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 ^'■^^if»i^M^^^^,,:^.-.,  -' ..;.;--: ji;::'...Mii::.-S:S'a^rtptev::;''-P^i1  J..  -r. ....  ■"TT-.^jjIgfe...'  '^+»■■"■■*-■*<!'«"■<•:  "i.i<f''.''"t«...'.i|.'"",     ...»"'"■<<  ■W-  "-.1/  .   V*,  "1 "• ^  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL^ NEVyr^APER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  j\_  $  A PUBLICATION DEVOTED TO GENERAL NEWS. BTXniDIWQ. COWTBACTIWG, EBOUTEEBIXTa, PBOVIWCIAL,  CITY ARO EABBOB lUFBOTEKEirTS  VOL. XIX. No. 1  Published Monday  Wednesday and. Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1920.  Office and Plant  Q29 Fender Street West  PBXCE—Per Tear la Advaac*  Per Month   -   -   -   -  SOLIGNUM  Wood Preservative and Stain :-  Uecommended  for all woodwork, inside and outside.    Tt doe3 not  evaponate, like ordinary stains, and as a result goes further.  Covering:-  Dressed lumber, l gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.   '  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed, on, covers 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles, dipped S to 9 inches, ] V2 gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Qui Km M««ss; S30 HOWE ST. Sey. 4795 - 4796  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAZ. WINDOWS,  TTMM BOOKS  8XTIIOHT8  JOBBING  BLOW PIPING    ,  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  Applies cement mortar by compressed ah", making a dense  and waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock.  also compressors needed for pperating the gun.  We are quoting the lowest prices, "' % !  Write or phone -for data!  '  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DISTRIBUTORS  Credit Foncier Building ' Telephone Seymour 3<M  BVIX.DINO  PEBMITS  AMOUWTIWO   TO tSOO OB  OVEB ISSUED AT  TBI VAKCOUYEB CZTT XAU TBSTEBDAY  Number  Description  Coit  11S37—-Dwelling  ..: ;    $3800  11838— Garage  *  ?500  Street Address  Lot and Block  1655  2nd  Ave.  E..  1124 Seymour St.  .11—04  Subdivision  Architect  2C4A  .». J.  Johnson  Contractor  ' Address  H. A. Wiles  1350 8th Ave. W.  ,  '  Owner  Address  G. H. Halse.  D. Roberts ..  .1500 Burnaby'St.  WS«5  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Clayburn Firebrick,  Special;  Ftof Columbia av     *h«p«d B1l;;t,j{c.Press*d  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hvdrated    »  -   Lime, etc. -  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND      ,  ■    CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General     , •  Electrical  Construction  'NINE SETMNI 854     '  Staodsnf But MMme  VINCOIiVEl - WNNIrEG  \\  HARDWOODS  Luniber  Veneer   Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock Is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  DO YOU NEED ANY FIR PANELS  We Have a Large Stock of Sanded One Side  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICHARD* ST.   . SEY. 1196 VANCOUVER, B.C.  HUNTER -HENDERSON PAINT  - Company. Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. 4. SEYMOUR 6110  FRANK DARLING & CO.  TOOLS  l< -  T.A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery and  Supplies :  .. B.C. Distributors For —  ACME SHIN81EBAND., BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  858 • GO Cambie St.  Sey: 4738 • 4739  T-""J  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at all Lara* Manufacturing Centres  t        BUILDING   PERMITS   J  11835—D. C. Robertson, garage, 1324  Comox St., $150, A. R. Dunstej", 6350  Chester St., Contr.  11S3G—J. Frazer, garage, 2643 Union  St.,  $150. -  -'",   '  v^.  J. A.  FLETT  Corbin Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. u^':.^rMiMn  PLUMBING   CONTRACT  AT CANNERY AWARDED  The contract for installing the  plumbing work in connection with'.theV  extensive alterations being carried out  at the plant of the Dominion Canners,  Drake street, has been awarded to'  Barr & Anderson,-who^will start'^-wefee  there at once. The builders work for  the new lavatories, dining room for  the staff, coat room and other altera-  tions and extensions at the plant is  being carried out by Mr. S. J. Newitt,  954 Seventeenth avenue west, from  plans prepared by Architect J. E. Parr,  Carter-Cotton building.  which has been standing' for many  years and is considered to have outlived its usefulness. The new building will cost about $12,000 but the  architect has not been appointed yet.  It is expected that the board will  name an, architect*' att its' next meeting and instruct himVVo. prepare the  plans.' It has not' bee'n-'decided' yet  whether the new school will be erected' on the cpresent grqunds-of the  King's Road school or on a new site,  but indications favor the former  course..  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER      - MOTOR REPAIRS        STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvis Electric Company. Ltd.  ,"""*- •'.   'Phono Seymour  570 Blchards St.  176  GILLEY BROS., Limited  CRUSritb ROCK?L^SANO   -   GRAVEL  aIlKINDSOF   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15.nd IS    V :-       Ne* We.tmin.ter, B.C.  ST. ANN'S CONVENT PLANS  SCHOOL AT COWICHAN  COWICHAN—The Sisters 'of St.  Ann who have a large convent at  iCowichan have for. some time felt the  need for a larger school building to  take, the place of the present one  where increasing attendance of.scholars' has created considerable congestion. The preliminary arrangements  are being made to raise funds for the  erection of a modern, two-story school.  The' arrangements are.in the hands of  the* Mother Superior at Cowichan and  Rt. Rev. J. 'Leterme at Victoria", who  are receiving donations for the new  school. v •'  "CONTRACT  IS  AWARDED  ..:',-''„.      .ON HEBREW SYNAGOGUE  ^'■k'rehitects Gardiner; &.,Mercer, 827  JBirks - building, ~.Jaave juste awarded  a  contract to Snider Brothers & Son for  the erection of the new Hebrew Synagogue at the corner of Pender street  and Heatley, avenue.    The amount involved in the contract for the erection  of the one-story building of brick and  tile    construction    is    approximately  S23.000.    This   does   not  include   the  heating or electrical*work which is to  | be  awarded  in   a. saparate   contract.  The heating will probably be by a gas  system to be installed when the new  ground 'floor of the building is completed- ..»and: the   present  frame  synagogue   building has' been  raised  and  the new  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills-Close Quarter Piston Air 'Drills ••- Rhrettiag RaMtrs  Chipping Hamiers-Wood Borers—Turbine and Electric Drills  O High Speed Steel—Drills--Reaners, Etc  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMCIfST. Phone Sey. 4100  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  -•-,-■■.• ESTABUSHED .1898  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS^IN  SAND, GRAVEL. BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Wain St. .. ,-' ; ' Telephone Seymour U5S  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  SXAKB, CXAJTHXLS, AHOLBsVPSATXS, TEES. COLUlOrS  COMFLBTBLT SQVXPPBS VASMIGA-TlMCt BMOTB.  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ltd.  ralrmont 8396 and 2397  ▼ancouTsr,». O.  form  ROOFING  lid  PAVING  MATERIALS  Company  COM.  TAR  PRODUCTS  Corv iOth Ave. & Ar  LIMITED  Send   for   color    card 'of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  butueSt. Telephones Bay. 63 and 64  ll  ft  is  Seymour 7200  Estimates CKvea  TN  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  "■    WE CARBiT A COBPIETE MSB OP      :  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy and'.Shelf jHardwate      ,        .  VANCOUVER; BRITISH COLUMBIA  PREPARING  BOWLING  GREENS FOR  NEXT YEAR  The preparatory work on two new  bowling greens for the Terminal  City Bowling club is now being carried  cut on the club's new grounds on Pine  street, Kitsilano, between Fourteenth  and ■Fifteenth avenues, under the direction of Architect IT. H. Simmonds,  Carter-Cotton building. The two new  greens occupy a tract 120 feet square  and the ground is being given such  careful preparation that it is expected  the club will have the fl.nest greens  in the district by next spring. Architect Simmons is now receiving tenders for the installation of the water  supply and \ereqtion of ornamental  wire fencing for the club grounds.  placed on the new structure to  a  second   story. " The   frame   second  story will  be extensively remodelled  after being placed in position.  if  I  ■■m  1  ■is  s  ',;: •  ■  Si x'  '■'■'*; y  . v, c '■  y;j ■  Vancouver lumber Co.,  "":''"':'' -FIR, CEDA|;S^|pUCEltuMBER:' "".  * '"■ « '-"'.iflY^.Wahtv5Vi''-  ••-■-'■  THE BEST LUMBER ^ THE BEST SERVICE  ■"-;:-.•   'Rl^SONABlMimiCE$:! h^!-  •all a«fl aee us. or phoae.1     .;,  South End W Coniiaug^ Bridge  Vancsuver, B. C.  Phone Fair. 918^9.  ■:.:a.->i..'c.-|!i:>v.^f«fi.v:.<?J':  —::l'j..»'ii.'i.irril 'im"  &&&&#■*.  L  PREPARING   PLANS   FOR  NEW VICTORIA. SCHOOL  VICTORIA—The VictOi'ia board has  decided    to erect a    new    four-room  school  to  replace  the  present  somewhat, dilapidated  King's .Road school  INSTAL CONCENTRATOR  SOON  AT  DONAHUE  MINES  MERRITT—Following, the.   inspection last week of tlie Dbhohue Mines  at Stump Lake by a party of mining  experts and engineers under the dix-ec-  tion of Manager Chauncey A. Moon of  the Donahue Mines Corporation, it has  been decided to instal a flotation concentrator plant at these mines at once.  The flotation plant is to have a capacity of 50 tons a day and the  concentrates   will   be   shipped   to   Trail.  The Donahoue mines has a considerable tonnage of ore on the dumps of  several shafts and tunnels which have  been driven in past years-as well as  of late and these show that there are  large    ore bodies    awaiting    development,  but at the  same  time  it  will  mean that a largely increased amount  of ore will have to be mined to keep  up floatation plant busy at its output  of  50   tons   a  day;    The  values   are  chiefly    in    silver, . although    copper,  gold and lead are present in paying  quantities.    The ore runs from $20 to  $600 per ton in value and the activity  which will be instituted at the .Donahue will no doubt reflect generally in  other mines in the Stump Lake  district. - :  DOMINION BRICK  ■   ■ '■•  .-■.-■'    '■ "■ . $ ■". .v."  ...;  —'■  ' '■■ M-:i-       ;:For Sale'by    *J-;v':: '-•■?'•• .- -'-^ ';"  Champion & White; Evans, Coleman & Evans,' Ltd.;  Thos. G. McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravol  Co., Eburne, and Jhe Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  .= >>;.■■•■;     ■■•'-'���■*:. '  ■:■■■■■■ LIMITED      n .    ^-..--■. ,,,.:■-■. --  102; Moody  Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  J  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  We cut"to length.   Cold Twist and Bend  BElHTOBCnfO BTEEt:—  Larg-b stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  Bars to details. .  BOI>TS:— ■.-.'■''"'■■  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  to furnish large orders or Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND CEMENT — X.XXE — SCOTCH PXBE BBICK — riBE  CXAT  OBAPHITE FOVNSBT PACIWOS — COKE — SEA COAE  PIO ZBON — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA BOFE  103 WINCH BLDQ.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  ffi, HMITH. Maaajret  152 Alexander St."' yancoarei^ B.a  — ' ta---* . !v '      '   " —' ',. .^ y. .. •; -J  Tweiktar VeanP Experiesoe to „all Biranclws  of TBIeWteieaJl -'Werk.-    X^^UfJ^-M^Pfrt  Advice— TK»akle Wer*--OCns*aiaB« —■■  WlstUsig-^Aa ''WexIcvOtmiswfteetfi,      ^a  WE  CAN  MAKE  IMMEDIATE  DELZ7EBT OP  BRICK  Just Received 100,000, and More Following  Also S«« us For  Sand. Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163 .;'      :  1561 Granville Street  fn  "iu^K  ^.^ftmia  t. <...,r.fcW^ '  TT"  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  --''" ■--  rofiQCTWid Works Teitli 'Street ■  Kew Weatmlnate^BkOti^ %'■] \ Phent B>  I  ?t'T.'kii*  ^ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ->*  British Columbia Record  /(Established  1911)  Published   every   Mdhday,   Wednesday  ..'   andFriday by the  Rocord Publishing Company  PlaterSheet, Figured,  Wired, Art, Prism,  Colored, etc. •  426-  Wholesale and   Retail  W. MOLT &SOIN  i436 Dufferin St.-..  Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  A newspaper or general circulation,  featuring Building. Contracting.■ Engln-  eertng, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, City and ^Harbor  Smprovem ents.  %B. H. NEL30N ...MANAGINa EDITOR  Offlce and Plant       ! v   '  P«ndei St.W., Vancouver*!!. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7808  Subscription Bates  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the business men and women off  the cltv are certain of tnu  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  No.1  No. 2  UO CORDOVA ST. WEST  SIX   PENDER    ST. WEST  Good  Eats  " The Good Food Restaurants"  S«r Year in Advance          Month  ..._       *■   subscriptions   are   payable  in   advance.  ....$10.00       1.00  strictly  orrzciAL 0B.OAB.  The British Columbia Record is the  •flctal organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  Hh Royal* Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such is used by them as  'taw*medium through which to make their  ' eSBclal announcements to the general  public.  '   By iuch  selection the British Colum-  -"fssa  Record   is no  wise  pledged  to   edl-  .-terfal   support  of   any   policy   advanced  "-"by these' societies, but maintains an ab-  Sohitely independent position on all mat-  subject to editorial oolnloa.  with greater frequency throughout the  country. The same general improvement seems to hold good in Canada,  according to reports received from  (hat side of the line, where much of  the same troubles are being experienced."  