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 j-.*   « J *,<*   a .,-£.  »>BrK»Nk3^"/^,*  —'tF4V^fL-!^ '"l-v,  ,v» <i   ■Vijrr»*>-*«¥«i»'i5itrr'tr!rn9»f^iai  "■?-  VOL. XIX. No. 36  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  '" COLUMBIA  a Frenc^x., —i t. —^^ ^ws, BOIMn, „, mTmMm„t mmmro. »„«„, ^ *»S^TSES«22  Itallnrl     mTnn^aw «.m  m ■ _  _        _ —— _-. . , w ^  ^A4*A£9  *       .."ill.l!2tt2a    '   ®  Putllsliod  Monday  Wednesday and Ptlda-f  VANCOUVER, B.C„ WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 1920  SOLIGNUM  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  Wood Preservative and Stain:-  Recommended  for all  woodwork,  inside and outside.    It  does not  evaporate, .like ordinary stains, and as a result goes further.  Covering;:- ,  Dressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles, dipped 8 lo 9 inches, iy2 gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Sey. 4795 - 4796  P&XCE—Per .Year In Advance  ?n -Month   ....  9iao»  Oar New Meress; 530 H0WE ST.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  roue -doom  iinruaHTs  JOBBZHO  BEOW PIPING  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is. Seymour 2172  IT PAYS TO SPECIFY  Delaval Steam Turbines and Centrifugal Pumps  Canadian Sirocco Fans and Blowers '  O.  H. WHEELER  CONDENSERS — VULCAN SOOT CLEANERS.   COXE   MECHANICAL   STOKER EQUIPMENT  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS   "   '   !     -  Credit Fonder Building * Telephone Seymour M*  umber  D ascription  Cost  BPIEDIWO  PEBMITS  AMOUKTINO   TO tSOO OK  OVXK IHUEO AT  THE VAHOOIIVn CITX MAXA TXSTiaDAY  irp  Bldg $20,000  la   >gue   $25,000  '   ag   9J.O0O  lg  '.  $3,907  ■« -'  11,500  •  $2,000  .ons     $1,000  Street Address  lot and Block  Columbia &  Cordiva  St 25,  26—G  TOG 10 Pender St. E 1, 2—76  2201  7th Ave.  E 39—151  1605 13th Ave. W 11—409  2C54  Georgia E .' 9—79  459 l lth Ave. E 22—125  130 Hastings St. E '.  Subdivision  19G    „  1 Si Gardiner & Mercer  2G4A      52&  City Building Dept.  U. T. S. :.   264A       Architect  Contractor  Address  Snider Bros. & Son    Snider Bros. & Son   Owner  _   J. W. Crofts  ?.   Owner  :. „   A. A. & D. D. McDonald, 4106 Ontario  Lessees-,     . ■      ,   _..  Owner  Address  Mr.  Bernstein  .'.   Shaarey Zedeck Building Fund   Luigi Marino     City of Vane. & H. T. Langford   Joseph Robitaille  .- *.'.  Trustees of the Highland Church...,  Sorenson Bros., lessees  '.   Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  H A R D W O -O • D S  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock Is tho Moot Comploto on tho Pacific Coast  DO YOU NEED ANY FIR PANELS'  Wo Have a targe Stock off Sandod Ono Side  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  I 1320 RICHARDS ST; SEY. 1196 VANCOUVER, B.C.  . t    ' N I U  • '  r-   _„/• Clayburn Firebrick, Special!  FT.OFGOLUMWA AY Shaped Firebrick, Pressed      *  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, Hydratod  Linie, etci'  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  EUCIRICAl EN6HIEERS  ANO  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical' Constructloa  V-HNE SETMNI 154  State* Bilk BuJUsf  VMeNTEt - WWIIrGs  HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT  Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. ' SEYMOUR 6110  I   ------- *  BUILDING  PERMITS  CHAMPION & WHITE  ..  Get Our Price On  BUILDING  MATERIALS  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  J    Seymour 9570  1083 Main St-  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery  and  Supplies  B.C. Distributors For  ■*s.  ,,xV  c**"  T  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS a GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  Sey: 4738 - 4739 858 - 60 Cambie St.  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at all Lars* Manufacturing Contros I  1197S—F. W. Russell-Rigby, garage,  3G54 11th Ave. W., $100.  '*   119S0—A.   J.   Sutton,   garage,   3306  ;_ctli Ave. XV., $75. o'     "     ,  '119S1—Mrs. A. J. Dammam, garage,  1316 Walnut' St., §200.  11 ess—Mrs. F. E. I-Ieay, garage, 2616  Kitchener St..  *100.  119S4—Louie   Bros.,   partition,   2202  Granville St., $100.  . 119S5—R.     H.    McDuffee,    garage,  a'S75- -iath..Ave.. XV.,. ilOO.-,.- ^•^-.•-.-w.  ' 11.9S7—Kozai & Co.. alterations, 758  6th Ave. W.,-$50;  M. Paauet, contr.   -  11.9S9—G. Rennie, addition  503 16th  Ave. E., $100.  11,990—F.   XV.  Rainer,  garage,  2943'  Eton St., $100.  ASK BIDS ON STORE AND  OFFICE  BUIiLDING  SOON  Plans are now'being prepared and  tenders' will be called • shortly by  Architects Townley & Matheson, 325  Homer street, for the erection of a  two-storey store and office building in  a town in the interior." The structure  will'be 50 by j00 feet in size and  built of hollow tile and face brick.  The ground floor will be used for  stores while-the upper floor'will be  laid out for offices and apartments.  The building will cost in the neigh-  bprhood^of^^s'^qo. .It Is expected!  that the plans wiN be ready,fSr'-*-;»«-•  ers in about a lortnight.^due notice  of which will appear in these columns.  DARLING &  T  &CO.  ^^^  ^^^ I    '. "■'■  rtTHQR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Clbsi Quarter Pistil Air Drills- Rmttni Hasat-rs  Chipping Banners- -Wood Birers-Tarbini aN Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reaairs, Etc.  „      Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey. 41OO  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  ESTABLISHED  1898  eAVT^ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN      ,    .  SAND,. GRAVEL, BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Main St. Islsphons Seymour 12W  I J. A. FLETT Limited  Corbln Lock and Building; Hardware  SPORTING; GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  COMPETITION   FOR   PROPOSED  CHURCH   ATr PENTICTON  Copies of conditions for the competition have been received by the Council  of the Architectural'Institute.  The conditions are considered to be  j satisfactory, and architects- are advised by the Council that they are free  to compete,.  Philpot-Macdonald Co., Limited.  Electrical Engineers  X.. B. FSXZfOT 2>. -MAC-DONALD  CONSULTING - INSTALLATIONS - POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  1573 Main St. Phone :-   Fair. 3623  PREPARING  PLANS FOR1  SIX-ROOM  BUNGALOW  Architect Maclure & Lort, Credit-  Foncier building,- have been .-commissioned to prepare plans for a six-roonv  bungalow to be erected for Mr. Walter Dixon at North' Vancouver. The  plans for the new dwelling are well  under way and the architects expect  to have them ready to call for tenders  about August 1.  TENDERS  NOW OPEN ON  NEW ADDITION TO BANK  PENTICTON—The  tenders  for  the  erection  of the new addition for  the  f "Bank   of   Montreal   here   have   been  opened,   tabulated   and   forwarded   to  the head office of the bank in Montreal  for   approval    and    sanction    of    the  award to the lowest tender.    It is expected that .the announcement of the  award will be made In about another  fortnight.   -  The plans for the building were prepared by Architects Bell & Curtis of  Vernon, while Architects Swan &  Augustine of this city, are understood  to be appointed as supervising architects to carry out the construction.'  The building is expected to "cost in  the neighborhood of $15,000 to $18,000.  tmrr*jw++*i>s¥rt"i ££1 £*P^™"  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  -—■ ■—^^§>i ;   i  SEAMS, CHAJT-WXlg, AVOI.ES^P'bA'nS, TEXS, COZ.UMVS  COMFZ.ETEJ.T EQUIPPED TABXICATUTO BSOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST SJEQ. COY, Ltd.  ••' >'"'*!  Fairmont 9396 and '3397  ▼snoon-rsr, M. 0*.  