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$ •  .
Q ,
■RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers.
Covering British' Columbia.
Vol.  11,   No.   17,' Wed.,   Jul^ 19,   1916
f ■
B. C. Distributors For
Made in CANADA,
"Coted", "Waterproof Paper
Faroid , Iloofing-B
Granjtized   Roofing"*
Proalate, Booflng-i
Roofing-   Faints
Block, insulating- Paper
riorian ' Deadening  Pelt.
Plain and Tarred Paper*
Costs less than, plaster
and laths.
Wm. N. O'Neil Co.
Vancouver--cstab. 1893--Victoria
Building Materials
Sidewalk, Lights
Terra Cotta
Terrazzo .
'  524 PENDER,ST. W7
Seymour 4371
Vancouver B. C.
80 Pender St E Phones Sey. 405-605-5408-5409
[cNeiM 'Welch &'Wilson, Ltd.
T; '' ;    Sole Agents For' "
Kilgard Fire Clay Co., Ltd.
Sewer Pipe
Drain Tile
Fire Brick
General Clay Products
Partition Tile
Fire Clay
Face and Fancy,Brick
"""-Common Brick
Cement, etc.
"Jingle Pot" Coal
Teaming and Transfer Business Transacted
Street Address
Lot   and  Block
SI 73-—Hep. to bldg .<. '...$590'95G Hastings E„
SI 7<i—Alter, to  bids $2000 36 Cordova W. .
Contractor   '
^ir. riroolffiolfl	
<                           '
'           i   /
P.,.Burna & Co '. -...' .-.	
-     -   ,
Building Material
Phone 2988
FtofColumbia*    large$t anp best APPOINTED
j i.ucbvuHiBMw. ;  ST0CK   ,N   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.
Passenger and Freight
Alternating Current Motors Kept in, Stock, From
One to  100 Horsepower
Vancouver, B.C.
504 Cro-vra Bldg-.
Sey. 4698
Veneer    Panels,   Etc.
'* '' ~ Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast
We are also Sole    Agents   for   the
Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple
'and Birch Flooring.
1320 Richards St.        . Vancouver, B. C.
*and   other   items   of 'interest   to   tlte
+ . bualnesB man.
The Kettle Valley Railway is building a station at Peach Valley."
"i    '      ■ Y -     syPfLiLV  .    Y'^Y   'Y {
' t Sole Agentoin Canada For   _    "       ' ' 4    '
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
Boyer"Riveting ^<l Chipping** Hammer*; ~?Little-xGiantf_.Drfils; ,-Duntley^-
i\"'    Electric Tools;   R6ck?Drllls;  Air( Compressors; - - - J.-
\ "    '   '-"' ,*      ,\       Y   Fuel Oil and Gas Engines^  , - *   ,! i. i
MutrMl, tout.
Wiavptf   '
542 Pender,St. W.. V-ncoaw I. C.
:PIiom Sey. 1065
t     ,    BUILDING NEWS |
.•.And Construction Work not otnerwiBev
<2» •   Classified. "       <%'■
A contract has been let to the Pacific ^Dredging   Cofi Vancouver  for, the
removal of about 375;000_ yards of ma-j,   / —    -
terial from the bed 'of'False ^Creek, | 'In consequence "of the visit of-H. R.
immediately east of the reclaimed area's H- the Governor-General to the city on
under Granville Street jbridge;,'.the | Wednesday afternoon the regular meet-
deepened area to be used as a turning !'-ns" of' the inter-miinicipaV-industries
eet deep at low water, and' committee has been postponed until 3
"0 feet deep at high "olclock oh .Thursday afternoon,
water. The work, of preparing the j
'.turning', basinJwill be proceeded1 with .
immediately, the dredged material being 'pumped into the reclaimed area, . .
which is now under the control of the {government until the question of
Board of Harbor' Commissioners.' The IservatloIt  has
basing IS
Unequalled for quality.
P!).o% pure.
►Saves wen's .lime in slaking.
Consumes more sand than any other
At all first class dealers.   -
basin will immediately adjoin the four
acres  at the east end of the fill reserved   by the "Department of  Marine
'and Fisheries for workshops and yards
"and was planned torallow"jarge vessels
-tot,bring material -to^the  government
'dock to be erected J there, and "then "to
.turn around and head for, English Bay.
['Such a basin will very considerably en-
'hance  the, usefulness of  False Creek,
as a harbor,  as large vessels will  be
able to serve most of the wharves as
far   as   the   Connaught   bridge.     The J
basin   will   be   roughly   triangular   in '
shape,' with the base toward Granville
Street bridge. ' -
In view 'of the domestic water situation in Lynn -Valley no further - crown
timber, is  to   be disposed   of  byh' the
been more fully gone
into by the legislature, according to a
letter read at this-week's meeting, of
the city, council.     .        i
Roller Bearing Drills-Close Quarter Piston Air Drills -Rivettinf Hammers
. Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric brills
■ ^    High Speed Steel-."Drills---Reamers. Etc.  ;
Complete Stock of Accessories - - "£
1 144 HOMER ST.
Phone Sey. 4100
". The quantity of logs entering - the
port for the hrst two weeks  of"July
'has- been - as - large.' as „'anyY rush-' twb
YveeksTin any' year, "liothwithstanding
that several of the  big logging firms
voluntarily closed'down for four weeks.
according to'Timber Inspector George j
D. McKay.     ,
PACiriCLIME CO, Limited
Sey 9506
ITp to a late hour yesterday no reply
Iliad been received from !
!    The monthly meeting of the Board i
of Directors of the Vancouver Exhibi-11
tion  -Association, will  he  held   at  the j
office of the association, Loo building, j |
at 4 p.m., this afternoon.
:———-   ^s>   ■■ .  ,   -.
- ^_. ?,*-^-.-_ *
London, Eng-.
Vancouver, B. C.
508 I-insting-a W., Vancouver, B. O.
Cement Testing- Laboratory, Kooni 1601; Physical Teatlug- Laboratory, Koom Bl
Phona Sey. 2199
Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers,
Robert L,.
j Borden  to  the  message   conveying  to
j him .the   information   that   the' joint
'meeting, of  the  board  of trade  with
representatives of other public bodies
'wanted  an  enquiry  into  the  termiiuil
I railway (  and     harbor "r improvement
(scheme before authority  is given the
Vancouver harbor board  to  rai?e §5,-
000.000  on a  bond  issue  to  carry out
the project. . j
Tenders are wanted for remodelling,
entrance to brick warehouse, fitting up '
offices on ground floor and basement, I
painting fire escapes, ironwork and
woodwork. Plans and specifications U-
be seen at the ofiicc of Kirkland &.
Rose, I32\\'ater Street. |
The meeting of the western branch
"of    the    Canadian    Mining    Institute, j
which, was  adjourned  from  June   27,,
will   be   held   at
July 20 and\21.
Sandon,   Slocan,   on
Pairmont 2396 and 2397
Vancouver, B. C.
Customs receipts at the port of Nelson show an increase of $2,49-1.03 for
the month of June over the preceding J
month,  .May's receipts being S9.963.32, j
while iti June the receipts totalled $12,-
Inspector Hubbard yesterday mtunat-j
ocl   that   he  had   condemned   Marfew
Hall   in   Cedar   Cottage,   which
damaged by fire some time ago.
was i
1     -v   cont'-fK't   for   three   more*   m'-»tor-
ships, which will bring the number of
(vessels   to be   built   up  to eijiht, w->*
!!"t   c\\  Saturdpv to  the Wallace Shipyards,  by II.   W;  Brown  & Co.    The
; ships will cost -$165,000: each and will■;
j be duplicates \of the three already un-j
dor construction at North Vancouver,
j and the two which will bo laid down
shortly at Victoria. .
Crushed Rock, Sand
and Gravel
I All Kinds of Building Material
According to Mr. C. A. Godson, plans
for the new theatre building to be
j erected here for the Pantages Theatre
I Co. will not be ready for,figuring until
the end of the month. An oflice will
i be opened in,  the World  Bldg.  by ii.
M.arcus   Pretica  the   architect   in  the
near future.
Cor fire hose have been referred to >
the committee, as well as tenders for i
painting Lulu Island bridge. One'
"n!'it tender from Vancouver was
$513; the local tender was for $1,740. j
" VICTORIA—It is stated o'n good j
authority that Alderman McNeill will
either.this week or next, hand in his
resignation of his seat as alderman,
necessitating the consequent by-election.
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.
largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to
length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.
Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, vTie Bolts.       We are  prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.
Private Ex. Soy. 9197
San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Portland
Seattle, Tacorna
Telephone 5037
Work is being1 started on the construction of a large power house at
Stave Lake for the Western Canada
Power Co. Ltd. The contract for the
reinforcing steel to be used has been
awarded to Balfour Guthrie & Co., by
Purdv & Henderson, the general contractors.
son Board of School
Irwin, Sec'y Nel-
Trustees, will receive tenders up to 5 p.m. Friday, July
2Sth for the construction of an addition to the present high school. Eor
further particulars see advertisement
| for tenders, page 4, this issue.
PQRT MOODY—Water rates fixed
by the Council for the new water dis-
jtribution system are: 500 to 5000 cubic
ifoet per month, 15 cents; 5000 to 10,-
"000 cubic feet, 14 cents; manufacturing rates subject to the decision of the
council; meter rates 25,cents for half-:
inch and 50 cents for three-quarter-
inch pipes; connection charge $5.00;
minimum charge, $1.25.
I     SOUTH   VANCOUVER —Two    by-
' laws  allowing the  purchase of  property in connection with the construction  of the  municipal  sewerage  sys-'
tem  have  been  passed by the   coun- j
oil.      One    called    the    Commercial'
Street Widening  Purchase  bylaw  relates  to   that   part  of the  street  between 22nd Ave. and Kingsway,  and
the   other   for   the   purchase   of   Subdivision A of Lots 6 to 11 inclusive,
Block 14   D.L.   352.
-Size  No.   1.  Steel   Frame  Koehring Concrete  Mixer  with   Side
... Loader/Gasoline Engine,. Automatic Watei- Tank.  XEW  condi-
'■*     tion ..:.. : „..; : $1,150.00
Two—Size No.  7 do do do do NEW.    Kaeh.. Si,000.00
One—Size No. 7, do do do do SECOND HAND ..$   700.00
(Condition equal 10 new).
Two—Bull-Eros   Concrete   Carts.     Each... ..: 5      10.00
•One—0 IT.P. "Eoos" Junior Gasoline Entwine, Second hand, equal to new $ .125:00
One-T-J H.P. do.      do.   (      do. do. do S      65.00
Two—2Vi   H.P. do. do. do.       do. -.NEW .$     65.00
One—Centrifugal  Pump,  capacity   700   Gallons  minute,  150   ft.   head.
Belt-driven.     Equal   to   new........ ■-.. ;. $   250.00
Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd
1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B.C Seymour 5710
New Westminster
Phone 177
Vancouver Office, 304 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.
