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 'ft  ■RECORD   PUBLISHING   (CO.,   Vancouver,  Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  Vol  11, No. 19, Monday, July 24,  1916  1        ,   '-  B. C Distributors For  BIRD & SONS   ,  NEPONSET  PRODUCTS  Maile in CANADA  WE SELL  WALL BOARD  •    FOR   WALLS  AND. CEILINGS'      *  ', A. '  '  ijt '~ '• '  i ~     -r ,   «    '  Ir . '  Costs less than" plaster  and laths.  "Cotod',| Waterproof Paper  Pur old  Eoonng-a  Gr-anitizeu   Hoofing*  Proslatc Booflng-i •  Roofing*   "Pointa  < Black- Insulating* Paper  riorlan   Deadening*   "Felt.  Plain and Tarred Paperg.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co.  .      Y    LIMITED  'Vanco~uver--Estab.1898--Victoria  <3  LESLIE, TAYLOR CO.  LIMITED  Building Materials  Sidewalk Lights  Terra Cotta  Terrazzo  Marble  Tile -  \- i -'*   '4  524 PENDER ST. W..  Seymour 4371  < 80 Pender St E ;  Phones Sey. 405--605--S408--5409  Vancouver B. C.  cv  i©o, Ltd,  Sole Agents For  Kilgard Fire Clay Co., Ltd.  Sewer Pipe  Drain'Tile  Fire Brick  General Clay Products  Partition Tile  Fire Clay  Face and Fancy Brick  Common Brick  Cement, etc.   ,.  "Jingle Pot" Coal  * it.  Teaming and Transfer Business Transacted  r i  BUILDING   PERMITS   AMOUNTIWO   TO  8S00  OB   OVER  ISSUED JiT   THE  YAKOOTJVEB  CITY  HAIL  YESTERDAY  N"unjber  Deuorintion  COBt  Street Address  lot  and   Block  Subdivision  Architect  eontractor"  -  "Addreos  Owner    ' ■•  -n  Address  '  c  ','.  ■i  u  •- - —   <   ■""" r  r l  it  **             '  •  f                     i                  i                                  {  *  '  t  Q                                                      „  i  r  l  *  :   a  I' «  J...  A '  & •  r  j   u   *  [     .1  f  Building Material  Phone 2988  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  **■ -r „*        " '' ' - 1  Our Stock it the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast -  FrnFfjHIiMUl A/       LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  rtOFUUlrWAM      STQCK   1N,cfeR|T|SH  COlUMB|a  .  -PROMPT DELIVERY  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock' From  One to  lOO Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.  504  Crourn, Bldg".  Sey. 4698  V  We are also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand'' Maple1  anil Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. ,r'        , ... Vancouver, B. C.  T BUSINESS NOTES.  <s»and   otlier   itoms   of  interest   to tne.j.  #> ,    * business man. , 4'  BUILDING PERMITS.    -„.  Only ^ Permits  amounting  to less  than  $500 will "be found under this naad.   -  «  ■V '  vr  THE HQLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  -     l'<-  -'i'   '     „-:f'"Y>-';SUPPLIESL    <   ' Vs     "'-  - ._-'    -*   -'<  J   --   -" Sole Agents In Canada For       ^, „   ^, ^  Chicago Pneumatic Too) Co.  t . ~»-  ^Boyer- Riveting  A Chipping ""Hammers]'   Little-Giant', Drills;    Duntley,  \,-. Y'"'Y^rElectric'Tools; .Rock^prills;   Afr Compressors;'      •;'  ° '-;   '' " FuerOil^ahdr Gas'Engines?     -„ *',"-  !Y'r 'l^Z "r ^  Mantrui, Tarsnts  WiMi|W(  542 Penier St W., Vancainr B. C.  ^     t Pfesni Sty. 1065  n  S177—Mr. Achison,-raise res., TjoL 9,  Blk. 64, Subd. 181, owner Contr.- ?300.  t   S17S—Sam Kee/alter restaurant, 107  Pender St. E., W. H. Chow', Contr. $400."  ; *; ' '    v.  Council's resolution urging the legisla-  A conditional contract has been, let  to J.^W. Pike_of Vancouver, for the  dredging and deepening of the ChiUi-  waclc river from ^Iurray's bridge on  the0Yale road, near Chinatown, to the  dyke gate opposite the farm of Mr. F. [ture to adopt daylight saving at the  C'.KIckbush, on tho'Chilliwack River j next session of parliament, that lie will  road. It has been arranged that if on jgive the proposal 'full .consideration  the arrival of the'^ dredge and machinery from Vancouver, should, the council  decide .to purchase the outfit and do  the" work", this may be done. "  — •       - *■ i.  <.',  &  VICTORIA—The following companies   have  been   granted ■'certificates'of  if x  incorporation during the past week^  The British Columbia Evaporators",  Limited, with a capital stock of §25,000  and Head office at'*Kelowna; The Beam-'  ish Interlocking. Rail Fastener . Company," Limited,   capital   §500,000   with"  and discuss it with his colleagues.  VICTORIA—Victoria manufacturers  are to have the advantage "of a large  reduction in water-rates. This action  is to be taken by Water Commissioner  Rust, following a meeting of the special  committee of the'City Council appoint-  ed^some time ago to investigate .the  possibility of a rate reduction. It is  likely that the" Water ^Commissioner  will ^recommend the reduction o£s the'  rate^on ..water supplied to manufactur  ers to Rake it the same as the rate-  PACIFIC LIME  LTuoqualled for quality.  ' 99.o% pure. '..   *  Saves men's time in slaking.  Consumes more sand than any other 'lime.  ,At all first'class dealers.  tieud   office   at  Vancouver;   Nahwitte  Dredging Company, Limited," head"-of-* fo'r'water.fsupplied'to* residences  |.fice at" Vancouver and capital of $250,-  |000; C. L. Packing Company, Limited.  "NeWvWestminster. capital $30,000.  '   /-   5" )of the peace, Mr. Herbert Bentley, ofj  The, returns or. the Victoria clearing I w>'a" BaJr; t0 be" deputy coroner, Mr.j  house   for the  week  ending July   20,  totalled $l,53S,4So.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  " PNEUMATIC TOOLS  66  aTHOR  95  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills- Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  Highspeed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc. :..  /   ..\  Complete Stock of Accessories        \  1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Seyi 4100  i'  VICTORIA—The   following  appoint-!  ments' are announced:    To be justice]  ■o  ■ ft i  *.{*,r,-  *.v  PACIFIC LIME CO; Limited  Sey 9506  Vancouver  X>ondon, Eug\  Montreal  Winjiipeg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  ROBERT  .HJHT&C0.9L7D.  ENGINEERS  Sk!  «SPECTHIN-T£STS~C0NSULTAT10N  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES.     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1527-1523 STANDARD   EANX  BUJLDSNCS  508 Hasting*!] W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing* Iialooratory, Boom 1G01; Physical Testing* Iiaboratory, Kooni Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  Alfred  E.  Player, of Hazelton;   to  be  registrar of voters for the Atlin Dist-j  rict, Mr. John H. McMullin; to be de-  jputy  mining recorder for the Skeena  To settle the value of the estate for;River mmlnff.division, Mr. E. II. Hyde,  the purpose of government taxation, a-of Anyox; to be deputy mining record-  coir* mission has been appointed by the er for the Omineca mining division, Mr.  I Provincial Government to take 'evi- Thomas a. Perry: to be official mem-  jdence relative to the value of the" estate ters o£ the Board of Directors of the  jof the late George Steven who left Royal Jubilee Hospital, Messrs. F. XV.  -valuable real estate holdings in Vic- -yincent. A. C. Fraser and William  toria, Vancouver and Prince Rupert.      .Blakemore.    Mr. William J. Mclntyre  'of Grand Forks, has resigned the office  SOUTH VANCOUVER—Reeve Win- of member-'oC the Board of Police Com-  ram has suggested to the council to [missioners and Licence Commission-  cut down the number'' of wards in the 'ers for that city, and Mr. Albert H. San-  municipality from seven to five, in-an derson. of-Sandon, has resigned the  endeavor  to   reduce   the   cost   of ad- office of Justice of the Peace.  II nibtration. NEW   WEST>MrNSTBR_Supt.   Fur-  ness, of the Board of Works is making  PORT COQUITLAM—Figuring that arrangements for an immediate start  to carry any employers' liability insur- on the repairing of the boundary road  ance this year would be simply a waste between Richmond and Queensborough  of good money, the council has decided the cost of which is to be borne jointly  to take no action on a request from an y the city and Richmond  insurance agency to place the usual, ——~~~  civic business with them.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS, CHANJTEI.S, ANGLES, KLATES,  TEES,  COI.TTMKS  t  COMPLETELY EQUXPPED  EABEICATHTO   SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  s     + T1      n       "  *>  PaJrinont 23S6 ana 2397  Vancouver, JB. C.  V  % BUILDING NEWS  ii     Rciiorts from Kaslo are to tho eltoct  ,:.And Construction Work not otherwisov  , ,3,        ' Classified. <t  tl'.at mining mon of Kaslo-Slocau sec- ■ .:..f..:.,s,.^t-;,.;.^>.;.A^«j,»:.«j,^g,.j.^»^.«i,^^»4«i}.|.4  i tion   are  planning  to  fight a raise  in j  'freight rates projected by the C. P. R. *  effective August 1, which provides for  an   increase on ore shipments  to the,  smelter at Trail. |  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING  STEEL: —  Largest stock of, Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.-  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON^WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —   FIRE CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —  HYDRATED   LIME  BLACKSMITH   COAL  — COKE  —  SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRO^  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  MANILA  ROPE,   ETC.  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  r  VICTORIA  lOlO LANGLEYST.  Telephone 5037  V<  DEAI.EBS   IN  The Vancouver School Board will receive tenders up to noon, July 27th, for  interior and exterior plaster work &t  the General Gordon School. Specifications from the secretary. *  ESQUIMALT—The  Esquimalt' Munici-  VICTORIA—The board of supervis-  Cry shed Rock, Sand  pal Council has resolved to recom-jprs haVG granted the application of the  mend that a portion of the; Victoria | imperial Oil Company to erect a gaso-  Arm above the Gorge should be j]ine and oil distributing station on the  dredged. | corner    of    Douglas    and    Broughton    [streets.    