
B^rAAZiZA..;.... u.Jll.000
 ' ......:.$5,500
 """"    $5,000
Warehouse Exten.
Bungalow  ....;.........
Residence :-...
Residence  -- - ""•'icTS'Ann
vation ■■■&■ Fill....:............c---S513,000
■F-cfe'Sjdi; zmzzb„.:.:......:.M<soo
Hebrew  Synagogue- ---^ ■'"?
PftvinK      .:XX-.:::r::.:-v..\;v. v.......— .- $55,000
Completing   Residence    ,-• •*;£-?22:
Owelllnir ^- Garage  - ...........?5.iuo
Bungalow  ..' .-..  IHcvn
r>»-<iU«nK.* ••••■■ -•- -;:: ^;too
27th & Cartier ........W. J. Read
Shaughnessy   Heights ......B.   J.   Jayne
Point Grey ........: ...U.  of  B.   C.
Connaught St J. Y. Griffin
023   Granville  St.. Edwards  Bros.
Magfe Station .....D. Robertson
..lO.OfiO .159 Water St. A. P. Slade Co.
$15,500   Avenue   "D"   Shaughnessy ,..M.   Rector
"'""      SS.0O0 1 2)«t Ave. W.. „ArUstic Bung.--Contr?.
'" "*si6:0'i'»f'   17th Ave........ Dr. C. H. Vrooman"
""  Cartier & Connaught Dr .11. J. Perrin
1135  10th Ave.  W.., :....M.  J. Coulson
3S07  12th  Ave. W..........:........G.  E. Adams
Ballantyne  Pier t........... Dom.  Govmt.
952 Rich. St.:...Pioneer Auto & Car. Wks.
Pender & Heatley	
Citv. Streets  '.:..'. ....Citv of Vancouver
Shaughnessy Heights .:............A. B. Tulk
27th Ave. & Carter St -..C. N. Wood
2011  37th Ave. W J..Hume
1997 35th Ave. W W. H. Collard
^564  3rd Ave. W..........._ ....:.W. Brims
v 10,000'
. $7,000.
Architect       .'. Contractor
Sum'ville & Putman..Hodgson. K. & Mar.
Sharp „ Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.
Twizell & T.wizell....Hodgson, King &'M-
Townley. & Mathesori.........—S. N.;McLeod.
C. jB. .'Crane. .......^..Alexander   McDonald
X:t. A.... Dominion Conatr.  Ca.
Mackenzie & Bow.....,:....'.:.Wise&.Watson
 ...,-.McLeod & McArthur
.;....... , ;H.odgson,. King & Marble
 I .'.Dominion   Constr.   Co.
A. E. Henderson....:......;...;..:...v..J. C- Allen
Townley & Matheson. ,—S. N. McLeod
Townley & Matheson..Purdy '& Lonergan
.Townley & Matheson. W., J. Head
-;..■„.„ '.'. ...'........;................   Owner
Sharp'& Thompson.!....!.-. D. Cook & Co.
: Cownley & Math'n.:..A. D. & A. W. Snider.
 !!,. ......;. Wm.   Lockie
Contractor   ........A.  Greror
  '..........':. ...H.  W.   Morley
„To\vnley & Matheson..E. J: Ryan Con. Co.
Townley & Matheson......DiXon & Murray
Sharp & Thompson '.S. N. McLeod
Contractor     Bedford   Davidspn
•Jos." H.  Bowman......: ...A. L. Ramage
; E. J. Ryan Contr.  Co.
. Dominion  Constr.   Co.
VV.' T.   Whiteway ...A.  G.- Henninp
Mermon   &  Hermon..... Owners
E; Evans A Sons  .......Owners
■Owner .....  A. L. Ramage
, J.-.B.. Mcllmoyl
Eawa'rds-.& Arnes W. J. Northcote
W. M. Dodd & Co C. H. Taylor
Gardiner & Mercer....A. D. _ A. W. Snider
Sharp  & Thompson  .....C. A.'Hilchey
Edwardes  Sproat. J. McGougan
Owner   ....*. ...:........  Owner
Gardner & Mercer.. D. G. McLennan
Gillingham  &  Korner.. S.  J.  Newitt
Gillingham   &  Korner... S.  J. Newitt
Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.