Phone Sey. 5266 &■'  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  n r:  '   i. Y .  'l ,   .l"'    r  _.     'v.  -.-S^  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  '    ^       Friday by the ■   *  ,     '    RECORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  Address:   5S3  Homer-Richards  Lane  Rear of 4 31   Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 7S0S.  C. M. DAVID.. MANAGING EDITOR  \* Subscription Bateg  ■"'    Payable strictly in advance.  * p»    *  * FIRES. '    |  Fire has done,-damage to the extent of $1000 to the cleaning,-and  pressing establishment of Mr.-;Siegel,  336  I\lain St. .     "  WHITE'S CEMENT  PACIFIC LIME  ELEVATOR CABLES  DERRICK CABLES  o  ©  GALVANIZED GUY WIRE  - ■ NORTH   VANCOUVER—Fire  ]>    destroyed''   the    residence  .Montgomery,    From mo    Road,  Lynn Valley,  Sunday  morning.  total-  of F.  south  SOUTH* VANCOUVER—Fire has  destroyed the residence of Mrs. J.  "Walters,  640-1   Lanark St.  R. V. WINCH & CO. Ltd.  OFFICE SEY. 280  Vancouver and Victoria  WHARF FAIR. 2655  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  JAFFRAY—The      East     Kootenay  Lumber   Co.'s   new   mill.'^vas   totally  destroyed "by   fire   on  Sunday".     Part  -of the loss'* is" covered by insurance.  NANAIMO — Alexander Forrester  Iiad been elected to the council as-one  of .the representatives of the north  ■ward. , ,,,  ' TIMBER SALE X 90. "* '  Sealed tenders will be ..received by  the 'Minister of Lands "not later than  noon on the 26th day of July, 1916,  for the-purchase of Licence X-90, to  cut .7,1,30,000. feet of .'Douglas Fir,  Hemlock, Cedar, * White Pine-, and  Balsam lFir, and 535 cords of shingle  ■bolts, on.an area adjoining Lot, 115,  Sydney, Bay, Coast 'District, Range 1.  Three' (3) years will be allowed  for removal of ."timber.   .  Further ■'particulars   of. the   Chief  'Forester,, Victoria, - B. <C  Character  ,_B»iii»*t->(-   Coat  pier .J : .\ : : Z   Theatre Bids      200,000  Pleasure  Pier       250,000  Armory   _    $350,000  Bank  building :  Not - given  Church bldg-  Uncertair  Hotel  - .-..' :  $2,000,000  .-: *-,--£  PBOVINCIAI. ESTIMATES ABE'   ..  Y t    ','.  '■K-/T__BLED IN THE HOUSE  Y VICTORIA.—A (-revenue of"just under  -. 16,000,000'and an expenditure of ?11,000,-  €00 "for   the   year -commencing   April   1  'next is-predicted in"the provincial  esti-  / wiates  which" were  tabled'-In   the "House  ■> "  t>y   Hon.. Lome - Campbell,   Minister   of  ■Finance, on'Monday.' - The revenue shows  a falling-'off ,of about "$1\000,000 for, the  .,!anticipated "revenue for.this year.--while  the expenditures show a .slight,increase.  The*' exact" estimated "rev.enue.. Is ?5,L  ,944,015, as compared with $7,13-),"615 for  fhe present year, a difference of $1,095,-  ©00. The estimated disbursements are  '$1l,30i,3~4. as compared with SI 1.163.-  •fifi for1 the 'previous"year, ■ an' increase,  ©f ?13S,000. The increase is more than  accounted for by the increased fixed  charges, which are over'¥300,000.  Summary   of Expenditure   -  The summary of estimated expenditure indicates that in four of the 11  Government services there will probably  toe an increased- expenditure over last  year. In the rest a reduction is predicted.  The following are  fhe  totals:  1915-16.  Public   debt.....'...- $1,152,376  Civic  government  (salaries)       1,709,566  Administration      of  justice    fsalaries)        6S.000  Legislation     :...        89.S20  Public  institutions  (maintenance)    ....     467,426  Hospitals and charities          374,100  Administration      of  justice  Education    .'...  Transport   ~.   Revenue services  Public works      . Miscellaneous    37S.000  1,594,600  S3,000  50.000  3,067,315  2,128,752  1916-17.  $1,'122,254  1,687,736  6-7.42S  167,620  472,575.  525.S00  30S.670  1,524.500  43,000  25,000  3,023,010  2,032,000  Int this year's report of the estimates  'the "service "miscellaneous" is divided  into three distinct services. . "Lands,"  upon which $565,000 is to be spent this  year, f>nd "agriculture." upon which  $176,500 will probably be expended, are  each" given a service to themselves, thus  greatly reducing the - "miscellaneous"  total. -  Present conditions have also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the result being an unusually large increase  for • hospitals and charities. Last year  $16,000 was voted in the way of assistance in the construction of hospitals.  This year about $150,000 will probably  be granted for that purpose. Grants to  refuge homes, aid societies, etc,' is increased from  $19,000   to  $80,000,:       .       :  University  of B,  C.  Among the appropriations in this  year's estimates is a conditional one of  $200,000 for the University of British  Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $175,000. Included in the works and  buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department are the following; Okalla prison farm, $15,000;  Improvement of government reserve.  JJurnabv, $10,000; mental hospital and  colony farm. Bssondale, $35,000; provincial government buildings, London (completion and maintenance), $175,000;  provincial normal school, Vancouver,  maintenance. $8,000. The appropriations  for roads, streets, bridges and wharves  in each constituency are the .same as  last year. .Chilliwack gets 'S33.300:  Delta, $22,500; "Dewdncy, .> $08,500,- and  Richmond $40,000. Eighty thousand is  revoted for Kingsway through the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets  ■ $10,000 for roads, and Nicomen Island  the same amount for dyking; -$13,500 is a  subsidy for the Ladner-Woodward  ferry.  The vote of $400,000 on last year's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  is left off. For bridges generally $450,-  ■QG0 is ■ set down, while for the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince George  there will be an appropriation of $150,-  000.  An item in the Land Department appropriations is that for $_0,000 for  "timber testing and investigation of  wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C lumber  trade is that another $50,000 is appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of material.  Other Appropriations.  Among the other appropriations are  the  following:  Grant to B. C. regiments $5,000. grant  to patriotic fund $6,000, grant to box  scouts $1,000, grant to Vlctoriiin Order  of Nurses $500, grant to ret ■lined soldiers' alld i oirimlssions, $15,001); Royal  'Commissions $15,000 (last year $50,000),  cougar bounty $35,000. Contribution  to Vancouver toward purclinso of  certain (fines In Ward VIII., $5,000,  Fraser River Hrldge, New Westminster,  nin In ten ii nee arid repairs, $20,200. Song-  beos  Reserve Improvements,  $-10,000.  Bridge ,..._    $1,750,000  Harbor  Works     Bathhouse & Park $100,000  Bank & office ,bldg Not given  Paving  : $150,000  Bathhouse   .....'   $75,000  _>    IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  Post  Office .'.....'....$250,000  Post  Office     $35,000  Factory, Wharf, Subway .-.-..$150,000  Courthouse   (east   yrlng) $300,000  Office bldg -.._-. $100,000  'Theological   College  bldgs...-. $500,000  Concrete Garage   ..VANCOUVER  ( f  Location '. Owners      -                  '  Vancouver    C.   P.   II.  Hustings-St :..Alex   Pantages  English Bay  1 Coates & Co.  Grand view    : Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion   Bank  Van.   Methodist  Extension  Society   Mt- Robson  G.  T. P.  Ry.  2nd Narrows.. Burrard Bridge •& Tun. Co.  Kitsilano  Reserve  '. .'. Government  Kitsilano Beach ,Van. Park Board  Hastings & Granville c.....Royal   Bank  Saanich  .' Municipality  English   Bay   . '. withheld  IMMEDIATELY  BELOW  ARE  PROPOSED  BUT  Architect Plana Handy  Ownr-rs '• .V..Y •■• Soon  B. M.  Pretlca    Owners    i ,   Perry  &  Fowler  ....'.:   Not selected Sketches under way  In   hands   of   committee   Company • _ Indefinite  C. A. P. Turner West'Foundation Co.  Government       Preparing  No plans drawn yet Waiting Funds  No  archt. commissioned  yet   Municipal „Engineer '. Soon'  Emil   Guenther   COLLINS INTERLOCKING STEEL STUDDING   FOR   FIREPROOF PARTITIONS and CEILINGS   ALSO   CHANNELS FOR FURRING, BRACKETTING & FALSE WORK  M_____M-_M_-M-M-t_u-_--MM-----la  ; The Canadian Steel Studding & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Phone: Fairmont 2256 "= Vancouver, B. C.  HAVE   BEEN   POSTPONED:  Gore and Keefer _ -Dom." Govt  South Vancouver.  Dom, Govt.  Hastings Royal Crown Soap Co,  Vancouver -   Provin. < Govt.  Homer & Georgia sts '. JE. Mahon  Point  Grey   /: _..; : _   Fifth & I"ir' Sts.: : Ford Motor.Co.  VICTORIA  Location    Owner  Victoria  _ .' :. City  Victoria1 1    City  Victoria        Y.    W.   C.   A.  Victoria .: C. P. R.'and C. N. R.  Victoria German Can. Trust Co.  Victoria-.Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Saanich  (Victoria)   School Board  Victoria   Victoria'Curling  Club,  Character .._'—: -....:.  Co»t  Brk.J and mill schools......... .-...$50,000  Steel r'Bridge   ..'....' - $500,000  Y.W.C.A.  Home    _..'_.    $150,000  Union Passenger Depot _ $1,000,000  S sto office bldg...... .'