The building will be of fire-  Citv  Industrial  Commissioner  Davi-i proof   construction   and   the   grounds  son   has   been  invited  to  address  the .will be made ornamental,  'members at the annual meeting of the! "      :  H western Federation ot Commercial Or-   _•♦">*♦-»*•*»»'.- .i._-...j.i.a  ACHINERY BARGALY'S  One-  -Pizo Xo. 12 Steel Frame Koehrinar Concrete Mixer with Side  J.oadei, Gasoline Cngine, Automatic Water Tsin'c, XKW condition    ; $1.-150.00  Two—Size -No. 7 do do do       -       do SKXV.    Each $1,000.00  One—Size Xo. 7, do do do 'do SECOND HAND.. S   700.00  (Condition  equal to new).  Two—Bull-Frog*   Concrete   Carts.     Each... $     10.00  One—G H.P. "Foos" Junior Gasoline Engine, Second hand, equal to new $   125.00  One—Ill.P, do.      do. do. do. do $.65.00  Two—2 Y*   H.P. do. do. do.       do.      XEW .* $60.00  One—Centrit'usral   Pump,  capacity   700  Gallons   minute,  150   ft.   head.  Belt-driven.     Equal   to   new........*.:.,......... ...$   250.00  "-Canadiah AUss-  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND IS NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  jganizations. to  be held at Anacortes.  ' Wash., on October 5 and G.  FIRES. *  •',• <l"'."x> •> 's> •,• <S> ♦!•<£>•> '2>-.a  Fire has done damage to the extent  NORTH VANCOUVER—The method [of ?100 to the homo of Mrs. Gray, 1011  of raising money for municipal finances Seymour street.  by  tho  creation and. sale of treasury  notes against the arrears of taxes, has  been condemned by tho District Council,  NORTH    VANCOUVER  Premier  COURTENAY—Eire which originated in the opera house and caused, it is  elieved by defective wiring, swept out  a large portion of the business section  of Courtenay, Friday night.    The loss  'Bowser   has   replied   to   the   District ,will run into thousands.  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. I  | ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  "^ STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  1  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 304 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  Phone Sey. 5266  V ' ?  •J  '  BRITISH. COLUMBIA RECORD  i - r  y. ' Or  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by tho  n ' RECORD   PUBLISHING CO.  Address:   5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431   Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 7S08.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  .   ,       Subscription Bates ' r  'Payable strictly In advance..  One year  . S10.00  Six   months    '.: S6.00  By  the  month : 11.00  VICTORIA—The necessary notice  '-with regard to the city's plans for  repairs at 'Rock Bay bridge has .expired. The plans are back now in  the city for -some minor alterations,  and when they have 'been settled  ■■upon  the work will be started.  TIMBER SALE X 90.  -Sealed tenders will be received by  the Minister of Lauds not later than  noon tin the 2Gth day of July. 1916,  for the purchase of Licence X 90, to  cut 7,130,000' feet of Douglas "Fir,  Hemlock/ Cedar, White Pine and  "Balsam Fir, and 535 cords or shingle  bolts,,on   an  area  adjoining Lot  115,'  Sydney Bay, 'Coast District,, Range 1".  , Three' (3) years will be allowed  lor .removal of timber. '    ,  * Further   'particulars,.,of   the   Chief  Victoria,   B.   C.      Y  ,  O  r\»  WHITE'S CEMENT  PACIFIC LIME  ELEVATOR CABLES  DERRICK CABLES  GALVANIZED GUY WIRE  o t-  o  R. V. WINCH & CO. Ltd.  OFFICE SEY. 280  Vancouver and Victoria   •  WHARF FAIR. 2655  COLLINS INTERLOCKING STEEL STUDDING   FOR   FIREPROOF PARTITIONS and CEILINGS  ■ALSO-  CHANNELS FOR FURRING. BRACKETING & FALSE WORK  .   The Canadian Steel Studding & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  "Vancouver, B/C.  Phone: Fairmont 2256  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Character "EatixoAtad   Cant  VANCOUVER  ,  •Location   .'. - -  Owaei  JForester,  Y.PKOVINCIAI. ESTIMATES ABE  TABLED 1ST.THE HOUSE  : 'VrCTORIA.—.-V revenue of just-1 tinder  $6,000,000 and an expenditure of $11,000,-  O00 for the year 'commencing April 1  ■Tiexfis predicted in the provincial estimates which were tabled in -the House  bj' ITon. Lome Campbell, Minister of  IFinance^on Monday." The revenue shows  a falling off of about ?1,000,000 for the  -anticipated revenue for,.this year, while  1rhe_expenditures show a slight increase.  - The 'exact estimated 'revenue ' is $5,-  944,015; as compared with $7,134,615 for  t'he present year, a'difference, of <?1,095,-  400. The 'estimated disbursements arc  $11,301,374, as compared, with $11,163,-  •56 fori the previous year, an increase  of $138,000. The increase is more than  accounted for by the increased fixed  charges, which are over $300,000. ,  Summary* of. Expenditure *'  The summary of" estimated expendi-  -iure .indicates'''that in four "of the II  Government services there will probably  be -an ^increased expendituie over .last  year; In ,thc rest a reduction is predicted. ■   ,,  Pier     Theatre Bldg      200,000  Pleasure Pier       250,000  Armory   .'.'. _ :    $350,000  Bank  building <  Not given  Church  bldg  Uncertair  Hotel   :j.  $2,000,000  Bridge   ..._ : „    $1,750,000  Harbor Works  J._ „ :   Bathhouse & Park..-. .".$100,000  Bank & office bldg Not'-given  Paving   $450,000  Bathhouse     ;. '. _.. $75,000  IMPROVEMENTS  Vancouver .....'. C. I'.   Ii.  Hastings  St Alex  1'antages  English Bay Coates & c'oF  Grand view    Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  Bain."  Van.   Methodist  Extension  Society   Alt. Robson  G. T. P. By.  2nd Narrows., Burrard Bridge A Tun. Co.  Kitsilano  Reserve    ; .'...Government  Kitsilano Beach Van. Tark Board  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  Saanich  Municipality  English- Bay    : withheld  LISTED ^IMMEDIATELY BELOW  ABE  PROPOSED<BUT  Owners  Hoon  B. M.,PreUea  OwruT  Perry  &  Fowler •?.   Not selected Sketches, under way  In   lift rids .of:   committee ,  Company    _ Indefinite  C. A.  P. Turner ...West Foundation'Co.  Government   •. '....-.   Preparing  No plans drawn yet Waiting Funds  No  archt. commissioned yet.'..I..j .•...'...  Municipal  Engineer..-. .-. Soon  Emil  Guenther .". '..-...  Floor Coverings  Post Office  :. :.„•_ $250,000 f GoreT and Keefer _ Horn. Govt. (Dom.  Post Office  _ $35,000   South Vancouver...- '. Dom. Govt.   Dom.  Factory, "Wharf, Subway L..$150,000   Hastings Royul Crown Soap Co.   Thos  Courthouse   (east' vring) $306,400  Office bldg ;...-. $100,000  Theological   College   bldgs $500,000  Concrete  Garage -. : :...'.   Vancouver  _ „.Provin.  Govt.  -Homer & Georgia fets .'....YE.  Mah'on  Point  Grey  '. .....  Fifth & Fir Sts....;....:. Ford Motor Co.*  Character .....*.  _ _ 'Coat  Brk. and mill schools...-.  $50,000  Steel   Bridge    .-....;. $500,000  Y.W.CA. "Home  ..-. _    $150,000  Union Passenger Depot..! l...$1.000,000  8 sto office, bldg ; $300',000  Stone church   1 $25,000  School    :   $10,000  Rink, (Curling)  ...„*; .-. :..:   $30,000  Apartment   _ .'.    $27,000 I  IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  IMMEDIATELY  '   .-     VICTORIA  Location '    Owner  Victoria  Z.  City  Victoria    '.'...  Citv  Victoria   :.    Y.   XV.   C.   A.  Victoria  C. P. R. and C. N. R.  Victoria German Can. Trust Co.  Victoria....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Saanich  (Victoria)  School Board  Victoria  Victoria  Curling  Club  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONES:  Goyt ....„ ;. Delayed  Govt .' .'.'...'. Delayed  Hooper   j^-r^. .'...Delayed  Dalton  & Eveleigh)  A _...Delavecl  W. F. Gardiner .:...htT....:  Delayed  Sharp <KA Thompson /. STDelaycd  Owners :...:: v.: :..; Delayed  Architect  ..-  Plana Beady  Spurgin  & Wilkins '. Indefinite  Owners  .". i  Preparing  J.-C.   Frame  ...„■ Soliciting   Funds  Co. Engineers  :. .'  Preparing  No  further details available....;. ;....,..  Jones    &    Beatson—Arranging   finances.  If you have Concoleum on <your floors, 3'ou can run a mop  over them and they will be'cleaner thanrany swept floor.  Congoleum is waterproof right through—water cannot injure  it. Compared with printed linoleum, Congoleum is more  durable, more attractive, more waterproof, yet the price <is  less. Congoleum requires no fastening—any one can lay it  —it won't curl'up,, .   . - -        , it  "Congoleum Rug Borders, laid next to a rug or  carpet,-give the actual appearance'of polished oak.  PATERSON MFG. CO  10th AVE. and ARBUTUS  VANCOUVER, B. C.  •   Bayview 772*     \ <  The  following are  fhe totals  1915-16.  -.31,152,376  1916-17.  $1,422,25*4  '  Public  debt.-.™'..:.-..  c 'Civic  government  ,   *   (salaries)'  1,709,566 1,6S7,7^6  /Administration      of ., <         * '   - '  .."     justice..-(salaries)    ,   6S.0OQ 67,428  ;_ Legislation   ..: *;      S9,S20 *   -167,620  .    'Public  institutions      , -     ;-i  ,.*j .    (maintenance)    ...."    467,426 472,575  - -Hospitals and chari- «'•*«-   -1 *- r.'     - .--  , -   "ties   -. .v.i      374,100 '• *  525.S00  Administrations . of    , -' c             >  justice    ...... v   37S.000 .  30S.C70  -   Education      1,504,600 « 1,524,500  Transport     :. ''      S3.OO0 •   ~ 4 3,000  Revenue'services ....-       50,000 - 25,0'tO  -.Public   works      3,067,315 3,023,010  Miscellaneous   2,12$,752, 2.032,000  Tn  this year's report of the estimates  - the service '"miscellaneous" is divided  into three distinct services. "Lands."  uponAwhich $565,000 is to be spent this  year, and > "agriculture," ,upon which  $176,500 will probably be expended, are  each' given a service to themselves, thus  greatly reducing the "miscellaneous"  total. ,    ,  'Present conditions have also necessitated more and larger 'hospitals, the result being an unusually large increase  for hospitals and • charities. Dast year  $16,000 was voted in the way of assist-  axice in the construction of hospitals.  