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 :~Ab  .Ui-'"  .  / <y~  '.j"i-e  iiif-i '.*  '•- ur.  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL'NEWS PAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  - aad   v  A PUBLICATION DEVOTED TO GENEBA1 NEWS. BUILDING.  CONTRACTING,  ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL,  CITY A N~D HARBOR IMPROVEMENTS.  VOL. XIX, No. 6  Published  Monday  "Wednesday  and  Priday  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 1920.  Offlce and Plant  629 Pender Street "We3t  PRICE—Per _rear in Advance  Per Month.    -    -    -    -  $10.00  l.OO  S0L8GNUM  Wood Preservative aeid Stain :-  Recorarnended for. all  woodwork,  inside and  outside.    It  does not  evaporate, like ordinary'stains, and as a result goes I'urther.  Covering:-  ,     Dressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed .lumber,- 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles   dipped S to 0 inches, iy2 gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  PurNew Meress; 530 HOWE ST. Sey. 4795 - 4796  IT PAYS TO SPECIFY  Delaval Steam Turbines and Centrifugal  Pumps  Canadian Sirocco Fans and  Blowers  C.   H.  WHEELER   CONDENSERS  — VULCAN  SOOT CLEANERS.  COXE   MECHANICAL   STOKER EQUIPMENT  /TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Lirliited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building .._ *»■ Telephone Seymour 3680  BUILDING   PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  S600  OK  OVEB ISSUED  AT   THE VANCOUVEB CPTT HALL TESTEBDAT  Number  Degcription  Coat  USTii—rnt. Alterations   $2,500  11S76—Dwelling  .■  $3,000  11S7S—Dwelling ' --'• -$1,500  1.1SS0—Dwelling •  *55,O.O0  11SS1--Alterations  ?000  Street Address  IiOt and Block  .  SubOi vision  Architect   Contractor  6.12 Pender St. W   1323 12th Ave.  E.....   2G2S 22nd Ave. B.   1780   13th   Ave.   VV   2Cf>2.Pt. Grey Rd   ..4—160C   ., 40  ....2—428  Owner ..  H. T. S.  52G   ..F. W. .Mellish  Addreaa  Owner    264A   Owner   Owner   A. E. Campbell.  Owner   4120 Eaton St.  Owner  Address  "Wm. Holden ...:. .....  W.J.  Prout... .,..1317 ,24th Ave. -E.  G. S. Perry ...  "Mrs. E. E. Murray   J.  W. Taylor  ".   Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  Ft.ofColumbiaav  Clayburn Firebrick,  Specialj  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, H yd rated  . Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  e General  Electrical   Construction  'PHONE  SEYMOUR 154  Standard Bank Building  VANCOUVER - WINNIPEG  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc-  Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  DO YOU  NEED ANY FIR PANELS  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded One Side ,.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICH4RDS ST. . SEY. 1196 VtNCOUVER, B.C.  HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT  Company, Limited  .   .... * 'r   ' .  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST.      v SEYMOUR 6110  r-  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On  BUILDING  MATERIALS  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  Sevmoiir """STO  10S3 "Main St.  -J  % BUILDING   PERMITS    %  11877—J. W| McCallum, alterations/  1410  lst Ave. E., $400.  11S79—T. R. Radcliffe, garage, 1218  llth E., $100. . ': '      ;'■'.'■  V '  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd,  ,   "'..-.       ;.   ",      ;  v$i.b  Machinery  and  Supplies  —   B.C. Distributors l"or  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  858 - 60 Cambie St.  Sey: 4738 - 4739  CLOSING   TIME   FOR   ROAD  ,      TENDERS   IS   EXTENDED  Announcement is made by the Ero-  vincial public works department that  the time for receiving- tenders for  the paving of the Mara-Sicamous  Road, which were to have originally  closed last Monday, June 21, has been  extended for another, week, or to noon  *of" 'M'ciiday,;" June 28. The contract'  calls for the construction and surfacing of approximately 3.22 miles ; of  highway between Mara and Sicamous.  of the district engineer, Court House,  Victoria. The usual ten per cent, de-  posit must accompany all tenders and  the successful bidder will be asked  to put up the usual 20 per cent. bond.  DECORATING CONTRACT  AWARDED   C.J.   RADWELL  Messrs. Maclure & Lort, Credit Foh-  cier building, have awarded a contract  for the re-decoration of a considerable  portion,.of Mr.•: C. J. Peter's home on  Vancouver Heights, to Mr. C. J. Rad-  ■well. The contract involves an outlay of $1042 and will make,a very  handsome interior for that residence.  The building was originally assigned  by-.Maclure-:&''Lort.v , c>,; :. c,:. „>,:r.-.;. ..  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 4100  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  ESTABLISHED   1898  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  SAND, GRAVEL. BRICK.,LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Main St.  Telephone Seymour 1159  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,  ■*■ INSPECTING and T£ST»NG EMGSNEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspector* at all Large Manufacturing Cantre*  f  J.A.  FLETT Limited  Corbin  Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS  DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOlJR 2327  GILLEY BROS., Limited  DEALERS IN >-■-» **./■= ■  ■rRUSHED   ROCK    -   SAND   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   Or   BUILDING   MATERIAL  302   Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16 «ew Westminster, B.C.  IMPERIAL   OIL  CO.  WILL  REMODEL  ITS  GARAGE  At  a  cost  of approximately  ?5,000,  (the Imperial'Oil Company is to have  its garage  building, at  the corner of  Smythe   and   Cambie   streets,   extensively  remodelled.    The  contract   for  tlie  work   has  been  awarded   to . the  Dominion  Construction  Company,  i"09  Richards street.   Work is to be started  on the undertaking at once.    The remodelling is designed to provide room  for a  number of additional cars and  motor    trucks which- the    company's  growing delivery business requires.  ^_  ROOFING  and  PAVING  MATERIALS  Cor. lOth  Ave.  The  Company  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Send   for   color    card    of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  & Arbutu. St. Telephones Bay.G3 and G4  r-  Estlmatas Given  Seymour 7200  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE  CABBY A COMPLETE LINE- OF  FINISHING HARaWARE - CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES  WovaSoid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  ■Wholesale Heavy and Shelf Hardware"  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  INVITES   TENDERS   ON  CHURCH ALTERATIONS  The congregation of the Robertson  Presbyterian church at the corner of  Napier street and Salsbury Drive, recently commissioned Architect II. S.  Griffith. Dominion building, to prepare plans for alterations and an addition to that edifice to give additional  space for a school room and vestry.  The plans are now ready and Architect Griffith is calling for tenders for  the work. The bids will close about  July 3. The alterations and additions  are expected to cost between ?">,000  and $0,000.  SUB-CONTRACTS. LET', ...  ON QUEEN MARY SCHOOL  -The various sub-contracts jn connection with the completion of the Queen  Mar'y-'Sch'ooI at North "Vancouver have  been let by Secretary George Campbell as follows:  t ■  Ventilating—G. J.   Johanson,  North  Vancouver, $193.  Painting—Sedgwick & Harding,  5245.95  Electrical Work—Universal Electric  Co.. Vancouver, *?302.20.  Flooring—B. C. Hardwood Flooring,  Vancouver,. $981.96.  Plumbing    &      Heating—John      P.  Young,   $1,2S2.06.'  Raecolith   Work—Robert   Williams,  $1,395.31.   .  ,  Carpenter Work—John McEwan,  52,S04. :     '  Plaster Work—Bain Bros., $3,464.18  Total amount of sub-contracts, $10,-  66S.G6."  