. .$800,000  Stone church ....:..-.....:  $25,000  School    .-.   $10,000  Rink   (Curling)   _.  $30,000  Apartment   _..—"- _ ' $27,000  IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  IMMEDIATELY BELOW  ARE  PROPOSED   BUT  io-sto  office  bldg  ' .' i...$250,000 f Victoria Y. _ -— St Barnabas  -     -    -    -    victoria  B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria First Baptist Church  Dom.   Govt '.., Delayed  Dom., Govt. \. .'..: Delayed  Thos  Hooper   .'. Delayed  Dal ton   & Eveleigh    _ -...Delayed  XV. F. Gardiner ....:......' '-Delayed  Sharp &». Thompson Delayed  Owners    Delayed  Floor Coverings  If you have Congoleum on your floors, .you.can run-a mop  over them and they Will be cleaner than any swept floor.  Conpoleum is waterproof right through—water'cannot injure  it. Compared with printed linoleum, Congoleum is more"  durable, more attractive, more0waterproof, yet the price is  less. Congoleum requires no fastening—any one can kiyit  won't curl up.- .        ' ',.'.-  ngoleum Rug Borders,'laid next to a rug or  carpet, give the actual appearance of polished oa'lc.  Architect ._' _... Flam Ready  Spurgin  & Wilkins ^Indefinite  Owners  .1  Preparing  J.  C.   Frame ' Soliciting  Funds  Co.'Engineers ..-. Y.l '... Preparing  No further details available .'..:   Jones    &  'Beatson—Arranging    finances.  Coatrs  Jessie  Flett   . Warren  ..To Build, This Year  Christ   Church  Church ...  Cathedral   .$•500,000  .$100,000  _-■  Character —'....:.      .".....   Oort  Eirehall   /. '. $15,000  t&'h'ool   ...." .«.: .' $7,500  Dairy1 Station > $20,000  Water' Supply System.'. .' .-. :.:.  Wood'Bridge  .'.. .'. :...'.::..-.'. :.?5,000  jGrain  elevator   (35,000-bu.) "      '-'  school-"!..-.! •'-" "■• -  Plant   Improvements^,../   Steel Bridge ...'. =...3.~f  Steel Bridge"   Grain Elevator (25,000  Market Building  t .:■: $35,000  Sewers  ! :.•....>. -•-'.-.: :.-..........:$24,000  Street Work  .'. $50,000  '....$50,000  !!"$25"bb'o  ....$15,000  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location  .-. .......:...... Owner  Trail   1 : .'.    City  Trail' .' ,   City  Nanaimo  City  Maillardville   : :.   City  Xanaimo '.'. , .*. .'.....". .'.    City  Kamloops  lljCamloops Farmers-Ass'n.  .Rossland   • -' , . City  Prince Rupert .'. Imperial 'Oil  Co.  Vanderhoof   -.  "Pro.   Govt.  Prince George  ~. .JPro. Govt  Kamloops  Marde- Leaf iJLilltng Co.  New- Westminster, r.....j-..-. City  Nanaimo  :   >._ .-.- Gity  Prince George  .-. .'..".. City  EAVE   BEEN   POSTPONED:   :. ..; .'. : '   Delayed  J. C. M. Keith : ;:..:... Delayed  Jesse ,M.   Warrqn.-.....J Delayed  architect  .'. „ ...Plana  Ready   : .'    Preparing.  N'ot decided upon    F. \r. Macpherson, con.- eng..  Owners   , .':...'"„ A.   :Now  'W.-.Meslier  ..  Indotinite  .... Shortly  rndetinite  Indefinite  Oy;ners  .....  Owners.™1:  Owners ..'J.'..y...l !..»■.'  ,r>w-ners ....'. '. .„.-...7:r :.."  Sooii  ,r;ity   *.   - ..;   .;. ..„ .:»■  City  ZZ '   ARMSTRONG, MORRISO  LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Sewers      Concentrator,          24,000  etc.   1  1,000.000  Shipbuilding  Plant        200,000  Railwav Station  _...       -10,000  Concentrator  .-.        300,000  Public  Woiks        150,000  Market   Building    :...       35,000  Theatre Building       150,000  Post Offise Bldg   Public   Bldg $150,000  Detention   Bldg $75,000  Public Bldg .'   Wharf    $10,000  2-sto. hotel  $1 S.000  City Hall     Esquimalt  3-sto   100x100   hotel   2—1-room Schools each $20,000  Hotel    _...  $1.0'i0.000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing   plant   &■ wharf $125,000  Concrete Sanitorium   $100,000  Flour Mill  & Elevator $250,000  Provincial Home (Central Wing)   Hospital   $90,000  City   Hall    $50,000  Office  BIdK.  & Oil Plant $200,000  Residence   (Stone)   $30,"00  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Postofflce:   5-sto.   cone $200,000  School    $20,000  Frame   Hotel    $4 0,000  Hotel    $20,000  Brewery  $50,000  Dibrary  .....„..........—..   $50,000  Nanaimo   .City  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Bovd's Ltd.  New Westminster  C. N.  Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince   George    City  Xew Westminster  ,_..  City  New Westminster..Alhambra Theatre Co.  Revelstoke  _ Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert Prov.  Govt.  Prince Rupert  .-...-. Dom. Govt.  Xew Hazelton .  Dom. Govt.  Sidney Victoria & Sidney  R.R.  Ocean  Beach   (V.I.)   F. J. Lins  $30,000   Municipality  Prince   Rupert M.  Albert  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Prince  Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific  Prince  Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. Cr  Kamloops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  Coquitlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Kamloops, B.  C Provincial  Govt.  Nelson, B. C Municipality  Nanaimo, B.  C City of  Nanaimo  Prince   Rupert Imperial  Oil  Co.  Uplands   (Victoria)    Withheld  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert ._.... Dom.   Govt.  Rossland .'.    City  Prince   Rupert...... ...A.   J.   Prudhomme  Fort   George ........Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. & M. Co.  City      Owners  Soon  Soon  Owners ...".   Owners    .-. ,   Moscrop & Whitburn Completed  Dom. Govt. .— Preparing  A. A. Cox   Tenders cloned  Gov't   Tenders  closed  Gov't   Tenders  closed   Will   Build  Soon  Jessie M. Warren Tenders Closed  Thos. D. Sedger   Preparing  Prince Rupert Arcnt Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   F.  M.  Rattenbury,   Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria) Soon  J. S. D. Taylor  Tenders closed  Dalton & Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Plans Approved No Date Given   Reported  Work  Will  Start Soon  Now petitioning for appropriation.  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  O. A. Woodland. P. Rupert representative  Jesse M. Warren Tenders soon  Govt   Tenders  soon  Gov't. -.-. .....;   Tenders .closed  No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet   Site Just Purchased.......". .'.   Herbert  J.  Peyton .........Sketches  ready  Wilson-& Wilson: ^.Tenders closed  Undecided    Indefinite  PATERSON MFG. CO. LTD-  AVE. and.ARBUTUS ST.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Bay view. 772  Learn ; Engineering  ^ we teach practical electrical, gas and steam  engineering, mechanical drawing and machine  shop practice; send for catalog;  SEME ENilNEERINGlliOOLY -  .First ;Ave.'and West Roy 'St, , ;^f' :""-> „ Seattle,- Wash.  y Yi  y  M  k1  i$  •I,,«t,^l,*I*t_i%*'3>*I-,<2,*i'<5i-!*-4>'i*«t>HI*^i%*t3,*«"<E,*!<'S',,I"<;'   ^•^S»*^•3,*'"S,*••'S'*^<2,*^<S1*^,3'*t*,_,*W£'■•J•<S'*^,2v■J*,3»•!*^,--  RAILS  BILLETS  «*>  I  C'  >_>  Concrete Reinforcement Bars  Plain Round, Square and Coid Twisted Squares  WIRE NAILS and other WIRE PRODUCTS  BAR STEEL  t  0  DOMINION IRON & STEEL CO,  <&  <j  X  t~>  j!|  .'-  t5»   -  j V  ^  »t_  t?>  *. s  .'.  *1  Is  ^1  •5*  If1, (j  «•  ^ J  $>  _-*•  v 3  •>-  "^1  «»■«  /v   J  Mills and General Offices:    SIDNEY. N. S.  LIMITED  *<?>•?•  :J>^««j.j.i>iAfj>.j»ij-,»j^v,^j^«£t.j-<j>»j,,a,*»-,'sw!*<E,*!*<B>   •I^^*S'*I*,i»^-w3,»!«3,*!^3,*I*,£,*'^t,*I^'*!**i,,I*t_,,-WS',!-«£'  Nanaimo  City  HVEPBOVEMEBTTS  LISTED  IMMEDIATfeI.Y  BELOW  ARE  PBOPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPOHED:  Hotel .:-..    1-00,000 j Port   George......;.......Grarid   Trunk   Pacific Holnbird & Roache  (Chicago)/'.....Delayeo  Hotel.  3-sto.  brk.   veneer ....?20,000 | Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath Evans & Cook Delayed  Church   (fr.)    Coouitlam  Episcopal Church Perry & &Fowler .'. Delayed  5 sto brk, mill and steel $150,000 I Kamloops............ Kamloops Hotel Cu W.  T.  Whiteway Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building Location  Residence -    Metcliosin  School Hilliers,   E.   &   N.  Residence  ....Foul Bay Rd.  Residence Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apmt - •   School : .'■  Hollywood  )-sto.   dept.   store   bldg Victoria  Piers   (Concrete) Victoria  School    (Quadra)     Victoria  School   (Beacon Hill)    Victoria  Brk.  veneer  church Victoria  Detention Bldg.   (Victoria) Victoria  Wharf  (Marine Depot)   .Victoria  .  Breakwater .- Victoria .  Character   Elevator      Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)..  Govt.  Bldg   Theatre     Hotel   2-sto stone & steel bldg..  Dairy   Bldg.   (cone   &  School   bldgs   2-sto brk bldg...   2-sto,   apmt   Residence     ('"actoi y     Dredging   Sand   Heads....  midge   Abutments   (12)  Oovt.   Bldg   HlKh  School   .Jetty   <<i   Dredging   fioimdhouse    Mridg»'        Dam.  Mills.  *lc   Water   System   Mills,   Wharves,   etc   ... .Cort  ,...$20,000  Z'i'i'd'Mii.  . $25,000  . $25,000  ..$   20,000  brk) $  20,000     $50,000   $15.0li0  (No  Details)      $20,000  ,    $2.1.000   $70,000  VICTORIA  Est.  Cost  $20,000   $30,(100  $20,000  575.1 Odd  , $20,000  Fi.ono ,  ,001-,(iko i  111   (Mill   j  750,000  Owner  ....II.  