This year about $150,000 will probablv  be granted for that purpose. Grants to  refuge homes, aid societies, etc, is increased from ^$19,000 to ?SO,000.  University of B,  C.  Among the appropriations in this  year's estimates is a conditional one of  $200,000 for the University 'of British  Columbia. I^ast year's estimate was  $175,000. Included'in the works'and  buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department are the following; Okalla prison farm, $15,000;  improvement of government reserve,  Burnaby, $10,000; mental hospital and  colony farm, Essondale, $35,000: provincial government buildings. London fcom-  pletion • and maintenance), $175,000;  provincial normal school, Vancouver,  maintenance, $8,000. The appropriations  for roads, streets, bridges and wharves  in. each constituency are the same as  last year. Chilliwack gets $33,300:  Delta, $22,500: Dewdney. $68,500, and  Richmond $40,000. Eighty thousand is  re-voted for Kingsway through the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets  $10,000 for roads, and Nicomen island  the same amount for dyking: $13,500 in a  subsidy for the T^adner-Woodward ferry.  The vote, of $400,000 on last vear's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  is left off. For bridges generally $150,-  000 is set down, while for the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince George  there will be an appropriation of $150,-  •00. .*■■    /  An item in the Land Department appropriations is that for $20,000 for  "timber testing and investigation of  ■wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C. lumber  trade is that another $50,000 is appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase.of material.  Other Appropriations.  Among the other appropriations are  the   following:  Grant to B. C. regiments $5,000, grant  to patriotic fund $6*,000, grant to boy  scouts $1,000, grant to Victorian Order  of Nurses $500, grant to returned soldiers' aiid commissions, $15,000: Roval  Commissions $15,000 (last year $50,00*0),"  cougar bounty $35,000. Contribution  to Vancouver toward purchase of  certain lanes in Ward VIII., $5,000.  .Vraser River Bridge, New 'Westminster,  maintenance and repairs. $20,200. Song-  bees Reserve improvements, $240,000.  10-sto  office  bldg  $250,000  Christ   Church   Cathedrai $400,000  Church  :..:.  $100,000  Character ..". ;;.  Cost  Fireha.ll Z...T. '...". .'.....$15,000  School-  Dairy   Station   .;   Water Supply System   cGrain   elevator   (35,000  bu.)"  School   .'..-. ,..: „'...'  Plant  Improvements    :....  Steel Bridge  ; .'.   Steel Bridge  .'. .r.*. '  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu.) j...  Market  Building ,  Sewers   JI ".   Street Work...'. _..„■..'. '._.......  .$7,500  .$20,000  ...:....$50,000  !",":.'.yi5","000  ...-...$15,000  ""/"sh'slobo   $21,000   $50,000  BELOW  ABE  PROPOSED  Victoria V. .'.  St.' Barnabas  Victoria  B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria.-: _FirstrBaptist  Church  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location  ..; .■.;„.'..';.  Ownei  Trail   : '. /„..-.   City  Trail    .-. .-' „..  Citv  Nanaimo  ...! '...;   Citv  Maillardville .". z. :  City  'Kamloops  Kamloops "Farm ers Ass'n.  Rossland ' ---        ......       , Citv  Prince  Rupert.;. ."..' MmperiaFOil Co.  Vander,hCof, ii :.„ tiPro-   Govt.  Prince George ". .' • Pro. Govt.  Kamloops  .-..., Maple  Leaf Milling Co.  New  Westminster -„ .'.:  City  Nanaimo   :...Y....'.....?...:.'.   City  Prince George. :  City  Coates &.Flett..-. To Build This Year  Jessie  M.   Warren     .(.   i  BUT  HAVE  BEEN  POSTPONED:        ,7.      Delayed  J. C. M. Keith ;.. Delayed  Jesse  5L Warren .*: Delayed  fercliitect   _: , Plans  Beady  i    Preparing  Not decided upon   F. \j. Macpherson, con; eng.,   Now  indefinite  Owners'     Owners    Owners -....,  Owners    City   /. .-..  Cityo.....-...,  ..9. Shortly  Indefinite  lndciinite  I 'Soon  Learn   Engineering  WETEACH PRACTICAL ELECTRICAL, GAS AND STEAM  ENGINEERING,, MECHANICAL-DRAWING-AND MACHINE  SHOP PRACTICE.  ^SEND FOR: CATALOG.y •  SEATTLE ENGINEERING SCHOOL  First Ave. and West Roy St.'      /, \ *, ; ';  Seattle, Wash.  Q  •i^5'*-»*©''J*^,,i-,«i>»!,«s,*I*<5*!*«i>»I"'6**!',S|  ARMSTRONG, MORRISO!  "J  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  ',*<*>   *I^$>*!^S^.'**HiV'tS'*I*^'*I'''3>^***5>v<i'*>Itr31''**fS>***'3*v*S**^''^'  ■t,  Sewers            24,000  Concentrator,   etc '.  1,000.000  Shipbuilding  Plant        200,000  Railway Station          40,000  Concentrator          300,000  Public   Works      .150,000  Market   Building       35,000  Theatre Building   l  150,000  Post Offise Bldg _   Public   Bldg $150,000  Detention   Bldg $75,000  Public Bldg „...  Wharf   , $10,000  2-sto. hotel *. $] 8,000  City Hall     Esquimau  3-sto   1 00x100   hotel ;. .....  2—4-room Schools each  $20,000  Hotel   _ _...  $1.000.000  Depot bldg ; $1,000,000  Fertilizing  plant &  wharf $125,000  Concrete  Sariitorium    5100.000  Flour Mill & Elevator ..$250,000  Provincial-Home (Central Wing) ....  Hospital   $90,000  City   Hall    „ $50,000  Office  Bldg.  A Oil  Plant $200,000  Residence   (Stone)   $30,000  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Postoffice:   5-sto.  cone $200,000  School       $20,000  Frame   Hotel       $4 0,000  Hotel   .,    $20,000  Brewery   $50,000  Library    $50,000  R/^kll_S  BILLETS  <£>  <s>  Nanaimo  .'.  City  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Boyd's Ltd.  "New Westminster  C.  N. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Alining Co  Prince  George    City  New Westminster   City  New Westminster..Alhambra Theatre Co.  Revelstoke jr.  Dom. Govt.  Prince  Rupert Prov.   Govt.  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  New Hazel ton  i.Dom. Govt.  ^Sidney : Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Ocean Beach  (V.I.)   F. J. Lins  ■$30,000   Municipality  Prince Rupert M.   Albert  Vernon,  B.C. .* Vernon School Board  Prince Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific  Prince  Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil A Fer. C<-  Karnloops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  Coquitlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Kamloops,  B. C Provincial  Govt  Nelson, B. C Municipality  Nanaimo,  B.  C City of Nanaimo  Prince  Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands   (Victoria)   Withhold  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert Dom.   Govt.  Rossland    ;.    City  Prince  Rupert A.   J.  Prudhomme  Fort   George Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. A M. Co.  Nanaimo  City  'City   Owners  . Soon  Soon  IMPROVEMENTS  I.ISTED  IMMEDIAT-fclVJ-r  BELOW   ARE  Hotel    $200,000 ( Fort   George......... Grand  Hotel, 3-sto.  brk.   veneer....  Church   (fr.)   5 sto brk, mill and steel.....  .......$20,000 I Port   Alberni      Corjuitlam .........  ....$150,000 I Kamloops   Owners   Owners    _   City    _ :...  City    :.   Moscrop A  Whitburn Completed  Dom. Govt. ...t Preparing  A. A. Cox  Tenders elor-cd  Gov't.- _   Tenders  closed  Gov't  Tenders  closed   Will   Build   Soon  Jessie M. Warren Tenders Closed  Thos. D. Sedger   Preparing  Prince Rupert Arc.nt Under Way  Bell & Constant: Branch A Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria) -.Soon  J. S. D. Taylor  Tenders closed  Dalton A Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Plans Approved No Date Given   '. Reported  Work  Will Start Soon  Xow petitioning for -appropriation.    v  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative  •Jesse  M. Warren Tenders soon  Govt ;.   Tenders   soon  Gov't   Tenders  closed  No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet   Site Just Purchased   Herbert J,   Peyton Sketches   ready  Wilson A Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided    Indefinite  PROPOSED BUT HAVE BEEN POSTPONED:  Trunk'Paci/lc   Holabird & Roache (Chicago) Delayed.  I  Ch  *  '*?*•  Concrete Reinforcement Bars  Plain Round, Square and Cold Twisted Squares  WIRE NAILS and other WIRE PRODUCTS  BAR STEEL  DOMINION IRON & STEEL CO.  Mills and General Offices:    SIDNEY, N. S.  LIMITED  4>  V  ,5.  1  ^•«£>^£K■•'^-^€■'♦^«i>v<S'*^«^^^J^*I^^4*€,•^,E-••^*3,►!*t2>   ^M-^£>*>«&+^^*I«2'^^*I«J»,J*<S»4,'S»»;*«'j»'!''«>-I«'i»   ....Tom   Magrath   ..Episcopal Church  ..Kamloops Hotel'C«.-  Evans A Cook Delayed  .Perry. A &Fowler Delayed  XV.  T. Whiteway .._-.... Delayed  COLONIAL THEATRE  Moat Up-to-date   Moving Picture  ■ Theatre in the City  MATINEE    10c and 25c  EVENINGS   lOc, ISc and 25c  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building  Residence  ..  School     Residence ...  Residence. ..  3-sto   Apmt,  School   4-sto.  dept.   store  bldg  Piers   (Concrete)      School   (Quadra)   .........  School   (Beacon  Hill)  Location     Metchosin  ...Hilliers,   E: A   N.   ......Foul Bay Rd.   Gillespie   Place  Hollywood   Victoria   Victoria  .:....Victoria   Victoria  Brk.   veneer church Victoria  Detention  Bldg.   (Victoria)  .Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)  .Victoria  Breakwater  Victoria  VICTORIA  Owner  ....II.  R. Hammond  .   School   Trustees     H.  Lawson  ....: F.   Nation     A.   Winch   City  Hudson's  Bay  Co.  ....(No  VAUDEVILLE!     PHOTOPLAYS!  New Show Every   Mondy   &  Thurs.  ANY SEAT- ANY TIME  Character       Elevator      Power   House   Bldg • (Cone.)......  Govt. Bldg   Theatre     Hotel .'"...,  2-sto stone & steel bldg   Dairy  Bldg.   (cone  &  brk)   School  bldgs   2-sto brk bldg   2-sfo.  apmt   Residence     Factory     Dredging   Sun.!   ...  I'.ridge   Abutments  Oovt.  