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 j-  .J     I.  RECORD  PUBLISHING   CO.,  Vancouver, Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 15, No. 15, Monday, July 15, 1918  FIREPLACE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  | WE HAVE A WELL ASSORTED STOCK.    -  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  Contracts taken for Tile, Terazzo and Marble Work.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING  MATERIAL  Tel. Sey. 4795-6. 548-550 Seymour St.  A Man Is Accounted  of  ACCOUNT    if    he    has    a.     bank  ACCOUNT.      No   account    is    too  small to receive a courteous welcome at this bank.'  The  Home Bank of Canada  Vanconver Branch,  446  Hastings  St. W.  J.  r.  "sCac-OONAX-D,  Manager  —GALVANIZING-  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  Ships' Equipment  *,«.. £"!?" S* McKefvie Engineering Co., Ltd.  1214 Pender St., E.   ;     rll£hlan<f 1  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Highland  1573  WrXDI-trO PUUII AMOVHTXsTO to tsoo OS otzb issued at thi yahcouveb city halz. tjbstbbdat  ■lumber  Peecrtptton  Cost  9362—Repairs  $600  9363—Repair fire damage _...$1,000  I I  Street Address  tot and Block  ]210 Harwood St.  644—7th Ave. W. .  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Address  HfA. Wiles  Owner   1358-  -8th Ave. W.  —  <  —   '   j  —  •o  ..^......................  \i. .    -   - - -  t *  ..'  -  Owner  Address  H. Rell-Trving  James Dairon .  1210  Harwood  ■  St.  WMM4H4H.M14HM4m.WHWI  EE  ~.~_  Vancouver]Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel, Hydrated Lime, etc.  PHONE; 2988  Ft.OFCoLUMBIA AV       Clayburn FlrebHck and other Ctoy-  bum Products, Facing Brick, BuUd-  Ing Papers, etc.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  -      '.'AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations"  •    *        ' >'    4-,   e 1     •     ','' • •    i    .       ( \  Qanaral Electrical Construction  -    i  •mm. mm ms  SiatMiMl*mt  rMKWIEI - fflMIPU "'  (.  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  VV« are also Sole   Agants  for  the    .    '  Colebratad "Beaver Brand" Maple.  ,' and Birch-Flooring.  .1 , 4   „ 4  „   i*L    ,4    j,     4>4, -.    ^ , t, - ,    -      ^      J, - i.        <- .  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. Vancouver, B. C.  .';,*■  ^8&&S&s£3&  pa* .......t  fejjw*'"'  $~~  lol 1  •J  pjgBg  X  ft' 1* j  ,'!  V  HI  ,-■, Uayn  i.'jpap^  5??5R£s*Srfi-ia  f 1  ■BBSS*?  ■gsrrr""M^5s  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  &  IBS&tfz; >**,**«s  THE H-OftiJllN GO*, Ltd*  QENIRAL RAILWAY * CONTRACTORS  Sole Ailents In Canade Tor  "1. ~ vj€  ■oyer Riveting  _ _    ..    _ Af-,w -    --  -  ' ."*.       Electric Tools;  Rock Drills; AlrrXompreaaora;  ' .?      -      V*'  ;- Fu«l..OIJ.MdtGaA>Eno«na?.  ™-«™,, Pneufftfatlc; Tool ■    _, _ rtU  :ingia\ Chipping . Hammers;   Little  Giant  Drills;   Duntley  kv  w>  Srjt   *   4_   ^ .  Tenets  lit and ^Gas ^Engines.   >"ri^\'>^   '-  ,'**<^***^««h«4h':^^*:-€^>'2»i«*****  , J  *   BUILDING PERMITS   T |  ^^{^>4.].>j)>;^>*^^.^3^%^<.^'.^^^,a^v<j^42».t,  ; 9364—Loo G. Wing, alterations, 122  rPender E., $50;   Wong Yuen, contr.  9365—John Williams, change store  front, 15 Cordova W., $25; D.' Tzitis-  lioe^ contr.  ~ 9366—J. A. "McKay, garage, 1109  Harwood St., $180; J. P. • Morris,  contr.  •' 9367—S. Shawcross, 1-str. fr. bldg.,  2630 Triumph, $200.'  aajivell as,the erection of the/public  Iajra'tories,-''~which'" latter- were' "duly  agreed upon and passed by tb.e Surrey council 'upon the' recommendation  of'lhe1 police commissioners.  S42 rtrttr Jt W.,  . : pttM sif. mi  i i."ll  REPAIRING   FIRE   DAMAGE  '' WESTMINSTER NOTES"  ■ John. Alloway Calbick, pioneer .of  pioneers,- well known contractor, ana  esteemed citizen of New Westminster,  passed away at his home in. this city  Friday afternoon. '  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCCMOKS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPNiENT' a SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  PItmm* Saymaar 71SS ItSO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Details are now  available .concern  ing^Jthe  type  of construction  of  the  steeY car ferry -Canora, ^ launched  at,  Eauzon,^ue.,<*on''iruneA-ld,''and "des^  W;; are" making repairs to their, place Jt'ined  tojarrire ori^. this coast 'iri"£Au  fo   the   extent,, of„' $1,000,r caused';by!^,'st' fori operation   in"Ithe'^Can^ian  fire damage.     ,- -     ;      -^      '   J Northern, ^.Pacific   ferry   service   be-j  .: H. A. Wiles, ,1358 Eighth Ave. W.Jtween Port" Mann and Patricia Bay.j  is making repairs to 1210. Harwood j The vessel was designed by A. Ang-f  Street,  caused by fire. js'trom,. naval architect, and   built byf  —■  (the Davie Shipbuilding & Repair Co.,|  NEW BRIDGE OVER VEDDER Lauzon,- Levis,   Que.     The  propelling)  IS NOW FINISHED machinery is. supplied by the Jonn  The new bridge over the Vedder inglis Co., of Toronto.  