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 '-.-'A'  fr"  ^.f/Wi-X.--*^  JTHE ONLY^COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  g?>H}  VF.-V  VOL. XIX. No.  APPBr.XCATIOyjEVOTEPTOOEHrEBALyEWS.BPII.PIMO.  COITTBACTINO,  ESTOlWEERiyQ, PBOVINCIAS,  CITY A WD JgABBOK IMPBOVEMEKTS  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JULY 12, 192(h  Published  Monday  Wednesday and. Priday  SOLIGNUM  Wood Preservative and Stain :-  Recommenced  for all  wpodwork^inside  and ^tsjde.    It  does  not  evaporate, ike ordinary stains, and as a re3uli goes further:  Covering:-! . u,.  i  Dressed luipber, 1 gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed lumber,'1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers' 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles  dlfced 8 to 9 inches, 1^'gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. IN. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Oar Ntw Mmk; 530 HOWE ST. Sey. 4795 - 4796  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per .Tear in Advance  Per Month    -   -   -    -  910.0*  ljaa  IT PAYS TO SPECIFY  > ■ k i  Delaval Steam Turbines • and Centrifugal Pumps  Canadian Sirocco Fans and Blowers  C.  H.  WHEELER  CONDENSERS — VULCAN SOOT CLEANERS.  COXE   MECHANICAL   STOKER EQUIPMENT      •  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building " Telephone Seymour 868*  i    ■ 1.  BPIX.PHVO  PERMITS  AMOPMTXHO  TO $500 OB OVER IMPEP AT  THE TAVCOPVEB CITY  Nnmticr  Description  Coet  Street Addreaa  11Q36—Dwelling  !.... ?3,000  11937—Machine Shop  | $1,000  J1939—Alterations ..' 1.... 15,000  11943—Dwelling   $1-000  I.ot and Blocfc  Subdivision  2S81 7th Ave. E 7—4  119 Main St. /.....5—i  Drake & Homer St   254C 12th Ave. W .'.   XAX.X. TESTEXDAT  Architect  192  ISO  .J. C. Parr  Contractor  Addreaa  Mltton & Aubin .'   S. J. Newitt    Mr. Brewer          .  Owner  Addreaa  City of Vane. & W. H. Landsbury..  Stephen Estate '..?. r.   Dominion Canners  Ltd   Mrs. R. E. Marvin:...:'.   MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTIIML ENGINEER  AND     +.:. <«',?'  CONfRACTORS  Power Installations  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  r- - Clayburn Flr«brlck, Spoclal'  Ft.ofColombia AV      si»»p* VW*' *™-*  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Ralnfdread  Staalf Hydrated  '   Lima, ate.  ,   General  Electrical Construction  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer   Panels.   Etc.  Our Stock la the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  DO YOU NEED ANY FIR L»Af   We Have a Large Stock off Sanded On.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICHARDS ST;     . a #  SET; 1196 •'.."  VMCOUVtR  HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT  Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRMLLE ST.  SEYMOUI 6110  B  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On BUILDING MATERIALS  Robin Hood .Boilers and Radiation  \_  Seymour 0570  *!'  E.*'-  ■■&*:  T. A. WAJ.SH & Co., Ltd  . * - - - -"-•—   ■   / 'b.'c Olatrlbuf*  ip  , Olatribufiara For  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOXSTRAPPINO, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  '858 > 60 Cambia St.  Say: 473S - 4739  |        BUILDING   PERMITS    £  > 11935—Wing  Wa  Co.,   flooring,   221  Georgia  E.,   $300,   W.  H.   Harris,  447  Georgia E.,  Contr.  11940—Rev. W. P. O'Boyle,, garage,  j46 -Richards St., $150. '<  if;. 11941—R.   T.   Hunter,   garage,   2900  ,cott St., §75.  1083. Main St  ANS ANOTHER FINIS  HOME ONVANGUS AVENUE  rchitect  Wm.  Frederick Gardiner.  "05    Vancouver    block, has    been  ■jSLssioned   by   Mr.   Benjamin   V7.  ""'' the well known shipping man,  'jpnre"plahs for a handsome resi-  deh'ctntq'he erected on Angus avenue,  Shaughnessy Heights.  NOTICE   TO   ARCHITECTS.  Competition   for' Church   at   Pen-l  ticton,  B.  C.  The Council of the Architectural  Institute of B. C. is. in communication with the promoter of this  competition and in accordance \  with the "Architects' Act" of  1920, has sent to him..the particulars of competition such as are  recognized as fair and equitable,,  in the other, Provinces of Canada.  Architects who contemplate  -submitting plans for this work  are therefore requested to abstain  from competing until they have  been-Informed through-the:-Brit- '  ish •' Columbia Record that this  Institute approves of the conditions.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC T  C   I  ««THORM  toiler Bearing Drills - Close Qnrter Pistil JUr Drills- Mvettipi Hiumr  Chippiflg Hansers-WiMl Birers-Turbiie aid Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills—Reamers, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144 HOMER ST. Phone Sey. 410O  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  '     ESTABLISHED   1898  . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN »       -  SAND, GRAVEL. BRICK, LIME, AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Main St.   •    , Telephone Saysurar 115*  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  2\8 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Raaldapt Inapactora at all Lar*a Manufacturing Cantraa  J  J. A. FLETT Limited  Corbin Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339HASTIN6SST.W. SEYM8UR 2327  TAKING TENDERS  FOR  LOCK-UP AT CLINTON  Tenders are being invited by the  Provincial Public Works Department  up to Friday the 30th day of July for  the erection of a Court House and  Lock-Up at Clinton, in the I.illooet  Electoral District. Official notice of  tender appears elsewhere in this  paper..  GILLEY BROS., Limited  "■"■'■■  .:'::  ■■■ DEALERS IN •   .^ -   ^    ,    „    '„  CRUSHED ROCK - SAN D - GRAVEL  ■»   ALL   KINDS   OP   BUILDING   MATERIAL  , 902 Columbia Street W«»t  Phone IS and 16  New. Westminster, B.C.  -J  ROOFING  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Gompany  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Send   for   color    card   of    BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Cor. 10th Av«. & Arbutua St. * Talephonoa Bay.63 and 64  CONTRACT AWARDED FOR   "  VENTJLATING  SVSXEM  A" contract has just been awarded  by Architect Wm. Frederick Gardiner,  701-705 Vancouver block, to Mr."John  A. McLuckie, '347 Water street, for.  the installation of an additional system  of ventilation in the main office and  basement of the Canadian Bank of  Commerce, at its headquarters, corner  Granville and Hastings streets..  The work will comprise the installation,^ a battery of electric fans and  the provision for a number of air  shafts leading from the basement.  Work is to be started on the contract  at once.  ARMSTRONG  f?LANS MEMORIAL  ARMSTRONG—The   city   of   Arm-j  strong and  the municipality of Spal- h  lumcHeen are planning to erect a war j  memorial to their fallen soldiers.  The j  memorial wilKprobably take the form,  of a   suitable   monument   or   statue  which will bear in imperishable form  the names of the local boys who made  the,    supreme   sacrifice and    also the  names of the chief battles  in which  the    Canadian   forces    took   such   a  prbminent  part.    The' city council is  open to receive designs for a suitable  memorial.  Statural Steel For Every Purpose  —^—-. ,'  ;V^»   -v- ■■'"• -r—  MKtvam. cKAJrzrssa, ajtoum. tulttu, tecs, cokukm  COUr&ETXI** EQUZPPSS KaJMUCACTBTO BJCOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  Zairmont 239* aad 8397  ▼aaooovaa, M\  Seymour 7200  Ertlmftta*, Given  n  .lit  *'  '■J 7 v.r-W !?>"• V'i."Hi,' ■     " , J  WE CAUKTC A COMPIETE IIHE OT  '1RDWARE * CONTRACTORS S0PPLIE;S  :'i!;:  ■t?.-ii)  if  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED!  Wholesale Heavy aa,a ShelfiKirdware'YO'!6. ?n, •'••>. -j..  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA j  ->:<■*  tfir.  f~  Tl  w  PLANS FOR  NEW  SAANICH  HEALTH   CENTRE   PASSED  VICTORIA—The Saanieh Council at  its meeting last Friday, Inspected and  g-ave formal approval to" the plans for  tlie new Saanicli health, centre which  were . submitted to the council by  Major Spurgin, architect, who was recently commissioned by the.council  io draw them Up.' : '   "'■        ,.    .,  Tlic plans provide room for sixteen  beds in 'the -centre or main ward,of-  the building: 'witiiput.'.'•■'iihcluding ,the  emergency ward.   Tenders'will be cal-  COUNCIL APPROVES SIX  MORE BUILDING LOANS  Six more building loans to returned  soldiers for the erection "of new  homes under the ' provisions of the  Soldier. Housing Act have been approved by the city council. Tenders  for the construction of these new houses are to be called at once by City  Building Inspector A. J. Bird. The returned men whose applications for  loans have been approved, the amount  of the loan and the address-of the-ap-  plicants are as follows:  Mr. T. W.' Story, 1072 Howe street,  ?3,500; Mr. H. ,T. S. Langford, .1550  Marpole avenue, $3,500; Mr. G. S.  Eush, 142a Eleventh avenue east,  $3,500; Mr. H. A. Rhodes, 1911 Nelson street, $4,500; Mr. W. L. Farquhar,  1125 Canlero street, '$3,500; Mr. S. C.  Robinson, 546, Salsbury Drive, $2,700.  DOMINION BRICK  For Sale by  Champion & White;  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.;  Tho's. G. <McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co.; Ltd.  Also^by Gilley Bros., New Westminster,, The Ebume Sand &'Gravel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  - ?  Head  Office  102 Moody  Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  BALFOUR. GUTHRIE & CO.  Cold Twist and Bend  BEXVTOBCnrO STEEX.:—  Large stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  We cut to length.  Bars to details.  BOZ.T8:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are Dreoare*  to furnish larse orders of Special Bolts on short notice •  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  FOB.TIuA.ITD CEMEKT — Z.ZMS — SCOTCH FXBE  BSZCX — PIBE  CXAT  OXAPHITE rOUJTDBT FACZVOS _ CQXE — SEA COAIi  PIO IKOK ~ BLACKSMITH COAI. — KAmU EOFE  103 WINCH BLDG.  h  "  'y  PRIVATE EX. SET. 9197 j  HYPRQ-ELECTRiC  PLANT   .  ,..   ;i;   '   WILLSUPPLY. ALICE ARM  .Mr. W. y. Hunt'^of :Vattcou'yer, who  was. recently awarded the.contract for  *-1Ve. installation of a ," hydro'eioctric  led at once for botli'ij-aaie|hollow, tile plant at .Clearwater .Lakp, about "20  and brick construction...(or, th,9 build-1 miles up the. Kitsault river from Alice  ing. it is.,expected the tenders, will Arm, is .shipping.. mateiial'norUi rfn'd''  close by July''8'i., and tho. council wilj arranging fpr.an active start'on that  award tlio-contract shortly after, that   "~ '""~"  (Continued   to  pagro   2)  All"  '•"■' V* .•'"'       '>". /■.'."••■if '^. , ...  /it" V^Vi;,!,  MANCTACTUBEBS OP r >        '"    ^  ;;FIRi:i9EDA^,;a^SPRT4CE'X^ ;■ jit  ■ .' ' v   .'■:...: ■'■ '•':'  ■ .■?:■"-. 'A f&i* Xo\i ^ant^-\.<. .-VI ^'. ' .t.',.'-.'r ••'.    ■• -  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and aw ua„ or plw»n«,  ■        iSouth End of Comaaught'  I1!.  Phone- Fdir. 918-91?  '■ ■  '"■■•  • ,-. ■ II'!,.  mplmm  »'t»rii»iiii  Vancouver, B, C;-  '.. ■■'■if.'U'iiMir?., '■  .i,; a  J.f  r,s      Seymour 4660    .  Reliable Electric  Company  7. SMUXH, Maaager  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.Ci  :,i,K,Tiir.«nt3r, T»ara' ExD«rf«ao<5 to..all Bra*  of   Blootaical   Work.     Xnapaotloa—-:"~  4. !;iAd.Ttoa:-H4,T»»b»a »T«i.'fc?-JnataI1liur  ■' i^ttAtea>~Ali -Wo»k .QnaynJettftaa.' ■:  ~>  WE  CAN MAKE  IMMEDIATE  DEI.IVEBY OF  BRICK  Just Received lOO.OOO, and More Following  , Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  <Phonei8eymouri9163     < f     \'^{i r,lWl Ciranvlllo Street  Westminster Iron Works  Office and ^orl» Tenth Street  J*' ;   i':'\ :y        ',1        Phono B5  WWr: Wtftmlnater, B; O.  ■ ililii. (M ii w  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established 191,1)  Published  every   Monday,   Wednesday.  ' '"   -       .   andFriday by th*  ItecanLPublishing Company  Plate,'Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale and  Retail  W. HOLT & SON  426—436 Dufferin St.  Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At,either of which the business men and women of  the cltv are certain.of the:  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED XV  1886    -  i Ribertson & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspectins, Design, Reports, Construction  Indtistif/il Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Whares   and   Piers,      Power   Plants  Industrial  Railways  Concr-te. Steel and .Timber Structures'  502 YJRKSHIRE BLDG.    SEY.9217  \  _j(l ■ newspaper   or   seneral- circulation,.  Ceaturirig^Building,  Contracting." "En gin*  mtaring. Industrial, Shipbuilding,  Mining.  Automobile, provincial, City and Harbor  Improvements. ■■•,•'*' ^i'  ■ CL H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  *v1    Ofhce and Plant  €29 lender St.W., Vancouver, B. C. ~-  ".PHOJJIE SEf MOUR 7808  Subscription Bataa   t  Tear Jn Advance  $10.09  -Month ....:..:....'...i :.J...'../.....,    .1.00  8Ubscriptions   are   payable   strictly  'in  advance.  • OTROUL OBO*).*. /.  • The British Columbia Record Is. the  4rtBciai organ of- The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal', Architectural i Institute . of-  -Canada and .as, such ,ie..iised by them a#  * tfw medium through which to make fheir  «Slcial   announcements   to   the   general  ■ '   By Witch selec'ti'on-'thelBrltlsH Cblum-  Ma Record   le  no wise  pledged  to  editorial-support, of .any...policy;- advanced  By .these, societies, but_,malntains an ab'  •mutely independent position-on all mat  subject tor editorial'bolnloa.  No. 1 - HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  No. 2 - 612   PENDER    ST.'WEST  " The Good Food Restaurants  addition, $300.  3908—W. A. Pollock, 3945 Alice St.,  garage, $100»  3909—J. H. WJjaite, 220 Earls Rd„  dwelling, $1000. '[  3910—R. McCausland, 4355 Ross St:;  dwelling, $500.  .MOW OUR SCHOOLS MIGHT SERVE  IN"preparation FOR  FUTURE  It is inconceivable that the present  generation lis, so mentally and morallj?  vpset and twisted by,the. effects of the  'Jest   six   years,   that   it .cannot "b.e  straightened out in iis own day." Our  laith in human nature is complete, but  every cataclysm in"tiistory will take  .the Ipngest time to effect recovery.  ■  ' UmlB XV "exclaimed, "After us the  .Deluge.". His "words'were true.  .The  deluge came and it'subsided, but not  in jp day. ' Our own disturbances will  subside, but they 'will' take time.   ,We  -must .work toward the -future.   If that  future should reach to the next gen-  • -.eration  we must work for  the next  generation. - — •._  What is the next generation ^ busy  about these days?,. ,'  ■ After The battle of .Waterloo, it is  said there was 1500 balls in Paris  might!y.,; It was one* re-action. The  'same plunging into giddy amusements  Is seen in the activities of every young  "boy and girl today. A cheek-to-cheek  ;jta* is-about the first choice of young  Canada fOT amusement today.  There isn't any preparation for the  Jfuture there.  The movies are the playground for  .all, from six to sixty. With all the  tremendous good the cinema could do,  its pne aim is "to make money." It  3b making money' and with it, making  .mental weaklings of from 80 to 90 per  .eentl'ot our next generation.  - There isn't any preparation for the  -future there.  As factory profits have jumped from  fiD.OOe to $2,000,000 a year, so have  •~anany young men today found  their  ;poclcet money doubled and trebled.  "Money spending is universal with old  mnd young. Useless, ridiculous money  .spending at that.  There isn't any preparation for the  ^future there.   *  ,   Something   can    be    done    in    the  'schools to teach common sense as well  "■■as classics.   Something can be done in  , 'business colleges to prepare a respect  .for work and an appreciation of honest  labor in young men and women just  going out into the business life.  The times demand a revised course  of study and a knowledge'of the better  things of life that the coming'generation is not getting outside or inside  the class rooms. They cannot tie  taught outside without thr, bittprhesF  6f oxpfrienre. hut they e.in ho ■ taught  •1-..$.;de the class roonu; .whon the mind  -ir: -t"V'f"..>tivf« to the lessons of the lndy.  "Verr Hltle attention -is given today  it  n'iy odif'ational in:-..Uut.ions to the  rcr-rrr-.n   of "thrift,   but   much,   for   in-  . i;f.ai:co, to ihs theory of-socialistic doc-  '■'fTiVo.4?k.0':.-.''P«ritic>>-ii;..-economy'   has    its  •i^^^i-r.   'plr.rri 'in   the*   CltlTicului;! • but  'v^'y.' littlo ivv*. given to the  of money, health,.energy or time..  The preparation. for. the future Is  decidedly a problem of the .educational  institutions of the nation who have, the  coming generation to work upon.  Home influence has its part, but as  well expect that the;liome could give  that school training to fit a:boy or girl  for a business- .career as believe -that  the home-alone can instill the desire  for thriftiness.  The schools have.'a.newr part, to-play  in the training of the coming generation.  (Ooattaaafl ,trom vmf ,1>  undertaking: The "plant' which will  have an initial development of ; 500  horsepower, will supply the Dolly Var-  den and Wolf 'mines at Alice; Arm,and  the adjacent district for a considerable  distance with light and power—and  particularly" the power for the operation of the' mines: - The plant will be  capable of doubling the initial power  development, If required. ■  The water ' power of - Whitewater  Creek, which, flows' into Clearwater  Lake, will be harnessed and the storage dam will be- built at the foot of  Clearwater Lake...- The plant will be  installed by the Taylor Mining Co.,  the operators of the Dolly Varden and  Wolf mines.  STAVE FALLS SHIiNGLE  MILL OPEN IN AUGUST  STAVE    FALLS — Abernethy    arid  Lougheed's new shingle mill, which is  fast  approaching   completion   at   the  Falls, is expected to be ready to start  operation early in August.   Five standard shingle machines will be put in operation • at the start, and if business  conditions warrant it, more will be added later in the year. •  Good shipping facilities are now assured for the new mill which will be  able to compete very favorably with  any mill in the province in the matter  of transportation.   There is a splendid  supply of fine cedar of large size in  the valley within easy distance of the  mill, and as an extension'of the steam  railway of the. Western Canada Power  Company has been made to connect  up with the new mill, the owners will  be able> to ship direct from t+ii* mill in  carload lots over the C. P. 'R. or connecting lines. -  HODOSON  HODGSON .KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.    ~ Seyraeur 6506  t   WHO'S  WHO, WHERE  AND   £  | WHY, IN *  *   LOCAL  BUILDING  CIRCLES   %  Mr. A. A. Armstrong of the Derinison  Interlocking Tile Corporation of Seattle, has arrived in the city on a business trip and will be spending a few  days here renewing numerous acquaintances.  739 Hastings St. W. Sey. 7830  Ground - Floor, Winch Bids.  ,      ., Vancouver, B. C,  SHINGLES  BE- 0UR€ASH ON DEUVERY^PRICE  -> ' Write  HcVICAR SHINGLE MFG., CO.  Burquitlam, B.C.  ~Y  i  xv  i  PStr  . }  Mr. Robert M. Matheson of the firm  of Townley & Matheson, architects,  has taken up his summer residence at  West Vancouver. Robert now divides  his evening amusement between cleaving the stubborn shingle bolt and admiring the georgeous sunsets from his  front piazza. <  I  The Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. C. NICKERSON  Manager  Bey.! 5870 446 Haati&ffa St. Weat  Vancouver, B. C.  •rooa  vaiyi  rauta.  piSTRlBUTORSi^^r^r:  DUPLEX   MOTORS^ LIMITED  1233 Hornby St.        '     Sey. 946 L  Point Grey Building Supply  COKPAVT  Sand, Gravel. Torpedo Gravel, Crushed  Rock. Hrick. Lime, Plaster, Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  Bourne 6 !• 3 Ang-aa St. ft Marine Br.,  KAKPOX.E, B. C.  REFRIGERATION  let utile pints asl ciM stain sjsIhk. Sect-  itnl nfrifiratMs nt pints fir uUmKh pirpisM  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  ' Und* .Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limitod  500 Campbell Are.  High. 822  t}ic~n  I If I  v?ja-  W  fc-Vi  se  !  u y.i  s  %3..%$ la  WIRE CABLE EXPERTS  HERE  F.OHNEW  FACTORY  To assist in the installation of the  machinery and the starting of operations in the new wire rope and cable  factory of the Britannia Wire Rope  Company .on Industrial Island, Mr. C.  H. Gill, manager and secretary of the  Warrington Wire Rope Works, of'Liv-  erpool, Eng., and a director. of the  local company, has' just arrived in the  city. He will assist Mr. "Robert Gibson, of Gibsons Ltd., and manager'of  the new factory in the completion of  the plant.  Accompanying Mr. Gill from England were several wire rope and cable  experts who will help to train the  workmen employed in,the new factory  here in the intricacies-of wire making..  The first output of the new factory  will be logging-and aerial cab"les for  which there is a great demand.  PLANS READY. FOR NEW  CARMANAH LIGHTHOUSE  Plans are now on file -for inspection  by intending tftdders at the Vancouv-  1 er post office building as well as at  the department of marine at Ottawa,  for a reinforced concrete tower for  a new lighthouse at Carmanah Point,  near Victoria, B. C., The .tower is to  be 30^ feet high and very solidly constructed, as it will , be exposed to  heavy storms on the point. Tenders  will close for this work, on July 31,  with the department of marine at' Ottawa.  Mr. Wm. Frederick Gardiner, 701-  705 Vancouver block, is making a business trip to Courtenay, Nanaimo«and  other- Vancouver Island communities  where he has a number of construction jobs under way.  S. M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  err our pr^ce on  " FIRE ESCAPES "  Bay.-1043  2120-2130   Cedar   St  Contractor. Alex. McDonald is making good progress during the last few'  weeks with both the finishing touches to the exterior and the interior  trimming of the new Allen theatre.  It is expected the now playhouse will  be ready for opening about August 15.  80UTH  VANCOUVER   PERMITS  3891—Mr. Sutherland, 74 61st Ave.  W., alterations', $100.'  3892—Mr. Elliott, 415 17th Ave. W.,  garage, $500. Messrs. Butchart ' &  Turner.'  3894—J.   E.   Sumerfield,   257S   Van-  ness Ave., foundation, $100.  ■-, 3S95—Mr.: Grimmett,  120  67th Ave.  E., dwelling, $324.'':  3896—E. M.: Oastler, Queens Ave.,  dwelling, $890..;..,.  3897—C. R. .Langstaff, 5002 Commercial St., garage, $125. .  3898—T. Talbot, 1729 51st Ave. E.,  dwelling, $2500.  3899—F. T.  Vernon, Fraser  St.,  al-  ■59  terationa, :>'!00.  '.3900—D.   N.   Mf-Finn!,   ISO' Go'.h;  St.. dwelling".  $2000.    il.  Currksey.  390V--W. T. Carter, 25 IM.ii Ave.  dwelling, S290tS.--   A.  W. Jordan.  3902'--W.', PiivVml  St., .addilUm, .$500.  390M—A. .T. t'qwo  stores, SI 000.  .39.04—-T. A. Bouckcr.  W., garage, $100.  3905—Mary   F;   Brown,  Ave., dwelling; :$600.  390C—isoUey,' .!..  1SG5  ?.  dwolliiijr,  $850.  :':r'07- ■[<.. Scriber, 104.1 :  BOARD ASKS BIDS FOR  KALSOMdNING SCHOOLS  , Tenders are n^w being called by the  Eburne school board for the kalsom-  ining of 14 class rooms in Richmond  municipality and also the painting of  the outside of a one-room school and  the. inside woodwork of two. Any  details of the work' to be done can  be secured from Mrs. H. T. Ewen,  secretary of the Eburne school board,  River Road. No. 1, Eburne, Who is also  receiving tenders.  EXTEND  CLOSING TIME  .  FOR   CHURCH   TENDERS  Announcement is made by Architect  W. S. Griffith, Dominion building, that  the time for receiving tenders for the  alterations (o Robertson Presbjfterian  church, corner Napier and Salsbury  Drive, has been extended to July 16  Plans arc available at the office of Mr  Griffith to intending bidders.  | PEARSON WIRE & IRON f  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS; WIRE WOfcK-  ;   ERSanft WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wirc^ve make it  CITY'MARKET BUILDING  Phone your. .Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  •   ELECTRICAL TENDERS ASKED  Tenders for Electrical Wiring and-  fittings at the Public Building, Comox,*  are being received up to 12 o'clock  noon, Saturday, July 17, 1920,. by Wm.  Henderson,. District Resident Architect, Public, Works Department, Victoria. ,    »-  Plans and specifications, and forms  of tender can also be obtained from  Mr. J. C. Wright, Room 32, Public  Building, Vancouver.  ASK BIDS ON WORK  FOR  SCHOOLS AT VICTORIA  VICTORIA—The bpard of school  trustees is calling for separate tenderr-  for electric wiring,"painting, kalsomin-  ing, roofing and plumbing work al  various public schools in the city. The  specifications may be obtained on application to the school board offices,  City Hall.  TENDERS  ASK TENDERS NEXT WEEK  ON  TWELVE-ROOM  SCHOOL  Architects Twizell, Birds & Twizell,  Metropolitan building, who have been  busy for some time on the preparation  of plans for the new twelve-room high  school at South Hill, South Vancouver,  announce that these plans are now  nearing completion. The architects  expect to officially call for. tenders  ne:<t week, as the finishing touches  (U'O now ■bein.sr give:, to som? 'of the ,  detail plan.?. '        j  The new .school v.'ili b'va i,•.'.•■'>• ;;tr>r;'!  frame Rtrt'.ci'.ure v.'iih a r.f.ono a-.'l cod-j  .('■rote lar;cn:c:.i'.    IL ir.;  1.6 bo built on '  I the   unit  nyatom   a:.:d   vail   c.K".:u',iy   a  049 Victoria Rd. [<:'^;};"'!',^d;n?^^i!o a-; the corner of Wi<-  [f?on Itond find   Forty-fifth'. a"Oauo, lac-  ' i.ng the latter street, one block went of  Fraser street.     !>ary   effort   "vil!   be  made to have at  .ea^t one u'uit'of (he  ricw   school   ready   for   oe en nun ry  ]>y'  BEING   INVITED  FOR BRIDGE AT BANFF  Tenders are being invited by the Department of Public Works, Ottawa, up  to 12 o'clock noon, Friday, July 30;  1920, for the construction of the super"  structure, approach' spans, roadways,  sidewalks, fences, etc., ot a' bridge  over the Bow River at Banff, Rocky-  Mountains Park, Alberta.  Further particulars' may be obtained  at the Record Office,'Sey. 7808.  