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS. CHANNELS. ANGLES, PLATES, TEES, COLtTMHS  COMPLETELY EQUIPPED FABRICATING SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ui  "Fairmont 2396 and 3397  Vancouver,  •. *• O. J  DOMINION  BRICK  'For Sale by  Champion & White;  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;  Thos. G. McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand, & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head   Office  102   Moody  Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  J  /-■  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MAMTJrACTUREBS OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and TrtE BEST SERVICE  ASK   BIDS  ON  KINGSWAY  r PAVING  TO   CLOSE  JULY  5  Elsewhere in this issue will be found  a notice from the provincial public  works department calling for tenders  for the paving of approximately l.-'i  miles of Kingsway from Earle to  Park street in tlie South Vancouver  district. Bids are being invited for  both the sub-grading and paving, and  lenders will close at 5 p.m. on Monday, July ,r>. Plans and specifications,  together with forms of contract and  tender can be obtained at the office  or  at   the   public  works  department.  CONTRACT IS AWARDED  FOR WIRE  ROPE  FACTORY  The contract, has been awarded  by  Gibson's.   Limited,   to  Mr.   Thos.» Mc-  Clay, 3036 Seventh Avenue: west,  for  the  erection of the  first  unit of the  wire  rope  plant  on   Industrial  Island  for   the    Britannia   Wire   Rope   Company.    A  permit  has  been  issued  by  the city building inspector and work  is   already   under   way ,on   the   main  building which is to comprise a structure nr> by 300 feet of mill frame con-  j struction covered with galvanized iron  : for both walls and roof.    It is. to cost  , approximately $25,000 and will have a  transformer  room  at  one  end  which  will    be    made    absolutely    fireproof.  This   transformer   room,  which  is   to  house the electrical power equipment  for the plant is to have solid concrete  walls and ceiling and fireproof doors  to   meet   underwriters'   requirements  and  the   provisions   of  the  electrical  bylaw.    Even the frames for the roof  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  y.  Cold Twist and Bend  BEHSTPOBCIBTG STEEI:—  Larse stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  We cut to length.  Bars to details. . ., '  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  to furnish larjre orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT —  IBIE  —  SCOTCH   PIKE  BRICK —  PIRE   CLAY  GRAPHITE  FOUNDRY PACINGS — COKE  — SEA  COAL  PIG IRON — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA ROPE  103 WINCH BLDG.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  (Continued  to  pagr©  4)  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and. >eo as, or phono.  South End of Conuaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 91^919  Vancouver, B. C,  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J\ SMITH, Manager  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  ^TwratsriTMit' Sxp«rlttDo*. in all BvonoliM  of Electrical Work. Xnapoctlon—Export  Advl&e — Tro»bI* Woi*—XnrteUUnjr — Ko-  Wlnftlajr—AU Work aaonurt««d.  ^v  WE   CAN  MAKE   IMMEDIATE  DELIVERY  OP  BRICK  Just Received 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phono Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westmimster, B. 0. Phono 63 BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  "Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday'by the  Record Publishing Company  PlaterrSheet, Figured,  Wired, Art, Prism,  Colored, etc.  426-  Wholesale  and   Retail  W. HOLT & SON  -436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering,.  A newspaper or general circulation,  ftHiturlng- Building-, Contracting:. Bngrin-  •ering, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, City and Harbor  Improvemen ts.  X. H. NELSON....MANAGINa EDITOR  Office and Plant  629 Pender St. W., Vancouver. B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 780S  Subscription Bate*  Per Tear in Advance ........_ .flO.OO  "Per Month ..._     1.00  All   subscriptions   are   paykble   strictly  in   advance. I  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the business men and women ot  the citv are certain of tht:  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  giaeer, Courtenay, or at 'the.public  works department, Victoria. Bids  may be submitted separately for the  construction, re-construction and the  bridges, of which, there are several  necessary on the section to be covered. The usual ten per cent, deposit is  required-and a twenty per cent, bond  will also be asked of the successful  bidders.  No. 1  No. 2  HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  612   PENDER    ST.   WEST  Good   Eats  " The Good Food Restaurants  OFFICIAL OBOAH.      |  The British Columbia Record is the  •Sclal organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  'Canada and as such is used by them as  "the medium through which to make their  •social announcements to the general  public.  By such selection the British Columbia Record   is  no  wise  pledged   to   edl-  ■ torts! support of any policy advanoed  toy these societies, but maintains an absolutely independent position on all mat-  tern subject to "editorial ooinlon.  DECORATION OF PUBLIC  BUILDINGS  IS  ART  OFT NEGLECTED       *  "Decoration is an art which appeals  "to the senses rather than to the intelligence,  according to  Mr. -John  R.  - Alren, a New York architect, in his  ■paper read before the *NTew York State  Association of Architects. Its func-  :tian is to please the eye by providing  -3n the surroundings of every-day life  a Telief from the. dullness of an un-  fiecorated room and for want of variety. The effect decoration should have  upon the'beholder ought to be restful  rand satisfying. If a scheme of decoration    presents,   puzzles    as to its  'meaning, there is assuredly some want  ©I ^continuity in its. arrangement or  wme serious defect in the design.  At the same time there.is no reason  *why'there should not be matter for  "thought in the details put together to  arake , a decorative   scheme   compete.  3lestfulness is most desirable-in domestic decoration, the decorative ornamentation   has   to   serve   as   a   back-  "ground to the lives* of the people who  s occupy the rooms, and it ought to have  n great appropriateness.   If it asserts  -Stself or claims an undue amount of  iatteation, it is wanting in some of its  chief essentials and is untrue to its  i»est traditions.  In a public building with its more  couple proportions and greater spaces,  -;»"richer and more sumptuous style of  -aflornment is permissable. It is riot  i& place where people live nor one  ■awhere they require something in the  •way of their individual temperaments,  «nd consequently it can be treated  -■with greater freedom in the decoration than a domestic interior. '  In the decoration of a public build-  4a»£ the artist is still under obligation  ko keep all the parts of his work in  "proper .harmony.    In fact, his responsibility is increased on account of the  ^greater spaces.   The. delicacy of touch  and feeling which would give an exquisite daintiness to an ordinary room  •wouTd make a large public room look  "black and colorless;    "Many men who  could  -manage   a   small   undertaking  .tastefully    and     with     commendable  judgment have gone hopelessly astray  in treating large spaces.  'Most  essential  in  all  decoration  is  that the  decorator adapts himself  to  Y. W. C. A, BUYS  LOTS AND  PLANS  NEW ADDITION  \     Through a deal which has just been  closed by the executive of the Young  Women's   Christian   Association,   two  lots situated immediately to the north  of the present Y.  W.  C. A.  building  have been purchased by that institution and eventually, as soon .as financial arrangements can-be made,, it is  planned to erect a large new wing on  these lots to form an addition to the  present"Y. W. C. A. hostel.  The two lots in question were purchased on behalf of tlie Y. W. C. A.  by Mr. Frank L. Murdoff. The property faces on Burrard street and is at  present occupied by two private  dwellings which the Y. W. C. A. board  plans to convert into additional hostel accommodation pending the arrangements for the construction of  the new wing. When-the addition is  planned it is proposed to-have it include a swimming pool, a gymnasium  larger than the present one, and a  number of rooms, there being a great  demand for the latter.  