r  -^  ROOFING  ud  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  LIMITED  Sand   for   color    card   of    BARRETT'S  . VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  j Cor. lOttl Ave. a Arbutus St. - Telephones Bay.63 and 64  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  Seymour 7300  Estimates Given  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE CABBY* A COMPLETE LINE OF  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy and Sholf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  f   Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANUFACTtmERS  OP  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want        •  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  ROBT.  MONCRIEFF GETS  COURTENAY   SCHOOL-JOB  VICTORIA—It is understood that  Mr. Robert Moncrieff of tins city submitted the lowest of a considerable  number of tenderers on the new.Courtenay school. This is to be an eight-  room building, semi-fireproof, and will  cost in the neighborhood of'$-17,000.  It is expected the official announcement of the award to Mr. Moncrieff  will be made in a few days now.  TRAIL   PRESBYTERIANS  TO ERECT NEW CHURCH  TRAIL—Plans have been prepared  by Architect N. Emms Read, Bay  Avenue, for a handsome new church  for the local Presbyterian congregation.    The new edifice is to be ereci-  government invites  bids on new Wharf  The   federal   department   of  public  works, Ottawa, is inviting tenders for  the construction  of a floating  wharf  at Princess Creek, on Kootenay Lake,  in   the   kootenay  district'.     Bids   will  August 10, at the office of Mr.'.RYC.  be  received  up  to noon of Tuesday,  Desrochers,  secretary *of  the  department,   Ottawa.     Plans and  specifications and form of contract' can be obtained at the office of the district engineer at Nelson, and the post office  at Ainswortli, B. C.   Each tender must  be accompanied by the usual ten per"  cent, check.  DOMINION BRICK  For Sale by  Champion & White;  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;  Tlios. G  McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie, Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Grarel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head  Office.  102 Moody  Block  VICTORIA, B.C  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  s-Enrro-Rcnra steei.:—  ^SLrs \°oC deta«s,ind StCel Bal"S'   W* C"* t0 leneth'    Cold T^lst at"l Ben4  BOI.TS!—  Drift Bolts Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepare*  to furnish larpe orders of Special! Bolts on short notice  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  POWLAHD CEMENT — LIME - SCOTCH PIBE BEICS — PISE   C&AT  OBAPHPTE rOTJlfDBY rACIWOS — COKE — SEA COAX  PIG XBOBT —■ BXACXSailTB COAX. — "BHASTZLA ROPE  103 WINCH BLDG.  PRIVATE EX. SEY. 9197  ASK.TENDERS FOR VAULT  AND   SOME   ALTERATIONS  Tenders are being invited by the  provincial public works * department  for the erection and installation of -3  new vault and also a number of al:  WE  CAW X&ZE XaOSESXATE  DELIVERY OP  ed on a site secured at the corner of  torations to the court house and gov-  Pine    Avenue    and    Eldorado    street  Architect Read is  now inviting 'tend  ers for the nexv church and bids wiir"|-Friflay' July 30  be received, up to Saturday, July 31  ernment buildings at Ashcroft.    Tend  ers   wil]   be   received  up  to  noon  of  Just Received 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  A*  I  REASONABLE PRICES  Call &:ad *m na. or plcdn*. >  •   South End of Connaught Bridge  Phoae Fair. 918-919 .        Vancouver, Bi a  (Continued■• to pag*e  2)  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Manag-ex  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  I    5Pw«mty Tjwm' S^pgrieao, to tM Brandies  Adyio»:-j- -JProtabl* ^6rk^l&rt^U^^^^  ~>  Westminster Iron Works  OfBce and Works Teith Street  l&w Westtninster, Bi-04-:  Phone 83 m^mt  1  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  <Establ.fshed   1911)"'  "Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday by the  Record Publishing Company  RECORD  \  Plate»!Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc. .  Wholesale and Retail  W. MOLT & SON  -436 Dufferin St.  Fairmont 123S  \1*  ■A newspaper or general circulation,  SHttnring Building, Contracting. Engin-  •arltaR. Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, City and Harbor  ■Xnprovemehts.  CL a NELSON...;MANAGING EDITOR"  Office and Plant  ' Ponder St.W„ Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7808  Sabicxiptloa Mttfm  Tear in Advance' $10.00  Month     1.01  -subscriptions   are   payable   -strictly  in  advance.  orrxozAx.okoak.  "The British Columbia Record is the  ■eStetel organ of The Architectural Inati-  *4a*e of British Columbia, federated with  '"-fBb* Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such is used by them as  SM medium through which to make ttteir  eSacial announcements- to the general  •esiic. _  By such selection .the British Colum-  M*i Record is no wise pledged to edl-  *tartftl"" support of _ any.. policy advanced  kr these societies, but maintains, an ab-  ■•tately Independent position on-allmat-  "*'      subject to editorial oointon.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of -which the business men and women of  the citv are certain of the  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Cepjerley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED XX 1886  No.1 . HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  Ho. 2 - 012   PENDER    ST.  WEST  Good   Eats  44 Tbe Good Food Restaurants  amination, registration and licensing  of plumbers a higher standard of installation and fixtures may be expected in the future, if the journemen  -plumbers- live up to the present plans  of tbe master plumbers.  CHEAP PLUMBING  IN  MODERN  HOME IS VERY POOR  ECONOMY.  -    Economy is a virtue that all home  tntiJders should practice, especially 'in  ~XMs era of inflated prices, but it is  "Jeertainly   not   economy to - buy .-the  cheapest things in the .market.    The  Ibest things' are always more economical in the end.    If the pocket books  vime limited, it is better to go without  «n»e articles in order that the indis-  :1P«nsab1e ones may be the very best  •'obtainable.     Cheap, plumbing is   the  -worst possible economy.   Even in the  ▼ery smallest house all plumbing.fix-  ^tnres should be of the very best quality,  libss through constant repair can  'i^jc-orrected  by installing first class  •Sa-nitary .kitchens,, bathrooms and  3aundries are a constant., joy ,'as .well  "as a good business investment. - Nothing is more precious than the health  of the family, and health depends to  -* Kreat extent on the sanitary plumb-  ias. For the bathroom there are built  in  tubs   with  no   exposed   plumbing,  ROAD  CONTRACT TO  BE  ,  . LET SOONt SAYS DR. KING  Hon. Dr. J. H. King, provincial minister of public works, who passed  through, the city yesterday from Victoria on his' way to the interior, announced that the contract for the paving of the remaining" section" of the  highway from Kings way to Ladner  will be awarded, next week. A number of local firms have submitted fenders/on this work.  The minister intends to make a tour  of inspection of points in the interior  where new highway work and road  paving for the government as under  way.  *&£&  VICTORIA   FIXING   UP  ITS CITY HALL OFFICER J  VICTORIA—With the object of securing a ' more efficient arrangement  of the offices in the city hall, extensive  alterations are being carried out, especially to the city comptroller and  city treasurer's offices. The counters  are being re-arranged to give greater  convenience  to   the   public  and   also  gestion' when the rush comes ■ later-on  to pay the current year's taxes. The  alterations will cost about $1,000.  