R. Hammond  .   School   Trustees  10,000   H.   Lawson  35,000 F.   Nation  15,000    A.   Winch  $4 4,000  City  $700,000    .Hudson's   Bay   Co.  $2,000,000       Government  $46,500   School   Board  $17,490     School   Board  $20,000  Colomba Presbyterian  Ch.  $32,000   Dominion Gr.v(.  .-   $24.500    Govt.  $1,000,000 Dom.  Government  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location         Owner  Chilliwack  Rockwell, Theal & D.  Kamloops       oi ty  Greenwood, B. C Dominion Govt.  Cumberland,  B. C G.   W.  Clinton  Prince George....Prince George  f to ted   Co.  Nelson,  B.C Carmen  Magllo  Duncans.   B.   C   Kuper Island, B. C. Government  Xnmiimo '. 1.  B.  Nicholson  Prince Kupcrt : T. McMordle  Metcliosin  (I.  H.  'Hammond  i.ulu   Tsland....Morrison  Steel &  Wire Co.  I'rnser   Kiver   Government  Grand   Trunk   Pacific G.   T    P.  Port Alberni     Govt.      Municipality  (tl vcr Govt,   O. T. P. Ry. Co,  Port.   Alberni   v'r-!-ih   Arm   Fraser  Fort George   N.'tiuiJino  ... ...   t'liliep.iM   Uoyal   /sliiiif.  Port   Moody      Ocean Fulls.  Architect Contractor  Butler  &   Harrison Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins Local  S. Maclure  A.  H.  Mitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   McKechnie  C.  E.  Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins .Luney  Bros.  B. Horwood & White B. C. Const. Co.  Govt Grant Smith & McDonnell  Keith & Watkins Luney Bros.  Keith & Watkins Luney Bros.  Wm. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Kourke, McDonald & Moncrloff  Oovt .....Parks. Tupper & Klrkpatrlck  Govt,  ...Sir John Jackson, Ltd,  Ton;i|ii(li-Uol irion   Citv  ....Pacific Mills,  Lid.  Architect  Plans Beady  N. J. Hall W. H. Davidson, Supt,  Ductule Duteher & Co Wm.  Grecnlees   lohn   Burns &  Son, of  Nelson   Meaner Bros, of Nanaimo  Butler <£-.  Harrison.... Brows tor  fir   Pelham  Geo.  C.  Egg Waters &  Pasco  J.  C.  M.   Keith island   Building  Co.  Indian   Dept Island   Budding  Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks fi: Anderson  Jas.  Oil more   Sub-con tracts  Butler &. Harrison Grayson ,<fr  Sons  Owners    D/iv   Labor  Oovt Navigation &  Dredging Co.  O. T. P (. A.  McKenzle & C0.  F.x.  Bldg.   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warnoc.k fi- Cochran  Govt Pacific   Drcd-flrig  Co.  Owners    Carter  Hall  &   A.  .«-lty |0||y       city  t   Co owners  City Robertsnii,   Codprm   Co.  Owners     Ou-nci-B  TOCH'S "CEMENT FILLER"  AND  "CEMENT FLOOR PAINT"  Protect Cement Floors from Dueting. Produce a Finish of Lasting  Durability. Render the Floors Absolutely Dustless and impervious to  Water, Oil or Grease.  Used  Extensively in  OFFICE   BUILDINGS; HOSPITALS;  HOUSES; ..RESIDENCES;  POWER  STORAGE  WAREHOUSES; GARAGES; FACTORIES,  Etc.  WRITE FOR COPY OF NEW BOOKLET  Manufactured in Canada by  I. W.,f Damp-Resisting Co.  Office--202 Mail Building, Toronto Faclory-Oakvillc, Ont.  ii  LONDON  IX  OF  ONCE   A   SPECIALTY—NOW   A   QUESTION  OUR   OUTPUT   CAPACITY  Built like the "Iron Duke." All steel construction,  with but few working parts. Over 1200 London Mix-  ers in use in Canada—also many in foreign countries. Built in twenty-three different sizes and filled  with any equipment. Your enquiries will be  ciated.  SUPPORT  apnro-  HOME  INDUSTRIES  WE  AJl^.JHE   LARGEST   MANUFACTURERS   OF  CONCRETE   MACHINERY   IN   CANADA.  TI LONDON CONCRETE MACHINERY CO., Ltd.  Head Office and Factory:  Cabeil   St.  and'Kitchcnci   Ave.   London,  Ontario f\     <■>  17,  o  «?•  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ii O' .  «'-  WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  r' I  ,      <••  -'■-A  <i  6 '  - We can help you to increase your  business by tel ing all of our readers  every other day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer    >  and WHY they should do  business with you.  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Soie   Canadian  Manufacturero:—    .  -:•  t  t  t  i  ARCH-TKOTL'.KAL ' TKKUA    COTXA.      ,  Kvans, Coleman A,Evana, Ft. Col/St., S. 2988  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co. Ld.,. 518 Seymour.S. 4795  nitchle   Con.   A   Suji.   Co.,   Ltd    Gran.   St-  Uridso   .-..'    S. 9162  Warrlgton A Johnson.  119  Pender S.   S. 491-  ASIMIALT   FELT.  Evans. Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col S, 2988  I'ftiar-on  Mftf.  Co,,  10th  A Arbutus &., B. 772  '    *~\  Ii RICK—ALL KIND>4.     -  Cont'n'l Ship. & Trad. Co. Ltd..'1.... .S. G448  Evanit. Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col., S. 29SS  Gliley Bros.. Ltd.. New West., Phones 15, 16  W N, O'Nell & Co,, 54S Sey.-St.. 6. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,v Gran.   St.  Bildge    S.   9162  Warrlnfiton & Jo..nson, 1H Penier, S. 4912  It.V.Winch & Co.,  Ltd.,  Winch  B. S. 279-1944  lil'ILUING   1'KLTS  AND   rAI'EKS.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col.,. .S, 2988  Leslie, Taylor Co., 403 Dunsmuir, .., .S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 54S Soy. St., S. 4793-47US  Paterson Mfs. Co., lOlhA Arbutus Sts., B. 772  Warrington  A Johnson.   119  Pender. .S.   4912  BONDS—S.'KETY.  R.V.Wlnch & Co., Lid., -Winch B,, S. 279-1944  , CEMENT.  Balfour;' Guthrie  A  Co °. ...S. 91D-.-C575  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col...S. 2SSS  Gliley Bros.. Ltd., New West., Phones 15,- 16  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-47SS  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville*   Si.  Bridge        S. 9162  H.V.WInch & Co.. Ltd,, Winoh B.. S. 279-1944  ip .   ..,  CEMENT TESTING  AND ASSAYING.  Can.  Inspect & Test. Lab., Empire Bldg. ,      S.   4 606  Hunt,   Robt. W.   A   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg. S. 2199  ,CONTRACTORS—BORING  Robinson Contr. Co.1, "Winch BIdg..S. 688S  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company,  S87  Georgia St.  E .-.High.  15S1  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.   -   -  Armstrong,   Morrison    &    Co.,    Ltd.,    Bower  Big     S. 1836  B:  C. Granitoid  &'Contr.  Co.," N.E. "Cor.  Beach  and  Xicola Sey.  2236  ■ .CONTRACTORS—LAND   CLEARING.  Centre Contracting Company,  S87  Georgia St. ,E ...High. 15S1  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERKAZZO.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.. Col..'.. .S. 2988  "Leslie, Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmuir S. 4371  W.  N. O'Nell & Co.,  548 Sey. St.,,S. 4795-479S  -CORNICE AND ROOFING.  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S. 210  CRANES   AND'HOISTS    (ELECTRIC    /  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S. -10  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  Sey.   1065.  DRILLS—PORTABLE  ELECTRIC  Darling,   Frank   A  Co..   1142   Homer   St.'   S.   4100-4101  -The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. XV.  .' .     Sey.   1065.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  Can. Allls-Chalmers. 1063 Pender.. .'.S. 5710  Darling,   Frank   &   Co.,   1112   Homer   St.   S.   4100-4101  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,  Ltd. ?S. 210'  ELECTRICAL    SUPPLIES    (WHOLESALE)  Ma.cdpiin.Id.   Marpole  Co..   Ltd ,. .S. 210  "   ELEVATOR CARS AND'ENCLOSURES.  Can. Allls-Chalmers, 1063 .Pender:.. „S. 5710  Harris. P. E. A Co., (' .Crown'Bldg. S. 469S  W. X. O'Nell & Co., 54S Sey. St. S. 4795-479S  Ritcfcle Contr. & Sup. Co. Ltd.." Gran.' St.  Bridge        S. 9162  ,.,     ' ELEVATORS  Darling',   Frank  A  Co.,  1142   Homer  St.   S.   4100-4101  Harris, P. E. & Co.. > >\  Crown Bldg. S. 469'  FIRE CLAY  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co. S.  9197-6575  Evans. Coleman A Ewins Ft. Co!,..S. 29S£  Gilley Bros... New Westminster. Phones lo,16  XV. N. O'Nell & Co. 54S Sey. St., S.4795-479S  Ritchie Can. A Sup. Co.. Granv). Bdg..? 9JR-  R. V. Winch &  Co..    Vinch Bid*,'., S.  .79-1944  FIRE  EXTINGUISHER   SYSTEMS.  Gen. Fire Ex. Co., 1140 Hamilton St..S513S  Barr & Anderson,  1060 Hcmer St S. 6180  FLOORING  J.  Fyfe Smith  &  Co.,  1320 Richards. .S. 1196  GAS APPLI VNCES.  Van. Gat Co., Hastings St.  XV S. S000  GATE   VALVES  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S. 210  GLASS—ALL KINDS.  W. N\ O'Nell A Co. 54S Sey. St.. S. 4795-479?  Warrington   A   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  HARDWARE  Flett, J. A., Ill Hastings W.\...Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W. N. O'Nell * Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  J.  Fyfe  Smith   &  Co..  1320  Richards. .S. 1136  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe A Co.. 1320 Richards. .S. 1196  HEATING—HOT  AIR.   STEAM   AND   VENTILATING  Barr & Anderson, 1060 Homer St...S. 6180  Gon. Fire Ex.  Co.,  1140  Hamilton St..S513S  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co . Granvl. Bdg .S. 9161  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans.  Coleman A  Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  XV. S. O'Neil * Co.. 