SEES  FOR  NO   IMMEDIATE   HOPE  DROP IN  BUILpiNG  COSTS.  Building costs are still*far from a  condition of stabilization and "we may  reasonably expect that they will cpn-  . ii/rae to1 seek even higher levels for  -aui indefinite period,"  says- a review  of the  eastern  building  situation   by  JS. W. Strauss, the well known building   and   construction   statistician   of  .New    York.      Wfiile    much    of    Mr.  ;Straus\ comment is held true .of the  ■Pacific   Northwest   situation,   builders  iere   note  a   slight decline   in  some  materials   and  an   optimistic   feeling  prevails that general costs are -more  -•pt to decrease than advance.  ""While the industry  is  continually  • making new high records for contracts  -. awarded and the amount of actual new  tiuilding is effecting little, if any, in-  *   Toad on the general shortage, estimat-  ' *es indicate that new contracts throughout the country for.the month of May  -liave  reached  the  half  billion   dollar  anark, a.gain of substantially $100,009,-  "©•0 over April," says-Mr. Strans.  ""However, contractors, and producers are not able to go ahead with their  work to this extent lowing largely to  •the freight tie-up w^ich* has. accentuate  ^ne acute building-material shortage  in the eastern states. With improved  toansport conditions and more favorable weather, much progress may be  NEW HOME COMPLETED  PORT    ALBERNI— The    bjeautiful  new residence of Mr. H. A. Dent, situated on the most picturesque spot in  Port Alberni, has just been completed-  2795—Royal Financial Corporation,  49th Ave., temporary office, '$160^ F.  W. Farley, Contr.        ' ;     .,   '  2796—D. J; Grant, 16th. Ave., garage  etc., $100, Owner, Contr.      •*_;•■•■  2797—L. E. C. Manley, 64th Ave.,  cottage,'?300, J. S. Crowell, Contr.  2798—C. B. McAllister, Connaught  Drive, garage, $500, Owner, Contr.  2789—A. J. Jones, 10th Ave., bungalow, $3,500, Owner, Contr.  2800—E. Griffen, 2158 44th Ave.,  bungalow, $3,500, Owner, Contr.  2801—J. & Y. Griffen, 4625 Con-  naught Drive, 2 story residence, $15,-  000, C. F. Robinson, Contr. . (  .. 2802—A. H. Jefferd,; 3491 36th Ave.  W., bungalow, $3,600, Smellie & Gallagher, Contrs.  2803—M. Rector, Avenue D., residence, $15,500, Blackwood & Co.,  Contrs.  2804—W. A. Warren, 35th Ave. W.,  cottage, $1,275, J. C. Glover, Contr.  ,.2805—W. J. Campbell, 1346 6th Ave.  W.  ped  and  most  modern  in: the   north  shored '"'...■-■  Sub-contracts will be invited on the  folknving trades: plastering, electrical,  ventilating, heating, plumbing, carpentry and joining, flooring and painting, official notice of which will appear  in the Record later.  WEST   VANCOUVER   BUILDING  WEST VANCOUVER—June promises to be a pretty busy month in the  way of building activity in this municipality,  for the  building permits  issued since,.the first of the month have  already reached a total of $20,000 arid  in addition a considerable, number of  camping  permits .have  also  been  issued.   Among the permits issued were  six new dwellings which range in cost  from $1,800 to5 $2,500.  STEEL AND TIN PLATE  MARKETS ARE QUIETER  NEW YORK—A quieter tone was  shown in steel plate'and shape inquiries last week. The only activity of  note is 'in the export departments  which appear fairly well occupied with  negotiations. The production of plates  has been picking up and the shipment  has been improved moderately. "It is  better than 60 per cent, of production  in general. »  A somewhat similar tone is noted in  the structural market.  BRICK  MAKING CLAY IS  FOUND AT SULLIVAN  SUJjfcvlVAN—An extensive deposit  of fine clay that is said*to be suitable  for brick-making has, been found in  close proximity to the B. C. Electric  interurban; station on the Chilliwack  line here and a number of local men  are interested in a plan to establish  a brick-making plant here.    In view  expected during the ensuing summer I of the  fact that the  Clayburn  brick  -Xnonth3. The industry will not reach  Its full and • rightful stride however,  ■until all interests come to realize that  housing conditions in this country can  uerer be brought back to normal until we are all willing to settle down to  plant has no1^, earned a well established reputation for turning out high  fclass building and fire balck, and the  deposit of clay found here shows exactly, the same characteristics as the  Clayburn deposit, the discovery is con-  , cottage, $1,275, Owner, Contr.  2806—E.   C.   Howell  1840  Vine  St.,  bungalow,  $1,000,  Bushart &  Turner,  Contrs.  2807—Huxtable & Kimberley Granville St., store, $1,200, Owners, Contrs.  2808—W. Fraser, 35th Ave. W.,' new  garage & alteration, $1,900^ y. J. Win-  kel, Contr.  2809—Artistic Bungalow Constructors, 21st W., bungalow, $5,000, S. H.  Shave, Contrs.  2810—S. C. Howie, 31st Ave., cottage, $300, Owner, Contr..  2811—Dr. C. H. Vrooman, 17th Ave.,  residence, $10,000, Rogers Bros., Contr.  2812—H. J. Perrin, Cartire St.' &  Connaught Drive, residence & garage,  $10,000, Rogers Bros. & Sinclair,  Contrs. • - ~~  2813—Mrs. E. Hutchison, bungalow,  $2,800, Owner, Contr.  2814—Mt. Pleasant Gospel Hall,  Portable Mission Tent, $400, Owner,  Contr.  2815—G. Beech, 675 Broadway W.,  garage, $750, Owner, Contr.  2816—G. Grant, Marpole P.. O...2869  41st Are. W.„ bungalow, $3,000, Owner,  Contr.  2817—D. Reid, Kerrisdale, P..6., garage, $125, T. Dunster, Contr.  - 2818—D. Hastie,^69 Osier St., Mar-  pole, bungalow, $2'j300, Owner Contr.  2819—M. J. Coulson, ,1135 foth. Ave-  W., residence, $7,000, Day Labor.   ,'-  2820—A. E. Black, addition, $300,  Owner, Contr. „  282L—E. S. Jackson, 4543 13th "Ave.  W.j bungalow, $4,500, F. Jackson,  Contr.: : ':':'i^\  2S22��G. E. Adams,; 3807 12th, Ave.  W., bungalow, $5,000, S. A. c. Pellary  Contr.' - ■•*•    ;        ■    " V.v  CITY INVITES TENDERS  ON   BRIDGE  WIDENING  Plans'having been prepared by City  Engineer   Fellowes'    department, arid  authority having been  received  from  the   attorney-general's   dpartment   to  utilize an unexpended bylaw balance  available for the work, the city is now  calling for tenders for the widening of  the temporary span of the Connaught  bridge.    Bids will be received up to 2  p.m.,   on  Monday,   June   14,  and "the  tenders  will   be  opened  by the  civic  board of works that afternoon and the  ■contract probably awarded then.   The  work   is   expected to   cost   between  $8,000 and $10,000, and will comprise  an extension of eight feet on the east  side of the temporary frame span to  allow of additional roadway width to  releive the congestion of motor traffic  over the bridge.    The  usual ten   per  cent,    deposit    must   accompany   all  tenders. ��  INSURANCE  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  T\  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED IX 1888  739 Hastings Bt. W. Sey. 7890  Ground Floor, Winch Bldf.  Vancouver, B. C.  Robertson & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections, Design, Reports, Construction  indiwtrial Plants. Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   Tiers,      Power   Plujita  < ■ ■ •       Industrial  Railways       „  Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BLD0.    SEY.9217  REFRIGERATION  lei Mkiti plants ni ciM (torafi systiss. Siet-  tail nfriiiratirs isi pints fir >N ciilai pries*  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Linda Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Ave. High. 822  A  The Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKERSON  Manager  S«t. 5370  ■446 Kastlng-s St. Wsst  Vancouver, B. C.  HOOOSON  M.   IJKNT.   C  r.   T.   KINO  'WM.   O.   MAUL!  M.   K.   I.   C.  City planning is not. wholly a question of architecture and engineering.  It goes more deeply into the lives of  (he citizens, affecting them in numerous ways and to an extent that can  be realized only by those who have  made* a study of the subject .  • period of hard work, thrift, efficiency sidered a valuable one and may mean  much for the building supply market.  With practically every brick-making  plant in the province booked far ahead  with orders, the residents of Sullivan  feel that a brick factory here would  be a flourishing industry.  «nd increased production.  "It ,1s encouraging to note that the  Tarions efforts that are ,being made  throughout the country to increase the  supply of homes are beginning to bear  fruit and the percentage of. new residential structures to other operations  is increasing, "in this work some of VICTORIA PERMITS  the producers of basic materials are 82-9—W. Walker, garage, 2706 Victor  lending assistance to ^ good purpose. St., $100, W. Walker, Contr.  One of the . large cement companies S30—E. Jackson, add. to dwelling,  which has heavy contracts on hand for 1~20 Cook St., $600, W. Scovill, Contr.  road work, has secured the consent of 831—Geo. Duncan, add. to dwelling,  the purchasers to allow the company 1427 Edgeware Rd., $500, Geo. Dun-  to divert these  orders  to other cus- can, Contr.  toroers   who   desire  the  material' for S32—B.   C.   Land   Co.,   roof  repairs,  home construction.   While there is a 560   Johnson St,    $250, T.    Catterall,  shortage in all types of construction, Contr.  the most acute deficit is in homes. 833*—E.. Myers, garage, 546 Alpha St.,  "The    co-operative    idea    is    being ?75> E- Myers, Contr,  worked out-with success in some com-  ,GOVERNMENT  "PO   BUILD  WHARF AT KUSKONOOK  • <&■■.'-■'■.■■■■ ■•  Tenders are being invited by the fed-.  eral  department  of  public  works  at  ... #        .  Ottawa'for the construction of a floating wharf at Kuskonook, B. C, In the  district of Kooteriay on Kootenay  Lake. The bids on this work will be  received up to noon of Friday, June  18th. Plans arid forms of contract can  be obtained at the office pf the district  engineer at Nelson and at the post-  office at Kuskonook. No tender will  be considered unless, made on official  forms.  "inanities, both in detached houses and  apariments. On the whole conditions  in the building industry have been  materially, improved during the past  month and announcements of large,  "new building projects are coming out  USE  POINT GREY PERMXTS  278&—C. M, McRae, 2499 37th Ave.  W., additions, ?1,00, Owner, Contr..  2789—Better Housingr Scheme, 2005  42nd Ave. W., bungalow, $4,200, Owner  Contr. v  2790—Better Housing Scheme,'5926  Vine St., bungalow,. $4*,200, Owner,  Contr.  2791—Knight & Major, 41st Ave.,  bungalow, $4,200, Owner, Contr.  2792—D. F. Dickens, Yew Street,  Cottage, $1,100, Owner, Contr.  2793—E] H.    Peace,    Marine Drive,  crarage, $500, Owner, Contr.  . 279.<fr-:Nixon  &    Wright, 8th    Ave.,  bungalow, $4^00, Owner, Contr.    ''  KUSKANOOK-SIRDAR  ROAD   BIDS   INVITED  ' Another important item in the extensive road building programme being carried out by the provincial government this summer is the construction of the Kuskanook-Sirdar section  of the trans-provincial highway. Tenders for the building, of this section of  the highway are now being called by  the provincial public works department, notice of which appears elsewhere in this issue. Tenders will be  received up to noon of Monday, June  28, by the minister Of public works,  Victoria. «  GOVERNMENT  OF  THE  PBOTZHCE  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT   OP   FU3LXC .WORKS  HOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS  Ladner Trunk Road  (Semiamo Road) —  Delta Municipality.  Paving   Proposals—Nos.   5   and   9,  Lulu Island.  From   .Sta.   3.00   (in   close   proximity   to  the  V.  V. & E.   Rly. Crossing) .to Sta.  171.00   a   distance   of   16.900   Lineal  Feet    (3.18).  Sra.   106-00—206-00   (1.K9  miles)..  Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tenders'for  Paving, etc., Ladner Trunk Road. Delta  Municipality" will be received at the  office of the Honourable the Minister of  Public Works, AMctoria, up to 3 p.m. of,  Thursday the 17th .day of June. 1920,'  for the grading and paving- etc.  Plans, specifications, contract and  forms of tender, can be seen at the office of the undersigned, Victoria. B. C,  and at the District Engineer's office.  Court jrou.se, A'nncouver. 13. C. Cppies  •f plans*, etc., may be had on payment  of |10 deposit which will be refunded  on return of plans, etc.—in good condition.  Each, tender must be accompaniedfejj.v  an accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (10) per cent of the tender.  The cheque of the successful' tenderer  will be retained as security for the due  and faithful performance of the work  till the satisfactory completion of the  work. A bond in an acceptable Surety  Company- for an .amount equivalent to  twenty "(20) per cent, of the amount may  be accepted as security in lieu of the  successful tenderer's deposit cheque.  - A.11 cheques to be chartered' banks of  Canada and made payable to the Minister of Public Works.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forme supplied,  signed with the actual signature of the  tenderer. ■■."•;■  r  The  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. E.  FOREMAN.  Public Works  Engineer.  Public Works  Department,  Victoria. B.  C.  June 7. .1920.  .  217  WINCH  BUILDING  SEV.   6301  Moore,   Charles,  ..J»cntlcton  man  ASK SUB-TENDERS SOON  ON QUEEN'MARY SCHOOL  NORTH VANCOUVER — Secretary'  George Campbell of the board -of  school trustees, expects to call for  tenders during the week for the principal sub-contracts in connection with  che erection of the $10,000 addition.to  the Queen Mary School-on the Keith  Road, .west. The addition to the  school is to he erected under the supervision of the school- board's architect,   Mr.  W.   C... F.   