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 ,^-V; >"*,•< Tt •'-?;; >/.' ,v v>t~ -;  '   *J*L j rT, V'T1   n^W""'^'.;'",'* j* j'.;.:.'*^-:?*^.*^^^  •-■-,( -I-,*-  ■,-;:t ,v;;;.  M.  RECORD' PUBLISHING  C6„  Vancouver, Publishers. .  Covering British Columbia.  Vol.' 15, No. 6, Friday, June 21;1918L  GLASS  W« carry a complet* stock of  PLATE CHIPPED  SHEET FIGURED  WIRED CATHEDRAL  PRISMATIC PORT LIGHT  Mirror*, Bevelling and Leaded Art  Work  Given   Prompt   Attention.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  Tel. Sey. 4795-6. " 648-550 Seymour St.  A Man Is Accounted  of  ACCOUNT    if    he    has    a    bank  ACCOUNT.     No   account    is   too  small  to receive a courteous welcome at this bank.  The  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver Branch,  446 Hasting*  B%. W.  J. T. MacDOXAXD, Manafsr  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  *A ■    ■■'- ■■'" -. ■'■'■ :SI^W-—S)"-"-fc?^'-»v ■■■'■'-'' y''mb:K' r':  ylyi^'4;:.  uy-  O  Allan & McKelvie Engineering Coii Ltdi  1214 Pender St., C.  :xb^bbmbA^bbm'b:;:bAAAAAbbAAbAHighland 1 srar;  „   'v-::;4^^AiNCouv^Ri-B;;,c;';-,::   AAAWbm^:;-mm'mb  A^AAbM  [:bAS'b'$%\  "'.V'J'^V'V^^  ■V..'"'^'-:v, */'*/**;»  /;-:'-,;-:'.>";.!"..v.<r^L  m'Mm  Burxsnra pebkzts amouvtxho to tsoo ob ov» issued at tjcb yawcouvb* cztt maxx. tb.  PAT  ■nmbtr  P—crlption  Cost  9294—dwelling  ?600  9295—dwelling  13000  9296—add. to dwelling ?500  9297—school room  $700  Street Address  rot and Blook  223 7th Ave. W   3224 3rd Ave. W   631 5th Ave. E   895 14th Ave. W   Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Address   J. C. McKenzie  ..19-20—437  526  T. S. Brookes    Owner  _   John H. McLean...  W. G." Scrim     860 7th W.   2406 3rd W.  ...101 Dufferin -W.  . ■."■   bAbbli.:- ;'b  :Abmmbbm:b  Owner  Address  E. F. Goodrich AAA. A..  J. W. NeybibAbAb.A.A  Chas. Sherenie .™^^..„  St. George Church.™:.;.  :A'A.2io''iihw.-  „.„2406 3rd W;  ~Ji' '■'' '  .."' "■"'■"■h'.i'-X  .::i..S95 14th W.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steal, Hydrated Urne, etc.  Phone 2988  EVANS  III MIXED  Ft.ofColumbia av  EVANS  Clayburn Firebrick and other Clayburn Products, Facing Brick, Build-  liig Papers* etc*  :'J*..  I*-  f**70  r**{ ELECTRIMI ENGINEERS "  •"■■•:A-        ■", -y:AMi»m:-mm--myyy\  Power Installations  . Ganaral\sU«ctr!cBl CoMtnKtfoii  :*:■&  PIMf «TWW 1145  Staia. laik MM*  A-bA$Wl  :mA$r  Lumber  "Si? >*> J-iLf  kJcV-:  Panels.   Etc.  £  '     Our Stock is the Most .Complete on the Pacific Coast  Ws ara alsa Sola   Agents  for  the  Celebrated "Baavar Brand" Maple  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St  ,��^i*'S-''-I,-  Vancouver, B. C.  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  .;,--'-,vV»iv.?;v^Si^S.l!Rs  •?         f  ®r  -i-  THE HOLDEN CQ^ Ltd.  OtMtaAL KAILWAY * COMTRACTOa*     ■        -,-...  ^ 'SUf»piics''t^^  BUILDING PERMITS  '.9293—Dominion   Bank,    alterations,  207 Hastings St. W., $75.  ; MAKING DOUBLE DWELLING.  E. F. Goodrich is making alterations  and also building an. addition to 223  7th Aye. W. The building will be made  into a double dwelling. .     ~Ali  *t  i  _:)  ONE-ROOMED ^UNDAY.'SCHOOp.X^  4^-f '  7;> FOR ST.-GEORGE'CHURCH  J--.ft ^iSilCi  "he, St: George Cliurchvwlll erectfa  4»iory;. ^oitje-room r'^frame^t-SuJSaa*^  Schpoli 24x30 ^teetjn' dimension at. 895s  14tfi; '^ve* W.'} Thewbuildine f.will "'cost  $700.00  14th; itve? W:j vThewbuildfng i.will/cost  Brown, Fraser & Cov Ltd.  *i'"t5' \  fit  cosU'about $6,OOO.v^Of4thi8.'8um,r the  Province Will provide $2,000, the special gi^nt of the Saanich, Council is  $2,500, and the balance of $1,500 will  be made up by economies of various  sorts .which the School Trustees are  contemplating putting into effect. The'  new? building will^ be located on the  site now owned by the board, and .will  be-used in connection with.the one-  roomed' school which is already in. -  .CONTRACTS* LE^" FO> .ONE 'f- A' k  x    , AND TWO-ROOMEO; SCHOOLS  :M\  Roller Bearing Drills ---^  ChipptB£ Hanmers-Wood Borers-Ta  ^1  bAAbABfM.  .J,--  .. . . •'--■-■-■^i-.J^Wft'fiX'l-  *«  :i;.--.!V;-~':;-r-r:';,c--;:-;-:tfrtSr(ti* g  ■:lj::lzhy^JJV^-S3-s£>!.\M.'H!:  ' J^if<^A'£M0s-  ■mA.&M0psiSk  I^ift^.F'^Jw'';'.^,'^^  WbAA;AAMS  m  ■■ty-rsM  •<?>r  «>*--iT.V'  SUCCESSORS•TO.  LTD.  4  4  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 71S5 ~ "*« H«a«' «*"**  .   Vancouver, B. C.  NEV/ HOME FOR \     \\ A  THIRD AVENUE WEST  J:.W- Ney, '2406 Third Ave. W/, is  erecting a five-room bungalow, 26x42  feet in dimensions at 3224 Third Ave.  West.1 The cost'of the^ new home will  be $3000.  Xoadoa,  Wtnnlper  Toronto  Vancouver, B. O.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  1 ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-(^NSULTATION  8TEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED  t MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  '     508 Hastlng-s W., Tanconver, B. O.  Cement Testing- laboratory, *ooni 1801; Physical TssUng- &aooratery. Boom BX  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  REAL  ESTATE MARKET c  SHOWS SIGNS OF ACTIVITY  The real estate market is showing  signs of activity  these  days."    It is  understood  that negotiations are  under way for the transfer of' the McLeod   block,   on   Main   street,   Mount  Pleasant,   which   includes   two   large  stores,, occupied ,by  the Coast Motor  company and Owen & McCallum, Ex-  Reeve  Winram, of South  Vancouver,  is mentioned as a probable purchaser,  and it is expected that the deal will  be  consummated in  the  course  of a  day or two.  "The /school-board at,.their/meeting  Tuesday-night awarded^contracts for  Ahrw;&frrbomed^g^  school ^buildings, -v, ^ ^r~n SS& -*f r»'-;t  'I Williamson & JHislip cVeire' awarded  thelcbntract1 fori the construction of the  two-roomed .school building.to;be con  stracted^pn/ihe grounds^ ot the Lordj  lioberts school for $2)549 for thebuild-"  ing alone.    The,painting will be done  by*the school'board's painters at $500,  and the electric "wiring by the Jarvis  Electric Co., at-$41.25.  H. D. Crawford, 2341 - Graveley St.,  was awarded the contract for the one-  roomed buildings to be erected on the  grounds of the General Gordon and  Laura Secord Schools at $1,338 each.  -The decision as to whether another  one-roomed school buildings will be  erected on the Mount Pleasant or Livingstone school grounds will be made  later," after it is seen which-school will  have the largest increase after the  holidays. The construction of this latter school building will in any event  be undertaken by the board's own  workmen under the day-labor plan.  5^i-.JjW..