Bldg   High  School   Jetty   &   Dredging   Roundhou.se    Bridge       Ii-im.  Mills,  i»tc   W'n ter   S v.stern.,   Mills,   Wharves,   etc..  .. , Cost  .$20,000  Heads."....  (12)  .. $42,900  .. $25,000  .. $25,000  ..$ 20,000  ..$ 20,000  .. $50,000  ....$15,000  Details)  .. $20.r*i*(i  ,. $25,tH)0  ....$70,000  Z'Woio'io I  ,. $20,000 i  , $75fi,00(t |  ... $20,000 !  5,000 !  1,000,000 !  ■n oho;  750,000  Est. Cost  $20,000   ""lOiobo':"''"'"  35,000 ".   45,000      $4 1,000  .';;,  $700,000   ......  $2,000,000    Government  $48,500   School   Board  $1.7.4 90   School   Board  $20,000  Colomba Presbyterian  Ch.  $32,000  Dominion Govt  ••   $24.500...    Govt.  $1,000,000 Dom.   Government  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Xiocation     Ownor  Chilliwack ..Rockwell, Theal & D.  Kamloops           City  Greenwood, B. C Dominion" Govt.  Cumberland,  B. C G.   VV.  Clinton  Prince George....Prince George  Hotel  Co.  Nelson,  B C   Duncans.   B.   C   K'uper Island, B.  C.  Nanaimo   I'rlnee Rupert   Mett'hoHln     I.nlu Island...  Fraser River  ''rand Trunk  I'firt  Alberni  Port   Alberni   Vorth   Arm   Frfi.ser  Fort George..   Xanfili'iin   Prinee.-iH Royal  Port Moody ..  'J(.en.n FsiIIh   ....Carmen  Maglio  .3.  B  Alorrlson  Pa'c'jn'c.'."  .....Tf.  ..Government  Niehnlson  J. McMordle  R,   Hammond  Steel A Wire Co,   Govern merit   G.   T.   P.     Govt.      Municipality  River Govt.   C T. P.  Ry. Co.      Citv  I.si n nd.... To na pah-lie hum i   Citv   Pacific Mills,   Ltd,  Architect Contractor  Butler &  Harrison.. Grayson  A   Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins... Local  S. Maclure :..... A. H. Mitchell  S.   Maclure ...'.'; P.   McKechnie  C.  E.   Watkins. .........Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins Luney Bros.  B. Horwood & White B. C, Const. Co.  Govt Grant Smith A McDonnell  Keith A Watkins Luney Bros.  Keith & Watkins Luney Bros.  Wm. Henderson Knott A Jones  Govt Rotirke, McDonald A Moncrioi'f  Govt Parl<s. Tupper & Klrkpatriek  Govt Sir John Jackson, Ltd.  Architect j.ianB Ronay  N. J. Hall.        I.W. H. Davidson, Supt.  Ducane Dutcher •& Co Wm,  Greenlees   lohn   Burns  A   Son,  of  Nelson  -,■.;-;*. -••••"• -.Mesher Bros, of Nanaimo  Hutler &   Frarri"on....Browster A  Pelharn  Geo.  C.  Kgg Waters *  Pasco  J.  C.  M.   Keith Island  Building  Co.  Indian   Dept Island   Building  Co  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks A Anderson  Jas   Gil more       Sub-eon tracts  Butler A Harrison Grayson &  Sons  Owners  Govt   O. T. P  TOCH'S "CEMENT FILLER"  AND  "CEMENT FLOOR PAINT"  Protect Cement Floors from Dusting, Produce a Finish of Lasting  Durability. Render the Floors Absolutely Dustless and Impervious to  Water, Oil or Grease.  Used   Extensively  In  OFFICE  BUILDINGS; HOSPITALS; POWER  HOUSES; ..RESIDENCES;     ! ..    STORAGE  WAREHOUSES; GARAGES; FACTORIES,  Etc.  WRITE FOR COPY OF NEW BOOKLET  Manufactured in Canada by  R. |. W." Damp-ResEstfing Co.  Office-202 Mail Building, Toronto Factory-Oakville, Ont.  i6  Govt. ..  Owners  Oily ....  f <'n, ..  Citv  -- Day   Labor   Navigation A. Dredging Co.  .3. A, McKenzie.Alfc Co.  K.v.  MldV   Knott A Jones, of Victoria   Wnrnork A. Cochran   Pacific   nredirlng  On,   Carter  Hall   &  A.  ■"• • Owners  .Robertson,   God yon   Co.  ■   ■'-.' -  •* ..w,,v, l.-miii,   ■.xmiyrin    < :o.  Owners     Owners  ONCE   A   SPECIALTY—NOW   A   QUESTION   OF  OUR   OUTPUT   CAPACITY  Built like the "Iron*Duke." All steel construction,  with but few working porta. Over 1200 London Mixers in u«e in Canada—also many in foreign coun-  trlnG. Bunt in twenty-three different sizes and fitted  ■with any equipment. Your ciHjiiiries will be appreciated.  SUPPORT  HOME   INDUSTRIES  WE   ARE   THE   LARGEST   MANUFACTURERS   OF  CONCRETE   MACHINERY   IN   CANADA.  THE LONDON CONCRETE MACHINERY CO., Ltd.  Head Office and Factory:    Cabell   St.  and j Kitchcnci   Ave.   London,  Ontario  vmuvirnMnn  hi wwniwMwii]  i BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  YOU WANT  U . __ ' ! I  J 1  MORE  ^  BUSINESS  -&  ,   t i .*,        r^A  We can help you to increase your  business by teling all of our readers  every other day:  WHOyouare,  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you..        ;  Such a service will pay you. big because through us you reach every owner  who is iilaing,"every architect, every  contractoi:--everybody interested in build-  ing. .*:..•.*  c- We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge. LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  6.  "ADVERTISE"  IN  THE  Columbia  Business Directory ancJ  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  RECORD  Where Human Life and Property are Valued--  When Reduced Insurance and Cost are Factors  ALWAYS Specify  I  1-  t  t  I  ?  I  !  ETAL.  This door la rndleally different from Fire "Door heretofore known. Made  of stool find asbestos, erosslnld galvanized Iron of two thicknesses, with  air spaces and asbestos lining l-t6Ui Inch thick presents warping. Much  lighter than any other standard Firo Door. Weight only 5 lbs. per square  foot. Can he installed In any manner that, other I'M re Doors lire installed—•  sliding, swinging, vertical, etc.— Latest approved hardware and trimmings  used.  Solo   Canadian  Manufacturers:—  I  I  %  t  %  »*.  4>  I  Montreal  Executive Office and Factories:  Toronto Ottawa  Oshtvwn, Canada.  Jjonuou  AKCHITECTURAZ.    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col. St., S. 2988  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co. lid., 548 Seymour.S. 4795  Ritchie   Con.    &   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.    St,  Bridge    '. .   S. 9162  .Warrlgton A Johnson.   119 Pender S.    fi. 4912  AsnrAi/r fkivt.  Evana,  Coleman A ISvane,- ft.  Col S. 2988  l'aiejson ilfg.  Co., 10th  & Arbutus S„ B. 772  BRTCK—ATX KINDS.  Cont'n'I  Ship.  A Trad.   Co.   Ltd S. C148  Evana, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gilley Bros.," Ltd., New West.,- Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St.. S. 4795-4798  Ritchlo   Contr.   Ac   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    . .<v S.   91S2  VV'ainngton & Johnson, 1M Pender, S. 4912  R.V.Wlnch  & Co.. Ltd..  Winch  B. S. 279-1944  BCUUHNG   FKLTS  AND   I'AI'KISS.  Evans,   Coleman   &   Evana,   Ft.   Col.,. .S. 29SS  Leslie, Taylor Co., 403 JJunumuIr S. 4371  XV. S. O'Nall ■*£ Co., 548 Sey. St.,. S.'4795-47118  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th& Arbutus Sts., B. 772  Warrington  &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S.   4912  BONUS—SUKKTY.  R.V.Wlnch & Co., Ltd.,  Winch B!, S. 279-1944  CF..V1ENT. '    '  Balfour,   Guthrie &  Co &.-919',-6575  Evans, Coleman & Evans. Ft. Col...S. 2&8i  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones a5, 16  VV. N. O'Nell & 'Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   A <,Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   St.  Bridge         S. 9162  P..V.Wlnch A Co.. Ltd.. Wlnoh B.. S. 279-1944  CEMENT TESTr>"G  AND  ASSAYING'.  Can.  Jnspc't 'k Test. Lab.,  Empire  Bldg.  ■      • ' "S.  '460C  Hunt,' Robt,   W.   A   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg.     s. 2199  CONTKACTOKS—BORING  Robinson Contr,1;Co.,  Winch BIdg*..S. 68S8  CONTRACTORS—EXCA VATING.  Centre Contracting Company,  8S7  Georgia St.  E. High. 15S1  CONTRACTORS—GEXERA1". -  .  Armstrong.   Morrison    A    Co.,    Ltd.,    Bower  „ Bdg.;,     s. 1S.36  B.  C..G-.-anltoid.& Contr.   Co., .N.E.  Cor.  Beach  and  Xicola Sey.  2296  CONTRACTORS—LAND   CLEAIilNG.  Centre Contracting Cojnpany,  'SS7  Georgia St.  E....A High. 15S1  CONTRACTORS—TILI3—TERRAZZO. -  Evans, Coleman  & Evans, ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslre, Taylor Co., 403  Dunsmuir S. 4371  XV,  N.  O'-N'oll & Co.,  54S Sey.  bt.,  S. 4795-4798  CORNICE  AND  ROOFING.  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,  Ltd.* S. 210  CRANES   ,1>U   HOISTS-(ELECTRIC  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,  Ltd. .\ S. 210  The Holaen CG\, Ltd., 512 Pender St. XV.  Sey.   1065.  DETECTIVE AGENCIES   '  Vancouver    Detective    Agencv,   ' 429-430  Standard    Bank   Bldg.;   Phone   Sev.   2240  •"sight, Sey.  24 42. ' ■       '  '   ''  DRILLS— PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling,   Frank  &•" Co..1  1142   Homer   St.   S.   4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  Sey.   1065.  "   ELECTRICAL SUPITJES  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender S-5710  Darling,   Frank -&  Co.,   1142   Homer   St.    -   S.   4100-4101  Macdonald.   Marpole Co.,   Ltd S. 210  K1.KCTRICAL  'B151'I*LIES    (WHOJ.ESALJ!:)  .Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd S. 210  ELEVATOR CARS .VST) ENCLOSURES.  Can. AJlis-Chalmers, 1063 "Pendet. ..'.S. 5710  Harris,  P.  E~* .<- C<r,".<-    Crown Bldg.  S.MS9S  W. N. O'Xell-& Co, 54S  S        ~"    '   KUciile   Contr.   jt'Sup.   Co  Bridge     .'..    S. 9162  ELEVATORS  Darling,   Frank  &  Co.,   1142   Homer  St....   ,..-. S. . .S.   4100-4101  Harris," P. E. A Co.. » ■'   Crown Bldg. S.  463S  • -■■"; ' J-TRE CLAY  Balfour,   Guthrie  .fc; Co S.,9197-6575  Evans., Coleman &'Evans Ft. C0I...S. 29SS  Gliley Bros.,, New Westminster. Phones 13.16  XV. N, O'Neil & Co., 54 8 Sey. St., S.4 795-4T9S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv].- Bdg -S. lie  P.. V. Wlnen &  Co..   Vlnch Bldg., S. 279-1944  FIRE   EXTINGCISHEK   SYSTISrs.  Gen. Fire Bx. Co., 1140 Hamilton St.-SalSS  Barr it Anderson,  1060   Hcmer St S.  61S0  FLOORING  J.  Fyf6 Smith  &   Co..  1320  Richards. .S. 1196  GAS APPLIANCES.  Van. Ga» Co..        Hastings St.  \V S.  S000  GATE  VALVES  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S. 210  GLASS—ALL KINDS.  W. N. O'Neil & Co. 545 S<?y. St.. .S. 4795-479?  