Qilljim,  and .will ._        , FuifTXCTOW  make the school one of the best equip- "KwttniffirjLu«iiatine.!...i:A..-.:...-«...'   imtimujia  \_  THEO. KORNER  \  RENDERS   EXPERT   ASSISTANCE  TO  THE    PROFESSION  ABCHlTECTUBAIi    AVI)    IA.VDSCAPE    HKSION  8KKTCTI    PHASS.   ATSD    l'KltSI'ECTIVBS  SCKVKYS,  GEXKRAJ/  DRADOnTIXB  * ARCHITECTS %  ,j»{^«»^.^»;tS»{«^J-^J*4!»*5*<S»-5*<?,^,€»-I-"fl,J"f»*!-»,f-'.'  Members of The Architectural Institute  of British Oolnmtila.      ,  VANCOUVER  nenr.le.   Ja».   X. 510' rUstlniif   W  Sey. 3300  Bird,   A.   J..   City   P.ldc   Insptor.... Sey.  3270  Bryan   &  Gtllam.   509   Rlchardd Sey.  1601  Dulton   &  Evcleleh.   613   Hanlnira  W „ Sey.    fi«2  Gardiner.  F.  O.. & Morccr, 718 Granville Sey.  3072  Gardiner,   William   Frodlc.   738   Gran Sey.  6326  GrifflUi,  n.  H..  207 Hastlncn W Soy. 3116  HenderBon* A. E.. 615 Hastings W Hoy.    721  Ilnneyman.   &  Curtfft.  850  Hasting*  W Moy.  1Q21  Jonas,   Wm.   F.,   «23   Biohards   St...... Sey. 1426  Mathoaoh,   Kobt.  M.,   323 Homer  St Sey,   8013  ralmer,   Bernard: C,   850  Hast.   W Sey. 7173  rarr,.-J.  E.,   198  HutlMi  W..„ _. Key. 7S11  Sharp & Thompson. 62C. Pender W,.;_... Sey. 1861  Sproat,  Edwardes.   408   Dominion  Eld* Sey. 9233  Townley. ;Fred L,, SR^Homor  St... :: Bey. 80JJ  Twlzoll.   Bird*  * TwiieU.  837  Hast.   W.„ Sey. 7925  -VICTORIA  Barry, 'nofmot   S.'- :....1744   St.   Anne   Street  Hanne!,- A.  R.i   1086-St.- Louis  Ut._ 1171 B 1  Keith,  J.  C.  M..  Bayward  Bldg _ - I4xn  Macliire.   Sam,   Dhion   Bank  Bid«.„  2«48  Kidcway-Wi'.son.   Lf»ut.-Col-~ _ B'lraonl   House  CBESTON  , ...;_. Cr^ston,  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.     Seymour 6506  SHINGLES  GET OUR CASH ON BELIVERY PRICE  ■   Write  .    McVICAR SHINGLE MFG., CO.  Burqultlam, B.C.  i  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  '  FAIRMONT 2794  THE  .  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  BUELDENG  is read by ever;y  ARCHITECT. 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C—As a branch of  the Cariboo Farmers Institute, a new  co-operative dairying association has  been formed which lias already arranged for the financing and erection  of a new creamery near tins towjj.  The location of the plant a sliort distance from the town has already been  approved and work on the,building already commenced under the day labor  Arrangements are be-'  Riye-'.of the-pro-  vincial department of agriculture here  shortly to superintend the completion  or the creamery building and the installation of the necessary plant which  has* already been ordered.  cost plus plan.  ing made to have Mr:  '**  ■BW  %'mx Travellers'  Wasted CaUs  <are too .bjg a rburden on your  -nelllng cost. ..We reduce it. We  give yau~d*Uy a batch of clean-  ;«cut, .^enrii.te repbrts-vnothing  ■ hearsay or Ijazy about- th^ra—on  •v^ftntracts ifpk*.       ,    " .   i    , '•/'■  & Engineering  'work beln^r let that should mean  thousariair:.of'■ dollars   in ; your  >bank--account • every'year.     Our  newa-gathoplng service is unique"  and   -Dominion-wide.      Hundreds  ;.of big flrina gladly use It. '*  J^''^rU.eifft^.^H:inf6rnjiatlori.  Jaaclaaa ©aUy Jsaports, Limited.  ;, i}2 jrinca-Wdr.; Taacoavar, B.C.  . ;• ■ Walspaoae■ ■ Seymour 3013.  MINING    NOTES  The development of ore on the Nugget mine has been' attended with results so esatisfactory that plans are  afoot for the operation of the. Mother  Lode mill. The property is in the  Sheep Creek district. , An ore body  10 to 12,.feet wide was cut by a cross  cut tunnel. 1100 feet long driven recently. The chief content of the ore  is gold. The Mother Lode mill was  erected a few years ago and is said  to .rank in equipment and performance  with the first in the north.  PLUMGING VREPORT WOR  MAY   SHOWS   INCFiEASE  The activity in^h<^e!»ouildiog construction during ithe-piasfc- month is'Ter  fleeted in the-monthly report of City.  Plum bing Inspector H. R. Simmers  which:;8hows that 97 permits were-ia-|  sued during the month" for a'tdtalibf  290 fixtures -installed. The fees'' for.  the month were' $145, -which show a  material increase 'for ;the" same' mbntli  4ast-:--year''--yhen--there^:-yrere--'-,bnly:'f57'  permits issued for which fees amounting to $98.50 were collected. ■ "i  For the first_five?months of the Curr,  rent year a total'of 372 permtts^were  issued aggregating $575.75 in fees  were paid." For the same period last  year 233 permits were- Issued -with  fees of $358. Since the first of the  year there has been installed in the  city a total of 1140 fixtures.  ;i-.i =  NOTES OF  INTEREST .  THROUGHOUT PROVINCE  The Lawerance & Workman sawmill at Stewart; has been enlarged and  now has a capacity of 20,000 feet of  lumber per day. This- will be increased to 50,000 - feet per day during thai;  summer, and the owners expect to be  able to take care of the lumber needs  of the district. Some $25,000 is being  Spent on> improvements.  -mmmrn  HATCS of I'OSTAGE on parcels mailed in the  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  :-;;>( ?A  *jiiMreaeed' to—-,  -Any-post"OfUce wJIhlit-  of ffiaYHiy.  'pout dlHce beyond  ft, mUea«Jbut ▼Jthln  |\05  -.10  Aay-poa  ,'■; barta  Awrpostodlce;ln 8aa  T  t .06  .14  3 lbs  I  .07  .18  a-ifc  i*  Itatchewan  '4nyppat; offlce in-Mah-  itoba  Any i poat rofllce-; in ■'■'"Onr:  tarlo, Quebec or, Maj>  i|Jjmct Provinces .....:,..  3  .20  .12  .24  .28  .34  4 lbs  $ .08  .22  .28  .36  .44  M2  Yukoh'Terrttory fcuirtmer  rates, June until Sep  tembe'r.'- inclusive  k  .24  .36     .48  5 lbs  $..10  .26  .34  .44  .54  .60  ;Yukon Territory-winter);  rates,   October    un.ttl  iiay, inclusive  „:. '■  .10    .16  .;..T   .121- .241  .28  .34  36*1    .481    .60  6 lbs  .30  .40  .64  s|£  7 lbs 8 lbs 9 lbsllO.lbiUlb  I 1      ■I---:''"-  I .1.4  .34  .46  .60  .74  .84  .40  .46  I .16  .38  .52  .68  .84  .96  $ .18  .42  .58  .76  .94  1.08  .521-   .58  $ J>0|S.21  ..46  .SO'  .64  .84  1.04  1.20  &  .70  .91  Itii  AUTOMOBILE  RECORDS  Following is a Complete' List of'New  •- Automobile Licerisea Recorded for'  Vancouver'and  District.  23714—H. G. McKay. 859' Thurlow' St .—  General-Tour. ':'"',■,  2371C—Wm. Dodds, ^ 2424-i'Queens -"' Ave;,  Coll.—Chevrolet-Tour.  22716—M.-F. Shook, Hatzici B. C.^-Olds!  Tour. • ■; .  23717—Roy1 W^'Browri.' 2556 6th Ave. W.;  -^-Franklin Road.     ''." ]'\  2371 8—W. C Reeve.  1219: Georgia St.—  ■•i   McLaughlin "Tour.  23719—J. A. Perdue^900»12th Ave.'W^-  ■-■      Studebaker Tour. •     i,:  23J20—Dr. D. J. Barclay. Chase; B.: C.^-  Cleveland/'Road. - ; r"  23721—H.: Kemp," 738: Georgia E—Chevrolet-Truck. ■ .... ;,  23722—L. E. Harbiir. 11 Gore Ave.4-  Nash Tour. ;  1130 Seymour  23723—Dom.  Express Co..  St.—Ford Truck.  23724—H.  V. Gervan,  1642. Nelson-rSi:—;  -    Crow  Blkha^dt .Tour.  23725—W.  A.  B^llagh.   418   15th Ave." E?  •  .  —Chevrolet Totir.   '•  237*6—Geo.  E.  Taylor,  977  8th"Ave;  W^  • -■ ,       —l''ord Tour. ""  23727—C. E. Nelson, 2144-' 12th W.—Ford  vTour.   .-,■''        -���■-.-■   :\  23728—H.   V.   Pratt,   3890   Osier   Ave.—  Lexington  Tour. . ;  • I  23729—R.T. Jaekson,  615~Diinsmuir St.  —Dodge   Tour.  23730—N. H. Borden, 103 32nd Ave.'E.-^  Hudson Tour.  23731—Ben Goflln Co.. J>ort Haney, B; C.t  ^—Federali Track.  23732—A. S. Hatfield,' Pentlcton. B=.? G —  Olds  Tour. ' • :  135' Water  St.—  Ave. E.—  LOW (COST TON MILE delivered io GarfolHd USiemin  every industry, includes all that can be said about truck  economy and truck efficiency.  IMMEDIATE  DELIVERY—ONE  TO TEN-TON CAPACITIES.  Motor Service   Limited  V.  George  A. Sabourin, Menarfer  B. C DISTRIBUTORS  VANCOUVER, 1. C  1.33  .70  721     .84)     .99f 1 08[  1.20)  1.3g  •^ai-mirtlmuni. CJiaria: oni any parcel shall not exceed 1 cent. an_ ounce.  •This rate also obtains In cases where the 20-mllfi area extenns Into an afl-  Jacent Provlnte. .,  v  Bankars Safas  »—Ham VuitPoora  Safe Deposit  Boxax  Fireproof Safes  Fireproof Vault Doors  goldie & Mcculloch Co.;  >CALTV ONTARIO, CANADA  C.1  BapreaenUtlvavfor B. C.  ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAILED  ON REQUEST  SEYMOUR 3907  569 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  23733—H.   W.  IkfcBain  Ford Tour.  23734—H. W. Gorrie, 1630 2nd  Ford  Tour.  23735—Geo.   Osen,    Chtlliwack,   B.   C  '   - Nash Tour.  23736—W.   F-Stafford.   2435  Granville—  Ford Tour.  23737—Margaret  Heaps.   New Westminster—WiHys-O.   Tour.  23738—Geo.     Evans.   727     Pender    St.—  Gray-Dort Road.  23739—D. Fraser, 500 Cordova W.—Ford-  Road:  23740-rWm. Robinson, No; 4 Road, Lulu*  Island—Dodge Tour.  23741—E.'. J.-' Gray,   1200   Georgia. W —  Olds Tour.  23742—^Mrs.K. Bisw-anger, 601'Hastings  E.—Gray-Dort  Tour. -  23743—Waghorn Gwyira &'Go;,  2136.8th  Ave.. E.^-Chevrolet Tour. .   ,  23744—H.Dahl,  1839- 2nd Ave. E.—Hud''"  son  Tour.   .  237.45—Wm.E. Lambert, 26'4S" St. George.  * St.'—Ford'Tour. f   .  2374C^—N4. Allan, M.'; X):.—Chevrolet TOur.J  23747—W.-W.   Birkenshaw.   17S9   Mathews- Ave.—'NasH Tour., .   f  2374S—N.   G:  Ross.   3431 "9tli  Ave.'W.'-^  McLaughlin   Tour.  23749—J.   R.-EldrJdge., 3763 Hastings  E..  —-Ford'Tour:  237.50—G.    Hare.  733;   GamRbell    Ave.—-  Kord Tour.  27501—A. E. Coffey, 1342' 10th- Ave. E.-f^  Ford  Tour. ■ .l»m  27502—A.   F.   Gormley,   35   Pender Wr.—    [  Hudson Tour. . :. i  n  27503—J.    Massi..   1857    Union   St.—Reo  Tour..  27001—United   Farmers,   Haney,  B.   C.-^  Giant Truck. ';  27505—W   S.  Ivamy.  West  Burnaby.  B.-  C.—Studebaker Road.  STRAIGHT  LOANS   Ott ■  MONTHLYJLOANS  DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  WMW:  330r»Ddw St. W.  PBOXX SJBTXOUS 790»791  .'ij^i^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiraiiiiimiii.'iiraii  In DUNHAM HEATIHfi SERtlCE  CAN   BE  FOUND  RF.LIEF  FROM  .HEATING  TROUBLES  Dunham System ef'Heating 'does away  with the" souroe ot trouble by using "tHa  Dunham   Radiator   Trap.  Dunhams-Heating- Is used on its. merits'  and  record  ot satisfactory'-sefrvice.-  Specify it whenever possible.  C.A.DUNHAM COMFANYrLtd  .Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.C.  p.  Q.  B'BXSOXT,  Manager  Phone Sey.  S057' -425 Standard  Bank Bldg.   '  '!  ■as  IT ■- nnmmtt»i» e.»:^>^.ctcci.a:mais.la.alc<L^aa.«ja^^" c^<^V<L^Tc» *«tftfal*ae«gfea.-  INVITING  TENDERS FOR'  SCHOOL AT COURT-EN AY  Tenders are being invited by the  Honourable the Minister-of Public  Works up to 12 o'clock noon, June  30th, for the erection of an eight-  roomed school at Courtenay,. B. C.  Plans and specifications may be obtained at the offices of the Government Agent, Court House, Vancouver,  at the office of the school board:chairman, Courtenay, and at the Government Agents at Nanaimo- and- Cumberland.  i  I  I  i  i  i  i  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  *HE ACME OF  r SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRCNGitH  +       ■• >  iislHiiheYour  'S    NEW  pii,  «l  '%  •>.  « I:.  5  •«  and Walls  9 Waterproof and Sanitary  BY USING  ^WATEIffROQFINB.  •r<  HARDENW^IIJUIWAND  Hull Pa«P«ciilars and  Information on Application  Manufactured by  Ihe B.C. IMPERWIEALITE  Fire*Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  little'Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same-as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes /  5M;"xS"xll><" 5^"xS"x5%":  5V2"K4:"-xliy2" 5^rx4"x5%''!  21//."xS"x53/^'r Corner and Jambs-'  4"xS"x5y2"    (Pilaster Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  •  Artiatic  Cheap to Lay ; >*;'.;;': -  Interlocking  ' W:^  Strong"Piers*aiid" JaffibcC :;:  Load? Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PAlNTiNO  '!^<Wf*IIMBiB 328 Rogers Bid©  Phone : Sey. 9260  *f.  FACTORY Falrview  fa^ww***********  ww*ww****************w^^  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  :, Fireproof. Tile can' only be made from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers of Fire :Ci8ky>r in  British Columbia.  Consult us about these Blocks in your cohstru'etion:  CLAYBURN ^^.... -,..  Credit'Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B.C.  Apply for quotations to  EVANS, COLEMAN a EVANS, Limited,  Vancbii1rerTahd -Victoria, B. C.  iia>i>i»a[  aTBt^^r«^^^^^^'Agmg^^ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You in Touch  With a Reliable Firm  ABOBITECTTTBAX. TEUa OOXTa  Eraoa, Coleman & Evans. Ltd  : Bey.  29B8  rf G.  McBride It Co. — Sey. 115a  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd . Sey.  4793  Bltchlt Contr. a Sun.  Co.. Ltd :_-.Sej. 8182  ASBESTOS PAPEB    '  Taylor  Engineering Co.,   Ltd..... _  Sey. 3680  ASPHALT PELT  The   Barrett .Co.,   Limited...- _....-—Bay.    63  Cram.  Coloman A Erans. Ltd —_:_.„I.„Sey.  2»88  Pacific   Booflm   Co.,   Ltd -Sey. 1186  Wood.  Vallance  * Leggat ._.:.Sey:   T200  ASPS ALT   PZTCB  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited......'. ..- — Bay. . 63  Pacific   Booting   Co.,   Ltd....—. _.— Sey. 1188  AVTOXOBXX.E   iBSTJBABCE  Canadian   Surety   Co.   —.   Sey.. 558  Ceperley, Bounsefell & Co.....:  Sey.  T820  BEAVEB  BOABB  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited........ —-  .Bay.    63  licGlbboii-Hodg»on    Lumber   Co „—j.—.J*afr. 1 «B9 ]  O'Neil.   Wm.   Jf.   Co..  ltd..-..—_ .~S#T. «W  BX.TTE PBIBTS  Clly  Map A  White  Print  Co.—  Dominion Blue Print Co.———•■  ELECTBICAL  COBTBACTOBS  '■ ■   •  B.   N\   Dicer   &   Co - — Soy. 824  Electric   Contr.    &   Repairing   Co —.. Sey. T955  Jenkins   Electric   Co.,   Ltd Sey. 9312  W.   W.   Fraser Soy. 7965  Mundy.   Bowland  A  Co...'. r. —• s''y\?54  Reliable   Electric  Co.   -  . Soy. 46t>u  Richardson   Electric   Co.  ...-  Soy. 8698  The   Electric   Shop       Sey. 1224  Tho Jarvis Electric  Co..  