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-479S  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Brtg..S. bmi  IRON  AND  STE2L—STRUCTURAL  Can.   All!«-Chalmers,   1063   Pender S. 5710  Cnn.   Nor:liwest   Steel   Co F.     307  Evans, Coleman & Evans. Ft. Col.. .S. 29S.S  Coughlan.   J.  &   Sons.   World   Bldg...S    79'9  .Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie. Con. & Suo. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916:  ■ XV. X. O'Nell A Co.. 54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Wilkinson Co., S16 Beach. S. 7915  IRON  AN D   STEEL—O RNA M EXT A L.  Cnn. Allis-Chalrners. 10G3 Pender.. ..S. 5710  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.. .. ,S. 'J98S  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co..   Ltd. S. 210  i-titchle Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bd'g. .S. 916  South Vancouver Iron'& Wire Works,  5S55 Victoria Drive...., Fraser 156  LATH—METAL  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columb..S. 29SS  XV. X.  O'Xeil A  Co.,  548 St*y. St...S. 4795-479S  Ritchl"   C.   and   S    Co..   Grnn.   St S.   4162  Warrington   &   Johnson,   .'19   Pender. .S. 4912  LIME.  Balfour,   Gufirle '&   Co  S.  9197-6575  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb..S. 29SS  Glllov Bros.. Xew Westminster. . Phones 15. 16  XV. X. O'Xeil A Co., 54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. C-3., Granville. .S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co.  Ld„ Winch Bdg..S. 279-1944  MACHINERY  Can. Allls-Chalmers. 1063 Pender. .. .S. 5710  Darling.   Frank  &  Co..   1142   Homer  St.    , S.   4100-4101  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  VV. X. O'Xell ft Co., 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-479S  Hitehlo Cnn. & Sup. Co.. Grnnvl. P.d'S..P. fllR^  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St. XV.  Sey.   1065.  MANTELS'—BRICK.  TILE AND  WOOD  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2'iSS  Leslie,  Taylor  Co.,   103   Dunsmuir S, 4371  VV. X. O'Neil A Co., 54S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Hltehle   Cnn.   &   Sup.    Co..   Ornnvlllp. ,S. 916?  MARBLE  AND -ONYX  Evans, Coleman'& Evans,  ft. Col.,.'. .R. 2088  Lilsllo, Taylor Co,,  403 Dunsmuir S, 4371  W> N. O'Nell & Co.. 648 Soy. St. S. 4795-4798  OIL  BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron Works,  1816 Pandora St...H.  496  PAINTS—.FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 648 Soy. St. ,.S. 4795-4798  Warrington   A  Johnson,   119   Tender. .S. 4912  PAINTS—D/iirfP ' PROOF.  ,  Evans, Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil A Co , 548 S->y. St. ,8. 4795-479b  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th & Arbutus..B. 772  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pendor. .S. 491J  PARTITION—FI REPROOF   ^  Evans, Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2986  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv, Bdg. ,S. 9161  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Ponder St'.S. 4911  PIG   IRON AND  TIN 0  nnlfour.   Guthrie at   Co IT...S. 9197-G576  Evans, Coleman & Evans,, ft. Col S. 204S  It. V.  Winch A Co.,  Wliick Bld...S.   279-1944  PILING AND  POLES  Centre.Contracting Company,   >'  SS7 Georgia  St.  K High.  15S1  PILE DRIVING.      .'  Evans, Coleman A Evans,   ft. Col S. 29S8n  b'raM-c Kiwi- Pile Driving Co.. New Won  Peterson,   Henry,   3022  Victoria   Dr...H. 11&5  ,    -    PIPE—SEWER     - g  Dom. Glzd' Cmnt Pipe Co., Dom.' Bld..SS_8f  Evans, Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2S8f  Gilley  Bros.,-Ltd.,   New   West.. .Phones 15. If  Mncdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd....." S. 210  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granville. ,S. 9162  Warrington A Johnson, 119 Pender St'.S. 49,12  R. V.  Winch A Co., Winck BI6V...S.   279-1944  '      PLASTER ,  Balfour.   Guthrie'A   Co S.  9197-657£  Evans,-Coleman ArEvans   Ft. Colum. .S. 2981  'Gilley Bros..  Ltd.„-1New West.. .Phones lo. Ur  XV.- X. O'Xeil A.Coif 54S Sey, St. .S. ,4795-479r  Rftchie, Con. & Sud. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916S  ^PLASTER BOARD  •Evans, Coleman A  Evans,   ft. Col." S. 2988  W. X. O'Xeil AvCo..-548 Sey. St.. -S. 4795=479'  Ritchie   Con. „.&.'Sup. ,Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PL-STER  PARTITION  BLOCKS'  Evans, Coleman A Evans,   ft. Col 3.2988  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Evans, Coleman A Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  D. R. 'Morrison. 712 Richards St..S. 2V51-2151  W. N. O'Xeil A Co., 548 Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479?  Rltctile   Con.   A   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTIC FLOORING  Sansan Asbestos Floor'Co.. 1209  Jervls St.   o * S. 6643Y  NEW TELEPHONE INSTALLATIONS AND CHANGES  FROM JUNE 1, TO JULY 13,1916  ( Following is a list of new Telephone installations and changes ,,fom  June 1 to July 13, being an alphabetical compilation of this information as  published in the  Record* each issue.'   ,.  /  New Installations  Aeronui,   Cold  S'toi'agc,   670   Richnrds r.   A. & C. Motor Express, 920 Seymour  :   Alherta Pacific Grain Co., Ltd., 509 Richards '.  Anderson, E. A., Cement Work Contr.. 436 lflth K.,„,   Applebyj E, C, Watchmaker, -CIS Richards   Arey, Mrs. L. C,   Drctj.sinaklng. fc"6 Smithe f   Arrow Junk Co., 1.2 Cordova \V '. '.....   Bain,  P. J., Private School .for Boys,  1__1   Burnaby..   Beddeson & Grundy, Corn. HrolccrS, 711 HasUng.s W ......  Bennett, G. W., Grocer, 761 Kingaway  .'/....  Bergman's Caff, 3-6 Abbott St .' ,   R.  C.  Rice'MIl'ls,  557 'Cfirrall , '.—i   Broadway Shoe Repair Store, 7.'7 Hroadway 13   IBurrfml Transfer. Stables, 177« 2nd \V.   Sey.   Knir.   '.Rey.  ....■..: Soy.  ..,.' Sf-y.  !,'. Sey.  .Sejf. 2207  .Sey. 2227  160-  P02  2315  2203  2S39  1710  .FiLu;  105",  945  1 fi i 7  2209.  906  1012  .....' Sey.   Kfiir.  , Hay.   Sey. 3945   High/   21L   , Sey. 4416  ,...; n.iy.omi   Sey. 7911   Sey.      55  , Fair. 17.10'   ...Fair.    910   Soy.  G5S5   Sey. 1387   --Sey,- 2S09   '...iKburne '    66   l....Sey. 403S   Sey.", 199  X. O'Xell ft Co.. 548 Sey. St.'.'.'s. 4795-47US    ^slle, Taylor Co..  403  Dunsmuir..  , PLUMBING  Barr   2YA"derson,   106<f  Homer   St. Ys. 6180  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS     '""_'  D<ar!lug,   Frank   A   Co.,   1142   Homer  St.  ,      '  '. ..P    4101-41«'  The Holden Co.', Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  ; "        " '     Sey.   1065.  '  RADIATORS AND BOILEKS  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   1.063   render S. 5710  '" ROOFING  COMPOSITION  Evans, Coleman A Evans' Ft.'.'olnm. .S. 29Sf  Paterson MCg- Co..'10 i-,Arbutus Sts...B.   17-  l W. X. O'Xell A Co.. 54$ Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479?  1 Ritchie Con.'A Sup. C . Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington A John&on, 119  Pender P»  S-. 4911  ROOFING—SHEET METAL'  (See  Cornice  d.:iei   Hoofing)  ' "    ROOFING   MATERIAL -    ■  Evans,'Coleman A Evans   Ft. Colum. .S. 29Sf  Macdonald,. Mcrpole  Co.,   Ltd .S..210  Patron Mfs- Co., 10th & Arbutus." Bay. 77 ,  Ritchie Con, A Sup. Co.", Granville. B.. .S. 9162  'Warrington A Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 491-  '   ROPE-MANILA  Balfour,    Guthrie   A   Co"..'. .."--..=:. 9197-657*  SAFES—VAULT DOORS      '.  Warrington A Johnson, lis Pender St-S. 4 91f  W. X.O'Xeil^t Co., 64S Sey. St.. .5. 4795-4795  SAND   GRAVEL AND CIUSHKD KOCK  Evans,  Coleman  A  Evans,   ft.  Co! S. 29SS  (Jilicv Bros., Ll'd., Xew West.. .Phones 15, 11-  Kltohie. Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 9162  SASlf  DOORS.   WINDOWS,  ETC.  W. X. O'Xell A Co.. SIS Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479.'  SHINGLE  MANT'FACTl'REKS  AND  DEAL  EKS. t  (See Lumber and  Shingles.)  SLATE  Evans. Coleman A  Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  U. X. O'Xell A Co.. 54S Sey. St...3. 4795-479'  ft. V. Winch'A Co., Wine'* Bld...S. 279-194'  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916i  STEEL— REINFORCING. "  Balfour,    Guthrie   A   Co S. 9197-657F  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd ...S.  210  Warrington A Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4S1:  STORE   *   OFFICE   FIXTURESx*   STOR1  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman  A Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Xell A Co., 54i Sey. St."..S. 4795-479S-  TAR   AND   PITCH  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th A Arbutus, Bay. 7"»  Evans,  Coleman_A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  TI LE—D R A INI NG  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 29S^  Gilley Bros.. Xew -Westminster Phones 15, If  Pt. Hsney Brick Co., 615 Hast. S. XV.. S. 13it  Ritchi- Con. A Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916i  Warrington   A   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 491'.  TILE—FLOOR AND  WALL  Evans.  