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 <~*  * "l ■*»  RECORD   PUBLISHING/CO.,, Vancouver,  Publishers.  Covering: British Columbia.  Vol.  13,  No.'4, Friday, June 15,  1917.  WILKINSON  COMPANY LIMITED  ;846 Beach Avenue Vancouver, B.C.  Telephones Seymour  7915 - 7916  , Tank Plates "      Galvanized. Sheets     ,     Black Sheets  ^    Canada Plate Tinplate Black & Galvanized Wire  Barb Wire Coil Spring Wire, etc.  '    ' ' '  STOCK CARRIED   IN VANCOUVER  ESTABLISHED   12  YEARS  JOHN A. BARBER  "   ESTATE AGENT      <  l  *-, Jy i * J  / 7'  Automobile Insurance  Buildings Managed  Rents. Collected  Fire Insurance  Valuator  590 RICHARDS ST.    SEY. 4434  66  BEAVER" Asphalt Roofing  ,    ,     oT   B; C. Manufacture    and   Guaranteed  A trial will convince you of   '  its Genuine Quality ,,   ,  Roofing Felt  Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  Roofing Paints  RooffngCemeht  ,     SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  .Wm- N; O'NEIL Co., Limited  1  < 548-550 Seymour St.  Telephone Seymour 4795-6  Nnraber  Description  Cost  ■8G07—Open,shod on  brick  piers..?800  C / * i  BUIXaiWO   PEBMITS   AMOUKTOTO ,TO  8500  OB  OVXb'ISSUED  iT   TBS  TABCCOVEB CITY HALL YESTERDAY  Stx-eet  Address  1mO% and Block  Dunsmuir   &   Seymour   Sts;  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Address  A.    Cox   „.,  Owner  Address  R.   Ford  '-\'r  EvamSjColemaura^Evaunis  : LIMITED  'Phone 2988  _ Foot   Columbia' Ave.  LARGEST AND BEST  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  A  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to 100 Horsepower  tf <'  & ..  Vancouver.; B.C.  BM^Crowa'^Bldrl i^v-'u'';: \- 8*7. 4698  2  'mrjy     *> ***.»• t v  * - ■*    1 -I        *■*■  ; 5rYeriteer   Panels,   Etc.  r Our Stock is,the1 Moat Complete ori the Pacific'Coaat   "       ''  -We are,also Sole   Agents   for   the'* '  - v^ V'Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple -; -., -.   *'!,   ,  and'Birch Flooring. ",rr'> ' ^ -,r ;-  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RichardaSt.  . f"'i»y  U  t    -r * "    jt -r   **y-i« t  ■•.a £^^ !.«<« ^v«^ w**.-  Vancou ver, B.' C-  -U j/ * iv. « . .ij-.f* »_!..-ii£u.~ A-s^^-r J- ..#-1 ■  1       .»  o j  .1  a Jrs  CENIRALjRAILWAY A CONTRACTORS  ^^-?  ■^.1  ? V : :BUILD1^G:NEWS ' ' ?*  ..„ And' Construction 'Work not otherwise*:-  ,&-   „«'^-sj*„    Classified.    *     ^'^    N""-*  -,,,'; ,-BUILDING;PERMITS, ri'il  ' ;• SCO'S—A^'-'W.? Sterrett?   I09»4,l'4£h  'AVe.~-W.,-, bld'.^garage/jloO.11.^ v '^ '^'  >c ^'   """   ' 11 _ z—•—."      , V. - .'v c  "« LANGC»BY(.PRAIRIE —'Tke'{ Port  Hammond Mill, Co.-is erecting a-mill  herp   ' -'    "• "" "      "    1/  ' ' "'"'■ r^"  j-f', : BUSINESS :NOTES.','     I  fiaad other Items of Interest to "the*?'  j> _     business man. ;   " " IC  ' ' KERRISDALE-^Tenders, will be received by/"-Henry; Floyd?' C.MlC, up  to noorf * of r'^une""18,'"fdr" printing" tax  statements.'1 Particulars at the Municipal  Hall, <-Kerrisdale'j ,'v        '  '  SAANICH—The    question', '"of ' fire  protection' has ,-been-.referred, td_ the*  water   and   sewers', committee.^'- ..-,':  FI^ANK DARLING &  '*-^>*  ^VICTORIA—A-building permit has  been issued -tqj J/ Newlands'* for "aid-,  ditions™. to a."house' at, 2S26  ScottV St."  ; VANCOUVER—The'city rfire department during I'May responded to 42  alarms ' of^ fifes, ^ which . resulted in.' a  total loss of4$1644,' and of this amount  ?]1S4,. "was, covered byJ insurance, the  total" value ^of-the"property involved  'being $1,150,625.'-". "" -    '   "   . \:-  ', NANAIMO-J-Thef-city- council';has  instructed^ F:~lSC^.KingZ^.to" mdKe' an.  •6  TliQR  99  "Roller .Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston ;Jiir; Drills--- Rivetting Hammers  '*      -ChippiBg Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine anlElectric Drills..; . ?:'.  :,'/'.';•» High Speed Steel^pis^mers;. Etc:,; v ^" ^:i;  Complete Stock of Accessories  <• 1  <--?  >'i.  ^!  -   'r'>l  s -'i'-'S  • ^   -  .-3  '-J'/•■  - / tills'S  .^';:^,.  s»"r:     VAT" ^  T  't - ' &'  i,>JS'' ,  ■'' if"  '4.'  Kt  Chicago  ;/    u !H*jl ;,z\ - Boyer" Rivetingr A ChippingSfHammers.'-iLittleiGiant, Drills;* Ountley \\  t Electric>Tools;^Rock^Dnlls;_ Air.Compressors;  ^ t. , . , _„  .',     ~-   *-.v vFue! Oil and  Gas  Engines/    -,        ' ^ '-  iiisifMi.jsTMti" "'/   - -  ; r A-'y:,,'-, ^ ' : 1 "--^542 piWst w.^yteomr b; c,  -• yJCTORlA^The'^'toWact "^or* /con*;  aWiciton^of^«l^^eB^Mp8^'^riinspScHoff^of >'ana^pibtograpn »%the\ f   ■   -   . ^^ .  ,     .....  'be ; let »bx   the VlmperiaK>MuniUons fpiers! i ofMS Vrieyrecently/^constructed (|f*> ,  .       •«-'-,■;  ;i  ; ,1 144HOMER ST.  1 ,'-*!  - •^-li'w!  » .',r^^ :  be ; let _»bv the ;.Imperial-^Munition'sfpiers"!iofMS VheYrecently/7"constructed 1^ , . \t - <~ 'i -*■ -^-. ■*-•*>--',-• v-,,* . , %i> ,. .-.,*,.. <^f^ "^-\£$.  ^oard' t^^er.feil»^-Son. of^ron^MiIlstream.,brid^,^hicl^ris"cr;u^b^ ft ^ .-...- ^ . C.i/* -" V"*:" J -^'U^r^S^'^ -r ^ •, ^7^^'^ ■> f ^.^^  treel. by whom .the'-Wallacer Ship^inl Way thrJugh ^fault^ woricma^ IfWiW ^ .^:<^**, .'^ V,'.--*^^^-^ ?•'*:: * . >5f'* ^" T^^ ^  vard^No. 2 at, North /Vancouver-- have|Ship- and; materials.^-A'-formal' infes- I? /"-,-■'", -,'- ;;,v/:,v-w^.';rv'i-'V .'' -^V-s^p. T- »./?, r*" ^„'./ ^« , «f>'iv J 5-^Y-iwj^^  been "purchased.1-1k  ligation' is, to be,,held ['byf thejcouncil. ,r|J ^  Ltl ME  1  Diamond Brand has1 no equal '  99.5 per cent pure  . OBTAINABLE FROM ALL WELL KNOW DEALERS IN CITY AND COUNTRY  .   Pacific Lime Co., Limited  .Works, Blubber Bay, B. C Pacific Bids.,Vancouver B. C  j  VANCOUVER—As ^published in<the( -     ^     -       -      -  Record/over  a   week ago  it" is W   L.^^^WESTMINSTER - The city  fonnally announced, that Adkinson & c?Vncil has/decided to buy 2000 feet  Dill   have   the   B.   C.   Telephone   Co l°L half"inch   Pipe'for'house -connec- I  job.'   The   only   figures . available   is •'tions- aK^'25   a   illlndred   f?et,   out)  the ?90,000  which   was give'h  as the!°f   by]aw^money.     Supt.   Ankers   re-j  approximate   cost "of ,the   work   the|ports that'this is^a barsain, the low-j.  contractors   will   do. ' esl rGcent fl110^"011 for this class of j  _r_  „ '■[pipe  being $11.12.    The  vendors   are  GRAND  FORKS—Having expended Spring  &  Sibley.       "   -     .. T  $200,000 on its mining property near  Paulson,  the   Inland   Mining  Co.] has  applied to the Provincial Government  VICTORIA—Tenders will be received by Geo. "Phillips, *Naval Store Of-  Iieasoa, Snf.  Meatreal  Wlanipegr  Toronto  Tanconver, B. C.  ' 1  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,    CARS,  ,     LOCOMOTIVES,; SECONDHAND .EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  508 Hasting-s W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing- Laboratory, Boom 1601; Physical Testing- Laboratory, Eooin Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  tor the construction" of a road be- ficer' H.M.C. Dockyard, Esquimalt, un-  tweent Grand _Forks and the mine. ril noon' June 30, for the purchase of  The company expects to "spend a fur- two motorboats about 30 feet long  ther sum of about $150,000 in devel- with-cabin or,, shelter. Boats,. must  oping the  property. iDe   suitable   for   harbor   service   and    - ! capable' of   proceeding   to Esquimalt  EDMONDS—An early, start on fur- imder  their own  power.-      ■     - '  ther    improvements    to   'the    Barnet , . v    "  road will likely be made according KERRISDALE — The * Board of  to an expression of opinion "passed School Trustees are inviting tenders  at the meeting of the Burnaby Board for the clearing and grading of school  of Works this week. ° The letter from i property at Magee. Tender forms,  the- public works engineer,, stating together with full particulars may be  that the government had the sum of!had on,personal application from the  $15,400 to spend  in South Vancouver, Secretary,   School   Board   office,- Mu-  BEAMS, CHAKNXX.S, JLMOX.HS, PLATES, TUBS,  COLXTM^S  COaCPLETEItT EQUIPPED  FABBJCATINO SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST: STEEL COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396 and 8397  Vancouver, B. C. <  .  riding  was   read.  VANCOUVER—Tenders will  be re  jnicipal Hall, Kerrisdale.    Tenders  received   up   to   June   16th,   12   o'clock  coived up to noon on June 20th for.  the construction of a wagon road I  from   Toco.    North   Vancouver    East-'  noon.  ward 4*100   feet   in >■ length.    A  separate tender will also be received fror  VICTORIA—The   city   council   has J  granted R. P. Rithet & Co. foreshore  rights   for  the^ property   between, the  Q,„f.      ,-,.,,„„„„, m present Outer Wharves owned by the J  Station  U, to -14x09.    Profile and spe- mthets   and   the   junctlon   of   ^       [  c ficaUons may be seen at the office Road with the waterfront.   The prop.  n„1,en D,f,*1rct     Engineer,     Public erty is to be usec] in comiection wIth  Woiks. Court llouse^Vancouver, B.C. ideve,opment   work   of   the   wharve8, j  VICTORIA   —   The   tender   of   Mr. i"ceased  capacity  for which  is  now  Ashe  of  $1,1G4   for   building   the  up-'needed   because   of  the  approach   of  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:— *"-    '  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   we cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  < Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are preparSd to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.      -  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —   FIRE  CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —   HYDRATED   LIME  BLACKZMITH   COAL —  COKE — SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRON  MANILA  ROPE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  101O LANG LEY ST.  Telephone 5037  GILLEY BROS. Limited  DEA1EBS   IN  Crushed Rock Sand  All Kinds of Building Material  '.        •'•'".     " .'•   ..'..    "'..;''V-'i '  v::"_. ■.   "" ■"'■.'■  902 COLUfVIBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.  f i per part of the new city pound at the  the completion of the Dominion Gov  JGarbally   Road   yards   has   been   ac   eminent' breakwater.  cepted by the city council.    This was    ! the lowest tender. Six other tenders ! NEW WESTMINSTBR-A request  ranged in price up to $13% The' ^r exemption from taxation for eight  city engineer will put up'the lower,01' teU years In consideration of the  part of the structure at a cost of establlsliment of a woo^n shipbuild-  SGSO.    Work will  be started at once   ,ng plant at Queensborough, was laid    before the city council in  committee  VANCOUVER—Word has been re-.this week by Messrs. Van Syckle and  cehed locally that Messrs. Russell Macdonald, of Vancouver. The idea  and Cliisholrn, members of the lmpc-iwaR t0 ascertain, as a preliminary to  rial Munitions Board of Toronto, will,'further action, how the council would  be on this coast 'earlyTnext week|view such a proposition, provided all  with authority to let contracts for J details were satisfactory. Several of  machinery for the vessels now be-|t'>e aldermen expressed their desire  ing built for the board in British Co- to  encourage industries.    But it was  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  MINING   MACHINERY, ROCK  CRUSHERS, SCREENS, AIR  COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DRILLS,   '   PILE  HAMMERS,  STEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL   PUMPS, TURBINE   PUMPS,  SAWMILL MACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)  HEALD CONVEYOR  CHAIN,        STEAM TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL  ENGINES  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  lumbia. According to the telegram  received here they are to make an  inspection of the j plants in British  Columbia and if, iu their opinion, the  plants are able to take on the work  agreed that;-nothing could be done  until Macdonald and Van Syckle submitted a concrete proposal. This  will be done within a few days, and  probably   a/special , meeting   of   the  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  they  have authority to let  contracts council  will'be  held  the end  of  the  for a certain portion. week. >  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  "1 STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 543 Seymour St.  Phone Sey. 4795  '.r;*'. •">  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  Address:    5S3  Homer-Richaids Lane  Rear of 431 Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 7S0S.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  ■ Subscription Bates  Payable stnotfv in advance.  TRAIL-—In some two or three weeks  it is expected that the new concentra-  ■   > -' *     tor  of  the   Consolidated   company   in  --      ' -,     Trail   will   be   completed,   the   equip-  ''   ..        ment or machinery installed and-the  plant in operation.  '*';;, Wilfley  taWes' and other  machines  "■'''"',      are  now  being placed  and other  ar-  f',\ T r     rangements made^for the using of the  'r:ij   "'oil flotation process in the'concentra-  ''!',.<'      ,tion* of the company's  Sullivan  mine  ,  "/-  <    complex ores, for which the plant is1  •'/ -'     * primarily- intended.    Experts r in ' this  ,'-   ' ,   class  of  metallurgical' work .have  al-  '-,-"'       ready arrived and are on'the*ground,  .  and',no time is being los^t in getting  ready to start practical operations at  /,""*<   'the earliest possible dale., v <, ; .  '.J     , This  plant  which  is  or an  experi-  --   "    .mental  character   to  a .large' extent,  '      ,will have a'capacity of treating about  -200 tons, perv'day, but if His expected,  fi the results * are .'satisfactory, therei'is  \t > < little doubt b,ut that a^ much 'larger  ;\ , concentration'plant .will-be <the-out-  '. - v ' come at no distant date. For the pres-  A ""' ent"' the /crushing will be done in,sthe  < *'" - " present crushing departments, .the new  ''\ . 'building being *connrected*,,by .trolley  ' with 'the balance of the huge reduc-  )  . I l   ,    t j y J.     it     r,        ,. 1 *    >  tion works.!- v ■ r, „,       **' - Jr "  '    ! vBOvnrczAXi estimatesiam; ««;«-  ---.- '"W "-TABMD DC THE BOUSE  VICTORIA.—A1 revenue of Just under  "-■    "*'   #6.000,000 and an expenditure of'lll.uuu,-  '    ".--Job   for   the J year v commencing - April *<1  next - is predicted sin, the. provincialI eati-  *;v"*"     mates 'which   were1-tabled'Inr the (-House  *T V,- ™ Hon? -Lorne^Campbell, ;Minister of  " ', finance on Monday:"The revenue-shows  -" i- I tailing otFot about $1,000,000 for- the  -- - ' anticipated revenue for this .year, '.while  - - ,- ^'expenditures show a.slight increase.  <--""- ^The exact estimated revenue ^*5.-  ; i ;ft44,016. as compared, with, $7,134,616' for  -J. , <*ie present-year, a difference of-_*l,095,-  ^-_LT„Joo. -.The estimated; ^disbursements'are  ,-' '• $11,301t374.- asrcompared. with, $ll,16d,-  '    ,    ' 2e6  for. the  previous- year,, an  Increase  -       "of-$138,000.    The increase is ,more than  ;<--•• Accounted '"tor'- by    the^Increased*, fixed  i' ,   charges; which are over, $300,000.'^, .> >>  -.»;-, '<Y <*,ar4,e summary of •> Eapendltare ! ,*   ' ; x  %•" -^-The, summary of, estiraajted-expendl-  '," 'ture indicates that-in - four, of the ^14  U'\ , * Government services-there, will Probably,  ^"^ <-<»e 'an Increased expenditu^ overcast  T - T 'year/. In the .'rest ~a" reduction -is_, pre-  , / V ilcted.,- r.-~ ;ir,ifi ..'i.Tl'-vV/'  1 - < %ST The.followxng; are ,the totjO..^^  \\\ ■. ^Public" debt.r.::....i--,.$1.152,376 "$^422.2  „7' '  ,'• Civic-government;" ,"; - >  £",   "--•   ...-(salaries)    ,  1,709,566  Z4l'> -, f- Administrations * of ;><•'-*  $'*&* .f Justice  -(salaries)'-   68,000  ^';    «-, legislation     '."Vp 89,820  '»>;'./*.'   Public institutions^..,,.^.  ^    .« , * -   (maintenance) ,   ,467,4,i6  .y^^-HoapltalB and chart-- .^^  WIRE  REMNANTS  768 ft.  1000 ft.  520 ft.  276 ft.  200 ft. lin.  300 ft. lin.  350 ft. lin.  1 eath 363 ft. lin  i/2m.  y2ini  , v in.  " in.  ITS  3 each  2 each  2 eachv  6x5 Langs Lay Crucible  6x5 Langs Lay Crucible  6x7 Langs Lay Crucible,  6x19 Galvanized Crucible -  6x19 Langs Lay Crucib  6x19  6x19  6x19,     ,'!  6x19  n  1 each   375 ft. lin.  We will quote very reasonable prices onthe above  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  ,    'PHONE SEY. 280 g  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Character.   Pier   •  Pleasuie'-Pier   Armory     Ranlc  building   Bridge   .—   Harbor (.Works    Bank A offlce bldg..  Hotel, C. N. By   Concrete Sewer   Tunnelling    .Estimated  Cast  ■■"~""'.~ 250,"000      $350,000    Not given      $1,750,000  ..Not, given  VANCOUVER  fcocatlon  Ownei  ...C. P.'B.  Vancouver   ~    ^      „ „  English Bay Coates &>Co.  Grand view       -...Govern men t  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  BanH  2nd Narrows..Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co  Kitsilano   Reserve    Government  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  False Creek Fill -'- C. N., Ry. Co.  False  Creek G   N.  Ry  Vancouver  V  .C..P.  R.  architect  . Plan* B«ady    Soon  Owners    Ownors    •   Perry, &  J^owler   -   Xot selected Sketches under way  C   A   P   Turner West Foundation Co.  Government  *   Preparing  No archt. commissioned yet   ZXPBOTEBKEETS I.ISTED IMMBDIATliM.WoW  ABE PROPOSED -B1TT HAVE  BEEN  POSTPONED:  Post Offlce ..'.—  Post Offlce  .$250,000  .$35,000  Factory, Wharf/ Subway.-  Courthouse \(eaat wing)—  Concrete  Garage  -■  fa*   $150,000   ISOO.000  Gore and Keefer   JDom. Govt  Cbaraoter.  Coat  .-$60,000  17  254  1,687,736  , v' ;~7 , *.  ' >-f 67,428  '   .',1671620  'r   472,575  5;so»  n™  ^ i _>  Education  ,*  -130S.670  .'.",.i;594;666 -^1.524,500  ■t-^^v^s^ooo /;r •43.°00  i-'Bevenue services:..-.^-50,000 -J'"'gjg  .Public 'works '■?»"•«■-. i'SSi^lf" ^3'°?e'9i?  Miscellaneous "..-. -i,i£n.ti>£  TransportJ  ,«2,032,000  1 I^thiB^year's'repoVt,'of therestimates  ,tbe service '"miscellaneous". Is .divided  ■ Into three distinct, secvices.- s\ ^nfea  OTon'which $565,000 is.to^be spent this  year."'and ."agriculture,\'{ 'upon,-which  $176 500 will-probably^be expended, are  each' given a service to"themselves, thus  greatly   reducing     the % "miscellaneous  total.  