Ltd - - Sey. 175  ETjECTBXC PIXTUBES  Farr,    Robinson    &    Bird —Sey. 8S12  Lang   Electric  Future   Co —  Sey. 8793  ELECTBXCAX. XPOBB.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co   - Sey. 1878  EZ.ECTBXCAX.   BEPIBXBO        - ^  Reliable  Electric  Co.    . — -Sej. 4660  EI.ECTBICAX. STTPPLXES  ..Sey. 6693  ...Sej. :S48T-4870  BOBBS—SUBETT  Canadian   Surety   Co.  ._Sey. 559  Sey. 7820  Ceperley.  Bounsefell * Co.-:-:..-.  BBA8S BAZZ.IBOS  Farr,    Bobinson    a    Bird:...'.—. ..Sey: 3312  BBXCX—ALL XXBB8  ■rani. Coleman * Erans. Ltd.—. —Sey.  2988  OUIey Broa.. Ltd „..—.-.—.—i:—■■—West.  15-16  T.  G.  McBride * Co - .....—..  Sey. 1159  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd..—..:.-V—~.i~.—Sey.-4785  B.   C.   Electric  Darling, Frank a Co..-. ,—  The   Electric   Shop       The Jarvis Electric Co..  Ltd   Jenkins   Electric   Co.,. Ltd...—.  Mundy,   Rowland  A-Co- —  Bankin    &    Cherrlll „.   Hichardsou Electric  Co.      Ritchie. &   MacdougaU  Sey. 5000   _...._Sey.  4100-4101   ;. Sey. 1224   . Sey. 175  _....-._.......—Sey. 9512  ... „._.- Sey. 354  ...— Sey. T800-01  .—  Sey.. 8696  ..S-uy. 9167  Bitchie Contr.' * Sup. Co., Ltd..  Bitchie  A  Macdousall ....-.—..  ..Sey.; 9182  —-Sey. 9167  BBXCK XPOB8.  tiabrlola Shale Products, Ltdi... _ —..Sey. 9167  BUXXiBXBO  PELTS  ABD  PAPEBS  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited....-.*  ——Bay.    63  Brans. Coleman A Erans. Ltd...——-...^_..Sey. ,2988  IfeGlbbon-Hodgson   Lumber■" Co..—_——ii:-J,«ir."1659  O'Nell, Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd.—. ——.i—Sey:  4795  Bitchie   A   Macdougalt — .——Sey. »167  Wood.  Vallauce A Leggat. .....—.„.. Sey.  7200  BVBOX.ABY XB8CBABCE  .Sey. 559  Canadian   Surety  Co.  - OABPZBTEBS   U  JOIBEBB    :.  B.  Ch.ystsl a Co ~'~: • -,...Sey. 8551  Dixon A Murray .—..—...—I: Sey.' 8765-8766  CEXEBT  Bain   Broa - - - .—.—-:—Sey. 838  Balfour. Guthrie A Co.:..——..: —.Sey. 9197-6575  Bfana.  Coleman A E»an». Ltd..:..—._•.——Sey.  2988  Gllley Bros.. Ltd _..—.—....———Weat. 15-18  T.  G.   McBride A Co — —..—..—. Sey. 1159  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co.. LM.~----.--~- Sey. 4T95  Bltchle Contr. A Sun. :Cc >Ud.--—-~~—~,Sey: r>18'f  CBBTBBT TESTIBO ABB ASSATIBO  Hunt, Bobert W. A Co;.^..—Z~.UL=-JL~^Sey.»»•»  COBrTmACTOBS—OEBBBAXi  ELECTBXC SUPPLIES—WHOLESALE  Rankin    A   Cherrlll— ——.—..- Sey. 7600-01  ELETATOBS  Darling. Frank A Co;.—.———-i—Sey.  4100-4101  ELEVATOB CABS ABB ElTCLOSTTBES  S. M. Morris A Co., Ltd.— Jay.  1041  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.-..i.~—_- -—.Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup. Co.. Ltd..—- ——Sey. 8162  EBCLOSUBES  Artistic  Win  A  Iron   Works—..—..—.—-Fair. 2648  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks..— .'. —Fair.  2794  HEATXBGr—HOT    AXB,    STEAM    ABO  ▼EHTILATXBO  Bailey,  E.   A - — _ Sey.    136  Barr  &  Anderson— _ -  : ,.Soy.   6180  Campbell & Grill.    —.Sey. 2981  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works   Soy.    620  C. A.  Dunham Co.. Ltd. — Sey. 8057  Murray   Bros,    Ltd... -— —.Sey. 8614  Pacific, Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd.  —..Sey. 2172  Bltchle   &   MacdougaU   .....—..—.— —..Sey. :9167  Vancoiirer   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd .-. Sey. 7347  BOI8TXBG   EBOXBE8  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup. Co.. Ltd —.—Sey. 9182  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd —...." Sey. 3680'  ■ ■■ IBSTJBABCE  Ceperley, Bounsefell A. Co.—  Sey.. T820  XBTEBXOa   PIBISH  Erans. Coleman A Evans, Ltd  —.Sey.   2918,  O'Neil, Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.—...^ -..——Sey.  4795.  Bitchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd —Sey. .9162  XBOB ABB  STEEL—8TBUCTT7BAX.  Can. N.  W. Steel Co.. Ltd —Fair: 2396-7  Coughlan. J. A Sons... .—- —Sey.  7940  Evans, Coleman & E»ans. Ltd.... ....  S. M. Morris A Co., Ltd ......  O'Neil.-Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd..-  —...Sey:  2988  BNOXBES—SEKX-BEXSEL  Taylor Engineering  Co..   Ltd .—...——Sey. 3680  EBOXHEEB*  Taylor Engineering  Co..  Ltd.—-—. —Sey. 3680  Walsh  A Co..  T.  A..———— ..——Sejr. ■ 4718  EZCATATXBO  J. Hanbury A Co.  .—. —..—: Bay. 107  PEBCE8 ABB  GATES       »  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks „.—__.——Fair.  2794  PXBE  CLAY  Balfour, Guthrie A Co. -  Brans, Coleman A Erans. Ltd...  Gilley Broa.., Ltd.—.— —  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co., Ltd.   T.  G.  McBride  A Co...  -Say. 919T-6573  .._:_'^_Sey. 2988  i._IWeat. 15-16  .^L-Sey.   4795  Bitchie Contr.  A Sup. Co.. Ltd—~-—  PXBE ESCAPES  8. M. Morria A Co:. Ltd...——   —9ey. 1159  —Sey. 9182  _B«. 1041  Armstrong. Morrison A Co.  Bamage.   A.   L   Walsh A Co. T.  A.  Ltd.i  .-^_r.Sey.-1838  .Fair. 28211  .—Sey. 4738  PE»E EZTXBOITXSKEBS  nitchle   A   MacdougaU—..;.—.....——A. — -Sey. «167  PXBE  BOOBS  fc BEBTAL WXBBCWS  B.C. Ceiling A Booflng Co.. Ltd.:—£——_F»ir. 1267  PIM  EXTXHQlTISSrB* STBTEBOI  ^Biil A Anderson.— ^—:^——-— -.Bey.   6180  PLOOBXBO — BtABBWOOB      .^  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.. Ltd— ^—Bay,. 1287  Inlay Hardwood .Floor  Co.—.—.1.——-—••Sej'f 9201  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.— ■ _——-Sey., 4795  J. Fyfe Smith A Co.. Ltd. — Sey. 1196  ..Bay.  1043    ; Sey/ 4795  Bitchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd..— -Sey. 9162  T.  Watt Iron A Oalr.  Works—— — -—-Fair.' 971  Weatmlnater Iron Works -.—..— West.  53  Wood.  Vallance  A  Leggat.— _. ....—Soy.   7200  XBOB AHD STEEL—OBHAKZHTAX  Artistic-Wire A Iron Works :—Fair. 2648  Erans, Coleman A Erans. Ltd. — Sey.  2»88  8. M. Morris A Co., Ltd..——.—„:———Bay.  1043  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co., Ltd .——. —Sey.  4795  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks . ..——. Jalr.  2794  Bitchie Contr. A^up. Co.. Ltd.i—..—..——Sey. 9162  T. Watt Iron A Galr. Works ; ^—. Jalr. 971  Westminster Iron Works- ;   Wood. Vallance A Leggat    XB8ITLATX0B  Taylor Engineering Co..   Ltd , —.  XAXSOBOBIHO  C. J. Cummins A Co . —  Dixon A Murray.-—....  —Weat.  53  .—.Sey.   7200   .Sey. 3680  —.—.Sey. 13S7  .Sey.   8765-876«  ■    LATH—1KETAL  Erans,   Coleman   A  Erans.   Ltd .._..  T.  G.  McBride A Co.—-— —  O'NeU. Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd —  Bitchie  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Lto^ i—  Bitchie   A   MacdougaU ...  —Sey. 2988  ...Sey. 1159-  -Sey. 4795"  _^_Sey.'9162   Sey. 9167  Balfour, Guthrie A Co..  Erans. Coleman A Erans, Ltd...  Gllley Bros.. Ltd..  Northwest  Lime' Co.   _  T.   G.  McBride A Co...  COBTBACT0B8—THE—TEBBAZZO  Erans.  Coleman A Erans. Ltd...—. .Sey.  2988  0:Nall. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd:.:-::—.'-———'——Sey.  4795  CBABES   AHB   HOISTS   (ELECTBXC)  Bltchle   A   MacdougaU——-— -Soy- 9167  The  Holden  Co..   Ltd..--.-.— -Bey. 10»  ivr>n*lTTIO   Sey. 1337   Bay. 3202  BECOBATIBO  C J. Cummins A Co  -»—  Magee. 3. U —-——• ■-—-      _  BBAPTXBO Bt STXPPXiIES        .  Demlnlon Blue Print Co..- ^...—Sey.  249r-467t  BSOLLS—POBTABLE   ELECTBXC  DarlUirFrank A Co.—.-,—,--—-#«»:. 4100-4101  Bltchle   A   MacdougaU   -   -Ser. 9167  The Holden.Co.. Ltd,.— —-:.r-__lV,Sey.> 1065  ',    BBXLL STEEX^ ^  Taylor-Engineering Co.,  Ltd.—.—;-.-. Sey. 3680  POBOXHOS  Westminster Iron Works-  _Weat 5S  •ALTABIXXBO  T.  Watt Iron A Galr.  Works..  -Fair. 971  OA8   APPLXABCES  Bitchie   A   MacdougaU —. Se<\ 9167  Vancouver Gas  Co. —Sey. 5000  :B ALX. KXBBB  Fair. 3491 L  .-Fair. 1218  GLASS—ALL BIBBS  Grant.   J.   A   W.   Holt,   Glass   Dealer   « .-—  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.—   Pilklngton   Bros.   — —r   H ABB W ABE  Brown, Fraser A Co.. Ltd   Flett,  J.  A   -Sey.  4795  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co., Ltd..  Bosebank   Lime   Co—.. .  'Bltchle..'].'   T.•■"A.-  Bltcble Contr.  A Sup. Co.. Ltd...  .Sey. 9197-65H  __Sey. (2988  ^Weat. 15-16  .-Sey. 6191-2  —Sey. 1159   Sey.   4795  ,—Sey. 9167  ...—.Sey.' 9167  ™Sey. MM  Federal Lumber Co.—.__.— ^:.  McGlbbon -Hodgson   Lumber   Co.-  Vancourer' Lumber   Co".,   Ltd——  „Se».   S998-S999  .—._Fair. l'«W   .^^.Sey. 4160  ..Sey.  7155  Wood. Vallance & Leggat:—..—..——  HABDWOOO LUXBEB  I. Fyfe Smith A Co., Ltd...- —   .Sey.   2327-2328  .—.Sey:  7200  '. JTaiK 913-  KACXXHEBT  Brown.   Fraser   A. Co..   Ltd.—'.—:.——-—Sey. 7155  Darling.   Frank   A  Co. ;;.—-———.Sey.   4100-4101  O'NeU.   Wm.   N*.   Co..   Xtd—— Sey. 4795  Bitchie   Contr.   *   Sup.' Co..   Ltd  Sey. 9162  Ritchie    A    MacdougaU     -.Sey. 9167  Taylor Engineering  Co..   Ltd. .—.— Sey. 3680  The Holden Co.. Ltd— . —Sey.  1065  •Valsb  A  Co..  T.   A Sey. 4738  HACXCXBZ won  Westminster Iron Works_^_ W'est.  53  XCABTELS—BBXCH. TILE ABB WOOD  Erans. Coleman A Erans, Ltd Sey.  2988  T.   G.  McBride' A'Co.'—:.—:.-— .-.—...—Sey. 1159  O'Nell. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.. : —.—Sey.  4795  ltXBVBa  EBGXBXEB8  Walsh'A  Co.,  T.   A..— _ —.-.  Sey. 4718  MOTOBS  11.   C.   Electric : — —Sey. 5000  Muiidj>.   KowianU   &   Co.   -   S»y.    S54  Hellabie  Electric  Co.  - hey. 4G6o  WchanUon   Electric  Co.   : ......_ ..:.. ..Sey. 8696  Tho Jarrfs Electric. Co..   Ltd   Suy   175  MOTOB   TBUCXS  Garford' Trucks   .—...:; _._.'. .v.'. —..—...Sey. 4192  Motor  SerTice,   Lid., —   ....Sey. 4192  MOLTIGBAPHXBG  Central Public  Stenographers   Ui: Sey. 5078  OPPXCE ABB STOBE  PITTIHGS  John  Arno^ & :Sons  s —  : High,    374  .K'-'Chrystil.-A. Co.'.-.  , :.—Sey. S551  Dixon  A.Murray ..—..•—..—. . -Sey.  8765-8766  PAIHTIBG  ABB   PAPEB)   HABOXBG  C.  J.   Cummins A  Co - . —Sey. 1337  Dtxon' A- Murray   ...„ — —..Sey. 8765-8768  PAIHT8—PXBJB.PBOOP   ' '   i  .OVNell. Wm;-N. Co., Ltd —__^„—-Sey. 4795 |  ..':' PAXBTS—DAMP BBOOP  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited —:  —Bay.    63  Canipbul'l'"A'.'Grllli- ~. '. - ~ '_: —Seyl 2981  Erans,. Coleman A*Erans, Ltd.: —Sey.. 2988  O'Neil,  Wm. X. Co., Ltd — „_:_ Sey.  4793  Ritchie   A-MacdougaU...:—*.—. Soy. '.1167.  Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd..- „...-... Soy.'36S0  PAXBTS—ABCHXTECTUBAL  Huntc'r-Hciulerson  Paint Co..  Ltd.— —Sey. 6110  ;. PAIBT MPOBS.    ."'■':~-  Ayres   Varnish   A   Paint   Co.——^ „nigh. 1928  Hunter-Henderson  Paint Co..  Ltd.—— —Sey. 6110  Martin-Senbur   Co..   Ltd.   ..... : J.—JUgh.'   422  Pilklngton   Bros — . — —.—.....Sey. 4160  ■ '    PAPEB   Smith. Daridson A Wright, Ltd.—. -...Sey. 95*56  PABTITXOB—FXBEPBOOP  Erans. .Coleman A Erans.  Ltd. ..——Sey. 291»  T.   G.   McBride  A   Co -.. ....  —Sey.'11-19  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd.— .—,Se»v 9162  Ritchie   A" MacdougaU—i———.-.— —Boy? 91fi7  PABTITXOB   WXBE  Artistic   Wlro   A   Iron   Works.———J"alr. 2M»  Pearson Wire A Iron  Wka . _ -Fair.  2794  PATTEBHS  'Westminster Iron Works  :..: —West.     5S  '■'■ \    ''■     PIG XBOB "ABB TIB ' .■  .Balfgour.  Guthrlo   A  Co.-—.—. L—Sey.   9/97-6575  Erans. Coleman A Erans. Ltd..———. Bey.  298  '- PXLXBO   ABB   POLES  Federal Lumber Co.   ..—:—_.„.—..—Sey. 3998-3999  Joe   Lepore   _^_—:- ;-. ^.__::.—:—..————.High, 14S  PILE BBITXBO  Erana.  Col«man A Erans. Lto^ —.——:—Sey.  2»88  Fraaer  Blrer  Pile  Dr.   Co.——. —1^—:-Sev. 4404  PIPE   COVEBIBG  Taylor Engineering  Co..   Ltd.———. ...Sey. 3630  PIPE—8EWEB    .  Erans,, Coleman A Erans.  Ltd:.—i—u..—Sey. 2988  Gllley Bros.. Ltd.-—— .—. ——.West.  15-16  T1; G-. McBride A:Co.: — -. —Sey. 1159  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd ———Sey."9162  'h.  ■ :*--:.-.< —.''•'•     PLASTEB  Balfour; Guthrie A. Co..  [ PLASTEB—OKNAKliBTAL  [■Bain    Bros „ -.. -.....— Sey. 838  Brans,  Coleman A   Erans, Ltd J Sey.   2989  T.   O.   Mcllrldo  A  Co..   — Hey.  1139  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd.    Sey. 479*  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  >xi.. Ltd,—. Sey. 9163  PLUXCBIBO  .Bailtiy.   E.    A, _U ...,—..— .—.Sey.    138  Usrr   A   Anderson   —.. . .', — Sey. 6180  Urowu.   \V.   A..   Limited...-.-—..: _  Sey.    770  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works— . -Sey.    620  Murray   Bros.    Ltd  —    Sey. 8614  PBEVKATXC TOOLS  Darling. Frank & Co ; •-...  Sey.  4100-4101  The IJolden  Co.. Ltd  _.— Sey.  1083  POWEB PLABT 8PECXALTXBS  C. -A.   Dunham  Co..   Ltd.  _.—  Sey. 8057  Ritchie   &   MacdougaU   .._  .- _,—„Sej. 9187  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd Sey. 3680  PU1CP8    ■'.:,'  Taylor Engineering  Co.,   Ltd .   Sey. S680  BOOPEBB  Wrltht   Bros.  :.__—.—..._:—-. ...—Sey. 3315  HOOPING XCATEBXAL  The  Barrett  Co.,  Limited..':, ...Bay,  61  Campbell A Grill..—.—:;, :...___ '. Say.- »81  T.   G: McBride A  Co.—. — Sey.  115»  O'Nell.  Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd....— — —..Sey.   4715  •Pa'cirJc   Rooflng   Co..   Ltd.————._.——Sey.-1186  Ritchie  Contr.  A Sup.  Co.,  Ltd.—. ._Sry. »]6J  Ritchie   A   MacdougaU   ........ ... Sey. »167  Evans.  Coleman  A -.Erans,. Ltd.: . —...Sey.  2988  Taylor   Engineering   Co..   Ltd .. ..Sey. 3680  Wood,   Vallance.   A   Leggat—_. . ...._..Sey.   7200  BOOPXHG   COBTBACTOBS  It. C.  Celling A Roodng Co.,  Ltd , ..Fair. 1267  Campbell A"Grill—....  —..— ..Sey. 29*1  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works—_; ...Sey. . 620  Pacific   Boonng   Co.,   Ltd  ,:.— —Sey. 11»»  I'acitlc   Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Ltd...,.,- Sey. 2172  Ritchie   A   MacdougaU- : .... —., Sey. 91«7  Vancouver   Sheet   Motal   Co..  Ltd.— ; Sey. 7347  BOPE—MABXLLA  Balfour, Guthrie A Co.— : —Sey. 919T-6575  Walsh -/A'  Co..   T.  A.   ........_ — i-.^.Sey. 47M  Wood. "A'allance  A   Leggat  .„ _..Se).   7200  SAPES-^VAULT   OOOBB  Goldle  A  McCulloch.   C.  L.   Ford.   