Coleman  A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. X. O'Ne.l A Co.. 54i> Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479*  Warrington   A   Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4911  TIN PLATES  naif our,   Guthrie   A  Co      ..S.  9197-6571  E\ans, Coleman A  Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  R V. Winch A Co.. Wine- BId...S. 279-194.  Wilkinson Co., S46  Beach S. 7915  TOOL STEEL  Darllnu,   Frank   A   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.   S.   4 100-4101  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd  i-S.  210  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr A Anderson.  1060 Homer  St.... .S.^lSl  WALL   BOARDS  Evans, Coleman A  Evans,  ft.  Col.... .S. 29SS  S. 437j  Canaoffs.il Pishing-Co., Ltd., Shipping Off leu. Ft, Core  Canadian   Governmdnt   Klevator,   Ft.   Salsbury   Carter, C. C, 'TCloct.  Kng., 313 Cordova \V   Chow,   H.   &   Co., ,2003   Granville   Conway's,  Dr. Plaster'Stor<\ 'Tin  Dunsmuir...' ,' - Sey. 32S3  Coughlan, John & Sons,  500  Beatty     Tt ?..  Davey.' Jr. P., Comm; Agt., 311   HastYW i  Donald's .Grocery Store, 1030 Kingsway «••■■•.—•■: "  G&llagher, .Mrs.' Amy, Uellcalessen, 3537. Main    General .iLercantilu Co.,   Ltd,.  Lumber,  536   Hastings  W"   Gray Produce °(?,o'.,  321 AVat°er   '.   Great West Life Assn. Co., Agts.', 010 Hast.  XV "....."...  I-lalI,(Dr. AV. K.,   Hudson St '.   Hart.K J. & Co., Ltd,, Farm Lands, 417 Pender W'.r ,   Heaps, E. IT. &'Co., Ltd., 739 Hastings....'..'. .' .'.   Henry.  J. W.,-0.,  207  Hastings. XV .'..'. Se'y. 1542.  Hong  Chong  Lung,   Fruit,  2S0   Pender  E :. Z .'. Sey.  3285  Hortbn,  XV., Fruit,  126  Hastings XV '- :;...Sey.  214S O.  Howie,   Dr. H. O., Dentist,  330 Homer  >: .'...,..../. '-.:..-. Sey.  3266  International  Correspondence  School,  IS ^Hastings W....Y £-... .....Sey. 2743  Japan Dye Works, 2125 4th „\V '. - f '.-Bay. ^.689  John, .Geo.,'3-14 Main  .Y..Y .....Y.:..Y, ,...-.' , Sey. G3550  Kawai Bros., Jeweller,  301 Powell  :. -, ■ Sey._   59a  Keystone Logging & Mercantile Co. Ltd., 16' Hastings B..J :—.....Sey. 1515  Kiln Dried Kindling Co„"-l27  Howe - - ■' Y.-.Sey. 2861^  Kitchener Photo  Studio,  770 Granville  : :....:Sey.  3,313',  Kong Lee'At,  2nd   Hand  Store,  110%  Pender  E '. .' Sey.   32ie  Lotus Grill, 445 Abbott...: :.JSV '. Sey.  2093 O  Lee,' Johnson,  Sheet Metal   V$7rks,  S26  Dunsmuir .' -' Sey. 1601  Letts. Percy. F., 1501 14th WY :.:..../. '-..'. - -'- - ,-Bay.    441.  MacKay, Mrs.'Amanda, Pastries, S00 Robson Sey. -_tS  Maikawa, S.', Tobacco,, 259' Powell ' v v :...Sey. 2110,  McCandless, A. G., Inspector of Business Tax, ft. Howe....!..... Sey. ,1?6L  McDonald.  D., vBlacksmith, Rear 18 Water, St -Y...Y. -.../......Sey.-3289  McFarlane Drug Store, Eburrie Ave. '....'..'..., - .' r«- -Eburne    1-10  'McGinness. J. W.'.-Post Office. Sea Island  .' .......Eburne    143 ■  Merchants' (Anti-Prohibition)  Protective Assn.,. 640, Hastings W .' Sey. 2930  f -■       - - - ^_.»  Miyasaki, T„ Tailor, 354 Broadway XV..... r....:  National  Agency,   419   Hamilton  ...;   New England Fish Co.," Ft. of* Gore  '-  Paciac Machine  Shop,   1087 ' Granville   Pacilic Steel Products'Co., Factory, Lulu Island   Parkinson, IT. XV., -Blacksmith, 520 Davie ....:. ....  -Paul & Watkins, Wood & ,Coal, 4th.&; Granville:.   Pearson, "Dr.   J.   M.", '1044   Beach - ._...._,'.....'.   Perth  Dye Works,  2039 Granville   :..—.._. :-.-—  Port  Alberni Lumber Co.,  Ltd.,  744 .Hastings-W...  Pratt & Ross, ..Architects," 736xGranvineJ:..'..;Y.>.;;..;-.;t;  Pretty's, Timber, 319 Pender "wY.TYY.r.. ...Y.". YZY  Price,  J no.,  Poultry Dealer,  Rear City Market.  Main.;..: '...—'. '.:  Provincial Woman's Suffrage Referendum Assoc. 4 70 Gran   . Sey.  :.....-. .-. Fair.    90S   .'. Sey. 2790 , '   ZZ.:Z...L.:....Z.S-ey., 39^.1   '.". Y.Sey. 'lies'  , : :. Eburne t S't    '  ,„•;  .-..fl„..„.'.-...Sey. 2330 * ■  .; ■. Y...«. Y..Bay. '1216'  -'   I :.T.....: Sey.   220 Y   :.„..-. ;. Bay.. 3093 - >   ...-. Y SeyY 2904    .   .; ;.."- Sey.--"155?   t  .„::,.",.". ..YY.'....r..:...:.:..:-sey.-' 2sss ■  .'. a _Fair.  Ii 7f'  ....:...Sey.  2S10  ....:. ...Sey.    W   .".Sey. 502J   .   Sey.  157S   Bay.    362   Sej'.  3uGt»  Rains,,Tom'.*, Autos for Hire, S13 Homer    Rankin, Jas. S.,' Insurance Adjuster, 525 Seymour., .....  Retail Lumbermen's BuyingAgency, Ltd., SS0 Hastings W....  Rat  Portage  Lbr.   Co.,   Ltd.   (The;,  IS 15   Granville  _   Reform Association,  366  Powell ^   Rex Millinery Shop, 157 Hastings XV   Rose   Dank   Giocery,   300   Main    -   Rugg. Miss Kate, Dressmaker, 923 Georgia    Shimo-Tak'ahara, Dr. K., JJ0 Powell   Shimoni, K., Second-liand Store, 13Sf Cordova E - Sey.  C.    F.   A.,   Hastings   Park - High.   171 iO  Sey.     182  .Sey. 1691   Sey   Sey   Sey. 2751  '>-,<-.  317'  3317   Sey.  714  Sixty-Eigth   Battery,  Stanley Hotel,  21  Cordova  W _ ^.--j  Stevens. J. T. 1'roduce Co. (The), 114 Water  ,'f^-  Sun   Life" Mortgage  Dept.,   C02   Hastings  XV.   Szameilat, F.,  Broker,  615 Pender  \S -   Terakura, K.. Tailor, 130 Gore   Tie  and  Collar  Shop   (The),   470  Granville   Trice   &  Pacey,,Kl.  Est.,   115   Homer ^   Tunstall,  Dr.  S.  J.,  709  Dunsmuir     ;;-„-„"   Two Hundred    nd Thirty-ninth Battalion.  410^ Homer   Vancouver Fire Despatch & Salvage Corp, .06 Seymour   Vancouver   Mission   Lodging   House,   luO   Alexander   Vancouver  Photo  Co.,'649  Granville   Victorian   Order of  N'urses,   623  Hast.  W   Sey.  1716   Sey. 1721   _Sov.  S991   Sey. 3254   Sey. 431S   Sey. 2S71   Sey.  155.   Sey. S'SS-   Sev. 2100   Sey.  233  , Sey. 2813  "Sey.    S5  Young~Sun"Tai  Co., Tailors.   10S1  Granville..   ^  Yule'& McClelland,  Auto  Repairs, rear  lOlo  bevmour   Changes   Sey.  3280  , Sey.  2350  ia  Bell.  Bon  B.  C  67590  669  7069  1167  ,       Montreal j.oiu»i.«    Z,^*+   „*4*^******^  *«****hM^I —-v.^  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans, Coleman A  Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  W. X. O'Xeil A Co , &4S Sey. St.. .S. 47&5-4-,».  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th A Arbutus..B. 77i  Warrington   A  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491?  WATER   METERS,   HYDRANTS . *   PUMPS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd. . ...S.  2.10  '/'.WATERWORKS SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd ....S. 210  WINDOW SCREENS  XV. N. O'Nell A Co., BIS Sey. dt. . .S. 47&S-479?  WIRE   AND   CARLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald,   Marpole 'Co..   Ltd. ....... .S.  210  W»RE ROPE  Balfour,    Guthrie    A   Co S. 9197-657fc  Evins,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col. /.. .S. 29SS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie. Con. A Suo. Co.. Grn-nv. Bdg. .S. 916:  R. V.  Winch A Co.. WInc_  Bld...S.   279-194  Wilkinson  Co., S46 Beach ..S.  7915  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron   Wks.,   1462  K'inwivHv   •  " -R4>  South Vancouver Iron & Wire Works,  r.«5r> Victoria  Drive     Fraser 156  THE   MEDIUM.  Did   you   ever   notice   that   05   per  cent, of the  big successful firms are  firms who advertise?   They figure advertising as an investment  not'an ex-  jiense.    The   secret  of advertising is  the  selection    of  a    medium    whicl  reaches  those people who are or wil  I he   the    most    likely  "purchasers  o  ; your product,"   If you are in the bullr!  ing supply or machinery Hue don't se  lect a moving picture publication ii  which to do your advertising. Because of the fact that the KKUORD is  Uie only paper published in the province devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. whore  they will see it will put a capital C  nn  your cash.  H   X..  from  790 Granville to S76  Granville ..~be>.  vecord Tea A  Coffee Co.  from  3101  Prince Edward to 33b 1  Main....! air.  Uelining  Co.,  from  71S   Granville  to   1050   Hamilton bey.  B   C    Refining Co.,   from   71S  Granville  to   1050   Hamilton. ............. &u>.  Brown  A. P. & Co.. Athletic Outfitters, from 931 P-nder■ \V. to 719 Pen<lor..bcy. 0.55  Buchanan. H. G. & Co., China, Crockery, etc., from 572 Graimlle to n--  J lastings  W : , - ■■■■ ; 5^.;  Burns. J. V., Leather Goods, 557 Gran, to :>19 C.ran . ..........       £l ,.'   1--1  Buscomhe Securities Co..  Ltd.. Horn  626   Penoor to .....  bevmour .So>0 l.'.a  Canadian Douhle Tread Tire Co., from S51   Pend'-r \\ . to 12t>0 f.rari.       .  .bey.  2021  2111  K°Leaf"Dair>r'fronY 1935   2nd   Ave.;W.  to  1569   6th  Ave.  M  Northoy.  (  6  1   L   & Co.,  Brkrs.. from 4 30  Homer to -403  Pender  VV...  '  " "     to 14 24 Commercial  Dr...  ')sborn Shoe Co., from 143!) Commercial .Dr. to 1424 Comiini  Vwl Tailors and Cleaners, from 330 Main to 336 Main.. ...  'f-icilic Mutual Co., Grocer, from 3'JO Powell to 253 I'owi.-Il.  Quebec  Bank, from  530 (Iranville to  416   Hastings  W   P'lhv    K    E.   from   511   Main   to   118   Hastings   K..'.   Richards! Mrs. M. A., Hot Chicken Tnmale and Chile Conserve,  lo S Hast.  ey,  VV ,.:....Bay. 141.7  ......Sey. 7702 O  2035  1561  PI50  1901  7672  4221  155  Sey.  High.  ..Sey. 74 77  .Sey.  444 5  •> A •'  o 'I ..   ,Si>y.  Spv.   Saw'  Hast. F..