^jri^..j!iV,-U-..i^i^ ills. :.:.'■: .-.J-n.. V^M  .j>:^V-.J^-:.^in..^.S-je.'^..-.5-.-^-^--ys?^-^.-.1---.^^^.^s  i-s,xyypi.;j0:j&.yyy^  ;*',.:*?  |k >*vit*VpJ.'w.'-«.up*A.^m<?-.-r: .'.iisk-wy^.siV.r^.'.-'-.^i3^* *™#*:;<..'?*;'.i2>K*£!V!;x-i*<'ir*vi::   " "  V:^'';.'.tS-;:vvf'V"S^r.A.''ii^Sf'-'"  mbmm&<ilm\  CO.  ,* BQmrrmn t,  if!sVjl-^?S^'^.^'^*J?-%|lS'^^,f  CCLiUMMM  BXOATXMa BMOWB  MN4DMN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  rairmoat 83M and 3397  Taneourer, B. O.  '.■ir&T&GM  MARINE   DRIVE TO   BE   IMPROVED  That $6,500 would be available from  the government for the repair of Mar  ine Drive this year was the announcement made at a special meeting of the!tne quarried rock of which it is built  WESTMINSTER    NOTES  According to Mr. W. G. McQuarrie,  M.P., who has just returned from the  east, an old wingdam on the Fraser,  below Stevestoh, which has outlived  Its usefulness and is besides a menace  to   navigation,   will   be   removed  and  fc-t-""1  GILLEY BROS. Limited  SBAXJBBS  XBJ  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  Point Grey    Council    held    Tuesday  night.    A letter jfrom H. L. Johnston,  District engineer, of the public works  department,   was   read,   in   which   he  stated that he had made an examination of the road and was of the opinion that nearly a mile should be scarified and re-surfaced—over half a mile  on the north side and a little over n  quarter of a mile on the south side on  the last mile.   In addition to patching  the whole district—6.7 miles—is to be  (lush coated.  will be used for protective work to the  Sand Heads north jetty, where the current is threatening to cut through the  latter into the Hayseed Channel. 'An  appropriation of ?100,000 for this work  was made in the supplementary estimates,    i  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORClNoVsTEsniS^-i^  Largest stock of "Mild Steel Bars In Western Canada.   We cat to  . length. ^CoWTinstandvBeiid Bars. .^j^^'V"-:  BOLTS:— bbAb-Afy^~:yyy,^bmb-T--r AA—m^.:--.-.,.' -       .:,v,..-v:;.  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts,- Tie Bolts.       We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.        4  SPIKES—CAST  IRON WASHERS, EtC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME— HYDRATED  LIME — FIRE CLAY  SCOTCH  FIRE BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  .■■■•..-.  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  'H  '-.■:'--v*fflffi_  v"yy>SM  ' '':A=0i  {VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Cx. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDINO  Telephone 8037  i:.y  WILL PUSH WORK ON  CLOVERDALE SCHOOL  The first steps towards making  adequate 'provision for the education  of children of the Cloverdale district  of Saanich will be taken shortly, for  plans have been completed for the  erection during the next few weeks of  a two-roomed building, which will  later become a part of a more ambitious structure as the need arises. The  building which  is to be erected will  TO   PREPARE   PLANS  FOR      NATATORIUM  Official intimation    that "the    park  board looks with favor on the. scheme"  was given by the park commissioners  Wednesday  to  the   promoters  of the  Vancouver.*  Natatorium    Co.,    which  offers   to  build   a  big  natatorium   at  English Bay which will provide warm  sea-water  bathing the  year round at  popular prices.    The scheme was advanced another step  at a conference  between the park board and the promoters, and as a result tentative approval was given  the proposal generally,  and it was intimated that provided all  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  B. C. AOENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK  DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  1500 CWAjrviI.I.E ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  ,.f  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR LIFT PUMPS  FKoms 9169  (Continued on  Pa^e  4.)  Are Ton looking- for a  FACTORY or WAREHOUSE  We have a splendid proposition to offer you. A three-story, mil! constructed bulldinp, 80x120, and 70 feet vacant land adjoining, located on the  corner of Victoria Drive and Albert Street. This Is a mortgage sale and the  price and termB will suit you.    Let us show you this.  OBNEBAX ABMXNXSTBATXOXr SOCIETY  Credit Fonder Bldg". 805 HastUsjf Street West  Forcings Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  'Phone S3  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, B. C.  MMta  '•*"' ■'■ t r,  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  i  ij* t.  i  *■ r*  ^•-, l  W  v  V  %/A  I  5W  iff.  if-'1-     '  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  SHIPBUILDING and MARINE  Telephone Seymour 7S08,  Address:   583 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Bates  One month ...  Six  months         Payable striotlv in advance  $i oo  ¥5.00  GOVERNMENT  ^     'SCHEME  HOUSING  IN  BRITAIN  AND CANADIAN  LUMBER-  Ottawa.—-A report received here  from J. E Ray, Canadian Trade Commissioner at Manchester, Eng., indicates that the British Government is  propounding a scheme to build at least  „ 300,000 houses under state and muni-  , cipal rate aid as soon as conditions are  favorable,. "This prospective demand  for building timber, doors and window  •v. sashes," says Mr. Ray. "should be  closely fallowed by Canadian manufacturers. There are unmistakable signs  that after the war timber merchants  and builders will turn to Canada for  larger   supplies   of   these   structural  'v-woods than they Imported four"or? five  ^  years ago." ' " „    -'  CONTRACTS ARE SECURED  FOR TWO WOODEN-VESSELS  SEATTLE, Wn.—It is announced by  J. H. Hyde, president ' of the West  Coast Shipbuilding Co.,'of Everett, that  contracts for two 3,250-ton wooden  ships for French interests have been  secured by his company. The site on  the river which the company controls  by option will be opened.  has discarded the Dougherty "type of  wooden vessels of - 5,000 tons, which  will leave the only two designs available for the 5,000-ton vessel, which are  the Ballin type and an altered Ferris  plan. .    ,  The various wood shipbuilding companies are now working on the last  vessels which were awarded under  previous contracts, and it is expected  that additional contracts will be  awarded within a few days, which,will  exceed in volume all previous awards.  