Classified Advertising  Becord. Reader* axe, as a rule, puslne.su  and professional men who" hnve tho  money to buy. sotnethins; good if they  desire it. 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W««t«rn Specialty  " Limited  573 OrmnTUle St.   -   Sey.  3526  "•* --' '"11   natvmmtmstmsmsmmsmsmm  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD'BE  ,        A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  1 <ShW S«y. 316 5X6 Pander W.  V- W    f y/ *** y -    ^;  J  ^u.  IS  ■*v  J. Hanburyp Co'.  IZ1SZTSD  EXCAVATING  - and  GENERAL TEAMING  Hones for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bay view 1076  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  •(.1  l  Factories.      I7oii*!fiS.V    and  Or.r-it.'"of"   .Pc-pri-ired.  ""Ooncrn)  Cari)'-i!tcr.   ri'-.d    Oo'tsi :-:\r\ Ion    Wort  r-:.y.  !.:?•(  l':?r.;;i~c-.'  Slicrbrooke  '<\U V.Mi Ave.;  Wellington;  nth'Ave. j:3,,;('!';   tinie   tho   yprin...;   term.  "Ui. Avr-.  h.i?.h seh-ioJ  ly'needed.  acc;;mnHid;jtion  o'.'irfr;   a'  i:j   r.i'p!';!!-  i.7r,e  '.o^r'Oii  .    '.',:,■>;->;in;-,   v>.;i;ii'.i  wir'"   roptf,. rnVi!'.  Uinils. -.  ••'STj T.Tain".-;t.-  ciiiT.',  ninchtiii'i-}-  oi   al'  THE sh.pp.ng GUIDE  • The Official Shipping; Paper  ; REPORTS   ON   DEEP-WATEt?   SHIPPING   TO   AND   FROM   ALL   PORTS  OF THE WORLD.     AUTHENTIC   INFORMATION   FURNISHED TO  SHIPPERS    AND   TRAVELLERS    FOR' ROUTING    FREIGHT.    PASSENGERS.  EXPRESS  AND   PARCEL  POST TO   ALL   POINTS   IN   CANADA,   UNITED'  STATES.   ALASKA   AND   THE   ORIENT.  ISSUED MONDAY' WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST    -.   -    -    VANCOUVER, B. C.  PHONE:- SEY.  7808  &£  successors; to  '   CJOR2iKS"OM,E'£iUiPaf.ENT..&: SUPPLY CO., LTO.  TrtACHriirnKT  CO.  GG-7  A.?r.**ij  vl!  M-.tc.iiri'evy   oi  >.,n;!   !-'oi>l  71. C. riQim-'^KNT  CO  IV,:-.-J:; ,<\i Ottawa J.iidtr.  Kin (In  T>*.  f.:< rl i  'V>.  no'!i.'  AT-)-Tvi(»-'Jw ui'  l.7s  c  m p (ill  k*  V ;hv 'iif  W   >V.V-'{     tJ"  '  l:bi       »\  .,     .    PRICED  o.'T'-r a stool  IVimr'bn  ..  (i.-ttr-.'V:   oy,   :>>  .T,  ll!-i: n r-T^!.fCTUP:~  MAS ?. L'FP'CP.ITD  A,Tl!.AS STEEL,  PROD  FOR  QUICK'SAL  iMln;v.   K.f}.-   ~y/<<  ?X> ft.  n   ! "n   rt.  x 2:"   (;:  .;;-lif."ii.i'ii:.    T)rlivory in Uvr day;;.  O' DEPRECIATION  In'c  i  W'  OB.1? ^t ci^j'-x: mT,,\rrr>  -j  -   I "or  :ST7.^0C!f!AiP«  Kxpi?rt *i%v;i':'.v:'iU'i:; ..{   >v.  M?.ichlnn<~y  Y.    CO.   7VYJ1.  IP.fi  "~*   ^i  Miaiiisf,' Misnlcfpal -and Centaiei  4«f  Fhoim S&yrnous' 72SS  H50 Homer Street  l/a'nci«H?ver. .B.w.C  'm*Z?m  fV*i>mn* h•uaj*ta*M^itie*amntwti%i"tftu^ttvtrjttujmj\.h*"'Winiwuimiirt4wn*t**-»v«r*MT44«i»'VtrjrwM**.u  '«i-4t<^^ut^«m%i>dri.'i'M''^9PM'4)**T'.^<Tt.i'-«-i*iw''x  i.avrrttr'n^^'^  ;!.fthiWj>M)nui  fft. ■w».«w»*fn'«»-"Ms  ^\Jf ;$; III Affu  fey    fea   m   a Nsa   \sp§  j   "-   Mi»i'e'(i'rK;'.hi.:i,",  .V.I! iv!  f.cy.  KC7??  .; r-.:.;...!. !'   pr|])pi;f-i'j  D-rmmUnv VJ.'.'lsr.  ) il-  •• l:  s^d  .W{'fCE  'f FF WFf AW' 'ilOVFBT  $     '* ''' .''  ~~r.r7n:r-±\.^..       '■•''     '"    'T'4-.'--..t.ri.'v.-rr-'i:-. .--• r-J- • -i-."4. ::'       '"" '*^.4/,^rtV'.«.jw.'K':>.,»s.E.vvr.4<«.4Vw^v.'ci.4  %  ina>«3TJWi,f.,«i*K.«.iflrvw,.t-,v.fii'-~  Wix'Gtt.Wi&'r.  -Jiighmin^  A  'tirmniSli  />'4,-—i//!*Si 11*1.!**-'**♦■**»*'-<*"JW*».'*»» **  W8»1iSt225-5^W.  its  m\  Vancouver, 0: C  j.mimm.i* mm- t.%. Tu:.i \.st** j, ii «ry m ana nwo **t«titm; ui^na*. w»um«ntwt' h*—wmu*»« x i m>. mMntAtH**MMtfr*»* wm ■■ »* **t.vjmtn  i!  i  'I  1  1 v^sim  <&&*-,? w  :■ „'J .IJ.\> £'X'«£-Jl&i%&?*HL  BRITISH COLUMBIA WBGORD  =«Kr',  LANG  ELECTRIC  FIXTURE  COMPANY  We have the' most .exclusive  Fixtures artistically designed,  made in our own factory, and  displayed In our dark show  room, which will give you the  right idea how they will appear  In your home." —<  You are respectfully invited  to Inspect OuivSelection  "Our Fixtures Give the  Right Finishing Touch to  Your Rome."  VICTORIA PERMITS,  845—G.'-.K. Dixon, dwelling, 130  Beachwood Ave., $2^00, G. E. .Dixon,  Contr.  846—G. A. Richardson, garage, Cambridge    St., $275,    G. A.    Richardson,  Coiltr. .'„'■'■,  .';    :■'■■■■;■.  847—H. J. Hartneil, garage, 1219  Rudlin St., $120, H. J. Hartneil, Contr.  848.JP. Pimm., dwelling, Burton Ave.,  .$2,000,■■P. Pimin...Contr.':  840—Airs. I, Pitts, add. to dwelling,  Sumas' St., .$200, D. Hurdle, Contr.  8,r>0—Gh. Is bister, vei;andali, C26  Burnside Rd.!; $300, T. Mains, Contr.  WHARF WORK IS FIlNISHED  KVJPER ISLAND—A. ;'Sf. Watson, of  the firm of McDonald, Watson & Withers reports, at Sidney, that the firm  has completed the big repair job at  the Kuper Island Government wlrarf.  HARBOR     WORKS    EXPENDITURE  The amount of money spent on the  different harbors in Canada since confederation, was set forth in a return,  tabled in the Commons recently by  Hon. A. L. Sifton. The Department of  Marine and Fisheries, to December  31, 1919, had expended through harbor  commissions, the sum of $28,785,308  at Montreal, and $10,809,807 at Quebec. ■ ;.' ',    :'-";;." ■•' ■-';"/■ '._■■.-.■'■'■"  The Department of LPublic 'Works  spent the following amounts:    ,  Uestriai klaatf  Sey. 8793  New Orders  are largely dependent on approaching  your   prospect   at  the  " right time. You can obtain full  information   regarding  tho  right  • moment at -which to put forward  your estimates for  Building & Engineering  contracts through the service offered by .MacLeaii's Daily l$e-  portit. They, will. give, you news  of the projects in which you are  interested until they are fully  completed. You will know when  tenders are called und contracts  awarded, when to offer materials  or service—in short, all the data  you could wish for.  Write for full information.  .Pally Beports, Limited.  Imch Sldfq TaaconTer, B.C.  COMMERCIAL   BRIEFS  CHICAGO—If the car situation can  be held so that conditions do not. become any worse, it is believed by mil-  road officials that in ten days a material improvement will bo shown in  the Western territory. The commission's order .sending 28,000 ' empty  grain cars from the East to the West  is in process of execution, but the  movement is slow.  Halifax (a)   .  St. John   Quebec :f?~..-..;  Montreal   ......  Toronto   ........  Hamilton  ......  Port Arthur ..  Port William  Victoria  .........  Vancouver   ......$       75,569.64  :..!... 14,643,146.93  ...:„ 12,060,263.92  ........ 5,798,324.73  .;.„.    6,014,259.75  ......       587,336.85  ......    4,078,457.15  ......    8,700,108.65       6,928,919.16  ......    4,410,450.43  •1*  Vstepbona  l.ymour 2013.  SHARP   DROP  IN   NAIL  AND WIRE  PRODUCTION  PITTSBURGH — After maintaining  remarkably steady productive records  for many weeks in face of rail tie-ups  and labor conditions of a trying nature, nail and wire production has  dropped somewhat sharply in volume  this week to not much better than 50  per cent, of normal. The difficulty has  been the lack of cars for the movement of the finished stocks. The production has kept at a high rate near  90 per cent., and the excess of production over shipments has been piled.  Now this piling has'reached the limit  and mill output must cease or go  down to about 40 per cent Of the normal capacity and await improvement  in railroads. The demand for nails  is large.  It is far in excess oE output, and in  some districts it is at a famine rate  of demand. But nails are spotty in  character! At the same time for the  unequal distribution of nails has madp  some section of the country''oversup-  plied and prices have been affected  unfavorably. As a matter of fact,  there is a difference of from $1.50 to  $2 per keg in price' of nails in these  varying sections. Steel pipe trade is  showing a similar effect to nails, for  mills are finding storage room disappearing and are being .forced to cut  into production to hold down these ac-  No man Is a hopeless fool who can I cumulations of pipe which cannot be  REPORTS  BIT WINCM eUtLOtNC SKY. *30t  THEO. KORNER  RINDIM  tJCPCRT  ASSISTANCE TO  TH*  pnorsssiON  ASCMITSCTCMAI.    AMB    IiAJTOSCAPK    DBBIOJf  mmncm  rumm awa  fdiwiictivim  BUBTBTa, OHIIAL  MAV'OHTINO  All wisdom is a matter of absorption.  (a)—Terminal facilities at Halifax  were paid for by the Department of  Railways and Canals.  The Intercolonial Railway expended  the following sums at Halifax and St.  John:  Dredging at St. John  %    28,584.05  Wharves at St. John       457,807.02  Wharves at Halifax   1,453,948.59  Dredging and blasting rock        •  at  Halifax     128,896.93  Removing   boulders,   Halifax          11,455.21  Ocean  terminal docks,Hali-  fax  ,6,799,235.71  Total I. C. R. expenditure for both  harbors since Confederation, $8,879,-  927.57.   •  B. C. INCORPORATIONS  C. & C. Taxi Service, Ltd., limited  by guarantee, Vict; Northwest Building Co., Ltd., $200,000, Vane; National Development Co. of Canada, Ltd.,  $500,000, Vane; Port Clements Club,  Ltd., $10,000, Port Clements; Sign A.  Time Corporation of British Columbia,  Ltd., $50,000,- Vane; The British Timber Corpn. Committee, Ltd., Trust Co.  Vane; Tait Pipe &. Foundry Co., Ltd.,  $100,000, Vane; Vogue Limited, private, $25,000, Vane; Coast Lands Ltd.,  private, $10,000; Vane; B. C. Theatre  Supplies, Ltd., $50,000; Vancr.; Glacier Lumber Co., $50,000; Vane; New  British Columbia District Telegraph  & Delivery Co., Ltd.,, $10,000, Vane;  Western Truck Lines, Ltd., $100,000,  Vane; Northwestern Cattle Co., Ltd.,  $250,000, Vict.  . Extra provincial  companies:  Ladysmith Mining Corpn., $500,000,  office in B. C, Victoria; office outside  B. C, Seattle.  Whatcom Falls Mill Co., $125,000,  office in jB. C, Vancouver; office outside B. C, Bellingham.   .  Periodically during each year Garford expert service men go from our  factory to every Garford owner. They thoroughly inspect each truck,  ride with the driver on the job, and make minor adjustments. Written  reports of these inspections are sent to factory for analysis, ^d recuMri-  mendations are made direct to owners by our Maintenance Department.  IMMEDIATE  DELIVERY—ONE  TO TEN-TON CAPACITI£S.       V  . Motor' §i&$$&:$^^  George; A^/Sabourlri^  1105 GRANV ILLE  ST. PHO NIE SEY. 4192.;;; ^;; VANCOUVER^ B.,c.^  keep his ignorance concealed.  moved by rail roads at this time.  Bankers Safes  Bankars Vault Doors  Safe Deposit  Boxes  Fireproof Safes  Fireproof Vault Doors  goldie & Mcculloch Co., Ltd.  GALT, ONTARIO, CANADA  C. L. FORD  Representative for B. C.  i'--'Tr^  ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAILED  ON REQUEST  srii i  i issi  i,    • !  SEYMOUR 3907  569 RICHARDS ST.  sttffi&lii  VANCOUVER, B.C.  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  2771-1—P. Mclnnis. 1701 Semlin Dr.—  Ford Truck.  27715—E, Lnnpstaff. 559 Howe St.—  Chevrolet Tour.  2771G—Pacific Berry Growers. 15C Water  St.—Garford   Truck.  27717—J. Hannay, 7S0 Rinffwood St.—  l^ord  Tour. «& -,     •  27718—J. II. Hawke, No. 20 Koad. Lulu  Island—General Truck.  27719—XV. M. Craig, Shaughnessy Mansions—McLauyhlin Tour.  27720—Auto    Livery    Co.,    Howe    St.—  Dodge  Tour.  27721—T. H. Wilson, 1627 Barclay St.—  Ford Tour.  27722—A. Magnano, Ltd.. Cordova  St.—  Keo Truck.  27723—D.  Venture,   220  Prior  St.—Hud-  Son Tour.  27724—Mrs. E. F. Brown, 100S Davie St.  —Chevrolet  Tour.  27725—W.   Shannon,   1S72   Nelson   St.—  Nash  Tour.  2772G—D. Tanabe. 55S Powell  St.  27727— M.   Oben.   McKay.   B.    C.—Ford  Tour.  2772S—J~  G. Brooks,  1676  13th  Ave. W.  —Cole   Sport.  27729—J.   Diebolt,   1101   Harwood   St.—  Hupp  Tour.  27730—W.    Smiley,    B.»-    Ho.    1,    Haw  Westminster,   B.   C.—Chevrolet  Tour.  27731—Mrs.  E. Dorrlll,  1.233 Howe St.—  Maxwell Tour.  277S2—T. Crawford, 7S2S Trlnce Rupert  St.—Ford Tour.  277"?.—Mrs. M. Douglas. North Vancou  ver—Russell T<vur.  277.H—Fraser  Valley   Dairies   Ltd.,   40H  Sth Ave. *W.—General  Truck.  STRAIGHT LOANS .   on 11  MONTHLY LOANS  !|   OH '-  DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Ponder St. W.  PHOHE SEYMOUR 790-791  In DUNHAM HEATING SERVICE  CAN BE FOUND RELEF FROM  -'%HEATING • TROUBLES.^r;#  ,-,:' Dunham /System of : Heating: does away^:  with the source of trouble by- using the.'  Duiihafn   Radiator   Trap. ; ' -  • Dunham "Heating  is   used   on  its   merits  and  record of satisfactory service.  Specifyit" whenever-possible.    . i  C.A.DUNHAM COM PA NY, Ltd  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  Z>.  O. BKXSOH, Manager  Phone Sey.  S007    425  Standard Bank Bldg.  ' HE AT" t NC' S ER VIC E  'Dunham;'('•'  -Radiator^-;  .-Trap'' :;.v'v.v  lUllUV.l»'.tM.V.»...'»'.l.l.....M...A»..  M±^*.*.*.^m.m.*^m.m.m.*.*m.*...*.*mM*.m.±*±v^  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  !n Heath Units - Patented  ■:■     THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  VANCOUVER'S   NEW   INDUSTRY  B.C. IMPERMEALITE BUILDING PRODUCTS  CURO HARDENING LIQUID  Arrests erosion in Bricks and Masonry.   Strengthens  and  preserves  Masonry   and  Artificial Stone Work and all forms of Plaster, Mortar and Cement work, etc.. .  