River is now completed. The high  water has retreated from the road,  and cars can now be driven comfortably to Chilliwack and on to Harrison Hot Springs.  FR^iNK DARLING &  uTmOR^  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Pistil Air Drills - Rivetting: Hammers  :   Cbippiag Hammers-Wood Borers-Tarbine and Electric Orills  High Speed Steel Drills Reamers. Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  >  .i  1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. 4100  , />  i» 7F.-  "*   '-."l - i  4  tfft^f -IJ«44 r*^" f.  Structural Steel For Eye/y Pi/rpose  At 'i.iRSf'^w'  '-:/:  BBAltSj, CXAHITSXS, AS*e>*bB8, P&ATBS,  COMPKBTX&T BQVIFPZO 7ABBJtOA<  OO&lflfJiS  » uon  "fceaaea.  Wlaalpee;  --j   Toronto  TaiMoaver. B. O.  WORK   COMMENCED  ON  RECONSTRUCTION   OF  EBURNE   MILL  Work    has    been    commenced    on  clearing  away   the  debris  caused   by;^f~ m"iIegnorth 0f* Clinton, following  VICTORIA   NOTES.  Premier Oliver states that he has  given definite instructions to the chief  engineer to commence the laying1 of!  steel on that section of the Pacific  Great Eastern Railway grade going  northwards from Clinton. Thirty-six  miles of steel will be laid and will  take the line to a point a little over  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  TaacoaTer, B. O.  Fairmont 8396 aad 3397  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  8TEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  S08 Kastlng-s W., Vancouver, B. C.  Comsat Testing- laboratory, Boom 1601; Physical Tsstlnff *L**o0r»tory, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  the   recent  fire  of   the  Eburne   Saw|  Mills, Ltd., and it is said preparations  are   being   made   for   constructing   a  better mill than the one destroyed.  the direction of the Cariboo road.  GILLEY BROS. Limited  -D-CaXBBB  Xm  GRANT   $500   FOR    ROAD   REPAIRS  The Coquitlam municipal council on  Tuesday allotted the chairman of the  board of works, Councillor Whiting,  an additional $500 for road repairs,  the first having been nearly exhausted. Councillor Whiting reported that  the Walker road, chiefly used by the  golfers, would take $200 to adequately  repair, and he had only appropriated  $50 to it, which would be barely  sufficient to patch up the holes.  The construction of the Usher road  has been completed. The cost slightly  exceeded the estimates owing to difficulties somewhat underestimated.  IMPROVEMENTS  ARE NECESSARY  Referring to the regulations governing the auto traffic at White Rock, it  is stated that the public have been  exceedingly responsive to the request  of the officials in this respect, but to  obtain   complete   satisfactory   results  COMPANIES    INCORPORATED.  The following companies were  granted certificates of incorporation  during the week:  R. Gardam & Co., Ltd., $24,000,  Vancouver.  Talc Products,  Ltd., Vancouver.  The Gamble Mining Co., Ltd. (non-  personal liability), $25,000, Kimberliy.  Kelly, Van & Co., Ltd., $10,0^0, j  Vancouver. j  The   Western   Provinces   Mortgage!  Company,  a concern  incorporated   inj  the  province of Manitoba, is now licensed to do business  in British Columbia, authorized capital, $1,000,000,  head  office in Vancouver.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:—  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   Wa cat to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND CEMENT — LIME —  HYDRATED   LIME — FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH  FIRE BRICK— BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL —PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  {VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone S037  SEATTLE   NOTES.  LARGE  ENGINE   PLANT  IS BEING CONSTRUCTED  Architect S. E. Sonnichsen reports  that the contracting firm of M. Arve-  son Co., Downs Block, is well along  with the construction work at the  $300,000 six-acre engine plant on Salmon Bay being built for the Gulowsen-  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  both   as   to  automobile   and   sanitary jGrei Engine Co.  arrangements, it  is absolutely neces-j ~  sary that the Surrey council and the.!SMITH C0VE TO  Surrey police commissioners carry out  the programme which was arranged  between them and the White Rock  Improvement League. Among other  essential work is the grading of the  proposed automobile parking locations  \ DOCK  25 VESSELS  Tentative • instructions have been  given Port Engineer Nicholson's staff  to prepare preliminary sketches covering the proposed duplication of the  We Have Just Installed a  COMPLETE  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  (Continued  on  price  4.1  Aro You Iiooklng- for a  FACTORY or WAREHOUSE  We have a splendid proposition to offer you. A three-story, mill constructed building, 80x120, and 70 feet vncant land adjoining1, located on the  corner of Victoria Drive and Albert Street. This is a mortgage sale and the  price and terms will suit you.    Let us show you this.  (JENEEAI, APMIKXSTKATIOW SOCIETY  Credit Toneier'Bldg. 850 Hastings Street "West  rorgings Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reid, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  'Phone 53  Office and Works  New Westminster.  , Tenth St.. I  -ister, B. C  I BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  -r  British Columbia Record  ■published every Monday, "Wednesday and I  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  SHIPBUILDING ™ MARINE  Telephone Seymour 780S.  Address:   5S3 Homer-TUcliards "Lane  Rear of  431 Dunsmuir Street.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  i  Subscription Bates N  One month .'. 11.00  Six  months ?5.00  Payable strictly in advance.  Term*  Dealing   with   Electricity  and  Women.  "When atwoman is sulky and will not  speak—exciter.  If she gets too excited—controller. .  If she talks too long—interrupter.  If her way of^ thinking is not yours--—  converter..,      ,."' Z> / J- "' '■  If she is willing to come half way—•  l.   meter.  If she will come all the way—receiver.  If she wants to gojurtherrr^onductor,  If she wants to go, still further—dispatcher. .      .;  If she wants to .be an .angel^trans-  ;-. ' * former.  '.'..'      _■/;? mr,t.»'.'''!-vr,  If yoii   think" she   is   unfaithful-^de-  tector. tt •                  ;, :    *-■"*">.',  If she~Ts"still unfaithful—lever.''-"' J':  •If she proves your fears are wrong—  compensator. :    ,  If r she goes up in the aft—condenser,  If she wants chocolate—-feeder:.---. .,''  1  ining News  ->.  AT YOUR SERVICE.  ' If you want to reach toe man who J  bare Bunding; Materials,. Machinery, i  * Maid ware, Blectrlcal and. Plumhlng-i  aappllee, Motor Tracks, Iron ^andi  Steel, etc., It will pay you to here**»re-f  •entid la the British Columbia*  Becord. ". ' _ .,   ,    .*   .   •■* i  -''The British Columbia Becord let  the only building;! and construction;'  newspaper In British Columbia con-J  salted every other day by Contrae-L  ton, Bnalneers, Archlteetes-Buildlne:!  Material Bealers, Shipbuilder*, Iram-I  her MlUe, and Mining; Companies. ... I  -' I 11| n ii 4,m n iin'inii'i »iii...4»  ■I »■!■■♦■: ♦ !■♦ 1 ♦ t'0*»*» 1> I'* 1 »■! -m*.  ARCHITECTS    ;       ♦,  »1»t ■»■<l *' I»■!' ♦■:■♦»»■!' * ■! * 1 * '!■ * '!■ *W  Benzie Jas. A.,'510 Hast."""W..'J.Se.'y., 3300  Bryan *&'Gillamr 509, Richards Sey., 5508  Cox. A. Arthur.^.R.I.B.'A^ 1142^'  C.  .    Pender W. ^...„A£h.A..AZ. .'.Sey. 3972  -Dalton^Ar-Bveleieh; ^lB^^,,*.- *t    ,v -    '  .    Hast.._W.    —: Sey. , 662  Gardiner,,F. 'G:   &   Mercer,'  718   Gran.;  Seymour 3672.  Gardiner,- Wm; Frederick,  718  f     Gran. A Sey. -3672  Henderson,'  A.    Ernest,. S9-40  *    Davis   Chambers   Bldg.-,   615  Hastings .XV. ...._ --. —Sey.    724  Honeyman & Curtis,  821  Pender XV .'. Sey. 1621  Macey, Frank,  470  Gran Sey.  1804  Matheson, Robt. M.,  509 Rich...Sey.  5038  Palmer, Bernard C„ 616 Credit  Foncier Bldg- Sey. 3680  Pratt & Ross,  736 Gran Sey. 1557  Sharpe & Thomson, 620  Pender   W Sey.  1064  Somervell  &  Putnam,   626  Pender  W Sey.  6230  Townlev, Fred L..  325 Homer... Sey.  8013  Twizell* R.  P.  S.,   837  PIast.W..Sey.  7925  NEW   SHIPYARD   FOR   VICTORIA.  It is understood that final negotiations have been completed for the lay-  a ^  ing down of a new shipyard in Victoria for the construction of wooden  vessels for Norweigian interests.  The applicants were given to understand that nothing would be allowed  to stand - in the way of granting a  suitable site for shipbuilding but  final' details were left in abeyance  pending the receipt of final confirmation of the" proposed contracts by  cable from Norway.  These contracts, it is understood,  have now materialized, and it isJiicely  that an immediate start will be made  in laying keels.  Messrs. Chris. Col berg and Captain  Hansen, are the representatives of the*  Norwegian interests requiring wooden  tonnage, and Mr. Colberg is now on  the ground completing arrangements  for .the opening up of, the new ship*  yard.-,j ,. ..    ';  '   r ' .'• "    „    "-  *■- The .initial   contract -is : for".'three  wooden   sailing --schooners . of   about  1,400 tons tons each and 200 feet long.  They are' to' be" used in the' Norwegian' trade. On completion the vessels wiH be delivered in Norway, and  then..probably be equipped wlth'auxili-  afy'pow'er. „ The new yard will be laid  out at a cost of between ?3o,000 ana  .f-SO.OOO, and will bo extended later to  meet future requirements.  RECENT LAUNCHINGS.  The War Sumas, whose launching  was not satisfactorily completed at  the first attempt, was successfully  placed in the water early Friday  morning from the Coquitlam shipyard.  The employees were busily engaged  all night preparing for a final attempt. Apparently no damage has  been done to the hull, and the difficulty is ascribed to the gritty grease  used on the ways at the first attempt.  British Columbia Yards  Following is a list of the Shipbuilding  companiee ef;British Columbia now actively ena**Ted in ship construction or  recently organized: ■-*"•-  - Steel amivbvJldUMr «aa%».  Ceurhlan Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver.  Wallace Shipyards, North Vancouver.  Wood SatphnUdlar -flaata.        -  Cameren Gene* Mills Shipbuilders, Ltd.,  [ yictarla.  Foundation Cempany ef B."C, "Ltd., Vic-.  ,'   torla. ' - - --       ■   .    -  -  Lyall   Shipbuilding   Co.,  North. Vaaoeu-  ver.     ~ - - -  New ■ Westminster   Bag.   A   Cenet.   Co.,  ' Poplar Ieland. /   '  Pacific Construction Co.. .Ltd.,  Port Ce-  - quit lam. -    -  Standard   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Vancouver.  Wallace 8hiovards Ltd., Vancouver.  Western' Canada   Shipyards   Ltd.,   Van-  > oeaver.       _ -. .  *  The Utica, Slocan, is once more resuming operations.  This week 0,510 tons of ore were  shipped to the Consolidated smelter  in Trail. '  So far in 19LS United States mines  have sent over G,300 tons of ore to  Trail smelter.  Tho Lost Cabin of Hall, near Nelson, sent 13 tons of a trial shipment  of ore to Trail smelter.  Van Roi, a rich Slocan shipper, is*  on the local ore receipt list for the  first time this year, with 39 tons.  A new American shipper is on the  ore list to Trail — the Consolidated  Mines Co. of Clines, Wash., with 109  tons. "     "  The Consolidated is working nine  men at the Ottawa, near Slocan City.  A Texas syndicate has a bond on the  Lily B, and it is reported that there  will soon be some work done on the  Republic and Evening . Star claims.  Burns, Jordon and McAtee have  purchased the one-third interest of  their partner, J. H. Thompson, in the  Echo mine, adjoining the Standard at  Silverton. '*  The installation of a mill to cost  $100,000 is' being considered .by stockholders 'of the Hobson * Silver-Lead  company, mining' on the Yankee < Girl  mine at Ymir. The investment,.will  depend . principally^ on further 'disclor  sures  in  the property.    , „       j!  First shipments of manganese ore  from the. Kaslo district . commenced  two weeks, ago and now are going  out at the/rate of-two "or "three^car-  loads a week. They go to, a ferro  plant at Lebanon, Pa., for treatment  J and ultimately reach the Carnegie  Steel company, it is said. -  -  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to  your  needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  —i  Car rail and rla&tinsr Sts.  •Phone Seymour 5000  USE    ,  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic,  Adhesive Cement  (Ready for use.)  FOR' YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED   BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and.Arbutua Street       -      ..',     VANCOUVER   B.C  Phone.* Bay. 772  TV  4" 4 i     - l(  Bamberton Cement  tvv^.v, .  Bulldos Cable  Pacific Lime  -x  v  t v  ■"-.■  R*V^^ WINCH &GOii Limited  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W* apaclaliza In prompt ■•rvic« tor Contractor*'  „, .  ; temporary powor iMtallatmno  *ft<C/ELECTRIC-  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  f   -r -■ .■ « * v.  'Phone   Seymour   5000   aid   have   our   reiroseotativi   call  Vaneouvor and Victoria  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED  'BY   PATRONIZING  ■j  ,"^i  PROPOSIzD   NEW    WORK  Character »sta»at«d  Cost  Armory    '. -r-   $350,000  I    OFFICIAL  DIRECTORY    J  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Executive Department '■  Mayor  _.„..-..'..R. H. Gale  City Council  Ward 1 Thos. H. Kirk  "Ward 2  W. R. Hamilton  Ward 3  .'. W. C. Msirshall  "Ward 4  Jos. Hoskins  "Ward 5  W. R. Owen  "Ward 6  S. C. Elliot  "Ward 7  Frank E. Woodside  Ward 8 F. P. Rogers  Financial &  Clerical  Departments  Oerk  Wm. McQueen, B.A.  Comptroller : .......G. F. Baldwin  Treasurer - J- J- Johnstone  Accountant  - ....".'..A. J. Pilkiugton  Engineering Department  Engineer ..........F. L. Fellowes  Building Department  Building Inspector........R. A. McKenzie  Water Department  Secretary' ....S. J. Montgomery  Health   &   Sanitation   Department  Medical Health Officer F. T. Underhill  Library  Librarian R. W. Douglas  Board of Park Commissioners  Johnathau Rogers,  Chairman  A- C. J. Leek G. W. Hutchings  M. S. Logan       George Eldon  W. S. Rawlings, Superintendent  Light Department  Electrician .-..- .......C. H. Fletcher  Street & Sewers Department  Superintendent .....John Morton  Police Department  Police Magistrate .H. C. Shaw  Court Clerk E. Robinson  Solicitor  - H. F. Jones  Prosecutor R. L. Maitland  Fire Department.  Chief  .'. - J- H- Carlisle  Harbor Works    Bank & offlce bide...  Hotel, C. N. Ry   ,...Not given  VANCOUVER  Location Ownet  j  Grandview     Government  Kitsilano  Reserve ■  Government  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry* Co.  architect ,....Plane XUady  Perry  &  Fowler     government     Preparing  commissioned yet ,.   No  archt.  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  Most   modern and complete. equipment for  handling MACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  Large warehouses for storage  - / Cheap Rates  UNION  STATION  'Phono Seymour. 40S  MAIN STREET  •rai-CPROVEMENTS "OISTE.D  nKCMEOZATEXY BELOW  ABE  PROPOSED   BtJT HAVE  BEEN  POSTPONED:  Post Offlce    Post Office   (Jonci ete   Garage  .1250,000  ....?36,000  Gore and Keefer _ Dom. Govt  South  Vancouver  Dom. Govt  Fifth & Fir Sts  Ford Motor Co.  