GRANT  CERTIFICATES  TO 49  CIVIL  ENGINEERS  _. Applications are now being receiv-.  standard wash basins, medicine cab- ed hv the British Columbia Associa-  met* and innumerable fittings of por- tion of Professional Engineers for  eelaln and white steel products.  Glass  membership in this organization which  FAMOUS HOTEL  BURNS;  ~"      '    PLAN TO REBUILD SOON  HARRISON HOT SPRINGS—A few  toppled chimneys and a pile of debris  are all that now remain to mark the  place   where the   famous   St.   Alice  Hotel stood for the last 35 years until  fire broke out in the roof and totally  consumed, the big, three-story wooden  structure last   Sunday.     There    was  probably no hotel in all British Columbia so widely known, not only in this  province but all over the world, as the  St.- Alice,  owing to  the  hundreds  of  .thousands, who had.been sheltered under its roof In the last 35 years and  who' had received more or less benefit and some really miraculous cures  from   the   hot   mineral   water   baths  there.    The loss is estimated at $50,-  000, although the hotel had long since  ceased-to be classed as anything like  a modern frame hostelry.   Its patron-  age^ was of course entirely due to .the  present   of   the   famous  hot   springs,  located a few hundred yards away.on  the shore of Harrison .Lake.  Although, the entire big,' 150-room  structure wa6 completely consumed in  a little over an hour, most of the contents of the lower floors were saved  and are now stored in the pavilion, a  separate wooden building used for  dancing and concerts. This was due  to the fact that the fire started in the  roof and had to eat its-way downward and also against the wind. Arrangements are said to be underway  to erect a temporary frame building  to provide limited accommodation at*  the- springs, pending completion of  plan for rebuilding on a larger and  strictly* modern scale.  Some time ago it was reported that"  the syndicate which owns this property had refused an bITer'ot ?25t),000  fbr^^rrtromvtbe^C.;^. R. , it is now  rumored that negotiations have been:  reopened for the property now that  the old hotel has gone up in smoke.  WM.  O. MARBLK  M.  K.  ■   J. P.  HODGSON r. T. KIN  I A.   ,M.   INKT.   C.   K.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.     Seymour 6506  739 Hastings St. W. Sty. 7830  Ground Floor, Winch Bldg-.  Vancouver, B. C.  Robertson & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections, Design, Reports, Construction  Industrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves  and   Piers.      Power  I'lanU  Industrial Railways  . Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BLDG.    SEY. 9217  SHINGLES  GET OUR CASH ON DELIVERY. PRICE  Write  McVICAR SHIN6LE MFG., CO.  Burquitlam, B.C.  (Continued from pag*«  1)  Plans and specifications of the vault  and the alterations to the buildings as  proposed can be seen at the office of  J. Mahoney, government agent, court  house, Vancouver, or at the office of  J. Alexander, court house, Ashcroft, or  the department of public works, Victoria. All bids should be addressed to  Mr. A. E. Foreman, provincial government engineer.  '  r  The Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F.C. NICKERSON  BCanaffsr •*''  gey. 5870 +M Hsstlsrs St. Wsst  VancouTsr, B. 0.  /EEEW®  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX   MOTORS   LIMITED  1233 Hornby St. Sey.-S46l  NEW RESIDENCES TO BE  ERECTED AT KAMLOOPS  KAMLOOPS—Three new residences  are to be commenced at once on corner sites   in the  residential  district.  One is to be handsome home for Mr.  W. Graham at the corner of River and  McKinnel roads.    Another new dwel;  ling is to be built for Mr. J. E. Hicks  at the corner of Larty and Hampton  Roads, while a third  structure is  to  comprise a home for Mr. J. McKnott  at  the  corner of  Hunter  and   Larty  Roads.    Each will cost-in the neighborhood of about $4.00u.  I  Point Grey Building Supply]  COMPAVT  Sand, Gravel. Torpedo Gravel, Crushed  Rock, Brick. Lime. Plaster, Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  Ebxums a r. a Antrus St. ft Marin* Dr.  MABFOUE, B. C.  IMB!  Issal ml  S.M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  RErmOERATIQiX  let biUh MNts Hi MM stm|<ustiw  U:l  Mnl nfrifintmiM ptatU fir U cniag mfKK  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Undo Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Aye. Hiah. 822  GET OUR PRICE ON  " Fine ESCAPES  ••  Bay.   1043  2120-2130  Cedar  St  «r porcelain shelves and towel racks  are also a lasting and economical accessory.    "Biltin" soap holders, towel  .anfl toothbrush holders, chairs, stools.  <»8tnmers,    sponge-holders    and even  scales, can be had, so that it is pos-  • fdble, with the use of tiled walls and  floors, ).o have an  immaculate   bath-room that is easy to keep clean. Those  who desire color can introduce it in  :a charming border of tile that comes  4n *erery shade.  The modern kitchen is the pride of  ,    the .housewife.    Through  considerate  srrangement of the kitchen specified  fty a competent architect, and within  n Vhite, one-piece porcelain sink, icebox, tiled walls and composition* floor,  the kitchen is a delightful place.   The  kitchen   sinks   made   with   back  and  drain "boards and sink all of one cast-  :,mg are absolutely sanitary, -for there  is no crack or joint for grease, germs  or insects   to   lodge.     Even   laundry  trays are made in one piece.    Other  moeern    sanitary   equipment for the  Idtchen   are culinary    tables,    mixing  tables  with   porcelain   top,   vegetable  sinks   and   garbadge   cans.     For   the  'kitchen  also  there   are   pure   white  •cooking cabinets and glass shelves.  . -■ .So important is good plumbing to  ihe "health  and  safety of the  household that federal, provincial laws and  city   ordinances   control  the   installation  of plumbing fixtures.    In some  cities health officers see to it that the  piping of each house is'kept^in good  •condition   so  that  the .health  of  the  . .family or possibly the city, is not endangered    through    one    individual's  • 'neglect.    In Vancouver, with  the  ex-  has   been  authorized  and  created   by  the" Engineering Profession Bill which  was   passed  by  the   provincial   legislature at its session last spring.    All  engineers  in  the  province  are "given  one year from July 1, 1920, to apply  for   membership   in   the   association,  their qualificatons being passed upon  by a board of examiners which have  been   duly   elected   already   and   em-  bface some of the most eminent engineers' in  the province.  Already a list of 49 certificates have  been granted applicants under, the provisions of the new act. The following  comprise those who have already been  accepted:  CIVIL ENGINEERS.  E. G. Matheson, D. O. Lewis, H. U  Robertson, T. T. Dunlop, J. H. Pills-  bury, W. A. Richardson, H. M. Bur-  well, W. Anderson, W. H. Eassie, J.  B. Holdcroft, A; L. McNaugTiton, R.  H. Lee, R. Towler, .K. Alexander, F.  H. All'wod, D. McMuIlan, H. G. Randel-  rome, F. J. Whittaker, J. A. Walker,  H..-K. Dutcher, J. H. Devey, C. R.  Crysdale, W. G. Swan, A. K. Robertson, F. L. McPherson, XV. F. Richard-  son, E. E. Verner, A. L. Corruthers,  Ft. M. Taylor J. A. Stephen, R. W. Mac-  Intyre.  'MINING ENGINEERS.  S. S.'. Towler, J. M./Turnbull, A. W.  Davis, Henry Lee, R. D. Hearn, P. B.  Freeland, F. W. Guernsey, RY W.  Breck, A. G. Langley, W. . E. Nelson,  G. P. Jones, T. Graham, R. H. Stewart,  B. E. Eastman,     ' -  MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL AND  MARINE.  