IMPERMEA WATERPROOFING LIQUID  $ Waterproofs Plaster, Cement, Mortar, Bricks, Hollow Tiles, Wooden Shingles, etc.  CUROCRETE  SBSBtaBfeSBBMBjBSaSJSSSKBSaHtcmsMSaVBBSaSBJSmSMIBMatfBS.  For mixing wittu concrete mixture.    Renders the finished material waterproof and  almost doubles its tensile and compressive strength i  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  Little' Mortar  Strength where it is  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  Sizes  5y2"xS"xll>4" 5V2"x8"x5%"  5y2"xrxU]^" 5i/2"x4"x5%"  2VV'xS'xy1/^"'Corner and Jambs  i"xS"x5y2"    (Pilaster  Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  Cheap to Lay  Interlocking  Strong* Piers and Jambs.  Load Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforced  SAVES FUEL  NO PAINTING  M  k  Of  Vmmmmms  Full Particulars and  Information on Application  The B.C. IMPERMEALITE Co., Ltd.  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone: Sey. 9260 FACTORY Fairviwe  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be made from Fire Clay.   We are the only producers of Fire Clay in  British Columbia.  . Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY, LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. 0.  Apply for quotations to  EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, Limited,  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  fc^^rara^^^w^^^.^ BRITISH C^^MBlA ftECQRD  •w^t^i^^i^i^^^^  g^^isagsaigaBSSBflg^^  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You In  With a Reliable Firm  mffifttrS^r/iRVri^  ABCHITECTTTBAL l£BBA COTTA  Cliurwiloii  &  Whlto .'. , _ Sey.   8571  ernn.4.  Coleman ft  Kvans, Ltd -Soy.   IMtfS'  T.   fl.   Mcllrldi'  &  Co.. ..Key. 1150  O'Noll. Win. N.  Co., Ltd. , 1 3- Suy.  4795  HUchiu Contr. & Sun. Co.. Ltd „ Soy. 9162  ASBESTOS *AP£*  Taylor  Engliieorlnir Co.,   Ltd -..,,. '.. Soy. 3080  ASPHALT FELT  Tlio   liarr'-tt   Co.,   Limited .ttny.    flit  Evitns,  Culoman tc Kvans, Ltd Suy.  2988  l'aclflc, RouBiik   Co.,   Ltd .". - Sey. 1186  Wood.  Vallmico & LoMiat _.., , - Sey.   7200  AtTPHALT   PITCH  Tliu   Jlarrott   Co.,   Limited..' _..I?ay.    68  Pacific   Hooting   Co.,' Ltd '.'. ..Soy. 1186  AUTOMOBILE   ;1TSVBANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co i-— Sey. 559  Ct-iwrluy,  Houiisofoll & Co  _...'. Sey.  7820  BEAVER.   BOABB  Tlio   llarrctt  Co.,   Limited Hay.    63  MrGilibon-Hoitoori    Lumber    Co Fair. 1659  OJNVU,   Win.   N'.   Co.,   Ltd  Soy. 47DJ  BLUE PRXITTS  City  Map  & While  J'rlnt  Co Sey. 6693  Dominion Mua l'rlnt Co -—Sey. 2497-4670  ,*;7:" BONDS—StTBETX  '. Canadlsn   Surety   Co _ —...Soy. 559  j gjperlvy,  llouiiscfell & Co Sey.   7820  /?»? BBAS8 BAXXiXXaS  )'{Fsrr,    Robinson    &    Bird...'. '. —Soy. 3312  V BltXCX—ALL XXXBS „■■  ' .Champion & White.. _: 8*y.   •■Tl  .-Kt3H», Coleman & Evans, Ltd  Sey.  2988  -.tHJlW Bros., Ltd.  -•- West. 15-16  Tv O.  Ucltrlde 'k Co....>. — Sey.  1159  O'Nell; Wm.  N. Co . Ltd _: - .'...Sey.  ITM  ,-1't.  Orey  Iluildine Supply Co Jiburno 6-L-'  Jlltchic Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd,,  Sey.' 9162  SBXCX MTCtBS.  Oabrlola  Shale Products. Ltd ™...:...9ey. 9167  BUZMKbTO   FELTS   ABB   FAFEBS  The   lJarrett  Co.,   LI ml toil ,'..•:. —:...Bay. > 63  Eyaiis; Coleman & .Kvans, Ltd _ Sey.  2988  McGibhvu-Hodgson "Lumber   Co....- Fsir. 1659  O'Nell. Wm. K. Co.. Ltd _..- Sey.  4795  Bitchle • *  MTacdougall.:. .....i"..?.. Sey. i»«7  Wood.  Vallance * Lcggat ......'.- Sc>.  T209  BTTBOX.ABT  XHSTBAHCS ..'. '  'Canadian   Surety   Co .....  ..-•'- -Sey- 559  CABFEKTEBB   &   JOMTBBS  E.   Cli.vstal  ic Co -   •■.W. »',jl  - Dixon It Murray :. - —Sey. 8765-8766  CEHEKS  Kaln   Rroa - —"•- •-•'• s°y- 838  Ilalfour. Guthrie & Co x...;.J..Sey. 9197-6575  'Champion  * White '-  Sey.   9571  Etans,  Udlemaih * Evans, Ltd  Sey-   29S8  'Gilley Bros.,  Ltd   - -.West.  15-16  T.   C.   Mc»r!dc & Co -   -Sey. llo*  .'O'Neil. Win. S. Co.. Ltd  ™  Sey.  4795  ■B-MjafflaaaMteM  li^ifffll^i^«^fiS?i^ii^rf^R  BRILL STEEIi  Taylor  Ktlgliieerlng  Co.,   Ltd Sey. .1080  ELECTBICAL   CONTRACTORS  K.   N.   Jjieer   &   Co  Sey   821  li'iikins   Electric   Co.,   Ltd .Sey. 0312  W.   W.   Fraser   Sey. 7965  Mlindy,   Itowland   &   Co - Hey. 334  Kellablo  Electric  Co Sey. -idtiU  Htehnrdsoti   Electric   Co Sey. MiUU  'I ho   Electric   Slum    Sey. 1221  'L'ho  Jarvls   Electric  Co..  Ltd - #«'• 173  ELECTRIC FIXTURES  Karr,    Iloliiiibon    &    Ilird Sey. 331J  Lang  Electric  Fixture   Co Sey. 8793  ELECTBICAL MFCrBS.  Electrical   Mfg.   Co - -...,.Sey. 1878  ELECTBICAL   REFINING  Roliablo Electric Co _ -Sey. 4660  ELECTBICAL SUPPLIES  B.   C.   Electric    Sey. 5000  Darling. Frank & Co Sey. 4100-4101  Tho   Electric   Shop — Sey. 1224  Tho  Jarvis  Electric  Co..  Ltd -Sey. 175  foiikiiu  Electric   Co..   lAtt Sey. 9jU  -Muncly,   Kowlund  &  Co ' Sty. 334  Itankin    &    Cherrlli : Sey. 7600-01  Ulchaidson  Electric  Co.   — .'. -Sey. 8G06  ELECTBXC SUPPLIES—WHOLESALE  Ilaiikin    &    CherrllL — Sey. 7600-01  ELBVATOBS     .  Darling, Frank & Co Sey.  4100-410]  ELEVATOB CABS ABB ENCLOSURES  S. M. Morris & Co.; Ltd Hay.  1013  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co., Ltd  Sey.   1795  Kltrhie Contr. & Sup. Co., Ltd .—._ —Sey. 9162  ZBCX.OSUBES  Artistic  Wiro  &  Iron   Works __ Fair.- 2618  Pearson Wire *,Iron Wks  Fair.  2704  ltarr  & Anderson - .'.....Sey.   6180  Campbell  & Grill Sey. 2981  Central' Sheet   Jlotal   Works — Sey.    620  C.  A. Dunham Co., Ltd....- .  Soy. 8057  Murray   Itros.   Ltd - Sey. 8014  I'Rclflo  Sheet   .Metal   Wks.   Ltd.- _ Sey.  2172  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd Sey. 7347  HOISTIira   ENGINES  Bitchle Contr.  k Sup.  Co..  Ltd Sey.  9162  Taylor  Engineering   Co.,   Ltd - Sey. 3630  INSURANCE  Ceperley, Kounssfell  it Co Sey.  7820  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evana, Coli-maii & Evans, Ltd —Sey.  2988  O'Nell,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup. Co.. Ltd Key. 9182  IBON ABB STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can. N. W.  Steel Co.. Ltd fair.  2396-7  Coughlan, J.  & Sons...- Sey.  7910  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd Sey.  298S  S.  M. .Morris & Co., Ltd Tiny.  1043  O'Nell,  Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd   Sey.  4795  Ritchie Contr.  & Slip.  Co., Ltd —Sey.  9162  T.   Watt iron  & Calr.   Works. Fair.  971  .Westminster Iron Works  _ West. 53  Wood.  Vallance "&  Lcggat. - — Sey. .7200  IBON   ABB   STEEL—ORNAMENTAX.  Artistic Wiro & Iron Works Falf. 2648  Evbiis, Coleman & Evans. Ltd _ Sey.  2988  S.  M. Morris  & Co.. Ltd - Bay.  1013  O'Nell, Win.  N.  Co.. Ltd..1.-- Sey.   4795  Pear.-on Wire  & Iron Wks.-. .Fair.   2791  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.  Co., Lt'd.' _."-.._ Sey.  9162  T.  Watt Iron ft Galr.  Works   Fair.  971  ENGINES—SEMX-DEISEI.  Taylor Engineering. Co.1,  Ltd _ Sey. 36S0  ENGXXEEB&  Taylor Engineering Co.,  Ltd Sey. 3680  Walsh   & Co..  T.,l._ ---. - :....Sey. 4.38  EXCAVATING  J. Hanuury & Co.  .- -  Eay- 107  .. FEHCBS AND  GATES  I'earse-'n Wire &.'lron Wks  Fair.  2794  ,     FIBE  CLAY  Balfour. "Guthrie & Co _...Sey. 9197-05i5  Champion  &   White.-..- Sey.   9571  Evans,  Coiema'n & Evans, Ltd.— —Sey.  2988  Gilley Bfo's., Ltd : '.- West. 15-10  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co., Ltd Sey. 4795  T., O.  MclMde tc Co Sey. 1159  Ritchie .Contr.  &. Sup.  Co., Ltd  Sey. 9162  FXBE  ESCAPES  8. M. Morris & Co., Ltd — Bay. 1013  FXBE   BOOBS  ft  METAL  WINDOWS  B. C.  Celling & Rooting Co , Ltd Fafr. 12G7  FXBE  EXTINGUISHES  SYSTEMS  Barr   &  Anderson.-   --..- Sey._  6180  FLOORING — KABDWOOD  B.   C.   Hardwood   Floor  Co.,  Ltd _ Hay. 1287  rnlay  Hardwood   Floor   Co Sey. 9201  rt"t!rey  Bulidliig  Supply Co.  Eburne G-L-') O'Nell,  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd  Sey.  4795  Rltetiie Contr.  & Sup.  Co.. Ltd.... Sey. 9162    ]. Fyfe Smith & Co., Ltd  Sey.  119i  CEBKEHT   TESTING   AND   ASSAYING | .     FOBGINGS  Hunt. Robert W. & Co.. s""   •"Q0  ..Sey.  2199 I Westminster Iroii Works..   West.  53  CONTBACTOBS—GENERAL  GALVANIZING  W"T:—7T"~C7'*—ri,r  di.v   1816 I T. Watt Iron tc Galv. Works —Fair.  971  Armstrong, Morrison 4 Co., Ltd _Su^l8M QAB ^ppx.jAjfcj.g  ...-."._  Key. 4738 ! Vancomer  Cas  Co.   I  _ —Sey. 5000  Westminster Iron Works   ..'• Weat. 53  Wood,  Vallance "ii lcggat —.". .'.—Soy.   7200  ,   ; _..    INSULATION  Taylor Engineering Co..  Ltd .'. -.."— Sey. 3630  KALSOMINING  C.  J.  Cummins & Co _   Sey. 1337  Diibil & Murray.  Soy,  8763-876(1  BATH—METAL  Champion  &  White   Sey.   9571  Evans,   Coleman   &  Evans,  Ltd : Key. 2988  T.  G.  McBrlde  & Co Sey. 1159  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.   Co.,  Ltd _ — Sey. 4795  Itltchlc  Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd .'. Sey. 3102  Kltchie   &   Macdouga'll     Sey. 9167  LIME  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  Sey. 9197:657r.  Champion &  Whltc.v. .' Sey.   9571  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, Ltd ~™.Sey.   298'1  Gllley Bros..  Ltd  _ —™West.   15-16,  Northwest  Lime   Co.     Sey. 6191-2  T.  G.  McBrlde & Co...- Sey. 1159  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co.. Ltd  Sey.  4795  Itojcbaiik   Lime   Co _— - Sey. 9107  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A _ Soy. 91G7  -Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.   Co.. Ltd  Sey.  9162  LTTMBEB  Federal Lumber Co   Sey.  3993-3999  McGlbbon-Iludgaon ,Lumhcr   Co _ ^. .Fair. ltiS'J  Vancouver  Lumber   Co..   Ltd  Xcir. 918-  MACHINERY   .  Brown,   Fraser   &   Co.,   Ltd • Sey. 7135  Darling, -Frank .,&'  Co _ -Sey.   4100-4101  MOTOBS  It.   O.   Electric    - „....  .Mumly.   Itiinland   &   Co.   _   ....  Reliable   Electric  Co   Richardson   Electric   Co _   The Jarvis Electric  Co.  Ltd.! .,   MOTOB   TRUCKS  Garford    Trucks     ,'.   Motor  Service.   Ltd   .       MULTIGBAFHXNG  Central  I'ublic  Stenographers    .vSey. 5078  OFFICE AND STORE  FITTINGS  John Arnot & Sous   , L High.    371  E.   Chr>stal   &   Co :..., Sey. .«a51  Di>:ou  Sc Murray _ Sey.   <T765-8766  FAINTING, AND   PAPER   HANGING  C.   3.  Cummins  & Co .'...'. -....Soy.  1337  Dixon'fe   Murray    _ Sey. 8765-8766  FAINTS—FIREPROOF  O'Nell, Wm.  N.  Co.,  Ltd  L Sey.   4795  FAINTS—DAMP  PBOOF  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited - Bay.    03  Campbell & Cnll - .'. Sej. 2981  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd .. Sey.  29Sb  'O'Nell. Wm..N.  Co.. Ltd .-  Sey.  4795  Ritchie   &   Ma'i'dougal!...:...._   :. Key. 9167  Taylor  Englneeiing   Co.,   Ltd Soy. 3680  FAINTS—ABCHITECTUBAL   Sey. 6110  ( PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL   Sev.  5009   Htlhi   l!rm Sey. 833   S«y.    lit j ('hiimplmi   &   White  .-, Sey.   9571  ...Ss/. 4ii6(i| KvKiiu,  Coleman &  Ev.uw. Ltd „   Sey.  SGilii   T.   G.   Meltrkle  &   Co    s"y    "5    O'Nell,  Will.  N.  Co.. Ltd.    Ritchie Cunlr. i Sup. «^o.. Ltd    Suy.  4192  ...Sey'. 4192 r I!ftl!(.yi   ,.,    A  l»irr  &   Anderson      Ili'Oun,   \v.   A.,   Limited   Ceutiul   Sheet   Metal   Works   Murray   Bros.   Ltd -   PLUMBING   Sey. 2988   Sey. 1159   Sey. (4795   Sey. 9162   Sey. 133   .....Sey. 6180   Soy. 770   Soy. 620   Sey. 8011  Rainage,   A.   L.  .Walsh   &  Co .  T.  A  CONTBACTOBS—TILE—TEBBAZZO  Evan.s.  Culrinan & Evans, Lid.— - Sey.   2988  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd  Sey. .4795  CBANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELECTBIC)  Hie Jlolden  Co..  Ltd..— —S«y. 1065  DECORATING  C.  J. Cummins & Co -Sey. 1337  Slagee.  J.  II - - ^a>'- 3202  DBAFTXNG & SUPPLIES  Dominion  Blue Print Co   Sey.  2497-4679  DRILLS—POBTABLE   ELECTBIC  Darling. Frank & Co  Sey.  4100-4101  Ritchie   &   Macdomwll    -S<-"»- "W  The Holden Co.. Ltd — Sey.  1065'  GLASS—i  Grant,   .7.   A   W.   Holt.   Glass   Dealer  O'Nell, Wm. N. Co., Ltd.  lLL KINDS  ..Fair. 3491 L  ...Fair. 1238  _.Soy. 4795  O'Nell,    Wm.   N.   Co.,   Ltd _ _...Sey. 4793  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup. ' Co.,   Ltd Sey. 9162  Itltchlc    &   Macdougall    _-. .". Sey. 9167  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.     _ —.Sey, 36S0  The  ITolden Co..  Ltd    Sey.   10G3  ,VaUh   & Co..   T.   A   Sey. 4738  MACHINE WOBK  Westminster Iron Works  .". West.  53  MANTELS—BBXCX. TILE AND WOOD  Champion   &   White .-- Sey.   937,1  Evans,  Coleman & Evans. Ltd..-"-  Sey.  29SS  T.   G.  McBrlde  &  Co  - Sey. 1159   Soy.   2327-2328 ' O'Nell,  Wm. N.  Co., Ltd..—,  Sey.  4793  ..Sey.  9162  HABDWABE  Brown,  Fraser & Co., Ltd Sey.  7155  Flett,  ,1.   A -  _„niv  Wood. Vallance & l>ggat Sey.  7200 Ritchie Contr. & Sup.  Co., Lid.   HABDWOOD LTTMBEB MABELE   AND   ONYX  1  Fi-f.. Smith & Co.. Ltd - —Sey. 1106 Evans.  Coleman & Evans. Ltd   ctvaVxhO HOT     AIB      STEAM    AND O'Neil.  Wm. N.  Co.. Ltd —Sey. 4705 PLASTEB  PARTITION BLOCKS        , -_» •-  HEATING—HOT     Al^fcJ.*. AM    a« MINING   ENGINEERS , Evans.  Coleman & Evans.  Ltd Sey. 298f( SPRAYING—LIME   AND   PAINT  „.*——————.—.- Sey.    136 Walsh   &  Co.",  T.   