Contractor .......:..M. C.  Griffiths
..;. - Baynes  A  Horie
 ..;.....G.   S.  Bellamy
 Cromie. &' ifroom
Bi  E.   Blackmore... R.^harp
Silllngham  & Korner -Day Labor
Contractor ';.....'.....',.. :....'..'.:.H.  A.  Wiles
..,..;....    Owner
.,...:.... ..........7.....   .Qwner
■■'. bZ.b.. '.„.'.' '.„.•„.'.:'...".'..-:..'.;....'.....'   Owner
 _... l^ Owners
 .-...;!....;...;..-....:.-...•_ T. Lo^ie
 .'.......„..: .*..:...Rogers "Bros. & Sinclair
Townley  &  Mathesn...„..:....Wm... J.   Read
Townley & Matheson„...::..._.Chas. Purdy
.. -. Irvine   &   White
■H.vH. Gillirigharri ...:...:.'..;.„.....S. J. Newitt
Honeyman _ Curtis;.......Bayhes & Horie
J. E. Parr ....Fredk. Sherborne
 Hodgson.   King  & Marble
Contractor   .  Bedford   Davidson
Gardiner & Mercer......„......;.....H. P.   Leek
Honeyman & Curtis*. A.  L. Ramage
 _    Colton
J. E. Parr :.........„..S: J. Newitt
H. H. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt
Contractor W.: H.   Chow
Downing & Kyall  .» ....J. Laing
 :..     Owner
 „-. ..B.  S.  Realty Co.
 Stewart  &  Col tart
Thoa.  Lamb. Toronto....Dom.  Constr.^. Co.
Townlev & Matheson, Supervis'g Archts.
Townley & Matheson.... ....W, J. Read
Townley & Matheson.... J. B. Stirling
Sharp & Thompson ..:.....S. N. McLeod
Mackenzie & Bow C.-F. Robinson
Daltbn.& Eveleigh  Dixon & Murray
Townley & Matheson..........A. L. Ramage
; Dominion  Constr.; Co.
Mackenzie & Bow ..........Blackley & Co.
Owner's ; ~..v ..;^;.:......:;;:.._:S. H:   Shave
James A.,Ben7.ie..Rogerhi Sr-is. & Sinclair
James A. Benzie-Rogers Bros. & Sinclair
.     .::..   Day   Labor
 ...:.!.........:........!„. ..„.._.....S.   A.   Pellar
.......;. ...;..iGrant   &   McDonald
Contractor    .'.........Bedford   Davidson
Gardiner & Mercer...;..Snider Bros. _ Son
 ..:.:.....Columbia   Bithulithic  Co.. r.L.td.
Bernard C. Palmer..........i;-....:i.;J. Sinclair
.    ^:.:.;..::-.:....:;-..^.v....:..v,i.H;.S.  Griffiths
;;■;.;..; :...... ., ; ...c j. phuups
McLeod Sheet Metal Works
Furnaces,    Booflng-,    Cornices,    Skylights   and  General   Sheet  Motal
Seymour  7177
1042  Richards  St.
Phone Sey. 824 (Day an_ Nig-t)
1256 Pender St. W. ....   ..:Sey. 93HJ-K;
1160.Seymour St.
Phone Praaer 178 2C   446 45th Ave, S.
Specialist   in   Cement   Work
Bay. 3535-
3538  Third  Ave.  W.
XA_soa_tnnro ajtd Tzmr_nro .
Phone' Fairmont' 484 B,
314 7th Ave. E.       - Vancouver, B. C.
Bi_h-ad 2013
-1510 Charles St.
Ft.   Victoria  Drive  .      Highland   701
Fair 4178
REPAIRS 7 :     .
M. W. BOBICH-LTJD Bes. Fair. 2388B
Res. Phone:, Fair. 1428 R
Office Phone: Sey. 7955
Electric Contracting &,
Repairing Co.
Electric Wiring-. Fixtures, {and Bepalrs
of All Kinds
525 Bnrrard Bt.    -- Vancouver. B. C.
Sey. 7965     . "    Night Phone Sey. 637
EUctrloar Engineer And
602 Hast. St. W..- ■ , Vancouver, B.,0.
Company, Limited
: DEScnipTiojr.      _c_eT»ijcAt,   »iji*pi.i—»>
Bey. 9512 539 Main Street
Percy F-Letts
Electrical Enjincer aid Contractor
High-Class'"Elactrlcal   Work
and   Fi-turas
Bay.  441 3«44  Granville'St.