ESm    !3°VJ Delayed  Own'prP°Vt Delayed  Owners   .Delayed  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kiln», Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN - - DISTANCE   NO  OBSTACLE  Telephone Mlshland 728 2021 Wall St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  "••M,*:-'5^*<&«5«4H;«|^»4f.^*j^;.<j»^.f|i^.^.j.^..j.(T1.%  Character  , .Cost  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Iiocation        ..    Owner  Architect Plan« Boady  t  I  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c-30c  %0l^axSmi*ia*****'m l•T^e7i■■**e■■B»o•w*»••*»*■■,•^,^■■,~^"■^^^��*,^,■■,^"  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  / Incorporated X009  -1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  .4.4».|a.i.o.|.e>.i.».i.o^o^o^o^»4H|N»<M.   *■!,*,>,* t e, t ■ T T , , , , ; f , j -||#j # % ^*  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office" 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Piper is now being manufactured in British Columbia.    The paper is  of excellent,   uniform  quality  and  of great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agenta  SMITH, 'DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C. BRITISH COLUMBIA  1/  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for Automobile  Owner* and Prospective Buyers  FORD FOOT ACCELERATORS  Give Fords standard fool control  Price $2*25  Gatrell & Hastincs  Sey.  210S;.....„.........a-..;.:".1259 Granville Si.  FORD CARS  GRAY & DAVIS STARTERS       ,  ;    FOR FORDS  "''/.'Sullivan-Taylor.''Motor"Co. ■■  250 Kingsway..i.;;.......................:..:...Fair. 2730  LITTLE GIANT   MOxoR TRUCKS  "All lhal the..Name Implies"  . Lesue MV.-'Pearson, Mgr.      •  Granville   at  Pacific'A.;A.;A:..;A.....Sey.    331  MICHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES  Co to HILL, LTD.  MAXWELL (TRUCK  IS .  ENTITLED* TO   RECORD  That tlio Maxwell truck has established a record for endurance and  economy is the opinion of James A.  Jtomstreet,    technical    observer    and  director of touring, A. A. A. of New  York.  '"Attaining a showing for durability,  mechanical worth, correct weight  distribution and economical running  operation that has no parallel in the  records of the American Automobile  Association, and has no equal, in my  SEYMOUR TIRE «t RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Noaay's and Goodyear Truck  t.   . Tiues ,  ,. Molar A cccuories .  851 Pender Si. W.::.   .Sey. 3053  Everything for the Motorist  Phone Seymour 6'4II Quick Service opinion,  in  all  the .history  of  motor  production    In    this    country," h said  Hemstreet, "a Maxwell one-ton truck,  which left New York December 1 for a.  <~' s  demonstration of its working abilities  under the strictly business requirements of the American Automobile  Association's sanction 1080,'completea  its drive at 42nd Street and Fifth  Avenue, New York, January 3, with'a  record that should mean, greater enthusiasm, greater sales and more  prestige for Maxwell dealers and distributors everywhere.* ■' &  "Having , ridden with this truck  throughout its test run, which extended over * 2,488 miles from New York  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto and Tuus Retaih*  , ,- Vulcanizing',^ f/[,-  1234 Granville S«. ' Sey. 1184  SAXON  SALES  COMPANY  - DiitrHtdors /or ••- -  SAXON AUTOMOBILES  1272 Graavnle St '     "    Sey .3391  CONSOLIDATED MOTOR CO.. LTD.  Packard — Nash — Maxwell  Trucks an» Passenger Cars  1230 Georgia Si  „ Seye»our 4030  BLACK BROS.. LIMITED  Automobile Supplie*—Car Bodies -  Tops aad Seal Covers  1111-15 Homer Si   Sey. 668-69  City to Jacksonville, Fla., and return,  and Jiaving previously—during fourteen years of association with motor  car tests and contests—traveled by  motor car practically all of this country, England and France, I subscribe  to the statement that this Maxwell  truck has outperformed and outdem-  onstrated anything in the form of a  motor product that I have ever had  any personal contact with," '  HIGHWAYS HELP WIN THE WAR.  ^i^^'^mM^H^^mmMmtm  SAVE TIME IN  USE OF  TRUCK SAYS HUGHSOfSl  "Motor truck transportation is a commercial necessity and patriotic duty,"  says W. L: Hughson of the KisselKar."  "Every load of goods moved, every  additional ton delivered direct, cuts  out rehandling at terminals and relieves the terrific rail congestion. Not  only that, but it means the conservation of time—the most vitally important asset of our, great industrial forces  en which the government must depend  to carry to a successful conclusion the  .enormous task to which' the entire  Allied world looks to us to do in a  manner consistent with the honor of  our nation and worthy of our tradi  tions"."  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  THE   PLACE   FOR   AUTO   AND,  TIRE   REPAIRS  KB. IKOTOmXST:—  When your tires need ,repaira—When your-car needs repairs—When you  have trouble of any description—When you need new tires or tube.*—When  you need prompt and careful service, at'Reasonable Prices.    -  1234 Granville St.  