A   - .Sey. 4788     »'Neii,   Win.  N.   Co.,  Ltd.—'. —-U Sey. 4793 .Cummliigs,   F.   L Sey.   1421    Eraser   217 L  Uuiitcr-lleiidrrsuiiol'aiiit Co., .Ltd   FAINT BTSBS.  Ayres   Varnish   &   l'alut   Co ,.....-.. -...High. 1928  ifutuer'-lleiidcrson  Paint Co.,  Ltd Key. 6110  .Martin-Senour   Co.,   Ltd   High.    422  PAPER  ! Smith, Davidson & Wright, Ltd :_  Sey. 956*  PARTITION—FIBEPBOOP  Champion  &  White     Sey.   9371  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  Ltd.    —Key.  29SS  T.   C.  McBrlde &  Co Sey. 1139  Ritchie Contr. & Sup.  Co.. Ltd   Sey. 9161  .'   PARTITION   WXBE  Artistic   Wiro   &   Iron -, Works _...Fi-Ir. fiM'  Tearson Wire  & Iron Wks ,„.:. —Fair.   2794  PATTERNS  Westmiiihter Iron Works _._ .....Wcsc     5.1  PIG XHON AND TIN  Rairgour,  Guthrie. &.  Co _  Sey.   9/97-6575  Evans,  Coleman  Sc Evans, Ltd    Sey.  298  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Ci    .'. Sey.'3938-3999  Joe   Leporo   .- -   , —.,.  -High.  148  FILE DRIVING  Evans, Coleman k Evans, Ltd...'. : Sey. 2981?  Fra»cr   Rlter   Pile  Dr.   Co .._.. Scv. 4404  PIPE   COVEBUNG  Taylor  Engineering  Co..   Ltd , —  Soy. 3680  PIPE—SETTER  Champion   &   Wldte — Sey.   9571  UvaiK,  Colemjn  & Ijvaus, Ltd  Sey. 298tf  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd  ^  West.  15-16  T.   O.   Mcltride  &,Co  :. —-Sey, 1139  Ritchlo Contr.  &• Sup.  Co., Ltd   Sey. 916S  PLASTEB  .Balfour, GutlirJo & Co  _ Sey. ni97-C37.r-  Champion  k   White -   —- —Sey.   0571  Evans.  Coleman  & Evans. Ltd  Sey.  29tfSv  Gilley Bro3„  Ltd    West.  15-16-  T.   G    Mr-Bride  &  Co   Sey. lli'M'  O'Nell.   Wm.   N.    Co.,   Ltd.:„  .-Sey. 4795  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Darling,  Frank k Co _ Suy.  4100-410J  Tho Hoiilen  Co., Ltd :.._ _Boy.   1065  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C.   A.  Dunham Co.,   Ltd.— .Sey. 8057  Taylor Engineering  Co..   Ltd.. Sey.  3080  PUMPS  Taylor Engineering  Co..   Ltd  Sey. 30S0  ROOFERS  Wright   Bros _ ...„ .Sey. 3315  HOOFING  MATERIAL  Tho Barrett  Co.,  Limited  _ .1 Bay.  63  Campbell & firlll „ _  .Sey. 29S1  Chutnphm  &  While Sey.   9371  T    O.  Mcltride &  Co - —.Sey. 1159  O'Neil, Wm.  N. Co", Ltd - .".....Sey.  4795  Pacific   Routing   Co..   Ltd —   Sey. 1186  Ritchlo Contr.  & Sup,  Co,  Ltd..' Key. 9105  Evans,  Coleman A Evans.  Ltd   Sey.   2938  Taylor* Engineering  Co..   Ltd  Sey. 36X0  Wood,  Vallance,. k   LoKgat. _ Key.   7200  BOOFING   COKT3ACTOSS  B.  C.   Ceiling & Rooting Co.,  Ltd Fair. 1267  Campbell  4&  Grill _ „   Sey. 2981  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works... _ _ Sey.    620  Pacific   Roofing   Co.,   Ltd ! sey. USB  Pacific  Sheet  Metal   WkV   Ltd _ Sey. 2172  Vancouver   Sheet   .Metal   Co.,   Ltd   Sey. 7317  , BOPE—MANILLA  Balfour, Gutlirlo & Co  Sey, 9197-0575  Wal*ih  &  Co.,  T.  A - _ Sey. 47X3,  Wood,   Vallance  k Lcggat Sei.   7200  SAFES—VAULT  DOORS  Goldle.A  McCulloch,   C.   L.   Ford.   Agt —Sey. 3907  O'Nell. Wra.  N. Co., Ltc;.._ _ - .".Sey.   4795  SAND, GRAVEL AND CBUSHED BOCK  Champion  &   While  Sey.   9571  Evans.  Coleman a  Evans, Ltd _ Sey.   2938  Fnlrvfew  E?aml  ft Gravel  Co..  Ltd _ Fair. 552  Gllley  Bros.,  Ltd      West.   15-16  T   G." McBrlde  & Co ,  _ Sey. 1159  PL   Grey   niilldhig  Supply  Co  Eliucne G-L-'  Ritchie  Contr.   »V  Suj)  Co..   Ltd _ Pry. 9162  SASE DOCKS, WINDOWS, ETC  (olin  Arnot  &  Sons   Hi/h.  STEEL—BEINPOBCXVO < .  M-Uour, Outhrlo & Co „  Hey. tllT-WTI  «v»ih.  Coloman & Erans, Ltu   Sey. »«•  O'Ni.il.  Wm.  N.  Co,, Ltd       »er «T»»  Taylor   Engineering  Co.,   Ltd - Sey, S6KV  Wood.   Vullancu  k. Lcggal „   Soy.  7MO  STENOOXAPHEBS^—PUBLIC  Central    Public   tjtciwgraphori  .-....—Sey. SOTS  STORAGE BATTBKtBS'. -.  11.   C.   Electric    Sey. S0SS ■  The .larvls Electric Co.,  Ltd   «»y. ltt  Rlchii.dson   Electric -Co,   ..,  .,..,"„..... 8ef< «6t«  STOBE AND OFFXCB FIXTUBBB ANB*  STORE  PBOBTfl     . :     j  Dixon  & Murray   .:., „.fctty.  87^5-87M  Evans. .Coleman ft Evans.1 Ltd '..tUf. UN  O'Neil,  Win.  N.  Co.. Ltd..: '„'..'. '. 8cv.  47SS  .   ,       TAB  AND  PITCH  The,.Barrett• Co.: Limited:". 'JJ. :   qamnb,.|l  k Grill  n«y, tt$t  Evans.  Colenian A Kvatis. ltd.'. .: Btf.' »l»  I'aclllr!   Sheet   Metal  Wks,   Ltd gey. JITJ  .     TEMPEBATURB   BEODXATOmS    >  C.  A.  Dunham  Co.,  Ltd.  ,„.,..__.H«y, 1691  t     , TXLE—DBAXBXNO }■  Champion, &  White ,   LB*/.   IJfl  Evau».  Coleman & Evans, Ltd (toy.  BIEg  Ollluy Ilro-i,. ltd .". ^_.._J L.WmL  1J-IS  M. «  T.   O.   McBrlde  *  Co.—,     Ritchie Contr.  & Kup.  Co.. ltd,,   TILE—FLOOB   AND   WAibb   Baj. 11S»  8«r. (lis  Evanjt,  Coleman Jk Evans, Ltd. ^.  O'Ned,  Wm.  N. Co., Ltd   TIN  PLATES  Balfo-ir, Guthrie it Co. i   Evan^,   Coleman   &   Evana,   Ltd   TOOL  STEEL  -.Sir. ISM  -Sty. 4TSI  ..8«. »1»7-«5|*   8«y. ail  i ;'''.        M1*  —Boy.  4l6#.<lil  Darling,  Frank A  Co.' . „  Taylor. .Eiiglmfirfng  Co.'.  l«rl.„J^.;  i.    VACUUM  CLEABZHO  Barr Sc. Andcmon...  VABNXSHBS ■''—V^  Kiuitir-ireriiJcrson  Paint Co., TLtd i_:._jsj«fr, |l|«  VAULT BOOBS "' ' ::''  Goklle & ^fcCulloch, £. L. r?rtl% A«t.'__—»v »MI  WALL BOABD'i"  The   Barrett  Co.,   Llmitod_>. Bay,  W  Evans.  Coleman &. Evaua,. Ltd.-.  O'Neil.   Wm.  N.   Co., Ltd  T.iy'or  Engineering  Co.,   Lrfl.._  WATSBPBOOP   CO  The   Barrett  Co..   Limited..! I.  Evans.  Co.eman i Evans, lie*..  ..Sey.  298^ |  Ritchie Contr.  & SupAfio., Ltd  Sey. 91U2  PLASTEB  BOABD  Champion  &  White Sey.   9571  Evans,   Coleman  Ac Etans, Ltd _  ^e>.  3">",  T.   (J.   MeDride & Co  —   Sey. 1139  O'Neil. Wm   N.  Co., Ltd   _.S«y.   IT'.!}'  Ritchie Contr.  &  Sup.  Co.,  Ltd _ -Sey. 9162:  PLASTERING   CONTBACTOBS  Bain   Bros.    - -  :...Sey. 83S  liush   ifc  Ke'.id    _ -Ray. 3370"  Grant.   .1   "A _ _ — -.Fair. 3491 L  riehner, .It.    D.._ _ - iiay. S73t  OW'iill, Wm. N. Co.,_ Lid ...-   Sey.  4735  SEXTET   METAL  It.  C.  Ceiling &  Hoofing Co..  Ltd - — Fair. 1267  Campbell & Grill    Hoy.  2:i8.  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works  „ Sey.    620  1'ac.flc  Sheet  Metal  Wks.,  Ltd      Sey.  2172  Vancouver   Sheet   Afefal   Co..   Ltd _ Sey. TU1?  ,SHINGLES    *  McGllibou-irodgson    Lumber    Co  fair.  105  SKOW  CASES  Dixon   & .Murray _  Rey.  ?763-87Gfl  SLATE  Kvani.   Coleman .t Kvans, Ltd - Sey. 29XS  O'Ni'II,  Win.  N.  Co., Ltd.... _......_ :\ey. -1795  Ritchlo C-iiitr.   k Sup.  Co..  Ltd  Hey. 9162  ■ O'Neil,   Win.   N„   Ar Co.,-Lta;_  37,    Paeitlc   Rooting   Co..   Ltd _.   Jfc07...»fU   f\»r,,iin  -_:..J4ey. S»3*  OUND   Bay.  ft  _^.s«y. an   8«y. 4TM  Taj lor Enginpcring'-Co:.*Ltd.-'. ,...r! L.JBoy   .ISSS-  WINDOW SCBESBfJ  Artistic W^ire * Iron Works „J'ajr. MM  8. M. Morris &»Co.,"ltd..  O'Xeil,   Wm.   N.,   A. Co..  Ltd....  Pearson  Wire &  Iron  Wk*   .-Bay. 1041  —Hey. 47*3  -Fair.  27»t  ajjATE AND TXLE LAYER  Tamieyon.    D.     MeO - Sey. 4463 R  Bailey,  E.   A.  WXBB WOBXEBZ  Artistic Wire k iron Work* ZUZ.  I'earHon  Wiro & Iron Wk»..\   WXBE BOPE  Balfour, Guthrie, & Co..  Kvam.  Coleman & Evana.''Ltd.   Walsh   &  Co..  T,   A.._  Stir. M4t   Fair.  JTSI'-y  Sey. 9I»f-tet»*T   J   Sey.   298J      .  H«y..--4;«ss; r  Rit4'liie  Contr.  & Sup.  Co.," Ltd Soy.  »16»  Til? lor   Engineering  Co.,   Ltd  Poy.  S4U0  Wood,   Vallance  &. Ixiggal     Hey,   7;>o»  WHOLESALE  BOOFXNG  The Barrolt Co., Limited Bay.   O  Pai-ifir-   Roofing   Co..   Ltd..—.  Taylor  Engineering   Co..   Ltd     Wood,   Vallance  &  Lcggat    -TSay.llSi  .-.Sey. 3«St  —8ey.   730S  Present  of Building Materials  these quotations are based on reliable information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  Date of Quotations. Saturday July 10s 1920  All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Bond—i% amount of contract.  Beaver Board—  Quantities   up   to   500   ft.,   $73.00   per  1.00°  £t- „ r„*   ^  Quantities   over   and   under   2,500   It.  $71.00 per  1,000  ft.  Quantities  over 2.500  feet.   $69.00 per  1.000 feet.     . .      .  Brickwork—  Common. $23.00 per 1.000 (At'■Warehouse). ,_ ,. .  Common, $26.00 per 1.000 (Delivered.  Business  Section).  Pressed,   $S0.00   per   1.000 (at   T\are-  Telre,  $80.00 per 1.000  (At Warehouse)  Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12x12x2  in., 15c per square foot.  12x12x3  in., lnc per square foot.  12x12x4   in., 15c per square foot.  ■12x12x6  in., 2Sc per  square foot.  12x12x8  in., 2Sc per square foot. -  Deririisoti Interlocking tile, i:i'/.jc. eacn.  ' ■   ■'   ~      ' '     -       '    [ • "l  !■ I '     '  *   ' ' ''  ———  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $15.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00  each.  Store  Buildings—(Conduit) nn  Ceiling Outlets, drop($15.00 to $25.00  each.  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows (On transom bar)  $4.00 ca  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  Meter .Loops, $10.00 each. _  Excavation—  Ilesidence,  $1.25 per yard.  Business Blocks. $2.00 to $2.75 per yd.  Team,   $12.00  per day.  Truck. $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an average without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock, will run, considerably more  Building-   Faper— (Local   Manufacture).  Pure Sulphite—Plain $1.85  per 400 ft.  roll. '  Asphalted. $1.50 per 400 .fVroH^   .  Concrete W«rk—Material at "W  Hock,   Course, ..:... $3  Kodk,  Medium ..;.........   3.  Gravel.   Fine   ...    -,.............. •'•  Gravel/Medium    ......—..• -1  J 'ea   Sand •-  2  Wash   Sand -. <>  Cement—(Delivered)  20   Sack   lots,; per>.b'bl •..  (Sacks Sxtfii)  Over 20 aSack Lots, per bbl  (Sacks. Extra;  Rebate .on  Sacks4   each........  Dainpprooflnff— • • ■       ■"•'•',.  Concrete Water Proofing.  J 8c per lb.  Concrete Bampprooting.  $2.2u per  gal  Concrete Oil  Proofing,. 35c^ per lb.  "arehoiise.  .00 per yd.  00 per yd.  .00 per yd.  ;00 per yd.  .75 pe'r yd.  .00 per yd.  ......... $3.$0  ......... 3.65   20  2 20  2.-15  2.5/.  2.S5  2.00  2.95  3.10  3.2"0  Electrical   Wiring-—  Residences—(Knob and Tube)    _    i  Ceiling Outlets with drop.$.).00 each.  Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50.each  Wall Switches, Complete, $5.00 each.  Heatev Plugs, $10.00  each.  Vacuum Cleaner Plugs.  $7.o0 each.  Bell   Pushes   and   Annunciator   (per  point)   $5.00.  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  CeMngOutlets with drops, $10.00 ea.  Wall outlets (no fittings $8.50 each.  Wall  Switches,  $10.00  each.  Glass— '.  Per Sq. Ft.  /Plates up to 1 foot, each $ 1.30  Plates from 1 to 2 ft., each   1.15  Plates from 2 to 3 ft., each r  1,75  Plates from 3 to '.fft., each.  ° ""  Pmies.l'ro;n  4   to  oft.,  each   Plate's from 5 to 7 ft., each ,-   Plates from 7 to 10 ft., eacli.....   Plates from 10 to 12 ft.. ea(?h..s.....  Plate's fron 12 to 15 ft.y each.   Plates" from 15 to 25 ft;, each...   Pltitds' from 25 to; 50 ft., each........    Plates from  50 to 75 ft., each  3.25  Pliites from. 7.r> to $0 ft:, each....-.: 3.30  Plat'Cs fi;6m!DO to 100 ft:, each...:.., 3.70  Plates from 100 to 120 ft.. efa'ch.... 3.85  Plates from 120 to 140 ft;, each.... 4.70  Plates 101 to 110 wide (jotvtainirig  .  riot over .100 feet each...... :.  4.75  Plates,  larger" sizes will'runt more.  P'olislied Wired, Ciit arid up   2.00.'  Cast or Ribb'ed Wired, Cut.. :....    .50'  Cast or■ Klbb«*d Wired,  Glazed     .55  '    Figured Rolled.- Cot    .40  Figured   Rolled,   Glazed 45  Chipjydd,   21  ounce.  Cut.     .35  Chipped, 21 ounce, GLazed................    .40  Art, $1.00 and up per sq. ft.   .  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for greatest length and width.;. ,,..,..  Labor—  Bricklayers, $8.50 per dayr  Carpenters; $7.00 per day.  Cement Finishers, $8.00 per day.  Electricians,  $S.00 per day.  Electrician Helpers,   $5.00 per day.  Glaziers.  $5.00  to $6.00  per day.  Hod Carriers, $5.00 to $6.00 per day.  Laborers, $5.00 per day.  Lathers, $9.00 per d,ay.  Painters, $7.00 per day.  Plasterers, $9.00 per day.  Plumbers, $S.00 per day.  Roofers, $7.20 per day.  Sheet Metal Workers, $7.20 per day.,.  NOTE.—The .following quotations are  based on the last local price list i;s-  sued by the B. C. .Lumber Association. Since then prices have increased  from 5 to 20 pt'r cent, on some lines.  Owing to abnormal eastern shipping  demands it is impossible to obtain  fixed quotations and the following  prices are largely approximate and in  majority- of case's are considerably b'e-  . low what local mills are quoting.  Lumber—(All prices at Mill Yard)  Fir Dimension, No. 1 Common, Rough  or SIS and E.—  2x4,  2xG and 2x8. 16 ft.. $31.50.  22x10,  16 ft.,  $32.00.  2x12, 16 ft.,  $33.00.  3  and 4x6,   16.ft.,   $33.00.  No.  2 JMmension,  $25.50 per M.  Cedar Dimension, same price as Fir.  Selected Common, $5.00 per M. extra  Timbers up to SxS, 32 ft, $32.00 per  M.  Shiplap—(S to 16  ft. Random Lgths.)  -V   Fir  No.  .1—6  in $30.50  4      Fir No. .1—S in. and  10 In..  33.00  Fir  No.  2—6 in...:.  24.50  Fir. No. 2—S  In.  and 10 in,;  20.00  Cedar No. 1—Same price .'is. Fir.  