247 Hastings St., L Sey. 3856
328 Blrk'S Bldg*.
Seymour' 4606
Palmer Bros.
General   Contractor-
929 Main St Sey. 4878
Robertson & Partners Ltd.
Public Work* Contractors
and Engineers
Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan
Bay. 3370
230G Stephens  St
Bay.   1602 B.
 ..;       .....F. W.  Farley
riwcmr-cr "- ""iSn'non i Cordova  &  Colurobia -T.   Mernstien ' H.  H-Simmonds. .^...Snider Bros.   & Son
Store.  Buildins   ;";-;;v;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;" JgioOO.   17S0   ISthT^e.   W.....Mrs.  E.   _.   Murray Owner....... -F.   AV.   MelUsh
3533 ELEWING ST- - ' '••■■' FAIR. 3313 Y.
All Stock Sizes Carried
Glass and Glazing
1938 afanitoba Bt. .Fair 3491 Xi
>  ^ "
Electrical Engineer
Armature Winding: and Motor Bepairs
Fairmont 3623 1573 Main St.
■   iSTACBS.     AWTO  WOBK.
Anvthing in Sheet Mctal-and Roofing.-
S. T. Boarlett, amffr.
757  Beatty  St.   ,        ' Sey.  7645
•  SASH  aad :BOO__—OFFXO_
",-;   FIX-VB-IS   ' .    . ,    :
Bandsawing and T-r-lng, ate.
1730  Semlln   Drive Highland   S74t
FOaUrACl'IS,   OOmB-OBB,   g_T.
-HUta and OBBXBAX.
leaf yeeealM Bt
HttftUe* •_
Sey. 9478
735 Kelmcaen St.
335 Bast. St. W.  (Bear)   . Say. 9313
314 Bank of Hots-Scotia Bldjr.
602 IlastirigT'. West
Sey.  2889-7579    '
Cororatrcial Photographers
 bAAbAbbbbZb. ?i-12,500
Railroad .
Iviiilroud     —	
tutbher Factory   	
Cordage  Plant 	
Plant  Extensions 	
Banlc    •	
•.!   Storey   Allan. -
Hoys  Trainint;   school
I ©n* Warehouse  	
Oil riant  ■ •	
VI   l'looin   School $Tri.'2U.
MiniU-tpul  Hall  *
. ?3SO,000
"  *75,000
... $76,000
. $20,000
' ...$10,000
'". $22,000
Fair. 892 Y
Soyniout* CG89
2G 14th Ave E.
21   CoUuKi-s
Uochmmtion   Work	
Hoys'   Tratnln*;   School	
Milk  CoiuU'iisory  	
KumortelltnK   School   	
PavlnK 'Pacitio'"'.!ilKliway...
Dairy   Uarna   ....'	
PavinK  ■••••	
l-'rult  StoraB''   W hsc	
Memorial   Hall   	
Factory *	
Bank _ APl8 ::::$5o,'ooo
Church      $100,000
Hchpol        $50,0u0
Residence    ._   $Si000
1*° stx_r        ■.••;:::".::::iro:So'
Store   HUlK	
Power Plant  	
S\ arehouse  	
-ocaUon  Owner
Princeton to Copper tot.. .."_. C.  Copper Co.
Ukanagan   Valley- Prov.  Government
Fraser  Klver   Dom.  Governmant
Alberni to Great Central Lake e.F.K,
l^eep Creek, P.G.E .Prov.  Govmt.
Port Coquitlam....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co
Sanperton  ........Can.   Wost'n  Cordage  Co.
Mill Creek ....Vvhalcn Pulp'& Paper Mills
Courtenay,  B.  C Can- Bank  ot Com.
Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.
Coquitlam  Prov. Govmt.
New   Westminster Imperial  Oil  Co.
Nanaimo  Imperial Oil Co.
Armstrong Prov.   Govmt.
C'o(iuitlam        Municipality
Powell Ulvcr Powell Klver Co.