STARTS  FIRST TWO  OF  ? NUMBER OF DWELLINGS  In   an • effort   to   help   relieve   the  housing shortage  which  is  becoming  more  acute in the  city,  the  Modern  Construction Company, Rogers building,    a   recently    organized    concern  which   includes   a   number'of   realty  owners who plan to improve their property,   has • commenced   work  on   the  erection of the first two  of what- is  planned   to   comprise   a   considerable  number of moderate priced homes in  the suburbs.    The company will build  on its own property in each instance  and sell the house and lot complete  when  finished  as  it  has  been found  that this is the best way to dispose of  building lots these days.  •Permits, have been taken out at the  city building inspector's office for the  erection of the first two of these_new  residences. They are to be erected on  lots situated at 2805 and 2811 Third  avenue, west; Plans have been prepared by the company's own architect  which are capable of considerable  variation for individual dwellings.  Each of the new houses -now .being  erected is to be 26 b,y 40 feet in .size,  one and a half stories, and will cost  about $4,000 each. They will have  concrete foundation, full basement  and hot air heating.  TO   WIDEN   CONNAUGHT  BRIDGE BY  DAY LABOR  The   civic   building   committee   has  decided to ask the city council to reconsider  its   decison  not  to  proceed  wth the   widening  of  the   Connaught  Bridge.    The council last Monday, following   the   decisive   verdict   of   the  ratepayers on the money bylaws, decided not to accept the tender of Boyd  & Jackson to carry out the widening]  of the bridge at their bid of $10,001.  The   members   of   the   civic   building  committee believe the work could be  carried   out   cheaper   under   the   day  labor plan  and  recommended  to  the  city council that City Engineer F. L.  Fellowes    be    instructed to    proceed  with the work along the original plans  under the day labor arrangement.  Funds for the work are already  available in an unexpended byla^v balance left over after the construction  of the Connaught bridge originally.  Permission to use whatever sum was  necessary of this balance was given  the city by the provincial executive by  crder-in-council recently. The widening of the temporary span by another  eight feet is urgently needed, to relieve  the dangerous congestion of motor  traffic which exists there during the  rush hours.  RECEIVING   TENDERS   FOR  CENTRAL   PARK   RESIDENCE  Architect J. H. Bowman, 716 Yorkshire. Bldg.,''will receive tenders until  about July lst for the construction of  a seven-room residence at Central  Park for .Mrs. W. Payne. Plans and  specifications may be seen at the office of the architect.  IN  ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED XH  1886  When a girl is in love she is  hungry only between meals.  CORPORATION OF THE  DISTRICT  OF BUBNABT „  <   Tenders  are   invited  for   the   erection,  under     the    provisions    of the.     "Better  Housing'   Act"   of   two   dwellings   in   accordance   with   plans   and   specifications  to  be  scon  at  the  office of  E.   Evans  &  Son.   10S   Molson's   Bank  Building,   Vancouver.    The Contractor will be required  to furnish  a  surety   bond  in  an  amount  satisfactory  to   the  Mousing  Committee.  Sealed     tenders,    accompanied    by    a  marked .cheque   for   10  pen cent,   of   the.  amount   of   the   tender,   will   be  received  by  the undersigned  up to noon on  Wednesday, .June 30th.  1020.  ARTHUR G. MOORE.  Municipal  Hall. Clerk.  Edmonds,  B.  C.  June IS,   1920.  739 Hasting* St. VT. Bey. 7820  Ground Floor, Winch Bldg:.  Vancouver, B.C.  The Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKERSON  Managrer  Sey. 5370 446 Hasting* St. Weat  Vancouver. B. C.  Robertson & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections, Design/Reports, Construction  Industrial Plants, UuildingK and Equipment  Wharves   find   Piers,       Power   Plants  Industrial   Railways  Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BL0Q.    SEY.9217  SHINGLES  GET OUR CASH ON DELIVERY,PRICE  Write  McVfCAR SHINGLE MFG., CO.  Burquitlam, B.C.  ~\  -J  hvi^ALEixm  BIDS  FOR   WOODS   LAKE  TENDERS INVITED FOR A  BANK AT WliLLIAMS LAKE  WILLIAMS LAKE, B. C—A new  two-story bank building is to be erected here by the Canadian Bank of Commerce, which recently commissioned  Architect Wm. Frederick Gardiner, 701  Vancouver block, Vancouver, to prepare the plans for the new structure  which will be one of the most modern  the surroundings and expresses the  -purpose of the room he is decorating  "in the colors and ornamentation he  uses, and that all of his scheme is  •carried out in the same style or orna-  iznent as expressed in the architecture  of the building.  To secure harmonious results and  individuality requires a careful study  of *yery. single undertaking, and only'  iby, a thorough knowledge of the history of ornament and architecture is  it possible for the decorator to arrive  at results that distinguish the true  •decorator from^ theaveragepainter.  for its size In the Cariboo district.  The building will be two stories in  height with a frontage of 24 feet and  a depth of 44 feet. It will be equipped with concrete vaults and the usual  bank fittings of the most modern kind.  Architect Gardiner is now calling  for tenders for the erection of the  branch bank.  SCHOOL   ARE   INVITED  The minister of public -works is inviting tenders for the erection - and  completion of a two-room school and  outbuildings at Woods Lake, in the  North Okanagan electoral district.  Tenders win be received up to noon  of Wednesday, July 7. Plans and  specifications, contract and forms.of  tender may be seen at the offices of  J. Mahony, government agent,. court  house, Vancouver; L. Norris, government agent, court house, Vernon, B.  C;   E.   C.   Shanks,   secretary  of   the  school board at Woods Lake, or at the  department of public works, Victoria.  The usual ten per cent, deposit must  accompany alj tenders.  NOTICE  TO   CONTRACTORS '  King-sway—South. Vancouver  District,  Earl* Street to Park Street  1.26 Kilos.  Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tender for  pavihff. etc., Kingsway, .South Vancouver District," will be received at the  office of the ■Honourable the Minister of  Public Works, Victoria,, 13.- C, up to 5  p.m. of Monday, the 5th day of July,  1920, for the sub-ffradlng and paving,  etc.   ' •'■'.'.'■���'.■''■•.  Plans, specifications, contract 'and  forms of tender can be seen -at -'the'''office* of the undersigned, Victoria, B." Ci  and at the District Engineer's office,  Court House. Vancouver, B. C. Copies  of ■Plans, etc., may be had on payment  of $10 deposit which will be refunded  on • return of plans, etc., in good condition- ".'..' ::  Each tender-must be accompanied .by  an accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (10),per cent; of the tender. The cheque of the successful tenderer will be retained as security, for  the due and faithfurperformance of the  work till the satisfactory completion of  the work. A bond in an acceptable Surety Company for an amount equivalent  to twenty (20) per cent, of the. amount  may, be accepted as-security ■ iri lieu of  the successful tenderer's.deposit cheque.  AIT cheques to be on chartered banks  of Canada, and made pavable to the "Minister of Public  Works. -  Tenders will not be considered unless  made out on tlie forms supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the tenderer.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN.  Public Works Engineer.  Department   of  Public  Works.  Victoria. B.C., June -23, 1020.  Point Grey Building Supply  COMPART  Sand, Gravel, Torpedo Gravel. Crushed  Hock, Brick. Lime, Plaster, Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  Eburne 6 X> 2 Angus St. A Marine Dr.  MAKFOLE, B. C.  