Warrington**  Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  HARDWARE  Flett, J. A.. Ill Hastings XV Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  W.-N. O'Nell A Co. 548 Sey. St...S 4795-479S  J   Fyfe Smith  *  Co..'1320  Richards. .S. 119R  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J.  Fyfe & Co.. 1320 Richards..S. 1196  HEATING—HOT   AIR,   STEAM   AND   VENTILATING  Barr & Anderson. 10-60 Homer St...S. 01S0  Gen. Fire Ex. Co.,  1140   Hamilton St..S513S  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co . Granvl. Bdg .S. 916:  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil .** Co., 54S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-179S  Kltchie. Con. it Sup. Co.. Granv. Btlg. .S. hs,  IRON AND STEEL—STRCCTCRAL  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   3063   Pender S. 5710  Can.   Northwest   Steel   Ci; F.     3u7  Evans, Coleman & Evans. Ft. Col.. .S. ("!9>!>  Coughlan.  J.  &   Sons.   World   Bldg....S.   T:>".'  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co,   Ltd ?.  210  Ritchie. Con. & Suo. Co.. Gr-inv. Bdg. .S. 91K:  W.  N. O'Nell ,t Co    .-M? Sey.  St...S. 4795-1791*  Wilkinson Co., SIC Beach S.  7915  IRON AND STEEL— ORNAMENTAL.  Can, Allis-Chnlmers, 1063 Pender. .. .S. 5710  Evans, Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col.... .S. 29SS  Macdonald,   Marpole Co..   Ltd.. S. 210  W. N. O'.Voll & Co., 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-473S  Ritchie Con. A: Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bdg.. si. »J«i  South A'anconver Iron & Wire Works,  5S55 Victoria Drive....... ...Fraser 156  ■ LATH—METAL'-  Bvans. Coleman it Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 29SS  XV. N. 0-Neil vt Co., 54S Sev. St. ..S. 4795-4 79S  Ritchie C. and S Co.. G.-nn. St.. . . .S. i'162  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  LIME.  Ralfour,   Gufirle  &   Co S.  9197-6575  • Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb.. S. 29SS  Gilley Bros., New Westminster. .Phones 15. 16  W, N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Sev. St. . .S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granville. .S. 9162  R.  V. Winch Co,  Ld., Winch Bdg. .S. 279-1944  MACHINERY  Can.   Allls-Chnlmers,   1063   Pender S. 5710  Darling,   Frank   A   Co.,   1142   Ilomer   St.    S.   4100-1101  Macdonald.   "Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.- 210  XV. N. O'Nell ft Co., MS Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. & Pup. Co.. Oanvl, Hd'K. .>. SI*1-"  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St; XV.  ..Sey.   lOtiS.  MANTELS—BRICK.  TILE  AND  WOOD  Ev«ns; Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2JSS  Leslie,  Taylor Co..  403   Dunsniulr .S, •i.'!7 I  MARBLE  AND  ONY*£  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft,  Col S. 2988  Leslie, Taylor Co., 403 Dunsmuir. ... ,S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St. S. 4795-4798  OIL BURNING  PLANTS  Globe Iron  Works.  1815  Pandora St. ..H.  496  PAINTS—ITRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  PAINTS—DaMP PROOF. .   .,  Evi'ns,- Coleman A Evan«,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil 8c Co , «48 Sey, St.. .8. 4795-479i  Paterson Alfg. Co.. 10th & Arbutus..B. 77J  Warrington   &  Johnson.'   119   Fender. .S.,4912  PARTITION—ITREPKOOF '  Evans, Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 298S  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916J  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491J  PIG  IRON AND TIN'   '  Ralfour,   Guthrie '&  Co S. 9197-167!"  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col K; 2ft88  R.  V.'Winch & Co.,  Winck Bid.. .S.    279-1944  PILING AND VOLES  Centre Contracting Company,  SS7  Georgia St,  E High. 15S1  0    PILE DRIVING.  Ev»ns, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 298S  h'raser River Pile Driving Co.. New West  Peterson,   Henry,   3022   Victoria   Dr... H. 1185  PIPE—SEWER  Dom. Glzd Cmr.t P.pe Co., Bom, Bld..S8:Sf  Evans, Coleman & Evuns Ft. Colum. ,S, 298?  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd..   New   W«st.. .Phones 15.'1<*  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd S.  210  nltchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4911  R. V. Winch &. Co., WInck Bld...S.   279-1944  ;     "~  „    PLASTER  -  Balfour,   Guthrie   A  Co S.  9197-657J  Evans, Coleman &° Evans Ft.DCoium . .S. 298>  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New "West.. .Phones 15, 1<  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4755-479?  Ritchie, Con. & Sud. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916i  PLASTER  BOARD (    '  TSvM.ns, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.,,.. .S. 2988  XV. X. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479-  Ritchie ,Con.   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTER. PARTITION  BLOCKS       -  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  PLASTERS-ORNAMENTAL  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col fs. 2988  D. R. Morrison. 712 Richards St'..S. 2151-215'.  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St. .'.S..4795-479'  Rilchle  Con.   A   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTIC FLOORING  Sansan Asbestos Floor Co., 1209 Jervis St.   S/.6643Y  PLUMBING  Barr" &   Anderson.   1060    Homer   St...S. 6180  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Darling,   Frank. A   Co,,   1142  Homer   St.   <3    41Pn-4f>  The Holden'Co.,s Ltd., 542 Pender St. XV.  ' ISy.   1065.  "<     RADIATORS AND BOILERS.  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,-1063   Pender.'.. :S. 571C  t.  ,        ROOFING" COMPOSITION  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft. ' .'olum. .S. 29SJ  Paterson MTg. Co., 10 *■ Arbutus Sts.. .B. 775  XV. N O'Nell & Co., 548 Se>v St...S. 4795-479J  Ritchie Con. & Sup. C- . Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington A Johnson, 119 Pender St ,s. 4915  ROOFING—SHEET METAL     "  (See  Cornice  ana   KooTing)  TtOOFLNG  SIATERIAL .     v -  .  Evans.'Coleman' &  Evans    Ft. Colum. .S. 2PS5  Macdonald,'ilcrpole  Co.,  Ltd. ....''. ...S. 210  Paterson  Mfg   Co., 10th  <K-* Arbu*"js. Bav.  77'  ey.  St. S..4735-479S ] Uitchle'Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville B...S'. 9162  j,   Ltd.. ,Gran.   St.    Warrington & Johnson, 113 Pender St.S. 491i  NEW TELEPHONE INSTALLATIONS AND CHANGES  1 _    FROM JUNE 1, TO JULY 13,1916  Following is a list of new Telephone installations and changes fom  June 1 to July 13, being an alphabetical compilation of this'information as  published  in the Record each  issue. ■ ' '  New installations \  .Aeronui,  Cold   Storage,   670   Richards < Sey.  A. & C. Jilotor Express, 920 Seymour  .'.' .'; Sey.  Alberta Pacific Grain Co., Ltd., 509 Richards Z , '. Sey.  Anderson, E. A., Cement Work Contr., 436 19th E 1 .' Fair.   sey.  .' Sey.   Sey.   Sey:  Appleby, E. C, Watchmaker, 43S llk-hards   Arey, Mrs. L. B„ Dressmaking,  826  Smithe    .'.-.   Arrow Junk Co., 122,Cordova W _ <   Bain, P. 3., Private School for Boys, ,122)   Burnaby .'   Beddeson & Grundy, Corn. Brokers, 714 Hastings XV,..-. '. Sey.  Bennett, G. XV., Grocer, 761 Kingsivay  ..-- '. Fair.  Bergman's Cafe, 326 Abbott St Sey.  B.  C. Rice Mills,  557 Car rail ,...'. , ', .Sey.  Broadway Shoe Repair Store, 757 Broadway E Fair.  2207  2227  160  902  2515  2203  2S39  1710  165",  915  1617  2209  996   Ray.' 1012   Sey.  .-'. High.  .... „ Bay.   Sey.  ■ -.'.: Sey.   Sey.  2915  211  4 14 6  11S4  ■J2SIJ  7911  XV.   ...- Fair!"   .'.....'.  Sey.   .". Sey.'   &----V Sey-   ;. VSt.--—Eburne  Burrard Transfer Stables, 1773 2nd XV   Canadian Fishing Co., Ltd., Shipping Office, Ft. Gore'..  Canadian   Government   Elevator,   Ft.   Salsbur'y '.....  Carter,'C. C.,-Elect. Engr., 313 Cordova W   Chow,  H> &  Co.,   2603   Granville .„.v ,.' .;   Conway's, Or.  Plaster Store,  715 Dunsmuir   Coujrhlan,  John A Sons,  500   Beritty    B-avey, If. P., Comin. Agt., 311 Hast.   XV. .'   Donald's Grocery Store,  1630 King-sway 1   Gallagher, Mrs. Amy, Delicatessen, 3,137 Main  .':....  General  Mercantile Co.,' Ltd.,   Lumber,  536  Hastings  Gray Produce Co.,  321 Wa'ter  '.'...]   Great  WestrLiCe Assn. Co.,'Astts.,  610 Hast.  XV "...  Hall,"Dr\ XV. K , Hudson St Y  Hart, F. J. & Co., Ltd.. Farm Lands,  117 Pender XV IT!5?- -'.Sey  Heaps, E. H..& Co., Ltd., 739 blastings .*_ L Sey.  Henry,  J. XV.;  O.,  207  Hastings w .-.".....:.....' iSey.  Hong Chong LungYFruit,   2-J0, Pender' E.Y : Sey  Horton, XV..  Fruit, 126 Hastings  XV :.- f. _ Sey. 214S O.  Howie,  Dr.,H. 'O., Dentist,  330 Homer' :? :.:.-.'. Sey.  3266  International 'Correspondence  School, IS  Hastings. W .?....'. Sey.' 2743  Japan Dye"Works, 2125 4th W-. ."_....' Z. -Bay."   689  John, Geo.,' 344 Main  , Sey.  63550  Kawai Bros., Jeweller,   301 Powell  _ ._. ' Sey.    595,  Keystone Logging 'A Mercantile ,Co.'Ltd., 16 Hastings E „.."". '....Sey. 1545  Kiln  Dried Kindling Co..  427  Howe..:. '.  _  ...'.Y.Sey. 2861  Kitchener' Photo-Studio,  770  Granville Z.YY9. Sey.'J3313  Kong  Lee At,   2nd Hand  Store,   110%   Pender E .'....-....'.'. Sey.  3210  Lotus Grill, 445 Abbott..-. .' Sey. 2093 O  Lee,  Johnson,  Sheet Metal Works,   S26  Dunsmuir .'.: _ Sey. 1601  Letts, Percy F.,  1504 14th. XV 1 Bay.    441  MacKay, Mrs. Amanda, Pastries, S00 Robson ..- .'. .^..-Sey. .2248  Tobacco, 259"Powell .' _..'. : *. : Y.Sey.  r\.. G.-, Inspector of Business Tax, ft. Howe £".. ...Sey.  , Blacksmith, Rear'IS, Water St. ...: .~. Sey.  .Fair, 172XO  910  Cf.85 '  1387  2S09  66  493S  199  1542 '  3285  Maikawa, S  McCa.-idless,  McDonald   D  McFarlaneiDrug Store, Eburne .Ave Z 1 __ Eburne  McGinness, J. W., Post  Office,  Merchants' (Anti-Prohibition)  Sea Island- _ Eburne  Protective 'Assn., 640 Hastings XV   2140  1564  3289 ^  140 '  143  ....Sey. 2330  . Sey/.a03lY  Miyasaki, T., Tailor, 354 Broadway XV .