SIXTY-THREE SHIPS WILL BE  LAUNCHED  IN U. S. ON JULY 4  PHILADELPHIA.—According to reports made  to the Emergency Fleet!  Corporation, at least sixty-three ships [  will be launched in the United Stateg     "Pollowlnir "is a list of the "Shipbuilding  Will  be launcneu , n„-J companies of British Columbia now ae  on July 4, in response to the appeal  Uyely en^aged ,n  ship  conatructlor  made by Charles M. Schwab, director-  British Columbia Yards  or  rV  «  I  AT YOUR SERVICE.4  ■\  i    U you want to reach ths man who I  "bays Building' Materials, Machinery,;  ?_»*- _?-^_„.   __..   planning"i  and I  and    Electrical   [ supplies,^ 'Motor j-Trucks,^ Iron  [ Hardware,  .supplies,* Motor ^.ztich, «»»-■«•  i Steel, etc,' it will "pay you to be repre- i  '•ented- in the British (x Columbiaf  \ B*cord. - '     - f  The British Columbia Becord is J  [the ,only> building' and construction:  [newspaper In British Columbia con-J  [suited every other day by Contrac-;  tors, Engineers, Architects, Building I'  Material Sealers, Shipbuilders, £um-|  [bar Mills, and Mining Companies.   t I  J s i i  ■IIIHIIII'KI'I'I  ■#  ■y  .................  i  . '^^RCHITECTS "   -    u-  ,*  Bryan "& Gillam,,509'Richards Sey. 5508  Cox^A/tArthun''F.,R*J.B.A.r 3142'^ A-   -  Pender/l^Trs^rfi'iii&.A.ss .,-Sey.' 3*72  * Dalton^&oifWejWh"   615'/  Hast". \W ^L.d7^.^JhAL --Sey.   >662  Gardiner.^FV &£&.*-Mercery 718   Gran.,  Gardiner. ^m., Fr%>icTc.:m8     - '•  - Gran. /.Li.......- ~,3 -1- - —- i — Sey- *6'z  Henderson,-"A<'   Ernest,   >39-40     >< ,--.   .  '    Davis   Chambers-. Bldg:.,   C15    > i  '  Hastings W.  -; Sey. UA  Honeyman & Curtis,  821        /  Pender W Sey. 1621  Macey,  Frank, 470  Gran Sey. 1804  Matheson. Robt. M„ 509 Rich .Sey. 503S  Palmer, Bernard C,  616 Credit  Foncier Bldg Sey. 3680  Pratt &,Ross.  73'6" Gran Sey. 1557  Sharpe & Thomson,  620  Pender  W Sey. 1064  Somervell &  Putnam,  626  Pender  W     Sey- 6230  Townley, Fred L . 325 Homer . Sey. 8013  Twizell, E. P. S ,  S37 Hast.W Sey. 7925  general of the corporation, that- Inde  pendence Day be celebrated by.such a  big splash of ships that it will reach  the ears of the German Kaiser. ..It will  be the largest number of ships ever  sent into the water in any country in  one day.    Shipyards on the Atlantic^  and the Pacific Coasts^the Gulf and'  Great Lakes are in the race to get  ships- ready for their initial plunge.  DOUGHERTY TYPE'WILL NOT  ,'.. BE USED FOR BIG VESSELS  Confirmation has been received that  the U. S. Emergency Fleet Corporation  construction  recently organized: "  Steel Shipbuilding Plants.  Cougrhlan Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver.  Wallace  Shipyards,  North Vancouver,  - "Wood Shipbuilding Plants.  Cameron Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.,  Victoria.        < ,  Foundation Company of B.'C, Ltd., Victoria. ,  Lyall Shipbuilding Co., - North' Vancouver. "  New   "Westminster   Eng., A   Const.   Co.,  "" Poplar Island.' -    •     .   -'  Pacific Construction Co..  Ltd., Port Coquitlam.  Standard   Shipbuilding   Co..   Vancouver.  Wallace Shipyards Ltd., Vancouver.  Western   Canada 'Shipyards. Ltd..   Van-  I Mining News |  The Pacific Steel Co. at Eburne is  completing its oil-burning furnace.  This furnace will be fed with 40 tons  of scrap-iron daily.  Nicoll Thompson, B. C. representative of the Fuel Department, who has  returned to Vancouver from a conference on the coal question at Ottawa,  states that the price of coal will go  up by June 1 and th.lt probably the  Fuel Controller wilL' fix the price of  coal at the mines.  ' The new flotation mill of the Canada Copper corporation will have a  floor area of 140 by 300 feet and will  be composed of two units. About  100 men are now employed at the mill  site, and the place is commencing to j  take on an active appearance. ' A  good road now leads from Princeton  to the mill, and automobiles make the  four mile trip in a short time.  A new find of platinum in the copper  ores of the Maple Leaf on the north  fork of the Kettle River, was reported  by J. E. W. Thompson, member for  JBrancl Forks, in Vancouver. Inasmuch  as Mr. Poitevin, Dominion mineralogist, is now on his way to inspect  platinum prospects in the Tuiameen,  efforts will be made to have him Inspect the new find, which is said to be  of commercial value.  Five per cent, molybdenite ore in  quantity is reported' from properties  near Gray Creek, owned by Swanson  brothers, who have shipped in a compressor and expect to' drift iri a" 600-ft.  tunnel and then, crosscut 200;feet and  tap three small-leads running^parallel  with the main lead. The'output of the  mine is bonded to-the Imperial Munitions Board.of Canada, which uses the  metal in making' high speed steel. It  is worth $4 a pound.  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to  your  needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  Carrall and Mastlnsr.Sts. 'Phone SeymourSOOO  USE  ELASTIGU  The Tough,   Elastic,  Adhesive  Cement  (Ready  for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street      .-       .        VANCOUVER, B. C.  " Phone  B»y. 772  Cement  ,^-if  Bulldog Cable  1, :  Pacific Lime  ■!&.  ■A  . *r.>    -**■*'  Jfti-i  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W« spacializ* in prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power installations  v,  *■* v  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and  '■ ^'b\m  have  our   representative   cad  Gale  *  |    OFFICIAL  DIRECTORY  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  '   Executive Department  Mayor  R- H  City Council  Ward 1 ." Tnos- H- Kirk  Ward 2 - W. R. Hamilton  Waj.d 3       '    W. C. Marshall  Ward 4 '"*...'. _ Jos. Hoskins  wJm5  W.R.Owen  wSd 6 :::::. - s. c. smot  Ward 7 "  Frank E. Woodside  Ward 8 .::: F- p- R°Sera  Financial & Clerical Department*  riftrk l...:....Wm. McQueen, B.A.  cWptroIle'r O. P. Baldwin  Treasurer        J- J- Johnstone  Icctuntlnt" A. J. Pilklngton  Engineering Department  Engineer ,.- F- *-• Fellowes  Building Department  Building Inspector........R. A. McKenzie  Water Department  Secretary ......;.:-..---S. J. Montgomery  Health  A   Sanitation   Department  Medical Health Officer F. T. Underhill  V"  Library  Librarian  --R- W. Douglas  Board of Park Commissioners  Johnathao Rogers, Chairman  A  C J. Leek G.' W. HutchingB  M. S. Logan       George Eldon  W. S.. Rawlings;< Superintendent  Light Department  Electrician : C. H. Fletcher  Street & Sewers Department  Superintendent.....: John Morton  Police Department  Police Magistrate -H. C. Shaw  Court Clerk A. :..., |. RobtaBon  |?oSo7'c:3::z::::r:l: Maitiand  Fire Department.  