Sumaa  Lake   .-. Prov.  Govmt.
Cociuitlam   < Prov.  Govt.
Abbotsford Fraser Valley  Milk Procl'.s
Chilliwack  ......City  of  Chilliwack
Petersons to Johnson ltd., 2 l-:i miles....
Courtenay,   B.   C F.   C.   Brock
Lulu   Island    ...N.   ^elson
CUwcrdale    Koyal  Bank
Woodwards Landing ...* Prov. Govmt.
Kelowna   Kelowna  Sto.raso   Ltd,
Courtenay   G»   W.  V.  A.
Victoria....Sydney Paper Mills & Bfsi Co.;
Victoria.  B. C Ll"''  Gins: &  Co.
Victoria   -. Can.  Nat'l-Uiwifli.-
Victoria, B. C... -. Royal .Bam
Victoria....1st Church of Christ. Scientist
Victoria  The Willows School
Oak Bay, Victoria  R. W. Gibson
835  View  St., Victoria ,.Shell Garage
DoueinB St., Vic Mra.  W.  H. DouBan
OoviKlas & BrouRhton Otto Weiler
' IG5000 ' Alice  Arm Taylor  KnKlneeriiitf Co.
"$^5 000   industrial   Island Gibsons,   Ltd.
. .$150,000
.   $«5.000
" ..    $5,500
$E00 00*
Architeot    Contractor
 W.   P.   Tierney
 A, B.. Grlffln & Co.
 '. Pacific  Dredging  Co.
 'Foundation   Co.
Prov.   Govmt Canadian  Bridge  Co.
Gardiner   &   .Mercer..,, Owners
Sharp &. Thompson..IS. J. Ryan Contr. Co.
Owners    podgson. King  &   Marble
Wm.   Fredk.   Gardiner Foundation   Co.
Gardiner  _  Mercer J.   Hyslop
Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
Owmsrn    Dominion  Constr.   Co.
Owners  Mescher Bros
Prov. Govmt H. J. Ditvles. Kamloops,
Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison
Owners  Leonard C.  Stevens
Prov.  Govmt Marsh,  Bourne Co.
Pub. WJ<s. Dept Robertson _ Partners
 Sloan &  Harrison
Joseph  H. Bowman Henry J. Kmery
 Columbia  Bltultthic  Co.
Public Wks Dept Cotton  Co..  Ltd.
Wm.   Fred'k  Gardner.......Foundation Co.
Gardner & Mcrccir Jas.   Hyslop
Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison & Lamond
Public Wks.  Dept Harrison  &  Lamond
Twizell.   Birds  &  Twizell _ Soon
W. A. Owen.. Cumberl'd H. Trehearne
 :..Co-operatlvo Con tract Co.
.■ „ ....Luney    Bros.
.Owners  Robertson A Partners
 .:......  D. Burnett
;r)unharn ....Peter McKechnie
C. E. Watklns ..Luney Bros.
Maclure   &   Lort ; ...Robt.   MoncrieiT
 W.  F.   Drysdale
Percyf   Fox A.   Lockley.   Kstjuimalt
Percy   Fox    l.uncv   Bros
 W.   V.   Hunt
 T.   McClay
' Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586
Snite 5, Fairfield Bld„.. 445 Oran. St.
Engineers & Contractors
923 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8698
Telephones Sey. 6191-6192
- We carry a large stock of
.'(NORTH WEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which;we are
prepared to furnish Building Contractors rind Plasterers at lowest
prevailing prices.
1683   Georgia  Street West
HJMtees-                 ,W.yrase
The Electric Shop
12 Hastings St. E.
Sey. 1224
Phcae Beyinonr 1878.
Makers of
Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel
.   Cabinets, .etc.
Switches designed ,and,-built for any
special work.
Industrial Island   •, Vancouver, B. O.
Alterations,   etc.
135d-8thAv8.W.       Bayview 2278
rks Contractors
Office 813-81S Bower Bldg.
Vancouver, B. C.
& Company Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Office and Factory
108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551
Aire -ewqth -xrasrxsHB—>
We operate our own
. lagging camp
B79   HflBtlnfiTB   St.   E.