Seymour 1184  Vancouver, B. C.  UAt^.Trnota anH Thrpohiitidred and sixtv-flve Day Roads are proving: their worth in solving the present freight  o1>/tatJn problem      The above^photographs showtsectlons  oi brick  and   concrete  roads  throughout the   State  of  i£gtonand where'. $280,000 haS  been Impropriated "by  the State Highway   Commission   for  Road  Construction.  trans-  Wash-  SHIP BY TRAIN LOAD  What is probably "tb.e largest shipment of^ passenger cars ever'-received  in- Syracuse, N. Y., 'was delivered the  other day .to. the Syracuse.^Motor.Car  Company, the Maxwell distributors.  The consignment was * a solid train-  load, consisting of 125 automobiles. .  « "I understand your automobile has  got you into trouble.",,   <  "It's always getting me into trouble  orfe way or another," replied Mr. Chug-  gins. "When it runs I get arrested  for speeding. When it refuses to run  I get* arrested, for profanity." „  v  **»,  >    s-  \  1''!T.V*/eiA^'-*   "    v*      "?   '  '"   -■**"-;.  jJcwc  Brute Endurance Is Buiit In Every ^^^  I  You buy giant stamina in your LITTLE GIANT  TRUCK. 112 per cent, reserve strength is built into  every part of LITTLE  GIANT TRUCKS.  LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS offer $200.00 to $800.00  more value than do any other makes. Special heavy duty,  high powered motor—disc type clutch — oversize heavy  duty Timken bearings — Duntley Pneumatic Generator  that burns kerosene, distilate or gasoline, showing a saving of over 50 per cent.  IF YOU WANT TO CUT YOUR HAULING  EXPENSES, SEE US. WE CAN SHOW YOU  AND   PROVE   IT.  Little Giant Motor Truck Co.  LESLIE W, PEARSON, Manager.  Granville at Pacific Vancouver  thu uMoLyihan  QdM*uflu,k<iA04fl/nfl7  othfl/t iowc^oia  omdyiniti:  TTlcrtii rru&k  \o\&b&  vmnaknacsBXM^^ fSSWmameaSBBBOESSUmSEM!.  •t  A Lap Ahead  M  D  Dtmlop Tires—"Traction,"  "Special"—represent doing  ( y "   « **■  best what .other tires -may  ' have been trying: to do well.  ^Maiters M the I&ai  f9  '     /-  A.95  DUNLOP   TIRE'S  he  Directory  AUTO TOPS, DELIVERY BODIES  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD-.  COMMERCIAL AUTO SPECIALISTS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  FUNERAL CARS AND AMBULANCES  '        " TUPPER k STEELE, LTD. s  ONE, ONE-AND-A-HALF AND TWO-TON  TRUCK  ATTACHMENTS \  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  •    PAINTING AND VARNISHING  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  SEAT COVERS AND TRIMMINGS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL TRAILERS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TRACTORS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WAGON HEARSES CONVERTED  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WELDING, MACHINING, WHEEL AND ENGINE  WORK  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TUPPER & STEELE, Ltd  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phones Bay. 138 and 139.  1667-9 Third Ave., W.  t •    *   4-   ^V  -> j ;*^"''itv^ $  u  ;a—  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL  CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS,  KEV   TAGS,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING   MACHINES,   BADGES   OF  ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  i  i  J  i  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seynoar 6180  - 1060 Hiner SL  Vancouver B. C.  (Continued from pag-fl 1)  Smith Cove terminal. The present  Smith Cove terminal will accommodate seven large freighters and, with  certain extensions considered, would  handle 11 vessels. The rough estimate of the duplication of these  docks as proposed places the cost of  the work at between $1,500,000 and  $2,000,000.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonas, Mgv.  .*»  WHARF BUILDING;  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  -   "■■-.' -ETC.-'  -,  •?;;, .  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  General  Towing  324 Front St -        New Westminster  Telephone 1015: \^\/a  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  New Denver School  Sealed tenders suberscribed "Tender  for New Denver School," will be received by the Honorable the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon  of Tuesday, the 23rd day of July, 1918,  for the erection and completion of a  two-room school and outbuildings at  New Denver in the Slocan Electoral  District, B.' C.    ,  Plans and specifications, forms of  contract and",further particulars can  now be' had at the offlce of the Government Agent, Court House, Vancouver. . rt>  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A.' E.  FOREMAN, ""•  , i , .  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  '" Victoria, B. C, June 27th, 19,18.  10 per cent of the amount of the tender.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  ' Plans, specifications and forms of  tender to be had on and after Monday  July 1st, at the office of James A. Benzie, architect, 429 Standard Bank Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  By order,  EDWARD CANNELL,  Secretary.  