Chief  .......-••' • J' H- Carlisle  R. V; WINCH &—»*—'—       *-JW  ■Kt,  Vancouver and,Victoria  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  ^r,  CharaetM   Armory     Harbor Worfcs        Bank & offlce bldg   Hotel, C. N. Ry -   .Bsttmatsd  Cost  ,.    1350.000  ..Not given  VANCOUVER  Location  Owns*  Grandview    Government  Kitsilano  Reserve    Government  Hastings & Granville— Royal Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry. Co.  architect Plana Xk«ady  Perry & Fowler-  .-. l.   Government   j?repartng  No archt. commissioned yet . »"--....   nfMOVeMEim tlfilB© TJODEBIAIB'tY BMOW  ABE PBOF08E»  BUT KAVB  BEE If POSTPONES  Post Office   Post Offlce    Concrete Garage  „„$250,000  „....*35,000  Gore and Keefer   J>om. Govt  South Vancouver .» Dom. Govt  Fifths Fir Sts Ford Motor Co,  Dom.   Govt „ Delayed  Dom.   Govt Delayed  Owners  .    Delayed  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED  '*i>  XfrQ^H-ft  tit? PATRONIZING  C=  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  1 -R  Most   modern and  complete   equipment for  handling MACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  Large warehouses for storage  .*  Cheap Rates  UNION  STATION  'Phono  Seymour 405  MAIN STREET  CONTRACTS LET OR WOfcK STARTED  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7aO0-9.00  PRICES 20c -30c  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  X.oc«tlon        •   Owair  Architect  ..Plans Xsady  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  ,       , Kilni, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES  GIVEN ■ - DISTANCE   NO  OBSTACIE  Telephone Mlsrtlancf 720 » /     2021 Wall St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  rO^«^|NH^#4H»4HfNi.   +*+*+-l**+>l+l<A I ♦l*I-»-i'»»*^^  X  X  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  PILING^ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1«0»  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  ? t  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manufactured in British Columbia.    The paper is  of   excellent,  uniform  quality  and  of  great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. 0.  \:£y^yiyyi/m.^y  il V :^bM3A;  «*i!!sOT  t&SffllllS'"®^^  ■«i*f  c=  .#  #S«  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for Automobile  Owners'and Prospective Buyers  FORD FOOT ACCELERATORS  t  Give Ford* standard foot control   j  Price $2.25  Gatrell & Hastings  Sey. 2103 1259  Gianville St.  FORD CARS  GRAY & DAVIS STARTERS  FOR FORDS  Sullivan-Taylor Motor  Co.  250 Kingsway fair. 2730  BLACK BROS.. LIMITED  Automobile.Supplies—Car Bodies  Top* and  Seat Covers  1111-15 Homer St Sey. 669-69  LITTLE GIANT  MOTOR TRUCKS  "All thai the Name Implies"  t  Leslie W. Pearson, Mgr.  Granville  at  Pacific   Sey.   331  MICHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES  Co to HILL, LTD.  Everything for the Motorist  Phone Seymour 6411 Quick;   Service  CONSOLIDATED  MOTOR CO.. LTD.  Packard — Nash — Maxwell  Trucks  and  Passencer* Cars  1230 Georgia St Seymour 4030 ,  SEYMOUR TIRE fit RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Nobby's and. Goodyear Truck  ' Tires  "A/olor Accessories  851  Pender St. W ......Sey. 3053  DAVIE VULCANIZINC^CO;    " \  Auto and Tire Repairs  Vulcanizinc  1234 Granville  St.        - .        ,     ,Sey.  1184  SAXON   SALES  COMPANY  Distributors for      -  SAXON AUTOMOBILES^  1272 Granville Si.  Sey .3391  HIGH PRICES MAKE  RETREADS   POPULAR  "At the present .high pri'ces of tires,  car owners are looking forward to having their casings retreaded, and naturally they are paying more attention  to air pressure so as to preserve the  cases," says George C. Hockley o£ the  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  "With a good carcass to work.on,"  says Mr. Hockley, "we can build up  one of our super-retreads that, as a  general rule, gives more mileage than  the original tire.  "In building up our super-retreads  we put in two breaker strips on all  Ures of four inches and over, and build  up with the best cushion stock under  the tread. This gives the tire more  resiliency and preserves the tire from  stone bruises and cuts.  "Our theory Is that the best tire  manufacturers use two breaker strips  in building the original tire, the object  being to prevent the tread fr^orn coming loose, and we follow the same pian  in building our supor-retVeads, with  the result that the tires we turn out  are practically as good as new, and in  some cases better, as is proven by the  mileage obtained. AVe believe "that our  super-retread is the only retread put  on with two breaker strips.  "We have made retreading a study  tor six years, constantly* experimenting with various methods of building  up and applying retreads Lo make  them stay and produce mileage, and  believe we have found the best combi-  ration of cushion material, breaker  strips and tread gum, which, combined  with expert workmanship and curing,  produce our super-retreads."  To-drive jt is simple to learn,  It needs little fuel to burn,  ]t's?repdir hills run low,    '  ■Depreciation-'.'' slOw, ,-"  It's easy1 to park and to turn.  It's record most carefully traced,  Shows mileage and "pep" without  waste.  In its class above par.    v  It's a full value car,  To buy one is excellent taste.  WAR-T.IME   MOTORING.  II. S. Daniels in Dort Doings  All persons of practical mind/  To drive lighter cars are inclined,  iAnd are liking them, loo,  ' For they find they will do  : As well as the gas-eating kind.  According to common report,  That trim little auto, the Dort,  It not only is nifty,   .  But rugged and thrifty—  For sensible folks just the sort.  In comfort as well as in thrift,  You'll like it so well you won't shift,  The quality true—  It sure "goes clear through."  kit's' sturdy and nimble and swift.  A FRIENDLY TIP  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  THE   PLACE    FOR   AUTO   AND   TIRE    REPAIRS  MB. MOTOBIST:—  When your tires need repairs—When your car needs repairs—When you  have trouble of any description—When you need new tires or tubes—^ hen  you need prompt and careful service at Reasonable Prices. . <  1234 Granville St.  Seymour 1184  Vancouver, B. C.  "Special "Fread - TraGtmfrB  Willis—Say Sis, I was peeking  through the keyhole when George was  here last night and he'd do well to  read that book oa "How to Make  Love." . .  