G. A. Walkem, T. Halliday, F. Sa'w-  ford, J. McMillan.  POINT   GBEY  PERMITS  2S86—L. Steven, 3450 27th Ave.,  cottage, ?1,000, Owner, Contr.  2887—D. Weir, 3519 27th Ave., cottage, $1,200, Owner, Contr.  2888-G. H. Sadler, 3308 40th Ave.,  bungalow, $4,500, Owner, Contr.  u  Peter Tardiff  General  Contractor  REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS  121 Bidweil St. g   Sey.7898R  J. Hanbury & Co.  Orders You Should  Have Had  .. .Tim   inn   f.-ai<l   success   is  dud*  to  facts and   foresight."    There  is  no   use   setting   news   of  a   nice .  fat contract after all the bids are •  in—but    yours.     MacLean    Kives  you DAI Li." a batch of live   time-  IIv  rpporrs  on  Building & Engineering  contracts 'that will result in a  Keener sales force, more orders  and in. cuttfns down selling: ex- '  penscs for you. We are serving  hundreds *>f the more aggressive  houses year after year. Why  not you?  Write for full information.  2?ic£?.*n..n,£-il3r **P°rt". limited.  812 Winch BWfir., ▼•ncouT.r, B.C.'.  Tel«phon«—Seymour ■3013.  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for.Sale'  Pourth Ave. and Granville. St.  Bayview 1076  i PEARSON MURE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORK-  ERS and WEAVERS  Nofhing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  ;£ITY MARKET BIJILDING  . Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  YOURfRINPG  should be      ,  A   100fo  Advertising. Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  vA. HAZEEDINEH*  ^ PRINTING   CO.  Phone Sey- 318 516 Fender W.  Jot if down  in a  CANADIAN JOHNS -MAIVVILLE   j  Company, Limited. ■ . 1:  Asbestos and its allied products  f - *  Roofing and  Roof Coatings  Pipe Installations.   Mastic Flooring  738 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 4427  REPORTS  Loose leaf Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figirres and all  kinds of; data,, such as every  busy* person needs.     ^  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact memo book.  Press the (rigger  and the rings open  No more torn sheets. No  fumbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs. Y,  Costs little, luu alway*, because it  IS bound in srenuine Morocco.  Let us show the De Luxe  Loose Leaf Memo to YOU.  Western Specialty  672  Granville  St.   -    Sey.  3526  2(7 WINCH BUILDING »EY.   63*1  THEO. KORNER  BENDERS   EXPERT   ASSISTANCE  TO  THE    PROFESSION  ARCHJTECTCHA1    ASTD     LAXD8CAPE    Dr.filOK  sir»rrcit   pi.a.vs   a.vb  pehki-kctivks  SIJHVKTS,  OE.VKRAI,  DRAUOlrnXO  GILLEY BROS. Limited  CRUSHED  RdCrf^SAND   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS  O^BIJILDING   MATSlAL     EL  Phon. IS *«H 1A     9°2  Co,^,nbla »*«"•* West  Phone IS aim 16 Naw Westminster, B.C.  Classified Advertisingr  Record Headers are. as a rule, business  apd professional men -who have tho  money to buy something good if thev  desire It. If you have something- pood  to,sell let the Record readers know-  about It. The average purchasing'  power of the Record reader is greater than, that of any other publication  In Brtish Columnia.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories,     Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOSXT  7.   XOBBIS  Say. 3418  Sey. 931 -Evening*        1758 Robson St.  MACHINERY  THE shipping GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST   ,    ...   VANCOUVER, B.  PHONE:- SEY.  7808  c.  iiwiiiiiim  r- _ — _ »- __^  PRICED FOR QUICK SALE.  We offer a steel frame building, K.D.;  size 2G ft. x 150 ft. x 25 ft high;  details on application.    Delivery in ten days.  THIS STRUCTURE   HAS  SUFFERED  NO  DEPRECIATION  ATLAS STEEL PRODUCTS, LTD.  Fhones: Sey. 3066 and Soy. 3067 G-IEAN"VTXI.E ISJCAKD  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathee,  Wire rope, rails, oars, machinery of al!  krmls.  irATIOKAZ.  KAOHIKEBT  CO.  935 Mala St.  Bay. flOB  Uued   Machinery   of  All   Kinds  Bought  and  Sold.  B. O. -EQTTEPMEIffT CO., XTD.  Bant of Ottawa Blag. Sey. 9040  See   0s  Por All Kinds of Machinery  WEIR   MACHINEBT  CO.   IrT3>.  1396 Blchards St. Soy. 7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd  successors; to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal arid Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 715S  Vancouver, B. C.  1150 Homer Street  •Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing-,    Multlgraphinp,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  OENTEAL PUBX.IO STENOOKAHPEBS  Sey.  S078 414 Dominion  Bldg-.  CORD  flRST  isssgsassassBEEBm  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - ORE ESCAPES  PIPE and RTTJNGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE  GALVANIZE EVEBYTHIWO BY HOT PROCESS  m  Fairmont 971  IRON and GALVANIZING  WORKS  Office and Works, 225 - 5th % Vancouver, B. C.  \  -dmsUm-M.  I   JiHsfiifl <^:K!;ff«'^  ■'• <yjvi»^w^-»A^j^i-i*7*-«<*tti*i:^»^ ii;,.;ii,_»*uw.^ji ri' i:/,,t.-ii.^i04^^i-^;^ii^:;X£SiX&.  r»\:J::i*hy.,.-r<~-iirip^,n..,..^;:.-7r*rr.vnl<-->'v-i..-^-~ii,i*  "W5:'X?  t  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  .11  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONtRETE  325 Howe St.  Sty. 376B"Bay.H2BR  I Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all Muds »t Wlrs Work.  112-16   Dufferin  St. Fair.  26-1S  THE   rOUOWINO   TABtE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS   COSING   «5,000    OB    OVXB,    OH    WHZCX    COH8TBVCXZOH    XS  UNDER WAY, OB OW WHICH* CONTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET Bt7T COH8TBUCTIOH SOTTET STABTED.  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIQH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes & Horie  General   Contractor*  836 Howe St.  Seymour 1389  EDWARD COX  Qeneral Contractor  Cabinet Meklns Fixture*  Sey. 1163 f        Rear 530 Hewe SL  Character   ............  Three-story   Bank :.:..„..'  Hemodelling .■ „........Y......  tJChOOl   Bldg.    ...;......   Kesidence   Theatre  .........Y..........;....;.  "AIterations    ;.;.......:....  Alterations .:......  Alters,   to   Bank..   Residence :.„..  Residence   Kesidence   Alterations   Kesidence .'....'....   Residence :.......  Tile Barn ...  Addns. A Alters „.'.....„....  Residence '.......'.::.:   Residence ;   Residence   Gas Tank   Residence   Addns. and Alters   Rectory      Three-Storey   Bldjr   Int.  Alterations  ..............  Res id ence   Tile  Residence    Residence   Coal  Shed  & Wharf   Warehouse   Residence    T>  DAV1ES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General   Contractors  Creiit-Foicier Bldf.   ViieoBver, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company/Limited  Qeneral Centractore  SOS Richard. St.   •   Sey. S320  W.GREEN LEES  COWTBACTO*  Pile  Driving, Wharves  Brldffss,  ,   roundfrtions, «tc.  407 Cordova St. XV. Seymour 10S3  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. LIMITED  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  Standard Bank Bide.    •  Sey. 7920  —j  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Seysov 3535  501 Pacific Bldg  'Residence   Residence   Basement   &   Elevator....  ttesidehce   Shingle Mill •■ .......  ResidenceY-':.   Residence ......  Residence ......  Gas   Plant      Bunpalow   Station    Bungalow    Residence     Residence     Residence  _ ,-..  Residence  ."—  Addns.   to  Bank     Power  House      Residence J.-.   Cattle  Sheds   Store  Bids   Cattle Barn  -"-  Residence    Residence ' .-.   Jam and Sujrar ..Rooms...  Residence'    Store   Bldg.   _   Residence  -~.   Residence .'. -'-   Kesidence  *.   