~   Sev  •l?lii  311?  773SO  . 4 205  Two Hundred at   V-incoiivcr I'loriil Co., Store, 06,  Gran,  to 6.SI  Gran        •■   •   VnnCo.iver  AIolox-  Co.,   from   733  Pender  W.   to  82f.   !''■-.. ,-r  VV.   I rear.)  W-ill'iird   T   W., Croc, from  950 Granville to  9S2 Granville ,,;■  \v.   -i    • r  K:ilrl.-'l-,'h   A Co.,   Ltd.,   from  40S   Homer  to  601   Ivnder  VV.   ..  Vv'..|'-h'K   P-    PitiMiwhil Au'-nt. from   III   Homer to 415 Homer   Western  Specialty Co.,  from  331   Dunsmuir to -572  Gran.           .v.!-      F...d    Market,   frmn    1193   Grunvllle   to    1163   G-;.-inville   '.Vest     I''  i W'lilte   llontns.    from  j VVl'i'.e:i'.Ie,   Arthur   II.   to  Whiteside  &   Larson,   firsts  I   Main  St.   to   139   Cordova  •t.   M  •HO  GranvIMe  s  ���v.  67 7  s  ■v.  6X0  S>  v.  ::si).t  s  •','.  r.:,,'A)  ^,  V  r.n;n  Ml  V  .'!.'.?, 6  Si  v.  5 01  S.  • V.  t Iv,-*  Si  y.  7 11 n<r  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Sey. • 4? 12  303 Duocan   Building  Vancouver,  B.  C.  BUILDERS SPECIALTIES,  RIB - TRUS, .VEULT.Pi-EX PLATE  RAYDIANT  S5PEWALK   LIGHTS  „0  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  i  i  i  <Y      ,  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  ' 1060 Homer St.  *"   ~ ' Vancouver B. C.  New Work -- Coiitrect:s Let  ( r  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  r     LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mgr.  WttARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,     "  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  '   ETC. --  Owners of Tug ''WINIFRED"  324 Front St., ' New Westminster  ,   Telephone 1015  THE  POILOWINO ■ TABLE  UNDER WAY, OB ON  ^^.SSKSgSg-ggBS-ra-Sc^  Cliaraoter     Depot  and   terminal    3 new bids   and 2 alterations  Causeway      Creosoting plant    Shipbuilding-  plant     Dred-ring between piers ....  Cold Storage plant    Bi iclc   Canning  Plant.   1'ieherving  Plant    r.  Power Plant     Sleeping   Pavilion      Telephone  Exchange    Concrete  lighthouse   tower  .Remodel   Hldg. > i...  Sewer   Work    .'   Warehouse etc ,  Printing   Plant      Garage  .'. r   Saw Mill     Shipbuilding plant    Power   House  K   Kesidence    f. ,.  Concentrator  etc '..  Station   and   Terminals   Sheds  on  Covt.  Wharf,   Theatre  and   Stoi es   Creosot|,ng Plant    Seawall       Trunk Sewer  ......  Dredging .a --   Heating Svstem    Turning   Basin      Po&tofflce Bldg ~   Wliarf      Wati rworks   Systran      Store   and  office  bldg   Observatory  --.    Sewer      .letty  (Second Unit)   —  Repairs  to Bldg v/   ...i  Co«t  ...$1,000,000  .$50,000   $50,000  $100,000  ...?   $50,000   $20,000   $15,000   $15,000   $8,000  ....$1(1.500    $7,500  . .$J 5,000  .$100,000  ...¥70,000  7.!"*$"f>"5oo"  ,,$500,000  500,000  •   45,000  4 0,000  150,000  100,00,0  300,000  ..$700,000  ..*_50.000  ..$100,000  »iOO,000  ...$15,000  ..SIO'i.COU'  ..,$00,000  ....$75,000  ..$300,000  ..$800,000  10,000  Location    False   Creek    Owner  ....Can.  Northern  Ry  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal   Harbor  City of   Vancouvei  North Van Van. Creosoting Co Ltd  Port  Moody. . Port  Moody  Shipbulld.   Co  Burrard- Inlet Can.   Pacific   Ry.  Foot of Gore Ave Can.  Wishing Co.  Kelowna  B. C. Evaporators, Dtd  New  Westminster" Can. Products Ltd.  Prince George  : --- .-• City  Tratuiuille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  \eison    Ii.  C.  Telephone  Co.  Ti uMe  Island,  B.  C Dom.  Gov t  !i53 Granville..Elliott,Shandley & MaLeun  Wsquiin'iilt ' •»£■    <^tv  Victoria  T*>m   Govt.  Victoria  Cameron  in v. & Sec.  Co  Powell  St \i 'C. Sugar Refinery  Bth & Willow \lberta Lumber  Co.  PofpUr   Island..-Westminster Mnrlne  By.  Anyox.   Oranby Min.  & Smelt.   Co.  New Westminhter.-Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf   Inlet Surf  Inlet Power  Co.  Kalse   Creek Great  Northern   Ry.  Salsbury   Dr : Dom   Govt.  Broadwav  &  Main   Sts C.   M.   Bowman  North Vancouver Vane. Creosoting Co.  False Creek  :. C. N. Ry.  Stanlev Park ....- Sqwerage   Board  False Creek    Government  Central Dist ...Public Service Corp.  False  Creek _ _   Government  Mount  Pleasant  — - Government  Patricia Bay - -Can.   N.   P.  Ry.  Co.  West  Varcouvir   &.. .      Mnnicip-'lity  Victoria    -•■   Victoria >...' J..— 'Dom.   Government  Hastings  Park   Sewerage   Board  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  S72 Granville St Evans.Coleman & Eva  Arohiteot     Pratt &   Ross  Sharpe &  Owners  ./.  Owners ...  Owners  ..  ..'. ' Contractor  .Northern  Const.  Co. and  Cartel,   Halls Alcllnger Co.  Thompsoi ..,Baynes & Hone   ..— Palmer, Bros.   j   Owners  "  W. D. Grant   A.   W.   Quist  -  j. Ward   &   Baldock  Owners  ..,   Owners " .'.-.;  Owners     Du Cane Dutcher &  Owners      Owners Snider  Owners      Co    Jas.  Ill-OS.    it  . J. .\   Owners  Layfield  Brethour  Owners  l^S'ners  i  Owners  Owners  Ownois  ...v...Warren & Stancombe    l'arfiti Bios.i  Townley  & James  ...    ,   Owners  , '."   Owners  , t. ..  Owners  ..Taylor  "Engineering   Co  ±r  .J.- C.« Allen  'F'LTownicy.'.Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Snider Bros. & Brethour Ltd  , Adlclson & Dill      Palmer   Bros.    A. G.'Creelman &. Co.  '  /\   ZZ". ..Pacific' Dredging Co'.  Dist. Steam Co.  (Seattle)   Pacillc  Dredging Co.  ..Whiteside  &■ Williamson   S.   Doe,   Victoi -.a  ineer  _ Cott'on Co.   j Luny  Bros.  Owners '. McAlpine/Robertson Co.  Owners    -.-."- -'-:.-- -• • •    Owners  Govt Marsh  Huton   Powers  Co.  ns  Baynes & Hone  W.  F. Gai diner  Owneis,   Owners      Ens- Dept    Am.  Government....  A.   C.  Hope..'...  Owners      Municipal  Enj  Percy Fox  The CANADA  IRON CORPORATION,  &  t  .- IRONORE.YPIG IRON,  CAR WHEELS, CAST.  IRON WATER TAND  GAS1 PIPE, SPECIALS.  VALVES, HYDRANTS,  ETC.,    CASTINGS^ OF  ' ALL. KINDS, MOOR-  JNQ POLLARDSYFOR  SOTrl CONCRETE  AND • WOODEN  DOCKS, HOISTING  MACHINERY.  HEAD OFFICE  MARK FISHER BLDG.  MONTREAL,  NEW   A?JD   SZCOMD   HAND  We rewind and repair  Motors and Dynamos,  Elevators, Automobile  Lighting Sets.    : : : :  SAWMILL LJGHTING PLANTS  The JARVIS ELECTRIC CO.  LIMITED  Sey.  174^—175 570 Richards St.  -i, .i. ..i .--M - -  ATTENTION  Truck Owners!  GIBNEY WIRELESS  SOLID TIRES  also  VACUUM CUP TIRES  M1CHELHN TIRES  HILL TIRE CO.  941 PenderW.        Sey. 6411  * MINING."       v o   -:•  St -ui  c " It is proposed to drive a tunnel 5,-  500 feet long, on the Early Bird in, the  Ainsworth camp.  " In April the expense o£ the Standard  at, Silverton-Avas- $44,535, and the net  profits $86,773. t. '  The Great Northern between Fer-,  "guson and Trout bake City wilP. be  worked this summer.  The Union 'Hydraulic Co.^is 'working two" big monitors on 'Siwash creek  in the Okanagan. y \    '  - The Aberdeen mine near Merritt will  'soon be shipping three carloads a week  to Greenwood. t  It is reported that Lord1* Rhounda  has ' bonded" five copper claims on  Skeena mountain, "in  Northern ' B.  C.  In\ April the Granby produced 1975  tons of copper." This is 200 tons mo.re  than it produced in.March.,     ^  f   It is reported "that"" the Brian Boru  in the Hazelton district carries a large  body-of ore, 65 per cent. zinc.  |"    The shaft is clown 300 feet on the  American Boy in Hazelton_district.   A  ,'drift will be run to tap the ore shoot  'at'the 3Go-foot level. <j  i    P.   Racey,   representing   the   Trail  'smelter,  recently   spent  two  days   on  Copper   Mountain,   near   Chesaw,   examining    properties     and     procuring  samples.  PROPOSALS WANTED  TENDERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL.  Sealed Tenders for whole crHn part  will be received by the undersigned up  to Friday, the 2Sth day of July, 1916,  5 o'clock p.m., for the construction of  'an addition to the present high school  "in Nelson. A marked cheque for 5 per  cefrt. of the amount of the tender must  accompany the tender: local standard  sof wages to be paid and none but British subjects to be employed*  1 The lowest or any other tender not  'necessarily accepted.  FRED J.. IRWIN,  Secretary   Nelson    Board    of    School  Trustees.    I NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  i FOR SAI,Iv—One twenty and one  'seven cubic foot mixers, gasoline en-  ■gincs, one twenty cubic foot mixer,  I steam Kheine: one contractor's hoist.  1 six h.p.. 3,000 lbs. capacity. Also sev-  '[ eral dozen concrete wheelbarrows and  quantity cement paint. All new at low  prices. For further particulars, phone  Sey.   8012.   PROPOSALS WANTED  OBNTiaAI.  CONTBACTS.  KAMLOOPS — Manager Tyrell Ls  calling for tenders for the remodeling  of ..the Kamloops Produce Co.s. warehouse for a grain and flour handling  plant for the Hedley Shaw Milling Co.  The buildings will be constructed to  have a capacity for 20,000 bushels of  grain, with all the latest equipment  for handling.        '" ■  mSC£T-I~&.in30TJS   FBOFOSAX.S  NANAIMO—The B. C. Telephone Co.  will receive tender up to and including July 30th, for the supply and  erection of cedar poles in the South  Wellington District. Particulars may  be had at the office of J. Sowerby, local manager.  