TERSELY PUT.  The only thing to do is to keep going over until the kaiser goes under.—  Albany Argus.  . - >'   _    Six 'and Half-a-dozen.  First Villager-—Hello, Aaron; hear  you've got married. What kind of a  match did you make?  Second Villager—Well, neighbor, I  didn't do as well as I expected—but to  tell the truth, I don't think she did  either. "  -*  <#*?  \x '■'•   • '-'a  bbM%0mm  .'■ .:■::■:; s-:v.4/>%*  .■'■ yy':;yy^'&  m-.mAmpKMm  ■:Ab:A?:'>M$fi  ;p|IfS||  rxyyymiim  '-.'.'•'-•,;;-;-i'K.?sy  ■..^'■■,ii'.."-j.-.-.;:'/.?M.  'yi:i-y<y-sb$m  's:'::'::.yy^siM  AAmm  J,y^~4rrirf1  ■':-.:!e?V'aSst  ymmm  ybmm  r*j -,-'■;■•.;■ ::■-.-.■•:y--.^y::.vwtesfe  ft .-:..;i-:LV.--.v.--i . .;.-„v!j;:!Mk*|  ■■:m:::y:--i^mM  ybbsbAA^m  BEGS MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  «*Vj~--  1062 Georgia St. W.  'Seymour 9045  BRITISH COLUMBIA  IttHmrilRi  ■ ■:■■: ..::,..-ni-;-.v,r.^v-p$£f  ■: 'yyyyyy?yy&i$0*  A'b^bmtsMgiM  S-i.-j -,<;■„,•; J.-.;,.S,S ,>tJ,i!Sla  mmbAAI&mi  "" JiByMA¥%mt  y!~iy&y®§jMkbf0m,  Git*1'  U',fi %;.*   .-■'  <jr---^sik\  ■'r'~'^*v'-.;.>4v*,..iv r       fl)  AA^irA£.£i&  AA:$&&<$t:  Business men know the value of a proven name. T^ey choose with  confidence the article whose demonstrated'worth can be identified by  the name upon it.  That's why the very name FEDERAL is a distinct asset to you--  a real "emblem of efficiency." Unvarying past performance associates with FEDERAL Motor Trucks as absolute a certainty oi  serviceZ "Burroughs"-"AddressograPh"-<'Multigraph"-dom  i their-respective fields.  When you by FEDERALS, you buy something more than "sped-  ^to^-^tWng more than a "motor truck." You buywhaj  ^FEDERALS candojoryou as demonstrated by what FEDERALb  ! have done Jor others.    You figure in known quantities when you  fieure on the FEDERAL.  CAPACITY 1 TO 5i/2 TONS '      >  H. J. TUCKER  B.C- DISTRIBUTOR  833 PENDER STREET W^^^  SEYMOUR 3565  THE FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCK CO.  DETROIT, MICH.  ©  xm^m^m^l^m^m  flB^  Olni<mSqtuire£atfrcmcisco  (Jn ike cenferc£lne  Git/i'jG^andCohr  T&ctes/rom*2?°per  Gmi)enieni4oine  7/ieatett,Club?,Skops  andTSodhOayShdiom.  nBecisortalhUldcdes.  Manajaemmi CamesM/oods  xcuiemeni (fa  5  ' •■t-Wii  br-%  ■;'Wi  M BRSRWRXfflRJl  ■M  ■nnrapi  *■■  -V  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER, STAMPS?9,  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS   and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOL) PRINTIISIC"  seal's; ..sjencils, rubber and metal stamps  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  CContinued from par* l)  the details could be arranged, final approval would be given when complete  working plans and specifications of  the building were submitted.  W. A. Anderson and John McRae,  promoters and prospective officials of  the company, with their architect, attended  a  special  meeting  to  discuss  the undersigned or from the Captain I complete the v/ork contractea%idr.  Superintendent, H.M.C. Dockyard.   Esquimalt.  G. J. DESBARATS,  Deputy Minister of the Naval Service,  Department Naval Service,  Ottawa, May 31, 1918.  KEV  -TAOS,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING   MACHINE J*"LT»ArLCHECKS'  T,ME   CHECKS,  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PVOMPTnr?»JlGES   OF  ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  PHONE'SEY   316 'Wotuvnr a»d fair pr,ces  PHONE SEY. 316 Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  TENDERS  FOR COAL, B. C.  f   .,       ■, t ..      „ ,,       .      A Sealed   tenders   addressed   to   Wm.  further details of the plan to provide „enderson.  Resident   Architect.   Vic-  the Inns' rlfisirerl  sill-rhp-vonr-mi,.-..*   „^„ - • w»«,.«jvi,      »»v.  toria, B. C, and .endorsed "Tender for  the long desired all-the-year-round sea  bathing for Vancouver. 'They submitted a sketch plan of the proposed building, 200 by 300 feet, of concrete, frame  and stucco construction. The building  which is to cost at least |125,000, Is  to contain the largest artificially heated salt-water swimming tank on the  Pacific coast  On motion of Commissioner Logan,  Coal for the Dominion Buildings, Province of British Columbia," will be received at this office until 12 o'clock  noon,, on Wednesday, July 3, 1918, for  the supply of coal.for the Public Buildings throughout the Province of British Columbia.  'Combined specification and form of  tender can be obtained at this office  The cheques ot unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them, upon the  execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with tjie actual signature  of the tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  Victoria, B. C, June 10, 1918.  Directory and  Buyers' Guide  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans. Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col. St   fi  ?o»a  O'Nell.  Wm. N   Co   Ld.,%« Seymour.I "»i  "sImI  C0D-    *   8up-    °°-   Lt<"-     Gran,    d?  J*r,"Be     8.9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evana.  Coleman A Evana,  ft.  Col S  2988  Th.  Barrett  Co..  Lid.,   10U.  and ArbuYui* Bay.   77*  I  MARBLE AND  ONYX  W. N.  ONell A Co., 548 sey. St. 8.  4796-4791  MOTORS  B.  C  Elecu-lo Co., Ltd   ..8. 5*04  MOTOR  TRUCKS.  AUTOMOBILES  Bcgg Motor Co.. Ltd..  1092 Owrtrla St.  W..  seconded by Commissioner Hutchings, »rnm *u^ »„„,,    * .    ^,t   \  "     ; .  „ «„„,.,*,. „„ __., „._.,__   ',' from the Resident Architect, Dominion  2~"vt  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  .  P. A. JTOBM, UgT.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS.  ETC.  , Owners off Tug "CLIVE"  General ^Towing  324 Front St. New Westminster  '. . "- Telepbrni 1015  a resolution was passed, stating "that  this board looks with favor on the An  derson Natatorium scheme as outlined,  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  Beg* Motor Co., Ltd.,  1002 Georgia St.  W...  AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE  Ceperley, Rounafsll A Co.. Ltd.. Wlnoh l»ld«\.  .8. 9049  ..S. 9043  .8.   7820  Buildings, Victoria, and the Superintendent Dominion Buildings, Vancouver, B. C.  and-requests the promoters to submit     per80ns tendering are notified that  Z      trfntPT'?rCiflCa- ten,Iers "ni not be considered unless  tions of the building to the board forimade on the printed. formB   8UppIied>  and    signed with  their actual  signa-  further consideration.'! «>  TENDERS WANTED *for painting  new residence, Kitsilano, start immediately. Apply 40 Pender West. Phone  Seymour 4221.  