Vancouver, B. C, June 27th, 1918.  KJ.&*   4.4  i".'     ,1  '-. X  '.''■.   'it■   ?  - «,«4 "sW^,>  i'  ' '".'.'*. %■ General' Agent*\ -) '■  . for^British,Columbia- of yiWQlobe  indemnity "Company of .'^anada>nd  Tlie < Liverpool * &. „ London & GJobe  Irisurarice":Co.,!;L.td. :;VWe; aelHcom-  - pleter protection. including, Iom .,?  ,v..< .; ^ ...-    - througlif ■   , /    '   ,  Tire,   Jheft,' 'Collision,: 7ProP«rty  Damage and Personal Liability.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  , -    "LIMITED  Winch Bldg.     " T39  Hastings St. W.  Estab. 1386     ' ▼ancouvar, B.C_  NOTICE' ,TO.*. CONTRACTORS.^  Crawford Bay School.  Sealed   tenders   superscribed' "Tender'for Crawford Bay School"-will be  received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12-'o'clock  noon   of   Tuesday,   the   16th   day   of  July, 1918, for the erection of a one  room    school    and '. outbuildings    at  Crawford Bay in.the'/Kaslo Electoral  District.  Plans and specifications, conditions  of contract and* tender forms can now  be seen at the" office »of the Government Agent, "Courthouse, Vancouver.  • Lowest or "any tender not necessarily accepted. -       ,^   .  A. E. FOREMAN,.  ^     ~ . Public Works Engineer.  Department of  Public Works,; *  Victoria, B. C, > '  „ June' 25th, 1918. .'•,<<.,       <  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Department of the Naval Service.  TENDER FOR WHARF.  SEALED TENDER addressed to the  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Coaling Jetty," will be received up  to noon on the 15th July, 1918, for the  reconstruction of the Coaling Wharf at  H.M.C. Dockyard, Esquimau, B. C.  • Tenders should be accompanied by  certified cheque for Ten Per Cent, of  the amount of the tender.  Plans, specifications and permission  to view the site may be obtained from  the undersigned or from 'the' Captain  Superintendent, H.M.C. Dockyard. Es-  quimalt.  G. J. DESBARATS,  Deputy' Minister of the Naval Service.  Department Naval Service,        .  Ottawa, May 31,4918.  • •-  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315      511 Dunsmuir St.  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOWCASES, OFFICE  aid STORE FITTINGS  *  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  v , TENDERS FOR ROTARY  A'1' institute'. ' '-Zy  The,Trustees, of the Rotary Club of  Vancouver invite/tenders for -"the erection',of'a'clinic building to.be built on  City land.  Sealed tenders to be in the hands of  the architect not later than 5 p.m., July  15th. ,        i  General Trades, Plumbing and Heating to be tendered for separately. Each  tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered .bank,  payable;to the order of the Trustees  of the Rotary Club, of value equal to  PROPOSALS  WANTED  mSCET.IiAJlEpVB   PBOPOSAI.S  Architects Gardiner & Mercer, 827  •Birks Building, are asking" for tenders  for,the construction of a large-cannery building,to beerected for .Watson Bros., fish curers^and smokers, .on  lot 47, Industrial Island.'  Plans are now being prepared by  architects Gardiner & Mercer Jor  Schaake Company Ltd., Industrial  Island, for the enlargement of "their  present shop building, , store ' house,  new pattern shops and a new foundry building 120x40 feet. As soon' as  the plans-are completed, tenders will  be called for, "a notice of which will  appear in* this paper.  :     AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM JUNE 27th TO JULY 10th   -  -   • - '  -■ ■>, ' '"''1- *•  Following Is a Complete List, of, New  Automobile Licenses 'Recorded'for-,-  No.  15314-  Vancouver and District:  • Name       *-Address  \  •H.  Rr King,  701 .London, Bldg.,—  - "   Ford.    - ' '"- '   V-    -  15315—rHenry   Simon,   280 ' Joyce   Rd.—  Chalmers. *  *  15316—C. Lane, Mission, B.C.—Saxon.  15317—H.  Laverette,   3045   Sophia   St.—  ■ Ford.  15318—P.  A.   McLennan,   107  Vancouver  Blk.—Chalmers.  15319—J.   F.   Boyd,  Abbotsford,   B.C.—  Studebaker.  15320—C. J. Coultas, 679 Granville St.—  ' Chalmers.  15321—  15322—Royal   Transfer Co.,  314   Gran-  * ville St.—Ford.  15323—Merchants Cartage, 148 Water St,  —ForcL '   15324—Geo. Wright, R.R. Westminster—  Chevrolet..  15325—15.  B.   Ladner,  23G2   2nd   W,—  Willys-O.  15326—  15327—P. Lewis, B. C.  E. Garage—Ford.  10328—VV.   R.   Ogden,  Kingsway   Garage  —Chevrolet.  15329—F. M. Brydon, 961 Homer—Ford'  15330—G.  Bollert,   1336—14th  Ave.  XV.—  Chevrolet.  15331—J. Mersten, 1027 Pender St. XV.—  Willys-O..  15332—Chess Br6s., Water St.—Ford.  15333—  15334—h.  Davidson,  1221  Thurlow —  Chevrolet.  15335—C. W. Talt,  Ltd.,  New "Westminster—Hudson.  15336—  15337—W.   J. O'Connor, 1260 Granville—  Ford.  1533S—T. H. Murphy,  572 Granville—  Gray-Dort.  15339'—K.  McMillan,  251  Dunbar—Gray-  Dort.  15340—D.   A.   Chandler,   1032  Burnaby—  McLaughlin. ,  15311—G. Gerrard, 622 20th E.—Ford.  15342—PC. & P.- Hill, 209  9th  VV.—Ford.  15343—A. H. Edwards. 1S60 Nelson St.—  Willys-O.   ,.. ,  1534-1—A.  McKenzie,   1612   Stephen—    .  Studebaker.  153-15—Swift  Canadian   Co.—Ford * •    »   -  15346—F.   