Y3£  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX   MOTORS^ LIMITED  1233 Hornby St. Sey: 9461  S.M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  GET OUf"  PRICE ON  "FIRE ESCAPES"  "■"N  RErRIGERATION  iMMkiif pints im ciM Jtinii systias. s«ct-  ieul rifrifiritirs a*, plaits fir iH cnIii prists  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Linda Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Arc  High. 822  I   Bay.   1043  V  Classified Advertising    9 lOOSC leal MeHIO  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  Jot if down  In a  J  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Definite 'Prospects'  We send you a big,, steady, daily;" -'  stream of them and give you reliable    information    of   contracts   •  ■    being- awarded. MacLean Reports-  cut   down   your   selling-   expense.  -   Tour  salesmen   work  on   definite -  prospects—not    on    mere    hearsay "tips."  Building & Engineering  '._ "; . ' ' " :   .1  Contracts are being- let in hun-!  -dreds-^-dozens right in.your.ter-'  ritory.' MacLean Daily Reports  on the desk every morning are a  business gold mine for others;  why not you.  too?  Write for full information.  M»c~b«*n DUly Reports, """limited.  313 "Winch Bldff., Vancouver, B.C.."  Telephone—Seymour 2013.  ac Lean  REPORTS  HOOGSOtt  M.   I.VHT.   C.  r.   T.   KINO  WM.   O.   MARBLE  M.   K.   r.   C.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  503 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506  ..."       Factories,   .   Houses      and      •  "���':   Gnrnces    Repaired.     General     -'  Carpenter  vind ' Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   MORBIS '  Sey. 3413 ■   »  3ey. 931 TveningB        1758 Boboon St.  MACHINERY  Hoisting engines, ioomot.lves. lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  "clnds.  HATIOWAL   MACHIirjBRT   CO.  925 Main St.     '. Sey. 60C  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUIPMIWT CO.. "DTD.  .„  Bank of Ottawa Bids'. Sey. 9O40  See   Us •  For An Kinds of Machinery  ,  WEIR   MAOHIBBRT   CO.   "bTD.  1309 Richards  St. Sey. 7443-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Bxp«rt Typewriting of ©very aeoeripflon  Mimeographing,    Multtgrnphtng,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CBKTRAIi FVB-GXC 8TEH0ORAHFBR«  Sey. 5078 414 Dominion Bldg;.  217   WINCH   BUILDING >        SEY;   6301  THEO.   KORNER  RENDERS    EXPERT   ASSISTANCE   Tt>  THE    PROFESSION  AltCHITKCTX'RAT,    AXD     WXllSOAPE    DKSIOV  FKirrm   plans   avi>   pkiisi-kctitkm  stT«VKYS, eramiAi. DiMtioim.vri  | ARCHITECTS *  .i>»t.4>-i»*.%<jj.j.tj»-^i3^;.ij>.j.<iii.yc*^.A.;.iS.^,,5>a.Ifv.i.  Member* of The Architectural Zzutltnta  of Erltlali  Colninbla.  ASK  BIDS FOR BUILDING  OF NEW'HARDY BAY ROAD  Tenders are being invited by the  provincial public works department  for the construction of the new Hardy  Bay-Coal Harbor highway, Vancouver  Island. Rids will be received up to  noon of July "12 for completion of this  -vork which will fill a gap in the island  'lighways that will be much appreciated by tho travelling public. Plans,  •nocifications,  contract  and   forma  of  -nder can be noen at the office of the  'isfriet   engineer,   court    house,   Van-  nsivr, at the office of the district en-  THE  BRITISH   COLUMBIA™  BUILDING  RECORD  is read by every  ARCHITECT, ENGINEER  and  CONTRACTOR  IN   VANCOUVER   AND  VICINITY,  MEN  WHO ARE  CONSTANTLY  SPECIFYING AND  BUYING MATERIALS  AND MACHINERY  VANCOTTWEB  Btnftla,   Jus.   .1.,   S10   lU.illncu   W  *<y. 3.100  tlird.   A.   J..   City   Hide   Inaptor...: Spy. 327n  Bryan   &   Olllam,   509   nirlmrtlM Hey.  )«0I  TJaMon   A   Kvclflth.   C15   Haittlnas   W Hoy.    1K3  Oimllnor,  F.  O.,  A 5f«rcnr.  718   rjrnnvlllc Hey.  3072  Gardlnor,   William   Fred*..   73«   (Iran Hey. Aft24  Orfflth.  H.   8.,   207  Ha»tln«8 W.  Hoy. SI 16  nemfarnon, A.   E..  015 Ituitlnita W  _ Hoy.    724  Hon«yra»n.   *   CurUs.   ftSO   H«»tlnif»  W Say.  1021  Jones.    Wra.    K..    «23   Blcharda    Ht _..'.Hoy.  liM  Mathewn,   Robt.   K.,   MS   JTomw   St  -H«r.   MIS  Palmer.   Bemnrti   C,   850   H»H.    W Hay. 717»  rarr,   J.   E.,   198   H«aUiwn   W   Sey. 7811  Khar* A Thompson, «36  Ponder W   Sey. 1084  Bpreat,   Kdwardex,   403   Dominion   flldx Hoy. >Z1  Tewnley,   T^ni I..,   325  Homer  Ht Hey. 80l*5  Twltell.   Brrdfl   A TwUell.   «37  Hast.   W..™...fley. 73»3  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is alwars ready to receive  facts and figures and all  kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs.   ���■-  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact memo book.  Press the (rigger  and the rings open  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERA^ PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  printing; co.  .Fhqn* Se>7. 316 516 Pender W.  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M„   Hayward   RldK _ 14'^n  Madura.   Sam,   Union   Bank  DitUt 2848  Rldgwey-WUiion.   IJ«it.-Col Tl'lmmtt   Hoiiimi  OUESTOKT  Mofiro,   Charles,     .'. Cr«nton,  R     C  Brown. Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors: to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT  & SUPPLY CO.. LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  ■■ Vancouver, B. C.  aPESTTICTOlff  ti-vn/i   A  Aucuullnn    : -   —..Pentlaton  IfGW  GALV  ZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FBTHTOGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  Fairmont 971  WE  GALVANIZE  EVEBTTTKINO BY HOT  "PBOCESS  IRON and GALVANBZENG  Vancouver, B. C.  Office and Works, 225 - 5th W.  >an«*sH.iri*rj*M«  i A T?l  '\V  M  ■■•   J"* * ' «  i.~ ' £_ v  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Howe St ",     ' , Sey. 3768-Bay.ll28R  Artistic Wire & Iron Works I  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work anfl  aU kinds *>f Wire Work.  112-16 'Duffer in  St.  Fair.  2648  THE   POLI.OWI1IO   TABLE   SHOWS   BTJIX.DINQS   COSTING    f5,000    OB    OTEB,    OH    WHICH    COHSTBXTCTIOH    ZS  UNDEB WAY, OB ON WHICH COHTBACTS HAVE BEEIf "GET BTTT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STAETED.  Character   Three-story   Bank  iieinodellirijj   School   Bldg  .......   Coat  ...$300,000  .. $80,000  ..$80,000  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.'  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe St.  Seymour 1389  Koaidence ""A.Z.Z.bbbbb.'.'.'Z.'b.":'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'"".'.'.'....  $8,500  The'atre   $300,000  EDWARD COX  General Contractor  Cabinet Maklnc Flxturaa  .1163 Rear 530 Howe St.  Sey  Alterations  Residence '   Residence   Alterations  Addition   to   Plant  AJtors.   to   Bank   Kesidence   Residence  ......:  Kesidence   Kesidence    Alterations     Dye   House   Residence ...............  Dwelling      Residence    Residence    Residence   Tile  Barn    Addns. & Alters ...  Kesidence  ...............  Renidencft.  .....   $100,000   $15,000  ........*-$ 9.600  ........'$10,000   ......$] 2,000     $15,000      $6,500      $7,000      $8,000  ..........   $9,000    $9,000   .....$10,000  ...my. $5;ooo       $5,000   _ |7.0»»      $20,OOU  $10,000  GREATER fVANCOU VER   .....$13,000   :....$13.000      $9,000     $8,000  Remodelling   45,000  Residence   ,    $8,000  Gas Tank $10,000  Brick  Works $8,000  Residence $5,500  Residence         $6,500  1 Story  Brock $16,266  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractors  Credit-Foncier Bldg.   Viicower, B.C.  Restaurant Bide,  Addns*. and Alters   Rectory      Three-Storey   Bldtr.   ..  Residence   Int.  Alterations     Kesidence  ....  Tile  Residence   Residence  .   .  Coal  Shed & Wharf .". $9,000  Warehouse   $8,600  Residence *.....   $7,000  Residence * .........„...•...........:   $6^300  Residence  $6,700  Basement   &   Blevator „ $20,000  Residence » - .;..... -...: $7,500  Machine Shop ....:... .'. ...$7,000  Shingle Mill .....$80,000  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  General Contractors  509 Richards St.   -    Sey. 8320  W.GREEN LEES  CONTRACTOR    * .  Pile   "DrlTlnr,   Wharves,  Bridfrea,  foundations, etc.  407 Cordova St. W.  Seymour 1083  $5,000  $9,000     $8,000  ...;...:$34o,ooo  .........   $5,000  ....;..... $6,500  ..'.......   $5,000   $11,900   ...$6,000  Residence  Residence   Residence   Gas   Plant   ........  Bung-alow '   ■Station ;..........-.....  Bung-alow ..........  Residence  ..........  Residence  ......e...  Residence _..  