•High.   148 M«Bli  ,—-•f  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  FRASER RIVER  PILE  DRIVING  Co., Limited  F. A. Jones, _CgT.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of  Tag-   "Cllvs"  fl-eneral Towing1  324   FRONT  ST.. NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Farr, Robinson & Bird Limited  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey.  331  ■" RADIANT LIGHTS "  For Commercial Lighting  Location .......; ....Owner  Vancouver C.  P.  K.  Bute and  Barclay.....:.... Stock  Co.  Main and Georgia..'....Avenue Theatre Co.  Architect ...;..... Plans Beady  Owners  .Soon  Twizell,  Birds & Twizell............   Franklin Cross .June  i  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  Character .Estimated Cost  Drvdock   Municipal   Hall - ?25,000  Depot'     $150,000  Alterations  .- .'. $12,000  Memorial   Hall $35,00.1  Addns.   to   Residence..:....; $15,000   Dom.  VICTORIA  —ocation ,  Esquimalt   Esquimalt   Bellville  Street   Docks....  ; David  Ladysmith   Craig-darroch _: ....J  ...Owner  Gc/vm t   C.  Spencer,  P.   II.  Ltd.  W.  ipencer  Architect  _ .'.......Plans Beady  Dom. Govmt   Soon   • •-.., • To   Submit  By-Law  Owners    Soon  Percy  l<ox   : ..c.Soon  Percy Fox,   Victoria  ." , Soon  Percy  .Fox ;....., :....Now  SE7KOVB 8644  Character  ;...  School   ....;.   University   Bldgs.   .  Refrigerator    ;.....  Bank     Municipal   Building  Consolidated  School  School   Court  House   Storage   Plant    ....  Bank    Estimated Cost     $135,000  Z.ZZ.ZZ.'.Z.'iW.ooo  ZbbZbZlbZsssjioo      $35,000  ZbZZb'Zbsio&ooo  bbbbbbA.Zbb'tnjm  BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  —ocation    Penticton  ,   Point Grey   Kelowna     Penticton   Trail   ;.   Maple   Ridge   .  Marpole   Prince  Rupert  Summeiiand   ...  Pentpcton'    .Owner   J.School   Board  ....University of B. C;   :.c.p.r.   Bank of Hamilton   City of  Trail   : Prov.   Govt.  X......   Municipality   Bank of Montreal  137 Powell St.  Vancouver. B. C.  ::;;;]::::::::  Architect ..Plans Beady  Bell & Curtis-Swan & Augustine  -Soon  Sharp  _  Thompson   Owners  •..—•--  Gillarn   &  Mountain   ..-. '"'"'soon  Twizell, Birds & Twizell  ' "soon:  Jrov.   Govt.   Twizell, Birds & Twizell..Prepar'g"pVans  Bell & Curtis & Swan & Augustine..Soon  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Seyi 136  Rss. Bay. 77  V-  r~  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie. St.,       Sey. 620 .  (Continued from pags 1)  It will be a thoroughly fireproof structure 66 by 100 feet in size, one story,  with  full .basement.    The   walls   are  being- designed  sufficiently strong to  carry an additional story if if is required later for additional school accommodation.   Construction will be of  reinforced concrete, brick and tile with  a slate roof.    If will have only four  class roms, with principal's office and  room    in the    basement for    manual  training   on   a  small   scale.     Messrs.  Baynes   <_  Horie Untend  to  start   assembling material at once for an early  start on the construction.  WRIGHT BROS.  -- BUILDERS --  SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.  D/XON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FIRINGS  I  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  ROADS  BEING  GRADED V  ALONG  CRESCENT   BEACH  CRESCENT— Municipal    Engineer  Pratt of Surrey has four teams and a  crew of men working on the opening  and  grading of Sullivan  avenue  and  Beecher ayeiiue.    The  new  roadway  along Sullivan avenue will'give access  to the beach from a point on the Crescent,   road  just   south   of   the   G.   X.  tracks. '."-'-  The Ocean Park road from, the Crescent road to the North Bluff road is  being gra'ded. . <■"  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  J.    DIGRSSON.    MANAGER  FLOORS  LAID AND  OLD   FLOORS  REFINISHED  929 Pender St. W. Sey. 9201  -   Bee. Phone: North Van. 848  Sand  & Gravel Co..  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  PMNTIKG. PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  J  FLOOR  LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  r~  LEEK & Co, LIP  SEYMOUR 661  STEAM & HOT WATER 1HEATING  PIPE BENDING  1090 HOMER STREET  NOTICE  TO  CONTBACTOBS  !• Mara—Sicamong Boad.  Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tender fov  construction Mara-Sicamous ftoad." will  dc. received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works.