Present conditions have also - necessitated more-and larger hospitals, the re-  iult being;an unusually large .increase  for hospitals and charities. Last year  116.000 was voted in the way of aesist-  ince m the construction of .hospitals/  This year about ,$150,000, will,■probably  be granted for that purpose. Grants ,to  refuge homes, aid societies. .■etc. is increased from   $19,000  to  $S0,000.  University of;B. O. t ;-.  -Among. the appropriations , in thib  year's estimates is a conditional one of  1200,000 for^the Univerfaity, of British  Columbia. Last year's estimate'was  $175,000. -included .m the^works :anfl  buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department are, the lollow.  lntr- Okalla 'prison -farm, $15,000,  Improvement of government reserve,  Burnabv $10,000; mental hospital and  colony farm,"Essondale, $35,000; provin-  • c?al government buildings^Lonaon-fcoin.  Dletion -and maintenance), . $175,000,  Maintenance, $8,000. The ^vrpvriauo^s  provincial .normal school. Vancouvei  for roaas, streets," bridges and whaives  tn each constituency are the tame as  last vear Chilliwack gets »33,300,  Delta $22.5007 Dewdney, $6S,500, and  Richmond $40,000. Eighty ttiousand is  revoted for Kin^sway through the Muni-  clpality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets  ?lP0,0OOy for   roads,   and  Nicomen   island  is left on". For bridges geneially $ o0,-  000 is set down, while for-the bridge  over the Fraser River at P. ince George  there will be an appiopnauon ox  ?lou,-  . °°An item in the Land Uepartment appropriations is that for $20,000 loi  "timber testing and investigation ol  wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeljlnff  overseas markets for the B. C. lumbet  trade is that another ?50,000 is appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of n*ate-,t'|'-„„_„  Other Appropriations.  Among   the   other   appropriations   aie  the  following:^ _.,...  Grant to B. C legmienta $»,000, grant  to patriotic fund $0,000 grant to boy  scouts $1,000. giant to Victorian Ordei  of Nurses $500. grant to roturned so^-  riiprs' aiid commissions, $1&,000, i^ovai  Commissions $15,000 (last year $.,0,000),  nnS bounty $35,000. Contubution  SUSVanco0uvetr towa.d puichase ot  ^ortntn lanes in Ward VIII., ?&,000.  Fra^e? Hiveer Bridge. NewWestm.nster  m'lintenance and repairs, f^0.200. &onfe-  h*w"" Bewve imniovemenK   82tnnnn  BASEBALL  ATHLETIC   PARK  BUTTE VS. VANCOUVER  Week Commencing June 18  ADMISSION   25   and   50   CENTS.  Week Days 4:00 p.m , Sat   3:00 p m.  PANTAGES  _________—       B^«»m«Baaaa^B»ni^ai»»W»^a^na««na»taWaB»BWa«»MajBBann*«T«aW  Three Shews Dasiy  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES '■'■i-5c -25c  Brt'and mill schools    minnnnn  Steele Bridge , „.-..: ~: f»°g^g  -Y.W.C^A.   Home '     *i50,000  Union"Passen«er Depot-.c: -„„*1,000,000  Stone church  $26,000  Swing Span  :..  Tubercular Ward  .-. $20,000  : >?4.  South Vancouver  Dom. Govt  Hastings -....Royal,,Crown- Soap Co.  Vancouver   _Prpyln.  Govt.  Fifth &"Fir<Sts .^....Ford Motor Co.  a. '''.  ,    ,,      VICTORIA %7n 7  lVoeatloa   .'. ;....  •- ~Ownai  Victoria  .:-! .....—.--'.'..i—.-■■■-  City  Victoria  ..:..'.....:.    .........  City  Victoria .'..:.  .-Y:  W.   C.   A.  Victoria J. -C. P. R and C..N  R.  Victorla....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Victoria   : S..-..L       ±...  City  Victoria :.r. _* Royal Jubilee 'Hosp.  Dom.   Govt ."..Delayed  Dom."" Govt :.--:. Delayed  Thos  Hooper   .'. Delayed  Dalton ~& JSveleigh   .'....- .-..Delayed  Owners   ' Delayed  Architect —:_   Srnrgln & Wilklna  Owners  J.„..'   J.  C.   Frame ..-:   Co. Engineers  Jones  City  J. C. M Keith     f Plans Beady  ).«'....:. .'.Indefinite  .....t.  Preparing  ..-.•.Soliciting 'Funds   : Preparing  Beatson—Arranging' 'finances.-  "  .i.'.'.r.....'... Completed  BOVBMEKTS UBTED IJ«tEDIATEI.TBEI.OW  ABE PKOPOSSS  BUT HAVE  BEEK  POSTPOITED:  10-sto offlce bldg ;._:^/._-.r_^.-$250.ooo  Christ - Church   Cathedral' -^--f *0p,000  Church  -. ~- s-.-HSMS?  pier  :  :.--:. —.....$i,ooo,ooo  Cnaracter  School  Cost  .....-.'. J'.:~. :_:..1:..:.>.-i...$7,50o  Grain's elevator  (36,000 bu.),'r...\—---•■------}  . r......„l_...$50,000_  E~*."$i5",b6b  School  Plant- Improvements  Steel Bridge .7. :.-..:  GrainiElevator, (25,000 bu.):„-.  Market building .-.: :*-- : l^A^  Sewers » ■-  .-r._.$24,000  Street Work^^...:."iJL:.:.t:.^-^..^t50.000  (  »Vf imn-J (»r«* w"i  "J 't-' s*;» J,t!2-*'  Victoria '. :. ~-.B. -C. Electric-Co.  Victoria ~L...'. _\_^™—~ St. Barnabas  Victoria : — -First Baptist Church  Vancouver '..'. .'. - C.* P.  R.  - BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL,  Location  1.;......:....^...-^.-'. , Owner  Trail ':.:J...L...-...:....L.f- ._i™_'. ' City  Kamloops - Kamloops Farmers Ass n.  Rossland „ >,'./■   \'i,,'^     . .,^„ci$y  Prince<-Rupert:.r. ..Imperial Oil Co.  Prince George; .-7i.l.-._..:_^-V..-..iFrp. Govt.  Kamloops   .;..Maple ,Leaf Milling Co.  New--WeBtminster :i. *...-...;.'....L. City  Nanalmo '*„:.....'.:.:..':.'.      ^.__^.v_i._£.-City  'Prince-George ^ -—,-v^iti  J. C. M. "Keith   Jesse M. Warren-  Owners    Delayed  ...- Delayed  ....".Delayed  :.'.. Delayed  Architect,  *    ^   - ,  Owners s.--...  Owners- .'...  Owners .?...  3ity- :....  City .:.-:.  '.Plans Beady  ..-.*— Indefinite  ^'."."'.Tshortly  :...:.: Indefinite  ..„'...:.  Soon  i.:  _       -rt-L      *7  ,*^^.' "■*** -  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  ■     ' '        s . ' •, 1, 4     v -        <. rl V -" -»  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bide-  Vancouver. B. C.  Concentrator,   etc.  Railway Station ...  Concentr ator    1,000,000  40,000  300,000  150,000  Public Woiks -      STn'nnn  WTiarf        - - —$10,000  2_4-room Schools  each f 20,000  Fertilizing  plant & 'wharf. $l?2'2xX  City  Hall     Armory, '(Dom.   Govt:.)   Ho tel    —   Library     Freight   Terminal     School ,Bldg. .-.._..;..-:   Paper and  Pulp  Mills   Round House ...-.    Mach   and Repair Shops...   $50,000  ..$100,000  .   $20,000  . $50.ono   §50,000  ......'....$150,000  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  New. Westminster  C. N. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince   George^  - City  Sidney :.Victoria>,& Sidney  R.R  Vernon, B.C .....Vernon School Board  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer  O  Xanaimo, 'B. C City  of Nanaimo  Prince Rupert ..: —....Dom. Govt.  Fort , George Not   given  Nanalmo  :. :...-.-—- cClty  New Westminster  N..P. Ry. Co.  Rosslandv    City  Quatsino, B C. Colonial Paper &P.M., Ltd  E. Lillooet P. G-. 10. Ry  B. Lillooet...". - P. G. E. Ry  Soon  Owners    :..-...' j   Owners _   Owners    .'   City       I. .'_  Will  Build  Soon  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall ^.  J. S. D. Taylor   Tenders closetl  Not Drawn i Asking Govt. Grant  Govt -  Tenders "soon  Herbert J. Peyton.....". Sketches  ready  Undecided   - -"— Indefinite  Owners  Owners  Now  WarehS anrsto^ Ta^k:::::::Z:$i6:666   Peace River '...Imperial Oil Co,  CONTRACTS LET OR nWORK STARTED  BniJOlng   " location  Residence   -»-•--•••-  Metcliosln  .School   Hilllers,   M.   &   N.  Rn«ifl**nce  l'OUl   Bai    KC1  Residence •::."" Gillespie   Place  ^nooiApmt" ;::::.:::::::~::r~;rHoiiywooa  F-stc?   dept." store  bldg VictorU  Piers   (Concrete) Victoria  Brk.  veneer church...... ■■V/Xi^V  Wharf (Slaiine Depot)  >c°'a  •  Hrpakwater   Victoria .  Alteration to Say ward Bldg   Character     Coat  Power   House   Bldg   (ConcO. --.-j^  2-sto^^ne"&-Vteei"bldg::Z:.:ZZ|  20,000  Dairy   Bldg.   (cone  &   brk) $,f?'n00  2-sto brk bldg (No  DeWl!)   "■" ,  $2o,odo  VICTORIA  Est.  Cost  ?20,000     Owner   IT.  R. Hammond      School   Trustees   1   II.  Lawbon   F.   Nation  ""    A.   Wind)    City   _ Hudson's  Bay   Co.      Government  Colomha Presbyterian Ch.      Govt.  , Dom.  Government  2-sto.   apmt.  Residence ——  »9- n(U.  Factory   ---•--•   stoooo  Dredging   Sand   Heads.. S70.00O  PJ,v,swidKutments      "::::::."'$3"o"6oo  Govt   Blag  ?yn nnn  High School tfsn'nn  Jetty   &   Dredging 5*20'000  Roundhouse  * "'000  nVmsMiiis""Vtc" :.\-"::::::::: 1,000:000  Water   System          vcln'onO  Mills.   Wh«i\os.   etc       I,o'?ft"  Addition  High School VJ'nn'c,  Brick   School     -.- .fk'22x  3   Motorshino,   each $165,000  Bascule  Bridge   Power House and Laundry   Railway Line    10,000   35,000      15,000      $1 1,000    $700,000   ....  $2,000,000   .  $20,000        124 50"..  $1 000.000 ..  Victoria    *   C ,,  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location         Owner  Kamloops    -'-™    City  Prince George—Prince George Hotel Co  Nelson,  B(J Catim-ii   Magho  Duncans.   B.   C   Nanaimo    J. B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert J. McMordie  Mctchosin   XX. R. Hammond  I.ulu   rsland.-.Moirison Steel & Wire Co  Fraser  River   Government  Grand  Trunk  Pacific G.  T.  P  Port  Alberni     Govt.  Port  Albeini   Munlcipalitj  Vorth  Arm Fraser River Govt  Fort George G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Nanaimo        City  Princess Royal  Island. Tonapah-Belmon  Port   Moody    ., City  Or-an Falls. Pacific Mills. Lid  Nelson        ,.   City  Trs-nl      North Vancouver. .     H. W   Brown  & Co.  Selkirk Water    C. N. R  T/ako Louise C   P. R.  