R.   Stewart   Co.,   Water , St.—•  Ford:. ' *      '- .    -   "•;,';*  15347—a.   "R., Robertson,'1S75  Robson—  Ford.  15348—D.  S. .Yuen,  37  1-2 Pender St. E.  —Repuhlic.  15349—A.  McMorran,  2$16  Sophia—Ford  15350—T.  J.   How,-JKerrisdale—Briscoe.  15351—Van.   Auto   Delivery,   1249   Granville—Ford.  15352—Van. -Auto   Delivery,   1249   Gran-  • ville—Ford.   ■  15353—J. A. Blovvitz, 101'7th XV.—Saxon  15351—Ceperley,   Roufisfell   Co.,   739  •    -    Hastings 'XV.—McLaughlin.  15355—F._ A.  Maryson,  1219  Georgia W.  -   —McLaughlin. » '   *  15356—H>E. Pereiv'-al, Heather and 24th  "— Ford.  15357—M, Gore, 46S  61st XV.—Gray-Dort  15358—Johnston  Storage—Reo.  15359—B.   R.  Amachand,  Roche Point-  Ford.      l '"'•■',*  15360—^A.  J. Aubin,  6424' Chester^—Ford.  15361—R.-E.  Spears, 1400 Beach—Ford1  15362—W.   Perfcins,   1956   5th  E.'— Ford„'  15363—Allan & McKelvie, 1214 Pender E.  —McLaughlin.  15364*—W.  Sherrin,   777   Cambie  St.—  Havers. '      ,  15365—W. J. Clarke*—Ford.  15366—..  15367—AVrHausen,   1009   Harwood   St.—  ****  ' *? Ford."-,      ' i; . " '"  15368—J. E. Phalen,. 2689  Kitchener—  '",   ,Ford.v  15369—J. Hall,  1843 lst\E.—Saxon.'  15370—E/Gibbon, 2433,22nd W.—Ford.  .15371—C. L'orell, Agassiz—Ford.  .     ,  15373—WV Murdoch, 1532 2nd W.—Ford.  15373-i-H. Jones,  1050  Seaton'St.—Ford/  15374—Tel. Schwartz—Chevrolet. -  15375—a. Aubin. 6424'Chester St.—Ford,  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour   661 1098 Homer St.  VANCOUVER B. C.  V  •*HvS'*tg'*<S*-g'"*fr<M"8^^  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  *  AGENTS fOR  HcOARrS RANGES  u.  t  t  •4*  Industrial and Household  C. Bain, Manager  ^67 ROBSON SL   \ :\-    SEYMOOR^O  ♦  ♦  I  t  *  %  *  f  f  s£i*.3.ti;  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  TELEPHONE DATA  '"hTBW ZH8TA"U^ATXOHB  JULY  10,   1918.  McClay, Samuel, offlce   510 Hastings St. West Sey. 8866  Modern Taxi  Service,  Automobiles,  Hamilton & Hastings Sey. 2030  OHAJrO.ES.  Rex Millinery (The) Co., Ltd.. Millinery, from 157 Hastings W. to 325  Hastings  W .' Sey. 4599  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  S teamfitting  1033 Granville St.  VancouvM, B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay.,77  COPE & SON  1 SO Masting St., VV.        'Phone Sey.8602  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   in  business  In Vancouver  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONT »46l     962 14ft ME. I  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing;-too small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Eesidence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  15376—G.   Leishman', JsTew  West.—Jford.  15377—S. James," Port' Mann—Ford.  15378—E. Carr, Port Maney—Ford,  j   j  15379—M.   Stiles; New  Westminster—  Chevrolet.*   ' •  153S0—E.  Smith,  New  Westminster—  McLaughlin.  15381—F.   Winters,   Port   Coquitlam—  Chevrolet.    '  15382—Ira Reia, New Westminster—  Willy-O.  15383—J. Grant, Hammond, B.C.—Ford.  15426—L. R. Pegg, 2256 Parker St.  15427—P.  Collins,  Hastings  & - Abbott—  Ford.  15428—C. Bain,  1457 Nelson—Ford.  15429—R.  Youn?, 1837  Larch—Chevrolet  15430—W   Sturdy,   2547   McKenzie   St —  Chevrolet. ' '    *  15431—M. Evans, 1058 Nelson St—Olym-  pia.  15432—  15433—Burke & Cameron, 152 Water St.  —Ford.  15434—H.  Galer,  1080  Wolfe  St.—Gray-  Dort.  ,15435—Pilklngton Bros.,  102 Powell St.  —Ford.  15-436—F. Green, 7116  Hume St.—Ford.  15437—r. a. Sutherland, 2439 Trinity St.  —Ford.  15438—C.   C.   Suey,   400   Princess  Ave.—  Saxon.  15439—F.   Barker,   2075   35th   W.—Chevrolet.  I5440—F.  Wilds, 1764 8th W.—Ford.  15441—C. Brockley, Pacific Bldg.  15442—B.   Howard,   Empress   Theatre—  Winton.  15443—a.  Boake,  338   19th  E.—Briscoe.  13414—K. Miles,  1666 6th  W.—Russell  15445—B.   C.   Sugar   Refinery—Kelly.  1541fi_G.  Patrick,   1993   16th—Ford.  15447—H.  pritchard,   627  Keefer  St.—  Ford.  15448—A. McDonald-& Co., '10 Powell St.  —Ford.  15449—T.  Lawrle,  1249  Granville—Chal-  .    rners. .  15450—W.  Johnston,   Burnaby—Ford.  15451—Barrett Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus  —Ford.  15452—W. -•'    McKeovvn, 1108 Rose St.—  Ford. ■  15453—Quon Lee Co., 626 Main St.—Ford  154 54—Leeson, Dickie, Cross & Co—P'ord  15455—-Leeson Dickie Gross &. Co.—Ford  154-56—-Empress MTg. Co.—Ford.  15457—Campbell-Gordon Co.—Chevrolet.  1545g—D.  Croner,. Granville & Smythe—  Ford.  15459—XX'.   Colwell,   295   Ontario    St.   —  Ford.  154 60—E. Thomas—-McLaughlin.  !  <j^j*#.j^-Hth*«8>«>#*''MM.*^^  COPE & SON  1 SO Hastings St.,W.  S. J. Trickey  CENTRAL SHEET  WORKS  E. E. Elliott  METAL  owcji.7rancif  ?ii<mS<fare-$an^w  On ike (^nierofine  {^bffle*  T?aies%frcmf2?°per  SHEET,  COPPER, BRASS  and  IRONWORK   ,  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620     151 "4 Fender St. W.  vAwcoxrirE-a, b. o.  'enzen\  andTtaiktfai/Stations.  tfkasonatiU'Jihtes,  acjemenk (famesM?oocb  KEEP POSTED-READ THE RECORD.  .-r


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