tures.  Each tender must be accompanied  by. an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the Min-  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  NEW DENVER SCHOOL.  Sealed tenders superscribed "Tender for New Denver School" will be received by the Honorable the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon                               BANKS  Of Friday, the  21st  day Of June,  1918,1 Home   Bank  of  Canada :..g. 5270  for the erection and completion of a  two-room school and outbuildings at  New Denver in the Slocan Electoral  District, B. C.  Plans, specifications, forms of tender and conditions of Contract may be  seen  now at  the office of the   Gov  9045  668  4I3S  BRICK—AIX KINDS.  Evana    Coleman   A   Bvana,   Rt,   Col.,   8  2988  New West/, Pnonaa 1*5. it  Gllley Broa..  Ltd.,  W. N.  O'Nell A Co., 641 6*r/]Bt.; 3. 4796-4798  Rltohl.   Contr.   A   Sup.   C^Ltrt..   Grin.   St!  Hriaga     »   ...,s  R.V.Winch A Co., Ltd.. Winch B* S.':79-lg44  'ister of Public Works, equal to 10 p.c  of the amount of the tender.  BUILDING  FELTS  AND TAPERS.  wVa£"'r£SIe,min,>*   "?v*na.   Fl.   col... .6. 2988  i W'   «' °.Nei' *.Co- *ia Bey- St.,  S. 4796-4798  ernment  Agent, _ Courthouse,' Vancou-        »■"•« Co.. Ltd.. iom and Arbutua, nay. 77*  ver.  By ,order,;  NOTICE TO  CONTRACTORS.  SEALED TENDERS will be received  by the  undersigned up  to 12  o'clock | - R- C- °ESROCHERS,  noon, June 24,' 1918, for additions  to! Secretary,  the High School building,. Magee/ for Pepartraent of Public Works,  the Board of School  Trustees,  Poin.t I        Ottawa, June 6, 1918  Grey.B. C.   . ' - •     '    '  Lowest   or   any   tender   not   necessarily accepted.  A. *3. FOREMAN, ■  Public Works Engineer,  Department of Public Works,  Victoria, B. C.,,May 31st, 1918. '  ' '- y  |r?H\ -  ¥£m& < b, •  IS-'"*'- .'  I?"1.'??" J  Kb*1'  IffiftV „  ■ v-<*' .      . >  ■25.C v       r,  IllS-i,.,l ' --  Imsyy-.,  ,*MT>». ... v   *. .*   »J*.^i ^  mm-si.''* . -v r -■-.  wsa*- »^- ]' >''  1*4- •  Weft,.    1  Globe  indemnity Companj^of Canada anil  The :W^eFpodl^4ftrXondoh; ft Globe  Insurance" Co.:;^ttd. > ^Wtf" sell -> complete (protection, Including lose   -  ,« .;,.%, \A*\b ?thT6agtf$ «  ,, Tv'-'V- .  Tire, - Theft, , Coll/slon,   Property  Damage and personal-Liability. -  Ceperley. Rounsefelf & Co.  Winch Bldg-.       ' 7»9  Hastings St. W.  Estab.  1886 ,-.     V»scoav«r, B.C.- .  Contractors submitting tenders will  be required to enclose a marked cheque  for a sum equal to 5 per cent, of the  amount of tender.  Copies of plans and specifications  may be obtained at the office of the  architect. ,  The lowest or any, tender not necessarily accepted.      '        - v'  '■R. P. S. TWIZELL,-A.-rTi.B. A.,'  '"' 'y '•     Architect.  Metropolitan^ Building Vacouver, B.C.-  ^tnotice to contractors  ..; DeRartment of the Naval Service ,.  ', \i ~ [ frTENDER, FOR WHARF.lH^;,;/  SEALED TENDER addrefesed^to'the  undetsigned, ,and. endorsed "Tender  for Coaling Jetty," will tfe-l^celve^.un  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  '   RICHMOND DISTRICT.'  Bridge, Fraser River, Twigges Island  to Lulu Island, 125-foot Wooden ''  Howe Truss. -,  -  ■Sealed   tenders,   endorsed   "Tender  for Howe Truss Span," will be received  at the Department- of- Public Works,  Victoria, B. C, up to noon of the 25th  inst., for the. erection and completion  of a wooden Howe Trus Span over the  Fraser River, near Lulu Island. ' "  , Drawings,   specifications,   forms /of  contract, and tender may be seen ,'at  Room No.' 7,; East   winK&Parliainent  Buildings/VVictoria, B^-ci^'ano.' atf tbg  ifL  *W  the 12th inst:  Each tenajer must be! acco;*h"panieil'  by an accepted bank cheque or certifl  to.noon^pn the 15th July^WiS for the, Z J" A^AU A 'M"-u, L^S"-;  ^construction of the Coaling" Wharf at ffi^ SS?^£3?ffi««S  •H;:M':C. Dockyard, Esquimaltr;B. C.;  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM JUNE 1 TO JUNE 13.  ' Following Is a Complete'List of New  Automobile Licenses Recorded for  Vancouver and District:  No.    ,      Name   ,    f Address Car  10IOI—J H. McLean, Pt. Moody—Willys-  Overland. .     ,  ^?8?~u- Br  %Xebster- Agafolz—Dodge.  JolOJ—H.   J.   Braspicce,   1245   21st   JB   Chevrolet.  15104— Bothwlck & KelUck,  6271 Fraser  —Dodge.  15105—Empire Taxi. C22 iiobson—Dodge  15106— *' -  " " - ■  .• •* ,,*l-i, '  15107— .   /' ,.   « . «,',,.    .iff,  1510S—C.  B.  Stear,   5S3«T Prince. Ed ward.  " St.—Inlanders.  15109—E.   S.   Elutchlson,   3444   Albert  St.  >■ —Chevrolet.  15110—J. H. folson, 2252 3rd W.—.Ford  lalll—Wilson Bros., Victoria—Studeb'kr  15112—V. C. Gainsford,.2368,,Kingsway:-r  -i.'-~ .!'VonA:'^'«*-.H.- ,-i%mxA'--. 'i'\'/'-,  15113—Tti.ya. Powell., Victorian-Ford.', \  15114—E>J.f Tait/ 1690 Matthews—Pack-  15115^omfftr,t?Wais£ ;Co.;r66L Graavitfe  JL61 U—fi-lAt ;Ross,;-l»80 J36thi W.^-fDbdge'  15117^^;Fawcett,^i;adner-^Gray-pi5l  BONDS—SURE1V.  R.V.Winch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B . S. 279-1944  CARPENTERS  Dixon   &   Murray ".S. 8765-  8766  CKMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie A, Co &.  919'.-«679  5,Xan*'«,Co,eman   *   Evana,   Ft." Col...S.   2SS8  wlleJ Sr£"';, ¥*a Ne,w We,t- Phone. 15. 16  Ww ?I  0^e" *  Co-'   US h'ey- St.. S. 4796-479S  Kitchie   Contr.   A   Sup.,   Ltdj,   Granville   St.  Briasre       S. 916*  R.V.WInch A Co.. L.ta...Winch B.. S. 179-14)44  CEMKNT TK8TINO ANJD ASSAYING.  lluSh Hobt'   W-   &   Co"   Stanaard   Bank  • Bld» ". :....S. 2199  CONTRACTORS—tiKNERAL.  Armstrong?,   MorrJaon    A    Co..    Ltd.,    Bower      S. 1836  BhS lwrrCM- *?«2 Georgia W. S.  T it.i     ^-0S"   ..td''  liS Homer S.  Little   Giant   Motor Truck   Co ....§.  OFFICE   AND  STORE  FITTINGS  Dixon    &   Murray S, 8765- 87«  PACKING,. BELTINS   AND   MECHANICAL   E0OO8  Dunlop Tlr« & Rubber Good* Co.   Ltd  S44  Caubl. 8L  --.„  .....l.l.S. 1S-S.MM  PAINTING  ft  PAPER  HANGING  Dixon ,&   Murray S_ 876s. g7<<  PAINTS—FIKCPBOOF.  W. N, OWall A Co., S4I Say. BI...S. 4791.4791  PAINTS—Daj«F PROOF.  »». «. ur«aii * Co, 64* s»y. St...a. ♦7»5-47»a  "FAr-ES  Smith, Darldjon a Wrl«ht, Ltd.. Uoat  aod  D«»U   Su.  -8. ISM <  Bag:.  CONTRACTORS—TU,K—TEBRAZZO.  Evans,  Coleman.A Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W.,N\ OVVeil &.-C0,, 548 Sey./St., S. 4796-4798  CRANES   ^IND   HOISTS    (ELECTRIC  The Holden Co.",1 Ltd.. 542 Pender St W.  ' ,, ' - "       Sey. 1065.  