Residence  -'-■  Theatre   -*-   Residence    Residence  ••■  Agronomy  Barn     Residence       Alters,   to   Store      Kesidence  '   Warehouse  Exten   Residence      Bungalow    Residence     Residence    Residence _ "•   Residence  •  Excavation   &  Fill   Factory BldR. - -.  Hebrew ■ Synagogue    P'L\'In<r .- - * ■*- ***■  Compiet'iiiK   Residence   ...  Dwelling & Garage    Bunpalow    Dwelling ,   Dwelling"  -   Store   Buildins?     Dwelling      Warehouse    Dwelling    Dwelling ..: —-  Dwelling-    itesidence  •-  Additions    ••-  Residence .-. . ^--  Bank  ■   -;mzzz  .'. Per  .......    COBt  .-.$300;000  ..' S80.000  .. .:?SOiOOO  ....". $8,500  .1300,000  " $100,000  ..-.. $10,000  ...  $15,000      $G,500  .....  $8,000     $9,000     $9,000  .. $20,000  .. $10,000  ....$13,000  ....$13,000  ....o$S,000  .... $8,000  ....   $8,00,0  ....$io.oev   $5,560  ....$14,000  ... $7,500  ....$60,000  .:....$5,000  .... $8,600  ..:.$l.i,500  .. $78,000   $9,000  .... $8,500  .... $7,000  .... $G,300  .... $5,700  ....$20,000   $7,50p  ...$S0,000  ... $5,000  ... $9,000  _. $8,000  ..$340,000  ... $4,000  .... $6.5001  ... $5,000  ...$11,000   $6,ooe  . $11,000  . $1U"»00  ...$30,000  ...$10,000  ... $5,500  .. $5,000  $20,000  ...$17,800  . $10,000  . $7,000   $9,000  $15,000  ..$13,500  centaRe  .. $7,000  .. $5,200  ... $5,000  $406,000  GREATER VANCOUVER  Location .'  Owner  Seymour A Hast...Union nank of. Canada  Dominion   Bldg   Dom.   Bank  King- Edward Avc.Pt. fercy Sch.  Boar  Shaughnessy   Heights John   Brown  3ey. & Georgia Sts...Allen  Theatre; Tor.  Cordova St..-r. David Spencer Ltd.  1505 Powell St Martin Senour Pnt. Co.  Hastings & Hamllton..Bank of Hamilton  35th"■ & Vine Sts A. L. Eaton  27th and  Cartier  W. "J.  Read  35th and  Granville   M.  Sutton  597   Hastings *W Molsons  Eank  Marine Drive ...»..., George Kidd,  Ave. "F" Shaughnessy.;......ChasL Dickson  Pt. Grey ;.......... .......University ot B. C.  7th and Granvine................A. Iv Stoddart  Magee- ......:..............'........F. H   Wright  Oak and 14th Ave.........Captain McMaster  West  Vancouver............Mrs.   J.  H.  Grady  Sth A Caroline St.........Shell Co. of Calif.  855—10th   Ave.  W..........Y........Miss -Jukes  131-33 Water St. Swart/. Bros.  Kerrisdale ..?. ..I........St. Mary's Rectory  Gore and Pender....Chinese  Nat.  League  1C8 Hastings W .„. Daily Province  54 th arid Hudson   „W. XV.  Ells  Shaughnessy   Heights-  Marine Drive  ........  1025  Main St.   349  Railway .......:....GY H,  Cottrell  4615 Avenue F.. C. J. -Phillips  90S   16th   Ave Dr.   Funk  Laburnum .........................;....A, W.  Barber  <47   Keefer St Almonds Ltd.  Sranville   St O.   M.   Allen  Kerr & Fraser River Geo..H. Steves  2800  13th Ave.* W H. D. Patterson  i'b91   29th   Ave J.   V.   Lightheart   .J.   Graham  .....B. D. Rogers  ....Burns Estate  4850 Connaught Dr.  False Creek     4678  3rd Ave. W..  .G. E. Lightheart  -Vancouver Gas Co.  ...C. H. Hilchey  .... $9,000  ....   $7,000   $11,000  ....$14,500  „....$o,500  .... $5,000  ....$10,000  . - $15,500  .... $5,000  .. $10,000  .. $10,00C  .... $7,000  .... $5,000  ..$513,001  ....$10.00*   $27,000  .. $55,000  ....$2S,000   $5,3 00  .  .   $5,400  $5,000  '.I..   $7,500  -fSn.noO  $5,000  '.'. $25,000  ....   S5.i'0.\*  $5,000  .- $5,000  $9,000  ... $7,000  _ $12,000  ..' $30,000  Hudson St.. Pt. Grey  : B. C. E. R  2242 35th Ave. \V D. Frith  Marine Drive Wm. M. McKenzie  Tarlton Place .' iDr. M. Sparrow  34th  & Markham Mrs.   C.  McTavish.  Angus Ave. & 27th *W. B.  Farris"  Cordova  St.  E .^Bank  of Montreal.  Drake St.* -.Dominion Canners LJd.  1905 12th Ave. XV Alex. Chalmers  Ft. Woodland Dr P. Burns & Co.  126 Hastings St. E.....\ Mr. Cameron  Hastings   Park Vane.  Exhib. -Assn.  49th St.. Magee.  Mrs. J. W. Allan  27th  & Selkirk  : F. W. Chapman  Drake St Dom. canners of B.C. Ltd.  2»th   &  Margaret   St F.   G.   Evans  318-20 Pender St. E H.  F.  Tong  Point Grey  C. A. Wlckens  4538   Marguerite R.   Mowbray  1174  26th  Ave -. H. De S.  Carey  6919 Cypress  Mrs. M. A.  Ross-  S00 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  ^2<7"tn"&"CarTi^  Shaughnessy   Heights B.   J.   Jayne  Point Grey  U. of  B.  C.  Connaught St J. Y.  Griffin  G23   Granville  St Edwards   Bros.  Magee Station  D. Robertson  153 Water St A. P. Slade Co.  Avenue   "D"   Shaughnessy M.VRector  21st Ave. XV  Artistic Bung. Contrs.  17th Ave.... Dr. C. H. .Vrooman  Cartier A Connaught Dr..  1135  10th Ave. W   3S07  12th  Ave. XV   Ballantyne  Pier     952 Rich. St Pioneer-Auto  Pender & Hcatley  ...  City  Streets  City of  Vancouver  Shaughnessy Heights  A. E.  Tulk  27th Ave. & Carter St i C. X. Wood-  20ln ,37th Ave. AV • .*.....-. J. Hum/.*  l99-7-i55th -Ave. AAV.:.-..:...: W. H.- Collard  45'*4  3rd Ave. AV." :..AV. Brims-  Cordova .&   Columbia :..!.. Mernstlen*  17S0   13th   Ave.   \A* Mrs.   E.   E.   Murray  Industrial   Island ...Gibsons.   Ltd:  1135  2Sth Ave. W ...-. S.  Colling<-  t)72G   Laburnum .".'. D.   Robertson-  16556   Laburnum _ A.   L., Rama.f,-  { 4469 Angus Ave Mrs.  M. 'C.  Healy.  I Jericho  ..Jericho"Country Club  jConnaught Drive  C.   B.  McAllister.  Marpole  Royal  Bank oC Canada   H. J. Perrin  ...M.  J.  Coulson   G.  E.   Adams  .....Dom.   Govmt.  & Car. Wks.  R. MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  328 Blrk'B Bids*.  Seymour 4606  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractore  929 Main St  Sey. 4878  Architect _..'.   Contractor  Sum'ville &.Putman..Hodgson( K. & Mar.  Sharp A Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Twizell & TwizelL—Hodgson, King & M  Townley & Matheson S. N. McLeod.  C. H. Crane Alexander   McDonald  .? , Dominion .Constr.   Co.  ..' Hodgson, King A lUarble  A. E. Henderson J. C. Allen  Townley & Matheson S. N. McLeod  Townley & Matheson W» J. Read   _    Owner  Sharp & Thompson E. D. Cook & Co.  Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co-.  Townley & Matheson......Dixon & Murray  Sharp & Thompson............;...S. N. McLeod  Contractor ..................  Bedford  Davidson  Jos. H. Bowman.:................. A. L. Kamage  ;..„ .;........., E. .T. Ryan Contr. Co.  W.   T. White way Y.-......A;  G.  Henning  Mermon  &  Hermori...... ...Owners  Owner ......,.................:...... ..A. -Is. Ramage  Gardiner & Mercer....A. D. & A. W. Snider  Sharp & Thompson ............C. A   Hilchey  Edwardes Sproat. .........Y.J. McGougan  Gardner A Mercer...........:D. G. McLennan  Gillingham  & Korner....r.......S.  J. Newitt  Gillingham  A Korner...—.....S.  J. Newitt  Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.  Contractor ............\ :... M.  C. Griffiths   .;. Baynes. & Horie   ...'........„..............   Owner   .....................G.   S.  Bellamy  Y .....Cromie   & 'Vroom  G.   E.   Blackmore R.  Sharp  Sillingham  & Korner Day Labor    Owners   -.    Owner      Owner   : _^.    Owner    Owners    Owner   '. :  T. Logie   „.Rogers Bros. & Sinclair  Townley  A  Mathesn Wm.  J.  Read  Townley & Matheson Chas. Purdy   IrTine   &   AVKite  H. H. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis Baynes & Horie  J. E. Parr  Fredk. Sherborne  .;. ; Ownir   Hodgson.   King  A  Marble  Contractor    Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner & Mercer .'. H. P.- Leek  Honeyman & Curtis A. L. Ramage        Colton  J. E. Parr   S.  J*. Newitt:  H. H. Gillingham   S. J. Newitt  Contractor  1 :.W.- H.   Chow,  Downing & Kyall   J. Laing   .'    Owner.   , B.  S.   Realty Co.   ! Stewart  &  Col tart;  Thos.  Lamb.  Toronto....Dom.  Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g Archts.  Townley & Matheson W. J. Read  Townlev A Matheson J. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie & Bow  C. F. Robinson  Dalton & Eveleigh   Dixon & Murray  Townley & Matheson..-. A. L. Ramage  ...: Dominion   Constr. -Co.  Mackenzie & Bow Blackley A Co.  Owners S.   H.  Shave  James A. BonzicRogersr 3ros. & Sinclair  lames A. Benzie..Rogers Bros. & Sinclair      Dav   Labor  '. ZZZZZZZZZ. „S.1 A.  Pellar   Grant  & "McDonald  Contractor   ..:..-. Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner A' Mercer Snider Bros. A Son   Columbia   Bithulithic   Co..   Ltd  Bernard C. Palmer J- Sinclair  •     -     .- H.   S.  Griffiths  ZZZZZ. C.   J. Phillips   -    Owner  -*■*". '. F.  AA*. ■ Farley  H.   H.  Simmonds Snider Bros.  &  Son  Owner    F.   AV.   Mellish   .-.- T. MeClay.   Bargain  Sales  Realty   Co.  -. .-. A.   L.   Ramage    Owner   ZZZZZZZZZ ZZ. M.  C. Griffith  Rornard G. Palmer" J. K. Sinclair  Maclure A Lort J. S. Crcwell  Gardiner & Mercer....Hodgson, King &.M.-  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  h: frith smith, manager  SniSKT     MKTAZ.     COXTJCACTOKH     A?fD     MAX0FAO*  TUllKItH.     FELT    AND    CIUVEF,    WOOrhRH.  Fair. 1367. 523 7th Ave. Went  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnaces,    Roofing,    Cornices.    Sky-  llffntg   and   General   Sheet  Xetal  Work  ^y  Seymour  7177  1042   Richards  St,  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND  MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Night)  1256 Pender St. W Sey.  9316-R  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour 3617  1160 Seymour St.  W. BRADSHAW  ' GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Kione Txmmn 178 X   446 45th At*. S.  Sey. 7065    '        Night Phone Sey. C37  W. W. FRASER  Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Haat. St. W. Vancouver, B. C.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  ELECTRICAL      IXaTALLATIONS      OP      KVKKf  DESCRIPTION,        ILKCTHICAI.    MTPPLIES  Sey. 9513  539 Main Straat  Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED. HUGGINS  VTmAXS   aho   OXWAM-E-VTAIi  FX,A8TEBi:S  Bay. 3S3S-B.        3538  Third  AT*.  W.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  -KAX.80XZHTHO   AVS   T1WTXBO  A BF-CCZAX.TT    ;  BSTZMATBS CKTBX  Fhon* Fairmont 484 B  314 7th Av«. E.. Vancoavar, B. C.  SiHNGLERS  AI.X. WOBK OITABAHTBBD  KIRK BROS.  Kirhxnd 3013 1510 CnarUs Bt.  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  limited  FORGINGS  OF  ALL  DESCRIRTIOINS  Ft.   Victoria. Drive  .      Highland   701  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Engineer aid Contractor  Hlffh-Claa*   Electrical   Work  and   Flxtnr** %  Bay.  441 3044   Granv411e  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OSHEBA£   BEFAZB8 -t-ABMATTTBB  WZHSZHO — SWZTCSBOABDa  ,  ZX8TA££ATXOII8  247 Hastnes St. L  Sey. 3856  D.Mac DONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature Winding* and Motor B*pal»  Fairmont 3623 1673 Main St.  MONTGOMERY & CO.  [ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  POWER  AND  LIGHT   INSTALLATIONS  ARMATURE  WINDING.   REPAIRS.   ETC.  .335 HaaL.Bt. W. .(Bear). . Sey. 9313  SASH & DOORS  All Stock Sizes Carried  Glass and Glazing  I. A. GRANT  J.C. RESTON  EX.ECTBICAI.   BBGXVEBB  ABD COHTBACTOB  314 Bank of Bova Scotia Bids.  .     602 Hasting West  Sey.  3889-7579  f~  1928 Manitoba St.  Fair 3491 Zi  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  circTRic/ii mmumns of ml kinds  923 Georgia St. IV. Sey. 8696  (GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS j Hj.Rees  CEDAlTxOTTAGE   PAINTERS rAND   DECORATORS       ^  3538 FLEMING ST. - ■ - FAIR. 3313 V.  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Work* Contractor*,  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBNXCB.  SBr*MQB^S-»10K-E-  STACXS.     AUTO   WOBB.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  Y 8. T. Scarlett. Mfrr.  757   Beatty  St. Sey.   7645  *    JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   aad   DOOBS—OrFICB      ■  FIXTUBBS  Baadaawlng* and Tomlm«*, «to.  1730   Semlin  Drive Highland   374  GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS,  LIMITED  FITBKACBS.    COBBZCKS.' ' SBT- • ':  LIOKTS and OEBEBAX.  Y:.::' JOBBZHO. Y.:-  IMS VtnablM St.  HlehUml «42  H.   HUTCHINSON,   PROPRIETOR  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTER8  BAND SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Kelmcken St. f  W.A.Krvse  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay. 3370 ■■ »W'  160aB'  2306  Stophene  St. _  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS    AND   ALTERATIONS  Fair   2386 J» Fraser 305 H  324? St.Zl< St.     355 80th Ave. E.  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Seymour 5689  _  .     „„„ .^ or I4tli Ave. E>  Fair. 892 TT ■so ____—  Character •• —••  Kailroad       Dredging   • -   Railroad    ..._;: •   Bridge     Cordage Plant    Plant Extensions  •   It   Storey  -Addh. —  noys   Training  School   Oil Plant  - •   Ii   Room   Scliuol   Municipal Hall    21   CoU-ages  -••-•••••••   Reclamation   Work   Boys'   Training   School   .Mlllc  Condensory     Remodelling   School      Paving v.",—u   Paving   Pacific   Highway   Residence      Dairy   Barns      HunU   Paving  ••-•••   l-'ruit   Storage   X\ hse.   ■•  Memorial   Hall      Iiw-elllng    Power  Plant  ■•••■■-•   'juinMMin  Itiver Bridge    School    ...—-   Warehouse Addn   12   Room  School ■  Paving River Road   ■•'our   Houses      Bank     Rubber  Factory    ......   Coet  . .1,000.000;  ,„$142,&U0  1320,000  ... $76,000  ..$125,000   $10,000  ..$140,000  ....$22,000  $15,21t>   $75,000  $1,1 SO.000  .. ..$71),200  ...$150,000  ..$5,000  $l*,5,0')0  ..$120,000  . .    $5,500   ?S,300  .   $13,000  $55,000  .....$30,000  ....$10,000  .... $0,000  . ..$65,000  of   Chilliwack  2 1-3 miles....  ....F.   C.   Brock   N.   Nelson  ...   Royal  Bank  _     .      „     $200 000  factory    ...Y... ...$S.500  Ro0u^ne^Hous■e;••Mch■■s■n•ops"etc... $30,000  Bank &  Apts  $16 .00  gh,ur^ VV...  ..... $100000  School   ' •  't-HO OdO  Residence    *|^0°  ^r^ore7B^k-v:::::::i::::::::.:.:::.:.|29,ooo  Two  Stnrp   Bldg.      Additional   Storey  BRITISH  COLUMBIA GENERAL.  ZfOcation '.'.......   Owner  jfrinccton to Copper Jtt..".. B. C.  Copper Co.  Fraser  River .:: _ Dom.  Government  Alberni to Great Central Lake -C.F.K.  Deep  Creek,  P.G.E Prov. Govmt.,  Sapperton    Can.  West'n   Cordage  Co.  Mill Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Westminster ...."Westminster Brewery Co.  Coquitlam Prov. Govmt,  Nanaimo  Imperial Oil Co!  Armstrong    Prov.   Govmt.  Coquitlam        Municipality  Powell River  Powell JUver Co.  SiiraaH   Lake  '■ Prov.   Govmt.  Coquitlam    - ...Prov.   Govt.  Abbotsford Fraser  Valley Milk Prod's  Burnaby   ;   Chilliwack   City-  Petersons to Johnson ltd.,  Courtenay,   B.   C   Lulu   Island      Cloverdale     Woodwards Landing  Prov. Govmt  Kelowna   Kelowna  Storage   Ltd.  Courtenay   G.   \V.   V.   A.  Kelowna, B. C   Alice  Arm Taylor Engineering  Co.  Near  Campbell   River Prov.  Govmt  Lynn Valley  No. .Vane. School  Dist.  Vernon "....Vernon   Fruit  Assn.  South Vancouver. School  Trustees  South Vancouver : Prov. Govmt.  Penticton Soldiers   Hsg. ' Scheme  Pttritlcton   Bank of Hamilton  Pt. Coquitlam....Oregory Tire & Rub. Co.  VICTORIA  Victoria....Sydney Paper Mills & Rfgr. Co.  Victoria,  B. C LIm  GIng &  Co.  Victoria   Can.   Nat'l , Rlwya.  Victoria, B. C Royal Bank  Victoria....1st Church of Christ. Scientist  Victoria  Tho Willows School  Oak Bay. Victoria  R. W. Gibson  {•35 View  St.. Victoria. ..Shell Garage  Douglas St., Vic i.Mrs. XV. H.. Dougan  Douglas A Broughtpn Otto Weiler   $1.1,910 Douglas  A  Brought on Otto ■• Weiler  „$(2.000  ...