Kamloops-Kelov/na    C.  N   Jty.  Co  Contractor  .Grayson  &  Son   Local  ...A.  II.  Mitchell  ....P.   McKcchnle   Fulton   Biok   Luney  Bros  .B. C. Coiibt. Co  Architect  Butler  &   Harrison....  Spurgin   &   Wilkins...  S.  Maclure    S.   Maclure     C.   IS.  Wat kins   Spurgin & Wilkins....  B. Hoi wood & White  Govt Grant Sm}th & McDonnell  Wm. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Parks, Tuppcr & Klrkpatilck  Govt    Sir John  Jackson,   Ltd  J. C.'M.Keith  Luney Bros  Architect Plans Ready  Ducane Dutcher & Co Wm.  Greenlees  Butler &■ liarii^on... Brewster & Pel ham  Geo. C. Egg Waters & Pasco  J.  CM.   Keith Island  Building Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks A- Anderson  Jas.  Gilmoro  Sub-con tracts  Butler & Harrison Grayson & Sons  Owners    Day   Labor  Govt Navigarion & Dredging Co.  G. T. P J. A. Mc-KHrizie & Co. F,v.  Bldg   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warnock & Cochran  Govt Pacific Dredcing  Co.  Owners  Carter Hall  & A.  City      CUV  1  Co    Owners  City Robertson,   Godfeon  Co.  Owners      Ownors   Snider Bros   & Brethnur, Ltd.   7. Burns & Co   Wallace   Shipyards  Owners...   MncDonnld, Ncttieton & Bruce  .Northern Construction Co  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  B. C. AGENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  '"SULLiVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK-DRILLS'  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL, SHARPENERS  1500 G-RANVII.X.E.ST. ,.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR  LIFT  PUMPS    s     .  PHOHE 9162  ' ,     ,      ( USE  ELASTICU  * The Tough,   Elastic,' Adhesive .Cement  (Ready '"for us^e.)  FOR YOUR  f  LEAKY ROOF  -'-    -- 0   -- .  f  Send for Freo Booklet  r ,< MANUFACTURED r BY  THE PATERSON MFG. CO., Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and ArbutustStreet   „   -i     -        VANCOUVER,'B. C.  -    -    .1.*   PhonejB»y. 773  -     ■       ' r  ■-,y     r*   *■"'.  *   1  'J-    %.-* v-,  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  <-:'_      Wej»peclallr© in prompt service for Contractor*' -  -L -'.-> ~s - temporary power Installations     •'      ~, ,■  ;  , "   l  ■~l — ■"    ,   - tit*    ' ' , -    i    <•    fJ'        *<      -  -    ' i    1- ".}* "■ V—'"  "■-■'- v  >    '   f    J.  <B>^E tEjCTRIjC •  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  r l        t  'I  A  I  -1L  '  'Phone   Seymour ,5000 Tend   have   our . representative /call  t-*i. -  ,Tb-    ..  i' v  i.      k.     i-    ^     *,       O-.      j^4       ^ v    - ,  *      T*     ^ ■iv^:C   1f.* <- * .'     -^M* \J/ Y T~ r .****" *-  w*-i**5*t5*"<-Sr**^,-*ix %&  GREAT NORTHERN TRANSFER  *"*•*- ■ ^fBJ'-' m%m^ I I"   "^  Steam and Household COAL  .A  CARTAGE of every description  By the Hour. Day, Wetk. orMontli  Ktf i ^j- v    -ictl.     yi   h i- fthr-e-  'Phone COAL orders Fairmont 2800  mmmmmmmmmw y.' ^     j  'Phone CARTAGE orders Seymour 605-405  /- -  The Jainds Electee Coo  LIMITED  Sey. 174—175 ' * '     , * 570 Richards St.  -      l • .      -    «  "Wiring   Contractors  tzlectric   Repairs  Electric   Supplies   ,  Motors,   Generators,  Elevators,  EverythSng Electrical  GOOD P1.L18JN6 and KEATING  Conveniently  Located - - Lightning    Service  A. H. MITCHELL'  5&4 RICHARDS ST. ^ SEYMOUR 1784  /  MALTfiOlG, MALTHulD JUNIOR,  CRQNOLITE  ALSO  WHITE and TARRED SHEATHIiMGS  SIVllTIi, DAVIDSON &  VANCOUVER & VICTORIA  7 •">  YOU WANT  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  o-  Ws can help you tto increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you.  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Phones: Sey. 13 and  Sey. 2S3S  ARGIUTKCTLIC VI. < TERK V    COTXA.  Evans, Coleman &. Evans, Ft Col St, S 2988  ONfil Wm N Co Ld , 54S Seviiour S 4735  Ritchie   Con. ■ &   Sup     Co,   Ltd     Gran     f>t  Brideei S  91C2  Warrifton  &. Johnson.  119 Ponder S    S 4912  A.SPIfArT   TIZJjT.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft Col. ...S 29SS  Patcrbon Mfg   Co,  10th & Arbutus S., li. 772  B KICK—ALL KINDS.  Cont'n'I Ship & Trad Co Ltd ....S G418  Evans Qoleman & Kvans, Ft Col, S 2988  Gllley Bros, Ltd, New West, PhoneB 15, 16  W N O Nell <SL Co , 548 he/ St $ 4795-479?  Rltihic-   C'Oati     &.   Sup    Co,    Ltd , „G ran    St  BrldRB S    91f>2  Wanlnttoi & J(*..neon, 11<) X'mtlcr, S, 4912  KV.Winch i Co. Ltd.  Winch B   S. 279-1944  BUILDING  IKLXS  AND  VAPElt<3.  Evans, Coleman & I>vans. Ft Col,..S 29SS  Leslie, Tajlor Co, 10.1 Dunsmuir .. S 4371  W N O Neil & Co, 54S Sty. St, S 4795-4798  Patcrson Mfg'Co, 10th& Arbutus Sts , B 772  Warrington  &. Johnson.   119  Pender.  S   4912  HON DS-^-SL KEX'V.  K.V.WInch &. Co., Ltd ,  Winch B, S   279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie &  Co     &   913.-G575'  Evans, Coleman 3- Evans, Ft. Col...S. 2&8S  Gllley Bros , Lti , JJaw West, Phones 15, 16  W. N. O'Nell 4 Co, 54S &ey St, S 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr    &   Sup .   Ltd r  Granville   St  iBrldtre        S  9162  R.V.WInch & Co. Ltd. Winch B, S  279-1944  CIIMKNT^TISSTINO  AND  ASSAYING. r  Can. Inspc't"& Tebt. Lab, Empire Bldg.  -      ,..".       S    4 606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   &   Co,   Standard   Bank:  Bldg    --..S  2199  *,       CONTJIACTOKS—BORING  Robinson Contr. Co. Winch Bids. S. 6888  •    CONIKACTOKtj—EXCAVVTING.  Cectre'.Contracting Company,       - -   -  8i>7  Georgia St   E .        .   High.  15S1  CONTBACTOR8-r-G.ENKRAl,.  ArmBtrong." Morrison    &    Co,    Ltd..    Bower  B*C     .*     8   1838  B.  C.  Granitoid &■  Contr.  Co, N.E.  Cot  * Beach and Nicola...   =. ..   .   . Sey/2296  1    CONTRACTORS—LAND   CLEARING.  Centre'Contracting Company,'    _  f 887  Georgia St.  EI HighT41581  CONTRACTORS—PLASTERING. ,  Rush &'Read,  1736 6th Ave.. W   „_>,„. _    _.  Bay.   1602R—2215L  1  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERRAZZO.  Brana. Coleman &-Evans,  ft   Col S. 2981  Leslie,  Tajlor Co,  403  Dunamuir    —S  4J71  W. N. O'Nell «. Co,  648 Sey. fit. S  47»S-47»»  <-    .CORNICE. ANB  BOOFING.  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co,'Ltd 9   210  CRANES   ANB   HOISTS   (ELECTRIC  Macdonald.   Marpolo  Co,   Ltd S   210  Th« Holden Co.. Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  Sey   1063  ,     "       DETECTIVE AGENCIES  Vancouver    Detective     Agency,   "429-430  Standard Bank Bldg, Phone Sey. 2440.-*  Night,  Sey.  214.2 CJ.  O'Grady,  Mgr.),  BRU^LS---rORTABLE   ELECTRIC^  Darling, .Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     _.-Sey   4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd , 542 Pender St W.  , ' ;   Sey.  1065  ,-      -_ klectricalSscpplees   ,v  Can. Allfs-Cha-lmere 1063 Ponder.. .S B71«  Darling,;Frank &^Co , 1142 Homer  .'    Street      ...*.. ..-Sey   4100-4101  ELEVATOR CAKS ANB ENCLOSURE*.  Can    AUU-Chalmers.1 1063   Pender... .S. 5710  narrla. P.-.E. & Co ,   t> - Crown Bldrj.S   4698  W. N.  O'Nell fc Co.  G48  Se>.'St   S.479o-4it8  Rllc»ie* Contr.   *   Sup    Co.   Ltd.   Gran    St  Briars *• l8- »lsa  ?'""' ,+   ELEVATORS trJv.„   v;/„ ^ >-\  Darling.vFn»n)c & Co., ««Homer      y  -"r!" Street'*'1      ^- --- -• — -» Sev   ^l0"-*1'1  H»rrl»;fP.sE. «. Co-"*-»   Crown Bid*   S.^4«»»  'Vr-  ^      'iJnKK CLAY   "- ',  Balfour,  Outhrie  At  Co..,.......S   --------  Evan».. Coleman & &an* ft CoL. .S.^Ji&a  Glllei* Bros „ Vew Westminster. Phonea 1-.1S  W N. 0rNe» A Co. 54S-Scy. St &««-«"  Ritchie Con A Sup. Co. Granjl Bdrr.fi 91 J,  R. V. Winch 4 Co,   >*lnch BUtf, s>   J7»-l»44  HRE   EXTINGUISHER   STSTEMS.  Gen. Fire Ex Co.. 1140 Hamilton ".3 8131  Barr at Anderson.  1060  Hcmer St S   S1»0  FLOORING  Fyft Smith ft  Co.  1320 ^Richards  .S  11»«  GAS  APPLIANCES.  Van. G*» Co.,        Haatlnia St. W 8. MOO  GATE  VALVES  Macdonald,  ilarpole  Co,   Ltd   S. 210  GLASS—AIX KINDS.  W. N, O'Null ft Co. (48 Sey. St . S   4795-479?  HARDWARE  Flett, J  A . Ill Hastings "W. . Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  W   N   O'Nell ft Co    548 Sey   St    .8  4795-4798  J   Fyfe  Smith  4.  Co.  1320  Richards.   S  119«  HARDWOOD Ll MBER  Smith, J   Fvfe & Co. 1320 Richards..S  1196  HEATING— HO r   AIR.   STEAM  AND   VENTILATING  Bailey, E. A, 1033 Granville St, S 13C  Burr A^Andeibon, lOfiO Homer be .b _6ls0  Gen   Fire Ex   Co. 1140 Hamilton St.  S ol35  "HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   &. Sup   Co: Granvl   Bdg .S 9161  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col ....S 2988  \V N O Neil * Co 54S Sey St .S 4795-479S  Ritchie  Con   & Sup   Co . Granv  Bdg    S  »j.oJ  IKON  AND   STEEL—STKLCI'UK *.L  Can Allls-Chalmors 1063 Pender. . S 5710  ran    Noi.hwest   Steel   Cc . .       . .T'       307  Evans, CoiLnian &, Evans. Ft Col fc> 2yiS  Coughlan. J & Sons. World Bldg...b i9"<  J'ucdoniikl, >iarpole Co, Liu . ... S -10  Ritchie. Con «. Suo Co, Granv Bdg S 911.'  SV N. O'Nell ft Co 54i faey St . S 4795-(<9S  Wilkinson Co, S1G  Beach.   .        . S    1915  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNA^IENIAI.  Can AllN-Chalmrrs, 1063 Pender.. .S 5710  Evans, Coleman .1   Evans,   ft   C0I....S 2'JSs  MuLd'imiM    A.arpok   Co.   