Agt. Sey. 3*07  O'Nell. Wm.   N. Co.,  Ltd.—.— _8ey.  47M  BAND, GBAYEL ABB CBVSKED BOCX  Evans.  Coleman A  Erans. Ltd ——Sey.  2(63  Fairriew  Sand  A  Gravel  Co.,  Ltd— .——Fair. J52  Olliey Bros..   Ltd.—-, ... _; West.  15-16  T.  a.   McBride  A Co . —— — - —Sey. 1139  Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup  Co,.  Ltd,—, —„.Sey. 9162  BASK   DOOBS,   WXBDOWS,   ETC.  John  Arnot  &  Sons : — ..—.II l*h.. 374  Grant;- J.   A... .. —.- .. —-- ...Fair. 3491 L  Helmcr.    R,-    D._. -    Bay. 3781   O'NeU.  O'Nell, Win.   N.  Co,.  Ltd.—.—„. ..Sey.  4795   .8*r-   4701    —.Sey. 9I6f   —Sey. 3818  _- —iBey.   7208  'O'Nell,  Wm-.' N.   Ca.,  Ltd—  Ritchie   A   MacdougaU    Taylor   Engineering  Co..   Ltd,  Wood.   Vallance  A, Leggat,   STEHOOBAPBEBS—PtTBLXO  Central    public    Stenographers . Bey. 3976  •   BTOBAOE BATTBBXBS  B.   C.  'Klactrie' ...—— ——..... Say. tM6  The Jarvis Electric Co..  Ltd.- . : „M«y. 171  Rlchardjoo vJCi^ctrie  Co.    :....- J»ey. 8896  STOP.B AND OPPIOB PXZTOBBB ABB  BTOBB PBOBTB  Dixon  A Murray . . Sey.i 8765-I788  Krans.  Coleman A Erans. Ltd.- Bey.   2988  O'Nell.  Wm. ■■■S: Co.. Ltd ; -Bar.   4798  Bltchle   A  MacdougaU—— ~84ry. tiCf,  TAB  ABD  PXTOBX   '  The Barrett Co., United :   Campbell' A GrllL-U^i.———  Krans. Coleman A Evans. Ltd.  Pacific  Sheet   Motal  Wks., Ltd.  TEBfjrBBATtrBB  C.  A.   Dunham  Co.. tLtd   Ritchie   A  Macdotifall——  -Bay. M  -Sey. 9(1  -Sey.   »6»  _.-. Sey. nrt  OVXATOBS   —_.»ey. itSi  — —.Hey. 916T  ;   TILE—BBAXBXBO  Kvans.  Coleman - A"- Evans, Ltd.—   Qtlley  nrna..  Ltd— . ■:: —  T.   O.   McBride  A Co . -. „.   _—Sey.  f»U  -Weat.   18-16  .—Sey. 1138  Bitchie Contr.  * Sup,Co.; Ltd.^ -Bey. 9191  TILE—PLOOB  ABB   WALL  Brana.  Coleman a Evans, Ltd.— —Sey.   »96  O'Nell.  Wbl- N. Co-. Ltd-i——-  , Bay.  4768  .;...>-.--..>..-,.,,,txb? BXOkxam'■<.-.-.  Balfour. Guthrie.a Co.:  -See. 6K7-68M  —Bey. 39(8  Erans.   Coleman  A'Erans.. Ltd-.j^ .  '.    TOOL  STBBL  Darling.  Frank AC* —. —±-UJBw.  «16«-4161  RltChi*   A   liarHAiifall -y„ - '  . .":- - - -,' ■• - ■ „   ffj.   f|«T  Taylor   Engineering .Co.; .Ltd. -—.._-»— —__*>»:" 36»a  "TBABSFBXW':-:>:'y  B.   A.   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Co., Ltd _—...i Sey. 479S  Hltchlo Contr.  & Sup.  Co..  Ltd —Sey. 9162  '.       PLA8TEBXBG  COBTBACTOBS  Bain   Bros."    :..  —._".— — -Sey. 838  Bush   A   Read   „ :   Bay. 3370  PLASTEB  PABTXTXOaT BLOCKS  .Sey." 2988' "Erans.  Coleman'A Evans.  Ltd. *....: Sey. 298S  .Sey. 4795    n'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.-   Sey. 4795  SHEET   METAL  B.  C.  Celling  A Roofing Co.. Ltd ——.Fair. 1267  CampbellA Grill ... , : .Sey. 298.  Central ; Sheet   Metal   Works. ... —.—Sey.   620  Paciflo' Sheet  Melaf.Wks.,   Ltd  .... .Sey.':2172  Ritchie 'A 'Macdouiall   — . . .. _.t>*7. 9167  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co..   Ltd.... -Sey. 7347  -   '-'l,-             SHTBGLES1  McGtbbon-Hodgson    Lumber   Co Fair. 1639  SHOW  CASES  Dtron  A Murray—  Sey.  8763-8788  SLATE  Evans.  Coleman A  Evans, Lid . Sey.  2(11  O'Neil.--Wm.   N.  Co.,-Ltd _ „ Sey.   4T95  Ritchie Contr.   A Sub:  Co,.  Lid Sey. 9187  SLATE AND TILE LAYEB  Jarnleson;-   D.     McC  ;   Say. 4463 R  SPBAYIBG—LIME  ABD  PAIBT  CummiiiKS,   F.   L..:..._ Sey.,  1124    Fraser   217 L  STEEL—BEIHFOBCIBO  B»'four. Guthrie A Co  ._ , Sey. 9197-8571  ETans,  Coleman A Erans, Ltd.— Sey.  2981  Taylor   Kngtheerlng Co.. -I4d.—_  WATBBPBOOP  CO:  The Barrett Co.. United-'—  Erana, Coleman A Brana. Ltd.  O'NeU.  Wm.  N„  A  Co..  Ltd.-  Pacific   Roofins   Co,., Ltd.: .—  Bltchle  A   Macriouiall..-....—  —.Bay. M  -an. nu  47(8  -Jiar. (197  B«r_ 47(1  -See. 11(6  Taylor  Engineering Co..  Ltd...  —Her. (1(7  -Her. 3618  WINDOW BCBJMBB  ArUatie Wire A Iron Worka—U  8.  14. MorrU A Ca..^^ Ltd.-  O'Neil.   WaiiN^ A  Co?!,   ^*-  Pearson Wire A fron Wka.-'  .*.-»;■ WXBB  WOBXBB1  Artistic Wire A Iron Works—_^—_  Pearson. Wire A Iron .Wka..  -.      WXBB BOPB  Balfour, Guthrie A Co : —  -Fair. 3843  -Bar. 1048  .i-Bee.; 4T9J  -Fair. 9848  rair.. 2798  -Bey. 61(7-6JT»  -——S^.   »8a  Brans,  Coleman A; Evans. Ltd.   Walsh   A Co.. ;t.- A/—: .   Ritchie  Contr.   A Sup.. Co.. Ltd.-  Taylor   Engineering Co.,   Ltd   Wood;   Variance  A  Leggat ;_—._— 8«y.   7209  WNOLEBALB  BOOPXBO  The  narrett  Co.,  Limited.   -Her. 4711  -Bar. 9161  ..Sey. 38*8  Ltd-  Paclfic   Roortng   Co.,      Hltchlo   A   Macdougak ~,~  Taylor   Knrlneerlor-Co..   Ltd..  Wood.   Vallauce  a. L*riat    Bay. 63   rt«r. I la*   Mur. »']67  ...jiry   a88«   Sey.   72O0  Present Cost of Building Materials  These quotatjona are based on reliable Information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  Date of Quotations, Saturday June 12,1920  All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Bond—i% amourit of contract. _ __  B«BT«r Board-  Quantities   up   to   600   ft.,   $70.00   per  1,000 ft. -'   •'    „'_-." ,t  Quantities   over   and   under   2,500   it.  $68.00 per 1,000 ft. .„   '  Quantities  over 2,500  feet,  $66.00  per  1.000 feet.    '  Brickwork—  Common,   $23.00  per  1,000   (At Ware-  Comnfon,' $26.00  per 1,000   (Delivered.  Business  Section).  Pressed.   $80..00   per   1.000   (at   Warehouse).        • .  Fire, $80.00 per 1,000  (At Warehouse)  Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2  in.,  15c per square foot.  12x12x3  in.,  15c per square foot.  12x12x4  In., 15c per square foot.  12x12x6   in..  23c per  square  foot.  12x12x8  in.,  28c per square foot.  Dennlson Interlocking tile.  13c each.  Building*   Paper—(Local   Manufacture).  Pure Sulphite—Plain $1.35 per -100 ft.  Asphalted, $1.50 per 400 ft. roll.  Concrat*. Work—Material at  Warehouse.  Rock,   Course - $3.00 per yd.  Rock,  Medium....-..:.. --,. 3.00 per yd.  Gravel.   Fin»   .... ....^..  3.00 per yd.  Gravel,   Medium    3.00 per yd.  Pea   Sand   ...:... - - 2. .5 per yd.  Wash   Sand  3.00 per yd.  Cement—(Delivered)  20   Sack   lots. *>er   bbl.. $3.90  (Sacks Extra).  Over 20 Sack Lots, per bbl  3.65  (Sacks  Extra)  Rebate on Sacks,   each 20  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $15.00 "each.  Meter Loops.,$10.00 each. ,._.  Store  Buildings—(Conduit) ^  Ceiling Outlets, drop $15.00 to.$25.00  GSich  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows (On transom bar) $1.00 ea  Wall Switches,  $10.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each.  Excavation—  Residence,   $1.25  per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.75 per yd.  Team,  $12.00 per day.  Truck. $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an- average without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock, will run considerably more.  Per Sq. Ft.  Plates up to 1  foot, each $  1.30  .... ..     .        j ^r,  1.75  2.20  2.4 5  2.55  2.85  2.90  Plates from 1 to 2 ft., each...  Plates from 2 to 3 ft., each...  Plates from 3 to 4 ft., each   Plates from -i to 5ft., each   Plates from 5 to 7 ft., each   Plates from 7 to 10 ft., each...  Plates from 10 to 12 ft., each     Plates frrn-i 12 to 15 ft, each  2.95  Bampprooflng*—  Concrete Water Proofing,  18c per lb.  Concrete  Dampprooting,   $2.25  per  gal  Concrete Oil-Proofing,  35c  per lb.   Electrical   WiriJnfr—  Residences—(Knob and Tube)  Ceiling Outlets with drop 3a.00 each.  Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50 each  Wall Switches. Complete, $5.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $10.00 each  Vacuum Cleaner Plugs. $7,50 each.  Bell Pushes and Annuriciator (per  point)   $5>00. ^m  Apartment Houses and Offlce Bldgs.—  (Conduit)    '  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 ea,  Wall outlets (no fittings $8.50 each.  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  .55  40  .45  Plates from 15 to 25 ft, each   3.10  Plates from 25 to 50 ft., each   3.20  Plates from  50 to 75 ft, each   3.25  Plates from 75 to 90  ft, each   3.30  Piates from 90 to 100 ft, each  S.70  Plates from 100 to 120 ft. each.... 3.85  Plates from 120 to 140 ft., each.... 4.70  Plates 101  to 110 wide containing  not over 100 feet each......:  4.75  Plates,  larger sizes will riin  more.  Polished Wired, Cut and up   2.00  Cast or Ribbed Wired, Cut. 50  Cast or Ribbed Wired, .Glazed....'.  Figured  Rolled. Cut    Figured   Rolled,   Glazed     .->»  Chipped,   21  ounce.   Cut 35  Chipped, 21 ounce. Glazed 40  Art, $1.00 and up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for'great-  est length and width.   Labor^—  Bricklayers,  $8.50 per day.  Carpenters,   $7.00   per  day.  Cement Finishers, $8.00 per day.  Electricians,   $8.00  per day.  Electrician  Helpers,  $5.00  per day.  Glaziers,  $5.00  to $6.00 per day.  Hod Carriers, $5.00 to $C.00 per day.  Laborers, $5.00 per day.  Lathers, $9,00 per day.  Painters. $1.00 per day.  Plasterers, $9.00.per day.   .  Plumbers, $8.00 per day.  Roofers, $7.20 per day.  Sheet Metal Workers, $7.20 per day. .  NOTE.—The following quotations are  based on the last local price list issued by the B. C. Lumber Association. Since then prices have increased  from 5 to 20 per cent, on some lines.  Owing to abnormal eastern shipping  demands it is impossible to obtain  fixed quotations and the following  prices are largely approximate and in  majority of cases are considerably below what local mills are quoting.  Lumber—(All prices at Mill Yard)  Fir Dimension, No. 1 Common. Rough  or SIS and E.— m     mn^ rn  2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, 16 ft, $31.50.  2x10.  16 ft,  $32.00.  2x12,  16 ft,  $33.00.  3 and  4x6,  16   ft,  $33.00.  No.  2 Dimension,  $25.50 per M.  Cedar Dimension, same price as Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Timbers up to 8x8, 32  ft, $32.00 per  M.  Shiplap—(8 to 16 ft, Random Lgths.)  Fir  No.  1—6   in »30.5i)  Fir No.  1—8  in. and  10  In   33.00  Fir  No.  2—0   in   24.50  Fir  No.   2—8   in.  and   10  in   26.00  Cedar No. t—Same price as  Fir.  Cedar No.  2—$1.00 per M. less than  Fir.  Spruce   Shiplap,   $1.00   per   M.   more  than Fir.  Hemlock Shiplap. $1.00 per M. more  than Fir.  Common  Boards,  Rough  or SIS—S   to  1G ft., Random Lengths)  Fir Finish, ;S4S—-  6 to 18 ft.   Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1x4   in $62.00  Nos.   1 and  2—1x6 and  8   in  62.00  Nos. 1 and 2—l'/i and 'I%x4 in. 62.00  Nos. 1   and  2—XV*.   &.   IMiJcO   &  8  in.   ..;   62.00  Nos.   1  and  2—2x5,  10 &  12  in.  62.00  Fir Door and Window  Jamb—  In   7.   10,   14,-15.   16,   17   and   18   ft.  lengths.  Nos. 1 and 2—Rab. Door Jamb..$62.00  Nos.   1, and   2—Rab.    Window  Jamb  62.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded to stock nattern.  Nos.   1 and 2—4,  5 or  6  in $07.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Base—  6 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Moulded   to  stock  pattern.  Nos.  1  and  2—S,  10 or  12  In $07.00  Specified lengths,  $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Flooring—  8 to  18  feet.    Odd and even lengths  at  random.  Nos.  1  Nos  Nos,  and  1 and  1 and 2  -1x3  -1x4  In.,  E.  G $70.00  E. G.  1x0 In., E. G   I—1x3  in:,  F.  Ci.......  n.,  F. G   Fir No.  Fir No.  Fir No.  Fir No.  Fir No.  Fir  No.  4  in.  4  In.   $26.'.0     30.50     33.50     23.50     25.50     27.50  1—3 and  1—6 in...  1—12 in.  2—3 and  2—6 in.  2—12 in.  Resawn   Boards—  In 8, 10 and 12 in. widths, about  %  in.   thick.  (Surface  Measure)  Fir  : $21.00  Cedar,  $1.00 per M. more than Fir.  Lath—  % in. x 1% in. x 4 ft., bundled In 50's  Fir  $15.00 to  $20.00»   per  M.  Fir Stepping—  S4S and Nosed. C to 18 ft.    Odd and  even lengths at random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1V*   In   and   1%   In.  x 8 to 12 in., E. G $77.00  Nos.  1  and  2—IV*   in. and  1%  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra,  in. x 8 to  12 in..  F. G   62.00  0.00  0.00  57.00  60.00  00.00  51.00  57.00  Nos.  1  and  Nos.  1 and 2—1x4  Nos.   I and 2—1x6 in., F. G....  No.  2—1x3   in   No.   3—1x4   in   N0.   3—1x6   in   57.00  No.   3—Edge     Grain.     1x3   or    4   in.,  $5.00  per  M.   less   than  Nos.   1  and  2  E.  G.  No. 3—Edge Grain, 1x6 in., $5.00 per  M. less than Nos. 1 and 2 E. G.  No.  3^—1x4   in.,   unbundled $34.00  No, 3M;—1x6 in., unbundled.... 38.00  No. 3%—If bundled, $3.00 per M.  extra.  ' Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  1'/{ In,, 1 % In., and 2 in. Flooring.  $3.00 ner M. extra, and must include any No. 3 grade accumulated  in  working same at  No.  3  price.  Cull Flooring—1x3, 4  or 6 in $24.00  Fir Ceiling—  8 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1 & 2-—%  in. x 3 & 4 In $47.00  Nos.   1   &  2—1x3   in.,  V-Joint... 57.00  Nos.   1  &  2—1x4   in.,  V-.Joint.... 60.00  Nos.  3—1x3 in., V-Joint   54.00  '    Nos.   3—1x4   in.,   V-Jolnt  57.00  Siding—  8  to  18 ft. '  .     Fir  Nos.   1  &   2—1x4   in ...,..$60.00  Fir  No.   3—1X4   In 57.00  Fir Nos. 1 & 2—1x6  in   60.00  Fir NO.-3V4—lxG in., unbundled 38.00  "l Fir   No.   i'6—If   bundled,   $3.00   per  M.   extra. ■  Cedar Finish,  SIS to  S4S —  6 to 18 ft Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1x3   in $S5.00  Nos.  1  and 2—1x4   in   85.00  Nos.   1   and  2—1x5,   10 & 12  in.  95.00  Cedar Siding—  3 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.  1 & 2~%xi  in. Bev. Sid...$57.00  Nos.  1 & 2— VfcxG in., Bev.  Sid.  57.00  Nos.   1  &  2—%x4   in.,' Angle  Rustic   75.00  Nos. 1 & 2—1x4  In., T- & G. or  A.   R. ■   85.00  No.    3—'/jx6    in   47.00  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Cedar Celling—  8 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1  &  2—%x3  In., V-Joint.