Residence  ..........  Addns.   to  Bank  Power   Houue' -..  Residence...:.. ......'.   $5,500  Cattle Sheb*s„'......:.......   $5,000  Store  Bldcr.   $20,000  Cattle  Barn .:. $17,800  Residence   $10,000  Residence .........:.....    $7,000  Jam  and  Supar  Rooms...;. $9,000  Location ...„   Owner  Seymour & Hast.-.Unlon Uank ot Canada  Dominion   Bldg ..''. Dom/ Bank  King Edward Avc.Pt.  Grey. Sen.  Boar  Shaughnessy   Heights ...John   Brown  5ey. & Georgia Sta...Allen Theatre.  Tor.  Cordova St David Spencer Ltd.  16th Ave. near Pine Mrs.,T.H. White  57th & Oak St. Pt. Grey........G. B. Astell  J.505 Powell St. ....Martin Senour Pnt. Co.  Marpole  ......The Barrett Co.. Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton..Bank of Hamilton  35th & Vine Sts.... ....A. L." Eaton  Pt. Grey. Whiteh'd Rd...R. A. "Woodward  27th and Cartier  ..........L....W. J.  Read  35th and  Granville M.^Sutton  597  Hastings W.. ; Molson.1  Bank  Dufferin St. W Vane. Knitting Co  4696 3rd Ave. W... Mrs. E.'Unsworth  966 12th Ave. W ~- Jas. Kay.  28th & Carter ...Mrs. L. Buckworth  Marine Drive .......George  Kidd  Ave.  "F" Shaughnessy ..China. Dickson  Pt. Grey University ot' B. C.  7th and Granville.. A.  I: Stoddart  Magee  j F. H   Wrisrht  Oak and, 14th Ave..„ Captain McMaster  548 Seymour St Clarke. & Stuart Ltd.  West  Vancouver Mrs.   J.  it.  Grady  5th & Caroline St. .Shell Co. of Calif.  Industrial  Island....Ceramic Indust., Ltd.  805—10th   Ave.   W ....Miss  Jukes  S332  Cartier St : :...''*iv....W.  K.  Hall  861. Granville St..........: X. F. Mahon  825 Howe St " .London Grill. Ltd.  131-33.Water St. Swart/. Bros.  Kerrlsdale St. Mary's Rectory  Gore  and   Pender....Chinese  Nat.  League  •1185 14th. Ave. W W. McAllister  16S Hastings W. Daily Province  54th and  Hudson      : W. W. Ells  Shaughnessy   Heights :....J.   Grahasn  Marine Drive ;.B. D. Rogers  1025  Main 3t.  Burns Estate  34 9   Railway ...G.   H.   Cottrell  463 5 Avenue F C. J. Phillips  908 «"6th   Ave  Dr.   Funk  Laburnum  ..„ A. "VV.  Barber  447 Keefer St ...Almonds Ltd.  Granville   St.... O.   M.  Allen  1.086 6th Ave. W Vivian Gas Eng. Co.  Kerr & Fraser River.....». Geo. H. Steves  2800 ISth Ave. W... H. D. Patterson  I&9T 29th   Ave ...JT V.  Lightheart  4850 Connaught Dr.  G. !E. Lightheart  False Creek .; ..'...Vancouver Gas Co.  467S 3rd  Ave. W... .........C H. Hilchey  Hudson St.. Pt. Grey ...B. C. E. R.  22.42 35th Ave. W„;.„. ..:..........D. Frith  Marine "Drive  ......„Wm. M. McKenzie  Tarlton-.^Place .....';..:. .'..Dr. M. Sparrow      $11,000 j 34th  &  Markham..........Mrs.  C.   McTavish  ....   ...   $11,500   Angus  Ave. & 27th ■. i„..\V.  B. Farris  .....; $30,000 [Cordova  St.   E...............Bank   of  Montreal  $10,000 i Drake St.   ............Dominion'Canners  Ltd.'  -■■    1905 12th Ave. W Alex. Chalmers  Ft. Woodland Dr .P. Burns & Co.  ,1.20 Hastings St. E ........Mr. Cameron  Hastings   Park............Vane.  Exhib.  Assn.  ...$10,000  ..$14.004  . $7,500  .$00,000  $5,000  ...$5,000  ' $8,600  .$14,500  $78,000  Kesidence  Store Bldg.  Residence ...  Residence ...  Kesidence '._.  Residence"...  Theatre  .......  $15,000  .........$13,500  Pencentage  ,  $7,000  ......... $5,200  ......„.' $5,000  ..... $400,900  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. LIMITED  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Standard Bank Bldg.  Sey. 7920  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Styitlir 3535 ' 501 Pacific Bids  .'...-■ S3,000  .:„.. $7,000  ....,.$11,000.  ;.:...$i 4.r.oo  ........$5,500  $5,000  R. MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  328 Blrk's Bldff.  Seymour 4606  Residence ........:....... .....  Residence ^........-i...................  Agronomy  Barn     Residence    .....;........ .  Alters,   to. Store",'...............  Residence .....v...   Warehouse. Exten.   Residence   (Umjralow  . -.....•  ,:  Residence ................:..........;.  Residence  .............."...........:•:..  Residence  ...:..............„.....-....  Residonce  ..'...::;.....-....•..:.   Excavation   & Till.-ii^.......  Factory   Bldg.   Hebrew Synagogue   Paving-  :..... ...,..„    $55;000  Completing   Residence    .....;..$2S,000  Dwelling & Garage »5;i00  Bun.tralow   ....'.......   »5'.4 0O  DweUing   $5,000  Dwelling  i „   $7,500  Store  Building  ..„..$2o.0OO  Dwelling ':     $5,000  49tti  St.. Magee Mrs.  J.  W. Allan  27th &  Selkirk F.  W.  Chapman  Drake St ...Dom. canners of B.C. Ltd. . ,   „  29th. &   Margaret   St....;........F.   G.   Evans t?. H.  Gillingham  318-20 Pender St.  E ..H. F. Tong  Point Grey  .......: C. A...Wickens  <538   Marguerite , R.   Mowbray  1174   26th   AVe.... H.  De  S.  Carey  6919 Cypress .Mrs. M". A.  Ross  S'OO Block -Sev. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  27th & Cartier W. J. Read  Shaughnessv   Heights .......B.   J.   Jayne  Point Grey ;XT. of  B. C.  Connaught St. ......I. T. Griffin  r.23   Granville  St .Edwards  Bros.  Magee Station ......  D. Bobertson  $10,000 } 1 C9 Water St. A. P. Slade Co..  $15,500 {A venu£   "D"   Slfaushnessy.;......M.   Rector  $5,000 K' °t-Ave/ W ........Artistic Bang. ContrsU  $10.000''""17th Ave....: :.......... ...Dr. C. H. Vrooman  ...:..- $10,000 ,Cartier& Connaught Dr.........H. J. Perrin  ........   ST.OOCT M35  10th Ave.  W. M.  J. Cdulson  .„:..„   $5,000   3807" 12th  Ave.  W.....U....-......G.. E.  Adams  ......$513,000   Ballantyne.Pier ..Dom.   Govmt.   $10,000 .952 Rich. Sc....Pione«r Auto'& Car. "U'ks.  „ $27,000   Pender & Heatley  City  Streets   ..City of  Vancouver  Shaughnessy Heights  ..' A. E.  Tiilk  27th Ave. & Carter St ...C. N. Wood  2011 37th Ave. "W J. Hume  1997 ^."ith   Ave.  W W. H. Collard  .4 564  3rd Ave. W , W. Brims  Architect   Contractor  Sum'ville & Putman..Hodgson. K. & Mar.  Sharp & Thompson..:.Hodgson, King & M.  Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson, King &, M  Townley & Matheson :....S. N. McLeod.  CH. Crane Alexander   McDonald  ....' Dominion   Constr.   C©.  Mackenzie & Bow....: Wise &> Watson  .......:..... .....McLeod & McArthur   Hodgson, King"& Marble   .....Dominion   Constr.   Co.  A. E. Henderson .*..... ....J. C. Allen  Townley & Matheson S. N. McLeod  Townl<fcy & Matheson..Purdy & Lonergan  Townley & Matheson W. J. Read   •.     Owner  Sharp & Thompson ....E. D. Cook & Co.  Townley & Math'n....A. D. & A. W. Snider  ...„ .'........Wm.   Lockie  Contractor ...A.   Gr^gor   :.H.   W.   Morl«y  Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Townley & Matheson Dixon A Murray  Sharp & Thompson 'S. N. McLeod  Contractor  .'.  /Bedford   Davidson  Jt>s. H.  Bowman A. L. Ramage   E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.   ; Dominion   Constr.   Co.  W.   T.  Whiteway....../. A.   G.  Henning  Mermon  &  Hermon _ Owners  E. Evans A Sons Owners  Owner A. L. Ramage   J.   E.   Mel Imoyl  Edwards & Ames W. - J. Ndrthcote  W. M. Dodd & Co C. H. Taylor  Gardiner & M«ercer....A. D. A A. W. Snider  Sharp & Thompson .." C. A. Hilchey  Edwardes Sproat J.  McGougan  Owner _    Owner  Gardner & Mercer D. G. McLennan  Gillingham & Korner S.  J.  Newitt  Gillingham  & Korner.. S.  J.  Newitt  Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.  Contractor ..............M.  C.  Griffiths   i Baynes  &' Horie   '. ....;..     Owner  ...H .....G.   S.  Bellamy    ...........Cromie *&   Vroom  E.'^E.   Blackmore..:. -R.   Sharp  3ijlingham  & Korner .........Day Labor  Contractor .'....'...; .........H.  A.  Wiles  ;.■„: .'!.'. ...:  Owners  ...;... ...........................:........   Owner  .....:...... „     Owner   1 _     Owner   :.....„....;..;.L....;.......„..........%... Owners    -.  Owner   ..........v.;..'.....:.  T. Logie   Rogers Bros. -A Sinclair  Townley  &  Mathesn .Wm.  J.   Read  Townley & Matheson.....;........Chas. Purdy   ..Irvine - &   White  H. H. Gillingham ...;..- ....S. J. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis....:...Baynes &.'- Horie  J. E. Parr :'. Fredk. Sherborne  .;....  ;....Owner  ...-...:'.... ....Hodgson.   King  &  Marble  Contractor Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner &  Mercer............ ;^H. P.^Leck  Honeyman  & Curtis...: A.  L„  Ramage   :. :...    Colton  J. E. Parr ............:.. „S.  J.  Newitt.   .......S. J.  Newitt  Contractor .......V............W.   H.   Chow  Downing & Kyall .....*. J. Laing    Owner   :. ...: B.'i S.  Realty Co.   ......................Stewart   &• Coltart  Thosi.  Lamb.  Toronto.-.'Dom.. Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g Archts.  Townley & Matheson ..~W. J. Read  Townley & Matheson............J. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie <fc Bow  .>..j...C. F. Robinson  Dalton & Eveleigh  ........Dixon & Murray  Townley & Matheson..... A.  L.  Ramage  ..... »„i...v. Dominicwi   Constr.   Co.  Mackenzie^fc Bow..:...... ..Blackley & Co.  Owners .....S.  PL   Shave  James A. Benzie..Rogers- Sr-">s..& Sinclair  Jarhes A. BenzicRogers Bros. & Sinclair    „ »„....... :..- 'Day   Labor  ...:.:.:.:......:..„....„...: ...i....:........S.  A. :Pellar  .;  ..Grant: & , McDonald  Contractor    ..............Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner & Meccer .Snider Bros. & Son  ....?. .....Columbia  Bithulithic   Co..   Ltd.  Bernard C. Palmer J.' Sinclair   -H.   S.   Griffiths  .'......, ...C.   J.  Phillies  c    ..    ... :... '_..    Owner  F.  W.• Farley |  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH,   MANAGER  8MHBT     MCTAI.     CP-IIUCIOKI     AMD     MiXBTAC  TCRISRS.     fSLT    AND    GRAVHL    BOOFER8.  Fair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,    Booting',    Cornices,    Skylights  and   General   Sheet  Metal  Work   ■  Seymour  7177,  1042  Richards St.  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS „  , ARMATURE AND  MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY AND NIOHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Higrht)  1256 Pender St. W.  ..   ...Sey.  9316-R  M  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour 3617  1160*Seymour St.  T  W. BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phone Fraser 178 Z   446 45th Ave. E.  Fair 4X78  ELECTRICAL NEEDS  2530 MAIN STREET  INSTALLATION.   ALTERATIONS.  REPAIRS  M. W. BOBICHATJB Bes. Fair. 2388B  ,      Res. Phone: Fair.  1428 R  '   Office Phone: Sey. 7955  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THQ6. L.  MITCHELL  EU'ctrie Wlringr, Fixtures and Xepairs  of All "Kinds-  525 Barrard St.    -   Vancouver. B. C.  Specialist   in   Cemetit   Work  ED. HUGGINS  TJOXM   ABB   OBBTAME"«TA"L  FX.ASTBBEB  Bay.  2535-B.  3528  Third  ATS.   W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  '   "CAX.soitrjmro ahp xmnra  A SPECXAXTT  BBTZXATB8 OZVBjT  Fhone  Fairmont  484 B  314 7th Ave. B. Vancouver, B. C.  SHINGLERS  #"  ALLTOM  OTXABAHTEBD  KIRK  BROS.  Hisrhsmd 2013  1510 Charles  C  Bt.  Sey. 7985 .      ■'"; Night Phone Sey. 637  WW. FRASER  Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR      M  602 Hast. St. W. Vancouver, B. O.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  Er-KCTniCAL.      I?«STAt.I.ATIOJ,H      or      HTBir  »HHCRlI-TIOX. :       KI.KCTK1CAI.    SITPI'LIK*  Sey. 9512  539 Main Street  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Epgaeir aid Coatractsr  HiaTh-Class   Electrical   Work  and   Fixtures  Bay.  441 3044   Granville St.  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  Limited  FORCINGS  OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria. Drive  .      Highland   701  MAIN ELECTRIC  OENEBAZ.   BEPAZBS —ABKATT7BE  WIlTDZKrO — 8WITCHB0ABSS  XHSTAZ.X.ATIOSS'  247 Hastings St., L  Sey. 3856  SASH & DOORS  All Stock Sixes Carried  Glass and Glazing  J. A. GRANT  I  1928 Manitoba St. Fair 3491 X  D.MacDONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature "Winding and Motor Bepairs  Fairmont 3623 1573 Main. St.  J  MONTGOMERY & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  POWER AND LIGHT INSTALLATIONS  ARMATURE WINDIN6, REPAIRS-. ETC.  3B5 Bast.  St.  W.   (Bear)   . B*y. 9213  .» .    uiiuia 1  .     ...    -..*...,..   .  Cordova   &   Columbia T.   Mernst'eh.1 H.  H. Siminonds.......:Sn"der Bros.  & Son  17S0 '13th  Ave.   "W Mrs.   E. .E.  Murray Owner F.   AV.   Mellish  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  CEDAR   COTTAGE   PAINTERS  AND   DECORATORS  3538 FLEMING ST. - ■ ,    FAIR. 3313 Y.  H.    HUTCHINSON.    ^ROPMIETOIt  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND'SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  1! i. C. RESTON  EIiECTBXCAI.   EVOroTEEB  AH2> COBTBACTOB  Sey. 9478  735 SCelmcken St.  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  929 Main St. Sey. 4878  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Works.Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBWICX. 8"tYUOHT.«0«l-  STACKS.     AWTO   WOBK.   .  Anything in Sheet'Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, mgr. .  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   7645  J  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  BASK   aad   BOOBS—OFFICE  FZXTVBES  Baadsawlag- and Turning;, sto.  17S0   Semlin   Drive  Highland   S74  ,     GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  FVBVACES,    C0BBTCE8.    8BTT-  "UOKTS  and  OEBEBAI.  JOBBIVO  ItSS VMiaklM St.  HleaUaS Ml  J  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Pbotsgraphers  618 GRANVILLE ST.  SCY. a»«s  NEW WORK - CONTRACTS LET  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay.  3370 Bay.   1602 K.  2306  Stophens   St.  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS   AND   ALTERATIONS  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Seymour 5689  Fair. 892 Y  26 14th Ave. E.  Character      Railroad       I it'Ration      Dri-dtrint;    Kail road —   BridRo     Kublier   Kiictory      Cordage  Plant   Plant  hCxtt.'n.sioiis ,.   llfinlv'   .'!   Storey   A thin   Hoys   Training  Seh'.iol  Oil   Warehouse      Oil I'luiU    1"   Room   School   Municipal  Hall     21   CoUaKes     Koirlamalkiii    Work    ...  Boys'   Tralriinjr,   Schoo  Milk   Comlensory     ItomodcllinK   School   ...  1'avlnn'    lJavlnR    I'aclfio   HiKhw  llesidence      Dairy   Barns      Hank      I'avlnR    Fruit '■"toniKO   WhHC.   .  Momorlal   Hall      Factory      Storea ,  Round House.  Mch  Shops  Hunk A  AptH   Church  „   School      Residence     OaraRe    ....  Two Storev  Block     Store   Blrter ,   Bower Plant     Warehouse   1....  ay.  etc.      Cost  ..1,000,000  ....$60,000  "..."■•".■"S.OOO   $ii:ib"oo»  ...$75,000  .  $70,000  $125,000  $20,000   $10,000  ..$140,000  ...$24,000   $22,000  " ";;;$Yn;2iti  $75,000  ' 51.1SO.000  ...$79,200   $150,000  $6,000  $65,000  $120,000  $5,500  ..$S,300  $13,000  $55,000  .$30,000  ...$10,000  $200 000   is.Boe  .. .$30,000  ..$16,700  .. $60,000  $100,000  $50.0U0  $8,000  $29,000  $40,900  .. $05,000  .   $25,000  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Iiocatlon ..."  Owner  Princeton to  Copper  Att.. . . B.  C.  Copper Co.  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  Fraser  Klver   Dom.  Government  Alberni to Great Central  Lake C.P.B.  Deep Creek.  P.G.E Prov.  Govmt.  Port Coquitlam....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Sapperton    ".'an.   Wont'n  Cordage  Co.  .Mill Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Courtenay,   B.  C Can.   Bank  of Com.  Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.  Cociuitlam    New  Westminster..  Nanaimo    A rmstron£      C'oquitlam       Powell River    Sumas   Lake     Coriuitlam      Abbotsford Fraser  Burnabv     Chilliwack   City  Petersons to Johnpon ltd.,  Courtenay.   B.  C   I^ulu   Island      Cloverdale  ,  Woodwards I-andinR  Prov. Govmt.  ICelowna   Kelowna  Stora.R0   Ltd.  Courtenay    G.   W.   V.   A.  VICTORIA  Victoria....Sydney Paper Mills & Rfg. Co.  Victoria,  B.  C Lim  Gins: &  Co.  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Riwys.  Victoria, B. C .....Royal Bank  Victoria....l«t Churoh of Christ. Scientist  Victoria Tho  Willows School  Oak Bay. Victoria  -....it. W. Gibson  835  View  St., Victoria- Shell'GaraRe  DouRlas St.. Vic Mrs. W.  I-T.  DouRan  DoiiRlas  A BrotiRhton Otto Wcller  Alice  Arm Taylor   Engineering  Co.  Industrial    Island Gibsons,   Ltd.  ...Prov. Govmt.   Imperial  Oil  Co.  ....  Imperial'Oil Co.   Prov.   Govmt.      Municipality   Powell River Co.   Prov.   Govmt.   Prov,   Govt.  Valley  Milk Prod's  of  Chilliwack  2 1-3 miles....  ....F.   