Ltd      S   210  VV   N   O Neil ft Co.  5 IS Sey   St .  S   47'J5-47lJb  <lLChle < on   iv- fcup   Co    (jruiivl   Bdu   **   rfl»  South Vnncouvei   lion & AVne Wotks,  5S55  ViUoiia Drive.     .    .   Fiaser 150  LATH—METAL  Evans Coleman & Evans. Ft Cohimb S 2"><!S  W N ONi'i' *C0 54V S«> St S 4715-479S  Rltchl" C and S Co, Grnn £«t . S .'162  Warrington   £   Johnson,   U9   Pender  .b  i'Jll  MARBLE  AND   ONYX  Ev.a.ns,  Coleman &. Evans, Xt   Col .  Leslie..  Taylor Co, 40.5 Dunsmuir.  W. N   O'Neil & Co, 548 Sey   St   S  ,*2.S 2988  .. fo 4371  4795-4798  OIL  BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron Works,  181D XJandoia St ..H,  496  r VINTS—JTRE-PROOF.  W N O'Nell ft Co , 548 Sey St S 47K5t4798  V.'arrlr-ston   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4.912  paints—damp prooc.  Evans, Coleman lc. Evans, ft. Col. ■- S. 2988  W. A O'Neil ft Co, 54S Soy St- S 479»-4.9a  Paterson Mfg Co, 10th ft Arbutus..B 777  Warrington   &   Johnson.   119   Pender, .fa. 4912  PARTITION—FIREPROOF ,       (  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft Colum..S 298S  Ritchie Con. & Sup Co Granv Bdg-.b. q-"^  Warrington &. Johnson. 119 Pender St.S  49U  V PIG IRON ANB TIN  Balfour. Gutbne.ft Co -. •• S 9197-6^|  E»rans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.. .. fa ZJ*8  R   V. Winch A. Co , Winck Bid    .S     279-1944  PILING AND POLES  Centre Contracting Company, _"  8&7   Georgia St   E/( High,  15S3%  h ''PILEBRn/ING.  Evans,' Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  •.•fiSfr Ki.er Pile Driving Co New W(«  Peterson,   Henry,   3022   Victoria  Dr...H. HSo  '     ' PIPE—SEWER  Dom   Glzd Cmnt Pipe Co ,/pom   Bld..SS2St  Evans, Coleman A. Evans   Ft. Colum  .S 2J8f  Gllley  Bros,   Ltd,   New  WpbU. .Phone« lo.Jf  Macdonald,  ila'pole  Co,   Ltd .»   210  Ritchie Con. r& Sup Co, Granville. .&. 9162  Warrington & Johnson 119 Penier St.S. 4917  R. V   Wluch & Co, Winck BUL..S    279-194'  PLASTER  Balfour,'Guthrie & Co .. .. ''S 9197-«57i  Evans, Coleman &. Evau< Ft. Colura. .3. 298*  Gilley Bros, Ltd, Nen Weat . .Phones 15, 1'  W. N O'Kell & tjo, B4S Sey St . S 4795-479?  Ritchie, Con   & Sua   Co . Granv   Bdg. .S. 9162  ,PLASTER BOARD f  Evana, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col .'. .S 298S  W N O'Nell ft Co , 548 Sey St. P 4795-479'  Ritchie   Con.   &.   Sup    Co .   Granville   .6  1162  PLASTER   PARTITION   BLOCKS  Brans,  Coleman ft Evana,'ft   Col S. 2988  1  ,    PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL    '      *    ^  Erann,  Coleman ft Brana,' ft. Col S. 2988,  D R iiorrlaon. 712 Richard* St .9. 2iSl-2li:  W N O'Neil ft Co. 548 Sey St...S 4798-479!  Ritchie <Con£< &   3up    Co.   Granville. .8. »li2  ^.  *s        <■   Pl^lSTIC FLOORING   •  Sanaan Asbestos Floor Co . 1209 Jervi* St.  «.      J. S. ««48T  PLUMBING  Bailey, E A , 1023"Gran\ille St, . .S 136  Darr   tit   Anderson,   1060    Homer   &c ..6  alB«  -,* VJiFA Al V TIC   TOOf,«  Darling, Frar>k-& Co ,"1142 Homer"5  '"  Street- Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co, Ltd., 542 Pander St W.  1 t    - Sey.  10654  ! RlDIVTORS 'AND BOILERS J  Can    AHis:Chalmera.   1063   Fender. ...S S71t  ROOFING  COMPOSITION  Evans Coleman ft Evaca Ft Colum..S 298!1  Pateibon irrg Co, 10 ft, Arbutua Sta ..B 77!:  W N O'Nell & Co, 54b Sey St...S 4795-479*  Ritchie Con ft Sup C . Granville .S »162  Warrington ft Jofc.ni.on. Ill Pender Pt.g   411} !  BOOKING—SHEET HETAL.  _»   }<_ (See   Cornice   auaT Hoofing)     _      c  ^ ROOFING  MATERIAL'*     %  Brana, Colemai ft'E^ana"  Ft  Colum..8  298S  Macdonald, -Marpole   Co.,   Ltd a,210  Pateraon iMfg-.  Co, 10th ft Arbutus.  Bay. 77  Rltchle Con. & Sup   Co. Granville B...S. 9162  Warrington ft-Johnaon, 119 Pender St.B. 4»1»  Automobile Records  FROM APRIL 25  TO   MAY 14  Following  1b   a  complete  list   of  new  AutoinoDile  Licenses,  Transfers  and Relinnuzehments Kecorded for  Vancoaver and. Biotrlct.  Whore street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   is  Vancouver.  All care • for hire are ndcated thus  (*)  No  Name  NEW CAKS.  Address  . Car  8197-657S  ;«<K«K-#*<*'*,K'  '?.!  L_  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  ar»y length - any diameter  I Incorporated 1909  1021-102* Rogers Building j  Seymour 3998-3999  1:  ♦  i  LIME.  13altjur.   Gufirlo  i.   Co S   9197-6575  IJvans Poltman ft Evans Ft Columb S SS*,^  Gllley Bio*i. New Wtstmlnstor I'hones 15 Id  W N O Noll ft Co 54i Sey bt S 4795-47<>!i  llltohle Con ft Sup (,'J . Granville S 91»-  R   V.  Winch Co,  Ld , Winch BdB .S   J79-1U 1-t  MACHINERY  Can    Allls-Chnlmors.   10C3   Tpn>lor.       S  G710  DarlinK.   Prank & Co,  1142  Homer  Street * Sey.   1100-1101  Macdomild, Marpole Co, Ltd . . fc> /_]»  W N O'Nell ft Co. SIS Sey St S 47ntl-4i9S  nitfhi" Pun ft Sup rr,, rvnnvl BfK'i s "Jij.  The Holden Co, Ltd, 5(2 Pendtr St   W.  Sc.v     106.i  M VNTELS—BRICK.  TILE   VNO   WOOD  Evans, Colomnn ft Evans, ft Col. .. f> 2(>8S  I.oslio,   Tivlui   Co,   4 03   Dunmnuir .S   Mil  VV N O'Neil ft Co 548 Spy St S 4715-479S  Ritchie   ("-on    ft   ^'"P    f'° •   Ginnvlllo    ^  9H'  -   i   K       , ■*■' .ROUE-MANILA - -, s -*- -  BalfouK   Guthrie">"Co....■!;...;.«» «l»7-M7l  V_'~,*     "   SArES-^VAULl/BOORsV,   v ,   *  Warrin»ton"&-"-John«cAr ll»-.pender St fi. 4»lt  W  N   O Netl ft Co. »48,Sey"St...S  Alii-**.**  ^S-VNDl GRAVEL* ANB.CRL'SIIEB"'ROCK "  Evans,   Coleman ft, Evans, tft   Col "S. 2988  Gillc> Bro*. Ltd. New VTest.^.Phonea 1». 1»  Ritchie, Con   &»bup   Co , Granv ^Bdg    S. f IS.  SASH, BOORS.   WINDOWS," ETC.  *„' ,  W-N   O'Nell ft^Co . I4<: Sey   St..   S   47»S-479>  MilXGLE MANLK4CTIRERSAND  BEAI.  EHh.    •■    "  (See Lumber and SMnglea >  ^  ' ^ SLATE * '  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft   Col S 2988  W. N O'NeU ft Co , »48 Sey. St.. .S. 479S-478'  R V. Winch ft Co, Winch Bld.^.S 278-1944  Ritchie, Con   ft Sup  Co . Granv  Bd«. .8. 91«i  STEEL—REINFORCING.  BaUour.    Guthrie   ft   Co S9197-SI7I  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2918  Macdonald,   ilarpole  Co,. Ltd           S   210  Warrington ft Johnson, 119 Pender St.S  4»1J  STORE   *   OFFICE   TIXTLRES   *   STORJ  FRON TS  Evans, Coleman ft'Evans, ft. Col. .. S 2188  W. N   O Neil ft Co.. MS Sey   St..  S. 4795-4791.  TAR  AND   PITCH *  Paterson Mtg Co, 10th ft Arbutus, Bay 7~*  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft. Col 3. 29SS  TILE—DRAINING  Evans Coleman ft Evans Ft Colum S 29S!;  Gllley Bios, New Westminster Phones 16, If  Pt Haney Brick Co, 61S Hast. S W., S 13!>S  RItchio Con ft Sup Co, Granv Bdg- S 916*  Warrington   &   Johnson    119   Pender    S  491S  1 ILK—FLOOR ANO  W ALL  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  it. Col S. 29S8  W N O'Neil 4 Co 54J> Cev St . S. 4795-iT9<  Warrington   ft  Johison,   119   Pender. .S. 4911  TIN PLATES  Balfour,   Guthrlo  ft   Co       S.  9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft   Col S 29SS  R V Winch ft Co. Winck Bid . S. 27S-1"H_  Wilkinson Co, S46 Beach  S   791o  TOOL  STEEL  Darllns,   Frank  ft  Co,   1142   Homer  St.   S    4100-410  VLiLdonaUl,   A'arpole  Co,  Ltd S   210  •\VCCIM   CLLVMNG   SV STEMS.  Barr ft  Anderson,  10-CO  Homer St S. 618i  WALL   BOARDS  Esin?,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft   Gol S  298S  Ltilii.,  Tuslur Co,  403   Dunsmuir   ...   fa  437j  wa nniPKoor compoi nd  Evans, Coleman ft Evans, ft Col. . .S 29SS  W N O Nell ft Co, i4!> be> St . fa 4790-41S.  Paterson Mfk" Co. 10th ft Arbutus B 77.  Warrlnp'tori   ft  Johnson.   119   Pendtr.  S  491  \\ATBR   MEI'LKS.   IlVDKVNrS   «   1TMI\-  MaLdonuld,   Marpole  Co     Ltd S. 210  WATERWORKS SLPPL1LS  Macdonald    Marpole  Co,   Ltd S   210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N   ONell ft Co, 54S Sey   ot     S   4795-479(  WIRE   AND   CAULK    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald.   Mai pole  Co     Ltd    S   210  WIRE ROPE  Balfour.    Guthrlo   ft,  Co . S   9197-6571  Evans Coleman ft Evans, ft Col ... S! -9t*s  Mncdiuwld Mar pule U, Ltd . ....^ -»»  Rtchlt Con ft Sup C., Granv We !> «•  rl   V   Wlrxh ft Co    Wnck  Bid      fa     *";'''  Wilkinson Co. S-46 Bench     S    i31o  WIRE   WORK  Artiitle   W're   ft   lion   Wks,   1462 ofi4(.  South   \ancouvci   Tion it ^ire_^oiks  ri<i."(i   Vlitoila  Oiive  1051Z—P   B    Anderson,   53   Tjpe T3!dj? ,    McLaughlin  X0iC3—John  Anrjus,   353   >th  W . l'ord  ]0H6—J   W   Alevander,  010 na&tint;s St   "W ..        Chevrolet  1043G—Alberrn  Poultry  Supply,   &26   Uobson Tord  10437—Dr Jirett Anderson, 602 jrastinff& W     ,       Studebaker  J0130—Stephen  Brown, Patricia Hotel       . .   Ford  10408—Tang Bow & Co. 30 13th Ave   JH     Ford  10503—J   H   & C.  Bowman,  g29   Powell   St         Hal ley  10196—J   H   & C   Bowman,   829  Powell   fet    . -       Ford  10191—BrackmanKer   Co,   City. Comm    London  10494—Jas   Baxter,   91 1  Pender W     '    . . Gray-Dort  10147—D.  K   Book,  117   Hastings   St.   \V. McLaughlrrr  10419—R   A   Berger,  Z&01  Invetneds St    —        .        .       Ford  10(92—J   W.  Barnes,   4S27  Windsor  St  Ford  10451—Alice Boniface,  640  Liirrhtheart Apts .   .Ford  1050G—B   C, Map  Co,   70L1 Dominion Bldg          Ford  1045S—Jas    Bailey,   Hope,   B    C . ._ r        .. .Grant  10406—D   Brrdsall,   1070   Robson St.       ... -Ford  10177—Dr *A    Bechtel,   Victoria,   B    C    ... . .Paige  10'.32—J   A   Blair,  1417  11th W .- .A..'.... Ford  10100—E   B. Buz/ard, Eburne, B   C     .      .   . ...    h'ord  10399—Tames  Carton,   1S29   7th  E Studebaker  10161—Center & Ilanna, Ltd, 1049 "Georgia^, St     -       - Dodge  •044S—Ton>   Callbra,   313   Union   St„.        ._          Maxwell  10434—Can   Produce Co, 1100 Hamilton St Ford  9S92—A. D   Clarke,  Chrllrwack,   B   C       . .        < *   . .- Ford  lOill—Can    Printing '&  Publishing   Co,  X.td    .   .    Chalmers  1042C—W   G   Carter,  3612  2nd Ave   W Ford  10J70—D   W. Campbell,  2037  8th  Ave.  W - -        --    Ford  10522—Crown   Frsh   Market,   Ft.   Gore   Ave^ ..   . Ford  10128—Robt "Chambers,  Strathconna Apts °.    /.-   Studebaker  10401—Mrs   Annie B. Carson. 2636 Eaton St /'.   JDodge*v'  10421 J   M. Dale, Hammond, B' C  McLaughlins  101S7—C   H   Dennis, >2640  Bender   E       . .1     _   -    -        -Ford  10445 W   H--Day,  354  15th 'Ave'.  W       . . - McLaughlin ,  10518—Mrs   A.   J.  Dundon,  1009   Odium  Dr     .   ..   J Ford  10112—Mr.  A. Doyon,  3457  1st Ave   "VV _    ...-'.    -    Ford  10441—Evans Coleman  & Evans .-•?      - -       - .--Ford  10430—A.  B  'East,  North Bend,  B.  C       .-.'.    . *-       - -  -Ford k  10441—Evans, Coleman & Evans, City         Ford t  10453—D    AT    Emery,   Abbotsford,^ B    C   ..     "   ,-„ ,   -Maxwell  10467—H   M. Ellis," Ltd , 744 Hastings W_ . ' ' Willys-O.^  10442—F ,.A   Fomsett,  Marpole.  B.-C        '„   . . / -Ford _  104S9—E    B" Fauser,   1027   Pender "St-      "-      -     - -    --Ki"f *  10425—Walter   Galloway,   135 Hastings  E .    Willys-O  '10140—August Gray. Jr , Fraser -Mills, B   C     .   .. Gray,Dort  10456—T   Garron, 251   ith St1 "W..  N. Vancouver.    . ._. - Ford  1043'—T   P   Grady, M D ,<iBk  of Ottawa Bldg -     -^     Briscoe  1050S—A    S    Grant,   Comot,   B    C. ...      - - -      .--Grant  10424—Gutta Percna & Rubber Co, 526 Beatty St       . ^-Ford  10418—A-G   Hesletan,  12S1  51st Ave   E .. . * -Ford  10520—Mr. -"Van  Huson.   Court House       .. . _       - -.     .l'ord  10486—Carl   Hochmuth,   Alca/ar   Hotel       — -i.     '.Cadillac  9S89—Cora'G  Hacking, Chilliwack, B  C .    _ . . ... Gray Dort  136S—t.  A. Hepbum,   New Westminster. ..        .Hendee  lOaOi-i-Wm    J    Holt  and   Alex   Tongh,   423xDavie_ ..      Ford  10°44l°05-Drat K   Harvle. 2336 Alberta St ^<&£fg££  1048S—R    B   Irving,   40o ^hasting  W    .—    -   -    - .v-nevroiei  i 104S4—Independent Van and Storage Co ,< Ltd ,  I     , 132   Cordova St - -  -      -   - - -    -   -  10483—A   B   Kyle, "1937   Napier  St    ..--....    ._ .  10i75—G   Kubota,   662   Alexander   St. ..-..     -,-  10403—John Kildall.-395  51st Ave/i. ; •"-  10405—TonyrLombardo,   736   Gore   Ave   9S93—Chas.  A   Lord.  Lickrnan,   B   C.   .     ....  10457—A   LangstafT &  Co ,  Sardis,  B    C _t..   -  10512—J    Lockhart,   World   Bldg.   .    .    -      -- \^  10431—Leddingham & Cooper.  34S  Sth Ave; E   .  j /  . _i :. ''.Ford  McLaughlin _   *... .Parry '  .-_   *    -Ford,  Studebaker ,  . „l,"   .Ford  -McLaughlin  ' -Briscoe-  McLaughlrrr  31—L,eaaingnam «s v.wj*«. ?■**> ";"..""■ si-s *«"» ■  »* Eln^H  13—Leeson Dickie Gross^po . .Water St. -----••---;r„--Fo™.  04—Misses. K." & A -Lei^n/sfilSPt., Greyed. '_.W illy^-O.»  101  lOiwi .nwijco   a*-,    ^x.   --      ——^7"' ,\   ~nL  J0402—J D. McDonald,-791 Granville St  104S5—Mrs.  C/~Mason. -29S9* 3rdv A^e. ...„.._.  10479—W.  A.^*Mo/fatt,   396 .Klngsway .'. - ..s -  101S1—S    B.   Muir,   PL. Grey."..-'..    -       ;.,  10509—P. D.,MacKenzie,M062-Georgfa'St      _ ./  10517—Van-Mlllmff.&  Grain,   236  Smythe^St.  .  10519—T   B. Miller.^964 Broadway W -    ...   -,. „  98g0_W.'H.  Malkin Co, 'Ltd . AVater St -•  10316—A    M ,McGavin.M799»King^-Edward  Ave  10510—J    McTlvame,   Central   Park   .    .-■.„...  10301—Harold, MonUambt'.-t,   \ancouvei    Club   .  1049S—T   M^ Mercer,  621   2ith  Ave   L        10499—Fred  Melton.   1727   William   St  . Gray-Dort-'  . McLaughlin<j  .%WilIys-0."i  " .' ..Hudson^'  '.McLaughIin1>  t -Gra-y-Dort"  ,-  _..ForcL,   Dodge'^  ^ ..Ford  .Chevrolet  . "Ford  .Ford  10502—J  10495—J.  1046S—E  10469—A.  10460—G  L    McTntosh,   32'S   3rd   Ave   W.      ..-,   McLaughln  S    Middlemat-s.   625   13th   W        -•     —        -    *   -jt,01"?  D   Menzles.  1221 Hornby St -«-.   -   .    --   -..-ford,  S    Matthew,   414   Pender   W   .     .       - -   Dodge  4, HcKee,   S20   Richards   St        .   - Chevrolet,  10473—McLennan, McFeely & Co, Ltd, 99 Cordova McLatrgh  10465—Mrs   Alrce Morrow. 1127 Richards St     . .- -   l'ord  10474—A E McNeill. Lee Bldg. City - . -. - Graj Dort  10409—Mrs Racheal McNeil, 2545/lst Ave W. .McLaughlin  10476—Chas    A    McKay,   250  Krngsway ...      •      r1"01"  10414—Geo E Martin 119 1st St, New Westminster Dodge  10513—Nesbitt   &   Powell,    Hollyburn ...      -   Albion  10(59—K. Nagata,  Eburne, Box 15 - "     ,  ,  10122—Chas -M    Oliver,   1070   Haro   St     . .Chevrolet  10123—Lawrence O'Gritnn, M D ,o Knight ft^King-oVvay^J^ord  '.. *   Ford  Willys-O  ...   ._Ford  Ford  McLaughlin  . . .For.d  Sts       Ford  .    .Xor d  .Ford  .McLaughlin  l'ord  Ford  Ford  Ford  Ford  . Ford  Ford  Ford  .    .    Ford  McLaughlin  _ Oakland  . Ford  Studebaker  Che\ iolot  For d  Ford  McLaughlin  . Ford  Ford  Ford  !• or d  Fold  McLaughlin  :i< I .nmhlin  Ford  Ford  Wlllvo-Oveilarid  C.  Co  Tr'i'-f t   156  THE   MEDIUM.  «?»«?•<  ^.vl-'."**:"*"  ;.(Si*:-&*;*'4»'!,:4"  •'E'-.'O'M"!'  tK"t"'t"Z">'t"  •iMvS»-:'<k«J":-,»»:"S":-«S";'-2'-:-',  Did you ever notice that 05 per  cent o£ tho big successful firms are  rums who advertise7 They figure ad  vert'ising as an investment, not an expense. The secret of advertising is  the selection of a medium vvhicl  roaches those people Who are or wil  be the most likely "purchasers o  vour product."   If you are in the btiilc  lug supply or macluneiy una don't se  lect a moving pictuie publication ii  which to do your advei Using. Be  cause of the fact that the KKCORD is  (he only paper published in the pro  vince devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  they will see it will put a capital G  nn yoi,r cash.  104S0—B    A.   Paint  Co.  Ltd,  522   Beattj   bt  9S91—J   Phillips, New   Westminster  .  10i<tg—Clvde  Prtchie.   22   Kensington  Place.  9^91—j *E   Parker, Crnlliwack, B   C .  10443—T   W   Price,   905   24th  Ave    E  10523—J   T   Putnam,  2653  3rd Ave. W  1013S—Palmer Btos ,  929 Main St        . .    .  10504—Robin Hood Mills, cor. Smytne & Beatty  10193—"Wm    Roberts,   317—17th   Ave    E   .  10497—Peter   Rlnko,   1460   7th  W     .  10511—A. L   Roberts,  325 Hbvve  St .  10133— J c F    Strong,  Abbotstotd   Hotel   .  10427—J    Stevenson,   17th  and  "Willow .   .  9S95—Chas   Somers, Rosrda'e, B. C       .     •---  3 044 1—rindlay Stoies, Ltd, 333S Commercial Dr  10lot—Standard   Milk  Co.   405   Sth   Ave   W   ...  10505—A    Stevenson    1631   6th  Ave   E. -    -  9S9S—J   A   Sutherland, Port Coqmtlam, B  10462—Scott, &. Pease, 1.19 Seymour St   .   ,  10466—H   G    Seln.on,   3S31   10th  Ave   W  10172—W. C. Shell>. 1101  13th Ave   \V    .  10521—Vera   May   Spurr    c|o   Begg  Motor  10107—F   Spearing,  5 1  3th   Ave    \V  1047S—F   Stono.   1212   Hornby  St  10129—T    A.   Swift.   Abbots-ford,   B    C    -       .  1QI3'!—Arthur  T   Sallows,  457   11th Ave   1J>  lOIln-Jon Tong,  19th and M.nn  101 tr—o   A    Tomnsctt.  MD,   12S0  Mrola  ?-t  10500—E   J.   Tecporton,  30S   Water  St.  .  101 JO—.1.   A.   Tanru r,   N.tn.ilnro,   U   C  104ril—C    Vanrr.   2J t   ICeefor   St  10117—Whyte   Bros,   Wilh-y  Market,  n.i.st   St  10115—C,    F    WilliHins   ltd,   52 1   Scv mour  St  104S2 Clus    W     Wood    170J   Woodluird   Or  10'7'—Oro'ier   Wr>*rg    'in1*    Punlevy   Ave*  10307—D   M.  Webster.  Elnlrne  nv,<i7—|    C   WiNon,   Utiirjuitlam,  P   C  10190—G    E   Winter,   4739   2nd   Ave    W  TEANSPERS.  v  S73G—w.  S   Brener to E   B   Btftier, 409  ISth W  S710—Stanley C.  Budd  to Jas   Bowman,  23S   l»tli  \ v *»    F htiHUuuKPr  19'2-lluinv I'll IT   to  F   Thompson,  331  IStli Avi    \\  M',0—11   \v. Carter to Geo   Cuter, 313   10th VV  7705—W   P  Cum.in to N   Pearson, Keith Kd  10S1 — I   Druce to  Kobt   Brechin,  1J4 1 \ enables bt  1HT2-De  Laval   Co.   lldS   Homer  St .  C2S7—A   T   1-awcett  to  Mable Gore,   168   lt»t  Ave   l  9170—Franklin  Motor Co   to   f    W   \\ alley,   U1S       ,,,,„,,„„  Sfapl''   St rani1;iin  1 12*— M*M   Graham   to   R   A    Marsh til    1741   5th   Avt    W  in->—Thomas H'land to Muiiny *-Hff',1,'3'   ',li'l r   r,™      Kn  2291—W   B   Hocklev  to Ethel  A    Hockley.  12.1   Cian     I< mil  1S7S—ice  Delivery Co,  Ltd.  to  1    1^   ^""'/'T  nr  r.r.l—N    F    Kendill   to   L   B    HrKgs   .N>wtnn       C  S0>7_MIS   D   Law son   to   riiU'h  Macken/ie,   V ictoi ra  1359—It    Linthorn   to   L   nisi n,   Lotus   Uotfl  <)I.15—G    M.ilthv   to   F    U.