$59.00  Nos.   1   & 2—1x3  In., V-Joint   80.00  Nos.  1 & 2—1x4  ln„ V-Joint   85.00  Celling "V" 2 sides. $3.00 per M.  extra. Specified lengths, $5.00 per  M. extra. I  Cedar Casing—  8 to 18 ft, Odd and even lengths at  random.  No.   1—5   in.   and   6   In $96.00  Specified lengths,  $5.00 per M. extra.  Fir and Cedar Mouldings—  Por 100  lin. ft. No  Gutters—No.   205    $10.00  Gutters—No.   200       16.00  Gutters—No.   207      25.00  Shingles—  XXX   6-2    $6.50 per M.  Royals     $16.00 per M.  Machine  Sanded Lumber,  $5.00  per M.  extra.  Three-coat work, 75 to 90c per yd.  Whitewashing, 10c per yard. , ■  Plastering-—(Material  Delivered)  Lime. $2.85 per bbi.  Fibre Plaatcr,  $28.00 per ton.  Plaster Paris; $32.00 per ton.  Reinforcing   Fabric,   Expanded   Metal,  2c to 10c per «q. ft., depending; upon  weight.  Plumbing   From $100 up. per fixturaj—including roughing in, according to gruao  quantity and  runs.         '  Belnforclna* Steal—  Base price for lean than car lots $6.59  per  100  lbs.   Roofing;—(Asphalted) Local Manufacture  1 ply $3.00 per  108 ft. roll.  2 ply, $4.00 per  108/ft. roll.  3 ply, $4'50 per 108 ft.  roll.  Ashphalt  Saturated felt, $3.75 per  432  ft.  roll.  Five ply  tnr and gravel,  $7.60 and up  per   square.  Asphalt    Pitch,    bbls.   about    600    lbn„  $35.00   Per ton.  structural Steel—$1.66 per ton.  This quotation is an average for comparatively   small   quantltlcu.  Light  truss  work  higher,   plain   beam  mid   column   work   in   large   quantities,  less.  Metal liath—  Key and  Diamond Mesh Lath:  26 ga..  42c.  per sq.  yd.  24   ga.   4 9V6   per  sq.   yd.  Copper Alloy,  %c per sq. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., lc per sq. yd.  extra.  Galvanizing,  7c per sq. yd. extra.  For Corrugation of key lath lengthwise,   lc per sq. yd.  extra.  Corrugated Key Lath sold under  measurement of the sheet before  corrugation.  Painting—  Two-coat work, 40 to 60c per yd.  Tile—(Muteriai  Delivered)  Drain  Tile.  3-  Inch,  6V4c  per  ft.  Drain  Tile,  4-  Inch,  6'/4c  per  ft.  Sewer  Pipe,  3  -Inch.  20c  per  ft  Sewer  Pipe,  4  -ln.cb,  26c  per  ft.  Tile—(Not Laid)     f  White Glazed.  90c per ft.  Colored  Enamels,  96c per ft.  Colored  Matt Enamels,  $1.10 per ft.  Faience,  $2.25 and up per ft.  Lusters, $2.60 and up per ft.  Rusts Vetcrous, $1.50 and up per ft-  White Mosaic  Floor. $1.10 per  ft.  Colored  Mosaic Floor,  $1.30 per ft.  Promenade Quarry Tile. $1.10 per ft.  Vaneer Panete—-  3 Ply Fir, '/f-Inch thick, good one aide,  15c. per sq. ft.  3 Ply Fir, %-lnch thick, good ono side,  2 4c per sq. ft.  3 Ply   Fir     Vi-lnch   thick,   good    two  sides. 26c per sq.  ft.  Wall Board—  Emplro Plaster board, 50c per sq. yd.  Ruberold Wall Board. $50.00 per M. ft  This well know brand of lime Is  again on the market and will be  supplied through all dealers  Bo sure and ask for  ROSEBANK LIME  Rosebank Lime Co  4.14.-415   Pemberton   Block,  Victoria, B.C.  Vancouver Office  405 - 406 Winch Bldg.  J.T.A. Ritchie Rep.  Sey,, 92.67  MSBMM  HSHfl ■■■;^,,.,:,,:j^,-  ;^4^^^'s.,-;V::;;;-  ;.  T  ^Wlfcj^,;.,  ^l  ■tag?* 4*  BRITISH flOLUMBIA BECORD  in  i^j  ADKISON & DILL  %    GENERAL CONTRACTORS  ' SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  US Hiwi SI Si». 3768l--Bay.II28R  TO*  ifll  ^ Jt  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds, ef Wire Work.  112-16   Durterin   St.  Fair. 264S  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plaatarlnr Con'tr'a  SIT. 838 "      HI0H.1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  »f,  n  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractor*  MS Howe St. Seymour 1389  EDWARD COX  General Contractor    ...4  CflMnat Making FUttsree  Sty. 1163 Rear 530 Howe St.  BAV1ES CONSTRUCTION CO.  f |    Oeneral    Contractor*  Cretfit-FMcier Bide.   Vancouver. B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  •"- Ganearal Contractors  BO»ltlehard.St.   -   Ssy. 8320  W.GREENLEES  " ;t " COBTBACTOB  WUtnnnng, W»ar»e.. Bridge.,  ',   Foundations, etc.  407 Cjirjdova St. "W.  THE'   POX.i.OWXB-0.   TABLE   SBOWS   BTXII.DIBOS   COSTING    »S.°™    OBrt °*^  UNDER WAY, OB OB WBICK COWTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET BVT COBSTBUCTIOB KOT YET BTAUX*.^  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH.   MANAGER  HIIBBT     MKTAl.     COKTIIACIOIiS     AJ<D     MAITOFAC-  TCIIBI18,     rEI.T    AND   OUAVXt,    HOOFBHS.  Talr. 1267 S33 7th Ave. West  ..s   Character   Three-story,   Bank  Kemodellinjj   School   Bldg.   Residence   Theatre   Alterations   Carbonate   Plant   .  Residence ....■   Residence   Alterations       Cold Storage Plant  Addition to Plant.  Alters,   to  Bank.....  Residence  '.....':.  Residence    Residence  .....  Alterations   Residence   Alterations ...'   Dye   House   .•   Residence    Dwelling    :   Residence    Residence ....:„. "...  Residence    Tile Barn'.'.   Addris. & Alters ...  Residence  .....  Kesiden.ce  ........  Remodelling   ..........  Residence  .-.  Gas Tank    Factory  Bldtf. ......  Brick  Works  ...  Residence   ..!.,.,,   Residence      1 Story Brock....   Restaurant Bldtr ...  Addns. and Alters   Rectory    : ...  Three-Storey   Bldg.    ....  Residence   Int.  Alterations ...  Residence  ...:'. ......  Tile   Residence ..: ....  Residence   Coal Shed & Wharf ...  Warehouse ...:...... :............  Residence -  Residence  ."..-  Residence   Basement  &   Elevator........  Residence .....  Machine Shop ......  Shingle Arili .....  Residence  ....................  Residence —■—  Residence :......;....   Gas   Plant  ............:.. .......  Bungalow '. .......:...;.....—'.-  Station .-'. - ...—-.•  Bungalow ".   Residence   - •-   Residence  .—  Residence ...   Residence-..........  Addns.   to  Bank  Power   House '..  Residence -   Cattle Sheds.. ...  Store ..Bid?       Cost   ?300,OOU      $80,000   $80,000   .,  $S,500      $300,000      $100,000  .......$70,000  .........'..$15,000  ..   $9,600  $1'0,000    $14,500  ...   j. $12,000    $15,000      $C,500      $7,000  • .......::... $8.ooo    $20,000  ,'    .  ........  $9,000  .". ....... $9,000  "......... $10,000     $5,000  .    $5,000  :;r..:; $7.o»»    $ao,ooo     $10,000   ....$13,000   $13,000      $9,000     $8,000      $5,000  "'.......    $8,000   $10,000   ,.......$5,000   $8,000   $5,500         ....   $0,500  . ..$16,266   $10,000  .......$14,000  *■;...„    $1,500.   $60,000  "."............    $5,000   .$5,000  ' .'. $S,600  "'..... $14,500  .. ......:.  $78,000  .....$9,000  .. $8,500  ... $7,000  ... $6,300  ... $5,700  ..:$20,000i   $7,500  .....$7,000  ...$80,000  ... $5,000  ... $9,000  ... $8,000  .$340,000  ....45.000  .... $6,500  :.. $5,000  ....$11,000  GREATER VANCOUVER  Location -v- Owner  Seymour & Hast.-.Unlon Bank of Canada  Dominion   Bldg ,..'........:..,•-Dom.■ Bank  King. Edward Ave...Pt.  Grcy^ Sen., Boar  Shaughnessy   Heights. -ij?11"   Br£w"  oey. & Georgia Sts...Allen Theatre,  Tor.,  Cordova. St.:.. ". ..David Spencer Ltd,  11th and Yew Sts Can. Carbonate, Co.  16th Ave. near Plne.-.i.Mrs. T^ H. Wfiite  57th & Oak St. Pt. Grey...-....G. B^Astell  1505 Powell St Martin Senour Pnt. to.  in. Nelson St., Mainland Cold fatorai^Co.  Marpole ....: The Barrett Co.. Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton..Bank of Hamilton  45th & Vine Sts  ......A^L. Eaton  Pt. Grey,  vVhitelVd Rd...R. A   Woodward  27th and Cartier ..........W. J. Read  1106 Homer St Empress Mfg. Co.. Ltd.  35th and  Granville ,.M.. Sutton  597   Hastings W........1. -.Molspns  Bank  Dufferin St. W..... ...Vane. Knitting Co  1696 3rd Ave. W :...Mrs. J3. Unsworth  906 12th Ave.' W •••"V-oJa2-„^  28th & Carter. .'....Mrs. L. Buckworth  Marine Drive v,Georfr?iJfl^n  Ave.  "F" Shaughnessy Chas. Dlcksoii  Pt   Grey .'. Unnersity or li. c  7th  and  Granville..... -A   IirSt1?rcird^l;tt  Magee  • —F-  H   Wright  Oak and"i'4th Ave.....r.:.Captaln McMaster  548 Seymour St Clarke & TStuart Ltd.  West Vancouver.. Mrs.  J.  H. Grady  5th & Caroline St Shell Co. of Califj  1571 Pender St. E....Herondale Farma^LKi  Industrial  Island....Ceramic  l^fiat-\^-  855—10th   Ave.  W ....Miss  Jukes  8132  Cartier St -- WjK.Hall  861 Granville St... ,.|--v-J^llTflM  825 Howe St London Grill. Lt^.  131-33 Water St         »-••■• ..Swart/. Bros.  Kerrisdale - -St. Mary's Rectory  Gore  and  Pender....ChlneseNa^t.. League  11 S5  14th Ave. W.... *W. M£Anif^r  168 Hastmgs W. .; ..:...:..Datly '^oylnce  54th and Hudson... W. W.  Ells  Shaughnessy   Heights.... --J,   Graham  Architect ..'.....:....:: Contractor  Sum'ville & Putman/.Hodgson. K-. & Mar.  snarp & Thonipson....Hodgson.-Klng & M.  Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson. King & M  Townley & Matheson... S. N. McLeod.  C. H. Crane, i.;..:*.:^.Alexander   McDonald  ■':;V.:.....C»_..'....'....;..:..::;.TDonilnion  Constr.  Co.  Owners ":...:;...£:.:'........,.... Baynes & Morle  Mackenzie*; Bow..............Wise & Watson  ..:■..... ....................McLeod & McArthur  ............:................Hodgson, King & Marble  Owners ...........„: Snider  Bros.  _..... ; Dominion  Constr.  Co.  A. E. Henderson  ..........J. C. Allen  Townley & Matheson.... .S. N. McLeod  Townley & Matheson..Purdy & Lonergan  Townley & Matheson ;„.i..W. J. Read  A.'E. Henderson A. D; A. Wv Snider       Owner  Sharp & Thompson........E. D. Cook & Co.  Cowuley, & Math'n....A. D.& A. W. Snider   : Wm.   Lockle  Contractor ...A.  Gregor   „....H.   W.   Morley  Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Townley & Matheson......Dixon & Murray  Sharp & Thompson.... S. N. McLeod  Contractor  .Bedford  Davidson  Jos. H.  Bowman .....A. L. Ramage   E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.   ..Dominion   Constr.   C$.  VV.   T.  Whiteway ........A.   G. llenning  McLeod Shuet Metal Works  Purnacee,    Booflngr.    Comicee.    Skylights  and   General. Sheet  Metal  Work ./  Seymour 7177  1042  Richards  St.  R.N.DICER&CO.  ELECTRICAL CtlMTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEM! DAY AND MIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Bight)  1256 Pender St. W.   ..,.-Sey.  931b-R  Pair 4178  ELECTRICAL NEEDS  2530 MAIN STREET  INSTALLATION.   ALTERATIONS.  REPAIRS  M. W. BOBXCBATJD Bee. Pair. 2388B  n  Mermon  & Hermon...  Oavners   E! Evans ,& Sons.........  Owner......   ........Owners  ...... Owners  ""'" Owners    A. L. Ramage  ...Vj.'  E.  Mcllrnoyl  W, J. Northcote  ' ...:...C. H. Taylor  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING* VENTILATING AHDk  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour #3617      .    1160 Seymour St.  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES aiwi MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phone Prater VTB X   448 45th Ave. E.  ;,«  , Res. Phone: Fair. 14^5-R  Offlce Phone: Sey.  f9oo  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS.  L.  MITCHELL^ ^  Electric Wirin*. *»*««■ »n* *«P»lT«  of All BindB  525 Bnrrar* St.   -   Vancouver. B. C.  Marine Drive  1025   Main. St.  ....  349   Railway  .....:  4615 Avenue F....  908   16th   Ave   Laburnum^.:..—...  1.447  Keefer St   Granvilee  St...:..-  .1086.   6 th Ave. W   ....B. D. Rogers   '. .Burns Estate  ...........:...G.H.  Cottrell   C. J. Phillips   ...Dr.   Funk   A.  W. Barber   ; Almonds Ltd.   O.   M.  Allen   Vivian Gas_Eng. Co.  ...;   $11,000    $11,500   ....$30,000    j$l 0,000   ._y„...:.....„   $5,500      $5,000  ......   $20,000  Cattle Barn :."..............$17.800  Residence  :....'   $10,000  Residence    $7,000  Jam  and Sugar  Rooms...... L.$9.OO0  « FOUNDATION CO.,  .. ,„  -.   ■ mitra       i   -  4S  OF B.C. LIMITED _  Factors and engineers  StMitfo Eank Bl*g.       Sey. 7920  ii  Harrison & iamond  IndusiriaS Engineers  SUfMUT 3535   '     .   501 Pacific Bldg  4  >> *  tt MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Residence  Store  Bldff.   Residence .........—..••  Residence  ..: .-■•—  Residence ........—.—■  Residence    Theatre   Residence  .......•....—-  Residence  -   Agronomy Barn ...  Residence ■■-—■ ■■■--:  Alters, .to;  Store ;,  Residence—.-.   Warehouse  Ex ten.  'Residences-  .......—..--  Bunpalow  .:.......--—.  Residence  ..-•• —  Residence   ■   T?estf'"nce ....-.—..-   Residence ..........---  Kxcavation ft 'i'»i'  Factorv Bldg. ——-  Hebrew Synagogue  Kerr & Fraser River .Geo: H. Steves  2S00  13th Ave: W.. ...H. D. Patterson  .091   29th   Ave....:.—........J.   V.   Lightheart  4S50 Connaught Dr. j. Q. E. Lightheart  False .Creek Vancouver Gas Co.  46.78  3rd Ave. W— ..C. .H. Hilchey  7-Iudson St.. Pt. Grey:....-."—-B. C. E. R.  2242 35th Ave. W..—..........:....... D. .Frith  ..,.       Marine Drive .. ..........Wm. M. McKenzie  $6,000'Tarlton Place —.Dr. "M. Sparrow.  34th  &  Markham...—Mrs.  C.  McTavish  Angus Ave. & 27th..... ..W. B.  Farris  Cordova  St.   E— :.Bank; of Montreal  Drake St.  ............Dominion  Canners' Ltd.  1905  12th Ave.' W...—...——Alex. Chalmers  Ft. Woodland Dr —..P. Burns & Co.  126 Hastings St. E ...'. Mr. Cameron  Mastings  Park. Vane.  Exhib.   Assn.  49th  St_.  Magee Mrs,  J. W. Allan  27th &  Selkirk F.  W.  Chapman  Drake St '...Dom. canners of B.C. Ltd.  29th .&   Margaret  St ..F.   G.   Evans  31R-20 Pender St. E...... H. 'F. I'ohg  P6int Grey C: A. Wickens  453-S   Marguerite...—.. R.' Mowbray  1174 .26th-Ave. H.  De S- Carey  6919 Cypress' Mrs. M. A. Ross  S00 Block Sew St..j83. C. Paramount Ltd.  Edwards & Ames..*:...  |W. M; Dodd & Co..:. ~. —. __.  llSardiner & Mercer... A. D. & A. AV  Snider  Sharp & Thompson ............C. A. THilchey  Edwardes  Sproat... ; J. McGougan  Owner f... ;—:.......——:.....—.   Owner  Gardner & Mercer D. G. McLennan  Gillingham & Korner.....—....S. J.  Newitt  Gillingham  &; Kcrner....... S. J. Newitt  Bernard C. Palrnef... .Dominion Const. Co.  Contractor  :...??- .......M.  C. Griffiths  ....._.... .,.—... ..;....Baynes  &  Horie  .——...