C.  Rrock   N.   Nelson  Koyal  Bank  Architect    Contractor   AW.   P.   Tierney   .A.  E. Griffin & Co.   Pacific  Dredging   Co.   Foundation   Co.  Prov.   Govmt Canadian . Bridge   Co.  Gardiner    &.    Mercer Owners  Sharp & Thompson..E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners    Kodjjson,   King  &  Marble  Wrn.   Fredk.   Gardiiior Foundation   Co.  Gardiner  &   Mercer u.-.J.   Hyslop  Pith.  Wks. Dept Robertson Sc  Partners  Owners    Dominion   Constr.   Co.  Owners  Mescher Broa  Prov. Govmt H. J. Davles. Kamloops  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison  Owners  Leonard  C.  Stevens  Prov.  Govmt Marsh,  Bourne  Co.  Pub. Wks, Dept Robertson & Partners   Sloan & Harrison  Joseph H. Bowman.: Henry J. Emery   i Columbia  Bltullthlc  Co.  Public  Wks  Dept Cotton  Co..  Ltd.  Wm.   Fred'k   Gardner Foundation  Co.  Gardner & Mercer Jas.   Hyslop  Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison A Lamond  Public Wks.  Dept Harrison & Lamond  Twizell.   Birds  &   Twizell : ....Soon  W. A. Owen. Cumberl'd H. Trehearne  '. Co-operatire Contract  Co.   Lunoy    Bros.  Owners  Robertson A Partners    D. Burnett  Dunham  Pater' McKechnie  C. E. Watkins Luney Bros.  Maclure   &   Lort Robt.   Moncrieff   W.   F.   Drysdale  Percy  Fox A.  Lockley.   Esquimalt  Percy  Fox    T nnev   Prop   "W.   V.   Hunt   ~ :.....T.   MeClay  FOR   GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION  *  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS t  CONSULT " •>  E. J. RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephones, Seymour 8585-85S6  Suite 5, Fairfield Bid?.. 445 Or an. St.  314 Bank of BTovs Scotia Bldr.  .602 Hasting: West  Sey.  8889-7579  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  ELECTIICAi IlismUTIIMS OF ALL KINDS  923 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8696  HD.Rees  W.A.Knise  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING  and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  K. A. WSLES  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   ©tc. <?  1353 8th Ava. VV.       Bayview 2278  CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors    ———^~-~J£L^^^*tM^*mmmmmmmnmmmmm mumKmmmm^^mmmmmmmumm^mmmmmammmmmmmtmmm^»tmn*  —""        .     . . <>•  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg. Vancouver, B. C.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683 Georgia Street West  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS,  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  Plicae Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches  designed and built for any'  special work. j;  Industrial Island      Vancouver, B. O.  «  PILING-POLES  ANY   LENGTH   rUENISBED  operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  B79   Hnr.tlns"8   St.   E.  Hiprh.   148 *...  1W  BEITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ■    ■ —-' ■■"■i'WMgy  t  f  PLUMBING & HEATING  f nternat ipnaS  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  3iH  obihsoti 8t Bira- Limited  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELBERS  "RADIANT LIGHTS "  For'Commercial Lighting  546  Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  FRASER RIVER  PBLE  DRIVE NG  Co., Limited  P. A. Jones, Mirr.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Character   Pier £   Apartment  House  Enlarging Theatre  .....$700,000  ........?S5,000  Location ..."'.....Owner  Vancouver  ..........I......C. P.'XI.  Bute and  Barclay.......... ........Stock   Co.  Main and Georgia .Avenue Theatre Co.  Architect Plana Ready  Owners ..:...... Soon  •Twizell,  Birds & Twizell   Franklin  Cross June"l  ,     Owners   of   Tug-   "dive"  .   General Towing1.  324  FRONT   ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  1 PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  Character   Drydock   Municipal, Hall      Depot   Alterations    Memorial   Hall    .'.  Addns.   to   Residence.   Estimated Cost  ..:  $15o.ooo    112,000   :.....:.*; :"5,oo.i   $15,000  VICTORIA  Location   Owner  Esquimalt ....Dom.   Govmt  Esquimau   ..a   Bellville   Street   Docks. .....C.   P.   R.  '.'.--. David    Spencer,    Ltd.  Ladysmith   Craigdarroch   ...:..J. W.  Spencer  Architect    Dojti.  Govmt.  Owners      Percy Fox-  Percy .Fox,  Percy   Fox  Victoria   Plana Ready  •••——"  Soon  .To   Submit   By-Law   '•    Soon  •  ■••—-' .Soon   .........Soon   - '. "Vow  Character   School    University   Bldgs.   -  Refrigerator   Bank  ....:   Municipal   Building  Consolidated  School  School ..........    Court  House     Storage  Plant   ....;:....  Bank   ..Estimated Cost     $135,000   ...$-"5,000  :V""."*85,000  .....   $35,000  ""."$100,0*00  Z""$y-"""6"o"o  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  SEYMOUR 8614  137 Powell St.  Vancouver, B. C.  V_  Location    Penticton     Point Grey   Kelowna   Penticton    Trail '.   Maple   Ridge      Marpole   Prince  Rupert     Summerland   Penticton    ........Owner   School i-Board   University of B. C.   C.P.R.   Bank of Hamilton*  .—.......;. City  of Trail   Prov.   Govt.   '....  Municipality   .Bank of Montreal  Architect Plana Ready  Not  Selected , .... saon  Sharp  &  Thompson """  Owners . —■■—  Grllam. &   Mountain  ""soon"  Twizell,  Birds & Twizell......... .        *  Soon  Prov.   Govt.   Twizell,  Birds & Twizell..Prepar'g"plans  Bell & Curtis & Swan & Augustine. Soon  (Continued  from pajre  1)  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phono Sey. 136  Rei. Bay. 77  r"  E. E. Elliott  S. J. 'Jriciey  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,    - Sey. 620 .  lights are to be covered with galvanized iron.  Machinery for the plant was ordered  in the east "and from England some  time ago and some of it has already  arrived, while the balance is expected  shortly. It is to be installed just as  soon as the new buil,ding is ready.  fern & mm  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPEMTEi? WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8785      Sey. 8780  10B5 Oonsmuir St.  START  FINE  BUNGALOW  ON CONNAUGHT DRWE  Plans have been prepared byMes-j  £rs. Maclure & Lort, Credit Foncier  building, for a handsome, nine-roomed  rustic bungalow'to be erected on Connaught Drive, Shaughnessy-heights for  Mr. C. B. McAlister of the Pacific  Brokerage Company. The contract  for. tlie erection of the new residence  has been awarded to Mr. J. S. Crow-  ell, on a percentage basis and work  is already in progress on the struc-.  tare. ' '     •  '    ' ,A'-\  I The house will be of granite for the  i foundation and piers up, to the first  j story and rough sawn cedar above!  It will cost in the neighborhood of  1 $12,000 and will contain a modern  j heating system, hardwood floors and  the usual modern conveniences.  NOTICE' TO   COJTTEACTOBS.  Mara—Sicainous  Road.  ^: Stalled tenders, endorsed "Tender foi'  ^.on^.i-uction Mara-Sicamous Road," will  tie received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works tip to Noon of the  21st June,   1520,  for  the  construction of  WRIGHT BROS.  — BUILDERS «  SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.  /•■■  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR"  COMPANY  ■   '■' J.    DlERSSON.    MANAGER  FLOORS  LAID  AND  OLD  FLOORS  REFINISHED  929 Pender St. W. Soy. 3201  Bes. Phone: North Van. 848  Fairview Sand  & Gravel Co..  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  NOTICE  TO   CONTBACTOBS  Trans Provincial—Kuekanook-Sirdar  Boad. .   -'•■  Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tend*- for  Construction Ktisknnook-Sirdar- Road"  will" be received by the Honourable the  -Minister of Public Works up to Noon.  •Uit\ June. l!)l*0. lor the construction1 of  .ibove road. '  Plans, specificatrons. .contract, and  forms of tender can be seen at the District Engineer's Office. Court House, Vancouver, at the Court House. Nelson and  at the office of the undersigned. Conies  3f plans etc.,, may be had on payment of  $10-■■ deposit" which will be refunded on  return of plans, etc., -in good condition  Each tender "must'.