-up-'to Noon of the  ilst June, 1020, for the construction of  ^np'-oximately 3.22 miles of the above  read.  ' Plans, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender can be seen at the District Engineer's Offlce. Court House,  Vancouver, at tho. Assistant District Engineer's Office, Court House, Vernon, the  District Engineer's Office, Penticton and  at the office of the undersigned. Copies  of plans, etc., may be had on pavment  of $10.00 deposit which will be refunded  on return of plans, etc., in good condi- I  tion.  Each tender must be accompanied bv !  .m accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (10%) of the tender. The  cheque of the successful tenderer will  he retained .-is securitv for the due and  faithful performance of ' the work till  tlie satisfactory completion of the work.  A bond in an acceptable Surety Company for an amount equivalent to twenty (209'-) of the amount may be accepted as securitv in lieu of the successful  tenderer's deposit  cheque.  All cheques to be on chartered banks  of Canada and made payable to the .Minister   of   Public   "Works.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A.   R.   FOREMAN,  Public  Works  Engineer.  Public "Works Department.  Victoria,  June  2nd,   1920.  Tlio time for receiving- tenders on the  above has been extended to noon of Juno  28, 1920.  A. E. FOBEMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  NOTICE  TO  CONTBACTOBS  Trans Provincial—kaskanook-Sirdar  Soa— .  .Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tender for  Construction Kuckanook-Sirdar Road'"1'  will be received by the Honourable the  Minister of Public Works up to Noon.  2$th June: 1920. for. the construction of  ibove road.  Plans, specifications, v contract, and  forms of tender can be seen at the District Engineer's Office. Court House, Vancouver, at the Court House. Nelson and  at the office of the undersigned- Copies  of plans etc., may be had on payment of  ?10 deposit which will be refunded on  return of plans, etc., in good condition .  'Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (107c) Pur cent, of the tender. The cheaue of the successful tenderer will be retained as securitv for the  due' and faithful performance of the  work till the satisfactory completion of  the Contract. A bond in an acceptable  Surety Company for an amount equivalent to twenty (209c) per cent of the amount may be accepted as security in  lieu of-the successful tenderer's deposit  cheque. ' •  All chc.ques to be on chartered banks  of Canada, and made payable to the Minister of Public Works. '  The lowest or any tender, not necessarily accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN,  ■ Public Works Engineer.  Public Works Department,  .   .   :   '  • Parliament Buildings,  " Victoria,--!* C. June 9th, 1920.     .  and Paper Company  Limited.  OFFICE :   VICTORIA, B.C.  We have about completed our  plant for the manufacture of felt and  building paper. For eight years we  have been bringing this raw material  from Eastern Canada, with our new  plant we will manufacture it at Victoria'.  Our plant is located on two lines  of railroad and has boat connections.  We can assure our many customers of  quicker delivery and the same  high  quality of building material, all home  made. Let us figure on your requirements for fall delivery.  ROOFING PLANT NOW TURNING  OUT LARGE QUANTITIES OF  ROOFING °  Sold to the Wholesale Trade Only  J-  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  BUSINESS MEN  will find  the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting p-lace for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of'Everythlng,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer,  Proprietor and  Chef  NICK  COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.    LAND    CLEARING    AND  GRADING   ROADS.  CONCRETE WORK AND SEWERS  1367 Seymour St. Sey. 7325-_  ./  r,  a  SPRAYWHITE  yj.  Painting-   and   lime   Spraying1  Machines for Interior & Exterior Work  F. L. Cum mi tigs  Seymour 1424 _ raser 217 I. 1  353   PENDEB  ST.  W.  V— — —J  PANTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled ^Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  vVe will get out plans and build  nouses for you anywhere in  Greater Vancouver and give  /ou figures on all kinds of construction  work.  