—..—.jj!:....: .........—..„—..—.    Owner.  ...--..—...—.-..— '-...i..:..:.G'.   S.. Bellamy  .....„.;; ...Cromie  &   Vroom  G.   E.  Blackmore.............:.„..—.R.   Sharp  SHlingham & Korner ......—Day Labor  Contractor—.-. -. ...—..H.  A.  Wiles   .....:............:.... Owners   : .:'.'—. .-   Owner  .....—.—.........—.....    Owner   —.—......——... :.v...^::.   Owner   .......'.................—  Owners  ........... .....:.—. —:—.—...;—: Owner  .—.:....... ..—....— ........—  T. ,Logie  .......kRogers Bros. & Sinclair  Mathesn............Wm.  J.   Read  Townlej'' &  Specialist   in   Cement   Wor^'  ED. HUGGINS  PXVAXB  Bay.  2535-B  ABB   OBBABTEIf TAX,  PXVASTEBEB  3528   Third   Ave.  W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  XAX.SOiaBXBO  ABB   TXBTXBO  A SPECXA1VTT  '     ESTIMATES CrXVBB .  Phone  Pairmont 484 B  314 7th Ave. E. Vancouver. B. C.  Sey. 7965 Night Phone Sey. 637  W. W. FRASER  Elactiical Enginocr And  CONTRACTOR  r  802 Hait. St. W. VatocoUTM, B. O.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  JU.rCTKlCAl,      IXHTAI.I-ATION)*      Or"    -KTHHT  DnSCHII'TlOK.        SLCCTHIO'.tIi    ftDTrUK)  Sey. S512 _ 539 Main Street  Percy ^i!^l*tl*  Electrical Eigitier e»d Contractor  Bay  Biffh-Claei  Electrical   Work  and  PUtaree  441 3044  Granville   St.  Townley & Matheson.  ....""*"$ 1 5,000   ..$13,500.  Pencentage  ....   $7,000  ...  $5,200  *. . ...   $5,000  ....   $400,000  ..   $9,000  '"": $7,000  '"'""'."'...$11,000  "1", ....-$14.5011  '!■;.     ;,..:..$5.50:0  •""        .$5,00.0  ...$10.00«  ''"■•••■• ;    $15,500  $5,000  ".'.",'.-.   $10,000  .   $10,000  $7,000  $5,000  27th & Cartier  '. W. J. Read  Shaughnessy   Heights—.......B.   J.   Jr>ype  Point Grey — U.  of  B. C.  Connaught St.'.:. -—..J. Y. Griffin  623   Granville  St .-. Edwards  Bros,  Magee Station  ■...—...—...D. Robertson  159 Water St. A. P. Slade Co.  Avenue   "D"   Shaughnessv M.   Rector  J^t Ave."W. :.....Artistic Bung. Contrs.  17th Ave.———:.:.:.::*:.::;/Dr. G. H. Vroomar<.  Cartier & Connaught Dr........:H   J. Perrin  1135  10th Ave. AV M. J.  Conlson      »a,ww„.3S07  12th  Ave. ~W. ..G.  E -Adams   $513,000) P.nllantvne  Pier  ......Dom.  Govmt.  ,—$10,000   052 Rich. St—..Pipneer Auto & Car. Wks.   $27,000  Pender & Heatley .....*— ..._...'..   Chas. Purdy    ..Irvine   &   White  H. H. Gillingham —....-.—...S. J'.'. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis Baynes & Horie  J. E. Parr ...........t. .Fredk. Sherborne  .......I.. :.................——....—...„.....Owner   ..Hodgson.   King &   Marble  Contractor   —..;...'...— Bedford   Davidson  GaSrdiner &  Mercer.... H. P.  Leek  Honeyman & Curtis.............A. L.' Ramage  ———.._..——.———.——....—....    Colton  J.  E. Parr S. J. Newitt  H.-H.  Gillingham  — i.S.'J. Newitt  Contractor .W.   H.   Chow  Downing & Kyall   ..—,. .....J. Laing  '.'. ..;.....—•....—. .........":...    Owner   ..„....—. V———- -B-   S.  Realtv  Co:   ..„..'; ..;...... ..Stewart  &  Coltart  Thos. Lamb. Toronto....Dora. Constr. to.  Townley & Matheson, Supervis'g Archts.  I Townlev & Matheson : ..AV. J. Read  I Townley & Matheson.... .1. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson.——.........S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie & Bow ..:...—.....C. F. Robinson  -Dalton- &: Eveleigh. ....—Dixon & Murray  Townley & Matheson:......-.A. L.  Ramage  ;...:..'—.—..——.. —.Dominion   Constr.   Co.  _.. ..»—:..— Blackley .&   Co.  Owners ,,...——.——.::.—...S. H. Shave  James A.^BenzicRogert- I3r-is..& Sinclair  James A. Benzie..Rogers Bros.'& Sinclair   _„.'.;    Day   Labor  .—...— S.   A."* Pellar  ....'.—..—. Grant , &. McDonald  Contractor   .......:............Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner & Mercer Snider Bros. & Son  [  SHINGLERSl  AX.X. WOBX OVABABTEEBv  KIRK BROS.  Kiffhand 2013  . 1510 Charles St.  - CEDAR  COTTAGE ^INTERS AND   DECORATORS^ ^J  3538 FLEMING ST.  ">  Palmer Bros.  Gonoral   Contrsctora  929 Main St Sey. 4878  NEW IDEA SHEI5T METAL  WOfeltil  COBBICE, SKTX.XOBT, SMOKE-   ,  STACKS.     ATJTO   WORK.  Anvthing in Sheet Metal and Roonnp;. 1  . S. T. Scarlett, M*rr. ^1  757  Beatty St   '" ■.-■ Sey.  7t«l5  JoWt ARNOT & SONS  fall   and   BOOKS—OPFICE  PXXTTJBES  Banaaawlna; and Tnralsg;, etc.  Highland   374  1730   Semlin   Drive  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  PtTBBACBS.    COBBXCES,    SKY-  XiXOXTS  and  OEBEBAXi  JOBBXBO  11X5 veaablet St.  HlfhUad 842  NEW WORK - CONTRACTS Lm  Public WorkG Contractor,  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg  WPJft-i \?  r-PMERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS   AND    ALTERATIONS  REPaim Eraser 2051.  *        -Ail.       AVA.    1  Character  .....    Kailroad     ..........**..  IrrigiUlon .■..:   Church   Dredging   Residence     Railroad         Bridge .-.   Rubber  Factory      Cordage Plant   Plant Extensions ....:.....'.   Highway   Bridge      RoinrM  House. Men  Shops  Rank &  Apts   Soap   Works   Uanl<      3   Storey   Artdn   Roys   Training   School   Cold  Storage Plant    Oil   Warehouse      Garage   Oil Plant   12   Room   School   jMunleipal  Hall     Stores    21   CoUages   Reclamation   Work      Boys'   Training   School...:.  Garage   Factory      Milk   Condensory   Remodelling   School      Pavfng  f.   Two  Storey Block     Paving   Pacific   Highway.  Residence      Dairy   Barns      Bank      Paving    Fruit   Storage  Whse   Store   Bldg           etc..  r  ill  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SeynKK11 5689  26-1  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  ,      .Alterations,   ©*<=•-  1350 8th An W.       BiJvtoWe  Memorial   Hall      Cost  * 1,000,000  ....*t;o,ooo  J&U.UUU  "" $14^,&«0  '.'.'.'   *50,000  ■""sjtao'.bob  "   .$75,000  ""   $70,000  '■"siiio.ooo  '"    $10,100!  "" $:t0.oDO|  .510,700 j  '"" .$r»o.ooo,  ■"•■    JliO.OUO I      $10,000   '$14 0.000    .$50,000  ",'"   $2-1,000      $9,000  '"'.''.'.$ 2 2,000   ;$"i"5!2iii       $8,500   $75,000  "Vi.iso.ooo  '        $7 0,200      $R,O00   $200 000  "'    $150,000   .$5,000       $()5.000     $29,000   $120,000        $5,500   ...SS.300      $13,000      $55,000    .$30,000      $40,900     $10,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA GENERAL.  Xaocation .*..  Owner  Princeton to Copper Itn..r.B.  C. Copper Co.  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  .Victoria....1st Church of Christ, Scientist  Fraser  River  —; ..Dom.   Government  Oak Bay, Victoria  —.R. W. Gibson  Alberni to Great Central Lake........C.P.R.  Deep  Creek. P.G.E Prov.  Govmt.  Port Coquitlam.—Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Sapperton    Can.  West'n   Cordage, Co.  Milt Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Knderby     Prov.    Govmt.  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Klwys.  Victoria,  R. C Royal Bank  Ksquimalt   Silver   I'oam   Soap   Co.  Courtenay,   B.  C Can.  Bunk  of  Com.  -Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.  Conuitlam  Prov. Govmt.  Hat/.ic    ....Parm'ers  Cold   Stor.   Assn.  New   Westminster Imperial  Oil  Co.  Victoria XI.   K.   Munday  Nanalmo  Imperial Oil Co.  Armstrong    Prov.   Govmt.  Coiiuitlam     .'.     Municipality  Victoria.  B. C :...t.im  Ging &   Co.  Powell River  Powell River Co.  Sumas  Lake   .* Prov.   Govmt.  Coquitlam    Prov.   Govt.  835   View  St..  Victoria Shell  Garage  Victoria—Sydney Paper Mills & Rfg. Co.  Abbotsford Fraser Valley  Milk  Prod's  Burnaby   Chllliwack  City  of  Chilliwaok  Douglas St., Vic Mrs. W. II.' Dougan  Petersons to Johnson Rd., 2 1-3 miles  •Courtenay,   B.   C   Lulu   Island   Cloverdale    Woodwards Landing    Kelowntb   Kelowna  Douglas <& Broughton   Courtenay    '. :.  F C. Brock  ....N. Nelson  '. Royal Bank  .Prov. Govmt.  Storage Ltd.  ...Otto Weiler  .G.   W.   V.   A.  Architect   Contractor  ........'. W.   P.   Tierney  .....—.., ......A. E.  Gritlln & Co.  Dunham  Peter McKechnie  ....' Pacific  Dredging  Co.  Maclure, &   Lort Robt.   xMoncrieft'   ..../....•. l''oundation    Co.  Pfov.  Govmt Canadian  Bridge   Co.  Gardiner    <&    Mercer Owners  Sharp & Thompson..E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners    Hodgson,  King &.   Marble  Pub.   Wks.   Dept Robt.  Moncrieff  Owners  Robertson & Partners    D. Burnett  Wm.   Fredk.   Gardiner Foundation   Co.  Gardiner &  Mercer J.  Hyslop  Pub.  Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   '. .......Bedford Davidson  Owners    Dominion  Constr.   Co.      Owner  Owners  Mescher Bros  Prov. Govmt H. ■). Davies. Kamloops  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison   .'....Luney    Bros.   Leonard C. Stevens   Marsh,  Bourne Co.  ..Robertson & Partners   .-. W.   F.  Drysdale   Co-operative  Contract  Co.   Sloan & H4rrison  Joseph H. Bowman Henry J. Emery   Columbia  Bitulithic  Co.  Percy   Fox A.   Loekley.  Esquimalt  Public Wks  Dept Cotton  Co..  Ltd.  Wm.  Fred'k  Gardner Foundation  Co.  Gardner & Mercer Jas.   Hyslop  Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison & Lamond  Public  Wks.  Dept Harrison & Lamond  Twizell.   Birds'&  Twizell Soon  Percy Fox   ..Luney  Bros.  W. A. Owen. Cumberl'd H. Trehearne  I  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  limited  FORCINGS  OP Ala. DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria   Drive   .Highland  70t  MAIN EUC™  OEBEBAX.   BEPAXB8 —ABBtATTTBE  WXBBXBO — 8WXTCKBOABB8  XHSTAXO.ATXOB8  (j47 HastingsSt.,L Sey. 3856  D.MacDOMALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature Winding; and Motor Repairs  Fairmont 3623 1573 Main St.  SASH & DOORS  All Stock Slies Carried '  Glass and Glazing  J. A. GRANT  1928 Manitoba St. Fair 3491 X.  J  MONTGOMERY & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  POWER AND LIGHT INSTALLATIONS  XRlitATURE WINOIN8S. REPAIRS. ETC.  335 Baat.  St. W.   CBear>   . Sey. 9213  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON,   Proprietor  CABINET MAKER'S AND CARPENTERS  BAND SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  .       GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Kelmcken St  J  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  618 GRANVILLE ST:  SCY.XS68  Owners    rroV.  Govmt   Pub. Wks. Dept..  FOR   GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION  ALTERATIONS  OR •  REPAIRS  •   CONSULT  E.J.RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5, rairfield Bldg-.. 445 Gram. St.  J.C. RESTON  EX^ECTBXCAX.   EBQXVEEB  ABD COBTBACTOB  314 Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg*.  602 Hasting  West  Sey. 2889-7579  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  ELECTIIMl INSTUUTIONS OF Hi KIMS  923 Georgia St W. Sey. 8696  Telepnones Sey. 6191-6193  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683  Oeorgria  Street Wert  'l*  CO., LIMITED  Pyblic Works CQ^gME Si •'■•; ',..; '"■■  Office 813-815 Bowe^BjIdg.  . y^sracouver, B- C.  »o»«i> ' y—« ny  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH and DOORS,  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  H.D.Rees  W/LKnise  The Electric Shop  ■%    ELECTRIC  WIRING anc  SUPPLIES  1  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  Phcae Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch. Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  CabiaetB, etc.  Switches designed and built for any  special work.  Industrial Island      Vancouver, S. C.  PILING-POLES  AITST   X.ENGTH   FURNISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPGRE  B79   Hastings   St.   E.  Hiffh.   148 ,  \ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  international  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  *... Vancouver^. C.  Fanv  •<?j>-=.»  Deslkn«M&arid  Meniufaeturcrs of  HIGH GRADE EliECTRI^ CHAN  Phone Sey.  3312  " RADI>VN-f LIISHT S  For Commercial Lighting  ^>  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co., Urhlted.  J  p. A. Jones, MgT.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of  Tug-  "Ollri"  Saneral Towing*!~  324 FRONT* ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 101'S  New" 'Works.  MARTIN - SENOUR  .lioteFURE PAINT  &■■■■'*'  "•>'<,■/•-  PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  ■jKKl.'W.-r.  fife  mx  ,te>,  ■ W  IS:  Character    Pier   Ap.artment  House  Enlarging Theatre  ..Estimated Cost  ".".". .!.'"."."."."$ V ob',0 0 0   ....|S5,000  VANCdUVEiHi     '   ■  Location .............J.     .........lewner  Vancouver .C.   P. R.  Bute  and  Barclay Stock  Co.  Main and Georgia Avenue Theatre Co.  Architect      ...:....„.vPlans Beady  Owners ,<-...' — .".....;.:. .Soon  Twizell,  Birds & Twizell...:;:   Franklin  Cross .June ,1  ■-«-  Character ........  ..........Estimated Cost  Drydock   Municipal   Hall    :..$25,000  Depot    1150,000  Alterations  *  $12,000  Memorial   Hall    I35.0Q.I-  Addns.    to   Residence $15,000  Walter Murray  Brule Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  , SE2MOUB 8614  137'Powell St. Vancouver. B. C.  V*.  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Hows St. Phonei Say. 136  Vancouver. B. C.        Ree.Bay. 77  8. J. Tricksy  E. E. BUiott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  DIXON & MURRAY  °    MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES. OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAiNTING/fAPER HANGING. and. RALSOInlNING  Sey. 8765      5ey 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St;  FLOOR  LAYERS  .BaBSBMBMBBRBBBBBBBBBratBsBeBsBBaBB^  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St. ,  LEEK & Co, LIP  SEYMOUR 661  STEAM & MOT WATER .HEAT'MG  PIPE BENDING  1090 HOMER STREET  " SPRAYWHITE "  Fa L. Cummings  p ANT AGES THEATRE  ,i  :.!,'  UnequalledjVaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  VICTORIA     Owner  , ....:.Dom.   