^bb    315   6 Ird   Av r-    K  Cr,90—C   MaNSton  to  U   G   Caswell,  Windsor  Cafe  mJoi Lancelot   Mitchell   to  Mis    Louise   Clnk,  2327   Tiustel   St ,  5117-R   D   McKin/lo tc.Pub   Wks   Dept , Prov Int. £}  Govenitiient,   Miiritt.   B    C McLaughlin  9170—O   Tl    PinuK  to  Janus  ft   MiXliifJian,  New        Mix^el,  ,M«_rrAjV nuhiriVi'-on to Tin   a   Co, Ltd, I200 OuA '   Ford  no-    Por-lorV li Hihh    to T    V   Swift,    \hlotsford lord  f   oCahsT   O    Snch.U   to   I     I    Cohbs,   K,.. Is.l .l<>u       For  ™-T    V    Sw.rt   to  C,    Kitchie,   Huntingdon \\ rllys-0  171b—bulllvari*T..vior Alotoi   to V   I'cgbie, Micl'OMftld  7r,t1^..lifrnnT«&^^  6-150—Sulllvnn Tnylor Motor Co.  to G. i-eiguson,  Mil   Commercial   Dm e   .. ...................  S01S—.T   A   'IVeporten Ltd. to L11. tar Co., Ltd  Oranvillc st-.-^-"-^'---;;;"™-.io"jinVh''  to. Leslie K  I  I  \  For d  Foi d  Foi'd  Ford  Ford  Ford  riflfi?—W  7760—G.  A.  Woods  to .1  T. 'VVil.soii  M.H.  \V(,'.r:t:iiln.st*ii'  1260  Hawk ins, New   Ford  .....Ford  ...Sapper J   0  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  A  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. d. BAGLEY &  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and  S Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS  BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  £&i '  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS     METAL   CHECKS    TIME   CHErKcs  KEY   TAGS.   BRASS    SIGNS.   NUMBERING    MACHINES     BADGES   S? ALL   KINDS     E^'  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DLLIVCRY AND FA,R PRWES    '  PHONE SEY. 316  151   HASTINGS ST., W.  'I  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  i (  International  Automatic  New Work -- Contracts  Let  THE   rOLLOWIKTfl   ^-ABi*E   SHOWS   BUII.IJIHGS    COSTIHTO    $5,000    OB    OVER,    OK"    WHICH     COETSTRTTCTIOir    IS  TJNDEB WAY, OB 0«   vlTHICH CONTBAOT3 HAVE BEE27 IiET BUT CONSTRUCTION BTOT XET STARTED.  Character     Depot and terminal   Co»t  Jl.000,000  ..$50,000  ..$50,000  '■I  r  .$60,000  .$30,000  $15,000  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  "V  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, MgT.  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  3 new bldg- and 2 alterations..  Causeway   _           .  Shipbuilding plant  _   Dredging betvv een piers   Cold Storage plant . _   Brick   Canning  Plant   Power Plant         Sleeping Tavilion     Telephone Exchange          Concrete  lighthouse  tower     Remodel  Bldg    _ _  Sewer   Work '.'. $S,000  Warehouse etc    $16,500  Saw Mill     $100,000,  Shipbuilding plant $70,000  Power House    Residence         $5,500  Concentrator etc ., $500,000  Statron   and  Terminals  -  500,000  Jetcy  (Second Unit)   — $300,000  Turning  Basin     $100,000  Tj unk Sewer  .-..:..     300,000  Dredging   _    1700.000  Seawall    _. — _ .:    100,000  Wharf     '.   $15,000  Store  and   office  bldg     $GO,000  Sower    _....'. $300,000  Wood  Bridge . ... '     15,000  1  Sto   Frame Building  $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building    $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse   Frame  Building   $35,000  Remodel   Building' $12,000  Foundation   for  Shed .'. $25,000  Xjooatlon «...£L  False   Creek  .'....  .Can.    Owner  Northern   Ry  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal   Harbor City of  Vancouver  Port  Moody. .Port  Moody  Shipbuild.   Co  Burrard  Inlet  Can.   Pacific   Ry  Foot of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co  Kelowna  B. C  Evaporators, I-td  Prince George ..." _   City  Tranquille. _ B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelson             b.   C   Telephone/Co  Triple  Island,  B   C Dom   Govt  553/Granvllle. Elliott Shandley & McLean  bsquimalt ■  .  City  Victoria   \ „ Dom   Govt.  6th & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co  Poplar Island    Westminster Marine Ry.  Anyot    Granby  Min.  &  Smelt"Co  New„Westminster..Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf  Inlet Surf  inlet  Power  Co.  Falae   Creek -Great   Northern  Ry.  Eraser River (lower).. Dominion Govt.  Falae Creek    Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage Board  False Creek  Government  False Creek  c. N. Ry.  Patricia  Bay Can.   N.  P.  Ry.  Co.  Victoria t    Hastings  Park   Sewerage "Board  Nanalmo     City  Bridge St  Van.""Lumber Co  Vancouver  J   Coughlan A Sons  Vancouver. Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club  Vancouver q. N. Ry  AroMteot     Contractor  Pratt & Ross . Northern Const   Co   and  Carter, Halls Aldlnger Co  Sharpe &  Thompson Baynes & Horie  Owners      Owners   Owners  „<   w.  D   Grant  Owners   i A   W   Quist  Owners Ward   &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co - -  Owners   !  Jas    Layfleld  Owners Snider  Bros   & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour.^ Ltd.  Owners   Warren & Stancombe  Owners    Parfltt Bros.  Owners     Owners  Owners   Owners   Taylor   Engineering  Co.  Townley & James   J.  C. Allen  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  VANCOUVER, B. C.,  Central  1   2 0       R  o   O   M   S  - Quiet — Modern — Fireproof  ' THE  BUSINESS MAN'S   HOUSE  VV KITING  ROOM ■ LOUNGE  AND   PARLOR  t r  Rates   from   $1. OO   per  PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  day  Freight Offices and Sheds .  Pier Extension  ;  1   Story Brick Addition ..   .: '...    $5,000  Frame Apart n House   $6,000  Front  Store  Bldg        '$7,000  Dredging   for  Causeway    $16,9fi2  Alter Theatre Building z.    $5,000  10th & Willow Sts McGill University  Cordova St. W RoyaUBank of Can  Vancouver *n _f g. N. Ry.  F. L. Townley..Grant Smith A McDonnell  Govt    Marsh   HutoH  Powers  Co  Government ...Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners     .";. ..... .   Eng   Dept Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners .. ...i' A. G. Creelman & Co.  Owners ". : 8.   Doe,   Victoria  Percy Vox   .""iLuny  Bros  Owners    _ »    Owners  Owners   A. W.  Mesher  Owners  ".... Ownere  Vancouver  ,.C   N. Ry  Vancouver   '       ' »     ' C   P~ R  InLGr^X.1H.e st     -   -'-C""s'""Gustofson  J226^12th.,-fve. W w   S  Thompson  532 Granville St  L   N   MacKechnie  Vancouver       -. cVy  851 Granville St.....{..'.'.'.' ".w!" p" Nicolls  B.   C   Palmer     Purdy & Lonergon  F.   L.   Townley Grant.   Smith   &   Co.,  '  * MacDonnell, Ltd-  Sharpe & Thompson i Baynes & Horie  Contractors L..Purdy &' Henderson  Owners '.'Grant. Smith  & Co.  & MacDonell. Ltd  Pratt & Ross ...MacDonald, Nettleton & t*  • '        < ,., Bruce  Owners   .'    Owners  : ~   Ownere  A.  L   Benglof....:, A.   L   Benglof  T. A. Fee ' W  Hepburn  City    Dominion   Construction   Co.  Owner  , i.  Owner  '  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  ' General. Towing  324JnwY St ,*" New Westminster  „-   „      Telephone 1015»  i  I  J '" V°A? General Agents ^ ^ <  for British'!Columbia.of The Globe  Indemnity'Company* of ^Canada and  Thet Liverpool & London, & Globe  Insurance'Co",-Ltd. We sell com-  1 plete\ protection, including loss  ' '  °<--'/vji  through *r „"   "  Fire,*  Theft, ,Collision,   Property -,  1 c Damage "and Personal Liability.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  '   -' LIMITED  Winch Bldg. ^  ,739 Hastings St   W.  Estab.  1886      < Vancouver, B.C.. .  VICTORIA—The city council this  week put ( through its preliminary  stages the by-law enabling,..the joint  Victoria-Saanich parks , and beaches  committee to" lease the Goward prop-,  "erty at^Cadboro ,Bay for the election  of a  comfort station   there.  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour r661 ^ i098 Homer St.   «,  VANCOUVER B.C.    ,  VANCOUVER—After receiving ^ an  application from " R A." Ballantyne  for the nght_to cut and'remove cedar timber from the city's property  in DL. 606, North Vancouver, the  civic- water committee has decided  that the city should call for tenders  for the* removal of J;he fallen timber.  on that property only. Jt was not  considered good policy to cut any  standing timber on tins lot, which  is part of the city's ' watershed ' re-  serve. * * r    _ -      - u.  tained at the,offlce bf'the Municipal  Engineer,   Cloverdale,' after   Monday,  June 11th, 1917.    rTho lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted.  J. H. O'HARA,  , £  -, -       iNfunicipal Engineer.  Ih3 GoliJie & McCuiloch Co.  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works.  V.      J  SAFES,     VAULTS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  v etc-  Made in  Canada  VICTORIA—Alderman 'Peden? 'head  of ^ the  health  department,  Alderman  Johns,   Municipal 'Health   Officer,  Dr.  Price,  and  Building Inspector vNorth-  cott 'yesterday, made a"final inspection  of some forty buildings that have been  condemned sas nuisances and menaces  to health by Sanitary Inspector Lancaster ' and  Building Inspector  North-  cott There were nearly 100 such buildings condemned! 