*. .'. : .:.....„„: .'..^...„..Fair.   "998 '  National  Agency,  419   Hamilton .". Sey. 2790  ROI'E-MAXILA  BaUour,    Guthrie   &   Co   s. f)197-657E  Y-'.    SA'FES—VAl'LT DOORS "'   <  Warrington A Johnson, 11.- P^nd^r St.S. 4911  W. N. O'Nell i Co.. 54S'Sey. St. . .3.,4795-479'-  SAND 'GRAVEL AX1) CKCS1IED KOCK  Ev«ns,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West... Phones 15, It  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bag. .S. 91S2  SASH   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  ,W. N. O'Nell .t Co.,  54S Sey. St...S. 4795-479?  ! SHINGLE  aiAXUFACTFRERS  AND   DEAL  EH*.  (See Lumber and iSMnglea.)  1.    , SLATE  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil & Co., a4S Sey. St...S. 4795-479>  R. V. Winch,& Co., Winch Bld...S. 279-194-  Rttchie, Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916Z  STEEI REINFORCING.  Balfour.    Guthrie   &- Co S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd. S.  210  Warrington & Johnson,  119 Pender St.S   4911  STORE   &   OFFICE   FIXTURES   &   STORI  FRONTS  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  XV. N. O'Neil .t Co., 54!> Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479*  TAR^AND   PITCH  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th A Arbutus, Bay. 7~i  Evans. Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 29Si-  Gilley Bros.. New Westminster Phones 15, It  Pt. Hanuj Brick Co., G15 Hast. S. W., S. 13bS  Rltcht- Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 916:  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119. Pender. .S. 491S  Tn.E— FLOOR AND WALL  Evans, Coleman A E\ans, ft. Col.i ..-S. 29SS  W N. O'Neil 4 Co.. 54iS'!.-ey. St.. .S. 4795-4791  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491;  TIN PLATES  Hnlfour,   Guthrie  &  Co S.  9197-C57:  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  H. V. Winch & Co.. Winch B'd...S. 279-194-  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach •. S.  7915  TOOL  STEEL  Darling,   Frank   &   Co.,   1142   Homer  St.   s.  4100-no--  Macdonald,   Muipole  Co.,   Ltd P.  210  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson,  10-60 Homer St S. 6IS1  WALL    HOARDS'  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.... .S. 29SS  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmuir. ... .S. 437}  WATERPROOF COMPOIND  Eva.ns, Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  XV. N. O'Nell & Co, b4S Sey. St...S. 4795-4"/!).  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th & Arbutus;. B. 771  Warrlnftton .&  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491:.  WATER   METERS,   HYDRANTS   «   PUMPS  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co..   Ltd ...S.  210  WATERWORKS SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd.... S. 210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O'Nell & Co:, 64S Sey. ^t...S. 479S-479!  WIRE   AND   CABLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd...'. .S.  210  WIRE ROPE  Balfour.    Guthrie   A   Co.. S. 9197-fi57t  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft. Col S. 29SS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916;  R.  V.   Winch & Co..  Winch   Bld...S.    279-194  Wilkinson  Co.. S46  Beach S.  7915  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   &   Iron   Wks.,   1462  6q  502,'  1571  o62  2666  317>  New England Fish Co.,  Ft. of Gore  .*.   Pacific Machine Shop,   I0b7  Granville _ '.  Pacific Steel Products Co., Factory, Lulu Island .Y.L V.'.  Parkinson," T. W...Blacksmith,. 520 Davie  ...'..— :..:..-'.  Paul & Watkins, Wood. &Coal, ,4th & Granville .—.  Pearson,  Dr. -J.-M.,   1044   Reach...,..- _—. ...:.  Perth Dye<-Works, 2039  Granville :..".  .'...'.....■.....Y..-  Port  Alberni Lumber  Co., Ltd., 744  fastings "W ....•   Pratt"& Ross, Architects, 736  Granville..'...'. .'..: :.- :...:rt:-:..  Pretty's, Timber, 319 Pender W ."—  ...Z.....'..: ."_...Y..  Price,  Jno.,\ Poultry Dealer,  Rear City Market,  Main   Provincial Woman's Suffrage Referendum Assoc. 470 Gran   .Rains, Tom., Autos for Hire, S13 Homer -   Rankin, Jas. S., Insurance Adjuster, 525 Seymour   Retail Lumbermen's' Buyintf~Xgency, Ltd., $C*0 Hastings XV.   P.at.Poitage Lbr.  Co.,  Ltd.   (The),  1S15   Granville   Reform Association,  366   Powell : .'-'.   i Rex Millinery Shop/157 Hastings "VV   Rose-   Bank   Grocery,   300   Main    ,   Rugg, Miss Kate, Dressmaker, 923 Georgia  -  Shimo-Takahara, L>r. 1C, ^10 Powell .*. --- :-  Shimoni, K., Second-hand Store, 13S Cordova E  Sey.  2744  Sixty-Eigth    Battery,   C.   F.   A..   Hastings   Park High.    171 IO  Stanley  Hotel,  21   Cordova W .' .-...Sey.  Stevens. J. T. Produce Co. (The),  11 i" Water _ „ -= Sey.  Sun   Life  Mortgage  Dept.,   602   Hastings  Szameitat, F., Broker,  615 Pender  W   Terakura. K., Tailor, 130 Gore    Tie and  Collar  Shop   (The),   470   Granville..  Trice  &  Pacey,   Rl.   Est.,   145   Homer   Tunstall,   Dr. S.  J.,  709  Dunsmuir   Two Hundred nd Thirty-ninth Battalion.  Vancouver Fire Despatch A Salvage Corp., '  Vancouver   Mission   Lodging   House,   150  Vancouver  Photo  Co.,  619  Granville  _   Victorian  Order of Nurses,   623   Hast.   W   Walsh-Dav Lumber Co., 16 Hastings E   Ward    1   and   2   Saturday   Half-Haliday   Merchants,  Wing Lee A Co.,  Wholesale Vegetables, 547 Main   ....  Wov  Yin ST Low.   Restaurant.  S9  Pender E   Yew Jung Co., Tailors, 405 Columbia    Young Sun Tai Co., Tailors,   10S1  Granville...   Sey-. 3943   YSey. 116S  ."...Eburne.' SI  : Sey. "23 30  , ."Bay. 12f8  ......:.5.Sey.    220  „..*....Bay<. 3093   Sey.1 290 t   ^.Sey. 15F.7-  :.'.'.".....Sey." 2-35S  ...:....Fair. 14 71  _ Sey. 2819   :.....Soy   Sey.  ..: Sey.   Bay.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey:  !75l  .-. Sey.  2555  XV   410 Homer   i06 Seymour   Alexander   930   Smythe....    Sey   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.  , Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.  • Sey.  Yule & McClelland, Auto Repairs,  rear lOlu   Sevmour   Changes  •Ucoi-k  Downing & Wright, Whol. Plumbing, from 157 Water to 162 Water Sey.  -•unerieaii Legion. 211th  Batt. from   (12 Abbott to^K'b Hast. \V bey.  Atkinson, E., Stables trom 36S Cordova E. to (Rear) 973 Main St Sey.  Bailey   10   A.. Plumber, from 536 Helmcken to 1033 Granville      Sey.  Bank  of  Vancouver,   from   102   Fender  W.   to   5U1   Hast.   \V ;Se-%'-f.  Bell.  H. N.. from  790 Granville to $76  Granville ^£-i';  b  Bon  Accord Tea & Coffee Co.   from  3101 Prince  Edward  to 33b t  Main. ..I- air.  1S2  1691  1716  1721  8991  325 1  434S  287 t  15 S.  535'  2100  233  2S13  85  1555  "  2592  2531  1657  32Sd  2350  B   C.   Refining Co.,  from   71S   Granville  to   1050   Hamilton   B   C.   Rufminlr Co..  from   71S   Granville  to   1050   Hamilton ....  Brown  A. P. & Co.. Athletic Outfitters, from 931 I'ender VV. to 719 Pender  Buchanan. B. G. A Co., China, Crockery, etc., from 572 Granville to 522  Hastings  XV   Burns. .1. F.. Leather Good". 5.-.7 Gran, to 519 Gran.    Buncombe Securities Co..  Ltd.,  f:om  626  Pender to .'.25  Seymour      Canadian Double Tread Tire Co., from  S51  Pender XV. to 12*'0 Gran.   .   ..  Canadian Fnlvers.il Film Co., from IB Hastings E. to 711  Dunsmuir  City  Ovsier &  Chop  Hou^f*.  1 rom   230  Hast.   E   to  '.'J."*   Hast    10  Dollar." Kobert Co.. Shipping.   ."10  Hastings   W.   from  Sey.   1  .Sey  .Sey.  .Sey.  .Sey.  Sey.  Sey.  . Sey.  Joy  6631  203::  4276  136  S637  7590  669  7069-  1 167  9355  2021  211 I  1561  20  ^932  Sey.  4 1990  Libby."'McNeill & Libby. Canned Goods, from 1150 Hamilton to 1160 Hamil-  k'lnffswiv  .F rr.is  misiip,  Taylor Co..  403   Uunsniuir .*->. -i.>ii     „',■,,        „ „   t...-,..    c    u-i,-r,  w^,-l-u  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 51S Soy. st...S. 4795-4798   South  \ ancotn er^ lr on  &  \\ lie       oKs  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Ornnvlll... .S. 9in?        5sr.fi   Victoria   Drive I-iasei    1i.fi  THE   MEDIUM.  ing supply or machinery line don't se  lect a moving picture publication i;  Dirt you over notice that 05 per wiiYh to do your advertising. Bt.-  cent, of tho big swccossfiil firms are j cause of the fact that the UWCORD is  firms who advertise? They figure atl- j '.he only paper published in the pro-  vei-l.ising ».a -an investment not an ex- j vince devoted, exclusively to the eon-  pense.    The  secret  of advertising is  "Winnipeg*  ••i.i-."I* '."K V'»/ V«. V W Vu.'  (lie selection of a medium wlilcl  reachos those people who are or wil  be the most likely "pinvhasera o  your product."   If you are in the btiilc  tracting busiii(>ss it is read by jirac-  tically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  llicy will see it will put a capital C  nn  your caali.  Maple  Leaf  Dairv, from   1935   2nd  Avfi,  W.   to   1569   6th  Ave.  Mar-rott A held, Druggists, 157 Hast. AV., to 601  Hast. XV   Mi-Arthur A Andrews, from 623 Hastings W. to 412 Hastings W.  .AlcCandless. A, G., Insp.  Business Tax,  from 32."   Howe  to 739  Mt-rchants  Bunk of Canada. 546 Gran,  to 500 Gran   .MinoraIs   Recovery Co.,   Ltd.,   from   207   Hast.   W.   to  510   Hast  Mori   G., O.,  from  1120  Alexander to 346  Cordova. 1Y   Northev, .1.  r.. A Co., Brkrs..  from  -130  Homer to 403  I'ender  W   t>sborn"shoc Co., from 1439 Commercial Dr. to 1424 Commercial  Dr...  Owl   Tailors  and  Cleaners,  from  3,10  Main   to  336  Main   Pacific Mutual Co., Grocer, from  390 Powell  fo 2.".! Powell   OiH'bec  Bank,  from 530  Granville to  446  Hustings  W..'.   Hast-  "vv';'.".'.'.  ill   Main   to   148   Hastings   K  Hot Chicken Tarnale and Cliil  t'onsei* *.•'.  rtahv,   K".   E.,   from  Bichards, Mrs. M. A  to* S: Hast.  F.     •   (toss Music Store, from   10,i:i Granville to  334   flattings W   Hnuwdon. C. C,  Mfr. Oils & Specialties  from >29  I'irwell to -S23   Powell  South   African   Plume Shop,   from  751   Gran,   to  !">7   Hast;   W   South Hill Meat.  Market, 5SS1  Fraser to 5.S61   l-'ras.-r St  S'nith Vuiicoiivci* Sewerage Otlice, from 3 151 c  ev.   1925  .....Bay.  1417  ...Sev. 7702 O   Sey.  2035   Sey.   Sey.   Sey.   Key.   Sey.  ...High.   Sev.   Sev.   ...Soy.  Sey.   - S.'y,   773301  12 Hast. !■:.   ■..Sey.   S.-v.  ..High.   Sey.  Fraser  tiimereial lo 159S Kingsway (''air  15f!4  9150  1901  7672  4 2^-*-  1*55  7477  •144;  4X1?  ni 1 r  Tinims Bros.. Fruit* Veg,, from 27 Hastings VV. l« 17 Hastings VV.  Tong King Chop SiH'V House, from 266 Powell t" 2.r>2 Powell. ...;..  Turnl'Mll & Agtiew, Drs.. to Dr. .lames L. Turnluill. 7 is Granville  Two Hundred and Thirty-ninth Battalion, I 1'» Howe to 175 Cordova  Vancouver Floral Co.. Store, 667 Grail, to 6SI Gran.  Vancouver Motor Co., from 7.13 Pender VV. to s::5 Peru!  VValTonl. T. W., Groc, from 950 (Iranvllle to I'--' Gran  VVaruoiir l-'alrleigli X- Co.. Ltd., from tOS ILnnir I  Welsh 10 It. Flnntielal Agent, from -III Hom.-r lo  Western Speciallv Co., fi-om 3".l 'rnmsiniiir to .!•'.'  West Fed Mar'o't, I'roni III".*! (!ia nvi I le lo !!•':'.  White Bnoius. from :::'.l Main St. lo 139 t'oid..".'.  Viite^'de,   Arthur   H.   to   Whiteside  *   I.arsin,   Br  ■r  ( rear )  VV.   ..  r   VV.  lie . , •  11 (Jill pendf  II."   I lomer '.   1 ! r;i n.    .  '-, ran v ille   1    St..    F.   •ts.     l~'.>   Griiiivillc  ..Sey.  ..Sey.  .Sey.  Sev.  .Sev.  Sey.  S'*y!  See  •120!  '101!  14 2(  4 59'.  12:  271  ir.i  ::.",« 5  397.S  15 a 2  67 7  6 HO  2xa::  r.*i.-!o  i\ n 7 'i  :)'..'!»■*,  5 0 1  •11*2  711  ,,v-."  °S'Y>:  'it   ,;  ^   Ay. I Al  • MZ&  - -ri^iY'-p  "t^J'.W-  - c-t,,r. ^w  ..-.Yi-vf;'  ^    :. ~'Z .'J  ■«-: 'tj 'J  \ **._'.^ -*'  :--'.ZfY\  '.' ^"S'-o  1   f {},?£' '*  - i- c-&  * .*Y'»'? i  -"' iYih'^:  ■ :05c,'.  'ZlT'v.  1Y.  Z~Z- ) '*  If-"  Utl  Sey.  4912  303 Duncan   Building  Vancouver,  IB.  C.  BUILDERS SPECIALTIES,  RIB-TRUS, fygULTFPlLEX PLATE  RAYDIANT  SIDEWALK   LIGHTS  f»  I  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  /  ;  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  ' 1080 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  '!(?-*}  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, MfiT.  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  &• ■>.  u     * <  Ownters of Tug "WINIFRED". >  —      - t -  1  i * ^ ■* i  I n, J        * ,  324 Front St.     J       New Westminster  .   '     " Telephone 1015 "   "'   r" 4  ; v b i ,  *■-.  ■--v.t-  i<Yv  .-■"  ■*' * s  1^. i ^  _ *>*       tL  r-i :;  PHONE  Seymour 7808  British Columbia Record  Call us up for any information .wanted. • That's  what we are'here for., ■ r  SANSAN  ASBESTOS FLOOR CO.  Composition Floors  G. "WATT,  1215 Jervis   St.     -    Vancouver,  B.   C.  PHONE   SEY.   6643T  NEW   AND   SECOND'HAND  We rav/Snd and repair  Motors and Dynamos,  Elevators, Automobile  Lighting Sets.    : : : :  SAWMILL LIGHTING PLANTS  I  The Mm ELECTH1C CO.  LI FA I TED  Sey.  174—175 570 Richards St.  ck Owners!  GIBNEY WIRELESS  SOLSD TIRES  also  VACUUM'CUP-TIRES  MKCHEUN TIRES  9451 Pender VV.        Sey. 6411  New Work -- Contracts  Let  THE  rOLIOWMTO  VNDEB WAY,  TABLE    SHOWS   BUIUDINOS    COSTI2I&     55,000     OR     OVER,   ^    WHICH     CONSTRUCTION     IS  OR ON  WHICH CONTRACTS  HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTRUCTION  NOT YET STARTED.  Character  -  Co**  Depot and  terminal ....   -  $1, 000,000  . ii  .     $50,000  $50,000  =•"-$100,000  3 new bldg   and 2 alterations  Causeway            ....  Creosoting plant   Shipbuilding plant   Dredging between piers   Cold Storage plant       ...  Buck   Canning   Plant   Preserving  Plant   Power Plant   Sleeping;'' Pavilion^   Telephone  Exchange '. . .._   Concrete   lighthouse   tower  Remodel  Wdg   Sewer   Woik   Warehouse etc   Printing Plant   ... .  Garage*"   Saw  Mill    ,         Shipbuilding plant   Power   Flous>ei   Residence       '        Concentrator etc  Station  an.I  Terminals....  Sheds  on   Go\ t.  "Wharf   Theatre  and   Stores. <   Jetty   (Second Unit)     Repairs   to  Tildg   Heating System    „„„,„  Turning   Basin     _ '109'2$2,  Trunk- Sewer       32°'°°°  Dredging  - *70"'222  Creosoting riant       ]?J?'9£?  Seawall    . -      100,000 .  NEW WESTMINSTER—The bridge  committee has decided lo recommend  to the city council thai, the tender oi  C. xv. .Ambrose, of Vancouver, for  painting the steel work of the Lulu  Island bridge/ he 'accepted. His tender was $513. x t, ,  .$50,000  .$20,000  .$15,000  $15,000     $b,000   $16,500  . .. $7,500  .  .    .$15,000   $100,000  .  ..    $70,000  .... '.' $5,500*  ....$500,000  .. 500,000  45,000  40,000   $500,000  10.000   $:50,ooo  Location   - A Owner  False   Creek  .'. Can.   Northern   Ry  10th A Willow St University of B   C  Coal   Harbor City  of   Vancouvei  Noith Van ..Van Creosoting Co Ltd  Port  Moody ..Port Moody Shipbuild   Co  Buirard   Inlet Can    Pacific   Rv  Foot of Gore Ave . Can   Fishing Co  Kelowna     B   C   Evaporators, Ltd  New Westminster.. .Can. Products Ltd  Prince George .    .  . .- City  Tranquille  '. B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis   Soc  Nelson        .   . /    B    C   Telephone   Co  Tuple Island, P. C . , ... J)om Go\t  553 Gram ille .Elliott Shandley & McLean  Esquimalt   ." :....,..   '     City  Victorla Dom. Govt  Victoria Cameron  inv   & Sec   Co  Powell St    U   C. Sugar Reilner y  tith & Willow .... Y.Alberta Lfmber Co.  Poplar, Island Wcstminstei Marine Ry.  Anyox .... Granby Mm. & Smelt Co  2sTe"w Westminster Mrs. 3. C Armstrong  Surf, Inlet ..Surf   Inlet   Power   Co.  False   Cieek Great Northern   Ry.  Salsbuiy   Dr J Dom   Govt.  Bioadway A Main Sts.... C. Rl. Bowman  Fraser Rivi»r (lower)— ..Dominion' Govt  872 Gram ille St Evans.Coleman ft' Kva  Central Dist ...Public Service Corp.  False   Creek _   Government  Stanley Paik  Sewerage Board  False Cieek   _C    Govern mom  North Vancomer Vane. Creosoting Co  False Creek  <. C. N. Ry..  Architect   -   Contractor'  Pratt & Ross    Noi them  Const.  Co. and  .' Carter,  Halls Aldinger Co.  Sharpe  &  Thompson . f. ..Baynes & ilorle  Owneis      ---- ..-..^..  Owneis      Palmer Bros.  Owners      t  Owners  _ XV.  D. Grant  Owneis      A.   W.   Quist  Owneis Ward   &   Baldock  Owners      Owners  Du Cane Putcher &*-Co      Owneis      ' Jas.  Layfleld  Owners        Snider Brofr.  A Brethour  <  Owners  ..  .W.ii ren  A Staneombo  Owners  •■-  -    •        Pariitt-Brob  Owners     •  T-   , Owners  Ownei s  .  _  ~.      .4       Owners  Owneis  .  ..           *   t  . ..    Owners     *    ■%  .. .Taylor  L'n  gineerihg   Co.  Townley  A  J  nines  . .....  -  3.   C   Allen  F. I-. Townlev-.Grant Smith A McDonnell  Govt   ........ Snider Bros. i&rRrelhour Ltd.  XV. KoGaidlner AdklsonYt Dill  Govt.      Marsii   Hutou   Powers «Co.  ns  Baynes & ITorie   Am. Dist. Steam Go.  (Seattle)  Government.., Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners   .'   Kng   Dept Pacific  Dredging Co.   .'...'    Palmer   Bros.  Owners  A. G.  Creelman .!& Co.  HOLES  We Drill Them Any Size, Any Depth,  For Any Purpose  a  ROBINSON CONTRACTING CO., Limited  , !K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer  Specializing   in  Foundation  Test   and   Core  Drilling  I X!  A carload of  at Vanderhoof for  oats was  53  recently sold  cents a bushel.  :rs  HIGH   SCHOOL.  FOR  Tenders for whole or in part  JEND  ^Sealed  will be received by the undersigned up  to Friday, the 2Sth day oi July, 1916,  5 o'clock p.m., for the construction of  an addition to the present, high" school  in Nelson. A marked cheque for 5 per,  cent, of the amount of the tender must  accompany,, the tender; local standard  of wages to be paid and none but British subjects to be employed.        _    '  The lowest or any ,other tender not  necessarily accepted.  i  .     •     . FRED  L. IRWIN,-  Secretary Nelson .Board of School  Trustees.      ■      ■ o,   ,     -      „  -  one  '* NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  .FOR SALiE—One/twenty and  seven cubic "foot mixers, gasoline en;  gmes, one twenty cubic'.'foot mixer,  steam engine ? one contractor's hoist,  six h.p., 3,000 lbs. capacity. Also several dozen concrete wheelbarrows and  quantity cement paint. All tnew at low  prices. For further particulars, phone  Sey.   S94~2.  PEOPOSALS WANTED  -   OBN7IBAI.   COITTBACTS.  The  Minister  and  Deputy   Minister  of  Puhlic  Works,   Winnipc-  will  aist  receive tenders on Monday, August 21.  from 11 to 12 noon, for the various  works required in the completion of  the now partially erected new Parliament Buildings' in  "pectivc    tenderers  •notify in writing  "Winnipeg. Pros-  are required to  the Deputy Minister  of their intention to tender and to  request a permit for their representa-  j tn e to have access to the plans and  ib:ll& of quantities which are on file  'only at the Parliament Buildings. No  ftenderer will be allowed to remove  'any plans or details. Full particulars may be had. on application to  S. C. Oxton, Deputy Minister of Public Works.  t-  NANAIMO—The B. C. Telephone Co.  will receive tender up to and including July 30th, for the supply and  erection oE  cedar poles in the South  Wellington District. Particulars may  be had at the office of J. Sowerby, lo  cai manager.  Tenders are wanted for remodelling  entrance to brick warehouse, fitting up  ofilces on ground floor and basement,  painting fire escapes, ironwork and  woodwork. Plans and specifications to  be seen at the office of Kirkland &  Rose, 132 Water Street.  .. NANAIMO—Tenders will be received by Henry Custison, secretary of  Chase River Public School, up to July  25th for kalsomining new building and  constructing concrete ash pit and re-  shingling and putting on new gutter on  old part school building. -  TIMBER  SALE  X653.  Sealed tenders'.will..be received by  the Minister of Lands, not later than  noon  on the 19th  day  of July,  1916,  for the purchase of Licence X653,  cut   2,02^770   feet   of    Douglas  to  Fir,  2454,  Inlet,  Hemlock   and   Cedar,   on   L-ot  Little    Rocky   Point,    Sechelt  New   Westminster  District.  Two (2) years will be allowed for  removal  of  timber.  Further particulars of the Chief  Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District  Forester, Vancouver, B. C.  TELEPHONE DATA  HEW IKSTAI.I.ATIONS  JULY 21, 1916. ,    v i  Henderson,' Chas    XV, Plumbing. '422 1   Quebec . .. ... .  Jnffle,   M <A„  Plumber,   505   17th  XV   Dew,  Yuen, Barber, JU Pender   XV         ...  Quong* Chin Co, Jeweler, flT Pender E i v Y    . . .  Strand Cafe, 622 Hasting "W7  -  ..      JULY 22, 1916.  Chin'ese Benevolent Assn.,  10S   Pender E      Vancouver Studio,   627  Grarnille .'   ' Fail.    733  .Fair     7S.1  ..Sey   3356  Sey   33GL  .Sey   <216GO  .. Sey.   Sey.  Maple  r'  ,"* ' CHANGKES. "  JUIiY 21, 1916.    -*■'-.--  Doui?la*5'& Crawford to Crawford AdvertisiiVgr Seryice, 53 0 Hastings  Stohe,   F   to Stone's Auto &'Dray Transrer; 1213  Flo we ...-. .- ....  Sayer & ford to Sayer, JTariy   R/S05 Pender W   St   Ausu«>tine'&  Church  Kectory  to  Oblate  Fatheis,   2331  Hahy, K. E. to Kay's Candy Store, 14S Hastings 15 ,..  Clark, Margaret to Koss. Mis-, E   :U , Grocer,  1S03 3 1th E.  Princess Tailor & Cleaner, H0OO Nelson to 111 Cordova' W r   JX7I.Y 22, 1916. '  Wiles & Fisher to  Wiles,   FI. A., Gen   Contr., 1361. Sth W   Lerore Joe., Contr, Poles and Tres, SS7 Georgia E. to 134 Duffei in JR....  Lantjham  Hotel,   llin   Nelson.   Seymour* 2079O' to   VT     Sey.   Sey.  .    Y Sey  Bay.  Sey  33S1  3006  2297  323S  45  122S  7330  Cut Your Se   Fair. 17 13G    Sey. 5030  .. Bay.  ..Fair.  Sev.  227S  19S.*  2079  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  Pollowing  is "a   complete   li»t   of   new   Automobile   Licenses,  Transfers and Relinquishments Becorded  in British. Columbia  ' '    i '  '        _ Xecords for the week ending July 15.      " *•  The name of person to whom transferals made' is given. ..The  name   of   person   making   transfer   may   "be 'obtained    by  referring to the same llc-ense number in any'complete  published list or by telephoning or writing to the  ' British Columbia Record. -       <  Where street addresB is given,and name of town omitted  , .   address is Vancouver.  the  "All cars for hire are indicated thus: (-")  - "      .- ., > new' cabs"     Z -' -  No.    ,'    "Name Address "*-*-  997—John F. -Leigton, Bridesville   165S—-H.J.A.   Cheever,  Queens Court, ..2nd  6- l   New   Westminster  .£   1682—Robert Wilson & Son, Port Coquitlam  1706—G.  H   Kells,  Port  Kells   . .".   1713—-S. Toda.  I raser Mills    ..   1724—Miles  C   Walker, Otter, P.   O  ■«• Car "■  ..*. ZZZ.Eor<3   ,  &  Park, How.   Ford  . Ford**  Maxwell  . ...Ford  .Ford  1755—S ,Bernard,  Agassi/,   - Ford  West.  A'an  1757—Norman F   Shook,,Hatzic island  D75S—Bertha A   Bourne,  60i   1st St, New  1796—^R   H  Stephens,  Port Haney       . .   .  33S1—Edward   C    Travet,   522   Royal   Ave  mrnster .   . IT     341R—T. A   Swift, Abbotsford   ...  313 1—G. Wilkinson, Chilliwack   3471—John  Thomas,  Millardville   3723—James Nelson, R   R   No   1, Chilliwack.  37S4—D. A   Boscowitz,  Hotel Vancouver -   —  3S04-C-Dr. M. T   MacEaiehen, 035  12th Ave    .  3S05—B. K   Shingle Co, Seymour Garage .. .  3S10—Alberni Poultry Supply, 1176 Robson St  3S46—P.J C. Russanoil!,  314 Mam St   ::S5n—3   Vitucci Co,   141 Cordova E       3S0S���H. G   Frith, 37th & Carnarvon St .   ...  3S16—Harry  Dukei  Ltd, 122t6th Ave   XV. . . .  4129—B   O   Pinder, 15 11 13th Ave, E        4132—Dr   H   XV   Alorley,  Clo\erdale   .  4426—XV. $. Whiteside, 1621 Salibbuiy Drive   .  452S—J. H   Johnson,  Prince George    .    .    . ....  j.151—Ale\   O'Connor,  697 36th  Ave. E, South  U,"9—C. E   Nelson,  1906 14th Ave. W    . . ' .  4335—Russell Peden,   South  Fort George      ..   .  6336—II. Auchinvole, Jingle Pot Mine. Nanaimo  6338—A.   B   Ball, Como\   610S—FI.-tt,   Jenkins, Wellington      6474—M.   P\ Kirkpatrick, Vernon   C17S—O   J." LeBIanc,  L<umby   f,490—D   Kinlock,   Coldstream,. Vernon   6779—C   J   V. Spratt,  Rockland Ave, Victoria .  C7S3—E   S   PI   Winn, Rossland          6S09—S   Herchmei,   Ferni"       GSll—B.   Cassels-tiue,   Lillooet       6S23—J. H. Sledge, 3723 Bank St, Victoria..  GS2S—Pv S. Clarke,  1217 Mitchell  St,  Victoria  7.-.03—If J. Crosina,   153 Mile House, Cariboo  SS00—Columbia Paper Co, 10°,S Hamilton St    .-  S501—D   Sutherland,   1603  13th  Ave   H     .       ..    .  S775—Canadian Northwest Steel Co,  1616 Como\  S777—Bvclvn   M    Lawrence*.    '33   TUch.irds   St .   .  Si,00—B   C" Copper   Co, Greenwood  j,S01—Ralph P. Couth, Grand Forks   SS02—Tames  Blake,   Grand   Folks    SS03—XX'.   S   McPherson, Grand   Forks    ...  jSSO!—Owen   Wheeler,   Hock   Creek .   .  £,S0."—A.  G   Hendr ic kt-on,  Phoenix  .  D   Gumming,  Ashcroft  .. .    . .  tt   Ward, Douglas Lake, Ashciolt      H   Armstrong,  Mcj-i itt   P. Shaw,  Kamloops   Slyer,   Walachin  Li   Stevr ns,   i2*"i   liattle  E    Ilarri'-s,    Wal.ichin    .  II    Hoflin.in,  Shuswap  ime.s  !•'.   Ifird.   Dinuan  Rd  SS06—R  8S07—r.  SS0S—G.  SMI—J  SSI 2—A.  S.S13—W.  sm i—r  SSll—G  SS31—J.  St ,   Kamloops.  SSii—W.  A.  Webb,  Nanaimo  No.  Name  TRANSrEES  Address  . Savon  .. . .Cadillac  . Studebaker*  West-  Buick   fold)  .   Chewolet         Ford*  .    ..     ' Foid  .   .Ford  McLaughlin   Willys   Ford   Ford         Ford  .   . Ford  ... Chevrolet  .. Cheviolet  Chevrolet  . . Chevrolet  ,.    .      ,Foid*  .Russell*  .   .Ford  .   .Ford  ...    Ford  McLaughlin  . Ford  . Chevrolet  .     .    Foi d  .. Che\ rolf't        Ford   Win ton  . .. .Willys  ...Paige D  .   Chevrolet  . . .   Ford*  .  .. Ford11  Dodge  .    ..  Foid  .Chevrolet  St       Paigi-  .. .  Willy  .    Dodge  .   .     Willys  . Dodge  McLaughlin  ..     Willys  Willys  .  Maxwell  Foul   •  Cadillac-  Chevrolet  Willys  Studfl' iki r  I'haluviM  ('Ua\ i olet  McLaughlin     Willys  Car  v Tiie more, sales you make the less is the  cost/per sale.  "" Advertising  will  help  increase  sales;  give it a chance.  The British Golumolcv liecord  reaches the   architect, the  contractor/ Do  7011 selhthem? .     .    -  ' - A favorable impression is made for your  goods, f or your service, and the seDihg cost is  cut down.   Let's,talk it over.,'  ":~      'oALL;SEYMOUB.7808     ';<?;  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  J  MIMICO SEWER PIPE  J>  VITRIFIED AND SALT-GLAZED  ■S,  By Actual Tests Mads This Year In Kansas City, Mo.  THE SUPERIOR   OF   NEARLY   EVERY   BRAND  OF SEWER  PIPE  MADE ON  THIS CONTINENT  THE ONTARIO SEWER PIPE COMPANY, LIMITED  MIMICO, ONTARIO  »    '+  mmswemoBBLA  Victoria  St.  71—1. G   Patterson,  1211  O.scar St,  r,o.'.—James   Bourm.in,   2 !S   loth  Ave  G89—T. Drew,  Vernon   ]400—John McHae,'Travellers Hotel    3429—Hugh   Lambert,   Millardville      ] 099—C.   J.  Parman," Aldergrove' .'. '-   2248—K.   C. Walsh,  2200  Victoria T3rive  2295—City   of   Rossland,   Rossland   2395—L.   Redgrave, 619   Harbinger .'Ave., X icton  243fi—Vancouver Motor Supplies, S27 Hastings  2r.53—3. H. Saxon, 4207  Sophia St   ar-GO—Gilbert Tulloch, It, It. No. 1, New  29l7__Andrew   Hoggan.   Merritt     331-1—.Marsh. Mutton Powers Co., 509 2nd St., New. West- -  minster • ,—CfuV-, „,?  3343_.Tohn  Stevens,  Alexandra Station,  L,ulu   Island I-ord  3.122—II.  13. Bayley,  Courtenay,  B.  C...   3fi27—John Martin, 1733 :1th  Ave. W.:. .....  ;i$?,r)—C.  L.  Tait,   10-19   Granville St   3856—W. H. Warwick, 609  Agnes St., New  3871—Jennie Hall, 18-13 1st Ave. E. ....  "Republic  McLaughlin   Kord   Ford   Ford   I.Ford  ...........Hupp.  ..........Austin  ,.-....E. M.  F.  XV... Hudson   ".Abbott  Westminster........ Ford   Cadillac  ..Stoddard   Oakland  J- ....Russell  West ....Willys   Ford  Ave.   W. ^Maxwell  St., South Van Kord  Victoria .Hudson  .McLaughlin  St.Y'...'. Kord  .Ford  you ita\\e service for.sale  advertise it!  you have a t-jeasok for being in  business  advertise it!  —you realtze'tttat tiie better you are  KNOWN THE MORE UUSrNEfcS YOU WIIiL DO.  ASK OUR ADVERTISING MANAGER TO TALK  TiiE MATTER OVER "WITH YOU.  SEYMOUR 7808  PUBLISHERS  BRITISH COLUMBIA  :   RECORD  JBt^pMBMUMSMM^^  4319—Ernest  D. Clapp,  2725   6th  4375—j-,-. McMullan, -1397 Commercial  4490—A. P. Blyth, 307  Vancouver St.  4091—Jay   Pry,   Clinton   4791—C. H. Stanley,  67th  Ave. & Mlnt«  502-1—M.   C. Smith.  Chilliwack -.-.,.. ,,„„,,  riOfiS-^W.   Pearson,  Mount   Tolmie,   Victoria ., .....I-orti  r,21 9—Richmond   Garage,   Marpole Studeliaker  5699—C.   Cameron,   52.1   Superior   St.,   Victoria.... ...Stud-.-naker.  15705—A.   Kavoie,   Rossland   Ave.,   Trail   •;";-,"",- I',°m  608-1—P. Burns A Co.,  Vernon   ■ .r.-McUuighlin  C4S8—John   Ryan,   Eraser   Mills Overland  CGO-i—N. Rothechlld, Rose HH1, Kamloops    6711—H. H. S. George, North Kamloops .....  6793 Wood Motor Co.,  1019   Rockland Ave.,  Victoria..  7122—Robert  I nee, 737 Helton St.,  Victoria    "~   "'"""   Ave. E   ...Ford  ....Ford  ....Ford  ....Ford  7747__j. p. Gi-een,  10  28th Ave.  E Ford  775C_HaIph  Medd,  Mliner  r. |',ord  7S73—Edith   R.  Bacon,  KamloopB  }'/jr ,  804 2—C.  A.  Elofaon,  Murrayville   ',or<i  S410—T.   F. Ready, 571  Broadway W I'ord  AUTOB1LE INSURANCE  'Plrc—Theft—Liability—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      F0R RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.  /


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