Cedair No. 2—$1.00 per M. less than  Fri't     .■,...--.   ,     -.   .      ,.    ■  Spruce" Shiplap,   $1.00   per  M.   more  ...than-Ffr.:        ., , ,.  Hemldck,,STiiplap:. $1.00 per M. more  than' Fir. ,,   ,  Commofi' Bda'rds/ Rough' or SIS  16 ft, Rainiflom- Le'ri#th*s)~  Fir No; 1-^3; a'nd: 4 irf;........:......  Fir No. 1—6 .in .........:.......   Fir No. 1—12'-in.   Fir No.  2—3  and  4 fn,.   Fir No. 2—6  in.  :....   -Fir No.  2—12  in.... „  27.50  Resawn  B6ards^—  Iri 8, 10 and 12 in. widths, about %  in.   thick. ...-,- •  (Surface  Measure)"  Fir ..'. •. $21.00  Cedar, $1,00 per M. more than Fir.  Lath-  ^S in. x 1% in. x 4 ft., bundled in 50's  Fir  $15.00  to $20.00'   per M.  Fir  Stepping—  S4S and Nosed. 6 to 18 ft.    Odd and  even lengths at random.  Nos.   1   and   2—1U    in   and   1 V>  'in.  x 8 to 12 in., E. G $77.00  Nos.   1  and  2—1%   in. and  1 y>  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra,  in. x S to 12 in., F. G   62.00'  62.00  62.00  62.00  ft.  -S   to  P 2 6.50  30.50  33.50  23.50  25.50  Fir Finish,. SIS—  6 to 18 ft.   Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos.   1  and   2—1x4   in $62.00  Nos.  1 and  2—1x0 and  8   in  62.00  Nos. 1 and 2—1% and 1^x4 in.  Nos. 1 .and  2—1%   &  l'/jxO  &  Nos. l and'T—2x5,"*i'o"&' i 2 in.  Fir   Door and Window  Jamb—  >   In   7,   10,   14,   15.   16,   17   and   18  lengths.  Nos. 1 and 2—Rab. Door .Tamb..$G2.00  Nos.   1   and   2—Rab.   Window  Jamb      62.00  Specified lengths. $1.00 per M. extra.  Fir Casing—  8 to IS ft.    Odd aryl even lengths at  random.  Moulded to stock Dattern.     «  Nos. 1 and 2—i,  5 or 6 in $67.00  .Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  Fir Base—      .....'.  0 to 18 ft.    Odd and evert lengths at  random.  Moulded   to  stock  pattern.  .Vos.  1 and 2—8,   10 or 12  in $67.00  .Spec!Tied lengths,- $4,00 our M. extra.  Fir Flooring—  8  to 1ST feet.    Odd and even  lengths  at random. '      -  Nos. 1 and 2—.1x3   in.,   E.   G   Nos;"l and 2—1x4  in., E. G   Nos. 1 and 2—.1x6  in., E. G.......  Nos.  1 and 2—1x3  In., F.  G   Nos.  1 and 2—Ixt   in., F.  G   Nos. 1 and 2^-1x6 in., F. G   No.  3—1x3  in. .....  S70.00  70.00  70.00  57.00  60.00  CO.00  G4/00  57.00  57.00  i in.,  and  No.  3—1x1  in   No.   3—1x0   in.   ...-.-.   No.   3—Edge    Grain.     3x3   or  $5.00   per  M.   less   than   Nos.   1  9   T^    C  No. 3—Edge Grain, 1x6 in., $5.00 per-  M. less than Nos. 1 and 2 E. G.  No.  ZVz—1x4  in.,  unbundled......$34.00  No.   3%—1x0   in.,   unbundled.... 3S.O0  No. , 3.'A—if   bundled,   $3.00   per   M.  extra.  Specified lengths, $4.00 per M. extra.  H/T in., l'/z in., and 2 in. Flooring.  $3.00 ner M. extra, and must in-,  elude any No. 3 grade accumulated  in working same at No.  3 price.  Cull Flooring—1x3,.4 or 6 in $24.00  Fir Ceiling—  8 to 18 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  random.  Nos. I & 2���%  in. x 3 & 4 In $47.00  Nos.   1 & 2—1x3   in.,  V-.ioint.... 57.00  Nos.   1 & 2—1x4   in., V-Joint.... 60.00  Nos.  3—1x3 In., V-Joint   54.00  Nos.   3—1x4   in.,  V-,7oint  57.00  Siding—  S  to  IS   ft.  Kir  Nos.   3   &  2—1x4   in $60.00  Fir   N'o.   3—ix I   in'.  57.00  Kir Nos.  1 & 2—1x6  in  60.00  Fir No. S'/g—3x0 in., unbundled 3S.U1I  Fir   No.   3 Mi—If   bundled,   $3.00   per  v       M. extra.  Cedar  Finish, SIS  to  S4S—  6 to 3 8 ft.    Odd and even lengths at  '   random. -  Nos.   1  and  2—1x3   in $86.00  Nos. 1 and 2-Ox 1  in  85.00  Nos.   1   and  2—**\'5, 10 & 12  in. 95.00  Cedar  Siding—  3 to 18 ft.    Odd .and even lengths at  random.  Nos. 1 & 2—V&x-l  in. Rev. Sid...$57.00  Nos.  1 & 2—V?x6 in.. Rev. Sid. 57.00  Nos.   1 &  2—-Yi x4   in.,   Angle j  Itustlc     75.00  Nos. J & 2—1x4 in., 0.'. & G. or  A.   R  S6.00  No.    3—MjXG    in  47.0U  Specliicd lengths, $4.00 per M. extm.  Cedar .Celling—  8 to  IS ft.    Odd and even lengths at  . random.    .  Nos.   3  &  2—%.\3 jn„ V-Joint.$r.9.00  Nos.  1  & 2-r-Ix3  in.'',  V-.JolJit  80.00  Nos.  1  Sc. 2—1x4   in., V-Joint...'...  85.00  Ceilinjr   "V"   2   sides,    $3,00    rtnr   Al.  extra.    Specified lengths, $5.00 per  M. extra.  Cedar Casing—  8 to 3 8 ft    Odd and even lengths at  random.  No.   1—5   in.  and   6   In ..$95.00  Specified lengths, $5.00 per Al. extra.  Fir and Cedar Mouldings—  Per 100  '   Three-coat work, 75 to 90c per yd.  Whitewashing, 10c per yard.  Placteriaa;—(Material Delivered)   •  Limo.  $2.85„per bbl,   ~,        . ,r-  Fibre Plaster,  $2S.0O"per ton^  Meta),  Plaster Paris. $32.00 "per ton..  Reinforcing   Fabric,   Expanded      .  2c to 10c per sq. ft. depending upoii  ^     ^vejght    ^,...-,-,. . f  Plumbing-— ;  From" $100' up,' per, flxtur£—including roughing in, according: to gruab  quantity.and runs,,,.. ,  Ueinforclner Steel— .  base price for loss than car lot« $6.EO  per  100 lbs. ;  Koofiri"Er--(Asphalt'ed7;Ldcttl'-Mrauu<acture  i  ply $3.50 per 108-ft. roir.'  2 ply.  $4.00 per 108 ft roll.  3 ply,  $4'50 uer,108 ft.  roll.    ,  Ashphult Saturated folt.  $3.75 per  ft   roll. ',,..' .  i'ive ply tar and £ravel,"5'$7.50 and^up  «   l-er   t5(iuat'c. ,  Asphalt   Pitch,    bbls.   about   500   lbs.,  535.00  per ton:  432  Gutters—No.   205      Gutters—.NTo.  200      Gutters—No.   207      Shingles—  XXX   6-2      Royals •-   Machine Sanded Lumber  extra.  lin. ft. No   $10.00     ifi.00    25.00   $6.50 perM.  ...$15.00 perM.  SO.00 per U.  Structural Steel—$1.66 per ton.  This quotation 1b an average,.for comparatively  ismall  quantities: .  Light truss .work, higher,. plain bean*  find column work in larlge quantities,  less. 4,  Tile— ('Material Delivered)  -.-.  1-irtLin  Tile,   3-liich/ 5%c  per  ft.  Drain   Tile,   4-lnch,   6^c  per ft.  Sewer Pipe, 3-inah, 20c per ft.  Se.wer Pipe, 4-Inch, 25c per ft. •  Metal Lath—  Key and   Diamond Mesh Lath:  26 tin-  4 2c.   per sq. yd.  24  ga.   4!)V4   Per  sq.  yd.  Copper Alloy,  Vsc per sq. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., 1c per sq. yd.  extra, .  Galvanising, 7c per sq. yd. extra.  For  Corrugation   of   key   lath   lengthwise,  3c per sq. yd. extra. .  Corrugated     Key    Lath     sold     under  measurement   of    the   sheet    before  »   corrugation.  Tile—(Not Laid)  White  Glazed,  !)0c per ft.  Colored Enamels,  95c per ft.  -Colored Matt Enamels,  $1.10 per ft.  1  Fiiienee, $2.25 and up per ft  Lusters, $2.50 and up per ft.  Rusts Veterous, $1.50 and up per ft.    ,  White  Mosaic  Floor, $3.10  per  ft.  Colored Mosaic Floor, $1.30 per ft  Promenade .'Quarry Tlio, $1.30 per ft.J  Vaneor Panels— * -       *(  3 Ply Fir, %Lihch' thick, good one sltfe,  15c. per Bq. ft. '       ■  3 Ply Fir, %-ineh thick, good one side,  24c per sq.  ft. *  3 Ply   Fir.    M;-lnch   thick,    good   two  sides. 26c per sq.  ft. ,  Painting—  Two-coat work.  40 to 60c per yd.  [Wall Board—               '.. ,  EtHpire Ple/ster board,' 506' per sq." yd. ,  Ruberoid XVall Board, $60.00 per M. ft.'  This well know brand of lime is  again on the market and will be  suppBied through all dealers  Be sure and ask for  ROSEBANK UME  aok  4-14-4-15   Pe'rarkberton   Block,  VicfcorJb, B.C.  ^£i2»  aAUm  Vancouver Office  405 - 406 Winch Bldg.  J.T.A. Ritchie Rep.  :Sey.'-^t©7  \ .-'"■- ■■ '.'rT^^r-M
.4     ytV.^f,
,       ;       .-4.
325 Howl St. Sty. 3768--Bay.H28R
Artistic Wire & Iron Works
Ornamental Iron "Work ana
all kinds •* Wlrs Work. •
112-16  DufCerin   St.
Fair.  2648
under Construction
Lathing and "Plastering Con'tr'*
SEY. 838 ^HIBIH. 1108
Baynes & Horie
General    Contractors
836 Howe St.
Seymour 1389
oVnaral Contractor
Cablnst Making Fixtures
. 1163 Rear 530 Howe SL
General ' Contractors
Credit-Fonder Bldg:   Vancouver, B.C.
General Contractors
509 Richards St.   -   Say. 8320
FUs BrlTlBf,  Wharves.  Briaffss,
Foundations, «tc.
407 Cordova St. W.
Seymour 1083
Standard Bank Bldg.        Sey. 7920
Character '...'.
Three-story.' Bank
Remodelling .............................Lj....
School  Bias.   ....•'.. ±...:U.......:..
Residence ............	
Theatre ......*................
Alterations- .........
Ue.sidence  ...... ;..................
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Alters,   to  Bank ..................
Residence ....'. :................;............
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Hesldence  ...-..'.	
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Residence ......................................
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TJ le Karn ..........................
Addris, & Alters	
Residence  ,. ..
Residence ....'....	
Residence <£......	
Ous Tank	
Hesldence ............l.....:..'	
Residence .". ........'.	
Addns. and Alters. ...
Three-Storey   Bid/?.   ....
Int.  Alterations  ............
Tile  Residence   :...'..
Coal.Shed & Wharf 	
Warehouse  :  $8,600
Residence    $7,000
Residence   $6,300
Residence   $5,700
Basement   &   Elevator $20,000
Residence    $7,500
Shingle Mill  $80,000
Residence   $5i0OO
Residence   $9,000
Residence   $8,000
Gas   Plant    $340,000
Bun'palow :   $.r>.000
Station  :  J6..500
Bunpalow  ."•-  *5.000
Residence  $11,000
Residence   $.6,000
Residence  -   $11,000
Residence  ......   $tr,:.00
Addns. .to  Bank   $3,0,000
Power  House    '...110.000
Residence    $5,50*
Cattle  Sheds: r. *5'559.
Store  Bid?.'..*   $20,000
Cattle Barn  : »V£:8<>I9L
Residence   $10,000
Residence " $7,000
Jam and Sujrar Rooms v*9-}?!?0.
Residence       $lo,000
Store   Bldg $13,o00
Residence .....'  Pencentage
..........   Cost
....   $80,000
•....:.$ 8 0,000
.....:. $8,600
...   $300,000
..   $100,000
....   $10,000
.........   $0,500
.........  $9,000
 :.-. $9,000
....... $20,000
.......  $10,000
......... $8,000
;...j..:.$l 0,000
.....:.    $6,500
... $14,000*
.;.....  $5,000,
........  $8,600
^Agronomy Barn
Alters.' to   Store
Location ...„  Owsu
Seymour & Ha,st...rJnlorrUank ot Canada
Dominion  Bldg.  .. .,...........Dom.   Bank
.King Edward. Ave...Pt. /Grey Sch. Boar
Shaughnessy   Heights....:;:;...'.John   Brown
^ey. & Georgia ,Sts...Allen'Theatre, "Tor.
Cordova.'St...........;;;.;..„.David Spencer^ Ltd.
16th Ave, .near Plne..i::.Mrs.,T.vH.: White
1505 Powell. St. ...:Martin Sehbur: Pnt;,! Co.
Hastings &.Harriilton..Bank of'Hamilton
ir.th & Vine Sts .....:.„..:.'.„.;:.A; LrEaton
27th and Gartier ......,.........^....W.. J.  Read
35th.and Granville ........M.  Sutton
597  Hastings W...................Molsons Bank
Marine Drive ..........................George, Kidd<
Ave. "F" Shaughnessy.......IChas. Dickson
Pt.Grey  ..University ot B. C.
7th and Granvlue.'...............A.  I.  Stoddart
Magee ......FH   Wright
Oak and 11th Ave ..Captain McMaster
West Vancouver............Mrs.  J. H.  Grady
5th & Caroline St.........Shell Co. of Calif.
S55—10th  Ave.   W..:.....:........:..:..Mt8s: .Tukes
8132 Cartier St .XV. K. fjlall
131-33 Water St. ...................Swart/. Bros.
JCerrisdale ......,, ....St.. Mary's Rectory.
Oore and Pender,....Chinese Nat.  League
1185 14th Ave. W.................W. McAllister
1C8 Hastings W ......Dally Province
54th and Hudson ...................W. XV. Ells
Shaughnessy   Heights..............J.   Graham
Marine Drive B. D. Rogers
1025  Main  St Burns Estate
319   Railway   G.  II.   Cottrell
4G15 Avenue F '. C. J. Phillips
908   \6th   Ave Dr.   Funk
L«aburnum   A. W.  Barber
447  Keefer St Almonds  Ltd.
Granville  St O.   M.   Allen
Kerr & Fraser River Geo. H. Steves
3800 13th Ave. W H.  D. Patterson
i&91   29th  Ave J.   V.  Lightheart
4S50 Connaught Dr G. E. Lightheart
False.Creek 'Vancouver Gas Co.
4C7S 3rd.Ave."W C. H, Hilchey
Hudson St.. Pt. Grey  B. C. E. R.
2242 35th Ave. W D. Frith
Marine Drive  Wm. M: McKenzie
Tarltoh.Place  Dr. M.'Sparrow
34th & Markham Mrs.  C.  MeTavish
Angus Ave. &  27th/. W. B.  Farris
Cordova St.  E ..Bank  of Montreal
Drake .St Dominion Canners" Ltd.
1905  12th Ave. W Alex. Chalmers
Ft. WboHland Dr....'. .'..P. Burn's &.C6.
126 Hastings St. E Mr. Cameron
Hastings, Park Vane.   Exhib.  Assn.
4Sth 1st., Magee Mrs. J. W. Allan
27th & Selkirk  F.  W.  Chapman
Drake St Dom. canners of-B.C. Ltd.
29th  &  Margaret  St F.   G.   Evans
318-20 Pender St. E :. H. F.  Tong
Point Grey  t.-.C A. Wickens
    $7,000   4538   Marguerite R.   Mowbray
$5,200*1174  26th Ave H. De S. Carey
$5,000   C9I9 Cypress  Mrs. M. A. Ros*
""   500 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.
 :  $400,000
"\Z"Z""'."~"i19,0*0 b"
'., $11,000
hf<<ldence  :.....-..*." $5,000
ucsioc.net. ..... ...$ 10,000
.'..".'....'.'.. $15,500
..* ... $n.ooo
 ■ $10,000
.:.    $7,000
..'. $513,00«
'.  $28,000
'.."   $5,000
Industrial Engineers
Siymour 3535
501 Pacific Bldg
328 Bisk's Bide;.
Ssyxaour 4606
Palmer Bros.
Ganaral   Contractors
929;Main St. Sey. 4870
Robertson & Partners Ltd:
Public Works Contractors
and Engineers
Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg
Warehouse Ettten.
.Excavation   &   Fill	
Factory  Bldg	
Hebrew Synagogue  	
Completing  Residence
Dwelling & Garage 	
Bungalow '	
Dwelling ....	
Store  Building  	
Dwelling    •-
Dwelling «	
Residence  •"-	
Bank ■•—■ —-
 \v. J. Read
 B.   J.   Jayne
 U. of  B.  C.
 J. Y.  Griffin
...Edwards  Bros
27th & Cartier 	
Shaughnessy   Heights.