Gc/vmt  Xiocation     Esquimau      Esquimau   Bellville  Street   Docks C.   V.   K.   .David    Spencer,    Ltd.'  Ladysmith    ....:   Craigdarroch  ...; ...J.  W.  Spencer  Architect  _.'.   ..Plana Beady  Dom. Govrnt ;  Soon  „-. To  Submit   By-Law  Owners    Soon  Percy  Fox Soon  Percy  Fox,  Victoria , ..v. ....Soon  Percy   Vox.  ^   .Now  Character   School      University   Bldgs.   .  Refrigerator      Bank '.   Municipal   Building  Consolidated' School  School ......  Court  House ...  Stdra'g'e"Plaht"' .'."....?.:.  Drug- Store .:   Bank' ....;.....::^.....: i.   Estimated Cost      1135,000  ZZ""""""l!""$2£bbo   ....-.$85,000  ';".'....„:  $35,000  ZZZ3JZ$iqoJoob  "V"'."."""--"-..--- $167666  [.....I.....:....;.:.  $15,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  ......:....... .^'•.l...,.c6wner  ..:............School:. Board  ....University of B. C.  .............: :.....;.C.P.R;   Bank  of Hamilton  .............;.CUy. of, .Trail  Xiocatioa ....?.«   Penticton  ....:   Point" Grey...............  Kelowna   Penticton  -  Trail  ..C......—-•- —  Maple   Ridge   .........  Afarpole      Prince  Rupert   Sunimerland •  Penticton -  Penticton ......:..  .........:.......:Prov.   Gtjvt.  :...<?.—...:.  Municipality  ............C:  E.   Houlding  .....„Barrk of Montreal  Architect   Not.Selected      Sharp  &  Thompson  Owners ......:..   ..Flans Beady  ...„". .....Soon  Gil la in   &  Mountain    .' Soon  Twizell.  Birds & Twizell.... :......u..Soo"n  Prov.   Govt.    .'.   Twizell,  Birds & TwizeH.JPrepar'g Plans  Swan & Augustine' ..............Soon  "Beir& Curtis & Swan. & Augustine-Soon  PACIFIC  LIME  kM B&  ALL DEALERS  ■'€/  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905  Roofing Contractors  BOSTAB  WIBDOWS—riBE   DOOBB—SBIOXB-STACKS—HOT-AXB  rTJBBACE—VEBTXX.ATXBO    TABS—BLOW    PIPING—  SKYX.IQHTS—OEBEBAX.  JOBBXBO  1338 Seymour St.  t  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 3981  V'G-    TENSERS   WAUIED  BOTICE  TO  COBTBACTOBS  Bortb Vancouver City School Board  Separate bids-for work in the following branches of the building trade' will  be received by the School Board in connection "with interior finishing of certain portions of Queen Mary School,  North "Vancouver: ■■•• "    •  Carpenter & Joiner; Floor-laying  (wood block/& G. & T. boarding): Plaster;' Plumbing & Heating; Electrical  Work; Painting: Raecolith work.-. : ■.  : Specifications . obtainable from -~W.' C.  F. Gillam. Architect, 711 North West  Building, Vancouver, or from the xinder-  signed, with whom Tenders, accompanied;" by"'. 5' per cent' deposit.. shotlld be  lodged not later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday,  June 15th, 1920/   ; .-'■:■;■       ■:'v[\:<:  A  deposit: of $5'-is.'.'required-'upon  application for specification,  to "be refunded when same, returned ,in good order.  Acceptance of the lowest or any ten-,  der    in  any    trade    optional -   with  the  WRIGHT BROS.  ?;.:i« BUII^-tR^-i-: ::;  SEY. 3315   *   511 DUNSMUIR ST.  Board.  GEO.   CAMPBELL, 'Secretary, ,  School Board Office,;  North Vancouver, B. C.  BOTICE  TO   COBTBACTOBS  Mara—S(icamous Boad.  Sealed tenders, endorsed ' "Tender for  Construction Mara-Sicamoiis »Road," will  be received by the Honourable' the Minister of-Public Works up to Noon of the  21st June, 1320, for the construction of  approximately 3.22 miles of the above  road. '..'■'        ' '..',  Plans, - specifications, contract, and  forms of tender can be seen at the District Engineer's Office, Court House,  Vancouver, at. the Assistant District Engineer's Office, Court House, 'Verncfn, the  .District Engineer'3 Office, Penticton, and  at the office of the undersigned. Copies  of plans, etc., may be had on payment  of $10.00 deposit which will be refunded on return of plans, etc., in good condition.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (10,%) of the tender. The  cheque of the successful' tenderer ^vill  be retained as security for the due and  faithful performance of the work till  the satisfactory completion of the work.  A bond in.' an acceptable : Surety'- Company for an amount- equivalent to twenty (20%) of'the amount may be accepted as security in. lieu of the successful  tenderer's deposit cheque. ■*      •  All; cheques ,to~be on chartered  banks  of Canada and made payable to the Minister of Public Works. ,  ■ The   lowesjj. or  any   tender 'not  necessarily accepted- .-    *..  A.  E.  FOREMAN,  ... Public Works Engineer.  Public  Works Department,  Victoria. June 2nd. 1H20.  f _  NOTICE  TO  COBTBACTOBS  Trans Provincial—-Kuskanook-Slrdar  Boad.  Sealed tenders, endorsed ■ "Tender for  Construction Kuskanook-Slrdar Road"  wil «e received br the .Honourable the  Minister of Public Works up to Noon.  2Sth  June.  1920.  for the construction of  Plans, specifications. contract, and  forms of tender can be seen at the Dist-  .-.ci Engineer's Office. Court House, Van-  '.ii'-or. p.*. the Court House, Nelson and  at the office of the undersigned. Copies  >r plans etc., may be had on payment of  '10 deposit .which will be refunded on  return of plans, etc., in good condition  Each tender must be accompanied by  m accepted bank cheque for an amount  equal to ten (10%) per cent, of the tender. The cheque of the successful terul-  -rer will lie retained as security for the  clue and faithful performance of the  work till the satisfactory completion of  the Contract. A bond in an acceptable  Surety Company for an.arhount equivalent to twenty (20%) per cent of the amount may be accepted as security in  lieu  of  the successful tenderer's deposit  cheque.  All cheques to be on chartered banks  •^f Canada, and made payable to the Minister of Public Works.  The lowest or any tender, not necessarily accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public  Works Department,     ,  Parliament Buildings,     '' •■'--.:■  , Victoria, B. C. June 9th, 1920.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  - .1.    OlERBSON.    MANISEH    V  FLOORS LAID AND OLD FLOORS REFINISHED  929 Pender St. W.        * Sey. 9201  Bes. Phone: North Van. 848  Fairview  & Gravel Co.,  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY      !  1527 Main St Fair. ^52  BUSINESS MEN  will And the.  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting pls*e for the. Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt ServiceV;,Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.   '■ _,■"-   ■'"■''  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas.  Pwyer,  Proprietor and  Chef  NICK  COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.    LAND    CLEARING    AND  GRADING  ROADS.  CONCRETE WORK AND SEWERS  1367 Seymour St. Sey. 7325-1.  TEBBEBS  WABTEB  BOTICE   TO   COBTBACTOBS  The Board^of School Trustees of tho  Municipality of North Vancouver, B. C,  invite tenders for the erection and completion of Ka 4 room fire-proof school  building. .  The Plumbing and Heating contracts  will be separate from the General Con-,  tract.' ,  Sealed tenders endorsed "Tender for  Lynn Valley- School," or "Tender for  Plumbing ;.and Heating, Lynn Valley  School," must be delivered to--the under-  eigned. at School Soard Office, Municipal  Hall;; Lynn Valley, B. C, not, later than  12 o'clock .'noon) on -the 21st. day of  June, 1920.  "The Board of School Trustees do not  bind themselves to accept the lowest, or  any tender, nor pay any fees in connection with  tenders.  Each tender to be accompanied '.by ','a.  certified- cheque on1 a chartered bank to  the amount of ■ five per Vjent (5%) of the  tender, which shall, be forfeited 'f thf-  party tendering fails to enter into contract when called .upon to do.so.  Special forms 'for tenclering will .be  supplied and no tender; will be considered unless made out on same, signed  and enclosed in the envelope furnished.  Plans and specifications' may be obtained from the offiee of the Architects,  Blackadder & Mackay, C'l Lonsdale Ave..  North Vancouver, B. C. on and after  June 7th, 1920.  A,deposit of $25.00 will be required for  each set of plans and specifications issued, which will be refunded when plans  and specifications are returned to the  Architects.f   ■  ",    H. MARTYN-JENKINS,  Secretary Board of School Trustees.  '.'.... District of North,Vancouver.  "      .   BOTICE   TO  COBTBACTOBS  XransT-Provlndial—Project 33��Section X>.  Bossland—Cliristina X>ake.  Sealed Tenders, endorsed' ''Tender-for  Construction T-ransTPr.ovincial — Project  23, Section D." .will be received by the  Honourable the Minister, of Public  Works. up.Ab 5„ p.m., of 17th June", .1920,  for the ..construction of approximately  6.75' miles of the above road. .~'\> ' '   r  Plans,'• specifications, contract, . and  forms of tender can be seen: at the District Engineer's-Office,. Court House",'^anp  couver. at-the -Court House, Nelson^ st  the office of the District Engineer, Penticton. .and at the-office, of the undersigned." popies of plans, etc., may- be  had oh payment of $10.00 deposit which  wlll.be-refu.nded on return of plans, etc.,  in good cbh'ditioh.'- ,.'v  ...Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted bank: cheque for an amount  equal  to->ten   (10%)   of.the tender.     The  cheque   6f   the   successful   tenderer   will  be retaMed'i  .--- ^_.i  STARTS   NEW   FARM   BUILDINGS  STRATHNAVER, B. C—James -McKay has commenced work on,the erection of a residence and barns on  his new farm near Lake Creek. Mr.  McKay was fortunate in securing one  of the best quarters in the vicinity,  and plans to occupy the new premises  this fall.  A NEW GAS SERVICE  -HEATING--  YES, you'Can;heat yotir.homc, office build-  in j», store or factory 'with GAS economically,, conveniently and satisfactorily—without the dirt and dust; of a furnace—without  the   work of carrying'ashes or shoveling fuel.  There are gas-heating systems that -,fit  any type 6! house or building from, the,hot'  air system that uses your present registers  and pipes to. the automatic unit radiator  system that, controls' your heat to a nicety.  Think of the convenience.of a gas-heating system—think, of•,the clean, basement  and the. freedom from,work that gas itneansk  —and then call, up 6iir New Business'Pe-  parttrient.'   Seymour 5000.','.:;.   '" .,'"."''  WE     SHALL-    BE     GLAD- . TO-  ADVISE    YOU    ON    YOUR      •  ,  HEATING PROBLEMS  Vancouver Gas Co.  Carrall and  Hastings  Phone Sey.  5000  ^^ ,^v.  as security-for the", due and  faithful performance of the' work till  the'satisfactory completion .of;tb'e work?:  A bond in an acceptable Surety Company  for an amount equivalent to twenty  (20%) of the amount may be accepted  as security in lieu of-^he successful tenderer's deposit cheque.  All cheques to be on chartered banks  of Canada and made payable to the Minister of Public Works.  The lowest or any tender, not necessarily accepted.    ..  A.   E.   FOREMAN.  "Public. Works Engineer.  Public Works Department,  • Victoria, June  1st.  1920.  ' Classified Advertising  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpenter   and   Con»trHo.tion   Work.  JOHN   P.   MOBBIS  Sey. 3418      ■ •  Sey. 931 EvenlngB        X758 Bobuon St.  MACHINERY  Hoisting  engines,  locomotives,  lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of  all  kinds.  BATXOBAIa  MCACHIBEBY   CO.  925 Main St. Sey. 600  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  ''-■•.■•■ and .Sold.  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg. , Sey. 9O40  ~  ~~r.    .;;" ",'";see;;ijs" ■"■   ~~      ~  .._   For AlJ Klnds-oi Machinery  WEIB JKACRXBEBY   CO.  LTD.  1306 Blchards  St.   .;„..,,... Sey. 7443-7443  STENOQ  HERS  Expert Typewriting of ev^ry description  Mimeographing.   -Multtgraphing.  Translations stWOtW^rs  SvtgUeA  CBBTXtAXPUBMO fjTE^OOBAHPEBS  MrSvn       V''.;4X4 Xtomlnlpn Bldt;.  568 Beany St  For Steam, Hot;Water or Warm  Air, WHS B« FoaittS  '"'•■■■ ■■the. e^RH^ rommy c^f   Hi,,- m'        '     '       '■'""'     '"'' '' ;:'■ "«'i^'^'-'':-i'f'--f'^:,':;'V  MALTHOID ROOFING  The Best that's made  a •     • •  'Safes Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  . Vancouver, B.C.  f  ft  m  "NEVER LEAK"  .    ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  Combine the  advantage of being ^produced in Vancouver,  together with a standard of quality excelled tj^v none.  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Limited:  MANUFACTURERS  AND,GENERAL  ROOFING  CONTRACTORS  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island  , Vancouver, B.C;  -       S  %  If  m  I  PILING and POLES  PIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors: to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors \  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155     . 1150 Homer Street  1 Vancouver, B. C.  H  DIAMOND GRID  BA1»  "The; Battery for your car"  .,   Kxpart battary and Icnltlon rapalrs  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  s    '       . *  570 Richards Street  GALVANIZING  I, ' i * ^— i     ■ .... .I., ,i 11—  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE OAXVABIZB  BYBBYTBXBO BT HOT PBOCESS  IRON and GALVANIZING   -    WORKS   Fairmont 971    *     Office and Works, 225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  T  I  f  THE  SHIPPING  guide;  The Official Shipping Paper :..-.,.>  REPORTS ON DEEP-WATER SHIPPING TO AND, FROM. ALL. PORTS  OF THE WORLD, vAUTHENTIC INFtfRMXTION FURNISHED TO SHIPPERS AND TRAVELLERS FOR ROUTING FREIGHT. PASSENGERS.  EXPRESSAND PARCEL POST TO ALL POINTS IN CANADA. UNITED  STATES.  ALASKA   AND   THE  ORIENT. '  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST  VANCOUVER,  B.  C.  PHONE:- SEY.  7808  W»tR«Habls Antt  'Iti^ifkieera.'   ''  Stymsur 759S  ■Alitiiit'iiim i


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