-be-'accompanied' by  an accepted bank cheque Cor an amount  equal to ten 0 05*-) per cent, of the tender. The cheque of the successful tenderer will be retained as security for the  due and faithful performance of the  work till the satisfactory completion of  the Contract. A bond in an acceptable  Surety Company for an amount equivalent to twenty, (20%) per cent,of the amount .mav- be accepted as security in  lieu of the successful tenderer's deposit  cheque.  ; All cheques to be oft chartered banks  of Canada, and made payable to the Minister of  Public Works.  'The   lowest  or any  tender,  not   necessarily accepted.  A. E.  FOREMAN.  1 Public Works Engineer  Public  Works  Department,  Parliament  Buildings,  -'- Victoria, 13.. C. Juno nth. J 920.  OFFICE :    VICTORIA, B.C.  We have about completed our  plant for the manufacture of felt dnd  building paper.    For  eight years  we  have been bringing this raw material  from Eastern Canada, with  our  new *  plant wex will  manufacture  it at Vic  toria.  Our plant is located on two lines  of railroad and has boat connections.  We can assure our many customers of  quicker delivery and the same  high  quality of building material, all home  made. Let us figure on your require-  ments for fall delivery.  ROOFING PLANT NOW TURNING  OUT LARGE QUANTITIES OF  ROOFING  ="■:.'"'. , ."■--'■-  Sold to the Wholesale Trade Qrtly  .V.  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:    1505 POWELL STREET  3.22   miles,  of   the   above  FLOOR  .j  ~\  bl  \  ,fW**\  and •  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 GranviSle St.  t"  LEEK & Co, L^  SEYMOUR 661  STEAM & HOT WATER WEATING  PIPE BENDING  1090 HOMER STREET  r  " SPRAYWHITE  ft  Fainting"  and   Lime   Spraying-  Machines for Interior & Exterior "Work  F» L. Cummings  Seymour 1424 "eraser 217 Ii 1  353  PEDTDEB  ST.   W.  V_ ; . , :   pANTAGES THEATRE  UnequalledjVaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  iniroximatelv  read.   ",  Plans, specification.':, contract, and  forms of tender'can be .seen at the District Engineer's Office, Court House,  Vancouver, at rho. Assistant District En-  mnr-er's Office, Court House, Vernon.-the  District Engineer's'Oflice.'Penticton. and  at '.be office of the undersitrned.. Copies  of plans, etc.. may be had on pavment  of & 10.00 deposit which will be refunded  on return of plans, etc.. in tfood condition.  Each te"drr must br. aoenmna^i^d b^  ■■>.v\ accepted bank cheque for an amount  i.c.nal to ten (. lO""'-) ol' the tender. The  "ii.c".|ue of the successful tenderer will  be retained as securitv ror the dsie and  ffurhfi.il' performance of the work till  the satisfactory completion of the work.  A bond in an acceptable .Surety Company for an amount equivalent to twenty (207'-) of the amount may be accepted as security in lieu of the successful  tenderer's deposit cheque.  All  cheques  to be on  chartered   banks  I of Canada and made payable to tho Minister  of   Public   Works.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accented.  A.   E-  KOKEMAN.  Public   Works   Engineer.  Public Works Department.  Victoria,  .June  :>nd.   I')''').  The time for receiving tenders on the  ahove has "been extended to noon of Juno  28,  1920.  A. E. FOBSM&I7,  Pufclic Works Engineer,  Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  Limited.  GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  BUSINESS MEN  (j-      will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  * 762 Granville Street  Opposite Orphemn Theatre  Jas.  Dwyer,  Proprietor and  Chef  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.    LAND    CLEARING    AND  GRADING   ROADS.  CONCRETE WORK  AND  SEWERS  1367 Seymour 3t. Sey. 7325-Ii  vVe will get out plans and build  nouses for you anywhere in  Greater Vancouver and give  /ou figures on all kinds of con-  Jtructlon  work.  V_  Sey. 165  626 Hastings St. W.  J  A NEW GAS SERVICE  --HEATING--  VICS, you enn heat your home, office building, store or factory with GAS economically, conveniently arid satisfactorily—without the dirt and dust of a furnace—without  the  work of carrying ashes or shoveling fuel.  There are gas-heating- systems that fit  any type of house or building from the hot  air system that uses your present registers  and pipes to the automatic unit radiator  system that controls your heat to a nicety.  Think of the convenience of a gas-heating system—think of the clean basement  and the freedom from work that gas means  —and then call 'ip our New Business Depart merit.     Seymour  5000.  WE     SHALL     BE     GLAD"    TO  ADVISE    YOU    ON   YOUR  HEATING PROBLEMS  Vancouver Gas  Co.  .s  Carrall and  Hastingrs  Phone Sey,  5000  SETS' yiEa  ■WORKS AT BURKABD  INLET.  CONT3UCT M"0.  2.  Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed" "Tenders for  the Construction of Reinforced Concrete Pier and Transit Sheds" will be  received at this office: until 12 o'clock  noon, August 7th, 1020. for the construction of , Roipforced Concrete Pier  and Transit Sheds for the Harbor Commissioners, to" be known as "Ballantyne  Pier," at Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, P>. C.  Plans and specifications can be seen  and forms of tenders obtained at the  office of the Harbor Commissioners. 732  Pender St.- \V„ Vancouver.- B. C. or at  the office of A. D. Swan, M. Inst. C.E.,  Consulting Engineer to the Commission-.  firs, 10 Phillips Place, Montreal. P. Q.  i Tenders will not be considered unless  frir.'de on the for him stioplied by the Com-  mir.sioners and in accordance with the  conditions .vet  forth therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of • the Harbor  Commissioners, for the f^um of One Hundred  Thousand  Dollars   <$100,000.00). ^  Copies of plans can be obtained 'on  application t/' the Harbor Commissioners or the Consulting Engineer on payment of the sum of $ a 0.00, which will  be returned when the plans are returned. Or, if contractors desire, further  cop'es. the." can hove same on payment  to the Engineer of JT.O.OO per folio which  will  not   be returned.  The Harbor Commissioners do not  hind themselves to accept the lowest or  any   tender.  Bv   order.  W.   D.  HAItVfR,  Secretary.  Dated  at  Vancouver,  B. C,   10th  .lime,  1020.  XIMBERI.EY   SCHOOL  NOTICE   TO   COJaTTBACTORS  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Kimberley School" will be received  by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to fi o'clock p.m. of Monday.  July ""th. 1020, for the erection and completion of a two-room School and outbuildings at Kimberley, in the Cran-  brook  Electoral   District.  B.  C.  Plans and f'-iecificatioiis can now be  seen  at   the  offices of:—  N. A. W'allinger, Esq., Government-  Agent, Court House, Cranbrook; N. W.  Burdett. Esq., Secretary to School Board.  Kimberley, B. C, or the Department of  Public  Vv"or!«s,   Victoria,  B.  C.  A.   E".   KOREMAN,  Public Works  Engineer.  Department of Public Works,-  Victoria. B. C,  June  10th, 3 920.  PACIFIC  LIME  Sold By  ALL DEALERS  »v__  r  Campbell & Grill  Established  1905  Roof ins Contractors  METAL   WINDOWS—FIRE   DOORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  FURNACE—VENTILATING    PANS—BLOW    PIPING—  SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL   JOBBING  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B.  C.  Soymonr 2981  MALTHQID ROOFSNG  The Best that's made  Sales Agents  Smith,  Davidson Sc Wright, Limited  Vancouver, E5- C.  J  " NEVER LEAK " Roof Coating  Now is the season to recoat your Ready  Roofing or Metal  Roof.  Barrels or 4 gal. tins.  "A Stitch'in Time Save Nine."  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Limited.  MANUFACTURERS   AND   GENERAL   HOOPING-   CONTRACTORS  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island Vancouver, B.C.  Seymour 3406  J  GURNEY HEATWG EQUIPMENT  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm  Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so When  Installed  by Competent  Engineers. "*  THE GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  5!i6 Beatty St  Seymour 759G  PILING a"d p O L E S  FIR, CEDAR or  HEMLOCK  any length — a«y diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTERIES  ■ •    ■..-.,  ••     '.. yy  The Jlarvls Electric Company, Ltd.  „t>70 XtoMxOs 'Bt. When*  Seymour  m  J


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