Point Grey  	
Connaught St .,
G23  Granville  St	
Magee Station  D. Robertson
159 Water St „ A. P. Slade Co.
Avenue   "D"   Shaughnessy M.   Rector
21st Ave. W Artistic Bung. Contrs.
17th Ave '.....Dr. C. II. Vrooman
Cartier & Connaught Dr H. J. Perrin
1135 10th Ave. W M. J. Coulson
3S07 12th  Ave. W G. E.  Adams
Ballantyne  Pier   Dom.  Govmt.
.052 Rich. St Pioneer Auto & Car. Wks.
Pender Sc HeaUey 	
Citv  Streets   City of Vancouver
Shaughnessy -Heighis  A. E.  Tulk-
27th Ave. & Carter St C. N. Wood
2011 37th Ave, W J. Hunr.
1997 35th Ave. W W. H. Collard
45G4  3rd Ave. W W.  Brims-
Cordova  &.   Columbia J.   Mernstlen
$.5,000.-1780   13th   Ave.   W Mrs.  13.  E.   Murray
..$25,000   Industrial   Island Gibsons.   Ltd
...  $5,000 J 1135" 2Sth Ave. W S.  Collingt
... 55.000 ffi?26   Laburnum D.   Robertson
$5,000   655C   Laburnum A.   L.   Ramagp
$9,000   .1-jGi. Angus Ave Mrs.  M. C.  Henly
$7,000   .Terlfho  Jericho Country Club
$12,000   Connaught Drive C.  B. McAllister
$30,003   Marpole .'——— .Royal Bank of Canada
Architect    Contractor
Sum'ville.& Putman-Hodgson. K. «c Mar.
Sharp & Thompson....Hodgs(Ju, King Sc M.
.Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson, King & M
Townley & Matheson S. N. McLeod.
C.»:H. Crane Alexander* McDonald
 '. Dominion  Constr.  Co.
Mackenzie- & Bow Wise & .Watson
;.:........ .....Hodgson, King & Marble
A;; E. Henderson I. C- AMen
Townley & Matheson S. N, McLeod
.Townley & Mathteson rW. J. Read
.1.1.'..;     Owner
Sharp & Thompson E. D. Cook & Co.
Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co,
Townley &. Matheson Dixon & Murray
Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod
Contractor     Bedford  Davidson
Jos. H. Bowman.: A. L. Ramagc
.'. E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.
W.  T. Whlteway A.   G. Henning
Mermen  & Hermon Owners
Owner .,. ...A. L.. Ramage
 * .....J.  E.. Mcllmoyl
.Gardiner & Mercer.l.A. D. & A. W. Snider
Sharp & Thompson ...C. A. Hilchey
Edwardes Sproat..............'......J.- McGbugan
Owner .....v......:............:... Owner
Gardner & Mercer............D. G. McLennan
GilHngham &' Korner............S;-' J. -Newitt
Gillingham  & Korner............S. J.  Newitt
Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.
Contractor M.  C.  Griffiths
 Baynes  & Horie
 G.aS.   Bellamy
 Cromie  &- Vroom
E., E.   Blackmoro R.   Sharp
Sllllngham  & Korner Day Labor
 1    Owner
 -  Owner
 :  Owners
  T. Logie
 Rogers Bros. & Sinclair
Townley  &. Mathesn Wm..J.. Read
Townley &• Matheson Chas. Purdy
 Irvine   &  -White
H. H. Gillingham  S. J. Newitt
Honeyman & Curtis Baynes & Horie
J. E. Parr  .%Fredk. Sherborne
.'.: : Owner
 ...Hodgson.. Kinjr &.tMarble
Contractor    Bedford   Davidson
Gardiner &  Mercer : H. »\  Leek
Honeyman &f Curtis A.  L. Ramage
...'. ..: :     Colton
J. E. Parr  A -...S.  J. Newitt
H. H.  Gillingham   -. S.' J. Newitt
Contractor    '. .W.   H.   Chow
Downing & Kyall   J. Laing
 B.  S.  Realty Co.
 Stewart   &  Coltart
Thos.  Lamb.  Toronto...-Dom.  Constr.  Co.
Townlev & Matheson, Supervls'g Archts.
Townley & Mathe.son W. J. Read
Townlev & Matheson. J. B. Stirling
Sharp & Thompson S. N. McLeod
Mackenzie &T3ow  C. F. Robinson
Dalton & Eveleigh   .Dixon & Murray
Townlev  & Matheson A.  Lv Ramage
 " ^..Dominion   Constr.   Co.
Mackenzie &. Bow Blackley & Co.
Owners   S,.  II. * Shave
James A.- Benzle..Roger.~ Qros. & Sinclair
James .A. Bo'nzie.-Rogers Bros. & Sinclair
    Day , Labor
'.. " .    .'" , ....'. S.   A.  Pellar
 Grant -&   McDonald
Contractor Bedford   Davidson
Gardiner & ilercer....'..Snider Bros. & Son
 Columbia   Bithulithic  Co..   Ltd.
Bernard C. Palmer 1.  Sinclair
 ; J....H.   S.  Griffiths
 :.„ „ C.  J. Phillips
 *     Owner
I'-.'."".'.'.'.'.;...". -, F.  XV.  Farley
H,  H.  Simmonds Snider Bros.  & Son
Owner *..F.   W.   Mellish
 T.- McClay
 Bargain  Sales  Realty  Co.
 A.   L.  Ramage
 '""""".."; M.  C.  Grifflth
Bernard C. Palmer J. K. Sinclair
Maclure &.Lort J. S. Crowell
Gardine^'& Mercer....Hodgson; King & M. j
British Columbia Ceiling
& Roofing Co. Ltd.
TDitcnH,   rc^T   A.at>  oitAVicr.   uookkkm.
Talr. 1267 523 7th Ave. West
McLeod Sheet Metal Works
Furnaces*    Booting,    Cornices,    Skylights . and  General   Sheet  Metal
Work   -
Seymour  7177
1042 Richards St.
Seymour 3617
1160 Seymour St.
Phone Sey. 824 (Bay and Night)
125C Pender St. W,   ..       Sey. USlti-R
Tair 4178
M. W. BOBXCHAT7D Bes. Tair. 2388B
Phone Frassr 178 X • 446 45th At*. E.
Specialist   In   Cement   Work      /
Bay. aS35-B.        3528- Third Avf.  W.
Res. Phone: Fair. 1428 R   .
Office ^hone:, Sey. 7.955
Electric Contracting &
Repairing Co.
Electric Wiring, PUtnres and Repairs
of All Kinds
525 Barrara St.   -   Vancoarer. B. c.
Sey. 7065        .    Night,Phone Sey. 637
Electrical Engineer And
602,Bast. St. W. Vancouver, B. O.
.. Company, Limited
Z&KCTRICAIi   - IMSTAl4X,AT10Kn      Or . IfEBT
Sey. 9512
639 Main Street
•'. Phone Fairmont "484 B
314 7ttf Aje. B.    """. Vanco«T«r, B.' C,
^ ---'"■- - -   - ' ^
Hitfhand 2013
1510 Charles St.
Ft.   Victoria Drive  .      Highland   701
All Stock-Sizes Carried
Glass and Glazing
Percy F.Letts
Electrical EiiiMir &*J CMtrictsr
Xlgli-Clasa  Blectrlcal   Work   •
and Plxtnres
.Bay. 441
3044  Granville St.
247 Hastiigs St, L
Sey. 3856.
, „.Electrical Engineer
Armature Winding and Motor Bepairs
Fairmont 3623. 1573 Main St.
1928 Manitoba St.
Fair 3491 X
3538 FLEMING ST-H    ~--      - -^.-■-.:''      .  .-   y.;,v;,:       FAIR. 3313 Y.
Bay.  1G02 Tu.
B^i'.  GG70
'WORKS    A.../:"-''
A.nythine Iri Sheet Metal and Roofing.
8. T. Scarlett, Mgr.
757  Beatty  St. Sey.  7645
ir^ttTTOES ';■"
BandsawlnB; and Taming, etc.
1730  Semlin  Drive
Highland   874
ira v<uu« st.
HlibhmS 642
Sey. 9478 735 Helmcken St,
325 Xast. St. W.   (Bear)   . Sey. 9213
Character   —- - ~ •■---   f °*\
R^.,oa(i .1,006,000
Dredging ~ - -■ • >.»!:»M
Railroad    -_.-: - • "fjgoVobo
Bridge -     e-c nnn
p Plant   :  516,001)
3   atorey
Plant Extensions "Hin'nnn
3   atorey   Addn. - vftM.
Boys   Training   School Slo°'nno
Oil Plaat  ■ s.-.uuu
1 2   Boom   School "$]"5"21Gs
Boys'   Training
Condensory .- T'«c'nnii
KernorlellinK   School    $60,000
'.'.""$ 120,'o 00
Municipal Hall '.iiWnan
21 Couages • VViin'nnO
iteclamation   Work .5t.UO.000
Boys'   Training   School....... "•v!^*00Q
MIIU   Condensory    $la0.000
!'.i vin
Pacific  ���ILighway	
230f>  S!;cpii.:lH'   Wt.
i i'.viry    Ba.rns   	
j ravine"".'.'.'.:	
t  ]   ,   J"! - i l      ~\4..   •■ ".••      \-
J    Mortiuriul   .l!:.:)i    • ■
1 I'M".  !
S"P,1"n.G3ffl ^T     'fit   .■■^•fSj? 'f $,?¥$'■.   . H."..H'<->'.
"tan I.
repairs 'A^4n  a.-t:-.;;ationg
'     r^iv. 33GG I. rvti-iT 805 T.
32^1 Sf ■' Gsorrro Kfc- r   355 l'otA ^vo- ^
KiV'-'f  l-.oatl...
Location  ....._     Owner  Architect  —.... Contractor
Princeton to Copper  tot Ii.  C. Copper Co ...._. „.A.  E.  Griffin &Co.
Prascr River   _ Dom.  Government    ."....,..'.....■ Pacific Dredging  Co.
Alberni to Great Central Lake.—....C.P.K Foundation    Co.
Deep Creek, P.G.E Prov.  Govmt.   Prov.   Govmt. Canadian  Bridge   Co.
Sapp'erton   ........Can.  West'n  Cordage  Co.   Sharp & Thompson..B. J. Ryan Contr. Co.
Mill Creok'.:..Whalen Pulp & Paper .Mills   Owners  ^.Hodgson,   King  &' Marble
Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.   Gardiner & iMercer......................J. Hyslop
Coquitlam Prov. Govmt.   Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
Nanaimo  Imperial Oil Co.   Owners   Dominion  Constr.'  Co.
Armstrong    ...JProv.   Govmt.   Prov.' Govmt. 1H. J. Davies. Kamloops
Coquitlam '. » Municipality   Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison
Powell River Powell River Co.   Owners Leonard  C. Stevens
Sumas Lake  Prov.  Govmt.   Prov.  Govmt Marsh,  Bourne  C<J.
Coquitlam    Prov.   Govt.   Pub. -Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
Abbotsford Fraser Valley Milk  Prod's Sloan & Harrison
Burnaby ' Joseph H. Bowman Henry J. Emerv
ChllUwiick   : » City -of  Chilliwack    ...Columbia Bitulithic  Co.
Petersons to Johnson IU1., 2 1-11 miles....      Public Wks  Dept Cotton  Co..   Ltd.
$5,500   Courtcnay.   B.   C F.   C.  Brock ! Wm.  FrcTk  Gardner Foundation  Co.
.$S.'o00   Lulu   Island    N. .Nelson ! Gardner &  Mercor in:--..   Hyslop
?i:',,0'*0 i i.'lovet-clale    Royal Bank | Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison & Lamond
ii i4.l".»'"1 : Woodwards l.^andiim  .I's-ov. Govmt.   Public Wks.. Dept Harrison  ii. Laiiiuivci
.'.?:;0,'''0'J \ IColowna   Kelowna   Storage   Ltd.   Twizell.   Birds  &  Twizell	
4 ' .1,1 i'.'i'.1 : ."ourienay    G.  W.   V.   A.   \V. A. Owen. Cumberl'd .f.  'i'fv-.lirr.rv.-
...   $\' i'''■■■> ! }-:.-',ov;v.:\. R  C '.  .^'.1.' A.   Beniiii? V.'   .*.   ",Vi-;k>,i
..iCi'-.OOO ' Alice  Arm Taylor Engineering  CoT! .: '. XV.   V.   Hunt
•   !Ni-;..'   ' \i:ii]iboll   iliv^r Prov.   Govnu ! public   Wkf..   Dept Roberr   Moncrit.-iY
Lyvin   Viiiloy Xo.  Vane. 'School   1 >i!it.. I Blackadder & Mack.-iy Baynes■£ IU~.•■•';:■
 '.VernoVi   Fruit   Assn. I -. '■ 'J-   F.  Moffat
•f.uji,-cr School  Trustees ! Twlsell.   Birds   &   Twizol] ;->oon
Commercial Photographers
Telephones,'Seymour 8585-8586
Suite 5, Fairfield Bid?.. 445 Gran. .St.
314 Bank of Bora Scotia Bids*.
€L£)2 HasUgg West
1 ^BsBS
Engineers & Contractors
923 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8696
The Electric Shop
12 Hastings St. E.
Sey. 1224
Telephones Soy. G131-6132
2"iif.»e Seymour 187S.-
' s^f»fc<a.«i*.'«ti-n.i?irw<i»sa« W*
I V'-"r:0!)
..Prov.  Govmt.
Li i11>
Seymour 5jc
ess '£
26 14-th IX'-'fi. 33.
S\.uri-&     ■
liuund ,Vi(.'U.-:<'.
i'laiiK ii. A;iL;-i
'Mi'in'-'i    ••-•
i ^oho.Vi	
I :;....si<lii'n:e   	
i:-i.oi'e   ni-i.v.   ■
5200 coo : vi'.rr.;-i:i.
.Syclnr-y * Pa r-er. Milks & P.fjr. Co.
Pulilitt "Wks.  DeiH.—-IfarriKon & bumond .
.Mch  riiiop«  etc
.    ... |.>,j:!i'l V:i!or:;v,   b! O 'AAm   GinfX  &   Co.    	
 jr,0,tiftO ! Vic-,4.1-'.;!    Can. ■ Nat'l   Rj>vys. iOwm
 Co-joperative Contract Co.
...SIi!."00 ; \',<.:<.>>-..i,  U. !".;..: lloy;il  Bank   	
$;>....!>!'> !A'1«-U>vi i... V;t Church <■>•' Christ. Hc.i;>iHi^t. I Pu--liani  	
5:; 01'..C-is(« i Vic;f::-i;i.     '. The  ^Villr.-.v.s   .-.ciujol '• C. K. Watkinn	
. ' SiO.W ! TV*!;   V;i\:.  V.lotori;>    ll.   w. C-tbnon t Macluro   &' I.-ort
',".'i. ('•'.''.'> ! »:''fi    '  ii w   St..    Victor::"    Shell   <r\.r;\:,,.,- |     	
.. t'.".0"0 1 1'An-lrts   St.   V!'- Mr:?.   \V.   ] f".   T. Vj •.):.':'r
'....* (U.itO'i j I "li>.:;.:?;is  .'v   i m o\:;-h '.<'-! Otto   W^lh-:
Yv'c    carry    a    large    stock    o!!
"NOiiTHWEST    LIMc"    niar.ufac-
um'U in \"jf.i()":r:v and svliich ;vo are
prepared  to -furnisji   Dtiihiin.L:   Co'
prevailing .pyic-GS.
atiij,. .P'aslerers  at   lowest
• y   !• o\	
£•/    Fox   ....
.Uunoy    Broi
...I'lobortsion <x i^artnors
  T). Durnctt
 Peter McKcchnit;
 I.nr.^v: Bros
 Root.   Monorieff
 W.  V.   DryKdnle I r
.A.   .Lockloy.   .E.<-,(|U!nia"lt j
 I..imey Bros. I
WUVtAfX. ** CU*CVf.WMn»
1683  Georgia-Sfci'sct V»rcst
"V    nC*^    fife      Mr**   hi v&    vf-i-'  &"■ fti >>*\rt   iy
\\ baaa Bbc SSia %^  ii' «!S I %&■■$ % ihn
■  M.'ikci-!- of
■ Switch. JSoarrts. Panel ssocrda, &tc<"i
CiiJiiie;,;:, cllr-.
STvitohes -desij-'ned  dud  built   for  n:>y
. ■ssjKieiiii work.