DRILLS—l-OKTABI.E   ELECTRIC  ..Darling; Frank & Co., 114 2 Homer  mu  S^r^t   "A- y'-v Sey- 4100-4101  The Holden Co.. Ltd., 642 Pender St W.  Sey. 1065.  *■ '     ELECTRICAL1 SUPPLIES  B.  C, Kleciric Co..  Ltd.....  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  5?r•aIJ:,!■ c*1»man * Bvana. \\. Colum. S till  Ritchia. Con.„A Sup. Co., GranvT Bd*'.S.' 9:"«  ; •"..   ..   , PATTERNS  Wi.tain.tar Iron Works, Now We.tmlniter    rhona M  PIO  IRON AND TIN  Baltour.   Guthrie  *  Co.'..     .   ,-    s .biot .>,.  Evana, Coleman ft'Evin^       Col ^'« if  WiUinsM,. Co.. U<1..  S« 'li«ch a«■ S ,Vl¥\  K. V. Wtnch A Co.. Winch BUL*Ti:~l75"tM  "  Pn.IXC AND'POLES  Fetloral   Lumber   Co,.   ltoKers'. Bide..™  -S. 89*1-9  PTLK DRIVING; '  Evana, Coleman & Evana,  ft. Col...    S 2111  frasor   K,v«,r   Pile   Driving  Co..   New   We"  PIPE—SEWER  CW-A Son,  150 Ua^tinKS \V. ._„„  Darling,  Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  �� -,.% Street«-—   -8. 5000  Sey, 8802  I Public   Works" Engineer;.'for , a ,SuniJ  _  . . ,.    „ w      .,. (equal to twenty; per cent":''(20%foflrfe'  lenders should be accompanied by tender, as Security for the *due"fulfli:  [certified cheque for Tender Cent, -of men t of the'contract, which shali   be  the amount of-the tender:  forfeited   if  the   party  tendering  de-  Plans, specifications and permission clines to enter into    contract*   when  to view the, site may be obtained from called upon to do so, or if he fails to  DIXON & MURRAY  —,^.»f^*  -K   -:>'- *•'  '     MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  Hi STORE FITTINGS  TELEPHONE DATA  row nrsTAUATiojrs  JVITE 17th, 1918  Canadian Agencies. Ltd.,' Importers.  739 Hast   W  Creagh, A. JR., Barrister, 543 Granville    Brown, Mrs. R„ Grocer, 882 Horner  ~   Small & Trail, Auto Painters, 530 8th Ave.'west.".'.'.'.'   Rosovsky, M., Grocer, 4394 Main ..  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING lid KALSOMINING  Sey.876.?>   Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.   Sey. 2246   Sey. 7115   Sey. 7375   Fair. 3260   Fair. 3237  *»»*H-»*^<>^****fr»^^  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  •5*  *  ;iol21HrWm'.'-Nicol, ,1300 "8thvW.i^fay-I>  -15122—^S.'UchJda,t.-1323"'Jst- JS.^-McLaugUV  15123—J.* W.-McLeftd," Salmon Arm-^Chev"  ;i5124-fw:T. Afayn^, 123,Hast. W.—Ford  1S125—E. L.'Davis, Marine Dr'.—Cadillac  15126—E. P. Davis, Marine Dr:—Dodge.  15127—Annie McGown, 1936 McNichoI—  Gray-Dort.    " „ '  -15128—C. A.'Hannher, Commercial JDr.^—  Chevrolet.  15129—H. B. Purdy, 942 Howe—Studeb'r  15130—J. MoMahon, 1631 Dunbar—McL'n  J 5131—J. R. Skelton, 2794  Trinity—Ford  15132—A. C.  McDonald, Alcazar Hotel-r-  Ford.  15133—R.  V.  Loffmark,  N.  Vane—Ford.  15135—W,   J.   Lessage,   1578    11th   E.—  McLaughlin.  15136—A. J. Mahy, 3776 Albert—Chevrl't  15145—F.  M.   Sylvester,   1062   Georgia—  Cadillac.     '  15146^-rW.   K.   Graham,   1064   Pendrill—  Studebaker.  15147—1. tleda, 206 Main St.—E.M.F.  15148—.W.  Vallance,   Marpole—Chevrolet  15149—W. F. Broderick, 1147 Seymour—  Willys-O.,  15150—H/ Tennant—Oakland..  15151—Low Nai, Coquitlam—Republic.  15152—B.   C. .Leather  & Findings  Co,  Dodge  -Sey. 4100-410i;J  VSLBVATOK CABS AND KNCLOSVBKa.  •W.-:?V7olNen<* Co.;.54.«,;*Sey.'r8t.«'a,4795-4799  iRAiPjJie'*9?»t'r.-*   Sp^yCo./iM:. ,Oran,   St  ,     PLASTEB  Balfour.   Guthrie &  Co S   9197 «g7a  wP&iZVta* g^wf-V c4m " ""  Ritchie. Con.'A Sup'. Co.. G^v/Bd^s.lj*!  ' PLASTER BOARD  S,v*"» Coleman A JSvana,  ft   Col <?  »aia  POSTER  PARTITION  BLOCKS  Evana. col.man A fivana,  ft. Col s. 2911  «      PLASTEB—ORNAMENTAL  ^y^-'Coltimaa A Evana,  ft   Co! «?'«•••  S'W.' \cfUD5<V*Jjr' "f'fcVm "tt  "^ ' a •   '  W. N., O'Nell *'Co., 548 8ejr^Bt.,-S.«795-47t8  Ritchie Con." A'Sup. Co., Granvl. B*r".S. 91«i-  R. VIWinch A Co., ^rinch~Bi«K., «. 279-1944  -      FIRE  EXTINGUIgnEB  SYSTEMS.  Barr A Anderaon, 10«0 Homer 8t..<...8. 9180  FLOORING  J. Fyfe Smith A Co.. l«o Richard*. .8. 1196  ■ F0RGING8  Westminster Iron Works.  New Westminster  Phone 53  AGENTS FOR  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  : and  Steamfitting  McCLARY'S RANGES  1033 Oroavlll* St.  VanciMiver, B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  R«a. Bay. 77  industrial and Household  t ' : -  '.■■ ■  Gas Fittings  15153—E. Mori, 306 Cordova—Hupp.  *  15154—Mitchell   Bros.,   1240   Richards—  Abbott.  15155—A. L. Amiel, 1025 Main —Maxwell  15156—J. Lockhart, c|o Coug'nlan—Stutz  15157—S, B.  Didier.  Ardlev  P.O.—McL.  15158—Mrs. C. W. Wren. Mission—Chev,  15159—R. Efford,  1233 Georgia—Studeb'r  15161—F.  O.  White,   3163   3rd  W.—Chev.  15162—Can.   Perm.   Mort.   Co.—Chevrolet  15163—Johnston Brob., Pender and Cambie—Ford.  15161—G. C. Naylor, 875 Chilco—Wlnton  15165—Mr. Bowell, 1522 Nelson—McLg'n  J 51 66—A. J.  Mahy,  3776 Albert—Cnevro  15167—11. M. Walch, 1108 Nicola, Gray-D  1516P—Edgett & Gllland, 156 Water, Ford  J3169—A. Murphy & Co., Granville—Ford  15170—Chum   Wo   Co.,   376   Lansdowne—  Chicago.  .15171—A. W. rinch, 1128 Seymour—VorS  15172—D.   McDonald,   39th   and  Pt.   Grey  —Ford.  15173—Wm,  Melizer,   1233  Georgia. W.—  Studebaker.  15174—Can.   Cartage   Co.,   219   Cambie—  Ford. '   ,  15175—J. Tong, 2313  Main—Ford.  15176—rWiison & Balconi, Carleton Hotel  GALVANIZING  Allan   McKelvie Eng. Co., Ud High 1573  .GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co -.S.    801  GLASS—AIX rtNDS.  W. N. 0*N*11 A Co.. t4« 8*>. St..  8. 4795-479?  j' HARDWARE /  Brown,  fraser A Co.,  Ltd..  1150 Homer 8t.^..S. 7155  *lett, J. A., Ill Hastings W.„..Sey. 2327-8  Ba^ley.;A. G. & Sons,;Ltd.  516   Pender   W.    i ;..........Sey.    31l  y.'-        ROOFING COMPOSITION  w. >. o v«ii 4 Ca 5ig Sey St   s •i7,Y:JiT«  A   Sup.   Cv  Balfour,  HABOWOOD FLOORS  ?r-Jf-.°'^*"t* Co- 64g a<"- St...8. 4795-4798  J. Fyfe Smith A Co. 1320  Rlcharda. .8. 119S  HARDWOOD LUMBER .  Smith, J. Fyfe A Co.. 1320 Rlcharda. .8. 1198  IIEATLNG—HOT  AIR,   dTEAM   AND  VEN-  • TILATING-  Bailey, E. A.. 1033 Granville St.,. S. 136  Barr   dc   Anderson,   10«0   Homer   St.. .8. 6180  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS'  f.eek & Co.. Ltd. 1098 Homer St   s.    661  HOISTING ENGINES  Ritchie Con   A Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdg- .S. 916*  SLATE  INTERIOR FINISH | ^,v*°«. Coleman & Evana.  ft.  Col S  »9l«  Evans, Coleman & Bvans,  ft. Col S. 2988 t r   v ' S',XeL' * Co- SiS SW- St.. .8. V795-4 79I  VV. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Hey. St...S. 4795-4798 I Sif^,Wl5ch & Co- Wlnca. Bid      ? "*'  Kitchie, Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9loj ~  a».     j,    fm  ROOFING—SHEET METAL  , CSea  Corolee una   Koofin*)  ROOFING  MATERIAL  Th. BarreiUCo.. Ltd.. loth and Arbutu. Bar TT1.  »vul\ 9,°'»n""' * Evana Ft. Colurn IT'»sm  Ritchia Con. * Sup. Co., Qranvine Hl'. '.8. 9?"  ROOFING—WHOLESALE  Sidney Rubber  Roofing Co s.  414J  '   ,.ROPE-MANILA  Guthrie   A   Co A 9197-6671  -   RUBBER STAMP8  Bae'ey. A. G. & Sons, Ltd.  -   516   Pender   W A,.S Sey.    311  SAFES—VAULT DOORS  W. N. O'NeU A Co., S48 Sey. St...8. 4795-4791  SAND   GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  ^mn"1' Coleman A Evana. ft. Col....  9 2911  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg.a. 9141  '    SASH  DOORS.   WLNDOW8,  ETC  W. N. 0'N«I1 A Co.. 54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-47M  SHINGLE MANUFACTIRERS AN» ORAL-  JfcRS.  (See Lumber and Shln^Iea.)  SHOW  CASES  Dixon    &   Murray S.  87CS-  87454T  is*  I  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONT 946L     962 14tb AVE. I  #  C. Bain. Manager  767 ROBSON ST. SEYMOUR 80  *^>*&WW**>****^  —ElKin.  15177—Hoy Bros.,  144   lltli  E.—Ford.  Chandler.  15178—C. S. Disher, 1165 11th Ave. W.—  1517!)—Shelley  Bros.—Ford.  151S0—J.  S. Paterson,  1507  12th Ave W.  —~C\\ Gvrolfi t  15,181—Swift Creek Lumber Co., Swift  Oeek—Ford.  15182—Hyman Kramer, 738  Georgia E.  —Ford.  15183—Marsh, Hutton,  Power Co.,  .   New Westminster—Chalmers.    .  15184—H. J. Powers,  1062 Georgia St.—  Chalmers.  15185—Chapman   Cartage Co.,   82  Water  St.—Little Giant.  151S8—Gavin- Bros.  &  Leigh,   1006  Pender   St.-—Ford.  15189—Dairy Machine Co., 811 15th E  —Ford.  15190—C. G. Hobson, 3016 6th Ave. W —  Ford.  15191—F.  Peacock,   1640  Haro  St.—  McLaughlin. .  15192—Gus Johnston,  159 Hastings E   Chevrolet.  15193—J.  B|  Wear,  1396 Richards  St —  Hupp.  15195—C.  H.  Gibbs,  1047 Gran.—Ford  10196—J. McNeice, 2000 Wall—Ford    '  15197—Phillips & Hoyt, McKay—Chicago  15198—Swartz Bros., Water—Chicago  15137—M.  E. Embrec,  2020 Vine—Willv-  15138—E. D. Clapp, 2725 6th W—Studeb'r  15139—M. Saba,  652  Gran.—Studebaker  15141—W. Si Martin, 2456 Pt. Gray Road  —Studebaker.  15142—Burke & Wood,  157 Water—Ford  15143—Granby Mining Co., 1062 Georgia  -—Dodge.  15144—Granby Mining Co., 1062 Georeia  —Republic.  Ritchie, Con. i Su-p. Coruranv/Bd.'aVJlM  STEEL-RK1NFORC1NG.  Balfour,    Guthrie   &   ed     S 9i97.Sk7S  Evan., Coleman & Evana^ ft. Co"l .' ' "s. 2998  STORE   A   OKI ICE   FIXTURES   A   STORM  FRONTS »»««■  ,    ■„ -    pixon  &  Murray...  cR7fi, .-,,  :o.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 91B: Evarm.^ Coleman' & Evani' Vt' 'r'n'i ' I ZZSt  4? Sey. St...S. 4796-4798 W. N. O'.Veil A Co 54« «Sv ii q ";.,« >,«'.  New Wentminxter    Phono 53 J -°" °*5 »ey.  St.. .S. 4796-4799  TAR  ANO- FITCH  V[°.^TTeAA°-  Ltd"  10th «""  Ar^tu8.  Bay.   Hi.  Evans, Coleman & Evan*,  ft. Col  IRON AND STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd.  .Prince Ldward St Fair. 2396-7  Evans,   Coleman   &   Evans.   Ft.   Col...s. 2ass  Coughlao. J.  A  Sons,  World  Bldg....S.   79"j  •Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd  s.  210  Kitchie. Con. A Suo. Co.  W. N.  O'Xell A Co.,  54  WVitmlnster Iron   Works.   £. _ .     _.  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach !."."...S.""791*6  •   IRON AND  STEEI^—ORNAMENTAL.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Noll A Co., 548 Sey. St.. ,S. 4795-4798  Kitchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdgr..S. 91fi:  Westminster Iron Works.  New Wcstmlnstttr   I'hone 52  KALSOMINING  Dixon   &   Murray. S.  8765- 8766  LATH—METAL  E^ana, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columh..S. 29SS  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 648 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  Ritchie  C. and  S.   Co.,   Gran.  St S,   9162  LIME.  Balfour,  GutVle A  Co S.  9197-6676  EVans, Coleman & E^ans. Ft. Columb. .8. 29S8  Gllley Bros., New Westminster. .Rhooas 15, 16  W. N. O'Nell.A Co., 548 Sey. St...8. 4796-4798  Pacific Llmo Co., Ltd., PaclBc »ld({ _ 8. 9006  Ritchie Con. & Sup. O., Granville. .S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co, Ld., Winch Bdu. .S. 279-1944  .3. 29M  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evnna Ft. Colum «? !•«*»  fclllojr Bros., New Westmlnsur■ PhSnw 1\ \,  Rltchl- Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bd£ .8."lit  TILE—FLOOR'AND WALL  Evans, Coleman A Evana, ft. Col S 211*  W.-N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Pay. St ..S.'4795-479.  „.,.        ' TIN TLATES  Balfour,   Guthrie  & Co .,...S   91Q7-b«7i  "Vav8w(Jnl,ehminr.& EZ,n'' "' Col.'... s.m"  V.  Winch & Co.,  Winch B!d...S.   279-1944  R  LUMBER  Federal   Lumber   Co.,   Honors   Bldu g, 3998-9  MACIIINERV  Brown. Frasor & Co..  Ltd..   1150 IToracr St 8. 7155  Darling, Frank & Co], 1142 Homer  Street Sey. 4100-4101  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 548 Soy. St. ..S. 471)6-4798  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co., Granvl. Bd«..S. 9163  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St. W.  Sey. 1065.  MACHINE   WORK  Westminster Iron Works, Now Westmlnstor    Phono 53  MANTELS—BRICK. TELE AND WOOD  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col S. 2918  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St...8. 4798-4798  | Wilkinson Ca, 846 Beach„:::;.;.!;...s   7,16  TOOL STEEL  Darling,   Frank   &  Co.,   1142   Homer  St.  "'• S.   4100-4191  VACUUM  CLEANING  SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson,  1WQ Hntncr St,.. ..S. 918J  p<v.n.   „ ,       WALL   BOARDS  n.yans, Coleman A Evana, ft. Col S. 293J  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  The  Barrett  Co.,  Ltd.,   10th  and Arbutus,  B*/    77'  Evans, Coleman & Evana,  ft. Col S. 3918  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648 Sey. St...S. 4795-47J*}  WINDOW SCREENS  W.N. O'Neil A Co., 54^ Sey. dt...S. 47M-47H  WIRE ROPE  Balfour. - Guthrie   A   Co S. 9l97-«57§  Evana, Coleman A Eviina,  ft. Col S. 29««  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bda\ .8 9l«l  R. V. Winch A Co.. Winch Bid.. .8. 279-194.  Wilkinson Co.. 846 Beach q. 7915  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  Ritchia  Con.  A   Sun.   Co.,   Granville. .8. 9162 J Sidney  Rubber  Roofing  Co S.  4149  b^M&A^M'Ab:A;''^JA&A^m;b  \  S


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