Tenders are being called for by the  Vancouver School Board for cleaning  gutters, chimneys and down pipes. Particulars can be had at the office of the  secretary.  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW IN«TA-_I.ATI02IS   l  JULY  17,  1916.    '      ~c' '  Addison,  The   Stoveman,   S2G  Main    July 181916     , *•"■ •    '  Hearts,   XV.   J.,   20   Water  .' '— -,   McMorran, -Albert,  Ex-press,  2{>16i Sophia       Xelson. Court.   1147   Nelson      Staple-ton,  Ernest   B.,  711   Hastings  W -...  CHANGES.  JULY   17,  1916. ,      ? '"„,.,  Senkler, Spinks & Van Home to Senkler & Van-Home,  Burnett. A   E. & Co.   S22  Main   to 1016 Main ...:,   ,    July 181916. - '   , -,,,%,  B.   C    Waterworks   Supplies   L,td.   to^ Campbell,   Gordon  Homer      '• -■ ,■;;■""   Savoy Rooms   to Avalon   Apmts ,  165   Pender  XX.    ...  Bridgman  Studio,   from   G27   Granville   to   413   Granville  Harrison & White,  from  319  Howe  to" 5S1   Richards   .Sey. 32  ....Sey.  ..Fair.  ... Sey.  ....rSey.  3320  t>SS  OHO i-~  AUTOMOBI  RECORDS  Toliowiner  i« <a   complete   list   of   new   Automobile, Licenses,  Transfers and Belinctu'ishments Becdrded; in British Columbia  Records for the week ending July IS. -  ^    -    .    ,    ->„ '     --     .    tJ        ..--... ^  The name of person to whom, transfer Is made is given.' ..The  name   of   person   making   transfer   may   he   obtained   by    *  referring to the same: lic-snse,,number in any. complete"  published list or by telephoning or writing to the1  f'  i British Columbia Becord. ' ^        Jv  "Where street address is given and name of town omitted" the  "    <r",        a address is Vancouver.   *  ' -All cars for hire are indicated thus: (*) (  • HEW CABS " ^    Z.  No.      J    Name   _-»■ Address        "   -"    '.      "   J       ', Car/  '997-^-John  B\  l,eiston>'~Bridesville.l ". L .Ford  3 65S—H. .A.   Chee^er,-Queens  Court,  2nd   &   Park.  Row,  Xew  Westminster",. •. Ford  1GS2—Robert Wilson & Son, Port Coquitlam ,  .. ..Ford*  3 70b—G.  H   Kells,  Port   Kells ^Ia\well  1713—S. Toda,  Fraser Mills  '. Ford  1721—Miles  C.  Walker, Otter, P.  O -. _Ford  175o—S.  Bernard, --Agassiz -.    . i Ford  1757—Norman F. Shook, Hatzlc Island Saxon  175S—Bertha A.  Bourne, 601  1st St., Xew West Cadillac  1790—R   H. Stephens, Port Haney Studebaker*'  3384—Edward   C.   Traves,   522   Royal   Ave.,   Xew   West-  .    minster   Buiek   (old)  341S—T   A.  Swift, Abbotsford  Chevrolet  3434—G   Wilkinson, Chilliwack  7. - Ford*  '3 171—John Thomas,  Millardville  Ford  3723—James Nelson,   R. R. Xo   1, Chilliwack  ..Ford  3781—D. A. Boscowitz.vHotel Vancouver McLaughlin  ;<S01-— Dr. M. T. MacEarcheti, G'15 12th' Ave.. ...Willys  3805—B. K   Shinsfle Co, Seymour Garage       Ford  3S10—AlbernwPoultry Supply, 1176 Robson St  Ford  3S4G—P.  C.  Russanotl',  3H Maui St Foid  3S55—J. Vitucn Co,  HI Cordova E Ford  3S08—H   G. Frith, 37th & Carnarvon St Chevrolet  ,'jsic—Harry  Duker Ltd,  122  Gth Ave   W Chevrolet  4129—B   O.  Pinder,  It It  I 3th Ave. E  .Chevrolet  4132—Dr.   H.  XV.  Morley,   Cloverdale        Chevrolet  4 12b—W. b.  Whiteside, 1G24 Salisbury Drue Ford*  452S—J. H. Johnson,  Prince George           Russell*  4-151—Alex. O'Connor, 697  36th Ave. E, So'.th  Van.. .      l-onP  4109—C. E   Xelson,  1906 14th Ave. XV Ford  .1533—Russell  Peden,  South   Fott George 1" ord  6336—H. Auchmvole, Jingle Pot  Mine, Nanaimo.. McLaughlin  C33S—A.  640S—II  0 17 1—M.  6! 78—O  '64 90—l;  6779—C.  67 S3—E  6809—S.  6811—B  68 2'5—.1.  6S2S—P..  750.'!—L.  8500-  8501-  87 7 5-  8777-  No.  71-  505-  689-  1 100-  1 129-  1699-  22 18-  2295-  2395-  2436-  2553-  25 60-  29 17-  ,3314-  334 :i  34 22  3527  3839  385 6  3871  4 319  4 375-  44 90-  4691-  4791  0024-  5052  5219-  5G99-  5705-  6084-  64 88-  6G04-  6711-  G793-  7122-  7747-  7796-  7873-  8042-  84 10-  Ford  .Chevrolet  . .Ford  Cheviolet  .    ..   .Ford   Winton   Willys  .Paige   D.  Chevrolet  Ford*  . .....  Ford*    Dodge  ..   .      .Ford  .Chevrolet  St _    Paige  Wiil\x  Pod-it*   . Willys  Dodge  .McLaughlin  Willvs  Will v.-,  ..   M.iwvell  .   . I oid  Cadillac  C'hi'V i oh t  '      .     Willj m  StU(leb<il>i  < 'halmt 11  Chevtol'-t  McLaiighlm   Willys  TBAWSTEKS X  Address Car  Victoria    Republic  C     ...     . McLaughlin  ... . .Foid  .   .   Foid   Ford  Foid  ...........Hupp.  Rossland,   Rossland ...Austin  u.  m;UK.-ave, 619 Harbinger Ave.,  Victoria...,....L   M   |..  Vancouver Motor Supplies, S27 Hastings St.VV...Hudsori  J.  H. Saxon,   1207  Sophia St. ■ AljrVoti  Gilbert T.illoch, R- K. NcJ. 1, New Westminster........!-ord  Andrew   ll.oggan,   Merritt   ••;--"••;;•••;—7"':v""7'Vv;"jVlalua<j  Marsh. Mutton Powers Co., 509 2nd St., New West-  minster         - '• ......caumac  B. Ball, Como.\  L   Jenkins, Wellington   .    r   1''   Kirkpatrlck, Vernon  ,  J   LeBlanc,  Lumby '   Kinlock,   Coldstream,  Vernon       J. V. Spratt, Rockland Ave,  Victoria  S   II. Winn, Rossland   Herchmer,   Fcrnie   Casaelstine,   Lillooet  ....'   H. Sledge, 1723 Bank St, Victoria       S   Clarke, 1217 Mitchell  St,  Victoria  .1   Crosina,   153 Mile  House, Cariboo Rd  Columbia Paper Co , 103S Hamilton St   ■D. Sutherland,   IG03   13th Ave.   15. .      ..  Oi"i'dl.in Xot-thwst Steel Co.   161b Como\  -Evelvn   M.   Lawrence.   433   Richaids  St .  j,g00—B   C." Copper  ( o.  Greenwood   S801—Ralph  P   Couth. Grand Forks   SS02—James  Blake,  Grand   Forks ...   ..  j,X0.'.—W   S.  McPhurson,  Grand   Forks  SSOI—Owen   Wheeler,   Rock   Creek      XWir,—.v.  O    Hendriekson,   Phoenix   }st,0,;—jj.  n   dimming,  Ashciolt        ,   -   -,.       •  SS07—F. B   Ward, Douglas Lake,- Ashcrolt  «>s,(,S—G.  U.  Armstioiig, Merritt         t>Sl 1—I.  P. Shaw,  Kamloops . .  <.<?i:>—,\     St\ei,   Wal'ichin . -   •  g,Si3 W.  II* Stevens,   129  Battle St.,  Kamloops  >   I u..'-   ii        --    W'llacliin   ..  . .  8S15—G.  II.  Hoffman,  Shuswap   8.-.3I—i.inieh  i.  ilii'l,  Duncan        -   ■•   •  jjvjii—W, A.  Webb, Nanaimo    Name  -J. G   Patteison,  1211   Oscar St.,  -James   ISoiirman,   2.58   15th   Ave  -T.  Diew, Vernon  •■•  ■  -John  McRae,   Travellers Jlotel  .  -Hugh   Lambert,   Millardvllle   .  -C   .1    Pain-au,   Aldergrove    ..   .  -E.  C. Walsh,  3200  Victoria  Drive  -City   of  -L.  Redgrave,  619  —Ernest   D. Clapp  2725  6th   Ave.   W.  -F. McMullan, "4397 Commercial St., South Van....      I'ord  -A   P   Blvth. 307 Vancouver St., Victoria Hudson  -Jay  Fry,   Clinton   ;,—;v;'";""e;   -C.  H. Stanley,  67th  Ave.  &. Minto St   -M.  C.  Smith,  Chilliwack -   -W.  Pearson,  Mount   Tolrnie,   Victoria....  -Richmond   Garage,   Marpole  -C.   Cameron,   521   Superior   St  McLaughlin   ..Ford   Ford   .....Ford  Studebaker  „   Victoria Studebaker  A.  Kavoie,  RoHsland   Ave.,   Trail    ..Ford  P.  Burns & Co., Vernon   McLaughlin  John   Ryan,   Fmser   Mills °ver&"!  N. Rothechlld, Rose Hill, Kamloops  I'm  ■H. H. S. George, North Kamloops  •,•/;-;•—,- \\on\  Wood Motor (Jo., 1019  Rockland Ave.,  Victoria  -ord  Robert   Incc, 737 Beltor. SU Victoria    ;or  J.  F. Green, 40 28th Ave.   E '.ord  Ralph  Medd,  Mllner • \'on\  Edith  K.  isacon, Kamloons    "r  C. A. roiofson, Murrayvllle [ord  T   F. Ready, 571 Broadway VV I'ord  .:. MOLES .:.  We Drill Them Any Size, Any Denth,  For^Any Purpose A,  ROBINSON CONTRACTING CO., Limited  K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer  1   , Specializing  in  Foundation  Test  and  Core Drilling  <f,  Gut Your Selling Cost  Tiie more sales you make the less is the  cost per sale. _ >•,'■'  . ^Advertising ' will  help increase  sales; t     ,  .  give it a chance/ *,,-,'  -   , The British  Columbia'Uncord  reaches, the   architect, the- contractor. • Do   "    ;  you self them? r [-     \     l       '     ,    "  *  '>   - A favorable impression is made for your  •   '   <  goods, for your service, and* the selling cost is  cufdown.   Let's talk it over.      .  . • y _~  '    'CAiL\8EYMOTT'R 7808 ",   * I <  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  '§?■  \ -  . *-""-<s  MIMICO SEWER PIPE  e~ * ■  ,     VITRIFIED AND SALT-GLAZED  isv  ^  By Actual Touts Marie This Year in Kansas City, Mo.  -■i.l  THE SUPERIOR   OF   NEARLY   EVERY   BRAND  OF SEWER  PIPE MADE ON  THIS CONTINENT  <?v  THE ONTARIO SEWER PIPE COMPANY, LIMITED  WIMICO, ONTARIO  -i'"'**L'r»^"**vi*,,ii*  "*•-£*&  ".-   Ji7lY%l  '^Y \Z3*H  J^% -J' J-^l  Y" * . H  ."8;  \   ^\  y-3!  IT' FAYS  YOU HAVE SERVICE FOR SALE  ADVERTISE IT!  YOU HAVE A REASON FOR BEING IN '  c   BUSINESS  ADVERTISE ITS  —YOU REALTOR THAT THE BETTER YOU ARE  KNOWN THE MORI. BUSINESS YOU WILL DO.  ASK OUR ADVERTISING MANAGER TO TALK  THE MATT UK OVER WITH YOU.  SEYMOUR 7808  PUBLISHERS   BRITISH  CQfiUMBlA.  RECORD      -    ,  AUTOBILE INSURANCE  Fire—Theft— Liability—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY-   4911      FOR RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.  '■i   A  \t


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