.   jMteratitfnc.,   etc.
13£i&u0!h /.yi.W.       Biyvkw 2213
ill    knfiVt^
.yan.co«vQr, EJ.-C.
Sua   %j 1 a :•; a ta ».S» sa &*& &&
tsnaanv Ltd,
w* »*****,* j* <r*i^> * v itiyfi*^ •«'-' V '* i*pm* %. *. i^u^i..
r^antif^citjrors of
! ladr^ssti-ial  Inland      Va:«couvt>r,
~ i
13 * ,l ..J
V EH?6 !■»■■■. 4.
Office arsd Factory !
Georgia ST, E..,. Savour. 8551!
1   S&,
ri V- f ,.*J:> !.-■'.
%Qfc. rjv/pO-
' i ^  .. - ".... r—-  &  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  C  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. G.  Limited  Farr, Robinson & Bir«  Designers and Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  « RADIANT LIGHTS J"  For Commercial Lighting  546 Howe  Phone Sey.  Street  3312  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co., Limited  a*. A. Jones, Kg*.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of  Tag1  "OUTS'*  general Towl&f'  324  FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Character  Estimated Cost  Pier    Apartment  House     Enlarging Theatre    ..•..$700,000   $85,000  Location  ir  Owner  Vancouver  C. .P. K.  Bute and   Barclay Stock  Co.  Main and Georgia Avenue Theatre Co.  Architect  .-..Plana Beady  Owners    ..> Soon  Twizell, Birds & Twizell .'.   Franklin Cross   Walter Marray  Sml# Hurray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  Character  Estimated Cost  Drydoclc     Municipal   Hall    126.000  Depot       $150,000  Alterations   $12,000  Memorial  Hall    $35,00.)  Addns.   to Residence '.....$15,000  ...Dom.  VICTORIA  .Location   Esquimau      Esquimalt    .'.   Bellville  Street  Docks....:   David  Ladysmltli     '.—  Craife'darroch' J. W.  ...Owner  G(/vmt   C.  P.   R.  Spencer,    L<td.  Spencer  Architect  _ Flans Beady  Dom. Govmt  Soon   To  Submit' By-Law  Owners    , : '.   Soon  Percy  Fox   ....Soon  Percy  Vox, Victoria  Soon  Percy   Fox    » Now  SZTMOTTB 8014  137 Powell St.*.       Vancouver. B,  Character  Estimated Cost  School   —  $135,000  University   Bldgs   Bnnk  ■.   Municipal' Building   .'. $85,000  School    Court House  : $100,000  Storage   Plant    _.   Bank   .-. .- i,   $15,000  3. C  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamflttlng  1027 Howe St.  , Vancs.uvar.4VC.  Phone Say.-136  , Re*. Bay. 77  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location : _ Owner  Penticton  _ School  Board  Point Grey University of B. C.  Penticton  Banlc of Hamilton  Trail   City of Trail  ATarpole    :   Prince Rupert  Prov.  Govt.  Summerland     Municipality  Penticton  Bank of Montreal  Architect  Plana Beady  Bell & Curtis & Swan & Augustine  ..Soon  Sharp & Thompson    «...  Twizell. Birds & Twizell Soon  Prov.   Govt _ .*.   Twizell, Birds & Twisrell.-Prepar'gr Plans  Bell & Ciirtfs & Swan & Augustine..Soon  S. J. Trickey  £. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,      Sey. 620  J  ! DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHM CASES, OFFICE  , anHTORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  -  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  j  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  FLOOR  LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  ENGINEER SWAN  HERE     '  .    ~    TO DISCUSS PLANS FOR  NEW BALLANTYNE PIER  -Mr. A. D. Swan, "of Montreal; the  noted harbor and port development expert and consulting engineer;for the  Vancouver Harbor Board, arrived from  the east last Saturday and will hold  important conference with the harbor  commissioners during his stay here.  The conferences will be. important indeed to the future development of the  harbor, for among other, matters to he  discussed will be a decision on the particular form "of "construction to be adopted for the sub-structure and superstructure of the new Ballantyne Pier  at the foot of Heatlye avenue. -  There' are, of course, a numoer of  well known forms of construction ap-.  lilicable- to  a>moder«  dock  such  as  >tliis is planned to be, but one of the  Litest methods and the one to which  Engineer" Swan is understood to have  given   his   particular   preference,   Is  what is known as the concrete cyclin-  ,-der form "of construction.    Mr. Swan,-1  in  an  advance  report  to  the  board,  sent previous to his arrival in order  ..that'' the  board  might  familiarize   itself v/ith the type he intends to rec*  ommend,' favors a bulkhead" or tnree  or'"four rows of concrete  cyclinders,  seven :;feet in    diameter with    walls  about eight to ten inches thick.   This  form, of construction Mr. Swan recommends as being particularly effective,  substantial and practicable on a site  ■with such a good sub-strata of country  rock  or hardpan -as  that where  the  'new wharf is to be built..   These concrete cyclinders are to be sunk to the  bedrock and then filled .with concrete,  making a form of construction that is  about as permanent as anything that  i can be jjut in the water.  The present plans for the sheds of  the Ballantyne pier call for ftwr j* |  , sheds, each 500 feet long, two on each  ' side, and 110 feet in width on the  rround floor of cement construction.  The pier itself will be 1200 feet long  and 340 feet wide. The sheds will be  of the double-deck type, and a feature  of their construction-will be', the","in;;  stallation of-travellntg-cranes-'on1 the'  roof-of—t-he-nrst-storey-for -tn$ iqulcWi  WRIGHT BROS.  -BUILDERS-  SEY. 3315      511 DUNSMUIR ST.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  .1.    DlERSSON.    M*NAGEH  FLOORS LAID AND OLD FLOORS'REFINISHED  929 Ponder St. W.'      «,.      Soy. 9201  Res. Phone: Worth Van. 848  tracks and a roadway, while between  the face of the sheds and tHe edge of  the docks will be two tracks. This is  new practice for Vancouver^ and will  allow the handling of cars at the.  outer end of the pier, without interfering with loading at, the shore .end.  All the newest cargo handling devices for the interior of the sheds are  to be provided, including an overhead  rail system/ mechanical hoists and  stacking machinery and possibly electric trucks.  and Paper Company  Limited.  OFFICE:   VICTORIA, B.C.  We have about completed our  plant for the manufacture of felt and  building paper. For eight years we  have been bringing this raw material  from. Eastern Canada, with our new  plant we will manufacture . it at Victoria,  Our plant is located on two lines  of railroad and has boat connections.  We can assure our many customers of  quicker delivery and the same high  quality of building material, all home  made. Let us figure on your require'  ments for fall delivery.  i  ROOFING PLANT NOW TURNING  OUT LARGE QUANTITIES OF  ROOFING  Sold to the Wholesale Trade Only  Fail-view Sand  & Gravel Co.,  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  BUSINESS MEN  will And the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. VThe Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250. .  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef  ASK BIDS FOR BUILDING  OF NEW HARDY BAY ROAD  Tenders  are  being   invited  by* the  provincial    public' works    department  for the construction of the new Hardy  Bay-Coal Harbor highway, Vancouver  Island.    Bids  will be  received  up toj  noon of July 12 for completioii of this  work which will fill a gap in the island  highways  that will  be much appreciated by the travelling public.    Plans,  specifications, contract and  forms  of  tender can be seen at the office of the  district   engineer,   court  house,   Vancouver, at the office of the "district engineer,    Courtenay, or at    the public  works    department,    Victoria'.      Bids  may be submitted separately for the  construction,  re-construction  and  the  bridges,   of  which  there  are  several  necessary on the section to be covered.   The usual ten per cent, deposit is  required and a twenty per cent, bond  will  also be asked of the  successful  bidders.  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS-LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee.On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  bid By  ALL DEALERS  .V!  removal; oisicargoiifiroin.* the  holds ;;6£:  imi  ■ > _ '« .^1 .-ii nva  —J,.  LEEKWMJU^  ftlWiSfe&Js  tktm  ,/MQUR 661  PIPE BENDING     j jf .-..  %,-, v.tf>ts:tK l  i >  1090 HOMER STREET   ! ij ""  lSi£s4l  il I   1 nil  "I ■■» ■■  ft]  tfWWWWHITEni  W~E&t<sKoT~tt "Exterior- "Work- -  FVfcirCtim minis  ■*.-(•' Vt G  ^ 111,    ^v—I   -  17CH,  vessels.      Each shed will    have; front--  r~„.i «w„... '"--"llapftfjill be able  ■rurrrTrr  six crane^l^  Jt^'depbslt carg^cy ^bofliWobrs  tween -the^shedsarunning lengthwidfe"'  of.,,the,,,dock riwillr,b^ thre.e   railway  Ia   »im  '.7ML  ,?,%  ■I rj;Tl-.K  ii-.tl*  y,j /  ^^ffEAiTRE  U1!  wdeville Means!  -Petntages Vaudeville  ypJMWJi  ;!r;|-  Sciymour  psVbJ,  i».t-  .HLU>±zn  &|«l"4-f   ! ! bl'.Ot  ' v/i aree  ^  GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  .iio'lil  ~....W.ej4jviU,g^.o.ut..pJ.fijs.and,buird?<;'';  yatt?<anywherei ii'rr,'"'""  IC1  3. *ii'»ass»A  * Sr6ater  VarifcoijViBr  -ana    giye '■'■'■  ^4u%fi.g^resion;>4.n H/i\ds of pon"  Jtruction work."    s. i   \^  M lit".-- ■;.'^**^%*nimw?m *  '    "     '"■ ■••■.- 4   ., .       .    ■), ,IJ ^}        ■  , .    ■ ".II. jj   FJ       ''  <C& •'•"- '■"'' ^ '■- - -' ■' * -*:   ■"■  ^ i—i-! -    i &   J2    "''     '   c'y'^ '-•■ ii  1   i  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.    LAND    CLEARING    AND  ,,.i                  P^0.1.^0   ROADS.  1   .'.CONCRETE WORK.AND SEWERS  1367'Seir'mour St.  -• .-   Sey. 7325-Ii  ifiMii;-:  NEW GAS SERVICE  . 11.  'I  .4'..  T! 11 /. ■'  .Jrnv  J >1  •tmm'  'Y'RSV-hrdii- can ■hcat>you'r..hb'(Inej 6fficid build'4  r<i'g("-'StoVe. o'r.HnSto'ry -withcGAS > ec'o'n/orrn'C'.!  Allyf-<:onvenientIy...-.n(l. satisfactor.ily^^lVfbrj  ■out.tbe-,Uf«ia.-h'fl clihsly'ofiialfuxoacc-^lvitbout;  the iWo'tK'Hii'carry'mg ashes 'or shovtlilig .tue'v  '••■■There- arc gas-henting-systcms thfit..£,t.  any type of house or building from the hot  air system that uses your present registers  hmD p»f/as.-:.t»'-ith<yrkutomatic,. .urtit.. rajliator.  «sy6it4dni..that.controls .yaar..h.cat; to. a. ijicety.  .";<Th'fii1<r"<5f-rte convenience "oiWpfte-'iiHW  !,!>„'.-   svstcm—think -of--the-•olcai>...basjpm«rtt  'and- fiib'tri-'r.'.'.nti-from work 'thtit'jsfas" mcali's"  i-!J-'a!niJ then-ua'.v'ip ou'r^NewVllusiniss 'Dd;  -pqrtmertt. Seymw-Uf'^OOOj   ' '■   !-:».V f > ";-;'  .' ' We■•V.'.S'HAJ':J--*'BE-.-.. GLAD.    TOf,".':  .    I     ADVISE ,-'rOTJ",'ONi   YOUR        HEATIV-G PROBLEMS   '  Vancouver Gas Co.  Carrall and  ji;,3Phone.8ey.  ^J ". ?l  5000'  ■«>■!  WOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  cx.i3r?osr iocjc-xjp ,  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender  for Clinton Loclc-Up" will be received  by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Friday the 30th day of July, 1920, for the  erection and completion of a 'Court  House and l-.ocl<-Up at Clinton, In the  Llllooet Klectoral District.  • Plans   and   .Speciflc.ition.s   can   now   be  seen at, the .Office of:— .   /  .    .  J.. Mahony; Esq., Government Agent,  Court Houae. Vancouver; S. Mllburn,  Esq., Government Atcent, Court House,  Clinton, and' the Department of Public  Works., Victoria. B. C.  :.i!lJow.ost;(>r .ant;., tender not necessarily  acc&pted.ii.; n-.,■■ mie, i',~\'.-.>.'•).(<':  • j   .'-: '. iA,r JB.-.KO-UElMA.lSr;..; i ,.-;  y. P.ul>l|c..-W.orkH,J2nKineer.'.  iPuWIc...Works...Denar.tment,:,   ,, .; .   -.,■■■■.>  •Victoria,..E..i.C.,.'i.f uly .7:,~.lH2fl..,-'. :"'    ■ .;, .  ;°-;\-i:"-r'.:'; ,,::;:• .- -::".•;~::  '..'      .rWORTH CESAB SdHOOI. : .'.aa ',.  JTOTICB -TO  COIITRACTOBS   '    •  Tender  recoiv-  the Minister- of  rks- up''*0"12 o'clock nbpn: ot  the ajina-' day 'of- .luly; 11)20,  for—the-ereetion ami completion of-a  Three-RhifimOScfhdbl and outbuiklinprs at  .North..Cedar in.the Newcastle Electoral  'Di^fict;-b:;,c. • •■■•••■•.''• :;.-r •-;-'-'■•';   ';;:;? ■'!;  '■'V-V4ans^nd''Speclll'Catt6ns.',^tc./..cart\!iio;wi  ,iie;seen at the Offteerof,.'—:. ;' '..: : '.''■'':'..';  :j.."-Mah'dhy, ..Esq.,: Qovertiment AgeAt,'  'Court-House, Vancouver;- S, McB. BiA"-"-  Esc|'.,'iGovernment .A'tront, 'Court' House;.  Nattsiirho. .Mrs. Te'ctdlck, Secretary tb'  School. Board. North'Cedar, oi? the. Bc-  v.artjnent of Public Works, Victoria,  B. C.   ..." "■■■■■    -■'  .   Lowest, or any Tender not necessarily  accepted. .,, . .,,   A.  K- FOREMAN  Campbell & Grill  Bstabllshsd 1905  Roof ins Contractors  KITAt  WIWPOWS—TIRE   DOOBt^-BBCOXE-BTACXS—HOT-AZR  rVR»AC£—VEWTIXATIWO   FANS—BLOW   PZPZHO—  SXYZ.IOHT8—OSITERAI.  JOBBZRO  1238 Ssymonr St.  Vancoavsr, B. C.  Bsymbar 2981  r  ...pealed; t^rl^lej'^ superscribed"■■'"]  fof.No^W CeOi&V School;"^will «l.1e t  ;4fl:,hyv tlier' Tionouniblo   " " '  -Public -Wor  'Thursday t  MALTHOID ROOFING  The. Best that's made  ' Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  iiMi  >ri&7jPe»a.rt^ien^ .\l"        f M d  !*f! Victoria'; B.VC!.i 5,uk'! % 1920,  .. :^,--y..  "NEVER LEMirMtool Coating  Now is the season to recoat,.your ReaHy '.'Roofing bifj'Metal Ropf.  '•        •-* ,Barrels or 4,gal. .tins  ....;........  ."A Stitch ihWim^ &^es\Nme$,'iy<,v- ]  PACIFICi' KO<6FiN©!U Cbi/^ii^ited  MAl<J'UFA(jfUftERS''-;'-^   .!/,?m;1"-'4.^'-.-  Scymour   11SS  Industrial Island  Vancouver, B.C.  FIR, CEDAR oraHEML0CKi I  any length — any diameter.  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.,, LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building .f ,u   '       Seymour 3998-3999  ■tV  $'$M  ■YP HEAlIMa EQUIR  i-rii-.  i  58S 6eattj St  For Steant, Hot Water or Warm AIrrWill Be Found Most R«liabio Anil  ;-"^        Esjfee^ally so When Installed by Competent Engineers.  THE G«RN£Y ff'OtJNDirr CO.. Limited  Seymosr 7596  .j  rr  JtL  ELECTRICAL  ~N  'LIGHT and POWER        MOTOR REPAIRS       .STORAGE BATTERIIES  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 »So4»»fl» St.  ^y;}  rUhpM: Beymoor  .WHMIMWMMMMMMiiElh.  nn  I  t  '     tA       ■     ■   '■    |—,t       rsLssmhsimUftriwiiiw^rMM—|


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