$50,000  ...$30,000  ...$12,000  ....$36,000  ...$76,000  Architect  _ _  Contractor  ...:.....—;..».., A--E- Griffin & Co.   _ Pacific  Dredging  Co.   ...J...... .."....'..".......;..Fourida tion   Co.  Prov.   Govmt .: Canadian   Bridge  Co.  Sharp A Thompson.,B. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners  ............Hodgson,  King  &   Marble  Gardiner.& Mercer : J.  Hyslop  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Owners   Dominion Constr.   Co.  Prov.^Jovmt. .......J-I. 3. Davies. Kamloops  Gardiner & Mercer /.Sloan & Harrison  Owners 4 Leonard C.  Stevens  Prov.   Govmt Marsh,  Bourne Co.  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   Sloan & Harrison  Joseph H. Bowman Henry J. Emery   ....Columbia  Bttullthic Co.  Public  Wks  Depf Cotton  Co., Ltd.  Wm.   Fredk  Gardner Foundation  Co.  Gardner A Mercer .....Jas,   Hyslop  Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison A Lamond  Public Wks.  Dept,....Harrison &  Lamond  Twizell.   Birds  &  Twizell   W. A. Owen. Cumberl'd IT. Trehearne  3.  A.   Benzie V.   J.   Wlnkel   W.  V. Hunt  Public  Wks.  Dept...... Robert MbncrleiT  Blackadder & "Mackay Baynos A Horie   J.   F.  Moffat  Twizell,   Birds  &  Twizell Soon  'Public Wks.  Dept.....Harrison A Lamond  Swan  A  Augustine B.  F.  Priest  A. D. Acheson R.  N. Wyatt  Gardiner  &   Mercer Owners  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  61S GRANVILLE ST.  SEY.206S  ^J  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. F.  Sey. 1224  FOR   GENERAL   BUILDING..  CONSTRUCTION.  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS  CONSULT    -  E.J. RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTB.  Telephoned, Seymour 8585-858S  Suite 5, ralrfield Bldg-.. 445 Gran. St.  Fhcna Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  C&binetg, etc.  Switches designed and built for any  special work.  Industrial  Island      Vancouver, B. C.   Co-operative Contract Co.  '. Luney    Bros.  Owners  Robertson & Partners    D. Burnett  Dunham  ...Peter McKeohnie  C. E. Watkins Luney Bros.  Maclure   &   Lort Robt.   Moncrieff   -. : XV.  F.  Do'sdale  Percy   Fox A.   Lockley.   Esquimau  Percy  Fox   ....ivLuney  Bros.  Percy Fox  s Luney Bros.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a: large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683  Oeorg-ia  Street Weit  PILING-POLES  ANT   -LENGTH   "FUIINISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  879   Kaeting-a  St.  E.  High.   148  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,,   etc.  Public Works Contract©^  ..,<<■■    :•■'  £-.•,■::*■*-,  0fflce--©i3*8i;5''lBowter Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  E. CHKYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  .   GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of  SASH    and    DOORS,  RflBIX  WORK/STORE  & OFFBCE FIXTURES  •''•'.•    .'/ ■   .•-■■• i  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  Fair view Sand  & Gravel Co.,  Limited  PROMPT DELS VERY  Sey. 6761  .0  11  v* H  BKITTSH  COLUMBIA RECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  Farr, Robinson $k Bird Lfriiite  Designers, and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  "RADIANT LIGHTS"  for Commercial Llsrhtlns  546 Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co., Limited  V. A. JOBM, J/tgt.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of   Tnjr  "Cliv«"  ' Osneral Towlaff  324  FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015      '  mi  Limited.  Character  Estimated Cost  Pier    Apartment  House   j.$7O0,OOO  Enlarging Theatre -•- -■ .'..••'..".$85,000  location _ Owner  Vancouver    C.  P. .B.  Bute and  Barclay Stock  Co.  Main and Georgia Avenue Theatre Co.  Architect  '.. Flans Beady  Owners    Soon  Twizell,' Birds & Twizell   Franklin' Cross  :   OFFICE:   VICTORIA, B.C.  Walter Murray  Ernie Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  VICTORIA  Character '...„ Estimated Cost  "Location  — Owner  Drydock      Esquimau    Dom.   Govmt  Municipal   Hall    : $25,000   Esquimau    „   Depot    ■.    $150,000   Bellville   Street  Docks C.   P.   ii.  Memorial   Hall    $35,0O.i   Ladysmith     .,. /. -....  Addns.   to   Residence $15,000   Craigdarroch  J.  W.  Spencer  Architect  _ Plans Beady  Don, Govmt .<.  Soon   ' .'. To  Submit  By-Law  Owners     Soon  Percy  Fox,* Victoria  Soon  Percy   Fox    Now  Character  Estimated Cost  School   .•   $135,000  University   Bldgs   Bank  :   Municipal   Building    $85,000  School  ,...: :■....  Court  House    $100,000  Storage   Plant    '. .-:   Bank       $15,000  137 Powell St  8ETMOUB 8614  Vancouver. B. C  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location  Owner  Penticton  School  Board  Point Grey _ University of B. C.  Penticton   Bank of  Hamilton  Trail   City of  Trail  Marpole      Prince Rupert  » Prov.   Govt.  Sunimerland     Municipality  Penticton  Bank of Montreal'  Architect  Plans Beady  Bell & Curtis & Swan & Augustine  ..Soon  Sharp A Thompson    _,   Twizell,  Birds A Twizell , Soon  Prov.   Govt ;   Twizell.  BirdS'& Twizell..Prepa"Pg"p7ans  Bell & Curtis & Swan & AugustincSoon  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Say. 136  Res. Bay. 77  EXTEND TIME FOR TENDERS  VICTORIA—Announcement is made  by the provincial publlcworks' de'part-  ment tbat the time for receiving tenders on the three bridges'on the Hardy  Bay-Goal Harbor..road has been extended from the original closing.date  of July 12 to noon of July <26.  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,    -" Sey. 620..  TENDERS  BEING   INVITED  FOR BRIDGE AT BANFF  Tenders are being invited by the Department of Public Works, Ottawa, up  to 12 o'clock noon, Friday, July 30,  192Q, for the construction of the superstructure, approach spans, roadways,  sidewalks, fences, etc., ^of, a bridge  over the Bow River at Banff, Rocky  Mountains Park, Alberta.- .  Further particulars may.be,obtained  at the Record Office, Sey. 7808.  BIDSvARE ASKED ON  NEW  WHARF AT THETIS   ISD.  " The department of pubic works' at  Ottawa is inviting bids on the construction of a new government wharf  at Thetis Island, near Nanaimo. The  bids vrlll'. be received up to noon of  Tuesday, August 3. All tenders must  be sent to R. C. Desrochers, secretary  of the department of public works at  Ottawa. .Plans and specifications of  the'.;new wharf may be seen at the-office-of the district engineer at Victoria  and also at the post offices in Yancou-  ver "and Nanaimo.  r  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHaW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  J      GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING; PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  INVITE  TENDERS   FOR  WIRING,"TECH." SCHOOL  NEW    WESTMINSTER — Tenders  are being invited by Secretary R." I-I.  Gray of the board of school trustees  for  the   electrical   wiring  of  the   remodelled, former provincial jail which  is   now   being  fitted   up  as   the   new  technical school.    Tenders will be received  up to 4  p.m.,  on Wednesday,  July 21.    Plans can be seen cally between 2 and 4 p.m., at the architect's  office, G.  W. V.  A.  rooms,  Columbia  street.  1TOTXCE TO COBTBACTOBS  WRIGHT BROS.  i- BUILDERS -  SEY. 3315  511 DUNSMUIR ST.  mmsmBmmam  NOTICE  TO  COBTBACTOBS  Sealed Tenders will be received by  the undersigned up to 12 .noon on Friday, July 30th, for the construction of  a High School Building- of Frame'Construction on Block € 12, between Forty-  third and Forty-fifth- Avenues, in the  Municipality  of   South .Vancouver,   B.C.  Separate Tenders are invited for the  Plumbing  and   Heating  trades.  