'All    but   the   forty  have already been dealt with  by the  board'of health     The board held its  final session to   hear    appeals    from  owners against orders for the destruction of   their   property   on    Tuesday  "morning. <■■  PROPOSALS ^ 4WANTED  > azxscEx^Airaous proposals  ,( VANCOUVER-^Hod^son"', & King,  3573 MainiSt-.i-want" figures in_ connection .with the laying of 180 squares of  ready, roofing on the' Vulcan Iron  Works building, Industrial Jsland.  , VANCOUVER—Vernon Bros., „\VU-  liams 4Bldg.,,.will t erect -a two-story  frame Lresidence/-28x40, af tlie corner  of Twelfth \Ave.'"and 'Spruce St.\for  E."' ^J.5- Vernon,v at"'"^' cost ^ of' approximately, $5,000. <i'They^ will.'be/ready  within-"a" few .days'1 to receive^tehders'  for the hot water heating, plumbing, I  electric wiflng/sheef metal Tand-other  subcontract ^work. „„"    ,     „,/ \   J,",  ^   Applications  made* by the  applicant  Seymour 3907  569 Richards St.  Vancouver  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CO? TIRES  Standard oi Tire Value  Absolutely Non-skid  -* Oil   Proof  6000  Miles Guaranteed  Unfailing Service when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender VV.        Sey. 6411  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing   and    Steamfitting  1033 Granville St.  I  Vancouver, 8. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Re*. Bay. 77  f" VICTORIA—At this week's   council  meeting     Aid.     Fullerton     objected  strongly   to   the   Imperial   Munitions  Board   having   commenced   buildings  on the old reserve without reference  to the city; officials, „ and  pointed  out  that thev breaches of the building bylaw  on   the   reserve   had   only  been  sanctioned    after ,. reference    to    the  city   council.    The   matter   came   up  in a letter from Director R. P. Butch-  !art,   of the   Board,  making an  appli-  'cation   for   buildings   under  construction,  and  for  future  buildings   to   be  ' constructed    later.     No    plans    were  'filed,   but   a   promise   was   given   to  eliminate  fire  hazard  as  far  as  possible.  TENDERS   FOR  SCRAP,  CAST  IRON  AND STEEL.  The undersigned   will  receive  tenders up till two p.m. Tuesday, June 19,  ! 1917,  for the purchase of Scrap Cast  j Iron and Steel, now lying on the north  1 side of First Narrows Pipe-Line.  {    The City agrees to weigh and deliv-  |er same to purchaser, at any point in  the City, north of False Creek.  Tender forms may  be  obtained  at  my  office,  and  a marked  cheque for  the  sum   of  One Hundred   and   Fifty  Dollars must accompany each tender  JAMES  STUART,  City Purchasing Agent.  SURREY MUNICIPALITY  To Contractors.  Sealed Tenders on the prescribed  forms will be received by the undersigned up to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 16,  1917, on the following described work.  C3-1917. The construction of a road  from the Pacific Highway north between sections 8 and 9, block 5 north  range 2 west and east on Victoria St.  through section.9, thence north on the  section line between sections 9 and  10, thence east on Third Ave; through  section 10, all in block 5 north, range  2 west,  approximately a  distance  of  7200 feet. .   j  Plans and specifications may be ob-  VICTORIA—Sealed tenders wilt >oe  recfeived^byv the Minister' of Lands >not  later  than- noon "'on' thV 21st *dayf "of  . aay*  June, 1917,-'for^the purchase" bf License  X952,,lto \ cut ai995,50b, feet, of 'Fir,"  Cedar, Pine, Larch and Hemlock on  an area adjoiningVT. L. 32270, Obstruction Island, Clayoquo't District Three  (3) years will be allowed (for removal  of timber.  Further particulars of the Chief Forrester, Victoria, B. C, or District Forester/ Victoria, B   C.  VICTORIA—The Minister of^Lands  is calling for tenders for the purchase  of Timber License X909t> under which  there may be .cut 3)130,000 feet of hem:  lock, cedar, spruce and 1,560 lineal feet  of piling on Juskatla' Inlet,- Graham  Island, "and Timber Licent-erXSll,' under" which may be cut 900JOOO feet of  hemlock, cedar and spruce and 16,000  lineal feet of piling on an adjoining location.  •SYNOPSIS   OF  COAL   MINING  ^.REGULATIONS.,    '   v, - _  -t <■  CoaLmining rights of thetDominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-  fa,-the Yulcon Territory, the Northwest  Territories and a portion,of the .Province of British Columbia, may/be leas-.  ecT for a term of "twenty-one years at  an. annual - rental' of $1* per, acre. * No  morei than'^2*560 acres will,be leased  t6j one applicant.*     '! * -   "    ~<"  for   a_ lease  must-i be  in  person' to  the  Agent  or  Sub-Agent   of  the  district in r which ''the rights applied for  are^ situated.,        - **      «    "     \ '    ' /  In .surveyed territory the land must  be^ described by sections, or legal sub-  divisions of sections, and in^unsurveyv  ed, territory the tract"'applied for^shall  be"staked out by the applicant himself.  . Each application must be accompan-  ied''by- ai-fee 'of $5 which- will >be*refunded- .if the  riglits  applied /for are  not"available;  but not /otherwise?' ~A*  royalty^shallbe paid on, the, merchantable output of the mine at the rate of  five' cents -per ton.\^ '        V *-"'-, -./, -  The person operating the mine shall  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary, for, the working of the mine  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined, and pay the royalty thereon.      If the    coal    mining  rights aremot being operated, such re-  turns should be furnished at least once  a year. , *       »      ,   „ „   ji-  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  at'the rate of $10 per acre.     l  ■  For' full „ information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  1062 Georgia St. VV.  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTALLATIONS  JUNE 11, 1917.  Dow 1'raser Trust Co, McKay Ave  —Colwood      3G  "JUNE 12, 1917.  Wallace, S   T, IIS Hastings W. -    ... ..'Sey.  1819  CHANGES.  JUNE 11, 1917.  Great Northern .Express, from SO Pender W. to Main St       . .     ' ..Sey  "" June 13, 1917  Mathers ic fowls. Produce, from 1t0 Water  St   to 510 rjastincrs W.   .    Sey  Seymour 9045  BRITISH/ COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  ■ i* * v\  fT — i y        r  '■  ■>*,',  V  CHEVROLET  v-   ;DOOGE"-jr.'  ...-"• i*>*-'; !■•'-.< -^* '• '•  CHALMERS  h -      7 f      -v,r"     J *?'*        ->■        ^'       V-t \ ^ f  HUDSON  CADILLAC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  MOTEL CANADA  5714  1110  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  Following1 la a complete list for Vancouver &Ed District of new  Automobile Licences, Transfers and Relinquishments.  Licences  Issued  for  the   Last   Week  Ending-  Tuesday   Noon,  Are Shown.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus (*)  NEW   CABS.  No Name Address Car  1073J—E   L   Armour, Surrey Centre      .    . . 1-ord  10782—J. J   Mahony,  SX'i  5th St, New West Chevrolet  107.51—r  L,   Dennis, New Westminster . Kord  1073 1—T   C   Blair,  1211 Agnes, St., New Wet.t      .    .       .Dodge  10735—R   ll   Stephens, Port Ilaney . Kord  3073G—VV   \V   Paling,   1121  Edinburgh  St,  New   Wes,t     ford  107.il—Mrs   J   Mack, 1007 3rd Ave, New West l'ord  10738—Annondalc Supply Co, New Westminster Ford  10739—Angus   Heaton,  Coghlan, i-5. C.  .. McLaughlin  11050—Xj   D   Mitchell, Martinique Hotel    . . Ford  3 0710—Provincial Govt   Pub   Works Dept   Courthouse      l'ord  11051—Harrison  Hot Springs Co,  Ltd,  Hairl-son   Hot  Sprrngs . .   . Pord  11052—Edgctt <.v_ Gilldrid,  150 Water St . .      .       Pord  11053—Hi own Bros   & Co,  ■-'& [Listings St  E Pord  11051—Drown Bros   & Co , L,td , -18 Hastings St   E Pord  11055—Mrs   A   I^cster,  245th Ave   and Blenheim    McLaughlin  J105C—11   F   Sherwood, 1265 7th W  . Poid  J1057—D   A   I-Utson, 2156 8th Ave   E      .. . Ford  11058—Mee Lerng Jung Co, 143  Pender St. E Ford  JJ059—S   A    McPher&on,  1115   Richards St. .   .       . Ford  11060—A   A    Ham,   Clayburn .    . .        Briscoe  11061—D   Marks,  31   Alexander   St . Wrllyo  11062—A   Badenoch, c|o Eeeson, DlcKie, Gross & Co,  Water St   . -   . - -   • • Studebaker  11063—C   Gardner   Johnson,  57th and Oak .    Willys  11061—Mrs   Jessie Stewart,  1656  Nelson  St Paige  3 1063—Western Specialty  Co.,  Ltd,  572 Granville    Chevrolet  U066—W. H. DeBou, X>78 10th Ave. E......... Willys  11067—R. G, Brown, 2021 Granville St. ...:.... Chalmers  11068—T. H.  Tail,. 1342 15th ,Ave, E. Chalmers  11069—J, T. North, 2017  15th Ave. W ....McLaughlin  11070—J. N. .Little. 54 Powell St.  .....'.... Ford  11073—W. T. Boardman,  2068 Turner J Chevrolet  11072—.Annie S. Lampman, 1305 Burnaby St.. Studebaker  11073—B. C. Telephone Co., Ltd., Front & Yukon Ford  11074—Jas. Tonhey, 1029 Thurlow St.   Ford  11075—Seung Fat Co., 245 Pender St. Republic  IS  Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up » with private bath $1.50 and up  CAEE    IN    CONNECTION  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO °  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155  Vancouver, B. C.  11SO Homer Street  1  S. F. BOWSER & CO.  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 3907 .,  J. J. Reedy, Msrr.for B. C.  569 Richards St.  Vancouver. B.C.  Hi  1  'ft!


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