Sey. 165  '5v  626 Hastings St. W.  A NEW GAS SERVICE  -- HEATING --  YES, you can hent your home, oflice build-  in;,', store or factory with CAS economically, conveniently anil satisfactorily—-without the ilirt and rlust or a furnace—'without  the   work of carrying- ashes or shoveling fuel.  There are Kas-heatinij- systems that .fit  any type of house or building from the hot  air system that uses your present registers  anrl pipes to the automatic unit radiator  system that controls your heat to a nicety.  Think of the convenience of a gas-heat-  ing system—think of the clean basement  and the freedom from work that gas means  —and then call up our New iiusiiicss Department.    Seymour  5000.  WE  SHALL  BE  GLAD *0 '  ADVISE YOU ON YOUR  HEATING PROBLEMS  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Carrall and  Haatl-ga  Phone Sey.  5000  NEW PIER  WORKS AT BUBBABS  INLET.  '■   CONTRACT NO.  2.  Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders for  the" Construction of Reinforced Concrete Pier and. Transit Sheds" will be'  received af "this office until 12 o'clock  noon, August 7th, .1920.. for the construction of Reinforced Concrete Pier  and Transit Sheds for the Harbor Commissioners, to be known *as "Ballantyne  Pier," at Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, B. C.  Plans and specifications can be seen  and forms of tenders obtained at the  office of the Harbor Commissioners, 712  Pender St. WZS Vancouver. B. C, or at  the ofBce of A. D. Swan, M. Inst. C.B.,  Consulting — njrineer to the Commissioners,   10  Phillips Placff, Montreal, P. Q.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on the forms suppjied by the Commissioners 'and ■ In accordance with the  conditions set forth  therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Harbor  Commissioners, for the sum of One Hundred Thousand  Dollars   ($100,000.00). *  Copies of plans can be obtained on  application to the Harbor Commissioners or the Consulting EiiKineer on payment of the sum of $50.00, which will  be returned when the plans are returned. Or. if contractors desire further  copies, thev can have same on payment  to the Engineer of .*r>0.00 per folio which  will  not be returned.  The Harbor Oornmissloners do not  bind themselves to accept the lowest or  any   tender.  Bv   order,  •   '    \V. I). MAIiVIR,  Secretary.  Dated at Vancouver,  P..  C.  l'Jth .June.  1920.  PACIFIC  LIME  )©ld By  ALL DEALERS  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905  Roof ins Contractors  META-   WINDOWS—-riBE   DOOBS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AXB  PUBNACE—VENTT-ATINO    PANS—BLOW    PIPING—  SBT__IOHT8—OENEBAI.  JOBBINO  |    1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 3981  f  MALTHOID ROOTING  The Best that's made  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancquvcr, B.C.  r  .j .  K-MBER-EY   SCKOOI.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Kimberley School" will be received  by the Honourable the Minister of Pub-  He Works up to H o'clock p.m. of Monday,  /j-.luly nth. 1920. for the erection and'com-  'Ppletlon of ii. two-room School and outbuildings at Kimberley, in the Crurt-  brook Electoral   District,   X',.  C.  Plans and, ''^educations can now he  seen  at  the offices of:—  N. A. Wallintfer, Esq., Government  Aprent, Court House, Cranbrook; N. VV.  P.urdett, FiM\.. Secretary to School Hoard,  Kimberley, I!. C, or the Department of  Public   Works,  Victoria,   H.   C.  "     A.   K.   EOIIEMAN.  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  Victoria, P.. C.  June 16th, 1920.  " NEVER LEAK " Roof  Now is the season to recoat your Ready Roofing or Metal Roof.  Barrels or 4 gal. tins,  "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine."  PACIFIC   ROOFING   CO.. Limited  Seymour   US-  MANUFACTURERS  Industrial Island  Vancouver, B.C.  I  r  GURNEY  HEATING  E<  DUIFMENT  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  -(specially so When Installed  by  Competent  Engineers.  56S Beatty St  THE  : GURNEY FOUNDRY  CO., Limited  Seyoisur 7596  PILING and POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any Sengrth — any diameter  FEDERAL L5JMBER CO., LTD.  102---024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REPAIRS        STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  070 Blc-*r«a »«.  -_omo  8*7—isor   175


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