Contractor.? submitting Tenders will  be required to enclose a certified cheque  for a sum equal to five per cent, of the  amount of, Tender. Such cheques will  be forfeited shoukl the Contractor fail  to enter into a contract when called  upon.   -*  Copies of the Plans and Specifications  and Forms of Tender may be obtained  at the office of the .Architects on tho  deposit of a sum of Ten Dollars which  will be refunded when the Plans and  Specifications are returned in good order  The lowest or «ny -Tender not necessarily accepted. >  TWIZELL,   BIRDS  &  TWIZELL,  Architects.  719  Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.  We have about completed, our  plant for the manufacture of felt and  building paper. For eight years we  have been bringing this raw material  from Eastern Canada, with our new  plant we will manufacture it at Victoria.  Our plant is located on two lines  of railroad and has boat connections.  We can assure our many customers of  quicker delivery and the same high  quality of building material, all home  made. Let us figure on your requirements for fall delivery.,  ROOFING PLANT NOW TURNING  OlSt LARGE QUANTITIES OF  ROOFING  Sold to the Wholesale Trade Only  ©  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  .   COMPANY  .1.    OlERSSON.    MANAC3ER  FLOORS  LAID  AND  OLD   FLOORS  REFINISHED  929 Fonder St. W. Sey. 9201  Be*. Fbone: North Van. 848  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS L0N6ER  . See The Guarantee On Tho Can ',  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  B.  LAYERS  :   and •'■■;'  Manufacturers  C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  LEEK & Co, LIP  SEYMOUR 661  STEAM & HOT WATER (HEATING  PIPE BfcrtDING  1090 HOMER STREET  Prince Bupert' Wharf Extension.,  TENDERS will be received " by the  Honourable the Minister of 'Public  Works up to noon, the-9th'day of August, 1920, for the erection of New Timber Wharf Extension' to the Present  Wharf,  at  Prince  Rupert,  B.  C.  Plans, specifications, contract, and  form-of tender may be seen on and after  the Hth day of July, 1920, at the office  of the' Provincial District Engineer,  Court House, Vancouver, B.C.; Provln-.  cial District Engineer, Prince Rupert,  7?.C.; nnd the Department of Public  Works,  Victoria, B..C.  Ry application at the above-mentioned  offices, contractors may obtain a copy  of the plans and specifications "'for the  sum of five dollars ($5) or a marked  ;cheque for that amount,/ which -will be  refunded on their return in good order.  E^ch tender'must be' accompanied by.  an accepted bank cheque, on a chartered  bank of Canada, made payable to" the  Honourable the Minister of Public  Works, for a sum equal to five per cent.  (">%) of the tender, which shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to  enter Into contract when called "upon-to  do so, or If he fails to complete, the  work contracted for. The cheques of  unsuccessful tenderers will be' returned  'to them upon the execution of the contract. .    ..   .  The lowest or any  tender not necessarily  accepted. ■  '■, ■  A. E. FOREMAN,'  Public  "VV«,rkH Engineer.  Department  of Public Works,  Victoria, B.C.  BUSINESS MEN  Will And the  Orpheum Cafe  an Ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 259.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpbenm Theatre  Jas.: Dwyer,, Proprietor and  Chef  270TZCE TO COBTBACTOBS.  CLINTON-  LOCK-UP *  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Clinton Lock-Up" will be received  by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 1-' o'clock noon of Friday the oOtli day of July, "1920, for the  erection and completion of a Court  House and Lock-Up at Clinton, In the  Lillooet Electoral District.  Plans and Specifications can now be  seen at the Office of:—  J. Mahony, Esq., Government A^ent,  Court House. Vancouver; S. Milburn,  Esq., Government Agent, Court House,  Clinton, and the Department of Public'  Works, Victoria, B. C.  ■• Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Fublfc   Works  Department.  Victoria, B. C. July 7,  1920.  PACIFIC LIME  Mold By  -rt  ALL DEALERS  " SPRAYWHITE "  Paintinif  and   JAme  Spraying1 Machines for'Interior^"* "Exterior Wori-  F.L. Cummings  Seymour 1424 ■tFa"r'' 217 ^ X  353  PENDER   ST.  W.  Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  * • ■*■(■■       •-.'."*..■  MICK  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.    LAND   CLEARING    AND  GRADING   ROADS.  CONCRETE WORK AND SEWERS  1367 Seymour St. Sey. 7325-1.  GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  r  pANTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled ^Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  vVe will get out plans and'fauNd"  nouses   for   you   anywhere   In  Greater   Vancouver    and    give  Kou figures on all kinds of construction work.-  Sey. 165  626 Hastings St. W  J  Heating Without Coal  How would you like to be free for  al) time from furnaces, dirty fuel  and ashes? How would you like to  be able to switch on your heat as  you do electric light?  :  Let   Gas  Radiators  or  ■''■"'   ■   Unit Registers * "  Heat Your Home  Gas will heat your home economically and satisfactorily, without  odor or fumes, automatically if you  desire. Let us tell you about the  features of this up-to-date heating  system. ■-..■■        .  Vancouver % Gas Co.  I  Carrall and  Kastingra  Phone Sey.  5000  xroBTzr CEBAa school  NOTICE  TO  COXTTBACTOBS  . Healed tenders superscribed "Tender  for North Cedar School," will be received by the Honourable the Minister of  Public Works up to 13 o'clock noon off  Thursday the 22nd day of July, «1920,  for. the erection and completion of a  Three-Room School and outbuildings at  North Cedar in the Newcastle Electoral  District,  B. C. .  .' Plans and Specifications etc., can now  be seen at the Office of.:—  •T. Mahony. Esq., Government Agent,  Court House, Vancouver. Si McB. .Smith.  Esq,, Government Atrent, Court House,  Nanaimo. Mrs Kwldlek. Secretary to  School Board. North Cedar, or the De-  •"Tn-tment of Public Works, Victoria,  B. C. ,  • Lowest or any Tender not necessarily  accepted;  A.   E.  FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Public   Works   Department,  Victoria. B. C. July 2,   1.020.  RED CEDAR  SHINGLES  WE  MANWFACTTTBE   ALL  OBADE3  Delivered   by   our   Motor   Trucks  ,  right on the Job anywhere or  in  carload  lots.  UNION CEDAR MILLS Ltd  NORTEC   VANCOUVER  Phone North Vancouver 085  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905       ^  Roof ins Contractors  METAL  WINDOWS—O'XBB   DOORS—SXOXE-8TACXS—KOT-AXB  PUBNACE—VENTILATUTO    FANS^-BLOW    FXFXHO—  SKYLIGHTS—OENEBAL JOBBING  1938 Spymonr St.  Vaneonvar, B. C.  Seymour 2901  MALTI-IOIP RQQFJNq  The Best that's made  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTERIES  The JarvEs Electric Company/ Ltd.  670 Richards St.  'Phone   Seymonr   175  " NEVER LEAK "Roof Coating  Now is the season to recoat your Ready Roofing or Metal Roof.  .     Barrels or 4 gal. tins.  "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine."  PACIFIC  ROOFING CO., Limited  MANUFACTURERS  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island Vancouver, B.C.  ^  0IPMEMT  568 Beatiy St  For Steam/ Het; Water or Warm Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so When Installed  by Competent Engineers.  THE GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  Seymour 7536  P I L I IN G aino p 0L E S  FIR, CEDAR or HEMtOCK  any fen-gth « any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., tTO.  1921.2024 Meters Bufldlftff  ' '' Seymour 3*»8-3^91  'mY,^-  ■<-/-  i'/r.


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